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Author note: THis is a story I have been writing for a few years. I would really like feed back. I own all characters to the story. WHich are based on people I have met over my life time. Please give me feed back.
Michelle sat at the pond in the garden. Sat and waited! Waiting for the next big event that will change the Galaxy fate. Her little girl came up to her and sat down. She took her mothers arm and held it. It was the anniversary of her grandmother’s death. Her grandmother died in the war that just ended a few years before little Sara was born.
“Mother would you tell me the story of the Galaxy crystal.”
“Sara, you have heard that story a million times already. Why do you want to hear it again?”
“The same reason you wanted to hear it a million times as a child. So that one day I would be able to tell my daughter the same story. So that she could be proud of her history as I am.”
“Alright, let me get the book.” Michelle left to get the book. Little Sara waited for her mother to get it. She would read it her self, but it wasn’t the same. Her mother was alive when it happened. Little Sara wasn’t even thought of it at time. Michelle hadn’t even met her father at the time. Who would of figured at the time that she would meet a guy and get married?
Michelle was the daughter of Julianne, descendant of Marlene daughter of Sara the most famous Woman in the history of the Galaxy. She only wished that she would have known any of them. To have known anyone of the woman of the royal family, back then. Those women were the greatest people that have ever lived. A legend of their own time! Little Sara would have done anything to be there at the finale battle. Her mother was there, though she doesn’t remember it.
Michelle came back and sat down next to her daughter. She opened the book and tried to look at the words. Her eyes got blurry! Ever since she was a kid she hasn’t been able to concentrate on one thing, then go to anther. It hurt her eyes allot. “Which woman would you rather be in this story?”
Little Sara thought a minute: Sara was a special child that had gone through a lot in her life, Maria had gone through almost the same thing as Sara, but she had more spirit; Julianne was the most powerful one of them all, and she was her grandmother. “I think I would want to be…Maria! She was a spirited young woman of her day, and was really made a difference in everything.”
“That’s funny because I always thought that I would be Sara! What persuaded you to pick her?”
“The way she handled things. Even when she was found, she kept a cool head, and was willing to try anything to prove she was right. I like that. It is really hard for a girl like that to just pick up everything, and leave her family. Even you know that more then anyone mom!”
“I guess you r right, but Sara went through a lot more then Maria. Maria was a good spirited person, but Sara had more. She had the key ingredient to the secret of the Galaxy crystal.”
“Mom that wasn’t in the story. Where did you hear that from?”
“Before your grandmother died, she took me aside, and told me. I remember exactly what she said, ‘my dear Michelle, I am not going to make through the night. I want you to remember that though the Galaxy crystal is no longer with us, the power will always be with you. For the power of the crystal is not the crystal it’s self, but the love the woman holds in her.’ So you see it is the power of love that controls the power.”
In a planet on the outer sides of the Galaxy kingdom there, was a young girl named Sara. Sara was about seventeen. She was on the way home from school, with her best friend Christy. The day went just like any other. It was hard to believe that the day was ending. The day was beautiful, one of the most beautiful days of the year. Even though it was a week of the end of the school year. Sara loved going to school it was time to learn about the other planets, and visiting with her best friend. Christy wasn’t that fond of school.
Sara was worrying about her homework that she had to do that night. The end of the year was always difficult to do when she had to work every night. She would go home and then to work. She was a waitress over at a local restaurant. It served mostly Pizza, but it was a job. Sara hated eating, and seeing pizza so much. Even when she was a little girl she could stand eating so much pizza. She always preferred a nice good salad. Not like that was going to happen in Arbuckle, California.
Christy didn’t like that she was working, because they couldn’t hang out after school. Christy understood though. It was the only thing that Sara had that was hers. Sara was in a foster care when she was a baby. Then at age eight she was adopted by Jake & Peggy Miller. She never knew her parents; there was nothing to indicate that she had parents. She was found in a field outside of town. Christy wouldn’t know what to do if she didn’t know her family. Her family has been there for her for many years. Not to have them would be the most tragic thing she would ever go through.
Sara has tried her whole life to fit in somewhere; she works hard and gets nowhere. She took many years of all sorts of math programs. Her favorite was Geometry. She loved working with angels and numbers. Last semester she tried out for Science, she only liked the Biology part of it. Sara has done a lot in her life, now she just wants to live. Giving up was the hardest thing she had ever done, but there was no other chance in finding were she belongs. Her and Christy met in Middle School, Christy was the only person that ever talked to her. Christy didn’t have any clue what Sara was going through, but she was a good friend.
Christy tried to understand Sara with all her might, but it didn’t work. When Sara was looking for her parents Christy helped her out through the whole thing. Christy went on the Internet, and searched for missing babies at the same time Sara was found in the field. It was a shame that she didn’t find her parents. She was talking to anyone that was there when she was found. No one saw anything, not even a car was seen. It was a shame that Sara’s search had failed. Christy cared about Sara a lot and didn’t want anything to happen to her. Even when Christy first met Sara she was looking out for her. Christy was so determined to help Sara that she even talked to her parent’s friend that worked at the adoption agents.
Sara and Christy got to their corner were they had to split up. Christy was a little mad at Sara still. She hadn’t talked to her since she turned down Brandon Marks. Brandon was a friend of Sara’s for a long time and the idea that they would be a couple kind of freaked her out. Sara did think he was cute, but he was a good friend. Brandon was also adopted, about the same time Sara was. They understood what the other was going through. That’s why Christy was upset with her. Brandon was the one person that understood her, and considering that he has liked her since they were little.
“Sara please explain to me why you turned down Brandon. He is really cute, and I know you like him a little. Your seventeen, and have never had a boyfriend. I understood when you denied Shawn, but why Brandon?”
“He’s a friend. I don’t need to loose another friend in my life right now. You know that!”
“Sara, your not loosing a friend you’re just getting closer to him. I know your having a hard time trying to find your parents, but it’s not going to happen there are no clues of them. I’m your best friend trust me Brandon will make you happy.”
“I will find my parents, and maybe some day I will go out with Brandon, but at the moment it’s not a good idea. I have to get ready for work, I’ll call you tonight.”
“Fine, bye!”
Sara had been looking for her parents for months now. She figured if she could find them she would know why she was so different from everyone else. Sara went home, and opened the locked door. Which was really weird because the door was never locked. Even in the middle of the night it wasn’t locked. Mrs. Miller always lost her keys so that way she could still get in the house. Sara only had a key, because she felt that she had a key to her home someday. It was purty silly to think that she had a key to her future.
She went straight to her room. Sara didn’t bother checking if anyone was home, they didn’t care if she were home why would she care if they were home? She put her backpack on her bed, which was still a mess from that night. She didn’t bother making her bed it would get messed up that night anyway. She went to her dresser to find her work clothes. She usually put them in her second drawer, but today she decided to put them on her desk. She forgot she put them on her desk. So she almost freaked out when she noticed they weren’t there. She quickly got changed. It was a little skimpy, mostly blue with gray trimmings on it. She noticed the time and knew she would be late if she weren’t careful.
She sat down at her mirror and brushed her long brown hair. Her hair always got in the way of her job. So her boss always had her put it up at work, only because it would get in her way. She stood up and looked at her self in the mirror, she was huge. There was nothing worse then her body. She was big, so she told her self. Since she didn’t have any parents she had a low self-esteem problem. Her Christy hated when she called her self fat, but there was nothing she could do. Sara was lonely, and therefore she hated everything about her self.
She went down stairs when she was done, and looked at her adopted parents. They were talking to a friend. There was no one she knew. Sara didn’t want to be rude so she just walked to the door, but Mrs. Miller called her. “Sara come over here and meet a friend of ours.”
Sara went back in to the living room, and shook a man’s hand that was there. “Hello.”
“So you are Sara, you look a lot different from when you were a baby.” The young man sat back down and settled down.
“I’m sorry do I know you?”
“Oh sorry, I’m John Smith. I was your babysitter when your were a baby.”
“No you were not. When I was a baby I didn’t live with the Miller’s. So who ever you are you were not my babysitter, and you can tell the truth.”
“Your good. I was not your babysitter, but I did know you when you were a baby. You wouldn’t remember, because you were way to young.” Sara was getting annoyed; she had to get to work.
“This is interesting, but I need to get to work. Well it was nice to meet you, but I need to get out.”
“Okay, but I need to talk to you later.” Sara just turned and left.
Sara couldn’t believe that he tried to pull off that he was her babysitter at one time. How stupid does he think she was? From when she was a year to 5 she lived with the Thomas’. Sara didn’t want to deal with that at the moment she just wanted to get to work and deal with that.
She got to work barely on time. The restaurant was called Ultimate Encounters. Silly name for a small town like this, usually they are called the name of the town, but they wanted to be different. It was also the best place to hang out after school and during the summer. The owner didn’t have any kids, so he just inherited the teens. She went right to work. She had a vacation coming up, and if she wanted to keep it that way she needed to work hard.
She was working for an hour when Christy and Greg walked in. Greg was her new boyfriend, she has a new one every month. They just happened to sit in her section of the restaurant. She walked over to them. Christy always bugged her at work; it was the whole she didn’t want her to work thing.
“Hey Christy, hey Greg! What do you want today?”
“Well I guess we could use two chocolate milkshakes.” Christy always ordered for the guys. She liked being in control of everything. Sara on the other hand never really cared if the other guy ordered. Not that it had ever happened to her or anything. She had never had a guy that ever paid before.
“Fine, but don’t throw it okay!” Everyone started laughing. There was a couple that came by once, the girl broke up with him, and he through the milkshake across the room. Sara had to clean it up, and that wasn’t as funny. She got their food, and Sara decided to take a brake with her friends.
Sara sat next to Christy, and ate a salad. She didn’t like the pizza very much, because she knew how to make them. Sara was eating as Christy and Greg talked about what movie they were going to see after they ate. Just then Brandon walked in. Sara’s heart raced. Brandon was the last person she would ever see at the restaurant. They hadn’t talked since she had turned him down. She wished she were done with her salad, so she could get back to work.
Brandon was hesitant to sit with them, but he did. Sara really hurt him when she said no, but she was a great friend. Nothing comes between friends. They smiled and stared at each other. How was she supposed to act around him, and how was he to act around her? She was only half way through her salad. Sara wished she could have the power to eat faster, or make it disspear. Sara hated bumping into people at times like this. Especially when the person who is a little upset with her is the one she is bumping into.
Christy use to do that to her when they were kids. But they couldn’t stay mad at each other long; they were to good of friends. Which was a little hard at times too. Especially when Christy’s boyfriends liked Sara, and not Christy. That was the story with Shawn. He was going out with Christy, but liked Sara. So when Christy found out she was really up set at Sara. It was one of the few guys Christy liked going out with, and didn’t just do it for fun. Which was most of the time.
“Have you decide what movie your going to see?” Sara asked Christy to break the silence.
“Sara don’t that’s not what all of us are thinking about, and you know it.” Christy was always the one that brought things up at the worst times.
“Christy that’s not something anyone wants to talk about.” Greg was the first person to ever talk back to Christy.
“Greg… now I have respect for you. Anyway yes it is a good thing to talk about. Brandon you are a nice guy, but…”
“Christy stop! This isn’t your business. Stop trying to fix something that you can’t fix. I have my reasons, you of all people should know that by now.” Sara had, had enough of what Christy was telling her. She got up and ran to the back of the building. Through the employee only door of course. Christy needed to stop pushing her. She didn’t want to deal with it, until she was sure of her decision. Is that too hard for her to understand? Sara was back there for a few minutes. Everyone left her alone when she was crying. She wondered if that was a good or bad thing, but didn’t want to deal with it at that moment.
Sara was still sitting when she heard a noise from the alley. Sara got up, and was about to head back into the building when she noticed whom it was. She sat back down. It was only John Smith, fake babysitter. Now that she thought of it, it was a weird name, almost fake. He came up to her and sat down. She just scooted over a little.
“Sorry if I scared you a little, but I heard someone crying.”
“Who are you really?”
“What do you mean? My name is John Smith.”
“Liar! John Smith is not your name, and I have a suspension you don’t know the Millers’. So if you don’t tell me who you are I’m leaving.”
“Your smart a little too smart for your age. But you’re right my name is not John Smith. Who I am is not of concern at this point, and your right I’m not a friend to the Millers’.”
“So if your not going to tell me who you are. Then tell me why you are here.”
“Not yet, but soon!”
A noise came from inside the building. John got up and left. Sara turned and saw Brandon standing behind her. She forgot that Brandon worked there too. She stood up and walked in the building. She tried to pass Brandon, but he grabbed her arm. Sara turned and Brandon was right there in her face.
“Sara, no matter what happens we will always be friends. Just like I will always care about you.”
“Brandon you barely know me.” Sara pulled her arm from him and walked away. She went through the kitchen when he caught up to her.
“Your wrong you know. You just don’t know yourself, that’s the problem. You’re afraid that someone will take you away from everything you know, and care about. That everyone will leave you forever. Just like when you were young and your parents left you in the field. Have you ever thought that maybe it was a good thing that they left you there. For your own good not their own, or that they didn’t care about you and were trying to fix a mistake. They didn’t loose you Sara, they left you.”
“Are you done? Because you have no idea what it is like not to know where you came from. Not knowing why?”
“Yes I do! Before I knew who my parents were I couldn’t trust anyone. Until I met you, then everything changed. You knew what I was going through, and helped me through it. You are the one person I care about.”
“No you don’t.” Sara just went back to work, and ignored Brandon for the rest of the night.
Sara’s shift was over enough time to get her homework done. She knew she wouldn’t have enough time in the morning to do it. She was walking home, like she did every day. Sara couldn’t believe that Brandon thought he knew so much about her. He had no clue of what she went through. She never opened up to any one. How could he know?
Sara went through an alley that was near her home. She didn’t like using the front door at night. She hated having to talk to Mrs. Miller. She always wanted to know how her day went. Doesn’t she know that some people don’t want to talk? She went straight to her room and did her homework. After her homework was done she pulled everything out of her pockets, and put on her nightstand. Then she took a shower and went to bed.
She laid there thinking about a few things. Life was so complicated the last day. Brandon probably hated her at the moment, and Christy wasn’t that happy with her either. Then with that John Smith character. What was his problem? Every time she turned around something bad was happening. If there was one thing she wanted most was to have life as simple as possible.
Sara woke up at 6:30 am for school. She laid there for a few minutes waiting for encouragement to get up out of bed. That didn’t happen so she just got up, and found something to ware. She decided to ware her khaki pants with her blue tank top. Then she went to her jewelry box, she grabbed her cross necklace, and her blue bracelet. Then she went to her window to look out side. Christy should be by any minute, and grabbed the stuff off her nightstand.
She went down stairs and sat down on the couch. She didn’t think anyone was up yet. She went into the kitchen to make some jelly toast. She grabbed a cup of Kool-Aid as she waited for her toast. She grabbed a cup from the cupboard, and poured the Kool-Aid in. She slowly sipped the cup. Her toast popped a few minutes later. She pulled it out, forgetting it was hot. She dropped it immediately. Sara grabbed the jelly and butter from the fridge, and a butter knife from the drawer near the sink. She liked putting butter on her toast before she put the jelly. Patty Miller thought she was weird when she did it that way, but she knew to leave her alone about it.
When she was done she sat on the couch and turned on the news. She ate her toast slowly, and watched the weather. She finally got back up and went to the bathroom. She forgot to brush her hair yet. Christy must have been running late again. She didn’t mind it gave her time to relax a little. She went through her drawer that Patty gave her in the bathroom. She pulled out her chopsticks and brushed her hair. It wasn’t easy to put her hair up with chopsticks, but she liked her hair up with them. She had black straight hair so it made it easier to put up.
She was just getting done when something on the news caught her attention. She heard something about the Royal family. She ran to the television and turned up the volume.
The news caster spoke and Sara sat and listened. “The Queen and King today are visiting the Earth. The only answer of why they were here was that they are looking for some knew recruits for the Galaxy army. Though many don’t believe that, that is why they are here. Many think that they are here to discuss the trade dispute in the Milky Way. Many believe they are visiting family here. No one really knows why at the moment, but they are telling people they are recruiters for the Galaxy kingdom army.” The Galaxy Kingdom was a powerful union of planets that formed their own government, with the king and Queen living on planet ‘S’. The next King and Queen always depended on blood relative. Since the last King and Queen died on unknown circumstances, the last living relative in the family took over. They didn't release who it was, because they didn't want anyone to try to kill them.
The doorbell rang, so Sara got up and answered it. Christy were waiting for her, Sara grabbed her stuff and left. It was really weird that the royal family would be on Earth. The last time they were there it was because of the war with a near by moon. Sure it wasn’t the first time they were there, but to make up stupid lye like that it wasn’t like them.
“Christy did you understand the math homework last night?”
“I didn’t do the homework. I was out all night with Greg; he is the best boyfriend yet. He’s the first one that has ever talked back to me. How often is that?”
“This is the first time I have heard about it. So, how long is that going to last this time?”
“Oh, I was thinking a few days, maybe a week. I’m really not sure because I actually like him around. Even with the back talking.”
“Wow! That is the first time you have ever admitted that you liked a guy. Are you feeling alright?”
“Sara! At least I can admit that I like a guy.”
“Christy don’t start that again! I really don’t want to deal with that at the moment. I have other problems right now.”
Sara and Christy didn’t talk to each other the rest of the time. They just didn’t want to get into an argument. Sara was going to go straight to her class at school any way. That anyone really notices that she was there. Ever since she was in middle school she sat in class and did nothing. She didn’t talk she didn’t even read, she just sat there.
First period was her history class. They were finishing the establishment of the Galaxy Kingdom. The basic was that we had so many colonies on the other planets that they needed a big enough government to be able to control all of them. There were some planets that didn’t belong to the Galaxy Kingdom, but they were so far out there they didn’t cause a threat.
After the long and painful class, the bell rang. She was walking down the hall, watching people. There were so many different people around the school. There were those few people that made her feel like scum. There was one girl specific, Kimberly. She was a beautiful stuck up girl. She also had a huge crush on Brandon. Brandon didn’t like girls like that. She hated Kimberly. Kimberly was the one person that made her feel like crap. She would put her down, and make her feel stupid.
Sara knew the trick to being popular, but it wasn’t worth wasting her life over it. All you have to do is be really loud, and say what ever you want. Sara was just not like that way. She hated that idea.
She was going to her next class, which was all the way to the other side of school. Sara walked across the school again. She was walking down hallway, when she felt someone grab her arm. She turned and Brandon had a hold of her. She tried to pull it away, but he pulled her into an empty classroom. Sara stumbled into it. He shut the door behind them. She sighed! What did he want now doesn’t he know that they were going to be late for class if they didn’t hurry.
“Sara, I know I upset you yesterday, but please don’t get mad at me. I know you are not yet sure of who you are, but no matter what you say I will care about you.”
“Stop saying that! You have got to quite. I don’t care if you care about me.” Brandon moved a little closer to her. She was looking at her feet, not wanting to look at his face. “Don’t you get it, we are just friends. I cannot do this, please. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Brandon started to laugh at her.
“You won’t hurt me. I chose you, just like you chose me to…”
“What are you talking about? If we broke up I would hurt you, just like what happened when you went out with Laura. You were heart broken, I couldn’t do that to anyone.” He bent down and kissed her. He didn’t want her to talk like that anymore. She pulled him away from her. “Why did you do that?”
“You wanted me too. Just like you want me to do it again.”
“No I don’t.”
“Yes you do.” He grabbed her waist, and pulled her closer. Her heart jumped to her throat. She really did want him to kiss her, but she couldn’t do it. Sara pushed him away.
“No!” Sara left the room. She couldn’t do it. It wasn’t going to happen, not now. She wasn’t ready for all that. She ran to her next class.

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Sara and Christy got out of school at 2:15. They waited for Greg, and Brandon. The boys never walked with them in the morning, and on Thursday afternoon. Like they did to them yesterday. Sara didn’t talk to Brandon the rest of the day, for good reason. She was afraid that he was going to want to talk again. She was really not in the mood to deal with him. Though she did wish he would of grabbed her again.
They all met in front of their school. Which wasn’t that big any way. They all went down the street. No one talked to each other yet; Greg and Christy were holding hands. They all walked to the corner were the guys had to leave. Brandon took Sara’s hand and pulled her away from the others.
“Sara, I know now why you said no. It should of made more since, but it just didn’t click why. You really did want to kiss you, but you were afraid.” He bent down to her ear. “You don’t have to be afraid any more.” Sara got close to him. She gave him a little kiss on the cheek, but he moved and kissed her on the lips. Sara accepted it this time. She broke from him, and walked the other way. She wanted to tease him a little.
Christy gave Sara a weird look, and kept walking with her. She just kept looking at her as if she did something wrong. Sara kept looking over at Christy seeing if she was looking at her. Sara had no idea why she did what she did. She thinks that it was heat of the moment thing. He apologized so sweetly, and he was right. She had to thank him some how.
“So, are you going to tell me what happened back there? What did he say?”
“I’m not sure. He just apologized to me.”
“Fine, but no going crazy. I gave him a thank you gift, that’s all that happened.”
“A kiss to you is a thank you gift. I’ll never give you anything.”
The girls both started to laugh. They went down the alley that took them to the valley, not that far from Christy’s house. Sara has to get something from her house, that she let her borrow. Sara’s stomach started hurting as she got to the field, a little ways from Christy’s house. Christy noticed that Sara grabbed her stomach.
“Sara, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”
Sara heard something coming from a group of bushes near by. Sara kept watching them, because she had a weird feeling about it. Something almost familiar. Sara heard the noise get louder. She pushed it off. Suddenly Sara fell to the ground. She looked up and a man was on top of her with a knife. Sara’s mind was blank, she couldn’t think of anything, but this thing that was on top of her. She noticed every detail of him. He had a dark cloak on him, and an evil presence.
Sara finally got the courage to kick him off of her. Only inches until the blade would have hit her. He went flying, and She jumped up on her feet. The man looked at her. He jumped back at her, but another man jumped out from behind her, and tackled the man. Christy was on the other side. The new guy held the knife away from the guy as far as he could until he dropped it. Sara ran over at Christy. When she turned back around the first guy was gone.
She looked close at the other guy. He looked really familiar, but she couldn’t see his face. He was still knelt down over where the other guy was. She tried to look closer, but didn’t want to be rude. She couldn’t help but be curios of where the other guy was. The guy finally stood up and Sara saw whom it was. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Who was this guy? It was the so called John Smith she had met the day before. Sara took Christy’s arm and started to walk back words. Until his voice froze her.
“Why are you walking away don’t you want to know who that was, and why it wanted you dead?”
“Right now. I want to get away from you.” Sara and Christy turned and started to walk the other direction.
“Don’t you want to know, who you are?”
Sara turned and looked at him, “What do you know?”
“Everything. Who your mother was, and your father? Why they left you, and how you could find the rest of your family.”
“Yeah right. Sara don’t believe him. He’s just trying to confuse you. How would he know who your parents are, and who you are?” Christy grabbed her arm and ran to her house.
John Smith didn't move from where he was standing. Sara was still in shock. Who was that back there, and why did it attack her? How would a guy she had just met a day ago know everything about her? It didn’t make since to her. What was the point?
The girls ran the whole way to Christy’s house. Christy locked the door so that if he was following he couldn’t get in. Sara went to a couch and sat down. No one was ever at home at Christy’s house at this time. They all had to go to work in the afternoon. They always had a day when they all got together to talk though.
Christy sat next to Sara. Sara was almost in tears. “Sara who were those guys. Why did one try to kill you, and the other one? Sara please tell me what’s going on.”
“The guy that saved me says his name is John Smith, but it’s not. I met him yesterday over at the Millers’. He pretended to be a family friend. Then tried to make me believe that he use to baby-sit me as a child. Which you know is no true. Then he showed up in the alley at the Ultimate Encounter when I ran out. He said he wanted to talk to me, but I wasn’t going to talk to him. I didn’t know him. The other guy I have no idea who he was, but he tried to kill me. Christy I don’t know anything else.”
“Sara what did you get your self into,” Christy looked at Sara. Sara was almost in tears. “Sara you don’t believe that guy do you?”
“I don’t know! He said he knew my parents. I would do anything to know who my parents are.” Both girls went silent. Sara looked at the clock; she was late for work. She heard a noise from the kitchen, but a cat ran out of it so she just figured that it was the cat.
“Sara Maria Parker was your full name.” A voice came from the kitchen. Sara turned her heart jumped from her chest. John or what ever his name is was behind them. Sara just turned and put her head back. Sara couldn’t believe that he was there.
“How did you get in my house?” Christy screamed at him.
“I have more knowledge of you then you have of yourself… Why don’t you ask your mother were she was the day of your birth?” She just looked at him, as if he had gone nuts. “Check the box under the stairs.” Christy didn’t move an inch. “Go look now if you want to know.”
Christy left and Sara just sat there. John came and sat on the chair that was near Sara. Christy was gone for a minute, and came back with a box in her arms. She opened it and pulled out an envelope. Christy looked at Sara, she wasn’t sure if she should open it. Christy finally opened it, and polled out a few forms: Medical, insurance, birth certificate, and some other form. “Look at the birth, and the last one you took out.” Christy looked at it, and noticed a few things wrong with it. It said that she was born in San Francisco, and her birthday was February 10, 1985. Christy looked at the other form and started to cry. Sara couldn’t see what it was. She took it from Christy, and noticed it was an adoption form from San Francisco.
Christy ran up to her room. Sara knew to leave her alone. “Now do you believe me?” John asked Sara.
“Who are you really?” Sara had her face in her hands, bent over her waist.
“My name is Curtis O’Hare. I worked for your parents. So I did know you when you were a baby.”
“Why, What?”
“Why are you here today, at this point in my life?”
“Your aunt and Uncle have been searching for you ever since you were taken. You are the heir to the throne.”
“You were two months old. They were hysterical when you were gone. There was no evidence of where your mother sent you.”
“Tell me everything, from the beginning.”
“Well I can’t.”
“Because that isn’t my place to tell you. Your aunt, your mothers sister, she should tell you what happened. I’m here to bring you home, to take your mothers place.”
“Place as what?”
“You know about the Galaxy kingdom right!” Sara shook her head yes! “Well your aunt is the only known living member of the royal family. I was the Queens personal guard. Your mother was the heir to the throne, she was the late Violet Elizabeth Parker!”
Sara couldn’t believe she was hearing what he was saying. How was she supposed to believe that her parents where royal? She just couldn’t accept that as an answer. She couldn’t be there would have to be proof of this information. “You're a liar!”
“How can you be sure?”
“Where’s the proof, why didn’t they tell anyone that they had a daughter? Why was I a secret?”
“They were afraid of your safety. There is a small kingdom on the other side of planet ‘S’. They were going to invade the city, when you were born. It was too dangerous to announce that you were born. It didn’t help much, but it really was for your safety. There is proof, but you wouldn’t want to take the chance, to do it.”
“What is it?”
“You have to talk to the Queen, I can’t tell you any more.”
“I’m not talking to anyone, until I am sure of who I am.”
Sara just got up and left. She was having a problem with the whole idea of knowing who she was. Sara didn’t want anyone telling her who she was, but wants to find out she is on her own. Sara was very independent and wasn’t sure about some people. She knew that Curtis wasn’t going to hurt her, but she wasn’t comfortable with any thing. Sara was not royalty she knew that, she will always know that.
Sara decided to talk to the lady that found her again. The last time she talked to her was before the Millers’ adopted her. She wasn’t sure what to tell her, but she would know when it came to it.
Sara didn’t want to go straight home. She wasn’t in the mood to deal with her parents. Sara didn’t like to talk about her problems to anyone. The only place she could thing of was the Ultimate Encounter. It was somewhere were she could be alone, and she knew Christy wouldn’t be there. Though she was late for work, and knew she was going to get in trouble. Sara didn’t care about that at the moment she just wanted to be alone. She walked right in and sat down. She put her head in her hands and didn’t move.
All this was happening at the wrong time. She was worried about Brandon, and now people are trying to kill her. What happened to being normal? Suddenly a hand was put on her shoulder. She jumped up at the feeling of a hand on her shoulder. She looked up, and Brandon was standing in front of her. She sighed and looked down again. He sat down across from her. He smiled at her, and she just started to laugh.
“So…are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Brandon said as he grabbed her hand from across the table.
“Do I have too?”
”Well as a good friend; Yes, I think you do have to tell me.”
“Honestly, there’s this guy. He tells me that he knew my parents.”
“Sara that’s great. How did you find him?”
“Can we take a walk?”
They got up and started walking out the door, when his boss came up to him. He went to talk to him for a minute, and then they left. They walk around the block not talking. Then they ended up in a park not that far from her house. Brandon gave Sara his jacket, when she started to shiver. They were just lucky they didn’t have to go to school the next day.
“Are you ready to talk?” Brandon asked when they sat down on the two swings in the middle of the park.
Sara explained everything to him. She was just happy to get it out with for once. It lifted a big burden off her shoulder. After she said it all she thought it actually sounded funny in her head. “I can’t believe him Brandon? Just the things he told me, it didn’t make since?”
“Sara, I care about you, and if you don’t believe him then don’t. Why did some one attack you?”
“He wasn’t quit clear on why the other guy attacked me.”
“Sara you were attacked, did he try to hurt you in anyway?” Sara started to laugh. He really did care about her. That is really rare for any one to care about her in anyway, and he does.
“No! He didn’t hurt me, but he did try to kill me.”
“You know I would never let anything happen to you, no matter what happens in your life. No matter who you find out you are; I will be there for you.”
“Thanks, but you have no idea who I am.”
“I know you… like no one else knows you, and that scares you.” Sara just frowned and walked away from him. He ran after her, he knew he scared her a lot. Every time something emotional happens she walks away. She doesn’t want to deal with some things so she walks away, as if it would disappear. He grabbed her arm and turned her around.
“I wish you wouldn’t do that so often.”
“Stop running, from me.”
“Stop being so nice!”
“I’ll work on that,” Sara pulled her arm slowly away, and they just stood there looking at each other. Brandon turned and looked the other way. “So I guess we should get you back home now.”
“Why bother?” Sara looked behind her. The park got really empty all of a sudden. She hadn’t noticed it before. “Does something feel really weird all of a sudden to you?”
“Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. Where did all the people go?”
“I don’t know, but maybe we should go now!”
They both started to walk to the other way, when suddenly Sara was thrown back wards, and hit a tree. Brandon turned and ran toward her, but then he couldn’t move. Sara hit her head, and didn’t notice that he wasn’t there yet. She slowly got up and got really light headed. She stood up to see Brandon frozen in place. She ran over to him, and tried to help, but didn’t know how.
Then suddenly she couldn’t move. Her heart started to race. What could do such a thing? Is there such a power that could hold two people still? Sara listened all around her to hear if anything was coming. There wasn’t a sound near them. Suddenly Sara heard it the sound she was waiting for. The footsteps that told her that some one was behind her. She tried to move as hard as she could, but nothing worked. Then the figure moved to the side of her, she tried to look at the figure.
“Don’t try to move it won’t work,” The figure moved a little closer. Then Sara realized who it was. It was the man that attacked her earlier that day. “Sara, Sara, Sara, I’ve been tracking you my whole life. You really think I’m going to let you get away.” He bent down on her side to face to look at her face to face. “So ths is the hope for the Galaxy. I feel sorry for them! You can’t even get out of a little freezing spell. Have you figured out who I am yet?” He waited for an answer. Then he hit his head, remembering that she couldn’t move. He waved his hand and Sara could move her head. “Sorry!”
“Who are you?”
“Well, that answers my question. I am just an old friend.”
“Some old friend you are. A friend wouldn’t freeze me and …um…my…” She turned and looked at Brandon. She wasn’t sure what he was to her. “My friend.”
“Sara have you any idea how I know your name?”
“I’m trying to tell you I don’t know anything. Now tell me why you have froze me and my friend, and I will fix it.” The man got up and started to walk around.
“Well lets started with you are the only thing standing in my bosses way of taking over this Galaxy. You are the last hope for everyone.”
“Whose your Boss?”
“Now I can’t tell you that. Your mother asked me the same thing. That was before she died. She did tell me something, what was it? That’s right she didn’t want me to kill you, and take the crystal, but who really cares about that rock.”
“Who was my mother?”
“Violet Elizabeth Parker, the last known heir of the throne. Next to her was Janelle Thomas, her sister. So everyone thought. I trust you know you are the only heir to the throne, and would have been holder of the Galaxy crystal if it was not lost.”
Just then a voice came from the darkness. “Drake, What do you think your doing you traitor scum?’
“My job! Curtis O’Hare, old friend.” Curtis walked out of the darkness, and touched both Sara and Brandon. They both fell to the ground. Sara knew that he had just unfroze them. Sara ran to Brandon, and helped him up. She pulled him away from the two guys. “Oh, why did you have to go and do that?”
“She doesn’t need you to try to kill her; anyway she just found out who she is and doesn’t believe it.”
“No wonder she’s with him!”
“Leave now and tell your boss if she tries to kill the Princess again, we will attack her full force. Believe me we have the power to do it. When was the last time you were able to fight, and win?”
Drake scowled at Curtis. How could he forget? It was the night the Princess was lost to all of them. Curtis practically got the snot kicked out of him. “I will give her your message, and should I say it came from you or your Queen.”
“The Royal family!”
Drake jumped once, and disappeared. Sara was in shock, and couldn’t move. Brandon was holding her hand he was in total shock too. They both just stood there looking where the man use to be. She looked the other way and took a deep breath. She looked at Brandon, and found out that he was looking at her too. “I think it’s time for me to go home now. Will you walk me?”
“Yeah, of course!” They started to walk when Curtis looked at them and noticed she was walking.
“Sara you can’t run for the rest of your life. You must come with me and meet the Queen and everything will make since, I promise.” Sara slowly turned and looked at him. He Promises, how could he promise anything. He has no idea what it feels like to have some one freeze you, and then threaten to kill you.
“You promise. Can you Promise that I won’t be attacked again, or that I would be able to meet my parents?”
“I can not promise you that, and your parents are died.”
“The parents so careless that they had me taken away from them. They didn’t even tell anyone that they had me. My parents didn’t care about me.”
“You stupid little girl. Your mother died the night you were taken. She risked her life saving you. You selfish child!” Curtis calmed down. “If you want to meet the Queen meet me here noon tomorrow, or I’ll just tell the Queen that you’re not her. Then we can keep searching for you, until Drake’s boss kills you. Then I will be in trouble and you can live the small life you have left.”
He disappeared and Sara fell to her knees. She didn’t know any of that. How could she have been so stupid? This was the worst day of her life. Brandon grabbed her and pulled her up. She started to cry. All she could think of was that she had failed, just the thought that her mother risked her life for her.
Brandon just held her in his arm. He had no idea were she was coming from. He was really glad that he didn’t know his parents. He couldn’t believe who she was though, the whole idea that she was the Princess of the Galaxy. It was the last thing he would of ever thought of.
They both started to walk to Sara’s house. She didn’t want to go to her house, but she had to get home eventually. They got to the door, and Sara just stood there a minute. Then she stood and looked at Brandon. She thought that he thought she was a lunatic, and didn’t like her any more.
“Brandon I…”
“Please, I understand. I know you didn’t want this to happen. You don’t like things to happen to your friends. If you want to leave and meet the Queen I will wait for you. Nothing in the Galaxy could stop me from loving you.”
“Did you just say you loved me?”
“Yeah, I guess I did. Sara… Princess Sara Parker I love you.”
He moved a little closer to her. “Brandon I…Well I…”
“I know you love me too. You don’t have to tell me. I knew that before you did.” He brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. She just looked down at her shoes. She knew exactly what she was going to do. She lifted her head, and his head was right there. Her heart started to race. She quickly kissed him, and looked back down. She looked back up, and he was still looking down at her. They both slowly got closer to each other. Then he softly kissed her. They broke off and she quickly spoke.
“Will you come in, I don’t want to be alone right now, and they aren’t much help.”
“Of course!”
They walked in and went straight up the stairs. The Millers’ didn’t even notice they came in. Sara went right in to her bedroom, and sat on her bed. Brandon sat in a chair in her room. She sat there in a minute, and got back up. She realized she had to use the bathroom. She told him that she would be right back. She went into the bathroom, did her stuff and looked in the mirror. She put her hair down, and brushed it. Then went back into her room.
Brandon was pacing back and forth. She just sat down and waited for him to stop. He finally sat down next to her. She started to laugh; he looked really funny. She wasn’t sure what was bothering him. She looked at her desk and found her diary sitting there on top. She looked at him, and looked back.
“You read me diary.” She ran, and grabbed her diary. “ How dare you read my personal thoughts? That dream I had meant nothing…”
“Sara, Sara stop. I didn’t read your diary,” He walked to her and cupped his hand on her face. “I was thinking about doing this.” He moved close to, and their lips touched. It was very uncomfortable at first, but then they both just fell into it. She put her arms around him, and fell into his arms.
They broke apart, and started to laugh. Their forehead touched, and they just stood there a minute. Then kissed each other again. Sara grabbed his hand, and walked to her bed. They sat down, and started to kiss each other. Next thing she knew it Brandon was on top of her, and they were groping each other. Being with Brandon made her forget everything that happened that day. Sara moved her head up, and he kissed her neck, then back again. Brandon pulled away from her.
“What’s wrong?” Sara looked up at him.
“Not here. Not like this.” He rolled off of her, and looked at her. “You deserve better then this.”
“Your such a hopeless romantic.” She kissed him again. They eventually fell asleep.
That night Sara was lying there awake next to a sleeping Brandon. She didn’t want to wake him, so she just got up. She had decided to meet Curtis that day. She sat at her desk, and grabbed a piece of paper, and pen. She decided to write the Millers’ telling them that she wouldn’t be back. It stated:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Miller,

First of all I thought you should know that I have found out where my parents are and ma going to meet my aunt. My parents were killed when I was young, and I cannot communicate with them at the moment. I do thank you for all you have done for me, and wish you could help. We will meet again, and when that happens I wish you would not be mad at me.
Love always,
Sara Parker

Sara finished and put on the front the Millers’ names on it. She turned and looked at Brandon. He was all spread out on her bed it made her feel good. She smiled at him, and he started to move a little. He opened his eyes and looked up at her. He got up, and he walked over to her and gave her a kiss. He saw the note on the desk. He realized that she was going to leave.
“So I guess you have made your decision.”
“Yeah! I need to know what happened. The way that Drake spoke he made it sound as if I was the only thing left of my family. In away I am the only one, but I need to know.”
“I know you do.”
“I just pray that you don’t get tired of waiting for me.” Her head fell from his sight. He knelt down, and looked her in the eyes.
“I’ll wait here forever.” He kissed her. Then swept her off her feet literally. He walked to the bed and sat her down. He went around and laid down. She had already covered up. He got under the blankets on and they just laid there staring at each other. They both drifted off to sleep.
Sara woke up at nine o’clock. She stretched out, and accidentally hit Brandon in the nose. It shook him up a little. She started to laugh, and looked at his nose. It was okay. She just started laughing really loudly.
“If you wanted me to wake up you could of said something.”
“I’m sorry.” She kissed him on the nose. When suddenly she heard her name being called. She gasped realizing there was a guy in her room. She quickly got up and grabbed her robe. Sara wanted it to look like she wasn’t up all night. She was wearing the same clothes from the day before. She put a foot in front of her door. Knowing Mrs. Miller would try to open the door. That’s exactly what she did.
“Sara are you up yet, come on and open the door.” Brandon hid behind the door.
“Hold on a minute.” She took a deep breath, and opened the door a little. “Yeah, may I help you?”
“I’m leaving for the store, and Jack went to work. I’ll be back soon, and get up.” Brandon started to play with Sara a little. First he started to kissing her neck, and then blew in her ear.
“Yeah okay! I’ll probably be gone when you get back. I have to go to work in a half hour.”
“Okay, I’ll see you later then. Have a nice day!”
“Yeah bye.”
Sara shut the door, and looked at Brandon. She glared at him then hit him in the side. She couldn’t believe he did that. He would have got them in so much trouble. She walked to her dresser, and pulled out some clothes she was going to ware. Sara went to her bathroom, and got dressed, and when she got back Brandon was waiting. Sara opened the door and looked both ways. She didn’t want to run into Patty. Brandon was right behind her. Sara went to the bathroom down stairs, and Brandon sat down.
She had to fix, her hair and brush her teeth. She got back and Brandon was watching cartoons. She started to laugh at him.
“We should get going. I think the Looney Tunes can wait.”
“Hey don’t make fun of the Looney Tunes.”
He turned off the television, and walked to the door. They were walking to the Ultimate Encounter. They were just getting off Sara’s street. She turned and looked down the street. She noticed that Kimberly was walking down the street. Sara turned and looked the other way. What was she going to do?
“What’s wrong?”
“Kimberly!” He looked down the street; Kimberly was half way there.
“You want to get revenge?”
“Sure, What do you want to do?”
“Just follow my league.”
He grabbed Sara and held her. He stared into her eyes. She put her arms around his neck. He smiled at her, and she swung her hair back. Kimberly was standing two houses away from them. Brandon kissed her. It lasted for two minutes; Kimberly walked by, and sighed. They turned and looked at her. Sara waved to her. They both started to laugh. Then started to walk again.
They got half way to the Ultimate Encounter, when Christy caught up to them. She was still up set about last night. Sara was all smiles, and not up set. It took Christy a minute to figure out what had happened. They were even holding hands. Christy looked at them, and her mouth dropped.
“You Two!” Sara and Brandon shook their heads at the same time. “Oh my god, that is great. What happened?”
Sara really didn’t want to tell her the story. “Well I was really upset and Brandon was there. We started to talk and made up.”
“You mean you guys talked all night?” They walked in the restaraunt, and sat down. Christy decided to drop the subject, considering that they were in a public area.
“So Christy, did you talk to your parents?” Sara asked her.
“Well, he was right. I am adopted! Apparently they didn’t want me to know that I was adopted, because they wanted me to have a real family, and not be worried about who I am. Sound Familiar!”
“Well at least she found out who she is!” Brandon said kissing Sara’s forehead.
“What are you talking about? You talked to that guy didn’t you,” Christy’s mouth dropped at the idea that Sara talked to him. The guy was a lunatic.
“Yes I’m afraid I did. I’m leaving today Christy.”
“To meet my aunt! She is only here for a short time, thought it would be safe to just meet her and find out who my parents are.”
“Who are your parents?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“I am the long lost daughter of Violet Elizabeth Parker the late Queen of the Galaxy.”
Christy just started to laugh at her, “You’re joking right?”
“No, I’m not joking. I am Sara Parker.” Christy just fell back in her seat, and stared at them. “Christy it’s still me, and I will be back. I don’t know when, but I will be back. There is no way I could stay away from the only family I would ever have. I care about you two.”
“Sara I understand! Go and find out who they use to be I will be in this town the rest of my life,” Christy said as she sat back up, and smiled.
“I will wait for you for the rest of my life,” Brandon said as he grabbed Sara and held her in his arm.
“Thank you, both of you!”
They ate breakfast for about an hour. Sara brought up about when the next time they would see each other, and what they would be like. Brandon saw Christy as a waitress, married, and with kids’ right where they were. Sara saw Brandon as a young technician, and waiting for her, hopefully. Brandon wanted to be a technician ever since he was a little boy. Brandon, and Christy saw Sara as a young Princess coming for a visit. Sara insured them that she would never act like a Princess, and would come there to live for the rest of her life. Too reunite with her family. None of them bought it though. Sara knew in her heart that she would never act that way.
The sun was rising over their heads, and Sara noticed that it was time to go. Sara put her head back; she was about to leave the one family she had ever known. They all got up, and started to walk. Brandon wouldn’t let go of her hand worth anything. They got to the park, and no one was in the park. Sara looked at her watch it was barely 11:50. They walked to the swings and sat down. No one wanted to talk.
When suddenly that obvious voice came from behind her, “Hello, so you decided to show up?”
Sara turned and Curtis was standing there. “Yeah I’m ready, just let me say my last good byes.” She walked to Christy, they both started to cry. “You’re my best friend I will ever have. I’ll miss you!”
“I’ll miss you too, but I will see you soon,” They hugged each other, and whipped their eyes. Brandon grabbed her hand, and pulled her away from every one else.
He held her for a minute, moving her hair away from her face. She was still crying. “Sara I love you! I will never love anyone as much as I love you. You are my heart and soul!”
“I love you too! No matter what I find out, out there this will be my home.” He grabbed her, and wouldn’t let go, and then kissed her passionately. Neither of them has ever been kissed the way they kissed each other that day. They let go and Sara had to run from him. She looked at Curtis, “I’m ready to go.”
“Grab my hand, and when I count to three jump.” She just shook her head, and tears still flowed from her eyes. She turned were she could see her friends. They were standing there in tears. Curtis was counting, but all she could see were her friends, her family. She heard Curtis say three, and she jumped not taking her eyes off of them.
Lines surrounded them and she lost eye concentration. She turned and looked at Curtis. Her heart pounded, and then everything went black.

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Sara woke up in a strange bed she didn’t recognize. Sara freaked out until she realized what happened. Then she just got up, and next to the bed was a picture. It was a girl not that much older then her. She was warring a dress standing in a garden. Sara got up. Her legs got really wobbly and she almost fell down, but barely caught her self. Sara stood up, and walked to the vanity. The vanity had everything a teen girl needed to survive. Then walked up to a dresser/closet combo. It had a ton of dressers, shirts, and a few shorts. Sara realized they had to pants. She couldn’t believe they didn’t have any pants she lived in pants. Then she saw a sliding glass door. She walked over to it, and was about to open it up when her door opened.
A girl a little younger then her came in, she had a dress and pair of shoes in her hand. She sat them down. “Hello! My name is Tracey. I live here at the castle.”
“I was asked to give you this dress to put on. It is really hot here and they want you to be comfortable.”
“Thanks,” The girl went out of the room. Sara picked up the dress. It was white long dress. She looked at it as if it looked familiar. She put it on and sat her clothes on the bed. She slipped on the shoes. They went perfectly with the dress she was warring. She sat at the vanity and brushed her hair. Tracey walked back in, “Here why don’t I help you with that.”
Tracey grabbed the brush, and brushed her hair. “So where are you from?” Sara had to say something; she didn’t want to be rude.
“Well I’m from planet Kay. I am the Queens second cousin.”
“Really that’s cool.”
“Who are you?”
“Honestly I’m not sure.” Sara had never thought about what she would tell some one when they ask her that. Was she from the planet S or from Earth?
“Alright all done!” She put her hair in a nice half ponytail. It looked really nice on her. Which was really surprising, because her hair never did that before.
“Wow! You are a miracle worker.”
“I just copied the picture from the hall. It’s a picture of the late Queen Violet of the Galaxy. It was her dress. She was beautiful.” Sara couldn’t believe it she was warring her mother’s dress. Her mouth almost dropped. “You look just like her!”
“Thanks. Can you show me the picture?”
“Sure it’s on the way down stares. We also have some people waiting for you down stairs.”
“What people are waiting for me?”
“The royal family has come to see you. Who ever you are you are very important, Aunt Agnes is here, and she hasn’t been at a family party since Queen Violet died.”
“When did she die?”
“44 years ago!”
“That doesn’t make since!”
“Well if it does or doesn’t we better get down stairs. The party is about to start, lets go down stairs.”
Tracey took Sara down the stairs. There were pictures all down the hallways. She watched them as she passed by. Sara guessed that they were Galaxy family. Sara couldn’t believe what Tracey had said. Violet was supposed to be her mother, how could she have died 44 years ago if Sara is only 15. It wouldn’t make since if it were her because Sara isn’t 44 years old.
They got to the bottom of the stairs, and sure enough there were people everywhere. Sara looked to her left, and to her right. There were little kids, to babies, to old people talking. Tracey took her to the edge of the stairs, and pointed to a painting. On the wall was the painting that was in her room. That was where she saw the dress before. Tracey left her standing there. She turned, and there were so many people. She didn’t know anyone there. She turned, and saw the Queen and King sitting on their chairs in front of everyone.
Sara noticed a little girl and what looks like her mother standing talking to each other. Sara’s heart sank she never had that with her mother. Just then a little girl tugged on her dress. Sara looked down, and she had a big smile on her face.
“I like your dress!”
“Well thank you. I like yours too. What’s your name?”
“I am Janelle Thomas Princess of the moons of Milky way! You?”
“My name is Sara! How are you related to the queen and King?”
“Them!” Sara shook her head. The little girl started to laugh. “Their my mom and dad.”
“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t know that.”
“How are you related to them?”
“You promise not to tell anyone?”
“Yeah!” Janelle got really excited, and Sara bent down and whispered in her ear.
“Their my aunt and uncle.” The little girl’s mouth dropped, and Sara winked at her.
“That makes you her!” The little girl said in shock. Sara put her finger to her own mouth, telling her to be quiet. The little girl walked away. Sara stood up, and waited. She had no idea why she was there.
Just then she saw the Queen and King stand up, and walk toward her. She knew what was going on. They were going to talk to her. She started to move away, but she didn’t because she needed to talk to them eventually anyway. They stopped and talked to someone on their way. Sara decided to walk outside for a minute. There were to many people near her, and she wanted to be alone with her thoughts.
She got outside, and there were allot less people there then normal. She was happy because Sara didn’t like too many people around. She felt like she was being evaded. Sara was still confused with the whole idea of being who she was. She wasn’t sure why she was there. She wasn’t even sure who she was anymore. All her life she has been waiting for the answer to who she was. Now that she has it something doesn’t fit.
Just then a hand went on her shoulder. She turned, and Curtis was standing behind her. He looked as if he was going to get really mad at everyone. She looked away from him. What did he want?
“The King and Queen are ready for you inside.”
“Curtis can I ask you a question?”
“Of course Princess!”
“My name is Sara. If you are going to talk to me at lest call me by my name.”
“Okay Sara!”
“When did my mother died?”
“When you were five months!”
“Wait a minute you said I was two months when it happened. Why are you lying to me?”
“Please I can’t tell you anything.”
“Fine what were my parents like?”
“Well your mother was a great Queen. She loved doing what she did. She took care of the people, and then tried to raise you all by her self, since your father died. The Queen and King are waiting for you.”
“Yeah I know!”
Sara stood there for a few minutes. What was she crazy? The whole idea of her mother dieing sixteen years ago, and mixing up how old she was, it was normal. At least she hoped it was normal. Sara turned, and walked in. Curtis was already gone. She just went to the Queen who was waiting for her at one end of the room. She took a deep breath, and the Queen had a big smile on her face.
“Sara! I have been looking everywhere for you! I’m your aunt Janelle Thomas. Come we are gong to tell everyone your story.” Sara took a big look at the Janelle. She looked older then she had thought. She just hoped it was her mothers older sister, or she was going to get really confused Janelle dragged her to the side of the room “Okay stay right here, until I tell you to come near.”
Janelle walked to the front of the crowd, where her chair was. Sara took a deep breath and leaned against the wall. She wanted to run away. Be anywhere but here at the moment. Her thoughts drifted to Christy, and Brandon. She didn’t want to leave them. She wanted to be at the Ultimate Experience with them eating dinner. That reminded her she hadn’t eaten since she left. Her stomach was growling at her.
Janelle started to talk to her. Sara stood up, and looked at her. She knew she wanted to hear this. “Today we have a great big surprise. Everyone knows the story of my sister, and her family. The tragic and sad tail of what happened has been haunting me my whole life. I lost my older sister that day, and it has haunted me ever since.” Sara went into shock. That would mean her parents had her when they were old. “Ever since then I have been ruling this Kingdom. I am not meant to rule this kingdom. I never have and never will be able to rule this kingdom like my sister. All of you know the rumors of Daughter that they suppose ably had before they died. Well the rumors were true, and I am here to tell you that we have spent our whole time looking for her. Yesterday we found her. I would like to introduce the heir to the throne of the Galaxy Kingdom, and it’s crystal. Princess Sara Maria Parker!”
Janelle waved her to come up. Sara must be going crazy because she actually walked up there, and looked at everyone. Janelle gave her a big hug, and Sara had a fake smile plastered on her face. She took a deep breath. “Hi!” Sara couldn’t say anything else until she got her bearings straight.
“I don’t know much about what happened to my parents. I have only heard rumors my self, and nothing is making since to me at this point. But I promise that what ever my mother started here that was so great so people would care about her this much, to find her only daughter it is worth to finish. I only pray that you would understand were I am coming from. I just found out who I was yesterday. I almost didn’t come. Then someone talk some since into me. This is where I am supposed to be. This is the one place that I sure am sure that my mother wanted me to be. Where ever she is?”
Everyone died quiet. Sara thought she was going to faint. Then she heard a clap from someone. Then everyone else clapped. She was afraid that no one wanted her there. She would have been glad to go back to Arbuckle. Janelle was smiling. Sara still had a fake smile on her face. She felt like she didn’t belong there. Just then Janelle grabbed her arm, and moved her to a seat in front of the people She was shaking badly.
Suddenly she heard music play; where was the music coming from? Then Janelle came back from somewhere. Sara really didn’t care where. She sat something on her head. Sara jumped when she felt it. She needed to calm down, badly. She felt her head, and took off what ever it was. It was a tiara. She put it back. It took awhile to get use to it.
After about a minute, she was getting really bored. Everyone was dancing and talking. No one would pay attention to her. She was just there. Sara didn’t blame them she wasn’t much of anyone. Sara was sitting there when something caught her eye. It looked like someone was staring at her. She looked around again to find the person. She saw them. It was a man walking toward her. He was obviously older then Sara, about ten, or twenty years at the most. He walked up to her and bowed. Then stretched his hand out to dance.
Sara looked around a minute. Should she dance with him? Janelle looked a little mad at the man. Sara took it. She didn’t want to be rude to the man that wanted to dance with her. She stood up, and the walked to the floor. Sara felt his hand on her waist. She took the other hand, and put hers on his shoulder. Luckily Patty taught her how to dance when she was little. They started to dance. Sara moved around like she knew what she was doing. It was as if they could tell what the other was gong to do.
“Sara I have been waiting for you to come back for sixteen years. Now that you are here I don’t know what to say.”
“Do I know you or something?”
“No I guess you don’t since you have lost your memory. I know the truth about who you are, and what really happened. Your mother knew what she was doing when she died, and now you have forgotten everything. If you want to know the truth you must find the Galaxy Crystal from the old witch. Then you will remember everything. You are the one Sara!”
“The one what?”
“You will know soon enough. I missed you!” The song ended, and the man walked away. Sara was going to see who he was but it didn’t make since anyway. She went back and sat down at on the chair. She only sat for a minute. She was looking around for him. Where did he go? There over by the door, she saw him walking out side. She got up and started to walk.
As she walked she passed allot of people saying hi, and introducing themselves. She just walked passed them. Sara finally reached the door, and walked out. She looked back and forth to see where he went this time. She had to do something he knew something she didn’t. She saw him turn a corner. Sara looked around, and then followed. She turned, and there was no one there. It was deserted. She walked a little further, and someone pushed her against the wall. Drake had a knife to her throat.
“Looking for someone Princess. You have an appointment with my boss. Scream and I cut your throat.”
“What do you want with me?”
“It’s not what I want it’s what she wants, and she only wants to talk.”
“About what?”
“Your friends!”
“What about my friends? What did you do to them? If you hurt them I will…”
“Do what! Your in my custody remember.” He interrupted her. She glared at him. “Anyway I think my boss can help you with your question.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“About what really happened?” Just then Sara saw someone behind Drake. Drake had a big smile on his face. Just then the person behind Drake hit him on the head. Drake dropped the knife, and fell to the ground. The guy she was dancing with her came into view. Sara let out a big breath air. He took Sara’s hand, and ran to the other side of the castle. It looked like the back, but she wasn’t sure just yet.
“Thank you!” Sara said when he finally let go of her hand, and stopped running.
“No problem! I’m sorry I didn’t know he was going to show up.”
“Where are we?”
“The back of the castle. Your room is up there,” He pointed to a balcony above them. Sara laughed.
“Okay, and how am I supposed to get up there?” HE walked to a vine that was on the side of the balcony. He pulled on something, and a ladder came out from behind it.” She laughed.
“I’m going to get you some help, and then I’ll be back.”
“Because I don’t want you to go to the dark castle alone!”
“How do you know I am going to the dark castle?”
“Because I know you! Bring your crown we will need it to get passed a few spots, and there is a bag in your closet you can use to put something’s in.” With that he disappeared. Sara was getting tired of people doing that. She climbed the latter to the top. There was something about that guy she didn’t’ understand. He seemed really familiar. As if she had met him in another life.
Sara got to the top of the ladder, and swung her self on the balcony. She opened the unlocked screen door. The room was so dark now. The sun passed by it already so it made it look night inside. Sara wasn’t sure what to do she wanted to get her friends out of the dark castle, but how? She paced back and forth for a while. There must be another way. Sara knew there wasn’t another way. She walked to the vanity, and opened a drawer. There had to be something that she could write a note on. She slammed one of the drawers a heard a crash. She looked over and the picture on her nightstand fell over.
Sara walked over to the fallen picture. She picked it up. Then in the corner of her eye she saw something on the floor. Sara bent down on her knees, and felt around for it. She couldn’t see very well. There it was. She pulled out a book from under her bed. Sara sat down on her bed, and examined it. It had her name in big letters on it. Sara read it aloud, “Sara Maria Parker,” then in small letters it had more, “Born: June 15, 2286, Died: Never!”
That was weird to have on a book. She opened it. On the first page there was a date on it. May 16, 2298. Sara wasn’t even born in the 2200. She was born in 2315! That couldn’t be right. She started to read it. “Today was great! After my class, in the form of magic art I went for a walk in the woods. It is so beautiful out there. My mom never told me that it was that beautiful. She never lets my out there. It’s to close to the Dark territory. I don’t really care I’m the Princess no one will dare hurt me, even though it would make since. The easiest way to get to the parents is through their children. Though no one knows I exist. Mom thought it would be too dangerous. She’s right; I don’t want anyone fawning over me. All the people know is that I am a second cousin of the queens, and she is looking after me. Anyway, I was walking in the woods when I latterly ran into someone. We both fell to the ground. Turned out to be some guy. We didn’t give names, but he was really nice. He is my age, and we are going to meet again tomorrow. I can’t wait!” Sara started to laugh. She shut the book.
“I’m going!” She said. She flipped to the back of the book, and tore out a page of the book. Then grabbed a pin they gave her, and wrote them a note that she was leaving and be back soon. Then she ran to the closet, and grabbed the bag the guy told her about. She put some shorts, and a brush in it. Then threw a few personal items on there such as: hair tie, the diary, and the crown. Sara changed clothes. She wasn’t’ sure exactly what to ware, but she put on a pair of shorts, and a blue tang top. She left her hair the way it was.
Sara was done, and she looked around the room for anything that she had forgotten. She looked around, and saw a little necklace on the table near her bed. She hadn’t seen it before. It was beautiful. It was a little emblem of a moon, and a star. Sara put her bag down, and put the necklace on. Then she picked up the bag and went out to the balcony. The man was back, and was waiting for her. She put the bag on the shoulder, and started to walk down the ladder. She got 75 percent down the ladder, when she slipped on the ladder. She felt her self-fall, and then she felt some ones arms hold her. Some one had caught her. She looked up, it was a young man he was so strong, and very cute. Her heart was racing, and she could feel her stomach felt like it was moving.
Sara smiled, and he put her down. They both had big smile on his face. She looked around and there was only three of them standing there. Until the guy that was helping her started to talk, “This is my son Jack. Jack this is Princess Sara Maria Parker.”
“Please, its just Sara!” She didn’t want anyone thinking she was important.
“Well Sara it is nice to meet you, finally!” He shook her hand. Sara couldn’t help, but think how cute he was.
“Yeah nice to meet you too.” She sounded confused. “Well I think we should get going.”
“Of course! I hope you don’t mind that we have to walk.” Jack said looking at her with amazement. He couldn’t stop looking at her. She was beautiful. He had never seen anything like her. His dad was right. He noticed that he was staring at her again, and looked away.
“Yeah that would be fine. I don’t mind walking.”
“Good. Dad I’ll see you later then. Be home as soon as I can. Take care of mom.”
“Sheash who’s the parent around here.” Just then Jack’s dad disappeared.
“Well are you ready.”
“Yeah, we can get a few miles before we sleep.”
They started to walk away from the castle. Sara didn’t know where she was going. She didn’t even know why she was going. She just felt like it was the right thing to do. She didn’t think it was because of his friends she wasn’t worried about them. She just felt that she had to go. There was a piece of her that needed to do this, for her-self maybe, or maybe it was for her mom. She didn’t know but there was something she needed to do and she was going to do it.
They were walking for hours. She didn’t know how long, or how far, but she was having fun. She liked looking around the woods. That was the first thing they went through to get to the castle. The whole time they were walking Sara was thinking of the diary. It didn’t seem to make much since that she wrote a diary when she was only here for a few months. How could it be? It was something she needed to know. It was the way everyone seemed to not know what happened. She felt like there was something wrong with the whole idea of her, and her mother. It was if it was a big conspiracy against her. The truth is out there kind of thing. She just needed to know how to find it. Sara was on a mission to find out. The first person to ask was going to be Jack. He seemed to know something. The way he talks, and the way he touched her.
On their way Jack stopped at a little opening in the woods. Sara followed. He looked around a minute, and smiled. Then he dropped the bag he had, and sat down. She was a little confused why they were there. “We will sleep here tonight. It is a safe spot. We will pick up in the morning.” After he said that he bent down and grabbed a sleeping bag. “I thought you could use this.” He tossed it at her she caught it. He didn’t once look at her. She walked a little closer, and dropped her stuff. “I’ll find some fire wood it will get dark soon it gets really cold at night.”
“Okay! Thank you, for everything.” He finally turned, and looked at her. He had a little smile creeping up on his face. She gave him a big smile. Then he turned, and left her. She unrolled the sleeping bag, and sat down on it. She opened her bag, and pulled out the diary. She figured she could read one more entry before he got back. She opened it to the next entry.
“May 20, 2298,
Today was the happiest day of my life. The boy I was seeing in the woods is so great. Every time I see him it makes me so happy. I can’t believe I almost missed out of meeting him. Today my mom tried to make me visit my cousin Sonia. Sonia is the rudest person I have ever met. She is two years older then me, and she piss is me off. She only thinks of her self and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Anyway mom tired to make me go, but I told her that I had homework I had to finish. I have been going to this Holmes school for the last two weeks. My mom got tired of teaching me at home, and decided to put me there. Guess what my name is there, Maria Anne Unicorn. Pathetic isn’t it. My mom made it up for me. Well I snuck out my window with this ladder I made out of a few pieces of string I had. Then I ran out to the woods to meet him. He was waiting for me the whole time. We walked and talked. I told him what my mom tried to make me do, and the school I was going to. He would tell me about his mom, and what she made him do. He doesn’t like his mom. He wants to move in with me. Then at the end of all of it he took my hand, and kissed me on the lips. He is so amazing. I don’t even know his name, and I’m falling. For all I know is that he is on the dark side. Oh, well he doesn’t know anything about me. He still doesn’t ask any questions about me. Well I better go my mom is calling me. Bye.”
Sara was so happy when she read that. She knew it didn’t make much since why she was reading her own diary, but it was neat to. Jack got back, and Sara put the diary back in her bag. She didn’t want anyone to know she had it. He put the wood in a spot near them, and started the fire. They sat there in quiet. When Jack started to look in his bag. He pulled out a loaf of bread, and handed it to her.
“Thank you!” She pulled a piece of it off, and ate it. He ate a loaf of bread and started to eat it. Then when they were done, he pulled two bottled of waters and threw one at her. She laughed; he was prepared for anything.
“What’s so funny?” He asked drinking some water.
“Nothing!” She said with a big smile. He looked up at her. She turned and looked the other way. She was looking at the water. Jack was so cute, but she was supposed to be in love with Brandon, what was she doing. She had the weird feeling that he was looking at her. She looked at him, and he looked down. She smiled at him, and he looked back up at her and smiled.
“So, what was life like on Earth?” He said looking down from her.
“Normal. Lots of people nothing to do. School!”
“Ew, I hate going to school. My school is all about training you to protect the royal family.”
“Better then mine. Mine you have to listen to the teachers, and take tests and stuff. It is so boring, and there is nothing to do were I lived. I worked most of the time.”
“Did you have many friends?”
“There were two that I really liked.”
“What were they like?”
“Well Maria was a tease. She loved messing with guy’s heads, and then she would throw them away. But she was always there for me when I needed her. She was a great friend. Then there was Brandon. Brandon was a guy that thought he knew everything, and if he didn’t he would find out. He was so pushy.” She looked down, and bit her bottom lip with a big smile.
“Yeah, but you like him don’t you?”
“Yeah of course I like him he is my friend.”
“Well yeah, but you like him more then that. I can tell by the way you bit your bottom lip when he talked about him. Does he know the way you feel?”
“Please I don’t want to talk about it…Can I ask you a question?”
“Sure go ahead.”
“Well I was wondering what you knew what really happened?”
“I was afraid of that. I don’t know where to begin.”
“Start from the beginning.”
“Well you should here it from someone that was there. I wasn’t even born at the time. I was born 13 years later. You will remember. I promise. Why did you ask me?”
“Well you seem like you know something about it that’s all.”
“Actually I do. My father knew you before everything happened to this planet.”
“Was he the one that…Never mind.” Sara decided not to say anything about the diary, or any clue she knew what was going on.
“No, what is it?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Sara looked around and it was getting late. She lay down and closed her eyes. It was getting late, and she was getting tired. Her eyes got drifty. She didn’t realize how tired she was. Should she tell him about the diary? Sara wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. Next thing she knew it she was out.
Jack staid up a little longer. He watched her sleep. She was beautiful. He had never seen anyone like her before. When she fell into his arms he thought he was in a dream or something. Her hair so long and dark, her skin was so soft. Yet she was so confused about whom she was. He only wished he could tell her more, maybe then she would be better then this. He was falling for her. The way she smiles at him it makes his heart melt. Even now she looked beautiful. Though she did like this Brandon guy. He wonders what he was like. Jack found himself jealous. ‘What is wrong with you?’ Jack thought to himself. She wasn’t with him anyway. She didn’t think of you like that. Jack lay down on his bed, and closed his eyes. He slowly fell asleep listening to Sara’s breathing.
Sara woke up that morning, and Jack was still sleeping. He looked so peaceful lying there. She couldn’t believe she was thinking of him that way. She loved Brandon, right. She grabbed her bag, and looked for a change of clothes. She pulled some out, and put her bag down. She stood up her knees cracked. She had been lying like that for hours. She looked around and started to walk a little ways. She went back. She figured if she was going to go anywhere she bet grab something to protect her self. She grabbed a knife that was on the ground. Then walked off.
She walked a little passed the woods away from the campsite. She found what she wanted. There was a beautiful waterfall. She got undressed and hoped in the water. She started to swim. She kept the knife near her at all times. She got to the waterfall and stood there a minute her hair was wrapped around her back and her shoulders. IT felt nice to have the water going down her body.
Jack woke up and found her gone, but he wasn’t expecting to find her were he did. He was breathless to find her at a waterfall a little away from the camp. She had her hair wrapped around her body. His heart raced when she jumped back in the water. She looked like a fish. She was amazing! Sara was coming right towards him. He went behind a bush, and staid there for a while. He turned, and she was getting dressed. She was just pulling up her shorts, and then put on a cute red tang top. She looked so good standing there wet, and now dressed.
Sara was just putting on her sandals. She looked up, and then grabbed her stuff. She kept the knife in her right hand. She started to walk back to the camp when she heard something. She looked around holding the knife tighter then she was. There wasn’t anyone here. It wasn’t normal for her to be alone in the woods. Just then a tap was on her shoulder, and she flung then knife. Luckily Jack grabbed her arm before it hit him. She started to laugh. She moved her hand and couldn’t stop laughing. He had a big smile on his face.
“Are you okay?” Sara got out of her trying not to laugh at herself anymore.
“Yeah I’m fine. How about you?”
“I’m alright. Where did you go?”
“I was looking for you. I woke up and you were gone. You scared me.”
“Sorry, I took a walk.” Sara realized her hair was wet. “Then took a swim.”
“Well next time give me a warning.”
“No problem.”
“Well I think we should get going.” Jack started to pick up some stuff off the ground. Sara helped him. She started to pick the sleeping bag. Jack looked up at her and smiled. He didn’t believe a royal was actually helping him clean up and get ready to go. Most would have everyone else would have him do it by himself. She’s different from the rest of the royal family. She makes his heart race when she smiles.
Sara was putting the sleeping bag in the bag while Jack was holding it for her. She put it in, and when she took it out her hand. Her hand rubbed against his, and she felt him quiver a little. Did he like her or something? What is this guy up to? Sara decided to ask him later. She liked Jack, but she also had Brandon. She didn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression of her. Brandon was really sweet, and she loved him very much. But then again Jack was very cute, and he seemed to know exactly what he is doing.
They started to walk. They were walking for almost two or three hours with out talking. Sara was getting a little tired, and she knew that he was tired to. She wanted to ask him if he liked her, but she was scared too. She really did love Brandon, but there was a piece of her that wanted more. What if the love she had for Brandon wasn’t the love she thought it was? She wanted adventure, and she knew it. Ever since she came to planet S she wanted to go, and do things. She didn’t want the little home life she wanted when she left. Now she wants to do something. She wanted to more.
“Jack!” Sara decided to get it over with now while they were busy.
“Yeah, what’s up?” He said looking at her when they were walking together.
“Well I was wondering if I could ask you a personal question?”
“Sure go ahead!”
“It’s just I get the feeling you like me.” They both stopped walking, and stared at each other. Jack was afraid of that. HE wasn’t sure how he was going to tell her the way he feels.
“The truth?”
“That would be nice.” He walked over a little closer to her. He still wasn’t sure what to say. He wanted to be respectful, but he wanted to tell the truth.
“My feelings for you are special. You are an amazing person Sara, but I respect you too much to let the feelings I have for you get in the way. If I would do what I feel right now you wouldn’t respect me, and I couldn’t live with that.” She looked into his eyes, and felt that feeling she had the first time she saw him yesterday.
“What do you mean?” He reached for her hand and kissed it softly on it. Her heart raced any faster then it was. He was so…so amazing as he put it.
“You know what I mean. Yes, I like you. I’ve liked you ever since my dad told me the story of you, since I saw your picture for the first time. When you fell into my arms yesterday. You wanted the truth. I have always liked you, but I know you love him. I won’t get in any ones way of love. It was just my dumb luck you met him first.”
“I have a confession to make. I’m not sure that the love I have for Brandon is the right kind of love. Ever since I came here I…well it just feels like I want more. I want something…some one that would be there for me. Brandon has his life on Earth, and I have mine here.” Jack’s eyes got bigger, as Sara looked down at her feet then looked back up. He smiled at her, he guessed that was her way of saying she liked him too. He wasn’t going to make the first move though. It wouldn’t be right she is royal and he is a guard in training.
“I know what you mean.” He turned, and started to walk. Sara had just poured her heart out to this guy, and he walks away. What kind of guy is he? She started to walk next to him. She could see him want to do something, but didn’t know how. She was never the one to make the first move, and she wasn’t gong to start now. What ever she had to do at the dark castle was important, and she didn’t need any more distractions.
They were walking the rest of the day. They walked through a few villages, nothing big. She really didn’t care. Ever since that talk Jack had been really quiet, and very distant. She knew she had allot she had to do, but she wasn’t going to get anything done with her thinking about Jack so much. She had a boyfriend, and she was thinking about another guy. She felt like an awful person. They finally stopped in a valley away from any one around. They got everything together and ate. Then they were sitting next to the fire watching the sky, and each other. Sara knew when he looked at her, because she could feel his gaze.
It was getting late and the sun was just setting. Sara looked over at Jack, and he had a huge smile on his face. She was wondering what he was thinking. He was so different from everyone she had ever met. Though he knew she had a boyfriend, and she was a royal by blood only. He was still so sweet, and told her his feelings. He didn’t take advantage of her when she told him the way she felt. She had never met someone that would do that. Most guys would of kissed her right then and there. She walked over, and sat next to him. She had no idea what she was doing.
“What’s so funny?” She asked him as she sat down.
“Nothing. I was just looking at how focused you were over there.”
“How is that funny?”
“Your nose wrinkles when you are in deep thought.” She laughed at her self. It doesn’t wrinkle when she thinks does it. No way!
“It does not!”
“What ever you say?” He tapped her nose. She started to laugh. Sara looked at him in a way she had never looked at anyone. She felt very comfortable around him. She got close to him, and gave him a little kiss on the mouth.
Jack was in shock. Did she just kiss him? Never in a million years would he think that she would kiss him. Her lips were so soft and tinder. It was as if an angel had had gave him a little kiss, but it was different. As if she was transferring her passion to him. HE looked into her eyes, and she had just opened her eyes. A big smile crept on her face. She got even closer to him. Sara felt his tension; she guessed he had never been kissed before. She whispered in his ear.
“Someone told me once that you don’t have to be afraid of your feelings.” He put his hands on her waist. He had no idea what he was doing, but he knew she wanted him too. He got closer to her, and kissed her on the lips. Sara felt her stomach flutter. They pulled away, and started to laugh. Sara and Jack laid down on his sleeping bag. He softly touched her sides, moving them back and forth. She put her hands through his blond hair. She looked into his beautiful eyes, and felt everything freeze. Maybe they fell asleep she doesn’t know. She closed her eyes, when she opened them it was morning.
She got up and looked around. He was still sound asleep. What was she doing? How stupid could she be? She grabbed her book she wanted to read maybe it would clear her head, and tell what to do. She opened it to the next day. They must have skipped a few years because it was a big difference. December 17, 2303. That is a little weird. She thought about it for a minute, She was born 2286 according to the diary, and it is 2303 she would be sixteen. That really didn’t make since, oh well. She started to read.
“Today was the worst. I haven’t written in a few years because nothing has happened. Today Colin and me where in the woods talking, in are spot. Oh, Colin is the boy I met in the woods. We made put for a while, and then just talked. He is amazing. Well when we were leaving he turned to me and told me that he might be falling in love with me. I couldn’t tell him the truth how could idea, at that moment some soldier came out from behind him. He called him prince Colin. I wasn’t sure what to say. I just walked away. He is the witch’s son. I was falling in love with the witch’s son… OH my god. He just left my room. He followed me home, how sweet! He found out who I am. He told met hat he loved me even more now that he knew exactly who I am. I know y mother and all the others will never accept him, but I love him. No one will ever love me more then him. John will be mad though. He is the man I’m supposed to marry. John will never be like Colin. God knows I love him, but I don’t love him in that way. I think I know why now. It’s just too easy the way my parents want it. I don’t want a relaxed life, I want adventure, and so does Colin. Colin understands the way I feel. We even have are kids names picked out. The first will be a girl named Marlene Elizabeth Parker, because we would rather them have my name then his and are son will be Jack Edward Parker. It will be perfect.”
Just then it hit her Jack is Colin’s son. What does this mean? Just then Jack woke up. He smiled at her. She just looked away. “What’s wrong Sara?” She was almost in tears he knew didn’t he, he knew and didn’t tell her. He laid to her. He walked over, and sat next to her. Putting his hands on her shoulders.
“You laid to me.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Your Colin’s son aren’t you?”
“OH, boy I was afraid of this.”
“Tell me the truth. If you care anything about me you will tell me everything you know.”
“I care about you to much to tell you.”
“I’m five minutes of walking away from you forever.”
“Don’t do that, you will regret it forever. I’m afraid to tell you because I promised not to. If I told you wouldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t hurt you like that.”
“Please I will believe anything you say if you only tell me. I’m not sure if I believe what I reading the dairy I found. But if I hear you say it, it will make everything better, Please.”
“Fine! It started along time ago; I don’t know how long ago it was, because I wasn’t born at the time. You met my father in the woods, and got to know each other. You two got along very well. You even fell in love, but then your parents fell out. Even worse his mother found out. She got so upset she attacked your home. Months went by you and my dad met everyday. No one could pull you apart. When suddenly someone followed my dad to where you would meet. They told the old witch she came, and found you. She banished him, and then tried to kill you. My father protected you and you ran. You ran into your mom I think, and the witch caught up with you. The Queen was on the brink of dying when she used all her power to protect you. She sent you into the future, with full memory of another life. You were gone for 28 years. Then the old Witch took the crystal and has had ever since. That’s all I know.”
“Thank you so much. Now was that so hard.” Sara felt sick in side. How could she have done that? Was it possible? Is it possible to send someone into the future with someone else’s memory? Sara got up and walked away from him. She was about to faint, and didn’t want him to notice. She got to the other side of the camp, and fell to the ground on her knees. It did make some since, but something just didn’t fit. Why all the secrets? Who really knew who she was? Was she anyone? Just then Jack was by her side. She didn’t notice though. She was in her own thoughts. Then she started to get wheezy. Next thing she knew it she was out on the ground. Jack caught her in his arms.
Jack had hurt her. What was he thinking telling her? HE knew. He didn’t want to loose her. She makes him feeling like someone else. Like he was there with her all her life. He moved her to the sleeping bag. She was just told that everything anyone ever told her was a lye. He would feel the same way. She just needed to relax and think about a few things for a while.
Sara had the weirdest dream when she fainted. She found her self surrounded in a bluish black blob. At least that is what it felt like. She couldn’t see anything but that. Suddenly a light formed in front of her. She couldn’t move she could only see that light. When it got bigger. Then suddenly it formed a person. Sara got a little scared, what was going on? It felt so really. She could feel the heat from the light. The person was blurry at first, but soon came into view. It was a woman; she was tall with long black hair she was smiling at Sara. She had a beautiful smile. She had on the white dress Sara wore at the party. Then it hit her who it was. It was the girl in the picture. It was her mother.
“Sara, my little girl.”
“Yes, it’s me. I have been waiting for you to be close enough to the crystal to talk to you. See when I saved your life; part of me was trapped in the crystal forever; a part of the crystal that showed who we really are. I am your mother that was my destiny. You know your destiny.”
“No I don’t. I’m not sure of anything at this point. I have been told nothing but lies since I got to planet S.”
“You still know. Look in side your self it is in there. Just look for it.”
“How do I do that?”
“Turn around and look into the blue areas. WE are in your mind, you just need to look harder.” Sara turned and looked in to the blue areas of the blackness. She looked and listened to her mother. “You are my daughter. I have fulfilled my destiny, and now it is your turn to fulfill yours. I will be with you always, and I am very proud of you.”
Just then Sara felt this overwhelming feeling. She felt everything around her and started to hear voices around her. First it was her mother telling her to look hard it’s in there. Then a voice she had never heard before, but sounded so familiar. “There is a way to control your powers. All you have to do is look inside of your self. You will be greater then all the others around you if you try.” Sara was getting drowsy in her sleep. How weird. She started to see someone else in front of her. She looked harder. This light was bigger. Suddenly three girls were standing in front of her.
“Sara.” The one up front of her said. “We know who you are we are waiting for you to know. We need you help. With the Galaxy crystal, universe crystal, Solar crystal, and the planet crystal we will control all that is around us.”
“We shall do great things.” The one to the left said to her.
“If you will believe, and listen to your self.” Then the one on the right told in a deep serious voice. It gave Sara chills.
“I am the Universe’s Power.” The one in the middle said, holding out a green crystal from her neck.
“I am the Solar system’s power,” The one to the left said, holding out a purple crystal from her neck.
“And I am the Planet’s power,” The one on the right yelled, holding up a red crystal from her neck.
“You are the Galaxy’s power.” All of them said at the same time. Then suddenly a light came from all the crystals they were holding up. Then in front of her was the blue crystal. She reached out and touched it. Then out of nowhere came images. First one of her family, she saw Colin, the old witch, the crystal, the war, and then the crystal. She felt everything come out of her. She felt this power explode inside of her. The crystal was calling her. She was the one. She was meant to have the crystal she was meant to fight. She wanted to fight. She wanted to kill the old witch.
That was it. She was meant to kill the old witch. That was her destiny. All along she was meant to fight, and get back what was hers. What her mother wanted more then anything. She was a great Queen; Sara could feel it. She could feel the peoples love around her. She looked up from what she was staring at. The girls were still standing in front of her. Sara held up the crystal and the light’s got bigger. “I have the power. The witch will die!”
Just then she woke up. Everything was unfocused. She tried to sit up, but quickly fell back down. She felt arms hold hr. She wasn’t sure who it was, but she pulled them away from her. She turned, and looked around trying to get everything into focus. Then it worked. Everything made since. They had to leave? The witch knew where they were at, and was coming for them. She could feel her presence.
“We have to go.” Sara got out trying not to fall.
“Okay, we will be leaving soon.”
“NO, now! Grab my bag and yours. Anything that isn’t in them leave behind she’s too close.”
“Whose to close?”
“The old witch!” HE was starting to pick up their stuff. Sara’s eyes were fully focused now. When a voice came from behind her.
“I’m closer then you think!” Sara turned, and saw her. It was her all right; she must have missed judged how close she was to them. “Princess Sara, where’s your crown.”
“Why does it matter to you? That’s not what you want. What you want you can’t have and you know it.”
“I will have it and you are going to teach me, and don’t lye to me. I know you know, or you wouldn’t know what I wanted. Give her, her bag, and leave.” She told Jack, but Jack didn’t move. She looked really mad. She snapped her fingers, and guards came from the bushes around the valley. He looked even madder then her. He walked over to Sara.
“If you want me to stay I will.” He whispered to her.
“I’ll be fine I promise! Don’t worry about me I understand everything now. Even you.” He handed her the bag, and pointed to a knife in it. She nodded, and he started to walk away. She grabbed him by the arm, and pulled him close to him. He grabbed her waist, and kissed her softly on the lips. They let go, and he put his hand on her face, cupping her cheek.
“I’ll be waiting for you to get back.”
“Give me a few hours.” She smiled at him, and he kissed her again.
“My father was right. You have the most kissable lips. I will wait a life time for you.”
“You already have.” She pulled her self away from him, and he left her. The old witch waited for him to get out of view.
“Slut!” The witch yelled at her. Sara glared at her. “First my son, then Brandon, and now him. What kind of girl are you?”
“First of all. I am not a slut. You took Colin away from me, or I would still be with him. Brandon was my old love, and I will always love him, but it was over. I will always love him, but it isn’t the type of love like I love your grandson.”
“That’s right that was your grandson. Colin got married to another woman, and had a son. The man I am I love with. So I guess I have to thank you for giving me the two men I love.” The old witch got really mad at her.
“Pick out a nice dress. You are going to want to look like a princess in front of those that are still loyal to you.” Sara dropped the bag on the floor, and pulled out a light blue dress she had brought with her. She looked around, and waited for her to move.
“Well, were can I get dressed.” She snapped her fingers, and everyone left. She walked to a bush, and started to change. She finally got done, and walked out to where she left her bag. She through the rest of her clothes in the bag, and stood up waiting.
“Get your crown stupid, and do what ever else you do to make your self pretty.”
Sara did what she was told. She brushed her hair, and pulled it back. Then set the crown on her head. When she was done she stood up, and waited for the old witch to tell her what to do. Sara knew she had to follow what she says to get what she wants. IT was the only way to get the crystal back, and use its power to kill her. The only problem as that she wasn’t sure how she could do that without knowing how to use the power. Sara stared at the one they called the old witch. She wasn’t old at all. She looked young. She was there before her mother was born, and yet she looked younger then Janelle. What was wrong with this picture?
“Let’s go!” The old witch said, and snapped her fingers. A soldier came up to Sara with a white horse. Sara was trying not to laugh they were stereotyping her. She got on the horse and the soldier tide her to the horses range. Then he looked up at her.
“I have always been loyal to the crown. The rightful crown.” She knew what he meant.
“Get all those still loyal to the crown, we will need help with the war to come. You will be rewarded for your loyalty.” She whispered to him. He nodded his head, and started to walk her to the old witch. She sat properly on the horse. It might look like she was her prisoner but in a way the old Witch was Sara’s prisoner. When they got to the old Witch they just started to walk. They go to a village a few minutes later. People were gathering on the streets to see the Princess, Queen Violet’s daughter. She looked around at the shocked people. She was looking at a little girl standing next to her mother. She was so scared, dressed in rages. It hurt Sara.
She started to speak with concern. “I am not a prisoner of the old witch. Do not fear for me. For I will set you free. Today is the day for changes. Do not worry. Those that are still loyal to the crown will be free. She will not rule my kingdom. My mother knew what she was doing saving my life, and killing her self. She knew I could make a difference and I will.” People started to scream, when gladness. They were loyal to the crown and she knew it. She could tell by what the people were screaming.
“Princess Sara, Princess Sara…” They went on through the whole town. When suddenly a man with a sword tried to fight to get her out.
He kept saying something. “I will free you my Princess.” She couldn’t let him do it. The horses stopped, and the soldiers got their swords
“STOP!” Sara yelled from her seat. The man stopped in his place. “Do not worry I will be fine. Save your energy, and your life. There is a war coming and you will be needed. Take care of your family, and I will return.” The man backed off, and bowed his head.
The rest of the trip to the Dark Castle were boring. She didn’t want to go, but she knew it was the only way to get the crystal, and for that she would do anything.
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