balance works both ways
by stargrl678
disclaimer:I don't won anything here! don't arrest me!
As they walked into the night she decided that she would finish this evil or else die trying and if she had to go through a thousand painful deaths she would rather have herself be put through the pain than another person she knew and loved. She wasn’t in it for the glory, if she was she probably would have died a long time ago, no she was there for the people she loved and for the people that were innocent and did not deserve to die.
“guys stop” she told her friends as they started to follow her to the fighting place. “you know that if you go in that you will probably die it will be the end for you and I don’t want that. You have to live your life I have figured something out now. When I go in there if the source of evil dies I will go with it.”
“no Buffy I wont let you go in there to die!” dawn yelled to her sister as she walked up close to her face. “what will I do with out you? I…you’re my only family I can’t live without you!”
“remember when you told me that you talked to mom when the house was destroyed that night? What did she say?” Buffy asked Dawn
“she told me that when the time comes you won’t cho-… no but how could you know that?” Dawn asked her older sister with tears in her eyes as she realized what her mother had said was coming true.
“she came to me and helped me come to the conclusion that I am probably going to die” Buffy then turned to every one with her thoughts “see we always talk about balance, but when we talk about it we always talk about the evil over powering the good… well what about the good over powering the evil I mean if the balance is what is only suppose to keep the bad in place then why is there only suppose to be one slayer why can’t there be four or five in strategic places over the earth and even when there was two slayers, faith ended up going bad because the balance was off… this is how I figure that if I kill the source I will die also because then good will over power evil to much”
“no Buffy I wont let you do this I mean I can just bring you back right I means sure there is no more urn of osirus but we’ll find a way!” willow came up with.
“willow I love you guys but its not meant to be! If I die here don’t bring me back, leave me in peace”