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Title: Journey to the Past
Author: Actrez
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, the cast, or anything else of that nature, I know it’s sad, but I’ll survive.
Rating: PG-13 I guess
Category: Everyone!
Summary: Max, Michael, and Isabelle aren’t aliens. Don’t worry some people are , can’t tell ya who though. : )
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~ Heart don’t fail me now
Courage don’t desert me
Don’t turn back now that we’re here
People always say life is full of choices
No one ever mentions fear
Or how a road can seem so long
How the world can seem so vast
Courage see me through
Heart I’m trusting you
On this journey to the past ~Journey to the Past from Anastasia

Part 1

Isabelle Evans stood in the office of West Roswell High, it was her first day and someone was supposed to lead her around. ‘I hate first days’ she thought to herself. Her family had only move a couple times but every time she had to figure out who the ‘cool’ girls were. Those were the girls she would hang with because they never looked more than skin deep. She hated hanging out with them, most of them were really conceded. But that’s how it had to be, no one could know about her, not even her brother Max knew.

Liz and Maria walked into the office together, Liz was supposed to lead a new girl around today. Maria and Liz had all the same classes, so it was pretty much like both of them leading the girl around.

Isabelle looked up as two girls walked in, a blonde and a brunet. They looked like they were probably the most popular girls in school, or at least two of them, they held themselves with the same confidence Isabelle would use when she put on her ‘ice-princess’ exterior. Looking at the two girls she suddenly remembered a night a long time ago, the last time she had been in Roswell, New Mexico.

Liz looked over at her best friend after she saw the girl she’d be showing around and she knew Maria was remembering the same thing she was. It had been about ten years ago, the night they had been found. Liz and Maria had always known there was a third one of them, they remembered someone else being in the desert that night with them, but they had never found that person. ‘We don’t know for sure’ Liz said to Maria telepathically trying to stop her from doing anything stupid. Maria just nodded.

"Hi, you must be Isabelle. I’m Liz Parker and this is my friend Maria DeLuca" Liz said shaking the girls hand.
"Hi" Isabelle said greeting them, she had a weird feeling around the two of them, ‘why am I suddenly remembering that night in the desert. Could they be….No don’t get your hopes up’ she scolded herself. She was brought out of her thoughts when Maria said something about getting to first period class.

Maria and Liz led Isabelle to their usual table. "We don’t usually sit with the rest of the girls at lunch, they can get annoying real easily" Maria explained as the three sat down.
Isabelle nodded, "Yea, I know what you mean."
"Have some like that in your old school?" Liz asked.
"Yea, I think there’s ones like that in every school" she joked and the two girls smiled and nodded in agreement.
"Oh well look if it isn’t little Miss Perfect Parker" Pam Troy said walking by the table, she had always been jealous because Liz was more popular than she was, "Looks like you’ve made a new friend."
"Every school has a resident bitch, Pam Troy’s ours" Liz said motioning to the girl as she walked by.
"She jealous of Liz cuz Liz is more popular than she is so she always finds some reason to make fun of her, I think her newest reason is because Liz waitresses at her parents restaurant" Maria explained to Isabelle.
"She’s really one to talk too, isn’t her dad’s business about to go bankrupt?" Liz asked Maria who nodded in reply.
The girls took out their lunches, ‘Well at least I won’t have to try and find girls who don’t look more than skin deep’ Isabelle thought as she took out her sandwich and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. Just as she was about to but the sweet and spicy goodness onto her sandwich she looked up to she Maria pulling out a bottle of it and Liz pouring some onto her sandwich from a bottle of her own. "Oh my god, I do that, too" she whispered causing both girls to look up in surprise and stop what they were doing.

I know I said Isabelle wasn’t an alien but SURPRISE she is so anyways should I continue or not? Let me know! : ) If you do want me to continue could you guys help me with a title, I have no idea what to call it.

Part 2

"Oh my god I do that, too" Liz heard Isabelle whisper and she shot her head up at the same time as Maria. She stared at the girl for a second and saw the Tabasco sauce in her hand, ‘maybe she is one of us…’ Liz thought to herself but quickly pushed that thought away, they couldn’t just come out and ask her ‘Are you and alien?’ that’d be a little too weird.
"Do what?" Maria asked trying to figure out if Isabelle was really one of them.
"Put Tabasco sauce on my food" Isabelle said still in shock, than before she could stop herself she asked, "Sweet and spicy?" ‘Nice going Iz what next? Why don’t you just come right out and ask them, hey are you guys aliens?’
"Yea" Liz said answering her question.
"Yea, sweet and spicy?" Isabelle asked, she wasn’t really sure why she asked that, ‘what else would she be saying yea to?’ she asked herself.
"No, I meant yea to what you were thinking" Liz told her. Isabelle froze and looked at the girl ‘I must be hearing things, if she is an alien how come she can read my thoughts I can’t read people’s thoughts, of course I’ve never been around any like me maybe it’s just because we’re both ‘different’’ she thought to herself.
"We’re not exactly from around here either" Maria said confirming Isabelle’s suspicions. She had heard what Isabelle had been thinking also.
"How did you…." Isabelle started than decided to rephrase the question, "Is reading minds just a thing we can do to each other or can we read anyone’s mind?"
"It’s just a Czechoslovakian thing" Maria confirmed.
"That’s what Maria always calls us when we’re in public that way if someone is listening in, no one will get suspicious" Liz said when she saw Isabelle’s confused face.
"Oh," Isabelle said, still taking everything in.

Max watched his sister from across the quad, well he wasn’t actually watching her, he was watching the girl she was sitting with, the one with brown hair. He had noticed her in some of the classes that he had been in that morning when Alex was leading him around, ‘Who is that’ he wondered.
"Liz Parker is the one with brown hair, Maria DeLuca is the one with short blonde hair, I don’t who the other girl is" Alex said when he saw where Max was staring.
"That’s my sister Isabelle" Max told him still looking at Liz.
"Liz must be leading you sister around" Michael said now looking over at the table with the three girls at it, they looked like they were in deep conversation about something, ‘Probably talking about who’s wearing what’ he thought to himself.
"Why do you say that?" Max asked.
"Liz and Maria are the most popular girls in school, they usually sit by themselves, if someone tries to sit with them they can be pretty nasty about it, it’s like they’ve got some big secret that no one can know" Alex explained.
"Yea, that they’re bitches, but it’s a little late, everyone knows" Michael said.
Max looked at Michael in surprise, Liz couldn’t be that bad, she looked so sweet.
"Michael has been the victim of Maria and Liz a couple times, like the time he tried to sit with them. He’s got a thing for Maria" Alex said the last part in a stage whisper.
"No I don’t" Michael denied.
"Riiiight" Alex said sarcastically, "Not that there’s a guy in this school that doesn’t have a thing for one of them, or both of them, but they tend to stay pretty platonic" Alex said filling Max in on the tow girls it looked like his sister would be hanging out with the rest of her high school years.
"So what’s Isabelle like?" Alex asked casually.
Max smiled, he had gotten this every time he went to a new school, guys wanting to know all about his sister. He shrugged "She’s a lot like you described Liz and Maria I guess" he said, before he could continue the bell rang signaling that it was time for class.
"Well let’s go it’s time for the exciting world of history" Michael said.
"Michael’s in the class with me, so are Maria and Liz" Alex said as they walked toward the class room.
"Not that they always show up" Michael said as they walked in and took a seat.

‘So know one knows, not even your parents?" Maria asked Isabelle making sure they were safe.
"No, I’ve never told anyone. That’s why I’ve always tended to hang out with girls like you guys hang out with. You know the ones that don’t go more than skin deep" Isabelle explained, "How about you guys, have you told anyone?"
Liz shook her head, "No," she said but before she could finish the bell rang and all three girls grabbed their books.
"Yea, history" Maria said sarcastically.
"Oh cheer up, Michael will be there" Liz said nudging her friend, Maria had liked Michael for a while but she always denied it.
"So" Maria said blushing slightly.
Liz laughed at her friend.
"Who’s Michael?" Isabelle asked as they walked into the class room.
"You see that guy over there with spiky hair, that’s Michael and the guy sitting next to him is Alex, and they guy on the other side of Alex is….I don’t know who that is" Liz said confused staring at the guy, he had dark brown hair, and brown eyes, he was pretty well built too, ‘he’s pretty cute’ she thought to herself.
"That’s my brother Max" Isabelle explained, pulling Liz from her thoughts.
"He’s not…" Maria said trailing off.
"No, he was six when my parents adopted me, they didn’t adopt him though," Isabelle explained, after she had found out that she was an alien she had asked her parents a bunch of questions about Max, she had been hoping that he was like her so that she wouldn’t be alone but her parents had assured her that he hadn’t been adopted so she had known then that he wasn’t like her.
"Liz stop drooling," Maria whispered as the three girls found some seats in the back and walked over and sat down as the teacher walked in and started class.

Liz stared at Max as the teacher droned on about something or other. Suddenly he turned around and looked at her, before she could avert her eyes he smiled at her, ‘He has a nice smile’ she thought to herself and smiled back.
‘No Liz, don’t start, no attachments remember?’ Maria said to her reading her thoughts about Max.
‘I know’ said back.
‘But he is cute’ Maria said smiling slightly.
‘Guys, yuck, that is my brother you’re talking about’ Isabelle said hearing their thoughts on her brother. It hadn’t taken her long to figure out how to read what they were thinking and communicate with them telepathically, they had practiced it during lunch a little. She smiled and turned back to listening to the teacher, sneaking a few looks at Alex.


Part 3

Isabelle walked with Maria and Liz down the hall. They had last period off so they were going to show her around the rest of the school.
"There’s Marcy and everyone" Maria said and they headed toward the group of girls.
"Guys, this is our friend Isabelle, she’s new her" Liz said when they reached the girls introducing Liz to each of the girls.
"Where’d you move from?" Sarah asked.
"LA" Isabelle replied.
"You lived in LA! You’re so lucky, I would kill to live there! Why’d you move here?" Gracie asked.
"My parents job. They’re both lawyers and they want to start their own business, they know some people here that can help them so we moved here" Isabelle replied.
"Liz, cute guy checking you out, six o’clock" Marcy said to Liz.
"My six o’clock or yours?" Liz questioned.
"Yours, look"
Liz turned around to look behind her. Over by some lockers she saw Michael Geurin, Alex Whitman, and Max. Max looked over at her and she caught his eye and smiled he smiled back at her. Liz slowly turned around and heard Marcy sigh.
"Who is that? He is so hot" she said staring at him.
"That’s my brother Max" Isabelle said, "Stop drooling" she said disgusted. She knew Liz liked Max, and she didn’t mind that but Marcy was already getting on her nerves and she didn’t want her going after her brother.
"That’s your brother?" Kelly asked, "He is so hot, you’re so lucky to have such a hot brother" she said sighing.
"You guys, it’s her brother, she doesn’t think about him like that" Maria said looking at the girls like they were stupid.
"Right, we know, I was just saying…." Kelly said.
"Yea, whatever, let’s go guys" Maria said to Liz and Isabelle and the three walked toward the parking lot, it was the end of the day and Liz and Maria had to work Isabelle was coming with them.

Once they were out in the parking lot Isabelle turned to the two. "I should probably tell Max that I’m not going home" Isabelle said.
"Ok, we can wait till he comes out" Liz said trying not to seem obvious that she was excited that she would get to see him again.
"Why don’t we just go over to the jeep and wait" Isabelle said leading the way to the jeep.

Max walked out into the parking lot with Alex and Michael, they were coming over to his house. He had seen Isabelle go out to the parking lot, well actually he had seen Liz go out to the parking lot with Isabelle. He figured Isabelle was probably waiting at the jeep. As they got closer to the jeep he saw Isabelle waiting there for him with Liz and Maria.
"Hey Iz," he said when he reached the car, "This is Michael and Alex" he said.
"Hey" she said smiling at Alex but talking to both of them, "This is Liz and Maria" she said to Max. She noticed how Max smiled at Liz and had to stop herself from laughing out loud, she saw Maria was in the same situation. "Liz and Maria have to go t work at the Crashdown Café, you know the restaurant we saw on the way to school this morning. I’m going with them, tell mom that I’ll be home in a few hours" she said as she turned to go with Liz and Maria.
Max nodded and watched Liz walk away then climbed into the jeep with Michael and Alex and drove off.

You know he was the type that never left me alone
Until I really needed to reach him on the telephone
He was nowhere to be found, he was out with the boys
Driving all around the city in his pretty new toy

Never gonna get it together, uh huh, uh huh
Never gonna get any better, uh huh, uh huh
Should I stay or should I go, cause I really need to know
Or do I stick around and cry, cause now it's time to say goodbye
(please baby please, please baby)

I ain't got nobody, that I can depend on
Just me, myself and I
I ain't got nobody, that I can depend on

Isabelle, Maria, and Liz sang along with the radio as they drove to the café. When they got to the café all three got out of the car and Liz and Maria went in the back to change. Isabelle found a booth and sat down. She looked up from looking at a menu when she felt someone sit down across from her.
"You must be new here" the guy across from her said, "What’s your name?"
Isabelle held back her laughter, the guy looked like a cowboy wanna be. "Isabelle" she said in an ‘I’m not interested tone’ but the guy didn’t catch on.
"I’m Kyle Valenti. So Isabelle, do you have a phone number, or do you want mine?" he asked trying to pick her up.
Isabelle couldn’t hold it in anymore and she burst out laughing. Gasping for breath she lied, "I have a boyfriend."
Kyle’s face turned red and he quickly left.
"What’s so funny?" Liz asked as she and Maria walked over. Isabelle told them what had just happened still gasping for breath.
"You’re not serious" Maria said gasping for breath between laughing. Isabelle nodded, all three sat there for five minutes laughing.
"My sides hurt" Liz said after she had calmed down.
"Come on chica we have work to do" Maria said pulling Liz out of the booth.
Liz moaned, "I don’t want to work" she complained.
"Hey, it’s your parents café, and your the one who made me get a job here you’re going to work" Maria said in her best mother-like tone.
"Yes, mom" Liz said sarcastically.
"Do you guys want some help?" Isabelle asked the two.
"You don’t have to help out" Liz said.
"No that’s ok, I need to get a job anyways, so if you need anymore waitresses I’d be glad to help" Isabelle said.
"Ok, there’s an extra uniform in the back" Liz said pointing toward the back door. Isabelle got up to go change, as she got up Max, Michael, and Alex walked in. Before she went into the back she turned and looked at Alex and smiled at him when she found him watching her.


Part 4

Liz, Maria, and Isabelle walked into History class on Friday, "Do you guys want to sleep over tonight?" Isabelle asked the two.
They both said at the same time. Liz looked around the room her eyes instantly finding Max. She couldn’t help the twinge of hurt when she saw that he was flirting with Pam Troy, rumor was they were going out, ‘Not that I care’ she lied to herself.
"Yes you do" Maria and Isabelle said aloud at the same time hearing Liz’s thoughts.
"You know those were meant to be my personal thoughts, you know heard only by me" Liz joked, "That’s why I like the fact that we can control what we hear."
"But I saw you pinning and just couldn’t help myself" Isabelle said nudging her friend gently.
"You guys, someone could hear us" Maria hissed.
"Calm down Maria," Liz said, ‘It’s not like they’ll automatically think ‘Oh no there aliens!’ I don’t even think anyone’s listening to us’ Liz told her telepathically.
The three took their seats in the back of the room waiting for class to start.
Maria looked over at Michael and saw him flirting with Catherine, one of Pam’s friends. " I knew I hated her for a reason" she muttered to herself.
Isabelle looked over at Alex and saw him flirting with Maggie. As she turned back to the front of the classroom she groaned softly when she saw Kyle Valenti headed towards the three of them smiling.
"What are you girls doing tonight?" he asked.
"Stuff" Maria answered trying to ignore him.
"You gonna come to our basketball practice?"
‘Hot, sweaty guys, I say we go’ Isabelle told her friends telepathically.
Maria laughed softly and Liz held back her laughter and told Kyle, "Maybe we’ll come" he smiled and walked away.

Max turned his attention away from Pam for a moment and sneaked a peek at Liz.
"Max" Pam whined, "are you listening to me?"
"Yea, I’m listening" he said.
"Good, so I was thinking maybe we could go on a triple date tonight, you know, you, me, Michael, Catherine, Alex, and Maggie" she said.
"I have practice tonight" he said only half paying attention, ‘I wonder what Kyle’s talking to them about’ he thought.
"I know that silly, I meant after practice, like later tonight, what do you say?" she asked smiling flirtatiously at him.
"Sure" he said absently.
"Goody" she said in her annoying high-pitched voice.
"Hey man you gonna be at practice tonight?" Kyle asked Max as he walked by.
"Yea, I’ll be there" Max said. He and Isabelle had just started school at West Roswell that Monday, he had joined the basketball team, he had played at his old school and he figured it would be a good way to meet people. Pam was the head cheerleader and that’s how they had met. He had gotten to know Michael and Alex pretty well and the three were pretty good friends, he had hooked them up with two other cheerleaders, Catherine and Maggie. Max was really surprised Isabelle had made such good friends, she usually didn’t have close friends. What surprised him even more was that she had gotten a job as a waitress, the last thing he saw Isabelle doing was being a waitress. ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ he thought as the teacher came in and started class.

Max almost dropped the ball at practice when he saw Liz walking toward the bleachers. She was wearing a pair of white tennis shoes, cut-off’s, and a tank top, she had had on a pair of sunglasses and her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. He shook his head bringing himself back into the practice game. ‘God she looks hot’ he thought and shook his head again, ‘Concentrate’ he scolded himself, ‘Yea right like I’m really going to be able to concentrate with her here’ he thought to himself.
Michael had to do a double take when he saw Maria walking towards the bleachers with Isabelle and Liz. She was wearing a pair of sandals, cut-off’s, a halter top and she had on a pair of sunglasses. "Holy shit" he muttered to himself as he watched her and her two friends strut over to the bleachers. Not that he really blamed them for dressing like that it was extremely hot for September.
‘Wow’ was the only coherent thought going through Alex’s head as he watched Isabelle Evans walk, more like strut towards the bleachers with Liz and Maria. Isabelle was wearing a pair of platforms, cut-off’s, a tube top, a pair of sunglasses, and her hair was up in a high ponytail. He quickly shook his head bringing himself back to reality.

Isabelle, Maria, and Liz sat down a few seats below Alex and Michael to watch the basketball practice.
"Well if it isn’t the princess of West Roswell High, everyone, Miss Maria DeLuca" Michael said in a fake announcer voice.
Maria turned around and glared at him, "Go to hell" she hissed.
"You first" he said smirking back at her.
"My God, are you two flirting?" Isabelle moaned not turning around but saying it loud enough for Michael to hear.
"It’s not my fault he’s an ass hole" Maria said turning back around.
Michael watched as Liz said something to Maria and nudged her.
"Can’t you just leave her alone?" Alex asked. Every time Michael ran into Maria they’d get into one of their arguments.
Michael just grunted in response and Alex rolled his eyes at his friends obvious infatuation with Maria.

"Yes Maria, no matter who you kill murder is still against the law" Alex heard Liz say to her friend in a slightly annoyed tone.
"I swear Liz, I hate him" she said loudly.
"Ditto" Michael said back. Maria just turned around and glared.
Isabelle turned around so that she could see both Maria and Michael over her sunglasses, " Do you two need to have a time out?" she asked only half joking. Maria muttered something under her breath and turned around. Michael just looked away ignoring Isabelle’s comment.
"You just have to learn to ignore them" Alex said to Isabelle, "With a little practice it gets pretty easy."
She turned towards him and smiled, "You’re Alex right, my brother’s friend" she didn’t want him to know that she knew his name and not just because he was her brother’s friends.
"Yea, and you’re Isabelle" he said ‘Very smooth Whitman, I think she knows her own name.’
"So how long have you had to put up with these two?" she asked smiling.
"Since third grade, like I said all it takes is a little practice and you can almost completely block them out."
She smiled, "I’ll have to work on that" she said and turned back around facing toward the basketball practice.


Part 5

"We found this last year when we were looking around the crash site" Maria said as she pulled out a piece of metal from her bag. Isabelle, Liz, and Maria were sitting on the Evans’ couch talking while "10 Things I Hate About You" played on the TV in front of them.
"What is it?" Isabelle asked in wonder as she held the scrap piece of shiny metal in her hands. She turned it around in her hands and found inscriptions on the back. "What’s this?" Isabelle asked.
"We don’t know, all we know is that they look familiar" Liz explained.
"I recognize them, I just can’t seem to remember what they mean, maybe it’s like our language or something" Isabelle said turning the metal around again and noticing how it shined in the light, she also notice it didn’t seem to be scratched or anything.
Maria handed her a pocket knife, "Try scratching it" she said.
Isabelle took the knife out and scratched the front of it, "Nothing happened" she said tracing with her finger the line that should be on the metal.
Liz handed her a lighter, "Try burning it," she said as she handed Isabelle the lighter, "it’s my dad’s" she explained when Isabelle gave her a weird look.
Isabelle had met Mr. Parker when he had told her about what she would need to do at the Crashdown, he seemed nice enough, Mrs. Parker was pretty nice also. Mrs. DeLuca and Mrs. Parker were good friends. Isabelle had met both Maria’s parents too. Mrs. DeLuca was nice but Maria’s dad was very strict, he was a preacher and he wasn’t all that nice to Maria. Isabelle lit the lighter and held it up to the metal. She saw the fire hit the metal but then it was like a protective shield went up around the metal and the fire had a hole through it where the metal was. "Oh my god" Isabelle said more to herself than the others.
"That was pretty much our reaction too" Maria said.
Isabelle took the lighter away from the metal and noticed there wasn’t even black marks, she handed the lighter back to Liz.
"We tried a blow torch and the same thing happened, and we tried cutting it with a chain saw and nothing happened" Liz explained as she put the lighter back in her bag.
"So if this metal can’t be damaged and it is from the ship, how come it’s just a little piece and the whole ship isn’t together?" Isabelle questioned.
"That’s the same thing we were wondering" Maria said.

Max, Michael, and Alex walked into the Evans’ house after their triple date. They heard the TV on in the living room and walked toward it. "Hey Iz" Max said as they walked into the living room. He tried not to think of the fact that Liz was setting their in a pair of boxers and a tank top.
"Hey Max" she said quickly hiding something under a cushion, Max noticed the slight nervousness in her voice, "I didn’t hear you come it" she said smiling nervously at him, ‘Oh god, I hope he didn’t see anything’ she thought.
Max noticed it smelled like smoke in the living room, "Where’s mom and dad?" he asked casually.
"Oh they, um, they…" Isabelle said trying to calm her nerves.
"They said they were going to Alberqurqe and that they wouldn’t be back till late" Liz said calmly.
"What ‘cha doing?" Michael asked noticing the smell of smoke in the room.
"Nothing!" all three answered quickly.
"Aren’t you watching the movie" Alex asked he noticed how nervous they all looked.
"Oh, yea, yea, we’re watching the movie" Maria said nervously.
"Don’t you have something to do Max?" Isabelle asked trying to get her brother to leave.
"Yea, we’ll be upstairs Iz" he said as the three guys went upstairs.

"There’s something weird going on with those three" Michael said when they got to Max’s room. Max and Alex just looked at Michael, "I’m serious, did you see how nervous they were?"
"What do thinks up with them?" Alex asked.
"I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out" Michael said heading out of the room to go downstairs.
"Michael, we can’t just spy on them" Max said following Michael.
"I didn’t say you had to, but I’m going to" he said heading down the stairs quietly. Max and Alex followed reluctantly.
"Have you gone back since you found this?" they heard Isabelle ask holding up what looked like a piece of metal.
"Yea, but we haven’t found anything since that" Liz answered pointing to the piece of metal.
"We could go back tomorrow and you could help us look, maybe you’ll remember something that we don’t" Maria said to Isabelle as Isabelle handed her the piece of metal and Maria put it in her bag.
"Remember something about what?" Alex whispered to the guys.
"How the hell am I supposed to know? Now sh!" Michael whispered back.
"How did you guys know where to look, did you just look at a tourist map?" Isabelle questioned.
"No, Maria came to me one night and said we had to go somewhere, I don’t think it’s where they said it was" Liz said referring to the crash.
"Why is it that girls always use so many pronouns?" Alex asked.
"SH!" Max and Michael said at the same time quieting Alex.
"How’d you know where to look?" Isabelle asked Maria.
"I don’t know, I just knew" she said.
"So when do you want to go?" Isabelle asked.
"We usually go at night so no one will see us" Maria said.
"OK then I guess we’ll go tomorrow night?" Isabelle asked and the two girls nodded in response.
The guys quietly made their war back to Max’s room. "Well that was pointless" Max said as they walked into his room.
"Says who, at least we know when they’re leaving" Michael said.
"What do you…" Max asked trailing off when he realized what Michael had in mind.
"Michael, you can’t be serious, we can’t just follow them everywhere" Alex said.
"Who said we were gonna follow them? We talked about going out into the desert tomorrow night yesterday, remember?" Michael said.
Alex and Max both sat down shaking their heads at Michael but not saying anything else, Alex had known Michael long enough to know that if Michael wanted to do something there was no talking him out of it, and it hadn’t taken Max long to learn that.


Part 6

"Once we close up we can go" Liz said as her, Maria, and Isabelle cleaned up around the Crashdown. They were working the last shift and there weren’t many people left in the café.
"Ok, should I tell everyone to leave?" Maria asked referring to the old couple and Max, Michael, and Alex.
"Might as well, the sooner we’re done, the sooner we can leave" Isabelle said getting ready to mop the floor.

"Michael, this is insane" Alex said as him and Max tried to convince him not to follow Isabelle, Liz, and Maria. They’d been trying since that morning, but it hadn’t worked.
"I told you guys you don’t have to come" Michael said in an annoyed tone. He was tired of this conversation, they must have had the same conversation a million times since that morning.
"Why is it so important for you to find out…" Max said trailing off as Maria walked up to them.
"We’re closing, you guys need to go, you can pay at the cash register" Maria said giving Michael a quick glare and turning to leave.
"Why ya closing so early?" Michael asked.
"What?" she asked in annoyed tone, turning around to face him.
"The sign says you close at 11 it only 9:30, I’ve got an hour and a half left that I can sit here if I want to" he said smirking in that smart ass way he had.
"Don’t be a smart ass Michael" Maria said, "We can close whenever we want to, now get going so we can clean up" she said turning around to leave again.
"No, I think I want to sit here till 11, not like I have anything better to do" Michael said smirking at her again when she turned around to glare at him.
"Fine! Sit here till 11 I don’t care, but you’ll be sitting here in the dark…oh and when you leave don’t forget to lock the door!" she yelled loudly causing Liz and Isabelle to come over and see what was going on.
"Maria, what’s wrong?" Liz asked when her and Isabelle reached their furious friend.
"HE is what’s wrong!" she said pointing to Michael., "He won’t leave!"
"Guys come on, we need to close up, can you please leave so we can clean the place?" Isabelle asked trying the nice approach.
"Well we could leave, but the sign says I can stay here till 11 that’s an hour and a half away" Michael said.
"Michael, come on, let’s just go" an annoyed Alex said.
"Michael, you can come any other night and stay till 11, but we’re closing early tonight" Liz said.
"What’s so special about tonight?" Michael asked.
"Michael, let’s go" Max said, Michael opened his mouth to say something, "Yes I know the sign says 11, but you heard Liz they’re closing early, now come on" Max said pushing his friend out of the booth and towards the door.
"Maxwell" Michael protested but was pushed out the door before he could continue.

"God I hate him!" Maria screamed once all three had left and the café was empty. Isabelle and Liz just looked at each other and smiled. "What?! I do!" Maria said seeing their look.
"Come on let’s clean this place up" Isabelle said as she started to mop the floors.

Max, Michael, and Alex sat outside in Max’s jeep watching the three girls. "Why would they want to leave early tonight?" Michael asked. Max and Alex just looked at each other and shook their heads.
"I tell you why" Michael said when he didn’t get an answer, although he wasn’t really excepting one, "because they have some where they need to go, somewhere that can’t wait till 11, and we’re going to find out where that somewhere is."
"Maybe they had plans to do something tonight" Max said.
"You know that’s not true Maxwell" Michael said, Max smiled Michael was the only person he had ever met that called him Maxwell. "You heard them last night, you saw that piece of metal or whatever it was, you know as well as I do that there’s something weird about those three."
"Michael…" Alex tried but was but off by Michael, when Maria, Liz, and Isabelle came out of the café.
"Sh! We can’t let them see us" Michael said starting the jeep as the three got into Maria’s car.
"You know the best way for someone not to see, is not to follow them" Alex said but Michael ignored the comment.


Part 7

Michael followed Maria’s car, careful not get to close.
"This is a bad idea" Max said.
"You mentioned that already" Michael said, annoyed.
"Where do you think they’re going?" Alex asked.
"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Michael asked.

Maria drove down the dark rode her and Liz had traveled down many times. "Is it just me or did Michael seem a little suspicious?" Maria asked as they drove.
"It’s just you" Liz said reaching to turn on the radio.
"No I’m serious, why did he care about where we were going so much?"
"Because he likes you?" Isabelle said, it was more of a statement then a question.
"Michael Gurien, Mr. Rebel-without-a-cause, I don’t think so" Maria said. "Seriously though guys, didn’t he seem just a little suspicious to you guys?" she asked worried about someone finding out about them.
"No not really" Liz said as they pulled off the highway towards the open desert.

"What the hell…" Michael said as he followed Maria’s car as it pulled off into the open desert.
"Don’t get to close" Max said.

Maria, Liz and Isabelle got out of the car and started walking around.
"This is where we found the one piece" Maria said.
"So what do you do, just look around or what?" Isabelle asked.
"Well we started checking out the caves around her, seeing if we saw anything" Liz said.
"OK lets do that" Isabelle said heading for a cave.
"Let’s go" Michael said quietly moving to follow the girls.
"Michael…" Max started but Michael silenced him quickly.
"SH! Do you want them to hear us?" he asked.
At that exact moment Maria stopped, "Wait, I thought I heard something" she said and the others stopped.
"Maria, you’re just being paranoid" Liz said. "Nobody’s…."she started but was cut off by Maria’s hand over her mouth.
"SH!" she said.
"I don’t hear anything" Isabelle said.
Maria listened for a few more minutes, "OK lets go" she said and all three headed for a cave just up ahead. When they entered the cave Maria turned on a flashlight she had brought with her. All three started looking around for something that might give them a clue as to who they were.
Michael, Max, and Alex followed the girls into the cave quietly. As they followed them deeper into the cave Michael accidentally kicked a rock. He froze praying to whoever would listen that they hadn’t heard it.
All three girls spun around when they heard the sound behind them. Maria searched the darkness behind them with her flashlight. The beam of light rested on Michael Guiern’s face, she could see Alex and Max behind him, who both looked guilty.
"What the hell are you guys doing here?" Maria questioned.
"We could ask you the same question" Michael said.
"Where you following us?!" Isabelle asked. All three guys remained silent, "Max?" she questioned her brother, he just looked away guiltily. "I can’t believe this" she said in shock.
Isabelle walked out of the cave, very pissed, Liz and Maria followed. Michael, Alex, and Max followed the girls.
"Dare we ask what you three are doing out here in the middle of no where, in the middle of the night?" Michael yelled.
"That’s no of your business!" Maria screamed at him.
"Are you gonna answer the question?" Michael asked.
"Michael" Max warned but he ignored it.
"What I want to know is why you guys followed us out here, and now you’re the ones asking questions" Liz said.
"We didn’t follow you" Michael lied.
"What you just happened to be in the same place as us at the same time?!" Isabelle said.
"Yea" Michael said defensively, "So what were you doing out here?"
"That’s really no of your business Michael" Liz said.
"Humor me" he said crossing his arms over his chest.
"Michael, come on let’s go" Alex said but Michael ignored him.
"We were…..stargazing!" Liz told him saying the first thing she could think of.
"You go stargazing in caves, that’s an interesting concept" Michael said.
"We were in the cave because…." Isabelle said trying to thing of a good lie.
"Because I lost my keys, and we were looking for them" Maria lied.
"Now do you want to tell us why you guys followed us here?" Isabelle asked.
"I already told you we didn’t follow you" Michael lied again.
"Whatever, come on guys lets go" Maria said and all three turned and headed toward the car.
"I knew they were hiding something" Michael said once they were out of ear shot.
"Michael would you just give it up?" Max asked. Michael just looked over at Max with a determined look on his face and Max knew that Michael wasn’t going to give up until he figured out what was going on.
"You know if they catch us again, they’ll probably kill us" Alex told Max and Michael and they both nodded in agreement.
"We’ll just have to be more careful," Michael said as they headed back towards the jeep.
"It would probably be a lot safer if you just admitted you like Maria then we wouldn’t have to go on this wild goose chase" Alex said to Michael as they climbed into the jeep, but Michael just ignored him and started the jeep.


Part 8
Max winced as he heard the front door slam closed. He had gotten home before Isabelle, he had hoped she wouldn’t be coming home tonight. "Shit" he muttered.
"MAX!" he heard Isabelle scream.
"I’m so dead" he said to himself as he headed down the stairs to the living room where Isabelle stood with her arms crossed tapping her foot impatiently on the floor. Their parents weren’t getting home till late tonight so Max knew there’d be a lot of yelling.
"Look, Iz, before you say anything, I just want to say that…." Max started trying to stop her from killing him but he was silenced when she put her hand up signaling him to shut-up.
"Sit down, and shut-up" she said, "Don’t say anything until I’m done, got it?"
"Yea" he said quietly.
"I said don’t talk till I’m done!" she said. Max nodded. "First of all Max, I excepted better of you. I’ve always trusted you and today you betrayed my trust." Max looked down guiltily. "Second of all Max, I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life! I told Liz and Maria that you could be trusted. When Maria was wondering about Michael being all weird back at the café and asking if he would do anything ‘Michael like’ and try and play spy. I told her not to worry because you were with him and you had sense enough to trust your own sister and her friends. Not only did you betray my trust you betrayed Liz and Maria’s trust. Why did you do it Max? You used to trust me enough to let me go out and hang out with my friends without a spy around, what changed?" she asked. Max could see the hurt in her eyes.
"Nothing’s changed I still trust you. Michael was just curious as to why you guys were closing early" Max lied.
"Don’t lie to me Max!" Isabelle yelled. Her hurt disappeared and was replaced by anger. "I can’t believe you did this! Did I ever give you any reason not to trust me? No! I didn’t think so!" she yelled.
"Isabelle, I’m sorry. I was just trying to watch out for you, that’s what brothers are for" Max said trying to get her to calm down but just making her more mad.
"You think I need protection from Liz and Maria! Max you don’t even know them! There’s no excuse for what you did tonight Max! You don’t need to watch over me, even if that’s what brothers are for, because in case you’ve forgotten Max, you’re not my brother!" she screamed and quickly walked up the stairs towards her room.
Isabelle slammed her door shut and laid down on her bed. She felt bad for what she’d said to Max about him not being her brother. He was her brother, maybe not in the actual sense, but in a way he was. She had grown up with him and he had always watched out for her, he’d always been there for her, no matter what. ‘Oh grow up Isabelle’ she scolded herself, ‘You think he would have been like that if he knew the real you, if he knew what you were. If he ever found out he’d probably never look at you again. It’s good that you reminded him of that, you always have to remember that. You’re alone here. You, Liz, and Maria are alone, you only have each other, that’s the way it has to be’ she told herself. She quickly wiped away a tear that had managed to fall and hastily wiped her eyes of all the unshed tears. ‘You don’t need Max, you probably have a brother waiting for you at home’ she tried to convince herself.

Max leaned forward putting his head in his hands. He knew Isabelle was really pissed. She never brought up the fact that she was adopted and he wasn’t, never. Not even when she was really mad, like the time he had put worms in her doll house when they were younger, sure she had been mad, but she hadn’t said anything about the fact that they weren’t really brother and sister. ‘Man I’ve really done it this time’ he thought. He scrubbed his face with his fingers and sighed, ‘I’m gonna have to find some way to make it up to her’ he thought, hoping she wouldn’t hate him forever. "You betrayed Liz and Maria’s trust" Isabelle’s words floated through his head. ‘Shit’ he thought, he didn’t know either of them very well, but he didn’t want them hating him too, especially Liz. ‘Now she really won’t ever talk to me’ he thought scrubbing his face again and trying to figure out what he was gonna do.


Part 9

Maria’s tires squealed as she quickly turned onto her road. The music blasted from her stereo and she had all the windows open trying to calm herself down. Her knuckles were white from tightly gripping the steering wheel. She quickly tuned the car into her driveway, wincing as the tires screeched again ‘Dad won’t be happy about that’ she thought knowing her father was going to be yelling at her for being out so late. She turned the car off and grabbed a vial of cedar oil. She inhaled the relaxing scent trying to calm her nerves. ‘I’m so gonna kill Michael Gurien’ she thought to herself. Just thinking about what had happened that night made her angry all over again. She inhaled the relaxing scent of cedar again letting it calm her and relax every muscle. When she had clamed down enough to face Tom she climbed out of the car and headed inside.
"Where have you been?!" her dad asked as soon as she stepped foot in the house. "You curfew is 10:00! Do you have any idea what time it is?!"
Maria let out a frustrated sigh. "I was out with some friends all right? Besides it’s not like it’s a school night. Why do I need to be home by ten anyway?" she asked, they’d had this conversation before, but she never actually got the answer to her question.
"Because I said so. You could have at least called if you were going to be out late" he said following Maria into the living room.
"Look, I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal OK? I was working, after we closed Liz, Isabelle, and I hung out for a while, it’s not a big deal" she said.
"What did you do?" her dad asked.
‘My god, he is so paranoid’ she thought, every time she got home late she got a whole investigation. "We did drugs and had orgies! Is that what you want to hear?!" she exclaimed.
Tom glared at her, "Show me your arms" he demanded.
Maria sighed and stuck out her arms, "You know by the way you act, you’d think you had a kid who did drugs" she said in an annoyed tone.
He glared at her again, he opened his mouth to say something but before he could Maria’s mother came down. "What’s going on down here?" she demanded walking into the living room, "What’s with all the yelling, you know some people in this house are trying to sleep."
"Maria just got home! She was out late again and she won’t tell me what she was doing" Maria’s father said.
I wasn’t doing anything! I was just hanging out with some of my friends!" she exclaimed, trying not to think about what had actually happened.
"I don’t believe you!" her dad yelled.
"Tom, clam down" Maria’s mother said. Maria took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves. When that didn’t work she pulled out her vial of cedar oil again, inhaling the calming scent.
"What’s that, is that drugs?" her dad insisted.
"No it’s cedar oil, calm down" Maria said grabbing her bag and heading to her room.
"Where’re you going?" her father yelled after her.
"To my room, so I can sleep!" she yelled back as she walked up the stairs and to her room. ‘I can’t deal with this right now, maybe I’ll call Isabelle, she how she is’ Maria thought knowing how upset Isabelle must still be. She thought about calling Liz, but she knew Liz’s parents probably already unhooked the phones so that Liz wouldn’t get any calls. Maria entered her room and picked up her phone. She punched in the first few digits of Isabelle’s number but then put the phone back down, deciding to just go to bed. ‘I’m going to have to watch out for Michael Gurien from now on, make sure he doesn’t decide to go stalker again’ she thought as she laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.


Part 10

Michael walked into his house. "Michael, we were worried where have you been?" his mom asked once he walked in.
"Well your mother was worried, I told her you could take care of yourself but she didn’t believe me" his step-father, Hank said.
Michael smirked at Hank’s comment. Hank and his mom had gotten married a couple years ago, he had never met his dad he’d left before he was born. Hank was pretty cool, he was always trying to be tough though and act like he was never worried. "Sorry, I didn’t mean to stay out so late, I was hanging out with Alex and Max" he said.
"That’s OK, just try and call or something next time" his mom said.
Michael nodded, "Yea, I will , I’m gonna go to bed" he said noticing it was already almost two in the morning. He told his mom and Hank goodnight and went upstairs. ‘I wonder how things went with Isabelle for Max’ he thought as he walked into his room. ‘Maybe I should call him, just to make sure he’s still alive’ he thought but decided not to, he didn’t want to take the chance of Isabelle answering. He was pretty sure he didn’t want to feel the wrath of Isabelle. ‘Something is definitely weird about those three girls’ he thought as he laid down, ‘and I’m going to find out what.’


Alex walked into his house and was greeted by his dog. "Hey Benji, anyone else home?" he asked the shaggy dog as he petted it’s head. Benji liked his hand in response. Alex walked into the kitchen with the dog trailing behind him. He picked up the note on the counter "Alex, had to go on a business trip. Jesse and Catrina are at friends houses. I should be back in a couple days. Love, Mom" he read aloud. His dad had died when he was younger so it was just his mom and the twins, Jesse and Catrina, they were a couple years younger than Alex was, they were just babies when Alex’s dad had died.
"What do you say we hit the hay?" he said to Benji and the dog followed him to his room. Alex laid on his bed thinking about what had happened that night. He wasn’t really sure why finding out about Isabelle, Liz, and Maria was so important to Michael, he knew Michael liked Maria but he didn’t think that was it. Suddenly Isabelle’s face came flashed into his mind, not that it was unusual for him to think about Isabelle late a night, ever since she and Max had moved to Roswell she was always on his mind. He felt bad for spying on her, he couldn’t get the way she had looked at the three of them when she saw them in the desert out of his mind. ‘Why were they in the desert’ he thought. "Now you’re sounding like Michael" he told himself and turned over on his side and tried to fall asleep.

Part 11

Liz lay awake in her room just staring at the ceiling. When she had gotten home her parents gave her the whole ‘responsibility’ speech. Saying she should have called if she was going to be out so late because they worry about her. Liz had just sat there saying ‘OK’ or ‘Yea, sorry’ every so often. She really hadn’t be paying attention, she practically knew the speech by heart. Plus her mind was thinking about other things, like the fact that Max, Michael, and Alex had followed them to the desert. ‘How much did they hear? Do they know?’ she thought for the millionth time that night since she got home. She hoped Maria had gotten home safely, she was so pissed that she was likely to have crashed her car. She would have called her to make sure she was OK, but by the time she had gotten home her parents had unplugged the phones so the three of them could ‘talk’. Liz knew they meant well, they were just worried, but it could get really annoying. Liz sighed and turned over trying to fall asleep. The clock caught her eye and she saw it was already past two. "I’m not getting any sleep tonight" she mumbled as she climbed out of bed and went towards her closet, she needed to calm her nerves, and she knew just what she needed for that. She pulled some clothes on, put the things she needed in a bag, grabbed her keys, and left out the window.

Liz walked down the dark, quite streets of Roswell. She could have taken her parents car but she didn’t want to take the chance of waking them. She thought she saw someone out of the corner of her eye and walked a little quicker, ‘I am so paranoid’ she thought to herself, but continued to walk quickly to her destination.

Max drove down the deserted streets of Roswell. He hadn’t been able to sleep after his fight with Isabelle so he decided to take a drive, he knew his parents would flip if they came home and found him gone, but he didn’t really care. ‘Then again maybe they won’t even notice’ he thought, ‘They’ve been so busy with this new business lately they might not even know if I live in the same house as them any more.’

Liz unlocked the door to Roswell’s local dance studio. She had gone there since she was a little kid, she had gotten to know the owner pretty well and she had given her a key so if she ever wanted to just come in and dance when it was closed she could. As she walked in she turned on the lights to help herself see. She walked into one of the studio’s, slid her tennis shoes off, and put her ballet shoes on. Once she had them on she stood on her toes testing herself, she hadn’t been dancing for awhile, she wasn’t really sure why. She knew it was partly because she was usually either working or hanging out with her ‘friends’ or lately Maria and Isabelle. She took the CD she had brought out of her bag and walked over and put it in the stereo.

Max noticed a light on in the local dance studio as he drove by, ‘Why would they be open at this time?’ he thought. He parked his jeep in front and started towards the door.

Liz finished stretching and turned on the stereo.

When the going starts to get rough
And you feel like you’ve had enough
Let the music
Take control of your soul

The song came pouring out of the speakers. Liz closed her eyes, letting her body flow with the music.

Take a chance and do what you feel
Your force, they can not live with out it
You gotta break the chain
Yea, yea

Max heard music when he walked into the building and started to walk towards where is was coming from.

There’s a passion inside you
Inner strength that drives
Can’t nobody take that away from you
It’s the greatest high
You set the floor on fire
When you come alive
And we’re dancing
And it feels all right
I can’t control my desire
And we’re dancing
And it feels all right
And we’re dancing
And it feels all right
Can’t hold me down
Got to reach for the sky
And we’re dancing
And it feels all right

Max stood in the doorway to one of the studios and watched Liz gracefully dance across the room on her toes.

Some people don’t know the love you present
They condemn what they don’t understand
It’s natural
You’re in a world of you own

Liz felt her body do a spin, everything she’d learned over the years coming back. ‘Why did I ever stop’ she thought.

There’s a passion inside you
Inner strength that drives
Can’t nobody take that away from you
It’s the greatest high
You set the floor on fire
When you come alive
And we’re dancing
And it feels all right
I can’t control my desire
And we’re dancing
And it feels all right
Yea, yea, yea

‘I should leave, she’s going to think I’m stalking her’ Max thought to himself. He knew he should leave but he couldn’t seem to get his legs to work, so he just stood, watching Liz in awe.

Push it to the max.
Feel the room fall at your feet
Don’t you dare hold back
Cuz it feels so good inside

Liz felt the hair go up on the back of her neck and had a feeling she was being watched. ‘Stop being so paranoid, you’re as bad as Maria’ she told herself. She pushed the thought of being watched away and let the music guide her body again.

There’s a passion inside you
Inner strength that drives
Can’t nobody take that away from you
It’s the greatest high
You set the floor on fire
When you come alive
And we’re dancing (Yea)
And it feels all right (feels all right)
I can’t control my desire
And we’re dancing (Yea)
And it feels all right (Yea)
And we’re dancing (Yea)
And it feels all right (feels all right)
Can’t hold me down
Got to reach for the sky
And we’re dancing (Yea)
And it feels all right (Yea, yea, yea)
And we’re dancing

Liz opened her eyes as the song ended, before she could start dancing again she saw Max staring at her in the mirror. "What are you doing here Max?" she asked a slight hint of fear in her voice, ‘What if he heard something, what if he knows?’ she thought.
"Um…I was just driving around, and I saw the lights on and I was wondering why it was opened at this time, so I came in to check it out" he explained, ‘She probably thinks I’m stalking her’ he thought again. Liz turned to face Max. "Look Liz, I’m sorry about earlier, you know Michael, Alex, and I following you guys into the desert" he apologized.
"You were following us? I thought you were star gazing?" she joked. She wasn’t really mad a Max, if she was going to be mad at anyone it would probably be Michael, she had a feeling the whole thing was his idea. But she wasn’t really mad at all, she had acted mad sure but she was really just scared they had heard or seen something and were going to expose them. "It’s OK Max, I’m not mad" she said. Max raised his eyebrows in question, "OK, well , I’m not that mad….You know, you can come in you don’t have to stand in the door way" she said smiling.
"I wish Isabelle would have taken it that well" Max said.
"What happened?" Liz asked sitting down on the floor and patting the spot next to her signaling for Max to join her.
Max dropped down next to Liz on the floor, "She was pretty pissed…and that’s putting it mildly" he said.
Liz put her legs in a ‘V’ position and reached over holding her foot and touching her nose to her knee. She looked over at Max and saw how upset he was, "You want to talk about?" she asked.
"Not really" he said, he didn’t really want to think about his fight with Isabelle.
Liz nodded moving so she was touching her nose to the ground between her legs, "OK" she said simply.
Max watched as Liz stretched, "How do you do that?" he asked.
Liz sat up and smiled, "I’ve been dancing ever since I was a little kid, flexibility just sort of comes along with that" she explained. He watched in amazement as she pulled her leg up next to her head. Liz smiled at him, "There are guys who can do this" she said laughing at the expression that crossed his face when she told him that. "They have to have been dancing for a while but I’ve seen them" she said smiling.
Max felt a tingle go up his spine when Liz smiled. Her chocolate brown eyes twinkled with amusement as she looked at him and Max was sure he could spend hours just looking into her eyes.
Liz stopped stretching and started taking her shoes off, she knew she should get home soon in case her parents got up early, she didn’t want to worry them again. ‘Yea that’s why I’m leaving because I don’t want to worry my parents’ she told herself, ‘Yea right, you know the real reason you leaving is because you’re scared, you just opened up to Max, and that scares you’ a little voice told her. ‘I didn’t open up to him, and even if I did I wouldn’t be scared’ she tried to convince herself. ‘The only people who know about your dancing are your parents, and Maria, Isabelle doesn’t even know, and she’s just like you’ the little voice said. She sighed softly realizing the little voice was right, she was scared. Scared to open up, especially to Max, she wasn’t really sure what it was there was just something about Max. She knew if she was ever to tell someone about Maria, and Isabelle and her, it would be Max. ‘That’s crazy, you barley know him’ she told herself. But she knew even though she didn’t know him that well he would still be the one she’d tell, there was just something about him.
"I should get going, I don’t want my parents to worry" she said breaking the comfortable silence that had settled between them.
"Do you need a ride?" Max asked getting up as she got her shoes on and got her CD and bag.
‘Say no, say no’ her brain told her. "Sure, thanks" she said smiling. ‘I am a total goner’ she thought as they left and drove towards Liz’s apartment.

Part 12

Isabelle opened the next kitchen cabinet and began organizing the glasses inside of it. ‘smallest to largest’ she repeated over and over to herself.
She hadn’t been able to fall asleep so she had gone to talk to her brother to tell him she was sorry about the fight only to find him gone. After her parents called and said that they wouldn’t be coming home she panicked.
Isabelle looked at the clock again ‘It’s almost four where the hell is he?’ she thought to herself. She looked at the glasses she had just organized they were lined up on each self smallest to largest. ‘Now to organize them by color’ she thought and began her new task.
Max drove down his street towards his house, ‘I hope Isabelle is asleep’ he thought. He knew if she knew he was gone she would freak. He pulled into the drive way and noticed his parents’ car wasn’t there, ‘Big surprise’ he thought. Then he noticed the kitchen light was on, ‘well I guess Isabelle’s up’ he thought as he turned the jeep off and walked towards the house.
Isabelle heard the jeep pull into the drive way, ‘He is so gonna get it’ she thought. She continued organizing the glasses by color until she heard him walk into the kitchen.
Max walked into the kitchen and found Isabelle organizing the glasses in one of the kitchen. He knew she was worried every time she was nervous or worried she would go around organizing things, it was her way of getting her mind of off what she was worried about.
"Where have you been?" Isabelle asked slamming the cabinet door closed, "Do you have any idea what time it is?! I tell you, it’s almost four! Four Max! As in four hours past twelve, as in four hours past our curfew! Where have you been!" she yelled the fear creeping into her voice.
"I’m sorry mom" Max joked but Isabelle just glared. "I’m sorry Iz, I couldn’t sleep so I went for a drive" Max said sitting down at the table.
Isabelle sat down next to him, "Look, Max, about what I said earlier, I shouldn’t’ have said it and…I’m sorry" she said softly.
Max looked at his sister, "Iz, I’m sorry about following you guys, you had every right to be mad."
"Yea, I know I did" Isabelle said half joking, "But I didn’t have any reason to say the thing about you not being my brother. I mean we may not be related through parents or whatever but you’re still my brother. So I’m sorry" she said seriously.
Max smiled at his sister, "It’s OK" he said.
Isabelle smiled, "So….you never told me where you were."
Max smiled remembering where he’d been. "I saw that look, now you have to tell me" Isabelle said.
"Well I went for a drive and I saw some lights on in the dance studio on Crawford Street so I went in to see if any one was in there" he said.
"And…" Isabelle said.
"When I went in there I heard music so I went towards it and Liz was there dancing. We talked for a while and then I took her home" he said acting as if it was no big deal, even though he knew it was.
"Wait a second, Liz dances?" Isabelle asked.
"Yea, she’s pretty good too" Max said smiling.
"Does she do ballet, or what?" Isabelle asked slightly hurt that Liz hadn’t said anything to her about her dancing.
"Iz, this is me you’re asking, I have no clue. She was on the tip of her toes though, if that helps" he said.
Isabelle smiled, "That’s ballet. Wow, she must have been doing it for a while then, they usually don’t let you use toe shoes unless you’ve been doing it for like five years" she said more to herself then to him.
"She said she’d been doing it since she was a kid" he said, not being able to stop the smile that spread across his face when he thought of Liz.
Isabelle looked at her brother, "You like her" she said.
"No I don’t" he lied, but he knew Isabelle could he was lying because he could feel his face turning red.
"Lair" she accused him.
"OK, OK I admit it" he said his checks turning a darker shade of red, "Do you think I should ask her out?"
Isabelle sighed, "I don’t know Max…" she started but Max interrupted her.
"She doesn’t like me does she?" he asked.
"No she does"
"She does like me?"
"No, yea, I don’t know….look Max do you remember a couple years ago when we had that conversation?" Isabelle asked.
‘How could I not remember?’ Max thought. Isabelle didn’t have to tell him what it was about he remembered perfectly well.

"Look Max I’m different"
"What do you mean Iz?"
"I can’t really explain. Look, you know how I was adopted, well I don’t really know where I’m from and even if I did I don’t think I’d ever be able to go back"
"Because Max, I’m different from other people, I’m not like everyone else"
"Iz, what do you mean?"
"Look Max, I can’t explain, that’s all I can tell you OK? Please don’t ask about it again, and don’t say anything to mom or dad"
Max noticed the fear in his sisters’ eyes, "OK Iz I won’t" he promised.
**end of flashback**

"Yea, I remember" Max said.
"Well Liz is different too" Isabelle said trying to make her brother understand.
"She’s like you?" he asked.
"Yea, look Max it’s nothing bad, but I just don’t think that she’ll get involved because of it" she tried to explain.
Max decided it was better not to ask Isabelle anything about what she was talking about, he knew she wouldn’t talk about it. "We should get some sleep" he said.
"Yea, oh, mom and dad called, they said they wouldn’t be home till late tomorrow night" she said.
"Big surprise" Max said as they walked towards their rooms. "Night’ Iz" he said.
"Night’ Max" Isabelle said as she walked into her room.
Max looked up at his ceiling as he lay on his bed thinking about the conversation he had just had with his sister and remembering the one from a few years back. ‘What could possibly be such a big deal that Liz wouldn’t want to be involved with anyone?’ he thought. He decided he was going to find out.

Part 13

"So you dance? Any other things I should know about you?" Isabelle said casually as she walked in the door the next morning for work.
Liz looked up from fixing her antennas in the mirror when Isabelle walked in, "Well you already know that I’m really a man so I guess that’s it" she joked.
"I’m serious" Isabelle said looking at her friend, "I mean we’ve known each other for like a week, but we don’t really know each other. I mean yea we know that we’re both from…you know, but that’s about it and it’s the same for Maria and me" Isabelle said.
Liz looked at her friend and saw the hurt in her eyes, "Well what do you want to know?" she asked sitting down on the couch and patted the seat next to her signaling for Isabelle to sit down with her.
"Well, how long have you been dancing, Max said you were pretty good" Isabelle said noticing how Liz’s face lit up when she said Max’s name.
"He did?" Liz said but quickly pulled herself together, "Well I’ve been doing it ever since I was a little girl, I don’t even remember when I started. But I quit a few years ago, now I just do it when I want to forget everything" she explained, "OK you’re turn."
"Well let’s see…. when I’m worried about something I organize things. Like last night after I fought with Max I organized my clothes by designer, then style, then color."
"Are you serious?" Liz asked smiling.
"Yes! I know it completely crazy but it helps get my mind off things you know, cuz all I’m concentrating on is the color of everything or the style" Isabelle said laughing.
"What’s going on?" Maria asked as she walked in.
"We were getting to know each other" Liz said, "Isabelle made a good point a few minutes ago, we know that she’s you know….like us, but we don’t really know anything about her and she doesn’t really know anything about us" Liz explained when Maria gave her a weird look.
"Oh, well you should probably do that later, like after our shift, unless we want to get fired" Maria pointed out.
"She’s right," Liz said to Isabelle and both girls got up off the couch. "You look particularly calm this morning….you didn’t kill Michael or anything did you?" Liz asked worriedly.
Maria smiled wickedly, Liz looked even more worried, "Calm down babe, stalker boy is still a live….for now" she joked.
"So what got you feeling so calm?" Isabelle asked.
"Just some nice cedar oil and a good nights rest" Maria said.
"You didn’t do any singing?" Liz asked.
"You sing?" Isabelle asked Maria.
"Me, no I can’t sing" Maria denied.
"Liar" Liz said smiling as she walked into the front of the café, Isabelle and Maria followed.
"She sings?" Isabelle asked Liz.
"Yea, very well too"
"No I don’t and if I did sing it wouldn’t be well" Maria said.
"Whatever you say Maria" Liz said smiling, turning to Isabelle she said, "Give her some time and you’ll catch her singing along with the radio or something."
"So Liz, did you’re parents give you the normal lecture on responsibility last night?" Maria asked trying to steer the conversation away from her.
"Yea" Liz said suddenly not as talkative as she had been.
Maria and Isabelle looked in the direction Liz was staring at, "What are they doing here?" Maria asked.
"Well Maria it’s a restaurant, a lot of people will come in here to eat and it’s our job to serve them" Isabelle said talking to Maria as she would a small child.
"Funny" Maria said sarcastically, "Oh look it’s bimbo’s on parade" she said as Pam, Catherine, and Maggie walked in the door and over to the table that had caught all three girls attention. "What does your brother see in that bitch?" Maria asked Isabelle motioning to Pam as she practically sat on top of Max.
"Who knows" Isabelle said in disgust. She wasn’t really sure why her brother was dating Pam especially when he liked Liz. "Somebody should go get their table" Isabelle said.
"Don’t look at me, it’s enough that I have to put up with stalker boy being in the same building as me, if I have to go over their, I might just kill him" Maria said.
"You know Maria he does have a name, and it’s not ‘stalker boy’ it’s Michael. Come on say it with me now, Mich-ael" Isabelle joked over emphasizing every syllable of Michael’s name, Maria just jokingly glared at her.
"I’ll get their order" Liz said leaving to go take their order.
"Is it possible for her to be more obvious?" Maria said half-joking, Isabelle just smiled.

Max looked over at Liz as Pam talked about something or other, he didn’t really care. Last night he had totally forgot he was even seeing Pam.
"Maaax, are you even listening to me?" Pam whined.
"Yes, I’m listening" he said annoyed.
"Don’t you guys have somewhere to be, like at the mall or something?" Michael asked. Before the three girls had gotten there the guys had been talking about the night before. It wasn’t that Michael didn’t like Catherine, well all right that is what was. He had tried breaking up with her but she had told him that it wasn’t funny to joke like that and once he told her he was serious she had said she knew he wasn’t and he should stop joking around.
"Well we’re going soon, we just wanted to stop and see our favorite guys" Maggie said throwing her arm around Alex.
"Wow, I feel so lucky" Alex said trying to sound excited but failing miserably. ‘Maggie is such a ditz’ he thought, ‘Why am I even going out with her. I could break up with her, then I could ask Isabelle out’ he thought.
"Hi guys, what do you want?" Liz asked.
"We were just leaving, bye hun" Pam said kissing Max, "We actually have things to do," she said snootily to Liz as she got up.
Yea, I bet" Liz said, looking Pam up and down and taking in her low cut shirt and high skirt she said, "You know I don’t know what everyone’s talking about, that outfit doesn’t make you look like a hooker!" Pam glared at her and left.
Max couldn’t help but smile at Liz’s comment, ‘I didn’t know she had it in her’ he thought. He noticed Michael and Alex were having trouble to stop themselves from laughing at Pam’s reaction
"So what do you guys want?" Liz asked, pulling Max out of his thoughts.
"Fries and a coke" Michael said.
"I’ll have a burger and a coke," Alex said.
"Um…I’ll have an alien blast," Max said.
"OK, I’ll be right back with your orders…oh and Michael, if I were you I’d watch your back for the next couple days" Liz said smiling.

Part 14

"Blondes or brunets?" Isabelle asked as she filled a drink order.
"Brunettes, you?" Liz answered putting in her order. It was a game they had invented one of them would as a question where you could chose between two and both would answer.
"Brunettes, Maria, blondes or brunettes?" Isabelle asked as Maria walked up to the two.
"Um…I don’t know, maybe dirty blondes," she said.
"Book or movie?" Liz asked.
The three looked at each other, "Movie" they said simultaneously.
"Orders up," Jose called as he put Liz’s order up on the counter.
Liz picked up the order and made her way to the table. "Day or night?" Isabelle called after her.
"What do you think?" she called back.
Isabelle looked over at Maria "Night" they both agreed.
"If you were to tell one person about, you know, who would it be?" Isabelle asked once Liz got back.
"That’s not a choice question," Liz said.
"I know, it wasn’t supposed to be, just answer it," Isabelle said.
"Well who would you tell?" Liz asked trying to avoid the question.
"No, I asked you first," Isabelle said smiling she had a feeling she knew who Liz would tell.
"No one," Maria said, "We can’t ever tell any one so what’s the point of thinking about it?" Maria said as she walked off to bring an order to a table.
"Max," Isabelle said, Liz looked over at her, "That’s who I’d tell, and you don’t have to tell me who it is you would tell because I already know you’d tell the same person as me," Isabelle sad smiling at her friend.
Liz blushed and opened her mouth to object but decided not to, "Is it that obvious?" she asked.
"Only for Maria and me… of course it might have something to do with the fact that we can hear your thoughts if we want to, not that those are really thoughts I want to hear" Isabelle said.
"Sorry I’ll try and censure my thoughts of your brother when you’re around," Liz joked.
"Thank you," Isabelle said.
"Ok, so, first kiss?" Liz said getting their ‘getting to know each other’ game back on track.
"Bobby Johnson, fifth grade, under the slide on the playground," Isabelle said smiling, "You?"
"Kyle Valenti, fifth grade, behind the swings," Liz said.
"Ew! Kyle Valenti?!" Isabelle said making a disgusted face.
"Hey I didn’t say I was proud of it!" Liz said laughing at Isabelle’s face.
"Maria, first kiss?" Isabelle asked once Maria had come back from waiting on a table.
"Doug Sohn, fifth grade, in those tunnel things on the playground," Maria said, "Yours?" she asked Isabelle, already knowing Liz’s.
"Bobby Johnson, fifth grade, under the slide on the playground," Isabelle said. "How did you guys find out that you were Czechoslovakian?" Isabelle asked.
"We were at the Crash Festival together and every year they remake the crash and we both had a flash when they let the fake UFO crash," Maria explained. "How’d you find out?"
"I had a dream one night of the crash and I did a little research on different UFO sitting and I figured out that it was the Roswell crash because my parents said that’s where I was found," Isabelle explained. "They have a crash festival here? That’s kind of morbid isn’t is, celebrating our people’s deaths?" Isabelle asked.
"They don’t really believe it happened here, they just use it as a money maker. Every year the Crash Festival is the place to be," Liz explained.
"When is it?" Isabelle asked shuddering slightly at the thought of celebrating the crash that might have killed her parents.
"It’s coming up in a few weeks" Liz said going to take an order of some tourist that just came in.
"Oh yea," Isabelle said sarcastically.
"Talk about UFO nuts," Maria said referring to the two tourist Liz was waiting on.
"Some people are so weird," Isabelle said shaking her head at the two. The guy had on glasses and a "Do you believe?" shirt, he had light brown hair and was slightly taller than the girl he was with. The girl had short blonde hair and was wearing a "We’re not alone" shirt.
"What they need are those ‘I’m with stupid’ shirts, you know the ones that point to the other person," Maria said, Isabelle just laughed at her friend.
"You want to get ‘stalker-boy’ or should I?" Isabelle asked, noticing the three guys were ready to check out.
"You better, if I go over there I might be tempted to spill soda on him or something," Maria said.
Isabelle laughed and walked over to the cash register. "Here’s you’re change," Isabelle said handing Alex the change making sure to brush her hand with her slightly when she placed the change in his hand.
The doors to the café flew open and three guys in masks walked in, "Nobody move, or I’ll shoot!" one guy yelled pulling out a gun.

Part 15

Liz turned around from taking the couples order as she heard the guy yell to freeze. ‘Oh god’ she thought.
Maria finished drying a glass and put it down just as the guy yelled to freeze, ‘Shit’ she thought as she saw him pull out his gun.
"Nobody try and play the hero and nobody gets hurt," the guy with the gun said.
"You two," one of the guys said to Liz and Maria, "get over here, I don’t want you causing any trouble" he said as Liz and Maria walked over to Isabelle.
"How much you got in there?" the one with the gun asked, pointing with his gun to the cash register.
"I don’t know," Isabelle said shakily.
"Take it all out and put it in this bag," the guy holding the gun said as one of the guys handed Liz a bag.
Isabelle nodded and began taking bills out and putting them in the bag Liz was holding.
"You get over here" one of the guys said to Maria, "Sit down," he said, she sat against the wall and he stood watching her not letting her out of his sight.
"Hurry up," the guy without the gun, who was still standing by Isabelle said.
"Calm down," the guy with the gun said, "We have all the time in the world, don’t we sweet heart?" he said rubbing Liz’s check. Liz nodded stopping herself from flinching away from the guys touch.
Max watched as Isabelle put money into the bag. He looked over at Liz and about killed the guy when he saw him touch Liz.
"God can’t you go any faster?" the guy without the gun said walking over to Isabelle and shoving her to the floor, "I’ll do it myself," he said.
Isabelle fell back and hit the wall at the unexpected shove.
"Isabelle!" she heard her brother yell.
"Damn it! You idiot! What do you think you’re doing?" the guy with the gun said.
"I don’t trust blondes," he said. Isabelle moved to get back up, "Don’t even think about it!" the guy yelled turning around and pulling out his gun.
"What are you doing?" the guy who first pulled out his gun yelled.
"I told you, I don’t trust blondes" he said aiming his gun at Isabelle and pulling the trigger.
"ISABELLE!" Liz and Maria screamed at the same time.
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Part 16

"Shit! What the hell do you think you’re doing!" one of the guys yelled.
"The damn kid jumped in the way!" the other said defensively.
"Whatever, we have to leave right now!" another yelled. The three ran out quickly before anyone could stop them.

Alex could feel the life draining out of him as he lay in a pool of his own blood. ‘I’m going to die’ the thought ran through his head over and over. But for some reason he wasn’t really upset, and he realized he wouldn’t change what was happening if he could. Because even if he was going to die at least he would know that Isabelle was safe. He had seen the guy point his gun at Isabelle and knew what he was going to do. Alex had quickly ran to where Isabelle was pushing her out of the way just in time, but he hadn’t moved fast enough. The bullet had hit him right in the solar plexus. He didn’t really know Isabelle that well but when he had seen that guy point a gun at her something had just told him he had to save her, even if it meant giving his own life.
"Alex" Isabelle said crawling over to the guy who had just took a bullet for her. Alex looked up at her weakly.
"Somebody call an ambulance!" Max yelled.
"No" Liz said walking over to Alex and Isabelle.
"What do you mean ‘no’? He was shot, he’s going to die if we don’t get him some help!" Michael yelled.
"She said no, she means no!" Maria cried, "It doesn’t matter, the ambulance wouldn’t make it in time anyway."
"It’s worth a try, I’m not going to let my friend sit there and just die without trying to save him!" Michael yelled back.
"Maria, I need your help!" Liz yelled over her shoulder as she bent down to Alex, she was the best at healing but she knew she was going to need Maria’s strength and maybe even Isabelle’s in order to save Alex.
"Michael just trust me, Alex will be fine, calling an ambulance will only make things worse, the police are probably all ready on there way and that’s bad enough. If you want to help Alex then what you should do is get everyone out of here!" Maria said and then ran over to help Liz.
Liz ripped Alex’s shirt open and cringed at the sight of all the blood.
"Oh my god" Isabelle whispered, "You’re gonna be all right" she said to Alex.
"I’m going to need your help to Iz, I don’t think I have enough strength to heal him alone," Liz explained, Isabelle nodded wordlessly, still in shock that Alex would risk his life for her. "I think if you just both hold on to my shoulder we can form a connection and I can use the strength of all three of us" Liz explained and Maria and Isabelle both touched her should forming an instant connection. Liz placed her hand over Alex’s wound, "Alex, I need you to look at me that’s the only way I can help you" she said softly and Alex weakly opened his eyes and looked up at her. Once Alex looked at her, Liz formed a connection with him.
Alex meeting Michael
Alex being told his dad had died
Alex at his dad’s funeral
Alex getting his dog Benji
Alex’s meeting Max
Alex seeing Isabelle for the first time
The rest were a bunch about Isabelle, Liz pushed the flashes back and concentrated on finding the bullet, once she found it she dissolved it and repaired the damages to his organs, muscle, tissue, and skin. All three girls gasped as the connection broke, it had taken most of their strength to heal him.
"What the…" Alex said looking down at where the wound had once been.
"You’re ok now" Isabelle said quickly waving her hand over his shirt getting rid of the blood stain.
"I’m going to get something to clean up the rest of the blood," Maria said, still in shock over everything that had happened.
"I’ll come with you," Liz said figuring Isabelle might want to be alone with Alex for a little bit.
"Thank you," Isabelle said softly once Liz and Maria had left. "You risked your life for me," she said in awe as Alex sat up.
"I didn’t really have a choice," he said softly, Isabelle smiled knowing what he meant. "Isabelle, what just happened? One minute I was shot, and the next I wasn’t?"
"Alex, I want to tell you but I think it be best if we waited till we could explain it to everybody. Right now we need to worry about what to tell the Sheriff, but I promise I’ll tell you everything later," Isabelle said.
"What are we going to tell him?" Alex asked.
"I guess just that you moved out of the way in time and the bullet didn’t hit you," Isabelle said.
"But then won’t he wonder where the bullet whole is?" Alex asked.
"Maybe we could tell him the gun wasn’t loaded…or that it was a blank," Isabelle said.
"I think saying it was a blank is the best way to go, he’ll get statements from everyone else, they all heard the gun go off," Alex said, Isabelle nodded in agreement.

"What the hell are you guys?" Michael asked as he and Max walked into the break room where Liz and Maria were getting a mop to clean up the blood. Max and Michael and gotten the few customers that were in the café out, but then had stayed back to see what the girls were doing to Alex.
"What are you talking about?" Maria asked.
"We saw what you did to Alex, how did you do that?" Michael demanded.
"I don’t know what you’re talking about," Maria replied nervously
"One minute Alex was shot and the next he was fine, and don’t even try to tell me he wasn’t shot because I saw him get shot, I saw him lying in a pool of his own blood," Michael said.
"You’re deranged" Maria said.
"Maria…" Liz warned.
"Liz, he’s saying that Alex was shot and then we healed him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!" Maria cried trying to keep their origins a secret.
"Maria, he knows what he saw. If we don’t tell him what’s going on he might tell the wrong people what he saw," Liz said. Maria glared at her but Liz could see the tears of fear in her eyes. Turning to the guy she said, "We’ll tell you everything later. Right now our biggest concern is getting rid of the sheriff without him suspecting anything. You two need to go out and sit down…watch out the window and let us know when the sheriff gets here, if we’re still cleaning up everything I’m going to need you to stall him for me ok?"
Both guys nodded in understanding and went to do what they were told. "I told you there was something weird about those three Maxwell" Michael said as they walked back into the café.
"Let’s just do what Liz said right now, we’ll worry about everything else later," Max said.
"Maria, I need you to go get a shirt from my dad’s closet for Alex that way the sheriff won’t see the bullet hole," Liz said.
Maria nodded silently, trying to keep herself in control, ‘This is not the time to fall apart,’ she told herself.
"Come here," Liz said to her friend opening her arms. Maria walked into her friends arms and hugged her tightly, Liz hugged her back, "We’ll be ok, everything’s gonna be ok," she whispered to her friend.
Maria nodded into her friends shoulder not able to stop the tears of fear that fell to her face, nothing was ever going to be the same.

Part 17
Liz walked out of the back room with a mop to clean up the blood on the floor. Isabelle and Alex were now silently siting at a table. Liz concentrated on getting all the blood cleaned up to stop herself from worrying about what they were going to tell the guys. She could feel Max’s eyes in her back as she finished cleaning up the floor. ‘He’s never going to look at me again after we tell them the truth’ she thought sadly.
Max watched as Liz cleaned up the blood, no listening to Michael who was babbling on about how he knew something was weird about the three girls. "Don’t you agree Maxwell?" he heard Michael ask. Max just nodded and made a grunt of agreement not taking his eyes off of Liz’s back.
Maria came into the café with a shirt for Alex and handed it to him, "Here you go, you should change out of that one it has a bullet hole in it," she told him. Alex nodded and took the shirt, quickly changing shirts.
"What do you want to do with this one?" he asked.
"Liz, what should we do with the other shirt?" she asked her friend.
"Sheriff’s on his way in," Michael called. Liz made sure she had gotten all the blood then headed into the back room before the sheriff came in.
"Here give it to me I’ll take it into the back," she said grabbing the shirt from Maria and hurrying into the back room.
The sheriff walked into the little café, noticing that Liz Parker had just taken a shirt from her friend and hurried into the back.
"Hello Sheriff," Liz said as she walked back out.
"Afternoon Ms. Parker, everyone ok?"
"Yea," Liz answered quickly, maybe a little too quickly.
"I’m going to need to get statements from everyone," he said pulling out a notebook. "Did you see any of the guys faces?"
"No they all had masks on," Maria said speaking for the first time since the sheriff came in.
"Ok, all the customers say that a gun went off,"
"It was a blank" Isabelle said quickly.
"You sure, they say that they thought someone was shot, everyone mentioned that someone yelled for an ambulance.
"That was me," Max said, ‘Oh god, he’s going to tell him what happened,’ Liz thought, "I thought someone had been shot when the gun went off, but then we figured out it was only a blank." Liz let out a sigh of relief. Max turned and looked over at her smiling softly, Liz smiled back.
The sheriff asked a few more questions then left saying that was all for the moment, before he left he looked at where Liz had been moping quickly and walked out the door.
"Ok, do one of you want to explain to us now what the hell happened?" Michael asked.
The three girls looked at each other in silence, "Maybe you guys should sit down," Isabelle said to the three guys who had stood up while the sheriff was questioning everyone. The two sat down at the table where Alex was seated and looked at the girls expectantly.
"Ok, this is really hard to explain so just listen and then ask questions when were done…." Liz started pausing not knowing how to go on.
"We’re not like everyone else…" Isabelle said but stopped deciding that wasn’t what she wanted to say.
"We’re not from around here," Maria said.
"And when we tell you where we’re from you aren’t going to believe us," Liz said.
"Well are you going to tell us where your from or do you want us to guess?" Michael asked getting impatient. Max gave him a look, "Sorry," Michael muttered.
"There’s really no easy way to say this other than to just say it…we think we were in the ’47 crash," Liz said.
"So your saying you guys are aliens?" Michael asked disbelieving.
"I know it’s hard to believe but how else do you explain what we did to Alex?" Isabelle asked and all three guys remained silent.
"Please, don’t say anything to anyone. We’re not bad and we don’t want to take over the planet, we just want to have normal lives without having to worry about the FBI chasing us and that’s what will happen if you tell anyone," Maria said, fear creeping into her voice.
"That still doesn’t really explain how you healed me," Alex said.
"We have powers, we can connect with people, manipulate molecular structure,…"
"What’s that?" Michael asked.
Liz looked around and found a ketchup bottle and turned the ketchup yellow, "That’s how we healed you," she told Alex.
"Liz, are you all right?" her dad asked running into the café stopping the six from saying anything else.
"We should go," Max said getting up.
Liz watched as Max, Michael, and Alex walked out of the café, hoping that she was right about Max and that he wouldn’t tell anyone…and he would stop Alex or Michael if they wanted to tell someone. She was brought out of her thoughts as her dad said, "Hey, that kid has a shirt like me," referring to Alex.

Part 18

Liz sat outside on her balcony looking up at the stars. She had come out to write in her journal but she couldn’t get what she was feeling into words. She knew that Max, Michael, and Alex would have a lot of questions in the next few days. Their reaction that afternoon wasn’t bad because they hadn’t really digested it all. ‘What if they tell someone, what if they realize what it means and they tell the sheriff?’ she thought. Before she could continue her thoughts she heard someone calling her.
"Liz!" Liz walked over to the edge of her balcony to find Max standing by the ladder, "Can I come up?" he asked.
Liz nodded but then realized that he probably couldn’t see her, "Yea," she called back down. ‘What’s he doing here? What if he has someone with him, like the sheriff or the FBI? No, he wouldn’t tell anyone,’ she told herself.
Max climbed quickly up the ladder and over the wall, ready to recite the speech he had prepared on the way over. But once he took one look at Liz looking at him, smiling he forgot everything he was planning on saying, ‘Why am I here again?’ he thought and returned the smile.
"So…" Liz said wondering if Max was here for a reason, not that she would mind if he just wanted to show up on her balcony at night.
"So…" Max said still not remembering why he had come over.
"Max what are you doing here?" Liz asked softly, her curiosity getting the better of her.
"I just wanted you to know Liz that I’m not going to tell anyone," Max said, finally remembering why he had come over.
"I know," Liz said, leaning against the wall and looking at Max, "But what about Michael and Alex? It’s just that this is a really big deal and I need to know if….if they’re going to be like freaked out or something, or if they’re going to tell anyone. Because it’s just…I mean I would completely understand if they were freaked out because I know I would be too. It’s just that…" Liz said, stopping when she realized that she was babbling. She looked down suddenly finding her hands very interesting.
"Everything will be ok Liz, I won’t let anything happen to you," he said, walking over to her and pushing her hair behind her ear. He didn’t want to promise her that Michael or Alex wouldn’t say anything because he wasn’t sure if they would or not. All he knew was that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.
Liz looked up from her hands and smiled at him. "Max, I know that what we said today seems pretty far out, and I would understand if you were like freaked out or even if you didn’t believe us," she said softly.
"I’ve lived with Isabelle forever and I always knew that something was different. She even told me before that she was different and from how close she was to you and Maria I just sort of guessed that you two probably knew what it was that made her different. I mean I never guessed that it was…well you know what it is," he said not sure if ‘alien’ would be the right word to use because that word brought pictures of little green slimy men, ‘and Liz is definitely not that’ he thought.
"It’s all right you can say it, alien, I don’t mind," Liz said smiling.
"Yea, well I never guessed it was that, but after I thought about it for a while it wasn’t really that surprising," he said.
"So you’re not even a little freaked by the thought of aliens living among you?"
"No," Max said. Liz gave him a pointed look, "Ok, well maybe a little," he admitted.
Liz smiled, "It’s ok to be freaked, I would be too," she reassured him.
"I should go," Max said after a few minutes of comfortable silence.
"Yea, ok," Liz said softly. Both just continued to stand in the same spot looking into each others eyes.
"I’ll see you tomorrow I guess," Max said after a few moments.
"Tomorrow, right," Liz said softly after another few minutes of silence.
Max reached out and pushed some hair, that was already behind her ear, behind her ear again. He left his hand in her check and softly caressed it. He took at couple steps toward her, closing the distance between them.
Liz could feel Max’s breath on her face, ‘I should stop him, we can’t do this,’ she thought knowing he was going to kiss her, ‘but do I really want to?’. She tilted her head up and brushed his lips softly. She pulled back slightly and looked at him. Before she had any time to think his lips were on hers.
Max slid his tongue between Liz’s lips and caressed her tongue with his own. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck as she felt her knees go weak. Max felt Liz wrap her arms around him, clinging onto him for support. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him as they kissed passionately. Liz moaned softly as Max started to kiss down her neck.
Liz knew she should stop them, they couldn’t get involved, they didn’t know what was going to happen now that people knew. If the sheriff found out they would all be in danger and a relationship with Max would just create more problems. "Max," she said trying to get him to stop, she couldn’t think with him kissing her neck…she couldn’t think with him in five feet of her, it came out as more of a moan though. Before she could say anything more his lips were on hers again.
Max pulled back after a few more moments and the two just stared at each other trying to catch their breath.
"I should go," Max said again.
Liz nodded not able to form and words. She felt cold when Max unwrapped his arms from around her and went towards the ladder.
"Goodnight Liz," he said softly.
Liz turned and watched Max go down the ladder. She brought a hand to her still tingling lips. "Night Max," she whispered, but she knew he couldn’t hear her because he was all ready at the bottom of the ladder. Liz stayed there watching as Max got into his jeep and drove off. She sighed softly knowing that things would never be the same.

Part 19

Maria sat in her room smelling different oils but none of them would calm her down. "This is hopeless," she muttered, "Maybe I should just go see one of them," she said getting up and grabbing her keys, "I’m going out, I’ll be back soon!" she called to her parents as she walked down the stairs and she was out the door before her father could protest.

Michael lay on his bed looking at the ceiling, ‘Aliens are real. Those little green men that run around in space suits and ride in flying saucers are real, and they live in Roswell,’ he thought. Everything the girls had said earlier was finally sinking in. ‘Maybe I should call Alex, see how’s he handling everything,’ he thought knowing that at this moment Max was probably talking to Liz.
Before he could pick up the phone his mom yelled to him, "Michael! Some body’s here to see you."
Michael went down the stairs and found Maria DeLuca standing right inside the door. "Can I talk to you?" she asked quietly.
Michael nodded, he didn’t think he had ever heard Maria be so quiet, "Yea, come on," he said taking her up to his room.

"Look I know your probably freaked out about what we told you earlier today, which you know I would be too if I were you, but I just need to make sure that you guys aren’t going to tell anyone because my life, along with Liz and Isabelle’s lives sort of depend on you guys not saying anything. Look I know you hate me and you probably don’t care if the government takes me away, or whatever, but could you at least pretend like you care and not tell anyone? Think of it this way, it’s not for me it’s for Liz and Isabelle," she said finally looking at him when she had run out of breath.
Michael looked at her, ‘Does she really think I hate her?’ he thought, ‘Well I do so it doesn’t matter,’ he reminded himself, ‘no you don’t, you like her,’ a little voice said, ‘Shut up!’ he said to the little voice. "I’m not going to tell anyone," he assured her, he noticed that the fear was still in her eyes, "Alex is too in love with Isabelle to tell anyone, and Max would never risk Liz’s life, so you don’t have to worry about them saying anything either," he told her. "And I don’t hate you," he said, ‘Where did that come from?’ he thought.
"Yes, you do," Maria said.
"No I don’t," Michael said.
"Look I don’t care if you hate me, whatever, all I ask is that you don’t tell anyone," she said and turned to leave.
Michael sighed, the girl never listened, he grabbed her arm and turned her around, pulling her to him.
"Michael, what are you…" she started but Michael quieted her protest by putting his lips on hers. Michael slipped his tongue into Maria’s mouth and she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her. Michael wrapped his arms around her waist and she pulled back slightly, "I should go…" she said softly. Michael nodded and captured her lips with his again.
"Michael I….oh," his mom said when she walked in a few minutes later to find the two kissing passionately
They jumped apart quickly, "I have to go, I’ll see you tomorrow Michael," she said, "Thanks for not telling anyone," she said softly to him before she left but made sure she said it soft enough so that his mom wouldn’t hear.
"Bye, Michael, bye Mrs. Guerien," Maria said as she left.
"Later Maria," Michael called after her.
"I didn’t know you have a girlfriend," his mom said.
"I don’t," he said and his mom gave him a look, "Maria? No she’s not my girlfriend she’s just…I’m not really sure what she is," he admitted.
His mother nodded, "Ok, well I just wanted to let you know that it’s time for dinner," she said.
Michael nodded, letting her know he’d be there in a minute. Michael sighed, he had kissed Maria DeLuca, the same girl he had hated all his life, ‘Maybe she like did some weird alien mojo on me and made me kiss her,’ he thought, ‘Yea, that has to be it,’ he told himself, but he knew it was a lie.

Part 20

Isabelle sat in her room, reorganizing her make up. She had organized it when she got home from the café and found her brother gone, but now her whole room was organized so she was going through everything and reorganizing it. Her parents had checked on her twice all ready, since tonight was one of their only nights they’d been home since they moved in Isabelle was surprised they even remembered she lived with them.
"Izzy honey, someone’s here to see you," her mom called up.
Isabelle took a deep breath and left her room, ‘Please don’t let it be the FBI, please don’t let it be the FBI,’ she chanted silently as she walked into the foyer, "Alex," she said surprised to see him.
"Hey Isabelle….can we talk?"
"Oh, um, yea, sure," she said taking his hand and leading him upstairs away from her parents prying eyes.

"So…" Isabelle said as she closed her door.
"I’m not going to tell anyone Isabelle, but I was wondering about some things."
"Oh, ok, what do you want to know?" she asked sitting down on her bed and patting the spot next to her for him to sit down.
"Where are you from?" he asked sitting down next to her.
"I don’t know. We were in these like incubation things and we came out in 1989 looking like six year olds, we don’t have any memories of where we’re from or anything."
"So have you always known that Maria and Liz were like you…I mean did you know them before you came here or anything?"
"No, they were all ready out of their pods when I came out. I always thought that there were probably others like me, I just never knew who they were until I came her and met Liz and Maria."
"So can you guys like read minds or anything?" Alex asked nervously.
Isabelle laughed, "No, only each other’s, but that’s only when we’re close to each other," she explained smiling.
"Oh, ok," Alex said mentally letting out a sigh, "I just have one more question," he said after a few minutes of silence.
"Would it be bad thing if I kissed you right now?" he asked leaning toward her.
Isabelle’s breath caught her in throat, she shook her head not able to find her voice.
Alex leaned closer to her and kissed her softly, when she didn’t pull away he depended the kiss by pushing her lips apart with his tongue. Isabelle wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer as their tongues dueled. Alex wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her onto his lap.
After a few minutes Isabelle reluctantly pulled away, "You should probably go," she said softly resting her forehead on his.
"Yea, I probably should, my mom’s probably worried."
Isabelle nodded and moved off his lap, "We should all talk tomorrow," she said walking with him down the stairs.
"Ok, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow then?" he asked quietly.
Isabelle nodded, "Yea," she said softly. Alex leaned down and kissed her softly, Isabelle pulled away before the kiss depend, "Night Alex," she said.
"Night," he said and walked out to his car.
Isabelle sighed as she closed the door and headed back up to her room to think. She wanted to have a relationship with Alex, but she had always told herself she wouldn’t get attached that it would only end up making everything worse if she ever had to leave. ‘But what if we never go home. Maybe now that Alex knows it would be different then with someone who didn’t know. I mean it can’t hurt to try it out and see if it works…unless of course he doesn’t want to be with me because I’m an alien,’ she thought, ‘Isabelle he just kissed you, he wouldn’t do that unless he wanted to be with you,’ a little voice told her and she knew it was right. ‘So then it’s settled, tomorrow after the six of us talk I’ll talk to Alex and tell him that I want to be with him,’ she told herself as she went back to organizing her make up waiting for her brother to get home.

Part 21

Max knocked softly on his sister’s door.
"Mom, I told you I’m fine, really, I’m just tired," Isabelle called.
"It’s me," he said.
"Oh…um…hold on," she called and Max heard her throw something down and walk to the door. "Hey Max, where ya been?" she asked casually once she had opened her door.
"Can we talk?" he asked walking into her room. She closed the door and sat down on her bed.
"Actually can it wait, cause I’m really tired and we have school tomorrow, so…." Isabelle lied, she really didn’t want to have to talk to her brother about what had happened.
"We don’t have school tomorrow Iz," he said softly.
"Oh, yea, I forgot," she lied, she had known that it was a three day weekend, "So what do you want to talk about?" she asked trying to act as though she didn’t know.
Max looked at her, "I’m not mad that you didn’t tell me," he said and Isabelle visibly relaxed.
"I know," Isabelle lied again, suddenly finding her hands very interesting.
"If you don’t want to talk about this we don’t have to," Max said noticing she was uncomfortable, when Isabelle didn’t answer he started walking towards her door.
"No, Max wait," she said and he turned around to look at her, "It’s just, I never really thought we would ever talk about this. I mean I’ve always wanted to tell you, but I knew I never could so I never really thought about what it’d be like to talk about it with you…it’s just sort of weird."
Max looked at her as if she were crazy, "You think it’s weird for you? I just found out my sister and her two friends are aliens," he said laughing.
Isabelle laughed, "Ok you win the prize, it’s definitely weirder for you."
"So do you three do that sort of thing often? You know go around saving people’s lives?" he asked jokingly.
"Oh yea, all the time," she said smiling, "So have you talked to Liz?" Isabelle asked smiling.
Max blushed slightly, "Yea, I just got back from her house."
"So did she answer all the questions you had?" Isabelle asked, "Or was there not much talking going on?" she asked when she didn’t get an answer.
"So, I was wondering…" Max said starting to change the subject.
"Oh no you don’t!" Isabelle said smiling, Max turned a darker red, making Isabelle laugh more. After Isabelle had calmed down she looked at her brother, "What where you wondering?" she asked seriously.
"Oh, I wasn’t wondering about anything, I was just trying to change the subject," Max said smiling.
Isabelle smiled at her brother, "So there’s nothing you want to know or anything?"
"Not right now, I’m sure I’ll think of something though."
"So everything’s ok…I mean between us," Isabelle asked slightly worried.
"Yea, things are fine," Max reassured his sister, "So have you talked to Alex, he said he was going to come talk to you."
"When did he say that?" Isabelle asked, smiling at the thought of Alex.
"After we left the Crashdown the three of us went to talk about everything that had happened and he mentioned that he was going to go talk to you," Max said noticing the look in his sister’s eyes when he mentioned Alex.
"Oh, well yea, we talked," Isabelle said and she could feel herself blushing slightly.
"Well that’s good," Max said smiling, not needing to ask what had happened. "I’m gonna go to bed," he said getting up.
"Ok, have fun dreaming about Liz all night," Isabelle joked, Max turned around and pretended to glare at her making Isabelle laugh.
"Nite Iz," he said opening her door.
"Nite Max," Isabelle called as he closed her door. She quickly turned off the lights and climbed into bed. She sighed happily, everything was going to be ok. Tomorrow the six of them would talk and figure out what exactly this meant for all of them and then she would talk to Alex. She smiled into the darkness thinking about her and Alex’s talk….well actually just their kiss.

Part 22

"What are you kids doing today?" Diane asked Isabelle and Max the next morning at breakfast.
"We we’re going to have some friends come over," Isabelle said, figuring it wasn’t a complete lie, everyone was coming over so they could talk, Max and her had called everyone before breakfast.
"That’s good that you guys are making friends so fast," Philip said, Isabelle rolled her eyes, her parents were always worried that Max and her wouldn’t make any friends when they moved to a new place.
"That’s probably one of them now," Isabelle said when she heard a knock and went to answer the door. "Hey Liz," she said once she had opened the door to find Liz standing there.
"Hey, what’s up?" she asked as she walked in.
"Nothing much, I think my parents want to meet you, come on," she said leading Liz into the kitchen, "Mom, dad, this is Liz, Liz this is my mom and dad and you know Max," she said smiling at the look on Max’s face when Liz walked in.
"Hi Mrs. And Mr. Evans," Liz said politely, "Hey Max," she said looking at him and smiling.
"Hey Liz," Max said smiling.
"Come on Liz," Isabelle said trying to stop herself from laughing at Liz and her brother. The two girls walked into the living room, "So did you and Max have fun last night?" Isabelle joked.
Liz just rolled her eyes at her friend and smiled, "So have you talked to Alex?" she asked.
"Yea he stopped by last night," Isabelle said smiling.
"Oh," Liz said waiting for Isabelle to say something else, "And?" she asked trying to find out what happened, Isabelle just smiled wider, "Ok, I saw that look! I want details!"
Isabelle laughed, then she heard a knock on the door, "I have to get the door," she said smiling, knowing that it was killing Liz to have to wait. "Hey Maria," Isabelle said letting Maria in.
"Hey, so what’s up?" Maria asked as they started walking up the stairs.
"Isabelle was just getting ready to tell me the details of Alex’s visit last night," Liz said looking pointedly at Isabelle.
Maria laughed, "Oh, I want to hear this," she said.
Isabelle was just about to start but noticed Liz’s face when she saw Max walking into his room, "Go on, we’ll talk later," she said knowing that Liz needed to talk to Max.
Liz nodded, "Thanks," she said and went towards Max’s room. Liz knocked softly on Max’s door and waited for him to answer.
Max heard the soft knock and went to open the door, wondering who is was, Isabelle usually just walked right in, "Liz," he said surprised.
"Hey, can we talk?" she asked nervously.
"Yea sure," he said, moving so she could come in.
"Do you want to sit?" he asked signaling to his bed.
Liz sat and then stood up again when Max sat down next to her, she couldn’t think with him so close to her. "Look Max, about last night," she said pacing back and forth and wringing her hands nervously, "I don’t think it’s a good idea, I mean for us to be involved. It’s just, it’s too dangerous, I mean I don’t think the sheriff believed us so he’s going to be watching us more carefully now, and just the idea of us being involved is dangerous," Liz said as she continued to pace.
"Why do you think it’s dangerous?" Max asked as he stood up, he grabbed Liz gently by the shoulders to stop her pacing.
"Because, I . . ." Liz started to say and moved away from Max again, trying to think straight, Max moved to follow her but she turned around putting her hand on his chest, "No, you stay here," she said and moved away from him, "I can’t think when your that close to me," she said softly.
"Don’t think," Max said moving closer to her again.
"Max I can’t do this," Liz said weakly, "We can’t be together."
"Why not?"
"Because," Liz said even though she knew that wasn’t a good reason, "Maria and I decided a long time ago that we wouldn’t get attached, that we wouldn’t get involved with anyone because it was too dangerous. We still don’t know much about ourselves, and now the sheriff probably suspects something so it’s going to be even more dangerous then before. What would happen if we had to go back to where ever it is we’re from. It’s just. . .it’s not a good idea Max," Liz said, getting quieter as she continued to list the reasons why her and Max couldn’t be together.
"Liz, even if we’re not together I’m still going to be a part of what’s going on, my sisters involved in this too, and I want to help out any way I can. And as for going back to where you came from, what if you don’t ever go back? And if you do, we’ll deal with that when it happens," Max said softly, he could see the fight leaving Liz’s eyes.
"Max, I can’t get attached," she said, but the argument sounded weak to her as she said it.
"Is that what you want? Not to get attached?" he asked softly, lifting her chin so her eyes met his.
Liz shook her head weakly as she looked into Max’s eyes, "No," she said softly.
Max leaned closer to Liz capturing her lips with his. Before the kiss could go any farther Isabelle burst into the room.
"Oh, sorry guys," she said once she walked in to find the two kissing, "Liz I really need to talk to you before Alex gets here," Isabelle said giving the two and apologetic look.
"Can’t you ask Maria what ever it is?" Max asked slightly annoyed.
"I did, and she said the three of us should talk about it," Isabelle said, "Sorry, you guys can finish ‘talking’ later," Isabelle said smiling.
"Ok, I’m coming," Liz said.
"Thanks," Isabelle said and went back to her room.
Liz went to go to Isabelle’s room, Max grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him. Liz laughed as Max buried his face in her neck, tickling her neck with his eyelashes.
"I’ll be back in a little bit," she said smiling.
"Ok," Max said pouting.
Liz laughed, "Oh poor baby," she said holding Max face, she gave him a quick kiss and then headed for Isabelle’s room.

"So, what’s the big emergency?" Liz asked as she walked in.
"Which do you think looks better, this one, or this one?" Isabelle asked holding two different shirts up to herself.
Liz laughed, "That was the big emergency?"
"Yea," Isabelle said sheepishly, "So which one?"
"The red one," Liz said smiling.
"That’s what I told her but we thought that we should ask you before we made any big decisions," Maria said.
"So why is this such a big decision?" Liz asked.
"She’s telling Alex that she wants a relationship with him," Maria said smiling.
"Really? And I was just in there telling your brother I didn’t think we should be in a relationship," Liz said smiling.
"I take it he changed your mind," Isabelle said smiling. Liz just nodded smiling.
"So what happened with Alex last night?" Liz asked.
"Nothing," Isabelle said, quickly changing into the red shirt.
"Nothing? Yea, right!" Liz said, "Come on I want details!"
"Well, we kissed," Isabelle said smiling and fixing her hair, "So what did you do last night Maria?" she asked trying to change the subject.
"Oh, um . . . nothing," Maria lied.
"Nothing?" Liz asked smiling, she could tell Maria was lying.
"Well I went to see Michael, because I was worried that he was going to tell someone."
"And?" Isabelle asked smiling.
"He’s not."
"Not is he going to tell anyone, what else happened!" Isabelle exclaimed.
"Liar," Liz accused her.
"Come on, tell us!" Isabelle said.
"Ok, ok . . . we kissed, actually he kissed me," Maria said.
"You and Michael Gurien kissed?!" Liz exclaimed.
"I know, it’s weird, my whole life I hated the guy and then he kisses me."
"And?" Isabelle asked.
"And what?" Maria asked confused.
"And did you enjoy the kiss?" Isabelle asked raising her eyebrows.
"I plead the fifth," Maria said smiling.
Isabelle rolled her eyes at her friend, "How do I look?" she asked when she heard the doorbell.
"Great," Liz and Maria said.
"Isabelle, Max, Alex is here!" Diane called up.
"Good luck!" Liz and Maria said as she left. She smiled and then went to talk to Alex.

Part 23

"Hi Alex," Isabelle said closing the door behind him
"Isabelle, hey," Alex said slightly nervous, last night he had started wondering if maybe she didn’t even want to be with him and he just made a fool out of himself kissing her.
"Can we talk?" Isabelle asked softy. Alex nodded and Isabelle took his hand in hers leading him into the living room. Liz and Maria were in her room, well actually it was probably just Maria, Liz was probably in Max’s room, and her parents were talking in the kitchen but she figured they wouldn’t eavesdrop on her. "Ok, um…" she started not really sure what she wanted to say.
Before she could say anymore Alex spoke up, "Look Isabelle, I’m sorry about last night," he said referring to the kiss.
"You are?" she asked softly, slightly nervous that maybe he didn’t want to be with her.
"Well no not really," he said truthfully.
Isabelle smiled, "Good."
"Good?" Alex asked confused.
"Yea, good, because I’m not sorry either," Isabelle said leaning closer to Alex and kissing him softly.

"Hey," Liz said as she walked back into Max’s room.
"Hey, so what was the big emergency?" he asked smiling.
"Izzy didn’t know which shirt to wear," Liz said smiling.
"That’s it?" Max asked eyes wide.
"Hey, appearance is a very important thing," Liz said in her ‘ice princess’ voice she used in school.
"Oh, of course, how could I forget?" Max asked jokingly as he pulled Liz closer to him.
"Well, I’ll let you get by this time, just don’t let it happen again," Liz joked, Max smiled and kissed her softly. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck deepening this kiss.

Maria sat in Isabelle’s room looking at herself in Isabelle’s vanity mirror. Liz was talking to Max and Izzy was talking to Alex so that left her to sit there and wait for Michael to show up. She picked up a brush and brushed her hair again trying to make it look right. "Why do I care?" she asked herself, "It’s just Michael."
‘It’s not ‘just Michael’ it’s the Michael that kissed you yesterday,’ a little voice in her head told her.
"Shut up," she muttered trying to block out the little voice.
‘Just admit it, you like him and you want him to kiss you again when he gets here,’ the voice said again.
"I do not!" Maria argued, realizing that if someone walked in she would look incredibly stupid talking to herself.

Michael walked into the living room to find Isabelle and Alex making out, he rolled his eyes and cleared his throat, alerting them of his presence.
"Michael," Isabelle said in surprise, "Um, Alex and I were just talking so why don’t you go and wait in my room, that’s probably where we’re going to talk anyway, it’s just down the hall from Max’s room," Isabelle said hoping that Michael being in there with Maria would force the two to talk and hopefully get together, ‘They’d be so cute together,’ she thought to herself.
"Kay," Michael said and headed upstairs.
When he reached Isabelle’s room he thought he heard someone talking, it sounded like Maria, he quietly opened the door and went inside, closing the door quietly behind him.
"I do not!" Maria said to herself.
Michael smirked, "You always talk to yourself?" he asked amused.
Maria spun around, "Michael!" she said in surprise, "I didn’t hear you come in."
Michael nodded, "So what do you not?" he asked smirking.
"Huh?" Maria asked confused, "Oh! I don’t um…I don’t like peas," she said saying the first thing that came to her head.
"You have to remind yourself of that?"
"Yea, because um, some times I forget," Maria said blushing. Michael nodded still smirking. "So what are you doing in here?"
"Isabelle said I should come up here to wait for the others, her and Alex are making out so I guess they wanted a little more lip lock time before we talk about whatever it is we have to talk about."
"Oh," Maria said nodding, "So…"
"So," Michael said not really knowing what to say.

Isabelle came in a few minutes later, interrupting the uncomfortable silence the two had been sitting in, she had Alex, Max, and Liz with her, "Are we ready to start?" she asked noticing Michael and Maria were looking everywhere but each other. The two nodded and the other four entered the room and found a seat.
"Ok, so…" Isabelle started looking around at the other five people who were sitting in her room and wondering if the two groups of three would become one group of six.

Part 24

"I just wanted you three to know that you really can’t talk to anyone about what happened yesterday, and I know that you know this, it’s just this is really serious. Also, I don’t want you guys to feel like you have to hang out with us now that you know, things can go back to the way they were before, just because you know it doesn’t mean we have to become really close or whatever," Isabelle explained looked at the three guys in her room.
"I’ve already made up my mind, I don’t want things to go back to the way they were before," Alex said looking at Isabelle.
"I agree with Alex, I don’t want things to go back to the way they used to be either," Max said smiling at Liz.
Both guys turned to look at Michael expectantly, Michael shrugged "Hell, I’m always up for a change," he said.
Isabelle nodded, "Ok well now that that’s taken care of lets get down to business, I don’t think we have to worry about any of the people who were in the café yesterday or the FBI or any other big government agency. . .at least not yet, what I’m worried about is the sheriff."
"Me too, he seemed pretty suspicious yesterday," Maria said in agreement.
"So then one of the people in the café must have told him something, right? I mean why else would he be suspicious?" Alex asked.
"Alex is right. What we need to worry about is how much the sheriff knows, who he’s heard it from, and who he’s told," Liz said.
"Ok, then here’s the big question how do we figure out what he knows?" Max asked looking at everyone in the room to see if anyone had any ideas.

"Sheriff, some tourist are here to see you, they said you asked them to come by today," Deputy Hanson said, sticking his head in the sheriff’s office.
"Send them in deputy," Sheriff Valenti ordered.
Deputy Hanson nodded and went to go get the tourist.

Larry and Jennifer quickly entered Sheriff Valenti’s office and sat down.
The sheriff looked at the two, "You said you have something to show me?" he asked.
Larry nodded and handed him a video tape, "This is what really happened yesterday sheriff," he said as the sheriff stuck the tape in a VCR and played it, "I started taping a little while after the guys came in hoping maybe they’d put it on the news," Larry explained.

The picture was shaky and slightly static but the sheriff could still make out most of it and he could hear the conversation going on.
"God can’t you go any faster?" the guy without the gun said walking over to Isabelle and shoving her to the floor, "I’ll do it myself," he said.
Isabelle fell back and hit the wall at the unexpected shove.
"Isabelle!" Max yelled.
"Damn it! You idiot! What do you think you’re doing?" the guy with the gun said.
"I don’t trust blondes," he said. Isabelle moved to get back up, "Don’t even think about it!" the guy yelled turning around and pulling out his gun.
"What are you doing?" the guy who first pulled out his gun yelled.
"I told you, I don’t trust blondes" he said aiming his gun at Isabelle and pulling the trigger.
"ISABELLE!" Liz and Maria screamed.
At the same time Alex pushed Isabelle out of the way right before the bullet hit her.
"Shit! What the hell do you think you’re doing!" one of the guys yelled.
"The damn kid jumped in the way!" the other said defensively.
"Whatever, we have to leave right now!" another yelled. The three ran out quickly before anyone could stop them.
"Somebody call an ambulance!" Max yelled.
"No" Liz said walking over to Alex and Isabelle.
"What do you mean ‘no’? He was shot, he’s going to die if we don’t get him some help!" Michael yelled.
"She said no, she means no!" Maria cried, "It doesn’t matter, the ambulance wouldn’t make it in time anyway."
"It’s worth a try, I’m not going to let my friend sit there and just die without trying to save him!" Michael yelled back.
The picture went static for a moment but then came back and they could see Maria talking to Michael but they could only hear parts of the conversation.
"Michael just trust me, Alex . . . fine, calling an ambulance . . . worse, the police . . . on . . . way . . . bad . . . help . . . get everyone out . . ." is all that they could make out from the conversation then the screen went static again but came back showing Alex lying on the floor with his own blood pooling around him then the picture went black.

Sheriff Valenti stared at the screen trying to understand what he had just seen, Alex Whitman should have died yesterday, but he didn’t, he didn’t even have a scratch on him.

Part 25

Alex cautiously walked into Sheriff Valenti’s office. The Sheriff had called him a little while after he had gotten back from Isabelle’s house asking him to come in so they could ‘talk’.
"Mr. Whitman, have as seat," the Sheriff’s icy tone made a chill run up Alex’s spin.
Alex silently obeyed the Sheriff’s command and took the seat farthest from the Sheriff. "What’s this about Sheriff?" he asked trying his best to keep the nervousness out of his voice.
"I’ll show you," was the Sheriff’s only reply as he pressed the ‘play’ button on his VCR.

Isabelle, Maria, and Liz sat on Isabelle’s couch talking about everything that had been happening, but mostly just about boys.
"Maria, you should just talk to him, he obviously . . ." Liz was in the middle of saying when Alex burst into the house.
"Alex? What’s wrong?" Isabelle asked a slight hint of worry in her voice at the sight of Alex’s worried face.
"Get everyone here now, something’s happened, we have to talk," Alex said quickly.

Max had just gotten off the phone with Pam, telling her it was over when, Isabelle burst into his room.
"Downstairs. Now." Was all she said before she went back downstairs. Max stared at the spot his sister had been in a minute ago, wondering what was wrong, he shrugged and headed downstairs.

"Michael’s on his way," Maria said as she hung up the phone.
"What’s going on?" Max asked as he walked over and took a seat by Liz.
"I’ll explain once Michael gets here," Alex said.
No sooner were the words out of Alex’s mouth than Michael walked into the house, "What’s up?" he asked as he eyed the empty seat next to Maria, mentally debating if he should sit by her or just keep standing, he gave up the fight and walked over, sitting down next to her.
"After I got home the Sheriff called saying the two of us needed to. . .well ‘talk’ is how he put it."
"So what happened?" Liz asked trying to remain calm but finding it difficult.
"He knows," Alex put it simply.
"Oh my God, you told him?" Maria asked getting upset.
"No," Alex said angry that Maria didn’t trust him to keep her secret, "He told me, well showed me actually."
"What do you mean ‘showed you’?" Liz asked carefully.
"Someone gave him a video of what happened yesterday. It didn’t show everything, but it did show me lying on the ground bleeding," Alex explained.
"Did he say who gave him the tape?" Isabelle asked nervously.
Alex shook his head, "No, I didn’t ask."
"What did you tell him after he showed you the tape?" Maria asked, felling bad about jumping to conclusions.
"Well he asked me if I had anything to say about it and I just told him that it’s amazing what people can do with technology today then he asked if something happened yesterday and I told him that we told him everything there is to know."
"This is a nightmare," Isabelle whispered.
"We have to do something, that excuse won’t keep him away for long," Alex said taking a seat next to Isabelle and wrapping an arm around her shoulders.
The six sat in silence trying to make a decision thats outcome would change their lives forever.
Finally Maria broke the silence saying simply, "We have to leave Roswell."

Part 26

"Maria we can’t just leave," Liz argued.
"Yes, we can. Liz, we’ve always known that we might have to leave, might have to pick up and go, we just never knew when, that was the whole point of the ‘no attachments’ rule, remember? We don’t have another choice, it’s time to leave."
"Why don’t we just destroy the tape?" Alex asked.
"It might not do any good, I mean there’s no telling, who he’s shown it to by now," Isabelle said.
"Why don’t we just destroy the tape and hope he hasn’t showed it to anyone else," Michael suggested.
"We can’t take that chance, even if he hasn’t showed it to anyone yet he could have made copies, or the person who gave it to him could have copies," Maria said.
"But even if he has showed it to someone, or made copies wouldn’t it be a good idea to destroy it anyway, just in case?" Max asked.
"Max’s is right, we should still destroy the tape," Liz said.
"And then what, just hope for the best?!" Maria exclaimed.
"Maria, I didn’t say that!"
Before Liz or Maria could say anything else Isabelle stood up, "Hold it," she said, Maria opened her mouth to say something, "Shut-up" Isabelle said forcefully, Maria quickly closed her mouth, "Ok, now, I agree we have to destroy the tape but how are we going to do that and how are we going to figure out if he’s shown it to anyone?"
"We could switch tapes," Alex said suddenly.
"What tape would we switch it with?" Isabelle asked.
"It doesn’t matter, we could make a tape and switch tapes."
"But what if he’s shown it to someone already? What good would it do?" Maria asked.
"Well, the earliest he could have gotten it was yesterday, but I’m guessing he didn’t get it till today because he didn’t call me till this afternoon. If my guess is right then I doubt an FBI agent could get down here that quickly so they’re probably not coming till tomorrow. But if he has shown it to someone and we switch tapes, they’ll come and question you guys, you’ll ask to see their proof, they’ll show you the tape but it will be the one we switched the real one with," Alex said.
"That just might work," Maria said.
The others nodded in agreement and the six started making plans on how they would switch the tapes and when, hoping it would work.

Part 27

Michael and Maria sat in Maria’s car, quietly, watching the Sheriff’s office. The group had decided that they would do that, making sure no one suspicious looking went in while the rest of them made the tape they would switch the other one with.
"So you had a no attachments rule?" Michael asked suddenly, breaking the uncomfortable silence between them.
Maria looked over at him, slightly surprised at his sudden question, they had been sitting in silence for so long she had almost forgotten he was there. . .almost. "Yea," was her only response to his question.
"So is that why you were always such a bitch?" he asked nonchalantly
Maria turned and glared at him, then she turned back to looking out the window. After a few minutes of silence she said, "It’s easier not to get attached if you’re a bitch. The girls that Liz and I hang out with, the popular girls, don’t look more than skin deep, they don’t care who you really are or what you really think as long as you pretend to be an ice queen. So yes, as you so nicely put it, that’s why I was always such a bitch."
Michael looked over at her in shock, he hadn’t really realized what it would be like to have such a big secret that you had to hide from everyone.
The two sat in silence again until Maria said loudly, "God this is hopeless!! How are we supposed to know who’s ‘suspicious’ and who’s not?!" she but her head in her hands and sighed loudly, "This is a nightmare, it’s like everything I’ve ever feared is coming true," she said softly.
Michael looked uncomfortable for second, not used to female’s and their ‘emotions’, he then put an arm around Maria’s shoulders and pulled her closer to him so she was leaning against him, "It’ll be ok," he said not really sure of what else to say.
Maria looked up at him, her eyes glistening with unshed tears, "Do you really believe that?" she asked softly.
Michael looked down at her, a little uncomfortable at first, but then relaxed, "Yea, I do," he said, he leaned his head towards hers, ‘What are you doing?’ a voice yelled at him but he ignored and captured Maria’s lips with his own.
Maria wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck, deepening the kiss. She moaned softly as he slid his tongue into her mouth, caressing her tongue.
Michael wrapped his arms around Maria’s waist pulling her onto his lap, as they continued to kiss.
After a few minutes Maria pulled back, "We should probably be watching for ‘suspicious’ people," she said, slightly out of breath.
Michael just nodded as she climbed of his lap and back into her own seat.
The two sat their in silence looking out the windshield, watching for anyone that could possibly be an FBI agent.
Michael reached over and took Maria’s hand in his, then continued looking out the windshield.
Maria looked over in Michael in surprise, then smiled and turned back to watching for FBI agents.

Part 28

Liz, Max, Isabelle, and Alex sat in the Evans’ living room, discussing what they should put on the tape.
"Why don’t we just tape around Roswell, the people that gave Valenti the tape were probably tourist," Alex suggested.
"We could do that, but we should have something mentioning an alien on the tape some where," Isabelle said.
The four sat in silence for a few minutes trying to decide what to do, "I have an idea," Max said breaking the silence. The other three turned their attention to him and he began to explain what they should do.

A half hour later Max stood on the street across from the UFO Museum filming the stuff on the street. All of a sudden Alex came running down the street dressed in a green alien costume.
"Oh my God!! It’s an alien!! Are you filming this?!" Liz asked, disguising her voice so Valenti wouldn’t recognize it.
After Alex had run down the street Max turned off the camera and turned to Liz, "I got it," he said then noticed the people on the street who were looking at them like they’d lost their mind, "Um, it’s a school project," he said to the people who were close enough to hear him.
Liz laughed as she buried her head in Max’s chest, embarrassed.
Max wrapped his arms around Liz’s tiny waist, chuckling slightly at the people who were still staring at them like they’d lost it. He buried his face in her hair, inhaling her vanilla scent.
"Ok you two, that’s enough PDA," Isabelle called as she walked up to them with Alex in tow. She had been waiting for him down the street, where he had removed the costume and returned it to the store they had bought it from.
Liz lifted her head up and stuck her tongue out at Isabelle, who returned the gesture.
"Do we need to separate you two?" Alex asked jokingly.
"We should get to the Sheriff’s office so we can switch the tapes before he Valenti show’s the one he has to anyone else," Isabelle said.
"Unless of course ha already has shown it to someone," Liz said softly, the fear creeping into his voice.
Max squeezed Liz’s waist reassuringly and kissed the top of her head softly. He unwrapped his arms from around her and took her hand in his, "Let’s go," he said and the four of them headed towards the Sheriff station.

Part 29

"We got the tape," Isabelle said as Maria and Michael got out of the car.
"I’ll make the switch," Maria said.
"I’m going with you," Michael said as he walked up behind her and took her hand in his.
This gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Liz and Isabelle who exchanged, surprised, yet happy, looks.
"Are you guys sure?" Liz asked and received nods in response.
Isabelle handed Maria the tape, "Be careful," she told them both.
"We will," Maria told them.
"We’ll wait outside the sheriff’s window in the jeep," Liz told Maria, giving her a quick hug.
Maria and Michael walked toward the back of the sheriff station hand in hand.

Maria looked around making sure no one was around then checking inside the Sheriff’s office making sure he was gone. After she had made sure there was no one else around she quickly unlocked and opened the window. Michael helped her get into the office then followed her in, closing the window behind him. The two looked around trying to find the tape.
"Here it is," Michael whispered picking up a tape.
Maria walked over to him and put the other tape in the old ones place, "Are we sure that’s it?"
"As sure as we can be, it’s the only other tape in here."
"All right, let’s get out of here," Maria said heading toward the window, she suddenly stopped causing Michael to run into her.
"What are you doing?" Michael whispered.
"Sh! I think someone’s coming," Maria told him.
The two stood in silence for a second, and sure enough you could hear footsteps coming down the hall, along with voices that continued to get closer. Michael grabbed Maria around the waist and pulled her under the Sheriff’s desk.
"Michael, what if he sees us?" she asked quietly but before Michael could answer the door opened.

Isabelle, Alex, Liz, and Max sat in the jeep waiting for Michael and Maria to come out.
"This is taking to long, they should be here by now," Isabelle said, she needed something to keep her mind of it, she looked around for something to do, her eyes rested on some rocks on the floor of the jeep. She picked up the rocks and put them on the dashboard of the jeep. She started organizing the rocks by size, largest to smallest.
"I’m sure there fine, if something would have happened we would have known, there’s nothing to be nervous about," Alex assured her.
"I’m not nervous," Isabelle said. ‘Maybe I should arrange them by color, or shape, or maybe texture.’ Deciding to arrange the rocks by texture she picked up the roughest and put in front of all the others.
"Yea, I always line up rocks just for fun," Alex said.
Isabelle ignored him, she was trying to decide which rock was rougher, the one in her left hand looked smoother but it actually felt rougher. She put the one in her left hand down first and the one in her right one after that.

*Yea, it’s me, what’s going on in there?*
*We switched the tape but we couldn’t get out in time the Sheriff just walked in, we’re under his desk*
*You’re what?!* Isabelle chimed in having heard the conversation between the two.
*Calm down Izzy, we’ll be ok*
*This ones rougher than this one* Isabelle thought to herself, not realizing Liz and Maria heard her thoughts.
*What?* Maria asked confused.
*Oh, nothing, are you sure you guys will be ok?* Isabelle asked silently as she switched the two rocks around.
*Positive, we should be out in a little bit*
*Be careful Ria* Liz told her friend, using her childhood name for her.
*I will, you guys be careful too.*
*We will be* Isabelle told her.

"They’re stuck in there, the sheriff came in right after they switched the tapes, they’re hiding under his desk," Liz told the guys after Isabelle and her had finished talking to Maria.
The four sat in silence hoping their friends weren’t stuck in there too long.

The Sheriff picked up the video off his desk and slide it into the VCR, pressing play.
Agent Stevens watched the video that had been switched with the real one, "Is this some kind of a joke Sheriff?" he asked after seeing a green alien run down the street.
The Sheriff looked shocked, "That’s not what was on the tape earlier, someone switched the tapes, I’m telling you agent, I had proof their were aliens here."
"I think I’ve wasted enough of my time here Sheriff, I don’t appreciate you bringing me down here to show me some homemade video with a guy in an alien suit telling me it’s proof of alien contact," Agent Stevens said standing up to go.
"Agent I’m telling you. . ." the Sheriff started but was interrupted by Stevens.
"Do you know what everyone in the bureau calls your father Sheriff? Sergeant Martian, you don’t want to end up like him, if I were you I’d drop this whole alien theory right now, clean your files of anything alien related, and just forget about it. No spaceship landed here in 1947 and no aliens are currently residing in Roswell New Mexico, or anywhere on this planet, if there were don’t you think the bureau would know about it?" Agent Stevens asked then left.
"Agent Stevens wait," the Sheriff said following Stevens out of his office.

Maria sat listening to the conversation between the two, "Thank God," she whispered in relief after the two left.
"Let’s get out of here," Michael said.
Maria crawled out from underneath the desk and Michael followed. She opened the window and climbed out, after Michael was out, she re-locked the window and the two ran hand in hand toward the jeep.

"Is everything ok?" Isabelle asked once the two reached the jeep.
"Yea, he showed an FBI agent and he seemed pretty upset about being called down for something like that, I’d say we have nothing to worry about," Maria said as she threw Liz the tape.
"What should we do with it?" Liz asked, catching the tape.
"I have an idea, I’ll go get my car, you guys follow me," Maria said, then grabbed Michael’s hand and they ran toward the front parking lot where her car was.

Part 30

An hour later the six friends sat out in the middle of the desert, around a camp fire, looking up at the stars.
"I have to admit, I really wasn’t sure we’d be able to make that plan work," Maria said, breaking the long comfortable silence that had surrounded the group.
"I was kind of skeptic too, especially after you guys got stuck in their," Isabelle said truthfully.
"But we made it," Liz said looking around at her five friends.
"Yep, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Valenti ends up being committed," Michael joked.
The six laughed, then fell into another comfortable silence.
"So we have this tape, what are going to do with it?" Alex asked after a while.
Isabelle looked at Maria and Liz, the three smiled, then said together, "Burn it."
Isabelle took the tape out of Alex’s hands and threw it in the fire. The six watched as the tape melted in the fire.
"I’d say I’m glad that’s over, but I don’t want to speak too soon," Maria said after a while.
"Well, maybe we can say, at least we don’t have to deal with the Sheriff for awhile," Max offered.
"Sounds good, I think we should just pray that he gets shipped off to a mental institution," Isabelle said.
"Yea, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, it would make our lives to easy," Liz said, only half joking.
"I have to admit, I was probably the one who felt the strongest about not telling you guys, but I don’t think we could have pulled this off with out you," Maria told the guys then paused, "I’m glad we told you."
Max and Alex smiled at her and Michael put his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head affectionately.
Liz leaned into Max’s embrace and looked up at him lovingly. He was sitting on a log and she was sitting in front of him leaning against his chest.
Max looked down at the angel in his arms, leaned down and kissed her softly.
Isabelle looked over at Alex and found him staring at her, she smiled softly and leaned over, giving him a light kiss.
Alex wrapped his arm around Isabelle, pulling her close and she laid her head on his shoulder.
Maria scouted closer to Michael and looked at the other two happy couples and smiled, she finally felt like living on earth wasn’t so bad, like she could be happy just knowing she had people on earth that cared about her.
The six looked at each other smiling, not wanting to break the comfortable silence that surrounded them. They looked into the fire where the melted remains of the tape that had threatened their lives lay. They were out of danger. . .for now, but all of them took comfort in knowing that when danger arose the next time they’d have each other to turn to, and together they’d overcome it.