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Author: AuroraAngel101
Rating: PG-13
Category: Roswell/Buffy Crossover, maybe some M/L
Summary: Liz finds that not only aliens have destines.
Disclamer: I do not own Roswell, Buffy, or any of the characters.
Author’s Notes: This takes place at the end of each show’s season, but I haven’t been watching
Buffy regularly, so I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes. Also, I know that Buffy is coming back for
its 6th season on UPN, but then I wouldn’t be able to write this story, so just humor me. As
always, feedback is greatly appreciated.


I can’t take it anymore. It’s just to much. Sure, Max doesn’t love Tess- but he still
slept with her. And now he tells me that he’ll be there for me and that he wants to be with me!
Even if I had slept with Kyle, would it justify what he did with Tess? No. He can tell himself that,
that Tess was the only one he trusted, the only one who hadn’t betrayed him, that she was there
for him, but that doesn’t make it right. And it doesn’t change the fact that Tess is carrying his

Liz was sitting on her bed, half-heartedly fingering an old teddy bear. Maria and Michael
had just dropped her off and had headed over to Michael’s apartment.
She laid back, placing her head on the pillow, and thought about all that had happened.
I know that Max still loves me, but I’m just not ready to forgive him. I can’t believe that
he slept with her, and part of me thinks that he did it just because he was mad at me. Maybe I’m
being selfish or self-centered, but that’s what it seems like.
She closed her eyes, and, slowly, sleep crept in.

She was standing on the side of a high way, cars whizzing past. Looking around, she
noticed a sign that read “Now entering Sunnydale, California.”
All of a sudden the scene changed and she was standing in front of a church. A sign in
front said,

Sunnydale Community Church

Pastor Matthew Collins

There were people dressed all in black coming out the doors, and she could tell that there
had just been a funeral.
Then everything faded away and she could see a blond woman in a tight dress and heels
smiling and staring intently at a younger girl with brown hair about a hundred feet away, who
was crying into the shoulder of a friend.
She didn’t know why, but seeing the tall blond gave her an over-whelming sense of dread,
anger, and hate.
Next came a horrible image of the woman sinking her fingers into the temples of the
young brunette. A piercing scream from the girl shot Liz out of her sleep.

Unlike most dreams, Liz could remember every detail from this one. Without knowing or
caring how she knew, Liz realized that the event hadn’t happened yet, but that if she didn’t do
anything, it
would take place. She was going to do everything in her power to prevent it from happening, and
if that meant going to Sunnydale, California, then that was where she was headed.

Part One

Sunnydale, Friday

The day before the funeral, Willow rushed into the magic shop, pulling Dawn along with
her. “Giles! Giles! We have a problem!”
Coming out from the back, the English man looked up from the book he was reading.
“What’s wrong, Willow?”
Rolling her eyes, Dawn headed off to browse the store’s new stock. “I think Glory was
following us! We were coming here from Buffy’s...the house and got into your car and we think
we saw Glory coming out from behind the house and didn’t you kill her, or Ben, and wouldn’t
that kill her too, but if it didn’t, and Buffy’s gone and-”
“Willow, calm down,” Giles said, humored and confused. “It might be that I only killed
the Ben half of Glory, but don’t you think that Glory would have shown up already? It’s been a
week and we haven’t seen her once since then. You were probably mistaken, Willow.”
“Are you sure Giles? It looked a lot like Glory and...”
“Breathe, Will,” Xander said, coming to the front of the shop. “I’m sure everything’s fine.
Don’t worry about it, remember to inhale and exhale, and you’ll be alright,” he said, patting her
on the back.

Roswell, Friday

The day after Tess had left, Liz had hung back after her classes to talk to each teacher.
Most of the conversations had gone something like this:

“Hi Mr. Benner.”
“Hello Liz, what can I help you with?”
“Well, Mr. Benner, my parents are planning to take me to visit my grandfather in a few
days, and I won’t be back by the end of the school year. I was wondering if I could get the rest of
the work now, since we had finals earlier this month, so that I won’t be behind when school starts
up again in the fall.”
“If you give me some time to get the assignments together Liz, I don’t see why not. I
wouldn’t do it for most people, but seeing as you’re an exceptional student, I guess it can be
“Thank you very much, Mr. Benner, I really appreciate this.”
“It’s no problem, Liz. Do you have a note from you’re parents?”
“Yeah, I do. Here it is.”

It hadn’t been very difficult to get a note signed. Liz had just typed it up on her computer
and had brought it to her mother while she was still half asleep, asking her to sign a permission
slip for a field trip.
Then, last night she had gone onto the internet and found the address and phone number
for the Sunnydale Community Church. When she had called, the church’s secretary had told her
that the next funeral to take place in the church would be tomorrow, for a Miss Buffy Summers.
Her parents had left before she got back from school to go visit Nancy’s sister, whose art
was being exhibited in an art gallery in Albuquerque, so she didn’t have to worry about getting
away without any questions. She hated leaving this way, but it was more convenient, less painful.
So here she was, Friday, already to go to Sunnydale, bags packed, money withdrawn from
her account, all her assignments done for the rest of the year. There was, of course, the matter of
her parents. She knew that if she told them, they would never let her go, but she didn’t want them
to worry.
Liz went into the kitchen, got a piece of paper and a pen, and sat down at the table. Now
the question was what to write.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I’m sorry to do this, but I need some time to think, and the only way to do that is
to leave Roswell. Don’t worry, I’ll be back by the beginning of school, I promise. I finished all
the work I have to do for the rest of this school year, so I won’t be behind. I know you won’t be
able to not worry, but please try. I’m a smart, capable woman, and I know how to take care of
myself. Please don’t be angry with me, I need this. I love you both very much.


Then came the note for Maria. Liz knew that what ever she wrote, Maria would freak out.
In fact, she’d probably think that either Liz had been abducted, or that another version of Future
Max was responsible for her best friend’s sudden absence. She couldn’t take the chance if
someone else found the letter to say right out that, no, she hadn’t been abducted by aliens, or that
someone from the future hadn’t told her that preventing the end of the world depended on Liz
leaving Roswell for the summer. And if she was to vague, Maria would probably think that
someone had put a gun to her head and made her write a letter so that no one would think that
she had been kidnapped. This was going to be a hard letter to write.

I’m sorry to do this to you two summers in a row, but I need this time. I’m only
going to be gone until the end of summer, and then I’ll be back. Please don’t be sad or worried
or angry, with anybody but me. No one’s forcing me to leave, don’t go around blaming this on
any of our friends. It’s not the end of the world if I stay this summer, I just want some time to
find myself. No need to tell anybody about me sleeping with Kyle last fall, it would only upset my
parents more. I’ll explain to people when I get back. Tell Max I just needed some time to grow.

Your Best Friend Forever,

Done with the goodbye notes, Liz went into her bedroom to get her cell phone. She knew
that calling her would be the first thing they’d do, but she did need a way to contact help if
necessary. Deciding to bring it, she shut the phone off and dropped it into her bag along with her
It suddenly occurred to her that it might not be very easy to find a hotel in Sunnydale, so
she went online and found the number of a hotel in Sunnydale and called to make a reservation.
“Hello, you’ve reached Sunnydale Suites, how may I help you?”
“Hi, my name is Liz Parker and I’d like to reserve a room for tomorrow afternoon until
the next morning.”
“How many beds?”
“One, please.”
“Ok then. I’ve got a room for Liz Parker at $25 a night. If you’re out by noon the next
day, then that will be the cost for your room.”
“Thank you very much.”
“It’s my pleasure. I’m just going to need your home address so that we can verify your
“Okay..,” Liz was unsure about whether this was the smartest thing to do, but she gave it
to the woman anyway.
“Thank you for making Sunnydale Suites your choice of hotels. We hope you enjoy your
stay.” Click.
With that Liz hung up the phone, gathered up her bags, and headed out the door.

Part Two

Roswell Bus Station

Am I sure that I can do this? Yes, I am. This time it’s not about me running away from
Max, from Roswell. I’m leaving to help someone, someone in danger. I think that’s why. So then
why haven’t I called the aliens for help? Wouldn’t they be of more use in a case like this?
They’re aliens with powers who can do a lot more damage, or give a lot more protection, than I
ever could, a human girl who can sometimes astral project when the love of her life is in a life
threatening situation. I don’t know why. I guess something deep inside is telling me that I can do
this all by myself, I don’t need anybody else. Great. Now, not only do I have a broken heart, I’ve
got an over-inflated ego.

It was dark when Liz had left. She had taken a taxi to the bus station, not being able to ask
a friend for a ride, and could only hope she didn’t see anyone she knew there. After purchasing
her ticket to Sunnydale, California, Liz got on the bus and waited for the bus driver to pull out.
She was only able to watch the scenery pass for so long, and once she saw the city limits
sign, Liz closed her eyes and tried to relax.

Everybody else had left the church as the tall, blond woman made her way up to the
casket, surrounded only by the deceased ‘family’ and close friends.
The poor girl’s father hadn’t even bothered to show up. He said he was sorry, he was one
step away from securing a very important business deal, but no one was fooled, everyone knew
he wasn’t very concerned with either of his daughters’ lives, or lack there of, right now. If he
would rather be with his secretary in Spain than with his only daughter, his only bloodline, at the
time she needed comfort, love, the most, then they would prefer that he just stay there.
The woman felt a twang of sympathy, but it didn’t last for more than a split second. What
about her? All she wanted was her Key! Was that to much to ask for? Who was going to miss that
brat anyway? All she did was yap! Sure, maybe some people had something against the end of
the world as they knew it, but had they ever seen her world? No! They were just jumping to
conclusions! Really, at least give it a try before getting upset!
This was her last chance. Without the body of...what was his name? Ben? Oh
yes...without his body, his energy, his life to feed off, she only had hours left until she was
finished. Forever. Anyhow, now the woman didn’t have to worry. The slayer was gone and the
Key was all hers. She stepped up behind the brown haired teenager and reached out her

Part Three

Roswell to Sunnydale bus, Saturday

“NO!” Liz shouted out, awake all of a sudden. Everyone on the bus turned to look at her.
“Sorry..,” she mumbled. “Bad dream...” The dream had left her with a sense of urgency, Liz knew
that what ever was wrong was going down soon. She had been asleep for a while, you could just
see the rays of light from the sun peeking out over the hills in the distance.
She got up from the seat and walked over to the driver. “Excuse me,” she said to get his
attention, “can you tell me what time we’ll be getting in?”
“’Bout noon, miss. Can’t be any more specific than that, sorry,” he replied.
“Thanks.” Liz headed back to her seat. Something in her told her that she going to have
any time to get some rest in her hotel room. Not questioning it, she pulled out her cell so that she
could cancel her reservation. She was surprised that she hadn’t gotten any calls yet, but she was
certain that they would come in anytime now.
While scratching the birthmark on her shoulder, Liz found the number for the hotel in her
bag, but nobody answered at the front desk, so she decided to call back later.
Her dreams were perplexing to her. What confused her was that she had never felt Isabel’s
presence at any time in the dream. Unbeknownst to her, she was actually subconsciously blocking
her alien friend, not only from entering her dreams, but from even sensing her dream orb. If she
had known this, she would have been very confused, for the last time she had asked Isabel, the
girl had told her that although it was possible for somebody to consciously block her from
entering that person’s dream, she had never come across anybody strong or powerful enough to
keep her from being able to sense their dream orbs. Unaware of what her mind was doing, Liz
started watching the scenery pass.
An hour later, at 12:15, the bus pulled into Sunnydale bus station. Once more, as she was
exiting the bus, she pulled out her phone to call the hotel, someone pushed past her down the
steps, tripping her. Liz found herself falling on the ground, cell phone laying next to her.
“You okay, miss?” The bus driver came down off the bus and helped her up.
“Thank you for your help, I’m fine now.” The man went off to check in at the bus station,
leaving Liz alone. She looked at the cell phone in her hand and hoped that for all the scratches on
it, it still worked. Pressing the ‘ON’ button, she listened for a dial tone, but heard nothing.
“Damn! My parents are going to be worried sick when they call me and find that my cell’s not
answer-” Just then she had a strange feeling, as though she were about to faint, and-

The girl’s friends tried to help her, but the blond woman just sent them flying against
the wall. Then she turned back to her victim, her prize, her Key, and-

“You sure you’re okay, miss?” The bus driver had come up behind Liz. “You zoned out
for a second there. You sure you didn’t hit your head?”
“No, thank you for caring, I’m fine. Just...trying to remember something. Have a good
day.” The bus driver left and Liz started thinking about what she had just felt

What was that? Who was that woman? That woman...she wasn’t alien, I could feel
that, but she wasn’t human, either. There’s something wrong with her. And that girl. I have to
help that girl. At least I know where to start...Sunnydale Community Church. But what if I’m too

Knowing she didn’t have much time, Liz just went into the bus station’s restroom to
change. She put on a pair of black slacks and a black v-neck 3/4 shirt, hailed a taxi, and gave the
cabby the address for the church.
The drive didn’t take very long and, after paying the cab driver, Liz got out and headed

Part Four

Roswell, Parkers’ Residence

The Parkers came in through the back of the restaurant the next afternoon, returning from
their visit with Liz’s aunt.
“Did you see that one of the horse against the stormy sky?” Nancy Parker asked her
husband on the way up the stairs to their apartment.
“Yes, it was magnificent, but I think the one I like the most was the one of the bee landing
on the rhododendron flower,” Jeff Parker answered his wife, as he carried their luggage inside.
“Oh, that one was so lovely. I just wish Liz could have seen it.”
“Speaking of Liz, where is she? Liz? Liz? Are you here?” Jeff went to his daughter’s
bedroom. “She must be with Maria today. I think they have off from the restaurant for this
weekend,” he told his wife, coming into the kitchen towards his wife.
“Jeff...Jeff! Come here! My baby! She’s gone!”
“Nancy? Nancy! What are you talking about?” Nancy showed him the note. “Oh no! Dear,
it’ll be alright, let’s call Maria, I’m sure it’s all a big misunderstanding.” Jeff Parker got the phone
and dialed Maria’s number.
“Hello, Maria?”
“Hi, this is Mr. Parker...”
“Actually I was wondering if you had heard from Liz or if you knew where she was...”
“Maria, we think she ran away, “ Jeff Parker held the phone away from his ear.
“Maria? Are you still there? She left us a note saying that she’d be back by the end of the
summer. Yeah...There’s a note here for you, too.”
“Okay. Do you have any idea where she could be? No? Okay. Thank you Maria. Good
Jeff Parker looked at his wife. “Maria hasn’t seen Liz since school yesterday. She says that
we should try Liz’s cell phone, though.”
“Of course! Why didn’t I think of that sooner? What’s the number...oh yes,” Nancy dialed
the number and waited for the ring.
“I’m sorry, this number is out of service. Please try again later. Thank you,” was all she
“Jeff, her cell phone’s out of service. Where’s our baby?”

Part Five

Roswell, Saturday

Maria was frantic. Her best friend had suddenly disappeared with no warning or
explanation. Was it coincidence that she was missing only a week after Tess had left? What if she
had been abducted by aliens or...what if another Future Max had come and told her that the world
would end if she didn’t leave Roswell? Poor Liz! The Parkers had said that Liz had left her a note,
so she headed to her car, dialing Max on her cell. The phone started to ring as she got in the car
and Isabel answered as the car was half way out the driveway.
“Isabel?!” Maria was hysterical by now.
“Who is this?”
“Something’s wrong! The Parkers said that Liz ran away or something! What if the aliens
abducted her or Future- What if something’s happened!!!”
“Oh. Maria. Wait, what did you say? Liz ran away? Why?”
“I don’t know! Don’t you think if I knew I’d tell you!”
“Maria, breathe, your blabbering. Calm down. Just-”
“Calm down!? There is the possibility that my best friend has just been abducted by aliens,
and you’re telling me to calm down? Look, Miss I’m-An-Alien-Princess-So-I’m-Above-You, if
we don’t find Liz soon, Max is going to have to bring me back to life, ‘cause I’m about worried
to death!”
“Maria, do you want me to call everybody?”
Maria paused, breathed, and thought. “Yes.”
“Ok then. I will call Kyle, Michael, Max, and...right. I’ll call them, okay? I’ll tell them to
meet you at Michael’s apartment in an hour, okay? Is that all right?”
“Yeah. Great.”
“Okay then. I’ll see you in an hour, Maria. Good bye.”
“Oh, Isabel?”
Isabel smiled. “No problem Maria.”
Maria drove into the Crashdown parking lot and went straight up to the Parker’s
apartment. “Mr. Parker?” She asked, looking around. “Mrs. Parker?”
“Oh, there you are Maria!” Mrs. Parker rushed at her, giving Maria a big hug. She had
tear streaks all down her face.
“Hey, Mrs. Parker. How are you doing?”
“Horrible, I feel like it’s all my fault,” came the sob.
“Don’t ever think that, Mrs. Parker. You know, I’m sure Liz just needed sometime to sort
things out. There’s been a lot of confusion in our little group lately, what with Alex’s death and
Tess’s disappearance. I’m sure it’ll all be fine. Liz is one smart chica, she’ll be all right by herself.”
“Maria?” Mr. Parker asked as he came from behind them. “Liz left this note for you, we
didn’t want to read it.”
Maria opened the letter and read it to herself. When she looked up, both of the Parkers
were looking at her hopefully. “I’m sorry, it doesn’t say where she was planning to go or what she
was going to go, just that she’s sorry, and that it’s not your, my or anybody else’s fault but her
own that she’s leaving” And that I was overreacting, she thought to herself.
“Thank you Maria, we’ll tell you if we hear anything. Take care of yourself,” Mrs. Parker
said, her hopes crushed.
“You guys did call the police, right? I mean, can’t they do something about it?”
“Apparently, since she’s over 18 and she left willingly, there’s nothing they can do about
it. She’s an adult and she has to make her own decisions,” Mr. Parker said bitterly. “They won’t
do anything.”
“I’m sorry Mr. Parker. Just remember, none of this is your fault.” Maybe just a certain

Maria got to Michael’s apartment half an hour late, but she really didn’t care. Her
thoughts centered on finding and then killing one person. Max. Everyone looked up as Hurricane
DeLuca stormed into the apartment, walked right up to Max, and slapped him on the face.
“Hey! What was that for, Maria?” Max asked, rubbing his cheek.
Maria looked over at Isabel. “You didn’t tell them?”
“I figured you would want to, since you have all the information.” In reality, Isabel just
didn’t want to have to deal with Max when he found out.
“That’s the problem! There is no information! Just a note saying she’s sorry, and that it’s
not our fault!”
“What are you talking about, Maria?” Michael was getting annoyed. He was supposed to
be at work in 10 minutes, and the chances that this thing was going to be wrapped up in under an
hour was highly unlikely.
“What am I talking about? What am I talking about! I’ll tell you what I’m talking about!
Liz is gone! GONE! She ran away! And according to the note she left me, aliens did not
abduct her, I’m guessing that her disappearance had something to do with Mr. Soulmate standing
over there!” Out of breath, Maria sank down onto the couch with a huff.
“What!” Max said, “Liz is gone? When did this happen?” He started pacing furiously
around the room, trying to form a plan over how to find the love of his life. “How do you know?
When did she leave? Where did she go?”
“Max,” Michael said. “Calm down. This isn’t going to get us anywhere. Now, Maria, what
do you know?”
“Absolutely nothing. She just left a note saying that she was sorry, that she’d be back by
the end of summer, and that it was no one’s fault that she had left, she just needed some time to
sort things out.” She turned to look at Max. “She also said to tell you that she needed so
time to grow, whatever that means.”
Kyle turned to look at Max. “What does that mean?”
Max looked worried, but replied, “When Alex came back from Swe- his trip, I told Liz she
needed some time to grow...”
Maria was seething by now. “So you’re saying, that because you told her something while
you were with that bottle job, Liz left! Max, I have been mad at you in the past, but this is just it!
You are the reason that my best friend has just up and left! You are the reason! How does
that make you feel?”
Michael moved over on the couch and put his arms around her. “Maria, calm down. It’ll
be okay. Liz is a big girl.”
“ No. Just tell me Max. How does that make you feel? Knowing that it’s your fault
that Liz could be in danger? Huh? Tell me!”
“It feels awful, Maria” Max stood up and walked out of the apartment.
“What are we going to do?” Maria sobbed into Michael’s shoulder. “I’ve lost both of my
best friends in one month! My life is just wrong!”
“Maria,” Isabel spoke up, “I can try to dreamwalk her tonight, if you want, but that’s all
we can do. I’m sorry.” She reached out and touched Maria’s arm for comfort. “You know Liz
will come back. She’s not so selfish that she’ll leave you all by yourself. Besides, you have
“Great, Spaceboy. The fact is, both of my best friends are gone.” Everybody just sat there,
not saying a thing.

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Part Six

Sunnydale, outside the church, same time.

She could sense it. Seeping in all around her. Swirling and showing off. It was an
aura, a blackish-greenish feeling that she followed all the way into the church. She knew what
would be waiting for her. Evil.

Liz walked through the church doors into the sanctuary and immediately was drawn
towards the woman in the black dress. Her back was facing Liz, and she was talking to the girl
with the brown hair. Something about her Key being kept away from her, but the young woman
from Roswell wasn’t listening. A friend of the girl’s moved towards the tall woman, but his efforts
were in vain, as he and the rest of his friends were thrown against the wall of the church, most of
them collapsing at impact.
The brunette didn’t even seem to notice Liz, who was slowly coming up behind the
threatening woman. Then the woman reached out her hands towards the young girl’s face, her red
nail polish reflecting the light from the candles in the room. Suddenly Liz charged at the woman
and threw her on the floor. The girl yelped and ran to her friends to help them.
Liz fought with a fierceness that she had never knew existed before. She and the blond
tumbled on the floor for control, until Liz, to her surprise, was victorious, pinning the woman to
the wall. “You know, even if you kill me now, you’ll never get away with this. There are always
more who know how to use the Key. Oh, and by the way, that outfit does so not work for
Her sentence was cut off as a distinct snap filled the air as the new slayer found her
Liz watched in confusion as the body below her caught fire from an invisible source and
slowly turned to ashes. Then she looked up as the people that the woman had thrown at the wall
cautiously advanced towards her. “Help me,” was all she said before she sank to her knees on the
floor, still looking at the spot where the body had once been.
“Well,” a guy with dark hair commented, “Looks like we have a new slayer on our hands.”

“Who am I?” Liz slowly looked up into the eyes of an older man. “ What am I?”
“I know this must be hard to understand, and I’m sure you’re trying to find some
reasonable explanation for why a body just spontaneously combust-
“No. I do not find that strange, and I do not find it unusual.” The current Slayer spoke
with a new found boldness. She spoke strongly, her voice not wavering. “What I find hard to
believe is that I just killed someone. And that I feel no regrets. So you are going to tell me right
now what just happened.”
The man opened his mouth to speak, but the boy raised his hand, “I’ve got this one
covered, Giles. Hi,” he said, extending his hand. Liz cautiously took it and he pulled her up. “My
name is Xander, the girl’s whose life you just generously saved is Dawn, Buffy’s sister, the old
man over there is Giles,”
“Funny,” Giles muttered under his breath.
“As I was saying, the beautiful woman to my right is my girl-fiancé, Anya, the redhead is
my best bud Willow, and the girl next to her is our friend Tara.” They all waved in
correspondence to their name. “And you my dear, are,” Willow joined in,
“The Slayer. Into each generation a Slayer is born, one girl in all the world, a Chosen One,
one born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires..,”
“To quote an old friend of ours,” Xander said, as Giles smiled wryly.
“And I’m a Slayer?” Liz asked doubtfully.
“Not just a slayer,” the girl introduced as Anya replied. “ The Slayer. Well, and then
there’s Faith, but she’s all psycho, or so I’ve heard, and now is in jail. A real nut case.”
“Anya..,” Giles warned.
Tuning his attention back to the girl who had just accomplished the task that Buffy had
tried so hard to achieve with no avail in a matter of seconds, Giles asked her, “Have you been
trained at all? Do you have a Watcher?”
“What’s a watcher?” Liz asked, confused.
“You- I think I missed your name?”
“Sorry. Liz. Liz Parker.”
“Cool. Very James Bond-ish. You know. James. James Bond. Anyway..,” Xander said,
“Xander...never mind. A Watcher is a person assigned to guide and teach the Slayer, so
that she survives as long as possible.” Giles looked sadly towards the coffin.
“So if you don’t have a Watcher, then who trained you?” Willow asked. “Because Buffy
has been trying for months to do what you just did in a matter of seconds, and she’s- was a Slayer
for six years. She only died last week, and that means that you’ve only really become the Slayer,
with all the Slayer special bonuses, seven days ago.”
“Are you sure you haven’t ever been trained by someone?” Giles asked. Liz shook her
“Maybe you took a karate or some kind of self defense class, and your abilities were
magnified by your Slayer talents?” Tara asked.
“I’ve never taken any kind of lessons but ballet and piano, and neither of those explain
what I just did. I’ve never done anything remotely like this in the past.”
“Have you been having any weird dreams? Maybe woman being killed by vam- strange
looking people?” Giles asked, mystified.
“No, the only weird dreams I’ve been having started about a week ago, and I kept on
having visions of this church and an urge to come to Sunnydale.”
“As much as I’m enjoying this conversation,” Xander interrupted, “Do you think we could
go somewhere else? It seems kinda disrespectful to Buffy inaugurating the new Slayer at her
funeral and all.”
“Buffy was the old Slayer?” Liz asked. Everyone solemnly nodded. “How old was she?”
“20,” Dawn answered. Everybody turned to look at her. “She was only 20 when she died.
She died because of me. I should be the one dead.”
“No Dawn,” Willow stepped forward to comfort her. “It’s not your fault! Don’t ever think
“Well,” Giles said, drawing the group’s attention back to the matter at hand, “We can all
go to my apartment to discuss this. That is, Liz, if you’re willing.”
“Yeah,” she said softly. Somehow, her instincts told her that it was safe to go with these
“We can go to my house,” Dawn said. “It’ll be all right.”
So the old group of friends headed out the church doors, leaving only Tara and Anya
hanging behind.
“Do you think she’s dead?” a Tara asked, referring to the deceased goddess. “I mean, you
saw what Giles did to Ben, and I wouldn’t have thought anyone could’ve survived that.”
“I think she’s dead for good,” Anya answered, swirling the ashes with her foot. “From the
looks of it, she didn’t have a host.”
“It’s too bad Angel and the rest of Buffy’s friends in L.A. couldn’t come,” the young
witch remarked.
“I guess,” Anya replied. “But personally, I don’t think it’s that big of a loss. Just one old
vampire, a fashion-obsessed airhead, and a horribly failed ex-Watcher. We’re probably better off
with them fighting whatever it is they’re fighting in L.A..”
“They said something about an Apocalypse, right?”
“Yeah, something like that.” The two women walked off to catch up with their friends.

Chapter Seven

Sunnydale, Saturday

Giles’ drove his car to the Summer’s house with Liz in the front and Willow, Xander, and
Dawn in the back seat, the other’s following behind in the deceased Mrs. Summer’s car. As they
drove through Sunnydale, they noticed a large building with fire and smoke coming out of the
windows, surrounded by fire engines. Seeing the name of the place, Liz let out an “Oh my God!”
“What’s wrong?” Willow asked.
Xander looked at her. “You mean aside from all the people inside who are probably being
“No,” Liz replied. “Well, yes, that too, but that place is Sunnydale Suites.”
“So?” asked Dawn.
“That’s where I was going to stay. I guess that’s why nobody answered the phone at the
desk. When I got to the bus station and was going to head to that hotel, but the only reason why I
didn’t was because I felt a need to go to the church.”
Everyone was silent for a second. “Well, I guess that’s a perk,” said Xander. Nobody said
anything else on the way to Dawn’s house.

When they go to the Summer’s house, the Scooby gang went into the kitchen to talk,
leaving the new Slayer on the couch in the living room.
“Well, that was fast,” Xander commented, getting a soda out of the refrigerator. “I mean,
the Watcher’s council didn’t even have to call you, Giles.” He paused. “They didn’t, right?”
Giles shook his head. “No, but what confuses me is that she didn’t even know that she
was the Slayer. Also, she defeated Glory in a matter of seconds, when according to her, she’s
never trained, or even taken any kind of sport before her Slayer abilities developed. Buffy was a
Slayer for seven years, and she wasn’t able to come close to defeating Glory. Glory is- was a
goddess, and this girl just killed her without breaking a sweat.”
“I have to agree,” Tara commented. “Either she’s hiding something, or something must
have happened to her to make her so strong.”
“Yeah,” Willow said. “I mean come on. She’s been a Slayer for what, seven days? And
already she’s killed the most powerful evil thingy we’ve ever seen. Something’s off.”
“Well,” Anya suggested, eager to start doing something, “We could always just ask
“Umm, An?” her fiancée asked her, “I don’t think that’ll work in this case. We don’t
exactly want to care her away if she doesn’t know that this isn’t normal. Not that being a Slayer is
normal, but...right.”
“Anyway,” Dawn said, looking into the living room, “I don’t think you’re going to get
much out of her right now.” Looking into the living room, everyone saw Liz, fast asleep on the
“The poor girl’s had a long day. I can’t imagine how confusing this is for her.” He walked
into the room and pulled a blanket over her body. “Why don’t we regroup tomorrow? I’ll stay
here with Dawn tonight, and you can all come back in the morning.”
Everyone agreed and headed off their separate ways. After Giles went upstairs to lie down
in the guest bedroom, Dawn sat in one of the chairs by Liz, thinking. ‘Another Slayer. Is she
nice? Will she go nuts like Faith? Will she stay here, on the Hellmouth, or will she go back to
where ever she’s from? Could she ever be like a sister to me? And what about me? What will
happen now? The house will probably get sold, but what will happen to me? Will I get put into a
foster home? Will I be adopted by someone on the other side of the country? Or will my dad
actually take a break from his secretary and be with me? Yeah right. Would Giles ever adopt me?
But he’s old and creepy...Where will I end up?

Roswell, DeLuca’s
Saturday Night

Maria DeLuca was having fun. So much fun. So much fun she wished she were dead. In
fact, it had been a fun filled evening. The Valentis had ended up coming over for dinner, and that,
was when the fun began. Ok, so maybe the word ‘fun’ was being used loosely. Actually, if she
were trying to be more exact, she would probably have replaced the word fun with torture. And
now, to sum the night up, she was sitting in her living room with Kyle Valenti, playing
tiddly-winks and watching the ten o’clock news, while her mother was upstairs talking to Jim
Valenti. At least she hoped they were talking. Just talking. Right, upstairs. In her mother’s
bedroom. With Jim Valenti. Oh. God. She was downstairs. That was so not right.
The phone rang and Maria reached over pick it up, knocking over the tiddly-winks jar and
spilling tiddly-winks all over the place in the process. “Nice, Maria,” Kyle said, annoyed. He had
been winning, too!
“Hey Maria, it’s Isabel.”
“Look Maria, I tried dreamwalking Liz last night, but I can’t reach her. It think she must
be across the country or something, because I can’t even sense her...”
“What do you mean, you can’t sense her?”
“Remember when Max was in New York? I couldn’t even feel him, he was so far away.
For all I knew he was dead.”
“So now you think she’s dead?”
“No, Maria, that’s not what I’m saying. I just can’t feel her at all. I tried this morning in
case she hadn’t been sleeping last night, but I couldn’t feel her. Max even tried this morning
because Liz had been able to reach him in November, but he couldn’t. I’m sorry Maria. I don’t
know what’s wrong.”
“Are you sure? Maybe you just weren’t trying hard enough. Maybe-”
“Maria, I’m sorry, we did try, as hard as we could.”
“So what do we do next?”
After a pregnant pause, Isabel responded, “I think we just wait now.” Neither girl said
anything for a while, until Kyle interrupted the silence on Maria’s end by telling her to look at the
news. Looking at the tv screen, Maria saw a building erupting in flames, fire engines and
ambulances everywhere.
“Yeah Kyle,” Maria said, “It’s sad. Now, if you don’t mind I’m talking to Isabel about
“What’s sad?” Isabel asked.
“Oh, just some building on fire that’s being shown on the news. Nothing big. Where were
Going into her living room, Isabel changed the channel to the ten o’clock news, neglecting
to notice the fact that Max had previously been watching some program. “Hey, I was watching
that,” her brother protested.
“No you weren’t, you were sitting on the couch trying to think of some way to get Liz
back.” When he didn’t deny the accusation, Isabel turned her attention back to the television
screen. Listening to their conversation, Maria snorted on the other end.
“Wow, that’s like, big,” Isabel stated, looking at the scene in front of her.
“Yeah, it is. Now, about Liz-”
“Wait Maria, they’re about to say something.”
“What’s with you and this building, anyway?”
“I don’t know, it’s just something about it...”
“Profound, Isabel, profound.”
“Shut up and listen, Maria.”

“...Once again, Sunnydale Suites, still up in flames after two hours, the cause of the
explosion is still not yet known, though a gas leak on the ground floor is highly suspected. So far,
of the twenty people thought to be in the building at the time, all are assumed dead. The police are
currently trying to contact the relatives of the casualties through addresses stored for registration
confirmation stored on the hotel’s data base. Firemen here have not been able to find any bodies;
they also believe that the fire spread too fast for anybody to get out. This is a tragic incident,
folks, and I hope that the families of the victims get all the support that they need. What’s this?
Okay, the police have released the names of the victims and I’ve just received them. Robert
Donovan of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ellie Angletharp of Lynn, Massachusetts, Dick Chang of
Roselle Park, New Jersey, Liz Parker of Roswell, New Mexico...”

After that name was announced, Maria and Kyle heard nothing more of the news
reporter’s list of the deceased victims. “Oh. My. God,” Maria slowly said, starting to
hyperventilate. “I just heard that name wrong, right Kyle? I just heard that name wrong. Tell me I
just heard that name wrong. Kyle,” she ordered, standing up and starting to raise her voice, “Tell
me that I heard that wrong. Tell me!” She started pacing. “Tell me that they said some name
like Liz Baker, or Lisa Parker, or Liz Parker of Roswell, West Virginia, or-” seeing Kyle’s pale
face, she stopped pacing. “ Mom!”
In another house across town, two siblings sat looking at a tv screen, seeing nothing.
“Max...They said Liz Parker of Roswell, New Mexico, didn’t they?
“Yeah,” her brother responded, visibly pale.
“Oh. My. God.”

Part Eight

Sunday morning

Liz woke up to see the girl...Dawn, sitting across the room in an armchair, still asleep.
Hearing someone else in the house, she brushed off a blanket covering her, stood up, and
followed the sound into the kitchen, where the English man was pouring himself a bowl of cereal.
Seeing her, he smiled and greeted her with a “Good morning.” He got out the milk from the
refrigerator, then looked up at her before asking, “Would you like some breakfast?” Liz nodded
her head numbly, and the man turned around to get a bowl out of a cabinet for her.
“You’re Giles, right?” she asked, pouring herself some cereal, the dousing it in milk. “The
“A Watcher, yes. I’m sure you have some questions?” Liz nodded a yes, and he pulled out
a chair for her and another one for himself. “Well, let me start by giving you a brief overview, and
then you can ask whatever I haven’t answered. All right?” not waiting for an answer, he started
up again.
“Ever since the beginning of time, there has been evil. Evil forces, evil magic, evil people.
There have been creatures that most people only imagine; werewolves, witches, monsters, and, of
course, vampires. As long as there have been these evils, there has been a Slayer. There is always
a Slayer, when one dies, another is called to replace her. Buffy,” he said, as his eyes clouded over,
“has died before, sadly. Another Slayer, Kendra. She was killed, and another Slayer replaced her,
Faith. Unfortunately, Faith did not have any qualms with killing innocent people, and is now being
held in a facility in New York.
“The Slayer is human woman, who has regular human strengths, only multiplied by a
hundred or so. She can also be identified by a birthmark on her shoulder,” he said, eyeing the
mark exposed by her shirt slipping off her shoulder. Liz also looked it and pulled up her shirt,
covering the Slayer trademark. “The thing that confuses us is that you seem to be the strongest
Slayer yet. The woman whom you killed,” he paused as Liz closed her eyes in pain, remembering
the incident, “was a goddess.” The newest Slayer’s eyes shot open in confusion and disbelief.
“A what?”
“A goddess. Anyhow, Buffy had been trying for about six months to kill her, and within
the five minutes you arrive in Sunnydale, Glory is dead. According to you, you have never been
trained or even taken any sports lessons in your life. My books don’t have any records of anything
like this in the past, which is why I’m so bewildered over you.” Giles leaned back in his chair and
waited for the questions. “One more thing. I’m sure that you find it hard to believe; that things
that you’ve only read about in science fiction or seen in nightmares are real, but you have to trust
me they are. And you’ll find out soon enough. So, for a minute, try to understand what I’m
saying, no matter now untrue or unreal it sounds. I know it sounds so unbelievable...but it’s your
Destiny..,” he trailed off, seeing Liz’s blank face.
“Actually, no. I don’t find it hard to believe at all. What I don’t understand is what you
meant when you said I was different. Not the part about aside from the rest of the human race.
The part about the rest of the Slayers.” She and washed both dishes out in the sink. “And the part
about Destiny, I’m not so sure that I want to follow it. I don’t like Destiny, and I don’t really
plan to relent to it now.” She dried the dishes and put them back in the cabinet, then tuned around
to face the older man and leaned back on the counter.
“I’m not really sure what to say. This was how Buffy reacted. She just wanted a normal
life,” at this, Liz laughed lightly. “But even if you choose not to hunt demons, they will hunt you.
They can tell a Slayer apart from the rest of us, and without proper training, you will quickly
become a victim. But I don’t know why you’re different from the other Slayers. Maybe an outside
force had something to do with it.” Liz’s eyes widened at that, but Giles didn’t notice, still
rambling on. “Possibly an electrical shock, some kind of chemical that came into contact with
your body, or something entirely different. Personally, I have no idea.” He turned around in his
chair to look at her. “I am, however, expecting to get a call from the Watcher’s Council, the
people who employ me, today, placing me in charge, hopefully, as your Watcher. I will tell them
about the strength you exhibited yesterday, and see what they can make out of it.”
“You know what, I’d rather not know. In fact, I’d prefer if you didn’t bring it up.” Seeing
the man’s curious glance, she hurriedly added, “It’s bad enough being told that I’m different from
the entire human race, but then to tell me that I’m not even like anybody else who I’m supposed
to be like, just isn’t fair to me. Sometimes knowing less is better.”
“I see your reason,” Giles said, “But please just consider it. I know the Watcher’s Council
would be interested.”
“See, that’s the problem. I’m from Roswell, New Mexico. The home of the aliens, and
everywhere, there are these jokes and displays and all sorts of stuff, sending out the image that
aliens, if they even exist,” she added hastily, “are evil. There are all these pictures and videos and
posters of fake aliens being dissected, just because they’re different. It’s not right, and it’s not fair.
I don’t think that’s right at all.”
Sensing the girl’s alarm, the Watcher considered what she had said and tried to find a way
to put her at ease. “If that’s what got you so worried, then you don’t have to worry. We don’t
have to tell them, but they certainly won’t dissect you or experiment on you r anything like that.
You’re to valuable to them. You’re the reason why they have a job, the reason why they’re so
rich. Without you, none of us would be anything. Sure, they might want to take a few tests, but
they certainly wouldn’t do anything to harm you. Still if you don’t want to, we don’t have to tell
them. It would be nicer for me, actually. They’d probably replace me with a whole team of
Watchers who would constantly have you under surveillance. I would much rather train you
myself, and believe me, you will have much more of a social life with me than you would with
them.” At this, the girl in front of him visibly brightened, and Giles then made his decision that
there was no way he was giving up this charge.
“So,” Liz asked, now smiling, “Do I get paid?”

Chapter Nine

Sunday Morning

The Crashdown was closed for the day in honor of Liz Parker, honor roll student, who
had such a bright future ahead of her. Her parents, Alex’s parents, the DeLuca women, the
Valenti men, the Evans, and Michael were all in the restaurant, mourning the loss of one of, by
everyone’s unspoken opinion, the nicest person they had ever known.
Maria DeLuca had been in hysterics the whole day. First she had lost Alex, now she had
lost her other best friend. Who was next? Michael? Her mother? Was everyone in this close knit
group destined to lose every single person close to them? Destined. Now there was a funny word.
Destined. Destiny. If it weren’t for Destiny, Liz would have never had to give up the love of her
life, who so did not deserve her, Tess would have never gotten pregnant by Max, and Liz
would have never left Roswell. She would have never been killed. All Maria knew was that if she
ever saw any aliens from the future coming near her, she would grab the closest thing she could
find and throw it at them.
Max Evans could not believe what he had heard when Isabel had turned on the news. But
then he accepted what he had been denying all day. All week. All month. What he had been
denying for a very long time. He couldn’t feel Liz. If someone had told him to close his eyes and
had stood Liz right in front of him, he wouldn’t have been able to know she was there. He
couldn’t feel her anymore. Max wanted to believe that Liz wasn’t really dead, he wanted to be
able to tell them all that he could still feel her, that she was still alive. But that connection had
been severed long before, and there was nothing he could do to bring it back. What Valenti had
been able to confirm for them through his connections had only confirmed it. That ship had sailed.
Isabel wasn’t sure how she was supposed to feel. She had been heart broken when Alex
had died, but she had been in love with him. There. She said it. Isabel Evans, Ice Princess, was, is,
in love with Alex Whitman. But this was different. She had never been really close with Liz, and
until now, she had never really appreciated the girl who shared her secret. She wondered if Liz’s
death was really caused by a fire in the hotel where she was staying over night, but she didn’t even
consider bringing it up. If Michael thought of that, then he would push Maria away to ‘protect’
her, and Maria couldn’t go through that right now, losing everybody she cared about. Max would
then blame himself, making a list in his head of everything did wrong, everything he could have
done so that Liz would still be alive now. There is no way he’ll ever be able to finish that list
in this lifetime, Isabel thought wryly.
Kyle had had a hard time not crying once the Parkers had gotten the call from the
Sunnydale police, and when his dad had confirmed the information through a friend in the S.P.D.
Even if Liz had dumped him for Evans, he still cared for her. Not as anything more than a friend,
but on some degree, he loved her as a sister. It had been hard enough to restrain his anger at
Evans the previous afternoon at Michael’s apartment. Now it was taking all of his strength not to
punch the guy right in the face. Several times. This was all Evan’s fault. If Max hadn’t treated Liz
like s*it for the previous months, justifying everything that the guy did with Tess by saying that
Liz slept with him, which wasn’t even true, making out with Tess at the prom (he had heard that
through Maria), acting as though he was the King (I mean come on, can the Queen of England
order people around in Spain? No!), graciously telling her that if she stopped searching for the
reason for Alex’s death that he would accept her apology, when it turned out that she was right
all along, getting Tess pregnant, messing with Liz’s head by telling her he still loved her, hours
before he was planning on leaving the solar system, acting as though she’d be lucky if he still
accepted her back into his arms, all of those things and so much more. As much as he hated
Maria’s delinquent cousin, he had to admit, at this point, Sean would probably treat Liz a lot
better than Evans had lately. He just hoped that Maria knew the whole story behind the set up of
him and Liz sleeping together, because he sure didn’t.
Michael was unsure of his feelings. His emotions were all mixed up, and he didn’t know to
act on them. For once, he was actually taking the time to try and sort them out before doing
anything. Two, out of the group of eight, were dead. Another one had betrayed them all, and left
the planet with Max’s son. So now, out of the group of eight, there were five. Were they cursed?
He finally understood, two lives later, that pushing Maria away would not necessarily keep her
safe. She had already informed him, and he had already promised, that he would not push her
away when something went wrong. Look what had happened when Max had pushed Liz away.
She had let Roswell and was now dead. All because of a stupid gas leak in a stoops hotel. All
because Max had pushed her away. Yes, Max was his best friend, but he couldn’t help, as
couldn’t anybody else, at least partially blame Maxwell for Liz’s death. Sure, they weren’t best
buddies, or like brother and sister, but he had valued her as an important part of the group, and
had cared for her as Kyle had, only without showing it. If he pushed away Maria now, not only
would she not have anybody to protect her, but who would he have? Nobody. He would become
Stonewall Guerin all over again, and though he didn’t like to admit it, he didn’t want that. Maria
was the reason why he lived, the reason why he gave up his life’s goal of going home. He couldn’t
survive without her, without her love.
Everyone in the close knit group just sat there in silence in the dimly lit, Maria in
Michael’s arms, Kyle comforting Isabel by placing his arm around her shoulder; she didn’t shake it
off. The adults softly talking among themselves over coffee. And Max sat at one of the tables. By
himself. Going over a list of all the things he did wrong, everything he could have done so that Liz
would still be alive, just as Isabel had predicted he would. After a while, Nancy Parker led all the
other adults upstairs to show them baby pictures of her deceased daughter, leaving the teenagers
alone in the cafe. A few minutes passed, and Maria spoke up, breaking the silence. “Guys, I think
there’s something Liz would have wanted me to tell you...”

From Chapter Eight:

“So,” Liz asked, now smiling, “Do I get paid?”

Chapter Ten

Sunnydale, Summer’s House
Sunday morning

Giles looked at her in amazement. He had just told her that monsters and vampires and
goddesses really did exist, and that it was her Destiny to kill them, and she had just asked him if
she got paid at all. It took him a few seconds to recover, but when he had, he said, “Actually, I’d
like to discuss that with you and Dawn at the same time, so why don’t we go in there.” He led her
into the living room and gently shook Dawn, waking her up.
“Hmmrrr..what?” Dawn mumbled, sitting up. “You know, you could’ve let me sleep, it
is Sunday.”
“I’m sorry Dawn, but we needed you here for this,” Giles said, getting up and moving to
sit on the couch across the room. Liz sat down on the arm of the chair Dawn was in.
“So what’s up?” Dawn asked, pulling herself up into a sitting position.
“About a two weeks ago, before she passed away, Buffy came to talk to me. She was
concerned for you, Dawn, because after your mother had died, there was no source of income in
your house. Aware that it would hard to get a night job with her patrolling duties,” seeing Liz
raise her eyebrows, he explained, “As you will have to do, Buffy had to go out ever night to keep
the vampire population down. Anyway, she also knew that if she decided to go back to school, it
would be hard for her to have a day job.
“Buffy asked me to contact the Watcher’s Council and ask them to give her a monthly
pay check. She figured that if she were to keep the world from being over run by demons by
herself, she deserved an income, and I entirely agree with her. I was surprised when I contacted
the Council, because they were more than happy to pay Buffy for all her future employment..,”
Dawn looked up suspiciously, “and retroactively, for all her past work. I don’t think they could
have possibly forcast Buffy’s death, Dawn. I think that this had more to do with there last meeting
with her, if she told you what happened.” Dawn grinned and nodded. “We are not talking
minimum wage at all, Dawn, and you will be paid the same amount, Liz, if you wish.”
He pulled out a small folder from his coat pocket and opened it, revealing two checks.
Handing one to Dawn, he said, “This is the total that they are going to be paying you. It will,
however, be deposited in individual segments, so as not to cause confusion in the Summers’ bank
account.” When Dawn looked at the check, her eyes immediately bulged, mouth dropped open,
and she almost fainted. Looking at Liz, she asked, “Am I having eye problems? Cause that looks
like a lot of 0’s to me.”
“Wow, um, I don’t think you’re having eye problems.”
“Buffy worked for a long time as a Slayer, Dawn,” Giles said. “I don’t think she could
ever be paid enough for what she did.” Then, looking at Liz, he handed her a check. “This will be
your monthly check.”
“You said annual check, right?” the new Slayer asked, not believing her eyes. Giles just
“No, he said month- sweet! You know, that’s enough money for a Porche right there,”
Dawn told her.
“Wow, okay, umm...just one little question.” Seeing Dawn eyeing both checks, Liz walked
over to her new Watcher to speak to him privately. “From what I’m gathering, you can’t quit
being a Slayer, can you?” Liz asked, her eyes showing fright.
“No, actually, it’s a life long career, I’m sorry,” Giles told the girl, feeling sorry for the
newest Slayer. This was the first person whom he had informed of her Destiny, but he could
imagine that Buffy, along with all the rest of the deceased young women, had reacted the same
way, if not more frightened. So far his newest charge had not told him he was crazy, started
screaming, or run away. For some reason, this girl seemed accept everything that he had told her.
He wondered when the reality of it all would sink in.
“That’s okay,” Liz replied, taking a deep breath and standing up. “It’s all right,” she said,
more to convince herself than anyone else. Dawn looked up to see what was wrong. “What’s the
life expectancy rate, though?” Liz asked. “So far you’ve told me about one dead Slayer, Buffy,
who died two times, and Faith, who’s now locked up in a prison some where. And then there are
all the past Slayers who must have been killed. One had to die for Buffy to become the Slayer,
right? And another one for her to become the Slayer, and another one for her? What are the
chances I’m ever going to be married and have children and a white picket fence?” Liz was trying
so hard to hold back the tears building up in her eyes, but it was nearly impossible.
“Honestly?” the man in front of her asked. Liz nodded numbly.
“Never.” Liz turned around to face Dawn. “Never,” she continued. “You’ll never have any
of that. You’ll spend your life fighting things that no one else can know about, you’ll be the
outcast at school who carries a stake everywhere with her, the one who no one gets, you’ll never
be able to spend time with your family, you’ll be lying to your parents every night, you’ll
constantly be trying to explain why you’ve always got scratches or bruises or broken bones.
You’ll always be stuck in your town, never be able to go away to college. You’ll be facing death
every night, until one night, when you make a careless move or you drop your weapon, or you
meet your match, it’s over. No good byes, no hugs and kisses, nothing. You’ll never see your
family or your friends or your boyfriend every again, and they’ll never see you again, just a body
who looks like you, and that’s if you’re lucky. If what ever creature finished you off doesn’t maul
you or eat you or make you into another vampire. And what do you get for it?” Dawn asked
spitefully. “A pink umbrella and a round of applause. That’s it.” Both girls were crying freely
now, hugging each other, with Liz trying to comfort the other girl.
After a few minutes, Giles got up from his seat on the couch and went into the kitchen. A
little while later Liz came in, too. “Dawn went up to her room,” she told him, sitting down in a
The man looked at her for a moment, contemplating what to say. Finally he spoke. “I
know you have a lot to deal with, finding out everything you have, but I just wanted to let you
know that Dawn appreciates you and everything you’ve done. Right now, she needs someone like
you, not to replace Buffy as a sister, but someone who can help her get through this. I realize that
you only met her last night, but she seems to like you a lot and accept you. I don’t really know
you, but I hope that you’re the kind of person who will help her out.”
Neither person said anything for the next few minutes, Liz thinking over what the man had
said, Giles watching to see what her reaction would be. Liz looked up after a while. “What do we
do now?” she asked.
“Now we train,” Giles said. “We prepare you to fight with the best of your abilities, both
mental and physical, to be able to take advantage of the circumstances, to not get yourself killed.”
Liz nodded, and when Giles got up and motioned for him to follow her outside, she
headed out. “Just one question.” Giles looked at her curiously. “What’s the Key?

Chapter Eleven


Liz entered the Magic Shop, taking in the scene of crystal balls, incense, and books. She
was still confused. Not a half hour ago, she had been told that Dawn, that young girl, wasn’t
really real. Well, she was real, but she was the Key to the End of the World. There was that
phrase again. Damn. The Key had been hidden as a person, Dawn, and all of her memories, and
everybody else’s memories of her were fake, made up to hide her. A group of monks had made
her out to be the sister of Buffy, so that the Slayer would be able to easily protect her. Glory, the
woman who she had killed at the funeral, had been after Dawn, because she had wanted to end
the world. What kind of person wants to end the world? I mean, do they just wake up one day
and think “You know, I think I want to end the world today?” And do they think of themselves as
evil? Are they like, I’m evil, so I have to do something bad? This is so weird
Mainly, all she felt for Dawn was pity, sorrow. She knew, by knowing Max and the others,
how horrible it was to know that you weren’t like everybody else, to worry what other people
would think if they knew the truth about you, to have everything about you be a lie. Liz was
determined to treat Dawn as she had that morning: as an average (aside from the knowledge that
monsters and such really did exist that most people lacked) American teenage girl. Hadn’t she
been able to treat the others that way? Dawn deserved that much for all the hell the girl had
been put through.
Following Giles, she smiled and waved to the woman behind the counter. Xander’s
fiancee. Anya. “Hi,” she said with a little wave. “You’re Anya, right?”
“Yep, that’s me! How are you enjoying Sunnydale so far? Is it better than Roswell?” Liz’s
eyes darted to Giles, who was covering his face with his hands. He was the only one who she had
told she lived in Roswell. Obviously, he had reported everything she had told him to the people
that she had met yesterday. But when had he used a phone?
“Okay, this might sound paranoid, but did you do a background check on me?” Years
with Alex as a best friend had not made her ignorant to the fact of how easy it was for a person to
find out everything about you just by using the internet, and she had not seen Giles using a phone
since after had told him where she lived that morning.
“Oh no, of course not,” Anya replied. Liz breathed a sigh of relief, but was still confused.
“I can’t do anything with computers; Willow was the one who did that.” The Slayer narrowed her
eyes at her Watcher, but when he started to speak, she interrupted him. It wasn’t like the Roswell
gang hadn’t had Alex do background checks on various people who seemed a threat to their
“What now?” she asked. “That’s why I’m here, right? To learn how to fight evil things?”
Giles looked at the young woman for a moment, clearly taken aback. “Umm, well yes, but,
“What Giles is trying to say is that along with learning how to fight those nasty things,
you’re also going to learn about those nasty things. Isn’t that right, Giles?” Xander said,
something out of the back room and slapping the man on the back.
“Well, umm, yes. Liz, why don’t you come into the back and I’ll show you around.” Liz
followed Giles into the back to find herself in a gym outfitted with mats and punching bags and
the likes. On one side of the wall there was as array of weapons; crossbows, swords, and, most
peculiar of all, stakes. ‘I guess the traditional way of killing vampires is still the best way,’ thought
In one corner of the room was a computer station, and the girl who had been introduced
to her as Will got up from her chair and came over. “Hi, I’m Willow. Remember me?”
“Yeah. Hi,” Liz said, reaching out to shake the other girl’s hand. Motioning towards the
computer, she asked, “I’m guessing you’re the one with the computer skills.”
Willow smiled and nodded. “Yep, basically I can get anywhere; FBI files, town records,
you name it. I guess that’s my contribution to the group.”
Liz’s smile faltered for a second. “I had a friend like that,” she said.
Tara, who had come up behind Willow, felt the sadness radiating off the newest Slayer,
said, “I’m sorry.”
Liz smiled her thanks, and then looked around at the equipment in the room. “So I get to
learn to use all of these things?”
“Yes!” said Anya enthusiastically. “Every single one of them.”
“And by the time Giles had made you use all of them,” Xander added, “You’ll be
imagining ways to kill him with each one.”
Liz smiled, then dryly replied “Fun.”
The rest of the group looked around at each other, until Giles broke the silence. “Right,
well then, let’s get started.”

In the next few hours, the Sunnydale gang were amazed, stunned, and astonished. The
newest Slayer had easily mastered skills that would take the average person years to conquer. But
that was not what amazed, stunned, and astonished them. Even Buffy hadn’t been able to
accomplish so much in such a short time. When Xander had put on the punching suit, he had had
to stop because he swore Liz had been bruising his ribs. Of course, Liz had profusely apologized,
but no one could figure out how she had injured Xander so badly through six inches of foam.
When she had fought barehanded against Giles, who had a sword, she had had the man against the
wall and the sword at his throat in a matter of seconds. The punching bag, unfortunately, was no
longer a punching bag, now more like a ripped open cushion lying on the floor. She had easily
mastered the crossbow; the bull’s eye barred a likeness to what one might see in a Robin Hood
movie. After about two hours of that, Giles had called in Spike to help train the new Slayer. The
experienced vampire was more than surprised to find himself on ground with a stake hovering
threateningly above his heart not soon after he arrived.
With Spike too exhausted to continue, Giles had declared that it was time for the new
Slayer to enter her battlefield: The Graveyard.

Chapter Twelve

Sunnydale, Graveyard
Sunday Night

Liz was sitting on a headstone, listening to Giles babble on about how to use your senses
to hone in on the presence of a vampire. She had been sitting there for about two hours already,
and no vampires had shown up yet. Not that she really wanted to fight any, but Liz got the feeling
that if she killed one, Giles would let her go home. But where is home? I can’t stay at the
Summers’ forever. It’s not fair when I’m going to be earning all that money. She figured that
tomorrow she’d go out and find an apartment to rent for the summer.
She wasn’t sure why she had so easily accepted the presence of vampires, though when
Spike revealed his face it had had certainly helped to convince her. She knew that it had
something to do with the fact that she knew that aliens also existed. Liz guessed that now that
what she had grown up to know as a great marketing scheme was actually true, that aliens did
crash on the planet in ‘47, she was willing to accept anything, as ridiculous as it might be, without
being surprised in the least.
Feeling a yawn coming on, Liz stretched her arms out over her head, still holding a stake
in one hand. Her arm hit something on the way up, and when Liz looked to see what had
prevented her from stretching her arms out all the way, she was greeted with a pile of dust coming
down on her face. “Eck! Yuck! Bleh! Gross, gross, GROSS!!!”
Her outburst startled Giles, and he jumped up to see what was wrong. The scene that
greeted the Watcher was hysterical. His newest charge was jumping all over the place, trying to
get the dust off her face and out of her hair. Finally, she stopped bouncing and shook her head
until she could see again. Then she started spitting and sneezing and scratching her hair all at one
time. When she stopped moving again, she turned to see her Watcher looking at her, trying hard
not to laugh. “I don’t think it’s very funny,” she said haughtily.
“You know,” Giles replied, amused, “Maybe next time you should try to be over the
vampires when you stake them. Also, don’t scream so much. You were loud enough to wake the
“Very funny. Can we go home now?”
“I suppose so. Killing that vampire was just a start. Most vampires won’t run into your
stake, you know. You’ll have to run the stake into them.”
“Great, I’m never gonna be able to live down the fact that I killed my first vampire when I
was yawning, am I?”
“Not once Xander hears about it,” Giles replied, laughing.
Liz rolled her eyes as they walked out of the cemetery. They went a distance in silence,
and after a while the Summer’s house came into view.
The girl screamed as the man burst through the window, the glass flying all around the
room. He came towards her, hands outstretched, a grin spread out on his face. The girl backed
away, but she knew that she would not be able to get away. The disfigured man in his brown robe
struck her across the face, and she suddenly remembered where she had seen others like him
before. He was a minion. Glory’s minion. He pinned her against the wall and drew out of his
robe a special kind of knife, and as he brought it towards her, he murmured something about
“Now Glory’s mission will succeed,” before he brought it down on h-
“Liz! Liz! Are you all right?” Liz turned to see Giles watching her with concern. “Are you
all right? You zoned out there for a few mom-” ignoring the Watcher, the Slayer broke off at a
run towards the Summers’ house, with Giles trying to follow her as best as he could.
The first thing Liz saw when she got to the door was the window, the glass completely
knocked out of the large bay window. Kicking the door down, she ran into the Summers’ living
room to find Dawn just as she had seen her in her premonition; pinned against the wall by the man
with the skin problems. The Slayer ran forward and grabbed the minion by his collar before he
even got a chance to register what was happening. “Who are you and what do you want?” she
shouted at him.
Massaging her shoulders, Dawn came over to stand behind Liz. “He’s one of Glory’s
minions. If he uses that knife thing on me, he can...”
“How many of you are there left?” Liz demanded.
“I am the only one left who worships the Magnificent One,” he replied weekly.
“Then what’s the point of bringing about the end of the world if there’s no one to hang
around and enjoy it with? Or is there a way to bring your ‘Magnificent One’ back?” she added
“It was, umm, Her Exalted One’s, err, last wish. I, uh, felt the need to honor her this way,
since she, uh, died for her cause,” he finished hastily.
“You know, with all those lies, you’re one Pinnochio. No wonder your nose is so long.”
With that, the Slayer flung the demon against the wall. He eventually pushed himself into a sitting
position while fingering his nose, all the while mumbling something about, “Her nose isn’t so
great either...”
“I will choose to ignore the last part,” the man looked up, startled that she had heard him,
“-if you tell me how you were planning to get Glory back.”
Annoyed at himself for not guarding his secret better, he finally relented. “When The End
of the World comes, all the deceased demons and creatures and monsters of the past, including
Her Most Beautiful Self, not at all a monster, will be reborn...”
“Well then,” she said, “I guess you’ll just have to wait for the end of the world to reborn,
“I don’t think you understand. I’m not dead-” The minion stopped talking when he saw
the Slayer smile. She raised up her arm to end his existence, but she paused when he opened his
mouth to speak. “There will be more like me, you know. Many know how to use the Key, they
just have to find it, first. They’ll never stop coming.” That was the last thing he said before a
sickly snap ended his life.
“Isn’t there anyway else to kill these things?” Liz asked, more to herself than anyone else.
Giles chose appear in the door way at that moment.
“I’m sure there is, with a certain spell of some kind, but for now, this is the most effective
method.” Liz looked up to see her Watcher in the doorway. “There is one question I have,
though,” he continued. “How did you know that something was wrong?”
“What do you mean?” asked Dawn, confused.
Liz looked at them both for a second before replying, “I don’t know. I really have no
idea.” She was pretty sure that she did, though. And it had something something to do with a
certain shooting in a small New Mexican town.

Chapter Thirteen

Roswell, the Parker’s,
A week later

Nancy Parker sat with her husband at their kitchen table. She couldn’t believe it. Her baby
was dead! Not even out of high school, only a year before she would have graduated, and she was
dead. If only she hadn’t run away. Thousands of ways that she and Jeff could have been better
parents were racing through her head, but whenever she thought that she finally had a reason to
blame it all on herself, one name kept coming up. Max Evans. Her daughter hadn’t mentioned it in
her letter, but lately she had seemed to have been depressed about Max, becoming moody and
snappy when ever his name was mentioned. It seemed the obvious reason for Liz to run away,
especially since Tess and Max had been getting close before she left.
Truthfully, Nancy could have told Liz that she wasn’t allowed to date the boy, but she
worried that worse things might have happened then. Sneaking out with Max just to show her
parents that they couldn’t control her. Having sex. Getting pregnant in high school. And those
were some of the more pleasant things. Everyone blamed Max deep inside, but nobody said
anything about it at all. Probably because he seemed to realize it already. He didn’t talk to anyone
about it; he was becoming a shell, really. The fact was, Nancy was surprised that the whole group
hadn’t become manic depressives yet. First Alex had died in the car accident, then, within days of
each other, Liz and Tess had both disappeared from Roswell. Frankly, if the group got any
smaller, Mrs. Parker would start suspecting a conspiracy against the close-knit circle of friends.
It had been assumed that the short time span between both girl’s disappearance was a
coincidence; neither girl had been particularly fond of the other, and neither had mentioned the
other in her good-bye note (Tess’s had been ‘specially’ made by Max to explain her absence. It
had stated that she wouldn’t be coming back to Roswell. Ever. It hadn’t mentioned anything else,
just that she didn’t feel like she belonged there.)
So now, she sat here in her house, carrying out every mother’s nightmare. Arranging the
funeral for her teenage daughter. They had all wanted to believe that Liz hadn’t been in the hotel
when the ‘incident,’ as everyone now called it, had occurred, but when she hadn’t turned up later,
they had had to face the music. Liz was dead. She had reserved her room for half an hour before
the explosion. The only comfort Nancy was that the fire squad had told her that Liz hadn’t
experienced any pain at all. She had probably been in the bathroom when it happened, showering
after her long trip. She never knew what hit her. If only there had been a body, though. The fire
squad had said that it was too powerful an explosion for anything to be left. At all. Not even the
walls were left. Just the shell of the foundation.
She had been advised not to visit Sunnydale; it would be too painful for her, and she had
listened. Jeff had stayed with her. It was too hard for either of them to make that journey; she
certainly wasn’t that strong. Maybe when she had had time to mourn the loss of her daughter.
Maybe then. Maybe.

Same day

Liz was sitting on Dawn’s bed, stroking the girl’s face as the teenager cried. Cried for her
mother, cried for her sister, cried for that fact that her father didn’t want to come back to take
care of her; he was to busy.
He’s always to busy. To busy to come and take care of his own daughter! How can
someone be so selfish as to prefer to stay with his hooker of a secretary in Spain while his
daughter is all alone? He doesn’t deserve to be Dawn’s father. He doesn’t deserve to live.
Liz had been shocked when she had heard that the man had chosen his secretary over his
own daughter. When she had first met the girl, she had assumed that her father was dead, that
Dawn was an orphan. Why else would she be at her sister’s funeral all by herself, her only family
being distant relatives? Then, when she had found out that Dawn’s father was alive, and off with
his secretary on another continent, she had been disgusted. The words that she would have used
to describe him would get her kicked out of her parents’ house.
Her parents. That was a problem. She missed them, but she wasn’t ready to talk to
anybody from Roswell. She knew that they all must have been horribly worried about her, but she
had told them that she would be back by the end of the summer, and she meant to keep that
Liz had another problem on her hands, though. It had been a week since she had had the
‘vision’ of Glory’s minion attacking Dawn, and she hadn’t had any more like that since then. What
worried her about it, was that she was pretty sure it was an effect of Max healing her. Giles had
seemed surprised by it, which meant that Buffy probably hadn’t had any like it. Also, according to
her Watcher, Liz was about ten times stronger than the previous Slayer, which she also attributed
to being brought back from the brink of death by an alien. Not that she was ungrateful at all, she
wasn’t. If it made it easier for her to kill the vampires, then she would be really grateful for it. It
was just that the timing was bad. For the alien powers left from Max and her Slayer powers to be
developing at the same time was just confusing. She couldn’t figure out which source of strength
to give the credit to when ever she accomplished something. Alien or Slayer. In the end, she
didn’t really think it mattered, but she wanted to be able to be in Roswell so that her friends could
help to teach her to harness and use her new found alien powers, or at least try. Liz also wanted
to be able to tell Kyle what to expect, since he had been healed by Max as well.
Looking back at Dawn, she suddenly had an idea flash through her mind. With her father
in Spain, Dawn might as well be an orphan. And Liz turned was eighteen, old enough to legally
take care of a minor ...But what was she thinking? She was only four years older than the girl, and
she had only known Dawn for little more than a week! Still, she couldn’t help but feel as though
the two of them were beginning to become great friends. Liz would have to go back to Roswell at
the end of the summer, she had promised. And Dawn didn’t have any reason to stay in Sunnydale.