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Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. I live for feedback.

Do What You Have To Do
Part 1

Life was unfair; completely unfair. Liz Parker sat back in her solitary booth at the Crashdown Café and watched with bitterness as a Christmas party waged around her. The sounds of happy voices and half-drunken laughter almost did her in. None of the people around her had a thought more troubling than that last minute Christmas shopping. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt that carefree, that blissfully happy.

With a shake of her head, she shook off her last thought. That was a lie, she did remember, but she pushed those memories to the back of her mind. If she couldn’t be that happy ever again, why should she torture herself? The sound of a familiar voice caught her attention. Her best friend Maria Deluca stood in the corner of the room arguing with her on again, off again boyfriend, Michael Guerin. It looked as though they were on again this week, but Liz had given up trying to understand them months ago. They enjoyed arguing, so Liz wasn’t surprised to see them half-heartedly fighting over music selections. She didn’t know what they felt for each other, but she was pretty sure it wasn’t love; at least not yet.

But at least they had the chance to find out; fate wasn’t stacked against them.

Recognizing her foul mood surfacing again, she let her gaze wander to her other friend, Alex, who had always stood by her. She wasn’t surprised to find him trying his hardest to impress Isabel Evans, the object of his lifelong crush. Surprisingly, Isabel was turning into a good friend.

The front door jingled and caught her attention. Kyle Valenti and his father entered with large grins. They were immediately absorbed into the crowd by lifetime friends. They were all smiles and Christmas cheer. Liz watched with vague amusement as the Sheriff sought out Maria’s mother. There was an interesting pair. As her gaze wandered further, her eye caught on another couple and Liz felt what little cheer she’d felt drain away. Tess Harding stood huddled in a corner with Max Evans. As she watched Tess lean in close to whisper into Max’s ear, Liz wanted nothing more than to lay her head down and cry. She’d known when she pushed him away that he’d go running to Tess, but she hadn’t expected to have to watch it.

Feeling a pair of eyes bore into her, she turned her head to find Kyle staring at her. She gave him a weak smile but she knew he wasn’t fooled. He followed her gaze to the couple in the corner and she saw understanding dawn in his eyes. Unexpectedly, he walked over to Tess and Max and whispered into Tess’s ear. Liz could see Max’s features harden as he turned from the new couple to take a solitary seat at the counter. Liz’s heart broke anew to see him alone, staring off into space. He carried the weight of two worlds on his shoulders sometimes and it had seemed to only be getting worse for him since it happened. It, that was how she thought of the whole situation now, merely as it.

Shrugging off the sadness that threatened to settle over her heart, Liz took a long sip of her soda. Surely, nobody would miss her if she slid out the back door. Her parents were playing host and wouldn’t notice for a few hours yet, and her friends were all preoccupied by their significant others. Liz stood from her booth and made her way through the throng of people towards the doors to the kitchen. Once there, she threw herself down on the lounge’s overstuffed couch. She barely had time to take a deep breath before Maria followed her through the doors.

“Liz, what’s up? I don’t know if anyone told you, but there’s a wild party going on out there. One in which you have not taken an active role in.”

Liz gave her a weak smile. “I’m just not feeling up for a party I guess. I was just going to sneak away for a minute and get in the spirit. See? It worked, I’m feeling more Christmasy already.”

She should have known eagle eye Maria would notice she was gone. But why was she the only one who had noticed? Why hadn’t Max followed her? He used to know her thoughts before she had formed them. How could he have forgotten her so quickly? But even as her romantic heart longed for Max to woo her back, her mind understood why Max hadn’t even made eye contact with her in days. She knew when she did it that things would be this way. Damn her foolproof plans.

Maria gave her a skeptical glare. “I don’t buy it, girlfriend. You were skipping out on us.”

Enough was enough. Constant cheerfulness around her friends had begun to take it’s toll on her. Besides, she didn’t have to hide her pain from Maria, the only other person who knew the full truth of what had happened that night.

“Okay, you got me. Maria, I just can’t do it right now. I can’t pretend I’m cheerful and happy when Max is ignoring me and Tess is all but in his lap.” Liz took a deep breath now. “It’s been months, Maria, and I still can’t stop missing him.”

Maria took a seat beside her life long friend. “Look, we have to believe that future Max knew what he was talking about when he came here. It may seem hard now, but think of the good it will do later.”

“I know, but it’s still hard. It’s just not fair. I love him and he loves me, or at least he did before…” Liz let her statement trail off, not even wanting to put a name to what had happened. “We should have our wedding in Vegas or wherever. I want that option, not fate stacking up against me.” Liz rubbed her hands over her eyes. “Look, just ignore me. I’m having holiday blues. I’ll be fine, I promise. Why don’t you go back to the party?”

Maria shook her head. “Nope. You stay, I stay. Best friend rules apply in a situation like this. If you’re miserable, then I have to be too. If you think it’ll help, I can swipe a bottle of champagne and we can go upstairs and make a list of everything bad about men. That usually helps.”

Liz opened her mouth to argue, but was interrupted as the alley door was flung open. A body fell through the doorframe and collapsed on the floor with a loud thump. Both girls jumped from the couch and eyed the body carefully. Liz examined the man’s back. It was familiar somehow. His clothes were torn and had seen many days, but they were odd, out of date. The long, curling black hair caught Liz’s eye and made her suck in a breath of disbelief. It couldn’t be. She bent over and attempted to roll the figure over.

“Liz,” Maria hissed. “You don’t know who or what he is. He could be an evil Czechoslovakian.”

But Liz ignored her, couldn’t hear her friend over the beating of her own heart. How could it be? She rolled the figure over and heard Maria’s gasp. Liz found herself looking down into the face of Max Evans.

“Liz, I don’t think you-“

Both girls screamed as Max’s hand shot up to grab Liz’s arm. His eyes met hers and they shared a long, piercing gaze.

“You have to help me.”

“We don’t have to do anything.” Maria grabbed Liz’s arm and began tugging her friend towards the door.

Alex burst through the kitchen door behind them, Isabel in tow. “Is everything okay? We heard-Oh my god.”

Isabel found she could only stare at the scene in front of her. She’d swear it was her brother if she didn’t know that her brother was brooding at the counter behind her.

“What is that?”

Max ignored them all, his every word and action for Liz alone. “Liz, it didn’t work.”

Alex and Isabel watched as the color drained from Liz’s face. “No, you said it would work. It had to work, you disappeared. How could it not have worked?” She gripped his shoulder tightly, shaking it with her hysteria.

Max closed his eyes briefly as pain flooded his body. Liz snapped out of her trance and sprang into action. “You’re hurt.” She immediately began searching his body for injuries. She heard his sharp intake of breath and pulled his clothes aside to check the wound. Trying not to wince, she made herself examine the nasty gash that ran across his left ribs. She turned to the others. “We need to get him upstairs.”

“What? No. Liz, we don’t even know-“

“I do know. Look, I’ll explain later. Please help me now.” Her gaze swept to Alex.

He met Liz’s eyes and only hesitated a second before crouching at Max’s shoulders. “On three we lift.” Liz nodded as she settled near Max’s leg. Maria approached cautiously, but took the other leg. Only Isabel hung back.

“Liz, are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Liz raised her eyes to Isabel’s frightened face. “I swear this is your brother.”

Used to the impossible, Isabel nodded and went to Alex’s side. Together, they hefted Max upstairs into Liz’s bed. Liz stripped off her dinner jacket and began working off Max’s bloodstained clothes. She felt her heart lurch when she saw how much blood he’d lost.

“We need towels, bandages, hot water.” She rattled off everything she could think of from every movie she’d ever watched where they patched someone up.

The group scrambled into action. Liz grabbed Alex’s hand, halting him. “Alex, I need you to go downstairs and tell them we’re okay. Make up something. Just don’t let anyone up here.”

Alex gave Liz a hesitant nod and was off. Maria and Isabel returned a minute later with bandages and towels. They watched patiently as Liz wiped away the blood, oblivious to the red stains that marred her own clothes. As Liz rinsed out another towel, Max woke again and reached out for her hand. Liz was at his side immediately.


“Yeah, I’m here.” She gave him her best smile. She was pretty sure he was confusing her with the Liz from his time.

His eyes roamed her face and he gave her a small smile. “I thought I’d never see you again. So pretty, my Lizzy.”

“Max, stay with me. What happened? How are you still here? I saw you disappear.”

“I did.” His eyes cleared as he suddenly remembered where he was, when he was. “Liz, you have to stop it. You have to put it back right. We were wrong. God, Liz, we were wrong.”

“Okay, you’re fine now. We’re going to fix you up. Isabel’s here too.”

Isabel took a step forward. She knew this was her brother, just as she knew that her brother was also downstairs pining away in a booth. “I’m here, Max.”

His eyes lit on hers. “Iz, baby. You look so good, so young.”

“Isabel, you have to heal him.”

Isabel shook her head. “No, I can’t. Max was the one who could heal, not Michael and I.”

“She can’t help me.” Max pulled on Liz’s arm. “Nobody can. I just had to warn you. I had to stop it from happening. Liz, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I failed you.”

“Shh,” Liz tried to calm the futuristic Max. What had happened to him? He seemed to be confusing their last visit with his own time.

“I think we should get the others.”

“No.” Liz turned her head up sharply towards Maria. “Not yet. How am I supposed to explain this when I don’t even understand it completely?”

“Liz, you told me that when you changed things, he went poof and disappeared. This isn’t what poof looks like.”

Isabel looked on in confusion. Maria obviously knew what was going on and Isabel had to check her temper. She watched as Liz turned her attention back to Max. He had slipped out of consciousness again and Liz was still trying to stop the bleeding. Whatever was going on, the chill at the base of her spine told her that it was going to be bad.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. I live for feedback.

Do What You Have To Do
Part 2

Max Evans sat at the counter of the café, eyeing the thinning party around him. There weren’t many people left now. From across the room, he heard Liz’s parents talking to Alex.

“Well, tell her that we’re going over to Ron and Cathy’s for drinks.”

“I will, Mr. Parker. You know how women are. Isabel spilled something on her dress and they all went to help her.” Alex rolled his eyes in exasperation as Liz’s parents chuckled with him.

Then Max saw it, a mere flicker in his eyes, but it was there. Alex was worried. No, spooked was more like it. He’d seen Liz sitting alone in a booth, had watched her from the corner of his eye all night. It had been a miracle that he had been able to keep from gawking at her like a lovesick fool. She’d worn the blue dress he loved so much. The one she’d worn on their third date when they went to the movies. He doubted she remembered, but he did. He hadn’t forgotten one minute of the time he’d spent with her.

So, when she’d sat alone most of the night, loneliness written all over her face, he’d assumed she was waiting for Kyle, that he’d stood her up. But when Kyle came through the door, he hadn’t headed towards Liz, but Tess. Max had seen Liz watching them briefly before she took off for the kitchen, and he’d been filled with rage then. How could Kyle toss her away like that? Didn’t he realize what she was? His heart had dropped then, his mind flashing back to the memory of finding them in bed together. He’d never forget the look on her face as long as he lived. With a sigh, Max pushed his soda away and watched as Alex made small talk with the Parker’s. He’d seen Maria follow Liz, then Alex and Isabel. Alex had been the only one to come down and it had been more than an hour. Something was wrong.

“Something’s wrong.” Michael appeared behind Max.

“I know.” Silently, they watched Alex wave off Liz’s parents, then they approached him.

“Where’s Maria?”

“Helping Liz. She spilled something on her dress and-“

“Try another one, Alex. You told the Parker’s that Isabel spilled something.” They advanced on the jittery boy. Tess and Kyle crossed the room to see what the problem was.

Alex took a step backwards. “My mistake then. Look, they’re fine. I can go check on them if you want.”

“I think that’s a good idea. Why don’t we all go?”

“No!” Alex took another step backwards, blocking the kitchen door. “I’m sure they’re fine.”

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll just see for myself.” Michael pushed past Alex, Max and the others following closely behind.

“Wait.” They were halfway up the steps before Alex caught up. “Look, truth is they’re doing girl crying stuff. Liz was upset and she didn’t want anyone to know.” At least part of it was true.

Max softened a bit. Liz was upset? It was one thing to think it, but to have someone put it into words was another. He almost turned to retreat, but then he saw it in Alex’s eyes again. He was still lying. Max took the rest of the steps two at a time. Something was wrong and they didn’t want anyone else to know. That spelled trouble. Max reached Liz’s door and flung it open. Three heads turned to face the visitors, a matching fear in their eyes. But all Max saw was the blood the covered Liz. He was at her side immediately, checking her for injuries.

“Are you okay? God, look at the blood. What happened?”

“Max, stop. I’m fine. Go back downstairs.” But Max’s fingers had frozen on her shoulders and Liz knew he’d seen

“What the hell?” Michael stepped into the room for a closer look.

“Get out of here now, all of you.” Max began pushing them towards the door. Liz pushed back at him.

“Max, you don’t understand.”

“I understand you’re in danger. You don’t know what the hell you’re doing.”

Furious, Liz pushed out of his grip. “I know exactly what I’m doing. Let me go.”

Max groaned from Liz’s bed and she was at his side immediately.

“Liz…no…don’t go…” He sat upright in bed, his body covered in a sheen of sweat. He saw Liz and pulled her into a tight hug. “I couldn’t save you. I’m sorry I was too late. Please, forgive me.”

Liz returned his embrace, wanting to soothe him. Max pulled her to arm’s length and met her eyes frantically. “I won’t let them take you this time, I swear.”

Liz shook the future Max lightly. “You’re safe now. Look at me.” She waited until some of the shock cleared from his eyes and she continued. “You’re safe here. We’re all here and okay and you’re the only one who needs saving. You’re sick. Do you understand?”

Max nodded his head slowly. Liz bent closer to push him back down in the bed, but he was quicker. He cupped the back of her head and pulled her lips to his.

Behind them, Max leapt into forward, only to be held back by Michael and Tess. With jealousy clouding his vision, it took him a minute to see what was happening. Liz had stiffened on the bed, her attention unfocused on the kiss. They watched as the future Max broke the kiss and pierced Liz’s eyes with his own.

“Now do you understand?”

Liz raised a hand to her lips in shock. Her eyes had glazed over, not seeing her room, but the images that flashed across her eyelids. She closed her eyes briefly as the future Max slumped back in the bed, weary from the exchange.

The younger Max sprung into action, reaching Liz’s side in an instant. “Are you okay?”

Her eyes cleared and she nodded slowly. She took a deep breath and drew strength. “Go downstairs, toss everyone out. I’m going to change and I’ll be down.” Liz opened her eyes and met her Max’s eyes. “Please. Give me five minutes.”

Max nodded and headed out the door reluctantly. The rest of the group followed and Maria closed the door behind them. Liz turned back to the figure on her bed. “We did that? We created that future?”

Max nodded weakly. “I’m sorry, Liz. But you see why I had to come back?”

Liz found it hard to clear the images of death and bloodshed from her mind. “How do we stop it?”

“I wish I knew.”

Liz watched Max fight consciousness a minute longer before he dropped off. Mechanically, Liz turned to her closet and pulled out whatever clothes were nearest. She dressed quickly, turned on the intercom system in her room and stepped into the hallway. At the top of the stairs, she hesitated. She was going to have to tell him the truth. How was she going to do that though? She had pretended to sleep with Kyle for their own good and had lied to his face about it. How could he ever trust her again? She cursed herself for being a coward and descended the staircase. Without hesitation, she pushed through the kitchen doors into the café.

Max had been pacing the floor, trying to make sense of what he’d seen. The minute he saw Liz, he bounded across the room. “What the hell is going on?”

Liz pushed past him to take a seat in a nearby booth. Her legs had been threatening to give out on her and she didn’t want to seem weak now. She turned to Alex. “Can you please turn on the intercom?” As Alex complied, Max took a seat opposite Liz in the booth. The others crowded closer to listen.

“Liz, who is that upstairs?”

Liz met Max’s eyes. She owed him that much. “It’s you.”

Part 3

“Do I have to point out how impossible that is?” Kyle stepped closer to the group. “Max can’t be in two places at once.”

“He can if he’s from another time.”

“Another time? Like time travel?” Michael was trying not to get upset at Liz, but was finding it hard.

Liz nodded, never breaking eye contact with Max.

“Tell us.” Max asked softly, wanting to take her hand, but afraid she wouldn’t let him.

“Fourteen years from now, your enemies come to earth, for you and for the Granolith. They find you weak and they take the Granolith. A war is waged and fought and you will lose.”

“What do you mean we will lose? Why? How do you know?” Maria placed a hand on Michael’s shoulder to calm him. Liz looked like a harsh word would break her now.

“You are weak because Tess is missing. Without her, your powers aren’t complete and they are able to defeat you.” How much was she going to have to tell them?

“What do you mean I’m missing?” Tess wrinkled her brow in confusion.

Liz licked her lips and Max saw hesitation in her eyes. “The closer Max and I would have gotten, the more isolated you would have felt, until you leave Roswell altogether.”

“Go back to the wars. Who are our enemies? What happens?” Michael’s mind clicked back to tactics.

Liz closed her eyes now, willing the images from her mind. “Death, lots of it. Thousands of people are killed. I don’t know by whom. All of you…none of you will survive.” She opened her eyes and found Max unreadable. “Except Max and I. We’ll lose the last few of you trying to regain control of the Granolith. Max and I will find a way to rig it and send Max back to the year 2000 to fix things before they go wrong.”

‘“So I come back now to fix things? What things?”

Liz faltered. It was time for the truth. “Actually, it already happened, three months ago.”

“What? I don’t understand. Nobody said a thing.”

“Nobody knew. He came to me and told me not to tell anyone, that he couldn’t risk it.”

“How can you be sure? We don’t know who our enemies are or what they can do.” Michael found he needed to hear a confirmation, though he already believed.

“I didn’t know for sure. But he knew things before they happened, the Mariachi band outside my window, what you would be doing seconds before you did it. And then he kissed me and I had flashes and I knew he was telling the truth.”

Max was deadly calm now, no emotion registering on his face. “What did you change?”

“We had to keep Tess from leaving, and to do that, I had to push you away. Only, the harder I pushed, the closer you tried to get. Nothing was working, so-“

“Kyle stepped in to help out.” Realization dawned cold in Max’s eyes before he closed off his emotions again.

“Okay, now everything is starting to make sense.” Finally, Kyle knew why Liz had asked for his help without explanation.

“What? What does Kyle have to do with this?” Isabel asked with confusion.

“Kyle and Liz slept together.” Tess stepped in, unsure of where her place in this mess was.

“What?” Isabel, Alex and Michael asked in unison.

“It doesn’t matter.” Max’s voice was clipped. He pulled back from the table, not trusting himself around her. How could she have slept with Kyle to push him away? He’d never thought Liz would have been capable of it. She’d given a gift to Kyle, one he’d wanted more than life itself.

“Max, wait. Let me explain.” Liz could feel things unraveling completely around her. She’d never seen Max so unfeeling.

“What happened next?” Max cut off her explanation. He couldn’t talk about it, not now, maybe not ever.

Liz folded her hands in her lap and averted her gaze downward. She couldn’t stand to look into his eyes like that. “Then nothing. He disappeared, there one minute, gone the next. Mission accomplished.” Behold her success. Max not only had fallen out of love with her, but now hated her as well. Michael, Isabel and Alex thought she was trash, she’d probably brought Tess one step closer to Max, Kyle and Maria were staying out of it for her sake and the future was full of blood and pain. All in a day’s work, Parker.

Liz listened as the group started chattering around them. They were trying to come up with a plan of action. If only they knew the future, they would be acting quicker.

They needed to know the urgency of the situation. “Look, we need to do something now. If we wait-“


“What?” Liz raised her head. Instead of apathy in Max’s eyes, she found heat, anger.

“We’re not going to do anything.”

“We have to do something, Max.” Isabel was still confused. When had all these secrets popped up between them? Liz had slept with Kyle? Something was wrong here.

“No, we don’t. Liz caused this mess. She can fix it or the consequences are on her head.”

“Hold on, buddy. You can’t blame Liz for all this. You have no idea what happened-“

“Maria, don’t.” Liz loved Maria for her enthusiasm, but couldn’t tell Max the truth yet. He didn’t want to hear it. Images of people she loved dying flashed through her brain. “He’s right. If we hadn’t done what we did, things would have been different, better at least for a bit longer.”

“Now’s not the time to point fingers. What’s going to happen?” Michael took a seat at the counter. It looked like he was going to have to try to be the rational one this time.

“If Liz saw a glimpse of the future, she shouldn’t tell us. It’ll just mess things up more.”

“What if it’s really bad? If we could change it for the better?” Tess felt the need to stick up for Liz. She’d never seen Max so angry before.

“That’s already caused one mess. Liz has caused enough trouble for one day, and I don’t feel like listening to her rationalize it anymore.”

“Max, I know you’re angry, but you have to listen. Tonight-“

“No. You don’t know how I feel. I trusted you. We trusted you. Not only with our secrets, but with our lives, and you lied. You betrayed us. Why should we listen to anything you have to say?”

Liz knew he wasn’t talking about the future Max coming to her, but her betrayal of him with Kyle. And he was right. Why should any of them trust her anymore? Liz blinked back the tears that threatened to spill over. She was not going to cry here. She pushed out of the booth slowly. “Maybe I did make a mess, but I had good intentions.”

“And what did your good intentions do? Did they save lives or cost more people theirs?”

“I thought everyone would be better off if we were apart. I knew what kind of life I was giving up and I did it anyway. So, stand there and be judgmental if you want. Condemn me and hate me, but you would have done the exact same things I did if the situation was reversed.”

“You’re wrong, Liz. I would have drawn the line at whoring myself.”

Kyle moved forward suddenly, only to be stopped by Tess’s calming arm. If he jumped into the middle of this right now, Max would kill him for sure. Around them, the rest of the room froze and a dead silence filled the air, waiting for Liz’s reaction.

Liz felt the air sucked out of the room and it left her hollow. Of course that was what Max thought of her now. Hadn’t she meant to push him away by any means possible? She wanted to lash out at him, to tell him how much she had suffered to watch him from afar. She wanted to set the record straight, to tell her friends that she wasn’t the whore Max had called her. But she couldn’t. There wasn’t anything left inside of her anymore. If Max hated her so much, she wouldn’t dissuade him. Without a word, she stepped away from the table and headed back towards the kitchen. Maria caught up with her halfway up the stairs.

“Liz, wait. Don’t pay attention to Max. He’s an ass. He doesn’t think that of you, none of us do. Let’s go back in there and explain things to him. Tell him you didn’t sleep with Kyle.”

“I can’t, Maria.” Liz’s heart was breaking to know that under it all, Max was right. She did have to fix things. The future was on her shoulders now. “Look, I’m going to get some fresh air. Why don’t you go back in there and keep an eye on things for me? Maybe Max and I can talk after he calms down more and thinks this through.”

Maria eyed her friend skeptically. “You’re just going to get air?”

“Scouts honor.”

“You were a terrible scout.”

Liz grinned, despite the terrible weight on her heart. “Go. I’ll be down soon.”

Maria gave Liz a quick hug and dashed back downstairs, ready to yell at Max Evans for putting tears in Liz’s eyes.

Liz climbed the stairs slowly. How was it possible for your world to end so quickly? She checked on the future Max, still asleep. He looked as though he were running a fever. His skin was a sickly color it hadn’t been before. Liz closed her eyes as she saw what they had done to him. The drug they pumped into his system to find the location of the Granolith acted like a poison that was slowly killing him. There had to be a way to stop it all, but how? She opened her eyes with renewed resolve. She wouldn’t let anyone die this way now or in the future. She smoothed the hair back from his face gently, then grabbed a sweater from a nearby chair and hopped out her window onto the rooftop. Nobody was going to die at all.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. I live for feedback.

Just another part from little old me. C’mon, did you really think Liz would stay put?

Do What You Have To Do
Part 4

Maria sat back in a booth with Kyle watching the scene in front of her unfold. They’d been yelling at each other for an hour now. Should them change things or shouldn’t they? Kyle had tried to set the record straight, but a swift kick to the ankle from Maria had silenced him. The truth had to come from Liz.

“I’m just saying that we should at least find out what this future is like before we decide not to change it. We don’t even know how long we have to change things before it’s too late.” Isabel paced the café, worry evident on her face.

“It has to be now, or pretty soon at least, or Max wouldn’t have come now.” Michael paced the room opposite of Isabel.

Max sat quietly in a chair at the counter. “Knowing about the future will change it, and we don’t know what the outcome will be. It’s better not to know.” He’d seen the deep pain in Liz’s eyes and knew he’d cut to the bone with his words. He’d wanted to run to her, to apologize, tell her he didn’t mean it, that he loved her and he didn’t care about anything. But he’d seen that look of defeat in her eyes and knew that she had accepted what he’d said as truth. He couldn’t ask her why she believed the words that even he knew to be false. He could never ask her anything ever again. He knew that as his usually controlled temper had driven the conversation, that he’d ended any chance at even patching up a friendship with Liz Parker.

“You’re a fool to believe that, and I’m not a fool.”

Seven heads turned to the kitchen door to find the future Max leaning heavily against the doorframe. Maria went to his side and helped him into a nearby chair. He looked paler, weaker than he had before he’d collapsed earlier.

“Don’t you think the two of you made a big enough mess of things? You tried to fix things once before and now they’re worse. Don’t go changing things that aren’t broken yet. It doesn’t surprise me that Liz would be on board with this, with her need to turn everything into a science project, but I thought I’d have more sense than that.”

The future Max’s eyes burned with a fire and he made a lunge at his younger self. Michael and Alex caught him easily and pulled him back. “Don’t you ever say anything bad about Liz, ever. I don’t care who you are or how badly she hurt you, you have no idea what she’s been through.”

“Then enlighten us, since you’re the expert on Liz.” Sarcasm dripped from Max’s words. The others were afraid to step in on either side.

“What do you want to hear? About how hard it was for her to push you away just when you’d convinced her to take you back? How about the pain in her eyes every time she had to go see you. Do you want to know about her tears when I told her about the future she would never have, the wedding and the life she would never get to know? Do you want to know about how she cried after she pretended to sleep with Kyle? She cried and said that she would never love anyone the way she loved you, and she asked for the wedding dance she would never know. That’s the Liz you were bashing a few minutes ago.” The future Max saw his counterpart shrink inward at his words, but he couldn’t stop.

“That’s right, you would have married her and had the perfect life, for about fourteen years when your enemies start torturing and killing every ally, every friend and family member you’ve ever known, plus a few thousand innocent people who are just in the way. In the end, Liz and I were the only two left and she sent me back to change things, because she knew that her happiness was nothing compared to the cause, and certainly wasn’t worth the deaths on both worlds. So, I had to leave her alone while our enemies closed in on her. You remember that before you say anything about Liz ever again.” Drained by emotion, he slid back in the chair.

Max was floored. That was the future they had changed? He married Liz? He closed his eyes as the image came to mind. Liz would be a beautiful bride, and she would have been his. She had known all that and had let him go, because he had asked her to. It was just another reason why his heart beat only for her. But somewhere underneath the pain came a new emotion, one he’d almost forgotten. Hope. Liz hadn’t slept with Kyle. The thought kept running through his brain. He couldn’t deal with the death yet, his mind focusing on the one good thing that he’d learned. Liz hadn’t betrayed him. Liz loved him. And what had he done? He’d yelled at her and made her run away crying. He’d broken her heart, embarrassed her and ended their friendship, all with a few well chosen words spoken in anger.

“It’ll be okay. It has to be. We’ll just find a way to fix things.” Maria placed a hand on Max’s shoulder, wanting desperately to offer comfort. It didn’t matter who hurt who anymore. Max had lost his future with Liz just as she had lost hers with Max. When were they ever going to get a break?

Max’s eyes raised up to her, looking for confirmation. “You know about this, didn’t you? Liz told you.”

Maria could only nod as she wondered how close Max was to breaking down.

“Can we fix things? Is it too late?” Isabel began pacing the room anew.

“It’s not too late yet.” The future Max was trying to gather his strength and failing. “Liz is the key. We have to make sure she’s in sight at all times and keep her safe for now.”

“Right. I’ll just go get her then.” Alex hopped off his stool and disappeared through the kitchen doors.

“We’ll keep her safe. Don’t worry.” Isabel squeezed Max’s arm reassuringly. Somehow, no one could conjure up the courage to ask what would happen in the near future that made the future so dismal.

“I never should have yelled at her.” The present Max looked bleary eyed. “How could I have yelled at her like that?”

“You were upset, man. You couldn’t have known.”

“But I should have, Michael. I didn’t want to believe it even when I saw it with my own eyes. It didn’t seem right, but I dismissed it. I thought it had all been a lie.”

“Yeah, well you still shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. Alex’ll get her and bring her down and you can grovel at her feet until she forgives you and you two can make everyone sick again.”

The future Max’s head popped up suddenly. “Liz isn’t upstairs.”

“Of course she is. She said she was going to get some fresh air. You probably didn’t see her on the balcony.”

“Don’t you think I know where Liz would go? I looked for her there first. She’s not up there.”

“Well, she’s probably-“

“Liz isn’t upstairs.” Alex ran through the doors into the café, out of breath. “I looked everywhere. She’s not there.”

“She has to be here somewhere. Let’s split up and look.” Maria saw the look of fresh panic in the future Max’s eyes. She definitely didn’t want to know what was going to happen to Liz if they didn’t find her.

The group scattered, scouring the building. Michael and Maria ran outside to check the neighboring buildings. Within ten minutes, they knew for certain that Liz was nowhere to be seen.

“She just ran off, that’s all. She was upset and she took off for some fresh air like she told Maria.” Kyle spoke up for the first time in an hour. He could feel the panic growing in the room.

The future Max slumped in a booth, cradling his head. It hadn’t happened like this before. What should he do? They had to stop things. They had to find Liz. God, just thinking of what they could be doing to her made his throat constrict. He couldn’t breathe for a minute and he had to force himself to calm down. As much as he wanted to believe that she had simply gone for air, the realist in him knew where she was. “They have her.”

Part 5

“What? Huh? Who has Liz?”

“Your enemies, Nicholas, I don’t know right now. But I know who will get her in the end and what they’ll do. God, the chain of events that follows…nothing is ever right again.” Anger suddenly overtook the fatigue in his dying body. He kicked at the table in front of him once but he felt no satisfaction from the bending metal. “It’s happening all over again. I thought I came in time to stop it. Damn it! Why wasn’t I in time to stop it?”

“Max, you don’t know that for sure. Just calm down.” Tess had never seen such a show of strength from Max before.

“I can’t calm down! We have to find her now! No planning, no talking, we have to save her!”

“What happens to her if we don’t?” Max spoke the words so softly he was surprised any sound came out. He’d never feared an answer more in his life.

The future Max locked eyes with the younger Max. He’d almost forgotten he was there. His anger cooled and the fatigue he’d grown so used to invaded his body again. “In my time, after I found Liz and Kyle in bed, I pushed her away so far we grew apart. I wouldn’t even talk to her. Because Tess stayed in Roswell, the skins stay too. They saw the schism between Liz and I and they thought they could play off it to gain information on everyone, on the Granolith, on anything they could get their hands on really. One night, I ran into her in the park, and we fought pretty hard. I said some things that…things I didn’t mean, but they cut her deep. I knew it even as I said them that I could never take the words back, and she ran from me.” Max paused, his heart breaking from the memory, and he had to close his eyes. He couldn’t stand the stares of the others.

“Nicholas followed her and took her to an abandoned Missile Sylo just north of here. When Liz didn’t tell him anything, he gave her a developmental drug, a truth serum. But it’s not designed for humans. The serum is weak, but he didn’t know it. It didn’t make her talk, but it did poison her. After our fight, nobody realized she was gone for another day. It took us two days to find her and…” He resisted the urge to drop his head to the table and cry as the image of Liz lying dead in his arms flooded him with emotion. “She was already dead.” Shocked silence filled the room. “Later, we found out more about the serum. They only had two vials. After they gave one to Liz, they experimented with the second. By the time we thought we had an antidote, they had made the serum stronger, the effects more lasting and the death slower.”

“Is that what happened to you?” Michael felt it strange to talk to the other Max, but they needed answers.


“Well, you said that things are happening differently here, right? So, there’s no reason why we can’t save Liz. I mean, we know where they take her, right?”

“Maria’s right. We have the advantage.” Michael could see that Maria needed to believe that. He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and she gave him a weak smile in return.

Tess broke the new silence. “You said that there was a chain of events?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Maybe we need to know. If we’re supposed to stop things from happening.” Alex drew strength from the hand Isabel slipped into his own.

The future Max lowered his gaze to the tabletop, not able to meet any of the other’s eyes. “After we found her, I shut down. I couldn’t eat, or sleep, or even breathe. I couldn’t live in Roswell without her, so I took off the night before her funeral. I couldn’t bare to watch all those people crying for her, not when I knew it was my fault she was gone. The next day, Nicholas struck again. He grabbed Maria after the service and tried to get information from her.” Max heard Maria’s soft gasp and knew Michael would be there to hold her. “Michael went crazy looking for her, and he found her not far from here. He fought with Nicholas and Maria was caught in the crossfire. She was hurt too badly for Michael to heal.” He paused again, owing it to his oldest friend to meet him in the eye. Michael was cradling Maria in his lap, his eyes already containing a small portion of the fire that had consumed their friendship in the future. “You blamed me. Because I wasn’t there to help you find her sooner, because I wasn’t there to heal her.”

“How long were you gone?” Michael was trying to tell himself not to hate the person in front of him, because the things he spoke of hadn’t happened, would never have the chance to now.

“Seven years. I wandered, looking for information, for a way off this planet, maybe for a way to get myself killed. I never planned to look back, then I heard Iz call out for help.” He turned to face his sister now, begging her to understand, to forgive. How could he have known it would be this hard to face those he had loved so much and betrayed? “You and Alex were taken by Nicholas, and you called out for me to say goodbye. He’d mutated the serum by then and had given the experimental first dose to Alex. He died almost instantly. But he pulled information from you. By the time he left you for dead, you had dreamwalked me and tried to say goodbye, to ask me to come back and help the others.”

“Did you?” Isabel couldn’t imagine this life he was describing, but she saw the truth in his eyes. Subconsciously, she moved closer to Alex, drawing strength from his body heat.

“Yes. I took me some time, but I came back. But by then, Michael hated me and we did nothing but fight over every decision.”

“I don’t understand. How is it that you didn’t remember traveling back in time to fix things before, but you obviously remember them now?” Maria was trying to wrap her remedial science knowledge around this new situation. If she lived through the school year, she was going to take some better science classes next year.

“It all had to do with the crystal shard in the Granolith. In my original time, we found it back at Atherton’s ranch. We had studied it and a friend had helped Liz and I rig it for time travel. In this future, I wasn’t there to go back to Atherton’s ranch, so we never found the crystal. As a result of Michael and I fighting, Nicholas managed to get the Granolith and he found the shard, even though he didn’t know what it was. Nicholas declared war on us and on the Earth, and we fought for another few years. I broke into his compound shortly after that, and I found the crystal. As soon as I touched it, everything came back to me. I saw what had happened, what we had changed, and I knew I had to come back. It took awhile for Michael to believe me, but he finally said that if there were a way to bring everyone back, he would follow me one last time. It was another few years of war before we had our chance. The four of us broke in. Tess was killed almost immediately. Kyle gave his life for Michael and I. We were almost at the Granolith chamber when they found us. Michael distracted them long enough for me to slip back in time.” The room was heavy with the dismal knowledge of what was to come.

“Max, what do we do now?”

Seven sets of eyes turned to the younger Max, looking for guidance. He had remained silent so far, not trusting himself to speak. How could all of those horrible things happen? Yet, he didn’t doubt that he would react the way the older man had described if he lost Liz. And then there was Liz herself. Liz would be dead in two days? It didn’t make sense. She’d just been here and alive and yelling at him. He couldn’t let that kind of fire die. “We split up. Alex, you and Isabel look for her around town. You know where she’d go best. Maria, you take Max to the High School. You said you had an antidote? Make it.”

“I don’t know if it’ll work. We never had the chance to test it.”

“Anything’s better than nothing. The rest of us are going to break into this place. If they have Liz, we rescue her and the second vial of serum. Hopefully, all we’ll find are two vials and we can stop all of this. Tell me where you found her.” Max found comfort in the commands he gave out like second nature.

“The old Missile Sylo just north of town.”

“What can you tell us about it?” Michael was more than happy to have a plan of action.

“Surrounded by wire a half mile around the main complex building. The best entrance is on the East Side, less security there.”

“What kind of security should he have?”

“The main power grin has to be off or the military would notice them. So, the security cameras and scanners should be out too.” Kyle surprised everyone by stepping forward with information. “What? My dad’s a cop.” He shrugged as if that explained everything.

The future Max gave Kyle a weak smile. They could see that his energy was fading fast. “He’s right. You won’t have any internal security other than Nicholas and the skins, but they’re enough to worry about. Liz was…found on the third floor in the east wing and it looked like he had a small army there.”

“Okay, we have enough to start.” Max checked his watch. The sun had risen while they had created a plan. Was this going to be Liz’s last sunrise? No, he vowed to himself that it wouldn’t be. “It’ll take us a good couple of hours to get out there, maybe another hour before we can break in, depending on security. How are we keeping in touch?”

“Oh, I’ve got this one.” Alex loped off to the girls’ lockers and returned to the café with a backpack. “Just call me Q.” He pulled out a handful of black watches, some more delicate looking for the girls. He handed one to each of the room’s occupants. “They’re set up to communicate with everyone who has one. All you have to do is push this button and talk. The watches are linked to this earpiece. It’s too small to see, so don’t worry about being caught.”

“You did all this?” Isabel was caught between amusement and awe.

Alex beamed at her. “That’s not even the best part. There’s a chip inside that can be used as a tracking device. The other watches can pick up on the other chips around them within a 200 mile radius.” He noticed the stares of the others. “Hey, if we keep breaking into military compounds and fighting evil aliens like we do, you need better technology. Just consider it a Christmas present.”

“He’s been under the influence of James Bond since first grade.” Maria was able to take Alex’s inventions in stride. She’d seen them since he was old enough to hurt himself with a screwdriver. She started playing with her watch and the others followed her lead.

“I don’t suppose you gave one of those watches to Liz, did you?”

Again, Alex beamed a smile at Michael. “As a matter of fact, I did. I didn’t have time to show her anything, so she won’t be able to hear us or communicate.”

“So, we can’t pick up her signal now?” Isabel trusted Alex’s work, but she could tell that her brother needed convincing.

“It’s worth a try.” Alex turned on his watch and demonstrated it to the others. The face faded out to a radar screen.

“It’s empty.” Tess stated.

“There could be a couple of reasons for that. It may not be working properly or maybe she’s in a place shielded from radar.”

“Like inside the Missile Sylo.”

The room became quiet again. Isabel placed a hand on Max’s arm. “It’s probably just not turned on.”

Max nodded, squeezing his sisters’ hand gently. “Let’s go. Alex, do these things do anything else?”

“Tons more, but nothing worth knowing right now.” He helped everyone with their earpieces and turned the watches on.

“We keep in touch. Check in with someone at least once an hour. Buddy system rules apply here, nobody goes anywhere alone.”

Then they were gone. Maria helped the very sick Max to her Jetta. Isabel and Alex climbed into Alex’s parents’ Honda. Tess, Michael, Kyle and Max climbed into Max’s Jeep. No words were spoken, none were needed. Their goal was common, just as their thoughts were in sync. They would find Liz and then they would save a couple of worlds. It was all in a day’s work.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
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Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. I live for feedback.

Just a quickie part. A bit of fluff amongst all the turmoil.

Do What You Have To Do
Part 6

“So, Max, tell me about the future. What’s everyone wearing?” Maria sat behind the driver’s wheel of her Jetta as they raced through the streets of Roswell. She took a left and couldn’t help but notice that the car a bit behind her followed. Was it just a coincidence? Was all this Czechoslovakian stuff getting to her brain?

Max gave her the lopsided grin her best friend had fallen in love with. “You know I can’t tell you about the future.”

“Why not? You told Liz.”

“Liz was different. I never could resist her, not in any life.”

“That’s right. You remember both lives? The one where you were married and the one where she…” Maria trailed off, not wanting to think of her friend as dead anywhere at anytime.

“Yeah.” Max slumped back in his seat. It had been getting harder to focus his attention since he’d wakened.

“So, c’mon, Max. You can tell me, Maria, a few teensy little things about the future. It won’t hurt anything, because we’re changing it, right? So, you could say, tell me something about me and Michael and no harm would come out of it.”

Max felt his grin widen a bit, despite the pain it caused. “Like what, Maria? You want to know how good of friends you become?”

Maria spared him a glance. “Please. I want more detailed information. Do we ever get it on or are we doomed to spend our days beating each other with our walkers in sexual frustration?”

“I’m not that old.”

“You’re avoiding. You know what I want. Is there any sort of chance for us to have a future or will he keep pushing me away until I crack up?”

“In what world? What time?”

“They’re different?”

“As night and day. I’ll tell you one.”

Maria thought for a minute. The old future was less likely to happen, but if Liz had been happy there, maybe there was a chance for the rest of them. “In the old one, the one you and Liz changed.”

Max smiled at the memory. “The day Liz and I eloped, you five were the only ones we called. We partied till dawn. Later, you told Liz that while Liz and I were dancing our last dance, Michael looked at you and told you he wanted that with you.”

Maria’s eyes widened and filled with tears. “He said that?”

“Actually, he said it wouldn’t be so bad to be hitched someday and he’d agree to marry you if you wouldn’t nag him about it.”

Maria chuckled as she wiped at a tear. “That sounds more like him.” She was silent a minute longer. “So, did I?”

“Did you what?”

“Nag him?”

Max opened his eyes and smiled at her. “Everyday until the day he married you. And when you came down the church aisle, Michael thought you were taking too long. So, he stalked down the aisle, picked you up in his arms and carried you up to the altar. I don’t think he let go of your hand all night.”

Maria was too filled with emotion to talk. She’d hoped for a year now for some sign of true affection from Michael. But deep in her heart, she’d known that their hearts were already joined.

“Uh, Maria, I hate to tell you where you’re going, but you just passed the school.”

“I know. We’re being followed.”

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Okay, I know I said I was done posting for tonight, but this damn story wouldn’t let me sleep until I finished this part. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback. It’s always hard to tell if you’re doing a good job or not when so many people read and only a handful reply. So, I’m doing pretty good so far, huh? Here’s the next part. I’ll still be on bright and early in the morning, so enjoy.

Do What You Have To Do
Part 7

They were getting nowhere. Alex and Isabel had searched every nook and cranny of Roswell and Liz was nowhere to be seen. They’d gone by the parents’ houses and left word that all the kids were going camping for a few days under the close supervision of the sheriff. Valenti had backed up their story and they’d been grateful to him beyond belief. They’d filled him in on a bit of the recent happenings and he put out a silent APB on Liz and Nicholas. After that, they’d searched parks and churches, abandoned buildings and Liz’s house again. Still, there was nothing. If Liz was in Roswell, Alex didn’t know how to find her.

“Maybe we should double back, retrace our steps and see if anything has changed.” Isabel was trying to hold onto hope, but she couldn’t help but feel that the real action was going to go down at the Missile Sylo and she was going to miss it. What if the others needed her?

“Why don’t you try to dreamwalk her again?” Alex suggested hopefully.

Isabel stifled a sigh. She’d tried a half dozen times to dreamwalk Liz and all had failed. She closed her eyes and fingered the picture Alex had given her of Liz. Instantly, Isabel felt a crackle and she knew she’d found Liz. The inky blackness of her mind wavered until she found herself in Liz’s bedroom. A gentle weeping called her attention to the balcony and Isabel followed the sound without hesitation.


The sobbing stopped as Isabel stepped through the window. Liz was curled up in a folding lounge chair, her eyes wide and bright as she saw Isabel.

“Isabel? Is that you?”

She nodded. She could feel the loneliness, the pain of a broken heart all around her. Was this how Liz felt? How was it possible to breathe around all that pain?

“I didn’t know if you’d come, if any of you would, not after…”

Isabel approached Liz and kneeled by her side. “Of course we’re coming. But we need to know where you are first. Do you know, Liz?”

But Liz wasn’t listening. Her attention was drawn to the street below and to the soft sounds of Mariachi music that floated towards them. Isabel was confused, so she followed Liz to the ledge.

“Is that my brother?” She asked in confusion. She shook her head. The things you learn about a person through their dreams.

Liz smiled through her tears. “Yes. He learned that song just for me. But that was before he hated me, before you all hated me.”

“Liz, nobody hates you, especially not Max. He loves you.”

Liz crinkled up her face. “No, he hates me. I saw it in his eyes, and his eyes never lie to me.”

Isabel was getting frustrated. “Liz, we really need to know-“

“Shh, it’s almost time.”

As Isabel watched, Max threw a bouquet of red roses up to Liz, but by the time she caught them they were white. Liz breathed in their scent and smiled.

Suddenly, Isabel found herself back in Liz’s room, standing beside her bed. Kyle was lying under the sheets, looking more than a bit nervous. Isabel could hear voices from the bathroom and she followed, shocked to find Liz and Max arguing there. Then it hit Isabel what she was seeing. Liz was showing her the events from when the future Max came the first time. She watched in fascination as Liz silenced Max and crawled under the sheets with Kyle, laying down the ground rules. She was pleased to see that they never actually touched. She would have to tell Max.

Isabel listened to them talk and she almost laughed with them when they talked of how Max had saved them both. Then she heard Liz’s shocked breath and followed their gaze to see Max in the window. Isabel had never seen such pain on her brother’s face before. He’d believed Liz had betrayed him. But as he left, Isabel felt the crushing weight of Liz’s despair and wondered again what it was like living with that. She followed Liz’s memory through, watching her cry on the balcony with the future Max. Isabel thought she felt her own heart break as she listened to Liz tell Max that he would be the only person she would ever love. And when Max was gone and Liz stood alone, Isabel approached her.

“That’s how it always ends. He always leaves, hating me. Both of them.”

Isabel turned Liz to face her, but Liz couldn’t focus on her. Had she been drugged? “No, Liz. You’re wrong. Max could never hate you. He’s looking for you; both of them are actually. But we need your help. Please, Liz, I know you hurt him, but he understands now. He’ll die without you. Don’t you want to keep him safe?”

Slowly, Liz nodded her head.

“Show me where you are. I need to see.”

“No! I can’t, Isabel. You can’t make me go back there!”

“Shh, Liz. I’ll go with you. You don’t have to feel a thing. But I need to see. I promise to protect you and then we can come right back, okay?”

Liz nodded again and the walls shifted until they were hospital white, or Sylo white. Isabel looked around the room with interest. There were a few men posted, obviously looking for intruders. Skins. But as she glanced around, she spotted Liz huddled in a corner, her dark hair contrasting loudly with the white prison. She was chained to the floor and Isabel could see that she was sleeping. She had to get Max, tell him where Liz was. It didn’t look as though they’d injected her yet, but she couldn’t be sure. All she knew was the oppressive fear that Liz felt just being in that room. They had to get her out.

As if on cue, Nicholas walked into the room and Isabel almost ran before she remembered that she didn’t exist to him here. She watched as he spoke with a few of the men and then left abruptly, pulling a silver key from his left pocket. He was getting the serum. Isabel didn’t know how she knew, but she did. Perhaps it was Liz telling her, but she knew she had to help.

Suddenly, Liz was tugging on her arm. “Isabel, we have to go.”

“Wait, I want to-“

“No, now! Please, hurry. I want to go home. It hurts here.”

Indeed, Isabel watched as Liz’s face bruised and reddened in front of her. Liz was terrified. She had to get Max, but she had to get Liz to a safe place first.

“Okay, let’s go.”

The room shifted again and Isabel plunged deep into Liz’s memories, pulling out the strongest happy moment she could find. Then they were in the street and Max was creating a light show for her. Isabel felt Liz’s extreme happiness and knew she would be safe here. She pulled away from Liz, ignoring her brother’s drunken words of love. If they ever got out of this alive, she would never let him live any of this down.

Isabel awoke with a start, gasping for air.

“Iz, are you okay?”

“I found Liz. Nicholas has her.”

“I know. But we have trouble right here.” Alex pulled to a stop behind a bushy tree on a street she didn’t recognize. Isabel tried hard to calm her breathing as Liz’s residual fear still clung to her. How was she going to tell Max?

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Part 8

“We’re being followed.”

“What?” Max sat upright in Maria’s Jetta as he looked frantically out the windows.

“Don’t look!” Maria hissed.

“What do you mean we’re being followed?”

“I mean the very definition of followed, as in I turn, he turns, I go straight, he goes straight.” She was sounding vaguely hysterical and she knew it. But it wasn’t everyday evil aliens chased her and a time traveling alien who was dying of a mutated virus across town to create an antidote to save her best friend’s life. But strangely, everyday life was turning into something close.

“Who is it? What do they want?”

“How should I know? I don’t know anything about Czechoslovakians and why they do things. I mean, look at Michael and I. But what I do know is that a gray Toyota is following us. What do we do?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Aren’t you the fearless leader? Lead!”

“Okay, we need a plan.”

“That’s a good start.”

“We need to ditch your car.”

“So we can run to the school? You’d be down on the sidewalk in five steps! They’d just pick you up laughing. We may as well just pull over and get in their car now!”

“Okay, bad plan. What if we went somewhere safe-close to the school and snuck over?”

“Like where?”

“I don’t know! I haven’t lived in this town for ten years! You tell me!”

“Okay, okay. Um, my house. No, too far. Oh, Valenti’s house! It’s only a few blocks from the school. You can make that, right?”

“I think so. Maybe we should make it look like we’re trying to lose him on the way to Valenti’s. Then when he hangs back, like we lost him, we go over.”

“Good plan.”

“I liked it.”

They spent the next hour weaving and dodging through the streets of Roswell. But still, the gray Toyota followed. Maria’s hysteria grew rapidly. “Max, this isn’t working. We need to get to the school and work on that antidote! This is never going to work! Oh, wait. It worked. There he went.”

The two watched the mirrors as they took a sharp left. Sure enough, the gray Toyota was nowhere to be seen.

“Do you think we really lost him?” Maria glanced over at Max’s unbelieving glare. “Okay, I guess not. To Valenti’s we go.”

To be on the safe side, they wandered a few minutes more before they finally turned the Jetta towards the Valenti house. Maria pulled into the sheriff’s covered driveway and helped support Max towards the front door. Sheriff Valenti opened the door immediately, surprised to see them on his doorstep.

“Maria, Max. If this is about Liz, Isabel and Alex already came by. We have an APB out on her and this Nicholas.”

“Sheriff, can we come inside?” Maria half-dragged Max in with her, fighting the urge to look over her shoulder.

He opened the door for them and looked at Max for the first time. He was leaning heavily on Maria, and his skin was a sickly gray color. “What happened? Is everyone else alright?”

“They’re fine, Sheriff. Kyle too. This isn’t Max. Well, it is but it isn’t. Sheriff, this isn’t our Max. He’s still on his way to get Liz. But we need your help.”

But the sheriff wasn’t convinced. “How can he be Max but not be him at the same time?” He watched as Maria led Max to the couch and settled him there. She placed her hands on her hips and turned a glare onto the sheriff he’d never seen from her before.

“Look, we really don’t have time here. Listen up because there won’t be any questions later because I don’t have very many answers.” She took a deep breath. “I don’t know what Isabel and Alex told you, but this Max is from the future. He came back to help us change a sequence of events. Liz’s death tonight starts everything. That’s why everyone’s going after her. We have to get to the Chem Lab at school to create an antidote for the poison she’ll be injected with later today. But we’ve been followed around town by evil aliens for some unknown purpose. We need to sneak over to the school from here and we could really use your help.”

The Sheriff’s jaw had dropped open as he tried to figure out if she was telling the truth. He watched her tap her foot anxiously. His gaze shifted to Max. The boy did look different, a bit older, and definitely sick. “Time travel, huh?”

Maria snorted. “Believe me, I understand how you feel.”

“What can I do?”

“Maria, we have a problem.”

Maria turned to Max. He was glancing out the window and Maria tried to see what was worrying him. Then she saw it a few houses down Valenti’s street; the gray Toyota. She swore lightly. It was blocking their path to the High School. “What now, fearless leader?”

Max closed his eyes and thought a minute. It had been so very long since someone had looked to him for guidance. “We need a distraction.” He activated his watch. “Alex, Isabel, are you there?”

The sheriff looked on, impressed.

Max heard a crackle in his ear then Alex’s voice. “Yeah, I’m here, but Isabel’s out right now. I think she’s dreamwalking Liz. But she’s been out awhile.”

They heard the other Max’s voice in their ear. “What was that?”

“Not now, Max, we need Alex to listen.” Maria didn’t know her Max’s plan, but she knew he had one.

“What’s happening?” The sheriff was looking confused.

“Communication devices. The hearing chips are in our ears, so you can’t hear.”

“Oh. Is there anything else going on I should know about?”

“Nope, I think that just about covers it.”

The future Max continued. “Alex, where are you guys?”

“Driving by the park again. No sign of Liz yet.”

“Forget that for now. We need you to get to Valenti’s. Someone’s been following us and we’re trapped here. We need a distraction to make it to the school.”

“Are you guys okay? What can we do?”

“Have you been followed at all?”

“No, I’m pretty sure we’re alone.”

“Good. I need you to park on the back side of Valenti’s block and sneak in through his back door.”

“What’s the plan?”

“You’re going to be a decoy.”

“This day gets better and better.”

“How long until you’re here?”

“Uh, give me five or ten minutes.”

“Okay. Alex, don’t let anyone see you.”

“I got it. Man, I thought one Max was pushy enough.”

The other Max’s voice broke through. “Alex, you let us know when Isabel wakes up.”

“You got it chief.” Then all was silent as the radios were shut off.

Max faced the Sheriff. “They’re on their way.”

“Why are they following you and not anyone else?”

“Probably because they think he’s Max. Even though he is Max technically. Oh, forget it.” Maria settled on the couch beside Max, automatically checking his temperature. “You’re like ice.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Or you’ll be dead before we make it to the lab. I’m making tea.” Maria jumped up and headed for the kitchen, rifling through cabinets at random.

“So, you’re from the future, huh?”

Max closed his eyes as the sheriff grinned at him. It was going to be a long ten minutes.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 9

Max had been driving at insane speeds through the desert highway since leaving Roswell. He knew in his heart where Liz was. They wouldn’t find her in Roswell. Something had been pulling at him, drawing him towards the desert, towards Liz. He allowed himself a minute to think of her. He’d loved her from the first day he’d seen her, impossible as it seemed. He’d known their paths were together, but fear had kept them apart. He’d wasted precious years before even talking to her. He’d been content to simply watch her from afar, admiring her, thinking of how perfect his life would be if Liz Parker even knew him well enough to talk to him as a friend. Sure, he’d pictured telling her the truth about himself a thousand times, but even in his dreams, he’d never imagined her falling in love with him afterwards. He’d never even dared to hope it. Then she’d been shot.

That single incident had rocked his world to the core. And what a day that had been. He’d never hesitated, never wavered in saving her life, even though it had meant endangering his own. He’d faced Isabel and Michael’s wrath, and even Liz’s own single-minded curiosity as to what he was. He’d been forced to tell her the truth, had watched her scientific mind struggle to accept it, accept him. And for a day, he’d been unsure as to how she would handle it. But then his Liz had come through. He’d looked in her eyes and hadn’t seen the fear or loathing they had all expected. And though he’d tried to keep her at arm’s length, she’d done the unthinkable and fallen in love with him. There had never been denying that. She had loved him as much as he’d loved her. Those few short weeks when they had denied each other nothing were the best he’d ever experienced, and certainly more than he would ever expected or hoped for. He could still feel her skin under his hands, could hear her laugh, see the smile in her eyes as she did her best to tease him. He missed that. He missed her.

He’d let her push him away after they’d heard of their supposed destiny, after Tess. They’d always lived on fear it seemed. Fear Liz wouldn’t accept him, fear or their differences being discovered, fear of him having to leave everyone behind, fear of her leaving him for a human, fear of her dying.

The last fear was there, bubbling just below the surface, threatening to break out in hysteria. He’d seen the truth in his other self’s eyes. Life without Liz Parker was a dark, dismal existence he would never live through, could never live through. If she died, then so would all the best parts in himself, the parts Liz had shown him. His older counterpart was dying and he welcomed it, waiting for the day when his duty would be over and he could be with his Liz. But they would fix things now. That future would never have a chance to be, not as long as he was alive.

He’d sat patiently and listened to Alex, Maria and Max create a plan. Someone thought they were following him, so Maria was in danger. He was suddenly glad he’d left Isabel in Roswell. They might need her soon.

Even as he found the outer perimeter of the Sylo fence, he heard his earpiece crackle to life and Isabel’s frantic voice broke through the silence.

“Max, are you there?”

“I’m here, Iz. Did you find Liz?”

“I connected with her. Max she’s at the Sylo.”

Max fought against the onslaught of despair. “How is she?”

“Scared and confused. I think they drugged her in order to get her there, but from what she showed me, they haven’t injected her with the serum yet. I left her in a happy place. So, she should be safe for awhile.”

So there was still time. “Where are you now?”

“Pulling up behind Valenti’s house.” Alex’s voice replaced Isabel’s.

“We’re setting out on foot in a minute ourselves. How long will it take for the antidote to be ready?”

Max heard his own voice in his ear. “It depends on how quick we can get in there. Hopefully, not more than an hour or so.”

“Okay. Be careful, guys. And Isabel? If you see Liz again, tell her to hang on and that…tell her I love her.”

Isabel’s voice was soft. “She knows, Max.”

Max turned to the others in the car. “Let’s do this.”

Together, they climbed out of the Jeep and began cutting a hole through the fence on the East Side. Max silently poured every ounce of love and reassurance to Liz. Determination drove him onward toward the Lion’s den.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 10

“Okay, we’re here.”

Alex and Isabel had just snuck in through the back door of Sheriff Valenti’s house to find Maria and Max staring at the floor while the sheriff paced.

“It’s about time. Future Boy’s ready to drop here and I’m not exactly the person we want making life and death antidotes.”

“What’s the situation?” Used to her outbursts, Alex pulled out Maria’s cedar oil and uncorked it for her. She immediately began taking deep breaths.

“Gray Toyota two blocks down.”

“What do we do?”

“Just take off in Maria’s car. Hopefully, he’ll mistake you guys for us and while he follows you, we get to the Chem Lab.”

“What about later?”

“I know this guy. He’s pretty impulsive, but it’s what gets him killed in a few years. He usually acts alone, so Nicholas probably doesn’t have any idea he’s here. Just keep him busy until we can get into the lab, then come back over here and sneak out with your car later.”

“Got it.” Alex turned to Isabel. “You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

The couple headed out the door and quickly hopped into the Jetta. Maria and Max held their breaths until the gray Toyota pulled past the Valenti house in pursuit.

Maria grinned at Max. “We did it partner.”

“Let’s get going.”

Still cautious, they headed out the back door and made their way slowly to the High School. Max opened the doors as they went and Maria gasped as they opened the Chem Lab doors. Bottles were broken everywhere, chemicals dripped down tables to pool together on the floor. Smoke drifted upwards from a few and it looked as though a minor explosion had already taken place in one corner.

“Max, look at this place! There’s nothing left!”

Max picked his way across the room as one of the lab stations caught his eye. He ignored Maria’s hysterical chatter as he analyzed what he was looking at. His brain immediately recognized the chemical bottles scattered around the counter. Could it be?

“-and Max will kill us. Somehow, we’ll be responsible. I mean, if we’d gotten here sooner, we’d be able to do it. But not now. How did they even know to come here? I don’t-“

“Liz was here.”

“What?” Maria approached the lab table and looked at its contents, looking for the clue she had no idea how to find. “How can you tell?”

“These chemicals are what make up the antidote.” There was awe in his voice. “She came here to do the antidote before she was ever exposed to the serum. God, she’s brilliant.”

“Yeah, we all know that. But did she finish? Look at this place. It’s a mess.”

“Look for a syringe.” They began frantically turning things over, pawing through broken glass and sidestepping chemical puddles. There had to be one somewhere. Liz was smart enough to do the antidote, even though she had pulled it out of his disjointed memories, but would she have had time to inject herself with it before they grabbed her?

“I found something!” Maria bounded over chairs to Max, a broken syringe in her hand. Max took it and sniffed at the remaining liquid.

“They drugged her. She struggled and the needle broke.” He struggled with his own anger.

“So, this isn’t the antidote?”

“No. But this is.” Max crouched down and gestured to Maria. A syringe had been dropped and smashed into the floor, it’s blue contents pooling.

“She didn’t have time. Oh, god, they took her before she had time.”

“Maria, calm down. There isn’t enough on the floor to be a full dose. I think she was injecting herself when they took her, or at least she started injecting herself when they came through the door.”

“So, she got some? Then she should be okay, right?”

“I honestly don’t know. This stuff is tricky. Too little won’t have enough effect, and too much will kill her. But she also took it before she was injected with the serum. However, we don’t know if she had time to finish it before they found her.”

“So, you don’t know.”

“I don’t know.” He repeated, feeling a weight settle over his heart. How was he going to do it all again?

They stood there for a minute in silence. It wasn’t fair. Maria’s rage began to boil. Liz was the kindest person she’d ever known and she wasn’t going to die. She kicked a table and sent it keeling backwards. Max’s attention snapped back to her.

“We’re not going to give up. Liz wouldn’t give up on us if we needed her. We’re going to have to scrape up enough stuff to do it again and give her another dose when Max finds her.” Maria met Max’s eyes. “She’s not going to die today.”

With determination burning in her eyes, she flicked on her radio watch. “Max?”

There was a moment of silence before Max answered her. “Yeah, Maria? What do you have?”

“We’re at the Chem Lab now. Nicholas’s goons totally thrashed this place.”

“What? Why? How could they have known we’d go there?”

“They didn’t. Liz was here. We think she came here to work up an antidote when they grabbed her.”

“How could Liz know about the antidote?” Isabel’s voice broke out over Max’s.

The future Max fielded this question. “I think she saw it when I kissed her earlier.”

“She saw enough detail to make an antidote? Usually she only gets flashes of incidents.” Jealousy dripped from Max’s words.

“I’ve had fourteen years to perfect my powers. I wanted her to see in detail what happened, but I didn’t remember the antidote. She must have pulled it out of my memory.”

“So, what now?” Alex was worried.

“We think she got a bit of the antidote in her before they got her, but we’re gonna try to work up another batch. Max, we really need to know how much she got in her. This sounds pretty tricky.”

“Gotcha, Maria. Alex, Iz, are you guys okay?”

“Yeah, this guy’s harmless. You guys be careful. We’ll meet up with you later.”

“Okay, we’re going into the Sylo now, so we’ll be quiet for awhile. We’ll call you when we can.”

“Max,” the future Max called out suddenly. “Take care of her. She’s…” he broke off, at a loss for words to describe her.

“I know, and I will.” Silent understanding passed through them. Ironically, the only person involved who knew how much Liz meant to Max was himself.

Without another word, the groups signed off and Maria turned to Max.

“Alright, fearless leader, lead away.”

Part 11

Max and his group had slipped in quietly through a door in the east wing and were steadily progressing through the empty corridors. They had turned on their watches’ radar trackers and with a cry of relief, had picked up five signals. Without a word, they followed Max towards Liz’s signal, occasionally hiding upon hearing voices or footsteps. Max fought frantically to push back the memories of his own torture. The very walls seemed to be closing in on him and the stark whiteness of each and every room was more than he could bare. When he bought a house with Liz, they would make sure to paint every wall a different color. White seemed to equal pain.

They were getting close now. Max could feel the pull of Liz’s energy getting stronger, beckoning him, and calling him in a way nothing else did. They would find her in time and finally have that talk they so desperately needed to have. Nothing would ruin a chance at a future with his beautiful Liz.

Suddenly, a sharp pain pierced his abdomen. His steps faltered as he fought the urge to drop to the floor. Michael caught him and held him steady as he regained his balance. Unable to risk words, the others questioned him with their eyes. What the hell had happened? But before Max could answer, a soft cry carried to their ears. Max’s attention snapped back. That was Liz.

They rounded another corner, through another hall of blinding white and stopped. A familiar voice made them freeze in their place. Max traced the source to the open door immediately to their left. He gestured for the others to follow him into a room directly across from it. From their cracked door, they could peer into the room ahead. Max’s tracker showed that Liz should be in that room. So, where was she?

Movement caught their eyes. They watched in horror as two men dragged a body into a corner and dropped it in a heap. Max couldn’t see her, but he knew it was Liz. His senses were going into overload. He felt a thousand things at once; fear, confusion, anger, loathing, pain and hope. Without understanding or questioning it, he knew he was feeling Liz’s emotions. Their connection was getting stronger. It was just another thing they had to talk about.

Nicholas’s voice broke the silence. “This is getting tiring, Liz. I ask you a question, you say nothing, and then you bleed. And I assure you, my associates are going easy on you. Now, I’ll ask you again. Where is the Granolith?”

“And I told you, go to hell.” The fatigue in her voice was palpable.

There was a noise and Liz let out a strangled cry. Michael put Max into a death grip as he started forward. He waited until he felt Max wouldn’t bolt out in the open, then released his friend, wanting nothing more than to help Max kill the bastards.

“Liz, be reasonable. Who are you protecting? Max? He doesn’t care about you. We’ve been watching you. Did something happen between you and the king? Were you not enough for him? Tell me, has he sought out that damn irritating queen of his yet? You should have seen them in their time. They were inseparable, the perfect couple. It was only a matter of time before they remembered the love they pledged to each other. So, if you think you’re protecting him, give it up. You’ll never be more than a distraction to him. But your other friends, Maria and Alex, they don’t have to die too. You can save their lives, Liz. Just tell me what you know.”

“I know Max will come for me and you’ll wish you never underestimated him.”

“Is that so?” Max could hear the amusement in Nicholas’s voice and he wanted to pummel him. “You’ll be long dead before they ever figure out what county you’re in.”

“You can kill me if you want, but you’ll never get anything from me.”

“You don’t need to tell me anything right now. I’m a patient man. I can wait a bit longer for the drug to take effect.”

“Drug?” Max could feel Liz’s fear through the drug’s confusion and he closed his eyes against it. They had already given her the serum.

“Yes, it will insure that whatever knowledge you have you will give to us willingly. You see, Liz, I only have to wait for it to take effect and you’ll tell me everything I’ve ever wanted to know. But in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to see what I could get out of you. Humans still puzzle me. What makes them tick? Why do they do the things they do? This is the first time I’ve ever had so beautiful a test subject.”

Max drew back into a far corner of the room and began speaking in hushed tones. “Tess, I need to get in there now.”

“I can’t do anything with Nicholas in there. He’s too strong for me to block alone. Can you get him out of the room?”

“I think so.” Max geared himself up to distract Nicholas long enough to get Liz out. Flashes of being captured and thrown in the white room rocked his brain. He took a deep breath. He could do this for Liz, whatever the cost. Especially after what she’d done for him.

“No, you stay. I’ll go.” Kyle placed a hand on Max’s shoulder. The guy looked like he’d seen a ghost. For a second, he wavered in his decision. What if they knew something he didn’t? But he pushed the thought aside. Liz was the one who needed saving, and she needed Max Evans for that.

“Kyle, you can’t go. You don’t know what he can do.”

“Then you probably shouldn’t tell me, huh?” Kyle’s nervous humor fell short. He met Max’s eyes. “Look, I know we’ve never quite been friends. Hell, we’ve never gotten past hating each other, but I get you and Liz now. She needs you and you need a distraction. I’ll meet you at the Jeep in twenty minutes. If I’m not there, don’t wait. Go. Get her out of here.”

Max suddenly saw what Liz had seen in Kyle Valenti, an inner strength and loyalty that surprised him. Tess placed a hand on his arm, worry evident in her eyes as she glanced from Max to Kyle. Then it hit him that Tess felt for Kyle as well. It was ironic. The one man he would have killed if given the opportunity a few hours ago was willing to get himself killed or captured to help Liz, no to help Max and Liz. Damn fate.

“No, Kyle. We’re a team. All of us go in, all of us come out.” Max shot a look at Michael. “Go with him, do something, anything, but get Nicholas out of here.” Max glanced at Kyle again. “We need to talk later, but for now Thank You will have to do.”

Kyle nodded, finally feeling as though he were indeed a member of their strange group. He was unprepared for the soft kiss Tess placed on his cheek. He looked at her questionably.

“For luck. Come back to me, Buddha boy.”

Kyle couldn’t help but return her smile. Michael made a gagging noise and grabbed Kyle’s arm. He looked back at Max. “If I’m not back in twenty minutes, wait for me.” Then they were gone, stealing off down the hall.

Max turned to Tess and raised his eyebrows at her. “Kyle, huh?”

“What can I say, I’m attracted to swaggering arrogance. We’re going to get her out, Max.”

Max just nodded. They would or he would die trying.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 12

Michael followed Kyle down the hall at a rapid pace. He would have sworn at him, but he recognized the need for silence. Kyle came to a corridor and turned left suddenly.

“Do you have a plan or what?” Michael risked whispering.

“You said the power grid was off so the military wouldn’t know they were here, right?”

“Right.” Michael wasn’t sure he liked where this was going.

“So, we’re going to turn it on.”

“Are you crazy? Military will be all over this place. They’ll come back to Roswell, for us.”

“Unless they catch Nicholas’ goons.”

It was a good plan, if it worked. But it was also their only plan and they needed to get Liz and the other vial of serum out first. They hurried down to the main power grid room. It was filled with buttons and switches, and Kyle noticed with a frown that none of them simply read ON/OFF. But he really hadn’t expected them to.

“What now?”

Michael looked around. “We push them all.”

The two men exchanged glances before they began randomly pushing buttons.


Where were they? This was taking way too long. Max fought the urge to pace, but made his body deathly still. Liz’s pain radiated throughout his body. Nicholas kept asking her questions, hoping for the serum to kick in. When she refused to answer, his goons kept hurting her. It was breaking him to be this close and not be able to do anything to help her. He could hear her cries and feel her pain as surely as if he were being kicked himself. She was beginning to get hysterical now. He could feel it bubbling up inside himself. The combination of the multiple drugs plus the stress and pain were too much for her to handle. He had to do something to help her now. He stalked back to the far corner of the room and activated his communicator.

“Isabel? Are you there?”

“Yeah, Max. What’s going on? Why are you whispering?”

“Nevermind. Listen, I need you to dreamwalk Liz and tell her to sleep. She has to calm down, Iz. If you can get her to sleep, she won’t be in any pain.”

“What pain?” Maria’s voice interrupted the Evans siblings.

Isabel ignored the interruption. She couldn’t even imagine what he was going through. “Okay, give me a minute.” She broke radio contact and Max waited.

He gave into the urge to pace now, his long stride eating up the small room. Tess watched him with wide eyes. One minute turned into two, then into five and he could still hear Liz’s cries from the other room.


“It didn’t work.”

“I’m sorry, Max. She’s really out of it. I found her all right, but she’s almost hysterical. She wouldn’t listen to me. She thinks she deserves this, Max, like everything would be better if she were to die.”

“What? That can’t be.”

Isabel’s voice was soft. “I’m sorry, Max. I’m just telling you what she feels. She won’t listen to me. She thinks you hate her.”

“How could she think that?” Max sank down to the floor silently, every conversation and look they’d shared since her night with Kyle running through his memory. It was easy for her to think he hated her. He’d given her no reason to think otherwise.

“Max, you’re the only one she’ll listen to.”

“How? Tell me how to do it.”

“Close your eyes, Max. Focus on her face. She’ll have an energy pattern. Just find it and let it pull you in. The tricky part is finding her, so concentrate hard.”

Max closed his eyes and did as his sister told him. He thought of the look on her face when he told her what he was, he saw the shy glances she stole at him afterwards and he remembered the flutter in his heart when he caught her watching him for the first time. He remembered her smile, the way she felt in his arms, her lips pressed against his. He remembered the first time she told him she loved him.

Then he felt the first tendrils of energy surround him. He knew it was Liz even before it sucked him in and he found himself on Liz’s balcony. He looked around slowly, amazed at how real it all looked. Then a sobbing sound caught his attention. He climbed through Liz’s window into her bedroom. She was curled up on her bed in the fetal position, tears streaming down her face. He could feel her despair, her pain at Nicholas’s hand even here in her dreams. He approached her without hesitation and placed a hand on her shoulder. Shocked, she jerked around to meet his eyes.

“Liz, it’s me, honey. I’m here now.” He took her hand in his. It was limp and lifeless.

She met him with dead eyes. “You’re not real. You’re never real. Go away.” She collapsed back on her side and resumed sobbing.

Max’s heart was breaking. This was how she had felt the past few months? “Liz, I swear I’m real. I’m here to get you to calm down. We need you to sleep, honey. I promise the pain will go away if you sleep.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore. Nothing matters. Everything went wrong and I can’t fix it. I can’t make it go back. Why can’t it all just go back?”

Max curled up on the bed beside her, aligning his face with hers, forcing her to meet his eyes. “Liz, nothing has happened that can’t be fixed. I know everything hurts, but I swear on my life that the pain will go away. I love you, Liz. Nothing could ever change that, nothing you could ever do or say.”

Liz blinked hard, trying hard to focus on Max. This wasn’t how her dreams went. By now, he was usually yelling at her, telling her how he could never trust her again. “You’re not real.” But her voice held less certainty. “I’ll wake up and you’ll be gone and you’ll look at me with all that loathing in your eyes.”

“Never again. I’m sorry for everything I’ve said to you. I didn’t know, Liz. But Maria, and Kyle and even the other Max, the explained it to me. I know the truth.”

“The truth? No, you weren’t supposed to know. Where am I?”

The room had changed and they were standing in the white Sylo room Liz was being held in. Immediately, the panic returned to Liz’s eyes. Before she could begin her hysterical cries, Max gathered her in his arms and shook her lightly.

“You have to sleep now. We’re trying to help you, Liz, but I can’t focus when you’re in pain. Tess and I are just across the hall, waiting for Kyle and Michael to make a distraction. We’re going to get you out of here, but I need you to trust me. Do you trust me, Liz?”

Dumbly, she nodded her head, not sure if she could trust her own eyes and ears. She didn’t know where she was or what was going on, but she trusted Max.

“Good. Now, I need you to think happy thoughts. Remember the time we drove out to the desert and we had that picnic under the stars?” He was easing her down to the floor gently. Her fear was dissipating as she remembered how safe and happy she’d been then. “We fed each other and then we curled up on that old blanket and I held you in my arms while you showed me all the constellations. I’ve never been more content, Liz. Focus on that. I know you can feel my emotions. Grab onto them. Can you feel what I felt?”

Liz nodded again and when she spoke, her voice held a confused awe. “You realized you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me that night.” She could feel the strength of his love, how much he wanted to tell her what he had only just discovered. But his inane shyness had taken over and he’d been afraid she wouldn’t feel the same way, that she would reject him for what he was. She wanted to tell him he didn’t have to worry about that ever, not from her. He could never do anything that would make her stop loving him. Liz felt herself getting sleepy as she relived that night through Max’s eyes. Vaguely, she registered that Max was doing something to make her so sleepy, but she couldn’t fight it. It was like she was being hypnotized and forced to live in the world he’d placed before her.

“Don’t fight it. Sleep, love. I’ll be here to rescue you in a few minutes, but I want you to keep sleeping. Stay where you are. Can you feel how much I loved you when I kissed you that night?”

Sleepily, she nodded, a smile forming on her face. “I felt the same way.”

“No more wasted time, Liz. You sleep now. I’ll see you soon.” He waited until he was satisfied that she wouldn’t wake in a panic, then slipped out of her mind. He awoke to find himself on the floor, his head resting on Tess’s lap. He sat up and shook his head, trying to get rid of his emotions. He was going to need to be level headed to get out of here.

“Did it work?”

“Yeah, I calmed her down. How long has it been since Kyle and Michael left?”

Suddenly, the lights flickered and went out, plunging them into darkness. Sirens began wailing throughout the halls. Then the auxiliary power kicked in and the rooms were bathed in a light red color. They could hear feet pounding, running and voices from the hall.

Part 13

“What the hell happened?” Nicholas sounded livid. “Are there intruders?”

“No, sir. The alarm system is run off the main power grid. It must have been activated somehow.”

“What?!” Nicholas hissed. “Turn it off and get the back up power back on.” He fumbled in the pale light and then swore. “Forget it. I’ll do it myself. Watch her. No one moves her but me.”

They could hear footsteps receding down the hall and Max turned to Tess. “Ready?”

She nodded, placing her fingers on her temple and closing her eyes. Slowly, she created an image of Nicholas ordering his men out of the room. She could sense their confusion and her image of Nicholas told them to evacuate the building, he would get the human girl out.

Max held his breath to see if it would work. To his delight, the men fled, shouting to others along the way. Max needed no further encouragement from Tess. He bolted across the hall to the room where he knew he would find Liz. Through the red haze, he saw her curled in a ball in the corner. He could feel the pain and confusion coming off her in waves. Quickly, he checked her for injuries. Her ribs were broken for sure, along with her ankle. Cuts and bruises marred her flawless skin. Her right eye was already blackening and a cut above her eyebrow was bleeding freely. What had they done to her?

“Max, there’s no time to heal her now. We have to get out of here.” Tess turned to her watch and spoke quickly. “Kyle, Michael, get the hell out of here now. We’ve got Liz, so we’re running.” Then she closed communication, turning to Max. She could see the anger, the frustration burning off of him. “Max, not now. We have to get her to safety.”

Max nodded and picked up Liz in his arms. Her head sought out the curve of his neck. “Max?” she croaked. “Isabel’s here. She said you were coming.” Her words were slurred, an aftereffect of whatever they had drugged her with.

Max kissed her forehead as she sucked in her breath in pain. “She was right. You need to sleep, love. I can’t heal you yet and this is going to hurt.”

She smiled at hearing his voice. She couldn’t open her eyes or even move anymore. Standing up to Nicholas had taken the last of her strength. And then there was Isabel in her mind, telling her to sleep, lulling her back into subconsciousness with happier places. “Okay, love you.”

Max tightened his grip on her. “I love you too.” But Liz was already asleep. He turned to Tess, who was peeking out the door. “All clear?”

“Let’s go.”

Together, they ran the lengths of the corridors, praying they didn’t take a wrong turn. They passed no one thankfully, but they doubted they would have been able to see anyone to escape in the red haze. After endless minutes, they saw a familiar door. They ran through it and into the fading afternoon sunlight. Momentarily blinded, they dared not stop, pushing their way over rocks and past debris. Running, they heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the familiar fence with their newly made cut. Kyle and Michael were already sitting behind the wheel of the Jeep, waiting.

Kyle reached out and helped Tess climb in. Max refused his offer of help, not wanting to let Liz out of his sight. Michael gunned the engine and as Max sat down in the backseat, the Jeep roared to life, spewing gravel behind it.

Michael turned to ask Max if they’d had any trouble and saw Liz for the first time. Bruises marred her skin, some in the shape of fingers, others larger. Burn marks had charred her skin, leaving behind hand prints from the men responsible. She was covered in blood from a cut to her eye and lip. One eye was swollen shut and some of her limbs seemed to be lying at odd angles. Who the hell could do something like that to a girl? Max looked broken himself. He was examining her body, no doubt trying to decide where to start healing her. Tess sat beside them, pity and fear in her eyes as she watched the couple. Kyle sat in the front seat beside Michael, he too was transfixed on Liz’s small form. They all seemed to be thinking the same thing. Would even Max have enough power to heal all of her injuries?

Max, for his part, was deep in concentration and oblivious to the others. Liz’s injuries looked worse in the light of day, and again he found an uncontrollable rage fill him. He pushed it back with the last of his willpower and set to healing his Liz. He unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt, and ignoring the bruised skin he found there, placed a hand on the soft skin of her chest. Instantly, he formed a connection with her and found himself in her mind. Even as his touch healed the most life threatening of her wounds, her mind replayed the details of her capture and torture. He saw the struggle and felt the surprise at the interruption in the Chem Lab. He felt her rush to inject herself with the antidote she had created, her time allowing only half a dose before being dragged away. He saw her fight for freedom, the pain as they hurt her to bring her to Nicholas. But beyond all the pain, the fear, came more images flooding into him.

Max felt her loneliness over the summer, the isolation that remained when she returned to Roswell. He felt the thrill of anticipation every time she saw him, the love she felt that would never die. Then he saw himself coming to her, begging for her help. He saw the events that had followed through her eyes, her pain, her anguish as she forced him to hate her. Then the images changed. He saw their life together, the love and marriage and happiness they had created, and the death that followed. Then things shifted and he saw a world in which Liz Parker didn’t live. He saw the pain and loneliness of the others in the group, the schism that followed and the distrust among the remaining group members. He saw how hard he became and the battles that led up to his return to the year 2001. And then as soon as it had begun, it was over.

Max took a deep, shuttering breath and tried to make sense of the things he’d seen.

“Max? Are you okay?” Tess’s voice brought him back to reality.

“What? Yeah, I think.” He turned his attention back to Liz. The cuts and bruises had healed, as had her broken bones. She looked completely at rest, peaceful. But he knew the truth. He hated to wake her, so he spoke softly. “Where are we?”

“Almost in Roswell. You’ve been out of it almost an hour, Maxwell. We were getting worried.”

“No trouble yet?”

“Clear skies and open road. Is she okay?”

Max thought back to all he’d seen from her mind. How had she been living with all that going on? Was she okay? He didn’t know, but they were all looking at him expectantly. “Yeah, except for the serum. I couldn’t fix any of the damage it’s done.” Suddenly, he felt weak, his body collapsing against the strain of healing such deep injuries and connecting with Liz.

The others noticed his weakness, but didn’t comment. He vaguely heard them talking, but his attention was focused solely on Liz. Suddenly, the Jeep stopped and Max looked around, not recognizing his surroundings. He vaguely recognized faces, Maria and Isabel looking at him with worry etched across their features. He understood they were moving him and trying to take Liz from his arms. He clawed at them, desperate to keep her safe, until he saw Isabel’s face focus inches from his own.

“Max, we are just bringing you inside. You can see her there. You have to let go for now. Nothing else will happen to her.” He nodded and Liz’s weight was removed from his lap. They pulled at him, half-dragging him inside. They were talking again, but this time he registered what they were saying. They were talking about the serum and how much of the antidote she’d had.

“Just over half.” His voice sounded weak to his own ears, but they must have heard him because they sprang into action.

Isabel’s face was back again. She was smiling a sad smile as she helped him lie down in bed. “It’s okay, Max. Sleep for now.” Trusting her, he allowed his eyes to close only after he found Liz’s hand beside his and their fingers were linked together.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Okay, kiddies, this is the part you’ve been waiting for. Max and Liz finally get around to having that talk they so desperately needed and as an added bonus, there’s a little bit of NC 17 in here too. Okay, so there’s more than a little bit, but you get the point. If you’re opposed to that sort of thing, just skip the end, if not, read on. Please, feedback is the only thing that fuels me here. It’s not like there’s a lot of money in internet postings these days.

Do What You Have To Do
Part 14

Hours later, he awoke to find himself in a strange room. The bedroom was well furnished, done all in wood. The last rays of the sun would be dying soon and he turned away from it. He didn’t want to think about what this night had in store for them. He turned in bed and came face to face with Liz. She was resting gently, a small smile on her face, her hand still liked with his. Isabel must have put her in another happy place. He would have to buy her something fabulous for all her help later. But looking at Liz, a rush of love overwhelmed him and he had to wake her up, regardless of how much she needed to rest. He had to hear her voice, see her smile. He had to know she was alright.

Without hesitation, he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. His finger slowed, stroking her cheek. His thumb ran across her lips, evoking a broader smile.

Liz began stirring, waking from her dream world reluctantly. But the touch against her skin was so persistant, so loving, she couldn’t resist it. Slowly, her eyes fluttered open to focus on Max’s smiling face. She smiled a sleepy smile back at him. “Morning.”

“Good Morning to you. How do you feel?”

Liz frowned. Something was different. She hadn’t been able to put a name on it, but it was there. What was different? What had happened? Why was Max in bed with her looking like he didn’t hate her? Then it all came rushing back. She remembered the future Max, running, being taken, then things became disjointed. What had happened?

Max saw her confusion and her gradual rememberance. How much did she know? Did she know Nicholas had injected her with the serum? But even as he watched her face, he could see the knowledge dawn in her eyes. She knew.

“Max, I’m sorry. I tried to fix things, but I guess I just made them worse.”

Max saw the first tear form in her eyes and he pulled her to him in a crushing hug. She returned his embrace, holding onto him as if her whole world depended on it.

“It’s okay, you can cry if you want to.”

But Liz only tightened her grip on Max. “Just hold me. If you don’t let me go, I’ll be okay.”

He gripped her just as tight, rocking her gently. Neither knew what to say to each other, but knew that words weren’t needed just yet. They were content to hold each other, to take the strength the other offered. Even as Liz felt the familiar safety of Max’s arms, she knew it was wrong. Max wasn’t hers to hold onto anymore. Embarrassed, she pulled from his embrace, fighting the urge to cling to him longer.


Max raised her chin to meet her eyes. “Don’t do that, Liz. You don’t have to pretend anymore, or push me away. I know everything that happened. I know you pretended to sleep with Kyle and why you did it. And if anyone should be sorry, it should be me. God, Liz, I didn’t mean anything I said to you for the last few months. I was hurt and I was angry and I-“

Liz stopped him, placing her fingers over his lips. She was appalled to find her hand shaky. “How? How did you find out?”

“The other me. He told me and then when I healed you…” He broke off, not knowing how much of the experience she remembered.

“You healed me again.” It was a statement she turned over in her head. Somehow, she only remembered bits and pieces of what had happened. Nicholas asking her questions then hurting her, Isabel telling her to hang on, and Max telling her he loved her. Then enough pain to shut down her mind completely. A thought occurred to her. “I didn’t tell him anything, Max. I swear. He kept asking, but I didn’t-“

“I know. I don’t care about that anyway. Liz, I went crazy when I couldn’t help you. And you were in so much pain, Isabel and I had to shut down your mind. But I’ll never let it happen again. We’re going to make sure Nicholas never gets a chance to hurt anyone again.” He was babbling and he knew it, but he didn’t care. Liz had broken eye contact with him and had stared off into space.

“So, what happens now?”

Max was silent. He had no answer. “I don’t know.” He answered honestly. “But I do know that I love you. That never changed for a second. Liz, I need you.” He took her hand in his and she let him bring it to his lips.

“Nothing has changed, Max. If we stay together, you’ve seen what happens. Friends, family and strangers alike will all die. I can’t stand to think that my love would weaken you. You still have a destiny with Tess. You have a responsibility to Michael and Isabel. Can’t you see that nothing has changed? And now all of it was for nothing.” She pulled her hand from his and dropped her gaze to her lap. “It’s just not fair, you know? I mean, if anyone deserves a bit of happiness, it’s us. I just wish…”

“What? Tell me, Liz.”

“I wish that just for an hour, we could be normal people. That I could just be Liz and you could just be Max. And maybe we could just be a normal couple in love. Then the fate of numerous worlds wouldn’t rest on every decision we ever make. We wouldn’t have to worry about anything other than what movie to see after dinner. I wouldn’t have to worry about distracting you from your mission and I wouldn’t have to worry about never seeing the sun rise again.” Her voice broke, but she wasn’t done. “I just wish we could make love and not have to report it to anyone for an open discussion. I wish that you were kissing me now instead of looking at me like I’ve gone off the deep end. I-“

But Max had cut off her words with a kiss. Liz stiffened, unprepared, but warmed up to his kiss, her body melting into his.

Max fisted her hair in his hand and pulled her closer, never able to have enough of her. How long had it been since he’d kissed her like this? Too long.

Liz knew he was making up for lost time and allowed him access to her heart, her soul. She wouldn’t ever hold anything back from him again. Needing to feel his skin, she began pulling at the buttons of his shirt, groaning as she found the warm flesh underneath.

Liz’s small moan almost undid Max. He wanted her so bad, he was afraid he would hurt her. The events of the last 24 hours were finally catching up with him. He had been so terrified he would never find her alive, that he would never have the chance to tell her he was sorry, that he loved her. And now, there was still the very real possibility that she wouldn’t live to share the future that should have been theirs. He knew he was on the edge when one kiss was enough to push him over the edge. If she wanted him to stop, he needed to know now. Slowly, he pulled out of the kiss and rested his forehead against hers. “Tell me what you want, Liz.”

“You, Max. Just you.”

And Max knew there was no turning back as his heart beat against his chest at her words. He pulled her against his body again, allowing her to feel the evidence of his desire for her.

She gasped and began clawing at his shirt again. She managed to pull it off his shoulders before her lips found the bare skin of his throat. Her hands were a flutter of movement, touching every inch she could reach. She left a trail of kisses down his chest and felt a surge of triumph at his low growl. Suddenly, she found herself tossed on her back with Max looming over her. He straddled her hips and just gazed at her a minute. How had he been lucky enough to have Liz Parker fall in love with him?

“Max,” she pleaded with him, squirming under his intense gaze. She reached her palm up to glide over his stomach muscles, surprised when they quivered under her touch. Filled with hunger, Max lowered his mouth back to hers and she devoured him greedily.

With shaky fingers, he began unbuttoning her top, parting the fabric to reveal her smooth skin. Unconsciously, his hand found it’s way to her abdomen. Tears filled his eyes as he thought how close he’d come to losing her before he’d ever really had a chance to know her.

Liz read the emotions swimming in his eyes, or maybe she was able to feel his emotions. Nothing about their connection surprised her anymore.

“I love you, Max Evans.”

He managed a shaky smile, suddenly aware of their states of undress. His eyes roamed to her breasts, fascinated by the erratic rise and fall of her chest. Her breasts swelled gently over the top of her simple white bra, and his fingers itched to touch.

As Max’s fingers cupped her breasts, Liz let out a gasp, arching her body towards the contact. Max’s lips returned to her neck, kissing the hollow of her throat as he kneaded her breasts gently.

“Max,” Liz breathed out on a sigh. “We’re wearing too many clothes.”

Max froze, knowing what Liz was offering. He knew with certainty that his future hinged on this night, and he wanted to make love to Liz. But he had to make sure she knew the consequences.

“Are you sure? I mean, we don’t really know what will happen. And I don’t want to hurt you.”

Liz met his eyes, caressed his face and allowed him to feel her emotions, knowing no words could convince him better. She wouldn’t refuse him tonight. Convinced, he broke contact with her body and began pulling off his clothes. Liz moved a bit more slowly, but had stripped quickly and then turned to face her beautiful Max. He stood naked before her and the hesitation she felt disappeared when their eyes met. This was her Max, and no matter what happened tomorrow, they had this night.

Max gazed at Liz in awe. He’d never known exactly what being speechless was like, but he found himself unable to put into words what he felt for her, what she did to him. So he said nothing, but joined her on the bed, letting naked flesh meet naked flesh. They fused together in a kiss, Liz’s curious hands driving him crazy, touching every inch of skin she could find. Max left a trail of kisses across her shoulder blades, down to the valley between her breasts, finally taking one of them into his mouth. Liz’s hiss encouraged him, gave him the courage to become bolder. This was Liz and she would deny him nothing, just as he would deny her nothing.

Liz was floating. Max was taking her body places she was sure no human was meant to feel. Her skin was humming and wasn’t at all surprised to find it glowing against Max’s touch. Max had noticed it too, but he hadn’t stopped his kisses. It was as if they shared one mind. He knew he wasn’t hurting her and that she would kill him if he stopped. She could feel his need clawing at her just as ferociously as her own. Then she knew an urgency that shocked her. She needed more. She clawed at his skin, begging Max with her eyes to take her, to finish what they had started the day he’d saved her life. Everything they’d done had led up to this moment.

“Are you sure?” He had to ask, even though he could read her thoughts clearly.

Liz wanted to giggle at his concern. Humor lit her eyes. “Max, if you think I’m letting you leave without finishing this, you’re grossly wrong.”

“This will change everything. We can’t ever go back.”

“I think we passed that point already today.” She thought back to when he had dreamwalked her. He had shown her his feelings, the level of his love for her. He’d risked more torture like he’d experienced in the white room for her. There would never be anyone else in her life that would love her more.

Max nodded and placed a tender kiss on her lips. He had read the path of her thoughts and agreed with her completely. This was just the final step in their journey. With a single thrust, he filled her, pausing while she adjusted to his size. He could feel the short stab of pain radiate through her body and then felt her relax around him. He struggled not to move, to give her the time she needed. But then she moved against him and he knew she was ready. He lowered his mouth back to hers as he rocked against her, emotion filling every fiber of his being.
Liz felt Max’s sensations as he experienced them. She encouraged Max to fill her, and he complied readily. His kisses alone made her dizzy and she felt like she was floating, swimming in too much emotion to absorb. She let out a strangled cry and she knew Max was holding back, waiting for her, wanting to make their first time more memorable.

“Please, Max.”

Max quickened his pace, knowing Liz was close behind him. At her shuttered cry, he allowed his body to go over the edge with her. A thousand images flitted through their brains, the last of their secrets laid bare before the other. And the last thing they saw before they fell against each other was stars.

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Part 15

Michael paced the living room as he had for the last few hours. “I don’t like it. Did you see how weak he was after he healed her? I didn’t even think he could do it, but he was just being the big hero and risking his own life for her. He could barely stay conscious. How is he going to be able to help us?”

“He just needs time to heal. He’ll be fine.” Isabel watched Michael pace from the safety of Alex’s arms. She’d been terrified of their state and could only wonder at Liz’s health if it had drained her brother so completely to help her. She shuttered and Alex tightened his hold on her.

“We should be planning, doing something instead of waiting around for Nicholas to find us.”

Isabel sighed. “I’ll go see if they’re awake yet, okay?” She left Alex’s arms and made her way upstairs to the last door. She could feel Max’s presence in her mind and knew he was awake. She knocked once and opened the door without waiting for a reply.

“Max, the others are-“ she froze, taking in the scene in front of her. Her brother was snuggled under the covers with a very naked Liz Parker sprawled over his chest. He was running his fingers through her hair, fanning it out across her naked back.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s okay, Iz. She’s sleeping now.” Max could find no reason to be flustered or embarrassed over their actions.

Isabel watched as he never broke his gaze on her and Isabel felt her eyes water in envy and sadness. Why did it always take tragedy to fix things? “So, you two…” she broke off, not knowing how to phrase her question. She began to fidget, wringing her hands nervously.

“Yeah. It was fine, Iz, normal. Well, except for a bit of glowing.” Max answered her unspoken question. His senses were still heightened in the aftermath of his lovemaking with Liz and he was able to read his sister’s thoughts clearly.

“I’m not sure if I needed to know that, but I’m glad for you two.” Isabel wanted to reassure her brother that she wouldn’t yell at him for being rash, for jeopardizing them. Truth was, they’d all just been waiting for someone to have the courage to try it out. It was the last great test of the level of their humanity. And after all the time she’d spent in Liz’s brain earlier, she felt differently about the girl. She knew Liz would die before she let anything happen to Max. Unfortunately, that scenario seemed to be playing itself out before their eyes. “You two belong together. I know I may not have always thought so, but I see it now. Michael will too. Maybe not right away, but I’m sure Maria will convince him.”

Max grinned and turned his full attention to his sister for the first time. “Thanks, Iz. It means a lot.”

Isabel read the happiness on his face, saw the change in him immediately. He wasn’t just her pesky brother anymore. He had grown up. Ready to cry, Isabel nodded swiftly. “Okay, you two just take your time. I’ll fend them off a bit longer.” She turned to flee, but Max’s soft whisper stopped her.

“I love you, Isabel.”

She smiled a small smile. “You’d better. I’d hate to have to tell everyone about the Mariachi band outside Liz’s balcony.”

And with a soft click of the door, Isabel left them for a few more minutes before they had to face reality again. Her mind reeled from the events of the day, and she ran straight into Maria at the end of the hallway.

“Maria, what are you doing up here?” She tried to scrub the tears from her face before Maria saw them and she had to explain.

“I wanted to check on Liz. She’s been asleep for so long, I was getting worried.” She gave Isabel a tired grin. “I guess Michael’s nerves are rubbing off on me.”

“They’re getting ready to come down in a few minutes. Let’s wait downstairs.”

“So, she’s awake?” Maria’s face lighted with hope as she headed past Isabel.

Isabel snagged her arm before she could get by. “Look, Maria. They’re sort of…indisposed at the moment.”

“Indisposed? What does that-oh my god! Are you telling me that she and he…that they…”


Maria paused to consider, wrinkling her nose in thought. “Are they okay? I mean, no funny stuff?”

Isabel managed a wry smile. “Max did say something about glowing, but I think the human/alien hook up is a go.”

Maria’s grin matched Isabel’s. “Now, that’s something to think about for later.”

In good spirits, Isabel hooked her arm through Maria’s. “C’mon. Let’s go distract the others until they’re ready to come down.” New friends, the girls left the hallway to go back downstairs to their men.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 16

Michael paced around the large living room, running his fingers through his hair. This was bad, it was very bad. Max and Liz had been passed out for almost four hours now and he hated to admit it, but he was worried , no terrified. Nicholas was out there no doubt frantically looking for them while they sat around just waiting to be killed.

Isabel and Maria had gone up to check on them and had come back down with strange looks on their faces. If he didn’t know better, he’d say they were grinning. But they had insisted that the couple was okay and waking up and only needed a few minutes to themselves. Then they had gathered everyone but Michael and future Max and had gone outside on the porch for a few minutes.

At least they had left him to pace in peace. He was in a sticky spot now, on unfamiliar ground. Max couldn’t be trusted to think clearly right now, not with Liz as sick as she was. So, he had to take charge.

God, just thinking about what Liz had looked like when Max had dragged her out of that sylo made his skin crawl. He’d never seen anything like that before. He didn’t think he’d seen an inch of her skin that wasn’t bloodied, beaten or charred. What kind of horrible monster could do that to someone as sweet as Liz? But he already knew the answer to that one.

He’d never been a big supporter of Liz knowing their secret, but he’d been wrong. He could say that easily now. And he would as soon as he had the chance. Liz Parker had lived through hell so that he didn’t die in a distant future. And how was she repaid? She was kidnapped, poisoned, and tortured within an inch of her life.

After Max had healed her, they’d been certain he wouldn’t have enough strength to even stand and they’d been right. The group had agreed to convene at the Valenti cabin in Frasier Woods. Once the rescue team had sped there in record time, they had been met at the door by the others. Max had woken up when Michael had pulled to a stop and he and Kyle had immediately tried to pull Liz from the car. Unfortunately, Max hadn’t regained his senses and had started clawing at them whenever they touched Liz. Truth be told, Michael hadn’t blamed him for his reaction.

As Isabel had stepped forward to calm him down, Michael had joined in on the conversation Maria and future Max were having. Future Max had said he’d had a pretty good idea of how much of the antidote Liz had taken and wanted to go with his inclination to finish off the full dose. Maria had been saying that the antidote, by his own admission, was too tricky to just estimate and gamble Liz’s life on.

As Kyle carried Liz, Isabel and Alex had dragged Max by, mumbling something about Liz taking just over half of the antidote. This seemed to be all future Max and Maria had needed to know. They had run into the kitchen where they had carefully laid the syringe, and Maria had supported a very weak future Max up the stairs to administer the adjusted dose.

Now, they were just expected to sit and wait. It was possible that Liz would die tonight, they all knew it, but didn’t want to talk about it. There were so many uncertainties that nothing could be expected anymore. All Michael knew for certain was that it wasn’t fair. He hadn’t been fair to Max, to Liz, hell, even to Maria. He’d been the first one to step forward and say they needed no attachments, but hadn’t he gone and fallen in love with Maria? Didn’t he need her to be in his life and to look at him with adoring eyes that made him feel for the first time in his life like he could do anything?

When all this was over, he vowed to make up for all the times he’d pushed her away because of his own fears. He would apologize to Max and Liz for every snide comment he’d ever made towards or about them.

He eyes the couch where future Max lay sleeping, breathing shallow breaths. The guy looked like he was on his last breath. That was Max, thirteen years from now, without them, without Liz.

Michael stood still and stared a minute longer. Nobody should have to die this way, alone and in pain. Max would do everything in his power to help if it were Maria up ther in that bed. So, now he would mirror his actions after Max’s. He’d always asked himself what Max would have done in the past, then had consistently done the opposite. Now, he would listen to Max’s voice in his head and he would do the right thing. He would watch over Max and the others, keep them safe and alive. It was the least he could do. It was what Max would have done.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 17

Maria watched as Michael paced the length of the open living room. She had been outside for ten minutes now and he seemed to be getting more and more agitated. She knew he was worried about Max and what was going to happen to Liz. As macho of a front that he put on, he was starting to see Liz like a sister. He had taken on the role of protector and he took it seriously.

After she and Isabel had talked in the upstairs hallway, Maria had a renewed sense of hope. If they had made love, then surely they were better. They knew something that the rest of them didn’t. Everyone was going to be okay. Her heart had been happy.

But after she had sat around, thoughts rolling around in her head, Maria had come up with a different conclusion. Maybe they hadn’t been celebrating life. Maybe they had been saying goodbye, taking advantage of every last minute together. And her heart broke anew.

She and future Max had been able to create an antidote from the remaining chemicals at the chem. Lab, but was it correct? They were all pinning their hopes on something that might not work at all that was created by a remedial science reject and a dying man who hadn’t given the formula a thought for a decade and a half. Future Max had been confident he was injecting her with the correct dosage at least. But still, what would the night hold?

As if reading her thoughts, Michael stopped pacing and turned to watch her through the glass. She could see the gears in his head turning. It almost seemed as if her were waging an inner struggle of whether or not to go to her. She guessed he had come to some sort of conclusion, as he stalked his way over to the door and made his way to her. Panic filled her unexpectedly. Had something happened? “What is it? What’s wrong?” It was the first time any of them had spoken since sitting outside and Michael captured their attention.

But Michael didn’t care for once what any of them thought. His only thought was of Maria. “Nothing’s wrong. Just stop talking for a minute, will you?”

Then Maria was pulled into Michael’s strong arms. He fused their lips together, devouring her mouth like he hadn’t done in ages. She found herself swept away in the emotions that coursed through her body. He finally broke away, allowing them air, but only let her slip from his arms far enough to meet her eyes. The intensity of it scared her.

“I love you, Maria. You know that, right?”

Maria could only nod. Michael was openly declaring his love for her? But then it hit her. He was preparing for the worst. They would either be hunted down by Nicholas soon, or they would be hunting him down. Michael was sharing himself with her because he was afraid he might not make it back to her alive. She pulled him back into the fierce hug from earlier and clung to him.

“I love you too, Spaceboy,” she whispered in his ear.

Isabel cleared her throat. “I think we all need to talk while we still have a minute.”

Michael nodded and sat on the wicker chair, pulling Maria onto his lap.

“Okay, we all need to be realistic now. I’m not trying to be mean or dash anyone’s hopes, but someone has to say it.” Isabel paused, not wanting to do this. If possible, she would give up her own life to stop all this from happening. These words should never have to be said. “I don’t think the antidote is going to work.”

If Isabel had expected an outburst of some sort, she was mistaken. The group remained silent, each of them deep in their own beliefs on the subject. Maria’s soft voice broke the spell.


“When I was upstairs, Max was awake, but Liz was still out. We talked, and they, uh…they made love earlier. They must have woken up awhile ago. Everything was fine there. Max said there hadn’t been any trouble at all. So, basically, I just wanted to let you guys know.” She turned her attention to Tess and then to Michael. His face was stoic as usual. “Okay, that was more of a side note. Liz was asleep, but she didn’t look good. Her skin, it sort of had this tint to it.”

“What do you mean?” Alex couldn’t even begin to imagine not having Liz in his life.

“Well, it was starting to look a bit like his.” She gestured through the glass to future Max, still asleep on the couch. “And her eyes had these dark circles around them.”

“So she hasn’t slept well lately. Can you blame her?” Maria had found her temper. They were not going to sit around and discuss Liz’s death as though it were a given thing.

“Maria, I know. But these weren’t fatigue circles. She looks sick. I just think we need to prepare for the worst case scenario. If Liz does…die, then we need to be able to help Max. You heard what happened when he lost her before-or is it in the future? I don’t know, but you know the story as well as I do. Maria, Nicholas will take you next and Max will wander the face of the earth a broken man. The rest of us will spend the rest of our short lives fighting a losing battle.”

“But that doesn’t have to happen to us. Doesn’t knowing about it change things?” There was no way the horror story they’d heart would be coming true. Kyle would step forward and handcuff himself to Max and Maria if needed be.

“Yes, it does change things. But if Max loses Liz after all this, he will turn into that shell in the living room. If that happens, we need to watch him carefully, never go anywhere alone, not at any time.” Isabel dropped her head in her hands, drained of all energy. How would they be able to do this?

Maria tucked her anger back inside for a minute when she saw Isabel’s defeated posture. This was hard on everyone. There was no use in arguing now of all times. Isabel was right. They needed to be united.

“Fine, we prepare for the worst case, but I am not giving up on Liz. If this antidote doesn’t work, something else will.” Maria had determination back in her eyes.

“Agreed. We’ll find a way to save her.” Michael placed a kiss on her forehead. “But we should go back inside before they come down.”

One by one, they trudged back into the living room, not knowing what to expect when the couple finally came down.

Okay, I know you were probably expecting a M/L scene, but I had to get this one out. I promise that the next scene is their little pillow talk scene. So, tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel…

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 18

Liz’s eyes fluttered open and it took her a minute to get her bearings. She was sprawled naked across Max’s equally naked chest. A smile lit her face as the memories came back to her.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.”

Liz raised her head to kiss him lightly, but the kiss quickly deepened, dragging them both into a whirlwind of emotion. “Good morning yourself.” She yawned loudly, then gave Max a sheepish grin. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“It’s okay. You needed more rest.”

Content, Liz laid her head back down on Max’s chest, letting the steady rise and fall of his breathing lull her. “I don’t ever want to leave this room.”

“Well, since I don’t quite know where we are, that might not be a problem.”

Liz’s finger traced a pattern on Max’s stomach idly. Max could all but see the gears in her brain working. He could still feel her in his mind, but he had a feeling she was blocking him. Did she regret their lovemaking? “What is it?”

“I was just thinking about what’s happened today. I know you had a flash when you healed me and I know I was hurt pretty bad. Isabel was so frantic in my dream. Did you…what did you see?”

Relieved, Max grinned down at her. That’s what she was worried about? “I don’t think there’s anything I didn’t see. I mean, before, I saw everything the future me showed you. I saw all the death and the pain, but I also saw all the love. When we made love, I saw everything inside of you. I saw our wedding, the weddings of our friends. I saw a hundred moments in time. Liz, I thought I knew you before, but now-“

“It was like we were one person, with our memories mixing together. Max, I think I saw into your soul. I think I saw your home. Did you see the stars?”

Max closed his eyes. “Yeah. But I’m not sure what that meant. But Liz-“

“Max, look.”

The awe in Liz’s voice broke his concentration. He looked down to where her finger was still trailing lazily along his stomach, but now her finger was leaving a trail of light on his skin. They both watched, transfixed as the glow disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

“What is that? Are you doing it?”

“I don’t know.” Liz answered honestly. “I thought you were doing it before, but now I don’t know. Can you feel it?” She had been too preoccupied earlier to feel anything strange when he had made her skin glow. But now they had time.

“It tingles a bit, but in a good way. A very good way.” He sent her his best leer and she giggled, slapping at his hands as he reached for her. He rolled on top of her and the laughter died as they realized their close proximity.

“Max?” Liz questioned when he moved off her.

“We really need to go find the others.”

Liz nodded, even as her face fell. “I know. I just don’t want anyone to know yet. What we have is so special, I don’t want to have to justify it to anyone anymore.”

“It may be a bit too late for that. Isabel sort of walked in earlier while you were sleeping.”

Liz looked shocked. “And she knew that we…”

“It was pretty obvious by the nakedness.” Max examined her face. “Hey, do you
regret us making love?”

“No! No, it’s not that. It’s just that Isabel’s never exactly been all for us dating. How did she take it?”

“Good. Better than I expected really. I think she was relieved. We’ve always wondered, Liz, always been afraid to find out. Actually, we never really thought we’d be able to make love. Getting that close to humans would be exposing ourselves and we never thought we could trust anyone that much. Now we know there’s no danger in hurting anyone. The glowing might be a bit hard to explain, but-“

“You’d better not be making anyone else glow, mister.”

Max grinned at her shyly. “Isabel did say something odd. What exactly did you show her when she dreamwalked you?”

Liz grinned back at him. “What did she say?”

“You didn’t show her the Mariachi band, did you? Because, I did it for you, and not exactly for her to tease me about for the rest of my life. And now I think I’ll never live it down.”

Liz’s grin widened. “She’ll probably forget all about it. After all, teasing you about the time you got drunk and lit up the streets of Roswell will probably be more fun for her.”

“You know I can never do anything else romantic for you ever again, right?”

“Hey, you’d better. Otherwise, I’ll have to take my new glowing powers elsewhere.”

He kissed her soundly, not a heated kiss, but one that spoke of the future. “I really don’t want to now, but we need to go.”

Liz sighed as he moved from her embrace and began gathering their discarded clothes. Suddenly, without Max’s strength, Liz felt weak, as if the simple act of moving was too much. The logical part of her brain told her it was the poison in her system. It was beginning to break down her body and without the rush of adrenalin Max gave her, she could feel it for the first time. But she wouldn’t think about it. She would have to trust that the antidote would be enough. She pushed back the pessimism that told her to just give up.

“Liz?” Max eyed her questioningly. They had lost the ability to read their thoughts when they broke contact, but he recognized the fatigue for what it was. The serum was working. He felt the beginnings of a panic attack at the thought of the antidote not working. But he couldn’t think about the fact that she could still die by sunrise. So, he forced a smile on his face.

“I’m okay.” She forced a smile back at him. If the least she could do with the last few hours she had left was comfort him, she would do it. She let him redress her as he joked about being the one who was responsible for taking them off. She recognized what he was doing. He was helping her without making her ask. He knew the simple task of getting dressed was more than she could handle right now, but he didn’t want to talk about it. She never loved him more.

When he had finished tying her shoelaces, he turned to her again. “How about a piggyback ride?”

“I’m too heavy. I can walk on my own.”

“Actually, I wanted one, but I guess your way works too. I’m not taking no for an answer. You may as well just agree.”

Liz wanted to argue, but decided against it. There would be a time to argue later, but not now. “Okay, but don’t drop me.”

“Are you kidding? Have you taken a look at these muscles?” He flexed for her and she giggled. He loved hearing that sound. Nothing was sweeter. With a grin on his face, he crouched down before her and helped her onto his back. Once their skin connected, Max could feel their connection roar to life again. He felt her emotions, heard her thoughts. And he realized that he had missed it for the few minutes it hadn’t been there. Idly, he wondered if they could find a way to make it permanent. He would have to ask his older self. He adjusted her weight and struggled to get a good grip on her. Her weakness didn’t allow much strength for her to hold onto him, so he took it into consideration. He maneuvered the door and staggered down the hall, threatening to crash into walls and doorframes. Anything to keep her giggling. Their trip was short. The hall emptied into a stairwell and then opened into the living room. Six heads popped up to find the source of the commotion.

Part 19

The group was floored to see the couple come down the stairs. They watched as Max staggered and almost fell down the last few steps. Isabel made a move to help them, but Michael held her back. They watched as Liz squealed in delight and Max grinned back at her. Their cheerful banter was the last thing they had expected, not after they had talked of pain and death while they slept. Maria watched her friend with tears in her eyes. She’d never seen Liz happier, or sicker.


Max carried Liz into the living room and sat her down on the couch. The others immediately swarmed around her, all wanting to know if she was okay.

“I’m fine. Nothing a little alien healing won’t fix, right?” She plastered a bright smile on her face for the sake of the others. They really had been worried about her, she could tell from the strain on their faces.

“That’s not funny. Liz, we were worried sick about you. You missed all the action. We had the whole covert operation thing going. Future boy and I created another antidote and cleaned up the chem lab a bit. Isabel and Alex covered with the parents and were decoys for the evil aliens that were following us. And everyone else broke into the missle sylo and got you out. It’s been the longest day in the history of long days and you’re having piggy back rides and making bad jokes?” Maria really didn’t feel any ill will towards Liz. If piggy back rides and lame jokes cheered her friend up, then so be it. But she couldn’t help but give Michael a sideways glance, wondering how much weight he could carry. It was always good to know who was able to give piggy back rides. Just in case an emergency came along that warranted one.

“Maria, I’m sorry I worried you guys. I just knew I had to make that antidote in case things happened the way they were supposed to.”

“You shouldn’t have gone off alone.” Michael’s gruff voice made Liz want to smile, but she concealed it. She remembered Michael’s face when she was being pulled from the Jeep. He’d been almost as worried about her as Max had.

“Yeah, haven’t you heard about the new buddy system rule?” Kyle was lightly mocking Max, but Max didn’t mind. He still hadn’t come back to earth yet from his time alone with Liz.

“We’re a team. From now on, nobody is alone anymore.” Isabel smiled at Liz and squeezed her hand tightly. Liz felt her emotions rise. She knew Isabel was giving her silent approval of her relationship with Max. Needing the contact, Liz threw herself at Isabel and pulled her into a hug. To the surprise of everyone, Isabel hugged her back tightly.

I’ll never hurt him again. Liz sent the thought to Isabel without even thinking about how she was doing it. Isabel drew away from her and sent her a strange look.

Liz? Can you hear me? Isabel tried out the mental connection, wary of finding an answer.

Yeah. Don’t ask me to explain. I don’t know how I can talk to you, but I think I can only do it when I touch you guys. Please don’t tell anyone else yet. I’m not ready to explain.

“What’s going on? Isabel, why are you staring at Liz?”

Isabel shook out of her trance. “What? Nothing, Michael. Nothing’s wrong.”

Michael looked at her funny and he noticed that Max had taken to staring at Liz in the same way. It almost looked as though they were having a conversation, but that couldn’t be. He watched whatever was happening come to a close as Max kissed Liz on the tip of her nose. It looked as though they had patched up their differences.

“Not that we don’t appreciate the quiet, but where are we?”

“Oh, sorry, Max. We forgot.” Tess spoke up from the armchair where she had watched the silent exchange as well.

“We’re in my dad’s cabin.” Kyle announced. “We’re on the edge of Frasier Woods. We’re safe here for now. Nobody followed us.”

“Good. We need to rest up the night. Tomorrow we’ll find Nicholas and finish this once and for all.”

“What? No, Max. We need to act now before he has time to get his men together or disappear, or whatever he’s planning to do.”

“We’re resting, Michael. There’s no debate. We can’t take on Nicholas if we’re not at full power. Healing Liz took a lot out of me. And you’ve all been running around for the last 24 hours. We need time to plan before we rush in blindly.”

“We’ve already wasted enough time sitting around here! It’s suicide to wait until tomorrow to do what we could be doing right now!”

“I said we wait. That’s final.”

“Why don’t we put it to a vote?” Isabel, the voice of reason and peace stepped in.

“Fine. Show of hands, everyone who wants to come up with a plan first and rest tonight?” Max raised his hand high in the air and looked around expectantly. Slowly, Isabel raised her hand. Something strange was going on with Liz and she wanted to find out what it was. She also knew her brother wasn’t ready to let Liz go yet. Max gave his sister a look of gratitude. Not understanding what was going on completely, Maria raised her hand. Alex followed her lead. He didn’t know any better what was going on, but he trusted Isabel’s judgement. He knew something was up and he knew which side he wanted to be on.

“Okay, everyone who’s tired of sitting around waiting for trouble to hunt us down and kill us raise your hand.” Michael raised his hand high. The future Max immediately followed him. He’d seen too much, knew how bad it would be if they didn’t fix things right away. Kyle and Tess exchanged a look and raised their hands. At once, all eyes drifted to Liz.

“It’s your call, Liz.” Michael crossed his arms over his chest.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 20

“It’s your call, Liz.” Michael crossed his arms over his chest.

“Leave her out of this. She’s been through enough today without having to make decisions like this.” Maria leapt to her friend’s defense out of habit.

“It’s okay, Maria. I want to vote.” She turned her head and met Max’s eyes. She took his hand in hers firmly. “I vote tonight.”

“No!” Max erupted. “I’m not going! I’m not leaving you again.”

“Maxwell-“ Isabel elbowed Michael in the ribs, not letting him finish his statement.

Liz continued on as if she hadn’t heard the disruption. “Max, look at me. You have to go now. You know why. There’s too much at stake to let things sit. Our hour is up. I’m not just Liz and you’re not just Max. We can’t keep pretending that we don’t have responsibilities, people that depend on us.”

“I still need to rest.”

“Liar.” But there was no malice in her voice as she squeezed his hand. Without realizing what she was doing, she searched deep inside of him and found the source of his power. He was fully recovered. “You can’t hide anything from me anymore.”

“Okay, so I don’t want to let you go. Liz, I was terrified when I couldn’t find you, when I found out that Nicholas had you. I won’t leave you alone again.” As if to convince her, he sent her his feelings of despair and terror. Liz had to close her eyes against the onslaught.

“I won’t be alone. I’ll never be alone again. I have a part of you in my head now.” She reached a hand up to graze the skin on his arm. Neither was shocked to see the trail of light that followed the path of her finger, but the rest of the room’s occupants had slack jaws.

We’re one soul now, Max. Wherever you are, I’m there too.

Max lowered his forehead to hers gently. It was time for the truth. “I can’t lose you, Liz. How can I leave you here and not know if you’ll be alive when I get back?”

“If I’m meant to die tonight, Max, then there’s nothing you can do. But you can still prevent the deaths of others.”

“I don’t give a damn about strangers, Liz.”

“I’m not talking about strangers. I’m talking about the people in this room. How many of them will die before you rejoin the fight? Do you think I want to be responsible for Maria’s death? For your schism with Michael? I did everything that I did so all of you would be united when the time to fight came. I told you that I didn’t want my love for you to bring you down, to hold you back from what you’re meant to do.”

“You don’t want me here. You want me to go.”

“Max, I want you to go now because I’m being selfish. I’m sick. I’m not going to lie to you. There wouldn’t be any point. I know you can feel my body breaking down. I’m dying, Max.” He voice broke, but she forced herself to continue, pushing past the waves of denial and sadness Max sent to her. “We haven’t talked about it, and there isn’t time now. But when I die, I want your face to be the last thing I see. That’s why you have to go now and hurry back.”

I love you more than any words could convey. I would trade everything I am, everything I had to make you healthy again.

“I know.” Liz closed her eyes and let herself feel Max’s despair. He was still clinging to hope, but Liz had a sense of her own mortality now. She knew she would be dead by sunrise and it filled her with the desire to cry, to sit on the floor and sob for everything they would never have the chance to do. And maybe she would, but not while Max was here. He had to go now, before she changed her mind and begged him to stay.

Max could sense her reluctance to let herself go because of him and he knew she was right. If he didn’t go, he would be responsible for the death of everyone on the room. But if he did, he might never see Liz alive again. Needing to feel more of her, he pulled her lips to his, hungrily kissing the soft flesh he found there. He was trying to convey to her everything he could in the last remaining minutes they had together. He showed her the secret corners of his mind, every hope and dream he’d ever had of her. Liz returned the gesture. If she could leave him with nothing else, she would leave him with a piece of herself.

Liz broke the kiss gently. “It’s time to go save the world.”

He nodded reluctantly. “I’m coming back. This isn’t finished. I’m far from done with you, Liz Parker. You’re just going to have to get used to me because I’m not going anywhere without you. It’s you and me, Liz, and nothing will ever change that again.”

She smiled at his words, not knowing who he was trying to assure. He cupped her face in his hand, staring into her eyes deeply. His words were for her alone now.

Marry me, Liz. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but promise me you’ll be my wife someday. I love you. Please say yes.

Liz was speechless. She was floored by the emotions of love he sent to her and she had to close her eyes. How could she promise him something like that when her own future was so uncertain? Even though it was the one thing she wanted more than life itself, she couldn’t do it. Not now.

Max sensed her emotions, understood her hesitation for what it was. She wanted him, but there were so many uncertainties. When they pledged to be together, he wanted them to mean it and not wonder if it was out of a sense of danger.

I’ll wait. It’s okay. But you’ll be mine, Liz Parker. He released her from his intense gaze and they both felt the loss.

Sensing that a decision had been reached, Michael and Maria appeared at their sides.

“We need to go.” Michael’s voice was soft. None of his usual anger or impatience was present.

Maria caught Liz by the arm and steadied her friend as Max let her slip from his arms. Isabel and Tess approached then, reluctantly herding Max away. If they didn’t leave now, they never would.

“Be careful, Spaceboy.” Maria leaned forward to place a soft kiss on Michael’s lips.

Go. Don’t look back. Liz sent the message to Max before his hand slipped out of hers.

He complied with her wishes, knowing that if he turned back he would never leave her. Liz and Maria stood in the center of the room, watching the four aliens leave until the Jeep was nothing but a speck in the distance.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 21

Liz drew in a ragged breath. She wasn’t going to break down now either. She didn’t have the energy. She felt Kyle pick her up in his arms and she let them carry her to the couch. Now that Max was gone, the last of her strength had gone with him. She heard them talking around her, and she tried to listen, but her eyes drooped under the strain of the last 24 hours.

“Is she okay?” Kyle and the other humans had gathered around the future Max, looking to him for guidance in this situation.

“It’s hard to tell. Her body’s reacting to the poison. She’s feeling pure exhaustion now. All we can do is make her rest and wait to see when the antidote kicks in.” If it kicks in at all. But how could he say that to them? They needed him to say that she would be fine. But would she be?

“It should be awhile before we hear from the others. We should try to rest.” Alex checked his watch. They should be safe here for awhile yet.

“I’ll take first shift with Liz.” Max jumped at the chance to spend a few minutes with the love of his life.

“Okay. We’ll take turns.” Maria hooked an arm around Kyle and Alex, ushering them out of the room quietly. This Max was going to have to say goodbye either way.

Max took a seat on the floor next to the couch. His Liz was an angel. How could he have forgotten how peacefully she slept? Or that fragrance that was uniquely Liz? He brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear. She stirred, her eyes fluttering open to meet his. She smiled at him and he felt his heart melt.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m supposed to ask you that.” Nothing could stop him from stroking the soft flesh of her arm.

“Yeah, but you’re the only one worse off than me. At least there’s someone else to worry about with you around.”

“It’s been a pretty crazy day. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay.” She yawned. “I’m just a little tired.”

Max could see the minute her mind began working, thinking up new questions to ask him. God, he loved her.

“Max, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“Upstairs, something strange happened.” She hesitated. This was a strange situation. “Um, Max and I…we…”

“You made love.”

Her head snapped up. “How did you know?”

His only response was a wry grin.

“Right. It’s probably some sort of alien thing I don’t want to know about. Um, but afterwards, Max and I were talking and his arms sort of started to glow where I was touching him.”

“And you were hoping I’d know what it meant.”

“Yes. So, do you? Know what it means? I think I was doing it to him, but that doesn’t make sense. And then there’s this new mind reading trick I can do. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal after sex.”

Max grinned. “You’re right. It’s not.”

Liz waited. “Well? That’s all you’re going to say?”

“Liz, I can’t tell you. It’s not right. Yes, it happened to us before too, but you should discover what it means with your Max, together.”

“Max, I don’t know that I’m going to have the time or the chance to find out on my own. I just need to know what it is. I mean, is it safe? At least Maria and Isabel and the others would know that it’s okay.”

“It’s perfectly fine.” He sighed. She wasn’t going to back down without an answer. “It’s just your powers surfacing for the first time.”

“My powers? I know you know this, but I’m going to remind you anyway. I’m human.”

“Not exactly.”


“Okay, look. When I…when Max saved you, a connection was formed. He sort of evolved your brain a few thousand years ahead of it’s time, which unlocks some powers. But because you fell in love, because of the connection, Max transferred a part of himself into you. Everything you’ve done, every action you two have taken together, only strengthened the bond. And the mind reading thing only comes from absolute trust. It’s a gift. Our people believed that if you could achieve a state where you were constantly aware of each other, no matter how much distance separated you, then you were bonded for life, branded for each other. And when you made love tonight, and you became one soul, it kicked your powers into hyperdrive. It’s pretty exciting, actually.”

“So, I have all of Max’s powers?”

“Plus some of Isabel and Tess’s. Women are better with mental stuff, and you were able to do a lot that I couldn’t. At least in my time. However, you do need to practice them in order for them to develop. The powers are merely there right now. You need to learn patience, control and restraint in order to use them.”

Liz paused to consider. She was part alien now. She had powers. She and Max had been one soul. They were on their way to being bonded for life. If only she lived long enough to see it. “Can you show me how to use them?”

Max grinned at her again. His Liz was always curious, always wanting to know how and why. “Sure, but you need to rest first.”

“No. I’m tired of resting. I’ll have plenty of rest when I die. Please show me now.”

Max was disturbed by her easy acceptance of her own impending death. Why wasn’t she fighting? Was that why the antidote wasn’t working? “Yeah, I’ll show you. What do you want to know?”


Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 22

Future Max had settles himself on the couch beside Liz at her insistence. They had turned to face each other and Max now gently took her hands.

“Okay, the first thing you need to do is find your powers, your energy source.”

“How will I know what it is?”

“It’s more like it will find you. You need to level your breathing, focus all your attention inward, almost like a meditative state.”

“Kyle would love this,’ she managed a grin.

“Well, he’ll get his chance. Now, we’re talking about you. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and concentrate. Let it find you.”

Liz did as he instructed, closing her eyes and taking several deep breaths. She let her body relax, her mind clear. Slowly, she became aware of her body’s processes. She could feel her own heart beating, pumping blood throughout her body. She turned her attention to her brain and found she could feel a difference. There was something there, a presence that flowed into every vein of her body. Was this her energy source that Max had told her about? Experimentally, she touched it, causing it to shimmer to life. A lavender glow lit up her veins and she could feel it ready itself to bend to her will.

Max had watched her carefully. She had been breathing shallowly for awhile now. He’d half wondered if she’d fallen asleep, until a faint purple light lit up her skin. He smiled. She must have done it. Why had he thought she couldn’t? He spoke softly, not wanting to jar her awake before she was ready.

“Okay, try to make it flow where you want. Move it all to your left hand and gather it there. Don’t release it yet.”

Liz listened and pulled on the light, forcing it to flow into the fingers and palm of her left hand. This wasn’t so hard.

“Open your eyes now, but keep the energy in your left hand. Don’t let it escape back into your mind.”

As if hypnotized, she opened her eyes, struggling to maintain the energy connection. She could feel it trying to recede, but she wouldn’t let it.

Max picked up an iron paperweight from the coffee table and placed it in her hands “Break down the chemical components of the metal, see each molecule and heat them up. Move them one by one to where you want them to be, the form you want it to take. Concentrate.”

Liz furrowed her eyebrows as she concentrated on the cool metal in her palm. She could almost see through it to its’ molecular structure. But after the first few layers, she found resistance. She tried again, pushing harder with her mind, but again the resistance held.

Frustration mounted, causing her to allow a trickle of the energy to leak from her fingertips. The purple energy surrounded the paperweight, trying to move the molecules but only able to scratch the surface. The metal grew cold in her hand, frost forming on its’ surface. But still she tried to force the change. Finally, the metal grew too cold to hold and she dropped it to the floor. The sudden movement broke her concentration and her energy was sucked back into her veins where it hummed softly.

With a frustrated sigh, she reached down to pick up the paperweight. The once smooth surface was rocky and jagged.

“Why can’t I do it? Something was stopping me.”

“You did good for your first try. Now that you know what if feels like, it will be easier to find it. The more you practice, the quicker you’ll be able to draw on them.”

“Why was there color? When Max uses his powers, his whole arm doesn’t light up.”

“Again, you need to learn to control it. If you tell it not to show through your pores, then it won’t.” He saw the tears forming in her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I just wanted to help in some way, be something more than a problem or a distraction for a change. I can’t even make a stupid paperweight change shape. I wanted Max to see before-“ she broke off, not liking the quiver to her voice.

“No, stop that. Liz, why are you doing this? Why aren’t you fighting? I look in your eyes and I’ve seen you’ve given up.”

“Why bother pretending? I know what my fate is now. I just hope Max will be okay this time when I’m gone. I really is better this way.” She hung her head low.

Her voice was but a whisper now, but Max heard her with disbelieving ears. He felt his long hidden temper flare. “Do you really thing that? Look at me, Liz. I know that technically, I’m not your Max. But trust me when I tell you that the world isn’t better off without you. And no matter how much time he has to prepare, he will die inside when he loses you. It doesn’t matter if it’s today or a hundred years from now, Max Evans will crumble and he will never be who he is meant to be if you’re not there with him.”

Liz shook her head. “There’s no point in talking about it now. There’s nothing we can do. I’m dying and that ‘s it.”

“You’re wrong. You don’t have to die, but you do have to want to live. Do you? Because you’ve given up all hope and that’s not like you, Liz.”

“Well, maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do. I’m tired, Max. I’m just so tired.”

Max softened. “Liz, I know that Nicholas did to you was horrible-“

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She turned her attention back to the paperweight.

Max sighed. Someone had to get through to her. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.” He ran a hand down her soft hair. “But take it from me, Max loves you with everything in his system. What would you do if things were reversed? If Max were sick and he’d given up, said you’d be better off without him, wouldn’t you want him to fight with every breath he had left to have the chance to live life with you? To marry you and have children? Hell, I traveled through time itself, twice, for you. You’re always going to be it for me, Liz, no matter what year it is.”

Liz turned the paperweight over in her hand. Was he right? Maybe she had given up so easily because she was afraid to live. Was she a coward?

“I want to try the paperweight again.”

But Max said nothing. He merely watched her as she tried to focus her energy. He thought for a minute that he’d been getting through to her, but then she’d shut down again. Hopefully someone would be able to break through her walls before it was too late.

Maria lay on the stiff couch as still as possible. They were supposed to be sleeping, but she couldn’t get her brain to shut down. Liz looked so sick. God, not even when they’d spent two weeks in bed together from chicken pox had she looked so bad. Maria was trying to be brave, but she didn’t thing she could do it anymore. A small sob escaped her lips.

“Can’t sleep either?”

Maria’s head shot up when she heard Kyle’s warm voice. She shook her head, wiping at the tears on her cheek.

Kyle moved from the opposite end of the couch to pull Maria into his arms, where she buried her head in his chest and let the tears fall.

“It’s okay, let it all out.” He rocked her gently, rubbing her back.

Alex raised his head from his makeshift pillow on the floor. He arched an eyebrow at Kyle in question and Kyle nodded. They were fine for a minute. Unable to sleep, Alex rolled back over on the floor. He wanted next watch over Liz and he hadn’t slept in almost 48 hours. He needed to rest or he wouldn’t be any good to anyone. Just an hour. He could catch an hour’s rest and then take over for future Max.

He pictured Liz’s small face in his mind, remembering the time all three of them had gone camping in Frasier Woods the summer before she’d been shot. With images of his two girls sleeping in his sleeping bag with him because of noises outside, he felt himself drift off to sleep.

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Part 23

Alex awoke from his cat nap as the alarm on his watch began beeping. He checked the time and stretched. It had only been an hour, but they were counting each one now. Maria was still being rocked in Kyle’s arms. He figured they both needed the comfort right now. He rose and walked into the living room. Liz was sleeping again, fatigue apparent on her face. The future Max was sitting on the floor, stroking her hair reverantly.

“Hey.” Alex greeted him softly. “She sleeping long?”

“Off and on. I think she’s having nightmares.”

Alex rocked uncomfortably on his heels. “Look, why don’t you crash for a few minutes? I’ll watch her. You’re going to need just as much strength as the rest of us.” It was impossible not to notice how strained Max’s breathing was getting. Alex couldn’t help but wonder if he would last though the night.

Max kept his gaze concentrated on Liz. She had worn herself out trying to tap into her new powers. Finally, sleep had won the battle. How could he say goodbye to her again? He’d been so sure he could come back and save her the way he hadn’t been able to before. But he’d failed her again. Maybe Alex was right. He should let her be. She was trying to be strong for everyone. Slowly, he pulled his aching and battered body from the floor. He said nothing as he passed Alex, but only placed a hand on his shoulder.

Alex understood, but nodded his head anyway. He took Max’s seat on the floor and set about examining her for signs of the antidote kicking in. Isabel had been right. Her skin was turning the sickly gray color of future Max’s skin and there were dark circles under her eyes though she’d done little else but sleep since she’d been injected. What if it didn’t work in time?

“I’m not dead yet.”

Liz’s soft words startled Alex. He looked sheepish, but he met her eyes. “I was just thinking how lucky Max is to have someone as beautiful as you. Speaking of which, I guess you guys kissed and made up?”

“And then some.”

Alex made a face. “Please. I love you, but I don’t think my heart can take the details of your sex life.”

“How did you-Isabel.”

“Yep. So, you wanna tell me about the glowing thing? Cause that didn’t look quite human.”

“It was pretty amazing, Alex. I can’t even describe it. We were actually one being for this perfect minute. And there wasn’t any pain or anger or loneliness. It was perfect.” Her voice broke, but she refused to let herself break down, afraid the tears would never stop.

“Don’t do that.” Alex joined her on the couch, taking her hands in his. “Liz, you are the oldest friend I have besides Maria. I know you inside and out. I don’t need alien powers to know that you need to let this out. I’ve watched you be strong for both Max’s, then Maria. I promise to love you even if you’re a slobbering mess. And I won’t break down or tell you it’ll all be okay. I might cry and yell and throw things with you, but I won’t break. It’s okay with me.”

Liz had to close her eyes against his words. She really was tired of being strong and dependable. It would be nice to let someone else take care of her, hold her and tell her it would be okay. After her talk with future Max, she was beginning to think she’d been wrong. What if the reason she’d been getting sicker was because she hadn’t been fighting? Was it too late to start now?

Without warning, the tears began flowing, they wracked her small body until she could barely draw in ragged breaths. It just wasn’t fair. She cried for all the time she’d missed out on with Max. She cried for the future Max who was so lost without her. She cried for the future of her friends after she died. She cried for all the things she would never have a chance to do. She would never know the joy of walking down the aisle to marry Max. She would never have his children, or hear his laugh again. She would never again have her favorite dish from Senor Chow’s or beat her all time best Pinball score. She cried until she was out of tears, not aware that she had spoken her fears aloud to Alex. He held her close and rocked her, crying with her.

“It’s not fair, Alex. There’s so much I want to do, so much I want to see. Why did this have to happen? I’m a good person. I gave up a future of bliss to save everyone’s lives. And this is what I get? I don’t want to spend my last few hours on this couch. I want to have enough energy to get up and help Max. I want Max to be here with me. I want time to figure out what everything means with Max and I. I want to see his planet. I want to see him rule, see him fix things and for everyone to see how wonderful and brave and strong he is. I want to live, Alex. God, I want more than anything to see the sun rise. Because if the sun rises, then I know it’ll all be okay.” The tears began falling anew and Alex pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I want to live, Alex. I want to live.”

From the doorway, Kyle, Maria, and Max looked on with tears of their own. They listened to her repeat those words oven and over, as if the mantra would fix her broken body.

“You are the strongest person I’ve ever known, Liz. Whatever happens, we’re all here for you.”

“How touching.”

Five heads turned behind where Maria, Kyle, and Max stood. Nicholas stepped into the light.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 24

Max drove quickly over the dark highway. This one had to be the one. It just had to be. Sheriff Valenti had been helping them out, researching all locations with an unusual amount of recent activity. They’d started with abandoned government building, warehouses and now they were down to their last spot. A research lab abandoned in the late 1960s. So far, every other place they’d been to had supplied nothing but dead ends.

As Max pulled into the empty parking lot, he cut his lights before parking to the side of the building. They had been silent the whole way and as they stepped from the Jeep, the silence remained. What was there to be said now? Their time was better spent focused on the task at hand. They crossed the parking lot, peeking in windows as they went. The inside was too dark to see anything and it was quiet, almost too quiet.

Michael placed his hand over the lock and unlocked it, entering first to check things out. The others followed behind, fanning out to search a broader area.

It only took them a few minutes to know that no one was there. But there had been someone in the labs recently. They had found chemical remains in beakers and test tubes. Instruments had been left out and one machine was still running a test.

Isabel peered into a microscope that had a thick notebook next to it. She examined the slide and let out a soft gasp, calling for Max. He joined her side and viewed the slide for himself. He stared at it long and hard for a minute, not knowing what to make out of what he’d seen. He stood up and looked around at the others. How could that be?

Tess was rifling through some papers, a pensive look on her face.

“Max, what the hell is that? Where did it come from?” Isabel had never had so many questions before.

“Did you find something?” Michael poked his head up from a lab table.

“Yeah, a culture of human cells.”

“What’s so special about that?”

“They weren’t completely human. There were alien cells mixed in, our cells.”

“What does the slide say on it?” Tess spoke up from the pile of papers she was digging through. How was Max going to take what she had just discovered? Please don’t let this be true, not now.

Isabel examined the slide. “It just has a number on it. 45793.”

Tess looked up. “Max, you need to see this.” She held out a folder for him with shaky hands.

He took it and quickly scanned the files. They looked to be test results. Charts and graphs mapped out that whatever they had been testing for was increasing. But more importantly, the number 45793 was a reference number on every page. They had been doing tests, running experiments, watching the cells for changes. But what kind of changes?

“I don’t understand.”

Tess handed him another file folder. But this one had a name.


Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 25

Max felt his blood boil. They had been watching Liz, testing her blood, her skin cells for what? What did it mean that there were alien cells mixed in with her human cells?

Isabel called him back over to the microscope she had continued to watch. “Max, these cells, they’re mutating.”


“The alien cells come into contact with the human and they swallow them whole. They’re transforming them, adapting.”


Max now looked in Michael’s direction. He was holding up a large piece of skin. Before their eyes, it disintegrated. “Look familiar?”

“Gather up everything you can find and take it with you. We need to get the hell out of here and back to Roswell.”

They worked as a group, piling as many papers and disks together that they could find. Michael even unhooked the computers and dragged them to the car. Within fifteen minutes, they were back in the car, the desert whizzing past them. While Max drove, the others flipped through documents, looking for answers.

“This is all technical jargon.” Isabel flipped through a pile of reports.

“Yeah, well this stuff isn’t much better.” Michael was running through files on a laptop.

“I’ve got something here.” Tess pulled out a leatherbound notebook. “It’s a journal. No name, but listen to this.
Subject 45793 arrived today. I’ve heard that she is the closest thing to fulfilling the prophecy than any other. But that’s pure legend. They had sedated her during transport and it was easy to gather the samples I needed. She looked like a fighter and I found myself praying that she learned not to fight Nicholas. There in no way to win against someone so powerful. And she is just a human! Nonetheless, I will run the tests and monitor her cell growth. And maybe that abomination of a formula I created accidentally will never see the light of day. I have prayed for many things since I have been brought here. I pray that my work doesn’t hurt anyone, thought I fear it will. And I pray for a swift end for all of us involved.”

Tess stopped reading. This was the man who had created the serum.

“What was that about a prophecy?” Isabel had put her papers down and moved over in the backseat to read alongside Tess.

“I don’t know. There are a few references to it, but nothing in particular. It sounds like he was a skin, just not particularly fond of Nicholas. Do you think they were holding him against his will?”

“It doesn’t matter, Tess. I found a couple of ash piles in the lab. It looks like they didn’t want to take a chance when they ran.” Michael continued to flip through files on the laptop. “”Wait a minute. This can’t be right. According to this, they’ve been comparing samples.”

“Comparing them to what?”

“Well, Maxwell, from the dates on these tests, they started back in January of 2000.”

“January? But how? Why Liz? We’ve only known about Nicholas for a few months now.”

“But that doesn’t mean he didn’t know about us.” Max swore. “That’s why they left us alone after the harvest and the summit meeting. They could have come after us at any time. It’s not like we were hiding. But they didn’t. They were monitoring Liz. He must have found out I healed her. It must have done something to her cells. Even Ava said I’d changed her.”

“Does that mean Kyle’s been changed too?” Tess didn’t know why she was so concerned for him, but she was.

“Probably. But Liz’s shooting was more public. Nobody but us knew Kyle was shot, so they must have left him alone.”

“Well, it looks like it was only the one scientist working on it all. He makes references in his journal of how Nicholas trusted no one to help him with his work. At least we don’t have to worry about them making any more of the serum.”

“Well, Kyle still has the other vial of serum. He was supposed to hide it away in case we needed a sample of it for Liz.”

“When did you get the second vial?” Isabel was stunned. They’d forgotten all about it with Liz being sick.

“Kyle and I found it on our way out of the sylo.”

“At least we’ve been able to change some things.” Isabel spoke before she had thought. She saw the strain on Max’s face. “Oh, I’m sorry, Max! I didn’t mean to say that-“

“It’s fine, Isabel.” But the Jeep accelerated. He had to get back to Liz now.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Okay, look I need to talk to you guys for a minute. I don’t want you to read this part. Really, don’t do it. Because if you do, then you’ll hate me. And I love you guys, I really do. So, just leave now and don’t finish reading this. You’re not going to listen to me, are you? Okay, just remember that I love you and I REALLY apologize that I won’t be able to get another part out today. Say it with me now “Cookieman loves me”…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 26

Liz wiped her tears and tried to sit up, pushing back the stark terror Nicholas brought up in her. Kyle and Max pushed Maria further into the living room, though neither one could do anything more than be a shield.

“What do you want?” Max tried to stand tall, not to show any weakness in front of his oldest enemy.

“Information, of course. Though I am a bit surprised to find you here, your highness. I had been assured that you had left earlier. But nevermind that. Because I brought enough company for everyone.” As he spoke, Nicholas’s goons surrounded all possible exits to the room.

Max felt a growing dread settle in his stomach. This wasn’t going to end well. He barely had enough strength to hold his head up. Liz had just discovered her own powers and was too weak to really be of any use, but he knew she’d try. Maria was looking defiant and he hoped Kyle could keep her quiet. Kyle and Alex themselves would protect the girls with their lives. He had to find a way to tell them not to do anything stupid.

“We’re all going for a little trip.”

“We’re not going anywhere with you.” Maria tried to push past Kyle, but he held her firm.

“Actually, we’re all going to the Granolith chamber. And if you don’t tell me where it is, I’ll start killing you off one by one.”

Kyle knew they had to stall for time. He was the strongest physically of the room’s occupants, but he was pretty sure they wouldn’t hesitate to blast him with laser beam eyes if they didn’t cooperate. He gripped Maria’s wrists even tighter and managed to push the activator button on her communicator watch. “Look, Nicholas, is it? Nicholas, I don’t want to die, so I’ll just tell you that the girls don’t know where the Granolith chamber is. Why don’t you let them go? Liz is sick and Max and I can go show you together. You don’t need five people slowing you down.”

Maria stopped squirming when she heard Kyle’s voice from the chip in her ear. “Yeah, that’s a good idea. We don’t know anything anyway.”

“Shut up,” Nicholas snarled. “We are not negotiating. You will all come and there will be no more talking.” He turned to Kyle. “You, carry the girl. Let’s go.”

Liz was confused, not knowing what was going on. How would Max and the others find them in time now? Why was Maria being so agreeable? She let Kyle pick her up and follow after the others. Silently, she sent out a plea for Max to come. The others followed Nicholas’ lead, flanked by his goons.

“We hear you, guys. Stall him. We’re coming.” Kyle let out a breath when he heard Max’s panicked voice in his ear. They were coming. But would they be in time?

Forty-five minutes later, the five were huddled in the back of a van as they drove around as aimlessly as Max dared to direct him.

“Where is it?” Nicholas hissed.

Max could hear from the tone of his voice that they were out of time. Nicholas’ patience had worn out. “Look, we’re in the middle of the desert at night, where there aren’t exactly any landmarks. It takes awhile to find the chamber.”

“Well, I suggest you find it in the next two minutes or the girl dies.” He directed his gaze to Liz for emphasis, then met Max’s old eyes again.

Meeting his eyes levelly, Max directed them. “Turn left at the next rock formation.” He knew Nicholas would kill them without flinching. Especially the humans, they were dispensable. He only hoped Max and the others were close by.

The van jerked left suddenly. “The next rock formation on the right. It’s there.”

Nicholas grinned at them and Liz felt her blood run cold. She’d seen him grin like that before when she’d been at the sylo. He would kill her this time. She had no doubt of that now. She’d been trying to find her powers like Max had shown her while they had driven. But all her efforts had given her was a headache and the overwhelming desire to sleep. She had forced her eyes to remain open, afraid she would not wake if she allowed herself to rest. If Max and the others couldn’t find them in time, it would be up to her to help her friends. Future Max was looking worse by the minute now. He wouldn’t be able to help when the time came. She would have to risk her friends’ lives on powers she had only discovered a little over an hour ago. She didn’t like the odds.

The van pulled to a stop and the doors slid open. “All of you, out.”

Alex and Maria stepped out first. Max, determined to make his own way, followed. Kyle reached to carry Liz and she refused. If Max could walk in there on his own two feet, then she could too. She would at least die with a bit of dignity. The five followed Max’s lead, though it had been a decade since he’d been to the chamber.

“Open it.” Nicholas urged gruffly. The moment was at hand and he could barely contain his excitement.

Uncertain it would work, Max waved his palm over the rock’s surface. For a minute, nothing happened. Then the rock began to glow under his fingers until he placed his hand flat against it. The opening appeared before them and Nicholas let out a noise they could only assume was glee.

They entered the pod chamber after Max. Kyle and Alex looked around in awe, but Liz was hit with the memory of the last time she had seen these walls. It had been when their mother had told them of their destiny. Liz pushed it back, looking ahead to the glowing room ahead of them. She followed through in awe herself now. The room was lit with a golden light that pulsed from the chamber that sat in the middle of the room. This was the Granolith that wars had been waged over, that her friends would die for if they didn’t stop Nicholas.

“At last.” Nicholas circled the room, gazing at the object in reverance. “After all this time, it’s mine.”

“It’ll never be yours. Not as long as I’m alive.”

“Not as long as we’re alive.” Liz joined hands with Future Max, correcting him with a weak smile. Even if he wasn’t her Max, he was still Max and she would stand beside him.

“Fine. You’re not necessary now anyway.” Nicholas reached into his jacket pocket and pulled a small gun from it. He pointed it at the joined couple. “I’m not completely without a sense of irony. Would it cause you pain, highness, to watch your love die before you in the same way you were able to save her before? Or will you try to heal her again, even in your weakened condition? Well, I suppose I’ll just have to take my chances and find out.” He aimed the gun at Liz’s chest.

Liz heard Maria screaming from somewhere across the room. Time slowed down as she faced down the gun and she heard the exact second the bullet left its’ chamber. She didn’t even have time to react as the force of the bullet slammed into her chest. Her body fell to the floor and she felt rather than saw Max above her. She heard Maria’s hysterical screaming and crying, but she couldn’t see her. She tried to call out Max’s name, but her throat was coated with something thick.

She started to cough, unable to breathe, and she heard Max call out her name. She felt his hands settle over her chest and knew he was trying to heal her. She could feel his frustration through their connection as the blood poured from her body faster than he could repair the damage. She knew just as he did that the serum had taken the power to heal from him.

But it was all wrong. It wasn’t her Max. Where was her Max? He’d promised he would be there to hold her hand when she died. And she knew there was nothing any alien could do now to save her. Her beautiful Max’s face formed behind her eyelids and she smiled at the image.

They were back in the cabin after they had made love. He was holding her and whispering something in her ear, but she couldn’t hear it over Maria’s screaming. Her forehead creased as she struggled to hear what Max was saying to her. She knew it was important, but he wouldn’t speak up. Suddenly Max was leaving her, walking at the end of a long hallway. She tried to call out to him to wait for her, but he darted away into a burning light. Without a second glance back, she followed after him.

Part 27

Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess were minutes away from the Granolith chamber when the shot rang out over the desert. They bolted upright, everyone but Max exchanging worried glances. Max himself flicked on his communicator. “What the hell is going on?”

For a long minute, silence stretched out even as he punched the Jeep’s accelerator to the floor. Then they heard the radio crackle to life. All they could make out at first was the sound of female weeping, then the unmistakable sound of Nicholas’s voice. “One down. Who’s next?”

Isabel choked back a sob as Michael held her close. Max could see the rock formation just over the horizon and he gunned the engine, forcing the Jeep to impossible speeds. They were afraid to speak the words, but they had to be asked. “Who was shot?” Tess asked over the communicators.


Maria’s shrill voice pierced the room, echoed off the walls.. “You killed her, you bastard. I’ll kill you with my bare hands.” She lunged at him, stopped only by Kyle’s arms as he pulled her back. Kyle held the hysterical woman while his own body froze in shock. He’d shot Liz. He’d aimed and fired and blood had poured from her chest as Max had frantically tried to save her. How was that possible? The good guys were supposed to win.

Future Max stared down at Liz’s body in horror. He hadn’t been able to make the connection. He had struggled and fought, but it had been no use. The bullet had caused too much damage too quickly. He had failed her again.

But even as despair threatened to take over, a rage coursed through his body. No! He would save her. It couldn’t be too late. He placed his hands back over her chest, reaching out with energy he hadn’t even realized he’d had. All he had to do was find her life force. If he could find it, he could heal it this time. He knew he could. So, where was it?

Every time he had ever touched Liz in his life, his skin had tingled from the contact. He used to be able to feel her presence clear across town. But now, there was nothing. There was no tingle, no shock of awareness. There was only Liz’s pale face. Her eyes were closed and he watched them carefully. They would open any minute now and she would laugh at him for worrying about her. So, why weren’t they open yet?

He felt his heart rate speed up as a panic attack hit. He felt sick. He had let her die. Again. He should have known better than to let her stand beside him. Nicholas was crazy at best. And now she was dead. He hadn’t been able to do it again. He wanted to rage at the world, but it would do no good. He’d done that once before too. Instead, he sunk to his knees and let his mind shut down.

Nicholas laughed at Maria’s outburst. “Are you volunteering to be next? Max couldn’t heal her, and he doesn’t look like much of a threat to anyone right now.” He turned his attention to Max.

He was kneeling on the floor, covered in Liz’s blood, staring blankly at the wall. He’d felt her life slip away as he’d tried to heal her. Now, he sat in shock. Liz was dead. Her heart had already stopped beating. He was too late.

“It looks as though I win, highness. Admit your defeat and we’ll leave this horrid planet behind. I really only need you to power the Granolith up. Even you should be able to create a vortex strong enough for one person to fit into. I’ll return home and rule our planet like I was meant to all those years ago. Gone are the days of following behind the Royal Four like an obedient puppy. I should bring you back as my slave, but being left behind here is punishment enough.”

Maria had collapsed in Kyle’s arms, sobbing, while Alex stood by with a similar expression of shock on his face.

“Nothing to say? Maybe another death will snap you out of it.” He aimed the gun at Maria, who began sobbing harder now. “Would you shut the hell up?”

“Using a gun instead of your powers against helpless humans? I would have thought you had more style than that.” Four shadows filled the doorway and Nicholas turned to the interruption with confusion. He ignored Michael and instead looked back and forth between the two Max’s.

“Two of you? What kind of trick is this?”

“No trick.” Max scanned the room and took in Liz’s still form and the blood that covered his future self’s hands and clothes. His heart stopped at all the blood, and he had to resist every urge in his body that told him to run to Liz and heal her. She wasn’t dead, she couldn’t be. He just had to heal her and she’d be fine. But the others needed him now. She had his future self to take care of her for now too. So, he stood tall beside his sister as Michael took care of the few goons that stood between them and the other humans. “But you should start counting the minutes until I kill you.”

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 28

Nicholas regained his cocky grin, recognizing the true Max before him. “Have you seen your love lately? She’s lying in a pool of her own blood just around the corner. She called out for you before she died. Unfortunately, it was over quickly. Pity, it would have been more fun to watch her struggle to live a few minutes longer. But in the end, the same was accomplished. Now, you will start the sequence to activate the Granolith, or I kill the others. I think I’ll start with the screamer. And I won’t have to use a gun this time.” To prove his point, he dropped the gun to the ground and placed both palms up.

“I’ll block you.” Max wouldn’t let anyone die today. He struggled not to listen to the taunts being thrown at him. Liz was fine. Just don’t look over at her yet. She would be fine.

“But can you do it in time?” Both men locked eyes, daring each other, until Nicholas released a blast of energy from his fingertips and sent it spiraling towards the trio of humans.

Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess sent simultaneous walls of blue light to shield their friends. Max was thankful of all the time they had put into practicing defensive moves like his shield. But even under their combined strength, they knew after only a few minutes that they were no match for Nicholas’s powers. They threw everything they had into the wall, but Isabel became afraid they would become too weak before the real battle began. She couldn’t help the feeling the Nicholas was just playing with them. How could they possibly win?

Maria, Kyle and Alex began inching their way closer to the entrance of the cave, preparing to run if necessary, but knowing that Future Max and Liz were on the other side of the barrier they had thrown up. They would not leave their friends, no matter what condition they were in.

“We found your lab, Nicholas. You’ve been playing mad scientist lately? Don’t you know that the prophecy will come true no matter what you do?” Isabel was bluffing him, hoping for any scrap of information about this prophecy.

Nicholas’ eyes narrowed. “What do you know about the prophecy?” He advanced on Isabel. “You know, I used to think you had potential, Vilandra. But now, you will die with the others.” He smirked at them now. “So, you found the lab? Not that it matters anymore, but I do think that she was to play a key role in the prophecy. It was only a matter of time before her cells became completely Antarian. Now, I will just have to find a new way around it to take power. It’s almost a shame. She was almost as pathetic as you, Zan. She would have made you the perfect Queen.”

“They’re too weak.” Alex shouted over the roar of the wind that had whipped up around them. They had noticed the wall had gone from a bright blue to a paler shade. And Nicholas didn’t even seem winded.

Kyle nudged Maria, showing her the syringe he held in his left hand. Maria looked at it in confusion. Could it be the second vial of truth serum?

“I think he needs a lesson in irony. I can’t get close enough. Can you do it?”

Maria nodded. If Kyle made a move, Nicholas would blast him. But Maria was less of a threat. It was stupid, it was dangerous. But there was no way her best friend’s death was going unavenged. She palmed the serum and stumbled forward, throwing herself at Nicholas.

“No! You can’t kill them! I won’t let you!” She let hysteria into her voice. Nicholas tried to brush her off, not considering her more that a nuisance. Maria took advantage of the situation to plunge the needle deep into the flesh of his upper arm. She pushed the plunger down, injecting the poison into his system.

Nicholas broke off from his attack to face the small girl. “What the hell?” He pulled the needle from his arm and threw it on the floor. His eyes were filled with rage as he realized what she had done. He grabbed her arm, sending electricity through his fingertips.

Maria screamed as she struggled to escape. He was burning the very flesh from her arm. Is this what it had been like for Liz back in the sylo? Maria’s vision wavered and she knew she was going to pass out.

Michael watched as Nicholas grabbed Maria and then she was screaming. He’d been ready to yell at her for getting in the way until he’d seen what she was doing. It was impulsive, crazy, rash. But damn if he wouldn’t have done the same thing if he hadn’t had the opportunity. But now Nicholas was hurting her and Michael’s instinct kicked in. They had dropped the shield and he now pooled every bit of energy he had, only to force it at Nicholas.

Nicholas cried out at the impact and dropped Maria. She fell to the floor hard and Nicholas turned hard eyes on Michael.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

Kyle and Alex had crept forward to grab onto Maria’s feet and drag her away from the battle.

“You want a fight? Pick on someone your own size.”

“Gladly.” Nicholas fired a shot at Michael, which he easily sidestepped. He’d been waiting for this fight a long time.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Michael hoped by goading him, he would make a mistake and not just kill him on the spot.

Isabel gestured to Kyle and Alex and they dragged Maria’s body safely behind the podsters, careful not to touch her now charred arm.

Michael returned to Isabel, Tess and Max’s sides. Maria was safe now. It was time to finish this. Nicholas grinned at them as he blasted away again, playing with them.

The shields went up again. Their combined power was awesome, but nothing compared to Nicholas’. They started to fall backwards under the force.

“We need to help them.” Kyle and Alex looked back at Maria in surprise.

“Maria? Just sit still. You’ll be fine.”

But she was already struggling to sit up, wincing when she applied pressure to her bad arm. There was no time for that now. There were more important things to do.

“We need to lend them out strength.” With determination, Maria walked to stand behind Michael. He had been stronger before when she was near. Maybe she could help him now. She hesitantly placed a hand on his shoulder and was sucked into the vortex of energy the four had created. She felt the combined emotions of all four of the aliens, Max’s deep grief, Isabel’s worry, Tess’s determination, and Michael’s gratitude that she was unharmed. Then she felt Alex and Kyle a minute later, their shock at the day’s events and their desire to do anything to help. They felt the wall grow stronger with their help and they began pushing Nicholas’s beam of energy back towards him. For a moment, a surge of triumph coursed through their connection. They could do it after all. Then Nicholas smiled at them and doubled the force behind his blow. The seven had to struggle not to fall under the impact against them. Doubt replaced triumph. Slowly, dismay grew amongst the group, spreading throughout their connection. They couldn’t defeat Nicholas alone.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 29

Diane Evans was floating on a fart in the middle of a crystal clear pool. In one hand she held a fruity cocktail drink in a pineapple. She took a long sip from the little straw and laud her head back on the plastic float. This was the life. There were no children to worry about, no husband to entertain. And she looked absolutely fabulous in this new two piece swimsuit. Yes, life was good.

“Diane Evans.”

Lazily, she smiled. “Yes?” Was the cabana boy back so soon with another drink?

“Diane Evans, you must come with me.”

Was that urgency she heard in the stranger’s voice? There was no urgency here, just relaxation. “Go away. I’m busy.”

A thunder clap roused Diane from her relaxation. She bolted upright, looking around her wildly. “Who are you?” A blonde woman in a flowing white dress stood at the end of the pool.

“There isn’t time. Your children are in grave danger. We must go now.”

Without hesitating, Diane jumped out of the pool and threw a sheer robe over her body. The woman had walked over to a door Diane had never noticed before and she opened it. They immediately stepped out into the lush green fields of a golf course.

Confused, Diane looked around. A figure stood at the center of a crowd, signing autographs and laughing. She looked closer and saw that it was her husband.


He turned and look in confusion as his wife stood on the green in a spectacular bathing suit. And who the hell was the blonde next to her?

“Phillip, I-“

“There is no time for this, Phillip Evans, you must come with us. Your children are in grave danger.” Then she turned and opened a door that was hinged against a tree. With a glance at each other, the Evans’ followed behind.

Once through the doorway, a room bathed in white light awaited them.

“All right, what the hell is going on? Where are we?”

“We are on the dream plane. I am sorry but this was the only place I could reach you both. Our children are in grave danger and we do not have a lot of time.”

“Okay, this has to be the craziest dream I’ve ever had.” Diane continued to look around. This woman had almost a regal air about her, as if she were used to giving commands and having them followed.

“This is not a dream. It is real, but perhaps the images will show you where my words have failed.” She gestured to their left and a large screen appeared.

The Evans’ walked closer, trying to see clearly. It was a party, no a ball. They were in the grandest ballroom Diane had ever seen. The people were dressed as elaborately as royalty. Rather than diamonds, the women seemed to be adorned with some sort of yellowish gem stone.

They were dancing a complicated dance and as the crowd parted, a young woman with blonde hair took the center or the room. A young boy held her hand, bowing to her respectfully before pulling her into the dance.

As Diane looked closer, she recognized the young woman as the woman before her on the dream plane. Diane cocked her head to the side as she watched the boy. He couldn’t have been more than thirteen, but he held himself with a regal grace. The dance ended and the participants clapped as the boy kissed the woman’s hand. Then the boy looked up and Diane gasped as she looked into his eyes. That was Max. Somehow she knew that she was looking at her son, though there was no physical similarities.

“Phillip?” Diane grasped for his hand, unable to tear her eyes away.

“I see it. I don’t understand it, but I see it.”

As they watched, the crowds parted again and a young girl approached the couple. Her blonde hair was pulled up in an elaborate twist and she was adorned head to foot in the yellowish gem. She curtsied first to the older woman, then to the young boy. The older woman nodded and the two children started dancing. They smiled at each other, presenting a perfect image.

“Show off,” she whispered.

“I can’t help it if mom loves me more,” he whispered back.

She grinned at him. “Well, they have to love you. With a face like yours, they probably feel sorry for you.”

“C’mon, Lonnie, let’s show them what we can do.”

The image faded out as the dance picked up in pace. The woman in the white dress addressed them. “They are my children, Zan and Vilandra. However, you know them as Max and Isabel.”

“How is that possible?”

“I am not from your planet, but from another far away. We are in the midst of a war, caused by the betrayal and murders of the Royal family, my family. My husband, the King, was first. My daughter and her husband Rath, or Michael as you know him, fell next. An attempt was made on my life as my son and his young queen Ava, or Tess, were also murdered.” She turned pleading eyes on the human couple before her. Those who knew the Queen would have been surprised at the gesture. “My name is Salia. I have many titles, but first is Queen, Queen of a dying world. We attempted to save our world by sending the Royal Four to your world so that they may live again and one day, return tous and end the suffering of our people. Two of them were found by you, my children.”

Diane and Phillip listened to her story and began to realize that this wasn’t a dream. This was real. They had always known their children were different, special, but they had no idea how much so. “Why are you telling us this?”

“I still have more to show you.” She gestured back to the screen. Images flickered across it, their awakening from the pods, discovery by the Evans and the police, Tess being retrieved by Nasedo. They saw when the three found each other, their pledge to never tell anyone their secret, their lives of solitude.

Then they saw the day Max saved Liz. They saw her reaction and how she had fallen in love despite his best attempts to push her away. They saw how the group formed, Tess’s arrival and the heartache it caused. They saw Max’s captivity in the white room, and the frantic rescue attempt. They witnessed a hundred events all leading up to where they were now, locked in a battle with Nicholas while Liz lay dead on the cold floor.

Diane was sobbing as she watched. How could they have not known all these things? “God, Liz, tell me she can be saved, that it’s not too late. Can we help them at all?” She had accepted all this as truth and only cared about saving them now. Things that had puzzled her their whole lives now made sense to her.

Phillip took his wife in his arms, his own heart breaking at the sights he had seen. “Anything we can do, tell us.”

Salia smiled at them. “I knew you would not disappoint them. Do not be angry with them for hiding from you. They feared losing your love, but I thought you would understand. Yes, there may still be a way to help, but we must hurry.”

She turned around and yet another door appeared behind her. Together, they disappeared into the blinding white of another room.

Part 30

Liz had been wandering through the light for what seemed like forever. She was sure she had seen Max go this way. But why was he running from her? They had cleared up their lies, they had been one person. Max wouldn’t run from her. But maybe he was leading her somewhere. The thought had her increasing her speed until she was running through the emptiness around her. Then she saw figures ahead, silhouettes against the bright white light. She turned in their direction and began calling out. They didn’t answer her, so she ran towards them. But no matter how fast she ran, they moved quicker than her.

Exhausted, she collapsed to the ground and let tears of frustration fall. She hated the color white. It was the very embodiment of everything evil and wrong. She turned her head to the white sky and called out to it, angrier than she’d ever been in her life. “I know you’re there, whatever you are. I know I’m stuck here, but I don’t know why. Why won’t you talk to me? Why are you doing this? Answer me!”

“There is no need to cry, little one.”

Liz looked around her but saw nothing. “Who are you?”

“A friend.”

“Where am I?”

“The dream plane.”

Happy she was finally getting answers, she continued. “Why is it white here?”

“Because you wish it so.”

“I don’t understand. Please tell me what’s going on. Who are you really? Why do you seem familiar?” Panic was in her voice now, and she couldn’t conceal it.

An image appeared before her. A woman with blond hair smiled serenely at her. She tilted her head and examined Liz closely. “Do you recognize me now?”

Liz gasped softly. “You’re Max’s mother. Where am I? How are you here with me? Am I dead?”

The figure smiled gently. “Yes and no. Life and Death are more relative for us than for humans. I was able to borrow your soul before you passed through. Consider this a sort of waiting room.”

“Why am I here with you? What happened? I don’t remember. Where is Max?”

A screen appeared beside them and Liz covered her mouth with her hand when she saw the image before her. All of her friends were fighting Nicholas and losing. The future Max still knelt sobbing beside her bloody body. “They can’t win against him, can they?”


“Help them. Do something. You’re their mother, right? Then be there for them when they need you.”

“I have been always. From where I am, I cannot interfere directly. Only an extreme amount of power from all of our Council members can allow me to even speak with you now. But I have always watched over you all. It is no accident you all met the way you did. You did not befriend Maria, Alex and Kyle until after they awoke from their slumber. Your true destinies have been written in the stars long before you know.”

“Are you saying it was arranged for Alex and Maria and I to meet, for me to date Kyle in order for us to…what exactly?”

“Complete each other.”

“But the recording we found. It said Max and Tess were married and Isabel and Michael too. That were destined for each other. They were your own words.”

“I know. I am sorry you found that. It was not meant for you to see. The four were married previously, that was not a lie. But the souls we created after their deaths were not replicas. They are new, with only memories of their past lives stored away to protect them, to help them discover who they are. The message was meant to protect you eight until your powers developed and you could protect yourselves. If your enemies knew who you were, the role you are destined to play in our history, they would have killed you long before you knew of any of this. However, the rest of the message was true. The wars, the turmoil, all happened. Your true destiny is with each other. We would never be so cruel as to match lovers that do not love.”

“So, Max and I, we really are meant to be.”

The woman smiled. “Yes. And I am proud of the way all of you have handled every situation that was thrown at you. And you were the best surprise of all. The depth of which you love my son is something even I could never have hoped for. He trusted you with the gift of himself, his very soul, and you cherished it rather than run as so many others would have done. I owe you everything for that.”

“Loving Max was easy.” Movement caught her eye and Liz saw a pair of figures heading for them. She followed their movements until they were close enough to recognize. “Mr. and Mrs. Evans?”

Mrs. Evans pulled Liz into a firm embrace. “Oh, Liz. We owe you so much. How can we ever repay you?”

Liz looked confused as Mr. Evans echoed his wife’s sentiment. “What are you talking about?” She turned to Max and Isabel’s mother. “Why are they here? And what are they wearing?”

“They are every bit as real as you.”

“They’re real? These are Max’s parents?”

“Yes, we’re real. Oh, Liz. I’m so sorry we couldn’t help more. I’m sorry we didn’t know how to help.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz knew she had to tread carefully now.

“She told us everything. Showed us really. We saw so many things. Did you all really go through those things alone? We saw Max save your life. Did those horrible people really take my baby?” Mrs. Evans started to tear up at the thought of the government experimenting on her son. Mr. Evans took her in his arms.

“You stood by him when you had no reason not to turn him in to the Sheriff. But you accepted him and you loved him, didn’t you?”

Liz nodded dumbly. Max and Isabel’s parents really knew everything that had happened. Their secret was out and they didn’t think any differently of them. They would be so happy when they found out. She couldn’t wait to see the expression on their faces. Suddenly, she jerked back to attention. “Wait. You told them everything. Why?”

“Because they will be needed in the sequence of events that is yet to come. They are sleeping now, dreaming. I merely brought them here to the dreamplane to show them the truth.”

“You can do that?”

“Not usually. It takes an extraordinary amount of power to do such things, but we felt that it was necessary.”

“What about me? You said that I was dead, but I wasn’t. What does that mean? And they’re still fighting Nicholas. Can I help them? Can you send me back to save them?”

“I am afraid you do not have a good enough understanding of your powers to be enough help to them."

“Well, what then? Obviously, you have a plan already, or you would have just let me die.” Frustration came through her words.

“Yes, there is a way, but it is risky. I have never attempted it before, and do not know what consequences it would bring.”

“They’re still in trouble? How can we help them? What can you do?” Determination settled on Mrs. Evans’ face and Liz saw Max in the defensive stance she took.

“She needs me. Or my body to be precise.” Liz understood it all now. “You need a body to take over in order to help them. And mine is unoccupied right now.”


“No, Liz, you can’t. How dangerous is it for her? Take mine. I’m stronger, older. My body will be better in a fight.”

She smiled at Phillip. “Unfortunately, it does not work that way. I need a body that already incorporates the powers that I am to use.”

“So, it’s me or nothing.” Liz took her silence as a yes. She looked away for a minute. “What are the possible consequences?”

“Damage to your body from the fight, internal and external. Your brain might not be able to hold my energy and it could become damaged. The human brain was not meant to contain our power. However, I have been assured that since your brain is no longer like other human brains, you should be fine. But there is the chance that you could die. It might not work at all, or I could use the energy remaining to me to return you to full health now.”

“Without the poison or the gunshot wound?”

“The antidote given to you would have been enough to correct that in time, but yes, I could return you now without the poison or the bullet.”

Mrs. Evans brushed a strand of hair from Liz’s face. “It’s your choice, Liz. But whatever happens, we want you to know that you are our daughter now too.”

Liz blinked back the tears that threatened to flow. She smiled at them weakly. “Your son saved my life when the same choices were lay before him. I’ll do whatever I can to save them all. But if it doesn’t work, if I don’t get the chance to tell him…”

“We’ll tell him for you.” Both of the Evans’ squeezed her hands in support.

“You must go now. Do you remember the way I showed you?”

“Yes, I think so.” Mrs. Evans wiped at a stray tear on her cheek.

“Our children will need you soon, if only in your love and acceptance of them for now. Go to them.”

“We will. Thank you for everything, for giving them to us.”

“Thank you for making them who they are.” And then the Evans’ were gone.

Liz turned to Max and Isabel’s mother. “What do I have to do?”

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 31

Slowly, future Max came out of the haze he’d been in. He’d heard the noises around him, but he had ignored them, focusing on Liz’s cooling body. He turned to face the entrance of the chamber and was surprised to find that the others had arrived and looked to be battling Nicholas. He studied the scene before him closer and saw that not only were they battling, but they were losing. He had to do something. He had come back from the future to change things, and he was going to.

He stood on shaky legs and pooled his own energy inside himself. He couldn’t offer enough to be even a minor distraction. He glanced around the chamber room and saw the glint of Nicholas’ gun. Moving slowly, he inched toward the foul device. Nicholas had his attention wholly focused on the others and Max was able to make a grab for the gun. With a loud war cry, he cocked the gun and released a bullet into Nicholas’s unprotected chest.

Unprepared for the attack, Nicholas was thrown against a nearby wall. The seven were able to pull back on the wall they had erected in front of them. They fell panting to the floor, their energy all but spent. Nicholas twitched on the floor, but lay unmoving, the hole in his chest already beginning to mend itself.

Max rose slowly, knowing they only had minutes before Nicholas woke and defeated them. He made his way to Liz’s side, careful not to step in the blood that pooled around her still form. His heart threatened to stop at the sight of her. Tears slipped down his cheek as a crushing depression filled him. Liz was dead. He hadn’t been able to save her. He hadn’t even been here to hold her hand as she had asked him to. He had broken his last promise to her. What was the point in fighting anymore?

He cradled her in his arms, crushing her against his chest as a floodgate broke inside him. He knew they had to leave. He knew he should just pick her up and flee from this place, burn it to the ground. Just as he knew he would never again return to this place where he had seen her lie dead. But he couldn’t force his limbs to move. He couldn’t do anything but rock his Liz as he cried for her.

One by one, the others, surrounded them, each seeking solace in each other, not knowing how to tell Max he had to let go. Maria and Isabel’s gentle weeping were the only sounds in the room now. Only Tess watched the pair with a detached interest. When the future Max had tried to heal Liz, he had unbuttoned her shirt enough to reveal the wound. Now, Tess stared at the wound as she held Kyle. She swore she had seen something there, a streak of silver, a shimmering. But that couldn’t be. Just when she had convinced herself it was nothing, it happened again. A silver spark flashed across the wound and the hole in her chest didn’t seem so ragged anymore. Was that her imagination? Before she had a chance to say anything, Nicholas’s moans echoed thoughout the cave.

The group jumped to attention, weary to battle again, but with vengeance in their hearts now. Only Max remained where he was, cradling Liz in his lap. Before he could focus his tear stained eyes on Nicholas, Nicholas was up and had cocooned the others in an energy web, pushing them backwards into the cave wall itself. With no way to brace herself, an unconscious Maria was thrown back hard, her head hitting the wall. A think trickle of blood coursed down the side of her neck.

“Maria!” Michael shook her, but received no response. When Nicholas had moved them backwards with the force of his mind, Michael had heard the sickening thud that had been her head hitting the wall, and now he was getting no response. Max, she needed Max.

Michael frantically looked up. Nicholas was ready to blast Max to oblivion and it looked like Max didn’t care anymore. Isabel had already tried to rush forward, only to be shocked by the energy web. He looked up to Isabel.

“I can’t lose her, Is.”

“You have to heal her, Michael. Max can’t do it.”

He shook his head. “I can’t. I’ve never been good at that sort of thing.”

“Well, you’d better learn fast. We’re out of options.”

Michael looked down to the small pixie he cradled in his arms. He would have to fix her. But then she would be like them. He would change her, ruin her. Her cells would begin to change like Liz’s had if he succeeded. Would she be angry when she found out? He had no time to waste. Michael placed one hand over the wound to her head, his fingers immediately becoming slick with her blood. He gently placed his other hand on her arm. He closed his eyes and tried to force a connection.

Surprisingly, it came easily. Now, how did Max do it? Michael searched through her body for the worst of the damage. Her head had some pretty major damage, and he mended the wound carefully, concentrating harder than he ever had in his life. What if he screwed up like he did with everything else? Slowly, the blood vessels mended and the bleeding stopped.

More confident now, he traveled to her arm. Nicholas had made a mess of it. He dug to the deepest skin cell layers and began repairing the damage layer by layer. Exhausted now, he ran through her body another time to make sure she was okay. He broke contact and looked down at her as her eyelashes fluttered open. He had done it. He’d done one thing good with his life. He had taken away her pain instead of causing it for once.

“Okay, why am I sitting on the floor and why are you grinning at me?”

Nicholas’s laughter caught their attention and they stood to watch the scene before them. Max was still cradling Liz’s body as Nicholas taunted him.

“Just you and me now, highness. Your poor imitation looks as good as dead. I have waited a long time for this day. I had the pleasure of killing your sister and her husband before, but you eluded me. Now, I get to do what I have wanted to do for a long time.” Nicholas raised his hand level with Max’s head.

Max lowered his gaze to the floor, accepting the fate that would rejoin him with Liz. He could feel the air crackle with energy around him as Nicholas pooled his strength. Instinct told him the instant he released the ball of energy towards him and he waited for the blast, surprised when he felt it explode a few feet from his head. Nicholas’ exclamation made him raise his head. A wall of pure blue surrounded him. He looked at the others and confusion colored their faces. A sudden movement from his arms had him staggering backwards. He saw the silver lightning that had all but closed the wound in Liz’s chest and he crawled back towards her. Her hand twitched and his eyes filled with hope.


Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 32

Max watched with hope as Liz’s eyelids twitched before opening wide. She sat up straight and turned her full attention to a bewildered Nicholas. She stood steadily on both legs and met Nicholas’s wide eyes. Confused, Max stayed in his spot on the floor. He couldn't sense any emotions or thoughts from her. Whoever that was, it wasn’t Liz.

“No, you can’t be alive. I killed you.”

“You will find that I am harder to kill than you thought.”

Maria tried to rush forward to greet her best friend, but found herself zapped by the webbing that held them. Liz was alive. Somehow, her friend wasn’t dead. Her wound had closed and she was walking and talking. And had glowing silver eyes, she noted with dread. That couldn’t be good.

Nicholas too had seen Liz’s eyes flash silver and fear wracked his body. There was only one person he ever associated that color with. “Queen Salia?” He asked with apprehension. It couldn’t be. That wasn’t possible. To have enough energy to travel such as she had, she would have to have the support of the Elders. His odds weren’t looking as good anymore.

“Yes. Nicholas, is it? I prefer your old name, Nisho. It suits a snake of your kind. I have watched you all these years, unable to tell my children of the danger you represent. You betrayed us. We took you in as one of the family. We loved you. And you stabbed us in the back. You killed my husband. I know now it was you, though I wondered a long time. And then when you discovered that you would never get the throne, you killed my daughter, her husband. You had my son, the rightful king and his queen killed and you left me for dead. Well, I am very much alive, Nisho. You fled our planet too quickly. And now, you followed my children to this planet, stalked them and tried to kill their chosen mates. Only you made another mistake. You underestimated the young girl you killed. She has the potential to surpass you in power. And her selfless heart has allowed me to borrow this body to finish you once and for all. You will never again have the chance to hurt my children.”

Max looked on in awe. He exchanged glances with Isabel and they both knew they were listening to their mother challenge Nicholas. But Max couldn’t help but wonder what that meant for Liz. Was she dead after all?

Nicholas had recovered from the shock of seeing the Queen alive. He still had the advantage here. He would not lose. “Your family was weak, they were fools who deserved to die. Zan wasn’t a king. He would have destroyed the planet in under a century. I should have taken over after Jakar died. But it was your fault and Vilandra’s that I didn’t.” His lips curled into a sneer. “At least I convinced Vilandra to revolt against her brother. I actually had her believing that Khivar loved her. But then she just had to come to her senses and insist that Rath be king. Can you imagine that? They were all sniveling children playing dress up in mommy and daddy’s clothes.”

Salia let loose a silver lighting bolt from her hand to crack on the ground in front of Nicholas. “Enough! You will never speak of my family again. It is because of you that I must watch my children grow through images. Your time has come, Nisho. The Elders are waiting for your safe return home. I am sure they will spare your life and may only imprison you for its’ remainder. Will you come willingly? Or will I get the fight I have waited many years for?”

Nicholas released a bolt of energy of his own and send it hurdling towards Liz’s body. She easily dodged the blast and ducked behind the Granolith. As she passed both Max’s, she shielded them behind a wall of blue energy. Nicholas circled the Granolith opposite her.

“Afraid of me, Salia? Where is the fearless queen your subjects adored?” Nicholas cocked his head as he tried to figure a way out of this mess. If the Queen had borrow her power from the elders to make this trip, then she didn't have much time to complete her task. If she stayed too long in the body she had borrowed, she wouldn't be able to save her again. He only had to stall for time.

“I will never be afraid of you. You may have lived on this planet fifty years, but I have pure blood, as do my children. Our powers are stronger than yours will ever have the chance to be. I should release my son and let him kill you for the pain you have caused him.”

“But you won’t, will you? You are too good, too noble for such an act. It was your downfall then and it will be your downfall now.”

She smiled at him, a wicked smile that seemed out of place on Liz’s face. “Answer me something. Did you really think the children possessed the knowledge of operating this machine? Only the guardians and I are coded to start the sequence. And you already killed their guardian.”

Nicholas’ face fell. He hadn't thought of that. Only the Queen could open a portal home? “I won’t stay here another fifty years in this husk. I will return and I’ll finish the job I started years ago. You are a fool too, Salia, if you think I’m going to let you imprison me.”

Salia met Nisho’s cold, hard stare. This was the boy who had killed her family, had torn apart her world, and had threatened the new home she had trusted their race’s future on. With her dying breath, she would make sure he paid for his crimes. But that was for another day. Now, she needed to get her children to a safe place. She placed her palm flat of the Granolith’s base. For a moment, nothing happened, then it lit brightly, forcing the chamber itself to pulse with life.

Nicholas looked shocked, then laughed maniacally. “It won’t be that easy, Salia. I’ll leave this planet willingly, but you’ll change the course settings. You’ll send me to a nice, remote part of the planet, or I’ll kill the girl whose body you inhabit.”

Max rushed forward, only to be met by the force field around them. He couldn’t lose Liz again.

Salia heard Max’s silent cry not to hurt his love. Her heart moved, knowing her son loved so deeply, but she still had to do what had to be done. The wind had picked up again, as the light around them became brighter. Then the light particles began to split, until each one became visible.

The teenagers watched in amazement as the light particles were picked up by the raging wind. They began swirling rapidly, forming a horizontal cone against one of the cave’s walls.

“Don’t push me, Salia. I’ve killed her once today. I will do it again.”

“There is so little you understand about the humans you have lived amongst. Liz has accepted her fate, as long as you pay for your crimes. Kill this body if you must, but your fate remains.”

Nicholas realized that she wouldn’t back down this time and a slick fear raced through him. If he was to return, he would have the satisfaction of making sure the young queen was dead before he went. The air whirled faster and began pulling him toward the black hole. He clawed at the walls, at the Granolith’s smooth surface, anything he could reach, as he was pulled across the room slowly.

With a last burst of frantic energy, he sent a blast of power towards Salia, catching her off guard and hitting Liz’s body hard in the chest. With a long scream, he was pulled in completely and then was gone. Salia removed her hand from the Granolith and all movement stopped instantly. With a small cry, she crumpled to the floor.

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Part 33

Max and the others rushed forward as soon as the force field’s surrounding them disappeared. Max reached her side first, helping Liz sit up. But was Liz still there inside her own body?

Liz turned her head to Max and Max saw the silver glint in her eyes.

“Mom?” He asked hesitantly.

She smiled at him, reaching up a hand to touch his face. “My son. I have watched you all for so long now.” She turned to Isabel, who sat speechless beside her brother on the dirt floor. She reached up a hand to her face as well. “So beautiful, so strong. I am sorry I have not been able to speak to you before, to explain to you everything you searched for. But I have been so proud of you both. You have become better people because of your troubled times, because of the friendships you have formed, and because of the love you have found.” She paused and winced. She turned to Max once the pain subsided. “I am sorry. I tried to keep Liz safe. I tried to protect her, but she kept telling me not to worry about her.”

“Is she okay? Is she still there…inside?”

Salia smiled. “Yes. She is here. I have already explained much to her, knowing I might not have the time to tell you all now. I also told others of your secret. Please don’t be angry. You will need them. Your path ahead is rocky.”

“Uh, just to know and probably sleep better at night, what will happen to Nicholas now? Maria injected him with the last of the truth serum. Will it make him sick too, or just tell the council the truth at his trial?” Kyle had too many questions. Would they ever see his kind of evil again?

“Who cares, he’s gone now.” Isabel never turned her eyes from her mother’s. There was so much wisdom swirling in their depths. She wanted desperately to have more time with her, to ask her things no one else could answer.

“What does all this mean for us? We heard your message. Do we go home now too?” Tess stepped forward, excited that they may finally get some answers.

“No, not yet. You still have much to learn before any of you can do any good. But you need to know that the message you heard was a decoy. You were never meant to love each other. One day, you will be called home, but the Royal Four will become the Royal Eight. Your chosen mates will be welcomed with open arms.” She paused again, wincing as she tried to catch her breath. “I can not stay much longer. Liz needs to be healed and the longer I stay, the more damage I do to her body.”

“Wait, will we see you again?” Isabel panicked at the thought of losing her mother so soon.

“Yes, but on the dreamplane, as only our people can meet. You must train your powers in order to meet me, but I will be waiting.”

They heard movement outside the cave and they turned in fear.

“Friends.” Her breathing was getting shallower by the minute.

Shadows in the doorway made Michael instinctively brace for battle, and was shocked to find Mr. and Mrs. Evans in the cave opening.

“Mom? Dad?” Isabel hesitantly turned to the couple who had raised them. She stood slowly, not caring that she was covered in dust and weary from the earlier battle. She searched their faces for emotion, for any sign of disgust or loathing. Did they know the truth? They had to know somehow, because they were standing in the entranceway to the Granolith chamber with stoic dispositions. Could they still love their children if their children turned out to be monsters?

“Oh, Isabel.” Diane opened her arms wide and to Isabel’s surprise found no hatred, no loathing in her eyes. Without hesitation, she threw herself into her mother’s open arms with a sob. Diane stroked her daughter’s long mane of hair, feeling none of the distance that had always separated them.

Max watched them with a look of wonder. He met his father’s eyes and found only a deep concern. Liz’s small body was wracked by a coughing fit and the attention once again returned to her.

“It is time to go.”

Isabel was released from her mother’s grip and returned to Max’s side. “Thank you.”

Salia smiled at her children, trying to remember every detail of their faces. “Take care of each other. I will see you all again someday.” She turned her silver eyes on the Evans’. “They are yours now. Watch over them all for me.” Then, without waiting for a confirmation, her eyes rolled back in her head and Liz’s body slumped against Max.

Max immediately began checking for a pulse, letting out a breath of relief when he found one. It was weak, but there. “She’s alive.”

Maria began sobbing anew and Michael held her gently. “We need to get out of here. Is she okay to move?”

Completely focused on Liz’s energy, Max scanned her quickly. “A broken rib, some muscle and skin damage, her lungs could be better. It’ll take awhile to heal her.” His eyes drifted from Micheals’ to his parents.

“We’ll take her home and you can help her there.” Phillip spoke up, offering a hand to his children on the floor.

Isabel took it without hesitation, a goofy grin on her face. Was this all really happening? Her parents knew the truth about them and they still loved them? Liz was alive and would probably never leave Max’s side if he had anything to say about it. Nicholas was gone for good and she had met her mother. There were so many emotions churning inside of her, she thought she would burst. She knew Liz was still injured, but she trusted that her brother could fix any problem Liz had. He would make it his job from this day on. She just knew it.

Max placed a hand over Liz’s forehead, connecting only long enough to insure she wouldn’t wake up in pain on the bumpy ride home. Satisfied she was resting peacefully, Max lifted her in his arms gently as the others scurried to climb into the two cars. Isabel and Alex climbed into the Evans’ car with Max and Liz. Future Max, drained of all energy, followed more slowly behind them. Isabel was bubbly enough for everyone on the drive home and Max was happy for the time alone with his thoughts. In the space of 24 hours, he’d made up with Liz, almost lost her three times, fought Nicholas twice, met his mother, and made love with the woman of his dreams. With that last thought, Max closed his eyes and gave in to the exhaustion. He needed to rest if he was going to heal Liz again.
Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 34

All too soon, Max felt himself being shaken awake. He opened one eye sleepily, trying to place where he was. Liz moved slightly on his lap and he jumped to attention. They were at home and Liz was still hurt. He cradled her again and let Isabel help them from the car. Without waiting to see if anyone was following, Max made his way to his bedroom and placed Liz on his bed.

He stripped off his blood soaked jacket and tossed it aside. He would never wear the foul piece of material again. Liz’s clothes were still covered in blood and with a wave of his hand, the vial substance was removed from her body. Max’s mind registered a gasp and he figured it was his mother. Unable to worry about his parents now, Max swiftly unbuttoned Liz’s blouse and removed it, thankful she was wearing a modest bra. Bruises and a seared handprint marred her perfect skin, and he swore he would never let anything like this happen again.

Max formed the connection that flowed as easily as water now and began healing the worst of her injuries. The lungs first, followed by the ribs. He thanked whatever higher power that was listening for the strong heartbeat that pumped furiously to replenish the blood she had lost. After one last sweep through her system to make sure he hadn’t missed anything, he sat back with a gasp of fresh air.

Maria rushed to the bedside. “Is she okay?” In answer to her own question, Liz turned her head on the pillow, mumbling in her sleep. A second later, her eyes fluttered open. Confused, she sat up and looked around.

Maria was wrapped around her in an instant. “Oh, thank God, Liz. You’re okay.”

“I’m just fine.” Puzzled, she continued to look around. “Why am I in Max’s room? And, uh, what happened to my shirt?”

With a blush to his cheeks, Max handed Liz her shirt. Liz met and held his stare. Her fingers touched his and their connection roared to life. In that instant, Liz was met with a barrage of images. She saw everything that had taken place and shared her own memories of her talk with his mother. Max poured all of his love to her and with teary eyes, Liz threw herself into Max’s arms. He stroked the back of her head, rocking her as she cried.

“It’s over, right? It’s really over?” She pulled from his tight grip to search his face for an answer. He would tell her if she was still sick or hurt from the fight.

“It’s over.” He wiped a tear from her cheek, his mind whispering to her of his love. I came for you just like I promised.

No more wasted time, Max. I want every minute we have together to be happy.

“You’ll have to forgive them. Sometimes they forget other people are in the room without telepathic links.” Alex pulled Isabel’s hand in his, his grin matching her own.

Liz blushed and quickly pulled her clothes on again. Mrs. Evans pulled her into a tight hug.

“I’m glad you’re okay. Thank you again.”

“I told you, you don’t owe me thanks.”

Mr. Evans took his wife’s place with Liz. “I think you’re wrong, but thank you anyway.”

“Okay, enough mushy stuff. Let’s celebrate!” Kyle took Tess by the hand, pulling her out the room.

Liz tested out her legs to make sure they would hold her and was happy to note that they did. She took Max’s hand and followed the others into the living room. But there was still a problem.

“Where’s future Max?” She asked suddenly, looking around.

“Here.” Liz followed the faint answer to the couch and was alarmed to find future Max crumpled on it.

She was at his side immediately, touching a hand to his forehead. “Max, you’re like ice.” Liz turned her teary eyes to her Max. “I don’t understand. If we changed things, why is he still here? Why is he still sick?”

“I don’t know. Could it be the second vial of serum? We never got a hold of it.”

Kyle cleared his throat. “Actually, yes we did. Nicholas was kind enough to volunteer to test it out for us.”

“Yeah, Kyle and I refused to leave the sylo until we found it. I guess you could say we saved the day.” Michael crossed his arms over his chest arrogantly.

“And the future too.” Kyle piped in.

“Wait, you refused to leave the missle sylo that was full of skins while you had the threat of government invasion hanging over your head?” Maria looked at them skeptically. “I say you stumbled across it as you fled for your lives.”

Michael scoffed. “That’s ridiculous. It’s absolutely not true.” They had actually gotten lost while trying to flee for their lives and had stumbled into the room that had contained only a padded suitcase. One of the two slits in Styrofoam had been empty, so they had grabbed the second and continued fleeing. The two stories were worlds apart. Really, they were nothing alike.

“But that doesn’t explain why Max is still here.” Liz smoothed the hair back from his face as he coughed.

A loud explosion sounded from behind them and the stunned group found themselves looking at their second swirling vortex of the day. Michael pushed Maria behind him and raised his hand in a defensive stance. If Nicholas had found some way to come back already, they would be ready for him.

Max pulled Liz to her feet and pushed her behind him as well. He noticed that Isabel and Tess had managed to cover everyone else in the room, including their parents. The wind had picked up again and newspapers were picked up and flung around the room.

Suddenly, the center of the vortex opened, and they could see a shadow emerging.

“Everyone on guard.” Max pooled his energy, braced for an attack.

Do What You Have To Do
Author: Cookieman aka Stacey
Email: Cookieman123⊕
Category: M&L
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and credit for all of season one should go to the correct people. However, anyone that WANTS to claim anything in season two needs more than I can give them.

Author’s Note: Takes place after Max in the City, just before Christmas is where my story’s picking up. I hope you like it. This story is going to be part one in a trilogy already mapped out in my brain. Feedback makes me post quicker…

Do What You Have To Do
Part 35

As the opening grew larger, a figure was able to step into the light and they all gasped as light shown on the face of a much older Liz Parker.

Liz stepped away from the vortex and took a long look around the room. The others examined her with slack jaws. How was this possible? Her face was slimmer, older looking and her hair had been cut shorter than she kept it now. Her clothes were leather and looked well kept, nothing at all like the appearance Future Max had when he had arrived.

Liz's face lit up when it fell on future Max's limp body on the couch. She went to his side much the same way their Liz had done a few minutes ago. Future Max opened his eyes to find Liz hovering over him.


“Hey, Max. It’s time for you to come home now. You don’t belong here. We need you. I need you.” Her voice was soft, almost as if talking to a small child or a wounded animal.

Unable to stop herself, present day Liz moved forward, though Max tried to pull her back. “Are you me? From the future?”

Her older counterpart smiled. “Yeah. Max hadn’t returned yet, so Serena and I were worried.”

“I don’t understand. Why did he disappear before and how do you all know what’s going on now?”

“We were caught in a time bubble, a phenomenon that doesn’t really exist, so there isn’t much of an explanation I can give you. But just as you will retain the knowledge of what will never be, so do we remember what never actually was.”

“But why is he still sick then?”

The older Liz furrowed her brows and Max couldn’t help but grin at the small gesture. This was his Liz all right. “I don’t know, unless-“ She broke off and returned her attention to her Max. She dropped her head down to place a soft kiss on his lips.

Before their very eyes, the group watched as future Max’s bruises faded away. Liz broke the kiss and looked into the shining eyes of her Max. They were clear now. His skin had returned to its healthy shade. And he smiled at her.

“Liz? Is that you?”

Future Liz’s smile matched his own. “C’mon. You’re going to be fine now. We have to go home.”

Future Max smiled. “We have a home. I remember. Is that what-“

Future Liz placed a finger over his lips, nodded back toward their younger counterparts. “There’s no need to tell them everything. Half the fun is getting there.” She took Max’s arm and helped him up, though he no longer needed it. He relished the feel of her skin on his own again. His Liz was alive, they had a home to return to. It all came pouring back to him now. It had been so very long.

"What about the prophecy? Do you know what it is?" Isabel stepped forward. If they knew anything they could tell them, it would help tremendously.

But Future Liz shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you any more than you already know. If you don't have to search for the answers, then you will change other sequences of events that result from the search. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I got it." Liz was nodding her head in agreement.

Maria rolled her eyes at the pair of them. Of course the only person that could understand Liz's science talk was Liz herself.

The couple joined hands and smiled at the group one last time. They used to be so happy, so carefree. Hopefully, they would make it through the coming days. They started inching towards the vortex again.

“Wait!” Present day Max called out as he watched them leave. “What does all this mean?”

Future Max looked down at Future Liz and smiled. “It means that the future is yours to make. I’m not going to lie to you. If this timeline continues, you have hard times ahead, times when you think you won’t make it, times when you think you’ll lose everyone close to you, and there will be times of death that cannot be stopped. But just be there for each other. You’ll need all the friends and family you can get in the times ahead.”

“But will it be all right?” Maria looked back and forth between the couples. This was too weird. Both Max’s were clinging to their Liz as if she were a lifeline. But then Maria let her gaze wander up to Michael’s face and she understood. Sometimes, your life was shaped by your love for others and their love in return.

“If you follow your hearts.” Liz looked back at the vortex. It was growing smaller by the minute. “We have to go. I’m sorry. Good luck!” She tugged on Max’s hand and together, they jumped back through the swirling vortex.

When their shadows were gone, the funnel grew smaller and smaller until it blinked out of existence. The wind stopped, the debris it had kicked up falling to the floor.

Alone, the new group just looked at each other. It only took a minute before smiles broke out on their faces.

“I guess we managed to change things after all.” Liz squeezed Max’s hand and sent some of her excitement and joy to him.

“Hopefully, that’ll be the last visit from the future we get. I mean, no offense, guys, but one set of you two lovebirds is more than enough.” Isabel hit Kyle with a pillow, then laughingly planted a kiss on his forehead.

“What do you kids say we go out for breakfast? The sun’s just about to come up, so we should be able to find something open.” Mrs. Evans squeezed her husbands’ hand. They still had a lot to talk about, but the distance their children had always kept was disappearing with the last shadows of nightfall. And their Max, their ever stoic Max, was smiling a goofy grin that they’d never seen on him before. These friends they’d found were the keys that opened up their children.

“Or we could always go to the Crashdown. I’m friends with the owners, so we should be able to get in.” Maria was giddy with excitement even though she knew she would sleep for a week when she finally crashed. But everyone was alive and well and Michael was openly showing affection for her as he held her close to his body, a protective arm draped over her shoulders. Yes, life was good.

Liz was oblivious to the chatter around her. Her whole attention was focused on the large bay window to the west. She approached it, a tear threatening to run down her face as the sun’s first rays peaked over the horizon. She had made it after all.

Max came up behind her and she felt the soft hum of his thoughts in her head as he took her in his arms.

“Is everything okay?”

Liz smiled as she listened to the laughter of her friends behind her. She snuggled closer to Max’s chest and felt his heart beat loudly in his chest.

Only for you, he sent to her.

“You know, I never answered your question from earlier.” She switched to verbalizing her words, wanting to tease him a bit. She couldn’t stop the joy from bubbling in her heart.

“Oh? And which one was that? It’s been a crazy couple of days.” But he knew, wanting to jump for joy that she had brought it up again.

Liz sent him a flash of the haunted look in his eyes before he had left to find Nicholas. When he had whispered in her mind of his love and asked her to marry him.

Max’s smiled grew wider than he ever thought possible. “Oh, that question,” he teased.

“Not today, and not tomorrow, but someday, Max Evans, I will marry you.”

Max closed his eyes at her soft words. The future never seemed so bright.

“Of course, I still expect a horribly romantic proposal complete with you down on your knees with a huge ring.” She was teasing him, her heart light for the first time she could remember.

“You want romance, huh? I’ll give you a lifetime of it. My promise to you. Now, quiet. You’re going to miss your sunrise.”

She laid her head back on his shoulder as the sun warmed her face. Everything would be fine now. She was sure of it.