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Part 36
“I’m sorry I don’t understand, Max this can’t be possible, you can’t be the father of her child”
“I thought I was quite clear”
“Hey Tess listen up, what Max is trying to say is, that Liz here is pregnant with his child, repeat with his child, what’s so hard to understand about that?”
“I was trying to be helpful Michael”
“ Well Congratulations Liz and Max, wow, I’m going to be an aunt,”
“Thanks Isabel”
“I can’t believe you did this Max, how could you, do you realise what a mistake you made, that bastard will never be the heir”
“Tess, don’t you ever call my son a bastard, you have no right to say that. And for your information it’s my life and I’ll do whatever I want. I don’t need your permission or your approval ”
“But she’s human, she can never give you what I could give you”
“I don’t care!. Why is being human such a bad thing, why are you constantly throwing that in my face”
“Because we, you and I are meant to be each other’s destiny, only I have the right to carry your child, only I can give birth to the rightful heir, she won’t be able to cope, she isn’t one of us, do you realize how complicated this is for her”
“you have no idea what you’re talking about, now leave before I really lose my temper”
“Do you really mean that, don’t I mean anything to you”
“What are you talking about, I love Liz and noone else”
“Have you forgotten when you and I made love together. The way you professed your love for me, the way you held me, the way you touched me”
I sit here and listen to this girl maybe a part of me likes to be punished. I should have left long ago, yet I still sit here. I watch her in agony, she has so much hate in her eyes as she looks at me. I was happy for just a moment there, but maybe a moment was too long for me. I can’t take any more of this, I need to get some air.

“Enough Tess! how dare you say those things, get out “
“Well I know when I’m not wanted, I guess I’m leaving”
“”And Tess one more thing I have to say to you, don’t ever try to harm Liz or my son, because I’ll kill you, and I mean it”
“Whoa there, Max take it easy, calm down man”
“Kyle, can I ask you a favour”
“Go ahead”
“Can you keep an eye on her, I need to make sure she keeps away from Liz”
“I understand, look, I’ll try my best, but you know Tess, she’s got that whole mindwarp thing going on, but I’ll try”
“Max , I think we need to keep an eye on Tess. I’m afraid she might harm Liz and the baby”
“You’re right Iz, we all need to make sure she keeps away from her at all times”
“Max I think you should go see Liz, she’s not doing too well ever since”
“Where is she”
“I think she went up to her room with Maria”

Liz’s Room
“Oh my god. Liz are you ok, I mean how could that bitch say those things to you, in front of everyone, I mean, how thoughtless”
“Maria, I think I need to be alone”
“Don’t you want me here with you, I only want to help”
“I’m not much company right now”
“Look Chica, I’m not here for company, I’m here because I don’t want you to suffer alone, let me help you”
“How can you help me Maria, did you hear what she said, no matter how much I don’t want to think about it, it’s all true, they made love”
“No, Liz, did you hear what Max said, he said it was sex, he doesn’t love her and I truly think that he means it”
“How can he love me Maria, after everything, after being raped”
“No don’t even say that word”
“ I feel so used and dirty and it won’t go away.. Sometimes I try to pretend it never happened ,like it was some bad dream, a nightmare, then I realise it really did, because it’s still fresh in my mind, it’s all in my head and it makes me want to curl up and die”
“Liz, please, don’t do this to yourself it’s not good for the baby”.
“What do I do Maria”?
“This is so hard, Liz I hate to see you tear up like this, but I really think everything will be alright in the end. You have a new life growing inside of you, something that both you and Max created, that in itself is a miracle. I really think the best thing to do is think of your baby and let Max love you, that’s all you have to do”

part 36
“Can I come in”
“Sure Max, she’s all yours, Liz if you need me I’ll be downstairs”
“Thanks Maria”
I feel anxious for some reason, no anxious doesn’t seem to be the right word, ever since I spotted Max at the door and as I watched him making his way towards me I felt my heart constrict, I feel pain in my heart and it won’t go away. But I have to be strong
“Liz, how can I make it up to you, I know you’re hurt”
“Don’t Max, don’t even try”
“I don’t want to hear you say the same things again, your just repeating yourself”
“Well tell me how you feel, tell me what you want me to do”
“Are you serious”?
“If I told you what I really wanted you’d say no”
“Depends what it is”
“ I want to, no I can’t do this,
“yes you can”
“I want to go away, to get away from everyone, everything, especially Tess”
“I know, sometimes I feel the same way, but running away doesn’t solve our problems “
On second reflection maybe I’m wrong, we don’t have any other options, maybe Liz is right, people are going to be asking questions sooner or later, the baby is growing rapidly and with each day that goes by we can’t conceal it. We don’t have a choice.
“Max, I want our baby to be safe and with Tess around and the way things have happened before I don’t want to risk anything”
“I’ll protect you and the baby but first we have to decide where to go”
“so does that mean, we’re leaving”
10 minutes later

“Ok, I have money, clothes, toiletries that’s it, what about you Max”
“All in the bag”
“Are you sure you want to do this, we haven’t told anyone, they’ll start to look for us, and I’m sure my parents will freak out and call the sheriff”
“Are you having second thoughts”
“I just don’t want them to worry about me, us”
“I’ll ring Isabel and let her know once we’re away from Roswell, hopefully we can think up some sort of excuse to cover for us, come on let’s go before it starts getting dark”
We have no idea where we’re going but that’s ok because as long as Max is with me I’m safe. This is quite exciting in a way, it feel’s like we’re eloping but maybe we’re not, I have a feeling we’ll be back in Roswell before too long, afterall home is home and that’s here in Roswell. We decided to go East for some reason, I’ve never been outside of Roswell before apart from Florida but that’s completely different. This time we’re driving like there’s no tomorrow, hoping praying nothing gets in our way, this time we’ll be together.
She’s sleeping now, but from her expressions it doesn’t look like a peaceful sleep. I just hope it isn’t a nightmare. I gently call her name and touch her face but she doesn’t respond. I guess travelling takes it’s toll on you after a while, I just hope we have everything we need..I feel this great urge to protect her even more so than before. Texas seems so far away at this moment but I guess anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. She shifts in her sleep and I notice she’s uncomfortable. I should stop the Jeep and move her to the back but I’m on the highway and it’s impossible right now. And this guy behind me keeps trying to overtake, it’s not as if I’m holding him up, I’m going as fast as I can. This is making me nervous and when I’m nervous I make mistakes. I guess the jeep isn’t the fastest of cars on the road. I only have 2 options, slow down on the gas and let him pass me by or speed up some more and risk Liz waking up. I guess slowing down seems a good option right now.
Some time later I realise I must have driven about 20 miles, it’s quite late now and I must have driven for hours. My fuel tank is nearly empty. My thought s are interrupted when I hear Liz scream my name. Her hands are hiding her face from me. I begin to stop the car.
“Liz, liz, what’s wrong”
“Max, thank god, please Max I need help”
Her words start to worry me, there must be something terribly wrong, I push her hands away from her face and see how much distress she’s in. I start to panic what if there’s something wrong with the baby..
“Liz look at me, tell me what’s wrong, I need to know”
“I can’t help it, I can’t stop it”
Her tears are tearing me up. I need to know what’s wrong.
“Liz you said you need help, is it the baby?”
“What is it then”
“Max, please just hold me”
“ Liz please, this is killing me, I want to help you, please tell me, I can help you”
“Noone can help me with this”
“Don’t say that, it’s not true. Now tell me what it is”
“No, you’.ll hate me”
“I can never hate you”
“You will if I tell you “
“You give me no choice”
I place one of my hands on her temple and immediately I’m bombarded with those dreadful images of Liz in that hotel room, Liz and Sean In that bed and him doing those unspeakable things to her. I open my eyes as quickly as I can and try to forget what I just saw. But it’s impossible they are edged in my mind and I swear I will kill that bastard if I ever lay eyes on him again. I turn my head away from Liz and breath in the cold night air. I have to get through this, I have to be strong for Liz and I have to help her forget.
Part 38

Max is trying so hard to be nice to me. I really appreciate him but I don’t need his sympathy. Ever since we left the roadside I sometimes catch him staring at me then he shyly turns away and shakes his head as if he’s having a private argument with himself. I feel guilty because I know it’s because of me. I’m the cause of all of his troubles, if it weren’t for me maybe he’d be more at ease.

“Liz, would you like me to stop the car somewhere”
“what for Max”
“I was thinking it’s kinda late, what I’m trying to say is, do you want me to get a room, I mean to sleep”
He’s so sweet when he said that, he must be tired of driving all night long, he needs his rest and how can I refuse him. I nod my head and he smiles back at me.
“OK, I think we just went past one, what do you think”
He’s probably asking me this because he knows I’m uncomfortable about it, but I try not to think about that horror.Max is important right now and he needs rest.
“Fine sure, it looks ok. We can stop there if you want”
“Are you alright with that, I mean, I don’t want you to get uncomfortable”
“Max, it’s fine, I’m fine now”
Motel Lobby
“Ok, sir that’s room number 6 , will you be staying for 1 night”
“Yes, 1 night, well thankyou”
I take her hand and lead her to room 6, she seems fine about it, or maybe she’s putting up an act, I have no idea. I open the door with the key and lead her in with me. The room is quite large with nice furniture and there’s a big double bed in the center. I look to her and her face is edged with worry. She hasn’t let go of my hand since we walked in and I’m wondering if this was a good idea afterall..
“Liz, about the room, I mean if your uncomfortable we could just leave and I’ll just sleep in the Jeep”
“No, Max, there’s nothing wrong with the room, it’s just me ”
“Look I’m here and I want you to feel comfortable, I don’t want you to close up on me”
“I’m trying Max, I’m really trying.”
I watch her sit on a chair then look out the window. She hasn’t once looked at the bed and I’m wondering if this is how it’s going to be tonight, me on the bed and her on the chair.
“Well I’m going to see what’s on the other side of that door“
“Yeah, ok”
On opening the door I see there’s a shower room, basin and toilet but even though I feel like it, I won’t dare leave her alone for more than a minute. The shower will have to wait. I make my way back into the bedroom and find her still staring out the window.
“Liz, there’s a shower room over there”
“Really, that’s useful”
“Yeah I guess it is, if you want you can shower”
“Well I don’t know, maybe later”
“Okay, well I think I’ll get some sleep”
“Good idea”
“Aren’t you tired”?
“Not really, get some sleep Max, don’t worry about me.
“Liz , I’d really like it if you would come to bed with me”
“You mean”
“Come to bed, please”
“I’m sorry, I just don’t feel tired, maybe later”
I’m not giving up that easy, I’m determined to get her in this bed one way or another, it’s just a room there’s nothing to be frightened of. I try again this time with humour.
“I’m not taking no for an answer”
“”Max what’s gotten into you,”
“I want you and my son next to me , is that too much to ask? I drove you all the way out here and I think I deserve something for it”
“Why I’m so sorry, what did you expect”
“How about I show you”
“Max this is getting ridiculous”
Before she can finish her sentence I put her over my shoulder and carry her to bed. I gently place her in the middle and our faces are inches apart as I hover over her.
“Max please don’t do this to me”
“I’m not doing anything wrong Liz, I just want to hold you, I want to feel you next to me when I wake up, don’t you want me here with you?
His eyes are pleading to me, realisation sets in and I know he means well, this is Max my Max . All the fear that I had in me as since I stepped into this room seems to have vanished when I let him hold me again.
“Of course I want you, Max”
“Will you have a shower with me then”?
“I don’t think so”
“Why not”
“It’s embarrasing”
“Nothing is embarrasing about you or the baby, I promise not to look”
“Oh you are so bad Max Evans”
“Come on don’t be shy”
“Max I will get you for this”
“So does that mean, you’ll scrub my back”
“maybe, if you’re good”

Part 39

My fingers trail her delicate skin it’s been a long time, too long. But I mustn’t think about my needs. I mustn’t be selfish but I can’t help but to touch her. My hands have a mind of their own, I find myself moving lower till I reach her thigh then I stop. What I see there makes me crazy and I desperately refrain myself from showing my anger. Bruises, there everywhere, but more so on her thighs and her arms. She tries to get out the shower but I pull her back in.
“This was a bad idea Max”
Her voice trembles. I have to heal her. Seeing these bruises on herself will only serve to remind her and I don’t want that. The sooner we get rid of them the better.
“Liz, let me heal them, ok”
She nods her approval and I get to work.
“Thank you”
“That’s much better now, isn’t it”
“Yeah, good as new I suppose”
We gently wash eachother as best as we can, space is limited in the cubicle and the sooner we get this over with the sooner we can get to sleep.
Liz is still uncomfortable and I desperately try to reassure her, but it’s no use I think it’s time we get out of here..
I grab a towel and wrap her up in it then we make our way out to the other room.
“so, when are we going to let Isabel and the rest of them know where we are Max”
“oh, I was thinking tomorrow morning”
“what about our parents”
“I don’t know about your parents, but I suppose word will get around soon”
“What do you mean”
“I left a note for my mom before we left, I said we needed a break from everything for a couple of weeks, for them to understand this was important for us”
“Do you think they’ll be ok with that, I mean, they might still try to contact you to know where we are”
“Don’t worry yourself, I’m sure it’ll be ok, besides they know I’ll take care of you”
“yes, but my mom might make things difficult for us, I just hope she understands”
“so do I”
I get dressed in to my PJ’s and make my way towards the bed, Max is being so good to me, I don’t know how I can ever repay him back.
“Do you want me to dry your hair for you”
“Yes, please “
My hair is dry now there’s no excuse not to get into bed. I wait for Max to say something. He doesn’t waste any time because as soon as I sit on the edge I feel his arms around me pulling me next to him.
“Hey, what are you doing “
“Helping you”
“I ‘m not an invalid Max , I can do some things on my own”
“oh, ok”
“sorry I wasn’t trying to be “
“It’s ok, I know when I’m not wanted”
I can’ t believe he said that, he actually pouted and turned his back to me. This is just terrible I don’t know if he’s being serious or just kidding around.
“Max, Max, I’m sorry”
I hear her but I don’t want to say anything just yet.
“Max, I’m going to lie down now aren’t you going to join me”
He doesn’t say anything I must have really hurt him, why must I be so damn thoughtless sometimes. This isn’t what I envisaged happening here. Things were going ok then I had to spoil it . I glance at his back one more time then lie down.
“ok, I’m sorry what else do you want me to say”
“Yes Max”
“Do you love me”
“Of course I do, what kind of a question is that”
“I just wanted to hear you say it, it’s been a long time”
“Max, please stop this, I love you soooooooo much, I need you right here next to me”
“Not as much as I need you Liz”
He turns his head towards me and the grin on his face is evidence that this was what he wanted all along, he played with me. But I’m not angry with him.
We spend the rest of the night snuggled up. Max lays his head on my chest and his hand on my abdomen. While I play with his hair and stroke his face. I’m such a lucky girl to have someone like Max. He truly owns my heart.
“Max I think “
“What is it”
“I think you should feed our son”
“Yes, You’re right the last time was this afternoon, he may be weak and you haven’t really been eating all that well”
“Well it’s true”
“Ok, tomorrow I’ll eat”
“I’ll be watching to make sure”
The energy flows from my hand freely into her abdomen, this time it felt more different, as if I could sense him. Maybe in time I will be able to communicate with him just like I communicate to Liz sometimes. . But for now I’m just happy that he exists and that he’s here with me now.
Liz has fallen asleep and I am just about to follow until a sparkle catches me eye. I look to where it came from . The ring is still there in it’s rightful place on Liz’s slender finger. A thought crosses my mind and I can’t contain my joy. What if we actually did get married. What if Liz agreed to us getting married right here , right now.
Part 40

“Where are we now Max”
“Route 380”
“We’ve been driving for hours”
“I can’t hear you”
“I have to go”
“Go where”
“You know, go bathroom”
“Oh!, why didn’t you tell me”
“I told you 5 minutes ago, nevermind”
Max is so forgetful today, ever since we woke up and left the hotel he’s been in a world of his own.
“ok, want me to come with you”
“To the bathroom”
“ You might need me”
“I don’t think so, Max what has got into you”
“ok, I’ll be five minutes wait here for me”
ok, so I’ve been acting a little strange today but I’ve got a lot on my mind and I haven’t told Liz the truth about the call I made to Isabel this morning, she told me mom and dad are thinking of sending a search party after us and that the Parker’s are worried sick about Liz.
I’ve been thinking of changing the plan. Not that I really had one to begin with. I’ve got to be sure we can survive on what little we have. It’s only been a week and the money is fast running out. Texas is miles away and the Jeep isn’t the most economical of cars. But what do I do. I thought about renting some place and finding a job, but I have no idea how Liz feels about this. Then there’s the other thing, that I want so much to happen, I want Liz and I to commit. I want her to marry me. But when is the right time to ask her. How could I, I have nothing to offer her. We’re more or less on our own and on the run from everybody.
“Hey, that was quick”
“I got you some doughnuts”
“Great, thanks”
“What’s the matter, don’t you want them”
“Liz, I have to tell you something”
“Go ahead”
“I want, no, I’ve been thinking about what we’re going to do once we get to Texas.
“We need to find some place to stay, permanently. I need to find a job“
“Max, I don’t know what to say”
“What do you think, I mean, it’d be great wouldn’t it, just you and me living together”
“Yeah, but we can’t afford to buy, we could probably rent, but then again, I don’t know”
“We really don’t have a choice Liz, I don’t know about you, but I ‘ve hardly got money to buy gas”
“How much have you got left”
“About 1500 dollars”
“Is that all you have”
“Why didn’t you say something before, Max you’ve been paying for everything, the food the hotel, everything, I could have paid for some of it”
“No, I wanted to take care of you”
.”I don’t expect you to do everything for me, we’re in this together Max, besides, I have money that will probably help us get a place.”
“Before you say anything, just hear me out, I brang all of my savings, I wanted to because I knew we’d need it. This is for the future Max.”
“I don’t want to take advantage”
“You’re not taking advantage of me, come on let’s go find a place”
“But this is all of your savings, Liz what were you thinking”
“That we’d need it, and we do”
“You’re right we do need money but I just don’t feel right about it, “
“Max, just stop it, we’re spending it if you like it or not”
She did it again, she ‘s right, I just feel so useless sitting here watching her count the money, her money.
“Do you want me to help”
“No, I think I’m done”
“How much is there”
“10,000 dollars, will that be enough to rent”
“I have no idea, but we’ll find out”
“I promise I will pay you back once I find a job”.
“Max why do you have to make this so difficult, it’s just money I will spend it one way or the other, it will be more useful if I spent it on both of us right now”
“Ok, you win, only because I don’t want you getting all flustered about it”
“Shall we go then”
“Yeah, come on”
part 41.

A couple of days have gone by since the last time me and Max spoke about money. I try to avoid the subject all together as I don’t want another debate about what’s right and what’s not just in case he changes his mind. Max just keeps on driving and he always refuses my offer to drive when he gets tired sometimes. I feel so useless sitting here day in day out. I must have spent the longest time ever in this Jeep, I’ve memorised every detail about it inside and outside by now and I never thought I would say this, but I ‘m beginning to hate it.
We're nearing the end of route 380 and I can’t help but feel reliefed about it, my cell phone has been working over time these past few days but I don’t seem to have the courage to answer it. I realise that one day I might have to. Surely my parents don’t think I’m in some sort of danger not with Max by my side. I will have to reassure them and soon. My stomach seems to grow with each passing day and I can’t believe we’ve only been gone 1 week. I look as though I’m 3 months pregnant I’m excited and scared all at the same time. I don’t know what’s in store for me with this pregnancy but as long as I have Max here with me I feel I can overcome anything. He means the world to me, if it weren’t for him I fear for what I might have become. He keeps me sane, he is my lifeline and supports me when I’m down., which is constantly, especially when the darkness of the night comes and I relive the horror. I still have the restless nights.
And I know he tries his best but even Max can’t erase what I’ve been through, this is probably something that will haunt me for the rest of my life. We speed past a sign and I have no idea where we are or how far we’ve got, New Mexico is bigger than I imagined We seem to have driven thousands of miles..
“Max the sign says we’re in Tatum does that mean we’re close to the state line”
“Yes, I suppose we are”
“Well you don’t sound too happy about it Max”
“I’m just thinking of what we’re going to do when we get there, that’s all, it doesn’t mean I’m not happy”
“You sure don’t seem like it”
“ok, what’s bothering you”
“You sure, how about the baby”
“He’s fine, just a little hungry”
“OK, I’ll stop at the nearest store”
“Only if you want something too, don’t stop just because of me”
“You know I feel a little hungry too”
“Ok, you win”
“Max, I’ve been thinking”
“What about”
“Maybe it’s time I should speak to my parents, just to tell them I’m ok”
“I was wondering when you’d say that, it’s ok by me but don’t let them pressure you Liz”
“I ‘ll make it quick, shall I tell them anything, like, what we’re going to do”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, they’ll want us to head back if we told them we’re planning on staying away indefinitely.”
“You’re right, but what if I can reason with them”
“Are you sure, somehow I don’t think your mom is gonna like the idea of me and you living together, she never liked me anyway”
“I don’t know what I was thinking, I just hate lying to them”
“If you told them the truth what do you think they would say”
“Liz parker get back to Roswell right now”
“Or how about, I’m going to send the police after you”
“I ‘d rather I’d tell them the truth but I guess that would make them even more angry than what they probably are right now”
“Liz, I’ll leave it to you, just tell them whatever you want”
“You’re not making it any easy on me Max”
“Are you having second thoughts”
“No, what made you think that”
“If you really feel that bad about lying to your Mom and Dad then maybe”
“Don’t even say it, Max I’m not having second thoughts, I want this as much as you do ,well I think as much as you do”
“What does that mean”
“You’ve been distant today, like your hating this, maybe you’re having second thoughts”
“Now you’re being ridiculous”
“I am”
“Yes, you are, now are you going to ring them or not”
“I will when we stop at the store”

5 mins later.

“Ok, it’s now or never”
“I feel so nervous”
“So do I, but once you get this out the way, you’ll feel better”
“I hope so”
I look at the phone in my hand and take a deep breath, I needed that, Max is even more nervous than I am, I’ve never seen him so worried. It brings a smile to my face.
I dial the number and wait.
“It’s ringing Max”
That’s my mom’s voice on the other end, this is harder than I thought. My heart is beating wildly I notice my palms are beginning to get clammy and it’s not because of the New Mexico heat..
“Hello Mom it’s Liz”

My breath catches in my throat waiting for her response and then I hear her grief stricken voice.
“Liz, oh my baby, Liz where are you?
“Mom don’t cry, there’s nothing to cry about, please just listen. I wanted to let you know that I’m ok, I’m doing great and there’s no need to worry about me. Max is taking great care of me and the baby”
“Why didn’t you answer my phone calls, why are you running away Liz, your father is so angry with Max for taking you away from us”
“Mom, Max isn’t taking me away from you or Dad. This was my idea, I wanted to get away. I figured I needed some time to myself after, well , you know, please don’t make this any harder than it is. I miss you guys so much”
“We miss you too, You’re my one and only daughter I don’t want to lose you”
“Your not going to lose me, ever, please mom, do you understand I needed this”
“I understand , but you could have told us, we would have helped you Liz and you still haven’t told me where you are”
“If I told you would it make any difference”
“Of couse it would, me and your father want to know where in the world you are, what if something happens, god forbid, we need to know for our sanity”
“We’re heading towards Texas”
“Texas, why Texas”
“No reason really, we just want to get away from Roswell for a while”
“A while”?
“How long Liz”
“I can’t say Mom, we’re not sure”
“Liz please don’t do this, what about your future, what about your schooling, college there’s so much you’ll be throwing away”
“I ‘ll try to make it work, Max is here with me and we’ll work through this together. Trust me Mom, it’s for the best”
“Liz, Liz, this is insane, how on earth are you kids going to cope, not to mention money, how much money do you kids have, oh my god you haven’t even thought of that have you”
“We’re coping, we both have some money”
“Liz, this is so hard for me but I want you to know if you have any problems, or anything you need, anything, I mean it, all you have to do is call me or your Dad, we’ll do whatever we can to help you, do you hear me”
“Thank you Mom please don’t worry. I have to go now because the line is cutting up”
“Liz, I want to speak to Max”
“Mom the line is really bad”
“I don’t care, put him on”
“Hello Mrs Parker”
“Max, what are your intentions with Liz, what are you going to do when you get to Texas”
“Mrs Parker I thought by now you knew what my intentions were, I love Liz and we’re engaged.”
“I hope you know what you’re doing Max because this isn’t going to be easy for either one of you, Marriage is commitment”
“I’m fully commited to Liz and she is to me. There’s no doubt about that. I’m going to take care of her and the baby Mrs Parker”
“You better Max because if you don’t you have me and her father to deal with and let me tell you Mr Parker is not too happy with you right now”
“I give you my word what else can I say or do to prove it to you”
“Your word isn’t good enough Max, I need to see it for myself”
“You will one day”
“I think she got cut off, shall I ring her back”
“No, Max, I think that’s enough for today”
That was probably the hardest nerve wracking thing I have had to do in a long time. I can’t stop shaking. I’ve never heard my mom get so emotional like that before. She was really upset I could tell from her voice.
“Liz, are you alright
“I will be in a minute, can you hold me please”
“Sure, you don’t have to ask”
“Max, what did she say to you”
“She want s me to prove to her that I’m worthy of you”
“Well that’s nothing new”
“I know”
Liz, I want to ask you something”
“What is it”
“I want to, I want to Marry you as soon as we get settled”
“Why the rush, does my mom have anything to do with this, Max you don’t have to prove a thing to them”
“No, this has been on my mind for a long time. I never told you before now, but a couple of nights ago when we were in that hotel room the first time.
You were sleeping and I was holding you, I was watching you sleep and your ring suddenly caught my attention. You don’t know how happy I was to see you were still wearing it after everything that happened”
“shhh, you don’t have to say that, I will always wear this ring Max”
“And it made me realise I want to give you more than just a ring. I want to make it official”
“ Max you are truly one of a kind and I feel so humble”
“No, I’m the one that should be humble, you loved me, an alien. I’m the one who should be thanking you every day for coming into my life, I don’t deserve you or your love”
His sweet words are making my heart beat faster than I’ve ever known, I love this man so much. I truly have never known a love like this before. I move closer into him and touch his face with my hand. My finger trails his features. I start with his temple and work my way down his face, his eyes are mesmorizing me. I feel lost in them. His features are all perfect. Too perfect for me.
“Liz, that feels so good, I think you better stop before”
“Max, I love you”
“Not as much as I love you, you know that don’t you, Will you marry me Liz?”
“Yes, I’ll marry you Max”
Then that’s when it happened, for the first time in a long time, our lips joined together in a soul searing kiss. This feels so good I don’t want to stop. I’ve wanted this for a long time, each night I held her in my arms and wondered when I would be able to taste her ,to touch her again. And now my prayers have been answered.
Part 42
I gently stroke her cheek with my thumb trying to mesmorize how it feels, to remember this moment for as long as I can so that later on I can dream about it in my sleep.
It’s selfish but this is all I have of her. I long to keep her in this position for just a little longer, she’s so sweet, if only she’d let me in.
The kisses are long and sensuous but I need more. I take the plunge by trying to deepen the kiss a little but she surprises me by pushing away.. It’s as if I scolded her. Her action has hurt me more than I imagined. What did I do that was so wrong. I’m just a guy who wanted to kiss his girl.

The disappointment in his face is unbearable. I don’t want to hurt him but it’s just the way I feel. If I had let him continue he would have seen “ things” and I can’t allow that to happen, not again.

“Max, I’m sorry”.
“Liz, why?”
“Forgive me?
“For what?, tell me why you don’t want me”
“Please, don’t say that, you know it’s not true”
“Well I don’t know what to think”

And with that we were on our way again. He hasn’t so much as looked my way or said a word to me all night long. God this is awful. I must be cursed or something, why can’t I be happy for more than a day? Why?
“Ok, you want to stay in the jeep or get a place tonight?
“Stay in the jeep”
“Fine, it’s your money”
“What? I don’t believe this”
“This is the way you wanted it”
“No you’re wrong Max”
“Is this my punishment or something?
“What are you talking about”?
“Nothing, just forget it”
“Why can’t we just talk about it”
“Okay I need an explanation and you know what about”
“I said I was sorry”
“Sorry isn’t good enough,”
“What do you want me to say?”
“I told you what I want”
“ I thought you understood me Max, you know it’s too soon. I can’t deal with it, I don’t want to see them again and I can’t bear you seeing it either “

The realization hits me like a ton of bricks, how could I have been so thoughtless. I should have known but for a slight second it slipped, I lost all my senses. I look to her with pleading eyes.

“I understand, but”
“No buts Max, that’s how I feel”
“I’ve already seen them Liz, it’s nothing new to me, I’ll help you, I told you this along time ago”
“How” How can you help me”?
“It takes a lot of love and patience”
Recognition, it does funny things to you, I sit here with a huge smile on my face and it’s all because of what Max just said. “It takes a lot of love” . The song I was listening to when none of this happened when I was still clean, untouched, in my element, back then I just liked the melody and didn’t pay too much attention to the lyrics but now I need the words. I need to hear that song again to give me back something which I ‘ve lost. I need to believe in myself again I need hope.
I quickly grab Max’s shoulders and tell him to start driving and not to stop till I tell him to.
“Care to share”?
“Lets get a room”
“What? I thought you wanted to”
“I changed my mind, no really, don’t look at me like that”
He think’s I’m mad, I know it, he keeps smirking at me, Max I need a room, okay?”
“Are you alright, is the baby alright because I’ve never seen you so, so”
“Determind is what I was thinking of”
“The baby will get what he wants when we get a room”
“Liz, are you sure, we ‘re nearing the end of 380, we’re coming up to state line”?
“Don’t talk Max, just drive to the nearest place before I change my mind ”
We check in to a small motel once we passed the state line. This is it, finally we’re in Texas. Max is acting like he won the lottery and I desperately hope I can go through with this. I don’t want another disappointment.
He takes my hand in his and squeezes it.

I lean in and gently peck her on her lips, I don’t want to chance it but I need to be sure she’s fine with it. And so far so good..
Before I know it we’re in the room and on the bed. My clothes disappeared the moment my skin touched the linen and then I completely surrendered. Max is kissing me with such urgency, like there’s no tomorrow, I missed his kisses so much.

I devour her with my mouth it’s all I can do at this moment. I have so much passion for this slip of a woman and I intend to show her all of it. All of my desire that I’ve been holding inside of me ever since we began this trip and beyond that. She finally let me in, the flashes come quick but I try not to dwell on those too much. Most of them are blurring away but I block them. .I successfully replace them with my own memories and hopefully a few new ones will be added on after tonight. . .

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Part 43

I cling to him. It’s all I can do. It’s all I want to do. I wish I could crawl under his skin so that he could keep me safe. Our kisses started out fast and needy and now they’re slow long and very intimate. I feel his tongue making love to my mouth. I feel his hands on my hips holding me firmly in place. And I hear his pounding heart in my ears getting louder and faster. He is being so gentle with me, he knows this is what I wanted. But there’s something else I forgot. The Music.
“Liz babe”
“Can you do something for me”
“I want music”
“Any particular song”
“Yes, it’s called My oh My do you know the song”
“ Yes, I’ve heard it, you like it that much?”
As if imagined it I hear the tune in my head, I look at his manly features and he smiles a glorious smile.” How did you do this?
Miles away in a desolate place two pairs of cold blue eyes meet caleously to plot another scheme.
The small blonde throws another cold look towards the weak minded individual known as Sean Deluca. Then all hell breaks lose in the small cell.
“How could you be so stupid Sean, the plan would have worked much much better if you had killed her, if you just stuck to the plan. She would be dead and Max would be with me right now instead of that pesky human”
“I couldn’t kill her”
“Ugh, you humans are so weak, how could I have ever trusted you to begin with anyway”
“Why are you here? there’s nothing more I can do, haven’t you noticed I’m in a cell?”
“No, you get the hell out of here”
“Listen to yourself, you fool, you have no idea of what I’m capable of”
“If you’re so capable why don’t you deal with it yourself”
“Because you idiot, it’s too simple”
“What do you want with me anyway, just leave me alone”
“Here’s the plan”
“Look I’m stuck in this cell 24 hours a day there’s nothing I can do”
“What about at night”
“What about it”?
“Are the guards on duty 24 hours, do they watch you all the time”?
“The guards are a pain in the ass”
“I can fix that for you”
“Don’t worry about it, I can handle that, now tell me if you’re up to it”
“Are you saying you can get me out of here”
“Only for a limited time”
“sweet, what do I do”
“Now Listen, I know where they are, all you have to do is get there and finish the job, and this time make sure the bitch is dead along with her little bastard”
“She’s She’s pregnant”/
“Didn’t you know?, while you were banging her she was carrying child”
“I had no idea, it just makes it worse”
“Oh for pity’s sake what difference does it make, besides, this should make it easier for you, you wanted her but she could never be yours, so, think about it, what better way than to make sure nobody else has her”
“You’re truly sick you know that”
“Look who’s talking, now will you do it or do I have to convince you?” Her hand reaches out to his chest but he pulls away.
“No please, don’t I can’t take the pain”
“Weak humans, well, I’m waiting for your answer”
“If you can get me out of here with no hitches”
“Do you know where she is”
“What about Max”?
“I’ll keep him occupied, don’t worry”

Back in Texas.
The music just goes on and on. It’s like our love, it keeps flowing and spreading throughout each cell until it overflows> It can’t be contained. It has to run it’s course spilling out of our bodies into the air around us.
Our limbs entwine and there's not even a centimetre between us at this point. We’re so close. Close to spilling over the edge.
“Liz, I have to, I can’t hold it any longer”
He asks permission and I can’t refuse him not this time I’m burning up just as much as he is, it’s like our first time only better, slower more intimate I focus on his face all thoughts of doubt leave me. I know this is right..
“Max, be gentle , please”
“I will”
“I move to her breast and suck a little harder this time, I want her to scream my name. To know that she wants me”
I need to taste you Liz”
“oh god, Max hurry”
I feel his tongue on my heat, and that’s when I lose it”
She screams my name over and over, I stop and check that she’s alright but she grabs my head and keeps it in place between her legs”
I suck and lick some more, she’s so wet, now is the time. But I don’t want to rush it.
Our eyes meet and she knows what I’m about to do. I slowly push my member in to her passage. I keep still for a couple of seconds then the urgency takes over and the journey begins. Our hips rock back and forth the images bombard me, but this time they’re different. And I feel a new awareness. It must be our son. Liz senses it too as she gives me a knowing smile reaches out to me. She must see them too. The image of a boy with dark hair, he’s so much like me. Then I see a little girl., then both of them standing together in the desert, the boy older than the girl. Both of them are mine, they’re my children they have to be. I ‘m overwhelmed at this image, this is our future. Mine and Liz's. The point of release is near for me and I check to see if Liz is with me. Her walls clench and I feel her give in to the moment. I try to prolonge to keep the images coming but I lose it at that point and can’t help but explode within her for the longest time possible. All my love streams out from me and into her tiny body. We lie here together in each others arms faceing one another, spent and undone trying to come to terms of what we just saw. A single tear falls from Liz’s cheek and I quickly wipe it away with concern.. This isn’t what I wanted. I didn’t mean to make her cry.
I feel his anxiety and I quickly reassure him. I’m crying but it’s not because I’m sad, for the first time in a long while, I’m crying tears of joy.

Part 45
We spent the whole night snuggling up in the bed and talking about what we just experienced. The flashes seemed so real. If I close my eyes I can still see their faces. It seems too good to be true. The thought of having children together, being together in the future is everything I ever wanted. Something that I never thought would be possible. I reflect on my life and who I really am.
I am a hybrid. I have no choice in the matter. I didn’t ask to be sent here nor did I ask to be some sort of alien king of a distant planet, but I am.
Liz understands me, she is probably the only person that knows my deepest secrets and fears. And as much as she knows mine, I also know hers.
Sometimes I feel too old to be just 18. A teenage boy. That makes me smirk, a teenage boy would have a normal life and wouldn’t have to fight halve the battles that we have.. But I’m not just any teenage boy.
Liz is fast asleep. This is probably the only time she has had a restful sleep in a long time, she hasn’t had any nightmares yet. I think it’s safe to say that the healing process started last night, I know it did. And in time she will overcome her fear..
But I won’t forget. I won’t rest till I catch him. I just can’t help the way I feel. I will do as I say. One day he will pay for what he did.
“Get up sleepy head”
“Leave me alone”
“Go away”
I’ve never seen her so grumpy in the morning, this is a side to her that I never thought I would see. She leaves me no alternative, I gently pull the covers away from her body and wait for her response.
“Max can I have the covers back, I’m cold”
“Time to get up Liz”
“What time is it”
“It’s nearly 11”
“okay, why are you in such a rush to get out of here”?
“I thought we’d go and search for a place today”
“You seem so eager”
“I do”?
“Yeah, like your on speed or something”
“I just want to start building our future, I don’t like that we have to do this”
“You mean stay in a hotel”
“I want a place of our own Liz, somewhere we can be together”
“I know it’s what I want too”
“The problem is, can we afford it”
“We’ll see in 10 minutes”

“Liz, this is the 10th place we’ve asked, it’s not enough , 10.000 isn’t enough for any place around here”
“Max, what can I say, I’m just as frustrated as you are, I thought we could of at least had enough for a month’s rent, but that doesn’t include the down payment”
“This last place was 600.00 a month and 600.00 downpayment, we’re 200.00 short”
“How about I call my parents”
“But Max, they said they would help”
“It’s not right Liz, I don’t feel right about it, I should be the provider not your parents”
“Then what do we do, we can’t afford to rent a place until we have at least 1200.00 dollars”
“I’ll have to find a job and quick, then maybe we can make it”
“But that means”
“I know, Liz we have no alternative, we’ll have to sleep in the jeep, or maybe , I don’t know this is just so damn difficult”
He’s really taking this hard, harder than I thought possible. His fist slams down on the bonnet of the jeep and I flinch away. I try to hide my worry.
“Max, don’t worry we can cope, I don’t mind sleeping in the jeep, it’s our jeep , I know it’s a little uncomfortable but as long as it’s not a permanent thing I can handle it”
“You sure about that, I mean, your pregnant Liz, this is the last thing I wanted to happen, I was so hopeful today, that we’d find some place”
“Don’t worry we will, come on, lets find you some work”

“5 mins later in the Town center.
“Ok now what type of place was you thinking of”
“Any place”
“How about a store”
“I don’t know, depends what they want me to do, I’m not good with people”
“I see, well how about that one over there”
“You mean the video store, I doubt they’ll take me on”
“Look it says in the window, they need someone to work in the evenings”
“Liz, I don’t know about that, I don’t want to leave you alone in the evenings”
“You’re right, well how about we go look in the papers”
“I got a better idea, lets park the jeep and go for a walk”
“Good idea”

Part 46.

We walk together hand in hand down the street, I’ve never felt so helpless in my life, I desperately want to make this work, to find a job, to provide for my family.
I look at her and she instantly flashes me one of those brilliant smiles.
If only I had as much faith in myself as she has in me.

“Liz, if I don’t find , If I’m not succesful we can head back to Roswell as soon as possible”
“Don’t say that Max, we will find what we want, you just have to try a little harder”
“It’s not easy Liz, who in their right mind will give me a job”?
“Who wouldn’t?, Max we’ve only just started to look, give it a chance”
“Ok, well this place looks as good as any”
“Max this is a diner”
“Yep, maybe they need a waiter or something”?
“Are you serious”
“Doesn’t hurt to ask”
“Oh boy!, somehow I never imagined you working in a food place”
“Why not”?
“I have no idea, don’t ask”
“Has this something to do with my mother’s cooking? Or is it because you think I can’t cook?
“No, I don’t think they’re looking for a cook in here, more for a dishwasher”
“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea”
“No, don’t be a coward, come on let’s ask”
We enter the diner/restaurant and immediately look to the back.
There’s a small woman working on the cash register she looks about my mom’s age.
She seems to be quite busy but I need to get this over with before I change my mind. We both stand in front of the counter waiting for her to notice us.

“Excuse me miss”
“Yes, what can I get ya”
“Well um, I was wondering if you had any vacancies”
“What do you mean”?

I watch the woman smile and notice she has a tooth missing on the front. She has a pleasant face something tells me this is right. I have good feelings about the place. The woman’s smile spreads and I notice she glances over to Liz and immediately her glance turns into a stare, her eyes fixate on Liz’s stomach.
“Why you’re pregnant little honey, how far along are you and is this the little daddy”

“Yes, I’m about 3 months along”
“You sure there, you look awful big for 3 months”
“Well we’re not really sure, I guess I am 4 months”
“Well congratulations to both of you”
Max is blushing to the tip of his ears and I can’t help but grin at him. But we must get back to the issue at hand.
“Well mam, we were just wondering if you had any work that needed to be done.
We’re new in town and want to settle down here we like it so much”
“Why thank you little Miss”
“Please call me Liz”
“Liz , what a beautiful name, is it short for Elizabeth”?
“And what will your beau’s name be”
“Ahem, Max, my name is Max”

“Wonderful names, well you know we don’t have an opening at the moment but I’m sure I can help you out”
“Really, because we would be so grateful”
“Now I was thinking I needed some extra help here in the mornings.”
“Do you mean serving?”
“Yes, well a little of everything really, cleaning, serving the food, buying the stock for the kitchen, carrying the heavy goods, don't worry we have a cook. So tell me, have you worked in a restaurant before”?

“I have, my dad actually owns a restaurant back in Roswell”
“Well that’s great, but you kids have to realise I can’t let a pregnant woman be working here for me”
“No, it’s not for Liz, I‘m the one looking for a job”
“Why that’s even better, just what I was needing around here, a good strong handsome young man like you”
“.Thank you you’re so kind”
“Well when can you start”?
“Great, I’ll see ya tomorrow 7am sharp.”
“The hours will be”?
“7am till 2pm”
“Okay, thank you so much , sorry I didn’t catch your name”
“Same as your wifes, it’s Elizabeth”
“Glad to meet you Elizabeth, thank you”
“oh, I forgot, the pay”
Don’t worry about that, I’m sure we’ll both agree on something how does 20 dollars a day sound”?
“It’s just that we’re looking for a place to stay and we need all the money we can get”
“Well where you staying now”
“Hotel’s are damn expensive and not the kind of place for little missy to be staying in.”
“I know, we’ve tried looking but everywhere is so expensive”
“ I got an idea, why don’t you kids stay here, I got 2 rooms upstairs, 1 bedroom and a bathroom”
“That sounds great to me, Max what do you say”
“Well, how much is the rent”?
“Don’t worry about the rent, work for me and pay the rent from the wages I give ya”
“Sounds too good to be true”
“Wanna come up and see the room”?
“Please, but there’s something I’ve got to ask you”
“Yes, young man”
“Why are you being so helpful , we’re strangers to you”
“ I‘ll tell you the truth, one look at Miss Lizzy here and I was back to when I was a young gal and I guess you two remind me of me and my guy back when we were young.
I like you faces, I’ve had a lot of experiences in my lifetime and one thing I always rely on is my gut feeling, I’ve never been wrong bout people, hopefully I’m not wrong bout you two.”
“Thank you for being so honest with us, we’ll try not to prove you wrong”
“Now shall we see the room”

Part 47
”This is great. I love the room everything about it is cosy. It’s just what we were looking for.”
“Well I’m glad you like it, I’ll leave you two alone now, I have to get back downstairs”
“Thank you Elizabeth”
“Your welcome, and if there’s anything else you need to ask me, I’ll be downstairs.”
“Max I’m so relieved we finally found somewhere”
“Yes, it’s too good to be true, I mean I never thought I’d find a job and now this.
“Look there’s a TV, table with 2 chairs and a small fridge in the corner, Does the TV work?”
“Not sure, but I’m sure I can fix that”
“ It works now”

Max is being cautious. His eyes dart around the room and I sense his disorientation.
I understand him completely. This is strange for him. Well it’s strange for me too. Our first time away from our homes, living somewhere completely unfamiliar.
It’s going to be difficult but we’ll have to make the most of what we’ve got.
I take a few steps towards him and his arms surround me in his warmth. I feel his hand stroking my back, it has such a calming effect on me. Then I hear his concerned voice.
“How are you feeling Liz, are you hungry, I can go down and buy something to eat from our friendly landlord”
“Max, you’re so right, I can’t remember when I last ate, I’m so hungry and you know who else is hungry don’t you”
“Come here, let me fix that”
“I feel so tired I just want to sleep”
“Okay Lie on the bed and take a nap, I’ll be right back with food”
“Don’t be gone too long”
“I won’t”
I take the keys that Elizabeth left and lock the door behind me, I have to keep Liz safe, even though I think we’ll be fine here, I can’t take risks.

The diner is quite busy for late afternoon. I guess that’s good news.
The more occupied it is the more work for me and maybe a pay rise, now I’m being hopeful, 20$ isn’t too bad, at least it will feed us and keep a roof over our heads,
I couldn’t ask for more, this is just the beginning. It’s just that I want the best for Liz; this isn’t exactly what I had in mind for a job. Elizabeth is being too nice to us. I just hope this all works out for the best.
“What can I get you Max”
“Well un, Liz is kind of hungry, what do you suggest I get her”
“Is she fussy bout her food”
“Well no, I don’t know”
“How about the special”
“What is the special”?
“Well there’s chicken soup, then we have Beef stew with potatoes and vegetables or you can have omelette”
“Omelette sounds just fine to me”
“Okay, will you be eating down here, or”
“Well Liz is taking a nap, I was wondering if I could just bring it up to her if that’s ok with you”
“Sure it is, remember it’s your room now, you don’t need permission from me to eat up there, as long as you keep it clean I don’t mind”
“How about you, what would you like to eat”
“can I have a burger with fries, please”
“Sure coming up”
“Well I’ll just be going out to the car to get our stuff, I’ll be right back”
“Okay, don’t be too long”
“Oh no, I won’t”

Walking to the Jeep I suddenly realise this isn’t such a good idea . Liz has 3 very heavy bags and I have 2. How am I going to carry the bags and the food up to Liz at the same time. I’ll just have to bring up the bags first then go back down for the food.
I just about make it to the diner but just before I do so, I get an uneasy feeling. I turn around and try hard to concentrate on my surroundings. It’s not this place, it’s coming from outside. I feel like I’m being watched.
I quickly scan my surroundings, people everywhere, everything looks normal.
It could be anyone or anything watching me. After a couple of minutes I realise I must look like an idiot standing in the doorway gaping at everyone.
I make my way in to the diner. All my thoughts are consumed in this recent development. I have to try and keep us safe.

“Hey Max here’s the food”
“Thanks, I’ll be right down to get them”

I unlock the door and make my way in to the room, Liz is wide awake, and she has that cross look on her face. I know I’m in trouble.
“ Where have you been and why did you lock me in here Max?”
“Liz, I just wanted you to be safe, I went to get food”
She lets out a long sigh, I can’t help but find her amusing when she’s like this. She looks so adorable sitting there with the remote in her hand flipping channels.

“Well where is it, that doesn’t look like food to me”
“Ok, it’s coming, I’ll be right back”
“And Max”
“Don’t forget the Tabasco”
“Don’t worry I have some in my bag”
“Good boy”
“Any thing good on”
“No, nothing, I’m looking for the news haven’t found it yet”
“Maybe it isn’t time for that yet”
“You, don’t say a word or you’ll get this on your head”
“Okay, I’m going”

Part 48

“Max is there anymore of that sauce left”
“I need some”
“Liz you poured half the bottle on your omelette already, are you feeling fine”
“Yes, I don’t know, I just feel like, Max I’ve never craved something as much as this, I don’t understand what’s happening to me”
Not to mention the mood”
“What did you say”
“Oh just that ever since I came back with the bags, you’ve been hostile towards me”
“I have”?
“Don’t worry about it, I guess it’s all to do with the little one”
“I’m sorry”
“Your not doing it intentionally, you have no control Liz, don’t dwell on it too much, I understand”
“If you say so”
“Yes, Max”
“I have something to tell you”
“What is it”
“Something happened while I was out “
“Is it bad”
“I don’t know yet, it’s that I sensed something or someone watching me, I’ve never been wrong before, this just felt too strange”
“Max, you’re getting me worried now”
“I just wanted to tell you, be careful”
“But nobody knows where we are Max, how could someone be watching us”
“I have no idea, I think whatever it is, it knows about us”
“The baby”
“Listen Liz, I won’t let anything harm you or the baby, I swear I’ll protect you”
“Something like this had to happen now, didn’t it, just when we were getting somewhere”
“Don’t worry I’m here with you”
“Who would want to harm us Max, who”
I couldn’t answer her, if I did it would cause her too much distress and I can’t let that happen, not now. I take her into my arms and try to calm her down. My hands move to her abdomen and that’s where my hands remain.

The feelings are overpowering. The way Max is stroking my abdomen, the way he starts to talk to our son, It’s so touching. I get a sudden urge to Kiss him, it’s like I have no control. The baby is making me do these things.
My lips touch his tentatively and then the flashes appear, we both stay in that position for god knows how long, neither one of us wanting to end it, what we see and what we learn about our son is overwhelming, But then the moment ends and we both pull back gasping for air.

“He’s growing Liz, did you see that? It’s amazing, I can’t describe how happy I am”
“Yes, it’s like he wanted us to see him, to understand him, he was communicating with both of us”
“ And the way he was looking at us, I can’t get over it, I can’t forget that look”
“He’s growing stronger by the day, soon it will be time”
“Liz, your not alone”
“Who’s going to help me when the time comes Max, who”?
“Liz, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure your safe, I won’t let anything happen to you”
“But you don’t know anything about this birth Max”

She’s right and I can’t stop feeling the dread. The sinking feeling that if anything was to go wrong with the birth I could lose both Liz and my son. There’s got to be someone out there that could help us. There’s Larek, but how am I supposed to trust him, heck I don’t even know if I should listen to him in the first place, I have my doubts about bringing Liz to the cave, what if Larek has his own agenda, what if he wants to harm my son or take him away form us when the time comes. I’d be a fool to believe him, but what choice do I have. I know Liz is afraid even more so than I am. But we’re all alone here and there’s nobody in the damn world that could put my mind at ease, who I can trust?.
I turn to look at her face and I realise I’ve been so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t hear Liz calling my name.
“I’m sorry Liz”
“Where were you Max, you completely zoned out on me”
“I’m sorry, I was just thinking about the birth”
“Are we still going to the cave Max”
“I don’t know Liz, the truth is, I’m undecided, I really want to trust Larek, but then, I don’t know if I can”
“I thought he was your friend Max, why don’t you trust him anymore”
“There’s something about him, I don’t really know him Liz, I have no idea what his agenda is, he says he is Zan’s friend, but I’m not that person anymore.”
“Maybe we should ask him”
“The baby”
“Are you serious”?
“What choice do we have? if he can communicate with us maybe we can communicate with him”

“Are we here yet, is this the place”
“Calm down Sean, all in good time”
“You said you’d let me do the job why are you here”
“To make sure you get it done, don’t try my patience or you’ll be sorry”
“Look, the way I see it we’re in this together so quit threatening me”
and tell me what the plan is”
“According to my contact this is where they’re staying, I want you to watch them, when the coast is clear and Liz is alone”
“ok, I get the idea, but what about Max”
“I’ll handle him don’t worry”
“Are you going to distract him long enough for me to “
“Be quiet, I told you I’ll handle him”
“So what do I do in the mean while”
“Lay low and keep out of sight, and Sean make sure Max doesn’t see you or it’ll be over before you know it”
“Okay, okay”
“Now get out the car”
“Hey, you’re just going to leave me here”
“I have to find a place to stay, you didn’t think I’d be sleeping in the car did you”
“Well no, but what about me”
“You can sleep in the car”
“Gee thanks you’re so kind”
“Don’t get sarcastic with me, now take this phone, ring me when you see something”
“What do you mean, it seems pointless me standing out here, I can’t do anything with out you”
“I have some things to do, don’ t worry I’ll be back before you know it”
“I’ll be waiting”

Part 49

It’s 11pm, where the hell is she?. Why did she leave me out here all this time and disappear like that, she must be hiding something from me. This better be worth it.
Oh great here she comes.
“Well Sean”
“Where the hell have you been, I’ve been out here for 3 hours”
“Did you see them”
“Yeah, sort of”
“What does that mean, did you see them or not? “
“Looked to me like they were getting quite cosy”
“You’re beginning to piss me off Sean”
“ok, look they’re up there on top of the diner, 2nd window on the right. Last time I looked they were watching TV.”
“It was definitely them”?
“Okay, now all we have to do is distract Max”
“What would you do if you wanted attention Sean?, think about it, you’re the one with the criminal background.”
“But even if the alarm goes off, do you think Max will leave Liz alone long enough, I don’t think so”
“Well what else is there, do you have a better idea?”
“It’s just that, it’s too soon, I can’t do it right now”
“Ugh, I knew you were weak, you can’t kill her can you”?
“I can’t do it now, it doesn’t feel right, it’s too soon”
“Well when will you be able to, we had a deal Sean, don’t go turning your back on me now”
“Why do you need to do it now”
“Because the sooner the better, the baby she’s carrying will grow and strengthen by each passing day, the more we wait the more stronger the little bastard gets and then we can never harm Liz Parker. We need to do it now. My guess is that it’s weak, after all Liz parker is human, she couldn’t possibly be strong enough to give the child all it’s needs. She’s not me. I was designed to carry the heir.”

“Are you sure she’s going to be weak, somehow it seems too risky”
“ She won’t have the strength to fight on her own”
“Well I guess that settles it, Lets do it”


“Hey stop tickling, not fair, I can’t reach down there”
“Aha, now I’ve got you”
“Max, please, stop”
“Okay, you’ve tired me out anyway, I never thought massaging your feet would make you so giggly”
“I’m ticklish, I can’t help it”
“Ok you’re forgiven”
“Come lie down next to me, oh and turn the TV off”
“Anything else you want done, Madame?”
“That’ll do for now, I’ll be sure to let you know if I want anything”

I make my way to the bed and slip under the covers next to her. She looks so radiant and happy. Our bodies seem to gravitate towards each other on their own. We lay together in silence.

“Have I told you how handsome you are lately”?
“No, I don’t believe you have”
“Well I think you are incredibly”
“Thank you, you’re not too bad yourself ”
“Is there anything you want Liz”
“I’m listening”
“Could you get me a glass of water, please”
“Is that all”
“You sound disappointed, what did you think I was going to ask you?
“That you, never mind”
“I’ll be back in a minute, don’t go anywhere”

“Come on Sean, hurry up you’re slowing me down”
“OK, now when I hit the alarm you make sure you do your thing. I don’t want Max to see me”
“I hope your wearing gloves”
“Of course I am”
“Do it”

“Here’s the water”
As I reach to take the glass a deafening sound reaches my ear, Max immediately goes into protective mode.
“It’s the alarm, how the hell did it go off”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be back as soon as I find out what’s causing this”
“Don’t go Max”
“I have to see what’s going on Liz, what if it’s a real fire”
“Then I’ll come with you”
“No stay here, it’s probably a false alarm”
“what if it isn’t”
“Okay, quick”
I take his hand and we make our way down stairs and out the door. The diner isn’t accessible to us from the back. The only way in is the front way. We stand in the middle of the empty street hesitating to go in.

“Okay, the front door’s open, You stay here, I’ll go in”
“What is it Liz”
“I have a bad feeling about this”
“There’s no sign of a fire Liz, I’ll just go and see if I can make the noise stop”
And with that, he goes in. I attempt to follow him. I reach out my hand to the open door and touch the frame, I’m immediately bombarded with flashes. Tess and Sean talking to each other , planning on my demise, planning to kill me and my baby.
I fall to my knees in horror.
I look up to her face, she’s here and she hates me.
“MAX” I scream his name, “Max”
“He doesn’t respond, he’s nowhere around, panic arises in me. I lift myself off the floor and run towards Tess. She’s just standing there, glaring at me.
“Leave him alone, he’s not yours he never will be , he doesn’t even see you, that’s how pathetic you are”
“No, you’re wrong Max loves me, he will never love you”
“Enough, finish it Sean”
Max is just standing there in front of me, he doesn’t hear me scream his name, Then I feel a hand on my shoulder, then on my arm, roughly pushing me away from Max,
I look up and see his face. Oh god, how I hate you.
“Leave me alone, I scream” but he covers my mouth with his filthy hand.
I feel rage boiling within me, this has to stop. I can’t, no, I won’t let him harm me anymore.

I focus my mind, my energy, I give it all I’ve got, the humming sound builds and my arms begin to tingle, I feel the power ready to surge out, I find the strength to break lose of his hold on me. And then my arm rises of it’s own accord, he stands there with fear in his eyes.
I don’t feel sorry for him, he deserves all he gets. The blue light streams out of my palm and hits him directly in the chest. Not once, twice but three times. He falls to the ground in a heap.

I turn and find I’m face to face with Tess.
“You bitch, I never thought you had it in you”
“No, you thought I was a weak little human”
Max is still standing there, she’s still mind warping him. I have to break it, I have to try.
“Take one last look at him, it’s all you’re going to get and then you’re going to die”

Part 50.

“Take one last look at him, it’s all you’re going to get and then you’re going to die”

“No, I’m not going to die, not if I can stop you”
“You, don’t make me laugh, you’re nothing, I could kill you with my eyes closed”
“Stop it, stop the mind warp”
“That’s it take one last look, he’s mine after this, don’t worry I’ll make sure he doesn’t remember you”
“How could you do this , don’t you have any feelings”?
“I have lots of feelings especially when Max is concerned, don’t worry he won’t be disappointed”
My hands tremble and I feel light headed, it must be the baby, he’s getting weak, no, not now, I can’t do this without you, please. I try to focus, I have to do this”
“What’s the matter, having second thoughts”?
“No, but if you are you better leave now”
“Huh, you don’t scare me, you pathetic little whore”
I manage to focus on my energy but then she moves away and walks towards Max.
“What are you doing? Keep away from him”
Hello Maxi, you and me are going to get to know each other intimately soon, very soon.”
“Don’t touch him”
“Or what”?
I can’t help but scream as my energy explodes and is released from my palm, this time a magnificent white light blinds me and I fall to the ground as it makes impact with Tess’s body. After a couple of seconds the light fades away. I look up and see her lifeless body lying on the floor. I don’t know if she’s alive or if she’s dead.
“Liz, oh god”
“Max” He’s running towards me like a mad man.
“Thank god, Liz are you ok? what happened here”
Max grabs me to him and he starts to kiss me all over my face, his hands are holding me ever so protectively, he won’t let go.
“Max, It’s Tess and Sean, she tried to , kill me”
“What, how”?
“Where was I when all this was happening”
“Being Mind warped by Tess”
“Liz, my love, Thank god your safe”
“The baby helped me, I killed Sean and Tess”
“Tell me how it happened”
“I don’t think I have any energy left, Max, I don’t “
My vision becomes blurry and my eyes start to close of their own accord. I feel drained.
“Oh god, Liz, wake up baby,” ok, I know what to do, My hand finds her abdomen quickly , I feel the baby is in distress, I waste no time and quickly start to transfer my energy, minutes later satisfied that the baby is fine and healthy I take Liz in my arms and start to carry her to our bed.
I take one last look behind me.
Tess is still lying on the floor. I’ll need to come back down afterwards and remove the bodies, but for now my priority is Liz. I start to walk away with Liz in my arms. I pass Sean’s limp body lying on the ground.
My only regret is that I wasn’t the one to finish him off. I seal the door with my powers but I know I’ll be back sooner than later.
“Shh, Liz it’s ok, you’re in our room now, go to sleep”
“Max, be careful”
Our eyes meet and I try to reassure her, she knows what I’m about to do.
“I’ll be back before you know it”
I make my way downstairs and open the door. The sight of Sean’s body is starting to make me sick. I quickly wave my hand over his body. There is nothing left but ashes, after another wave, he completely disappears. There is nothing left of him.
I move away and go in search of Tess. Her body is still in the same position. I look at her in disgust, “How could you ever think I’d love you”
“It’s our destiny Max”
“What the hell, she’s not dead.
I quickly grab her arms to stop her from attacking me.
“She couldn’t kill me, Max, because I’m not meant to die just yet, if I die ,she dies”
“You’re evil Tess, and I’ll be damned if I let you harm Liz again.
“You can’t kill me Max”
“Why you say that”
“Because you love me”
“I don’t love you and you’re not my destiny”
“Max please don’t do this, don’t deny me”
“You tried to Kill Liz and my son, I have every reason to want you dead”
“Not before I kill you first”
Suddenly her hand shoots up and releases a blue beam directly hitting me in the chest. I stumble backwards to the floor.
“You want to fight me Tess”?
“What choice do you give me Max, I’m sorry, if I can’t have you, no one else can.”
“You’re sick, truly you are, but now your really going down”
I get up and raise my hand to hers, she raises hers to mine and the battle begins.
My blue beam against hers. I take a couple of hits but manage to dodge the rest.
She is weakened when I create my force field. She has no power left against me. One more strike and she’s gone. “Say good bye Tess”
“Never, I’ll be back Max, don’t think this is over”
“This is over now”
She screams and then hits the floor. It truly is over. I don’t feel any remorse for her. She tried to kill me, to kill all of us.

I wash my hands and my face and head on back upstairs, somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight. All I need right now is to hold Liz in my arms. Nothing else matters.﷡﷡﷡﷡﷡

“Hey, I missed you, did you take care of it”
“Yes. Liz , I really need to hold you right now.”

His tears are clearly visible and I’m beginning to get teary eyed. I can’t help my chin from quivering. This whole episode has got the better of us.

“I could have lost you tonight, I wasn’t there for you when you needed me”
“But the thing is, I had a part of you inside of me, so you were with me in a way”
“I love you Liz, So much.”
“I love you too”

Part 50.

“Take one last look at him, it’s all you’re going to get and then you’re going to die”

“No, I’m not going to die, not if I can stop you”
“You, don’t make me laugh, you’re nothing, I could kill you with my eyes closed”
“Stop it, stop the mind warp”
“That’s it take one last look, he’s mine after this, don’t worry I’ll make sure he doesn’t remember you”
“How could you do this , don’t you have any feelings”?
“I have lots of feelings especially when Max is concerned, don’t worry he won’t be disappointed”
My hands tremble and I feel light headed, it must be the baby, he’s getting weak, no, not now, I can’t do this without you, please. I try to focus, I have to do this”
“What’s the matter, having second thoughts”?
“No, but if you are you better leave now”
“Huh, you don’t scare me, you pathetic little whore”
I manage to focus on my energy but then she moves away and walks towards Max.
“What are you doing? Keep away from him”
Hello Maxi, you and me are going to get to know each other intimately soon, very soon.”
“Don’t touch him”
“Or what”?
I can’t help but scream as my energy explodes and is released from my palm, this time a magnificent white light blinds me and I fall to the ground as it makes impact with Tess’s body. After a couple of seconds the light fades away. I look up and see her lifeless body lying on the floor. I don’t know if she’s alive or if she’s dead.
“Liz, oh god”
“Max” He’s running towards me like a mad man.
“Thank god, Liz are you ok? what happened here”
Max grabs me to him and he starts to kiss me all over my face, his hands are holding me ever so protectively, he won’t let go.
“Max, It’s Tess and Sean, she tried to , kill me”
“What, how”?
“Where was I when all this was happening”
“Being Mind warped by Tess”
“Liz, my love, Thank god your safe”
“The baby helped me, Max, I killed Sean and Tess”
“Tell me how it happened”
“I don’t think I have any energy left, Max, I don’t “
My vision becomes blurry and my eyes start to close of their own accord. I feel drained.
“Oh god, Liz, wake up baby,” ok, I know what to do, My hand finds her abdomen quickly , I feel the baby is in distress, I waste no time and quickly start to transfer my energy, minutes later satisfied that the baby is fine and healthy I take Liz in my arms and start to carry her to our bed.
I take one last look behind me.
Tess is still lying on the floor. I’ll need to come back down afterwards and remove the bodies, but for now my priority is Liz. I start to walk away with Liz in my arms. I pass Sean’s limp body lying on the ground.
My only regret is that I wasn’t the one to finish him off. I seal the door with my powers but I know I’ll be back sooner than later.
“Shh, Liz it’s ok, you’re in our room now, go to sleep”
“Max, be careful”
Our eyes meet and I try to reassure her, she knows what I’m about to do.
“I’ll be back before you know it”
I make my way downstairs and open the door. The sight of Sean’s body is starting to make me sick. I quickly wave my hand over his body. There is nothing left but ashes, after another wave, he completely disappears. There is nothing left of him.
I move away and go in search of Tess. Her body is still in the same position. I look at her in disgust, “How could you ever think I’d love you”
“It’s our destiny Max”
“What the hell, she’s not dead.
I quickly grab her arms to stop her from attacking me.
“She couldn’t kill me, Max, because I’m not meant to die just yet, if I die ,she dies”
“You’re evil Tess, and I’ll be damned if I let you harm Liz again.
“You can’t kill me Max”
“Why you say that”
“Because you love me”
“I don’t love you and you’re not my destiny”
“Max please don’t do this, don’t deny me”
“You tried to Kill Liz and my son, I have every reason to want you dead”
“Not before I kill you first”
Suddenly her hand shoots up and releases a blue beam directly hitting me in the chest. I stumble backwards to the floor.
“You want to fight me Tess”?
“What choice do you give me Max, I’m sorry, if I can’t have you, no one else can.”
“You’re sick, truly you are, but now your really going down”
I get up and raise my hand to hers, she raises hers to mine and the battle begins.
My blue beam against hers. I take a couple of hits but manage to dodge the rest.
She is weakened when I create my force field. She has no power left against me. One more strike and she’s gone. “Say good bye Tess”
“Never, I’ll be back Max, don’t think this is over”
“This is over now”
She screams and then hits the floor. It truly is over. I don’t feel any remorse for her. She tried to kill me, to kill all of us.

I wash my hands and my face and head on back upstairs, somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight. All I need right now is to hold Liz in my arms. Nothing else matters.﷡﷡﷡﷡﷡

“Hey, I missed you, did you take care of it”
“Yes. Liz , I really need to hold you right now.”

His tears are clearly visible and I’m beginning to get teary eyed. I can’t help my chin from quivering. This whole episode has got the better of us.

“I could have lost you tonight, I wasn’t there for you when you needed me”
“But the thing is, I had a part of you inside of me, so you were with me in a way”
“I love you Liz, So much.”
“I love you too”

Part 51
She takes my hand and leads me to our bed.
This woman is remarkable. She is offering me support after everything she’s been through.
I tentatively start to caress her soft mouth and her delicate skin.
My kisses are not nearly enough to show my appreciation for the courage and strength she showed tonight. Or for all the other times that she stood by me, never wavering in her belief.
Time seems to come to a halt, I don’t know why or how, but the clock hand hasn’t moved since I lay in this bed. The silence is deafening.
“I can’t describe how much I admire you, your remarkable”
“Thank you , but I’m not ”
“No, you are, you’re so strong and you proved it tonight, to me and “
“Max please, I don’t want to hear her name”
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking, I’m just tired I suppose”
“Why don’t you just close your eyes and try to sleep”
“I want to, but I don’t think I can”
“You have work tomorrow”
“I know, I completely forgot about it earlier on”
“Liz, I don’t regret it, what happened tonight, and I don’t want you to either”
“ I took a life, I killed Sean, does that make me a bad person?”
“No, not at all, Liz listen to me, you did the right thing, He was going to harm you and the baby, you had no choice, I can’t believe your saying this, don’t you remember what he did to you, he deserved to die”
“I know, still, I took a life”
She kept saying those same words over and over again, a dejected tone in her voice. Some time later she fell asleep in my arms and I must have dozed off soon afterwards the last thing I remember before I fell asleep was if she’ll ever stop feeling regret for what she did.
I feel gratitude to whomever was watching over us and wished that this episode would just fade in time.

2 week’s have gone by since that night and Liz seems to be coping on the outside but on the inside it’s a different story.
No one knows what happened apart from me and Liz. I made sure there was no trace of evidence left and so far so good. I keep a watchful eye on the door in case the police or Fbi decide to come in one day and take me away for questioning but so far nothing has gone wrong and I ’m thankful.

Liz is gaining weight and the baby is growing each passing day. Sometimes she gets weepy and complains about her clothes not fitting and other times she gets the mood swings and starts yelling at me. A couple of times she’s accused me of looking at other women and other times she says I don’t pay too much attention to her, because she’s fat and ugly. I tell her she’s talking nonsense at times like these and try my best to reassure her she’s the only one for me. And that’s’ the truth.
It must work because she’s stopped accusing me and she’s back to her old self lately.

I started the morning shift and in the beginning I found it hard but gradually got the hang of things. I never knew how hard Michael had it until I started working in the kitchens. Elizabeth has been patient with me, she calls me useless and jokes around about the way I do things or shall we say not do things, but apart from that it’s all a good laugh. I smile and clown around but in the back of my mind my thoughts are always with Liz and my son. But more so Liz, this thing with Sean, she’s hiding it so well but I can read her like a book, her main worry is Maria, after all Sean was Maria’s cousin. How will Maria take the news, will she hate Liz .. Will she accuse her of being a murderer. Liz is afraid she’ll lose Maria’s friendship if she ever found out what happened to Sean. That’s why we haven’t told anyone yet, not even Michael or Isabel knows what happened. Sooner or later they’re going to be asking questions so are a lot of other people. We have to tell them one day.

It’ll be time to decide whether to go to the cave back in Roswell or stay here.
I’m terrified of making the wrong decision and Liz has asked me a couple of times this week if she should prepare herself or not for another drive to Roswell. I know she desperately misses her parents and who am I to deny her but there are also other reason why she wants to go back to Roswell. I couldn’t bring myself to honestly answer her question. I’m torn, I don’t know what’s right or what’s wrong. That’s’ why I suppose it’s time to find out.

My shift is over in a couple of minutes and I’m dying to run up the stairs and take Liz in my arms and give her the kiss of her life. I wonder what she’s doing up there all on her own.

“Hello, Maria it’s me, Liz”
“Liz, Liz who”
“Ah, Maria, don’t tell me you forgot me already”
“Of course I didn’t forget you, Liz it’s just that I thought I’d never speak to you again. You know I’ve been angry with you for leaving me like that, I thought we shared everything , you’re my best friend Liz”
“You’re such a good friend to me, really, I just wanted to ring you and let you know we’ll probably be coming back soon, we need to talk, about something important”
“Oh my god Liz, what is it”
“Please , don’t tell anyone yet, nothing’s definite yet, but I have to tell you something, and it’s just that”
“Liz, what’s wrong you sound bad, really bad”
“I just needed to talk to you, promise me you won’t tell anyone”
“Sure babe, but what’s bothering you, has Max been an ass to you”
“No nothing like that, it has nothing to do with him, listen, I have to go, I don’t want to worry you, I’m fine, everything’s fine, I’ll talk to you soon”
“Liz, you’re hiding something, I don’t know what it is, but I got a feeling it’s you know”
“Yeah, it could be”
“Well bye Maria”
“Bye Liz”
“That was strange”
“What was strange”
“Spaceboy, have you been standing there all this time”
“Who was you talking to, was it Max”?
“No, it was Liz and keep your voice down”
“Well what did she say that was strange”
“Nothing, she just sounded sad”
“Must be the being pregnant thing”
“What else did she say”
“She said there’s something important she has to say to me”
“Something to do with Tess’s disappearance”?
“She couldn’t tell me on the phone, I have no idea what it is, but it doesn’t sound good”
“Are they coming back, to Roswell”
“Well that’s all I need to know, don’t worry , we’ll find out sooner or later, now bring this to table six”

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Part 52

“But guys , don’t you think it’s a little strange that Tess left without saying a word to any of us”
“Isabel, you were the closet to her, surely she would have said something to you..”
“That’s just it Michael, she didn’t say anything, the last time I saw her she said she wanted to forget about the past, about Max and the destiny business, nothing about leaving. I can’t help but feel something’s wrong. I tried to connect to her and there’s nothing but a black void.
“ Look Isabel, we don’t know the full story, maybe she went away, vacation or something, far out where we can’t reach her”
“Or maybe she’s gone after Max and Liz”
“Are you serious, Maria, that’s impossible, she doesn’t know where they, oh ”
“What Isabel”?
“I just remembered , I’m so , so stupid of me,”
“Great, you told her didn’t you”?
“I’m so sorry, I should have guessed, she kept questioning me and when I refused to tell her, she must have gone to Mom. I’m sure Mom must have told her. This happened after the parker’s spoke to Liz. The parker’s told my parents and then Tess kept nosing around, I should have known what she was up to.
“From the way that Liz sounded I guess something big must have happened up there which includes Tess”
“Why didn’t you tell me Tess was asking you about Max’s whereabouts”?
“I’m sorry Michael, I just didn’t think”
“Well what do we do Michael”?
“Nothing, by the sounds of it Max and Liz are fine and soon they’ll be in Roswell. “
“Well wouldn’t it be better to make sure, I’ll ring Max and find out what’s been going on”
“If you do that your highness might blow a fuse, I think Maria should ring Liz”
“I don’t think Liz will tell me anything, I think Isabel should ring Max”
“Ok, settled I’ll ring him tonight or better yet, I might just pay him a visit”
“Be careful, you know how Max can get sometimes”
“I will, I just hope he isn’t dreaming of Liz”

“Hey, what you doing in there”
“I’ll be out in a minute Max”
“Liz I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes waiting to use the bathroom, are you sure you’re alright”?
I don’t want to alarm him. It may be nothing but a side effect to the pregnancy. But the thing is I’m not sure.
I hope I’m not making a big mistake but I just don’t want to tell him just yet. The fact that this morning I woke up just after Max left to go downstairs and I didn’t feel well. I still don’t feel well.
I don’t know what it could be. I’ve been pregnant for over 3 months now , it’s impossible for me to get morning sickness when I’m nearly due in a month and a half. How could I have it now, I’m too long gone.
My worry is increasing with every second .I look in the mirror and try to fix myself before Max sees my awful appearance. I can hear him outside pacing and mumbling unintelligible words. God what shall I do?

This isn’t right, there’s definitely something she’s hiding from me. She’s never been sick before, I can hear her in there and I know she’s lying to me. I lose my patience and decide to knock on the wooden door once more but before my fist comes to contact on the hard surface the door opens and she’s standing in front of me .

Max is staring expectantly waiting for an explanation. His hands are possessively placed around my shoulders, I try hard not worry him but I can’t stop the trembling in my voice .. I can’t bring myself to look him in the eye.
“What happened, are you alright”?
“Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll fix it”
“You can’t fix this Max”
“Liz, is it the baby”?
“Yes, I think so”
“I couldn’t stop from vomiting”
“Has this happened before?
“What did you eat today, did you drink plenty water?
“I had soup “
“That’s all you ate”?
“I was waiting for you so we could eat together”

“I think now is a good time to contact Larek. We have no choice. I won’ t let you suffer this way, I won’t let either of you suffer”
“Max, maybe we’re over reacting”
“I can’t take the chance”
“Nothing matters to me apart from you, don’t you understand?, I have to find out what’s causing you to be sick. I won’t rest till I get to the bottom of this”
“What about Elizabeth”
“She’ll understand”
“Wouldn’t it be a better idea if we let Isabel or Michael ask him for us”?
“You don’t want to go to Roswell”?
“I just don’t feel well enough to travel Max”
“Well, it’s an option, but I’d rather speak to Larek myself”
“Please Max, we have nothing to lose by asking them, they’d only want to help, they’re family”
“ Let’s ring them now”

“Isabel, it’s Max“
“Thank god you rang, I was going to ring you but you beat me to it”
“Why was you going to ring me”?
“Gee, I just wanted to ask how you guys were, you know I’m going to be an aunt, and I guess I haven’t heard anything from my brother for say , 4 weeks plus”
“Sorry Is, listen can you do me a favour”
“What is it”
“Liz isn’t well, she’s vomiting, we don’t know what it could be”
“What do you want me to do”

10 mins later. Michael and Isabel enter the UFO center.

“Hey Michael, I think he’s in there” Michael and Isabel walk towards where Brody is sitting. He doesn’t seem to have noticed them.
“We need your help”
“I know”
“Yes, it is me”
“ The mother is vomiting, we don’t know why”
“This is expected”
“What do you mean”?
“She is human, as the child grows the energy levels along with the alien essence is increasing in volumes and interfering with her body, it’s in her blood and immune system. The sooner she gives birth the better”
“So what can she do to prevent the sickness”
“There is no such prevention known.”
“There must be something, drink water, eat mints, sleep?”
“She must give birth soon”
“It’s not time for her to give birth, she has another month”
“She has no other option, she has to induce labour now before the child kills her.”
“You must be joking, how can her own child kill her and how can she induce labour now”?
“Bring her to me”

Part 53.

“She has no other option, she has to induce labour now before the child kills her.”
“You must be joking, how can her own child kill her and how can she induce labour now”?
“Bring her to me”
“If we bring her to you will you be able to help her without harming her or the baby”?
“I will try”
Michael grabs Brody by the collar his anger at boiling point.
“Look buddy, that’s not good enough, Zan will not let you live if you let his wife die or his son”
“I understand , I am your friend not your enemy, I will help Zan.”
“How exactly will you do it, induce the labour”
“ We use the pod’s”

Half hour later
“Max I’ m telling you that’s all he said”
“Isabel are you sure, this isn’t happening. God, how can this happen now, I have to do this for Liz. I guess we’re coming home.
“Max, How is Liz?
“She’s not doing so well, she’s got a fever . I’ve never seen her looking so pale.”
I’m so sorry, if only I could be there to help you , if only there was another way”
“It’s not your fault Is, you did your part”
“I’ll see you then”
“Yeah, bye”

She’s lying down facing away from me, she hasn’t moved since the last time I checked on her.
I can’t see her expression but I know she’s crying. Just like the way I’m crying inside. The pain is unbearable.
“Liz, I’m so sorry , please baby, can you hear me”
“We have to go”
“Yes, Larek is waiting” He chokes it out.
I get up reluctantly off the bed . I look at his face, he has so much pain and anguish in his eyes for the both of us.
I can’t help but reach out my arms to him. We fall to the ground together on our knees. Both trying to come to terms with this recent blow.
After some time our sobs die down and we get up and prepare for the ride back home. This could be our last chance. This could be my last night with Max.
I quickly banish that thought from my head when Max takes me in his arms and starts to carry me down the stairs.
He gently places me in the seat, all the while our eyes never waiver from each others. I take a deep sigh. When will this nightmare be over.
“How long will it take Max”
“About 3/4 hours if I step on it”
“Okay, let’s do this”
“Before we go, I want to connect”
“Of course”
“I need to know too, if he’s ok”
He leans over and does the familiar act with his hands.
A smile adorns his face and I know everything is fine with our son.
How are you feeling Liz, are you as bad as before”?
“I’m the same, oh Max, I just want this to be over. I’m so scared”
“I’m just as scared as you are”
“Will you be there for me”
“And if things don’t work out the way we want them to, I just want you to know that I don’t have any regrets”
“Liz, please don’t, my heart can’t take it”
He leans into me and claims my lips, “I love you Liz”

2 hours later we’re nearing our destination, I gave Liz my water as she finished hers a long time ago. She’s so nervous, she can’t keep still, I turn the music on to try and relax her.

“Max, Did Isabel say how exactly, you know, will the baby be born and placed in the pod or is it just to induce my labour.”
“She just said that the pod will induce labour, nothing else”
“How long will it take”
“I don’t know Liz”
“I was thinking because it’s a month early so, the baby might need to stay in the pod, just how you stayed in the pod , till it was the right time to come out”
“You may be right, we’ll see about that when we get to the cave”
“Liz don’t worry we’ll get through this”
“You don’t know how I wish that was true Max, if only everything could be normal”
“I’m sorry Liz, I’m , I’m so pathetic, it’s all my fault.”
“No, it’s not, don’t ever say that again”
“ I put you in this position, I’m to blame”
“It takes two Max, I don’t regret anything. Having your child is a miracle. A dream come true for me.
“ How can you say such things Liz, I put you in danger, you could die, because of me because of what I am.
I can’t help but show my desperation she’s so stubborn, even now she’s defending me. I don’t want her to agree with me, I want her to shout and scream, blame me as much as I blame myself. But she doesn’t.
“And you saved my life”
“But now you may , lose it”
“Don’t give up on me now, Max, I need you to be strong for me, remember you promised me you’d keep me safe”

It’s getting harder to keep that promise, because the truth is, I don’t know what’s going to happen in that cave and that’s what scares me the most. Being so utterly helpless.

Back at the cave.
“We better try to deal with this the best way we can
. Max and Liz should be here in a couple of hours.
“What do we do Isabel”
“Larek said to get towels and water just like a normal human birth”
“What about the other things, you know like if Liz was in a hospital what would she need?”
“Something for the pain”?
“Isabel could you be more specific? because I have no idea.

“Michael I haven’t got a clue either, I don’t know anything about giving birth. I’m just as in the dark as you.

“Look guys stop yelling, do we need to do this, I’m sure Max will help with the pain.”
“We have to be prepared, just in case, besides there’s other things we need apart from pain killer”.
“Okay, Michael I’ll make a list, take Maria with you and be careful”
“okay, make it quick”


“Are we there yet, are we any closer to the cave”
“Liz, you don’t look so good, let me pull over to get a look at you”
“Max I’m burning up I feel sick, stop the car”
“Stop the car”?
“I’m gonna hurl.”
As soon as I hit the breaks she jumps out and starts vomiting. To actually hear her being sick in front of me, is making me feel kind of disgusted with myself.
“Here’s some water”
“Do you feel better now”?
“Yeah, little”
“Where are we Max”
“Nearly there, another hour and we’ll be out side the cave entrance”

Part 54
“Michael how did it go? have you guys got everything”?
“I think so”
“Good now listen up Larek said that once they get here”
“You mean Max and Liz”
“Yes, he said that you both should keep watch outside, we don’t want any interruptions.”
“No way Isabel, I’m staying here, I’m not leaving Liz on her own”
“Maria, she won’t be on her own. I’ll be here so will Max.”
“Do you think that’s a good idea Isabel,? what if Larek try’s something”
“Believe me Michael if he does, I’ll be the first he’ll have to contend with, then there’s Max”
“Oh god I hope they get here soon, I ‘m so worried for her”
“Try not to worry Maria, I’m sure it’ll all work out”
“Michael you know as much as me that what you just said is bull. No one knows what’s going to happen”
“Guys, don’t start yelling ”
10 mins later.
“What’s that noise”?
“Michael, go check”
“It’s Brody, um Larek”
“Rath, Vilandra are they here yet”?
“We will wait then”
Outside the cave the jeep pulls up.
Max quickly jumps out and makes his way over to Liz’s side .
A very fatigued and sick Liz motions to the door, but is too weak to do anything. Max opens the door and takes her in his arms. She hides her face in to his chest. Desperation and worry edged on Max’s face he quickly starts carrying her to the cave entrance.
“Thank god you’re here” Isabel and Maria quickly run forward as soon as they see Max and Liz walk into the cave.
“She looks so pale, too pale. This doesn’t look good Max, is this how she’s been for the past couple of days”?
“No, it’s taken it’s toll on her today, The drive hasn’t done her any good either.”
“Bring her here Zan”
Max’s eyes look wildly at Larek, with much emotion he shouts out his name.
“Larek, you must help her, I order you to”
“I understand, Now bring her close to me”
Liz is laid on a makeshift bed, Larek gently touches her forehead. Max interrupts his observations abruptly pulling his hand away from her..
“Don’t touch her, what are you doing”?
“How am I to help her if I can’t touch her Zan”?
“Well what did you do”? what’s going to happen”?
“Just seeing how further along she is. It seems she has a fever , it is a shame you didn’t bring her sooner but all is not lost. She will be able to give birth tonight.”
“Explain what will happen to her”
. “She will be placed in one of the pods, the pod will help the child develop”
“You mean the pod will actually make my son grow artificially?”
“Yes, it may seem artificial, but it is real, physically real”
“Will this harm Liz in anyway”?
“Then what happens”?
“Once the process is finished and the child is fully developed the birth will take place”
“It will be natural human birth”
All 4 pairs of eyes look in astonishment. Isabel finds her voice and chimes in.
“But you said that we would have to induce the labour”?
“Yes, if need be, human birth is complicated, there may be complications. But if all goes well with the growth process there shouldn’t be a problem”
“Will Liz be harmed in any way? Will there be Pain”
“Of course Zan, this is birth after all, no , she will not be harmed”
“You said I couldn’t’ help her before, what about now”?
“Not now, but later, when she’s in labour.”
“Well it looks like we won’t need any of this hospital stuff after all ,Michael I need some air, I’m going out”
“Michael you can go”
“Well if you need me you know where I’ll be Max”

A nervous Max quickly takes Liz into his arms and starts to whisper in her ear.
“Liz, did you hear what he said, it’s going to be alright, you’ve just got to bear it, with the pain. I’m here by your side, nothing bad is going to happen to you or the baby”
“Really Max”
“Yes, for real, now I’m going to put you in the pod”
“Can I have a cloth or something to wipe her face, she’s really hot”
“Coming, here Max”
“Thanks Isabel”
“Is there anything else you need”?
“Do you really want an answer to that Isabel?”
“I’m sorry I was just trying to be helpful”
I probably shouldn’t have said what I did just now but I feel so stressed and hopeless worried beyond belief that all rational thought left me for a brief moment.. Insulting Isabel wasn’t what I intended to do. But the question at the time seemed to just make me angry, somehow. I just wanted to scream to the world.
I need is Liz. Liz is all I need. And it is.

I place Liz in my old pod. My fingers entwine with hers and wait for Larek to take the next course of action. .
He activates the pod with one single gesture of his hand.
. Then the whole thing starts to illuminate. Bright green, yellow and white flashes of colour coming to life in front of my eyes. I stand there dumbfounded.
I hear Liz saying how beautiful it is and I have to agree with her.

“How long will she be in here Larek”
“Not long. Maybe 2 hours.”
“2 hours is a long time”
“It is required, you cannot rush the process if you want it done correctly”
“We’ll wait as long as it takes”

An hour has gone by and I’m beginning to see the physical changes in Liz.
Her stomach is larger than before, we keep track with how much she’s grown by using a tape measure every 1/2 hour and I can honestly say it seems like it’s working.
Isabel is smiling and being positive.
I guess this is kind of a learning process for her. Something that maybe one day she’ll experience herself. There’s only another ½ hour left and I’m beginning to sweat like crazy, my hands are all clammy and my mouth feels like I haven’t drank in weeks. The pressure of standing here keeping watch that nothing goes wrong.
To be on my guard every second.
Hoping and praying..
For a miracle.
Because if anything was to happen I know that I would be responsible.
I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. .

Part 55.

Minutes seem to pass by like hours . Hours seem like days.
Lying here in this pod, it’s a strange feeling. I’m overwhelmed with all different kinds of sensations which I can’t even begin to describe. Then there’s the million and one thoughts in my head, most of all the anticipation of giving birth right here in this place, not knowing if or how or what will become of me..
But then I look at Max, holding my hand with sheer determination on his face, standing by me whatever may happen.
He’s the one , he’s the reason I haven’t given up so far. I try to block out my bad thoughts, all the things that happened to me, The journey that led me to this place. My love for Max is all I need. All I need to focus on right now. I don’t want to fail.
“It’s nearly time” I hear Larek say.
Suddenly I clench my teeth as a sharp pain hits me, then it fades away. This must be it, It’s happening. I can’t help myself from grabbing the nearest arm as another contraction hits me. I need to do this to ease the pain. And it’s getting more unbearable as they come quicker now.
Isabel and Max both at my side each trying the best they can to help me.
“Take her out now”
I’m not in the pod anymore, I’m not even aware of where I am, all I know is this damn pain is killing me. I can’t help but swear and shout. My tears pour down my face and I don’t care what anybody thinks or what anybody says, I want this pain to go away.
“Larek, she’s in pain, let me help her”
“Go ahead, but gently, don’t over do it”
“Relief hits me as Max starts to take some of it away, how I wish it could stop right now, for it to be over”
“Max,” I scream,” I can’t do this, you bastard”
“Liz, it’s ok, you just have to bear with it, I’m trying to help you”
“Well try harder damn it”

Oh my god, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Liz say such things to my brother before.
I let her hold onto my arm securely, it’s the least I can do .
“Isabel please help me”
She sounded so desperate, so desperate I feel like crying myself.
I can’t answer her back, I have no idea how to, I’m so clueless, the way she turned to me and said those words, I can’t describe how pained she looked, I truly want to help her. But I don’t know. I turn eyes to my brother and tell him to do something.
“Isabel I’m doing all I can”
“The contractions are too close, we will need to start to deliver.
“Larek I think I should do it, Liz would be more comfortable”
“No, Isabel, I want Isabel, Max just hold my arm. Please, don’t leave me”
“But I don’t know”, Max shoots me a dirty look, “Okay I guess I’ll cope”
“Now Liz, I want you to start pushing, do you hear me”?
“YES” Oh god help me”

The cave door opens and Maria suddenly runs in.
“I heard her screaming, is it time”?
“Yes Maria, thank god you came, now can you help me, please, try to give her support”
“Okay, don’t worry, I’m here Liz, babe, listen to me, you’re doing just fine”

All eyes turn to Isabel as she moves and starts to prepare Liz for the birth.
I tell Larek to take Isabel’s old place. He obeys my order. I don’t want Liz to scream about him to me afterwards and I’m not about to let him look at my future wife.
“Okay Max, I see something”
“What is it Isabel”?
“It’s early to say, I think yes, I think it’s the crown”
“Well just don’t stand there, daddy, go take a look”
Maria’s words are still in my head as I stare at my son’s crown.
“It’s amazing”
“Yes, it is”
“Now come on Liz, repeat after me, 1,2,3 breath, 123 breath, deep breaths, remember, good girl”
“AAAAAAAAAAHHH, the pain , Max!!!”
“Quick Max, she’s in more pain now than before”
“I’m here, Liz, hang on, we’re nearly there”
“Get … pain…. Away…”
“I will”
“It’s coming, it’s showing, come on Liz, push, push harder”
“Yes, come on Liz, one more push and it’s out, come on babe”

“Isn’t it out yet, get it out, get it out, I can’t stand it anymore”

“Max, do something , look at her”

Max takes Liz’s face in his hands.
“Liz, honey, look at me, look, remember what I told you,? You just have to bear with it, okay, I love you so much. I’m so proud of you, you just have to push once more, that’s all you have to do”
“Max, It’s killing me”
“Liz, please, I , I can’t stand to see you like this” I wipe the moisture away from my face, she looks so drained. I want this to end too, but I also want to hear my son’s voice. To see him, to touch him.
“I’m begging you Liz, please”
“Okay, I’ve got the head, Maria, can you come here please, help me”
“I’m there Isabel”



Part 56.

We’re still in the cave, all of us apart from Isabel, she had to leave last night even though she didn’t want to. Mom and Dad would go nuts if they found Isabel missing the entire night. She said she will definitely be back later today to see her one and only nephew.
Maria and Michael are still here . I told them to leave a while ago but they didn’t seem too keen on the idea of leaving Liz and the baby here with me.
We all spent the night in the cave. And now the morning is here and we have no idea what to do or where to go.
There’s a buzz in everyone this morning. A sense of euphoria, accomplishment. And it has all to do with the little bundle lying in Liz’s arms. I can’t take my eyes away from her. I feel my heart skipping a beat every time I hear her talk to him.

His eyes are blue, his hair is a light brown and the most distinguishing feature on his face is the cleft on his little chin. Or I may be mistaken because he has Max’s ears.
He looks and smells just like a normal little baby. I counted all of his fingers and toes to be sure.

I’m feeling better now, there’s still pain but nothing compared to last night. Max hasn’t allowed me to move from the spot and has done everything to make me feel comfortable. He says I should rest, and he’s right. I need to get my energy back.

We still haven’t decided what to call him yet.
I have a few names in my head but none of them seem special enough or maybe it’s the mother in me. Yes, mother, that word sounds strange. Something I wouldn’t associate with myself if you asked me a year ago, but I’m a mother, it still hasn’t sunk in. It makes me feel old for some reason.

Michael and Maria started arguing and fighting over who should hold the baby and it seems like Maria is winning. It’s kind of strange to see Michael like this, he seems so fascinated with the little one. I’ve caught him staring at Maria a couple of times. Wonders never cease. Maria wins the battle when I motion for her to take the baby from me.
“So Liz, what are we going to name this little prince”?
“I don’t know Maria, it’s difficult”
“Okay, let me help you out here, do you like a long name or a simple name?”
“Simple, nothing too over the top”
“How about you Max, got any idea’s”
“I’m leaving it to Liz,
“Okay I see this isn’t going to be easy”
Michael chimes in.
“How about naming him after a favourite person or something”
“I think, I think I like the letter J. something starting with J”
“Ooh, let me see, there’s John, Jack, Jake, Jeff after your dad? , Joseph, Joshua,”
“Okay Maria, stop, I think I’ve picked one but I’ve got to make sure Max agrees with me, Max which one of those do you like?”
“I like Joseph”
“So do I”
“Then Joseph it is”
“Joseph Evans”
“I like that Liz, it sounds right”
“Do you think Isabel is going to like it Max?”
“Of course she will, what’s not to like about Joseph, he’s adorable”?

An hour later after breakfast is eaten.

Maria stands up as her curious side takes over..
“So guys, what are you planning to do ?Aren’t you going to tell your parents? Liz? Don’t you think you should tell Jeff and Nancy?”
“Well, Maria, I really want to, but how do I explain this to them, the fact that I gave birth to a 9 month old baby after being 4 months pregnant? “
“You’ve got a point there Liz, they’ll never believe it, I really want to share this with all of them, my parents, your parents, but how can we?, it’s too dangerous”
“Unless we tell them it was a premature birth”?
“Do you think they’d believe that? Joseph looks every bit 9 months old”
“Wow “
“Oh nothing , well. the way you said his name, up till now we all called him the baby, I guess I got used to that”
“Sounds good doesn’t it”?
“Yes it does”
“Well I’m behind you Max, no matter what you decide to do, you’ve got my support”
“Thank you Michael”
“I think it’s best not to, not to show them the baby right now, they’ll get suspicious”
“Are you sure Liz? “
“No, I guess I’m not, how can you not share such joy ? another 4 months he’s going to look too big for a newborn”
“I guess we’ll have to stick to our original story, or we can say we got the dates wrong.”
“That may work Max,”
“Yes, instead of being 4 months you were really 7 and you gave birth prematurely? How does that sound?”
It’s a bit far fetched but maybe they’ll believe it”
“And if they don’t”?
“Then we’ll have to think of something else”
“Look guys, this is really difficult to decide right now, maybe we should not decide just yet”
“You’re right, but you can’t hide this secret forever Liz”
“I know Maria”
Speaking of secrets alerted me to the fact of what I need to do, the sooner I tell Maria about what happened the better.
I can’t keep this awful thing inside me anymore, I want it out in the open, to be free of the burden. Maria deserves the truth.
So I’ve decided Max has to tell his sister with Michael what happened to Tess and I have to tell Maria and hope that she doesn’t despise me for killing her cousin..

Part 57.

I’m not proud of myself, I wish it never happened, it’s hard to not feel remorseful but it’s too late to change anything. I could put this off forever and hope it’ll go away but I know it won’t. But how do I tell her? Hey Maria by the way I killed your cousin by zapping him in the chest with alien powers, or Maria, I’m sorry but Sean is dead. How do I tell her?
It’s not fair on her or Amy but the truth is better than lying.
I made up my mind if I don’t do it soon, I’ll never do it.
I look at her busying herself around and finally find the courage to call her over.
“What’s up Mom”
Oh god , she sounds so happy, this is going to be hard, she’ll hate me with a passion I know it.
“Maria there’s been something that I’ve been meaning to tell you.”
“I’m listening”
“It’s about Sean”
I notice Max and Michael stop what they ‘re doing and make their way over to us.
“Go ahead tell her Liz”
“This is really difficult for me Maria, but “
“Wait, I thought Sean was locked away, did he get out?”
“Yes, he got out somehow”
“oh no Liz, don’t tell me he came after you guys”?
“Yes, both he and Tess”
“So, what you’re saying is”?
“I’ll take it from here Liz”
“I thought there was something odd about Tess’s disappearance, what happened Max”?
“Michael, Maria, they came one night to where we were staying, they wanted to kill Liz and Joseph, I had to do everything to protect them, you understand that , don’t you Michael?”
“Sure, but how, I mean what happened”?
“They must have planned it, they were both in on it. Tess mind warped me so that I wouldn’t see Sean harming Liz.”
“The little bitch”
“Well Liz managed to defend herself but in doing so Sean was”
“Killed, he was killed”
“Yes Maria”
She seems shocked just standing there holding on to Michael’s hand. She hasn’t said anything yet, but I’m waiting for the explosion any minute now.
“Yes Maria”
“I don’t blame you, I want you to know that, and I don’t think any less of you, you did what you had to do”
“Do you really mean that?, because you don’t know how much I wanted to tell you that night I rang you”
“I remember, I thought you sounded desperate”
“You’re so understanding I only wish I could have told you earlier and then Amy would know too”
“Well at least you told me, I guess better late than never, I don’t know if we should tell Mom you know how she gets hysterical sometimes”
“I’m not proud of it but it happened, promise you won’t hate me”
“No, I won’t hate you, the disgust I have for Sean is still fresh in my mind, he isn’t worthy of my loyalty or my tears”

Michael couldn’t wait any longer he starts to question Max..
“Max, what happened to Tess? she left Roswell a couple of weeks ago, she never told us where she was going”
“I had to take care of her”
“You mean you killed Tess”?
“Yes, she gave me no choice, she started to fight me, we ended up attacking each other, it was war. I‘ve never seen so much hate in a person before. She really wanted to kill me Michael. But she lost and I won”
“Wow, I mean wow, I can’t believe it”
“Well so long Tessy ”

Maria took the news better than I thought, Thank god. Now I can finally put that episode in the past and look forward to the future.
Isabel came this morning and told us her mom and dad suspect something’s up. They started to question her about where she was going. She seemed really worried and told us maybe it would be a better idea if she stopped coming to the cave for a little while.
We also told her about Tess. She seemed a little upset, but she soon got over it. She loves Joseph so much, she wouldn’t stop fussing over him.. I told her not to worry as we will probably be leaving the cave soon. She said she couldn’t wait to show off her little nephew to everyone.

Since Isabel left we’ve been busy. We’re still here but not for long.
Maria is helping Max and Michael move what little we have into the jeep. We’re going back to Roswell. We’re going home.
Max is taking me and Joseph to see my mom and dad first. Then later to his mom and dad..
We couldn’t stay here in the cave forever. The space is limited and breathing is getting laboured every minute. .It’s very stuffy and I’m beginning to feel claustrophobic .
Apart from that, I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’m slowly recovering from the birth and so far so good. Telling Maria the truth about Sean has lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders. She’s still my best friend and she will be for a long time..

Joseph has taken well to breast feeding and I have no complaints so far , apart from a little soreness around that particular area and the other. But they say time will heal.
It’s quite amusing watching Michael’s and even Max’s face when I’m feeding Joseph, I try not to make them uncomfortable but something’s you can’t help. Another good reason to leave the cave.
We’re in the Jeep now, we’re on our way. Soon I’ll have to face another problem. I have my friends by my side and I have Max. somehow I feel confident things will go my way.

Part 58.
As we near our destination I start to feel apprehensive..
I know my mom and dad will be thrilled with Joseph but I’m not too sure about Liz’s. I remember my last conversation with Jeff and Nancy and I know they weren’t too thrilled I took their daughter away from them.
But maybe Liz’s absence has changed their minds. They say it makes the heart grow stronger. Surely they would be happy to see Liz again. Just one look at Joseph and they’d be won over.

I still can’t believe that I have a son and he’s such a cutie, he definitely has his father’s good looks, every time I mention this to Liz she roll’s her eyes and tells me Joseph will change, that he won’t always look this way. I know deep down Liz secretly agrees with me.
“Okay, we’re here”
“Do you think this is a good idea Max”?
“Well if we don’t do it now, we’ll probably regret it after”
“You’re right, but I’m scared they’ll ask too many questions and I can’t handle that right now”
“Don’t worry about that, remember I’m here to help you out”
“What do we tell them if they ask where I gave birth”?
“Just tell them it happened where we were staying”
“You mean in Texas”?
“Well, somehow I don’t think they’d be too thrilled if we told them you gave birth in a cave”
“I agree, you go in first Max and see how they react to you”
“um Liz, do you think that’s a good idea, your dad might get his shot gun out”
“Okay, we’ll go in together, I’ll hold Joseph”
“Maybe I should hold him”

I slowly get out the jeep and smooth down my clothes, I look a total mess but I suppose I have a valid reason. It’s been 3 days since Joseph came into the world. I turn and start to walk up to the café entrance. Max is in front of me holding Joseph in a blanket acting every bit a possessive father. It brings a smile to my face.
I take a deep breath, here goes.
Nothing much has changed in here, everything is still the same, the familiar smell of fast food wafts through my nose and suddenly I feel like I never left. This is home.
There’s no sign of either of my parents so I decide to head on up the back.
I push the door open and immediately I see my father and mother.
I stand there unable to do or say anything. Nervous and afraid at the same time. I wait for their reactions..
Max walks in after me holding Joseph. And suddenly the silence is broken and my mom rushes to me and we cling for what seems like forever.
A million questions fly in my direction, I’m too overwhelmed to form a coherent answer to any of them. Joseph is now being held by my father, I’ve never seen them so thrilled before. My dad is absolutely euphoric, the grin on his face just keeps getting larger and I’ve never seen a grown man get so emotional like my father is right now. My mom can’t stop staring at Joseph, she wants to hold him but my father isn’t letting go anytime soon..
“He looks so much like you Max, he’s so handsome”
“Yes, thank you Nancy”
“Come, come upstairs, we have much to talk about”
We all head up the stairs and that’s where we remain for next 2 hours, my mom doesn’t want us to leave she wants us to stay, she won’t let anyone else hold Joseph.
I had to remind her that Dianne and Philip haven’t seen him yet, only then did she agree us to leave, but she expects us back right after.
The questions were asked and answered as best as we could answer them. We told them we got the dates wrong.
Joseph was born 2 and a half months early. They seemed to believe that one for now, I don’t know what I would have done or said if my parents had starred to interrogate us about the dates. My mom may ask me about this later as she is so into Joseph right now that whatever I say isn’t sinking in.
It’s like they won the lottery and they don’t care how or why, all that matters to them is the moment..
I’m glad that my parents didn’t blame Max for taking me away, mom understands it something that I had to do. She told me she wished she could have been there for me, to help me in my time of crisis. She said that she felt inadequate and a poor excuse for a mother . We were both in tears at the end of our little talk. I reassured her over and over that she’s not to blame, it isn’t her fault, what happened is in the past ,we can start a fresh. For the first time in a long while we actually bonded as mother and daughter..

My father had a little talk with Max but I don’t know what was said as it was one of those private man to man discussions. No doubt I’ll find out later from Max.
By the end of the visit we were all emotionally spent.
My mom wouldn’t stop crying, she was a grand mother and she couldn’t believe it. That her baby girl had grown up and now had a baby of her own..
This made me start to tear up again I understand my mother as I felt all the same feelings she felt. The protectiveness and the unconditional love I had for Joseph is so overwhelming.
We said our goodbyes and started to drive to our next destination. I couldn’t help but feel sad for lying to my parents for all this time. How I wish I could tell them the truth about everything, but I know I couldn’t ever do that, not unless it was a matter of life or death. What was I thinking, I must be getting careless, there’s too much at risk. Joseph comes first in everything for me. He is the most important in my life.. But Everything is happening so fast for me, my mind feels like it’s working overtime. What was that question I was going to ask? about his little talk with my father. Max already beat me to it.

“It went great, I thought your parents would never let us leave”
“I know, they loved him didn’t they? They were smothering him so much”
“That’s what grandparents do though, they’re good at that sort of thing”
“Yes, still it’s surreal”
“I wonder how your parents will react”
“I’m sure they’ll be the same”
“Max, I’m curious what did my dad say to you”?
“Oh right, I was wondering when you’d ask me that”
“You were?”
“Well aren’t you going to tell me”
“Why not”?
“You’ll find out soon enough”
“Well can’t you give me a small clue”?
“Maybe , all I can say is it was good and you dad said the sooner the better”
I knew exactly what he meant, I tried to hide my joy my focusing all my attention on Joseph. Max had a huge grin on his face and every so often he’d look at Joseph then I thought I saw him wink at me. Could this man get any more adorable than he already is?. Did I mention I was tired, yes, I’m very tired but I’m so high right now I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to..

Part 59
This is it, we’re here standing outside the house. Liz is tired I can see it in her eyes but she says she can handle it. Joseph is fast asleep and I’m just about to knock on the door but I hesitate when I hear noises. Suddenly the door opens and I’m face to face with my mom.

“Oh my god”
She just stands there with a shocked expression. Can’t say I blame her after all this is a huge shock for any parent. She grabs Liz’s hand and leads us into the house. We hug for what seems like forever.
“What’s his name”?
“That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful baby Congratulations to both of you”
“Thank you Mrs Evans”
“No, call me Diane”
“Come on lets bring the little one upstairs to sleep”
Minutes later Mom and Liz come back down both of them teary eyed and emotional.
“So, I guess you have some questions”
“Yes, but for the life of me I don’t know how to start, this is so incredible, Max you have a son, that means I’m a grand parent”
“Mom, I know this isn’t what you expected”
“No, hush , I knew Liz was carrying your child, it’s just that we didn’t really expect the arrival so soon”
“Nor did we”
“ Please tell me everything Liz?
“Joseph arrived earlier then thought, he was born 2.1/2 months premature. We also made a mistake with the dates, he was conceived earlier then I thought”
“It must have been so hard for you, I don’t blame you Liz, what with everything you’ve been through”
“Mom can we not talk about that, we want to forget”
“Of course, I just wanted to say that I’m behind you 100%. I just wish I was there to help you Liz, if only I’d known what you were going through. Does Isabel know?”
“Yes, she does”
“I had a feeling she knew, so her sneaking off in the mornings was because of”
“Yes, I’m not going to lie to you mom Isabel knew and she tried to help us”
“Well how?, why did you keep it a secret, how long have you been in Roswell? You should have told me”?
“Mom I’m sorry we just didn’t want to bother you just yet. Isabel insisted on coming she wouldn’t have it any other way. I telephoned when we arrived and she came to visit us where we were staying”
“Where did you stay”?
“Oh some motel”
“Motel”?, Max why on earth would you do that, you know you would have been perfectly welcome, both of you”
“I know Diane, but I was tired and it was late, it was my idea”
“Oh I’m sorry Liz, I never thought”
“ Well I still can’t believe it, I guess I’m still a little shocked, Max I really am happy for you both of you, I want you to know that. Your dad is going to get the shock of his life when he gets here.”
“ Where is Dad by the way?”
“He should be arriving anytime now, in fact I’ll go and ring him to tell him to hurry up.”

“Liz, thanks for helping me out there”
“I had to say something Max, you’re mom was getting upset”
“Where did you put him”
“In your bed, don’t worry Isabel is watching him”
“Okay, here she comes”

“Well I just spoke to him. He said he’ll be home in a couple of minutes”
“Mom, did you tell him”?
“No, I think it’s better he sees for himself”

“I think Joseph has been sleeping for a long time, I’ll go check up on him”
“Don’t bother Liz, I’m sure Isabel will bring him down when he wakes up”

Upstairs Isabel is still watching the baby like the most fascinated thing in the world. She can’t believe that she has a nephew. She thought it was impossible for humans to mate with each other, but boy was she wrong.
The thought of having children herself had crossed her mind about 100 times since she found out Liz was pregnant, but now to see the product in front of her truly made her grateful to who ever it was that sent them to earth, they definitely made the right choice. She fantasized of having children of her own one day, but never once thought it was remotely possible especially for someone like her.
Her thoughts are interrupted by the crying sounds of a little baby. She gently picked him up and started to make her way downstairs to the proud parents. .
“Liz I think he wants you”
“Thank you Isabel”
“Looks like he’s hungry, if you don’t mind guys, I’ll go upstairs”
“No of course Liz, remember this is your house too now, you’re not a stranger”
“Thank you Diane.”

At the other end of the house. Mr Evans has arrived unnoticed and is taking his coat off. He makes his way toward the living room.

“So brother or shall I call you Daddy”
“Isabel, stop making fun of your brother”
“It’s ok mom, I’ve got used to it.”

“So, what’s all the commotion about”?
Everyone turns their heads toward the direction of the voice.
“Dad, we didn’t hear you come in”
“Hi Dad”
“Hi sweety”
“Max, when you get back”?
“A couple of days ago, good to see you dad”
“Great to have you here son, so, what was that I heard or was my ear’s deceiving me”?
“Phillip, Max and Liz”
“Is Liz here”?
“Yes, but she’s upstairs”
“Okay, well you were saying”?
“Dad, we’re back in Roswell because Liz gave birth a couple of days ago, we have a son”
“Are you sure it’s yours”?
Everybody gasps in the room.
“No, Diane”
Max can’t believe out of all the parents his dad is the one to question his happiness. He hadn’t felt angry since the Tess episode but now he could feel his anger rearing it’s head again. To the one person he thought he’d never show it to..

“What do you mean, is it mine, of course it’s mine. Why are you saying these things”?
“Look son, I just want to make sure this isn’t some set up or something, what with everything that’s happened to the girl in such a short time period”
“That’s total bullshit Dad,”
“Are you sure it’s yours”?
“Of course it’s mine”
“Did you take a blood test”?
Isabel tries to distract her father while Liz is making her way down the stairs with Joseph”
“Dad, Dad, listen lets all sit down and discuss this”
“Max, what’s happening, I heard you shouting”?
“Liz, it’s nothing”
“Hello, Liz”
“Hi Mr Evans”
“Can I”
“No, we’re going, Liz come on”
“Max please, don’t be like that your father only wants the best for you”
“Mom, Why doesn’t he believe me when I tell him I’m the father”?
“Is that why you’re all arguing down here”?
“Well not exactly an argument”
“Listen everyone. This baby is Max and Liz’s, Dad just take a look and you’ll see”
Max moves beside Liz and takes Joseph in his arms.
“Go on take a look”
“On taking a good long look the older man realises he was wrong, the child had some his Max’s features. Mr Evans felt disgusted with himself for doubting them earlier but tried to hide it”
“What did you name him”
“Great name, I like it. He is a cute little thing isn’t he”
“So, what do you think dad”?
“Son, I’m sorry, Joseph is definitely yours”
“I think Liz is the one you should apologize to”
“You’re right Max”
“I’m so sorry Liz, I don’t know what came over me. I guess I didn’t want Max to grow up so quick, he’s still too young to be a father”
“I’m 18 dad”
“You’re still at school”
“And I intend to carry on with my education, both of us will.”
“Max that’s easy to say, but have you even thought about how you’re going to take care of Liz and the baby”
“I’ll work longer hours at the museum or I’ll get another job, we’ll manage”
“Yes really”
“Look Max, this is going to be very difficult for both of you. I want the best for you and I want to help you”
“How can you help me”
“Come and work for me in my office”

Part 60

We’re back at the Crashdown after what seems like hours of mapping out my future. Our future. I agreed to work for my dad during the weekends and after school. It was the only way I could stop him from lecturing me.
I made it clear to him that I just want to spend as much time with Joseph and Liz before the summer is over and school begins, which is only a month away..

After we said our goodbyes we headed straight to the Crashdown, not knowing if the parkers wouldn’t mind us staying or not, but Liz and I agreed that it would be best for her to stay with her parents. She would feel more comfortable and so would Joseph.
I‘m not sure if the Parkers would have me stay here with her but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
“Come in Max, Liz, we’ve been waiting for you”
“Thank you Jeff”
“Head on up upstairs Nancy’s up there already”
“Thanks Dad”

We walk up the stairs and head into the living area. Joseph is sleeping so Liz decides to bring him over to her bed.
As soon as she walks in the room 2 secs later she comes back again with an amused look on her face.
“Liz, what's the matter”
“Nothing Max”
“What is it Liz, didn’t you like it”?
“Mom that was so considerate of you”
“ It’s nothing, As soon as you two left today I sent your father out to buy one I thought Joseph would be more comfortable in his own bed”
“That’s so sweet of you Mom”
“Thank you Nancy”
“It was nothing Max, it’s the least I can do for my grandson, and don’t be shocked if I unexpectedly start buying more items in the future”

My dad walks through the door and sits down next to Max.
“So, tell me Max, what did your parents say”
“Well sir, they were a little shocked about Joseph but they soon warmed up to him, I guess my dad was a little concerned with my future, we’ve talked about it and he wants me to work for him weekends and after school”
“That sounds good to me, I think it’s a great start Max”
“Thank you Sir”
“Call me Jeff”
“Have you eaten, Liz, Max there’s lots of food downstairs if you’re hungry”?
“We ate at the Evans Mom”
“Well actually I am a little, If you don’t mind Nancy”
“No. of course not Max”
“Mom can you keep an eye on Joseph, while we go down”
“Don’t be silly of course I will, now go feed yourselves”
Liz takes my hand and leads me down the steps, this feels like home , the Parkers are being so nice to us, to me, I never imagined that they’d take the situation so well as opposed to my parents, but at least we did talk it through with my dad, he did make amends and things are looking good on both fronts.
I never knew I was so hungry until Liz opened the fridge and the sight of food that greeted me was too good to pass up.
10 minutes later and I’m as bloated and full up as I’ll ever be. We take our drinks and head up stairs again.
“What about asking your parents about me staying here, do you think they’d allow me to”?
“Max of course they’d allow you to”
“They haven’t said anything and I don’t want to act without making sure”
“You got a point, you want me to ask”?
“No, this is kind of embarrassing, I think, maybe I should go sleep at my parents”
“Max, I don’t want you to go, I want you here with me, together with Joseph”
“I want you too, but we have to be sure, I can’t take advantage of your parents, not now, they only found out today they’ve got a grandson, I don’t want to push it “
“Max I’ll ask if you won’t, I don’t like the idea of being separated from you”
We’re interrupted when my Dad makes an appearance on top of the stairs.
“Yes sir. I mean Jeff”
:”Will You be staying the night or have you made other plans”?
“Well no, I haven’t made plans”
“In that case, you’ll spend the night here”
If you’ll have me, yes, thank you Jeff”
“Of course, we will need to talk about this tomorrow in more detail Max”
“You mean about me staying here”
“Well we need to find you two somewhere to stay, permanently”
“why yes sir, that’s what we want, I mean what we both want”
“Of course you’re welcome here anytime”
“Thank you Sir, Jeff”
“Well folks I’m off to bed, I’ll see you two no make that three in the morning”
“Good night dad”
“Night Mr Parker”
This is unbelievable, both of Liz parents are remarkable. I never imagined they’d react in this way. Especially to me.
Mr parker is letting me stay without so much of a warning and Mrs parker is acting like she’s on cloud nine.
I take Liz’s hand and I immediately notice how tired she is.
“Come on, lets get you to bed”
“Are you coming with me”
“I don’t know I mean you dad said I could stay but that doesn’t mean in the same room, does it?”
“Let’s go see what my mom’s up to”
“Liz I think she ‘s gone to bed”
“I’m so tired, I think the whole day’s events has finally caught up with me”
“Come on let me carry you”
Max carried me in to my room and now I lay in my bed.. I couldn’t help myself from analysing the day’s event’s, my parents, his parents, the outcome, the future, the possible wedding and Joseph.
I started to chuckle without realising what I was doing. I felt Max’s hand on my cheek for a second, then he withdrew and lay next to me. He must think I was dreaming.
My eyes closed and I knew sleep would take me any second. I could feel him next to me, I felt safe in his embrace.. I could feel his hands on my waist. And his head on my shoulder. I could get used to this..

Part 61

We awoke the next morning in each others arms to the sound of Joseph crying. Max quickly got up to see what was wrong. .
“His hungry Liz”
“Are you sure that’s all it is”?
“I think he misses his mommy too”
“okay bring him over to me”
I was half asleep and half awake when I attempted to breastfed him, a couple of minutes later I could take no more, it was excruciatingly painful and I couldn’t stop from wincing. Max thought it was quite amusing but I soon wiped the smile off his face when I hit him on the head with a pillow.
“ouch, what you do that for”
“It’s not funny Max, I’m in pain here”
“I’m sorry I promise it won’t happen again”
“I don’t know why it’s so painful maybe because I just woke up and wasn’t quite ready, or he’s getting stronger”
“I’ll make it up to you by changing his diaper, how does that sound?”
“It won’t be the first Mr Evans and it won’t be the last! Your in charge of changing diapers from now on”
‘ Not fair”
“Why isn’t it fair?”
“Because um, I’m lousy at it and besides it’s smelly”
‘Precisely that’s why you’re doing it”
“I don’t believe this, ok you win I’ll do it if it makes you happy”
“Morning Liz, max”
“Morning Mom”
“Morning Nancy, thank you for letting me stay the night”
“Well you’re one of the family now”
“Thank you again”
“so how is my little grandson this morning, I thought I could hear him crying for attention”
”Yes, he seems hungry”
“Well have you two got plans for today, because I was thinking we need to do some shopping Liz”
“Mom you don’t have to”
“Nonsense, of course we have to, besides we have some talking to do as well, about you know, the future”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about mom, I thought we covered everything”
“I think Max knows what I’m talking about, don’t you Max?”
“Well yes, Nancy”
“Ok, that’s settled then, come on Liz get ready, breakfast is waiting on the table and Max, Jeff is waiting”
“Ok be right there”
“Oh I forgot to say, Max I rung your parents and told them you stayed the night over here and I invited them over this evening, we have lots to talk about”
“Thanks Nancy”
My mom left the room and left me wondering in amazement, how did all of this happen? I never imagined my mom, the one person in the world that hated the idea of Max and I together having such a sudden change of heart. There is no evidence of her old self. It’s like she’s completely done a u turn. Maybe she’s finally accepted us, as a family.
“So what’s this all about Max”?
“Liz Parker, you know what this is about, remember when I put that shiny little ring on your finger”?
“and I promised you I would be yours forever and you’d be mine”
“Yes, but “
“Well there comes a time when we have to take the next step, we’re engaged, but I want more than that, I want to make it official, Liz will you marry me”
“Of course I’ll marry you Max, there’s nothing more I want in the world”
“Thank you that’s all I want to hear”
“Max don’t you think it’s a little soon, I mean I just gave birth a week ago, I don’t exactly feel like a bride”
“You must be joking, you look just as beautiful now as you did before when you were pregnant”
“Max I think I’d like to look my best in my gown”
“You will look your best, trust me Liz”
“I trust you Max, So, I’m assuming everyone else knows about this”?
“Your dad and I had a talk about it, he agrees me with me, the sooner we marry the better”
“Wow, I can’t believe my dad would say that”
“Well he wants to see us happy”
“And I guess my mom wants the same as my dad”?
“Yes, so does my mom”
“What about your dad”?
“It took some persuasion but my dad eventually saw the light at the end”
“So what happens now? I mean what do we do”?
“Don’t worry about that, we’ll talk about this later on when my parents get here”
“This is so unbelievable”
“I love you Liz and I want to make you mine, what’s so unbelievable about that”?
”Well I better get out of here then”
“Are you taking Joseph”?
“I think not I don’t have a stroller and it will be too hectic for a small baby if I know what my moms like”
“I’ll take care of him, don’t worry I’m sure we’ll be in good company, what with all of his aunts and uncles around.”
“Oh god, Maria is probably going to go insane if I don’t take her shopping with me but I suppose she won’t mind if I tell her it’s a bonding thing with my mom”
“Don’t worry about Maria, she’ll understand”
“ Max, I know you’ll take care of him, I never had any doubts”
“Ok, Mrs Evans”
“What did you say”?
“Mrs Liz Evans, I thought you should start getting used to being called that”
“Oh I think I could handle being called Mrs Max Evans, a little better”
“I agree Mrs Max Evans suits you better”

Part 62

Finally we’re back from the mall and I can’t wait to see Joseph and hold him in my arms again. I couldn’t stop thinking of him.
My mother would throw me question after question about Max and the wedding and all I could think of is what Joseph was doing, is he crying or needing me.
Does his diaper need changing. Is he hungry? Does he miss me like I miss him. I guess this is what being a mother’s all about. This was the first time I’d left him since he was born. I don’t think I’d be doing it again anytime soon.
I rush upstairs as fast as I can and open the first door I see. Max is sitting down with Maria and Isabel on the couch. Diane is holding Joseph. I sigh relief and go to take him from her arms.
“What’s wrong Liz”
“Nothing Diane, I just missed him”
Everybody started smiling in the room, Maria came and helped me take jacket off.
“Am I that bad?
“ I know I’ve only been gone maybe 2 hours. But it seems so long”.
“Liz, are you going to feed him, I think he’s hungry, he was crying maybe 10 minutes ago and I tried and tried but he wouldn’t be quiet”
“Thanks Maria, Ok, I’m going to go over to my room I’ll see you guys later”
“Liz, I’ll come with you”
“I’ll be fine Max”
“Okay well I’m coming we need to talk girlfriend”
Maria and I are still in my room. She told me everything that they’d been talking about since I’d been gone. Diane thinks that Joseph should be baptised and that I should name god parents. I hadn’t even thought of that. Maria told me Max was getting all maternal with Joseph, he changed his diaper about 3 times as he said he didn’t want you to blame him if Joseph got a rash. I couldn’t’ help but giggle at this. The thought of Max changing a diaper makes me feel all warm inside.
“Now on to the serious stuff.”
“I know Maria, it’s all so sudden, our parents got this idea that they want us to get married”
“Well isn’t this what you always wanted Liz”?
“Yes, of course”
:Well what’s the problem Liz”?
“ I think it’s awkward, I don’t exactly look the part of a bride Maria, look at me? I’m fat”
:”Liz now you’re being ridiculous, you’re not fat, you just gave birth a week ago”
. “ k, I understand , I really do. I know if I was in you’re position I’d probably feel the same way.
Look give it a couple of weeks and you’ll be fine. You know I’ll help you with this right?
“God Maria, I feel so awful, I don’t feel like dressing up or anything I just want to stay home and look at Joseph.”
“Liz, you’re a mother, it’s understandable. But girl this is a wedding we’re talking about and I want you to be happy on you’re wedding day. So, I’m going to do everything I can to help you out”
“I must be lucky to have a friend like you, I don’t even know where to start, we’re having a small wedding so nothing too extravagant”
“Me and Isabel will take care of that, we’ve already started talking about it”
“Really?, Well you know that you 2 are going to be my brides maids don’t you?

All I could hear was Maria screaming and I thought something had happened, I quickly leaped up and made my way to the room.
“What’s happening, Liz, are you alright”
“We’re fine Max, umm, Maria is just happy”
“Oh ok, well I’m waiting for you, I mean, if you want me I’m over here”
I could tell by his words, his posture and the look he was giving me, he wanted something. But yet he couldn’t say in front of Maria.
“Max, can you come over here”
“Yeah, sure”
“Okay guys, I see it’s family time , well I’ll be next door if you want me”
I heard Maria shut the door then I .seized the opportunity to do what I was waiting for ever since Liz came back with her mom.. I took Joseph placing him in his crib. Then turned my attention to her.
“I just missed you”
“I missed you guys too, what did you want to say to me Max?”
“I just wanted to talk to you, but I’d rather ”
and then we started to kiss, I felt Max’s hand on my cheek and he was doing wonderful things to my back with his other hand. I think he really wanted to make sure I was alright.
I broke off the kiss sooner than he expected and immediately felt sorry. He had a questioning look on his face.
“What’s wrong”?
“I forgot to ask you about what you guys discussed while I was out”
“Oh just wedding stuff, which reminds me, I have great news”
“What is it”?
:We don’t have to worry about the money, my mom said that they have”
:”What are saying, that you’re parents are paying for our wedding, I’m sorry Max, that doesn’t sound right to me”
“You know what, forget it. Let’s not get married”
“WHAT? Liz, don’t , just let me finish”
“Ok finish”
:Why are you saying these things, just listen to me”
“Okay, I’m listening”
“I have money but it’s not enough, okay? So my parents and also your mom and dad offered to lend us the money if we wanted it, they said they want the best for us. We will pay them back.”
“It still doesn’t sound right to me,”
“Please Liz”
“I don’t want a big wedding”
“You don’t”?
“No, I don’t want all the fuss and OTT everything”
“Well I don’t either, but I thought that’s what you wanted?”
“Max I just want a simple wedding with family and maybe a few friends, that’s all I want and most of all I don’t want any complications and I know that if we have this big wedding then we’re going to get complicated and I know I won’t be happy.”
“ I understand, well that settles it, we’re having a small wedding and I think I know just where”
“How does a garden sound”.
“Sounds great, is it a big garden though”?
“Oh definitely”
“Thank you “
“I just want to make you happy Liz, that’s all I want”
“I guess we better tell our parents”
“Good idea, but somehow I think this isn’t going to be easy, I know that my mom won’t like it.”.
“Nor will mine”