Roswell char not mine.

Liz stares out the window at the snow falling against the black sky.

Closing her eyes and breathing in slowly she takes the scent of the room into her body.

"Mmmm…" a soft moan escapes her, as she smells the familiar scent of him.

The scent she could never get enough of.

Rising slowly, she sits at the edge of their bed. Feeling the cold air against her bare skin, she shivers at the thoughts of the night before. Imagining their lovemaking, she closes her eyes and exhales slowly.

"What an amazing lover he is," she thinks to herself.

The snowflakes grow and she loses her thoughts in the patterns falling on the windows.

Feeling his strong hand slip around her waist, she's startled back into reality.

"Max?" she whispers in the voice she knows he loves.

"Baby," he replies as his lips meet the small of her back, "have I told you lately that you make beautiful love to me?"

His hands wrap around her waist and finally cup her firm breasts. Feeling his fingers brush over her nipples and his lips on her shoulders, she closes her eyes and concentrates on his touch.

Sliding up behind her, Max wraps his arms around hers and rests his head on her shoulder, breathing in deep the scent of her hair and light perfume. He finds her hands and laces his fingers through hers, but not before twisting and sliding her wedding band around.

"Almost perfect night, isn't it?" he breathes. "Almost," she says in a seemingly sinister voice.

Standing slowly, Liz feels his hands slip down her thighs.

He begins to speak, but she quiets him by placing her finger lightly on his mouth.

Parting his lips, Max allows her finger into his mouth. His tongue soft, his mouth hot.

She pulls her finger out of his mouth and steps back.

The moonlight sneaks in the window falling softly on her beautiful shape. Soft curves and creamy flesh show in the dim light. The shape of her breasts is a dark silhouette in the night.

She lets him see her.

Watch her.

Enjoy her.

She knows he loves her body and she loves allowing him to gaze at it. She watches his eyes as they fall from her shoulders, to her breasts, to her belly, down her hips and past her bare mound.

His gaze falls down her thighs and calves and finally back up to her face.

She steps forward putting her hands out for his.

Taking his hands and placing them on her hips, he pulls her gently into him. His firm lips kiss just above her belly button and slowly the kisses fall.

She takes his head in her hand and forces him to look up at her. Bending slightly, her lips meet his and her tongue dances on his lips. Falling to her knees, Liz places herself between his legs, their lips still together. Settling in, she runs her hands up his thighs, cupping his butt in her hands.

Max stares out into the night sky and watches the moonlight fall across his lovers back. The sensuous curve of her rear end lit by the sky.

He runs his hands down her back, enjoying the softness of her skin against his rough hands.

Liz shivers at his touch, he's always had this affect on her, making her feel beautiful and safe and sexy and dangerous all at the same time. Feeling his cock swell against her breasts as she rubs her erect nipples on him.

Smiling as his shaft falls in the hollow of her flesh she closes her eyes and just absorbs him into herself.

Cupping her face in his hands he smiles at her, "I love the way your skin feels on mine."

She grins at the thought of how special he makes her feel.

She presses her full lips against the head of his cock. Feeling it throb on her lower lip, she kisses the end. Slipping her tongue between her lips and finding the end of his cock. Outlining along the entire head she moans lightly at the taste of his flesh.

"Baby," he says as his eyes close and his hands find her hair.

Darting her tongue quickly out and down the underneath side of his cock, she drags it slowly back up, looking up at him hoping his eyes open to enjoy her. She begins rapidly tonguing his cock and dragging her bottom lip across his balls, praying for him to watch her, begging for his eyes to open. She makes her tongue long and hard and darts underneath his balls.

Suddenly his eyes open and he smiles as he sees the twinkle in her eyes.

"Sweetheart, I love that you hunger for me," he says to her as she devours him.

Answering only by a slight moan, she runs her tongue between his ass and his balls. Grabbing his cock in her hand she feels it swell from magic of her tongue. Running her tongue around his balls and back up his thick shaft, she slowly stands. Standing before him as his erect cock throbs for her, she runs her hands across her breasts and down her belly.

He follows her fingers as they outline her belly button and make figure eights on her skin. Finally, her fingers part her lips, exposing her clit. He sees her delicious body tremble at the touch of her finger to her clit.

He grins as she begins to rub herself. Her lips begin to glisten and her finger slides around easier as she gets even more excited.

She places one foot up on the bed, exposing her pussy to him.

Max begins to lift a hand to her and she stops him. He begins to reach for his erection and she stops him. He grins at her teases and looks down at his throbbing cock.

To regain his attention, she places a wet finger at his lips.

"Ooo, baby, you are delicious," he says at he licks her wetness from his lips.

Liz continues to rub herself, eventually taking her finger into herself. She moans loudly as her finger glides in and out of her wet pussy. Taking her finger out and running it up her belly, leaving a beautiful, shiny trail.

He pulls her to him and traces it with his tongue, tasting her from her flesh. The mixture of her sweat and pussy are incredible.

His cock throbs in his lap.

Placing her hands on his chest, she pushes him back onto their soft bed.

Climbing on top of him, she straddles his cock. His cock in her hand, she runs it along her lips and against her clit. Dipping it slightly into her awaiting hole.

Max breathes heavily as she rubs more vigorously. Letting his cock go and just rubbing in between her lips,

Liz leans down and kisses him madly. Her tongue darts into his mouth as she places all her weight on to his cock and letting him slam into her.

She sits up taking him deep into her, her back arches as she grinds onto him. She finds his hands and places one around her waist, letting him support her as she falls on and off his cock.

The other she guides between her lips, placing one of his fingers and one of hers on her clit. Rubbing it and caressing her as she makes love to him.

Liz leans down and hovers over Max's face. She loves being close to him, feeling her nipples graze his chest. She kisses him passionately as her pussy squeezes his thick cock. Knowing how to drive him crazy, she squeezes and releases.

She falls onto him, her breasts pressing against him and his cock sliding, deep, deep into her. She squeezes him tightly and then slowly slides off.

Looking at her in a puzzled way she calms him by giving him a familiar wink. Lowering herself on his body, she draws her tongue across his cock, tasting her from him.

"Mmm…baby," she groans.

Feeling his hands on her head, she opens her mouth and invites him into her. Feeling his thick cock slip over her tongue and against the roof of her mouth. He slides easily into her as he's done many times before.

She closes her mouth over his shaft and glides up and down, taking him all the way into her throat. Tasting his pre-cum on her tongue, Liz bobs up and down faster, cupping his balls in one and hand squeezing the base of his cock with the other.

His grip tightens in her hair and she feels his balls pull closer to his body.

She pulls on them gently and opens her throat. Closing her eyes she hears his familiar grunt as his hot cum flows into her mouth. She continues sucking him and squeezing his cock with her lips as his cum rolls down her throat.

His body relaxes and his cock softens slightly, knowing he's very sensitive after orgasm, she gently rolls him out of her mouth, letting him rest on her tongue. His semen drips from her lips onto his belly.

She picks it up with her tongue and closes her eyes as she savors him.

She slides up his body, kissing and nibbling the whole way. Finding his lips, she kisses him wildly. She closes her eyes and sighs softly.

Liz always marvels at she and Max's lovemaking. After all their time together it's still as passionate and sweet as in the beginning. The newness never left, her heart still pounds when he walks in the door.

His hot mouth breaks her thoughts as she feels his lips surround her nipple. Her eyes close and her fingers linger in his hair. He makes his way down her body, kissing and licking every inch.

How she loves the feel of his strong hands against her. She exhales as his tongue parts her pussy lips. She sighs and enjoys him. Max has always been fabulous at oral sex, each time new and exciting. She relaxes has his tongue enters her, slowly, sweetly. She moans as his tongue slides in and out of her.

His fingers shove into her with his tongue and she trashes at his touch.

"Precious, you never cease to amaze me," she says as she writhes beneath him.

Max reaches under the bed and pulls out their box of "stuff" as they call it. He rifles through oils and lotions. At the bottom he finds a thin, ribbed vibrator. Turning it on low, he runs it around Liz's clit, watching her reaction.

He loves to watch her body as he pleases her. He slips it down, toward her ass and runs it around, teasing her. He slowly presses it against her, allowing her to relax and accept it. He loves that she enjoys anal and his cock gets stiff at the thought of being inside her tight ass.

He slips his tongue into her pussy and he feels her relax. He starts to slip the vibrator into her ass, slowly. She moans with the pleasure. Liz always gets so loud when Max goes down on her, it makes him feel so good. He shoves his tongue in and of her and switches the vibrator to high.

She whimpers at his touch and her body trembles. He slides the vibrator deep into her and leaves it, letting it roll around inside of her. His cock is so big from tasting her, he's never known a woman to taste so good. He's never known one to love the taste of themselves as Liz does.

Thinking of her tasting her own pussy makes his cock throb. He slides up to kiss her, to allow her to taste. Their tongues linger and she kisses him hungrily. He slips his cock into her, she's so wet and so tight.

"Baby, you feel so good," she says as he fills her.

He lies in her, rolling his cock around and loving her. Their bodies glisten with sweat. He begins to slide his cock in her faster and harder. Her moans are uncontrollable and it's driving him crazy.

He feels the vibrator against his cock and the vibrations are phenomenal. He can tell she's about to orgasm, her pussy throbs and squeezes his cock. He explodes into her as her body shivers and trembles beneath him.

They fall together in a heap, sweat dripping and the smell of sex filling the air. He kisses her so sweetly and lies with his cock still in her.

Max wraps her in the tightest hug and holds her close.

He gently slips out of her and pulls her to him like a spoon.

She rests her head on his arm and they lie together, staring at the big snowflakes against the night sky.

"Perfect night, isn't it?" he whispers in her ear.

"Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains"

-Jean Jaques Rousseau