Title: Can't Stop Loving You
Author: Shana
Category: M/L, M/M, I/A, T/K, (mostly M/L)
Disclaimer: As much as I love Roswell, I do not in anyway own it or its characters.
Rating: NC-17

Part one

25 year old Elizabeth Parker rolled over in the bed, and looked at the clock. "Oh it just 9:30? "
Turning back she went back to sleep. She then shot up in the bed. "9:30!
Shit I'm late for work!" Grabbing her dress, shoe, and handbag, she slipped out of the hotel room after pulling on her clothing. Taking out her car keys she walked past the maids and in to the elevator.
When she reached the lobby, She walked out to her parked car. Slipping in to her stylish BMW convertible, she took off to her office, in the New York streets. Flipping out her cell, she quickly dials her phone number to the penthouse in which her twin brother and she lived. On the second ring a woman picked up the phone, "Hello, Parker residence" said the woman. Immediately Liz knew who it was. "Elena, its Liz. I'm running late for work" she said. "I figured so I already called the office and told your assistant, " said Elena. This wasn't anything new for Elena, for she had been working for the Parker children for over 9 years. So she knew them well.
"Thanks" said Liz. " Elena did my brother come in last night? "Said Liz. " Yes, but he left about an hour ago " said Elena. "Okay" said Liz. " Liz, your assistant said that your plane leaves at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow
Morning " said Elena. " Shit! " Said Liz. "What was that! " Said Elena. Over the years Elena have become like a second mother to Liz and her brother. "Nothing, I just forgot, " said Liz. " Well okay then, I have already started packing your bag; I finished your brother's bag. He leaves tonight " she said. " Your assistant also said to remind you that you and your brother have a meeting with a Miss Evan and you will also meet with your new assistant today " she said. "Thanks Elena I totally forgot " said Liz. After said goodbye to her maid, Liz parked her car and got out. She walked to the glass doors of the building said good morning to the guards and when to the elevators. She presses the button for the 16th floor. When she walked through the
Elevator doors she pushed open another set of glass doors opened for her by a guard, after nodding her thanks she walked towards her office. Stopping by her assistant's office she said "Susan I need to see you in 20 minutes ", and continued on to her office. When reached her office, she walked in and dropped her things on the couch. Walking to her bathroom that connected her office to her brother's, she took some clothes she often kept in a closet by the door. After showering and washing her face, she slipped into her baby blue dress and put on one strand of white pearls around her slender neck. Walking back into her office, she press a button for her assistant asking her to bring in her baby blue shoe that went with the dress.
While waiting Liz put on some lip-gloss on her lips and a little blush, she really didn't need it with being an extremely beautiful woman already. By the time her assistant Susan Murphy knocked on the door, Liz had just waved her hand over her hair and instantly it was in a braid that reached almost to her waist. " Come in " she said. Walking in Susan said " Good god Liz, how do you always manage to look so beautiful ". " Why thank you Susan, but that won't get my to forgive you for leaving me anything soon " said Liz. " I knew and I am sorry but you know how much Matthew and I have been trying to get pregnant- "said Susan. " No I understand it just that who am I going to bitch to about my brother, or come clubbing with me? " Liz said interrupting Susan. " You can still do that bitch I mean it not like you don't already don't act like one on the job- ". Interrupting Susan again, Liz said, " Don't even go there, you should know me by know. I don't know I'm just going to miss you and what about my new assistant. I mean what if she's a total bitch? ". Walking over to her Susan hugged her, " I'm going to miss you to, but you should know me too! " said Susan. "You know I wouldn't do that to you. I mean maybe your brother but never you! I set you up with my girl from California; she is really cool " said Susan. After a while Liz said " Fine! Business time! So tell me what I am doing today". " Okay! At 10:30 a.m. you and your brother have an appointment with your new lawyer in the meeting room. At 12:00 you will be having lunch at Anthony's with Mr. Whitman. Then your off to the spa at 2:30. And then your back to the office by 3:45 for that meeting about the new commercial that will be shot in Paris. And you will be out of here by 5:00 to have dinner with Matthew. Also I'm sorry but I worked it out so you can meet your new assistant at 1:30. Don't even try to get out of it or I will re-work it s that you meet with your mother instead! " Said Susan. After getting nods from Liz, Susan was about to leave when Liz put on her tennis bracelet asked, " Susan what time is it? " Susan answered " Its 10:44 and your late for that meeting with that lawyer and your brother "."Shit!" said Liz while slipping on her shoe as Susan handed her the jacket for the business suit Liz was wearing. "Thanks " Liz said on her way out. As always Susan followed her out. Walking to the elevator, Liz asked Susan if she could get her some Mocha from the Starbucks on 134th. As Liz got out of the elevator Susan continued on to the lobby to get Liz her Mocha. Walking in to the meeting room, Liz was greeted with the presents of her brother and their new lawyer. "Good morning, I'm sorry I'm late, " she said. "Good morning Liz, and it okay we just arrived ourselves " said Michael Parker. " Hello, I'm Isabel Evans " said the tall attractive blonde in a red business suit. " Well should we get started " said Liz. By 11:37 all the details were worked out. Before Isabel left Liz said " Isabel Evans as in Philip and Diane Evans daughter? " " Yes " said Isabel. Michael said, " Then what are you doing here? " " Well my Dad is not taking me seriously so I decide to come here, That not a problem right? " At the same time Michael and Liz said " No not at all. And you can call us Michael and Liz; we really have when people call us Mr. Parker and Miss. Parker. That makes us feel old " said Liz. " And you can call me Isabel or Izz " said Isabel. " Well we won't be meeting again until after we return on Thursday " said Michael. "Oh and Isabel " said Liz. " Yes?" said Isabel. "Welcome to Parker Global" said Liz. " Thank you " said Isabel. " Goodbye" they all said. The day went by quickly, by 1:00 after having lunch with Alex Whitman. Liz met her assistant and they hit it off great. Her new assistant's name was Maria Deluca. Maria would begin on Thursday when Liz and Michael returned. She got a mud bath at the spa. Dinner with Susan and Matthew was great. When Liz got home she changed in to her black designer pajamas both she and Michael received for Christmas for their mother. She then when out to give Elena a good night kiss and went to bed. Elena woke Liz at 5:45 a.m. for her flight. After getting dress in one of Michael's white sweaters and DKNY black jeans that showed off her curves. With the wave of her hands her hair was in a braid going down her back. Kissing Elena good bye and waving to the cook and the two maids, Liz headed downstairs to her limo. By 9:30 Liz was sipping Mocha. She arrived in Paris at 3:30 to a limo driver already waiting. While he got her bag Liz bought a few magazines, one have a picture of her and Michael on the cover. 'I remember this' Liz thought. It was about three weeks ago. It had been a long day and both she and Michael had spent about a total of 5 hours at the photo shoot. Seeing her driver with her luggage, she followed him out to the limo. As she got in the car her cell rang. Picking it up Liz said " Liz ". Not even waiting Michael said, " Where the hell are you! You should have been here 20 minutes ago!" Hello Michael, What's wrong now?" "Nothing except I have been waiting for you to get here!!!!!!!" Michael said. " Damn Michael you miss me that much? I mean we have been separated what 14 maybe 15 hour and you missed me so much you can't get along with out me?" She said." " Damn straight! Do you remember how much money is being put in to this project!!!!!!!! I need you here so I don't kill the damn director," He said. " Relax I will be there in half an hour tops, I still have to check into the hotel." She said. "Okay, Hey SIS can you get me some Mocha on the way? The coffee here is horrible!" he said. " Sure, see you soon" she said. After checking into the Ritz, she headed to the presidential suite that Michael was staying in; Liz unpacked her one bag. Then head to her limo, she had sent the to get her two cups of Mocha. When Liz reached the studio they were using for the commercial, Michael grabbed her out of the limo and hugged her, when he pulled back he started going on and on about what a complete prick the director was. Later Liz found out why he was such a prick, Liz remember him. His wife had thrown her self at Michael, and Michael had done the one thing that they always did. He slept with her. Liz wasn't mad because they had both gotten into things like this and the other always bail the other out. Liz took care of the director; half an hour later a woman tapped Liz on her shoulder. Turning around Liz saw one Jessica Davis, Liz and Michael had gone to private school with Jessica and when they had gone to college Jessica attended it with them. Parker Global had offer Jessica a job in their European companies as Chief Executive of advertisements (she was/is best mates with Liz and Michael). Hugging her, Jessica smiled she knew everything about the Parker children. Even they're other worldly gifts. They all talked briefly before turning back to work. By 7:30 Liz and Michael had finished with the commercial, Jessica followed them back to their hotel. They got dress, Michael in fitted black jeans with a white shirt that compliment his body well. Jessica had on a long purple dress with a high slip and curved out her talk model like body with short black hair. Liz had on a white tube top that reached just above her belly button, it showed off her well tone bronze body, with a short black skirt that reached mid thigh also showing off her long bronze legs with open toed sandals Her long brown her reached mid back loosely. As Michael and Liz saw each other they laughed it was common for them to dress alike unknowably. As they got into the limo, Liz asked Michael " What kind of girl are you taking home tonight?" Michael answered " Maybe a red head, And you?" " I think a red head too". Jessica was unaffected by this, Michael and Liz were the love them and leave them kind. They were major players they didn't let people get to close so this was the best way for them to get loose. During the day they worked in their office and during the night Michael and Liz always when clubbing, waking up in different places. As they entered the club they twin drew attention. Not that Jessica could blame them; Liz and Michael always stood out. They both have raven colored hair and beautiful brown eyes, before they got to the tables Michael disappeared with a red head as he said he would. Liz and Jessica head for a table in the back of the club. That when the most beautiful looking eye met Liz's.
As Max Evans walked into the club and women started threw themselves at him. As he looked the dance floor he saw a tall dark haired man dancing closely to a red head. Searching the room Max's amber eyes landed on the most beautiful woman he had ever saw. Walking towards her, he sat down and looked her in the eyes. Max felt almost naked the way she looked at him. Max said, " Would you like to dance?" The woman looked into him and after a while she said something in French, then got up and left to dance with a redhead man she saw. After watching her disappear into the crowd, Max turned back to her companion who was trying not to laugh. He asked, " What did she just say?" The woman said " She said don't play with fire, because you might get burned!" The woman got up and turned back and said "I would listen to that warning, because that woman came straight from hell, she the damn Princess of Darkness! And she will burn you if you get to close!" With that the woman turned and disappeared in to the crowd. 'How can she be the Princess of Darkness and she looks like a angel' Max thought.

Part Two

Michael Parker awoke at 8:45 a.m. As he turned over in the bed he saw the red head from the club. 'What was her name again?' thought Michael.' Debra, Dana, Denise-' 'That's it Dana' Michael thought. She was a bit talkative; she won't shut up about anything in the club. 'But she certainly stopped talking when she brought him to her apartment'. She had practically attacked him when they entered the apartment almost tearing off his clothes like she was gonna dead if he did take her right there the living room. Of course Michael had no problem with this, so he slept with her. She was good, but he had had better; and if that wasn't bad enough she had a tight hold on his waist like he was going to disappear before she awoke. 'I probably would have to if she wasn't having this nightmare about loosing everyone she loved in a fire'. He had seen it when he dreamwalked her. She was holding tightly because in her dream she was holding her dying father in her arms. So Michael had changed the dream into a birthday party, where they were celebrating her birthday. That was the only reason he was still there. Easing out of her hold, Michael smile and gave her a kiss on the forehead, he then turned around and used his power, turning back to the bed he out a yellow daisy on the pillow he had slept on, with a note. * Thank you for last night *. 'She was a sweet girl' he thought. Turning again Michael grabbed his clothes and went into the hall bathroom to shower. After a quick shower, Michael waved his hand over the door using his powers to lock it. Michael walked over to his clothes sitting on the floor and picked them up. With another wave of his hand, Michael changed his white shirt into a black sweater with a v-neck. Liz had said it showed off his lean body. And he was certainly wasn't going to argue with her when the red one she bought him last Christmas had gotten him so much attention from women. Then he waved his hand over his black jeans, and they changed to a pair of faded blue jeans. Michael did the same to both his shoe and hair. His shoe became a pair of black Timberlands, and his wild hair was braided in neat little black rows with 4 blonde streak in some of them like Liz always did to both of their hairs so they didn't waste their day trying to comb through them.
After cleaning up the bathroom Michael was about to leave, but forgot his cell. He found it by the front door. He called his limo before he had headed into the shower on Dana's telephone. His driver was outside waiting. As he picked up the cell to dial Liz that's when he saw it was dead. "Shit" said Michael. 'I guess I have to wait until I reach the limo'. Walking quickly to the lift, as soon as Michael got to the ground floor Liz said 'Where are you Michael?' Knowing he was hearing it in his head; he replied 'I am getting in my
limo, and you dear sister?' as he nodded his head to his driver speaking "Good morning" "Good morning Sir" said the driver. 'I am in my limo now, I just left this guy named Jack's apartment' said Liz. 'The red head I saw you leaving with last night?' said Michael. 'Yeah' said Liz. 'How about we meet at that Starbucks I saw on the way to the Hotel yesterday? You know the one I'm talking about?' continued Liz. 'Yes, see you soon sister' said Michael. 'You too brother' said Liz. and her voice from in his head faded. Michael told his driver where he was going and they took off to Starbucks.' Just another in the life of Michael Parker' he though; Putting on his thin silver rimmed pair of Calvin Klein designer shades. Then put on the silver chain Elena had bought for his 18th birthday. ' I wonder why Liz sounded so eager to speak with me'. Michael thought.

Same Time…………

Liz awoke from her nightmare in the arms of a man sleeping next to her. Thinking up a name for this man, it finally came to her. Jack. That was his name. She had seen him last night watching her as she listened absently to the man with amber eyes. 'That man. He had unnerved her. He seemed so familiar. But she couldn't place him. He had this look in his eyes as she had watched his every more. She had gone into heat
then and there, she had needed a release fast. With that look of lust in his eyes, as if he wanted to take her right there. So she had dismissed him like a school child. 'No I don't need a distraction! And this man was definitely a distraction!' Liz had remembered thinking last night. That's why when she had felt Jack's eyes on her, finally stop looking into the man's eyes. She had gotten up after telling the man what she did. She and Jack had left the club about an hour later, when she was sure he was drunk enough so that he wouldn't remember what her face looked like. Liz knew she was going to used Jack. She really didn't mean to, but she had to admit that he had been pretty damn good last night. 'Yes, if I had stayed last night I would have made the same mistake I made all those years ago-, no I won't even think about those years anymore!!! I refuse to go there' Liz thought. Letting out a mocking chuckle inside her head. 'I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't even know this man's name yet I can't get him out of my got damn head!!' Liz though with a disgusted frown on her face. With one smooth graceful movement she grabbed her clothes and slipped out of Jack's arms and into his shower. She finished her shower quickly eager to talk to her brother. From over the sink in the spacious bathroom, Liz waved her hand at the door making sure that Jack didn't unexpectedly walk in on her using her powers. Liz waved her hand over her clothes, her white tube top changed into a black v-neck sweater (remember they dress alike unknowingly), her short black skirt changed into a pair of faded blue jeans. Then she waved her hand over her hair and instantly her long brown tresses were braided with 4 blonde streaks in a few of them. Finally Liz changed her sandals into black Timberlands boots. Waving her hand over her face, Liz put a strawberry lip-gloss on and a little blush. After cleaning Jack's bathroom of anything she touched or used she grabbed her handbag and got her cell out. After calling her driver, Liz dialed Michael cell she really needed to talk to him. When she got a message saying the cell was dead; Liz used her powers and called out to him. Liz said 'Where are you Michael?' Knowing he would answer her through using their connection, Liz waited. Michael replied 'I am getting in the limo, and you dear sister?' Slipping in to her limo as her driver said "Good day". "Good morning" Liz replied. 'I am in my limo now, I just left this guy named Jack's apartment'. 'The red head I saw you leaving with last night?' said Michael. 'Yeah' said Liz. 'How about we meet at that Starbucks I saw on the Hotel yesterday? You know the one I'm talking about?' continued Liz. 'Yes, see you soon sister' said Michael. 'You too brother' said Liz as she let her voice faded out of his head. 'I really need to talk to Michael about that man'. Out loud she told the driver her change in plans. Putting on her silver rimmed pair of Calvin Klein designer shades. Liz then put on the silver chain Elena had bought for both her and Michael's on their 18th birthday. Along with her tennis bracelet and silver loop earrings. 'Michael I really have to talk to you, maybe you can help me clear my head'. Liz thought.

Chapter Three

After arriving at Starbucks, Liz and Michael quickly decide to have their coffee on the baloney upstairs. They sat at the table closest to the view of the scenery, but far enough to have a private conversation. "Michael I need to talk to you about something " said Liz. "I know, but can we get some Mocha first? "asked Michael. " Sure" said Liz. Waving over a waitress, Liz quickly saw that her brother was going to flirt with the poor thing. "Hi Mr. and Miss. Parker. What can I get for you today?" asked the waitress. Not at all bothered that the waitress knew their names, Michael ordered mocha and Danish. With flirtatious smile. Liz seeing need to watch the girl to becoming a mindless idiot, to Michael's flirting simply said "Ditto". Dismissing her. The Parkers are always being seen on almost every magazine around the world so lots of people knew their name. When the waitress came back with their pastries and coffee, Liz kicked Michael before he started flirting again. When she left, " What was it you wanted to talk about?" said Michael. " Well this guy I was with last night looked like him" said Liz. Seeing where the conversation was heading Michael said, " That was years ago, you don't even remember what he actually looked like" " I know, but I will never forget his eyes. I mean they looked straight threw me into my very being" said Liz. " But nothing. That bastard left you there and didn't even look back. You just need to forget about him," said Michael. Knowing that that meant he didn't want to talk to her about this dismissed it as a slip of weakest.

"Never show weakest! Never show emotion! And Never get attached!" said a tall black hair man. "Am I understood!" he shouted to the five rows of 10 children. In the forest clearing. Their training ground. - No not children. Soldiers. My army of perfect assassins in every way with their leaders. The very best, Elizabeth and Eric. Seeing a movement among the windows. The man waved two fingers at the soldier closest to the where the movement was witnessed. Nodding once, the boy disappeared into the shadows of the trees. One minute later he returned with a man in his early forties. The man had blood all over him. The man looked as if he could barely move and his jaw looked broken. "Traitor! I knew that I would find the leak and what did I say. I said that I would kill them". Nodding to the boy standing behind the man that was now on his hands and knees coughing up blood. The boy put one hand on the man's jaw, as the man cried out in pain. With a quick movement snapped the man's neck. "Move out," shouted the black haired man. Not even looking back at the fallen man, they formed two lines behind one raven hair girl and a blonde boy. They matched away back to their special classes for the today. Behind the blonde boy was a raven-haired boy that looked like the girl leading the girls into building.
*** End of Flashback***

"Liz! Liz! Liz babe" shouted Michael bringing Liz out of her trance. "Yeah, bro! I am not exactly deaf." Said Liz. "Well I guess you were for the last five minutes. Cause that how long I have been trying to talk to you," said Michael. "Sorry, what were you saying? " asked Liz. " Well I have been trying to tell you that I 'm sorry for what I said earlier. I just want to protect you sometimes and it makes me sound pig headed," said Michael. "Well if it makes you a pig, what does that make me since I'm your twin?" joked Liz. Laughing they didn't notice that they were still holding hands. But someone else did. Just then Michael's cell rang. Answering it after letting go of each other's hands, Michael covered the mouthpiece. "How about I take this call, then call my limo and we can tour around then get Jess from her apartment and we can fly right to New York earlier then planed? He asked. " That sounds wonderful, just call me when the limo get here," said Liz. Getting up Michael took his cell and walked over to counter to get a refill.


"Yes Mary. I know had a meeting with Taylor tomorrow morning," said Max as he got out of his limo. He nodded to his driver, mouthing 20 minutes. Nodding his driver when to park. Walking upstairs as he listened to his secretary ramble on about his appointment when he got back to the states. "And your sister called she said that she wants to talk to you before your meeting tomorrow" said Mary. " Fine. And Mary." "Yes Max?" she asked. "Can you just email me my appointments. I'll read them on the plane" said Max. "Every well. They will be waiting for you if the flight attendant doesn't want to check and make sure your perfectly buckled in," said Mary. " Bye Mary see you tomorrow," said Max. " He can't take a joke mumbled Mary. " Yes I can. But it may really happen if you don't jinx it" he said. " EEWW! Max now how am I going to work with the thought of some one who's like my brother having sex on the damn plane! Bye Max" said Mary. "Whatever" said Max as he hung up. Walking over to the counter. Max ordered an Iced latte and Danish to go while flashing a grin at the cute waitress. Blushing the waitress thought ' Wow. Elizabeth and Michael Parker, and Max Evans all here at the same time. Giving him his order, Max looked for a table to sit at. Looking at the corner, he saw a couple dressed in the same clothes. They were holding hands, with the guy looking into the girl's eyes, both laughing. That when Max saw it the same girl from last night. Watching for a minute, Max got his chance to go over when the guy got up with his cell. Walking over, Max set his latte and Danish on the table sitting where the guy was. Turning, the girl started " That was quick-" but stop when she saw whom it was. Looking at him she said in an even voice. "What do you want? Can't you take a hint? Not to mention I am out here with someone" she said. "Fine, we don't have to mention him. I'm not really fond of him right now," said Max in an even voice. He was trying to control his anger. Raising an eyebrow, she said " Not fond of him? You don't even know him". Looking over his shoulder she said " And right now I have to go" as she collected her glasses. Look over his shoulder Max saw the guy waiting with to cup of coffee by the stairs. Again controlling his anger he asked "Don't I even get a name?" "Sorry, I don't think he would like that" she said pointing to the guy. Grabbing her wrist, "Who cares what he thinks" Max said. "I do" she replied taking her wrist out of his hand. Knowing that they were done, Max watched her leave with the guy as he finished his Danish. Taking his latte with him, max when down to his waiting limo after tipping the waitress. As he got in his limo Max couldn't help wondering who she was. "Let's go," he said to the driver.

**Later that Night**

As they boarded first class, Liz took her window seat. Michael sat next to her in the aisle. Jessica sat across from him in the next seat already a sleep. After shamelessly flirting with the flight attendant, Michael turned to his sister who was looking out the window. " I meant to ask you, who was that guy you were talking to this morning?" Looking at him, Liz reached for her pillow and hit him over the head. "Mind your own business" she joked. "Go to sleep bro." she whispered so she didn't wake Jessica. " Whatever" he said as he did as she said. Looking out the window again, Liz thought. 'Maybe I should have given him my name. No. I won't even see him again'. Before resting her head on her brother's shoulder, drifting asleep.

To be continued…