Title: Ochre Amber Visions Of White
Category: M/L
Author: Nehal


“I love you”


They all lied to her. Nasedo, Rath, even Vilondra, and she was supposed to be her best friend. They all thought she was weak, stupid a mere plaything for the King until he got a real woman. Well, she’d show them-

“I love you too”

So what if she had to lie to get what she wanted? It didn’t matter not when they treated her just as badly. It wasn’t fair how it was always little Ava who made the sacrifices.

‘Let your brother have the last pie’

‘No Ava, we don’t have enough money for you *both* to go. Let Rath go, you can visit Vilondra next time’

‘Next time’ as her mother so sweetly put it never happened. It was always Rath everything was always about her elder brother and she was sick of it. So finally she was going to do something he had never been able to accomplish in the five years he’d been in court. She was going to be powerful.

“Come lets celebrate”

*Bastard, I’ll kill you first, slowly and painfully then we’ll see who the real ruler of Antar is*

Smiling angelically pretty Ava, cute Ava, adorable Ava- the names went on but she was never beautiful, no that accolade went to Vilondra, yet another person she wanted to kill painfully- let the King take her arm and lead her to the bedchamber where no doubt he would, the man that he was, rip away her virginity but she didn’t care. Nothing mattered except power and after tonight it would all be hers.

Chapter One

“Do you think she likes me Tess? Be honest, please?”

Liz Parker was beautiful with long silky brown hair dark mahogany eyes and a figure to die for which was why she was one of the most popular girls in school. Of course being popular meant she had to date one of the more socially upstanding jocks, and even though she was single, for the moment, there was no way she’d look twice at her mousy and somewhat nerdy best friend. In fact, the polar axes would shift before the ‘dark haired goddess’ would give him one look, but Max looked so pathetic that she had no choice but to lie.

“Yes. I’m hungry do you have any Oreos”

Oreos and Tabasco sauce were her new favourite food.

“Top shelf. You really think so? She never even notices me in class, why is that?”

*Because you’re a nerdy moron who hyperventilates whenever the so called dark goddess enters the room, perhaps-*

“Don’t know. Maybe you should ask her”

The look on his face when she said that was priceless, and with a smug smile on her face Tess grabbed the entire packet of Oreos and Tabasco sauce bottle before bringing them to the table. Max was a wimp, how he ever got to be King of a world was beyond her. It was George W Bush all over again but with little green men-

“I *Can’t* do that”

“Why not?”

“I- er- I’m not ready for a relationship just yet”


Snorting loudly Tess stuffed a liberally coated Oreo into her mouth, expertly blanking out Max as he went on to describe the many reasons why he indeed wasn’t ready for a relationship- she had no interest in the inner workings of his Liz centred mind.

“I don’t know, you think so?”

“Liz, the boy is head over heals”

“I don’t know-“

*Kyle’s a jock, how serious can a jock be about relationships? Besides he’s got a different girl on his arm practically every day, do I really want to risk-*

“Liz- earth calling, Liz- come in Liz-“


The dark haired brunette turned to her best friend since kindergarten suddenly after almost boring a hole the size of Texas into the back of Kyle Valenti’s head. Since she was distracted, Liz didn’t notice the large grin plastered on Maria’s face.

“Ask him out”

“Don’t be stupid, there’s no way he likes me”

Ducking her head, Liz began spooning out her yoghurt but Maria was having none of it and with a loud cry that caused the entire school, practically to drop their food, she called Kyle over to the table.

“Hey Chia head, come here, Liz has something to ask you!” Wiggling her eyebrows suggestively in a way that made Liz want to kill her, Maria suddenly picked up her bag and ran off, leaving her alone staring stupefied as the object of her most intimate fantasies swaggered over with a sexy grin on his face.



*God that was so- oh my God he’s sitting next to me. What do I do? What do I do? Maria you are so dead-*

“So, what’s up?”

“I, er-“

*Think, think, think-*

“You want to go to the rave with me Friday night?”

Liz was just about to open her mouth when she realised what he said and snapped it shut again. Kyle Valenti- the Kyle who haunted her dreams every night since the previous Christmas was asking her out, she couldn’t believe it-


“Cool, pick you up at eight” He smiled- *smiled*- at her in that adorable way of his before swaggering back over to the Jock table, and for the longest moment Liz just stared at the seat next to her. He had actually sat beside her, the Kyle Valenti-

With a grin on her face, Liz suddenly stood up, and after finding Maria over at Alex’s table discussing the merits of NSYNC over Metallica in an incredibly loud voice, she ran over to share the happy news, all the time not noticing a rather unhappy set of brown eyes as they stared longingly behind her.

Chapter Two

Tess sighed. It was a long, drawn out incredibly annoyed sigh, and for the moment at least was directed firmly at a certain dark haired girl sitting smirking with her two even more annoying best friends- Pinky and the brain.

She hurt Max- Max Evans, Tess’ best friend since that fateful night in the desert almost ten years ago, was hurting and it was all due to Liz ‘Miss Perfection’ Parker. If Nasedo hadn’t forbidden them from using their powers she would have fried her as soon as she accepted Kyle’s offer to go to the Rave.

*Stupid little freaky Human-*

“Max, are you OK?” Isabel asked gently, and Tess turned to her friend suddenly to see him staring at his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Only she knew he wasn’t just admiring his Mom’s handiwork- knowing Max he was probably heartbroken. Not that he’d ever admit that of course.

Max never admitted anything that made him look weak.

*Stupid little freaky alien pride-“

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

*Because the love of your life is seeing another guy, maybe-*

“Are you sure?” Isabel was one of those freakishly mothering type people who never let a subject drop so Tess wasn’t surprised when he flung his sandwich at her in response, before running as fast as he could towards the bleachers where he would no doubt cry his heart out until he remembered he had biology with her next period. When it came to Liz, Max was as predictable as boys and short skirts-

“I could kill her, slowly and painfully, from the inside, you know?” Isabel asked suddenly, making Tess choke on her extra spicy doughnut.

“Since when did you start having psycho fantasies?”

“Since Liz broke Max’s heart”

“He’ll be OK”

“How can you be so sure?”

*He loves her- love always makes everything OK-woah* Tess clutched her head as an unfamiliar voice echoed inside her skull threatening to split her brain apart. This was not good this was not good at- “I asked you a question Tess!”


“He-he loves her?” She asked more than told, and suddenly, the tall, curvy cheerleader who despite being the only other hybrid female on Earth never truly trusted her, stood up and haughtily walked from the table toward the bleachers where no doubt she and Max would have a wonderfully Dawson Creek type moment. When it came to the crunch, nobody except Max even thought of thinking of her not even Nasedo.

*It doesn’t matter, I don’t need her, she’d just a spoilt little princess- I’m better off alone I don’t need Nasedo. I don’t need Max, and I certainly don’t need a brother- I’m fine alone-* Crunching her soda can in a fist, Tess chanced a glance toward Liz’s table where they were all laughing over something no doubt incredibly mundane and tried to ignore the clenching in her chest. She didn’t need anyone.

“So, what do you think?”


“You look beautiful” With a smile, Rath stopped his fiancée from covering up her scantily clad dress. They needed Kivar on side, and if that meant Vilondra having to look like a prostitute then that was fine- it wasn’t as if he loved her anyway. The longhaired beautifully endowed Princess Vilondra was just a pawn, and the sooner she fulfilled her purpose the better.



“Yes. Like a messenger from above”

The plan was simple. Tonight at the great feast, he would introduce Vilondra to the ‘Great’ Kivar, and then excuse himself while they entranced each other. Larek had told him the two were secretly very much in love, and only needed a proverbial push before his pretty little fiancée would betray brother and country for his mangy little dick. Then of course, once Kivar destroyed Zan, Larek would destroy Kivar and then finally both thrones would be in their family where they rightly belonged.

“Stop it, your flattery will get you nowhere!” Vilondra slapped his arm playfully and in response Rath grabbed her to him, enveloping her mouth with his one last time.

“How about that?”

“Universal pass to my heart”

*I know, bitch*

“Come lets go, they’re waiting”

“I love you”

*I don’t*

“Likewise my sweet” With a final kiss to her brow, Rath gently took her by the hand and they both made their way out of her chambers for the last time. If the plan worked, no doubt Kivar would be here tonight, and both princess and King would screw themselves into oblivion until Zan caught them and declared war. Female purity was very highly regarded amongst the Antar-

Chapter 3

“Hey, Antar, want a piece of this?”




Michael screwed his eyes shut as pain lanced up his arm from his now broken wrist but didn’t make a sound as Nicolas basically kicked the crap out of him. Kivar didn’t like noise, especially if he was the one who made it.

“Hey, what’s going on?” A soft feminine voice carried over Nicolas’ heavy breathing and the snapping of Michael’s bones, suddenly forcing the prone Antar to relax. It was Courtney- she always managed to get Nicolas to stop. Courtney was nice and in his drug hazed mind, he imagined a future where he and his bleached blonde saviour were married with lots and lots of babies- he loved children, they were so innocent, so pure-

“Bastard spat on my shoes”

Michael closed his eyes as the drugs they administered to keep him in control fogged up his mind and responses. Kivar said if he wasn’t such a bad boy all the time they wouldn’t need to hurt him, and the portly King’s face bobbed without body beneath his closed lids suddenly making him feel guilty.

*Kivar is your protector, he loves you Michael, he may not always show it, but he does. Be good then he won’t hurt you, please him then you shall have the life you’ve always dreamed*

“I don’t want to please him”

*He’s your master*

“He’s evil”

*Still, your life is in his hands. Do as he says*


Suddenly, the world went black, but he could still hear voices, strange distorted thick formless voices that frightened yet at the same time soothed. At least he wasn’t dead-

“You could’ve killed him!”


“So, I’m sure Kivar would approve of you killing his right hand man!”

“Since when is Rath Kivar’s right hand?”

“Since you disobeyed his orders, now leave!”

“Bitch- you don’t think I can take you?”

“Nicolas, no-“

Throaty screams filled his mind, as well as random disjointed sounds that should have fit but didn’t, not for the time being anyway.


Yet more screams filled his ears, but instead of listening Michael slowly faded away into an inky nothingness marked by pain and betrayal. If he ever escaped this place, the first thing he would do was beg Zan for forgiveness.

“You are so lucky” Maria slammed her locker door shut whilst waiting for Liz to do the same. School was finally out, and now there were only 28 hours left until Liz’s momentous date with *the* Kyle Valenti-

“Why’s that?”

*I’m dating Valenti- yes*

“You’re dating Valenti Liz, you couldn’t get luckier even if you got hit by lightening twice in the Sahara!”

“Maria, relax it’s just a date, and do you know how unlikely thunderstorms are in the Sahara? It’s not even ten per cent-“ However, she soon trailed off when the object of her fantasies sauntered past, grinning widely when he saw her. This was it people, she was in heaven- however the heavenly feeling only lasted until she felt rather than saw eyes boring into the back of her skull. With a slight frown Liz turned to find Max Evans glaring at her from the water fountain. Granted, it was a fair distance away, but his eyes still took her in, and without knowing why, she stared into the deep brown orbs until everything else melted into the distance.

*His eyes are molten pools of bubbling lava. Drowning is lethal, yet at the same time desirable. Go, run into the night and taste the shadow longing of desire- Chase fleeting twilight until the dawning dusk melts into ever rescinding horizon. Die, child, die*

The moment he turned away, Liz felt something tear inside, and with a confused expression the girl with mahogany brown hair turned to her best friend, who was in the middle of an energetic rant about why school in the mornings defied all laws of logic.

“Did you say something?”

*Please say you did, please! *

“I say a lot of things Liz, be more specific”

Liz stared at Maria for a long moment before shaking her head. As wily and streetwise as she was, Maria definitely wasn’t a poet and the words that echoed through her mind were very definitely poetic.

*Poems of the poet spurned*


Liz answered the strange voice in her head without blinking. Maybe her mother was right maybe intelligence and sanity didn’t exactly go hand in hand-

Chapter 4

“I hate him”

Tess sighed as Max glared at the dashboard yet again. He’d already blown up the steering wheel twice, and to be honest seeing him melt and fix it was getting boring.

*I need a cigarette*

Of course she wouldn’t get one, Max Evans was too much of a Dawson to own mind altering substances. Hell, the boy didn’t even allow caffeine into the house-


“Kyle’s not that bad” She murmured more to herself than the boy sitting next to her, trying desperately to hide the blush that came whenever she mentioned the sexy jock of her dreams. It wasn’t that she liked Kyle Valenti, because she didn’t, she just fantasised about him, a lot. The latest one involved tents and campfires with him roasting a chicken while she played with a curly haired baby with deep grey eyes-

OK, so maybe she liked him a little, but it wasn’t her fault. If Max had paid more attention to her growing up then she wouldn’t have even dreamed of the dark haired Valenti, much less want to jump his bones whenever he walked past.

It was all Max’s fault, and when Nasedo asked her two months down the line, why she had a sixteen-year old jock tied up in the basement with her pantyhose that’s exactly what she’d tell him. It was Max’s fault.

Everything that had ever gone wrong in her life was directly attributed to Max and his darling princess of a sister.

“How can you say that?”

“It’s the truth?”

“Traitor!” His voice was firm as he glared menacingly into her eyes, transporting her for the moment at least into another world, where encased in wooden trenches those same lips, that same voice uttered that very same word.


*I’m not, please I- I did- I do love you. I was just blinded that’s all, please forgive me Zan I do love you. I’m too young to die, please-*

*I sentence her to death by slow burning*

*No! Please Zan- please forgive me, I’m with child- it’s yours I know it is. Please-*

*Abort the child first. I want no heir of mine from that bloodline*

*As you wish*

The air shifted, and suddenly Tess found herself gazing up into bright green eyes, brimming with unshed tears. A light touch against her sweating brow made the terrified girl flinch slightly in fear.

*His eyes are molten pools of bubbling lava. Drowning is lethal, yet at the same time desirable. Go, run into the night and taste the shadow longing of desire- Chase fleeting twilight until the dawning dusk melts into ever rescinding horizon. Die, child, die*

Then like the sudden night everything became a blinking pulsating velvet soft black.

Michael groaned loudly as the world suddenly came into full Technicolor focus. His head felt like fire, and his limbs- with a long drawn out sigh, he tried to ignore the sharp random bursts of excruciating agony zipping up and down his body like wildfire. It hurt just to breathe.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Antar- how’re you feeling now right hand man?”


“Well if it isn’t *boy* wonder. You should really grow up- oh I forgot, you can’t!” Spitting as far as he could, Michael grinned weakly through broken teeth when he hit the permanent teen’s new shiny leather boots.


“You little b-“ Before he could comprehend what was happening a boot crunched into his chest, making him fall flat on his back. The pain was so bad he thought he was going to die, not that he would of course. Death was escape, and there was no way Kivar would let Michael run away.

With a groan, the spiky haired Antar, as everyone liked to call him here coughed up blood, clutching his chest tightly as the pain swirled inside his chest like a tornado waiting to explode. He could feel everything, every bruise, cut, nip scratch, welt, break as the drugs gradually wore off leaving him cold, exposed and vulnerable.

“Little Antar freak! You should’ve been terminated when we found you! It was all that bitch Courtney’s fault, but don’t worry that creature has been taken care of!”

*What the-* Before he could ask him just how exactly he had taken care of Courtney, the heavy Oaken doors to the warehouse opened with a loud creak, and Kivar walked inside slowly, fat face grinning brightly as his shifty black eyes bored holes into Michael’s skin.

“I say the yellow- it looks better than the green, and well to be honest red is more third date material” Maria thrust a yellow halter neck shirtdress at Liz suddenly, but she was so distracted it immediately fell to the ground.

*His eyes are molten pools of bubbling lava. Drowning is lethal, yet at the same time desirable. Go, run into the night and taste the shadow longing of desire- Chase fleeting twilight until the dawning dusk melts into ever rescinding horizon. Die, child, die*

The words echoed in her mind, hypnotising in a way that seemed to familiar yet at the same time strange. Liz could almost picture it-

*I’m not, please I- I did- I do love you. I was just blinded that’s all, please forgive me Zan I do love you. I’m too young to die, please-*

*Forgive her lord please. She is with child-*

*Is it mine? *


*You seem certain*

*She loves you sire, like the angel living amongst purity she adores. You must not let this happen- sire she belongs in your arms. Her lips melded to yours, her heart-*

*Would you be with me if I had her pardoned? *

*I will always be with you*

*I want you as my wife*

*That is impossible- I-*

*I sentence her to death by slow burning*

*No! Zan reconsider this please-*

*You spoke my name*

*I always say your name. You just never hear it*

*No! Please Zan- please forgive me, I’m with child- it’s yours I know it is. Please-*

*I don’t want to kill her*

*Then don’t*

*Be mine- we would be happy, we-*

*I can’t. You know I can’t*

*Is that your final answer? *

*Show mercy on her please, she-

*Abort the child first. I want no heir of mine from that bloodline*

*As you wish*

*Zan! Zan, wait you can’t do this- you can’t kill her! Zan wait please! *

The last thing Liz heard as her head bounced off Maria’s maroon carpet was an ear piercing scream but whether it was from inside her own head or not, she didn’t know.