author : Maxibabe
title : Masterplan
disclaimer : You think that max and liz would ever split up if I owned them
summary : well max and liz r best friends and love each other friends come up with the 'masterplan '

authors note : some of you will be worried about Max and whta he did don't be all will be explained if I get feedback
oh and if some of the american terms are wrong sorry I don't live there .

Part One

chous of Masterplan by Oasis

Dance if you wanna dance
please brother take a chance
you know you gotta go
which way you wanna go
You knows it to be
don’t please brother let it be
life on the other hand

“ Now class as we have been studing the English monarchy we have
decided to take you on trip to England , ” Mr Davids told the sophmore
class he was teaching in the last period before lunch .

The class was filled with oohhhs and ahhhhs when he said this and Mr
Davids shushed the class .

“ Now we will be leaving in two months so I’ll hand out the letters and can
you please hand them back in as soon as possible . We wil be doing an
exchange program so you will have some lesson’s in an English school . The
English pupils will be coming here a week after you return . We will be
staying for ten days in a small town called Bedford . It is about an hour
from London so you will have trips to the capital , ” Mr Davids concluded
his talk as the bell went

Once he had given out the letters everyone got up and left .

“ Hey Max , this sounds quite cool doesn’t it ? ” Liz Parker asked one of
her best friends Max Evans .

“ Yeah ten days away from the ‘rents what could be better ? ” Max said
putting his arm around his friend

“ Well I was also thinking about the actual trip there not just the getting
away from parents bit , ” Liz said laughing at Max

“ Oh yeah that to that’ll be cool too , ” Max said leading Liz outside to the
tree that theirn gang always ate their lunch under .

There gang was , Max , Liz , Isabelle Evans ( Max’s twin ) , Michael Guerin
, Maria Deluka , Alex Whitman , Kyle Valenti and Tess Harding .

Isabelle and Maria where already there when Max and LIz arrived .
Isabelle and Maria exchanged a look when they came with their arms
around each other .

“ Hey lil’ sis , Maz , ” Max said sitting down next to his sister , Liz sat
next to him .

“ Max I am ypounger than you by six minutes for fuck’s sake ,” Isabelle
said hitting her brunette brother lightly on the arm .

“ Hey guys , ” Klye Valenti said as je walked up with Tess . He was going
out with Tess .

“ Hey you two wow is the Earaser room going to miss you ? ” Max asked
joking Klye shopt him a glare and Tess blushed .

“ So what’s going on ? “ Klye asked ignoring Max’s comment

“ Well Isabelle’s beating me up she’s so mean to me , ” max said
pretending to be hurt he then put his head into Liz’s chest and
prentended to sob .

“ Ahhhh poor lil’ Maxi baby , ” Liz said stroking Max hair she could feel
her heart racing and her palms began to sweat . Why did Max always have
this affect on her ? And why was she in love with her best friend ?

“ I was not beating him up it’s just Max is such a woose that a girl lightly
tapping him would leave a bruise , ” Isabelle said smiling to see max’s
reaction . He lifted his head of Liz and grabbed Isabelle’s apple .

“ I’m hungry , ” Max said as he nit into the apple .

“ Max ! That was mine you evil barstad , ” Isabelle said she reached over
and grabbed Max’s chips .

“ Well I’m hungry as well , ” Isabeele said opening them and eating some .

“ Didn’t want them anyway , ” Max said looking away from his sistee and
leaning on Liz . “ So ahve you heard about the England trip ? ” He asked as
the rest of the group arrived

“ Oh yeah that’s going to be so wicked ten days in another country with
no PARENTS Whoohoo , ” Klye said cheering

“ So I take it that your going , ” Alex said smiling noticing max and Liz .
Liz was looking at everyone else and Max was staring at Liz with so much
passion in his eyes . He knew that they were in love with each other he
just didn’t know why they weren’t together .

“ Yep , ” Klye said “ you’re going too aren’t you sweetie ? “ he asked Tess
who nodded .

They spent the whole lunchtime chatting and Max had to fight of the
urge to grabb Liz and kiss her right there right now .


“ So Max shall we go up and work on that Science project ? ” Liz asked
shifting on Max’s lap in the Crashdown Cafe . Her parents owned it and
even thought they didn’t live there they still owned upstairs so she often
did her homework there after school .

“ Yep common Lizzy , ” Max said trying to get up with Liz on his lap .

Max and Liz walked upstairs leaving everyone else sitting in the
Crashdown .

“ Oh common you two gwt together I’m nearlly coming to the end of my
bet , ” Michael said refering to the bet that they had all made as to when
they would get together .

“ Okay I’m putting a new one down , I’ll put five bucks down for the
England trip , ” tess said leaning over and placing a five dollar note on the

“ No way they arte not going to last another two MONTHS !” Maraio said

“ Thats what you said two months ago , ” Tess said “ remember this is
Max and Liz they are so scared of something I think one day we are going
to have to bash their heads together to make them realise that they are

“ Okay lets make a deal if they aren’t together by the trip we will make
sure they are by the end . Deal ? ” Alex asked

“ Deal , ” said the other five at the same time .


Upstairs max and Liz where talking .

“ I can’t believe you think she’s pretty she’s so not , ” Liz said

“ When did I ever say I thought she was pretty I just said she was nice
to look at , ” Max said smiling

“ Max , so you like her for her body and that’s it ? ” Liz asked

“ Well she’s a famous actress if I new her then it wouldn’t just be her
body but I don’t want to meet her I just want to look at her , ” Max said

“ Excuse me , girls who are nice and have a brain ! Does Pam Troy fall
under that category ? ” Liz asked . Pam Tropy was Max’s last girlfriend
and Liz had hated her even before she had gone out wth Max so now her
hatred fot the evil cheerleader was HUGE .

“ Okay so I had a little lapse in concentration with her I don’t know why I
went outm with her granted it was only for two days but I don’t why I
said yes , ” Max said

“ What you said yes ? You mean she asked you out ? ” Liz asked she had
been seriously mad at Max when he ad gone out with Pam so she had
never asked anything about it .

“ Yeah . She’d been asking me for months . She even offered to just have
sex and then leave it , ” Max said grimincing thinking about what he had
done that night he hbad gone out with her . He also knew that Liz knew
he had slept with her

“ Wow she’s so desperate , ” Liz said as soon as max had said that it had
jolted her memeroy about him and Pam . She felt as though someone had
stapped her in her heart and jumped up and down on her stomache .

“ let’s stop talking about this , ” Max said leaning back against the wall

“ Fine by me , ” Liz said “ So do you think Brittney Speas is pretty ? ”

Part two
chous of Masterplan by Oasis

Dance if you wanna dance
please brother take a chance
you know you gotta go
which way you wanna go
You knows it to be
don’t please brother let it be
life on the other hand


“ I can’t believe Max and Liz are still not boyfriend and girlfriend !”
Exclaimed Maria . She was sitting next to Isabelle and Michael on the
plane that was taking them all to England .
“ I know I can’t believe we ahve top carry out our plan , I was sure that
they would be together by now , ” Isabelle said shaking her head .
“ Well they’ll be together by the end of it with our masterplan , ” joked
Maria . Their masterplan was pretty simple .

“ Yeah , wait shush here they come , ” Michael said
“ Hey guys , ” Liz said “ What person are you staying with ? ”
“ I’m with Chris Blaire , ” said Michael
“ I’m with Gerildine Barker , ” Maria said “ who are you with ?“
“ errr.. Sally Goodwin ,” Max said
“ Your with a girl ? ” Isabelle asked
“ Yep eithern that or the parents have weird taste in names ,”
“ I’m with Jack Marriot , ” Liz said trying not to be jealous of this Sally
person even though she was also with someone of the opposite sex .

“ Okay I think I’m going to hate mine he said ‘ I like to watch lots of
sports and play and hang out with my mates and babes ‘ what a losser , ”
said Michael breaking the tension that was mounting between Max and


A few hours later Max and Liz were both sleeping . As Max awoke he saw
that Liz had her head resting on his shoulder . She looked like an angel
her beautiful soft brown hair like framed her lovely oval shapped face .
Her hair was the same colour of her deep soulful eyes that he loved to
stare into . He could just watch Liz for hours . She was so intriguing and
he never wanted her to be apart form her .

“ Hey Liz , ” Max said softly as Liz moved a woke up
“ Oh hey Max you alrite ? “ Liz asked suggling into his shoulder . She love
the smell of him he could always make her feel safe and she felt like she
was complete when they were together .

“ Yeah I ‘m hungry though , ” He said putting his arm around her slender
shoulders .
“ You’re always hungry . Have you slept ? “ Liz asked
“ Yeah I woke up a few minutes before you did , ” Max said he reached
over to put a piece of hair behind her ear .
“ Are we nearlly there ? ” Liz asked
“ yeah I think so , ” Max answered he leaned forwards to her lips .

“ You look really beautiful , ” Max said as his heart raced and he felt as if
they were the only people in the whole world . All the mattered was that
he was with her and he felt her lips against his own . He had such a need
for Liz . He couldn’t believe after all girls he had been with the one girl
that he needed , the one girl he wanted , the one girl he wanted to spend
the rest of his life with had been there all his life . He had been so blind
how could he not have realised how beautiful she was , how she made him
smile and laugh like no-one else in the whole world could . He was going to
kiss his best friend and he so badly wanted to .

Liz could feel him lean closer and closer towards her . This was whaty she
had been waiting for for the last year . He also wanted her like she did .
Maybe he also dreamed about them together how they were together in
every way possible . He had always been there for her and she hadn’t
even realise untill she was fifthteen that she was in love with him , and
not just with him being her best friend . She thought about him 24/7 and
wanted to be with him 24/7 . And now here he was leaning towards her
about two centimetres away from her lips and the closer he got the more
both of their hearts began top beat faster .

“ Hello this is your piolet we will be arriving in Heathrow shortly with you
please ..... “ Neither of them listened after the anitinal shock wore off
and they leant back in their own seats . Liz could have shot the piolet and
Max would have assited her definitely .

“ Hey you guys , ” Maria said as she stood up after the plane had landed .

“ Hey ‘ria , “ Liz said very annoyed .
“ Whatsup ? “ Maria asked . Liz looked at Ma xwho was looking very
intrested in his bag .
“ Oh nothing I just woke up and you know how grumpy I get , “ Liz said
not taking her eyes off max , what ever he had seen in her two minutes
earlier seemed to disappear now , she had missed her chance if only she
had lent in earlier .


“ Hey Liz , “ Max said pushing his hands in his pockets , they were at the
school they would be spending a few days at and they seemed to have
been deserted by everyone else .

“ Max , God I can’t believe how cold it is , it’s fliiping July for Fucks sake ,
” Liz said noticing that Max wouldn’t look her in the eye .

“ Yeah I know what you mean it’s well cold and the rain is horrible , ” Max
said he knew she was trying to avoid the subject of what had happened
on the plane .

“ So where do you think the others have got to ? “ asked Liz walking
slowly down the hall looking in each classroom to see if their group was in
there .

“ God knows they probably have forgotton all about us , ” Max said .

“ Evans , Parker will you hurry up , ” Mr Davids said as they rounded a
conrner and saw the whole american group of people there was also alot
of people neither Max or Liz recognised so they guesssed they were the
English that they would eb staying with .

“ Sorry sir , ” Max said wlaking quickly to the rest of his friends Liz
folowed .

“ Okay now we’re all here we’ll introduce everyone this will take a while so
please talk amoungest yourselves .

“ Wow I’m really nervous , “ Maria confessed then she saw Mr Davids walk
over to them .

“ Whitman come with me please ,” ordered the history teacher.

“ Wish me luck guys , ” Alex said and followed the balding man.

One by one the gang was taken away and they all promised to meet up at
the party that was going on tonight to welcome the Americans .


“ Hey Liz where are all the others ? “ Max asked as he walked up to Liz
who was surrounded with lots of men . He also had Sally next to him .

“ Oh hi Max I don’t know where the others are , but this is Jack Marriot
and some of his friends , “ Liz said smiling sweetly at Jack

“ hey this is Sally Goodwin , Sally this is one of my best friends Liz
Parker , ” Max said with a strong feeling of jealously racing through him .

“ Hi Liz and you guys , ” Sally said smiling at Max
“ You alright Sal ? “ One of Jack’s friends Steve asked
“ Yeah great , hey max can I show yopu some of my friends ? “ Sally asked
a dragegd Max away from Liz and the boys .

A little later on Liz was dancing with Jack and Max was standing with Kyle
, Michael and Alex glaring at Jack .

“ So he was like ‘ now mate what do YOU wnat to do I want to go to the
party but YOU can decide , I mean the party’s gonna have lots of pretty
ladies but YOU decide ‘ “ Michael was mimicking his exchange partner “ I
mean what a jerk and then .....”

Michaels voice seemed to disappear as Max ghopt less intrested in the
guys and more jealous of Liz and Jack dancing . How dare he steal Liz
from him . He watched at Liz whispered something in Jacks ear and then
walked off . Max decided to take his chance when Jack didn’t follow .

“ hey guys I’ll be back in a minute , “ Max said and ran to catch up with Liz
he saw her about to enter the ladies room .

“ Wait Liz , “ Max called out and Liz stopped and turned around .

“ What do you want Max ? “ Liz asked she ahd known that Max had been
watching her all night and that was why she ahd been flirting with Jack
all night , Max had to pay .

“ You want to know what I want ? “ max asked
“ Yeah , thats what I said wasn’t it ? “
“ I want you Liz I always have and I always will , “ Max moved closer to
her and Liz felt her heart start to race and she looked like she was
aboput to faint .
“ Sorry will you repeat that I think I heard the wrong thing “
“ No you didn’t I need you Liz I . . er I love you Liz , ” Max said not even
believeig he was hearing himself it was jsut all coming out .

“ Oh god I think I’m going to throw up , ” Liz said so max pushed her into
the bathroom gladly seeing no-one else was in there .

“ Look Liz I don’t know if you have ever thought of me like hat but I do
know that I want to be with you and that I love you and I always have
done , “ Max said swallowing hard

“ Really this isn’t some guy dare is it you really love me ? “ Liz asked her
head tilted and she had a half smile on her face

“ Liz I would say that to you as a dare , “
“ well then Max I love you too , I always have done and In always will , you
are the one I think about all the time and - “ Liz was cut off by max
kissing her .

It was a sweet kiss but he soon deepen it and it became fast and
passionate . Liz fle tlike fireworks were going off in her mouth . Her
whole body was singing . Max Evans is kissing me she thought .

They broke apart when they heard giggles and the door handle turning .
Max quickly pushed Liz into a cubicul and locked the door .

“ OMG did you see him ? “ Max and Liz recognised the voice straight away
as Maria and when the next girl spoke they realised it was Isabelle .

“ I know I thought max was going to kill Jack , ” Isabelle laughed as did
Maria .

“ Yeah it was funny but it is interfring with the master plan , “ Maria said
. Max and Liz looked at each other in confusion .

“ Oh common Liz is so in love with max , Jack is not going to steal her
away from my brother , she was just trying to make him jealous . But you
are right we need to hurry up with leaving locking them in the closet
together so the boys don’t win the bet , ” Isabelle said Max and Liz’s
eyes widened when they heard this .

“ Yeah common lets go and see what’s going on with Max and Liz now
hopefully he’s got hsi tongue down her thoart , “ With that the two left
and Max and Liz said at each other .

“ I can’t believe they have a plan to het us together adn they are betting
on us , ” Max said outraged

“ I know it is pretty funny though and were we that olvious , I didn’t
notice that you had any feelings that weren’t platonic towards me ,” Liz
said sitting on his lap when he put the toliet seat down and sat down .

“ mummm well we aren’t going to let them see that they were right , I
knows lets pretend to start to hate each other , “ Max said smiling at Liz

“ Mmmm yep I love the way your brain works , ” Liz said
“ Well I just love you , ” Max said as Liz kissed his neck he brought her
head up and brought his mouth down on hers . she grabbed at his shirt
and kissed him back with all the passion she could muster she undid his
first bitton of his shirt and put her hand his bare muscelly chest . Max
put one hand on her theigh and the other one was running through her
hair . he loved the feel of her hair against his skin . She broke away from
the kiss and started kissing his chin then neck and made her way down
his chest undoing each buttogn of his shirt on the way . She got off his
lap and realised how big he was and how aroused . She was also wet and
she ahd an ache down there . but as he started to undo her own buttons
of her blouse she ignored it and kissed his lips again .

“ Did you see that yank checking you out , “ said some English girl to
another breaking Max and Liz uo they looked at each other and realised
they had only gotton together five minutes ago .

When the two girls left the bathroom theyb unlocked the door and
wlaked out of the ladies wishing they could just go and make out for the
whole night .

"Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains"

-Jean Jaques Rousseau