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Find out the Truth
Description: After math of Alex’s death.
Characters: Everyone but focus on Liz.
Summery: What I think should have happened after Alex's death. Liz realizes she is more important to the Pod Squard than she ever realizes
Category: Mainly ML but involves everyone
Author: Raychell75
Email: Raychell68⊕

(Setting Coroner’s office)

Voice over: Everyone’s left but me. Maria couldn’t stay after hearing Max say there was nothing he could do for Alex, so, Michael took her away. Isabel ran out. Couldn’t take the sight of Alex’s lifeless body just laying there on the table. Max followed her out, yes, he wanted to do something to comfort me but I told him to just go and make sure she was alright. Kyle and Tess…well, I am not sure when they left probable sometime with the Sheriff Valenti. Now, I am here alone with my dead best friend. Why? Why did this happen to him? Oh, God, Alex I am so sorry.

(Michael’s Apartment)

“Maria, please, talk to me,” Michael said. Maria hasn’t said a word since they left the coroner’s office. She just sits there staring into space crying. Michael felt the loss that she must be feeling. Alex was part of her family, which meant he was part of his. The grief that he might be feeling at that moment was nothing compared to what Maria was feeling. All he could do was be there for her right now, and that is what he planned on doing.

“Michael, do you think he suffered,” she asked with tears flowing down her face.

“No, I don’t think he even saw the semi. I am sure it happened to fast,” Michael said.

“Why would he be driving so fast? What was he thinking?” Maria choked out in between sobs.

“I don’t know? I just don’t know,” replied Michael.

“Can you just hold me?” Maria asked.

Without even saying a word Michael grabbed Maria in a tight embrace. They just sat there on his couch in the dark holding onto each other with complete silence.

(Isabel’s Room)

“It’s my fault, you know,” Isabel’s states to Max who has been in her room for the past two hours trying to comfort her.

“Isabel, it is not your fault,” Max stated.

“No, it is. If I wasn’t, so, insistent on him coming over he would still be alive!” She exclaimed.

“Iz, you have to stop it. You can’t blame yourself for Alex’s death. He wouldn’t want you to do that.” Max said with conviction in his voice. Max still couldn’t believe one of them is gone. How are they going survive? Then, his mind drifted for a moment, “I wonder how Liz is holding up?”

“I know, Max. You’re right but I can’t help but feel guilty.” Isabel replied.

They both just sat there tied up in there own thoughts. Both wondering what is going to happen. How are any of them going to survive this? How are they going to go on? How can they ever be complete? How?


“How did I get home?” Liz wondered. She didn’t even remember her walk home. She just felt numb inside and out. It was like a part of her died today.

“Liz, honey, there is some here to see you. He is sitting upstairs in the living room,” Jeff Parker said as Liz walked into the Crashdown. He could see the pain in her eyes. He just wanted to grab his daughter and comfort her like he did when she was younger when she use to get sad, but he knew that right now she needed to be by herself. She needed time to sort out her pain. “Do you want me to tell him to come back later, sweetheart?”

“No, Dad. I am okay but do you know who it is?” Liz asked.

“No, just a young gentleman. He said he remembered something that he needed to tell you.” Jeff Parker replied.

“Okay, thanks, Dad,” Liz said.

As Liz walks up the stairs she recognizes the young man sitting on her couch. It is the delivery boy who delivered food to Alex earlier this evening. She remembered speaking to him earlier when she was questioning everyone could think of about Alex. “I wonder what he is doing here,” thought Liz.

“Jerry?” Liz asked the young man.

“Yes.” Jerry replies.

“What can I do for you?” Liz asks him.

“Um, well, you said if I remembered anything about earlier to come talk to you.” Jerry replied.

“Oh yes, did you remember something?” Liz asked her mind still a bit foggy from earlier.

“I am not sure if this means much but here…” Jerry said as he handed her a dinner receipt from Alex. It was signed with a bunch of 1’s and 0’s. It looked like some sort of code. “I am not sure if it means anything, but I thought I would give it to you.”

“Thanks. It means a lot to me that you stopped by with this.” Liz replied.

“I better get going. I just wanted to drop that off. I am really sorry to hear about your friend.” Jerry said with a sad smile.

As he was leaving Liz kept looking at the code. “Why would Alex sign his receipt like this?” Liz wondered. Then, all of sudden it hit her. “This is a code from Alex, but what could it mean?” Whatever it meant she was going to find out, and by the looks of it whatever it was it still far from being over.


(Next day at school)

There is a memorial service being held in the gym for Alex. There is an enlarged picture of Alex from the school yearbook hanging at the entrance of the gym. The gym is filled with students and faculty remembering Alex Whitman.

Maria, Michael, Isabel, Max, Tess and Kyle huddled together near the entrance of the gym door. You can tell that none of them have gotten much sleep. Maria’s eyes are red and puffy from all the crying she has done since last night. She is holding on to Michael for support.

“Has anyone seen Liz?” Max asks with concern in his voice.

“She probably stayed home. It is probably too hard for her to be here now,” replied Tess.

“Duh, Tess! Do you think it is easy for any of us right now,” exclaimed Maria. “One of our best friends just died!”

“Shhh, Maria. Tess was just trying to helpful.” Michael said trying to soothe her by pulling her into a tighter embrace.

“I am sorry. I’m…”Maria said.

“It is okay. You just needed to yell at someone and who better than me. I was the late one added to this group. The outsider. I am the one that does not belong,” Tess replied with some bitterness in her voice.

“Stop. The both of you. We are here to remember Alex. Not attack each other. We are all hurting right now and the only way we are going to get through this is if we stick together. We really need each other.” Isabel stated.

“Isabel is right. Now has anyone seen or talk to Liz since last night,” asked Max.

They all look up and everyone nods no. “Maybe after school we should all head down to the Crashdown and see how she is holding up. I don’t think now is a good time for any of to be alone.” Said Kyle.

They all nodded in agreement. They turned around to listen to the rest of memorial service all wrapped up in their own thoughts.

(Liz’s room)

Liz sitting on her bed looking at old pictures of her, Maria, and Alex. Some of the pictures are of them in elementary school where they all met and became the three-musketeers. There are some later pictures that not only include them but Max, Michael, Isabel, Kyle and even Tess.

Suddenly there is a knock at Liz’s bedroom door. “Liz, honey, is there anything I can get you,” asks Nancy Parker as she pokes her head into her daughter’s room.

“Oh, no, thank you mom. I just need to be alone right now.” Liz answers not wanting to really talk to anyone.

“Honey, do want to talk? Some times it helps to talk out your grief.” Nancy asks with concern in her voice.

“No, thanks, mom. I think I just want to be alone. Thank you for letting me stay home from school today, though,” Liz replies.

“Okay, honey, if you need to talk later your father and I will be here, okay.” Nancy says as she closes the door to Liz’s room.

Liz looks over to her nightstand and sees the dinner receipt that Jerry dropped off. She picks it up and stares at it. “Alex, what are you trying to tell me?” With a look of determination on her face she puts her old pictures away, and starts to try and figure out what Alex was trying to tell her.

“Mom and dad, I am going out for a walk.” Liz yells as she grabs her coat and runs out.


Max and the gang enter the Crashdown looking for Liz. When she can’t be found Maria goes to Mr. Parker and asks him if Liz is home.

“Oh, Maria, she left a while ago. She said she needed to go for a walk,” Jeff Parker replies. “I am sure she will be back shortly. You guys are more than welcome to go and wait for her upstairs in her room. I am sure she would appreciate seeing you guys.”

“Thanks, Mr. Parker. I will let everyone know.” Maria says as she turns to let the others know who are sitting at their booth.

“Does everyone want to stay till Liz gets back,” asks Maria. Everyone nods their heads, and with that they all get up and head upstairs to Liz’s room.

(Whitman Residents)

Hoping to find some clues about the code Alex left Liz goes to his house in hopes to find something. She knocks on the front door but no one answers. She assumes no one is home, so, Liz grabs the spare key from under the front doormat. She let’s herself in the Whitman home. She runs into Alex’s room. She surveys the room and sees pictures of him, Maria, and herself around the room. The room is actually quite clean for a guy. Seems everything has its own place. It is so weird how Alex had so many different facets to himself. His love for music to his deep interest in computers. As she is looking around she spots a picture of him in Sweden. Right next to it she sees a picture of a very beautiful girl. “Mmmm, this must be the picture of the girl Alex was involved with while he was over in Sweden.” Liz thinks to herself.

“Okay, where to start? Now, come on if I were Alex and I wanted hide some information where would I put it.” Liz says talking to herself.

She looks around and spots Alex’s laptop. “There! That is were I would put it.” Liz states. She picks up the laptop to take it with her, but before she leaves she spot something out of the corner of her eye on Alex’s desk. She walks over and opens a small box of slides. She picks a slide up and looks at it in the light. “Oh, this must be the slides he took while he was in Sweden.” Liz thought.

As she puts it down she notices something on the bottom of the slide it has a zero. “That is strange. I wonder if the other one’s are labeled like that?” She picks a couple more of the slides and notices that the slides are either labeled with a zero or one. Without thinking twice about it she takes them. “There might be something in here to let me know what’s going on.”

(Back in Liz’s Room)

Everyone is just sitting around talking. “Where do you think Liz went,” Kyle asks everyone.

“She probably went for a walk to our old elementary school or park,” answered Maria. “When Liz is upset she likes to walk to those two places and just think.”

“I feel a bit strange being here. I know Liz and I have been getting along lately, but we aren’t really that close of friends.” Tess whispered to Max.

“Yeah, but you are part of us now, and we all need to be together,” Max said with sympathic tone. “Besides, I am sure she will appreciate you being here.”

Overhearing the conversation going on with Max and Tess, Maria decides to go over and talk to her. “Tess, about this morning. I am sorry. You and I haven’t been the closest of friends, and I had no right to snap at you.”

“No, Maria. I am the one who is sorry. I should have been more understanding. It is just sometimes I never know how to act.” Tess stated apologetically. With that being said the two girls give each other a comforting hug.

“I believe we have the starting of a beautiful friendship here.” Kyle said with a funny grin on his face.

Everyone started to laugh at that much needed comment. “Kyle, I think Alex was starting rub off on you.” Maria said with sincere smile.

“Coming from you I will take that a compliment.” Kyle responded.


Liz enters the Crashdown with Alex’s laptop and slides. She is about to run to her room to look over what she found at Alex’s house, but just then her dad pops out. “Lizzie, honey, your back. Maria and everyone are upstairs in your room waiting for you. They came by to check up on you.”

“Oh, thanks, Dad.” Liz said. “I can’t look at this with them here. Okay, I am just going to have to get rid of them fast. I would tell them about all of this but I am not even sure what this all mean yet.” Before going up to her room she stops by the spare bedroom upstairs and puts down Alex’s laptop and slides. Until she know the truth of what was happening to Alex she is just going to have keep this a secret.

After making sure everything is concealed she heads into her bedroom. No one seems notice her at first. She looks around. She sees Michael and Maria on her bed talking quietly between them. Isabel is over by her window just staring into spaces looking lost in her own thoughts. She notices Kyle on the floor looking at an old photo album of hers. She finally sees Max and Tess talking closely to one another. How that last scene hurt her the most. She has noticed the two have been getting quite close to each other the past few months, and she knew she should be happy because that is what she wanted. Unfortunately, it just made her sad. It was a reminder of what she would never have. She took a take breath and then cleared her throat to make her presence known.

“Oh, Lizzie, “Maria says as she gets up from Michael and wraps her arms around her best friend. “We were so worried about you when you didn’t show up at school today we…”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry anyone. I just didn’t feel like going to school and being with anyone.” Liz said with her eyes looking to the floor.

Max just sat there looking at her with such concern in his eyes. He knew they were no longer together, but they were starting rebuild a close friendship like they had before destiny, before they were a couple, when they were just friends. But, all he really wanted to do right now was take her away and wrap her in his arms. Tell her that everything would be okay. Whisper to her over and over again how he much he still loved her. She looked so fragile with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. In her face you could tell she had not slept in the last 24 hours. In her eyes you could still see how they were brimming with unshed tears, but even with all that she still took his breath away. He completely forgot that he was sitting really close to Tess and talking to her when Liz walked in until he heard her speak. He, then, moved away from her slightly before speaking, “Liz, we know how you must be feeling and we all wanted to be here for you and Maria.”

Liz looks up into Max’s deep soulful eyes. She notices that Max had moved slightly away from Tess. She couldn’t help but feel a bit happy about that. “Thanks, everyone, but I think what I really need right now is to be by myself.”

“Liz, we need to be here for one another now more than ever,” Maria stated. “We can’t just close ourselves off, chica.”

Liz smiles a comforting smile at Maria and gives her a hug. Right now, Maria and the rest of her friends needed to be around each other, and she needed to be around them as well. “The laptop and slides are going to have to wait to later.” Liz thought.

“You’re right, Maria. How about everyone go out to the living room and make themselves comfortable. I will go downstairs and get us all something to eat and drink.” Liz stated with small smile on her face.

Everyone agreed and began to leave Liz’s room and head into the living room. Liz was about to run downstairs till Isabel spoke, “Liz, did you want some help with the food?”

Liz smiled and took Isabel hand in hers and gave it a friendly squeeze, “Yeah, I could use a little help.”
(Downstairs in the Kitchen of the Crashdown)

Liz watches Isabel intently as she helps Liz with a tray of food to bring to the others. She notices that Isabel does not look like her picture perfect self. Her hair is pulled back in a sloppy ponytail. She is dressed in all black, but it is her face that surprises her. She is wearing no makeup, and it looks like she hasn’t slept in days. Her eyes are red and puffy from crying off and on all night. She looks like she is about to burst into tears at any moment.

“Isabel, how are you holding up?” Asks Liz.

With that simple question Isabel begins to sob. Liz walks over to Isabel and pulls her into a hug. Liz stands there holding Isabel until her sobs begin to subside.

“I am sorry, Liz” Isabel says.

“Sorry? What are you sorry for?” Liz asks a bit confused.

“I am sorry about Alex,” Isabel whispers. “If it wasn’t for me he would have never been on the road that night. He would have stayed home and he would still be alive.

“Isabel, what are you talking about?” Liz asked even more confused.

Isabel begin to pace and fidget a bit nervously before talking to Liz. “See, I called Alex and told him I wanted him to come over to the house. He said that he thought he should stay home and he would talk to me tomorrow. But, he sounded funny on the phone. He sounded a bit edgy like he was fighting to keep his voice calm,” Isabel turned and looked at Liz before continuing. “Since, he sounded strange I wanted him to come over even more to see what wrong with him. Finally, after ten minutes of talking to him he agreed. Now, as you know he never made it to my house. It is all my fault. I killed him.”

“Isabel, you didn’t kill Alex.” Liz stated reassuringly.

“No! It is my fault. If I had just let him stay home or if I came over instead he would still be here. He wouldn’t have been driving so fast, and he…” Isabel said as she began to cry once again.

“Isabel, you have to listen to me! You are not responsible for Alex hitting that semi. It was not your fault. It was just a freak accident. You have to believe that.” Liz said reassuringly.

Isabel looked up and nodded. “I know you are right but a part of me keeps saying what if?”

“Iz, life is all about what if’s but we can’t let those what if’s rule our lives,” Liz stated. “Isabel, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything,” said Isabel.

“When you talked to Alex over the phone you said he sounded funny like he was trying to calm himself down, when during the conversion did he sound like that?” Liz asked.

“Before he agreed to come over. He said he would be over after the food he ordered arrived.” Isabel said.

“Did he sound like himself when he got off the phone with you?” Liz asked again.

“Yeah, he sounded normal again. Why do you ask?”

Liz not wanting to tell Isabel anything just yet says, “I was just curious. No big deal.”

All of sudden Michael comes down the stairs to see what is taking the girls so long. “Hey, do you two plan on hogging all the food to yourselves or do you plan on sharing some with us, hungry natives.”

Liz and Isabel looked a bit startled. “We were just on our way up, Michael. Did anyone ever tell you that you are acting more like Alex these days.” Liz said with a smile on her face.

“I guess it must be catching because Maria said the same thing to Kyle earlier, and I will say the same thing that he said…from you that is compliment,” Michael said with surprise grin on his normal sullen face. “Oh, and don’t forget the Tabasco sauce.”

Liz and Isabel both laugh at that last comment. Maybe just maybe they will be able to get through this.


Everyone sat around Liz’s living room eating and laughing. Talking about all the good times they had spent with Alex. It was around midnight when everyone started to leave.

“Liz, will you be in school tomorrow?” Kyle asked while he was getting up from couch to get ready to leave.

“Of coarse, Liz, will be there! Liz Parker never misses more than one day of school if she can help it,” Maria said.

“Yes, I will be there but only if you guys will leave so I can get some sleep,” Liz answered with a slight yawn.

As everyone began to get up and go out the door Max stopped in front of Liz. “Hey, I know it’s late, but can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Um, sure, let me walk everyone out and we can talk.” Liz said wondering what Max wanted to talk about.

(Back in Liz’s living room)

“What did you want to talk about Max?” Liz asked after everyone went home. Maria took Michael and Isabel home leaving the Jeep for Max to drive back when he was done talking with Liz. Kyle and Tess drove home together.

“Well, I wanted to make sure you were doing alright,” Max started. “I wanted you to know that if you need anything…you know like to talk or a shoulder to cry on I am here for you.”

Liz smiled and once again she got lost in Max’s soulful eyes. How easy it would be just to fall into Max’s arms and let him take care of her. Even after everything he still cared deeply for her. It seemed even after her lie to him about her sleeping with Kyle his feelings for her hadn’t changed at all. Unfortunately, she needed him not to feel that way towards her. She needed to keep pushing him away for everyone’s sake. She needed to be strong for all of them. She needed to let the lie continue even if it meant she would never be with the man she loved and adored.

“Max, that is sweet of you to offer, but I will be okay,” Liz said. “I just need sometime to be by myself, but thank you for your concern.”

“You know Liz I still care for you, and a part of me will always…”Max started to say before getting interrupted by Liz.

“I know Max,” she said not wanting him to finish his sentence. “But, this is something I need to get through on my own.”

“Um, well, I better get going it is getting late and we both have school tomorrow. So, I will see you in biology tomorrow, right,” asked Max before heading out.

“Yeah, I will see you there,” Liz said with a warm smile on her face.

(Liz’s Dream)

Liz is in Alex’s house. She sees Alex on the phone and can tell he’s talking to Isabel. He seems a bit agitated about something. She can see him trying to gain control over himself. She begins to call out to him but he can’t hear her. She is just an observer watching the events unfold in front of her.

“Okay, Isabel, I will be over after the delivery guy comes, k. I will see you in about an hour.” Alex says just before hanging up the phone.

Just then the doorbell rings. Alex opens the door and she sees Jerry the delivery boy. “Hey, man, I see you got my food there. Good thing too my stomach is growling.

“Yeah, I can hear it from outside the door.” Jerry said with a laugh while he hands Alex the bag with his food in it.

Alex grabs the bad and takes it to his nose and smells it. All of a sudden he seems to change. He throws down the food and starts to rant, “I can’t do this anymore…Do you hear me I can’t do this anymore!”

Jerry startled, “Hey, man, what are you talking about?”

Alex just ignores him, and continues his rant. He grabs the receipt out of Jerry hands and scribble something down, and hands it back to him. Jerry getting freaked out by the scene just backs away and heads to his car.

After Jerry leaves Alex begins ranting again, “It’s all wrong…everything is wrong. It’s a lie!” with that Alex grabs his keys and coat and starts to rush out the front door.

Liz watching all this starts to follow Alex but before she can Alex stops and turns around and say, “Liz, you have to find out the truth. Liz, be careful, people know about you.”

“Alex, what are you talking about. Please, Alex tell me!” Liz begs wanting to know what is going on.

“Liz, find out the truth! All will be revealed when you find out the truth. I am with you.” And with that Alex runs out the door and Liz wakes up.

“What was that about?” Liz wondered. That was some dream.

(Next day at school)

Liz is standing by her locker early the next day. She seems to be lost in her own thoughts. She doesn’t seem to notice Maria walking up to her.

“How are you doing this morning, Lizzie,” Maria greeted to her friend. “Lizzie, oh Lizzie.”

Liz looks up a bit startled not realizing that Maria has been standing there for a while now calling her name. “I am sorry, Maria. I don’t know where my head is this morning.”

“Liz, honey, I know how you are feeling. Everything seems to be so surreal since…you know.” Maria says with a far away look in her eyes...

“Yeah, I guess. You know it is strange being here and knowing that Alex won’t be coming up to us with some sort of funny comment or joke to make.” Liz says.

“I know, honey. It almost feels like we shouldn’t be here.” Maria says.

Both girls just stand there lost in their own thoughts for a moment. Then Liz asks Maria, “Maria, I was wondering what did you dream of last night when you went to sleep?”

“Huh? What did I dream of? That is a strange question to ask.” Maria states looking at Liz like she has kind of lost it.

“Maria, please, just tell me what you dreamt of last night.” Liz asked a bit exasperated.

“Okay, okay. Well, if you really must know I dreamt that I was on this huge stage with…”Maria began.

“A big stage,” Liz asked interrupting Maria. “You didn’t dream of Alex or anything did you?”

“No, I didn’t. Why do you ask?” Maria implored wondering why Liz was so interested in her dream.

Not wanting to get into her strange dream that she had about Alex she decides to change the subject. “Maria, I better get going. Since I missed school yesterday I have some stuff I have to catch up on. I will see you at lunch.”

“Okay, I will catch up with you at lunch.” With that Maria and Liz parted ways.


While working on a biology assignment Max notices Liz is a bit distracted. “Liz, are you alright?”

“Huh?” Liz asked looking up from her paper.

“I asked if you were alright. You seem to be a bit distracted.” Max states with concern in his voice.

“Oh, I am sorry, Max,” Liz answers. “I just have a lot on my mind.”

“Is it anything you want to discuss? You know if you need to talk…” Max begins.

“Look, Max I know you are trying to help and I realize you are concerned about me, but I just need to work things out on my own.” Liz says a bit annoyed.

“I am sorry. I am just worried about you. You haven’t really talked to anyone about how you are feeling since Alex’s death, and I am just concerned about you, that’s all,” Max says a bit hurt.

“Max! My best friend is dead. Okay, I know this and I am dealing with it, but I don’t need your help,” Liz hisses. “I know you want to help me, but you can’t. Why don’t you focus on you and your destiny.”

“My destiny?” Max says a bit astonished. “What does my destiny have to do with me wanting to make sure you are alright?”

“Nothing. That is the point. Maybe if you focused on that than you wouldn’t be worried about me so much.” With that being said Liz leaves the classroom after the bell rings. Leaving Max staring after her.
(During lunch)

Everyone is gathered in the quad during lunch. Well, everyone but Liz. Michael and Maria are sitting next to each other talking softly to one other while Tess, Isabel, and Kyle are discussing how beautiful the day is. Max is just sitting there looking out for Liz.

“Max, are you okay?” Tess asks noticing that Max hasn’t really said a word to anyone since he has sat down for lunch.

“Yeah, I am just kind of wondering where Liz is. Has anyone seen her today?” Max asks the gang.

“I saw her this morning at her locker,” Maria answers. “She said she would meet up with us at lunch.”

“Oh, I ran into her on my way here,” Kyle states. “She said something about skipping lunch. She had some work to catch up on in one of her classes and that she would in the library.”

Max gets a bit annoyed with Kyle. Hearing Kyle talk about how he ran into Liz gets under his skin. Even though Max decided Liz and him would be friends again after the Kyle fiasco he still had to admit that he could not get the image of her and Kyle in bed together. “Does Liz seem a bit distracted today to any of you,” asks Max.

“Now that you mention it – Yeah, when I talked to her this morning she seem to be in a world of her own.” Maria answered.

“I know I saw her this morning in halls and said hello to her and she just walked past me like she didn’t even see me.” Isabel stated.

“You guys, Alex just died. I think it is normal for Liz to be a little withdrawn,” Tess says feeling a strong need to defend Liz for some reason.

“Tess, is right. We just have to give Liz sometime. I am sure she is fine,” Michael says in agreement with Tess.

“Besides if and when she is ready to talk I am sure she will come to one of us,” Kyle piped in.

“I am sure you are all right. I just can’t help but worry about her.” Max states as he looks away from everyone.

(In another part of West Roswell High)

Why did I say all those mean things to Max? What is going on with me? Destiny. Why did I bring that subject up? Liz wonders. I know why because he needs to focus on his destiny and not me. So, no matter how much it hurts I am going to have to keep pushing Max towards it even if it means to the arms of another woman.

Just then Liz looks up and sees Jerry the delivery guy standing next to his locker. Liz runs up to him. “Hey, Jerry.”

“Hi there, Liz. How are you doing? Jerry asks with concerned smile.

“Oh, I am doing okay. Hey, do you have minute I have a question to ask you?” Liz asks.

“Yeah, I have a minute what do you want to ask me.” Jerry replies.

“You know that night you delivered food to Alex, did anything strange happen while you were there?” Liz asked a bit anxious.

“Well, come to think of yes,” Jerry answered. Jerry begins to retell the events of that evening and to Liz’s surprise the events matched her dream from last night. “Then, I left.”

“Thanks, Jerry. I better get going or I will be late for class.” With that Liz runs off.

What is going on here? How could I have dreamt of what happened at Alex’s house if I wasn’t there. This is strange. As soon as I get home I am going to have to look at those slides and laptop. There is an answer somewhere out there and I am going to find it.

(After school in the student parking lot)

Max is walking to the Jeep. Isabel was getting a ride with Maria to the Crashdown, so, he could leave straight from school to work. All of sudden Tess runs up to him.

“Hey, Max!” Tess yells after him.

“Oh, hey, Tess. Is there something wrong?” Max ask looking at her.

“No, I was just wondering if I could get a ride home actually a ride to the Crashdown with you because Kyle has basketball practice and seeing that he droves us to school I am kind of stuck. I told Isabel and Maria I would meet them there.” Tess says.

“Sure, get in.” Max says.

As they are driving Max is still thinking what Liz said to him earlier today about his destiny. Why would she say all that? It couldn’t have been because she simply upset about Alex’s death.

“Max, are you okay? You seem to be a thousand miles away.” Tess asked.

“I am sorry. I just have a lot of things on my mind.” Max said not really wanting to talk about what he is thinking about.

“Is there anything I can do?” Tess asked.

“No, I will be okay.” Max answered.

“You know, Max, I am a great listener, so, if you need to talk I am here.” Tess offered.

“Thanks. I guess I could use someone to talk to.” Max says kind of feeling it would be good to get some things off his chest.

“Well, that is what I am here for…well, that and doing battle with evil aliens.” Tess said with a smile.

Max’s laughs at that last comment. “It has do with this Liz. Today in biology I was asking her if she was alright, and she kind of just bit my head of.” Max didn’t want to mention how Liz said he should focus on his destiny. Even though Tess has laid off the destiny issue he didn’t want to encourage any thoughts for her.

“Well, Max, you have to remember that one of her best friends just died. Right now it is a tough time for her. She is going to lash at those who care about her the most because she needs an outlet.” Tess says with a lot of understanding in her voice. “I am sure didn’t mean to bite your head off. Just give her time. She will come around.

“Thanks, Tess. That makes me feel a lot better.” Max says feeling a lot better.

“Hey, no problem. That is what I am here for.” Tess says with a smile feeling good that she had a chance to help Max.

Just as their conversation ended they arrive at the Crashdown. “Hey, Max if you ever need anything feel free to come talk to me, okay.” Tess says before getting out.

“I will. It was really nice to have someone listen to me.” Max replies before letting Tess out of the Jeep he gives her a hug to show his appreciation. Neither one notices at that moment Liz is walking by and sees them. Before they can see her she runs into the Crashdown goes directly into her room with tears in her eyes.

(In Liz’s bedroom)

Okay, breath. You knew this was going to happen. You knew in order to save the world that Max and Tess needed to be together. You have to be strong now. Okay, time to focus in on something else.

“Alright, Alex, it is time to try and figure out what you were trying to tell me.” Liz says aloud.

Before Liz can get started there is a knock at her door. She puts the laptop and slides away so no one can see them. “Come in!” Liz yells. God, who can this be. The door opens and Maria, Isabel, and Tess come in. Great! What is Tess doing here right now? Stop it, Liz! Tess is just doing what she is suppose to be doing. I can’t really hate her.

“Hi, guys…um, what are you doing here?” Liz asked all three girls.

“Well, we thought we should have a girls night. You know some girl bonding.” Isabel says answering Liz’s question.

“Yeah, just us girl eating ice cream, and talking the night away, chica,” Maria pipes in. “It would be good for us girls to hang together.”

“You guys that is really sweet of you, but I have a lot of work I have to get done.” Liz answers.

“Come on, Liz. Just one night. We can get all get to know each other a bit better. I know you and I have had our ups and downs this year, but I would really like for us to be friends.” Tess said with sincerity in her voice wanting Liz to join them.

Liz a bit taken off guard by Tess’ kindness. “I really can’t hate her. She is trying to make an effort. “I really wish I could you guys, but since I missed school yesterday I really need to get some work done. How about we do this later on this week?”

All the girls looked disappointed but they knew if they begged and pleaded it would still get them the same answer because when it came to school Liz was a stickler. So, they, all conceded. “Okay, we will let you off the hook this time, but this weekend we will get together.” Maria stated.

“Alright, I am all yours this weekend.” Liz promised to all the girls.

“Okay, we are going to go, but if you change your mind about tonight give us a call over at Michael’s.” Isabel said before they headed out. Liz just nodded as they left

Now maybe I can start to figure out this puzzle.

(Michael’s apartment)

“Okay, Maxwell, what are the plans for tonight?” Michael asked since the girls were going to have a girl’s night he figured him and Max could get together as well. Before Max could answer there was a knock at Michael’s door. Michael went to go answer it, and to his surprise the girls were there. “What are you girls doing here?”

“Liz, had some work to catch up on, and we couldn’t convince her to drop it for a night.” Maria said as she walked over to join Michael on the couch.

“Did Liz seem okay to you guys?” Max asked wondering how Liz was doing since he didn’t get a chance to talk since their little argument biology.

“Yeah, she seemed fine to me. She looked tired but that is to be expected,” answered Isabel.

“So, what are you guys up to tonight,” Tess asked making her way to one of Michael’s chair to make herself comfortable.

“That is what Max and I were just trying to figure out. Do you guys have any plans?” Michael asked the girls.

“How about we rent a movie and order some pizza?” suggested Maria.

“Sounds good to me. How about we rent an Alex flick? You know a movie that Alex would have liked to watch,” suggested Tess. Everyone seemed to taken aback with Tess’ suggestion, but they all thought it was a good idea.

“I’ll order the pizza and why don’t you girls go get the movie.” Michael said.

(Liz’s bedroom)

Liz has spent most of night searching through the files on Alex’s laptop with nothing to show for it. “Okay, Alex, what am I suppose to look for on here.” Liz said aloud with some frustration in her voice.

Liz not quite ready to give up starts to scan Alex’s files again. During her search she notices something. There are bunch of pictures scanned into his computer. She clicks on one of the pictures, and it is a picture labeled Leanne. When the picture pops up she notices it is the same picture that was sitting in Alex’s room of the beautiful blonde.

“Mmm, Alex you must have had quite a crush on this one. She is really beautiful. Actually, she is quite stunning” thought Liz to herself. Liz is about to close the picture out when she notice something else, so, she clicks on it to enlarge it.

Then, she see it. In the picture she notice that Leanne face looks like the skin is coming off like a snake. “hat the hell is that?” Liz curious about some of the other pictures that are stored on Alex’s computer begins to look through them. She finds another picture of Leanne. It looks like she is not posing for this one. She notices in the picture that Leanne is talking to someone. She clicks on the picture to enlarge it. What she sees surprises her. The person Leanne is talking to is Nicholas.

Alex, what happened to you while you were in Sweden?

(Back at Michael’s apartment)

The gang minus Kyle and Liz are all sitting around watch an Austin Powers movie and eating pizza. Max keeps thinking about Liz. He decides about half way through the movie that he would go over to Liz’s and check up on her.

“I need to talk to her even if she doesn’t want to talk to me,” Max thinks to himself.

(At Liz’s balcony)

Max reaches Liz’s balcony and taps at her window. He can tell before he knocks on her window that she seems to be deeply enthralled by whatever she is working on. Liz hears Max tap at her window and is a bit startled, but she closes Alex’s laptop and walks over to the window.

“Max, what are you doing here,” Liz asked surprised to see him.

“I was wondering if we could talk about what happened today in school.” Max asked.

“Sure, why don’t we go up to the roof. Um, let me go grab a jacket and I will meet you up there, okay.”

“Sounds good to me.” Max replied.

(On rooftop)

Liz makes her way up to the roof and sees Max sitting down on her lawn chair. Okay, Liz, be strong you can do this. Liz thinks to herself. “Max about today, now, before you start I just want to apologize. I shouldn’t have acted like that towards you.”

“You know what Liz, I understand,” Max starts to say. “I had a long talk with Tess this afternoon and she explained to me what you might be feeling.”

Liz remembers now. Seeing Max hug Tess in his Jeep. He was talking to Tess about her. At least I am bringing them closer together. Shouldn’t that make me feel better.

“Really, what did Tess have to say?” Liz asked a bit curious now.

“She told me that we tend to hurt those closest to us when we are feeling pain,” Max says. “And, that I should let you work out your problems, and when you are ready you will come to me.”

He is still holding out hope for us. I am going to have to do something. “Max, we need to talk.” Liz musters up her courage for the speech she is about to give.

“Liz…” Max said to interrupt her.

“No, wait, Max. You need to hear this,” Liz said. Max just nods. “Max, I love you. I can’t and won’t deny it. I know you can’t forgive me for what happened with Kyle and I understand that. Max, I know we have had this ‘will they or won’t they’ get back together situation. I have been thinking about this long and hard – I think we should let go of each other because even though I say you should be with Tess it would break my heart if you came to me, and told me that you two were going to be together. I need to be able to move on from you, and you are going to need to do the same with me. We need to move on. You and I aren’t meant to be and we both have to accept it. We are not going to end up together.” Be strong, Liz, do not break down or else this won’t work.

Max staring at her in disbelief. He wanted to argue with her. To tell her they can be together, but the look on her face told him another story. It told him that whatever glimmer of hope he had of them being together down the road was over. “Liz, your right.” Max whispered. His heart was breaking but he couldn’t argue with her because he did not have the strength to fight for her love. Because even now everytime he saw her he would get flashes of her in bed with Kyle, and that killed him a little bit everytime.

“Can we still be friends?” Max asked with all the strength he could gather.

“Yes, Max we can be friends, but I think it would be best for us to take a step back from it, okay.” Liz said trying to not burst into tears right then.

“I understand. Well, I better go. I guess I will see you in class tomorrow,” Max said and turned around walked away.

Good-bye, Max. I will always love you more than you will ever know. God, will this pain ever end?

(School that Friday)

The Pod Squad is gathered in the quad during lunch discussing their plans for the weekend. Everyone is together except for Liz. “We are agreed then. We will meet at our house tonight at six, so, we can head to the memorial service at the Whitman’s,” asked Max to the group.

Michael giving Maria a supportive squeeze nods his agreement for the both of them. He knows tonight will be hard for her to get through. Even though Maria has been putting on a brave front the past couple of days, he can sense that she is almost to her breaking point.

“Where’s Liz? I don’t think she knows we are meeting at your place tonight.” Kyle adds.

No one has seen Liz much this past week not even Maria and, especially, not Max. Since, their conversation a couple of days ago Max hasn’t seen or talked to Liz since. Even though they have biology together she has not been showing up.

“Max, you have biology with Liz next period, why don’t you let her know what’s going on,” says Isabel.

Not wanting to clue everyone in on the situation with Liz, Max, nods his head in agreement. “If she doesn’t show up I will just give her a call later.” Max thinks to himself. Though a part of him hopes she will show up just to make sure she is doing okay for his own piece of mind.

(School projector room)

Liz is sitting in the school’s library projector room looking through Alex’s slides of Sweden. The slides basically consist of landscape pictures and some pictures of his host family and himself. There are a few of Leanne and him. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary till she clicks on one slide. The slide is of Alex and Leanne standing in front of the Falsterbo Lighthouse. Liz just sits there looking at the picture.

“What is wrong with this picture?” Liz asks aloud. Then Liz hears a voice that startles her. It is of the school librarian.

“Sorry, to scare you, I didn’t know anyone was in here. Is that a picture of Falsterbo lighthouse in Sweden,” asks the librarian.

“I believe so,” answers Liz still wondering what seemed so off about this particular picture.

“That must have been taken a few years ago…Gosh, that lighthouse is so beautiful. I am hoping to make it over to Sweden when they reopen it later on this summer,” says the Librarian.

“What do you mean reopen it?” Liz asks a bit puzzled.

“Falsterbo, has been closed to the public since 1999 for some much needed repairs. Oh, look at the time I better get going I have a tour coming through of some of local junior high students. If you need anything let me know.” With that the librarian walked out of the room.

“If the Falsterbo was closed how did Alex take this picture?” Liz wondered.

Liz begins to go through all the slides that has Alex pictured. As she is going through she notices that Alex is posed the same way through all of them. He even has the same look on his face through all of them.

“Something is not right here.” Liz states.

(School Hallway)

“Liz, was not in class again today. I know she said we needed to take a step back from our friendship, but this is getting to be ridiculous.” Max says as he slams his locker door shut and leans against it.

Just then Tess walks up. “Hey, Max. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, hi there, Tess. Um, nothing.” Max replies.

“That slam didn’t look like nothing. Max, you should know by now that if there something bothering you, you can talk to me.” Tess says.

“I don’t want to…” Max starts to say.

“Max! Come on. I thought we were pass all this.” Tess says raising her tone just a bit.

“You’re right,” Max says. “Okay, Liz and I had a talk a few nights ago, and we decided…No, she decided that it was time for us to move on. That we needed to accept the fact that her and I don’t belong with each other.”

“Oh, Max. I am so sorry.” Tess says sincerity in her voice.

“I always thought that Liz and I were meant to be. Even though she slept with Kyle I still thought her and I would end up together, but I think it is over. I mean really over.” Max states with heartbreak in his voice.

Tess can see the pain that Max is going through and just stands there in silence. She reaches out and caresses his cheek in a way to comfort him. With that simple gesture Max looks up at Tess. They lock eyes and Max leans in to kiss her. Tess stands there her breath slowing down leans in closer to meet Max’s lips with her own. In that one moment they stand there kissing one another. Lost in their own world they don’t notice that Liz has been there watching the exchange between the two. Not wanting them to see her she runs out the school doors with tears streaming her face.

Max breaks the kiss. “I am sorry, Tess. I don’t know where that came from. It just when you did that it seemed so familiar. I am sorry I shouldn’t have kissed you.

“Max, please, don’t be sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Tess says a bit breathless.

“Thanks, I am just sorry. I can’t help but feel that gesture seemed so familiar to me but I don’t know why.” Max states.

“If you feel that way why don’t I try to teach some memory retrieval techniques that Nasedo taught me.” Tess offered.

“If you could do that it would be great. How about sometime this weekend?” Max asks.

“Sure, I will come over on Sunday, and we will work together to see if we can unlock some of your memories.” Tess says with a comforting smile on her face.


“It’s starting to happen. Max and Tess. God! How the thought itself use to hurt, but to see them. To see them share a kiss. To see them be that intimate with one another. That is more heartbreaking to see than anything else. I can’t deal with this now. Time to focus in on something else. “Thought Liz as she was driving to a local graphic shop.

Liz enters a graphic shop to find out if the pictures in the slides were doctored in anyway. The clerk helping Liz scans in the slide with Alex and his host family, and the picture of Alex and Leanne in front of the lighthouse.

“From what I can tell these pictures are not real.” The clerk tells Liz.

“How can you tell?” Liz asked.

The clerk prints out both pictures and places them side by side to show Liz. “If you take a look at both pictures the shadow on your friend is coming from the west, but the shadow of the individuals in the other two pictures is coming from the east.”

Liz takes a look at both pictures and sees that the clerk is right. She grabs the picture and the slides. “Thank you for your help.” With that Liz rushes out to her car and drives home.

Something went wrong in Sweden, but what? Why did Alex bring home fake slides? Why is there a picture of Nicolas with Leanne, and was Leanne a skin. I need to find out what happened over there.

As Liz is driving back down to the Crashdown she doesn’t notice a car pulling out behind her at the same time. They follow Liz back to the Crashdown and park across the street, and sit there watching.


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Liz walks into the apartment above the Crashdown and hears the phone ringing. She rushes towards over to the phone to answer it. “Hello.” Liz says a bit out of breath.

“Hi Liz, it’s Max.” Max say with a bit of nervousness in his voice.

“Great! Max is the last person I want to talk to right now,” thought Liz. “What can I do for you Max.”

“Um, well, you weren’t in biology today,” Max starts out saying. “And, I wanted to let you know that everyone is meeting at my house before heading over to the Whitman’s house for the memorial service for Alex.”

“Oh, um, well, I was going to head over there with my parents.” Liz answers Max. She shakes her head still not being able to get the image of Max and Tess kissing each other.

“Liz, are you sure? I can come by and pick you up if that is a problem.” Max asked a bit hopeful that she will accept his offer.

“No, that is fine, Max, but thank you for the offer. I think I will just meet you guys over there.” Said Liz wanting to get off the phone.

“Liz, are you okay…I mean are you going…?” Max started to say.

Liz interrupting Max not wanting to speak to him anymore, “Look, Max, as I said before I am fine. I just don’t need to be with anyone right. I have to go, bye.” Liz said coldly and then she hangs up the phone.

Max on the other end hangs the phone up slowly. “Liz, what happened to us?” Max wonders.

(At the Whitman’s Residents)

“That was a very nice memorial service.” Comments Sheriff Valenti to Amy Deluca.

“Yes, it was,” Amy replies. “How do you think the kids are holding up?” Amy asks looking over to where the Pod Squad was sitting in the Whitman’s living.

“Well, according to Kyle they have all been putting on a brave front for one another,” the Sheriff begins to say. “But, it seems Liz is taking it a bit harder than the rest. She has been withdrawing from everyone it would seem.” The Sheriff looks over to the kids sitting together on the couch not saying a word to each other but communicating silently to one another.

Maria hugging Liz, “Liz, we will get through this together. You and I are bound together forever like peanut butter and jelly.” Maria whispers in Liz’s ear.

Liz smiles thankful that Maria is here with her. She knows how hard Maria is trying to be strong for the both of them. She squeezes Maria hand as a sign that they still have one another.

Max watches Liz and Maria intently. He watches how the two girls seems to be a source of strength for one another. They seem to have a connection that goes deeper than any simple friendship. Max can’t help but feel a bit jealous of Maria. He wants to be the one that Liz turns to for support, but this past week has shown him that she no longer wants that from him. He turns his eyes away from Liz and Maria feeling like he is intruding on a personal moment between the two girls.

“You know I think I have only been here maybe once since I have known Alex,” whispers Isabel to Max.

Max is looking over at Isabel. He can tell that Isabel is grasping at straws to try and maintain her cool. “Really? Actually, I have never been inside.”

All of sudden Mrs. Whitman comes up to her son’s closest friends. “Hi kids. I just wanted to thank you all for coming, and to say that Alex held you all in such high regard,” she says with tears brimming in her eyes. “Liz do you mind helping me in the kitchen for a moment?”

“Oh, sure, Mrs. Whitman.” Liz gets up and follows Mrs. Whitman into the Kitchen.

(In the Kitchen)

“Actually, Liz I brought you in here to give you this.” Mrs. Whitman hands an envelope to Liz with Liz’s name on it written in Alex’s handwriting. “I didn’t want to give it to you in front of everyone. It was in the jacket pocket the night he…well, anyway, I figured it was something for your eyes only.”

“Thank you.” Liz says taking the envelope from Mrs. Whitman.

“Liz, I want you to know that Alex always thought of you like a sister. He really cherished the friendship he had with you and Maria, “Mrs. Whitman says. “I hope you will still come by the house sometime. I would hate to lose contact with you.”

“Of coarse,” Liz replied. “Um, Mrs. Whitman can I ask you a question before we head out there.”

“Sure, dear, go right a head.” Mrs. Whitman replies.

“When Alex returned from his trip to Sweden, did he seem alright to you.” Liz asked.

“Well, actually, Alex was getting these sever migraines after coming back from his trip, but other than that he seemed fine,” answered Mrs. Whitman.

“Thanks, Mrs. Whitman. I guess we should get back out there.” Before heading back to everyone Liz gives Mrs. Whitman a comforting hug.

(Liz’s bedroom the next day)

Liz is just waking up when she spots the envelope that Alex’s mom had given her last night on her nightstand. She rolls over and grabs it. She opens the envelope and begins reading.

Dear Liz,

Where do I start? There are so many things many things I feel I need to tell you. First off you might be wondering why I am writing you a letter rather than just tell you in person. I am writing this letter to you because something has happened to me, and I know this letter will make its way into your hands. Okay, let’s get down to business. You will first need to grab my laptop from my room, now, if I know you, you already have it. Now, if that is the case you are ahead of the game, and that’s my girl. I have scanned in pictures of my trip from Sweden. You might be asking yourself why? Because there are answers there that you need to find out. The pictures I showed of Sweden are fake. I was never there. I wish I could tell you more now, but I can’t. With that being said – Your next mission if you chose to accept (sorry, needed to put some humor in here). Go to my locker at school. There is a videotape of me in there. It explains what has been going on with me, and the danger that you are in. Yes, Liz, you are in danger. Promise me, you will be careful.


“Alex, what danger can I be in?.” Liz wondered.

(Evan’s house)

Max is laying in his bed thinking about the kiss he shared with Tess yesterday afternoon. “Why did I kiss her? Why? Why would I kiss Tess when I still love Liz? That’s right I love Liz. If Tess were my destiny why would I be drawn to Liz? Why would I have fallen in love with Liz back in the 3rd grade? “

All of sudden Max heard a knock at his door. It was Tess. “Great, what I really need right now.” Max thought to himself.

(West Roswell High School)

Liz enters the empty school to find the tape Alex said was in hidden in his locker. “Thank God, Alex, always kept the same locker combination since junior high.” Liz thought to herself.

She rummages through his locker and finally finds what she is looking for. “Okay, Alex, I hope I will get the answers that I need from this.”

As Liz is shutting Alex’s locker door she hears footsteps. Remembering Alex’s warning about her being in danger. She runs down the hall towards the exit, and to her car. She drives away not wanting to looking back. All of sudden Sean and Nicolas step out from the shadows.

“She has the tape,” Sean says to Nicolas. “That tape should be ours. She will learn the truth now.”

“Kivar, we will get the tape, and we will also get our beloved Queen before Max finds outs that his beloved Liz is his true destined mate.

“For your sake I hope you do.” States Sean/Kivar. “I must return this body before someone notices it is gone. I will be in touch soon.

(Max’s Bedroom)

“Um, hi, Tess. What are doing here,” a startled Max asked.

“Well, I know we said we would work on some memory retrieval techniques tomorrow, but I thought why wait,” replied Tess.

“I am not sure Tess. It has been a rough couple of days, and besides I have to work later on this afternoon,” Max said wanting to get out of working with Tess.

“Oh, come on Max. The earlier we start the sooner you can start figuring out who you were in our past life,” Tess said excitedly.

Max sat there pondering for a moment, “Okay, let me go take a shower first, and change and we can start before I head out to work.

“Great! I will just wait here while you do that.” Tess said surveying his room.

Max heads out the door to take his shower leaving Tess in his bedroom. Tess looks around the room and notices a picture of Liz near his bed.

Tess picks up the picture of Liz. Tess looks at the picture of Liz sadly. Tess gets a flash of Liz and Max smiling lovingly at each other. “Uh, that was strange.” When Tess looks at the picture again she feels this strange connection forming. “I am going to have to talk to Liz later.”


Liz runs in a bit panicked from earlier. As she is about to walk upstairs to her room Maria stops her. “Liz, honey, are you not working today?”

“Oh, I am just not till tonight,” Liz, said as she starts to turn around.

“Wait, Liz! I thought maybe we could talk a bit,” Maria asked.

“Maria, I would really like to but I have some stuff that I need to get to…maybe we can do it later on tonight or tomorrow.” Liz replied wanting to get to her room as soon as she can.

Maria looking disappointed, “Oh, okay, then why don’t I give you a call…”

Before she can finish Liz interrupts, “Yeah, sounds great. Talk to you later.” Liz turns around and rushes off to her bedroom.

Maria turns around and heads to the backroom. Michael seeing the exchange between the two girls leaves the kitchen and heads into the back to check on Maria.

“Hey, you okay?” Michael asks with concern in his voice.

“Um, yeah…I guess,” Maria states quietly.

“Maria, its me, Michael. You know, Spaceboy. Something is bothering you, now why don’t you tell me what is going,” Michael asks again.

Maria begins to sob. Michael crosses over to where Maria is sitting on the couch and pulls her into a tight hug. After a while Maria sob begin to subside a bit. “Oh, my Michael! I feel like I am losing my best friend. I have already lost Alex. I don’t know if I can stand to lose Liz too.”

“What do you mean lose Liz?” Michael asked curiously.

“Well, ever since Alex…”Maria starts to say but starts to cry again. Michael rubs Maria’s back to comfort her, so, she can continue. “Since, Alex died Liz seems to be pulling away from me. I just feel like I am losing her too.”

“Maria, listen to me. You are not losing Liz. Liz is just having a really hard time right now.” Michael stated.

“Don’t you think I know that? I am going through a hard time myself and I need my best friend!” Maria exclaimed.

“I know you need her right now, but give her sometime. She will come around soon enough. In the mean time why don’t you lean on me. I am not going anywhere.” Michael said trying to reassure Maria.

“I know but it is not the same, but it is nice to know,” Maria says with a weak smile.

(Liz’s bedroom)

Liz burst into her bedroom, and closes the door behind her. She turns on her t. v. and slips the tape into VCR. The tape starts and you see Alex on the screen.

Alex is sitting on his bedroom dressed in white button down shirt with that corny Alex smile of his. He looks a bit nervous as he begins to talk. “Liz, if you are viewing this tape that means you have chosen to take the mission I have set before you. Hahaha. Corny, huh? I had to put some sort of corny line in here or else how would have known it was me, right. Okay, why don’t we get down to business. First, off you will probably know that my pictures from Sweden are fake…well, I don’t have time to go into them right now. If you have this tape there is a chance that you are being followed. If that is the case I need to you tell Michael and Maria what is going on because I am sending you on a little journey. It is too dangerous to go by yourself. There are a few things you need to know the girl Leanne in the pictures is a skin, but she is on our side. Her real name is Jennifer. You will need to get into contact with her. Second, you are going to have to travel to Las Cruces University because that is where Jennifer is, and that is where I spent my time while everyone thought I was in Sweden. Second, the 1’s and 0’s on the slides are a computer binary code. It is a code that I have been working on translating. It seems to be an old Native American language that seems to be a prophecy of some kind. It has something to do with Max and all of our alien friends. I wish I could tell you more, but get in touch with Jennifer as soon as you can. She will be able to fill you on the things that I can’t. Becareful!

After that the tapes shuts off. Liz walks over to eject the tape, and goes downstairs to find Michael and Maria.

(Max’s Bedroom)

Max and Tess are sitting on Max’s bed facing each other cross-legged. “Okay, Max I want you to close you eyes, and concentrate on your breathing. Take deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. While you are breathing I want you to focus your mind. Try to forget that you are Max Evans.

Max does as Tess instructed. He breathes in and out slowly concentrating on his breathing patterns. Slowly his mind begins to clear. His breathing slows down more and more while his mind starts to take him on a journey. Max’s mind travels to his time in the pod. He looks around and see himself surrounded by liquid. Then, all of sudden Max is transported farther back. He is in a huge bedroom. He looks around the room and remembers that this is his room. The Kings Chamber Room. He looks outside and sees the night ski. The ski is lit with lights not like the lights you see on the fourth of July, but by lights of people in battle. All of a sudden there is a knock at the his door.

“Zan,” asks a woman. “Zan, can I come in?”

Max turns around but he is no longer Max. He is Zan. “Yes, come in mother.”

“My son, what troubles you,” asks the Queen.

Zan turns around to face his beloved mother. He looks at her with such love in his eyes. It is hard to believe this beautiful woman is his mother. She does not look old enough to be his mother. With her long blonde hair and her youthful face you would assume that she was his sister and not the beloved Queen of a war torn planet.

“Oh, nothing mother. I am just thinking…” Zan starts to say.

“You are thinking of her again, aren’t you?” The Queen replies with sympathy in her voice.

Zan looks at his mother unable to hide the truth. She is always on his mind. His true love. His soulmate. The one meant to be his wife for all eternity. Why did she have to die? Lila. She was on her way to his kingdom for their upcoming marriage when Kivar attacked her entourage. As soon as Zan heard of the attack he rushed to find her. By the time he reached her it was too late. Almost everyone was dead. There were few survivors.

“She would have made a wonderful Queen,” his mother says like she is reading his mind.

“Yes, she would have,” Zan replies to his mother with great sadness in his voice.

The Queen crosses the room and sits on his bed. She pats the bed next to her as a signal for him to join her. Zan sees this and walks over to join his mother on his bed. “You know, my son, they say when two souls become one they are joined for all eternity. If one should leave one life before its time it is said that one soul will wait for it’s other half on the other side, so, they can be joined in another life together. Lila, is there waiting for you. Remember that.”

“Mother, do you think Lila would be upset to know that I am about to wed her sister, Ava,” Zan asks his mother.

The Queen caresses her son’s cheek, and smiles. “No, my son, I think Lila is watching down on you two, and waiting for you to join her when the time comes.”

All of sudden the moment is broken. Max is startled and looks around him. He sees his room, and see Tess sitting in front of him. There is a moment of confusion as he remembers the scene he just saw with his birth mother. Then, he looks at his nightstand and sees the picture of Liz. At that same moment Tess opens her eyes, and they both focus on the picture of Liz, and say, “Lila.”

(Maria’s Jetta)

Liz, Michael, and Maria are on their way to Las Cruses University to investigate what Alex told Liz in his videotape. Michael is driving Maria’s car while Maria sits in the passenger side while Liz sits in the back catching Michael and Maria up on what she has been doing since Alex’s death.

“Okay, Liz, what I don’t understand is why you didn’t tell any of us what you have been working on…you know we could have helped you,” Maria asked her friend sounding a bit annoyed that she was left out of something so important.

Liz sensing that Maria is upset with her decides to chose her words carefully. “Maria, you know I would never leave you out intentionally. I kind of just fell into it myself. I was not even sure what I was getting into.”

“Liz, Maria is right. You should have told someone. You could have gotten yourself in some real trouble,” Michael begins to state. “What I don’t get is how you are the key to all of this, and how you could have dreamed of what happened to Alex the night he died? Are you sure you are not leaving anything out?”

“I have told you both what I found out from Alex,” Liz states a bit exasperated. “All I know now is that we have to get in touch with a skin named Jennifer.”

“A skin? Are we sure she can be trusted?” Maria asks.

“Maria, if Alex trusted her I am sure we can too. Besides, not all skins are like Nicolas or Whitaker.” Liz says referring to Courtney not wanting to bring her name up because the subject is still a bit sore between Michael and Maria.

“Well, I hope you are right, but I just don’t know how we are going to find her at a university with thousands of students,” Maria states.

“Yeah, Liz, have you figured out how we are going to find this Jennifer because I don’t think she will standing outside of the University with sign saying, “Looking for Liz Parker,” Michael asks while Maria slaps him upside the head.

“Um, no. I do, however, have a picture of Alex and Jennifer. Alex said he stayed there during the time he was suppose to be in Sweden, so, he must have registered. I think the first place we hit is the college registrar, and see what classes he was taking…maybe we can also find out where on campus he was staying.”

“That is a start but I think maybe we should call Max and fill him on what we are doing,” Maria tells Liz.

“NO…I mean not yet. I think the less people that know about this the less dangerous it would be. We can tell him when we get back.” Liz says wanting to avoid having Max involved as much as possible.

“But, this concerns him too. Don’t you think he, Isabel, and Tess would want to be here for whatever we find out?” Maria argues.

“No, Maria, Liz as a point. The less people who know right now the better. We can fill Max and everyone when we get back. Besides, we are going to be there in about 10 minutes and we don’t have time to wait for everyone else to get here.”

“I guess you have a point,” Maria concedes.

As they are driving towards Las Cruses no one notices the they are being followed.

(Max’s Room)

Isabel is walking past Max’s room when all of sudden she hears Max and Tess. Opening the door she notices Max and Tess sitting on Max’s bed with a dazed express on their faces. “What’s wrong with you two?”

Tess jumps up off Max’s bed when she hears Isabel walk into the room. “I have to find Liz. I need to talk to talk to her now.”

Isabel shocked by what Tess just said grabs Tess before she can leave the room. “Wait a minute Tess. Why do you need to talk to Liz? What is going on here?”

“She’s my…” Tess begins to state.

“Sister.” Max finishes.

Isabel looks at the both of them like they are crazy. “What do you mean Liz is Tess’ sister? I am confused here.”

Tess sits back down on Max’s bed and begins to cry. “How could I have done that do her? How could I not have known?”

Max adjusts himself on his bed to where he is sitting next to Tess, and wraps his arm around her to sooth her. “Tess, that was another lifetime ago. You could not know that she was your sister.”

“You’re wrong. I should have known. You knew!” Tess yells and gets up from the bed and away from Max. “You knew that you were suppose to be with her and not me. Did I? No, I just kept pressing that you and I were meant to be. That it was our destiny to be with each other while trying to push her out of the way.”

Max gets up from the bed to talk to Tess while she is pacing the room. “Tess, you have to calm down.”

Isabel stares at the scene in front of her wondering what the two of them are talking about and getting irritated that neither one of them is paying any attention to her. “Will one of you, please, explain to me what the hell is going on here!”

Max realizing that Isabel must be confused decides he better explain the situation before things get out of hand. “I am sorry, Iz. To tell it simply…Liz is Tess’ sister and she was suppose to be my bride.”

“Um, excuse me! How the hell is that possible?” Isabel asks with a shock expression on her face.

“I am not sure how it’s possible. All I know is that somehow it’s true,” Max begins to state. “Tess and I were working on some memory retrieval techniques that Nasedo taught her, and during my memory retrieval process I saw a conversation I had with our birth mother about Liz. Except her name was not Liz it was…”

“Lila.” Tess finishes for Max. “Lila was my sister actually she was my older sister and Max’s future bride. Her and I were very close. I was with her when she was on her way to join Max for their upcoming marriage except she never got there.”

“She never got there. Why what happened?” Isabel asked while still trying to digest what Tess just told her.

“On our way to the palace our entourage was attacked my Kivar’s men. There was no mercy in the attack. They attacked fast and killed whoever was in their way. One of Kivar’s men was about shoot me but before he could hit me Lila…I mean Liz, pushed me out of the way, and was hit in my place after that happened all the men retreated, and left me holding my dead sister. It should have been me not her,” Tess sobbed. Isabel crossed over to where Tess was standing and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Tess, it was not your fault. Liz or Lila was just trying to protect you. I am sure she would never blame you for what happened,” Isabel said trying to calm Tess’ sobs.

Tess sobs start to settle down and she pulls away from Isabel’s embrace. “I know what you are trying to say but I have to see her. I have to explain to her and apologize and hope she will forgive me for what I did in that lifetime and what I have done in this one.”

“We will all go,” Max says. “I think it is going to take all of us to explain to Liz about all of this. Isabel why don’t you try to call Michael and Maria and see if they meet us at the Crashdown. I think it would be a good idea to have them there for Liz.”

All three of them leave to go find Liz and explain to her that her life is about to change along with everyone else’s.

(Las Cruses University office of Registrar)

Liz is standing at the counter in front of young person who looks like she is a student of the University while Michael and Maria are behind Liz listening to the exchange between them. “Are you sure there is no documentation of anyone named Alex Whitman from last fall. He would have only attended here a couple of months.”

Sarah the student helping Liz looks at her and says, “I am sorry we don’t have any records of anyone named Alex Whitman attending this University. Are sure he was here and not maybe University of New Mexico?”

“Yes, I am positive,” Liz states. “Thanks for looking…wait, can I show you a picture maybe you might have seen him or his friend around campus.” Liz pulls the picture of Alex and ‘Jennifer’ out.

Sarah takes the pictures from Liz and looks them over. “Wait, the girl doesn’t look familiar but the guy…Yes, I have seen him before.”

“You have! Where have you seen him?” Liz asks excitedly.

“I use to him all the time in the computer labs. Yeah, he was there all the time. I am sure of it.”

“Thanks! Could you tell us where the computer labs are located sure?” Liz asks hoping they will be able to find more clues there about what Alex was working on and maybe find out ‘Jennifer.’

“Sure. When you get of here turn right go down about four or five building and the building is located on your left hand side. You should be able to see it because there are signs everywhere.” Said Sarah.

“Thanks for all you help,” Liz says as she turns to Michael and Maria.

“Guess. We are taking a little trip to the computer lab,” Maria says a bit brightly. With that being said they all rush out excited that have a clue to work off.


Max, Isabel, and Tess enter the Crashdown and look around a bit frantically for Liz, Maria, and Michael. Not spotting any of them they head over to their booth.

“Where could all three of them be,” questions Isabel.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you try Michael’s apartment or Maria’s cell phone again.” Max states.

“Max, I have already called Michael’s place six times already not to mention leaving about three or four messages on Maria’s cell phone,” Isabel states a bit exasperated.

“Hey, there’s Kyle maybe he has seen them,” Tess points to direction of the Crashdown’s entrance where Kyle just walked through by himself. “Kyle! Kyle over here!”

Kyle walks over to them and pulls up a seat to the Pod Squad’s regular table. “Hey, guys, what’s going on?”

Max looks at Kyle in more of irritated manner rather than friendly as he watches Kyle pull up a seat. Learning that Liz is his true soulmate makes the scene that he saw between Liz and Kyle almost unbearable. He calms himself down because he needs to find out if Kyle has heard from any of their friends. “Look, Kyle have you seen or talked to Michael, Maria, or Liz today.”

Sensing the cold reception coming from Max Kyle starts to get a bit defensive. “I haven’t heard or seen any of them, but even if I heard from Liz I think it might be best you stay away from her Max.”

Max now starting to lose control glares at Kyle icily and begins talking in a low even voice brimming with anger, “Why should I stay away from her Kyle? Is it because you want to make a move on her while she is vulnerable state over Alex?

“What the hell are you talking about, Evans?!” Kyle hisses not wanting to make a scene.

“You know DAMN well what I am talking about!” Max begins to argue.

Tess and Isabel just sit there shocked just watching the scene between the two. Tess puts her hand up between Kyle and Max to try calm the scene that is about to happen. “Why don’t you two settle down. This is not the time or…”

“Look, Evans, I am not trying to make the moves on Liz. Liz and I are just friends.” Kyle states ignoring Tess’ gesture.

“Just friends, huh. Friends who tend to sleep with each other!” Max counters.

“Wha…” Isabel looks at Max confused.

“That is what has you all worked up. You are still upset about all that,” Kyle begins. “Here, Max, let me clue you in on something…Liz and I never slept with each other.”

“WHAT!” Max and Tess yell out loud.

Kyle knowing he has already said too much, but can no longer take keeping this secret in decides now is the time for it to come out. Besides, a part of him feels a bit sorry for Max. Max might not be his favorite person, but overall Max is a good guy. “Look, I am not sure why Liz wanted you to think that we slept together but we didn’t.”

Max, Tess, and Isabel just sit there and stare at Kyle in shock. Isabel was the first to speak. “You and Liz slept together?”

“No, no. Liz and I never slept together. Liz just made it seem that way. The whole thing was staged. Somehow she knew that you were going to be coming to the balcony that night, and she asked me to help her out. She was in a towel and I was in my boxers. That’s why it looked like we did…well, what you thought we did.” Kyle says a bit nervous knowing Liz will kill him later.

“I don’t get why she would do that to you, Max. She loves you.” Tess says.

“Look, I don’t know what her reason were for doing it. She never told me but I did get the impression that it was very important to her that Max believe her and I had sex.” Kyle answers.

Max just sits there with a confused look on his face. Months of pain and anger disappear knowing that Liz and Kyle were never together in that way, but is now replaced with thousands of questions on why she would do that. Why would she push me away? “We need to find Liz and find out what is going on here.”

“Look, there is Mr. Parker…why don’t I go ask him if he knows where Liz is,” Isabel offers. Before anyone can say anything she gets up and goes to the counter to go ask.

(Computer Lab)

Liz, Maria, and Michael enter the computer lab and look around. “Question. What are we doing here? And, what do we expect to find?” Maria asks Liz.

“Look, according to Sarah at the registrar she saw Alex here a lot maybe we can find someone who talked to Alex, and maybe…just maybe we can find someone who can give us a lead on this mysterious Jennifer,” replied Liz.

“Okay, so, who should we interrogate first,” Maria asked.

Looking around Liz sees a tall, lanky kid with glasses standing behind the information counter. “Well, we might as well go to the information counter.” They all head over to the counter.

“Excuse, me…um, excuse me,” Liz says trying to get the young man’s attention.

“Oh, sorry, can I help you?”

“Um, yeah, I was wondering if you could take a look at a couple of pictures and tell me if you seen either one of these individuals.” Liz asks.

“Sure,” replies the young man. Liz hands over the pictures to him. “Yeah, I have seen them around.

“You have?” Liz says.

“Yeah, they use to come in here together all the time last fall,” the young man states. “They use to stay and work here almost every day. Sometimes, they would stay till the lab closed.

“When was the last time you saw them in here,” Michael curiously asked.

“Well, the guy I haven’t seen in awhile but the girl I would say probably sometime yesterday afternoon…you know if you wait around she should be here any minute. She generally comes here around this time everyday.”

“Really,” Liz, Maria, and Michael all said at the same time.

“Yeah, I can run my watch by her she comes in that often.”

“Thanks,” Liz says. “Guess, we just sit and wait her.”

“Well, I hope she comes soon because you and I both have a shift to work tonight.” Michael said.


“What did you find out, Iz,” asked Max to Isabel as she returned to the table.

“Nothing. All Mr. Parker knows is that she went off with Michael and Maria a couple of hours ago, but he did say that she should be back soon because she is suppose to work tonight,” replied Isabel.

“So, what do we do now,” Tess asked. “We can’t just go home?”

“Tess, what do you want us to do…we can’t just go after them. We don’t even know where they went,” answered Isabel.

“Why don’t we just wait for them to show up,” Max offered. “Liz’s dad said she had to work tonight, so, she should be back here soon.

Kyle looks at all three of them suspiciously wondering what the sudden urgency to talk to Liz was about. “Guys, would one of you like to clue me on why we are waiting here for Liz?”

All three heads turn to Kyle. All of them forgetting that Kyle has no idea what they are talking about. “Well, to make a long story short Liz is my sister.”

“Um, excuse me. Liz is your wha…?” Kyle said looking at all of them like they are crazy.

“Liz is Tess’ sister and Max’s true bride,” Isabel answered for Kyle.

“What? How is that possible? Liz is not alien…is she?” Kyle said still looking at them like they are nuts.

“Look, Kyle, we are not sure how it is possible…all we know is that its true,” Max stated.

“Okay, tell me, how did you guys find this out?” Kyle asked.

“Tess and I were working on some memory retrieval techniques. That’s how we found out.” Max answered.

As they are talking a waitress comes over to take their order. “Guess if we are going to be waiting around we might as well eat.” Kyle told everybody.

(Las Cruses Computer Lab)

“You guys if we are going to make it back for your shift we are going to have to leave soon,” Maria told Liz and Michael.

“Maria, I will just call my dad…” Liz started to say. “Hey, guys, look over at the door.”

Both Maria and Michael turn to look at the entrance of the computer lab. They both stare at the beautiful blond that just walked it. It’s Jennifer. “Okay, so, what do we do? Should we all go up to her,” Maria asked.

“No, I think I should go up to her by myself,” Liz answered. “Alex, seemed to have already informed her about me, and besides we don’t want to scare her.”

“Okay, Liz, you should go talk to her but we won’t be far behind,” Michael says in his normal gruff voice.

Liz walks over to a computer where the beautiful blond is working. “Excuse me, Jennifer.”

“Yes, can I help…OH MY GOD!” Jennifer exclaimed as she gets up from her chair. “I can’t believe you are here. Princess, I can’t believe it is you. Where is Alex? Did he come with you.”

“I am sorry,” Liz began. “You must have me confused with someone else. I am not a princess, but you do know my friend Alex. He is the reason I am here. He said you would be able to fill me in on some missing information.”

“He did not tell you himself. No, no, you are the Princess….but, if Alex did not come with you and tell you, then, something has happened to him.

Liz kept looking at Jennifer strangely wondering why she kept insisting that she was some princess decided to fill her in on what happened to Alex. “I am sorry to tell you this but Alex died about a week ago.”

“Oh, NO!” Jennifer exclaimed looking around and getting jumpy all of sudden. “We have to get out of here, and now. Did you come here by yourself?”

“Um, no I came here with my friends Michael and Maria. There right over there.” Liz answers and pointing to where Michael and Maria are standing.

“Okay, let’s go now!” Jennifer says pushing at Liz to go.

“Wait!” Liz says moving out of Jennifer way. “Why do we have to leave?”

“Princess, you are in grave danger. I am pretty sure you were followed here.” Jennifer explained. “We have to go now. I will explain later. We have to go back to Roswell and meet with Royal Court.”

“Okay, but you will explain on our drive back,” Liz said as she and Jennifer head to where Michael and Maria and standing. “Michael, looks like we are going to make our shifts back at the Crashdown. We have to go now.”

As Liz, Jennifer, Michael, and Maria exit the computer lab building to head to Maria’s Jetta Nicolas and one of his associates start to follow them determine to make sure they don’t make it back to Roswell before they can do anything someone attacks them from behind. Nicolas and his companion are left unconscious behind some bushes. The attacker walks away and heads in the same direction as Liz, Michael, and Maria.

(Maria’s Jetta on their way back to the Crashdown)

“Okay, we are heading back to Roswell…Now, why don’t you fill us in on what you know about Alex, and why do you keep insisting I am a some princess. My name is Liz Parker.” Liz questions Jennifer.

“Because you are Princess Lila. You just don’t remember yet,” Jennifer stated matter of factly.

“Okay, if Liz is this Princess Lila you are speaking of I am Queen Elizabeth.” Maria says looking at Jennifer likes she has lost her mind. “Besides, that who is Princess Lila.”

“The Princess was to be our next Queen. She was prophesied to help bring our war torn planet together. Before she had the chance to marry King Zan Kivar killed her. Her sister was then arranged to fill the gap left by her. Unfortunately, that was just not possible. Zan and Lila had this great love that transcended time and space and was not so easily replaced. So, when the Princess died all was lost.”

“So, what makes you so sure that Liz here is the Princess you are talking about it,” Michael asked while driving everyone back to Roswell.

Jennifer digs around in her backpack in the back seat of Maria’s Jetta. She takes out a very old thick green book. She opens to a page and gives it to Maria who is sitting in the passenger sit of her Jetta. Maria gasps when she sees the picture. “Liz, this looks just like you!” Maria yells.

“What is my picture doing in this book,” Liz asks while taking the book away from Maria to take a closer look at the picture.

“Because the picture is of the Princess…the Princess is you,” Jennifer says sincerely.

Liz looks at the picture with such amazement. The picture is of her there was no doubt about that. Liz turned the page of the book and saw pictures of Max, Tess, Isabel, and Michael. When she looked at the picture of Tess she rubbed her hand against it and got a flash.

Ava and Lila laughing as kids.

Ava and Lila talking about Zan.

Ava and Lila getting attacked.

Lila pushing Ava out of danger.

“Oh, my God!” Liz gasped.

Maria turns around in her seat to see Liz staring at the picture Tess in shock with tears coming down from her eyes. “Lizzie, what’s wrong?”

Not answering Maria Liz turns to Jennifer. “Tess is my sister. I died protecting her, didn’t I?” Without saying a word Jennifer nods her response to Liz.

“Lizzie, what are you saying? Are you saying that you are this Princess Lila,” Maria says looking at her best friend.

“I am not sure what to think…but, somehow I had a flash of Tess and I as kids then as adults. I don’t know how it is possible, but I think I maybe this Princess Lila,” Liz said in a shaky voice. “I have to see Tess.”

As she is saying this Michael pulls up to the Crashdown. They all enter the Crashdown and see that Max, Isabel, Kyle and Tess waiting for them. Tess gets up from where she was sitting and walks over to Liz and Liz goes over to meet Tess half way. They stand there facing each other while everyone looks on at them.

“I’m sorry,” They both say at the same time. Then, they hug each other crying.

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Tess and Liz break the hug, and stand there looking at each other for a moment. Neither one wanting to break the moment that they just shared, but Tess is the first to speak. “So, you know?”

Liz looks at Tess with nothing but love in her eyes, “Yes, I know. I saw flashes of us when we were kids, and when I…”

“When you died saving me,” Tess finished for her. “Lila, I mean Liz, I am so sorry for what happened. You should never have died. It should have been me.” Tess began to cry again. Liz grabbed Tess and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Tess, it was not your fault,” Liz began. “I do not blame you. You were and are my sister. I would do anything for you then, and now.” Liz said while soothing Tess’ sobs.

Tess breaks away from Liz’s embrace to look at her sister in the eyes. “But, how can you forgive me for what I have done in this lifetime. Trying to take Max away from you…pushing you away time and time again. How can you ever forgive me or want to be my sister?”

Liz looks Tess in her eyes before speaking to her, “Tess, you didn’t know. I would have probably done the same thing in your place. Besides, it does not matter now…all that matters is that you and I know the truth. We are sisters now and forever.

The two girls begin to hug again while everyone else looks on at them smiling. Tess and Liz break the hug and walk back over to where everyone is now sitting. While walking over to join the others Liz looks up and sees Max staring at her. “I am going to have to try and talk to Max later.” Liz thought to herself.

“So, has everybody been introduced to Jennifer,” Liz asked when she and Tess reached the booth. “Hey, where did Michael disappear to…and, where did Maria go?”

“To answer your first question we were just getting around to introducing ourselves to this beautiful young lady,” Kyle said with a slight smirk on his face, which Tess quickly wiped, away from his face by pouching him on the arm. “OUCH! Anyways, as for Michael and Maria – Michael is the back working and Maria is getting dressed to cover your shift. She thought it might be a good idea for you to fill us in on your trip, so, why don’t you two ladies sit and we can get started.”

(Across the street from the Crashdown)

Sean/Kivar and Nicolas are outside talking. “I thought you said you would take care of this, Nicolas.”

“Kivar, we almost had them but someone attacked us from behind before we could grab the book or any of them,” Nicolas said trying to explaining to Kivar.

“Excuses. Not only do they have the book but also they have the skin to help them. By the looks of it their precious Liz, knows who she use to be,” Kivar stated angrily.

“We will grab the book before the translation is complete, we will grab the Princess too,” Nicolas says trying to convince Kivar.

“How do you plan on doing that without getting caught my the Mighty King Zan. Once he knows the truth he will not let his precious princess out of his sight,” Kivar demanded.

“We will grab the skin first before the translation can become complete…we will then grab the sister. If Liz is anything like she was in her past life she will do anything to protect her sister,” Nicolas states confident that his plan will work.

“It better work your life might just depend on it,” Kivar says with a sneer in his voice. “I must go this body is harder to control everytime I enter it. I will be in touch soon, and you better have some better news for me then.

“Oh, I will,” Nicolas, says while watching Kivar/Sean walk away. “Not only will I have the book I will have our beloved Future Queen as well.


Everyone except Michael and Maria are sitting in the booth as Liz retells the events of the past week since Alex’s death. The code Alex left behind, the dream Liz had about Alex’s last night, and the urgency in the videotape telling her to get into contact with Jennifer.

“Oh, my God, Liz,” Isabel said with a shock expression on her face. “How come you didn’t come to us for help.”

“I would have but it all just kind of fell into my lap before I knew it. I am still trying to understand it all myself,” Liz said trying to explain to everyone at the table.

“What I don’t is why did Alex keep all this away from us…and, how do you fit into all of this,” Isabel asked to Jennifer.

Max was beginning to wonder this himself. “Jennifer how do you figure in on this? What do you know about our friend Alex.”

Jennifer looks at the faces around her in amazement. In front of her is the Royal Court the individuals that would reunite all species on their planet and bring peace and prosperity to their world. “Let me introduce myself I am Jennifer and I have been on earth since 1947. Before you ask I was not part of the 1947 crash. I was not in any pod. You might know of my kind. The skins.”

“You’re a skin????” Isabel said with shock on her voice.

“Yes, now before you get me confused with Nicolas and his people I am not with them. The skins are basically split in half. There are those who are with Nicolas and support Kivar, but there are those who are in support of our original leaders and would like to see the balance of power restored. We have been in search of the Royal Family since we have landed here on earth.”

“Why have you been looking for us,” Max asked curiously to know what this girl knows.

“We have been in search for you, so, we could join you and protect you until you were ready to battle Kivar for your rightful places on our planet,” Jennifer explained. “Until a few months ago we still had no idea who or where you guys were.”

“How did you find out about us,” Tess asked knowing this girl knew more about them and their pass lives than anyone else in the room.

“Your friend Alex. He and I met last quarter in the computer lab by accident,” Jennifer started to explain. “Alex would work in the computer lab trying to decipher some mysterious language. One day I was walking behind him and noticed the symbols on his computer they are the same symbols that are in this book.” Jennifer digs out of her bag and pulls the book that she showed Liz and Maria earlier.

“What’s that,” Isabel asks as she takes the book. She opens the book and notices the symbols inside. “Max, look at the symbols in here. They are same that are in the cave that we found a long time ago.”

Max takes the book and looks at the writing inside. “What is this book about and do you know what it says?”

“No, I do not know what the symbols say, and as for the book it reveals your destiny. It speaks not only of your past lives but what your lives hold in the future,” Jennifer explained to the astonished faces in front of her. “That is how I knew that Liz was Princess Lila. Her picture is present in the book along with yours.”

Tess grabs the book away from Max and looks at it to see if what Jennifer saying is true. “You mean this book here can tell us what our past lives were like.”

“Yes, unfortunately we haven’t been able to translate the whole book yet,” Jennifer, answers Tess.

“Wait, a second you said you saw Alex was working on deciphering some symbols like this. Why would Alex be deciphering these symbols,” Liz asked to Jennifer.

“Before Alex came to Las Cruses he was experience some weird and intense dreams. Dreams that were so powerful that he could not get them out of his mind. He never quite remembered what the dreams were about but he did remember seeing these symbols,” Jennifer began to explain. “Las Cruses University has one of the best quantum computer labs in the United States. Hence, it is the best place to decode symbols and languages.”

“So, Alex was trying to decode the symbols from his dream which happen to be in this book,” Max said to Jennifer.

“Yes, when I realized what Alex was trying to do I revealed myself to him, and he in turn told me about all of you. You could not imagine my excitement when he told me he knew of all of you. After all this time I was just a few miles away from the Royal Family.”

“How far did Alex get to decoding these symbols,” Kyle asked getting more and more interested in the present conversation.

“I am not sure. I am pretty sure he got most of it decoded, but I haven’t heard from him in a few weeks, and I hear now he is no longer with us,” Jennifer stated with great sadness in her voice.

“You mean you can’t help us decode the book,” Tess asked disappointment apparent in her voice.

“See, Alex and I decided that it would be best to keep the book and the code separate for safety reason. Towards the end of our time together we started to get the feeling we were being followed and spied on,” Jennifer stated. “One time on campus I spotted Nicolas. I spoke to him briefly asking him what he was doing there, but he never gave me an answer.”

“When was the last time you heard from Alex,” Liz asked Jennifer.

“I heard from Alex about three weeks ago. Said he almost had the code cracked, and he was going to fill you guys in as soon as he knew. He did mention to me that code was written in an ancient Native American language that was extinct.”

“Did he ever mention where he might have put the translation of his code in,” Max asked.

“No, he didn’t…wait, I didn’t get a chance to go back to my dorm room before we left, but I received a box from Roswell today in the mail. I wonder if maybe it has the disks of codes that Alex was working on.”

“Let’s go get them,” Tess says excitedly.

“Wait! We can’t just go back to Jennifer’s dorm room tonight. We have to fill Michael and Maria in on what is going on,” Max says starting to go into leader mode. “Tomorrow, first thing we all drive over there to see what is in the box. If it is the disk then Jennifer can help tell us what this book says. Is everyone in agreement here.” Max asks everyone.

Everyone nods their head in agreement. “Okay, when Michael and Maria get off we will fill them in on what we just learned.

“This book here tells of our past lives, and what our future holds,” Michael said as he looks at the book in amazement. Him and Maria have just gotten done with their shifts and closed the Crashdown for the night.

“Appears, so,” Max confirmed. “We think that Alex maybe have sent Jennifer the codes to translate the book…but we also found out that book seems to written an extinct Native American language.”

“What,” Michael asked a bit confused.

“Yeah, it seems the book is somehow tied with Native Americans. I am thinking if we don’t find the codes we should pay a visit to Riverdog,” Max continued to say.

“So, when do we leave,” Michael asked wanting to leave right now but knowing Max he figured that we veto that idea.

“We, leave first thing tomorrow morning. Since, tomorrow is Sunday we could just tell our parents we are going on an early morning hike,” Max told everyone. “Kyle, you might want to give you dad the heads up on what is going on.” Kyle nodded to Max’s request.

“Not to complicate things, but have we figured out how Liz is part of you guys,” Maria asks the group. Everyone looks at her with surprise in their eyes that they have forgotten that Liz is one of them now without any information on how she got here since she was not in a pod or adopted.

Tess was the first to speak. “That’s right we don’t know anything about Liz’s origins or if she has any powers.” While talking Tess holds Liz’s hands and smiles a comforting smile to her newfound sister.

“Jennifer, do you know anything about Liz,” Maria asking the question that was on everyone’s mind.

“No, actually, prior to meeting Alex we were only expecting to find the Royal Four and not the court…when I met Alex that is when I found out about the Princess…I mean Liz, but there might be answers in the book,” Jennifer offered.

“Liz, maybe you should talk to your parents,” Isabel offered. “They might know something.”

“What if they don’t Isabel,” Michael countered. “If Liz goes and talks to her parents it might give them some suspicions on the rest of us.” Not liking the idea that more people could know about them.

“Lighten up, Spaceboy,” Maria says as she slaps Michael’s arm. “Isabel is right they might have some answers for Liz.”

“I don’t know you guys. This is still a bit hard to take in. One day I am a normal human girl,” Liz begins to tell everyone. Everyone kind of looks at her and laughs when she says normal. “Okay, normal for us. But now I find out I use to be a Princess…not some ordinary princess but a Princess that is suppose to help unify a planet.”

Max looks at Liz as she is talking. To hear that she use to be a part of his past life still astonishes him, but to know that she was not only a part of it…but was also his great love fills him with nothing but happiness. There are so many things that he wanted to still talk to her. Why she lied about Kyle? How she felt about what she learned today? But, he knew he would have to wait till they could be alone to talk because he didn’t want to talk about all of this in front of everyone. Yes, he would wait till later tonight.

No one had noticed but someone was listening to them. Heard about everything they had just discussed. Liz being the Princess. Secret codes. A book knowing there destined future. Not wanting to disturb them Mr. Parker goes upstairs where his wife was in their living room watching T. V.

“Nancy, they are here,” Jeff simply states to his wife.

“Who are here, honey,” Nancy says not looking at his wife.

“Our past. They are alive,” Jeff answers his wife.

“Where,” Nancy says as she jumps up from where she is sitting.

“Downstairs with, Lila,” Jeff says.

“When you say there are here, you mean…”Nancy begins to say.

“Yes, Ava, is with them.” Jeff answers for him. Jeff and Nancy Parker both head downstairs to confront the past they left behind a lifetime ago.

The Pod Squad with Jennifer are still in the booth talking about Liz and their plans for tomorrow not noticing Jeff and Nancy Parker creeping in the room with them. Jeff and Nancy stand there observing all the teens in the room.

“Liz, maybe you should hold off talking to your parents till we can see what the books says,” Tess says knowing Liz is uncomfortable with the thought of confronting her parents.

Liz looks over at Tess feeling the strong sisterly bond growing between the two. “No, I think maybe I should stay behind tomorrow and talk them. I need answers to the growing questions that are in my head now.”

“Ava,” Nancy says not being able to control herself anymore. Nancy, walks over to the table where the teens are sitting and they all turn to look up at her. Not knowing how long Jeff and Nancy Parker have been standing there listening. Shock on the expressions on their face when they here Nancy refer to Tess as Ava.

Nancy walks more intently to where Tess and Liz are sitting. She grabs Tess from where she is sitting and pulls her into a hug. “My sweet, Ava. My precious baby you are here…alive. You are all here. “

Jeff watches the scene unfold in front of him and notices all the teens expression change from fear to surprise. “I think we all need to talk. Lila, I mean, Liz, honey, can you bring everyone some drinks because I think it might be a long night. Maria, Kyle, Isabel and Max you might want to call your parent and tell them you are going to be home late.

Everyone still shocked just looks at Mr. Parker and does what they are told without speaking. “Yup, it is going to be a long night.” Thought Mr. Parker to himself.
Everyone is sitting around the closed Crashdown waiting to hear what Mr. Parker has to say. Tess and Liz are sitting next to each other in the booth along with Jeff and Nancy Parker while everyone else is sitting in chairs surrounding them. Just then there is a knock at the door. Kyle runs to the door and opens it revealing Sheriff Valenti.

“I thought my dad should be here to hear what you have to say,” Kyle says answering Mr. Parker stare.

Max seeing Mr. Parker curious look. “Sheriff Valenti knows about us and knows everything.”

“Oh, I see,” Jeff answers knowing there is a lot that he does not know about the people in room with him. “Jim, why don’t have a seat. We are just about to explain everything we know to the kids here.

“Thanks,” Sheriff Valenti says while grabbing a chair to sit next to Kyle.

“I am not quite sure where to start,” Jeff Parker begins. “I guess I should start from the beginning. Nancy and I are from Antar the planet that five are from. We arrived here on earth in 1947. Unlike you our shuttle did not crash. We were genetically engineered like you guys except for Liz. Liz, was brought into the world naturally…well, somewhat naturally.”

“How is that possible, Dad,” Liz began to ask her father. “If I was conceived naturally than how can I be Lila?”

“Slow down, honey, we will get to that soon,” Jeff answered not wanting to get too ahead of the story. When we hatched from our pods we came into contact with a local Native American who took us in. You might know his son, Riverdog,” Jeff Parker says.

“How is that you hatched from your pods so soon. We did not leave our pods till 1989,” Max asked Jeff Parker.

“That is what I don’t understand. You were scheduled to hatch 20 years after arriving on earth. We were sent here and hatched first, so, we could survey this planet and make preparations for you prior to you leaving your pods. When we could not locate you right away we began searching for you. We thought you might show up around 1967 since that would be 20 years after our arrival, but when you did not show up and we could not find any sign of you we thought you might have been lost in the 1947 crash,” Jeff Parker says.

“What I don’t get is how you ended up with Grandma Claudia,” Liz wanting to know how her grandmother fit into all of this. “Was grandma an alien too?”

Jeff Parker chuckled a bit to hearing that his adoptive mother might be an alien. “No, honey, your Grandma Claudia was human. Your grandmother was at the reservation when we arrived. When we arrived at the reservation the people there thought your mother and I were mute because we did not talk. When we left our pods we were about 5 years old, but had the minds of adults. We knew what our purpose for coming here was and held onto all our memories of our past life to help accomplish what we were sent here to do. Which was to find you four and prepare you for your roles…sorry, let me continue with how I ended up with your Grandma Claudia. Your grandmother taught us how to talk and taught us how to socialize with humans. She and your grandfather later adopted me and close friends of your grandparents adopted your mother. None of them knew what your mother and I were…except for your Grandma Claudia. Your grandmother learned about me when one day she and I were taking a hike. On our hike your grandmother tripped and broke ankle. Without thinking I healed her, and connected with her. She saw things about me and your mother’s past life and our arrival here. When that happened I no choice but to tell her who and what we were.

Liz sat there in amazement not quite knowing how to take this all in. Her parents were aliens, and her Grandma Claudia knew. But she still did not know how she conceived. “So, how do I fit into this equation?”

Nancy decided that this is where she should do the explaining. “Well, sweetie, as your father said we searched for years for your sister and the rest of the royal four, but after a while we assumed they might have perished in the 47 crash. That is when we thought maybe we could try and bring you back. We had brought your essence with us before leaving Antar in hopes that maybe we could bring you back and join you with your sister and friends. There was a lab on our shuttle, so, your father and I went there to work on engineering you. We soon found without a pod it would be hard to genetically engineer you. That is when we thought if we could harvest one of my eggs and fertilize it we could combine your essence it with it, and inseminate me with it. Fortunately, enough it worked.”
“Why didn’t you ever tell me about this,” Liz asked. “Was it because I was never suppose to be here.” Liz began to cry learning how she was conceived.

Nancy walks around to the table and pulls Liz into a warm embrace. “Honey, no. We never told you because we could never be sure if you indeed where Lila, and did not want to confuse you. As for you not suppose to be here…that is not true. The scientist on our planet intended to bring back the whole Royal Court back, but with the attack that Kivar was leading they did not have enough time to engineer you. That is why we brought your essence with us. Honey, you are the key to bringing our planet together.”

“Why? I don’t understand is how am I suppose to be the key,” Liz asked wondering what her importance to all of this was.

“Honey, you and Zan, I mean Max, share a unique kind of love. It is a love that transcends time and space. It was prophesied on our planet that your love would create a child that would bring peace and prosperity to our planet. When you died the dream died. It was hoped with the arrange married of your sister and Max would help that prophecy to come true, but what ended up happening was our downfall,” Nancy Parker finished her explanation to Liz.

“I am sorry did I hear this right…Max and Liz are suppose to create a child that is suppose to bring prosperity and peace to our planet,” Michael asked having a hard time believing what he just heard.

“Yes, that is prophecy. I know you all must have a thousand questions and if you like we like you guys to come back tomorrow morning, so, we can talk some more,” Jeff Parker offered to everyone. “I will close the Crashdown tomorrow, so, we can speak more…besides, I think your parents might start getting worried…Tess, we would like you to stay with us tonight if you feel comfortable enough.”

Tess looked at Liz, and then to the two people who are her parents. “Yes, I will stay tonight if it okay with you, Liz.”

Liz saw the fear of rejection in Tess’. Reaching over and giving Tess’ hand a tight squeeze. “I would love it for you to stay over…why don’t you stay with me in my room, and we can catch up.” Tess smiled and felt a wave of relief flow through her body.

Sensing that Mr. Parker was right about it getting late Max spoke first. “Mr. Parker is right why we go home, and come back first thing tomorrow….”

“Max what about going to Jennifer’s…” Michael interrupted.

Max in turn interrupted Michael not wanting to reveal everything to Parker’s just yet till he could learn more on what they know. “We can go there after our talk.”

Michael clueing in on Max’s thought agrees. “So, Cheesehead, feel like giving me a ride home?”

“Well, I have nothing better to do, Spaceboy…Jennifer why don’t you come with us. You can stay at my house,” Maria offered wanting to give Liz and Tess some time to themselves. Liz notices what Maria has done looks at her and gives her a smile and mouths thank you. Maria smiles in return.

“Umm, sure…as long as it is not a problem,” Jennifer says being thankful for Maria’s gesture.

“Naw, its not a problem…okay, we are going to head out see you guys tomorrow,” Maria yells dragging Michael with her and Jennifer trailing behind them.

“I guess we should leave too,” Isabel says taking her cue from Maria.

“Um, Max, could I talk to you alone for a bit,” Liz asked wanting to speak with Max before he left.

“Hey, Isabel why don’t we give you a ride home,” Kyle offered wanting to give Max and Liz sometime to themselves.

“Thanks, Kyle…you don’t mind, do you, Sheriff,” Isabel asked.

“No, of coarse not,” Sheriff Valenti said.

Isabel, Kyle, and Sheriff then left leaving the Parker’s, Liz, Tess and Max in the Crashdown. “Honey, we are going to go up and give you an Max sometime, but don’t be too late by the sounds of it we will have early morning,” Jeff Parker said turning to head up stairs.

“We won’t, dad…Tess, you know where my room is I will meet you up there. You can borrow one of my shorts and t-shirts to sleep in,” Liz said. Tess nodded and followed Jeff and Nancy Parker upstairs.

Liz turns to look at Max, “Why don’t we go up on the roof and talk. I feel like I need some air.”

“Sure, sounds good to me.”


(Liz’s roof)

Liz is sitting on her lawn chair not knowing what to say to Max. One minute she is pushing him away to save the world. The next minute she finds out that she is the key to their existence. “Why is this so hard,” Liz thought to herself.

Max feeling the intense emotion coming from Liz feels like he should break the silence but doesn’t know how. “God, she looks so beautiful sitting there. She is mine! I can’t believe it she is mine and one else’s. We are meant to be.”

“I am sorry,” Max and Liz both say at the same time, and both laugh at hearing that they said the same thing at the same time.”

“Max, you have nothing to be sorry about,” Liz begins to say. “I am the one that who should be sorry. I have spent months pushing you away and hurting you because I thought it was your destiny to be with someone else.” Liz looks up and sees Max staring at her with soulful eyes that make her knees weak. All she can think of doing is running up to Max and just burying her head in his chest. Wanting to smell him and just be close with him. The months apart from him have been killing her.

“Liz, can I ask you a question,” Max looks at Liz for her approval and she looks back at him and nods her approval. “Why did you lie about sleeping with Kyle…before you ask how I found out Kyle told me today. Don’t be mad at him…it kind of just came out by accident.”

Liz looks at Max with relief in her eyes. Relief because he knows the truth that she was never with Kyle, but now nervous because she has to tell him the truth not knowing if she she or shouldn’t. Taking a deep breath she begins to tell Max the events that led up to him seeing Kyle and her in bed. She tells him how future Max came to her and said, “I need you to help me fall out of love with you.” The night that broke her heart into a million pieces and her world turned upside down forever. After she finished her story Max stood there looking at Liz with nothing but love in his eyes. He crosses from where he was standing to where she is sitting. He looks at her intently and doesn’t say a word. He cups her face and brings his lips to hers and kisses slowly but intimately. In that one moment they connect. Each feels the other pain and sees the events that have happened to each of them in their months apart.

“Liz, I am so sorry I did that to you…the pain you must have felt…” Max says before getting choked up with emotion.

“Shhh, Max. There is no one to blame,” Liz says trying to comfort Max. She hugs him tighter so he will know that she does not blame him for anything. “I would do it all over again because Max, I love you and I would do anything for you.”

“Liz, I love you,” Max says. “You are my soulmate. There could never be anyone but you in this life, our past life, and our future life. You and I are forever.” With that Max bends down and kisses Liz passionately.

Liz can’t believe what is happening. For months she has been so alone not having Max with her. Now, he is there kissing her she can’t believe it. Liz is the first to break the kiss. “Max, I hate to do this…”

“But, I should go,” Max says finishing Liz’s thoughts. “You’re right. I should go. I hate to leave but we have our whole lives together. I love you, Liz Parker.”

“And, I love you Max Evan!” Liz says before Max can go she kisses Max one last time.

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Part 15

(Crashdown the next morning)

Liz and Tess are sitting at the Pod Squad booth waiting for everyone to arrive their morning meeting. “Liz, I am so sorry what you had to go through all these months by yourself…and, it was all my fault,” Tess said remarking about hearing Liz’s action with Future Max. “I want you to know that I will never leave, after all I have a sister and I have parents now.”

“I am happy knowing that,” Liz started to say. “I was a little scared that you still might want to leave knowing what we all know now. Can I ask you a question?” Liz asked a bit tentatively.

“You can ask me anything,” Tess said.

Liz looks up at Tess a bit nervous, “Would it bother if Max and I got back together. Knowing that you are my sister now I wouldn’t want to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable because if it is to…”

“Liz,” Tess said interrupting her sister. “You and I are sister’s now…No, it would not make uncomfortable. A part of me always knew he belonged with you and hearing it last night it confirmed it…besides, I am starting to have feelings for Kyle.” Tess said saying the last part in more of whisper.

“Kyle!” Liz exclaimed. “I should have seen it…I mean, I noticed, that you two were getting close but I didn’t know that close.”

“Yeah, Buddha Boy and I have gotten pretty close since I have been leaving with him, and these feelings just started to develop.”

Jeff and Nancy Parker walked in just in time to hear the conversation between their daughters. “Feelings for Kyle, huh. Well, I think then it is time for you to move out of the Sheriff’s house and in with us…that is if you want to.” Jeff Parker said hoping Tess would take their offer.

Tess and Liz look up in surprise not knowing their parents where in the room. “OH, Tess, please say you will?” Liz asked wanting Tess to apart of their family.

Tess looks around to the people that are her family. Her real family with tears in her eyes, “Yes, I would like nothing more to apart of our family,” Tess said gleefully.

“Good, because no daughter of mine will be living with a boy that she has an interest in,” Jeff Parker said in mock stern voice. Happy hearing that Tess had taken their offer. The girls interrupted giggles hearing Mr. Parker using his fatherly voice knowing that he was joking around.

Everyone except the Sheriff and Kyle has arrived to the Crashdown to continue their conversation from last night. Tess, Liz, and Max are sitting in the booth while everyone else is scattered around waiting for the Sheriff and Kyle to arrive. Just then there is a knock at the Crashdown door.

“I’ll get it,” Tess says as she jumps from where she is sitting with Liz and Max. “It’s probably the Sheriff and Kyle.” Tess walks over and opens the door to let them in. As the Sheriff and Kyle walk in Tess smiles seeing Kyle.

“Sorry, we are late,” the Sheriff says apologetically.

“No problem,” Jeff Parker says to the Sheriff. “We haven’t quite started yet. I am sure you all have questions left over from last night…Nancy, and I will try to answer them as much as possible.”

Everyone is silent not knowing what to ask or who should speak first. Michael is the first to break the silence, “I am not sure about everyone else but I am curious about our past life’s.”

“Well, as you already know Tess and Liz are our daughters,” Jeff Parker begins to explain. “Michael, you know already that you were or are Zan’s…I mean Max’s second
in command. What you do not know is that you are, also, my nephew. My sister died giving birth to you…and, well at the time you were born your father was in battle, so, you are more a son to me than a nephew.” Jeff Parker looks into the eyes of his surrogate son for the first time and sees shock written all over his face.

“Um, can you tell me what happened to my father,” Michael asks in a low whisper.

“You’re father died in battle. Not much is known on the circumstance on how he died, but I do know he died trying to free our planet. He would have been very proud of the man you became in your last life, and the man you are in this life.”

Nancy Parker crosses over to stand next to Michael. “Michael, you have always been considered a son to us and brother to our girls. I know you do not remember our life Antar but I can assure you that you were a good man…and, a good son.” Michael looks up at Nancy and without words he thanks her with is eyes.

Max not wanting to interrupt the silence but wondering more about where they come from breaks the silence in the room. “Can you tell us more about Antar and the place we come from?”

“Antar is much like Earth but far more advanced. That is how we picked Earth to send you. Our constellation is made up of five planets biggest and most powerful being Antar. Each planet I guess you could say is like a country here on Earth but your planet rules us. Before leaving for Earth I was governor of the Planet Sar. It is the closest planet next to Antar. “ Jeff explains.

“Mr. Parker…” Isabel begins to say.

“Please, call me Jeff…actually, all of you, please, call me Jeff.”

“Um, Jeff…Not too long ago we activated these orbs describing our destiny. A destiny describing who we are meant to be with,” Isabel begins to say. “I was wondering what you could tell us about that.”

“I completely forgot about the orbs sent with you,” Jeff says remember how Max and Isabel’s mother had made those orbs for them to see if anything were to go wrong. “Those orbs were sent down with you incase something were to go wrong. In it I am sure you heard that you and Michael were meant to be with Michael as Tess was to be with Max. In your past live you and Michael were betrothed to one another, but the two of you fought that because you two felt more like close friends than anything more. Tess and Max were paired because of their past marriage, and in case we were not able to engineer Liz.” Max tightens grip around Liz to let her know how grateful that she is here with him. Liz in turns looks up at Max and gives a light kiss his on his cheek.

Maria leans on Michael feeling a bit better after hearing what Mr. Parker had to say. Though she knows that Michael has never taken stock in his destiny, it relieves her to hear that Isabel and Michael never more than friendship for one another. Michael reading Maria’s mind puts his arm around her to tell that there will never be anyone but her in his life.

A bit more apprehensive to ask the next question on her mind Isabel takes a deep breath before saying what is plague her mind. “Mr. Par…I mean, Jeff, I was told that I was the reason that Max and everyone else died, is that true?

Jeff Parker looks over at Isabel and takes his time in answering wanting to phrase his words carefully. “Isabel, I can’t lie to you. You and Kivar were involved. Kivar seduced and told you things that you wanted to hear. He made you believe that he was working towards the goal of uniting our planet, and through that relationship Kivar learned of things that he shouldn’t have,” Jeff Parker stopped letting Isabel soak in what he has told her. “But, when you learned of the attack on Liz, you confronted Kivar…that is when he decided you had become a liability. Shortly after that confrontation you all were killed. See, Isabel, you were a victim like the rest of us. You did not intentionally betray us…you just followed your heart not matter what anyone tells you, you have a good heart.”

Nancy notices the room as grown quiet and decides that everyone has had enough news today. “Okay, well, I think that is enough talk today…why don’t you kids go out and have some for awhile. Everyone is invited back here for dinner…oh, Tess, your father can go back with the Sheriff to grab some things for till we get a chance to move you in.

Kyle looks up at hearing Mrs. Parker last statement. “Um, you’re moving out,” Kyle asked Tess with a bit sadness in his voice.

Tess looks at Kyle and notices the sadness she hears it. “Well, yeah, since I found out that the Park’s are my family…we kind of thought this would be good way for us to get to know each other again. Besides, this way you get your room back”

“Oh…Yeah, I guess I can learn how to sleep on a bed again,” Kyle says with a bit of sadness in his eyes. Since, Tess moved in things around his house have seemed more like a family than they have in a long time. Besides, that Kyle was starting to develop feeling for Tess.

“Tess, you can take your time in picking your stuff up,” Sheriff begins to say. He too feeling a bit sad at the sudden departure of the girl that feels more like a daughter to him these days.

Tess’ heart is breaking slightly. Though she wanted to get know her parents and Liz she could not help but feel a bit sad about leaving the home she has grown accustomed to. “Thanks, Sheriff. I am going to miss living with you guys.”

Mr. Parker watches the scene in front of him decides that maybe they should take their time in moving Tess over. “You know, Tess, maybe it would be a good thing to leave a few things over at the Sheriff’s house because we are going to have to remodel our spare room for you, and till we get that done I don’t see why you couldn’t live in both places…that is if you don’t mind, Sheriff.”

“No, no, not at all. Tess is more than welcome to stay at our house whenever she likes,” the Sheriff says knowing what Jeff was doing which he smiled a thank you to him. Kyle and Tess’ face both light up hearing the news.

“Okay, kids go ahead and take off. We will see you guys for dinner later,” Jeff says trying to get the kids relax a little.

Everyone heads outside to talk about their plans for the day. “So, Maxwell, are we off to Jennifer’s dorm room,” asked Michael once everyone was outside.

“Yeah…Jennifer where did you put the book,” Max asked thinking that it might be a better idea to put the book in a safe place before they head to her dorm.

“I have it,” Liz said answering for Jennifer. “I have put it in a safe place for now.”

Max smiles as Liz. Liz knows him so well. “Okay, let’s divide up into cars. Kyle, Tess why don’t you ride with me and Liz…and, Isabel, Jennifer you can ride with Michael and Maria.” With that being decided everyone heads to the cars and drives off to Las Cruses University.


Everyone arrives at Jennifer’s dorm in record time. Since, its Sunday the dorms are pretty deserted. Jennifer leads the Pod Squad to her dorm room when she enters she notices something…the box that she received from Roswell is missing. “It’s not here,” Jennifer says looking around the room frantically looking for the missing box.

“What do you mean its not here,” Michael says gruffly.

“What I just said its not here,” Jennifer starts to say. “I remember getting my mail and placing the box on top of my desk before leaving for the computer lab. Now, there is nothing on my desk.

Liz walks up to Jennifer. “Are you sure you put in on your desk…maybe you placed it somewhere else or are you sure you didn’t take it with you?”

Shaking her head, “No, I am positive I left it right here!” Jennifer bangs her hand against the desk in frustration knowing someone has been in her room.

“Okay, why don’t we just look around. I am sure it is here somewhere,” Max says trying to calm the girl down. Everyone spreads out to start searching the room for the mysterious box. Just then there is a knock at the door, and the door begins to open. Everyone turns around to look at whoever is coming in. Everyone gasps in shock when they see Nicolas. Nicolas is not alone either. With him are two other skins and they are all holding some sort of weapon in their hands.

“Is this what you are looking for,” Nicolas holds up an open empty box. “No, it must be this.” Nicolas holds up a disk. Everyone gasps as they see Nicolas has the disk. The disk that holds their future.

“Nicolas,” Jennifer begins to say. “I should have known it was you. Give me that disk.”

“Oh, Jennifer it is nice to you again,” Nicolas taunts. “You should really lock your door when leaving for the night. It was way to easy entering here. Now, I can see this disk seems pretty important to you and I can’t seem to figured out why…oh, now, I know you must be trying to translate that book of yours. “

Max jaw tightens, “Nicolas, what do you want?”

Nicolas laughs at how Max is starting to get upset. “Want? I don’t want anything…oh, wait. I do. I want the book and our lovely Princess over there.” Nicolas points to Liz. Liz takes a step back and step towards Max. Max moves in front of her. “Princess, there is no need to be scared. All you have to do is come with me and everyone else can go free.”

“Like hell will she go with you,” Max states angrily. “You will have to kill me first.” Michael watches what is happening and is about to do something. He lifts his hand but before he can do anything one of the weapons are fired stunning Michael’s arm.

“Michael,” yells Maria rushing over to Michael. The stinging in Michael arm is slowly disappearing, but he is unable to lift it.

“Now Michael do you really think you could have just waved your hand and you would all be free,” Nicolas sneered. “Now that was just a stun but we can and will kill you if you do what I say. Princess, you will come with us, and you will tell us where the book is…or else everyone in this room will die. It is your choice.

Liz looks around the room. She will not put anyone in danger if she can help it. She lowers her head and steps out in front of Max. “Okay, I will go with you and lead you to the book.”

“NO!” Max yells pulling at Liz. He turns her around and looks at her. “You are not going anywhere with him. I almost lost you once. I WILL NOT lose you again.”

Liz looks at Max with tears in her eyes. Her heart breaking. She just got Max back and now she was being torn away from him again. “Max, I don’t want to do this, but we have no other choice we are cornered here. There is no way out. This is the only…Nicolas, I will go with you but I want you to let everyone go first.

Everyone moves toward Liz to try and convince her not to go. “Liz, you can’t go. I won’t let you go,” Tess says not wanting to give her up so soon.

“Yeah, Liz, you can’t leave with Nicolas. We don’t know what he has planned for you,” Michael says feeling protective of Liz. Everyone nods trying to telling Liz the same thing.

“Tick-tock! Look, you come with us now or we just kill you all.” Nicolas says impatiently.

Liz steps away from everyone and turns to look at them. “Look, you guys there is nothing we can do here. I have to go. It would kill me if anything happened to any of you, especially if I knew I could have done something about it.”

Liz turns away from her friends and starts to walk towards Nicolas, but just then Tess grabs her. “I can’t let you go. You will die again and I can’t lose you not now when I just learned you are my sister,” Tess cries.

“Fine you can’t let her go,” Nicolas sneers. “We will help you let her go.” Nicolas aims his weapon at Tess and fires it. Jennifer sees this and pushes Liz and Tess out of the way, and gets hit in the process.

Everyone is stunned at what just happened. Liz bends down to check on Jennifer, but its too late Jennifer is dead.

“Princess, this is your last chance. You come with us now or everyone dies like Jennifer here.” After hearing that Liz gets up and walks towards Nicolas while everyone watches in dismay. “Good, choice. You guys won’t mind if we leave first…we wouldn’t want any of you to follow us.”

Nicolas and his associates along with Liz start to walk out the door backwards making sure no on follows them or tries anything. After they are all out of the door Nicolas closes it, and seals it so no one can escape.

Max and Michael both rush to the door to open it but it won’t budge. “What do we do now,” Maria shrieks. Outside the door they hear a scuffle and a scream then foot steps running away. All of a sudden the door burst open. Max, Michael, Kyle, just stare at who enters. Maria faints.

“Alex?” Isabel whispers. Alex comes through the door carrying Liz in his arms.
Everyone in the room is shocked at what they see in front of them. Standing in the door way is Alex holding an unconscious Liz in his arms. Michael snaps out of his state of shock and remembers Maria has fainted at the sight of her dead best friend holding a limp Liz. Michael bends down to wake up Maria. "Maria," Michael says shaking her. "Maria...Cheesehead!"

Maria starts to come to and she opens her eyes and focuses on Michael. "Michael, I just had this awful dream. We were held hostage by Nicolas and he took Liz...then, I saw Ale..." Maria notices that she is lying down on a floor that is unfamiliar to her. She looks around and sees that her dream was not a dream. "Alex," Maria says jumping up and is about to run up to him when Michael stops her.

"Maria, no, we don't know who this person is...for all we know he could be a skin working with Nicolas," Michael says suspiciously. "Put Liz down and tell us who you are."

"Michael, calm down," Alex says trying to defuse the situation a bit. "I swear to you that I am Alex." Alex says still holding an unconscious Liz.

" can't be Alex," Isabel says regaining her composure. "Alex died in a car accident."

"Iz, I swear I am Alex and I can explain everything, but first help me out here with Liz," Alex says before explaining to the rest of his friends why is alive and not dead like they had thought. Max crosses to Alex and takes Liz from him. Not sure if this is Alex or not Max wants to get Liz out of the arms of whoever is standing in front of them. Max takes Liz to the bed and lies her down gently.

"Liz, it's Max," Max says lightly shaking her trying to wake her. "Liz, you need to wake up." Slowly Liz starts to come to. She sits up on the bed and takes a look around the room. Her eyes fall on Alex and she begins to clear her throat to speak. "Alex? Is that really you," Liz whispers.

Alex walks from the doorway to the bed to talk to his best friend. "Yes, Liz it's me. It's really me." Alex sits on the bed, so, him and Liz are looking at each other eye to eye.

"Get away from her," Max says a bit forcefully not knowing if this stranger truly is their supposed dead friend.

"No, Max," Liz says. "This is Alex." Liz is not sure how she knows this but she does. She can somehow sense that this person is Alex.

"How do you know that is Alex, Liz," Max says not sure yet.

"Max, I am Alex," Alex says interrupting Max. "Liz knows because she can sense that I am telling the truth. Her powers must be kicking in now."

"How can you be Alex," Kyle starts to argue snapping out of his own state of shock. "We saw your body at the morgue."

"I will explain a bit briefly but I will explain more later. It is not safe to stay here because I am sure Nicolas will be back soon," Alex explains. "It was not me you saw at the morgue it was a husk."

"A husk?" Everyone says at the same time.

"I don't have time to explain this write now, but...yes, it was a husk," Alex answered to all his confused friends. "We don't have time to go into this now. We really need to leave."

"You guys, Alex is right...we should all get out of here," Liz piped in. "We can go back to the Crashdown and talk. Everyone nods their head in agreement knowing that it was probably better for them to get out of there as soon as possible.

"Wait!" Max said. "I don't think we should go back to the Crashdown just yet. I think we all need to meet somewhere away from least till we know the full story."

"So, where should we go," Kyle asked. "Should I give my dad a call?"

"Yeah, I think the Sheriff should be involved in this," Max in leader mode kicking in. "Liz, we will fill your parents in when know what is going on here...Kyle, do you think we could meet over at your place?"

"Yeah, I will give my dad a call to let him know what is going on." With that being said everyone heads out the door.

Everyone gathers around the Valenti home to hear the reason why Alex is alive and not dead.

“So, Alex, if you really are Alex…why did you fake your death,” Michael ask wanting to get answer from the individual that is sitting in front of them.

“Michael, I swear to you that I am who I say I am,” Alex answers him with a bit irritation in his voice. “As for the reason why I faked my death it was because I was trying to protect all of you from Nicholas.”

“Why where you trying to protect us from Nicholas,” Liz asks with concern in her voice. The thought of Alex doing all this by himself disturbs her.

Alex takes a look around the room that holds all of the people he cares most in the world in. Hoping against hope they are ready for the truth he begins his tale of what has happened to him. “It all started around the time I was suppose to leave for Sweden. As you know now I did not go. I went to Las Cruses instead. It was not my choice to go, but during that time I was be mind warped.” Everyone in the gasps in shock at the news that Alex was being mind warped.

“Nicholas, mind warped me into going to Las Cruses to decode what written in the Destiny book. Somehow he found out that I was a whiz with computers, and figured that I would be able to help him, and the fact that I was part of this group helped decide that I was the perfect choice.”

“Wait, I don’t get how did he know how to pick you out,” Maria asked. “Out of everyone in Roswell he chooses you…how?”

“He has been watching us for months. After his run in with Max and everyone he figured he underestimated them, and thought it would be wise to put us under surveillance to see what we knew, and how much power you guys really had.”

Max rose from where he was sitting. Angry that they have been watched for months without their knowledge and putting them and their loved ones at risk fueled is contempt for Nicholas. “Alex, do you know why Nicholas wanted you decode the book?”

“Yes, inside the book described not only what happened to you in your past lives, but also some sort of prophecy between Zan and Lila, which we all know now is Liz. Not only that but it also gives a more indepth explanation on why the granolith is so powerful. While working on the decoding the book that is when I met Jennifer. Jennifer at the time was working with Nicholas but she was working undercover. It seems there are a group of skins that oppose Kivar’s rule over your planet, and would like to restore the rightful power to you and your family,” Alex explains to the group.

“The reason why I had to fake my death was because I was beginning to break out of the mind warp that Nicholas had put me under. Jennifer had arranged for a skin to contact and help me. I learned that Nicholas’ mind warp was slowly killing me. Ryan, the skin that was sent to help me discovered what happening to me, and we decided that I needed to disappear or else Nicholas would come after me and kill me. We told no one about this not even Jennifer. Before arranging my ‘death’ I left little clues for Liz to find to help her realize the truth of who and what she is.” Alex looks over at Liz with some apprehension not knowing if Liz took the news of her Alien heritage in positive out light. Liz turns to Alex and gives him a warm smile saying that things are good between them.

“While I was gone a healer was called in to help repair the damage done to my brain. It would seem now I have some powers myself,” Alex says with a goofy grin on his face.

“You do?” Everyone states with shock in their voice. Isabel is the first to ask the question that is now plaguing everyone’s mind. “What is that you can do, Alex?”

“I want you guys to know that I am not anywhere near as powerful as all of you guys, but I can mind warp like Tess just not to her strength. That was how I could walk around Roswell and keep an eye on Liz without anyone detecting who I was. With Nicholas playing around in my head and getting healed led me to have a few powers to myself.”

“Wait! I was healed my Max…Does that mean I might have some powers too,” Kyle asked waning to know if there were things he could do now too.

“The healer told me that once you are healed my someone or affected by someone you can contract a small amount of their power. So, I am guessing since you were healed by Max you possibly have scaled down version of what him, Isabel, Michael, and Tess can do.”

“Oh, my…” Kyle says with shock in his voice. It is one thing to think you have powers but to know you have them is a different story.

“Look, Buddha Boy, Alex says scaled down version…meaning small,” Tess says to comfort Kyle a bit. She didn’t need him to weird out on her now, especially, when she is developing feelings for him.

“I am not freaked out,” Kyle begins to explain but then everyone one in the room starts to laugh. “Okay, maybe a little but at the same time this is kind of cool.”

“Great, now I am left out of the loop,” Maria begins to complain.

“What are you talking about,” Michael asks knowing already what Maria has in that mind of hers.

“Well, Liz has powers, granted she just found out she hybrid like you guys…but, now Alex and Kyle have some powers too. I am the only that is left out and that is not fair maybe I should hurt myself and have Max heal so I can have some powers as well.”

Michael grabs Maria and has her face him, “You will not harm yourself in anyway. You are just as special as everyone in this room. I will not have you hurt yourself so you can become something that you are already to me.” Everyone just stares at Michael realizing this the first real time he has showed any emotion in public. Maria just looks up at him and bends his head down to meet hers, and plants a kiss on him.

Everyone in the room starts laugh uncontrollably by the time Maria and Michael break the kiss. “Its great to Maria and Michael go at it again, but there is some other news that you guys need to be aware of.”

“What do we need to know, Alex,” The Sheriff being first one out of the group to ask.

“Kivar, is here,” Alex states calmly. All of a sudden the room becomes quiet.