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Title: See No Evil
Author: Sugarplum17
Disclaimer: Some of the characters belong to me, but none from the show Roswell.
Summary: Kyle is the Sheriff now and somebody is out there killing kids and he needs to find the killer.
Author’s Note: All right, this is kind of another dark one. AU, no aliens, nobody from the show is bad. I kind of got inspired after watching The Gift awhile ago and I’m a little worried how people are going to respond to it so please be nice. Should I continue?
“God damn it!” Kyle yelled as he slammed his hand into the wall. Surprisingly enough it didn’t even hurt. Bowing his head and running his hands over his face and through his hair, he sighed heavily. Two weeks. He’d been on the trail for two weeks of the person who killed Amelia Davenport and Mikayla Farmer. What did he have to show from the investigation? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The trail was cold. He had no leads, no evidence and no clues.

Worse yet, his office was getting complaints and worried calls from parents. He didn’t know what he could tell them. He wanted to sooth their fears and calm them down, he wanted to tell them that their children were safe but if he told them, who would tell him? His daughter was 9; she could easily be the next target. So far it’d only been two ten year old girls with dark hair and dark eyes, but what if the pattern broke? What if the killer went after girls from the ages of 8 to 12 with sandy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes?

“Sheriff, your wife is on the phone.” His deputy announced over the intercom.
“Thanks Frank.” He said picking up the phone. “Hello?”
“Hi this a bad time?” She asked hesitantly.
“No babe, what’s up?”
“I was just wondering if you could go and pick up Eva from school...with everything that’s been going on lately, I don’t really want her walking home and I just put Owen down for his nap.”
How unfair was it to the children that had to walk home, for one child to get a police escort just because her dad was sheriff? “Yeah Tess. I’ll go pick her up.” He said with a sigh.

After talking for a few more minutes with his wife, he hung up the phone and grabbed his hat off the desk before walking out the door of his office. “Frank, I’m going to pick up Eva from school. Look after things while I’m gone and if anything happens I’m the first person you call.”
“Yes sir.”
Tess shot up from her chair and ran to the screen door as soon as she heard a car in the driveway. Kyle should’ve been home with Eva over 20 minutes ago and she was worried sick. She kept thinking over and over, something’s happened. ‘Something happened to my baby and that bastard isn’t calling to tell me about it.’ Of course it’d just been her irrational worried mind working over time.
“Where have you been?!” She yelled throwing open the door. “I’ve been worried sick! I called the school and the station looking for you!”

“Daddy picked up all the other kids that were walking home from school and took them home.” Eva said as she skipped past her mother into the house. Tess’ angry face immediately softened as she looked at her husband and remembered for the hundredth time why she fell in love with him. “You could’ve called. I was worried.”
“I told Frank not to patch you through to the car because I needed it clear incase of emergencies.” Kyle tried to explain to his wife.

She walked over to the car and hugged him to her, pressing her lips to his in a tender kiss. “You are the sweetest man I know.”
“I know, I know. I gotta get back.” He said returning the hug and kiss before getting into the car. “I’ll be home by 7, save me some dinner?”
She nodded her head before waving to him and stepping back into the house, smiling to herself.
Almost 7. Kyle thought to himself as he looked at the clock on the wall. He was almost off duty, and thankfully nothing had happened. Although that didn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen later during the night and he’d be called in.

At 6:59, as Kyle was getting ready to leave, Frank came rushing into the room.
“They found another one sir.”
“Who is it?” Kyle asked swallowing down the bile that was rising in his throat.
Frank looked almost pained, “Annabella Anderson.”
This time Kyle couldn’t swallow down the bile any longer, he leaned over to his garbage can and let it all come out. Wiping his mouth with his handkerchief he stood from his chair. “I’ll tell the parents.”

The pattern hadn’t broken this time; it was still little girls with dark hair and dark eyes. Amelia and Mikayla had angered him, but this time it was personal. Annabella Anderson was his daughter’s best friend.

“Call my wife, tell her what happened and tell her to try and explain it to Eva please.” He commanded softly before grabbing his hat and leaving the office.
Annabella had been found dumped in the alley behind a bar just outside of town, owned by Michael Guerin and Maria Deluca. One of the waitresses had been taking out the trash and spotted something in the dumpster that didn’t belong there. When she realized what it was she screamed and ran to get either Maria or Michael. She’d found Maria first.

“God Kyle...right now I’m so glad Michael and I have never had kids.” Maria said shakily as she talked to her stepbrother. “That poor little girl...her poor parents...” Maria said before breaking down and sobbing into Michael’s chest as he held her.

“Did anyone see anything or anyone Michael? Any regulars or anything?” Kyle asked stressing the word anything.
“Not that I know of.” Michael said in a daze as he shook his head no and idly stroked Maria’s back and hair. Kyle could see that he wanted to cry, and knew that later on in private he would but right now he had to be Maria’s rock.
“All right, well if that’s all.” He said closing his little notepad and returning his pen back into his pocket.

Just like the others, nobody saw anything out of the ordinary. They’d interviewed all the customer’s; all the workers and nobody saw anything. Annabella’s parents didn’t even know she was missing until Kyle came to their door. They’d allowed her to play outside in the fenced in back yard after dinner and she had been there, sitting close to the house playing with her Barbies just 15 minutes ago when they checked on her. It’d been hard for him to tell them. He knew they’d forever blame themselves, they’d forever think that if they would’ve said no or checked on her more frequently that they’d still have her. It was hard for Kyle to tell them because he had to watch John Anderson, his friend and a man he’d always thought of as being made of solid rock, crumble right before his eyes. It was hard for Kyle because he had to watch as Olivia ran from the living room and into the back yard where she abruptly fell to her knees, picked up the Barbie and clutched it to her chest.

He’d always looked at these people and thought to himself, if something bad were to happen John would be in the unfeeling daze and Olivia would crumble. It was a guess to a question that he never wanted answered, but now that it was he knew that he was wrong.
Frank had told him that he told Tess not to wait up, but Kyle knew that his wife would be. Just as he expected she was sitting outside of Eva’s bedroom door hugging her knees to her chest. She hadn’t always done it, but for the last two weeks every time he’d called home and told her he’d be late he’d found her there when he arrived home. Sometimes she’d be sitting there resting her head on her knees, sometimes she’d be crying or sometimes she’d be lying on her side asleep.

“Hey.” He whispered taking off his belt and sliding down the wall across from her.
“Hey.” She whispered back. “How are they?”
“John cried. Olivia, she just sat there holding Anna’s Barbie and staring off into space.” He said running his hand over his face for what must’ve been the 50th time that day. “How’s Eva?”

“I couldn’t tell her. She was sitting there coloring with Owen and they just looked so happy and innocent doing that...I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t want to either, I thought it’d be better if we told her together.” Tess explained letting a few tears slip down her face.

“How do we tell her Kyle? How do you tell a nine-year-old that her best friend was found in a fucking dumpster?” She asked burying her head into her hands and crying. He scooted forward and wrapped his arms around her.
“I don’t know...”

He held her for what seemed like an hour, and even longer after she’d stopped crying. “Did anyone see anything?” She asked in a small voice.
“Nobody ever does.” He told her. Another long silence consumed them before she raised her head from his shoulder.
“Kyle, do you remember back in high school? That girl who everyone thought was really weird?”
He thought for a moment before looking at her, “Yeah...Liz I think her name was. Why?”
“Remember why everyone thought she was so weird?”


Part 2
The bell above the door jingled as he opened it and stepped through. He took a quick look around to assess the place he’d always come to after football games with the team and their girlfriends. It hadn’t changed one bit. Walking over to the counter he cleared his throat to get the attention of the waitress behind it.
“Hi Sheriff, what can I get you today?” She asked readying her order pad.
“Actually I need to speak with Mr. or Mrs. Parker please.”

She led him to the back room and pointed to the stairs telling him they were upstairs in the office. He thanked her and walked up, knocking softly on the door when he got there. Nancy Parker came to the door, wiping her hands on a towel.
“Well if it isn’t little Kyle Valenti.” She said smiling. “Let me guess you remembered my daughter from high school and you came to ask me about her right?”

He stood there mutely, looking at her and nodding his head. “How did you know?”
“Oh we figured you’d be by soon enough. Especially with what the papers have been saying, no leads, and no clue. Come on in.” She said stepping off to the side to let him enter. He did as she asked and looked around; he’d never been upstairs before. It was a nice apartment. He was standing in the living room but looking off to the side he saw the office and Jeff Parker crouched over the desk.

“Jeff! Sheriff Valenti is here to ask about Liz!” Nancy called shutting the door and disappearing into the kitchen.
Jeff hurried out of the study and into the living room to greet Kyle with a chuckle while extending his hand.
“Was half expecting to see your dad standing infront of my door.” He shook Kyle’s hand and gestured for Kyle to come into the kitchen with him.

“We were wondering when you were going to stop by.” He said as Nancy sat a cup of coffee infront of him and offered one to Kyle, who politely declined.
“Mr. Parker, I really need to speak with your daughter. Does she still live around these parts?” Kyle asked as he watched Jeff pour creme and sugar into his coffee.

“Well she went off to Harvard after graduation, on a scholarship you know.” Nancy explained, “But she’s back now. Met some man up there, married him and brought him back with her just last year. Her married name is Evans now dear. Lives out there in the desert, about a mile away from town with him and their kids.”
“We see them every Sunday.” Jeff added as he took a pen out of the pocket on his sweater and a napkin from the napkin holder. “I’ll give you her address and number.”

Kyle thanked them for their kindness and took the napkin from Jeff. He said that if he had any more questions he’d be in touch with them and then he headed back to the station to give her a call.

“Hello Sheriff.” She said after picking up the phone.
“Liz Parker?”
“It’s Evans now, but I suspect you already knew that.”
“Yeah...I talked to your parents.”
“I know.”
After a rather lengthy silence she spoke again, “Did you call up just to reminisce with me or did you want something in particular?”
“Well, I kind of wanted to know...I mean my wife said that you’re, you know that you’re psychic...and well we’ve been having some trouble in town lately. I’m sure you’ve heard about it.”
“I have.”
“I was wondering if I could come out and talk with you?”
“Bring some personal affects that were found at the scene.” She said before hanging up.
Liz rose from her seat at the dining room table and walked into the entryway to open the door before Kyle got the chance to knock on it.
“Did you sense that I was here or something?” He asked her in amazement. Liz gave him an amused smile and a small chuckle; “No I heard your car pull up the driveway.”

Feeling a little stupid, Kyle looked down at the wooden planks of her porch.
“Well, come in.” She said stepping to the side to let him in and closing the door after him. “This is my husband Max, our son Jacob and daughter Camille.” She said pointing out the people in the living room. They paid him no attention and she led him into the dining room.

“Sit down.” Liz said gesturing to a chair and sitting in the one across from it.
“Look, I just want you to know that I don’t really believe in this, but I’ll do whatever it takes to catch this sick bastard. If keeping this town safe means using the aid of a ‘psychic’ I’m prepared to do it.”
“I know.” She said as she placed the deck of tarot cards next to her on the table, incase she needed them for later. He gave her the personal items when she asked for them, giving Amelia’s necklace to her first.

She closed her eyes and held it in her hand as she concentrated. It was 10 minutes before the vision and impressions started to come. She saw a little girl with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes walking through the park at dusk, twirling the heart charm of her necklace between her fingers. She felt the girl’s fear as she heard a twig snap behind her, and then looked as the little girl turned around to see what it was. Then the vision stopped and she just got impressions.

She repeated the process with Mikayla’s ring and Annabella’s barrette and afterwards told him every thing she saw and felt. Which wasn’t really anything useful with the exception of what she saw in Annabella’s case. According to Liz’s vision Annabella knew her killer. He stood by the fence looking over it and watching her play with her Barbies, and when she noticed him she smiled. He coaxed her into coming out and giving him a hug and when she did, he asked her to get some ice cream with him. She never said his name, and Liz couldn’t see his face.

“I need to see the crime scenes.” Liz said as she watched Kyle put the items back in their bags.
“Liz please, my men have been over every square inch of those places, do you really think you’ll be able to find anything?”
“Could any of your men receive visions and impressions Kyle?” His silence was enough to answer her question.

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Part 3
Kyle finally agreed to take her to the crime scenes although he highly doubted that she’d find anything of any real importance there. He decided that they would visit one crime scene per day. Starting first with Annabella’s since the images and impressions would still be fresh.

Maria greeted them as they got out of the car. She remembered Liz very well from high school. Although they hadn’t spoken in years, back in high school they considered themselves friends. Liz had said that she needed to go inside the bar, and since it’d been closed ever since Annabella was found out back, Maria or Michael would be needed to open the doors.

She walked inside the bar, getting a feel for the place. It was her first time there and despite the circumstances in which the visit was under, she complimented Maria on it.

“He’s been here before.” She said walking out to the center of the room and then over to a booth, “He usually sits here.”
“A lot of people usually sit there honey.” Maria said to Liz from her perch on the bar.
“I see him in a uniform of some sort.” She said looking towards Maria.
“We get truckers, off duty cops and men who drive trucks for companies in here all the time.” She explained.

She sensed all that she could sense from the bar and then had Maria show her out back. She walked to the dumpster and then walked about 10 feet away from it. “He parked here.”
Kyle walked over to look and see if there were any tire tracks and there were, about 50 of them, criss-crossing and running together. Utterly useless.

“Annabella was still breathing when he dumped her.” Liz said walking back towards the trashcan. “He threw some trash over her and he left her here.”

Kyle was going to take her back home after she’d gotten done with the back of M&M’s Bar and Grill but Liz insisted on seeing where they found Amelia. She did basically what she did at the bar and told him everything she felt. She’d said that Amelia was done quickly and right here in the park by the drop spot. She didn’t suffer and she was his first ever. That was why she was done so quickly, she said that Annabella suffered and Amelia didn’t. So if she were to guess Mikayla wasn’t done as quickly as Amelia but also didn’t suffer. Liz told Kyle that the killer, whoever he may be, was getting braver.
Once Liz got home she collapsed in her favorite chair in the living room and looked out the window that was right next to it. It’d been a long exhausting day for her. Physically as well as emotionally. She’d done things like this before in Boston and that was one of the reasons she and Max had decided to move back to Roswell.

In Boston she was just too emotionally drained dealing with cases like these. She couldn’t focus on Camille, Jacob or at times even Max. She’d convinced Max that things like this don’t happen in Roswell, that it was always a safe little town and she’d never have to worry about using her gifts again unless someone wanted the winning lotto numbers, to find their lost gold earring or something trivial like that. So he agreed to move away from his parents, his sister and the only place he’d ever known as home, on the assumption that terrible things didn’t happen in Roswell. What a crock of shit. Liz thought bitterly to herself.
The next day Kyle took her out to Fraiser woods to visit the Mikayla Farmer crime scene. Her suspicions had been confirmed. Mikayla wasn’t done quickly but didn’t suffer. According to Kyle Mikayla’s mother had allowed her to walk home from school that day instead of taking the bus. He said that it took Mikayla a lot of begging but she finally convinced her mother.

Liz took what she could from there, walking along the road beside Fraiser woods. “She was picked up here. He stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride and she protested, but he insisted. He told her it was too dangerous for her to be walking on the side of the road. For some reason she trusted him, so she got in.” She stopped abruptly beside the road a few feet away from Kyle’s explorer. “He stopped here and got out. She was worried about something, a wounded animal maybe.”
“Can you see his face?” Kyle asked from behind her.
“No. I’m just getting impressions, no visions.”
Kyle took her to the exact spot where they found Mikayla and was informed that it was the spot in which Mikayla was attacked.
Collapsing in her favorite chair again Liz let out a heavy breath as her five-year-old daughter Camille came padding into the room.
“Mommy, Aunt Isabew is here!” She said clapping her little hands together and climbing up onto her mother’s lap. Liz smiled a little at her daughter’s inability to say L’s. “Is she?”

Camille nodded her head with excitement and bounced up and down. “Awex too!”
“Uncle Alex, baby.” She said kissing her daughter’s head. “Where are they?”
“Dad’s helping them upstairs.” Jacob said, coming into the room and sitting on the armrest of his mom’s chair and rolling his eyes. “They’re unpacking all of Aunt Isabel’s clothes.”

“Why are they here?”
“Aunt Isabel said that bad things were starting up again down here and that you needed help.” Jacob answered with a confused look on his face. “Why would you need help mom?”
“I think she meant help taking care of you and your sister. You remember when we lived in Boston don’t you Jake? It was really draining when I helped the police out, and I couldn’t take care of you guys like a mommy should.” She explained, hoping that would be enough for her son’s curious eight-year-old mind. Unfortunately it wasn’t.
“You’re helping the police again?”

“Yeah baby, I am.” Liz said looking at her son solemnly, while rubbing little circles in his back with her hand. “There’s some bad things going on in town right now and the police need mommy’s help to figure out who’s doing it.”
“What kind of bad things mommy?” Camille asked curiously.
“Nothing you need to worry about Cami.” Liz said kissing her daughter’s head again. “Why don’t you go get your Aunt Isabel to come down here and talk to me?” She asked setting Camille on the floor and watching as she skipped out of the room and carefully walked up the stairs.

“What kind of bad things mom?” Jacob asked moving from the armrest to his mother’s lap.
“There’s a man out there who’s killing little girls Jake.” She answered honestly. There wasn’t any use in sugar coating it. They subscribed to the paper and he read at a 5th grade reading level, despite being in the 2nd grade. If he wanted to find out what was going on and she wouldn’t tell him all he had to do was pick up the paper, or sit in her chair and concentrate by using his inherited gifts as she preferred to call them.
“I’m not sure, but the Sheriff and I are going to find out.”

She talked with her son for a few more minutes and reassured him that he was safe from harm so long as he remembered their home phone number and not to talk to strangers. She was at least somewhat thankful that they’d only been in Roswell for a year and lived way out in the desert. Jacob only got the chance to meet little kids at school and not anyone from town. When he promised her that he would remember she sent him to the corner of the room to watch some television and then went to set up her cards in the dining room.

Isabel sat down across from her and without a word from Liz cut the deck.
“You know if you wanted a reading you could’ve just called.” Liz told her.
“I know, but I missed you guys. Sue me ok?”
“Don’t tempt me.” Liz said jestingly.
Isabel laughed and then grew somber again. “The doctors say they think that I’m barren Liz...”

Liz looked down at her cards as she spread them out and sighed, “It will happen Isabel. You just need to give it time.”
“Are you just saying that to make me feel better? Or is it really in the cards?”
Liz looked up at her with a sincere look, “It’s there, give it time."

Part 4
Liz jolted upright in bed trying to suck all the air that she possibly could into her lungs. Swinging her legs to the side of the bed she leaned over and put her head between her knees gasping for air and within seconds felt Max’s comforting hand rubbing circles on her back.

“You ok?” He asked as he continued to rub circles into her back.
“Yeah.” She answered breathlessly. “Just had a nightmare that’s all.”
“Oh shut up, we both know what it was.” He said softly. “What’d you see?”
“A boy. Red hair, green eyes. Around 9.” She told him, sparing him the knowledge of what happened to the boy in her dream.
“Better call the sheriff.” Max said getting up to retrieve the phone. He dialed the station’s number and then handed Liz the phone before climbing back into bed.

“Police Department, this is Deputy Frank what can I do ya for?”
“Hi Deputy Frank, this is Liz Evans. Is Kyle in?”
“Yes ma’am. Just a second.” Liz was put on hold for about 15 minutes before finally getting through to Kyle.
“Still at the office huh?” She asked quietly.
“Got a serial killer to catch. No point in being home and doing nothing.”
“It’s midnight Kyle.” Liz said looking at the clock.
“Ok, no point in being home, lying in bed and staring at the ceiling then.”

A short silence fell over them before he asked “Did you call up to reminisce with me or did you want something in particular?”
“Oh that’s funny Sheriff.”
“Yeah, I thought so.”
“I had a dream tonight.” She said, “I dreamt of a boy, looks to be around 8 or 9, with red hair and green eyes. He died in my dream. I think he’s the next target.”

“Oh I don’t know Liz. That’s kind of stretching it. We’ve got a pattern here, little girls with dark hair and eyes. This red haired, green-eyed boy just doesn’t fit the profile.”
“What exactly are you trying to say Sheriff? That I’m wrong or imagining it?”
“Now I didn’t say that...I just don’t think our guy is gonna break the pattern.”

She sighed heavily, “Well, I don’t think this man has a pattern Kyle. I think it’s just a random coincidence that the first three had brown hair and eyes.”
“I don’t know...and even if you’re right what do I do? I've already issued a curfew for kids under 16, what else can I do? Make up some flyers and post them all over town? Call all the parents with 8 or 9-year-old boys that have red hair and green eyes and tell them to watch their sons like a hawk?”

“I don’t know Sheriff; I don’t have the answers to everything.” Liz said defensively. “Look you asked for my help and I’m giving it to you, what you do with it from there is up to you.” She said angrily before removing the phone from her ear and turning it off.
The next afternoon Liz was cleaning the kitchen with Camille’s help when the phone rang. “Hello?” She waited a few seconds and heard nothing, “Hello?” She asked again. This time she heard heavy breathing on the other end of the line. Shivering slightly she turned the phone off and set it on the table before looking at her daughter. “Let’s get back to work Cami, we have to get this kitchen spotless.”

She decided not to tell Max or Kyle about the phone call, thinking it must’ve been a telemarketer, or a wrong number. Telemarketers always sat there and made you say hello about 3 times before they said anything. A wrong number could’ve been sitting there trying to recognize her voice. It was definitely nothing, and she didn’t want to worry them over nothing.

Although the weird creepy vibe she got from whoever was on the other end wasn’t helping to convince her that it was nothing, she still kept it to herself. Over the next week she got 4 more of those calls, 2 of which were obscene. On the day that she received a threatening letter she realized that she couldn’t pass them off as prank calls, wrong numbers, or telemarketers any longer and she finally told Kyle. She got the distinct feeling from those calls that he was being watched. When she touched the letter, she got visions of Kyle and her walking down the street together. Whoever this person was, he knew Kyle’s every move. He was watching them both.
A few days after Liz had the dream of the boy she received a phone call.

“Hello?” Liz asked after bringing the phone up to her ear. She waited a few seconds and nothing. “Hello?” She asked again, more quietly this time so that her family wouldn’t become suspicious.

She was about to hang up when she heard him, “Liz?”
She couldn’t be sure but it sounded far away, like he was on a cell phone. “Kyle?”
“Liz, Timmy Martin is missing.”
“9, Red hair and green eyes?”
“Yeah. 125 Maple.” Kyle told her.
“I’ll be there in 15.” She said before hanging up.

She cast an apologetic look towards her husband and her children, and then towards Isabel and Alex. “I’m sorry but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to join you guys for dinner.”

Jacob looked down at his plate and picked at his food while resting his elbow on the table and his cheek on the back his hand. It broke Liz’s heart to see the dejected look on his face, but she couldn’t ignore what was happening. One day, she thought to herself, Jake will go through this with his family.

“It’s fine. We understand.” Max said standing up to kiss her.
She glanced around the table one last time before standing up and retrieving her keys from the key rack.
She got to the Martin house as fast as her car would take her. She was informed that Timmy was taking out the trash for his father because he didn’t feel good. After 10 minutes when Timmy didn’t come back inside the house, his father got up from the couch and went to the front door to look for him. He saw nothing, and it angered him slightly that Timmy had forgot to put the lid back on the can.

He walked outside to replace the lid and then looked both ways down the street. When he saw nothing he called out to Timmy. After 15 minutes of not being able to find his son, he started to get panicked. He looked in the back yard, across the street at Timmy’s friend’s house, and the houses of the neighbors. He had his neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Goldsmith looking for him down the street while he called the police.

Normally Mr. Martin wouldn’t have been so worried but given everything that had been happening to other children he panicked. Liz had to put her emotions in check as she watched the grown man before her speak frantically to Kyle and ramble on about how his son was missing and he was upset about the god damn lid to the garbage can.

She walked outside to the garbage can and immediately started picking up impressions. From what she could tell Timmy was about to put the lid back on the can when he pulled up and offered Timmy a quick ride around the block. In his excitement Timmy forgot about the lid, and he got in the car. She walked down to the end of the block and stopped. Looking left and then looking right she crossed the street and continued to go straight.

When Kyle had finally realized that Liz was gone he jumped in his car and started to take off, only to have Mr. Martin jump infront of his car and demand that Kyle take him to wherever he was going. He didn’t necessarily think that it was the best idea but he agreed and took off after Mr. Martin climbed in.

They followed close behind Liz as she walked to the edge of town and then stopped.
“The Quarry.” She said when Kyle got out and stood beside her. “He’s at the Quarry.”
“Timmy?” Kyle asked. She nodded her head yes. “Is he alone?” He asked again hoping for a no instead of a yes because no meant that there was still a chance to find him alive. Liz nodded her head yes once more. “Is he...?” The answer to the question was another nod in the affirmative. He didn’t need to finish the question for Liz to know what he was asking.

They drove out to the Quarry and found him under a pile of rocks in a makeshift grave. Mr. Martin cried into Liz’s shoulder as she silently held him while Kyle radioed the station and told them what they found.

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Part 5
Liz sat in her chair staring out the window at the car parked out by the road. It’d been two weeks since the Martin boy was found and nothing had happened but Kyle, Liz and the townspeople were still very much on edge. She’d gotten two more threatening letters and one day when she sent Jacob out to get the mail she’d noticed a strange car parked across from the box. She immediately got the phone and called Kyle as she ran outside and pulled Jacob back in the house.

It could’ve been her imagination running away with her but she felt like her son wasn’t safe. She was getting those weird creepy vibes again when she looked at the navy blue car and she felt like that was him, waiting to take her son or possibly even her. So Deputy Frank was assigned to watch over their house, keep an eye out for anything suspicious. They couldn’t even find the car and it made Liz very uneasy. It was almost as if the car and its driver had disappeared off the face of the earth. Not that it would’ve bothered Liz any if they had.

Shivering slightly she got up and walked into the bedroom to lie down and take a nap.
“Hi.” He said sitting down on a swing next to her. He had seen her on the playground every day since Annabella died, sitting there all by herself on a swing and staring at the ground. She looked so lonely and sad that he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Hi.” She said looking up at him for a brief moment before returning her eyes to the ground and pushing a rock around with the tip of her shoe.

“I’m Jacob.” He said holding his hand out to her, hoping that she’d take it. He smiled warmly at her when she looked up at him and took his hand in hers.
“Eva.” She tried her hardest to return the warm smile, but the corners of her mouth wouldn’t turn up.

“I know. My mom is helping your dad.” He said letting go of her hand and looking down at the ground.
“Are you psychic too? Like your mom?” She asked looking down at the rock and pushing it with her shoe again.
“That’s cool. I wish I was.”
“Why?” He asked looking up from the ground and over at Eva.
“If I was, I wouldn’t have to study for tests and I could figure stuff out.”
“What kind of stuff?”
“I could figure out who killed my friend.” She said quietly still pushing the rock around with her toe and not looking up at him.
He placed a hand on her shoulder and said confidently, “Don’t worry. My mom will figure it out.”
Liz woke up from her nap with a start. She’d only been asleep for 20 minutes before she started to have a dream. Her son was in it and so was a little girl with sandy blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. They were tied up and gagged in her dream, scared and crying.

Sitting up straight she craned her neck to look at the clock that sat on her husband’s nightstand. It was 2:20 and if Liz had to guess she’d say that Jacob was probably at recess with teachers watching over him. She tried to convince herself that he was fine as she got out of bed and walked into the living room to find Isabel and Alex playing with Camille.

“How was your nap?” Alex asked from the floor as he held Camille over him and moved her around like she was flying.
“Fine.” Liz said distractedly as she went over to the window and looked out. “Where’s Frank?”
“Oh he came to the door and said that Kyle called him to the station.”
Reaching into the backseat Tess picked up Owen’s bunny off of the floor of the car and made a few hopping motions with it as he laughed and clapped his hands before giving it back to him. She looked at her watch for the fifth time. Usually Eva was standing outside already by the time that Tess got there. She decided that she’d wait a few more minutes before getting Owen out of his car seat and going in the school to get her.

She sat and watched as buses full of kids departed from the school and started on their routes and as the number of kids waiting outside for their parents to come and pick them up got less and less. Glancing at her watch again she got out of the car and went around to get Owen out of his car seat. Hoisting her three-year-old son on her hip she walked into the school and down to Eva’s classroom.
“Hi Mrs. Letts.” She said as she walked into the classroom and glanced around. “Where is Eva?”

The old woman sitting behind her desk looked up at Tess with a puzzled expression, “She left during recess Mrs. Valenti.”
“Did her father come to get her?”
“Well, I’m not really sure dear. You’d have to check with the office but seeing as how you, her father, her grandfather, grandmother and aunt are the only ones with the authority to get her out I assumed that it was you or one of them.” Mrs. Letts said standing up and walking over to Eva’s cubby. “They didn’t even come in to get her lunch box backpack, so I assumed it was a family emergency.”

This time it was Tess who wore a puzzled look on her face as she took her daughter’s things from Mrs. Letts and turned around to walk down to the office. Something about this did not feel right at all.
Liz stood next to the window and watched as the bus stopped at the driveway and the doors opened. Her eyes remained glued to the doors of the bus as she waited for her son to step off and come running up the driveway. When the doors shut and the bus started to roll away from the driveway instead Liz closed her eyes and brought her hand to her mouth. “Oh god...” She whispered to herself.
“Hey Tess.” Sally, the office aide said as Tess walked into the office.
“Hi Sal, listen can you tell me who took Eva out of school today?” She said stepping up to the counter. She watched as Sally rose from her chair and walked over to the clipboard with the sign outs.
“Hmm, it doesn’t seem to be on here.” She said looking up at Tess and noticing the worried expression on her face. “Let me go ask Principal Downs, she might know.”

Part 6
“What’s wrong?” Isabel whispered, coming up behind Liz and making her jump.
“That sick bastard has my son.” Liz whispered back, eyes still closed.
Looking back at Alex who was still playing with Camille, Isabel had to mask her worried look, “How do you know?”
“I had a dream.” She whispered, moving her hand down to clutch the collar of her shirt, “I should’ve listened to my instincts. It’s my fault. If anything happens to’ll be my fault...” Liz whispered to her sister-in-law.

“No Liz, don’t think like that. Maybe Max got off work early and picked him up? I’ll go call him.” Isabel whispered before leaving the room.
“I’m sorry Tess; Principal Downs doesn’t know either. Whoever handled it must’ve already gone home.” Sally said looking around the office for someone who might be able to answer Tess’ question.

Turning around on her heel and rushing out of the office Tess managed a mumbled thank you, before running to her car. With shaking hands she quickly buckled Owen into his car seat before slipping into the passenger’s seat and retrieving her cell phone. She quickly punched in the number to her husband’s private line at the station and tapped her fingers nervously on the dashboard as she waited for him to pick up.

“Did you take Eva out of school today?” She asked frantically as soon as he picked up the phone.
“Did you?”
“No Tess.” He answered hesitantly. “I didn’t. Why?”
Isabel came back into the room moments later holding the cordless phone in her hand. Glancing again at a playing Camille and Alex she made her way to stand behind Liz.

“He didn’t.” She whispered to her. “He’s on his way home right now.”
“I know.” Liz whispered back to Isabel. “I need the phone.”
As Isabel handed the phone to Liz it began to ring.
“He has my son Kyle.” She said as soon as she answered it. Knowing exactly who it would be on the other line. “He has a girl with blond hair and blue eyes too.”

“My daughter Liz. He has my daughter.”
From his place on the floor, Jacob looked over at Eva. She was scared and crying. Later, he kept telling himself, he could cry later. Right now he had to be strong, for his mother and for Eva. He couldn’t let his emotions, his fear get in the way of what he had to do.

Before the gag was placed over his mouth he managed to say to her, “It’s ok Eva. Don’t cry. My mom will find us.”
“I had a dream.” Liz said, looking at Kyle as they stood outside of the school. “I saw Jake and Eva tied up and gagged in some cave or something.”
“Why didn’t you call me?” He asked, grabbing her arm and leading her away from the others. “I could’ve stopped it.”

“I don’t know. I thought...I thought it wouldn’t happen until a few days later. Like with the dream with Timmy. I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon.” She said looking down at her shoes and crying. “I’m sorry. I thought he was safe at recess, with all the teachers watching over him and then he was gonna come home on the bus. I didn’t...”

Kyle grabbed her sobbing shoulders and hugged her to him, whispering assurances to her. When he’d calmed her enough they walked to the back of the school and stood at the entrance to the playground.

Out of nowhere a familiar hand reached out to grab hers and Liz looked over to see the encouraging smile of her husband. She’d completely forgotten about him. She’d left the house while he was rushing home from work to be with her and she’d forgotten about him. She looked to Isabel who gave a small but worried smile. At least someone didn’t forget about Max, Liz thought to herself before turning back to look at the playground.

She gave Max’s hand a quick squeeze before letting go of it and walking into the playground. For some reason she was drawn to the swing set, and as she touched the seat she was immediately sucked into a vision.
From her place across the playground she saw her son sit on the swing she’d touched, and watched as he reached out to the melancholy Eva. They talked for a little while and then he got off his swing and began to push her. A smile appeared on Eva’s face.

A man in a uniform approached them and her son shivered, Eva looked up at the man and smiled.
“Eva, your dad wanted me to come and get you and Jacob.” The man told them.

“I’m not supposed to go with strangers.” Jacob whispered to Eva. She grabbed his hand and smiled at him.
“It’s ok Jacob; he’s not a stranger.”

The man crouched infront of Eva and Jacob and took something off of his uniform. “See this Jacob?” He waited until Jacob nodded his head before continuing.
“This star means that I’m not a stranger to little kids. I’m one of the good guys.”
“No...” Liz whispered to herself as she watched her son shiver once again and pull back on Eva’s hand, shaking his head.

“Ok Jacob, but I’m going.” Eva said as she dropped his hand and walked over to take the man’s hand. Liz watched as her son silently looked from the man to Eva and weighed his options. Looking at her son, Liz knew. Jacob knew that the man holding Eva’s hand was the bad man, he could sense it. She watched as her son reluctantly reached out to grab the man’s free hand. When the turned around Liz shut her eyes and grasped her collar again.

“Frank...” She whispered coming out of her vision and collapsing in her husband’s arms.
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Part 7
“What’s wrong with her?” Kyle asked as he watched Max scoop Liz up in his arms and cradle her against his chest.
“She had a vision.” He said as if it would explain everything.
“So? She’s had them before and that’s never happened.” Kyle stated anxiously. He really did not need her fainting on him at that particular moment.

The lives of her son and his little girl were hanging in the balance. Whether or not his little girl would be around to graduate or walk down the aisle on his arm all depended on one woman who was at the moment unconscious.
“What the hell is going on?!” Kyle yelled as Max started to walk away from him and the swing set. “Where are you going with her?”

“Look her emotions were heightened ok? It happens like this sometimes when she’s extra sensitive and touches something that Jacob touched.” Max answered, whirling around on Kyle. “I’m going to set her in the car.”

“It’s only happened twice.” Max explained after sitting Liz in the passenger seat of his car. “The first time it happened he was three and Liz’s grandmother had just passed away. She was trying to bottle her emotions up so she was cleaning up around the house and when she picked up a toy of Jacob’s she got sucked into the vision of his great grandmother giving it to him on his birthday.”

“What do you mean, ‘she got sucked in’?” Tess asked with curiosity.
“In a normal vision Liz only sees it like a movie but when she gets sucked in she sees it like she was actually there standing off to the side.” Max told them. “Seeing it like that kind of drains her energy and she faints.”

“How long does it last?”
“An hour, maybe more. I don’t know. Like I said, it’s only happened twice before.”
Running a hand through his hair, Kyle sighed and looked around the group, his eyes resting on his wife. He knew they probably didn’t have an hour, but he wasn’t about to say it infront of his wife. “We’ll take her to my house.”
When they’d arrived at the Valenti home, Kyle had called Maria to come and help with Owen and Tess had immediately gone off down the hall and disappeared while Liz was being laid on the couch. Kyle expected to find her sitting on Eva’s bed crying but instead he found her in their bathroom sitting in the middle of the floor.

Looking around he saw that the contents of the medicine cabinet were strewn about on the floor around her. The drawer in the counter had been pulled out and the contents dumped the cabinets to the counter open and everything inside thrown out on the floor.
“Tess? What are you doing?”
She briefly looked up at him from her spot on the floor and then dumping out the bag she’d been holding in her hands. “I’m looking for the smelling salts Kyle. Have you seen them?”

“Why are you looking for those?” He asked carefully, kneeling down beside her. He was convinced his wife had lost it.
She sighed pushing the contents of the bag around with her fingers before reaching for another bag, “I’m a cop’s wife Kyle, don’t patronize me. I know better than any of those people out there that we don’t have an hour. We need her up and now. Thus my search for the smelling salts.”

He expected her to break down and cry, that’s what he’d always thought she’d do if something terrible happened but the woman he saw before him was determined and on a mission. His father could look at any person and judge how they would react to something and 9 times out of 10 he would be right. Kyle could look at a person and judge how they’d react to something and 9 times out of 10 he’d be wrong. Obviously the art of judging reactions was one of those better with time type of things, Kyle thought to himself.
Closing his eyes and concentrating on his mother, he reached out to her with his mind.
“Mommy...” He called out to her, using the name he only called her when he really wanted something.

They’d only been able to telepathically connect to each other once. Jacob was 5 and he got lost in the mall. He was so scared and all he thought about was his mother, and in the next instant before he knew what was happening he could hear her voice inside his head, calming him. They’d tried to do it again, but one of them could never quite master it.

“Mommy I need you. Come and get me.”
“Where are you baby? Tell mommy where you are.”
“I tried to watch where he took us mom, but I don’t know...Eva is scared.”
“I know baby. I’ll find you, I promise.”
“I know but I’ll still love you if you don’t.”
As Liz sat straight up taking in a sharp breath and her eyes snapping open, the room and people in it stilled.
“She’s awake!” Maria yelled. “Kyle, she’s awake!”

Part 8
Rushing in from the bathroom with Tess hot on his heels, Kyle kneeled down infront of the couch where Liz sat trying to regulate her breathing. “What’d you see?”
“It’s Frank.” She stated simply.
“What’s Frank?” Kyle asked in confusion. He thought for a brief moment that she was saying Frank was the man who took his daughter, but she couldn’t possibly be saying that. He’d known Frank forever and as far as Kyle was concerned there wasn’t one bad bone in Frank’s body. He violently shook his head no when she looked at him with that look. “No Liz, it’s not Frank. He’s an officer; he took an oath that’s sacred!”

“She wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true man.” Alex said in defense of his sister in law. “Obviously the oath to protect and serve the people of Roswell isn’t as sacred to him as it is to you.”

“We came up through the ranks together! It’s not Frank! He’s my deputy for Christ’s sake!” Kyle yelled stalking out of the living room. He was planning on going to cool off in the back yard but the ringing phone stopped him from reaching his destination.
Frank waited for someone to pick up the phone and wasn’t surprised in the least when he heard Kyle’s voice on the other end.
“Hello Sheriff.” He said mockingly.
“The one and only.”
Kyle could just hear the smile in his voice. “Tell me it’s not you. Liz says you’re the guy, tell me you’re not.” Kyle pleaded.
“Wish I could man.” Frank said smirking. “Eva says hello by the way.”

Taking the phone away from his ear and rubbing it against his forehead he choked back a sob. “Please, don’t hurt her. I’ll trade places with her. I’ll do anything.”

“Sorry Kyle. That can’t be done. I have to hurt her, Jacob too.”
“Why?” Kyle asked quietly.
“Because I have to punish you Kyle.” He said as if Kyle should’ve already known.
Not fully understanding why he needed to be punished Kyle went with it anyways, “Then punish me. Take my life and not hers. I’ll hand myself over to you.”

“And have you come out looking like the big hero? I think not. It’s better this way Kyle; you’ll learn your lesson this way and then live with it for the rest of your life. I have more fun this way; it’s more fulfilling for me.”

“What’s my lesson Frank? What do I need to learn?”

“You’ll see.” Frank said after chuckling. “I hope you and your lovely wife told Eva that you loved her this morning before you sent her off to die.” He said before hanging up.

“FUCK!” Kyle yelled as he picked up the phone and threw it against the far wall.
After throwing the phone against the wall he grabbed his keys and headed for the door, only to be followed by Tess, Liz and Max.
“Stay here, Liz you come with me.” He ordered his wife and Max.
“I’m not leaving Liz. I want to help save my son.” Max said taking Liz’s hand in his; “I go wherever she goes, period.”

“Fine, Max you come with us. Tess you stay here.” Kyle said turning on his heel and walking out of the door.
Max shifted nervously in the back seat of Kyle’s explorer. He had no idea where they were going but he hoped they’d get there soon. As if she was reading his mind Liz turned around in her seat and looked at him. She gave him her best ‘everything will be all right smile’ before turning around again.

Finally, they pulled up to a rickety old house out on highway 285 and got out of the car. Kyle briskly walked up the steps and tried to turn the knob only to find it locked. He looked around before kicking it in with his foot. It wasn’t proper police procedure but at the current moment, he really didn’t care about procedure. He needed to find Frank and fast. Walking in through the door he motioned Liz and Max to follow him.

Hesitantly Liz got out of the car and grabbed a hold of Max’s hand. As they walked into the house Liz began to shiver and Max wrapped an arm around her to try and sooth her. “Do whatever you gotta do Liz, touch whatever you gotta touch. Just hurry up.” Kyle said before disappearing down the hall to rifle through some of Frank’s things.
Pushing open a door, Kyle peered into what he assumed to be Frank’s bedroom. He walked to the closet and opened it. “Holy shit...”

He quickly glanced at the pictures and news paper clippings. He recognized most of them. The paper clippings were from the local paper and they were all about Kyle and the arrests he’d made. The pictures were of him, his family, Liz and her family too but mostly of just Kyle.
15 minutes later they emerged from the house, some what at ease. Liz had touched everything she could get her hands on and she’d come to the conclusion that Frank wasn’t going to hurt the kids yet. He was playing a game with them; the phone call had been a dare. A taunt saying find me if you can. He wanted to be found but not caught.

She’d touched a pencil and saw a silver spoon. Which had immediately convinced Kyle that he knew where they were. There were two mines close by, the old silver mine in Galitas off horseshoe road being one of them.
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Part 9

“So what’s the plan? What happens when we find him?” Max asked from the back seat, looking out the window and nervously rubbing his sweaty palms on his thighs.
“Going on the assumption that Frank is at the mine, Liz will stay in the car. Max you’ll hide yourself near the entrance and I’ll call him out of the mine. While he’s distracted, Max you’ll go in and save the kids. Once they’re safe I’m taking him out.”

Liz tried to protest, but Kyle had given her a stern, hard look saying that if she didn’t like the plan it was just too damn bad. He told her that he was running the show now.

Once they were close enough to the mine, Kyle pulled off to the side of the road and turned off the car. He ordered Liz to wait for them and then after waiting for Max and Liz to say goodbye and share a quick kiss, they left to take care of business. Before they had even gotten out of her line of sight, Liz began rifling through her purse looking for her spare set of cards. Once she found them she threw open her door and rushed to shuffle them on the hood of Kyle’s explorer. After a few short minutes she smacked them off of the hood with a mumbled, “Shit!”
Once Max had positioned himself near the entrance but completely out of Frank’s line of vision Kyle drew his gun and began calling out to Frank. After a few minutes, Frank emerged from the mine, gun drawn and pointed at Eva. Rooted to the entrance of the mine he smiled a truly evil and unnerving smile. “Good boy, you found me. I was hoping that you would.”

“Let her go Frank.” Kyle said, his gun pointed at Frank and ready to be fired.
“Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. You really think you’re gonna talk me down Cowboy?”
“I was kind of hoping I could.”
For some reason that statement really seemed to amuse Frank. “Well you can’t.”

“You know that you’re not going to get away with it. You’re gonna get caught.” Kyle warned. Hoping against hope that the fear of getting caught would make him drop the gun.
“It would all be worth it to see the look on your face.”
His gun still pointed at Frank’s head Kyle pleaded to find something that would make Frank stop what he was planning on doing, “I thought we were friends man.”
“Once upon a time we were.”
“What changed?” Kyle asked backing up, thinking that Frank would follow him. He didn’t.

“You know I never would’ve let it get this far don’t you?” Frank asked seriously. “I never would’ve let it get to Annabella. I would’ve found the killer faster, and you know I wouldn’t have had to use a psychic to do it.” Frank said in disgust.

“What are you talking about? How could I find the killer when the killer was at the scene removing any incriminating evidence?” Kyle asked incredulously.

“Did you even find me by yourself or did you use that bitch to help you?” When Kyle said nothing, Frank had his answer. “Figures.”

“I always was the better cop. You had potential, but I was better. I never would’ve let those kids die.”

“How are you the better cop? You took their lives; you did let them die!” Kyle yelled.
“No you did. Your inability to find me is what killed those kids, not me. All that time I was sitting right under your nose and you never even knew it. I would have.”
After mulling it over for a few seconds Kyle shook his head, “You’re crazy.”
“That may be so. Put your gun down and kick it over here.”

Looking from his frightened daughter to Frank, Kyle did as he was told, having no other choice. He couldn’t risk looking to Max because it would alert Frank. “Good, now get down on your knees and take off your belt.” Frank commanded.

Doing as Frank told him to do, Kyle took off his belt that officers were required to wear and tossed it aside. He watched as Frank untied Eva’s hands and gently pushed her toward her dad. “Go get your dad’s handcuffs out of his belt and cuff him for me sweetheart.”

With tears running down her cheeks she hesitantly walked to her father’s belt where she pulled out his cuffs and put them on him, like he’d shown her when she was 7 and wanted to play cops and robbers. Taking the tape off of her mouth she hugged her dad and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Good girl, bring me the keys.” Frank ordered softly. After she’d brought him the keys to the cuffs, he ordered her to come and stand next to him as he picked up the gun and got Kyle up from his kneeling position all the while holding his gun to Eva’s back. He told Kyle that if he tried to be a hero, she would die.

Once inside the mine, Frank separated them so that Kyle could see everything that was happening. “This is going to be so much fun.” Frank said in an almost giddy tone. “You see Kyle; my plan is working out perfectly. This little beauty right here,” he said turning towards Eva momentarily, “she was always my final target. The boy is an added bonus. You were supposed to find them but now that you’re here, well it just makes everything so much better doesn’t it? I actually get to see your face as you watch your daughter die. I’m so sick, aren’t I?”
Cursing himself silently Max peaked into the mine. From what he could see, Frank had his back turned towards the entrance; Eva was directly infront of him, Kyle to her left and Jacob to her right. He hadn’t believed that this whole thing was actually real until that very moment, seeing his son tied up with tape over his mouth. He moved to enter the mine when a hand on his arm stopped him.

“Don’t.” She whispered to him.
“I have to do something.” He whispered back, not taking his eyes off of Frank. “I can’t just sit out here twiddling my thumbs while Jacob is in there.”
“Max, if you go in there you’re going to startle him and then do you know what’s going to happen? That gun is gonna go off and someone is gonna die.” Liz whispered urgently.
“Who?” When she said nothing, he finally turned his head to look at her. “Who is it gonna be Liz?”

Thinking it over for a moment he grabbed Liz and kissed her tenderly. “I love you.” He said after they broke apart. “Make sure Jacob and Camille know that I love them more than life it’s self.”

As he started to turn away from her, she grabbed him and used every muscle in her body to pull him back. “No!” She whispered fiercely. “You’re not going in there Max! I can’t lose you. Do you think that going in there and dying is gonna give Kyle more time to do something? Don’t be foolish!”

“What am I supposed to do Liz? Our son is in there and at any minute he could die. What am I supposed to do?” He asked her in a hushed, emotion filled voice.
“Let me go.”
“No! I couldn’t live with myself if I let you go in there.”
“Like I could? Like I could live my life any better with out you?”
Sighing, he ran his hands through his hair, “One of us has to go in there and do something, and it’s not gonna be you. Camille is gonna need a mother.”
“Jacob is gonna need a father.” She challenged back.
“This really isn’t the time to get into an argument Liz. I’m going in there and that’s final!”
Looking around at the faces of his captives, Frank smiled, his gaze resting on Eva. “Now who should go first? Little Jacob Evans or our precious Eva Valenti? Tough call. What do you think Eva?”

Looking down at the ground she cried a little harder. She didn’t want to say her own name but she didn’t want to say Jacob’s either.

“What’s that you say? You think that Jacob should go first? Well that’s mighty selfish of you, but I think I have to agree.” Frank said turning from Eva to Jacob. “You know I’m doing you a favor right? Who would want to live with a mother who thinks she’s got special gifts? I know I wouldn’t.”

Thinking that this was really it, that his mother wasn’t coming, Jacob closed his eyes and started to cry. Stealth like a cat, Liz crept into the mine. She was doing good at not being noticed by Frank until she accidentally kicked a rock. Frank whirled around, pointing his gun directly at her.

“Well, well. If it isn’t little Ms. Psychic. We were just talking about you. Tell me Liz, did you happen to see this coming?” He asked as he turned around, pointed his gun directly at Jacob’s head and started to ready it. Without warning Liz was being pushed to the side and watched in horror as Max lunged toward Frank. She jumped as a gun went off and a body fell to the ground.

Part 10

Frank hit the ground with a dull thud and began groaning and clutching his bloody knee, dropping his gun in the process. In a flash Max kicked the gun away from Frank and grabbed the one out of Eva’s shaking hands. He didn’t need her shooting anyone else in the knee.

She’d reacted so fast that she didn’t even have time to think. Frank had turned his head around to see who had entered the mine and she just saw the gun lying there on the floor snatched it up and aimed at Frank. She was amazed that she even fired it properly, and thanked god that he had forgot to put the safety on.
As backup arrived and Frank was taken away to get medical attention for his knee before being taken away to the hospital for the criminally insane, he shouted things to Kyle. “I should’ve been sheriff! You took my job you bastard! You don’t even deserve it! You used your goddamn connections to get it!”

Jacob clutched his father’s shirt in his hand as he laid his head on Max’s shoulder. Liz gently rubbed his back while she had her arm around Max’s waist and rested her head on his other shoulder, looking at her son.
“I thought you weren’t coming.” Jacob whispered to her.
She offered him a small but reassuring smile before whispering “I’ll always come when you need me.”

A few feet away from them stood Kyle holding Eva in his arms. She clung to him like if she loosened her grip any, she’d die. He’d had someone call Tess and let her know what was going on, she’d insisted on coming out to the mine but Kyle had told her no. He’d told her to meet him at the hospital, seeing as how he insisted that both Jacob and Eva be checked out.

“Are you all right precious?” He knew it was a stupid question, his daughter had just been kidnapped and shot someone. Why would she be ok?
“No.” She said quietly, as she rested her head on her dad’s shoulder and looked over at Jacob and his parents.
“You will be sweetheart. I promise.”
1 year later...

Liz rushed to the emergency room holding on to Isabel’s hand and giving reassurances. Among the general, “It’s all right, it really doesn’t hurt as much as people say.”, there was also, “Don’t worry Alex will make it!”

Once he arrived she stepped off to the side to let him be there in the operating room while his first child was being born. She returned to the waiting room and looked around at all the waiting faces. Maria was there, anxiously waiting while holding her small newborn daughter in her arms. Michael was standing to the side, looking at Maria and Megan. Max was there holding Jacob’s hand and telling an already excited Camille that her aunt would be just fine, and that pretty soon she was going to meet her baby cousin.

Kyle was there; holding hands with his wife as Eva sat in his lap and leaned back into him. Owen sat on Tess’ lap reading a book that happened to be upside down and last but not least, Diane and Phil Evans. They’d flown in from Boston to see their miracle grandbaby.

A little while later they were told that Isabel had a girl and that they could see her now. As they walked into her room, they were greeted with the image of Isabel laying in bed, holding her daughter as Alex sat on the side of it, touching his little girl’s tiny hand.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet Hope Elizabeth Whitman.” Isabel said as she turned her head to the group and smiled.
5 years later...

Liz sat behind the table watching the people that had grown to be her friends. After what happened all those years ago, bonds were formed and friendships were made. Going through something so horrible somehow made everyone closer, but no bond that had been formed was stronger than the bond that Jacob and Eva shared. They had become inseparable after what happened to them, they even attended therapy together.

“May I have this dance?” Max asked, holding his hand out to her. She smiled up at him before taking it and being led out onto the middle of the dance floor. He held her close as they swayed to the music. “I can’t believe they finally did it.”
“I can’t either.” Liz said laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes. “I’m happy for them though.”
“Me too. I never thought Michael would pop the question though.”
She smiled before lifting her head up from his shoulder to look at him, “I knew he would.”
“Cheater.” He said with a sly smile before looking over at his son. “You think they’ll get married someday?” He asked nodding his head in their direction.
She followed his gaze to where Jacob was dancing with Eva, “Maybe.” She said with a secretive smile.

“What about them?” He asked looking over at Camille who was trying to teach Owen how to dance.
“Cami and Owen?” She asked looking over at them. “No.”

Max’s gaze traveled to Tess where his eyes rested on her bulging stomach. “Boy or girl?” He asked his wife.
She looked at Tess for a brief second before replying, “Girls.”
“So that’s why we gave her double of every outfit.” He said in understanding before his eyes traveled to Michael and Maria as they danced with their four-year-old daughter Megan. “Do they live happily ever after?”
“Yup.” She said looking at them. “Megan will give them hell; she’ll be wild. But they live happily ever after.”

“Do we?” He asked before dipping her.
She kissed him before saying, “We certainly do.”

The End!

Hope that you guys liked this part. I wasn’t sure how to end it. If you have any questions or anything I‘ll try to answer them.

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Thanks for the compliments! It's always a + when an author can suck someone else into their world. *wink*

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