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Title: "Goodbye"
Author: Julz (aka KrystalParkerEvans)
Rating: R, I think...
Disclaimer: I own absolutely NOTHING, only the idea for the fic, so, don't sue!!
Summary: well, read to know! All I can say is that it takes place after the episode "We All Scream For Ice Cream" (I don't remember the title of the episode, I think this one's right). This is a one-part fic, for Prue haters (like me, hehe!).
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Dedication: I firstly wrote this for a friend of mine, but a little after it was done, she turned out to be a bit*h, and a horrible false friend. So, I dedicate this to my friends Ju (Jullyana), Deh (party!! Hehe) and Gaudy (always there for me, supporting, I owe ya hun!!)



It’s time. It’s time to take the rest of the powers. Two more powers. Two of three, but one I’ve had for... It’s been a long time since I got it from her. I think I deserve a medal, an award. I’ve killed one of the Charmed Ones. The older one, the one who was supposed to be the most powerful, I’ve killed her. Not only that, but I’ve taken her body, her powers, her soul. She was too young, didn’t know about this mighty witch thing. But I did, oh, I did. And as a birthday gift, I’ve kept her from dealing with some tough stuff...

Ha! I still can’t believe no one has ever suspected anything. But then again, I did a really good job. When that little, sweet, still inoffensive girl went to bed, to dream her last dream, take her last peaceful breath, I attacked. She didn’t suffer, not like she is now. I’m not really aware of what’s left of her, but I know a piece of her still exists. That is, if she survived hell... But that night, that glorious night, I killed her.

I am still her body, her soul, but these are only shells of the original. What’s inside of it and cannot be seen by anyone or anything, mortal or immortal, heavenly or earthly, THAT is me. I am Prudence Halliwell, soon to be Phoebe and Piper Halliwell, too. I’ve been waiting for so long...

I’ve studied them. Their actions, reactions, powers, feelings – since they’re connected to their powers – emotions, everything. It took me too long to get it all, all this time acting like their sister. No, I AM their sister. Just not the same sister as... when they were little. It was so hard having to show all those feelings to everyone, all that kindness, love, grace...

The vanquishing was the fun part. Killing those, that were trying so hard to do what I had already done... And they’d always – or almost – come right after the older one, me. Little did they know not only the most powerful charmed one they were fighting with, but also the one of the most – soon to be THE MOST – powerful demon that has ever existed. But it was all worth it. Soon, really soon, it will all be mine. The power of three in one. Me. And with that... oh, with that I shall conquer everyone and everything in this and any other dimension, so fast that they will only notice when it’s too late. That’s the fun of it, the more they suffer, the better.

‘Conquer every dimension’... that may sound a little childish, too much like a fairy tale. Only the truth, though. Those two... actually, NOBODY, not even the mighty heavenly forces, knows how big, amazing and at the same time, dangerous the Power of Three is. And then, when combined to mine... it’ll be unstoppable, invincible, like nothing ever imagined.

* * * * *

Prue drifted into a restful sleep... Little did she know her sisters already knew everything - who she was, who she wasn’t, what she could do, what she wanted to do, how she planned to do it and when, everything. All that information from a simple premonition... a long-lasting, powerful, but still a simple premonition put an end to such great dreams, such a great plan...

The next morning, Prue woke up feeling powerful, ready to take the last step of her plan, and the first step to her dynasty. Piper and Phoebe also woke up feeling ready, ready to vanquish the demon that had taken the life and the place of their sister. A sister they never got to know, never got to love, or to really love and understand, a sister they never got to share their secrets with, share their pain with, and even annoy, like sisters do. That demon, whose stupid little mind got filled up with power, just power, along with anger, rage, evilness. The demon they were going to send back to hell, never to ever get out again.

The demon in Prue’s body and soul went to the kitchen, as if to have breakfast. Actually, it was preparing itself a little more for the right time to attack. As soon as the two other sisters would get in the kitchen, they’d be surprised by a life-taking blast of energy. That was the plan. The plan that was never successfully completed.

Piper and Phoebe did go into the kitchen, the demon did send out the blast. And that was when the plan was driven to a different route. It then became the ‘good’ sisters’ plan. Piper froze the blast and the demon right as she entered the kitchen. She and Phoebe just stood there for a while, staring at her – it – with eyes and heart filled with hate. Even though hate was not a good thing, they just couldn’t help it. Anger and sadness easily seen mixed with the hate.

Fear? No, they didn’t fear it for they knew it’d be over. If they were killed, they’d find their sister, their real sister; if not, they’d send that thing to a place where it would suffer for eternity, and it still wouldn’t have suffered enough. Never.

The three stood still in the kitchen a little more, only one of them was literally frozen though. Piper and Phoebe then, with disgust and rancor, pushed the demon so it was right in the middle of the path of the blast. They walked to where it was standing on the first place, when it sent out the blast, looked and nodded at each other. Piper then unfroze the blast and the demon. Once again they stood still, only Piper and Phoebe though, just staring at the demon dying because of its own power. Screaming, shouting louder and louder. Dying... Dying... Dying... dead.

Dead... it was finally dead. Not even ashes were left. Nothing, besides... the memory... But that was something Phoebe and Piper had quietly agreed to forget.

A sudden, cold breeze passed through the two left sisters. They both knew what it meant, it was their sister’s power being separated and given to both of them, so the Power of Three would still exist... Three... Both Piper and Phoebe weakly smiled at the thought of having a part of their lost sister with them, inside of them, forever. As if they could read each other’s mind, they turned towards the little garden in the back of the house. They got some flowers, and made a heart out of the petals. And, blowing kisses mixed with tears and guilt, they gave their sister their late goodbye...

The End

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