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Title: Best Friends and Lovers Forever
Author: roswelll
overDisclaimer: I don't own Smallville
Category: AU, CC/ UC, W/Lana, Clark/Lana Chloe/Clark mainly C/L.
Rating: G-PG-13 (the usual Smallville language nothing over)
Summary: Lana and Clark are Best Friends until one falls for the other- read more to find out, Clark is still superman but Lana doesn’t know its all I'm going to say
Author’s Note: Lots of FB


“Clark C’mon it is not girly” 5 year old Lana shouted out to her best friend.

“Lana I said no, I'm not going to play House with you” Clark yelled back keeping a distance between himself and Lana.

Lana pouted and tears gathered at her eyes, Clark say the tears glistening in the sun’s light “Lana” Clark sighed running up to her.

“You (sniff) don’t wanna (sniff) play with (sniff) me” Lana said.

“Lana, I wanna play but I don’t wanna play House” Clark wined.

Lana started crying harder “Lana....okay....okay.........Lana I’ll play house stop crying” Clark ushered never one who liked anyone crying, not Lana and not his mom either.

“You will” Lana’s face lite up.

Clark groaned he’d been set up by her puppy dog eyes and her crying, she knew it was his weakness.

Lana wiped her eyes and started clapping and giggling “Okay Clark were married I'm your wife and your my husband” Lana explained.

“WHAT!” Clark shrieked “C’mon Lana that wasn’t part of the plan” Clark wined.

Lana shook her head “Would you rather play dress up then” Lana said tilting her head to the side.

Clark looked on in horror “No, we’ll.........we’ll play house” Clark said.

“Good” Lana said giddily.
“Clark, Lana Honey it’s time for lunch” Martha shouted

“Clark and Lana came running up to her “hi mom” Clark greeted

“hi Mrs Kent” Lana greeted.

Martha smiled at the children “Come on you two Lunch is ready”

“What have you two been up to” Martha asked placing a plate on the table in front of Clark.

“We played House, Mr’s Kent, I was Clark's wife” Lana said proudly.

Clark put his face in his hands groaning.

“Welcome to the family Lana” Martha smiled.

“Mom” Clark said.
“Sweetie it’s just playing” Martha said.

“But it’s girly” Clark wined.

“Never say anything is girly to a girl Clark” Jonathan said.

Clark huffed “it’s not fair I wanna play video games” Clark said.

“We can Clark, you played house wif me I'll play Video games wif you” Lana's aid.

Clark bounced up in his chair “Can we mom” Clark asked.

“Yes you can, after you’ve finished eating” Martha said.

in the next part they will be older
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well it' s time for me to stop some of my fics that aren't going well and thsi si one of them so thank you
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