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AUTHORS: Bella(bec), Jezebel(jezzydp) and Lia
CATAGORY: CC and kids. mostly kids.
SUMMARY: wow, this is a hard one to explain and im REALLY wishin I had the explanation from the original post of this, so lets just say...20 years after the ros we know. bella is m/m daughter and shes 16. kaleb is m/l son and hes 17. jezebel is jacinda (max and isabel's sister who came from antar to protect them) and kyles daughter and shes 17. lia and parker are twins, 16 years old and alex and isabel's kids. tess was the bride in the past life and she left roswell when max chose liz over her. so teh whole eotw thing never happened. and, oh yeah, the world didnt end 14 years later, bc hey its been 20. teh rest youll pick up as we go.
DEDICATION: to me bc I just rewrote that whole fuckin crazy ass summary.


"Hey guys, look what I found!" Lia held up a copy of her mother's old
High school yearbook.

"So what?" Parker responded with a nonchalant glance.

"Would you give that Ice King act a rest already?" Jezebel glared at
Parker, tossing her thick, glossy black hair over her shoulder and narrowing
her dark brown eyes.

"If you give up the HOOCHIE PRINCESS ACT...but wait, that's not an act,
is it?"

"Stop it! Retract those claws! Yearbook, remember??" Lia shoved the
yearbook in front of Jezebel's face.

Jezebel continued to glare at Parker, giving him the death look her
mother had patented so many years ago "If he wasn't your brother...Alright
let's look at the yearbook."

Lia grinned, "It's my mom's, from when she used to go dreamwalking. I
snuck it out of her room. I bet it's got all kinds of comments in it about
Uncle Max and Aunt Liz."

Jezebel winked at Bella, "I bet Bella will LOVE that."

"Gee, Jez, wouldn't reading comments require the ability to READ? for you," Bella gave her a huge smile, batting her cat like
gray-blue eyes innocently.

Jezebel slapped Bella's arm.

"Why do you think I went looking for it?" Lia smiled at her two best
female friends. "So let's see, Evans, Evans. Here it is! Uncle Max!"

"Ugh, I'll be in the kitchen eating. Let me know when the drooling
ends," Parker stated as he left the room.

Lia couldn't believe how rude her brother was being to her friends, "You
know you're gonna be a huge fatass when your older?"

Parker rolled his ice-blue eyes continued to tease his twin, "You know
you are one now?"

Jezebel stuck up for her friend, "I put some special tabasco in there
for you parker..its marked ARSENIC..enjoy."

Bella sighed sarcastically, twisting her rosebud lips into a smirk "You
know he'd be a real catch if it weren't for the terrible personality and lack
of intellegence."

Parker left the room rolling his eyes at the sound of all three girls

Bella's eyes fastened themselves to the picture in the yearbook like
super glue, "Cherry coke with lots of tabasco."

"English please?" Lia had absolutely no idea what Bella was talking

Bella didn't look away as she explained, "that boy is sweet AND SPICY!"
She finished her statement in a voice loud enough to be heard all over the neighborhood.

Jezebel couldn't resist commenting, "Aren't YOU the clever one...I
wonder what my cousin KALEB would think about you ogling his dad..who he just
happens to look EXACTLY like."

"Wonder what your dad would thing about those pornos you keep under your
bed?" Bella responded. Jezebel wasn't the only one capable of blackmail.

Jezebel thought for a second, licking her full, deep red lips "He'd
probably think they were his. I can't believe you're looking at MY uncle like
that. It's so gross."

Lia felt like Jezebel had totally forgotten her existence, "he's MY
uncle too. he does look a lot like Kaleb. But we're NOT discussing this
anymore. Now that we made Bella happy, I want to see how terrible my parents
looked back then. I bet they had these really out there hairstyles," Lia
flipped through the yearbook. "Oh, my god, do you see my dad. He was such a
dork. EWWW, look at all the hearts around his picture!"

"I think its sweet. better than MY dad....apparently this picture was
taken during the year of NO COMBS," Bella commented.

Jezebel laughed, "yeah…or MIRRORS."

"It's still gross. Oh my god, my mom really was a supermodel. Too bad it doesn’t run in the family.” Lia sighed as she looked at her mothers impeccable picture.

Bella got on her soapbox, "Oh shut up, your a total muffin.. would you
rather be taller than every guy you liked, like I’m SURE your mother was? I WISH I hadn't inherited everything from my mom…do you know what its like going through life as a small B cup?!?!"

"Oh…I'm sure Kaleb wouldn’t mind...why don't we ask him. KALEB?!?!"
Jezebel honestly hadn't expected to see him through the screen door.

Parker got up from eating to let Kaleb in, "Sup?"

“Guys, can I eat here? Grandma Diane came over to make something
called a FRITATTA...Dad told me to get out while I still could," Kaleb
explained as Parker led him through the kitchen into the family room where
the girls were located. "Oh...hey Bella," Kaleb smiled self-consciously at her
for a moment before adding, "...and Jezzy."

Jezebel batted her heavy eyelashes and pouted, "Wow, do I feel loved."
She whined sarcastically

Lia asked looking directly at Parker, "So how long were you standing at
the door before Parker let you in?"

Kaleb responded with, "Long enough to hear Bella saying she thought
someone was hot. I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation over Parker
eating. So, who is SO hot that Bella was screaming over it?"

‘With Kaleb and Bella here’, Parker thought, ‘this is bound to get
interesting. Food can wait.’

Jezebel told him the most unbelievable story she could think of, "Oh,
Kermit...Bella's got a real Kermit fetish."

Bella instantly smacked her, "Bitch...I do not."

Lia smiled mischievously, "Kaleb, would you like to look at my mom's
yearbook with us?"

"Um...yeah, sure." He agreed. As he sat down next to Bella, he felt
her suddenly falling against him. He looked up just in time to realize
that Jezebel had pushed Bella into him, but didn't have much time to
contemplate it as the placement of one of Bella's hands caused him to blush

Bella saw him blushing and realized she had placed one of her hands
right between his legs in an attempt to break her fall.

Jezebel saw what she had started and started cracking up, "
have some shitty balance there, Bell. Inner ear problem?"

Bella finally found her voice, "God...sorry k." As she got up, she
whispered in Jezebel's ear, "Just wait till later…I'm gonna get you for that

“So what did my parents have to say in the yearbook?" Kaleb asked,
slowing regaining his composure.

"We haven't looked at quotes yet. We were still looking at pictures.
Speaking of your parents, there's Aunt Liz! She is so pretty! God, I wish my hair was all straight and silky like that.” Lia sighed.

“You can give a dog nice hair, but it’s still a dog.” Parker teased his twin laughing.

Lia responded, "Oh, Parker! Just...go EAT!"

"Since you put it that way, NO!" He retorted.

Lia groaned, "Anyway, before we were so rudely interrupted, I was going
to say Aunt Liz looks pretty much the same now as she did back then, as does
Uncle Max." "That probably explains the amount of screwing," Kaleb thought
out loud.

"I don't know how you live in that porno movie you call a house," Bella

"Hey, your parents aren't much better," Kaleb pointed out.

"Kaleb, what was your mom like when she was our age?" Lia made a
desperate attempt to get the conversation out of the gutter.

"I don't know a whole lot. She mostly says that I'm a lot like she was
when she was my age. All into science."

"Wow, that's so cool! My mom was into makeup," Lia rolled her eyes.

“Mine was into my dad.” Bella laughed.

"Mine was into shopping and fighting with your mom and Uncle Max."
Jezebel said to Lia.

"Runs in the family." Kaleb observed. Jezebel stuck out her tongue at him.

Bella poked Lia, "So, can I stay for dinner too?" and gave her a quick
wink when no one was looking.

"Sure, hey, it's the weekend, how bout a sleepover party? Bell, Jezzy, and
me, and Kaleb could keep Parker occupied."

"I resent that. It's actually a good idea though. Too much estrogen in
one house. So help me even the odds?"

"Alright, anything to get me out of the house," Kaleb replied.

"I'll call my mom, but I'm sure she won't mind," Bella's heart was racing.

"I've kind of got plans with Jason, if you know what I mean," Jezebel
gave the girls an 'I've got a secret' look.

Parker raised an eyebrow "You're still going out with that loser?"

“He's not a loser, Parker." Jezebel said defensively "He's captain of the
football and lacrosse teams!"

"Oh, wow." Kaleb snorted "He can throw a ball and hit big sweaty guys
with a big stick. Someone alert the Nobel people."

Jezebel glared at him "He happens to be very nice, very funny, and a very
good kisser." She retorted, throwing in the last part just to see the look on
Kaleb's face.

"Oh, screw Jason!" Bella said. She quickly corrected herself "No, don't
screw Jason. I mean, forget Jason! Come on, you can cancel this once for a
girl's night, we haven't had one in a while." She leaned closer and gave her
cousin a desperate look "Jez, please stay. Kaleb's gonna be here, I need
reinforcements!" She whispered

"Fine, okay. I'm in." Jezebel sighed "I'll just have to stop over at my
house and grab some stuff and let my folks know where I'll be. Not that
they'll mind. Judging from their...shall we say, frisky behavior this
morning, they'll be overjoyed to hear I'm spending the night here."

"Oh, gross." Bella said, wrinkling her nose.

Jezebel nodded "Tell me about it. I found them wrestling around and
tickling each other on the couch this morning. They looked like a couple of

“Yours, too?" Kaleb asked

“It's sweet." Jezebel admitted with a small smile, allowing a rare
glimpse of the sweet, hopeless romantic in her "In a revolting way." And she
was back to her usual self. "I'd better get going."

"Could you give me a ride to my house?" Bella asked "I need to let my
parents know where I'll be and get some clothes, too."

"Yeah, sure." Jezebel replied "We'll be back in about half an hour, guys."


Jezebel stood in the kitchen doorway, watching her mother as she checked on
something in the oven. Judging from the short, silky red dress, matching
stiletto heels, and dramatic makeup Jacinda Valenti was wearing, Jezebel's
parents hadn't expected her to be home that night. As sickening as it was for
her to think about her parents kissing, (God forbid) making love, and
generally acting like people in love, she had to admit that seeing her
parents, who by any definition were still young, so happy together made her
smile on the inside. She hoped that she and Jason could have at least a shot
at that kind of happiness.

Jacinda suddenly turned around and jumped a little when she saw her
daughter. "Oh, hi sweetie. I thought you had a date tonight."

"Actually, I'm sleeping over at Lia's house. I just needed to pick some
stuff up, then I'm gonna pick Bella up and give her a ride back there."
Jezebel replied "I'm leaving soon, I know you and Daddy had something planned
for tonight. Dinner, and then...dessert?" She raised her eyebrows and grinned.

"Jezebel!" Jacinda admonished, blushing slightly. Sometimes, the short
age gap between her and her daughter could be a pain. Usually, however, it
was wonderful.

"Hey, I don't exactly like the thought. But it's pretty obvious. Anyway,
I'll be leaving in a few. I just need to ask you about something."

“Sure, what's on your mind?" Jacinda asked. She sat down at the kitchen
table and motioned for Jezebel to do the same.

"Well, when you were my age," Jezebel began as she sat down "Did you ever
date anyone that your friends really didn't approve of?"

Jacinda laughed "Did I ever! My first love, right after I came to
Roswell. Oh, your Uncle Max was furious. Especially since he didn't even know
we were involved until...well, he caught us."

"Caught you?" Jezebel repeated "You mean, know?"

"Right." Jacinda said "So, naturally, he was pretty upset. The guy was a
friend of his, so he not only had to deal with his friend and his sister
being involved, but also the fact that we hadn't really been honest with him."

“You lied like a rug." Jezebel giggled

“Smart ass." Jacinda sighed "Anyway, your uncle insisted that the guy was
bad news. He swore that he was a player, he'd sweep me off my feet and I
wouldn't know which end was up, and that he'd basically fuck up my life."

"And?" Jezebel asked

"He was one hundred percent correct." Jacinda sighed
Jezebel's face fell. "Oh." She said, not liking the idea that Kaleb and
Parker might be right about Jason.

Jacinda smiled "But I married him anyway."

"I heard that!" Kyle called from the living room in a playful voice.

"Good, you're not going deaf in your old age yet." Jacinda teased "You
better get a move on, Bella's probably waiting." She winked and gave her
daughter a playful nudge towards the door.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, Mom." Jezebel said

"I love you, sweetie." Jacinda said

"Love you, too." Jezebel replied "Bye, Daddy!"

“Bye, Princess!" Kyle replied "Have a good time. And don't do anything
your mother would do!"

Jezebel rolled her eyes and giggled as she left, hearing her mother's
shriek as she closed the door behind her


“Mom? Daddy?” Bella yelled as she entered her living room. Her house was freakishly quiet…which usually meant one of two things: No one was home, or the ‘rents were
screwing again. She had a feelings it was the latter.

“GUYS!!!!!” She screamed again, trying to get their attention, as to not see anything that would later be added into the ever-growing “Repressed Memory” pile.

Her call was followed by a loud thump, and she heard her father mumble some unrecognizable curses. Their behavior, although repulsive, always made Bella kind of…happy. It was good to know that they still loved each other. She hoped that when she was married with kids she’d still be that…INVOLVED with her husband.

“Hey Bells.” Michael greeted as he walked down the stairs as if he HADN’T just been interrupted during a romp in the hay.

Bella stifled her laugh as she say how hard he tried to look normal. “Um…hey daddy.” She smiled. She always called her father “daddy”. They were very close. He was always this tough “stone wall” with everyone else, but with her he was just a big squishy teddy bear.

“So…umm…I thought you were hanging out at Lia’s for the evening, sweetie?” He continued.

“Yeah, I just came home to ask if I could sleep there…and to get my stuff if you said yes. Which I KNOW you will…cause you LOVE ME!!!” Bella joked as she batted her eyelashes at him.

“OUCH! Low blow, Bells. Playin the “you love me” card AGAIN?” He replied laughing. “Well I appreciate the effort but it’s not necessary. You can stay at Lia’s tonight. Just make sure you bother Alex as much as possible…for me.” Michael gave his daughter an evil grin.

“Thanks daddy!!!” Bella squealed giving him a big hug and running down the hall past him towards her room.

“God…she’s a mini-skirt away from being Maria.” He chuckled to himself as she bounced away. “Lock the door when you leave.” Michael called to her as he climbed back up the stairs. ‘A night without Bells…I’m sure that can be taken advantage of.’ He smirked to himself. ‘Time to give the little woman a little “Alien Brand Lovin.”’


“Bella!" Jezebel yelled as she pulled into the driveway in her silver
vintage BMW Z3, leaning on the horn.

"Yeah, hang on!" Bella replied, running out the door and jumping in the
car "Go, I want to be half way down the street when they get started again."

"The horndogs again?" Jezebel sighed "Mine, too. When I got home, Mummy
was wearing a dress that looked like something I would wear, six inch heels,
and she was cooking a big, elaborate dinner. But you know they'll never get
through the first course. I was barely out of the house when he made some
smart ass comment and she was screeching and jumping all over him."

"They're never gonna grow up, are they?" Bella sighed "Hey, I brought you

Jezebel squealed "You did? What? Gimme!"

Bella grinned and pulled a box of mint chocolate creme cookies, Jezebel's
favorite, out of her bag.

"You're trying to make me fat, I know it." Jezebel giggled

"And..." Bella said, reaching into her bag and pulling out a pint of mint
chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

"Trying to make me really fat!" Jezebel said "You're the best."

"It comes naturally." Bella replied

Jezebel raised an eyebrow "What does? You being the best or me getting
fat? Think carefully before you answer, missy."

"Well, I want to remain bruiseless tonight, so I'll go with being the best."
Bella said "Oh, and guess what I brought for me?"

"Hmm...gee...pudding?" Jezebel guessed, rolling her eyes. Bella and her pudding…it was her OTHER obsession. "Long shot, I

"Not even close." Bella replied. She reached into her bag and pulled out
a small camisole and boxer pajama set "I figure maybe I need to show a little
skin to get Wonder Boy to notice me."

"You little hooch!" Jezebel giggled. She pretended to tear up "I'm so
damn proud of you right now."

Bella grinned mischievously "I learned from the best."

Jezebel stuck out her tongue at her "You still have much to learn,

"Hey, watch the road!" Bella said

"Ooh, sorry." Jezebel replied.



“Mom, where are you?!?!” Lia had looked all over the house for her mother and finally resorted to shouting.

“I’m right here.” Isabel said as she walked inside through the kitchen door with a bag of groceries. “Can you help me with these?”

“Sure. Hey, mom, do you mind if Jezzy and Bella sleep over tonight? Oh, and Kaleb too…he’d be staying with Parker of course.” Lia was smiling from ear to ear and had a mischievous glint in her eye that her mother noticed right away.

“Kaleb too, huh? Does this have anything to do with you three plotting to get Bella and Kaleb together?” Isabel teased her daughter, “You know people don’t like matchmakers.”

“Mom, come on, you know they’re just being stubborn. Besides, you know they’d be perfect together. So can we…PLEASE???” Lia begged.

“Alright, but your father and I will be home to make sure you guys don’t get TOO out of hand.” Isabel shook her head. Her daughter may not have been the kind of popular she’d been in high school, but in a lot of ways, Isabel was glad for that. Being popular had never made her happy. And the friends Lia did have were totally inseparable. It was something she’d always envied Alex, Maria, and Liz for when the eight of them were teenagers. “Plus, you know how I love playing hostess. Next time I get a little more notice?”

“Sure, mom. I love you.” Lia gave her mom a hug and went to prepare for the sleepover. ‘Must have lots of Tabasco sauce, pudding, popcorn, and ice cream around the house somewhere,’ she mused, ‘and what would be the best movie to give Bella and Kaleb ideas… I've got it! ‘Whatever it Takes’! In Mom's old movie collection.’

She had barely gotten all the stuff ready when she heard a car pull into the driveway. She opened the door and Jezzy and Bella burst in and rushed past her with their arms full of bags.

“Come on in, guys.” She muttered as they dropped their stuff on the couch. “Kaleb’s not here yet.”

Bella turned to Lia with her hands on her hips trying to look pissed. “You know…I DO think of thinks other than Kaleb.”

Jezebel raised her eyebrow at her friend. “For example…?”

“Well…like…FINE, I retract the statement.” Bella stammered.

"Come on, cut it out." Lia said "Put your stuff in my room and we can chill
until Kaleb gets here. I've got a movie picked out."

"What movie?" Bella asked

"An old one I found in mom's nostalgia collection that's actually pretty
good. It's called 'Whatever It Takes.'"

"Sounds boring." Jezebel said "What's it about?"

"It's a romantic comedy. Trust me, Bella will love it." Lia said

"And why is that?" Bella asked, raising an eyebrow

"TRUST me." Lia replied as they got to her room. Jezebel flopped down on the
bed and Bella took a seat on the floor. Lia put a tape in the VCR and sat
down next to Jezebel as the movie started.

"Hey." Kaleb said as he and Parker entered the room "What movie?"

"'Whatever It Takes.'" Bella replied "Never heard of it, but Lia insists that
I'll like it."

"I'm in." Kaleb said, sitting down next to Bella. Parker shrugged and sat
down in a chair next to the bed.

Bella scooted over so she was closer to Kaleb. Behind her, Jezebel and Lia
snickered. She turned around and gave them a look. They immediately quieted


"Well, that wasn't bad." Jezebel remarked as the credits rolled. She glanced
down at Bella, who was now leaning on Kaleb with his arm around her "What did
you two think?"

" was...okay.” Bella said, a little uncomfortably. “I’m gonna…go to the bathroom.” She got up and exited quickly, and the others heard the bathroom door slam.

Kaleb nodded "Yeah...not bad...I'll be right back…I’m gonna go change…Parker can I use your room?"

Parker nodded and Kaleb scurried out the door.

"Uh-oh, don't look now." Lia said once they were both gone, "But Jezebel's got that 'I'm thinking something naughty.' look again."

"Oh, look who's talking!" Jezebel teased "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Why do I get the feeling the denial twins are in for some serious shit
tonight?" Parker asked rhetorically.

"Because they are!" Lia and Jezebel replied in unison.

"Are what?" Bella asked as she returned

"Oh, nothing." Jezebel said, stifling a giggle "I've got to use the bathroom."

"Where's Kaleb?"

"Getting popcorn." Lia replied

"I need to change." Bella said

"You can use Parker's room." Lia said "The door sticks a little, so if it
doesn't open use your powers."

"That okay, Parker?" Bella asked

"Uh, yeah...sure." Parker said, understanding what Lia was doing. As soon as
Bella was gone, he turned to his sister "Lia! You are bad! I'm very proud of


Bella tried the door again. 'Damn, it's really stuck.' She thought. She
shrugged and used her powers to open the door.

"What the...Bella?!" Kaleb said

"Oh, oh...sorry Kaleb." Bella said, trying to remain calm. She stood there
staring at him in his boxer shorts.

"Um, Bell? You mind turning around?" Kaleb asked, blushing profusely.

"Oh, sure." Bella said, facing the wall "You know, it's not like I haven't
seen your stuff before."

"Well, we were three years old." Kaleb said "It's gotten a lot bigger since
then." He groaned inwardly, not believing what he'd just said.

Bella giggled nervously and turned around as he finished changing "Well, one would hope!"

"Okay, enough ridicule." Kaleb said, brushing past her as he left the room
"I'm done, you can go ahead and change." They rubbed against each other in
the narrow doorway, froze for a minute, and then continued as if nothing had

"I'll be out in a minute." Bella said as the door closed behind Kaleb.
"Jezebel, Lia, and Parker." She mused "Either I need to give them a good ass
kicking...or a really expensive present." She sighed "That boy is YUMMY!"


When Bella returned, Jezebel, Parker, and Lia managed to hold back for a few
seconds before they cracked up.

"Very funny." Bella said

"Careful, Bell." Kaleb told her "They're out for blood tonight." He looked up
at her and swallowed when he saw the small, tight camisole and boxer shorts
she was wearing. "Um...I've got to go...get some food." He stood up and left
the room.

"Yeah, I'll go, too." Parker said, following Kaleb.

As Kaleb made a beeline for the kitchen, he cringed at the thought of his
narrow escape. Seeing Bella in that incredibly form-fitting camisole had
immediately caused a reaction in his body that he did not want her to see.
He forced himself to think of topics like "mud" which Uncle Michael always
told him worked wonders and of his parents finding him, oh wait bad idea.
As he tried to redirect his mind, he remembered certain unfinished business.

He had an idea just who had planned Bella's "accidental" walking in on him
changing and was really going to enjoy calling him on it, "Oh, Parker, I have
to talk to you."

"Who me? I just came to help you get the food"

"So it was another Parker Whitman that decided to embarrass the living
daylights out of me? Another Parker Whitman who full well knew I was
changing and where and sent a certain female...who has absolutely no sexual
interest in me despite your attempts to manipulate the situation."

"Can't blame a guy for trying. Are you sure she has no sexual interest?"

"Yes! She thinks of me like a cousin. We sleep over at each other's houses
all the time and NOTHING happens. If she felt that way about me, she'd have
done something about it by now. You know how direct she is."

"She IS direct."


"Aha, here is the emergency pudding that Lia made. Go deliver it to your

"She is NOT my CHICK!"

"Whatever you say man."
Kaleb grunted and took the pudding back to Lia's room where he expected to
find Bella.


"So," Bella said as soon as the guys were out of earshot "I assume that
incident was your doing?"

"A simple thank you will do fine." Jezebel replied

Bella laughed and smacked her cousins upside their heads "Thank you." She
giggled. . "And by the way." Bella continued "I know he's your cousin, but damn that boy is SCRUMPTIOUS!"

"Okay, venturing into too much information zone." Lia said "Let's move on."
She glanced at Jezebel and frowned "You okay? You seem a little out of it."

"Oh, I'm fine." Jezebel replied "It's my mom. She's been acting a little
weird lately."

"Your mom? Acting weird?" Bella asked "You're full of crap."

"Yeah, okay, shut up." Jezebel said

"Sorry." Bella said "So what's up with your mom?"

"She's been acting really nervous, jumpy. And she's suddenly getting all
nostalgic out of nowhere. And she's shall I can I say this without
grossing us all out...a little more 'amorous' around Daddy. More so than
usual, I mean."

"So what do you think's going on with her?" Lia asked

"Well, this may sound crazy." Jezebel said "But I think she might be
pregnant. I don't know why. It's a hunch, I guess."

"She certainly GETS IT enough." Bella said

"That's sick, Bell. We're talking about my parents." Jezebel grimaced
"Although you are right."

"Have you talked to your mom?" Lia asked "That would be the logical thing to

Jezebel nodded "I will. Tomorrow. And hey, it'll be kind of cool if she is
pregnant. Just think, if she has another girl, that means I get to be a role

"Oh my God!" Bella and Lia said with mock horror. Jezebel giggled and threw a
pillow at them.

"Oh, you guys know what I so want right now?" Bella said after the laughter
died down "Other than Kaleb, I mean."

"Well the only two things you EVER want are Kaleb and pudding. So I'm gonna
go with pudding." Jezebel said

Bella grinned "You know me so well."

Kaleb chose that moment to enter the room "Hey, I wanted some pudding, so I
grabbed some for you, Bella, ya pudding junkie." He chuckled

"My hero!" Bella squealed, batting her eyes and giggling.

Jezebel and Lia rolled their eyes and groaned "I swear, you two are
like...perfectly synchronized freaks of nature or something!" Jezebel said
"Oh, hey, you know what we could do with pudding?"

"Knowing you, something that could never be considered an INTENDED use." Lia

"Food truth or dare!" Jezebel continued, ignoring Lia.

"Okay, you SO CLEARLY just made that up." Lia said

"Shut up! I did not!" Jezebel protested "You either have to answer a question
or perform a dare involving food in some way."

"That's kinky, Jez!" Bella said

"That's what makes it fun, Hell's Bells." Jezebel replied, winking.

"What's kinky?" Parker asked as he came in. He glanced at Kaleb "Or do I not
even want to know?"

"Food truth or dare." Jezebel explained "You in?"

"In?" Parker chuckled "I'm terrified is what I am!"

Jezebel stuck out her tongue at him "I'll get us started. Bell, truth or

Bella thought for a minute, then groaned "Oh my God...dare, I guess." She
buried her face in her hands, waiting for whatever humiliating stunt her
sick-minded cousin had in store for her. Nothing could have prepared her for
what Jezebel said, however.

"You have to..." Jezebel paused a moment for impact "Lick pudding off of
Kaleb's face!" She burst out laughing devilishly.

"Oh, Lord help us." Parker groaned.

Bella shook her head fiercely "No friggin' way." Kaleb just kept turning a
deeper and deeper shade of red.

"Oh, well, I suppose you could go with truth." Jezebel said "Remember, we'll
know if you're lying, so..."

"All right! I'll do it!" Bella groaned "Oh God."

"Atta girl." Jezebel said. She grabbed a pudding cup, leaned over, and
smeared some across Kaleb's cheek, smirking as he squirmed "Go ahead, Bell.
He's all yours. Oh, wait. Kaleb, lie down."

"What? Why do I have to lie down?!" Kaleb whined

"Because it's MY dare." Jezebel told him "Now, be a good puppy and do as I

"Fine!" Kaleb rolled his eyes and lay down. Bella hesitated for a moment,
until Jezebel shoved her forward and she nearly landed on top of Kaleb. She
took a deep breath and started to lick the pudding off his face.

Kaleb shuddered and tried to keep his eyes from rolling back in his head. Her
smell surrounded him, and her hair brushed against his nose, tickling him. He could feel her hot tongue on his face and hear her shallow breathing. He looked down to avoid her eyes. Big mistake. He could see right down her tank top.

Bella prayed that no one, especially Kaleb, could tell that she was shaking.
The combined taste of the pudding and the salt of Kaleb's skin was making her
dizzy. He smelled fresh and clean, and the rough stubble on his face against
her tongue made her tremble.

"Hey, Lia, I-" Everyone froze as the door opened and Lia and Parker's father
came in.

"Dad! Knock!" Lia said

Alex glanced at Kaleb and Bella and laughed. "Max? Liz? That you?" He hit himself on the forehead "Sorry, I mean, behave children!" He said in an exaggerated stern

"We will, Uncle Alex." Jezebel said in an overly sweet voice, batting her

"Okay, stop that. You're a clone of your mother, it's scary." Alex laughed.
He shook his head "All right, I'll leave you kids alone." He left, shutting
the door behind him.

Bella and Kaleb sat up quickly "Okay, this dare is over!" Bella announced "My
turn. Jezebel, truth or dare?"


"Well, I know you're going to get back at me no matter which one I choose."
Jezebel sighed "And there is no freaking way that I am licking pudding off of
anyone in this room, so truth."

"Truth...truth..." Bella mused "Ah! Got it! How far have you gone with your
latest Adonis, Jason?"

Jezebel, much to everyone's shock, blushed and looked down "No comment." she

"Oh my God." Lia said "Jezebel Dyanne Valenti is blushing. This MUST be good."

"Okay, enough!" Kaleb said "We don't need to hear this."

"Yeah, it's bad enough that our cousin is dating that knuckle-dragging
Neanderthal." Parker agreed "Do we really have to hear all the gory details?"

"Shut up." Jezebel snapped, giving them both a death glare "May I remind you
that I have kicked both of your asses before and have no problem whatsoever
with doing it again?"

Bella cracked up "You GO, sista!" she giggled sarcastically.

"Thanks, Bell." Jezebel said, still glaring at the guys "I appreciate that
you guys are concerned. But I am a big girl, and I am quite capable of taking
care of myself. I'm happy with Jason. I care about him, and he cares about

"You don't know that." Kaleb told her "Haven't you seen the way he's treated
other girls?"

"I believe him." Jezebel said "Why would he say he cares about me if he

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he'll say that to anything
with a big chest and two X chromosomes?" Parker suggested

"Well, I'm in the clear, then!" Bella laughed nervously, trying to lighten
the mood before this went any further. "No big boobs in Bella Town!"

Jezebel gave her cousin a sideways glance and then turned her attention back
to Parker "Screw you, Parker."

"Isn't that what you have Jason for?" Parker asked nonchalantly

"Parker, retract the claws." Kaleb said. To Jezebel he said "Jezebel, don't
be such a child. We're trying to protect you from getting hurt."

"I told you I can take care of myself." Jezebel said

"You know, just a thought." Parker said "But maybe if you covered up the
twins and didn't act like a common whore once in a while, you might attract
some decent guys."

"I might have phrased it a little nicer," Kaleb said "But he's right."

Jezebel's eyes flashed with rage "Oh, please! Look at you, just agreeing with
him instead of expressing your own feelings! You're just a weak little boy,
you know that?" Her voice trembled a little as she pushed Kaleb out of the
way and ran into the hall "I'm sleeping in Parker's room tonight. If you want
to see the sunrise, I suggest you don't bother me!" They heard her footsteps
pound down the hall and Parker's bedroom door slamming behind her.

"Maybe I should go see if she's okay." Bella said

"I don't want to talk, Bell!" Jezebel shouted from the other room "Just stay
in there!" Much to everyone's surprise, there were tears in her voice.

"I think you guys were a little harsh. She's actually CRYING." Lia said

"Maybe we should go apologize." Kaleb said

"Not unless you want to lose all your appendages, including the ones
concealed under layers of clothing, if you know what I mean." Bella said "Let
her cool off and apologize tomorrow."

"Yeah, we should all get some sleep." Lia said "Shot the bed!"

"Shot the chair!" Parker said

"Oh, goody." Bella sighed "The rejects get the floor again." She lay down and
squirmed around, trying to get comfortable. "Ugh. I can't get comfortable."

"Here." Kaleb said, holding out his arm. Bella moved closer to him, and he
wrapped his arm around her. She leaned her head against his chest and
closed her eyes. The warmth of his body, and the sound of his quiet
breathing, soon lulled her to sleep.

Kaleb stayed awake, however, watching her. She looked so beautiful, so
peaceful. He couldn't even remember when he'd realized that he didn't just
have a crush on her, and he wasn't just infatuated with her, and it certainly
wasn't just lust. He was in love with her. And he would never love anyone
else as much. 'Friendship.' He thought 'What a bitch.'


Jacinda lay her head on Kyle's bare chest, listening to his heart beat slowly
returning to normal. She smiled and purred softly as he kissed top of her
head, brushing her damp, matted hair off her forehead. He pulled a blanket
over and them and ran his hands down her spine, holding her possessively.

“Something wrong?" He asked

"Yeah." Jacinda sighed, nuzzling his chest "You're talking when you could
be kissing me. I thought we were going to take advantage of the empty house

"We've been taking advantage of it all night." Kyle told her "In fact,
I'm starting to feel taken advantage of. I can tell that there's something on
your mind."

"You know me too well." Jacinda sighed "It's Jezebel. She was asking all
these questions earlier, about what my love life was like at her age. I think
she might be having some guy problems."

"I'd say it's the male population of West Roswell High that's having
problems." Kyle said "Princess is probably dancing on their hearts in
stiletto heels, just like her mom."

"That's what I'm afraid of." Jacinda told him "Kyle, I was a week short
of my eighteenth birthday when I got pregnant with Jezebel. She's almost the
same age, only about five months younger."

"You're afraid that history's going to repeat itself?" Kyle asked

"I know it sounds stupid." Jacinda said "But what she was saying this
afternoon...well, it sounded to me like she's falling for someone who her
friends, from what I gathered mostly Parker and Kaleb, don't exactly approve
of. Sound familiar?"

"Angel, don't worry about it too much." Kyle said "Jezebel's a smart
girl, she's got a good head on her shoulders. She gets that from you."

“Yeah, you have to say that. You're the one who knocked me up." Jacinda
sighed "I guess I'll have a talk with her, just make sure she's using her

"Probably a good idea." Kyle agreed "But like I said, don't worry too
much. Another thing our baby gets from you, it's a nasty attitude. If
anything, she won't get pregnant just because we did. You know how much she
hates to think about ending up like us."

Jacinda laughed and kissed him "You're right about that, I'll admit.
You're such a smart guy."

"Stop it, you're gonna give me a bloated ego." Kyle chuckled

"Hmm...not exactly what I was going for." Jacinda purred "But it's a


Lia stretched her arms languidly and looked at the clock beside her bed. The glowing neon green numbers said 10 am. It was 10 in the morning…and she REALLY had to pee. Quietly, as to not wake her brother, sleeping in the big chair in the corner of her room, or Kaleb and Bella, who were curled up (and quite adorably, at that) on the floor at the foot of her bed, Lia tiptoed out into the hall.

After going to the bathroom and brushing her teeth, she reentered the hallway to come face to face with Jezebel, who was carrying her bag in one hand and her stilettos in the other.

“Jezzy?” Lia whispered. “Where are you going?”

“Home.” Jezebel answered, significantly less quietly. It was a good thing that the three still sleeping in Lia’s room wouldn’t be disturbed if a tornado tore through the house. “I don’t want to deal with your IDIOT brother and my equally IDIOTIC cousin when they wake up, so I’m leaving now.”

“Jez…they feel really bad about how they acted last night…they even wanted to come apologize to you…but Bella said that it probably wasn’t a good idea until you cooled off.” Lia soothed.

“Yeah…that’s for sure. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any sharp objects last night when they attacked me or you’d be trying to get bloodstains out of your carpet for weeks.” Jezzy smirked.

"So you're going home?" Lia asked "Why don't you stick around? I'm sure
everything from last night will have cooled off."

"I haven't cooled off." Jezebel replied sharply "So I'm gonna go get myself
some retail therapy. I'll call you later or something."

"Okay, fine." Lia sighed "Bye." As Jezebel stalked off down the hall, Lia
shrugged and plodded back to her bedroom. As she made her way to her bed, she
tripped over Bella and Kaleb.

"Mmm...Kaleb..." Bella murmured, still asleep. In answer, Kaleb tightened his
arm around her and mumbled her name into her hair, also half asleep.

Lia glanced at Parker, who was awake and watching the pair, and they both
raised their eyebrows.

Gradually, Bella and Kaleb began to stir, and then opened their eyes. As
they yawned and stretched, they became aware of their positions.

"Oh, sorry..." Kaleb said, moving over a little.

"No problem." Bella replied as she moved in the opposite direction, looking
away so he wouldn't see how red her face was.

"What time is it?" Kaleb asked, getting up and going to the doorway.

"Past ten." Lia said "If you're looking for Jezebel, she already left. She
was still pretty upset, she said she was gonna go shopping."

"Oh God, she's upset, armed with a credit card, and loose in the mall." Bella
groaned "And now I have no way of getting home."

"I'll drive you." Kaleb offered, a little too quickly.

"Thanks, Kaleb." Bella said, smiling at him "You're the best."

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"Okay, so, I'll see you later." Kaleb said, pulling the car up in front of
Bella's house.

"Why don't you come in?" Bella asked, unbuckling her seat belt "The 'rents
have been driving me crazy about never getting to see you. I swear, my dad
loves you almost as much as I...I mean, they really want to see you."

Kaleb froze for a second, trying to figure out what she had almost said 'Nah,
no way.' He thought. Out loud he said "Sure. I've been meaning to ask your
dad about that weird noise the fan belts have been making when I hit the
brakes, anyway." He got out and rushed around to her side of the
car to open the door for her.

"Thanks." Bella said. "Mom! Dad!" She called as they opened the front door.

"Hi, honey!" Maria called from the kitchen "Grandma Amy sent over some
chocolate creme pies and..." She gasped as she came into the hallway
"Mini-Max! I missed you!" She grabbed Kaleb and hugged him.

Michael looked up from the hockey game he was watching and chuckled "Sorry,
Kaleb. I would have warned you about gratuitous female sentiment, but she
just kind of swooped right in there, didn't she?"

"It's okay, Dad." Bella said with a laugh "Kaleb's used to middle aged women
throwing themselves all over him, right Kaleb?"

Maria gave her daughter a look "Middle aged? Excuse me? MID thirties is
HARDLY middle aged!"

"Yeah, well, women of ALL ages fall all over themselves to get near me."
Kaleb chuckled nervously, glancing at Bella. Michael watched this with a
smirk. He and Maria exchanged winks.

Kaleb coughed and shifted nervously "So, uh, Michael, I-"

"Oh, please. Michael is so formal for your godfather." Michael interrupted
"Just call me GOD."

"Daddy!" Bella giggled "Kaleb, you do NOT have to call him god!"

"So, anyway, MICHAEL." Kaleb continued "I was wondering if you could take a
look at my car. The fan belt's been making some really weird noises lately."

"Yeah, sure." Michael said "Let's go see what we can do."

As soon as they were gone, Maria turned to her daughter "Bella, sweetie?"

"Yeah?" Bella said

"You are aware, aren't you, that you are totally in love with that
Max-alike?" Maria asked

"Mom!" Bella gasped

"Believe me, I know all the signs." Maria said "I was Liz's best friend all
throughout high school, remember? Those Evans men...they just make the ladies
melt. I've seen it all before."

Bella was about to protest when the door opened and Michael and Kaleb came
back in.

"So just bring it by next week if it keeps doing that." Michael was saying

"Sure, thanks." Kaleb replied "I better get going. I'll see you later, my Bell."

"Yeah…thanks for the ride." Bella said slowly, liquefying at his little pet name for her.

Kaleb nodded, smiling at her. After a gazing at her for a minute, he finally looked away and said "Well, okay. Bye." He looked at Bella once more and left.

As soon as Kaleb was gone, Bella turned to her parents "I'm gonna go put my
stuff away. You two be good!" She bounced away to her room.

"Those two are hopeless." Maria sighed "It's like Max and Liz, the sequel."

"What can you do?" Michael asked "He's his father's son. And she's her
mother's daughter."

Maria slugged him on the arm playfully "Watch it, buddy, or you're sleeping
on the couch for a week."


"Kaleb!!!" Liz squealed as she saw her son walk in the front door from where
she was standing in the kitchen.

"Hey, mom." Kaleb smiled at her enthusiastic greeting. Walking into the
kitchen, Kaleb enveloped his tiny mother in warm hug. "I was only gone one
day, mom." He chucked. He pulled back and added "But it's good to know I
was missed."

"Did you have fun at Lia and Parker's?" Liz asked

"Yeah, it was fun." Kaleb replied, deciding to omit the fact that the girl of
his dreams had walked in on him almost naked, and had licked pudding off his

Liz nodded "Uh-huh, and what are you not telling me that's making your ears
turn a very bright red?"

Max came up behind Liz and wrapped his arm around her waist "Oh, Kaleb's
embarrassed. You should know by now that you can't put anything past your
mother, son."

“It’s nothing...really. It was an...interesting night…that’s all.” Kaleb stammered.

"Ohhh...interesting, huh?" Liz said "Interesting good, I take it?"

Max kissed her neck and whispered in her ear "Honey, why don't you let me
talk to Kaleb alone?" He chuckled and added in a fake tough voice "Guy stuff,
you know?"

Liz turned around and nodded, leaning up to kiss him. Max reciprocated gladly and they soon lost all sense of what was going on around them.

Kaleb cleared his throat "Hello? Um, hey there! Remember me? Still in the
room here."

"Oh, I'll just let you guys talk then." Liz said, pulling away from Max. She
leaned up again and whispered "I love you."

"Love you, too." Max replied, kissing her on her forehead. As soon as she was
gone, he turned to his son "So, what happened? I can tell it's girl related,
I know that look. I used to have that look when your mother and I..." He
trailed off and smiled "Your aunts used to give me absolute hell about it."

Kaleb smiled. Isabel and Jacinda were known for giving their brother hell
about just about anything. "Well, it's just that...Parker and the others sort
of fixed it so..." He paused "Bella walked in on me changing."

"You're kidding!" Max said, laughing

"Dad! It's not funny!" Kaleb said, blushing.

Max looked at him for a moment, then started laughing again.

"Okay, maybe a little..." Kaleb admitted "But so embarrassing!"

Max looked at his son and struggled to keep a straight face. “Well I’m sure SHE didn’t mind. You do look like ME, after all.”

"I think she was just embarrassed." Kaleb said "It's not like she has feelings
for me." 'Unfortunately.' He added in his mind.

"You love her." Max said "I can't believe I never noticed it before. You're
in love with Bella Guerin.

Kaleb turned an even deeper shade of red "Dad! Okay, time to change the

"All right, fine. But let me just say this." Max replied "I loved your mother
for seven years thinking that she didn't know I existed, and I couldn't have
been more wrong. So maybe you're wrong about how Bella sees you. And based on
who her parents are, she might not be the best at expressing her feelings.
She is Stonewall Guerin's daughter, after all. Think about it."

"Right, I will." Kaleb said "So...when you were my age, you didn't really
like Aunt Jacinda dating Uncle Kyle, right?"

"Didn't like it?" Max repeated "I wanted to kill him. Especially since they
lied to me, and I didn't know it until...nevermind. Why do you ask?"

"It's Jezebel." Kaleb explained "She's going out with this jock from school
who's got a really bad reputation. I'm worried that he's using her, and she's
going to get her heart broken."

"Well, I'm experiencing serious deja vu." Max said "Have you told Jezebel

Kaleb looked at the floor "Well...not so much told as...lectured and berated."

"And lived to tell about it." Max observed "You're lucky."

"Yeah, but I feel pretty bad about it." Kaleb said "She actually cried."

"Jezebel Dyanne Valenti cried?" Max asked, stunned "Kaleb, what did you say?
No, nevermind that. I think you should apologize to her."

Kaleb nodded "Yeah. I'll call Parker and we'll both go over there. We both
said some things that were...pretty out of line."


"Mom, Daddy!" Jezebel called, bursting through the door "I'm home!" As she
closed the door with her foot, the armful of shopping bags she was carrying
spilled across the floor. She listened for a moment. No answer. Shrugging,
she made her way into the living room, where she found her parents curled up
on the sofa together, fully dressed and sound asleep. She smiled and shook
her head. 'Well, looks like they were active last night. Gross.' She thought
as she started to tiptoe out of the room.

"Jez?" Jacinda murmured sleepily "Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. Sorry I woke you."

Jacinda shook her head "No, it's okay." She shook Kyle "Wake up, Jezebel's

"Oh, hi Princess." Kyle yawned "You're home early."

"I'm home late, actually." Jezebel said "I stopped at the mall, I needed a
little retail therapy." She noticed her parents glancing past her to the pile
of bags in the hallway "Okay, okay. A lot of retail therapy. I had a rough
night, Kaleb and Parker and I were..." She noticed her father's hands moving
to her mother's abdomen as they listened to her. The white sweatshirt Jacinda
was wearing hiked up slightly as Kyle touched her, and Jezebel trailed off
when she saw that the skin under Kyle's hands was glowing. "Oh my God."

Jacinda smiled at her husband "Well, looks like our secret is out."

Jezebel gasped, laughed, and nearly choked "Oh my God...I was right! You are
pregnant, aren't you?"

"About a month." Jacinda confirmed "You're going to have a baby brother."

"Wow." Jezebel said "Wow, this is...this is really cool! Does anyone else

"Just the three of us, for now." Kyle replied "C'mere, Princess." He wrapped
one arm around Jacinda and held out the other for Jezebel, who hugged her
parents and sighed contentedly.

"Well, I am just...completely stunned, for one thing." Jezebel said "And
really happy. Especially for you guys."

"Oh, shit, tell me that's not really the time." Kyle groaned, looking over
his wife's shoulder at the clock.

"Yeah, it is." Jacinda sighed "You'd better go. We can all celebrate later."

Kyle nodded "I'll call you."

"I know." Jacinda said, kissing him "Every five minutes, just like when I was
pregnant with Jezebel. You worry too much."

"I love you, Angel." Kyle told her, kissing her and pressing his hand gently
against her abdomen. Her skin glowed brightly in response.

"I love you, too." Jacinda replied

Kyle turned around and hugged his daughter "Help your mom out, okay Princess?"

"I will, Daddy." Jezebel promised "I love you."

"Love you, too." Kyle said, kissing her on her forehead.

As soon as her husband was gone, Jacinda sat back down "So, you were talking
about something that happened at Lia's?"

"It can wait." Jezebel said, sitting beside her mother. She touched Jacinda's
stomach, then drew her hand back quickly when she saw the glow "Does he do
that a lot?"

"He only seems to react to his parents and, apparently, siblings." Jacinda
replied "It was the same with you. You only reacted to me or to your father,
no one else." She sighed and, for a moment, seemed to be lost in her memories
"Jezebel, I want to talk to you about something. You're a very smart, very
beautiful young woman, with a lot of potential. I want you to live up to

"Let me guess." Jezebel said "You want to make sure I don't repeat your

Jacinda's face darkened "Jezebel, never let me hear you say that word. You
were not a mistake. It's true, your father and I didn't plan on having you
when we were eighteen, but from the moment we found out that I was pregnant,
we loved you, and we wanted you. I just want you to promise me something."

Jezebel nodded "Yeah, of course."

"Promise me that you will always follow your heart, but use your head, and
listen to your gut." Jacinda said

"I promise, Mom." Jezebel said

"Good." Jacinda sighed, hugging her daughter "Are you sure you don't want to
talk about what happened at Lia's?"

"No, it's fine." Jezebel said

Jacinda shrugged "All right, if you're sure. I should go, anyway. I'm meeting
Liz at the mall for lunch."

"Okay, say hi to Aunt Liz for me." Jezebel replied.

"I will." Jacinda said, putting on her coat "You be good, now. No wild
parties while I'm out."

"I promise." Jezebel giggled, holding up her hand so her mother could see her
crossed fingers.

"You're such a smart ass." Jacinda teased "Just like your mom." She blew her
daughter a kiss as she left.

As soon as the door closed, Jezebel turned on the TV, flipping aimlessly
through the channels. After a few minutes of this, she turned off the TV and
was about to put on some music when the doorbell rang. "It's open!" She called

"Hey, babe."

"Jason!" Jezebel said "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"I was just passing through the neighborhood." Jason replied, crossing the
room to her and taking her in his arms.

"You live across town." Jezebel pointed out

"Okay, I wanted to see you." Jason said, kissing her

Jezebel grinned and kissed him back "Well, your timing is impeccable. My
parents just left."

Jason started kissing her neck "What about the Hardy boys?"

"Overprotective as usual. Yours truly put them in their place." Jezebel said
proudly. Her eyes fluttered shut and she moaned softly as his lips touched a
particularly sensitive spot on her neck.

"I'm glad." Jason said, moving his hands from her shoulders to her waist
"They don't know what they're talking about. When I said that I loved you, I
meant it."

"I know." Jezebel purred, pressing her body against him "And I love you, too.
And I really don't care what anyone else thinks." She moved towards the
stairs, pulling him with her. As they moved up the stairs, still kissing and
touching, she ran her hand down the front of his shirt, undoing all the
buttons in an instant.

"Cheater." Jason teased, pulling at her tank top.

"It doesn't freak you out still, does it?" Jezebel asked. She had told him
the truth about her family's origins a month earlier, before they had made
love for the first time.

"You could never freak me out." Jason told her, pulling her tank top over her
head. As they reached her bedroom, he picked her up and lay her down on her

"Oh, really?" Jezebel said, raising an eyebrow. She grabbed him by the back
of his head and pulled him down to kiss her, connecting to him.

Jason groaned against her mouth as images filled his mind. Images of the two
of them making wild, passionate love. Images he never would have believed
could have come from Jezebel's mind. He pulled away from her and looked into
her eyes "You...little...devil..." he said as he kissed his way down her neck.

"Mmmm." Jezebel moaned, unbuttoning his jeans and pushing them down "Like
you've never wanted to do it in the quad."

"Well, maybe." Jason admitted, pulling down her skirt "But not during lunch."

"Wimp." Jezebel teased

"I prefer to think of it as the will to live." Jason said "If we got caught,
and your parents found out, my days would be just plain numbered." He groaned
as Jezebel touched him intimately.

"We need to get out more." She sighed, removing the last of his clothes and
letting him unhook her bra and take off her black lace thong.

"How about a road trip?" Jason suggested, running his hands over her body as
if he was trying to memorize every inch. "We have that three day weekend
coming up. We could just take off, hit the road."

"Maybe check out some of the cheap motor inns along 285 South, just for
kicks." Jezebel giggled, warming up to the idea.

"What's wrong with the hood of my car?" Jason asked

Jezebel laughed and pulled him down on top of her "See? There's the horny
freak I fell in love with."

Jason pulled back slightly and looked into her eyes, all the play gone from
his face. She shivered under the intensity of his gaze. Suddenly, she didn't
feel much like talking. One thought, one need in her mind blocked out all
others. As if he could read her thoughts, Jason pulled her against him and
kissed her passionately as he took her. Jezebel threw her head back and
moaned, clinging to him as waves of pleasure washed over her, consuming her


"I still don't think I should have to apologize." Parker said

"You don't think you should apologize for basically calling your cousin and
lifelong friend a whore." Kaleb said "Okay, I think I finally put my finger
on why a good-looking guy like you has trouble getting a second date with a

Parker ignored the comment "Why should we apologize? We were right."

"That's not the point." Kaleb told him as he parked outside Jezebel's house.
"The point is we crossed a line, okay? She didn't hear anything we said, she
only heard us insulting her."

"So, maybe that's what she needed to hear." Parker continued to argue as they
walked up to the front door.

Kaleb knocked on the door. When there was no response, he opened the door and
stepped inside. "Hello? Jez?" No answer.

"Hey, we tried." Parker said "Let's go."

"We're going to do the right thing." Kaleb said "Come on, she's probably
upstairs resting. We were all up pretty late last night." They made their way
up the stairs to Jezebel's room "Jez, you in here?" Kaleb called. He opened
the door and froze in his tracks. Jezebel was lying on her bed in front of
them, moaning and panting as Jason made love to her.

"Oh my God!" She gasped when she saw her cousins standing in the doorway.
Jason looked up and froze, his eyes widening. Not making any sudden
movements, he slowly moved off of Jezebel. She just lay there, covering
herself with a sheet and staring at her cousins with an expression that was a
combination of shock, embarassment, and annoyance.

"Bad timing." Kaleb finally managed to choke out. He turned around and walked
back down the hall. Parker stared in horror at the scene in front of him for
another moment before he followed Kaleb.

"Kaleb! Parker!" Jezebel called after her cousins. When she didn't hear a
reply, she jumped out of bed and quickly pulled her clothes back on. She shot
a look at Jason. She decided quickly that she didn't want him involved in
this confrontation. Kaleb and Parker would rip his throat out before he could
get one word in. "Stay." She ordered.

"Staying." He replied meekly, still looking like a deer in the headlights.

Jezebel tore down the hall and down the stairs "Guys, wait up! What are you
so freaked out about?"

"Freaked out?" Parker repeated "We're not freaked out. We just walked in our
cousin getting it on with a...a jock! Why would we be freaked out?"

"You say 'jock' like it's a bad thing." Jezebel observed, crossing her arms
and narrowing her eyes in a gesture that mirrored her mother. "What's wrong
with jocks? My father was a jock in high school."

"Your father knocked your mother up after their senior prom." Kaleb reminded

Jezebel's arms crossed tighter around her chest and her eyes narrowed to thin
slits "We were born on the same day, Kaleb. Which means your mom got 'knocked
up,' as you so charmingly put it, around the same time."

"That's...different." Kaleb muttered

"How?" Jezebel asked "How is it different? Oh, you know what? Forget it!" She
turned and stormed back into the house, slamming the door as hard as she
could behind her.

“No…that’s not right either.” Bella mumbled with annoyance as she grabbed her eraser and removed the charcoal like she’d just added to her drawing. The portrait she was sketching was that of a young blonde woman with huge light eyes and curly hair. Bella had dreamed about her the night before and the woman had terrified her. But something was wrong with her drawing. She couldn’t get the look in the eyes right. That look…it was almost…EVIL.

Rubbing her hand across her cheek, she leaned back on her bed. “It’s no use…I just can’t get it right.” She sighed. Suddenly a familiar sound brought her from her thoughts. It was a light tapping on the window. A smile quickly replaced Bella’s scowl as she bounced across the room. There was only one person in the world who ever came to her window.

“Hey, Kaleb.” She smiled as she lifted the glass pane. “The Nymphos again or a fight with Jezzy?”

“You know me too well.” He replied as he returned her smile. “And it’s the latter.”

“Come on in…my room is your room.” She said, stepping aside.

Once inside her room, Kaleb looked at Bella, taking in her appearance. She was wearing a pair of pajama pants that ended just below her knee and had different types of fruit on them, and her white tank top left a sliver of skin uncovered on her stomach. Her shoulder length dark blonde hair was in French pigtails and she had wisps framing her face. He thought she looked adorable. He looked at her face and was just about to explain what had happened between him and Jezebel, but broke out laughing instead.

“What?” she asked, confused.

“Been drawing again?” He replied grinning.


Taking his thumb and rubbing it along her cheek, he answered. “…have charcoal on your cheek, my Bell.” He said softly, letting his hand linger on her cheek just a moment longer than necessary.

“Oh…thanks.” Bella replied looking down. She loved it when he called her that.

“So I know you only draw when something’s either bothering you, or making you really happy. So which is it?” He asked with concern.

Bella picked up her drawing and showed it to Kaleb.

“Whoa…freaky chick, Bell. She gives me this…”

“Weird feeling?” She finished for him.

“Yeah. Exactly. So who is she?”

“She was in my dream…I don’t know who she is but she scared me. That’s all I remember. And she kind of looks…I don’t know…familiar.” Bella studied the picture as she spoke.

“Yeah, she does. Like I’ve seen her before…but not really.” That look in her eyes made Kaleb’s skin crawl. And the fact that Bella was having bad dreams worried him even more.

Wanting to get off the subject of the dreams, Bella turned the conversation back on Kaleb. “So what was the big fight about this time, Kaleb? I see no physical bruises or scars so it couldn’t have been THAT bad.”

Realizing her reluctance to continue on the subject, Kaleb backed off. ‘We’ll discuss it again later.’ He promised himself. “Oh, there are scars...just not physical ones. Parker and I caught Jezzy having sex with Jason.” He answered, grimacing from the memory. “Believe me…I’m scarred for LIFE.”

Pulling him down to sit next to her on the bed, she chuckled. “Ooooh…before, after or during?”

“During…VERY during. I’m surprised I’m not blind right now. But that’s not the issue. Parker and I tried to talk to her about it. Tell her what a big mistake she was making…and she just blew up.”

“Well what did you expect, Kaleb? You know Jez…you can’t tell her what to do. Anyway, your not her father…bossing her around will only cause problems.” Bella rationalized. This argument seemed to be coming up more and more often lately.

“I know that, Bell…but I’m just worried about her. She does things so impulsively…never thinks anything through.” He sighed.

“Well sometimes not thinking things through can be good, Kaleb. Sometimes people need to just…go with their feelings.” Bella said softly, looking into his eyes.

“Yeah…I guess…I just…you know…don’t want her to get hurt.” Kaleb struggled. ‘Go with their feelings…’ He wished he had the courage to do THAT. “Anyway…so can I stay here a while...I don’t feel like going home right now.”

Like she was gonna pass up spending time with Kaleb…on her BED?!?! “You know you can, K. You wanna watch a movie?”

“Yeah, sure…how about Stand By Me?” He suggested. That was both of their favorites. They had watched that movie together on Bella’s bed many a night throughout the years.

“Already in the VCR.” Bella smiled. They were always so in sync.

“Cool.” Kaleb smiled. He kicked his shoes off and took his customary position on the bed, leaning against the wall with his legs stretched out in front of him. He held out his arm and Bella snuggled to his side, leaning against his strong chest. ‘This is the only place I want to be.’ He thought, as he wrapped his arm around her and lightly stroked the soft skin of her arm with his thumb.

She sighed and pressed play on the remote. ‘Friendship…what a bitch.’ She thought sadly. But then again…this was better than nothing.

Maria found her daughter and godson lying snuggled together this same way a couple of hours later, sound asleep. “Again?” she sighed. “Every week.” Maria covered them up with Bella’s quilt and went to the kitchen to call Liz and let her know where Kaleb was. She’d just let them sleep.


Jezebel shed her tan leather jacket as
she stormed into the DeLuca-Guerin house.

"Hey, Jez." Maria said "Bella's upstairs, but I think..." She realized
that Jezebel was already halfway up the stairs "...that you aren't hearing a
damn word I've said."

"Bella!" Jezebel exploded, bursting into Bella's room "You are not going
to believe what..." She trailed off when she noticed Kaleb and Bella curled
up on the bed, barely coherent "Oh. You're here." She groaned. When Kaleb
didn't move for a minute, she stomped her foot "Leave! Now! Girl time!"

"Fine, okay." Kaleb said. He stood up and pulled his shoes on,
deliberately avoiding eye contact. He didn't think he could look at Jezebel
without having flashbacks of what he'd seen the night before. He glanced at
Bella and smiled slightly "I'll see you later, my Bell."

"Bye." Bella replied. As soon as he was gone, she turned to Jezebel "Way
to ruin the moment!"

"Moment?" Jezebel repeated "You were asleep!"

"He happens to be very comfy."

"Yeah, I'll bet he is." Jezebel muttered "A big, comfy pain in the ass."

"And what an ass." Bella sighed

Jezebel rolled her eyes "Hello? Earth to Bella? I'm having a crisis here!"

"Okay, focusing ." Bella said "What's the crisis?"

"All right, yesterday afternoon," Jezebel sighed, sitting down "Jason
came over while my parents were out, and one thing led to another, and we
ended up, well..."

"And Kaleb and Parker came over to apologize for what happened at Lia's
house, and caught you guys in the middle of it."

"He told you?" Jezebel asked

"Yeah, he came over last night, needed some moral support after seeing
your naked body. With a naked football player's body on top of it."

"He is such a prude."

"Yeah, THAT’s the problem, I'm sure." Bella said "Yeah, he came over, we
talked, and then we started watching 'Stand By Me' and fell asleep. He spent
the whole night again, Jezebel! The whole night, and again, he didn't even
touch me! I might as well be a nun!"

“Want me to kick his ass?" Jezebel offered

"Tempting" Bella replied "Jezzy, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Bell."

Bella frowned for a moment "I'm, like, a totally cute muffin, right?"

"Of course you are, Hell's Bells!" Jezebel giggled

"Then why doesn't he want me?" Bella moaned

"Maybe he swings from the other side of the tree?" Jezebel suggested.
Then she smacked Bella lightly upside the head "Now, can we please talk about
me and MY problem?"

"Sure, sorry." Bella said "You caught me in Kaleb mode."

"Bella, I say this with love." Jezebel sighed "You are always in Kaleb
mode!" She sighed and buried her face in her hands "I love Jason. But Parker
and Kaleb are my cousins, and I don't want to be fighting with them all the

"I know it's hard, Jezzy." Bella told her "But Kaleb needs to accept that
you're doing what feels right for you, what you want. And that's it's not
really his damn business, even though his intentions are good."

Jezebel nodded "It's just...hard, you know? I used to be able to tell him
everything. He's my cousin, and my friend. I should still be able to tell him

"Well, yeah, some stuff." Bella said "But not stuff like that. That's
what I'm here for!"

"True." Jezebel giggled

"And," Bella added, patting her cousin's shoulder and grinning "As the
cousin you can still tell everything to, I want details!"

"Sicko!" Jezebel squealed. She grabbed a pillow and beamed Bella over the
head with it.

"Hey! Quit it!" Bella giggled "Oh, okay! You asked for it!" She grabbed
another pillow and retaliated.


"Be right back guys. Grandma Amy wanted to see me before class," Lia showed
her friends the notice she had in her hand that said to go to the guidance
counselor's office before homeroom.

"What'd you do wrong now?" Jezebel teased.

"I dunno. She probably found out about that prank we pulled on Bell and
K...or maybe she heard about you and Jason and wants some juicy details," Lia
grinned, "Anyway, I'm gonna found out sooner or later so it may as well be

Lia walked down the hall to the door that had 'Mrs. Valenti, guidance
counselor' on a plaque outside the door. She looked at the door for this
week's joke and laughed. The door had a few green-glittered aliens on the
front whose conversation changed weekly. This week they said, 'Got

Once she composed herself, she entered without knocking. "Grandma, I got
your....note," she realized there was another person--a girl about her age
that she'd never seen before--in the room.

"Lia, I'm glad you're here. Lia Whitman, I want you to meet Darla Hubble.
She's a new student at West Roswell High," Amy Valenti looked at one of the
girl's she'd always thought of as a granddaughter with a smile.

"Nice to meet you," Lia said, frowning. Jezebel is going to hate her. Wavy
red hair, huge green eyes, built, and short, and the worst part was the
girl-next-door quality. Jezebel hates goody-two-shoes. The only reason I
got a 'get out of jail free' card is cause we're related. I feel sorry for
this girl already.

"Before you ask, no, I'm not any relation to Everett Hubble the alien hunter.
If you don't believe me, just look at any pictures," Darla stated. "I'm
sorry, I get asked that a lot. It's nice to meet you too."

"So, is this your first day?" Lia asked politely.

"Yes, actually. Mrs. Valenti said you might be willing to show me around
school," Darla gave her a hopeful look.

"Well, I...sure, Grandma I'll show her around," Lia figured it was the least
she could do considering how much flack this girl was going to get from her

"Great, and Lia, I heard what you guys did for Bella. Keep up the good
work," Amy winked.

"Thanks!" Lia grinned, "Come on, Darla, I'll help you find your first class.
Let me see your schedule. Oh, wow, we both have history with Mr. Behr first
period. Bella's in that class with me. I'll introduce you."

"Great, Bella...that's the girl Mrs. Valenti was thanking you for helping
right? Was she a new student too?"

"Um, no, she's sort of a cousin. We've been friends all our lives. Hey
Bell! Over here!" Lia was still glowing over the approval from Grandma Amy.

"Hey! So what did she want?" Bella's question was interrupted by the bell
ringing for class to start.

"I'll tell you later," Lia promised as the class took their seats. She
motioned for Darla to sit next to her.

Mr. Behr entered the room. He had recently gotten his teaching certificate
so he was still young and attractive, and had that whole tall, dark, and
handsome thing going. Normally, he wouldn't have seen this as a problem
except for one girl in his first period class. He took his jacket off and
placed it on the back of his chair just in time to hear a scream that he was
quite familiar with.

"Woo! Take it OFF!"

"Bella Juliet Guerin! One more outburst out of you and you will have a whole
month of detention!" He still found it ironic that he had to discipline a
student for finding him attractive.

"I'm's this damn Turrets," Bella thought quickly.

"Last week it was OCD...but I have to say that at least you lie creatively,
young lady," He groaned inwardly.

"Thank you," Bella glowed at the compliment.

"We were beginning to study the Korean War when we left off yesterday. Turn
to page 305 in your textbooks," He was going to get the class on task if it
killed him.

"Sure, sweet cheeks," Bella mumbled to herself.
He ignored her comment and continued teaching, "Can someone tell me what year
the Korean War began?"


"I am starving. Guys, this is Darla. She's a new student that Grandma Amy
wanted me to show around. I'll tell you more after I actually get some food
into my system," Lia stated.

"Don't tell me you skipped breakfast again," Jezebel groaned.

"Yup, she did," Parker spoke for his sister.

Lia was too busy eating her lunch to notice what was being said. Once she
gobbled down her sandwich, she paused and said, "Ok, now, what were you
saying? Wait a minute. Where did Bell and K go?"

"Probably the eraser room," Parker teased his sister.

"They said they were going to *talk*; they didn't say where," Jezebel

"What's an eraser room?" Darla asked.

"A place where Bell and K shouldn't be going for at least another month," Lia

"Huh?" Darla looked totally confused.

"It's the makeout area of the school. You know, some schools have bleachers,
ours has an eraser room," Lia patiently told her.

"So what does the month have to do with anything?"

"Never mind; it's not worth explaining," Lia sighed. "I'll go look for them
when I'm done eating."

"So why are we here again?" Bella asked as she sat down next to Kaleb. Kaleb
had grabbed her hand and dragged her to the eraser room after the lunch bell
rang...not that she was complaining...she'd always dreamed about being in the
infamous eraser room with Kaleb...but she knew that they weren't there for
the reason she wanted them to be there.

Kaleb started, "I wanted to talk to you..."

"So talk," Bella's impatience won out.

"K, I'm worried about you," Kaleb blurted out.

"Why?" Bella was both moved and confused because she hadn't given him any
reason to worry, at least she thought she hadn't.

"I know you, my've been upset about something...are you still
having bad dreams?" Kaleb subconsciously placed his hand over hers on her leg.

Bella looked down, "I'm fine. It''s nothing. As my mother would say,
I'm teflon, babe." She looked up at him and faked a smile to prove her point.

Kaleb looked at her seriously, "Do you think the dreams could be visions?"

"I don't know...I mean you and Lia are the ones who usually get visions in
dreams...I've only ever gotten them from touching things..." Bella was
clearly torn.

Kaleb quietly asked her, "What does your gut tell you?"

Bella got a little teary and started yelling at herself, "That I'm being a
Freakin baby about all of this...and that I'm making a big deal out of
nothing...and...and...that I don't know what to think...but I'm scared
because I never felt like this before."

"Something tells me there's more to this than just nightmares. I've never
seen you this upset over 'just nightmares'. Tell me what happened in the
dreams. Maybe since I've had more experience with this type of thing, I'll
be able to help you sort out if it's real," Kaleb tried to comfort her,
rubbing his thumb on her hand.

"I don't know really...I mean...there's this woman...and I'm scared...she
scares me...and...and you're there...but you don't scare make me," Bella looked right into his eyes as she told him he made her
feel safe. He made her feel safer than anyone else ever had. She wished he
would put his arms around her, and just as she wished it, her wish came true.
She suddenly found him enveloping his arms around her in the warmest hug he
had ever given her, and she prayed he wouldn't notice how their cheeks were
touching and let her go.

Instead he began rubbing her back, saying softly, "I'll always make you feel
safe, my bell."

Her heart stopped when she heard those words. She wanted to ask him how he
felt about her, but something told her she couldn't deal with it if he said
he didn't love her, definitely not now. She buried her face in the crook of
his neck and sighed. She smelled him, thinking that no man could ever smell
as wonderful as he did right then. He smelled just like....butterscotch
chocolate pudding? She felt her stomach rumbling and burst out laughing as
she pulled away, "The others are probably wondering where we are...we should
get out there...besides...I'm starving."

Kaleb took her hand and headed for the school cafeteria where the gang
always ate lunch. As they walked up to the table, he blushed as he heard
Parker shout,
"Woohoo! The lovebirds are at it again!"

"PARKER!!" Lia kicked him under the table. "STOP it! Give them a break for
once in their lives."

"Ow, sibling abuse!" Parker glared.

"Hey guys, this is Darla...she's new. Remember Grandma Amy asked to see me
this morning and I never got to tell you about it? Well, she asked me to
help show Darla around school. Darla, this is Bella, from history remember?
And this is Kaleb," Lia made the introductions.

Parker smirked, "Yeah, you were...elsewhere when we met her. So how WAS the
eraser room?"

Kaleb shot him a glare, "Fine. We had to TALK."

"Yeah, the eraser room is famous for TALKING," Parker continued his innuendo.

"History? Huh? I'm sorry, I was a bit too focused on Mr. Behr. Darla, is
it?" Bella went to shake the girl's hand, and as their hands touched, a jolt
of terror raced through her body. Bella turned pale white, and she suddenly
felt like she was going to vomit right there in the middle of the cafeteria,
"I'm sorry, I think I'm gonna be sick..." She immediately ran out of the
cafeteria in search of the nearest bathroom.

Kaleb gave his apologies to the group, "She was acting weird all day today.
She's probably got the flu. I'll go make sure she's alright." Before they
could answer, he'd bolted after her at full speed.

He saw her turning the corner and yelled at her to wait up. He caught up
with her just in time to see her leaning up against a wall in an empty
hallway trying to catch her breath, "BELLA!!! bella!?! Are you ok?"

In response she slid down the wall to sit on her knees. She looked around
to make sure no one is anywhere near them and gasped out still catching her
breath , "I this...this wave of...fear...when I touched her.
Did you...feel anything?"

"Well...not as strongly as you did, apparently...but, I did feel there's something about her that I feel like I shouldn't trust,"
Kaleb did his best to describe the sensations he had received.

"The thing is...that jolt of fear...reminded me of my dreams!" She stated
triumphantly, as her breathing slowed to normal.

Kaleb thought for a minute, "So you think the new girl is somehow connected
to your dreams?" He knelt down to meet her on the floor.

" don't know!" Bella was totally confused by these intuitions
she was getting. Were they all in her head? If they weren't, were they
connected somehow?

"Hey..." He soothed, stroking her hair, "it's ok. We don't have to figure
this all out right this minute, but we should probably warn the others."

"Yeah...just...give me a minute...ok?" Bella forced a small smile.

"Hey, take all the time you need. It's not like I have anything better to
do than sit with you on the floor of our school," Kaleb teased with a smile,
trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah...guess I'm cutting in on all that time you usually spend bantering
with Parker and...what else DO you do?" Bella teased back.

"Oh not much...just hang out with my best friend. She's great, but can be a
real smart ass sometimes," Kaleb backed away a little expecting to be hit.

As expected, she playfully punched him on the shoulder, "Oh yeah, I think
I'd like her."

The two of them laughed and headed back toward the cafeteria.

The two of them laughed and headed back toward the cafeteria. As they
walked toward their usual lunchtable and their friends, Bella breathed a sigh
of relief. Darla had just gotten up to return her, now empty, lunch tray.
She at least had a few minutes to talk with her friends before Darla got back.

"Bella, how are you feeling? You looked really sick," Lia asked.

"Yeah, like, unusually sick?" Jezebel chimed in. Both girls recognized
something was off with Bella's sudden attack of nausea because not getting
sick was, well, a family trait.

"Relax, girls. Bella just needed some, ah, comforting...She probably faked
the whole thing," Parker flinched as he felt both Lia and Jezebel kicking him
under the table.

"Guys, this is serious. We need to talk after school. All of us," Kaleb
looked at each of them in turn.

"Totally. I need help with my report on Czechoslovakia," Bella emphasized
the last word. Czechoslovakia had been her mother's, as well as the entire
group's, code word for alien stuff in public, and the teens recognized the
use of Czechoslovakia as a household word, as familiar as tabasco. This
immediate recognition was the reason Bella had chosen to use it right at that
particular moment.

"Just name the time and place. I'm always ready to help with homework," Lia
winked to show she understood.

"I'll be there too. Nothing else to do on a Monday night," Parker
commented, "except maybe watch cheerleader practice."

"I can't. Sorry, I just made plans with Darla. She's coming over to my
house to hang out. I'd feel weird cancelling immediately after I invited
her. I'll call you after she leaves?" Jezebel asked. It wasn't often Bella
cited Czechoslovakian business, and it was usually pretty important when she
did, but a few hours wouldn't make any difference in the overall scheme of
things. The group would have to wait until after school anyhow. What was a
few hours?

"It'll have to do. Oh, it's a secret project for extra credit. Only
trusting Established sources," Bella needed to make it clear that Jezebel
needed to talk to her before letting Darla into any confidences.

"Why? I guess you'd tell me if you could. Only established sources for
help with your report tonight. Got it," Jezebel was totally curious now.
Bella was playing two major trump cards in one conversation. Totally unusual.

"Good, so my house then? My mom and dad will be at work till late," Bella

"Works for me," Parker answered.

"Me too," Lia agreed.

"Then it's settled. Bell, you're a genius," Kaleb smiled at her.

Darla got back to the table in time to hear the last sentence Kaleb said,
"Bella are you ok? I was really worried."

"It was just food poisoning. Can't trust school cafeteria food at all. I
mean, where else can you find green hot dogs?" Bella laughed nervously.
Would Darla, whoever she was, believe her excuse? She wasn't showing any
sign of distrust.

"True, true. So like why is he calling you a genius?" Darla inquired,
trying not to appear incredibly interested.

"Please don't ask. I've had more than enough of this mushy stuff. I can't
take any more," Parker put the conversation back into lighter, more everyday

"Alright, then we'd all better get to class if we aren't going to be late,"
Lia rushed everyone. Kaleb, Parker, Jezebel, and Darla all started moving
faster, but Bella stayed right where she was.

"Right, Lia can't miss a single minute of class, and we could make her
late," Bella grinned.

"Bell! Come on, I get that enough from your parents, I don't need it from
you too," Lia begged.

"Point taken. Let's go," Bella apologized. She stepped her speed up to
that of the rest of the group, and they separated down the hall to go to
their respective classes.


posted on 2-Sep-2001 6:15:28 PM

Bella, Kaleb, Lia and Parker met after last period to go to Bella's house.
Since Kaleb and Parker had both brought the family cars to school, the four
of them decided that Kaleb and Bella were going to take 'Bob', the old Jeep
that his father had passed down to him, and Parker and Lia were going to take
'Sally', a Ford mustang that had been their parents first car after they got

As they walked to the separate cars, Kaleb looked at Bella, "Hop in

Bella sighed, "I don't know what's sicker...your dad naming his jeep Bob, or
the fact that after 18 years and being passed down a generation, you guys
STILL call it that."

"Hey don't be dissing Bob...Bob's the best," Kaleb chastised her.

Bella looked up at the sky, "Men and their cars."

"Just get in," Kaleb shook his head smiling. The two of them drove for ten
minutes listening to the radio and just feeling the wind blow past and not
noticing the world around them. As they pulled into Bella's driveway, Bella
noticed Parker and Lia pulling in right behind them. She couldn't put off
thinking about it any longer. Time to make her friends believe she wasn't a
raving lunatic. Bella unlocked the door, and everyone filed into the house.

"So what's this urgent meeting all about? You and Kaleb elope or something?"
Lia asked playfully.

Bella smacked her upside the head, "Aren't YOU the quippy one today?"

"Well, you were in the eraser room today," Lia defended herself.

"Now, Lia...Bella and I having mad, passionate, lustful sex in school is NONE
of your business," Kaleb laughed.

"Dammit...where was I and how did I miss us having mad, passionate, lustful
sex? Next time please inform me beforehand, ok?" Bella teased back.

Kaleb responded, "Will do."

"So is there a reason why you called us here or was it just to bear witness
to your sexually repressed banter?" Parker asked as the four took their usual
places. Lia sat on the back of the armchair, Parker sat on the floor, and
Bella and Kaleb took the couch. "Because I gotta tell ya, I see enough of
that DURING school hours."

"I TOTALLY agree," Lia piped up.

"Well that's a first," Bella exclaimed.

"No, I mean I want to know what the meeting was about, bell," Lia clarified,
realizing Bella had thought she had been agreeing with the repressed sexual
banter comment.

"But whatever...yes, Parker, you big charmer you, there WAS a reason we
wanted to see you's about that new girl Lia was showing

Lia still didn't understand where this was heading, "What about her? I
thought she was nice."

"Gotta break from tradition and agree with my sister on this one...I thought
she was ok, too," Parker said nonchalantly.

"So then you didn't get a...weird feeling from her?" Kaleb asked, a little
confused. Why would he and Bella get these feelings and not the rest of the

"No, why? Will you get to the point already?" Lia was getting frustrated.

"Bella...well, she's been having these dreams...these nightmares...and.."
Kaleb started to explain.

Bella took over, "And they feel SO real...and when I touched Darla today...I
got that same the one from my dream. That fear."

"And I felt it too," Kaleb backed her up, "Like we shouldn't trust her for
some reason."

"Why didn't you tell me you were having nightmares? Were they nightmares or
visions?" Lia was skeptical.

Bella was a little defensive and hurt at Lia's mistrust, "I didn't tell
anyone. I don't know what they were."

Parker snorted, "Well you OBVIOUSLY told Kaleb...big surprise there."

"But not me," Lia was hurt.

"Listen, she didn't TELL me, and STOP attacking her. I asked because I could
see that she was upset, so just drop it!" Kaleb was furious at how they were
treating her...she was already upset enough.

Bella was wondering how they had gotten so far off track, "Guys! Just
stop...this is ridiculous. Lia, I didn't tell you because I didn't want to
talk about it, ok? I only talked to Kaleb because he was there after the
first dream. I didn't ask you guys here so that we would fight...I just
thought...I just thought that you should know what we both felt and that we
should be careful."

"I'm sorry, Bell. I know you didn't mean to hurt me. We got way off track.
Why would you get these feelings and Parker and I didn't? There's something
weird going on here. Is she dangerous or isn't she?" Lia questioned.

Bella sighed, "I just don't know." She was exhausted from the emotional day
she had had.

"I think that's enough, guys...Parker, Lia...why don't we all go home? Let's
think on this and meet up again tomorrow. In the meantime, I think it would
be better to err on the side of caution. No one trust Darla until we can
figure this thing out. Agreed?" Kaleb asked.

"Sounds good to me. What about Jezzy?" Lia asked.

"I'll call her later," Bella responded.

Parker still thought they were being silly, "I still think you guys are
overreacting, but I'll go along with the plan. No biggie to me either way."

Kaleb smiled, "Great. We're agreed. Let's go home. Bella, what time did
you say your parents were getting home again?"

"Not until late...Mom left some food in the fridge for me...I think. Why?"
Bella had a hunch what he was going to ask.

"I just thought you shouldn't be alone right now. How bout you come over to
my house for a while? If nothing else, it will force my parents to take a
break from that incessant screwing." Kaleb pleaded.

"I knew there was a selfish motive in there somewhere," Bella laughed.

"Sure, don't I always help you out like that?"

"Great," Kaleb said, "Get your stuff and let's go."

"Awww, that's sweet. Thank goodness I have homework. Did I just say that?"
Parker laughed.

"Yes, you did, and we are leaving them alone. C'mon let's go," Lia pulled
her brother out the door.

Kaleb shook his head as he watched them leave, "Bella, I'm sure my mom would
love for you to stay for dinner anyway."

"Anything's better than frozen pizza. Besides, I love your parents, too,"
Bella said, "So let me get my coat on and lock up." The entire time Bella
took getting ready to leave four little words kept surfacing through her
brain, 'Friendship, what a bitch."


Kaleb unlocked the front door and screamed up the stairs, trying to ignore
all the moans, yelps, and squeals coming from upstairs, "MOM! DAD! BELLA'S

Bella heard the sound of someone falling on the floor, followed by giggling,
and a "We'll be down in a minute," coming from his mom.

"How subtle," Bella giggled. "They never stop, do they," It was a statement,
not a question. Bella already knew that Kaleb's parents rivaled her own in
their affection for one another. But being that she was a girl, her parents
tried to hide it better.

"I'm so used to it, I don't even really care anymore. It's this point," Kaleb commented.

"Kaleb, honey, we thought you'd decided to stay after school. Hi, Bella.
Why didn't you call and tell us Bella was coming over?" As she came down the
stairs, Liz was still flushed and looked thoroughly tousled, but more
embarrassed for Bella than she was for herself.

Kaleb smiled at his flustered mother. “It was kindof a…last minute thing.” He answered, trying to make his mother think he DIDN’T know what had been going up a couple of minutes earlier. “Hope it’s ok.”

“Of course it’s ok!” Liz exclaimed as she embraced Bella in a warm hug. “Missed you, sweetie.” She said as she released her goddaughter from her arms.

Liz looked at the girl in front of her for a moment, noting how grown up Bella had become. She was the perfect combination of both Michael and Maria, not only in looks but in personality. She had Maria’s lips and skin, and Michael’s soulful eyes…although the soft gray coloring of them was unique to Bella alone. She had Maria’s spunk and humor as well as Michael’s stubbornness and affinity for the arts. There was no wonder Kaleb was so smitten with the tiny girl. She was quite special. Liz smiled and, tucking a stray piece of dark hard behind her ear, turned to her son. “You have to bring Bella around here more often, Kaleb. I don’t see her nearly enough. You know your father feels the same way.”

Bella was touched by Liz’s affection towards her. She always felt so loved in the Evans home. “I missed you too, Liz.” She grinned. “I promise to come by more often…even if I have to kick your son’s sorry but at PlayStation every afternoon.” Bella laughed at Kaleb’s mock anger at her statement.

“Kick MY butt? Excuse me…that’s just because I LET you win!” He retorted.

Liz chuckled at the interaction between Bella and her son. That girl sure WAS her parents…no question about it.

Bella scoffed. “Let me win? Yeah right…if letting me win includes throwing a tantrum because “Your controller is broken” and “you sneezed so we have to start over”.”

“My controller WAS broken and I had a cold that day and when I…”

“Kaleb…Bella…you two behave or I’ll have to bring out the hose.” Liz reprimanded through her laughter.

“Your mother is right, Kaleb…fighting is no way to solve a disagreement.” Bella smiled evilly. “We’ll settle this like calm, rational people…RACE YOU TO THE PLAYSTATION!!!!” She yelled as she bolted up the stairs towards Kaleb’s room.

Kaleb sighed and smiled at his mother. “Just another day in Bella land.” He chuckled before following his rambunctious friend up to his room.

Max passed by Kaleb going up the stairs on his was down to join Liz. When Max reached his wife he looked at her with raised eyebrows. “What was that about?”

“Remember how much sexual tension there was between Maria and Michael before they got together?” Liz asked.

“How could I NOT. They were bickering and stealing lustful glances at each other every five seconds.” Max grinned.

“Yeah…well let’s just say that history is definitely repeating itself in our son and Bella Guerin.”

“Ah…to be young and emotionally retarded.” Max joked, receiving a light smack on the arm from Liz, who was desperately trying to contain her laughter.

“Hey…we’ve all been there.” Liz rationalized.

Max pulled her against his body and ran his hand through her silky chocolate hair. “Yeah…” He said in a breathy whisper. “But I’m glad we’re not anymore.”

Liz leaned up to her beautiful husband and met her lips to his. He smelled just the same as when they had their very first kiss. And 20 years later they still had the same passion and love towards each other as on day one.

Max cupped the back of Liz’s head, deepening the kiss and tasting the recesses of her mouth. He was rewarded by a low moan in the back of Liz’s throat. God, that woman drove him wild!

“MOM!!!” Kaleb called from upstairs. “What time’s dinner?”

Liz reluctantly broke away from Max’s embrace with a sigh. “Seven o’clock, Kaleb.” She replied while trying to catch her breath.

Max pouted. “And parenthood rears its ugly head.” He chuckled.

“Later.” Liz whispered before giving Max one more quick kiss and walking past him into the kitchen.


"Oh my God, this is so cool!" Darla said happily "I can't believe you're
Jacinda Valenti's daughter. She is one of my favorite actresses." She paused
and looked around "I love this car!"

Jezebel smiled. Darla was a little overeager, but she seemed nice enough.
Maybe she'd be quieter once she got settled.

"So, tell me all about your friends." Darla continued "They seem so nice!"

"Well, where to begin?" Jezebel said. She didn't know why, but she felt a
strange urge to tell this new girl all about her friends and family. She knew
she couldn't, though, and she pushed it out of her mind. "Well, all my
friends are also my cousins. "Lia and Parker are my aunt Isabel and uncle
Alex's kids. Lia's a sweetie." She paused and laughed "And Parker's an idiot.
Bella is my best friend. Her mom is my dad's stepsister Maria, and her dad is
my parents' friend from high school. She's usually bonkers like me, you just
caught her on an off day. Kaleb is my uncle Max and aunt Liz's kid. Max is my
mom's brother, and they used to bicker all the time. As for Kaleb and myself,
let's just say it runs in the family. Bella is completely obsessed with
Kaleb, and it's VERY mutual. But she's in denial, and that's also mutual.
Needless to say, we tease them mercilessly."

Darla giggled "Okay, let me see if I've got it. It's Bella, Kaleb, Lia, and
Parker. Bella and Kaleb are in love with each other, but haven't admitted it.

Jezebel nodded "Yeah, you're in the know." She pulled her car into the
driveway "Here we are. Mom's home, come on in, I'll introduce you to her."
She could have sworn she saw a flash of anger in Darla's eyes at the mention
of her mother, but if she did it was quickly replaced by her usual
cheeriness. She shook it off and got out of the car. Darla followed her up to
the front door "Mom?" Jezebel called "I'm home!"

"Hi, sweetie!" Jacinda called from the living room. She came into the hallway
to greet her daughter "Oh, I didn't know you were bringing a friend home with

"Darla just started school today." Jezebel explained "She doesn't know many
people yet, so I thought it would be nice to have her over. Plus she really
wanted to meet you."

"Mrs. Valenti, it is so cool to meet you!" Darla gushed, shaking Jacinda's
hand "I'm such a big fan, I've seen all of your movies!"

"Both of them?" Jacinda asked, laughing

"Don't be so modest, you're an amazing actress." Darla continued "I was so
disappointed when you retired from acting a few years ago."

"That's very kind." Jacinda said. Suddenly, a strange flash hit her. It
happened so quickly, she couldn't make out any of it. But there was no
mistaking the shiver that ran down her spine. She wavered a little and closed
her eyes.

"Mom, are you okay?" Jezebel asked

Jacinda nodded "Yeah, I'm fine, I think I just need to lie down."

Jezebel put her hand on her mother's arm "Should I call Daddy?"

"No, it's nothing." Jacinda said "It was nice to meet you, Darla." She turned
and made her way up the stairs.

"Wow, is there a full moon tonight?" Jezebel wondered out loud "I can excuse
my mom for acting weird, she's knocked up. But Bella? Maybe she and Kaleb had
some fun in the eraser room after all?" She sighed and rolled her eyes
"Anyway, you wanna watch some TV or something?

"Yeah, okay!" Darla agreed "Lead the way."


"Jez, it's Bell. Did I wake you?"

Jezebel groaned "No, Bell, of course not. It's three AM. I was awake."

"Yeah, I thought so." Bella said "How did it go with Darla?"

"Not bad." Jezebel replied "She's a little overeager, in a suck-up kinda way,
but then again, she's new."


"Oh?" Jezebel repeated "Hell's Bells, how is that an 'oh?'"

"Dammit!" Bella groaned "I mean, am I crazy? No, I can't be crazy, because
Kaleb feels it, too...but what if he's just saying that to make me feel
better? Maybe I imagined the whole thing, maybe-"

"Bella!" Jezebel interrupted. She then slapped her hand over her mouth and
listened for a moment to be sure she hadn't woken her parents up. She then
continued in a low voice "Bell, take off the Maria hat for a moment and stop
babbling! What's wrong?"

"It's Darla." Bella said "She gives me this bad feeling...when I touched
her...Kaleb said he felt it, too. I just think we should be careful about
trusting her too much...something's not right..."

Jezebel said "Mom reacted to her kinda weird, too. Maybe you're right. We'll
keep an eye on her."

"Thanks, Jez." Bella said "For trusting me, I mean. I feel so...not me."

"It's okay, Bell." Jezebel assured her. She sighed "I gotta go, I woke up the
parental units."

"How can you tell?" Bella asked

"I can hear." Jezebel said

"Okay, ewww. I so feel your pain." Bella said "I should get some sleep,

"Sweet dreams..." Jezebel giggled "...of Kaleb...doing, naughty, naughty
things to you..."

"Jezebel!" Bella gasped "Goodnight!"

"Okay, okay." Jezebel sighed "Night, babe." She hung up the phone and pulled
a pillow over her head, rolling her eyes.

"I'm beginning to like this waking up in the middle of the night for some
action thing," Kyle held Jacinda in his arms. "Too bad we've both got to
work in the morning."

"You would ruin the whole moment. You're right, we should go to sleep,"
Jacinda watched Kyle closing his eyes. Now that she was awake, she wasn't
ready to go back to bed. She felt like there was something she was supposed
to be doing, but what? It had to do with that girl her daughter brought
home. She just knew it. "Damn intuition," she muttered, turning over.

"Angel, are you still awake?" Kyle muttered.

"Yeah, go back to sleep." Jacinda said "I'm okay, I think I'm just having
some kind of...hormonal thing."

"Okay, if you're sure." Kyle said.

"Yeah." Jacinda replied. She waited a minute, then picked up the phone on the
bedside table and went into the bathroom and shut the door. She turned the
phone on and dialed Max and Liz's number. She waited anxiously for someone
to pick up the phone.

Liz rolled over sleepily and answered on the third ring, "Maria, what is it?"

"It's not Maria," Jacinda told her.

"Jacey, is that you? It's 3 am?" Liz was startled into alertness. Jacinda
almost never called in the middle of the night. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm not sure. I've been getting these feelings lately, that something's
going to go terribly wrong if I don't stop it. But I'm not sure what it is
I'm supposed to stop," Jacinda babbled.

"Well, I trust your gut. I don't know if that helps any. I've been having a
lot of weird dreams as well. Nightmares, really. Of high school and, um,
you know who," Liz said cryptically, as though saying the person's name might
bring that person back into her life. A situation she didn't want to be in
no matter what.

Jacinda continued, "Me too. And then, the weirdest thing happened today.
Jezebel brought a new girl over from school. She looked nothing like you
know who, but I got the same shiver up my spine that I do when you know who
is around."

"Maybe this all means something. Hold on, I'll wake Max up and have him pick
up the extension," Liz started touching Max's earlobe with her tongue. It
had the desired effect. "Honey, Jacinda is on the phone."

" CANNOT do something like that and then mention my SISTER!" Max
groaned. "Tell her we're busy and to go back to sleep," He started kissing
her neck.

"Max, she's...really...upset. Pick...up the phone," Liz got out the last
word with a triumphant smile. He still made her melt completely when he so
much as touched her after all these years, and she had a hard time keeping a
coherent thought.

Max growled to himself, "Jacinda this had better be important. We'll pick up
where we left off after she gives me a good explanation for calling at 3 am."
He looked at Liz meaningfully and then looked around for the cordless phone.
Finding it on the dresser, he picked up the extension. "What's up?"

Jacinda got straight to the point, "I'm having dreams again. and know how my feelings are always right? well now...I feel
danger...for everyone."

Max asked the obvious question, "Anything specific?"

"Not specific enough for me to pinpoint a time and place if that's what you
mean. But they involve a new girl in Jezebel's class somehow. Her name was
Darla, I think," Jacinda grasped at straws.

"I wonder if Kaleb knows this new girl," Max thought out loud.

"Have you talked to Jezebel about your concerns yet?" Liz asked.

Jacinda responded, "No, I didn't want to worry her."

"Maybe we could all do some fishing without letting them know why we're
interested," Liz suggested.

"Right, cause if it's related to you know who, she'll be sure to drop us some
clues," Jacinda agreed. "The kids might not realize they were clues, but
she'd make it something we'd find out pretty easily."
Max questioned, "Who is this you know who you're talking about?"

"Max, you have to ask?" Jacinda sighed, "I've been having dreams about a
certain person who left town because of you two."

"Ohhhh. You don't really think after all these years she'd pick now to come
after us?" Max was incredulous.

Jacinda said very quietly, "I don't know why she would pick now. Wait, I do
have a theory. Max, how old is Kaleb?"

"Seventeen, the same as Jezebel. You know that?" Max answered.

"And how old were you when you chose Liz know who? How old were
you when she left?" Jacinda led him to what she believed to be the proper

"Seventeen," Max said quietly, understanding what Jacinda was getting at.

Liz couldn't believe someone would do something for that cheesy a reason,
"But why would she come back just because Kaleb is the same age Max was?
That doesn't make any sense."

"Look at who we're talking about. Was intelligence EVER her strong suit?"
Jacinda laughed.

"Point taken," Liz laughed with her.

"But power was," Max reminded them quietly. "Intelligent or not, she could
still be a formidable enemy."

"Right, so we'll talk to Kaleb, and you talk to Jezebel, and we'll talk again
after we get new info," Liz said.

Jacinda pleaded, "Just once could you let someone else do the planning? Ok,
this is a good plan, but maybe next time, just once someone else could take

"Sure, next time if you have a good plan, we'll do it. Talk to you later?"
Liz asked.

Jacinda agreed, "Yup, bye."

"Bye," Liz hung up the phone, and allowed Max's arms to envelop her. She
desperately needed some comforting right now.


Kaleb looked over at Parker standing next to him on the volleyball court. Kaleb HATED Wednesdays…and LOVED them. Wednesdays, Kaleb had gym. Gym was co-ed…and inter-grade. So he had class with Parker…and Bella. It was…interesting.

Sure, he loved being able to watch Bella in her little gym shorts and tank top on the other side of the net trying as hard as she could to play volleyball…and failing miserably. She was always so adorable when she missed the ball and pouted with frustration.

But Kaleb DIDN’T love how Parker would always give him such a friggin hard time about Bella. As much as Kaleb tried to hide it, Parker always seemed to know when he was watching her. Today was no different.

Well…actually, today WAS different. Today Kaleb had noticed that Parker was also watching someone.

Corinne King…or Corey, as she was known by everyone in school. She was a sophomore like Bella and Parker. Kaleb knew her because she was in several classed with Bella. Corey was a very sweet girl…but shy and quiet. She was pretty but not ‘slap you in the face gorgeous’. Basically, the complete polar opposite of what Parker was and what he had always seemed interested in.

That’s why, when Kaleb had first noticed Parker staring at her, he’d thought he was mistaken. But as the period went on, Kaleb became sure he knew the look in Parker’s eyes.

Parker Whitman had a crush. ‘And the shoe is finally on the other foot.’ Kaleb chuckled to himself.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Bella yelled from across the court as she missed the ball and spun around landing on the floor in a heap on her butt. Her scream was followed by fits of hysterical laughter.

“Graceful there, Bell!” Parker yelled to her from the other side of the net.

“Practicin that one all week…glad you liked it.” She joked back still in hysterics.

“Here…” Corey offered her hand to Bella to help her up. “I give it a 9.2. Excellent form, but slightly lacking in difficulty.” She smiled as she pulled Bella up from the floor.

“I’m maintaining my amateur status so that I can participate in the ‘falling on your ass Olympics’.” Bella smiled back at her acquaintance.

Kaleb watched Parker as he stared at Corey helping Bella up. The cold sarcastic look that had been in his eyes when he was teasing Bella had left and in its place was a warmth that Kaleb didn’t think he’s ever seen in Parker. ‘Wow…he really has it bad.’ Kaleb mused.

“You alright, Bell?” Kaleb called to his slightly frazzled friend.

“Yeah…just filling my falling quota for the week.” She replied with a warm grin. “You know how it goes.”

“Good.” Parker interjected, the old ‘ice king’ look back in his eyes. “Well if you’re all settled them GAME ON!!!” He yelled.

‘Same old Parker.’ Kaleb sighed to himself as he resumed his stance on the court.


“Your girl’s got the motor skills of a three year old.” Parker teased Kaleb once they had reached the locker room.

“First of all,” Kaleb eyed his friend. “She’s NOT my girl…she’s my FRIEND. And your friend…so you shouldn’t talk about her like that. And second of all…volleyball just isn’t her thing. You know Bella…she’s an ‘I don’t run unless someone’s chasin me’ kindof girl. She can draw and sing better than half the school, though…so leave her alone.” Kaleb said in a defensive rush. It always bothered him how callous Parker could be.

“Yeah…whatever.” Parker mumbled as he pulled his shirt on over his head.

“And anyway…” Kaleb continued. “Speaking of girls…it sure was nice of YOUR girl to help Bella up when she fell.”

Parker got defensive, "MY girl? Either I'm Macaulay Culkin or you've been
doing masses doses of hallucinogens...because I don’t believe I have 'a girl'."

"If that's the way you want to play it," Kaleb grinned mischievously. "I
wonder how a certain Corinne King would feel about finding a bouquet of roses
in her locker signed by none other than Parker Whitman."

"About as good as a certain Bella Guerin would feel about finding an
invitation to make out in the Eraser Room signed by Kaleb Evans," Parker
wasn't afraid of blackmail. Not where his feelings for Corey were concerned.

"You wouldn't freak Bella out like that. Not even you would be that cold,"
Kaleb shrank back, trying to shrug off the image of him and Bella making out
in the Eraser Room.

Parker snickered, "Oh...I don't think she'd mind."

"Parker, I give in, I'll stop. No more comments about the way Corey was
looking at you in gym class," Kaleb promised.

Parker dropped his guard for a second, "She was looking at me in gym class?"

"Oh Yeah...very nonchalant Parker. Good job acting like you don't care,"
Kaleb smirked.

Parker blushed, "Just shut up. I have to get to class." He got up and
started walking out of the locker room.

"Tell Corey I say hi, and think twice before you make fun of me about Bella
again!" Kaleb yelled after him, laughing.



Kaleb walked out of the locker room doors and spotted Bella walking a few feet in front of him. Coming up behind her he draped his arm over her shoulder (a typical “friend” gesture for them but a pleasure he delighted in nevertheless) and bent down to whisper in her ear.

“Guess who’s in love?” He asked softly.

Bella sighed at the feel of Kaleb’s body so close to hers and his warm breath on her face. She’d felt his presence the moment he’d come up behind her. “Me.” She mumbled to herself.

Kaleb pulled away and looked at her face questioningly. ‘Did she just say…Naw.’ “Huh?” He asked puzzled.

“Oh…nothing.” She answered quickly. “So who’s in love?”

Pulling his arm off her shoulder and turning to face her he smiled answering
"Parker Whitman...the ice king himself."

Bella's eyes widened and her jaw dropped "You're kidding, right?" She broke
out in a wide grin.

"I kid you not." Kaleb replied "With Corey King, no less. Who would’ve thought?"

"Well, not ME." Bella said

"So, what class are you going to now?" Kaleb asked. He knew what class she
had, but didn't want to seem like a stalker.

"Study hall." Bella replied "You?"

"I heard Mike Cooper say we have a substitute for Lit. Wanna get some food
from the Crashdown?" Kaleb offered

"Sure." Bella accepted "I've got this insane craving for an alien blast." She smiled inwardly at her innuendo.

"Yeah." Kaleb said "I could go for one those myself."


The rest of the day was uneventful, as was the better part of Thursday. Darla
had been absent since Monday, and although it worried Bella and Kaleb that
she was nowhere to be seen, at the same time they were glad they didn't have
to think about her for a little while. It was Thursday afternoon before any
of them thought about her again.

They were all at Jezebel's house after school to use the swimming pool. The
weather had been usually warm for early spring lately, and today had been
especially hot.

The back door opened and Jacinda stepped out "Jezebel, Jason is here."

"Great, send him out, would you?" Jezebel replied

"Sure." Jacinda said

"Thanks." Jezebel turned to Parker and Kaleb "I invited him. Deal with it."

"I'm gonna go get a soda." Parker said. He stood up and went inside. He had
just opened the refrigerator when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." He called
to Jacinda. He opened the front door.

"Hi, Parker!" Corey said brightly

"" Parker stammered

"Corey!" Bella yelled, running up behind Parker. "Good to see you! Glad you
could make it."

"Thanks." Corey replied

"You can go change in the guest house, then head out back where everyone else
is." Bella told her.

"Okay, great." Corey said. She went off, leaving Parker standing there
slackjawed in front of the open door.

Bella gave him an innocent smile "Something wrong, Parker? Come on now, you
know Kaleb tells me everything. Pay back's a bitch, my dear."

"Really?" Kaleb asked, shutting the door "Are you two related?"

"Shut up, you know you love me." Bella giggled, running for the back door
"And anyway, this is gonna be fun!" Outside, she ran up to Jezebel and Kaleb
"Guess who's here?"

Jezebel grinned wickedly "I know. This is gonna be great."

"How does she know?" Kaleb asked

"Kaleb, darling, you know I can't keep anything from Jezebel." Bella said,
batting her eyes "Just like YOU can't keep anything from ME." She grabbed the
hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head.

"Chill, Kaleb." Jezebel said, noticing the look on his face "She's wearing a
bathing suit under her clothes. And even if she wasn't it's nothing you've
never seen."

"Don't be so sure." Kaleb said under his breath, staring at Bella's cute
yellow bikini.

Jezebel rolled her eyes as she stood up and pulled her sundress over her
head, revealing a white bikini similar to Bella's. The two girls walked off,

Jason came up behind Kaleb, watching the girls with interest "Nice." He was
talking about Jezebel, but Kaleb misunderstood him.

"Don't talk about Bella like that!" He snapped "Don't look at her like that!'re...she's...NO!" He stormed off.
"What's with him?" Parker asked, walking up to Jason.

"Wow..." Jason said "He's really got it bad for Bella, huh?"

"And we finally agree on something." Parker observed.

"I was talking about Jezebel." Jason explained "She looks really hot-"

"And we're back to disagreeing." Parker interrupted.

"Hey!" Corey said, emerging in her lavender one-piece suit.

"Hey." Parker said "Um...I gotta...go...over there."

Jason shrugged and caught up with Jezebel. He wrapped his arms around her
from behind and pulled her against him, pressing his lips against the back of
her neck.

"Mmm." She purred, leaning into his embrace. "Hey, baby."

"Your cousins have issues." He told her

She nodded, turning around and running her hands through his hair "Well, duh.
Are we talking about any in particular?"

"Well, Kaleb is in love with Bella, no?" Jason asked, whispering the words
right in her ear. His breath against her skin made her eyes drift shut and
she moaned softly.

"Uh-huh." She managed to breathe.

"And she's in love with him, right?" Jason continued, nipping at her throat

"Yeah." Jezebel said "They're both so blind." She was feeling a little blind
herself at that moment. Her world had shrunk to just the two of them.

"And Parker," Jason went on, kissing her neck lightly as he spoke "Is so
obviously head over heels with that Corey girl. Your family has some serious
repressed emotions, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know." Jezebel managed to gasp out. She pulled him down to her and
kissed him, completely forgetting that her cousins were right there. He
deepened the kiss, and she felt like she was on fire, like she was falling.
Then she realized that she WAS falling. With a shriek and a few curses, she
tumbled into the pool with Jason. They came up, sputtering and coughing.
"Bella!" Jezebel shouted.

"Sorry!" Bella giggled "You guys looked like you needed to cool off a little!"

"I'll get you for that, bitch!" Jezebel grinned wickedly and grabbed her
cousin's leg, pulling her into the water.

Bella squealed as she hit the cold water. Corey laughed at the scene and
jumped in, followed by Lia, Kaleb, and Parker.

As everyone jumped in, splashing around, Bella grabbed the volleyball from
where it was hanging on the net over the shallow end of the pool and threw it
at Kaleb's head.

"Water volleyball!" She called out, laughing.

"Bella, you can't even play REAL volleyball." Parker teased. Bella stuck out
her tongue at him.

"How do you play water volleyball?" Corey asked

"It's like regular volleyball." Jezebel explained, splashing Jason as he
playfully tugged at the strings on her bikini top. "Except the girls get on
the guys' shoulders."

"And since there's an uneven number of guys and girls, once again the cheese
stands alone." Lia said under her breath. Out loud she said "I'm gonna get
out and get that book I have to read for school, it's supposed to be done by

"I didn't realize." Bella said softly, swimming over to Lia "I'm sorry, we'll
do something else."

"Bell, it's okay, really." Lia insisted "I would never stand in the way of
you sitting on your Romeo's shoulders in a bikini."

"Really, Lia?" Bella asked "Because I'll feel so bad if you're upset."

Lia gave her a hug and whispered in her ear "Go drive your boy insane with
all your feminine wiles."

"Oh, I plan on it." Bella giggled, waggling her eyebrows.

"And keep an eye on those two." Lia advised, pointing to Jezebel and Jason,
who were kissing again. "I don't think the cold water's helping."

Bella made a face "I don't think a full-scale nuclear disaster would pull
those two apart." She noticed that Parker and Kaleb were glaring at the
couple, more specifically at Jason, who was lucky that they couldn't shoot
death rays out of their eyes.

"What do you think, should we kick his ass now, or after the game?" Parker
asked, cringing as Jezebel moaned loudly. Judging from the positions of their
hands and the way they were exploring each other's tonsils with their
tongues, she and Jason had once again lost all awareness of their surroundings.

"Let's wait." Kaleb replied "I'm kinda in the mood to play some volleyball
right now."

"Uh huh. I'm so sure. It has nothing to do with having little Bella's bikini
body on your shoulders...right?" Parker taunted

"Oh, like your not freaking out over being able to touch Corey. I think were
both pretty much lucking out right now." Kaleb replied

"Okay, everyone gather 'round." Parker called, ignoring Kaleb. "That includes
you two." He said to Jezebel and Jason "Hey! Earth to Jezebel and Jason!"

"Kaleb, I'll get on your shoulders, Corey can get on Parker's, okay?" Bella
said. Everyone agreed except for Parker, who was till trying to get Jezebel
and Jason's attention.

Bella grabbed Kaleb's shoulders and pushed him down in the water so she could
get on his shoulders. "You coulda just asked, Bell." He laughed

"Yeah." She giggled as he stood up with her now steady on his back. "But
that was so much more fun."

"That's it, I give up." Parker said "They're never going to stop. Geez,
they're like her parents."

"Hey, I got an idea." Bella said "Hi, Uncle Kyle!"

"Wha?" Jezebel gasped, pulling away from Jason. She looked around "Hey, wait
a minute...Bella!"

"Hey, Jez, there you are." Bella said "How was the tour of Jason's mouth? Can
we actually PLAY now?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Jezebel said, climbing onto Jason's shoulders "Let's
play. Hey, what are you laughing at, Kaleb? You're about two steps away from
having a campout in your shorts, my darling cousin."

Kaleb's face turned red and he slumped down in the water.

Bella was also blushing, but she was also wondering if his physical reaction
was because of her, or just because of her gender and proximity. Lately, she h
ad started thinking that he might have feelings for her, too.

Parker leaned down ""

"Okay." Corey replied. She climbed on his shoulders. She was surprised at the
way he was acting. The Parker Whitman she had known since elementary school
was usually so cool and collected. She wondered who the REAL Parker was. The
kind, insecure guy he was towards her sometimes, or the rude, sarcastic jerk
he usually was. 'Either way, he sure is hot.' she said to herself.

Jezebel grabbed the ball and smiled at her cousins over the net "Two teams
against one? Hardly seems fair. To you guys, that is." She spiked the ball.
She slapped at Jason's hand, which was slipping a little too far up her thigh
"Stop it, you're distracting me."

"Can't help it. You know I love having your sexy little legs wrapped around
me." Jason growled huskily against her thigh, slipping his hand a little
further up. "Talk about distracting." Jezebel gasped at his words and nearly
fell off his shoulders.

They weren't the only ones who were distracted. Kaleb was having a terrible
time concentrating with Bella's soft, smooth legs so close to his face. As
much as it grossed him out to see Jason touching Jezebel like that, he also
found himself wishing he could touch Bella like that, and make her moan the

"Get your head in the game, son!" Parker yelled, throwing the ball at Kaleb's
head "The horndogs are slaughtering us!"

Jezebel shot him a look "Kaleb's head has nothing to do with it." She said
"You guys just suck. She suddenly gasped and squirmed "Jason! Focus!"

"Sorry, sorry." Jason said "Our serve, right?"

"Yup." Jezebel replied. She spiked the ball over the net, and sent it soaring
right over to Bella and Kaleb.

"I got it!" Bella said. She reached up to hit the ball, but missed and
toppled over backwards. "Shit!" She sputtered as she came up, coughing. She
noticed that everyone was staring at her, and that everyone except Kaleb was
laughing. "What's so funny?" She asked.

Giggling and balancing herself on Parker's shoulders with one hand, Corey
reached over and grabbed a towel off the side of the pool "Here." She said,
handing it to Bella "I think you need this."

That was when Bella noticed something yellow floating a few feet away. As
reality hit her, she slowly looked down and realized her top had come off
when she'd fallen. "Oh, shit!" She grabbed her top and threw the towel over
herself, trying to laugh it off. She hoped her cheeks weren't as red as they
felt. "I hope you all enjoyed that free peep show. Next one's at eleven, I'm
here all week." She gave a little bow as her friends hooted and clapped, then
scrambled out of the pool and went to fix her top.

Parker laughed "I think Kaleb's enjoying his own private Spice Channel right
now. Look at that boy!"

"No, thank you." Jezebel replied "Don't need to see that."

"Real sensitive, Parker." Corey said "Could you please put me down?"

"Yeah, me too, Jason." Jezebel said "Looks like the game's over." She
suddenly squeaked and fell off his shoulders. She came back up and hit him
"You are impossible!"

'Oh my God...' Kaleb thought 'I...oh God...bad thoughts...cold shower...wait,
already in cold water...not helping!'

"Hey, earth to Kaleb!" Jezebel called, pushing Jason off of her "You with us?
You're not having a heart attack or anything, are you?"

"I'm not sure..." Kaleb admitted. He grinned weakly "I might just be."

"End of the week." Jezebel said. She was speaking to the others, but she
smiled at Kaleb.

Kaleb was confused "What?!"

Bella came back outside at that moment, everything back in place. "Sorry about that, guys. You know me. Never a dull moment!"

"I'm sure some of us didn't mind one bit." Parker smirked

"Huh?" Bella asked. When everyone else shrugged, grinned, or rolled their
eyes, she shrugged and lay her towel out on the grass "I'm gonna get some
sun." She announced

"Sounds like a plan." Jezebel said, climbing out of the pool. Jason sat in a
lounge chair and pulled her down into his lap as the others got out of the
pool as well.

"Oh, hi Aunt Jacinda." Bella said

"Yeah, right Bell." Jezebel groaned "SO not falling for that one again!"

Jacinda cleared her throat "Jezebel? I'm right here."

"Oh, um, hi Mom!" Jezebel said, jumping off of Jason's lap. He quickly pulled
a towel over himself. "He was just putting some sunblock on my...cleavage."

"Sure he was, sweetie." Jacinda said "I was seventeen once, too, believe it
or not."

"Was?" Bella repeated "Aunt Jacey, you've been seventeen all your life."

"I know, you're right, Bella." Jacinda sighed "In fact, just like a
seventeen-year-old, I spent the better part of my day at the mall with your
mother, getting a certain someone the best seventeenth birthday present ever.
So I'd be nice if I were you."

"Oh! Tell me!" Bella squealed "Tell me, tell me please?!"

"Nice try...but no." Jacinda said "Jezebel, I've been meaning to ask you about that
girl you brought over here the other day...what was her name again?"

"Darla." Jezebel replied "What about her?"

"Well, it's just that she looked a little familiar. I think maybe I went to
high school with her parents. Do you happen to know their names, or where she
moved here from?"

"Nope." Jezebel said "She's a question mark so far."

"All right, if you find out, let me know, okay?" Jacinda asked. Jezebel
nodded "Great." Jacinda said. She sighed and rubbed her back "I'm going to go
lie down. You kids be good, don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Well, that narrows it down, huh?" Kaleb chuckled "Time to spend thousands of
dollars in an hour and have lots of sex, guys."

Jacinda rolled her eyes and ruffled her nephew's hair as she passed him on
her way into the house "You're worse than your father."

"What did she mean by that?" Bella asked

"That Kaleb's a dumb ass." Jezebel replied

Bella shook her head "Not that. Asking about Darla. What was up with that?"

Jezebel shrugged "How should I know? Pregnant women are weird!"

"Your mom's pregnant, Jez?" Kaleb asked

"Well, yeah." Jezebel said "Didn't I tell you guys that? That's why she's
been acting weird. Uh, weirder."

"That's great!" Bella said "Oh...but Jezzy as a role model? How scary!"

"Yeah, the kid's gonna have Jezebel, Jacinda, and Kyle to look up to. Can we
say massive therapy?" Parker said

"It's a boy. You and Kaleb are probably going to be his biggest role models."
Jezebel said

"Ooh, even scarier." Bella giggled "Why not just stick him in a room with a
pack of wolves in testosterone overdrive and see what happens?"

"Right. We men." Kaleb grunted "We hunt, we kill, we keep our women barefoot
and pregnant, huh Bell?"

"As long as we agree." Bella said, rolling her eyes.

"Ooh, that's right." Jason said "Jez, what's your mom gonna do not being able
to wear stilettos for seven months?"

"Go insane, probably." Jezebel groaned "And take us with her."

"GO insane?" Corey repeated, raising an eyebrow. She knew Jezebel and her
family well enough to know what Jacinda was like.

"Is there such word as insaner?" Jezebel asked

"If there isn't, there damn well should be." Bella cracked "In this family,
at least."

Jezebel laughed with her friends at the joke. But she shivered a little
despite the heat. She knew her well enough to know when she was worried, and
she certainly seemed worried about Darla.

Bella was nervous, too. The dreams had been getting worse. She had been
worried about Darla before. But now, knowing that her aunt and more than
likely the other adults were also concerned, she was sure that something
wasn't right. She grabbed Kaleb's hand and squeezed it, then looked at him.
He looked back at her and squeezed her hand, and she knew he knew what she
was thinking.

Though all of the teens continued laughing, the hybrid cousins exchanged
looks. Something wasn't right.


posted on 2-Sep-2001 6:25:27 PM

Jezzy waved her hand over her lips and looked in the mirror. “You like this color better, Bella?”
Bella examined the dark crimson that Jezebel had changed her lipstick too. “Um…no. Change it back. It looked better the other way.
Lia looked at her two friends as they played with their powers. She never has as much fun with makeup as they did. “I’m gonna go get some soda, guys…you want anything?” She asked.
“Oh…yeah, can you just bring out the cherry coke and the tub of ice?” Bella asked, examining the silver she had just changed her nail polish to.
“Oh! And cups too?” Jezzy added.
Lia sighed. Sometimes Bella and Jezzy could be kind of bossy, but they were her best friends and she loved them.
“Yeah, sure. Be right back.”
Jezebel, Lia and Bella had decided to ditch boys and all thoughts of bad dreams and Darla for the evening and just hang out together. Just the girls…like old times. It was Saturday night and everyone was free so they had decided to sleep at Lia’s house.
“I wonder where Parker and Kaleb are?” Bella asked Jezebel nonchalantly once Lia left the den.
“Yeah, I’ll bet you do.” Jezzy laughed.
“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!?”
“Let me put it another way, Hell’s Bells. ‘Oh, Kaleb, I looove you! Make me your sex slave!!!’”, Jezzy joked in a high pitch voice.
Bella picked up the pillow sitting next to her on the couch and smacked Jezzy in the head with it. “Bitch.” She remarked laughing.
“Just call ‘em like I see ‘em, darling. If you wanted to get in that boy’s pants any more you’d be his friggin tailor.”
“What’s so funny?” Lia asked as she reentered the room, placing the beverages on the end table.
“Just the usual, Li.” Jezzy replied, trying to smooth her hair over from where the pillow had hit her.
“Oh, God.” Lia sighed. “Bella’s ‘Kaleb obsession’ again?!?!”
“Fine guys, you know what?!? I’ll never mention it again, ok?”

“Awww, we’re just kidding, Bell. Come here.” Jezzy pulled Bella and Lia into a hug. Lia and Jezzy caught each other’s gazes behind Bella’s back and smiled. If Bella didn’t get with Kaleb soon she was going to drive them all crazy.
“How cute.” A voice mocked from the doorway.
“Oh, kiss my ass Parker.” Jezzy retorted.
“Such a lady, Jez dear.” Parker laughed at his crass cousin.
“Yeah, well I’ll be a lady when I see a real man, ok?” Jezzy answered back.
“Ouch!” Kaleb commented as he entered the room. “Burn, dude. She told you.” He continued, laughing.
“Yeah, thanks for the support there, K. So what have the witches of Eastwick been up to all night?” Parker asked the girls, smiling.
“Oh…you know…the usual.” Jezebel replied. “Hair, clothes, talking about you.”
At this comment Bella turned beet red and her eyes wandered to Kaleb. ‘I’ll have to remember to kill Jezzy later.’ She thought with half anger, half amusement.
Kaleb, feeling someone’s gaze on him, turned and was met by the soft gray eyes of one of his best friends: Bella. ‘That’s right’, Kaleb reminded himself dejectedly. ‘Friends.’ If only she knew that he wanted more, and felt the same way. Kaleb smiled at her and rolled his eyes towards Jezzy and Parker. Those two never quit there bickering. Bella giggled and turned her attention back to the rest of her friends.
“I thought mom said you were staying at Kaleb’s tonight, Parker.” Lia asked with annoyance. They were supposed to have the den to themselves tonight. With the guys here Jezzy and Parker would keep fighting and Bella would be on Planet Kaleb all night.
Parker glanced at Kaleb and started cracking up.
“What?” Lia asked, confused by her brother’s sudden outburst.
Parker looked at Kaleb again and gestured for him to speak.
Kaleb laughed and started talking. “Well…umm…when we got there we kind of…found my parents…you know…umm…going at it.”
“Again!?!” Bella exclaimed loudly. “God, Kaleb…if they did it anymore they’d be freakin rabbits.”
“Jealous much?” Jezzy mumbled.
“That’s it! Die bitch!” Bella cried through her laughter as she picked up her cup and threw its contents on Jezebel’s shirt.
“Not again…” Lia sighed. Every week Bella and Jezzy had a fight. It was amazing that two such similar people could be best friends without killing each other. Lord knows that they’d come close enough times.
“Guys…guys…CHILL!!!” Lia yelled at her friends as Jezzy went to throw her soda back at Bella. Stopping in mid-assault, Jezzy and Bella looked at each other and jumped at Lia, knocking her to the ground.
“Whoa!” Parker yelled. “Dude, if that wasn’t my sister and cousin in there this’d be hot as hell!”
Kaleb didn’t hear him, however. He was too busy staring at Bella rolling around on the carpet with his cousins. Her tank top was soaked with soda making it semitransparent and her creamy cheeks were flushed from the struggle. She looked so beautiful…and sexy. His eyes traveled down to her full, rosebud lips as she panted for breath. He wondered what they would feel like pressed against his…
“Kaleb! You in there, bud?” Parker snapped his fingers in front if his face breaking his trance. “God, dude…” he whispered. “Why don’t you stop pining already and ask her out?”
Kaleb sighed. “She doesn’t think about me like that, Parker. She sees me the same way she sees you. Like a cousin.”
“Yeah, ok. Whatever you say, man.”
Across the room, Jezebel was shaking up the soda bottle preparing to soak her friends. “You guys are dead!” she yelled at Bella and Lia.
As she opened it up, the soda sprayed across the room and onto Parker’s pants, leaving a huge wet spot. The three girls collapsed on the floor in hysterics as Parker stood there in slack jawed surprise.
“It looks like a Depends moment!” Bella yelled at him, still rolling on the floor laughing.
“That’s it!” Parker yelled angrily. “Kaleb, let’s get ‘em!”
Grabbing the tub of ice, Parker lunged forward at Jezebel, slamming her into Bella and Lia who were still laughing on the floor.
Jezzy caught sight of Kaleb out of the corner of her eye still standing off to the side observing the chaos. “Uh uh…I don’t think so, hun. You’re not getting off that easy!” Extricating herself from where Parker was threatening Bella and Lia with ice, Jezzy threw herself at Kaleb, dragging him into the brawl.
Falling on the floor with Jezzy, Kaleb found his face only a couple of inches from a squirming Bella’s chest. ‘Oh, screw it!’ Kaleb thought to himself.
Grabbing a handful of ice, he lunged towards her, sending her scurrying across the floor to get away. He ran after and cornered her on the couch.
“Kaleb!” Bella squealed. “Come on, K…can’t we talk about this?!?!” She pleaded through her laughter.
“Oh…NOW you’re innocent…sorry, don’t think so, Bell.” He smirked as he pinned her shoulders down on the couch.
Bella’s gaze wandered between Kaleb’s hazel eyes and the ice in his hand pinning her shoulder. She struggled and squealed as he brought the ice to the neck of her tank top and slipped it underneath.
“AHH!!” she cried as the cold ice slid down between her breasts and onto her stomach. “Cold…cold…cold…Oh My God!!! Kaleb!!! Let me go…it’s soooo cold!!”
“Ok…ok…here.” Kaleb said as he reached under the hem of her shirt and removed the offending piece of ice. In the process, his hand “accidentally” grazed the smooth skin of her stomach, sending a chill through both their bodies.
“Better?” He asked quietly, as his suddenly heated eyes stared into hers.
“Yeah…thank you.” Bella replied slowly. The touch of his strong hand on her skin had undone her, and she had every Kaleb fantasy she’d ever imagined (and that was A LOT) running through her mind at that moment.
Kaleb brought his hand up to her face and pushed a piece of her soft blonde hair behind her ear. He saw her gaze travel from his eyes to his lips.
‘Girl’s who think of you as a cousin don’t stare at your lips like that.’ He thought to himself. Making a decision, he took his thumb and lightly grazed her full, soft lips. ‘Here goes nothing.
Bella’s heart was pounding in her chest and she couldn’t breath. ‘He’s gonna kiss me!’ she exclaimed internally. ‘Kaleb Evans is FINALLY gonna kiss me!’
Kaleb brought his face closer and closer towards Bella’s. As they reached each other, their eyes fluttered closed and he lightly pressed his warm lips to hers. Bella let out a soft moan and Kaleb responded by bringing his lips back to hers, this time with more force and passion.
Kaleb’s soft lips sliding over hers made Bella feel like she was floating. She’d been waiting her whole life for this moment and now she was finally being kissed by Kaleb…the love of her life!!! She felt his tongue run along her bottom lip and complied with his unspoken request by parting her lips.
The feel of Bella’s sweet mouth against his was intoxicating and he was immediately overcome with the desire to taste her, so when she opened her mouth wider for him, he let out a silent cheer. His tongue entered her mouth, exploring every crevice and allowing him to feel sensations of which he'd only ever dreamed.

Bella softly began caressing his tongue with her own and pulled his muscular body flush against hers, running her hands along the strong lines of his back.

The feel of her hands on his body was ecstasy for Kaleb. He brought one hand down from her cheek and ran it along her side, reveling in the tremors that traveled through her body as he touched her. He could get lost in that body…

“Lia!, Parker! You two owe me twenty bucks…pay up!” Jezebel’s giddy voice broke into the world that Bella and Kaleb had retreated to within their kiss.
“Dammit! Fine, Jez…you win.” Parker snorted as he pulled the money out of his pocket.
Pulling away from each other and looking towards their friends, Bella and Kaleb were met with three pairs of gleaming eyes staring at them

“Huh? What’s going on, Jez? What are you talking about?” Bella asked. She was irritated about being pulled from that AMAZING kiss by Jezzy’s exclamation.

“Oh, we bet how long it would take you two to get together…I WON!” Jezzy explained laughing. “I said before the end of the week.”

“What did you say, Lia?” Bella asked, baffled by her friends.

“I said not before the end of the month…so there goes THAT.” Lia smiled.

“How about you, Parker?” Kaleb asked, trying to hide his amusement at the situation. “What did YOU say?”

“Let’s just say that I lost the bet three weeks ago…and that you are SO FREAKIN SLOW, dude!” Parker cracked.
"Jez, you awake?" Bella whispered

"No." Jezebel muttered

"Bitch." Bella said, hitting her playfully "I'm serious, I wanna talk."

"About what?" Jezebel sighed "Gee...I wonder...maybe how it's three AM and
I'm friggin' tired!" She paused and smiled "Or perhaps about the little show
you and my cousin were putting on downstairs...quite entertaining, by the

"Dammit, Jezzy!" Bella whined "Can you drop the sarcasm for five minutes and
address the fact that this has been the most amazing night of my life?"


"You don't understand, Parker." Kaleb said "It was-"

"Yes, amazing." Parker moaned "Wonderful. Now will you PLEASE just let me get
some sleep?"


"Bella, babe, trust me." Jezebel said "I totally get what you're talking

"I'm in love with him." Bella sighed


"Well, no shit, captain obvious!" Parker scoffed

Kaleb sighed "You know...remind me not to be there when something great
happens to you. Whatever, I'm gonna go get something to eat, I'm starved."


"Okay." Jezebel murmured, already falling asleep again "Listen, Bell, we'll
talk in the morning. When I'm at least semi-coherent, okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine. Go back to sleep." Bella told her. She got up quietly,
careful not to disturb Lia, and made her way out into the hall and down the
stairs to the kitchen. She was surprised to see Kaleb already there, rooting
through the refrigerator. "Oh. Um...hey."

Kaleb turned around "Hey, couldn't sleep either?"

Bella smiled and moved towards him "I've kinda got...other things on my mind."

"Yeah, same here." Kaleb said. He couldn't stop staring at her lips and
remembering how soft they were.

"That so?" Bella asked, distracted by the memory of his strong body against
hers. She was now standing just two feet away from him.

"Yeah, about before..." Kaleb began "That was..."

"Long overdue." Bella finished for him.

Kaleb smiled "I was gonna say incredible, but that works, too."

Bella smiled shyly and looked down "No one's ever...ever kissed me like that
." She admitted softly.

"You mean Brian Donner in the 8th grade didn't 'rock your world,' as he so
eloquently put it?" Kaleb teased

"No, he definitely did not." Bella giggled "Didn't you kick his ass after he
said that?"

"I just told him that was no way to talk about a lady." Kaleb said proudly
"Then I made sure he wouldn't be able to play basketball for a week. Our
school had really hard lockers."

"Always so chivalrous." Bella said "Defending my honor."

"Well, I couldn't have anyone talking about my Bell like that." Kaleb said.

He closed the distance between them and gently ran his hand down her arm "You
and this what you want?"

"All my life." Bella replied honestly, looking into his deep, mesmerizing

"Me too." Kaleb admitted "It's always been you, my Bell. Always."

"I..." Bella opened her mouth to say something just as Kaleb leaned in to
kiss her. He pulled back a second later.


"Why?" Bella asked, disoriented and already missing his lips on hers.

"You were saying something." Kaleb replied, smiling.

"I was? Well, I'm sure it wasn't important." She wrapped her arms around him
and kissed him deeply. He responded by wrapping one arm around her waist and
running his other hand up her back and then down her arm, only to bring it
back up and wrap it in her soft hair, deepening their kiss.

"Bella..." he moaned into her mouth as his tongue tasted the sweetness that
belonged to only her. She brought one arm from around his neck and caressed his strong chest, pushing him up against the now closed refrigerator door. He
turned them around, leaning into her against the wall, pulling her soft body
flush against his.

The second Kaleb pulled her against him, Bella could no longer suppress the
moan she had been holding in. The feel of his strong body on hers was

Hearing the moan that escaped from Bella's throat drove Kaleb crazy, and he
responded by removing his lips from hers and trailing a line of hot, open
mouthed kissed down her neck till he reached the hollow of her throat.

Suddenly, he pulled away from her.

"What is it?" Bella asked, confused by the sudden change "Is something wrong?"

"No!" Kaleb replied quickly "Don't think are...amazing." He
stammered as he tried to catch his breath. "It's just...too fast. We need to
slow down a little, my Bell. I've wanted this for too long to screw it up by
moving too fast."

"I understand." Bella said "But you should know that nothing with you could
ever be a mistake." She looked deep into his eyes as she spoke, so he would
know that she meant every word.

Kaleb pulled her into a loving embrace, his demeanor changed from fevered
passion to innocent emotion. Bella sighed contentedly and buried her face in
the crook of his neck.

'God, I love him.' She thought

'I'm so in love with her.' He thought at the same time.

Bella crept into Lia's room as carefully as she could, so as not to disturb
her cousins...

...not that they weren't already disturbed.

"Oh my God, girl!" Jezebel giggled, turning on her flashlight and shining it
on Bella. "Were you eating a snack down there, or wrestling with it?" She and
Lia doubled over, laughing at Bella's disheveled appearance.

Bella smiled at them and rolled her eyes "Oh, I see how it goes. NOW you
wanna talk, huh?"

Jezebel smiled and nodded "Hey, I gave you some down and dirty details. Now
it's your turn. And might I add your turn is long overdue!"

"Not my choice, believe me!" Bella retorted

"Nevertheless." Lia cut in "Spill already!"

"Well..." Bella started to reply, then grinned "Know what? No. Go back to
sleep, I'll tell you in the morning."

Jezebel and Lia stared at her in disbelief, then protested as Bella climbed
proceeded to lie back down and put a pillow over her head, ignoring them.


Kaleb stumbled into Parker's room. He bumped into the bed, and blindly
reached over and turned on the bedside lamp.

"Hey, turn off the damn light!" Parker groaned

"Sorry." Kaleb replied "Night."


"Ugh." Jezebel moaned, stumbling into the kitchen "Who am I? Where am I? Am I
late for work? Do I even have a job?"

"Jezebel, Lia's house, you're right on time, that is if putting your cousins
in therapy for life is considered a job." Kaleb replied, sitting down next to
Bella and taking her hand under the table.

"You're rather quippy this morning." Jezebel said, gulping down coffee and
regaining her composure almost immediately "Especially for someone who was up
until all ungodly hours participating in who knows what kind of kitchen

"Jezebel!" Bella gasped, looking down at the table as her face turned red.

Kaleb squeezed her hand and gave Jezebel a look "Okay, let's get it all out
in the open. Bella and I are together. Deal with it and move on, okay?"

"As soon as you accept that Jason and I are in love and get over it." Jezebel
replied "Deal?"

"Sure, fine." Kaleb said, wanting very much to put that fiasco behind him.
The others all muttered their agreement.

"So, we're 'together,' huh?" Bella whispered

Kaleb smiled and whispered back "If that's okay with you."

“Hmm…I’ll have to think about it.” Bella teased with a giggle. At the sight of Kaleb’s fake pout she lightly jabbed him in the arm. “Fine, fine, don’t give me that look. Of course it’s ok with me. It’s more than ok.”

Kaleb grinned proudly. “The ‘puppy-dog look’…gets em every time.”

“You better watch out, K…because I can play that game too.” She rubbed her thumb over his under the table.

“Ughh” Parker grunted from across the table. “Are we gonna have to watch them being all ‘cutesy’ now? Because I may just have to throw up.”

“Yes you are...and you’ll just have to deal.” Bella retorted with a smile before sticking her tongue out at Parker.

"Oh, God." Jezebel sighed "Why do I get the feeling that they're gonna be
even more irritating now than they were before?"

"Gee, thanks, Jez." Bella said, slightly hurt "You're a real sweetheart."

"Hey, I was kidding, Hell's Bells." Jezebel said "I mean, we're happy for you
guys. And us, at least now we won't have to listen you guys whining."

"Hey, Jez, you don't have to worry about driving Bella home." Kaleb said
"I'll take care of it."

Jezebel smiled and nodded "Yeah, I figured as much. But no problem."

"I'll get ready." Bella said "We're leaving in twenty minutes, right?"

Kaleb nodded "Sure, if that's cool with you."

"Yeah." Bella agreed as she let go of his hand and stood up. She hesitated
for a moment 'Should I kiss him...on the lips? On the cheek? Not at all? Man,
this 'together' stuff is going to take some getting used to.' She thought.
She decided not to do anything with the others right there, and instead
headed upstairs.

Kaleb watched Bella as she walked away from him and out of the kitchen. She had seemed so unsure of what to do…how to act around him. That was the last thing he wanted. He’d have to have a talk with her in the car on the way home.

They’d always been so comfortable around each other. Best friends. He needed to make sure that having a relationship didn’t take that away. But despite all of the things he knew they’d have to go through, Kaleb couldn’t seem to wipe the smile off his face. He’d never been so happy before in his entire life. He was with Bella…everything else just didn’t seem to matter.


"So..." Bella said, fidgeting with the hem of her shirt.

Kaleb nodded "So..." They were silent for a moment, and then he pulled the car
over to the side of the road. "Can we talk?" He asked

"Yeah, of course we can." Bella replied

"I just wanted to be clear about last night." Kaleb said "I'm really happy
about this, and I really care about you. So, I just want to make sure that we
agree that we're going to take it slow."

"Yeah...slow is good." Bella agreed. Then she smiled at him "Kaleb? Do you
know how long I've wanted to be with you? How being around you drove me crazy
because I couldn't grab you and maul you." She giggled and then quietly added
"And because you didn't grab me and maul me?"

Kaleb gave her a shy, unbearably sexy half-smile "Do you know how many times
we'd be watching movies in your room...and you'd be laying on me, and I just
wanted to kiss you senseless?"

"So why didn't you?" Bella asked

"C'mon, Bella, me?" Kaleb said "I always thought you saw me as a
know, like Parker. And I don't know if you noticed, but I'm not the most
forward guy."

"You? Nah!" Bella giggled. “So then what changed…I mean…what made you kiss me yesterday, K?” She took her hand and lightly ran it down the side of his strong jaw, and he brought his head up to look at her.

“I don’t was just…it was you. You seemed different. And when we were on the couch…with the ice...” Kaleb smiled remembering the situation. “Well, you kept looking at my lips. And I was just like… ‘Screw it, Kaleb. What do you have to lose?’ So I kissed you. I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared in my life, though.” He admitted with a chuckle.

Bella looked at Kaleb. He looked so sexy when he was embarrassed. Hell, he looked sexy all the time, but he certainly looked ESPECIALLY sexy at that moment. Bella took his hand in hers and looked into his sparkling hazel eyes. “Are you scared now?” She asked quietly.

“No.” He admitted softly, reveling in the feeling of her soft skin under his thumb.

“Neither am I.” Bella said before leaning into Kaleb and bringing her lips to his. Kaleb wrapped his arms around Bella in a tight embrace, rubbing her back in slow, languid circles. The kiss was gentle and sweet. A pure expression of the emotion felt between the two, and when they finally pulled apart, Bella rested her head in the crook of Kaleb’s neck, breathing in his scent deeply.

Kaleb sighed into Bella’s hair and tightened his arms around her. “It just feels so right, doesn’t it? You being in my arms…it just feels like this is the way it should be.”

“Yeah…I know what you mean.” Bella replied quietly as she snuggled against his strong body.

“…Hey Bella?” Kaleb asked after a couple of moments of sitting in silence.

“Uh huh?” She sighed as she turned slightly to look up at him.

“Will you go out with me? I mean…like really go out…like on a date?” Kaleb grinned as he ran his hand through her soft hair.

Bella closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling that Kaleb was soliciting with his caress. “I’d love to.” She said in a breathy whisper, the corners of her full lips turning up in a contented smile.

“Tonight?” He asked, watching the serene look that had appeared on Bella’s face. ‘She looks like that because of me.’ He thought with amazement. ‘Because I am touching her.’

“Tonight?” She repeated, somewhat in a daze.

Kaleb chuckled and Bella felt his muscles ripple under her body where she was leaning on him. “Yes…tonight. Do you want to go out on a date tonight?” He asked again, amused at how out of character she was acting.

Bella managed to regain some of her composure. "Umm...well, I do. But it's Sunday, so there's school tomorrow...I'll have to talk to the 'rents, you know, work the charm on Mom and Daddy. But I'm sure they'll be fine about it." She smiled "Once they find out I'm going out with you."


Bella waved to Kaleb once more, then went up the steps and into her house.
She smiled when she heard her mother's soft alto voice floating from the

"Some say is a river...that drowns the tender reed."

Humming softly, Bella put her bags on the couch and walked towards the

"Some say is a razor...that leaves your soul to bleed."

She watched her mother from the doorway.

"Some say is a endless, aching need..." Maria sang. She
looked up and smiled when she saw her daughter watching her "I say
is a flower...and you, its only seed."

Bella walked up to her mother and kissed her on the cheek, then started
singing along on the melody, with Maria on lower harmony. "It's the
heart...afraid of breaking, that never learns to dance. It's the
dream...afraid of waking, that never takes a chance. It's the one who won't
be taken, who cannot seem to give. And the soul...afraid of dying, that never
learns to live."

"When the night...has been too lonely, and the road has been too long. And
you think that love is only for the lucky, and the strong. Just remember, in
the winter...far beneath the bitter snow...lies the seed, that with the sun's
love, in the spring...becomes the rose."

Maria smiled and gave her daughter a big hug.

"My girls." Michael said, standing in the doorway "Beautiful as always."

"What can I say?" Maria grinned, putting one arm around Bella "It's genetic."

"Hey, Daddy." Bella said.

"Hey Bells, how was Lia's?" Michael asked "You and Jezebel try to kill each
other again? Will we be washing blood out of your clothes again, and if so,
whose will it be?" he smirked at his comment.

"Lia's was good." Bella said, blushing.

"Chica!" Maria gasped in a high-pitched voice "Bella Juliet Guerin, you spill
to your mother right now!"

"Oh, girlfriend, I want details, too!" Michael mocked in the same high tone, laughing at his over-enthusiastic wife.

"I'll deal with you in a minute." Maria told her daughter. She then went over
to Michael and slapped him upside the head. "Watch it, Spaceboy." Then she
turned back to Bella "Now, where were we?"

Bella looked at the ground.

"Oh, the shy blushing thing." Maria said "So what happened to make my
normally bubbly daughter this puddle of mush in front of me?"

"Well..." Bella began "Kaleb..."

"That explains it." Michael said

Maria motioned for him to be quiet "You! Shh! Yes, Kaleb what?" She
asked giddily. She grabbed both of Bella's hands in hers "Come on, this is
killing me!"

Michael shook his head as he watched with amusement.

"Kaleb...he...he kissed me!" Bella blurted out in a rush.

"Oh my God!" Maria shrieked. She pulled Bella into a hug, practically
bouncing up and down "Bella, honey! That's amazing, I'm so happy for you!"

"So, Jezebel won the bet, huh?" Michael asked

Bella groaned "Good Lord, does the entire country know about this?"

"Just the part that knows you two." Maria told her

Michael walked over and gave Bella a hug "I'm so happy for you, Bells, but if
he does ANYTHING I don't approve of I will have to kill him, godson or not."

"Right, of course, Daddy." Bella sighed "Anyway...Kaleb and I want to go out
tonight, but I thought I'd better check with you guys, seeing as it's a
school night and all."

"Hmm, sorry." Maria said "But no. We're all having a barbecue tonight."

"Who's 'we all?'" Bella asked

"Max, Liz, Kaleb...Isabel, Alex, the banter twins Lia and Parker...Jacinda,
Kyle, Jezebel...oh! And Ava's coming to." Maria replied

"Aunt Ava?!" Bella gasped "We haven't seen her in forever!"

"Well, she missed you and the other kids." Michael said

"So where is this barbecue?" Bella asked

"Max and Liz's house." Maria said

Bella shrugged "Okay, at least I get to see Kaleb."

Maria smiled and shook her head "How cute are you two? Just like Max and Liz
when they were younger. Bella, DON’T be like Max and Liz when they were
younger, okay?! Promise me you will not get pregnant after your senior prom!"

"God, MOM!" Bella sighed


"Yes, yes, I promise I will not get pregnant at my senior prom or any other
formal affair, okay?" Bella said

Michael chuckled and took a bite out of an apple "No semi-formal either, you
hear?" He said with his mouth full "I know how you crazy kids are with those

“Right,” Bella smiled. “So just casual events then. Got it. Can I go use the phone now?”

“Sure, Bells.” Michael smiled at his daughter. “Just be ready to go by six, ok?”

“Right. Six…I’ll be ready.” She replied, before giving her mother a hug, walking up to her father and kissing him on the cheek, and walking out of the kitchen.

“And don’t wear that thing I hate!” Maria called as Bella left the room. “Our little girl’s all grown up.” Maria looked at Michael with a sad smile once Bella had gone.

“Hey…” He replied, walking up to his tiny wife and enfolding her in his arms. “I don’t like it any more than you do…but I’m glad she’s with a guy like Kaleb. I love that boy like he was my own flesh and blood. I wonder what Max and Liz think about all this.”

“Are you kidding?” Maria laughed. “Liz has been waiting for this day since the kids were five and Bella kissed Kaleb in the sandbox. She told me that day that she saw something in the two of them. That they were meant to be together.” Maria squeezed Michael in her arms.

“Yeah, well…Liz always has been the insightful one.” Michael remarked.



“Hey…” Bella smiled into the phone at the sound of his low voice. “It’s me.”

“Yeah…I know.” Kaleb chuckled.

“Right…of course.” Bella answered giggling. “So…about tonight…” She began.

“Right…the barbeque thing…I heard.” Kaleb broke in. “I was just about to call you, actually.”

“Perfectly synchronized freaks of nature.” Bella laughed. “That’s what Jezebel calls us.”

“Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.” Kaleb smiled. “So anyway…about tonight…at least I still get to see you.” He continued softly.

“I know. Would it be totally weird of me to say that I already miss you? I mean…I know you, like, JUST dropped me off and all…but…”

“I miss you too.” Kaleb interrupted her babbling. “I…I always miss you when we’re not together.”

Bella smiled and sighed at the sweetness of his words. “You’re just unbelievable…you know that?”

“Yeah…well I try.” Kaleb grinned at her compliment.

“Oh, hey…by the way…” Bella said all of a sudden. “Did they tell you that Aunt Ava was coming tonight? How weird is that?”

“I know…we haven’t seen her for, like, years.” Kaleb agreed. “I wonder why she came to see us now?”

“Daddy said that she missed us ‘kids’. I don’t know it just seems a little weird though.”

“Definitely. Hey, maybe it’s for your birthday?” Kaleb suggested. “Speaking of which…you’re gonna flip when you see what I got you. But NO hints, so don’t beg.” Kaleb laughed at Bella’s groan following his statement. He knew how much surprises killed her until she found out what they were.

“Ughh…first my mother, then Aunt Jacinda, and not you…you guys are so cruel.” Bella whined. “You know…I know everything about you, Kaleb Evans. I can torture you as much as you can torture me.”

“I’m counting on it.” Kaleb laughed. “Listen, I gotta go help mom and dad set up for later…but I’ll see you in a couple of hours…ok?”

“Yeah…I have to go get ready anyway. I’m going to wear that thing my mom hates.” Bella laughed.

“Hasn’t she figured out yet that you wear it whenever she asks you not to?” he chuckled.

"Apparently not." Bella replied through her laughter "Since she keeps asking!"

"Kaleb!" She heard Max yelling in the background "When I said we needed help setting up for the barbecue, I meant the barbecue we are having TODAY!"

Kaleb groaned "Uh, Bell, I..."

"Yeah, I heard." Bella said "It's okay, go. I'll just see you later."

"Right. Bye, my Bell. I lo...I'll see you soon." Kaleb stammered 'Did I just almost tell her I love her?!' he thought. 'It's true, sure, but we JUST got together. Way to scare her away, Kaleb.'

Bella paused. 'What did he just say?!' "Uh...bye Kaleb."


posted on 2-Sep-2001 6:28:43 PM

"She wore that thing I hate." Maria said under her breath to Michael as they got out of the car. She shook her head as she looked at Bella's white mini skirt and baby pink halter top.

"God, she looks just like you in high school." Michael said

"Yes, and we all remember what outfits like that led to." Maria sighed

"Amazing how these things come full circle, huh?" Michael chuckled

Maria smacked him on his arm "Yeah, you laugh now. She's your daughter, too, remember."

Kaleb when grinned when he saw her. True to her word, she had worn the outfit her mother hated, and her hair was in two French braids. He loved the outfit her mom hated. It was sexy and adorable at the same time, just like Bella herself.

"Hi." Bella said shyly, walking over to him. She wanted to throw herself into
his arms and kiss him, but thought the better of it with her parents only a
few feet behind her. She also saw Max and Liz watching through the window.
She leaned in closer to Kaleb and whispered "Ever feel like you're in a

Kaleb nodded "You know, I have this friend, Bella, and I was
wondering what she would do if people were watching her, waiting to see what
she would do."

"Hmm. Good question." Bella pondered "Well, if I know Bella, I think she'd
want to shock them."

"Yeah?" Kaleb said with a sexy half-smirk "And how would she do that?"

Bella looked him right in the eye and licked her lips "Let's keep this short
and sweet, okay? Nothing too out of control."

“Uh huh.” Kaleb nodded, grinning at his little Bella. He didn’t know how anyone could manage to pull off being so innocent and so seductive at the same time, but she did.

Bella leaned into him and brought her lips to his. Kaleb responded by putting his hand on her waist. The kiss was short and innocent enough, but it had its desired effect. Bella pulled away and took Kaleb’s hand, leading him around the house to the backyard, leaving the two sets of parents stunned.

Once the kids had gone around back, Max and Liz left the house and walked
down to meet Maria and Michael.

Michael chuckled "Well, I guess they showed us, huh?"

Liz smiled at him "Bella certainly takes after you. A real pistol. But I've
known that since she was born."

Maria hugged Liz "Hey, Chica!"

"Hey, Chica!" Michael said in a high, mocking voice, hugging Max.

"Hey, Max." Maria smiled as Michael nodded at Liz. She turned to Liz "My mom
sent over some pies for the barbecue."

"That's sweet of her." Liz said "Come on, let's take them around back."

"So, what's up?" Michael said as soon as the women were gone.

"Nothing." Max replied "You?"

Michael shrugged " and Kaleb, huh?"

Max nodded "Yeah. About time, huh?"

"He better watch it, though." Michael grunted "That's my little girl."

"Never thought I'd hear Michael Guerin say 'That's my little girl.'" Max

"Yeah, sure." Michael laughed "I've 'grown emotionally' or whatever. So,
who's here so far?"

"Jacinda, Kyle, and Jezebel." Max replied "Knowing Isabel, she'll be putting
on makeup for another hour, so I wouldn't expect them for a while."

"Sounds about right." Michael said "Alex sure has a lot of patience."

"No kidding." Max agreed "We should probably go around back. The girls will
be wondering why we're just standing here."


Out back, Liz and Maria were talking to Jacinda and Kyle, while Bella, Kaleb,
and Jezebel were sitting on the old swingset Max, Kyle, Alex, and Michael had
built when the kids were young.

"Okay, Bell, I don't know what you are talking about." Jezebel was saying
"But I can so totally eat more than you. I got my father's appetite."

"Jez, you are totally delusional." Bella shot back "Have you ever seen me at
Thanksgiving? Kaleb, you decide."

"Well..." Kaleb began

"Nuh-uh! Objection!" Jezebel protested "You are so totally not impartial.
Anyway, Bella, you weigh like, five pounds anyway."

"Whatever, I have a fast metabolism, okay?" Bella said "I can still eat way
more than you."

Jezebel laughed "Not in THAT outfit. Not unless you want to pop out in every
place that counts."

"Oh, you like?" Bella giggled "Mom told me not to wear it, and you know how
that goes!"

"It's hopeless." Jezebel told her "Mine STILL haven't learned. Hey, Kaleb?"

"Yeah?" Kaleb said

"Run along, okay?" Jezebel said "Girl time."


"Kaleb! Shoo!" Jezebel ordered

"Fine." Kaleb said.

Bella brought her eyes up to meet Kaleb's and he peered back at her...a look
that went all the way to her soul. Those eyes of was like looking
into a pool of pure emotion. She shivered from the intensity of it. No one
should be allowed to have eyes like those.

The mood was broken by Jezebel, who snorted and groaned "I meant, like, NOW.
Not in three hours when you two stop staring at each other."

"Right..." Bella said, shaking her head to clear her mind "See you in a few
minutes, Kaleb." After he left, she turned to Jezebel and sighed "Way to ruin
the moment. Again!"

"Whatever." Jezebel replied "Just, please, tell me Jason and I are never that

Bella laughed "Excuse me? Were we not at the same pool three days ago? When I
practically had to pry you two apart with a crowbar? You are never allowed to
ask me that question again."

"Okay, I walked right into that one." Jezebel admitted, rolling her eyes
"Point taken, statement withdrawn. Anyway, you've been avoiding me all day
and you PROMISED details on what happen between you and Prince Charming in
the kitchen last night!"

"Oh my God, Jezzy, you have no idea!" Bella sighed "It was

"Well, for the love of God, please try!" Jezebel giggled

Bella took a deep breath "Um...well...I came downstairs...and he was already
there. So we started talking and he just grabbed me and kissed me. Then he
APOLIGIZED...because he interrupted me while I was talking. Isn’t that the
SWEETEST thing you’ve ever heard?!?! So then I grabbed him and kissed him."
She giggled and took another breath "Oh my God, was
so...ughhhh...and we were against the wall...and he...and down my
neck...and...oh my God. I've never felt like that before..."

"Well..." Jezebel said with a smile "I think you described it pretty well."

"And that's not even all..." Bella continued

"Oh!" Jezebel raised an eyebrow "Do go on, please."

"Well, right in the middle of it...when we were getting really...intense...he
stopped. He just stopped...because...because he said that he didn’t want to
ruin things between us by rushing. I mean...I know I've known Kaleb since I
was like, born, but he's just...just even more incredible than I even could
have imagined. God, how ridiculously sappy am I..." She laughed and shook
her head "I don’t sound like me at all."

Jezebel nodded "I hear that. Remember when I started going out with Jason?
How gushy and sappy I was twenty four-seven?"

"Gee, no...I don't believe I remember." Bella said sarcastically

"Okay, okay, I get the point!" Jezebel sighed, jabbing her lightly "We're
revoltingly all over each other. But now you can understand where I'm coming
from, right?"

"Definitely." Bella sighed

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Jezebel asked

"Words fail..." Bella replied

"Oh, Hell's Bells, I am so happy for you, Sweetie." Jezebel said, giving her
a hug.

A new voice shocked the girls out of their daze "Ohh...are we having a
MOMENT?" The girls looked up and saw Parker and Lia. Parker was laughing and
rolling his eyes.

"And the moments just keep getting ruined." Bella said under her breath "Hey,

Meanwhile, Alex was giving Kaleb hell "So, Kaleb. Where else has she licked
pudding off of?"

Everyone looked at him with confusion, except for Michael, who glared. Then
Isabel slapped his arm, and Max laughed, while Liz looked completely

"Alexander Charles Whitman!" Maria gasped "These are our CHILDREN!"

"Yeah...well..." Alex's explanation was interrupted by a car pulling into the
driveway and a horn honking repeatedly.

"Aunt Ava!" Jezebel squealed, jumping off the swingset and running to the
front yard.

"Hey all!" Ava said, emerging from her car. She hugged Jezebel and laughed
"My God, look at you! Yo, little Jezebel Valenti's all grown up and dressing
like a hooch. Any new piercings?"

"None that I can show in polite company." Jezebel replied smugly

"That's my girl." Ava laughed. She turned to the other kids who had slowly followed Jezebel into the front. "Well, hey Kaleb!
Man, aren't you just looking like a clone of your pops? Scary...already too
many of us around!"

"Hi, aunt Ava." Kaleb said smiling at his feisty “aunt”.

"And Hell's Bells!" Ava gasped "Well, I see ya cute muffin booty's moved on
into bra territory? Congrats, dollface!"

"I know!" Bella giggled, hugging Ava "But isn't resorting to talking about my
chest a sign that the party has gone downhill?"

Ava nodded "True dat.” Ave leaned into Bella and whispered, “we obviously have some stuff to talk about, lil Geurin. The vibes between you and K are crazy thick.” Ava winked. “Well, who else...” She continued loudly. “Oh, the twins. Lia, I missed you,
sweetheart!" She hugged Lia, then Parker, laughing "And so

Parker laughed and nodded "Likewise, Aunt Ava."

"Isabel!" Ava said "Good to see you, hon. And Opie! How's the odd couple

"Hi, Ava." Isabel said, hugging her friend. Ava had matured somewhat over the
years, and had traded in her straight, purple and pink streaked hair for a
more grown-up short red cut. But she still had the tattoos, piercings, and
affinity for leather that made her the Ava they had known for so long.

"Jacinda, you look so...domesticated..." Ava said, smirking and shaking her

"The key word there, my friend, is 'look.'" Jacinda said

"C'mere, you. Oh, and Kyle. Still a cop?"

"Sheriff." Kyle replied, smirking at the obvious irony of the statement.

"God help this town." Ava laughed.

"Good to see you, too, Ava." Kyle teased "Just as sweet as ever."

Ava smiled "RIA! You crazy girl! Yo, I missed you tons! I saw some of your
designs in this hot clothes store near my crib! You got some skills, girl!
And Mike...nice hair. As usual."

Maria hugged her friend and Michael ran his hand through his short, spiky hair and smirked "Same to you,

Ava smiled as she got to Max and Liz. Liz, the first real friend she'd ever
had. And Max, truly a great man. Come to think of it, as far as Ava was
concerned these were probably the two greatest people alive.

"Maxie, Lizzie!" She said, embracing them both at the same time "My huns!" As
she hugged them, she whispered "You'll tell me everything that’s been goin on later...and why you needed me here so quickly." She pulled
back and smiled at Liz "So, when's it due?"

"When's what due?" Liz asked, thoroughly confused

"The bun that is so clearly in ya oven, doll." Ava replied smiling.

Everyone looked at Liz "You're pregnant?!" Max exclaimed in shock and amazement, placing his hands on Liz’s shoulders and turning her towards him.

"I don't know!" Liz cried back, just as surprised, but smiling widely at the idea.

"Oh my God!" Jacinda said, placing one hand on her abdomen and the other on
Liz's. "Lizzie…it’s true!!! I can tell! We are, like, perfectly synchronized freaks of nature!"

Bella grinned at Jezebel "As if there was ever any doubt, you are so her

"Guilty as charged, Hell's Bells." Jezebel said happily, watching the adults
as they hugged and congratulated each other "Not that you're one to talk."

“Mom?” Kaleb broke in, his jaw dropped in surprise at Ava’s stunning declaration. “That’s…that’s incredible mom!” Kaleb enveloped his tiny mother in a warm embrace and Max seized the opportunity to hug the two loves of his life at the same time…soon to be THREE loves.

Ava walked over to the girls, leaving the Evan’s family to their private moment. "So,, ya both got so grown up. Jez,
following in ya mom's footsteps?"

"Meaning what?" Jezebel asked, cocking her eyebrow and smirking.

"Interpret it as you will." Ava said

"Ava!" Jacinda called "You're not giving her any ideas, are you?"

"Dollface, she's got ya genes and Kyle's." Ava replied "No way I could give
her any NEW ideas."

Liz stopped kissing Max and hugging Kaleb and turned to her friends "Hey, Jacinda, Ava, could you guys help me with something in the kitchen? Max, you too."
"Liz, you're talking to the three people here right now who know the least
about cooking." Jacinda pointed out.

"Jacinda, I need you guys to help me out here, okay?" Liz said sharply,
giving her a look.

“Fine, Lizzie…cmon J…let’s go.” Ava said to Jacinda pointedly.

Jacinda nodded with realization and followed Ava into the house.


Bella watched the parents go inside the house with curiosity. Why would Liz want Aunt Jacey and Aunt Ava to help her in the kitchen…of ALL people?

“Yeah…it does seem weird.” Kaleb remarked from behind her as if reading her mind. “I think we were right about something being up.”

Bella turned around and smiled up at him. “Excuse me…WE were right?”

“Ok…ok…” Kaleb laughed at Bella’s defensive stature: Hands on her curvy hips and smirk on her full lips. “You were right…better?”

“Much.” Bella grinned triumphantly. Bella looked down, suddenly flustered by Kaleb’s eyes on her, and her gaze landed at Kaleb’s feet. She couldn’t help herself and for the hundredth time that evening, She began looking him over. ‘He looks so…appetizing.’ Bella smiled to herself, flushed.

He had changed his clothes since earlier that day and was now wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants and a black turtleneck sweater that was tight enough to accent his broad shoulders and chest and sexy, muscular arms. Just the sight of him made Bella’s heart flutter in her chest and her stomach drop down to her knees.

Kaleb watched Bella’s eyes inspecting his body…heating his skin everywhere her gaze landed. It was amazing how quickly the mood could change from light and joking to intense when he and Bella were together.

"It still amazes me, that you and I are together. That I can touch you like I always wanted to. And how, now that I can, I am going crazy because I still can't touch you because our parents are here," Kaleb whispered in Bella's ear.

"And what exactly would you be doing to me if our parents weren't here?" Bella challenged him quietly while pretending to listen to Jezebel's conversation with Lia.

Kaleb blushed furiously, "Bella Juliet Guerin, the fact remains that our parents are here, and while I love your exhibitionist tendencies, I would rather they not forbid me from seeing you ever again."

"You sidestepped the question, K. If I could arrange it so that we wouldn't have to wait and our parents wouldn't see anything, would you...." Bella asked coyly.

Kaleb took a deep breath, "Yeah."

Bella looked over at Jezebel, "Jezzy, would you please do me a favor and tell anyone who asks where K and I are that we went to play on the PlayStation and that you said you would get us when the food's ready?"

"Playing with fire, are we? Sure, I'll cover for ya," Jezebel grinned. "The payback will be enormous."

Bella stared at her friend, "And what will that be?"

"I'll think of something. We'll work out the details later," Jezebel loved having the upper hand.

"Deal. C'mon, K, let's go, I'll race you to the PlayStation," Bella burst out running.

Kaleb ran after her, rolling his eyes, understanding that the only way to avoid suspicion was to enact the whole ritual, "Just another day in Bella land." As he ran out of sight and up the stairs, he smiled to himself. His Bell had come up with a foolproof plan. He pushed the part of him that was still worrying about getting caught far out of his mind and concentrated on how much he loved Bella.


Once Liz had Max, Jacinda, and Ava all assembled in the kitchen and the door shut from unwanted ears, she began, "I suppose you've figured out that my pregnancy is not why we called you here."

Ava smiled, "Yep, specially since ya didn't know about it. So why did ya?"

"You're going to laugh when you hear this, but please just hear us out. We think your dupe may be back in Roswell with an intent to harm one or all of us," Max responded.

Jacinda jumped in, "It all started with Jezebel bringing home this new girl from class. I felt really weird around her, and I got this flash from her when I touched her that I didn't understand. Then, in the middle of the night, I got this feeling that it was related to her, your dupe that is. And my intuition told me a little bit as to why, like because Kaleb is 17, but there are pieces missing. That's why we called you. You know her thoughts better than we do."

Liz asked, "Yes, like why would she wait until Kaleb is 17 to go after us? It couldn't be because she left when Max was 17 could it?"

Ava thought about the question, "Doubtful. It probably has more to do with alien hybrid physiology at 17 than anything else. Our hybrid DNA was programmed to have high hormone levels at age 17 to help with the mating process, and since DNA tends to stay the same over generations unless it is messed with, she's probably thinking that Kaleb is going to be trying to mate soon. Especially with Venus coming into orbit. As you have probably figured out, Venus has an effect on us like the full moon does on werewolves, without the hair and howling and killing of course."

"Much as I hate to think about the idea of Kaleb mating, this could explain his sudden forwardness with Bella, as in them being 'together' after all these years of ignoring their feelings. But why would she care if Kaleb were to start mating?" Liz reasoned.

"Dunno. Maybe she's still under the delusion that she's the one who should have the heir to the throne. Kaleb continuing your family line makes that quite difficult for her to prove to anyone," Ava deducted.

"But then why didn't she attack before Kaleb was born?" Max questioned.

"That you will have to figure out on your own. Right time, right place? And what does this new girl at the kids' school have to do with this?" Ava asked.

Liz responded, "I wish we knew. I wish we knew."

"Be careful. I'm distinctly smelling burning hamburgers," Jacinda admonished Liz, who was obviously preoccupied with something.

Liz had been thinking about the prospect of how she and Max were going to keep tabs on Kaleb's hormones and not about the meal she was trying to cook. "Oh, thank you. The kids will wonder why we've spent so much time in here and not cooked anything."

"Operation BBQ, here we come," Max smiled as the four of them rushed around the kitchen preparing the meal.


When Kaleb entered the room, Bella had already turned on the PlayStation, and she shut and locked the door behind them, "Privacy."

Within seconds, Kaleb's mouth was on hers, engulfing her in a deep kiss that caused her to shiver all the way down to her toes. She saw and felt images of the two of them laughing and playing going back and forth between their minds as their bodies connected. When he finally stopped kissing her, they were both panting and out of breath. Bella gasped, "Wow. Please...don't...stop."

Hearing Bella's impassioned plea removed Kaleb's last ounce of self-control, and the years of pent-up desire for her came flooding out. He pulled her to him and kissed her with an urgency he had never known existed. He felt her arms on his back, exploring and pressing him closer to her incredibly warm body. He loved how she was shaking and whimpering from his touch.

He could feel his own body reacting to her closeness and wondered how he ever could have thought she saw him as a cousin. He was barely cognizant when his hands began exploring underneath the back of her shirt, engrossing himself totally in the sensations he was feeling. He fumbled with the hooks on her bra, overcome with the desire to touch her bare, silky skin.

Bella moaned into Kaleb’s warm mouth when she felt his hot hands on the skin of her back where her bra had been only a moment ago. She was having trouble keeping her head clear with the feeling that having his hard body and strong hands on her was eliciting. She couldn’t believe how forward he was being. Who would’ve thought that shy Kaleb had it in him. He was so…so…aggressive. And she LOVED it.

Sharing his desire to feel bare skin, Bella brought her hands down his back and slid them under his sweater, pulling it up along with the wife-beater he had on under it, and over his head. Running her hands along the soft skin and hard muscles of his back and chest, Bella walked backwards until the back of her knees hit the edge of Kaleb’s bed.

Kaleb's face was filled with love and devotion as he lay her down gently on his bed. He pressed himself on top of her and began caressing her breasts underneath her shirt. He knew he was moving fast, but this was Bella. He swore to himself he would be with her for as long as she would have him.

Bella gasped into his mouth when she felt his gentle hands on her breasts, and at her reaction, he went to pull his hands away thinking that he had overstepped his bounds. "No," Bella breathed, pulling his hand back up to it's earlier position on her body. "Don't…don't stop."

Kaleb smiled, knowing he had misinterpreted her reaction. At this point, he knew the only thing that could make him stop was Bella herself. He had long past lost the willpower, having desired her for so long.

Bella reveled in his hands having their way with her. She felt his desire for her growing stronger and felt his arousal pressing into her thigh. Knowing she could get that kind of response from him only increased her need to touch him everywhere. Bella ran her hand over the hard muscles of his chest and down his corrugated abdomen until reaching its destination at the button of his pants.

Kaleb's eyes opened wide, and he tore his lips from hers as he felt Bella's hands moving to unbutton his pants. He moved his hand to hers in an attempt to slow her down, "My bell, are you sure you're ready for this?"

Bella's mouth moved to form an answer, but it stopped of its own accord when she heard someone banging on the door. She cursed, "Damn her timing. It's probably Jez warning us we'd better make an appearance."

"Bell! K! Food's ready! Time to extract yourselves from the PlayStation," Jezebel shouted from outside the door.

Bella and Kaleb rushed to get their clothes back on and to get themselves presentable for company. Bella had to get Kaleb to help her rehook her bra because she was all thumbs under pressure. "Be right there," Bella answered back.

Bella opened the door just in time to hear Jezebel say in a slightly quieter tone of voice, "Bella, put down Kaleb's joystick and get your little butt down here."

"You did not just say that," Bella ordered in vain.

"Oh, and by the way, locking the door only works against parents who AREN'T alien hybrids with the power to UNLOCK DOORS at the motion of a hand, for future reference. I should know," Jezebel noticed exactly how flushed the two lovebirds were.

Kaleb seized on that in a second, "You mean you got caught?"

"Nice try at changing the subject loverboy," Jezebel looked at him. "If I were you, I'd be thinking fast about a coverup as to why you two are both so flushed after a PlayStation game."

Bella smiled, "Don't worry, I've already thought of something. Let's head downstairs."

As Bella moved to follow Jezebel down the stairs, Kaleb held her back for a moment and gave her a slow, gentle, romantic kiss. "You...are amazing," he smiled and held her hand while they went downstairs.


Bella, Kaleb and Jezebel emerged from the back door of the house and were met by Parker, Lia. Ava and the parents who were setting the food out of the patio table.

Parker looked up at Kaleb and Bella, flushed and holding hands, and raised an eyebrow. “Rousing game of PlayStation, I see.” He remarked chuckling.

Lia smacked her brother on the arm and shushed him, but when she looked over to where her friends were standing, she couldn’t help but join in his laughter. Bella and Kaleb both looked thoroughly ravaged.

They certainly seemed to have taken advantage of their few moments of privacy. Lia was only slightly shocked at Bella…after all she was pretty forward. But Kaleb? When had her shy, sensitive cousin Kaleb become such a…a horndog? She knew how he felt about Bella, but still…it was pretty weird…and surprising.

While she thought it was sweet that Kaleb had finally shown some exhibitionism, he couldn't have picked a more public forum. And no one would be able to help them if their parents figured out what had really happened. Lia warned, "I hope you guys have a cover story cause your parents are on their way over right now."

"Bella! Come over here and help set the table. I see you had fun on the PlayStation. Who won?" Maria immediately knew the mischief her daughter had been up to just from looking at her, but she wanted to see if her daughter would try to hide what had happened. She'd know that smile anywhere.

Bella lied, "Kaleb won, and then he started gloating, so I hit him with a pillow, and he hit me back, and then he started tickling me, and I started kicking him, and then Jezzy knocked on the door saying dinner was ready." She'd put a lot of thought into what she thought her mother might believe. She honestly didn't care if her parents found out the truth, but Kaleb would be mortified, and she couldn't have that.

"So you and Kaleb were alone for give or take half an hour, and he didn't try anything? Do you think I was born yesterday?" Maria began one of her tirades. "I can't believe you would lie to your own mother. Where did I go wrong?..."

Michael interrupted her, "What's going on?"

"YOUR daughter needs a lesson in telling the truth and YOU need to talk to that BOY about keeping his hands to himself! She's only 16! Just look at her face. She doesn't even know how to hide it, oh my god, what are we going to do?" Maria dug her nails into Michael's shoulder.

Liz saw Maria going into freakout mode and the helpless look on Michael's face and was immediately next to her, "Maria, you need to calm down. Tell me what happened."

"Look at Bella's face. She was only alone with Kaleb for half an hour tops. She's going to wind up just like my mother at her age! Barefoot and pregnant and nothing I can do to stop it. I'm a terrible mother." Maria immediately explained to her best friend what was wrong, knowing that Liz would find some way to fix it. She always did.

"Maria, you are a wonderful mother. Bella, go talk to Aunt Ava. I need to talk to your mother right now," Liz ordered.

Bella was only too happy to scoot away from her mother's tirade. She loved that she could give tirades as well as her mother, but she hated being on the receiving end of one. Especially when it was her fault. She found her Aunt Ava talking to Jezebel and the twins and ran over to them.

Liz watched Bella leave and then continued talking to Maria, "You need to listen to me. I need you to not flip out."

"Liz, it's me," Maria responded, smiling. She was already starting to calm down with the familiarity of the interaction.

Liz smiled back, "You're not going to like what I'm about to tell you. I was talking with Ava about why that person we've been thinking might be coming back to Roswell might pick now, and she told us some not so wonderful things about Czechoslovakian physiology, at least from a parental standpoint."

"What did she say?" Michael was impatient. Didn't Liz realize that Maria was digging her nails into his shoulder?

Liz took a deep breath, "She said that Czechoslovakians were programmed in their DNA to have high hormonal surges when they turned 17. Kind of like puberty for us except much stronger. It's to help the mating process. And it's incredibly strong when Venus is in orbit. Pregnancy isn't immediate of course, but haven't you wondered why the four of us had kids right around the same time, within a year of each other? These hormones can only be denied for so long. Kaleb's getting them now, and Bella is either just starting to get them or will be shortly. It's not exactly an exact science."

"So Bella is going to be pregnant before she graduates, and there's nothing we can do about it?" Maria tried to interpret what Liz was saying.

"Nothing short of keeping them on separate continents, and then they would still probably find a way," Liz was just as frustrated as Maria at this point.

"You are both forgetting that birth control actually did work for a brief period of time," Michael admonished. "Plus, I'm sure a good healthy dose of fear of dealing with me should keep Kaleb in line for a few extra months."

"And if you think about it, if we warn them about it, they might be able to wait till at least college. We didn't know what we were dealing with when we got pregnant. Kaleb's got a good head on his shoulders, and so does Bella. We'll just have to sit them down and have a talk with them. Quickly. All four of us," Liz deducted, less dejected now.

Maria smiled, "We have a plan."

"I'll go tell Bella and Kaleb that we will be talking tonight after the barbeque," Liz offered and went to find Bella, who was apparently still talking to Ava, Jezebel, Parker and Lia.

"Let's eat. No reason to force everyone to listen to this," Michael said quietly to Maria.

Maria noticed that Isabel, Max, and Kaleb had finished setting the table and were waiting for everyone to sit down to eat. She went to go sit down near Max, leaving a chair for Liz of course. She had a feeling she'd be needing both of them before the night was out.


"Parker, pass me the turkey?" Kaleb asked

"Sure. You're a breast man, right?" Parker smirked.

Bella, hearing Parker’s insinuation choked on the soda she was swallowing and Kaleb blushed "Uh...c...can I just have a wing?"


Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Maria was venting to her friends "She wore that outfit we hate. Again!"

"Did you guys tell her not to?" Jacinda asked

"Yeah." Michael replied

"There's your problem." Jacinda said, rolling her eyes

Michael nodded, " Whatever…I don't like seeing my baby dressing like that."

"I know what you mean." Kyle told him "I hate it when Jezebel wears that stuff."

"What's the big deal?" Liz asked "We dressed like that. God, remember those outfits Jacinda and I were so attached to during senior year?"

"Yes, and you both graduated magna cum BABY." Max reminded her.

"Man's got a point." Kyle agree. Liz and Jacinda gave them pointed looks and they both shrank back a little.

"I still remember when I used to dress just like Jezebel." Jacinda said

"Yeah, and I still remember saying something about it." Kyle replied

"Hmm. That's right, you did." Jacinda told him "You said 'What's your phone number?'"

Kyle decided to ignore her comment, "Would you pass the salt?"


"Parker, I'm eating. Could we just have one nice, quiet meal where you aren't commenting on girls' chests?" Lia begged.

Parker replied smoothly, "I was merely asking the man what part of the turkey he prefers, Lia."

Kaleb had recovered enough to tease Parker back, "I guess you're more of a leg person, huh Parker? I bet a certain person has beautiful legs."

Parker retaliated, "I bet some applesauce will look wonderful on a certain cousin of mine's legs."

Bella and Lia simultaneously yelled, "Chill! Separate corners, now!!"

Maria called down to the kids' end of the table, "Is there a problem?"

Jezebel answered, "No, just some roosters crowing."

"Roosters?" Bella questioned incredulously.

Kaleb laughed, "I do believe we've just been likened to animals."

“If the feathers fit…” Jezebel smiled.

"Am I the only one uncomfortable with that analogy? Cause if they are the roosters, that means we're the hens they are trying to impress, and that just scares me," Lia cringed.

"If we're the hens, then we can just go find roosters from another farm, cause I'm not impressed with this type of crowing," Bella laughed.

“Hey!” Kaleb exclaimed.


"So, guess who I picked up for shoplifting and vandalism?" Kyle said "Amber
Troy Gummerstall Brown Frakes."

"Pam The Skank Troy's daughter?" Maria gasped

"I can't believe she's been divorced three times." Liz said, shaking her head.

Maria raised an eyebrow "Liz?"

"Well, yeah. I guess I can." Liz admitted


"So, just what DID happen upstairs?" Jezebel whispered to Bella "I mean, we
know the basics but I'm talking SPECIFICS, girl!"

Bella sighed "I dont know guys, it''s really weird. like we weren't
ourselves. It was all"

"Okay, that's lovely." Jezebel said "Now, enough waxing poetic and tell me
how much you DID!"

"Geez, Jez." Lia said "Way to be supportive. What was so weird about it,

Bella’s forehead creased in thought. “ was incredible…I’m not saying that it wasn’t…but…it was almost like we couldn’t control what was happening. Like we NEEDED to…” Bella blushed and looked down. “…to…feel each other. I don’t know how to explain it…”

Jezebel smiled at Bella’s confusion. “You are aware, aren’t you, Hell’s Bella, that you sound completely insane?”

Bella giggled. “Why are you surprised?”


“Jesus, Parker…I have NO idea what happened up there.” Kaleb whispered.

“Really? Cause I have a pretty good idea.” Parker chucked quietly.

“Seriously, dude…you ever feel like you have NO control over what you’re doing?”

Parker turned to Kaleb and raised an eyebrow. “Ever heard me talk?”


Isabel took a bite of her salad and turned to Alex. “So Liz says that Kaleb, Bella, and Jezebel act the way they do because our hormones peak at 17…”

“I heard.” Alex responded quietly. “I’ve never been so glad out kids are the youngest in my life.” He chuckled.

“I don’t know…” Isabel smiled looking at her children across the table. “I don’t think we’ll have very much longer.”

Alex’s jaw dropped in mock horror. “And we have TWINS!”


Michael grinned at Maria. “I thought you were HAPPY about Bella and Kaleb being together. I mean…that was you jumping around the kitchen in excitement earlier today…”

“I AM happy for them…” Maria interrupted. “I want her to be happy…of COURSE I do. I just don’t ever want him to touch her…and I want them to stay virgins till they die. Is that so much to ask?!?!”

“Well as long as your goals are REALISTIC.” Michael laughed.


Kaleb continued, "The worst part is my parents said they want to *talk* to me and Bella after you guys leave. You know what a terrible liar I am. My mom is gonna send me to Sweden."

"Only Sweden? I was thinking Antar," Parker laughed.

"Parker, this is serious. I can't live without seeing Bella," Kaleb pleaded for help.

Parker thought for a minute, "I think you're panicking for no reason. Your mom has been trying to get you and Bella together since you were five."

"Together, yes. That doesn't mean she wanted me to be incapable of keeping my hands off of her," Kaleb refused to be cheered up. "I know I should be taking things slow, and it's like I have no control over myself when she's around. I *have* to touch her."

Parker smiled, "That's called normal teenage lust. I think your showing some of your human side right now."

"Do you think? It's no wonder my parents were pregnant with me before they graduated high school. But isn't teenage lust supposed to start when you're like 13?" Kaleb asked.

Parker shrugged, "Don't look at me. I know about as much as you do."

"Then help me think of what I'm going to say to my parents," Kaleb begged.
Parker answered, "That's easy. Tell them you and Bella have been screwing like rabbits and are having the time of your lives."

"I'll remember this," Kaleb muttered.

Lia asked, "So what did it feel like to have no control over what you were doing with Kaleb?"

"Like I'd died and gone to heaven. Wonderful, but totally weird at the same time. I can't explain it. But it felt right," Bella got a dazed look in her eyes.

Jezebel responded, "That's kinda the way I feel when I'm with Jason, but at least I'm liberated enough to admit that the urgency is partly lust."

Bella thought about it, " maybe it's...25% lust. But 75% is LOVE...I SWEAR!"

"And it's that 25% that you can't control?" Lia questioned, thinking the ratio sounded a bit off.

Bella laughed, "No, the lack of control part is more like the 75% part."

Lia hit her head with her hand in exasperation, "I am so confused. Never mind. I'm never going to get this."

"Just wait till it happens to you," Jezebel said knowingly. "You'll grow up someday."

Lia replied, "I may fall in love one day, but I will never, I repeat never, wear that shirt with that miniskirt."

"You don't like it? I happen to think it looks gorgeous," Jezebel lifted her nose in the air. "But as you so aptly reminded me, we were trying to console Bella, remember?"

Lia flinched, "Hey, whoever just rubbed against my foot, please don't do that again."

"Sorry, Li, I thought you were Bella," Kaleb said, flushed.

Jezebel cackled, "You two were playing FOOTSIES?"

Bella laughed at Kaleb across from her. “Well apparently ONE OF US was.”

"When you said you were having trouble controlling your urges, I didn't realize quite how bad it was," Lia grinned.

Kaleb glanced over at his parents, "Guys, could you like keep your voices down, please?"

"If you wanted us to keep our voices down, why would you kiss each other so in public like you did?" Lia asked incredulously.

Kaleb responded quietly, "That was before my parents decided they wanted to *talk* with me and Bella after you guys leave."

Lia immediately felt sorry for asking that question, "K, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize. Have you thought of what you're gonna say?"

Bella tried to make Kaleb feel better, "K, relax, we'll be fine. Just deny everything and tell them what they want to hear."

"You really think that'll work?" Kaleb asked, "With how bad of a liar I am?"

"You're right. Our strategy should be to get us out of there as soon as possible," Bella decided.

"I'll call you as soon as I get home. Maybe that will help," Lia offered.

Kaleb explained, "We'll be at my house, so maybe Parker better call."

"Me? Why me?? This is so not fair," Parker complained.

Lia laughed, "Because you lie so well."

Parker's ego inflated instantly, "Well, since you put it that way."

Bella smiled, "Well, since we have our game plan, can we talk about something else please?"

"Yes, please," Kaleb agreed. The teens chatted excitedly throughout the rest of the meal.


One by one the group said their goodbyes until the only ones left were Bella, her parents, Kaleb, and his parents. Liz then offered some hospitality, noticing how the group had become uncomfortably silent, "How about we all go into the living room and get comfortable?”

Maria kept reminding herself that this wasn't the end of the world and that she needed to keep breathing. She took out her cypress oil, smelled it, and then offered some to Michael.

"No thanks," he said with an amused grin.

Kaleb sat on the right side of the couch, with one arm on the armrest and the
other draped across Bella, partially out of love, and partially out of
protection. His parents were both acting weird, and he had a feeling they
were going to get on his case about Bella. What totally didn't bode well was
that Bella's parents were also present, and they'd waited to talk to them
until all their friends had left. He intended to make it clear to his
parents and her parents that this relationship was going to last, and they
were just going to have to deal with it. And why hadn’t his parents told him that Michael and Maria would be there too? Kaleb shot a glance at his father who shrugged and mouthed the word “sorry.” If Michael and Maria were going to take part in this “talk”…this was going to be BAD.

Bella wondered why Kaleb felt so nervous. She leaned against him to calm him
down. As an afterthought, she kicked her shoes off and sat with her legs
half under her and half bent to the side, curling up next to Kaleb, to get
comfortable, having a feeling they'd be there a while. She had figured that
this family meeting was inevitable, but apparently Kaleb hadn't expected it
quite so soon or he wouldn't be holding onto her for dear life.

Liz glanced over at Maria, who was having an extremely hard time keeping her
mouth shut, and decided that she'd better get this over with as quickly as
she could. "Kaleb, I, well, we, were talking to your Aunt Ava tonight about
some things I think you and Bella, both, should know about, now that you two
have finally admitted how you feel about each other."

Max bit his lip to keep himself from laughing. The whole situation was
just...absurd. He remembered "the talk" he and Liz had gotten from their
parents and the principal when they were around the kids' age. To think that
Michael, Maria, Liz, and he were talking about NOT giving in to one's

"Mom..." Kaleb started blushing, obviously embarrassed, "Do we REALLY have to
do this now...I mean...we haven't even been together a whole day..."

Maria snorted, "After what happened upstairs today? Yeah, I'd say now is
just the right time, hun."

"Geez, mom...really, would you just chill?" Bella pleaded.

Michael laughed, "Bella? Do you know your mother AT ALL? Does she EVER

Maria hit him on the arm, "Help or stay quiet, spaceboy."

"Anyway," Liz continued, "We know that the two of you may be...may be
feeling...changes in the way you feel toward each other and...and with

Kaleb blushed profusely and mumbled, "Oh my god..." He looked down at the
floor. He could not believe his mother, the same woman who he tried to
pretend didn't do these things with his father, was actually saying this to

Bella refused to look at her parents. She looked everywhere else around the
room...the crack in the wall, the coffee mark on the carpet....but not at her
parents. It was bad enough they would do this to her, but poor Kaleb had to
listen to it too!

Liz looked to Max for help. This was harder than she anticipated. How had
she given birth to a child so uncomfortable with talking about sex? Was she
that uncomfortable at his age? Oh wait, yes, she remembered blowing up at
her mother, saying that it was her body and she didn't have to tell her
mother every little thing about it. As soon as this was over, she decided
she was going to call her mother and apologize.

Max took over, "Anyway, kids...the point is that Ava told us that what you're''s not just normal teenage...hormoney...stuff..." All of
a sudden his years of med school and experience as a pediatrician didn't seem
to do much help, and he was just an awkward parent trying to talk to his kid
about sex. "Did I just say 'hormoney'?"

"That's a 10-4 on that one there, Max," Michael said chuckling, "Excellent
medical lingo, doc."

"Wanna take over Michael? No...didn't think so," Max tried to cover up his

" right...about the...hormone thing. Ava told us that we...I
mean...the alien part of kind of reaches a peak in hormonal levels at
seventeen...and makes you want" Max looked at her pleadingly,
blushing up to his ears and looking the spitting image of his equally red son
sitting across from him.

"Makes you want to do things that could lead to having a baby," Liz finished.

Bella couldn't help commenting, "Oh, you mean those things Kaleb and I hear
you two doing all the time?"

"No, I mean the thing you were ALMOST doing upstairs today with us in the
kitchen RIGHT below you! It was almost, wasn't it? Oh god, Michael," Maria
began freaking out again.

All of a sudden Bella's gaze flew up, and she turned just as bright red as
Kaleb. "" she buried her face in his side and tried to ignore what
was being said around her.

Kaleb tightened his arm around her and looked down at the floor.

Michael's quiet, steady voice ended the silence, "WAIT a second here...Maria,
you didn't tell me...I just thought...Max!?!?! Would you be terribly mad if

"I would if I was in your shoes, Michael," Max admitted.

Liz fought for the two kids, "Michael, you can't fault them for doing the
same thing we did at their age. It's hypocritical. He does love her, and
you are forgetting why we're here."

Michael scowled, but he kept his mouth shut.

"So the point of all of this...I promise, was NOT to embarrass you...OR to
yell at you," Liz looked pointedly at Michael. "But to just warn
you to not let things get too out of hand...things can get out of hand pretty
fast. I mean, just ask Max and I...or Maria and Michael, or Jacinda and
Kyle, or even Alex and Isabel. Don't get me wrong, kids, we don't regret
having any of you...just the opposite. We just want you kids to be able
to...well to be kids...for as long as possible," Liz blew out a relieved
breath as she finished.

Max reached out and took hold of Liz's hand. She was always so amazing...and
so much stronger than all of them. He turned to Bella and Kaleb, "So are you
both ok with you understand what we're trying to say?"

Kaleb mumbles in a barely audible voice, "Yes, dad...we understand. we'll

Bella finally removed her face from Kaleb's side and jumped in, guilty that
he took the burden onto himself, "We'll be good. We promise." She gave them
a fake, winning smile, and squeezed Kaleb's hand. ", can
know...GO now?"

The phone rang before Liz had a chance to answer, "Stay right where you are. I'll get the phone.”

"Oh, hi Parker, help with history, one sec, I'll get him," Liz handed the phone to Kaleb. "Make this quick."

"Sure, mom," Kaleb said quickly. He wondered if she had believed him when he'd told her they'd be careful.

Bella thought to herself, ‘Now he calls, after it's all over. It so figures.’

"Hey, history test tomorrow huh? Sure, I can help. No offense, but you suck at remembering dates," Kaleb said into the phone, "Hold on, I'll ask. Mom, do you mind if I go over later to help Parker with history?"

"It'll have to wait till we're done, but after that, no problem," Liz answered, smiling. She totally didn't believe what Bella and Kaleb had said during their talk, but she sure wasn't going to say so in front of Maria. "I'll drive you. I have to get to the grocery store anyhow."

"Mom, it's ok, I can drive," Kaleb started tapping his foot nervously.

Liz replied, "I know, but I have to go out anyway, and it'll give me an excuse to spend time with my almost grown up son who thinks he has no use left for a mother."

"Mom, I never said that," Kaleb closed his eyes in frustration. His mother really knew how to lay on the guilt when she wanted something. "If it's that important to you, you can drive me."

"Great," Liz grinned. Score one for a guilt trip. Now, all she had to do was get the truth out of him on the way over. He was usually a very honest kid, and she knew how much Bella meant to him, but boy, was she seeing a rerun of herself and Max at that age. She so didn't want Bella to be a mom right after high school.

"My mom says it's Bella here? Yeah, why? Ok, hold on," Kaleb handed the phone to Bella. "Lia wants to ask you something."

Bella listened for a few moments. "uh huh...hold on..I'll ask." She looked at her mother with a winning smile. "Mom...can I go over to Lia's and study, too? We do have that big test tomorrow in MR. Behr's class..."

Maria instantly thought of a solution, "Bella, why doesn't Lia come over to our house and study?"

"Cause her mom likes to do the hostess thing. You hate it. It'll give you and dad some time alone. Please?" Bella pleaded.

Michael said reluctantly, "We'll have to trust her in the same place as him at some point. They do go to the same school. Sides, Alex and Isabel will be there to chaperone."

"You're right, Spaceboy. You're never supposed to be right," Maria complained.

"BUT...Bella, if I hear anything from your aunt and uncle that you've gone against your promise, in either word or meaning, to be determined by me, you, your mom, and I will be the ones moving to Sweden. Do we have an understanding?" Michael threatened.

Bella's eyes lit up, "Yes, daddy! Li, I can come. See you later, bye." She hung up the phone. "So as I was saying, are we done yet?"

"Unless your mom and dad have anything to add, I'm done," Liz responded.

Maria said thoughtfully, "No, nothing I need to say to both of them, but if you don't mind, I'd like to take my daughter over separately so we can talk in the car."

"Works for me," Liz smiled. She and Maria had been best friends for so long that it was nice when they were both on the same page.

Kaleb and Bella exchanged a look. It was as if their parents had realized the double teaming hadn't worked, and they were going to try a one on one approach.

"C'mon Bella, get your coat and we'll get out of here. Spaceboy, you too," Maria took the initiative. She wanted to leave before Kaleb and Bella had time to prearrange what they were going to say.

Bella desperately held onto Kaleb's hand. She so didn't want to leave him, even for a minute. She was so pathetic, she thought, but I love him so much. She finally let go when her mom yelled at her for the second time to put her coat on.

Maria would have laughed if her daughter hadn't looked so forlorn. Bella would be away from him for maybe 20 minutes. Were Michael and I ever that bad, she wondered. "Coat, Bella, NOW!"


"You know, Kaleb, I really am happy that you and Bella are together." Liz was saying "But I don't want you guys getting TOO serious too fast."

Kaleb sighed "I know, Mom. I DO see why you're...concerned. Its just...I mean, think back to you and Dad. Do you think you could have 'stayed away' from him? And PLEASE use as LITTLE detail as possible in your answer."

“You know…you have a really good point there about your father and I…” Liz said as she opened the glove compartment and placed a plastic square in Kaleb’s hand.

‘Oh my god…my MOTHER just handed me a condom!’


Maria sighed. Bella was right about that. She and Michael had had very little control over their feelings at her age.

"I mean REALLY..." Bella continued, looking away from the window towards her
mother in the front of the car. "Way to have double standards, guys."

Michael snorted a laugh. "She's got us there, doesn't she? SO glad she got
your sarcasm."

Maria raised an eyebrow at Michael as he drove. "EXCUSE ME?!? MY sarcasm?!?!
Have you ever HEARD yourself speak AT ALL?!?"

Michael paused for a second and glanced away from the road at his disgruntled
pixie of a wife. "Point taken...statement retracted."

"The point is, Bells," Maria focused her attention back on her daughter,
"that we DON'T want you kids to have to deal with what we did. I
mean...You're my little Chiquita!! I want you to be able to have crazy amounts
of FUN without having to worry know...morning sickness?"
Maria laughed lightly, trying to ease the tension some.


posted on 2-Sep-2001 6:36:06 PM

Kaleb laughed at his mother. " couple of things. First of all,
I'm pretty sure the GIRL gets morning sickness." He chucked once again at his
mother's comment. "and secondly, Bella and I are NOT having sex...and if we
ever do decide to..." 'EVER?!?' Kaleb thought to himself 'When did I become
a GOOD liar?!?' "We will, OF COURSE, be completely careful."

Liz smiled with amusement at her son. "YES, Kaleb, I am aware that GIRLS get
morning sickness...I have been pregnant, after all. Twice, now,
apparently." Liz was still reeling over Ava's earlier announcement about her
current 'with child' state. "I was just saying..." she continued. "well...I
was saying...oh YOU KNOW what I was saying." she laughed, flustered.

Kaleb laughed, his hazel eyes bright with amusement, making him look exactly
like his father, Liz noted. "I know...I cant believe it either, Mom. I'm
gonna have a little...well a little something." he chuckled. "A little half
alien hybrid, half genetically altered human something."

Liz smiled "Don’t forget that YOU are also a half alien hybrid, half
genetically altered something, as you so eloquently put it."

"We're here." Kaleb commented.

"Huh?" Liz looked at him, confused.

"We're here..." Kaleb repeated, grinning. "at Parker's."

"Oh, right, sorry." Liz said, pulling over "Be good, honey. I MEAN it." She
winked at her son.

Kaleb smiled, kissed his mother on the cheek, and got out of the car.

"I'll pick you up at 11!" Liz called after him.


"So, we'll pick you up at 11, okay?" Michael said as he pulled up in front of
Lia's house.

"Right." Bella replied "And DON'T worry, okay? I'm an angel, remember?" She

Maria laughed "Bella, never in your entire life have you been an angel. You
came out of me screaming bloody murder, and I'm not sure but you may have
been playing poker."

Bella erupted in a fit of giggles. "Ok, Mom, I'll see you guys later." She
leaned forward to the front seat, hugged Maria and kissed Michael on the
cheek, then pulled away and looked at him. "God, SO need a

"Will everybody just LAY OFF THE HAIR ALREADY!!!" Michael groaned "GEEZ!!!
its been 20 years and STILL!! You guys don’t like it...I GET THE PICTURE!"

"He's hopeless, Bell." Maria sighed "I don’t even try anymore. Love you,


“Hey, Bella.” Lia smiled, hugging her friend as she closed the front door behind her. “I can’t believe that you and Romeo can’t be away from each other even for a couple of hours...what has HAPPENED to you two in the past two days?!? You used to be so normal.” She laughed.

“We were?” Bella laughed in mock surprise, taking off her black leather jacket and draping it over the back of the couch.

“Ok…well maybe not NORMAL…but you weren’t THIS bad.” Lia grinned.

"Lia, it's just like...and I can't even...I feel so crazy." Bella sighed

"Wow! That was some sentence there, Bell." Lia laughed

"I know." Bella said with a smile "This is what he does to me. Pretty sad,

"No, not sad." Lia assured her "Just...unexpected, I guess. You guys have
been best friends since birth and you've always been...semi-normal around
each other. And all of a sudden you're...well, not. Anyway, Parker and Kaleb
are in the den. And Mom and Dad are upstairs, so don't worry. Let's go in
there and, you know, say hi."

Bella nodded and followed Lia into the den, where Parker was watching TV with
Kaleb, who had just arrived. Kaleb felt Bella's presence and turned around.
He gave her a sexy half smile, stood up, and walked right up to her. "Hey."
He said

"Hey." She replied

"Yeah! Hey to you too, Bella. Nice to see you again." Parker yelled from the
couch. They didn't even hear him. They were already in their own world.

Lia giggled "Oh boy, we've lost them."

The phone rang once. "Parker!" Isabel called from upstairs "Some girl Corey
is on the phone!"

"Uh...okay. Thanks, Mom." Parker replied "I'll get it upstairs." He turned to
the others "I'm just know...take this...umm..."

"Upstairs?" Bella finished for him, sensing that it was going to take a while
for him to form a complete sentence.

"Um...yeah...that." Parker said. He stood there blankly.

"Parker?" Kaleb said, waving his hand in front of Parker's face.

"Oh!" Parker snapped out of the daze he was in "Yeah...okay." He left the

"God, are we like that?" Kaleb asked

" two are like a completely separate kind of crazy." Lia giggled.

Bella giggled "Hey, Lia..."

"Right, I'm gonna go get those books to study." Lia said

"Shit!" Bella groaned "We really have a test? I thought you just said that so
I could come over!"

"I did." Lia told her "I just wanted to scare you." Before Bella could get
mad at her, she continued "I gotta...go...find to show
you...from my room. I'll be back...eventually."

"'s, you know, sit down." Kaleb suggested

Bella nodded. They sat down, and she leaned against him slightly. Kaleb was a
little worried that she might feel nervous around him because of how far they
had gone before.

"God...Bella." He said "This all just so..."

"Confusing?" She asked

Kaleb shrugged slightly "I guess...I mean, I just don't want you to think
that all I want from you is..."

Bella placed her finger over his lips to silence him, looking deep into his
piercing hazel eyes. "Kaleb, I would never think that. What happened
before...I'm not exactly sure HOW it happened, but I know that it was because
of both of us." She leaned closer and whispered "I just...need you."

"I think..." Kaleb swallowed "We just need to learn how to...control it."

"Maybe later." Bella said softly, leaning in and closing her mouth over his.
He groaned and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and deepening
the kiss.

She ran her hands through his hair, holding his mouth against hers, then
slowly moved her hands down to his shoulders, then started rubbing his chest
through his shirt. She then crawled into his lap and straddled him, without
breaking their deep, passionate kiss. He ran his hands down to the small of
her back and pressed her against him. She moaned against his mouth and
clutched at his shoulders, needing to feel him as close as possible. She felt
like she was floating, and needed to hold onto him to keep from floating away.

He understood her unspoken need and became her anchor, all the while
reveling in the feelings and sensations the close proximity of her body
elicited from his own. His skin felt delightfully alive, as though the
nerves would pick up the slightest touch of her body against his. His desire
for her in his heart perfectly matched his desire for her in his body. He
desperately wanted her to realize how much she meant to him and how he would
always love her. As he reluctantly tore his lips from hers, he traced her
swollen lips with his finger, and gazed longingly into her eyes, "Have I ever
told you you are the most beautiful alien hybrid in the universe?"

She sighed in his arms. He had to be the most romantic alien hybrid on this
side of the milky way. And he was all hers. That to her was the most
endearing part of all. She murmured, quietly while kissing his neck, "Not in
the past hour. I could stand to hear it again."

Kaleb smiled. She was so adorable without even trying. " are the
most breathtakingly ravishing girl I have ever seen...and its not just the
way you look...I can’t believe how long it took me to admit it."

Bella closed her eyes and grabbed his hand that was still stroking her lips.
She slowly and tantalizingly slid his finger into her mouth, sucking it
gently. Kaleb swore he felt his stomach drop to the floor at that moment. Was
she trying to KILL HIM?!?

"Bella..." He struggled a ragged whisper. "You''re driving me
know that?"

Bella released his finger with a pop and giggled, shifting in his lap.

Kaleb groaned at her movement against his body. He had reached the point
where he was painfully hard and every tiny movement she made was sheer
torture for his body. Kaleb grabbed her hips, stilling her movements and, letting out a sound that could only be called a growl, recaptured her mouth with an assault that would have been thoroughly aggressive had it been another guy, but with Kaleb, it was unbelievable sexy.

Bella gasped in surprise as Kaleb took control so eagerly. He quickly took
advantage of her opened lips and sucked her hot tongue into his mouth,
caressing it with his own. She tasted so good…so sweet. He couldn’t get enough…like a drug. He then brought his hands up the sides of her body, exploring her curves, finally bringing his hands to rest in her soft hair. Kaleb treaded his fingers through it, cupping the back of her head and angling her mouth more towards his, deepening the kiss. Bella
let out a moan at the heightened access to his mouth.

“Oh my god…” She gasped, as he moved his mouth to her neck, sucking and kissing her soft skin fervently. “Oh my god…”

“Mmm…” Kaleb mumbled into her neck, a low, gravelly sound of pure passion.

Bella arched her body into his, bringing their lower bodies into flush contact, and eliciting loud whimpers from them both.

“Is it safe to come back in here ye-…Ewwww!!! Ok…I’ll take that as a NO.” Lia spun around on her heals as she came back into the living room, facing the opposite wall of where Bella and Kaleb were sitting. “Can you two please…you know…put all your…stuff…or whatever…away. You know…if it’s…out.”

Kaleb buried his face in Bella’s neck, desperately trying to slow his breathing and regain control of his body. “Just…don’t move for a second.” He whispered so only Bella could here.

Bella smiled and nodded, understanding his desire NOT to have his cousin see his obviously…excited state. “Our ‘stuff’ isn’t out, Lia.” Bella giggled slightly, trying to cover up her embarrassment. How did they keep getting so out of control?!?! “You can turn around.”

"Are you sure? No offense, but I'll believe it more from Kaleb. He's less exhibitionist," Lia laughed.

"Lia, would I be able to use your shower? I need a cold one," Kaleb blushed.

Lia turned to face them and cringed momentarily, "Um...eww...but yeah. You can go use the one in the basement so mom and dad don’t know."

Bella batted her eyebrows innocently and looked at him. "Want some company?"

"Ugh...” he groaned. "You’re REALLY not helping the situation." Kaleb lifted her up off his lap and placed her on the couch, kissed her on the forehead sweetly and rushed off to the basement.

Lia smiled, watching her cousin run downstairs, and turned to Bella, "Still swooning?"

Bella was still dazed, "Well, he's just so damn swoonable."

"It's really sweet how you two finally got together," Lia said genuinely.

Bella laughed, forcing herself out of her daze, "Finally is definitely the word for it."

"So now that your situation is settled, my so-called brother needs some fixing up with a girl named Corey," Lia was already planning her next matchmaking opportunity.

Bella smiled, "You mean get him back for being that obnoxious around me and K? I'm all for that."

"In a manner of speaking. Anyhow, he's really into this girl, and she seems cool from what I've seen, so shall we work on getting them together?" Lia asked.

"Sure, I see an accidental locking in the eraser room in their near future," Bella grinned wickedly.

Lia chuckled, "And don't forget some flowers and a note in her locker."

The girls fell silent as they heard someone's footsteps coming toward them. Lia looked over, "It's Parker."

"Where's Kaleb? Did he go home?" Parker asked.

Bella looked at him, "No, he's taking a shower, to, ah, wake up."

"Did you two have a fight?" Parker raised an eyebrow.

Bella gave him a blank look, "What do you mean?"

"Just that he's in the shower and you aren't. That's all," Parker said bluntly.

Bella blushed, "When your parents could drop in at any second? I don't think so."

Lia didn't say a word to the contrary, instead trying to change the subject, "Parker, would you be up for watching a movie with us?"

"What movie?" Parker asked.

Lia replied, "The Matrix."

"Sure, I've got nothing better to do. Sides, I love seeing women in
leather," Parker grinned.

"PARKER!!!" Lia shouted. "EWWWW!!!"

Bella said quietly, "Lia, he's just trying to get you riled up. Let's just
watch the movie in peace ok?"

Lia reluctantly put the tape in the VCR, mumbling to herself how she was
going to get back at Parker. They all took their usual spots and started to
watch the movie.

Bella noticed an absent spot next to her, and bolted up, "Shouldn't we wait
for K?"

"If we get near a leather part, we'll stop and rewind for him," Lia

"Works," Bella smiled and settled back down.

Kaleb entered quietly and took his place next to Bella. She sighed, smelling
his masculine odor mixed with..."Strawberry soap??"

"It was what they had," Kaleb whispered to her. "Watch the movie."

Bella shook her head and settled into his arms, resting her head on his chest. She allowed herself to get engrossed in the movie, so much so she almost didn't hear Alex come in.

"Good job studying for history kids. I see your test is on the Matrix," Alex
shook his head. He had had a feeling the kids had made up the story about
the test, but as he and Isabel were going to be there anyway, he hadn't said
anything. They were just kids, afterall...and with everything that seemed to
be going on lately, who knew how much more time they’d have to just...have fun.


"Tess, we've been over this before." Jacinda said, keeping her face stoic and
her voice even and calm. "Max chose Liz. He loves her. He doesn't love you."

Kyle, Max, and Liz watched the two girls with trepidation. It had been a
month since Jacinda had come to town, and a week since Max had made up his
mind once and for all, and chosen Liz over Tess. Now, in the alley behind the
Crashdown, the dam had finally broken. Tess and Jacinda were circling each
other slowly, not taking their eyes off one another for a second.

Watching them, Kyle couldn't believe this was the same Tess who had been
living with him and his father for six months, the same Tess he had thought
he was falling in love with. Had it all been her powers, her mind control? It
certainly looked that way. Jacinda, on the other hand, was herself.
Beautiful, imposing, she moved like a tiger, graceful but powerful. Kyle once
again thanked whatever higher power had sent Jacinda to them. She had saved
all of them. From themselves, and from each other, and from a false destiny.
Except for Tess, who didn't seem to want to be saved.

"Jacinda, please-" Max said, stepping forward.

"Shut up." Jacinda interrupted. Without turning around, she put up her hand
and pushed her brother back against the wall. "Tess. Get. Over. It. Nasedo
poisoned your mind, he led you to believe there was no other path for you.
But it's not too late, you can still change your life and move on. Why can't
you just accept that you and Max are different people now, with different

"Because it's wrong!" Tess replied, sounding like a child.

"Tess, we're not trying to drive you away." Liz said calmly, stepping
forward. She held onto Max's hand as she moved closer to Tess. "You can

"Shut up!" Tess snapped in a high-pitched whine. She threw up her hand and directed an energy blast at Max and Liz. It caught them off guard, knocking them unconscious.

Jacinda and Kyle were stunned. This was a power that none of the group, even
Jacinda, had known that Tess had. Kyle didn't see exactly what happened next,
it all happened too fast, but Tess prepared to hit Max and Liz with another,
larger blast. Sensing this, and taking her role as their protector to heart,
Jacinda moved in front of them. The next thing Kyle was aware of, Jacinda was
in a crumpled heap at his feet. Tess stood in shock for a moment, as if even she couldn't believe what she'd just done. Then she turned and fled down the alley. It was
the last time they would see her.

Dropping to his knees, Kyle gathered Jacinda in his arms. Instantly, his
hands were drenched with blood "Jacinda!, Jacinda..." His mind
was racing, he couldn't even form a coherent sentence. Max and Liz were still
out cold. Kyle pressed his hands over the scorched, gaping hole in Jacinda's
stomach, trying to stop the bleeding. It was no use.


Jacinda let out a soft cry as she sat up, sweating and shaking. She felt
Kyle's arms around her, and it took her a moment to realize that he was
shaking, too. He pushed up the short, silk nightgown she was wearing and was
clearly checking to be sure that her skin was whole. Isabel and Michael had
found them that night 19 years earlier, just in time to heal Jacinda before
she bled to death, and in time to revive Max and Liz before any damage was
caused. But because healing had never been their strongest power, Jacinda's
stomach still bore a few light scars from the wound, and she had never been
as strong as she was before.

"What the hell was that?" Kyle asked, stroking her hair.

"It was a dream." Jacinda replied shakily "Just a dream."

"I don't believe you." Kyle told her. His hands slipped down to her abdomen,
covering the place where their baby, their son, was growing. "I haven't
thought about her in nineteen years, Jacinda. And now...God, I worked so hard
to forget what she did to you."

"I'm sorry, baby." Jacinda said, her voice breaking.

"No, Angel, don't apologize." Kyle soothed her, kissing her forehead "Just
tell me what's wrong."

"I can't." Jacinda whispered, looking away.

Kyle gently cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes "Don't shut
me out. Please, just tell me what's going on."

"I've been having these...these dreams lately." Jacinda sighed "Since right
after I got pregnant..."

"About Tess." Kyle finished for her.

"Right." Jacinda said, sobbing "And at first, I was just really hoping that
it was nothing. I mean, I was a little crazy when I was pregnant with
Jezebel. But then Liz started having dreams, too. And now...with you having
the same dream and at the same time..."

"You don't think that she might be back?"

"We're not sure." Jacinda sighed, letting her head fall into her hands.

"If she is..." Kyle said, wrapping his arms around his wife and pulling her
close "If she tries to hurt you, or Jezebel..."

"Kyle, no." Jacinda interrupted "You can't get involved in this. It's too

"How can I not get involved?" Kyle asked "Jacinda, the last time we saw Tess,
she nearly killed you. You almost bled to death in my arms. And now..." He
touched her stomach again, and they both watched the bright glow of their


Liz shook her head "I can't believe this is happening. This CAN'T be
happening." She hadn’t had a dream about Tess in over 10 years...and she knew that Max had shared the dream with her..., which meant it was important.

Max held her close "I wish I could say it wasn't."

"God...what are we going to do?" Liz moaned. Suddenly, the past 18 years
seemed to disappear, and Liz was just a scared 17-year-old girl, standing in
a dark alley...faced with the one person who had threatened to take the world
away from her. In every possible sense.

"We will be ok...we are all going to be ok. She can't hurt us...we're
stronger than she is." Max held on to Liz so tightly that he would have
feared he was crushing her if he hadn't been able to hear her breathing. He
kissed the top of her head and gently rocked, whispering soft, soothing

"She hurt us last time." Liz whispered "She nearly killed us, and Jacey. And
she wasn't even trying to then."

Max nodded "But-"

"And now we have so much more to lose, Max." Liz interrupted "The kids...and
the baby...I mean, Kaleb's life is just starting...and..."

"We weren't prepared for her then...and now we are." Max reminded her "And
the kids...well you know just as well as I do that their powers are strong,
even stronger than mine, Iz, Jacinda, Michael and Ava's are. They aren't
helpless...not by a long shot."

Liz nodded and sighed "God...she is such a bitch."

"The MOUTH on you!" Max gasped mockingly.

The door opened and Kaleb looked in "Everything okay in here? I got


"I know, you're right." Jacinda sighed "I'm just...I'm scared."

Kyle nodded and kissed her "You know, this side of eighteen years ago, you
would have rather jumped naked into a pool of razorblades than admit to me,
or anyone, that you were scared."

"I was young and stupid then." Jacinda said "Now I'm...older. And...less

"You're not stupid, and you never were." Kyle said "My point is, a lot has
changed. We've changed. We're all wiser, and stronger."

"Hey, everything okay in here?" Jezebel asked, opening the door "I thought I
heard a non-sex noise, and I was all like, okay, something's off!"



"Kaleb..." Max began "Your mother and I had a dream..."

"Okay, please tell me this is no more than PG-13." Kaleb interrupted

"This is serious." Max said "We had a dream about something that happened a
really long time ago." He ran a shaky hand through his sleep-mussed hair
'Spit it out already, Maxwell!' he ordered himself.

Kaleb was concerned. His father seemed really nervous, which was a rare
occurrence. " everything...I mean, is something really bad going on?"


Jacinda nodded "Quite possibly. Sit down, Jezebel."

'This is bad.' Jezebel thought as she sat on the foot of the bed 'I've never
seen her like this.'

"Okay." Jacinda said, taking a deep breath "Do you remember how I told you
that Max, Isabel, Michael, and Ava were engineered?"

"Yeah, I remember." Jezebel replied.

"Well, they weren't the only...clones, hybrids, whatever you want to call
them, that were created." Jacinda explained "There were...doubles of each of


"Doubles?" Kaleb repeated "As in...clones?"

"No, not exactly." Liz said "More like twins."

Kaleb shook his head "Okay, I'm lost."

"Well, you know how when two people have twins, they come from the same
genes, but one twin may more from one parent than the other?"

"Yeah." Kaleb said.

"Well, when the two sets of four were created, your father's group got a lot
more of the human part, while the other set got more of the alien part." Liz

"So, what you're saying is that Dad, Aunt Iz, Michael, and Aunt Ava all have,
like, twins running around?"

"Well, I did at one point." Max swallowed "Duplicate Michael and Duplicate
Isabel were evil. They killed my duplicate and then disappeared. We haven't
seen them since."

"That's horrible." Kaleb said "But what happened to Ava's duplicate?"

"That's the thing." Liz said "Ava IS the duplicate."

"Her name" Max replied.


"Tess?" Jezebel said "That's a pretty skanky sounding name!"

Kyle nodded "Well, she was a pretty skanky-"

"Not important." Jacinda interrupted.

"So, if Ava is the duplicate of Tess, what happened to Tess?" Jezebel asked.

"Well, Tess had some pretty serious issues, to put it very mildly." Jacinda

"I believe the correct term is sadistic, crazy-ass ho, dear." Kyle said

Jacinda sighed and slapped him on the arm "Would you please focus?!"

Kyle sat up straight and saluted "Ma'am, yes, ma'am!"

"Well, granted I wasn't here yet when Tess first showed up." Jacinda
continued "But when I did get here, she was doing a really good job of
screwing up everyone's lives. Better than I could have done, really. I was
both impressed and horrified."

"Screwed them" Jezebel asked

"She was...infatuated with your uncle Max. It was pathetic really. She'd
convinced herself that it was their destiny to be together. Like, TOGETHER
together." Jacinda said "And if you'd seen her, you'd know just how sickening
the mere thought of that really is."

Jezebel gasped "That BITCH! Did she actually think she could get Max away
from LIZ?!? I mean...Max and Liz are even worse than Kaleb and Bella...and
NO GIRL could come between THEM."

"Wow, déjà vu." Kyle said "Jacinda, didn't you say the exact same thing when-"

"Kyle, please!" Jacinda groaned "This is important!"

"Okay, sorry." Kyle replied "Hormones." He whispered to Jezebel.

Jacinda swatted him again "So, when, after a soap opera that I have added to
my repressed memory file, Max choose Liz. Obviously. But Tess couldn't accept


"So what did she do?" Kaleb asked

"She...she...had a breakdown." Liz said

Max squeezed Liz's hand and pulled her body closer to his "She came after
your mother and I, and aunt Jacinda and Kyle, while we were in the Crashdown.
She was making a scene, so we went outside, and she followed us. Jacinda,
trying to protect us, ran headfirst into the confrontation. And to make a
long story short...Tess blasted your mother and I into unconciousness, and
then went after Jacinda and left her on the ground..." He swallowed and
paused for a moment before continuing "...bleeding to death...before she ran
away." He shook his head "God, if Michael and Isabel hadn't shown up when
they did...we would have lost her."

"That was the last time any of us saw Tess." Liz finished for him

"God...that's horrible." Kaleb said, shuddering at the thought of the awful
things his parents had gone through "But there's still one thing I don't
get...if Tess left, why did Ava stay?"

"Something...happened....a while before all that other stuff." Max explained
"Anyway, we basically learned that in order to be able to defeat our enemies
we'll always need a complete set of powers...and Tess completed our
when she left..."

"Ava came to substitute?" Kaleb interrupted with sudden
realization. "Except we actually LIKE I have all of this right?"


"That’s right, kiddo." Kyle said "You always were a sharp one."

Jezebel smiled at her father weakly. She was still reeling from what her
parents had just told her. She had seen the scars on her mother's stomach
before, but had never asked what had caused them. Jacinda had nearly died
trying to protect the people she loved. Kyle had held her in his arms,
watching her bleed. It was all so horrible, so terrifying.

"I know, Jezebel, I know." Jacinda said. She reached out and embraced her

"Oh, God...Mom..." Jezebel whispered shakily, burying her face against her
mother's shoulder.

Jacinda stroked her daughter's raven hair and rocked her gently. Kyle moved
closer to them and pulled them both into his arms.

"So...that's what your dream was about?" Jezebel asked, still fighting back
tears. "About...almost...dying? Why would you dream about that NOW? After
all this time?"


"We're...we have a feeling...that...she may be back...or coming back. That
we are going to have to deal with Tess again very soon." Liz explained,
trying to cover up the fear in her voice.

Kaleb took a deep breath "Why didn't you tell us any of this before?"

"We thought it was over." Max replied "We wanted it to be over, so much. We
wanted to put it behind us."

"After what we went through..." Liz sighed "When you and Jezebel were born,
and then Bella and the twins, we agreed that we would move on, and never tell
you kids about it."

"Well, I can understand that." Kaleb admitted "But, I mean, what's gonna
happen now? What's gonna happen if she comes back?"


"I don't know." Jacinda sighed "We...don't know."

"Listen, why don't you try and get some sleep, Princess?" Kyle suggested
"It's after one and you have school tomorrow. And we really can't do anything
about this now."

"Okay." Jezebel said, biting her lip. She hugged her parents "I love you

"We love you, too." Jacinda replied, kissing her daughter on her forehead
"Get some sleep, sweetie."

Jezebel nodded and left the room slowly.

As soon as the door closed behind Jezebel, Kyle lay back down, pulling
Jacinda down on top of him. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and
took a few deep, shaky breaths. After a minute, she leaned up and looked into
Kyle's eyes as her hands slid under his t-shirt. It was late, and she was
exhausted, but at that moment she needed him, badly. Understanding this, he
took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

"Why don’t you go get some sleep, Kaleb." Max said "We'll talk about this
tomorrow, okay?"

Kaleb nodded slowly and Liz pulled him into a tight hug. "Try to sleep,
tomorrow's a school day." she whispered with a small forced smile.

"Yeah, you guys get some sleep, too." Kaleb replied "Good night." He hugged
both his parents, then left the room.

After Kaleb was gone, Max turned back to his wife "We'll be okay, Liz. We
always are."

Liz curled into Max's body and he wrapped his strong arms around her, kissing
her forehead reverently. She sighed against his chest "I love

"I love you, too." Max replied, gently leaning her back against the bed.

Liz slid her arm around Max's back and pulled him down to her. "You know...I
don’t think I'm going to be able to get back to sleep tonight."

"Yeah." Max said softly, resting his forehead against hers and running his
hands over her gently. "Neither am I."

"Oh well." Liz sighed. She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his
lips down to hers for a deep, passionate kiss.


Kaleb shook his head a few times, then took a few deep breaths. It wasn't
working. There was just no way he was going to be able to clear his mind
enough to sleep. He had tried getting in bed and closing his eyes, but he
couldn't lie still.

The very thought that his family and friends could be in danger…it was terrifying. And He had never even knows how much his parents had gone through to get where they were now. And Aunt Jacinda has almost died…How was he supposed to sleep after finding all of that out?!? He had this image running through his head of terrible things happening to Lia…and Parker…and Jezebel…and BELLA. Oh god…if anyone hurt HER…

He’d kill them first.

Squeezing his eyes shut Kaleb tried to push the horrible thoughts out of his mind. Sleep? What a joke.


Back in her room, Jezebel paced back and forth, fully aware that she wasn't
going to get back to sleep. She needed to think. Everything that her parents
had told her was flying through her mind. Adding all of this new information
to everything that had already happened, she came to one inevitable
conclusion. They had a huge problem.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt like she was going to
scream. But she couldn't put it out of her mind, no matter how hard she
tried. She needed to talk to one of her friends about this. Bella? No, Bella
would probably get even more freaked out than Jezebel already was. And not
Parker or Lia, since they were the only ones whose lives and family hadn't
seemed to be directly affected by this. That left Kaleb. He was an obvious
choice. Just as she seemed to have inherited her mother's role as the
protector of her group, always there to stand up for her friends, but also
the first to chide them whenever they did something stupid, Kaleb had
inherited his father's leadership skills. He was levelheaded, intelligent,
and patient.

And, of course, a total pain at times. But no matter, she needed to talk to
someone. She picked up the phone and dialed Kaleb's number. He picked up on
the second ring.


"Kaleb, it's me, did I wake you?" Jezebel asked

"No, of course not, Jez." Kaleb muttered "It's only two AM."

"I'm sorry." Jezebel said shakily "I just...I needed to talk to someone, and-"

"Whoa, calm down." Kaleb interrupted "It's okay, I was kidding. I was
actually awake, too. What's wrong? You sound really upset."

Jezebel took a deep breath, wondering just how much she should tell him. "My
parents had a nightmare. The exact same dream, at the exact same time, and
they were really freaked out by it. I'm just not used to seeing them like
that. It's kinda scary, you know?"

"This nightmare they had...did it have anything to do with something that
happened to them when they were our age?" Kaleb asked

"Yeah, more specifically someone they knew when they were our age." Jezebel
replied "How did you know?"

"I think my parents might have had the same dream." Kaleb said "About a girl
named Tess?"

Jezebel gasped "Yes! Oh my God...did they tell you everything about-"

"The duplicates, and what Tess did to them?" Kaleb finished for her "Yeah."

"This isn't good." Jezebel said softly "If they're all having the same
dream...oh, God."

"Sounds like she was completely out of her mind." Kaleb said

"'Out of her mind' is an understatement." Jezebel told him "What she did to
my mom..."

"My dad almost broke down when he told me about that." Kaleb said "Which
really doesn't surprise me. He adores her. Even though she can be a colossal
pain in the ass."

Jezebel smirked "Well, she loves him, too. Even though he can be a bossy,
overprotective jerk."

"It's just because he loves her." Kaleb said "And he'd be devastated if
anything ever happened to her."

"Well, she appreciates his concern." Jezebel sighed "Sometimes. Other times,
she just wants to smack him. Hey, Kaleb?"


"We're not talking about our parents anymore, are we?" Jezebel asked

"Uh, I think maybe fifty-fifty." Kaleb replied, chuckling slightly.

Jezebel giggled "That's what I thought." She was silent for a minute.

"Jez? You still there?" Kaleb asked

"I'm really scared, Kaleb." Jezebel said, on the verge of bursting into tears.

Kaleb was speechless for a moment. He had known Jezebel since birth,
literally, and had never heard her say she was scared. And he'd seen her cry
only a few times. "Hey...hey, don't cry, Jez." He said soothingly "Our
parents aren't going to let anything happen to us, you know that. Anyone who
wants to hurt us will have to go through them."

"From what my parents told me, I don't think she'd mind that at all." Jezebel
sniffled "God, Kaleb, what if she comes after us and our parents get in the
way? If anything happened to my parents...and our moms are both pregnant,

"Jez, I need you to calm down for me, okay?" Kaleb said "I know you're upset
right now. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't, too. But panicking isn't going to
do us any good. And right now, we really can't do anything anyway. Except get
some sleep."

"Do you really think either of us are gonna get any more sleep tonight?"
Jezebel sighed

"Remember that huge trig assignment we've all been slacking off on? The one
that's due tomorrow?" Kaleb asked "Get that out, get to work on it. You'll be
asleep in no time."

Jezebel laughed softly through her tears "That's a good idea. Thank you,

"You're welcome." Kaleb replied "Get to sleep, Jez. We need our strength."

"Yeah." Jezebel agreed "And Kaleb? I...just want to say..."

"You don't have to." Kaleb told her "I know. I'm the best cousin in the

"And so modest." Jezebel snorted "Good night."

"Night." Kaleb said.


"Hey." Bella said, climbing into the passenger seat of the Jeep. She leaned
over and gave Kaleb a soft, sweet kiss, then pulled back and looked into his
eyes "Okay, so...are you gonna tell me what's wrong?"

"What do you mean?" Kaleb asked, trying to sound casual.

"Kaleb, I can FEEL you." Bella reminded him

Raising an eyebrow, Kaleb glanced at his crotch, grinning.

Bella smacked him on the arm and giggled "Your feelings, smart ass!"

Kaleb nodded, struggling to decide how much he should reveal about what his
parents had told him, and his phone call with Jezebel "Let me process it a
little before I tell you, okay?"

"Okay." Bella said. She reached over and took his hand "But promise me that
as soon as you're ready, you'll tell me."

"I promise." Kaleb replied sincerly. He smiled "So, now that that's all
squared away, can I get a proper hello?"

Bella leaned towards him in her seat. "Oh, I think I can manage that."

Kaleb smiled and, cupping her face in his hands, leaned in and brought his
mouth to hers. She sighed as their lips met and ran her fingers through his
hair, moving closer to him. Kaleb slid his tongue into Bella's hot mouth,
eciting a soft moan from her. Her tongue met his and she pulled his head
closer, allowing the kiss to deepen.

"School." He suddenly exclaimed, tearing his mouth from hers.

"Damn." Bella sighed with mock annoyance "I was hoping I could make you

"Yeah...damn me for being so responsible." Kaleb smiled at her pout. He
leaned in and placed a quick kiss on her little nose. "Okay...we REALLY have
to go."


"Morning, Hell's Bells!" Jezebel said brightly, pulling herself away from
Jason to greet her friends. She smiled at Kaleb "Hey."

Kaleb eyed his cousin carefully "Hey, are you?"

"Okay." Jezebel replied "I finished that trig assignment."

Kaleb nodded. "Good. We should...go over it later...with everyone."

Lia and Parker came up behind Jezebel and Jason. "I don't take trig." Lia
said, confused.

Jezebel coughed "Lia. THE trig assignment."

"Oh!" Lia said, understanding.

"Oh, I get it." Jason said "Is this an...ow! Jezebel, what did you do that

Everyone missed the little interlude but Bella who looked at Jezebel
questioningly and grabbed her arm. "Lia...come on..we all need to talk."

Parker turned to Bella as she grabbed Jezebel's arm. "Bell, are you ready to
do our Spanish are walking away so nevermind. OK then." He
turned to Kaleb "What is WITH these girls...geez!"

"" Jason said awkwardly "Hey, you guys see the Lakers game the
other night?"

"Well...Kaleb saw up a skirt, but it wasn't a Laker girl."

Jason laughed at Parker's tactlessness. "Yeah, Jezebel told me about that.
About damn time, Evans."

Parker put his arm around Jason's shoulder. "Buddy...I think we finally
agree on something."


"Ow...Bell...what...letgo!" Jezebel protested as Bella dragged her into the
girls' room, followed closely by Lia.

"We need to talk." Bella explained. She checked under the stall doors to be
sure no one else was in the bathroom, then placed her hand over the doorlock
and sealed it shut.

"Geez, Bell, you really need to SEAL it?" Lia asked

Yes...we cant chance someone walking in...ok? Jezzy...My best
friend in the world...Jez you have something you'd like to share
with the class?" Bella tried to sound stern, but she couldn't keep a little
bit of happiness from showing through.

Jezebel looked at the floor, then back at her cousins, and nodded "I told
Jason about us...about our parents...I had to."

Lia was staring slackjawed. Bella walked over to Jezebel and placed her hand
on her arm. "Yes...I KNOW you told him." She said, trying to keep her voice
stern, since she was the 'responsible' one. "He just about SHOUTED it to the
world a second ago out there. Jez...are you SURE we can trust him...I
mean...not to be my Dad or anything...but...are you SURE?"

"I'm sure." Jezebel said softly "And I had no choice. We wanted
know...and it was my first time, and I wasn't sure if something weird would
happen, like flashes or something...Bell, Lia...we can trust him, okay? I see
into his heart and his mind when we make love, and I see how much he loves

Bella's eyes softened and she pulled Jezebel into a hug. "OH!! Jezzy, I'm
SOOOO happy for you!!! Oh my God, are soooo lucky."

Jezebel hugged Bella back and blew out a relieved breath that her friend
wasn't mad at her. Pulling away, She turned to a still silent Lia.
"Li...are you okay with this...I mean...are you mad?"

Lia shook her head "No, Jez...I'm know I support you in
everything. And I think Jason's great. But...God...Parker and Kaleb are gonna
KILL you."

"I can deal with them." Jezebel replied "I'm just so glad you guys aren't mad
at me, I couldn't deal with that."

Bella pulled Lia and Jezebel into a hug. "Today is such a GOOD day." She
exclaimed giddily. "I couldn’t be mad at ANYONE." The bell rang in the hall
outside. "Time to go to homeroom!" Bella called as she unlocked the door and
bounced out into the hall.

"Okay...was Bella just excited about HOMEROOM?" Lia asked, raising an eyebrow.

Jezebel sighed and smiled. That’s what gettin' some action does to her,

Bella walked into homeroom and took her usual seat in the back. Her smile was
suddently taken away when a shiver ran down her spine. Glancing around the
room, her eyes suddenly fell on the cause. Darla Hubble.

"Damnit why does G have to be next to H in the alphabet?" She mumbled to
herself. Bella could've sworn that Darla was glaring at her, but as soon as
she noticed, the redheaded girl had plastered on an all to fake, Mattel
Barbie smile.

Darla smiled brightly and waved to Bella, flipping a strand of her orangy
hair over her shoulder.

Bella smiled back a tight, forced smile. 'What is up with that girl? She's

Darla quickly got up and moved to the desk next to Bella just as their
homeroom advisor walked in.

"Wow, I'm so glad we can just sit wherever we my old school they had
me next to this kid who was sooo annoying. He would talk and talk and never
shut up," Darla giggled.

Bella forced a smile, "It is nice, isn't it? Listen, I have this Spanish
presentation hanging over my head that I really have to work on. Do you
mind?" She so didn't want to talk with Darla, and she did actually have a
presentation to work on, so she wasn't lying, at least not exactly.

"No, I guess not," Darla looked slightly upset. She thought, the last time
Bella saw me, she looked petrified of me, and now, she's trying to avoid me.
I know I haven't done anything to make her suspicious, but she's picking up
on something anyway. No one else did. I wonder how I could use this to my

Bella took out her Spanish book to reinforce the idea that she didn't have
time to talk. 'She so creeps me out, and I don't know why. I was flying
through the air on a trapeze when I got to homeroom, and now I desperately
want to be anywhere but where I am right now. I wish Kaleb was here.' She

Darla had an idea, "Bella, I was going to have a party Friday night, as a way
to get to know more people around here. I was hoping you and your friends
would be able to come since you've been so nice to me. I'd be really
insulted if you said no. Please?"

"I don't know. I might have plans this weekend. I'll have to talk to the
gang and get back to you," Bella tried desperately to think of a lie to get
her out of this.

"Please? At least think about it?" Darla begged.

"I'll think about it. I swear. I just have to talk with everyone and see if
the big plans we had were for this weekend or next weekend. I have a
terrible memory for those types of things," Bella forced a smile. "But I
really have to study now."

Darla smiled. Now, all she had to do was convince Lia and Jezebel, and
they'd do the work of convincing Bella. And where Bella went, a certain tall
dark and handsome was certain to follow. "I'll be quiet. I promise."


Once the homeroom bell had rung, Bella grabbed her books and rushed out the
door. She ran straight into Parker, who was coming to get her to walk to
Spanish class.

Parker grabbed her shoulders as she sped into him and steadied her.
"Whoa...Bella...Speed Racer. Where’s the fire? I KNOW you don’t want to do
our presentation THAT badly."

"Ugh...scary girl alert in Homeroom...Darla was being
know...well...she freaks me out." Bella stammered

"Don't worry little've got all of us strong men to protect you."
Parker said in an exaggerated macho tone.

Bella laughed "I'll keep that in mind if I ever get attacked by a
kindergarden class."

"Ouch! Abuse!" Parker groaned, clutching his chest and reeling back.

"OH shut up you LOVE it. Anyway..we should know...BRING SPANISH TO
ITS always." Bella grinned.

"Seniora Sanchez will never know what hit her." Parker replied with a
mischievous smile. They got to Spanish and took their seats.

"Estudiantes, silencio por favor. Este es la dia para la presentacion de
Paco Y Belina." Seniora Sanchez stated, pointing at Parker and Bella. " good." She chuckled at the two as they took their positions in
the front of the room. Bella and Parker always chose to do their
presentations together...and always tried as hard as they could to bend all
the rules.

"Remember," She continued. "Today's presentation will be graded based on
VERB FORMS. The class will translate after you complete each exchange."

Bella and Parker smiled and began. "Hola Paco." "Hola Belina."

"Hello Parker. Hello Bella." The class translated

"Paco..." Bella continued. "Donde esta la lechuga?"

"Lo siento, Belina. Yo olvide la lechuga en su abuela." Parker replied

The class snickered but obediently translated. "Parker, where is the lettuce?
I'm sorry, Bella. I left the lettuce in your grandmother."

Seniora Sanchez struggled to keep in her laughter and motioned for them to

Parker grinned at Bella but began blushing slightly when he saw that Corey,
who was sitting in the second row, was smiling at him.

"Paco!" Bella whispered with a giggle. They really were gonna have to do
something about Parker's little crush. She'd have to remember to talk to
Lia later.

"Right...ummm...Belina, Donde esta mi vaca?" Parker stammered, taken somewhat

"OH!! que horrible!" Bella said "Me olvide su vaca en el bolsillo de mis
pantalones verdes."

The class was laughing out loud by now. "Bella, where is my cow? OH! how
horrible! I left your cow in the pocket of my green pants."

"Ok..ok..." Seniora Sanchez broke in. "I see where this is going. Parker, may sit down...and least sus VERBOS son Correctos."
She said with a laugh.

Parker took Bella's hand and they gave a proud bow. "We are here to
entertain." He said with a grin.

Bella and Parker went to take their seats in the back of the room. As Bella
sat down, Tom Sanders turned around to face her. He was a pretty nice guy
but had always had a thing for her.

"Heya to leave ME in the pocket of your pants? Bet it'd be lots
of fun."

Bella was just about to retort when Parker stepped in. "Dude...have some
class. I mean..she HAS a boyfriend."

Tom looked at Parker. "SORRY, Park...didn’t know you two
or whatever."

Bella and Parker looked at each other and burst out laughing.

" me..." Bella struggled through laughter.

Tom turned around confused and left Bella and Parker to their hysterics.

"Oh shit...He saw through our charade, Bell...Damn, that was definitely the
funniest thing I've heard all day." Parker chuckled

"Paco!! Belina!! atencion por favor!" Seniora Sanchez called from the front
of the room.

"Lo siento." They mumbled through their grins as the class resumed their


"So, is everything okay?" Jason asked as Jezebel shut and locked the eraser
room door behind them.

"Yeah, everything's fine for now." Jezebel assured him "I talked to Bella and
Lia, and told them that you know about us, and you can be trusted."

Jason gently lifted her up and set her on the counter "And what did they say?"

"That they're happy for us." Jezebel replied, gently running her tongue along
his ear and smirking when he shuddered and pulled her tighter against him.
"And that they like you. Not as much as I do, of course, but you've won them

"Parker and Kaleb don't know yet, do they?"

"No." Jezebel sighed "And admittedly, that's gonna be a lot harder. But
you'll win them over, too. You won me over, after all. Eventually, they'll
realize that you're a good guy, and you're not out to break their innocent
little cousin's heart, or rat us all out to the government."

"I just hope you're right." Jason admitted "I want to spend more time with
you, and that obviously means spending more time with them."

"Listen to you." Jezebel purred "Who would have thought that a big-shot super
jock who's absolutely killer in bed could be so insecure?"

"I just want to know, liked." Jason said

Giving him a sexy smile, Jezebel grabbed him by the back of his head and
kissed him. Hard. Then she pulled back and giggled "Feel liked now?"

"Is that what we're calling it now?" Jason replied, trying to catch his
breath. Their eyes met, and he clutched her to his strong body, pressing his
arousal against her.

Jezebel let out a soft, breathy moan as she felt Jason's warm, wet mouth
sliding over her collarbone and down to her breasts. He undid another button
of her blouse and teased her with his tongue through her thin, silk bra.

"Mmm...oh, Jason, baby...please." She gasped out, arching her hips up off the
counter she was sitting on. They had fooled around in the eraser room before,
and had gotten pretty far, but she felt like this time she needed more. Much

She fumbled blindly along the wall until she felt the doorknob and managed to
concentrate enough to seal the door shut. Jason looked up and met her gaze,
then nodded, knowing exactly what she wanted.


Bella and Kaleb walked through the hallway holding hands, oblivious to the
noise and number of students moving around them. Bella asked Kaleb, "So
we're not going to lunch?"

Kaleb nodded, "I want to talk to you."

"Ok...where are we going?" Bella persisted.

Kaleb braced himself for a sarcastic response, "Eraser room."

Bella laughed, "Uh huh...We're going to TALK in the eraser room. I'm sure."

"Yes, talk. What's the matter...don't you trust me?" Kaleb gave her a fake
pout as they arrived outside the eraser room.

"I trust you with my life. I don't trust you to keep your hands off me.
There's a difference," Bella responded.

"Oh, like you really mind?" Kaleb raised an eyebrow at Bella and held her
face with his hand. He leaned in closely as if he was going to kiss her.

Bella didn't waste the opportunity, "I didn't say I minded." She leaned up
and caught him in a passionate kiss before he could change his mind. She
liked the whole public-thing.

Kaleb, caught by surprise by the feel of Bella's soft lips, lost all train of
thought of where he was or what he'd planned on talking to Bella about. He
deepened the kiss and his hand wandered to her chest.

"Woohoo, Evans, getting some booty!" Mark Anderson, a teammate of Kaleb's on
West Roswell High's all important basketball team, smirked at the public
display of affection.

"And here we thought Evans was gay," Nick Reeves couldn't help adding to the
fun. For a jock, Kaleb had been avoidant of the subject of girls, and now
suddenly, he was publicly making out with one of the sexiest girls in school.
He wished he had a camera.

Kaleb felt his ears turning red and forced himself to detach his lips from
Bella's, realizing that he'd just been mauling Bella in a very public place.
He looked around to see a huge crowd had formed, and at his blush, the other
students actually started clapping. He closed his eyes, hoping that he was
having a nightmare.

Bella giggled and curtseyed. "Next showing at 3." She smiled at the crowd
as a blushing Kaleb bit back his grin at her non-embarrassment.

Mark took some pity on Kaleb, who looked so freaked out, and slapped him on
the back, "Usually, people wait until they have gone INSIDE the eraser room
before they maul each other like animals."

"Thanks...I'll make a mental note." Kaleb mumbled.

"Oh, and Bella..." Mark continued, laughing. "Half the girls in this school
is giving you SERIOUS death stares right now. Looks like our little Kaleb
here is in some high demand." Mark slapped Kaleb’s back again and walked

The crowd began to disperse, and Kaleb once again looked at Bella, "Now that
you have made a total spectacle of the two of us, can we go to the eraser

Bella grinned, "Hey...I seem to remember someone’s hand on my chest...and I WAS

"Yes, you were the one making a spectacle," Kaleb grinned as he reached for
the handle on the door and was surprised to find it locked.

He tried the handle again, this time moving the molecules with his powers to
unlock the door. The janitor probably locked it...but how did it get sealed
like that? As he opened the door, he heard a loud thud and looked down.
Jezebel's shirt was completely unbuttoned and her hands were on Jason's belt.
Clearly, Kaleb and Bella had just interrupted a seriously private situation.

"Oh...god...sorry Jez." Bella stammered covering her eyes and closing the door.

Once outside the closed door, Bella turned to a slackjawed Kaleb.
"Please...lets just...ignore what just happened...ok?"

"Oh god yes. This is just totally not my day," Kaleb looked at the ceiling.
He'd managed to embarrass himself twice in less than half an hour. What was
even worse, he'd barely managed to get the sight of Jezebel and Jason out of
his head the last time he'd walked in on them. He was certain the sight
would be permanently stuck in his memory.

"We still need'talk'." Bella continued. "Under the bleachers?"
She suggested.

"Works," Kaleb agreed.

"Was that...your cousins?" Jason panted.

Jezebel gasped, reclaiming his mouth, "Does it matter?"

"What was it you wanted to say?" Bella asked, as she hid with Kaleb under the

Kaleb took a breath and ran a shaky hand through his hair. "Last parents...and Jez's parents...they told us something...about...well, something that happened when they were our age."

Bella placed her hand on Kaleb's shoulder and looked into his eyes, " must've been something big to have you shaken up like this."

"It could be very big. Please...bear with me...this will be a long story," Kaleb forced the words out. It was hard enough the first time he had heard the story, and he shuddered at having to repeat it. If his parents were right and there was something to the nightmares, everyone knowing the whole story might just save their lives.


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Lia took out her paper bag lunch at the group's usual table and looked around. Her friends had usually arrived by now, but all she saw was her brother Parker in the lunch line. She thought aloud, "Where is everyone?"

Darla walked up to her, "Hi, can I sit here?" She gave Lia a winning smile.

Lia nodded, "Um, sure, I guess...although it looks like it's just going to be me and Parker today."

Darla glanced down, looking a little disappointed, and brought her eyes back up to look at Lia with all trace of disappointment gone, "Oh. That's ok. Listen, I was having a party Friday night, and I wanted to know if you, Jezebel, Bella, Parker, and Kaleb could come. I want to get to know more people in school, and you guys have been so nice to me. It would mean a lot to me if you guys would come."

Lia smiled, "A party? Really? Wow, that sounds great! I'm honored you thought to invite us. I'll have to talk it over with everyone, but I think it's a great idea." Perfect for us to learn everything we can about her without her getting suspicious, Lia thought.

Parker walked over to the table with his tray, "Where's everybody at?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Lia shrugged.

"Ah, making out," Parker grinned. Some things in life were just predictable.

Darla looked at Parker, "Is there something I don't know?"

"Nothing that won't be all over school in the next few days," Lia smiled.


"Oh my god…Kaleb...that's...Oh my god," Bella was speechless. She alternated between shock at what had happened to Liz and Jacinda and concern for Kaleb, who clearly was not taking it very well.

"And they think she might be back and try to do something to our families," Kaleb swallowed. "I'd die if anything happened to you, or Jezebel, or Lia, or Parker. And what if she goes after our parents?"

"We'll deal with it when it happens. Our parents beat her last time, and we'll beat her again," Bella tried to make herself sound confident.

"Thank you, for trying to make me feel better," Kaleb's eyes shone with adoration.

Bella smiled, "I guess I'll just have to find a way to take your mind off of this whole mess." She positioned his hand on her chest and leaned up to kiss him, "Much better."

"You know, suddenly my mind is completely elsewhere," Kaleb smiled, returning the kiss. "I almost forgot I have to remind you why you shouldn't make a spectacle of us in public."

"I stand by my earlier statement that you were the one making a spectacle," Bella said into his mouth.

Kaleb nibbled on her ear, "Are you sure about that?"

"No, I...what were we talking about?" Bella asked as her body felt like it was bursting into flame. His hands, which had slid down her body and up the back of her shirt, were causing her to forget everything but the feel of his body.

"I don't remember," Kaleb panted, as he pushed her up against the wall and felt her legs wrap themselves around his waist.

Bella gasped as her back came into contact with the wall. Bringing her legs up around his waist had brought their lower bodies into flush contact and caused her to whimper in pleasure.

“God…” Kaleb mumbled through his kisses on her neck. “You drive me…crazy…” Kaleb lifted her more against him and she tightened her legs’ grip on his waist.

Bella threw her head back as he attacked her throat with hot, open mouthed kisses, and she threaded her fingers through his hair, holding his head to her. “Kaleb!” She called out in dazed passion.


“Jason!” Jezebel’s cry was muffled by his hot, frantic kisses as he thrust into her, her body accepting him as easily as she had in her heart. Consumed by passion and the warm, wet feeling of him inside her, she subconsciously dug her nails lightly into his back as the thrusts came faster.

“Oh…god...Jez!” He cried out as he kissed his way down her neck. “I love
you, Jezebel…” He gasped for breath. His desire for her was only increased by her uninhibited display of passion. He groaned as she arched up to pull him deeper inside her. He'd lost all comprehensive thought, except one: how he wanted to love her like this for the rest of his life.

"Hey, Parker…" Lia asked politely. "Can I have a sip of your Yoohoo?" She had never realized how dull it could be trying to have a conversation with her brother with no one else around.

“Sure. What the hell do I care?” Parker yawned and took a bite of his sandwich.


Kaleb continued to kiss Bella frantically, his need and desire for her growing with each touch of her soft mouth. He held her close to him, as though if he held her close enough, he would become a part of her. With her legs wrapped around his waist, his arousal was growing harder and harder for him to control, "Bella, please..."

"Kaleb, don't stop," Bella begged between kisses. She wrapped her legs tighter and ran her hands up and down his muscular back. She didn't care where they were; she needed him.

He was the responsible one. He was the puritanical one. Still, those simple words, "don't stop", were enough for him to throw caution to the wind. He gently ran his hand up the inside of her thigh. It was as soft and smooth as he had imagined, and he felt her shiver at his touch. A part of his brain registered that he had been touching bare skin, her stockings didn't go the whole way up her body. Such intimate knowledge caused his own clothes to feel tighter and more restrictive.

"Kaleb, that...feels...amazing," Bella sighed with pleasure. She ran her
hands underneath his shirt and hastily went to unbutton it, though with some
difficulty due to inexperience. At last she could feel his bare chest and
arms keeping her warm. She marked him on the shoulder, hearing him cry out
her name in ecstasy.

She'd seen him without a shirt before. There was just something about the forbidden-ness factor of the two of them making out under the bleachers where anyone could walk in on them at any second that multiplied her arousal even beyond normal. This was one of her fantasies, and he was letting go of his shyness to help her fulfill it. He was the most romantic hybrid on the planet.

Kaleb saw the desire in her eyes mirroring his own and knew this was his last chance to stop. He should be taking this slow. She deserved better than to be mauled by him. Especially at school...wait a minute, school. He heard the bell ringing and nearly cried. Lunch was over, and they had to get to class. It was like some higher power was keeping his hormones under control when he wasn't. Kaleb gently let Bella down to the ground, "My bell, we have to go to class."

"No no! No no no no, no no. We can miss a's high school. Kids do it all the time because of hormones. It's expected of us," Bella insisted, pouting.

"Think about what you just said, Bella. Weren't we trying to convince our parents we could overcome our hormones so we wouldn't be separated by a continent?" Kaleb groaned. He had to be the good one. Why did he have to be the good one? ‘If this is what raging hormones is like for the average teenager, it's a wonder the teen pregnancy rate isn't 100%’, he thought.


"That...was...perfect..." Jezebel sighed between kisses. She ran her hands
down Jason's sweat-slicked back, keeping her legs around his hips to keep him
from pulling out of her just yet.

"You are perfect." Jason mumbled against her hair. He groaned as she sucked
on his neck lightly and pulled him closer.

"I wish we could just stay here forever." Jezebel said, shifting against him
and moaning as he moved slightly inside her, just enough to send ripples of
pleasure through her still-recovering body.

As if on cue, the bell rang.

"No..." Jezebel whimpered softly as Jason slowly withdrew. She kept herself
wrapped around his body and her face buried against his strong, solid chest.

"I know, baby, I don't want to, either. But we have to get to study." He
said, gently tracing her lips, still swollen and trembling from his hard,
passionate kisses. "Do you know how much I love you?"

"Not as much as I love you." Jezebel replied, gasping as his fingers slid
across her cheek and into her thick, tousled hair. He chuckled and leaned
down to kiss her. "Mmm..." She moaned "Baby, you keep that up and you're
never going to get out of this room." He kissed his way down her neck to her
breasts slowly, and her eyes widened in surprise when he pressed his rising
erection against her thigh. "Excuse me? What happened to 'we have to get to

"Can't help it." Jason groaned against her breast "See what you do to me?" He
lifted her in his arms and set her on the counter again.

"Jason..." Jezebel protested halfheartedly "We can'" 'Oh,
hell with it.' She pulled him into her arms and let him capture her lips

"Where is she?" Lia whispered, glancing at the clock. She had understood
completely when Bella and Kaleb had gotten to study hall five minutes late,
but ten minutes had passed since then, and Jezebel still wasn't there.

"Eraser room." Bella's reply was barely audible.

"Oh." Lia said knowingly

The door at the front of the room opened and Jezebel and Jason walked in
slowly. They were holding hands, and Jezebel seemed to be leaning on Jason a
little. She handed a note to the teacher, who read it, and nodded. Jason took
her by her arm and led her to a seat next to Bella and Lia. Seeing that there
were no more empty seats, he placed a gentle, chaste kiss on her forehead and
went to find a seat.

Jezebel pouted playfully as Jason left, then sighed and leaned back in her
seat. The dreamy smile on her face faded when she saw Bella smirking at her.

"Oh, shut up." She said "I forged a note from the nurse saying I twisted my
ankle. What was I supposed do? Say 'Sorry, sir, I'm late and walking funny
because I was being held captive in the eraser room by a Sex God whose main
thrill in life is making me scream?' Yeah, that'd go over really well."

"Well, I guess I'm not one to talk, anyway." Bella admitted.

"Oh my God!" Jezebel gasped "You two didn't..."

"OH, NO , Jez!!!" Bella said quickly "My first time is not gonna be under the
bleachers while the cheerleaders are doing a shitty pyramid ten feet away."

"Oh, shit. I forgot practice." Jezebel said "He makes me forget things, you
know? Anyway, how'd it go?"

Bella giggled "It went..."

"Yeah?" Jezebel pressed "Come on, you're killing me here!"

"Ummm...well..." Bella leaned in closer "He's got the most incredible hands."
She whispered.

"Bella, wow..thats...HOT..and at the same time...Eww...REALLY GROSS."
Jezebel said "I mean, I'm happy for you but, he IS my cousin."

"Hey, guys?" Lia cut in "The party? We discuss?" She smiled "Or...we could
just sit here with you two grossing each other out all period. That'd work,

"Okay, okay, the big party." Jezebel said "So, what's this shindig all about?"

"Kaleb, Parker?" Lia said "You guys wanna come discuss?"

"Discussion." Parker replied sarcastically "That's new for us."

Lia smirked "Well, I know you need to improve your social skills."

Parker chuckled slightly at his sister. "You're actually getting better at
insulting people, you know that. I think Jezebel and I are incredibly bad
influences on you."

"I'm a bad influence on a LOT of people, Parker." Jezebel said rather
proudly. "Now, about this party?"

"Right, right." Lia thought for a moment. "Well...Darla wants us all to
come to her house this friday for a party. I still dont think she's weird or
up to anything or whatever...but ...I mean...we should go and you
know...check her out. At the least it might be know?"

Bella shifted in her seat uncomfortably and recrossed her legs. So they
still didn't believe her completely. Whatever...well why would they? Since
when did she get weird feelings? Since when did she have prophetic dreams?
It obviously wasnt some inherited power because her father didn't have it. If
anything it should be Kaleb, Jezebel, or Lia or Parker...Max, Liz, Jacinda
and Isabel were always the ones to get those kind of feelings. Her dad had
always been better at...well, at blowing stuff up. Which, granted, was
fun...but didn't explain why this was happening to her.

"Well, I can always party." Jezebel said "And I really don't know about that
girl. I'm thinking we need to scope her out."

"I agree." Kaleb said, knowing exactly why Jezebel was wary of Darla. He
glanced at Bella and saw the way she was nervously crossing and uncrossing
her legs...He frowned in concern and scooted his chair closer to Bella's till
their legs were touching under the table. Bella turned her face at the
contact and her eyes met his.

"You okay?" he mouthed to her silently.

Bella chewed on her bottom lip and looked down momentarily before meeting his
gaze once again and nodding.

Kaleb's eyes looked into her's knowingly and he slid his arm around her
shoulder, pulling her body towards his. Bella sighed and leaned her head on
his shoulder. At least he believed her.

" we go to the party. Okay with me." Parker continued

"I'm in." Jezebel agreed "What about you guys?"

"Sounds like a BLAST." Bella said sarcastically, managing a fake smile "I'll
bring the Twister and fruit roll-ups."

"I definitely think we need to find out what's going on with her..." Kaleb
said uncertainly "But...I mean...we don't HAVE to go..."

"I think we should." Bella said strongly, lifting her head off his shoulder
to look at him.

"Oh...kay..." Kaleb said tentatively. "But only if you're SURE." He cupped
her cheek and looked into her eyes.

Bella swallowed and nodded. "I'm sure."

"You know..." Parker broke into their thoughts loudly. "He's normal when
shes not around, and shes normal....well...SEMI-normal when he's not
around...but get them together and its friggin DAYS OF OUR LIVES in here."

Jezebel giggled softly, and Bella gave her a look. "Well, I'm sorry." Jezebel
said "But he's right."

Bella got up and walked around to where Parker was sitting with a sly smile
on her face. "You know, Parker my dear...I want the one who got all
flustered today in Spanish when a certain someone smiled. Was I?" She
raised her eyebrow and leaneddown to him. Parker opened his mouth to speak
when she started again. "Ohh!!! Corey!!! I LOOOOVE you!!!!" She said loudly
in a low, fake manly voice.

"Bella!" He exclaimed in embarrassment. Lia and Jezebel laughed at his
surprised expression and Kaleb tried to keep a straight face.

"Oh, Corey..." Bella continued. "I know I'm a self centered, sarcastic,
somewhat emotionally retarded HIMbo, who intends to get through life on his
'KILLER SMILE' and manly man looks, but....will you BE MINE?!?!"

"Oh my God." Jezebel laughed "She's so right, too. You guys are all acting so
completely messed up."

"Wait, you're calling us messed up?" Bella asked "Parker, I think SHE'S
calling US messed up."

Parker nodded "I heard...there's just something not right about that...doncha
think? We should fix it."

"Ohhhhh shit, Jez...I'd run for cover if I were you." Kaleb laughed.

"I think I can take it." Jezebel replied confidently.

"Oh!!!" Bella exclaimed suddenly, pulling Parker's head down to hers by the
collar of his shirt. Bella giggled and whispered something in his ear which
caused him to grin and nod in agreement.

"Ohh no. Bella's got an idea." Lia gasped "That's NEVER a good sign.
Park...WHATEVER it is...DON'T DO IT!"

Kaleb looked between Bella and Parker. They were always starting trouble
when they got in on something together. It was always hysterical. This was
bound to be an interesting show.

"No...Parker, kid...gotta disagree with Lia here. Whatever it is...DO IT. And
I just wish I had a camera." Kaleb laughed.

Parker smiled innocently. " Why, Kaleb...Lia...I have NO idea what either of
you are talking about. Bella here was merely telling me a joke. That's all."

Parker and Bella both went to sit down when suddenly Bella lunged at Jezebel
and began ticking her, sending the girl into a fit of laughter. The entire
library stared at the table as Parker used Jezebel's imobilized state to his
advantage, picking her up and runing with her out of the room, with Bella,
Lia and Kaleb running after them in tow.

"Where the hell is he taking her?!?" Kaleb called through gasped breaths
while running.

"POOL!!!!!!!" Bella squealed in delight as they headed towards the large
double doors of the pool room.

"What?!" Jezebel shrieked "I don't think so! Parker Whitman, you put me down
this instant!"

"Apologize for what you said about Bella and me." Parker told her.

"Okay, fine! I'm SORRY!" Jezebel said.

Parker pretended to think for a moment " Sorry, still doing it."

"Dammit, Parker!" Jezebel screamed. She pounded her fists against her
cousin's back "Okay, game's over! Lemme go already!"

"Whooohoo!!!!" Bella yelled as she, Lia and Kaleb burst through the doors.
"DO it! Do it!!!!"

"I'm warning you, Parker!" Jezebel hollered "You WILL regret this!"

"Oh, I dont doubt it." Parker laughed before lifting Jezebel higher in the
air and throwing her into the pool.

Jezebel surfaced after a moment, sputtering and cursing. "Dammit, Parker!"

"Don't look at me." Parker said "It was Bella's idea."

"Oh, I am so going to kill you both." Jezebel said, glaring at Bella.

"Oh no! Parker...she's gonna KILL US!!!" Bella laughed. "Park, boy..gimme
a high five on that one. We SOO rock."

Jezebel climbed out of the pool and ran her hands through her hair to dry it,
then dried her clothes. "All right, you guys win THIS round. Come on, let's
get back."

"You know...crazy super drying powers make stuff like that a lot less fun."
Bella pouted.

"Yeah, but they make my leather skirt and silk blouse a lot less ruined."
Jezebel reminded her "Therefore making me a lot less likely to murder you."


"Okay, Maxwell, so what is this all about?" Michael asked "I mean...I'm right
in the middle of an important building design and I had to take off work for

"Oh poor, poor Guerin." Alex chuckled "You work too much anyway, so CHILL.
Anyway we ALL took off work to be here. "

Jacinda sighed as she sank into a chair "Some of us had a day off today. Some
of us, who are tired and PREGNANT were going to be able to spend the day in
bed." She saw the look Max was giving her and quickly added "But this is
important, so we just have to deal."

Max had called everyone that morning after Kaleb had left to pick up Bella
for school. Things had been happening lately...things that needed to be
discussed. And so here they all were...9 people who were seldom in a room
all together, and the anticipation and apprehension of what was to be said
was palpable.

"So..." Ava began, still in her uncharacteristically feminine pink bathrobe,
having come directly from the guest room she was staying in in the Evan's
house. "...I got a feelin last night...I was gonna come see but I felt
kinda...ya know...intrudin..anyway...I know ya felt it too. She's back.
That's why we're here...isn't it?"

"Jacinda and I felt it, too." Kyle spoke up. "More than felt it, really.
We...saw it."

"Oh my god! Max..." Liz gasped, grasping his hand tightly where it rested on
her thigh. "Jacey..." she continued, "Jacey, did you...did you dream
about...that day...that day when she almost...when she did what she did to

"We both did." Jacinda replied, her eyes widening. "Kyle had the same dream
at the same time."

"WAIT!!" Maria burst out. "You guys are HAVING THE SAME DREAMS NOW?!?!
ok..where have I been?!?! And if 'she' is the SHE I'm thinkin of, just point
me towards her and I'll kick her skanky bleached ass back to ho-ville!"

Michael put his hand on her arm. "WHOA!!! Hold it there, Buffy, as much as I
respect your ability to kick the ass, I know firsthand of course how
efficient you are at it...this is PSYCHO MIND MESSIN' SKANK, here...not
everyday skanky skank."

"As much as I'm enjoying the Michael and Maria show, I'd really like to know
exactly whats been going on. I feel a little in the dark here." Isabel said,
wringing her hands nervously.

Max tightened his grip on Liz's hand, took a deep breath, and answered as
though the one word said it all, "Tess."

"Max, what? You guys have been dreaming about Tess? She's not back in
Roswell is she?" Isabel's face paled instantly. "Why, after all these

"We really think she might be coming back because of the kids." Jacinda said,
closing her eyes and leaning against Kyle, as if simply saying those words
had taken all of her strength.

"Please tell me we have a plan," Isabel begged. "Should we leave Roswell?
If that homewrecker comes anywhere near my children..." Isabel left the
threat unspoken. She would not let that *thing* do to her children what she
did to her family, whatever the cost.

"No, we're not leaving." Jacinda said, "I mean, we can't. Our lives are here,
we can't just drop everything and run because of her." She added in a tired,
defeated voice, "Besides, she'd find us."

Liz agreed, "Jacinda's right. Running won't help. Max called this meeting
so we could develop a plan. So let's start developing."

"I hate to put a damper on all this, but we don't know where she is or how
she is planning on getting to the kids," Kyle mentioned. "This will take a
lot of praying to Buddha, and I don't think we'll have the time for a vision

"Oh Lord." Michael groaned. After all these years Kyle's Buddhism thing
still seemed to weird him out.

"Michael, he's being serious." Jacinda chided him.

"Right, but we've come up with successful plans for impossible situations
before. Or rather, Liz has." Maria looked pleadingly over at Liz.

"Oh shit!" Jacinda burst out all of a sudden, bolting up from the couch.

"Jacey, what is it?!" Max asked frantically, standing up and placing his
hands on his frazzled sister's shoulders, trying to calm her even though he
knew it was a lost cause.

"What if she's already here...what if she's already NEAR OUR KIDS?! I
mean...she could be ANYONE! One of their teachers, a guidance counselor...or
a student..." She trailed off.

Liz paled, "You don't think....wait a minute, that almost makes sense. That
girl you were telling me about. The one that gave you those weird feelings."

Kyle turned to Jacinda, "But you told me that the girl looked nothing like
Tess. You guys are forgetting that Tess isn't a shapeshifter."

"True, but she does mindwarp. Meaning she could make you think you were
seeing a teenager who looked nothing like her, but it would really be her."
Alex suggested.

Jacinda replied slowly, "She wasn't strong enough to sustain a mindwarp for
that long though. This girl was in my house for much longer than Tess could
have sustained the mindwarp. But there is something weird about that girl,
Darla. I just find it hard to believe that it's Tess."

"It's been eighteen years." Kyle pointed out, wrapping his arms around
Jacinda as if to shield her, the sight of her bleeding to death in his dream
still fresh in his mind. "She could be stronger, able to sustain a mindwarp
for a greater length of time."

Max nodded. "As much as I hate to think about Tess being any stronger or more
powerful, Kyle does have a point." He could understand his brother-in-law's
anxiety. After all, as much as he had suffered the last time they had seen
Tess, at least he and Liz had been unconscious until after Michael and Isabel
had healed the worst of Jacinda's wounds. After they were revived, Kyle had
been as white as a sheet and shaking, and his clothing had been caked with
drying blood. Max didn't envy Kyle for what he had endured while waiting for
Michael and Isabel to find them.

"Okay, so we don't know where she's hiding or who she is pretending to be.
We trust no one," Michael declared.

Liz thought out loud, "Maybe we can find a way to lure her out, you know a

The phone rang at that moment, and Maria answered it before anyone could stop
her. "Evans' brothel and take-out sushi bar." She listened for a moment,
smirking as the others groaned. Then her face paled and she handed the phone
to Liz "It's Principal Davis."


"You DID WHAT?!?!" Alex cracked up as the 8 parents, Ava, 5 kids, and
Principal Davis stood his office.

Parker spoke up as the other 4 kids tried to hide their amusement at the
situation. "We...uhhh...we kind of, ran out of study hall and down the
hall...and I was carrying Jezebel..."

"It's not that big a deal." Jezebel cut in. "We were just goofing off. Like
you guys never goofed off?"

"Not the point" Max interjected firmly.

"Translation, they did nothing BUT goof off." Bella muttered.

"NO, not the point." Michael added. "Bell...your idea, I assume?"

Bella looked up at her father with her best "innocent little girl face" and
pouted. "!?"

Kaleb snorted a laugh at this and was quickly quieted by the glaring gaze of
his parents. "And what do YOU have to say for yourself, Kaleb?" Max asked.

Kaleb averted his gaze and answered his father with silence.

Maria suddenly started giggling uncontrollably, "I'm sorry, it's just I was
so worried that something was really wrong and it was just them making a
scene in class and running out. Well, not just...."

"That's exactly the point." Max interjected, "Kaleb, Jezebel, you worried
your pregnant mothers who both thought that something had happened to you."

Liz spoke up, "Ahem, this pregnant mother is perfectly capable of speaking
for herself. Kaleb, how could you? You knew the dreams I've been having.
I'm very disappointed in you."

Kyle smirked. "Playing the pregnancy card? That's LOW Evans."

"Yes, well, pregnant mother number two is none too pleased, either." Jacinda
spoke up. "I was terrified when I heard that Principal Davis was on the

Kaleb paled, suddenly understanding why his parents were freaking out so
much, "Mom, I'm sorry. I totally wasn't thinking about the dreams."

Jezebel nodded "I'm really sorry, too. I wasn't exactly innocent in this."
She didn't like the thought that she had contributed to upsetting any of the
adults, especially her mother and her aunt.

Bella spoke up, "Kaleb and Jezzy didn't do was ALL me. And
Parker." She added quickly, throwing a twisted smile his way. "And WE'RE
sorry." She finished, emphasizing the WE as she met Parker's gaze.

"Yeah, Sorry guys." He added, looking guilty.

"It's sweet of you two to take the fall, but you all contributed." Isabel
told her son.

All of a sudden, Lia who had been silent till then, choked back a giggle
before starting to crack up.

"Lia..." Isabel began sternly.

"I'm sorry..." She struggled between outbursts of laughter. "It''s
just that....that....Aunt Ava...." she gasped for air as the others looked
with confusion. "Aunt Ava's in a...a bathrobe!!"

Jezebel shrieked and giggled. "Oh man, yeah she is! Wow, you guys really just
ran right out of there, didn't you?"

Principal Davis made a twisted face and looked at the group. "You strange."

"Oh, lighten up." Jacinda laughed. "They're teenagers!"

"I wasn't referring to the students, Mrs. Valenti." Principal Davis replied.

Ava looked down at her non-attire and shrugged. "Whateva. I look cute no
matta what."


"Look, are you guys mad?" Jezebel asked as she followed her parents out of
the school building. "Because we didn't mean to upset you, really."

"We know." Kyle placed his hand on her arm. "We're just a little on edge
right ya mind keepin the behavioral indiscretions to a minimum?"

"Really, sweetie, it's all right." Jacinda added "Just...well, for now at
least, let's just try to lay low."

"That's fine." Jezebel said "So I'll, you know, let you know where I'm going
and all, like the party on Friday, just so you guys won't worry."

"Party?" Jacinda repeated, turning to her daughter. "What party?"

"'s know, a little thing." Jezebel replied quickly.

Bella ran up behind Jezebel and pushed her on the back with a giggle.
"Jezzy, Jezzy, Jezzy." She sang as Jezebel jerked forward. "What's the
serious conversation over here, my favorite cousin?"

"Your favorite cousin was just explaining to her favorite parents about this
party, you know, this little thing that's happening on Friday." Kyle

"Oh..." Bella bit her lip. "It's really NOTHING, Uncle Kylie Biscuit." She
gave her best innocent smile.

"You told her that nickname?" Kyle asked his wife. "You and that weird
cheerleader friend of yours used to call me Kylie Biscuit. What was her name
again? Something with a B..."

"Getting off track again!" Jacinda said. "Jezebel, Bella, who's throwing this
party? And I will know if you're not being honest with me."

"Damn that alien intuition crap..." Jezebel muttered under her breath.
"Darla Hubble."

Jacinda paled. At the mention of Darla's name, her hands instinctively
covered her abdomen as flashes filled her mind. "Max!" She called to her

One look at Jacinda brought not only Max and Liz, but Michael and Maria, and
Alex and Isabel, and Ava as well, to her side. "What's wrong?" Max asked.

"Ask your niece." Jacinda replied softly, her eyes still closed tightly.

Jezebel looked at the parents uncomfortably. "We just wanted to know if...if
we could go to Darla Hubble's party this's really no big deal."

"I don't get it. What's wrong?" Liz asked

"Nothing, Aunt Liz." Jezebel insisted

"No big deal?!" Maria gasped. "We worry sick about the five of you every
friggin' second of the day, then you pull this...and NOW you ask if you can
go to a party of a girl who...who..." She trailed off.

Bella stopped dead in her tracks and all the color drained from her face. Her
eyes widened and her mouth dropped open but no sound came out.

"Bella..." Kaleb hissed as he rushed over to her. The others, not noticing
Bella's halt kept walking towards their cars.

"Bella?" Kaleb asked cautiously, placing his hands on her shoulders and
looking into her eyes. "Bella, what is it?"

"Don't you see?" She whispered shakily. "It's NOT just's not. They
see it too. They're scared of her. There's something seriously wrong going
on, K. It's not just me..."

"Shhh..." Kaleb soothed, enfolding Bella in his arms and rubbing her back.
"We'll find out what's going on. I'll make sure that everything is ok. I
could NEVER let anything happen to you."

Bella nodded into his neck, breathing in his comforting scent.

"You know, Bell...maybe we should, ya know...tell our parents about your
dreams..." He continued after a moment.

"No!" Bella pulled her face away to look at him. "Look, see how
freaked they are already. All it'll do is make them go even more
crazy-house and like, lock us up in our rooms to keep us 'safe' or something.
And, well, that would REALLY suck. So for now...let's just keep it to us,
ok?" She implored him with her gaze.

Kaleb sighed and nodded reluctantly. "I guess...all right...for NOW." Kaleb
tucked a piece of hair behind Bella's ear and grinned. "How do you manage to
completely change my mind like that?"

Bella smiled, "Because I'm irresistible...that's all." She giggled before
standing up on her toes to kiss Kaleb's soft, full lips quickly, pulling away
with a laugh before he deepened the kiss.

"Hey," he pouted, desperate for more contact. "Why'd ya do that?"

"Cause my Dad is about 20 feet behind you and glaring at us." She laughed
before looking at her father and waving with an innocent smile. "We should
probably get over there." Bella said to Kaleb before grabbing his hand and
practically dragging him back to the group. Once reaching the others she
dropped Kaleb's hand and bounced over to her father. Bella threw her arms
around her fathers neck and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Oh, Daddy you
need to LIGHTEN UP!" She giggled.

Michael, as usual, was completely affected by his tiny daughter's affection
and grinned with a laugh. "Yeah, I'll leave the paranoia to your mother."

"Kids, no, I'm sorry." Liz was saying to the others. "If this girl is at all

"We need to find out as soon as possible, and without making her suspicious."
Jezebel interrupted.

"I'm sorry, NO." Michael interjected fiercely, the smile fading from his

Jezebel crossed her arms and pouted. "But uncle Michael..." She whined.

"NO." Kyle backed him up.

Liz agreed forcefully, "WAY too dangerous. Hmm, her last name is Hubble. I
know that name from somewhere..."

"The Hubble Shooting! You're right! I can't believe I forgot about that.
My dad almost lost his job because of it," Kyle remembered. "But what on
earth does this have to do with Darla?"

"Someone would have to know an awful lot about us to know what that name
means to us," Max cringed. "I'm thinking it's definitely a clue."

Jacinda glared at Kyle, "What Hubble shooting and why did you never tell me
about it?"

"Regardless, this is just added proof to me that there is no way any of you
are going to that party. I don't want you to go within 50 feet of them!"
Michael put his foot down.

"Seriously, you can't stop us." Parker pointed out.

"Wanna bet?" Isabel asked. "You're grounded."

"Mom!" Lia protested.

"You too, Jezebel." Jacinda said.

"What? Why?" Jezebel asked. "For wanting to go to a party?"

Kyle corrected, "For not having the sense to see to your own safety."

"Like we're so safe not knowing what her game plan is," Jezebel muttered
under her breath.

Jacinda stared at her daughter, "WHAT did you SAY?"

"Nothing," Jezebel clamped her mouth shut as an idea formed in her head.
"Can I just ask Kaleb some questions on my English homework before the
grounding starts?"

Jacinda raised an eyebrow, "Since when have you cared about your English

"Since I fell asleep 5 times on the first page of Great Expectations, c'mon,
please, Mom?" Jezebel pleaded. It *was* true, she had fallen asleep at least
five times. That just wasn't what she needed to talk to Kaleb about.

Jacinda responded, "No, talk to him in between classes or at lunch. As of
right now, you are all grounded indefinitely. End of discussion."

Bella, Kaleb, Lia, Parker, and Jezebel all looked at each other, a variety of
emotions displayed on their faces. Jezebel was determined, Lia was resigned,
Parker was pouting, Kaleb was angry, and Bella was disgusted.

"We should all go home," Liz decided. "We're not going to accomplish
anything else standing outside the school, and you kids need some time to
think about why you shouldn't put your lives at risk."


The five of them gathered in the hallway before homeroom the next day. Lia
asked dejectedly, "Has anyone thought of something that will change their

Parker burst out at his sister, "This is all your fault! If you hadn't
wanted to go to that stupid party in the first place, we wouldn't all be
grounded. You guys haven't even proved to me that this girl is the evil you
say she is."

"Personally, I agree with Bella. After hearing everything my mom and Aunt
Liz said, I think this girl is evil and up to something. I for one refuse to
be a sitting duck. Who's with me?" Jezebel ranted.

Bella smiled to herself, someone believed her. She raised her hand, "Me.
What did you have in mind?"

Jezebel said excitedly, "Well, we all agreed that showing up to the party
would be the best way to scope her out right?"

"But we're grounded. We can't go to the....oh...sneak out. That's a great
idea!" Lia grinned.

Kaleb insisted, "I'm not letting you girls go by yourselves. If you go, I
go." He looked over at Parker, "You realize if something happens to them and
we're not there, we'll be responsible?"

Parker sighed, "I guess. Oh well, at least we'll be able to prove whether
she's dangerous or not."

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt!" Lia exclaimed, "Sorry, I love court shows."

Jezebel looked around at them as the bell rang, "So we're all agreed?"

The group nodded back at her.

"Okay, let's get to homeroom. No one does anything suspicious that will let
our parents know what our plans are," Jezebel reminded them and headed off to
homeroom, excited that her plan was in motion.


"Okay, anyone else hopelessly bored?" Lia sighed, staring at the clock.

"Tell me about it." Jezebel replied "Jason's absent, so no trips to the
eraser room for me."

"Eraser room..." Bella said "Hey, I've got an idea!" She glanced around the
cafeteria and saw Parker throwing out his tray and Corey sitting a few tables
away, then turned to Kaleb, who was sitting next to her. "K, what do you
think about..." she trailed off when he brought his heated gaze to hers.
Bella shivered as she could feel his eyes peering into hers, reminding her of
how much he set her on fire. His lips were moving. He was saying something,
she realized. What the HELL was he saying?

"Bella? Bella? What do I think about WHAT?" Kaleb asked with a chuckle.

"Oh!" Bella shook herself out of her stupor. How did he manage to do that to
her? "Right...I was gonna say, how do you feel about tellin Parker that we
are having an important meeting in the Eraser Room?"

"What are we having a meeting about?" He asked, confused.

Jezebel sighed dramatically, having already caught on to Bella's plan. "You
are SO slow!"

Bella giggled and pinched his cheek. "We're NOT, slow one. We're just going
to make him THINK we are. So we can get him in there...with Corey."

"Brilliant strategy, Bells." Jezebel said "How do we get Cor in there?

"Yeah I kinda...haven't figured that part out yet." Bella admitted

"We could do it my way." Jezebel suggested

"What would that be, Jez?" Kaleb asked "Talk her head off to unconsciousness
and carry her there?"

Jezebel shook her head "YOU have been hanging out with Parker too much. But
you're pretty close, actually. Just no talking."

Lia laughed. "So you're gonna carry her there? REAL inconspicuous there Jez."

"You got a better idea, Lia?" Jezebel asked.

"Why don't we just..oh I don't know...tell her we need to talk to her?" Bella

"My way's more fun." Jezebel pouted.

"Jez..." Bella said, smiling at her cousin. "No."

"Fine!" Jezebel sighed. "We'll do it your way."

Kaleb chucked and scanned the girls around the table. "So what's my part in
all of this...and, by the way, I feel like I'm on The View at this estrogen
packed table."

"Your part is getting Parker to the eraser room." Jezebel said. She looked at
the other girls. "Does that work?"

"At this point I'm willing to do anything." Lia laughed. "If my brother
doesn't get some action he's gonna drive us all insane."

Kaleb smirked. "While I agree that our dear friend Park needs some booty, I
have to point out that in OUR families...that hardly DEMINISHES craziness."

"Exhibits A and B." Jezebel said, pointing to Kaleb, then Bella.

"Ahem...exhibit C?" Lia said to Jezebel, sticking up for her friends.

"ANYWAY..." Jezebel continued. "So let's do this. Li, Hell's Bells, lets
go get the girl. Kaleb when were gone you take care of Parker."


"So anyway, I was really freaking out about the Chem test but then Mr. Bauman
was absent. We got a free period." Corey smiled at her friend Kelly as she
ate another fry.

Kelly nodded as her eyes landed of the 3 girls walking up behind Corey. "Hey
Bella, hey Lia, hey Jezzy." Kelly smiled. "Heard about your little hallway
escapade the other day, Bell. You lucky girl, snagging that hot piece of
Evans ass." She teased as she waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"He is hot, isn't he..." Bella sighed as her gaze drifted back over to
Kaleb, who was staring hotly at her.

"Bella! Focus!" Jezebel barked with a laugh.

"Oh, right." Bella giggled, shaking her blonde head. "Um...Corey, can you
come help us for a couple of minutes? We have this...this...project that
we're working on." Bella smiled widely.

Corey took another bite of her sandwich. "Well, I-"

"Okay, let's go." Jezebel said. She grabbed Corey's arm and dragged her away.

"I'll just wait here then..." Kelly called laughing as they walked away.

"Hey, Kelly...what was THAT all about?" Parker asked confusedly as he broke
away from his basketball teammates he'd been talking to on the lunchline.

"No idea, kid. They're YOUR crazy family." She shrugged.

"True. I think we have a history of mental illness on my father's side." He

"Hey, Parker, can you come with me for a second?" Kaleb smiled as he walked
up to the two. "I need to give you those notes on my know..about

Parker's eyes narrowed in concern. "On Czechoslovakia? Ummm...ok yeah, lets
go. See ya, Kelly." He said quickly before getting up and following Kaleb
into the school.

Kelly watched two of the hottest guys in school quickly walk away. "Do I
smell or something?" She joked to the girl accross the table.


"So where are we going?" Corey asked as Jezebel and Bella pushed her down
the hall, with Lia in tow.

"We need to show you something." Bella smiled mischievously at her friends.
"Don't worry, girl. I trust us, doncha?"

"Ohhh...God." Corey groaned. "Bella...what are you doing?" She laughed.
She had no doubt that Bella and the others were up to SOMETHING, but she knew
they'd never do anything to hurt her so she wasnt too worried.

"Okay, here we go." Jezebel said, opening the eraser room door and shoving
Corey inside. "Wait in here."

"Why?" Corey asked rather nervously.

"Just trust us." Bella replied with a too-sweet smile. "Don't come out of
here, or...or..."

"Or Jezebel and Bella will talk you to about Jason and Kaleb until you chew
your arm off just to have something to throw at them." Lia jumped in.

"Hey!" Jezebel said indignantly.

"Okay, I'll wait." Corey promised quickly, slamming the eraser room door.

"Hey!" Bella said with equal indignation.

"Parker!" Lia squeeled just as the eraser room door slammed closed. "Kaleb,
thanks for bringing Parker here...I guess we can...can..."

"Start our meeting now." Jezebel jumped in. "Yeah, we're having a meeting
about, you know...US stuff. SO just, yeah..umm..oh WHATEVER!" She exclaimed
in frustration before opening up the door and showing a surprised Parker

Bella immediately put her hand over the lock, sealing it shut.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" Corey shouted as she tried the door
unsuccessfully. Just wonderful. Going in the eraser room was one thing,
being locked in was something else. She was locked in the infamous eraser
room with none other than Parker Whitman. She turned to face him, her eyes
glaring, "This was your idea, wasn't it?"

Parker was too dumbfounded to speak. He'd come in the eraser room expecting
a aliens only meeting about Darla to find himself locked in with the girl of
his dreams. His brain registered something about her yelling and how he had
never seen this side of her and how he liked it. He found himself saying his
thoughts out loud before he could stop himself, "You're really beautiful when
you're angry."

Corey looked up at him, suddenly at a loss for words. This had to be a joke.
Parker thinking she was beautiful was just too good to be true. Gorgeous
guys didn't find her attractive. As a matter of fact, few guys did. Her
social calendar was pathetic for a teenager, except of course when Jezebel,
Bella, or Lia invited her to do something. Wait, Jezebel, that's it.
Somehow Jezebel had found out about her secret crush on him, and they decided
to play this elaborate practical joke on her. "You jerk! You and Jezebel
got together to play this practical joke on me, and you didn't think I would
realize it. You probably have the entire student body on the other side of
this door listening to see if poor, shy Corey falls for Parker Whitman being
interested in her. Well, I have something to say to you, find a new hobby!"

"What? No! Corey, you've got it all wrong. I was just as set up as you
were," Parker frantically tried to get her to listen.
"HEY! Less talking, more LOVIN!!!!" Bella's voice yelled from behind the
sealed door.

"BELLA!" Jezebel's laughing voice followed.

"Sorry, sorry. Okay! We're gonna go now guys, be back at the end of next
period...HAVE FUN!!" Bella called as the four outside retreated.

"Oh...god." Parker mumbled, looking down at the ground. "I'm...I'm really
sorry about this. They are SO dead." He could theoretically get them out of
there right away, but then Corey would know what he really was. Besides, he
was actually having a conversation with her where he wasn't completely

Corey searched his face for signs that he was lying and couldn't find any, "I
believe you. I don't know why, but I do." She took a deep breath and
continued, "If you wanted to talk to me alone, all you had to do was ask."

"I've been trying to work up the courage for months. I think my cousins
decided to take it into their own hands," Parker blushed, "I'm really sorry."

Corey giggled. "Yeah, could be worse, you know. I could be stuck
in here for two periods with Tommy Goulick or something. And have to listen
to him talk about his grasshopper obsession. You can sit down, you
the way."

Parker shifter nervously from foot to foot for a moment before sitting down
next to Corey on the table. "You know, if you REALLY want, I'm sure we could
work it out so that next time you ARE in here with Tommy." He gave a crooked

"No, that's really ok. I'd much rather be in here with you." A deep blush
spread to Corey's cheeks and not even the darkness of the eraser room could
hide it. "I can't believe I just said that." She mumbled, looking down.

Parker stilled and looked at her, swallowing hard. She wanted to be in there
with him. She'd just said as much. Leaning back against the shelves behind
them, Parker took in a shaky breath. "So, um, you were saying earlier about how you've been wanting to talk to me for months? But you're so outgoing? You've always got a girl on your arm," Corey asked, trying to avoid the silence.

Parker took a deep breath and prayed that the advice he'd gotten from his
Uncle Max on how to talk to a girl he really cared about would work. It was
now or never, and somehow the darkness of the eraser room helped him be
honest, something he rarely was, "That's...for show. I'm not really
interested in any of those girls. I can't be myself with them. I've worked
so hard to not to let anyone know the real me, and here I am spilling my
entire soul. I just feel like I could tell you anything, and you'd be ok
with it."

"Wow, that was really deep for a jock," Corey smiled to show him she was
teasing. "What could you possibly have to hide from the public that's so

There it was, the opening. The point where he could tell her the big secret,
and he chickened out. Parker countered, "You aren't exactly the most public
person either."

"Caught redhanded. See, I'm writing this computer program which will...wait
a minute, I just realized that I'm in the eraser room talking about
computers, and you probably have absolutely no interest in it anyway, and I'm
babbling again," Corey closed her mouth.

"My sister's really into computers, and so's my dad. You'll have to come
over sometime and talk shop with them," Parker said readily and then stopped
to think about what he just said. He just invited her over to meet his
parents and they hadn't even had what any normal teenager would call a date.

Before he could take back his offer, Corey agreed, "Sounds like fun. When?"

"Um, next week maybe? This weekend's kinda bad. Hey, listen, there's this
party Friday night and I thought you might like to go....with me," Parker
smiled hopefully.

Corey asked, "Okay, just to be clear, you are asking me out on an actual

"That depends on your answer," Parker winked.

"Yes," Corey laughed.

Parker blew out a breath. "Okay then." He grinned nervously. He leaned back
casually against the shelves. Maybe a little too hard. The shelves shook, and
a rather large box of erasers fell. Right on Parker's head. "Ow! Shit!"

"Oh my God, are you okay?!" Corey gasped.

"Yeah." Parker winced slightly, then quickly coughed and tried to cover it
up. "Yeah, I'm fine. No big deal."

"Are you sure?" Corey asked. "That looked pretty bad."

Parker nodded, blinking a few times to clear his vision. "Yeah."

"Well, here, let me see if you have a bump." Corey said. She faced him and
gently ran her hands into his hair, carefully feeling the back of his head.
"Feels, you're sure you feel all right?"

"I dont know..." Parker's voice got low and husky. "All of a sudden I'm
kinda...dizzy." He reached up and caught her hand which he brought down to
cup his cheek.

Corey swallowed as her face subconsciously leaned into his. " too."

Parker couldn't breathe as he saw her beautiful, freckle dusted face leaning
toward his. He could smell her lilac-y sent everywhere like a thick blanket.
Bringing his arm around her back to brace the back of her neck, he closed
his eyes and closed the small distance that still separated their lips.

Corey's eyes slid shut as well, as she anticipated the first touch of
Parker's soft lips on hers.

Parker slid his lips over hers tentatively, his blood pulsing loudly in his
ears. He felt Corey smile against his mouth and breathed a sigh of relief.
She was just as happy about this as he was.

Corey braced her hands on Parker's broad shaulders as she felt his hands
slide up to cup the back of her head. Parker leaned into her and was just
about to deepen the kiss when a loud pounding on the Eraser Room door
interrupted his actions.

Tearing their mouths away from each other, the two listened in the darkness,
soundlessly, trying to see who the intruder was.

"Mr. Behr, the door is locked!!" They heard Tommy Goulick's distinct,
high-pitched whine sound from the other side of the door as he relentlessly
jiggled the door handle.

"Hey, it's your boyfriend." Parker whispered with a teasing chuckle, for
which he recieved a playful punch on the arm.

"You shut up." Corey hissed back, blushing.

"Probably got locked by accident." They heard Mr. Behr walking past the door
and down the hallway. "It happens sometimes, get the janitor." He called over
his shoulder to Tommy.

"Oh, okay sure." Tommy called after him before Parker and Corey heard his
heavy footsteps retreat the opposite way down the hall.

"You think it's clear?" Corey whispered.

"Well let's find out." Parker smiled, grabbing her hand and slipping out the
door into the hallway.

Parker and Corey sprinted through the deserted hallway hand in hand till they
turned the corner.

"SO..." Parker panted, leaning against the wall out of breath. "...does this
mean that we're...I mean, are we..." He stammered, blushing.

"Yes." Corey interrupted with a shy smile.

Parker blew out a breath. "Good. Then...can you do me a favor?"


That Friday night, Parker, Lia, Jezebel, Kaleb, and Bella were all frantically getting their goodnights in with their parents and rushing back to their respective rooms to prepare for the nights events.

Parker was just pulling his maroon sweater over his head when he heard a soft, barely audible knock at his door. Lia entered the dark room, illuminated by only the small corner lamp, and closed the door behind her with a soft click.

"Nice robe, Lia dear. Wouldn't have been MY personal choice for a party, but original, nonetheless." Parker smirked.

Lia made a face at him and soundlessly shed her full-length robe revealing a navy blue lightweight cotton dress. "When is she getting here?" She whispered, walking towards the window. 'God bless first floor bedrooms.'

"She should be here any second." Parker answered, and then smiled as he spotted the light blue corolla slowly and silently pulling up across the street a few houses away. "Ok, let's go", he grinned, helping his sister out the window.

Parker and Lia sprinted across the lawn and street and slid into the car. As Parker settled in the passenger seat and Lia in the back, Corey turned to face them.

"You guys owe me big...especially after that..."She blushed, “Eraser Room stunt this week."

"Have I mentioned how wonderful you are?" Lia smiled, exhibiting genuine gratefulness. "This really means a lot to us."

Corey’s slightly uncomfortable smile warmed at Lia's comment. It would be a lie to say that she hadn’t been a little unsure of the nights events. Parker's "group" of friends were very popular and well liked at the school, and she had never really imagined that she would be considered any kind of part of that tight knit order. Even the occasional invite from Bella had always come as a surprise. Starting a relationship with Parker was exciting enough...and the prospect of becoming a part of their group was amazing.

As if sensing her thoughts, Parker leaned over and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek before grazing the soft skin with his thumb. "Thanks you so much. Really. This is amazing." He smiled. "But if we don’t get going right now my parents may come out and kill us."

"Which reminds me, what DID you guys do that got ALL of you grounded?" Corey asked as she started the engine and drove off to head to Jezebel's house next.

"That’s a pretty long list." Lia laughed. "I believe it started with a little prank at the school swimming pool."


In her room, Jezebel was adjusting her red sequined tube top and black leather pants. She'd been successful is giving her parents the silent treatment all night and gone to bed early under the ruse of being angry at them for the grounding. Now she just had to finish he last touches on her eye-liner before she would be set to go.

She knew that tonight was about investigating Darla...but that didn't mean she was going to let a perfectly good party go to waste. Jezebel smiled as she inspected her reflection in the mirror. Perfect, as always. 'I wonder what Bella decided to wear?' She wondered just as she heard the quiet sound of a car pulling up outside. 'Thank god for a huge house with the rents all the way on the other side.' She smiled, as she tried not to catch her stilettos on the window sill. 'It should be an interesting night.'


"What took you so long? I just hope your parents didn't see us waiting in the car," Lia said as Jezebel entered the car. She wavered between a ball of nerves and excited anticipation at the investigation.

"Lia...take a tranquilizer." She laughed as she slid into the backseat next to her cousin. Thanks Cor, you're a doll." Jezebel flashed one of her winning smiles. " lets go to Bella's."


Bella jumped as she heard a sudden tapping on her window. 'Geez, chill
Bell.' She laughed at herself. Opening the curtains, her eyes widened as she was met with an incredible delectable looking Kaleb, dressed in a short-sleeved button down black shirt and khakis.

As Kaleb slid open the window pane and climbed into Bella's room, his breath quickened as he took in her appearance. Bella had chosen to wear a cream colored satin strappy dress speckled with tiny light blue flowers. It ended well above her knees and allowed Kaleb to feast his eyes on her long, smooth legs. How was he going to be able to survive the night with her looking like that and be able to check out the Darla situation?

Bella felt inordinately pleased at how hungrily Kaleb was staring at her. Giving a playful turn, she giggled quietly. "I take it you likes?"

"I likes." Kaleb's voice came out low and gravelly as he moved towards her. Just then he spotted the Corolla's headlights out the window. "Damn...” he pouted. "We'll have to continue this later."

He helped her out the window and raced to the car keeping hold of her hand the entire way.

"Hey!" They breathlessly greeted everyone as they Kaleb settled into the back of the car. Jezebel grumbled as she was forced to move the middle seat.

"Hey! No complaints, missy!” Bella laughed. "I have to sit on Kaleb's lap over here."

"Yeah, like I'm sure EITHER of you are complaining." Jezebel smirked.

Bella just smiled and shrugged as she settled against Kaleb's broad chest. Kaleb groaned as her satin-clad body slid around on his lap as she struggled to get comfortable, and stilled her movements with his hands on her hips.

"You're killin me." He whispered roughly, his lips against her cheek, before lightly biting her earlobe, causing Bella to shiver.

"Didn't Jason want to come?" Lia asked Jezebel, wondering if that was the source of her catty comments.

Jezebel smirked, "Lucky bum ain't grounded. He had to go to some lacrosse
something or other before the party so he'll be showing up a little late."

“Oh…well at least he’s comin.” Lia commented to her cousin with a smile.

Meanwhile, neither Bella nor Kaleb had heard any part of the exchange, being too caught up in each other to even acknowledge anyone else’s presence in the car. Bella had turned slightly in Kaleb’s lap so that she was able to bury her face in the crook of his neck, but once she had smelled his musky cologne and the smell that was just him, she hadn’t been able to contain herself. She’d started to kiss and nip at the side of Kaleb’s neck and throat, running her hand through the soft raven hair at the back of his neck. He just smelled so good…tasted so good…felt SO good…

Kaleb had been fairly surprised, to say the least, when he felt Bella’s soft lips on his skin, but moaned faintly at her tiny kisses and caresses, overcome with the sensation that she was able to elicit in him. Had it really only been about a week since they had started going out?

Sliding his hand down the side of her body, Kaleb heard Bella gasp as he lightly grazed the sides of her breasts. He didn’t know which was smoother: The silk of the dress of Bella’s own milky skin. Kaleb let his hands come to rest high on Bella’s thigh, just under the hem of her silky dress. Moving his hand slightly higher under the thin material, Kaleb stroked the smooth skin of her inner thigh, causing her to make a small purring sound against his neck and struggle to get closer to his body, rubbing even more against his already hardening body.

“Oh LORD, KALEB! Can’t you guys wait till your at least not sitting TWO INCHES from me before you start feelin each other up?!?! I mean…UGH!!! Lia, I apologize if I vomit all over you but I just saw my cousin with his hand up the skirt of my other cousin.” She exclaimed in disgust as she turned away from the flushed two. “I mean REALLY…common decency…” She muttered, trying to conceal her smile. After nearly 17 years of sexual repression of those two, she was really kindof glad they could finally release some of that energy…just…not in her presence. Ewww.

“Sorry Jezzy.” Bella smiled with a embarrasses giggle. How did they ALWAYS seem to get out of hand so quickly? Crazy alien hormones.

“Not me.” Kaleb growled in her ear before giving her a slow kiss on the cheek.

“You know…I don’t know what’s gotten into you.” Bella gave him a mock disapproving look and lightly smacked him on the shoulder playfully before laughing and turning back around to face the front seat of the car.

‘What has gotten into me?’ Kaleb wondered to himself. ‘Love. I love her.’ Kaleb suddenly proclaimed in his mind. ‘I love Bella. I am in love with Bella Guerin. And I need to tell her. I’m going to tell her.’ Kaleb took a shaky breath.

“Bella…” He started, causing her to turn her head back around to face him. “Bella…I…I lo-”

“Oh my god! Look at all the cars here!” Corey exclaimed as they pulled up in front of Darla’s white colonial house. “I didn’t realize there would be this many people here.”

“Yeah…wow!” Bella exclaimed with a nervous laugh. She knew what Kaleb was about to say to her. And as amazing as it was…as much as she knew she felt it back…it was a HUGE thing to say…and she’d never been the best at expressing her feelings. ‘I mean, HELLO…it took me 17 years to even admit I liked him!’

And she wanted him to say it more than anything in the world. She just didn’t think she could say it back in a car with 4 other people. Damn it, why did she have to inherit her father’s emotional retardation?

Kaleb forced a small smile, disappointed that he hadn’t gotten to tell her what he’d wanted. After working up the nerve and everything. Oh well, it’d have to wait for another time. But it wouldn’t wait too long. He loved her more than he’d ever thought was possible. And she would know soon enough. “Ok…” he began. “So everyone try to keep an eye on Darla at all times. Try to see if she does anything odd…and look around her house if you can…if noone can see you.”

After explaining the night’s plan, Kaleb looked around the car at everyone’s faces. His gaze landed on the very confused face of Corey. ‘SHIT!’ Kaleb exclaimed in his mind, casting a panicked glance at Parker. He’d totally forgotten she was in the car. And now she knew that something was up. Kaleb gave Parker a pleading look, to which Parker turned to Corey.

“I’ll explain later…ok?” He told her quietly, silently wondering exactly what in the world he was going to tell her. He didn’t want to lie…but he really didn’t have a choice.

“Um…ok…” Corey answered with a puzzled look on her face. “But just for the record…I’m kindof wierded out right now.”

“Don’t worry, please. I swear I’ll tell you what’s goin on.” Parker gave his best puppy-dog face (which was pretty damn good with his big blue eyes and dark blonde hair accenting his attractive features), causing Corey to laugh.

“Fine, fine. We’ll talk about it later.” She smiled despite herself.

The 6 teens exited the car and walked across Darla’s lawn towards the opened front door. They could hear the loud music filtering out into the street and see the masses of people though the doorway. It looked like there was a huge turnout for the party.

Upon entering the house, Jezebel and Lia went off towards the kitchen while Parker and Corey went towards the dining room, leaving Kaleb and Bella, clinging to each other’s hands, weaving their way through the crowd towards the living room.

“You wanna get something to drink?!?” Kaleb yelled to her over the blaring rock music once they had reached the center of the room.

“HUH?!?” Bella screamed back, confused, as she bounced around to the fast beat of the music.

“DRINK?!?!” Kaleb repeated, pointing towards where three of his teammates were handing out beers. Kaleb and the others knew about their parents’ inability to hold their liquor, and very fortunately for them, had NOT inherited the trait. Not that they drank all the time, because they didn’t, but there WERE teenagers, and they did occasionally drink at parties when they weren’t the ones who had to drive home.

“OH!! SURE!!!!” Bella nodded as his question was finally understood. Bella pulled Kaleb over towards the guys, moving to the music as she went.

Kaleb watched the adorably sexy girl in front of him as she clung to his hand and led him through the crowd. She was moving her hips back and forth causing her little satin dress to sway, exposing even more of her creamy thighs…and her cute little butt going from side to side…

“Hey, Kaleb, Man!!!” Their friend Noah exclaimed excitedly. “Dude, this party kicks! Here…have a beer. And one for the lovely Bella. How are ya, Bell?” Noah grinned as he handed her a plastic cup. Looking her up and down, Noah remarked, “Lookin excellent tonight, might I add. VERY hot. You gotta dance with me later, girl.”

“Uh uh” Kaleb intervened, laughing. Noah was a good guy and knew he was just kidding. Everyone knew not to try to move in on Bella. “She’s MINE, dude. Get your own!”

Bella laughed at the flattery. “Oh, so I’m something you OWN now, Kaleb Evans. Maybe I SHOULD dance with Noah just to teach you exactly who I answer to.” She teased.

Kaleb pouted and pulled her towards his body. “Nope.” He smiled. “MINE.”

“Alright, alright, possessive boy. Well then let’s go dance.” Bella smiled, quickly downing her beer.

Kaleb took another swallow from his cup and nodded to Noah before moving back out towards the center of the room with Bella. He didn’t know why, but he felt very relaxed tonight…despite the task that they were supposed to be completely. He didn’t feel as shy as usual. It was probably the amazing vixen attached to his arm that was doing it to him. She just made him forget about everything else.

Pulling her against him, he locked their hips together in a slow rhythm of the song that had just come on. It had a steady, pulsing base beat that made it a great song to grind to, and that’s just what the people that were dancing were doing. Kaleb slid his hand down to Bella’s hip, placing the other at the small of her back, pressing the fronts of their bodies flush together, and bent his leg between hers so that she was almost sitting on his thigh. Bella’s arms her around Kaleb’s neck, her fingers tangled in the soft hair there. Her skin burned where she felt his hot hands through the cool silk covering her body, and she could feel his hardness pressing against her stomach. It was impossible to breath. It was always this way when he was touching her. Like there was no air.

The room filled with a crackling, smoldering energy of dancing, and the couples were completely absorbed in eachother, not even noticing what was going on around them.

So Kaleb and Bella didn’t see or sense anyone watching them. And people WERE watching them. Many guys had their eyes on Bella as she ground her hips sensually against Kaleb’s, just as many girls were keenly and jealously staring at Kaleb. One girl in particular.

Darla Hubble stood in the doorway between her living room and kitchen, her eyes fixed on the couple in the middle of the room. The couple that was completely lost in eachother. The couple that looked like they were two damn minutes from screwing right there in HER HOUSE! It was sickening. Absolutely revolting the way they were crawling all over eachother. Like they wanted to be inside the other’s skin. Which, of course, they DID. Absolutely revolting.

And they hadn’t even come to say hello to her yet. And she was the HOSTESS! Didn’t these people have ANY manners?!? Well whatever. By the end of the night their fun would be ruined. She’d make sure of that. Tonight she would see exactly how powerful these two were.


posted on 2-Sep-2001 6:49:52 PM

"Jez, weren't we supposed to be keeping an eye on Darla?" Lia teased as
Jezebel checked her watch, then glanced at the door for what had to be the
millionth time.

"I'm sure Bella and Kaleb are looking out for her." Jezebel replied
absently, wondering what was taking Jason so long.

Lia snorted and leaned back against the counter. "Yeah, I'm sure they're
doing a GREAT job between all the face sucking."

"Yeah..." Jezebel said as she looked at her watch again. Lia detected a
slight hint of anxiety in her cousin's voice. Before she could ask what was
wrong, Jezebel blurted out "What if someone is after us, Lia, and they hurt
Jason, or Corey, or one of our friends to get to us?"

"Then we take off the Uncle Max hat...step away from the alien paranoia, and
realize that we can't protect people by pushing them away." Lia sighed at
her cousin.

"I know. But still...If anything ever happened to Jason..." Jezebel trailed
off. After a minute, she checked her watch and then looked over at the door
once again. But this time, her face lit up and she cried "Jason!" as she
raced right into his arms. As Lia watched, Jason pulled Jezebel close and
kissed her, either not knowing or not caring that their classmates were
whistling and clapping all around them.

"Or you could, you know...just...maul him right here. Either way works."
Lia mumbled before walking out of the kitchen to go in search of Darla info
for herself.


" now are you gonna tell me what's going on?" Corey raised her voice
so Parker would hear her over the blaring music. When she'd agreed to go, it
was supposed to be just a party, but Kaleb had made it sound creepy.

Parker looked around nervously, "Yeah, sure, but not here....let's go find a
quiet room." What am I going to tell her, I can't tell her the truth, and I
can't lie either, Parker thought. How do I get myself into these messes?

Corey blushed when he mentioned a quiet room. Was he meaning to give her an
explanation or find a place to make out or both? She didn't have time to
process his statement fully because she found herself being dragged by the
arm into an office type looking side room.

"So, um, it's quieter in here," Parker put his hands in his pockets and
looked at the ground. Maybe she'll get distracted and want to talk about
something else, he prayed.

Corey nodded expectantly. She was going to ignore the fact that her heart
was beating a mile a minute and her skin felt like it was on fire because
damnit, she wanted to know what she was getting herself into.

"Ok," Parker took a deep breath and sat down with her on the small, burgundy couch on the side of the room. He had to come up with something, "You know
how Bella gets really emotional sometimes?"

"Yeah, you're not gonna blame this all on Bella being emotional, are you?
Cause there would have to be more to it if you're all going along with it,"
Corey insisted.

"No, just listen. See, Darla's been interested in Kaleb, and Bella's been
having nightmares about her stealing Kaleb away from her, and it's really
scaring her, and we thought it best to humor her for the time being since we
don't really know Darla all that well," Parker finished in a rush. Please
don't ask for more of a reason, I can't tell you the full truth, not yet, and
not here, he rationalized.

Ok, this sounded like a pretty good explanation, but her gut was telling her
there was more to it he wasn't saying. She recognized how uncomfortable he
was with saying the rest and decided not to push the issue. He'd tell her
when he was ready, and she trusted him not to get her into anything really
illegal or anything. Corey answered, "That makes sense. Let's talk about
something else, ok?"

Parker smiled broadly. She really was the greatest girl in the entire high
school, and to top it off, she was interested in him.

"Fine with me." he grinned.

"SO..." Parker started, glad that she wanted to change the subject just as much as he did. "Tell me everything about you...I mean...I want to...KNOW you." He smiled with a shyness that she never would have known existed inside his tough, handsome exterior.

"Well," She laughed, "Everything is we might be in here a while."

Parker smiled, obviously not bothered by the idea.


"Now where would be the best place to find out deep intimate secrets," Lia said to herself, "The bedroom."

She headed up the stairs deciding if someone asked her where she was going she could always say she was looking for a bathroom and walked down the hallway. It was a pretty small house, so she found the bedroom fairly easily.

She looked around, "" Who over the age of 6 had a bedroom that was painted pink with a pink comforter and pink curtains? She looked over at the night table, "Now that is creepy. These are pictures of our family barbeque. Why would she want those? And how did she get them?"

"What's even weirder is they were out like that, like she wanted me to find them. Let's check the trash can; maybe I'll find something she doesn't want me to see," Lia reached into the trash can next to the night table. She found a crumpled up piece of paper with a phone number written on it among typical trash items.

Not recognizing it, she jotted it down in the notebook she always kept in her purse and returned the paper to the trash can. She looked back at the pictures, thinking she missed something, "Why are the only people pictured Bella, Kaleb, Aunt Liz, Uncle Max, and Aunt Jacinda?"

Lia exited Darla’s room and sighed as she heard groaning noises coming from behind the door of the master bedroom. “Well at least SOMEONE is having a good time at this party.” She grumbled.


"What...took long?" Jezebel panted as Jason pulled her tube top over her head and started gently stroking her bare skin, all the while kissing her face and mouth. Minutes earlier, someone downstairs had hollered at them to get a room, and they had done just that. They were now lying on the bed in the master bedroom. Jezebel hadn't been able to take her hands off of Jason since he had arrived, and he hadn't been able to stop touching her yet, either.

"Coach wanted to give us another one of his little 'pep talks.'" Jason explained, pulling back slightly to look at her face. He loved the way she looked when she was aroused, with her lips swollen, her cheeks flushed, and her hair disheveled. "Were you worried?"

"N-no." Jezebel gasped out, her breath catching in her throat as he unzipped her leather pants and slid his hand inside. "I just...ahhh...needed you." Even as his hands and mouth brought her closer and closer to the edge, she couldn't help but feel a little guilty. She knew that she was supposed to be investigating Darla, not screwing Jason's brains out. And Jason wasn't even aware of the Darla problem. "No." She said suddenly, pushing Jason off of her and sitting up.

"What's wrong?" Jason asked.

"I lied." Jezebel said. "I was worried about you tonight. Jason, I love you so much."

"I know, baby. I love you, too." Jason told her.

"That's what I was so worried about." Jezebel sighed. "My family and I...we think that someone might be after us. And if we're right, I'm afraid that someone might hurt you."

Jason gave Jezebel a slow kiss on the forehead and smiled. "I'm not worried. Ya see I just happened to have this great, super strong, alien protector...who is also the hottest, most incredible person in the world...and I'm in love with her."

"YOU are incredible." Jezebel said, leaning against him and letting him wrap his arms around her. "But still...I need you to be safe. I need you to understand exactly what's going on."

"Okay." Jason said, gently stroking her hair. "Tell me."


"And then..." Bella snorted with laughter, "He peed in his pants in front of the WHOLE second grade class!!!"

"Hey!" Kaleb interrupted the laughter around him in irritation. "I had a bladder condition, ok?!"

The rest of the couch full of people were cracking up at this point, and Bella continued. "Liar!!" She squealed, taking a giant swallow of her 6th beer. "If you had a bladder condition you coulda just waved your hand over ittanphh..." she mumbled as Kaleb clamped his hand over her mouth in horror and shook his head at her warningly.

"Ooops." She smiled sweetly as he slowly uncovered her mouth.

Kaleb nodded with a grin. He could never be mad at her. Setting down his own beer (he was on his fourth) he wrapped his arm more tightly around Bella's tiny waist and pulled her against his body. Leaning over he whispered in her ear. "Be more careful, My Bell." Before kissing her cheek. "And I think you've had enough to drink."

Bella laughed and licked his cheek. "Yum." She smiled before turning back to her friends on the couch. "He tastes sooo good. Wanna try?"

Noah and Matt were laughing on the end of the couch and Bella's friend Katie started giggling. "Sure." She started to lean over towards Kaleb.

"No! Uh-uh." Kaleb pulled away laughing. "What do I look like?!?! A friggin' ice-cream cone?!?"

"OH MY GOD!!!" Bella suddenly squealed in delight as one of her favorite old songs came blasting through the speakers. "KALEB LISTEN!!!!"

Before Kaleb knew what was happening Bella had extricated herself from his grasp and climbed up onto the coffee table.

Bella looked down at Kaleb with a sexy drunken smile before she started singing at the top of her lungs. "Close your eyes, give me your hand. Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand, do you feel the same, am I only dreamin, is this burning, an eternal flame?"

The room erupted into whistles and yells as Bella danced around the table and sang to Kaleb.

Bella kept going, "I believe, it's meant to be. Watch you when you are sleeping, you belong with me, do you feel the same, am I only dreaming, or is this BURNING an eternal FLAME!!!??"

Kaleb was grinning like a maniac throughout this "show" that she was putting on. Bella was always the life of the party, and DAMN that girl could sing...even crazy drunk. And not to mention that she looked HOT...and the way she was dancing around...well he couldn't stop smiling.

Nearly the whole room had stopped to watch Bella's little performance, and as the song ended and she finished singing, she received even more applause and catcalls from her classmates. Bella giggled uncontrollably and gave a bow.

Just then another song came on. One with a fast, pulsing beat.

"Take it off!!!" a drunken Brian Thompson called from the other side of the room.

Bella shrugged before doing a sultry sway and reaching down to the bottom of her satin dress, starting to pull it up, revealing a pair of light blue satin underwear that matched the blue in her dress.

Kaleb immediately sprang to his feet, pulling Bella's dress back down and throwing her over his shoulder hauling her off the table.

"'s OVER." He announced both to her and the rest of the room. "And now I KNOW you've had enough." He continued, carrying her out of the living room and into a downstairs guest room to the sound of the cheers of their friends and the rest of the room.

Once they had reached the room, Kaleb laid Bella down on the peach bedspread and pulled back to look at her.

She was still laughing, seemingly unaware of the spectacle she had just caused. Reaching up to caress his cheek, Bella smiled. "You're mine you know. Mine mine mine."

Kaleb smiled back at her and caught her hand, bringing it to kiss lips and kissing it.

"And you have such pretty eyelashes." She continued. "So pretty and long. Like Jasmine from ALADDIN. Sooooo pretty. My pretty pretty Kaleb."

Kaleb chucked. She was so childlike and adorable in here. Not like her near nudity out in the living room.

Bending down to kiss her forehead, Kaleb whispered, "I think I should go get you some water. You need to sober up a little bit."

Kaleb stood up and started to go but Bella pulled his hand, bringing his body back down towards her. Pulling his ear down towards her mouth, Bella whispered. "But I don’t want water. I just want YOU."

Pulling back, Kaleb looked at the beautiful girl laying on the bed in front of him. She was lying out, face flushed, dress bunched up exposing most of her thighs, one strap had slid off of her shoulder revealing even more of her creamy skin. And she wanted him. Bella pulled his face back down to hers, kissing him fiercely, pushing her tongue into his hot mouth. "You DO taste yummy." She mumbled into his lips. "Like pudding."

Kaleb pulled away from the kiss, breathing hard. She was drunk. VERY drunk. And he couldn’t take any kind of advantage of that. Forcing a tense smile and trying to take control over his raging body, Kaleb stood back up. "I'm just gonna go...get you that water. You stay."

Bella smiled and licked her lips, tasting him there. "Staying."

Kaleb smiled and nodded, backing out of the room, his gaze never leaving hers till he was out the door completely. Closing the door behind him, Kaleb leaned against the wall, trying to regain his composure. He could still feel the heat of Bella’s smooth lips against his and tried to push that thought as far back in his mind as he could. This was neither the time nor the place for him to feel like this. But at the moment, he wanted nothing more than to go back into that room and kiss her senseless…ravage her. Kaleb shook his head and pushed himself from the wall. Maybe HE could use a glass of water as well.

Kaleb pushed past the bunches of people lining the hallway and made his way to the kitchen. The sooner her got that water the sooner he could get back to Bella.

Back in the room, Bella was impatiently waiting for Kaleb to return. He was CLEARLY overreacting about this whole drunk thing. She was just having fun. That’s all. And if a girl wanted to make out with her boyfriend…her VERY HOT boyfriend at a party, well then she should damn well have the right to. Bella sat up on the bed and swayed as her head got suddenly light. “No big deal. Just sat up to fast.” She mumbled to herself. Bella wobbly stood up and made her way towards the door. The light from the one bedside lamp suddenly seemed way too harsh and bright for her eyes.

Turning the door handle, Bella exited the room and slowly entered the loud hallway. The second she looked up and her tired eyes focused in front of her, Bella gasped and her jaw dropped. Standing at the opposite end of the hallway, locked in a passionate embrace with none other than KATIE was HER KALEB!!! Bella swallowed and blinked back the angry tears that had collected in her eyes. A sudden wave of nausea combined with dizziness caused her to falter, and Bella was forced to close her eyes and lean against the side table for support.

Once the feeling had passed, Bella opened her eyes, and once again she gasped at the sight before her. A COMPLETELY different site. Instead of the horrific show that she had seen a mere seconds before, Bella was now met with an equally horrified looking Kaleb, standing ALONE and slack-jawed in an empty hallway with two glasses of water in his hands. HE didn’t even seem to see her, but appeared to be looking THROUGH her, as if watching something that wasn’t even there.

“K-Kaleb?” Bella asked quietly. When he didn’t respond she walked a couple of feet closer to him and repeated herself loudly. “KALEB??!”

Kaleb seemed to break free of his trance then, and his eyes lost their glazed look and focused in on her. Closing his mouth and swallowing, Kaleb closed the distance between himself and Bella, placing the glasses down on the table next to her. “I…I saw you…and Noah…” He started, confusion and hurt evident in his voice.

“I saw you and Katie.” Bella answered slowly.

Kaleb closed his eyes briefly, as if in pain, and opened them again. “I…you know I didn’t…”

“Yeah, I know…Neither did I.” She said softly. “Something’s going on, K. Something’s really wrong.” Bella’s grey eyes were huge with fear. “We should go find the others.”

Kaleb nodded and closed the last small distance between them, enfolding her in his strong arms. “You ok?” He asked, stroking her silky hair soothingly, comforted by just the feel of her in his embrace.

Bella buried her face in his neck and nodded. “I could really use that water now, though.” She whispered.

Kaleb chuckled, amazed by her ability to make light of even the most serious situations, and led her back into the side-room with his hand on the small of her back, picking up the waters before he went.

He figured that she was still pretty drunk and the water would help, and that they needed to discuss what had just happened so they could figure it out before they talked to the others (who could be ANYWHERE in the house at that point).



Darla glared at the two from around the corner as they once again retreated into her guest room. Pushing her curly red hair out of her face, she sneered in irritation. That had not gone how she had hoped at all.

She had wanted the two "future highnesses" (she cringed at the thought) to see eachother in compromising positions and break it off. NOT break out of the warp too early due to some drunken stupor and run into each other’s arms.

But at least she had scared them. Yes, she had certainly done that. And now they knew that they had to watch out. Only a couple more days. Then they'd REALLY know what fear was. Then they'd understand who they were dealing with. Darla smiled at the thought. Only a couple more days...

“OUCH! HEY!!!” She screeched as a bulky football player in a letterman jacket knocked into her, spilling beer all over her white lacey dress. “UGH!!! LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!” She stomped her foot in a tantrum fit for a two year old and glaring at him before realizing what she was doing. A sickeningly sweet smile replaced her sneer and she giggled. “I mean…my poor dress. Oh well, accidents happen.” She smiled and giggled again before bouncing off towards the kitchen.

The football player watched her leave in confusion. “Damn girls and their PMS.” He grumbled.


Kaleb helped Bella back into her sitting position on the bed, leaning next to him against the backboard. Kaleb draped his arm around her shoulder protectively and pulled her towards his body. Seeing her together with another guy…even if it wasn’t really had hurt him more than he ever thought possible. And he knew it must have been the same way for her. Bella took a sip of her water and placed it on the nights stand.

“How did that happen?” She asked softly, finally breaking the mutual silence.

“I think we both know.” Kaleb answered after a beat, turning to face her and brushing the hair from her cheeks.

Bella nodded in agreement. They had both understood exactly what had happened the moment it ended. Darla had done that to them. She had made them see things that weren’t really there. Which meant she had powers. Darla was an alien.

And she wanted to hurt them.

Bella pulled out from under Kaleb’s arm and climbed onto his lap to face him. “I would NEVER EVER do anything like that you know. Be with someone else. You’re…you’re it for me. I could never want anyone else.” She said seriously, with a passion in her eyes he didn’t think he’d ever seen. She’d obviously sobered significantly since the incident in the hallway.

Kaleb nodded and slowly slid one of his hands up her cheek to cup her face behind her ear. The other hand followed on the other cheek and Kaleb thumbed the soft skin of her temples. “I could never want anyone else either.” He stated. “You are perfection for me. Only you.”

With that Kaleb pulled her face to meet his, caressing her soft lips with is own. Sliding one of his hands down her side, Kaleb pressed her lower back towards him till she was straddling his body.

Bella sighed as she felt their lower bodies come into contact. From her position, her short dress had ridden up causing her underwear to come in direct contact with Kaleb’s pants. The heat between their bodies was almost unbearable, but she wouldn’t stop it for anything in the world.

Taking advantage of her sigh, Kaleb slid his tongue into her mouth, massaging hers with his own. Tasting her sweetness.

Both could feel the passion mixed with ache coming off of eachother in waves. They weren’t just kissing. They were reaffirming their feelings for one another. Telling eachother silently what they felt in their hearts. What they couldn’t say out-loud just yet. That they loved eachother. Now and forever. That they should never doubt that, no matter what they see. That noone could come between them.

Belle slid her hands under Kaleb’s black shirt. The starchy material was in direct contrast to the feel of his hot, smooth skin. Still feasting on his mouth, she caressed the ribbed muscles of his taught abdomen and rubbed his strong chest, sighing at the feel of his body pressed against hers.

Kaleb, in response to her ministrations, moved his hands down to her thighs where her dress ended, and slid his hands under the material to cup her bottom through the thin silk underwear he had just recently viewed (along with the rest of the living room).

Bella moaned and reached down, grasping at the end of her dress and pulling it over her head and off her body. The cream colored garment fell in a pool of silk on the floor beside the bed soundlessly, and she leaned back towards Kaleb to reclaim his mouth.

Kaleb, however, stopped her movement with his hands on her bare shoulders and pushed her back slightly.

Confused at why he had suddenly pulled away, Bella looked into Kaleb’s eyes. “Is something wrong?” She whispered, suddenly shy thinking she had made a mistake in her actions.

Kaleb would have smiled at her confused expression, sitting on his lap in only a strapless bra and underwear, biting her bottom lip, if she hadn’t looked so upset as well.

“No! No…” Kaleb said quickly. “It’s just…I wanted to see…” he blushed, “you are just…Beauty.” Kaleb sighed, feeling that he couldn’t possibly articulate to her just how breathtaking she was to him.

A grin immediately formed on Bella’s face and she threw herself back in Kaleb’s waiting arms, pushing him back on the bed and sitting on top of him. “You…” she said between hot, open mouthed kisses down his neck, “are the most…incredible…sexy…” he gasped as she sucked on the hollow of his throat, “sweet…brilliant…” she moved to unbutton the top of his shirt and licked the bronze skin that was revealed there, “…delicious man alive.”

Kaleb chucked and immediately moaned as she scooted farther down his body, rubbing herself along his now prominent arousal. “Ugh…Bella…” He choked out as he felt her reach for the button of his pants. “Wha…what are you…doing Bell?”

Bella looked up and smiled innocently. “Window shopping?” she said as she continued zipping down his fly and slid her hand down the front of his pants, cupping his throbbing fresh through the thin cotton of his boxers.

Kaleb’s eyes squeezed shut and he sucked in his breath at the feeling of her hot hands surrounded him and gulped in air. “Oh my…”

“GOD!!!!!” A bellowing voice yelled from the now open doorway. “Oh GOD! Oh Jesus…I think I’m friggin BLIND!” Parker’s voice barked as he spun around to face the hallway. “Oh JESUS please can you guys…put your stuff away. I…Oh Jesus…gotta talk to you guys…god.”

Kaleb’s eyes flew open at the sound of Parker’s voice and he grabbed Bella, pulling her up his lap and in front of the bulge still CLEARLY evident in his pants, and shoving a pillow in front of her body to cover up HER nearly nude state. “DAMNIT, Parker, don’t you ever KNOCK?!” he growled in anger.

“I DID.” Parker answered angrily, still facing the now closed door in front of his face. “I guess, due to other ACTIVITIES you didn’t hear me.”

Bella grabbed her dress up off the floor and pulled it over her body, and, placing the pillow next to her on the bed, re-buttoned Kaleb’s pants with a amused smile.

“I’m glad YOU think this is funny.” Kaleb whispered, blushing.

“You can turn around now, Parker.” Bella giggled slightly at the awkwardness of the situation. “So, where’s Corey?”

Parker turned around slowly, seeing if everyone was indeed adequately covered up. “She’s in the bathroom. I told her a lie about why we were investigating Darla. Well it was only a ½ lie but she doesn’t know anything she shouldn’t. Also Lia needs to talk to us about something she said she found. She wanted me to come find you guys. And your dress is on inside out.” Parker finished in an embarrassed rush.

"Oops!" Bella giggled. "You guys go ahead, I'll be right out."

As soon as he was more...relaxed, Kaleb stood up and followed Parker out of the room, giving Bella some privacy to fix her dress. "So, what did Lia find? And where's Jez?"

"Dude...before we get to that...what the HELL was going on in there?!? I mean...I know but...I mean I heard about the little...'show' Bella put on in the living room...were you actually going to, you know, DO something with her when she's DRUNK?" Parker's protective feelings kicked in for Bella. The girl was as much of a sister to him as Lia in a lot of ways.

"I'll explain everything, I promise." Kaleb said "But not until everyone's here. Where are Lia and Jez?"

"Right here." Jezebel said as she and Jason came up behind Parker and Kaleb. Her face was flushed and she was slightly out of breath. "Jason, be a sweetie and get me a soda?" As soon as Jason was gone, she turned to her cousins "Find anything?"

"I did." Lia said as she joined them.

Just them Bella reemerged from the guest room and joined the group. "So did we. It just...wasn't material proof."

"What happened?" Lia asked.

"She..." Bella looked around and leaned in closer, lowering her voice. "She mindwarped us."

Lia gasped. "But none of us have that power except Aunt Ava!"

Bella, Kaleb, and Jezebel exchanged looks. If Aunt Ava was able to mindwarp, wouldn't her duplicate be able to, as well?

“Wait.” Parker interjected. “How do you know that whatever you saw was really a mindwarp. I mean…what she ‘make’ you see?”

Kaleb shifted uncomfortable, the image of Bella kissing Noah still all too fresh in his mind. “Let’s just say that it was something that definitely didn’t happen…and leave it at that, for now, ok?”

Bella sidled up to Kaleb and took his hand, lacing her fingers with his. “Parker…it WAS a warp…and we both saw it. And between that and the feelings I’ve been having…chances are it WAS DARLA that did it.”

Lia nodded furiously. “Um guys, I DEFINITELY have to agree with Bella on this one. You have NO IDEA what I found upstairs in Darla’s room. It was so beyond creepy.”

"You were upstairs? When?" Jezebel asked nervously. "Um, I mean, what did you

"Well..." Lia started, motioning for the group to move in closer to her.
"We really shouldnt talk about it here...BUT she had these pictures
just...just sitting out on her dresser. They were pictures from OUR
barbeque, guys. Pictures of Kaleb, Bella, Aunt Jacinda, Uncle Max, and Aunt
Liz. Like...right out in the open."

"Oh my god, she's been watching us?" Bella hugged Kaleb, shuddering at the
thought of someone spying on her and her family when they had all been so
happy, so carefree.

Kaleb turned pale, "What if she really is this girl our parents were warning
us about? It sounds like she's pretty sure of herself if she wants us to
know who she is."

"Oh, God..." Jezebel gasped. She hadn't wanted to accept the possiblity that
the new girl at school might be the pyschopath who had nearly killed her
mother 19 years earlier. Now she had to face it. She leaned against a nearby
chair to support herself.

"Jez." Lia said, grabbing her cousin's arm and pulling her aside. She grabbed
a magazine off of a table and fanned Jezebel with it. "Calm down, it's gonna
be okay."

"We need to get out of here," Parker insisted. "She already mindwarped Bella
and Kaleb, and we have proof she's been stalking us. Let's go, we found what
we came for."

Lia argued, "We still don't know what her plan is. I for one don't want to
be a sitting duck. Let's stay and dance for a while. I'm not going to let
her intimidate me so easily."

"She's right." Jezebel said, taking a few deep breaths. "We need to know
exactly what she's up to."

Kaleb started to protest, then changed his mind, know that Jezebel and Lia
were dead serious. "All right, we'll stay a little longer. But the minute
something-ANYTHING even remotely strange happens, we're gone. Agreed?"

"Agreed," Lia said, crossing her fingers behind her back. She knew they
weren't safe until they found out what Darla's plan was and found a way to
undermine it. If she really was Tess, then she was a lot older than the rest
of them and had increased her ability to use power.

Everyone else nodded and mumbled their agreement, then started to go off in
their own directions.

"I'm gonna go find Jason." Jezebel said, finally managing to steady herself.

"Just a second." Lia said, pulling her aside again. "Where were you and Jason
before?" She gasped. "Oh, God, EW! That was you guys I heard upstairs, wasn't
it? Oh, gross, Jez! Don't you guys ever"

"For your information, we did talk." Jezebel told her.

Lia rolled her eyes. "Jez, 'oh baby, oh baby, oh baby' does not qualify as

"What? So we made out a little." Jezebel said. "And then I stopped it,
because I wanted him to know about Darla, so he'll be safer. So I explained
the whole thing to him, and then we...nevermind what we did after. But we DID

"You actually talked?" Parker said, hearing the last sentence Jezebel said. "
You mean Jason knows polysylabic words?!?"

Jezebel swatted at him. "Jealous? Don't use big words, Parker, you're going
to choke yourself." She stuck out her tongue at him and went off to find
Jason. She found him by the stairs, talking to Corey.

"So then I dared Jez to throw her bra, which she did." Jason was saying "And
BAM! Hit the lead singer right in the face." He looked up. "Oh, hey, sweetie.
We were just talking about...Bella's birthday. It's on Sunday, right? Still
haven't decided what to get her."

"I could offer a few suggestions." Jezebel said, taking him by the arm. "Cor,
could you excuse us a moment?" She pulled Jason out into the middle of the
dancing. "You are SO dead."

"I had to distract her somehow." Jason said. "She was looking for Parker, and
I knew you guys had...stuff to discuss."

Jezebel nodded. "I know. And thank you, by the way. But next time, how about
an embarassing story about yourself? Like maybe the mall fountain incident?"

"I'm sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about." Jason chuckled

"Oh, you do so!" Jezebel giggled. She leaned against his chest and closed her
eyes as a slow song came on. For at least a little while, she wanted to
forget everything else.


Parker shifted his weight from one foot to the other and looked at Bella and
Kaleb as they leaned of each other for what he was sure was both physical and
emotional support.

It was disgusting, really. Absolutely sappy and...and...he wanted it...A

"So are you guys...ya know...alright, and all?" He asked, somewhat

Bella opened her eyes and stood up straight, looking at Parker. "Parks,
darling, we're fine. Don't worry your pretty little head off." She walked
up to him and straightened the collar on his shirt. "Now, go find that girl
of your's and show her a good time." She grinned as she turned him around
and started pushing him down the hallway. "Be good!" She called, smacking
his butt as he retreated.

"Yeah, don't do anything I wouldn't do, Dude." Kaleb laughed.

Parker turned his head and raised his eyebrow at his best friend and cousin.
"Yeah I'll keep that in mind, Hef." He smirked before retreating into the

Once Parker was gone, Lia turned to her friends. "Well..I guess I'll just go know...Since we aren't a wheelbarrow and third wheels aren't a
comodity." She sighed. Things always ended up this way. Always.

"Lia..." Kaleb started, shaking his head. "You know we NEVER feel like that
about you."
"Yeah, we LOVE you, Li." Bella smiled and playfully punched her friend on
the shoulder.

"Well...nevertheless, I'm just...gonna go see what's goin on in the living
room. You know. Maybe someone ELSE is singing on the table again." She
forced a smile and walked into the livinig room.

Bella sighed once she was gone. "You know we REALLY need to hook that girl
up with some grade A man-booty." She shook her head.

Kaleb chuckled and pulled Bella against him. "Oh yeah? And what, exactly,
qualifies as 'Grade A'?"

"Oh, you know...tight ass, good pecs, 6 pack..." she ran her hand down his
arm. "And biceps...good biceps are a MUST." She purred, smiling into his

Kaleb smiled knowingly. "Well naturally. That's a given." He chuckled and
leaned down to capture her rosy lips in a kiss.

Pulling back he looked at her face and grew more solemn. "So really
though...are you know. I mean I know we told Parker we were
okay...but are you, really?" He brushed a piece of blonde hair from her face.

Bella pulled out of his embrace and played with her necklace. Something she
always did when she was nervous. "Yeah, I mean...I'm teflon. Right? A
DeLuca-Guerin. We're tough people." She smiled.

Kaleb caught her hand as it toyed with the gold chair around her neck and
kissed her knuckles. "Yeah, I'm pretty freaked too."


Maria looked next to her on the living room couch. Michael was out cold.
Couldn't really blame him though...It had been a long week. Reaching over,
she clicked the Power button on the remote, turning the TV off.

Maria went to stand up but was immediately yanked on top of Michael's hard
body by a strong arm around her waist. "Leaving so soon?" His husky voice
growled next to her ear.

Adjusting herself so that she was lying on top of him, she smiled. "Oh, well
maybe if you weren't so TIRED I might have reason to stay."

"Hey...I'm awake. I've got plenty of..." He paused and smirked, "un-used

Maria straddled her husband and lowered her face to his neck. "Yeah, I'm
wide awake too." She breathed before she started sucking on the base of his

Michael brought his hands up her legs and under her dress. "You've got such
a great butt." He smiled as she continued to lick and suck at his skin.

Maria pulled away from his neck,"Yeah, I know...I totally do, right?" She
went back to work on his skin.

Michael groaned as Maria went to work on the buttons of his shirt, rubbing
the muscles of his chest. "Mmmm...Maria...Maria...Bella!"

Maria pulled back and slapped him across the cheek. "Excuse me?!?! What the
HELL did you just say, Spaceboy?!!?"

"Jesus Ria...I was just saying we should make sure Bella's asleep before we
get too...noisy. Because you KNOW how you like to scream and I was just
thinking..." Michael smirked and Maria punched his shoulder.

"Oh yeah, like I'm the screamer...OK. Whatever...we probably SHOULD check on
her first anyway. You know... so that YOUR cries of ECSTASY don’t wake her up
and scar her for life. I'll never get over seeing my mom and Jim when I was
her age...Jesus, people that old should NOT be allowed to do it."

Michael chuckled and nodded in agreement. “Ok… so you wanna go check on her or should I?”

Maria smiled. “Oh, I’ll do it. You just stay here and…prepare yourself.” Getting up off the couch Maria did a sultry little sway of her hips and looked back behind her blowing Michael a kiss. “Be right back, babe. Don’t get started without me.”

Once she had made it down the hallway to Bella’s room, Maria gently knocked on the door, trying to see if Bella was still awake. Her daughter had been known to stay up till all hours of the night either drawing, talking on the phone, or watching movies.

“Bella?” She said softly at the door. “Bella, chica you still up?” Receiving no answer, Maria slowly turned the knob and opened up door, peeking in.

Despite the darkness in the room, Maria could clearly see that the bed was empty.

“MICHAEL!!!!!!!” She screeched, throwing Bella’s door open and flipping on the light. “Michael she SNUCK OUT!!! That chica loca SNUCK OUT!!!!”

Michael sauntered into the room brushing past Maria. “Yup… It appears that she did.” He replied casually.

“Michael! Are you actually not mad about this? She purposely DISOBEYED what we told her!! She went to that party?!?!” Maria fumed, her hands on her hips.

“Oh, I’m mad.” Michael replied, sitting down on Bella’s bed. “I’m just not SURPRISED. I mean…we ARE her parents. Running away without permission is kindof…genetic. We should probably be glad she’s just at a party and not on a roadtrip to Texas.”

Maria smiled despite herself. “Yeah…but I mean we weren’t exactly going there for FUN…if you remember correctly. That was all…alien craziness. You know…and that chick Laurie…I know she’s your sister…kindof…but she was a REAL pain in the ass. I don’t know how we dealt with her.”

“Well I had all that practice dealing with you…” Michael chuckled. “Anyway,” he continued before Maria could interject with her own insult, “what do you think we should do about Bella…you know if she’s gone chances are that…”

“Kaleb, Lia, Parker and Jezzy are AWOL too…I know.” Maria finished for him. “By the way, Michael Guerin…when exactly did you become such a calm guy? The Michael I remember meeting used to keep secrets and blow up at the drop of a hat. Did you, like…go to massive doses of therapy without me knowing about it or something?” She asked with a smirk, sitting down next to him on Bella’s bed.

“Would it score me major bedroom points if I said it was all because of you?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “So anyway, you wanna call Isabel and Alex first, Jacey and the Sheriff, or Max and Liz?”

Maria flopped back on the bed and sighed. “Well since my beloved stepbrother and Jacinda are probably mackin it…Max and Liz too, actually…let’s call Alex and Izzy. I really don’t wanna hear any Sex Panting over the phone at the moment. Ugh…anyway so I guess I’ll call. You should probably…you know…take a cold shower.” She laughed. “Cause Spaceboy…looks like you aint getting any action tonight.”

Michael groaned and flopped back with her. “Damn those kids.”


“Wait a second wait a second…they WHAT?!?! Oh Lord are you serious?!? Oh my GOD!!!!” Alex’s voice burst out as he held the cordless phone to his ear and leaned back in the kitchen chair. “That is…that is…that is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Lizzie-bear, you are SO lucky…I wish I had been there.” He cracked up.

“Oh hold on a second…I’ve got a beep.” He said suddenly, pressing down the call waiting button on the phone.

“Hello? MARIA? You’ll never guess what Liz just told me. Turns out she was at the super-market and she saw Pam Troy…whatever her name is at the moment basically THROWING herself at the grocery boy…until this stack of mini-hotdogs from the frozen food aisle fell and…wait a second what?! Are you sure? Yes I know you have eyes but…Yeah I guess it is something they’d do. Ok, hold on a sec…I’ll have Izzy check.”

Alex moved the phone away from his face and called into the living room. “Izzy! Go see if the twins are in their rooms….ok?”

“Yeah, hold on a second!” Isabel called back in response.

A couple of seconds later he heard a door slamming. “They’re NOT here, Alex!” Isabel yelled back fearfully and came running into the kitchen. “Alex, who’s on the phone? Did the kids go to that party? God don’t they know what could happen?!? Don’t they think about how we worry about them?!?” Isabel threw a swarm of rushed questions at him as she stood in the center of the kitchen, wringing her hands in worry.

Alex stood up and walked over to Isabel, holding the phone between his shoulder and head, and placed both his hands on her arms. “Isabel…hunny…please. Calm down. Yeah…yeah Maria, I’m telling her. Maria give me 5 seconds ok?” Alex took a deep breath and sighed. Izzy, Bella is gone and Kaleb probably is too. We think they all went to that party…I’m sure they do know how we worry…but they think they have to investigate. I’m sure we can all relate to that…right?!?” He stated firmly, talking both to Isabel in front of him and Maria on the phone.

Isabel nodded and the yelling on the other side of the phone line tapered. “Good.” Alex continued. “Now let’s think about this rationally and…OH CRAP! I left Liz on the other line. Maria I gotta put you on hold for a second.” He hit the call waiting button. "Hi, Liz? Yeah, sorry about that. It was Maria. Hey, speaking of Maria..."


"Yeah, Alex, I'm still here." Liz said. "What did Maria wa...hang on a
second?" She playfully slapped Max's hand. "Not now! I'm on the phone!"

"Come on, get off the phone..." Max said, pouting like a child and pulling at
the sheet Liz was using to cover herself. "You can talk to Alex
tomorrow...come on!"

"Max!" Liz grabbed the sheet back and tried to sound stern. "Just give me 5
minutes...ok, baby?" She smiled at his antics. He could act like such a
little boy when it came to having patience.

Max reluctantly nodded and stuck out his bottom lip to show his

Laughing, Liz went back to talking to Alex. "Sorry...anyway, what did Maria
say?" She asked, still laughing at Max sulking next to her.

"Wait a second, what?!" Liz's smile suddenly left her face and she bolted up
in the bed.

"What's wrong?" Max asked, sitting up and placing his hand on her shoulder.

Liz met Max's gaze and swallowed. "Max...go see if Kaleb's here...ok?"

Max started to ask why, then stopped as something dawned on him. "Oh,
God...the party?"

Liz nodded and took the phone away from her face. "Bella, Parker and Lia are
gone...and knowing Jezebel...well that's not really even a question." She
brought the phone back. "Alex, you didn’t call Jacey and Kyle yet, right?
Ok, well I'll do it after Max checks Kaleb's room. Yeah I know what she'll
wanna do about it. Actually I DO think it's a good idea. Well Maria would
agree with me too. So then don't come. Ok, hold on a second while Max

"Do we even need to check?" Max said, shaking his head. "He is our son."

" make sure? Although considering Bella is gone...there
really is no need. I doubt he'd let her sneak out anywhere at night without
him. He IS your son. Like you said." Liz said with the hint of a nostalgic

"Okay." Max said. "I'll go check." He gave her a quick, gentle kiss, grabbed
his bathrobe off the bedpost, and went to check on Kaleb.

Liz sighed into the phone. "So how are Maria and Michael taking all this?"
Liz laughed. "Well I'd just be glad she didn't blow out one of your
eardrums. Consider yourself LUCKY, Alex."

"Feel better?" Kyle asked, kissing Jacinda's neck. Soon after Jezebel had
stormed off to her room, after giving them the silent treatment all night,
Jacinda had complained of a headache and retreated to the living room to lie
down on the couch. Taking the hint, Kyle had joined her there about five
minutes later.

"Mmmm..." Jacinda sighed, then laughed. "Much better. I can't believe us.
Fooling around on the couch like a couple of teenagers." Then her face fell.
"Speaking of teenagers...She's really mad at us, isn't she?"

"She'll come around." Kyle assured her.

"Still..." Jacinda said. "Maybe we should talk to her."

"Yeah, you're right." Kyle agreed. "Want me to go get her?"

Jacinda nodded and ran her hands through his hair, mussed by her fingers,
then down the front of his shirt, buttoning it in an instant. Kyle kissed her
on her forehead and left the room.

"Jezebel?" Kyle called, knocking on the door to his daughter's bedroom. "You
gonna come out of there tonight at all?" No answer. "Come on, Princess. You
can't stay mad for long...I mean, what's your record? A week? You're never
gonna beat that." After waiting a moment, he shook his head and turned the
doorknob. Surprisingly enough, the door wasn't locked. Slightly less
surprisingly, the room was empty.

When Kyle returned to the living room, Jacinda was hanging up the phone.

"Angel, Jezebel is-"

"I know." She said. "Liz just called, so is Kaleb. Bella and the twins, too,

"You seem pretty calm about it." Kyle observed.

"I'm not too worried, Kyle." Jacinda said. "And not at all surprised. Think
about whose children they are. Did you honestly not see this coming at all?"
She stood up. "Come on, get your coat. We're gonna meet the others over at
this girl's house."

"And spy on them?" Kyle asked

"You got it." Jacinda replied with a slight smirk.

"I can't imagine where those kids get their sneakiness from." Kyle chuckled
as he followed his wife out the door.


Maria squinted through the dark from her squatting position on the grass.
"Is that Max and Liz?" She hissed to Michael, Alex and Isabel who were
kneeling next to her in front of the big house's bay window.

Alex nodded and Isabel pointed off behind the figures moving towards them.
"Jacey and Kyle, too." She whispered.

"Hey...see anything yet?" Jacinda asked quietly as the four newcomers knelt
next to the window.

"Nothing." Maria replied. "Oh, except for your daughter making out with that
jock over there."

"What?!" Kyle looked in the window, then reeled back as if his eyes had been
burned. "Oh, geez! That's my baby girl, that's just not right!"

Michael laughed. "Geez, Kyle. Chill. She's a big girl."

"Yeah," Max added. "And they're just kissing. It's not that big a deal.
Besides…that's not half as bad as the stuff I caught you and my SISTER
Jacinda doing when we were their age." He cringed with a laugh.

Kyle looked at the ground, Jacinda rolled her eyes, and Liz laughed lightly.
"Ok…so nothing else yet?"

"Nope," Isabel shook her head, "Not yet."

"Jason..." Jezebel sighed as his hand slipped below her waist and his mouth
latched onto her neck, sucking gently. "People are staring at us."

"No..." he mumbled into her skin. "They're just waiting for Bella to do her
next strip tease." He joked as he continued to suck her skin.

"Speaking of my cousins..." Jezebel said, closing her eyes and struggling to
form a simple sentence as he pulled her against him, causing her knees to
buckle. "If Parker and Kaleb see us like this, I'm gonna be in for another
lecture, and Lord only knows what you'll be in for."

Jason pulled back and looked at Jezebel's face, suddenly serious. "Well
Kaleb is hardly one to lecture about making out...and anyway, it's about time
they get used to me. And..." he hesitated, "they find out that I
know...the secret."

Jezebel nodded "First of all, I know Kaleb is a hypocrite about that stuff.
Hell, I think even he knows it. It runs in our family, just ask my parents.
And second, you're absolutely right. I should tell them."

"So...?" Jason prodded.

"I said should, not will." Jezebel sighed. "I just...I know how mad they're
gonna be. And they don't even understand the way we feel about each other.
How can I possibly make them understand why I told you, and that you can be

Jason kissed her forehead and pulled her against his chest. "Well then,
we'll just have to work on getting them to trust me...won't we?"

"Work is the right word." Jezebel said, burying her face against his chest
and enjoying the warm, comfortable feeling of his body surrounding her. "It
won't be easy."


Isabel smiled. "You know...that's kind of...almost...sweet. I mean, look at

Michael shook his head. "I'm glad she's happy and all but...I don't like the
looks of it. You think he knows?"

Jacinda sneered. "Of COURSE he doesnt know! What do you think my daughter

Kyle and Max bit back a laugh and simultaniously looked over at Jacinda with
raised eyebrows.

Jacinda sighed. "Shit. He knows." She thought for a minute. "But maybe
that's not a bad thing. She's a smart girl, she wouldn't tell anyone she had
any...doubts about." She said confidently.

Max looked skeptical and Liz placed her hand on his shoulder. "I wouldn't
worry too much right now, babe. I mean...letting people in on the secret has
always turned out for the best. Look at all of us...and Jim and Amy. Even
Maria never spilled." She said with a smile.

"Hey! I resent that!" Maria spoke up. "Well...actually...nevermind. You're
right." She admitted. "Of course, if they're serious enough that he knows..."
She smirked at Kyle. "They're probably pretty serious in OTHER ways, too."

Kyle's eyes widened. "Jesus, MARIA! How'd you like it if I said that about

"KYLE!" Michael belted out. "NO she IS NOT!"

"I dunno." Alex chuckled. "From the looks of things...well I wouldn't be
too sure." He observed as a very close Bella and Kaleb entered the living
room hand in hand.


Kaleb and Bella stopped walking when they had reached the corner of the
living room. It was somewhat empty because most of the people at the party
had either gone home already or were in the center of the room dancing.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna just go home?” Kaleb brought their clasped
hands to his lips and kissed Bella’s knuckles. “You know, it’s already
quite the eventful evening.” He smiled slightly.

Bella pressed the front of her body against Kaleb’s and wrapped her arm
around his neck. “You know, all I wanna do right now is just have a little
bit of uneventful fun…you know? Like…maybe…” she played with the hair
the back of his neck and wrapped her other arm around his waist.

Kaleb chuckled, resting his hands on Bella’s slim hips, stroking her skin
though the thin silk of her dress with his thumbs. Lowering his face next
to her ear, he whispered huskily, “Yeah. Dancing sounds like fun.” He
rested his chin on top of her head and breathed in her hair.
”My Bell…you
smell so sweet.”

Bella purred and began swaying her body against Kaleb’s to the slow rhythm
of the song that was playing. “Let’s pretend everything is ok…ok?” She
sighed, sucking his earlobe into her mouth and gently nibbled on it.

“Oh…yeah...” Kaleb moaned, bringing his arm up Bella’s back and
in her soft hair, cupping the back of her head and bringing it closer
towards his neck. “Denial…” he breathed, “denial is a beautiful thing.”

Bella kissed her was down his jaw till her lips reached his. Sucking on his
full bottom lip, Bella smiled. “Call me friggin Cleopatra, babe. Cause I’m the Queen of Denial.” She captured his lips in a searing kiss, thrusting
her tongue into his mouth, forcing the both of them to forget all of their


“WHOA!!! Oh Christ!!! Michael shielded his eyes. Oh shit can we please go
there now?!? You know…and break this up? This is…she’s just a

Max ran his hand through his jet hair and squinted. "I only see three hands!
Where's the fourth hand?!?! Where the HELL is my son's other hand?!? Oh
geez, if they haven't already we don't have much time."

"Geez, chill out, guys!" Kyle said mockingly. "They're JUST KISSING."

Michael shot him a look. "Wow, took you two whole minutes to throw that back
at us. You're losing your edge, man."

"Hey, bro," Maria added. "Look where that jock's hand just slipped."

"Oh, for the love of all that's sacred!" Kyle groaned. "That's it, come on
guys, we're going in there."

Jacinda rolled her eyes and grabbed her husband's jacket, pulling him back
down beside her. "Okay, you calm down, or I will have to beat you down.
Michael, lower your voice, I'm surprised we haven't been caught yet! And
Maria, can you PLEASE go two minutes WITHOUT tormenting your stepbrother in
some way?"

Liz gasped. "Oh my god!"

Five wide-eyed faces turned toward her and Isabel spoke up. "Liz...what is

Liz laughed lightly. "Sorry....didn't mean to scare you guys. It's just
that...well. JACEY just calmed you guys down. It was a all." She

"Ooh!" Jacinda groaned, shoving her sister-in-law playfully. All of a sudden,
her smile faded as she felt a shiver run down her spine. "Oh my God." She
gasped, falling back from the window.

Maria laughed. "What, YOU surprised that you were the calm one too?" She

"N--no." Jacinda clutched Kyle's shoulder with one hand and her stomach with
the other. "There's something...someone...BAD here. Liz, can't you feel

Not recieving an answer, Jacinda turned to where Liz was sitting only to see
her dark-haired sister-in-law staring wide-eyed into the window.
"Um...Jacey. Is that the girl? Is that Darla? Because she's giving me all of
these...these..." Liz shook her head in frustration. "...these feelings."

"That's her." Jacinda said with some difficulty.

Kyle put his arms around Jacinda and helped her sit up. "Okay, take it easy.
What, exactly, are you feeling?" He tried to speak calmly, but couldn't
completely hide his concern. Whoever this girl was, her mere presence was
causing his wife serious distress, and his daughter was in that house, only a
few feet away from Darla.

Jacinda struggled to find the words. "I...can't describe it...but I know
there's something wrong."

Max wrapped his arm around Liz's waist as they all peered through the window.
All of a sudden, Darla giggled and twirled a piece of her red hair around her

Maria screeched and jumped up from where she was kneeling. "Gerbil!" She
waved her hands frantically in the air. "Listen, that's either Gerbil or
Gerbil Junior...and I for one am not gonna sit here our
children MAKE OUT while that WHOEVER SHE IS is right there next to them!"
She grabbed Liz's hand and pulled her up. "Chica, we're goin in."

Liz sent Max a helpless look as Maria dragged her towards the front door of
the house.

"Uh...Maria..." He started hesitantly.

"No." Maria interjected. "Maxwell Evans, I am going into that house and
getting our kids, and the rest of you can either sit here on your asses or
come WITH ME. But I'm going in there." She ended her statement with a
fierce look and everyone knew that, short of carrying her out kicking and
screaming, there was no way they would keep her out of that house.

Max looked at Michael for assistance, but he just laughed. "Uh uh, Max. No
way am I going against her when she's like this. I'd like to keep all of my
appendages. And believe me, she'd go for the best ones first."

"Maria." Jacinda said firmly, holding up her hand to silence her
sister-in-law. "You barge in there and drag the kids out, they're going to
kill us all. And we don't want to attract any...unnecessary attention."

Maria gritted her teeth. "Well what do YOU suppose we should do, Jacey

"NOT scar our kids for life by embarassing them in front of their friends,
for starters." Jacinda said. "Kyle, you're the sheriff, you break up parties
like this all the time."

"Oh god...why do I get the feeling that Jezebel is gonna be putting arsenic
in my dinner tomorrow. She's gonna HATE me if I break this party up." Kyle

"Then just...go in there, and ask find her and...tell her
I'm...sick." Jacinda said, gasping again as another shiver ran down her spine.

"And what about the rest of them?" Isabel asked timidly.

"They know we don't get sick." Jacinda reminded her. "It'll be enough to get
them out of there. Besides, once they realize we know where Jezebel is,
they'll figure that they're busted."

Maria huffed. "Damnit, I really wanted to embarrass 'em."

"And I really want my daughter out of that house and away from...whoever that
is." Jacinda said firmly.

"Maria, Jacey..." Liz broke in. "Behave. Kyle, I think Jacey had a good
idea. So you should just...ya know...go in there WITHOUT drawing
attention...and get Jez."


posted on 2-Sep-2001 6:57:08 PM

"Oh my God." Jezebel giggled. "Do you SEE what my cousins are doing over
there? Hello? You guys are in a public space, for God's sake!" She winked at
Jason. "Should we try know...outdo them?"

"I think I'd rather ravish you in private, thank you." Jason chuckled. "Hey
Parker, Lia, Corey." He smiled as the three walked over to join them.

"Hey guys." Jezebel said, slightly annoyed at them for interrupting her
attempts to seduce Jason and drag him back upstairs. Then she saw the looks
on their faces. "Something wrong?" She asked, now more concerned than

"Very wrong." Lia replied. "Your dad's here."

Jezebel squeaked. "Are you SURE?"

Lia raised an eyebrow. "Well, I guess it coulda been somebody ELSE'S
good-looking sheriff father." She said sarcastically.

"Listen, need to be snotty, I was just making sure that--...did you
just call my dad hot? Did you just call YOUR UNCLE hot?!?!
Ugh...anyway...aww crap...I'm so dead. Dead girl walking." Jezebel rambled.

"I'm gonna go get Kaleb and Bella." Parker said. "Looks like the party's

"We're here." Kaleb said from behind them.

"Yeah," Bella added. "We saw him too. He looked...worried."

Corey giggled, causing Bella to look at her strangely.

"What?" Bella asked.

"No--nothing. It's just, I was wondering HOW EXACTLY you saw the sheriff
with your tongue down Kaleb's throat, is all." She teased.

"So, Dad looks worried?" Jezebel asked. " know...enraged?"

"Jezzy," Bella soothed. "Your dad is a PUPPY. Don't worry about him too
much. Worry about your MOM." Her smile faded. "Oh SHIT! Your dad knows
we're here...they ALL know...MY MOM KNOWS...MY MOM'S GONNA LYNCH ME! She's
gonna take away my VCR AGAIN!!" She fidgeted nervously and tucked her hair
behind her ears in an almost compulsive manner.

"Dad!" Jezebel gasped, looking over Bella's shoulder. "Daddy...sweet,
wonderful, understanding, forgiving Daddy...we can explain."

Kyle shook his head and ran his hand through his chestnut hair. "You know
what, Jezebel? Explain later. Come with me now. All of you." He said, his
voice soft but laced with anger.

Jezebel grasped her father's hand. Something about his tone was making her
afraid, but not for herself. " something wrong?"

"Your mother's sick. She needs you." He looked at his nieces and nephews.
"Your parents are with her." He turned to Corey and Jason. "If you don't
mind, kids, Jezebel, Bella, Kaleb, Parker and Lia are leaving now. And don't
drink and drive. Arrive alive." He nodded his head and walked towards the
front door, the five teens following in tow.

"Dad!" Jezebel groaned. "Please, tell me you did NOT say "arrive alive" to my
boyfriend and Corey! Ugh, that is SO Grandpa Jim...wait, did you just say
that Mom is sick?"

Kyle met her eyes and nodded slowly. "Yeah...she has that same virus
AGAIN...the one she's always getting. Now kids...let's go." He turned around
and walked towards the front door with the five teens in tow. None of the
party-goers even noticed that he was there, they were all too wrapped up in
eachother and dancing.

Bella clung to Kaleb's hand and grabbed onto Jezebel's arm with her other
hand. "Oh my god...Lord save us from our mothers." She whispered with a
nervous giggle to her friend as they exited the house and were met with the
angry group of parents outside.

Parker and Lia trailed behind the others and looked at each other. "I gotta
say," Lia started to her brother, "with all the parents here...we're
definitely lucky to have gotten the most...not insane." She whispered.

"I dunno." Parker shrugged. "Mom's eyes are doing that...death ray glarey
thing. It may be time to pray."

Jacinda managed to stand up as her daughter came out the front door. "Get in
the car." She said softly.

Jezebel winced at the sight of how pale and weak her mother looked, and the
icy tone in her voice. "Mom...I'm-"

"I SAID get in the car." Jacinda interrupted.

"Bella!" Maria's voice rose above the music filtering from the house.
"Bella Juliet Guerin, Car! NOW!"

Bella cast a fearful glance into Kaleb's warm amber eyes before slowly
walking towards her mother, clinging to Kaleb's hand till the last possible

"Aww...dont look so sad, sweetheart." Her mother cooed menacingly. "You'll
see him in a couple of minutes. EVERYONE TO LIZ AND MAX'S!" Maria screamed
to the others. Grabbing Michael's hand and dragging him towards the car, she
continued. "Drive, Spaceboy."

Kaleb walked hesitantly towards his parents, looking down at his feet.
" the thing is...and it was all my"

Max stifled his chuckle and tried to make his face as stern as possible.
"Kaleb...get in the car. We'll discuss it at home with everyone."

Kaleb nodded and got into the backseat of his father's car, closing the door
behind him.

Liz smiled despite herself. "He's actually trying to take the blame for all
of this." She sighed. "Like we'd believe that this was HIS IDEA. He is SO
your son."

Max laughed. "Yeah, I know. But we can't act like we're proud of him when we
get home. Maria and Jacey will shoot us."


"So...we need to talk about some things." Max addressed the teens as they
sat with their respective parents in the living room of his and Liz's house.

"Look, I know Kaleb said that it was all his idea." Jezebel cut in. "But it
wasn't, he's just covering for me."

"Princess, please, we all figured that out a while ago." Kyle said. "Let your
uncle talk."

Bella broke in before Max could start talking again. " was
partly my idea too...don't place all the blame on Jezzy." She looked down
into her lap.

Michael snorted. "Bella we all knew that one too. C'mon now, you and Jez
have been pulling crap like this since you were four. Now let Max talk."

Max nodded. ", well, we understand why you guys went...and why you
felt you couldn't tell us..."

Kaleb sighed in relief. Maybe this wouldn't be THAT bad. He knew his father
really DID understand what was going on.

"But..." Max continued. "YOu all still disobeyed us...and put your LIVES at
risk. We told you not to go for a REASON." Max's voice was stern and left
no room for argument as he met each teen's eyes individually. "'re
all grounded."

Bella gasped. "But...Sunday's my BIRTHDAY!" She looked from her father to
Max pleadingly.

Max chucked slightly. "Will everyone PLEASE just let me finish? You're all
grounded...STARTING MONDAY. After Bella's birthday. Which means coming home
straight from school. No parties, no nights out, no hanging out at each
other's houses. Grounded. Got it?"

A series of nods and mumbled "yes"'s affirmed that they understood their
punishment, and Max continued.

"Right. Good. So..." he paused and looked at his son with a raised eyebrow.
"What'd you guys find out?"

"Well..." Lia began, standing up and reaching into her purse. "I found
these..." She pulled the pictures out and handed them to her uncle.

Max looked at the pictures for a moment, then closed his eyes. "Oh my God..."

"What is it?" Jacinda asked. Before her brother could answer, she reached out
and took the pictures from him. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at them,
then she leaned back, and the photos fell to the floor as she covered her
stomach with both hands and closed her eyes.

"For God's sake, what's in those pictures?!" Isabel asked, growing more and
more anxious.

"It's the barbecue we had." Max told her. "Those are pictures of Liz,
Jacinda, myself...and Kaleb and Bella."

"She's been spying on us?" Liz gasped. "Lia, did you find anything else?"

Liz watched as Kaleb and Bella seemed to have a silent conversation with their eyes. It appeared as though Kaleb was asking Bella for permission for something. Bella bit her lip and nodded slowly as she affirmed whatever it was he was asking for, and then she turned back to the parents and started talking.

"Yeah. There was something else." She said in an uncharacteristically small voice.

"Bella..." Kaleb interjected. "It's ok. I'll tell them."

Bella shook her head and sat up straight, regaining her usually aggressive composure. "No." She stated in her once again confident voice. "No, I'll do it. You don't ALWAYS have to take everything upon yourself, K." She said in a teasing tone, lightening the tense atmosphere.

Liz smiled inwardly, knowing that, as she had always thought, Bella's strong personality was a perfect match for her son. He, just like her husband, took everything upon himself altogether too often.

Bella blew out a breath. "Okay...Mom, Daddy, guys...Kaleb and I were
mindwarped tonight."

Michael flew to his feet. "WHAT?!?!" He ran a hand through his hair, spiking
it even more. "MAX?!?! Did you hear that?!? She MINDWARPED THEM! OUR
KIDS!!!" He yelled, anger steaming off of him.

"I...I heard..." Max said, barely keeping his temper under control.
"She...that...what, exactly, did she make you see?"

Bella looked down, her cheeks turning a bright pink. "She...made us...made us
see..." She struggled.

"She made us see each other kissing other people." Kaleb finished for her in
a rush.

The announcement was met by an audible gasp from Liz. "Max! That's just what
SHE used to do to us!!"

Jezebel interrupted the chaos with a piercing yell. "THAT SKANKY WHORE!!!!
Bella! I can't believe she did that you! I'm...I'm gonna go kick her stringy
haired, dirty slut, ASS!"

"Oh, no you are not!" Jacinda told her daughter. She fell back against the
couch as if it had taken every ounce of her strength to get the sentence out.
"None of you..." she continued softly. "Are to go anywhere near that girl

Kaleb looked at his distraught mother. "Mom...she...Tess I mean...She did
this to you?"

Liz started to nod in answer but Maria broke in. "Damn right she did. That
BITCH screwed with all our heads." She looked at Liz. "God, chica...I almost
forgot all about that...what she tried to make you see with her and
Max...UGH!!! Guys, we NEED to do something about this." She fumed.

"I say we get her before she gets us." Kyle spoke up. Everyone shot a
sideways glance at him and he shrugged, pulling Jacinda a little closer. "But
that's...obvious, isn't it?"

Michael snorted. "Yeah, why don't we NOT let her win while we're at it.
Great job there, Sheriff Logic." He countered, receiving a smack on the arm
by Maria.

"Not helping." She warned.

"Yeah, Michael, zip!" Jacinda snapped. She coughed a little, then continued.
"Yes, Kyle, it is obvious. But nevertheless, you're right. The question is,
how do we get her?"

Parker finally spoke up. "Um...don't you think we should talk to Aunt Ava.
I mean..if she IS her dupe...or like, related to her dupe...she would
know...what she can do, and all."

"Yeah, where IS Ava, anyhow?" Jezebel asked.

Liz looked around the room uncomfortably. "Your aunt Ava..she's...she's
entertaining a gentleman friend." She blushed.

Bella and Jezebel exchanged looks. "All right, Ava!" Jezebel cheered.

Bella laughed. "Whoo hoo!!! Aunt Ava, gettin some BOOTY!! Thatta girl!"

"Yes, we're all VERY happy for her." Isabel said. "Now, can we PLEASE get
back to more...pressing matters? For instance, NOT getting killed by a
psychotic sewer rat?"

"I'm all for not dying." Jacinda replied calmly, touching her stomach
lightly. "What's our plan?"

Everyone seemed to be at a loss. How could you fight someone who could
control your mind? Tess had come too close to killing them all those years
ago. And now she could be stronger. She could have help. And she knew so much
about them. All of them. She'd been watching.

After a few minutes of contemplative silence, Bella rolled her eyes and spoke
up. "Yeah...great plan." Bella mumbled, receiving a chuckle from Parker and a
stern look from all of the parents.

"The last time I saw Tess, I was lying on the ground, losing conciousness,
nearly blown in half, while my brother and one of my best friends were lying
out a few feet away from me, as she ran away from us, left me dying in a
fucking alley." Jacinda said to the five teenagers through clenched teeth.
"I'll be damned, all of us will, if we let her do anything like that to you."

Max nodded, laying one hand on Jacinda's shoulder and the other on Liz's. "We
will think of a plan, and we will stop her."

Kyle spoke up hesitantly, not wanting to be berated by Michael again. "Maybe
we should talk to my dad. Have him watch out for the kids when theyre in
school and stuff. I mean, even though I'm sheriff, he still has all of the
experience and doesnt have to work all day."

"Oh my GOD! KYLE!" Michael exclaimed.

Kyle groaned. "What is it, Guerin? Am I on a stupid streak or something?"

Michael chuckled. "No. That was just a good idea." Micheal clutched his
chest. "Just about gave me a heart attack."

Bella laughed. "Daddy! Be nice to Uncle Kylie Biscuit!"

"Jesus, Jacey! Why'd you have to tell her that name?!?!?"

"Because I'm evil like that." Jacinda smirked. "Isn't that why you married

Max laughed. "Okay, I see that we're not going to get anything else done
tonight. Why doesn't everyone just go on home to bed and we'll all think
about what to do and talk about it tomorrow. Sound good?"

"Sounds great." Jacinda replied, glad that the tension had been broken, at
least temporarily. "Come on Jezebel, Kylie Biscuit."

"Jesus, Jacey." Kyle mumbled

"Don't act like you don't love it." Jacinda said, reaching out and pinching
his rear end.

"God, Jacinda, can't you wait until you're out of my sight before you
manhandle my stepbrother?!" Maria asked.

Jacinda laughed. "Oh, like I havent had to watch you grope the Spiky One too m
any times to count. Anyway, Jezebel darling, your father and I will be
waiting outside for you. Say your goodbyes quickly and meet us in the car.
BYE MAX! BYE LIZ!!" She called as she escorted Kyle out of the house. "Yeah,
bye guys!" He called after her.

Isabel and Alex said there goodbyes as well and exited the house with a
glance at their children. "Five minutes." Isabel said pointedly to her twins
as she walked out the door.

Maria grabbed Michael's arm and hauled him out of the chair. "Cmon, Spaceboy,
let's let these crazy kids have a minute to contemplate their bleak future of
solitude without us." She smiled.

Michael grinned and looked pointedly at Bella and Kaleb as they walked
towards the door. "When I say NO overly physical goodbye, I MEAN no overly
physical goodbye. We can see you guys through the bay window from the car.
Five minutes."

"KIDS! We'll be upstairs. Say goodbye quickly." Liz called as she and Max
retreated up the stairs to their bedroom.

"And lock the door, Kaleb!" Max added to his son.

"Man, I thought we were SO dead for sure." Jezebel said as soon as their
parents were all out of earshot, breathing a sigh of relief.

"We didn't exactly get off easy." Lia pointed out. "I mean, all they said is
that we're grounded. And they didn't say for how long, which I'm thinking is
a bad sign."

"It was worth it." Kaleb said. "We know who she is now, and so do our

"Yeah I'll BET you think it was worth it, there, Casanova." Parker said,
giving Kaleb a very obvious wink.

Bella punched Parker in the shoulder and pushed him out the door. "Give us a
minute to say goodbye, Clever-clever boy."

"Whatever." Parker said, heading for the door. "See you guys on Sunday."

Lia shrugged and followed her brother. "Bye, guys!"

"JEZEBEL!" Jacinda yelled from outside. "Now!"

"Eek." Jezebel squeaked. "I better split, I value my life. Later, dudes."

After the others had gone Bella looked up at Kaleb. "I should probobly go
too. Mom's gonna kill me...and Daddy's gonna kill you." She giggled.

Kaleb looked down and scratched his head. "Uh..yeah. He definitely is. He's
watching us through the window." He looked back up to her face and smiled.
"Tonight was...well, it was interesting. But YOU...were amazing." His tone
softened and he stroked her cheek.

Bella smiled and closed the distance between Kaleb and herself. "So I'll see
you on Sunday...for my birthday." She whispered, wrapping her arms around the
back of his neck.

Kaleb nodded. "I'll call you tomorrow. If my parents let me near the phone."
He chuckled, lowering his face towards hers.

Bella smiled and yanked Kaleb's head down to hers, locking their lips
together. After kissing him thoroughly, she released his neck. "Sorry..." She
giggled. "I never WAS one for the whole patience deal."

Kaleb grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I know."

A loud blast of a horn followed by Micheal's booming voice, "BELLA!!!
CAR!!!!" broke them out of their revelry.

"Shit..." Bella mumbled. "Yeah guess I gotta go then." She stuck out her
bottom lip. "Talk to you later, miss me."

Kaleb smiled. "Oh. No question there. I'll see ya later, My Bell." He kissed
her on the tip of her nose and gently nudged her out the door. "Daddy's not
the most patient person either." He laughed.

Bella nodded and laughed slightly. "Don't have to tell me." She blew Kaleb a
kiss and headed outside.

"I love you, Bella." Kaleb whispered as he watched her get into the car from
the doorway. He closed and locked the door, then headed upstairs.



“SHIT!” Kaleb exclaimed as he knocked over his lamp in an attempt to pick up the phone. “I don’t know who’s calling…but it’s 6 am on a Saturday…so I hope it’s important.” He mumbled sleepily into the receiver.

He was met with a chuckle and a sigh. “Ohh…Kaleb, son.” Jeff Parker’s voice filtered out. “What kind of a greeting is that for your grandfather? I see Bella has been affecting your vocabulary. Since when do you day ‘Shit’?”

Kaleb buried his face in his pillow and groaned. “Sorry grandpa Jeff…so what’s up?”

Jeff laughed. “Well I got a very interesting call from your mother this morning. Seems you kids got yourselves in some trouble last night, huh? Well, anyway, all of your parents thought that maybe it was time you all learned some responsibility. So starting today, you’re all working at the Crashdown.”

Kaleb sat up and shook himself awake. “Wait a second…they…they got us all jobs at your restaurant?” He asked, the reality of what his grandfather had said sinking in.

Jeff’s laughter got louder. “Well…I’d…” he took a breath and continued. “I’d say they more like VOLUNTEERED you. No pay. You can thank Maria for that idea. Always did like that girl.”

“Wow…they must be really mad. This…this SUCKS.” Kaleb commented.

Jeff smiled into the phone. “Not for me, son. I get five workers for free. Anyway, be here in an hour for the breakfast rush. I’ve gotta call all the other kids. See you later, Kaleb.”

“Yeah…bye grandpa.” Kaleb hung up the phone and flopped back on his bed. Looking at the clock which now read 6:10, he sighed. “My parents are cruel, pitiless people.”


After a LONG day and way too many orders of Saturn rings, it was almost
closing time at the restaurant.

Bella sighed and wiped her hands on the aqua and silver Crashdown uniform she
was wearing. "Jesus, how did my dad handle working at this's"

"Service oriented?" Jezebel finished for her. "Tell me about it. I can't
imagine how my mom survived here. She would have blasted half the customers
we had tonight."

" do you clean a deep fryer?!?" Parker called from the kitchen.

The three girls and Kaleb looked at eachother and laughed. "You're a

Parker mumbled something the others couldn't understand and went back to work.

Lia wiped a spot of grease off the counter and turned to her friends. “So
very nice of Jeff to let all the REGULAR waitresses have the day off. Remind
me to thank him. I hate the smell of fried fat.”

Kaleb chuckled. “Right now I’m just thankin my lucky stars I got to wait on
tables and stay out of the kitchen. Poor, poor, Parker. The boy can’t even
make cereal.”

Bella sidled up behind Kaleb and slipped her arms around his waist. I’m
glad you’re a waiter, too. Your butt looks TOO CUTE in these black pants.”

Kaleb turned his head and kissed her neck. “I know what you mean. I can’t
tell you all the things that little teal and silver number does to me.” He
laughed a growl.

Parker stuck his head through the service window. “Ugh, guys. I’m already
gonna throw up with all this food around me. Can you PLEASE reduce the sap?
It’s nauseating.”

Kaleb chucked and turned to his friends, pulling Bella out from behind him
and draping his arm over her shoulder. "I'm thinking we should just close
up." Kaleb said. "I don't think anyone else is going to be coming in
tonight." Just as he spoke, the door opened and Jason walked in.

"Not one word." Jezebel said to Kaleb as she grabbed a menu and headed over
to greet her boyfriend. "Hey, you."

"Hey." Jason replied, leaning down to kiss her.

"Oh, spare us." Kaleb muttered. Bella and Lia both gave him a sharp look,
effectively shutting him up.

"Mmm..." Jezebel sighed, pulling away from Jason, which he didn't make very
easy on her. "Okay, down boy. We have an audience." She said, gesturing to
her cousins.

Jason acknowledged Kaleb, Lia, and Bella with a small nod as he sat down
quickly. "I don't need a menu." He said to Jezebel. "I'll just have an alien
blast." He grinned suggestively and ran his hand up the side of her thigh and
under her skirt.

Jezebel gasped and leaned one hand on the table as Jason's hand moved to the
inside of her thigh. She glanced at her cousins and saw that they weren't
paying any attention to them anymore. "All right, that's enough of that." She
smiled and shook her head as she forcefully removed his hand from under her
skirt. "What am I going to do with you?"

"I can think of a few things." Jason said, reaching out again.

"No, bad Jason!" Jezebel giggled, slapping his hand. "I'll go get your alien
blast. You just sit here and TRY to behave." She walked into the back,
swinging her hips and casting a lustful glance over her shoulder, just to
drive him a littler crazier. Bella and Lia stopped what they were doing and
followed her.

Kaleb glanced up as the girls left, then went back to drinking his cherry

Jason coughed. "Uh...hey." He said nervously.

Kaleb looked up from his drink and nodded. "Hey." He took another swallow
from the cup.

"So..." Jason said. " and Bella...finally together, huh?"

Kaleb nodded again, keeping constant eye-contact with his cherry coke and the
countertop. "Yup."

Jason coughed and pulled at his collar. The tension in the room could choke
someone, he thought. "She's cute."

Kaleb slowly looked up from his drink and glared questioningly at Jason with
a raised eyebrow.

Jason flinched slightly. Jesus this kid could be intimidating. "She's cute
for YOU..." He amended. "...cute for you. You two are what I
meant. Well, not that you TWO are both cute, but that you two are cute
TOGETHER...but she's the cute one, not you. Not that I think she's cute..."

"Okay, what was that?!" Bella giggled. "My God, I thought he was going to
throw you on the table and have his way with you right in front of us!"

"So did I." Jezebel sighed, leaning against the wall. "And I can't say I
would have minded. I don't know what's gotten into him...or me, for that
matter. I mean, I know Czech hormones are supposed to go kinda pyscho at our
age, but I didn't know it was going to be this insane! And it's like he's
caught it or something, like it's contagious."

Bella scoffed, "Or, he's just a normal teenage guy with some normal raging
hormones and a girlfriend who's constantly all over him." She smiled.
"Frankly...the hormone thing doesn't bother ME too much."

"Doesn't bother me, either." Jezebel admitted. She giggled. "In fact, I'm
enjoying the hell out of it. But still...maybe I should talk to him about it.
Make sure he understands exactly what we're dealing with."

Lia furrowed her eyebrows. "Wait...I thought he already knew."

"No..." Jezebel shook her head. "He just knows the basics. I didn't tell him
how we want like...crazy crazy sex all the time."

Parker drew back from the door, shaking his head. Jason knew...knew WHAT,
exactly? They couldn't mean that Jezebel had told, she wouldn't.

Wait, this was Jezebel.

"Kaleb?" He said, leaning out the service window. "I need to ta...oh, geez."

Jezebel had returned from the back room, and was sitting on Jason's lap.

"'ll call me later?" Jason asked, kissing Jezebel gently.

"Yeah..." Jezebel sighed, running her hands through his hair. "If I ever get
out of here." She shifted slightly on his lap, smiling as his body reacted.

"You're trying to kill me." He groaned. He wove one hand through her hair and
kissed her, bringing his other hand from where it rested on her hip to cup
her breast.

"Okay, that's enough!" Parker said.

"Parker, shh!" Kaleb said sarcastically. "This is a huge milestone in their
relationship. That's the only booth in this place that he hasn't felt her up

"I need to talk to you." Parker said. "Now."

Kaleb turned to face him. "But...we'll miss the show." He joked.

Parker's glare told him that the matter wasn't one to joke about and Kaleb

"Okay, okay...let's go into the kitchen."

As soon as they were gone, Jezebel turned back to Jason, leaning her forehead
against his. "You'd better go before they get back. I'll call you later."

Jason nodded with a pout and lifted her off his lap. "I'll see you tomorrow
at Bella's party thing, babe."

Jezebel followed him to the door and gave him one last long, deep kiss. "One
for the road." She said with a smile.

Jason had just left when Parker and Kaleb returned from the kitchen.

Parker cleared his throat. "So...uhh, where are Lia and Bella?"

Jezebel looked away from the door towards her cousins. "They're changing in
the back room...why, what's up?"

"We want to talk to you..." Kaleb started hesitantly, the information Parker
had just presented him with in the kitchen still sinking in. "About Jason."

"Oh, Lord, you guys." Jezebel sighed. "Not this AGAIN. You have got to get
over this overprotective bull crap, it's getting really old."

Parker got right to the point, "Did you tell him about us?" His voice was
filled with anger and confusion. He understood WHY she might have...well,
PROBABLY did tell him. But still...that didn't make it safe.

"Yes." Jezebel said simply. "I did. And you guys might not agree with me, but
that's just too damn bad. It was my decision."

Kaleb gripped the counter. "Your decision?!?! YOUR decision??!? Don't you
think this involves ALL of us?!?" He had quickly lost his temper at her
confession. Kaleb had always the type of guy who could either be a complete
puppy or a stubborn ass. Just like his father.

"You don't even KNOW Jason!" Jezebel snapped. "From the first time I went out
with him, you made it perfectly clear that you weren't even willing to give
him a chance!"

Parker snorted. "From the first time you went out with him all he did was try
to maul you in front of us! Jezebel..." He took a breath and tried to calm
down. It looked like he was gonna have to be the rational one...because it
CERTAINLY wasn't going to be Kaleb. "How do you know you can trust him?"

"Because I connect to him while we're making love." Jezebel said, fully aware
that that was NOT something they wanted to hear. "I see how much he loves me."

"And what if that doesn't last?" Parker asked. "You guys are seventeen years
old, what makes you think you're going to stay together?"

"We will. And so what if we don't?" Jezebel shrugged. "You think that he'd go
around telling people he dated an alien? He's not that stupid, or that petty.
But you wouldn't know that, because you don't know him."

"It's just such a risk." Kaleb ran his hand through his hair, trying to
contain his anger.

"Max told Liz, Kaleb. Your dad took the risk with your mom. HE'S the one who
started the whole thing. What about that?!?" Jezebel visibly shook with
frustration at their inability to see her point of view.

Kaleb took a step towards her, shaking off Parker as he tried to hold him

Parker sighed. "Dude, chill..." He begged.

Kaleb ignored Parker's plea and kept walking till he was right in front of
Jezebel. "DON'T compare what you and that...that...THAT JOCK have to MY
PARENTS! It's NOT the same!"

Jezebel sucked in a deep breath. Her mouth opened and closed a few times in shock, and she blinked rapidly. Her hands flexed and shook as she struggled to resist the urge to smack Kaleb across the face. She had to stay in control, had to make him see things her way. ", Kaleb, you think your parents INVENTED love or something?! How DARE you?!"

"How dare YOU expose our secret to him and endanger ALL of our lives?!?!" Kaleb roared.

"Excuse me?!?!" Jezebel gasped. "You are NOT your father and I am NOT Aunt Isabel and I will not let you play the King Card with me, little boy. Not until you actually BECOME king...and probably not even then!"

The sound of the yelling had finally filtered into the back room and Lia and Bella came running out, now in their normal clothes. “What the hell is going on out here?!?!” Bella asked frantically.

The two girls walked up to Parker and Lia nodded her head. “Seriously guys, we could hear your screaming back there…is everything ok?”

Parker started to gestured towards the face-off between Kaleb and Jezebel that had been going on and shook his head. “No…we’re having some…issues.”

The tension and anger coming off the two dark haired teens was palpable. Although Kaleb was much taller and larger in size, it was hard to tell who the dominating one in the battle. They stood a mere inches apart, their eyes blazing and their stances completely aggressive.

“Jesus…” Lia whispered. “What is this all about.”

Bella walked up along side the two and glanced between them. She didn’t think she’d ever see either of them look so mad. Furious really. “Kaleb? Jezzy?” She started softly. “Guys…guys…what happened? What’s wrong?”

Jezebel turned her head slightly to look at Bella. “Bell, you understand about Jason, right? Why I told him.” Her voice was tight. “Can you please explain it to my IDIOT of a cousin?!?” She seethed.

Kaleb’s jaw dropped and he jerked his gaze away from Jezebel to meet Bella’s eyes. “Bella…you…you knew about this? You knew she told him about US and…and you didn’t tell me?” He sounded both angry and hurt at what he clearly saw as a betrayal.

Bella momentarily faltered at his disappointed tone. It was one she’d never heard him take with her. “I…Kaleb…” she struggled. “Jezzy…she’s…she’s my best friend…and…it wasn’t my place to say anything…”

“Bella you don’t have to explain ANYTHING to this stubborn JACKASS! You were just being a good friend.” Jezebel shot a disgusted look at Kaleb. She KNEW she was right in all of this. “Tell him, Bella. TELL him that I was RIGHT! TELL HIM that YOU think I was RIGHT!!!”

Kaleb glared at Jezebel. “Bella…” He said through a clenched jaw. “You UNDERSTAND why this is a BAD thing. I know you do. Tell her how dangerous it is.”

Parker and Lia watched the interlude from the counter, not knowing how to help or stop what was going on.

“Shit…Parker, this is really bad.” Lia whispered.

Parker nodded and placed his hand on his sister’s shoulder. “They’re gonna rip her in two.” He mumbled.

Jezebel fumed. “BELLA! TELL HIM!”


“JESUS, you KNOW I’m RIGHT!!!”


Bella looked back and forth between the love of her life and the best friend she’s ever had as they continued to yell at her, her anger at the two of them mounting. How DARE THEY play her against eachother?!?! Ask her to choose sides?!?! Yell at her?!?! How dare they…

Bella began to shake, the energy inside her swelling. She was just so…so…so…

“STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bella squeezed her eyes shut and screamed at the top of her lungs.

The room was met with the sound of the bulb on the light fixture above the counter bursting from the large release of energy Bella had let out, and the tiny blonde promptly bolted out the front doors of the café, leaving them swinging closed behind her.

“Jesus!” Parker yelled at a slack-jawed Jezebel and Kaleb. . “Great job guys. Just GREAT. Lia, let’s go see if she’s ok.” He shook his head sadly as he left the café with his sister in tow.

Lia sighed as she cast a look back at her cousins. She opened her mouth to say something but then though the better of it and just gave them a disappointed look and walked out the door, leaving Kaleb and Jezebel standing alone in silence.

The two stared at eachother thinking about what had just occurred. They’d hurt someone they both cared deeply about because of their fighting. Their eyes met each other’s, however, and the mood quickly changed back to fury.

“LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!” They both yelled simultaneously, fists clenched.

“What I DID!?!” Kaleb fumed. “This never would have happened it hadn’t been for YOU, Jezebel.”

“JESUS, KALEB you wont even LISTEN to what I have to say!!”

“That’s because you’re not SAYING ANYTHING worth listening to!” Kaleb countered.

The second the words left his mouth he knew he’d taken it a step too far. The one thing you could NEVER do to Jezebel was imply that she wasn’t worthwhile. And he had just crossed that line.

Jezebel clenched her jaw and blinked back the tears in her eyes. “Kaleb Evans. I don’t wanna hear you…I don’t wanna talk to you…I don’t wanna see your face. After Bella’s party tomorrow I want you to stay away from me, you understand. We are NOT COOL.” Jezebel released a shaky breath and the tears she’d been trying so hard to hold back came spilling down her pale cheeks. Turning on her heal she grabbed her bag from the nearby booth where it’d been sitting and stormed out of the café.

Kaleb could hear her muffled sobs as she exited the doors. Collapsing in the booth next to him, Kaleb let his head sink into his hands. That had gone badly…REALLY REALLY BADLY. He’d be lucky if Jezebel ever spoke to him again. And Bella. JESUS, BELLA! What had he done?!?!? He had to find her and talk to her right away. He had to apologize. Had he actually asked her to CHOSE between Jezebel and himself?

“God…” he moaned into his hands. “What the hell did I do?”

“Please…pleeaaaase let me in?” Kaleb pouted at Bella through the glass pain of her window.

Bella sat on her bed and filed her nail, faking disinterest. “Nope.”

“Pleeeeeeeaaase?” Be begged, making a puppy dog face and slipping his fingers in the few inches between the sill and the open window.

“I’ll slam it shut.” Bella threatened, shooting him a menacing look.

Kaleb quickly jerked his hand away from the window and sighed. “Fine…I’ll just talk to you from out here.” He stated with determination. “Bella…” he started. “…Bella…My Bell…I’m the biggest moron on the planet. I’m a dumbass. A stubborn, insensitive…thoughtless MORON. And I’m so SOOO SOOOO sorry.” He leaned against the window and ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t even know what was going through my head back there. It’s just that…that…Jezebel, she is so damn stubborn…and so am I…and so when we disagree…” He faltered, trying to find a way to adequately phrase what he was trying to covey to her. “I just worry about her. And all of us. And this Jason thing…it freaked me out. And the fact that she was keeping it from me…” He paused and took a breath. “And I was WRONG. I know that. I still think that she shouldn’t have told him without talking to all of us…but the way I approached her…it was WRONG.” He cast a look at Bella to see her reaction to his words but to his disappointment she was still filing her nails and not looking at him.

“And the way I treated you…” Kaleb’s voice got choked and the regret he felt at his actions was evident. “The way I treated you…it was completely horrible. And I can’t even begin to apologize for it…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “And I’m just…just so very very sorry, My Bell. I had NO RIGHT to ask you to take sides between Jez and I. You’re my best friend in the world…and you mean everything to me…and I know I don’t deserve you at all…and…and…I just…don’t know what else I can possibly say to make it up to you.” He sighed. “So…I guess I’ll just go. I’m so sorry, Bella. Goodnight.”

Kaleb cast one more look at the tiny girl sitting curled up on the bed on the other side of the glass. He gave her his heart. Now all he could do was wish that she’d take it.

“Wait.” Bella bit her lip and sighed, placing the nail-file on her night-table. Taking a breath she climbed off the bed and walked to her window, kneeling in front of it and pushing the pane up.

Kaleb felt a surge of hope flow through his veins and knelt on the grass on the other side of the window in order to meet her height.

“You know you messed up big.” Bella paused and tucked a piece of blonde hair behind her ear. “Not just with me…with Jezzy. You two…you two really need to learn how to talk to eachother. I can’t even think of how many times you came to my window after having some crazy fight with her. You just love eachother…that’s all. You need to learn how to love eachother without KILLING eachother.”

Kaleb nodded, his sad amber eyes meeting her soft grey ones. He wanted nothing more than to reach through the window and touch her face, her hair. He couldn’t imagine losing her. “She says she doesn’t ever want to talk to me again. I...I really missed up this time.” He closed his eyes with a pained look.

Bella chuckled lightly. “Yeah. Ya did. But she was just blowing off steam. She’ll speak to you again. I know her. So do you. She just needs some time to cool off, that’s all. Give her a couple of days.”

Kaleb nodded. “Bella…I’m…I’m so sorry for what I did to you.” He swallowed and broke his gaze from hers.

Bella nodded knowingly. “I know you are. And just…well, just consider this one your get out of jail free, ok? Besides,” she giggled, “We have to make up because I want your present tomorrow.”

Kaleb smiled and looked back up at her face. “Ohhhh…I see how it goes.” He chuckled. “ANYTHING for a present, huh, Bell?”

Bella flashed him a grin. “Always. Well, anyway, K…it’s really late and we have a crazy day tomorrow, and as much as I’d like you to come in and…hang out…we’re really in enough trouble for now, I think.”

“Yeah, we definitely are.” Kaleb laughed. “Well, goodnight, My Bell. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Leaning through the opened window he placed a sweet kiss on her rosy lips and stood up. “I know that wasn’t really a PROPER goodnight, but if I kiss you the way I REALLY want to it’ll end with us being grounded for another week…or month…or, you know, till we die.” He grinned. “Lock your window after I leave.”

Bella warmed at his familiar concern. “I know, I know. Night, K.” She smiled and closed the window as he walked away, locking the bolt and drawing the curtain.

Bella switched off the light and crawled into her bed. “What an adorable little dumbass I have in that boy.” She sighed before drifting off to sleep.


Jezebel lay face down on her bed, struggling to calm down. Her whole body
shook as she sobbed, and her breath came in short, painful gasps. Her parents
had tried to get her to tell them what had happened, but she had insisted
that she didn't want to talk about it and had run off to her room.

The house was quiet now. Apparently, her parents had given up on getting her
to come out of her room and had gone to bed. 'Finally.' Jezebel thought as
she reached out with a shaky hand and picked up the phone. She hit the first
preset number and waited.

"H'llo?" A sleepy voice on the other end muttered.

"Jason?" Jezebel said softly, her voice breaking.

"Jez, baby?" Jason suddenly sounded wide awake. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

"Kaleb...and...and Parker..." Jezebel sobbed, breaking down again. "They..."

"What?" Jason asked. "Jez, I can't understand what you' know what?
Don't worry about it, I'll be right over."

"Good." Jezebel said, sucking in huge gulps of air as she tried to calm down.
"Please hurry."

"I will, I'll be right there." Jason promised. "I love you, Jezebel."


When Jason knocked on her window only five minutes later, Jezebel was a
little surprised.

"Geez, when you said you'd be right over, you really meant it." She observed
as he climbed through her window. She had managed to calm herself down
considerably, but anyone could still see how upset she was.

Jason reached out and touched her face tenderly. "God, look at you."

"I know, I'm a mess." Jezebel sighed.

"Best looking mess I've ever seen." Jason said. Jezebel smiled slightly and
Jason moved closer, wrapping his arms around her tiny waist. "What happened?
I've...I've never seen you this shook up."

"Kaleb and Parker know, Jason." Jezebel said. "I guess...I guess they
overheard me talking to Lia and Bella about it, because after you left they
confronted me and went completely berserk. Well, Kaleb did. Parker didn't
really say much, which is weird...anyway, and then Lia and Bella came out,
and...God, it was horrible. And the things Kaleb said to me...I never want to
see him again." She sat down on her bed and buried her face in her hands.
"He's always been like my of my best friends..."

"Oh," Jason said helplessly. He sat down beside her and pulled
her close. "I'm sorry...this is all because of me."

"No, no." Jezebel said quickly, moving so she was on his lap. "Telling you
was my choice, and I will never regret it. I just...I knew he would be mad, I
just didn't know that..." She trailed off. Burying her face in the crook of
Jason's neck, she breathed in deeply. He smelled so good. His arms wrapped
around her felt so good. She knew exactly where this encounter was heading.
Slowly, she moved so she was straddling him, and flicked her tounge across
the hollow at the base of his throat.

"Jez..." Jason groaned as his lower body responded to her. He felt her
tremble and sigh against him as his arousal grew. "We can''re
upset...I can't take advantage of that."

"You're not taking advantage of me." Jezebel insisted. She pulled back and
started undoing the snaps on the uniform she was still wearing, revealing the
black and red chantilly lace bra underneath. "You're comforting me. Jason,
please...I need you."

"But..." He tried to remember why he was fighting this as she removed the
uniform and stood in front of him in her underwear. In the moonlight
filtering through the window, she looked so amazing, so sexy... "I...I...your

"Asleep." Jezebel whispered, straddling him again and starting to unbutton
his shirt. "We'll have to be quiet." Before Jason could reply, she leaned
forward and captured his lips, effectively ending any further discussion.


"Parker, Lia?" Isabel called from the living room as the twins shut the front
door behind them.

"Hi, Mom." Lia replied. She and Parker walked into the living room, where
their parents were sitting on the couch, watching a late night talk show.

"So how was 'work?'" Alex teased.

Parker waited a beat before answering. "It...was interesting." He replied

"You're home a little later than we expected." Isabel observed.

Lia draped her coat on the back of the couch. "Well it was a long day. And
some stuff came up." She said ambiguously.

"Stuff?" Alex repeated, grabbing the remote and turning off the TV. "What
kind of stuff?"

"Well...we had to drop Bella off at home." Parker explained.

"Why didn't Kaleb take her home?" Isabel asked, confused, looking at her
kids. "Or Jezebel?"

"There were...issues..." Lia said hesitantly.

Alex nodded his head. "Come. Talk. You guys may be in trouble from last night
but you can still tell us stuff."

Isabel nodded along with him. " spill."

"Kaleb and Jezebel had a HUGE fight." Parker began. "It was...really, really

"We have a word for that, don't we?" Alex said. "Oh yeah...Saturday."

Parker shook his head. "No wasn't normal. It was REALLY BAD. And
then they kinda...forced Bella to take sides...and she flipped out and burst
a lightbulb and then ran out..." he ran a stressed hand through his hair. "It
was really bad."

"Wow..." Isabel said. "Sounds like Max and Jacinda when we were your age.
What did they fight about?"

"Just some guy." Lia said casually, throwing a tense glance at Parker.

"Some guy that Jezzy's seeing?" Alex asked. "Yeah, you were right, Iz. Max
and Jacey."

Jason woke up early, just as the dim light from the sunrise was starting to
seep into the room. He groaned and closed his eyes, gently burying his face
in Jezebel's hair. He could tell that waking up like this, with her in his
arms, after spending an entire night making love to her, was something he
would quickly become addicted to. He moved closer to her, loving the feel of
the soft, smooth skin of her back pressed against his bare chest. His left
hand was resting on her hip under the sheet, and he carefully slipped it down
between her thighs.

Jezebel sighed in her sleep and shifted slightly, bringing Jason's hand into
direct contact with her heat. He groaned again when he felt how wet she was.
It was amazing, humbling to think that he made her that way. 'Mine.' He
thought sleepily.

"Always." Jezebel said out loud. She turned her head slightly and smiled at
him. Then her eyes focused on her chest, where his right hand was intertwined
with hers, right over her heart.

"You heard that?" Jason asked. Jezebel nodded and he smiled. "Can you hear
what I'm thinking right now?" Jezebel concentrated for a moment, then giggled
and slapped his arm playfully.

"Lucky guess." Jason said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her
against him to pin her arms down. They both sighed at the contact as their
naked bodies pressed together, and their lips met in a soft, sweet kiss that
quickly became more passionate.

"You should go." Jezebel said regretfully, breaking the kiss. "My parents
will be awake soon, and if they find you here..."

Jason nodded. He hated to leave her, but their relationship was under enough
scrutiny. He kissed her softly, then slipped out of the bed and gathered his
clothes. Jezebel rolled over and watched him as he dressed, then sat up and
reached for him.

"I'll see you later." She said as he drew her close and placed his hand on
her cheek.

"You sure you want me there?" Jason asked.

"Of course I do." Jezebel replied. "And Bella does, she understands. And as
for Kaleb, well...I really don't care."

"Okay. So I'll see you then." Jason said, kissing her once more. "God, I love
you so much."

"I love you, too." Jezebel whispered.

“Do you think she wears clothes like that just to piss us off?” Maria asked with an aggravated sigh.

Michael nodded. “Fathers should never have to see their daughters in bathing suits. Isn’t that one of the commandments?” He joked with a smile.

“Thou shall not view thy offspring in beach garments…yeah that sounds familiar.” Isabel laughed as she sidled up to them.

Michael groaned as they watched Bella giggle, greeting yet another pair of teenage boys at the door. “Who ARE all these people?!?”

There were more teenagers of the male variety trying to get into the Guerin house than there were trying to get into the girls’ locker room during a swim meet, Isabel thought with an amused grin. Seems Bella was quite the popular girl.

They watched as Bella, clad in only a navy and sky-blue, Hawaiian print bikini and matching sarong, continued to laugh and smile at the boys’ antics as she led them out to the backyard where there were already crowds of people in the pool and on the deck.

Among the masses on the deck were Lia, Parker and Kaleb, who were in a serious discussion of the events which had taken place the night before at the Crashdown.

Lia shook her head and played with the hem of her yellow sarong that she wore over her modest yellow tankini, “I don’t even know why I’m speaking to you right now, Kaleb. You were so past being out of line last night.”

Kaleb grumbled in frustration. “Yes, Lia, I KNOW that. And I already spent the greater part of last night begging Bella for forgiveness on my hands and knees…where is she, by the way? Don’t mention any of this to her. I don’t want her to be upset on her birthday.”

Parker chuckled. “Well…she’s comin this way…but if you wanna upset her than I’d suggest you don’t say ANYTHING to the people she’s walking towards us with.” He nodded toward the direction where Bella and her companions were walking from.

Kaleb jammed his hands in the pockets of his orange shorts as he turned his head and watched as Bella approached them, with Jezebel and Jason in tow. Jezebel still looked like she was on the warpath and Jason seemed like he was trying very hard to look comfortable in the situation.

Bella had tried to be perfectly cordial toward her cousin and Jason when she’d greeted them at the door, but the fact that Jezebel didn’t seem at all fazed at how she’d treated her the night before had really bothered her. Sliding up to Kaleb, she slipped her hand in his warm one and pulled him away from the others, leaving Jezebel and Jason with Parker and Lia.

Once they were out of earshot of their friends, Bella sighed. “I REALLY don’t feel like having a replay of last night between you and Jezzy over there,” she whispered as she leaned up on her toes to kiss his cheek. “Can I trust you to be a good boy today?”

Kaleb growled and lifted her up against his chest, his strong arm circling her tiny waist. “No. Not as long as you’re wearing THAT.” He whispered suggestively as he kissed her neck.

Bella giggled and squirmed out of his grasp. “Oh no. No charming your way out of this one. I’m serious, K. It’s way too early to try to talk to her about this…and I don’t want the neighbors to have to call the cops…again.” She gave him a pointed look. “Or have we forgotten the Fourth of July party three years ago. I’m still finding pieces of the shattered punch bowl in the living room rug.”

Kaleb dropped his arms from her waist and looked down guiltily. “Ok, ok. I’ll behave.” He pouted. “But I expect rewards for this later. You know the kind I mean.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Bella laughed and slapped his arm playfully. “You are an impossible horn-dog.”

"BELLA!!! Greet your DAMN GUESTS!" Maria yelled from inside the living room,
the laughter evident in her voice.

"Okay, Mom!" Bella replied. She pulled Kaleb toward the house. "Come on, I
think I need to keep an eye on you."

By the side of the pool, Jason and Jezebel were standing off to one side,
near Parker and Lia.

"So..." Jezebel began, rather awkwardly. "How are things?"

"You should apologize to her." Parker stated bluntly, getting straight to the

"Jesus,'s called TACT." Lia shook her head. "But he's right, you
seriously should."

"Apologize to who for what?" Jason asked with confusion.

"Bella." Jezebel replied. "I was...a total, collossal bitch to her last
night, I tried to make her take sides between me and Kaleb. I didn't mean to,
I just...I really need to apologize. A lot."

"So, what are you waiting for?" Parker asked.

"For her to detach herself from Kaleb for a minute." Jezebel said. "I can't
deal with him right now. Not yet." She looked up. "Oh, hey Corey, Noah, Mark."

"Hey HEY HEY!" Noah laughed in his best Fat Albert imitation. "How's it goin'
there, kiddies?"

"It's been better." Jezebel replied. "Long story. Uh, anyway, how are you
guys doing?"

"Not bad." Corey smiled. Ever since word had gotten out that she and Parker
were semi-together, she'd started talking to all his friends. She'd always
though that they were just dumb jocks but most of them were really nice guys.

"Yeah." Mark interrupted. "I got Bella this totally kickass gift. She's gonna
go apeshit, I swear."

Noah shook his head. "Dude, I TOLD you...girls do NOT want to get nose rings
for their birthdays. She doesnt even have her nose PIERCED. Dumbass." He

Corey smiled and shook her head. "Hi, Parker."

"Hey." Parker's eyes lit up as he looked at Corey's smiling face. "You want, get a drink or something?"

"Yeah, sure." Corey replied. "Lead the way."

"I'll talk to you guys later." Parker looked at Jezebel and Lia. "Jez...take
care of things." He gave ger a stern look and, taking Corey's hand, walked

"Yeah, I'd better go find Bella." Jezebel said. "Really gotta talk to her."

Jason removed his arm from around her waist and kissed her softly. Mark and
Noah hooted. "Guys..." Jason sighed. "Everyone who's currently getting some,
raise your hand. Anyone else? Okay then."

Jezebel shook her head and tried not to laugh as she went off to find Bella.
She found her inside, talking to a girl from her history class. And Kaleb was
with her. Jezebel sighed as she stepped back. She'd wait for him to leave.

"I'm so glad you could come." Bella smiled at her friend Rachel.

"Yeah. Happy Birthday, Bella. Here ya go, hun. I got ya a lil' something."
Rachel grinned as she handed the white and blue box over to Bella.

"Tiffany's." Bella smiled. "Kaleb. Take notes."

Kaleb laughed and leaned into Bella's ear. "Oh, trust me, Bell. My gift is
gonna blow everyone else's out of the water."

He looked over to Michael and Maria as he saw them waving to him from out of
the corner of his eye. "Speaking of which, your 'rents are calling me over.
I'll be right back."

"What did my parents calling him over have to do with my gift?" Bella
commented to Rachel, confused.

"Hey, Bella." Jezebel said, taking the oppurtunity. "Can I talk to you for a
minute, in private?"

Bella cast a glance towards where Kaleb was smiling and talking with her
parents. "Um...yeah...I guess that's ok." She said a little curtly. "Rache,
can you give us a minute?"

Jezebel took a deep breath as she pulled Bella aside. "Okay, I suck at this."
She began, shaking her head. "Please, bear with me for a minute, okay? God,
Bella...I am so, SO sorry for how I acted last night. I mean...trying to make
you take sides between me and Kaleb...that was just so completely wrong. It's
just that...the things he said, that what Jason and I have isn't real love,
and it won't last...but, no, that's no excuse for the way I
treated you. I feel SO horrible. I--I AM horrible. I was out of line, and I
know that, and I upset you the night before your birthday...And, um, did I
mention I'm REALLY sorry?" She sighed and shook her head. "I told you, I
really suck at this."

Bella smiled and nodded, "Yeah, you do."

Jezebel looked at the ground, her face turning red. "I know...I just suck,
okay? I wanted to call you last night and apologize sooner, but I wasn't sure
if you would even listen...and I wanted you to hear me, because I felt really
bad once I realized how unfair I'd been."

Bella looked down. "Yeah you were. Listen, Jez...I know how pissed you were
and all, but you're my BEST FRIEND...and Kaleb...well...I love him. You know
that. I love you both. I really don't wanna be pulled between you too. But,
beyond that, I shouldn't even have a reason to be. You two love each other so
much...he's just worried about you that's all."

"I know." Jezebel sighed. "I love Kaleb like a brother, and we've always been
so close. And now...God, that's completely ruined. He hates me, and I'm so
mad at him that it hurts."

Bella sighed. "Well I'm not getting involved. But just...calm down, and then
talk to him okay? TALK. Not argue. He feels bad, Jez."

"That makes two of us." Jezebel said sadly. "You're right. I'll wait, and
calm down. But I won't back down. Maybe I made a few mistakes along the way,
but I know I'm right about Jason. I just have to hope that Kaleb will realize
that eventually." She smiled weakly at her cousin. "And have I mentioned how
INCREDIBLY sorry I am?"

"You know, I think you might have hinted at it once or twice." Bella replied
with a slight grin.

"So..." Jezebel pouted and clasped her hands together. "You forgive Jezebel
for being her stupid old self?"

Bella smiled devishly at her friend. "Of course I do. But just realize that
if it ever happens again I will be forced to destroy one of your favorite
pairs of shoes in a way that you wouldnt even want to TRY to fix them."

Jezebel cringed and wrinkled her nose. "I'm not even gonna ask." She pulled
Bella into a hug. "Oh. Bell...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" She squeaked. "Oh, my God,
you are going to DIE when you see what I got you. I mean, not literally DIE,
but..." She grinned and winked.

"Oh jesus..." Bella moaned as Jezebel released her from the hug. "Why do I
have a feeling my Dad might have a heart attack when I open whatever it is?"
She laughed. "Should I be in a secluded location when I open the box?"

Jezebel grinned. "Well that would take away half the fun. Oh, and you'll love
what Jason got you. And when I say Jason, I mean me with Jason's credit card."

Bella nodded and smiled. "Well, naturally. So, did you tell him about..."

"Yeah, the basics." Jezebel said. "I was pretty ripped up last night, so I
called him and he came over."

Bella laughed. "Bet you."

Jezebel smiled. "Ohh yeah. He comforted me GOOD. He's, uh, exceptionally good
at comforting."


Lia leaned against the buffet table and sighed. Parker and Corey had gone off to who knows where, as had Jezebel and Jason. Bella and Kaleb were still inside, which, once again, left Lia alone. And she really didn’t do well with mingling most of the time. Most of the people here were Bella’s friends and Lia hardly ever even spoke to them. Bella was the sociable, friendly one. Jezebel was the loud one. And Lia was just stuck in the shy quiet girl position.

Gazing over at the pool, Lia smiled as she watched some random guy throw Katie into the pool, and then winced as her body hit the water with a loud smack.

“Ouch.” A deep voice chuckled from beside her. “That looked painful.”

Lia whipped her neck around towards the voice, and was met with a smiling pair of dark blue eyes. How had she not noticed someone standing merely two feet from her?

“Hey,” He half smiled. “I’m Hunter.” He brushed some of his light brown hair out of his eyes. “Actually, it’s Hunter Zachary Collins III…but that’s just because my parents are unbelievably pretentious.” He chuckled and extended his hand towards her. “And you are?”

Lia faltered for a moment before taking his hand and shaking it. It was warm. “Lia…Whitman.” She managed a shy smile. “My parents are not that pretentious.”

He laughed and, after a beat, released her hand. “So…” He nodded towards Bella as she re-entered the backyard with Jezebel and made her way over towards the pool. “How do you know her? She is the birthday girl, right?”

Lia looked down dejectedly. Great. Another guy talking to her to ask about Bella. “Um…she’s one of my best friends, actually. More like family, really. But…um…I wouldn’t, like, you know, try anything with her…because she’s going out with my cousin Kaleb. And they’re really serious.”

“Whoa! Hold up.” Hunter grinned. “I was just askin because I was curious. I don’t know anyone here…including you…and I just wanted to know how you knew her.” He scrunched up his nose. “Anyway, she’s not my type. To…feisty.” He laughed as Bella and Jezebel came up behind a row of guys and shoved them into the pool, cracking up and slapping eachother high five.

Lia looked back up and met his gaze. “Yeah, she definitely is that.” She smiled and took in his appearance. He was one of those guys who had a kindof little boy face, which made him seem both sweet and mischievous. His eyes, as she’d noted before, were an unusually dark shade of blue…almost like the ocean, which contrasted sharply with his light brown hair.

Her eyes subconsciously swept over his body and she noted that he was also not overly muscular, but rather lean and well defined, again adding to the effect that made him seem like a little boy. His yellow swim trunks hung low in his waist, showing off his nice six-pack. Yellow, she thought absently. We match.

He wasn’t rugged looking like Kaleb or suave looking like Parker. He was more…adorable. Yes, that was the perfect word to describe him. He was adorable.

“So…ummm…” Lia struggled not to go into the shell she sometimes did around new people…especially guys. “…who are you? I mean…why don’t you know anyone here?”

“Oh…that.” Hunter scratched his head and nodded towards the pool. “Well, you know Katie over there? You know…belly-flop girl?”

Lia laughed and nodded for him to continue.

“Well she’s my cousin…kindof. Well, by marriage. Anyway I just moved here and she told me to come to this party…you know, as her guest. So I could meet people. She’s a sweet girl, my cousin…but she thinks she’s my mom.” Hunter smiled with a chuckle.

Lia smiled. “Oh you poor, poor boy. Forced to make friends.”

"Yeah I KNOW, right?!? What was she THINKING?" Hunter rolled his eyes and flashed her a smile.

"So...did it work?" Lia asked, feeling more comfortable with sarcastic banter since her cousins used it all the time. If only I could slow my heart rate, she thought.

Hunter laughed, "Since you're the first person I've talked to, I'd say I'm going at my own pace. Maybe you can tell me who some of these people are?"

Lia blushed and said awkwardly, "That would involve talking, wouldn't it? I'm not exactly a hostess type person. But I could point out my family, I guess. Ok, you already saw Bella, the birthday girl? Her and Jezebel, over there," she pointed to Jezebel and Bella as they pushed some more guys into the pool, "are the wild ones. I'm just kind of standing around waiting for the crisis of the week."

"So that's your job?" Hunter inquired.

Lia smiled, looking at her cousins fondly, "I guess you could say that. I kind of help make sure we don't kill each other. Between my brother Parker's and my cousin Kaleb's hard heads, and Bella and Jezebel's idiosyncrasies, it's a full time job, but I have a lot of fun."

"So, if you guys are so close, why are they over there having fun, and you sitting in the corner?" Hunter asked quietly.

Lia looked down and then raised her eyes mischievously as she saw Bella and Jezebel sneak up behind them, "Cause we're throwing you in the pool next."

Hunter played along as the girls grabbed him. "Ah, noooooooo!!!" As the girls pushed him into the pool, he grabbed Lia's arm at the last second and pulled her in with him.

She shrieked as she lost her footing and fell into the pool, thankful she didn't belly flop, but she was pretty miffed that the entire school, well, ok, not the entire school, just like two thirds of it, saw him pull her in. Most of all, though, she dreaded the conversation she knew was going to happen with Bella and Jezebel. They were totally boy crazy, and she just knew they'd hound her for all these details, putting her in her least favorite position: center of attention.

He emerged from the water before her and gently pulled her up onto the side of the pool. He smiled, "I told you I'd make sure you had fun."

She looked at him, honestly not sure whether to hit him or well, do things
that were definitely not her. She froze, torn.

Bella, sensing Lia's nervousness, saved her from herself. "Um...HEY! Let's go
open presents and stuff guys! First one there gets a free strip tease...FROM

"HEY!" Jezebel yelled, smacking her cousin upside the head. "Bitch! That's
for AFTER the party!"

Bella laughed as several guys fell all over themselves as they ran towards
them. "Jees," She sighed. "I was KIDDING. Does NO ONE have a sense of humor
anymore?!?" She smiled and turned to Lia. "Hey, guys

"Hunter." He smiled as he pulled himself out of the pool. "And sure. Why
not. Come on, Lia. Nothing's funnier than 30 guys expecting a strip tease
and not getting one."

"Don't be so sure they aren't going to get one," Lia warned. "You don't know

Jezebel yelled, "I heard that! If you're not careful, you'll be the one
doing a strip tease tonight!"

Lia laughed. "Yeah, like you'd really let someone ELSE take steal the nudity

Bella raised an eyebrow, "Was that a comeback? I saw her lips move and saw
her mouth going, but I swear I must be hallucinating. Uh-oh, the guys are
over by my presents already."

Mark ran into the table loaded with presents right as Jason narrowly avoided
falling into the table himself. Mark shouted, "I got here first! Hey, Jez,
what do I get?"

Jason shoved Mark, "I was here first, you liar. You go near her, and it's not
when you wake up, it's IF."

Jezebel stared Mark and Jason down. "You know...I hear that when guys fight
it's their way of acting out their homoerotic fantasies."

Jason and Mark immediately jumped off of each other and stared at Jezebel,
slackjawed. Jason, knowing Jezebel as well as he did, was the first to
recover. "That's such bullshit."

Jezebel laughed. "Yeah, I know. But it stopped you guys from killing each
other. Oh, and Mark? Jason SO got here first."

"When will you take those blinders off? He ain't that special. You need
someone who can handle your wild ways." Mark tried to sound suave, but
reminded Jezebel more of an overfriendly monkey.

Jason took a deep breath as he picked Mark up by the front of the shirt,
"Bella, I'm sorry. I know you didn't want any dead bodies at your birthday
party, but I can only take so much."

"ENOUGH!" Jezebel groaned, rolling her eyes. "This is Bella's BIRTHDAY, okay?
It is neither the time nor the place for your testosterone-fueled idiocy.
Besides, I want to see what everyone got for Bell. So Mark, get over
yourself. And Jason, put him down and behave yourself, or you're SO not gonna
get your...prize later on." As the two guys muttered apologies to Bella and sa
t down, and a few other guys hooted and whistled, Jezebel turned to her
cousin. "Sorry about the children, Bell. Now, you've got a ton of presents to
open. Save mine for last." She winked and sat down on Jason's lap.

Bella laughed and shook her head as she picked up a box. "Did you any of you
actually believe me? Her parents are right in the living room! And so are
mine, so BEHAVE!"

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A little more than an hour later, Bella had gone through nearly all the presents sitting on the floor. Among them she had received a new set of charcoals and sketchpad from Lia, a gold necklace with a light blue, aquamarine (her birthstone) in the shape of a raindrop on it from Parker, and that nose ring from Mark. That one was met with a lot of confusion, to say the least.

The parents all stood in the back of the room, watching as Bella opened up each gift. As the gifts on the floor became less and less numerous, Alex turned to Max and Liz. “So...where’s Kaleb’s gift?” He asked curiously.

Max and Liz glanced as Michael and Maria and smiled. “Umm...I’m pretty sure he’s bringing it by to her later.” Liz grinned. “She’s gonna LOVE IT. Maria?” Liz turned to her friend. “When are WE gonna give her our gifts?”

Maria laughed. "Well as soon as Bella's done with these gifts Mikey G. over here is gonna kick all of these kids out..and then we'll do it."

Michael straightened up his shoulders and nodded. “Yup...I’ll take care of it.” He grinned. “You know...because I’m THE MAN.”

Kyle scoffed at Michael’s remark before turning to his wife. "Do you know what Jezebel got for Bella?" Kyle asked Jacinda.

"No, she only said that it was going to 'blow her away.'" Jacinda replied, raising an eyebrow.

Kaleb slid his arm more tightly around Bella's waist. "Just one more gift."
He commented. "Is that Jezzy's?"

Bella looked down at the gift and nodded. "Yup. I'm actually pretty worried
that it's a bomb or something." She giggled.

"Hey!" Jezebel said incredulously, smacking Jason as he chuckled. "With all
these witnesses around? How stupid am I?" She looked around. "And if ANY of
you answer that..."

"Okay then..." Bella took a deep breath and picked up the box.

Jezebel smirked as Bella unwrapped the pearly paper. She was gonna go CRAZY.

Bella slowly opened up the box up and pulled away the tissue paper that
covered up what was inside. "Oh my god!" She squeaked, slamming the box back

Kaleb turned to her and blushed furiously to the tips of his ears. "Was that
a...a...a...was that what I think it was?!?" He struggled.

Bella glared at Jezebel as her cheeks turned a deep rose. "Um...thanks for
the...ummm...Back Massager." She gritted through her teeth.

Jezebel smirked. "No problem, Bell. I'm sure you'll put it to good use. I
know how tense you get due to all the frustration."

Bella snorted a laugh. "Well you've certainly got me there."

Jacinda glanced at the other parents. "She didn't get her what I think she
got her...did she?"

"Wait..." Michael asked, confused. "What do you think she got her?"

Maria sighed in exasperation and leaned up to whisper in his ear.

"HOLY SHIT! Oh my...Jesus, coulda WARNED me before you told me
that!!" He exclaimed, receiving looks from several teens sitting on the
floor. Michael regained his composure quickly enough. "Okay, kids, time to
wrap it up. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."

"Looks like we're getting tossed." Hunter observed. "Well, Lia Whitman, it
was nice to meet you."

"You too, Hunter Zachary Collins III." Lia replied. "So...I guess I'll see
you around."

Hunter smiled. "Yeah...we, chill. Bet this little town is just
FILLED with boring crap to waste your time with."

Lia stood up with him and laughed. "Oh, so I see you've been here before?"

Across the room, Corey stood up next to Parker and took her car keys out of
her bag. "So...I'll see you tomorrow at school, I guess."

Parker took her hand, lacing their fingers together. "Cor...I know it kind of
maybe seems, I stuff isn't happening between us, but
I just wanted to let you know that, well, it's just because this is important
to me, so I wanna take stuff slow." He shifted uncomfortably. "And now that
you think I'm a COMPLETE WUSS..." He chuckled.

Corey smiled, leaning up to him. "Did I ever tell you how much I like
WUSSES?" She laughed, bringing her lips to meet his.

Slowly, all of the teens filed out, leaving Jezebel and Jason standing by the
door while the rest of the family members got themselves comfortable in the
living room.

"So just...don't start anything with him...okay? This is so not the place."
Jason said, stroking a piece of Jezebel's dark hair.

"I know." Jezebel sighed. "I've just got to ignore him, for Bell if nothing
else. I'll call you later." She gave him a brief, chaste kiss, well aware
that her family was right in the other room.

After Jason left, Jezebel went back into the living room and took a seat next
to Lia on the floor, avoiding Kaleb's gaze.

"Okay, Bell, you're opening this one first." Jacinda said, handing a large
box to her niece. "Hopefully, it will make up for whatever insane stunt my
offspring just pulled."

"YOUR daughter, pull an insane stunt?" Alex gasped. "Never!"

"Hey, I will beat you down, little man." Jacinda retorted. "Go ahead, Bella."

Kaleb kissed Bella’s cheek and slid his arm off of her waist to give her room to open up the box that Jacinda had placed in front of her.

Maria and Liz sent small smiles each other’s ways at the unconscious display of affection. It made them both very happy to see their children so in love. As long as they limited it to small kisses, that is.

Bella tore the silver wrapping paper off the box and squealed with delight. “OH! You guys!!!” She clapped her hands over her mouth, “A new DVD player!!! Aunt Jacey! Uncle Kyle, you guys are THE BEST!!!”

Kyle laughed at her giddiness. “Well we knew you wore the other one out.”

“Yeah, enjoy it, sweetheart.” Jacinda smiled.

Bella inspected the gift and grinned. “Oh, this is so awesome. Thanks you guys.”

“Ok, Ok, enough of THAT.” Isabel interrupted, laughing. “Open OURS now.”

Jacinda snorted at her sister. “Geez, Izzy, keep your trashy shirt on.”

“Oh, you’re one to talk, Jacey.” Isabel shot a her a look. “I’ve seen your boobs more times than I’ve seen my own, darling.”

Alex smiled lovingly at Isabel, "Put the claws away, dear, this is Bella's party, remember? Bella, hurry up and open it."

Smiling, Bella opened up the flat, rectangular box. Her smile turned to confusion as she saw a shiny black cloth covering up whatever was concealed in the box.

Pulling the cloth out of the box, she once again squealed as she saw what the black cloth actually was. "AUNT ISABEL!!! You got me leather pants!!!! I've always wanted a pair!"

Michael groaned and shot a look at Isabel. "And yet another innocent cow meets it's untimely death because of Isabel Evans Whitman...and now you're spreading it to my DAUGHTER."

"Aww, come on, you know how much I love shopping for leather, and it's not like my own daughter would ever wear something like that," Isabel pouted.

Lia smirked. "That's because I prefer my clothing to contain actual CLOTH."

Alex chuckled and interrupted. "I'm glad you like Isabel's cow fetish gift, Bella hun, but look at what was UNDER the pants, ok? I think you'll like it even better."

Bella smiled and, putting the pants down, pealed back the tissue paper covering whatever was in the box. "Oh my god..." She whispered as it came into view. " guys that’s...that’"

Isabel grinned smugly, "That's two for two. Beat that, lil bro."

Max furrowed his brow in confusion. "Wait...what is it?"

Bella smiled in contentment and pulled the object out of the box, revealing an original print of her favorite painting, Bouguereau's Primo Bacio.

Lia looked at the painting wistfully, "I love the little girl with the butterfly wings. She looks so content."

Bella smiled. "Aunt Izzie, Uncle Alex...I love it so much. Thank you guys. Wow...and it's, like, an original. That's crazy. It's so goin on my wall."

"Your welcome," Isabel laughed, "I'm just glad you like it."

Max burst in impatiently, in an uncharacteristic burst of enthusiasm, "Bell,
c'mon, stop staring and open ours already!"

"Okay, Uncle Max," Bella picked up a small, thin box. "Is this like a CD or

Liz smiled, "Just open it."

Bella opened the gift slowly, as it was the last one, and started screaming
as she saw what was inside, "OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU!!! ME AT A SARAH

Max grinned and looked towards Isabel. "See, she likes OURS too!" He boasted.

Liz laughed at her husband. "Oh, and Bella, hun, there's five backstage
passes to go along with the tickets. And the concerts in a month so you guys
won't be grounded anymore."

Bella jumped up and pulled Max and Liz together in a hug. "Oh my god,
guys...Sarah...she's, IDOL!"

Max and Liz laughed at their niece's excitement. "Well, we aim to please."
Max grinned as Bella sat back down on the floor.

"Okay..." Maria started, no longer able to contain her excitement at the gift
she and Michael had gotten their daughter. "Bell, so your father and I, we
wanna give you our gift now." Maria looked over at Michael, who immediately
pulled a small velvet box out of his pocket.

Michael leaned down to Bella and handed her the box. "Happy 17th birthday,
Bells." He smiled, giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

"Okay..." Bella breathed in excitement as she slowly flipped open the top of
the box, expecting to see some sort of jewelry.

"HOLY SHIT!!!" She screamed, as she opened the box to reveal a set of car
keys with a Volkswagon keychain.

"Mom, this...?!?!" She struggled through her excitement, bolting
up from the floor.

Maria laughed. "Yeah, we got you a silver beetle. It's in the garage...wanna
go see?"

"FUCK YEAH!" Bella screamed. "Shit...I mean...ummm..."

"It's okay." Michael chuckled. "We know you're excited."

On the floor, Kaleb suddenly started cracking up.

Bella cast a sideways glance at him and put her hand on her hip. "And just
WHAT is so funny?"

Kaleb struggled to breath though his laughter, " just...just..." He
gasped for air. "You just screamed fuck at your parents, is all. Not
something you see every day."

The front door burst open at that moment. "Yo, did I miss the party?"

"Oh, hi Aunt Ava." Jezebel said. "Uh...good date?"

Ava laughed. "Ohhhh yeah. But HEY! Hell's Bells! Happy DAY, YO, I gots ya
some Godiva, knock ya self out, girl."

Ava strutted over to Bella and plopped a huge box of chocolate in her lap
before ruffling her hair. "K, now I REALLY need a shower. See all of you's
lata." She strode up the stairs and out of the room.

Bella laughed, breaking the silence. "Well...that was unusual. Now, LET'S GO

After ogling Bella's new car, which she immediately name Pepito, for over an
hour, everyone went home. Before leaving, however, Kaleb had pulled Bella
into the hallway and kissed her thoroughly, promising to return in an hour
and a half with his gift, which he still insisted would blow all of the
others out of the water.

Bella spent the next hour an a half cleaning up the house with her parents,
trying to pass the time without going insane from curiosity. Eventually, her
mother had just told her to go take a shower to calm her nerves. To tell the
truth she was just driving Maria insane with her anxiousness.

After showering, Bella threw on a pair of loose fitting sweat pants and a tank top and plopped down on her bed, brushing her wet hair.

“He should be here any minute.” She stated to herself, staring at the clock which now read 7:30.



“DAMNIT!” Bella yelled, picking up her shoe and throwing it at the door in frustration .

“Uhhh...Bella?” Maria poked her head in the door hesitantly. “Jeez...girl, chill. What’d Steve Madden do to you?” She chuckled as she glanced down at the discarded shoe at her feet. “Um...I come bearing boys.” She smiled with a laugh. “But you have to promise not to throw heavy objects at him.”

Bella batted her eyes innocently and smiled. “Who, me?” Her smile spread as her excitement got the better of her. “C’mon, Mom!!! LET HIM IN!!! I’ll be good, I SWEAR!”

Maria smiled as she called down the hall to Kaleb. Bella was gonna FLIP. “KALEB! Come on already! You can look at the stereo with Michael LATER!!!”

Kaleb came trudging down the hall carrying the large box as carefully as
possible. "Thanks, Maria. You're the best." He gave her a quick kiss on the
cheek as she pushed the door open with his body and entered the room.

Maria shrugged. "Hey, it was your idea. I just OKed it. Anyway, I'll leave
you kids alone. BE GOOD!" She shot them a threatening look and closed the
door behind her to offer then a little privacy.

Once the door had closed, Bella jumped off her bed, bouncing up and down with
excitement. "SO...what is it what is it what is it?!?!"

Kaleb chuckled as he observed her. Wet hair all flying in her face and eyes
wide with curiousity. "Okay, okay, Calm down, Bell. Sit down on the floor,
ok? And close your eyes."

Bella groaned. "YOU are gonna make me have an aneurysm!" She joked as she
plopped herself down on the floor and closed her eyes obediently.

Kaleb chuckled and sat across from her on the floor, setting the box between
them. Slowly, he opened up the side of the box and lifted it's contents out,
placing it before Bella on the floor.

"Okay, Bell, open your eyes."

Slowly, Bella opened her eyes. A squeal escaped from her lips as she was met
with Kaleb's gift, a tiny grey kitten barely the size of her hand, sitting on
the floor in front of her.

"KALEB! Oh my god..." She whispered, gingerly picking up the small animal and
cradling it to her chest. "Oh my god, she's, she's...beautiful." She looked up
at him with soft, smiling grey eyes that matched the kitten perfectly.

Kaleb's heart constricted at the sight of his love gently nuzzling the kitten
as her soulful eyes bore into his. "Yeah...well..." He struggled, "I know you
always wanted one...and I asked your parents...and they said that it was"

Kaleb's stammering was cut off by Bella's soft lips being pressed up against
his. "God, K." She mumbled against his mouth. "God, it's...perfect. I...I
love...thank you so much." She peppered his face with kissed and ran her free
hand through his hair.

Kaleb laughed as she pressed quick kisses all over his lips and cheeks and
forehead and chin. "Be careful. You're gonna crush her."

Bella pulled her face away from his and he was taken aback by her glowing
smile. She looks so gorgeous, he thought reverently. Like a goddess.

"So...umm..." He continued. "I thought you could name her Holly. You know,

"Holly Golightly." She interrupted, smiling as their thoughts matched
exactly. "From BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY's. It's perfect." She bent down and
kissed the squirming kitten on the head. "You like that? Holly?" She purred
softly to the tiny animal.

Bella kissed the kitten on the head and placed it down on her bed. Yawning,
it curled up and went to sleep immediately.

Kaleb chuckled. "Yeah, it's been a long day for everybody."

"Kaleb." Bella turned to him as they both stood up. "This is the best gift
I've ever gotten. Like three thousand times better than the car. You are so
amazing." She smiled and closed the distance between then, wrapping her arms
around his neck. "Amazing." She repeated, bringing her lips to his yet again.

The kiss was warm and gentle, but full of passion and longing. And all too

"Okay, it's too quiet in there!" Maria hollered, pounding on the door. "Time
to go!"

Kaleb pulled away first, pushing a piece of wet hair behind Bella's ear.
"You know, it gets harder and harder every time I have to leave you."

Bella smiled. "You know, when you say stuff like that it makes me wonder if
this is all my crazy imagination and it's really two months ago...and we've
never even kissed. Because I just KNOW that no one can be as perfect as you
are. So I must be imagining it."

Kaleb kissed her forehead softly. "It's real." He whispered against her ear.

"OKAY, ENOUGH KIDS!" Maria barged into the room. "Kaleb, extricate yourself
from my daughter, chico. It's time for you to go back to casa Evans."

"All right, I'm going." Kaleb said with a smile. "I'll see you later, Bell.
Bye, Maria."

Bella smiled "Later, K. And thank you."

"Ciao, Mini-Max." Maria said. As soon as Kaleb's footsteps retreated down the
hall and down the stairs, she turned to her daughter. "Okay, chica. I know
it's your birthday...but I think it's time we had a little chat..."


Bella gasped as she shot up in her bed. She desperately tried to gulp in air as she swiped away at the hair stuck to her forehead and neck from sweat. ‘Not again!’ She cried in her mind, as tears ran down her face in rivers of terror.

Picking up the phone beside her bed, she quickly dialed the only number she could think of. The only person she wanted to see.

“He…hello?” A groggy Kaleb mumbled into the phone? Who would be calling him at 2:30 in the morning?

“Kaleb?” Bella whispered fiercely into the phone. “Kaleb...can you…can you come over please?” She struggled through her tears. “I…I had a bad dream. I really need you.”

“I’ll be there in two minutes, Bell. Hold on, ok?” Kaleb quickly shook himself awake at the fear in her voice. Bella never got scared. Well, hardly ever. And when she did, she would be the last person to admit it. She must be really upset if she would call him crying in the middle of the night. “Bella? I’m coming right now.”

“Hurry, K.” She whispered before hanging up the phone. Bella pulled her knees up to her chest and moved into the corner of her bed. She pulled the quilt over her body almost to her face and clutched it there with white knuckles.

It had been like the other dreams…well it had at the beginning. The same blonde woman. The same sense of uneasiness. The same feeling of helplessness for herself and Kaleb. But the dream had gone much farther this time. This time…she had seen what she was afraid of. The pain…the torture…the terror…

Bella shuddered in her little corner of the bed. Trying to slow her breathing to a semi-normal pace, she rocked back and forth taking deep breaths. ‘Calm down, Bella. Pull it together. Come on. This isn’t like you.’

The sound of her window sliding opened broke her from her thoughts. “Bella?” Kaleb’s gentle voice floated into her room.

“Kaleb…” Bella answered barely audibly, as he climbed over the sill and entered her room.

Kaleb rushed over toward the bed at the sight of his Bella. His foot slipped on a piece of paper on the ground and he quickly looked down to see the drawing of the terrifying woman Bella had drawn only a week ago. Scowling at the evil-looking woman in the drawing for a moment, he regained his balance and made his way to the edge of the bed and took in Bella’s appearance. She looked so tiny in the corner of her big bed, face pale as a ghost and tears running down her cheeks. “Bella! What’s wrong!?!?” He climbed beside her on the bed and enfolded her petite form in his strong arms. “Shhhh…” he soothed as he stroked her hair and rubber her back. “Shhhh…Bell…it’s ok. I’m here. It’s gonna be ok.”

Kaleb could feel the tears soaking through his thin t-shirt where Bella’s face was pressed against his chest. The fear was coming off her in waves and Kaleb hadn’t ever felt terror that strong before. ‘How bad could this dream have been?’ He wondered.

Bella clung to Kaleb’s muscular body like an anchor, taking great comfort in his strength. The love coming off of him and the soothing lull of his voice quickly calmed her down and her sobs quieted. “Thank you so much…” She finally managed to say against his chest.

“Hey…” Kaleb pulled her away enough to be able to look into her gray eyes. “No thanks necessary. This is just what you do when…when you feel a certain way about a person. That’s all.” He smiled slightly at her. “Anyway, there’s really no place I’d rather be right now than right here. So don’t worry about me.”

“Kaleb?” Bella said softly. “Can I…can I show you…what I saw? So…so you understand?” Her eyes were still brimming with unshed tears and it broke Kaleb’s heart to see her in such distress. “I think you need to know. I mean…it’s about you too.”

“Yeah…I mean…of course. Here.” Kaleb answered as he pulled Bella’s body up until she was sitting with her face level to his. Gently, he cupped her face with tucked her hair behind her ears. Kaleb and Bella gazed into each other’s eyes, and their breathing and heartbeat quickly matched. It was mere seconds before the images and feelings were hurled into Kaleb’s mind.

* The blonde woman…the fear of seeing her. Kaleb and Bella standing together in a room with pink walls. No way out. Pain. Clinging to each other. Screaming out for help. Blood. Huge blue eyes. Laughter. Evil, cruel laughter. Helplessness. And there was the pain again. The excruciating pain. Like hot needles. *

Kaleb was thrown out of the connection and immediately enfolded Bella in his arms. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea that it was this bad…God…Bell…I’m so sorry.” Kaleb mumbled into her hair, holding her so tightly that she could barely breath.

“Kaleb…” Bella squeaked, having finally regained her composure. “Kaleb…you’re…you’re crushing me.” She smiled.

“Oh…sorry.” Kaleb said as he lessoned his hold on Bella’s body. “You shouldve told me that it was this bad, Bell. You shouldn’t have had to go through this alone.” Kaleb’s voice broke with emotion as he spoke. It killed him to think that Bella had been suffering and he hadn’t known.

“Hey…you didn’t know…and it really WASN’T that bad, K. I swear. This is the first time that it had been that bad. And you’re here now. Don’t kill yourself about this…I was the one who didn’t tell you what was going on…not the other way around.” Bella said softly as she tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

Kaleb took her hand as it brushed her hair away and brought it to his face. “Bella…I…I should’ve known. God…I don’t even know what I’d do if anything happened to you. Do you even realize what you are to me? What you always have been? Bella…when I’m not with you…its like I can’t even breath. And nothing matters. Even before we kissed…I was thinking of you every second. The way you can’t stop laughing for minutes sometimes…the way you always call me out when I’m being a moron. The way you can put me in a good mood no matter what else is going on. The way you fall asleep humming sometimes…and the way you look after you wake up. The way you’re eyes light up at the smallest things. The way you sing to yourself when you think no one’s watching. Bella…I love everything about you. Bella...I…I…I love you.” He finished with a relieved sigh.

Bella looked at him, her gray cat eyes huge with amazement. Kaleb Evans loved her. “I love you too, Kaleb. All my life.” She said back softly, her voice breaking from emotion.

Kaleb leaned his face towards hers, cupping the sides of her head in his strong hands, and brought his lips to hers. Bella leaned her body into Kaleb’s at the first touch of his hot mouth on hers. She threaded her fingers through his soft brown hair at the back of his neck and gently sucked his bottom lip into her mouth.

Kaleb angled his mouth against Bella’s and slid his tongue inside. He was rewarded when Bella caressed his tongue with her own, moaning into his mouth.

Everything he’d said was finally sinking in for Bella. How he felt about her. It was incredible. It made her want to be as close to him as possible. She brought her hands down his neck and around his back to his shoulders, caressing the strong muscles as they moved under his thin t-shirt. He was so strong…so safe…everything about him was just so…perfect. Bella sucked on Kaleb’s bottom lip, tasting his sweet mouth. She needed to be closer…Bella turned herself around until she was straddling Kaleb’s body on the bed with his legs out in front of them, never breaking the kiss. “Kaleb…” she moaned into his mouth as she pulled his head closer to hers, deepening their kiss even more.

“Wait…” Kaleb broke away from her. “Bella…you’re upset. We should stop this.” There was no way that Kaleb wanted Bella to regret anything that happened between them…and he had a pretty good idea of where they were headed if he didn’t stop things now.

“No, Kaleb I WAS upset.” Bella smiled. “And you made me feel better. Just like you always make me feel better.” Bella took Kaleb’s hand in hers and pressed it to her chest. “You feel that, Kaleb? Do you feel my heart? It’s yours. It belongs to you, Kaleb. Always.”

Kaleb sighed and shook his head. “You are making it incredibly difficult for me to do the right thing here…do you know that?”

“Am I?” Bella asked innocently before bringing her face back to his and planting a series of short kisses on his lips and down onto his throat. “I love you, Kaleb.” She smiled into the crook of his neck. “I love you, I love you, I love you…”

“…Bella…” Kaleb groaned, “…you know…” He gasped as she sucked on the base of his throat, “I love you too…but…”

“No.” Bella placed her finger over Kaleb’s lips. “No buts. You’ve had every part of me for as long as I can remember, Kaleb. So let me give you this too. This is what I WANT. I’m sure of it. More sure than I have ever been before of anything in my life…except that I love you. And if you REALLY think I’m lying…then we can stop.”

Taking her finger off of his lips, she quickly replaced it with her own, kissing him with such force and passion that he could experience the feelings coming off of her in strong waves. She was telling the truth and he knew it. This was what she wanted. What she needed. And what he needed. They needed each other. The knowledge broke any remaining control he’d been harboring.

Bella pulled back to look at his face to see if he understood, and what she saw in his eyes made her gasp. His normally expressive amber eyes were near black with passion, and he was looking at her like a starving man who was sitting in front of his first meal in years. It was HUNGRY. There was no other way to describe it.

After the initial shock wore off, Bella suddenly noticed just how very little the both of them were wearing. Kaleb must’ve ran over without changing his clothes at all, because all he was wearing was a white t-shirt and his boxers. Bella bit back a grin as her eyes raked over his boxers. She had known what his physical reaction to her was from their previous heated sessions…but seeing him through thick denim severely…downplayed…his…endowment. In his boxers…well lets just say that thin cotton hides nothing.

Kaleb lifted Bella’s chin with his thumb, bringing her eyes up to meet his. “You’re one to talk.” He replied huskily, reading her mind. He grinned his sexy, half grin, and lowered his eyes to Bella’s semi-transparent white tank top, which, at the moment, was doing nothing to hide her hard nipples.

Bella chewed her bottom lip and shrugged. “Hey…I wasn’t complaining.” She smiled, as she scooted farther up his legs, bringing his arousal right up against her center, eliciting a deep moan from both of them, and quickly bringing the intensity back to the situation.

Kaleb stroked Bella’s hair with one hand, and let the other travel to the small of her back, pressing the front of her body up against his. He leaned in and began placing hot, open mouthed kissed on her neck.

Bella closed her eyes and shivered as he licked her earlobe. Where had he learned all those little things that just made her…melt.

“You know how many times…I’ve pictured this…you and me…together like this?” Kaleb whispered raggedly, his hot breath on Bella’s ear causing her to tremble slightly and release a helpless sound from her throat.

Kaleb resumed kissing Bella’s neck, trailing a line of wet kisses down to her shoulder. He slid the strap of her tanktop off, and, caressed the smooth milky skin that had been under it with the pad of his thumb, kissed her shoulder reverently. “God…you’re just so…perfect.” He managed a sigh, before resuming his hot kisses on her neck and arm. “So soft…”

Bella’s hands were hardly idle either, sculpting the hard lines of his back and chest. She needed to feel him…to feel his hot skin against hers. She needed it like she needed air. She grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and tried to pull it up. (Not an easy task with him kissing her shoulder.)

“Kaleb…?” She implored, gasping as his lips continued their assault on her bare flesh. “K…”

“Mmmm” He moaned into her neck, before momentarily halting his avid kisses as to allow her to pull the shirt over his head.

Once freed from the garment, he furiously attacked her mouth, sucking on her bottom lip and letting it wetly slide from his grasp. Bella shuddered at the sensation. It was always INCREDIBLY sexy when he did that. She deepened the kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, meeting and caressing his.

Kaleb grabbed her hips and flipped them over, settling between her thighs, never once breaking their kiss. He dragged his hand down the side of her body, stopping at the sliver of bare skin that peaked out between her tanktop and the rolled down waistband of the boxers she was wearing. Kaleb slid his hand underneath her shirt, caressing the smooth skin of her stomach. Everything about her was just so…soft…and smooth…like satin.

Bella purred into his mouth and, pressing her hand to the back on his muscular shoulder, pulled his upper body more against hers. She needed them to be closer…closer…

Kaleb felt her sense of urgency…he shared it. Bringing his hand back down to the hem of her shirt, Kaleb broke the kiss. Gasping for breath, he looked into Bella’s passion clouded eyes and silently asked her for a permission he knew she would grant.

Bella smiled, her chest heaving as she tried to regain her breath, and rested her arms behind her head on the pillow, putting her complete and total trust in this man that she loved more than life.

Kaleb took a deep breath and, keeping his eyes locked on hers, looking for any sign of hesitation or fear telling him to stop, began lifting the shirt up her torso. But there was no fear or hesitation to see…and as the shirt cleared her breasts, Kaleb felt his heart stop. He’d seen her in just a bra before, but now, with nothing covering her, he was absolutely speechless. Pulling the tanktop over her head and dropping it to the floor, he gazed down at her. Here she was, an absolute goddess…and she actually wanted HIM. He was so…unworthy.

Bella dropped her gaze from his, feeling slightly self-conscious from the intensity of his stare. Kaleb saw her discomfort and immediately bent down to place a light kiss on her lips. “Bella…” He said quietly, “…you…are my Venus. You’re absolutely…” He kissed her again, “…perfect.”

Bella looked into his eyes, spilling over with sincerity, love, …and…DESIRE. There was no masking it. His eyes projected unhindered desire. This was right…this was supposed to happen. “Kaleb…” Bella gasped a ragged breath as Kaleb brought his hot hand down from her cheek to gently palm and massage her breast.

Kaleb was drunk on the feel and taste of Bella. She was so soft and sweet…so addicting. He brought his lips down to the smooth, flat skin under her collarbone and sucked on it. He knew he was going to leave a mark. He wanted to…she was finally HIS. And he was HERS.

Bella ran her shaky hands down the hard muscles of his stomach finally coming to rest on the Elastic waist of his boxers. The sexual tension between them was becoming unbearable, as was the ache that had formed deep inside of Bella’s body. She needed him NOW.

Kaleb grabbed her hands in his as they went to slide under the waist of his boxers and raised his face to meet her eyes. “Are you ABSOLUTELY sure about this, my Bell?” He asked softly, his eyes full of love and concern for her. He knew he’d stop in a second if she asked him to. Even if it killed him.

Bella fell into his warm eyes. “I love you so much.” She whispered, her shaky voice thick with emotion. “I’m sure, Kaleb.”

Kaleb swallowed hard and nodded, sitting up and slowly sliding his hands down the sides of Bella’s soft body until they reached her shorts. She shivered from his strong hand on her skin. Kaleb hooked his fingers under her shorts and underwear, and slowly began pulling them both down at the same time, giving her plenty of opportunity to stop him whenever she wanted.

But she didn’t, and when the garments had been pulled off her legs and fell in the heap of discarded clothing already on the floor, Kaleb was finally able to take in the full beauty that he’d been dreaming about his entire life. She looked absolutely stunning, lying naked on the bed, lips parted and panting, the moonlight streaming through the curtains giving her light skin a heavenly silver glow.

“Clothes…” Bella whispered, a small smile on her face despite her slight embarrassment.

“Huh?” Kaleb replied, confused and clouded with passion.

“Clothes…” She repeated. “…You’re…you’re still wearing some. I’m not.”

“Oh. Right.” He grinned sheepishly. Kaleb took a deep breath, his heart beating a mile a minute, and laid back down next to her. Was she as scared as he was? She didn’t seem it…but then again Bella had always pretty good at acting brave when she was really afraid. Sometimes he could see right through it…sometimes he couldn’t tell. “Bella?” He whispered raggedly, his lips so close to hers that she could his warm breath on them.

Bella smiled. He was still so shy…even after everything. She placed her finger on his lips, preventing him from continuing whatever it was that he was going to say, and ran her hand down corrugated muscles of his abdomen, once more reaching their destination at the waist of his royal blue boxers. She slowly started pulling them, down his body, using her legs to get them off the rest of the way. He kicked them to the floor once they were at his ankles and gasped as he felt her delicate fingers wrap around his hard flesh, exploring him with tortuously slow strokes.

“Oh…my god...Bella!” He hissed, his eyes squeezed shut from the intensity of the sensation. This was farther than they’d ever gotten before. She’d only ever felt him through his clothes before, and even that had been an incredible feeling.

Bella was enthralled with the magnificence of Kaleb’s body. She continued to slide her fingers up and down his hot arousal, feeling the smooth texture of his skin. She was startled when Kaleb grabbed her hand in his, pulling it away from his body. “Bella…” He swallowed hard, trying to gain some control over his body. “I can’t…hold on…”

Bella nodded in understanding and turned around, opening the drawer in her nightstand and pulling out a condom. Kaleb looked at her in shock and raised an eyebrow.

“My mother…” She giggled quietly. “She was concerned…we had a talk earler…I’d rather not get into it right now.”

Kaleb nodded with a slight smile and took the condom out of her hand, unwrapping it and rolling it onto his now painfully hard arousal. Kaleb moved himself until he was lying on top of Bella’s tiny body, cradling his body between her spread thighs.

Leaning his weight on his elbows, Kaleb ran the back of his hand down Bella’s flushed cheek. “I love you so much, you know. So much that I can’t even think straight.” He whispered, his voice low and gravelly.

Bella leaned up, capturing Kaleb’s sweet lips with hers for a passion filled kiss. “I love you too.” She whispered as she pulled away.

Kaleb locked his eyes to Bella’s and began lowering himself onto her. He heard her gasp as the tip of him came into contact with her wet heat, and shivered as he pushed farther into her, overwhelmed by the sensation of her tight, hot flesh surrounding him.

Bella felt Kaleb’s love for her coming off of him in strong waves as he slowly made the journey into her body. He was going so slowly, making sure that she had time to get used to the feeling of having him inside of her. She couldn’t breath, she couldn’t blink, she was completely undone by the intensity of the warm, full feeling having Kaleb in her was creating.

As her reached her barrier, he stopped, unsure of how to proceed. “Kaleb!” Bella gasped out, needing to have him deeper in her body with an urgency that was driving her crazy. “Please…?!?”

Kaleb swallowed and bent down to Bella, taking her lips in a deep, uncontrollable kiss. As his tongue plunged into her mouth, Kaleb pushed into Bella’s body fully, breaking through her membrane. His kiss muffled her sharp cry of pain, and he proceeded to kiss her slowly and languidly, making smooth strokes of his tongue as he allowed her body to get used to him and recover from what had just happened.

Bella had expected the sudden, intense pain that ripped through her body as
Kaleb entered her, but expecting and feeling were two totally different
things. Her eyes teared a little as she forced her muscles to relax, and
somehow he knew to wait inside her until she adjusted to him. As Kaleb felt
her walls loosen around him, he began to move inside her. She became lost in
the sensations, which could not be described as pain or pleasure because they
were both pain and pleasure. It was the most intense feeling she had ever
experienced in her life. Bella moved her hips toward him to make herself
more comfortable and was pleasantly surprised when Kaleb let out a moan of
pleasure. She continued to arch up, pushing Kaleb deeper inside of her,
and released her mind totally to the sensations that Kaleb was causing
her to experience.

“Kaleb…god…” Bella gasped as he moved inside of her, sliding partially in and out
of her body in a slow rhythm.

“Bella!” He cried, as he struggled to engulf himself deeper and deeper inside of her. HIS Bella. They were one. He was where he belonged, with who he belonged.

Bella dug her nails into Kaleb’s back, pulling him harder into her body. She needed him as far inside of her as possible. She brought her legs up, wrapping them around his hips pushing him deeper into her, as their pace quickened.

Kaleb was on fire. He was going to explode, and Bella was as close as he was to the brink. He pushed himself in and out of her tiny body faster and harder, unable to stop. She cried out, and he responded by attacking her mouth with fevered kisses, needing to feel her in every way.

“Kaleb!” She gasped. “”Oh god…oh my god…”

Bella felt him explode inside her, precipitating her own climax, which she could only describe as seeing the stars. She wasn’t sure if it was an actual flash, or just the effect of their unbelievable release of passion, and she didn’t care.

Kaleb collapsed on top of Bella, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. Kaleb didn’t want to leave the peace of Bella’s body yet, but was afraid that his weight would crush her under him. Still sheathed inside of her, Kaleb rolled to his side, taking Bella with him.

Kaleb reached up and pushed a piece if hair from Bella’s cheek where it was sticking from sweat. “I love you.” He whispered, kissing her forehead reverently.

Bella wrapped her arms around Kaleb and pulled him into a tight embrace. “I love you too…so much.” She whispered into his neck.

Kaleb pulled her head back to his and gave Bella one more soft kiss before
reluctantly pulling out from the warmth of her body. Bella whimpered as he
left her, feeling empty at the loss, yet surprised because she still felt
inside herself where he had been.

“I know.” He whispered softly, in response to her reluctance to break their connection. Taking off the condom and throwing it into the garbage can beside her bed, he turned to her, “Make sure YOU take out the garbage this week…ok?” He said with a small smile.

Bella giggled and, yawning, turned around in Kaleb’s arms, exhausted from the night’s events.

Kaleb spooned Bella’s body with his and wrapped his arms snugly around her waist. Nuzzling her neck, he places a reverent kiss on her flushed skin. “Goodnight, my Bell...Happy Birthday.” He mumbled into her hair. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Kaleb.” She whispered back, before they both fell into a deep, peaceful, contented sleep.


IN PEACE..." The green alien alarm clock went off at 6 a.m.

Bella slammed the off button in frustration.

Kaleb yawned groggily, "Just like to once again state for the record that I
HATE your alarm clock."

"You know Grandma Amy...always a comedian," Bella murmured her agreement and
immediately lay back down on his chest in an attempt to fall back asleep.

Kaleb looked down on her sleeping form with love and adoration. He kissed
the top of her head, "Can we wake up like this every morning?"

"I don't want to wake up," Bella said into his chest.

"You NEVER want to wake up." Kaleb chuckled, stroking her soft hair gently.

Bella lifted her head slightly and held him tighter, "How is that a problem?
We spend the day in bed. I happen to like that plan."

"Hey...fine by me. Your PARENTS on the other hand, may have issues with it,"
Kaleb reminded her gently.

Bella scooted up Kaleb's body, bringing her face level with his. "So..." She
began softly, looking into his warm eyes.

"So..." He tucked a stray piece of blonde hair behind her ear. "How are
you? I mean...are know...ok?"

Bella smiled and lowered her eyes briefly before meeting his gaze once again.
"No...I'm not ok." She whispered, touching his cheek lightly.

Kaleb smiled back at her, and leaned in to kiss her gently, "Yes, you are."

"You know, if this is how you persuade me to wake up in the morning, I might become a
morning person," Bella said softly.

"If that's how we go to sleep every night YOU may persuade me into becoming a
NIGHT person." Kaleb grinned playfully.

Bella giggled and suddenly fell silent and looked him in the eyes, "I love

Kaleb stroked the smooth skin of her cheek with his thumb. "I love you too.
Forever." He said softly before leaning in to capture her mouth with his.
Bella purred as Kaleb's soft lips slid over hers slowly and slid her hand up
to rest on the bare skin of his strong chest. She rubbed her foot against
his under the sheet and Kaleb smiled into her mouth at the simple intimacy of
the gesture. He reluctantly broke the kiss, "School, we have to go to

"Mr. Responsibility strikes again," Bella pouted.

"Eraser room, lunch time?" Kaleb offered as a compromise.

Bella perked up, "And study hall?"

"Yes, and study hall, " Kaleb laughed.

Bella nodded happily, and Kaleb started to get up, rising to his knees on the

Bella rose with him, sliding her hands up his chest as she went. "So you're
leaving NOW?" She said with a pout, pulling the sheet up around them as she
pressed her bare body to his.

"Ugh..." Kaleb groaned at the feel of her naked skin against his. "You know
I don't WANT to..." He said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"So stay." Bella captured his lips in a kiss. "Five minutes..." She
mumbled into his mouth.

"Bella..." He struggled between kisses. "I" He tore his
mouth from hers. Kaleb kissed Bella once sweetly on the cheek and extricated
himself from her arms. He quickly pulled on his boxers and t-shirt that had
been left in a pile on the floor.

"I'll be back to pick you up for school in 20 minutes." He said as he walked
to the window.

"Uhhh...Kaleb?" Bella giggled from her seat on the bed.

"Yeah?" He turned around to look at her.

"You planning on running the 2 blocks home in your boxers?" She smiled at
his confused face.

"Oh." He looked down at his attire in realization. "I guess I hadn't
really...thought about..." He began.

"Here..." Bella started, wrapping herself in the sheet and sliding off the
bed. Walking to her Closet she pulled out a pair of large navy sweatpants
and handed them to Kaleb. "Wear these."

"Uh...Bella?" Kaleb raised an eyebrow. "Why do you have guy's sweatpants in
your closet?" He asked as he pulled them on.

"Oh, chill." She laughed. "They're Parker’s."

"Why do you have PARKER'S pants?!?" He asked in mock anger.

"Oh, you know...that big love affair we had last summer and all..." She
grinned at his shocked face. "I stole them from his room because I liked

Kaleb chuckled. "Oh...yeah that sounds about right." He smiled. "Ok..I
REALLY have to go now." He said, before taking Bella in his arms for one
last kiss. "Ok..." He said as he pulled away. "I'll see you in 20...I love
you, my Bell."

"I love you too." She called as he climbed out the window.

She stopped staring out the window when he was out of sight and jumpstarted
herself into getting ready for school. She picked out her favorite shirt she
had stolen from Kaleb's closet, a bright blue button down guy's shirt that
she could roll up to her elbows. She was careful to leave the top few
buttons unbuttoned to make it more suggestive. She completed the ensemble
with her tight-fitting black Capri pants and black clunky flip flop sandals. She started
singing as she put on her makeup, for the first time in a really long time looking forward to school.

After applying her vanilla lipgloss, she went to put it back on her vanity when she suddenly saw a small blue velvet box sitting there that she hadn’t noticed the night before. Picking it up, she opened the cover in curiosity.

A smile spread on her lips as she saw the gold heart necklace that lay inside, along with a tiny folded note.

‘Your heart belongs to me for eternity, as mine does to you.’ She read to herself with a contented sigh, clasping the necklace around her neck. Kaleb really WAS the perfect guy in the world.

A couple of minutes later, she heard a loud thud coming from the direction of her parents' bedroom. "Dad, do you have to push Mom out of bed EVERY morning?"

Michael laughed and yelled back, "Aww...but she LIKES it, Bell." He chuckled,
"'s the only way I can wake you both up at once."

"You just watch it, Spaceboy." Maria mumbled. "One day you'll wake up with
a really GOOD haircut and you'll have no idea what happened."

Bella smiled contentedly at how the normal everyday routine was suddenly very
satisfying. She put her hair up in a loose bun with little whispy hairs hanging out around her face and looked at the clock, "Mom, I'm gonna make some breakfast."

Maria laughed. "Yeah, and invent cold fusion while you're at it. WHAT has
gotten into you this morning, chica?!?"

"Can't a girl be happy and perky in the morning?" Bella asked. "You know you
love my scrambled eggs. I'll even forget to add the hot peppers."

Maria still looked puzzled, "You DID get your father's cooking skills…I've
just never known you to use them VOLUNTARILY."

"There's a first time for everything. Meet ya downstairs," Bella ran down
the stairs and whipped up scrambled eggs a la Bella.

Maria and Michael were still looking disheveled when they walked downstairs
and into the kitchen. Maria looked over at Bella, who was singing happily
and cooking, "Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?"

"Emilio Estevez, and chopped her up and put her in the eggs," Bella explained in a sing-song voice.

Michael shook his head, "No...that's DEFINITELY our daughter."

Bella dished the eggs out onto two plates just as she heard a car honking
outside. "Here are your eggs, you guys. That's Kaleb so I should get going."

As she moved to leave, Maria said, "Uh, Bella?"

"Yeah, mom?"

"Shouldn't you bring your backpack?" Maria laughed.

Bella giggled, "Right...might need that." She bolted up the stairs to get
her backpack and ran back downstairs. "Bye Holly!!" Bella squealed as she
bent down to pet her new little gray kitten that had walked into the kitchen,
"Love you guys...bye!" She called as she ran out the back door.

Maria exchanged a look with Michael, "There's something wrong in
Pleasantville, and we need to figure out what that is."

"These eggs are REALLY good!" Michael mumbled through the food in his mouth.

"Your daughter undergoes a major personality change and your main concern is
your stomach," Maria shook her head.

"She's happy...I like her happy...can we just enjoy it for five minutes. Try
the eggs, I swear that girls got skills," Michael replied.

"You know they say that major personality changes, like when someone starts
becoming happy suddenly, is a sign that they have started doing drugs," Maria

Michael almost choked on his food, "Then you must have been on drugs since
high school, Ria...because your mood has more swings than an octuplets

Maria got up to refill her coffee and ruffled Michael’s hair. "Aren't WE the
witty one this morning?"

"I don't think it's so much that I’m WITTY...but that you're exceptionally slow,"
Michael teased.

"I'll show you SLOW," Maria turned to face him and pounced on him, attacking
his mouth with fierce kisses.


“Jesus, Bella. Interesting choice of perfume.” Jezebel grinned as she sniffed the air around Bella as she approached her in the hallway.

Bella stopped in her tracks and turned to her friend confused. Homeroom with the psycho stalker Darla could wait. “What are you talking about, Crazy-girl?!?”

“YOU…” Jezebel pointed at Bella, poking at her collarbone, “smell like SEX.”

Bella’s eyes flew open and her jaw dropped. “Oh shit…do I seriously?!?” A contented smile spread on her face as the memories of the previous night flooded her mind. She had completely forgotten to shower this morning, with all the craziness going on.

Jezebel fell a step back as shock and realization reached her featured. “Oh…My…God…You did NOT! I just thought you guys…like…did…STUFF…and that’s why you smelled like…but…LORD, Bell…you two really…” Jezebel grabbed her best friends shoulders and forced Bella to look at her. “You and Kaleb HAD SEX!” She hissed, her eyes wide with surprise.

Bella raised her eyes from the floor and looked into the bright hazel ones of her cousin, no longer able to keep the grin from her face. “Yeah…” She whispered, nodding excitedly.

“OH MY GOD!” Jezebel screeched loudly, pushing Bella back in disbelief, and causing the whole hallway to look over at them.

“Jesus, Jez…” Bella mumbled, burying her blushing face in her hands.

Jezebel smirked. If it could make the Stone-Wall/Fire-Ball, Bella Guerin, blush, it had to have been something really incredible. “Ok, ok...sorry.” She laughed. “Nothin more to see here, MOVE NOSY YOUR SELVES ON TO CLASS!” Jezebel yelled to the onlookers.

“Now…” She smiled, grabbing Bella’s arm and pulling her around the corner into an empty alcove. “I know I may have serious issues with He Who Shall Remain Nameless at the moment, but hun, you are still my girl, so don’t spare the details.” Jezebel thought for a moment and then cringed. “Ok…spare SOME of the details…you are BOTH my cousins afterall, and…eww, that’s just sick…but SPILL!”

Bella smiled and sighed as she leaned against the windowsill in the alcove. “It was…it was…it’s like…I can’t even use words to describe it. He made me feel…he made me feel…” She struggled.

Jezebel laughed. “Like a natural woman? Yeah I know. Come on, Bell…you’ve finally lost the V-Card. And I FINALLY have someone to talk about this stuff with. So START talking.”

Bella giggled, shaking her head. “God, I love you, Jez. So persistent. Guess we’re not going to Homeroom today.” She hopped up on the windowsill and made herself comfortable. “Alright, well I guess I should start with how I had this nightmare and called him over…”

"Ooh, hold that thought." Jezebel cut in. She reached out and grabbed Lia's
arm as she walked by, pulling her up to the windowsill. "Have a seat, L.
You're not gonna want to miss this."


Kaleb leaned on his elbow and tuned out his Homeroom teacher, who was currently droning on and on about some new drive the school was running. His mind was currently in other, more important places. As slow smile formed on his face as he relived the car-ride to school that morning with Bella.

His Bella. Beautiful, sweet, amazing, ravishing, breathtaking Bella. There were just no words to describe her. Or what they’d shared.

Kaleb closed his eyes as he thought about how she’d looked as she ran out of her house and towards him. A wide smile played on her lips and wisps of hair were flying about her face as the wind whipped around her. She was wearing his shirt. He smiled as he realized it. It had NEVER looked that good on him.

The sun glistened off her hair and lit up her eyes as she slid into car next to him. He had been unable to resist the intense urge to touch her, and wrapped his arm around her tiny waist, drawing her body against his.

“Hey.” He had greeted her huskily, before claiming her sweet lips with his. The kiss was a reaffirmation, telling her once again how much he loved her. He could never tell her that enough. He loved Bella Guerin.

“I love you.” He panted as he broke the kiss off, needing to actually verbalize the words. “How are you feeling?” He had then asked, concerned. He knew what she’d told him when they had woken up less than an hour ago, but he needed to make sure that she was ok. That he hadn’t hurt her in any way.

“I’m perfect.” She smiled as she placed a series of quick kissed on his lips. “Stop worryin.” She had giggled then. Her sweet, melodic giggle that he never tired of hearing.

Wrapping her arms around his neck and snuggling into his body, she sighed. “It’s gonna be a good day.” She kissed the stubbly skin on the side of his chin as she pulled away and slid away from him enough to let him drive. “And you need to shave.” She laughed again.

He’d laughed along with her then and waved his hand over his face, leaving is skin once again smooth. “Sorry, I didn’t exactly have time to shave this morning.” He grinned sheepishly. “Well…off to school.” He paused and laughed again. “And next time you want one of my shirts all you have to do is ask. They look better on you anyway.”

Bella grinned and buckled her seatbelt. “I COULD ask, but then I just wouldn’t be me, would I?” She giggled.

Yeah, it WAS gonna be a good day, he’d thought as he drove off away from her house and towards the school.

But now, sitting in Homeroom, all he wanted was to be back in that car, with his sweet Bell in his arms, snuggling against his chest as he stroked the smooth skin of her arms…and legs…and stomach…and…it was gonna be a LONG day. He sighed, wishing he could speed up time.

A LONG day, but he just hoped it DID turn out to be as good a day as Bella had predicted as they drove away from her house less than an hour before.

His wouldn’t get what was hoping for.


posted on 2-Sep-2001 7:05:36 PM

“Yeah...I noticed them this morning. I know, I know...they’ve screwed.” Darla seethed into her cell phone as she leaned against the inside door of the janitor’s closet.

“Yeah, well I saw her before homeroom and then she and the ho, Jezebel, decided to cut...Yes, I’m SURE she isn’t pregnant yet...Listen, I’d be able to tell if she was. Right, I know.” Darla huffed in frustration.

“Yeah, the parents don’t know. Listen, as long as the little bitch- FINE, SORRY!! What I meant was, as long as BELLA isn’t knocked up yet, we’re ok.” Darla rolled her eyes as she listened to the angry voice floating through the phone.

“I understand. So it will be today then. Fine. We make our move today.” She pushed herself off the door and sneered into the phone. “The little darlings will never know what hit em.”

Darla turned off her cell and plopped it into her bag, exiting the closet and closing the door behind her.

“Ugh! DAMNIT!” She exclaimed as she rounded the corner and came crashing into two other students, dropping her bag on the floor in the process.

Swearing, she dropped down to pick up her bag and finally looked up to see who she’d collided with.

“Well hello, Darla. Lovely day isn’t it?” Jezebel plastered on a fake grin and hooked Bella’s arm with hers. “Ohh, well, sorry hun, we gotta go.” Without waiting a beat, Jezebel dragged Bella down the hallway away from Darla who was still dumbfoundedly hoisting herself up off the floor.

Bella cast a backwards glance as Jezebel pulled her quickly away from Darla, only to find the girl glaring at her with unbelievable hatred.

"Wow..." Lia said, having also noticed the glare Darla was giving Bella.
"Okay, I know I've said this a million times, but she REALLY freaks me out."
She looked at her friends. "I gotta get to class, I'll see you guys at lunch."

“Jezzy...JEZZY SLOW DOWN!” Bella burst out once they had turned down another hallway. “Jez, just listen to me for a second, ok? You NEED to know this.” Bella pulled her cousin against the wall and met her eyes fiercely.

Jezebel was taken aback by Bella’s by the intensity with which Bella was addressing her, and immediately focused in on her. “Sure. Bella, girl...what’s wrong? PLEASE don’t let that skanky piece of trash get to you right now, hun. I mean...I know she’s totally evil, but, like, this should be the happiest day of your life so far, and...”

“JEZ! Listen to me, ok? Something REALLY bad is gonna To Kaleb and I. I’ve been having these dreams and...and...please, just...if something happens before I can warn everyone...just make sure they know...ok? I just....I just KNOW it’s gonna be really soon.”

"Oh my God..." Jezebel gasped. "What do you mean, something's going to happen to you guys? That can't be right..."

Bella’s hands shook as she braced Jezebel’s shoulders. “Listen. Please...Jez. I don’t know how I know things all of a sudden...or why I have all these new intuitions...powers...or whatever...but I KNOW what I felt just now when we ran into her. And I know...well...” Bella chewed her bottom lip and re-met Jezebel’s game. “I know that we can’t stop it from happening. Whatever’s gonna happen to’s gotta play out. It’’s our...destiny.”

Jezebel broke out of Bella's grasp and shook her head adamantly. "FUCK DESTINY! That word is SUCH BULLSHIT, Bell!" She paused and took a deep breath, trembling. "Sorry...I'm sorry, I just...I hate that word so much. I mean, my mom told me all that shit that happened because of that damn word, and the thought of any of it happening to anyone I care about...oh, God, Bell..."

Bella smiled weakly and placed a hand on her cousin and best friend's arm. "But you know what, Jez. I KNOW that this is all because we're together. Kaleb and I. I know that that's what caused all of this...but I love him so much. And THAT's our destiny. So I know it'll all be ok in the end. I think. I mean...It's like Max and Liz...right? It'll all be ok in the end. Just...I just wanted you to know what to expect. So if something DOES happen..."

Jezebel pulled her friend into a hug. "Bell, don't you worry. I'll protect you and your idiot boyfriend. That IS my job, afterall...I Mom was the am I, I guess. You'll be ok." She took another deep breath and managed a small smile. "Man, times like this I wish I smoked, or had some other unhealthy addiction to help block out reality." She joked lamely.

“Yeah...” Bella smiled devilishly. “I could really use some sweaty animal sex right about now.”

Jezebel pulled back quickly. “Oh my GOD, Bell...EWWW Jesus be more nasty!” She laughed.

“Kidding, kidding. Just tryin to lighten the mood.” Bella giggled.

“Uh huh...yeah SURE.” Jezebel smirked. "Well, I guess I do have that one naughty little mind-altering addiction, but you? Don't tell me you're gonna turn into a little nympho on us."

Bella grinned. “Well if sex is always like it was last night...I just may.”

Jezebel grimaced. “Cousins. Sex. We’re nearing OVERSHARE territory, hun.” She yawned slightly. "Oh, sorry. I'm REALLY tired. Didn't get much sleep last night. Then again, it's pretty hard for me to sleep while Jason is-"

"Excuse me, NOW who's heading for an overshare?" Bella interrupted.

"Hey, you were asking for it." Jezebel giggled. "Now come on, we're wicked late."


Kaleb chewed on the eraser of his pencil and stared at the clock. It seemed
to be going slower somehow. Shaking his head, he sighed. Since when did
homeroom last THIS long. "Uhh...Ms. Hardy, can I get a bathroom pass?" He
asked as he raised his hand to get his teacher's attention.

Shaking her head anc chuckling slightly, she held it out to him. "High
maintenance the morning, aren't we Mr. Evans? Just like your father."

Kaleb smiled at the distinguished woman who had also taught his father in
highschool and took the pass from her.

In the bathroom, Kaleb splashed some cool water on his face and shook his
head a few times. 'Get a grip.' He ordered himself. 'Just a few more hours...'

Suddenly, Parker strolled through the door and plopped himself down next to
Kaleb on the counter. "You know...funny thing but last night I decided to do
a little dream surfin..."

Kaleb froze in mid hand-wash and looked up at his best friend's smirking
face. "I hate when you do that. It's, like...a total privacy invasion."

Parker snorted. "Yeah, sorry m'am. Whatever, it's ENTERTAINING. You'd
totally do it if you could. ANYWAY, so I kinda popped into your head..."

Kaleb coughed. "WHAT?!?! Dude that's so not cool. didn't...see
anything, like..." he coughed again and frantically tried to dry his hands with the rough paper towel.

Parker chucked at Kaleb's nervousness. "Well I got out of there pretty damn
fast. Jees, Kaleb, you and Bella seriously need to, like, make with the screwin. You're OBSESSED, man."

Kaleb's coughing increased into a fit of hacking gasps. "Uh...Parker...what
the hell man, I mean..."

Parker's brow furrowed and he studied his cousin carefully. "Kaleb, you DOG
YOU." He shook his head and laughed. "I’m guessin it happened last night then. So...uhhh...was it...uhhh..." he
raised an eyebrow.

Kaleb slumped his shoulders, conceding to the fact that he couldn't keep his
experience a secret. "Yeah, man...ohhh yeah."

Parker nodded. " Umm, so anyway. see the game last night?"

Kaleb cocked a half smile, glad for the change of subject. "Yeah. That shit
kicked ass."


Bella snuck up behind Kaleb as he searched for something in the back of his
locker. With a sly smile, she stood on her tiptoes and placed her hands over
his eyes. "Guess who?"

Kaleb smiled. "Parker?"

"Funny." Bella said, smacking him playfully on his shoulder. "So...we have
lunch next."

"Well, yes, Bell." Kaleb replied, giving her a half smile and a wink. "Lunch
traditionally is around noon, isn't it?"

Bella smiled. "Soooo smart today, aren't we?"

Kaleb grinned and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. "Well, it IS a good

"So..." Bella began with an evil grin. "What do you say to skipping out on
lunch and going to Senor Chows? I've got a crazy Chinese food craving."

"Bella Guerin, are you suggesting we SKIP?" Kaleb said, feigning shock.

"Just lunch!" Bella said, batting her eyelashes at him. "Please? There's some
stuff I need to tell you, and'll be nice. Kinda, you know,
romantic to get away from the crowd."

Kaleb nodded, smiling and linked his arm with Bella's. "Shall we?"

Bella laughed and bumped his body with hers. "You're such a dork."


Bella and Kaleb arrived at Senor Chow's ecstatic that they had successfully
ditched school. Now that the grounding had begun, this would be the only way
the two would be able to actually date.

Kaleb saw a shadow out of the corner of his eye as he got out of the car, but
when he looked again, it was gone. "Okay, I'm being way too paranoid," He
thought out loud as he went to open Bella's door for her.

Darla closed her eyes, concentrating on being invisible. She didn't always
have to close her eyes, but it helped her to sustain the mindwarp for longer
periods of time. She'd waited, and now, she had her chance. The two of them
were all alone with none of the others to come to their aid.

Bella took Kaleb's hand to get out of the car, "Formal mood?" She started to
feel a little queasy. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

Kaleb looked concerned, "What?"

"I don't know. I just feel sick. Like food poisoning, only I haven't eaten si
nce breakfast," Bella clutched her stomach.

As Kaleb leaned over Bella, her vision started getting blurred. She wanted to
run, but she didn't know why. No one knew they'd skipped school. So why did
she feel like her body was telling her she was making a huge mistake?

"Are you sure you're ok?" Kaleb asked, still concerned. "We can go back if
you want."

"No," Bella shook herself, "I thought of this date. We're going." 'I just
hope I don't regret this.' She let him help her out of the car.

Darla had placed herself in the parking lot so that she could see Bella and
Kaleb, but they couldn't see her when she uncloaked. She uncloaked herself,
and waited for them to start to get out of the car. As they did, she closed
her eyes and hit them with an energy blast designed to knock them out, but
not kill them.

Bella and Kaleb simultaneously felt this searing pain and tried to scream,
but failed. They moved to try to hold onto each other, but found they were
unable to move their limbs as well, finally succumbing to the darkness.


Jezebel suddenly sat up straight, bumping into the table in the process. She
closed her eyes for a moment, placing her hand against her forehead.

"You okay, Jez?" Parker asked through a mouthful of his sandwich.

"I don't know..." Jezebel replied. "Just got this sudden...I don't know, bolt
of pain through my head. Hey, has anyone seen Bella or Kaleb?"

"Not since this morning." Jason replied. "Are you sure you're all right?"

"Yeah. What about you guys? Have you seen them?" Jezebel asked.

"Nah, but don't worry." Parker said. "They're probably making out somewhere."

Jezebel shook her head. Something was wrong. "No...shit, you guys, I've got a
bad feeling..."

"Anything specific?" Lia asked, clutching the table. She was still on edge
after what she'd found at the party.

"Not really...just...wait here a second." She stood up and walked out of the
quad, disappearing around the side of the building. She returned a minute
later, looking worried. "Fuck, you guys, Bob's gone."

"Are you sure?" Parker asked, dropping his sandwich and jumping to his feet.

"Who's Bob?" Jason asked.

"Kaleb's Jeep. And yes, I'm sure." Jezebel replied, catching her breath. "He
was parked between Gisele and Sally this morning."

Jason was hopelessly confused by now. "Who?"

"My car and Parker's Mustang." Jezebel explained. "But that's SO not the
issue right now."

"You named the cars?" Jason asked, incredulous.

Lia sighed, "Pay attention. Are you sure they didn't just skip to have some
alone time? It is lunch after all."

Parker agreed, "It is Bella and Kaleb. C'mon, they're as bad as their

"Yeah, we skip all the time, babe." Jason said, rubbing Jezebel's back
soothingly. "That's probably what they did, too."

"No, this is different." Jezebel insisted, her voice starting to shake.
"Something's happened."

"Dangit, I know you're right. You have that whole sensing thing. I just don't
know how we'll find them," Lia turned white.

Jezebel buried her face in her hands. "Damn it. She told me this morning that
she felt like something was going to happen. She said it was like...destined.
She actually used the D word." She sank into a seat. "Jesus...I shouldn't
have let either of them out of my sight."

Parker stepped in, “Jez, it’s not like you’re their babysitter. You can’t blame yourself...on the chance that something DID happen to them.”

Jezebel stood up and glared at the rest of the table. “No! You’re right. I’m NOT their babysitter. I’m THEIR PROTECTOR! And I FAILED THEM!”

Grabbing her bag she ran off towards the parking lot and the rest of the table watched as she got into her car and slammed the door.

Jason got up to run after her but Parker and Lia each grabbed one of his arms holding him down.

“NOT a good idea, Bro.” Parker warned.

Lia nodded her head. “Yeah. She’s just gonna go home, Jason. We know her. Trust us, she needs to think by herself. She’s SOO NOT the ‘help me through my anger’ type.”

Jason sighed. “I know. It’s just...she feels so bad. Especially because she and Kaleb are know...on the outs.”

"Just give her some time to settle down." Parker said. "If something has happened, we're going to need her. Meanwhile, we need to figure out if something has, in fact, actually happened."

Lia nodded. “Yeah. Why don’t we, their cell’s or something? See if they answer?”

Parker nodded in agreement and took out his cellphone. “Sounds good. You call Bella and I’ll call Kaleb.”

The two simultaneously dialed the numbers as Jason watched, feeling helpless in the tense situation.

“Shit...” Parker mumbled as his sister’s face fell. “Well...he didn’t answer...and I’m guessing she didn’t either.”

Lia shook her head no and plopped her phone back in her bag. “This is bad.”

"So...what the hell are we supposed to do?" Jason asked, wanting to help and frustrated at not having any idea how he could.

Parker scratched his head. "There's only one thing we CAN do. Unfortunately..."

Jason looked back and forth between the siblings. "And that is...?!?"

Lia sighed. "Get our parents."


Bella’s head was throbbing. Not “that music is way to loud” throbbing. More like “I just got hit in the head with a steel beam” throbbing. Squeezing closed her already shut eyes, she stretched her body, trying to remember where she was.

The first thing her half-sleeping body realized was that it was curled up with another, harder...MANLY body.

“Kaleb...” She mumbled sleepily with a smile as she pushed her face into his chest.

Except there was no response from the warm body under her. In fact...he wasn’t moving at all...

Bella opened her eyes, despite the additional pain to her head, and was met with the shadowed material of Kaleb’s shirt. Where WERE THEY?!? And why were they sleeping together...NOT THAT KIND OF SLEEPING TOGETHER (unfortunately. Sorry that’s just writers’ POV there. Not character.) the middle of the day?

Thoroughly confused, Bella sat up and looked around her. What she was met with terrified her beyond belief. A gasp and shudder went through her body as her eyes swept over the empty room she and Kaleb were being held in.

The PINK walls. Pink like the ones from her dream. The memories of the dream accompanied with the memories of the afternoon flooded her mind. They had been taken. Just like her dreams.

Bringing her hands to his shoulders and leaning down over him, Bella shook Kaleb gently. “K...K! WAKE UP!” She hissed, her voice shaky with fear. No response. Oh god.

But he was alive. She could see the steady rise and fall of his chest with each breath he took. SO he was ALIVE. That was something.

Leaning closer to his face, Bella spoke louder and shook him shoulders with more force. “KALEB. WAKE UP.’s Bell...”

Leaning back against the call next to his reclining body, and latched her hand tightly to his and swallowed the lump that was rapidly forming in her throat.

“Oh god. Don’t cry. That’s like, SO not gonna help, Bella. Jesus. Oh god.” She whispered to herself, trying to hold back the tears that were now brimming in her eyes.

The dimly lit, musty room had one old looking pole lamp in the opposite corner, casting menacing shadows on itself and the empty room, and Bella closed her eyes in an effort to block it all out. Her head was still throbbing. And it seemed like the room was completely devoid of air. God, it was so hot.

Squeezing his hand even tighter, Bella slid down the wall and lay down next to Kaleb once again. Burying her face in his unresponsive chest, she struggled to take deep breaths.

She and Kaleb were being held somewhere. Somewhere with UNBELIEVABLY tacky pink walls.

And Kaleb still wasn’t waking up.

They were doomed. And she had been right.

She let the hot tears slide down her face.


“Listen, I just NEED TO HELP.” Josh implored forcefully as he, Lia and Parker walked up the Whitman driveway.

Parker sighed. “I understand why you’re pissed, ok, but you CAN’T stay here with us. We have to call our parents and if you’re here...they’ll KNOW you KNOW about us...ok? And unless you want today to get a WHOLE LOT worse, you should just leave. I’ll call you when we find out anything important...I swear.”

Josh took a deep breath. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand Parker’s point. It made perfect sense. It was just that with Bella and Kaleb missing, and Jezebel, well, doing whatever it was that she was doing, he felt like he really should be helping in some way.

Even though he’d never been especially close to any of them, he’d always really liked Bella and Kaleb. Bella was so sweet and funny...and Kaleb, well he just always seemed like this really stand-up, good guy. And Jezebel loved them. And that meant that they were really good people.

"Fine." He finally relented, shoving his hands in the pocket of his jeans. "But call me the MINUTE you know anything. Okay?"

"He just said he would." Lia reminded him gently. "Why don't you go back to school, there's really nothing you can do for now."

"There is one thing I can do." Josh said firmly. "I'm going to go talk Jezebel."

"Oh, right, there's a brilliant idea." Parker said. "Let Jacinda and Kyle find out that you know, that'll be helpful."

Josh sobered at the statement. He wanted them all to know EVENTUALLY...but this wasn’t the best time. Clearly. Sighing, he gave up. “Just tell me you think she’ll be alright...and I’ll go.”

Parker nodded. “She will. She’s really strong about stuff. Even is she is the biggest pain in the ass I know.” He smirked halfheartedly.


Hunter scratched his head in confusion as he sat next to Katie at the lunch table. He had intended to go over to Lia and talk to her. She’d seemed like such a cool girl yesterday and he really wanted to get to know her better. So he was going to see if he could eat lunch at her table.

That’s what he’d been about to do when she, her brother, and that guy that was going out with Jezebel had bolted out of their seats and ran to their respective cars, peeling out of the parking lot.

It was...slightly weird. What the hell could’ve been THAT urgent.

So he was kindof worried.

“EARTH TO HUNT-STER?!!?” Katie laughed as he grimaced at the nickname. “I ASKED you a question.”

Hunter pushed his light brown out of his eyes and turned to his cousin. “Yeah, Kay. What is it?”

Katie smiled and raised an eyebrow. “I asked who you were looking at. You seem really interested in something over there.”

Hunter shrugged nonchalantly. “Oh, I was just wondering why Lia, Parker and that other kid ran out of here so fast. They seemed all freaked about something.”

Katie nodded knowingly. “Well something you have to learn about THAT group is...”

“Wait...” Hunter interrupted, “Who is THAT group?”

“Oh, well it’s Kaleb, Bella, Jezebel, Parker, Lia, and the second stringers Josh and Corey. They’re kinda in by association. They’re all really cool and all, and popular...and the guys are HOT. But they just always seem to be involved in stuff that noone knows about. They’re kinda...mysterious.” Katie sighed. “It’s really too bad that Kaleb and Parker are both taken because seriously what I wouldn’t give for a piece of those asses.”

Hunter grimaced. “Jesus, Kay. MALE RELATIVE alert. Wanna NOT talk about that shit?”

Katie shrugged and laughed. “Hey, I’m just sayin. Those boys are S-E-X-Y. It’s not like I would really DO anything. Bella and Corey are my friends. I just know yummy when I see it.”

“ENOUGH! Jeez, I GET IT. God, Kay. You need some ass.” Hunter laughed.

“I know, right?” Katie grinned. “So...uh...if you’re really, like, WORRIED about them you can call Lia’s cell number. I have it. Unless you think that’d be weird or something.”

Hunter tugged on the bottom of his yellow t-shirt thoughtfully. He and Lia had gotten along really well yesterday. He felt like they could become really good friends. And to tell the truth he WAS kinda worried.

“Uh, why not. I’ll call.” Hunter decided out loud with a shrug.


“Morning the face of a newborn child. Innocent unknowing...” Bella forced out her favorite Sarah song quietly through breathy sobs. Singing usually calmed her down. And the dim room was eerily quiet without her voice to fill the void. She needed to calm down desperately.

So far it wasn’t working. And her headache was still pounding behind her eyes.

After waking up and surveying her surroundings, (and freaking out for a while and laying next to Kaleb in a ridiculous attempt to reclaim sleep), she’d walked around the room a little. The door was locked securely and, try as she would, she couldn’t seem to unlock it. The windows were the same way, and they were blocked with steel bars.

But the thing that had really scared her. Terrified her beyond belief, was that when she’d tried to blast them open, nothing had happened.

As in NOTHING. NO BLAST. It was had NO powers. She was helpless.

“Shit...god.” She bit her lip as she tightened her grasp on Kaleb’s unresponsive hand and wrapper her arm tightly around his waist as she lay next to him on the shag-carpeted floor.

“And winters end...promises of a long lost friend.” She attempted to swallow the lump in here throat and continue. “Speaks to me of comfort. But I fear, I have nothing to-”

Bella bolted up into a sitting position when she felt Kaleb suddenly move next her, immediate quieting her attempt at singing.

“Kaleb...KALEB!!!” She hissed, clasping onto his hand for dear life.

Kaleb’s amber eyes slowly fluttered open and met Bella’s grey ones. “Hey.” He smiled slightly, pushing himself up into a sleeping position.

“Uh...” Kaleb’s eyes frantically darted around the room when he realized his unfamiliar surroundings. “Bell...where are we.”

Bella’s bottom lip quivered as pools of tears reformed in her eyes. “I...” She struggled. “I...”

Erupting into a fit of gasps and sobs, Bella flung herself into Kaleb’s arms, her hot tears wetting the crook of his neck.

“I don’t know!” She sobbed, her fists balling up the rough material of his shirt on his chest. “I don’t know...”

Kaleb hugged Bella fiercely to his body, drawing her up into his lap and stroking her back, just as he had the night before in her room. The shock of waking up in his unknown surroundings and Bella breaking down was wearing off, slowly being replaced with a terror that went down to his core. They were being held somewhere together. They had been captured. Just like...just like his FATHER had all those years ago. The thought sent shivers down his spine. He wouldn’t let ANYONE hurt Bella. He’d die first.

“God, K...” Bella choked into his neck. “you wouldn’t wake up. I tried and...but you just wouldn’t...and I was all alone...”

Kaleb kissed the side of Bella’s head and pulled his face back slightly, raising hers with his hand. “Shhh...Bella, baby, I’m here. I’d never leave you alone, My Bell.” He feathered light kisses over her forehead and cheeks. “Shhh...” He continued to sooth, stroking her fine hair, letting it slide through his fingers lovingly. Kaleb claimed her lips gently, stroking her cheek.

Pulling away, he whispered soothingly, “Don’t cry, Bella. We’re stronger than anything together. We’ll be ok .”

Bella nodded, taking a deep breath attempting to halt her sobs and ran her fingers over Kaleb’s cheek and jaw. “Are you alright?” She asked, carefully inspecting his face.”

Kaleb chuckled despite himself. Just like her to ask about him first. “Yes, I’m fine. Are YOU ok?” His gaze became filled with concern as Bella’s face suddenly contorted in pain for an instant before returning back to normal.

“What’s WRONG?!?” He exclaimed suddenly, tightening his arm around her waist.

“It’’s nothing I just have this...this...” She grimaced again as the pain intensified. “migraine.” She finished with a shudder.

“Let me fix it.” He rushed, gently cupping the back of her head with his hand.

Kaleb closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment before opening them again. “I’m...I’m sorry, Bell...I...there’s nothing that I can see wrong. I don’t know...”

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it.” Bella hurried. “Um, anyway...” She looked down and bit her lip. “We kindof have...bigger problems than that.” She said softly.

“What is it?” Kaleb gently stroked her arm with his thumb.

Bella looked up at Kaleb and tucked her hair behind her ear. “This is the same place from my dream...and I have no powers.”



Lia’s cell phone rang as she and Parker entered their house. Josh had finally drove off towards where they could only HOPE was back to school, and they were about to sit down and beep all the parents.

Years before, when Jezebel and Bella hadn’t come home on time one night from the mall due to a missed bus, the parents had freaked out and made THE BEEPER PLAN. Basically what it was, was that they all had beepers and if they were beeped 911 and then 1, 2, 3 or 4, they would all haul ass back to whichever coded house was entered. 1 was the Evan’s, 2 was the Geurin’s, 3 was the Whitman’s, and 4 was the Valenti’s.

So Lia and Parker had just been about to beep them all 911*3 when Lia’s phone rang.

“Hello!??!” She said frantically, flipping the phone open. Maybe it was Bella or Kaleb, and they were ok somewhere.

“Uh...Lia? It’s Hunter. You know...from yesterday?” Hunter’s voice filtered through the cell.

Lia sighed and shook her head at Parker letting him know it wasn’t who they’d hoped.

“Yeah, I remember. Um, hey.” She said a little awkwardly, feeling guilty at the flutter in her chest when Bella and Kaleb could be in mortal danger.

“So, I was just wonderin, you know...if everything was ok. I saw you guys run off and you looked...I dunno, freaked?” He stammered slightly.

“Yeah. Everything’s fine.” She rushed, wishing she didn’t have to lie. “We’re just havin thing.” She finally said. It wasn’t a lie. They WERE having a family thing. “Listen, Hunter, I’m REALLY sorry but I have to go.” She said as Parker gave her the universal “angry wrap it up gesture”. “I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?”

“Uh, yeah sure. I hope your “family thing” is ok. Bye, Lia.” He concluded, his confusion evident in his voice.

“Bye Hunter.”

Lia pressed the END button on her phone and sighed.

Parker placed his hand on her shoulder in an uncharacteristically open gesture of compassion. “Listen, Li. I’m sorry about that...but we really have to...”

“I know.” She rushed with a curt smile. “Hey. What’s with all the nice-ness? I’m already freaked out enough.” She forced laugh.

Parker scratched his head thoughtfully, as if the question was incredibly difficult to answer. “I guess it’s just...well, K and Bell are missing...and Jezebel’s gone insane...and...” He stammered. “It’s kinda...just us. I...damnit don’t make me say it!” He erupted in frustration.

Lia raised an eyebrow and her lips curved up slightly.

Parker sighed. “Fine, fine. I appreciate you, ok? Happy?”

“Yes. Very. Anyway, let’s start callin. I’ll take Liz, you take Max, we’ll work our way down.” Lia said, taking charge in a way that she hardly ever did.

Parker chuckled slightly. “Yes, ma’am.” He got out his phone and started dialing while she did the same. Sighing, he pressed SEND on the phone. “Here goes.”


“I have to say, I didn’t think you’d be able to do it that well.” The shadowed person remarked with a smirk.

Darla and another shadowed figure sat in the hall outside the pink room talking. It had been about an hour since the capture. And things couldn’t have gone better. Darla was thoroughly proud of herself.

“And the other one. Is SHE still out?” The figure continued.

“Oh, yeah.” Darla bubbled. “She was a pain in the ass to take care of, though. I knew she would be.” She giggled.

The figure nodded. “We got her just in time, you know. She knew who you were. Who you REALLY were.”

Darla nodded gravely. “Yeah, well. Disaster averted.” She smiled. “So...when can I go in there and have my fun with him, huh?!!?”

The figure laughed evilly. “Oh, aren’t we just the eager one. NO, I wanna give them a little while to realize that they can’t get out. The more afraid they are, the easier this will be for us.” The figure grinned. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your fun. And so will I.”


Jezebel had sped home and stormed angrily through her empty house before going to her room and slamming the door. Only after she was securely in her room with the door sealed shut did her anger peak.

“GEEZ FUCK!!!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, grabbing her lamp and heaving it at the wall as hard as she could. “GODDAMNIT!!!!!!” She grabbed her clock and speared it towards the closed door. The appliance shattered into a million mechanical pieces, reminding Jezebel of how she felt at the moment.

Staring at the broken pieces of ceramic, glass and metal covering her floor, she slumped down against the wall, her head collapsing into her hands. Raising her hand towards her CD player, LIFEHOUSE came blasting out at a near deafening volume.

*If shame had a face
I think it would kind of look like mine
If it had a home would it be my eyes?
Would you believe me if I said I'm tired of this?
Well here we go, now, one more time...

The music drowned out the muffled sounds of Jezebel’s sobs as her body shook and her face streamed tears. “Fuck...” She mumbled into her hands, as her anger and guilt saturated her soul.

*'Cause I tried to climb your steps
I tried to chase you down
I tried to see how low
I could get down to the ground
And I tried to earn my way
I tried to tame this mind
You better believe that I have
Tried to be this

Rolling down into a fetal position on the corner of her room, Jezebel cried as she never had before. “I’m so sorry...”

* When will this end?
It goes on and on
Over and over and over again
Keeps spinning around
I know that it won't stop
'Til I stand down from this for good

Jezebel’s head was spinning with the events of the past few days. That STUPID fight with Kaleb. That stupid fucking fight. And they hadn’t spoken since. Her COUSIN. Basically her BROTHER. And one of her best friends.

* I never thought I'd end up here
Never thought I'd be standing where I am
I guess I kind of thought that it would be easier than this
I guess I was wrong, now, one more time...

And then there was Bella. The person she loved and trusted more than she did herself. Her best friend since birth. Her cousin...her family...her sanity. And she’d sworn she’d protect her. She’d promised that Bella would be ok.

* 'Cause I tried to climb your steps
I tried to chase you down
I tried to see how low
I could get down to the ground
And I tried to earn my way
I tried to tame this mind
You better believe that I have
Tried to be this

So she’d failed Bella...and she hadn’t even spoken to Kaleb for two days. And now both of them could die. And it would all be HER fault. Jezebel closed her eyes tightly and raised the music even louder with her powers.

* When will this end?
It goes on and on
Over and over and over again
Keeps spinning around
I know that it won't stop
'Til I stand down from this sick cycle carousel

*This is a sick cycle, yeah
Sick cycle carousel
This is a sick cycle, yeah

*When will this end?
It goes on and on
Over and over and then over again
Keeps spinning around
I know that it won't stop
'Til I stand down from this for good

Maybe if there was a god he’d just let her crawl into herself and die. If anything happened to Bella and Kaleb...she’d be dead inside anyway.



“Oh, SHIT.” Max dropped his stethoscope as he glanced down at his beeper. 911*3.

“CAROL! I gotta go!” He yelled as he bolted down the hallway of the hospital. “Cover room 423!”



Liz stopped in the middle of focusing her microscope and looked down at her pager at her waist.

“Oh my god...” She whispered before flinging off her labcoat and jetting out the door.



Isabel’s heart dropped down to her stomach when she saw the emergency code in her beeper.

“SANDRA! My class is in recess, I need you to sub! There’s an emergency!!” She called as she ran across the grass field towards the parking lot.



Kyle was reaching for his jacket to get his beeper out of the pocket when he heard a loud crash.

"Goddammit." He muttered. "Hanson again?" He called out.

"Yes, sir." A deputy replied. "He's worse than his father."

"I gotta fire that numbskull." Kyle said to himself as he grabbed his beeper. 911*3. Shit. "I'm going out, Davis, hold down the fort!"


"No, Vicky, I'm not kidding. Pam was actually wearing a-" Jacinda's laughter was cut short by a hard kick in the ribcage. "Ow! Will you settle down in there? No, I'm fine. This kid's just trying to beat me to death from the inside, that's all."


She heard her beeper going off. "Oh, shit, Vick, I gotta go. Call me later." She hung up the phone and pulled her beeper out of her purse. "Oh my God..."


“So anyway, this shirt is made of Spanish silk, and is hand embroidered...” The designer pitched to Maria excitedly. Maria was very well respected in the fashion industry and people were always trying to get their ideas in her line.


“Hold on just a second.” Maria interrupted the young woman, looking down at the beeper on her waist. “SHIT! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I GOTTA GO!” She exclaimed, running out of the room.

The designer stood up and called after her. “Um...I’ll just leave it here...then? Ok...umm...”


"I was thinking what we need to do with this program, Mr. Whitman, if I may-"


"Hold that thought..." Alex said to one of the executives he was having lunch
with. He looked at his beeper. "Jesus...I gotta go. There's an emergency."


"Mrs. Ivers called." Michael's assistant said. "She wants to change the
cabinets. Again."

"Oh, for the love of...I mean, GEEZ! She's changed those cabinets five
times." Michael groaned.


Michael checked his beeper. 911*3. "Know what? You handle this, I've gotta

"What should I tell Mrs. Ivers?"

"Tell her where to shove those cabinets!" Michael called over his shoulder as
he headed for his car.


"No!" With that, Michael sped off, headed for the Whitman house.


Kaleb sat against the wall with Bella in his lap, gently stroking her hair in a slow, rhythmic motion. It had taken a little while for her to calm down. And he certainly blame her.

He felt like they were basically sitting ducks at this point. And Bella not having powers scared him more than he’d ever admit to her.

Kaleb was preliminarily a healer. He healed people. And he had good intuition. And he could make a shield.

Bella, on the other hand, had inherited Michael’s power to receive flashes, as well as his protecting power to emit energy blasts. Then there was her incredible intuition and dreams...and seeing what his mother had always called “the evil within” which, to be honest, confused the crap out of him. There didn’t seem to be any logical reason to have the power that noone but his mother had.

But her inability to make an energy blast was incredibly concerning. That would have been their best defense...and offense against whoever was keeping them there. What could HE do? Heal them to death?

“You feelin better?” He asked Bella softly, looking down at the side of her face pressed against him.

Bella nodded against his chest and let out a breath. “Sorry I freaked out on ya, K. Momentary lapse, I swear.” She paused and bit her lip. “Did I actually just bawl all over you for the second time in two days?” She giggled. “I’m on a roll, huh.”

Kaleb kissed the top of her head and smiled. “Oh yeah, you kick ass at emotional outbursts.” He paused and suddenly got serious. “We’re gonna be alright, you know. I know we are.”

Bella sighed. “Yeah. I know.” She agreed half-heartedly. “ think they’re all freaking out yet? They probably just thing were off somewhere having crazy animal sex.” She laughed softly, trying to ease the tension.

Kaleb chuckled and wrapped his arms around Bella’s tiny waist. “Yeah...speaking of that...” Kaleb paused thoughtfully. “...when all this is over...we really have some...stuff, you know, to talk about. About last night.”

Bella snuggled deeper into Kaleb’s lap and laced her fingers with his. “Last night...” She sighed wistfully. “Last night was...” She paused and giggled slightly. “FUN.”

Kaleb chuckled. “Well, glad to know I entertain. I...uh, had FUN too.” His smile broadened. “Fun was never that good before.”

Bella turned around in his lap and raised herself up to be level with his face. “When we get out of this...” She paused and looked around the room, “TACKY ASS pepto-rific prison, we’re gonna have SOOOO much fun.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he smiled.

“God, I love you so much.” He breathed, resting his forehead against hers.

“That’s cause I’m so damn lovable.” Bella smiled before bringing her lips to his.

Their lips slid over each other’s in their familiar rhythm, in an attempt to momentarily forget about their retched surroundings. Kaleb slid his tongue into Bella’s hot, waiting mouth, eliciting a soft moan from her as she threaded her fingers through his dark hair.

“Mmmmm...” Bella sucked his tongue and lips, getting lost in the sensations they were causing. “...K...”

“Well, how SWEET.” A high pitched voice said in a sing-song manner from the now opened doorway.

Bella jerked away from Kaleb’s lips and turned around in his lap. “Darla.” She hissed with hatred at the intruder, while Kaleb gave her hand a comforting squeeze.

“Oh, Darla is so...INFORMAL.” The red-haired girl smirked and slowly ran her hand over her face, emitting a soft white glow as she went. When she withdrew her hand they were met with the curly blonde, blue-eyed face they instinctively feared.

“You can call me TESS.”


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All of the parents arrived at the Whitman house at almost the exact same time.

"What's going on?" Max asked, well aware that the others probably didn't know
any more than he did.

"Something big." Jacinda said breathlessly, pressing her hand against her
stomach. "Probably explains why he's been so active. I think he's biting my

"Any idea who the pages came from?" Kyle asked, putting his arm around
Jacinda and leading her up the driveway.

"They came from us." Lia said as she and Parker came out of the house to meet
the adults.

Liz paled and leaned on Max for support. "Where's Kaleb?"

"And Bella?" Maria asked, reaching for Michael's hand. "And Jezebel?"

Parker shifted his weight nervously. “Uh, Jezebel should be home in her room. That’s my guess.”

Jacinda let out the breath she’d been holding and lessoned her grip on Kyle’s hand. “Thank god.” She paused as the news sunk in and the two missing names became more evident. “What about Kaleb and Bella?”

Lia bit her lip and Parker ran a hand through his hair.

“Why don’t you guys all come inside?” Lia began, hesitantly after a moment of tense silence.

None of the adults moved.

"Where are Bella and Kaleb?" Max asked, looking from Lia to Parker as he pulled Liz closer to him.

"We...we don't know." Lia admitted softly.

"What do you mean 'You don't KNOW'?" Maria's voice grew tight and fierce. "Where ARE they?!?"

"We think they skipped class." Parker explained. "The Jeep was gone, and Jezebel had this...feeling that something was wrong. We tried calling their cell phones and...nothing."

Michael remained silent and his face was stone, blocking out all outward emotion, but inside he was being ripped apart. "Liz?" He forced out, clenching his teeth.

"Yeah?" She replied weakly, the terror for the children evident in her voice.

"I think this is the perfect opportunity for you to try to contact them. Let's go inside." He grabbed Maria's hand and led her into the house with the others in tow to attempt to invoke a power that hadn't been used in over 19 years.


After leaving Parker and Lia at the Whitman house, Josh had started to drive
back to school...and driven right past it, right out of town. Now he was at
an intersection, trying to decide if he should go right or left. He didn't
want to go either way. He wanted to turn around and go straight back to
Roswell, straight to Jezebel's house, to take her in his arms and comfort
her. But he couldn't. Parker was right. Now was not the time for the parents
to find out about him.

"Ah, fuck it." He said out loud. He pressed his foot on the gas pedal and
turned the steering wheel sharply. There was no way in hell that he was going
to stay away from the girl he loved while she was suffering, whatever the
cost to him was.


"Damn it!" Liz groaned in frustration, slamming her hand against the kitchen
table. "Nothing."

"Try again!" Maria pleaded.

"She's been trying for twenty minutes." Jacinda said, trying to stay calm.
"She's going to wear herself out."

Max paced around the kitchen nervously. "It just doesn't make ANY SENSE. She
SHOULD be able to contact them. At least Kaleb. They're connected. It doesn't
make any sense..."

Kyle watched his brother in law as he nearly wore a groove in the kitchen
floor. "Listen, Evans...maybe we should just all calm down and look at this
rationally for a minute."

Michael jumped to his feet and clenched his fists. "Oh, that's easy for YOU
to say, Kyle. YOU'RE daughter is SAFE at home. Not out somewhere in god
knows what kind of horrible place in DANGER!" He shouted angrily.

Kyle's face hardened and he clenched his jaw. "You KNOW I care about those
kids like they were my own, Michael. How DARE you imply..."

"NOT HELPING!" Parker broke in, in an angry yell from in front of the refrigerator. "JESUS! Act like ADULTS for a second here."

Michael and Kyle both looked down, ashamed.

"You know...I..." Michael began. "I didn't mean..."

"No, it's okay." Kyle said. "You were...I mean, I really don't know what..."

"Okay, enough!" Jacinda cut in, stepping between the two men. "Normally,
there's very little I love more than watching a pair of emotionally retarded,
knuckle-dragging primates attempt to apologize for BEING emotionally
retarded, knuckle-dragging primates. But we've got more important things to
worry about." She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket.

"Who are you calling?" Liz asked.

"Jezebel." Jacinda replied. "I'm sure she can help us contact Bella and
Kaleb, she contacts me all the time. Typically at the most inopportune time."
She waited for a moment, then turned off her cell phone. "No answer." She
said. "I'll try her cell phone." She dialed another number and waited.
"Nothing. Lia, Parker, are you sure she went home?"

"Pretty sure." Lia admitted uncomfortably. "She got really freaked out when
we realized that Bella and Kaleb were gone, and she got in her car and took

" have no way of really knowing where she is...or if she's safe?"
Kyle asked. "Michael...I think I suddenly understand what you're going

"Oh, my God..." Jacinda gasped, closing her eyes and leaning against the

Kyle moved to his wife's side and pulled her into his arms, holding her up.
"We're going home."

Max shook his head. "You can't go home now, we need to-"

"Know exactly what we are dealing with." Jacinda interrupted. "What if...what
if Jezebel is missing, too? Max, we will call you as soon as we get home, I
swear. You know how much Bella and Kaleb mean to me, and there is nothing
that I would not do to protect them. You know that. But I can't do anything
until I know where my daughter is."

"Okay." Max said. "You're right. I understand."


Kaleb stared at the blonde woman in slack jawed shock. “You’re...”

“Tess, yes, yes, we just covered that, didn’t we?” She smiled menacingly from across the room. “I’m gonna take it that you’ve heard of me.” She flipped her hair and grinned proudly.

Bella clenched her teeth and gripped Kaleb’s hand. “Yeah, you’re skankiness had preceded you.”

“Listen, ya little HO, the only reason you’re alive right now is...” she stopped abruptly in mid-sentence and giggled. “What I mean is, say whatever you want, little girl, but you’re sittin there powerless. And I could kill you with the flick of my tiny...little...”

“Brain?” Bella offered, smiling sweetly.

“FINGER!” Tess yelled. “God. Just like your bitch mother, aren’t you?”

Kaleb bolted to his feet causing Bella to be flung off abruptly, and she staggered slightly as she regained her balance.

“Sorry,” he whispered, squeezing her hand slightly. “NOW...” He began angrily as he directed his words toward Tess. “I don’t know WHAT you want with us, but you have NO RIGHT to insult Bella OR her mother...or ANY of us.” He took a shaky breath, trying to control his rage. “Tell us, WHAT is it exactly that you want? Because your witty verbal repartee is literally making me stupider by the second.” He gritted out in uncharacteristic sarcasm as Bella beamed at his side.

“Ohh, little Kaleb. So much like your father.” Tess laughed, slowly advancing toward where Kaleb and Bella were still standing. “Well, to tell to you the TRUTH, I PERSONALLY don’t want ANYTHING from you’re little slut of a girlfriend over there.” She shot a menacing glare toward Bella.

Bella responded by smiling and giving Tess the finger with a snorted laugh.

“ANYWAY,” Tess continued. “I could care less about HER. It’s only YOU...I ...WANT.” She purred in attempted seductivity as she leaned in towards Kaleb, stopping when her face was merely a foot away from his. “BELLA,” she spat out the name, “could just go to HELL for all I care.” She grinned evily. “In fact...” She trailed off as she quickly pressed her hand against Bella’s chest sending a blinding flash of light into her body.

Bella screamed piercingly in pain before crumpling to the floor in a heap of unconsciousness, hanging only by the pale hand that Kaleb was still clutching tightly.

“BELLA!” Kaleb exploded, falling to her side immediately and laying his hand on her chest to assess the damage the blast caused.

Tess laughed and backed away from the two slowly. “That’s right, Princy, fix you’re little darling. Waste your energy on that trash.” She flipped her hair and grinned as she went to exit the room once again.

Looking back over her shoulder, she laughed once again. “Be back soon, sweetheart. And save that strength. You’re gonna NEED IT.” She purred suggestively before slamming the door shut behind her.

Sealing the door behind her, Tess turned back to face the hallway and gasped at what she saw.

“I SPECIFICALLY told you NOT to hurt her. You KNOW that, you mentally challenged bimbo.” The figure hissed angrily at a now petrified and wide-eyed Tess.

Tess faltered. “I know, it’s just...that...”

“ENOUGH!” The figure barked in rage. “If it happens will be obliterated from this operation, whether I need you or not. That CLEAR?” The figure raised an eyebrow in question.

“Crystal.” Tess replied meekly before scurrying down the hall away from her superior. “I’m just gonna go...check on the other one!” She called back hastily as she sprinted away.

PART 51 NEW!!!!!!

Kyle didn't say a word on the way home, and neither did Jacinda. At one point, he started to tell her that everything would be all right, then stopped and thought the better of it. The last thing Jacinda wanted to hear at that moment was some tired, meaningless cliché. Instead, he reached for her hand and held it.

As the car rounded the corner of their street, they were assailed with the steady beat of blasting music in the not so far off distance. Pulling into their driveway, they became more than positive of the origin of the music.

“ least we know she’s HOME.” Kyle attempted to joke in a stiff, forced voice.

The two quickly exited the car and rushed into the house, unable to even THINK over the deafening noise.

Jacinda led the way up the stairs and immediately unsealed and opened Jezebel’s door, holding up her hand and lowering the volume to a more moderate level with her powers.

Jezebel was lying on her bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. Her dark hair clung limply to her forehead, and her face was streaked with tears. She didn't move, or even give any indication that she knew her parents had come into the room.

"Sweetie?" Jacinda said hesitantly. "Jezebel, it's okay. This is not your fault at all." She reached out and touched her daughter's hand.

Without responding, Jezebel drew her hand away quickly. Other than that, she showed no signs of life.

"We're going to find them, Princess." Kyle added, taking a step towards the bed. "You know how much we all love you kids. We will stop at nothing to get Bella and Kaleb back."

Jezebel's eyes finally moved slightly in her parents' direction. "Leave." She said hoarsely.

Jacinda looked at her daughter sadly. "Honey, we're-"

"Leave!" Jezebel repeated.

"Come on, Jacey." Kyle said after a minute, placing his hand on his wife's shoulder. "We said we'd call the others as soon as we knew where she was."

"Right." Jacinda said softly. She looked at her daughter once more, and then let Kyle lead her out of the room.


"Okay, Jacey...that's a big relief. She is? Well, that does sound like Jezebel. Just give her some time, she'll be all right. Okay, we'll call you if we get anything...right, and you call us if she snaps out of it." Max said. "Right, you too. Bye." He hung up the phone. "Jezebel's safe. Sounds like she's nearly catatonic, but she's safe."

"Blaming herself, huh?" Liz asked. "She's just like her mother."

"She'll come around." Max said. "The sooner the better." He pulled Liz into his arms. "No matter what, we will find them and bring them home. It'll just take longer if we don't have everyone to help."

"I know." Liz said softly. She leaned her head against his shoulder and placed her hand on her stomach. Then she straightened up and looked around. "Speaking of 'everyone,' where in the hell is Ava?"


"Doorbell!" Jacinda yelled, lifting her head off the couch cushions slightly.
No answer. "Baby? Doorbell!"

"Can you get it?" Kyle called from upstairs.

Jacinda tried to get up, then fell back. "Your son says you're getting it."
She replied, rubbing her slightly expanded stomach.

Kyle leaned down and gave her a kiss on the top of her head as he walked by.
"What's he doing in there?

"Somersaults, I think." Jacinda sighed. "Which is understandable, considering...everything that's happening. I've been trying to sense them...or contact them or... just...something, ANYTHING. And...I don't's like he senses that there's trouble. God, not even our unborn baby is safe from this..."

"Everything's going to be okay, Angel." Kyle said, placing his hand on her

"They're just kids, Kyle." Jacinda said softly. "And we've tried so hard to
shield from all of this..." She shook her head. "How's Jez? Any luck getting
her to come out of there?"

"Not yet. She just keeps playing that same song, over and over...and over."
Kyle replied. "What did I come down here for again?" The doorbell rang again.
"Oh yeah. It's open!"

"Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Valenti." Josh said. "Is Jezebel here? I wanted to make
sure she's all right."

"She's in her room." Jacinda said. She stood up with some difficulty.
"Wow...this was a lot easier when I was eighteen."

"Huh...he seems to know how to find Jezebel's room pretty well." Kyle said to
Jacinda as they followed Josh up the stairs. "I knew it, they're sleeping

"Oh, for sobbing out loud, so were we at their age!" Jacinda sighed.

"Jez, come on, sweetie." Josh said, oblivious to the parents. "Come on, open
the door, please. This isn't your fault, you know that. There was nothing you
could have done, didn't Bella say that before any of this even happened?"

Jacinda placed her hand on the young man's shoulder. "Josh...has Jezebel told
you...about our family?"

Josh stared at his girlfriend's mother for a moment, then nodded.

Before he could say anything, Jacinda looked into his eyes. "Do you love her?"

'More than life itself.' Josh thought. 'More than I ever thought I could love
anyone.' But all he managed to say was, "Yes."

"Okay." Jacinda said simply. She placed her hand over the doorknob and
unlocked the door.

Josh smiled, understanding that with that simple gesture, Jacinda Valenti had
accepted him, welcomed him into her family. He went into Jezebel's room and
stood next to her bed. She was lying there, staring blankly at the wall. He
reached out and touched her hand. "Hey, baby." Her eyes moved toward him
slightly, but she didn't say anything. Josh didn't look away from her as he
pulled a blanket over her and lay down beside her, wrapping her tightly in
his arms and in the blanket. After a moment, he felt her start to tremble in
his arms, and felt her tears beginning to soak through his shirt.

Out in the hallway, Kyle looked at the two teenagers, then looked at Jacinda and smiled slightly as he wrapped his arm around her and kissed her on her cheek. "Come on, let's see if you can try to contact Bella and Kaleb again."


Tess slowly turned the handle on the door and peered inside. “Still out, I see.” She smirked to herself as she entered the room, closing the door behind her.

Walking over towards the corner of the room, she bent down over the tied up and unconscious figure lying on the floor. Placing her hand over the figure’s forehead, she sent a jolt of energy into her brain. “WAKEY WAKEY!” She sang in a high pitch squeal.

The figure groaned as her eyes slowly opened, a look of disgust and hatred filling them as they met Tess’s gaze. “Well, lucky friggin me.” The figure said groggily, obviously in a great deal of pain. “Anotha visit from the dumbass.”

“Lovely to see you too, Ava darling.” Tess smiled. “Sleep well? Your head must feel so much lighter without all of those pesky powers to weigh you down, huh?”

“Ya know, seein your ugly ass face makes me feel a hell of a lot worse about the way I look, HOOTERS BARBIE.” Ava spat out at her sneering look-alike.

“Big words from such a pathetic little girl.” Tess grinned. “Doncha even wanna know why I came to see you today?”

Ava laughed tightly. “You mean it aint just to make me wish I’s blind and deaf?” She glared at Tess. “They’s too smart, ya know. You won’t be able to trick em so easy.”

Tess glared at the tied up woman on the floor. “SO sure of yourself, aren’t you, sweetheart? Actually, the reason I came to see you is that I have a SURPRISE. You see our plan was a success. We GOT the kids.” Tess paused and smirked. “We WON. And they never even knew what hit em. And I never woulda been able to do it without you, Ava darling. They couldn’t even tell the difference.”

Ava’s face fell momentarily before regaining it’s hard glare. “They’s strong, ya know. You won’t beat em.”

Tess stood up straight and laughed, throwing her head back. “Keep thinking that, hun. We’ll see how it all turns out, wont we? Oh, WAIT! YOU WON’T. Because you’ll still be here...helpless...and ALONE. SOOO SAD.” Tess gave a fake pout before charging out the door and sealing it behind her.

Ava closed her eyes after Tess was gone, her body aching everywhere possible. Taking a deep breath, she willed herself not to get upset over anything that gerbil threw at her, but the task seemed nearly impossible. Ava sighed dejectedly. “Shit.”


“Oh God, Bella...” Kaleb whispered, holding his hand against her chest in an attempt to make a connection.

Her tiny body was cradled on his lap and he had partially opened the blue, button down shirt she was wearing in order to make more direct contact with her skin.

She was barely breathing and her pulse was slowing down. She was dying. And he couldn’t make a connection.

Something was trying to keep him out. Which didn’t make sense, considering the fact that they’d connected just the night before in order for her to show him her dream. Taking a deep breath and brushing her hair and necklace off of her throat, he concentrated even harder.

“Let me IN!” He implored in a hiss.

And then he was.

Flashes flew at him faster than he could comprehend at first, and then slowed down considerably, organizing themselves in a sort of mini-movie.

He’d never healed anything this big before. Only minor things, like Jezebel’s broken arm in third grade, and Bella’s skinned knee that time by the lake. Nothing that required such a deep connection to be made.

He couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful or incredible. He could see her whole being. Feel her soul. It flowed through him like a calm ocean of transparent blues.

He focused on assessing the damage to her body as the flashes came in jumbles masses.

Bella as a toddler, eating peanut butter out of the jar on the floor of the kitchen while her parents weren’t watching. Jezebel convincing her to jump off the jungle gym fourth grade, and nearly breaking her neck, but he and Parker had caught her just in time. Kaleb holding her in Junior high as she cried after having a particularly heated argument with Jezebel. Making smores with Lia and Parker on their camping trip one year.

Pinpointing the damage Tess had caused with her blast, Kaleb sent his own energy into her injured body, healing her from the inside out.

All the while, the flashes kept coming. And now they were of HE and Bella together. There was Their First Kiss on Lia and Parker’s living room couch. Kisses in the car. Kisses under the bleachers. Kisses in his room. And then there was the two of them, tangled up and naked in her bed the night before, promises of love being whispered back and forth as he moved within her lithe body as it lie beneath him.

And then he was out, staring into her deep grey eyes that looked up at him with a slight smile.

“You fixed me.” She whispered in quiet awe, the smile never leaving her face.

Kaleb smiled down at her and took a deep, shuddered breath as his whole body tried to recover from the massive loss of energy. Tess had done quite a bit of damage to Bella’s body and it had taken a lot of out him to heal her.

“I saw you.” He choked out, trying to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat and blink back the tears that were stubbornly trying to form in his eyes.

Running his hand over her cheek, lightly tracing her features, he laughed a sob. “God, Bella...You’re so.... beautiful.” His head fell forward, burying itself in her hair as his weak body shook faintly. “So beautiful.” He choked into her hair, hugging her body tightly to his. “God, I almost lost you...I...Oh, God, Bell...”

The idea that she could’ve just died was finally sinking in and was causing such havoc on Kaleb’s being that he could barely breath. He finally understood how his father had felt all those years ago when his mother had been shot. How after that, he hadn’t been able to hide his feelings anymore.

Bella wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “Shhhh,” She soothed, “Hey, but you didn’t lose me, baby. SAVED me.” She nuzzled her face to his. “Just like always.”

Kaleb sighed deeply and nodded against Bella’s body.

“And you know what else?” She continued hesitantly. “We both have to stop doing this. Breaking down each time something horrible happens. Because,’s not getting us anywhere. Out of here or ANYWHERE. And I...I KNOW that more bad stuff is gonna happen...” She struggled, “but...but we just have to DEAL with it and move on. And get OUT of here.” She took a shaky breath as he raised his face to look at hers. “You know?”

Kaleb nodded and forced a small smile. “You’re right. I know.” He took a deep breath. “We have to be that thing. You know? That thing where you just take stuff and deal with it and don’t let fear show and shit.”

Bella smiled. “Brave?”

Chuckling slightly, Kaleb nodded. “Yeah, that. Let’s be that, ok?”

Sitting up, they both looked at eachother and smiled.

“Deal.” Bella asserted.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” Kaleb said seriously, stroking Bella’s hair.

Shrugging, she smiled. “Just comes naturally, I guess.” She caught his hand and squeezed it gently. “You’re pretty incredible too, ya know. I mean, how many girls can say that their boyfriends brought them back from death?”

Kaleb took a breath. “Let’s not forget to bring up that point when your parents find the condom in your garbage can, ok?”

Bella’s jaw fell open and her eyes widened. “Oh FUCK! I was gonna take out the garbage after school today.” She paused thoughtfully. “Well, maybe us bein’ missing and in mortal danger will soften the blow when they finally DO see us.”

Kaleb chuckled. “Let’s hope. I’m kindof fond of my extremities, and ya know your mother would take all the best ones first.”

Bella grimaced. “Well, you may not have to seems like TESS wants to get a hold of them first.”

“Oh god.” Kaleb said softly. “I almost forgot. seems like she...wants...” he swallowed.

“To fuck you.” Bella spit out disgustedly.

Kaleb’s eyes widened and a look of pure revulsion took over his face. “That’s NEVER gonna happen.”

Bella nodded. “Damn right, it won’t. If she thinks I’m gonna let her touch you she’s got another thing comin.” She said forcefully. “’s the thing I don’t get. If she doesn’t want anything with she said...she just wants am I DOING here? Why did she take me too?”

Kaleb furrowed his brow in confusion. “I have no idea. That’s a really good question. Why ARE you here?”

“I think I can help you out with the answer to that.” A voice resounded from the now open door into the room. “You see, I was the one who told the blonde dumbass to get you.”

Kaleb and Bella gasped as their eyes met the figure standing in the doorway.

Kaleb grasped Bella’s hand tightly. “Holy mother of Christ.”

Bella’s voice grew small and childlike.

“W-what are YOU doing here?”