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Title: The Fifth Element
Author: Jen
E-Mail: Lizparker25⊕
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me, etc. Also, a lot of concepts in this story are based off the movie “The Fifth Element.”
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Yup. It’s mainly everything this season up to and including “Cry Your Name.” It also includes stuff from the rest of the season- minus the season finale, but those are sort of just the main ideas, not details.
Summary: Liz leaves Roswell after Alex’s death, looking for answers, but stumbles across something much bigger than she expected.
Category: Mainly Max/Liz, but a lot of Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel, Kyle/Ava in it too. Even a little (ugh!) Max/Tess UC. Oh, and don’t forget Topaz/Serena! Maybe it would just be easier to say it’s everything?
Note: Feedback would certainly be appreciated. I’d also like to thank my friends Dia, Jennifer, and Runjhun for all the help and comments they’ve given me on my story. It really helped to have you guys as beta-readers! I’d also like to thank everyone whose left feedback on my story. You all really helped to convince me to keep writing this, so don’t stop your feedback now!!!!. Now, on with the show!


Her life had fallen apart the day Alex Whitman had died, almost a month and a half ago. As if losing one of her best friends wasn’t enough, a week or so later, Liz Parker had taken off, disappeared. It was as if she had dropped off the face of the planet, no one in Roswell had seen or heard from Liz since, at least as far as Maria DeLuca knew. To make matters worse, Isabel and Kyle, Michael and herself were no longer on the friendliest of terms with Max Evans, especially since he had gotten Tess pregnant. And today, the only person who had been keeping Maria sane since the disastrous day had come to tell her that they needed to go back home, to keep the unborn baby from dying. Michael Guerin was going to leave her too.

Yeah, life had definitely screwed up whatever Maria DeLuca had going for her. She constantly prayed for some small glimmer of light in her bleak surroundings. How little did she know that soon her prayers were going to be answered, in a way no one expected…

Part 1

***One and a Half Months Ago. Roswell, New Mexico***

“Did it work?”

“Affirmative. Everything’s safe for now.”

“And they never suspected anything?”

“Nothing. Clean switch. They’ll never know the difference.”

“And our compeer?”

“He’s back at the base. Sere is getting him settled. He did his part well.”

“The Darkness won’t win. And now, neither shall K’Var.”

***A Week Later***

“But I have promises to keep, and miles more to go before I sleep! And miles to go before I sleep!” Liz Parker cried hysterically in the now empty Crashdown Café.

Jerry, the deliveryman, had left a couple of minutes before, after giving Liz the receipt the late Alex Whitman had signed in some sort of binary code. She had asked him that if he remembered anything, to give it to her. The teenager never imagined her to freak out like she did. It had scared him away.

Liz, on the other hand, had neither cared nor noticed. All she knew that Alex was trying to tell her something. The poem, the tickets, this…there was no possible way that Alex Whitman had committed suicide. Liz knew this with every ounce of her soul, even if no one would believe her. Even if it would separate her from her friends. But alone or not, Liz knew that it was up to her to solve her best friend’s murder. She owed him that much.

Liz raced up to her room as soon as she hit the staircase. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying and tears left streaks on her face. As she reached the hallway, Liz swung her room door open, ignoring the concerned glances she received from her parents at her disheveled appearance. Upon entering, she dove for her closet, in which she kept boxes of her old schoolwork and notes from sixth grade to present day. Crumpling up the receipt in her jean pocket, Liz dug franticly in the sixth grade box, books and papers going everywhere. Normally, Liz would have been aghast at the mess she was creating, but at this point, she didn’t care.

It was like her outburst earlier that afternoon at the Whitman household. Obviously, she wasn’t thinking then, nor was she focusing now. The Liz from two weeks ago, the calm rational one was gone. Two weeks ago, she never would have betrayed Isabel’s confidence about the Vilandra situation, but the words had just flown out of her mouth while yelling at Max. Come to think of it, how had she known? Max must have told her at some point, Liz concluded, even though she could not remember when.

“Ah ha! Here it is,” Liz jumped from her crouching position on the floor. She quickly walked over to her desk. Once sitting on the chair, Liz opened the black and white marbled notebook she had been looking for. It was her old computer lit notebook. She and Maria had not been fans of the class, or the teacher, but Alex had loved it. The memories made her smile.

From the cup on her desk, Liz grabbed a pen and ripped a blank sheet from the notebook to use as scrap. “Alex, what were you trying to tell me?” she muttered, skimming over her notes on binary code.

Thinking she finally understood the method of translation, Liz attempted to turn the code into English letters.

“Damn!” Liz banged her fist heavily into the desk, leaving a small dent in the polished oak wood. F25VI. “No,” she cried over and over again. How could these random letters and numbers be what he was trying to tell her? “Alex,” she whispered to no one, “This doesn’t mean anything. What were you trying to say? Alex…”

Grabbing a tissue from the box on her bed, Liz whipped her tears away, trying to calm her hysteria for the second time that night. Reminding herself to breathe, the girl decided to take another look at the binary code and her notes. As she was rereading them, Liz realized that her impatience had caused her to make a mistake in the translation.

“Idiot,” she cursed at herself. Liz took a deep breath, and quickly concentrated on redoing the code. She stared down at the page, one hand tucking a loose strand of brown hair behind her ear while the other scribbled notes. Her eyebrows were knit in deep focus.

“Kyshi?” she asked, confused. “What does that have to do with anything? Alex, what does Kyshi mean?” The word, no name, she decided, had sounded familiar. But she couldn’t point to where.

If this were a cartoon, a light bulb would have appeared above Liz’s forehead as the recognition came to her eyes. Kyshi was supposedly an ancient scholar who her Grandmother had believed existed. Though there was no proof of him, in all her archeology work, Claudia Parker had always been determined to finding out more about Kyshi. She had claimed that Kyshi’s name had been passed down by her family for generations, that one of her ancestors was his final apprentice, up until the man’s death.

Liz’s grandma would always spin wonderful tales revolving around Kyshi and his discoveries. Maria, Alex, and Liz would beg the elderly woman to tell them a new one whenever she came to visit. That was at least till two Octobers ago, when Grandma Claudia had died, never finding out if Kyshi had been real or not. But why, Liz wondered, why in the world would Alex place a fictional character’s name on a receipt?

Part 2

***Same Day, May 12***

“Maria, what do you remember about Kyshi?”

“Liz,” Maria wailed from the other end of the phone line, trying her hardest not to burst into tears again. The realization of the funeral, added with the argument between Liz and the aliens had just been too much for her. Thank goodness Michael had came to her house later that evening to continue taking care of the DeLuca girls. Otherwise, Maria wasn’t quite sure how she would deal with this all. He had been a real support to her…and surprisingly, to her mom.

“Alex is dead,” Maria said firmly. “His funeral was today…and you…you want to know about some supposed ancient scholar or something that your grandma used to tell us about? God, you know I can’t think about anything but…that the last few days have been…” Maria’s voice began to soften, whimpers, with a hint of anger peaking through.

Liz shook her head. She knew she should have just tried to find her grandmother’s book. “Lost Treasures,” by Claudia Parker. She had given Liz a copy when she came to Roswell in October ’99, a couple days before she died. Liz skimmed through it once or twice while Claudia was in a coma, but after she had died, Liz couldn’t bring herself to look at it. So, she had buried it on a shelf in her room. But now, she needed it. Claudia had written a good section or so on her findings about Kyshi and his prophecies and research.

“Maria, please don’t cry,” Liz begged. She didn’t want to be responsible for making her best friend more upset than she all ready was. “Alex- he left me a message. On that receipt Jerry had. It was in binary code Maria; he was trying to tell use something. It wasn’t suicide, it couldn’t have been.”

“Liz, leave her alone.” Michael’s stern, angry voice answered in place of Maria. This caught Liz by surprise. She had thought the division she accidentally created between the humans and aliens would have prevented Michael from returning to Maria for the time being. She had thought wrong. “Don’t you think she, we, all have gone through enough with everything that’s been going on?”

“Michael, please, listen to me. He left a clue. Alex left us a clue!” Liz could hear her voice rising in octaves, something that happed when she was angry or upset. “Kyshi! He must mean…”

“What did you say?” Michael cut her off mid sentence.

“Kyshi. He’s a legendary ancient prophet my grandmother though once existed. Michael, does he…does he mean something to you?”

“I don’t know. Its just, the name sounds familiar. Like I’ve heard it before, but can’t remember where,” Michael replied with all sincerity. Then his attitude suddenly changed. “I know you love Maria, so do her a favor? Keep your theories on Alex’s death to yourself. It maybe wasn’t suicide, but it wasn’t alien related. Do you understand that Liz?”

“No Michael, I’m afraid I don’t.” Liz hung up the phone before he had a chance to reply. So much for going to Maria for help, she thought.

Liz stood up from her position on the bed and walked towards the open window. She climbed out at the room and settled on the lawn chair on her balcony. She stared at the stars as she pulled the pattern blanket around her. Sitting here gave her flashbacks of when Alex had come back from Sweden, and wound up spending the night, even after Maria had left. He had told her that she should see the world, that traveling would really change her perspective of life. Now sitting there, Liz wondered if maybe he could be right.

***May 13, Morning***

She woke up with a purpose. Liz knew what she had to do. She had to keep her promise to Alex, and the only way to do so would be to find out everything that she could about Alex before he died everything she didn’t know. And Sweden would be a big part of this. Even though Alex did tell Liz and Maria bits of the trip, he was really vague with the details.

Climbing off the lawn chair in which she had fallen asleep on, she quickly climbed back inside her room, walking over to the brick wall which hid her most precious belonging: her journal. Pulling out the loose brick, she grabbed the black leather bound journal and tossed it on the bed. Liz then proceeded to dig further into the wall before she came across a tin piggy bank from The Body Shop that Amy DeLuca had given her for Christmas one year. Maria’s mom had given them to Maria and Alex as well that year. It had multicolored animals across the orange tin with a message to protect the environment. Liz had used it to save up a percentage of her earnings and allowance, in hopes one day she might have enough to travel with.

And she had been able to save enough, almost a thousand dollars. She wasn’t sure if she could get to Sweden with this, but she knew it was enough to get out of Roswell and begin her search. Liz threw the tin on her bed and then went into her closet to dig out her old black school bag from last year. She had stopped using it come her junior year in high school, feeling it had too many memories of the past, when life was simpler with the aliens.

Walking to her drawers, Liz began pulling out only the most necessary clothing and items for this trip. She quickly got dressed in jeans, a purple tee shirt that bordered right on the waist of the pants, and placed a gray sweater over it. Liz knew it would be easier to wear a lot of the clothing that she might need, rather having to pack it. Her long brown hair swung loose and straight over her shoulders. Grabbing a clip, she pulled a section back, out of her face, wearing it much like she did on the night Alex was killed eight days ago. Throwing the other articles of clothing, her journal, and other necessities into her bag, Liz climbed a chair to the top shelf to retrieve her grandmother’s book. She’d have to read it now, to find out more about Kyshi.

Quickly, she scribbled a note to her parents and friends, telling them she had left Roswell to search for answers, and not to try to contact her at all. Liz stared at her room while placing on her long, brown jacket. Slinging the backpack over her shoulders and grabbing the shoulder bag that she wound up using as well, Liz sighed. She wanted to remember the room, everything good about Roswell. Noting this, Liz walked over to her bedside where she had a picture of the group, taken soon after Max and Liz had found the orb in the desert. Kyle and Tess hadn’t become a part of the group yet, and life was so much easier. She stuffed it into her shoulder bag.

“I hope one day it will return to that,” she whispered to no one.

Liz walked to the window to make her way to the outside world. A bus to the train station, and a train to her grandmother’s house in Arizona. The Parkers hadn’t touched it yet, leaving it the way it was, refusing to change it from the way Claudia had left it for them. Liz needed more answers than “Lost Treasures” could provide her on Kyshi and why Alex would be concerned with it. This was the only place to start.

Now she stood outside the Crashdown Café. As she turned to leave, she saw Max, Tess, Kyle, and Isabel coming from the other direction. Quickly, Liz departed, knowing full well that this was the last time she’d be in Roswell until she solved Alex’s murder.

Part 3

***May 13, Mid-Morning***

“Isabel!” Max Evans shouted his sister’s name. The tall, pretty blond turned around once, and then turned back to talking to Kyle Valenti. “Isabel!” he shouted once more.

Isabel had had Kyle come over early that morning to take her to the Crashdown Café so the two of them could talk with Liz. He had come with Tess, who immediately went off in search of Max. Isabel had then tried calling Maria too, but Michael answered and told her rudely that neither of them wanted to talk to Liz at the moment. Isabel had the suspicion this was more Michael’s decision than Maria’s, because she knew that Maria wouldn’t duck out on her best friend at a time like this, no matter what it was. Maria, Liz, and…it still hurt Isabel to say or think his name. She wanted him to come back so much. But if Max couldn’t bring back the dead, then who could?

“Did you hear something?” Isabel asked Kyle as they continued to walk a few paces in front of the other two aliens.

“Isabel, you can’t keep ignoring your brother forever. It’s not good karma,” he added in as a side joke, due to his reputation as ‘Buddha Boy,’ thanks to Tess.

“It’s just, he can’t control me! He shouldn’t. If I want to go to college in San Francisco next year, then I will. He…Michael…Tess, they can’t make this decision for me, no matter how much our lives are supposed to be intertwine. It’s my life, not theirs.” Isabel pushed open the door to the café, not bothering to keep it open for her brother or Tess.

“I guess I get what you’re saying.” Kyle shrugged. “It’s like, even though my father chose to become a part of your conspiracy, he didn’t force it on me too. I could have gone back to being a ‘dumb jock,’ and stay out of your way forever. I guess, it’s like Alex had told me…”

Kyle was about to continue his sentence when Isabel’s eyes started to tear up. He hit himself on the head, cursing for bringing up his late friend’s name. How dumb could he be?

“Isabel, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he tried apologizing.

“No, it’s okay Kyle,” Isabel replied, wiping away tears. “Thanks for coming with me. I know you believed Liz’s theory on…his murder…and I just…I want to know if maybe…God, what if he…cause of me.” Isabel spoke in breaks, never able to finish one though.

“No one blames you,” Tess said, slinking up from behind with Max by her side. “It was an accident, a bad one.”

“Izzy,” Max offered a tissue but she ignored it.

“Max, I’m still not on speaking terms with you. So get it through your head, will you! You’re not my keeper!” With that, Isabel stormed to the back room.

“I’ll go follow her. You’ve screwed with enough people Evans. Leave your sister alone,” Kyle said, glaring at Max. He then turned and stormed off in search of Isabel and Liz.

Tess sympathetically placed her arm around Max’s shoulder. “I still believe in you,” she whispered.

Max looked down at the alien girl, his wife in his past life, his…what is she to me now, he wondered. Definitely more than a friend, he concluded. Maybe Liz was right, he thought, maybe I am moving on. Without thinking, he followed Tess to one of the booths while Jennifer rushed over to take their order, forgetting all about his previous argument with Isabel.

***May 13, Afternoon. Alpine, Arizona.***

Ava Rowling walked down the main street of the Arizona city. She was surprised she had made it this far. Since leaving Roswell in November, she had been on her own. Occasionally, she did write a letter to Liz Parker to assure the girl that she was all right, but never left any return address for Liz to write back. And that was because Ava had no address. She wandered from city to city, staying in the cheapest motels she could find, having different odd jobs in each town to keep an income of money.

Occasionally, she did meet up with another kind soul, like Liz, who would give her shelter during the cold months for free. But she never stayed in the same town for more than a couple of weeks. She wandered, but was used to being alone. Except for Zan, Lonnie and Rath had never treated her with much respect or kindness, unless they wanted something from her. Sometimes Ava wondered if Zan and Liz were the only two friends that she ever would have.

Ava had arrived in Alpine a month ago. Unfortunately, this time, she had been living on the street, not able to find any work in the city. Maybe it was that she hadn’t looked hard enough, because she was sick of living this sort of life. She knew she could always return to Roswell. The Royal 4 there were much more goody-two-shoes than her group, but Ava was too proud to do so. Besides, you’d think growing up in the sewers of New York City would prepare her for a life like this.

“Watch where you’re going!” She shouted as some teenage boy bumped into her.

“Tess?” he asked confused. He studied her again. Ava placed a glare on her face, tossing her short, dyed hair out of the way. “Oh, no…” the guy must have realized his mistake. “Ava, huh? Tess’s dupe?”

“You,” she stated. “You from Roswell?”

He did look a little familiar. Ava decided he was one of the eight she, Lonnie, and Rath had met when entering the tourist trap. He nodded her agreement at the question. Ava frowned. What was he doing all the way out here? Their Roswell counterparts were too clean cut, the same with their friends. God, the even had the freaking Sheriff on their side! It made no sense to Ava for one of them to be in Alpine. But it had to be her luck to bump into him in this huge city.

“Liz ain’t here, is she?” Ava asked. It would be great to see her again, no matter how cornball it sounded.

The guy shook his head. “I’m staying with some friends. You?”

She looked away, not wanting to reveal the desperate situation she was in. But he must have figured it out anyway. “My friends are a little ways out of town, and we could always use new people in our group. Besides, even if you are a dupe, Liz told me about you. Said you were the nice one. Maybe you can help us.”

“With what?” Ava questioned defensively. He was speaking in riddles and making no sense to her.

“Did your guardian ever tell you of the Fifth?”

“What’s it to you?” Ava had heard of the prophecy. The shape shifter in charge of raising the New York duplicates of the Royal Four had kept no secrets from them. That was until Lonnie and Rath had gotten sick of him and killed the man. It scared Ava. She never wanted to see another person murdered. And then they killed Zan, so much for her wish. But she knew the prophecy and would do anything to protect the Fifth Element. But not to save her home planet. All they had ever done for her was dump her in the sewers with a bunch of rejects.

“The people I’m with, they’re from your planet, and humans as well. We’ve been working on figuring out the truth regarding the prophecy. Regarding Kyshi’s findings. Maybe you could help.”

This or the streets, Ava thought. Easy decision, she wasn’t dumb. And as an added bonus, she could protect her friend. “So, we going?”

Her new friend smiled. “Yeah, we are.”

***Same Time. Roswell, New Mexico***

“Liz,” Isabel said, knocking on the door to her friend’s room. “It’s Isabel and Kyle. Your mother said you were upstairs in your room. We came to talk to you, is that okay?”

There was no reply. “Maybe she left,” Kyle suggested.

“Where to Kyle? Mrs. Parker said Liz locked herself in her room all of last night, a couple of hours after coming home from the funeral.”

“Well, if you use a little of those alien powers,” Kyle hinted, “We can get into the room.”

Isabel smiled, the first time in days. She knew Kyle had been creeped out by that whole alien/power thing. All it took was a simple dreamwalk to see that. It was one of the funniest dreams she had ever walked in on. It was more interesting to see Kyle cope with Max changing him than seeing Maria’s dream, when she was trying to cope with knowing they were aliens that she had entered two weeks or so after Liz and Maria had learned the truth.

“Why don’t you try?” she suggested coyly.

“What? Me?” Kyle stared at her accusingly. “I’m human. Sorry.”

“But when Max healed you…”

“Just open the damn door!” Kyle snapped back, anger and embarrassment flushing his face.

Isabel laughed briefly and placed her hand over the lock. The lock and her hand glowed a reddish color for a couple of seconds. Then she pulled away and turned the knob. Isabel and Kyle walked into the empty room.

“Wow, I was right.”

Isabel didn’t acknowledge his statement. Instead, she walked over to the desk, noticing drawers open clothes and books scattered all over the room. Maria had mentioned at one point that Liz was a neat freak, like Isabel’s brother, so what was with the mess? Approaching the desk, she picked up the sheet of paper lying there.

“Oh my God, Kyle!” she called him away from the open window.

“What is it?”

“She left Roswell.” Isabel replied in shock.

Part 4

Note: The song used is “You Make Me Feel” by, Jeremy Toback.

***May 13, mid-afternoon***

<<< Have you ever seen the Sunset Strip?
Your dream down to the bone
We used to try
To live a deep dark life
But we were all alone
Went to the Emerald City
To keep that dream alive
We saw gold
And a light bright life
But there was no sun inside>>>

Liz Parker stared out of the bus window, listening to her headphones as the desert scenery past by. She knew the song playing; it used to be one of her favorites. Used to be being the key word. In her sophomore year, when her relationship with Max was still new, Liz felt this was the song that described her life, her soul. Adjusting the volume on her CD/radio player, she listened to the song more closely. In a way, this song still described what she felt around Max. It was just that, whatever used to be there seemed gone now.

<< Like falling down is falling up
You make me feel
Like loving you is just my luck
Just my luck>>>

They were reaching the train station fast, quicker than Liz expected. Some small part of her was disappointed. She had hoped that maybe Maria or one of the others would have found her note by now and would have come after her. Then maybe she would have had a companion on this trip, for she definitely wouldn’t let them convince her to go back. She would have just dragged the willing participants with her. Wishful thinking Parker, she scolded herself mentally.

“Last stop,” the bus driver shouted from the front, snapping Liz out of her thoughts.

She gathered her two bags, thanked the driver, and walked out into the Roswell Train Station. The station was on the outskirts of the town, but not extremely busy, considering the time of year. It was an old station and had been there for as long as Liz could remember. Two interconnected main buildings were split apart by the tracks running in between them, one going west, the other east. The trains would come in, and upon leaving the premises, depart on a connected track to it’s final destination. Liz and Maria would always love to predict where each locomotive was heading when they came to the train station as kids.

<< With the coyotes and the falling stars
And I've got you
When the day gets dark
To light my way

You make me feel
Like falling down is falling up
You make me feel
Like loving you is just my luck
You make me feel
Isn't that enough?>>>

Liz picked up the duffel bag from the grassy lawn as she looked at the area around her. She hadn’t been here for the longest time, but the place had not changed a bit. “At least one place has remained constant in my life,” she muttered to herself, heading towards the terminal. “It’s now or never girl. Well, what are you waiting for?”

<< We try to find the balance
Let's divine a nursery rhyme
And turn it into practice
And let's let down our guard
So we can raise this love

You make me feel
Like falling down is falling up
You make me feel
Like loving you is just my perfect luck
You make me feel . . .
You make me feel . . .>>>

***Same Time***

“What do you mean she left Roswell?” Maria yelled at Isabel and Kyle. What was left of the group, along with Sheriff Valenti, had assembled at Michael’s apartment to discuss what Izzy and Kyle had found, or lack there of.

“I mean that when Kyle and I went to talk to her, we found a note, not her.”

“You went to talk to her?” Maria asked confused. When a slightly guilty look appeared on Michael’s face, Maria’s confusion turned to anger. “Thanks a lot spaceboy. Maybe if… you know, just let me see the letter!”

Everyone else just sat there quietly watching Maria’s actions as Isabel handed her the scrap of paper she had taken off of Liz’s desk. Maria ran one hand through her hair, which was tied back in a bun, while the other held up the paper so she could read it aloud to Max, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Valenti, and Tess.

“May 13, 2001. Dear Mom and Dad, Maria, or whoever else finds this note.

“As you can see, I’m not home. I’m not in Roswell anymore either. Alex’s death has just been too much to deal with. I had to go somewhere where I could start anew. Oh, and Mom, don’t bother calling Aunt Judy. I’m not going to Florida. I’ll check in with you when I arrive in wherever it is I’m supposed to be. Don’t bother coming after me. I made sure that the bus I took was the last one that would head out to the train station for at least an hour. By then, I’ll be on my train, towards my destination. I guess it’s just some soul searching that I need. I love you all, and hopefully, will see you again soon.

“Love, Liz.” Maria finished reading the short note, her face flushing with mixed emotions.

“At least she didn’t say anything about her crazy theories on Alex’s accident,” Max said with relief. He stood up from his seat next to Tess and walked over to Maria to take the note. As he reached out expectantly, Maria shoved the note quickly in her pocket instead of his hand.

“It that’s all you can say about my best friend and your former love,” Maria growled, “Then you don’t even deserve to see the note. What’s happened to you Max?” She shook her head in disappointment and walked towards the door of Michael’s apartment.

“Leave now,” she ordered of her alien friend.

“Maria,” Max warned. “I’m the…”

“Whoa, son.” Sheriff Valenti moved from his position next to Kyle to intercept the argument between Maria and Max before it got violent. He knew Maria DeLuca was a little fireball ready to explode, a lot like her mother, and did not want to be a witness to an alien/human smack down.

“Max, we’re all in the dark here. First Alex dies, and now Liz ran away. What you said wasn’t smart, and wasn’t kind either.” Sheriff Valenti changed the direction of his scolding away from Max and towards Maria. “But it’s no reason for any of you to question Max’s opinions either. He was made your leader for a reason, even if you treat decisions as a democracy here.

“I have to go now, and file a report about this with Hansen. Maybe we can cut Liz off before she gets too far away. Kyle?”

“Coming.” Kyle jumped off the counter he had been sitting on. Making his way to the door, he shot Isabel and Maria sympathetic glances. He stopped upon reaching Max. “I can’t believe you Evans. First Isabel, now Liz. I guess the people you’re supposed to love are equal to dirt in your mind. Well, guess what? I don’t give a damn about you or any of your crap anymore. Just stay away from my family. I’m outta here.”

The Valenti men left the apartment complex leaving the rest of Michael’s guests stunned. They stared in the silence; each wondering what was happening to the bond that used to exist before between the eight of them. It had seemed to start crumbling since they returned from Vegas. Now, it was almost gone for good. Maria interrupted the silence.

“Kyle actually had an excellent point. I guess I’ll just be seeing you around.” She grabbed her coat and headed out the door too.

“Maria, wait!” Isabel shouted from the apartment. Grabbing her own belongings, Isabel ran after the human girl, hoping she could consider Maria a true friend at this time and Maria her in return. Isabel ignored her fellow podsters, still sitting in the apartment, Max and Tess waiting for Isabel to side with them, Michael nonchalant.

“I’ll come with you.” Izzy tentatively smiled at Maria, who returned the gesture.

“Well, that went well,” Tess said sarcastically, placing a hand on Max in comfort, inching as close to him on the couch as she possibly could get.

“Tess, I’m so lost,” he whispered, burying his head in his hands. Tess pulled him into a hug.

“You’ve got that right Maxwell,” Michael answered, storming out of his own apartment after the two girls who had just left.

***Back at the Train Station***

“Here’s your ticket miss,” the red-haired woman at the register said, sliding the ticket and Liz’s change under the glass window. “You better hurry, that train leaves in fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you,” Liz smiled, quickly placing her money away and the ticket in her pants pocket. She walked away from the counter and headed towards the boarding station. The huge duffel bag had been checked in with the luggage to make her life easier. Carrying it onto the train would have just been a hassle, so Liz decided to stick with just her backpack. She still couldn’t believe she was actually doing this.

Handing the ticket to the conductor, Liz took a window seat towards the front of the car. She had selected one in the middle, not wanting to be too far from either end of the train. Taking out the bag of M&Ms she had purchased from a vending machine, Liz watched the other people rushing around the terminal. Soon it will be adios Roswell, hello Alpine. I just hope that I can mange, Liz thought, seriously beginning to doubt her actions.

“Liz?” a masculine voice questioned a pitch too high. It had come from behind her. “Liz Parker? My God, it is you!”

Liz turned around in her chair to see a face she had not seen in years. “Chris?” she whispered. What the heck was her cousin doing on this train?

Part 5

“Liz?” a masculine voice questioned a pitch too high. It had come from behind her. “Liz Parker? My God, it is you!”

Liz turned around in her chair to see a face she had not seen in years. “Chris?” she whispered. What the heck was her adopted cousin doing on this train?

Liz was in shock. She hadn’t seen Chris for about seven years, since the last family reunion. Looking at them, no one would guess that they were related. And they were, not necessarily by blood, but by the simple fact that Chris was adopted by some of Liz’s cousins on her mother’s side. His skin was a few shades darker, like the color of a light milk chocolate, and he had a head full of curly black hair, brushed neatly his ears. When Chris was younger, his big almond shaped, deep brown eyes would always convince many of their relatives to do whatever he wanted them to. Something he and a few family members his age took much advantage of.

Chris was a comedian at heart. In fact, it was Alex’s slight personality resemblance to Chris that caused her to become such good friends with him. At the family get togethers, Chris would always entertain Liz, the youngest of her relatives, and made sure she was included, despite their seven-year age gap.

“I go by Topaz now. It’s my stage name: Topaz Bromin,” he told her. When Liz patted on the empty seat next to her, he immediately caught the gesture and sat down. “Mom let me start using it a year ago, when I tried venturing out into the stars’ world.” He spoke in as slightly deeper voice than the one raised in shock when he had asked his question.

“Well, um, that’s great Chr- Topaz.” Liz replied. Though she was happy to see one of her favorite relatives, this was one trip she did not want him accompanying her on. She didn’t want to take the chance that if he joined up with her, he might find out something he shouldn’t, but Liz knew Topaz would never call her mother and tell Nancy where Liz was if Liz told him not to.

“Well, it seems that I have just ran into my favorite cousin on the train to Alpine, where I will be applying for a radio DJ job.” Topaz spoke into a small, black microcassette recorder he held in his hand. “Now, the question is, why is Lizzy going to Alpine? And especially when she has school tomorrow.”

He stuck the recorder in front of Liz’s face, explaining. “I’ve decided that some day, when I am rich and famous, I’ll write an autobiography on myself. This way, people will be able to know all about the famous Topaz Bromin. I record everything in this recorder. I have a baggie in my backpack full of these tapes. So, Liz, what do you have to say to my future public? Why are you going to Alpine?”

A million thoughts whirled through Liz’s mind. Okay, this was similar to her journal keeping, but at the same time, she felt it was outrageous. What could she possibly have to say to a cassette tape? Her face expressed her puzzled look, causing Topaz to laugh.

“C’Mon Lizzy, it’s me. And I know you will have something interesting to say. You always do. Please, for me?” Topaz put on a puppy dog face to try to convince her.

“Um, hi?” Liz suggested meekly.

Topaz pulled the recorder back to him. “Looks like my cuz has a case of stage fright, or in this case, recorder fright. Can’t believe this is the same girl from the KROZ blind date contest a year ago, the one who dragged not just one, but three dates back with her to the concert.”

Liz was extremely puzzled now. She remembered that contest clearly. Maria had entered her into the contest without her approval, and Liz had the unfortunate luck to win. The station had hooked Liz up with a college student, Doug Shellow, and the two of them had to go on a horrible blind date, with everyone in Roswell listening to it. Kyle had gotten Max drunk at some point during the course of the night, causing the two teenage boys to break into her room. Then Max had whisked her away into the night. Eventually, when they had all gotten back to the concert, her misadventure had ended in one of the most amazing kisses ever. She smiled sadly at how happy she was then. Liz’s smile quickly vanished.

“How did you know about that?” she asked Topaz paranoid.

“I worked at the station at the time. Chill, Liz. The reason I left KROZ is because they weren’t willing to give me a decent time slot. The station in Alpine offered me one, so here I am. But, I’m in no hurry to get there. They said that the job would remain open for a while, not to rush. And my seventeen-year-old cousin shouldn’t be travelling on a train by herself, especially if her parents don’t know about it. Nancy doesn’t know, right?”

Liz sighed. Was she really that easy to read? “No, Chris, she doesn’t. And intend to keep it that way.” The girl decided to give her cousin the best story she could come up with, one that was also very close to the actual truth. “I ran away. Okay?” her voice raised an octave, causing Topaz to shut off the recorder. He knew she was angry. “You remember Alex, right?”

Topaz nodded. Liz had mentioned him frequently in her letters. He had met Maria, but never got to meet his cousin’s other best friend. “Well, he died. And I,” Liz’s eyes went wide with emotion. “I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I left.”

She breathed in deeply and crossed her arms over her chest, giving him a look that made her look years younger. “Well, that settles it,” Topaz said. “You’re going no where on your own.” He flicked on the switch of the recorder. “Well, folks, here starts day one of our journey. Alpine, beware, here comes Liz and Topaz!”

***Back at the Crashdown***

Isabel, Maria, Michael, and Kyle sat at the corner both, all the way in the back of their favorite restaurant. Their table was scattered with the remains of French fries, ice cream, sodas, and tobasco sauce. Izzy picked at a fry while Maria pretended that her Sprite was the most intriguing object in the world. Kyle stared at the alien theme drawings that scattered the wall, while Michael just looked off into space, so to speak.

None of them had talked much since arriving. Though Kyle had originally gone home with his father, he wound up swinging by the Crashdown, to see if the Parkers had any information pertaining to Liz’s disappearance. Other than the note, Jeff and Nancy had no clue where their daughter might have gone. When Maria, Isabel, and Michael had arrived, Kyle quickly slid into the booth with them. The devastated couple had come over to ask the four if they knew anything about Liz, but unfortunately, everyone was clueless on the matter.

“Isn’t this just so ironic?” Maria asked to no one. “I mean, it makes sense for me and Kyle to worry about Liz. But, and no offense, you and Isabel never really cared much about her, friendship wise. It was Max that drew you to her, and he’s…well, he can just jump off a bridge as far as I’m concerned.”

Maria continued to ramble. “And after everything she’d done for him? What does he reply. ‘Oh, at least she didn’t say anything about Alex.’ How much more self-centered can that guy be?”

“I don’t want to know,” replied Isabel quietly. “It’s just not like him. I know that Liz has never really been my favorite person, but Max had no right to say that. I want to help, I really do.”

Kyle swirled the spoon in his mint ice cream, which was all ready half melted. “What can we do? If she doesn’t want to be found…Liz is pretty persistent.”

“And so are we,” Maria replied frankly. “Maybe we can find something in her room that could tell us where she went. You guys up for it?”

The three teens nodded their agreement and headed through the swinging doors in the back of their favorite restaurant. Hurrying up the stairs, Mrs. Parker said nothing as Liz’s friends made their way to her daughter’s room.


“I used to come here a lot, when I first moved to Roswell with Nasedo. I felt that this was the only place I would ever feel at home at, in this observatory.” Tess held tightly onto Max’s hand as they walked towards the giant telescope.

She and Max had left Michael’s apartment an hour or so after everyone had abandoned them. Not knowing where to go, Tess decided to drive to her favorite place in the city: the observatory. At first, Max had been against breaking and entering into the building, but Tess convinced him it was all right. They were only going to borrow the equipment, not steal anything.

<< You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow?>>>

Tess walked over to the panels and waved her hand over it, her powers activating the telescope. The observatory’s dome walls opened up, allowing the magnifying instrument to reach out into the starry night. Max left Tess’s side to walk over to the eyepiece, gazing at the stars. He gasped as one particularly bright one appeared on the screen.

“Is that our home?” he asked, giving Tess a chance to peer out into space.

“No,” she replied softly. “It’s Aldaberan. That’s its antarian name. The one star that both our worlds can see. I look for it whenever I’m feeling homesick. Isn’t it amazing.”

<< Or just a moment's pleasure?
Can I believe the magic of your sighs?
Will you still love me tomorrow?>>>

Max went back to studying the glowing dot in the sky. It’s rays shown brightly, much like a disco ball. “Wow,” he whispered. He pulled away from the telescope, grabbing both of Tess’s hands and bringing them together, in between their bodies.
“Thank you. Thank you for showing me all of this, for being there for me when everyone else wasn’t.”

“I’ll be here for eternity Max.” Tess leaned in to kiss him.

Max let go of her hands, wrapping his around her small back. Returning the gesture, he deepened the kiss, while Tess began to pull his shirt off. Max lifted Tess up and pulled her over to a pile of blankets some technician had brought in to cover the equipment with, breaking apart the kiss. Lying her down, Max looked into her eyes. Her ice blue ones were such a big contrast to Liz’s. Max could easily loss himself in the brown eyes he once loved. But Tess’ were as sharp as day. A corner of Max’s mined called out to his former love. But that was all forgotten as Tess smiled as she reached in to kiss him once more…

<< You say that I'm the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun?

I'd like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now, and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?>>>

NOTE: The song used is “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” by, The Four Seasons

Part 6a

***May 13, Evening***

“…Although no archeological findings point to evidence of the wise man Kyshi, there is much folk lore from all over the world which does. According to those, Kyshi was an ancient prophet who probably lived around the time 3459 B.C. There is no record in any of these stories on where originated. Because the tales of so widespread around the world, no one can pinpoint for sure what civilization Kyshi came from. Many scholars who do believe in the existence of this man thought him of Native American or Egyptian origin. A select few even considered the possibility that he was not of this Earth…”

Liz stopped reading at this point. This was supposed to be a serious book, one in which her grandmother was going to publish in an archaeological journal before she died. What was the mention of space aliens doing in “Lost Treasures”? This was supposed to be a factual book based on Claudia Parker’s findings on Navajo Indians. This was straying far off topic. Before Liz had a chance to continue her reading, Topaz closed the cover.

“Lizzy, it’s our stop in a couple of minutes. No more reading, that’ll have to be till after we get a place to stay.” He smiled at her as if to say sorry for interrupting.

“I’m staying at my Grandmother’s home on the outskirts of the town. She had a car there, but I’m afraid we’ll need a cab to get to the house,” Liz replied, sticking her book back into her backpack. She bent down to zipper it closed.

“No problemo. I already took the liberty of calling us a cab to meet us at the station while you were reading that book? Hope you don’t mind.” It was obvious Topaz didn’t care if she did or didn’t, cause he just shrugged his shoulders and went back to talking into his recorder.

***Alpine, Arizona***

The yellow cab pulled up in front of a lovely, old-fashioned looking home next to a lake. While Topaz paid the driver, Liz got out of the vehicle and removed her duffel bag and backpack from the trunk, not wasting a second. After gathering her belongings, Liz gazed around the beautiful landscape. It was nighttime all ready, and every star was clear in the sky. Upon spying the V-constellation that contained Max’s home, Liz felt a quick pang of grief. It was one of the reminders of her past that would never disappear.

Tearing her eyes away from the stars, Liz looked at the house. The light blue paint coat, which covered the structure, seemed flawless. The stain glass window, depicting scenes of the ocean, was still there on attic floor. It was always Liz’s favorite part of the building. So much, that Claudia had let Liz take the attic as her own private room, and moved all the storage in there to the basement. Liz wiped away tears of the happy times she spent here as a kid. She missed her grandmother so much it hurt.

“So, do you have a key?” Topaz asked her. He had come from behind, causing Liz to jump a mile, startled. She hadn’t even noticed the taxi cab leaving.

She shook her head. “No, but I know where Grandma used to keep one.” Liz handed him her duffel bag and swung her backpack over her shoulders. She then proceeded to run down the dirt path and up the patio stairs, giggling like she was five years old again, running into her grandmother’s open arms. Instead of that, Liz bent down and retrieved something from under the welcome mat. Topaz watched on, curiously. Standing up, Liz jiggled something in the doorknob and the heavy, wooden door swung open. Standing up, Liz gestured to Topaz to follow her inside.

Groaning, Topaz picked up his and Liz’s bags, heaving as he struggled to support the weight. “I’ve got to work out more,” he mumbled to himself, feeling empty without his recorder to talk into. Topaz had shoved it into his pocket in order to carry the way too heavy bags.

Struggling, Topaz somehow made it across the lawn and up the front steps. Standing inside, he dropped the bags with a loud ‘oomph.’ The sound suddenly became a yelp of pain, as Liz’s duffel bag fell on his foot. Liz turned around from admiring the inside of the living room in time to see Topaz make a fool of himself. He was clutching his right foot in pain and trying to balance on the other. In a matter of seconds, he fell into a heap on the floor.

Liz laughed and walked over to him, offering a hand. “Get up silly,” she said in between giggles. Topaz got to his feet and brushed himself off, after bowing slightly, like a performer on a stage.

“It’s late,” Liz spoke. “Leave the bags here. We’ll unpack in the morning. I’m taking my old room in the attic. You can have any other that you choose. Is that okay with you?”

“Whatever you say. This is your place, okay, not technically, but you get the drift. Now, I’m just going to mosey on upstairs…” At this point, Topaz was no longer speaking to Liz, but back into his recorder.

Liz smiled as her cousin headed up the stairwell, forgetting to take any pajamas or clothes to change into. He wasn’t the company she had hoped for, but it was nice to have Chris with her on her journey. She just hoped that he wouldn’t find out anything he shouldn’t. Liz quickly grabbed her backpack, knowing it had a pair of pjs in there for her to wear, and climbed to the attic room, ready to fall asleep in an instant.

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Part 6b

NOTE: The song used is “I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine” by Beth Orton.

***Evans’ Household, 12:26 a.m.***

It was late when Isabel finally reached her house. She, Michael, Maria, and Kyle had stayed at the Parkers’ till midnight. Liz’s parents were under the impression that they had gone home long ago, so the quartet had to continue searching Liz’s room for more clues surrounding where she might have gone very quietly. They had found nothing more than a missing journal, money, clothes, and other certain requirements for a road trip.

That’s when Maria suggested going out to Liz’s balcony to talk for a bit. It was just the four of them: Maria, Isabel, Kyle, and Michael: compiling together everything they knew about their friend. Maria and Michael decided that they would continue on Liz’s quest for the truth behind Alex’s murder. It was a decision they made because Maria felt it would grant Liz’s final request that she had begged of them before leaving Roswell. Kyle and Isabel had promised to continue trying to figure out where their friend had gone.

Before long, they had all departed, Michael and Maria to the DeLuca household, Kyle and Isabel to their respective homes. Due to the time, each teen had to sneak in, but Isabel was careless to the fact. She was lucky that her parents were away for the week. But Isabel was so caught up in her thoughts, she didn’t even notice that Max was not home.

<< Baby, do you know what you took away?
You took the blue out of the sky.
My whole life changed when you said good bye.
And I keep crying, crying.>>>

Once inside her room, Isabel changed into her favorite satin pink pajamas and climbed under her dark blue covers and pearl sheets. Instead of falling asleep right away though, Isabel fumbled around with the objects on her nightstand, knocking off her hairbrush and a book, until her fingers finally clutched a cool, silver frame. Even in the dark, she knew what that frame held.

It was a picture taken of her, Maria, Liz, Alex, Max, and Michael from last may, right before Tess came, when they were all coupled off and becoming great friends. She clearly remembered the day this picture was taken…

…It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and after a busy week with school and work, the group was just content to hang around, doing absolutely nothing. Maria had just gotten off her watering shift and went to join the group immediately, instead of changing out of the funky, blue and silver uniform she wore. Liz had come to the booth a few minutes earlier, pulling Max away from his friends and into the backroom. Now, Maria joined them.

“Move over,” Maria demanded, pushing Michael to the wall. Michael raised his hands up in defense, and began protesting her treatment of him, but the alien teen was no match for Hurricane DeLuca. From the other side of the booth, Alex and Isabel laughed at the other couple’s version of affection.

It was that same moment Liz and Max had decided to show themselves again, coming out of the backroom looking very disheveled and very happy. They always looked like they had just been granted their utmost wishes when they were together. It tended to get everyone else sick. Max sat down one side, next to Isabel, forcing Alex to now sit across from Michael. Max reached out and grabbed Liz across the waist, pulling her down into his lap. Ignoring the groans of mock disgust coming from the rest of their friends, he pulled Liz into a deep kiss.

“Haven’t you guys had enough already?” Michael smirked.

Alex responded for the preoccupied pair. “Well, I for one do recall finding you and Maria in the position enough times, though I’d rather not. You’re one to speak, Guerin.” Alex and Isabel exchanged smiles and he swung his arm over her shoulder, pulling her closer to him and farther from her brother.

“Alex has a point, spaceboy.” Maria playfully hit him on the arm, starting World War Three between the fiery couple. And of course, Max and Liz were too much in their own world to notice the argument that was being started.

It was that moment Amy DeLuca chose to take a candid photograph of the group. So, preserved for all time was a scene of the six of them: Max and Liz in a kiss, Michael dumping his cherry cola on Maria’s head while she pushed him away, and Alex and Isabel watching on, very amused. Amy decided that this picture had to be distributed, so she made copies for each of the photographies, placing them in silver frames. One of the most ironic aspects of the frames was the shooting stars that encircled the rectangle as a border. Amy had told the group to think of it as a late Christmas gift or something. Each of them found a special place for their photo…

<< I wish I never saw the sunshine.
I wish I never saw the sunshine.
And if I never saw the sunshine baby,
Then maybe…I wouldn’t mind the rain.>>>

…With Isabel’s back propped up by pillows and the wall, she pulled her legs close to her chest, clutching the picture tightly, holding the covers as tightly as well. Looking at it dimly in the dark, she smiled at Alex’s image.

“I visit your memorial out in the football field everyday Alex,” Isabel said to the photo. “I hate it there, but yet, everyday, I’m on the bleachers, sitting there crying. Sitting there missing you. Oh god, Alex, you don’t know how horrible life’s gotten here. Max is becoming more distant from the rest of us. I told you that he forbid me to go to college, right? Well, now Liz left Roswell, and he…he didn’t care.”

The tears flowed freely down her face, making it hard for Isabel to continue her tangent.

<< All alone, a million miles from shore.
All of my dreams, I dream with you.
Now, they will die and never come true.
And I keep crying, crying.>>>

She continued weeping until the shores of sleep finally claimed the distraught girl. Isabel never let go of the photo or the frame though, as her fingers drifted down on the picture. Resting upon Liz’s face, they gave off a slight glow in the pitch-black room, as she entered the dreamland.


Isabel Evans stood in the center of a large, exotic, circular room. It seemed to have been made entirely of some sort of golden brick. In the center of the chamber was a stone bed, intricately designed with alien looking symbols. A few feet away of each corner stood a stone stand, oval in shape. There were four in all Isabel was confused. What was this place, and why was it here, in her dream?
Still searching the room for a familiar sign, Izzy’s heart skipped a beat when she finally found one.

“Alex!” she yelled, her voice full of emotion. Isabel ran right into his embrace. “Oh my god, I thought you were gone.”

Alex Whitman smiled and hugged her tightly. Planting a kiss on her forehead and then on her lips, he spoke. “I loved you Izzybel. I’d never be that far away from you. I promise.”

Isabel pulled away for a minute, still holding both his hands tightly. She looked right into his sober green eyes that seemed to mask so much. “When you came in the Crashdown, a couple days after you died…that dream…I thought it was the last time I’d see you again. And I know…I know you told me…that I had to let go. But I couldn’t, I can’t. I need you so much Alex.”

Isabel smiled. She had so much wanted to tell him that in the last dream, but all she had time for before he left was telling him he loved her.

“But that doesn’t mean anything Isabel. You need to move on,” Alex offered soothingly. “I need you to move on. I don’t want you to grieve for me.” He shook his head with pride. “You have so much potential, don’t throw it away for me.”

Isabel smiled at his compliment. Alex let go of her hands and pulled her back into the hug. “I can’t let you go,” Isabel explained. “Not with everything else in my life crumbling to pieces.”

He rubbed her back gently and stroked her hair in comfort. “What’s happening Iz?” He was truly concerned.

“Max, he…he’s become a stranger to all of us…except to Tess,” she added in as an afterthought. “You’re dead, and Liz, she’s runaway. God, I wish I never even heard the word alien!” Isabel was becoming angry. “It’s ruined my life!”

<< I wish I never saw the sunshine.
I wish I never saw the sunshine.
And if I never saw the sunshine baby,
Then maybe…I wouldn’t mind the rain.>>>

“She left?” No, no, she couldn’t of. Not yet,” Alex mumbled, pacing around two of the stone stands. “And she shouldn’t be here either. She shouldn’t be here, Isabel.”

He looked at her with desperate, worried eyes. It was such a drastic personality change from a moment ago. So much, that it scared Isabel. She walked up next to him, and pulled her close to her chest, trying to calm Alex down.

“Where is here Alex?”

“Liz’s dream. But she shouldn’t be here. It’s too soon. She’s not supposed to see this place yet. It’s all happening to fast.”

Alex’s hands ran frantically through his dark reddish-brown hair. Isabel watched his eyes dart to a corner and back to her own face. In the corner, Isabel saw what he was looking at. Liz Parker was huddled in the shadow of the wall, her face hidden by her hands, knees, and hair. But despite that, Isabel knew she was crying.

“Alex, what was going on?” This was getting weird, even by their definition. “I dreamwalked Liz, didn’t I? Tell me, Alex, it’s me.”

He pulled her into an embrace again, breathing into her hair. Alex ignored the questions. “Isabel, please, change this dream. She can’t be here.”

Isabel nodded at his request and stepped away from Alex. Before letting go, he gave her hand one last squeeze. Instantly, the temple room changed into the alien-theme Crashdown Café. Isabel had decided to change the scene to that day in the picture. Liz was now sitting with dream versions of her real life friends happily. When Isabel turned around, expecting to see Alex standing next to her still, she was surprised to see him gone.

“Alex?” She was worried; he was gone. But then the realization sunk in. He was just a part of Liz’s dream. Liz had dreamt him in the weird scene. And Isabel wasn’t even going to try and figure out why. Dreamwalking was not a hard science after all.

She proceeded to pull herself out of Liz’s subconscious, still clinging to the love she felt toward Alex, trying to get it to overcome her grief. “I love you Alex Whitman,” she whispered as the world around her turned black.

<< And no, there would not be
This cloud that’s over me
Everywhere I go.

Ooh, baby, ooh, baby.
I wish I never saw the sunshine.
I wish I never saw the sunshine.
And if I never saw the sunshine baby,
Then maybe…I wouldn’t mind the rain.>>>

***Alpine, Arizona***

Alex sat up from the bed with a jolt. The tall, skinny, blond girl next to him did the same a couple of seconds later. It was hard pulling out of a dream so quickly, especially when the human passenger decides to seize control. Leana decided that she should remind Alex this if he ever asked her to do it again. Regaining her breath, she wiped the sweat on her brow away.

Recovering from the dreamwalk himself, Alex stood up and headed o the door of Leana’s small room. Before leaving, he turned to face the alien again. He hadn’t thought he’d actually speak to her again since arriving at the compound. She had been the one to tell him that his death had to be faked. Leana lead a double life as college student Jennifer Coleman, who was in close league with the Skins. She was the one who had found out K’Var’s wishes to kill Alex. She was the one Alex was most angry at.

“Thanks,” he muttered, only meaning it half heartily. He knew that the only reason he was allowed to go into Liz’s dream was because General Mi’Ran felt that it would be best for a presence she was comfortable with to check on her. “I know I was just supposed to go in and check on Liz, but thanks for not pulling me out when Isabel came.”

Alex knew Leana had sensed Isabel’s presence in the dream as well and was shocked that he actually had a chance to talk to his dreamgirl. It was a good thing too, otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten some valuable pieces of information. Leana nodded. She knew Alex missed his home in Roswell, especially Vilandra. Everyone on the base knew that. Having Ava Rowling, as the former queen was known now, with their group helped him a bit, but Whitman still pined for his old life. The nod was the shapeshifter’s way of saying “you’re welcome.”

“Oh, by the way,” Alex spoke casually as he leaned on the doorframe. “She’s not in Roswell anymore.

With that, he left the room, leaving Leana alone to deal with the newest complication.

<< I wouldn’t mind the rain.
There wouldn’t be this pain.
I wouldn’t mind the rain.
I wouldn’t mind the rain.>>>

Part 7

***May 15, 2001; Alpine, Arizona***

“Liz! Did you find the fuse box yet?”

The sound of Chris’s voice caused Liz to immediately stand up from her crouching position on the basement floor. While standing, she realized she had left the door to the fuse box open too late. “Damn!” she yelped as her head collided with the metal. She rubbed her head agitatedly.

“Yeah, I found it Chris,” Liz hollered back up the stairs. Sighing to herself, Liz placed the flashlight handle back in her mouth and continued to play with the fuses.

They had only been in Grandma Claudia’s house for a few days now, and already mishaps were occurring right and left. The most prominent being the black out Topaz and Liz were now plunged in. While Liz had gone downstairs to find the fuse box, Topaz had offered to remain on the main level of the house, in case any of their neighbors knocked. What an excuse, Liz thought. They didn’t even have neighbors. It turned out that Chris was just afraid of the dark. Too many ghost stories as a kid or something.

“Eureka! We’ve got light!” Topaz shouted from above.

Liz smiled silently and closed the circuit breaker. She looked around the brightly-lit basement; amazed by all the possessions her grandmother had been able to fit in here through out the years. Boxes and cartons were piled in corners, all closed and neatly labeled, covered by a lot of dust. “God,” Liz whispered, “It seems that no one’s been down here for centuries.”

Looking around, she could see an old pool table against the wall furthest from which she stood. It had been given to Liz’s grandpa by her great-grandfather, Peter, when he had decided to close down his bar, Parker’s. It had been around for the longest time, but after the crash, Peter had decided to turn it into the alien theme restaurant her parents owned today. Just thinking about it made Liz miss Roswell.

Liz remembered the pool table well. Her grandfather had taught her how to play on it when she was five. She would challenge him every time she came. Quickly, Liz had become a pro at the game, as she proved to Max on their first date. She walked over to it and ran her hand over the dusty, smooth, wooden surface. Her eyes began to water at memories, her face set between a smile and a frown.

Continuing to dust the pool table with her hand, Liz caught view of something else. It was an old, mahogany chest. She left the table and walked over to its place in the corner. There were carvings of flowers: roses and daisies to be exact, bordering all the edges. Liz ran her fingers with in the crevices caused by the carvings. Suddenly, she lost view of the illuminated basement

FLASH: Grandma Claudia crying as she placed things into the chest. A metal box, photo albums, books, clothes, and letters.

FLASH: Liz’s father, Jeff Parker, coming down there and saying something to Claudia. He took a lock and sealed the chest, despite his mother’s pleas not to.

FLASH: Jeff throwing the key into a river, making it impossible for anyone to open it again.

Liz gasped as the images stopped flashing before her eyes. Breathing heavily, she looked around to see that she was still in the basement. “What the…” she wondered. Where had those flashes come from? The only time Liz ever received them was with Max. With Max…the thought echoed in her head.

“Oh my god.” Liz’s breath caught in her throat upon seeing that the chest was now open. She was positive it was still locked when she first found it. Liz carefully lifted the round lid up and leaned it against the wall. Inside the chest, Liz could see everything she saw her grandmother place in it in the flashes. The metal container, some clothes, a lot of photos… But what struck Liz as most curious was the black leather journal with the feather imprint on the cover. That was her journal. There seemed to be three letters and a photo sticking out of it.

“Liz, come on!” Topaz called from the stairwell. “What’s taking you so long down there?”

Topaz’s shouting snapped Liz out of her daze. Unaware, she grabbed one of the letters and photos. Placing the journal back in the chest, she slammed it shut. For some reason, she didn’t want anyone else to see it.

“Coming Topaz,” she replied. She pulled the string to turn off the basement light, and headed up the stairs, taking one last glance at the corner in which the chest laid.

Part 8

It wasn’t till late evening that Liz remembered the letter and photo she had brought up with her from the basement. The day had gone by fast since the blackout early in the morning. She had sat in front of her grandmother’s computer screen for most of the day, trying to find out more about Kyshi. Liz had finished “Lost Treasures;” read it three times actually. And the more she read it, the more she realized that it would give her nothing on Kyshi that Claudia hadn’t already told her. And this meant zero on trying to find out about Alex’s death.

Around one in the afternoon, Topaz had come barging into Claudia’s office, complaining that they had no food. He demanded that Liz got off the computer and go into town for some shopping with him. Reluctantly, Liz closed the files she had opened and shut the machine off. Instead of spending one or two hours in town, like Topaz had promised, they wound up spending the rest of the day.

After loading up the car with food and other groceries, Topaz remembered he had to get new tapes for his recorder. Of course, everyone was staring at the two when they were walking down the aisle, due to Chris’s conversation with his recorder. It made Liz want to turn invisible. Later, Topaz had convinced Liz to take a drive around the countryside and to the local sites. They had wound up eating dinner at a Friendly’s.

That part Liz did enjoy. Topaz treated her to whatever she wanted, urging Liz to take advantage of him. At first she wouldn’t, but Topaz pointed out that she was letting him stay with her, and he owed her that much. So, they ordered their dinner, milk shakes, and ice cream, spending the evening catching up on missing time. It was one of the best times Liz had had since Alex died.

Upon reaching Grandma Claudia’s secluded house, Liz had gone back into her room. She remembered that letter and photo and really wanted to see what they were. Thanking Topaz for a wonderful day out, Liz rushed up to her room. She flicked on the radio and sat on the edge of the bed, grabbing the photo and letter from the desk in which she had left them on.

First Liz looked at the picture. It seemed to be a family portrait. She recognized her dad, even though he looked a lot younger. His arms were wrapped around a beautiful brunette, cradling a baby girl, only a few months old. Liz could tell it was a girl due to the pink blanket the baby was wrapped in. Liz looked at the picture. Everyone looked so happy. Her father seemed extremely proud, the same with the woman. And she could tell, by looking at the picture, that the couple was so in love.

“When was this taken?” Liz asked herself. All ready the tears were coming to her eyes. Did her father have another family, one that he never mentioned to Liz? It hurt her to think this. She had always felt closer to Jeff than Nancy. There was no way he could keep something like this a secret, no way, she thought irrationally.

Liz looked at the woman again. Her eyes seemed so familiar. They were deep brown, wary, and yet happy. She couldn’t quite place where she had seen them before, but Liz knew that at some point in her life, she had met someone with that woman’s eyes. The woman had dark brown hair, giving her a sort of foreign look. She appeared to be around the same age as Liz’s father. The way she clutched the baby close to her chest proved to Liz that the child was theirs. Her father had another kid!

<<< The pathway is broken
And the signs are unclear
And I don't know the reason why you brought me here>>>

She placed the photograph on the bed. Liz couldn’t look at it anymore. It hurt too much to look at it. Liz felt betrayed. Then she remembered the letter. Maybe it would have some explanation to this photo. After all, Liz had found it next to it. Picking it up backside, she turned it over to the front to see if their was anything written on it. The envelope was clearly labeled: Claudia. It was addressed to Liz’s grandmother. Carefully, she pulled out the tuck in flap. Inside was a piece of journal paper, folded up to fit in the envelope. Liz opened it and began to read.

<< I'm gonna walk through the valley
If you want me to>>>

June 21, 1984

Dearest Claudia,

I don’t think words will ever repay what you have given me. You took me in when my ship crashed, allowed me to stay with you until I understood this planet. You gave me your son - my husband. You gave me the family I never thought I would see again, the love I never thought I would feel since my former husband and son were killed back home. I don’t even consider that place home anymore. My home will always be with the Parker family, here on earth.

I know my dear Jeffery will never understand my actions. Please, try to make him. My death is not his fault, nor our darling daughter’s. It was to occur long ago, before I ever set foot on Earth. I just wanted to make Elizabeth Anaevi’s life normal. She’s so important, so precious. She deserves a normal childhood. Promise me Claudia that you’ll watch after her, forever and always?

I know Jeffery will move on and find another mate, a human one, but I also know in my heart that he’ll never forget me. He loves Elizabeth so much. I’m afraid he’s going to shield her too much. That’s why I’m counting on you once more. I know you’ll forgive me. I’m afraid Jeffery won’t.

Falla poisoned me long before I came here. If only we knew she was working with them. We found out too soon, as with Nado. But if we had never sent him in the first place to be the royals’s protector, I would never be here. I could live about five or so more years, watch my daughter grow up, be with my husband and you, fulfil my duty to my people, but Elizabeth’s sake is more important. In a way, I have met my duty to my people by bringing her into the world, even if it was not what they expected.

Instead of listening to Jeffery and his desires, I’m cutting my life short. Every ounce of my life force I’ve been using on Elizabeth, making her a normal human child. I know this will not last, that her Antarian side will emerge around her seventeenth birthday, but at least I can guarantee my daughter a normal childhood. It means cutting my life short, it means never seeing my son grow up again, it means never seeing my daughter grow up. But that’s the suffering love will put you through

Please Claudia, I beg of you. Elizabeth is special. I need you to watch over her. And if by some miricale, my son and the others escape find them and raise them. I want Jeffery to raise my son so much. I want my daughter and son to grow up together, to love each other as siblings do. He was such a lonely child on Antar. It’s only by miracle our scientists have been able to recreate the Royal Four. I was so proud of Rath. I hope in this life, you can be proud of him for me.

I have left for you the artifacts you need, as well as my journal. Pass my journal down to Rath and Elizabeth, this way they will always have some memory of their mother. I have already wrote explanations to them. I don’t have much time left. Please, Claudia, please.

Kalla Tirist-Parker

<<<'Cause I'm not who I was
When I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise
You're not through with me yet>>>

The letter repeated itself a lot, written as if the woman was frantic to get it out. The woman, the baby in the picture. The girl was she; the woman was her mother! All these thoughts rushed through Liz’s mind at once. Elizabeth Anaevi, Elizabeth Ann, that was her. Nancy Parker wasn’t her mom. Her mom was alien! She was half-alien! Her mother had died for her. Jeff had hid this from Liz all her life, Grandma Claudia the same. Liz could barely register everything as the tears now flowed freely down her face. The only thought that permanently sunk in was that she had a brother. Michael Guerin was her half-brother.

Topaz held Liz tight as she continued to sob in his arms. He had no clue what caused this reaction, but he had found her in hysterics when entered this room, ready to suggest watching a movie on HBO. Not knowing what else to do, Topaz walked over and hugged his cousin. He continued to hold her and comfort her as she cried herself into sleep.

***May 16, 2001***

It was afternoon. Liz had just gotten up from her slumber an hour ago, and Topaz had forced her to eat something. Then Liz went back to her room with only one conscious thought on her mind. She grabbed the phone off the hook and dialed one of the numbers she knew by heart.

Liz hoped he was home as the phone continued to ring. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the other line was picked up. “Hello?” the voice asked from the other end.

<< Bring me closer to you
Then I will go through the fire
If you want me to>>>

NOTE: The song used in this part and in the next is “If You Want Me To” by Ginny Owens.

Part 9

NOTE: The song used in this part and the previous is “If You Want Me Too” by Ginny Owens. Oh, by the way, I’ve also decided in my little world, “Off the Menu” occurred before “Heart of Mine” like it was originally supposed to, because that order makes so much more sense!

I also would really like to dedicate this part to Jennifer (Bordersinsanity). You’ve really helped me out with all my stories, whether it be feedback or advice. Thank you so much!!!! I really doubt this story would be as good as it was without your help!!!!


<< When you lead me through a world that's not my home
But you never said it would be easy
You only said I'll never go alone>>>

Liz hoped he was home as the phone continued to ring. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the other line was picked up. “Hello?” the voice asked from the other end.

Liz didn’t say anything as Michael spoke into the phone. She could tell he was annoyed at her lack of response, but Liz was afraid. She didn’t know how he’d react to the news. God, Liz wasn’t even fully comfortable with her discovery. But when she woke up this morning, she was positive that there was one thing she had to do. She had to talk to the person who would be as lost as she was.

“Michael?” she whispered meekly, the name coming out more as a sob than a question.

“Liz?” Michael was pissed. “Where the hell are you? Damn it, Liz, do you know what you’ve done to everyone? Maria’s worried sick!” Michael yelled into the phone, not giving Liz a chance to defend herself.

That was the breaking point for Liz as she started crying again. “Michael,” she whimpered. “I’m so sorry. I am. I never meant to hurt anyone. Please…”

Michael assumed Liz was talking about her running away. “Cut the crap Liz. You know if you just come home…” he suggested.

Liz immediately sobered up. “No, I can’t. Not yet…I still need answers. So many answers Michael…”

“What answers Liz? Is this about Alex’s death?”

“No,” Liz replied so softly, Michael could hardly hear her. “Michael, she loved you so much.”

Michael’s heart stopped. The phone line suddenly became pin-drop silent, except for the sound of Liz’s occasional whimper. “Maria,” he finally gasped. “Did something happen to Maria?” Michael knew he was being irrational. He had just seen Maria last night. And the only other girl who loved him had swung by the Crashdown this morning. He knew Izzy was at school today, while he had opted to cut. She was safe. Maria wasn’t, she had stayed home sick. What if something…

The words came out more forceful and accusative than he expected. This caused Liz to break down in tears again. “No, Maria? I…I haven’t spoken to her…I don’t know…”

Michael was irritated. If it wasn’t Maria, who was it? And Liz’s hysterics were really not helping him. Michael Guerin had always been a stone wall with his emotions. Maria was the only one he ever let see him that way. How the hell was he supposed to react to Liz’s weeping if he was comfort inept?

“Liz, um, just calm down here.” Michael suggested. God, this was as hard as talking to Laurie when he and Maria had first tried talking to his only known family member on the road to Tucson, Arizona. “Please. I’m, I’m sorry.” Michael couldn’t believe he had just issued an apology for his reactions, but if it was what it took to get the girl to calm down, it’s what had to be done. He needed explanations from Liz otherwise Maria would kill him, figuratively speaking.

Liz finally stopped crying long enough to utter one coherent sentence. “I…I found this note, and…and a picture of my dad…” a sob was released here and there, “…and in it, there was another woman. Another woman and a baby! And…Michael…that was my mother…my real mother. Our mother…”

Michael’s heart stopped for the second time in one phone call. What was she talking about? Liz was human, he was alien. As far as he knew, his mother was still on Antar, in a galaxy far, far away, waiting for him to come home someday. That was if she was even still alive, which Michael hoped for every day. How could his mother be in a photo with Mr. Parker, let alone be Liz’s mom? And how in the world did Liz know?

“Liz,” he spoke carefully. “What are you talking about?”

Liz ignored his question. “Michael, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too…I was just a baby…how could I have known?”

Irritated, Michael stood up and paced across his small living room. This was too much for the alien to deal with. Not at once, and certainly not with everything else going on. First Alex dies, then Liz leave, Max gets Tess pregnant! Michael was not ready to forgive any of those people yet for the destruction they had done. Yet, somewhere deep in his soul, he knew he should believe Liz. That there may be some chance she was telling the truth.

“Look, I need to get out. This is too much Liz,” Before Liz could begin speaking crazily again, Michael continued. “I’m not saying I don’t believe you…I just need to think about it. There’s been a lot going on here since you ditched us.”

Liz couldn’t believe it. Her own brother didn’t accept her news! And right now, Liz needed him more than anything. Her journey to find out the truth about Alex’s murder had taken an unsuspected turn and she needed comfort that Topaz could not provide her. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. There might be one way of convincing Michael she was telling the truth.

“Michael, tonight, get Isabel to bring you into my dream. I’ll show you everything there. I’ll explain everything there. Please, this one favor?” Liz begged.

“Fine,” Michael retorted. “You better have proof.”

“Don’t worry Michael, I will,” Liz promised, her tears now gone, her brain once again focused on a specific goal: this one to convince Michael of the truth.

<< Bring me closer to you
Then I will go through the fire
If you want me to>>>

***May 16, Nighttime****

“So, let me get this straight Michael: you want me to dreamwalk Liz and bring you with me because you think she might have some information about Alex’s death that she’s been hiding. Yet, you don’t want me to hear what it is? Why wouldn’t Maria want to go if she suggested this? So, why don’t you just save me the suspicions and tell me what’s going on? Now!” Isabel ranted, throwing her hands up in the air, frustrated at her almost brother.

“Iz, I don’t have time to explain. I need to do this while Maxwell is still at the movies with Tess, before he comes home and decides to play twenty questions.”

Michael sat relaxed on Isabel’s bed, while the girl looked like she was ready to have a breakdown. Michael idly played with the photo on Isabel’s nightstand, smirking at his own image. Isabel continued to pace, stopping at her desk, leaning against the hard wood.

“That’s just the point, Michael. He is the leader. We shouldn’t be doing stuff like this if he doesn’t want us to.”

“What, you do it all the time,” Michael shrugged.

“But not to the girl he used to love.”

“Used to, being the key words.” Michael walked over to Isabel, and placed a hand on her shoulder. “The guy doesn’t give a damn about her. You saw that, I saw that, the whole freaking world saw that. But Maria and I, we do. And we know that it’s the same with you and Kyle. Please Isabel.”

Isabel stared at Michael quizzically. “Since when does ‘stonewall’ Guerin show emotion?” She snorted. “Keep hanging around with Maria. I like the changes.” They shared a small smile. “I need a picture Michael.”

“Here you go,” he handed her the photo he had carried with him from the nightstand.

It was the same photograph that Isabel had accidentally used to get into Liz’s subconscious a couple of nights ago. That dream still haunted her a bit; it had seemed so real. Alex had seemed so real. Taking a gulp of air, she smiled and walked over to the bed, holding Michael’s hand. He pulled Isabel’s desk chair over to the bed and sat down, while Isabel lied down. This would be the second time in a row that she’d be entering Liz’s dream. What was going on with that girl? Isabel wondered.


<<<'Cause I'm not who I was
When I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise
You're not through with me yet>>>

Michael and Isabel stood in the middle of the Crashdown Café. The place was empty except for a both in the center; the lights dimmed pink, blue, and white. An odd color combination. What was even odder was a perfectly calm Liz coming out of the back room, clutching a black notebook close to her chest. It wasn’t what either expected. Michael had actually hoped to maybe get a glimpse of where ever Liz was; Isabel: the weird temple room again.

Liz smiled at her two friends and walked over to them. “I’m glad you decided to show Michael,” she said. “Isabel.”

“Liz,” Isabel greeted. “What is this place?”

“My dream,” Liz replied matter-of-factly. “And if you don’t mind, I need to speak to Michael. I have a television in the back room if you want to watch.”

“Uh, okay,” Isabel replied hesitantly and confused. But Liz did make it clear that she needed to speak to Michael alone, whatever it may be about. “Um, Michael…”

“Got it Iz,” Michael interrupted before Isabel could finish her sentence. He knew she was telling him to find her if the dream got any more strange so she could pull them out. Isabel walked out of the Crashdown’s main room.

Liz smiled and took Michael’s hand, leading him to the booth bathed in the pink, blue, and white spotlight. She sat down at one end, indicating to Michael to sit across from her.

“Before you ask, this isn’t a dream. Well, it is, but I’m in control. It’s called a lucid dream. My cousin, Chris, taught me about them when I was younger. It’s when you’re in a dream, but know you’re dreaming. That’s what I’m doing now. He taught me how to gain control of the dream. The first thing you need to do for this is to know that you’re sleeping…”

“Liz, you’re babbling. That’s supposed to be Maria’s department. Get to the point.”
Michael leaned back in the chair a bit, trying to find a relaxing position. He found none. He was too tense about the upcoming news.

Liz paused for a minute. Michael was right, she was babbling. But his earlier rejection on the phone earlier this afternoon didn’t help one bit. And more than anything, she feared that he was going to hate her for what she was about to say. “These colors,” Liz started, pointing up to the lights, “According to Maria’s dream book, they represent certain feeling’s, images.”

Liz opened the journal and took out a sheet of paper. Michael rapped his fingers on the table. “God, did you record a speech or something?”

“It helps,” she retorted. “Anyways, pink is love. Any type of love: romantic, friends, family… And the blue, that means sadness. I put that in there ‘specially, cause what I have to say is mournful. The final one, the white, Michael, that means truth. According to Maria’s book, it represents a hidden truth being exposed, a new beginning. I thought that was more than fitting. After all, my father hid the truth from us all these years.”

“That’s great Liz, but what I want to know is: if I’m alien, and you’re human, how the hell do we have the same mom?”

Part 10

NOTE: Lyrics are from “If You Want Me Too,” by Ginny Owens.

<< You only said I'll never go alone>>>

“Because she fell in love and married my father, that’s why!” Liz shouted at Michael. The anger in her voice was not what Michael expected. All of the sudden, he felt very, very guilty.

“Look, Liz, I didn’t mean it like that, okay? I just meant, that unless you have some sort of proof… Well, you disappear and all of the sudden you call me telling me you’re my long lost sister or something…and well, how do I know that you aren’t lying and betraying us are something? After all, Maxwell did dump you. What other reason would you have to keep our secret?” Though he didn’t mean to, Michael’s reply came out just as angry.

“Why?” Liz asked, her voice raising a pitch. She stood from the chair. “Why would I still want to protect you? That’s a good question. I gave up my happiness to save the world, to save the four of you, and you think I’d betray you? All I wanted was my brother to believe me. God,” she shook her head in disappointment.

Saved the world? What was that about? Michael wondered. Then the guilt hit him though. Liz’s eyes were lining with tears again. She had just wanted to talk to him, and he had blown it, like always. If Maria was here at the moment…Michael chose not to think about it. Not knowing what else to do, Michael gestured for her to sit down at the table again.

“I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. I just want to know Liz. I’ve never had a real family before, and I guess…I’m just really afraid this will all be a dream.”
Liz offered a small smile and Michael smirked. Maybe he was actually doing something right. “So, why don’t you tell me what happened?”

Liz sighed and slid the journal in front of Michael. “You’re journal?” Michael asked, remembering when he had stolen it the October following the shooting. Upon returning it, Michael had told Liz that he considered her his first real friend aside from Max and Isabel, someone he could trust. What he had been doing a minute ago was breaking that vow,

“No, it’s our mother’s. I…I didn’t read it yet. I couldn’t…not without you.” She then pulled a photo from the first page. It was the photo that had started the whole incident. Liz pointed to the woman sitting in front of her father. “That’s her. That’s Kalla…that’s our mother. At least in her human form.”

Michael took the picture off the table and studied the woman. His mother, Michael never thought he’d hear the words. She was beautiful, not like Michael had ever pictured, but she still seemed so familiar to him. The dark curly hair and deep brown eyes; Michael could easily picture her holding him tight, singing him softly to sleep with her honey-sounding voice. Tears threatened to spill down the boy’s face. “She looks like you,” was all he could say.

“Thank you,” Liz whispered softly. She allowed Michael to continue to hold on to the photograph. “I can’t tell you where I found this, because…because that would tell you where I was and I can’t let anyone know yet.” She finished the last part of her sentence more confidently than any other word she had uttered the entire night.

“I also found the journal and letters in a chest, along with the photo and other stuff. My grandmother wanted me to find it someday. My father didn’t.”

“How do you know that?” Michael inquired.

Liz blushed. “I sorta got a flash,” she mumbled, still a bit self-conscious of her small alien power. “I saw my grandmother store these in the there, and my father lock it and throw away the key.”

Michael nodded. Unknowingly, Liz had just given away a clue to where she was. It had to be somewhere where she would have access to family possessions. He made a mental note to tell Iz and Kyle later so they could continue searching for their missing friend.

“I read the letter addressed to Grandma Claudia,” she passed the envelope across the table to Michael, who opened it and quickly skimmed through it. The words brought more tears to his eyes. He had a mother, a mother who loved him. Who wanted to raise him; it was all Michael had ever wanted.

Liz quickly interrupted the moment; afraid Michael would reach the part that she feared. The part that said that Kalla sacrificed herself for Liz’s sake. She didn’t want Michael knowing that yet, not until he had heard everything else. “There were two more letters. One to my father…and one for us.”

She pulled out another envelope from the journal and placed it in the middle of the table. This one was labeled to Rath and Anaevi…Michael and Liz. Liz took a deep breath. “Anaevi’s my middle name,” she explained to Michael’s confused expression. “It’s not human, and I think that’s why my father changed it to Ann. Rath…that’s you. I haven’t read it…I thought,” Liz’s voice dropped a few notches in volume. “I thought you might want the honors.”

<< And I will go through the valley
If you want me to>>>

Michael didn’t know what to say. This was more than he could ever imagine. “Liz…I…thank you.” Michael reached over and picked up the letter. Carefully, he opened the seal on the back and began reading. The letter started with two small greetings. Michael skipped over the date.

“My dear Rath. If you are reading this, that means you, hopefully along with the others of the Royal 4, have escaped from your protector Nado. If he ever comes looking for you, don’t trust him. He is one of the traitors…one of the men who helped to kill you on Antar. This also means that Jeffery obeyed my last wish and is raising you alongside your sister. I thank the heavens that you are safe, though I wish I could be there now.” Michael’s voice cracked with a sob.

“My dear Elizabeth. My death was not your fault. Please, never forget that. I am sure one day, when your father has enough courage; he will give you two my letter. I don’t know what people may have told you about the circumstances of my death, but I knew your life was more important. You were more important than I surviving a few more years was. Don’t ever forget it.

“I hope that you are well Rath and Anaevi. I unfortunately will never know what you will be called here Rath, but whatever it may be, I’m sure it’s a wonderful name. You might be wondering how an Antarian wound up on Earth, if not in the original mission you were sent in.

“My reason to come to this planet was because Queen Tarna, Zan and Vilandra’s mother, sent me to watch over the Royal 4 instead of that betrayer they originally sent. Unfortunately, we had another traitor in our rebellion, Falla. She poisoned me before I left, and I did not find out until earlier last year, after Elizabeth was born. Like yours Rath, my ship crashed as well. I was lucky. Elizabeth’s grandmother, Claudia, found me in the desert and brought me to her home in Roswell to tend to me. I developed a kinship with Claudia, and when her son Jeffery came home from college, I fell in love.

“When Hantar died on Antar, I thought I would never love another man again. And a couple of years later, when you were murdered Rath, I thought I could never love anyone again. Claudia and Jeffery proved me wrong. They showed me so much kindness, and I pray that they have passed it on to you two. Jeffery and I were married almost five years ago. He helped me continue my quest to find you by setting up a local restaurant in Roswell instead of moving out of the small town like he had originally planned.

“Then, about two years ago, we had received two pieces of wonderful news. The first being that I had found the pods, and Nado was no where in sight. I couldn’t move them until you were out of hibernation, but I did come visit you often Rath. I would bring human children’s books with me and read to you, even if you couldn’t hear me. Sometimes Jeffery would come, sometimes Claudia. A couple of weeks after that discovery, we found out that I was pregnant. That’s when you became a part of our lives Elizabeth.

“Jeffery and I were ecstatic. And even though you were older, we already began plans to raise the two of you as twins. A boy and a girl, Jeffery and I couldn’t wait for either of you to be born. Unfortunately, after you arrived Elizabeth, I became sick. It was the poison Falla gave me. And it left me with two choices, two most difficult choices.

“I could either have been around and raised Elizabeth and retrieve you from the pods, or I could sacrifice those extra years to give Elizabeth a normal childhood. I will never regret my decision; it was for the best. I changed Elizabeth so she would resemble a normal human child for about the first seventeen years of her life. It drained me. That is why I know I will die tonight. Rath, forgive your sister. She had no part of this. Elizabeth, forgive yourself. Like your brother, you will eventually develop the Antarian side of yourself. Once your powers start emerging, please be careful of who you trust. You will be changing Elizabeth, and in the wrong hands, on this planet, it can be dangerous for our kind.

“My time is drawing to a close and I need to say good-bye to Jeffery before I leave this existence. I hope he will move on. If I was able to after Hantar, he can after me. I have left in Claudia’s possession my journal, this way the two of you will understand my decisions…and your destiny and duty to Antar. I have given the worlds two very special children. Together, along with Zan, Vilandra, and Ava, you will be able to overcome the Darkness and K’Var. I know you will, despite whatever obstacles you encounter.

“Claudia told me to follow my heart when I first met Jeffery. And I’m asking you both to do the same in your lives. Please, remember Rath Capha and Elizabeth Anaevi, I have and always will love you both very dearly.

“Love, Kalla Tirist-Parker.”

Michael looked up from the letter to see Liz’s body shaking with sobs. His own eyes and face were moist with tears, but it was nothing like with Liz. She kept repeating over and over again for him to forgive her, that it was her fault, that she had killed her mother. Not able to stand for this, Michael quickly threw down his chair and raced over to Liz. He pulled down her own and wrapped her tightly in his strong arms. Rubbing her back soothingly, Michael made a promise to himself to never see Liz hurt like this again. He was going to protect his younger sister no matter what it cost him.

“Liz, Liz, look at me,” Michael told her. Letting go with one hand, he pulled her face up so her eyes would meet his.

“I’m sorry Michael, so sorry…” she sobbed.

“No, listen to me Liz. You did not kill her, you hear. Falla did and we will get revenge someday. But, Liz, my mother died leaving me behind the one person she knew I’d always need in my life. She gave me you, and for that, I’ll always be eternally grateful.”

Liz stopped crying long enough to thank him. Throwing her arms back around Michael’s body, she sobbed softly into his shoulder. But instead of tears of self-anger, they were tears of sorrow, of love. Michael stood there and continued to hold her tightly. Having Liz in his arms like this…this was the home Michael had always been looking for. He wasn’t going to loose it again.

<< And I'm all by myself
And I can't hear you answer my cries for help
I'll remember the suffering your love put you through
And I will go through the valley
If you want me to>>>


Isabel stood from behind the Crashdown’s employee’s door. She had seen the entire exchange. Since when had Isabel Evans ever listened to the rules? So, instead of watching the movie on the television Liz had provided in her dream (coincidentally, the movie happened to be “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”) she had listened to a different reunion between a brother and sister. It was not the Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia one Liz had wanted her to see. But Isabel still couldn’t believe it. Michael Guerin was Liz’s brother. Their friend was like them, half-alien.

<< Three times again
How long can this love remain?
She cries your name
Twelve times again
She cries your name
How long can this love remain?>>>

NOTE: The ending lyrics are from Beth Orton’s “She Cries Your Name.”

Part 11

Note: The song used is “Bent” by Matchbox 20

***May 17, 7:30 a.m.***

Max Evans continued to sit in the driver’s seat of his jeep. He and Isabel had arrived at the school a half-hour earlier than normal, on Isabel’s behalf. He had no idea why, but Isabel said she needed to do some research in the library. There was a funny thought, Isabel wanting to go to the library for research. She used to hate going there, but lately… He knew that Isabel and Michael were trying to help Kyle and Maria find Liz, but didn’t they understand that if she didn’t want to be found she would make sure she wasn’t. Her stubbornness in that was one of the things Max admired about her.

As soon as he had pulled up, Isabel immediately rushed out of the jeep, refusing to speak a word to him. She had barely spoken ten words to him in the past week. Their parents thought it strange to see their children (who usually were so close) so distant but Max really didn’t care. He had enough problems to deal with. So as Isabel briskly walked into the school building, Max had just sat there, listening to the car’s radio. He wasn’t ready to go inside yet.

<< Pick me up and dust me off
If I get too tired to make it
Be my breath so I can walk>>>

It wasn’t that Max didn’t like school, it was more who he would see going in there. Michael…Kyle…Isabel…Maria… And even though only Michael knew so far that he had gotten Tess pregnant, the rest of his friends didn’t really give a damn about him right now either. It would be worse if they knew the truth he feared. That “Saint Max” went and got his girlfriend pregnant. Maria would be the angriest; Max knew that for sure. He’d loose one of his best friends, all because she knew what he was trying to hide from himself. That he betrayed Liz.

Max was so confused, so lost. He had virtually no one to turn to except for Tess. And the smallest bit of control he had over his life was gone. It seemed to have left about the same time Liz did.

<< Give me more than I can stand
When my smile gets old and faded
Wait around I'll smile again

Shouldn't be so complicated
Just hold me and then
Just hold me again>>>

Liz was the one able to keep him sane. Last year he told her that no matter what happened, it was all worthwhile to him because they were together. God, had he lied! Max smiled at the memory of their first kiss. It was so different from kissing Tess. When he kissed Liz, he felt at peace, at home. Like each kiss was what he waited for his entire life. With Tess, the feelings that came over him were scary. Sometimes, Max felt like he wasn’t there, like he was absent in some way. It had been like that when they made love in the observatory a few nights ago. He remembered kissing her, removing her shirt, but after that, it seemed like a big gap in his memory. How was Max supposed to get through every day if he felt like that?

<< I'm so scared that I'll never
Get put back together
Keep breaking me in
And this is how we will live
With you and me bent>>>

The radio continued to pump out the Matchbox 20 lyrics as Max stared at the school. The students were arriving slowly, some rushing to their lockers to find their friends, others taking the time before being trapped inside what they considered a prison of learning for a whole day. As for Max, he didn’t know where he fit in anymore. Certainly not with these people. Kyle and Isabel’s pranks had been becoming more cruel. The other day, Kyle had pulled the fire alarm while Isabel used her powers to make sure he couldn’t move from his seat in the classroom. His own sister turned her back on him when he needed her the most.

<< Could you paint me better off?
Could you sympathize with my needs?
I know you think I need a lot

I started out clean but I'm jaded
Just falling
Just breaking the skin>>>

Max banged his hands hard on the steering wheel, a cry escaping from his lips. A couple of onlookers watched his breakdown as they headed to the building, but Max neither cared nor noticed. How was he supposed to be a leader of some alien race if he couldn’t even control his own problems? He wanted Liz, something deep inside of him knew Liz could make it all better, and he needed that. Not Tess, but Liz… The song continued to play as he finally broke into sobs of self-regret.

***The Other Side of West Roswell High School***

Tess Harding picked up the payphone in the quad area of the high school. Inserting a quarter, she dialed a number she had memorized a few months ago. Placing her backpack down by her feet, she waited impatiently for the recipient to pick up. Finally, he did.

“Hello?” the voice asked.

Tess didn’t bother giving the boy her name. She had a message to relay, and that was all she intended to do. “Tell your boss that everything is working out as Nasedo planned, even better with the Parker girl’s disappearance. He better make the proper arrangements.”

“Oh, he will,” the other voice replied sinisterly, and hung up the phone.

Placing her own phone on the hook, Tess picked up her blue backpack and slung it over one shoulder. She glanced side to side to make sure no one was watching, straightened her hair, and walked away. She had sensed Isabel and Max’s arrival on the school campus about fifteen minutes ago. Now, Tess Harding intended to go find her boyfriend. She had some things that needed to be taken care of…

<< It's never enough
'Til I feel all your pieces
Start bending me
Keep bending me until
I'm completely broken in
Shouldn't be so complicated
Just touch me and then
Just touch me again>>>

Part 12

***May 17, 2001, 3:30 p.m.***

“Maria, I need to talk to you.” Michael stated bluntly, cornering Maria as she walked out of the brief photography club meeting. He placed one arm against the wall, forcing her back against it, while his right hand grabbed her wrist.

“If this is about Alex, I thought we’d agree to deal with it more after school tomorrow.” Maria replied, trying to worm her way away from Michael’s grasp. It was so much easier for her to be casual about Alex’s death. It made the pain seem easier.

“No. I need your computer.”

Maria pushed Michael away from her and looked at him quizzically. “Okay spaceboy, what’s this about?”

Michael glanced up and down the hallway. At this point in his life, the only people he’d actually trust were few. He didn’t want to discuss this here, especially not in the school hallway where anyone could listen in. “Can we go to your place? It’s important Maria.”

Maria sighed. It wasn’t like she wasn’t heading home in the first place. And having Michael over would get her out of her mother’s newest idea of family bonding time. Amy DeLuca had come up with this a few weeks after Sean arrived. So far, the most disastrous one had been when they were selling the “George W. is an alien” t-shirts and Brody had held them hostage in the UFO museum. But Tess had made Amy forget the whole incident, thank god, Maria thought. As for Sean, well, her cousin actually knew better at some odd times to stay out of it. But that didn’t mean that the family bonding night didn’t disappear. Ms. DeLuca planned for them to go to the movies tonight to see “A Knight’s Tale.”

“You’re in luck Michael. You’re my ticket out of any family thing tonight. Get in the Jetta.” Maria opened her locker to quickly gather her books as Michael headed out to the school parking lot to wait by the car. It was going to be a long night.

***Roswell Public Library***

Kyle Valenti walked through the science fiction section of the library, trying to find his way to the computer section. He was not an expert at navigating his way through this place. He had been here fewer times than he could remember. The library, though it might have been on of Liz’s favorite places, was never his. He had gone there too many times when he had been dating her, but scarcely visited since. Why Isabel had called him and told him to meet her there seemed beyond Kyle. All she had said was that it was urgent.

Kyle stopped for a moment to pick up a book lying on the floor. Before placing it back on the shelf as he intended too, Kyle turned it over to see what it was. The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. He remembered having to read it in sixth grade, when all the classes were doing some sort of project on Mars. “Cute,” he whispered to no one. “I think the title just about sums up my life.” Valenti shot it a look of disgust and continued to walk to the computer room.

As soon as he reached the room, he saw Isabel Evans sitting in the corner, her face staring intently at the screen of the computer. He walked over to her, grabbing a chair from an empty station, ignoring the glare given by the librarian.
He placed the chair behind Isabel, the back facing the table. Kyle sat with backwards on it, the chair’s back dividing his legs.

“So Evans, what’s so important that we actually had to go to the library?”

Isabel jumped at the sound of his voice. “God Kyle, you scared me. Don’t do that again.”

Kyle surprised himself yet again by apologizing to the alien. “Why’d you call me here? I mean, the library? Come on, there’s nothing here but a bunch of old librarians and moldy books. People like us don’t belong here,” he mentioned their deteriorating social status in the school building.

Isabel turned around in her chair, momentarily turning her face away from the monitor. She looked Kyle right in the eye. “There aren’t that many people here. It also happens to have a more extensive database on the history of Roswell than any other place in this town.”

Kyle shrugged his shoulders. “Point being?”

Isabel ignored his remark and typed in a few keys on the keyboard with her blue polished fingers, continuing her search through the files. Isabel was apprehensive about asking Kyle her next question. She felt that if she did, she’d be betraying what Michael and Liz wanted kept secret. After coming out of that dreamwalk, Michael had interrogated Isabel to make sure she hadn’t heard anything. Isabel played dumb, but had felt horrible about lying to her close friend. Telling Kyle would just make her feel even worse.

“Um, Kyle…did…did your dad ever mention if Mr. Parker was ever married before Liz’s mom…you know…Nancy Parker?”

Kyle scratched his head, puzzled. He strummed his fingers on the table, repeating a slightly familiar pattern to Isabel. His eyes reflected a far away glance showing that he was trying to remember. “Actually, yeah…I think Liz’s dad was married way before we were ever born…or in your case, hatched. But whoever she was, it didn’t work out or something.”

“It’s not that it didn’t work out,” Isabel corrected. She shifted the computer screen for Kyle to see. On it was a list of deaths in the Roswell area for the year 1984. Toward the middle of the screen was a list for deaths in June. Isabel pointed to one of the names.

“Kayla Parker. Cause of death unknown,” Kyle read. “So?” He stopped tapping for a moment. “What does this have to do with Liz running away?”

“I don’t think that this woman was human,” Isabel whispered.

Kyle snorted. “And next you’ll be telling me that I don’t practice Buddhism, that this is all a dream.” Isabel stone cold serious face stopped his laughter. He gulped. “All right, let’s say this is true… What made you jump to this conclusion.”

Isabel redirected him to the screen again. “Kayla appeared in Roswell about the same time some tourists reported some sort of UFO sighting/crash on the outskirts of Frasier Woods.”

“You’re not talking about your crash, are you?”

Isabel shook her head in disbelief. Kyle had seemed to fall out of the dumb jock routine at some point during the school year. And you’d think he’d know anything after dealing with Skins, shapeshifters, dupes and the gandarium. “Kyle, our crash was in 1947. This one was in 1977. Liz’s grandma was coming home from a dig that year and arrived in town with Kayla. She never mentioned where she met her.”

She pointed to a newspaper article from the Daily Record. Sure enough was a brief mention of Roswell’s only anthropologist’s homecoming after spending the year at a Navajo dig site. Even briefer was the mention of a new comer to the town, one who Claudia claimed she had met while on the archeological dig.

“And so you immediately conclude that she’s an alien.” In midst of their argument, both teens somehow remembered to keep their voices low as not to be overheard.

Isabel took a deep breath. “Kyle, did anyone in Liz’s family ever own a house or something outside of Roswell?”

He nodded. “Liz used to go visit her grandparents in Arizona a lot. This was after they moved away from Roswell. You don’t think that’s…”

“Yeah, I think she’s there,” Isabel interrupted. “But there’s something more going on.” She waved a hand, gesturing for Kyle to come closer. It was his turn to worry. This couldn’t possibly be good.

“Michael had me dreamwalk Liz last night. I don’t know why, but I did overhear pieces of the conversation. She was telling Michael something about his mother. I think the name was Kalla. Kalla, Kayla, both somehow connected to the Parkers. Think about it.”

This was too much for the younger Valenti. How could Liz’s father somehow be connected to all this? He seemed too normal and mild mannered to be involved. Wasn’t mild mannered the word they always used to describe Superman he briefly wondered. The sudden image of Liz’s entire family being alien superheroes flashed through his mind. This is crazy Valenti, he shouted at himself internally, shoving the picture away. Finally, he was able to utter a couple of coherent sentences.

“Maybe we should dreamwalk her again. See what we can learn.”

Isabel nodded in regret.

***DeLuca Household***

The minute Michael Guerin stepped foot in Maria’s room, he raced over to the neon green IMac laptop she had sitting on her desk. He slammed the door behind him, loud enough for Amy and Sean to hear down in the living room. Without any word of approval, he sat down on the wooden chair and turned the computer on. When it started to warm up, Michael finally decided to explain his actions to a pissed off Maria.

“I need you to create me an e-mail account. I don’t have a computer or Internet at home. I need to use yours.”

Maria sauntered over from her bed to desk, taking a seat on the edge of Michael’s lap instead of getting a chair from the kitchen. “All right spaceboy, what’s up with the sudden interest with the web?” It was obvious by her facial expressions she was not willing to give in anytime soon.

Michael leaned in and kissed her cheek. Maria smiled and he leaned in towards her lips. Maria returned the gesture, moving her body to better fit on top of Michael’s. She ran her fingers in his hair while Michael played with the edges of her shirt. The kiss got deeper as Michael parted her lips with his tongue. After a five-minute make out session, Maria broke away, remembering why they were up there in the first place. Wiping the lipstick smear from Michael’s face, she spoke.

“As much as I enjoyed that, you will not be seducing me into getting what you want Guerin. No way on this earth or any other. Now, what’s going on?” She stood up, hands on her hips, waiting for an answer.

Michael thought of the only excuse he could come up with, the one he had been told to use last night. “I’ve been talking with Laurie on the phone. And, we’ve both agreed that it would be easier to stay in contact through the net. She is my only family and I…” he lied.

Maria smiled. Even though the Dupree girl wasn’t necessarily all that sane when they had first met, eventually, she had rubbed off on Maria. And Michael actually wanted to keep in touch with his family. Maria could feel an “awww” building up on the back of her throat.

“Tell ya what. I’ll create you one of those Yahoo accounts and then you can check your e-mail on any computer.” Michael narrowed his eyes, causing her to stifle a giggle. It seemed that Michael wasn’t willing to trust any other computer. “Fine,” she gave in. “I’ll give you my password so you can go through mine. But when I’m using it, you will find a different computer at the library or something. Try Max and Isabel even. ‘K with that?”

Michael stood up and hugged her. Now he would be able to communicate with Liz. She had refused to tell him where she was or the telephone number. Michael was already angry with his sister for not allowing him to go and watch over her. But Liz reassured him, or at least tried; that her cousin was with her and he was one of those people she’d trust with her life. That doesn’t mean Michael would trust him. But, e-mail with Liz was what Michael was going to have to settle for. Her persistence to this actually reminded Michael a lot of himself last night. He was amazed they never noticed their resemblances before, but was grateful that they knew now.

“Thank you,” he whispered in Maria’s hair.

“Welcome,” she said, not noticing that Michael meant the thank you to be more for everything she had ever done for him. Maria sat down in Michael’s former chair and logged on to AOL. As soon as the connection was secure, she opened the Yahoo page. “Since I’m doing this for you, I get to pick the name.”

Before Michael could object, she typed in a bunch of letters and registered the e-mail address. Michael groaned when the approval for the account finally appeared on the screen. Ria’sSpaceBoy⊕, he thought, could this get any more pathetic? Maria just smiled at him coyly.

Part 13

NOTE: Song used is “Unknown” by Lifehouse.

***May 18, 2001, outskirts of Alpine, Arizona***

<< In this familiar place
Sheltered and concealed
And if this night won’t let me rest
Don’t let me second guess
What I know to be real>>>

Alex Whitman stared outside the dusty window. The usually serene desert scenery was being washed with an afternoon thunderstorm. He could feel the vibrations of the thunder as it boomed across the sky. A few seconds later, the zigzagged lightening struck a cactus. Alex could literally feel the electricity humming in the air. For some reason, he had been ‘more in touch’ with nature ever since Leana and General Mi’Ran had healed him. The teenager couldn’t control the forces, but he could always feel the presence of mother earth. It fascinated and scared him at the same time.

Alex smiled sadly. The weather sure reflected his mood at the moment. His thoughts and emotions were stormy and turbulent, raging a war inside his mind. Mentally, he cursed Tess and Leana for the thousandth time since he had arrived at the base. The two had ruined his life, especially the former. Alex could have continued living his quasi-normal life if she never had come to Roswell…if she never killed him.

He shifted his position on the windowsill. Sitting here reminded him of all the times he spent at Liz’s with or without Maria. Alex loved sitting by her window. It always seemed to open an infinite amount of possibilities. And she probably used one of those to escape, he thought sardonically. He didn’t know where Liz was, and was worried so much for her safety, but somehow Alex knew deep in his heart that wherever she was, she was safe. Nothing could happen to her. She was more important than she knew.

<< And maybe I just might
Learn to let it go
Take my security from me
And maybe finally
I won’t have to know everything>>>

Alex continued to watch the downpour, flashing back to the events starting in the previous December. A little after the dupes had left, Tess had begun to use her mindwarp on him. She sent him to Las Cruces University to try and decode the alien book. Eventually, he had succeeded, but it wasn’t until after meeting Leana and learning about another group of aliens and humans alike working to fulfill some sort of alien prophecy.

Leana had befriended him when she was posing as a human Skin ally, Jennifer Coleman, and helped to make Alex realize that Tess was controlling him. He had been in some sort of catatonic state the next couple of days. He couldn’t believe that someone he had actually trusted did something like this. General Mi’Ran, another shapeshifting alien, convinced him to continue working on the book under Tess’ influence, but reminded him to keep sending a copy to Leana’s shed.

They had all just thought Tess was using him so she and the others would be able to eventually go home. No one knew that Tess would kill to protect her secret. Alex had gotten weaker and weaker due to the mindwarp, but Tess’ powers were strong enough to make it seem otherwise to those around him. The Sweden trip had been Serena’s idea. She was actually River Dog’s twenty-four year niece, and had been told about Nasedo and the others by her uncle. Eventually she found and joined the Earth based Antarian rebels. Alex chuckled. She was one of the few true friends he actually had up here, and man, she was a brain…a lot like Liz and Maria combined.

Serena thought that it would be best for Alex to have a cover story while Tess influenced him. She and Zek took care of all the details, even for his death. The Olsens became real. The two had even forged photographs for Alex to bring back. In a sense, Alex actually almost believed he had spent the weeks in Sweden. Anything was better than the awful truth of being used.

<< Falling into grace
To the unknown
To where you are
And faith makes everybody scared
It’s the unknown, the don’t know
That keeps me hanging on and on
And on to you>>>

And then, two weeks before the junior prom, General Mi’Ran had gotten word that K’Var and his second Nickolas got wind of the small team working to complete the prophecy. They also found out Alex was a link between them and the Roswellians. Alex would have to go into hiding. But before that, he had demanded that General Mi’Ran let him confront Tess. He consented, not knowing the severe damage that was being done to Alex’s mind.

And so he went, a few days after the junior prom, after spending a couple of glorious days with Isabel, with his two best friends, Alex went to see Tess. He was on the edge of a breakdown, walking into the room, in hysterics, telling Tess off for sending him to Las Cruces to decode the book. For using him like that. Alex also mentioned one of the secrets he had been carrying: that her mindwarps had virtually destroyed his brain. And when Tess had attempted to mindwarp him again, Alex had clutched his head and sobbed that there was nothing left for her to mindwarp. That if she did it again, she’d kill him.

<< I cannot pretend
That everything makes sense
But does it really matter now
If I do not know how
To figure this thing out>>>

Kyle had chosen that moment to walk in. Alex actually thought he had a glimmer of hope there. Maybe Tess would have stopped…but she didn’t. And Alex didn’t think that she’d then mindwarp Kyle too, to convince him to carry Alex’s body out into his car, without ever knowing what he did. Alex had no clue what had happened next, but the next thing he knew, he was at his ‘friends’ home base in Alpine, Serena, Leana, and General Mi’Ran leaning over him. He was in a hospital type bed.

General Mi’Ran filled him in on what he had missed while Alex was unconscious. The alien explained how they discovered just in time that Tess would stop at nothing to cover her tracks. They knew she was working for someone, just not who. They still didn’t know that piece of information yet, and that upset Alex. He didn’t like abandoning Isabel, Maria, or any of the others with a killer in their midst. But there was nothing he could do about that.

Serena, Zek, and Mi’Ran had found Alex, in his car, on the side of the road. There was a bottle of pills in his hand. Tess was trying to make it look like he wasted himself to death. Serena brought Alex to Leana, who immediately began to try and save what very little was left of Alex’s life force. After Mi’Ran and Zek had replaced the body with that of a Skin’s, causing the whole thing to look like a suicidal car accident, they rushed to also help Alex. After the teen was stabilized, he was brought to Alpine to recover.

Even though Alex knew it wasn’t her fault, he still blamed Leana once in a while. After all, she was the one who had dragged him into the whole prophecy mess in the first place. But sometimes, she’d make it up to him by helping Alex to dreamwalk. He had visited Isabel twice (three times if you count when he met her in Liz’s dream), and Maria and his parents once. It helped being in their dreams. It gave Alex a little bit of security.

<< Falling into grace
To the unknown
To where you are
And faith makes everybody scared
It’s the unknown, the don’t know
That keeps me hanging on and on
And on to you

I am against myself again
Trying to fit these pieces in
Walking on a cloud of dust to
Get to you>>>

He sighed, then gasped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Alex turned around to see the face that haunted him in his nightmares. He gave a small yelp of fright. “I wish I could change my appearance so it wouldn’t resemble that bitch too.” Ava said kindly. “I knows I apologized already, but I’m sorry.”

Alex smiled and moved over, placing his hand on the empty space, gesturing for the hybrid to sit. “It’s not your fault. It’s Tess’. And there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ve just got to remember that you’re two different people.”

Ava nodded and looked out the window. “It would sometimes pour like this in New York. I remember this one time…” Ava stared at the desert and then turned to face Alex, her blue eyes reflecting the glow of the bolts of light from outside. “That was starting to get too cornball, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess. But memories help us hold on,” Alex whispered, trying to convince himself of the same words.

“I have nothing to remember. My life in that city sucked. I ain’t going to look back at it.” She looked at him questioningly. “Why’d you ever trust me in the first place if I’m like her?”

“Because Liz trusted you. She told me that she befriended you. I knew that if that was the case, then I knew you were good.” Alex rapped his fingers on the side of the window. It was an after affect of Tess’ mindwarp. He hated it, but had no control, much like sensing the nature and weather changes.

“She can see the evil within you know?” Ava asked earnestly. She looked up to him, searching for a sign of acceptance. Alex pulled her in to lean against him in a friendship hug, ignoring her ‘cornball’ remark. “She’s really special, ain’t she?”

“Yeah, she is,” Alex replied, wiping tears of forlorn memories from his face. He stared at the storm again, his storm, the one that was telling his story.

<< Falling into grace
To the unknown
To where you are
And faith makes everybody scared
It’s the unknown, the don’t know
That keeps me hanging on and on

I am
Falling into grace
To the unknown
To where you are
And faith makes everybody scared
It’s the unknown, the don’t know
That keeps me hanging on and on
And on to you>>>

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Part 14

Subject: Greetings from Roswell
Date: May 18, 2001
From: Ria’sSpaceBoy⊕
To: LDupree⊕

Don’t laugh. It was Maria’s condition for letting me using her computer. She’s your friend. Have you gone through the journal or chest yet? I want to know what our mother left for us. I still can’t believe it. I have a mother Liz! Or at least had…but she loved me. Max and Isabel know how much this means to me…but I can’t even tell them cause of your stupid rivalry with Maxwell. You are the only family I have and I can’t even see you. God damn it Liz, why don’t you just tell me where you are? You’re probably a thousand times safer with me than any cousin of yours. And how do we know he’s not one of our enemies posing as your cousin? They’re your enemies too now…and if anything happens… Maria and I are trying to figure out how Alex died. We felt we owed this to you since you left Roswell cause of it. Reply as soon as you get this.


Subject: How’s life?
Date: May 18, 2001
From: LDupree⊕
To: Ria’sSpaceBoy⊕

You’ve gone weak. I laughed non-stop upon seeing your screen name. Chris (my cousin, who by the way, is NOT a Skin) rushed into Grandma’s study to see if I was okay. Thank you. I haven’t laughed that much for a long time. I needed that. I’ll start looking through the chest and journal later tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Chris dragged me on one of his shopping outings again. There was this really strange moment, when we were in the grocery store. I accidentally bumped into this Mexican (at least that’s what he looked like) man and he gave me the strangest look. It didn’t scare me, so don’t go calling out the National Guard or anything; it was just that he looked vaguely familiar. It was almost as if he was the man that sent Max home and I after spending that night in the desert two Februarys ago. Do you remember that? And the way he looked at me…it was as if he knew something…about us…about the aliens. It gave me this sense of importance…like when…forget it. Speaking of Max, how are everyone in Roswell? Especially Maria. I know she’ll forgive me someday after we find out why Alex was murdered and by whom. Right now, I really miss my best friend.
Luv, Liz


Subject: Re: How’s life?
Date: May 19, 2001
From: Ria’sSpaceBoy⊕
To: LDupree⊕

What man? Max never mentioned that anyone found you out there with the orb? This isn’t safe Liz, what if someone’s after you? Didn’t our mother’s letter say that we were both important, that we both have some sort of destiny? Read the journal Liz. I want the answers and you have them. Share. And I also want to know if there is any threat towards you that can exist. I’m going to do everything in my power to protect you and Maria. And believe it or not, she’s the one making it easy. Come. Back. Now.


Subject: Hello?
Date: May 19, 2001
From: Ria’sSpaceBoy⊕
To: LDupree⊕

I’m e-mailing this from Maria’s computer. It’s a lot easier using the school’s library this morning. I soon as I entered the room, all I got were stares from teachers in there. What? I might actually want to learn once; I don’t see what the big deal is to those people. Why haven’t you replied yet? Is everything okay Liz? Where are you? I thought we’d agree to check every six hours for e-mail. You haven’t kept your end of the deal. That’s not like you, at least from what I’ve been able to find out from Maria. Reply, all right?


Date: May 20, 2001
From: Ria’sSpaceBoy⊕
To: LDupree⊕



Subject: A Knight’s Tale
Date: May 21, 2001
From: LDupree⊕
To: Ria’sSpaceBoy⊕

Stubbornness runs in our family it seems. You…me…our mother. We are more alike in some ways than you’d actually imagine. And it’s probably a good thing too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with half the things I’ve done since the three of you entered my life sophomore year. I’ve been too angry with you to reply. I’m sorry if I caused you any worry, I just didn’t feel like dealing with your demands or complaints or anything for a while. I was taking the time to type up the beginning of Mother’s journal. Did you know she was a knight on Antar? Women could be knights there… God, she was so brave. I’ll talk to you soon.

September 23, 1977. Journal Entry One. I’m Kalla Tirist and five days ago, my ship, Demore’s Pride, crashed on a small blue green planet, Earth. After I thought all was lost, I was saved…

Claudia gave me this journal to record my thoughts while I am on Earth, which will probably be forever. Where should I start? I want this journal to reflect all that I am, this way, in the future, Rath will be able to understand everything about his past. Maybe that’s a good place to begin.

By Earth years, I am about 57, but by Antarian years, that is still young. We live longer than the average human, but since you, Rath, are of mixed breeding, genetically engineered, I do not know how this will affect your lifespan. I was born into a noble family, allowing me to pursue my dream of becoming a knight to serve my king. At age 20, I met Hantar Tisist and fell in love. Hantar was King Alstar’s second in command. We moved into the palace and I befriended Queen Tarna, becoming her personal knight.

A year later, Hantar and I were blessed with our first son, Rath. He was born around the same time Prince Zan was. We agreed to let Rath be raised alongside Zan and his older sister, Vilandra. I fear now that was a mistake. At birth, Rath was promised to Vilandra, but since they grew up as siblings, nothing ever developed more than a deep kinship. Rath was always impulsive, headstrong, and lonely. Despite his friendship with Zan and Lonnie, I knew he was lonely…he was always looking for something more.

Rath was raised to be Zan’s second when the prince would someday become king, just like his father before him. But when Rath was fifteen, Hantar was killed in an early uprising led by some rebels against the confederation. Five years later, my son, Zan, Vilandra, and the princess Ava (Zan’s betrothed) perished in the same fate. K’Var took power over our world. Queen Tarna, myself, and a handful of others were forced into hiding.

The Royal 4 were recreated and sent to this planet so they could grow and someday return home and defeat K’Var. Duplicates were made. Accompanied by them were two of Tarna’s most trusted guards, Nado and Protan. We had no clue that Nado would turn out to be a spy, which led to the events of sending me to Earth. Tarna picked me because she knew she would be able to trust me no matter what. I was willing because it would give me a chance to raise my son again.

I never expected Demore’s Pride to crash. I believe that the ship’s internal systems were rigged so it would do so, but I will never be able to prove my hunch because soldiers appeared to take the wreckage away. For two days, I hid out in the woods, near death. On the third day, Claudia Parker found me. She’s what the humans call an anthropologist, one who studies cultures of other humans. For some reason, she was not afraid of me. Instead, she took me to her dig site and cared for me till I was well.

Since I had no place to go, Claudia offered to take me to her home in Roswell. Today is our first day in Roswell. Claudia was given a warm greeting in her arrival. She seems to be quite popular among her townsfolk. She introduced me as a friend of her son’s, Kayla Tristan. I assume this was to throw off suspicion. Perhaps I am about the same age as her son. If so, I would like to meet him. I wonder if he is as kind and warm hearted as his mother.

We live above a restaurant which Claudia’s father-in-law owns. It is not really a restaurant, more of a bar according to Claudia. Her husband is the only other in the town who knows the truth about me. That I am from another world, here to save it. His name is Simon Parker. Simon and Claudia have promised to help me find my son and the rest of the Royal 4 before Nado does.

I thank the gods for the good fortune that has been bestowed upon me. When my spacecraft crashed five days ago, I thought that all would be lost forever. I was wrong, one of the few times in my life. And tonight, I will go to sleep in my room, knowing that the future will be happy. I am happy.


Subject: Re: A Knight’s Tale (Part IIX)
Date: May 25, 2001
From: Ria’sSpaceBoy⊕
To: LDupree⊕

Wow, Liz…she was amazing… She gave up so much… I’d never be able to do something like that. And from the bits and pieces Maria’s told me (that I forced out of her), I think she’s passed her self-sacrificing on to you. You gave up a wonderful life for Max, Isabel, and me. And all we’ve done is make it a living hell for you. I’m sorry. There’s not much happening here on the home front, I’m just honored to be related to two of the most honorable women in the world. I really just want to hug you right now…and thank you…for saving my life.

Part 15

***May 24, 2001 – Pod Chamber***

School was over for the day. And Max Evans couldn’t have been happier. He used to love going to school, cause school would mean spending the day with the five people he never had to hid his true self from, but ever since Tess had entered their life, Max’s view towards the place had changed. And now, it seemed to be even worse. How was Max supposed to attend his senior year if he was a father? It seemed to be even worse on Tess’s behalf.

“Max,” Tess’s voice called out, interrupting him from his thoughts. Max turned his head around to the petite blond. By looking at her, you’d never guess she was pregnant, but that’s why they were at the pod chamber. It was the place in which the aliens stored everything they new about their home…Antar… Max had brought Tess here, hoping they could find something about the alien side of this. Grabbing the black bag stored on a ledge in the cave, Max walked over to Tess.

“This is everything Michael, Isabel, and I have from home. Maybe there’s something in here that can help us…tell us...about...” he gestured to his stomach. Tess nodded and pulled out one of the items in the cloth bag. It was the metallic book she had retrieved from the Roswell Public Library last year.

She opened it to one of the pages representing the four square. “See,” she told Max, pointing to the weird symbols and images on the page, “this is meant to be. Max, this is what’s supposed to happen.” Those words were supposed to reassure the teenager. Instead, they infuriated him.

“If only I knew how to read this!” Max yelled, seizing the book out of Tess’s hands and flinging it across the room. “It has the answers to everything…Oh god, it would explain so much.”

Max stood up from his seat next to Tess on a rock and walked over to where the book had landed. He picked it up, carefully scrapping the dust from the cover. “We don’t even know how long an alien pregnancy lasts,” he mumbled.

“Two months.”

“What?” Max wasn’t sure if he heard her correctly. She already knew?

Tess spoke a little louder. “Two months. Nasedo told me.” Max nodded his head. Of course, he thought. Their former shapeshifting guardian would know all about what was going on. Too bad he was dead…

Max walked closer to where Tess was sitting. “Tess, I just want you to know, that even though we’re having this baby…” he looked down at his hands. Max felt awful for what he was just about to say, but it was the truth. And he felt that he owed it to Tess in some sense to tell it to her. “I love Li-“

“Max!” Tess cried out in pain. She clutched her stomach with one hand, her other clutching her legs close to her body, collapsing onto the ground of the cave. She moaned in pain. Instantly, Max forgot whatever it was he was going to say and rushed over to help her. He brushed a strand of limp blond hair out of her face and carefully leaned her against the wall.

“Max…I think it’s the baby,” Tess managed to force out.

Max nodded and carefully lifted up her shirt a bit to place his hand on her bare stomach. It was the only way he could form the connection with the baby. Max concentrated for a few minutes and then, suddenly, he was in. Max could feel the baby’s heartbeat and sense it’s presence. Max knew it was a boy, he was having a son! There was one thing wrong though…

As Max came out of the connection, he looked Tess straight in the eye. His own eyes reflected his fear. “The baby- it’s dying. Earth’s atmosphere is killing him,” he whispered softly, wrapping his arms around Tess’s body and hugging her close.

***Same Day, Claudia Parker’s Home, Alpine, Arizona***

Liz was in the kitchen finishing the last minute preparations on her surprise dinner for Chris. Her cousin had gone into town today to finally audition for the afternoon DJ slot on the local radio station. She hoped Topaz managed to get the position, but this dinner was just in case he didn’t, to cheer him up. But if he did get the job, then it would be a celebration dinner.

It had been the first time in days that Liz actually had been doing something other than reading her mother’s journal, going through the chest, or e-mailing Michael. Spending the whole afternoon cooking was a refreshing change. She had made spaghetti and meatballs, her cousin’s favorite. Liz even baked an apple pie for desert. With vanilla ice cream to go with it of course. The salad was already in the dining room and the table was set. Everything would have been perfect if select others were there to share in as well.

“You left all that in Roswell,” she reminded herself.

“Left what in Roswell?” A voice asked from behind her. “Mmm, smells good!”

Liz whirled around to see Topaz. “What are you doing here? You said you wouldn’t be home for another hour or so?” Topaz looked at her and his face fell. Liz covered her hand mouth with her hands in shock at his sad face. “You didn’t get the job? Oh god, Chris I’m so sorry.”

All of the sudden, he smiled. “Got ya!” he shouted happily and gave Liz a big hug. “How could they turn down Christopher Topaz Bromin?” He laughed.

Liz smiled and pulled away. “Come on, I made you a surprise dinner for a celebration. This way,” she said, taking his hand and guiding him into the dining room.

“Gee, thanks cuz,” Topaz replied.

Dinner was a success. Chris and Liz took the time to discuss past events and catch up on everything. Even though they had spent the last few weeks together, Liz had continuously locked herself in her room finding out the truth about her origins. Topaz of course, didn’t know this, but allowed Liz her privacy most of the time.

“Chris,” Liz asked quietly. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to ask this; but the teen needed answers Kalla’s journal couldn’t provide. And she still wasn’t ready to confront her parents.

“What is it Liz?” he asked from across the table.

“How old were you when Aunt Julie and Uncle Ben adopted you?”

“I was three. You weren’t born yet, Lizzy. Why do you ask?”

Here goes nothing; Liz braced herself. “Did you…did you know that my dad was married before my mo…Nancy?”

“You found out, didn’t you?” Chris asked gently. He got up from his end of the table and walked over to Liz. He placed an arm around her, making Liz move over a little in her chair. “I never met her, cause I’m from Aunt Nancy’s side of the family, but aside from my aunt, she was the only other person Uncle Jeff loved.”

Liz smiled and fought back the tears threatening to spill out. “When…When did he marry Mom?” Even though Liz knew Nancy wasn’t her real mother, she still wasn’t ready on giving up on the only mom she knew. And she had raised her all these years, even if they hid the truth.

“I think I was about nine. You were two then. Wanna hear about it?”

“Yeah,” Liz said. “I’d like that a lot.”

***May 24, DeLuca Residence***

Maria stared at her computer screen. The AOL connection was almost through. At last, the screen appeared. Her buddy list, the menu page popped up, and that annoying voice that said: “You’ve got mail” greeted her. What mail did she have? Maria wondered. The only person getting e-mail around here was Michael, and this definitely wasn’t his account. His was on Yahoo, not AOL. And she hadn’t opened the Yahoo screen, though it was tempting to do so.

She clicked on the mail icon to see whom it was from. Maria immediately smiled when she saw Liz’s e-mail address on the screen. Quickly, she clicked on the e-mail to read it. Liz actually wrote to her! Maria couldn’t believe it.

Sorry I left Roswell like that. It wasn’t you, please don’t think it was your fault. I just needed space…and answers. Do you have any of the e-mails Alex sent you from Sweden? If so, can you send them to me? I want to read them over. I think that perhaps Alex got tangled in something alien related in Sweden. Let me know, okay? Thanks.
Your best friend forever – Liz

She wanted Alex’s e-mail? What a weird request. Yet, Maria thought, it did make sense. She went to her filling cabinet and clicked on the file marked Alex. That’s where she stored all his e-mail. Clicking on one of them, she briefly read it over. In it, Alex was discussing how great it was in Sweden. He said that his host family was really nice and the sites were amazing. But other than that, he didn’t go into much detail. This stuck Maria as odd. Looking at Liz’s e-mail again, a revelation came over her.

Liz’s e-mail was obviously not sent from her home about the Crashdown. It was sent from wherever she was now. E-mail could be sent from anywhere, as long as a computer was available. A scary thought hit her. The e-mails could be sent from anywhere, anytime, just as long as Alex was able to access his screen name: Whitsbassist⊕ Maria quickly hit the print button on her orange I-Mac as she pushed her hair back in dread. What if Alex wasn’t in Sweden all this time? She wondered. What if, for some reason, he lied to everyone and was doing something else? Something that lead to his murder…

***May 25, 2001, West Roswell High***

Maria rushed down the hallway of the school building, ignoring the shouts of “no running” from teachers. It was after school, the day was over, and almost everyone had gone home. Except for Maria…except for certain clubs. Without knocking on the door, she burst into the computer classroom and grabbed Derek Henderson out of his chair. She shoved a piece of paper right in front of his face.

“I need you to tell me where exactly this e-mail was sent from,” she asked before he even had a chance to say anything.

Derek looked at her. His curly brown hair was all over the place and running his fingers quickly through them didn’t help at all. Derek looked at Maria like she was insane. He had the same exact feeling when Liz Parker called him up a couple of weeks ago about usage of binary code, aside from leaving messages. Did she think that someone left her a message in the binary code? That had been crazy enough…and now this.

“Look, I’m sorry about his death,” Derek began apologizing.

“Thanks,” Maria quickly mumbled. She turned the conversation back to the original topic. “I need to know where in Sweden Alex sent this from, please...” she pleaded.

“You’re Liz Parker’s friend aren’t you?”

“You spoke to her? When?” Maria was ready to explode. This guy just kept changing topics and it was driving her insane. And when did Liz ever speak to him? She had been gone out of Roswell too long… “You know, forget it. I’m Maria DeLuca.” She stuck out her hand and he shook it.

“I would say I was pleased to meet you but after your friend’s request…and now this…” Derek turned around and walked back into the classroom and sat himself in front of his computer once again. Maria followed.

“Just this one e-mail, that’s it. Then Liz and I won’t ever bother you again.” She handed him the sheet of paper. Derek looked up at her and back to the e-mail. He had no clue what was going on, but decided to try anyway. He quickly typed a series of keys on the keyboard.

“Uh, the origination point has been encrypted,” he told her hesitantly.

“Obviously. I need you to do your computer nerd thing and tell me where this e-mail came from. If it was that easy, I would’ve done it already.” She spoke fast and impatiently.

“You’re asking me to do something illegal,” Derek replied. His face was already forming into a half smile. As much as he hated to admit it, he would jump at any opportunity he got for hacking.

“And?” Maria asked, shrugging her shoulders. Derek’s smile grew. That was all the encouragement he needed. For the next couple of minutes, Derek quickly worked on trying to find out where the e-mail was from. Maria watched, as his fingers seemed to fly all over the keyboard. After what seemed like an eternity to her, he looked away from the screen.

“Did you say your friend sent these from Sweden?”

“Yeah, why?”

“He couldn’t of. These were sent from here in New Mexico.”

Maria frowned. How could they be? She and Liz both saw Alex’s slideshow of photos. God, the Whitmans even received flowers from Alex’s host family during the funeral! He heart began beating faster. She was right. He wasn’t in Sweden. He was here all along! “Are you telling me that Alex sent me these from Roswell?”

Derek shook his head. “Not far off.” He handed the paper back to Maria. “Wasn’t Roswell, but a dorm room at Las Cruces University.”

Part 16

***May 25, Evening, Alpine, Arizona***

…Today Elizabeth Anaevi Parker was born. She is a beauty and won over everyone’s heart the minute they first laid eyes on her. I know she will do the same with Rath when they first meet. Rath’s an older brother now…the idea is amazing. When Claudia placed my precious girl in my arms for the first time, I cried, something I have not done since discovering Rath’s pod. Jeffery and I have been blessed. My dear husband says that she looks like me. This makes me smile. Rath always looked like his father; barely ever resembled me, except with his eyes and his personality. It makes me happy to look into Elizabeth’s eyes and see my own and Rath’s shining back.

It is late as I write this entry. Today has been an exhausting day. Claudia is in the guest room. She and Simon are staying with us for a month. They want to be here to help with Elizabeth. Liz, as Simon already calls his granddaughter. Jeffery, on the other hand, lays asleep in the room, which will eventually belong to our daughter. Our daughter…I still cannot believe the word. Glancing at the peacefully sleeping baby in the crib next to my bed, I feel this sadness I have not felt since Rath became Zan’s second-in-command. Knowing that twice now, I have helped Kyshi’s prophecy to be fulfilled…it makes me proud…and yet… In my eyes, I feel that I have cursed my children…with a destiny.

I want to go to the Pod Chamber and talk to Rath. Even though I know he will not be able to respond for another six years, he is of my kind. As much as I love Jeffery, Claudia, and Simon, for they have become my family here on Earth, there are certain things they cannot understand. Yet, I wonder about Claudia. Her research has led her to discover new information about an ancient “human” prophet, Kyshi. I wonder how she would react if I told her that Kyshi was a distant ancestor of mine. Perhaps, she will be the one to understand what I am about to write, for Rath will still be too young, for many years after he emerges from his development.

Long ago, Kyshi, a respected scholar on Antar, had prophesized an evil Darkness that would eventually seize control of the universe. He had claimed that when a trusted advisor usurped the throne of a future king it would only be the beginning of the end. This usurper would form a pack with the Darkness, and eventually, Antar, the other four planets of the Confederation, and Earth would perish. Kyshi said that the apocalypse would be in form of a gigantic black fireball – the Darkness’ sentient form.

He also prophesized a solution to this fate. In each generation of the royal family, there is a group: the king or queen and three others, who are known as the Royal Four. Kyshi spoke that when they were killed in a rebellion, they would be recreated in form of engineered human-Antarian hybrids and sent to Earth. On Earth, they would find stone tablets that represented their element: one for fire, one for wind, one for earth, and one for water. He built a temple on Antar for the usage of these elements by the Royal Four. But they would need another element, a fifth element. According to Kyshi, the fifth element would not be a tablet, but a true mix between to species, a person. This person would be related to one of the Royal Four, soulmate to another, the offerrer of friendship and belonging to the other two. She would be the missing element of love needed to complete the cycle and defeat the darkness.

After building the temple, Kyshi managed to hijack a spaceship and head to Earth in search of the four elemental tablets that he claimed existed there. Virtually no one believed him in the Confederation except for a small group of his followers. As far as I know, they still exist and are larger in number than before K’Var’s seizing of the throne. He never returned to Antar, but his prophecy has been passed down from member to member of my family. I must pass the legend to Claudia tomorrow. She will believe me, if only due to her recent discoveries of Kyshi. It is crucial she knows, so she can guide the Royal Four and my daughter when I am not here.

Elizabeth doesn’t appear strong now, but I know she is. She will need this strength in her future. I know now that she will encounter many obstacles and I thank the gods that she will have Rath and Zan’s love to guide her through this. Rath, her brother, and Zan, her soulmate. My dear girl, your fate has already been foretold. I named you accordingly. Anaevi isn’t a human name, in my language, as Jeffery guessed. What I didn’t tell my husband, for he is playing the protective father role already; it can be roughly translated to “fifth element.”

Liz slammed the book shut on the dinning room table, breathing heavy. Her thoughts were spinning and Liz honestly thought she was going collapse due to the sudden discovery of new information. As if discovering she was Michael’s sister and half alien wasn’t enough! Now she was supposed to be the key part in some alien prophecy? She just wouldn’t believe it. This was too much! Too much!

“Topaz!” Liz yelled loudly and urgently. “Get down here now!”

Without waiting for a reply, Liz grabbed her coat and keys from next to the main entrance. Topaz bumbled down the stairs, trying to hurry at his cousin’s demand. Seeing Liz standing impatiently at the door, Topaz reached for the sweater lying across the stair rail and shoved it on over his head. Checking his pocket to make sure the recorder was with him (which of course, there was no reason on why it shouldn’t be), he bounded over to the door. Liz was tapping her foot at a quick pace, waiting for him to come closer.

“What’s wrong?” Chris asked, his voice full of concern.

“I need to get out,” Liz replied in a don’t-question voice. She tossed him the keys. “You drive.” She let go of the door without even bothering to hold it for her cousin and walked briskly towards the car.

Topaz caught the keys with one hand as he attempted to catch the closing door with the other. He missed his attempt though, and the door slammed shout, a loud bang echoing through out the rest of the house. Snickering to himself, Topaz opened the door and headed out towards the garage. It was a good thing Liz was letting him drive, Topaz thought. She certainly seemed in no condition to.

He quietly slid into the driver’s seat. Liz was already in the seat next to him, her seat belt on, a far away look in her eyes. Normally, on any other trip in which Topaz had to drive, he would have asked someone to take out his recorder for him and turn it on and off, this way Chris would never miss a beat about what happened on the road. Topaz thought now was not the time to bother Liz with that request though.

“I see you still had enough sense left in your head to buckle up,” Chris said, the words coming out more sarcastically than he meant as he started the engine.

“What do you mean by that?” she countered sharply, whirling around in her seat as the vehicle started down the hill towards the main highway.

“I just mean, something’s got you in a rotten mood and its damn annoying cause I don’t even know what it is, so I can’t even help! Liz, you have to let people in. I don’t know what it was in that book you’ve been reading that’s gotten to you…” Topaz paused for a moment to think it over, “That is what it was, right? Something you read. Cause God knows you’ve been cooped up for days on end and there’s nothing else much in that house that can get to you this much. I know you, you don’t become rude to your friends if something’s bugging ya…“

At this point, Chris was in full ramble mode. Instead of interrupting him, shouting at her cousin that he didn’t know anything about her, Liz slowly phased him out and kept her eyes on the passing scenery. The desert came and went very quickly. Her grandmother’s home was only about five to ten minutes from the outskirts of Alpine and due to their argument, the time went by very fast. Now, the city streets with people walking in all directions were passing by. The houses and buildings, stores and restaurants, all the sites were absorbed by Liz until she spotted one of particular interest.

“Oh my god!” Liz whispered, breaking the long silence. “Oh my god, Chris!” Liz said again, her voice becoming louder and a bit more frantic.

She banged her fist against the front of the car. Now she was in full panic mode. “Stop the car! Stop it now!” she began to yell loudly and frantically. Chris looked at her strangely but obeyed her command upon meeting her eyes. They were filled with all sorts of emotions: fear, hope, love… The minute he pulled over to the sidewalk, Liz scrambled out of the car, and ran down the street, not even bothering to close the car door. Chris had just enough time to do so before sprinting after his cousin.

Liz ran and ran, shouting a name over and over again, until she caught up with the person who had caught her attention. He turned around when he heard his name. Alex’s eyes were as surprised as Liz’s at this moment. Standing there, facing each other, as Topaz came from behind, not a word was spoken. And none were needed as Liz pulled one of her best friends in all the world into a hug, the tears streaming down her face.

Part 17

***Alpine, Arizona; May 25, Evening***

Liz broke away from the hug all too soon for Alex’s taste. He couldn’t believe his friend had found them. After all those weeks of hiding, of lying, he would finally be able to tell the truth to one of his best friends. Alex felt horrible deceiving his parents, Maria, Isabel, and Liz this way, but as General Mi’Ran had constantly pointed out, it was for the best. But now…now that Liz had found him, it was only a matter of time before everything became right again. Or so Alex thought…

Liz pulled away but grabbed his hand, as if letting go would mean he would be lost to her again. Her eyes narrowed, completely ignoring the tall, dark skinned man staring curiously at her and Alex from behind. Alex wasn’t sure whom he was, but Liz didn’t seem to notice.

“You’re supposed to be dead,” Liz admitted at last, the hint of anger strong in her voice. A sigh of relief washed over Alex. But before he could reply, the person standing behind Liz spoke up.

“Dead Liz? This guy looks alive enough to me! What’s going on? Is there something you’re not telling me? One moment you’re upset over some dumb book and now you think you’re seeing dead people? This isn’t some horrible real life version of The Sixth Sense, is it Liz?” he started questioning Liz rapidly, eyes darting quickly between the two teenager.

Liz whirled around to face him. “Look Chris, it’s complicated. Very, very complicated,” she told him, her hand gestures emphasizing her point. “I promise, later, all right?” Chris nodded, though it was clear to Alex that he was disappointed with Liz’s answer.

“So, who’s that?” Alex said, pointing to Chris.

“My cousin, Chris…or Topaz as he likes to be called now. Remember, the one I always told you and Maria about.” Liz told him. She furrowed her eyebrows. “Uh uh, you’re not changing the subject that easily. What’s going on here Alex?”

“Alex!” Topaz interrupted again, overhearing the name. “As in your dead best friend Alex? Liz…”

Alex looked at the two. “There are these people Liz…people like others we know in Roswell,” he hinted, hoping Liz would catch the hidden meaning. “And those people, they’re who I’ve been staying with. I really think…I really think you should meet them.”

Liz paused to think. People like they know in Roswell…oh god, Liz suddenly comprehended what he was saying. There were other aliens on Earth, and Alex knew them. More than just the dupes and the Roswellian podsters, more than just her mom and her, more than just the Skins and Nasedo… Now came the hard part, Liz realized. Chris was feeling more and more out of the loop in the past couple of days, since Liz had become so absorbed in the journal and refused to tell him what it was about. And now that he knew that her ‘dead’ friend was really alive… She knew her cousin well, and knew that he was too stubborn to let anything like this go so easily.

Alex made the decision for her. “You told me once that you trusted Chris with your life, right?” he whispered so only Liz could hear. “If that’s still the case, we need all the help we can get…”

Alex smiled at her, hoping that she understood, and that eventually she would forgive him too, for faking his death. He knew he was asking a lot, Liz constantly regretted getting him and Maria involved, but they were running out of time. And finding Liz proved it. General Mi’Ran would understand. He had too.

Liz turned away from Alex to confront her cousin once more. “Chris, there’s…there’s something you need to know. But here,” she gestured to the city street. “Here’s not the place. We should go back to Grandma’s home. There we’ll tell you everything…Alex will tell me everything.”

***A Half Hour Later***

“So you’re trying to tell me that there are aliens on earth!!! And further more, that you are part alien!!! Liz, I’m not stupid.” Chris Bromin was hysterical. He was pacing across the room, his hands waving up and down in the air, staring at Liz and Alex as if they should be committed. “I won’t believe you. That sorta stuff just doesn’t exist.”

Alex stood up and put an arm on Topaz’s shoulder, “I felt that way to at first, when Liz finally told me the truth. Of course, life then was a lot simpler with the aliens.”

Topaz immediately pulled away. “Uh uh, no way. I want proof. I’m not that easy to fool.”

Alex sighed. After briefly explaining to Liz about his ‘death’, Alex and Liz tried to fill Chris in on everything he did not know about Liz’s life the past couple of years. But when it got to the part about aliens, Chris flipped out. And much worse than when Liz told Maria all those years ago. When Maria had promised that she would not flip out, she ran straight out of Liz’s bedroom and down Main Street. Liz hadn’t even bothered making Topaz promise not to flip out. She knew he would, and unfortunately, she was right.

Concentrating, Liz held closed her eyes. She grabbed Alex’s hand for support, while he was busy trying to explain how he was changed when Ava and that General guy he mentioned healed him. Liz thought that it was amazing that he was now sensitive to nature. So, that’s what Ava must have meant by being changed. Nothing extravagant like Liz had, but she knew now that her budding powers were actually due to her parentage, not Max. But Kyle on the other hand, Liz wondered what would be in store for him. Trying to switch her thoughts back to her previous task, Liz concentrated once again.

Instantly, she could feel a ripple in the air like last time. Then she could see the room. She saw her body standing next to Alex; her hand still clamped on his. She could see Topaz still gesturing animatedly and wildly and Alex trying his best to calm him down. Liz opened her mouth to talk, but no sounds came out. She still couldn’t speak when in an astral projection. Luckily, Alex saw her, and he told Topaz to turn around.

“Oh my god!!!!” Topaz screamed, incredibly high pitched. “No, that’s not possible. She’s standing right…” he pointed to Liz’s body next to Alex. “No way!!” Topaz was frightened now, and before Liz and Kyle could do anything to stop him, he ran out of the living room and into the stair closest, shouting, “The aliens have taken over my cousin! The world’s gonna end.”

Liz suddenly found herself back in her own body. She let go of Alex’s hand and looked up to see his face. “Was that a little too much?” she asked innocently, already knowing the answer to that question.

***Another Half Hour Later***

<< I've never been this bored before
Is this the prize I've waited for?
Now as the hours passing
There's nothing left here to insure
I long to find a messenger>>>

It had taken Liz and Alex a whole of a half a hour to get Chris out of the closet. After the first fifteen minutes, they had given up on trying to force him to come out and instead sat down next to the closet door, leaning on the staircase.

<< I’ve got a long way to run
Yeah, I run>>>

While waiting for Liz’s cousin to calm down, Alex continued to explain everything of his life for the past couple of months to Liz. How he was in Las Cruces, and not Sweden, decoding the Destiny Book and not touring a foreign county. He explained that Leana was a shapeshifter and how he met her and the rest of her group. He also explained his death and how General Mi’Ran saved him. Alex mentioned meeting Ava and Liz was overjoyed that she would get to see her friend again.

Alex did leave out certain aspects of his life, as did Liz when she told him of everything that had happened to her. Alex refused to mention that it was Tess who killed him, why, and how. He knew Liz and if Liz knew that Tess was an evil murderer, she would rush back to Roswell right away. When Alex first found out through Izzy’s dreamwalk that Liz wasn’t in Roswell, he was worried. But General Mi’Ran told the teen that Liz was safer where she was now than in her home. Alex didn’t want to jeopardize that safety. He didn’t mention Liz’s role in the prophecy either. And neither did Liz, even after explaining that she was Michael’s half-sister and that her real mother was an alien. The two friends didn’t want to see how the other would react if told.

Finally, Topaz surrendered and came out. He told Liz that he had thought it over, and if there were aliens on earth, big deal. Even if Liz was one, she had had plenty of opportunities over the past couple of weeks to suck his brain out, but didn’t. That comment caused Liz and Alex to break out into laughter, in which Topaz whole heartily joined in. Finally, the three were calm again and answers to all the questions had been told. It was silent in Claudia Parker’s house once again, with Topaz’s Collective Soul CD playing softly in the background.

<< From this processed sanity
I weaken with each voice that sings
Now, in this world of purchase
I'm going to buy back memories
To awaken some old qualities>>>

Topaz broke that silence, staring up from his ice cream on the table. After the closet incident, the three moved their discussion into the dining room, to talk as well as enjoy some ice cream from the freezer. “I still can’t believe you managed to do all that those past two years. From your letters, life was anything but weird in Roswell.” He gave Liz a hug.

After pulling away, Liz smiled. “I guess I’m a lot stronger than I look.” She was happy for these talks. They got her mind off of what she had read earlier in the morning. And that was the last thing she wanted to think about.

“You definitely are,” Alex said, swinging an arm around Liz’s shoulder. “But are you sure it’s a wise idea to keep Michael and Maria investigating my so-called death? What if they stumble into something they shouldn’t?”

“They would have found out eventually anyway. I wouldn’t keep something like this from my brother or best friend. Or Isabel for that matter.”

<< I’ve got a long way to run.
Yeah, I run
Yeah, I run>>>

Alex nodded his head, but didn’t reply. He played with the spoon in his ice cream container. “Liz, look, I know you might not like this, but even though Topaz is here, it’s not that safe for you. There are things…people…” he trailed off.

“What are you implying?” Liz asked. Her heart skipped a beat. Did he know? God, she hoped not.

<< Have I got a long way?>>>

Alex stopped himself before he said anything that he would regret. He didn’t want to tell her yet. General Mi’Ran or Ava or one of the others would probably handle it better. “Look, why don’t you and Topaz move to the base with me? It’s still in Alpine, a little bit further than this place, out in the desert. It would be nice to have some other friends there, aside from Ava and Serena.”

Liz laughed. “Did you just say Serena?” Topaz looked at her quizzically.

“Yeah, why?”

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you as we pack. You don’t mind, do you Chris?”

“And miss an chance to meet more aliens? No way! Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get a move on!” Topaz declared, holding his spoon up into the air, causing Alex and Liz to start laughing once more at his actions.

<< I’ve got a long way to run?
Yeah, I run
I’ve got a long way to run
Yeah, I run
I’ve got a long way to run>>>

NOTE: Song used was “Run” by Collective Soul.

Part 18

NOTE: Thank you so much Jennifer for helping me figure out the Michael and Maria scenes in this part. Your method worked so much better than what I had planned!

***May 26; Roswell, New Mexico; 6:34 a.m.***

Maria DeLuca knocked loudly on Michael Guerin’s door, her huge multicolored camping backpack leaning against the wall. Her handbag swung by her side. Maria’s hair was brushed back into a clip to keep it out of her face. She wore a light baby blue t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. She sighed impatiently. To any passing tenant in Michael’s building, it was obvious she was going to go on a trip and was waiting impatiently for the teenager who lived in the apartment to join her.

Maria glanced at her watch again. Where was he? It was already four minutes later than when she wanted to leave and Michael hadn’t even opened the door yet. Okay, so he didn’t exactly know that Maria was going to be waiting for him to wake up this early on a Saturday morning, but that was aside the point. To Maria, the point was, if you heard someone knock at the door, you came and answered it. And she had been standing here for ten minutes now, knocking!

She would have gotten to Michael’s earlier. Maria had planned to, but her cousin had prevented it. Maria had actually managed to wake up at 5:30, a first for her, to pack her bag for this trip and scribble a note to her mom saying she went camping with Isabel. Yeah, Isabel knew about the trip. Max was against it, but yet, he had been against everything they had been doing lately. So, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Kyle had stopped turning to their once ‘leader’ and became dependent on their small group of four. Isabel and Kyle were going to be covering for Michael and Maria while they were gone. But Michael had been out too late for any of them to reach him last night.

Sean had caught her as she was pinning the note up to the fridge in the kitchen. It was the one place the DeLuca’s managed to keep organized. It was also the place her mom would look for a note if Maria wasn’t home and couldn’t reach her. Her cousin had stopped her before she could leave and questioned Maria about where she was going. Like it was any of his business in the first place! When she finally convinced him of the camping story Maria left. It was fifteen minutes later than she had planned, which seriously infuriated the blond haired girl.

Maria now tapped her foot impatiently on the tiled floor and knocked one more time on the door. Finally, she heard some sign of life from the inside: a groan and footsteps as someone headed towards the front door. “Whoever it is better have a good excuse for waking me up at this-“ Michael threatened as he opened the door.

“Maria?” he questioned, never actually finishing his other sentence. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here this early?”

“Nice to see you too spaceboy,” Maria replied, ignoring his question. She grabbed her camping bag and pushed Michael inside his apartment. “Get dressed, pack a bag, and hurry. We have to leave to Las Cruces now and the Jetta only goes oh so fast due to all your tampering.”

“My what? Where? Why?” Michael questioned as he put on a clean t-shirt. He then stumbled into his room and grabbed some clothes while Maria quickly folded the sheet on his couch. Still after all this time, Michael was too lazy for anything else but sprawling on the couch with a sheet. Maria knew he had a bed, she and Isabel dragged him to the mall to buy it last summer.

“But that’s Michael for you,” Maria whispered softly to herself as she folded the sheet sprawled across the couch.

“I want to know what’s going on Maria, now.” Michael spoke as he dragged a stool from the counter and moved it over to where Maria sat on the couch. He had changed into a black t-shirt and jeans, his hair finally combed back as neat as he could get it.

“Okay, here’s what’s going on. Alex never went to Sweden. Instead he was in Las Cruces doing god knows what! Izzy and Kyle know, you don’t cause we couldn’t reach you. And we’ve been elected to go to Las Cruces and try to figure out what’s going on.” Maria stood from the couch and grabbed her handbag from the table and the backpack from the corner. “And we’re leaving, now!” she demanded.

Michael stood a step back and Maria took a step forward. When he didn’t say anything to the newest information discovery, Maria decided to play the only card she had left to get him to go. “I’m going whether you like it or not and with a killer on the loose…” she let her sentence hang, knowing it was all that she needed to convince Michael.

It worked. Michael’s mind was made up. There were three women in his life that he had sworn to protect. His real sister Liz, his honorary sister Isabel, and Maria: the girl of his dreams. He was heading to Las Cruces University.

***Same Time, Alpine, Arizona***

Liz quietly sat on the grass lawn in the back of her grandmother’s house. Her backpack was packed with enough necessities to last the next few days at Alex’s compound. Topaz and Liz had decided to leave the majority of their belongings at Claudia’s house, seeing as they’d be able to easily travel in between the two homes. They were leaving later in the afternoon. Alex told Liz that he had checked in with a general or someone (Liz had the impression that he was the head of the whole operation Alex was involved in) who had said it was okay to bring his two friends.

<< I'm not that naive
I'm just out to find
The better part of me

I'm more than a bird...I'm more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It's not easy to be me>>>

She was apprehensive of going. Liz realized as she watched the sun rise in the east that she was afraid of meeting these new people. Because these people might know about what she had read. And all Liz wanted to do was block it from her mind. But right now, it was she and the immense scenery. Topaz and Alex were still inside sleeping. And knowing Topaz, he wouldn’t wake up until five minutes before they had to leave.

“The sunrise is really beautiful,” Alex said softly, taking a seat next to Liz on the grassy mountainside. Liz had to agree. The view was always breathtaking, why she made it her quiet spot. A small forest could be seen down below, something weird for a desert town such as Alpine. And behind the trees, the sandy desert seemed to stretch out indefinitely. The sunrise just made the area more spectacular. The purples, pinks, yellows, and blues all magically interwoven in same tapestry in the sky… It soothed her mind and soul every time she saw it.

“It’s even more amazing when you can sense it,” Alex spoke again. Liz turned to stare, forgetting for a split second what he had meant by that. Her confused face broke into a grin as Alex chuckled. His ‘powers’ were still a pretty new thing to Liz, explaining the puzzled face he was faced with a moment ago.

“We used to spend so much time here,” Liz said. “That is, whenever I could convince Mom and Dad to bring you and Maria out here.”

“This was our spot. God, I miss those times.”

“Me too.” Liz suddenly became interested in a patch of grass in front of her feet. She moved into a cross-legged sitting position so that she could play with the strands easier. Alex watched her movements carefully. Something was bothering her, she was hiding something. And Alex had seen that journal lying on the dining room table. It was Kalla’s journal. Based on that, Alex had a very good idea what was bothering Liz.

“It’s not bad Liz,” Alex finally stated, breaking the silence between the two friends.

“What’s not bad?” Suddenly, Liz lost all interest in the grass blades and turned around sharply to face Alex. He eyes had suddenly turned serious, not their normal playful nature. “What’s not bad?” she repeated more softly upon seeing his face.

“I saw Kalla’s journal in the dinning room.” Upon seeing Liz’s eyes widen in surprise, Alex responded: “Yeah, I know who she is. Yours and Michael’s mother. From Antar. The people I’m with, they…they know all about Kyshi and his prophecy.”

Liz’s mind and face went blank. He knew. Those people, the followers…he knew. How could he know and not tell her. How long had Alex known. The tears began to fall freely down her face at the whirlwind of thoughts. “They, they’re those followers Mother spoke about. They know…about me?”

“Yeah. Yeah, they do. I’m sorry Liz. I’m so sorry.” He reached an arm out to embrace Liz. He held her tightly as she weeped softly over her own destiny. Alex felt horrible. It’s really been too much on her, he thought. For the first time in his life, Alex Whitman regretted being involved with the alien conspiracy.

<< Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I'll never see

It may sound absurd...but don't be nieve
Even Heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed...but won't you concede
Even Heroes have the right to dream
It's not easy to be me>>>

***Somewhere between Roswell and Las Cruces, Mid Morning***

The red Jetta zoomed by the passing desert scenery. Maria and Michael had been on the road for an hour or so now. She couldn’t help but think back to the last two times she had driven somewhere with Michael. Both had started out as disasters, but ended up with Maria learning more about Michael and gaining more respect for her interstellar boyfriend. She wondered if it would be the same case this time as well.

Michael grumbled in his sleep, causing Maria to giggle at the sound while she kept her eye on the road. At least he was letting her drive this time! But then again, Michael had been asleep all morning, ever since stepping foot in the DeLuca mobile. “And it seems like he’ll just keep on sleeping,” Maria mumbled to herself.

“What? Did you say something?” Michael said a bit drowsily, finally coming out of his long nap.

“Nothing spaceboy, go back to sleep. We’ll be in Las Cruces in an hour or so.” But Michael’s stomach seemed to disagree with her as it rumbled loudly. Michael quickly peered out the window.

“Pull over,” he ordered at the sight of a small diner on the side of the road.

“What?” She looked over to where Michael’s was staring raptly at. “Uh uh, no way. We are not pulling over for you to get some breakfast. We’re on a time frame here buddy. If some of us actually woke up at the first knock, then you would have had breakfast. But you didn’t….”

“Maria. Pull. Over. Now. I want breakfast.”

“God, you are soooo cranky in the morning. And I thought Liz could be bad… You know something, you’re even worse.” Maria glanced at her watch as Michael continued to yell.

“Can you make it no more than ten minutes?” She asked, finally giving in as she turned the car around, back to the diner. She pulled over right in front of the entrance.

“You got it,” Michael replied as he hurried out of the car and headed towards the restaurant, not even bothering to thank her.

“Typical spaceboy,” she muttered to herself, smiling. Michael hadn’t been acting like himself all week. Finally, she got her dream guy back.

***Back to Alpine***

Liz and Alex had sat in silence for the past hour. She had calmed down considerably after fifteen minutes, but had still been too shaken up to talk. So Alex and Liz sat there watching the sunrise, and then just staring off into the vast space. Alex didn’t blame her. If he had found out that he was the key to saving not just one, but two worlds, Alex thought he would have gone insane. Liz was handling it really well, but Alex still wish there was something he could have done.

<< It's all right...You can all sleep sound tonight
I'm not crazy...or anything...

I can't stand to fly
I'm not that naive
Men weren't meant to ride
With clouds between their knees>>>

“Liz, you used to watch Captain Planet, right?” he asked, once again breaking the silence between the two friends.

She looked at him, the hints of a smile finally appearing on her face. “Of course. What kind of question was that? Remember, it was the only time that you, Maria, and I weren’t the three Musketeers?”

Alex laughed. “Yeah, we were the three Planeteers instead. I remember. I’ll never forget. Well, if you think about it, Kyshi’s prophecy is a lot like the Planeteers, Gia, and Captain Planet. Except when ‘your powers combine’, you’ll save the world, not Captain Planet.”

Liz stared at him as if he was insane. And at this point, Alex wouldn’t blame her. He just wanted to try to make the task seem easier. But comparing it to Captain Planet wasn’t exactly going the way he wanted it too. Turning around, facing away from the forest and towards Liz, he tried a different approach.

“Okay, Kyshi’s prophecy is simple. Somewhere on Antar is a temple that you and Max, Michael (he’s your brother by the way), Isabel, and Ava have to get too. But first, you have to find four tablets, representing earth, fire, wind, and water. Those are on Earth somewhere. Then, you’re the fifth element. Love, heart, whatever you want to call it.

“So think of it this way: Max has the earth tablet, making him Kwami, Isabel’s wind, so she has Maria’s former role of Linka, Michael’s fire so he’s Wheeler, and Ava has the water ‘ring’, so she can be Gi in our version of Captain Planet. Who’s missing? You guessed it, Mahti! He has heart. And when they combined those five elements, Captain Planet came and always kicked the bad guys butts. Except, in your cases, you all produce the power to kick K’Var and the Darkness’ butts from Antar to across the universe. Make sense?”

Liz was laughing hard now, lying with her back on the grass, giggling non-stop. “Alex, how did you come up with that?” She asked between laughs.

“Well, it worked, didn’t it? Serena figured out most of the prophecy from the destiny book. I just provided the Captain Planet comparison. Ava said it was too corny and Serena agreed. I think that they might have been right based on your reaction.”

Liz stood up, grabbing Alex’s hands, pulling him up as well. She looked into his green eyes, silently thanking him. “And I’ll tell the General that you’re uncomfortable with this topic, so he won’t bring it up till it’s necessary, okay Liz?”

She smiled and enveloped Alex in a hug before heading back inside her grandmother’s house. “Thank you for everything,” she whispered.

<< Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me

It's not easy to be me.>>>

***University of Las Cruces, Mid-Afternoon***

After five more pit stops for food, three more for clearer directions, and the check in at the motel they’d be staying at for the night, Michael and Maria finally made it to the Las Cruces University campus. It was one in the afternoon when they arrived, much later than Maria had hoped to get there. They had spent the last couple of hours trying to find out if anyone recognized anyone in that photo of Leana and Alex Maria took with her from home. So far, they had been unsuccessful searching most of the campus.

Finally, now the two were at the last dorm on campus. And if no one recognized him there…well, Maria didn’t want to think of the possible consequences. She grabbed Michael’s hand and the couple walked over towards the security desk outside the building. Putting on her best smile, Maria took the photo out of her handbag and walked over to the guard.

He looked nice enough. Elderly, but nice. Thinning white hair and bright blue eyes with a friendly smile. He seemed like the type of adult that would easily get along with teenagers and kids, a grandfather. Maria hoped she was right. Brushing a loose strand of hair out of her face, Maria made her way to the man, Michael following behind her.

“Hi,” Maria spoke cheerfully. “I’m looking for some friends of ours. They invited us here for the weekend but my boyfriend lost the directions they gave us and I’ve seemed to misplace their phone numbers. Do you think it’s possible to tell me what rooms they’re in?” She showed the security guard the photo.

“Oh yeah. I remember that guy, forgot his name though. Nice fellow. A bit odd, but nice. He lived in this dorm, um, room 4C I believe.”

Maria flashed a smile. “Thank you very much. Have a good day.” The man waved goodbye as she and Michael headed towards the room.

Once there, Michael used his powers to open the locked door. To their surprise, it was empty. No sign that anyone lived there at all! “I guess that makes a bit of sense,” Maria told Michael as they looked around the room for any traces of evidence Alex might have left behind. “After all, Alex had been back in Roswell for three months before…” her voice cracked into a sob at the next thought. “Well, before, you know…” her voice trailed off.

As Michael and Maria continued to search Alex’s former room, a curious sophomore stuck his head in. The tall, lanky red-haired kid with the emerald green eyes was walking out of the dormitory to meet his friends when he heard noise coming from one of the empty rooms. Of course, he knew whose room that was, so Ron Wesly went to investigate.

“Hi!” he said, stepping into the room and interrupting the couple from their search. “What are you doing in Ray’s room?”

NOTE: Song used is “Superman” by Five for Fighting. I also want to apologize if I got any of the Captain Planet names wrong. I used to be addicted when I was younger, but seeing as that was about eight or so years ago when I watched, I sort of forgot a lot of the stuff. I think I did get it right though. If not, feel free to correct me. BTW, small disclaimer: Captain Planet and all relations mentioned do not belong to me!!! Hope you enjoyed the part! Feedback, please!!!!


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Part 19

"Ray?" Maria asked in surprise. Michael moved from his position next to the window to Maria, as if he was her bodyguard. His eyes narrowed at the newcomer to the room, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Yeah, Ray." Ron Wesly said, taking a step closer. He pointed to the photograph in Maria's hand. Taking another step towards the couple and peered closely at the photo. Maria did not pull away but instead fixed the picture in her hand so the guy could get a better look.

"I'm Ron, by the way," he said, taking the photo of Alex and Leana into his hand. "And that is most certainly Ray. You two know him?"

Maria smiled, a smile sugar coated. Michael could tell it was the smile she used when ready to get people to fall into her trap. After all, he had been victim to it so much in the past himself. She took his hand and opened her mouth to speak.

"Nice to meet you Ron. I'm Margarita and this is my boyfriend." It was obvious to Michael that while her false name from the crazy Los Vegas expedition was okay to use but his, Dr. Love, was certainly not.

"Ray invited us up for the weekend. We're friends from his old hometown. You know him?"

Ron paused for a moment. "No, not really. I mean, yeah, I did see him around campus a lot. But he never said hi. Only went out at night too. Even then, it was straight to the computer lab and straight back to this dorm. I saw him one night. I was heading back from hanging out with Harry by the pool hall. Said hi, but he didn't here me."

Ron paused for a moment to think, running his finger up and down his chin. "Actually, come to think of it, Ray did spend a lot of time with that girl Jennifer. Yeah, Jennifer Coleman. Total honors student. Don't know what she was doing with the guy who only ever ordered Thai food."

"What?" Michael asked. This certainly didn't sound like the friend who had helped them so many times in the past. What the hell was Alex doing before he died? Michael wondered.

"Yeah, that's right," Ron said, snapping his fingers, nodding to himself, remembering clearly now. "It's all he ever ate. All day, the deliveryman would leave the delivery outside the door: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One moment the food was there, the next, inside the room. No one ever went inside, except Jennifer, once or twice. But usually Ray went to Jenn's house. He hasn't been here for months now. The room's been cleared," Ron added in, a bit more suspicious, his red hair standing out even more than before.

Maria smiled again. "I guess Ray just gave us the wrong address." She let go of Michael's hand and placed hers on his arm. "Come on dear."

Michael groaned internally, picked up Maria's backpack, and followed her out the door. He eyed Ron and spoke bluntly, sort of thanking the college student for the information, sort of warning him not to spy on them again.

***Later that Night, Still No Success***

Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca spent the rest of the evening trying to find out more information on the mysterious Las Cruces University enigma that was their friend. Either the students at the school had never met him or gave a story similar to Ron's. While Michael was just about ready to give up, Maria still wanted to try to get information from the computer lab the next day. One of the students had mentioned that the Las Cruces Campus had one of the only supercomputers in the southwest and due to the information Ron had given them in Alex's dorm room, Maria was convinced that there could be something there of help.

Now, the duo was heading back to where Maria had parked her Jetta. The hours of searching, combined with the early hours they started their day at, had made Michael grumpy and tired, while Maria was just exhausted.

"Hey Las Cruces!" A voice over the hill shouted as Michael and Maria made their way through towards the crowd that would lead them back to the parking lot. The crowd seemed to respond with an eager greeting. Curious, Maria dragged Michael faster toward the edge of the group.

<< You'll never ever fade
You're lovely, but it's not for sure
That I won't ever change>>>

"Oh my god!" Maria screeched, dragging Michael into the crowd. "It's Nelly Furtado. You know I love Nelly Furtado, Michael. Can we stay? Please, please, please? At least one song?" Maria begged, jumping up and down, Michael's arms following her movements as she clutched his excitedly. Michael rolled his eyes but knew that there was no way to get out of hearing the one song if Maria was the one hoping for it.

<< Though my love is true>>>

As Nelly sung from the university stage, Maria began to dance back and forth, sometimes dragging Michael in to the dance, other times just swaying by herself, singing to the music. Michael stood there, trying to appreciate the song, but just not quite getting the point.

<< I don't know where my soul is
I don't know where my home is
And baby all I need for you to know is

I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away
I don't know where my soul is
I don't know where my home is
All I need for you to know is>>>

Primarily bored out of his mind, Michael pulled the photograph of ' Ray' and 'Jennifer', trying to figure out where it was taken. All of the sudden, Michael spotted someone standing in the midst of the crowd, bopping slowly to the song.

"Maria," Michael hissed. When she didn't pay any response, too absorbed within the song and her crazy version of dancing/jumping, Michael tried a bit louder.

"Maria!" Still no response.

Finally, not being able to take it anymore, he purposely elbowed the girl hard. "Hey, what was that for?" she snapped back, rubbing the sore spot on her waist.

<< Even after all these years
And it pains me so much to tell
That you don't know me that well>>>

"Over there," he whispered, pointing to the woman in the crowd.
"Oh my..." Michael clamped his hand over Maria's mouth before she said anything that would give their position away. She nodded, signaling that she was willing to be a little more silent and Michael let go of her mouth.

"That's her." She pointed to the photo. "What's Leana doing here?"

"I don't know, but we should definitely follow her," Michael remarked, grabbing Maria's hand and starting their way through the swarm of college kids.

As if already on alert, the minute the couple started moving, Leana found her own way through the mass. Michael and Maria followed fast in pursuit, desperate to catch up with Alex's supposed girlfriend from Sweden. As the music continued, so did the chase. Some kids muttered comments as the three shoved their way through the crowd, especially since no one bothered to say anything while hurrying through.

<< Though my love is true>>>

Finally, Leana reached the sidewalk, the furthest from the concert, and quickly hurried across. The couple ran to catch up, but the minute they reached the curb, Leana had disappeared behind a bus. Standing there, panting, trying to catch their breath; the disappointment at the loss of their quarry very evident to any of those who passed by.

"I can't believe we lost her," Maria muttered, hands thrown up in the air in aspiration.

"Well, if you weren't so caught up in the concert..." Michael began, all too soon to be interrupted by Maria.

"Caught up? Excuse me? If I didn't want to go, we'd never have found her in the first place. At least now we know that Leana's somewhere on campus. And we can find out more about 'Jennifer' tomorrow. Come on, let's go."

The last couple of sentences were sounded more in defeat than anything else. As the couple made their way towards the parking lot, the sounds of the music drifted further and further away, leaving them with their own problems to contend too.

<< It's just that every time you try
To tell me, me that you love me
Each and every single day I know
I'm going to have to eventually give you away

And though my love is rare
And though my love is true, yeah
Hey I'm just scared
That we may fall through
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah>>>

***Somewhere on Campus***

Leana walked calmly away from the bus. She had been very lucky.
Because of the Nelly Furtado concert, most students were on the other side of the automobile, not the side she was on. So, very carefully, she was able to shapeshift her form enough to dump her two pursuers. They would never look for her as an old man. Well, unless it was someone who knew about her special ability, no one on Earth would expect her to be able to change her form so easily.

Now, she was in the clear. And Leana knew that she had to head back to Alpine as soon as she possibly could. She and Alex had never counted on any of his friends being able to figure out that he was never in Sweden. And Leana was positive that the couple that had followed were two of the friends in that crazy photo Alex had shown her and Serena once. She believed that these two were the ones who were play fighting in the photo, General Rath and his blond, human girlfriend.

She had to tell Alex that somehow he had to send his friends' back to Roswell before they found anything out here that they shouldn't. Especially the translation Alex had been working on. If they found it...well Leana didn't want to think of the possible consequences. But before she left back to Arizona, Leana had some things to take care of...

Note: Song used is "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado. By the way, does anyone know any good sites to get song lyrics for songs used in BIY and Departure?

Part 20

***Same Day, Hours Earlier***

Twenty-five year old Serena Kytan rushed down the brightly lit hallway of the base she had spent the last year or so of her life at, since she had left her uncle’s home on the Mescalero Reservation. Serena brushed her tanned hand through her silky black hair, brushing it out of her oval shaped face, allowing the woman to see better as she continued her rush towards her destination.

The reason for her rush was Alex Whitman, a more recent. But valuable edition to the small rebel group of Kyshi’s following on Earth, due to his connection with the Royal Four and the Fifth. The teenage boy had told Serena that he was going to the market in Alpine. But that was yesterday afternoon! Alex hadn’t called anyone, and as far as Sere knew, that wasn’t like him at all. And what worried Serena most was that General Mi’Ran wasn’t even concerned. He was one of those leaders who cared much about his men, human and Antarian alike.

Finally, Serena stopped in front of a white door in the far end of the corridor. She knocked loudly twice on the door and then barged in without waiting for any response. What Serena found was a relaxed, petite, teenaged girl with black, peach, and blond hair: definitely one to be labeled as the punk type due to not only her hair, but the four square tattoo on her shoulder and the multiple earrings, as well as the one lip ring. The only reason her clothes did not express the same attitude (the girl was wearing a yellow flowered sundress) was because all of hers were in the wash and the girl was borrowing an outfit from Serena. Huge headphones that provided booming music prevented her from hearing Serena shout her name as the girl was spread relaxly across the bed.

“Ava!” Serena shouted for the third time only to meet not even an eye flutter from the teenager. Growing impatient, Serena took a few steps towards the bed and pulled off the head set, repeating Ava’s name once more.

That action alerted the teen. Scowling at the sudden loss of her music, Ava flipped around on her bed so now to face the intruder in her room. Her eyebrows raised inquisitively.

“Yo. What’s up with that?” she pointed to the disconnected headphone set, obviously annoyed.

“I needed your attention,” Serena replied calmly, not shaken up at all by the girl’s attitude. “You couldn’t seem to here a thing with that headset, so I took it out to talk.”

Ava sat up on the bed, crossing her legs Indian style, perking up a bit now that someone had come to talk to her. Though she had been given a lot of respect at the base due to the former position her past-life predecessor held, she never really had many people to talk to, excluding Alex Whitman, and sometimes Serena Kytan as well. Most were too busy to pay much attention. But Ava didn’t mind so much, she was used to the solitary life.

“What’s up Sere?” Ava asked, trying hard to hide a small smile. When the woman’s eyes reflected with a small sadness, the smile was instantly whipped away. “Is everything okay?”

“Alex went to the market yesterday. He hasn’t been back since. It’s not like him Ava. He always called to check in with me, even when he was in Roswell. And now…not even General Mi’Ran is worried.” She trailed off, the apprehension clear in her voice and expression.

“Maybe he…okay, maybe not, he was pretty fixated on Lonnie’s dupe when I met him. I’m sure he ain’t in trouble. K’Var and the Darkness and Nicholas don’t know he’s with us. Don’t know where he is at all for that matter.”

“I’m still nervous. Even if it wasn’t them, we don’t know what sort of normal human dangers exist. I’m going to go look for him in Alpine. Will you come with me?”

Ava glanced around. At the moment, she didn’t particularly feel like moving, but also didn’t want to disappoint someone she considered one of her only friends. Not really seeing any other choice, Ava agreed and the two girls left the room to the small parking area in the base.

***Almost Synchronously, on the Road to Mi’Ran’s Base***

“Alex, are you sure we’re going in the right direction?” Liz asked after they passed what seemed to her to be the hundredth Sequoia cactus on this drive alone. They seemed to be in the middle of no where. Not heading towards Alpine or any other city. Just…lost was the only word Liz could come up with.

“I’m sure Liz. I’ve lived here the past month, remember?” Liz sighed. He was right. Topaz nodded his agreement in the back seat. Now that the whole alien situation was explained, Topaz easily got along with Alex. Liz was grateful for both their company on this small quest, but that didn’t help to quench her fears. She was nervous about arriving at a place where everyone knew about her and her destiny. In all honesty, Liz still didn’t want to go.

As if they could sense it, both guys immediately turned to Liz and began talking absolute nonsense: about books, television shows, movies, songs, anything they thought would take her apprehension away. Before long, Alex had pulled off the main road and was following a small trail to what seemed to be a building in the distance.

“Is that it?” Chris asked curiously.

Alex half-grinned. “Yeah…home.” The neared the base sooner than any of them had hoped.

***The Base Garage***

Serena grabbed the keys for the fastest vehicle they had. She was determined to get into town immediately. Ava sat on the hood of the car, arms crossed impatiently as her friend rushed from the other side of the room to where she was sitting.

“Are you all ready…” Serena began to ask before she was interrupted by the sound of an engine pulling into another section of the garage. Before she knew what had happened, Ava jumped off the lid of the hood and ran to see who the unexpected driver was. Not seeing any other choice, Serena ran after her.

When Serena finally caught up with the much faster girl, she was surprised to see her hugging a petite brunette. Ava never hugged anyone; this alone made Serena a bit more nervous than she already was. Looking around the room, she also saw a dark tanned man with curly black hair and deep brown eyes which made Serena not want to stop looking in them, standing there, gazing around the garage in awe, as well as talking into some sort of recorder it seemed. The last person she saw in the room made her smile. Alex was back.

Alex seemed to sense her too, calling her away from the door and towards to car where the others were standing. The two hugged and then Alex broke it apart, seeing the eyes of the brunette staring at them, eyebrows raised in question. “Liz, it isn’t like that. Serena’s more like an older sister too me.”

Turning away from the brunette, he faced Serena. “Liz, Topaz, I’d like you to meet Serena Kytan. Liz, you already know Ava. Topaz, that’s Ava, another one of our friends. Serena, this is…”

“Chris Bromin,” Topaz immediately interrupted, stepping up to the Native American woman and holding his palm out. Hesitantly, she placed her hand into it and he brought it up to his lips to deliver a light kiss, shoving the recorder in his pocket at the same time. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he looked away for a moment, and then back at her eyes.

Liz took a step away from Ava and towards Alex, hinting to him to introduce her as well. “Serena, I’d like you to meet one of my best friends in the whole world, Liz Anaevi Parker.”

Upon hearing the middle name, Serena faltered, grabbing on to the nearest available object (which just happened to be Chris’ shoulder, much to his delight) for support. She glanced between Liz, Ava, and Alex, until finally she managed to find the words to speak. “Alex, is this…I mean…”

“Yeah Sere, it’s her. But she’d prefer us not to say much for now. Liz just found out and she’s rather unsure.” Alex had stepped away from Liz and Ava when he had seen where Serena was heading with her statement. He had whispered those words so no one else could hear them.

Serena gave a small nod to Alex and then stepped up to Liz, forgetting all about her prior search for him. “I’m pleased to meet you. Alex has to report to General Mi’Ran for the moment, but I would love to show you and your friend around.”

“He’s my cousin,” Liz corrected, ignoring Serena’s confused face at the lack of family resemblance. “Can Ava come too?”

“You really think I’d let Sere dump me back at my room after she dragged me out here in the first place?” Ava began to reply for herself. “We’ll both give you a tour.”

With that, Alex departed from his group of friends as they headed out to show Liz and Topaz the base. Let her have fun first, he figured. Then after that she could meet the General…