For people who don't like Hermione/ Draco pairing, don't read this fic.

Part 1

Hey, I'm Hermione Granger and I'm in 6 years to Hogwards, the Magic School. Here, I'm waiting for my friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley but like ever they are late or they shouldn't wait me, it's not that bad, I see them when we'll be to Hogwards, I climb in Hogward's Express and go in a room to seat with Crooshanks, it's my cat. I put my discman on my ears and look the land leave because the train began to move.

Oh, I can't believe that I'm Headgirl, it's really cool. All body think I work just because I like that, no, I'm just too perfectionnist and when you can have a room for yourself you haven't need of more motivations. Finish this childisch girl talk, I'm in the Heaven. The door opens... Wait! I'm in Hell here. I send him a glare.

"All the places are occupied Malfoy, leave."

I saw his mouth open, oh, like it's sweet, he hadn't recognyze me before. I look at his pale face who was now red with anger, he answers me but I only smile sweetly.

"I haven't heard a word of what you have said." I reply.

He send me a glare, sitting in front of me, for my own mentally health I decide to ignore him and look at the window.

I look at her, I can't believe this girl can be Hermione Granger, the Know-it-all with frizzy hair. When I was enter in the compartiment, I hadn't recognyze her. She looks really great, she was wearing dark pants with black Nike, did she know it's a wizard shop? and with that a short red tank top with writing on it, I'm THE best.
This girls should learn to be more modest, her brown hair wasn't frizzy but sleek now, suddenly she left for bought candy.

When I come back, with candys and chocolatefrogs, I have the horrible surprise to see Draco Malfoy, listening MY discman. Huh... I have never note that he was so tall, and... muscular now. A word: Wow !... and his silver eyes... But what I'm doing?! I'm speaking of Malfoy, my nemesis, my arckenemy! Thanks God that he can't read minds!

"Malfoy what are you doing with MY DISCMAN !!!!!!" I yell.

He sends me a soft smile.

"I haven't heard a word of what you have said." he answers.

God! I hate him! I walk near him and scream to his ear.

"Why are you listening MY discman?"

"Aoh! Granger! Calm down, don't scream in my ear. You should be more sharing. Stop yelling I can't heard Metallica." he says, I sit on my couch, very very surprise, how Malfoy can know this band, it's muggle. Finally, he gives me back my discman. I put a lollipop in my mouth and finally broke the silence.

"How do you know that?" I ask finally.

He grins at me.

"You know, Granger, curiotity kill the cat." he replys.

"I have think that you hate all it was muggle."

"You don't know me, Granger. My father hates this, not me. If you want really know he was killed by Voldemort this summer and how sad it's the novel with that I'm not forced anymore to begin a Deatheater."

"Oh... Hum, I'm sorry. No wait, I'm really sorry for you but not for him, it was a deatheater and he tried to kill Ginny. But what said that to me?"

"I know I have been really... hard for you, with my comments and... It's you I should apolozyse first."

I am in the fourth dimension? Now, he didn't seem joke.

"So no "nicknames"?" I ask him.


"Thanks. Really thanks. Chocolate frog?"

He nods and we begin to talk, I can't believe for since 6 years it's our first conversation. Suddenly Crooshanks jumps on his knees.

"Wow, it's really weird." I tell, he raises an eyesbrow, looking at me.


"Crooshanks. It's the first time that he so friendly with someone. With Harry and Ron it takes a long time to be cool with them."

"It's because your cat has a good choice." he replys with an amused smile. Like I can't help myself I smile back.

"So I suppose you are Headgirl."


"Me, I'm Headboy so like we'll go work with each other why can't call us by basis name. Right, Hermione?"

"Yeah, it's ok... Draco. Wow, it's sound a little weird." I say, laughing.

"So where Potty and Weasel?"

"I have think that you have decided to stop with nicknames ?"

"With you."

"Oh. Ok" It's the first time of my life that I was speechless. " We failed our meeting, I haven't seen them."

He laughs and I feel anger built in me, oh, all he said was a joke, I have should feeling this.

"I have should know you were lying, like ever..."

"Hermione, stop this. It's not that, I have just understand why I can speak with you and don't having them jumping to my chest to kill me."

"Why that?"

"I don't know if you have noted this but me and your little boyfriends don't appreciate each other."

I laugh.

"I have see that but it's not my BOYFRIENDS, they are my best friends and it's all. It's like they were my brothers, nothing more, nothing less."

"Really? So why they have thrighened all boys who would go out with you?"

"Brothers behavior... Wait a minute! I really don't know if you speak of me. Look at me, before this summer where I have grown up really good, nobody was looking at me. I was repulsive."

"Not at all, but after that Harry broke the nose of Mark Shepards, no boys would risk their lives jsut to have a date with you. Only Krum did this."

"You probably joke." I look at him, oh, he was really serious. I feel my anger becomes bigger.

"Jackass!" I shouted, during all these years I have think that I was not normal but it was just by Ron and Harry's fault that I was alone. But I'll take my revenge, slowly a smile appears on my lips. Yeah.... I have already a little idea.

"Thanks to tell me Draco."

"Uh ho, the grins putting on your face tells me that you think at something really really bad for them."

I nod slowly.

"Yes, vengeance is a plate that we eat cold."

"you know, you'll can be in Slytherin. I'm sure your plan is evil."

"For them? You know me Draco, certainly."

"If I can give you a little help."

"I accept that, thanks. oh, we are arrived."

We leave the train and I was talking animatly with him, Crooshanks in my arms.


I turn my head to see George Wesley looking at me like if I was an alien.

"Yeah George?"

"Where were you? Why you weren't with us?"

"Ron, Harry and me failed our meeting so I haven't seeing them."

"Malfoy! What are you doing here? He's upset you Hermione?"

"No, actually we have shared a compartiment during all the travel so I think I can handle be few minutes with him. Oh, by the way, where are Harry and Ron?"

"Follow me, I'll show you."

"So later in class, Granger."

"Can't wait for this." I respond with a smile.

A little bird says to me that I'll enjoy this year.

So how you find this????????? *big*

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