Title: Mischief
Author: A collaborative effort between girlwunder (mostly Liz) and hipntrendy (mostly Max)
Email: girlwunder⊕mail.com and hipntrendy⊕hotmail.com
Disclaimer: We do not own any of the characters from
Rating: NC-17 – what else?
Summary: Pure Smut
Feedback: We would love it – but please be kind, we bruise easily!

This was an idea by girlwunder and she kindly asked me to join her in this foray of debauchery…


Max grabbed Liz’s hand as she walked by and dragged her down the hall. Reaching his destination, he opened the door and pulled her inside, locking it as he glided towards her.

"Max, what are you doing?"

He backed her against the wall, placing his hands on her shoulders and moving in close, "I just wanted to spend a little quality time with you."

They didn’t have as many classes together as last year but they did share study hall together, which was right after lunch. Max decided they would finish their lunch period early and take advantage of the time they had together. Alone.

He felt her slide her arms around his waist as his hands caressed over her back, his fingers dipping under her waistband and rubbing back and forth across warm skin. Her moan reverberated against his cheek as he gently nuzzled her neck, “You’ve got to be quiet if you want me to continue. We can’t make any noise.”

"Okay," she sighed.

Max nibbled her ear and another moan escaped her parted lips.

“Liz, do you want me to continue?” he whispered.


“Then be quiet,” he teased.

Max slid his palm up and cupped her face, pulling her towards his descending mouth. He teased her with small love bites and her breathing grew more erratic. Unable to take his own teasing, he wrapped her tightly in his arms and devoured her mouth. Their tongues entwined and her arms tightened around his waist, her hands reaching up his back to clutch at his broad shoulders.

Pulling back, Max moved his mouth along her jaw line and down her neck. She tilted her head back and he took her invitation, laving at her warm skin.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are? And how lucky I am to have you?” his voice rumbled in her ear.

Her gasp made him pull back and look into her tear filled eyes, “Liz, what’s wrong?”

"Sometimes it, this, just feels so, so…intense.”

"Well, that's good isn't it?" Liz nodded and Max placed a kiss on her forehead, continuing, "Because I brought you here to make you feel good. Do you feel good, Liz?"

“Yes, I feel good Max.”

“Should we continue?”


He smiled as he began unbuttoning the sheer blouse she had on. When he finished that task, he pulled the tank top out of her skirt and placed his hand under it, moving up to cup her breast. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so he came in full contact with her sensitive flesh. Resting one hand against the wall, he leaned into Liz, her mouth open, little breaths panting against his cheek, “So Liz, what should I do next? Tell me what pleases you.”


'What?' thought Liz looking at him incredulously. He knew damn well how to please her! They had been intimate about a month, but it hadn’t taken Max long to figure out what turned her on. So, he wanted to play games? Well, she could be playful too. She smiled as he waited for her instructions and said, “Touch me, Max.”

Max was giving her a sexy smile, “Where should I touch you, Liz?”

Liz glanced down his body, “Where you always do.”

“You know you have a lot of places that I want to touch, but I want to know what places you want me to touch.”

“The place that makes me scream.”

“Ah, ah, ah. I thought we already went over this No noise, so if you scream, I’ll have to gag you.”

“Only if you do it with your dick,” Liz shot back.

In an instant Max’s eyes changed from playful to dangerous and Liz suddenly felt his hot mouth slam down on hers while he ran his rough hand over her breasts, pinning her to the wall. When Brody bought the UFO Center and fired Max, he found a job with a commercial landscaping company. With all the strenuous outdoor work, Max had become hard and rough in all the right places and Liz loved it.

Liz reached down and yanked Max’s denim shirt out of his jeans. He stopped kissing her and grabbed her hand, “What are you doing?”

“I thought I’d help myself.”

“Remember, this is about you, not me.”

“Oh,” Liz beamed a bright, innocent smile. Max gave her a devilish grin and she felt him pull her hands behind her waist. With his free hand, he lifted her skirt and she felt him running his finger along the top of her thigh highs, “Umm, must commend you on your choice of hosiery. Now spread your legs, Liz.”

Liz felt him nudge her knees apart with his thigh and he began to grind it against her center while he swirled his tongue around her outer ear. Liz tilted her head back, shut her eyes and began to breathe just a bit heavier. It was so easy to get lost in Max. Every time they made love she was so overwhelmed that she would gasp for breath, as if she needed him to sustain her life. She felt totally consumed by him and protected at the same time.


Max could feel her heat on his thigh as she rode him. Her head was tilted back and her hair swung free down her back, brushing against his hand as he held hers. He lifted one hand and pushed her tank top up, exposing her breasts to his view. Leaning down, he took one of her taut nipples into his mouth, using his tongue to flick it back and forth before his teeth took a little nip of it.

He removed his thigh from between hers and replaced it with his hand. He inched his way down her thong before coming in full contact with her wetness. A gasp escaped her mouth as he touched her taut clit, his mouth still sucking on her engorged nipples.

“Liz. Remember, silence is of the utmost importance right now,” he spoke, removing his mouth from her breast just long enough to speak. His cock was straining against his jeans, her reactions driving him insane. He pulled away from her and grasping her panties, pulled them down her legs as he knelt between them, her skirt still bunched around her waist and one of his hands pressed against her stomach, keeping her in place. He was eye level with her dark brown curls and moved in for a closer taste.


Liz was doing everything in her power to remain standing. She just wanted to slide to the floor and remain motionless while Max made her come again and again. She opened her eyes, startled, when she felt Max’s hot breath at the juncture of her thighs.

He lightly stroked the length of her folds with his tongue once, making her jerk involuntarily. Then nothing. Liz thrust her hips forward trying to make contact with Max’s mouth. She opened her eyes to find him leaning back with a mischievous smile on his gorgeous face. They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment and then Max leaned forward and started softly licking her clit.

Liz moaned immediately and felt Max’s tongue instantly withdraw from her most sensitive area. She opened her eyes and saw him leaning back and glaring at her.

“I promise it won’t happen again,” she pleaded.

Max continued staring at her for a moment and remained silent. She knew it was her last warning, so she closed her mouth tightly, shut her eyes and leaned back waiting for his onslaught.

He decided to pick up were her left off, barely stroking her clit with his tongue. He was driving her to the point of insanity. Liz thought, ‘What would happen if I screamed something like Fuck me now! or Make me come!’

She felt Max’s shoulders shaking and she looked down while he was leaning back, laughing. Their connection normally felt deep and meaningful, but in this instance it was downright annoying. Exasperated by his teasing, Liz leaned her head back and shut her eyes right before she felt two fingers shoved up her pussy.


Max felt her give a shudder as he inserted his fingers deep in her hole. Liz’s knees buckled and he used the hand he had pressed against her stomach to keep her from sliding down the wall. He wanted her to remain on her feet.

He knew what she wanted. Hell, she practically popped a blood vessel in his head as she screamed out her need over their connection. Max smiled remembering what she had been thinking. That was what caused him to slide his fingers up to her wet pussy. God, his cock was straining the seams of his jeans, he was so hard. He would love to oblige her request, but this time was for her and her alone.

Max pushed his fingers deeper as his thumb rubbed against her already excited clit. Her muscles were clenching around him as he eased out and pushed back in. Glancing up at her, Liz had her head thrown back and her hand braced over her mouth trying to muffle the noises so he wouldn’t stop.

He stood up, replacing his hand on her stomach with his body and removed her hand from her mouth, replacing it with his tongue and mimicking his actions down below. Max stopped the movement of his fingers and again rubbed his thumb over her clit. One swipe and he felt the tremors begin, her hands reaching up to his shoulders and holding on for dear life as she rode out her orgasm.

The muscles of her pussy gripped hard on his fingers as her juices ran down them and over his wrist. Max stopped the movement of his thumb, slowly easing his fingers out of her and lifting them towards his mouth. Liz was panting against him as Max removed all signs of her liquid sex before placing a soft kiss on her mouth.

“Very nice Liz, but let me help you clean up,” Max bent down and ran his tongue up her leg, catching all of her juices before he inserted his tongue between her folds and lapped them clean.


Max drank her wet center and Liz felt the ache in her stomach resume. It was starting all over again. Was it normal to be this horny? She looked down at Max kneeling on the floor, his legs folded under him. While he feasted on her, his head was tilted back, gazing at her with a look of complete adoration. She gave him a slight smile and shut her eyes.

Liz was burning between her legs and knew it was going to happen soon. The emptiness inside her grew larger, just begging to be filled. She grabbed a fistful of Max’s hair and pulled him even closer. Max grabbed her left leg and threw it over his shoulder. With his hands clenching her ass, he grunted and began sucking her clit. Liz began gasping hard, taking in as much air as possible. Her hand covered her mouth for the second time as she started spasming and jerking against his face.

Liz slid slowly down the wall with Max’s hands around her waist. When she reached the floor he scooted closer to her. He cupped her face as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to her forehead.

“Are you okay?” he asked sweetly.

She nodded and closed her eyes taking deep breaths.

“So Liz, did you enjoy study hall?”

She opened her eyes and saw a satisfied smirk on his face. Her heartbeat was slowing and although she was wet and primed to be filled by him, she decided that payback was definitely in order. Liz somehow found the strength to push away from him and stand up. Max continued to watch as she rooted around for her thong. Spying it, she pulled it up her quivering legs, adjusted her clothes and sauntered back over to Max.

Liz leaned down and rested her hand over his bulging cock, narrowing her eyes at his in-drawn breath. Her nimble fingers made quick work of his zipper and soon his pulsing flesh was gripped in her palm.

“You’ll get yours next, Max,” she whispered as she stroked his hard flesh. “Just not right now.”

With that, she let go and stood up, grabbing her bag and heading for the door. Looking over her shoulder, she could see him sitting where she had left him; his mouth open, eyes wide and his rock hard cock straining out of his wide open jeans. Giving him a wink, she unlocked the door and breezed out into the hallway.