I Dream For Remembrance
Summary: Harry and Ron are dead leaving behind Hermoine who is trying desperately to bring them back with each passing see how she and Draco retract there steps from hating each other into finally falling for each other in the wake of finding her friends and the truth
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Part 1
The Falling Dream
Hermoine ran down the steep tumbly hill faster then the adjoinmigng gravel and rocks in her path her throat dry her mind parched and her heart high up in her throat, her breath sounded like that of a dying birds desperately flapping it's wings for return to freedom but she was trapped in this horrible nightmare her own life, the enchantments done right were meant to go awry nothing could bring back those wisps and clouds of flesh bones and nerves hair and bind them back into bodies with sight. with mind. with thought and memory......

You were wrong Mystic Mallory, you are wrong to say what you mind tells is the future past and present

'tis lost was meant to be , Ye had been warned to provoke to such evil
But thee would not have been rewarded unless this pain endured

What about now?...they were lost both of them they forbid evil it's change to beget he earth like a foriegn virus but werent able to save thier own lives Harry and Ron....they were both very brave and my only friends the only ones who'd risk thier flesh and brains if it meant saving anothers.....they were blood brothers of soul and triuphemd in every attempt to save the universe from it's neverlasting curse but it was different this time. Everyone won, They won yet lost against the ransom of htier own lives. Thye left me to stay...to live in this horrible world all by my self telling me they would be back like always....I now know they they knew about the ill fated mission to the Wishmasters Realm they knew all about it Victory, frirndship the very essence of loyalty to each other ...to three of us...and their own death...I feel left out now, a cast away I keep running down the heated path of the deserted moutains alone silently crying out to both of them to my attempt to bring them back some how anyhow but my realm of truth is suddenly distorted when an up turned roack catches the tip of my foot and send my flying in air tll I hit the solid ground face first and jolt awake much wearily ...... in the presence of someone so cold, angelic and handsome that hes evil ...He looks upon me with blazing bottom less pools of ice and a frozen expression "Mud Bloob.." he seethes under his breath