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It all started a month ago Maria was busy giving out orders in the Crashdown, she had just finished taking out orders to some tourists when out of nowhere a young boy no older than ten came to her and said, “Maria, I know you know that my dad is...” But disappeared before he could finish and before she could ask what the hell he was and what he was talking about. It all seemed strange to her so she went to Liz and told her the same thing “ What does this all mean,” Maria said confused. “Maybe,” Liz said “ He’s dad has disappeared and he confused you with a friend of his or something.” “But why me and how does he know my name? I mean I’m a teenager and his dad must be at least thirty years old” Maria said. “Well when you see him again talk to him and try to find out what he meant,” said Liz “But forget about it and lets continue with work because we are to exposed with Lily knowing about us so don’t mention it or it might worry the gang or get someone else to know about us,” “ At least Lily was okay after a while but fine I’ll leave it,” said Maria. I Liz Parker am going to tell you about our complicated lives.

Me Liz Parker I have parents and they own the Café known as the Crashdown where me, my friend Maria and her boyfriend Michael work. About two years ago two bank robbers came in and I got shot and I would have died but lucky Max was there and he healed me because he is one of the Roswell aliens that crashed with his brother and sister here in Roswell from then on he and I got closer as in a lot closer. I am also a big music fan I like all kinds of music so I’m the Dj and also a waitress at the Crashdown. Ever since Max healed me I began to change until I became one of them and now I also have alien powers I can see into the future and blast things away but none of us really use our powers in case of someone seeing us so we only use them when we really need them.

My best friend Maria DeLuca has a mom who had a divorce because their marriage didn’t go so well so she is just with her mum. She and Michael are together although sometimes they have their fights but they always stick together though one day she broke up with him because she thought he was hiding her from her original self and what she use to be but they got together after a few weeks. She can sing pretty well okay she is very good and I’m damn jealous of her so what! But she is always there for everybody no matter what.

Then there is Kyle Valenti my ex but is now my friend. His dad used to be the sheriff but got fired because a missing girl was at his house which he knew about but kept his mouth shut so now he is a security guard at the UFO centre. Kyle is the one in all softy (only with girls with guys his real tough) he treats me like a queen or something royal and like Maria is always there for everybody.

Then there is Isabel all around smarty, oldest of the three aliens and takes no nonsense and is now out of high school (Thank God!!!) but she can be pretty nice sometimes. She has a cool power to walk into people’s dreams and see what they are dreaming about. She use to have a boyfriend called Alex but unfortunately an alien (I’ll get back to that) killed him Now she has a boyfriend called Brian Richardson and they really love each other. She graduated early and is now an accountant and Brian owns the UFO centre so they live together and are happy with their lives.

Of course there is the famous Michael very pissed, preoccupied and sometimes can be a real grouch though sometimes he is a really sweet guy and writes poems and love letters to Maria which she shows me and makes me promise not to laugh or tell anyone about them. He rides a dirt bike which I admire very much and he promises to teach me how to ride it very soon but when ever I ask he always says tomorrow and I’m never free the next day so I don’t know when he is going to teach me or if he is or wants to. He works at the Crashdown with me and Maria without him they would be no food because no one handles the grill like Michael. So sometimes he can pissy or preoccupied and that’s just Michael.

Then of course there is my sexy boyfriend Max. All around good guy and hunk he is the king of another planet called Antar and he (and I because I paid some of the money) bought a motorbike a few weeks ago but I don’t really like it because one it’s very ugly, two it’s second hand and three it is not as cool as Michael’s but then he also got a very cool Porsche Boxter which I just adore to death. He died when he tried to heal an elderly man a few months ago so the man got his body but was brought back by me and that was only when I was half way from changing into one of them. He also lives at Michael’s apartment because he didn’t want to live with his parents anymore because they wanted to know what was happening between all of us. He and I have been saving each other’s lives ever since we met each other from all sorts of things like other aliens, FBI agents etc, etc. We are always caught making out and get in a lot of trouble for it we were nearly suspended but luckily they lowered the charges to two weeks of detention but that doesn’t mean that I enjoyed it. But he is always a kind, sweet and sensitive guy and that’s my Max.

Our lives are full of violence we have killed many FBI agents who threatened to kill us.

Before Max and I were very close there was someone else a girl called Tess who was destined to be his wife said their guardian Nasado who brought them to Earth and was ordered to protect them. But she and Nasado were traitors she had the power to control people’s minds and she did that to Isabel’s old boyfriend Alex Whitman to get Max to sleep with her and he managed to do it and Max got her pregnant. But Alex’s mind was weak with the mind warp so he died and then she mind warped poor Kyle to carry his body to the car. Then she made the car speed until it crashed and the reports said it was a car accident but I didn’t believe it so I got proof from Maria mum that he was mind warped. Because we knew she mind warped Maria’s mum so she forgot about our little secret you know about Max and all but Maria and I woke up to find her screaming 'His name is Larick. He's got a gun. He's pointing a gun at my daughter. He threatened my daughter.' then she forgot about everything and tapped her hand very fast and so did Kyle and Alex so we rushed over to Kyle to see if he remembered anything and he remembered after an hour or so that he was told to carry Alex’s body and think it was luggage. We rushed to the pod chamber just as they were about to leave and shouted, “Wait! Tess killed Alex,” then Max looked at her and almost killed her except he remembered that if he did he would kill his son. Then he shouted “ Everyone out!” Then Tess left through the Granalth and went back to Antar and that is when Max and I got a lot closer.

When she came back she brought Max’s son which she named him Zan because on Antar that’s Max’s real name. Then we all had to put it to a vote whether to help her or to turn her in and put her in the white room but most of us voted to help her. But she woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me to drive her somewhere and we stopped about ten feet away from the Military Base and she said goodbye to me, burnt the fence and went in and blew it up with herself. From then on I felt like her death freed me from an entrapment that I had felt ever since Max got her pregnant and felt so relieved.

Then Max discovered that his baby was completely human and gave him away and that was for the best so that Zan could live a normal life. But left a special mark or memory or whatever it was on him.

Then about a week ago Maria and I were signed up to show this new girl Lily Potter around school. So everything went fine, she and Kyle were going out and she was one of the gang but we didn’t tell her about our little secret because we swore never to let anyone into it after what happened to Alex. But the FBI were on our tails and we were about to destroy them when Kyle got shot and unfortunately for us Lily followed us and the FBI agents got in their car and got away, Max had to heal him in front of her. When we told her about what they are, what we’ve been through and how not to tell anyone she completely freaked out but after a while she got use to it so know she’s okay.

That is our life and how we live it

Chapter One
One month later

“Parker, DeLuca in my office now!” Shouted Principal Walts. Wondering what they did wrong Liz and Maria headed for his office. When they came in principal Walts laughed at their shocked faces and said “ Don’t worry you’ll not in trouble I just want you to go to Fraizer Woods to some research on the Eco system for the science club and take down as many notes as possible.” “Okay,” they said. When outside Liz sighed “ Well we going to take a whole afternoon looking at leaves and the soil, Oh well.” “ Liz you know I still haven’t seen that boy that I saw in the Crashdown some time ago,” said Maria “Just forget about its been over a month,” replied Liz. “Well I’ll see you there at two because I go to go to the Chemistry Lab,” said Maria. Liz had a free period and wasn’t listening so she went to the music room put on the cd player and put in Avril Lavigne to listen to and she was just listening to “Naked” when someone knocked on the door. Max Evans High School Sweet Heart and all around hunk was at the door. “ Hi Max,” I manage to choke out, “Hi,” He says with his deep sexy voice “I….” Before I could finish he kissed me and we started making out. His body fell against mine and as I kissed him I saw a flash of us. Travelling from the Granalth to Antar I saw the us coming out of our galaxy and through a cluster of stars, When we reached Antar I saw me and Max swimming in the water and Max dived off a cliff and then the flash ended as the door opened and there was principal Walts looking as furious as ever. “Evans, Parker! What the hell do you think you are doing the music room is for music not love, you will receive one week of detention starting today.” Liz said quietly “But Mr. Walts what about the report on Fraizer woods you wanted,” “DeLuca will have to do it alone since you are going to be in the detention room.”

Maria was really upset when she heard about Liz getting detention and doing the project alone “Why did you have to do it today Liz, Why,” she thought. She couldn’t ask Michael about going with her because he had to work. She finished the day at school went home, had lunch, told her mum where she was going then she left and was really bored walking alone that she walked really fast to the woods.

Meanwhile Isabel was busy shopping when she bumped into someone’s cart “Watch where your going you idiot!” she yelled only to see it’s her boyfriend laughing at her. “Geezz Isabel what a temper,” said Brian laughing “ Brian what are you doing here?” “Just buying things for work because it’s my turn to do our lunch time shopping,” Then the two ended up shopping together

She reached the woods and started taking notes about the leaves and the soil when she saw the tip of something green and it looked like a green crystal and then she picked it up and sparks like lighting hit her body and she blacked out. When she awoke she found the boy who spoke to her at the Crashdown and he said, “You now have the power like the others.”

Chapter two
“What did you say?” Maria asked, “I said you now have the power,” answered the little boy. “What power?” Maria asked “The power of the royal four,” he replied “How…..how do you know about the royal four?” said Maria. “The school I used to go to taught us how to use our gifts and started teaching us about the other gifted people like the royal four,” Maria was thinking really hard about another question then she finally said “But what do you mean I’ve got the power?” “I mean the green crystal you touched is called the restorer gandarium it helps bring back the power to the royal four when they’re powers get weak so now since a human has touched it got confused and transfused them into your body so know you have power like them,” he replied. “ Oh my god, Do you have powers like them?” Maria asked “No all I have is a gift, my gift is that I can transport any where I want at any time, My old school taught me and a lot of other kids how to control it, but unfortunately they had to close down because some humans were against it and started to kill the people who had gifts so I escaped,” said the little boy “What was your old school called?” asked Maria “Oh it was called Hybrid of the powerful school of the gifted” the boy replied. “If I have powers it means I can throw things in one direction to another,” Maria asked, “ Yes you can, try your jewellery,” said the little boy. Maria took her friendship bracelet which Liz gave her put it on a tree and moved her hand and it went flying and then it hit the ground “Oh My God,” then one question that bothered her came to mind “ What did you mean when I met you at the Crashdown?” asked Maria “ I meant to ask you if you knew where my dad was,” he replied “And who is your dad?” “I thought you figured that out by now it’s Max, Max Evans,” he said. “Holy shit, that means you’re but it can’t be,” spluttered Maria and he finished her sentence “Yes it’s me Zan.”

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Chapter three

Me Liz Parker and Max are not enjoying ourselves we are being told to write down one hundred lines saying, “I shall never use the music room for anything else for music.” I mean come on that is something really boring and Max and I can’t keep our eyes off each other and if we are not careful maybe we will have another kissing scene which would be very unfortunate because principal Walts is watching no monitoring our every move. So I guess we will have to continue with our lines and save the kissing scene for later.

Michael Guerin was frying some burgers wondering where Maria and Liz were. Lily had just stated work at the Crashdown so she was new on the job and kept on dropping things like glasses, plates etc… He had to help her pick them up and calm her down when people were laughing at her. He couldn’t wait to go back kick back sit on the couch with his junk food and just watch T.V.

Max got home at Michael’s apartment only to find Michael sleeping on the couch in front of the television set with a packet of Lays crisps in his hand. Max went into Michael’s room and put on Linkin Park’s new album reanimation and after a while he got a bit bored and decided to go out and so he did. Max got into his Porsche Boxter and sped off where he was going he didn’t know.

Isabel and Brian were at home. Brian was watching T.V. and Isabel was in the kitchen making supper, yeah more like just putting her hand over it and frying it and then she called “Brian, honey come and eat.” He came sat down and they started talking about things that had happened to them today and Isabel was just about to say something when Brian interrupted and said “Isabel do you think we should move out of this apartment and move into a house that is a lot bigger?” “I don’t know? But if you’re happy with it so am I,” she said. “Then it’s settled we move as soon as we can,” he said.

Max and I got out and were going home because it was very late and they had to inform their parents before they get worried. I told my parents that I was late because I got detention and when they asked why I said, “Oh I feel so tired that I think I’ll just go to bed,” then I climbed the stairs and went into my bedroom (sighed a piece of relief because if I told them why I got detention they would flip) and played a cd (as usual) and was just listening to Dilemma by Nelly when suddenly I heard a tapping noise.



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