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Author: Grimwulf
And Jen, who talked me into writing this story, and helps me when I hit a wall... *happy*
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are mine and mine alone.
Synopsis: This really is not a cross over, it has nothing to do with Roswell, but I had NO idea where to post it.
Category: Who knows, it is on it's own.
Rating: PG-13? And then NC-17 as the story progesses
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COPYRIGHT: Alpha Enterprise

The sun had just set as a small fog hung in the air like a cold wet blanket, but most people did not notice as they went about their business and the hustle of the nightlife started. The man was walking down the street to a club; he was hooded, his face hidden to anyone that bothered to look his way. The man strolled along, unaware of anyone around him, intent on one thing, getting to the club, to see her. He had met this girl months before, started a relationship with her and had tried to build on it over the past few months. She had been resistant to his advances, but he thought to himself that she was coming around. He was going to this club to see her, talk to her again, this club was one of her favorite places, a place she could let go, be free of the normal daily constraints. He smiled as he thought to himself how he would turn her, make her one of his own, the day he would bite her. Yes, he was a vampire, but she did not know this, he would not tell her, could not tell her or show her his true self until she was one of the un-dead like him. He was so confident that he was winning her over, showing her his lavish lifestyle, things he could afford to buy her, the places he could take her. He smile again, knowing he could just take her anytime, bite her, make her a vampire, but that was no fun, this was a game to him, to take the strongest of women, and break them a conquest. Oh how he loved the game of predator and prey, and he always won, but this girl was stronger than most, had a lot of willpower, and he would savor the day that he finally won and took her.

He entered the club and took a seat at the closest table and started watching the patrons of the club, some dancing, some talking, the men going through their dance of trying to win the girls, the girls showing disinterest and making them men look like fools, and work harder. He smiled again as he took the hood down. How weak these humans were, these men should take what and who they want. He thought to himself. So weak, so pathetic.
He looked to the dance floor and noticed her then, dancing in the crowd and as usual she was alone, this was what he found so exhilarating about her. She was strong willed, not afraid to take on any challenge, she would and could do things on her own, with nobody help, and she knew what she wanted and how to get it. This is what made this chase that much more special, that day when he would break her will, and then take her life blood and make her what she was not, a cold blooded killer like himself.

He looked around again as Jen continued to dance, she had not noticed him yet. "Just as well" he thought to himself. He needed to feed tonight and he would find his meal here, in this cattle barn they call a club. He smiled when he spotted his next victim standing at the bar, laughing with a rather large man. "Yes, she will do just fine." He said under his breath before he was startled back to the present situation when Jen was standing next to the table, looking at him with a puzzled expression.

"Have you been here long?" Jen asked
"Umm, no, just got here, sit down please." Mhestial asked her
"No, not yet, I have been here an hour, and been dancing and having fun, are you going to dance with me tonight?" She asked already knowing the answer. He had never danced with her, only watched her dance.
"Not tonight." Was his only response
Jen got a pouty look on her face, but then perked up when the band started playing one of her favorite songs, she bounced up and ran back to the dance floor.
"One day, you will dance with me my friend." She said
"No, I will not" Mhestial said in a whisper, "Soon I will make you one of us, then you will only want to feed."

He noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and looked in that direction. "Ahhh." He said to himself as his prospective meal and her friend got up to leave. "Two for the price of one." The couple existed the club and Mhestial threw his hood back up and followed close behind. He did not even bother to say anything to Jen before he left. "Oh well" He thought. "She will be here again, she is always here."
The couple he was following paid him no attention, so caught up in each other, they did not see him moving from shadow to shadow behind them. "This is so easy." He whispered to himself. "Humans are so stupid." The couple continued to walk for blocks, and Mhestial thought he would have to fins other dinner, dinner that was in a less public spot. But just then the couple slipped down and alley and the man pushed the woman against the wall. He started kissing her hard, his hand going up her leg, up under her skirt. At first Mhestial was going to watch, thinking this man was just going to take this woman, but then he noticed her, she was into it, loving it. Mhestial wasted no time and threw his hood back and rushed into the alley knocking the man down to the ground where he hit his head on the street and knocked him out. As usual, the woman fell to the ground as well, screaming at the top of her lungs. But hey had picked a good alley for their sexual interlude. Nobody was around to hear her scream. He loved to tease the girls, make them scream, hear them whimper and cry before he took them. He walked toward her as she crawled back into the shadows, trying to get away.
"Stay still bitch, and you may live." Mhestial said in a lie. He walked over to the still man on the ground and knelt next to him. He picked the man up by the neck and looked at him. "What did you see in him anyway?" he asked looking at the girl
"Please, do not hurt him anymore." The girl pleaded.
"Hmmm, well ok, you asked nicely." Mhestial said as he looked at the girl and then twisted the neck of her boyfriend with such force that she could hear the crack of his neck as his lifeless body fell to the ground. The alley was filled with her screams, her crying.
"There, no more pain for him" Mhestial said looking back at her, her eyes wide in terror, tears streaking her face. She looked over at her dead boyfriend, his head turned at an awkward angle, like he was looking behind himself. She broke into a cry again and screamed as Mhestial rushed up next to her. His voice was right next to her ear.
"Your death will not be so quick." He whispered as she started to scream again.
Her screams were cut short as he sunk his teeth into the smooth flesh of her neck and started feeding on her blood, so warm, so sweet he thought. He continued sucking out her life force as he felt her go limp. If he let her go now, she would turn, become one of him. But he wanted to feed tonight, not to sire. Jen was his next child, and soon to be his after he turned her. He could feel the girl's blood oozing out over his lips, and dripping back onto his chin and onto the girl's neck. Then he just let her go, her lifeless body falling to the ground in a trash pile. Mhestial whipped his face and smiled. "Just where she should be, trash." He laughed as he left the alley. He thought of going back to the club, but decided against it. He would just wander tonight; figure out how and when to turn Jen to his side. He did not even look back in the alley as the sound of the rats scurrying out of the darkness to feed on the dead bodies.

Back at the club Jen noticed that Mhestial had left, she walked over to the table and noticed his drink still there, untouched. She looked around and knew he had left again, He did this a lot, one of the many reason she only counted him a friend, and not anything more. He was strange, flighty, and she did not trust him, there was something about him, even though she could not put her finger on what it was.

Ever since she had met him here at the club a few months ago, she knew right away that she would never trust him. Of course that wasn't unusual she didn't readily trust anyone. There had been many nights when they would have a long conversation but at the end of the night she would realize she didn't know anything more about him then she had at the beginning of the night. It unsettled her, the way he skillfully avoided her questions about himself. Because of this she never told him much about herself either. So it was always a lot of small talk. At first she was intrigued by his mysterious nature, but it got old quickly. She soon realized that he wasn't the one she was waiting for. She was waiting for the right man to find her, her soul mate, she knew he had to be out there somewhere and she knew she could wait. She had been treated badly by two previous men in her life, and grew from those experiences, learned what she wanted in a man, and would settle for nothing less. She shrugged her shoulders and walked back to the dance floor where she started dancing with the music again.

Through all this she had not noticed the other man sitting in the shadows. This man had been coming here for weeks as well, coming here for her to watch her. He had seen the man with the hood leave, and knew him for what he was. He could smell it on him, smell the death and blood. As the hooded man left the building he held his hand out and motioned with his fingers, just then a man and woman emerged from the shadows and exited the building. The man turned his attention back the dance floor, watching her again. He loved watching her, the movement of her body when she danced, the graceful way she covered the floor. Her body was one fluid motion when she danced, moving with perfection to the music. Her beautiful body accented by her choice in clothing, never revealing to much, and leaving so much to the imagination. He could see her ample curves, the sway of her hips, and that hair, long luscious hair flowing wildly as she danced with abandon on the floor.

He had watched her for weeks, and he knew she was the one he had been searching for. But even then, he had been patient, it was his kinds nature to be patient, to wait, to watch, assess the situation, and then take action. Never was his kind known the rush blindly into anything, and so he waited, watching. He raised his head slightly, sniffing, he could smell her, smell her sweet scent as it wafted on the air over to him, even with all the smoke, and the stink of the others, her scent was sweet, like that of the forest at night after a gentle rain. Oh how he loved her smell, and that was more proof that she had to be the one. He lifted his drink and looked back to the door as his two friends entered and gave him a hand single, and a grim look. He looked down at his glass with a confirming look. That man was a vampire, now seen and confirmed. He hated vampires, they killed for no reason, just for fun, they were pure evil. He shook his head and looked up and noticed Jen watching him intently. He put his glass down on the table and stared back at her, a small smile forming on his lips. She had noticed him; the time for patience was over.

Jen looked at the man at the table, she could make out his features clearly, even though he was in the shadows. For some reason she had always been able to see well at night, and she really did love the night. She looked at him as he smiled at her, and she could feel the warmth emanating from him, she was drawn to this man, a total stranger, but yet she had to talk to him. He had a confident aura about him, he was so sure of himself, sure about everything and everyone around him, he commanded respect and there was more underlying the surface, she could feel it, but had no idea how she knew this. But he did not seem cocky like most men do, he was different, collected, he wore all this with a sense of compassion, humility maybe.

He was tall she guesses by looking at him, well over 6ft, even though he was still sitting down. His arm were well muscled, and his hand looked strong. He had a fierce look about him but also kindness, gentleness. He was wearing a short beard covering part of his face. "Mmmmm" she hummed to herself, she always had a thing for beards and goatees. But then her eyes met his, and that is when she noticed his most striking feature. His eyes, steel blue, so bright they cut through the darkenss. They had to be the bluest eyes she had ever seen. And they held so much in them. She could read the pain in them, the love, the joy, he did not look away, letting her search his soul through his gaze. His eyes remained locked with hers and she could tell he was reading her the same way, somehow peering into her soul, her very being. She slowly walked towards the table, drawn there.

He smiled again as she walked up to the table, he was right. He knew when they looked at each other that he was right, and that she felt something, and immediate sense of knowing. He knew she would not understand all these feelings building in her. He could now sense her power, what lay inside her. But only after she knew the truth and decided to make this journey with him would she realize her full power, her full potential. But it was too soon; he could not just jump in and tell her. She walked up to the table, and he stood up, towering over her.
"Ummm, yeah, waayyyy over 6ft" she thought to herself as she looked up at him. He held out his hand.
"Would you like to sit?" He asked her.
"Oh, uh, sure." She said as she laid her hand in his and shivered in excitement at his touch, the feel of his strong hand against hers. He smiled, knowing she had felt it, but as of yet, still could not explain it to herself.
She was not afraid of this stranger, she kept her hand in his and sat down next to him, still looking into those blue eyes.
"I am Grimwulf, most people call me Grim." The man said.
"I am Jen." She replied.
"Care for a drink?"
"Yes, please." She replied accepting his invitation, she wanted to get to know this man.

They ordered their drinks and sat there talking and hardly drinking. The club still was booming around them, people dancing, drinking, partying, but they did not seem to notice, there hands still locked into each others, they talked well into the night. Grims two companions smiled, as if knowing this was a good thing, and smiled at him in a brief wordless exchange, they left the club. He continued to look around periodically, making sure he could see everyone in the club, and knew where they were at and doing.
Jen could not believe this night, this man she hardly knew had just walked into her life and walked right through all the defensive walls she had built over the years with the other men that had been in her life. He walked right into her heart, into her soul in only one night. She never believed in love at first sight, destiny, whatever you want to call it, but how else could she explain this connection she felt with this man, this Grimwulf.
And she just knew that he was being honest with her, open with her, he was not playing her and she could tell that he had lowered his walls as well, that she was in his heart, I his soul. She could sense a power about him, sense he was different form other men, she still had a nagging feeling that he was hiding something, but she pushed that to the back of her mind, she could just feel that this secret, or whatever he had not shared was not something dangerous to her. She actually felt as if she had known this man her whole life, that he was always a part of her life, and she knew at this moment that this was the man she had been waiting for.

They talked well into the morning when she noticed Grim cock his head to one side, as if hearing something. She thought she had heard something as well, but dismissed it. He looked back at her, his hands and hers still locked together.
"I have to go Jen, I can hear the p??., well I just have to go." Grim said looking at her, he had almost slipped but he did not think she noticed.
Jen looked at him with a little pout on her face.
"I knew it had to end sooner or later, will I see you again Grim?" She asked.
"How could I not see you again? I will be back here this evening, waiting for you." Grim replied with a genuine smile.
Jen smiled back, "I will be here as well."
"I felt something tonight with you Grim, something I can not easily explain, you have got to know me in this short time, better than anyone else in my life. I feel like I have knowing you forever." Jen said, opening herself up even more to this man and hoping she had not judged him wrong, that he felt the same way.
Grim stood up, making her stand with him. He held his hand and hers to his heart, and took his other hand and strummed his fingers into her hair as she nudged her cheek into his hand, feeling his skin, loving the feeling of his strong hand in her hair, against her face. Oh how she already loved the touch of this man, the feeling he brought out in her.

Grim lifted her head towards his. He looked deep into her eyes again, and pulled her close for a kiss, a long soft kiss before he broke away from it and whispered to her.
"I feel the same way, it was destiny that you and I met Jen. There is more I would love to tell you right now, but it is not the time. You have my heart Jen, and my soul is in your hands."
Jen stood on her toes, and slid her arms around his neck, Grim bent over so that she could get her arms around him, and she kissed him again. She loved the sensation of his lips on hers, the feeling on the strength behind that kiss. She could not believe how he made her feel, as if nothing else mattered in the world but them.
He released her from the kiss and slowly took his hand away from her face.
"Until later Jen." He said as he turned and walked out of the club. As he exited his two companions were waiting for him, looking at him with questioning looks.
"She is the one" Is all Grim said before he took of at a dead run, the other two smiled at each other, and took off after him.
Jen sat back down at the table, taking in the whole night, and a smile touched her face, she still could not clearly explain everything that happened, but was so happy it did not matter.
"What did he mean by telling me telling me more?" She wondered to herself as she got up, shrugged and walked out the door heading to her apt as the first rays of the sun broke the horizon.

Jen was so consumed with thoughts of him she felt as if she floated the entire way home. She went over every topic that was discussed, every word that was said between them, reviewed each feeling he brought out in her. Even with all of the talking they did all night. It was as if a separate conversation was going on at the same time. It was a conversation on a much deeper level, one with no spoken words only body movements. The way he held her hand in his so softly yet with a sense of possessiveness. She loved the way she felt as if she had his undivided attention when she was speaking. In fact, very rarely were his eyes anywhere else but on her, those incredible blue eyes. The only time they left her was when he looked around the club almost like a bouncer would, making a quick assessment that every thing was as it should be. She loved the sound of his voice. It was almost as if her body responded to his voice. When he spoke of his family or close friends her muscles responded by relaxing and enjoying the calm gentle tone of his voice. When he spoke with conviction about something she swore she could feel his voice vibrating thought her body racing through her blood. It was with the sound of his voice in her ears, the thought of his hand in her hair, and the feel of his lips on hers that Jen fell sound asleep.

That next evening Grim was in the club early, waiting for her to arrive, he had made sure that his two companions were in their proper places, and then took his seat at the table.
The Vampire from the night before had not been seen since he made his kill. This was not unusual as Vampires did not need to feed everyday, they only did so for the fun of killing, or they felt the need to make a victim into a vampire as well. He did not expect to see the vamp this evening. Which was good, it was not time to confront him, not just yet.
Grim sat there, watching the crowd thicken in the club. He noticed the men trying to win the attention of a girl that caught there eye, or a woman trying to get a man to but her drinks, even though he could tell she had no interest in him. Such selfishness disgusted him, that is not the way he ran things. He looked to his two friends, and noticed they also had the same disgusted look. But they also looked like they wanted to be elsewhere, he knew they hated clubs, and that they would just rather be together somewhere else. Neosho, was a very striking female, and always had many men looking her way. But she only had eyes for one, for her true love, and the second of his two companions. His name was Trealane, and he was Grim's closest friend. He looked their way, and caught their attention, and without so much as a spoken word, gave them permission to leave the club, he had no worries tonight, no need for them to stick around, they could go off and run, do whatever they wished. Trealane smiled and tipped his head towards Grim, as Neosho did the same, but with a warm smile as they both left the club. Grim sat there a while longer, sipping his drink, it was merely water, he never drank alcohol, it dulled the senses, and that was an unforgivable sin in his eyes. He always preached that you must always keep your wits, and senses sharp, you must be the one in control of any situation and any given time, and to do anything to jeopardize that could cost you anything, and even your life.

He smiled as he noticed the door open and in swept Jen. Again he was in awe of her raw beauty, her hair flowing wildly about her shoulders, her eyes ablaze with the love of life, her smile, warming to his heart. He loved the way she lit up the room when she entered. All attention was drawn to her, she had that magnetic persona that everyone wanted to be a part of. She looked over and smiled as she seen Grim sitting at the table in the shadows again. She started walking over when a young man stepped in her way, asking her to dance. "Umm, no thank you, I am meeting someone." Jen responded, trying to walk around him, she only wanted to get to Grim's table, to feel his touch again, to hear his voice. She was jerked back as the man grabbed her arm, turning her around. "Hey, I am not done with you." The man said angrily. "I want to dance."
Jen at first looked shocked, her eyes flaring in anger that this man touched her, without her permission. She heard a commotion in the corner, and looked over her shoulder as Grim stood up, his chair falling to the floor, as he pushed the table effortlessly across the floor. She could see the protectiveness in his eyes, and the strength in them. She immediately knew that he would take this man out, take care of him for her, but she did not want that she could handle this herself and she flashed a look at him, a look that he knew meant that she could handle this situation. He was surprised at this. Again, she was showing signs of what she is, and what she can become. She was a little surprised herself that Grim seemed to understand the look, and them looked back at the man still holding her. Grim was still up and ready, but less tense. He relaxed just a little, and watched her.

"Please, I am here with someone else, let me go, and go back to the bar and get a drink." Jen said, calmly, trying to sooth this man, and get him to calm down. "NO you little tramp, you will dance with me, then I will buy you a drink." Jen again, looked over the man's shoulder, could see Grim tense again at those words. She shook her head no not wanting him to get involved. She had handled many drunks before, and this one was no different. But it made her feel better that this man she had just met, this Grimwulf, was standing back there, wand at a word from her would be at her side. Jen grabbed the man's hand, and looked into his eyes, he was taller than she was, but her eyes bore through the man. "Let me go, NOW!" Jen said with more authority. The man pulled her again, closer this time, she could smell the alcohol on his breath, she could smell the stink of his body. It repulsed her. She pulled her arm free and stood nose to nose with the man. "Leave now, go home, relax and clean yourself up." Jen again, talked calmly, and soothingly to the man. "You are going to dance with me." The man said as he grabbed Jen by the arm, and smacked her across the face as she went flying to the ground, only to get right back up and head towards the man, unafraid and with a look that was going to hurt this man far more than he could even imagine.

The man stood there, waiting for her, a smirk on his face. "That is what happen when you do not listen you little fucking, b-----." Is all the man got out before he was flying across the room, his eyes immediately glazing over. Grim had just hit the man, and he had flown nearly across the room. Jen was still angry, this man had touched her and hit her. That is one thing NO man does to a woman, and she was seething, she wanted to go after him still and she turned to walk towards him, but then she felt Grim's hand on her, but she did not pull away, his touch sent tingles through her body, she could feel his strength in that single touch. She immediately closed her eyes and took deep breaths to try and calm down. When she opened her eyes, Grim was standing there in front of her his hand still on her arm. "Are you ok? I am sorry Jen, I should never have let him touch you." The concern he felt was evident in his eyes in his words that made her blood race. The encounter had obviously shaken her more then she had let on. "I'm fine, just angry as hell right now, and do not be sorry, I asked you not to interfere." They both looked to the floor where the man was still laying, and Grim could see the anger still in her eyes.

She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath. Grim surprised her by asking, "What do you see?" Jen opened her eyes and just looked at him as if she were confused. Grim smiled, and elaborated, "When you close your eyes, what do you picture to help you calm down?" She smiled and thought to herself, how is it possible for him to read her so well? "When I was little, my back yard was an all wooded area. I used to love to take walks along the little stream running through it. I used to like to sit next to it and just listen. At first I couldn't hear anything because there were no sounds of cars, or people or anything like that. But then, I would start to hear the stream flowing past me, water trickling over rocks. I could hear the birds, all kinds, and I always had the feeling that I should be able to understand them. I could even hear them when they were taking off in flight out of the trees, their little winds beating in the air. When I listened close enough I could hear the wind in the trees, I could hear a deer running through the forest, I even could hear the wolves howling in the mountains it was like I was one with nature, and I loved those times I was in the forest. I haven't been there in a longtime." Jen ended with a sigh. For a moment Grim just sat there stunned. This was the second time she had managed to amaze him. She again confirmed his thoughts about her being the one. Grim spoke quietly, "I know of a place like that. I'll take you there sometime if you would like." Jen's face lit up in excitement, "Really? When can we go?" Obviously she was so happy about the thought of going to a place like she remembered from home, and her younger days. It was then that he realized how important her happiness was to him. He wanted to make her happy. He wanted to see her smile at him, smile because of him, smile for him.

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Title: THE ALPHA - Part#2 - The Revelation
Author: Grimwulf
And Jen, who talked me into writing this story, and helps me when I hit a wall... *happy*
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are mine and mine alone.
Rating: PG-13? And THe NEXT PART Will be NC-17
Feedback: Would appreciate it.

COPYRIGHT: Alpha Enterprise

Grim and Jen had been walking for hours in the forest, time seemingly standing still. She could hear the birds singing in the trees, she could sense other animals moving through the forest. This was not the first time they had walked in the forest since she told Grim about how much she loved the woods from her childhood. It had been weeks since she had met him that night in the club. He always seemed to want to bring her here, and she was always willing to come, she would go anywhere with him, but noticed that he felt more comfortable in the forest, and she actually did too. Each time they had gone on these long walks, Grim became more open with her, telling her things about his life. Then came that day that he told her a story that she could hardly believe, but yet she knew it was true.

It was on a warm summer day, and Grim had taken her to a small meadow with wildflowers in bloom. The gentle breeze caused them to sway gently back and forth and she could smell the aroma of them on the wind. He sat her down, and in all seriousness told her about himself, his other self. He was nervous and wasn't sure how to begin. He had never actually told anyone his secret before. The only people that knew were just like him. He decided to just be direct and as honest as possible and then answer any questions that she had afterwards.

He explained to her that he had the ability to shift into a wolf at any time he wished, but on certain nights, mainly full moon nights, he had no choice and he changed into the form of a wolf and ran with his pack all night, hunting. As the words came spilling out of his mouth, he watched her intently. He watched her eyes because he knew that everything she thought could be read there. She did not seem shocked by any of this and took it all in stride, as if it was all something she already knew and expected. Grim didn't know that ever since she was little she had dreams about wolves. She had dreams about knowing them, watching them, and even being one. The thought of loving one, and maybe even becoming one excited her. All this seemed normal to her, which surprised her as much as it pleased Grim. Her lack of surprise and alarm made Grim realize again, that she had to be the one. After he told her what he was, her only response was, "Show me."

Grim looked a little nervous again, not sure if she would be able to handle this. It was one thing to tell her and something completely different to show her. "It is a quick transformation Jen. Are you sure you can handle this?"
"Yes, I can, show me." Jen asked again. Grim looked at her, and knew she was being honest with him. He looked deep into her eyes, and then smiled as his body started to convulse, fur started to grow all over his body as he fell to all fours. His human clothes falling off his transforming body. Grim's face contorted and stretched, as his jaws elongated into that of a canine, his fingers turning into paws. It was a very strange site, but Jen stood there in awe, this was beautiful to her, to see this. It only took mere moments, and Jen stood there looking at a wolf, strong body, sleek lines, and then she noticed the one tell tale sign. She could still see those eyes, even in wolf form those amazing blue eyes of Grim's. She smiled as Grim in wolf form looked at her, tilting his head to one side. She almost giggled at the site. Jen could tell he knew who she was, could see the intelligence behind those eyes. He was so beautiful in this form she thought to herself, his fur was thick and gray with some dark patches mixed in. Jen heard a noise and turned to look, seeing nothing she turned back and Grim was standing before her, in human form smiling as he pulled his pants back on just in time that Jen could not see anything. But Grim was not quick enough to get his shirt on, and she noticed his stomach and chest, so strong, so muscular, and she even noticed a few scar's on his upper body as well. Probably from fights with other wolves she thought to herself. Jen smiled back, and walked up to him. Touching his sweaty chest, she could feel his heart still racing from the change. "That was amazing Grim." she said as she laid her head in his chest.

Grim stood there for many moments, lost in the feeling of her against his naked flesh, and then he realized what day it was today. He could feel the pull of the moon and knew tonight it would be full. He was careless for not realizing what day it was sooner. He did not want to cut this day short especially because he wanted to make sure that she was ok with what he had just shown her and make sure that she realized that he was still the same person she had gotten to know over the past few weeks. He felt her lift her head off his chest and look into his eyes. He could tell she wanted to ask him questions and that made the idea of cutting this afternoon short seem impossible. She started asking him questions faster then he could possibly answer, "What is it like? Does it hurt to change? Do you remember everything?" But it was her last question that made his heart soar, "Can I do it too?"

Grim looked deep into her eyes and said honestly, "I have thought about sharing this with you ever since the first time I saw you and I would love nothing more then to show you that world, but there is so much you need to learn and understand before you can make the decision to do this." She nodded her head that she understood but the excitement in her eyes was undeniable.

They decided to keep walking while Grim told her all that she needed to know. He explained that he has always been this way. His parents and their parents before them had had the ability to change. He kept his eye on her, searching for any change in her that might signify that she was uncertain about something, but he only saw curiosity and under that he saw her love for him. He smiled and continued. "When we change, when I change, and if you are to be one of us, there are certain things you need to know. The change in not painful, and only takes a few seconds as you have seen. All you have to do is think about it, and the transformation will take place. I always think about the very first time I changed, how alive I felt. But what you have to be careful of is that when in wolf form, the wolf mind will try to take total control, and if that happens, it is almost impossible to take a human form again. When we run as wolves, as the pack we still thirst for the hunt, and we do hunt and eat as a pack, but there is always a balance between the wolf mind and the human mind. If you ever lose that balance, then there is almost no way to come out of it. Just as he spoke those words, they came to the spot he had wanted to show her.

It was a beautiful spot on the edge of the lake, and a small grassy area where they both could sit, Jen spread out a blanket. As she did this, she noticed that Grim's mood had changed. She was certain it was more then just the seriousness of his last statement. She could actually feel the disturbance in him. She didn't know how she could feel it, she just did. Her feelings were justified and she was disappointed when Grim decided to sit at the opposite side of the blanket from her. Grim noticed her become silent and realized he wasn't being very good company. The later in the day it became, the stronger the pull of the moon became, the stronger the need to change became. He could do this and would hold it off as long as he had too, just for her.

Jen noticed that Grim never seemed to relax even as the day wore on. They started talking more generally about wolves and he was impressed at how much she knew about them. She appreciated the beauty in them, she understood the security of living in a pack, and admired the loyalty mates showed because they generally mated for life. She had felt better during their enjoyable chat and had forgotten her concerns for a short while, until the end of their lunch. It was then that she realized what was so different about him. His words and their conversation were the same as always but his body language was different. She realized he hardly touched her at all. He hadn't held her hand, he sat as far away from her as he could, and he hadn't looked into her eyes since they sat down.
She noticed him watching her mouth or her hair in the breeze, and even her hands. She couldn't ask him why he hadn't touched her that seemed silly, but it continued to bother her.

Grim was struggling to keep control of his thoughts but it was getting increasingly more difficult as the afternoon wore on. He found it was becoming more difficult to look at her without being obvious about what his thoughts were. Normally he loved to look into her eyes, he could read her so easily by looking into them. Today he could see that she was concerned and it bothered him to know he was worrying her. He found it difficult to look anywhere else. His eyes moved to her hair. He remembered it was so soft in his fingers and he loved the way she tucked it behind her ear when it fell in her face. He wanted desperately to touch it now. She was using her hands to tell a story and they caught his attention next. Her hands were tiny compared to his. He liked the way they fit into his when he held her hand. He loved how soft they felt against his cheek. He imagined them against his chest with her above him, riding him. He shivered slightly as he imagined her underneath him, her nails scratching down his back. He found himself watching her mouth, watching her lips form the words she was saying and catching brief glimpses of her tongue. His mind wandered to the softness of those lips, the warmth of her mouth. He imagined what those lips would feel like wrapped around his ----. "Are you ok?" Jen asked, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Grim was surprised at the question. How could she tell something was wrong, could she sense it, or was he acting strangely and didn't realize it? "I'm fine." Grim replied quickly. "I'm just a little tired from not sleeping well last night." It wasn't exactly a lie he hadn't slept well. "What's the matter, full moon?" She asked jokingly, feeling a little silly for being so concerned.
"Actually tonight is a full moon." He said very seriously. Grim was feeling as though she could read his thoughts and was embarrassed by how far he had let them wander.

Grim new he had to explain to her, and so he did. "There is only one night that we have no control, that night we run as a pack, and we hunt. It is the night of a full moon, not even I know why or how we are able to take human form again, the night of the full moon, we lose all human thought, but yet, we all wake up in the morning, in the forest in our human bodies, naked, but human. We have the memories of the night before, the joy of the hunt, the thrill of the kill. And it is the start of our mating season and that heightens during this time."
Jen looked surprised and even though he was serious Grim laughed a little knowing what she was thinking. "No Jen, we do not mate as wolves, we mate in human form before." Grim laughed again as he finished. Jen looked at him and smiled. "Thank God, that is one thing I do not want to give up, I would rather mate in human form, besides I'm not ready to have a litter of pups." They both laughed until Grim turned serious again. "Tonight is different." He said lowering his voice. "Tonight is the first full moon of the mating season." Grim realized the only way to make her understand was to be completely honest with her. He stood up and held out his hand and raised her up, holding her hand in his, he looked down into her eyes, at her soft skin, her beautiful hair. When she touched his hand the connection and electricity she had always felt was there instantly and with intensity she had never felt before. She looked up at him into those eyes that she loved so much.

Grim felt it as well and knew she could feel it too, it must be a strange feeling for her he thought to himself. Once she was a part of him, a part of the pack, she would understand completely. "All of my senses are heightened more than usual, along with my hormones." He said as he pulled her to her closer to him. He carefully watched her eyes for any hint of being uncomfortable with what he was telling her.

"I can see things that others cannot, not unless they are of my kind Jen. When I look at you I can see every single strand of your hair." He reached up and ran his fingers through her hair. "My sense of touch is intensified. Grim said as he slid his hand into her hair, down her cheek and up again.
"Your skin feels softer then any silk I have ever touched." Jen felt completely mesmerized by what he was saying. She was starting to lose herself in the intensity of it all. She placed her hand against his chest as much to ground herself as to see if her touch could elicit the reactions he was getting from her. She could hear him catch his breath and steady himself. He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, "I can hear you breathing and I heard you sigh when you touched me." Being this close to her was wreaking havoc on his senses but he was still in control.

She could feel her body reacting to his. Her skin tingled and she could feel how warm his body was. Grim took a deep breath and whispered "I can smell the soap you used this morning on your skin and the lotion you used on your legs." He took another deep breath and knew immediately it was a mistake, but it was too late. "Oh God I can smell how wet you are, how ready your body is for mine." He growled low and deep into her ear. "Jen, I want to taste you so badly, I want to make you mine, I want you." He didn't stop himself from running his tongue across the skin in front of her ear and then kiss it. It didn't appease his craving for what he really wanted to taste. Suddenly he felt her tense and pull away. He was momentarily panicked, he had gone to far and then he heard it too. He whirled around to see Trealane and Neosho coming out of the woods to the lake.

They were both obviously surprised to find him with here with Jen so close to sundown. Until that moment, he really hadn't realized how late it was. As Trealane and Neosho walked up to them, they both nodded their heads towards Grim. It was then that she realized that they were deferring to Grim, as if he was their leader, wait, not leader, but the Alpha. She couldn't believe that she hadn't realized that before when it was so obvious to her now. Grim was the Alpha Male of the pack. Before she could think about it further, Grim was introducing them to her. She liked them immediately and could see that they respected and were loyal to Grim and probably had been all their lives. She could also see their concern that it was getting so late and they didn't know that she knew why they were concerned. She excused herself from the little group in order to collect the blanket she and Grim had been sitting on. Grim loved that she knew that he would need to go soon and that she had known to give him time to explain to Trealane and Neosho that he had told her everything. He told them both she knew and that he would talk to them at length about it later. Grim felt a small stab of jealousy as he watched his friends disappear back into the wood to be alone before the hunt. But if Jen was as amazing as he thought she was, he wouldn't be jealous much longer. When she turned to face them again Trealane and Neosho were gone and it was only Grim standing there smiling at her.

Grim took Jen home and avoided kissing her before she went into her apartment, he knew if he did he may lose control of himself, and that is one thing he would not and could not do at this time. He was surprised at how much he was missing her as soon as he lost sight of her. He could still smell her, he knew that she wanted him, just as he wanted her, but tonight was not the night. And then all those feelings were replaced by the need to get back to the woods, by the need to run with his pack. Grim took off at a dead run out of town, and towards the forest, he could hear his pack calling him from deep within the forest as he stripped off his clothes and then, if anyone had been watching, they would have seen a Huge Gray Wolf running out of town, and into the dark woods.

Jen also felt the immediate loss of him. She also knew that he wanted her, and she was wet just from his touch, but she also knew that he would never push himself on her, and she loved him for that, he was giving her what she needed, a little time. But her body ached for him, for his touch. She was exhausted from all of the revelations of the day and decided to go to bed. She was worked up, and thought about his chest, his arms, his kiss against her cheek, her ear, and she wondered what he would feel like next to her, all these thoughts were in her head as she drifted off to sleep.

It had been a week or so since that last day in the forest, Grim had let her have some alone time, he knew this was a big decision and he did not think she could make that sort of decision if he was always around. Jen knew why he was leaving her alone, and she did not fault him for it, she understood the gravity of her decision, and knew Grim was giving her space to think things through. She had already made her decision the day Grim told her about himself but she felt it necessary for some time to pass before making her decision known. She thought a little more, and then decided she needed to get out, so she headed for her favorite club.

Mhestial's mood was definitely turning worse. Jen hadn't been at the club in over a week now. It wasn't particularly unusual. She would go through phases where she would take a break from the club scene. He wasn't concerned that she wasn't around. It merely annoyed him that he was waiting around for her and she continually didn't show.
Just as he was about to leave the club in search of some dinner to quell his mood, she walked through the door. He watched as she greeted the bartender and then some friends and then headed straight for the dance floor. This increased his annoyance ten fold. He had watched her enough in the past to know that she normally would look around the entire club then come and greet him right away before going to the dance floor.

Jen needed to dance. Her restlessness was increasing and she wanted to lose herself on the dance floor. She wanted to forget how much she was missing Grim, but no matter how long she danced or how hard, he was still there in the back of her mind all the time. She finally looked over, and noticed Mhestail sitting there. She danced over to the table, and sat down next to him, right away she knew he was in a bad mood, and knew that when he was in one of these moods, he did not like questions. "Hello." Jen said as she looked around the room, waiting for Mhestail to respond to her, and noticed Trealane and Neosho in the back of the club, watching, she wondered if they were sent to watch her, but she would not bring herself to believe that was the case, Grim would not do that sort of thing.

She knew she could not tell Mhestail, share all this with him, he would not understand. He was difficult to deal with when he was in a bad mood. He rarely told her what the problem was but if she tried to lighten the mood or go back to dancing he would make it seem as if she didn't care, that she wasn't being a good friend. She knew that he wanted more from her than friendship, but she did not want anymore than that from him. The last time they had talked, he had become increasingly aggravated when she didn't want to see him outside of the club. They talked for a short time, and again Mhestial kept pushing her to go out on the town with him, leave the club with him. Finally she had had enough, and she told him that she only wanted to be his friend, but kept hounding her so she decided to tell him that she had met another man, and she was serious about him. This enraged Mhestail and he stormed out of the club whispering something about getting even, making her his, or something like that, she could not quite make out what he said. She watched him storm out of the club, and noticed that Neosho and Trealane left a few seconds after as well, she did not give it much more of a passing thought. She knew what her decision was, and was about to get up and leave to go find Grim, she knew he would be in the forest, and it was there that she would look for him.

Just as she stood up, the door opened, and Grim walked in, his eyes immediately upon her, he smiled. She smiled back with such warmth that Grim almost felt his skin turn red with a blush. God he loved to look at her, she was so beautiful to him, and he could smell her from across the room, she always smelled sweet to him. She walked over and took his hand in hers feeling that electricity ripple through her body. Jen smiled up at him, and noticed that he was smiling as well. "I have made my decision." Jen said.
"I know, I could feel it, could sense it, and that is why I came." Grim replied, taking one of his hands and running it through her hair, touching her cheek as he felt her tilt her head into his hand. "It is almost dawn, let us go for a walk." Grim said as he lead her out of the club just as the first rays of morning light broke the horizon.

She knew they were alone she could not sense anyone else around them, this was one of those things she could never explain to herself, how she was able to sense these things, well not until Grim came along and helped her to understand. She could feel the sun beating on her face, could smell everything, every animal, every tree, everything inside the forest, and it made her mind race, her body ache. His hand was interlocked with hers as they made their way down a winding path, he would constantly look at her, seeming to never take his eyes off her.
Grim explained to her about the power that she held within her, her Alpha power. How he had been searching for years for her, and how he could just feel that she was the one he had been searching for. Sometimes it still surprised her to think that she had this inside her, but then again, it explained a lot of the odd things that had happened in her life up until this point. He explained to her how he was the Alpha Male in his pack, and how if she chooses this path, that she would be his Alpha Female. Grim made sure she understood that this was her choice to make that even though the rewards were great, there were other things that she would lose as well. He would never force her into any decision that she did not want to make.

Grim stopped walking. He turned to Jen, and took both of her hands in his. He looked deep into her eyes, and she looked back into his. She could still feel all his strength in his hands, feel the way he touched her, and how it made her feel.
"This is it my love." Is all Grim said. "If you have changed your mind, please tell me now." She smiled up at him, and stood on her tiptoes, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down for a long kiss. "Do you need another answer?" Jen asked playfully. Grim laughed a little, "No that was perfect."

He walked up the path with her, up and over the top of the ridge, and looked down into a valley. It was such a beautiful sight to Jen, more flowers in bloom, a lake smooth as glass reflecting the sun and clouds as if trying to fool anyone into believing there were two skies. Birds flying and landing in trees, and ducks on the water. She felt her heart skip a beat at the beauty of it all. "It is my valley Jen, only known to me and my pack, and of course, the other forest animals, we have ways of keeping others from coming here."
"It is so beautiful." Jen said. She smiled and leaned into his chest. She could feel his heart beating, racing, pumping his wild blood through his body. She could lose herself in this man. She leaned back out and moved Grim's hand to her chest, placing his hand over her heart. "This is yours love, it has been from the moment we met." Jen said with such warmth that Grim again was surprised as to how this woman was meant for him, how they were meant for each other. He smiled back at her, and drew her close to him he could feel her heart beating as well. He leaned into her and kissed her full on the lips, a kiss that was long, hard and deep, primal, yet tender. She kissed him back, her arms going around his shoulders as he lifted her up. The kiss seemed to last forever, but yet, it had to be broke as Grim released her from it and set her back down. "Let's go my love." Grim said as he took her hand and started walking along the path towards the lake.

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They walked to a spot Grim had set by the lake Jen noticed a blanket and some drinks laying next to the blanket, but paid it no other thought, she was not hungry or thirsty, she just wanted to be near Grim. They sat down and talked for a few hours as the sun began to set. Jen stood up and walked over to the edge of the lake. She stood there motionless because she didn't want to disturb the beautiful sunset painted in the sky before her. Grim silently walked up behind her, sliding his arms around her waist and pulled her into his chest. As soon as she felt his arms around her, the sunset was forgotten, every one of her senses was filled with him. She closed her eyes, and was swept up in the warmth of his body against hers and the feel of his strong arms wrapped around her, holding her, protecting her and keeping her safe. She took a deep breath and remembered Grim telling her that her scent was similar to the forest just after it rains. She realized that Grim also had a scent. It was a wild smell reminding her of all those walks in the forest, he had the smell of the wind, the air, every animal, every plant, tree and it was warm, safe, powerful yet contained. Jen found it so intoxicating she moaned softly to herself.

Grim was beginning to get caught up in his own thoughts of her. She felt so good in his arms, like she belonged there. It amazed him the way her body fit his perfectly. Grim leaned down to take in a deep breath of her scent. He smelled the sweetness of her skin, and the fresh scent of her hair, and then he also detected a faint scent of something else, something so primal it made his head spin. Grim knew it was time to make Jen his completely.

He slowly began to slip his hands from her waist to up under her shirt. He caught his breath as his hands encountered the softness of her skin. Jen felt his hands slip under her shirt and she knew this was what she had wanted since the first time she had spoken to Grim. She wanted to be his. Jen slowly began to undo each button of her shirt until it fell completely open. Grim growled softly into her ear as he kissed down her neck, moving the shirt out of his way as he continued down her shoulders. Her shirt fell to the ground, followed shortly by her bra. As Grim's hands cupped each of her breasts he whispered to her, "perfect." Jen knew he was right. It seemed as though each one of her breasts fit perfectly into his hands, as if they were made for him and him alone. He caressed her breasts gently and then slowly continued to explore her upper body as Jen fought hard to stay on her feet. His hands on her body were like nothing she had ever felt before. He skin seemed to tingle at first only where he was touching her and then it seemed to spread all through out her entire body. As Grim lightly pinched both of her nipples, she arched her back in pleasure, causing her butt to rub against the increasingly large and hardening bulge in the front of his pants.

Grim moved one of his hands moved from her breast to her face, he took her chin in his hand and turned her head to the side so he could kiss her lips. The other hand made a completely different journey down to her pants. He leaned in kissing her as his hand un-buttoned her pants, and then she heard the quiet sound of her zipper being pulled down, she could feel the air touch her skin, and she moaned into the kiss.
Grim was kissing her so gently at that moment that she realized that he was again exhibiting his unbelievable self-control. She could sense the desire in him she could feel how much he just wanted to take her and she loved that he held back for her, but later, she would show him just how wild she could be. The kiss she gave him in return was hard and full of all of the passion she felt for him. Grim felt one of her hands grip the hair on the back of his neck as if to hold him there as she licked his lips with her tongue, wanting him to open them. Under normal circumstances he would have given up on his control at this point and taken her as hard as he could. But it couldn't be that way this time. But as soon is it was possible, he thought to himself, he would take her with all the passion and need he felt for her.

Grim knew he couldn't continue to hold on to what little self control he had left if he continued to kiss her this way. He slid his hand into the opening of her pants and cupped his hand over her mound. He could feel her small tuft of hair through her panties and smiled, she had trimmed neatly he could tell, she was expecting this to happen. He knew she would break the kiss to moan and smiled when she did exactly that. He immediately began to kiss his way down her neck. His hands went to the outside of each of her hips, hooking his thumbs in the edge of her pants. As he kissed his way down her spine, he slid her pants over her hips and down each of her legs. He was down to his knees helping her step out of her pants and kissing and licking the small of her back. Jen loved the feeling of his tongue against her skin, but as soon as she was free of her pants she turned around so that she was facing him. She knew that this move had placed his face directly in front of her mound of hair. She knew he had outsmarted her by causing her to break the kiss and this was her way of showing Grim that she wasn't about to let him think he could get the better of her. He was assaulted by the scent of her readiness for him and almost lost control by plunging his tongue inside her, wanting to taste her so badly it made his entire body ache. He realized that she was teasing him, testing his resolve, testing his self control, and he smiled to himself, not taking the bait, this is not the way it was going to be done tonight he reminded himself, but he loved it, he knew it was a sure sign of the Alpha in her being awoken. He ran his hands up the outer sides of each of her legs as he kissed his way up one of her legs, up over her stomach, between her breasts to her lips.

Jen wanted to feel Grim's skin against hers so desperately that she slid her hands under his shirt and pushed it out of the way. She rubbed her hands up and down his chest, and fingering some of the scars as she made her way to his cheek. He looked down at her and smiled, and said. "Old scars, from old battles, stories for another time."
Grim loved the feeling of her hands on his chest, and he finished the job by pulling his shirt up over his head letting it fall to the ground. Jen pressed her body into his and both of them let out a gasp as their skin came in contact with each other. Before Jen realized what was happening Grim had scooped her up into his arms and was gently laying her on the blanket that they and been sitting on earlier. She wrapped her arms around him and he wrapped his around her as they desperately tried to get as close as they could to each other. Her hands fell to the top of Grim's pants and she started to undo them. One of his hands came down on hers to stop her. She broke their kiss and looked at him questioningly. He smiled and realized she didn't understand that the painful tightness of his pants was one of the few things helping him remain in control. All he said was, "Not yet." She accepted this easily and he again thought that the Alpha in her was showing, she trusted him enough to not question something he was telling her. She instinctually knew it was for a good reason and she accepted that. Of course he expected in the future, if it was needed she would question him, and question him hard.

Grim wanted to ravage her, he could still feel the wildness building up inside him, but he also wanted to explore her body. He left wet kisses all down her neck, her breasts and even paused long enough to suck the skin right below her breast into his mouth to leave a little red mark marking her there. He didn't linger too long in any one spot as he had a specific place on her body he was heading too. He continued down her stomach and smiled as Jen spread her legs wide, as if she knew where he was going and what he wanted to do, he then positioned himself between her legs having reached his desired destination.

Jen felt his tongue tickle her inner thigh, giggling a little as his goatee tickled her flesh inches from her small tuft of hair. She moaned in pleasure as she felt him start to bite, start to lick and nibble her tender skin, her hips involuntary arching into him. She knew what he was doing, it all seemed natural to her, she was being marked by her Alpha, her mate and she loved this moment. She loved every feeling as he continued to lick and suck gently on her skin immediately causing a wetness to build up inside her. She heard Grim growl. "GRRRRRRRRRR" And she smiled, knowing he could smell her, knowing he could sense that she was wet, and she was willing.

Grim knew she was wet and ready for him, ready to give herself to him, fully, with all her heart and soul, and to become one with him, become his mate, his Alpha F. Hearing his growl excited Jen as she felt her body tremble in anticipation. A low moan escaped her lips as her hands roamed up and over her breasts, causing her nipples to grow harder.
Jen herself growled. "GRRRRRRRR." As she felt Grim suck the sensitive skin of her inner thigh into his mouth and she closed her eyes to savor the feeling, and was immediately caught up in a dream, a vision. She saw Grim and herself in this very same position and yet they were in a different place, a different time.

They were in a dimly lit barn; she looked up and could see the sun shining through the rafters. She could feel the straw they were laying on scratch her back. The picture faded and immediately was replaced by another. They were in a huge meadow, their clothes thrown haphazardly around them, Grim again was sucking on the skin of her inner thigh, but as quickly as the picture in her mind came into focus it was replaced by another. This time they were in a huge bed. Dark heavy curtains drawn all around them. The only light was from a few candles hanging on the wall behind the bed. The bed was a mass of silken linens and pillow. The air in the room was chilled and yet her body felt as if it were on fire, from Grim's attentions. As fast as these visions came to, she snapped back to reality, looking back up at the sky now lit with the light of a half moon, star filling the night air, not a breeze stirred the grass surrounding them. She knew then and there that she and Grim had always been meant for each other, meant to be in any lifetime.

She looked down her body at Grim, who was still working on the skin of her inner thigh. She noticed the other marks on her body. And remembered each one, marks made by Grim just moments before on his journey down her body in search of that same place on the inside of her thigh. The same place he marked in each of her visions. She knew this was his main mark, the one he would never let fade, the one marking her as his, and she loved it, loved the sensation of his gentle bites, the feeling of his lips sucking her tender skin.

She looked at the one red mark on her skin right below her right breast and another on the left side of her belly button. And smiled again remembering how he had spent so much time at each spot as he moved towards his goal. The sensations he was causing in her body were delicious. She had never felt anything like this, he brought out so much in her that she never knew she held inside, and she knew that she had never been this wet before, never wanted another man more than she wanted Grim. Just when she felt she couldn't take any more he released her skin from his mouth with a pop that made her giggle. Grim stayed there for a moment to inspect his work. He looked quite pleased with the mark, and she could tell he was having trouble controlling himself that close to her, she knew he could smell her, she was hot and wet, and wanting him inside her. But his self-control was amazing, and she loved that about him.

She felt playful and wanted to tease him, "Why do you make me look as if I have some terrible disease with all these red spots?" she asked as she pouted as best she could under such happy circumstances. "I do that so no one else will want you." He teased right back. He knew that she enjoyed his marking of her as much as he enjoyed marking her.

Grim grew serious and began to wonder if she really did understand why. He pulled her close, stroked her cheek with his hand and looked deep into her eyes. "I mark you because I want you belong to me. I mark you because you are MINE. Just as I am yours, my heart, my very soul were claimed by you from the moment I first saw you. I mark you because I want you to think of me every time your clothes rub against one of my marks, reminding you it is there, and of the time my lips put it there. I want to look at you from across a room and know that my marks are on your body in intimate places that no one else will see but me."

Jen had always considered herself a fiercely independent woman and would have balked at the idea that anyone could claim a part of her as their own. And yet, that is exactly what she wanted. Her mind reasoned that he was a wolf and they always marked their territory and were very protective of it. She found the thought of Grim marking her incredibly erotic. It felt as if he was not only marking her body but her soul as well. She wanted to let Grim into places inside of herself that she didn't ever think she would share with anyone.

Grim smiled at her as his fingers started stroking her inner thighs venturing across the mark causing her to jump at the tender spot, but loving the feeling. She was his. "You are marked my love, and soon, you will be fully mine, you will be my mate, my Alpha F. You will hold power among my people, but most importantly, you will hold my heart, and my soul." Grim said, his voice low. Jen looked into his eyes, those amazing blue eyes and could see the love in them, could see how much he loved her and she knew that she could and would with all her heart return that love.
"I know my love, and I will always be with you, forever at your side. You also hold my heart and soul, and I give myself to you, I give you all of me." Jen told Grim as he continued to stroke her thighs, looking at her small tuft of hair. She loved the way he looked at her, looked at all of her. He made her feel as if she was perfect, that in his eyes she had no flaws and that he accepted her for who she was.

Grim smiled at her words and licked his lips, Jen wondered what he had planned next, but she felt so comfortable with this man, she just relaxed, living the moment. She could still feel his hands against her legs, his fingers strumming up and down her thighs. She could feel herself throbbing and knew that she had never been this worked up with any other.
He brought this out in her. Then she felt his tongue move down her thigh, and back over the mark, but this time Grim kept his tongue moving as she felt it part her lips. She heard Grim Growl deep.

"GRRRRRRRRR, finally to taste you, you are so wet." Is all Grim said before she could feel his soft and moist tongue feeling inside her, exploring her. She growled herself, and Grim knew she was losing part herself to her wolf side, it always happened during mating. He continued to taste her, growling with each arch of her hips into his face. He took her lips into his mouth and gently sucked on them and that is when he could feel her getting close, close to her release so he pulled away, this was not the right time for that release. Jen looked at him with a confused look, and then seemed to realize that it was to soon, that this was all part of the process that would make her one with Grim. He crawled up her body, licking as he went, he licked a circle around her belly button, and over that mark, causing her to jump a little, his tongue continued up her stomach to the mark he put under her right breast, she took a deep breath, as she felt his tongue lick over it to a hardened nipple, as he took it into his mouth and gently sucked on it, making it even harder. She could feel his body against hers, his heavy breathing, she could feel his hardness laying against her bush, she moaned in pleasure and arched into him. It took a moment to register in her mind, how and when did Grim's pants come off?, she thought to herself, she had so much wanted to do that herself, and take him in her mouth. He must have slid them off during the marking she surmised, Next time I am going to taste him, just like he tasted me. Jen thought to herself as another wave of pleasure racked her body. Grim kissed back down her breast, and licked the crease under each of her firm breasts again. Before moving back up to her lips, he ran his hand through her hair, pulling her head up to him. She heard him growl again as he kissed her hard, and she kissed him back, hard, losing herself she ran her fingers through his hair, arching her hips into him, and finally feeling his manhood slip inside her. She arched her head back in pure pleasure as Grim filled her, her eyes looking at the stars, savoring the feeling of their first time.

Grim was so lost in the moment, this was it, his mate for life he looked down at her, and pulled back. Jen looked up at him and whined. She could feel him inside her. He looked down into her eyes again, "I love you" Grim said with such intensity, all Jen could do is look back into his eyes. "As I love you My Alpha M." Grim smiled and starting a slow rhythm at first, sliding in and out of her. She was so wet now, and that was allowing him to enter his whole length inside her. Grim growled deep again, loving the feeling of her, being inside her, it is as if she was made for him, to fit him. He looked into her eyes as he continued to pump in and out of her. He lifted his upper body up, still leaving himself inside her as he looked at the moon. He glanced down quickly as he felt her touch his chest, Jen had started marking him as well, right below his chest, over his heart. He watched her suck his skin, making it tingle as he continued to pump into her.

He loved the feeling of the mark, it stung his skin, excited him, he could feel Jen was getting close, she was going to go over the edge soon, her body was starting to tense up, build up to her release. He growled, "GRRRRRRRRRRRR" as he himself was almost to the breaking point. But he would never allow himself his release before Jen, and he had an idea as to what would take Jen over the edge. He was still pumping into her, her nails streaking down his back, leaving red marks. This excited him even more, intensified the moment, and all through this he never took his eyes from her, he held her eyes locked to his. He could see it in her eyes, feel it around his hardness, she was wetter, and tightening around his manhood he knew she was close. Grim kept a steady but faster pace and slid his hand into her hair on each side of her head. He looked deep into her eyes and she held the gaze, not wavering, even though he could tell that she was beyond stopping.
"YOU ARE MINE, CUM FOR ME." Grim said with such passion that all Jen could do was what he asked. She threw her head back in pure pleasure, releasing herself to him completely, "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" growling she could feel herself contract around him, feel herself moisten even more that what she was. Grim could hear her growl, low, deep from her throat and could feel her muscles tighten around him, almost holding him in place. He continued to slowly slide in and out of her as he felt her juices flowing around him. He waited for the right moment, that moment when Jen opened her eyes.
"NOW WE ARE ONE." Grim said and with each word thrust deep inside her as he felt himself tense up and release his seed deep inside her, a low feral growl escaping his lips that Jen had not heard before, but caused a reaction of her tightening around him more, trying to keep him deep inside her, to feel everything, to take everything that he could give her.
"AS YOU ARE MINE LOVE." Jen replied softly as Grim started to slow, both of their bodies covered in sweat. Grim moved to the side, sliding himself out of Jen and onto his back, Jen immediately curling up next to him, not wanting to be away from his touch even for a moment.

Neosho and Trealane were standing in the shadows outside of the club when they felt Grim's thought's. It is not widely common, but in this pack every pack member has the ability to feel what others in your pack are experiencing if it is a powerful enough thought, a powerful enough feeling. And if any pack member really concentrates, he/she can send short images and thoughts to each member of the pack.

Both of them had no doubts as to what had happened, and to what Grim was feeling. Neosho and Trealane were life mates, had been so for many years now, and their love for each other had never waned. It was strange but Trealane had always been Grim's most trusted friend, ally, and second in command, and when he had started courting Neosho Grim had given his full blessing and even helped them along with their courtship, even though he himself was still searching for his Alpha Female. Neosho smiled to herself thinking back to how Grim had accepted her, and trusted her as if she had been with him and the pack as long as Trealane had been. She was now involved in all the major talks, and discussions just as Trealane had always been, and Grim would always ask her opinion, and thoughts on any subject that he thought he needed another's perspective on.

As they looked at each other they both smiled. "Next time Grim will not be running alone. He has his life mate" Neosho whispered to Trealane as they both stood in the shadows still waiting for something or someone.
"I know dear." Trealane said with a slight irritation in his voice. "I felt it as well, he has mated, now we have an Alpha Female, our family is whole" He whispered as he looked down the winding street, watching the shadows.
"Do you think the rest of the pack felt it as well?" Neosho asked
"Probably, that was a strong sending, I do not think Grim meant for it to get out, but at the state he was in, I doubt he had much control over it, now be quiet, here he comes." Trealane laughed quietly, as he gently shoved his mate back into the shadows just as a cloaked dark figure turned the corner. They both waited as the man passed and both felt sickened as they could smell death on him, he had already killed that night, they could smell the fresh blood on his breath. He was the walking dead.

Grim had sent them out this night to watch the man, the Vampire and to try to find out where his lair was. They had tried this for many nights in the past few months, but he always seemed to slip away at that last moment. They did not think that he knew of their presence, he never showed that he knew that he was being followed, but then again, that is why Grim assigned them to this task, after Grim, they were the best at being stealthy when the need arose. They knew he would not feed again tonight, and both looked at each other with sorrow that another human had died this night.

Humans would never accept the Wolf pack had they known of them, but since the pack lived and worked in human form most of the time, they had grown fond of humans, and did not like this evil that had entered their town, killing. They had encountered Vampires before, but this one was older than the rest, and loved his killing. They all knew that where there is one vampire, there is more, and they needed to find the lair before they confronted Mhestail. They had learned his name the long ago in the club when he would always come looking for meals, or to talk to Jen. Both Neosho and Trealane told Grim of his persistence in trying to find Jen, and how angry he would get at the patrons of the club when they told him they had not seen Jen.

Grim had always made sure that Jen was followed by at least two if his strongest pack members at all times. He also had guards posted at her house at night when she went home, and was not surprised at the reports that Mhestail never came around her place. He surmised that Jen had never told Mhestail where she lived, and he had never thought to follow her home to see for himself. He had laughed at that, all Vampires where so sure of themselves, that this one never bothered to get permission to get into her house let alone even get information as to where she lived. Grim assured Trealane and Neosho that after Jen was his, had turned, and learned to hunt, that he would confront Mhestail whether they found his lair or not.

They watched as Mhestail entered the club, and they waited in the shadows.
"That was a strong sending we got from Grim." Neosho said , still wanting to talk about it.
"Yes, I know, but he has been without an Alpha Female for so long, would you expect anything less? I am sure he had a lot of pent up, ummmm, aggression for lack of a better word." Trealane said smiling to himself, never taking his eyes off of the door to the club.
"Well, yes, I am sure he did, but I have never felt anything like that, his mind was so strong, his feelings flooded into me, and hers washed over me just as strong, I almost could not take it."
Trealane turned to her with a surprised look. "You felt HER?" he asked
"Yes, It was as strong as Grim's, washing over me, she was in pure pleasure, as if finally being released from a long confinement, she loves him Trealane, I felt that as well."
Trealane turned back to the door. "She is strong in deed then, a good choice for our Alpha Female. But I did not feel her emotions, her feelings at all." Trealane said as he shrugged it off, and in a quiet passing thought whispered. "Grim choose well."

Neosho left Trealane to his watch, and fell into her thoughts. She new her mate had not felt Jen, it was as if her and Jen had been one at that moment of release, that moment of her new awakening. She was not lying to him when she told him that the feeling was strong, so strong that she almost could not hold it all in. But there was something else there, something more, it is as if there was more between them, even though they had just seen each other in passing. She felt something akin with Jen, and another name as well came to mind when she thought of Jen. The name RAYNE kept popping into her head and she could not put her finger on it, and could not wait till she could meet up with and talk to Jen, Rayne, in person again. These thoughts, and feelings were strange, but she felt as if her and Rayne, yes, Rayne it was, were family somehow.

Just then, Trealane bumped her from her thoughts with a shake and as she looked over his shoulder Mhestail walked out of the club with a beautiful woman under his arm. She grimaced knowing what would happen next, he was done feeding for the night, this was just some fun he would have her, and then he would kill her.

"We need to go Trealane, go tell Grim." Neosho said with a little fear in her voice. She knew her husband well, and knew what he was thinking.
"No, let him have this night, I can handle this." Trealane whispered back.
"You have never fought a vampire as old and as strong as this one, do not do it, he may kill you." Neosho pleaded with her mate, her words falling on deaf ears.
"I can handle it, I have killed many Vampires." Neosho said through clenched teeth
"Yes, I know, I have seen you, but he is very old, very strong, I only fear for you my love." She could see the hair on the back of his neck rise, and hear the growl coming low from his throat as he burst from the shadows, still in human form and ran head on to meet Mhestail.

Back in the forest, the moon still lighting up their spot like it was daylight, Jen laid in Grim's embrace, both of them still naked, but not cold, she was lost in thought, loving the feeling of his chest rising and falling with each breath. Her head placed right where she had placed her mark, right over his heart. His body as well as hers still glistening with sweat, but she did not care, she was his, he had marked her, and she marked him. And he had made her fully his in what was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, her body still shook and she thought Grim would thin she was cold or afraid, but then she realized that he to was shaking a little, and smiled, loving the idea that she had given him that much pleasure. She could not get over the feeling she had at that moment, the moment that he sealed her fate, he had left his seed inside her and just thinking of that warmed her body even as she felt the sweat drip off her body. Jen had never felt more at peace in all of her life. She felt as if everything she had ever experienced in her life was just to bring her to this moment. She felt as if she were on the verge of something incredible, a whole new life. And she knew that with Grim in her life, anything was possible.


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Author: Grimwulf
And Jen, who talked me into writing this story, and helps me when I hit a wall... *happy*
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are mine and mine alone.
Rating: PG-17, this is a toned down version.
Feedback: Would appreciate it.

COPYRIGHT: Alpha Enterprise

When she had started coming down from all the emotions, the feelings, the intensity, she felt something else as well. She felt as if all of her senses had been sharpened and intensified somehow. She also felt a kind of connection, it took her awhile to figure it out but it felt as if she were already part of the pack, connected to it and everyone in it. She had not mentioned it to Grim yet, she would tomorrow, she just wanted to lay there in his arms, taking in his scent, taking in his love. She loved the way he always played with her hair as he was doing now, distracting her even in her deep thoughts. He always touched her face, her hair, and she loved that feeling. But there was something else, she felt as if she was not Jen anymore, and she had a feeling that her and Neosho were something more than what appeared, even though they had never really talked she felt something more with Neosho. She had actually seen Neosho in her thoughts, she had felt her, and somehow she knew that Neosho knew what had transpired with her and Grim. And there was something else, Jen did not know why but she did not feel like Jen anymore, a name flashed in her head during the height of her release, and that name kept flashing through her mind. She was Rayne it sounded so natural, so normal.

"Grim" Rayne said a little unsure what he was thinking, his hand still playing with her hair.
"Yes Jen, I know, you felt as if the whole pack knew of our mating, and I am sure some do." That is when Grim explained to her of the packs ability to contact each other, the sending he called it. And he explained that sometimes it is stronger with other members of the pack, than some. And how both Alpha's would always be able to contact each other, and contact almost any member of the pack.
Rayne took it all in as she laid her head back onto his chest, back on her mark, she could hear his heart beating at a normal rate, he was relaxed in her arms, as she was in his.
"I sense that I should be called something other than Jen, Grim" she said worried and not sure how to approach this, he had always known her as Jen, and she was not sure what would he say or think.
"I know love, I sensed it as well, at the height of your release, the name flashed in my mind just as it did yours, it is your Wolf name, RAYNE, and I love it." He said as he leaned up and stroked her cheek as he kissed he forehead before laying his head back down. Jen, who now more than ever accepted her Wolf name RAYNE laid there and smiled, still tingling at Grim's touch, still feeling his marks on her body, and feeling that everything now was as it should be.

She thought back to the vision she had during the marking, that vision had showed her a lot of what she assumed was their past lives together, that she had hunted before, changed before, it was all natural to her now, she felt different laying there in his arms, she knew that he would teach her what she needed to know, and she knew in her heart that if she concentrated now, she could change. She thought to herself it must have something to do with the act of mating, and she would ask Grim about it later she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep in his arms, unknowing that in the last few minutes Grim had her and other things on his mind as well.

Grim had sensed something was amiss with Trealane and Neosho, he had got a glimpse in his mind of Mhestail, but that was about it, he knew they were watching him this evening, but since that one last thought, he had not felt anything from his two closest friends, and he worried that something had happened to them, but he would not take this night from Rayne, and he thought to himself, he really did love that name, and it fit her so well, but this was her night as well as his, he was confident in his friends and knew that they could take care of themselves He was confident they would return in the morning, or else they would have sent their thoughts back to him, letting him know that something was wrong. He was uneasy, but that was always the case, he had so much to take care of, but out here in the forest he felt comfortable and he let himself drift off to sleep hearing the Howls of some of his pack in the distance smiling that some of them were running as wolves that night. A small smile creased his lips as the last thoughts of conciseness left his head, and he too was asleep, naked in his lovers arms.

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Title: THE ALPHA - Part#4 - Becoming (Posted in 2 parts - PART#1)
Author: Grimwulf
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are mine and mine alone.
Rating: PG-17, this is a toned down version.
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COPYRIGHT: Alpha Enterprise

Grim's eyes fluttered open, the bright sun hurting his eyes. He moved a hand to his face and held it over his eyes, rubbing them. And then the thoughts of the night before came flooding back to him, how he and Jen, but now Rayne made love under the stars. How she became his, and he let himself go with her, unlike any other. He smiled to himself as he felt Rayne move at his side. She was still curled next to him, her head on his chest right above her mark. Finally able to take the light, he moved his hand and looked down at her, watching her sleep in his arm, laying against him, she was still naked as was he, but neither cared the morning sun was warm against his skin and she seemed so comfortable where she was. He looked at her again at her hair, that he just now noticed his other hand was playing with again, God he loved her hair, then he ran his gaze down her body again, perfect in his eyes. "Mmmmm" he heard her moan softly as he stroked her hair and she rustled round a little bit. His hand wandered about her face, laying gentle touches wherever it went as he fell back into his thoughts.

Rayne moaned again, but this was a deep moan, inside, something was stirring in her, she moved around a little more, and finally it became clear to her that Grim was again playing with her hair as she opened her eyes to the early morning sun. Her body felt warm, even though she was still naked from the night before, but she also felt comfortable here. It was an incredible feeling waking up in Grim's arms, she thought to herself, as she closed her eyes again, not wanting the this to end. She wanted to savor every last second of their first night together. Rayne just laid there, enjoying the feeling of his hands in her hair, his chest rising and falling with each of his breaths, but soon, the content feeling she had woken up with disappeared and was replaced by a restless feeling. She felt as if all of her senses were awakened, and because she was still lying next to Grim, her senses were filled with him. His wild scent filled her lungs the heat from his body was setting her body on fire. Every stroke of his hand through her hair felt as if he were stroking her entire body. She even noticed the marks Grim had made on her body felt as of they were tingling. Rayne snuggled closer to him, throwing her leg over the tops of his in an attempt to get as close to him as possible. With every passing moment the feelings intensified, they kept building inside her till she thought she would explode. She needed a release and she knew the only person who could give her the kind she needed was Grim.

Grim knew he had made the right choice, Rayne was the one, and he could see that in her from the first day he laid eyes on her, so strong, and yet, he knew that she would be so wanting as well. But as much as she had been his choice, she had chosen him as well. That was another reason he knew that she was the one. Rayne could have had anyone she wished, but there was a connection between each of them that he couldn't explain, and he knew she felt it as well. Grim started thinking that today he would have to teach her how to change, he was sure she had an idea now after their love making last night. He knew he had awoken her true Alpha Side, her wolf side last night, he could hear it in her growls, in her actions, so he was not worried about today, she would change fine, and soon enough he would teach her to hunt, and run with the pack. He had a feeling that she would be wired today, all her senses would be intensified, she would feel the need to run, she would be restless. He smiled thinking of the run they would have today, running free as wolves. He then thought about her and her impact on the others of his pack, and he knew she was up to the responsibilities of being the packs Female Alpha, she held a lot of power among his people now, and knew she would not have any problems in that aspect. He did know that there would be little fights among the single females of the pack, some were wanting his affections long before Rayne came along, and they may hold a grudge against her, but Grim had no doubt that she would put these females in their place and exert her Alpha side.

Grim was jolted out of his thoughts when he felt Rayne move out from under his reach, and as she flipped her leg over him, and then he felt the touch of her tongue against the sensitive mark where she had marked on his chest. As she began to suck on his skin again the sensitive feeling was quickly replaced with an incredibly sensuous feeling, his whole body seemed to be responding to her attention. He used both his hands to move her hair away from her face. He wanted to watch her. All his thoughts from a moment ago forgotten. All he could think of was Rayne, his love, her body against his, her smell flooding his senses, and yes, he could smell her strong again this morning, she was ready for him and he was proven correct when he felt her leave a wet trail across his leg as her bush brushed against his leg.
"GRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Grim growled at her, he could tell that he was about to get lost in this feeling, Rayne, he was not used to losing control but yet, here was Rayne, able to make him lose control in a matter of minutes.
"GRRRRRRRRRRR" Rayne growled right back sucking harder on her mark.

Rayne felt Grim's hands move the hair that had fallen in her face, but she couldn't stop. She loved the taste of his skin and couldn't get enough. She gave his mark one last swipe with her tongue to ease the sting before she continued down his chest. She moved her legs on either side of his body and straddled him as she continued southward. Grim could feel her tongue leaving a wet trail down his body, the air giving it a cool sensation that he loved, and felt her breasts as well, her nipples just barely skimming his skin as she continued down his body.

Rayne stopped at his waist, kissing his belly button. Grim arched into her as he felt one of her breasts slide against his already hard member. Grim let out another deep growl as he felt Rayne rise up a little, and then he felt her mouth around him, slowly taking his length inside her wet mouth. This caused him to arch again, but Rayne was ready and took all of him, not hesitating at all. She continued to work on his shaft, growling herself as she loved his taste, loved the feel of him in her mouth, and ESPECIALLY loved the power she had over Grim right now. Grim knew this as well, and he knew he had to stop her. He had more control then most men, but this was too much. He knew if he let this go on much longer, he would be too far-gone. Grim raised himself up on both elbows to shift his position to take control of the situation, he could see her still working on him, and could tell she loved it, but he was almost past the point of no return, he placed his hand on her shoulder, but she used her own hand on his chest to stop him. He tried again, and she placed more pressure on his chest to keep him still.
God he loved her aggressiveness and determination, but he couldn't allow her to continue. He grabbed both her shoulders and pulled her upwards a little, looking into her eyes as she released him from her mouth with a snarl. She looked into his eyes not understanding what he was doing and even attempted to continue. Grim growled and said her name forcefully enough to claim her attention again. He said the only thing that he felt would convince her not to continue that would be for another day he though.
He growled again, "I need to be inside you NOW."

Rayne pouted a little, but quickly crawled back up his body and kissed him long and hard, trying to convey to him the uncontrollable desire she felt for him and telling him that she was not done, and would finish him off this way another time. She continued to kiss him and began to rock her body against his, her bush sliding against his shaft creating a delicious friction between them. Rayne leaned in close to him and she could feel him part her lower lips just a little bit. She all of the sudden broke their kiss and sat straight up. Grim looked up at her, she was beautiful with only the sky behind her. Rayne looked into Grim's eyes, whispered to him "I love you" as she lowered herself onto him, taking him in completely. Grim growled at the feeling of how wet she was and how soft she felt all around him. Rayne was lost in the feeling of Grim filling her up and fitting her so perfectly. All conscious thoughts stopped, she was operating on need and instinct only. She began to set a quick pace of raising and lowering herself onto Grim. Every stroke sent her higher and higher, building a release in her unlike anything she had ever known. Grim couldn't take his eyes off of her. He slowly looked up her body, she looked incredible towering over him, a light sweat starting to glisten off her skin, her breasts bouncing with her movements, but it was the look in her eyes that made him growl. The look in her eye could be nothing less then primal, animalistic need. He absolutely loved it. He wanted to give her all the pleasure that one human could give another. He grabbed both of her hips and helped her with her up and down motion. Then moved one hand to the patch of hair just above lips. He used his thumb and found that sweet hard spot that made her entire body shake when he touched it, when he stroked it, and played with it. She growled and placed her hand over his, not allowing him stop. "That's it." Grim growled. Rayne growled back, slamming her body down hard on Grim one last time, taking him as deep as she possibly could.
Grim heard her long low growl forming deep in her throat, it was pure primal, and he loved it and felt her incredible hot wetness cover his shaft. That was too much for Grim, he had held out as long as was possible as he grabbed her hips and arched into Rayne, trying to go deeper, which was not possible as he let out a loud primal growl as he released hard inside her. They were both lost in their mutual orgasms, time standing still as their bodies tensed up. Finally after many minutes Rayne fell to Grim's chest unable to gather enough energy to move off of him, and in no hurry to do so. Grim wrapped his arms around her and pulled her as close as possible as then came down from their incredible morning.

Rayne finally slid off of Grims body, and stood up looking around, it was such a beautiful day, and all she could see was Blue skies, the sun shining, warming her body, birds flying in the sky. She hear a splash, and looked over at the water, seeing the ripples of where a fish must have jumped. Rayne stood there mesmerized, watching, as the ripples got closer to shore.
Grim was lying on his elbow, again looking at her naked body, and loving every bit of it. He loved this woman, and he would give anything to make her happy. He stood up and walked over behind her, sliding his hands around her waist, jolting her from her daydream.
"Care for a swim, to get cleaned up love?" Grim asked kissing her ear.
She turned slightly, not wanting him to let go as she placed her hands over his on her stomach.
"Won't it be cold?" Rayne asked softly.
Grim smiled again, she was not worried about standing here naked with him, she was not worried about taking a bath in the lake, she was just worried about the temperature. He giggled into her ear. And she elbowed him softly in the ribs.
"Rayne, My love, the lake is warm this time of year, it has a natural hot spring that warms the waters, it is not shower hot, but it is warm enough to be comfortable."
Rayne stood there looking at the water. Grim wondered what she would do, but was pleasantly surprised when she opened his arms and ran head on in the water, diving in head first, and not surfacing till she was many feet from shore.
"Come on love" She yelled, "Or are you chicken?"
Grim just smiled and dove in after her, swimming out to meet her and again wrapping her in his arms.
"I love you Rayne." Grim said as he kissed her deeply.
"As I love you." She replied after the kiss

They swam and played for about an hour, and even got clean before deciding it was time to leave the water, there skin was starting to prune up, and Grim was making jokes towards Rayne about her wrinkling up, and Rayne was giving it right back, insinuating that the water was making Grim, "shrink" in size. They both climbed out of the water, and went to rest on the blanket, letting the warm air blow over them and dry their bodies.

The sat there, in each other's arms quiet for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of each other, being with each other.
It was during this time that Grim remembered the sending from Neosho, the one single thought of Mhestail. He was pissed at himself for not remembering this sooner, but Rayne had so taken his attentions this morning that he never thought about it till now. And of course, neither Neosho nor Trealane had sent him a message, or tried to contact him, so he was not overly worried about them. But he still lost himself in thought, pondering what the vision of Mhestail meant, he knew that sometime today he would go see his friends, and introduce them to their new Alpha Female, but he still had a feeling that something may have gone wrong. He concentrated and tried sending his thoughts at first to Neosho, and then to Trealane, both of them unresponsive to his call. This started to worry Grim even more, they should be able to answer him, at least let him know what is up, he had always been able to contact Trealane, even at great distances, and that was another reason he had always trusted him, they had grown up together, pack friends since birth, and they both went through the changing together, but now it was oddly quiet, and Trealane was not answering his call. It was then that he felt something touch his face, and he jolted back to reality, sitting up ready to attack.
"Grim, what is wrong?" He heard Rayne's soft voice ask as she touched his cheek and turned his face towards her. "You look very worried and you were staring off in a trance, I was worried Grim." She said as she kissed him softly on the lips.
"It, it is nothing Rayne, No worries." Grim said as he relaxed a little and leaned back down.
"That is a load of crap and you know it Grim." Rayne said, as she looked at him with a hard accusing stare. "I could read you before, and now my love, I can read you even better. What we shared last night was more than just love making my Alpha M, we became one, my soul to your soul, and I know something is wrong, NOW TELL ME."

Even though his thoughts were with Neosho and Trealane, Grim could not help but smile. Here she was, not even a day as his life-mate, and she was already exerting her power, already testing him, he had never been questioned like this from another, but then again, he thought to himself, she was un-like any other, and what she said was true. What they had last night was stronger than anything he had ever felt, he had truly given himself to her, all of himself, and she had given all of herself to him as well. The connection they held was only made stronger by their love making, that final moment when he left his seed inside her, he knew that he would and could not love another.

(WHAP) Grim felt a small slap against his chest, and he realized he had let himself slip into his thoughts again. "Hey" he said as Rayne looked at him with that hard look. "I was going to tell you love. But this is a long story."
"Well you were taking to long, and started to have that dazed look again." Rayne said

They both stood up and got dressed and after they had finished, Grim started leading her down another path that looked as if it wound around the lake. They walked for a short distance saying nothing as Rayne let Grim compose his thoughts. Grim started, and Rayne walked with him, looking at him with interest.

"Last night, after we made love, and right before I fell asleep, I got a picture in my mind, one of your friend Mhestial." Grim said, and waited to see what Rayne would say.
"Yes, I was going to ask you about the sending, I believe Neosho and I had something like that, but more than that last night, I was going to ask you about it this morning, but was otherwise, pre-occupied. And what does Mhestail have to do with this, he is my friend, and I have to be honest with you Grim, he has been pursuing me for months now, do you know him?"
Grim shook his head yes, and proceeded to tell her everything, of the first night he had seen Mhestail, and how he and some of the pack have been hunting Mhestail and his clan for months now. How he was at the club those nights to protect and watch out for her, and how he always had people watching her. He told her he knew that Mhestail was chasing her, and through the entire time he told Rayne everything he knew of Mhestail, except one thing, he watched Rayne's facial features for her reaction to all this.

They were walking along the lakes edge, Rayne still not saying anything, until a few minutes later when she spoke up.
"So, why are you hunting Mhestail, and what do you mean by clan?"
Grim proceeded to tell her that Mhestail was a vampire, that yes they exist, just as his species exists in the world, and he told her of many other species unknown to mortal man that exist as well. She told him of how Mhestail had came to town with his clan and started killing people, usually the people that nobody will miss, but Mhestail himself was more brazen, going to clubs looking for his food, and his kills.
Again Rayne walked along in silence, saying nothing for many long moments.
"I had a feeling something was up with Mhestial, he was always so pushy, and so needy of me, I never trusted him fully, but I never thought he was a killer.
"Why did he not just take me?" Raven asked Grim. To be honest, she was a little in shock, she had always heard of vampires, but never really believed in them, but as she continued to think through this all, she came to understand that of course if there was a species like Grim, and now, herself, that there could be vampires and others as well.

"Well, from what I and my pack can tell, he wanted you for something else, we think that he was merely playing you, he was intrigued by your strength, and he wanted to break that in you, he wanted to turn you after he broke you, and I think it frustrated him that you would never give into him. I also think he wanted you as his love." Grim replied
"Well, he was a very charming man when he wanted to be, and I did know that he flirted with others, but I would have never trusted him enough to give myself to him." Just then a look of surprise came across her face. "The others? Dead?" She asked simply "Some are, some we saved, we saved the ones we were able to, and still keep our secret he could cause us a lot of damage if he knew we existed. We have done considerable damage to his clan though, and I know that is angering him as well. He is trying to seek us out, or should I say, seek out who is killing his minions."

Rayne barely heard the last of what Grim was telling her. She suddenly felt dizzy, overheated and sick to her stomach. It came on so fast that she didn't have time to say anything to Grim. She stopped walking and tried to catch her breath and slow her heartbeat which was racing so fast she thought it would pop out of her chest. Grim caught her just before he legs gave out from underneath her. He lowered her gently to the grass and continued to hold her in his arms. "I'm sorry Grim, I don't know what's wrong." She whispered, he could hear the tension in her voice. Grim pushed the hair out of her face and behind her ear and could tell she was overheating. He knew what she needed, she needed to change, she had held it off so long it was starting to take over. That is what this morning was all about, she had mistaken the need to change with the need to be with him. He was amazed that she had been able to hold it off for so long, usually the first change was uncontrollable. He immediately wanted to set her mind at ease. "Rayne you going to be fine, you need to change." He wasn't sure that she had heard him because there was no response from her. He knew that if she fought it the change would be slower and become painful, he needed to reassure her. He took her face in his hands and looked deep into her eyes, "Rayne, Do you trust me?" Rayne's brain was so cloudy she was having trouble focusing on anything, but she did see and hear Grim. It was difficult to understand what he was asking her but she knew the answer was yes, so she nodded her head.
"Ok." Grim said as he took her head in his hands. "Look into my eyes Jen, you need to concentrate, you have held on this long, and if you can hold on a little longer, it will go much easier for you. I know you can Rayne, you have the strength, fight it back down, and walk with me some more."
Rayne sat there for a long time, looking into Grim's eyes, drawing from his strength, and adding it to hers, she felt the restlessness subside a little more, and she felt that once again, she was in control. She stood up, and brushed herself off, looking back at Grim.
"So, what do we do about him? And what about Neosho and Trealane" Rayne asked
She was worried about the pair, even though she just met them not long ago, but she kept having that feeling that her and Neosho were more than what it seemed. And she was repulsed my Mhestail and what he was, and what he was trying to do to her, but she had to defer this to Grim, he had been around longer, and would know what to do.
"Nothing, for the moment." Grim said when he looked at Rayne and saw the surprised expression on her face. I will handle Mhestail in time, and with your help. As for Neosho and Trealane, yes I am worried about them, neither has responded to my calls.
"Then we should do something Grim." Rayne said with a little urgency
"Soon Rayne." Is all Grim said as they continued to walk the path around the lake.
She fell into her thoughts, re-thinking everything that Grim had just told her, and was shaken out of those thoughts minutes later when a wolf burst through the trees and stood in their path, growling at them. Grim stood there, staring back at the wolf, but the wolf had its intentions on Rayne. Rayne was not frightened, but became defensive, the wolf walked right up to her, the hair on it's neck still raised, growling low from the throat, and baring its white fangs. Rayne sniffed the air, she could tell this was a female, and now that she knew this, she could smell the scent of others around, males and females, and her senses were heightened even more, she could smell the other forest animals as well.
Rayne did not back down, she stared back at the wolf as Grim stepped in from of her, a low feral growl coming from his throat.
"Leave us Sierra, NOW!!!" Grim growled with such ferocity that Rayne had never heard before. The wolf merely looked at him, and cowered a little, still showing her teeth towards Rayne.
Grim walked straight over to the wolf, unafraid, and this was to much for the wolf to handle, she cowered down, tail between her legs as Grim repeated his message.
"LEAVE, NOW."!!!!
The wolf he called Sierra gave on last look at Rayne, hatred in her eyes and took off for the trees. Once the wolf was no longer in sight Grim turned back to Rayne, who was standing there, her hands balled into fists.
"What the hell was that about?" Rayne demanded He wolf side starting to take control again.
Grim walked over to her, and put each of her hands in his, holding them to his chest, and looked into her eyes.
"I told you love, there were others who wanted my bed, Sierra was one of those. She thought that she should be my life mate, my Alpha F."
It became so clear at that moment to Rayne, no wonder this wolf was angry, she had taken the spot that Sierra thought should be hers. He Alpha instincts were at an all time high, but again, Grims touch, and his strength helped her keep it a bay longer.

"Hmmm, well then, I will have to handle her later." Rayne said, smiling back up at Grim.
Grim looked pleased as he turned and lead Rayne down the winding path. But what he did not see is the inner thoughts of Rayne, she knew she had to put this Sierra down, not kill her, but make her understand who was the Alpha female in this pack. But she did not want to worry Grim about that, he had other important things on his mind.
She was jolted back to reality when Grim brought her through a tangle of trees, and she looked out onto a huge cabin sitting on the edge of the lake. All she could see was windows that faced the water, and marveled as to how beautiful it fit into the landscape around it, as if it too belonged there. She turned to Grim and looked at him with a questioning look.
"My home Rayne, now OUR home love" Grim said as he moved a wisp of her hair away from her face. She immediately moved her cheek to touch his hand, loving the touch of his hand on her skin. He leaned in and gave her a deep kiss, his hand still in her hair, touching her cheek, she felt herself get wet again. God she loved the effect he had on her, but she also felt something else, that wild feeling, that restless itch. She could not put her finger on it yet, but something was making her restless
Grim released her from the kiss and led her to the cabin, he proceeded to tell her of how centuries ago his ancestors had come to this mountain, and when the time came, and humans started moving into the surrounding areas, they bought this mountain for the pack, so that no human could disturb their lands. It has been passed down to each Alpha as he ascends into his leadership role, to keep the lands safe. Not one pack member own the mountains, it is the property of the entire pack, so anything that has to be decided on involving the mountain has to be voted on by the entire pack, that way not one or two can take control of it.
He explained that in years the town had tried to purchase the mountain back from them, but each member had always refused, and that is why this mountain and this valley have remained the way they are, and why his cabin looked as if it belonged here. On closer inspection Rayne could tell that it was not a normal cabin, sure it looked like one, it had glass, walls, etc. One of the things she noticed was that the trees were not cut down to make room for it, it actually had trees as parts of the walls, part of the support system in the house.
Grim looked at her and knew that this was a lot to take in such a short amount of time. He grabbed her by the hand and led her into the cabin. As soon as she entered she realized that her thoughts of the exterior of the cabin were correct. Inside it was a spacious 2 level cabin, and the view out the front windows was magnificent. But it was everything else that caught her eye. The cabin was actually built around the trees, using them as supports for the ceiling. This cabin actually had the trees from the forest as part of its structure, and she found it beautiful as she looked upon them. She heard a noise and turned around to see Grim standing in the kitchen, that is when she started looking more closely and noticed that this main floor held the kitchen, a large living area over looking the lake, and some rooms off the back she could not tell what they were. In the middle of the cabin was a flight of stairs that lead to the loft where she assumed was Grim's bedroom, and of course, hers as well now. She was still looking around, marveling at all the sites in the cabin when she looked back at Grim digging in the fridge, and noticed that it held nothing more than some eggs, juice, and soda. She smiled.
"Needs a woman's touch." Rayne jokingly said. Grim almost looked embarrassed. But responded. "Well I have been single a long time Rayne."
"I can tell, your decorating skills are, and well do you have any at all?" She laughed
"And what about that fridge, no food, I am surprised it is not full of beer as well."
"Well, yeah, ok, Grim said laughing along with her, "As for the beer, it dulls the senses, so I do not drink."
Rayne smiled back, knowing how much Grim had to always keep control, of all his responsibilities. She walked over to him and looked up into his eyes, she stood on her tiptoes as Grim leaned down and she kissed him deep and hard, again feeling as if all her senses were heightened when around him. She released the kiss, only to get control of herself and said.

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Title: THE ALPHA - Part#4 - Becoming (Posted in 2 parts - PART #2)
Author: Grimwulf
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are mine and mine alone.
Rating: PG-17, this is a toned down version.
Feedback: Would appreciate it.

COPYRIGHT: Alpha Enterprise

"Good thing I am here to help you now love." As she bounded over to the couch to look out the front window. Grim smiled to himself, again feeling like he was the luckiest man on earth to have found her. He walked up to the couch and sat next to her as Rayne cuddled next to him. "I think I am going to take a shower love." Grim said.
Rayne turned to him, a look of shock on her face and jumped up with such speed that it took Grim by surprise as she landed on top of him, pushing him down on the couch.
"You have a shower, a HOT shower and did not tell me?" Rayne said
Grim just merely smiled at her. "Oh, did I forget to tell you?" He said almost laughing.
(WHAP) She hit him on the chest.
"Now do not get me wrong, I loved the outdoors, I loved making love to you outside, and I loved the dip in the lake. But you had a HOT shower and neglected to tell me." Rayne said as she pushed Grim back down on the couch. "Ohhhhh, I just want too ------" She let the thought trail off as she hopped off of Grim and ran to the back, looking in the last 2 rooms for the shower.
"Ahhh, I get it first." Rayne said victoriously as she shut the door.
Grim pulled himself up from the couch with a huge smile on his face, she may be the Alpha F, but he knew that she would still love the comforts of a home. He knocked on the shower room door, expecting her to let him in.
"Ah ha, I see, you do not tell about your shower, and now you expect me to let you in. HA, you are lucky this is all I will do, as for not telling me about the shower, I will shower ALONE" Grim tried to respond, but the shower started and he was sure his voice was drowned out by the water. He smiled again, a small price to pay for the look on her face he thought as he went to the kitchen to try and make some sort of meal from his meager stores of food.

Mhestail was in a overly foul mood, he had almost not made it back to his lair before dawn, and the woman he was going to play with ran off, thank to those two, well those two things. He knew they were not human, not after the fight they put up. They were the reason that his prey had ran away, he was walking her down the street when a man attacked him from the shadows, but yet, he was not a man, he had the smell of something else. Something as old as he was. But he could not quite figure it out. The fight had lasted longer than he had wanted it too, the man fought well, and when he was having trouble, his female companion came in to help as well. The strangers had done a lot of damage to him, and he was weak, he needed to rest, but he needed to think. He had to find out who these two were. Were they the ones killing his minions? Or was this just a coincidence? Mhestail was not sure, and he hated not being in control of any given situation. Added to all this was Jen's disappearance from the club for a few nights now, and he was very angry indeed. He stormed through his room, throwing things in a flurry of anger. He was going out again tonight, back to the club, he needed to see Jen, to talk to her, he was going to turn her within the week, if he could find her. And he needed to find more information on the two that attacked him last night. He had to leave the fight early because of the son rising, but he was for sure that neither could have survived, the man was down and out, and the woman was not in any better shape when he had to leave the fight. He hated running, but better that then turning into dust.
Just about the time that he was going to rest through the day Liana walked in.
"What's wrong with you, you look like crap." She asked him. Hr was about to jump down her throat, but remembered that she had been with him longer than any of his other people that he turned, she had actually begged him to turn her when she found out. She was just as evil as he was, and he was always happy to have her at his back. But then again, if he turned his back at the wrong time, he had no doubts that she would stab him in the back. But up until now she had always been as trustworthy as a vampire could be.
"Nothing, a little fight last night, nothing I could not handle." He responded getting angry.
"Yeah, looks like you handled it well, you look horrible." Liana said as she walked over to him and licked the black blood that was dripping from his split lip. She always could have her way with him, and now that he was bleeding, she was even more excited.
Mhestail was about to push her away, and then realized that this would be a good distraction; Liana always offered a good distraction when he needed one. He licked her lips back, biting it and causing her own black blood to drip out onto her chin. Their sex was always savage, brutal, and many times left one or both of them short of blood. But it was how they passed the time. Mhestail walked back to his chamber with Liana in tow, he had a lot of aggression left, and he would take it out on her, she would be all to willing.

Rayne walked out of the shower with only a towel covering her features to see Grim at the table with hot pancakes and eggs steaming on a plate in front of him.
"Hungry my love?" He asked.
"More than you know and thank you." Rayne responded as she sat down and helped herself to the food Grim had prepared. Grim just sat there watching her eat. He was still in thrall as to her beauty, and now seeing her sitting across the table from him, her hair wet and hanging, her body, naked under the towel. "Grrrrrr" Grim let out a quiet growl.
He could feel the want building inside him again; he wanted to take her here and now.
But he got control of his emotions because he could sense, he could feel the wildness building in Rayne, the restlessness inside her, and he knew why. She needed to change, and change soon, he was amazed as to how well she was controlling herself, it had to be making her body just want to run, like it was on a non stop power rush, but yet she was controlling that urge.

"Rayne" Grim started as she looked up at him. "It is time." Grim knew the wolf in her needed to take over, and how she continued to fight it. Grim could only think of a few times when his own wolf side had been able to come out with out his seeking it out, when he was challenged. Rayne looked at him at first with a confused look, and then she realized what he meant. It was time for her to change, and she felt a surge of excitement rush through her body. This is what she had been feeling all day, it had to be. She had been wound up all day long, and now she knew why.
"When, now?" is all she responded.
"Yes, let's go outside love." Grim responded as he got up and walked to the door.
"Let me get my clothes." Rayne started to say, but then remembered that when she watched Grim transform his clothes just fell to the ground in a heap. And then she noticed Grim was taking his clothes off as well as he made his way to the door. Under normal circumstances she would be shy, but as Grim was not normal, she had always felt comfortable around him, and let her towel fall to the floor as she followed him outside.
Grim again watched her walk out of his house, and noticed her beauty, he noticed her breasts gently bouncing as she walked and his mark, he noticed his other mark at her belly button, and then her neatly trimmed bush, that mark could hardly be seen with were it was placed, it was his spot, but he knew it was there, and then he moved to her hair, her wet hair that we wanted to touch so bad right now. Again Grim had to fight the urge to take her again, right here and now he wanted to take her, be held back. It was not the time, he had to get her to change or the build up inside her would drive her insane.

Rayne was actually doing the same thing as she walked out of the cabin. Looking at Grim, at his eyes, those always piercing blue eyes then to his goatee which she loved, and giggled a little as she remembered it tickling her inner thigh when he marked her, and then her gaze fell to his chest, and her mark right above his heart. Her gaze fell to the many scars on his chest, and new that one day he would tell her stories of those scars, as her gaze fell to his shaft and she to felt the urge to take him, to be riding him again, she wanted to feel him inside her, now, but she knew that this was something else, he was going to teach her to change. So she held back with all her strength, later she would satisfy her urge, but not now, this of course did not stop her from feeling herself getting wet just looking at him.

"Grrrrrrr" Grim growled again, he could smell her wetness, and that did not help his control, but he focused on the task at hand.
"Rayne, go inside yourself, concentrate and see your inner wolf, once you see her, all you have to do is think about it and you ill turn. Do not get upset if it does not happen the first time, it may take a few tries to see your inner wolf."
At first Rayne did not understand what Grim meant about her inner wolf. But as she closed her eyes and looked inside herself, fell into her mind, her soul, she seen a shadow streak across her vision in her mind. At first she pulled back, but then realized that this is what Grim meant. She started to look at the shadows, staring and then slowly she could see a pair of eyes looking back at her from those shadows of her mind. She could feel the will power of the wolf holding back. It did not want to come to her. "Rayne." She called out to the wolf in the shadow. "Rayne, I know you can hear me, and I know you know who I am. I am you in human form, come to me Rayne." Rayne heard a growl in her mind, low and deep, the wolf in the shadows still would not come out. Rayne started to wonder if she should ask Grim, but knew that he could not help her anymore than he had already, this was her task, something she had to do, and she would do it for herself, and for him, the man she loved with all her heart and soul, and whom she had given herself fully too.
Just as those thoughts left her mind, the wolf stepped out of the shadows, at first Rayne was unsure of how it was possible; this wolf was so sleek, so beautiful, and so white.
It was almost a pure white wolf with a little bit of gray darkening the features. But how in the world could it hide in the shadows so well. Then she realized that this was it, the wolf had come out, she had passed the test, and in her mind her inner wolf had accepted her. Rayne wondered if it was her strength to keep going, or her love for Grim. At that moment, she did not care, she fell into the wolf, almost merging with it, and then she was looking at Grim through different eyes. She could feel herself and the wolf inhabiting the same mind. She looked up at Grim and tilted her head. She could tell he was human, but was not afraid, she tried to speak, and a small bark came flooding out. She tried to laugh, but realized that she could not. And then she felt the push of the wolf mind on hers, trying to exert it dominance over her and she remembered what Grim had told her of the balance, that if she were to lose it, she would be the wolf, and not be able to take human form and she fought it back, exerting herself as the dominate side of the mind.
Again she looked up at Grim, wondering what to do next, all her senses we heightened even more than before, she could smell every animal in the forest, she could smell Grim, and his part human part wolf scent, his wild scent, still intoxicating to her in wolf form, she could smell fresh blood and new that something had been killed in the forest and how she wanted to go hunt something herself, to be in the thrill of the hunt, the joy of the kill, to taste her first kill. Her human mind almost reeled at that, the thought of hunting and killing, but then it also seemed natural, and then she remembered Grim telling her that it was all in the balance of her mind, and the balance of nature. They hunted, but they only hunted to feed and only when needed, they never hunted just to kill, or for fun, and she remembered him telling her that as a pack they hunted every full moon, when they had no control over the change.
This time when she looked back at Grim, she was looking up into the eyes of the largest wolf she had ever seen, staring into those same blue eyes. She thought he looked bigger this time, than that one single time she changed for him. She thought to herself that this would be hard to get used to, still being able to think and remembered her human memories, but having all the wolfs as well, and the wolfs urges, and desires, and of course, not being able to talk in human language.

Grim had shared with her on the walk to his cabin that in wolf from all they could do is growl, bark, and send thoughts, and that is how they communicated.
It was at that point that she got an image of her and Grim running the forest, running through the trees, and an image of a chase, hunting a deer. And Rayne knew that it came from Grim, and knew that it was time for her to learn to hunt, to stalk, to kill in wolf form. She bounded from the porch in to the forests at a dead run, loving the feeling of pure freedom, the air blowing through her almost white fur, this was the single most exciting and exhilarating thing that she had ever felt, and she loved it, she looked back and let a howl out as she seem Grim racing right behind her. And she had the sense that he was happy as well, happy that she was able to change, able to be his true Alpha F.
Rayne came to a fast stop as Grim walked up beside her, he nuzzled her nose, and she nuzzled back. But she smelled something, there was a deer close by, and it was sick, it would not make it through the coming winter, and for some reason her instincts told her this was the deer to hunt, to chase. It was then in her human mind that Rayne remembered reading that wolves will first hunt and kill the sick animals, leaving the strong to survive. And it all made sense. She looked at Grim, who also had the scent, but was waiting to see what Rayne would do. She bared her teeth in a growl, and took off in the right direction the scent was coming from. Rayne caught sight of a deer in her line of vision and went chasing after it.

She wasn't very quiet in her approach and the deer was alerted much sooner then it should have been. She made a mental note to work on that. She knew she couldn't take down a deer by herself but having committed herself to the chase she didn't want to back down now. She was so intent on guessing the deer's next direction change she didn't see the other female wolf until she was almost upon it. Rayne was startled and came to a dead stop, the deer forgotten at the sight of another wolf.
Even though Grim couldn't see Rayne from where he was trotting along he could smell her scent and knew exactly where she was. Then a new scent hit his senses, he smelled another wolf, maybe two. He had an idea who the wolves were, but there was to many scents in the air for him to know for sure. Just then another smell hit him, and sent him off at a full paced run, he smelled fear.

Rayne slowly moved closer to the female wolf, trying to discern whether she was friendly or not. The other wolf snarled and bared her teeth at Rayne, the hair on the back of her neck raised as she lowered her head, nipping at Rayne, this caused her to stop her approach. Even though Rayne hadn't been schooled on proper introductory procedures, she knew she must watch her step this wolf was not exhibiting any friendly behavior. And though Rayne herself was the stranger in the woods and had not been formerly introduced to anyone in Grim's pack, she wasn't about to defer to someone she wasn't sure should even be here. Rayne growled back, it she would not show weakness to this wolf, she was the Alpha.

Just then Grim burst through the trees and set himself between Rayne and the other female wolf. The other female wolf growled towards Rayne again before Grim nipped at her, showing her that this was not a tolerable action. He quickly glanced at Rayne to make sure she was ok, and seeing she was, he turned his attention to the other wolf.
It was Neosho, and Grim surprised to see her here. He walked over to her and licked her muzzle. He was truly relieved to see that she was here, after worrying about her and Trealane this morning. Neosho immediately moved back to show him something behind her, it was Trealane and he was badly hurt. There were multiple cuts and bruises on his face and chest and one very deep cut in right under his ribs. After closer inspection Grim realized that his breathing was shallow but his wounds had been cleaned, he assumed by Neosho. He turned and sent a vision of Mhestail to Neosho trying to find out what happened and then he realized she had some cuts and bruises of her own and they had not been tended too as Trealane's had been. Grim immediately began to lick her wounds to clean them, Neosho allowing him to tend her without a single whine or complaint. Grim got a few small flashes of what looked to be a long and drawn out fight between these two and Mhestail, but nothing concrete.

Grim immediately understood that after the fight Neosho and Trealane had to change into wolf form, and now could not change back nor send him any messages as too where they had been, they were both tired and weak, an needed rest. He was pleased to see that they did change though, as the wolf form can heal faster than that of the human form. Grim turned to seek out Rayne's help and was disappointed to see her retreating away from the scene. That she would leave his two friends, and that she had so easily misunderstood his attentions to Neosho. His heart wanted to run after her and tell her what was going on but he knew he had to take care of his friends, it was his duty to protect the pack and he had failed them, and now he had to make it right.

Rayne didn't know really what to do, Grim was already cleaning the female wolfs wounds, and the other male was clean, but still hurt, she could sense that he would be down for a few days at least. They were both hurt, tired and probably hungry and she could only think of one thing to do to help. She would hunt and bring them something to eat, it was only a small thing and yet she knew it was the only was she could help. She remembered all that Grim had taught her this morning. She kept her nose low to the ground and felt for ground disturbances with the sensitive pads of her paws. She got lucky and came across a strong rabbit scent, two or three she guessed. She track them slowly, unlike the deer that she was chasing only moments before, she paced herself after them, and finally seeing an opening she pounced on the first one, grabbing it between her front paws as she broke it's neck with her powerful jaws. A few minutes later she returned to see Grim still licking the females wounds with the male resting at her side.

She brought one of the rabbits and laid it in front of the male who nibbled at it, and then laid one in front of female, she did not cower as she laid the rabbit down, Rayne knew she still had to show strength in any situation, this was to help them recover, to help them get some food they otherwise would not be able to catch themselves. It was her job to take care of the pack as well as Grim's. It was then that the female wolf licked her muzzle as if saying thanks, and she received a single thought, sorry.
That is when Rayne figured out who these two were, this was Neosho, and she was apologizing for her earlier actions. Which would mean the male was Trealane, now that she had their scent, she would never mistake them again, and she was pleased that she was able to help and looked forward to talking with them later. Rayne licked Neosho's muzzle in acceptance of her apology and walked back towards Grim

Grim looked over at Rayne, and she thought she could see a smile in his wolf eyes as he turned back to lick more of Neosho's wounds. Rayne retreated a few feet and sat down and began to eat the third rabbit of her kill, her first taste of meat as a wolf, and she savored every bite, every tear of the rabbits flesh. She knew this was not much, but it was her first kill and she was proud of it. And as she watched Trealane eat one of the other rabbits, she thought to herself that she had done well.

It was later that day when Rayne and Grim finally made their way back to the cabin in human form, she had caught and killed the rabbits for his two friends, he had mistaken her leaving for something else, and he was glad that it was not what he thought, he loved that she took control of that part of the situation, immediate realizing what she could do to help. Neosho and Trealane were back at their home, all their wounds treated and now thanks to Rayne, they at least had some food in their bellies. Rayne had also eaten on one of the rabbits, and through the whole thing, not once did her human mind reel at the thought, she had let herself go to her wolf side, and had handled it better than she had ever hoped. Her inner wolf, and her had a new found respect for each other, and she knew that now she would never have to fight with bringing the wolf from the shadows again. She was the Alpha, and her inner wolf knew this as well.

Rayne and Grim changed back into their human forms, and had taken a shower, together this time, a shower in which they made love again, for he 3rd time in less than 24hours. They were both still feeling a rush from the hunt, and from finding Neosho and Trealane. After the shower, Grim was sitting on the couch, looking out over the lake as the sun started to set. He was lost in thought when Rayne walked out of the bathroom ready for whatever was going to happen next. She walked over and sat down next to Grim, and curled up under his arm. Feeling his body hear against hers, she again, felt more comfortable than she ever had, and knew that she could spend the rest of her life, right here, in this position. She looked up at Grim, and knew he was thinking through some deep thoughts. She almost felt guilty that she had taken so much of his time today, when he could have been searching for his friends. But he told her many times that they could take care of themselves, and this was her night, and her day, everything that happened today, needed to happen or the outcome could have been a disaster.
"Grim, love, you are planning on going into town tonight aren't you?" Rayne asked him softly
"Yes." Was his short response.
"I know love, and I am going with you." Rayne said.
"NO, you are not, this is all to new to you," Grim told her sternly looking at her.
"Oh no Grim, you are not pulling that on me, I may be new to all this but I am the Alpha Female, you are my love, and it is my job to be at your side, helping you and helping the pack.
Grim smiled at her, knowing she was right, and again loving that she exerted her strength when she needed to, not letting him get away with anything.
"Well then, tonight we go to town" Grim said as he got up holding Rayne's hand as he walked to the door and left the cabin as the sun fell behind the mountains.

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Title: THE ALPHA - Part#5 - Enemies (Posted in 2 parts - PART#1)
Author: Grimwulf
Also a shout out to Jen who helps me when I ask her.. *happy*
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are mine and mine alone.
Rating: PG-17, this is a toned down version.
Feedback: Would appreciate it.

COPYRIGHT: Alpha Enterprise

Grim and Rayne walked out of the cabin, and climbed into Grim's car as they headed to Trealane and Neosho's place to check on them. Rayne could tell that he was worried about his two friends and just wanted to make sure they were ok. It was a 15min drive from Grim's cabin to Trealanes. Trealane had picked a spot on the other side of the lake, and a little higher up in the mountains. Grim and Rayne talked lightly on the trip over, and Rayne was actually looking forward to talking to Neosho some more, they had still not discussed the sending nor the feeling of having something more between them, not with all that had gone on. As Grim pulled into the driveway he leaned over and gave Rayne a kiss on the lips.
"It will be ok, talk to her Rayne."
Rayne said nothing and just smiled loving the fact that again Grim could read her like this. They both walked up the cabin as the door swung open and Neosho was standing there smiling at them. She looked much better Rayne thought, she of course had changed back to human from, but her clothes covered any wounds that would normally show, and her face actually had some more color to it. She greeted Grim with a kiss on the cheek and a hug as she told him Trealane was in the living room. Grim hugged her back and told her he was happy that they were ok and went to talk with Trealane.
Rayne and Neosho stood looking at each other for a few seconds before they both smiled and hugged.
"Sorry about earlier Rayne." Neosho said. "I did not recognize you nor your scent."
"That is ok." Rayne said as she smiled back. "I did not know it was you either, well for that matter, I do not know many of the pack yet"
They both laughed and walked into the cabin and leaving the men to their own talks walked to the kitchen to get something to drink.

"How is Trealane doing?" Rayne asked.
"Much better, he is still weak and will need a few days of rest, but he was able to change back a few hours ago." Neosho responded.
"Good, I know Grim was really worried, and I feel bad that because of me he was not there to help you two." Rayne said with a sad look.
"Oh no, do not think that way, we can take care of ourselves, and I know it was your night, I would not have expected anything different, I have not seen Grim this happy for a long time. You are good for him Rayne, and I know you love him with all your heart and soul, I felt it. Which brings me to that sending Rayne, it was strong, stronger than anything I have ever felt before, and I felt as if I know you." Neosho said
"I felt it as well Neosho, it was as if we have always known each other, this may sound silly, but I feel as if you are family, as if you are my sister, my blood." Rayne said half expecting Neosho to laugh at her statement.
Neosho looked at her with surprise and Rayne knew she thought she was crazy. And then Neosho started laughing.
"I feel the same way, I thought I was crazy and was not going to bring it up." Neosho said through her giggling.
That made Rayne smile, she sighed inwardly, "Good, she felt it too." She thought to herself.
"So where does this leave us, what do we do Rayne?" Neosho asked.
"I am not sure, I was adopted as a young child, my adoptive parents told me my mother and father died when I was very young." Rayne said.

Neosho told her that she did not remember her parents either, and that she was passed from foster home to foster home her entire life till she was about 25 when she met Trealane and he had started talking to her, and asking her out. She explained that when Trealane told her about what she was, and what she was capable of she had ran scared and did not talk to him for weeks. But he had persisted telling her that he loved her and that this was who she really was and when she finally came to grips with it how Grim had nurtured their relationship and endorsed it. They talked about both of their first times in changing and the first hunt, Neosho laughing lightly at Raynes story of the deer chase that ended when she ran into her in the forest. It made Rayne feel a little better when Neosho said that she too had a similar experience in her first hunt, and many that followed, but that she knew Rayne would get the hang of it, and not to worry about it.
They continued talking well into the night and Rayne loved the fact that she was very comfortable around Neosho, she felt like she could talk to her about anything, be honest with her about anything, and that Neosho would take it all in, and give her an honest opinion back. They treated each other like sisters and Rayne promised herself at a later date that she was going to explore their history and see if the were actually related as they both thought they were. Grim walked in a little after midnight and told Rayne it was time to go into town, they all said their goodbyes with Rayne and Neosho giving each other a hug that brought a warm smile from Grim as he watched them.

Grim told Rayne on the drive into town of his and Trealane's conversation, and about the fight that had left the two in such a bad state, it was Mhestail and Grim had bluntly told Trealane that he should have never tried to take him on alone, but Grim explained to her that Trealane had a stubborn streak and thought he could handle anything. He also told her that tonight was not the night he was going to confront Mhestail, he was merely going into town to check with a few friends of his, and see if any of the pack had other information for him, he wanted her to go to the club where she would be safe, and he knew that she had friends there as well, and that she wanted to dance again. Grim even promised her a dance when he was done, and told her he would meet her there as soon as he could. They pulled into a spot at the edge of town where Grim pulled over and parked his car he always liked walking into town so he and Rayne started walking in the direction of the club that was only a few blocks away.

Grim and Rayne walked hand in hand, enjoying the evening air. It was the middle of summer, and this night was very pleasant. They just chatted idly on the way, just walking and a few times stopping when either felt the need to kiss the other. At one such stop Grim again stroked her cheek with his hand, and started playing with her long dark hair. They had almost lost themselves at that point, Rayne of course feeling herself wanting to take Grim right then and there, and Grim sensing again that she was ready for him. But they had both controlled their urges, for now they promised, and continued their walk into town.

It still surprised her that just the touch of his hand on her cheek or in her hair could stir such a fire inside her. It was like he could command all of her senses to attention. Every cell in her body was focused on him. She wondered if she tried hard enough if she could convince him to skip the rest of the night, take her home, and make love to her until dawn. But she could still see the worry in his eyes and the determination to do what he needed to do.

As they made their way through the town Rayne became aware of many of the local smells that she as a human was never aware of. She could smell so many things and had some trouble separating the different scents. She could smell the stench of the local sewers and wondered how she had not noticed that scent before. She looked towards Grim and he merely smiled at her before saying.
"Yes, it takes some getting used to, but as you learn, you will be able to separate the smells." As they continued their journey through the streets she continued to pick up smells, human, each one had their own smell, she could smell baked goods, meats being prepared at local restaurants, she could smell other animals, cats, dogs, and she was not sure, but she knew what each and every smell was, it was natural to her, and yes, she thought to herself, she could smell other pack members, she did not know who they were, but she could tell that there were some in the area. They turned a corner and Rayne could see the club's entrance Grim looked over at her and smiled as he seen the look that came across her face. He could tell that even though she loved him with all her heart and soul, she missed this place, and he promised himself that he would make sure that they came her as often as they could. He loved making her happy, and noticed that she had a little more spring in her step as the stopped by the door leading into the club.

"Well love, this is where I leave you, but only for a short time, you will be safe in there, I just wished Trealane and Neosho were here as well." Grim said
"I will be fine." Rayne said stepping close to Grim and placing her hands in his.
"I can take care of myself, and I have friends in there."
"I know, but I still worry for you love, now that you are in my life, I never want you to leave, and I want you safe at all times." Grim said again as he bent down to kiss Rayne full on the lips, a kiss that seemingly made time stand still as he let all his emotions flow into it. She returned the kiss in full, and just as Grim had done let all her feelings and emotions flow through her lips. She could feel herself getting wet, her body reacting to his touch, his kiss, and could tell that he wanted her as well.
"GRRRRRRR" Grim growled as he released the kiss. "Later." Is all he said as he released her hands.

Rayne knew exactly what he meant, and she shrugged at him.
"It is not my fault you affect me this way." Rayne said giggling. She knew that later tonight, they would take each other again, but now was not the time. And she also told herself that tonight she would be the aggressor, she wanted him and she would take him in her apartment, she knew this would be her last night there as she would be living with Grim at the cabin. He had promised to help her move all of her stuff up there in the morning. Rayne giggled again and poked her mark with a finger through his shirt, smiled as she turned and walked into the club giving a little shake of her butt, teasing Grim as the door closed behind her. Grim touched the mark, still tender, and growled again seeing Rayne tease him. He smiled and walked off into the darkness looking for a friend of his that might have some information on Mhestail and his movements of the last evening or so.

Rayne entered the club and noticed that her eyes only took a second to adjust to the light change, and then she smiled as she seen a few of her friends sitting at a table. Sara was here, a friend she had met a few years ago and loved hanging out with, and then there was Jessica, another friend from college who loved men, and loved to drink, Rayne smiled thinking to herself that Jessica was the ultimate party animal, and would never get married and settle down.
She walked over to the table and was greeted with warm smiles and hellos from her friends. This was nice she thought, back in the club, she wished Grim was here, but he said he had some things to do, and wanted her here where he knew she could sit and
chat with her friends that she had not seen in a little while.
"Jen, where have you been." she was asked by one of her friends.
Rayne held back on her smile, Jen, that is right, they did not know of her new name, she would have to explain that later, and of course, she would have to be careful as to what to say about her and Grim.
"Well Sara, I met a man, a wonderful, loving, and very protective man."Rayne replied.
"Ohhh, was it that man you left here with a week or so ago? That one with the Steel Blue eyes?" Sara said, echoing the thoughts of her other friends at the table.
Rayne blushed a little. "Yes, that is him, we have been, umm, busy." Rayne said, teasing them into thinking what they would.
"You didn't?" Jessica, another of her friends asked "You already slept with him?"
"Yes I did, and more than once already." Rayne replied with a smile remembering the moments of the last few weeks.
"That's my girl, find a man, bed him, and make him want more." Jessica laughed, "You are more like me than you admit Jen."
Rayne smiled and started laughing with her, she was not even going to try to explain to Jessica that it was not like that, she would not understand it anyway.

She proceeded to tell them about her and Grim, and everything that she had done over the time she had been gone. She left out the part of the pack, and changing, she knew that this was a secret she could never tell anyone. But all of her friends swooned, and sighed when she told them of that first night at the lake, and how romantic, and intense it had been. She also explained the connection that she felt to Grim, and Jessica was not sure about that, she was never one to believe in these sort of things, but Rayne just let it go and continued to tell them of the lake, and the walk, and listening to the forest animals, again leavening out the details of Neosho and Trealane, this was nothing they needed to know.
"Where is he then?" Sara asked looking around for him.
"He will be here later, he had business to take care of first." Rayne said, wondering where Grim was. She knew if he was in trouble he would send for her, so she relaxed a little knowing that as her and her friends started talking about men, and women, and all the
recent gossip that she had missed on.

Rayne was having a good time here with her friends, they talked for a long time, and Rayne even danced to a few songs, of course most of the men wanting to dance with her, but she told them up front that she was taken, but that she would dance with them as long as they knew that she was unavailable. Some men walked off all irritated, others did
not mind and just wanted to be near her, she had that infectious personality that both men and women always wanted to be near.
She looked over and noticed Jessica at the table drinking, and Sara was on the dance floor with a cute man dancing up as storm. She liked this, it was almost as if nothing had changed, sure she loved what she had become, and she knew that this is what was meant for her, but she loved that she could still come to the club and dance and be with her friends. Again her mind drifting to Grim and she wished he was here, to dance with her. But he would be along soon she knew. He was just gathering information, nothing dangerous.

It was then that she caught a scent, it railed against her very being, she almost became sick as the door to the club opened and Mhestail walked in with another woman following a short way behind, she walked over to the bar, and proceeded to order something and stare hard at her from across the room. She could smell the death and blood on both of them, "So, this is what a Vampire smells like, and he has a partner." She thought to herself fighting back the bile starting to fill her throat.

The smell on him was more prevalent, and it made her ill. But she would not show her disgust; she had to keep control of herself and her emotions. She knew that she would have to meet him sooner or later, and she knew what he was, and what Grim would end up having to do to him, and now, after learning about him, what he had planned for her, she was even more disgusted by his showing up here.
She walked over to the table and sat down, Sara and Jessica both back at the table as well, looking Mhestails way, and turning back.
"He has been here EVERY night looking for you Jen, and he has been in a foul mood of late. He even destroyed some of the table here one night in a tirade because you were not here." Jessica whispered to her. As Mhestail walked over to the table. It took all of her willpower not to get sick right then and there. The smell of blood and death was stronger the closer he was. And it was not the same sweet smell of blood when she had first killed those rabbits. This was tainted blood, and it bore into her very being, but still she held on, and looked at Mhestail, holding her composure as she said.
"Hello Mhestail, who is your friend?" Rayne said
"Her, oh that is Liana, an acquaintance, nothing more." Mhestail said with a hint of anger in his voice

"Where have you been lately?" Mhestail asked through clenched teeth not offering Rayne any other explanation. Rayne took a moment to look at him closely, and she was surprised by what she saw. She couldn't be sure if she had never looked closely before or if it was her change, and her heightened senses. She wondered how she couldn't have seen the signs in him before. How the rise and fall of his chest was non-existent, he never took a breath, how his skin pale and white, and how his skin was cold to the touch, it took all her will not to pull away in disgust when he placed his hand over hers on the table. But that wasn't what gave his true identity away. It was his eyes that betrayed his true character. They were black and there was such coldness in them, and such evil, but not just in them, in him.

"I've been busy." Rayne finally answered his question.
"Too busy to come here and see me? That's never happened before. I've missed you." Mhestail said softly.
Rayne wondered if his words had always sounded this insincere.
"I'm sure you have plenty of women who are more then happy to keep you entertained." Rayne replied and glanced at Liana who was still standing at the bar keeping an eye on the table where they were seated. His attempt at a smile looked more like a snarl to her now.
"You know you are the only woman who has been able to hold my attention." Mhestail said

The word attention rang in her ears. She looked around at all the patrons of the bar and realized that she had more people in the club looking their way then she had originally thought or wanted. Liana, Mhestail's friend was still watching them of course, as well as both Jessica and Sara. She then noticed four other people located throughout the club that seemed intent on her and her actions. Three men and a woman she didn't recognized but guessed that they were members of the pack, they had to be she thought to herself. Grim had told her that he was sure she would be safe here and now she knew why.
She felt stupid for not realizing earlier that members form the pack would be watching her be around her, she of course could smell them now that she had seen them and again she chastised herself for letting her guard down in the club, she should have made sure to take in everyone when she entered, she may not know them, but she promised next time that she would always have the scent of everyone or everything in the room.
And then it hit her like a cold slap in the face, the members of the pack were here to protect her, but now they had seen her talk with someone they knew was pure evil.

This was the Vampire that a few of them had been tracking and watching kill people for months now. She knew it was time to make up for the poor first impression she felt she must have made with them. She took her hand out from underneath Mhestail's, straightened her back and took a deep breath before telling him.
"I've met an amazing man. He has managed to capture not only my heart but my soul as well. You have professed to be my friend many times and I hope that as my friend you can be happy for me." She finished and started watching him closely, knowing how he would react and not surprised when she seen the anger flare in his eyes. She could have sworn they went from black to a deep blood red. She didn't feel any fear, she knew he wouldn't do anything in front of everyone here at the club and even if he did the other pack members would protect her with their lives, she knew Grim would not have her protectors there unless he trusted them impeccably. She certainly didn't want the evening to come to that, but it was good to know that she had that kind of strength behind her.

"YOU WHORE" Mhestail yelled into her face as he stood up. He stood over her with his hands clenched on the table in front of her. "You led me on for MONTHS." He slammed his hands down on the table and it cracked under the force. She continued to look directly into his eyes and she didn't flinch when he slammed his fists into the table. Mhestail continued his tirade, "You stupid bitch, you have no idea what kind of plans I had for you. What you could have been. How powerful we could have been together." Rayne pushed her chair back and stood up so that she came face to face with him.
"I'm sorry you feel that way." She said as she turned her back to him and attempted to walk away. He caught her elbow and roughly spun her around to face him again.
"This isn't the last you will see of me." He hissed. Rayne calmly replied, "I'm sure of that, unless you refuse to remove your hand from my arm. In that case this will be the last time you see anything." Mhestail was enraged by her refusal to be dominated by him and knew he couldn't hold his temper. He released her arm and turned away as he motioned for Liana to follow him as he stormed out of the club, neither of them noticing the flash of gray moving from shadow to shadow tailing their every movement.

"That stupid bitch gave herself to another." He yelled at her, he had wanted her, he had wanted to take her, and then change her but she screwed that all up.
"You were so sure of yourself weren't you Mhestail?" Liana said walking up behind him. He had forgotten she was with him even though he has just motioned for her to follow him he was so lost in his fury.
"Shut up Liana, I will still take her, and then make her one of us, this just changes the circumstances, I will find this man she loves and kill him in front of her, I want to see the terror in her eyes as the life drains from his eyes." Mhestail seethed through his gritted teeth.
"Did you not notice something different about her Mhestail? She seemed, well somehow different, I can not put my finger on it." Liana said.
"No, I noticed nothing." He responded waving the thought off without really thinking about it.
"She will still be turned, I will make her mine only after she see's me kill her boyfriend and then after I turn her, she will not care about him at all."
"Do not get over confident Mhestail, and you know that I am here for you."
"Why would I want you? You were nothing more than a street whore when I met you, I should have just made you food instead of turning you." Mhestail screamed at her as he turned and started walking down the street again. "I am going to find them both tomorrow night, kill him, change her, yes that is what I will do."

Liana stood there for a long time, watching him disappear into the darkness. She hated this Jen girl, she was standing between her and Mhestail from getting together, it had to be here else Mhestail would not be acting that way, and would have taken her to his bed already. She secretly thought that if Mhestail failed, she herself would kill this Jen. She grinned to herself showing her long fangs as she heard the sound of her next victim walking somewhere nearby. "Ah well, let him to his thoughts, once he kills them both he will come back to me, he always does when he gets bored with his play toys." Liana said as she headed down the street not noticing the big gray form of a wolf step out of the shadows and within seconds the form of a man standing there as he turned to walk down the street in the opposite direction.

Back inside the club Rayne was calming down from her confrontation with Mhestail as her friends started talking to her about what an ass he was, and how he did not need to treat her that way. Rayne did not think that the evening could get any worse, Mhestail had ruined her otherwise good mood with his tirade. She was glad he had finally left, and glad that she had held her tongue about what and who she was now. She knew she had to tell him about Grim, and that she knew would infuriate him, and she was right. She could still smell his scent, and it assaulted her senses. Rayne sat back down in the chair she was at, and looked at her friends that were seated with her, all pale faced and shocked as to what had just happened. They always knew Jen was strong, but she was different now, they could not place their finger on it, but she was somehow, stronger. Rayne looked at each of them and smiled lightly, all of them were happy when she had told them about Grim, and had even tried to tell her that they had seen him for weeks, and had wanted her to talk to him.
"Well, it can't get any worse." Rayne said softly to herself just as the door to the club opened, and a single person walked in, at first she thought it was Mhestail again, but then the scent hit her as this person walked towards her, as if she knew her. And then Rayne realized who this was.
"Hello Sierra." Was all Rayne said as the woman walked up to the table.
"Hello Rayne, My Alpha." Sierra replied with a sneer and as much venom in her voice as she could muster.
All of Rayne's friends mumbled under their breaths, and Rayne new it was because they did not recognize this woman, and did not understand why she called her Rayne. She looked to each one of them, as if saying she would explain later as she stood back up to face Sierra. Sierra stood just a breath shorter than Rayne as they both looked at each other from across the table.
"Beware your tongue Sierra." Rayne said, trying to remain civil, and knowing she could not and would not back down from this challenge. Grim had warned her of Sierra, but she did not think that the confrontation would come so soon, and in public.
"Oh yes my Alpha, whatever will you do without Grim here to protect you?" Sierra mockingly said
"I do not need his help to handle you my little pup." Rayne said, taking it to the next level, she was not going to let herself nor Grim down in this first assault against her station in the pack.
"You stupid bitch!!!!!!!" Sierra yelled as she moved closer to Rayne, "Grim was mine, I was supposed to be the Alpha, his life mate."
"I had him first Rayne, yes, he took me to his bed years ago, and maybe if I had conceived his child, I would be his Alpha now, and you little upstart bitch, you would still be here, dancing like the little whore you are."

Numerous thoughts ran through Raynes mind, so Grim had slept with this woman, she knew that she was not the first woman Grim had slept with, and of course Grim was not her first, but with Grim, she knew it was different. Each of them had touched the other on a higher level, a higher plane, she knew that no matter what, she was his life mate, and he was hers, all other lovers in the past, long forgotten. They had touched souls that first night, and she knew that neither Grim, nor herself had given themselves like that to any other. Rayne was brought back to the current situation when she heard a loud bang hit the table in front of her. She looked over at Sierra, blond hair waving, face red in anger, and her eyes filled with pure hatred.
"Do not ignore me bitch, I had Grim first, he should be mine, you are nothing more than a dance hall slut, dancing with any man willing to pay you for your time."
Rayne was almost to her limit, and was about to jump over the table and throttle this witch just as the door opened again, and in walked Grim.
As soon as Grim had closed the door behind him Sierra was immediately moving towards him. It took Grim mere seconds to scan the room and come eye to eye with Rayne, and he could tell that she was not having a good night, and then all of a sudden Sierra was there, and her lips we closing over Grims, kissing him as he tried to push her away.
"Grim, remember that time you took me under the stars? And how you could not get enough of me? Did you tell Rayne of all the times you took me, and the places, and how I could handle you?" Sierra said as Grim wiped his lips with the back of his hand, still looking over at Rayne.

Sierra was standing next to Grim, she was so intent on Rayne that she did not see Grim wipe her kiss from his mouth. Grim was still staring at Rayne, gaging her reaction. He could see the fury building up inside her but also, he could see something else, and he smiled inwardly. She understood the gravity of this situation, he knew by the look in her eyes and the movement of her body that she knew this was something that she needed to handle, something that as the Alpha Female in the pack she needed to take care of, and was not expecting him to do that. This was yet another confirmation to him that he had chosen well, that Rayne was meant to be his mate. He knew she would handle this, and he loved that even though she was just new to the pack that she was not backing away form her responsibliity, or letting Grim handle situations that she should be. He stepped away from Sierra and looked away from Rayne with a slight smile. Sierra looked a little worried since Grim did not immediately respond to her question. She of course only said this to dig at Rayne, but she was sure Grim would have responded in some way to her. It was then that she noticed Grim had moved away from her and she started for him again, wanting to get as close to him as possible. She knew she was supposed to be his mate, h had taken her before, and she had given herself to him, she wanted the power, she deserved the power that came with the title of Alpha F.

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Title: THE ALPHA - Part#5 - Enemies (Posted in 2 parts - PART#2)
Author: Grimwulf
Also a shout out to Jen who helps me when I ask her..
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are mine and mine alone.
Rating: PG-17, this is a toned down version.
Feedback: Would appreciate it.

COPYRIGHT: Alpha Enterprise

And this little upstart newly made queen was not going to take it away from her.
"Grim, love, where are you going?" Sierra sneered towards Rayne as she bottled towards Grim. Again Grim said nothing and kept moving away from Sierra, he knew that Rayne was going to make her move, but she was waiting for the right moment, again Grim was amazed at how well she handled herself, if this had been Sierra, he knew full well she would have been over that table and in a bar room fight long before this. Again, he thought to himself, he had chosen well.

It all made since to Rayne, this was something she had to handle herself, and could not and would not expect help from Grim, she had to retain a semblance of control, and was not going to let herself lose that, or lose face in front of these people, and in front of other pack members that she could smell in the club. Sure she wanted to jump this table and beat down this woman who was trying to take her mate, but now was not the time, she had to handle this with tact and then if this Sierra persisted she would take her down a peg by putting her teeth around her throat.
Rayne could see Sierra moving towards Grim as he himself was moving in a circle back towards Raynes table. Rayne knew Grim was trying to take himself out of the fray and waiting for her to stop this situation before it escalated into something worse. She noticed him looking intensely at her and then a vision of Grim marking her in all three spots came flashing into her mind. It only took her a moment to understand what he meant. She was his marked Alpha, and he had never once marked Sierra. A small smile creased her lips as she shivered with the thought that she was the one and only female that he had marked, thus making her the Alpha, and making her his. She looked back over at Sierra who was still making her way towards Grim and calling his name and trying to remind him of the times that he had taken her.
Raynes friends were all sitting at the table, still to dumb struck to do anything, they themselves had no idea who this Sierra was, and why she was here, nor why she called Jen by the name Rayne. They had seen Sierra in the club before, but she was always reserved and quiet so they never paid much attention to her.

Rayne stood slowly and purposefully walked towards Grim and Sierra determination in her eyes. Rayne had so many things running through her mind, and was wondering why all this hit the fan tonight, but she never took her eyes off of Sierra. And she could tell that Sierra started to wonder to herself if she was doing the right thing, but then she looked around she knew she could not back down in front of the others in the pack. She started to get back her confidence just as Rayne stepped between Grim and her.

Rayne's back was to Grim as her eyes tore directly into Sierra's, holding them there. She spoke in a soft voice and yet it carried such authority it surprised even her. "Grim is mine. He chose me, he marked me, and made me his Alpha. Did he mark you Sierra? I thought not." Rayne said without even stopping. "Now that means you have two choices. One, you can save both of us a lot of time and energy and just accept that fact or, Two, you can challenge me right here, right now, and we can go out into the woods and settle this. The choice is yours, but I can promise you this that no matter what you decide, at the end of the night, I will still be the Alpha female."

Sierra knew by the tone in Rayne's voice and the look in her eyes that she wasn't bluffing. She looked around again, she looked back at Grim who was now leaning against the wall directly behind the two, watching them, his eyes were unreadable but she could tell by his body language that he would not help her. The she started looking for support with the other pack members in the club but noticed that only those loyal to Grim, and of course, they would also be loyal to Rayne were the only ones in the bar. Sierra look back and Rayne, backing down a little by lowering her eyes, not meeting Rayne's hard stare, and with a low growl, "This isn't over." She said to Rayne. Sierra looked at Grim again, gave him a sweet smile and turned and walked out of the club not meeting any looks with her own.
Rayne took a deep breath and turned to face Grim. "We have a lot to talk about Grim!" she said as she walked to a table in the back of the club that was private. She looked over to her friends who were huddled at the other table, both talking in whispers, and as they looked up Rayne mouthed a silent message that she would tell them everything later.
As they sat Grim began to defend himself, "Rayne, it was a long time ago." That is all he got out before she interrupted him. "We can talk about that later, Mhestail was here tonight." She started as all thoughts of Sierra left his head as she proceeded to tell him the events of their meeting earlier in the evening.

After hearing about her night with Mhestail and of course the whole blow up with Sierra, Grim at first cursed himself for not being here, but he had gathered some valuable information on Mhestail and his other partners that were in town. Grim knew what would calm Rayne down so he took her by the hand and lead her to the dance floor, he could tell she was still a little tense from the confrontations tonight, and he knew that he would have to meet Mhestail in person soon enough, but tonight he wanted Rayne to forget about everything that had happened earlier, and dance with her, he knew that she would relax, and let her body flow with the music.

Grim stood on the dance floor for a long while as he watched Rayne. She slowly started moving to the music, her eyes locked with his, and in moments she was totally enveloped with the song. Grim stood there for a little longer, gauging her fluidity and grace, marveling at how easy and free she danced uninhibited, it was as if she was in a trance, but still their eyes were locked on each others, everything else in the room forgotten. Then Grim fell into his own trance, his own routine, he let the song of the forest flow through his body. And it was as if they were in the forest, he could hear the call of his pack mates, and he knew she could as well. Rayne noticed as Grim started to fall into his routine at first she was awestruck by the beauty, the interplay of his muscle and his continually shifting but always perfect balance.

The two of them were settling more comfortably into their dance. They felt an amazing
Symbiosis growing between them as though they were communicating through there very
muscles as clearly as if using open speech. She anticipated every twitch, every bend of his dance. He felt it too and was amazed by this level of intimacy. She understood when he wanted her to go left, she took a deep breath eliminating all doubts from her thoughts, this was right this was love. This was real she realized, a dance so intimate a dance of trust, of love. He wanted her to shift left and her body immediately moving in that direction. The dance lasted for what seemed like eternity to them, neither wanting it to end. They were covered in sweat, the cool air of the club tickling their skin, they stood regarding each other for a long while, and it seemed to each of them that they had achieved a level of intimacy no less than lovemaking. He reached up and tenderly stroked her cheek as his hand went into her hair again, he felt her nuzzle his palm and he looked deep into her eyes and he knew, he had always loved her, he would always love her.

They remained at the club for hours, talking and dancing, just trying to forget the events earlier in the evening. Rayne noticed as the night went on Grim let others from the pack leave with a small nod, or just a look. During one of the breaks Grim gave Rayne some time as she sat down and explained to her friends about her name change. She told them that she felt she needed a new start, and this name felt right to her, all the changes she had gone through over the last few weeks, meeting Grim, falling in love, giving herself to him, etc. They seemed to take it all in stride, as she hoped they would. Jessica was also the bartender here, another reason Rayne liked to come here, and she was just happy that Rayne was happy and would call her whatever she wished. But she was always asking how Grim was in bed, wanting all the sordid details. Rayne just laughed knowing this is what Jessica would want to know. Sara whom she had met at the club a few years earlier, and had since became a close friend along with Jessica was more skeptical asking questions, probing, and Rayne was trying to be honest but some of the questions she could not answer, finally after a little while Sara seemed to just accept it and told Rayne she was happy as long as Grim was treating her right and Rayne assured her that she had never been treated like this before by any other man. A few moments later Grim walked up and Rayne introduced him to her friends, he sat down and let them ask him all the questions they wanted, he answered what he could and tactfully changed the subject on others. He could tell why Rayne had chosen these two as close friends he could tell they were genuine in their questions, and their caring for her. He liked them, even Jessica who seemed to flirt with every man that caught her eye. They all continued to talk into the early morning until Grim stood and said it was time for them to go. Rayne smiled and agreed as she hugged her two friends and promised to see them again soon.

It had been a long night, both Grim and Rayne tired from everything that had happened. They hardly talked on the drive back to the mountain, and all Rayne did was curl up next to Grim in the car, just wanting to feel his body and his touch. It always seemed that everything was right when she was with him, when he held her close like he was now, almost as if everything would always work out, and she loved that feeling of security.
Rayne looked up at Grim as he continued to watch the road, and she could tell he was worried about something.
"What is wrong love? Mhestail? Sierra? I can handle her love, no worries." Rayne said as she tried to scoot closer to him, again starting to lose herself to his scent. Grim sat there for a long time, not answering at first. He to was fighting the urge, he could sense that even though all the trials of this long night that Rayne was ready for him, but he also had other duties to take care of first, before he could let himself take her.
"No love," Grim finally whispered, "It is something else."
Rayne sat there for a moment, getting control of her emotions, and bringing them under control for the moment. And then she realized what he was worrying about.
"Go ahead, stop by, I would love to talk to Neosho again. And you can check on Trealane." She said smiling up at him.
Grim looked down at her, and immediately smiled back. He was about to ask her how she knew, but then decided not to. She always seemed to be able to figure him out, and he loved that about her. His mood improved even more as she reached to his crotch as she gave him a gentle squeeze.
"But after we get home, this is MINE." Rayne said with such hunger in her voice that Grim almost reconsidered stopping by his friend's house. He gave her a warm smile and leaned in to kiss her quickly as he pulled into Neosho and Trealane's driveway.
"Of course it is." Grim growled back as he nibbled her bottom lip and slid one hand through her hair. He sniffed the air a second later.
"Mmm, just what I thought, wet and ready." Grim teased as he jumped out of the car and headed for the front door.
Rayne sat there for a second, more to compose herself than anything. Yes she was wet and ready for him, but Grim always knew how to get her going even more, he loved to tease her, and at times it drove her crazy. Later she promised she would get back at him as she bolted up to the door and stood beside him with a slight smile. Grim did not even look at her he was trying to control his laughter. "Better watch yourself love, if I can smell you are ready, so can others." He said as he still tried to control a building laugh.
Rayne looked at him in shock that he would say such a thing, and was about to hit him when the door opened and Neosho was standing there looking at them both with a tense smile.
"Hello Grim, Rayne, please come in." Neosho asked them as they both looked at each other but followed her in. She was acting strange, and Rayne knew Grim would not let this slide.
"What is wrong Neosho?" Grim asked.
"Nothing, why?" She responded not meeting his gaze.
Grim sniffed the air, and looked at her again, he knew what was wrong.
"Look at me Neosho." Grim ordered her in a little harsh voice.
Neosho looked up, still not wanting to meet his gaze. "Grim, he left a little after you did, he said that if he was your friend he would not let you go to town without him at your back, I tried to stop him Grim, but he would not listen." Neosho blurted out as she started to sob.
Rayne looked at her then to Grim finally realizing what was wrong.
"Trealane followed us to town?" She asked
"Yes Rayne." Grim said He is not here, smell the air, you can tell.
Rayne did and of course she could tell he was not there, she had noticed the difference when she walked in, but since this was a friends house, she never thought to make a deal about it. Rayne walked over to the sobbing Neosho and tried to comfort her. She looked over at Grim with a worried look.
"He was not in any shape to go out Grim." Rayne said as she heard Neosho break down even more.
"I know, he is so stubborn, if he is ok I am going to kill him for this." Grim said as he turned towards the door.
"I am going to go find him, he should have stayed put." Grim yelled as he stormed towards the door.
"He only wanted to protect you Grim." Neosho told him through more sob's.
"I know, but he did not need to com----" Grim stopped in mid sentence as the door swung open and in limped Trealane in human form, blood staining his shirt from a wound that he must have recently opened.
Neosho jumped up from Rayne and the couch and ran to meet him at the door, she hugged him and noticed him wince in pain but still she hugged him and kissed him.
"They just showed up, you should have never gone Trealane, Grim is mad." Neosho whispered to him as he held his side, covering the dark red spot with his hand.
"I know Neosho, Grim is standing right here, I can see it in his eyes, and well, I knew if he found out I would be in trouble, and he would not be happy." "Please take Rayne to the kitchen, I have to talk to Grim." Trealane said
She kissed him again, and averting her eyes from Grim's, walked over to Rayne and asked her to come into the kitchen, Rayne looked at Grim, and knew that he was going to let Trealane have it, so she followed Neosho into the kitchen. Even though she knew Grim was mad at Trealane, she was happy to see him safe and back at home, but wondered what would have made him think to follow them into town in his shape.

Trealane limped to the couch, pulling his hand away from his shirt revealing the bloody spot on his shirt.
"Before you go jumping all over me, hear me out Grim." Trealane asked him as he opened his shirt and started to remove the bloody bandage underneath.
Grim walked over to the chair opposite the couch and sat down.
"Very well, tell me what so important that you left the house in your condition, which is not good now that you are bleeding, and you needed to go to town and follow me." Grim said a slight irritation in his voice. He was not mad at the fact that Trealane disobeyed his orders to stay home and get well, he was mad that his friend had put himself in the position to hurt himself even more, and he cared for Trealane more than that to let him off the hook just yet.

Trealane continued to clean and dress the wound as she started telling Grim how he had followed them to town, but decided to break off and watch the club and Rayne to see what would happen. He told Grim of how he had followed Liana and Mhestail after the two stormed out of the club, and then told him of the conversation that he overheard.
Grim asked him how he could stay hidden from Mhestail and Liana bleeding like he was. They should have been able to smell that.
Trealane told him that he followed them in wolf form, and that made sense. When he changed to wolf form changing back would have reopened the wound. Grim sat there for a long time, taking it all in.

"It was still stupid to go into town, and really stupid to follow those two, you are not even a few days out of fighting with him, he could have caught your scent." Grim told Trealane

"I know, I know, but you know me, always looking for trouble." Trealane said with a smile, "And I always am having to look out for you." He said as he almost started laughing but had to stop as he grabbed his ribs in pain.
"Yes, you have always been my closest and most trusted friend, but at times I want to kill you myself." Grim laughed lightly as he noticed Trealane was still in a lot of pain.
"Rest tonight, and call the pack together tomorrow, we have things to discuss."
"All of them Grim?" Trealane asked, not all of the pack were invited to every meeting, usually only those in power.
"No, just the normal group, no reason to worry them yet." Grim said as he turned towards the sound of the kitchen door opening.

Rayne and Neosho walked out and Neosho noticed the grimace on Trealane's face.
"Well I see that you two are back to normal, and now that my wonderful mate has opened this wound again, it is time for you two to leave and I will take care of him." Neosho told them as she scooted them to the door. Grim and Rayne smiled, knowing that Neosho was less stressed now that Trealane was back, even though he was a little hurt so they let her have her little fun and walked to the door. "Come back tomorrow, you two should be tired, go home and go to bed, or "whatever", she said with a knowing look at Rayne.
Rayne looked back at her then at Grim. Rayne smiled at him, said goodbye to Trealane, and gave Neosho a hug and walked out the door and got in the car. Grim said his goodbyes and followed her out and climbed in, started the car and headed for the cabin.
Rayne scooted closer again, sliding under his arm and immediately Grim's hand went to her hair and started playing with it. She waited a few minutes and then asked.
"Are you going to tell me what you two talked about?"
"Of course I was going to. He followed Mhestail and Liana, he is making plans to kill the both of us soon." Grim said.
Rayne sat there for a few moments, and noticed that Grim was not acting overly concerned. She guessed he had a plan in the works and would tell her soon enough, so she thought she would ease the little tension that was there.
"Ahhh, well then, I guess we will handle that, but first, I am going to handle you."
Rayne said as she grabbed his crotch again and gave him a hard squeeze.
He looked down at her and smiled, loving the fact that even with all this going on, all this news, she was still in the mood for their lovemaking. He pulled into the driveway and before he could even put the car into park Rayne had given him another squeeze causing the buldge in his pants to grow even more and she was running towards the house.
"First you have to find me love." Rayne called playfully as she ran into the house as the sun crested the mountaintop and reflected off of the lake. He smiled to himself again, everything temporarily forgotten as he opened his car door and bolted after her.

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