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Title: You Are Mine And No One Else's
Author: Yes another Jennifer007 one
E-mail: BoobzyDD⊕ or RoswellJenOO7⊕
Rating: NC-17 do I really write any others?
Summary: Read challenge
Disclaimer: WB, and Roswell not mine
Category: M&L with others thrown in
Dedication: To Raginred for thinking it up, and to all the people who read my work and love it. And to Lennete who I finally got hooked on Roswell yesterday!!!! (this takes place right after that last episode I showed you!)
Spoilers: Yeah right like the WB would air something like this! Maybe if it was on Showtime and on Red Shoe Diaries, hmm maybe we should start another letter campaign?


OK, as I was saying, this is not a story for the weak of heart, OK here we go...
This is my idea of what would happen if Liz tried the hard way of showing Max that he needs her. By Raginred

1. NC-17
2. Post Destiny, Max and Liz broke up, Liz tries to get back with Max, but he's hurt so he won't take her back. This has to be a huge fight, and you have to have Liz say this at the end "Fine, fine, I just hope you hear my screams of pleasure when someone else take me to heights of pleasure you've only dreamt of. And I swear you'll be able to hear them tonight!" *
3. True to her word, Liz goes to a club, and finds a good looking guy. She doesn't know that Max followed her, not believing she would actually do it. Her and club guy go to a secluded area and get it on, only to be interrupted by Max, who kicks club boy's ass.
4. Max has to force Liz out of the club, when he does he makes his point that she is his, they fuck, they don't make love, at least not till the end, it's very rough, had Liz not be willing it would have been rape.
5. Max still won't break up with Tess, so Liz isn't done with her lesson yet.
6. Liz goes out with a lot more guys, only to interrupted by Max EVERY time. Max proves to each and every guy that Liz wants him not them.
And they have to have sex after each one of these.
7. And now for the sweet part, Max finally learns his lesson, breaks up with skanky gerbil, and FINALLY Max and Liz will make love.

Artist: Britney Spears duet with Don Phillips

Song: I Will Still Love You

Time may take us apart
But I will still love you
I promise
oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah

And when the stars
Stars are falling
I'll keep calling

I promise that you'll be
My one my only everything
I'll never be untrue

And I promise back that
For your love I will do anything

I will give you the stars

I will buy you the moon

Even through the longest of our nights

And even through the darkest days our

Love will find a way

And when the stars are falling
I'll keep calling
I will still love you
And when your dreams are fading
I'll be waiting
I will still love you

You are my summer breeze
My winter sunlight
springtime song
My Autumn touch of gold

And you are my sky my rain
The earth in which my love grows strong

The smile in my heart
and the breath in my soul

Even if we find ourselves apart

We will hold our hopes and dreams

Forever in our hearts

And when the stars are falling
I'll keep calling
I will still love you
And when your dreams are fading
I'll be waiting
I will still love you

Tell me how you feel

I finally know how it feels
Tell me if its real

And my heart tells me its real

So real

And when the stars are falling (stars are falling)

I'll keep calling

I'll keep calling

I will still

I will still love you
I will still be loving you
and when your dreams are fading
I'll be waiting
I will still love you

I will still love you baby

Time may take us apart that's true
But I will always be there for you
You're in my heart
You'll be in my dreams
No matter how many miles between

I promise you that I won't forget
The day we kissed
Or the day we met
The sky may fall
And the stars may too
But I will still, I will still love you

And when the stars are falling
I'll keep calling
I will still love you
I will still be loving you
And when your dreams are fading
I'll be waiting
I will still love you


Part 1

Liz sat on her balcony early in the morning Friday just staring at nothing. Her mind felt kind of blank like even if she tried she couldn't think of anything except for the events and things that had changed her life in the past few months. She had thought that she had a good life, she had good grades, her health, loving parents, great friends, and an even greater boyfriend.

Max was her other half, every so called hokey name that you could think of that suggested that a couple wasn't complete without the other was what her and Max shared. And now it wasn't just her and Max, but Maria & Michael and Alex & Isabel shared something similar to it, just in different ways.

But then Tess had came to Roswell and everything changed, suddenly the gang was in more danger. Max had been captured by the FBI and tortured, Michael had killed Pierce to save Sheriff Valenti and the others, and Kyle had been shot and brought back to life by Max.

But none of that compared to the heartache she felt now, Max had lived before, and he had a Destiny. And it was with Tess, not with her. She hurt so bad inside when she thought about it that she felt like she was going to die. And sometimes she honestly thought if she was alone in the world she might just curl up and wither away.

It had been almost two weeks since she walked away from Max at the cave. She had looked back at him once when he called her name. And the look in his eyes had almost made her change her mind. But she hadn't, she walked away and once she had been able to she ran like there was something chasing her. She had slowed down again, but when the pain got to be to much she had ran again, running and running until she had got home. And even though her body was tired she couldn't have slept if someone had threatened her life. She had called Maria and Alex, and they came over. She told them about what happened in the cave, and all of them had held each other. Maria had cried as much as her, and Alex had been strong for their sakes. Even though she knew he had to be dying just like them in side.

Suddenly Liz shot up from her place in the chair. Why did she leave him, he told her that hearing what his mother said didn't change what he had said. She had tried to be noble, but why should she be if Max didn't want that? She could still be with Max, nothing had to change between them. She had been to depressed to think of it before, but now it was a clear as crystal. Her and Max could still be together, and she would stand by his side in everything he had to do.

Liz went through her window and all of a sudden she felt more energized then she had in a while. She took a long shower, taking care in shaving her legs, and making all of her skin super soft. She scrubbed her skin clean with her special apple body wash that Max loved to smell on her.

When she got out of the shower she wrapped a towel around herself and walked to her closet. She thought long about what she should wear today, she had an hour and a half before school today, and she was going to take great pains on what she wore. She saw Max every day but she had avoided him at great lengths. And there was only 3 more days before the end of school, and she wanted to go into the summer with Max and her back to the way things were.

She finally picked out a light pink dress that was made of rayon, it floated around her and it was the kind of thing that Max loved to see her in.
She blew her hair dry and then curled it a bit at the ends to give it some bounce, but she left it hanging down her back. She put on a pair of sandals that matched her dress, and then put a bit of makeup on. She looked in the mirror pleased with the results. She had been wearing nothing but sweats and jeans lately, and it felt good to be in something pretty again.


She got to school that day and was smiling, she knew that things were going to turn around now. She saw Maria standing by her locker and went over to her. Maria saw her and smiled brightly, Maria looked better then she had in a long time. There were no dark circles under her eyes and she actually looked cheerful again.
When Liz was finally standing next to her Maria grabbed her arm tightly and was practically bouncing.
"Oh my God, you'll never guess what happened last night, Michael came over to talk to me about things. He said that enough was enough, we talked for two hours. I mean actually talked, there was no fighting! Him and Isabel had both came to the same conclusion, he doesn't want to be with her. He can't see himself as anything more then her brother type. And he said he wants to be with me."

Maria had said all this hurriedly before Liz could even respond or ask questions. And now she looked at Liz expectantly.
Liz hugged her, "I'm so glad for you Maria, I knew that there was a good reason you looked more like yourself today. And I'm glad that Michael is the reason."
Maria nodded and put her arm around Liz as the two of them walked to class, they say Alex and Isabel talking at his locker, and Isabel had her hand resting against the small of his back while she leaned up against some lockers talking to him. Alex looked at Isabel and what she was saying to him and then laughed pulling her to him and kissing her in the crowded hallway.
Liz looked at Maria who nodded, "Yeah Michael told me last night that Isabel was over at Alex's telling him the same thing." Finally she really looked at Liz noticing how she looked. "What about you? You look like yourself today as well, did Max come talk to you last night to?"
Liz shook her head, "No he didn't, but I came to the decision this morning that I was going tell Max that I want to be with him no matter what, and know that you guys are together, I know that there really is a big chance for Max and I."

The bell for lunch had just rung and Liz made her way to the quad, she had seen Max in biology that morning but he had looked at her once and then turned away before she could smile at him to give him some kind of sign. So now she was determined to find him and let him know what she had thought about.

She spotted Maria who was sitting on Michael's lap on a bench, his arms wrapped around her as he whispered in her ear.
Alex was leaning up against a tree near the others and Isabel was in between his legs leaning against his chest, one of her hands stroking up and down his leg.
She saw Max sitting on the bench looking at the others with a scowl on his face, Tess was nowhere in sight and Liz was determined to make him smile.

She walked up to the group and everyone looked at her saying hi and then returning to their lovers ignoring Liz and Max.
Liz sat across from Max who was suddenly studying his sandwich like it was the most fascinating thing in the world.
"Hello Max." Liz finally said.
"Hello." Max said gruffly and looking at the ground now.
Liz sighed, "Max I know that things have been kind of strained between us. But this morning I had a breakthrough of sorts, I want to be there for you Max, I want us to be together. And I don't want you to follow your destiny, I know that might sound selfish to some, but I love you Max. I want to be there for you no matter what. I know you said that hearing what your mother said hadn't changed things, and I guess I was trying to be noble. But I don't want to be noble, I just want you Max."

She said all this and waited for his reaction, he kept looking at the ground and table, everywhere but her.
"Don't you have anything to say Max?" Liz finally asked, wondering why he wouldn't look at her.
"TesndIartogthrnow." Max mumbled under his breath so quickly that she couldn't really hear him.
Liz looked at him, and moved her hand over to his chin forcing it up. "Look at me Max, I didn't hear what you said."
"He said that he and I are together now."

Liz looked up at Tess who was now looking at her, she looked at Max to find out that it was a joke and the pain she saw in his eyes made her want to cry.
"Max please tell me that's not true!" Liz practically begged as she let go of his chin.
He looked at her and then closed his eyes, finally opening them again as he spoke, "It is true Liz, I mean didn't you give me your blessing to follow my Destiny? That's what you wanted from me, so when I realized that you really meant it that's what I did." He told her in a cold voice.
"But I was wrong Max, I realize that now. I want us to be together." She looked at Tess and tears were in her eyes, "I know that he was yours before, but I love him Tess. And I know that you will be hurt, but I need him, I don't think I can survive without him." Liz told her trying to make her understand.
Tess shook her head, "I love him to Liz, all my life I've been told that I belonged to him. And I know that your hurting now, but I'm sure that you'll get over it someday." Tess told her, and Liz could see that Tess actually felt bad about having the situation the way it was.

Liz looked at Max and grabbed his hands in hers, "Max you can't do this to us. We can work things out, I mean look at Michael and Isabel, they followed their hearts."
Max pulled his hands from her and stood up, he knew that he was breaking her heart, but if he said things in any other way then being mean he knew that he wouldn't have been strong and he needed to be. She had broken his heart and he suddenly felt like a child that wanted to hurt the other one with mean words. "Your the one who did this to us Liz, you walked away from me! Even after I told you that things hadn't changed between us, I told you that I meant what I said, and still you kissed me and then walked away. How do you think that made me feel Liz? It was like you were saying that I wasn't worth fighting for." His tone with her now was ice cold.
Liz blinked in surprise, "Your worth everything to me Max, that's why I came to you today. To tell you that I knew we were meant to be together."
Max shook his head, "No you were right, I have a Destiny and you can't stand in the way of it. And that's what you are right now, your in my way, I don't want to be with you anymore Liz. Tess is the one that I'm supposed to be with." And with that he pulled Tess into his arms and kissed her thoroughly, leaving her gasping for air when he let her go.

The other couples were suddenly all standing looking between Max and Liz and wondering what was going to happen next. All their hearts ached for Max and Liz, they belonged together of that there was no doubt. But both of them had done and said the wrong things, and now they both were looking at each other with such hate the others could feel it coming off them in waves.

Liz had stood up and suddenly wished she hadn't, her legs were threatening to buckle at his last statement, she gripped the table in her hands, turning her knuckles white, she had went from loving him to despising him in a matter of seconds. "I'm in your way? Well I'm so sorry that I'm such an inconvenience to you all of a sudden Max." She looked around and could see not only their group of friends looking at them, but it seemed like the whole school had gathered round and was looking at them, she could see the pity from some and the interest of what was going to happen from the others.

Liz wanted to die, he had just kissed Tess for the second time in front of her eyes, Tess was blinking in surprise at Max, and he smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. His eyes looked like they were dead. And she suddenly wanted to make him hurt as much as she did she said the words not quite believing they were coming out of her mouth. "So you want to be with Tess I hope your happy with her. As for me I'll be just great after tonight, you be with Tess, that's fine, just fine, I just hope you hear my screams of pleasure when someone else takes me to heights of pleasure that you've only dreamt of. And I swear you'll be able to hear them tonight!"
Max looked at her in shock, "What are you talking about?"
"Do I have to spell it out for you, I'm going to go to a club. Find the first guy that I'm attracted to and I'm going to let him do to me everything you never did!"

And with that she stormed off, not seeing the look of disbelief on her friends faces, and ignoring the murmur of the crowd that had gathered around. As she walked off she thought about what she had said, Maybe that is what I should do, just go and have sex with some random guy. I mean it's not like I have to worry about Max being jealous, he has Tess now. And I'm just in his way, and if I can't give myself to the one person I loved then it doesn't matter who I pick now.


***As a note, I know that the challenge called for Liz not to know that Max was there, but I half did that and something else***

Part 2

Liz stood by her mirror looking in it, she was wearing a red shirt that was backless. She had on a black skirt that was short, and high heeled black strappy shoes.

She had done her eyes up really bright tonight, she had brushed on an extra coat of this bronze eyeshadow, and then did her eyeliner. She smiled but it didn't quite reach her eyes, her thoughts immediately went to Max but she shook her head trying to erase him from her thoughts.

She got her small purse and then went down the back way to leave. She knew her parent's wouldn't be worried really about her going out, but they would question why she was so "dressed" up.

A cab was waiting out front for her and she climbed in and headed off to the club. She arrived at the club and after she paid the driver she went and stood in line with all of the rest of the people.

She had only been there about 5 minutes when she heard a car come screeching into the parking lot and doors open and slam. She turned around to see who the jerk was driving that fast in a parking lot when she saw Maria, Isabel, Kyle, Alex, and Michael come marching up to her. Maria had that determined clench to her jaw, Isabel looked concerned, Alex looked ready to fight any guy that looked cross eyed at her, and she looked at Kyle and Michael and noticed they had that same kind of predatory "Liz Parker is my friend and if you touch her I'm going to rip your arm off and feed it to you for dinner" look.

"What are you guys doing here?" Liz asked them as she looked at the angry faces around her.
Michael grabbed her arm and started pulling her to the car, when they got there he started pulling her face around and peering at her neck "Were saving you from your self, NOW GET IN THE CAR."
Liz yanked her arm from his grip, she had seen Michael mad at her over the last year but the look in his eyes was furious "I don't know what you think your doing, but I'm not leaving, and what were you looking for?"
Michael moved forward as if to grab her again, but Maria stepped in between them, "Look Liz, think about what you said, and what you came here for."
Alex looked at Michael and when he got a shake of Michael's head he finally breathed. "We came here to stop you from doing something you would regret for the rest of your life." Alex told her.

Liz sensing that they weren't going to let this go without a fight, and with her plan still in mind, she did the first thing she could think of, she lied.
"Don't tell me that you guys thought I was really serious? Please I may have been upset with the situation this morning, but I wouldn't have sex with some random guy just to get back at Max."

Liz could almost see the audible sigh of relief that passed through her friends, but then she noticed Kyle looking at her not quite believing what she said.
"So if that's true, then what are you doing here Liz?" Kyle asked.
Liz looked at him and then at all of them, she knew she had to play this off good, or Kyle, Michael, and Alex would have no problem forcing her to go home.
"Look after everything that has happened, I need to blow off some steam. So I figured why shouldn't I get dressed and go dancing, have some fun. I mean listening to some headache inducing music, and moving on the floor is something I really need after the last few months."

She looked at all of them, knowing that they cared about her, but also knowing that she had to live her life how she chose. And she didn't want them telling her what to do, she had her parents for that.
Maria nodded, "Yeah babe, you do need to unwind. I mean all of us do."
Liz nodded and then looked at her best friend, "Wait so what are you saying?"
Maria smirked at Liz, she hadn't believed a word that had come out of her mouth, they had been friends for to long. "I think we should all go clubbing, it will be fun, and hey who better to go clubbing with then your friends? I mean that's not a problem, is it Lizzy?"
Liz shook her head and gave an uneasy smile to the group, knowing that Maria knew the real deal. "No, no problem."
"Good then let's go inside."

The others sensed an unspoken battle going on between the two friends and Alex was the first to go along with it, he got Isabel's hand and walked with her to the club paying for their way in. Once everyone had paid they walked in and the music was pumping, Isabel was kind of moving to the beat of the music.

~Madison Avenue's Baby~

Don't think that I'm not strong
I'm the one to take you on
Don't underestimate me boy
I'll make you sorry you were born
You don't know me, the way you really should
Your sure misunderstood

Don't call me baby
You've got to learn baby that will never do
You know I don't belong to you
It's time you knew I'm not your baby
I belong to me, so don't call me baby.

Michael quickly made his way over to a table pulling Maria alongside him. The rest of them followed, and everyone sat except for Liz, she wanted to get away from them.
"I'm going to go to the bar and get a soda." Liz yelled above the music.
Maria got up, "I'll come with you."
"Maria you don't have to come with me, I'll be fine, besides what am I going to do with all of you here baby-sitting me?"

~10 minutes later~

Michael was sitting down with a phone to one ear and a hand to the other talking very loudly into it. "Yeah Max. . .no she was here by herself. . .I know. . .I won't. . . . . . .well she went to the bar to get a drink. . . ." The song mixed into a new one.

~Innosense, Say No More~

I don't care what you say
I don't care what you do
Cuz I'm never coming back no more
I don't care what you mean
I don't care how you feel
So say no more

Michael heard a shocked gasp and looked up to see Isabel standing there and her hand was over her mouth, he stood up and looked to where the others were looking and almost dropped the phone.

Liz was on the dance floor, her hands were woven through her hair and she was shaking her ass back and fourth to the music. A guy had his hands on her hips and she was grinding her hips up against his.

Max was on the line talking to Michael and wasn't getting any response. He kept calling Michael's name to get his attention, and finally Michael came back.
"What's going on? Where did you go?" Max asked when Michael said he was there.
"Umm. . .nothing." Michael answered for lack of anything better to say.
"Well what's Liz doing, did she come back from the bar? And is she drinking?"
"Umm no, and I don't think so."
Max ran his hand through his hair in frustration, this was worse then when Liz went on the date with that Shallow guy. "What do you mean you don't know? Let me talk to Kyle."
Michael gave the phone to Kyle, who looked at it and then at the dance floor as he put it to his ear. "Hey Evans. . .no she's not at the table. . .she's dancing with someone. . ." Kyle looked at the phone as it went dead, he passed it to Maria. "I think your battery is low, DeLuca." She took the phone and put it in her purse continuing to look at Liz out on the floor.

Alex sat down, "Look guys, all she's doing is dancing, I mean she was right, she's not going to do anything stupid with us here. So why don't we just relax and let her release some energy this way instead of the other way ok?"
Isabel sat down next to him and after a minute whispered in his ear, he stood up and they walked to the dance floor.
The rest of them continued to sit there keeping an eye on what was going on around them and with Liz, she continued to dance. And when one guy had gotten his hands a little to close to Liz's ass, Alex was there with Isabel and he proceeded to elbow the guy on "accident".

About fifteen minutes had gone by since Michael had lost the connection with Max, but that had been just long enough.
Isabel looked up when she sensed her brother walk in the room and she stood up quickly seeing him look around the room.

Max saw Isabel and walked over to the table, "Where is she, and what happened?"
Isabel looked at him in confusion, "What do you mean? Nothing happened to her."
"Well why did the phone go dead?" Max asked looking at Kyle.

Kyle shrugged, "I don't know ask DeLuca."
"My battery died." She offered in way of explanation.
Max let out a deep breath, "So she's fine, and you guys haven't had any problems then?"
"No Captain, subject Liz is fine and still has her virginity in tact sir." Kyle said while saluting.
"For now." Michael said under his breath, but it still wasn't low enough for Max not to have heard.
"What do you mean for now?"

Max looked at them all in question and they could see he was losing his patience at getting no answers, so finally Isabel pointed to the dance floor.
Liz was still out there dancing and she was getting freakier all the time.

~N'Sync Digital Getdown~

I love the things you do for me so late at night
You turn me on
It's like I'm right there next to you
Can we get connected
I need some love and affection baby
I'll call you on the phone
And hope that I get through
If your in the mood
And I'm not home here's what you do, leave a message
You know the kind I like
To get back to. . .

Max watched as his sweet innocent Liz grinded her body all over some guy. And the guy looked like he was more then enjoying it, his hands touched all over her body as she moved up and down against him, her ass grinding against the guys front leaving no room in between them.

Max was filled with rage, rage that this guy had his hands all over Liz, and rage that Liz would let him touch her like that.
He looked at the group, "Has she been dancing like that all night?" Max asked struggling over the word dancing like it left a sour taste in his mouth. They all looked away from him and Alex actually whistled a tune like he hadn't heard, giving Max his answer.

He turned back to the dance floor and when he looked where Liz had been last she wasn't there. His eyes scanned the dance floor for her, and she wasn't anywhere to be seen and neither was the guy she had been with.
"Did you see where she went?" he asked panicked.
Everyone stood and looked but none of them could see her.
Max breathed in and out quickly and sprinted to the door of the club to see if she had went outside, he looked around the parking lot and that's when he saw her, she was pulling out of the parking lot in a black convertible with the guy she had been dancing with.
Max ran to his car and jumped in starting it immediately, and sped off after Liz and the guy.

Max followed them from the club they were about a mile ahead of him, but he could see their tail lights and kept following them. He finally saw them turn into the Buckley's Point, and 5 minutes later he turned in there too, his hands clenching the wheel the entire time, he parked his car in the only spot he could find.

Max could hear the sounds of people kissing and moaning and he tuned them out, it was crowded and he couldn't see what car was what, he stood up in the jeep and let his eyes adjust to the darkness, and he saw two black convertibles, both of them with their tops up. He got out of the jeep and walked to the first one, and was about to reach through the window and get the guy when the sound of someone saying the name Liz reached his ears.
He turned in that direction and noticed that the guy saying that name was coming from the other convertible.

Liz laid there as Brian continued to kiss her, she felt nothing. His kisses were sloppy, and his hands were rough on her. But she didn't care, she felt dead inside. She had sensed Max the minute he walked in the club, and when she looked in the direction of her friends she saw that her instinct had been right. She had then went into full on flirt mode, as she had danced with Brian she had gotten more and more angry, Max was with Tess, how dare he sick their friends on her to keep her chastity in tact, and then he had the nerve to show up as well? Well she had, had enough. So she whispered to Brian about getting out of there, and he had been more then willing. And now she was somewhere she didn't really want to be.

She was so deep in thought and not thinking about the kisses that Brian was giving her that she didn't realize at first that the door had been opened to his car and Brian was being ripped from it. She sat up quickly and then saw Max holding her date against the car as he leaned in to her. "GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR RIGHT NOW LIZ!"

Liz blinked and did exactly that, Max never swore, and the first time he did was at her. She watched as Max glared at her and then focused on the guy that was struggling to get out of Max's hold.
"I want to tell you something right now, if you ever go near her again, you will pray to god that you didn't, I don't want you thinking about her, looking at her or anything else, you got that?" Max asked as he finally released him.
"Oh yeah, well Liz is a big girl, and she can make her own decisions. Who are you her brother?"
Max got in Brian's face, "No I'm not her brother, Liz is mine, do you hear me?"

Brian shook his head and looked at Max, "Hey you obviously weren't giving her enough of what she wanted, if she had to come looking for it elsewhere." He looked at Liz, "Hey, anytime you need what he isn't giving you, and your man over here isn't around give me a call."

Liz nodded at Brian and saw instantly that it was the wrong thing to do, it was like Max was shooting rays out of his eyes at her, maybe Maria was right and the aliens did have powers like that. Was he going to bite her head off?

Max looked at Brian, "I just told you to not talk to her, didn't I? Are you deaf as well as dumb?"
Liz looked at Max confused, he was never like this, she had seen him mad before. But it was like he had lost it this time, he was never like this with people.

Brian had, had enough, he got closer to Max and pushed him. "Look buddy I let you get away with telling me shit once, cuz I can see that your upset that your girlfriend was fooling around, but don't think that you can get away with calling me names and telling me off. Keep it up and I'm going to kick your ass, you got that?" Brian said throwing Max's own words back at him as he punctuated them by putting his finger in Max's chest with each word.

Max suddenly grabbed Brian's finger bending it back and making Brian fall to his knees in pain. "Yeah well you just try and kick my ass, come on Brian, are you going to actually let me continue to hurt you, or are you going to teach me a lesson?"
Liz walked forward, "Max stop it. . .your hurting him. . .let him go!"
He looked at her again and she jumped back at the anger in his eyes.
"Oh what your concerned about him? Oh so sorry that I'm trying to save you Liz." He let Brian go.

"Get in your car and drive off Brian, if you don't I won't be held responsible for what I do."
Brian got to his feet and didn't even look at either of them as he got in the car and sped off. The car that had been in between Liz and Max was gone, and Liz looked at Max and matched the anger she saw in them.
She glared at him before she started walking toward the road leading out of Buckley's Point.

"Where the hell do you think your going?" Max asked as he ran over to her and pulled her arm around so she was facing him.
"Let go of me, I'm going as far away from you as I can."
"Oh really? What for so you can find someone else to spread your legs for? ARE YOU JUST GOING TO FUCK EVERYONE TO TEACH ME A LESSON?"

Liz gasped as he not only yelled at her, but in the way he talked to her. He had never been anything but gentle with her, and now he was talking to her like she was scum, and it made her sad as well as angry.

"And what do you care if I fuck someone? Your not my boyfriend anymore, so it shouldn't matter if I fuck one or a hundred should it?" I CAN FUCK WHO I WANT WHEN I WANT AND YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT MAX SO GO BACK TO TESS AND WORRY ABOUT HER, SHE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND NOW!"

Max gripped her arms tightly in his hands, "And did you give me any other choice Liz, you practically pushed me into her arms, even though it killed you to do it. You didn't have enough faith in us to fight for me. No, the first sign of something wrong you threw me away. So yes Tess is my girlfriend, and she is because you made it be that way." He suddenly tossed her arms away from him like they burned him.

Liz stared at him, she had never been so angry at him, she reached up and slapped him hard across the face, making his head snap back but he only turned it back and looked at her as he rubbed his cheek, "Threw you away? How dare you say that, how dare you think that I didn't have enough faith in us. I have always had faith in us. What about you, you broke up with me when things got hard after Michael got sick. That didn't seem to bother you so much then, at least I did what I did because that's what was the right thing at the time, you all had things to work out. And I couldn't let your feelings for me cloud your judgment. So don't tell me that I didn't have faith in us, I have been there time and time again because I love you, not because I had to be. And now that your with her, you have no business telling me what I can or can't do. And that includes who I want to fuck!"

"Don't you understand yet? I will never let you be with anyone else, you belong to me, you are mine and no one else's." Max told her angrily as he shook her.
"MAX LET ME GO!" Liz screamed as she felt her teeth jarring around.
He released her quickly and she almost fell down.
"I don't belong to you, your wrong! If that was true then you would belong to me, and you don't your with Tess now." She said as she turned around and walked towards the road leading out of Buckley point again. Max ran up to her and picked her up carrying her over his shoulder.

"I told you that your not leaving, and your damn well going to listen to the rest of what I have to say." Max said as he carried her back to the jeep and dumped her in the seat where she landed with an oomph. He climbed in and sat in the car looking out over the lights of Roswell.
Liz glared at his profile, "Oh yeah, and what are you going to do if I don't want to talk Max, are you going to hurt me like you did Brian?"
Max turned to her quickly silencing her with a glare, "I would never hurt you like that, don't be stupid."
"Oh so now I'm stupid? Take me home, since you won't let me walk."
"No, your not going home, were going to talk about this."

Liz clenched her hands at her sides, "Well how about if I don't want to talk, that's not what I came to Buckley Point for. So since you ruined that, take me home." Liz said telling him something that she knew would piss him off so that he would.

Max turned to her, his nose flaring in anger. "Oh I forgot, you came here to fuck someone right? Well, if you don't want to talk then we might as well do what you want right? Because if your going to fuck anyone it's going to be me!" And with that Max's lips descended on a surprised Liz.

She tried to push him away but he was to strong, and his hand held tight to the back of her head holding her face to his as his teeth bit at her lips making her cry out and open her mouth where his tongue quickly swept in to mate with hers.

The first touch of his tongue to hers sent that electrical spark they both knew so well in between them. She moaned as they kissed and was hot for him, this is what kissing was, what she did with Max was the way it was supposed to feel.
She grabbed his shirt and pulled it apart, sending the buttons flying.
He growled low in his throat when she did this and his hands moved to her breast, cupping them in his hands. He ran his thumb across her nipples making them harden even more, and Liz gasped into his mouth at how tight they felt and the pressure on them she now felt.

Max reached behind her back and with one tug he tore the straps on the backless shirt she was wearing. It fell into a puddle around her waist and he looked at her for a second before bending his head down to take a nipple in his mouth. He suckled on it making her moan, holding his head down on her breast. Max took her hardened peak in between his teeth and pulled on it causing Liz to gasp. He looked up at her, "Isn't this what you wanted Liz?"

Liz looked at Max, his breath was coming out unevenly, and his hair was messed up from where she had been running her hands through it. She finally nodded and then pushed him up and over to his seat. He looked at her for a second before she straddled his lap, her lips against his neck sucking there marking him as hers.

Max's hands ran up from her legs as she continued to suck on his neck, and up under her skirt. She moaned against him making his neck vibrate, when he ran his hands along her thonged rear.

He used one hand to pull her panties aside and then his fingers inched their way into her creamy depths. Liz stiffened and sat up straighter as his finger thrust inside of her.

"Your wet Liz. . .was that for him or me?" Max asked her raggedly.
Liz nipped along his neck and up to his ear, her tongue teasing inside of it, "It's for you. . . .it will always be for you." She whispered.

Max's hand went to his belt and he loosened it, and unbuttoned his jeans. Finally he freed himself from the confines of his pants, he pushed Liz back against the steering wheel as he lifted her skirt till it was completely around her waist. His hands were now on her hips inching her panties down and off of her. He threw them in the back and looked at Liz bathed in the moonlight.

He could see the dew that formed between her legs and made the curly hair there sparkle like little crystals. Max grabbed her ass in his hands bringing her to his face and mouth. He sucked her clit between his lips and licked it with the tip of his tongue.

Liz cried out and pulled on his hair gently, he stopped what he was doing and sat lower in the seat as he brought her once again to the straddling position above him.

There was no preliminaries, and no more words. He reached his hand down and moved his dick around Liz, soaking it in her wetness and moving it up to tease her clit before he moved it again to her hole. He inched the head of it in, and then moved his hands to her hips, and with one push down on her waist he plunged Liz onto his erection.

They both were still for a minute, both of them trying to grow accustomed to the feel of each others bodies. Finally Liz raised up on her knees and then went back down, slowly riding Max. After a couple of minutes of this she needed more, she could feel it building inside of her.
"Help me. . .go faster. . .Max."

Max gripped her hips in his hands and helped to push and pull her up and down on him. Their pelvis' were grinding against each other, both trying to make the other one cum.

"MAX!" Liz screamed as she came, and with a grunt Max filled her with his essence.

They both just staid how they were after that, their chests heaving, and breath coming out in short gasps.
Max finally lifted her up off of him, and she moved to her side of the car, pulling her skirt down.
She picked her shirt up from where it had fallen on the floor and saw there was no hope of wearing that home.

He saw her looking at her shirt and reached back and grabbed his leather jacket from the back, "Here you can where this home. I'll wait by your balcony and when you change you can throw it back down to me."
"Okay." Liz said as she put it on and wrapped herself in Max's scent.

He turned the car on, and neither of them knew what to say. The car ride to her house was spent in silence, both lost in their own thoughts.
When they got to her house she got out of the car and winced at the pain she felt. Max saw this and was out of the car in an instant.
"Does it hurt bad?" He asked as he came around to her side of the car.
She shook her head looking at the ground, but he lifted her chin to meet his gaze and he saw the tears that were there.
He lifted her up by her waist and sat her back in the car, he lifted one leg and rested it against his hip, and then the other followed.

Max looked in her eyes as he moved his hands down her legs and up to her center. Her eyes widened and she stiffened as she felt his fingers touch what was sore on her, and then she felt a warmth spread through her body and the pain was gone.

"Is that better?" He asked.
"Yes, thank you." She answered.
He just nodded and she grabbed her shirt and started to walk towards her ladder again, "I'll throw your jacket down in a minute."
"Liz this doesn't change things." He told her in a soft voice.
She turned around and walked back to him, "I know that things are strange right now, but what do you mean it doesn't change things? We just made love Max."

He shook his head, he was still to hurt by everything, and he wasn't ready to take her back. "No. . .you went up there to fuck, you said it yourself. That's what I provided, nothing more. It happened once, it won't ever happen again."

She wanted to beat him, she wanted to punch him until he saw reason, she wanted to take his jeep and run him over for the mean things he was saying to her. She took his jacket off and threw it at him, not caring that she was standing there with no shirt, he quickly tried to cover her but she shook the jacket off and tied the shirt around herself half assed.

"Your right Max, it was just a fuck. And it won't happen again, I'm sorry but it wasn't good enough for me to want to repeat."
Max chuckled, "You came undone in my arms, so why don't you quit lying to yourself?"
She walked over to her ladder and started climbing it, "I will when you do."


Part 3

The next morning Liz was up early, she had heard her parents getting ready. And then her dad stuck his head in, "Honey were leaving now. We won't be back till late Monday night, I know we can trust you. And don't forget to lock everything up at night."
"I won't Dad." Liz told him.
Her Mom came up behind her dad and rested a hand on his shoulder. "If you want Maria to stay over she can, and so can Isabel. But no boys!" Her Mom said, as was her usual mantra now days.
"I know Mom, I'll make sure that I follow the rules and do what I'm supposed to."
And with a click of her door and some I love you's her parents left.

Liz laid back on the bed, but knew it was no use to try to sleep anymore. In reality she had been up half the night tossing and turning. It had been so good between her and Max last night. She knew that when they finally came together it would be explosive, and it had been.

But then he had ruined what should have been one of the best nights of their lives with his mean words to her. She laid in bed thinking about all of these things and finally sat up.

She knew that Max was mad at her, but he still loved her to the point that he was being possessive. He didn't want to acknowledge the fact that they were meant to be together right now. But he didn't want anyone else to have her either.

And that's when she realized what she had to do, she had to make Max so jealous that he wouldn't fight it anymore.

She didn't feel bad about leading any of the guys on, I mean if she played them, and made them think they were going to have sex. . .well they were going to use her as well, and she wasn't about to have sex with any of them. But Max didn't need to know that did he?

Liz got up and dressed, she had worked last night and had to this morning. When she finally went downstairs Michael was in the kitchen and Maria was just walking in the backdoor and stood by her locker. They had a half hour before their shift. She saw Liz and grabbed her by her arm hauling her towards the bathroom where she closed it in Michael's face.

Maria went to the sink and turned both faucets on full force and paced in front of Liz, who was leaning against the wall.

"Okay, Liz look your my friend, and I will always love you. But I cannot believe that you went off with some random guy at a club. Do you have any idea how scared and worried we were last night? And on top of that no call! I mean you didn't know this guy at all, he could have had murdered you after you had sex. I mean you don't know! And did you know that Max showed up, and when you left he took off after you. I mean he really cares about you even if you are broken up. I mean how do you think Max would have felt if he saw you and club guy having sex last night? He wouldn't have been hap. . ."

Liz cut Maria off, "Maria, I didn't have sex with that guy from the club."

Maria looked at Liz, seeing if she was telling the truth, and then breathed out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god, I mean that would have been the worst thing you could have done. Whew, you don't know how happy I am to here that. Well, hey I mean being a virgin isn't a bad thing, and I'm. . ."

"I'm not a virgin anymore Maria." Liz said.

Maria blinked her eyes and looked at Liz, "Wait you just said that you didn't have sex with club guy. So how can you not be a virgin?"

Liz went to the toilet and put both lids down. "Well, last night Brian, the guy from the club, well he and I went to Buckley's Point. I had seen Max show up, I knew the minute he walked in the club. Well anyway I just wanted to get out of there. So we went to the point, and I did have every intention of having sex with Brian. And we were making out, and well Max had followed us. And he threatened Brian, and made me get out of the car. And then Brian and Max got into it and Max made him leave."

Maria nodded and waved her hand as if to say and.

Liz sighed, "And then Max and I started arguing, and we both said some things, and I slapped him, and tried to leave, and he picked me up and carried me to the car, saying that we were going to talk about things. And we started arguing again. And I told him that I had came to Buckley's Point to fuck not talk, and Max got mad at me for that. And well one thing led to another and Max and I ended up. . ."

Maria gasped, "You and Max made love? Wait you actually said *fuck to Max?"

Liz shook her head and then nodded it, "That's not what I would call it, he was right about one thing he said last night. We fucked, that's all there was to it. And he said fuck to me a first. But it wasn't love making Maria, we were both mad at the other one, and it was almost brutal on both our parts."

Maria slumped down to the ground and sat there looking at Liz, "So you guys did it, now what?"

"Well I assumed that we were going to work to be together, but Max said that it hadn't changed things. That's when he told me that he just provided me with what I wanted."

Maria opened her mouth in shock, "Max? Max Evans told you, the love of his life that he was just providing you with a fuck?"

Liz nodded, "Yeah, and that hurt. But I'm going to teach him a lesson, even if it kills us both."

Maria stood up and smiled, "What are you going to do?"

"Well Max said that it was a one time thing, so fine. Then I'm going to let him think that now that I have had a taste of sex, I want more. And since he doesn't want to provide it then I'll have to go elsewhere."

Maria shook her head, "I don't know Liz, I mean I know I'm not always the voice of reason. But won't Max think your being, I don't know kind of skanky?"

Liz laughed, "Max may want to act like there is nothing going on, but we both know that it's not that way. So fine let him play that roll, we can play his game. But I'm going to win Maria. I love Max, and when it comes to getting him back I'll do what it takes. But I need your help."

Maria thought about it for all of one-second before agreeing after Liz told her the plan. And as they walked out of the bathroom Michael came out of the kitchen.

"Okay what's going on? Did she do something stupid?" Michael asked as if Liz wasn't even there.

"Hello Michael, nice to see you this morning to."

He glared at her and then looked at Maria, who shook her head. And in a mock whisper said. "No Michael, she didn't do anything stupid. But shh, don't tell her I told you."

Liz laughed and Michael just shook his head and walked back in the kitchen muttering about women.

Liz put her alien headband on, and Maria and her walked through the doors leading out to the cafe. Liz stopped suddenly and Maria almost ran into her.

Maria looked around Liz and saw Max sitting there with Isabel and Alex. He was looking right at Liz. "Do you want me to take their order?" Maria asked.

Liz shook her head, "No, I can take care of it."

She walked over to the group, and held out her order pad. "So what can I get you guys?"

"That's all you have to say? Where did you go last night? And did you do anything stupid?" Alex asked her.

Liz put her order pad in her apron and looked at Alex, "Why is everyone asking me that? Look so I left the club with a guy, no big deal. I mean no one here should make a big deal about it."

Max reached out and gripped her wrist, "No big deal? And what if that guy had been some crazy nut who preyed on stupid young girls. Then what?"

Liz shot him a look, "Do I need to remind you what happened the last time you called me stupid?" Liz asked him while looking him in the eyes.

Max let go of her wrist quickly, "No. You don't need to remind me, I remember."

"Good!" She looked at Alex and Isabel again, "Don't worry nothing happened, and whatever did happen isn't going to happen again, and besides it wasn't anything that I want to think about again, in fact I have put it so out of my mind. It's like it never even happened, I mean it was laughable really, I was bored actually." Liz said going in for the kill and hurting the precious male ego, what was it that Maria had said about faking it?

"Well now that you know I'm fine, I'm going to go get something to eat, you guys are the only ones here anyway, but if you want I'm sure Michael will fire up the grill early. So take your time deciding what you want." Liz said as she walked towards the back room.

When she left Max could only stare after her in fury. He knew that she had enjoyed what they did, so why was she acting like she didn't? And the remark about it being laughable, had she been faking it? No Liz wouldn't do that? Yeah well you didn't think that Liz would go off with some other guy just to spite you did you?

And with that Max was up from the table and walking towards the backroom where Liz was.

Alex looked back at Max and then to Isabel, "What's up with him?"
Isabel shook her head, "Who knows, does my brother ever really think where Liz is concerned. He's probably upset still about her leaving, I mean when he got home last night, he wouldn't talk to me. He just mumbled something about being an idiot and then went to bed."


Liz was at her locker when she felt him walk in, "What do you want Max?" She asked without turning around.

He came up behind her gripping her arm and turning her around, he just looked at her for a minute before he pulled her into the bathroom and slammed the door. "What was that crack about last night being laughable? I know that you enjoyed yourself last night, the way you screamed my name. So don't act like you didn't!" He hissed at her.

Liz smirked, "Boy guys are easy. I mean are you sure that I enjoyed myself Max? Were you are were you not until last night a virgin yourself. I would hardly say that qualifies you as some Don Juan, I mean get over yourself Max. A lot of girls fake their orgasms so that the guy feels better about cumming early or whatever. It's not that hard. . ." She giggled as if she had implied something else, "I mean it's not that hard to fake your orgasms. I watch late night tv, haven't you ever seen the red shoe diaries? Those women make a craft of it, they just go on and on, and o. . ."

Her sentence was cut off by Max's lips on hers. Both of their mouths opened for access to the other ones. Their tongues dueling with each other fiercely, taking out their aggravation at the situation they were in.

As they continued to kiss Max lifted her up with his hands till her legs were around his waist and walked with her till she was pushed up against the wall. His waist supported her as his hands went to the front of her uniform and pulled the snaps apart showing her red bra to him.

He pulled the bra up over her breasts and then his mouth attacked one, and then the other. As he tugged a nipple into his mouth his hands went back under her uniform pulling her panties to one side, and his finger plunged into her wet core.

Liz moaned and clenched her muscles around his finger as he continued to thrust. He looked up at her, and his mouth found it's way to her neck sucking on it, his tongue tasting her skin and marking it. His other hand once again moved to his pants and boxers and worked them down till they were around his ankles.

His hands went back up to her waist and his cock and hips moved as if they had a mind of their own. It found her center and slowly inched just the head in. And then with one plunge he filled her completely.

Liz gasped and arched her back, moving her hips restlessly against his. Max continued to brace her against the wall as his hips ground against hers thrusting into her blindly, at a quickened pace.

He continued to pound into her as he looked at her, her face was flushed, and filled with pleasure. And he pounded into her harder. "Don't. . . ever. . . tell me that. . .you don't. . . .enjoy this. . .again." Max said with each thrust into her with his hips.

Liz tongued his ear and said in a raspy voice, "Then don't. . .tell. . .me that...this will. . .never happen. . .again."

He reached in between them and stroked her nub with one thumb, slowly working it in small circles till it pulsed with desire. He continued to drive into her as he worked her till a feverish state.

Liz gasped, and then her voice became almost piercing as she came in one prolonged scream.

Max groaned as he felt his balls tighten up, and the familiar buzz spread through his body. He pushed himself all the way into her and held himself there as he came, calling her name over and over again.

They were both still panting as he lowered her wobbly legs to the ground and she walked over and sat down once again. He averted his eyes as Liz cleaned herself, and he pulled his clothes up.

Liz stood up and adjusted her clothing and then looked at him as he stood there with his head down.

"After that, are you still going to act like it's nothing?" She asked him, her voice strong, and her gaze unwavering from his head. Daring him to look her in the eyes and deny the truth.

He finally did look at her, "I got mad at what you said, and I wanted to prove you wrong. I guess. I didn't like you acting like it wasn't what it was. You and I both knew the truth. But it still doesn't change anything, we slipped up again."

Liz shook her head and looked at him with disdain, "Oh you didn't like me acting like it was something it wasn't? Oh well I see, so that's what that was?"

She opened the door to the bathroom and saw four people in the backroom looking at her with shocked looks on their faces as Max and her made their way out. Maria was looking like she wanted to cry and laugh all at the same time, and Isabel was looking between Max and Liz in surprise.

"Umm. . .so are you two back together?" Alex was the one to ask.

Liz snorted, the whole thing suddenly seemed crazy, and she knew she was bordering on hysterical.

Max looked at their friends, "No, were not back together. Why would you ask that." Max said trying to play it off.

Michael looked at the two of them, "Well you mean besides Liz's ear splitting scream of pleasure? You calling out her name? Or the fact that your zipper is down? Or was Liz just helping you hold it?" Michael answered.

Everyone glared at him and he raised his hands as if to say what.

Liz shook her head, "No Max and I aren't back together. Max had a problem with something I said, so I guess he wanted to teach me a lesson."

"Some lesson." Maria said under her breath.

Liz ignored her as she continued, "So anyway, Max and I have agreed to let me live my life without his interference, right Max?"

Max shook his head, "Now wait a second, I never agreed to that."

Liz looked at him, "Oh yes you did, I'm sorry Max. But you don't want to be with me, then you have no say in what I do." And with that Liz walked out into the cafe. Michael walked into the kitchen muttering about women again and Maria looked at Max and then flipped him off, startling him.

Max breathed deep trying to control his anger, how could she act like this? He stalked out of the cafe and walked to the jeep, his hands clenched in fists at his side. As he started to get into the jeep his eye caught on something purple. He looked at it closer and then picked it up. It was Liz's thong from the night before. He looked around and then walked back into the cafe.

Liz saw him coming back and when he walked up to her she was a bit surprised. He thrusted something balled up in his hand out to her. She looked at his hand for a second and then placed her open hand out under his. He dropped the item and blushed.

"Umm. . .you left those in the jeep last night." Max whispered so their friends wouldn't hear and then turned around and walked to the door.

Liz smiling at his being uncomfortable called out, "Thanks so much for bringing my panties back Max. Those are my favorite pair, and I thank you for not ripping them like my blouse." She put her hand over her mouth to hide the laughter as Max's back stiffened and he continued to walk out the door. And a second later the jeep could be heard peeling out.
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Part 4

Later that night Liz was up in her room and Maria was on the phone with Michael.

"Okay. . .well we don't have any plans. . .uh huh. . .okay. . . .well I'll call you if we change our minds. . .okay bye." Maria looked at Liz as she hung up the phone. "So what's the plan?" Maria asked conspiratorially.

Liz smiled, "Well when you were on your break Isabel came back to the Crashdown and we got to talking. And I thought maybe she was pumping me for information. But then she confessed that she thought the way Max was handling things was wrong. And that he was being a jerk. So I told her exactly what had happened last night and then today. So as she said in her words, what can I do to help you get my stubborn brother?"

The doorbell rang and Maria and Liz went to get it, Isabel came through carrying a couple bags. As they walked back to Liz's room Isabel started laughing. "So as I left my brother was giving me the third degree, I told him I was coming over to hang out with you since you were the only one with any sense. And he started asking me where we were going, and what we were going to do? And I told him it was none of his business, and he got mad of course."

Liz stopped looking through her music. "I'm sorry Isabel, I didn't mean to drag you in this."

Isabel waved her hand at her, "No, I mean were all friends, and hey when something happens were in it together. And if Max wants to be an idiot then he has to suffer the consequences.

Isabel pretended to think for a second and then looked at Liz mischievously. "You know I was thinking, we could all just get dressed up, drive around. Maybe go by my house for something I need, then when Max sees us, which he will, and follows us, which he will. Well, wouldn't it be horrible if we went to the park where Alex, Michael, and some of the other people are tonight for a party?"

Liz laughed, "I heard about that party. So were going?"

Isabel smiled, "Yes, but I mean did Cinderella go to the dress in her rags? I think not."

Liz looked at her work outfit, "Well I think I know you well enough to know you have something up your sleeve. Or rather something in your bag. . ."

Isabel reached in the bag and pulled out a white skirt that would go to about mid thigh, "Now I bought this for your birthday, and I know it's still a bit away. But I figured this was a good time for it? And look." She held the skirt to the side and twirled it and Liz could see the splits up both sides that went almost all the way to the hip.

Liz looked at the skirt in shock, "Isabel I can't believe you bought that, I don't wear clothes like that."

Isabel smiled, "Yeah, well Max was with me and he picked it out. He thought it would look great on you."

Liz smiled, and got the skirt from her laughing. "And now he's going to see me in it and think I'm wearing it for someone else? Oh this is great. So what top should I wear with it?"

Maria got up and walked to Liz's closet and looked through her clothes. But Isabel shook her head. "I brought a top, my mom washed it with the other white clothes, and it was supposed to be dry cleaned. I hadn't even worn it, but it got put in with the other clothes somehow. So I thought it would be perfect."

Isabel reached in the bag again and pulled out a white nylon blouse that was form fitting and very see through. "Your supposed to wear it with a white bra, push up and satin, lace or silk if you have it."

Maria went to Liz's drawer and pulled out three white bra's of Liz's. All push up, and one of each variety. Liz looked at the bras and picked out the satin one. "This is so much fun, do you think Max is going to get upset?"

Isabel laughed as Maria pulled out white satin thong and handed it to Liz, "I think Max's blood pressure is in danger if he keeps up his strong will."

Liz put the clothes down and took just the panties and bra from the pile. "Well I'm going to take a shower in my parents room, and you guys need to call Alex and Michael. And you guys can use my bathroom to shower and change and all that. I'll be back in a few minutes."

~~~20 Minutes later~~~

Liz's shower took longer then she thought it would, because she decided to do the girl ritual. Which meant shaving, including her bikini line, then tweezing and all that. When she came back to her room she had a towel wrapped around her underwear. And was glad she did, Michael was sitting on her bed going through a book of hers. And Alex was holding a section of Isabel's hair out of the way while she curled the other part with her powers.

"Umm hey guys. . . What are you doing here. . ." Liz trailed off looking at Isabel in the mirror.

Isabel half turned, "They know."

"WHAT. . .HOW?" Liz asked.

"Maria." They all said in unison.

Michael looked up from the book, "Hey if your doing all this to get Max. Then I can't be mad. I mean if this was all for real, then yeah I would have a problem with it. I mean let's face facts, Max has liked you for a long time. And he's denied it, he's always been to afraid, and needed to be pushed into doing things. So I look at it that, that's what your doing."

Liz looked at Michael in shock, "Thank you. And you know what I think? I think that's the most you have ever said about Max and me in one breath."

The other laughed and Michael shook his head and then sat down. "So what is the plan exactly?"

Isabel was finished with her hair and ushered Liz over to the chair and started working on Liz's hair.

Maria came out in a bra and underwear and Michael jumped up covering her with a pillow. "Put some clothes on Maria for crying out loud. Alex is here."

Maria rolled her eyes and ignored him while putting her skirt and tube top on. "Were talking Alex here, do you know how many times he's seen me without clothes?"

Michael growled and started towards Alex but Maria jumped up in front of him. "Calm down cave man. Not like that you idiot. Alex is one of our closest friends, we always drag him clothes shopping. Besides underwear nowadays is like bikinis." She turned to Isabel, "Okay you were saying about the plan."

Isabel nodded, "Right, so I was thinking that Alex and Michael could. . ."


Alex and Michael were sitting in the Evans' living room. His parents were still in Clovis and he had been sitting up in his room wallowing in self pity till the guys came over. And now they were getting on his case.

"Well Maxwell, you really blew it this time. Not only have you got Liz mad at you, but now Isabel and Maria have joined forces in the ~we hate all men ranks~ so I want to thank you for messing up my relationship as well as yours. I mean god forbid that I agree with my side of the sexes, I mean don't girls see that there are certain ways they are supposed to act?"

Alex shook his head at Max, "Yeah, just when I think that Isabel and I are going to get somewhere this comes along. I told her that I would have done the same thing if she had tried that on me. You would think I told her that I was seeing someone else behind her back. She went ballistic on me!"

Max glared at them both, "Hey I have other things to worry about then your relationships." He looked around the room and then sat back with his eyes closed and head on the back of the couch. "So what did they say?" Max asked.

"Well Maria said that she had to be with Liz since she was worried about her, and that the whole male species made her sick."

"Isabel told me that she didn't feel comfortable being with me right now, and wanted to go and have a girls night, and that all she could think about was if I would ever do the same thing to her. So she said we need to slow things down again. And they were moving slow anyway, so I don't know how much slower they can go."

Just then the door opened and Isabel walked passed the guys, she sneered at Max as she passed him, and muttered under her breath about guys being jerks. When she came back out Max looked at her.

"Where are you going?" Max asked.

"Not that it's really any of your business. But the girls and I are going out."

"Out where?" Alex asked.

"Were going to that part. . . wait I don't have to tell you. Don't start acting like Max, I don't answer to anyone. And I can do what I want, so can Liz and Maria."

Michael stood up and eyed Isabel's outfit, "Oh no, Maria isn't going anywhere with you and Liz. With the way Liz acted the other night I can just see you three getting in trouble. And I'm not going to spend the night in jail."

Isabel heard the beeping of the horn and opened the door "Well you won't have to worry about going to jail. Cuz your not invited." And with that she slammed the door shut behind her.

Max stood up and got the keys to the jeep while Michael and Alex just sat there. He looked at them both, "Okay look you two can either stay there and pout, or we can follow the girls and make sure they don't get into any trouble."

Alex and Michael jumped up and they all headed out the door.


Maria drove fast enough to make it look like they didn't know the guys would follow. But slow enough to not lose them. Finally they pulled into the park and Maria got out of the car, she adjusted her top making it ride lower, and her breasts were exposed more. Alex heard Michael glare from the passenger seat and tried not to laugh, but then he saw Isabel get out of the car and his breath caught.

She had changed in the car and was now wearing a pair of red, denim cut offs that were definitely booty huggers. She was wearing a white mans shirt that wasn't buttoned and just tied under her breasts, and he could see her white bra peeking through. She was carrying a pair of sandals, and she swung her hair around to let it free flow down the back.

And then Liz stepped out of the car and Max thought he was going to have a heart attack. She had been in the back-seat, and all he had seen was legs coming out. But then she stood up and adjusted her skirt and he realized it was the one that Isabel had bought, but that he had picked out for her. And then he noticed her shirt, it was see through and she was wearing a bra that was clearly visible under it.

The girls started walking towards the middle of the park and he noticed for the first time that there was other people around as well.

"So what are we going to do now?" Alex asked from the back.

Max got out of the jeep, "Well I'm going to go and make sure that no guys try anything, I mean she comes here looking like that. What does she thinks going to happen?"

When they walked the distance to the party they could see that things had quickly moved out of hand. Well from the girls point of view they had been pushed that way.

When they had gotten there I guess you could say that it was some bizarre sense of luck. But Liz pointed to a guy and said that he had been offering her Jell-O shots at the party at the old soap factory. And that Max had intervened, and then she did the girl trick of meeting his eye, looking away, and then up at him again smiling and then looking away like she was shy. It had taken all of 5 second before he was at her side.

He offered her a drink but she wasn't stupid, she went over to the cooler and got a beer out of one and popped the top on it herself. He had just followed her around and now they were standing by a tree talking, not far from everyone else.

Isabel had spotted Alex and the others and Alex knowing the plan walked up to her, with the other guys. "Look Isabel, I was a real jerk. I shouldn't have said what I did. And I know that you are your own person, and I won't try to control you. I just want you to be happy, and I want to make you happy. Will you forgive me?"

Isabel looked at him, and then unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. "Yes, Alex, and thank you for knowing that I have to live my life."

Alex leaned in and kissed her, and then they walked towards the table to get something to drink.

Michael had walked up to Maria where she had stood by Isabel and she stood there waiting as if to say okay, and where is your apology.

"Look Maria, I don't care what anyone else says. From now on you only wear that shirt or whatever in front of me. And if I see you wearing it after tonight, I'll burn it."

Maria pointed a finger at him, "Don't think that you can just tell me what to. . ." She stopped what she was saying when Michael crushed his lips against hers stopping her from saying any more. When he lifted her head she smiled at him, and he took her hand and walked off.

Max was standing there alone and had only turned his head for a minute and when he looked back Liz was no where to be seen. And neither was the guy she had been talking to.

He asked his sister and Maria if they had seen her go off, and both girls told their boyfriends to inform Max that they hadn't. Max sighed and then started walking around the park.

He was walking around thinking things over, and thinking about how Liz was being. And he almost missed her laugh. But then he stopped and heard it again. He made his way over to a tree and saw Liz sitting on a table, the way the skirt was it exposed the length of her leg, and hung in between her legs. The guy was walking around and doing something stupid, in an attempt to woo her or something.

He walked closer to Liz and Max saw red, he came out from behind the tree and walked over to them.

"Liz what the hell are you doing?" Max asked her.

Liz sighed and acted irritated. "Max, I thought we discussed this? You don't want to be with me, so you have to let me get on with my life."

Max looked at the guy and then it clicked, "You were hitting on her the night of the party at the old soap factory."

The guy grinned drunkenly. "Yeah that was me."

Max fake laughed, "Yeah well beat it."

The guy put his hands up, "Hey I didn't hear her say no thanks this time. She was putting out all the right signals if you know what I mean. So why don't you beat it?" He laughed towards Liz, "Or is that this guys problem Liz? Does he have to beat it all the time while you make it with other guys? Is he not man enough for you?"

Liz groaned inwardly at this guys stupidity. She could see the anger flash in Max's eyes but it was to late.

Max grabbed the guy by his shirt, "She may not be saying no, but I am." He pointed to Liz while shaking him. "See that? Well she is mine, and I want you to remember one thing if you remember anything ever again. If I ever see you near her again I will beat you within an inch of your life? Now as I said beat it." Max said as he tossed him away from them like a piece of garbage. The guy looked at them, and then walked away.

Max turned to Liz and looked at her, the moonlight caressing her hair and turning it blue black, her white outfit looking pale blue in it's light. And he walked towards her.

Liz leaned back on her elbows, and shook her head. "So are you going to beat up everyone I want to talk to, or go out with? Cuz this is getting really old Max. You can't keep running my life and not want to be a part of it. Why don't you go find Tess, I'm sure that she can find a problem to concern you."

"And why don't you quit acting like a slut and going off with every guy you meet?" Max said while clenching his jaw.

Liz got to her feet and put her shoes on while bracing her hand on the table. "I'm not going to stay here and listen to you call me names, I've had enough of this."

"Oh yes, your going to stay here and listen to whatever I have to say."

Liz half turned her face around to look at him while she put her other shoe on, "Oh yeah, and who's going to make me stay, you?"

He was behind her in an instant turning her face to meet his, "YES ME!" And he tilted her chin up to meet his, crushing his lips against hers bruising them.

She reached her hand back to clutch his hair and hold him close to her mouth. Their kisses were urgent, but their need for each other was even more so.

He stopped kissing her and made her lean over at the waist on the table they were at. He unzipped his pants and once again in the same day lowered them and his boxers around his ankles. He looked at Liz who was looking back at him, and he could see her back raising and lowering from the way her chest was heaving.

He ran his hands up her legs and over her ass, lifting the back flap of the skirt in the process. Max put his thumbs through the top of her panties and inched them down her legs. When they pooled at her feet she stepped out of them and he picked them up putting them on the table by her.

Max guided his erection towards her and ran it around the wetness of her slit. Moistening ever inch of her and him.

He slowly moved into her inch by inch, and Liz moaned his name as he finally sheathed himself completely inside her.

He captured her hips in his hands and didn't move, he just rolled his hips in circles making his dick lurch and touch deep inside of her. And when she gasped again he started moving.

He pulled her hips back to meet his as he pounded inside of her. Liz started crying out in pleasure almost immediately, and his thrusts were so hard that she gripped the sides of the table to stay in one place.

Liz started moving back just as hard to meet him and she could feel him hitting a spot deep inside her, it was almost painful, but it felt to good to ask him to stop, and even to want him to.

Suddenly she screamed his name as she came, it was so explosive that she actually saw stars.

And she continued to cum as he moved inside her, his hands on her back as his hips moved. "LIZ. . .OH. . .YES. . .GOD. . . .LIZ!!!" Max called out as his hands ran up and down her back as he came. He collapsed against her, his breath coming out sharply. He felt himself soften inside her and then he pulled out and moved away from her.

He bent down and picked up his pants putting them back on and checking his zipper.

Liz turned around and put her feet through her panties and put them on and adjusted her skirt. She sat down on the table and then immediately stood almost falling as she tried to get away from the pain of sitting.

Max watched her and then walked over to her. "I'm sorry that I was to hard on you. I don't know what's came over me lately." He reached a hand down between them and parted her panties while he healed her once again.

She looked at him after he moved his hand, "Max we can't keep on like this, you tell me that you don't want to be with me, and that this isn't going to happen again. But it's like now when were around each other, there is this rage and lust between us that we can't help it." She touched his face, "And it's not that I mind that part, but I miss what we used to have as well. I miss us Max, but I can't go on like this, you can't have just a part of me." She laughed sadly, "I'm a package deal Max, take it or leave it."

Max looked in her eyes, and moved her hand from his cheek. "I'm sorry Liz, but I can't. You hurt me, and I don't know if I'm ready to forgive you yet."

Liz recoiled as if he had hit her, "Forgive me? Max, your mother had just told us that you had a bride? What was I supposed to do? Go to the mall and get you a wedding present? Or should I have fought Tess to the death for you powers and all? Tell me Max, what was I supposed to do, that could have possibly made you happy?"

"You could have done something, anything other then what you did. It's like you gave up." Max said while sitting down on the bench.

Liz looked at him and the tears were falling down her face now, "You have said it every other time. But now it's me saying it, this will never happen between us again Max. The next time we are alone like this, you have to have made up your mind what you want from me. I will not let you have just a part of me Max, you have to take it all. It's your choice, I'm not going to play anymore games with you Max."

And with that Liz walked away from him, both of them crying.

Part 5

Kyle was walking away from the party later that night, and had just about gotten to his car when he saw Tess sitting on the grass staring at nothing. He walked over to her and peered down at her.

"Hey Tess."
She looked up at him and smiled clapping her hands, "Kyle, Kyle, I haven't seen you in a long time. How are you?"

Kyle looked at her startled, "Umm. . .I'm fine, how are you?"

She laughed, "Well I was having a really bad night. . .but then I ate some party snacks, and I'm just great now."

Kyle continued to look at her like she was losing it and then he blinked his eyes, "Party snacks. . .there wasn't any food there Tess except for the Jel. . ."

"Jell-O, Jell-O," Tess chanted while getting the cup beside her that had another shot in it.

Kyle took it from her and when she reached for it he ate it quickly and threw the cup on the ground. "Gee sorry Tess, but no more for you. Besides, aren't you guys not really supposed to have alcohol? I mean one sip can make you drunk. How many did you have?"

She looked at him, and then the cup on the ground and promptly burst into tears.

"Oh God." Kyle said and kneeled in front of her. "I'm sorry Tess, I did that for your own good. I didn't want you getting to smashed and doing something you would regret."

Tess wiped away her tears and looked at him, "Why shouldn't I do something spontaneous or stupid. Max doesn't seem to have a problem with it, and he wouldn't care what I did so why should I be rational."

"Whoa slow down, your not making any sense. What happened?"

Tess sighed, and started picking at the grass. "I went over to Max's house tonight to talk to him about us. And when I got there him Michael, and Alex were leaving, and I saw them follow the girls here. Well I kind of snuck around wanting to see why Max was following them. And well. . .well later on I found Max and Liz, and he had her bent over the table fucking her."

Kyle blinked, more at her words then the fact of what she had said she saw. "Are you sure? I mean that doesn't sound like Liz."

"Yes I'm sure, I didn't just imagine their asses, and her screaming his name while he was driving her into the table."

Kyle laughed and then at her dirty look coughed as if to cover it up. "Okay I look at it this way. Look Liz used to be my girlfriend, and I would be lying if I said that it didn't bother me that she's with Evans, especially that way. But I see the way they look at each other, I mean who am I to stand in the way of that whole soulmate thing, they belong together. . ." He trailed off looking at her and remembering that she was his "bride"

Tess sighed again, "All my life I was told that Max was mine. It was drilled into me so much that it was all I ever knew. I never looked at other guys, because I wanted to be pure for Max. I never went out on dates, because I was Max's. And when I got here I find out that he's in love with someone else."

"Tess have you ever thought about the fact that maybe Max is where he not only wants to be, but needs to be. I mean there are so many ways you can look at how everything came together in the last year. Maybe things are the way their supposed to be, and yeah maybe you used to belong to Max, but I just don't see it as that way anymore."

Tess looked at Kyle, and really thought about what he was saying.

"You know, I think as much as it hurts to admit it that your right. If he was meant to be with me, would it be so hard? Wouldn't he come to me willingly?"

Kyle shrugged, "You would think so. Now come on, I'll drive you home." He said while holding his hand out to her to help her up.

She got his hand in her and he lifted to her feet and she started to sway. "Ohhh, I don't feel so good all of a sudd. . ." And she then promptly threw up on his shirt.

Kyle had tried to back away but it was no use, he was no covered in throw up and Tess was crying again.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry. Look at what I did, I ruined your shirt."

He felt bad for her, she looked so distraught. "Hey it's okay. I hated this shirt anyway, I don't even know why I wore it. It's okay Tess, don't cry."

She hiccuped and wiped her eyes as she looked at him, "Thanks Kyle, but I don't see how you can even be nice to me after the way I treated you. I was so hung up on Max that I used you."

Kyle waved his hand in dismissal and got her arm walking with her to a nearby garbage can. He gingerly took the shirt off over his head, "Hey that was the whole your past and his thing. I'm not mad about it anymore. So how do you feel? Do you think your going to be sick again?"

Tess shook her head, "No, I think I got it all out." She looked at Kyle and then grimaced realizing where she got it out on.

He wiped his chest with a part of his shirt that was clean and then threw it into the garbage. "Well come on, I'll drive you home."

They walked over to his mustang and he opened the door for her and helped her get in, and then walked to his side of the car. When he got in he turned around and started looking for something in the back.

Tess watched the way his muscles rippled as he moved. She felt something stir deep inside of her. Something that she hadn't felt before, not something that she was made to feel. But something that was of her own accord.

She turned her head and gazed out at the park, confused by her body and mind.

Finally Kyle turned around and handed her a tissue. "I knew I had some of these back there."

She smiled as she reached for them and when her fingers touched his hand she brought it back quickly as if she had been scorched. They both looked at each other and then Kyle cleared his throat.

"Yeah, umm. . .well let's get going." He started the car and put it into drive pulling out of the parking space.

He followed the directions to her house and finally pulled up and parked in the driveway. She sat there for a second, "I know that this may be asking a lot of you, after I threw up on you and all. But do you think you could stay here with me tonight. I'm all alone here, and tonight I don't feel like being alone. I mean you can say no if you wa. . ."

"Whoa Tess, hold on and let me get a word in." He looked at the house and then at her, "I don't mind staying here tonight, if anyone knows what it's like to not have a parent around, are being alone. It's me."

She smiled, "Thank you Kyle."

They got out of the car and walked to the front door which she opened and then led them inside. "Do you have to call your dad?"

Kyle nodded, "Yeah I should."

Tess got the cordless phone and brought it to him then started to walk away. "You don't have to leave, it's just my dad." Kyle said.

She nodded and then sat down on the couch while he walked around, she once again admired the way his chest was sculpted, and the way his shoulder blades stood out on his back. She felt a warming start in the pit of her belly and spread out from the tips of her toes to the roots of her hair.

"Yeah, so I'm going to be spending the night at Max's. No, the girls are all mad at us, so were just going to watch some wrestling and play some pokers. We all figured it would be a good idea to take a break from the females. Yeah. . .okay well I'll see you tomorrow then." He hung up the phone and looked at her, "I hope you don't mind that I lied, I mean no matter what he's still my dad, and I don't think he would be cool with me staying over at a girls house."

"I understand." Tess answered.

"I'm just going to call Isabel and tell her what's going on so in case my dad calls there for some reason."

"No problem, umm while you do that. I'm going to go brush my teeth and look for a shirt for you."

Kyle laughed, "You wound me. . .can't take the site of my naked chest anymore huh?"

Tess laughed and walked up the stairs and when she got in the bathroom she sagged against the door "Exactly." She whispered.

~~10 minutes later~~

Kyle hung up the phone and listened to the quiet in the house. He climbed the stairs and heard a noise coming from one of the rooms. He knocked and then peeked his head in, Tess was standing there with the water on, brushing her teeth. It was obvious she had just gotten out of the shower because her hair was damp and she was wrapped in a towel.

She sensed his presence and looked up, their eyes locking on each other.

"Umm. . .I didn't know where you were. . .and I just wanted to make sure you weren't getting sick again. . .sorry." Kyle stuttered.

"It's okay." She put her toothbrush up and walked towards him. "I'll find a shirt for you, and I'm sure you would like to take a shower. So the bathroom is all yours if you want it."

Kyle laughed, "Yeah, no offense to you. But vomit is not my cologne of choice."

Tess blushed and covered her eyes with her hands, "I am so embarrassed."

Kyle put his hand on her shoulder and when she looked at it he quickly removed it, "Hey, most of us have gotten sick at one time or another. It just makes you human. . .I mean more human. . .I mea. . ."

Tess smiled, "I know what you mean." She pointed to the towels on the rack, "There are the clean towels so. . ."

Kyle nodded, as Tess walked out of the bathroom. He watched her walk across to her room and then turn around and look at him as she shut the door.

He finished his shower quickly and stepped into his boxers, picking up his jeans and walking out of the bathroom. His hair was still wet and scruffy looking but it added an impish like quality to him. As he stood there wondering what to do Tess came out of her room and his breath stopped for a second.

She was wearing a pair of pale mint green cotton shorts, that hugged her every curve and ended just under the pelvic line, and a matching tank top with straps so thin they looked like they could barely stay attached.

Tess was doing some inspecting of her own, there were still some beads of water on his chest, and she felt this strange desire to run her hand over them to whisk them away. She ran her eyes down his body taking in his appearance and then her gaze traveled back up his body to meet his eyes.

They both looked away quickly, and she started walking to one of the other bedrooms. "This is where Nasedo sleeps, well slept. I keep it ready for him in case he comes back. But you can stay here tonight if that's comfortable to you."

She walked to the closet and pulled out a bag and walked over to the bed sitting on it, "I had just got these for him before he left," she said while pulling out a white T-shirt. "He hasn't worn them, so here you go." She handed it to him and their hands once again touched, she felt a spark and tried to pull away but he held her hand, tugging on it till she looked him in the eyes.

The look she saw there startled her for a second, his eyes were filled with what looked to be passion. This wasn't something she had made him feel for her, she hadn't planted it in his head that they should be together. He felt something for her of his own freewill.

Kyle kept a hold of her hand and pulled her up towards him. They continued to look in each others eyes, and he brought one hand up to her face, gently stroking the contours of it.

His eyes skimmed her face taking in every feature he saw there, and slowly bent his head down to hers.

When his lips touched hers, they were hesitant, almost like he wasn't sure if she wanted him to. But she urged him closer by tangling her hand in his hair and holding his mouth to hers.

He deepened the kiss, and when they came up for air she let out a deep breath and started sobbing.

Kyle looked at her and then took her into his arms hugging her tightly as he patted her back. "Shh it's okay. I know I'm not Max, and I'm sorry I kissed you. I shouldn't have done that you need a friend and I wasn't thinking."

Tess shook her head against his chest and said something but he couldn't hear her. He pulled back and looked at her, "What?"

"I'm not sorry you kissed me, I just. . .I didn't think that. . . ." She couldn't get the words out and Kyle could see she was nervous about telling him.

He sat her on the bed and then sat down next to her, "Hey, I had my life saved by an alien. So don't think that I can't handle anything after that. Whatever you have to say just say it."

She sighed and then began again wiping the tears from her eyes as she spoke, "All my life I thought that Max was the one I was supposed to be with. And even when we kissed that time, I planted that desire for me in him. And just now when you looked at me, I saw that you wanted me. You weren't made to feel that way, I didn't do anything but be myself, and when you kissed me I felt all these emotions and it was a bit overwhelming."

Kyle smiled at her, "Well at least it wasn't my kissing. I thought maybe I lost my touch, and couldn't deliver an out of this world kiss like Evans."

Tess shook her head, "It wasn't your kissing, that was more then I thought it could ever be." Kyle looked very pleased at this and she shoved him playfully. "I don't want to scare you, by what I'm about to say. But now part of me realizes just what Max and Liz have, and I can't believe that I thought I could break up what they have."

Kyle looked at her thoughtfully, "So your saying after kissing me, you now know what it feels like to truly have a real feeling for someone?"

Tess nodded, "And I'm not saying that I want something from you that your not ready to give, but if you do ev. . ."

Kyle put a finger to her lips, "I wouldn't have agreed to stay here if I didn't care about you. And I wouldn't have kissed you just because you were here, I like you Tess. I won't rush you, let's just see what happens okay?"

Tess smiled, "Okay." She brought her gaze down to his lips and licked hers, when she looked back in his eyes the desire was there again, and it was her that made the first move in this time and kissed him, with all the real passion that she was feeling for the first time in her life.


Tess opened one eye the next morning and then looked at the clock, it was 7:30 and she had only slept for 2 hours.

She looked over at Kyle next to her, and the soft snores coming from him and she smiled.

They had talked most of the night, okay well they had kissed and stuff to. But they had talked a lot about different things.

She heard nature calling and got up and went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, after she was done she went down to the kitchen and put some toast on and made some coffee.

She was standing there thinking about things when she felt Kyle's arms wrap around her from behind. "I borrowed your toothbrush, do you mind?"

Tess peered over her shoulder at him, "Well that depends on if I get a kiss?"

Kyle nodded and then turned her around to face him, kissing her good morning. When the broke away she smiled at him, "Well after that I don't mind you using my toothbrush."

He laughed and then poured a cup of coffee. "So are you still going to go talk to Max today?" Kyle asked, and she could see the worry on his face.

Tess walked over to him and rested her hand on his arm, "Yes, and I'm going to tell him exactly what we talked about last night."

***Later at the Evans' house***

Tess was sitting on the wall outside the Evans house with Max. He was looking uncomfortably around and that's when she decided she had to make him squirm a bit.

"Max I came over here to talk about our relationship."

"Okay, umm. . .what about it?" Max said while looking at the ground.

She hid a smile, "Well I kind of thought you might be ready for the next phase of what's to come. I get these feelings from you, and well I figured that the next logical step would be to take our relationship there."

He gulped, "Umm. . .well. . .you know I think that we should. . .oh. . ."

Tess started laughing, "I'm sorry, I was trying to make you squirm. But I can't take it anymore. Look Max, last night I came by your house and to make a long story short, I saw way more of you and Liz getting it on then I needed to."

Max had the graces to look embarrassed, "Tess, I'm sorry. I really never wanted to hurt you. And there is no more Liz and I, she ended it last night."

Tess stood up, and paced back in fourth in front of him, "And you let her? Boy I tell you, men from our world are just as stupid as the ones on Earth. Look Max, yeah I was crushed when I saw what I saw. And well I was sitting there and Kyle found me, and we got to talking, and he made me realize some things." She looked at him and he nodded at her to continue.

"Well anyway Kyle dropped me off at my house, and ended up staying there with me. And before you ask." She said seeing Max's look of concern. "He didn't do anything to me that I didn't want him to do. I looked at him when he was looking at me, and I saw desire in his eyes. For me, not something that I had put there like I had with you. But something that was there on his own, and when he kissed me I felt something inside me that wasn't fake, or put there since I was alive. It was something pure, and real."

Max was looking at her and then he smiled, "Tess, I'm really happy for you. If Kyle is what you want, then nothing makes me happier."

She smiled at him, "Thank you, and that's the other reason I came over. Max I want you to be my friend, but I'm breaking up with you. Liz and you belong together and I see that now."

Max shook his head, "I think it's to late. We've both done and said some pretty awful things to each other over the last couple days."

Tess sat down next to him and took his hand, "Max no relationship is perfect. There are going to be bumps in the road, it would be boring if there weren't. But if anyone can work through this, it's you and Liz."

Max sighed, "I want to believe that, I really do but. . ."

"No, no buts Max. You need to get her back. She is your destiny, and you are both going to be miserable without each other."

"I don't think me saying sorry is going to cut it though."

Tess laughed, "Hey aren't you the one that I walked in giving Michael pointers in the kitchen?"

Max smiled, "Yeah, but there is a big difference between making a girl happy and begging for forgiveness."

"Well Max, then you just have to get some help from all your friends." Tess said while smiling at him her mind working on a plan.

Part 6

Liz looked at the clock by her bed and sighed, it had now been 24 hours since she walked away from Max. And her heart was aching just as bad now as it was then, it wasn't only that her heart was breaking, but she was mad at Max. It was like he didn't want to be with her, but he was allowed to do what he wanted. And she had to just take whatever he was willing to give her and have no say in the matter.

She curled up and hugged her pillow to her and closed her eyes listening to the DJ come on to take her shift.

"Well it's that time again, time for your late night love songs, requests, dedications to the ones you love, and to talk about any problems in your relationships. Let's take our first caller. Max is having problems with a girl named Liz. So let's see if we can help him, Max what's going on?"

"Umm hi. . .well umm Liz and I are fighting, and I want to get back to where we were."

Liz sat up straight in the bed looking at the radio as if she was hearing things.

"Well that's a good Max." The DJ told him.

"Yeah. . .I'm sorry, I'm just nervous."

"That's okay Max, we get a lot of that. So what would you like to tell Liz if she's listening right now."

"Well basically I just want to tell Liz that I'm ready to take her back now, and put everything that's happened lately behind us."

The DJ started playing some music, "Well I hope everything works out for you two."

The song played and Liz continued to stare at the radio, and she didn't even realize that he nose was flaring in anger and her blood pressure had shot up. "He's ready to take me back? After I apologized to him in the first place, he's ready to take me back? Like oh finally I'm going to be forgiven?" Liz was by now pacing back and fourth in front of her bed, her fists clenched at the sides. "How dare he make it seem like I was the only one who messed things up and he's ready to forgive me and the so called error of my ways. He's not perfect, he's made mistakes."

She hadn't even realized that she had picked the phone up and was now dialing the phone by memory.

"Hello, ????. . ."

"Hello, my name is Liz, I'm the Liz that Max guy just called about. . . ."

Ten minutes had went buy, and Max was sitting on his bed, listening to the radio and willing the phone to ring in hopes that Liz had heard and was going to call him.

He was half listening to the DJ who had just came back from a commercial break. "Okay let's take our next caller, Liz has been on hold since the break, because well we just couldn't let this situation pass up. She wants to get a message and dedication out to Max who called earlier if he's listening. Go ahead Liz."

Max stood up smiling, she had heard. But why was she calling the radio station?

"Max if your listening I want to tell you that while you may be ready to take me back, after that little statement I want to tell you that I'm not ready to give you a second chance. I tried to smooth things over between us, not once, not twice but four times. And each time you told me that what happened between us was a mistake, but it was a mistake you didn't seem to mind repeating. I love you Max, and I always will, but you have been acting like a baby. And I'm sorry but your going to have to do a lot better then telling me that your ready to take me back to make me want to be with you again."

The DJ laughed, "Well all I can say is you go girl. Now here's that song I promised you."

If You Don't Want To Love Me

Stopped by to see you, just the other day
And I wanna say, that I finally realize
That without love it don't mean a thing
It's so hard for me to see that you meant everything to me
But I guess I gotta move on
Even though it hurts I gotta be strong

If you don't wanna love me, don't love me, don't wanna touch me, don't touch me
Cuz I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do
If you don't wanna miss me, don't miss me, don't wanna kiss me, don't kiss me
Cause I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do

Who would have known, all the nights that you were hanging late
All alone I lay awake in my bed
Though I never put food on your plate
How it feels to believe
That you never ever loved me
I got to move on, our love is gone
And this house is not a home

If you don't wanna love me, don't love me, don't wanna touch me, don't touch me
Cuz I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do
And if you don't wanna miss me, don't miss me, don't wanna kiss me, don't kiss me
Cause I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do

You can be lonely, I dot even care
But do you have to think that you'd always be there
say you'd be right there, so if you...

If you don't wanna love me, don't love me, don't wanna touch me, don't touch me
Cuz I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do
And if you don't wanna miss me, don't miss me, don't wanna kiss me, don't kiss me
Cuz I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do

Max sat down on his bed in a slump after hearing Liz on the radio. What had he done wrong? Tess and Isabel had talked it over with him, and told him things he could do to win Liz back. And they had both agreed that girls loved to have guys call and make a public announcement about their love.

Across town Liz was laying on her bed crying again, just when she had thought she had no more tears left to cry, she found out that wasn't true.

Her heart ached so much she didn't know if she could stand the pain, her throat was closed up and felt hot and tight. And she knew that this was definitely one of the saddest moments of her life.

Ever since she had heard Fairytales about the prince coming and getting his princess she had dreamed.

Dreamed that one day she would find her very own prince and he would come and kiss her gently and tell her he loved her.

She had never expected to fall in love with an alien, but fall she had. And very hard, she knew that she would never love anyone else the way she loved Max. And truth be told she knew that Max would never love anyone the way he loved her.

She also knew that they were having problems and had to work it out, and they would. Of that she was sure, she just never knew when she was growing up that love could hurt this much at times.

She remembered when she was younger how Maria and her had giggled about finding a boyfriend who would one day kiss them breathlessly. And when they hit high school that realization about kissing soon turned into the fact that they were on the journey to adult hood. And it was a whole new game, they knew girls their age who were having sex. And then their boyfriends would dump them after a while.

Both her and Maria had swore they would never fall into that trap, they were going to find boyfriends who knew how to treat a woman.

And when Max had shown her his soul, and how he really felt about her, if you had told her then that Max would have sex with her one day, and then tell her afterwards that it was a mistake. She would have laughed in their face, and told them that Max would never do something like that to her.

But boy was she a fool, because that's exactly what he had done.

She thought all these thoughts as she cried into her pillow. Feeling sorry for herself and the situation she was in and not even caring that she shouldn't feel sorry for herself. Her heart was broken, and she didn't have Max, and with those two things she had earned the right to cry. Because she had lost her prince.


The next afternoon Max was still laying on his bed staring at the ceiling. It was Sunday actually it was all ready dusk, and all he wanted to do was lay there he hadn't gotten any sleep the night before and hadn't even tried during the day and he didn't care. Liz didn't want him anymore, and he didn't feel like doing anything that was going to take any energy, and suddenly sleep sounded like running a mile.

He heard a short knock on the door, and Isabel came in without waiting for him to answer. She was followed by Tess and a kind of pissed looking Maria. She sat down on a chair and gave Max a dirty look.

"What are you guys doing here?" Max asked laying there, not even seeing the daggers that Maria was shooting at him.

Isabel leaned over him, "Get up, you have to get back in the ring Max. You can't give up, you have to win her back."

Max closed his eyes, "So you heard? Where did I go wrong then? I did what you guys told me to do."

Maria gasped, "You told him to say that?"

Tess threw her a look like she was crazy and shook her head, "NO, we told you to call and tell her you were sorry and that you wanted her back and to dedicate a song to her."

"Yeah, not call them and tell her that you were ready to take her back. I mean Max your the one with the brains, what did you think she was going to say when she heard that?" Isabel said while sitting down on the bed next to him.

Maria snorted, "Obviously he thought that Liz would run into his arms and cry, telling him thank you for taking me back. I don't deserve you, or some crap like that."

Max sat up, "But I didn't mean it like that!"

All three of the girls shook their heads as if pitying all men right then.

"Max when a guy tells a girl something like, hey baby I'm ready to take you back. It's like the girl hears, you were wrong, but I forgive you for what you did." Isabel told him this while putting a hand on his shoulder and rubbing it.

Maria looked at him pointedly, "And for Liz to hear that, after she had apologized and done everything she could to make you see that she wanted to be with you, well did you really think it was going to go over well?"

Max nostrils flared in anger remembering just what Liz had done to try to "apologize"

"Oh so that's why she took off with club guy? And then took off with that guy in the park? To apologize, oh I see." Max was now standing in front of his bed anger on his face.

Maria could feel her anger rising herself and she stood up and got in his face. "Okay first off, Liz was hurt and that's why she took off with club guy number one, she knew you were there and she also knew you would come after her. And then club guy number two, what do you think that whole thing was? Isabel came over and got Liz dressed up and the guys? The guys were part of our plan to make you see the error in your decisions, we knew that when you saw Isabel dressed up and thought that we were all mad at you guys that you would follow us and we were right. We knew you were there, and she took off with that other guy knowing you would follow her, but she stupidly thought you would actually get back together. But no she told me how you told her that you weren't ready to forgive her yet. And that everytime you were together recently was a mistake."

Maria was poking him in the chest by now, and she kept pushing him with her finger till he fell back on the bed and was staring up at her. "You broke her heart Max, I talked to her last night and she told me that getting shot didn't hurt as much as what you did to her, even seeing you kiss Tess that time was mild compared to now."

Maria finally went and sat back down in the chair, "But for reasons that only you and her can know and understand she still loves you. And I know that no matter how much you have hurt her right now, she will take you back."

Max looked hopefully at her but he could see the but written all over her face, "But?"

"Well it's not like she said it in so many words, but she's tried to meet you halfway, now it's your turn. You have to win her heart back."

"I'll do anything to get her back." Max said, "And I'll never hurt her again."

Maria shook her head, and the girls all nodded in understanding, it was another thing that guys just didn't get.

"Max look at me and Michael, he makes me so mad at him sometimes. That I think that I could cheerfully break something over his head and laugh in glee about it. And no matter how many fights we get into, I would and will take him back. That's what it's like for girls when they love someone, a girl can be hurt by the man she loves, but that love will over ride all the emotions every time. I know that Isabel is still new to it, and Tess is really knew to the whole thing now. But if you truly love someone, you can forgive them most anything. The point of all this, is that you probably will hurt her again, relationships aren't perfect. It's not always going to be sweet, and easy going. But that's what makes a relationship a relationship, you have to take the good with the bad."

Isabel nodded, "Yeah and you and her are just in a bad spot right now, but you will get through it. With our help of course."

Max smiled sheepishly, "You really think she will take me back?"

All three of the girls nodded, and finally Maria awarded him with a smile. "Oh yeah, she's got it as bad for you as you do her. But your going to have to do some groveling Max, it's not going to be easy. But that's what's going to have to happen."

"My answer is the same as before, I'll do anything to get her back."

It was Isabel's turn to smile evilly at him, "Good that's what we were hoping you would say. Now go jump in the shower, I think it's time for a makeover for you Max."

"A makeover?"

Tess pointed at him, "You said anything."

30 seconds later they heard the sound of the shower running as they attacked his closet and dresser.

As Max was taking a shower he heard Isabel knock and then open the door speaking to him. "Max I brought you a pair of underwear and the pants we picked out. Were still deciding on the shirt."


"Oh and Max, don't do anything with your hair okay?"

Max stifled a groan of exasperation, "Okay."

When he got out of the shower he put on the black Calvin Klein boxer briefs and black jeans they had picked out for him to wear.

He went to his room and the girls were looking at some shirts laid out on the bed. "The white is something that isn't showy. And it's snug enough that it would hug his chest showing off his muscles."

Isabel nodded and then looked at Max as if just noticing him.

He looked at the shirts on the bed and pointed to his black faded button down shirt. "I like that one."

Tess rolled her eyes, "Yeah, umm Max it's faded because you always wear it."

Isabel picked up the white shirt tossing it to him. "Wear this."

He wasn't about to argue with them, he knew that they were on a mission to make him over, and after everything that had happened lately he had no desire to piss any of them off. As he was putting the shirt on he heard his bedroom door open, and when he put his head through the hole he saw Michael walk in followed by Alex and Kyle. "What are you guys doing here?"

Michael laughed, "Were here to witness your change. I can't believe Isabel talked you into it actually."

Max felt himself propelled to a chair by hands and half shrugged, "It's no big deal. Just clothes and my hair."

Kyle looked at the three women who were now looking everywhere in the room but at the guys. "Oh man, you guys didn't tell him?"

"Tell me what?"

Tess went up to Kyle, "No, and if you ever want to kiss me again you'll be quiet."

Kyle closed his mouth and sat down on the bed watching Max with the other guys.

The girls moved as if in a tag team effort. Maria ran some gel through his hair and started scrunching his hair. The hands were so busy near his head that he didn't even feel what the Isabel was now doing to him.

Tess started giggling as she looked at him, Isabel started in next, and Maria who had just finished spiking his hair up a bit looked at him and laughed and nodded her head.

"Ahh that's not fair, he didn't even feel it? Where were you when I got my ear pierced Isabel?" Kyle asked.

Max looked at his sister who feigned ignorance and he say up quickly looking at himself in the mirror. He now had a diamond stud sticking out of his earlobe. He looked at the girls his face showing his anger. And in unison they all repeated their new mantra. "You said anything."

"Besides Liz has told me more then once that she thought you would look cute with an earring." Maria told him.

The guys were now cracking up hitting each other on the back, Michael spoke up in a high pitched voice. "You said anything Max." He repeated imitating the girls.

Maria grinned evilly at Michael and then looked at Isabel nodding her head. In a quick move the girls attacked the guys on the bed moving quickly and in tandem with each other.

"Hey what's going on?"
"Isabel, get your hands away from my ears."
"Oh no you don't."

The girls moved off the guys and when the guys sat up Max was the one laughing.

Michael had a small hoop in his ear, Alex had the other diamond from Isabel's set. And Kyle just looked at them smiling, finally he laughed.

"Well I already had my ear pierced so it's no big deal." He reached up to his other ear and there was no earring in it. "You guys didn't pierce me?" He shrugged as if it was no big deal and then he heard Michael's snicker.

"No they marked you in another way." He pointed to Kyle's arm.

Kyle looked down and saw Bart Simpson mooning him on his bicep. Kyle looked at Tess, she was the one who had touched his arm, and she grinned at him. "Well you already had your ear pierced."

Kyle nodded, "You do know that I'm going to get you back later right?"

Tess turned back to Max putting a gold chain around his neck, "Is that a threat or a promise Kyle?"

Kyle bit his lip trying not to smile at her. "Both."

"Good." She said as if it didn't faze her.

Maria was now over by Michael, "Your not mad are you babe? I mean you do look cute."

Michael growled, "Your just saying that so I won't be mad."

Maria bent her head down and without anyone being able to see she nibbled on his newly pierced ear. "I'm not just saying that, I think you look really sexy with it. And if we weren't in a room full of people I would show you just how much."

Michael jumped up dragging Maria behind him as he walked to the door. "Bye guys, hope everything works out Max."

Maria giggled as Michael pulled her behind him, "Yeah good luck Max." And with the sound of the door closing sharply they were gone.

Isabel looked at her brother one last time, ignoring the looks that Alex was giving her. "Umm well I think your almost ready."

She got his Cool Water cologne and sprayed some on. "No girl can resist it when a man smells good."

Tess nodded, "Okay, now get in your jeep. Go and get some flowers or candy. And get on your knees and beg for Liz to take you back!"

Max nodded his head eagerly like he planned to do just that. He grabbed the keys and as Kyle was walking with Tess out the door of Max's room whispering to her about teaching her a lesson they heard the jeep roar to life and take off.


Liz was in her room, she had gotten off work, closed the cafe and headed upstairs to take a shower.

She had, had sort of a breakthrough, and was determined to not sit around and lie in a pool of self pity. It wasn't good for her she thought as she put a pair of panties on followed by a baby tee. She walked by the radio and turned it on and then stopped short, the song was describing how she was feeling right at that moment. She turned it up louder and listened to the words.

Samantha Mumba:

Gotta Tell You

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Your love for me came as a waterfall
Flowing inside me like never before
Your love for me, something I didn't see
But baby, I know better now
When you walked in the room that very night
A special feeling just burst inside
It was only you, nobody else
But baby, I know better now

Don't wanna love you if you don't love me
Don't wanna need you when you won't need me too
Don't wanna tell you this now
But it wouldn't be right if I, ( If I )
Didn't tell you this tonight

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And now you're back inside my house again
I'm trying deeply to explain
'Cos baby I, wanna get it on
And baby, you're the one for me (woah, woah, woah)
And now that I have got you all alone
After all this talking on the phone
I should be strong
There's nothing wrong
I'll tell you this is where you belong (Where you belong)

Don't wanna love you if you don't love me
Don't wanna need you when you won't need me too
Don't wanna tell you this now
But it wouldn't be right if I ( If I )
Didn't tell you this tonight

Don't wanna love you if you don't love me (If you don't love me)
Don't wanna need you when you won't need me too
Don't wanna tell you this now
But it wouldn't be right if I ( If I )
Didn't tell you this tonight

It was just something in your eyes
That made me realize
Now I hear voices deep inside
Telling me, telling me it's you and I

Don't wanna love you if you don't love me
Don't wanna need you when you won't need me too
Don't wanna tell you this now
But it wouldn't be right if I (If I)
Didn't tell you this tonight

Don't wanna love you if you don't love me (If you don't love me)
Don't wanna need you when you won't need me too
Don't wanna tell you this now
But it wouldn't be right if I (If I)
Didn't tell you this tonight

Liz had been so intent on listening to the song and dancing around her room that she hadn't even picked up on her feelings. But once the song ended she knew instantly that he was there. She turned towards her window and saw Max inside her room leaning against the ledge.

"Is that how you feel Liz?"

Liz tried to regain her composure, "What do you mean?"

Max shifted, "Do you not want to love me because you think I don't love you?"

She sat down on the bed looking uncomfortable, "I don't know how to feel. I know that you love me Max, and I love you to. But if you don't want to love me and be with me, then no I don't want to love you. It hurts to much to be apart, and I would rather not love you if we can't be together. That may sound cruel, but that's how I feel at times."

Max came over to her still carrying the flowers he had gotten for him, but suddenly they seemed meaningless. He put them down on her nightstand and kneeled down in front of her taking her hands in his. "Have I screwed things up to much?"

Liz sighed, "No Max, I mean yes I'm hurt and upset about this whole thing. But I know that one day we can work back to us being together."

Max looked down at the ground, "One day? Meaning your not sure when?"

Liz put her hand under his chin making him look at her, she didn't want to fight, and the truth of things was she didn't want to be without him a second longer. "Why did you come over here Max?"

He continued to look in her eyes as he spoke, "I came over to apologize. I'm sorry for everything I have done the last couple of days. I know I acted like an ass. And I'll do anything to make it up to you, I really am sorry Liz."

Liz bent her head down kissing him softly on the lips, and then looking at him again. "I'm sorry to, it wasn't just you that was at fault here Max. I helped make things what they were. But I forgive you and I hope you forgive me to."

Max got on his knees hugging her tightly to him, "Of course I forgive you, I love you."

She kissed the top of his head, "I love you to Max." Then she pulled back looking at his hair. "Your hair is different."

He smiled and ran his hand through it not messing it up at all, "Yeah the girls attacked me and told me that I had to do what ever it took to get you to take me back, and they figured that included a makeover. Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it looks cute on you." Then she noticed the earring and broke into a big grin, "You didn't?" She said while tugging on his lobe.

"Actually no, Isabel did it. Without my knowledge, and the guys got a big kick out of until they got theirs."

Liz laughed, "What do you mean?"

"Well Isabel pierced Alex and Michael, and Tess gave Kyle a tattoo of Bart Simpson mooning."

She looked at him and shook her head, "Kyle came into the cafe today, he told me that she had broken up with you. And that him and her were going out. I almost thought he was joking around at first."

Max shook his head, "I know it sounds weird, but she told me the same thing. She said she realized that she actually felt something with Kyle. And it wasn't something she was made to think, or made me think or feel."

As Liz sat there in her panties and short T-shirt, with Max stroking her back as they talked she felt her insides start warming up. She stroked the hair at the back of his neck the way he liked and she felt his sharp intake of breath against her bare stomach.

She continued to massage his neck and run her fingers in his hair and she almost melted when she felt Max kiss her stomach. He looked up at her slowly and she could see the desire for him written all over his face, and she was sure her eyes mirrored his.

He stood up and kissed her, gently pushing her back on the bed as he did. He laid out the length of her body, molding their curves to one another. Taking her face in his hands he moved his lips from hers to place butterfly kisses on her eyes, cheeks, nose, forehead, and finally he moved his lips above hers as he whispered.

"I do love you Liz, I love you so much."

She took one of his hands in hers and placed it over her heart, "You own this Max, sometimes when I look at you I feel like my heart is beating in time to your name. Like it's calling out Max, Max, Max over and over again."

He kissed her again and this kiss held all of the love and passion they felt for each other.

He felt her hands tugging his shirt up and he moved so she could peel it off of him. Her hands gently moved to cover where his shirt had been. She skimmed his muscles almost in awe. And then moved them to the back as he hugged her tightly to him kissing her breathlessly.

When they came up for air she realized that she was now laying atop him and she moved to sit astride him. Every other time they had been together had been rushed and angry, and she wanted to have them take their time and explore each others bodies this time.

Liz reached for his hands and placed them at the hem of her shirt and then lifted her arms giving him permission to take her shirt off.

He did as she bade and when her shirt was removed he gazed at her in wonderment. How had he been so lucky to have her? He thought.

His hands skimmed over her shoulders gently touching her skin and making her shiver.

Max marveled at the goosebumps that appeared, just because of his touch. He moved his hands down the satiny sides of her ribs and laughed when she jerked and then giggled at being ticklish.

He gripped her hips in his hands and maneuvered them so she was now on the bottom again.

He kissed his way down and around her neck, marveling in the scent and taste of her skin. She tasted like a peach just picked from the sun, she was so warm.

He reached her breasts and cupped one in his hand, his thumb moving and playing with the nipple making it harden.

Max bent his head down and took the hardened nipple deep in his mouth suckling on it, eliciting moans from Liz.

He repeated the action on her other breast, and was rewarded by Liz tangling her hands in his hair urging him even closer to her.

With one hand he reached down and stroked her over her panties, and could feel how wet she was already.

Max stopped what he was doing and moved off the bed, unbuckling his pants and dropping them to the floor.

Liz watched him as he moved and staid on his knees in front of her. He looked down at her body laid out for him, and smiled as he realized he couldn't wait to do what he planned to her. He slowly inched her panties down and off of her. And then settled on his stomach between her legs.

Liz was nervous at first, she didn't know if he was going to like this. She had heard girls discuss how their boyfriends wouldn't do this because they found it gross. But all thoughts flew from her head as Max's tongue started to please her.

Max felt drunk, this was how he had felt when he had taken his first drink. Liz was like an oasis of tastes, it felt like silk against his tongue as he tasted her wetness and he plunged his tongue deeper into her trying to get more of it.

Liz cried out as Max laved her with his tongue, she could feel her insides burning up. And then when Max moved his tongue to her clit and flicked it, she gasped and then came against his mouth.

Max continued to lick and taste every inch of her that he could before he finally looked up at Liz, who was now lying there with her chest heaving and her hands thrown behind her head in wild abandon.

She finally looked at him and smiled shyly. "I can't believe you did that."

He moved up over her and kissed her, "Why not? I love you, and that includes everything about you."

She pulled him in for a deeper kiss, and suddenly both of their hands were moving towards his underwear trying to get them off.

When they were off he placed himself at her entrance, "I need to be with you Liz." He said in an urgent voice.

Liz nodded in understanding, for her need was as great as his right then.

He slowly sank into her depths and when he was finally in her they both sighed at the feeling of being complete with each other. And in a rhythm as old as time Max started moving in her.

He took his time loving her, both of them finally enjoying the feel of the other ones body completely.

And when they reached the height of ecstasy it was together, both of them feeling each others pleasure in the ultimate completion.

As they lay in each others arms later their breathing now back to normal Max ran a hand up and down her back. "Liz?"
"There is one thing I said that I don't take back."
She leaned on her elbow and looked at him, "And what was that?"
He smiled, "You are mine and no one else's." He pulled her mouth down to his for a kiss.