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Title: Fighting Destiny
Author: Jenn
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Characters of Roswell. They belong to the WB and Melinda Mertz, I’m just borrowing them for a little while.
Rating: PG to NC-17
Summary: This takes place right after Destiny. Nothing in Season 2 has happened, thus far. I might include some things in this story, I’m not sure yet.

Author’s Note: This fic is pretty much from Max’s POV. It will change sometimes but I promise to tell you who’s POV it is when the time comes. I need feedback or I won’t continue this.
The story just popped into my head while I was on break at work. I hope you all like it! Enjoy! Jenn

Part 1:

Michael grabbed my arm trying to stop me. Doesn’t he understand that my heart, my very reason for living is walking away from me? Probably not, I mean this is Michael I’m talking about here. You know “Stone Wall Guerin!” It seems like he doesn’t know HOW to feel sometimes. All his life he’s pushed people away, never getting too close to anyone so of course he wouldn’t understand why I’ve got to go after her.
I struggle against his arm trying to break free. I’ve got to get to Liz!
“Liz! Liz, stop PLEASE!”
She keeps on walking. She won’t turn around. Doesn’t she know how much that hurts? I’m sure she does, she just doesn’t want me to know how bad she’s hurting.
“Get off me!” I yell at Michael.
He won’t let go. “Max, just let her go,” he says.
“I can’t Michael. She’s my life. She’s the only reason I am alive and sane right now. LET ME GO!”
Michael drops his grip on my arm. I don’t exactly know what I said that made him do it, and honestly I don’t care. All I care about is getting to Liz.
“Max! You can’t do this. You heard your mother! We are meant to be together!” I hear Tess yelling.
I don’t respond, I can’t, I need to get to Liz so I just keep running. I want to turn around and tell her to Shut Up, but Liz is my top priority right now. I’ve got to make her see that we can still be together. There has to be a way.
“Shut up Tess! We make our own Destiny!” I hear Isabel yell. I almost laugh but I manage to control myself. I can just picture the Gerbil’s face.
I can see Liz in the distance. She is sitting on the ground with her head in her hands. I know she’s crying and it breaks my heart.
I walk up to her quietly because I’m afraid that she’ll run again. I sit down next to her and quietly say her name.
She gasps, “Max”
“Please don’t run again. We can work this out Liz, I know we can.”
“I don’t know Max there’s too much at stake now. You’ve got a whole planet of people depending on you. I can’t get in they way of that.
“Liz, you are what keeps me grounded, well balanced really. I only want you Liz. I’ve wanted YOU since the 3rd grade. That has to mean something.”
“I don’t know what it means, but you are meant to be with Tess. Your mother said it therefore it has to be true.”
“Liz look at me,” I plead with her.
She turns her head and our eyes meet. My mother always said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and she was right. I’ve already seen into Liz’s soul and it’s beautiful. She is so kind, caring, strong, and brave, that’s what I love about her.
“Liz, that was what used to be. I will never LOVE Tess, NEVER! My heart has always belonged to you! Please don’t throw that love, and our special bond away.”
I don’t let her finish. I kiss her and our connection opens immediately. I can feel everything that she does, confusion, hurt, hope, and above all Love. I feel this overwhelming love that she has for me.
I send her everything I’m feeling too. Hurt, because she walked away, confusion, from what my mother said, disgust that Tess thinks she belongs with me, and all the love I have for her.
I can feel her melting against me, her resolve slipping.
“Max,” she sighs.
“I love you,” I tell her.
“I love you too,” she tells me. My heart soars at those words. I know now that things will be Ok. Now, all we’ve got to do is fix everything between our friends. That is going to be almost impossible.
“Are you sure that we’ll be able to do this?” she asks me.
“It will be difficult at times, but all relationships have problems. But I know that as long as we stick together we’ll be all right.”
“I hope you’re right.”
Me too, I think. I don’t voice my fears because she’s worried enough as it is. “Let’s go get the others and get out of here.”
“All right let’s go.”
I stand up and offer her my hand. She takes it and I help her to her feet. We walk back to the Pod Chamber to pick up Michael, Isabel, and Tess. I take her hand in mine and give her a reassuring smile. She smiles back at me and I know just how good things are going to be.
Tess glares at us as we walk back towards the group. Isabel smiles, I know that she is happy for Liz and I, and I can see a trace of a smile on Michael’s face. There appears to be a glimmer of hope in his eyes. I know he loves Maria, he’s just too afraid to admit it.
“Come on lets get back to town and tell everyone what happened.”
“Um, Maxwell? Aren’t we forgetting something?” Michael asks me.
“Huh? What did we forget?”
“The orbs. Don’t we want to keep them with us, or would you rather leave them in the Pod Chamber?”
“Shoot. Ok, hold on a sec.” I say taking Liz with me.
Michael, Isabel, and Tess follow. I pick up one of the orbs and Liz picks up the other one. Just as we are about to turn around and leave another blue light appears.

Part 2:

My head turns towards Liz and she is looking at me too. The look on her face is a mix of fascination and fear. I understand everything she is feeling because I’m feeling the same things too. Why did the orbs activate when we picked them up? There are so many questions running through my mind at this particular moment.
I can hear Isabel gasp and I turn my head towards her. Tess has gone deathly pale and she has a look of sheer fright on her face. I wonder what that is all about. Michael looks intrigued, but he’s been pushing for answers for as long as I can remember so this has definitely got to be exciting for him.
My attention is turned back to the blue glow because I hear Liz gasp. The hologram is there again, the one of my mother. She really is quite beautiful, she reminds me of Isabel.
“My children, if you are seeing this message that means that you’ve found one another again, and my heart is rejoicing. You have found the second four square, and your other halves. My son, you have always known in your heart who she was, you always did. Even on our world, you knew her long before any of us knew that she existed. I still remember the day you came to our chamber, your father’s and mine and told us that you’ve found her. We were quite confused and asked you who, and you told us, you had found your love. Both your father and I were overjoyed because your father was ill and you would have to take over the reign soon, and both of us felt that you should have a wife. As soon as we had met her we knew you both would be happy forever. She was kind, gentle, caring, and above all brave. She always thought of others before herself and would sacrifice her happiness to make sure others were safe, loved, or just happy themselves. I had falling for her immediately, as did your sister. They bonded and became inseparable. Everyone celebrated your wedding day and the whole kingdom rejoiced in your marriage. They were all happy with the choice you made for our new Queen, and they’re many songs about her on our planet. There is much more to tell you but now is not the time. There is a different message stored in here for each of you and your other halves. You both must be using the orbs to hear it. My son, there is more that you need to know, and it is stored in the orb. You will never hear the same message twice so you can end a message whenever you want to. The next time you use the orb the message will start from where you left off. I’m so proud of all of you, and my heart is filled with joy and love that you have found your dearest love. Keep her safe and love her well, that is all I ask.”
I dropped my orb into the bag that Michael was holding and Liz did the same. We had just found out a lot of information and we needed to go home and tell the others. Isabel walked up to Liz and I and wrapped her arms around Liz.
“I’m so sorry about the way I treated you in the beginning of all of this, but I just wanted to let you know it wasn’t because I couldn’t trust you. I was jealous of you. You had everything that I wanted, you had real friends who you could trust with anything, and then you had my brothers love. I was afraid I was going to lose him to you, but now I now how silly that notion really is. He will always love me, just as I will always love him, but now I gain a sister in law. Well not legally yet, but in my heart you will always be, and in a way I knew that you always were, my sister.” Isabel tells Liz.
Liz sniffles and hugs Isabel back. “Thank you Isabel that really means a lot to me. I always tried to be your friend, even back in the forth grade, but you just wouldn’t let me get close enough. Even then I must have known in my subconscious that we had a strong bond.”
I take Liz’s hand and she gives mine a little squeeze. “Well, lets get going, I’m sure Maria, Alex, and the Sheriff have a lot of questions for us,” I say heading to the entrance.
“Max? Can the rest of us try the orbs tomorrow?” Michael asks me.
I nod my head. I know the answers that the orbs hold are very important to Michael, and I wouldn’t deny my “Brother” anything. We walk to the jeep and I climb into the drivers seat. Isabel, Michael, and Tess jump in the back and Liz takes shotgun. Tess wanted to sit up front but one look from me and Michael and she scampered off into the back. I still can’t believe that she still believes we are meant to be together, I mean after what my mother just said, she still thinks we are supposed to be married. I think he destiny book was full of crap, or it was just showing us that we are paired in the four square together because we are strongest that way.
I pull up in front of the Crashdown and we all get out. I can see Maria and Alex sitting in our usual booth and the Sheriff and Kyle are sitting at the counter. I totally forgot about Kyle. He’s going to need an explanation on what happened today. I mean I saved his life, he was shot. Liz and I walk in hand in hand and I know Maria notices this. Her face lights up in a huge smile. I think she realizes that if Liz and I are still together then she and Michael can still be too. I see her look in Michael’s direction with hope reflecting in her eyes. After a couple of minutes she looks down at the table. I look over at Michael and he’s got an unreadable expression on his face.
“What the hell are you doing? I know you are in love with her, go over there and let her know it,” I whisper to him.
He looks at me and smiles. He doesn’t say anything he just walks up to Maria. Alex takes the hint and gets up. Maria notices Alex leaving the table and lifts her head up. She looks right at Michael and raises and eyebrow. That is such a typical Maria thing to do, I think.
I watch as Michael slides into the seat across from her. He takes her hands into his own and says something. I’m too far away to hear what he’s saying but I can see her face break out into a killer smile so I know he has told her that he loves her.
Isabel walks over to Alex and hugs him. I can see her whispering something in his ear and then his arms wrap tightly around her. My brotherly instincts kick into high gear and I start to walk over to them but Liz tugs on my hand. I look down at her and she shakes her head no. I understand what she’s telling me, and I know she’s right. Izzy needs Alex, he brings out the best in her.
Tess stands around by herself not really quite sure where she fits in all of this. I can see her stealing looks at Kyle though. I wonder what could possibly be going on between those too.
The Sheriff looks at me and I nod my head. “Ok, people we’ve got a lot to discuss and I’m a little tired so lets get this over with as quickly as possible,” I say.
We all sit down around the diner and I begin telling the tale. Michael, Isabel, Tess, and Liz jump in occasionally to fill in any gaps that I might have left out and after we are all finished I look around the room.
Maria has a look of surprise and compassion on her face. I know that the compassion is for Liz, and the surprise is from the second message. Alex looks intrigued, the Sheriff is stunned, and Kyle looks lost.
“I’ll explain everything later Kyle,” his dad tells him.
Kyle nods his head at his dad and looks in my direction. He seems to have a new respect for me.
“So do I have to call you Your Highness now?” he asks me.
I start laughing, “Only if you want to Kyle.”
Everyone laughs at this, the tension broken. I tell everyone that we are going to try the orbs tomorrow with everyone there to see what other messages are stored in it. I want to find out what else my mother has to tell me, but I know how much Michael needs answers so I’ll let him go first. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a busy day.
“All right, I suggest we all go home get some sleep and meet back here bright and early so we can get started on this whole finding answers thing!” I tell everyone.
Everybody nods his or her heads and we start to walk to the door. I give Liz a kiss goodbye, and tell her that I love her. She tells me she loves me too and I walk out the door.
The sheriff and Kyle are just about to get in their car, and I stop them. “I think that you and Kyle should come with us too Sheriff. I have a feeling that Kyle may be more involved in this then either one of us know.”
“How do you know this Max?” the sheriff asks me.
“It’s just a hunch, but I think he may be Tess’s other half,” I say walking to my jeep. “Remember tomorrow at 9:30 right here!”


Part 3:

Max and the other’s have just left and I’m more confused now then I was before. If Max and I were married and are supposed to be together how come Tess came in spouting all this Destiny crap! Who the hell is Tess Harding anyway!
I know thoughts like this are going to plague me all night so sleep is pretty much useless. I almost want to go to the Evans’ and wake Max up and finish that message from his mother. I know I have to be patient and wait until tomorrow, but it’s just so darned hard. For a moment there I thought my whole entire life was over. I mean Max’s mother told him about his Destiny, and I knew that I, Liz Parker, a no named small town girl from Roswell had no place in it.
Of course he had to come after me and argue with me until I came back with him. Not that I’m complaining mind you, but it hurt to hear that message. I mean deep within myself, in my heart, I knew that the message was either false or we all took it the wrong way. I knew this because I’ve always felt this pull towards Max, even in the thrid grade. There was something about him, and back then I couldn’t put my finger on it, but now I know. He and I are true soul mates, just like Grandma Claudia used to tell me about.

I close my journal and head back through my window. My bed just doesn’t seem inviting just now so I think I’ll take a shower. I regulate the water until it’s the perfect degree and climb in.
I hope this hot water takes away my sore muscles. I know they are tight due to all the stress I’ve had to endure, but I mean what girl wouldn’t have gotten stressed. I was kidnapped by a crazy shapshifting alien who pretened to be Max, and then Max was taken and tortured by the FBI. We barely escaped them and then I hear a message that he and Tess are supposed to be together. Of course I then heard a message that contradicted that, so I’m even more confused.
I jump out of the shower before my skin wrinkles up and warp myself in my robe. I flip the switch on my radio and “Before Me and You” by Shedaisy comes on the radio. Even though this is a country song, I love it. I guess a little of Maria is rubbing off on me! I start to sing along with the radio my spirits brighting because it’s a song that describes my relationship with Max perfectly.

Every kiss before this
Was nothing but a waste o f breath
And every I love you was just a whoop-de-doo
Never knew what I missed before this

Da, doo, doo, doo
Ooo, Ooo

And every love song before you came along
Was always about someone else
Oh, and every star was just a wish too far
Always a realist, yeah, before this

And the way things go, you’ll never know
Where love will lead you to
And everything we’ve ever dreamed
Lies before me and you

People say, it’s not everyday
That you find the perfect fit
But when I found you I found the other shoe
Cupid was a myth before this
(Repeat Chorus)

Da, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Da, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Da, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Yeah, before me
Me and You

My eyes mist over after the song ends. It’s so beautiful and so true. Everything was different before Max. I never really knew what Love was, and now that I do know, I don’t ever want to lose it. I will fight for him, and that’s that. I will not let Tess have him!
Ok, I’m tired now and I’ve got to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for us and I’ve got to be rested to find out what else the orbs hold in store of us!

Part 4:

I walk up to the Crashdown and open the door. I can see Liz inside sipping Orange Juice. She looks so beautiful my breath catches in my throat. She doesn’t see me yet so I just stand her and admire her beauty. She finally looks up as if she can sense my thoughts and smiles at me. I can do nothing but smile back before sliding into the booth next to her. We are waiting for everyone else to show up so I order a cup of coffee.
Michael walks in next. He looks anxious and excited. If he were a stuffed animal he would be just about to bust his seams right now! It’s actually kind of funny, and I have to keep myself from laughing out loud. He sees Liz and I and comes over to the table.
“Hi Michael,” Liz says.
“Hey, Liz, Max,” he replies nodding to each of us.
“Hey Michael. Are you ready for this?”
“Yes, and no! I mean I’m really excited that I will be able to get some answers but I’m also afraid of what I’m going to find out,” he confesses.
Just then Maria sits down. “Don’t worry Space Boy, I’ll be right there with ya, so we’ll deal with it together,” she tells him.
He flashes her a rare smile before capturing her lips with his own. Liz raises an eyebrow at me and I realize that I forgot to kiss her hello. I lean over and brush my lips against hers and she sighs into my mouth. I pull back slightly and whisper, “Well, Michael came up before I could say hello properly.”
She giggles and the four of us make small talk while we are waiting for the others. “Hey how come Isabel didn’t come with you?” Maria asks me.
“She wanted to wait for Alex,” I tell her.
“Oh, I understand,” she says wiggling her eyebrows up and down.
I just shake my head, that girl is so weird sometimes. Isabel, Alex, and Tess come in next and the Sheriff and Kyle are close behind them. After everyone is there Liz runs into the back and grabs a picnic basket and we head out the door.
I take the lead with Isabel and Alex in the Jeep. The sheriff is behind me with Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Tess in his truck. We figured that taking two cars would be better then having like four of them out there so that’s what we did.
I pull off the road and drive out to the rock formation that holds the Pod Chamber. I’m not sure if we have to do this in there or not, but I wanted to be close to it just in case. Michael comes out of the Truck holding Maria’s hand. Isabel and Alex are already on their way up to the entrance.
They stop outside to wait for the rest of us. Kyle, Maria, Alex, and the Sheriff seem a little apprehensible about going inside so I try to calm them down. “I know you guys haven’t been here before, and it might seem strange at first, but trust me there is nothing in here that is going to hurt you.”
I wave my hand over the stone and a handprint shows up. I then place my hand over it and the wall slides open. I can hear the gasps behind me but I ignore them and lead the way inside. I’m relieved when I see everyone in the chamber. The door closes by itself and we spread out across the room.
Everyone looks at me for guidance. Sometimes it really sucks being the leader. Liz squeezes my hand to let me know she is there if I need her. I smile down at her in thanks and go into leader role.
“Ok, um, here’s the deal. Michael since I know how important these answers are to you, why don’t you go first.”
Michael looks at me with wonder and awe in his eyes. “Are you sure Max? I mean you and Liz never did finish hearing your message yesterday, you two should go first.”
“No Michael, I know how much you need the answers. I mean yes, I’m dying to find out what else my mother has to say, but I want you to go first.”
He smiles and picks an orb out of the bag. I see Maria walk forward confidently and take out the other one. This time instead of a blue light there is a yellow one.
My mother appears once again. “Ah, Rath, it has been a long time. I do not know what your earth names are so please forgive me. If you are seeing this message then you have found your other half as well. This makes me very happy because if you have found your other half then you have also found your brother!”
We all gasp at that. Michael has a brother, how come we never knew about that!
“You were both separated and hidden because of the dangers. I couldn’t separate my children because I knew Vilandra would need her brother. There were so many rumors going around the palace and I knew that if she ever remembered her past she would need Zan to help her sort them out. Your brother was such a wonderful person, always laughing and cracking jokes. He kept you all sane in times of trouble. You will know him immediately, and I just pray that you have found him already.”
I saw Michael look directly at Alex. Alex was also looking at Michael with an unreadable expression on his face. Michael smirked and Alex started laughing. I guess we figured out who his brother is.
“There is a message stored in this orb for you and your brother. I hope it will answer many of your questions. Now, I know you have found the other half of your heart because you wouldn’t be seeing this message if you hadn’t. I can almost be sure that the two of you fight constantly, causing your friends to groan. You did the same thing here on Antar. You drove all of us crazy, but that was your own special way of flirting. I will never forget the day you asked for my husbands blessing in marring your sweet Delia. She was very beautiful and full of fire. That is what I liked about her. You had already gotten your parents blessing as well as hers, but because you valued my husband’s opinion so much you asked for his blessing too. Zan and Vonnie were so happy for you and Delia, they only wanted to see you happy. My husband gave his consent and you were married shortly there after. I will not tell you too much about your lives now, as it may be too much and too distressing. I will only tell the happy things for now, the details of your demise will be saved for a later date. Love you Delia well my son, she is a very special woman.”
Michael and Maria put the orbs down and looked around the room. Everyone’s face pretty much matched Michael and Maria’s, full of surprise and confusion.
Michael walks up to Alex and they both look at one another before embracing one another. “I can’t believe I actually have a brother here on Earth with me! How cool is that!” Michael says.
I see Alex start to laugh, “Yeah tell me about it! I mean I get the Stone Wall as a brother!”
Michael glares at him, “Hey man I was just kidding, you know joke, things brothers do!” Alex said.
Michael started laughing, “Calm down Alex, I was just messing with you.”
Alex’s face relaxed. “Thank God! I mean, you do have that cool energy blast power and stuff so I just had to make sure.”
“Who goes next?” Tess asked.
“Well, I guess that’s up to you guys. Liz and I will go after everyone else has heard something since we heard part of our message yesterday,” I tell her.
She looks grateful. “I know that Alex and Isabel are a couple but who’s my other half?”
“Well, I have a theory,” I say. “I think Kyle is your other half.”
She just looks at me with surprise etched on her face before stealing a glance at Kyle. His face is full of surprise too. “Do you really think so?” Kyle asks.
“Yeah I really do,” I tell him.
“Why don’ t you and Kyle go next Tess. Alex and I can wait until you are done, besides I think Michael wants to bond with his brother a little longer,” Isabel says.
I see Tess smile at Isabel and look at Kyle. He nods his head and they walk up to the orbs.
They each pick one up and a red light emanated from it and my mother appeared again.


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Still Max’s POV!

Part 5:

I watch with interest as Tess and Kyle hold the orbs. This time there is a red glow. My mother appears again and I know my assumptions concerning Tess and Kyle are correct.
“Ava, my dearest Ava, you have finally found your happiness. Your time together was so short on our planet due to the war, and your untimely demise, but it’s good to know that you have found one another again. I know that you probably don’t remember much about your time on our planet but the two of you were very much in love. Ava darling your sister Sabine married our Zan, and you could never have been happier. Sabine couldn’t leave you at home because she knew how lonely you would have been and asked if you could move into the palace with us. Of course we said yes, and you and my daughter became the best of friends. You three girls were inseparable, well Zan could separate you because all he had to do was look at Sabine and she would follow him anywhere.”
“God, sounds like the two of you now!” Isabel said.
“Shut up Izzy,” I hiss blushing.
“It was in the palace that you met Lazarus, or Laz as we all called him. He was one of Zan and Rath’s best friends and skilled warrior. The attraction was instantaneous and very mutual. I remember Laz coming to ask me who you were. He was very curious and wanted to get to know you. Your courtship was short, but anyone could see that you two loved one another fiercely. By now my husband was taken from us by his illness and you asked Zan for his blessing on your marriage. Zan gave it readily and you two were married by the next full moon. The ceremony was beautiful and we all rejoiced. Soon after your wedding day the war broke out and all the men were called to duty. I will leave this story here as the rest you are not ready for. Remember your love for one another and hold it dear to your hearts. It will guide you through the toughest of times.”
My mother disappeared after that and Tess, and Kyle put the orbs down. “Lazarus huh?” Tess said nudging Kyle.
“Hey I think it’s a pretty cool name. I’ve got Laz for a nickname, it sounds like a warrior’s name,” Kyle says grinning.
I can’t help but smile back. He’s taking this pretty well I think since it was all thrown at him yesterday. I look over at the Sheriff who seems to be confused.
“Is there something wrong Sheriff?” I ask.
“Well, yeah, I’ve got one question. How can Kyle be one of you if I was there when my wife had him? She was pregnant and we were in the delivery room together. Liz, Alex, and Maria too, I was there, well not in the delivery room, but I saw their mother’s and they were all pregnant.”
“I don’t know Sheriff, but I’m sure there’s an explanation in these orbs somewhere. We’ve just got to get to them.”
I know Isabel is anxious to go next so I figure she and Alex can go and then we’ll break for lunch. I tell everyone this and they all agree. I watch Isabel take a deep breath and walk up to the orbs. Alex is already standing there waiting for her.
I watch as Alex picks up an orb with out hesitation, and Isabel does the same. They hold the orbs in their hands and a purple light is omitted from them.
“My lovely Vilandra, how I wish I could actually gaze upon your beauty. I have missed you so much my daughter. I hope that you are happy on Earth, and that have found happiness with the life you are to lead. I know that you have found Kearnin.”
I can hear Tess giggle. “I’m sorry, but Kearnin just sounds so Irish!”
We all laugh a little but our attention is brought back to the message.
“Your attraction was a strong one, and I’m afraid that Zan almost stopped it from happening. He never thought that anyone would be good enough for his little sister and grilled poor Kearnin until I was sure he would give up all together. But Kearnin was stronger then anyone gave him credit for. He and Zan became good friends and after a while Zan cracked and allowed Kearnin court you. I will never forget that day. You were so happy and there was a wonderful glow about you. Kearnin took his time courting you so as not to anger Zan, and you were more then happy taking things slowly. You confided in me once, that it took time to know what was in your heart, and when you were ready you and Kearnin bonded, or wedded as the Earthlings call it. We were all so happy but none was more happy then Zan. In his eyes Kearnin proved himself worthy of your love by not giving up when the going got tough. You see Vilandra, Zan loved you more then anything, well Sabine was slightly above you, but she was his wife after all. He only wanted the best for you and Kearnin proved himself to be the best. My heart rejoices that you and he have found one another again. This also means that Rath has found his brother, which also makes me happy. Kearnin, take care of my beautiful baby, and return her safely to my waiting arms. Vilandra love him well, you two deserve one another.”
Then our mother disappeared. Isabel dropped her orb and covered her face with her hands. I knew that she was crying and I went to comfort her but I wasn’t fast enough. Alex must have heard her crying too because he dropped his orb and wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair.
“What’s wrong Isabel?” Alex asked her.
“Nothing, it’s just, I miss her so much Alex, and I don’t even know her. I feel guilty for missing her because it makes me feel like my mother didn’t do a good enough job raising me. I love Diane Evans and she is the best mom in the whole world, but I want to see my own mother, my real mother, with my own eyes. I want to hug her and tell her all about my life on Earth. I want her to kiss my cheek and tell me everything is going to work out just fine,” Isabel sobbed.
I watch Alex wrap my sister tighter into his arms looking a little lost. I walk up to them and tap Izzy on the shoulder. She looks up and throws herself into my arms. “Why can’t we go home Max?”
“I don’t know Isabel, I don’t know! Come on lets get some fresh air and take a breather from all this information. Liz packed a wonderful lunch and we could all use some sunlight.”
I wave my hand over the rocks near the entrance and place my hand on the handprint. The door opens and we all walk out. Liz and I walk hand in hand to the jeep and get the picnic basket out of the car. Sheriff Valenti grabs a blanket out of his truck and spreads it across the ground. We all sit down and start eating. I watch as Michael and Alex talk about doing some brotherly bonding next weekend, and Tess and Liz plan a sister’s outing. Maria looks a little sad watching our friends making plans with one another’s siblings. I feel bad for her too because she still is an only child.
We finish lunch and I pull a Frisbee out of my car. We all play a little game to release some tension before heading back to the Pod Chamber. Once we get inside everyone finds a spot to sit and Liz and I walk up to the orbs. She looks at me and smiles. That smile that warms my heart, I can feel my legs truing to jelly and I have to look away or else I’ll fall. I grab her hand and squeeze it before picking up my orb.
I watch Liz pick up hers and the familiar blue light appears again. Once again my mother’s image is before us. I wonder if there are any other images stored in the orbs or if it’s only my mother.
“My lovely Sabine and my darling Zan. There is so much to tell you. But before I forget, when I was making the messages I forgot to tell Delia and Lazarus that they are brother and sister. I didn’t want either of them to think that they were alone. I saved your message for last and I realized what a mistake I had made, so I wanted to make it right.”
I look at Maria and she has a smile on her face. I can tell she’s relieved to know she’s not alone and Kyle is smiling too. The way things are going with the Sheriff and Maria’s mom, they might just be siblings on Earth too!
“I have given you all the happy details and now all that is left to tell is the hardships. They will be difficult to hear and as I said before you can stop the message anytime you want. When you decide to listen again, the message will begin where it was cut off.”
I look at Liz and silently ask her if she wants to continue. She nods her head and we both look around the room at our friends. They each nod their heads so Liz and I proceed.
“My son, you were a great leader and a fair king. We had been a peace with the surrounding planets, and they all loved you as king. All but one, Nazertine, he ruled the planet of Randor the planet next to us on the right. He was a harsh governor and you were trying to have him removed from power. He sent his son Kivar as ambassador to Antar and you, along with Rath, Kearnin, and Lazarus met with him and his ensemble of people. He tried to plead with you to leave his father as governor telling you all the achievements he had made. You then told him all that you knew about his reign as governor, and how he misuses his power. How he favors the wealthy diplomats and cares nothing for his other people. You then tell Kivar to go home and tell his father that he will be overthrown as governor. You were going to assemble the other governors of all the planets together and there would be a vote. Little did we know that those actions would be the beginning of the end for your reign as King.”

Max & Liz: Blue Max: Zan
Isabel & Alex: Purple Liz: Sabine
Michael& Maria: Yellow Michael: Rath
Tess & Kyle: Red Maria: Delia
Isabel & Max: White Isabel: Vilandra
Liz & Tess: Pink Alex: Kearnin
Alex & Michael: Green Tess: Ava
Maria & Kyle: Orange Kyle: Lazarus (Laz)

Part 6:

I can hear the collective gasp from around the room. What did my mother mean the beginning of the end of my Reign as King? I drop my orb causing the message to stop. Liz looks at me with concern etched across her beautiful face. My hands are shaking and I can’t stop them.
Isabel walks up to me. “Max, we don’t have to finish this today, we can come back at a later date and hear the rest of the messages.”
“No, I have to find out what mistakes I made in the past so I won’t make them again Isabel. It was just a shock to know that one mistake was my downfall, well our downfalls actually.”
“Well, we can take a break and you can continue a little later. You know if you aren’t ready to hear the rest of that message yet.”
“Yeah, I think that might actually be a good thing. Maybe the others should hear their sibling messages first.” I look at Liz, “Do you mind?”
“No of course not. I don’t want you to do or listen to anything you aren’t ready for yet,” she tells me.
I smile at her and give her a kiss on the cheek. My hands are still shaking and she takes both of my hands into hers and we sit down.
I watch as our friends look at one another trying to decide who gets to go first. In the end Maria and Kyle walk up to the orbs and get ready to listen to their next message.
Kyle picks up the orbs and hands one to Maria. She holds onto it and this time an Orange glow is produced. We all watch with interested eyes as someone other then my mother appears in front of us.
This woman is beautiful, she’s got hair that’s the shade of Maria’s but warm brown eyes like Kyle. She is a mix of both of them, and you can tell how proud she was of her children.
“Delia and Lazarus, my babies. It has been so long, well not that I can actually see you, but to know that you are hearing me and gazing upon my person makes me very happy. There is so much to tell you, I just hope that I have enough time. I hope that your lives on Earth are happy ones. We didn’t know whom you would end up with, or how your protectors were going to integrate you into the world. Well I think Lady Athena does, but she never told the rest of us. I think that they feel the less we know the safer you all will be. I don’t know if you remember anything about your old lives on our planet, but you were both loved well by your father and I. Lazarus you inherited your father’s strong spirit, and his wisdom as well. Your coloring comes from your father as well, except for your eyes. Those you inherited from me. Delia got your father’s eyes, they were always bright green and full of laughter. Delia was always pulling pranks on everyone, and loved to have fun. She was a free spirit. Delia you did have a tendency to overreact over little things but that was what made you so irresistible. You both were dependable and worked well in a crisis. Zan trusted you with his life many times Laz, and you took your job as his protector seriously. You swore that nothing would happen to the king as long as you were on watch. But, sometimes we cannot keep the promises that we make. I am not permitted to talk about what happened with you as Lady Athena wants to be the one to tell all of you children what happed that night. Please take care of one another, and watch out for all of your friends. Delia try not to give Rath such a hard time on Earth as you did here on Antar, and Laz make your beautiful Ava happy. Even though your time together here was short you loved each other with a passion that was only rivaled by our king and queen. Take good care of her son and be careful with her heart because a woman’s heart is a very precious thing.”
We watched as Maria and Kyle’s mother disappeared and they dropped their orbs. Kyle turned to Maria and pulled her into a hug. “She’s beautiful, just like you!” he exclaimed.
“It’s so weird to hear about a life that I’ve got no memory of, and to hear about people that I don’t remember. Our mother seemed familiar but at the same time she seemed so completely foreign. I can’t explain it.”
“Well, your mother named all the qualities that you still have to this day! I guess we are all pretty much the same as we were on Antar!” Alex exclaimed.
“Yeah, we all know how much Maria can freak out about things!” Liz said laughing.
I couldn’t help it I laughed too. Maria blushed a little but, “Shut up you guys!”
Michael stood up next. I knew that he wanted to see what his mother, or whoever it was that made the message form him and Alex had to say. Alex gets up and stands next to Michael. He looks over at me and I nod my head telling him to go ahead, I’ll wait.
They pick up the orbs and a Green light appears. Their father appears in front of them and we gasp at how much Alex looks like him. He’s got black hair and he’s built more like Alex then like Michael.
“My sons, I’m so happy that you were able to find one another again! I know what you are thinking Rath, I look nothing like my father! Well, you were graced with the coloring and stature of your mother’s side of the family. Rath you and Zan both trained together because you always wanted to be part of the royal army. You mother was against it at first but I persuaded her to let you. Now I almost wish I hadn’t, but that is all in the past and there is nothing I can do about it now. You were always strong willed and stubborn much like your mother, so I believe you would have run away and enlisted if we hadn’t allowed it. Kearnin you were the thinker. You see where Rath would just run out and do something, you would sit down and think rationally about it before plunging ahead. You balanced your brother quite nicely. After Rath had become Prince Zan’s second in command, a position we were proud of him for getting, you went to the palace to visit him. That was where you met and fell in love with Vilandra. I remember you writing to us about her beauty and how she made you feel inside. You also wrote how Zan was making it difficult for you to court her. He didn’t feel you were worthy of her love, but you told your mother and I that you planned to prove him wrong, and you did. We were very happy the day you two were married. You became one of Zan’s most trusted advisors and helped him plan many contingency plans in the war against the Skins. Rath, I will never forget the day you brought Delia home. Your mother and I were taken with her immediately. Not only were you this grand solider, but you managed to find the love of a special woman. We could tell how strongly you felt for one another and were very happy the day you were joined. I only hope that you have found them again on Earth, they completed you and I had never seen either of you as happy as I did after you met them. Your mother sends her love, and we hope to see you both soon!”
Their father faded and they dropped the orbs. “Wow! I can’t believe Max gave you such a hard time about dating Isabel!” Michael laughed.
“Yeah well I guess I could be as stubborn as you man!” Alex retorted laughing as well.
“Watch it Whitman, I just might make you pass a test to date my sister again!” I teased.
“Well I proved myself in my other life, I will definitely do it again!” he said.
“You don’t have to prove yourself to me, I already know what kind of man you are. The very best, just like Michael!”
“Thanks man,” he tells me.
I get up grabbing Liz’s hand. I need to hear the rest of my mother’s message, and it’s now or never. Liz realizes this and shakes her head at Tess who wanted to go next. Tess knows that this is important to me too so she sits back down next to Kyle. I pick up my orb and Liz picks up hers and we wait for my mother to appear again.
“Kivar went back to Randor and gave his father your message. You called a mandatory meeting for all of the governors and head it in the palace. Sabine and Vilandra sat in on the meeting with you. Nazertine brought Kivar with him as well. The governors listened to both of you and voted to have Nazertine removed. He went ballistic and vowed to have revenge. Kivar was a stupid naive child and believed his father to be right. He promised to make you pay for disgracing his father the way you did. I believe he fancied himself in love with Vilandra because he kept sending her love letters and gifts that she would just throw out. But the rumor mills were going and it was said that she was having an affair with him. Kearnin questioned her about it once and she broke down sobbing telling him about the letters and the gifts. She swore that she threw them all out and Kearnin believed her because their love was so powerful, he knew that she would never need to look for love elsewhere. He promised that they would get to the bottom of all of this and make it go away. Kearnin came to you and told you about all that was going on. You told him that you knew and you were trying to fix it, but Kivar formed an alliance with a rebel group of aliens and you had to flush them out. At this point Sabine had gotten ill, well we thought she was ill, and you were worried sick about her as well as finding Kivar. He had allied himself with a powerful man named Nicholas and together they were waging war on us. Some of our subject feared that you wouldn’t be able to handle it, and joined the rebellion. We had all the doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with Sabine and it turned out that she was with child, and not ill. You were overjoyed, the both of you, and you vowed to make everything safe before you child was born. Of course you child was never born because the palace was under attack. Someone on the inside betrayed you, we still don’t know who it was, and I believe it was Sabine’s lady in waiting because she was always jealous of the two of you. Anyway Kivar and Nicholas stormed the palace and killed Rath and Delia first. They then found Ava and Lazarus, after killing them Kearnin was the next one they ran across. Vilandra came into the room just as Kivar blasted him. I still remember her screams filling the halls. I tried to get to her but my bodyguards pulled me in the other direction. They told me that I was the only one who could save them. I knew of the scientists who were experimenting with recreating, or cloning, people with their essences, so I had to go. It pained me to leave you all, but I was the only one who could bring the fallen back. The last thing I saw was Vilandra being struck down after she spit in Kivar’s face. Zan you were with Sabine celebrating the news of knowing she was with child when Kivar and Nicholas barged into your room. Nicholas held poor Sabine hostage and you tried to get to her but you couldn’t. Nicholas killed your love and when she died you died with her. Kivar saw how weak you had become because you expressed your grief and he taunted you before killing you.”
I drop my orb again, this is too much, I can’t listen to it anymore. I fall to the ground and drop my head to my knees. I can’t control my tears. They just keep falling. Liz, my beautiful Liz, was going to have our child and she was killed by a heartless bastard because I made a bad judgment call. I can feel her arms wrap around me as she tries to get me to look at her.
“Max, please look at me,” she pleads with me.
I know that my friends are all worried about me but I cannot help but feel this grief. They were all killed because of me! How can I live with myself.
“Max please,” Liz’s anguished cry causes me to look up.
I can see the tears streaming down her face. I know this is hard on her too. She had just found out that she was with child before she was brutally murdered. I gather her up in my arms and we both sob for a child that we were never able to hold and love.
“I think we should wait until a later date to find out anything else. What we’ve learned today was a lot and very emotionally draining,” I can vaguely hear Isabel say.
She gathers the orbs up and puts them back in the bag. “Come on you guys, Alex will drive the jeep.”
I get up without even thinking about it and follow everyone out of the chamber. I carry Liz because she is still crying and I sit us in the back of the jeep. I am determined to keep her in my arms for as long as possible and Alex starts to drive home. I can’t help but think about everything my mother had told me, and I wonder if there was anything I could have done differently. I guess I will never know and that will haunt me forever.

Part 7:

I didn’t see anything as we drove back to Roswell because my thoughts were consumed with the fact that I lost my child. I know it seems weird to morn for a child that you never knew, but deep within my heart I vaguely remember what it was like knowing that I was going to be a father. It was an amazing feeling.
Liz is still trying to calm herself down. She stopped crying a little while ago but I can still feel her taking deep ragged breaths. I can’t even imagine how Liz is feeling, I mean she just found out that she was pregnant and killed within hours of finding out the good news.
My guilt will eat away at me forever because I’m sure that there was something else I could have done to prevent all of this from happening. I killed not only the love of my life, but my unborn child, my sister her husband, my best friend and his wife, and my wife’s sister and her husband. I’ve killed so many people, granted it was unintentional but I killed them nonetheless.
“Max,” Liz whispers.
“Yeah,” I reply.
“I know that you feel guilty, and don’t try to deny it, I know you too well. Believe me when I tell you that none of this is your fault. You did the right thing in removing Nazertine from power. He was a power hungry, crazy, man who cared nothing for the people he governed. You, being the great leader that you are tried to make things better for your people. Granted things didn’t work out well, but we were given a second chance to make everything right. I might have never known what it was like to hold my child in our last life, but I will be able to in this one. Don’t ask me how I know, but I just do. We will one day have children and they will be beautiful.”
“How come you know exactly what to say to make me feel better?”
“I just have a gift I guess,” she teased.
I leaned down and kissed her softly. “I know I shouldn’t feel guilty Liz, but I do. I mean what if there was something else I could have done? I should have placed more guards on the palace, or something. I left us all vulnerable.”
“Max, we couldn’t have known that Kivar was going to attack the palace. I mean from what your mother said of him, he wasn’t very bright. There was no way to know.”
“She’s right you know,” Isabel cut in. “You can’t blame yourself Max, no one knew what was going to happen, and we do have a second chance to make it right.”
“I know, but I can’t explain it. I feel responsible for all you. Like I’m supposed to watch out for you guys, make sure that nothing happens to any of you.”
“Yes, we know that Max. You always have, and we love you for it, but there are even some things that are beyond your reach,” Alex said.
“I can see now why you were one of my best advisors,” I tell him. “I’ll try to let this go and not feel guilty about it, but it’s going to be hard.”
“No one expects it to be easy Max, all I ask is that you try.” Liz tells me.
“It still pains me that the message from my mother hurt you so much Liz.”
“It was just a shock to know that I died before getting to know my baby. It was weird, I felt so much happiness and love when she said I was with child, and then so devastated when she said that we died only hours after getting the news. Although I must say that I would have rather died pregnant then have those psychotic bastards kill my child after it was born.”
“I hadn’t thought of it in that respect, but in a way I’m kind of happy things ended up that way myself. I don’t know what I would have done if that sick son of a bitch killed my child while it was sleeping peacefully in it’s crib.”
“I wonder if we were going to have a boy or a girl.” Liz says.
“I don’t know, but I know it would have been beautiful because it would have looked like you,” I tell her.
Tears gather in her eyes again and I mentally kick myself for causing her more pain. “I actually think our child would have looked like you and that is why he or she would have been beautiful.”
I can’t respond as the tears are thick within my throat, so I kiss her instead. I pour all of my feelings into that one kiss and I know she knows exactly what I would have said.
We break apart and she smiles at me. We’re parked in front of the Crashdown and I can only wonder how long we’ve been there. Alex and Isabel are already out of the car and sitting inside along with everyone else. I open the door and help Liz out.
My back is facing the street and Liz can see over my shoulder. I see her eyes widen in fear and as I’m turning to see what’s behind me she holds out her hand. I’m enveloped in a green shield. ‘What the hell is this?’ I ask myself.
I face the street now and I see a man shooting blasts at us. The door to the Crash opens and Michael is standing there. I watch in amazement as he holds up his hand and shoots his own blast. The man across the street is struck and has stopped firing at Liz and I. We run over to see if he’s still alive. Liz is ready to produce her shield again and Michael still has his hand raised in case he needs to blast some more.
We notice that the guy is dead and he disintegrates before our very eyes. I look over at Michael and he shrugs his shoulders. What the hell is happening here? I feel like I’m trapped in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone or something.
I glance around to make sure there is no one on the street that would have seen anything. Everything appears to be normal so we head back to the Crash and join our friends.
“What the hell just happened?” Maria asks as soon as we walk through the door.
“I mean Michael just jumped up and ran for the door without saying anything to any of us…” Isabel starts.
“Yeah and we all go running to see what the hell is going on and we see you and Liz in a green blob thing, and Michael hit some guy who was shooting white things at you!” Maria yelled.
“Maria, you’ve got to calm down babe,” Liz tells her.
“I don’t exactly know what happened. I was getting out of the car and I reached in to help Liz out. I looked into her face and there was fear written all over it. All of a sudden we were enveloped in a green shield, which was coming from Liz’s hand, and then Michael blasted the guy who was trying to blast us,” I tell everyone.
“Ok, so that explains the guy and why Michael ran to the door. The only thing is doesn’t explain is how in the world Liz produced the shield,” Kyle says.
“Yeah I know,” I reply. “Liz, honey, how did you know how to do that?”

Part 8a: Tess’s POV (in her room after they left the Pod Chamber)

I was excited when we got that first message from Max’s mother. She said he was sent here with his bride and of course I thought it was me. Why wouldn’t I? I mean Nasedo had been telling me for years that we were supposed to be together so of course I would have believed that.
I finally felt like I had won. Max would have to follow his destiny, his mother was counting on him. And of course that meant that Perfect Liz Parker had to stay away. I almost wanted to jump up and down. I say almost because even though this is what I was told was meant to be, it didn’t feel right. I just didn’t feel the love that I was supposed to for Max.
My heart didn’t race when he looked at me, nor did I feel the butterflies in my stomach. I felt all that when Kyle looked at me or even talked to me. When he helped me climb the stepladder in the library and had to put his hands on my waist I felt currents of electricity shoot through my body. Max didn’t do that to me and I was really confused. My feelings for Max ran more towards brotherly.
Even though I felt no love for him, well I have love for him I’m just not in love with him, it hurt when he ran after Liz. He was going to throw away his destiny and give up on his people for some girl. Well, that’s what I thought at the time, now I’m really happy that he went after her.
I was shocked when the orbs activated with just Max and Liz holding them. Liz looked almost as shocked as I did. The message from his mother was a huge blow to me. I mean she basically told us all that Liz was the one. She was Max’s bride, and I was very upset.
I knew that no one really liked me and I was afraid that they were going to say that I warped them into seeing that first message. I really didn’t, I mean despite what they really think about me I would never go that far to get my way.
After we heard the second message I didn’t know where I stood. The group hated me, and I was sure that after all this they would hate me more. No one said anything for a couple of minutes, and Max finally broke the silence saying we had to get back and explain to everyone else what happened. It was amazing to me how much they all depend on each other. I have never seen that. Nasedo made sure that I could take care of myself never needing anyone. I realize now that living like that is really not living at all. Everyone needs friends, and I guess when I first got here I was very jealous of this group’s relationship.
They all treated me like an outsider and that hurt. Nasedo told me that Max would love me, and Isabel and Michael would welcome me with open arms. They didn’t, instead they treated me like some sort of freak. I guess I gave them reason to because I played mind tricks with them all, and I will always feel bad about that. I will have to live with the fact that I tricked them into believing something that wasn’t true. I may not have known it at the time, but it doesn’t matter. It was still wrong.
After we went to the Crashdown and told the rest of the gang the story, I was excited again to find out more. I knew that there had to be something in those orbs that would help me find some answers. I still felt alone and my heart broke as I watched Michael and Isabel pair off with Maria and Alex. I was still alone and I figured I always would be.
I felt Max look over at me a couple of times and when I caught his eye once I could see the sympathy in them. Liz looked sorry for me too, and for some reason it didn’t make me mad. If it had been earlier that week I probably would have walked up to her and said something nasty, but now I welcomed the sympathy. It felt almost normal coming from the both of them, yet I couldn’t understand why.
After we left I came home and cried. I didn’t know how to deal with all the things I had found out. The only man I ever knew as a father figure lied to me. I wasn’t sure how to handle that and I cried frustrated tears, and for some odd reason all I really wanted to do was call Liz. I even walked back to the Crashdown and contemplated climbing her fire escape to talk to her, but I thought better of it.
Today’s news was much better, well there were some very upsetting facts but for the most part the details were good. I have a sister! That in itself is amazing, and the most amazing thing about it is that my sister is Liz. I’m very happy and excited that we are related, but I feel even more guilty for trying to break Max and her up. I mean I tired to destroy my own sister’s happiness. I also found out that Kyle was my husband in our other life. That made my heart soar.
When we first got to the Pod Chamber I was upset because everyone paired off, and I was confused on two things. Why Kyle and the Sheriff were with us, and whom I was supposed to be paired with. My heart did a little jump when Max told me that he believed Kyle and I were supposed to be paired together.
I was overjoyed at this, and then when Kyle and I activated the orbs I couldn’t be happier. Well, until I found out that I had a sister, and that she was married to the King. I also was told that Maria and Isabel were very good friends of mine. I only hope that we can all put these past couple of weeks behind us and become friends in this life too.
Everyone else found out that they had siblings here as well. Michael and Alex, which is quite comical since they are polar opposites, and Maria and Kyle. That is quite strange too because the Sheriff and Amy are sort of seeing one another. So if they do wind up together Maria and Kyle will actually be considered stepsiblings in the eyes of Earth people too! This day was just so strange.
We did get the most depressing news though. Max and Liz, or Zan and Sabine, were going to have a child. It had to have been the happiest day of their lives, but it wasn’t meant to be. Kivar and Nicholas stormed the palace and killed everyone, including Zan and Sabine. Both Max and Liz were devastated upon hearing this news and Isabel made us stop for the day. None of us knew how to comfort either of them and it broke my heart to see my sister in such anguish. I felt their pain as well because I found out that I lost my niece or nephew that day. None of us ever got to see that beautiful child, and he or she would have been beautiful because both Max and Liz are very good looking people.
I’m sure that Max is no longer at Liz’s as it is after 10:30. I’m going to head over there and see if I can comfort my sister. Hopefully she will allow me to comfort her. I will apologize for my behavior these past weeks, and promise to make up for all the heartache I caused her and everyone else. I just hope she gives me a chance. I don’t want to be alone anymore, and despite how tough I act, I just want to be part of a family.

Part 8b: Kyle’s POV (in his room after coming home from the Pod Chamber)

Well, it appears that I’ve been sucked into the alien abyss along with the rest of them. It seems so strange to me, yet completely normal. I can’t really explain it, but it just feels right. I remember watching Max, Isabel, Michael, Liz, and Tess come back from the desert yesterday. They were gone a long time especially since they said they were just going to revive Nasedo.
When they walked in Max and Liz looked as happy and in love as ever. It really is kind of sickening to watch the two of them together. I mean it’s not like they over do it with the PDA, it’s just the staring contests that they have. It’s kind of freaky, almost like they are trying to search one another’s souls.
Anyway, I listened to the tale they spun off, and watched Maria and Alex very closely. They looked shocked but happy. It was weird to think of the people I’ve grown up with my whole life being in love with aliens. Ok, it was also weird to think of three people I’ve known since third grade as aliens so I guess anything is possible. I live in Roswell, New Mexico for crying out loud.
What I never expected was Evans to tell my father that he wanted the both of us to come to the Pod Chamber, I had no clue what the hell that was, with them the next day. My father must have been as confused as I was because he asked Evans why and Max said because he thought that I was a crucial part of the group. I didn’t quite understand how he could think that and my father and I argued about whether or not to go. I told him I had to, I was too curious not to, so we decided to suck it up and dive into the abyss.
When we got to the Pod Chamber, now I know why they call it that, I watched everyone pair off. Tess looked so alone and confused, it broke my heart. I had no clue why I felt so strongly about her, but now I do and it makes me glow inside. She and I were married in that other life, on some other planet. That freaked me out a bit, that I was also and alien, but it was pretty cool at the same time. I also found out that Maria is my sister, and for some odd reason it didn’t surprise me. I always felt like I was related to her some how. I mean, I always looked out for her even when she didn’t want me to. I remember her giving me a fat lip one time because I protected her. She told me that she didn’t need my help, she was an independent woman.
I always knew she was, but now at least I understand where this protective vibe comes from. We need to do some serious sibling bonding, and I’m just happy that she agreed to go out to lunch with me tomorrow.
When we found out about how we all died, I was shocked. Some psychotic bastard killed us all because we voted his father out of his governor’s position. And not only that but he killed Liz while she was pregnant with my niece or nephew. I don’t know how, but I could feel both of Max and Liz’s emotions rolling off of them, and it broke my heart more then hearing the news. I don’t know how they are going to deal with this but I know they will.
They only question I have about all this stuff, is how come Maria, Liz, Alex, and I were born and not the other four? It’s the only thing I don’t understand. Of course we didn’t get far enough into the message to find that out, but it’s still quite baffling.
Boy, oh boy, I can definitely babble when I’m sitting all alone, it’s kind of scary. It reminds me of Maria! Ha, ha, ha, I can see now that we really are related. Ok brain enough of that. It’s time to head to Evans’ house and apologize for always giving him a hard time and see if he wants to talk about the stuff we learned today. If he doesn’t I just want him to know that I will always be around in case he wants to talk!

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Part 9a:

Alex and I dropped Max and Liz off at the Crashdown and left them alone. We knew that they needed some time alone to deal with hearing that they were expecting a child in that other life and that Liz was brutally murdered. It was gut wrenching to hear the tale. There was nothing Max could do, and he was forced to watch that psychotic bastard kill his wife and unborn child.
I was also a little heart broken I mean that was my niece or nephew that I never got to see, but I can’t even imagine how Max or Liz feels at this particular moment in time. I can’t imagine how I would feel if it was my future being told like that. If it had been me to find out that I was pregnant and killed all in the same day. It’s not something I ever want to imagine, it’s too harsh.
Oh, the door just closed, it must be Max. I should go see how he’s doing. I can hear him going into his room. He can’t be too bad the door didn’t slam. That’s a good sign. Ok, I’ve got to go see how he’s doing.
“Max? Can I come in please?” I ask.
“I don’t want to talk Isabel,” is his gruff reply.
“I just want to make sure you are all right Max. I’m concerned for you and Liz too,” I tell him.
“I appreciate your concern Iz, I really do, but I just need to be alone to think for a little while. I promise I’ll come in and talk to you when I’m ready,” he tells me.
“Fine,” I resign. “I’ll be in my room if you need me.” With that I walk back to my room and sit back on my bed.
I can’t stop the tears from spilling down my cheeks. I could really use Alex right now, but I know he was as shocked as I was and needs to sort through all of this too.
My mother is so beautiful. I just wish we could see what my father looked like. I know he died and everything, but it’s really hard to not know what he looks like. I bet he looked a lot like Max, since I seem to resemble my mother a lot more then he does.
Two of the weirdest things that we learned today were that my Alex, and Michael are brothers. I find that very strange because they are so opposite. I mean you couldn’t have two people more different if you tried. Also, Liz and Tess are actually sisters. That in itself is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean they didn’t even like one another, and Tess tried to steal her sister’s love! That is really low, although Tess didn’t know at the time.
That leads me to think of Nasedo. Why would he push a destiny on Tess, if it was fake? I mean wouldn’t he know of the other four that were out there and what their purpose was? You would think so, but NO, he pushed that stupid destiny until he was blue in the face.
I mean he tried to get me together with my Husband’s Brother! Yuck! I just don’t understand his place in all of this. Maybe he didn’t know of the others, but I can’t see how he wouldn’t because we supposedly came on the same ship. It’s just all too confusing, and this train of thought is making my head hurt.

Alex and I were married. That thought just keeps running around in my head and I can’t help but smile. I mean we were truly together and happy! Although my idiotic brother tried his best to prevent us from being together, and for that I should give him a sound lashing, but that was a lifetime ago. How strange it is to be thinking of different lifetimes? Especially since I’m including Alex in them. I never would have thought that we were compatible never mind from the same planet.
I guess that explains the pull I’ve always felt towards him. Even when I was a child I wanted to be with Alex. I never listened to that pull because I was afraid of letting anyone get close. It hurt that Alex, Maria, and Liz were so close. I wanted that type of friendship with them. I mean don’t get me wrong, my relationship with my brother and Michael was strong and we did share everything, but I wanted to be close to someone who I thought was normal. And in all honesty they are normal, we all are, despite the fact that we are from some far away galaxy.
That sounds a lot like Star Wars. A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away…there was a young King who married the love of his life. Tried to keep his sister from falling for the man she loved, but that man proved himself worthy in her brother’s eyes and they were finally allowed to marry. It’s too surreal.

Max still hasn’t come out of his room and he’s been home for about an hour. I can hear his damned Counting Crows CD, which means that he’s still upset. I don’t blame him for being angry and upset, but he really shouldn’t keep it all bottled in.
I’ve got to go make him understand that. “Max! Please open the door, we really should talk about this!” I yell.
“I told you Isabel when I’m ready!” he yelled back.
“But Max, holding it all in isn’t healthy. Please just tell me what you are feeling, anything. You’ve got to get it off your chest.” I tell him.
“Give me another half hour Iz, please. I just can’t talk about it yet. It’s too raw, just one more half hour and then I promise I’ll tell you,” he tells me.
“Fine!” I say in a huff and walk back to my room.
For some reason I don’t believe him but I am not just going to barge into his room and force him to talk. Well, I will if I have to, but just not yet. Man, I really need to talk to Alex. Maybe I should call him.
Oh God, what if he thinks all this alien crap is just too much, I mean we both found out that we were killed, and everyone thought I betrayed my brother. Damn Kivar, if I ever see that bastard again, I swear I’ll rip him a new…I don’t know something!
Once again the tears are falling down my cheeks. I know Kearnin didn’t think I was cheating on him, and I know I wasn’t but what if Alex thinks about it and really believes that I would do something like that. He might think that I’d be capable of doing it again and not want to see me anymore.
I can’t let that happen, I’ve got to see him. I need to know that he still loves me no matter what and above all else I have to make him see that I would never cheat on him EVER.
I open my bedroom door so I can leave for Alex’s and I’m surprised to find him already at my door.
“Um, the door was unlocked so I just walked in. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you. Bella, were you crying?” he asks me.
“Oh Alex!” I exclaim throwing myself into his arms.
He wraps his arms around me and strokes my hair. I know he’s confused as to why I am crying. I saw it in his face.
“It’s ok Bella. I swear it’s going to be ok.” He tells me.
“Alex, you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me right?”
“Of course I do. Where is this coming from?”
“I was just thinking about everything and I was so afraid you’d leave me after hearing how all of our subjects thought I betrayed you and my brother. I’m not like that Alex, I would never do that, and I just need to know that you know that,” I say sobbing harder.
Max is standing behind Alex looking confused. I can’t reassure him because I’m crying too hard, but I forget everything as Alex wraps his arms tighter around me.
“Bella, I know you would never betray me, or Max. You have a kind and gentle soul, and that is why I’ve always loved you. Please do not doubt my love for you ever!” he tells me.
“I’m sorry Alex, I was just so scared. I mean what if you thought about it and really realized that maybe I could do something like that, and then didn’t want to be with me because there was the possibility that I could do it again. I can’t live without you.”
“I know Isabel, and I can’t live without you. I promise that nothing will ever come between us.”
I hug him and kiss his lips softly. Max clearing his throat pulls me out of my Alex induced world.
“I’m ready to talk know Iz,” he tells me.
“Ok. Alex, Max and I need to have a bit of sibling bonding. I am really glad that you came by because I was just on my way to look for you, but Max really needs me right now.” I tell him.
“That’s ok. I just had to stop here before heading to Liz’s. I need to make sure that she’s ok. I mean she and Maria have always been like sisters to me so I’ve just got to go and check on her. I’ll talk to you later. I love you,” he tells me before walking down the stairs.
“I love you too!” I call turning to Max. “Your room or mine?”
“Yours,” he says and we walk in to talk.

Part 9b:

Isabel just dropped me off at my house and as much as I want to stay with her I know she has to come to terms with everything on her own. I do as well, but she’s got more to deal with then I do.
I can’t believe Michael and I are brother’s that is just so strange to me. I mean could we be any different? He’s rash, and strong, while I’m a thinker and not so strong. I wouldn’t say that I’m weak, but I’m not a big huge muscle clad guy either. Come to think of it neither is Michael, but he is still strong, and even more so because of his Alien powers. Yet I still think it’s cool that I have a brother because I’ve been alone for most of my life and to finally have a sibling is awesome.
But there is that whole I’m an alien thing and I’ve lived another life before. That still kind of creeps me out. Not that it’s all entirely bad, I mean I was married to Isabel and we were in love. That makes me smile. It’s amazing how much I love her now and to know that she loves me back in this life, but to find out that we were in love and married in another life is just too much!
Yet, with all of these happy feelings I have there are a lot of sad things we learned today too. We were all murdered by some psycho’s son, and Liz was pregnant when she was killed. I mean I would have had a nephew because I was married to Vilandra, but we were all robed of seeing that perfect little person. Max took it very hard and it was strange to see him lose control like that.
He’s always in control but he just sat there and cried. I’ve never seen him cry not even when Liz went on that blind date and almost broke his heart. Although he did say that they needed to step back at the time, but it still hurt him nonetheless especially when that Doug guy kissed Liz.
Anyway, as I as saying before I got carried away in a De Luca like ramble I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. Everything about this year is crazy, I mean I find out that my two best friends are keeping something from me and excluding me from a lot of things. That hurt more then anything in the entire world because we were always the Three Musketeers, but we stopped being that for the beginning of the year.
Then Liz asks me to come to the hospital with her but not to ask any questions. I did because I’m such a good friend and I find out that she, Maria, Michael, and Isabel want me to give my blood. I was so surprised that Isabel Evans was actually talking to me that I didn’t notice her taking my blood. Then Liz drags me to some party and she and I get locked up in jail. She tells me the whole story, which is very unbelievable, but I can tell she’s serious so after a couple of days and lots of thinking I believe her.
Then a whole bunch of other crazy stuff happened, Max got captured after Nasedo pretended to be him. Nasedo/Max as we like to call him on that day kidnapped Liz and used her to lure the FBI to him. Max not being able to sit back and do nothing went after her. The FBI captured him and we then had to go and save him. Liz went to the Sheriff for help and we got Max out. Now we’ve got an ally in the local police department, which is a good thing and Nasedo in the FBI because Michael accidentally killed Pierce.
But despite all of that Max remained in control. We have found out so much in the past couple of days and the more I learn the more I get sucked into the alien abyss. Liz and Tess are sisters. That is just too weird because Tess came to town shouting ‘Destiny’ saying she and Max were destined to be together. She must feel horrible now that we found out that Max and Liz were married in their other life and are still meant to be together in this one. I mean she was trying to steal her sister’s husband! Yuck!
Anyways, I wonder how Liz is taking in all the things we learned today. She was trying to hold it together for Max but failed. She began to sob just as much as he was before we left the Pod Chamber. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be either one of them right now. To learn that you lost a child is bad, but to know that the child was murdered before it was born is another thing entirely.
I know that they say history repeats itself, but in this case I hope that it doesn’t. I mean I don’t know if they could handle finding out that she was pregnant and have something like that happen again. It had to be rough the first time and hearing about it the way we did didn’t make it any easier.
I think I’m going to head over to Liz’s and make sure she’s all right, but I’ve got to stop and see Isabel first. She was pretty shaken up when she left my house. I know she’s concerned for Max, but she’s holding her emotions inside and that’s not good.

Ok, the door is unlocked that’s not a good sign. My guess is that Max was the last one in and forgot to lock it because of his current state of mind. I really feel bad for him because knowing Max he blames all of this on himself. It’s not his fault and I just hope that he can realize that.
Jeez, Isabel just swung her door open and scared the crap out of me! My heart just jumped into my throat.
“Um, the door was unlocked so I just walked in. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you. Bella, were you crying?” I ask her.
I wrap my arms around her and stroke her hair. I’m really confused as to why she’s crying, I’m sure she knows. My face gives away my emotions too easily.
“It’s ok Bella. I swear it’s going to be ok.” I tell her trying to comfort her.
“Alex, you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me right?” she asks me.
“Of course I do. Where is this coming from?”
“I was just thinking about everything and I was so afraid you’d leave me after hearing how all of our subjects thought I betrayed you and my brother. I’m not like that Alex, I would never do that, and I just need to know that you know that,” she says sobbing harder.
It kills me to see her crying. I can’t believe that she would think I would believe she would do any of that, but she is self conscious and her Ice Queen personality is just a front to mask that self consciousness so it does make sense. I’m just a little hurt that she would think I didn’t have faith in us.
“Bella, I know you would never betray me, or Max. You have a kind and gentle soul, and that is why I’ve always loved you. Please do not doubt my love for you ever!” I tell her.
“I’m sorry Alex, I was just so scared. I mean what if you thought about it and really realized that maybe I could do something like that, and then didn’t want to be with me because there was the possibility that I could do it again. I can’t live without you.”
“I know Isabel, and I can’t live without you. I promise that nothing will ever come between us.”
She hugs me and gives me a soft kiss. I’m happy that I calmed her fears because I never want my Bella to be in pain, it breaks my heart.
“I’m ready to talk know Iz,” Max says from behind me.
I jump. I didn’t realize he was standing there and I’m slightly embarrassed. I remember my father and his mother saying how he tried to keep Isabel and I apart in our last lives and I have this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
“Ok. Alex, Max and I need to have a bit of sibling bonding. I am really glad that you came by because I was just on my way to look for you, but Max really needs me right now,” she tells me.
“That’s ok. I just had to stop here before heading to Liz’s. I need to make sure that she’s ok. I mean she and Maria have always been like sisters to me so I’ve just got to go and check on her. I’ll talk to you later. I love you,” I tell her before walking down the stairs.
“I love you too!” she calls after me.
I make sure to lock the door on my way out and now it’s on to Liz’s. I just hope she’s fairing better then Max. He looked like shit.

Part 10a:

I can’t believe this! I’m part alien! Ok, I know it’s strange to get all excited about something like that, but it eases my mind on the one fact that Michael and I can be together completely! Not that I’m really ready for that step just yet, but it’s comforting to know.
Man I think I should go get my Cyprus Oil just in case. I think I might start to go a little bit crazy thinking about all of this stuff that I learned today. I asked Michael to drop me off so I could think without him distracting me. He has that effect on me and I just can’t help it. I love the guy!
Well it seems that Michael and I were married in our other life. How cool is that? I’ve lived another life! Well it’s not cool that I was murdered or anything, but I still lived one and was married to the love of my life. I’m just really happy that I found him again!
Kyle’s my brother! That’s strange in itself but in some weird way I already knew that. I’ve always treated Kyle like my brother even when we were kids. The scary thing about this is that his dad and my mom are really getting serious so we might end up as siblings in this world too. I mean I know we are siblings, but to everyone outside of our little group will know us as stepsiblings. That could be cool because then I can beat up on him and call him bro without having eyebrows raised at my behavior!
Even though we found out a lot of really interesting and good things today, the topic started to go south when Max and Liz listened to another part of their message. We found out how we all were killed.
Poor Max, he blames himself and it’s really not his fault. How in the hell was he supposed to know that Kivar would go to such lengths to save face. I mean the guy is a certified lunatic. I’m sure that he’s not alive anymore because it had to have taken many years for us to get to Earth from our far away planet, and then after our ship crashed we weren’t born, or hatched for 50 years. Kivar has to be long dead.
Ok, that makes me really sad now because it means that Kyle and my parents are dead too! Ok, I can’t think like that it will only upset me. I mean I’ve never met the people, and I love my mom here. So I can’t think those depressing thoughts, I mean learning that I was killed along with my friends and my possible niece or nephew is bad enough.
I can’t even imagine what Liz is going through right now. She learned that she was pregnant in that other life and was then killed only hours after finding that out. I mean she and Max, or Zan, as he was called in that other life, was celebrating the news when Kivar and Nicholas came and killed everyone.
They made Zan watch as they killed Liz, or Sabine, as she was called. He couldn’t stop Nicholas because Kivar had his men holding him. That is just so sad and twisted. Kivar then mocked Zan for weeping and called him weak. Zan had every right to morn I mean his wife and unborn child were just killed.
Which brings me back to the subject, poor Max too. Both he and Liz have got to be going out of their heads right now. I just pray that they can overcome this and move on. They have a completely different life to live here on Earth. We all just have to deal with the past and overcome it.
Wow how very Philosophical of me! I didn’t realize that I could be that deep. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m an alien and I was married to Michael Guerin! Well ok, he was Rath at the time and I was Delia. I love that name Delia. My parents picked the coolest name for me!
Poor Kyle, he got a name like Lazarus! That is just too funny! Well the nickname of Laz isn’t too bad so I guess my parent’s weren’t completely crazy. I have no idea which one of us is older, but if my feelings are correct Kyle was older then my by about two years.
I kind of like the fact that I had an older brother to look out for me. It makes me feel loved and special.
My mother told me that Rath and I used to bicker all the time. I guess some things die-hard. Michael and I are constantly fighting. We are usually only fooling around and it’s fun, it keeps me on my toes. I know Michael feels the same way and we only do it to irk the other person. Besides it’s a huge turn on!
I have to call Michael and ask him to stop by. I need a good night kiss before I can go to sleep, and I want to know how he really feels about what we’ve learned tonight. I mean everything, he and Alex being brothers, he and I being married, all of us being killed, all of it. Considering how I usually freak out about everything I think I’ve taken everything really calmly. I guess all this Czechoslovakian stuff really isn’t too surprising anymore. I think I’m getting used to it!

Part 10b:

Maria wanted to go home so I just got done dropping her off. She looked really pale and even a little green! No pun intended! Yeah like I had to say that, I’m talking to myself for Christ’s sake. Anyway, she looked like she was going to be sick. I hope she’s all right.
I don’t know how to deal with what I’ve learned today. I mean all my life I’ve been dying to go home so I could find my family, and today I learn that I’ve had family living in the same town as me, and I never knew it. I think it’s strange that Alex and I are related for a number of reasons. The biggest one is that we are SO different. I mean he’s so levelheaded and I’m so not. He’s smart where as, well never mind I know I’m smart I just don’t try.
I don’t need to succeed in school, it just isn’t important to me. I guess that’s probably because Hank doesn’t care about me at all. He just wants his stupid check from the government for taking care of me.
I wonder if Alex and I can doctor up some kind of document that states we really are related and convince his parents to adopt me! I’ve got to stop thinking along those lines. It’s enough to know that I have a brother I don’t need to live with him. Please, I’d end up killing Whitman because he irks me so much sometimes.
I guess I should have taken that as a clue that we were related. Only your siblings can annoy you that badly. I mean look at Max and Isabel. The two of them, while usually very well behaved, can annoy the hell out of one another. I’ve seen the two of them go at it more times then I can count. Of course at the time I found it really funny which put me in the doghouse with both of them.
But then again there is Maria. She annoys me more then I think any sibling could. I don’t know why she gets under my skin so much. I guess it’s because I have always liked her and my way of getting her attention was to annoy her. She not willing to be outdone always came back with some kind of smart assed comeback. That’s what I love about her. She always thinks on her feet.
Whoa back up there buddy. Did I just say that I LOVED Maria! Holly shit I did! I guess deep down I’ve always known that I loved her, ever since the first day she pushed me into the sandbox. I loved her spunk and spirit.

You know something; it’s really weird I just realized that I have lived a whole other life. Well, we all did, but that’s besides the point. I was this other person, with all these other memories. I can’t really explain how weird that notion is. I was known as Rath then. I really don’t like that name, but I guess Michael’s not really any better. Everyone has the damned name Michael, at least Maxwell is different and not too many people have that name.
Anyway, I digressed, I was known as Rath and I was married to Delia. Delia is my beautiful Maria. I can almost picture what we looked like. Maria of course had to have been as beautiful as she is now, I can just see her auburn hair falling over her shoulders, and her sparkling green eyes. Ok, now I sound like a sap!
I can picture myself looking a lot like I do now light brown hair, but not spiked, I see it as being brushed flat against my head with the front curling a little on my forehead. Almost like how Max’s is. I can picture Maria pushing the hair off my forehead when I need to be comforted.
But that was then and this is now. I think I might actually start wearing my hair like that. I’ve got to go and get it cut tomorrow. I’ll go before I head to the Crash. I need to make sure that Maria and Liz are ok. I don’t know where this compassion for Liz is coming from, actually I do. I mean she just learned she was murdered just after she found out she was pregnant with the heir to our planet’s throne.
I mean she and Max, or Zan, as he was known then, were going to have a baby. They must have been so excited, I mean I just heard that they were going to have a baby and I felt the excitement. Which goes to tell me that we were all excited by the news. But then Max had to watch Liz, or Sabine, die. He couldn’t stop it from happening and he couldn’t save her.
I’m sure he tried to save her and when he mourned her Kivar, that sick bastard, laughed at him and called him weak. I think it takes a very strong man to allow his emotions to show.
Yes, I’m weak because I’m afraid to show my emotions, but I’ve lived with Hank for too long. If I ever showed emotions he’d hit me so I learned to keep them bottled up. The only one that I let show is anger, but that has slowly been changing. More and more I’ve been showing my compassion and even a little love. I know it’s because of Maria and it makes me love her more.
I never realized how damaging it is to bottle things up. When you do that you are like a soda that’s been shaken. The minute you begin to open the top it explodes. That’s what happened when I killed Pierce. I imagined everything he could have done to Maria, all the things that I’m sure he did to Max and I lost it. I had all of those repressed feelings and I let them all go. He didn’t stand a chance.
I don’t feel good about killing the man, in fact I decided to try and stay away from Maria, but then Max and Liz had to touch the orbs and activate them. Now we’ve dragged them all back into the Abyss that is associated with us. I feel really bad that I keep putting Maria in danger. Granted we learned that she is from the same planet as me, which makes her part alien, but I still feel bad.
I’m so afraid that next time one of them will get caught in the crossfire. I cannot control my powers and it scares me. Killing that other alien the other day was nothing he was trying to kill Max and Liz. Well ok, Pierce was trying to shoot Max and I had to stop him but it still doesn’t make it any easier. I mean he was human!
Speaking of that asshole Pierce, I wonder what he really did to Max. I’m almost afraid to find out and I would never ask Max. He looked really bad when we took him out, weak and disoriented. The only thing he wanted was Liz, and for that I’m happy. She is his salvation. I know in the beginning I was very much against them being together but she has proven herself to be a loyal friend and very trustworthy. I know that she only went to Valenti because she felt that she had no other choice and I can’t even blame her now because he has proven himself too. He helped us get Max out and even took me to find him and Liz when they didn’t make it to the mine when they were supposed to.
These past couple of weeks have been hard on all of us, and I just pray that we can move past it all and continue living our lives. I can’t say live normally because Lord knows we haven’t ever had normal, but I just hope we can live our lives in a way that is normal for us.
Even though I wish this I know it cannot be true. We’ve still got to figure out how to get home, save our planet from some psychotic person and deal with the FBI. I know Nasedo is there, and granted I longed to find that man for most of this year, but now I’m beginning to think that Max was right. I shouldn’t have been so anxious or stubborn when it came to contacting Nasedo. Granted it brought us Tess, our fourth, but I am concerned on what side Nasedo is playing on. I mean he planted all that ‘Destiny’ shit in Tess’s head. Why? I mean what could he have possibly gained from that?
I’m going to have to talk to Max about contacting Nasedo again so we can get those answers. Tomorrow is soon enough. I’ve got to give him some time to come to terms with everything he learned today, as well as dealing with all that’s happened to him over the past couple of weeks.

Damn there’s my phone, I wonder who’s calling me at this time of night? What if something happened to Liz, or Maria, or Isabel, or Tess! Ok Guerin get a hold of yourself, you’re starting to sound like your girlfriend.
“Yes Maria, it’s me. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I just really need to talk to you. Can you stop by?”
“Yeah sure. I’ll be there soon.”
“Thanks, I’ll have the window unlocked.”
“Ok, bye.”
I wonder what she needs. Actually I’m really excited that she called. Knowing Maria she just need some reassurance that I still love her and that I’m not going anywhere. I better get over there before she calls the hounds out on me!

Part 11: Max’s POV

I follow Isabel into her room. I’m still not sure what the heck to say to her everything is still so fresh and raw in my mind. And even though Liz and I came to an understanding about the whole thing I still can’t help but feel guilty.
“I know how hard this must be on you Max and as soon as you are ready just begin,” Iz tells me.
She really is trying hard to be understanding. I know that what we learned was a lot for her as well, but all she cares about right now is me. I mean she just found out that she died, and lost a niece or nephew all in the same day. Not only that but I almost prevented her from being completely happy.
“I’m ready Iz, it’s just hard to begin. I mean I feel totally responsible. Liz says that I shouldn’t but I just can’t help it. I was the reason everyone died,” I tell her.
“Max you were not! You didn’t make Kivar storm the palace he was crazy. You did the right thing his father was abusing his power and you stopped him. That’s what leaders are supposed to do.”
“I know, but maybe if I had done something different it wouldn’t have ended the way it did. I mean I wouldn’t have lost my love or my child, and I wouldn’t have lost all of you!”
“We may have lost one another in that other life, but we have found each other in this one, and we’ve met a lot of great people along the way. I mean we have the Sheriff, Alex’s parents, Liz’s parents, OUR parents, Maria’s mom, there are a lot of cool things we have gotten to do as well. I mean yes we got gypped in our other life, but Max we got to see a whole new planet!”
“I guess you are right, but I will always be plagued with doubts. I mean was there something I could have done to prevent any of what happened? Could I have saved Liz and our baby? These things will always be going through my head, and no matter what anyone says they will always be there. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy here and I’m glad we met everyone that we did, but we are different and really not supposed to be here. I love mom and dad so much but just the fact that we are from another planet has put them in danger so many times it’s scary. Granted they don’t know anything about us but they always have been and always will be targets.”
“Then I think it’s time you tell us the whole story,” my mother says walking into the room.
I look over at Isabel and I can see the scared look on her face. I’m sure mine is the exact copy of hers. I’m scared out of my mind right now. What the hell am I supposed to tell her? How much did she overhear?
“What did you hear mom?” I ask.
“I’ve heard enough. The fact that you believe your father and I are in danger because of who you two are. I think it’s time to come clean. I know that both of you have been hiding something from your father and I for a long time now, we both have. Despite what you may believe, your father and I are a lot smarter then you give us credit for.”
“I never thought you and dad were dumb mom, we just couldn’t tell you and we still can’t because it’s too dangerous,” I tell her.
“I don’t care, you need to tell us Max and deep down I know that you want to. I can see it in your eyes. I’ve been seeing it in Isabel’s for years now,” she tells me.
“Fine,” I sigh. “We’ll tell you. Let’s go downstairs where you can get comfortable.”
We all head downstairs and my mother calls my dad into the room. I whisper to Isabel that we’ll continue our talk later because I want to know how she’s dealing with everything. She just nods her head and we wait for my dad.

Liz’s POV (Liz’s room)

I hear a noise on my balcony and of course I think its Max. Who else would be coming up to my room at 9:30 at night? I sit patiently on my bed and wait for him to show himself. I don’t hear anything outside anymore and now I’m starting to get a little scared. Maybe it was just an animal or something.
Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me because of the information I heard at the Pod Chamber today. I mean what if it’s some crazy alien. It’s possible I mean Nasedo kidnapped me to lure the FBI, what if he’s back and I can’t tell right away that it’s him! I’m panicking now, ok Parker, calm down. I’m sure that there is a reasonable explanation for all of this.
Wait, there’s feet standing outside my window. Those look like girls shoes. Who the hell is out on my balcony. I peer through the window with my hand raised in order to protect myself. I’m not exactly sure how I produced that shield earlier, but if I’m in danger I’m sure I could do it again.
Oh, hold on there’s blonde hair. Oh God! It’s Tess, jeez, she sacred the crap out of me!
“God Tess what the heck were you trying to do give me a heart attack?” I ask her.
“No, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to come and talk to you,” she says.
“That’s fine but when you didn’t show yourself right away I started thinking all sorts of crazy things. Like Shape shifting aliens coming to get me, or the FBI standing out on my balcony. My heart stopped. At first I thought it was Max but he never takes that long to show himself and I got scared.”
“I’m so sorry, I promise next time I’ll use the house door, but I figured your parents were asleep and I didn’t want to wake them up.”
“You can use the balcony whenever you want just please make sure you show yourself faster next time.”
“I promise. I just stopped by to see how you were doing, you know with all the information we learned today. I’m still reeling that Kyle is my other half and that we used to be married. That’s too weird.”
“I know. I like the fact that we are sisters! That makes me happy. I have always had the love of my friends but I always wished for a sister. Maria was the closest thing I had to a sister, and Alex is like my brother, but I wanted the real thing. Now all of my wishes came true. I hope you are happy with me being your sister. I know we got off to a rocky start, but I want to fix all of that!”
“Oh yeah, I’m happy. I’ve had to live alone with Nasedo for so long and I always wondered what it would be like to have friends, real friends or even a sibling. I mean he told me that Max would love me and Isabel and Michael would accept me, but he got it all wrong. I mean I guess Max will love me but only in a sister in law kind of way, and Isabel and Michael will probably accept me because hopefully we will be able to be friends. I just hope that Alex and Maria will accept me too.”
“I’m sure they will. Now that the whole Destiny thing is over and done with I think everyone will be able to move on with their lives.”
“True, but what I really wanted to know is how you are dealing with the whole, losing your child new that we got today?”
“Oh right that. Well I’ve been trying not to think about it too much. I mean just like I told Max earlier, I’m happy that I died pregnant and didn’t have to watch those psychotic bastards kill my son or daughter. I probably would have gone insane. At least dying pregnant I didn’t know what it was like to hold my child or really love it. I mean I know I was in love with my child because as soon as Max’s mother told us that I was pregnant this wave of love washed over me that was extremely powerful. Then after we found out that I, along with everyone else died, I felt this huge loss.”
“I know, I felt it too and I’m sure Isabel did as well. We both lost a niece or nephew that day, but it’s got to be really hard on you and Max. I mean that was your child. I just want you to know that I’m here if you need to talk to someone. Both you and Max and I want to apologize for my behavior when I arrived. It was just that when Nasedo told me that Max would love me I thought he meant LOVE me. In some sick way he might have, but I shouldn’t have gone to the lengths that I did and for that I’m sorry. I don’t know if you can ever forgive me, I mean you are my sister and I tried to steal your husband away.”
I hear a gasp at my door and both Tess and I turn towards it. My mother is standing there looking white as a ghost.
“Shit,” I whisper. “Um, mom, hi! This is Tess, and um, we were…well…we were just talking and stuff…” I begin.
“She’s your sister? How is that possible? You are married? To whom!” My mother yells.
“Mom, please clam down, I’m not married,” ‘Not in this life,’ I add to myself. “Look, go to the living room and Tess and I will be there in a minute. We’ll explain everything, well at least everything that we know since there’s a lot still missing in this story,” I tell her.
My mom just nods her head and heads to the living room calling for my father along the way. “I’ve got to call Max,” I tell Tess.
She nods her head at me and I pick up the phone and dial the very familiar number.
“Hello?” someone answers.
“Mr. Evans? This is Liz, can I, um, please speak to Max?” I ask.
“Sure thing Liz. Hold on a second. MAX!” I hear Mr. Evans yell.
“Max, we’ve got a problem,” I say.
“Oh God, what’s wrong?” he asks me.
“Ok, first of all calm down it’s nothing like anyone is in danger. Just breathe. My mom overheard Tess and I talking and now she wants answers,” I tell him.
“Damn, my mom overheard Isabel and I talking and wants answers too. Ok listen, call Maria and tell her to bring her mom to your place. Tell her to call Michael and I’ll call the Sheriff. I think everyone should be there so we don’t leave anything out. I’ll bring the orbs and hopefully we will be able to find out more answers. I love you,” he tells me.
“I love you too. I’ll call Maria right away. Oh and I’ll also call Alex. How could you forget Alex?” I say.
“I didn’t he’s on his way to your house. He stopped here first but he’s coming to you.”
“Oh well as soon as he gets here I’ll tell him to call his parents. I love you and I’ll see you soon,” I tell him.
“I love you too. Bye.”
I hang up the phone and turn to Tess. I then dial Maria’s number and tell her the scoop, she freaks of course but tells me that Michael’s there already. They had a little talk and says that she, Michael, and her mom will be right over.
Tess and I head to the living room just as there was a knock on the door. I open it and Alex walks in.
“Go call your parents Alex, everyone is coming over. My mom and Max’s mom overheard us talking to Tess and Isabel. Well Max was talking to Isabel and I was talking to Tess. We are having a little Powwow and telling them everything. Max thinks it’s important that everyone be here. He’s bringing his parents, Maria’s coming with Michael and her mom, and Max was calling the Sheriff and Kyle.”
“Okay, I’ll be right back,” he says walking into the kitchen. “Hi Mr. & Mrs. Parker,” he says on his way.
“What do you mean Max is coming with his parents and why are the Whitman’s, Mrs. De Luca, and Sheriff Valenti coming. Are you in some sort of trouble?” My mom asks.
“No mom, please just be patient and wait for everyone to get here. I promise everything will be explained, it’s just that we only want to have to do this once and since both you and Mrs. Evans found out we figured it’s now or never.” I tell her and Tess, Alex, and I sit on the one couch waiting for everyone to arrive.
Maria, Michael, and Mrs. De Luca are the first to arrive. After them it’s Sheriff Valenti and the Whitman’s. I wonder what’s taking Max and his family so long.
There is a knock at the door and I jump up to answer it. As I fling the door open Max is standing there looking very scared. My heart leaps to my throat and he walks past. Isabel looks scared but not as bad as Max and their parents look confused. All the parents except for the Sheriff look confused.
“Jim how come you don’t seem to be affected by the fact that we are all called here for this meeting?” Mrs. De Luca asks.
“Because I already know what you are about to be told. Now don’t get upset. You will find out why I know in a few minutes,” Sheriff Valenti says.
“Ok, I know you are all confused and probably a little scared as to why we are all here so let’s get this show on the road. You see the eight of us, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Alex, Kyle, Tess, Liz, and myself are all aliens.” Max says.

Part 12: Max’s POV

I can’t believe I just blurted it out like that. “Michael, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Tess, Maria, Liz and I are aliens!” I mean no wonder everyone’s jaws dropped to the ground. I could have tried to be less blunt man I suck at this. How in the hell am I supposed to lead a planet?
“What do you mean you are all aliens?” Mrs. Whitman asks. She is the first one to recover from the shock.
“Well you see Michael, Isabel, and I knew that we were aliens, well Tess did too but we didn’t know she existed until these past couple of weeks. Michael, Isabel, and I were hatched out of pods in 1989 looking like 6 year olds. We were walking around naked in the desert and the Evans’ found Isabel and I but Michael hid. He was always cautious of people,” I say.
“But Liz and Tess were talking and they said that they were sisters. How is that possible?” Mrs. Parker asks me.
“I promise we will get to that mom, you’ve just got to let us explain everything,” Liz says taking my hand.
I squeeze hers in thanks and take a deep breath before continuing. “Isabel and I couldn’t speak out loud but we could communicate with one another and all I remember about that time was being scared and wanting to go home. I had no idea where home was but I just wanted to go back there. We have no recollection of where we are from, well at the time we didn’t but we’ve learned a lot since then,” I say.
“I used to cry myself to sleep every night for months just wanting my mother. Never knowing who your real parents are is a very hard thing,” Isabel says.
“Michael got placed in foster care and we met him again during school. We knew one another instantly because of our connection, but he wasn’t the only person I noticed on that first day of school. As I was getting off the bus I noticed a small brunette playing with a little blonde girl. I fell in love with her instantly. I always stayed away admiring her from afar because we all agreed, well Michael, Isabel, and I agreed to keep everyone at a distance. It was safer for us that way,” I continued.
“Yes, but Maxwell here broke that code in September. You see while Max and I were in the Crash eating one afternoon a fight broke out between these two men and a gun was fired,” Michael said.
“Yes, I remember that Sheriff Valenti asked me lots of questions about it,” Mr. Parker said.
“Yes, well you didn’t know the whole truth and the sheriff was pretty close to finding out what happened. You see the bullet hit Liz. I couldn’t let her die because I loved her and I ran up to her, after shaking Michael’s hold on my arm, and healed her. I’ve got the power to heal people and that day I broke our number one rule by saving Liz’s life. I endangered everyone I loved that day,” I say.
“What do you mean you endangered everyone you loved Max?” my mother asks me.
“I left out the fact that Isabel, Michael, Tess, Liz, Alex, Maria, Kyle and I were in the crash of 1947. Now I know what most of you are thinking because the Sheriff asked the question too. How are Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle aliens if we gave birth to them and in all honesty I have no answers for those questions because we didn’t get that far with the messages yet,” I tell them.
“Anyway Max put all of his loved ones in danger that day because Kyle saw the silver handprint on my stomach and asked me about it. I had already asked Max about it and he told me that he was an alien. Michael flipped out because he didn’t trust me. I helped them get Sheriff Valenti off their backs because he kept trying to find out what Max did to me that day in the Crash. We told him that the ketchup bottle broke and spilled all over my clothes,” Liz continues for me.
“Liz told Maria about us and she totally wigged out. We were so afraid that she was going to tell the Sheriff, but she didn’t and she proved that she could be counted on. She still proves that to us everyday. Alex found out shortly after Liz and I got into that car accident. We needed to use his blood so that it wasn’t found out how different I was. We switched blood and Liz told him after they were arrested at that party in the Soap Factory. He didn’t believe her at first but he soon came around and became a huge ally to our cause,” I say.
“By now Tess and Nasedo arrived. Nasedo is Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess’s protector. Well Tess started all sorts of trouble with one little word ‘Destiny’” Maria said.
“Yeah, that one word almost destroyed everyone. Tess was told that she was Max’s bride and that Isabel and Michael were supposed to be together too, but we couldn’t understand how that could be because Max was so head over heels in love with Liz, as she was with Max,” Alex said.
“Yes, I almost caused the biggest heartache for my sister and Max! I still feel really guilty about that. But anyway, Nasedo kidnapped Liz by posing as Max. He was trying to draw the FBI agent out. You see they had Agent Topolsky posing as a Guidance counselor in the school, but Liz and Alex found her out so they sent in someone else. Agent Pierce. Nasedo took Liz to the carnival killing people along the way to get Pierce’s attention,” Tess said.
“I realized that it wasn’t Max when I kissed him. You see Max and I get flashes sometimes when we kiss, that is how we found the first orb. Do you remember when we got in trouble in school for making out all the time,” Liz said.
Our parents all shook their heads yes. “Well that was because the Orb was calling to Max and I and we needed to find it. When Nasedo kissed me all I saw was darkness and I knew it wasn’t Max. I got away from Nasedo and ran into the house of Mirrors. Max followed us to the Carnival because he needed to protect me. We got lost in the mirrors and the FBI grabbed him. I didn’t know which Max it was at the time, but one of them pulled me out of the House of Mirrors. I kissed him thinking it was Max but it was Nasedo. I ran out of the bus he pulled me into and found the others. I told them that the FBI had Max and all I could do was cry,” Liz said crying again.
“Can you just give us a minute?” I ask our parents.
They just shake their heads. I know that they are too shocked to do anything else. I take Liz’s hand and pull her into the little hallway. I didn’t want to take her too far because I don’t know how her parents would like that.
“Liz, honey, I’m all right and you know that,” I assure her.
“I know Max but that was only a couple of days ago. I mean I almost lost you. I don’t know what I would do if that happened. I love you so much,” she tells me.
I wrap my arms around her bringing her close to me. “I know Liz. I love you too. You are the very thing that kept me alive while Pierce was torturing me. You are my whole reason for living,” I tell her.
I wipe her tears away and place a small kiss on her forehead and we turn back to the living room. Everyone is standing at the door watching us. I can’t read the expressions on Liz’s parent’s faces and it scares me. My parents look shocked and scares while the Whitman’s have a sympathetic look on their faces.
“W…what do you mean tortured?” my father stammers.
“Please sit back down we’ve still got more to tell you,” I say leading the way back to the living room. My arm’s are still around Liz. I can’t let her go I need her strength.
“When I was taken by the FBI they wanted me to answer questions for them. Who I really was, where I came from, why I was here? You know things like that. I told them that my name was Maxwell Evans and I gave them my address in Roswell but that wasn’t what they wanted. I didn’t know anything else so that’s what I told them and that’s when the torture began. I was cut, drugged, electrocuted, everything you could think of. They showed me pictures of all my friends dead, but the one that got the biggest rise out of me was the picture of Liz lying dead on the ground. But, Pierce didn’t stop there, he used the Virtual Reality thing to show me how they killed her. Over and over he played it. I just kept screaming no and Liz over and over. It broke my heart. I put her in so much danger and that bastard would have used her in order to break me,” I say crying.
Liz warps her arms around me and stokes my back. My legs begin shaking and I slide down the wall to the floor taking Liz with me. I bury my head into her neck and cry holding her as close to me as I can.
“Liz came to me and asked for my help. Maria, Alex, Liz, and I went to the military compound that they were holding Max at. I got there in time to help Michael carry Max out but not before having to shoot Pierce. You see I had confiscated the Orb that they needed and gave it back to them in order to show them that I could be trusted. I knew at that time that they weren’t the enemy, they were just a bunch of teenagers who needed to be protected,” the Sheriff continued.
“After we got Max out we split up. We were going to meet at this old mining thing. Max and Liz had the shortest route but they didn’t show up. We knew that something was wrong and the Sheriff and I went to look for them,” Michael said.
“The FBI found us and we had to ditch the car. I had to practically pull Max along because he was so weak but eventually we lost them. Of course it was after we jumped from a bridge into freezing water. We found and abandoned bus and spent the night there. All we did was sleep so don’t go getting all worked up. I kissed Max because I was so happy he was alive and safe and I saw everything that was done to him. It was horrible. Anyway we woke up the next day and the FBI was hot on our tails again. We were running down this dirt road when the Sheriff pulled up. Michael held out his hand and let go with an energy blast of some sort. He still doesn’t know how he did it but since he’s Max’s second in command and the warrior his powers are to protect. He saved us that day. We got into the jeep and drove off,” Liz said.
“I found out that day that Michael and Isabel were also aliens, but I had no clue my son or his human friends were aliens too. We found that out the other day,” the Sheriff said.
“I think we’ll stop here for now so you can absorb everything. Michael, Maria, Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle, Liz, and I are going to go downstairs to give you time to absorb this. Send the Sheriff down when you are ready for us, there is still more to tell,” I say as we all leave for the Crash.
I kept a hold on Liz’s hand while we walked down to the restaurant and didn’t let go until we reached our booth. I pulled up a chair and pulled Liz on my lap. We all just sat there in silence for a while letting everything soak in.
“I can’t believe we just told our parents that we are from way up high in the sky!” Alex said.
“I know, this was my biggest fear. I’m so afraid my parents are going to reject us,” I say looking at Isabel.
Liz squeezes my hand, “You’re parents love you Max, they will accept you no matter what. Have faith in a parents love,” she tells me.
After about a half hour the Sheriff came down. “They are ready to hear the rest now,” he said before truing back to the apartment.
We all got up from the table and headed back to Liz’s house. Liz and I brought up the rear and I was surprised at all the hugs and kisses when I walked through the door. Mr. & Mrs. Parker pulled Liz into a hug while my parents pulled me into one. Michael and Tess stood off to one side feeling left out.
“Michael Guerin get your butt over here,” my mom said.
Michael’s face got a little red and he walked over. “You saved my son’s life the other day. I don’t know how I will ever repay you, but I do want you to know that I’ve always thought of you as my son. You’ve been friends with Max and Isabel for so long you are a part of our family,” she told him giving him a hug.
My dad agreed with my mom and hugged him as well. Michael returned the hugs and smiled as they pulled back.
“Ok, there’s more to tell so please sit back down,” I say.
We all take a seat on the floor facing out parents. I pull the orbs out of my bag and hold them up.
“These are the communication orbs that hold information on our pasts. In my past life my name was Zan, I was the King after my father died. Our planet is called Seria. Isabel’s name was Vilandra. She is my actual sister and our mother was Lady Athena. Michael is my second in command his name was Rath. Alex is Michael’s brother his name is Kearnin and he was married to Vilandra. He was also one of my most trusted advisors. Maria’s name was Delia and she was married to Rath. Kyle was Lazarus or Laz as we called him. He was a soldier in my army and Maria’s brother. He married Tess who is Liz’s sister and her name was Ava. Lastly there was Liz. Her name was Sabine and she was my wife. As far as I was told we were very much in love. We found out that she was with child the very same day our enemy stormed the Palace killing everyone. I lost my friends and family that day. I lost my heart, my love, and my unborn child that day as well,” I say choking up with tears again.
I feel Liz wrap her arms around me. I know that this is hard on her too, I can feel her tears hitting my arms.
“Oh my God!” someone exclaims I don’t even know who.
“If you want we can listen to more of the messages with you here so you will know what’s going on as well,” I say.
“Yes, I would like to hear anything about your other lives,” my father says.
“As would we,” Mrs. Whitman answers.
“Well, I’m curious,” Mr. Parker says.
I nod my head and look over at Liz. Mrs. Parker sees this and asks, “Why are you looking at Liz?”
“Well, she’s my Queen and so far the details of our demise have been told while Liz and I are using the orbs. While Michael and Maria used them they found out about their married live, as did Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Kyle when they held them with their partners,” I answer.
“We have to warn you that this story will pick up after we find out that everyone was killed. We just found out how I was murdered while Zan was forced to watch. Kivar, his enemy laughed and mocked him for grieving over me and the baby before killing him,” Liz says.
I hold onto one of the orbs handing the other to Liz. She smiles at me and takes it from my hand. I kiss her softly before handing it over and we wait for my mother to pop up again.
“I was heartbroken to find out that Sabine and the baby were killed, but when I heard how Kivar mocked your pain Zan, I wanted to kill the bastard myself. I threw a fit and it took four men to hold me back. After I calmed down enough I talked to the scientists and we devised a plan. They would clone your essences and send them to a planet in another galaxy, which was very much like Antar. They said the planet’s name was Earth. I saw pictures of it and it looked suitable enough. Since humans look like Antarians we didn’t need to alter your DNA or anything. After they cloned you your embryos were placed in pods and sent on the same ship. You were sent with two protectors and a pilot. Cassandra and Marcus were to protect you with their lives. Nasedo was our best pilot and he was also sent on the mission. The plan was to wait until you matured before taking you out of the pods and put into human families. Cassandra was to make the parents believe they were having a child and since she was a master at warping the humans would completely believe that you were their children. It was the only way to keep you safe. Marcus was to do the same with the four that Cassandra didn’t take. The last message we got from them was that their ship crashed and Marcus was captured. Cassandra told Nasedo a little of what was going on just in case something happened to her and they hid one set of pods. They didn’t know who was in any of the pods except Zan and Vilandra. It was very important that they stay together so I marked their pods. My poor Vonnie would need Zan if she ever remembered the rumors about her and Kivar. I don’t know how any of our plans worked out but like I said if you are hearing this message then you all have found one another. Please thank your Earth parents for me and tell them that I owe them everything for taking care of all of you. Be well my children and hopefully I will see you soon.” My mother said before disappearing.


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Part 13: (Liz’s POV)

I look around the room at all of our parent’s faces. They all seem shocked and a little scared. I don’t blame them, I mean we just told them a lot of strange information. We’ve had the better part of this year to deal with the whole Alien thing, and they’ve only had about an hour.
“Ok, maybe I’m just stupid, but I still don’t understand how my baby is an alien,” Mrs. DeLuca said.
“Well according to Max’s mother, you were all mind warped for nine months thinking that you were pregnant. In all actuality you weren’t and we were placed in the hospital as newborns on the day we were supposedly born,” Maria explained.
“What is a mind warp?” Mr. Whitman asked.
“It’s a power that I’ve got,” Tess said. “It is a defense that allows us to either hide, or run away while our enemies thing that we are still standing right in front of them. Here I’ll give you a demonstration.”
Tess closed her eyes and made it look like everyone was still in the living room. Max, Michael, Isabel, Alex, and I walked into the kitchen. After we got there Tess let the warp drop.
“See, they left the room, but you still saw them sitting on the floor in front of you,” she said.
“That’s a very cool power,” Mr. Whitman said.
I knew Mr. Whitman would be pretty cool with this, he’s got a pretty scientific mind, much like Alex and I. I watched my mother’s face very carefully because she is the only one I think that we’d have a problem with.
“So you were all married to your respective boyfriend, or girlfriend in your other life and for the most part had a very nice life. How come this Kivar guy killed all of you?” my mother asked.
We all walked back into the living room and sat back down on the floor. Max leaned against the wall and I slipped in between his legs resting on his chest. He pulled his arms around me and kissed my temple before explaining.
“Well, his father Nazertine was abusing his power, he was a governor on one of my planets, and I called a meeting of our council to overthrow him. He didn’t care about the people living on that planet all he wanted was power. The other Governors on the council agreed with me and we took away his Governorship. He went crazy and poisoned his son’s mind. Kivar teamed up with Nicholas, a really crazy rebel and together they formed an army. We tried to stop them, Rath, Laz, Kearnin, and I, but we couldn’t. They stormed the castle and killed everyone I loved that day,” Max says.
I could hear the guilt in Max’s voice and turned around in his arms.
“Max Evans I thought we discussed this earlier. You are not responsible for our deaths so you need to stop this guilt thing. It’s going to kill you!” I say.
He just looks at me, “I know Liz, but I can’t help but feel guilty. I promised you that I would try and get over the fact that I feel responsible, but you are all my responsibility. I’m the leader so it is my duty to protect all of you,” he tells me.
“Yeah, well I’m your second in command and it is my duty to protect YOU and I failed so if you are guilty then so am I,” Michael told Max.
“Michael has a point Max,” I tell him.
He just looks at us and then holds his hands up in surrender. “All right, all right, as of right now, I’m no longer guilty. I’ll do my best to get over this but please don’t expect me to not grieve. I was going to be a father and even though it was in another life I still feel the emotions that I had originally felt when I found out my Sabine was pregnant and the loss of that is tearing me up inside,” he tells us.
“No one expects you not to grieve Max, I’m grieving as well, but we will get though this and one day in the future have other children,” I assure him.
Max smiles at me and I give him a quick kiss. “You promise?” he asks me.
“I promise,” I tell him laughing as he squeezes me to him. “Can Tess and I see the message from our parent now?” I ask him.
“Oh God! Yeah, I totally forgot you and Tess never got to see your sibling message! Isabel and I didn’t either. Yes, you go first and Iz and I will go after,” he tells me.
“Thanks,” I say standing up.
I look over at Tess and she smiles at me. “Are you ready for this?” I ask her.
“Oh yeah, I’m ready,” she says.
We each pick up an orb and hold them in our hands. A pink light comes out of the orbs and I can hear the collective gasps from our parents. We forgot to tell them that each of us has a different color.
“My children it’s so good to know that you are together at last,” our mother says. She looks so much like Tess it’s scary.
“As you can see my little Ava took after me in looks, but Sabine you have my spirit. I always questioned everything just like you did and I believed that everything had a solution. My Ava was the dreamer she believed in so many wonderful things and I believe had you been able to stay with us longer that you would have accomplished many wonderful things for our planets. Sabine I will never forget the day you and Zan first met one another sparks flew immediately. We all could see how much in love you two were and your father and I had no intention of getting in the way of that. We realized that no matter what you two would find your way to one another and stepping in the way was futile. The two of you were married after the required one-year courtship and you lived a happy life. I remember when you brought Ava to the palace with you. She was so lonely at home without you. You and Zan came to visit us and said that the King and Queen agreed to let Ava live at the palace with you. You said that you could sense how lonely she was and needed to do something about it. Ava wrote home shortly after that to tell us she had met Lazarus and fallen in love. We came to the palace for the wedding, which Zan allowed before the year of courting was finished. He had told me that he only went through with the custom because his father would have killed him had he not. Zan was always a funny man, and so kind and giving. He was a great ruler and it warmed my heart the way he always looked after you. I remember hearing the news that you had gotten sick Sabine. Ava told your father and I about it. We were very worried, and later we found out that you had been with child. Lady Athena came and told us about everything that happened that fateful day. I am not permitted to say anymore about that. Please try and remember how close you two were on our planet. I just hope that you are as close on Earth as you were here. Look after one another and stay out of trouble. I could tell you stories of the trouble you used to get into, but I’ll save that for another time. Be well, and safe my children,” our mother said before disappearing.
I looked over at Tess and she had tears in her eyes. “Liz, we were so close and happy. We got royally screwed on this damned planet. I want to rectify that now! I’ve never had a close relationship with anyone before and I really want what he had on Antar. Please say we can get that close again,” Tess pleaded with me.
I looked over at Maria. She looked a little jealous. “Tess I know we can be close, and I’m willing to try and be the best of friends as well as the best sisters known to Earth,” I told her before I turned to Maria. “You will always be my best friend Maria have no fear of that! Just because I will be close to Tess doesn’t mean I’m not going to stay close to you. You’ve always been like a sister to me and that’s never going to change. And Alex, you’ve always been the brother I never had, and even though you are a boy, you are one of the best ‘Girlfriends’ anyone could have,” I told them.
“I know I’m not going to lose you Lizzy, but it’s so strange to not be the only person who you are going to share your secrets with,” Maria said. “I’m not going to stand in the way of sibling bonding don’t you worry about that, I mean Kyle and I have a lot of bonding to do! I’ll get used to the fact that you’ve got a sister now, hell I’m probably going to go nuts with Kyle as my brother and Michael as my boyfriend. I’m not going to be able to piss without telling them first!” she said laughing.
“Hey I resent that comment! You’re my sister and I’ve got to make sure you’re safe!” Kyle exclaimed.
“I know Kyle, I’m just teasing, jeez, anyway Tess, I want us to be close too. I’m sorry for the way I treated you in the beginning of this but you were trying to ruin my best friend here and that was unacceptable to me. Isabel, Liz, you, and I need to have a girls night!” Maria exclaimed.
“Hey, how come I’m not invited?” Alex asked.
“You my friend need to bond with the boys this time! You will be sorely missed though Alex, so don’t you worry about that,” I tell him.
“Fine,” Alex huffed.
“Jeez Whitman if we didn’t know you I’d think you were ashamed to be seen with us,” Michael teased him.
“No not ashamed, but you learn a lot of interesting gossip going to a “Girls Night,” he said.
I looked over at our parents and noticed the looks on their faces. They seemed surprised that we could be acting like normal teenagers with all the crap that we’ve been forced to deal with.
“Do any of you have questions that we can answer for you?” I asked.
“No honey, but it’s amazing how you can all act like nothing’s changed,” my dad said.
“That’s because nothing has changed dad. We are all just kids trying to cope with normal things. Granted there are a couple of abnormal things thrown in but they aren’t that bad and we’ve been dealing with them for over a year now. It’s normal for us,” I say.
“Well, the only thing I’ve got to say is Tess is staying with us,” my mom said. “Nasedo is in the FBI now right? Well she needs a guardian and she’s your sister so I think she should stay with us. Call Nasedo and have him claim us as her guardians while he’s away so it looks legal,” my mom said.
“Do you mean it?” I ask excitedly.
“Of course I mean it,” she says.
I jump up and hug her and Tess does the same. “Thank you so much Mrs. Parker. You have no idea what this means to me,” she says.
Everything settles down and Max hands Isabel an orb. We all wait to see their mother show up again.
This time a bright white light shines from the orbs and once again Lady Athena appears.
“I almost wish that your father could have left you a message but he has departed from us a long time ago. My children I hope you don’t hate me for sending you to a foreign planet. I don’t know what the humans are like, and I don’t know if by sending you I’ve put you in even greater danger. For that I am sorry. We didn’t have much time to research as Kivar was getting close to finding out about our labs and we had to move quickly. Earth’s atmosphere was just like ours so we picked it. I hope the family that you were placed in has been good to you and I hope beyond hope that you are well-behaved children. You were both pretty good kids here on Antar so I’m sure that you aren’t bad there on Earth, but you both did get into some trouble. I guess what would childhood be without getting into a little trouble. We learned after we sent you that the Earthlings don’t have powers so I hope that you know better then to use them in public. To do so could be very dangerous to you all. Zan both you and Vonnie were very close and I hope you still are. I know it was the smart thing to do keeping you together I just wish I had time to make sure that everyone else was kept together as well. When the eight of you combine in your separate four squares you are almost unstoppable. You cannot be paired with your mate because your powers compliment one another and to be strong you need one of each power. That is why your four square Zan consists of you, Vonnie, Rath, and Ava. The other square consists of Sabine, Delia, Lazarus, and Kearnin. I must go, the enemy is getting closer but I will try to record more of a message later. Time has been suspended here on Antar to await your return. Please come back to us safely, we need you!” Max’s mother said before fading away.
“So that’s why in the ‘Destiny’ book the four of you were placed together,” Maria said.
“Yes that would explain a lot, but not about the pictures of Tess and I with child,” Isabel said.
“Well, we’ll try and study the book some more and see if we can’t come up with some sort of idea. School is over so we’ve got three months to figure it out, and we’ve got to talk to Nasedo and find out why he told us what he told us,” I say.
“Liz has a point. I mean why would Nasedo lie if Cassandra told him the story,” Max says. “I think we should meet for lunch tomorrow and discuss. I’ll call Nasedo on Monday at the FBI headquarters.”
“So what should we do for the rest of the night?” Michael asks.
“I think we should all go to dinner,” Mrs. Evans says.
We all look up surprised. We forgot that the adults were in the room. “That sounds like a great idea mom,” Isabel says.
“Great then its settled. We’ll go to dinner and come back here to talk. I think that after dinner we might have been able to absorb enough of the information to have decent questions for you,” Mr. Parker said.
We all got up and headed to our respective cars. “Mom, dad, can I drive with Max, Isabel, and Alex please?” I ask.
My mom looks at me for a couple of minutes deciding whether or not to let me. “I don’t see why not. We’re following the Evans to the restaurant so don’t be too far behind,” she tells me.
“We won’t thanks mom!” I say jumping into the jeep.
We pull away from the front of the Crash and head to dinner.

Part 14: (Max’s POV)

Dinner was really nice actually. We got a whole room all to ourselves since we had a large group of people and the restaurant wasn’t too busy. It was nice to be able to spend time with my parents without having to worry about letting them know who I really am. I mean now that the secrets out of the bag I feel a lot better. Well, actually I feel a lot better since they didn’t reject me or that they didn’t call me a monster. I’m still a little worried about Liz’s parents though they haven’t said much.
We are now back at the Parker’s waiting for our parents to start questioning us. I know that they must have a lot of questions I mean everything that they learned today has got to be buzzing around in their minds. Isabel, Michael, Tess, and I have known forever that we are ‘different’ and Liz, Maria, and Alex have known for about a year, but Kyle has only known for a couple of days.
I turn to him, “Kyle I know that you’ve learned that you are an alien and you’ve only found out about the rest of us a couple of days ago, do you have any questions?”
“No actually I’m not confused or anything. I think that’s because I saw all of every message. At first I was a little freaked because it’s strange to believe in past lives on any planet but to know I lived on another planet all together was a little scary. I’ve come to terms with it and I’ve accepted it,” he tells me.
I smile at him, he’s a very strong person. He is a lot like his father. I wonder if he realizes that? “Well does anyone have questions?” I ask.
“What’s the Destiny book?” Mrs. Whitman asks.
“I think I can answer that since I knew what it was and even where to find it,” Tess says. “Nasedo told me that it was the book that told how to go home and how everything was when we lived on Seria. Inside there were pictures of Max, Isabel, Michael, and myself. We were placed in a square, I was next to Max while Isabel was next to Michael. Nasedo told me that we were placed there because that’s whom we were married to on our planet. I now know that it was a lie, we were place there because that is how we are the strongest. Anyway on the next page there is a picture of myself and Isabel pregnant, we don’t know what that means because we can’t read the language,” she says.
“The book is made of some type of metal. I’m assuming that our ship was made out of the same stuff because it doesn’t seem native to Earth,” I say.
“Do you have the book with you?” Mr. Whitman asked.
“Yes, it’s in my bag. Hold on I’ll get it,” I say.
I walk over to the corner where I put my bag before going to dinner. I pull out both orbs and place them on the coffee table and search for the book. I’ve got some other junk in there that I forgot to take out after school ended so it took me a couple of minutes to find the darned thing.
“Ah here it is,” I say pulling it out. I hand it over to Mr. Whitman and he looks at it. When he’s finished he passes it along. Even the Sheriff is curious since we never showed it to him. He looks at it with Mrs. DeLuca before passing it on to the Parkers.
“Ok so there’s a book for the four of you, but what about Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle?” Mrs. DeLuca asks.
“We don’t know for sure, I’m assuming that there will be a book for them too. I just wish I knew what it said,” I tell them.
“Max! What about in the pod chamber? I mean I bet your book explains why you four were placed together and how to harness your power, I’m sure our book will say the same thing. Maybe it explains what our powers are and how to use them to their fullest potential. But if our books only tell us about that stuff could there be an actual Destiny book, you know telling us about who we all really are, why we were sent here, and who we are meant to be with?” Liz asks.
“Well, there could be. So you are thinking that maybe Cassandra hid the actual Destiny book in with the pods to keep it safe?” I ask.
“Yes! I mean our books could just be a decoy in case the enemies come to Earth. If they found these books it could just tell them useless information. I mean think about it, your mother sent the orbs to Earth so we would learn our pasts. In order to protect that information the orbs have to recognize us before it plays a message right? Well maybe the scientists and your mother decided to plant dummy books in order to protect us. I mean I don’t understand why they would put your faces in there and actually make them look like all of you, but the information could be fake,” Liz says.
“She’s got a point Max. I mean our mother wanted to keep us safe and in order to do that they could have sent decoy books,” Isabel said.
“I’m not doubting that they could have. So tomorrow I guess we’ll go check the Pod Chamber. I know that there is something there, I’m not sure what it is but I can feel the energy pulsating every time I go in there,” I say.
“I know, I feel it too,” Michael says.
“Could we come with you?” my mother asks. “I’m curious to see what held you safe for so many years.”
I look over at everyone to see their reaction. Michael looks a little acceptable but he agrees. “I don’t see why not. I would like to share this with all of you.”
“I’ve only got one other question. If you four were kept in Pods and emerged from them then Maria, Liz, Alex, and Kyle would have had to be in pods too right? Where are their pods?” Mrs. DeLuca asks.
“I don’t have an answer for that and I’m sorry. I only know where our pods are,” I tell her. “Maybe Nasedo knows where they were kept.”
“All right, I say we all get home and get some sleep. We’ve got a very busy day tomorrow,” my father says.
I look over at Liz. I don’t want to leave her yet and I can see she feels the same way. She walks over to me and wraps her arms around my waist. I pull her close to me and place a kiss on top of her head. She pulls back far enough to look into my eyes but close enough to stay in my arms.
“It keeps getting harder and harder watching you walk away each night,” she tells me.
“I know. Every time we say good night and go our separate ways I keep seeing you walking away from me at the cave the other day. My heart starts breaking all over again,” I tell her.
We are both oblivious to the other people in the room. We get lost in each other’s eyes and through my eyes I show her how much she means to me while she shows me the same thing through her eyes.
“Great they are in that ‘Let’s get lost in each other’s eyes’ stare again. They could be like that all night,” Michael grumbles.
“Shut up Michael, this is really hard on them. I mean how would you have felt if it was me who walked away to leave you to your supposed ‘Destiny’ like Liz did. Or if it had been us who were having a child when we were killed?” Maria asked him.
“I’d feel just like Max actually. I wouldn’t want to leave your side…” he said trailing off. “Ok, I understand, I’m sorry that I was such an ass,” he apologized.
“You are forgiven Space Boy,” she teased.
“What do you mean they are in that ‘Let’s get lost in each other’s eyes’ stare?” Mrs. Parker asked.
I can vaguely hear the conversations going on around us. It’s a faint mummer in the back of my mind. Right now all I can see and hear is Liz.
“They get this I’m getting lost in your soul thing when they look into one another’s eyes. It’s actually quite nauseating, but the girls seem to melt when Liz and Max get into that state,” Michael says.
“Just look at them. They get lost in one another. It’s like nothing else exists but the two of them,” Maria said.
I brush my thumb across Liz’s cheek wiping the tear from it. It pains me to see her cry. “Please don’t cry Liz. I’ll see you tomorrow, you know that,” I tell her.
“I know, but I hate leaving you Max. It brings back everything that’s happened these past couple of weeks. They day the FBI took you and I couldn’t stop them, the day I tried to walk away thinking it was best for you, everything and it sucks,” she says.
“I promise that I’m not going anywhere Liz. You and I, we’re forever and you know that. There never has been and there never will be anyone else for me. It’s always been you,” I assure her.
I kiss her lips softly. “I’ll visit you tonight in your dreams ok?” I ask.
She nods her head and kisses me back with passion. I wrap my arms around her tightly and let her control the kiss. I know that she needs to feel some sort of control. I slowly pull my head back and rest my forehead on hers. “Until tonight,” I say before quickly kissing her again.
“I love you Max,” she tells me.
“I know. I love you to Liz, so much,” I tell her.
I hear a throat clearing and I’m shaken out of my Liz induced haze and look up. I blush and I know even my ears are turning red. I look down at Liz and she’s blushing too. I can’t believe we forgot where we were and who was there. We just put on a great show for our parents. This is just great, I’m sure her parents enjoyed that. They probably won’t let me near her for weeks now.
“We’ll all meet here tomorrow morning for breakfast before we leave for the Pod Chamber,” Mr. Parker says.
“Good night,” the Whitman’s say pulling Alex out the door.
“Night Mr. & Mrs. Parker,” Michael says before walking out the door. “See you tomorrow morning Max,” he tells me before walking up to Maria and giving her a quick kiss.
Alex managed to pull himself away from his parents long enough to kiss Isabel good-bye. “See you tomorrow,” he says.
“Night,” Amy and Maria say. Maria gives Liz, Tess, and Isabel a hug. “I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow,” she says. “Night Max.”
“Night,” I say.
My parents, Isabel and I are the last to leave. Tess is staying the night here, but first the sheriff is taking her to pick up some clothes from her house.
“So we’ll see you tomorrow morning. Thank you for having us over,” my mom says.
Liz and I are still holding hands maintaining physical contact for as long as possible.
“It was no trouble. I’m just happy that we finally know what’s going on in our kids lives now,” Mrs. Parker says.
“Well, good night,” my father says heading towards the door.
“Good night,” Liz’s parents say.
“Bye Liz,” Isabel says giving her a hug.
“Bye Iz,” she says.
“Good night Liz,” I say giving her a small kiss. “I love you.”
“Good night Max. I love you too,” she says kissing me.
We keep our hands clasped until the last possible second. I walk down the stairs and once I reach the bottom I look up and see my angel standing there watching me. I give her my best smile and head out the door after my parents. I’ll see Liz later on in my dreams.

Part 15: (Liz’s POV)

As promised Max met me in my dreams last night. We just held one another close and talked. It was the most peaceful sleep I’ve had in a long time. I miss him so much but he keep reassuring me of his love. Not like I needed reassurance but it felt good to know that he wanted and needed to tell me how much he loves me! I was actually sad to see the morning come but then I remembered that we’d be spending the whole day together, well our parents are going to be with us but we’ll be together and that’s all that matters.
I still haven’t talked to my parents about yesterday. After everyone left my dad said I should go to bed because we are going to be having a really long day today. I wonder if he just didn’t want to talk about it or if he just didn’t know what to say? I guess I’ll find out today, I mean he can’t keep it all in forever. A lot of stuff went down yesterday and I know he’s going to have questions. I’m more worried about my mom though. I’m very afraid that she’s going to try and keep me from Max, and last nights performance didn’t help any. I can’t believe we totally forgot who was in the room, but whenever Max looks at me like that everything else just fades away.
I jump out of bed and head into my bathroom. I have to shower and get dressed so I can meet Max downstairs when he comes in. I know he’s just as anxious to see me, as I am to see him. After everything that’s happened these past couple of weeks who can blame us? We almost lost one another twice and it’s a very painful thing to go through. After my shower I run into my room and get dressed. I put on a pair of dark jeans, I know it’s going to be hot but we’ve got to climb up that rock formation and I’m not in any mood to scrape up my legs. I should probably call Maria and Alex to tell them about that. After I don my jeans I put on a red strappie tank top. It’s one of those tanks with the built in bra. At least I’ll stay somewhat cool in that shirt and I know how Max likes to see me in red!
“Liz are you ready to go downstairs?” my dad calls as I’m hanging up the phone with Alex. I already called Maria and they are both wearing pants.
“Yeah, I’m just getting off the phone. I’ll be down in a second,” I tell him.
I can hear the apartment door close and I know my parents went downstairs. We’ve avoided another confrontation this morning. I’m getting a little worried though; I mean I want them to say something. I don’t like that they are avoiding the topic or me.
I walk down to the Crash and wait for the others to show up. As soon as I walk through the doors I look over to my parents. They are holding hands and talking quietly to themselves. I can only imagine what they are talking about. I’m just about to join them when I feel Max getting closer to me. What the heck is that? I’ve never felt Max like this before, it’s like I know he’s only a block away from the Crash.
I start walking to the door before I even understand what’s happening. For some reason I glance back to my parents and they are both watching me intently. I can’t deal with them right now so I continue walking to the door. I’m just about there when Max comes running and opens up the door. I jump into his arms the minute he’s through the door. Isabel and his parents are just behind him and they witness the whole thing.
“I thought Max was going to kill us. He just kept saying that he needed to get here and see you. I’ve never seen that kind of need before. Why are you meeting us at the door?” Isabel said.
“I don’t know. It’s going to sound strange but I could feel Max coming closer to the Crash and before I knew it I was walking towards the door. Then all of a sudden he was there,” I say.
“Um, okay, we’ve got to figure that one out. It’s actually kind of cool though, I mean you can never lose Max now,” Isabel teased.
“She’d never lose me anyway,” Max said seriously.
“You better believe I wouldn’t,” I say kissing him hello.
“So where’s everyone else?” Max asks sitting in the usual booth.
Isabel and I sit in the booth with him. “Maria and her mom are on their way. I called her to tell her to wear pants because climbing that rock formation could scrape up our legs, I told Alex too and he said he and his parents were leaving as soon as he hung up the phone,” I tell them. “I forgot that they were just there the other day and know to wear pants but my mind was on other things.”
Just then Alex and his family walk in. Alex sits next to Isabel while his mom and dad sit with the Evans and my parents. Maria and her mom walk in a couple of minutes with Michael and the Valenti’s in toe. Tess comes out of the back room and sits next to Kyle.
“Where were you? I looked for you before I came down this morning,” I ask Tess.
“I came down with your parents and had to go to the bathroom so that’s where I was,” Tess said.
“Oh,” I say.
We all eat the pancakes my dad makes for breakfast. All of us kids are at one table while our parents sit at another. We both dragged an extra table to the booth so we could all fit and enjoyed our breakfast. Once everyone was done Max, Isabel, Alex, and I head to the kitchen to do the dishes. Max and Isabel look at one another and smile before waving their hands over everything. The dishes are cleaned and dried in a matter of minutes. Alex and I put them away and head back out to everyone.
“That was fast,” my dad says.
“Yeah well when you’ve got a little Alien voodoo it helps,” I say smiling.
“Are we ready?” Max asks.
“Yeah,” they say.
Max, Isabel, Alex, and I pile into the jeep. Michael, Maria, Tess, Kyle, the Sheriff, and Mrs. DeLuca get into the cruiser, and my parents, Max’s parents, and Alex’s parents climb into the Evans’ car.
Max leads the way to the Pod Chamber and we arrive about twenty minutes after we pull away from the Crashdown. We packed a lunch since we planned on being here for a while. We weren’t exactly sure what we were looking for but this was the best place to start looking.

(Max’s POV)

I keep looking at Liz during the drive. I can’t bear to be away from her any longer. I know it’s strange but it’s almost like a physical kind of pain when we are separated. But, we are only 17 and cannot legally live together so I’ll have to deal with going home at night and meeting her in my dreams. That dream last night was amazing. To just be able to hold Liz all night long was heaven. I know she felt the same way I could feel her emotions and this morning I knew that she needed to see me so I rushed over to the Crash as fast as I could.
I pull the car behind the rock formation and everyone follows. I don’t want the cars to be visible just in case someone decides to drive out this way. It could be very dangerous to all of us.
I get out of the car and walk around to Liz’s side; I help her out and wait for everyone else to join us. Our parents haven’t been here so we take it slow making sure that they can keep up. I stop in front of the hidden door and wait for everyone to catch up. All of our parents look at me and I turn to them.
“This is your last chance to back out. If you don’t think you can handle it please let me know and Michael, Maria, Tess, Kyle, Isabel, Alex, Liz, and I will come back later,” I tell them.
“Nonsense Max, let’s go,” Mr. Parker says. “We’re all ready and willing to see this. In fact we are beyond curious.”
I wave my hand over the spot that opens the door. Once the silver handprint appears I place my hand on it and the wall slides open. I let everyone walk in before Liz and I just so I can make sure everything is secure outside. I know I should let Michael do that since he’s the warrior but I just feel it’s my responsibility. I don’t see anything and I lead Liz inside.
I look around at the stunned faces of our parents. They look curious and amused not scared like I thought they would have.
“So this is where you four were born?” my mother asks. “Which ones are yours and Isabel’s?”
Isabel and I walk up to our pods. I place my hand on mine and it glows and Isabel’s does the same when she touches hers. Everyone’s eyes light up when we do that and I feel a little better about showing them this. I was really afraid that after they saw the pods they would shy away and really think we were monsters.
“Max? Can you feel that?” Liz asks me.
“Feel what?” I ask having no idea what she’s talking about.
“All that energy. It’s like something’s calling out, just waiting to be found,” she says.
“No, I don’t feel….Oh wait there it is!” I exclaim. “Do any of you feel it?” I ask.
Everyone else shakes their head no. I wonder why Liz and I are the only ones to feel this? I walk up to Liz and take her hand. The moment our hands come together there is a loud humming sound that emanates from behind the Pods. I look over at Liz and she’s looking at me. I notice Michael taking Maria’s hand and backing away and Isabel and Alex are doing the same thing. Everyone else was already behind Liz and I so they were the only ones who needed to move.
“What the hell is that?” Michael asks.
“I don’t know, but I’m planning on finding out,” I say.
“Max are you sure that’s such a good idea?” Tess asks.
“I don’t know but I’ve got this feeling like we are supposed to find whatever that thing is. I’m like being pulled towards it,” I say.
“I am too,” Liz whispers. “What could it possibly be?”
“I don’t know,” I say walking towards our pods. “Iz, I’m going to have to break your pod open,” I tell her.
“Oh no you don’t. I’ll break it,” she says throwing a rock at it.
The rock goes right through the pod and we hear it land on some sort of surface on the other side.
“Wait here,” I tell Liz as I start climbing through the pod.
“Oh no way Max Evans. I’m not standing around out here while you go traipsing into the unknown. My scientific mind needs to see this and besides it called out to the both of us. There is no way I’m waiting here,” she tells me as she climbs through the pod.
Everyone follows and we are face to face with this strange machine. “What is it,” Isabel whispers.
“I don’t know, but it looks very powerful,” I say.
I walk back over to Liz and take her hand once again. I can feel her excitement across the room. That’s my Lizzie, always curious about the unknown; she’s going to make a great scientist.
The minute our hands come into contact a blue light shoots out of the machine and engulfs us. I can hear Maria scream but right now I’m only worried about Liz. I look over at her and she’s looking at me with wide eyes. I know she’s not hurt but she is scared that it kills me knowing something is scaring her.
“King Zan, Queen Sabine, you have finally found the great power source of your people. We had to send it on your ship and hide it with you because of the threats against our people. If this power ever falls into the wrong hands it could be very dangerous. The two of you, and only the two of you know how to control its powers. King Zan you were teaching Rath, Lax, and Kearnin how to use its powers but we were under attack before you could finish. Use the orbs to teach you how to start it up and the Granolith will teach you the rest. It will help you unlock all of your past life memories and you will remember who you were. You must finish teaching Rath, Laz, and Kearnin how to use this great power before the enemy finds you on Earth,” the voice said.
Once it stopped the blue light disappeared and Liz and I were no longer engulfed in the blue light anymore.
“Oh my God Lizzie! Are you ok! What the hell was that! Did it hurt you? Do you feel any different? Oh God, this is too crazy!” Maria exclaimed.
“Ria, calm down please. Everything is fine. It was just a message. I don’t know why we were engulfed in the light, but it didn’t hurt us. As a matter of fact it was quite comforting,” Liz says.
“Um, I think we should all head out to the Pod Chamber again. I don’t want to see another light show for a little while,” Alex said.
“Yeah, he’s got a point. Even though you said it didn’t hurt, it was still scary for the rest of us. I was so afraid that you two were going to disappear or something,” Isabel said.
Everyone climbed back through the pod leaving Liz and I in the room by ourselves for a few minutes.
“Did you see anything while we were in the light?” I ask her.
“Yes, I saw you and me on our home planet. We were so happy and in love Max but most of all we were together. We didn’t have to endure this separation,” she says.
“I know. We’ll figure out a way to be together Liz, I know we will,” I assure her. “Come on, we’ve got a lot of explaining to do,” I say as we exit the Granolith chamber.

Part 16: (Liz’s POV)

Max starts walking towards the pod we crawled through to get into the Granolith Chamber. I don’t follow him right away. I feel like there is something else in the room that needs to be found or uncovered. I don’t know what I’m supposed to find though.
I’m drawn back to the Granolith. For some reason the pull is strongest when I’m near this thing. I walk up to it completely oblivious to Max. I don’t even know if he’s still in the room or not. I walk up to the Granolith trying to figure out why I’m still being drawn to it. I walk a circle around it trying to find some clue that will help me find the information I’m being drawn to.
I stop in front of it once more and place my hand on it. All of a sudden the room is engulfed in a teal light. The center of the Granolith is sparkling and emitting the light. It is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.
I can hear footsteps in the room and I know that the others are aware of what I’m doing. They had to have seen the light from the Granolith and came running.
“Lizzie! What are you doing?” I hear Maria scream.
I don’t answer because I don’t know what I’m doing or what I’ve done.
“Hello Sabine. It has been many years since I’ve seen you I’m sure, and unfortunately I don’t think I will be here when you return. As a matter of fact I don’t think I’ll be here for much longer as it is. You are still young, as is my son but I knew from the first minute he laid eyes on you he fell in love with you. It was the same way for me when I first laid eyes on his mother. The two of you were only 17 when you first met but I know it was forever. I also knew how special you were and how important you are to our cause. You are the one who can see the evil within. When you and Delia are together you are virtually unstoppable. You see Delia can judge a person’s character by the color of their aura. I know for a fact that you must work on your gifts but you will be able to master them. I’m recording this message just in case something happens. If you are hearing this then my institution was correct and something happened to all of you. You my dear Sabine are the only person who can activate this message. There are other messages stored on here for Vilandra, Zan, and Rath. Send my children my love. Take care and be well,” the male voice of Max’s father said.
Once the message was done my hand slipped from the Granolith and I started to fall to the ground. I felt two strong arms slide around me before I actually hit the ground. I looked up and saw Max. He had tears in his eyes. I can understand because he had only seen and heard his mother up to this point but to hear his father, I can’t imagine how he’s feeling. Just from hearing his father’s voice, I can tell that he was a very kind man. Max must take after him in many ways.
“Liz, honey, are you all right?” my dad asks me.
“Oh yeah, I’m fine. I wasn’t harmed in any way. It was just another message,” I tell everyone.
“How did you know what to do to get the message from the Granolith?” Alex asks me.
“I don’t know. I felt this pull towards it again and I tried to figure out what the information was and how to retrieve it. So, I placed my hand on the Granolith and it started glowing. Then you all ran in and the message started,” I say.
“So it just started up on its own when you came into contact with it?” Max asks.
I nod my head yes and start to stand up. Max helps me and I step into his embrace. He kissed my temple and holds me to him tightly.
“I think that we should take this party outside by the cars, have some lunch, and discuss everything that happened today,” Maria says.
“Yeah, that’s a good idea, I’m starved,” Isabel agrees.
Max leads me outside this time making sure that I don’t get sidetracked again. We walk down the rock formation and head back to the cars. Max and Maria get some blankets from their cars and place them on the ground. My dad gets the coolers out of Mr. Evans’ car and Mr. Whitman helps him. They place them in front of the blankets. We all grab some food and drinks before sitting down to eat.

(Max’s POV)

Seeing Liz standing there in that room in that trancelike state while she got that message scared me so badly. I was calling her name but she couldn’t hear me. Everyone came running in after I called for Liz the second time.
I know I really scared everyone and I feel bad because I didn’t mean to but I didn’t know what happened to Liz. I would have died if she had gotten hurt and I panicked.
Now that we are outside eating lunch I feel a little bit better. I have been holding her since she almost fell inside. I need to reassure myself that she is really ok.
I pull her closer to me and kiss the top of her head. She snuggles into my chest and sighs. These are the moments that I long for. Just holding Liz in my arms not having a worry in the world. This is what I want for the two of us.
I see a man watching us in the distance and I tense up immediately. Liz notices this because she lifts her head and looks up at me concerned. I try to play it off and smile at her but its not helping since it’s a tense and forced smile.
“Max? What’s wrong?” Liz asks.
All of our friends look at me and I know that I can’t lie but I don’t want to worry anyone.
“Look over to the right. There is a man standing there watching us,” I say.
Michael is the first to look, “Shit! Maxwell’s right and it appears he’s walking towards us.”
“Now what are we supposed to do? What if he’s an enemy? What if he’s an agent?” Maria cries freaking out.
“Maria you need to relax,” Alex says placing his hand over her mouth. “All of your freaking out is going to give us away. We are just some local people enjoying this beautiful day by having a picnic,” he adds.
“Alex, now I know why you planned many battles. You think well during a crisis,” Kyle says to him.
The man is next to us before we realize it and the moment I get a good look at him my blood runs cold and I start to shake. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It has to be a mirage.
If I had been thinking rationally at the moment I would have realized who was standing in front of me but I wasn’t. The man in front of me was Agent Pierce and I freaked out.
I jump up bringing Liz with me and I hold out my hand producing a shield screaming out NO! I can’t let him get Liz or the others. The tortures he put me though was bad enough but for Liz, Maria, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Kyle, or Alex to go through that is unbearable to me.
Pierce holds up his hand and is engulfed in a bright white light and when the light fades I am standing in front of Ed Harding. I totally forgot Pierce is dead and Nasedo took his place.
My breathing starts to return to normal and I let down my shield. I still can’t shake the last bit of my fear and even Liz’s comforting embrace isn’t helping. I began reliving those torturous days at Eagle Rock Military Base all over again and no matter how must time passes, I know I will never fully be healed from that experience.
“What are you doing here?” Michael asks in a no nonsense tone.
“I must speak with Max immediately,” Nasedo says.
“Yeah, well we need to talk to you too. We’ve got a lot of questions for you and you will answer our questions before you and I talk,” I tell him.
He just nods his head and I motion for him to sit down. This is going to be another very long day I think to myself.

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Part 17:

Nasedo sat on the blanket and everyone looked at him. No one knew what to expect and all the parents were wondering about Max’s sudden outburst only moments before. Max sat back down taking Liz with him and he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to calm his racing heart. The images of Pierce torturing him just wouldn’t get out of his head.
“Max, look at me,” Liz whispered.
He opened his eyes and looked into Liz’s. She caressed his face and pulled it down towards hers. The minute their lips met their connection flared up. She could see everything that he was feeling and the images that were plaguing him. He tried to pull away so she wouldn’t see them but Liz was having none of that. She just held him closer and deepened the kiss even more. She sent him images of the two of them together having fun with their friends, kissing, studying. She just sent him image after image of the good times that they all shared together and he started to calm down. Once she was certain that he was completely calm she pulled back and smiled at him.
“Thank you I really needed that,” he told her.
“I know I could feel your emotions going crazy and I knew why they were. I just had to calm you down and that was the only way I could think of,” she said.
“Um, Max I don’t mean to interrupt or anything but what the hell is going on? Why did you totally freak out before?” his dad asked.
“Well you see I forgot that we asked Nasedo to infiltrate the FBI and when he showed himself he was still looking like Agent Pierce and the first thing I thought of was that he was here for Liz and everyone else and I panicked. I couldn’t let them go through the tortures that I was subjected to and I did the firs thing I could think of and tried to protect us. He’s just lucky that I can’t send out blasts or I probably would have killed him,” Max said.
“So you’re the famous Nasedo huh? Not very impressive,” Nancy said snidely.
“I can shift into anyone I want so you can be unimpressed you you’d like but I suggest you don’t piss me off,” Nasedo said in a warning tone.
“You will not speak to any of our parents like that,” Max said in a deadly tone. “Now on to business. I want to know why you lied to us!”
“What are you talking about?” he asked.
“Everything you told me was a lie. I’m not supposed to be with Max I was married to Kyle in our past life. Liz and Max are supposed to be together as are Michael and Maria, and Isabel and Alex. We activated the orbs and there were messages in there for all of us. Liz and I are sisters and I almost tried to steal her husband, do you know how SICK that is?” Tess exclaimed annoyed.
“Cassandra told me about Sabine, Delia, Kearnin, and Lazarus, but I could not find them or their pods. I didn’t know that they survived and since I thought they were dead I told you that the four of you were together and married because well our planet would need heirs and I’m sorry it was a bad judgment call but at the time I thought it was right,” Nasedo said.
Max looked at the others trying to judge their reactions to what Nasedo said. “I believe him Max. He appears to be telling the truth and he sounds sincere.” Liz says.
I’m not sure what to believe at the moment but his argument sounds plausible.
“Look, I am really sorry that I caused this whole mix up and had I known that the other royals survived I never would have done anything like this. Cassandra told me that there were eight pods sent to Earth but I could only find four. She didn’t tell me what they had planned for the other four, her four. She told me to watch over Marcus’s four pods since he was captured by the government but as I was heading back towards this outcropping I was grabbed and taken to Eagle Rock Military Base and that’s where I met Marcus. He told me of the king and queen who were sent to Earth. I knew of the rebellion that Kivar had planned and I heard the news of our beloved king and queen, but I had never laid eyes on them and I didn’t know that I was carrying their essences across solar systems, I just knew I had important people aboard my ship,” Nasedo told us.
“How did you escape?” Michael asks.
“Marcus and I learned how to build a resistance to the drugs they were pumping into our systems but we played stupid and kept acting like the drugs still effected us. Then one night when the security was pretty low we used our powers and busted out. Marcus was very week since they had done major tests on him that day but we knew the time was now or never so we busted out. I tried to help him, almost carrying him for miles but he knew that the government was close on our tails and told me to leave him. He made me promise to watch the royal four that were in his care and I vowed to him that nothing would happen to them. Well you see I lied, Max was captured and it was my fault. I was too hell bent on revenge against the stupid FBI that I didn’t even care if I endangered any of you. For some reason when I was in that house of mirrors and the FBI grabbed Max, I just had this instinctive feeling to get Liz out. It was as if something inside me recognized her and I needed to keep her safe. But anyway, back to the original story, I couldn’t keep a watch over you as the FBI found me time after time. I traveled all across this country and even into Mexico and Canada to elude them. When I finally got them off my tail the only one of you left was Tess. I took her with me and vowed that I would find the rest of you,” he finished.
“Wow, that is one amazing story. It kind of makes you fell inferior doesn’t it?” Alex asked.
Isabel rolled her eyes, “So do you know what happened to Cassandra?” she asked.
“No, I never saw her again, but Liz reminds me a lot of her. They have the same mannerisms and the same personality,” Nasedo tells us.
“Um, I think I might know why,” Jeff stats.
“Why?” we all ask.
“Well you see my mother Claudia really wasn’t my mother. Um, my actual mom, Kristen died during childbirth and my dad started to raise me by himself, but somewhere along the way he met this woman named Claudia and they fell in love. He married her shortly after their first meeting and I remember one night when I was about 16 she left the house really late. It had to have been about 12:30 in the morning and me being the curious teen that I was decided to follow her. She came to this cave type place and waved her hand across some secret panel just like Max did up there and the wall opened. I didn’t follow her inside because I was a little freaked out so I went back home. The next morning she didn’t say anything about it and neither did I thinking that maybe it was just a dream. I remember when she met Nancy she instantly loved her and was very excited that we were getting married. Nancy and I tried for many years to have a child but we couldn’t and my mom was there every step of the way trying to give us support. Then one day Nancy became pregnant with Liz and I now know that we never really became pregnant but my mother warped us into thinking we were. I don’t know why she decided to choose the queen for us to raise and in all honesty she might not have known but whenever she came to visit she always asked Liz to invite Maria and Alex over. Sometimes she would ask that Kyle come too, and she would sit up for hours telling them stories of her work and the things she found while digging. It was amazing to watch them all interact. They all had some kind of bond with my mother and I believe now I know why. She was their protector and because of that they had to be close,” Jeff explained.
“So your saying that Grandma Claudia really wasn’t my grandma?” Liz asked.
“Well not by blood but she raised me and I always thought of her as my mother so in a sense yes she was your grandma, but she was so much more then that too. I always wondered about her fascination in your relationship with Max, and the fact that she didn’t like the idea of you and Kyle dating. Now I understand why she felt this way,” Jeff says.
I turn to Liz and try to gauge her reaction. She seems to be handling this news pretty well and that’s a good sign. I know that there is a lot more stuff that we need to be talking about but I need to make sure Liz is ok first.
“Liz? Are you ok?” I ask her.
“Hm? Oh yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a lot to take in you know?” she says.
“Yeah, I know,” I assure her.
I turn back to Nasedo. “Ok, what is your news?” I ask him.
“The FBI has decided to disband the Special Unit. I have wormed my way deep inside and made it look like everything Pierce found was phony. Oh, and I’ve been getting the feeling that trouble is heading this way and soon. We need to start training, or at least discovering Maria’s, Alex’s, Kyle’s, and Liz’s powers and we need to work on your control. And building up some strength so that you can hold your shields longer would help too. I think that the Skins have found out your location and will be here within the next three months,” he says to us.

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Part 18: (Max’s POV)

Three months! Three months! We’ll never be ready. How in the heck are we supposed to be able to fight our enemies in three months? We don’t even know the full potential of our powers yet. Michael still is having problems with control, although he is getting a little better and we don’t even know what Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle’s powers are yet.
“You will be staying in Roswell then right? I mean how are we supposed to practice when we don’t even know our potential? The only one of us who really knows what she’s capable of is Tess and that’s only because she lived with you her whole life! I mean Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle don’t even know what their powers are yet,” I say.
“Well, I know I can see the evil within but so far I can only get images when I come into contact with someone. There has got to be a way for me to do this without touching them. Oh, and your father said that Maria can see aura’s, which doesn’t surprise me at all, so she can tell by the shade and color of a person’s aura, but we still don’t know Alex or Kyle’s powers,” Liz says.
“We will work on all of your powers don’t worry. There has to be a book or something somewhere that will help us out. We’ll have to find it and quickly or we’ll really be in trouble. To answer your question Max yes I will be staying in Roswell because you are going to need me. The government fired Pierce anyway. I will have to go back tomorrow to finish cleaning out his things but after that I’ll be here. Um, there is no evidence of you or anything about any of you because I destroyed it all,” Nasedo told us.
“That’s good, thank you very much,” I tell him. “Ok, what do you say we go back inside the Pod Chamber and see if we can find any other book? We really need to find out where Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle’s pods were kept. There might be some clues there as well,” I add.
“I think I might know where they are but going to find them will have to wait until after I come back from the Capital,” Nasedo says.
“That’s fine but the sooner we find their pods the better,” I say.
We all get up and put the coolers and the blankets into the cars and head back up to the Pod Chamber. I’m not sure what we are going to find in there exactly but I still feel like there is something else in there. I hold onto Liz’s hand as we walk through the door and the two of us look at one another. That familiar humming is coming back full force. I fell the strong pull to be with her again but I’m too afraid of doing anything because our parents are here with us.
I can tell by the way she’s looking at me that she feels it too. Oh man what the heck are we going to do. The feelings are just going to get stronger and if we deny it who knows what will happen. I remember last time all the trouble we got into because of this magnetic pull. It was not fun and I really don’t want to go through that again. Our parents separated us for two weeks; I can’t live for another two weeks without Liz. But now that they know everything maybe they won’t be so harsh. Who am I kidding Mr. Parker will probably want to kill me, but I can’t help it, she’s my wife and I’m very much in love with her.
“Oh no. You guys they are at it again,” Maria said.
“What? How’s at what again?” my mother asks.
“Max and Liz. This happened the last time. You know when we found the orb. Max and Liz had that look on their faces then too. It’s almost like they can’t keep their hands off one another. I must say it’s pretty cool to watch and we do get answers but sometimes the need they have for one another is scary,” Maria clarified.
“Um, hello! We are standing right here, and besides we are trying to fight it this time. I know we need the answers but it’s just too weird with all of you and our parents here,” Liz says.
“Hey don’t mind us we don’t care. You guys have always had this weird thing going for you and we’re used to it,” Alex tells us.
“Yeah, but our parents, the sheriff, and Kyle and Tess don’t know that so we just can’t start this,” I say.
Liz looks at me and I can see the hunger and desire in her eyes and my control slips a little. I caress her cheek and start to lower my head totally forgetting that anyone is in the room with us. Just as my lips are about to brush against hers I remember all the people in the room and I pull my head back. She groans and I almost cave. It pains me to see her unhappy.
“Ah, Liz, I think that maybe we should stand on opposite sides of the room or something. I won’t be able to control myself with you being right next to me,” I tell her.
She gives me this look and it breaks my heart. “It’s not that I don’t want you next to me, it’s just that I only have so much control and I know me and I know you. With one look all my control will go right out the door,” I explain.
“Fine,” she says exasperated. “I know you’re right but it just hurts so much. The last time we didn’t deny ourselves and we were fine. Now that we are trying to not go through with this I’m in pain,” she says.
“I know I feel it too but we just can’t,” I tell her.
“Max,” my mom says.
“Yeah mom,” I say turning to look at her.
“Just kiss her already. Jeez, it’s not like we’ve never seen you kiss her before,” she tells me.
“You don’t seem to understand. This goes way beyond a kiss. I mean we don’t do ANYTHING, I just want to set that straight but it’s so very intense,” I explain.
“So what, yes we are your parents and I know it’s uncomfortable but the thought that you are in pain because of this just doesn’t sit well with me,” she says.
“I think we should listen to your mother Max,” Liz tells me.
She’s just agreeing because she wants me to kiss her. Deep down I want to agree too, but the image I get of Mr. Parker holding a gun to me just won’t let me do this.
“I can’t Liz, even though my mother seems to think it’s ok, I can’t get this image of your dad wanting to pummel me,” I tell her softly.
“Max, I wouldn’t try to pummel you unless you hurt my daughter in anyway,” Mr. Parker tells me.
I guess I didn’t say that as low as I thought I did. Liz smiles at her dad and then turns to me and I know I’m done for. That look in her eyes tells me so and my heart rate goes through the roof. She slides her arms around my neck and pulls my head down to hers. The moment our lips meet I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. All the pain is gone and I only fell Liz.
I pull her closer to my body not caring that there are many eyes watching us right now. All that I care about is Liz and the feel of her in my arms, and the taste of her lips against mine.

A beautiful woman using her powers to levitate four pods in the air and placing them in a cave. She then activates a panel on the outside wall closing it the entrance off so no one will know that there is anything hidden in there.
She walks out of the woods and morphs into the form of an Earthling so as to blend in.
The woman going back to the cave to check on her charges. “Don’t worry my queen, you will be reunited with your husband soon enough,” she says to one of the pods. “Your best friends will be here to help you along the way. It will be hard knowing who to trust but you are the one who will be able to tell. Use your gift wisely and you all must never let anyone know about them,” she continues.
She then faces the all across from the pods and waves her had over the spot containing the handprint. She then places her hand on it and a draw pops out. Inside the draw is another book that looks like the destiny book Tess had. This is the other decoy book. Your real book is inside the Granolith. Both you and your husband need to be touching the Granolith in order to get it out. Inside your real book you will find out what your true purpose is,” she says. “I must go now. Hopefully I will be able to find you a suitable home quickly. Although something tells me that it will be a while yet since I can fell that something happened to Marcus and Nasedo has been running from the government. I’m very lucky that they didn’t find me. I will know when the time comes to bring you out my charges. Have faith in me. I need to make sure that you will be the same age as your loved ones so that you will be able to fulfill your purpose.”
She then left again.

Liz and I brake apart and stare at one another. Our breathing is ragged and the desire is still high but it is slowly beginning to return to normal. I brush the hair off her face and tuck it behind her ear. She smiles at me and we turn to face everyone.
“You’re right, that was intense and the energy coming off you two was amazing. You could feel it in the room bouncing off of everything,” Mrs. Parker says.
“What did you see?” Michael asks.
He never was very patient. “We know where the other pods are. They are in a cave out in Frazer Woods some place. Oh and the true book is hidden in the Granolith. Liz and I have to be touching it in order for it to come out,” I say.
“Really? How soon before we can go and see the Pods? Are you going to get the book today or are we going to wait for another day? Can we see the Pods soon? I’m so excited I can’t wait. OH man this is so cool. I’m going to be able to see what housed me until my mother was able to take me home,” Maria exclaimed.
“We’ll probably go and find the pods tomorrow since it will be getting dark soon. It will be easier to find them during the day. As for the book we’ll get that at a later date. I think we’ve had enough excitement and information for one day. I say we call it a night,” I tell everyone.
“I think that’s a good idea,” my dad says.
Michael walks to the door and opens it letting everyone out. Liz and I are the last to leave.
“Why do you want to wait to get the book?” she asks me.
“I don’t trust Nasedo completely yet and I don’t want him to know where the Granolith is. He’s got to prove that he’s trustworthy to me first and so far he hasn’t done that. He’s kidnapped you and lied to us so he’s already got two strikes against him. We’ll come get the book tomorrow before we go find the other cave. That way I know he’s back in the Capital and not here,” I tell her.
“That sound’s logical. I was just wondering. So tomorrow we’ve got a very busy day,” she says as we climb into the jeep.
“Yes we do,” I tell her.

Part 19: (Liz’s POV)

Max dropped me off at my house but promised that he’d come back as soon as he dropped off Alex and Isabel at his house. He told me that there was something that he needed to pick up before he came back. That didn’t bother me at all although I miss him terribly already.
How strange is it to know that I am his wife but we are still in high school and not allowed to be together as we long to be? It’s pretty ironic actually. I’m sure that when we were married in our past lives we were about this age. Now, I don’t really remember anything about that time but I get the impression that I was only about twenty or twenty-one when I was having my first child. It’s an amazing thing to know that you were going to be a parent. I just wish I had actually gotten to know my child. Well, I know that this life will be different, or I’m praying anyway. I’m hoping against hope that I’ll have many wonderful children with Max and that we will be very happy together.
Ok, a little crazy thinking never hurt anyone. I can’t believe that I just thought that I hope I’ll be happy with Max. That’s a really stupid thought. OF COURSE I’ll be happy with Max. I live for time we get to spend together and when we separate at night I pray for day to come swiftly. I cannot bear to be away from Max for very long. He makes me feel loved and cherished. I know that I am safe when I’m with him. I know that I will never want for anything as long as I live. Max will do anything in his power to make sure I’m happy, and all I need to be happy is his love.
I wonder what’s taking Max so long I mean it’s not like he lives that far away. Oh God, I hope nothing happened to them on their way home. Calm down Parker, now is so not the time to freak out. Take a deep breath and call over to Max’s. God, I’m talking to myself to calm down, I’ve definitely been hanging around Maria too long.
As I turn around to get the phone I notice a figure in my doorway. I’m just about to freak out when I realize its Max. I wonder how long he’s been standing there. I blush with slight embarrassment because of my internal rant and smile at him. He returns my smile and walks into the room. I can’t get over how handsome he is. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at him.
“Hi, yourself. What were you thinking about? I was standing there for a good five minutes before you realized it. This morning you could sense me coming down the block and now you were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t even notice I was standing there.”
“I know, I’m sorry. I was thinking about you actually and how much I love you.”
“Really? Well then all’s forgiven,” he teases me. He can be so darned cute sometimes. I really do love that about him.
“I was just beginning to get worried because you weren’t here yet. I was going to call your house to see if you got there all right. My brain was thinking up all sorts of crazy scenarios and I thought something happened on your way home.”
“Nope nothing happened. It just took me a little longer to find what I was looking for. I forgot that I cleaned my room the other day and I moved the box. I forgot where I put it and I had to search for it.”
“Oh, well I’m glad that you found it. Do you want to sit out on the balcony?”
“Yeah. Come on,” Max takes my hand and leads me out the window.
He sits on the lounge chair and pulls me on his lap. I rest my head on his shoulder while he wraps his arms around my waist. We just sit like this for a little while enjoying one another’s company and the silence.
“So Nasedo goes back to Washington DC tomorrow morning. Michael and I are driving him to the airport. Once I’m sure he’s on the plane we’ll pick the rest of you up and had to the Pod Chamber. We’ll then get the book from the Granolith before going to find your set of Pods out in the woods.”
“That sounds good with me. I hate that we cannot be together Max. Well, I know that technically we are “together” but I mean “together, together.” I want to be able to go to sleep at night in your arms and wake up in the morning with them still around me. I hate that because of the way things are on Earth we cannot be married right now,” I tell him.
“I know exactly how you feel because I feel the same way. It doesn’t help that I can sense certain things about our other lives. I can vaguely remember what it was like to be able to hold you all night while we slept. I can sort of remember how it felt to really love you in every sense of the word, and how much it pained me to leave you when I had to go to meetings on the other planets.”
“I can’t wait until we are finally 18 so that we can get married and live like I long to live.”
“It’ll only be a little while longer Liz. I turn 18 in March and you’ll be 18 in June. We’ll be finished with school by then and getting ready for college life. Things will be so much better.”
“I know they will Max, but it seems like so far away. I don’t know if I can wait that long,” I confess.
“You can Liz, I know you can,” he tells me moving off the lounge chair to sit in front of me.
He takes my hands between his and smiles up at me. “I was going to wait until a little later to do this but our conversation lead up to this perfectly. I know we still have a little less then a year to go but in my heart you are already my wife. I think deep inside I always knew you were and I guess some part of me always thought of you that way. Now when the time comes I want to get you a real one, but for now will you do me the honor of wearing this promise ring? It’s my vow to you that before your birthday you will have a real engagement ring on your finger and it’s also my promise to one day officially make you my wife,” he tells me.
I can’t say anything at first. My voice won’t work I’m too shocked. I wasn’t expecting this at all. Of course I’m going to say yes but my traitorous voice won’t come out.
My eyes fill up with tears as I shake my head yes. “Yes, Max, I’ll wear your promise ring,” I can finally get out.
He breathes a sigh of relief. Like I was really going to say no, I can’t believe he thought I might say no. He takes the ring out of the box and it’s beautiful. There is a gold heart with a Ruby inside of it and in the middle of the Ruby is a small Diamond, both were cut into the shape of hearts. I’ve never seen a ring like it before and I wonder not only where Max got the money for such a ring, but where he got it in general.
“Max, it’s gorgeous! Where did you get it?” I can’t help but ask.
“Well, the gold is from one of my old rings that I never wear. I went to the jewelers and bought the Ruby and the Diamond. Then I had Isabel help me design it and we used our powers to form everything,” he told me.
The fact that he made it himself just amazes me and makes me cherish the ring all the more. He really is the most fantastic boyfriend a girl could ask for. I can’t wait to show Maria and Tess my ring. Well Tess is down the hall in her room so I’ll show her later.
I pull Max’s head towards mine and I kiss him deeply. He stands up pulling me with him. Once we are in a standing position he pulls me against him and I weave my hands through his hair. I love how soft and silky his hair is. He curls his fingers into my shirt and I can feel him trying to maintain control over his emotions.
I hear a throat clearing and I reluctantly pull my head away from Max’s lips. I look over his shoulder and I see Tess standing at the window.
“Um, guys, I’m sorry to interrupt but Michael’s on the phone for Max and he said I was to come and get him no matter what compromising position you two were in,” she tells us.
I can’t help but laugh. Michael can be such a cornball sometimes.
“Ok, tell him I’ll be right there,” Max tells her.
She smiles at us and walks back into my room. I can hear her telling Michael that Max will be there in a second. He takes the ring out of its box and puts it on my left ring finger. “One day soon I’ll replace that with a real Diamond ring,” he whispers.
We walk back into the room and Max picks up the phone. Tess is sitting on my bed and I can’t wait to tell her the news. I know she’ll be excited for me. We’ve been getting closer and closer. It feels good to actually have a sibling and not be an only child anymore. I’m just happy that we found out before we ended up coming to blows because of our love for Max. Well, the love Max and I share, and the Destiny she thought she and Max were supposed to have anyway!
She smiles at me and I know she knows that I have something to tell her.
“Yes Michael. I’m just getting ready to leave. I know we’ve got to get up early tomorrow. I just had something important I had to give to Liz. Shut up Michael, I know for a fact you just left Maria’s and that the only reason you left is because she kicked you out. She knows about us dropping Nasedo in the morning and she made you leave so you wouldn’t be all grumpy tomorrow,” Max sighs.
He hangs up the phone and plops on my bed with his head in my lap. I run my fingers through his hair for a couple of minutes before pulling my willpower together enough to tell him he’s got to leave. He gives me the saddest look in the world and I almost crack and tell him he can stay.
“You heard Michael, you’ve got to get up early and drop off Nasedo. Now no arguing I’ll see you in the morning. I love you,” I tell him as I kiss him goodbye.
“I love you too. I’ll be here to pick you both up around 9,” he says giving me one last kiss.
I turn to Tess who is waiting for me to give the story. I sit on the bed across from her and take a deep breath.
“Max gave me a promise ring tonight. It’s a ring promising that one day he will officially make me his wife,” I tell her holding out my left hand so she can see the ring.
“Oh my God! It’s beautiful. He made this himself didn’t he?” she asks.
“Yeah. Isabel helped him with the design and together they made the ring. I’m so happy you have no idea!” I exclaim.
We just sat there and talked until we fell asleep.

Part 20: (Max’s POV)

I never thought Nasedo’s plane was going to take off. We’ve sat here forever just waiting for the blasted thing to move away from the gate. Nasedo told Michael and I that he’d be back in two days. So, that gives us plenty of time to go get the book from the Granolith, find the other set of pods, and spend one last night as “normal” teenagers. I say one last night because tonight we will be traipsing through Fraiser Woods in search of these pods. Or we’ll just hang out in the woods for a little while before coming home. Maybe I should just have everyone ask their parents if we can go camping.
“Hey Max!” Michael yells.
Jeez can we say heart attack! “What? Man you scared the crap out of me. My heart stopped,” I tell him.
“Sorry man, but I was calling you for like 10 minutes. Are you hungry? I’m starting to get hungry and the next service station is coming up so if we are going to eat we’ve got to do it now.”
I can’t help but smile. Michael always thinks with his stomach. “Yeah actually I’m getting kind of hungry too. We’ll stop and get food, and then we won’t have to stop again until we get home.
“Great! And then I can call Maria and tell her we’ll be there soon. That way she can call Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Kyle and everyone can be at the Crash when we get there.”
“Yeah that way we can just go after a quick bathroom run.” The mention of Liz gets me all excited. I hate having to be away from her like this, it sucks. I miss her so much and I’ve only been gone a few hours. We definitely need to either go to the same college or colleges near one another. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle distance.
Michael pulls into the parking lot of the service station and turns off the engine. I don’t realize that we’ve stopped until he shakes me.
“Come on Max. The sooner we eat the sooner we can get back to our women.”
I start laughing I can’t help it. Who would have thought Michael would ever be whipped? I mean Mr. Stonewall, I don’t need anyone, Guerin is finally letting someone in. I’m just glad that it was Maria she’s really good for him.
He has become a different person since Maria entered his life and it’s a welcome change. He’s a bit more open and trusting and he doesn’t run off at the smallest lead anymore.
We walk into the diner and sit in a booth. I look over the menu and realize how much I miss the Crashdown menu. I could really go for a Will Smith burger, Saturn Rings, and a Cherry Coke right about now. Thinking about the menu makes me think of Liz again and I realize how much I really miss her.
I order a cheeseburger and onion rings but they don’t have Cherry Coke. I had to order a regular Coke instead. It doesn’t taste as good as Cherry Coke though but I’ll have to deal. Michael looked at me when the waitress said that they didn’t have Cherry Coke, we are so spoiled by the Crash! He ordered a Pizza burger and fries with a regular Coke too.
The waitress is coming back to the table with our drinks and then places them in front of us.
“Excuse me miss? Do you have any Tabasco sauce?” I ask her.
“Yes we do,” she says.
“Can you please bring us a bottle?” I politely ask.
She gives me a strange look but agrees and walks away. She comes back a few minutes later with the Tabasco. The minute she walks away I open it up and pour some into my soda. As soon as I’m done I hand the bottle over to Michael and he puts some in his soda too. We make idle conversation until the food gets there.
I put some ketchup and Tabasco on my cheeseburger while Michael puts mustard and Tabasco on his. Yeah I know it’s really gross but he loves the taste of Mustard and Pizza sauce. I’ll never understand that and I think it’s disgusting.
We both mix Tabasco with our ketchup for our fries and rings. I take the Tabasco back after Michael puts it on his fries and pour some on my onion rings.
We eat in silence just enjoying the food. For the record, it’s not as good as the Crash’s food but it’ll do. I feel like such a spoiled brat comparing this place’s food with the Crashdown’s. I mean their food is inferior and the wait staff isn’t as cute. God I miss Liz. I feel like a pathetic loser but I really do miss her.
We finish our lunch and pay for the bill. There are two pay phones so Michael and I each jump on one and call our respective lady.
“Hey Liz,” I say when she answers the phone.
“Max! God I miss you so much,” she tells me.
“I miss you too. You are so coming when we pick Nasedo up. I can’t deal with being apart from you for this long,” I say.
“So how’s the trip?”
“It’s going pretty well actually. Michael and I haven’t argued at all but I’ve been lost in thought for most of the ride.”
“Really? Well it’s good that you and Michael aren’t fighting. So what are you thinking about?”
“Oh, just some really HOT brunette I met at the airport,” I tease.
“Really? Was she nice?” she asks.
“Oh yeah! Real Nice!” I can’t help but say.
“Funny Max, real funny,” she says. I can hear the laughter in her voice so I know she didn’t take me seriously.
“Ok, ok, I was really thinking about you and the million different ways I want to ravage you when I get back,” I tell her.
“Uh, Max…” she says. I just know her face is beet red right now and I smile despite myself.
“Yeah?” I say.
“Not funny,” she replies.
“Ok, maybe not ravage you per-say, but I do wish you were in my arms right now. That’s what I was thinking,” I tell her not in the teasing mood anymore.
“I know, I wish I was too,” she says.
“Come on Max, we need to hit the road. You’ll see Liz in an hour and a half. Come on,” Michael says.
“I’ve got to go. I love you. I’ll see you in a bit. Sorry we’re late but Nasedo’s plane was really late taking off so we had to sit there forever. We should have been home by nine, but we’ll be there by one! I love you!” I say.
“I love you too Max. We’ll all be here waiting for you,” she says.
“Bye,” we both say at the same time. I hang up the phone and my heart hurts. I can’t take this separation thing. I vow to never leave Liz home if I have to go on delegations on other planets. I don’t think I could survive that.
I jump back in the jeep and we take off. I hope this hour and a half flies by. We listen to music and play stupid car games to keep ourselves occupied and our minds off our women. I think both Michael and I are close to going insane from missing them. Jeez you’d think we hadn’t seen them in years the way we are carrying on instead of the few hours it’s been.
Ah, the ‘Welcome to Roswell’ sign! We are home! Well almost home anyway. I can almost feel Liz, thank God. I never thought we were going to make it home. Michael looks at me and we both share a small smile before he puts the peddle to the metal and we fly down the highway. I just hope there are no cops around. Well at least we know the sheriff personally so we shouldn’t get in too much trouble.
We make it to the Crash in record time. The Jetta is already there and I see Michael’s face light up. His little pixie is there already. It really is nice to see him so carefree and open. I have to thank Maria when I get the chance for the change she brought about in my best friend.
The too of us practically run through the doors our need to see Liz and Maria is that great. The moment the bell on the door chimes both Liz and Maria turn towards the door. They see us walking in and jump up from the booth. I guess they missed us as much as we did them. Before I realize it Liz is in my arms and her lips are attached to mine. God I wanted this so badly all day.
I hold Liz close to me and the kiss we share is incredible. I never knew a kiss could feel like this! I mean we’ve shared lots of kisses and they are all mind blowing but this kiss, after being apart for so many hours is like water to a very thirsty man. I can’t seem to get enough. I never want to let Liz out of my arms again but eventually sanity returns to me and I reluctantly let her go. We’ve got a lot of things we have to get done today.
We pull apart and everyone is looking at us. “What? We’ve never been apart this long,” I tell them.
“Yeah ok. Um, are you guys done yet?” Maria asks.
“Yeah,” Liz says.
“Good, then lets get this book and find our pods,” she says.
I just shake my head. “Oh and congrats Max. Liz showed me the ring, it’s awesome,” she says.
“What ring?” Alex, Michael and Kyle ask.
“Uh, the um, promise ring I gave to Liz last night,” I stammer out.
“You gave Liz a promise ring? What for?” Kyle asks.
“It’s a promise that she will forever be in Max’s heart, and that one day he’s going to replace it with an engagement ring,” Tess said smacking Kyle in the back of the head.
“Yeah, God, get with the times Kyle,” Michael said in a mimicking voice.
“Shut up Guerin,” Kyle bit out.
“Ok enough everyone. Go back to your neutral corners,” Alex says.
I shake my head again. “Are you two finished?” I ask in my no nonsense tone.
“Yeah,” they say.
“Good, then lets go,” I say walking out the door with Liz’s hand firmly in mine.
Isabel and Alex get into the jeep and I get behind the wheel while Liz hops into the passenger side. I watch as Maria and Michael get in Kyle’s Mustang. I can’t believe he’s driving. Usually Maria drives this is new. She doesn’t trust too many people’s driving skills and I didn’t think she’d ever get in the car with Valenti. I don’t ponder it too much because I want to get this over with. I start the jeep and Kyle follows me out to the pod chamber.
We climb up the path and I wave my hand over the print. Once the door opens we all walk inside and go straight to the Granolith chamber. Liz and I walk up to it and place our hands on a piece of the glowing crystal. It begins to glow purple and then a flash of bright white light emerges.

Part 21: (Liz’s POV)

Max and I shield our eyes the best we can since our one hand is still on the Granolith. None of us expected the light to be so bright. I mean the last time I touched this thing it just glowed a pretty color, this bright white light is so not fun.
The brightness finally dims and the Granolith goes back to its purple color. I wonder why nothing happened. ‘Oh God, maybe Tess really is the queen and that orb was wrong. Get a hold of yourself Liz, everything points to you being Max’s intended mate so just calm down,’ I assure myself.
“Hello again my beautiful Queen and beloved King. I see that you have found one another and figured out where you true book is. I always knew you would. The two of you were always so intense that I knew the clues would come to you eventually although I was afraid for a while there that you’d never find your way to one another. I remember watching my granddaughter work while you my sweet, sweet king used to just sit there watching her. You were so shy I never though you’d get the courage to say anything to her. But then Jeff told me that Liz was spending lots of time with one Max Evans and I was giddy. But enough of this, I’m just happy that you all found your way to one another again. You will not know what the book says right away but I promise you that soon the language of your ancestors will come back to you within weeks. Have patience. I will be watching over you both. God’s speed my loves. I have one request for all of you. Follow your hearts and take care of one another,” Grandma Claudia’s voice said.
“I don’t get it where’s the book?” Michael asked.
To tell you the truth I have no idea. I was expecting something amazing to happen, I mean this machine is supposed to be so important and everything.
“LOOK!” Maria exclaimed pointing to the bottom of the Granolith.
A small drawer was protruding from it with a silver book in it. I smiled, we found it thank God. Max picked the book up and looked at it. It had the orb symbol on the cover, I guess so we could recognize it or something, and we all crowded around him to see what was inside.
Grandma was right the language looks so foreign but familiar at the same time. I just hope we can decipher it before it’s too late. There are other pictures in the book as well. One picture is of Max and I together and then two small faces underneath us. On the next page there is a picture of Isabel and Alex with a small face underneath them. The next page was of Michael and Maria with three smaller faces at the bottom, and on Tess and Kyle’s page there were four little faces. I wonder if those little faces are the amount of children we are going to have. How could someone know how many children we are going to have?
“Ok, we’ve found the book, which is useless at the moment because no one can read it, so let us go and find these other pods,” Michael said.
I roll my eyes at him. He’s always in a hurry to find everything. You know I thought he was getting better thanks to Maria but he’s still the same old Michael. We walk out of the Granolith chamber and into the Pod Chamber to grab our things before we leave.
Once everyone has everything we head out the door. Max and I bring up the rear holding hands just enjoying one another’s company. We stop at the jeep and Max looks at me. I know exactly what he’s thinking.
“Iz, you drive. I don’t feel like driving anymore,” he tells his sister.
The look of surprise on Isabel’s face almost makes me laugh. I mean the fact that she’s shocked doesn’t really surprise me because Max hardly ever lets her drive the darned jeep. I wish he’d let her more often because then we get to snuggle in the back but he likes to drive. I guess he’s missed me so much from this morning he wants me in his arms as long as possible.
We climb into the back seat and Max hands Isabel the keys. She gets in the driver’s seat and Alex hops in shotgun. We peel out of the area and head back to the highway. Now I understand why Max doesn’t let her drive very often! Once we hit the road again she’s much better and I calm down a bit. But the fact that I’ve calmed down could be because of Max stroking my hair or rubbing my arms, but I’m not too sure.
I rest my head against his shoulder and he wraps his arms around me. I love just sitting in his arms, he’s got this presence about him that denotes safety. I can’t really explain it but he does. I know that I will forever be safe as long as I’m in his arms.

(Max’s POV)

Liz’s head is on my shoulder and I can’t help but wrap my arms around her. I will never get sick of holding her close to me, never. She makes me feel at peace, and it’s not just when she’s in my arms but just when she looks at me. She can give me this look and I just know everything will be ok, and I calm down immediately.
The hem of Liz’s shirt moved up as she snuggled into my embrace exposing her taunt tummy and I can’t resist touching it. I lightly rub my fingers over the exposed skin of her stomach stopping briefly where the bullet ripped her flesh last September and think back on all the wonderful, and terrifying things we had to go through to get to this moment. There were so many but the worst had to have been that day she decided she was going to walk away from me, well from US actually. That gesture almost killed me and I’m just happy I was able to convince her to stay and give us a chance. I have never been happier and we now know so much about who we are and where we came from.
Isabel stops the jeep on the outskirts of the woods since we can’t take the cars into it. She parks in a pretty secluded spot so no one will be able to see our vehicles if they happen to drive past and we all climb out. Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Tess walk up to us and we head into the woods.
Liz and I are leading since we got the vision and would be the ones to most likely recognize the cave.
We end up walking around for a good hour before I spot something that seems familiar. “Uh, guys I think we are getting close,” I tell them.
“Thank God, I didn’t realize that we’d have to do this much walking,” Maria complained.
We were walking for another fifteen minutes when Liz let out a squeal. “This is it! We’ve found it!” she exclaimed excitedly.
I smile at her sharing her excitement. I remember when Michael and I first found the pod chamber, we were a lot younger but it was still as exciting. Liz walked up to the entrance and waved her hand across the wall. A silver handprint appeared and she pressed her hand against it. The rock wall slid back exposing the cave entrance and we all walked in. Michael, Tess, Isabel, and I produced light balls in our hands to light our way and we walked further into the cave. All of a sudden a bluish light appeared and we all gasped.
“These are them!” Alex yelled. “Oh yeah baby! I wonder which one is mine.”
“Well it should recognize you,” Tess told him. “Just go up to them and touch them until yours lights up.”
Alex walked up to the pods and touched the one in the upper left corner but nothing happened. He then touched the one underneath that and it began to glow. “I guess I found my pod,” he said.
Liz walked up to them next. She almost appears to be walking up to them like she knows which one is hers and in some strange way I feel like I know which one is hers too.
She places her hand on the pod in the upper right corner and smiles at me when it glows. I knew that one was hers mine is in the same position in our Pod Chamber. That’s kind of freaky.
Maria’s is next to Liz’s in the upper left corner and Kyle’s is below hers in the bottom right corner. Their pods are all placed in the same spots ours are. I mean Maria’s is where Michael’s is, Alex’s is where Isabel’s is, and Kyle’s is where Tess’s is. I find that sort of cool but freaky at the same time.
“I just knew that my pod was in the same position as yours was and I don’t know how or why I knew that,” Liz whispered to me.
“I don’t know but I knew it too,” I told her.
She walked up to the far wall and waved her hand across the spot we watched Grandma Claudia wave her hand in the vision and another silver handprint appeared. Liz placed her hand on it and a drawer popped out of the wall. Inside the drawer was the other fake destiny book. Liz took it out and sure enough it pictured her and Kyle and Maria and Alex. On the next page was a picture of a pregnant Liz and a pregnant Maria. It is exactly like the other fake book and we put that in the book bag we brought along with the real destiny book. I’m not sure what we are going to do with the fake books or where we are going to keep the real one but we’ve got to find a safe place. I guess we could just put it back in the Granolith but for right now we’ve got to find a place to stash it. I want to wait until after we figure out what it says before I put it back in the Granolith. We’ll never figure out the language if we don’t have it with us so we can look at it.
That damned language seems so familiar but so foreign at the same time. I can’t really explain it but it’s almost as if I recognize it, but I know I’ve never seen it before. Well not in this life anyway. Oh well Grandma Claudia told us that we’d figure it out eventually and I’m going to have faith in her. She seemed really confident that we’d figure it out in time.
We leave the chamber and head back to our cars. It didn’t take us very long to find everything so we have tonight and all day tomorrow to be teens, I wonder what we are going to do.
“Hey guys, what do you want to do tonight?” I ask them.
“I vote for movie night!” Maria exclaimed. “You know pizza, lots of chips and popcorn, loads of ice cream and of course movies! You know just a huge veggie night in front of the tube having lots of fun and renting really scary flicks,” she added.
“Maria, who are you trying to kid? You are so scared of horror flicks. I remember when we rented them once you were afraid to sleep by yourself for two weeks! You’ll rent all chick flicks,” Alex said.
“Shut up Alex, we were a lot younger then. I really like horror movies now, and ok, maybe one chick flick, but you guys can rent an action one too!” she said in her defense.
“I like this idea,” Liz and Isabel said.
“Yeah and I’ll take some ice cream from the Crash. My dad won’t mind,” Liz said.
“Sounds good to me. So we’ll swing by the video store before heading to the Crash to get the ice cream. That way there’s no disputes in the movies that we pick,” I say.
We jumped into cars and headed back to town to get the stuff. It was unspoken that we are going to Michael’s to watch all this stuff. I am so excited, I mean normal teenagers do these kinds of things all the time.

Part 22: (Max’s POV)

We stop at the video store to pick up the movies. The eight of us walk through the doors and head straight to the horror section so we can get this out of the way. Then we’ll split up and the guys will choose the Action flick while the girls pick out their Chick Flick.
We walk around the horror section for a while trying to choose a movie. No one can agree on anything. It’s either that one is too lame, or this one sucked, or that is too scary, (this was from Maria by the way!). We finally settle on Final Destination because oddly enough none of us have ever seen it. Now that this part is settled we split up to pick out the other movies.
Michael, Alex, Kyle, and I head over to the Action section. We walk around the section for a few minutes and then head over to the new release section to see what is out. We don’t see anything that we like so we head back to the action section and settle on Gone in 60 Seconds. It was a pretty good movie. At least we aren’t going to be watching Braveheart. Michael is obsessed with that movie. Not that we’d have to rent it I mean he owns the darned thing.
After we choose our movie we had over to where the girls are to see if they are ready yet. They are standing in the section trying to figure out which of the three movies they have in their hands to get. Liz is trying to be logical in the decision where Isabel, Tess, and Maria are arguing over the three of them trying to get Liz to side with them. It’s quite comical to watch.
“Listen you guys if you don’t stop arguing I’m going to say no chick flick tonight. We’ve got try to agree on a film or we aren’t going to get anything,” Liz says.
I smile at her. That’s my girl, always being the voice of reason, yet at the same time she sounded like a mom. My heart bursts at that thought. The thought of Liz as a mom reprimanding our children, my heart swells with love at that thought. Our children would be so beautiful. I just know that they would look like Liz. Ok, the thought of a little Liz almost did me in. I’ve got to think about something else before I start acting like a fool.
“Ok, ok. We’ll stop fighting and decide on something,” Maria promised.
Liz shot a look at my sister and Tess. “We promise too,” they say causing us to chuckle. The girls whip their heads around just now aware that we have been standing there watching them argue.
“Ok, I say we rent Down to You because Freddie Prinze Jr. is not only hot but the movie is really cute,” Maria says.
“Ok, I’ll give it to you…the movie is cute and Freddie is hot, but I’m in the mood for more funny,” Isabel says.
“Yeah me too,” Tess agrees. “That’s why I vote for 10 Things I Hate About You. Besides Heath Ledger is really hot!”
“Ok, and that’s a really good movie too. I’ll agree on that,” Maria says.
“Me too!” Liz says.
“I like that one too. I guess we are agreed then. It’s 10 Things I Hate About You. Now lets go and pay for these movies,” Isabel says.
The girls hand me the video and we had to the counter. I hand the clerk my card and he rings everything up. Michael and I pay for the movies and we head back to our cars. Alex, Kyle, Michael, and Maria go in Kyle’s car. They are going to get the Pizza. We all agree on just plain cheese and Alex and Kyle said that it was on them. They wouldn’t take my money. I’m taking Liz, Tess, and Isabel to the Crashdown for ice cream. I know what kind Michael likes, and Liz knows what kind Alex, Maria, and Kyle like so we are in pretty good shape. Although I have a feeling we are going to have to call Maria’s cell in order to strike a compromise since I don’t think Mr. Parker is going to let us take too much ice cream with us, but we’ll figure it out when we get there.
I pull in front of the Crash and we all climb out of the jeep. We walk in and Mrs. Parker greets us.
“Mom, we’re going to watch movies at Michael’s. The guys are getting Pizza. Is it ok if we take some Ice Cream?” Liz said.
“Yeah, not too much though. Just go on back and pick out what you want. Are you all staying over at Michael’s?” Mrs. Parker asks.
“I think so. We rented three movies so I guess it would be easier if we all just stayed there. You know so that way we don’t wake anyone up trying to get into the house,” Liz says.
“Ok, I want no drinking, and no sex,” her mom says waking into the back room.
“What?” Liz exclaimed. “MOM! I can’t believe you just said that,” Liz said blushing. Well I think we all are blushing.
“What? I’m serious. None of that stuff, do I make myself clear?” she asks.
“Yes ma’am,” we all say.
“Max, Tess, Isabel, and Michael can’t drink anyway. Their alien physiology prevents it. One sip and they are totally drunk, and Maria Alex, and I don’t drink. Besides I’m sure the thought didn’t even cross Kyle’s mind. As for the other part, none of us are ready for that yet,” Liz assured her mom.
“Ok good. Well then pick out your ice cream and have fun,” she said.
“We will, thanks Mrs. Parker,” I say.
We walk into the kitchen and head to the freezer. “What kind of ice cream do you think we should take?” I ask.
“I was thinking, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate chip mint,” Liz says.
“That sounds good to me. I like the chocolate chip mint,” Isabel says.
“Yeah, and I like vanilla,” Tess says.
“Uh, I’ll eat either vanilla, or Strawberry,” I say. When Liz said strawberry the first thing that popped into my head was strawberries and my senses went into overload. With her mom talking about sex before and the thought of Liz and strawberries, I can’t handle it!
We grab the ice cream and run back out to the jeep saying good-bye to Mrs. Parker on the way. I drive to Michael’s as fast as I can but not going too fast because I don’t want to get a ticket. I take the roads that don’t have lights so I won’t have to stop for red lights and we make it there in five minutes. That’s pretty good since he lives 10-15 minutes away. We all get out of the jeep and walk to his apartment. I knock on the door and it’s thrown open by Maria. She’s laughing and pulls me in using me as a shield.
“No fair, you can’t use Max as a shield!” Alex yells.
“Hey all’s fair in war!” she yell’s back reaching around me and spraying her silly string. The glob hit’s Alex right in the face causing everyone to laugh.
“Oh, I’ll get you yet DeLuca, just you wait,” he says grabbing the glob and throwing it at Michael. He gets him in the face and Michael looks shocked.
Kyle starts rolling on the floor and Michael takes the silly string and throws it at him getting it in his mouth. Kyle jumps up spitting and jumping.
“Yuck man that stuff tastes worse then my dad’s cooking!” he exclaimed.
“So that’s why you eat Crashdown food all the time,” I say laughing.
He just looks at me and I know I’m done for. He produces his own can of silly string and starts spraying it at me. I jump out of the way and he gets Maria instead. She shrieks and starts spraying him back.
“There’s some string for you guys on the counter. Grab a can and join the fun,” Alex says spraying Maria. “I told you I’d get you DeLuca!”
“Oh, that’s it you’re so done Whitman,” she says back.
We all grab a can of silly string. I put the ice cream in the freezer first so it doesn’t melt and then search for Liz. She’s the first victim on my list. She’s trying to get Maria and doesn’t notice me coming up behind her. I’m standing right behind her and Maria gives me away but it’s ok. Liz turns around to see who’s behind her and I spray her.
“MAX!” she exclaims. I start laughing despite myself. I can’t help it she looks too cute. “Oh, you are so going to pay for that one,” she says chasing me.
I run into the bathroom but can’t close the door fast enough. Damn, I’m trapped. This isn’t good…I backed myself into a corner so to speak. There’s no way I’m getting out of here without being hit.
She advances on me slowly like a predator hunting its pray and I take an involuntary gulp trying to calm my nerves. What can she do to me? Well, the look in her eyes tells me that she can do quite a bit, but I know she’d never hurt me so I’m not overly worried.
“Uh, Liz…I was just kidding. You know I was really aiming for Maria not you,” I stammer.
“Oh please Max. I know you were gunning for me, and that’s ok, it’s all in the name of fun…just like this is,” she tells me.
I breathe a sigh of relief. She still has that predatory look on her face though and I continue to back up. All of a sudden I bump into the wall. Damn, I knew this room was small, but I was hoping it would be a little bigger. She points her can at me and I wait for the string to slap me in the face. I at least only got her hair, that gorgeous hair that I love to run my fingers through.
The suspense of this hit is going to kill me I think. I stand here waiting for it to come but nothing happens. She just keeps advancing on me until she is standing right in front of me. The gleam in her eye is still there and I can only imagine what she’s thinking right now.
My eyes don’t leave hers and I gasp loudly when she rubs her hand over my semi-erect penis. There is a momentary look of surprise on her face, and I know why it’s there. Liz really has no idea what she does to me. Just being near her always has me in an aroused state, and I’m always semi erect.
She continues to rub her hand over me making me harder and harder. I have to bite my lip to keep from groaning. This is definitely sweet torture. She moves the waist of my pants and slides her hand inside. The feeling of her hand on my penis is almost enough to make me come but I hold back. How would I explain my wet pants to everyone else?
All of a sudden there is some wet squishy stuff in my pants. Very cold, wet, squishy stuff and I open my eyes wide with surprise. She just sprayed her silly string down my pants, I can’t believe it. There is laughter dancing in her eyes and I forget why I’m supposed to be upset.
“I’m sorry Max, I just couldn’t resist. Here, I’ll help you clean it out,” she says unbuttoning my pants.
Once she has them unbuttoned and unzippered she pushes them down. I reach inside my boxers and pull the silly string out of them throwing it in the garbage. “I can’t believe you did that,” I tell her.
“I know I’m sorry,” she says kissing me. I accept her apology and we walk back out to the others. She sprays some string in my hair so that they think she actually got me, and they don’t question where she got me.
Maria hands us each a plate with pizza and hands me a bottle of Tabasco the minute we walk in the room. We grab our plates and then head into the living room to begin watching the movies. We decided to watch 10 Things I Hate About You first, and then Gone in 60 Seconds, leaving Final Destination for last. This decision was fine with us guys, having our ladies all scared is best saved for the end of the night so they will stay close to us, preferably in our arms all night while we sleep.

Part 23: (Liz’s POV)

Ok, Gone in 60 Seconds was a pretty good movie if I do say so myself. I’d never seen it before and it wasn’t all that bad. I like Nicholas Cage so that was a definite plus and Angelina Jolie was amazing as well. My favorite line in the movie was when Angelina asked Nicholas’s character which was better having sex or stealing cars? And he replied with having sex while boosting cars.
We are just about ready to watch Final Destination and I’m a little apprehensive about watching this. I’m really not one for scary movies and I have a feeling that this is going to scare the pants right off of me. Although if my pants really did get scared off of me, there are a couple of people sitting in this room who wouldn’t mind.
Max gets up to get us some ice cream and Alex goes to help. “What does everyone want?” Max asks.
“I’ll take vanilla,” Tess says. “Yeah me too,” Kyle replies.
“Um, I’ll take some chocolate chip mint,” Maria, Isabel, and I call out.
“Hey, I’ll take some Chocolate Chip Mint too,” Michael says.
Max and Alex come walking out with a bunch of bowls and I notice that they both decided on strawberry ice cream. Hmm…maybe I’ll just sneak a taste of Max’s ice cream.
We decide to wait until we’re done with the ice cream before watching the movie just in case there’s something too gross in it and all. I really don’t feel like jumping and getting my ice cream all over my clothes thank you very much. Once everyone is done I collect the bowls and put them in the sink.
“Don’t worry about washing them out, I’ll get them tomorrow,” Michael calls to me.
“I wasn’t about to do your dishes. I was only going to rinse them out so the ice cream residue didn’t make the bowls hard to wash,” I say returning to the kitchen after finishing my task.
Michael gives me a rare smile and then pops in the movie. The opening credits are creepy and I know I’m not going to like this movie. “What’s this about again?” I ask.
“Trying to find a way to cheat death,” Alex replies shushing me.
Sorry for asking a question. I scoot closer to Max and he wraps his arms around me. I feel a little bit better but I’m still not too sure about this movie. God I sound like a big baby, but I was never really one for scary movies and Alex used to always laugh at me because I wouldn’t watch them, but I don’t care. I hate to be scared.
Oh my God! The one kid in this movie reminds me of Michael. They sort of resemble one another, and come to think of it Michael might look really good if he stopped spiking his hair and brushed it flat like the guy in the movie. So far nothing scary has happened.
“AHH!” Maria, Tess, Isabel, and I scream. That was just the grossest thing ever. Death made the water leak in this kid Todd’s bathroom and he ended up hanging himself…and the blood vessels in his eyes exploded making them red. Gross.
The rest of the movie is spent with my jumping and shying away from the screen but never for too long because I am dying to see what happens next. This is a pretty decent flick…and I’m happy we rented it. The guy who plays Stiffler in American Pie is in it and he’s a NERD in this movie. I started laughing when I saw that, oh and Kerr Smith, from Dawson’s Creek is in this too. I’ve only watched a few episodes of Dawson’s because I think Joshua Jackson is pretty cute, but Kerr is not so bad either.
The credits start to roll and Michael is laughing at Tess, Isabel, Maria, and I. We’re all trying to hide in our boyfriend’s chests. The movie was good, but very creepy. I mean I never want to catch a glimpse of what Death has in store for me. No thank you, it’s just wrong. When it’s my time to go I want to be surprised.
“Man that was creepy,” Maria says from inside Michael’s arms.
“Yeah, but it was good,” Alex says.
“I have to agree, it was a pretty cool movie, but still I know I’m going to have nightmares for weeks because of it,” I say.
“Ah, Liz. You never could take a scary movie,” Alex says.
“Shut up Alex. Just because I get scared doesn’t mean anything,” I retort, not a very good comeback I know but I’m still a little scared so my brain isn’t working very well.
“Yeah Alex leave her alone. Or I’ll tell everyone what movie you cr…”Maria started.
“Don’t do it DeLuca! For the love of God please! I promise I’ll behave,” Alex says.
I start laughing because I know exactly what she was going to say and Alex would be beyond embarrassed.
“Oh, come on, you can’t just say something like that and then just leave us hanging,” Kyle complains.
“Oh yes she can. I promised to behave and if she spills then I’ll just have to give you some dirt on her,” Alex says smugly.
This is getting interesting. I know Maria isn’t one to hold anything back, and this is going to kill her because so many people want to know what she’s talking about. Isabel looks very intrigued and Kyle is dying to find out an embarrassing detail of Alex’s life. Michael looks amused as does Tess, and Max, well I actually can’t tell what he’s thinking right now. Me, well I know what the big secret is so I’m just waiting to see if Maria is going to spill the beans or not, and then I get a brilliant idea!
“Hey! Why don’t we play truth or dare!” I exclaim. I’m a genius, with this plan someone will dare Maria to tell the secret and everyone will know. I know I’m really bad, but this is so much fun. Revenge is sweet. This is for all the times Alex has made fun of me and called me a big baby or a wimp because I couldn’t take watching the scary movies.
“Oh, this is a great idea. Yeah, let’s play!” Maria says.
“Ah, guys I don’t think we should,” Alex says sounding nervous.
Maria and I just look at one another and smile. Kyle agrees to play and one by one the others do too. The only rule is no daring anyone to drink since so many among us can’t handle the alcohol.
“Ok, Lizzie, since it was your idea you get to go first,” Maria says.
“Hmm, ok. Alex Truth or Dare?” I ask.
“Um, truth,” he says. I sit there and think about my questions for a few minutes. What can I make Alex spill?
“How old were you when you stopped wetting your bed?” I ask since Alex wasn’t here until the fifth grade I don’t know these things about him.
“Actually I never wet my bed and if you don’t believe me you can call up my mom and ask her,” he tells us.
“I believe you,” I say. “You picked truth and you can’t lie, so no one will question it.”
“Ok, Max. Truth or Dare?” Alex says.
“Ah, Truth,” Max replies.
“Ok, What’s your favorite food and why?” Alex asks.
“Um, Strawberries.” Max says.
“Strawberries?” Kyle asks.
“Yeah, they uh, they um, sort of remind me of Liz. The first time we kissed there were strawberries on the counter in the kitchen of the Crashdown and we sort of knocked them to the floor,” Max explains causing my face to turn the color of those delicious strawberries. “Well, that and Liz always smells like Strawberries.”
Isabel looks like she’s about to be sick. “TMI Max please, leave out the details next time!”
“Sorry. Ok, Kyle truth or dare,” Max says.
“Well, I’m going to go along with the running theme here and say truth,” Kyle replies.
“Ok, if you could change one thing about your life what would it be?” Max asks.
“Let me see, I guess my relationship with my dad. I would wish for him not to be sheriff so he could spend more time with me,” Kyle replies.
“Oh, man I’m sorry, and this past year we’ve taken up a lot of your dad’s time,” Max says.
“Hey it’s ok. I’m pretty used to it, but it’s still hard. I mean it’s like I’ll have a BIG game and I want him there so badly but he never shows up and when I ask why he’s always like something big came up, I’m sorry Kyle,” Kyle tells us.
Jeez, I didn’t expect things to get so serious when I started this game, but this helps everyone get to know something different about everyone in the room so we’ve got to deal with whatever comes our way!
“Maria, truth or dare?” Kyle asks her.
“Dare,” Maria replies with no hesitation.
“Ha ha ha!” Kyle laughs evilly. “I dare you to tell us what ever it was you were going to tell us about Alex.”
I knew he’d be the one to dare her to say that. “NO!” Alex cries.
“She’s got to Alex, she was dared,” Kyle says.
“Well, you see Alex’s favorite movie is “The Little Mermaid,” Maria says.
“Hey man Ariel is hot…go Alex,” Kyle says. Typical male.
“Anyway, I remember one night while we were having a movie night kind of thing and anyway we watched that one, per Alex’s begging. Liz ended up falling asleep and it was just Alex and I. Well I laid down on my sleeping bag so if I fell asleep I’d at least be comfortable. All I remember is opening my eyes and I noticed we were up to the part where Ariel steps out of the water in nothing but her sea shells and looking over at Alex to see if he was still awake. Oh he was and he had a major stiffy,” Maria says.
Poor Alex is embarrassed beyond belief right now but I’m sure everyone has had some sort of experience with something like that. In fact I remember Kyle telling me he used to have a fantasy about some cartoon heroin. I can’t remember whom just yet but I’ll get it out of him if I get to ask him a truth or dare question.
“Oh man and I thought I had problems,” Kyle says.
“Yeah didn’t you once tell me…” I start.
“If you value your life Parker you’ll stop that sentence right there,” Kyle interrupts me.
Maria gets a gleam in her eye. “Kyle truth or dare?” she asks. She looks at me and I mouth fantasy and cartoon. She nods her head.
“Uh, dare,” he says.
“Ok, I dare you to tell us your cartoon fantasy,” she says.
His eyes bug out of his head and his mouth hits the floor. I have to stifle my laugh and he turns to me glaring. What can I say this is so much fun.
“Uh, yeah Kyle if I get to be embarrassed about a cartoon movie, you definitely better tell us about this fantasy of yours,” Alex says.
“Ok, ok, I used to have a fantasy about Belle, from Beauty and the Beast,” he says.
“That’s who it was!” I exclaim.
“You knew of this fantasy?” Alex says to me.
“Oh uh yeah. One day Kyle and I were talking and he just told me. Were in eighth or ninth grade at the time I believe. Something like that,” I say.
“Ok, Liz. Truth or dare?” Kyle says to me. This is so not fair, Tess, Michael, and Isabel didn’t get to go yet, but I know Kyle’s mad at me for making him spill his fantasy so I’ll have to deal.
“Uh, truth,” I say meekly too afraid to pick dare just in case me made me do something crazy like strip or something.
“What was your biggest fear in 7th grade?” he asks me.
“Shit!” I say. I knew telling him this would come back to haunt me. “My uh, my biggest fear was well I had two. One was dating because I was afraid I wasn’t going to be a good kisser, and the other was well, it was…” I stammer.
“Spit it out Parker,” Michael says.
I glare at him. “My other fear was that I’d never get breasts,” I say. Oh man Kyle is definitely going to pay for that one.
“Isabel, truth or dare?” I say trying to get the others in on this game too.