Hey all, I am starting a fic for this contest on a short story on how you think Luke and Lorelai should make up in light of their recent fight. I'll be posting it bit by bit as I go along, seeing how I am extremely busy...

I would LOVE to hear some constructive critism, to see if this is good enough to enter. So. Here goes...::deep breath:: My first attempts at a GG fan fic! Hehe, oh and the pairing is L/L only.

Title: All Comes Back To You
Author: Cath (goes by Kitcat26 when writing fan fics)
Email: Kitcat3686⊕aol.com
Rating: Up to and no further than R, possibly for language.
Little Authors Note: I didn’t see the season finale (I boycotted it when I saw the preview and icky Jess and Rory kissing), but I read the transcript. And in it, it didn’t seem to me that Luke came to Sookie’s wedding. So authors right allows me to say, that in this, Luke was invited to Sookie’s wedding, but declined the invite for some odd reason. Ok, now that you know that, read on.

~*~All Comes Back To You~*~

Luke rubbed his forehead wearily as the sound of the slamming door echoed the apartment behind him. He sighed. So Jess was back. Wonderful.

Not to say that he didn’t love his wayward nephew. He did, in a non-sentimental, non-touchy feely LUKE sort of way. But Jess…had issues. BIG issues. And Luke wasn’t so positive anymore that he could help him with those issues. And the only person who could help Jess…was someone off limits. For any interaction that occurred between Jess and Rory Gilmore seemed to further push a wedge between him and Lorelai.

Lorelai. Luke felt his stomach twist at the thought of her name. What was he going to do about her? About the weird way his heart sped up at the sight of her in the morning. About the way the sound of her overly caffeine infused voice made him smile. About…


Luke tossed out a disgusted look for no one in particular. He didn’t need this now. Not while they were in a fight, not while the added stress of Jess’s unexpected arrival piled on, not while he had to deal with the diner, not while he had to worry about the construction workers…and definitely not while all he could think about despite the fact of other more pending matter, was the fact the look Lorelai had given him when she apologized still seared in his brain….


Luke jumped slightly, his baseball cap whipping around as he sought out the source of the disturbance in his wandering thoughts. Giving out a irritated snort as he realized it was just the telephone, he jerked the phone off of the receiver. “Hello,” he growled tersely, typical Luke Mr. Monosyllable Man Style.

“Luke…?” A young female voice rang out on the end. For the briefest of wishful thinking moments, Luke wondered…Lorelai…? But of course not. She was at Sookie’s wedding. Luke’s eyes fell upon the invitation lying on his counter. Remembering that someone was indeed on the other line, Luke answered, “Yeah?”

A tinkling laugh could be heard on the other line. “I see you have yet to change.” Waiting a beat, “It’s Rachel.”

So. Thats the first page. Short I know, but its supposed to be. I foresee this to be about three-four pages in total when I finish, so I probably should get my butt moving. Comments are always enjoyable so post away and lemme know what you think. The good and the bad. *happy*