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Title-Wicked Web
Author- BrieCrow17
Cat.-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary- None
Disclamer- I don't own any of the good guys. *sad*
Note- This was one of the first stories I have ever written. There are no parts and it's that long. It's kind of written like a script.
Please give it a try. *sad* And leave some feedback.

In a huge cave not far from Sunnydale, a huge spider hung in her web. It having been three thousand years since she had been trapped in this cave. And also two thousand years since she had feed on a human. Now that some stupid human had freed her, she planned on having a snack. Possibly a human male, even several maybe.
Xander, Willow, and Oz sat at the Bronze. They were waiting for Buffy.
“Do you think she’s okay?”=Willow
“Will, we’re talking about Buffy, she’s probably on her way here.”=Xander
Buffy was on her way to the Bronze. She was wearing black leather pants, boots, and a white knitted tank top. A cross hung visibly around her neck. When from behind her she heard a noise, then she heard some growls. It sounded like at lease four of them.
“Don’t you people ever get tired of becoming dust? I mean, I get tired of turning you guys into dust.”=Buffy.
As Buffy turned around to face three of the vampires, she heard the fourth one land behind her. Buffy threw out a leg, kicking the three in front of her, just as she felt hands grab her. As Buffy turned to stake the vampire, she noticed Angel grab him instead.
“Need a hand?”=Angel
“Sometimes an extra pair of hands comes in handy...not literally though.”=Buffy
two of the three vampires Buffy had knocked down ran toward her. Buffy did one good round-house kick knocking one of the two down, with one still one coming at her. Buffy whipped out a stake just as the vamp came in for the kill. She nailed the stake into his heart. Angel had already dusted one of his vamps, but the second one was stronger then Angel thought a vampire could be. Angel moved like lightning, he thought ‘Mister Muscles’ was getting tired. Without warning, the vamp knocked Angel off his guard and lifted a huge metal pipe toward him. He was picking himself up when Buffy yelled.
“Angel, watch out!!”=Buffy
As Angel looked up, the vamp tried to hit him with the pipe. He rolled out of the way. Angel could see another vampire coming up behind Buffy.
“Look behind you!”=Angel
Then Angel felt the cold metal pipe hit the side of his head. He was side-blinded now. Angel couldn’t see if Buffy was alright. His senses’ were off. Buffy staked the vampire that was on top of her, she glanced at Angel. He was shaking his head and trying to get up. Angel thought he heard Buffy as something hard hit the back of his head. Angel then saw nothing but darkness. Buffy got up behind ‘Mister Muscles’ and staked him. The pipe fell to the ground. Buffy was about to ask Angel if he had had fun, when she saw him lying on the ground not moving. At first Buffy thought he was joking with her.
“Alright Angel, ha-ha very funny. You can get up now.”=Buffy
There was no response. Buffy got worried.
She rolled Angel over. Blood was rolling down the side of his face. As Buffy lifted his head, she felt the warm stickiness of blood on the back of his head.
“Oh my god, Angel!”=Buffy
Buffy waited a few minutes, he still hadn’t come to yet. Buffy lifted Angel and headed toward the library.
Giles was reading a book as Buffy came in.
“How was patrol?”=Giles
When he looked up he saw she was carrying someone. At first he thought it was Xander.
“Xander. Good lord, what happened?”=Giles
As he got closer he noticed it was Angel.
“Buffy, what happened?”=Giles
Him and Buffy laid him onto the floor.
“We were attacked by some vampires.”=Buffy
Giles left to get the first aid kit.
“How many were there?”=Giles
“About five. There was one big guy. We dusted three and an extra. The one guy was stronger then Angel, even in vamp-mode.” =Buffy
“How did you get away?=Giles
I staked him while he was distracted with Angel. I mean he’s dust now. At first I thought Angel was joking but when he didn’t answer...”=Buffy
She looked away for a minute.
“Giles, these vamps weren’t you average vamps. they acted like they were being controlled by something.=Buffy
“When we hit them they barely moved,we dusted them,Giles one of them almost picked up Angel.”=Buffy
Giles doctored Angel’s head wounds knowing that he would be healed by tomorrow. He was doing this to please Buffy. Buffy was wrapping Angel’s head. When he started to stir and let out a small low moan. As Angel started to open his eyes, Buffy forgot she was holding his head and it hit the floor with a thunk.
“Oh my god Angel, I’m sorry. Are you Okay?”=Buffy
(Angel in pain) “ I’m fine really, I just got one hell of a headache and the rooms spinning.”=Angel
“Are you sure?”=Buffy
“As long as I don’t get hit in the head anymore, I’ll be okay.”=Angel
Back in the cave the demon spider Archnkdla, was wrapping a cocoon she would save this one for later. She laughed with a hiss, soon she would have enough minions made to control Sunnydale. She remembered that once she had been human. She had always loved men now this was her curse. She remembered the witch who had did this to her, for she had cheated on her husband. And was turned into this demon forever, then she had been trapped in this cave, but now she was free.
Willow, Oz, and Xander entered the library.
“So Buffy what’s up, we waited for you at the Bronze, but you never showed...up?”=Xander
Xander notice Angel.
“I should have guessed he was the reason you never showed. So what you do hit him with a club?”=Xander
“ nice to Angel he’s hurt and not moving.”=Willow
“So what’s-”=Xander
“We were attacked by superman vampires. Giles is waiting for Angel to come to again to ask him some questions.”=Buffy
“Questions...about what?!”=Willow
“The fight Willow.”=Buffy
“Oh right.”=Willow
Angel was coming back to the world of the living or as much as he could come back. When he could totally focused on were he was at,Giles then ask him questions about the fight.
“Did they seem aware of where they were at?”=Giles
“They knew where they were at. But they acted like something else was controlling their minds=Angel
Within the following weeks missing person reports were all that were in the paper.
“Giles this is the tenth one this week. Some thing is going on and its not good. Business are closing because of workers disappearing. And the number of vampires I have to stake are dropping too.”=Buffy
Buffy entered the library that night from patrolling.
“Giles has Angel showed up here?”=Buffy
“No he hasn’t.”=Giles
“He never showed at the Bronze and he said he would. Willow said that Oz never showed either and it was their night to perform.”=Buffy
Angel and Oz where walking down the street heading for the Bronze.
“’s the head?”=Oz
“Its better.”=Angel
“That’s cool.”=Oz
Suddenly coming from the alleyway there was a scream. As Angel and Oz ran toward the scream, a huge spider was wrapping a cocoon. It had the upper body of a woman and the other half of a spider. She turned to see Angel and Oz staring at her. She dropped the cocoon and skittered toward them.
“Now what do we do?”=Oz
“Run like a bat from hell!”=Angel
Angel and Oz turned and ran in a different alleyway. As they took off into the alley they ran smack into something sticky. Angel looked up to see that they where stuck to a huge spider web.
“Suddenly I remember how I want to die, but not like this.”=Oz
Angel looked at Oz. He had to get them out of this. But the web was like iron. Archnkadla lowered herself down onto her web. She could smell their fear. She lowered herself onto Oz and started to spin out silk. She wrapped him all the way up to his head then stopped. When she looked at Angel he was trying to break the web. He finally was able to break one thread of silk, but it wasn’t enough to free himself. Angel glanced over at Oz. he didn’t look to good.
“Oz, can you hear me? Oz...?”=Angel
All he got from Oz was a moan, he didn’t look at him. Angel noticed the spider was coming toward him. Angel knew he had to do something.
As Archnkadla started down toward him she looked at Angel. She could feel his strength as he pulled on the web. Angel fought back against her as she tried to spin him into a cocoon. soon Angel had broken away from the silk but not the web. Archnkadla was becoming angered.
Angel watched as a pair of huge fangs dripping with venom protruded from her mouth. Soon Angel felt her fangs entering his neck. Angel could feel the venom pulsing through his body. Then the upper part of his body went numb. When she was finished his whole body was numb. He felt strangely dizzy and was over come with sleep. Like he could sleep for a million years.
Back at the library Xander was sitting at the table looking at a book. While Buffy and Willow stared at Giles.
“Giles we have to do something, something is wrong.”=Buffy
“We don’t even know were to start”=Giles.
“That’s never stopped you before.”=Xander.
Everyone ignored him.
“I do.”=Buffy.

Buffy left the library at head toward the mansion. She walked up to the door to knock, when the door came open.
“Angel are you home? Guess no ones home.”=Buffy
Buffy head through the cemetery and then back to the library.
“Buffy did you find ‘em?”=Willow
“No...sorry Will.”=Buffy
“Its not your fault Buffy.”=Willow
Giles took off his glasses.
“It’s getting late. You two should get home.”=Giles
Willow slowly got up.
“Yeah, my parents are probably waiting for me.”=Willow
“Mine too. let’s go. you’ll call us if anything comes up?”=Buffy
“Of course.”=Giles
Buffy nodded and she and Willow left the library.
Willow looked at Buffy as they walked down the main steps to the school.
“We aren’t going home, are we?”=Willow
Buffy and Willow walked to Xander’s house to get him to help. They went into the backyard and looked up at his window. His light was off. Buffy picked up a pebble and threw it at his window. No one came to the window. She tried two more times. Xander still didn’t hear them.
“He’s a heavy sleeper.”=Willow
Buffy walked over to the trellis and started up.
“He better be here.”=Buffy
She got up to his window and opened it.
“Xander...Xander wake up!”=Buffy
She couldn’t yell very loud cause she didn’t want to wake up his parents. She looked down at Willow.
“I’m gonna have to go in...I’ll be back.”=Buffy
Buffy climbed into the window. She walked over to Xander’s bed. He was all tangled in his sheets.
“Xander...Earth to Xander.”=Buffy
Xander didn’t wake up. Buffy reached and pulled his pillow out from under his head. He just rolled over. Buffy sighed and hit him with the pillow. Xander jumped up and looked at her.
“ I still dreaming?”=Xander
Buffy looked at him. He tried to change the subject.
“What are you doing here?”=Xander
“We need your help. Willow’s waiting outside. So get dressed.”=Buffy
Xander, Buffy, and Willow walked back through the cemetery.
“We’ve been here three times already.”=Willow
“Maybe we should give up for the night.”=Xander
“No...We just need a lead.”=Buffy
They kept walking.
“What about near the old Drive-in?”=Willow
“We haven’t checked there yet.”=Buffy
“Do we really want to walk all the way out there?”=Xander.
“True...What about Cordelia?”=Buffy
“What about her parents?”=Willow
“You can climb up onto her porch and in through the bathroom window.”=Xander
Willow and Buffy just looked at him.
“I didn’t question you climbing into my bedroom.”=Xander
Buffy looked up at Cordelia’s house.
“Her parents aren’t car. We can ring the bell.”=Buffy
They walked up onto the porch. Buffy rung the bell. After a minute Cordelia came to the door in a bathrobe. she looked at them.
“What do you want?!”=Cordelia
“Ok, not a morning person.”=Willow
“Tell me about it. We need to borrow your car.”=Xander
Cordelia looked at him like he was a monster.
“No way!”=Cordelia.
Buffy sighed.
“Ok, Listen Cordelia, we need a car and we can’t go to Giles. So I suggest you go get dressed or you’ll go out like that.”=Buffy
Cordelia looked at her then went to get dressed.
“Ok, never annoy Buffy.”=Willow
“Tell me about it. She hit me with a pillow...hard.”=Xander
Willow looked at him.
“How can you get hit with a pillow hard?”=Willow
Cordelia walked outside dressed.
“Cause Xander’s a wimp.”=Cordelia
“That’s not true!...Ok, maybe once or twice I was less then brave but that still doesn’t-”=Xander
“We get it, Xander. Lets go.”=Buffy
Angel and Oz were hooked on the back of Archnkadla. As she headed back toward her cave. Oz and Angel were both in a deep sleep from the venom. Deep in his sleep all Angel could think about was if he would ever see Buffy again.
Buffy and Cordelia were in the front seat of Cordelia’s car. Xander and Willow sat in the back. Xander noticed how upset Willow looked.
“It’ll be okay Will, we’ll find them.”=Xander
Willow looked at Xander and tried to smile at him, but she couldn’t.
“I hope you’re right Xander.”=Willow
Oz was trying to get a clear picture of Willow in his head, but he couldn’t, it was still fuzzy.
Buffy was looking out her window when Cordelia suddenly stopped the car. Buffy went forward and almost hit the windshield. Xander and Willow both went forward too.
“Cordy! why did you-Cordelia...?”=Buffy
Buffy noticed she was staring to her left. When Buffy looked over there she stopped speaking. Xander and Willow both stared.
“Oh my god...what is it?”=Cordelia
Buffy just shook her head. Cordelia looked at her.
“Buffy...Buffy-What do we do?!”=Xander
“It’s coming right for us!”=Willow
All at once they all jumped out of the car. Xander and Cordelia had to get out on Buffy’s side. As soon as Willow and Buffy were out of the car they ran behind a tree. Xander rushed Cordelia behind some bushes.
Archnkadla looked and saw a car sitting in the middle of the road. She was positive it wasn’t there a minute ago. She felt her passengers moving so she decided to ignore the car and get them back to her cave.
Buffy and Willow peaked around the side of the tree. Both of them were speechless as the huge creature walked past. That’s when Buffy noticed the oval shape balls hanging on her back.
Xander put his hand over Cordelia’s mouth, she was about to scream.
“Be you want it to hear us?”=Xander.
Cordelia shook her head no so Xander took his hand away. They both watched it walk away.
As soon as it was down the road aways they all came out.
“What was that?”=Cordelia
“It looked like a spider! Was it a spider?! Can a spider be that big?!”=Willow
“Will, Calm down. Did you guys see those...things on it’s back?”=Xander
Yeah...we better hurry so we can catch up with it.”=Buffy
Willow didn’t move.
“You wanna follow it?!”=Willow
“I agree with Willow, We should get as far away form that thing as possible.”=Cordelia
Buffy looked at Xander for back-up.
“Um...well, it was huge Buffy.”=Xander
Buffy sighed and looked at them.
“I can’t believe you guys, I’ll go by myself if I have to.”=Buffy
Willow looked at the direction it went.
“Do you think it’s the thing that got Oz?”=Willow
“Maybe...but the only way to find out is to follow it.”=Buffy
Willow walked up to her.
“Then lets go.”=Willow
Buffy looked at Xander and Cordelia.
“I’m never one to walk away for a life or death situation. I’m in.”=Xander
“Fine, but I better survive this or I’m gonna come back and haunt you guys.”=Cordelia
Xander, Willow, and Cordelia went back to the car.
“Guys, we gotta walk.”=Buffy
“You expect walk in these heels?!”=Cordelia
“Get over it Cordy, if I have to walk you have to walk.”=Xander
Cordelia turned and looked at Xander.
“Xander Harris don’t compare me to you freaks.”=Cordelia
“ How quickly you forget you use to be one of these freaks.”=Xander
“And the main word is ‘used to be’. I left this feak show.”=Cordelia
“Can we leave the banter part of the night for later. We gotta get going.”=Buffy
Buffy and the gang continued down the road after the spider. Soon they found themselves in a much darker part of town.
“Lets all just remember we’re following a huge spider, is that weird to anyone else?”=Willow
“Would you rather it be a huge frog?’=Xander
Willow glared at him for a minute then turned back to Buffy.
“I think we lost it.”=Willow
Just then they all looked up and saw the entrace to a huge cave.
“No time like the present.”=Buffy
She started to enter the cave with the gang following behind her. The gang walked through about four tunnels when they reached a dead-end.
“Got any other ideas Buffy?”=Xander
“We must be lost.”=Willow
“How can we be lost, Buffy is like percepto-girl.”=Cordelia
“I guess we gotta back-track. Follow our foot steps.”=Buffy
“I hate to state the obvious, but it’s pitch black in here.”=Xander
Buffy reached into her pocket and pulled out a little flash light.
“I always come prepared.”=Buffy
As they turned to go back, Buffy scanned the sides of the tunnels. Willow was looking at the ceiling when she stopped walking.
“Buffy...shine it up there.”=Willow.
When Buffy looked up they saw a big hole in the ceiling.
“I’m guessing our Demon went up there.”=Cordelia
“Which leaves the question:”How do we get up there.”=Xander
Buffy put her flash light back into her pocket and walked up to Xander.
“Hoist me up.”=Buffy
Buffy put her foot into Xanders hands. he pushed her up into the tunnel.
“Got it?”=Xander
Buffy looked around.
“There’s some rocks to grab onto.”=Buffy
“Ok, Me next.”=Willow
Xander helped Willow up too. As soon as she was high enough Buffy grabbed her hand and lifted her up. Xander looked at Cordelia.
“I’m not going up there.”=Cordelia
“Fine, you can wait down here by youself.”=Xander
Cordelia thought for a minute.
“Good point. I’ll come.”=Cordelia
Cordelia placed her foot into Xander’s hand and he pulled back.
“The shoes have gotta go.”=Xander
“No way! I might step in spider-poop.”=Cordelia
Xander sniped at her.
“I’m not lifting you up in those shoes.”=Xander
Cordelia grunted as she took off her shoes.
“Happy now?!”=Cordelia
“Giddy. Come on.”=Xander
He hoisted Cordelia up, then looked around.
“How am I gonna get up?”=Xander
Buffy lowered herself down with Willow and Cordelia holding her up.
“Gimme your hand.”=Buffy
Xander reached up and grabbed Buffy’s hand. with all her might she lifted him up onto one of the rocks.
“Well that solves that problem.”=Xander
“Come on let’s move.”=Buffy
Buffy went to turn around as she turn she saw a wall.
“This is not good.”=Buffy
“Buffy there’s another hole.”=Willow
Buffy looked up and above her head was a hole. She then stepped up on a rock and poked her head into the hole.
“Hey guys I think we’ve found our missing men, there almost a hundred of them. And their all wrapped up in cocoons.”=Buffy
“Well...that’s kind of the number of men missing.”=Willow
Suddenly Buffy heard small rocks fall from above their heads. Buffy could see their spider friend coming in the cave ceiling. Now that she was closer she could see that she was part woman and the rest of her was spider. Buffy duck her head down.
“What is it Buffy?”=Willow
“Yeah Buffstir what’s going on?”= Xander
“Our spider friend just show up.”=Buffy
Buffy stuck her head back through the hole. Now Buffy saw that the balls on her back had been cocoons.
Archnkadla was removing her prey from her back and hooking them to the wall of her cave.
A few of her minions were almost ready. She could not wait her plan was coming together nicely.
Buffy looked closer at the cocoons and grasp the two people wrapped up in the cocoons were Angel and Oz.
“Buffy what going on?”=Willow
“I found them Will. I found Angel and Oz.”=Buffy
Archnkadla was sure she had heard some thing, so she let out a hiss that shook the cave.
Xander had heard that and felt the cave shake.
“Um...Buffy I think it’s time to go.”=Xander
Xander reach out and grabbed her.
“Xander we have to help them first.”=Buffy
“Buffy we needed to go now.”=Xander
Cordelia, Willow, and Buffy all fell down from the hole.
Buffy looked at them and thinking Xander was behind them, told them to run.
They were in Cordelia’s car when Willow looked at Buffy and said.
“Yeah Willow.”= Buffy
“Um...were’s Xander?”=Willow
“Oh my god...Xander. I thought he was behind us.”=Buffy
It was seven o’ clock in the morning and the way Cordelia was driving there was no way to get her stopped now.
“Buffy we have to tell Giles what’s going on now that we’ve lost Xander.”=Willow
That seem to bring Cordelia back to where they were at.
“We lost Xander,oh god...!”=Cordelia
Willow and Buffy stared at Cordelia.
“What I don’t need his parents calling my house asking if I’ve seen him.”=Cordelia
“Let’s hope Giles is doing the early Saturday morning shift at the library.”= Buffy
Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia walked wearily into the library. Giles looked up from the books he had been sorting.
“Morning, Buffy, Willow, Cordelia. Um...Cordelia why aren’t you wearing any shoes?”= Giles
Cordelia went to answer his question, but Willow covered her mouth and walked with her to the table.
“She’s...uh...been sleep walking me and Buffy found her walking this way.”= Willow
Cordy was about to protest that remark but Willow glared at her.
“Giles we found all the missing men and we also found Angel and Oz. But we couldn’t get to them.”
“You found them this morning?”=Giles
Well...we kind of found them last night.”=Buffy
Giles gave her a stare that said. I thought I told you and Willow to go home look.
But before Giles could say anything Buffy cut him off.
“Giles we found out what has been taking all those men and what took Angel and Oz.”=Buffy
“Did you say what?”=Giles
But before Buffy could say a word Giles went into his office. And he came out carrying a stack of books and laid them on the table.
Xander didn’t know what had happen he remembered getting ready to follow after Buffy and the gang. But after that he couldn’t remember and everything was fuzzy. Now he was hanging to a wall in a cave, and he was wrapped up in sticky silky stuff.
Cordelia was asleep at the table, but for some reason Willow and Buffy were wide awake.
“Uh...Buffy, where’s Xander?”=Giles
“You see Giles that’s where we have a problem. Xander got taken last night it all happened so fast. It didn’t even seem worried about us, just Xander.?”= Buffy
“Did you say it?”= Giles
“Yeah. It had the upper body of a woman, but its lower half was of a spider.” =Buffy
“Oh dear.”=Giles
“Giles that didn’t sound like a good oh dear.”
“It wasn’t.”=Giles
“So Giles does that mean research?”=Willow
“I’m afraid so.”= Giles
Oh good...I mean bad...but good.”= Willow
Xander started to get sleepily, but he didn’t feel like sleeping. He looked around him and on every side of the cave, there were men and teenagers. They all were wrapped up like him in cocoons. Xander gazed down three bodies and saw that the fourth and fifth bodies, were Oz and Angel. He was just about to yell at them. When he heard a hiss he turn his head, to find Archnkadla looking at him.
“Willow here you look in Demons and Portals. Buffy The Earth’s Demons: New and Old. And I shall look in Demons from Other Worlds.”= Giles
“ What about Cordelia?”= Buffy
“Yeah what about her.”= Willow
“I suggest we let her sleep we may need her to drive.”= Giles
Xander wanted to scream,but it wouldn’t come out. So he just swallowed and tried not to look at her with all he could. She hissed and reached out to touch the side of his face.
Xander wanted to throw-up. He flinched when she touched the side of his face. Her fingernails were really long and sharp. Her hair on her head was black and hung in a ponytail down her back. Her eyes were black and her lips were a dark red, fangs hung outside of her mouth. She hissed as she spoke
“You hold great strength, but not like him. She pointed at Angel. But you have seen to much its time for you to sleep.”=Archnkadla
Xander gulped as her fangs lower and then there was nothing at all.
Back at the library Giles, Willow, and Buffy continue searching for thier demon spider.
“Giles this is hopelss.”= Willow
Just then Buffy shouted.
“Found it!”=Buffy
Which had made Willow, Giles, and Cordelia jump.
“This is our girl, or should I say spider.” =Buffy.
Giles took the book from Buffy and starts reading it to himself and then out loud.
“She looked like this?”= Giles
“Yep. That’s her.”= Buffy
“Yes the spider demon Archnkadla was human born, but when she cheated on her husband she was turned into these creature.” = Giles
“So she really liked men, uh well that explains why there were so many of them in the cave.”= Buffy
“How many were in the cave?”= Giles
“Maybe...about hundred, counting Xander now.”= Buffy
“I see yes, 50 years ago she was bent on taking over the world. Her minions or followers were made out of men she would feed on. The one’s she feeds on lose control of thier minds and are made to follow her orders. When catching her prey they are wrapped up in cocoons, then she injects venom into thier body which makes them numb and they fall asleep.”= Giles
“Giles how do we kill this thing so then we can save some of these people.”= Buffy
“Well I’m not sure. Once her minions are made it is said that thier eyes have a blue glow to them. Buffy do you remember what color the eyes of the vampire’s you and Angel fought were?.”= Giles
“I don’t know if Angel were here he could tell you. I wasn’t really paying attention to thier eyes I was trying to stay alive. Giles how do we kill it before she kills us?= Buffy
“Um...yes it is said you can burn her to death, spary her with one thousand cans of Raid, or you could cut off her head take your pick.”= Giles
“Hey I kind of like the cans of raid.”= Willow
“ Its good Willow, but where are we giong to find one thousand cans of Raid.”= Buffy
“Well it was good, which one would you pick Buffy?”= Willow
“I’m kind of going for the beheading one. Giles what kind of weapon can I use on her?”=Buffy
“ Um...let me see, ah yes on beheading her an ax or sabor is used.= Giles
“Do we even have a sabor Giles?= Buffy
“Indeed we do have one.”= Giles
“ I’ve never seen it.” = Buffy
“ That is because it is in hiding, some where speacial. For you have not been trained to use it.
“ Giles sense when have I ever did training on any new weapons, that I’ve used?” = Buffy
“Good point.” = Giles
“ I just want to stop this Archndata, Before she takes over my friends.” = Buffy
“ That’s Archnkadla, and don’t worry we will. You always do.”= Giles
“So where do we start?”= Willow
“Yes, um...Buffy do you and Willow remember where this cave was at?”= Giles
“It was kind-of outside of town, near the old drive-in.”= Willow
Giles looked at Buffy.
“Yep, that’s about it. So let’s go.” = Buffy

When Xander woke up he still found himself in the cave, with all kinds of bodies around him. He saw that some of the cocoons were wrapped all the way to the top. That included Angel’s cocoon. Xander’s neck hurt and he could barely see it was so fuzzy. The five cocoons on the far wall were moving. He knew that that could not be good. He looked back at Angel’s cocoon no movment came for it, he looked at Oz. He was starting to come too.
“Oz...Hey Oz man...wake up!” = Xander
Oz started to stir and he let out a moan. then he opened his eyes.
“Xander...where are we I can’t hardly see? Everythings fuzzy.” = Oz
“Boy don’t I know the feeling.” =Xander
“Where’s Angel...he was...?” = Oz
Uh...well he’s not in a good place now. We have got to get out of here.”= Xander
Some of Archnkadla other guest were starting to wake up too. A few of them wanted to scream but they didn’t.
Not far away Buffy, Willow, Giles and Cordelia headed toward the cave.
“ Okay here’s the plan we get everyone out then we go after the spider.”= Buffy
A huge sabor was strapped to Buffy’s back,
Giles looked at Buffy and ask her.
“This is the cave?” = Giles
“Yep the only cave within miles.” = Buffy
Buffy shone a flashlight into the cave. She could see men staring at her, asking for help.
She started inside.
“Buffy we have to help them.” =Willow
Buffy looked at Giles and Cordelia.
“Giles you and Cordelia free these guys. Willow your coming with me.”= Buffy
Giles and Cordelia worked to free the men near the opening of the cave.
Buffy and Willow worked their way through the cave.
“Buffy look at all those cocoons that are wrapped up all the away.”= Willow
Buffy stared at the ten cocoons.
“This is not going to be good.” = Buffy
She could see the cocoons moving. Just then her flashlight flashed against something, it was Xander.
“ Xander...”= Buffy
“Hey Buffy good timing, we need to go now.”=Xander
“Well, why?” = Willow
“Because of them!” =Xander
The cocoons on the far wall were starting to open. Willow looked down from Xander.
“Oz...are you hurt?” =Willow
“No not really...But you know the kind of headaches you get when you eat ice cream to fast?” =Oz
“Yeah.”= Willow
“Well I kind-of got one of them.”= Oz
Just as Buffy and Willow freed Xander and Oz. Willow noticeed Archnkadla coming down from the ceiling.
“Buffy...big..big...spider!”= Willow
“What!...oh we have to go now! Oz where’s Angel?”= Buffy
Just then one of Archnkadla’s minions jumped on Xander.
“Get it off now!”=Xander
Xander then threw a elbow back at hit the minion in the head knocking it off.
“Hey guys hit them in the heads.”= Xander
They all looked at Xander first. Then Buffy hit one of her’s in the head putting it into a coma like state. Every one followed Buffy’s steps. As Buffy turned around she saw Angel, his eyes had a blue glow to them.
“Angel?”= Buffy
Then out of the blue Angel ran to attack her. Buffy flipped him over her back. He hit the ground with a thud. As he got up his eyes burned with the blue glow.
“Angel you have to fight these don’t give up!”= Buffy
Angel was standing now. His eyes flashed back to thier deep brown then flashed blue again. Buffy could see he was fighting it with all he could.
“Angel fight it you can beat it. You beat Eyghon, you can beat this!”=Buffy
Angel eyes flashed back to thier deep brown. He looked at Buffy and said “Buff...y?” =Angel
His body then fell exhausted to the floor of the cave. Buffy was about to go to him, when she heard Giles yelling at her.
“Buffy...Archnkadla is behind you!” = Giles
Buffy turned to she her looking straight at her. Before she knew what had happened Buffy flipped herself onto the demon spider.
“You messed with my friends spidy, so say good bye.”= Buffy
Before Archnkadla could act the sabor sliced right through her. She let out a scream, her upper half disappeared. Giles and the other searched for Buffy as she pulled herself from under of what was left of the demon. Her yellow cotton t-shirt and blue jeans were ruined. But she was alive.
Buffy walked over to Angel’s body. Giles walked up behind her.
“Do you think he be okay?”=Buffy
“Time will tell.” = Giles
Giles and the others had went home. Buffy had changed her clothes and was heading back to Angel’s place to check on him. She wore a light blue sweater over top of a black tank-top, a pair of brown jeans and a pair of chunky heeled boots.
As Buffy walked into the mansion she saw Angel was sitting up in bed.
“ are you feeling?”= Buffy
“I’m still a little disoriented, and my head kind of hurts.”= Angel
“Oh...well that’s good.”= Buffy
“Are you okay?”= Angel
“I’ll live,Oz is okay too.”= Buffy
“Are you sure?”=Angel
"Yeah, Oz is good." =Buffy
Angel looked at her.
"I wasn't talking about Oz. I was talking about you." =Angel

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