Title: I am what I am
Author: Becca
Summary: Liz realizes that she is different from her friends
Time period: 2nd season after 'MITC'
Authors notes: This was a challenge:

1. Liz has to be a slayer or something else not quite human
2. She has to keep it a secret from the Roswell gang
3. She and Michael must get closer (as friends)
4. Must have several characters

Liz Parker watched as Max Evans walked across her balcony and came to the widow. Liz opened the window and motioned for him to come in.
"What's up?" Liz asked causally.
"Liz you know how we have become friends, you're like my best friend," Max asked watching Liz carefully.
"Yea," oh my God does he want to get back together with me? Liz had hoped.
"Well, since you're my best friend I wanted to let you know and talk to you about it." Max said.
"About what Max?" Liz asked.
"Liz, I think I'm in love with Tess" Max said not able to really meet her eyes.
"What? Why are you talking to me about this Max? How could you come here and tell me this?" Liz asked shouting, tears forming in her eyes.
"Liz am sorry I am so sorry," Max said quietly going towards the door.
"GET OUT, GET OUT NOW!" Liz yelled.
"I am sorry," Max said then left.
Liz felt horrible. Future Max said that I would be happy. I told him that I wouldn't but he said I would. And I was right I could only be happy when I am with him. I need to call Maria.
Liz walked over to her phone and dialed the number that she memorized before her life became hell.
"Hello?" Maria asked.
"Maria it's Liz please get over here now."

OMG I wonder what's wrong with Liz? I never heard her this torn before. Maria thought to herself as she got out of the car in front of the Crashdown.
"Liz what is wrong, What happened?" Maria said entering Liz's room.
Maria couldn't understand what she was saying between the sobs.
"Liz come on tell me what's wrong," Maria said soothingly.
Liz stop crying and stood up. She was angry. How dare he come here in my house and tell me that he loves her. HER! Maria was very surprised at the Liz's change in emotion.
"Maria he came here in my house and said he loved that blond, good for nothing slut" Liz said in anger.

Next day

Dear Journal,
I'm Liz Parker and today is April 2, 2002. I am a senior in high school and a nightmare still spooks me. But this seemed so real. The thing in it was like a monster. It was chasing me. I keep having wired dreams.
England watchers Consul
"Rupert Giles has been Buffy Summer's watcher for a year officially, since he has been fired and rehired," Maxwell said.
"How does this have to do with the calling of the new slayer," Ron said.
"Well, instead of sending a new watcher we can send Rupert," Maxwell continued, "and get her trained, Buffy will go course then we will send the new watcher," Maxwell concluded.
"But who is the new slayer?" Ron asked angrily.
"The new slayer is Elizabeth Parker, she lives in Roswell, New Mexico." Maxwell said.

Part 1
"Hey, Giles what up," Buffy asked. Coming in with everyone ells.
"I got a call from the watchers council," Giles said, "there is a new slayer and we have to go and train her."
"OK is everyone ells going or just you and me," Buffy asked.
"Every one can go but they can stay if they want" Giles said.
"Since it is spring vacation guess were all going," Buffy said. Buffy concluded for the gang who just nodded their heads, yes.
"OK you guys will find her and befriend her" Giles said.
"Alight but who is she and where are we going?" Willow asked curiously.
"The new slayer is Elizabeth Parker she lives in Roswell, New Mexico," Giles said.
"Who so were going to the home of the aliens," Xander said. Trying to lighten up the mood.
Liz Parker woke up from another nightmare. Great 5am I'm never going to be able to get back to sleep. She thought to herself. I might as well get up now. It is spring vacation and I am supposed to sleep late. But I have an early morning shift. She got up and took a shower. When she was done it was 5:45. Sun hasn't come up yet. She thought to herself. All these nightmares they're horrible. I wish Max and I was together. But I had to save the world. God I hate my life, I am so depressed. It is funny I love him more then anything but I hate so much. She thought to herself.
That day 2pm New Mexico airport
Buffy, Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya and Giles got off the plane.
"So, next stop Roswell, New Mexico." Buffy said.
"Were going to the tourist town. OOOO! I want to meet an alen!" Xander said looking at all the tired faces.
"Yea were are we going to stay" Aniea asked annoyed.
"The council has bought a house in Roswell. It's at 23 Petters lane." Giles said.
"Michael I swear I'm going to kill him" Maria said to Michael.
"Why I mean like she slept with Kyle" Michael said trying to defend his best friend.
"No Michael she did not sleep with Kyle. A future vision of Max came to her and asked her to make Max fall out of love with her. Because there love caused the end of the world. Tess couldn't stand them together so she left town, then which caused the end of the world. Everyone died she saved you and Isabel she gave up everything for him and yet he just brakes her heard again!" Maria said angrily storming out of Michael's apartment.
Michael just stood there speechless not knowing what to do or say. I grabbed his jacket and headed to the Crashdown in search of Liz Parker.

Part2 Authors notes since it is spring break. Dawn is with her mom, who has not died.
Buffy and everyone got to the house. They were all surprised. It was a beautiful old Victorian mansion. It had a balcony in the master bedroom, 5 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, 2 libraries, a huge kitchen, dining room, and living room.
"Wow" was all Buffy could say.
"This house is huge!" Willows said awed.
"Giles must be happy with the library," Xander said.
"Xander." Anya said.
"Yea" He replied.
"Shut up"
"Will do"
Giles, of course already had the library all unpacked.
"Buffy it is almost night fall you better go out and patrol. Then tomorrow we should really contact this Parker girl." Giles said looking at a picture of her.
"Is that her Giles?'' Buffy questioned, looking over his shoulder at the photo of a dark hair girl.
"Yes, you should get going. We'll try to get most of the unpacking done tonight," Giles said standing up.
"Right I'll go now," Buffy said leaving.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crashdown ~~~~~~~~~
Michael ran into the Crashdown and went into the back room where he found Liz coming down the stairs.
"Liz look Maria told me what happen. Thank you so much" He said pulling a surprised Liz into a hug.
"OK what are you talking about?" Liz asked him. 'Maria better not have told him about future Max.' she thought to herself.
"Maria told me about future Max and everything. Thank you for doing that for us Liz. We could never repay you" Michael said pulling Liz into another hug.
Liz pulled away "Michael you can't tell Max this is what supposed to happen. He is supposed to be in love with Tess."
"I think he needs to know" Michael said.
"Michael I promised future Max that I wouldn't tell anyone and I told Maria and she told you and I can't tell him. I can't betray both of them" Liz said as a tear fell down her face.
"OK I understand" Michael said pulling her back into a hug. "I never knew that you loved him that much" Michael said pulling away.
"I would do anything for you guys" Liz said.

~~~~~~~ Buffy patrolling ~~~~~
"You know you should really start working out" Buffy said to a vampire that she was beating. She punched him in the stomach.
"This isn't going to be a town were you could just easily get want you want now" Buffy said as she punched him in the face. She did a round kick and then stabbed the vampire in the heart.

~~~~~~ Out in the desert ~~~~~~~~

"Arise, arise, arise" Chanted 4 vampires in long black cloaks usually worn by monks in a monastery. Hoods hung long over their faces making it almost impossible to identify who they were. On the sleeves and down the back of each robe was a long swirling design embroider in gold. The earth began to tremble as they finished their supplication. A crevice filled with smoke appeared in the ground before them. A demon, actually a baby demon covered with the same designs worn on the vampires robes rose out of the smoke. As the vamps stared in amazement the transformed itself into a human baby then a human child and then a seventeen yr old boy.
~~~~~ Next day ~~~

"Giles so what is the plan on telling the Parker girl who she is really is?" Buffy asked. It was morning and they had all gathered in the library.
"Well I figured that you and I could just tell her when she was alone," Giles said.
"One problem - how do we get her alone" Buffy asked. She seems like she's always with her friends or working at the restaurant.
"You follow her then call me on your cell and I will get over there". Giles said getting up and going over to a bookshelf.
"OK so is that it? How do I know where to find her in the first place?" Buffy asked not so sure of the plan.
"Her family owns the Crashdown. Never mind about calling me, when you feel it is right to tell her the truth just do it." Giles said changing his mind.
'I have a feeling this is going to be hard' Buffy thought to herself as she left.

Liz was working in the Crashdown. She just went through the motion of it. She had another nightmare. This time there was a blond girl in it. All of these dreams are just confusing me more. Liz thought to herself as was clearing a table. Things were slow. The morning rush was over but soon the after noon will come in soon.
As if on cue a blond girl walked in and sat in Liz's section. That must be her. Buffy thought to herself as she spotted the brunette.
Liz turned around feeling eyes on her. She looked at the blond girl. Something about her was familiar, but she knew she had never seen her before. Just then Alex walked in.
"How my best friend doing" Alex said with a lopsided smile. Maria had told him what Max said to her early that day. He decided to see how she was doing and if she was a mess he was going kick the crap out of that alien king. Alex thought to himself as he spotted Liz.
"Alex I'm good. Is there anything I can get you?" She said knowing that Alex would never buy that she was good but wanted to change the subject as soon as possible.
"Liz, I know you know I wouldn't buy that your OK," He said as he sat on a stool.
"Yea, I know Alex but…but I just don't want to talk about it now" She said trying hard to forget about what happened between her and Max.
I wonder what her deal is. Buffy thought as she saw her coming toward her table.
"Hi can I take your order" Liz asked in a friendly voice. She just couldn't shake off the feeling that she knew this girl some how. But she didn't.
"Um what would you recommend that is not drenched in grease." Buffy asked eyeing the girl. She looks sorta sad. Missing what Liz said.
"I am sorry I sorta spaced out there. What did you say?" Buffy asked looking at Liz, who smiled warmly.
"Its OK. I said that would be our Caesar salad then." Liz said.
"Yea that would be great. Oh and can I have Snapple with that please." Buffy asked.
"Sure I' ll. be right back with it." Liz said noticing the girl got a distant look in her face, like she was debating something.
"Here you go. Are you knew in town?" Liz curiously.
"Yea me and my family just bought a place in the East Side of town." Buffy said.
"Oh those are nice. Hi I'm Liz Parker." Liz said.
"I'm Buffy Somas." Buffy said shaking her hand.
"Yea and I'm Alex Whitman." Alex said coming up behind them.
"Its nice to meet you both." Buffy said.
"Hey why don't we show you around town later. The town is hoping at night." Alex said.
"Yea OK I'll come by again around 8." Knowing by eight it would be sunset and she would probably be able to tell Liz then.
Part 3
"Hey Giles I'm back" Buffy called up the stairs when
she got in. She just got done planning an evening with
Liz and her friend Alex. Alex reminded her a lot of
Xander. "I do hope I am going to be able to tell
Liz without Alex knowing." She thought.
"Good. So what's the plan?" Giles asked coming down the
long flight of stairs. He was curious as to how Buffy
was going to tell Liz. She would have to tell it in a
way that Liz wouldn't think she is crazy.
"Hey when are we going to be meet this Parker girl?"
Xander said coming out of the kitchen. He was also
curious as to what is going to happen. He only hoped
that this slayer would be nice. Hopefully, she wouldn't
try to kill him in the future.
"Well I am going to hang with her and her friend Alex
tonight. I don't know if I will be able to tell her
yet though." Buffy said going up the stairs and into
her room, which was the master bedroom. Xander
followed her.
"So tell me does she seem nice?" Xander asked.
"Yea she seems cool," Buffy said sitting on her bed.
She knew that Xander was worried. She couldn't blame
him. Faith did try to kill him, then again Faith did
try to kill me too.
"Hey Buffy, Giles just told me that your going to
hang with her tonight. Do you want me to come along too
you just in case?" Willow asked concerned.
"God does everyone think that this slayer is going to kill
me? She doesn't even know she is a slayer. And she is
not Faith." Buffy angrily. When she looked at there faces
she wished she could take back her words.
"Look I sorry you guys. Its just that I met with her
and she was really nice. " Buffy said trying to
explain her actions.
"Yea Buffy its cool" Xander said. He knew Buffy was
under a lot of stress.
"Oh yea Buff its fine," Willow said. She understood
Buffy how Buffy felt.
"Willow you don't have to come with me. Every thing
is going to be fine," Buffy said. She really felt bad
about exploding at them.
"OK " Willow said sitting on Buffy bed. "Dawn and
your mom called while you were gone. They want you to
call them back soon."
Authors notes: I know this part wasn't good but I have
been having writers block and I just wanted to get a
part out. It has been a long time since I updated this

Liz was still feeling down. And to top it all of Max and Tess came into the Crashdown. 'God I hate them' Liz thought to herself, as she made her way over to them to take their order. Michael saw this. He felt really bad for Liz and he never thought he would feel that for the first time in his life he really hated Max Evens.
"I'm Liz and I will be your waitress for the evening are you ready to order?" Liz asked trying really hard for to show that they aren't getting to her.
"Well Liz were not quit ready to order yet," Tess said moving closer to Max.
"OK well tell me when you are," Liz said moving away.
'God out of every where in Roswell why did they have to come here. They knew I would be here.' Liz thought to herself as she went over to Michael bye the window. It was almost 7:30 and that when she gets off then she would have a half an hour to get ready.
"Hey take the rest of the night I'll go do some orders I'll get Max and Tess table and besides Maria is out there," Michael said to Liz.
"Are you sure?" Liz asked Michael.
"Yea know get out of here," he said playfully.
Liz slowly walked up the back steps she was so emotionally tired. She hoped that tonight would be good for her.

Alex walked into the CD and the first thing he saw was Max and Tess looking cozy together. He notices Michael walk over to their table.
"So Max what do you want?" Michael asked in a cruel voice.
"Jeez Michael what is up your but?" Tess asked in a high pitched voice.
"The thing I have a problem is that you come in here and flaunt your relationship right in Liz's face. That's my problem!" he yelled at them. By this time Alex made is way to their table.
"Michael stop yelling!" Max said in a so-called leader voice.
"I can do whatever the hell I want to do Max. Now are you going to order something? If your not get out now?" Michael said in a calm but fierce voice.
"Were leaving come on Tess," Max said. Tess followed him like she was a little lap dog.
"WOW! Michael never thought you would yell at the king," Alex said.
"Yea, well they come in here and flaunts their relationship in Liz's face. And I hate it," He said walking back into the kitchen.
When Liz got to her room she quickly showered and changed. She went back into the Crashdown just in time see what Michael said to Max and Tess.

Alex was talking about the different shops of Roswell. There wasn't that much to it. Liz was thinking about before. She would never have thought in a million years that Michael would have stood up for her. They have been friends but never close. She was feeling closer to him, but in a brother kind of way. Buffy made it to the Crashdown, right after it happen so she wasn't able to get out of there fast. Michael of course was very suspicious of Buffy. She felt like she could trust her though. It was funny because she didn't even know her. Then of course Maria came up and started asking questions too. She hated them asking questions but she knew it was just because they were being protective. But it still pissed her off.
Buffy was debating when to tell Liz. She couldn't say it with Alex here. She would have to find away to get rid of him. Or something. She couldn't just come right out and say 'hey Liz guess what? You're a vampire slayer.' No she didn't think that it would go over to well. So she would have to have prove. She would have to run into a vampire somewhere, dark ally, or go to the graveyard.
Buffy and Liz where both awaken by their thoughts buy a ringing or a cell phone.
"Hello?" Alex said, into the phone.
"You need help with the computer?"
"Yea I'll get there as fast as I can," He said before hanging up.
"Alex who was that?" Liz asked.
"That was Isabel she needs help with her computer. I'm going over there now," He said
"But I thought we were going to show Buffy around?" Liz said she really didn't want Alex to just rush over when 'her majesty calls.'
"I know but it would be rude if I don't go. Buffy you don't mind right?" He asked her.
"Oh no not at all," she said.
"OK well then. I'm going back to the CD. That's where I parked my car. I'll call you tomorrow Liz," he said before running of.
"I'm guessing he likes her," Buffy said.
"I don't think 'like' is the word," Liz said.
"I know what you mean," Buffy said.
They kept walking Liz would point out the different shops now and then. They soon came up to the graveyard.
"And this is Roswell's Cemetery," Liz said.
"WOW, old. Huh?" Buffy said noticing that the graves up infront were very old looking. But she did also notice a fresh new grave. The dirt was starting to move. She knew what that meant. A vampire was about to come up.
Buffy knew that this was the right time to tell Liz about herself.
"Come on lets go in," Buffy said before she ran into the graveyard.
Liz could only follow her. She felt like she should. Which was odd to her. Because you just don't follow complete strangers anywhere when you know aliens. Liz saw Buffy go over to this thing. It had what looked like to her a mask. It's face was bumpy, it had fangs. Liz never saw anything like it before. But the weird thing was, she wasn't scared.
Liz watched as Buffy beat the thing up. She still had no idea what it was. Buffy punched it in the stumick making it stumble. Then she kicked in the stumick making it fall to the ground. Before it could get up Buffy put the wooden stake through the vampires chest.
Buffy slowly turned around. She wasn't surprised to see Liz with a shocked face.
"What was that?" Liz asked
"A vampire," Buffy said.
"How were you able to kill it?" Liz asked
"Because I'm a vampire slayer and so are you," Buffy said to Liz.

"I'm a what now?" Liz asked. She was very confused.
"You're a vampire slayer," Buffy said
"This doesn't make sense vampires don't exist," Liz said.
"Yeah they do exist. That's what I killed just right now. You see there is a chosen one, one girl who fights evil. She the one that kills them. You and me are that girl," Buffy said.
"But you just said there is only one slayer. Now there's two. How did that happen?" Liz was getting more confused by the minute.
"When I was sixteen I died. But my friend saved me. But I still died. It was only a minute but it happened. When I died another slayer was called. She died. Another girl was called. She died a few weeks ago. You were called as the next slayer.
"Wait a minute - all these slayers are dying.- except you? This doesn't sound too good for me. I think I'll pass".
"You can't pass"
And so it began. No matter how much Liz fought it she started to notice the changes. She was stronger than she had ever been. Her reflexes were incredible, even her friend Maria noticed when they were working at the Crashdown. Plates might fall, glasses might drop but nothing hit the ground if Liz was around. One night she woke up in a cemetary and there was a vampire walking towards her. She didn't know how she knew but she knew deep down that he was a vampire and that he was going to kill her. "I'm going to die right here." she thought to herself. Still she couldn't move. He walked toward her slowly, with a menancing smile on his face. Just when he was about to reach out and grab her Buffy jumped in. She seemed to fly out of nowhere and jumped right on that vampire. One quick move and he was dust.
"That's how its done." Buffy said. "Are you ready or do you want to die. Make no mistake you are a slayer and from now on they will kill you or you will kill them. There's no other way."

Liz finally accepted that she was a vampire slayer. She has been training for weeks. Max and Tess were still together and to top it all off. It was the week of the prom! She didn't have a date and probably she would probalbly have to patrol that night anyway. Michael and Alex have been suspicious as to were she has been going. So is Maria. But she knew that she couldn't tell them. They had enough to worry about.
Liz was on her way to the graveyard. She talked Buffy into letting her go alone for the first time. As she was walking through town she felt like someone was following her. It was too crowded here in town to kill a vamp. Liz picked up the pace and so did he. She begin to run and he continued to follow.

Michael was on his way to his apartment, thinking of Max and wondering about how strange he had been acting - the way he had given Isabel an ultimatium, how he was with Tess and the way he hurt Liz. He heard people running up the street opposite. Without thinking he slipped into an alley.
It was Liz. She had ran into a desserted section of the park. There was bushes all around her. The vamp had her backed into a corner. "Your mine," the vampire hissed.
"I don't think so," Liz said and pulled out the wooden stake. She walked over to the vampire. To her surprise the vampire didn't move. She was about to just put the stake through him but then. He caught her off guard and kicked her in the stomach knocking her to the ground. She quickly recovered and jumped to her feet. She punched him in the stomach. Then was about to punch him in the face when Michael came out of the bushes.
Michael quickly used his powers against the vampire. He saw its face and knew it was not human. He wasn't sure if it was alien or not. The vampire went flying into the bushes.
"What the?" the vampire was confused. He pulled himself up and ran away..
"Liz what do u think your doing? You could have been killed. That thing could have been anything. And you were going to kill it with a, with a wooden stake? Are you crazy?!" Michael yelled at Liz.

"Michael. Liz said in her calmest voice. I do know how to kill it and I do know what it was,"
"Oh really what the hell was it," Michael said copying the Liz tone sarcastically.
"It was a vampire," she said and started to walk away.
Michael quickly caught up with her, "What do u mean a vampire? They're not real. And even if they were, how would you be able to kill them?"
"Cause I'm a vampire slayer. If you don't believe me come with me,"
Authors notes: OK. First I would just like to say that I'm sorry I just
got the last part out. I had a real bad writer's block then one day I found
my self in word and writing. Sometimes it could take me a day to write a
part but others could take me a month. Really it could.

Michael caught up with Liz. He didn't believe her he wanted to know
what was going on. For all he knew someone could be brain washing her. Liz took him to the house were everybody was, she knew that Giles or Buffy wouldn't
be too happy but he saw the vampire. Liz knew that Michael wouldn't back down
until he knew what it was, he was very stubborn. Even though Liz would
rather have him not know she had to tell him, if she didn't he would
tell Max what he saw and she couldn't have that. At least now she would make
him promise not to tell.

Michael stood in front of a huge house. He didn't even know that big of
a house was ever made in Roswell. Liz led him in "Giles, Buffy, I'm
back," Liz called; the girl from the restaurant came down with this proper looking guy. He wore glasses and he had on a sweater vest. "Who is this?" Buffy
questioned nodding her head towards Michael. "Um can I speak to you
guys in private?" Liz asked, "Yes Liz of course," Giles said in a British
"You stay here," Liz whispered to Michael. Buffy, Giles, and Liz went
into the living room. Liz could tell that they were very confused. She
didn't blame them, she was finally aloud to go out and patrol alone and she
brings back someone.

"Liz who is he? What is he doing here?" Giles asked. "His name is
Michael. He must of have followed me and he saw me almost kill the vampire, it
got away and I told him but he doesn't believe me though. I'm afraid he
will tell my other friends and they will think I'm crazy. So we have got to
tell him" Liz said. "How are we going to prevent him from telling your other
friends?" Giles asked. He didn't mind her telling someone as long as
she kept him out of danger and made sure he was trust worthy. He knew that
Buffy wouldn't mind either. "I can trust him. I know I can," Liz said looking
straight into Giles eyes. "OK then, we have some explaining to do"
Giles said.

They walked back into the main room, "Michael come in and sit down,"
Giles said. Michael sat down but very cautiously, he didn't trust them fully
"Michael what you saw today was a vampire. Buffy and Liz are vampire
slayers. They fight the evils of the world" Giles explained. He could
read Michael's eyes and he knew that he was confused.

"Michael like I said the thing out there was a vampire. It had those
strange teeth and that's why it had the face" Liz explained she knew that he
would believe her. "So that was a vampire. But…but why didn't we notice
before" Michael asked, "Because most people don't realize it," Buffy added.

This part is going to be in Max POV. All your questions as to why he is
Tess will be answered. Maybe.

Part 8a
Max woke up on his bed and realized he was still in his clothes. His
head has been foggy for the last couple of days and he couldn't remember
much but finally he felt like he was thinking clearly. As Max sat up it was like
all he memories of the last couple of days floated back to him. He
remembered going to Liz to tell her that no matter what happened he still loved
her and then he ran into Tess on the way.

There was like a gap between meeting Tess and going up to Liz's room.
He didn't remember what he and Tess had talked about but he did remember
going to Liz and telling her that he was in love with Tess. Then he
remembered going to the Crashdown and seeing Liz work but having Tess by him. He knew
he was being mind warped but he couldn't control it. There were just so
many gaps. Max stood up and tried to get to Isabel's room, but he only made
it to the door of his own. That's when he felt like he blacked out again.