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Title: Fighting For Our Lives
Author: Jenn
Rating: PG-13 through NC-17
Disclaimer: As before I don't own anything from Roswell. I'm just borrowing the Characters for my fic!
Summary: This is the Sequel to Trials and Tribulations. If you haven't read that one yet it's posted on the Repost board. This takes place two months after Trials and Tribulations. I will be using flashbacks which will be enclosed in (/\) to show what happened the day after Trials and Tribulations left off. I hope you enjoy this!

Part 1:

Liz walked down the halls of West Roswell High. She had a meeting with the principal today. Her parents were going to be there as well as Max and his parents. They were going to discuss her "condition" as the principal called it. She didn't have a condition, she was PREGNANT! It's not like she was dying or anything.
On her way to the office she passed her friends. They all looked as nervous as she felt, but everyone knew that this meeting was inevitable, Liz was beginning to show. How could she not, she was having twins?
"Good luck chica. We are all pulling for you." Maria said.
"Thanks Maria. I'm so scared." Liz confessed.
"Do you want I should come in and bust some heads?" Michael asked teasingly.
Liz cracked a smile thankful for the reprieve. "No, I don't think this is worth blowing your cover for. Hey oh my God! Michael Guerin just cracked a joke! I guess Alex is rubbing off on you." Liz said.
At that moment Alex and Max came running up to the group.
"No, not really rubbing off, but he wasn't here so someone had to take over in his steed." Michael said.
"What'd I miss?" Alex asked.
"Oh Michael cracked a very Alex like joke." Isabel said.
"Damn, and I missed it...That sucks." Alex said.
"Hey, are you all right?" Max asked Liz.
"Yeah, I'm much better now that you got here. I'm really scared Max," she told him.
"I know, I'm just as scared believe me." He confessed.
"Look, guys, I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but your meeting starts in like five and class starts in two, so we've got to jet. Liz contact me if you need me to mind warp the ass, so you and Max can run for a bit." Tess said.
"Thanks for the offer, I just might hold you too it!" Liz exclaimed.
Just then Pam Troy walked pass the little group.
"Well, lookie what we have here. If it isn't the Scooby Gang. What mysteries are you going to solve today?" she said snidely.
'Man, I think we should kill Kivar after he gets to her so she'll be out of our hair for good,' Maria said.
'Maria! That's so wrong...although it would be nice, but we can't think like that,' Liz said back.
It was still weird for Liz to be able to hear everyone's thoughts. It didn't happen often enough for anyone to be concerned about their privacy, but sometimes, thanks to the new connection with her children, Liz could hear the other's thoughts. Max's were still always running through her head, and as weird as that still is, she wouldn't change it for the world.
"Nice to see you too Pam. You know you're only jealous because you aren't a part of the Scooby Gang." Alex said.
"Yeah right Whitman, like I'd want to hang with you freaks!" Pam exclaimed. "I mean look what it did to Valenti. He used to be the school stud but now he's just a loser like the rest of you."
"Why don't you go crawl back into your hole Pam." Kyle said. "You aren't wanted here."
"Oh Ouch, that really hurts Kyle." Pam taunted.
"Listen Bitch, leave now before I pummel you into the ground," Tess said.
"Whatever blonde, like you could." Pam said.
"Enough!" Liz screamed. "Go away Pam, you've had your fun."
"Sure thing little Miss Perfect. This is far from over. I will find out what you freaks are up to and when I do the entire school will know." Pam said walking away.
"Man, I wish I could just blast that witch." Maria said.
"I was almost tempted to ask you to." Liz said. "Are you ready Max?"
"Yeah, I guess so. We'll talk to you guys at lunch..we're off to face the firing squad...again." Max told them.
"Yeah, you though telling your parents was going to be hard, now you've got to explain it to a bunch of pencil dicks." Michael said. "If you need any of us...just call."
"We will, thanks." Max said taking Liz's hand and leading her to the office.
'Hmm, this ought to be good. I guess I'm skipping my class to find out what Max and Liz are up to,' Pam thought.
Max led into the office. Both were afraid of what the school was going to say. If this pregnancy was going to last nine months, like they hoped it would otherwise there would be a lot of explaining to do, Liz would be giving birth in July. It's November now. They both hoped that Liz could stay in school until April or May and then get a tutor for the end of the school year. They weren't sure how the Board of Ed was going to react to that news though.
'I thought this was bad enough when we told our parents, now everyone will know. Somehow the entire school will find out and all because of this stupid meeting,' Liz said close to tears.
'Liz honey, please don't cry.' Max said. 'These hormonal imbalances are going to be the death of me,' he thought.
Liz looked up at him knowing he said something that he didn't want her to hear. They had figured out how to block the connection on occasion. They didn't do it often, usually only when they were planning something special for the other one.
"Max, why did you block me?" Liz asked.
" was something that I needed to keep to myself. I'm trying to be strong, and even though you had once told me it's ok to be scared, I can't show you my fear this time." Max said.
They walked into the office and the secretary told them to have a seat. They sat down holding one another's hands. A couple of minutes later the Evans' walked in the door followed closely by the Parkers.
Seeing their parents walking in like that brought back memories of the day after they told their parents about the babies.
/"What do you propose we do about this situation?" Philip asked.
"I don't know dad, but I'm telling you I cannot live without Liz." Max said.
Jeff Parker looked at the young man who captured his little girl's heart. He had always liked Max, thought of him as a responsible boy just like his daughter, and even though they hadn't been careful this time he knew without a doubt that Max would never leave Liz. They had a love that was so strong it transcended time and space to find them again. His mother would call them soulmates, and she would also tell Jeff to follow his heart on this matter.
"Well, the only solution I can come up with is that from Sunday till Tues. Max say with Liz at our house. Wednesday they take a brake from one another and Liz stay home and Max come here, and from Thurs. to Sat Liz stay here with you. That way they get to be together and we will be able to monitor them." Jeff said.
Liz looked at her father with wide eyes. He was handling this very well she was surprised.
"I guess that would be acceptable." Diane said.
"Good then it's settled. I think we should all go home and relax for the rest of the day. Tomorrow you kids have to go back to school." Nancy said.
"Do you mind if we all hang at Michael's for a while. We really don't want to be alone right now." Maria asked.
"I guess that would be all right," Amy said.
The other parents agreed knowing that after all their children had been through over the course of the year, they needed a little down time to do normal stuff.
"All right folks, Principal Anderson will see you now," the secretary said.

*side bar: I made up the Principal's name because I can't remember if they ever told us his name.*

Liz gripped Max's hand a little tighter and together they walked through the door to what felt like their execution.
Principal Anderson noticed their entwined hands and looked away. The teacher's had been telling him that Mr. Evans and Ms. Parker had gotten closer over the course of the year. He was afraid that it would lead to this, and he wasn't sure how to handle it.
The two of them looked guilty enough. They seemed uncomfortable and their faces were red. Yet their parents looked very much at ease. 'I suppose they know already, but then again they might not,' he thought.
"You know why I called this meeting don't you?" he asked Max and Liz.
"Yes, sir we do." Max answered.
"Good. The staff here has been growing suspicious of your relationship for a while now. I have been given reports of your closeness, and I am asking you if there is anything that we need to know," he said.
"Mr. Anderson, I think our children's personal lives should be kept personal and not public knowledge." Nancy said.
"I normally would agree with you Mrs. Parker, but you see if what I suspect is actually true we must come up with a game plan on how to remedy it." Mr. Anderson said.
"Look, if you are asking if I'm pregnant then the answer is yes! All right!" Liz shouted her emotions running rampant.
"Good Lord! Miss Parker, there is no need to yell it out." Mr. Anderson said.
"I'm sorry sir." Liz said meekly.
"Mr. Anderson do you have children?" Max asked.
"Yes, I do Mr. Evans. What does that have to do with anything?" he asked.
"Well, didn't your wife go through some emotional ups and downs?" Max asked again.
"Yes, she did...Oh. I'm sorry Miss Parker. I will try and be more sensitive." Mr. Anderson said.
'It looks like he might be an ally,' Max told her.
She smiled up at Max thanking him.
"Thank you Mr. Anderson, but you are right I shouldn't have yelled, and I'm sorry. Sometimes I cannot control the emotions, but I've gotten better. I used to burst into tears for no reason." Liz explained.
"My wife would too. It used to scare the heck out of me." Mr. Anderson confessed. "Now, back to the business at hand."
"Mr. Anderson, we would like for Liz to remain in school until either April or May depending on when she feels ready to leave. She is in no danger, in fact the doctors say that she's very healthy and she will not bother any of the other students." Jeff said.
"I understand where you are coming from Mr. Parker, but are you sure that this is right for Liz?" he asked.
"Mr. Anderson, this is what I want. I need to be near my friends right now. I hope you can understand this." Liz said.
"Yes, I understand it. I am going to warn you that you will be picked on by students. Once you really begin to show there will be comments made." He said.
"I know, but I've been talked about before so I can handle it. Besides my friends will be there and that's all that matters. I don't care what anyone else thinks." Liz confessed.
"All right, then its settled. You will stay until you see fit to leave. I cannot make you leave school so I will allow you to stay. Now go and get some lunch young lady, you are eating for two now." Mr. Anderson said with a smile. He really liked Max and Liz, there were two of the brightest students in the entire school. 'It's too bad this had to happen now,' he thought.
"Thank you Mr. Anderson, but I'm eating for three." Liz said taking Max's hand and walking out the door.
Mr. Anderson stood there with eyes wide and mouth hanging open. The Parker's and the Evans' tried hard not to laugh.
'So that's what the goodie goodies are hiding. I can't wait to pass this juicy piece of gossip around!' Pam thought walking away from the window and into the Quad for lunch.
"Oh Mr. Anderson, there is one more thing that we need to tell you." Philip said.
"Yes, Mr. Evans what is it?" Mr. Anderson asked.
"Well, we are planning a wedding for our children. They don't know anything about it yet, but we figured that we should tell you because before January Liz's papers will need to be fixed to read Liz Evans." Nancy said.
"You are giving your consent for them to be married so young? Why? If you don't mind my asking." He asked.
"We've seen them together, and there are other circumstances that you don't need to know about, but their love is real Mr. Anderson. Don't ever think that it's not." Diane said.
The parents left after passing on their last bit of information. They passed their children on the way out. Michael, Maria, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Tess, Max and Liz were all standing around waiting for the parents.
"So how'd it go?" Michael asked. "They won't tell us anything."
"Why don't we go to the Crashdown for some lunch and we'll tell you all there?" Jeff asked.
"All right!" Alex exclaimed. "What? We don't have to eat caff food today, I'm excited."
"Alex, what am I going to do with you?" Isabel asked.
"Oh, nothing except love me!" Alex teased.
"That I can do." Isabel said giving him a sweet kiss.
The teens followed the Parker's and Evans' out the front doors. Pam watched them leave. 'Tomorrow I will begin to ruin little Liz Parker's life. She stole the one man that I wanted for my own, Max Evans. He is such a babe. By tomorrow he will wish that he never laid eyes, or a hand on her,' Pam thought.

Part 2:

When the gang got back to school after lunch with their parents they noticed people staring at them.
"I wonder what everyone's problem is?" Maria asked.
"I couldn't begin to tell you," Alex replied.
Max held onto Liz's hand for support. They both figured out that everyone was staring because they had somehow found out.
"Well, well, well, if it isn't the little mommy to be." Pam taunted.
"What the hell do you want Pam?" Kyle snapped.
"I just want to congratulate our little mommy. So Liz which one is the father?" Pam replied flippantly.
"Grrr..." Maria growled lunging at Pam.
Michael caught Maria midair to stop her from doing something stupid.
"Not in school Maria...wait until we get out to pummel her into the ground," he whispered to her.
"But Michael..." Maria whined.
"No buts Maria...Not now," he stated firmly.
"I can't you believe you have the nerve to ask that question, you bitch! You know damned well who the father is!" Isabel shrieked.
"Well, I wouldn't have asked it if I did know the answer now would I. Isabel?" Pam asked sweetly.
"The babies are MINE," Max ground out. "I'm warning you Pam, leave Liz alone!"
"Oh you're warning me? What are you going to do Max?" she taunted.
"He's not going to do anything, I will." Liz told her.
"Oh please, you are the biggest wimp going." Pam said. "I still can't believe the perfect Liz Parker got herself knocked up. I will bet money that Max and the rest of your Scooby gang leave you before the next two months. Why would Max want you after you're all fat when he could have any girl in this school?"
"Yeah, I never understood why Max would want to date the 'Mousy Liz Parker.' I mean no offense Liz, but you are just so pain," one of Pan's cronies said.
"Just shut the hell up all of you! Leave before we resort to violence in school!" Tess yelled.
"Bye for now Lizzie dear, but trust me this is far from over!" Pam shot before walking away.
The minute Pam and her friends were out of sight Liz let the emotional floodgates open. She began sobbing uncontrollably. Max pulled her into his embrace, not really knowing what else to do.
"Lizzie babe, don't let anything that Bitch said bother you. You are the most beautiful girl in this school...well ok one of the most beautiful girls in this school, Isabel, Tess, and I are in there with you. Max would never leave you because you two are halves of a whole, and trust me Chica the rest of us would never be far away either. She just wants your man, and there is no way in hell he wants her...she's so ugly!" Maria said.
This caused Liz to laugh. Maria was right, Pam had always wanted Max and this was her way of trying to steal him away. Well, Max would never leave the mother of HIS children. How stupid can that girl be.
"I know you're right Maria, and I'm sorry for bursting into tears like that. It's the hormones are all out of whack. I'll be all right I promise. Besides the only class I have with Pam, Max is in too so I'll be fine." Liz said.
The gang went their separate ways as the bell rang. They all wanted to stay with Liz to protect her from the looks and remarks that were going to come her way, but she assured them that she was stronger then that and she didn't need them, but if she did she would call one of them to come and get her.
The rest of the day went off without a hitch. Liz did hear snippets from conversations about her and Max and the pregnancy. Some teachers gave her sympathetic looks or just shook their head at her but she didn't let it bother her.
Max met her at her locker and together they walked to the jeep. They were met with stairs all the way to the car. Max couldn't help himself, if they wanted to stare he'd give them something to stare at. He leaned down and captured Liz's mouth in a passionate kiss. She melted against him instantly trying to get as close to him as possible.
Pam witnessed the scene with contempt in her eyes. 'If only there was some way to get little Miss Perfect and the hottest guy in school to break up! There has to be something, I've got to find a way. Max belongs with ME!' Pam thought.
"Way to go Evans!" some meathead jock yelled.
Liz buried her head into his chest embarrassed. Max just smiled and kissed the top of her head, then helped her get into the jeep. 'We will get through the gossip Liz. We knew it was coming...granted it's a bit sooner then we expected, but we'll get through it together.' Max said.
'I know we will. I'm just so grateful that you are here with me, I love you so much,'she told him.
'I love you too!' Max said.
"Ok Nicholas, tell me again what happened that night." Kavir said.
"Well, sir, I had her by the one arm and Max had the other. I raised my had to blast him and all of a sudden a huge surge of power was transferred form Liz and I was knocked into the portal." Nicholas said. "I don't know where the energy came from."
"She must be with child. The Queen will be much stronger if she is pregnant because she can harness her child's power. Damn this isn't good for us. Yet, we cannot delay for much longer. I need Max dead for good and I must make Liz mine! I will not be denied again!" Kavir yelled.
"I'm sorry my Lord. I will not fail you again." Nicholas said.
"Of course you won't because I'm going with you next time. We almost have enough power stored up for the trip there and back...nothing is going to keep me from my destiny, nothing!" Kavir said.

Part 3:

Max pulled up in front of the Crashdown. It was Tues., his last day at the house before having to spend a night alone without his love. At the time the arrangement seemed pretty good, their parents were accepting them, and letting them sleep in the same house and in the same bed! But now, this one day of being apart was killing him.
Liz was pretty much in the same boat. She missed Max like crazy whenever they were separated, but they had to do this for a little bit longer to please their parents. Soon they would broach the subject of living together permanently.
"What time do you get off of work?" Max asked.
"I'm here until closing, so is Maria and Michael. You can always go upstairs and do your work if you need to." Liz said.
"No, I'm actually scheduled at the UFO center tonight. I'm there until close too, but I'll be back for dinner. Will you be able to take a break and eat with me?" Max questioned.
"Yeah, I'll wait for you before taking off. Jose is here too so maybe Michael and Maria will join us as well." Liz said.
"That's fine with me." Max said walking into the diner with Liz.
He held the door open for her and she preceded to walk in. 'He's such a sweetie,' Liz thought.
There were a lot of people from school already inside. Liz dreaded having to face them, but it was inevitable. After all the Crashdown was one of the most popular diner's in town.
Max felt Liz tense up and wished for the millionth time that he could make this all go away. "Relax babe. Do you want me to call Brodie and tell him I can't come in tonight?" Max whispered.
Liz turned around with a surprised look on her face. "No, Max, you need to work. Brodie needs you, I mean I need you too, but Michael and Maria are here with me, so they will protect me if I need it. I won't but they are here just in case." Liz told him.
"All right, but if you need me for anything just call over there. Brodie knows all about the situation, so he'll understand if I have to run out really quick." Max said.
By this time they were at the back doors. He walked Liz through them and they headed upstairs to her apartment. They both needed to change for work.
Once in Liz's room they pulled out their work clothes. Max walked into the bathroom to give Liz some privacy. She changed in record time and sat on the bed to wait for Max. Neither one of them had to start for another half hour so they could spend some time together. Max came out of the bathroom about a minute after Liz sat on the bed.
He cracked the door, "Are you decent?" he asked.
"Yes, and even if I wasn't it's not like it's nothing you haven't seen before." Liz stated.
"That's true...silly me, I should have just stayed in here." Max said taking a seat next to Liz.
She smiled at him and leaned in for a kiss. He met her lips halfway and they shared a sweet gentle kiss. Neither one let it get too deep because they only had twenty minutes until work, and if they were going to go that far they would need a lot more time.
Reluctantly they got up and headed to the living room. Liz noticed a piece of paper on the coffee table and walked over to it. She picked it up and read what it said.
"Wow! Mom and dad went to a convention in Tucson. They'll be gone for a couple of days. I'm impressed, they trusted us alone for the night." Liz said.
"Really? Wow!" Max said.
"Yeah, this could be lots of fun." Liz said seductively.
"Uh keep that up and you'll never make it to work." Max said his voice strained.
"Ok Mr. Evans, I'll stop for now, but later, you are all mine." Liz said.
"Oh I'm counting on it Miss Parker." Max retorted.
He walked her downstairs and into the diner. Maria was already down there getting ready to begin work. Michael gave her a kiss and walked into the kitchen. Liz smiled at him and walked over to Maria. Max looked at the two of them and smiled.
He had watched the two of them since third grade and always envied their friendship, Isabel did too. He never thought that he could let someone get that close. Well, he knew that he'd let Liz in, but he never expected to be friends with Maria, or Alex, and especially not Kyle. Yet, they all banded together over a little secret, and the thought that everyone was from HIS planet, and that they had all lived before was mind blowing.
He shook himself to stop that train of thought. He only had a couple of minutes left to spend with Liz until dinner. He glanced over at his love and noticed the worried expression on her face. He smiled at her and she visibly relaxed.
Max walked into the kitchen to talk to Michael.
"Hey Maxwell, what's going on?" Michael asked.
"Hey Michael, nothing much. Listen, I've got to work today so if you need me, or if Liz needs me, please call me over there. I will be here in a heartbeat!" Max said.
"Yeah sure Max, don't worry. I'll keep an eye on her since the scum of Roswell High is here today. If anything upsets her and neither Maria nor I can calm her down I promise I will call you. Although you'll know before anyone due to your connection, so I wouldn't worry." Michael said.
"Yeah you're right. I'm being an idiot. All right I'll see you later. Oh I'm coming back for dinner so if you and Maria want to wait you can join Liz and I." Max said.
"I'll see what I can do Max. I can't promise anything yet because we don't know if Agnes is going to show up or not." Michael told him.
"All right, well, if you can I'll see you later. I've got to go or I'm going to be late." Max said. "See ya Michael."
"See ya Max." Michael said.
Max walked back out into the diner and saw Liz filling up some soda cups. He waited for her to finish delivering them before approaching her. She met him by the counter and looked up at him. He hated saying good-bye, it sucked.
"I'll be back for dinner, but I've got to go now or else Brodie is going to have a fit." Max said.
"I know, I just hate that you aren't going to be here all night. But, I'm a big girl and I can handle it. Besides Maria and I can bond some while you are away. We'll make fun of all the customers, and I think Alex and Isabel are coming in later." Liz said.
"See, more support!" Max teased. "I'll see you later."
"Yeah, see you later." Liz replied.
Max leaned down and gave her a kiss. It started out gentle but quickly deepened. Maria cleared her throat to get their attention.
"Um guys, that's supposed to take place upstairs OK?" Maria said.
"Sorry Maria." Max apologized.
"Hey girlfriend, it's fine. Just save it for later." Maria told him.
He laughed at her. Ever since that whole Future Max thing when he thought that he was going to lose Liz forever he and Maria became close. Now she always calls him girlfriend, it still makes him laugh.
She just rolled her eyes and shook her head. "You better get moving Max, Brodie can be cranky if kept waiting too long."
"Yeah I know." He said. "I love you," he whispered to Liz.
"I love you too." Liz replied.
She watched him walk out the door and into the UFO center. Once he was out of sight she turned her attention back to Maria. The two went about business like any other day. They laughed and made fun of people, the normal stuff.
Michael would stick his head out every once in a while to see someone they were talking about and he would laugh along with them. Isabel and Alex walked in around dinner time and sat in the usual booth. Liz took their orders and waited for Max.
He walked in five minutes later. Liz had just set Isabel and Alex's food on the table. She sensed him at the door long before she saw him. The bell jingled and she turned slowly with a huge smile on her face.
Max smiled back at her and strode up to her side. Once there he pulled her in for a hug and a sweet kiss.
"Ugh, some of us are trying to eat man," Alex protested.
"Oh shut up Alex, like you aren't as bad as us." Liz said.
Alex blushed and Isabel laughed. "She's right, we are just as bad as them. How scary is that?" Isabel said.
Max walked with Liz to the counter. Maria was standing there with four plates. Liz took two and Michael came out of the back room. The four of them joined Isabel and Alex at the booth. A couple of minutes later Tess and Kyle walked in.
They pulled a table up and took a seat. The booth just wasn't big enough for all eight so they had to incorporate a table as well. Max got up for Liz and she walked to the window picking up two more plates.
She placed them down in front of Kyle and Tess. Tess looked up in question.
"Well, I had a feeling everyone was going to show up tonight, and I'm really happy you all did. We haven't had dinner together in a while. And since you've all been coming here for what seems like forever I know what everyone orders, so Maria and I put in all the orders. We put in yours last because I knew you'd be later then every one else." Liz explained.
"Oh, well thanks. I'm glad we are all having dinner together too." Tess said.
The rest of dinner went quickly. They talked about nonsense and just acted like normal kids for a change. Alex was tempted to start a food fight, but Liz glared at him.
"If you do it Alex, I'll personally make you clean up the whole restaurant by yourself." Liz threatened.
"Man Liz, just ruin all the fun why don't you." Alex pouted.
Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria got up to go back to work. Kyle and Alex put the table back where it belonged and Kyle and Tess joined Isabel and Alex in the booth. They had decided that they were going to hang out until closing. Maria and Liz would go over there when there was a lull in the diner and just chat. Every thing was perfect, but they all knew that this facade couldn't last forever. There was too much danger lurking on the horizon.

Part 4:

Max made his way back to the Crashdown with determined strides. He needed to see Liz, and he needed to see her now. He walked into the diner and saw everyone helping Liz cleaning up. He smiled, everyone fussed over her and she hated it, but tonight he was happy about it. It meant that everyone would be out of there that much quicker and he and Liz could spend some quality time together.
Liz realized the minute that Max walked through the door. She felt his eyes on her and her body temperature raised a few degrees. This was the one time that she was happy that everyone fussed about her condition, it mente that she and Max could retire upstairs that much quicker.
It only took the eight of them about fifteen minutes to clean the whole restaurant. Everyone took a section and got to work. Michael and Maria cleaned the kitchen, Max and Liz cleaned behind the counter, including the machines. Liz counted the money and put it in the safe. Isabel and Alex cleaned the tables and piled the chairs up. Tess and Kyle mopped the floor.
Once everyone was done they went their separate ways. Michael was actually taking Maria out for a change. She was every excited. They hadn't been on a date in forever. Isabel and Alex were going to hang out at the Evans' and Kyle and Tess were going to see a movie. That just left Max and Liz to hang out together upstairs.
The two of them went straight to Liz's room to change into more comfortable clothes. After they changed they headed back to the living room to watch a little TV. Max flipped through the channels but there was nothing on. He thought about leaving the 'Friends' rerun on but in the end decided against it. It was a hard decision because it was his favorite episode, the one where Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Joey bet on the apartment. That one was so funny, but Liz looked really sleepy and he decided to put her to bed.
Max picked Liz up and carried her to her room.
"Max Evans put me down this instant. You'll give yourself a hernia carrying me." Liz protested.
"Please Liz, you don't weigh anymore now then you did before you were pregnant." Max told her.
He set her gently on the bed and began to pull the covers over her. She stopped him and pulled him towards her. She wasn't tired anymore, now she wanted to play.
Max wasn't sure about her mood change but he wasn't going to argue with her. They were in an empty house for the night, and she promised him an eventful evening.
Isabel and Alex walked into a dark house.
"This is weird, my parents should have been home hours ago." Isabel said.
"Maybe they decided to go to the movies or something." Alex suggested.
"I guess they could have. Let me check the kitchen for a note or something." Isabel said walking towards the kitchen.
She looked on the counters and on the fridge, but there was no note.
"Find anything?" Alex called from the other room.
"No, I don't understand it. If they had gone out they would have left a note. Oh God! You don't think the Skins are back do you!" Isabel yelled.
"Calm down Izzy. No, I don't think the Skins are back. They wouldn't move without Nicholas or Kivar, and it's too soon for them to have generated enough power to come back." Alex said.
"How can you be so sure?" Isabel asked.
"Well, for starters I'm sure Liz would have gotten a vision of some sort. I mean with the babies, her powers should be up to "Kick Ass!" rank." Alex told her.
"I guess you're right. I'm overreacting. I'm sure they are working late and forgot to leave a message." Isabel rationalized.
They walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Alex turned on the light next to him and noticed a note.
"Hey Iz, I found something." Alex said.
"What'd you find?" she asked.
"Well, it looks like a note," he replied.
He handed the note to Isabel and she read it.
"Oh thank goodness!" Isabel exclaimed.
"What?" Alex asked.
"Well, it says that they had to go out of town for a day or two on business. They said that they were sorry for not coming to tell us personally, but the call came suddenly and they had to just pack light and go. They didn't say where they were going, so I hope they call." Isabel said.
"They'll call. Your parents are really responsible. Hey! This means you have the house to yourself tonight. Cool." Alex said.
"Yeah cool," Isabel said unenthusiastically.
"How can you not be thrilled that you are alone in the house tonight?" he asked.
"I've never been here alone. All the other times that my parents have left Max was here with me. I felt safe, being alone is scary. I know because I've been pretty alone my whole life, but this is different. I mean I know that I've got powers and stuff, but I would just feel safer if Max was here." Isabel said.
"You could always call him. I'm sure he'd come home if he knew you were scared. He'd probably bring Liz though, and that might not be a good thing. Well, I'm not Max, but I'll stay if you want me to. I'll just tell my parents I'm staying at Michael's or something." Alex told her.
"You'd really stay?" she asked.
"Do you really need to ask me that?" he countered.
"Thank you SO much Alex," she said throwing her arms around him.
"Um, I'm just going to go call my parents now," he said his voice cracking. 'That girl has no idea what she does to me. Lord give me strength to make it through this night without trying to jump her bones,' he thought.
Alex came back a couple of minutes later. He had called his parents and they told him he could stay at Michael's. Then he called Michael and explained to him that he was staying with Isabel because she didn't want to be in the house alone, and if his parents called tell them that he was in the shower or asleep. Michael agreed and they hung up.
Liz pulled Max closer, trying to get inside of him. She needed him to be as close to her as possible. It felt like decades since they've been together like this. Max had no objections the only thing he wanted was to be close to Liz. Well, Ok he did have one objection, and that was the clothes. They needed to be discarded.
Max trailed kissed down Liz's jawline and slowly worked his way down to her throat. He continued kissing her until he reached the collar of her tank top. He just knew that the offensive thing needed to be removed, so he ran his hands down her sides until the end of the fabric was in his hands. Liz arched her back giving him free reign to take her shirt off. He pulled the shirt up and off her body the threw it on the floor behind him. He brought his mouth back to her skin. He started at the base of her neck and worked her way down until he reached her breasts. He sucked one nipple into his mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Liz moaned arching up to get closer to his mouth.
Max tried to get more of Liz into his mouth. He couldn't get enough of the taste of her. She tasted a little bit like strawberries and just Liz.
Liz needed to feel more of Max. She reached down and grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. Then she began running her hands all over him, across his chest, is stomach, his back, anywhere skin was exposed. She began to kiss his neck and shoulders since that was all she could reach. Max tasted so good, very masculine and Liz needed more.
She pulled his head up and met his lips halfway. The kiss was instantly passionate and she loved it. Her head began spinning and all the emotions running through her were amazing. No matter how many times that they did this it still felt like the first time.
Max's hands made their way to the waistband of her pants. He slowly pulled them down and Liz accommodated him by lifting herself up so he could get them off easier. She reached for his boxers and pulled them down as well.
Liz closed her hand around him and Max jumped. She loved the feel of him, he was so hard and yet smooth at the same time. Max's hand traveled down her navel which was slightly starting to protrude. The familiar glow began when his hand hit her womb and he smiled. He moved lower until he reached her core. Liz let out a small moan in anticipation for what was coming next. Max smiled loving the fact that he can make her feel this way. He ever so slowly inserted a finger trying to draw out the agony. He knew what Liz wanted, he could feel it through their connection, but he wanted to play a little bit more.
Liz was trying to send Max a message to hurry up but he was either ignoring her or she was too emotional to think clearly. She didn't really think that the latter was the problem because she'd been able to communicate with him during more stressful and emotional situations, so he had to be ignoring her.
As she was thinking this Max shifted his position until his head was even with her core. He snaked his tongue into her center and began teasing her. He would barely touch his tongue to her before pulling it back. She groaned in disappointment. She wanted all of him, and she wanted it NOW!
"Max, please.." she pleaded.
He couldn't resist the tone in her voice so he gave in. He began going down on her with a vigor. He knew exactly what she liked and he made sure that she got it. He swirled his tongue deep inside her center and stroked her walls before retreating his tongue and focusing on her clit. He sucked it into his mouth and stabbed at it with his tongue. While he did this he inserted his fingers again and began stroking her. She was getting more and more worked up, and her moaning became louder and louder.
Max was definitely happy that they were alone tonight because Liz would have definitely drawn lots of attention to them.
Max knew that she was close and he went in for the kill. He gently nibbled at her bundle of nerves causing Liz's orgasm to start. She called out his name and began trashing around on the bed.
He lapped up all of her juices and savored every drop, before she had fully calmed down he repositioned himself and plunged his erection home.
They both sighed as he came in contact with her. Just the feeling of them completely joined was enough satisfaction for them. But soon, it wasn't enough. Their passion became enflamed again and they needed to put it out.
Max began moving slowly savoring the feeling of being inside of Liz. She moaned with every stroke arching up, taking as much of him in as possible. Max began picking up speed and soon they were both moaning and groaning.
"I love you so much," he told her.
"I love you more," she answered.
Max knew that he was close and he wanted Liz right there with him. He began flicking her clit with abandon and was rewarded with her walls tightening around his shaft. She began shaking and arched against him causing him to go deeper into her wet core.
The tightening of her walls threw him over the edge. That was all he needed. He came inside of her with such force that it almost scared him.
They started to come back down to Earth and Max rolled over onto his side pulling Liz along with him. She rested her head on his chest and drifted off into a light sleep. Max just sat there watching her sleep for a little while before sleep overcame him as well.
Isabel and Alex walked upstairs hand in hand. They had a very enjoyable evening. They talked, laughed, and ate popcorn. It was pretty much a normal teenage night and they loved it.
"So should I sleep in Max's room, or downstairs on the couch?" Alex asked.
"Well, you could sleep in my room with me, that way I know you are close and I'll feel better." Isabel said.
"Are you sure that's such a good idea?" he asked then added, "Not that I don't want to sleep in your room, but I don't know if I'll be able to behave myself if I stay in there with you."
"I trust you Alex, and besides, I want you to lose control," she said boldly.
'Oh boy, what did I get myself into?' he mused.
"Um, all right. I'll stay in here with you. I'm just going to go and use the bathroom quickly, I'll be right back," he told her.
"Ok, I'll just get changed while you are in there," she replied.
Alex walked into the bathroom and closed the door. "All right Whitman, you can do this. You can be completely controlled and not let this situation get out of hand," he said to himself.
He pulled his shirt up and over his head leaving on the white T-shirt and jeans. 'I guess I'll have to make due with the jeans on because there is no way I can behave if I'm in my boxers,' he thought.
He walked back into Isabel's room and almost had a heart attack. She looked breathtaking. She had on a spaghetti strap nightgown that was red. He loved red, and she knew that.
His heart quickened it's pace and he was sure that his face matched the color of her PJ's. He slowly walked into the room and Isabel noticed his jeans still on.
'I'm going to have to do something about those,' she thought.
"Alex, you shouldn't sleep in your jeans, it'll be too uncomfortable," she said.
"No, I'll be all right, don't worry," he said trying to sound casual.
"If you say so. Come on let's lay down." Isabel suggested walking to her bed.
She pulled down the covers and started to get into bed. Alex laid down on the floor next to her so that he could see her when he looked up. Isabel noticed what he was doing and almost laughed out loud.
'He's such a gentleman, that's why I love him,' she said to herself.
"Alex, when I said let's lay down, I meant both of us in bed," she told him.
"HUH?" he squeaked. "Um, I'm not sure about that Iz, I mean..."
"Alex Whitman, are you afraid of sleeping in the same bed with me?" she questioned.
"Honestly, yes. I don't trust myself," he replied.
"Well, I'm not going to be able to sleep unless you join me here. I would never be able to get comfortable knowing that you're sleeping on the hard floor," she argued.
Knowing that it was a losing battle Alex caved and joined her on the bed. She smiled and turned out the light.
"Good night Alex," she whispered.
"Night Isabel," he replied.
She leaned over and gave him a kiss. It was supposed to be an innocent kiss, but it quickly got out of hand. They deepened the kiss and hands started exploring. Isabel moaned into Alex's mouth when his hand brushed against her breast.
He didn't know how things got heated so quickly, but he couldn't stop, it was like some outside force was egging him on. Isabel felt it too, and she loved it. Alex was making her feel things that she had never felt before.
'This must be how Max and Liz feel all the time, God it's amazing,' she thought.
Isabel reached down and undid Alex's pants. When she began pulling them down he stopped her. She looked into his eyes and saw love, desire, and question.
"Are you sure that you want to do this?" he asked needing to know that this is what she really wanted.
"Yes, Alex, I've wanted this for a long time. Trust me, I love you and I'm ready for the next step," she assured him.
He raised his hips and gave her access to pull them off. She reached for his boxers but her stilled her hands.
"Not yet, please, I want to see you first," he pleaded.
She nodded her head and he pulled her nightgown up and over her head throwing it on the floor. He took in his first sight of Isabel Evans in nothing but a pair of panties. She was gorgeous.
"You are so beautiful," he told her.
She blushed slightly and started kissing him again. He rolled over so that he was on top of her and began to explore her body. He kissed his way to her neck and savored the taste but wanted more. He made his way to her breasts and kissed around one. Tentatively he took a nipple into his mouth and began swirling his tongue around it. Isabel moaned and arched up into his mouth. She loved the feelings he was invoking in her and didn't want him to stop. She ran her hands through his hair and held his head over her breast. He finished with the one and moved his way over to the other giving it the same treatment.
His free hand moved down until he reached her panties. He began pulling them down and Isabel helped him. Once her panties were off she pulled his boxers off and felt his erection against her leg. She reached down and wrapped her hand around it. Alex groaned, and Isabel smiled. She couldn't believe the affect that she had on him, it was an amazing feeling.
Isabel began stroking her hand up and down his shaft. Alex's hips began gyrating against her. He inserted a finger into her already wet core and she moaned. There were no words to describe the feeling of Alex's finger inside of her. He began inserting and withdrawing his fingers and his thumb found her nerve bundle. The minute his thumb touched it Isabel orgasamed.
"OH GOD ALEX!" she exclaimed.
He kissed her hard and deeply and she eagerly returned it.
"Alex, please, I want to feel you inside me," she whispered in his ear.
He looked into her eyes to make sure that she was all right and positioned himself at her entrance. He very slowly began to push forward, he didn't want to hurt her. He felt her membrane and paused.
"I can't hurt you Isabel, I don't know if I can do this," he said.
Isabel grabbed his head and kissed him. She kissed him until she knew he wouldn't back away and then moved her hands to his rear end. She pulled him forward while thrusting her hips up against him. She cried out when he broke through her barrier, and Alex almost had a heart attack.
"Isabel, I'm so sorry," he apologized.
"Alex, don't be sorry, it had to happen, I know that. I'll be all right in a couple of minutes," she told him.
As promised she was better a little while later. Alex felt her begin to move under him and he tentatively started moving in and out of her. Soon the pace was too slow and they both picked it up a notch. Isabel met him thrust for thrust and they climaxed together, calling out one another's names.
Alex rolled off of her but held her close not wanting to ever let her go. 'Now I know how Max and Liz feel,' he thought.
'Yeah tell me about it,' Isabel answered in her head.
They looked at one another surprised at first but then started laughing. 'I guess we joined the Max, Liz, Michael and Maria fan club,' Alex joked.
'Yeah I guess so. This is pretty cool though, don't you think?' she said.
'Hell yes, I like being able to talk to you without actually having to say anything. It could definitely come in handy,' Alex said.
'Yeah,' Isabel said sleepily.
They both drifted off to sleep with contented smiles on their faces.

Part 5:

Liz stirred in her sleep, she was having a strange dream. At the crucial point in the dream she woke up. She bolted straight up and looked over at Max. He still slept peacefully with his arm draped over her waist. He had no idea what was going on.
Liz had seen a battle in her dream, and there were people all over the ground. Some were dead and others were wounded. All of a sudden a bright purple light shot down from the sky, like the portal Nicholas used before and everyone was gone. She had no idea where they were going because she woke up before it ever got that far.
She knew that she'd have to tell everyone tonight after school, but she wasn't quite sure if it was just a dream or a vision. Maybe Max would be able to help her decipher.
She laid back down trying to relax enough to get back to sleep but nothing was working. She absently started playing with her engagement ring, which she wore on her necklace because they weren't sure how the school would react to a 17 year old being engaged, let alone pregnant. While playing with her ring she thought back to when Max had given it to her.
/Liz was sitting at her desk reading a book waiting for Max to pick her up. They had a special date planned for that night, well at least that's what Max had said. She was dressed in a light blue skirt and a simple white blouse. She looked elegant yet causal.
Max knocked on the main door of the apartment. Nancy Parker walked to the door and opened it. She already knew who it was because Liz had been talking about this date all week.
"Hello Mrs. Parker, Mr. Parker," Max greeted.
"Hello Max," Nancy replied.
Max shifted uncomfortably, "Um, can I ask you guys a question?"
"Sure Max, what's up?" Jeff asked.
"Well, um, you see the thing is..." Max began.
Nancy just looked at this young man who had captured her baby's heart and she knew what he was trying to say. She thought about helping him out with it but he just looked so cute floundering for the words that she couldn't bring herself to say it for him.
"Well, I want to ask Liz to marry me, and I want your blessing before I ask," Max said looking down at his shoes.
Jeff just looked at him. 'I can't believe he is going to ask her to marry him, they are only kids. True, but kids who have been in love since third grade, and they do have a family on the way. Is he only marrying her because she's pregnant? No, everyone can see how much they love one another, it's painfully obvious,' he argued with himself.
"Can I just inquire why you want to marry her?" Jeff asked already knowing the answer.
"Well, from the moment I had first set eyes on her I knew that I was going to marry her, and I know this is a bit soon, but I don't want my children born into sin. I would have waited until college to propose to her but the babies have speeded things up. They are not the reason that I'm marrying her, they are just the reason I want to marry her while still in high school." Max explained hoping that he didn't sound like an idiot.
"Well, you've got my blessing Max. Liz has never been happier." Nancy told him.
He flashed her one of his biggest, brightest smiles and Nancy thought again that she knew why her daughter fell in love with this boy.
"You have my blessing too Max. Despite the tension in the beginning of this relationship, I have always liked you, and you make my Lizzie happy, so that's what counts." Jeff told him.
"Thank you both so much. This means a lot to me." Max said.
"Did you tell your parents?" Nancy asked.
"Yeah, everyone knows. Even Maria, but I threatened her with not being a God mother to one of the babies if she told Liz, so it's a safe bet that she kept her mouth shut." Max said laughing.
Nancy and Jeff laughed. They knew how close those two were and everyone knew about Maria's big mouth, so they were hoping that she kept quiet.
Max said good bye to the Parker's and headed up to Liz's room. He wanted to wait until they got to the restaurant but he couldn't. He was bursting inside. He saw her sitting at her desk deep in thought and he almost felt bad disturbing her.
Liz sighed. 'When is he going to get here, I'm going crazy just waiting,' she thought to herself, not knowing Max was there and heard her.
'Well, maybe if you turn around you'll find who you are looking for,' he answered.
Liz jumped and turned in her seat. "Max!" she exclaimed running up to him and throwing her arms around his neck.
"Hello to you too," he said leaning down to capture her lips.
She kissed him back with abandon and Max knew that there would be no better time then now to ask her. He backed them up to the window and slowly pulled her out onto the balcony with him.
She wondered what was going on because he had said that they were going out to dinner and yet they were going outside of her room. He didn't need to use the fire escape because he came in through the front door.
Max sat her down on the lounge chair and knelt down in front of her. She was still confused as to what was going on. Max pulled the ring out of his pocket and held it in his hands hidden from her view.
"Liz there is something I need to tell you and you have to promise that you won't interrupt me until I'm finished." Max said.
"OK, Max, I promise." Liz told him.
"OK, Good. I've loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you, and that day in the Crashdown when I let you in was the happiest, and most scary days of my life. I just couldn't let you go, not then, not ever. You have made my life so much more then I ever thought it could be. You have stuck by my side through all of the hard times as well as the good ones, and never backed down from danger. With every passing day I love you more and more, and I was wondering if you'd consider marrying me?" Max said.
"OH! OH! OH!" Liz cried.
She couldn't find her voice after that. She just kept crying.
"Max, that was the most beautiful thing anyone's ever said to me. I just want you to know that I've known as long as you have that I loved you, but you always held yourself away from everyone, so I loved you from afar. I never thought that you'd love me back and I was content just watching you. That day I got shot I was so frightened because I was being taken away from you, but you came to my rescue, and you have many times after that. I have loved you forever, not only in this life, but in a past one, and I'm sure in the one's in the future I will love you too! Of course I'll marry you!" Liz said.
Now it was Max's turn to cry. "Thank you so much Liz."
"For what?" she asked.
"For loving me with all your heart and soul," he said kissing her.
He slipped the ring on her finger and they headed inside. She showed her parents as soon as the walked into the living room. Nancy was impressed, it was a one and a half caret, round diamond. It was beautiful./

Max stirred next to Liz, he could tell that she wasn't sleeping anymore. He rolled over and faced her. She met his eyes and there was a weariness to them.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"I don't know, I had a strange dream and I can't get back to sleep," she said.
"Why didn't you wake me up?" he asked.
"Well, you looked so peaceful, and you need your sleep," she said.
"Yeah, well you need sleep more then I do, and I don't mind being woken up by you," he explained.
"But..." she protested.
"No buts, you should have woken me up. So what have you been doing since you've been awake?" he asked.
"I was thinking about the day that you proposed. You know, how romantic it was and the feelings that I felt," she told him.
Max smiled. That was one of the best days of his life. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.
"So what happened in this dream of yours?" he questioned.
She explained to him exactly what she had seen, and she also told him that she didn't know if it was a vision or just a dream. It felt like a dream, but what she was seeing seemed like a vision.
He told her that they would both tell everyone tomorrow. He felt her breathing start to shallow and soon she was sound asleep. He smiled and kissed her head one more time before drifting back to sleep himself.

Part 6:

Isabel woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. She reached over to answer it and came against a hard chest. She opened her eyes and smiled. Alex was lying beside her asleep. She carefully picked up the phone trying not to disturb him.
Alex felt her bare chest against his and smiled. He woke up when the phone rang but had kept his eyes closed afraid last night was a dream. He listened to Isabel trying to figure out who she was on the phone with.
"Hello?" Isabel said.
"Iz, it's Max," he replied.
"Yeah what do you want?" she asked annoyed at being woken up at 6 in the morning.
"Are mom and dad there. I need to ask them a question," he said.
"No as a matter of fact they aren't. I found a note last night saying that they would be out of town for a couple of days. What's so important?" she told him.
"Nothing I guess. Liz's parents are at a convention and I was going to see if I could stay here tonight so she wouldn't be alone, but since they aren't home I guess it really doesn't matter," he replied.
"You woke me up for that!" Isabel cried.
"Geez, I'm sorry. I forgot you aren't a morning person. I'll let you get some much needed sleep. Sorry. See you in school." Max said.
"Yeah, see you in school." Isabel answered.
She leaned back over Alex to hang the phone up. He instinctively wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close. She smiled and leaned down to kiss him. He eagerly accepted her kiss and wondered if live would always be this good.
'What's wrong Izzy?' he asked.
'Nothing. I've got an idiot for a brother who decided to call at six in the morning to see if he could stay at Liz's tonight because her parents are at a convention,' she replied.
'Oh, ok. Yeah he's a huge idiot, but only when it comes to Liz. We all know that, he's whipped,' Alex told her.
'Oh really? That's right how could I forget?' she said playfully.
'Well, I guess I'll get up now and take a shower since you stupid brother woke me up. Then I will make us some breakfast and we'll head to school. Is that all right?' he said.
'Yeah, I'll jump in the shower after you get out. You can borrow something of Max's if you want. He won't mind and I'll tell him that you stayed because mom and dad weren't here. He knows how freaked out I get when I'm alone.' Isabel told him.
The phone rang again. Isabel smiled knowing it was Max. He probably just realized that I said mom and dad weren't home.
"Hello?" Isabel said answering the phone.
"Isabel? Why didn't you call me last night? I would have come home. I know how much you hate being in the house by yourself." Max asked.
"I wasn't alone Max. Alex stayed with me because I was freaked out. He told his parents that he was at Michael's and he stayed with me. He's going to borrow a shirt if that's all right." Isabel explained.
"Yeah that's fine. Tell him I said thank you for staying with you. So did anything happen?" Max said.
"I'm not telling you that! You're my brother and that's gross. I'll see you in school Max. Good Bye." Isabel said.
"Bye." Max said hanging up the phone.
"Diane, Philip, how are you?" Nancy asked opening the hotel room door.
"We are fine. I hope the kids are all right. I almost feel guilty about lying to them about where we are." Diane said.
"Me too, but if we want to surprise them with this then we've got to do it now. I know Max and Lizzie will be so surprised. I just hope Maria and Michael can keep their mouths shut for that long." Nancy said.
"Well, it should only be about another week. I'm so excited, you'd think I was getting married all over again." Diane said.
"I know same here. I just want my little girl to be happy. She should be wearing that beautiful engagement ring on her finger all the time not just the weekends. It sucks to be young and in school. But the school board can't do anything if we consent to our children getting married." Nancy said.
"I know, I just feel so overwhelmed by the love that they share. It's almost scary how deep it is." Diane said.
"You don't have to tell me. I've lost my baby girl. Not that I'm going to complain too much Max is a great man, and I'm happy that Liz fell in love with him, I guess it's just I'll always want her to be my little girl." Jeff said.
"So shall we go and get breakfast before this shopping extravengaza?" Philip asked.
"Yes,!" Nancy and Diane yelled together. They fell into a fit of giggles and their husbands rolled their eyes. This is what Max is going to be in for soon, except it will be worse because there just won't be one other female with her giggling over silly things but three. Isabel, Maria, and Tess, poor guy.
After breakfast the Evans' and the Parker's walked around Phoenix. Nancy was looking for the perfect wedding dress for Liz. Diane was looking for Bridesmaid dresses for Isabel, Maria, and Tess while their husbands were looking for four tux's.
The men found what they were looking for first. They were perfect. The tux itself was black, with a gray vest and a gray and black striped satin tie. All four of the boys would look smashing in them. Now the women had to find dress's that would complement them.
Nancy turned the corner and she saw it. It just screamed Liz's name. Very plain and simple yet elegant. So much like her daughter. Diane followed her and when she looked up she saw it too.
"That's it!" they both exclaimed. They looked at one another and broke into another fit of laughter, great minds think alike.
The dress was beautiful white satin and the sleeves were off the shoulder. There was a little beadwork on the bodice which gave the dress a shimmery look. The bodice would be tight and gently flow out from their forming a small bell at the bottom. There were buttons all the way up the back of the dress and the vale was set upon a crown. It was perfect, just right for a queen.
Jeff and Philip found their wives looking at the dress and they knew that it was the one. 'Liz is going to look beautiful in that,' Jeff thought.
'Max is going to be speechless,' Philip thought to himself.
Philip turned to Jeff and smiled. This was going to one hell of a wedding. The four of them walked around the store a little longer looking for bridesmaids dresses. Finally Diane stopped.
"Look at this one," she said.
The other three stopped and looked at the dress. It was perfect. The color was a mix between silver and gray so it would complement the tux's nicely. It was shaped a lot like the wedding dress, except the straps went around the neck and there was a zipper in the back. These dresses belled at the bottom too. The girls would look radiant in them.
The men walked up to the counter and ordered the clothes. The knew all their children's sized thanks to the Whitman's, Amy, Jim, Maria, and Michael. Nancy knew Liz's size but ordered it a little bigger just in case. If it was too big she could take it in the day of the wedding. It was better to be safe then sorry. They said that they needed the clothes in a week and a half. The sales lady looked at them like they were crazy.
"Money is not an option. I don't care how much it costs we need those outfits by next Wednesday." Philip said. "There will a be a big tip for you as long as they are on time."
The sales lady agreed and placed the order promising that the clothes would be ready by next Wednesday
Max and Liz walked into the school looking for their friends. They say Michael and Maria deep in conversation at Maria's locker and Tess and Kyle were walking towards them. Max and Liz reached Michael and Maria at the same time as Tess and Kyle.
"So guys what's up?" Max asked.
"We were just discussing plans for this weekend." Maria said.
Isabel and Alex came running up to the group. "Sorry we're late." Isabel said.
'We're not late Bella, it's not like we were supposed to meet this morning,' Alex said.
'I know that, but I just feel like we are late,' Isabel said looking at him.
"OH MY GOSH!" Maria and Liz squealed.
"What?" Isabel asked.
"No way, I don't believe it." Maria said.
"Ok, I fell completely excluded, what the hell is going on?" Tess asked.
Isabel threw her a confused look. She didn't know why Maria and Liz were flipping out. All of a sudden her eyes got really wide. 'They know!' she thought.
'How do you know that?' Alex asked.
'I don't know, I just do,' Isabel told him.
"Ok, here's the plan! We are having a girls night at my house. My parents are at a convention so we'll be alone! Ice cream and pizza all night!" Liz exclaimed.
"Hey what about me?" Alex asked hurt. He'd always been a part of 'girls night'.
"Sorry Alex, you can't come tonight. It is just for us real girls." Maria said.
Isabel and Tess smiled. They had never been to a girls night and both were excited.
"We've got lots to discuss." Liz said looking straight at Isabel.
Isabel gulped and nodded her head.
"Oh that reminds me. We've all got to meet tonight after you guys get off of work. It won't take long so you girls can still have your girls night, but Liz has some important news to share. We don't know if it was a dream, a memory, or a vision, but we felt that it shouldn't be kept to ourselves. We have to share anything out of the ordinary to protect ourselves." Max said.
"Ok, so we'll hang around at nine, when we should be finished cleaning up and stuff." Michael replied.
Everyone agreed and they just stood there making small talk waiting for the bell to ring.
"Alex? Isn't that Max's shirt?" Liz asked.
Alex blushed. "Yeah, I spent the night at Isabel's because her parents are away and she didn't want to stay in the house alone," he said.
"Ahhh," Maria mused.
"Oh cool. That was so nice of you," Liz said smiling knowing that he didn't end up sleeping on the floor or the couch that night.
"Well, well, well, if it isn't the Roswell rejects." Pam called walking towards them.
Michael groaned and Max pulled Liz closer to him. Pam saw this and saw red.
"Hi Max," Pam said.
"Pam." Max replied curtly.
"Answer me this one question Max. Why would you want to stay with the mouse Liz Parker? I mean she's pregnant and she's going to get fat. You could have any girl in school." Pam asked.
"She has my heart Pam, and the babies that she is carrying are mine. I love her with my heart and soul and I would never leave her, especially for the likes of you and your FAKE group of friends," Max told her hugging Liz close to him.
Pam didn't know what to say so she just stormed off. She noticed the crowd of people standing around the group listening to the conversation. She was mortified, Max Evans just shot her down and half the school was standing there listening! He was going to pay for what he did to her.
"Everything is in order Kivar. We will be able to leave in about two weeks!" Nicholas said.
"Perfect. The little King and Queen will not know what hit them. I will have her and he will die! Everything will be as it should be." Kivar said.
"So what do we do when we get there?" Nicholas asked.
"We are going to draw them out into the desert and kill them. Everyone will think that they ran away and I will bring Liz back here to Seria with me and we will rule the planet." Kivar said.
"That sounds like a plan, but how are we going to draw them out into the desert?" Nicholas asked.
"I will just have to send them a message, via Queen Liz. She will know when we arrive on the planet, so I'll just tell her where we are and they will come on their own free will. They will want to get this fight over with as soon as possible." Kivar told him.
The teens met at the Crashdown after closing and Liz told them everything from her dream.
"I think it's a vision, because the purple glow that you saw sounds like the portal that Nicholas opened up before. I just wish we knew where it went." Isabel said.
"My guess would be Seria, that's where I'm sure Nicholas went the first time. So why would this time be any different?" Alex said.
"Alex has a point. That's probably the only place that the portal would go," Max said.
They talked a little bit longer before Liz kicked the guys out.
"Sorry boys, it's girls night starting NOW! We will see you at school tomorrow." Liz said.
"But Liz..." Max pouted.
"Now Max no pouting." Liz said.
She leaned up and gave him a kiss that promised tomorrow would be all about them. He pulled back and smiled.
"I love you." Max said.
"I love you too." Liz replied.
Isabel walked up to Alex and he leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was sweet yet held the promise of love and a future together.
Kyle kissed Tess good bye and walked out the door. Michael walked up to Maria and gave her a passionate kiss. One that spoke volumes on how much he missed her. She pulled back and smiled at him.
'Good night space boy. I love you,' she told him.
'Good night Maria. I love you too, and tomorrow night is ours,' he said.
'Oh you better believe it,' Maria replied.
The boys left and headed to Max's. They decided to make use of the empty house and sleep there. They would watch some sports and stuff. They would just do guy things that night.

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Part 7:

Liz walked into the back of the Crashdown followed by Isabel, Maria, and Tess. They all headed up the stairs after grabbing some ice cream. They all decided that they weren't that hungry so for right now all they were going to eat was ice cream. If they got hungry later they could go downstairs and find some food.
Liz lead the way to her room and got everything situated. She put some sleeping bags on the floor for Isabel and Tess. Maria would most likely sleep in the bed with Liz. Liz changed her sheets so Maria wouldn't get grossed out sleeping on them.
"So ladies, what does a 'girls night' consist of?" Isabel asked.
"Well, we gossip, and play stupid games, well we used to play games...Now we just listen to tunes and talk. It's a lot of fun." Maria said.
"Actually the last time we had a girls night Alex was here and we ended up having a pillow fight. That was awesome," Liz told them.
They went into the kitchen and got some ice cream. Liz scooped some vanilla into a bowl for herself, while Maria chose Chocolate. Isabel took some vanilla and chocolate, and added some Tabasco Sauce, and Tess took Rocky Road. After she added her Tabasco Sauce, they all headed back to Liz's room. They needed to do some serious talking.
"So Isabel, how was it?" Maria asked.
"Geez Maria just plow right into it why don't you," Liz said shocked.
"Well, I'm curious," she replied.
"Um, well, it know words can't even describe it," Isabel stammered.
"Oh my God! That's what you guys were talking about this morning? You and Alex?" Tess exclaimed.
"Yeah," Isabel replied blushing.
"So can you guys like communicate telepathically now?" Tess asked.
"Yup. We actually joked about joining the Max and Liz, and Maria and Michael club. It's pretty cool, yet scary at the same time. I mean he can hear everything I think." Isabel said.
"Well, I feel left out now," Tess pouted. "But that doesn't mean I'm going to run out and have sex with Kyle. If it happens it happens. At least he knows that I love him and not Max. Do you know how long it took to convince him?"
"No," they all said.
"He was so sure that I was just waiting for you and Max to break up. I knew deep down that I never really loved him, it was just something that Nasedo planted into my head. He really wasn't a nice person, but he was the only father type figure that I had so I believed him. I really never thought that he would lie to me, but oh well that's all in the past. When we first came to Roswell, I was hurt because Max seemed really happy with Liz. I saw red, I mean he was supposed to be mine, and love me, not some other girl. Anyway, deep in my heart I knew I was fooling myself, and I realized this when we went to New York. He would never stop loving Liz no matter what she did, or in this case didn't do, so I had to give him up. It was all right though because I realized that I had deep feelings for someone else. I noticed them the first time I laid eyes on Kyle Valenti, I was just afraid of them." Tess said.
"But Kyle wouldn't believe you right?" Liz asked. "He always was pig headed."
"Yeah, but he still watched me, and as anyone could tell I was only friendly with Max. I stopped looking at him with longing in my eyes...those looks were for Kyle only. He finally came around, Tank goodness." Tess said.
"That is amazing." Maria said.
The girls finished their ice cream in silence and Liz collected the bowls when everyone was finished. She put them into the sink and headed back to her room.
"So come on Iz, how was Alex?" Maria asked.
"Maria! I don't think I really want to know this. I mean he's been like a brother to me for so long, you too, it would just be weird. I mean I would be like Isabel wanting to know how Max was." Liz said.
"Well, I want to know how Max is!" Maria said. "You never told me."
"Well, how's Michael?" Liz countered.
Maria blushed and kept quiet for a couple of minutes.
"Space boy is amazing. He's not guarded anymore, and he lets his emotions through. It's beautiful." Maria said.
"Alex, well he was perfect. Gentle, and caring. He wanted to make sure I was definitely all right with what we were doing. It was amazing." Isabel shared blushing.
"Well, Max is always gentle and caring. He loves all of me, and he shows it. Our connection always opens and we can feel everything the other person is feeling, its amazing. You have no idea what it's like to feel the pleasure that your partner is feeling because of you, it makes your head spin. It is the most beautiful thing you can experience." Liz said.
"Dude this blows. I wonder what the girls are up to." Michael said.
"Yeah, I really miss them. I hate being excluded from stuff." Alex added.
"What do you say we go and crash their little girls night?" Kyle suggested.
"We can't do that. It would be totally wrong and besides they would know the moment we got there. Liz would be able to tell." Max said.
"Maybe he's right, but it beats sitting her watching lame ass sports. I mean there is nothing good on. No hockey games, no football, only Cheerleading competitions." Michael said.
"Well, you guys can go but I'm staying right here." Max said.
"Fine Maxwell be a party pooper, but I'm going." Michael said.
"I'm with Michael," Kyle said.
"Well, I'm gonna stay here with Max. I don't need Izzy mad at me." Alex told them.
"Fine, come on Kyle." Michael said walking out the door.
Michael and Kyle left leaving Max and Alex sitting on the couch.
"Maria is going to be so pissed if he walked through the door." Max said.
"Maybe we should call them and tell them that they are coming. We can say I don't know that Liz could feel them coming closer to the house, and had Maria and Tess go out there to send them away." Alex suggested.
"Yeah that would be perfect, except we don't have to call...we can just tell them." Max said.
"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting about that," Alex told him.
'Liz?' Max called.
'Isabel?' Alex said.
'Max? What's wrong?' Liz asked.
'Alex? What's the matter?' Isabel inquired.
'Nothing. Look Michael and Kyle are on their way over. Tell them that you could sense them coming and send Maria and Tess down to shoo them away,' Max said.
'Michael and Kyle are coming. We just thought you'd like to know.' Alex told her.
'Thanks Max. I will tell everyone and we'll decide what do to. Why didn't you come?' Liz said.
'Well, I didn't want to intrude on the girls night, and I knew you'd be mad if I did. I'm a good boyfriend, and Alex stayed with me because he didn't want to get Izzy mad,' Max told her.
'Well, Izzy and I have the most wonderful boyfriends,' Liz said. 'I love you Max.'
'I love you too Liz, and Alex and I have the most wonderful girlfriends,' Max told her.
"Well, that's finished. I wonder what they are going to do to them." Max said.
"I have no idea, but Izzy didn't seem too happy." Alex said.
"Ok, ladies we've got a problem." Liz started.
"Michael and Kyle are on their way over here. We have to figure out what to do." Isabel finished.
"Why are they coming?" Maria asked.
"I don't know Max didn't say, but my guess would be that they all miss us and that they just wanted to crash our little party to see what its all about." Liz said.
"That and I think the only thing on ESPN tonight is Cheerleading competitions." Tess said.
The girls burst out laughing at this. They couldn't imagine the guys watching something like that. All of a sudden they stopped laughing, on the other hand really pretty girls in short skirts...maybe they would rather watch that.
"So what are we going to do?" Liz asked.
"Well, since it's our boyfriends coming, I think Tess and I should go down stairs and wait for them. Then give them a piece of our minds." Maria said.
"I'm with Maria on this one." Tess agreed.
Maria and Tess went downstairs to wait for their boys. Kyle's car pulled up in front of the Crashdown a couple of minutes later. Michael and Kyle got out and started walking towards the ally. Maria and Tess stepped out of the shadows and scared them half to death.
"Ahh..Geez Tess, what the hell. Are you trying to kill me?" Kyle asked.
"No, Kyle I'm not trying to kill you, but I am very upset that you are coming to crash our girls night. You can't spend one night without knowing what we are doing?" Tess said.
"It's not like that...we just missed you guys so much...Even Max and Alex miss their girls, they were just to chicken to come." Kyle explained.
"Well, we miss you guys too, but we promised that this night would be for just us...and you agreed to it." Tess said.
"So Guerin..Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Maria asked.
"Nope." Michael said capturing her lips with his own.
Liz looked down from her balcony with Isabel standing right beside her. They told Max and Alex to just come over because they knew that Tess and Maria wouldn't be able to send Michael and Kyle away.
"Come on up you guys, I guess we'll just have a big group night." Liz yelled down.
The two couples came upstairs and Max and Alex showed up five minutes later.
Michael looked up at them.
"What? Liz called and said to come over." Max defended them.

They all fell asleep around 1 after laughing and playing around all night. Max and Liz fell asleep on her bed wrapped up in each other's arms. Maria and Michael fell asleep on the bottom of the bed, and Alex, Isabel, Tess, and Kyle fell asleep on the floor.
Liz's alarm clock went off at 7 waking everyone up. Groaning was heard around the room and Liz smacked her hand on the clock to shut it up.
"Do we have to get up?" Kyle asked.
"Yes, Kyle we've got school today, and I don't know what time my parents are coming home. I'm sure that they wouldn't appreciate seeing all of us here when they got home." Liz said.
Everyone got up and got dressed. The boys headed back to Max's to shower and get ready, and the girls began to clean up and get ready. They said that they'd meet at school in front of Max's locker.
Diane, Philip, Nancy and Jeff all drove back into Roswell. It was lunch time and they knew that their kids would be in school so they headed to the Parker's to discuss. They had almost everything set. All they needed was the food. The wedding wasn't going to be big, just the Evans', the Parker's, Jim, and Amy. All the kids were in the wedding. They decided on making chicken, beef, and fish. That way everyone could pick and choose what they wanted.
By the time the kids got home the parents were at their respective houses. Liz and Maria waked into the break room and saw Liz's parents.
"How as the convention?" Liz asked.
"Boring, like all the other ones." Nancy said.
"Why go to them if they are boring?" Maria asked.
"Well, you get to see all the new stuff coming out and things like that. So you can purchase them if you really like them," Jeff explained.
"Oh, well we've got to get to work. See you later." Maria said dragging Liz into the bathroom.
They got dressed and headed to the front to start their shifts. Max, Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle, and Michael were at their booth waiting for the girls. They went about putting orders of fries and onion rings into the cook, and grabbed sodas for everyone.
The girls were happy when their shift was over. They just wanted to go home and rest. Michael and Max were the only two left of their friends. They helped the girls clean up and Max took Liz upstairs to pack for the weekend. That way she wouldn't have to come back for anything. Michael took Maria back to his place. He got it okayed with her mom for her to spend the night. He promised that nothing would happen...well, ok he lied, but Amy bought it.
Maria was shocked that her mom would let her stay at Michael's house. He explained what he had told her and Maria laughed. She knew that there was no way Michael and she were spending the night in the same bed tonight without anything happening.
Michael opened the door and led Maria through it. She smiled at him and dragged him to the bedroom. Michael let out a laugh at how demanding she was being.
"What are you laughing at?" she asked him.
"Nothing, just my beautiful demanding girlfriend." Michael said.
"Yeah well, I've been without you for so long, I can't wait a moment longer." Maria said.
That shut Michael up real quick. He pulled Maria towards him and kissed her hard. All of his emotions were poured into that kiss. He sent her his love, his desire for her, and his need. When they pulled away for air their heads were spinning.
Michael slowly lead Maria to the bed unsnapping her uniform as he went. She pulled his shirt over his head and discarded it on the floor. Michael pulled her uniform completely off and looked at her. She was standing in front of him with nothing but her bra and panties on she looked beautiful. Her hands reached for his jeans and she undid the button. He stopped her before she reached the zipper.
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"Michael, we've done this before, and I'm just as sure now as I was before." Maria assured him.
He smiled at her and let her resume her task. Soon his pants were on the floor and he was standing in his boxers.
They both moved towards the bed and Michael kissed her again. He laid her down and she pulled him on top of her. The kiss quickly deepened and soon all of their clothes were discarded.
Michael fell Maria's need for him as he kissed his way down her body. He closed his mouth over one of her nipples and she arched against him.
"MMMM....Michael please..I need you NOW!" Maria moaned.
Michael didn't need to be asked twice. He pulled some protection out of his draw and sheathed his shaft and plunged into her. As much as he would have liked to not have to protect them, he wasn't ready for fatherhood yet.
They both let themselves get lost in their emotions. Maria was surprised because Michael has never let his guard down this much. It was beautiful...she felt everything Michael was feeling, and he could feel everything she was feeling. Now she knew how Liz and Max felt, it was amazing.
Michael picked up his pace driving them over the edge. They both climaxed at the same time calling out one another's name.

Michael and Maria standing on a platform holding hands looking at their friends. A piece of satin placed around their joined hands and a white light enclosing them. Maria looked over to a very pregnant Liz and Max and saw the happy tears in her friends eyes.

Maria's fear when the castle wall was broken and the skins came in. Michael tried to protect her but ended up getting hit. Maria screaming and running over to him. Just as she got there she got hit and collapsed on top of him.

Part 8:

"Oh My God! Michael did you see that?" Maria asked.
"Yeah, Wow! We just got a glimpse of your past lives, and we were married," he replied.
"I know, we were married before Max and Liz had their baby girl. How amazing is that. I could tell we were so happy," she said.
"Yeah we were. I guess we should tell everyone that we've had flashes of our past," Michael said.
"Yeah, we should. Although it's not like the flashes told us anything about to help us now, but still we had flashes," Maria said.
"Yeah I know what you mean," Michael said.
"Hey Michael, can I ask you a question?" Maria asked.
"Yeah shoot," he replied.
"Did Mr. and Mrs. Evans tell you anything about why they were leaving?" Maria asked.
"Yeah why?" Michael countered.
"Because the Parker's told me where they were really going and I know the Evans' were going with them, I just didn't know if I was the only one who knew." Maria stated.
"No, Mr. Evans told me because he told me I was going to be the best man, and left me a number to call in case something happened." Michael said.
"Yeah that's pretty much what Mrs. Parker told me. She said if there was an emergency to give them a call. Do you know how hard it is to not tell Max or Liz about this?" Maria said.
"Yeah I know. I had promised Max that there'd be no more secrets between us, and now here I go keeping another one from him, but I think a surprise wedding is going to be cool," Michael said. "I mean they will know the day of the wedding because they'll have to get dressed and they will wonder why they have to be in a Tux, and White wedding dress, so they'll put two and two together."
"Yeah, I know." Maria said sleepily.
"Good night Maria," Michael said ending the conversation and giving her a kiss.
"Good night Michael," she replied closing her eyes.
The two of them fell asleep thinking about the upcoming wedding of their friends and their wedding in the past.

The next morning Maria woke up and rolled over only to find Michael not in bed with her. She panicked thinking he left, but calmed down when she smelt breakfast cooking.
'You are such a sweetie,' she told him.
'Yeah I know...and let my just tell you that you scared the hell out of my two seconds ago. I could feel your emotions going all crazy and I almost had a heart attack,' he responded.
'I'm sorry, I just freaked out because you weren't in bed next to me. How much longer until breakfast is ready?' she asked.
'It should be done in about fifteen minutes or so,' he told her.
'Ok, then I'm going to jump in the shower. I should be out just as it's finishing,' she told him. 'I love you!'
'All right. I love you too!' he said.
Maria jumped in the shower and was out fifteen minutes later. She was dressed and ready for school. Michael placed some eggs and bacon in front of her and he sat down next to her. They began eating and Maria cleaned up while Michael got dressed. He walked into the kitchen and ran his hands through her hair a couple of times drying it. She smiled her thanks to him and they grabbed their book bags and ran out the door.
They got to school just as Max and Liz pulled into their parking space. Maria parked next to them and they walked in together. Isabel, Tess, Kyle, and Alex were waiting for them at Max's locker.
"Hey guys how's it going?" Alex asked.
"Pretty well actually," Maria answered. "Michael and I have some news for you, but I don't think we should discuss it here, it's Czechoslovakian."
"Ok, at lunch then. We sit in a secluded area and no one comes to bother us usually, so we should be all right," Liz suggested.
"Yeah lunch sounds like the perfect time because I'm curious now," Kyle said.
They just stood around talking about what they did the night before while waiting for classes to start. Pam Troy stood in the lounge starring at them. She didn't understand how such a strange group of people could remain friends. She could understand Max and Liz because they were both smart and had lots in common, but Max and Michael. They had been friends for years but they have nothing in common as far as she could tell. Isabel and Alex now that was funny. He's such a Geek, she knew why he was friends with Liz, she was kind of a nerd herself, but Isabel used to be so popular, what did she see in him.
Just then Isabel laughed at something Alex said. 'Well, I guess I can see what she likes about him. He's funny,' she thought. Now Maria and Michael, they were both weird so she could see them together, and Tess, well she was new last year and for some reason flocked to that group. Everyone knew at first it was because she had the hots for Max, but that didn't explain how she and Liz are such good friends now. Then that leaves Kyle, he used to be one of the most popular football players. That group did something to him and he hasn't been the same since.
Pam didn't know if she was envious of the tight friendship that they had or disgusted by it. All she knew is that she wanted a piece of Max Evans. 'What does he see in Liz Parker?' she asked herself.
Deep down Pam knew it was a lost cause, you can see in his eyes how much he loves her. Yet she wouldn't listen to her head on this topic...No matter how many times she would get burned, she would have Max Evans.
The bell rang interrupting her thoughts. The "Scooby Gang" as she calls them began to go their separate ways. Max and Liz started to part ways since their classes were on opposite ends of the school, but he wouldn't let go of her hand. He pulled her back against him and kissed her deeply. Pam felt nausous at the sight and turned around and headed to class.
Lunch time came and went and Maria told them all about the flashes. Liz was excited to know that her friend and Space Boy were married. Maria looked so happy, as did Michael. He was smiling which was a rareity in itself.
2 weeks later...

"Maria, where are we going?" Liz asked.
"You'll see when we get there," Maria replied.
Maria was driving Liz, Tess, and Isabel in the Jetta to the location of the wedding ceremony. Tess and Isabel knew about the secret wedding because Maria had to tell someone. The Parker's and the Evans' knew that Maria told and they weren't mad. They told Michael to tell Alex and Kyle about it too.
"Kyle, where the hell are you taking us?" Max asked.
"Relax buddy, you'll see once we get there." Kyle answered.
"Michael ask Maria how much longer before they get there. I want to make sure we still get there first," Kyle whispered.
'Maria, honey, how much longer until you get there?' Michael asked.
'About twenty minutes why?' she asked.
'Because Kyle wanted to make sure that we still got there first. We are about ten minutes away. I'll see you when you get there.' Michael said.
"They are twenty minutes away," Michael whispered back.
Kyle nodded his head. The rest of the drive was in silence. Kyle pulled up to what looked like a camp site.
"What are we doing here?" Max asked.
"You'll see Maxwell, just get out of the car." Michael told him.
They four guys got out of the car and headed to the tent next to the car. The girls would be coming in the other side so they wouldn't see Kyle's car. They had their own tent to change in. Kyle, Alex, and Michael were anxious to see their girls all dressed up. Isabel had said the dresses were beautiful so they were dying to see them.
Max walked through the tent door. "Ok guys this is funny, what are we going camping?"
"Not quite," his father said coming from the back of the tent.
"Dad? What are you doing here?" Max asked.
"Well, first come with me and let me show you something and I think you will understand." Philip said.
Max followed his father into the back of the tent. Kyle, Alex, and Michael followed closely behind him. Max noticed the four tuxes laid out on some tables.
"What's this?" he asked.
"Man for a smart guy you really are dense. Today is your wedding day my man," Alex said.
Max's mouth gaped open. "How? What? Why?" he stammered.
"Your mother, Liz's parents and I wanted to help you out a little. We know the school has been giving you grief about being together especially with Liz pregnant, and since you are already engaged we decided to throw you a surprise wedding. I hope you aren't mad," Philip said.
"Mad? No, I'm not mad, I'm shocked. I never expected you to accept Liz and I this much." Max said.
"Well, you make each other happy, and you have proven that nothing can keep you apart, so that's all that matters," Jeff said entering the tent. "The girls just got here so we've got to get you all dressed and in the big tent."
"Thank you so much," Max said. He turned to his friends, "You all knew about this didn't you?"
"Yeah we did...aren't you proud. We kept it to ourselves for two whole weeks." Alex said.
Max just laughed. He couldn't believe that none of them cracked
"Why are we at some camp site?" Liz asked.
"You'll see Lizzie dear, you'll see," Tess said pushing Liz through the tent door.
Liz stepped inside and tears misted her eyes. She saw the most perfect white dress hanging from a pole holding the tent up.
"I can't believe it. I'm getting married today. How long have you guys know about this?" Liz asked.
"For two weeks or so. Maria was told first and then she told us because the secret was killing her," Isabel said.
"Thank you so much," Liz said hugging her friends.
"Well, I think you should be thanking your parents and your future in-laws because they organized the whole thing," Maria said.
Nancy and Diane walked through the back of the tent at that moment. Liz ran up to them and threw her arms around them.
"Thank you so much. You have no idea how happy this makes me," Liz said.
Her mother and mother-in-law smiled and hugged her back. "We'll just let you ladies get dressed. If you need any help just yell we'll be outside. The guys are dressed and waiting for you in the big tent.
The girls hurried up and got dressed. Liz gasped at how well the dress fit her. She realized that her mother must have ordered it a little big because of her growing size but she still looked pretty thin in it. Today was not the day to let her hormones get out of control. She wasn't fat and Max loves her no matter what, she kept telling herself.
Max could feel her apprehension and told her that he loved her. She smiled and waited for Isabel and Tess to finish up. Once they were finished the four girls walked into the big tent.
The doors were closes so Liz couldn't see Max. He was waiting at the alter with the preacher. He was fidgeting nervously waiting for Liz.
'I'm here now Max. We are just getting in position and then I'll be joining you, forever!' Liz said.
'I know, I can't believe our parents did this, it's amazing,' he said.
'I know. I love you, but I've got to go Maria is yelling at me,' Liz said.
'I love you too. I'll see you soon,' he replied.
Michael walked up to Liz and gave her a hug. "Congrats, I know I'm not really Max's brother, but in more ways then one I am and I'm really happy that you will be my sister-in-law."
"Thank you Michael. That really means a lot to me," Liz said near tears.
Kyle walked up to her next, "I can't believe you are really doing this. Evans is a lucky guy. I hope you will always be this happy together."
"Thank you Kyle," Liz said hugging him.
"Lizzie, babe. You know, I always knew that you'd end up being the first of us to get married. Even back in fifth grade. Back then I wasn't too sure who'd you end up marrying, but by 8th grade I knew it was going to be Max. Take good care of him, not like I won't see you every day or anything, but you know what I mean. I'm just happy that you're happy," Alex said giving Liz a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
He walked up to Isabel and offered his arm. The waited behind Kyle and Tess, and Michael and Maria were behind them and in front of Liz. Her father walked up to her and offered her is arm.
"Daddy, thank you so much. You have made me the happiest girl in the whole world." Liz told him.
"No, I helped you be the happiest WOMAN in the whole world. Max has made you more happy then I could have ever hoped a man could, and I'm proud to be giving you away to him." Jeff told her.
The doors opened and Kyle and Tess walked out. The smiled at everyone and took their places in the front. Isabel and Alex walked out next. Isabel smiled at Max telling him how happy she was for him. He smiled back. They took their places next to Tess, and Kyle. Michael and Maria came out next. They took their places up front. Michael next to Max and Maria waiting for Liz.
The organ began to play the wedding march. Everyone stood up and looked towards the door. Jeff lead Liz to the entrance. Her eyes immediately found Max's and she smiled. He returned it and she walked towards him. Her father gave his blessing when the preacher asked who gave her away and handed her hand over to Max. He took it and led her up to the preacher.
The ceremony was beautiful and everyone waited for Max and Liz to exchange vows.
"Do you Max, take Liz to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold through sickness and threw health, for all eternity?" the preacher asked.
"I do." Max stated firmly.
"Do you Liz, take Max to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold threw sickness and threw health, for all eternity?" he asked.
"I do," she said.
"The rings." The preacher said.
Michael handed Max Liz's ring, and Maria handed Liz the ring for Max. Max leaned over to the preacher and asked if they could say their own vows for this. The preacher nodded his head and Max looked at Liz.
"When I first laid eyes on you I knew that you were it for me. I've loved you for so long that I know no one else could ever make me happy. I never expected you to return my love, but deep inside I always hoped. Now that I know you do I promise to always make you happy, and I will love you with all of my being. Thank you for giving me a reason to live." He said.
Max placed the ring on Liz's finger and looked into her teary eyes.
"I always remember you as being a quiet shy little boy who I always wanted to be close with. In middle school, I knew that I was falling for you even though we hadn't talked yet. Then that day you opened up to me, my heart was filled with such love. I knew that we were destined for great things, and our love will always be there to guide us. You are my other half Max. Thank you for helping me to live," Liz said placing the ring on his finger.
They both had tears streaming down their faces, as did everyone else in the tent. The vows were so beautiful.
"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride," the preacher said.
Max leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was filled with love and longing.
They broke apart to happy cheers. "May I introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Evans." The preacher said.
Max and Liz walked to the back of the tent waiting for everyone to come and congratulate them. Michael and Maria were the first ones followed by Isabel and Alex, Tess and Kyle, and then the parents. There were a lot of hugs and kisses going around. Nancy told everyone to head outside while Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria signed the marriage certificate. The preacher told them that he hadn't seen two people so in love in a long time, and that their vows were beautiful. Maria and Michael walked out the door and grabbed some bird seeds. Max and Liz came out two minutes later and were showered by the bird seeds and bubbles. They were so happy.
Everyone moved to the next tent for food and dancing. Isabel worked her "Alien Voodoo" as Kyle calls it and started up some tunes. Max and Liz danced to "I Shall Believe" and soon everyone joined in.

Part 9:

Maria and Alex were dancing together talking about the whole ceremony. They were in awe of their friends and how happy that they truly were.
"Doesn't Liz look beautiful?" Maria asked.
"Yea, she has this glow about her. I'm just glad she's so happy. I mean it's cool how her and Max's parents went totally out of the way to surprise them with a wedding. Not many parents would do that," Alex said.
"I know. I was so shocked when Mrs. Parker told me what they were planning. It was really hard keeping it from Lizzie. By the look all sorts of hot in this tux!" Maria exclaimed.
Alex blushed, "Thanks. You look stunning in that dress, although I have to say Isabel looks gorgeous."
"I knew you'd say that, but thank you nonetheless." Maria told him.
The song ended and they went to join their other friends. Everyone was looking at Max and Liz. They looked so happy and it was easy to forget that evil aliens could be coming to Earth to get them. Everything seemed so perfect and normal at the moment.
Isabel went to change the music to a fast song so everyone could get out on the floor and go nuts. Max and Liz looked up from each other's eyes and smiled at her. They joined their friends on the dance floor and just started going nuts. The parents looked on with amused faces and laughed when Maria almost fell on her butt. Michael caught her before she actually landed on the floor but everyone was laughing nonetheless.
The evening pretty much progressed in the same manner. There were slow songs, fast songs, new songs, and older songs. The kids laughed as their parents got out on the floor and danced to some hits from the 60s and 70s. It was nice to see everyone having fun and not worrying about tomorrow.
Isabel stole her brother away from Liz for a dance so Alex asked her to dance with him. Max and Liz reluctantly let one another go and danced with Isabel and Alex. Michael and Tess, and Maria and Kyle joined them on the dance floor. Everyone stayed pretty close to everyone else and they all just laughed and smiled at one another.
Before anyone knew it the sun was setting. Max and Liz decided that now would be a good time to cut the cake. Everyone wanted them to smush the cake in each other's faces, but Max said he couldn't mess up Liz's perfect makeup. Isabel argued that she could fix it with the wave of her hand but Max still refused. He only got a little bit on her cheek, and very quickly kissed it off. Liz had no qualms about smushing the cake in his face and he looked totally surprised that she would do something like that to him.
Max started laughing after the initial shock wore off and started chasing Liz. He was so going to get her for this. Liz squealed and took off running. She didn't get too far before Max caught up with her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and swung her around to face him. He buried his face in her neck and gooped some cake off of him and put it in her hair. She protested and tried to squirm away but she was laughing too hard to get very far.
Isabel came over and cleaned them up laughing along with them and everyone else. This was turning out to be a beautiful day.
Max and Liz walked out on the dance floor again to have another slow dance. 'Let's Make Love,' by Faith Hill, with her husband Tim McGraw was on and it just seemed to sum up their relationship perfectly.

Baby I've been drifting away
And dreaming all day
Of holding you, touching you
The only thing I want to do is be with you
As close to you as I can be

Let's make love
All night long
Until all our strength is gone
Hold on tight
Just let go
I want to feel you in my soul
Until the sun comes up
Let's make love

Do you know what you do to me
Everything inside of me
Is wanting you, needing you
I'm so in love with you
Look in my eyes
Let's get lost tonight
In each other

Let's make love
All night long
Until all our strength is gone
Hold on tight
Just let go
I want to feel you in my soul
Until the sun comes up
Let's make love

Maria's eyes misted up at the two of them dancing to this song. It seemed so perfect for them, as if it was written just for them. They had that whole get lost in my eyes, look into my soul thing going on. It just made her so happy.
"Oh my God! Does anyone else feel like this song was written for our two love birds?" Kyle asked.
"Yes!" everyone exclaimed
"Their vows were just beautiful and now this song...everything today was perfect. I've got to remember to thank Mom and Dad for this," Isabel said crying.
"I know what you mean, it was just wonderful. Look at them they are so happy. Do you think we will all be as happy when our time comes?" Maria asked.
"Oh I definitely think so," Tess replied.
"I have to agree with Tess. We all love one another so much, I mean we may not all have that look into my soul starring contest that Max and Liz have, but we will all be blissfully happy," Alex added.
"Very well put Alex. I couldn't have said it better myself." Kyle said.
Michael just rolled his eyes at them. "Well, I know I'll be as happy as they are when I finally decide to settle down."
Maria smiled up at him and Michael actually blushed. This caused his friends to collapse into fits of laughter. Michael started to get angry but realized how strange it must have been to see him blushing. Max and Liz walked over just in time to see Michael blush and joined their friends in the laughter.
"Yeah laugh it up guys," Michael said with mock anger.
"Oh come on Michael, it's not everyday we get to see you blush from embarrassment," Max teased.
Michael shot him a glare but couldn't hold it too long because he was trying to suppress his laughter. Max smiled at his friend glad to see that he was so happy.
"Oh let's get to the presents!" Tess exclaimed happily. "Please?" she added.
Tess couldn't wait for them to open up her present. She knew that they'd be shocked, but she OKed it with both of their parents and they were just as excited as she was.
Max and Liz agreed and began opening their presents. They got some money and house essentials from their friends and family. Tess waited until last to give them her present.
"This one is from me. I know I chipped in with Kyle to get you guys something, but this I just had to get for you," she explained.
Both Max and Liz were curious now. Liz took the box from Tess' hand and began to open it. Inside was a key. Liz looked up at her with questioning eyes.
"Read the card inside silly," Tess said.
Max pulled the card out and read it aloud.
"Since I don't need the place anymore I decided to give it to you guys. Mr. Evans helped me sign it over to you so it's in your name now. I hope you enjoy it. Love Tess," Max read.
Realization dawned on Liz. "OH MY GOD! You gave us your house!"
"Yeah, I hope you guys aren't mad, but I'm not going to need it. I mean I live with Kyle and the Sheriff, and if they continue progressing they way that they are he might move in with Amy. That'll leave us with the house, and Maria can move in with Michael after graduation. It will work out perfectly. And besides with the babies coming, you'll have more room. I discussed it with both of your parents and they agreed that you need your own place. So enjoy it." Tess said.
Liz ran up to Tess and gave her a big hug. She never expected this from her ever. If anyone had said a couple of years ago that they would be friends both of them would have laughed in their faces, but Liz considered Tess one of her best friends now. When they pulled apart they both had tears streaming down their faces. Max walked up and gave Tess a hug too. Everyone was surprised at Tess's gift, but all were happy nonetheless.
The rest of the evening was spent talking about the actually wedding and just dancing. Everyone was really happy. It was around 8:00 when Mr. Parker walked up to Max and Liz.
"All eight of us chipped in and got you guys this. We hope you like it," Jeff said.
He handed Max an envelope. Max opened it and saw two tickets inside. He read the location and started choking.
"Thank you so much all of you," he said looking at all the parents.
Liz looked up at him curiously. "They are sending us to St. Thomas for our honeymoon!" Max exclaimed.
Liz gasped and looked at her father.
"What? We wanted you to have a real honeymoon. Don't worry we will call the school and tell then where you are and why. Everyone is going to be out tomorrow because we will be driving you to the airport at about 2am. Just have fun." Nancy and Diane said.
"Thank all of you so much. This means a lot to us really." Liz said crying.
Max pulled her into an embrace and let her cry into his chest. He smiled his thanks again and turned towards his friends. They all has shocked expressions on their faces. Obviously they knew nothing about the trip either.
Two o'clock rolled around and Max got in the jeep with Liz, Isabel and Alex. Alex was driving to the airport and back to the Evans'. Following the jeep was the Jetta, and all the parents. They had packed some things for Max and Liz and the suitcases were in the Parker's car. Isabel promised them that by the time they got back their house would be furnished and ready for them. She said that she, Maria, and Tess would make sure it was done.
Everyone hugged and kissed them good bye and Max and Liz boarded the plane. They were so happy that they didn't even notice some of the strange looks the other passengers were giving them. The passengers were surprised to see such a young married couple but they kept their comments to themselves as they watched the happily married couple. It looked as though they had been in love for centuries. And in reality they were.
Nicholas stepped out of the portal followed by Kivar. Everything looked safe so they told their army to follow. They decided to stay in a cave nearby for the time being. Kivar had heard about the wedding of the Royal Couple and was not happy. But it helped him at the moment because it meant that Liz wasn't there to notice his presence. This gave him time to plan his next move. He knew he couldn't do anything until Max and Liz got back because it would defeat the purpose of killing them all together and making her royal highness watch her husband die knowing she couldn't prevent it!

Part 10:


Maria was the first to wake up. She snuggled closer to Michael looking for warmth. She was cold for some reason. She opened her eyes and noticed the window open. 'Damn it Michael couldn't you have closed the window before coming to bed?' she asked not expecting an answer because he was asleep.
'Well, it wasn't on my to do list at that particular moment. All I wanted to do was climb into bed with you. I was so tired,' he told her.
She gasped not realizing that he was awake. "You scared me!" she exclaimed.
"Obviously. Sorry. I woke up at the same time you did. Do you think we should go and see if the others are up yet?" he asked.
"Yeah I guess so. Then we can get some breakfast or something. I'm starved." Maria said.
They walked out of Michael's room and noticed everyone still asleep in the living room. Alex and Isabel were snuggled together on the couch and Tess and Kyle on the air mattress on the floor. Everyone looked so peaceful. It was kind of strange to not see Max and Liz there but they were off on some tropical island having the time of their lives.
'How strange is it to not have them here?' Maria asked.
'A little, but they are off having some much needed alone time. I just wonder what's going to happen when they get back?' Michael replied.
'I know, I mean the Evans' and the Parker's are meeting with the school today to discuss the change of name on Liz's papers as well as what the school is going to do about this. Not like they can really say anything because their parents consented to the marriage, but still.' Maria said.
'I know,' Michael replied.
Isabel stirred on the couch waking Alex up. He stretched and pulled Izzy closer to him. She smiled and yawned. They both opened their eyes at the same time and noticed Michael and Maria standing in the living room. They looked oblivious to the world which mean they were holding a conversation in their heads.
Isabel coughed and got their attention. "Good morning guys," she said.
"Morning," Maria replied.
"Are you guys hungry?" Michael asked.
"Yeah a little bit," Tess answered groggily waking up.
"Yeah me too," Kyle said.
"Well, I guess we could go to the Crashdown for breakfast. The school knows we aren't going to be in today and why so we can't get in trouble." Maria said.
"Yeah I guess so, besides they make the best eggs!" Alex exclaimed.
Isabel just laughed and shook her head.
"What?" Alex asked.
"Nothing. You are just too cute when you get passionate about food," she whispered in his ear.
He turned towards her and wiggled his eyebrows up and down causing her to laugh harder. Alex joined her and they had tears streaming down their faces by the time they were finished.
"I will never understand you too," Maria said.
"All right people, let's get dressed and go," Michael said.
Everyone got ready and headed out the door. They made it to the Crashdown in record time and sat at their usual booth. Nancy walked over to them and took their orders. She smiled at the six of them before going to get their juice.
"So, how did everything go?" Maria asked.
"Well, they weren't exactly happy, but what could they do," Nancy said.

/The four parents were sitting in the principal's office. Nancy looked around nervously, hoping that this went all right because her baby deserved to stay in school.
"All right people, what's the big news this time?" Principal Anderson asked.
"Well, you see the thing is, Max and Liz were married yesterday. So we need all of Liz's records to read Liz Evans now. We condoned the marriage, in fact we planned the wedding. They will be out for the next week because they are on their honeymoon. We hope that this doesn't cause a problem for you or the teachers here. I know you are going to say, but they are so young, how could you allow this, well sir, I've seen just how deep their loves runs and I know that this is forever. It's kind of scary to know that I've lost my baby girl, but she is a woman now, and soon to be a mother herself. We felt that since they would be together anyway why not now. At least the babies won't be born out of wedlock." Jeff explained.
"I don't understand. I know you believe that your children are deeply in love, but to allow this, I mean to PLAN it, it's absurd." Principal Anderson said.
"We know you think so, but I can promise you that this will not jeopardize their academic careers in anyway. Oh yes and their addresses are going to be changing too. They are living in Tess Harding's old house. Since the sheriff is her legal guardian now, she signed the house over to our children. We know this is going to cause the school board a problem, but they are married now and we felt that they should have their own place. They are responsible enough, besides they have been living back and forth between our houses for months." Diane said.
"I took care of all the legal work, everything is in order. I don't like having to make threats, but I can sue the school board if they don't allow Max and Liz in school anymore." Philip stated.
"I wasn't going to go to that extreme, trust me. They will both be allowed in school. I will have their addresses changed, and Liz's paperwork will be updated. I will make sure all the teachers know of this change, and in their grade books, it will read Liz Evans. Is that all?" Principal Anderson asked.
"No, that's it," Philip and Jeff said.
"Thank you for your time," Diane and Nancy replied.
The four parents walked out of the office with a smile on their faces. At least that was over and done with. Yet they were still worried about what their children would have to go through when they got home.
After Nancy explained everything to the kids she went back to work. They all ate their breakfast in silence and when they were finished they all headed their separate ways. Isabel and Alex went to Alex's house, Tess and Kyle went home, and Michael and Maria headed back to his apartment.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ST. THOMAS~~~~~~~~~

Max took Liz's hand and they walked into the cabana together. Max looked around and smiled. He still couldn't believe that their parents did this for them. There was champagne and strawberries sitting next to the bed. There was also a card there.
Liz picked up the card and read it. She began laughing and Max looked at her with questioning eyes. "It's from Maria. She says, I know Max gets a little loopy when he drinks, and you shouldn't because of the babies, but I couldn't resist. Also the strawberries are to remind you of your first mind blowing kiss! Love always, Maria," Liz read.
Max started laughing too. "Well, I guess we should just get rid of the Champagne, but those strawberries will definitely come in use later!"
Liz blushed slightly amazed that after all they'd been through he could still make her blush. They opened the sliding glass door and walked outside. Their room opened up to the beach!
Liz squealed and pulled Max outside with her. "I can't believe that they did this for us! I'm so happy and excited at the same time!"
"I know what you mean."
They walked back inside and Max's eyes turned back with desire just looking at him. Liz's mouth went dry, she knew what that look meant. They were alone for a week, with no one to interrupt them, this was their time and they were going to make the most of it. Granted when they got back to Roswell they would have their own house, but their studies would come before their pleasure. Right now was only about them, and Liz wasn't going to waste another second!
She walked towards Max. He opened his arms for her, and she stepped right in without hesitation. Max's lips came crushing down on hers. Her head began to spin from all the sensations coursing through her body. Max knew exactly what to do to drive her over the edge.
He pulled her closer to him, trying to leave as little room between then as possible. He started backing up towards the bed taking her with him. He felt the back of her knees hit the bed and caught her from falling. Max pulled back slowly needing to breathe. He reached behind her and unzipped her gown. She looked so beautiful in it and he reveled in the fact that he would be the only person to take such a garment off of her.
Liz waited patiently for him to lower the zipper. When it was complete unzipped she stepped out of the dress. Max, not wanting it to be ruined folded it and placed it gently on the floor. Liz reached up and undid his tie. She pulled it off and threw it on the floor behind him. Since he had already discarded his jacket she unbuttoned his shirt and kissed the skin as it became exposed.
The fires started building inside of them and they discarded the rest of their clothes quickly. Max laid Liz on the bed and began kissing his way down her body. She moaned with pleasure.
Max closed his mouth over one of her breasts sucking and nipping at it. Liz writhed in pleasure underneath him driving him to continue. She thread her fingers through his hair holding him to her breast. He moved to the other breast and continued his assault. Soon he had had enough of tasting her breasts, he wanted more. He broke contact with her perfect breasts and she groaned from the loss.
She didn't feel the loss for too long because Max started kissing his way down her body. He stopped just before reaching her core. Liz felt the pause and her breath stopped.
"Max! Please?" she begged.
Max smiled up at her. This sensual teasing smile. She knew what he was doing, he was trying to make her crazy with lust.
'My love, I'm all ready crazy for you. Can't you feel how hot I am. Please, I need you,' she told him.
Her words affected him so profusely. He couldn't deny her when she said that she needed him. He plunged his tongue deeply into her core causing a loud moan from her throat. Max keep alternating long strokes with quick stabs to her sensitive nerve cluster. He had her just to the edge and would slow down.
"MAX! PLEASE!" she begged.
He thrust his tongue inside her again as hard and as fast as he could. That was all Liz needed to push her over the edge. She cried out as her orgasm overtook her. Max drank up all of her juices not wanting to miss any of them.
He made his way up her body and entered her quickly before she had time to recover from her first orgasm. He kept the pace slow and steady, occasionally speeding the pace to keep it interesting. He leaned down and kissed her with such passion she was dizzy.
Max knew that he was close to the edge and needed Liz to join him. She had two orgasms since the first induced by his tongue, but he needed her to be with him for his. He reached between them and rubbed her sensitive spot. As soon as he touched her she screamed out his name and her inner walls clamped down around him. That was all he needed to trigger his orgasm. He called out her name and they fell over the edge together.
After they were spent Max rolled on to his side pulling Liz close to him. She smiled up at him with glowing eyes. She looked so beautiful after they made love.
"I love you Liz Evans!" Max told her kissing her forehead.
"I love you too Max," she said sleepily.
They fell asleep snuggled in one another's arms.

Part 11:

Liz woke up to something tickling her arm. She stretched and sighed slowly opening her eyes. Max sat above her trailing the tip of a Strawberry over her skin. She smiled up at him enjoying his playfulness.
Max knew exactly when Liz woke up and smiled down at her. She looked like a goddess lying with her hair spread out across her pillow. He couldn't get enough of her. Max had woken up about twenty minutes ago and decided it was time to put Maria's gift to use.
Max removed the Strawberry from Liz's arm and took a bite. He loved the taste of Strawberries, it reminded him of Liz. He bent down to place a soft kiss on her lips and she readily accepted it. He tasted like the Strawberry. Liz licked her lips getting the excess juice off of them.
Max groaned at the sight. 'Do you know what you do to me?' he asked her.
'I think I've got an idea...but why don't you show me how much I affect you,' she told him.
He didn't need any further invitation then that. Max devoured her lips. He would never get enough of kissing her ever. Liz melted into his embrace loving the sensations he evoked inside of her.
The need for one another was so great that foreplay didn't enter into either of their minds. They needed to be joined as one as soon as possible.
"Max please," was all Liz could get out.
Max plunged into her quickly causing them both to moan. The feeling of completeness overtook them and they both knew that they were home. This is what Max has been longing for since he was a child. To be completely accepted and loved. He had found that in Liz and he thanked the stars every night for sending him to this planet and this perfect woman.
Their lovemaking was wild and extremely passionate. Their was a force driving them to complete one another and to not let anything get in the way of that. Max's strokes were hard and fast. Liz loved wasn't every day that Max lost control like this and it was an amazing thing to partake in. She met him thrust for thrust never wanting this moment to end. They carried on this way for a good half hour before they cried out simultaneously.
They stayed joined as they slowly came back down from their high. Max placed feather light kisses all over Liz's face.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lose control like that," he said.
"Max, don't be sorry. I like it when you lose control. Trust me when I say that was amazing, and I can feel how worried you are about hurting me or the babies. Don't worry even when you lose control, I know that there is still a little part of you that knows exactly how far you can go, therefore you would never hurt me," she told him.
Max kissed her one more time before pulling out of her and rolling over. They stayed snuggled together neither wanting to break contact just yet. Liz's growling stomach caused them both to laugh.
"I guess we should get dressed and find something to eat," Max said.
"Yeah, I didn't realize how hungry I am. I mean we haven't eaten since around 11:00 yesterday. I'm famished," she replied.
Max pulled their suitcases towards him and opened them up. He found a little sundress for Liz and a pair of kaki shorts and a button down shirt for him. They got dressed quickly and headed towards the main office. Max asked the desk clerk if there was a reastruant near by and thanked the man for the directions.
They walked towards the restraunt and were seated immediately. Liz ordered crab legs and pasta, while Max had flounder and rice. They talked quietly while waiting for dinner, never once letting go of the other's hands.
An old couple sitting a few tables away noticed this and smiled at them remembering what it was like to be young and in love. Liz smiled back at the couple and slightly blushed.
Max turned towards the couple and smiled as well then turned his attention back to Liz. He gave her a light kiss just as their dinner was set down in front of them. They ate in a peaceful silence and decided to head to the beach after they were finished. Max held her hand while they walked through the surf. The view was amazing. They walked until Liz began to shudder from the cool night air. Max wrapped his arms around her and led them back to their cabana.
Liz called her parents and Maria as soon as they got back. She told them how beautiful this place was and how much fun they were having.
"Maria, babe, thanks for the Strawberries," Liz said.
"Hey nothing but the best for my favorite chica," Maria said. "But this phone call is going to cost you an arm and a leg. I will tell everyone you are having a great time and I'll see you in a week."
"Ok, I love you! Give everyone a hug and kiss for us!" Liz said.
"Will do. I love you too babe," Maria replied.
Max called his folks next and told them all about what they've seen so far. Then he talked to Isabel telling her how much fun he was having and thanking her for helping organize it all. She told him to have a great time and that she'd be at the airport Saturday to pick them up!
They spent the rest of the week just lounging on the beach or in their room making sweet love. Before they knew it it was their last night.
"I can't believe how fast this week went by. I don't really want to go back to reality, but I miss everyone so much," Liz said.
"I know, it's like we were given this taste of paradise and now we've got to give it back. I do really miss Izzy though and I can't wait to see her." Max replied.
Tonight was going to be special...Max had made reservations at one of the very expensive restaurants on the island. He wanted this night to be one Liz would remember for the rest of her life. He took a shower and told her he was heading down to the cafe for a minute and to jump in the shower herself because they were going out to dinner. As she jumped in the shower he ran down to the rental place and picked up his tux and the dress he picked out for Liz. He knew that she'd look stunning in it.
He quickly dressed and laid the dress out on the bed. Then he wrote her a note and placed it on the dress. After he was finished he waited down in the lobby for her.
Liz finished her shower and walked out of the bathroom expecting to see Max. Instead she saw the most beautiful dress sitting on the bed. She cautiously walked over to it and picked up the note sitting on top of it.
'Liz, I picked this dress out because I knew you would look stunning in it. Please put it on and meet me in the lobby, tonight is going to be special. Love always Max.'
'You are such a sweetie. I love you so much. I'll be there in twenty minutes,' she told him.
'I'll be waiting here for you, I love you too,' he replied.
Liz ran to the mirror and put on her underwear and then slipped the dress over her head. It fit perfectly. Max never ceased to amaze her. She carefully piled her hair on top of her head leaving a few pieces falling around her face. Then she used her powers to make the pieces curl. 'Having some of this Alien Voodoo, as Alex says, definitely comes in handy,' she thought.
She applied some strawberry lip gloss and headed down to meet Max. He knew the moment she walked in the door and turned to greet her. His mouth almost dropped to the floor, he knew she'd look amazing in the dress, but the real thing was far better then anything his imagination could come up with.
The dress was strapless in a Sapphire blue color and reached the floor. It fit her curves wonderfully and even though she had begun showing you couldn't tell she was pregnant.
His eyes spoke volumes of his love for her as he watched her walk towards him. She smiled at him and he quickly returned it. When she reached him he took her gently in his arms not wanting to ruin her dress or hair and kissed her. He tasted the Strawberry lip gloss on her and groaned.
'You do this on purpose don't you?' he asked.
'Do what?' she said with mock innocence.
'Never mind, are you ready?' he asked.
'Yes,' she said.
He linked his hand with hers and led the way. The same old couple who had been at the restaurant the first night was sitting in the lounge and witnessed exchange. They shared a smile and prayed that those two would always be that happy.
Liz gasped when they reached their destination. She couldn't believe that Max had reservations here. They had walked past it a couple of days ago and commented on it beauty but she never expected to eat here. Max led her inside and gave the man his name. The were seated and looked at the menu. After ordering their food Liz excused herself. The one drawback to being pregnant was she always had to use the ladies room. Max kissed her before she left and called their waiter over. He made a request and the waiter nodded his head and walked away.
Liz joined Max again and he offered her his hand.
"Will you dance with me?" he asked.
"Of course," she replied.
Max nodded his head to the band and the lead singer came on the microphone. "This song is going out to Liz, from Max. He asked us to play this especially for you," the singer said.
Liz looked at Max with questioning eyes. He just smiled at her. The band began to play and Liz gasped, they were playing their song.
"Max! This is our song!" she exclaimed.
"I know, while you were in the bathroom I asked if they could play "I Shall Believe" this may be our last night, but I want it to be special. I love you so much," he told her.
She wiped the stray tears off of her face and smiled. They danced and just enjoyed the feel of one another. Liz had never been happier in her whole life. After the song was over the entire restaurant applauded and Max led Liz back to their table. When they were finished eating they went back to their room.
Max started kissing Liz the moment the door was closed behind them. He backed her up until she was against the door and neither one could get enough. Their hands were everywhere. Max pealed Liz's dress off and it landed in a heap at her feet. She had Max's shirt unbuttoned and was pushing it off of his chest. He let go of her long enough to take the offensive shirt off. Then he picked her up and strode to the bed. He laid her down in the center and proceeded to take off her clothes.
When she was completely devoid of clothes he finished undressing and joined her. Liz pushed him onto his back and took control. She kissed his lips first and slowly made her way down his body. She took a nipple into her mouth causing Max to jump off the bed. He groaned in pleasure never wanting her to stop. She moved to the other nipple giving it the same treatment and then began moving lower. Max was shocked to say the least, he never expected her to do this.
He shot off the bed when her tongue came in contact this the head of his pulsing erection. She took a little taste before diving in for the whole thing. She closed her mouth completely around him taking as much as she could into her mouth. Max groaned, involuntarily bucking his hips. Her mouth felt so good.
She placed her hand at the base of him and stroked up as her mouth started to slide up. She reached the tip and began to devour him again sliding her hand down in the process. She kept this pumping and sucking motion going every so often picking up speed. By now Max was completely out of it and just feeling. He bucked his hips off the bed and felt himself reaching the breaking point. Liz could feel his emotions and they were completely out of control. The most overpowering one was the Love he felt for her. She smiled against him and continued her assault. His erection pulsed erratically and she new he was going to come. She prepared herself for what was going to come next and she wasn't disappointed. He shot his load into her mouth and she greedily sucked every last drop of it not wanting to miss anything. She continued sucking even after he was finished. Max pried her head away from him and changed their positions.
He wanted to please her as much as she pleased him. He attacked her core with a vigor he didn't know he had. She moaned when his tongue came in contact this her center and arched her hips trying to get as close to his mouth as possible. Max plunged his tongue deeply into her and then withdrew completely. He kept this type of assault up until Liz was almost to the edge. He then closed his mouth over her clit and sucked. She screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm overtook her, but Max wasn't finished with her yet. He kept on sucking and licking until she reached her peak again.
He drove his erection into her before she had time to catch her breath and pumped hard, deep and slow. He built her pleasure up again until she was on the verge and sped up his pace driving her over the edge, he continued at the pace causing her to just keep coming. She was on her fifth orgasm by the time Max exploded inside of her. He collapsed on top of her completely spent. He had just enough strength to roll over before they both passed out.
The sun streaming through the window woke them up. They looked at one another and smiled.
"Last night, was, WOW! I can't even describe it. Where did you get that kind of stamina?" Liz asked.
"I don't know, but I knew that I had to make last night as memorable as I could," he confessed.
"Well, believe me you did. I'll be fantasizing about that night for the rest of my life. I just hope that one day we can repeat it," she said seductively.
"Oh I can guarantee that we will," he replied huskily. "But right now we need to shower and dress. We've got a plane to catch."
Liz jumped in the shower and Max packed their bags. They had already taken out what they were going to wear home so everything else had to be put away. When Liz was finished Max jumped in and she finished what was left of the packing.
They got a taxi and drove to the airport. Liz sat on Max's lap with hands entwined while waiting to be called to board the plane.

~~~~~~Roswell Airport~~~~~~~~~~

"Their plane just landed and they are taxing to the gate. I can't wait to see her. I'm sure she's going to look radiant," Maria rambled.
"Man can't you get her to stop talking," Alex complained.
Maria hadn't been able to stop talking since last night. She was so excited to see Liz.
Michael leaned over and captured her lips within his own. She stopped talking immediately and melted into his embrace.
"Thank God!" Kyle exclaimed.
They were all paying attention to Michael and Maria that they didn't notice Max and Liz standing there.
"I guess Maria wouldn't stop rambling huh?" Liz asked.
Maria ripped her lips away from Michael causing him to groan in frustration.
"LIZZIE!!!!" Maria shrieked throwing her arms around her best friend.
"Hi Maria. Um, Maria, can't breathe," Liz choked out.
"Oh sorry," Maria said loosing her grip.
"How was the trip Maxwell?" Michael asked.
"It was amazing. We had a lot of fun," Max said.
"Well, it looks like you didn't spend all your time in your room, you guys got a great tan," Kyle stated.
Liz blushed, "Thanks."
"Kyle could you be any more rude?" Isabel asked throwing her arms around her brother.
Max hugged Isabel back like he'd hadn't seen her in years instead of a week. "We did have fun, but we missed you all a lot."
"Really?" Alex asked.
"Yeah, why would you think that we wouldn't miss you?" Liz asked.
"I don't know I guess I figured that you'd be so busy that you wouldn't notice our absence." Alex confessed.
"Of course we noticed your absence, I mean we were in paradise, but you guys weren't there to share it with us. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED IT, but it wasn't the same." Liz said.
They went to the baggage claim and grabbed their bags and headed towards the cars. Tess had the SUV and Isabel had the Jeep. Max and Liz went with Isabel and Alex, while Kyle, Michael, and Maria went with Tess. They were meeting at the Crashdown to catch up some more.
Max and Liz walked into the Crashdown and were greeted by many happy faces. Liz walked up to her parents and gave them each a hug. Max did the same with his parents and then they swapped. Liz hugged Max's parents and Max hugged Liz's. Amy and Jim stepped up next to hug the two and then the Whitman's walked up to them.
They spent the next couple of hours talking about the trip leaving out the details of what went on in their room. Liz explained about the dinner Max planned their last night causing "Awe's" from the girls. Michael rolled his eyes.
"Man you need to stop being so romantic, you're going to make the rest of us look bad," Michael teased.
"Hey it's not my fault, Liz brings out the best in me," he honestly replied.
It was getting late and since they were tired from the plane ride Max and Liz drove home. They pulled into the driveway of their new house and Max grabbed their bags. Liz unlocked the door and was about to walk through when Max stopped her.
"Uh-uh, you aren't crossing that threshold alone," he said dropping the luggage and picking her up.
Max carried a laughing Liz into the house. "Sometimes you are just too old-fashioned for your own good," she said.
He didn't reply he just set her down and ran outside to grab their stuff. He came back through the door and they walked around. Isabel, Maria, and Tess did a good job of picking out furniture for the house. They were very impressed. Of course with Isabel doing the decorating, the didn't expect anything less.
Max and Liz walked down the hallway towards the stairs. They wanted to find their bedroom and go to sleep. They entered the upstairs hallway and noticed all the doors. Max groaned. He was so tired that all he wanted to do was climb into bed, not look for the bedroom. Liz noticed a bow on one of the doors.
"Max, I think the door with the bow is our room. Come on," she said.
They walked down the hall and stopped outside the door.
"We figured you'd forget to ask which room was yours so we placed this nice bow and note for you. I hope you guys enjoy the house, Love, Tess." Liz read.
Max opened the door and Liz gasped. There was a king size bed in the room. 'Are our friends trying to tell us something?' Liz wondered.
'I don't know, I think so,' Max replied. 'Although right now I'm to tired to break the bed in, I just want to sleep.'
'I know me too,' she said walking towards the dressers.
Liz opened one of the drawer's and noticed her clothes along with Max's in there. "They brought our stuff over!"
Max walked over to her and peered into the drawer. "Yes, they did. Cool!"
They got dressed and climbed into bed wrapped in each other's arms. They fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows.

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Part 12:

Sunday went by in a blur for Max and Liz. Their friends and family came over to help them finish settling in. Isabel and Liz painted all the rooms with their powers. Maria and Tess helped straighten the rooms up, Michael fixed up the kitchen a bit, Alex set up their computer and the other electronic stuff, and Kyle helped Max outside. It was a very productive day. Diane and Nancy helped Liz set up the nursery. They were using Liz's old crib since Max never needed one, but they still had to go and buy another one. Diane gave them Max's old dresser and some of his blankets. Nancy brought some of Liz's baby stuff over, her toys and whatnot. After they were finished the room looked wonderful. It just needed one more crib.
They took a break at lunch time and Michael whipped up some really good Mexican food. He didn't make it too spicy since the parents and Maria, Alex, or Kyle didn't like spicy things. Liz poured Tabasco Sauce on her tacos and took a big bite. Maria gaped at her...she only put Tabasco on certain things, but lately it's been getting to be more and more stuff.
"What?" Liz asked her.
"Oh nothing, it's just your craving for Tabasco is getting bigger," Maria replied.
"I know, but I can't help it. It really does make everything taste better," she said.
Max laughed at this. After lunch the parents went home leaving the teens to hang out. They watched movies for the rest of the evening and headed to the Crashdown for dinner. Everyone decided to head home early that night because the next day would be Max and Liz's first day back as a married couple. They were all expecting trouble.

Maria, Michael, Alex and Isabel were the first to arrive at school. They waited patiently for Max and Liz. Tess and Kyle showed up next.
"Sorry we're a little late, Kyle here took forever to get ready," Tess said.
"Hey, I resent that," Kyle said. "If you hadn't taken forever in the shower, I would have been ready on time."
Tess rolled her eyes at him and continued her conversation with Maria and Isabel.
Five minutes later Max walked in holding Liz's hand. They looked happy but cautious. 'I hope everything goes all right today,' Liz said.
'It will, and if you need me, just call. I'll make an excuse to leave class and find you,' Max told her.
They walked up to their friends and exchanged Good Mornings. Everyone looked around the hallway waiting for someone to say something. No one did for a good ten minutes. Everyone started to visibly relax and breathe a sigh of relief.
"Well, well, well, if it isn't Max Evans and Liz Parker. Where have you two been all week?" Pam Troy's annoying voice called.
"Ugh!" Maria groaned.
"I hope you weren't too sick Lizzie dear," Pam said in a strained sugary voice.
"Oh, I wasn't sick. Not in the least," Liz said smiling up at Max.
He pulled her closer to him placing a kiss on top of her head. Pam visually blanched. Maria caught this and couldn't hold her tongue any longer.
"Why don't you go and get a life? Max is never going to notice you in the way you want him to! He's in LOVE with Liz, get over it already!" Maria yelled.
"Look, DeLuca! No one asked you anything so keep your freaking mouth SHUT!" Pam yelled back.
"What do you want Pam," Max asked annoyed trying to hold Michael back.
"I just wanted to make sure you and Liz were all right. We missed you last week," Pam said sweetly in her glory because Max has spoken to her.
"We are fine, I can assure you. We were on a small vacation of sorts," Max replied.
"Together? Did you parents know?" Pam asked.
"Yes, they knew, they sent us on the vacation," Liz replied.
"Oh," was all Pam could say.
Max reached for Liz's hand again and Pam noticed the engagement ring on her finger. She turned pale.
"Pam are you feeling all right? Do you need to go to the nurse?" Liz asked noticing her pale skin tone.
"Huh? No, I'm fine. YOU ARE ENGAGED?!" she exclaimed.
"No, we're married. We've been engaged since the summer," Max said.
"How? What? When?" Pam stuttered.
Just then the bell rang. Maria and Michael were never so happy to get to class. They all walked away leaving Pam standing there gaping. She still couldn't believe it. All her hopes for winning Max Evans were going down the drain.
'Well, if I can't have Max Evans, I'll make sure Liz's time with him is short!' she swore to herself. 'I don't know what I can do, but I'll make sure they pay for this!'
Liz got a couple of looks from other students when her name was called during roll, but that was it. No one else seemed to have the nerve to give her grief about being Mrs. Liz Evans now. One girl who sat next to her in her English class couldn't help but ask her a few questions though.
"Are you really married to Max Evans?" the girl Cindy asked.
"Yes, we got married last week," Liz answered smiling at the memory.
"Well, you look really happy! This is really exciting. I assume you're parents were ok with this? Or are you both 18 already?" Cindy questioned.
"No, our parents planned the whole thing. They understood completely how much we love one another," Liz answered honestly.
"That's so cool. Ok, I'm sorry to have bothered you, I was just really curious since the teacher called Liz Evans, and I knew your last name was Parker. I didn't know if the rumors were true or not!" Cindy said turning her attention back to the teacher.
Liz smiled. Sometimes the people in this town were just so weird. Although, that shouldn't surprise her because it is Roswell.
Liz met Max at her locker. They were meeting everyone in the Quad for lunch. The day seemed to be dragging so far. After lunch Max and Liz had Advanced Bio together, so they got to see each other for a while. This being separated was getting worse. It was as if they didn't want to be apart for more then five minutes at a time, so having to sit through 40 minute classes was torture.
They were the first to arrive at the table so they waited patiently for their friends. Pam was sitting with her people across the Quad, shooting daggers into Liz's back. She really hated Liz Parker, oh wait it's Liz Evans now. 'Well, Liz Evans, you will get yours don't you worry about that!' she thought.
Michael and Maria came in next followed closely by Tess and Kyle. They joined them at the table and began eating lunch. Max pulled a small bottle of Tabasco Sauce out of his bag and poured some on his and Liz's food. She smiled up at him and Maria wrinkled her nose.
"I don't know man, if I'm going to crave that stuff, I don't know if I ever want children," Maria stated.
"You grow to love it Maria, I swear," Liz answered.
Michael looked at his girlfriend with hurt eyes. Maria looked up and noticed this before he could mask it. 'Don't worry Space Boy, for you I'd endure anything,' she assured him.
He smiled and took a bite of his sandwich. Isabel and Alex came running through the Quad at that moment.
"Hey Izzy, Alex," Max said.
Isabel shot her brother a look. "It's really not what you think. We just got stopped by a mob of girls asking if you and Liz were really married. News sure spreads fast around this place," Isabel said.
"Yeah I know. Some girl in my English class was asking me all these questions about if I was really married, and if our parents Oked it. It was so strange. It's also really strange to hear my name being called during roll as Liz Evans. I have to get used to that," Liz confessed.
"Yes, you do, Mrs. Evans," Max whispered to her.
The gang enjoyed a fun and peaceful lunch. They got a couple of stares but they didn't let it bother them. As soon as she was finished with her lunch, Max pulled Liz onto his lap. She snuggled close to him and rested her head on his shoulder.
"I'm really tired, I could so use a nap right now," Liz said.
Everyone laughed. This pregnancy was taking its toll on her. It would have been bad enough carrying one, but to be carrying two, was very draining on her.
The bell rang signaling the end of lunch. They all said their good-byes for now. In two periods they all had gym. Liz had gotten a note saying that she couldn't play because of her delicate condition, but she was allowed to sit in the gym and watch. She asked the teacher if she could instead of going to a study hall saying that she needed her friends close. The teacher didn't care as long as she didn't disrupt the class.
Max and Liz went to Advanced Bio and took their seats. They were lab partners again so they sat together. The teacher walked in and smiled at them. She really liked those two and was happy that the school board didn't give them grief about being married. She began calling roll.
"Max Evans?" she called.
"Here," Max answered.
"Liz Evans?" she called again smiling.
"Here," Liz replied with her own smile.
Their teacher passed out their lab assignment after explaining what was to be done on the board. Max and Liz set about getting the Lab done. They had this period and tomorrow's class to finish it up, but they didn't want to be too far behind. Tomorrow they had to stay after school to make up the lab from last week so they wanted to make sure this one was finished. If they finished it today, they could work on last weeks in class tomorrow.
There was five minutes left to class and they were almost finished. They just had to wait for the thing to boil and they'd be done. 'You know, it's times like these I wish we could use your powers and heat the damn thing up,' Liz said.
'Yeah, tell me about it,' Max said.
Their lab was finished with 30 seconds to spare. They were very excited. Max handed it to the teacher. She looked impressed that they had finished it already. She knew it could be done in one class period, but usually it took two.
"Are you sure everything is correct? Do you want to hold on to it until tomorrow to check?" She asked.
"No, we know it's all right." Max said.
"Ok," she replied taking the lab from him.
Max smiled and headed back to his seat. He grabbed his books and threw them in his bag just as the bell rang. He took Liz's hand and led he out of the room. He walked her to her next class and kissed her cheek. They didn't want to really flaunt their relationship in school. It was already uncomfortable enough for some teacher so they didn't want to make matters worse. Other couples did worse, hell they've done worse. Max walked a couple of doors down to his class, and promised to be standing outside her door before she got out.
The class dragged for them both. They couldn't wait for gym, where everyone was together. The bell finally rang the Max sprinted to Liz's class room. She was just walking out the door when he got there. She shot him a smile, as promised he was standing there, a little out of breath, but standing there nonetheless.
They walked to gym after putting their books away and grabbing whatever they had for homework. Gym was their last class of the day, so they would get changed and leave school. That was the only really good thing about this year other then having Bio together. Max let go of her hand outside the girls locker room and headed to his own to get changed. Lis walked inside and sat next to Maria, Tess, and Isabel. They got dressed and walked down to the gym. Pam was following close behind trying to find out any information she could to use against Liz, but they talked about nothing in particular. Just stupid things like work, and what they were doing later.
Liz took her position on the bleachers and waited for the class to start. They were playing Basketball again. Kyle was excited since he plays for the Varsity team still, they had a game tonight and everyone was going so he figured he could practice a bit during gym. Max was a really good player and the coach always tried to get him to join, but he told him it wasn't his thing. He just liked to play for fun.
The game had begun and Maria had the ball. She was dribbling down the court and passed it to Max, who made a nice 3 point shot. Michael glared at him and Max just laughed. Michael had the ball now and passed it to Kyle who also made a 3 pointer. Liz had to go to the bathroom so she started to get up.
She let out a scream and clutched her head in pain falling to the floor. Max wasn't too far away from her so he sprinted over and caught her before she hit the floor.
"Liz? Liz! Come on baby open your eyes!" Max pleaded.
"Max? What's wrong with her?" Isabel asked.
"I don't know," he said.
Max kept her cradled close to his chest stroking her hair.

Kivar and Nicholas sitting in the desert with their army. Max holding onto Liz's hand tightly not letting her go. Energy blasts being thrown, Maria falling to the ground. Liz screamed.

Liz bolted upright screaming.
"MARIA!!! NO!!!!!" she screamed.
"Liz babe, I'm right here, calm down," Maria said.
Liz looked at her best friend and pulled her down to embrace her.
"Oh God it was awful. It was happening again. You were the first one down this time though," Liz said crying.
She let go of Maria and clung to Max. He looked helplessly up at his friends. The entire gym class was gathered around them looking on in wonder.
"What are we going to do Max," Liz cried into his chest. "I can't lose any of you!"
"I don't know, but we'll figure it out," he told her and turned to the teacher. "Can I just take her home, Please? There is only twenty minutes left of class, and instead of making her sit in the nurses office like this can I just bring her home?"
"Yeah, is she going to be all right?" the teacher asked.
"Yes, she'll be fine as soon as I get her out of here," Max said picking Liz up.
He cradled her in his arms and started walking to the doors. When he reached them he turned to his friends. "Can you guys bring our stuff home for us?"
"Yeah don't worry about it Max. We'll get it and come over as soon as school lets out," Michael told him.
"Thanks," Max said walking out the door with a still sobbing Liz.
He placed her in the jeep carefully and buckled her in. Then he climbed into the driver's seat and drove home. He pulled into the driveway and carried her inside going straight to their bedroom. He placed her on the bed and climbed in with her wrapping his arms around her. Liz clung to him still sobbing. She just couldn't stop. She continued to cry until she fell asleep.
Max breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't know if what she saw was a vision, since they had only gotten visions of the past or present, not the future, or if it was Kivar playing mind games with them. He planned to find out though.
Kivar looked over to Nicholas. "My plan is working. Now all we need to do is find someone who is willing to help us destroy the Royal couple."
"Well, I'll disguise myself and go into the school in a couple of days and see if I can find anyone who would be willing to help. They are pretty well liked as I understand so it could take me a couple of days, but I'll find someone." Nicholas said.
"Good, the sooner we destroy Max, the sooner I will be the true ruler of Seria." Kivar told him laughing evilly.

Part 13:
Michael grabbed Max's stuff from the bench and he, Alex, and Kyle walked out to the parking lot. Maria, Isabel, and Tess were already there waiting for them. Maria had Liz's stuff in the back seat of the Jetta, and Michael threw Max's stuff in before climbing into the driver's seat. Maria was in no condition to drive. Tess, Kyle, Isabel, and Alex climbed into the SUV and they followed Michael to the house.
Isabel used her powers to open the door not wanting to disturb Liz if she was sleeping. Liz woke up and lifted her head from Max's shoulder.
"Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle, Maria, and Michael are here. We should go downstairs," she told Max.
"How do you know that they are here?" Max asked.
"I got a vision of them opening the door. I can sense them as well as the enemy, it's my special power," Liz stated.
"Yeah, but you usually get a pain," Max said confused.
"True, but after Marcus took our parents, I stopped getting pains when I got a vision. That dream didn't hurt, I was just upset that Nicholas was alive and plotting with Kivar. Today was the first time I had gotten a pain in a long time," Liz told him.
"Then that just confirms my idea that the vision you saw wasn't real, it was planted in your head," Max said.
"Well, we don't know for sure, but it seems like a plausible argument," Liz agreed. "Now, let's get downstairs."
Max and Liz walked down the stairs hand in hand. Their friends looked up at them as they walked down. Liz looked a little better. She seemed to have calmed down considerably and seemed to have an inner peace about her.
"I figured Liz would be sleeping by now," Isabel said.
"I was almost asleep but I saw you guys walking in. Let me explain before you bombard me with questions. I cannot only sense our enemy's but all of you as well. I saw Isabel opening the door and told Max we had to come down. He asked how I knew, and I said I got a vision. He then stated that I didn't get a pain this time, and I said I hadn't been getting pains since after Marcus took our parents." Liz explained.
"So then what about today in gym?" Maria asked.
"Well, I'm assuming that Kivar planted that in her head and that's why she was in excruciating pain, and collapsed." Max told his friends.
"That guy is so going to pay. Nobody hurts one of my best friends and gets away with it!" Alex exclaimed.
"So what do we do now?" Tess asked.
"Well, we've got to figure out where they are and what they are planning to do. I don't know how we are going to do that, but I have a feeling that this vision isn't the last one we are going to see from Kivar. Maybe Liz will get a natural one and not be in pain next time. I just wish I had more answers," Max confessed.
"Max you are doing the best you can, and let me tell you, I'd hate to be in your shoes right now. I mean I used to want to be in charge, but now, I'll settle for being the second in command," Michael said.
"So we just go about our lives, yet always looking behind us, and wait for Kivar?" Kyle asked.
"Yeah something like that. Always be cautious of who's around. If anyone new comes around be suspicious of them, but try and act normal so they don't know you're on to them. Everyone is suspect." Max said.
Everyone agreed and they all pulled out their homework. Isabel called her mom and said she'd be home later, that she was doing homework with Max and Liz. Maria called her mom and said she was with Liz and would be home later. Kyle, Tess, and Alex didn't need to call anyone because no one was home yet. They all got started on their work, and everyone was finished by dinner time. Michael ordered pizza's and they sat around watching TV while waiting for the pizza.
They ate in the kitchen all the while laughing at Alex. He was trying his best to get everyone to stop thinking about what was going on in their lives, and it seemed to be working.
"Alex, I think you should be a comic," Liz said laughing hysterically.
"Yeah, I have to agree with Liz. You are a riot man," Kyle agreed.
"Yup, he's my adorable clown, and I wouldn't change it for a minute," Isabel said smiling at him.
Alex smiled back taking a bow. He joined everyone at the table and finished his pizza.
The gang left after dinner to give Max and Liz some alone time. Liz just needed Max to hold her. She knew deep in her heart that the vision wasn't real. That was not going to happen again, no one was going to die, but she just needed Max's strength.
Tess dropped off Alex first. Isabel gave him a kiss good-bye and when he was inside Tess pulled away heading towards the Evans' house. Isabel climbed out of the car and walked through the front door. It still seemed weird to her that Max wouldn't be in his room, and that she was alone in the house.
Tess pulled away from the curb and headed back to the Valenti house. She pulled the SUV in the driveway and she and Kyle hopped out. They walked to the front door and Kyle unlocked it. Everything was dark in the house which meant that his dad was either asleep or at work. Tess walked into the kitchen to get a drink and saw a note on the fridge.
"Kyle, your dad left us a note," she said pouring a glass of cherry coke.
"What's it say?" he asked.
"Kyle and Tess, I'll be out of town for a couple of days. Amy and I decided to take a little vacation to Las Vegas. We'll be back on Saturday. Don't get into any trouble, and I'll see you then. Love dad, & sheriff," she read.
"Oh man, Vegas??? I hope they don't do anything drastic, I don't know if I could handle Maria as a stepsister," Kyle said.
"I think it's really sweet. He and Amy deserve to be happy, although if they did get married it could cause a big problem, where would I go? I mean Amy and Maria would have to move in here...I guess I could live with Isabel, Max doesn't need his room anymore. Although it would need to be changed, the color does nothing for me, and it smells like him, so I'd have to fix that too," Tess rambled.
Kyle leaned down and kissed her. He couldn't take any more of her rambling, she was driving him nuts. He so did not want to this about his father and Ms. DeLuca. It was just too weird.
Tess was taken by surprise, but soon melted into the kiss. Hey they were going to be alone for days, why not make the best of it since they didn't know what the situation was going to be after Saturday. Tess wrapped her arms around Kyle and held him closely to her. She tried to get as close to him as possible.
Kyle wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her fully against him. He didn't care if she could feel how excited he was, she put him in that state so he figured she should know. Tess smiled against his lips knowing that she had put Kyle in this state.
She pulled away from his lips to get some air, and whispered in his ear, "Lets go to my room."
The surprise was evident on Kyle's face. "Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm positive. I've wanted you since the first day I saw you, granted at the time I thought I was supposed to be in love with Max, so the feelings I had for you were confusing to say the least, but I have wanted you for so long. Please, I can't wait any longer," she confessed.
"I've wanted you as long as you've wanted me, believe me. I just want to make sure that you are positive," Kyle told her.
She didn't answer him instead she grabbed onto his hand and lead him to the bedroom. He knew her answer after that moment. She closed the door behind them and dropped Kyle's hand. She was a little nervous now, not really sure what to do.
Kyle could sense her nervousness and tried to calm her fears. He strode up to her slowly and cupped her face looking into her eyes. She met his gaze and saw love and desire pouring from them. Her look matched his and he lowered his head and kissed her. It wasn't hard or demanding, instead it was full of love and understanding. Tess opened her mouth instinctively and silently asked him to deepen the kiss. He obliged and started to deepen the kiss. It took both of their breaths away, the amount of passion that they each held for one another.
Kyle started backing up towards the bed. His hands where caressing Tess's back. Her hands were in his hair keeping his mouth fastened to hers. He felt the bed behind his legs and turned them around. He gently laid Tess on the bed removing his mouth reluctantly from hers.
Tess met his eyes and wondered why he stopped kissing her. She didn't have to wait long for an answer though because he started kissing her neck. The sensation was felt like her body was on fire. She arched her head back giving him more access to her throat. He flicked his tongue across her pulse point and felt her pulse quicken. His hands were holding the edge of her shirt and he started pulling it up. He needed to taste more of her.
Tess lifted her back up so he could pull the shirt over her head. He threw it on the floor and was about to continue kissing her newly exposed skin. Before his lips touched her skin he felt her tugging at his shirt. He removed his hands from her and let her pull his shirt over his head.
Even though she had seen him without his shirt on before it seemed different this time. He was very muscular and seemed so strong. She ran her hands over his arms and chest. When her hands reached his abdomen he sucked in his breath. She raised an eyebrow and did it again. His breath caught in his throat and his eyes clouded over with desire. 'Now I know how Max and Liz feel,' he thought.
He bent down and tasted Tess's skin. She tasted like vanilla, and roses. He couldn't get enough. He moved his kisses down until he reached her breasts. He looked up at her asking permission and she reached behind her unclasping her bra. He pulled it off her and got his first view of this beautiful woman.
"You are so perfect," he told her causing her to blush.
Kyle took her breast into his mouth, and began suckling. Tess moaned and arched her back trying to get more of her into his mouth. 'This is how Liz must feel, I definitely know why she can't keep her hands off Max,' she thought.
Kyle swirled his tongue around her nipple eliciting another moan from Tess. He moved his mouth over to the other breast giving it the same loving.
Tess's hands weren't still, she was running her hands over his back and chest finally stopping at his waist. She searched for the button on his pants. Finally finding it she undid it and reached her hand into his pants and fondled him.
"Oh God Tess!" Kyle called out.
Her hand stopped. She wasn't sure if she did something wrong. Kyle sensed her fear and reassured her.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you afraid. It's just that felt so good, I couldn't help my reaction."
"Oh, I thought I did something wrong. You like this?" she asked moving her hand again.
Kyle grunted, "Yeah, that feels really good," he added through clenched teeth.
'Two can play at this game,' he thought. He slid his hand up her skirt and rubbed his fingers against her core through her panties.
Tess gasped. "MMMM...Kyle," was all she could say.
Kyle took that as encouragement to go on. He took her skirt and panties off, then took off his jeans. He left his boxers on because he wasn't sure how far she really wanted to go. Tess noticed his underwear still on and took them off. Kyle looked at her and she just smiled.
Kyle inserted a finger into her center and Tess moaned. She was so hot and wet, it amazed him. Tess's hand closed around him again and she began to stroke him with slow steady strokes.
Kyle had two fingers pumping in and out of her center and his thumb found her nerve cluster. He touched it causing Tess to jump and cry out. Her orgasm was hard and fast. Her walls tightened around his fingers and she shook. It felt like tiny explosions going off in her body. She clung to Kyle's shoulders trying to calm herself down. As the last waves subsided she looked up at him in wonder.
"That was amazing, but Kyle, I need to feel you inside me, please?" she asked.
Kyle reached into the bedside table and pulled out a condom. She looked at him and he smiled.
"Hey, this used to be my room you know, I was always prepared, although I never needed one before," he told her.
He rolled the condom on and positioned himself over her. "Tess this going to hurt, I don't know..." he started saying.
Tess grabbed his rear with her hands and pushed him forward while bringing her hips up off the bed. She cried out when he broke through the barrier that held her innocence, but still held him close.
He didn't move in fear of hurting her more. He looked down at her with teary eyes. Tess noticed this and kissed his tears away.
"I knew it was going to hurt Kyle, but you are the only person I wanted to take my innocence, so I was willing to risk the pain. Besides it doesn't hurt anymore," she told him moving her hips to emphasize her words.
He could feel her moving under him and decided to see if it would be all right for him to move. He withdrew out of her until his head was the only thing inside of her and then he plunged back into her. He keep these slow steady strokes up for a while. Tess kept moaning and begging him to go faster.
Finally Kyle began moving faster as his need for her got to be more then he could handle. She met his thrusts with her own. Kyle knew that he was nearing his limit, but wanted Tess to be along side him when he came so he reached between them and stroked her nerve cluster. He felt her walls tightening around him and he was brought over the edge. He kept pumping into her as they road out their orgasms. After he was spent the started to collapse on her but held himself over her with the last of strength.
He kissed her gently. 'That was amazing,' the thought.
'Yes, it was, I never expected it to feel like that!' she answered him.
He looked at her. "Oh my God, I totally forgot that we would be connected completely now. I can hear you in my head!" he exclaimed excitedly.
Tess smiled and kissed him again. Kyle rolled over and took off the used condom. He threw it in the garbage next to his bed and then pulled Tess close to him. She rested her head on his chest and they fell asleep in one another's arms.

Part 14:

Max held Liz close to him knowing that all she needed right now was comfort. She was still shaking from the thought of the vision, but she was beginning to get better. The shaking started shortly after everyone left, she just couldn't stop thinking about this afternoon.
"Max?" she asked.
"Yeah?" he replied.
"Do you really think that Kivar planted that vision in my head? Are you almost positive that it wasn't the future?" she questioned in a small voice.
"Well, I'm pretty sure that my stupid cousin had something to do with it. I mean logically, you've only had visions of the present, and the past. Now, that doesn't mean that you can't have visions of the future, but it hasn't happened yet, so I'm going to assume that this was Kivar induced," Max tried to reassure her.
She didn't say anything for a while just thinking over what Max had said. After thinking about it for a while she came to the conclusion that Max was correct. She could feel it in her heart, but her head was having a hard time coming to terms with it.
“I know that you are right, my heart feels it too. I don’t think that we are going to go down like that again, but my head just won’t listen,” she confessed.
“Just try not to think about it and get some sleep,” Max told her.
She leaned up to kiss him goodnight. The kiss quickly deepened since their passion was close to insatiable. Max pulled back from the kiss knowing that Liz wasn’t ready for this tonight. She just needed to relax and she needed to be held. She didn’t need him attacking her. Liz sighed at the loss of his lips but knew that tonight she just wanted him to hold her, so she silently thanked him.
She rested her head back onto his chest and slowly drifted off into sleep. Max stayed awake a while longer just stroking her hair. He prayed that she wouldn’t have any nightmares about the vision this afternoon. The sound of Liz breathing lulled him to sleep.

Liz was sitting on a blanket in a meadow. She looked around trying to figure out where she was. It was so different from Roswell, instead of everything being red or brown like the desert, everything was a lush green. She smiled at its beauty. Max came walking towards her holding their children. A little boy who had his father’s hair and ears, and his mother’s eyes, and a girl who had Liz’s hair color and ears, and Max’s amber colored eyes.
He sat down next to Liz on the blanket and placed their daughter in her lap. Liz smiled down at her and then looked up at Max. The love radiating from his eyes was incredible. She leaned in and he met her halfway. They kissed, forgetting about everything in the world, just loving one another. The kiss quickly got out of hand, and their children laughed up at them. Liz pulled away from Max and blushed. He laughed and picked his son up and swung him in the air.

Liz murmured in her sleep and rolled closer to Max. The alarm clock buzzed causing her to bolt upright in bed. Max reached over and shut it off. He looked over at Liz and almost laughed. She had a stunned expression on her face.
‘What a wonderful dream,’ he thought.
‘Really? What dream did you have? I had a really good one too,’ Liz asked.
‘Well we were in some meadow having a picnic and I carried our children over to you and everything was perfect. Our daughter looked just like you,’ Max said.
‘And our son looked just like you. He even had your ears, although our daughter had your eyes,’ Liz stated.
‘You had the same dream as me?’ Max asked.
‘Yes, I did. It was wonderful!’ she exclaimed.
Max climbed off the bed and picked her up. He swung her around and gently placed her on the floor. They walked into the bathroom together and brushed their teeth. Max regulated the shower to the perfect temp and undress Liz. She climbed into the shower. Max followed her in and enveloped her in his arms. She gasped not expecting him to jump in with her.
Max placed little kisses on her neck and collarbone. Liz turned around to face him and pressed her lips to his. She opened her mouth asking him to deepen the kiss. He didn’t need to be asked twice.
‘Please Max, I need you so much, take me now!’ Liz demanded.
Max turned them around so he could hold her against the wall. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Max reached between them to make sure she was ready for him.
He was not entirely surprised that she was. He guided his erection to her entrance and plunged into her. She let out a loud moan at the contact. He started pumping with slow steady strokes but Liz wanted more. She kept sending him pictures of her in ecstasy to make him lose control. It worked because he began pumping into her with wild abandon. She needed this, the possessive love making, he was claiming her as his at this moment, and that is exactly what she wanted. She met his thrusts as best she could, and they reached their peaks together. Liz let out a scream as her orgasm overtook her and Max grunted against her. He pumped into her until they were both spent.
“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” he asked.
“Did what?” she asked innocently.
“Made me lose control,” he stated.
“Yes. I needed you to make love to me as if you were branding me. I just wanted it to be primal,” she confessed blushing.
“Don’t be embarrassed, I liked it. I just might have to lose control more often!” he teased.
Max handed her the shampoo and they began to wash up for school. Liz still wasn’t really showing and could still fit in her clothes, she knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before she had to go out and buy new clothes because with carrying twins, she was bound to blow up. As it was she was eating almost as much as Max, and he could eat.
Max kept telling her that it was cute and not to worry, but no matter how strong their love was, Liz was still afraid to become fat. What if he didn’t want to look at her when she got big? She didn’t think that she could handle that.
Max could sense what she was thinking, and he sent her a picture. In it she was heavy with child, and Max was looking at her with more love radiating from his eyes then ever. He promised her that no matter how big she got, he would never get sick of looking at her, besides, those were his children she was giving life to. And he loved her more and more everyday.
They climbed out of the shower dried off. Max walked into the room to get dressed. Liz stayed in the bathroom and dried her hair. When she was finished she headed back to the room to get dressed. She passed Max on the way, and they shared a little kiss. She was almost finished putting on her shoes when he emerged from the bathroom. They grabbed their stuff and headed out the door.
“Don’t forget we have to stop at my parents to drop off the plans,” Liz said.
“I know. You do know that your mom is going to make us stay for breakfast don’t you?” Max asked.
“Yeah, I know, that’s why I didn’t eat anything this morning. Today is Tuesday, so we’ll have to come back for dinner too. We are still going to your parent’s for dinner on Thursday right?” she asked.
“Yeah, that was a agreement we made with them. They wanted to make sure that they saw us, like we wouldn’t visit them. I mean you are still working at the Crashdown so your parents will still see you, but I understand, they want quality time with us, so yes. Every Tuesday we eat with your folks, and every Thursday we eat with mine. Isabel is really happy about this too, although I can almost guarantee that Alex will be joining us for most dinners at my parent’s house.” Max said.
They pulled into a parking spot in front of the Crash, and jumped out. Max held the door open for Liz. She said hello to the waitresses, and they headed to the back room. Max followed Liz up the stairs. She knocked on the door thinking about how strange it was to knock on the door of the home she used to live in.
Her father opened the door and let them in. He kissed his daughter’s cheek and shook Max’s hand.
“Come on in to the kitchen I’ve got breakfast ready for you,” Nancy called.
“Your mom has been cooking for the past half hour, she was so excited that you were coming over,” Jeff said.
Liz laughed and shook her head. ‘That sounds like mom.’
Jeff led Max and Liz to the kitchen and sat down at the table. Max sat next to Liz and Nancy placed breakfast in front of them. She made eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Max was surprised to see Tabasco Sauce on the table. He looked up at his mother-in-law questioningly. She smiled at him.
“I know you like that stuff on your food, I’ve been watching you eat for months now, and Liz has been eating it more and more too,” Nancy said.
Max and Liz poured the Tabasco on their food, and put some in their juice and began to eat. When Max was finished he handed Mr. Parker the plans that the needed to drop off.
Jeff looked them over and nodded his head. “This is all the details that you want on them?” he asked.
“Yes, I don’t know how I remembered them all, but I did. Our daughter’s crib designs are on the second page. They are a little different. Are you sure you’ll be able to do them?” Liz asked.
“Yeah, it’ll be no problem. I used to make all your cribs, rocking horse, and things like that. It’s been a while since I worked with wood, but I’ll be able to do it. Don’t worry about that. They’ll be ready by the time the babies are born. Besides Jim Valenti is going to help me too,” Jeff said.
The kids nodded their heads and grabbed their stuff. They said good-bye promising to come back for dinner and headed to school. They pulled into the parking lot and hopped out of the jeep.
Max walked Liz to her locker to drop off her homework and grab her books for first period. They were just about to head to Max’s locker when Pam Troy showed up.
“Well, well, well. Lizzie, it seems that motherhood is agreeing with you so far. You look radiant, but we’ll see how you fair in a few months when you’re as big as a house,” Pam taunted.
“Well, I wasn’t really expecting to stay small Pam. I mean I am carrying twins,” Liz replied.
Pam glared at her realizing that this didn’t affect her. “You must be a little worried that Max’s eyes will wonder when you’re huge, aren’t you?” Pam asked.
Liz almost flinched. “I will look at Liz with more love then you could ever imagine Pam. She might get big, but that’s only because my children are growing inside of her, and for her brining them life I will love her all the more.” Max said.
Pam realized that she couldn’t get to Liz this way so she decided to give up for now. “Well, I’ve got to go. I will see you two later. Oh and Liz, I hope you are feeling better after what happened in gym yesterday,” Pam said.
Liz went pale at the mention of gym and Pam looked at her with a smug expression on her face. ‘Well at least I got her with something. I’ll have to keep this in mind. Just mention Gym, and little Miss Parker will blanch!’ she thought excitedly.
Max glared at Pam and pulled Liz close to him. ‘She looks so damned smug. I with I could smack that look off her face,’ he thought.
Liz laughed against his chest. ‘That sounded a little like an Alex, or even a Michael comment,’ she said.
‘Yeah I guess it did,’ Max agreed. Liz looked up at him and smiled.
Pam decided that it was time for her to leave before they got all mushy and gross. She walked past them brushing against Max as she went.
‘Damn it why won’t she get it through her thick skull that I don’t, nor will I ever, want the likes of her?’ Max asked frustrated.
‘Because love, she likes you and is used to getting what she wants. Besides she’s a bitch,’ Liz told him.
They walked to Max’s locker and met up with everyone. They all got there at the same time.
Maria noticed Liz’s pale features and wondered what was wrong with her.
“Liz babe, what’s up? You look like hell.” Maria asked.
“We had a little run in with the devil,” Max said.
“Ok, what did Pam say to you?” Maria asked.
“Well, she mentioned Gym. I know I’m going to get lots of questions about it, but I wasn’t expecting them to come so early, and I freaked out. I promise I’m fine,” Liz said.
Maria nodded her head excepting her answer. She looked at Michael and smiled. ‘Michael please keep and eye on her when you have classes with her. You two have like two classes alone, and I want to make sure she’s all right,’ Maria said.
‘I will, I promise. I’m worried about her too. Although I’m sure Max will be checking up on her in every class, but all the same, if anything happens I’ll be there with her,’ he assured his girlfriend.
Tess turned to Kyle and asked him to keep an eye on Liz too. ‘Kyle when you and Liz are in history, please make sure that Pam leaves her alone,’ Tess pleaded.
‘I will, and the same goes for you and computer class. I know Pam is in there with you, and if she says anything to Liz let me know. I just might hit the bitch myself,’ Kyle said.
‘Oh you won’t have to, I’ll knock her block off,’ Tess said.
‘Alex, honey I know, that Kyle is in your history class as well as Liz, and Pam. Please keep an eye on her. If Pam says anything else to Liz, I’m going to give that girl such nightmares, she won’t know what hit her,’ Isabel said.
‘I will, and when you two are in English let me know if anything happens. I know Pam’s not in that class with you, but some of her cronies are, and I want to know if they bother Liz. I’ll definitely give them a reason to leave her alone,’ Alex vowed.
Liz watched her friends all-talking to one another in their heads. She knew that they were talking about her; all asking each other too look out for her. She smiled, it was nice to know that they all worried about her, but it was a little annoying too. She was a big girl and could take care of herself. That’s when she noticed Kyle and Tess communicating without words.
“Oh my God! You two…why didn’t you say anything? When did this happen!” Liz exclaimed.
Everyone turned their attention to Liz. Maria noticed who she was looking at.
“Holy cow! They finally joined the ranks! Woo-hoo!” Maria yelled.
“Maria, shut up! Man, I don’t want the whole school to know. Geez,” Kyle said.
Tess laughed. “It happened yesterday after we dropped Isabel off. We got home and found a note from the sheriff. He and Amy went to Vegas for the week; they’ll be back on Sunday. Kyle’s a little nervous about what they will be doing there,” Tess said.
“Oh man, my mom and Jim! They are in Vegas! Please don’t let them come back married. No offense Kyle, I really like you and your dad, I’m just not ready to be related to you just yet,” Maria said.
Everyone laughed. “Don’t worry Maria, that was my initial reaction too!” Kyle said.
The bell rang and everyone went their separate ways. Max kissed Liz and told her to call him if she needed anything. She promised that she would and she walked to her class.

Kivar looked at Nicholas. “So when are you joining our Royals in school?”
“Tomorrow. I hate this. I wish I didn’t look so damned young on this godforsaken planet. School sucks!” Nicholas said.
“It’ll only be for a few days. All you need to do is find someone who will help us destroy Max and Liz. I know it’ll take a couple of days, but you’ll be able to do it. The royal couple will go down. Liz will rule with me, and Max will die! I will once and for all be the ruler of Seria,” Kivar said.
“What if she’s with child? The heir to the throne will be of his blood.” Nicholas said.
“Well, then I’ll just kill the child. No one buy my offspring will be the heir to the throne of Seria,” Kivar said.
“I will plant another vision in Liz’s head. One of the two of us together. She will soon realize what I can give to her, and what a weakling my cousin is,” Kivar stated.
“Well, I would wait a few days before giving her another vision. They might get suspicious, if they come too close,” Nicholas said.
“You’re right. I will wait, but she will be mine. I swear it,” Kivar said.

Part 15:

Liz sat in her first period class waiting for the bell to ring. Study hall, who needed study hall first period? Well she certainly didn’t but she got it anyway. Usually she kept some piece of homework to do while in class, but she forgot to yesterday. She made sure all her work was done so now she had nothing to do but sit.
“Mrs. Hatfield, can I use the ladies room?” Liz asked.
“Sure thing, here’s the pass,” Mrs. Hatfield said handing the wooden block over to Liz.
Liz walked out of the classroom and headed for the nearest bathroom. This was the only part about being pregnant that she despised. She always had to go to the bathroom. Liz walked into the restroom and headed for one of the stalls. She put a neat seat on the toilet seat because girls in high school didn’t know how to use them correctly. When Liz finished her business and was about to walk out of the stall she heard the door open.
“I don’t understand what he sees in her, I mean, she’s so plain and she’s got no personality,” Pam said.
“I know, you are so much prettier then she is. Maybe she’s a witch and put a spell on him,” Kathy, one of Pam’s cronies said.
“A witch? Girl you’ve been watching too many movies. There’s no such thing. I’ll tell you one thing though, she has bewitched him, and once I figure out how she did it, I’ll use the tactic myself and Max will be mine,” Pam vowed.
“I don’t understand why you want someone who clearly doesn’t want you?” Diana asked.
Liz was surprised to hear Diana’s voice in there with Pam’s and Kathy’s. Diana never hung with Pam or her group of friends. She was so nice, and to mix up with Pam, what was the girl thinking?
“He’s the hottest, most mysterious guy in school. Everyone is after him, and I intend to steal him away from Miss Parker, just to see her suffer. She will have to sit there while the father of her children looks lovingly at another woman, and not just any woman, ME!” Pam exclaimed.
“Well, not to sound bitchy or anything, but there is no way in hell that you are going to pull those two apart,” Diana said. “I mean look at the facts. They act like people who’ve known each other for lifetimes, I for one am a believer in soul mates, and Max and Liz are definitely soul mates. Even Tess couldn’t break them up when she moved here. I’m sorry to tell you Pam, but you aren’t going to be able to do it!” Diana finished walking out of the bathroom.
Liz had to smile in her stall at the gasping sound that Pam made. She couldn’t believe that someone had the audacity to say something like that to her.
“Let’s go Kathy, we’ve got to get back to class,” Pam said.
Pam and Kathy walked out the door and Liz came out of her stall. She knew that Mrs. Hatfield was probably going to be mad because she took so long, but she’ll just explain that it was pregnancy induced and everything will be all right.
Liz walked out of the bathroom and started to walk back to her study hall. Pam rounded the corner and almost knocked Liz down.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Miss Parker,” Pam said.
“Actually its Mrs. Evans now, so could you please stop calling me Miss Parker?” Liz asked.
“I know very well that it’s Mrs. Evans now. Everyone does. I know that you two were off on your honeymoon last week, while you weren’t in school. I’m not stupid, contrary to popular belief.” Pam said annoyed.
“What do you want Pam? I know you’ve got a reason for this little banter, so just spit it out,” Liz said.
“OOH someone’s grown some nerve. I thought your friends had to fight your battles for you,” she said snidely.
“Oh no, I can fight my own battles quite nicely actually. My friends just don’t think I should dirty my hands, especially with the likes of you,” Liz replied.
Pam was about to make a retort when she heard footsteps running down the hall. She and Liz both looked up to see Max and Michael running down the hall. Pam raised an eyebrow in question and Liz just kept looking at Max running to her.
He and Michael stopped right in front of them.
“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Michael asked trying to sound casual.
“Nothing. I was just heading back to study hall, what are you guys doing here?” Liz asked.
‘I’ll tell you later,’ Max said, ‘As soon as Pam leaves,’ he added.
‘Yeah, as soon as the pest leaves, we’ll explain,’ Michael said smiling.
Liz’s head shot up and she looked at Michael. ‘How can I hear you?’ she asked.
‘Well, I guess when your emotions are running rampant we can all hear and sense you,’ Isabel said.
‘Ok, this is too weird even for us,’ Maria said.
‘I’ve got to agree with Maria on this one, this just is too strange,’ Kyle agreed.
‘I think it’s got something to do with the fact that we’ve all bonded. We have finished the circle, and this must be an after affect. I think we should try to find Ava and ask her,’ Liz said.
Everyone agreed with her and they all tried to concentrate on their classes.
Pam just looked at Max, Michael, and Liz. It seemed like they were carrying a conversation in their heads, but that was impossible. No one can do that. Can they?
“We’ll, ah, finish this conversation later MISS PARKER,” Pam stressed.
“For the last time Pammy dear, its Mrs. Evans,” Liz replied calmly.
“Whatever,” Pam said stalking away.
“Ok, what the hell are you two doing running down here like mad men?” Liz asked.
“Well, I could feel your emotions going all crazy, and I just figured that you were either having another flash, or someone was upsetting you so I asked for a pass and ran down here. I passed Michael’s classroom and he was heading out the door as well. We talked on the way down here and he said he could feel you too! So we decided to high tail it down here faster, and here we are.” Max said.
“My knights in shining armor. I can take care of myself boys, you don’t need to rescue me all the time you know,” Liz teased.
“Liz, you and that babies are my first priority, so humor me ok?” Max asked.
“Fine, I’ll let you play the hero, but right now, I’ve got to get back to class. I’ve been gone for far to long as it is.” Liz said.
She reached up and kissed Max before he started to turn around, and she pulled Michael in for a quick hug. Max and Michael turned and headed back down the hallway to their classrooms hoping that the rest of the day went fine.

“Finally we can go home!” Maria yelled in the hallway after the last class of the day let out.
“Tell me about it. This morning was an emotional roller coaster. Thank goodness everything else went fine today,” Alex said.
“Yeah, but I still say we keep an eye on Liz from now on. I mean Kivar could try and give her another flash, or Pam could try and pull another stunt like today,” Tess said.
“I agree with Tess, we just need to protect Liz. No matter who the enemy is, whether it’s Kivar, Nicholas, or Pam,” Michael said.
All conversation ceased because Max and Liz were heading towards them. Everyone tried to look like they weren’t just talking about Liz, and they did a good job hiding it for the most part.
“What are you two doing tonight?” Maria asked.
“We’ve got dinner with my parents and then I think that we are just going to hang at home and relax,” Liz said.
“That sounds like a good idea, you need your rest,” Isabel said.
Everyone said good-bye and headed their separate ways. Max and Liz headed over to the Parkers to have diner and maybe get some homework done.

Later that evening while Max was finishing up a paper due the next day Liz was walking around the nursery. She was just bored waiting for Max to finish his work, when she was hit with a terrible head pain. Liz screamed before she fell to the floor. Max ran up the stairs as fast as he could and saw her lying on the floor clutching her head. He formed and instant connection to see what was wrong with her so he could try and help; although he had a feeling it was Kivar again.

Kivar holding Liz close to him, kissing her neck and murmured sweet nothings to her. Liz arching her neck back trying to get him closer, holding his head in place. Him trailing kisses down her body just reaching her perfect breasts before stopping. Liz groaning in disappointment when he doesn’t reach his destination.

Liz sat up screaming when the flash stopped. Max wrapped his arms around her trying to comfort her. She just kept trying to push him away thinking he was Kivar. She didn’t realize that the flashes had stopped; she only felt arms still around her.
“Liz, sweetness, it’s me Max. Please stop struggling, you might hurt our children,” Max pleaded.
What he was saying slowly penetrated her mind and she quieted down. “Why does he keep doing this to me Max? Why?” she asked in a voice sounding very much like a frightened child.
“I don’t know Liz, I don’t know. But I promise we will try to find Ava tomorrow.” Max said.
Just then there was a knock at the door. Max picked Liz up and carried her down the stairs so she wouldn’t be too far away.
“I’ve got to go and answer the door right now, but I’ll be back in just a second,” he assured her.
Liz reluctantly let go of his hand and let him answer the door. Max pulled the door open with his hand-raised ready to shield himself if it was an enemy. Instead he was staring into Ava’s worried eyes.
Max backed away from the door to let her in. She ran right over to Liz and the two embraced. Max sighed with relief until Ava looked at him again. He did not like the look of worry in her eyes. ‘What could she possibly have to say that can be that bad?’ he wondered.
“Oh there’s a lot you need to know, and not a lot of time to tell you. Call everyone over here, we’ve got a lot to discuss, and trust me, it’s not good!” Ava said.

Part 16:

Max came back into the living room after calling everyone. His parents were coming with Isabel, and they were picking up the Parker’s on their way over. Michael was going to pick up Maria, and Tess and Kyle were going to pick up Alex and his parents. Kyle said that he’d call his father’s cell phone after the meeting and give him the skinny on what was going down.
Max sat next to Liz on the couch and grabbed her hand. He felt like his world was falling apart. ‘This can’t be happening now, it just can’t be,’ he thought.
‘It is happening now Max, and I’m sorry. I somehow feel like it’s all my fault or something,’ Liz said.
‘Liz please, don’t blame yourself,’ Max told her. ‘I guess this was just destined to happen. There is nothing anyone could do to prevent it.’
Ava watched them communicate with one another. She knew that their bond was strong, she knew all their bonds were strong. Ava smiled at a memory.

//She was walking down the corridor in the Palace watching the Royal couple. They looked so happy, smiling and laughing with one another. She was a little envious of her friend because she always seemed to have the luck. She got to marry not only the most wonderful man on the planet, but the King. Just then Isabel and Alex walked into the room with Max and Liz. They shared a smile and had a private conversation in their heads. Isabel bent down and kissed the small bundle in Liz’s arms. Maria and Michael walked in next. They looked on with smiling eyes. Maria had a glow about her that only Michael could put on her face. Ava smiled at the scene in front of her and entered the room.
A new person walked in after her and shook hands with Max. She was curious about who this mysterious stranger was. With all the trouble that they’d been having with the Skins, she was surprised that Max would just welcome someone that they had never seen before. Michael was surprised too and raised a questioning eyebrow. Isabel and Liz seemed to be the only two in the room who didn’t suspect something.
“Please everyone calm down! I can feel all your emotions like they were my own. This is my Cousin Kyle. He came to congratulate Liz and I on our daughter. I invited him to stay with us for a while,” Max said.
Kyle handed Liz a present. “This is from my parents and myself. My mom and dad apologize for not being able to come themselves, but they had business to take care of,” Kyle said.
“That’s fine. I’m just really happy that you could come. Especially since you couldn’t make it for the wedding. It’s good to see you again,” Liz said taking the present.
She opened it and inside was a beautiful glass carved statue of the solar system. It glowed with a silver light casting beautiful shadows on the walls and ceiling.
Liz smiled her thanks at Kyle who returned it. He gave Isabel a hug and she introduced him to Alex, Maria, Michael and Ava. He smiled warmly at everyone but the moment his eyes landed on Ava his heart stopped beating. Ava knew this because hers did as well. She couldn’t breathe.
‘Wow, she is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on,’ Kyle thought.
Ava blushed, ‘Thank you,” she answered.
Kyle and she gasped. “OH MY!” Ava exclaimed.
Liz smiled. “You were right Max. How did you know that they’d hit it off right away?”
“I don’t know, I just did,” Max said smiling.//

Everyone was gathered in the living room by the time Ava came out of her thoughts. She looked around at everyone and smiled. They were all looking at her with concern.
“We were getting worried. Tess called your name like five times before you started to snap out of what ever trance you were in,” Maria said.
“I’m sorry, I was just thinking about how everything used to be. I can sense your bonds. I know you have all strengthened them since the last time we’ve met. You are all connected now. That is how I knew to come. The danger is close, and time is running out,” Ava said.
“Ok, I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but can we cut the cryptic talk, and cut to the chase?” Kyle asked.
Ava laughed. “You are very much like your old self. Always wanting the facts right away. That’s what I liked about you, and what I’m sure Tess found attractive about you too,” Ava said.
Tess blushed at Ava’s comment. It was weird to be in the same room with someone who shared you genetic makeup, and knew you so well. Tess was a little sad that she didn’t remember anything from her past like Ava did, but at the same time she was grateful because it must have been horrible knowing what happened to all of them in the past. Tess didn’t know if she could handle knowing all the gory details.
“As I was saying Kivar is close.” Ava stated.
“Yeah, that we know. He sent Liz a little message of them out in the desert somewhere,” Max said.
Ava looked shocked. “You are more powerful then I imagined your grace,” she said.
“I’m hoping that Kivar doesn’t realize that too soon. I will be able to sense his movement if he comes close. For some reason I’ve been able to get visions of the Skins attacks before they actually make them. I don’t know if it’s that my powers are so strong, or if it’s because of the babies,” Liz confessed.
“Well, you were always able to “See” but I’m sure it’s stronger because of your children,” Ava said.
“What do you mean she was always able to “See’?” Maria asked.
“Liz has always had the ability to see a battle before it happened. That is why I don’t understand why she couldn’t sense it on the day we were attacked. I don’t know if Kivar had gotten to someone on the inside somehow and managed to slip something into her food or drink to make her powers pretty much useless. I never understood that part. Max always had Liz with him in the planning room when he and Michael would discuss contingency plans because Liz would be able to sense the Skin’s next move. Kivar was furious because Max and Michael seemed to always be one step ahead of him. One day Liz and Maria went to see them on the battlefield. Max was furious. There was an attack that day. Liz knew about it and was trying to warn Max. She got there seconds before the attack started. She and Maria fought with Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle. They held the Skins off until some reinforcements came. Kivar noticed the Queen and King talking, and overheard a little, or so I’ve been told. Max asked Liz why she risked herself coming to him, and she said because she saw the attack, and if she hadn’t come he and Michael would have died,” Ava stated.
“So I’m guessing that after that Kivar wanted Liz for himself?” Alex asked.
“Yes. He thought she was beautiful. He would even send her love letters. She never read them, she would just throw them into the fireplace and burn them. I believe Kivar fancied himself in love with the Queen, and vowed to make her his,” Ava told them.
“Well he’s still trying to make Liz his. He sent her another vision tonight,” Max said.
“Oh Lizzie! I’m so sorry, that’s why I felt such pain,” Maria said throwing her arms around her best friend.
“What did he make you see Liz?” Alex asked.
“He made me see the two of us in an impassioned embrace,” Liz said shuddering.
“I swear I’m going to kill that bastard!” Michael swore. “But back to the whole danger thing again. What brought you here really?”
“Kivar is close to the Granolith. I don’t think he knows where it is, but you must protect it. Try and check up on it occasionally because he’s in the desert about 15 miles away from it. I don’t know if he will be able to sense it or not, but you should just keep an eye on it just in case,” Ava said.
“Damn, it looks like we’ll have to wage this war a lot sooner then any of us thought,” Max stated.
“We are ready Max, I mean we’ve been practicing for months now. I know you hoped that it wouldn’t come to this so soon, we all did, but there is nothing we can do.” Michael said.
“We are going to have to start planning. Everyday after school we’ll meet here, and come up with some sort of contingency. All eight of us are going to help plan this thing. I don’t want anyone surprised. We all have to fight, because I have no army to lead, we are the army.” Max said.
“Ava? Do you know roughly how many men Kivar has?” Liz asked.
Max smiled at his wife. She always thought of the important things. That’s why he loved her so much. Ava noticed this and saw the love and respect in Max’s eyes. She was really happy that they had found one another again.
“He’s got about 30 or 35, form what I saw. I have no idea how they got here, but I’m still researching to find that out,” Ava told them.
“They used the portal. The purple light that appeared the first time Nicholas tried to take Liz. The babies fed her some extra energy and she blasted Nicholas through the portal. Kivar must have been saving energy for months to be able to get himself and his army here, and still have some left to go back home!” Maria exclaimed.
“I have a bad feeling about this fight you guys. Something isn’t going to go according to plan,” Isabel said.
“I don’t either Isabel,” Liz said.
“Well, we’ll plan the best we can, and if either of you sees anything please tell us. I don’t care what time of day or night it is, call the house or pull me out of class. I want to know. I will call everyone if they see anything,” Max said.
“Yeah, Isabel has never been wrong when she’s had a feeling, or a vision, and neither has Liz, so I definitely want to know. I have learned long ago that you never pass off a bad feeling as just nerves, that’s when stupid things happen.” Michael agreed.
Max called the meeting to an end. Ava agreed to spend the night and help them come up with a plan. The parents were afraid for their children, but promised to help them in any way that they could. They agreed to meet up at the house tomorrow after school before heading home.

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Part 17:

It was finally Friday, and Liz was beyond excited. She was so tired from staying up late finishing homework and planning or the battle. Everything was beginning to take its toll on her, and being pregnant didn’t help. Max tried to get her to sleep but she refused saying that everyone was needed to help plan for this. Ava stayed to help them as much as she could. She was leaving today when they went to school. She promised that she’d be back soon, she just wanted to try and find out more about the portal, and check up on Kivar’s progress.
“Liz, honey, are you almost ready?” Max asked.
“Yeah, I’ve just got to brush my teeth and I’m done,” she replied.
“Ok, I’ll be in the jeep,” he said walking out the front door.
Liz smiled, living with Max was the most amazing thing in the world. Despite the fact that there was an alien war on the horizon her life was going well. She didn’t have any more flashes that week, and Pam Troy seemed to be on a truce or something. She hadn’t bothered Liz since the beginning of the week.
Liz finished brushing her teeth and ran downstairs to grab her stuff. She pulled her backpack over her one arm, picked up her jacket and locked the front door. She ran to the jeep and jumped in. Max leaned over and gave her a kiss before pulling out of the driveway.
They made it to school in record time. They had gotten up late that morning and had to hurry or else be late. They hadn’t been late for school yet since their marriage, and they didn’t want to start now. If they were all hell would probably break loose. The school would probably call their parents and say, “We told you two teenagers shouldn’t be married and living together. They distract one another and end up being late!” Or something like that. Max could just hear them.
He pulled the jeep into an empty spot and grabbed his stuff. He was glad that he didn’t have an important class first thing in the morning because his mind was anywhere but school. All he could think about was the impending doom Kivar was bringing to his little family. Max knew that no matter what Kivar could not win. His planet as well as Earth was depending on him, but all he kept thinking about was, Liz must be kept safe!
Liz grabbed Max’s hand and together they ran to into school. They had about five minutes before the bell rang. They split up as soon as they passed through the door. Liz ran to her locker and grabbed some books and slammed the door shut. She hurried to Max’s locker and saw him finishing up getting his stuff. Everyone was there waiting for them.
Maria raised an eyebrow at Liz when she finally made her way over to them. Liz smiled at her best friend. Maria was a character, she always thought that whenever she and Max were late it was because of sex, most times it was, but not this time.
“What? I have been so tired lately that I didn’t hear the alarm go off. I woke up late, and Max had to wait for me,” Liz explained.
“Yeah sure Chica!” Maria teased.
Liz gasped pretending to be hurt. “You know it hurts me that you don’t believe me,” Liz said with fake tears in her voice.
“Lizzie, I didn’t mean anything by it, I’m sorry!” Maria exclaimed thinking Liz was really going to cry.
Liz started laughing at that. “Maria, I was kidding!”
“I knew that.” Maria replied blushing.
Max just shook his head. He was amazed how they could still look like any normal teenaged group of friends. Hanging out, laughing, picking on one another, and all that when in reality they were planning war strategies at night.
Liz could sense Max’s thoughts and she gave him a reassuring hug, but tensed halfway through it. Max felt the difference and looked down at her questioningly.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
That got everyone’s attention. When ever Max asked Liz what was wrong something bad usually happened.
“I don’t know, I just feel like I’m being watched,” Liz said.
The guys looked around the hallway but it was hard to tell anything since there were so many people walking around.

Nicholas stood in the shadows of the hallway closest to the Royals. He looked at them with amazement. ‘They seem to have no clue as to what’s coming their way. Look at them, laughing and joking around. If they had any sort of clue, they’d be scared right now,’ he thought.
Just then someone bumped into him almost causing him to step into the lighted hallway. He silently cursed and was about to thrash the person behind him. He turned around and saw a girl. She didn’t even seem to realize that she bumped into him. Her eyes were fixated on the same spot his were. ‘Hmm, I wonder what she wants with our most hated couple?’ he thought.
He didn’t have to wait long for his answer. “I hate you Liz Parker, oh excuse me “Evans!” You will get what’s coming to you trust me. I will make sure of it!” Pam vowed silently out loud to herself. She didn’t realize that there was someone standing next to her.
Nicholas had a smile on his face that was pure evil. This was exactly what he needed someone to help him and Kivar to get Max and Liz. He needed to get her to Kivar so they could come up with a plan!
‘Kivar is going to be so happy when I bring this little human to him,’ he thought.

Liz turned her head towards where Nicholas was standing and she got a flash.

Nicholas grabbing Pam’s hand and leading her to his car, Pam seemed to go willingly. He drove out to the desert passing the Pod Chamber on his way to the camp. Him leading Pam out to a huge tent and Kivar coming out to meet her. Kivar smiled at Pam and asked Nicholas what she was doing here. Nicholas told him something and Kivar smiled evilly.

Liz gasped causing all her friends to turn towards her. “It’s Nicholas, he’s here in school. He is going to take Pam to Kivar. I don’t know why they want her, but he’s going to be leading her out there some time today. I couldn’t tell when it happened, only that he leads her to a car and brings her to Kivar,” Liz told them.
“Damn what the hell do they need Pam for. She’s just an annoying low life!” Michael said.
“I don’t know Michael, but no matter how much we dislike her, we’ve got to help protect her. Try and keep an eye on her if you can.” Max said as the bell rang.
He leaned down and kissed Liz before letting her go. He watched her walk down the hall towards her study hall. He waited until he couldn’t see her anymore and then headed to his class.
Nicholas waited until the Royals left the hallway before taking Pam’s hand and leading her outside. He explained that he could help her get rid of Liz so she could have Max. Little did this stupid human know that she would never have Max. He would die, and Kivar would take Liz. Everything was beginning to fall into place.
Nicholas drove out to the desert passing the Pod Chamber, and pulled into a little camp. Pam got nervous. She didn’t know this person, and if she wasn’t so intent on destroying Liz she would have thought more clearly and realized that leaving with a total stranger was stupid.
Nicholas got out of the car and opened her door. She wanted nothing more then to stay put and drive back to school, but the look in the guy’s eye was enough to scare her out of the car. She jumped out and waited for him to lead the way. He stopped in front of a tent and another man walked out. This man was quite handsome. He had dark hair like Max but his eyes were darker, and colder. His features were hard, and he seemed ruthless. Pam was more scared now then she was before. ‘Who are these people and what the hell do they want with me?’ she asked herself.
“Nicholas who is this, and what did you bring her here for!” Kivar demanded.
“Kivar, may I introduce you to Pam. She wants to help us destroy Max and Liz!” Nicholas said.
Kivar smiled and evil smile and let out a cold cruel laugh. “Wonderful. Bring her in, we’ve got much to discuss!”

Part 18:

Ava watched the camp from a safe distance. She still didn’t know what Kivar was planning, but she knew for a fact that he had no idea the Granolith was so close to him. For that she was grateful. She noticed Nicholas arriving with some girl in his car.
‘I wonder what that worm is up to?’ she thought.
Kivar stepped out of the tent and spoke to Nicholas. He began grinning like an idiot and lead the way through the tent. ‘This is so not good!’ Ava said to herself.
It took all of two seconds to decide what to do about this whole situation. ‘Liz! Liz!’ Ava called. ‘Please let her hear me!’
‘Ava is that you?’ Liz asked.
‘Thank God, I didn’t know if it would work. Yeah, it’s me. Listen clear your mind. I’m going to try and send you a mental picture of what I just saw. Nicholas appeared here with some girl,’ Ava said.
‘Damn, he’s already left with Pam. I had a vision of that first thing this morning. I didn’t think he’d have taken her so soon,’ Liz said clearing her mind and praying that the vision wasn’t painful like Kivar’s.
‘All right Ava, I’m ready. Send me your thoughts,’ Liz said bracing herself for pain.
None came all she got was the vision. Liz was grateful. ‘I guess it doesn’t hurt as long as I’m ready for it and I know it’s coming,’ she thought.
‘Did you get it?’ Ava asked.
‘Yeah, I did. Look I’m going to get in touch with the others and we’ll get out of school somehow. I’ll have everyone call their parents and have them make up an excuse to leave school. I’ll just tell the nurse that I’m not feeling well due to the pregnancy and we’ll meet you on the outskirts of town,’ Liz said.
‘All right that’s sounds like a good idea. I will see you later,’ Ava said. ‘Contact me before you all leave so I know when to meet you. I’m going to hang here for a little longer and if anything else happens, I’ll get in touch with you. Be prepared for more flashes from me if I do call you again!’
‘I will. We will see you in a bit,’ Liz said. ‘Ok girl, get a hold of yourself. Max probably knows that something is up; your emotions are all over the charts. Calm down before you give him a heart attack.’
“Liz are you all right?” her teacher asked.
“Actually, I’m not feeling too well. Can I go to the nurse?” Liz asked.
“Yes, you can. Here’s a pass. I hope you feel better,” her teacher said.
“Thank you.” Liz told her. ‘Max? If you can here me meet my outside the Nurses office,’ Liz called.
‘I’ll be there. You were giving me a heart attack you know that. I could feel your emotions, they were like a roller coaster,’ he said.
Liz walked down to the nurse’s office in silence. She didn’t know what to expect from Kivar, and it was starting to annoy her. All she remembered of him was from the flashes and nightmares that she had. She knows he is not a nice person, but that is it. She really has no idea how dangerous he is, or what he’s capable of, just that he wants her husband dead, and that he fancies himself in love with HER!
Max was waiting outside the Nurses office with a worried look on his face. “Are you all right?” he asked as soon as she reached him.
Liz threw her arms around his neck and started crying. He was really worried now. ‘Is it the babies?’ he asked voicing his biggest fear.
“No, it’s not the babies. I’m sorry I’m worrying you like this; I fell like such a ninny. I shouldn’t be crying, but my hormones are running rampant in my body and…” Liz started.
“Shush…don’t worry about it. I don’t mind the crying. Just relax and tell me what’s wrong whenever you are ready,” he told her.
Liz calmed herself down but didn’t let go of Max. She needed strength right now, and the only way she felt strong was holding onto Max.
“Ava contacted me this morning. She was watching Kivar like we planned, and she saw Nicholas drive up with Pam in the car. We are too late; he’s already taken her. She doesn’t know what they have planned, but she is worried. She sent me a vision of where they are, and it didn’t hurt at all. I told her we’d figure out a way to get out of school. I will have everyone call their parents and tell them to ask their parents to call the school saying that there was an emergency. I’m just going to tell the Nurse I don’t feel well, due to the pregnancy and go home. You can use that excuse too I guess, but it might be better if your parents call both you and Isabel out of school together,” Liz said.
“That sounds like a good plan. You concentrate on talking to Isabel, Maria, and Tess, and I’ll talk to Michael, Alex, and Kyle. You know give them the skinny on what’s going on. Tell Izzy that I’ll call mom and have her call the school, since I’m already out of class. Michael can just cut, and Sheriff Valenti can call and get Kyle and Tess out. Where are we meeting Ava?” He said.
“On the outskirts of town. Tell Kyle to let his dad know, but not to come. We will call him if we need anything, it’s just safer this way.”
“I agree. Ok, lets tell everyone the news.”
‘Maria, Isabel, Tess?’ Liz called.
‘Michael, Alex, Kyle?’ Max said.
‘Liz?’ the three girls asked.
‘Listen we need to leave school. Nicholas has Pam. We are too late to stop that, but Ava saw it and wants to meet us. Isabel Max said he’s going to call your mom, so she can get you two out of school. Maria call your mom, and Tess I think Kyle is calling his dad. I know Jim and Amy are out of town on pleasure, but call the cell phones because this is life and death we are talking about here,’ Liz said.
‘Ok, we’ve got it. Where are you? We are going to meet you there,’ Maria said for the group.
‘I’m outside the Nurses office with Max. Meet us there,’ Liz said.
She turned to Max. He was just finishing his conversation with the guys. “Alex is getting out of class now to call his dad, Kyle is calling his dad’s cell phone, and Michael is excited because he can actually cut for a good reason this time.” Max said.
Liz laughed. Michael can be so weird. “The girls are all getting out of class now. They are meeting us right here.” Liz said.
Maria, Tess, and Isabel came running down the hallway. “Ok you guys, we’ve got lots to do and not lots of time to do it in,” Tess said.
They all looked at Liz who seemed to space out again. ‘Liz? It’s Ava again. Get ready here comes another flash.’ Ava said.
Kivar’s camp:

“All right, we’ve got some help. Just what is it you are willing to do my dear girl?” Kivar asked.
Pam gulped. She really didn’t like this guy; he was beginning to scare her. She has begun to think that maybe she should have left Max and Liz alone, that whole group seemed to have many secrets and they were just plain weird. “Uh, well, all I ever really wanted was Max. I can’t stand Liz. She always gets everything, including the hottest guy in school.” Pam said.
“Ok, that’s not going to help me!” Kivar bellowed. He walked over to Pam and placed his hand on her head. He began to sift through the memories in Pam’s mind. Only one seemed to jump out at him.
//“Well, well, well. Lizzie, it seems that motherhood is agreeing with you so far. You look radiant, but we’ll see how you fair in a few months when you’re as big as a house,” Pam taunted.
“Well, I wasn’t really expecting to stay small Pam. I mean I am carrying twins,” Liz replied.//

“Damn!” Kivar swore.
“What is it?” Nicholas asked.
“She’s pregnant! You were right!” Kivar yelled outraged.
“So that’s how she pushed me through the portal the first time. I knew I felt extra energy,” Nicholas confessed. “What are we going to do with her?” he asked pointing to Pam.
“Well, we are going to send out little clan a message, and she’s the perfect messenger,” Kivar said.
Pam didn’t like the sound of that, and now she felt even worse because this lunatic knew that Liz was pregnant. She didn’t know who these two were, or what they wanted with Liz or Max, but she had to make this right.
Kivar walked back to Pam and placed his hand on her chest. He started heating up her insides, not enough to kill her, but enough to put her in pain. Along with the screwed up insides, he added a vision to her head, so that when Max healed her, which he was sure he would do, Max was always a softie, he would be able to see what Kivar really wanted.
“Take her to the outskirts of town. Ava’s out that somewhere and I’m sure she’ll follow you to find her. When she does, she’ll contact the others and they will come to save this pathetic human.” Kivar said.
Nicholas obeyed picking Pam up and walking to the car. Ava saw the state Pam was in and gasped. The girl looked half dead. Pam had heard Kivar’s last statement before passing out from the pain and thought, ‘What did he mean pathetic human?’

Liz received the flash from Ava and gasped. “Oh my God! Kivar practically killed her. We’ve got to do something. Ava said Nicholas is driving away with her back towards town. She will let me know where they stop, and we’ll meet her there. Quickly call your parents and tell them it’s really important, and that we will clue them in later,” Liz said with tears in her eyes.

Part 19:]

Pam was slumped over in the car as Nicholas drove to the outskirts of Roswell. He looked over at the stupid human and shook his head. ‘It’s too bad you got mixed up in all of this. You could have made a wonderful concubine,’ he thought.
Ava followed the car a safe distance back. She needed to make sure she knew the exact spot that Nicholas stopped the car so the others could meet her. Things were quickly getting out of hand. By the looks of things, this war was going to happen today! ‘They are not ready, if they have to fight now they may not win,’ Ava thought.
Nicholas stopped the car and climbed out of the diver’s seat. He picked Pam up and laid her on the ground glancing around to see if anyone followed him. Ava used her mind warp to hide herself from Nicholas because if he saw her, it would all be over. He climbed back into the car and headed towards the camp.
As soon as he was gone, Ava jumped out of her hiding spot and ran over to the girl. She assessed her damages and realized that she would be ok until Max could get here.
‘Liz? Can you here me? Nicholas dropped her off about a quarter mile from the Roswell Border on route 285. Meet me here. The girl seems to be stable for now, but Max should get here as quickly as possible just to make sure,’ Ava said.
‘All right Ava we’re on our way. We are in the cars now and pulling out of the school parking lot. We’ll be there as soon as possible,’ Liz told her.
Ava did the only thing she could do; she waited hoping that it didn’t take them too long to reach her. Pam groaned and clutched her head but she never woke up. Ava counted the minutes until she saw the Jeep coming down the road. It took them exactly twenty minutes to reach her, and she was sure that they had broken a couple of traffic laws to make it that quickly.
Max threw the Jeep into park and jumped out. Liz quickly followed and they both stopped in front of Ava at about the same time. Maria pulled her Jetta next to the jeep and she, Michael, Isabel and Alex jumped out just as Kyle’s Mustang pulled up. Tess and Kyle got out of the car and they walked over with the rest of the gang.
“What happened to her?” Maria asked.
“I don’t know. I’m guessing Kivar raped her mind, and that is why she’s in such pain. Max is the only one who can help her, I’m just glad that she’s not dying,” Ava explained.
“I don’t know about this Maxwell, I mean then she’s going to know,” Michael said.
“She knows already Michael. I mean look what Nicholas and Kivar did to her, she’s going to remember. I guess we just have to make sure she will keep her big trap shut,” Max said.
Max bent down and touched Pam’s head. He tried to form a connection with her but it was difficult since she had her eyes closed. ‘Liz try and help me please, I can’t do this without looking at her and she can’t open her eyes. Maybe if we did this together I wouldn’t have to have her open her eyes,’ he said.
‘All right, give me a second,’ she told him.
Liz walked up to Max and Pam and placed her hand over Max’s. She concentrated on Max and slowed her breathing down to match his. Both of their hands began to glow a couple of minutes later. Max searched for the damage done to her brain. He repaired the torn blood vessels and began to pull away when he saw a flash.

“Hello your Highness, I see you are getting my message. Good! You will fail and your queen will be mine, make no mistake about that. But before all of that happens you will watch every single one of your friends die. Last time Nicholas kept you tied up in the Conference room on Seria, but this time you will be standing there as each and every one of them dies. The last thing you will see is Liz and I walking off into the sunset hand in hand. She really does love me you see, she was just playing you for the chump that you are. Well, that’s all for now. I hope that pathetic human that I used to send you this message dies, she was worthless. Although she did give me one bit of useful information, your queen is having your children? Well, as soon as you die, so will your brats. The only heir to the Serian throne will be mine! Just some thoughts for you to stew over! See you soon cousin!” Kivar said.

“NO!” Max screamed pulling his hand off of Pam’s head.
“Max, what’s wrong?” Isabel asked.
Maria ran over to Liz who was about to fall on the ground. Michael made it to Liz seconds before Maria and caught her just before she fell. He carried her over to Max and placed her on his lap.
Pam woke up in time to see the message and was sitting there stunned. ‘What the hell is going on with these people? What is that guy talking about? Kings? Queens? I’m so confused,’ She thought.
She looked around at the faces of the people she dubbed the “Scooby Gang” and noticed how scared they all looked. They were looking at Max and Liz with fear and concern in their eyes. It was then that she noticed the girl who looked a lot like Tess, but with pink hair. ‘I wonder who that is?’ she thought.
Alex turned around when he heard Pam shift and noticed that she was awake. “Um, guys, Pam’s up,” he said.
Pam raised her head and noticed nine pairs of eyes looking at her. “Look, I’m not sure what’s going on, and I’m not really sure if I want to know the whole thing or not. But that guy went through my head and searched my memories. OH GOD! I’m so sorry, he knows about Liz and the babies! I really didn’t know what they wanted, some kid just asked me if I wanted to help him and a friend break you two up,” she said pointing to Max and Liz. “I didn’t think about the consequences because well, I didn’t know what I was dealing with, and now they have vital information that they shouldn’t have. It’s all my fault,” Pam finished bursting into tears.
No one knew what to do, so Alex braved Isabel’s wrath and walked up to Pam. He helped her to her feet and she wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her back trying to get her to calm down. He chanced a look in Isabel’s direction expecting to see rage in her eyes but instead he saw love, pure love. She wasn’t mad that hey was trying to comfort Pam, in fact she seemed to be happy that he did.
Pam quieted down and wiped her eyes. She looked right at Liz, “I’m really sorry Liz. My stupid jealousy is probably going to cost you the lives of all your friends.” Pam said.
Liz gasped, and so did Tess, Maria and Isabel. “How did you…you saw the flash didn’t you?” Liz asked.
“Yes, that crazy man planed a message for Max in my head. Something about killing all of his friends while he watched this time, and then killing his children because the heir to Seria, where ever that is, will only be his! And that’s your cousin Max…he’s crazy!” Pam said.
“Yes he is, and he’s fancied himself in love with my soul mate. He told me that Liz really loves him and was playing me for the chump that I am. I know that’s not true because we’ve seen into each other’s souls, and we know our love is pure. I’ve just got to make sure that Liz and the babies are going to be all right during this battle because I don’t know what I’d do if they weren’t. Michael and Maria, I need you two to promise me that one of you will be constantly looking out for Liz when the time comes. If I’m not there, I need one of you to be since you can send out the strongest blasts, I need to know you will protect her. I mean I will try to protect her with my life, if need be, but if something happens to me, I need to know one of you will be there,” Max said.
“Max, nothing is going to happen to you. Don’t talk like that, it worries me,” Liz told him.
“I’m sorry, I just have to make sure,” he told her.
“I promise Max, I’ll protect her with my life, after she was the only sister I ever had for a while. Now I’ve got Izzy and Tess, but Liz was my first.” Maria told him.
Max smiled at Maria thanking her silently. “Maxwell, you know I would never let anything happen to her. She’s your heart, and without her you are a mess. I promise to take care of her, if something should go wrong,” Michael said.
“Thank you Michael, Maria, that really means a lot to me,” Max said.
“All right enough of this. Where is Kivar’s camp? How many men are there, and what are we up against?” Kyle asked.
Liz shook her head at Kyle. He’s always one for business. “Kyle, I think we need to clue Pam in a little bit more. She’s confused and if we start talking contingencies, she’ll be even more confused.” Liz said.
“Liz is right. Why don’t we head back to our place and we’ll explain to Pam what she innocently got herself into, and then we’ll discuss Kivar. It looks like we are going to War this weekend.” Max said.

Part 20:

Pam sat on the couch with eyes wide. “I had no idea that you guys went though so much! I’m really sorry that I’ve been an ass,” she said.
“Please Pam, we were so used to it. I mean you were always an ass, even before we became the “Scooby Gang” as you call us,” Alex said.
Pam shot him her classic look of death, which only prompted Alex to laugh harder. Pam realized what she was doing and laughed too. “Well even though that’s true I am still sorry. I mean I probably cost you everything. Your babies are in danger now and it’s all my fault,” Pam said.
“It’s not your fault Pam. My children were in danger no matter what, it’s just that now Kivar knows. We’ll deal with that. Ok, I hate to cut this night short, but I’m exhausted, and the babies and I need some rest, so we’ll see all of you in school tomorrow, hopefully.” Liz said.
Everyone got up and grabbed their things. “I’ll drive Pam home,” Ava said.
“Thanks Ava that’s really nice of you. Are you staying here again?” Max asked.
“Yeah, if you don’t mind,” Ava replied.
“Of course we don’t mind. You can take the Jeep, the keys are on the table by the door.” Max told her.
Ava and Pam walked out after everyone else and headed to the Jeep. “We can count on you to keep your mouth closed about everything you heard tonight right?” Ava asked.
“Yeah, I mean I don’t want to be responsible for anyone to get tortured. Max already had to go through that once, I couldn’t live with myself if they happened to get Liz, or Maria, or Isabel, or even Tess, that would eat away at me. I hope that answers your question,” Pam said.
“Yes it does.” Ava said driving away from the house.
The rest of the drive to Pam’s was done in silence. Ava pulled up in front of Pam’s and let her out. Pam said goodbye and headed inside to contemplate everything that she had found out that night.
Ava made sure Pam got in her house and headed to the desert. She traveled in the opposite direction of Kivar’s camp because she couldn’t chance any of his men finding out what she was doing.
She pulled a safe distance from the highway so that no one could see her. She then put the Jeep in park and climbed out grabbing her bag. She walked about 10 feet from the Jeep and pulled an orb out of her bag.
Holding the orb in her hands she concentrated and a blue light shot out of it causing an image to appear in front of her.
“Is there any news Chloe?” the man asked.
“Yes Tim there is, Kivar is here, he used some sort of portal to get here, and he is using innocent humans to give messages to our King. The Queen is in danger as are her children, and the other royals as well. Kivar wants to kill them all while the King is watching and then he plans to take Liz and the babies. He said he will kill Max’s children because the only heirs to Seria are going to be his,” Chloe said.
“Damn, I was hoping for more time. It would have been better had the babies been born, but they will make the Queen stronger. You say her name is Liz, and I’m assuming Max is our king. Who are the others?” Tim asked.
“Well Tess, is the counter part for the dupe I’m portraying. Why must I be this Ava person?” Chloe said.
“You’ve got to be Ava because is was the only link to the Royals. Before she died she told us that she and Liz bonded, and that Liz would trust her. If you went in like yourself then they would have been suspicious and you would have never accomplished anything. You will be able to tell them who you are eventually, but not now. For now you must still pretend to be Ava,” Tim said.
“Fine, but I still don’t like it. Anyway, Michael is the second in command, and Maria is his mate. She was the Queen’s best friend on Seria, if you remember her. Isabel is Max’s sister and her mate is Alex, and Kyle is Tess’s mate. He is also Max’s cousin I remember him well. He was funny and strong, but totally in love with Tess, and it broke my heart.” Chloe said.
“Is there anything else?” Tim asked.
“Well Kivar has part of his army here, and I think he can access the portal but I’m not sure on that. I was trying to scope out his camp when this human Pam, got involved and I had to leave to contact Liz to tell her where Nicholas was taking her. She needed Max to heal her so I don’t know what else he’s capable of,” Chloe said. “Is our army ready there?”
“Yes why?” Tim asked.
“Because I have a feeling that we are going to need it. There is something looming in the distance and I fear things might take a turn for the worse. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that our army must be ready. Keep your eyes open for any types of power surges so you will know where Kivar and his men will be landing when they get to Seria. That is all for now, I must get back before they suspect anything. I will try and contact you again, but I might not be able to because this war is going to explode within days.” Chloe said.
“We will do as you ask. Be careful and protect them as best you can. Help them out with whatever they need. Are they ready?” Tim asked.
“I’m not sure. They have a good plan, but I don’t know how strong they are. I just hope that nothing goes wrong,” Chloe said.
“Very well. We will see you soon. Good luck,” Tim told her.
“Thank you. I will see you soon,” Chloe said.
She packed up her things and headed back to the Jeep. ‘It’s time to turn back into Ava, the New York punk. I so hate this pink hair, I can’t wait until I can be myself. I love my red hair, and my green eyes, I mean looking like Tess isn’t a bad thing, but I just want to be me. Oh well it’s only a few more days,’ she thought.

Part 21:

Max picked up Liz and carried her up the stairs and into their bedroom. Everyone had left a couple of minutes ago, and Ava was dropping Pam off. She said that she had wanted to scope out Kivar’s camp one more time before heading to bed, so she would be gone for a little while. That suited Max just fine because tonight, he planned to make sweet love to his beautiful wife. It had been couple of days since they had been together intimately, and he planned on changing that right now!
“Max, you really shouldn’t carry me like that, you’ll hurt yourself,” Liz scolded.
“Yeah, because you weigh so much. Please Liz, you still weigh next to nothing. If I wasn’t connected to both of our children, I would think this whole twin thing was a lie!”
“I know what you mean. I am hardly big enough to be carrying twins. I mean, not that I want to be fat or anything, but you’d think I would be bigger then this.”
“Well, maybe it’s a Serian trait or something, or maybe your mom didn’t gain a lot of weight when she carried you…although that really wouldn’t be a good thing to judge by because she was carrying an alien baby.”
“You know something? You think too much. Shut up and kiss me!” she demanded.
“Yes, ma'am.” Max said obediently.
He cupped her face and pressed his lips gently to hers, but this was not enough for Liz, she wanted more. She opened her mouth begging him to deepen the kiss. Max did as she asked and slipped his tongue into her mouth and massaged her tongue with his own. She moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms tighter around his neck trying to bring him as close to her as possible.
Max ran his hands over her body trying to touch every part of her. It had been ages since he last did this and he was trying to memorize and remember every single part of her. His hands lingered on her breasts and she arched into his palms. Max shifted so that he was sitting on the bed next to her before pulling her onto his lap. Liz placed her legs on either side of him and sat on his lap.
Unconsciously she began to gyrate her hips into his. He groaned into her mouth pulling her closer to him. He knew that if she kept it up he would lose it right there so he tried to stop her, but she would not have it.
“Liz love, if you don’t stop moving I won’t be able to make it.”
“I’m sorry Max, it’s just that this need is so great, I need you NOW!”
She didn’t have to say anything else. All he needed to know was that she needed him. He needed her just as much, if not more and he wasn’t about to waste a single minute of their time together. They had been so busy lately with school, and this stupid war with Kivar that they hadn’t had time to enjoy one another, and both were craving the physical touches that they were used to getting everyday.
Max pulled Liz’s shirt over her head and attacked the fastenings on her jeans. At the same time Liz undid Max’s pants and began to unbutton his shirt. ‘Damn buttons this is going to take way to long to undo. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to use the shortcut,’ she thought. Liz waved her hand over Max’s shirt and all the buttons came undone.
‘Hey that’s cheating!’ Max said.
‘No, it’s not. It is called being imaginative, and I don’t have time to unbutton all the stupid buttons the normal way, I need to feel your skin against mine.’
‘Good point,’ he agreed and waved his hands over her body removing her clothes completely.
Liz pulled his boxers off and closed her hand around his manhood. Max sucked in his breath.
They were both drawn by a hunger neither knew that they were capable of. Max pushed Liz gently on to the bed and leaned over her. He fastened his lips to hers and drove his aching member into her center. Liz tore her lips away from his and started kissing his neck. He pounded into her tiny frame and she met his every thrust.
“Oh my God Max!” Liz screamed.
Never before had they made love this violently, it was almost primal. She loved it. They definitely needed to lose control more often.
The lovemaking session didn’t last too long as both of their bodies were starved with need. Liz reached her peak first screaming Max’s name in ecstasy. Her orgasm triggered Max’s and he yelled out her name as well.
They lay on the bed panting and tried to compose themselves. “Liz I’m so sorry,” Max began.
“Don’t be sorry Max, that was amazing. I mean every time that we make love is amazing, but this was beyond. I’ve never experienced anything like that before in my entire life!”
“I know what you mean, but I’m just so afraid that I could have hurt you or the babies.”
“Max, we would have known if it was too rough, or too dangerous. I have a feeling my shield would have popped up if it was too much!”
“I guess you are right, but I still worry.”
“I know, that’s why I love you so much,” she said and then kissed him.

Michael opened the door to his apartment and led Maria inside. Her mother was still out of town with the sheriff so Maria decided to stay with Michael. Since they had been talking Contingencies almost every night until really late, it was a blessing to just come back to Michael’s and fall asleep in his arms. But tonight, was different. Tonight Maria wanted Michael to not only hold her but to love her as well. It had been weeks since their last time, due mostly to the planning of this stupid war. Damn Kivar, he really had the worst sense of timing.
Michael walked into his room and kicked off his shoes. Maria walked in after him and placed her shoes in the corner. Michael couldn’t help but stare at her, she was so beautiful. It was amazing to him how this little Pixie stole his heart so completely. She made him believe in love, and the fact that he did have a family here. She was his very reason for living.
He knew that he didn’t tell her often enough, but it was still really hard for him to express his feelings so openly. They didn’t call him Stone Wall Guerin for nothing.
Maria looked up and noticed Michael staring at her. “What?” she asked.
“Nothing,” he replied. “Have I told you how much I love you?”
“Not for a while no.”
“I’m sorry I need to tell you more often. You really need to know how I feel, and I can’t keep closing myself off. You deserve better then that.”
“I’m used to it Michael. I fell in love with you knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy. You never open up to anyone. I mean you barely open up to Max and Izzy, and they are like your brother and sister.”
“I know that, but you are the one that I’m in love with Maria, and I need to tell you that more often. I mean you are my whole world, I seriously would be lost without you. Do you know how many times I wanted to just leave and search for clues not caring what Max thought, but then I would think of you and the danger you could be in, and I couldn’t go because if I left you would not be protected.”
“Michael that’s…that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
He didn’t reply instead he walked up to her and kissed her. He opened a connection with her allowing her to feel everything he felt. She could feel his love for her, and his love for the rest of the group. She could feel how afraid he is of something happening to her before he can actually marry her. She became overjoyed at that thought. He wanted to marry her! She could also feel his fear of what could lie on Seria. Not really knowing if he had a family there, afraid that he didn’t and hoping that he did. He was afraid that he was destined to be alone for the rest of his life. It was bad enough not having a family on Earth, but if he ever could go to Seria and found out that he didn’t have a family there, he would be devastated.
Maria’s head swam with all the emotions that were buzzing around in there. She never realized all the fears that Michael had. “It’s no wonder that you keep everything bottled up inside. But Michael, that’s not healthy. Please promise me that you’ll share your fears and your hopes with me, that’s what people do in a relationship. Listen to me, even if you don’t have an actual family on Seria, you’ve got a family here on Earth. It may not consist of a real mom and dad, but you’ve got Mr. and Mrs. Evans. My mom and Jim, Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle, and me! We all love you and believe it or not, we are all your family.”
“I know that now, thanks to you. You helped me see what was right in front of me, but it still will be really hard and very heartbreaking if we ever get a chance to go to Seria and I find out that I have no actual family. You guys are great, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything, but I want to have members of a real family. People who actually share the same genetic makeup as I do.”
“I never realized how difficult it must have been all those years for you. Come here.”
Michael walked into Maria’s open arms and hugged her close to him. She stroked the back of his head and just comforted him. After a while it seemed like Michael had control over himself.
“I love you,” he told her.
“I love you too,” she replied.
She leaned up and met his lips. They shared a kiss that was not only full of passion, but also full of promise. Michael stumbled backwards until he felt the bed hit his knees. He grabbed the bottom of Maria’s shirt and pulled it over her head. She followed suit and pulled is T-Shirt off of him and threw it in the corner. They quickly finished disrobing and Michael laid her back onto the bed.
He kissed his way up her body, stopping briefly at her center. He teased her a little bit and then moved on upwards. Maria groaned in frustration. Michael was getting her so hot, but he stopped before she had gotten any satisfaction. He kissed his way up her stomach and paused at her perfect breasts. He licked, kissed, and sucked on one before moving to the other to lavish it with the same treatment.
Maria was moaning and writhing on the bed. ‘Michael please, I can’t take anymore, I need you NOW!’
He’d had enough teasing too he was hungry…hungry for Maria. He entered her quickly causing them both to moan. His strokes were slow and steady. He wanted to build the fire up until they both got scorched. Maria kept trying to get him to go faster but he ignored her. He knew what she wanted so he shifted a little bit so he could hit her magic spot.
“MICHAEL!” Maria screamed as her first orgasm ripped through her.
He almost lost it when her walls tightened around him, but he closed his eyes and concentrated on breathing. He regained control of himself and sped up the pace. Maria was beginning to come down off her high when Michael flicked her clit causing another orgasm to rip through her.
Her head was rolling back and forth on the pillow and she was clutching to him as if she would fall if she didn’t. He loved this, being able to cause her so much pleasure. It was an amazing feeling, and to know that only he would ever be able to do this to her, was empowering. As her third orgasm hit he felt himself losing himself. He knew that there was no holding off any longer. His own orgasm was triggered when her walls tightened around him again. He was really happy that he remembered to put a condom on through his haze of Maria. The two of them didn’t really need to be in Max and Liz’s predicament. Although neither Max, nor Liz seemed to mind becoming parents at such a young age, he knew that neither he nor Maria was ready for that kind of responsibility.
Michael pulled out of her and the connection died down a bit. It didn’t go away completely and he could feel the love rolling off Maria in waves. He took the condom off and tossed it in the garbage next to the bed before lying next to Maria. He pulled her against his chest and they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Part 22:

Isabel opened the door to her house and walked in. Her parents were sitting on the couch watching TV.
“Mom, dad, is it all right if I go stargazing with Alex for a bit?” she asked.
“I don’t know honey it is a school night after all,” Philip said.
“It’s only 9:30, and I promise to be home by 11,” Isabel pleaded.
“I guess so, but no later then 11,” her mom said.
“Thank you so much,” Isabel squealed running up to hug her parents. “I’ll be home on time, I promise.
She ran out the door to meet Alex. “They said it was ok!”
“I can see this as you are standing in front of me,” he said. “Ok, my princess, where to?”
“Anywhere, I just want to spend some quality time with you!”
Alex drove towards the desert. He headed in the opposite direction of the Pod Chamber as Kivar’s men were near there. It wouldn’t do if he and Isabel got caught before the actual war broke out.
He pulled off the highway a couple of miles outside of town and drove far enough away from the road that anyone passing by wouldn’t be able to see them. He pulled a blanket out of the trunk and spread it on the ground after clearing any rocks away. He led Isabel to the blanket and they both sat down.
Isabel snuggled into Alex’s embrace and looked up at the stars. “Aren’t they beautiful?
“Yes, they are, but not quite as beautiful as you are!”
She blushed slightly at his words, “Alex, I don’t deserve such complements.”
“Are you kidding me, yes you do. You have no idea how many times I thank whatever God blessed me enough to have you fall in love with me. I mean, look at me, I’m a geek who loves computer and plays guitar. You are a Goddess, who’s caring, funny, smart, and above all beautiful. I never thought that you would look my way, never mind confess how much you love me.”
“Alex, I’ve always noticed you. I always thought that you were cute, but I never imagined being able to have a chance with you. I was so jealous of Liz and Maria because they got to be close to you, a place I always longed to be. The day you were included into the group was one of the happiest days of my life. It meant that I would finally get the chance to be close to you. I never imagined you being in love with me, I was willing to settle for your friendship, but I’m happy that things worked out the way that they had.”
“Me too,” he said before claiming her lips.
Isabel opened her mouth and Alex slipped his tongue inside. They dueled for a few minutes each trying to be in control, but Alex managed to win. He stroked her tongue with his own and caresses her entire mouth before kissing his way down her neck. He began to unbutton her shirt and kissed every inch of exposed skin that was uncovered.
Isabel let out a small moan when he reached her secret spot on her neck. Alex’s hands were trying to be everywhere at once. He finally had her shirt unbuttoned all the way and he pushed it off her shoulders. She lifted her hands from the blanket and helped him take the shirt completely off. Once her shirt was tossed on the other end of the blanket she pulled his over his head and it landed next to hers.
Isabel ran her hands over Alex’s chest stopping at the waste line of his pants. She looked into his eyes and gave him a devilish smile. He was a little nervous about what she had planned but he trusted her with his life so he let her continue. She unbuttoned the button on his Cargo pants and then reached for the zipper. Once she had the pants undone she pushed them down exposing his silk blue boxers. She licked her lips and reached for his manhood.
She heard his sharp intake of breath as her hand closed around him but she was beyond caring she wanted to taste him. She lowered her head towards him and licked her lips before closing her mouth over his head. Alex groaned when her tongue brushed against his member. He never dreamed of something like this every happening and his head was swimming. Isabel took as much of him as she could into her mouth and began to suck. She started out gently at first and began to build up the intensity. Alex’s hands keep clutching and un-clutching the blanket. He had never felt anything like this before, and he never wanted it to stop, but he knew it had to or else Isabel would never get what she wanted.
“Isabel, please, you’ve got to stop or I will never be able to last,” he groaned out.
She reluctantly pulled her head away from him and smiled. “Well, I promise that one of these days I’m going to finish that!”
Alex knew that she would keep her word, and he wouldn’t argue with her. He undid her pants and took them off along with her shoes. She took off her bra and underwear as Alex finished taking off his clothes and unwrapped a condom. He slipped it on and joined Isabel on the blanket.
He started kissing her and stroking her skin. He massaged her breasts and worked his way to her center. She spread her legs wide for him and he slipped a finger inside. She was so wet for him and that knowledge drove him crazy.
‘Please Alex, NOW!’ she begged.
He didn’t need to be told twice. He climbed over her and she guided his member to her opening. He slowly inserted himself inside until he was completely sheathed by her warmth. They both sighed and Alex couldn’t help but kiss her. He started moving slowly at first keeping a steady pace. Their connection opened with a new intensity. Neither had experienced anything like it before. They felt everything the other was feeling, it was as if they were one person.
‘This must be what Max and Liz feel,’ Isabel said.
‘Yeah, it’s amazing. No wonder they can’t keep their hands off one another,’ Alex joked.
At that moment he hit her golden spot and she cried out. Her walls tightened around him and her body began to shake. He kissed her neck and let her ride out her pleasure all the while continuing his steady strokes. When she was almost down from the high he picked up the speed. Isabel met him thrust for thrust and they fell over the edge together.
Once Alex caught his breathe and calmed down a bit, he rolled onto his side and pulled Isabel against him. She snuggled into his warmth and they both gazed at the stars. Isabel knew it was getting late and they still had a twenty-minute drive back to town so they got up and got dressed.
‘I love you Isabel Evans,’ he told her.
‘I love you too Alex Whitman,’ she said.

Tess and Kyle walked into the house and headed straight for his old room. Tess began taking her clothes off the minute the front door closed. Kyle was following suit and by the time they reached the bedroom all that they had left on was their underwear.
Kyle pulled Tess against him and placed little kisses all over her face before stopping at her lips. She was giggling the whole time, but the minute his lips closed over hers she moaned. He ran is tongue across her bottom lip asking for entrance and she gladly gave it. She opened her mouth so he could deepen the kiss.
They stumbled backwards until they fell in a heap on the bed. Kyle landed on top of her and they came up for air laughing. He ran his hands across her cheek and slowly made his way down her body. Everywhere he touched seemed to ignite until her whole body felt on fire.
She knew that no one other then Kyle could make her feel this way, and now she felt really silly for believing Max could be her destiny. He had never set her blood on fire, not even that time that he had kissed her.
Kyle’s mouth followed the path of his hand making Tess’s blood boil even more. She moaned and arched against him wanting him closer but not really knowing how to achieve it. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra and tossed it on the floor. His mouth closed over her nipple and he gently sucked on it. Her nipple hardened causing him to suck harder. He started to nibble it lightly elicitating small moans from Tess.
She wove her hands through his hair and held his head to her breast. She didn’t want this sweet torture to end. He finished loving her one breast and headed to the other one. He gave it the same treatment as the first. Her hands began to wander his body moving over every muscle. She raked her nails lightly across his back causing goose bumps to break out.
Her hands made their way to his rear and she pushed him down into her while raising her hips up. He groaned against her breast and pulled his head back. His eyes met Tess’s and he saw how clouded they were with passion.
Tess noticed how black his eyes looked when passion consumed him. It was definitely an attractive quality. Their lips met with such urgency it was almost terrifying. They tore the rest of their close off and Kyle reached in the bedside table for a condom. He put it on quickly and entered Tess with a need that surprised them both.
She raised her hips up and met his trust surprising herself with the intensity of her need. They lovemaking was fast, hard, and extremely passionate. They had and almost animalistic quality that was driven by need and intense desire. Neither one cared why they needed one another this badly they just wanted to reach their release.
Kyle knew he as close so he reached between them and stroked Tess’s nerve bundle causing her to cry out. Her walls tightened around him causing him to reach his peak as well. After their need was sedated he rolled over, took off the condom and pulled Tess close to him. They fell asleep in one another’s arms.

Two hours later Sheriff Valenti walked into his home. He didn’t see Kyle on the couch and became worried. He went through the house looking for him. The last place he checked was Tess’s room. He was almost afraid of what he’d find when he opened the door. He knocked lightly before cracking open the door. He didn’t want to see Tess in any state of undress but he had to know where Kyle was. ‘Calm down Jim, he might be at Michael’s,’ he thought.
He peered into the room and saw his son in bed with Tess. The covers covered them for the most part and Tess was pretty much blocked from his view because Kyle was sleeping closest to the door. But Kyle didn’t have a shirt on and since there was a pair of boxer shorts on the floor he could only imagine what those two had been up to. He turned around and closed the door saying a silent prayer.
The phone ringing brought him out of his thoughts. He ran to answer it.
“Jim, it’s Amy. Maria’s not at the house and I don’t know where she is.”
“Amy calm down. I bet she’s at Michael’s. I have a feeling she stayed there while we were out of town and I have to say I’m almost glad. I know she can take care of herself but I like that Michael is looking out for her. Call Michael’s in the morning and I guarantee you’ll find her there. If not call over to Max and Liz’s.”
“Ok, I’m sorry I freaked out, but I don’t like now knowing where my baby is!”
“I know Amy, believe me I know,” Jim said hanging up the phone.
‘Kyle and I are having a nice long talk tomorrow when he gets up,’ he thought.

Part 23:

After Ava dropped her off Pam said hello and good night to her parents and walked into her room. That was a lot of information for one person to handle all in one night, but she always knew those people were weird. The thought of Max being tortured was a frightening thought, but one that she had gotten over quite quickly.
She sat down on her bed and looked around. Glancing at the clock she realized that it was almost time. She knew that they wouldn’t be happy, but it wasn’t her fault.
She changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed. Reaching over she turned off the light and pulled a silver object out of her bag. Holding it between her hands she concentrated and a green glow incased her room. An evil smile spread across her face and she waited for the images to show up.

Chloe got out of the Jeep and headed for the door. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end and she looked around to see what could be causing her to react this way. Out of the shadows across the street a figure came towards her.
She knew who it was before ever really seeing him. “Nicholas! What do you want?”
“Well, well, well, who do we have here? I know for a fact that you aren’t Ava!” he yelled.
Chloe glanced up at the house. She knew he was yelling on purpose so Max and Liz would hear this conversation. He stalked closer to her and she threw up her hand producing a shield. There was no way he was going to hurt her, she had to make sure she was there to help the royals.
“I asked you a question!” Nicholas yelled again.
Max heard the yelling and climbed out of bed rubbing his eyes. He threw on his boxers and walked to the window. He saw Nicholas approaching Ava who had her shield up. Liz also heard the shouting but it was Max’s fear that caused her to jump out of bed and run to window. She grabbed her robe first and put it on before standing next to Max. What she saw caused her to gasp.
“Max, we’ve got to do something,” she said.
“What do you propose we do? I know we’ve got to help her and believe me I will send whatever kind of blast I can if he so much as raises his hand, but right now he’s just yelling. I don’t think he’s here to hurt her, don’t ask me how I know this, I just do,” he assured his wife.
Liz didn’t like that they were just going to sit and wait, but she really had no other choice. It would be too dangerous for them to go out there.
“Well, aren’t you going to answer me?” Nicholas screamed.
“What do you want to know? I will tell you nothing!” Chloe screamed.
“Well, for one I know you aren’t AVA!” he yelled back.
Liz gasped and Max just stared out the window.
“We killed that little traitor. She fought Rath and Lonnie. I don’t know how that little weakling managed to win but she did. I found what she did to my beloved Lonnie and I killed her after I mind raped her. She was very strong willed and I know I didn’t get all the information,” he said.
“I know, when I found her she was practically dead. You did succeed in killing her you sick bastard. She and I used to be friends on Seria. That is all you will find out from me!” Chloe told him.
He advanced on her again and she lowered her shield long enough to throw a very powerful blast at him. Nicholas stumbled backwards shocked. When he gained his footing he looked up at her and his face showed his surprise. “We will meet again, mark my words!”
“I’m looking forward to it!” she told him.
He backed away and left. Chloe looked up at the house again and noticed Liz and Max in the window. ‘Shit, now I’ve got major explaining to do!’ she thought. The beeping of her orb caught her attention. ‘Man, Tim now is so not the time for this crap,’ she thought fishing around her bag for the orb.
She pulled it out and held it in her hands waiting for the message. It didn’t matter if Max and Liz saw this now because she’d have to explain everything to them anyway! Tim appeared on the front lawn.
Liz looked over at Max, ‘What the hell is that?’ she asked.
‘I have no idea, but whoever she is, she’s got a lot of explaining to do.’
They looked back out to the front lawn. The girl appeared to be talking to the image from the orb.
“What the hell happened? I can feel your emotions even this far away?” Tim asked concerned.
“Nicholas confronted me. Because of him, Max and Liz know I’m not Ava. Tim I don’t know what to do! I have to tell them the whole truth now. There is no other choice. I just hope that they don’t do anything drastic,” Chloe said.
“Chloe, my love, they will do no such thing. They will understand why you had to fool them. King Zan was always understanding,” Tim assured her.
“Well, he’s no longer King Zan, he’s King Max! He still has the same qualities as Zan, so I just hope that everything will be all right. I will contact you as soon I this meeting is over with,” she told Tim.
“Ok, I will be awaiting your message!” Tim said.
“I will talk to you in a little while. I love you!” Chloe said.
“I love you too. Trust me everything will be all right!” Tim told her before fading away.
Chloe squared her shoulders and walked into the house. Max and Liz were sitting in the living room waiting for her. She looked at them and sat down on the couch across from them.
“I know you have questions, but I think it would be a good idea to call everyone over here so I only have to explain this once,” Chloe said to them.
Max nodded his head and walked to the phone. Liz just looked at her and all of a sudden she broke out into a smile. Chloe didn’t know why her Queen was smiling at her, but she took it as a good sign and smiled back.
Max finished calling everyone and sat back down next to Liz. He noticed the smile on her face and he could feel how calm she was when only minutes ago she was a bundle of nerves.
“What happened? Why are you so calm now?” he asked.
“I know who she is!” Liz exclaimed.
Both Max and Chloe gasped.

Pam’s eyes widened as the image appeared before her. ‘Well, I guess the alien stuff is always this weird.
“Do you have any news?” the image asked her.
“No, nothing of importance. They got you message and the King healed me, but that is pretty much it. I played them like we talked about and they believe that I’m willing to help them, but they didn’t talk about their plans with me. The only thing they did talk about was the adventures they had over the past year and a half. That is it. I know it’s not much, but it’s not my fault. I don’t think they trust me yet,” she told him.
“Damn! Well, that’s ok, Nicholas is paying our king and queen a little visit tonight. Hopefully he will be able to find out something useful! Keep trying and if you hear anything let me know!” he said.
“I will I promise.” Pam said.
The glow of the orb died down and she put it back in her bag. She didn’t need her parents seeing something like that lying around her room because they would start asking questions. She lay down on her bed with a small smile across her face. ‘This is definitely going to be fun!’ she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

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Part 24:

Jim walked back to his son’s old room and knocked on the door. Kyle mumbled something and rolled over. Jim just rolled his eyes; this is how it used to be when he had to wake Kyle up for school. It always took forever.
“Kyle! Get up right now!” Jim yelled.
“Oh shit! Um, yeah hold on a second dad!” Kyle answered.
‘Damn it, damn it! Tess, come on we’ve got to get up, my dad is outside the door and by the way he’s yelling he knows about us!’
‘WHAT! Oh man, he’s so going to kill us.’
Kyle pulls on his boxers and pants and Tess puts back on her underwear and grabs a pair of pajamas. Once they were somewhat presentable Kyle opened the door to face his worst fear. He knew how his father got when he was really pissed off, and he so wasn’t ready to deal with this right now.
“Put some actual clothes on and meet me in he living room. Max just called and we have an emergency. Oh, and don’t think that either of you are off the hook, we will discuss this, uh, new development when we get home.” Jim said before turning towards the living room.
Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. “Well at least he didn’t scream and yell at us, and hopefully he’ll be somewhat calmed down by the time we get home,” Kyle said.
“NOW Kyle, we don’t have all damn night!”
“On second thought, it will take a miracle for him to calm down!” Kyle said as he ran down the hall to his new room to get dressed.
Tess sighed and closed the door. She quickly got dressed and headed to the living room. She and Kyle met up outside the door and walked into the room together. Jim just looked at the two of them before nodding his head towards the door. He grabbed his keys and jacket and walked to the jeep. Kyle and Tess followed and climbed into the back seat. Tess was holding onto Kyle’s hand almost afraid of letting go.
They arrived at the Evans’ house just as everyone else was pulling up. They all greeted one another and headed to the door.

The doorbell ringing shattered the peaceful silence that had settled in the Evans’ living room. Max got up to answer the door and was surprised to see everyone standing out there. He stepped back and allowed them all to enter.
“This had better be good Maxwell, because I was in a peaceful sleep,” Michael grumbled.
“Trust me Michael, not only is it good, but it’s really important too.”
Max led the way into the living room and waited for everyone to take a seat. They all looked around not really sure what was going on. Liz was looking at Ava with wonder and a hint of something that they couldn’t describe on her face and Ava looked pale and almost frightened.
“Max, what the hell is going on here? How come Ava looks like she’s going to puke?” Isabel asked.
“Because she’s not really Ava, and she’s afraid of what your reactions are going to be,” Liz answered simply.
“What do you mean she’s not Ava?” Alex asked calmly.
Michael looked like he wanted to scream and tear her to bits, but Maria held him in check. Chloe was looking directly at him knowing he was the one she had to be weary of.
“I will explain, but I ask that you be patient with me and listen calmly to what I have to say. Also, please try to keep your outbursts and questions until I’m finished.” Chloe said.
“Hold on, I’ve just got one question,” Max said.
“All right, what is it?” Chloe asked.
“Well, it’s not really for you it’s for Liz. Honey, how do you know her? You said before that you knew who she is. How?” He asked.
“I am not really sure, but I had this vision, it just played itself in my head. I think it was a bit of our past, and she was there. Her name is Chloe, and I remember her being beautiful and brave on our planet. I think I will let her explain the rest, but there is one other thing. She was best friends with Maria and myself, I remember that clearly. I believe she was our protector or something,” Liz said.
Chloe smiled at Liz. “Your powers are getting stronger I see. Yes we were the best of friends. Well you and I were never as close as you and Maria were but we did share a lot of things with one another. Zan asked me to watch over you after they had found out I joined the army. My brother was furious because women weren’t allowed in the army at that point. I say that point because now we are allowed. Anyway, Zan realized how strong my powers were and asked me to watch over his wife and her best friend, so I did it. My brother still was not happy because he felt that I was still in danger but I never listened to him any way.” She said pausing to look directly at Michael.
Liz gasped, “Oh My GOD! NO WAY!”
“What are you getting so excited about?” Maria asked.
“Michael, look inside yourself, you’ve got to be able to sense it. Maria you look too!” Liz exclaimed.
Michael did as Liz asked not really sure why she wanted him to. “OH MY GOD! Chloe is my sister!” He said excitedly. “I’ve had family here for this long and I didn’t even know it!”
Chloe’s eyes misted with tears. Maria smiled and walked up to her. “Thank you for watching out for us, always. You have no idea how happy this makes Michael. He might not show it well, but I can already feel his love for you. Just be careful, he will be overly protective!” Maria whispered in her ear.
Chloe laughed, “He always was over protective. I’ve been watching him here on Earth for a while. He is exactly like my Rath, and I’ve missed him so much.”
Michael walked up to her and pulled her into his embrace. “You have no idea what this means to me. I always thought I was going to be alone.”
“You are never alone my dear brother. You have a family on Seria waiting for you, and here on Earth, you have a family too. Just look around you, they all love you and will care for you, if that’s not family I don’t know what is! I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner but Tim and I felt you would never accept me if I didn’t come as someone you trusted!”
“Who’s Tim?” Michael asked.
“Jeez, Michael, you just found out you are her brother and already you’re doing the whole big brother act!” Alex teased.
“Shut up Whitman!” Michael said blushing slightly.
“Tim is leading our Army while you and Max are here. He is also my mate. We are married on our world, and I can’t wait for you to meet him. The two of you were very close once, and I hope that you will be again. But back to the story, oh, but first, can I change back into myself please?”
“You can change your appearance?” Kyle asked.
“Well, not entirely. I was just lucky that Ava and I look enough alike. We have the same build and style of hair.” Chloe explained changing herself back.
She had red hair that was curly like Tess’s except she had green eyes instead of blue. For the most part she could pass as Tess’s sister.
“I know what you all are thinking, I look enough like Tess to be her sister, well we are cousins so I guess that’s why we look somewhat alike.”
“Michael and I are cousins! Oh my goodness!” Tess yelled. “I’m not alone either! YES!”
Everyone smiled at her and waited for Chloe to finish the story. “Right, so we heard about Kivar planning to come to Earth so I was sent here to find you all and prepare you. Tim would have come himself but he was needed on Seria, and besides we had been watching you so I knew about Liz and Ava’s bond. Nicholas had Rath and Lonnie confront her after the New York incident and she managed to kill them. They never realized how powerful she actually was, she played weak and it worked out well for her. Nicholas came looking for Lonnie, as he was in love with her and found her dead. He hunted for Ava and found her. I was only minutes behind him and when I reached Ava she was pretty far-gone. She told me to connect with her so I would be able to help all of you. She knew a lot of information, and so I did. I learned everything she had to teach me and I came in search for you. She told me where you all were so I didn’t have to look forever; I knew exactly where to come. I contacted Tim and he told me that I should show up as Ava because you would never accept a stranger into your group…too much had happened to you already, so I did as he asked all the while not liking it one bit. And here I am. I’m here to help you fight Kivar, and bring you back to our planet. We need our King back, Max; you are the only one who can right the wrongs that have been done to our kingdom. Everyone knows about the project that brought you all to Earth, and they are awaiting your return. You mother is anxious to see you and Vilandra again!” Chloe said.
“I’m not sure I know how to be king!” Max said panicked.
“Please Max, you’ve held this group together through so much hardship. You are a natural leader, and I know I usually give you shit, but really, you are a great leader,” Kyle said.
“Actually Liz is the glue that holds us all together. She is my strength, without her I would never have been able to do anything. I mean look at what happened when I thought she slept with you; I lost it, or what about the time she left for Florida. I mean I was a wreck.”
“But you overcame all of that Max, and you are a natural leader, you just need to believe in yourself the way the rest of us believe in you,” Tess said.
He smiled at her and wrapped his arms around Liz. “I think we’ve had enough excitement for one night. I say everyone takes a spare bedroom and we all go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day!” Liz said.
“Thanks Liz,” Michael said. “I really didn’t want to leave my sister so soon!”
“No problem Michael,” Liz told him.
“I’m going to take Kyle and Tess home. We’ll be back in the morning, I promise. We’ve got some things to discuss!” the Sheriff said.
“Are you sure Sheriff, we’ve got plenty of room?” Max asked.
“I’m sure, we’ll be back in the morning. You kids have a good night,” he said walking out the door.
Kyle and Tess followed with fear etched on their faces. ‘I guess he didn’t calm down one single bit. Man are we in for it!’
‘I know, but we’ll get through this together,’ she said placing a small kiss on his cheek.

Part 25:

After the Sheriff, Kyle and Tess left the remaining friends split up to go to bed. Michael stayed up with Chloe for a little while because he had so much to ask her.
“So, what was I like? How close were we? What were our parents like?” he asked.
“Whoa, slow down there buddy, take a deep breath. I know you have a lot of questions, and I also realize how hard it must be to not be able to remember anything about your other life, but there are a lot of things I cannot tell you yet for your own safety.” Chloe told him. ‘And for the safety of others,’ she thought.
“I understand, but there has to be something you can tell me,” he pleaded.
“I always had a weak spot for you,” she said. “Fine, I’ll tell you some, but I swear no pushing for more because if you do I’m not telling you anything ever again.”
“I promise,” he swore.
“You were very much like you are now. Hot headed, rash, never really thinking things before you plunged into them, but you also are, and were, loyal, brave, and willing to do anything to protect those you loved.”
“I guess that sounds like me to some degree. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I’m rash and hotheaded, but…”
“Please Michael, you are the most hotheaded person I know, and rash? Oh yeah, definitely rash,” Maria said from the doorway.
Michael just looked up at Maria and grinned. He knew he was everything his sister said and more, but it was weird to find out he hadn’t changed from one lifetime to the next.
“Our parents were very loving people. They were so proud of you after you joined the army. I took after Mother’s side of the family with my coloring and everything, while you look like Dad. You’re personality is a little bit of both of them, Mom was very stubborn, while dad was very protective of his family. I will never forget the first time Tim told you that he wanted to court me, you went nuts. I was so afraid that you were going to hurt him. But you two ended up becoming really good friends and you were our best man when we got married. I’m sorry but that is really all I can tell you right now.”
“I understand. Thank you for giving me a little hope. I only have one question. I promise I’m not pushing, I just need to know. Are our parents still alive?” he asked.
“Yes,” she replied.
“Thank you. Good night Chloe,” he said kissing her cheek.
“Good night Michael,” she said giving him a hug and kiss. “Night Maria,” she added hugging her as well.
“Night Chloe, and thank you, for everything,” Maria said. She grabbed Michael’s hand and headed off to bed.
Chloe got her orb out and waited for Tim to appear. “What happened?” he asked.
“Relax, my love, I had to tell them who I was because Nicholas came and blew my cover. They took the news very well, and our Queen is getting stronger by the day. She remembered me, so that helped. My brother is very excited to have some family again, as is my cousin. They have been so alone on this planet I’m just happy that they finally know they have real family. I didn’t tell him everything, just some stuff about who he was and what our parents were like.”
“That’s good. It’s too risky to tell him too much, too many lives at stake.” Tim said.
“I know. I’ve got to go though, I’m tired and we’ve got an early day tomorrow. Earth time is still killing me,” Chloe said.
“Don’t worry, hopefully you’ll be home soon, and you won’t have to deal with that any more.”
“I know. I love you.” Chloe said. “Kiss Jordan for me.”
“I love you too, I will. He really misses him mommy,” Tim said.
“I miss him too. Tell him I’ll be home soon,” Chloe told him.
“I will. Good night my love.”
“Good night,” Chloe said letting go of the orb. A stray tear ran down her cheek as Tim’s image faded away. She missed her family so much. She was happy to have finally found her brother, but she needed to hold her son terribly. Jordan reminded her so much of Rath, it was uncanny. She just prayed she could go home soon.
‘Dear brother, you’ve got a wonderful surprise awaiting you on Seria. Little Jordan has been waiting forever to finally meet his Uncle Rath, well Uncle Michael now. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about him, but if Nicholas found out about him his life would be in danger. I know it’s a risk getting myself involved, but I had to find all of you, and I was our only hope,’ she thought before walking down the hall to the spare room Max and Liz had readied for her.

The sheriff walked into his house before Kyle and Tess. He sat down on the couch and waited for them to join him. Kyle helped Tess get out of the car and they slowly made their way to the house.
When they entered Kyle’s dad was waiting for them. Kyle sighed and sat on the chair across from him and Tess sat on the arm of Kyle’s chair. This gesture didn’t go unnoticed by the sheriff.
Tess needed to be near Kyle right how. She had never had to deal with an irate parent and she didn’t know what to expect, all she knew was that Kyle was nervous and upset, so that made her nervous and upset.
Jim just looked at the two kids for a few minutes. He knew how strongly they felt about one another. He always knew that Tess had a thing for Kyle even when she was professing her love for Max. All the Max and destiny crap was just drilled in her head. No matter how many times she said she was supposed to be with Max, she would always look over at Kyle with longing written all over her face.
“Look, dad, I know…” Kyle began.
“No, Kyle, I get to do the talking and you listen. Then you get to state your case but not until I’m finished with what I’ve got to say,” his dad said.
Kyle gulped and nodded his head. Tess could feel his emotions rolling off him and she knew he needed some type of comfort. It would have looked really bad if Tess threw her arms around Kyle and comforted him that way so she settled for holding his hand. He gave hers a little squeeze to let her know he appreciated the gesture.
“Now, I came home this morning and went into a panic because I couldn’t find you anywhere Kyle. I searched the whole house and you were nowhere to be found. I thought maybe he stayed at Michael’s but then I figured he wouldn’t leave Tess here alone with this crazy guy on the loose so I panicked again.”
“Dad, I’m really sorry,” Kyle said.
“I know you are son, and I just needed to tell you how worried sick I was. I then decided to check up on Tess to see if she was home. I was kind of afraid of barging into her room since I never had a daughter, I didn’t know if it was ok to do that. I opened the door a crack just in case she wasn’t dressed properly and I saw you in her bed without a shirt and your arms around her. I really couldn’t see her, thank God because I don’t even want to know how devoid of clothing she was. I saw your boxers on the floor and I assumed the worst.”
Tess and Kyle didn’t know what to say. They just looked at the sheriff with shamed faces. Jim had his answer right there. They couldn’t look him in the eye and they had guilt all over their faces. “As I figured you crossed the line. Please tell me you were careful?” he said.
“Of course we were dad. I mean I love Tess with all my heart, but I’m no Max Evans. I’m so not ready to be a dad!” Kyle exclaimed.
Tess giggled she couldn’t help herself. “Sheriff, I love your son too, but I’m not ready to be a mother. We made the decision to cross the line together and we knew what we were getting into. Please know I would never have done anything like this unless I was in love.”
“I don’t doubt your love for one another. I’ve seen it for months now, and even before then. I just, well I was shocked, and hurt all at the same time. It’s hard to face the fact that you child has grown up,” Jim said.
“Dad…” Kyle said.
“No son, I understand that it was going to happen, and I’m really happy it was with Tess, but promise me you will always be careful, and just don’t do it in my house anymore!” he said.
“I promise dad!” Kyle said.
“Good, now get to sleep,” he said, “in your own rooms,” he added. “We’ve got a long and busy day tomorrow!”
“Good night dad,” Kyle said.
“Good night Sheriff,” Tess called.
“Night kids,” he said.

Part 26:

Pam put the orb in her bag because she didn’t want her parents to find it and question about it. She lay down and tried to sleep. Her head was pounding and she wasn’t too sure what was really going on. Everything was kind of hazy and she felt like she was stuck in a fog.
‘What the hell am I doing? I…’ her thoughts were interrupted by a sharp pain in her head.
She groaned and pressed her palms to her temples. ‘What the hell is going on? This pain is unbearable. I never get headaches like this,’ she though.
She lay down on the bed again and tried to let sleep overtake her, but it just wouldn’t come. All of sudden there was tapping at her window. She freaked out for a second but her curiosity got the better of her and she went to see who it was.
Nicholas was standing outside her window smiling at her. ‘Who is this person,’ she thought.
She opened her window a crack. “Who are you?”
“Aw, you don’t remember? That’s too bad,” he said holding out his hand.
He used his power to gently push her away from the window. Pam was really starting to get freaked now, but she tried to remain calm. Nicholas opened the window up completely and climbed into her room.
He looked around and shook his head. “This room, needs to be refurnished.”
Pam rolled her eyes but didn’t allow herself to do anything else. She didn’t know who this person was or what he wanted so she wasn’t going to give him a reason to harm her.
“We’ve got lots to discuss my dear,” Nicholas said to her.
“What are you talking about?” she asked frightened.
“You’re scared of me, that could be a good thing. We need to figure out how to get King Max to tell you his plan. Kivar told me that they only updated you on what they had gone through this past year and a half, but that information is useless to us,” he said.
“I can’t do this. Max healed me. Oh my God, you are that, that, person who took me to that crazy guy who almost split my head in two!” she exclaimed.
“Very good, I can see your memory is coming back to you. But you see, you will help us or we will kill you, so those are your only choices. Do you want to die, or stay alive?” he told her.
“Um, stay alive, but I can’t help the enemy. I’m not that bad of a person,” she said.
“That’s too bad. I guess death is it. What a waste, you really are a good looking girl, I was tempted to keep you for myself after we destroyed the royal family,” he said raising his hand again.
“Wait!” she yelled.
“Yes,” he said.
“I don’t want to die!” she told him.
“Then you will have to help us. Get dressed, we’ve got plans to make,” Nicholas barked.
“Well, aren’t you going to like leave so I can get dressed?” she asked.
“No, I can’t chance you running or doing anything stupid like calling Max,” he told her.
“Then I will just go in my pajamas because there is no way I’m changing with you in front of me,” she said.
Nicholas closed his eyes and concentrated. He mind warped her to think he wasn’t in the room and then opened his eyes. Pam ran to her closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and a blue sweater. She took of her shorts and put her jeans on before walking to her dresser to get out a bra.
After she was dressed Nicholas made it look like he was climbing back through the window and let the warp drop.
“Good, you’re finished. Let’s go,” he said grabbing her hand and pulling her out the window. ‘Oh yes, I’m keeping this one for my own pleasure when this is finished,’ he thought.
They drove out to the desert and Kivar was waiting for them at the tent. Nicholas led Pam inside and they set about formulating a plan.


It was late but Liz couldn’t sleep. She had a bad feeling about something and she couldn’t quite place what it was. Max felt her stir beside him and he opened his eyes.
“What’s wrong?”
“Something is happening but I can’t make out what it is,” she told him.
“Is this a good something or a bad something?” he asked.
“A bad something. Max, do you think it was wise to tell Pam anything?”
“I don’t know Liz, but I do know one thing. We will never discuss our plans if she’s around. I mean if we have to we’ll go to the cave at the reservation and discuss our plans, but she will never know what’s going on. It’s safer for her as well as us that way.”
“I have to agree with you. I mean I know Pam’s not a bad person, but Kivar messed with her head, how do we know that he didn’t do something to her in order to find out our plans, and now with this eerie feeling I’m having, it just makes sense.”
“Well, I always trust your feelings so I promise I will tell everyone tomorrow that we do not discuss any plans in front of Pam.”
“Thank you,” she said kissing him.
“You’re welcome,” he said kissing her back.
The kiss started out innocent enough but quickly heated up. When they broke apart for air Liz was left breathless. ‘Mmm, you need to kiss me like that more often,’ she teased since he always kissed her like that.
Max picked up on her playful mood and all thoughts of sleep left his mind. He stripped them of their clothes and began to kiss Liz everywhere. He purposely overlooked her lips. She groaned in frustration and tried to drag his head up to her lips but he wouldn’t corporate. He kissed his way down her throat making his way to her chest. She moaned when his tongue came in contact with her nipple. Her breasts were more sensitive now that she was pregnant and she loved when Max would suckle on them. He took his time loving each breast before continuing on. He paused at her protruding belly and gave his children a kiss. “Daddy loves you both so much,” he whispered.
Liz heard him and tears gathered in her eyes. Max heard her sniffle and he looked up at her. She gave him a reassuring smile, ‘I’m fine, it’s just what you said was so beautiful,’ she told him.
The time for teasing was over. Max raised himself up and captured her lips. He sent her everything he felt for her with that kiss. He unconditional love for her and that babies, his desire, his hopes, everything that she made him feel.
Liz did the same to Max and no matter how many times they show one another what they are feeling, it still knocks them off their feet.
‘Max,’ Liz cried out in his mind.
He knew how much she needed him, he could feel it through the connection so he entered her quickly. They both sighed feeling complete once again. Max sat still for a couple of minutes just reveling in the feeling of being where he knew he belonged. Liz began to get impatient and started to move her hips. Max groaned and began to move with her. They built up the pace until they were moving with blinding speed. Liz cried out as her orgasm washed over her, but Max wasn’t quite finished yet. He kept up his pace triggering another orgasm to wash over Liz. Max reached his peak along with Liz and he rolled onto his side pulling her against him as they began to calm down.
Liz drifted to sleep with a smile on her face. Max kissed her forehead before pulling the covers up over them. The sound of Liz breathing lulled him to sleep.

Part 27:

Liz woke up with a queasy feeling in her stomach. She slipped out of bed as quietly as she could and headed to the bathroom. She barely reached the toilet before losing the contents of her stomach, which wasn’t much considering she hadn’t eaten anything since dinner the night before.
Max opened his eyes noticing the fact that Liz wasn’t beside him. He heard retching from the bathroom and sprang out of bed. When he reached the bathroom door he saw Liz hunched over and heaving. He pulled her hair back off her face and sat down on the side of the tub rubbing her back with his free hand.
She glanced up at him and offered him a quick smile before turning her attention back to the toilet. ‘God, I’m like 4 months pregnant fro crying out loud, this isn’t supposed to be starting now, it should be almost over,’ she thought.
‘Yes, but need I remind you sweetie that we are having alien babies? We don’t know anything about an alien pregnancy, maybe we should ask Chloe,’ Max says.
‘Yeah, I am definitely going to ask her because I need to know if this is going to happen regularly from now on,’ she said. ‘I think I’m all right now my stomach seems to have calmed down.’
“Ok, good. Let’s finish up in here and see if anyone’s awake yet,” Max said.
Liz grabbed her toothbrush and began to brush her teeth. She needed to get that disgusting taste out of her mouth. She hated throwing up when she was sick never mind because she was pregnant.
Once they were finished brushing their teeth and washing their faces they headed downstairs. Chloe was sitting in the kitchen with her head in her hands. Liz looked at Max with a concerned face.
“Chloe? What’s wrong?” Liz asked.
Chloe looked up startled. She hadn’t expected anyone to be up for at least another hour. “I’m sorry, nothing’s wrong really. I just miss my family back on Seria,” she told them.
Max smiled a sympathetic smile. He knew how he would feel if he was separated form Liz so he could imagine Chloe’s pain.
“Well, this will all be over soon, and you will be able to see your husband again,” Max said.
“Yes I know. I miss him so much,” Chloe said. ‘As well as my little Jordan,’ she added to herself.
Liz could tell that there was something Chloe wasn’t telling them and as much as she didn’t want to push, she felt that all the cards should be laid out on the table.
“Chloe, would go come with me for a little walk?” Liz asked.
Max shot Liz a confused and scared look. “Um, Liz, honey, I really don’t think that’s such a good idea. I mean Nicholas is still out there and I really don’t think you should be going out alone,” he said.
“Max, relax please. I’m not going alone, I’m going with Chloe. You at one point deemed her worthy of being my bodyguard, so that’s what she is going to be while we are on this walk. I promise it will only be once or twice around the block, I just need some fresh air,” she said.
“Very well, but contact me if anything strange happens, and remember to use your shield I don’t care who sees it at the moment, your safety is more important,” he told them.
Maria walked out of her room just as Liz and Chloe were grabbing their coats. “Hey where are you two going?” she asked.
“We are talking a walk. Why don’t you come with us,” Liz said.
Maria grabbed her jacket and they all headed out the door. Liz waited until they were a good distance from the house before unleashing any questions to Chloe.
“Ok, since you’ve been on Seria, I’ve got a question for you,” Liz said.
“Shoot,” Chloe replied.
“During pregnancy does morning sickness come in the middle months?” Liz asked.
“Not usually, but when you had your first child you didn’t get morning sickness until you were about four or five months pregnant. How far along are you now?” Chloe said.
“I’m four months pregnant,” Liz said.
“And, you’re experiencing morning sickness now huh? That’s typical for you. Every woman varies, I remember when…” Chloe said stopping abruptly.
‘Ah ha! I knew it she is hiding something,’ Liz thought.
Maria looked at Liz, ‘what are you talking about hiding what?’
‘I don’t know but I knew something more then just missing her husband was bothering her this morning and I intend to find out,’ Liz told her friend.
“Chloe, I know that there is something you aren’t telling us, and I am asking you to trust us enough to share this secret with us all,” Liz said.
Chloe looked at them with pure fright written on her beautiful face. ‘Oh God, this can’t be happening! Shit, I need to talk to Tim, should I tell them?’ she thought.
“Please Chloe, trust us,” Maria pleaded.
“You are right I am keeping something from you and everyone should be there to hear it, well everyone doesn’t have to be but Michael should be present anyway,” she said.
“Then I say we hurry our asses home so we can find out what’s really been bothering you,” Maria said.
Liz and Chloe laughed, “You are still the same woman I came to love on Seria and you were the perfect match for my idiot brother,” Chloe said.
“Hey, that’s my idiot you are talking about,” Maria said in a mockingly hurt voice.
This sent Chloe into another fit of laughter and as they walked into the house everyone was surprised to see then three women laughing so hard tears were streaming down their faces.
“I don’t know why we are laughing so hard, it really wasn’t that funny,” Liz said trying to compose herself.
“I know, but I just couldn’t help myself. That was definitely something I needed to do for a while,” Maria said.
“You and me both girl,” Chloe said.
When the calmed down they noticed that everyone was there already. The Sheriff, Kyle, and Tess had gotten there a couple of minutes after they left and Michael was finally awake. Just then a knocking came from the door. Liz answered it and was knocked back by a pretty powerful blast.
“LIZ!” Max shouted running over to his wife.
“OH GOD! LIZZIE! Max is she all right?” Maria asked close to hysterics.
“I don’t know. Come on baby, open your eyes please,” he begged.
Liz struggled to open her eyes. The pain was unbearable but she knew she needed to tell everyone she was fine. The door took the brunt of the blast she was just knocked back onto the floor.
Her eyes opened slowly and Max breathed a small sigh of relief. He connected with her and checked for any physical damage.
‘Oh Max! The babies, are they all right? The fall could have damaged something within me, they could be hurt,’ she said panicked.
He ran his hands over her abdomen forming a connection with his children and assured her that they were fine. He healed any bruises that she had gotten being blasted from the door. Michael and Chloe headed outside to make sure everything was safe. After they made sure the area was secure they headed back inside.
Nicholas and Pam stood inside the living room waiting for the royals to begin their discussion. Kivar opted for this plan, which Pam thought up because she assured them both that Max and the others would never trust her enough to tell their plans.

//The night before in Kivar’s camp.
They have all known the secret for over a year and they have been through many a trial and tribulation to form the bond they have. Max saving Liz’s life. Liz and Maria keeping the Sheriff from finding anything out about Max, Michael, or Isabel. Alex donating his blood to keep Max’s secret safe. Max getting taken by the FBI, and Michael, Isabel, Tess, and Nasedo rescuing them. Liz telling the Sheriff the truth and asking for his help to save Max from the FBI. Max and Liz being chased by the government and barely escaping them, Michael and the Sheriff finding them running on the road and Michael learning what his power is when he blasted the car to save his friends. Max saving Kyle’s life and then the whole thing with Nicholas the first time that sent him back to Seria without the Queen. They will not trust a stranger, it’s too risky for them. The only way you will get any answers is if you figure out how to be in the house without them seeing you,” Pam told them.//

“Is everyone all right?” Michael asked.
“Yeah, everyone is fine including the babies,” Max said helping Liz up and kissing her forehead.
Nicholas gagged. He hated watching weak displays of affection it was sickening. Pam watched with wistful admiration. She wanted with Max and Liz had. ‘Lord please forgive me for betraying such good people, but I promise that I will figure out how to make it right again,’ she thought.
“All right down to business,” Liz said. “First off hello everyone, I was just about to greet all of you before I was knocked on my ass there!”
“Liz how can you joke about that?” Maria asked.
“Well, what the heck else can I do, I mean it happened and I’m fine.” Liz said. “But seriously, Chloe has something that she needs to tell us.”
Michael looked at his sister with concern. She paled visibly and almost looked more afraid then yesterday.
“Chloe what is it?” he asked.
“Remember when I said I couldn’t tell you everything yesterday?” she asked him.
“Yeah, and I promised that I wouldn’t push you. Liz did you push my sister into telling you something that she didn’t want to tell?” Michael asked harshly.
“No Michael. I realized that something was really bothering her this morning. She told us it was that she missed Tim, but I knew that there was something else and we went for a walk and I asked her. She said that you should be present when she told so, we came home and now she’s going to tell you, er, us,” Liz said.
“I’m sorry, I really am an ass in the mornings. I didn’t mean to snap,” he said.
“It’s ok, don’t worry about it,” Liz assured him.
‘God, just tell them whatever it is you have to tell them so we can get down to business stupid woman,’ Nicholas thought.
“Ok well here’s the thing, um, I also have a son at home. He’s the sweetest thing in the entire world. His name is Jordan and he looks a lot like Michael he even inherited his spirit. He’s very strong since Tim and I are both soldiers, and I didn’t tell you because I thought it would keep him safer,” she confessed. “But I just miss him so much and I want to go home and hold him, and tell him how much I love him. Looking at Michael everyday makes me miss him all the more,” she told them.
“I’m an uncle?” Michael asked not entirely understanding what his sister said.
“Yes,” she laughed. His expression was so cute.
“And he looks like me?”
“Cool!” he exclaimed jumping up and hugging his sister.
Chloe just laughed he always got really excited over the littlest things.
“We’ve got one more thing to discuss before heading out,” Max said.
‘Good we finally get to the good stuff,’ Nicholas thought.
“What’s up Max? You used that commander voice that you only use when we discuss really important stuff,” Isabel asked.
“Liz has been getting unsettling feelings and I just want to make it abundantly clear that we will not discuss anything having to due with our plans in front of Pam. It will keep her safe, and we still aren’t really sure what side she’s playing for right now. She seemed sincere last night, but Kivar screwed with her head and who knows what he actually did to her,” Max said.
“I agree with you Max. As convincing as she was, I still don’t trust her,” Alex said.
“Good, then we all agree. Ok, let’s get the heck out of here and do something fun and normal for a change,” Max said.
They group all went to change leaving the Sheriff, Tess, and Kyle in the living room. The tension in the air was very thick and Kyle shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Tess sat down next to him and took his hand in hers. The sheriff noticed this and smiled despite himself.
Once the others came bounding into the room they grabbed their things and headed out the door. Max packed all the plans and the orbs in his bag and to take with them. When he and Liz got to the room to change she said that something didn’t feel right and she didn’t think that they should leave anything behind just in case. He trusted her instinct and grabbed all their plans and shoved them into a bag. Then he packed another bag with extra clothes in case it got cold and they headed back downstairs.

“All right people, let’s rock and roll,” Alex said leading the way out the door.
The rest of the gang just smiled and shook their heads at Alex. He was so strange sometimes.

After they left Nicholas searched the house looking for anything. ‘Well Pam was right, they don’t trust her and that makes this even harder for us. I didn’t find out anything useful today! Damn, Kivar is going to be pissed!’ he thought.
He and Pam left the house and headed back to the camp. Kivar was waiting for them outside the tent like usual and ushered them inside as soon as they climbed out of the car.
“So did you find out anything useful?” Kivar asked.
“Unfortunately no. We did learn that they don’t trust our little Pam over here but that’s it,” Nicholas said.
‘Good, maybe he missed the whole Chloe and Michael are brother and sister and that she’s got a kid on the other planet,’ Pam thought.
“That’s all! Damn!” Kivar swore.
“Oh wait, I do remember something. I almost forgot because it was sentimental and mushy. Chloe, the Ava look alike is Michael’s sister, and she’s got a kid on Seria. His name is Jordan,” Nicholas said.
“Oh, this could be very useful in the future! Good, at least we’ve got something.” Kivar said. “Take Pam home.” ‘We’ve got lots to discuss,’ he told Nicholas in his head.
“Right away sir,” Nicholas said.

Part 28:

Everyone jumped into their own cars and headed out of town. Max was leading the way since he was the only one who knew where they were going. He wanted to keep it a secret since everyone needed a break from all the ‘WAR’ talk.
He stopped off at the Crashdown first and walked inside. He told Liz, Alex, and Isabel to wait in the car he’d only be a minute. They watched him disappear into the restaurant and wondered what he was up to.
He came out about 10 minutes later holding a big cooler. Alex jumped out of the jeep to help him load it in the back of Maria’s Jetta. Once the cooler was stored he jumped back into the driver’s seat and took off.
Liz looked over at him and wondered what he had up his sleeve. ‘Come on Max, just a hint,’ she begged.
‘Nope sorry, no can do, I’m keeping this a surprise for everyone!’ he told her.
She turned her head away and pouted for a little while. Max couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped his lips. Liz turned towards him and shot him a nasty glare. He stopped laughing immediately. ‘Definitely not a good idea to piss off a pregnant woman!’ he thought.
‘No definitely not and you better remember that!’ she told him trying to hide her smile.
“Hey I see that smile Liz Evans! You really are awful, trying to make me feel guilty because I won’t tell you where we are going!” he exclaimed.
“Jeez, look at the two of them! They are even disgustingly cute when they fight,” Alex said.
“Shut up Alex!” Isabel told him.
“Yes dear,” he said.
Liz laughed at her friends. “Boy Alex, can I say whipped!”
“You better believe it!” Alex said wiggling his eyebrows.
“Ok, too much information! Alex, Max that’s my sister you are making suggestions about!” Max exclaimed causing the whole jeep to erupt with laughter.
Liz silently communicated the whole conversation to everyone else so that they didn’t feel left out. Maria had asked Liz what was so funny. She could see everyone laughing and felt out of the loop. So Liz filled everyone in and they all shared a laugh.
“Michael says that he didn’t know you liked the kinky stuff Alex,” Liz told him.
Alex looked shocked that they knew what was going on in the car and looked at Liz. “Sorry I told them because Maria was pouting in my head,” she confessed.
Alex shook his head and told Michael to piss off! Michael came back with the classic line, “But you said it Whitman. I never took you for liking S&M, but hey whatever floats your boat!”
Alex had to laugh and promised Michael that he was going to pay for that when they got to where ever they were going.
Michael knew where they were going because Max told him to pack a bathing suit for Maria and Chloe. The Sheriff had an idea too because Max told him about the suits too. So he planned everything and made sure that Liz, Isabel, and Alex had suits packed too! He planned on making this a day that everyone remembered for a long time because who knew what tomorrow would bring.
Max pulled off the road and parked in the shade announcing that they were there. Michael pulled alongside of him with the Sheriff pulling into a spot on the other. Everyone got out and gasped at the sight.
“Max it’s beautiful,” Liz exclaimed.
“I know. I figured since it’s amazingly warm out and we haven’t had any fun in the past couple of weeks, we needed a break. So here we are at Lake Arthur to enjoy the sun and have some fun!” he said.
“Max, you can be such a dork sometimes,” Tess said.
Max bowed and winked at her. Michael helped Max grab the cooler and Alex took the bag that was in the back of the jeep. Kyle grabbed Michael’s bag and the Sheriff took his. They found a nice shady spot to set up the picnic and the girls laid the blanket down on the ground.
Max, Michael, and the Sheriff pulled the bathing suits that they had packed for everyone and handed them out. Everyone smiled at Max’s planning and ran to the bathrooms to get changed.
Liz was a little nervous about coming out in her bathing suit because she was showing now and she felt fat. Max could feel her emotions and tried to sooth her, but she just wouldn’t relax. Maria walked into the bathroom to get her friend and saw Liz crying on the floor.
“Lizzie, babe, what’s wrong?” Maria asked.
“Look at me Maria! I’m a cow. I can’t go out there looking like this!” Liz cried.
“Chica, you aren’t a cow, you are pregnant. We all know that you are and we all know that you are showing. We all love you and no one cares that you are getting bigger, besides you will still be the most beautiful person out there. But don’t tell Izzy I said that she’ll beat me up!” Maria assured her friend.
“Too late, she walked into the bathroom and heard you!” Isabel said. “But Maria is right Liz, you will be the most beautiful woman out there. You just have this glow about you that makes you irritable. Now come on!” she said pulling Liz up on her feet.
Liz allowed herself to be led out of the bathroom and Max was waiting right outside for her. She flung herself in his arms and started crying again.
“Damn, we just go her calmed down. Thanks Max,” Isabel said dryly.
“What the hell did I do? I just want to make sure she’s ok and by the looks of it I would say that she’s not!” Max said defensively.
“Isabel didn’t mean it Max. We’re just going to head down to the water. Please talk some sense into her, she just really needs you.” Maria said then added, ‘she needs to know that she’s still beautiful even though she’s showing,’ she told him in his head.
Max nodded his head in understanding. “Liz honey, talk to me please,” he begged.
“Look at me Max! I’m fat! How can I possibly go down there looking like the cow that I am?” she cried into his shoulder.
He held her and stroked her hair. “Love, no one thinks that you are fat, least of all me! You always have been and always will be the most beautiful of our friends, and I know Isabel will kill me when she finds out that I said that, but it’s true!” he confessed.
“Maria told me that too. She said that I was the most beautiful of us all!” Liz exclaimed.
“Liz we all love you and no one thinks you are fat really. Everyone knows that you are pregnant and with twins! I’m surprised you didn’t start showing sooner,” Max said.
“I know you’re right, it’s my hormones. They are all out of sync causing me to be an emotional basket case. I think during this pregnancy I’m going to even give Maria a run for her money!” Liz said laughing.
Max was happy that she cheered up and he carried her down to the water’s edge.
“Max put me down! You’ll strain yourself carrying something that is as heavy as me!” she yelled.
“Please Liz, you barely weigh anything!” Alex yelled. “Even pregnant you couldn’t weight a lot!”
“He’s right Liz, you weight close to nothing so stop worrying!” Max said before dropping her in the water.
She came up sputtering. “You’re gonna pay for that Mr. Evans!” she called.
“Only if you can catch me Mrs. Evans!” he said playfully.
Liz smiled innocently at him and held out her hand. She didn’t know what the heck she planed on doing but she figure it was worth a shot. Max stopped moving and was spun around. Liz concentrated even more on bring him closer and he began moving towards her. She laughed at him as he tried to get away and before either of them knew it he was standing right in front of her.
Liz reached up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders before hooking her leg around his. She pulled his leg out from underneath him and pushed his shoulders at the same time causing him to go under the water. She didn’t expect his next move though and almost screamed when he pulled her legs out from underneath her causing her to join him under the water.
They both came up laughing and wiped the water and hair out of their eyes.
“Ok, chica, I just have to ask. How in the hell did you manage to do that?” Maria asked.
“I have no idea, it was as if I just knew I could do it. Also the babies didn’t like their daddy picking on their mommy so they helped me a bit!” Liz said laughing.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same. Everyone played in the water only getting out to eat or go to the bathroom. Liz didn’t have any other outbursts or fits of rampaging emotions and they just enjoyed their day. Michael and Chloe talked a little bit about her family but not too much, they were too busy trying to out do the other one with plans on dunking each other.
Michael was ahead by one dunk, but Chloe had a plan and she asked Maria for help. Maria gladly volunteered and together they dunked Michael twice! He was shocked that his girlfriend turned against him and in payback he dunked her a couple of times.
Everyone watched the play and laughed at them. Before anyone realized it, the sun had begun to go down and it was time to pack up and head back home. Liz was a little sad to see the day end because she was beginning to get that uneasy feeling again, like something bad was going to happen.

Pam sat in her room and cried after Nicholas dropped her off that morning. She didn’t know what to do. An innocent child could be hurt because she didn’t have the balls to stand up to some freaky aliens!
‘There has to be something I can do, I can’t just sit here and let those crazy bastards hurt some child. I’m really not the heartless bitch everyone thinks I am, it’s all just an act to hide my loneliness!’ she said.
Set in her resolve Pam got up and headed out of her room only to come face to face with her parents.
“Pam honey are you all right? I thought I heard you crying,” her mother said.
“I’m fine mom, I just hit my elbow on my dresser. I’ve got to run. There’s something I need to take care of,” she said before running out the door.

She didn’t stop until she was in front of Max and Liz’s house. She felt awful for what happened before and now she wished she just let those two kill her instead of causing her this pain. Being guilty was definitely the worst pain anyone could endure.
It’s all her fault that Chloe’s son Jordan was in trouble. She led Nicholas into the house with that stupid plan. ‘Why did I tell them something that crucial?’ she asked herself.
‘Probably because Kivar fucked with your head and made you do it,’ the little voice in the back of her mind answered.
‘You’re probably right, but I’m going to fix it now! I will not let these people suffer because of me!’ she said. “Oh boy, I’m really losing it! Now I’m having conversations with myself in my head!” she said out loud.
Pam sat down on the front steps and waited. She didn’t care how long she had to sit there, she just had to tell Chloe to warn Tim about their son! ‘I just hope that they believe me,’ she thought.

After sitting there for about an your she saw headlights. Her hopes raised and then fell when she realized that it wasn’t Max or Liz. ‘Damn,’ she thought.
Just then more headlights could be seen and this time it was the jeep. Pam jumped of the steps and went running towards them.
“Where’s Chloe!” she yelled frantically.
“Why what happened?” Liz asked.
“I’ve got to talk to Chloe, it’s important!” Pam freaked.
“I’m right here, what’s wrong?” Chloe asked with fear lining her voice.
“Nicholas used me this morning. We where in the house when you told Michael. Kivar knows about Jordan. I’m sorry, I panicked he was going to kill me, I didn’t know what to do. Please you’ve got to tell Tim to watch out for your son!” Pam cried burring her face in her hands.
Liz wrapped her arms around Pam while Michael caught Chloe before she fell to the ground.
“I’ve got to get in touch with Tim. I need my orb. Michael! Let go I’ve got to talk to Tim!” Chloe cried frantically.
Michael let her go and they all ran after her. She grabbed her orb and waited for Tim to appear.
He looked so sad that she knew she was too late. “Shit!” she yelled.
“Chloe, honey, I’ve got bad news,” Tim said trying not to cry.
“NO! I can’t be too late! They can’t have Jordan!” she cried.
“I’m sorry Chloe, I tried to get there as quickly as I could but I…we weren’t fast enough. I don’t know who it was, but he’s gone.” Tim said crying as well.
“It was Kivar. He tricked one of the humans, well threatened her life actually and they found out about him because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. This is all my fault, I’m so sorry!” she cried.
Michael wrapped his arms around her. “It’s not your fault Chloe, it’s not even Pam’s fault. It’s no one’s fault and I promise we’ll get him back,” Michael told her.
“I see your brother knows the whole story. Thank you for being with her for this Rath,” Tim said.
“You’re welcome Tim, but it’s Michael now,” Michael told him.
“That’s right I keep forgetting that. Please comfort her and return my family back to me soon. We are working around the clock here to be ready in case the battle crosses over onto our planet. Chloe seemed to think that it would and I assure you that we will be ready for you all. Chloe, honey, I love you and I will be searching here to see if Jordan is still on our planet. Please don’t blame yourself anymore, it really is no one’s fault. For once in your life listen to your brother!” Tim said.
“I’m sorry Tim, it’s just…my baby is in danger!” she said.
“I know, I feel the pain too Chloe. We will get him back. I’ve got to get back to the search. I love you!” he said.
“I love you too,” she told him dropping the orb and wrapping her arms tightly around Michael.
He just let her sob into his chest and eventually sleep overtook her. Pam fell asleep a couple of minutes after Chloe. She hadn’t stopped crying since she spilled the news.
No one knew what to do next, but they put the two sleeping girls in a room and headed to the kitchen to figure out a new plan.

Part 29:

The gang talked into the late hours of the night trying to formulate a plan, which would keep Jordan safe.
“If I just gave myself up then all of this would be over,” Max said.
“NO! I will not allow you to sacrifice yourself! Kivar doesn’t only want you, he wants me too, and I will not allow him to break up our family. There is another way, we just have to figure it out!” Liz said.
“But…” Max said.
“No buts Max, Liz is right. Just stop that thinking, it’s not going to get us anywhere,” Isabel scolded him.
“Fine. Well what else can we do?” he asked.
“Um, guys,” Pam said weakly from the door.
Liz jumped up from her seat and enveloped her in a hug. Pam still looked shaken and pale.
“I really am sorry. This is all my fault. I know you all seem to think it’s no one’s fault but it is mine. I was so jealous of Max and Liz that I didn’t care how I hurt them, and now I’ve involved an innocent child. I deserve to be fried for what I’ve done,” she said.
“Pam, it’s not your fault and we don’t blame you. You never would have gone to such lengths if Kivar hadn’t screwed with your mind. I know deep down that you aren’t a bad person, we all do. Please stop blaming yourself,” Liz said.
Pam started crying again. “How can you be so nice to me after the way I treated all of you?”
“None of us ever took it personally. I think we all knew how lonely you really were, and if it wasn’t so important to keep everyone in this room safe we probably would have let you into the group, but our number one priority was to keep Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess safe from the FBI,” Maria said.
“I think I have a plan. It will require me going into the lions den again, but hell, I’ve been there twice already so what’s one more time,” Pam said.
“No, I will not allow you to be put in danger,” Max said.
“It’s the only way. Even though I’m going to be sick for doing it, I will succumb to Nicholas’s advances. He has his eye on me and he told me that he wanted to keep me after all of this is over. If maybe I give him reason to believe that I return his favor I could get some inside information,” Pam said.
“I don’t know…” Liz began.
“It’s the only way to get into the camp,” Michael said.
“I will be careful, I promise,” Pam said.
‘What do you think Max?’ Liz asked him.
‘It’s risky, but it could be the only hope we’ve got,’ he said.
“All right, since it’s the only choice we’ve got you can do this, but if anything goes wrong or seems out of sorts, please get out of there fast!” Max told her.
“I will.” Pam said.
‘Max is there anyway to connect her to the rest of us?’ Liz asked.
‘Yeah, that’s a good question, that way we would know first hand if anything was wrong,’ Alex added.
‘I don’t know,’ Max said.
Pam watched them all have a silent conversation. It was amazing to watch, they all had this connection that was so frightening but amazing at the same time. She wished that she could be connected too.
Chloe chose that moment to walk into the room. “There is a way to connect her to the rest of us.”
“Really how?” Michael asked.
“Follow me,” Chloe said leading everyone into the living room.
“We need to include the Sheriff too, he’s not connected to us. Is there anyway to make this temporary because I don’t think the Sheriff wants to be connected to us completely,” Liz asked.
“Yes, we can make it last as long as we need it,” Chloe said. “Now everyone join hands.”
They all held the hand of the person next to them. Max grabbed Liz’s hand, and Liz took Maria’s. Maria held Michael’s and Michael took Chloe’s. Chloe took Pam’s and Pam held Tess’s. Tess grabbed Kyle’s and Kyle took his dad’s. Sheriff Valenti took Alex’s hand and Alex held onto Isabel’s, while Isabel took Max’s. Once the circle was complete Chloe started chanting in Serian.
A purple glow started to emanate in the middle of the circle before a small beam broke off from the center and shone on each person’s forehead. As soon as the glow dissipated Chloe stopped chanting and opened her eyes.
“We are all linked now. I know that the eight of you were linked already and because of my connection with Michael I was too, but your connection will be stronger for a while. Trust me you will still be able to have your private conversations but when the need arises and you must call for help, everyone will hear you and you won’t have to think about whom you wish to send a message to. For example Liz if you want to tell Maria, Isabel and Tess something all you have to do is think of their names in your mind, not their entire person and they will hear you,” Chloe explained.
“This will definitely come in handy tomorrow. Ok I think everyone should go home and get a good nights rest. Tomorrow we bring War to Kivar!” Max said.
Everyone said their good-byes and Maria dropped Pam off at her house. The two girls shared a little smile before Pam got out and headed inside.
‘Night Maria, thanks,’ Pam said trying out her new connection. It was a strange feeling, like a faint hum in the back of her mind.
‘Night Pam! See you tomorrow,’ Maria replied as she drove off.
Pam entered her house and did a double take. Everything was strewn all over the place and her parents were nowhere to be seen. She ran frantically though the house and found a note.
‘Pam, your father and I left for your Aunt Sally’s at about four. I was coming to tell you that when you ran out of the house. Be a good girl and we will see you at the end of next week. Your father and I love you. Love mom,’ the note read.
Pam slid to the floor and cried yet again. She pictured all sorts of horrible things being done to them at the hands of Kivar. He was plain evil and if he could take a small child who’s to say he couldn’t have taken her parents. She stayed on the kitchen floor until her sobs eased themselves into small tears and headed to her room.
She opened her door and screamed at the sight. Sitting on her bed was Nicholas.
“Shit! Don’t scare me like that!” she yelled.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you. I’ve been waiting for you for a few hours now. I got here just after your parents left. Mores the pity, we could have used them as blackmail. Where were you?” Nicholas questioned.
Liz called me up and asked me to hang out. I am trying to keep up the appearance of being on their side remember?” Pam said trying to sound convincing. ‘Please let him believe me,’ she thought.
Nicholas looked her over and decided that she appeared to be telling the truth. “Let’s go,” he demanded.
“Where to?” she asked.
“Kivar needs your help. We, uh, have a problem that only a woman can handle. So you are our woman. Come on,” he said pulling her through the house.
“What the hell did you do to my house?” she asked.
“Oh I got mad when I couldn’t find you.” He snapped his fingers and everything went back to normal. “Happy now?” he asked.
“Yes very!” she said climbing into the car.
‘Liz, he’s taking me to the camp. He said that Kivar has a problem that only a woman can handle; my guess is a crying child. I’ll let you all know if Jordan is there as soon as I can,’ she said.
‘Ok, please be careful,’ Liz told her.
Liz turned to Max and Chloe and told them what Pam said.

Nicholas pulled into the camp and shut the engine off. Pam climbed out of the car and waited to see where she was supposed to go. He grabbed her arm and led her to a tent that was just behind the one she normally goes into.
“You will be staying here,” Nicholas said before turning and stalking away.
Pam walked inside the tent and saw a little figure on a cot curled up into a little ball. The child turned his head when the flap opened and raised his hand.
Pam threw her arms up, “I come in peace!”
Jordan giggled at that, he couldn’t help himself. Pam smiled back at him glad to know that she cheered Chloe’s son up a little bit. She knew that this was Jordan because he looked exactly like Michael, well, minus the spiky hair, but other then that he was the spitting image of one Michael Guerin.
“My name is Pam and I’m friends with your mommy. I know that you may not believe me but I’m really not working with the bad guys. I know that those scary men came and took you way bring you here, Lord knows why. I tried to get to your mom so she could warn you dad, but we were too late. If you see me talking to the bad guys just try and ignore it, I’ve got to pretend to be working with them so your mommy can come and get you. She’ll be bringing your Uncle Michael with her. He’s a hard man to talk to, but he seems really nice,” Pam told him.
“I guess you probably know my name, but I’ll tell you anyway. I’m Jordan. I really miss my mommy and now I miss my daddy too,” he said crying.
Pam walked over to him and sat on the cot. She pulled him onto her lap and held him while he cried. She stroked his hair and rocked him back and forth trying to get him to calm down.
‘I wonder if this will work,’ she though. “Jordan hold onto my hands and try to concentrate with me. I’m going to see if I can allow you to talk to your mommy,” she told him.
He nodded his head and held onto her hands. They looked into one another’s eyes and eventually their breathing synchronized. Pam could feel all of Jordan’s emotions, his fright, his helplessness, and his longing for his parents. Jordan felt Pam’s guilt, her hope that they would get out of this, and her new love for the small group of aliens and their friends.
‘Chloe, can you hear me?’ Pam asked.
‘Yes, oh God, did you find Jordan?’ she asked.
‘MOMMY!’ Jordan cried.
‘Jordan! Oh my baby, are you all right? Did they hurt you?’ she asked.
‘No mommy, they didn’t hurt me. The nasty little man said that I wouldn’t be harmed, they just needed me to get you and Uncle Michael to turn yourselves over,’ Jordan said. ‘You can’t do it mommy, they are bad people and I might be little, but I know that even if you turn yourself over they will do bad stuff to me anyway.’
‘That’s my very smart little boy. Don’t you worry your Uncle Michael, Uncle Max, Aunt Liz, Aunt Maria, Uncle Alex, Aunt Isabel, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Tess, and Aunt Pam have a plan to get you out of there,’ Chloe said. ‘Please be strong and know that both mommy and daddy love you and miss you terribly.’
Pam’s eyes filled with tears when Chloe referred to her as Aunt Pam. ‘I will look after him until you can get here. They put us in the same tent. I know I’m no match for either Kivar or Nicholas, but I will protect Jordan with my life,’ Pam assured her.
‘I know you will. Thank for connecting us together. That really meant a lot to me,’ Chloe said.
‘Bye mommy, I love you,’ Jordan told her.
‘Bye baby, mommy loves you too,’ Chloe said. ‘Thank you again Pam.’
‘You’re welcome,’ Pam said before letting go of the connection.

The next day came upon them quickly. They all piled up in their cars and headed to Kivar’s camp. Chloe knew where it was from her surveillance and led them there in Max’s jeep. Max sat in the back with Liz while the Sheriff rode up front. Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Tess, Maria, and Michael were in the Valenti’s jeep following close behind.
Chloe pulled off to the side of the road and stopped the engine. Michael pulled behind her and they all got out of the cars. No one knew what to expect when they crossed over that hill but it was now or never.
Tess and Kyle held hands and got ready to do their warp. They had to make it appear that nothing about the landscape had changed while everyone got close to the camp.
Max nodded his head signaling that it was time. They all walked close together in case they needed to use their shields. They cautiously made their was to Kivar’s camp.
‘So far so good,’ Maria whispered in everyone’s head.
Max held on to Liz’s hand tightly afraid to let her out of his sight. He remembered what happened last time, and he refused to allow that to happen again.
Liz started getting dizzy and staggered. ‘Liz, what’s wrong?’ Max asked.
‘I don’t know, I feel weak and dizzy,’ she said.
Max looked at Liz noticing how pale she was. He was tempted to turn around and go back home. ‘No we have to go on, I’ll be fine, I promise,’ she told him. He forgot she could hear his every thought.
‘I don’t know Liz,’ he said still looking at her.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my love sick cousin. I see you still can’t concentrate on the job in front of you. All you can see is her!” Kivar yelled.
“She’s my wife you fool! Of course I’m going to look out for her!” Max yelled back.
“Well, she won’t be for long,” Kivar said menacingly.
Max and Liz threw up the hands that they weren’t holding and produced a shield just as Kivar fired a shot.
“I see you have gotten smarter on this planet. Yet I will tell you that it will do you no good. I will become King, like I originally should have, and Miss Parker here will be my bride,” he said.
“She’s no longer a Parker, she’s an Evans’ now and she will never be your bride. I had to kill her once in order to keep you away from her, I WILL do it again if I must,” Max told him.
“Oh, how noble, I think I’ll go and puke now,” Kivar said.

All hell broke lose after that. There were blasts coming from every corner. Kyle and Tess dropped the warp after Kivar started talking realizing that it didn’t do any good. They concentrated on helping keep the shield up. Michael, Maria, and Chloe tried to hold off the Skins for as long as they could. Managed to kill half of Kivar’s people before tiring out too much. Alex, Isabel, and Liz kept switching with Max, Kyle, and Tess keeping the 10 or them in a shield at all times. Giving Michael, Maria, and Chloe time to rest up. Sheriff Valenti shot as many Skins as he could aiming for their lower back like Courtney told them to. He remembered that the Skins needed their husks to survive on this planet and the seal for that husk was in the lower back, so that’s where he aimed. He hit as many as he could before running out of ammo.
“I’ve had enough of this. Bring them to me!” Kivar yelled.
Nicholas led Pam and Jordan out of the tent keeping his hand trained on Jordan. He still had no clue that Pam was working with the others. She knew what to do as soon as they were close enough.
“MOMMY!” Jordan yelled trying to run to her.
“Jordan!” she called tears streaming down her face.
“I want Max and Liz to step out of the shield and I will give Jordan over,” Kivar said.
Pam knew he was lying she heard him and Nicholas talking about how they planed on using their compassion to kill them all.
Max looked at the others. ‘We have to do this; I can’t let him kill Jordan because of me. I will go, but Liz stays here,’ Max says.
‘No Max! I can’t lose you, I can’t,’ she said crying.
‘You won’t I promise it will be all right,’ he told her.
Max walked up to the shield still holding Liz’s hand and they weakened the shield enough for Max to walk out. He held onto Liz’s hand until the last possible second and dropped it before climbing out of the shield.
“I said both of you Max. Come on Liz or I will kill him,” Kivar said aiming his had at Jordan just to prove his point.
Liz screamed and ran to the shield. “LET ME OUT DAMN IT!” she yelled.
The other’s let the shield down and that’s when Pam punched Nicholas. He lost his hold on Jordan and the child ran to Chloe. She enveloped him in a hug before the other’s put the Shield back up.
Max and Liz stood together facing Kivar. Their hands were entwined again and they faced him with determined eyes. He didn’t even flinch.
“Ah, I see that you are pretty far along Liz. It will be a shame to kill, what I’m sure will be adorable kids, but I can’t have the heirs to the Serian throne be of Max’s blood. You do understand don’t you?” Kivar said.
“You will never be able to get close enough to my children,” Liz said venomously.
“We will see about that,” Kivar said nodding his head.
The onslaught of blasts started up again causing the others to protect themselves once again. Liz watched in horror as her friends began to weaken.
“STOP THIS!” she screamed.
“All you have to do is come with me and it all will end,” Kivar told her.
She shook her head no and watched as the one section of the shield weakened so much that Sheriff Valenti was struck in the shoulder.
“DAD!” Kyle yelled.

While everyone was distracted Kivar grabbed Liz’s arm and pulled. He yanked her away form Max’s grip.
“LIZ!” Max yelled.
The blasts stopped and everyone watched the struggle between Liz and Kivar. Max ran after them followed closely by his friends.
‘I can’t leave you here dad,’ Kyle said.
‘Go son, I will be fine. It just struck my shoulder, I’ll have a burn there but it’s nothing the hospital can’t take care of. Liz is more important. Go, you have to help save her!’ Jim said to his son.
Kyle caught up to his friends as a purple light began to shine off in the distance. Kivar was making a mad dash for it pulling Liz behind him.
“MAX!” Liz screamed tears streaming down her face.
“LIZ! OH GOD! LIZ!” Max screamed in anguish. He couldn’t reach her.
Liz head out her hand and concentrated trying to do what she did yesterday at the lake. Max could feel the pull again and smiled. Liz was going to bring him to her and there was nothing Kivar could do to stop her. They were at the portal now and the others were close behind them. Kivar pushed Nicholas though and began to step through it himself still dragging Liz. She continued to use her powers and managed to intensify them because of the energy the babies were feeding her.
Her children could feel the anguish between their parents and they knew that something was keeping them apart. From Liz’s hand a Yellow light appeared and it engulfed everyone in its path. Max, Michael, Maria, Jordan, Alex, Tess, Isabel, and Kyle were all sucked into the light. Liz was pulled through the portal and the light followed her bringing all of her friends with her.

Jim watched from a distance. All of the kids disappeared in the yellow light coming from Liz. He was amazed at the sight, but scared shitless for all of them. Who knew what awaited them on the other side of that portal.

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Part 30:

Max watched as the yellow light engulfed him. He had no idea if his friends are behind him or not but at the moment he didn’t care. The only thing that is important at the moment is Liz.
As the light engulfed him he could feel all of Liz’s emotions. She was scared because she had no idea what Kivar had planned for her. Excited because she was going to Max’s planet, and he could feel her trust in him.
Maria gasped as the light engulfed her. She could feel the depth of love Liz had for Max. Maria could also feel the faith she had in all of her friends, but mostly that Max was going to save her. That blind faith was intoxication.
Liz watched as her energy engulfed her friends. Kivar was pulling on her arm. She turned to face him and saw the mix of fear and surprise on his face. She turned up her energy a notch and concentrated on pulling her friends into the portal with her. She sent out all her love and faith to Max. Yes, she was scared because she was about to go into the unknown but at the same time she was excited.
The purple of the portal swirled around Liz. It was amazing. The energy coming from the portal was amazing. It almost felt alive. It was hard to explain.
Max was the first of his friends to go through the portal. Liz’s energy was helping to keep the portal open long enough for all of them to get through. Max could feel the energy humming around him and he stared at he portal in awe. It was amazing.

Kivar landed on the other side and continued to pull Liz. Her eyes were closed in concentration. She needed to keep her energy flowing so all her friends came through. By now they should all be in the portal and just waiting to come through.
She opened her eyes as soon as Max came through. With a sigh of relief she looked at him. He still had fear in his eyes but there was a determination there as well.
‘Max, thank God that worked,’ she said with her hand still raised.
Max wondered why her hand was still raised but when he turned around he noticed his friends coming through the portal and his question was answered.
‘Did he hurt you?’ Max asked her.
‘No, he just pulled me through the portal. I was so afraid, I didn’t think you were going to make it. I just had to do something. So I tried to pull you to me like I did at the lake, but I guess because I was so afraid it kicked up my power and I pulled everyone in,’ she said.
“AHHH!” a girl screamed.
Max and Liz turned their heads to the right to see what the noise was. They say Nicholas with his hand twisted in Pam’s hair pulling her forward. ‘Shit, I didn’t know she came through the portal,’ Liz said.
‘Nicholas had me when Kivar pushed him through. He was pissed that I punched him. I’m surprised he hasn’t killed me yet,’ Pam said.
‘Pam when I could to three elbow him in the gut. I’ll blast him,’ Michael said.
‘No, Michael, he’s holding on to her head too tight. We’ve got to wait to see what he plans first,’ Max said.
‘He’s right Michael. If he plans on killing me I’ll do as you ask and I don’t care if he pulls out half my head of hair, but for right now, I’d like to keep as much hair as I can,’ Pam said.
“Well, I guess my goodbyes were spoken too quickly,” Kivar said.
“Did you really think Liz and I would allow you to rip us apart again without a fight?” Max asked. “If you did, then you don’t really know us too well.”
“Big words for a weak, pathetic king,” Kivar taunted.
“What makes me so weak?” Max asked. “As far as I’ve been told the planets in my system had a very peaceful existence under my rule. So I’m confused as to how I was such a bad ruler,” Max said.
‘Wow, where did that knowledge come from?’ Max asked.
‘It seems that you being back on Seria has triggered your memories,’ Chloe said.
‘OH!’ Max exclaimed.
“The planets were ready for peace. Don’t flatter yourself Max, it wasn’t you. Any fool who would have been crowned would have been able to do it,” Kivar said.
“That’s not the way I remember it. I remember Max standing in front of the entire committee. Everyone important from each planet and reciting his argument. They all decided to crown him king. Yes, it was his birthright, but he was willing to give it all up if there was someone else fit to rule. I also remember you being there and giving a speech. No one liked yours and I think that’s why you are so mad. Max’s father was the oldest therefore his son should have been crowned king. Yet, Max believes that everyone should have a say in how things were done. Much like the government in the United States, and that is what happened after he gave his speech. Yes, he still was considered King, but all the rulers from the other planets were allowed to give ideas on how things should be done. Max was like the President and the rulers of the other planets were like Congress and the Senate,” Michael said.
“Shut up! He was a fool. He could have dictated everything, but he couldn’t handle the responsibilities that came with being King. I should have been crowned, not him!” Kivar yelled.
While Kivar was yelling his grip loosened on Liz. She revved up her powers and blasted him throwing him off her and ran to Max. Maria walked up behind Nicholas and tapped him on the shoulder. He was surprised and spun around. Maria punched him in the face and his grip on Pam slipped. She elbowed him and ran. Michael and Chloe both blasted him killing him instantly. Chloe didn’t feel any remorse because he was the one that took her son.
Kivar looked around frantically before taking off. “This isn’t over yet Max!” he yelled as he ran away. “You haven’t seen the last of me! I swear I will be back and you will pay!”

Part 31:

Max looked around at all of his friends trying to figure out what to do next. He felt lost and completely overwhelmed. They were stranded on a foreign planet and he was supposed to lead them to God only knows where. He’s an eighteen-year-old boy, on a strange planet, what the hell did he know about ruling.
“This is just great! What the hell are we supposed to do now!” Michael exclaimed.
“Space Boy, you need to relax. We’ll figure this out together, we just need to stay calm, think, and work together. I know we can figure out something to do,” Maria said.
“Holy Cow! Maria is being calm about this. What happened to Hurricane DeLuca, we were so expecting her to rear her pretty little head! Ok people we now know that we are trapped inside an really bad episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’!” Alex exclaimed.
Isabel smacked his arm lightly and glared at him. He gave her his best, ‘What did I do’ looks before turning around to smile. He knew that he’d be dead if she caught him laughing.
“Tell me about it Whitman. It must be something in the air here because Maria is never this calm when faced with a crisis,” Kyle added.
“Yeah, well don’t get used to it. I think I’m still in shock, Hurricane DeLuca will rear her pretty head soon enough to enjoy this moment while it lasts,” Maria told them.
“Ok we need to find some cover or something because we have no idea where Kivar’s men are and I’m in no mood to meet them just yet. I already had the worst scare of my life back on Earth so I’d like to keep Liz next to me for a little while without worrying about a fight,” Max said pulling Liz close to his side.
She snuggled against him leaning her head against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist and he made lazy circles on her back.
“Ok, well I think Chloe should try to contact Tim. Maybe they are close by and can come and get us,” Tess suggested.
“I don’t have my orb and our connection isn’t as strong as any of yours. As a matter of fact I’ve never seen connections as strong as the ones you share. Tim and I can’t connect with one another unless we are in the same place,” Chloe explained.
“Can I help mommy?” Jordan asked.
“I don’t know baby,” Chloe started.
“But momma, daddy always said that our connection was so much stronger if we were together. I bet ours would be too and it’s not just daddy and me,” Jordan said.
“He’s got a point, Liz is much stronger because of the babies, I think that you should try to connect with your son, it could work,” Max said.
“I’ll give it a try,” Chloe said.
She closed her eyes and offered up a prayer asking that this work. She then walked over and picked Jordan up before sitting on the ground with him in her lap. She put her hands on either side of his face and matched her breathing to his.
Their connection flared up immediately. She felt his fear that he would never see his her again, and his hope when his dad told him that he talked to mommy and his determination not to let Nicholas see him cry when he was being taken. Her heart broke because of all the hardships her son had to endure while she was on this mission.
She tried to reach out to Tim with her mind, searching for him across this vast planet. She could feel him in the back of her mind and tried to bring him forward.
‘Chloe is that you?’ Tim asked.
‘Yes, it’s both Jordan and I. Listen, I am on Seria, with Jordan, Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Kyle, Tess, and Pam. We are about 5 miles from the old Citadel, where are you camped out?’ she asked him.
‘We are at the old Citadel. I’m sending a patrol to come and get you. Start walking towards us and they will meet you. Please be careful. I can’t wait to see you again!’ Tim told her.
‘I can’t wait to see you either!’ she said. ‘I love you.’
‘I love you too. Jordan, I love you as well, and I’m so glad you are ok and with mommy. I’ll see you both soon. Be careful,’ he said.
‘We will,’ Chloe told him.
‘I love you too daddy, and I was strong, I didn’t let the bad men see me cry!’ Jordan told his father.
Their connection was cut off and Chloe opened her eyes, which were moist with tears. Jordan hugged his mom and smiled up at her. She returned his smile.
“See I told you I could help mommy!” he exclaimed.
“Yes you did. Thank you baby,” she said kissing his forehead.
“Tim said that they are at the old Citadel, it’s about five miles to the left. He said to start walking towards it and he’s sending a patrol to come and meet us. I can’t wait to see him, it’s been so long. He also said to be careful he’s worried about us so we have to keep our guard up. Kivar’s still out there somewhere and we can’t let our guard down because we think that we are safe for the time being,” Chloe said.
“Well then let’s get walking. We’ve had enough trauma for one day we need some rest,” Max stated.
Max let Chloe lead the way since she knew where she was going. Granted they were all beginning to get some memories back from their past lives but it still wasn’t much and no one other then Chloe and Jordan knew the way.
Michael kept checking to the left while Maria and Chloe watched the right. Everyone had their energy charged just in case they needed it and continued walking.
They had gone about a mile before hearing some noises in front of them. Michael stopped everyone and they formed a circle holding hands. The shield went up and they waited to see who was coming over the ridge.
A pretty big ship like vehicle came over the hill and they all held their breath. The door opened and a man stepped out.
“Chloe!” Tim exclaimed.
“TIM!” Chloe yelled causing everyone to drop the shield. Chloe ran up to her husband and threw herself into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.
“I’ve missed you so much. I never want to be separated from you for that long ever again,” Chloe said crying.
“I know it was awful but we had no other choice. I’m just so happy that you were returned safely to me,” Tim said.
“I don’t think my brother would have gotten me here any other way!” Chloe exclaimed.
“Daddy!” Jordan cried leaping into his father’s arms.
“Hey buddy, how are you doing?” Tim asked his son.
“Much better now that you’re here daddy. I told mommy I could help reach you and I did! I’ve missed you so much and mommy too, I’m glad we are all here now!” Jordan said.
“Me too son, me too.” Tim said turning to the others. “Thank you for returning my family back to me. Your Highness you must all be tired please come, we’ve got rooms all prepared for you at the Citadel. We’ve been expecting you!” Tim said.
The others followed Tim into the vehicle and sat down in the seats. The seats reminded Maria of roller coaster seats. They were bench like with cushions and had a lap bar to pull over you. Liz looked at the lap bar and smirked.
‘I’m so huge that this bar isn’t going to be any help you out at all Max,’ Liz said.
‘You my love will never be huge! I will love you no matter what size you are and you are carrying my children. Besides you are radiant. My mother always said pregnant women glow and she’s right, there’s something about you that is breathtaking,’ Max said.
Liz blushed and leaned over to kiss Max’s cheek. He always knew exactly what to say make her feel better.
Maria watched her friends with a little envy. She and Michael had a very good thing but nothing compared to Max and Liz, they were amazing. It was a sight to watch. ‘I wonder what the people of this planet are going to think of Max and Liz?’ Maria wondered.
‘They are probably going to groan and get sick just like the rest of us,’ Michael teased. ‘Seriously I don’t think that they have ever experienced a love as deep as Max and Liz’s. I mean all of us love one another deeply but Max and Liz are just amazing.’
‘I know it still makes me all teary eyed when I see them. Sometimes I want what they have but then there are times when I’m like, Thank God I don’t have a love like that because it seems almost draining. Yet Max and Liz seem to handle it just fine, I think they are used to it,’ Maria told him.
‘That’s the only way they know how to love Maria. Heart and soul, they’ve only known that so it’s second nature to them. Sometimes I wish you and I had that too, but then I think and I’m like do I really want to be so wrapped up in someone like that? My answer is definitely YES!’ he told her.
Maria looked at him with tears in her eyes. ‘Michael Guerin that is the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me,’ she told him kissing his lips lightly.
He pulled her close to his side and felt her relax. They all settled down for the short trip back to the Citadel.
The ship pulled up in front of a beautiful building. All the girls let out a gasp at the sight. It was gorgeous. Huge windows with Gold trim and it was made of the most beautiful Marble.
“Max, it’s beautiful, I can’t believe it!” Liz exclaimed.
Tim watched the royal families and smiled. He remembered them well and was happy that they have finally returned to the planet. They needed their king very much and tomorrow he would talk to Max about taking over his duties. Tonight they were going to have a wonderful dinner and get the rest they so richly deserved. He knew it was draining to go through the portal because Chloe told him that when she arrived on Earth.
“I’ll show you all to your rooms and you can rest and freshen up. We are preparing a dinner for all of you so you can meet everyone. Dinner starts at 7. I’ll show you how to set your alarms so you can get up in time. It’s about 3 now so you should be able to take a pretty decent nap.
“Thank you so much Tim,” Liz said following the kind man down the hallway.
He stopped in front of two large doors. “This is Max and Liz’s room. You used to use these rooms when you visited the Citadel many years ago. I hope that they are too your liking. Everyone else has rooms down the hall, not as grand as yours but nice enough,” Tim said.
“Thank you so much we’ll love them. We’ll see all of you later. Please get some rest, I know we are all excited but we need to rest. We can discuss everything later. Enjoy yourselves,” Max said.
“Aye, Aye captain!” Alex called playfully as he followed Tim down the hall.
“You will never change will you Whitman?” Kyle asked.
“Nope never, and you all love that about me!” Alex shot back!
Everyone laughed and waited to be shown their rooms.
“The room on the right is Isabel and Alex’s room while the room on the left belongs to Michael and Maria. Tess and Kyle are right next to Michael and Maria. We will see you all at dinner. Enjoy yourselves and try to rest,” Chloe said.
She took her husband’s hand and led him further down the hall to their rooms. Tim smiled at everyone and followed his wife. They along with Jordan entered a room a little further down the hall and caught up on everything that had happened to them while they were away. Tim made a silent promise to Chloe that he would make up for all the loving she missed while she was away later on when Jordan was asleep.

Part 32:

Max and Liz watched as their friends walked down the hallway. They wanted to see what rooms belonged to them just in case they needed to get to them. They both waited until everyone was in their room before Max turned to their door.
He placed his hand on the doorknob and turned it. Pushing the door open he took Liz’s hand and led the way into the room. She gasped at its beauty. ‘Oh Max, it’s so beautiful,’ she exclaimed.
‘I know, I didn’t expect it to be like this!’ Max said.
There was a huge king size, four poster bed in the center of the room with Royal Blue Satin sheets on it and a Royal Blue down comforter on top. To the right were two huge sliding glass doors that lead to a balcony. Max looked over at Liz and smiled when he saw that.
‘It’s no wonder you love to sit on your balcony, we used to sit there all the time when we came here!’ Max exclaimed.
‘I know, I remember!’ she told him. ‘I always wondered about my obsession with that balcony!’
They walked further into the room and checked out the bathroom. It was huge! There was a toilet and a two-person hot tub in the room along with a shower and bathtub. Liz’s eyes widened at the sight in front of her.
A light knocking on the door caused them both to return to the main room. Max walked to the door and opened it. As soon as his face appeared the girl at the door fell to her knees and bowed.
“You Highness, I am Daphne and I am your personal servant while you are staying at the Citadel. Is there anything I can get you?” she asked still in a bowed position.
Max was a little uncomfortable with her bowing in front of him since he didn’t feel like royalty. He looked over at Liz and noticed her amused expression. She was trying to bite back the laughter and it was infectious. Max almost burst out laughing when he saw Liz’s face. He had to turn around to compose himself.
“Well, the first thing you can do is stand up. My name is Max so you can call me that and this is my wife Liz. Please, I’m not used to being considered royalty and neither is Liz so we would appreciate it if you wouldn’t bow in front of us. Um, I guess the only thing we need right now is help on setting the alarm clock. Tim forgot to show us and I know Liz is tired so we should probably rest up before the party,” Max said.
Daphne stood up slowly but avoided looking Max in the eye. She kept her head down while walking over to the clock.
“All you need to do is hit this button and speak the time you wish to get up. Since the party starts at 7 and you both need to be there on time, and I need to come back and get Her Majesty ready I would say that you should get up by six,” she said.
“Six is fine. Um Daphne can I ask you a question?” Max said.
“Of course Your Highness,” she replied.
“What is it going to take to get you to call me Max, and Liz, Liz?” he asked.
“Um, well I’ve been trained to be your servant and it’s customary to call you both either Your Highness, or Your Majesty, but I can work on calling you by your names. It’s going to take me a while since I’ve got years of training to overcome,” she told him honestly.
“Well, at least you were honest. Ok, Daphne we’ll see you at 6. Thank you for your help,” he said walking her to the door.
He opened it for her and the surprise on her face was evident. She really wasn’t used to having things done for her. She was supposed to be doing things for them, like holding doors open, or getting them food. ‘These Royals were very strange people, but they did grow up on Earth like normal humans so that could be why they are acting this way,’ she thought.
Max walked back to Liz and led her to the bed. He pulled down the covers and helped her get her shoes off before gently lying her down on the bed. She smiled up at him and he kissed her lips sweetly before walking to the other side and joining her for a nap.

(6PM Max and Liz’s room)

“It is now 6 o’clock time for you to get up,” they annoying voice on the alarm clock kept saying over and over. Max groaned and slid out of bed. He walked to the alarm clock and shut it off. Liz was still sleeping peacefully and he wondered how she could have slept through all of that noise and then it hit him. She had used a lot of energy to get all of them off of Earth and through the portal so she was really wiped out.
There was a small knock at the door and Max walked over to open it before it woke Liz up. Daphne was standing at the door holding some clothes for he and Liz to wear.
“Hi Daphne. Listen Liz is still sleeping and I want to give her just a little more rest. She doesn’t really wear makeup and usually wears her hair down but even if she decides to up it up a half hour is plenty of time for her to get ready. Could you just show me how to work the shower and come back at 6:30? I’ll be ready by then and I’ll make sure Liz is up. You see she used a lot of energy to make sure, that Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Kyle, Tess, and I all got here so she’s really drained as are our children and they need the extra rest,” Max told her.
“No problem Your Highness, I’ll come back in a half hour. I believe that our showers work the same way they do on Earth but I’ll show you anyway,” she said walking into the bathroom.
Max followed her and she showed him how everything worked. “It’s not exactly like how we work them on Earth, but it’s close enough,” Max said. “Thank you.”
He showed Daphne out of the room and headed back to the shower. He let the warm water ease away his tension and smiled despite everything. He was on his home planet at the moment and even though he was scared of what could happen, and the fact that he missed his family he was excited. This was where he came from, and in a way where he was “Supposed” to be. He knew for a fact that he couldn’t stay here, he liked Earth too much to want that, and he really did miss his parents.
It was a strange thing to be missing his parents. For the longest time he just wanted to come “home” but now that he’s made it there, he just wanted to go back to Earth. Earth had become his “Home” and this far away planet just wasn’t where he felt he was meant to be.
He wondered how everyone’s parents were taking everything. He was sure that he Sheriff had told them what had happened by now and he could be 100% sure that they were all worried and scared. Knowing that he is causing his parents heartache was killing him.
As if she could sense his mood Liz slowly woke up and made her way to the bathroom to comfort Max. She could hear the shower water running and quietly slipped into the room and took off her clothes. She knew exactly how Max felt because the thought of her mother and father worrying about her was eating at her too.
She slipped into the tub and wrapped her arms around Max. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear her enter the bathroom and when her arms closed around him he jumped.
“Jeez Liz you scared the crap out of me!” he exclaimed.
“I’m sorry, I could feel how upset you were and I wanted to help,” she said with a shaking voice.
‘Liz I’m sorry, please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to snap but my heart did stop. I’m glad you came in, and I’m sorry that my mood woke you up, you really need sleep,’ he told her silently before kissing her forehead.
“I don’t need any more sleep, I just need you,” she said closing her mouth over his.
Max slid his tongue against her bottom lip begging for entrance. It had been so long since they were together like this and he planed to savor every moment of it. Liz complied and opened her mouth awaiting his assault. She loved kissing. Kissing Max could almost bring her to orgasm and she loved that. They always got so lost in one another when they kissed. It was as if nothing else existed except the two of them.
Max slid his hands down her body cupping her breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze eliciting a moan from Liz. His mouth traveled down her neck moving steadily towards her breasts. The moment his mouth closed over her she cried out his name and it was the sweetest thing he’d ever heard.
He continued making love to her breasts with his mouth while his hands sought out more treasure. Very slowly he made his way to her core causing Liz to whimper. Her hands were threaded through his hair holding him to her breast.
The moment he reached her core he slipped a finger inside of her and she moaned out loud. He could feel how wet and ready she was and it caused him to harden even more. She pulled his mouth away from her breast and captured his lips with hers once again. They dueled for dominance with Max winning and taking control.
Liz couldn’t keep her hands still they were everywhere. Running over his chest, his back, down his arms, over his stomach, and finally she enclosed his straining erection with her hand causing him to groan into her mouth.
She pulled away slightly, “I need you NOW Max,” she told him.
He didn’t need to be told twice, he needed her just as much. Max lifted her up and placed her over his erection. She wrapped her legs around his waist causing him to slip between her folds. They both let out a moan of satisfaction before Max pushed her back against the wall. She let out surprised gasp at how cold the tiles were and Max placed his hand next to her back warming up the tiles. She kissed his lips in thanks and he set a steady rhythm for them.
Before long he was pumping with erratic strokes as he neared the finish. He could feel Liz right along side him and reached between them to stroke her clitoris causing her to moan his name loudly as her orgasm swept over her. Max grunted her name and spilled his seed into her depths. They stayed joined together as their breathing slowed back to normal.
They untangled themselves from one another and took turns washing the other before getting out to get ready. Max took the clothes that Daphne brought fro them and laid them on the bed.
He took his suit and put it on. It consisted of a pair of navy blue pants, a light blue shirt, and a white blue robe with a gold embroidered crown on the chest. He knew that it symbolized that he was king, and he knew that he was supposed to wear things like that, but it still was weird to him.
Liz started to get dressed in her clothing. There was a dress that matched the color of Max’s shirt, which was cut in ancient Roman or Greek style. It was a very beautiful dress and showed off Liz’s curves nicely, or so Max thought.
“I look huge in this dress,” Liz pouted.
“Liz, my love, you look exquisite in that dress. Please stop worrying about looking fat, I’m the only person that matters, well our friends matter too, and none of us think you are fat. We all think you are beautiful, and even Isabel said you are stunning, and you know if Isabel tells you that, it’s got to be true!” Max told her.
She smiled at her husband, “You are the best you know that right? I mean how can you put up with my mood swings and still stay so calm and perfect?” she asked.
“It’s a talent I’ve learned when I was younger. I had to live with Isabel for crying out loud. Poor Alex is in for a rude awakening,” Max teased.
“Oh I think Alex can handle himself,” Liz said smiling.
The knock at the door brought them out of their little banter and Max went to answer it while Liz donned her own white robe with a smaller gold embroidered crown on the chest. Daphne gasped when she saw them, they looked stunning.
Daphne could completely understand why Liz had fallen in love with the king all those years ago, he was a fine specimen of a man and she could also understand why his eyes never left his bride for too long. Liz looked stunning in the royal clothing and she had this glow about her that was unmistakable.
Daphne gestured to the chair in front of a dressing table telling Liz to sit. Liz did as instructed and waited to see what Daphne had in store for her. She picked up a brush and began to brush Liz’s hair before pinning it up on her head. Using her powers Daphne curled some of the pieces and left them down, one on each temple and a couple cascading down her back.
Max thought she looked beautiful and when Liz’s eyes met his in the mirror she could see the love pouring out of them. She smiled shyly at him causing Max to smirk.
‘Liz, we’ve been married for a couple of months now and I know you in the most intimate of ways. You are my wife and the mother of my children, so why are you getting all shy on me when I show you just how much I love you?’ He asked.
‘I don’t know, I just felt like we were first dating again. I remember the first time you kissed me, you had that look on your face and it still amazes me how much you love me,’ she told him.
He bent down and kissed her cheek, “Never doubt my love for you Liz. You are my very reason for living,” he told her.
“As you are mine,” she told him.
Daphne was finished with Liz’s hair and started pulling make-up out of a bag. “Um Daphne, I never wear makeup just some lip-gloss,” Liz said.
“That’s fine Your Highness, I’ve got some in here for you somewhere. Ah here they are. We have peach, watermelon, and strawberry,” Daphne said.
“Strawberry,” both Liz and Max said at the same time causing them to burst out laughing.
Daphne smiled at the two of them before handing Liz the gloss. Liz applied some and turned to Max. “Are we ready?” she asked him.
“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Max told her.
As Max opened the door he saw Michael with his hand-raised ready to knock. “What do you have like some sort of 6th sense or something?” Michael asked.
“No we just got finished getting ready and were going to come pick you all up,” Max told his friend.
“Oh well here we are! Let’s go party!” Maria exclaimed.
“Um Daphne could you maybe lead the way since none of us knows where we are going?” Liz asked.
“Sure thing Your Highness,” Daphne said glancing up from her spot only to see Max’s look. “I’m sorry, I really am trying it’s just really hard.”
“That’s ok, I’m actually getting used to being called that by you now, but continue to work on it, I don’t think we’ll ever be comfortable being called Your Highness,” Max said.
Daphne walked out the door and led them down the hall. They walked down a huge staircase and stopped in front of two huge Oak doors. “The party’s behind those doors. Call for me when you return to your rooms and I’ll help her Majesty get ready for bed,” Daphne said.
“Thank you Daphne,” Liz said.
“You’re welcome Your Highness,” Daphne said walking away.
“Oh my! That girl is a trip! How awkward did you feel when she first called you Your Highness?” Maria asked them.
“It was worse then you could have ever imagined Maria, she even bowed!” Max exclaimed.
“You should have seen Max’s face, it was priceless, I almost laughed out loud, and it was so funny!” Liz said.
“Are we ready to party or what?” Kyle asked.
“Yes let’s go!” Tess said excitedly.
Max pushed open the door and the eight of them walked through the door. The entire room turned towards the newcomers and they all dropped to their knees and bowed when they caught sight of Max and Liz.
Max groaned, “Here we go again! This is going to be a very long night.”

Part 33:

“I don’t know how much more of this bowing I can take,” Max mumbled.
“Please Max, it’s really cool. To have a whole planet of people ready to obey your every command. If only I could wield that kind of power,” Kyle said.
“It sounds like all fun and games, but believe me, it’s really uncomfortable,” Max told him.
“Ah, Your Majesties, we’ve been waiting for you. If you come with me I’ll introduce you to some people,” Tim said.
Everyone followed Tim around the room. All of Max’s subjects watched him with open curiosity. Max felt like he was on trial. He was never one for the spotlight and being thrust into the limelight at the moment was very uncomfortable for him.
Liz knew how he felt. All the people were watching her as well, but she hid her fear a little better then Max did. He was standing very stiffly next to her and he needed to relax. Liz knew exactly how to do that.
“Max?” she whispered.
“Yeah,” he said.
“I love you,” she told him while sending him some flashes of the two of them together sitting on a blanket in a park on the grass. They were enjoying a nice picnic lunch and laughing.
He began relaxing and smiled down at her. “Thank you,” he said before capturing her lips in a loving kiss.
Everyone gasped in surprise as they weren’t used to such open displays of affection. The sound didn’t even faze the two of them. They were too lost in their own world.
Michael cleared his throat getting their attention. Max turned his head towards his friend and raised a questioning brow.
“Um, our people are staring at the two of you and they look really surprised and a little confused,” Michael told him.
Max and Liz both looked around the room and noticed everyone staring at them. As soon as everyone came out of their stupor and realized that the king and queen were looking at them they cast their eyes to the floor and bowed again.
“Please, everyone get up. I’m sorry if we made you uncomfortable but we aren’t accustomed with your customs yet. On Earth my kissing my wife is very acceptable I didn’t realize that it wasn’t here,” Max apologized.
“It’s not that Your Highness, it’s just that the depth of your love is very uncommon here on Antar,” a man standing next to Max said.
“Your Highness may I introduce Jeremy Graham. He is one of our best advisors and he was the one who located Kivar’s portal,” Tim said.
“It’s nice to meet you Jeremy,” Max said extending his hand.
Jeremy looked at it not knowing what to do. Max turned towards Michael and rolled his eyes. He really missed Earth. “It’s called a handshake. You place your hand in mine and we shake. Michael and I will demonstrate,” Max told him.
Max extended his hand to Michael who in turn placed his hand in Max’s. They clasped hands and began to shake. “That is a handshake,” Max said extending his hand again. This time Jeremy took it and the two men shook hands.
“I want to thank you for finding the Portal so fast. When I first saw it open I was afraid I wasn’t going to reach Liz in time, but she used her powers and pulled the rest of us through. I’m just glad that we figured out that little power of hers before yesterday, or today. I’m not even sure what day it is anymore,” Max said.
They chatted with Jeremy for a little while longer before Tim took them around and introduced them some more important people. They met Fabian Brooks, from the planet of Beta, the planet next to Antar on the left. He heard that the Royals had returned to Antar and started for Antar immediately. Larek was there, he governed the planet of Yavin, the planet on the right of Antar. Max learned that he and Larek were cousins. After they had met the most important people they all sat down for dinner.
Tim made sure that Max, Liz, Alex, Maria, Isabel, Tess, Michael, and Kyle all sat at one round table. Everyone at the party watched them interact. They all sat there and laughed telling stories of their first couple of hours on the planet. It surprised Max’s people how Michael, Isabel, Tess, Maria, Alex, or Kyle never bowed in the king’s presence and how they talked to him like they were his equals. They had never seen anything like that before.
Liz and Max finished eating first since they didn’t have much to tell, they had taken a nap, took a shower, and met Daphne and everyone had already heard that story. Michael and Maria found out that there was a secret door in their room that lead to a different hallway. They didn’t venture out there because they were afraid of getting lost and not finding their way back to the room.
Tess and Kyle pretty much slept but they had a hard time figuring out the shower and Kyle ended up spraying half the bathroom with water before the two of them figured it out. Isabel and Alex said that behind a door in their room was another room filled with books. They spent a good part of their time looking through the books, but they were all written in Antarian so they couldn’t read them.
After everyone was finished eating music started playing. It wasn’t anything popular like they were used to, it was classical, but very stimulating. Liz started swaying to the beat in her chair and Max thought she looked beautiful.
He stood up and extended his hand to her. She smiled and took it. He led her to the floor and pulled her close to him. Liz placed her one hand around his neck while placing her other in his palm. He wrapped his free hand around her waist and began to sway with the music. Liz looked up into Max’s eyes and the rest of the world just faded away. They were the only two people in the room dancing to this lovely music. She tilted her head up and Max leaned down to meet her lips. They shared a sweet kiss and continued dancing. Liz placed her head on Max’s shoulder and was content just being in his arms.
Michael and Maria joined them out on the floor next and soon after they joined Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Kyle walked out. The rest of the guests didn’t understand what was happening and watched with fascination. A couple of them walked out on the floor and tried what the king, queen, and their friends were doing. They realized that they quite enjoyed it. Max watched them try out dancing and realized that they either had never danced or that it’s been so long they had forgotten how to do it.
Once the song ended Tim walked over to the young couple. “What do you call the thing you all just did?” he asked.
“It’s called Dancing on Earth. I just assumed that you used to all do it here when parties were thrown,” Max said.
“We very well could have,” Tim replied, “but it’s been so long we don’t remember.”
“I understand,” Max said.
The rest of the night went off without too much of a hitch. People still bowed in front of Max and Liz but they just shrugged it off. There was more dancing, laughing, and talking. The eight friends started talking to a few of the people at the party and tried to find out as much information as they could. They found out from Jeremy that it would take months to collect enough energy to create a portal big enough to send them all back to Earth. Tim overheard this and got upset. He wanted, no needed, Max to stay and rule his planets. They needed their king and it upset him greatly that Max was thinking of leaving to go home.
Once the party started to die down Max excused Liz and himself saying that Liz was tired. He said that the trip and the party was wearing on her and in her condition she needed rest. Their subjects congratulated them because they were having an heir and everyone understood why they decided to leave. Isabel and Alex were the next to leave, followed by Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Tess shortly afterwards.

Michael kicked the door closed after he led Maria back inside. It had taken them about ten minutes to find the damned thing after leaving the party. The Citadel was huge and they managed to take a wrong turn somewhere, but found the right way after Maria asked Daphne where they were supposed to do. The girl had just come back from Max and Liz’s room and was more then happy to show them to their rooms. Maria thanked the girl before Michael pulled her into the room.
“Michael Guerin that was really rude,” she scolded.
“I don’t care, I needed to get you alone. You looked very beautiful tonight,” he told her.
“Thanks,” Maria said. “You didn’t look too bad yourself Space Boy.”
He smirked at her before closing his mouth over hers. She moaned into his mouth as soon as he deepened the kiss. They somehow managed to get their clothing off and stumbled to the bed. Michael turned them around and laid Maria on the mattress before climbing next to her. He continued to kiss her lips making her dizzy with excitement.
He trailed kissed down her neck stopping briefly at her collarbone and moving on to her breasts. She moaned his name as his lips closed over her nipple and his tongue began stroking it. He had never heard anything more beautiful in his life and he planned on hearing that sound for many years to come.
Maria couldn’t take the torture any longer and decided that she wanted Michael to burn with desire just as much as she was. She worked her hand between the two of them and closed her fist around him. His sharp intake of breath made her smile. Her plan was working! She started to move her hand up and down his shaft causing him to groan her name. His lips made their way back up to hers and he kissed her with all the desire that he was feeling.
Their need was through the roof and he entered her with one quick stroke. They both sighed finally feeling complete. Michael began slow and steady strokes but Maria soon began moving her hips faster making him pick up the pace. She needed him hard and fast not slow and gentle. He felt this and gave in to her wished taking her hard and fast. Michael felt himself nearing the edge and reached between them to stroke Maria’s clitoris. The minute his finger touched it she cried out in ecstasy digging her nails into his back. Her orgasm triggered his and he called her name while empting his seed into her. Michael collapsed on top of Maria and tired to calm his ragged breathing while she pulled him as close to her as she could. Once his breathing retuned to normal he rolled over on his side pulling her against him and covered them with the comforter. They drifted off to sleep in one another’s arms.

Part 34:

Alex opened the door and stepped aside to let Isabel through. She smiled up at him and waited for him to close the door. Once he was inside the room she pulled him to her and fused her lips onto his. Alex was surprised by her sudden onslaught but he didn’t dwell on it for too long. The feel of Isabel in his arms and the taste of her lips was making his head spin.
Isabel opened her mouth begging Alex to deepen the kiss. He knew what she wanted because he could feel her emotions coursing through his body. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and started his caresses. Isabel sighed into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. Alex pulled her closer to his body and she could feel his arousal against her body.
They made their way to the bed leaving a trial of clothing in their wake. When they reached the bed the only article of clothing between them was Alex’s boxers. Isabel reached between them and began to push the boxers off Alex’s body. She pushed them down as far as she could without breaking their kiss, but ended the kiss to finish removing Alex’s clothes.
Alex expected her to come right back up to him so when he felt her warm mouth close over him he almost lost it. His knees buckled and he was thankful that the bed was right behind him. He leaned back and sat down on the edge trying to regain some semblance of control.
Isabel wasn’t having it. She wanted him to lose his control. He might be the goofball of the bunch but he had amazing control and he reminded her of Max sometimes. But she didn’t want to think about Max, or the fact that they aren’t on Earth anymore, or the fact that her parents were probably worried sick about them all, all she wanted to think about was Alex.
“Isabel please?” Alex croaked.
She relented and started kissing her way up his body. She didn’t want him to explode without her anyway. Once she reached his lips he pulled her between his legs and kissed her with everything he had. They opened a connection and each saw one another.

Isabel getting off the bus at school back in fifth grade and Alex not being able to take his eyes off her.
Isabel in ninth and tenth grade playing the Ice Princess, never letting anyone close but Max and Michael.
Isabel in his dreams with the red dress on dancing the night away with him.

Isabel noticing Alex when she got off the bus that first day of school and feeling this pull towards him.
Her watching Alex play his guitar for Liz and Maria, and how close they were. How he protected them one day from one of the jocks and ended up getting punched in the eye.
Watching him stare at her and feeling this sense of completeness and not really knowing why she felt it.

“Oh my God, now I understand why Liz loves to get them,” Isabel breathed.
“I can’t believe that happened,” Alex said. “It was amazing. I never realized that you felt that way for me back then.”
“There’s a lot you don’t know, but we’ll talk about that later,” she said attacking his lips again.
Alex turned them around so that Isabel was underneath him and he rested his weight on his forearms. He kissed his way down her body taking special care to love her breasts properly. She moaned when his lips came in contact with her sensitive breasts but she cried out when he began to nibble on her nipples.
Alex felt like the most powerful man in the world at that particular moment. To know that he affected Isabel was a very powerful thing. It was amazing to hear his name roll off her lips because for so long he didn’t think it could ever happen.
“Alex, please, I need you NOW!” Isabel said.
He didn’t need any further invitation but he wanted to pleasure her in lots of ways that night. For Alex this night was all about Isabel. So, he continued kissing his way down her body stopping at her thighs. He started kissing his way to the inside of the thighs and lightly slid his tongue across her folds causing her hips to buck up.
He could feel her excitement through their connection and it made his head spin. He slipped his tongue inside her folds causing her to cry out his name.
“Oh God, Please Alex, more,” she cried out breathlessly.
Alex couldn’t deny her anything so he began his sweet torture. His strokes were deliberately slow and shallow causing Isabel to writhe on the bed. She kept clutching and unclutching the bed sheets wanting more but knowing that he would speed up when he was ready. Alex kept up this pace for a good ten minutes driving Isabel to the brink of insanity before speeding the pace up and stabbing his tongue deeper. She tasted like honey and he couldn’t get enough. His tongue found her nub and he began swirling his tongue around it initiating Isabel’s orgasm.
“AAHHH ALEX!” she screamed.
Alex lapped up her juices not wanting to miss any. He couldn’t get enough but as they say all good things must come to an end and so must this. Once Isabel started calming down a little bit he made his way back up her body and kissed her lips.
Isabel could taste herself on his lips and she found that she quite liked it. It gave everything a more erotic feeling.
“Take me now Alex,” she whispered in his ear causing his body to break out in goose bumps and his erection to get harder. (if that was at all possible! )
Alex did as he was asked and entered her quickly. They both realized that they were complete and reveled in the feeling for a couple of minutes.
“This is exactly where I belong,” Alex told her.
“I know, I was just thinking the same thing. You are home to me Alex,” she told him.
He started to move within her when the tension of their joined bodies got to be too much. The pace started out slow and gentle but very quickly it became hard and fast both needing to reach completion. Alex knew that he was close and needed Isabel to be alongside him so he reached between them and stroked her clitoris. She screamed out once again as her orgasm washed over her triggering Alex’s orgasm. He grunted out Isabel’s name as he came and collapsed on top of her. He rolled on his side so he wouldn’t crush her and pulled her against him. Isabel used her powers to bring the covers up and they snuggled into bed just enjoying the feel of being together in each other’s arms.
“OH MY GOD! Alex!” Isabel exclaimed.
“What?” he asked worried.
“What the hell happened to Pam? She wasn’t at the party with us. I can’t believe I didn’t realize it until now,” Isabel said.
“Shit, I didn’t realize it either. Come on we’ve got to tell Max. I bet he and Liz didn’t realize it either!” he said grabbing some clothes.
They got dressed as quickly as possible and ran down the hall to Max and Liz’s room. Alex knocked on the door and they waited patiently for someone to answer the door. They knew it was late and Max and Liz were probably in the middle of something that they didn’t want interrupted but this was important.
They were both shocked when a couple of minutes after they knocked Max answered the door dressed in just a pair of pants. ‘Wow, Max is pretty built. I wonder why I’ve never noticed before?’ Isabel thought.
‘That would be because he’s your brother and you shouldn’t be looking at that anyway,’ Alex teased. ‘Besides, I’m better!’
‘Of course you are baby,’ she said.
“Um, Max? Can we come in? We’ve got a problem,” Alex said.

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Part 35:

Max opened the door wider so Alex and Isabel could enter. ‘Did I just hear them right, we’ve got a problem? How could we have a problem I mean we’ve only been here for like a day!’ he thought.
‘Max, calm down getting excited about it isn’t going to help. Now come over here and sit down. We’ll let them explain and figure something out,’ Liz said to him.
Max sat down on the bed and pulled Liz close to him. He just needed to feel her next to him to draw strength from. He had a feeling this news wasn’t going to be good. Either that or it was life altering.
‘Oh God! Do you think Izzy’s pregnant?’ Max asked Liz silently.
‘No, I doubt that very much Max. Although it could be possible,’ Liz replied.
Max turned his attention to Isabel and Alex and nodded his head signaling them to start whatever it was they needed to say. Isabel looked over at Alex before turning to Max and Liz.
“Um, well you see. Alex and I were in our room earlier, well, after the party actually and we realized something. We ah, we realized that we haven’t seen Pam since we got to the Citadel,” Isabel finished.
“Oh my God Max they are right! I didn’t even notice that she was missing until they said something. She wasn’t at the party! Where could she be?” Liz said.
“I don’t know but I intend to find out. We’ve got to get Michael, Maria, Tess, and Kyle in here. Um, does anyone know where Tim and Chloe stay?” Max asked.
“No, and I don’t even know how to call Daphne,” Liz said.
“Ok then fine, we’ll just clue in Michael, Maria, Tess, and Kyle and ask Tim in the morning about Pam,” Max said.
Alex left the room to get the others. They came back a couple of minutes with worried expressions on their faces.
“Ok, Maxwell, what the hell was so important that you had Whitman here wake us up?” Michael said.
“Pam’s missing,” Max said.
“Oh my God, what could have happened to her?” Maria asked.
“You’re right I didn’t even notice she was missing. She wasn’t at the party? I wonder where they took her. Maybe she just fell asleep or something,” Kyle said.
“I don’t know, I mean she wasn’t even with us when they placed us in these rooms. I forgot about that. I had meant to ask Chloe or Tim about that but I forgot,” Tess said.
“Well, we are going to have to ask Tim and Chloe in the morning. I’m sorry I woke all of you up but we thought it was important. There’s nothing more we can do tonight so just try and sleep. We’ll reconvene here tomorrow morning and discuss what course of action to take. Good night,” Max said.
“Night Max, Liz,” everyone said.
“Night,” Liz replied.
“Max, how could we have not noticed her missing?” Liz asked feeling guilty.
“Well, we were a bit preoccupied with other things so I can understand how it slipped from our minds, but I know how you are feeling right now. I mean I’m supposed to be some great king and I lost one of my charges within hours of being on this planet,” Max said.
“Oh, Max, don’t feel guilty, it’s not your fault. None of us noticed and you are right we were preoccupied with other things,” Liz said.
Max climbed into bed and pulled Liz against him. She rested her head on his chest and breathed in his scent. She loved Max’s smell, it was very distinct and very, well, how can she explain it. It’s just very Max.

The others walked back to their rooms and said good night before retiring completely. They each were lost in thought about what could have happened to Pam as they settled down for their sleep.
‘Do you think anything’s happened to her?’ Tess asked Kyle.
‘I’m not sure. Some part of me thinks that something has, and the other part thinks that she is just in her room asleep somewhere. We’ll find out tomorrow,’ Kyle said.
‘I hope that you are right because even though she was a pain in the ass for most of our short lives, she doesn’t deserve anything bad happening to her and besides she helped us kill Nicholas and save poor Jordan,’ Tess said.
‘I know, but worrying about it now is only going to cause you more pain. Try and get to sleep. We’ll have the answers soon enough,’ Kyle told her.
‘I know. I love you, good night,’ Tess said.
Kyle’s eyes opened wide. She’d never said she loved him before. He felt like running around outside screaming that Tess Harding loved him.
‘I love you too. Good night, sweet dreams,’ he said kissing her forehead.

Meanwhile in a remote part of the Citadel…

“Who are you and why are you with the royals?” the man asked.
“My name is Pam Troy and if you just get Max he can confirm everything I’ve told you. I am a friend of theirs and Nicholas pulled me though that portal. Believe me I’d rather be home in my own bed thank you very much,” Pam said flippantly.
“You are lying, I know you are. Why would the royals be friends with a human commoner?” the man asked.
“Um HELLO! Max’s wife, Liz, she’s a human too! Jeez talk about prejudice. Look, just go get Max and have him explain to you!” Pam said annoyed.
“Why would I waste the King’s time with matters concerning you. That’s all the questions for now. Feed the prisoner and we’ll figure out that to do with her tomorrow,” the man said before walking out.
“Good one Pam. What the hell have you gotten yourself into this time? King Max better realize that you are gone soon and fix this mess,” she said to herself.
One of the guards came into the room carrying a tray of food. He placed it down on the table and started walking out.
“Thank you,” Pam said quietly.
The guard turned back towards her. ‘She’s very beautiful,’ the thought. “You’re welcome,” he said before turning around and heading back out of the cell.
“Please let the Calvary come to get me soon. I don’t want to have to deal with Mr. I’m superior to you because you’re a human, again. He’s such an asshole!” Pam said to herself.
She looked at the tray of food that was brought in. None of it looked like anything you could get on Earth but it smelt wonderful. She picked up her fork and started to taste a little bit. The meat tasted like steak, which she didn’t mind at all, and it was very tender. She didn’t even want to know what it was and the other stuff wasn’t too bad but it was slightly bland.
‘Oh well, I can’t complain I mean they could have given me some kind of goop. After all they are holding me as a prisoner,’ she thought.
Pam finished her dinner and moved over to the cot in the room. ‘The freakin prison cells on this planet look a lot like the ones on Earth. It’s amazing,’ she thought.
The cell door opened and the guard appeared again. He glanced over at the captive and shook his head. She didn’t seem threatening or dangerous to him. He couldn’t figure out why his superiors thought she was here to harm the king and his people. She was picked up with all of them and they seemed to be semi-close to her.
Pam watched the guard as he picked up the tray. He kept looking over at her and she smiled to herself. She couldn’t really tell what he was thinking as his face showed no emotion whatsoever, but he seemed troubled.
“Is there something bothering you?” she asked him.
The sudden sound of her voice almost caused him to drop the tray. “Jeez, don’t do that, you scared the bejeezes out of me,” he said.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. It’s just that you looked troubled,” she apologized with a smile.
‘Wow, what a great smile,’ he thought. “I’m fine, just deep in thought. Let me just take this and get out of the way,” he said.
He picked up the tray and moved to leave once more. “My name is Pam, Pam Troy. What’s yours?” she asked him causing him to pause in he retreat momentarily.
“My name is Zach,” he said walking out the door.
“It’s nice to meet you Zach. I only wish it was under better circumstances,” she called after him.
Pam rolled onto her side facing the wall and closed her eyes. As she drifted off to sleep she had a smile on her face. Zach was the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. ‘Please let Max get me out of this mess so that Zach and I can talk without him feeling guilty for associating with a prisoner,’ she thought just before slumber overtook her.

Part 36:

Pam stared at the wall for a little while before getting up to pace the room. She couldn’t fall asleep and she didn’t know why. Usually no matter where she was she had no problem sleeping. ‘I guess it’s because I feel like people are watching me,’ she thought to herself.
‘Jeez if only like Liz or Max could hear me, I’d be in good shape!’ she thought.
“Oh my God! Max! Did you hear that?” Liz asked.
“Yeah, was that Pam?” he questioned.
“Yes it was! I forgot we were all linked. If we would have thought of this earlier we could have found her!” Liz said excitedly.
‘Pam? It’s Max. Don’t freak out we are still linked,’ he said.
‘Max? Oh thank God. Look I’m being held as a prisoner or something. I think that they think I’m here to harm you and Liz and everyone,’ she told him.
‘Ok, look Liz and I are going to try and find someone to take us to you and we’ll straighten it all out I promise. Just sit back and try to relax, you sound tense,’ he said.
‘I am tense I feel like I’m being watched and it’s creepy,’ she said.
‘Ok, we’ll be there soon,” Max told her.
“They are holding her prisoner somewhere. We’ve got to go find someone to take us to whoever is holding her so we can get her out. I’m going to get Michael while you put on some actual clothes. I don’t want you running around in your PJs.” Max said.
“Hurry. I’ll be dressed and ready by the time you come back,” Liz told him.
Max leaned down and kissed her lips before leaving the room to get Michael. Max knocked on the door that he saw Michael and Maria go into earlier. He waited five minutes before knocking again.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold on a second. This had better be good,” Michael grumbled opening the door. “Maxwell, what’s up?”
“I know where Pam is. We all forgot that we are still linked to her and she was thinking about how she wished that Liz and I could hear her and we did. She’s being kept prisoner. They think she’s out to harm us so Liz and I are going to find someone to take us to her and I wanted you to come with us,” Max said.
“Yeah, let me just grab a shirt and tell Maria that I’m going with you. She’ll probably want to come but I’ll make her stay here. I’ll be back in a second,” Michael said.
He came back a couple of minutes later with a shirt on and Maria behind him. “She won’t stay,” he told Max as they walked down the hall to get Liz.
Liz opened the door before they even knocked on it. She sensed Max coming back down the hall and thought that it would be best if she met them all outside.
“Hey Maria what’s up?” Liz asked.
“Nothing much. Michael wanted to leave me behind in the room but I was not having any of that. Poor Pam being kept prisoner, it’s awful,” Maria said.
“Yeah I know. Come on lets go find out where she is,” Liz said taking Max’s hand.
The two of them led the way down the hall back towards the room that the party was held in. They stopped outside the room and Max opened the door but there was no one in it anymore. So they continued on walking down the corridor on the left. Liz caught sight of someone coming out of a room down the hall. She nudged Max and he looked up.
“Um, excuse me. Could you tell us where prisoners would be kept?” Max asked.
“Oh your highnesses,” the woman said bowing. “Yes sir I’ll take you there straight away,” she said straightening up.
She led them back down the corridor and took them down the other one on the right. She stopped them in front of a huge oak door.
“Inside this door is the prison,” she said.
“Thank you very much,” Max replied opening up the door.
Michael went in first with Max right behind him. The girls were behind them keeping close. No one knew what to expect as they walked down the stairs. Michael stopped at the fist guard that they came across.
“Can you take us to Pam Troy’s cell?” Michael asked.
“Why do you want to see Pam Troy?” the guard asked.
“Because we do and your king is here asking you damned fool so take us,” Maria said getting annoyed. ‘How dare this fool question why we want to see her,’ she said to everyone subvocially.
“Oh, I’m sorry your Highness. Right this way,” the guard said.
He led them to the door and stopped in front of it. He pulled out the keys and unlocked the door. He then stepped in and the others followed.
“Pam?” Liz called.
“Liz!” Pam exclaimed. “Thank God! I was so afraid that you wouldn’t notice that I was gone and something bad was going to happen to me,” she confessed.
Liz started walking towards Pam but the guard grabbed her arm stopping her. Max saw this and became enraged.
“Get your hands off my wife!” he ground out.
“But sire, she shouldn’t walk up to the prisoner,” the guard stammered.
“That doesn’t give you permission to touch my wife, now get your hand off of her,” Max exclaimed. “And while you are at it go and get your superior.”
Liz looked at Max after the guard left. “Don’t you think that was a little extreme?” she asked.
“No I don’t. He put his hands on you and that is not acceptable,” Max said.
“You know, I think it’s cute, but I never took you to have caveman tendencies,” Liz teased.
Max threw her a look promising her that he’d get her for that comment. “Why didn’t you tell them that you knew us?” Max asked.
“I did but they wouldn’t believe me. The stupid man kept saying I was lying and that you wouldn’t associate with a human,” Pam said. “That’s crazy because Liz is human too so I was like ‘Hello, his wife is human!’”
“Actually she’s not entirely human, but she’s mostly human. We all are mostly human,” Max told her.
Just then the guard that was interrogating Pam walked through the door.
“Your Highness to what do we owe this great pleasure?” he asked.
“YOU are holding one of MY friends here in this prison and you called her a liar!” Max exclaimed.
“But sire, she’s a human. Why would you associate with a human?” the man stammered.
“Um, hello he grew up on EARTH. We are all human you stupid fool,” Maria said.
“Shut up wench,” the head guard said.
“Sir, she’s part of the royal party you can’t talk to her that way,” Zach said.
“I don’t care someone should put her in her place. She shouldn’t be allowed to speak to a man that way,” the head guard replied.
“Listen buddy, no one talks to my woman like that and gets away with it. Now we are taking Pam with us since she is a part of our party and we’re going back to bed. Oh and you are so going to regret your behavior tomorrow when your ass is fired,” Michael said sending a small energy blast at the man knocking him into the wall.
Zach just watched everything to down and smiled. He never liked the head guard anyway. “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I tried to tell him that she came in with you and that she wasn’t a threat but he wouldn’t listen,” Zach said.
“It’s ok. What’s your name?” Max asked.
“It’s Zach sir,” he said.
“Thank you Zach. I’ll call for you tomorrow and we’ll discuss some things,” Max said.
“Yes sir,” he said leading the way back out of the prison.
Tim was waiting for them outside the prison door. “What happened?” he asked.
“What happened? What happened? I’ll tell you what happened. You have assholes working here in this damned Citadel that’s what happened. Pam was being held prisoner and that stupid head guard needs to be fired!” Maria exploded.
“I’m sorry but after what Chloe told me I didn’t know if she could be trusted,” Tim explained.
“Then you should have come to me. I’m the King, but you didn’t. Instead you took it upon yourself to imprison her. I don’t like that,” Max stated.
“I’m sorry your Highness, it will never happen again,” Tim apologized.
“It’s fine. Oh and I want to speak to both you and Zach tomorrow. Bring the head guard too, he’s going to be taught a lesson for his behavior. Um, and we need a room for Pam preferably in our hallway,” Max said.
“Yes sire, it will be done right away,” Tim said pulling out a communicator. He told the maids to prepare the other room in that hallway the one next to Isabel and Alex as they walked back to their rooms.
Every one went into Pam’s room with her and Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Kyle showed up moments later. The guys checked out the room just to make sure there wasn’t anything in it. At this moment they really didn’t trust anyone because they had not told them what they did. While the guys were doing that Liz pulled Pam and the other girls back to her room.
They all sat down on the bed and they talked.
“Did they treat you all right?” Liz asked Pam.
“For the most part yes. It was frustrating that they wouldn’t believe me but the food they gave me was actually really good and good quality too, and Zach was very nice to me. He’s very handsome too,” she said.
“Yeah he was pretty cute, not my Michael but pretty cute nonetheless,” Maria said.
The guys chose that minute to walk in. “Ok, everything is fine. We’ll see you all in the morning,” Max said.
Everyone walked down to their room and settled in once again to go to bed. Pam smiled at the sight of a real bed and wasted no time slipping in and going to sleep. Her thoughts kept centering on a certain guard and she hoped that she’d see him again as she finally drifted off to sleep.

Part 37:

Pam woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on this planet she was trapped on. Well they all were trapped here at the moment and they didn’t know when they would be able to get off. That thought alone was enough to scare anyone but she had met one very nice individual here so there really isn’t too much to complain about.
She put back on the clothes she had on the day before because she had nothing else to wear. ‘I guess I’m going to have to ask Liz where I can get some new clothes,’ she thought to herself.
Pam opened her door and headed back down the hall to the room that Max and Liz occupied. She had no idea if they were up or not yet but that uneasy feeling from the day before was coming back full force and she just needed to make sure that she wasn’t alone anymore.
She stopped in front of the door and knocked. ‘Please let them be awake,’ she thought. A few minutes later Max opened the door. He only had on a pair of pants and his hair was wet denoting that he just got out of the shower.
“Oh God, I’m so sorry. I’ll um, come back later, yeah later. I didn’t mean to bother you, it’s just that I needed to make sure last night really happened and that I hadn’t dreamt the whole thing,” Pam rambled.
Max watched on with an amused smile. “It’s fine Pam. Come in. Liz is just getting out of the shower and then we’ll just wait for everyone else before we head down to get some breakfast. After that I don’t know what everyone is going to do but I’m going to talk to Tim, Zach, and that pompous man they call the head guard,” Max said closing the door behind Pam.
“Max? Who are you talking to?” Liz asked as she walked out of the bathroom in her robe. “Pam! Goodness how are you?”
“I’m doing much better now that I’m here with you guys. You have no idea how frustrating it was not having anyone believe that I wasn’t here to harm you,” Pam said. “I don’t understand Tim, I mean I helped save his son and then he throws me in prison.”
“Yeah, I know I was thinking about that myself. It makes no sense to me. I think Tim is hiding a lot of things from us and I intend to find out. Oh, and I’m going to see how long it should take for us to get off this planet, I just want to go home,” Max replied.
“I know exactly how you feel Max. I miss my parents terribly,” Liz says.
“I know you do sweetie I know you do. I just hope we can get home before our children are brought into the world. That way they will be US citizens,” Max said.
“Yeah, I was thinking about that, but we’ve got a little while yet before we have to worry about the babies coming,” Liz tells him.
“I know but I hate that our parents are missing out on all of this. All this time with you being pregnant, I was really looking forward to experiencing it with them, and that way if I had any questions I could talk to either my mom or yours. But now that’s not possible,” Max confessed.
“We’ll get though it Max besides I’ve got Maria, Isabel, Tess, and Pam if I need anything womanly, and there are people here who have given birth so we can ask them any questions that we might have,” Liz reassures him.
“I know it’s just that…” Max starts.
“You don’t have to tell me Max, I know. I can feel it too and as much as I long for home there are important things you need to do while we are here so I think we should just get everything done that needs to be done before we head back home,” Liz interrupts.
“She’s got a point Maxwell,” Michael says from the door.
“Jeez, doesn’t anyone knock around here. A man’s room is supposed to be his private place,” Max said trying to sound annoyed.
“Oh please Max. We know when not to come in trust me, and right now I know Lizzie’s too hungry to even think about sex so finish getting dressed. We’ll be in the hallway,” Maria says.
Pam follows them out shaking her head. ‘I don’t know why I ever thought I couldn’t like these people. They are quite funny,’ she thought to herself.
Ten minutes later Liz and Max walked out of their room hand in hand. Maria noticed that Liz’s hair was completely dry and silently thanked God for their bunch of aliens and their voodoo, as Kyle puts it.
They walked down to the main hallway once again but this time Michael and Maria were leading everyone. Max and Liz walked behind everyone else just enjoying the fact that for right now they were blending into the background and didn’t have to worry about people seeing them and bowing. It was getting easier to take but it was still very embarrassing for the both of them.
Tim stepped out of the dining area and noticed Michael and Maria. “Where are the king and queen?” he asked.
“They are back there bringing up the rear,” Michael said.
“What do you mean they are bringing up the rear! They should be in front leading the way!” Tim exclaimed angrily.
Max stepped forward and faced Tim. “I believe as King I can decide to walk wherever I want to. We came out of our room and everyone was already assembled in the hallway so we just said let’s go and we left. I don’t care where I walk. You must remember that we grew up on Earth as NORMAL humans and not Kings and Queens and the such so to me this is normal.”
“I understand that your Highness but here it is proper for only the King and Queen to lead the way whenever they are walking with a group of people,” Tim tried to explain.
“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to change that won’t I,” Max said very annoyed.
“We would like to have breakfast and then proceed with the meetings. If you wouldn’t mind can you show us to the dining room,” Liz said quietly.
Max looked down at his wife and smiled. Liz always had this calm way of dealing with everything and it always amazed him how her quiet strength could rectify any situation.
“Yes your Highness right this way,” Tim said stiffly.
‘It appears Tim didn’t like your last answer sweetie. I think he took offense to it,’ Liz said to Max through their connection.
‘I don’t care if I hurt his feelings. He takes too much for granted and I can’t stand that,’ Max replied.
Tim led them into the dining room and they all sat down at the table. “I wonder what is good to eat here for breakfast. I mean we don’t know anything about this place or what the heck it is that they eat,” Kyle said.
“Yeah I know. I miss the Crashdown and their pancakes!” Alex exclaimed.
“You know Alex, I never understood your obsession with pancakes,” Maria laughed.
“I’m not obsessed with pancakes,” he said pretending to be hurt. “It’s just that they are SO good. Loaded with butter and syrup. Yum!”
“Whitman you really are a goof,” Tess said.
“Don’t I know it,” he said. “But that is why everyone loves me. You can’t help but fall for the Whitman charm!”
“Yeah, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s so darned cute,” Liz teased pinching his cheek.
Pam just watched the way they all interacted and sorta felt like an outsider. She really didn’t fit in with these people. Yes she knew their secret and yes she would take that secret to the grave, but they have all lived through so much and have been so close forever. She didn’t know if she’d ever be a part of their group. ‘I guess I’ll always be on the outskirts of the circle, still a part of everything but never actually involved,’ she thought.
“Sire,” Zach the guard said rushing into the dining room.
“Yes Zach what is it?” Max asked.
“Well you see, um, Captain Rushlow cannot be found sir. I went to get him this morning in order to bring him into the talks and he disappeared,” Zach said.
“I take it he’s the head guard?” Max asked calmly.
His calm tone of voice relaxed Zach considerably. “Yes sire. I’m sorry sir I’ll go and look for him again. I’ve checked everywhere but I’ll check again. There has to be some sort of trace of him,” Zach said.
“Zach, relax. Sit down and join us in some breakfast. I don’t think that Captain Rushlow could have gotten very far. I’ll have Tim send out some guards. Hey damn it. I keep forgetting to ask how you call someone in this joint so that you can get in touch with them,” Max said.
“There are communicators on the wall sire. All you have to do is press the button and call that person’s name. They will hear you in whatever room they are in. I’m not entirely sure how it works but it does,” Zach told him.
“Thanks Zach. So that thing on the wall over there is what I talk into correct?” Max asked.
“Yes sire. You push the red button and say a name,” Zach explained.
“Ooo, how very Star Trek! Beam me up Scotty!” Alex said laughing.
“What are we going to do with you Alex?” Liz asked laughing.
“Love me Parker. All you will be able to do is love me!” Alex teased.
Zach watched the interaction between this man and his queen. He looked over to the king and noticed the laughter he was trying to suppress. ‘Why isn’t the king taking this man’s head off for talking like that to the queen?’ he asked himself.
“Whitman, are you making a pass at my wife?” Max asked still laughing.
“No way! Max, come on you know Liz has always been like a sister to me and I’m head over heals in love with your sister!” Alex exclaimed.
“I know I was just teasing. Besides I know Liz wouldn’t leave me,” Max said confidently.
“No I wouldn’t. Alex, babe, you know I’ve always loved you! How could I not, but sometimes you are just too much,” Liz said.
Max finished calling Tim and told him that he wanted some guards to search for the head Guard. He came back to the table and sat next to Liz again. Zach noticed how they had chosen a round table and this surprised him. Everyone could see one another at this type of table and no one sat at the head. Usually it would be customary for the King to sit at the head of the table while the queen sat at the other end across from him, but from the looks of these people he had a feeling that was going to change. The way his king was with the queen Zach knew that he would never stand being so far away from her. They were constantly touching in some small way. Whether it be holding one another’s hands or a small caress on the face, arm, neck, wherever.
‘I think this king will do wonders for our planet,’ Zach thought to himself.

Part 38:

“Ok Zach I’ve just got one question,” Alex said.
“Yes,” Zach replied. He didn’t know everyone’s names yet so he didn’t know what to call this person asking him the question.
“What the heck is good to eat here?” Alex asked.
“Alex! Jeez the guy just sat down, give him a second to breathe will ya,” Isabel said.
“Jeez bite my head off why don’t you. I was just asking because I’m hungry and we still don’t know what he food is like on this planet. Man I really miss those Crashdown Pancakes. What I wouldn’t give for a stack of them right now,” Alex said.
“GOD! Enough with the freakin’ pancakes!” Maria yelled.
“Oh what crawled up your butt DeLuca?” Kyle asked.
She shot him the patented DeLuca death glare. “Watch it Kyle,” she said.
“Yeah Kyle, when Maria gives that look you are in serious trouble. The last time I got that look, she wouldn’t speak to me for a week,” Michael said.
“Ok, noted. But seriously what’s wrong Maria?” Kyle asked.
“I don’t know, I’ve got this annoying nagging feeling that things are going to be changing and not for the good,” she said.
The table went silent while everyone pondered that statement. Whenever someone got foreboding feelings they weren’t ignored because they usually meant something. Pam wondered what else could happen. Everything that has gone down so far was pretty bad and she couldn’t imagine them getting any worse but then again she hasn’t lived through half the things the rest of them have.
Once again she felt very much the outsider. ‘As much as I really long to be a part of this group I don’t think I ever will truly fit in. I think that they will humor me by letting me know some of what’s going on but I don’t think that they will truly let me know everything and in all honesty I don’t blame them. I’ve been giving them such a hard time for so long that I don’t deserve their trust,’ she mused to herself.
“Uh HELLO Pam?” Alex yelled.
“Huh?” she said turning her attention back to everyone.
“Are you ok?” Liz asked.
“Yeah why?” Pam countered.
“Uh, well because you are levitating everyone’s place settings,” Alex said. “I started to get flashbacks of the movie Carrie there for a second. I was waiting for like the room to burst into flames.”
Pam rolled her eyes at him, “Are you sure it’s me?” she asked.
“Yeah, we’re positive. None of us were doing anything and you seemed so lost in thought. Then all of a sudden your plates and stuff started to float in front of you and then one by one the rest of ours did too,” Liz explained.
“Really? Oh man I’m sorry, I don’t even know how I did it and now I can’t figure out how to get it to stop,” she said freaked.
“It’s ok Pam just relax and listen to me ok?” Max said.
“Yeah sure, ok,” Pam rambled.
“Ok, now slowly relax the energy in your body and take deep calming breaths and things should go back to normal,” Max explained.
Pam did as he told her and very slowly the plates and glasses came down to the table. She breathed a sigh of relief when everything was back on the table.
“Whew, everything is back where it belongs. I wonder how I managed to do that?” she asked.
“I don’t know. We all learned that we were aliens in a past life, maybe by some strange coincidence you are part alien too. I mean Nasedo was out there for many years before finding Tess he could have had a child with someone,” Liz explained.
“That’s a logical explanation,” Isabel said. “I mean anything’s possible.”
“Yeah and Telekinesis is very much a human trait but not many people have it so maybe if she’s a little bit alien it helped evolve the human Telekinesis trait,” Alex explained.
“It seems like a pretty good explanation to me,” Max agreed.
“Oh my God, how long does it take someone to come in here and serve us breakfast,” Michael said.
“I know man, I’m starved. I could eat like a full carton of eggs, and a whole pig,” Alex agreed.
Tess raised her eyebrow at Alex while everyone else just shook their heads.
“Alex you are definitely a strange dude,” Pam said.
Zach had to agree but he would never voice his opinion for fear that the King would take offence. He didn’t want the King mad at him because he insulted one of his friends and even though he thought the girl Pam was beyond gorgeous he knew that there was no chance of him being allowed to court her in this lifetime.
“Zach, not much of a talker huh?” Kyle asked.
“Excuse me?” Zach asked a little confused.
“You don’t talk much do you?” Kyle asked again in a more clear way. He kept forgetting that these people weren’t used to the way they talked.
“Oh, uh, no not really I guess. I, ah, actually, I’m not really sure what to say,” he explained.
“Yeah I understand, we take a little getting used to. I mean Pam’s still not completely comfortable with us I think, she hasn’t really said too much either,” Kyle said.
Zach looked over at Pam subconsciously and was taken aback by her beauty once again. Liz noticed the look on his face and smiled. She liked this guard and she though that he and Pam made a really cute couple. Pam had blonde hair, not as light as Tess’s, it was a little darker, and she had this really pretty green eyes which have this sparkle to them whenever she smiles. Liz never realized the sparkle they had before but that was probably because she’s never really seen Pam smile before. Zach was a very handsome man, not as handsome as her Max, but handsome nonetheless. He was pretty tall about Max and Alex’s height, with black hair and crystal blue eyes. His eyes in contrast to his hair was amazing. Guys with dark hair who have light eyes are always beautiful men. Just look at Max, his amber eyes in contrast to his really dark, almost black hair, is such a turn on. Liz smiled at where her thoughts were going and tried to focus on what was going on around the table.
Zach pried his eyes away from Pam and a sad and wistful look appeared on his face. She needed to remind herself to talk to him once Max was finished with he meetings. She needed to know why that look was on his face, but she had a pretty good idea she knew and she needed to remedy that.
The server finally came and everyone ordered something. Zach tried to make some suggestions but he didn’t know what Earth food was like so it was pretty difficult. He suggested that the cook make some of everything so that everyone could try a little bit of everything and Max and Alex thought that was a great idea and that’s what they settled on.
“Just like going to a buffet,” Alex exclaimed.
Isabel nudged him in the side and rolled her eyes. “We can’t take you anywhere,” she teased giving him a kiss.
“What can I say, I’m a one of a kind,” he said kissing her back.
“Gross, guys we are going to be eating here in a few minutes. Leave the smooches in the rooms will ya,” Maria complained.
Alex and Isabel chose to ignore her because she was still cranky because of her feelings of dread from earlier. They shared one more quick kiss and then sat quietly at the table.
Pam looked up at Liz ready to ask the question about the clothes but she saw someone moving along the edges of the room. They looked like they were trying to sneak in to do some sort of damage to the group at the table. She knew it wasn’t the server who was just in the room but she had never seen this person before so she got nervous. Not that she’d seen many people from the Citadel yet but there was something about the way this person was moving that frightened her.
The figure raised his hand and pointed it at Liz. Pam tried to yell something out but her voice refused to work. ‘What the hell am I going to do?’ she asked herself.
As soon as the blast emerged from the guy’s hand Pam went into protection mode. She pushed Max and Liz’s chairs back with her mind and knocked Alex’s over so that none of them got hit. Alex yelled as he fell to the ground and Max and Liz had confused looks on their faces. Michael looked ready to blow a gasket and Maria and Isabel were also just confused while Kyle and Tess were kind of amused.
“What the hell?” Michael yelled.
“LOOK!” Pam yelled pointing to the figure trying to make his escape.
Michael, Max, Zach, and Kyle turned towards where she was pointing while Alex got up to see what the hell was going on and why he was knocked to the floor. Michael raised his hand and send out a small blast to knock the fool down. He managed to hit the guy in the leg causing him to crash to the floor. Zach was there in an instant to check who the person was. His hand was raised ready to either produce a shield or send out a blast, whatever he needed and proceeded to check on the guy.
“Who are you and what do you want?” Zach asked.
“I am a follower of Kivar, the true ruler of this planet. I am trying to rid us of these weak imposters who claim Kivar’s thrown,” the man said.
By now more guards were pouring into the dining room and the guys were standing around by Zach while the girls were standing at the table ready to protect Liz again if need be.
“Take this prisoner and put him in a cell. We’ll be down later to question him further,” Zach said filling in for the head guard who was MIA at the moment.
The guys handed the man over to the other guards and turned back towards the women. Liz was shaking slightly and Max walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her.
“It’s ok, we’re fine. Everything is ok,” he whispered to her trying to sooth her frayed nerves.
“I know but that was so close Max. I mean he had to be aiming for me,” Liz said.
“Yeah he was, but I couldn’t have just moved you because then Max would have been it, and if I only moved the two of you Alex would have been struck which is why I knocked his chair to the ground. Sorry about that Alex,” Pam said.
“Hey it’s ok, you saved my hide and for that I’m grateful. It’s a good thing we learned about your Telekinesis huh?” he said.
“Yeah. Pam, I don’t know how I can ever repay you. You saved Liz and my children. I am forever in you debt,” Max said.
“Thank you Pam,” Liz said walking over to embrace her.
All the girls had tears in their eyes. This planet was just as dangerous if not more so then Earth. Why couldn’t they just have one day were danger wasn’t lurking around every corner?

Part 39:

Breakfast finished without further interruption but everyone was still on guard. Things on this planet were getting hairy and no one knew whom to trust. Max for some reason just knew in his gut that Zach could be trusted and he was willing to go with that. There was something about him that struck Max as the kind of man he’d want guarding the girls just in case anything should happen.
‘I’ll have to talk to Zach about that later on. I don’t know if he’d like the idea of being in charge of Liz and the others when myself or the others can’t be there but I’ll ask anyway,’ Max thought to himself.
“Zach, Michael, Alex, Kyle and I will join you in questioning the prisoner in a bit but can you get Tim and ask him to come to my room. We need to discuss what to do about the head guard, and I need to know if he was found yet,” Max said.
“Sure thing your Majesty. I’ll get right on that,” Zach replied.
“Thanks. Liz, I want you, Isabel, Maria, Tess, and Pam to hang out in Michael and Maria’s room until we come back from the prison. That way I will know that you are all safe. I’ll have guards posted at the doors so if you need anything have them send someone to get it,” Max says.
“But Max,” Liz began.
“Liz please just indulge me in this just this once please. I know that you are all capable of taking care of yourselves, I’ve seen you all use your powers, but I just need to make sure that you are all safe. I will have Chloe join you in the room so she can fill you in on the customs of this place since we are going to be here for a bit longer,” Max tells them. ‘Liz I know you hate this but I NEED to make sure you and the babies are safe and without me by your side this is my only other option,’ he told her subvocially.
“We will do as you ask Max,” Tess said.
Maria and Isabel looked at Tess like she was crazy. “What?” Tess asked.
“Why are you agreeing to this? I want to be right there when they question that bastard who tried to kill my best friend,” Maria asked.
“Because he’s the king. He’s asking us to go to the room, I mean he could very well order us to go there, and I think he’s right. I mean anything could happen to us down there. We are much safer in the room and there are a few things that I want Chloe to answer for me,” Tess replied.
“I guess she does have a point and there are some questions I have for Chloe and we can all have some quality female bonding,” Liz said. ‘Just know that I’m only agreeing to this because I’m pregnant. If I wasn’t I would be down there with you,’ Liz told Max.
‘I know and thank you for doing this for me,’ he said.
‘I’d do anything for you Max and you know that,’ she said.
‘I know and I love you for it,’ he replied.
“Come on lets get these meetings over with,” Michael said annoyed. He didn’t like the idea of leaving the girls alone but this is what Max wanted so he wasn’t going to question him.
They all walked back down towards their rooms. Zach, Tim, and the head guard were standing outside Max’s room waiting for them to come. “We’ll be right with you. Tim, can you ask Chloe to join the ladies in Maria and Michael’s room please?” Max said.
“Sure thing Your Highness,” Tim said before running down the hall to his own room.
The guys walked the ladies to the door of Michael and Maria’s room. They each shared a sweet kiss with their respective lady and then headed back to Max’s room. The girls went into Maria’s room and jumped onto the bed. Liz just sat in a chair because she was too afraid to jostle the babies too much.
“I can’t believe they are just making us wait here. This is so not fair,” Maria whined.
“God, Maria can’t you just drop it,” Isabel said annoyed.
“No, it’s so sexist and wrong. How can you sit there and tell me that you aren’t one bit upset that they left us in here like, oh I don’t know like our opinions don’t matter?” Maria asked harshly.
“It’s not that Maria,” Liz sighed.
“What you mean it’s not that?” Maria asked less harshly.
“Max still is unsure of what he can and can’t do around here. Yes he’s the king but to change everything so quickly could cause mass panic to spread throughout the people and Max doesn’t want that. These people have lived with turmoil for so many years. For right now we have to do things their way. That’s why when Chloe comes in I’m going to be asking her lots of questions about how things are run around here. Well I already told Max though that if I wasn’t pregnant I’d be down there questioning that prisoner with him,” Liz said.
“Liz does have a point. Usually the king only brings his most trusted MALE advisors into meetings with him. Our people wouldn’t know what to think if a female joined him in a meeting,” Chloe said walking into the room.
“See,” Liz said.
“Well I still think Max should change that. I mean he’s king what he says is law or something like that,” Maria said.
“It’s not that simple Maria. It takes time for these things to take place. Time that I’m not sure we have. I don’t know how long Max plans on staying on this planet, but I know for a fact that he wants to go home soon, and so do I,” Liz said.
Chloe had a look of shock and fear on her face. ‘They don’t plan on staying? Tim’s not going to like this. What are we going to do when our king leaves again? How will we keep the people from revolting? This is so not good,’ she thought.
“Ok, lets talk about something else,” Isabel said.
“Oh, I’ve got a question for Pam,” Liz said.
“Me?” Pam asked. “What could you possibly have to ask me?”
“Well, I’ve been noticing you and Zach looking at one another and I was wondering what was up?” Liz asked.
“Oh yeah! I noticed it too. Come on girlfriend you’ve got to spill, we all want to know!” Maria exclaimed excitedly.
“I don’t know what’s going on honestly. I mean I think he’s really hot but it’s more then that. I mean he’s the sweetest and he believed me when I said that I knew you all and he stood up for me. But it’s still more then that even. I can’t really explain it but there’s something about him that keeps drawing me to him. I don’t know how to explain it,” Pam said.
“Aw, girl you don’t have to explain. We’re all in love with our own alien so we totally understand the unexplainable pull you’ve got to Zach,” Maria said.
“Yeah and when he looks at me I feel tingles all over but then he’ll look away and I sometimes get the feeling like he doesn’t like me back,” Pam said.
“Max was the same way,” Liz said. “God, whenever he looks at me I just melt, but right after he saved me and told me about Isabel, Michael, and himself he tried to keep away from me. I was having none of that. I mean I saw into his soul when he connected with me to show me that he was still the same Max Evans that I’ve always known and right then and there I realized that I’ve always been in love with him. But he deemed it not safe for us to be together and I had to prove him wrong.”
“Wow, I can’t imagine Max not wanting to be with you. I mean when I look at you two you are so in love that it makes everyone around you jealous,” Pam said.
“Yeah and when we shared our first kiss it was mind blowing. But after that he said we needed to take a step back. It took us a very long time to get together and we cherish every moment that we have now,” Liz tells her.
“Well, some of why Max didn’t want to be with you was because of Michael and I. We were really pissed that he exposed us all and in a way I was jealous of how close you two were. I felt like I was losing my brother to you, and for that I’m sorry. I was part of the reason you weren’t this happy earlier,” Isabel said.
“Isabel I don’t blame you for that. Max and I were meant to be together and we both knew that. I believe that everything we went though we were meant too because it proved to us that our love is that strong. We could surpass and survive all the trials and tribulations that were thrown our way,” Liz told her.
Isabel got up off the bed and hugged Liz. “I’m so happy that you are my sister-in-law. You and Max really are perfect for one another and you bring out the best in him thank you,” she said.
“You don’t need to thank me Isabel. I love him and it’s that simple. I mean look at the man you’ve been able to bring out in Alex. He’s so confident and strong willed now. He used to just agree with everything but now he’ll stand up for anything. You did that,” Liz said.
“I didn’t really do anything,” Isabel said blushing.
“Oh pah-leez…you should have seen him back in the day. He used to just sit there an pine over you wishing that you would one day look his way and if you did he’d turn his head and his face would become really red. If anyone ever picked on him he’d just take it and swallow his pride, almost as if he thought he deserved to be treated that way. It used to make me so mad that I’d kick the crap out of the guy picking on him. I almost socked Michael one year, gosh I guess it was eighth grade or maybe freshman year because he kept picking on Alex,” Maria said.
“Ok, ok, can we please change the subject before my face stays this red?” Isabel asked.
“Yeah, um I’ve actually got a couple of questions for Chloe,” Tess said.
(Max and Liz’s room)

“Captain Rushlow, where did you disappear to this morning?” Max asked.
“I had to go to my home because my wife was sick sire,” Captain Rushlow said.
Max looked over to Tim and he shook his head. “We did find him at his home sir, but he wasn’t there all day.”
“Yes sire, I was there before I came in to tell you that he was missing and neither he nor his wife were in the house, or the doctor’s office for that matter,” Zach said.
“I see. So lets try this again. Where were you this morning?” Max asked again.
“I was trying to leave ok. I didn’t want to face the punishment that you were going to bestow on me. My family can’t afford for me to lose my life so I was trying to leave this place so that I might live and still be able to support them,” Captain Rushlow said.
“Lose your life?” Michael asked looking at Max. Max had no idea what he was talking about and merely shrugged his shoulders.
“Yes, in most matters where the King was questioned or if someone was held for the wrong reasons the person responsible for arresting, questioning, or wrongfully holding someone was killed,” Tim explained.
“Oh ok. So you mean to say that no one would question the king?” Kyle asked disbelieving what he was hearing.
“That is correct,” Tim said.
“What a crock of crap!” Kyle yelled. “What if the king was wrong or doing something that would put too many lives in danger, no one said anything!”
“No, it’s not our place. The king has his reasons for doing things and we are not to question that,” Tim replied.
“Jeez that is psychotic, I mean even in Old England when there was a king on the thrown they would question his moves because sometimes the things he was going to do didn’t sit right with many people,” Alex said.
“Well, I’m not like the old kings so we don’t have to worry about that. Captain Rushlow, I can assure you that you are not going to die,” Max said.
There were surprised gasps from Tim and Captain Rushlow but Zach seemed to accept this.
‘Yes indeed, this king is going to bring about many new changes for our people. I am definitely going to like serving under him,’ he thought.
“What do you mean sire?” Tim asked.
“I mean that I don’t believe in killing someone because they question my judgment or because they didn’t believe that the person they were holding was party of my party. There are crazed people out there who are trying to KILL my WIFE and my CHILDREN so the fact that Rushlow didn’t believe her is a good thing. But when she was avid about knowing us and when she told him to come and get me so that I could set the record strait then he should have come and gotten me not blown her off,” Max says.
“Thank you sire,” Captain Rushlow said overcome with relief that he was going to remain alive.
“You are going to be suspended for the next two weeks. Zach you will do his duty until his allotted suspension is over. After the two weeks are up you will come back to your job as if nothing happened,” Max said.
“Thank you again Sire,” Captain Rushlow said.
“You’re welcome. You’re dismissed.” Max said.
Captain Rushlow left the room and proceeded to go home with a smile on his face. He was thankful for the king’s kindness and compassion.
Zach smiled at Max knowing in his heart that this king was going to be so good for their people. “Zach, there is something I need to ask you after we go and question the man who tried to shoot my Liz in the dining room,” Max said.
“Anything sire,” Zach said.
“Thank you. Ok, let’s get this over with,” Max said.
The six men walked down to the prison so that they could question the prisoner and try to find out what Kivar was up to now.

Part 40: (Maria’s room)

Chloe looked up at Tess waiting for her to begin her questions. She knew that they all had a lot of questions to ask since everything here is so new to them. She actually expected to be called for an audience earlier to answer all their questions about their home planet.
“Ok, I guess my first question is what is expected of us while we are here?” Tess asked.
“Well, you are here to restore peace to our people. Max and Liz are back to lead our people and believe me we are all glad to see you all here. Our planet has been longing for the day that you were returned to us so that we could prosper once again,” Chloe said.
‘Gee thanks you so didn’t answer my question,’ Tess said sarcastically and all the other girls heard her.
Maria had to turn her face away from Chloe because she couldn’t hold back the grin that spread across her face. ‘Sometimes you can be mad funny Tess,’ Maria said.
‘Why thank you. I mean I’m serious she just fed us a bunch of shit. She didn’t answer anything, it’s like she was talking in circles,’ Tess told them.
“Chloe? How long before there will be enough energy saved up to open the portal back home?” Liz asked the question on everyone’s mind.
“Home? You are really serious about going back home?” Chloe countered with her own question.
“Yes we are. I know that we are all part alien and everything but we have lived our present lives on Earth. Don’t get me wrong we do like it here, well I can’t speak for everyone but I know I like it here and so does Max, but we want to be with our parents,” Liz explained.
“Well what if we could save up enough energy to transport your parents here?” Chloe asked. “Would you stay then?”
“In all honesty I doubt it. Max and I want our children born on Earth in Roswell so that they will be citizens. If we decide to raise our children here before they reach the age to go to school then we will return but we both want them to be born on Earth,” Liz told her.
“I do not know how long it will be before we have enough energy saved up for you to make the return trip back to Earth,” Chloe said.
Liz just nodded her head. ‘I don’t think she’s telling the truth do you guys?’ she silently asked the others.
‘I’m not sure but my guess would be NO!’ Maria said.
“Are there any other questions?” Chloe asked.
“Yeah, I’ve got one. Where can I get some new clothes? I was going to ask Liz this morning but we were attacked in the dining room and then I forgot. These clothes are the only ones I have and I don’t know who to ask about getting others,” Pam said.
“I’ll have you some new clothes before dinner tonight,” Chloe told her.
“Thank you,” Pam said.
“You’re welcome,” Chloe replied.
“I don’t think we’ve got any more questions at the moment. If we do we’ll call you to ask,” Liz said.
“Very well your Majesty. I’m going to go check on Jordan. Just call down to my room if you need anything,” she said as she walked out the door.
Once the door was closed the room erupted in talk about Chloe’s odd behavior.
“What was up with her?” Tess asked. “She was acting very strangely.”
“I know. She looked like she was going to have a heart attack when Liz mentioned the fact that we wanted to go home,” Isabel said.
“Yeah, I mean this place is nice and all, and hey I wouldn’t mind vacationing here but I don’t want to live here. I miss Earth, and I definitely miss all that Earth food,” Maria said.
“Yeah I know. I so miss the greasy Crashdown burgers and Saturn Rings,” Liz agreed. “Chloe seemed a little off today that’s for sure. I’ll talk to Max about it later.”


Zach lead the way to the cell the prisoner was being held in. No one knew what to expect when they got there but they were definitely surprised when they stopped at the door of his cell.
The man was pacing and acting like a caged tiger. He wouldn’t sit still. “Sir, he’s been doing that since we placed him in here,” one of the guards told Tim.
“It’s ok, we’ll handle everything from here on out,” Tim assured the guard. “Sire, this man needs to be executed, publicly preferably, to show our enemies that we mean business and to tell them that will happen to them if they should threaten your life as well as the queen’s.”
“I told you before Tim that I don’t like killing anyone. I’ll find out what he knows and discuss the matter with Zach and the others before deciding what to do with him. I know you are part of my army and a very good soldier at that but you aren’t one of my guards and therefore you really have no say in how I conduct my business. I know I’m new to all of this and you are only trying to help but I think I can handle it,” Max told him.
Michael and Alex looked at Max with admiration in their eyes. Max had risen to the challenge of being King and he has done it very well. Zach and Kyle looked on with amused eyes both wondering how Tim was going to take Max’s statement. They were all surprised at Tim’s reaction.
“You are right My Lord, I’m sorry. It is your decision and not mine, I will not question you again,” Tim said.
“I never said you couldn’t question me Tim. All I’m asking is that you don’t tell me what to do. I was brought up human and in general human’s don’t go around killing people just to show their enemies that they mean business,” Max told him.
Tim nodded his head in understanding and Max turned back to Zach. “Let’s begin the questioning.”
“Why are you here?” Zach asked the prisoner.
“Kivar sent me to kill this pathetic excuse of a King,” the man said.
“If that’s so why were you aiming for the Queen?” Max asked.
“I wasn’t aiming for her, I was aiming for you but I slipped as I was firing and my aim was thrown off and the blast headed for the Queen. I know my Lord wants the Queen as his own and I would never do anything to harm her,” the man said.
“Where is Kivar now?” Michael asked.
“Like, I will tell you that. Please I’m not stupid,” the man said.
“We will kill you if you refuse to corporate,” Alex told the guy trying to scare him.
“I do not fear death,” was all the man said.
‘Well what do we do now?’ Kyle asked.
‘I don’t know,’ Max said.
“Even if you did kill me other’s will come. Kivar will stop at nothing until his weak cousin is dead and the Queen is by his side,” the prisoner stated.
“Is that so? Well my dear cousin has another thing coming to him because I’m not as weak as he thinks I am. Keep him locked up. Make sure he is fed and given plenty of water. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with him just yet,” Max said walking out of the cell. Once everyone was in the upstairs hallway again Max said, “We may be able to get him to tell us more so he’ll be kept alive for now. I’m still not sure if I should kill him. What do you think Michael?”
“He tried to kill Liz. I think you should have him killed,” Michael said.
“I agree,” Alex and Kyle added.
“I’ll think about it, but for now he’s to be kept alive. Is that clear?” Max asked directing the question to Tim.
“Yes sire,” Tim and Zach replied.
“Good. Zach can I see you in my rooms for a minute please?” Max asked him.
“Yes sire,” he said.
They all walked back towards their rooms. “Michael tell Liz I’ll come get her in a few minutes. Let her know I had to talk to Zach for a couple of minutes and I’ll be in to get her as soon as I’m finished.”
“No problem Max,” Michael said walking with Kyle and Alex towards his room.
Max opened the door to his room and told Zach to come in. Once they were both in the room Max closed the door.
“I am just going to come right out and ask you since I don’t really feel like being away from Liz for much longer. I need someone I can trust to watch after Liz and the other girls when Michael, Alex, Kyle and I are detained and since you are the only person I trust on this planet I want you to be their protector. I know you will need other guards and I will trust your judgment.” Max tells him.
“Sire, I would be honored to be the queen and her attendants personal guard. I will protect them with my life and I will only need one or two other guards and I have just the men in mind,” Zach tells Max.
“Great. Thank you very much. Bring the others to lunch later so that I can meet them. You’ll be filling in as head guard for the next two weeks so you won’t be able to perform your new duty but I will put them on bodyguard duty as soon as possible. I really appreciate this Zach you have no idea how much,” Max says.
“It’s my duty and one that I don’t mind doing sire. It is my pleasure. Your group is very nice and I enjoy serving all of you,” he said.
“Thank you. Well, I’ve kept Liz waiting long enough. She is cursing me out in my head right now and if I don’t go retrieve her she’ll most likely blow me to bits,” Max said laughing.
“I will keep you no longer your Majesty. I will see you at lunch,” Zach said walking out the door.
“Thanks again Zach,” Max said walking towards Michael’s room.

Part 41:

Max stopped in front of Michael’s door and waited for a minute before knocking. Liz had quieted down and now he didn’t know if she was mad at him or if she just knew he was coming so she stopped talking. It worried him that he could no longer hear her in his head.
“Hey Max, come on in,” Maria greeted him at the door.
“Thanks Maria. Uh, where’s Liz?” he asked after looking around the room and not seeing her.
“I’m right here. Sorry being pregnant sucks I feel like I spend all of my time in the bathroom,” Liz said walking into the room.
“Thanks Liz! That was definitely too much information!” Kyle exclaimed.
“Well, I just thought I’d let you know so when Tess gets pregnant you’ll understand why she’s in the bathroom all the time,” Liz threw back at him.
Kyle and Tess’s faces got really red causing everyone to laugh. It was funny to see them embarrassed because it didn’t happen too often. Kyle is a pretty laid back guy so he tends to not let things bother him but when it comes to his relationship with Tess he gets embarrassed very quickly.
“I didn’t mean that you are going to get her pregnant any time soon, it’s just a little information to keep locked away for a later date,” Liz said laughing.
“Shut up Liz,” Kyle grumbled blushing from head to toe causing Michael to roll with laughter.
“I wouldn’t laugh too much Space Boy it could be me just as easily as Tess,” Maria reminded him sobering him up immediately causing Max to go into hysterics.
“Uh, we talked to Chloe today,” Liz said stopping the pregnancy talks.
“Really? What’d she have to say?” Michael asked. He liked hearing stories about his sister.
“Well, I’m not too sure she and Tim like the idea of us going home. She almost had a heart attack when I asked how long it would take for there to be enough energy to send us home. You should have seen her she got ash white and looked ready to pass out,” Liz said.
“Yeah, she was acting very strange,” Tess added.
“Really? You know I have noticed that she has been acting very different from when she was on Earth. I know that I don’t know her really, but ever since we came back to this planet I remember a lot about my sister and she never used to act this way,” Michael said.
“I know, I remember her very well too. We used to be really good friends but now she’s so distant. I don’t know if it’s because she doesn’t know us anymore, but from the memories I keep getting we all act the same way we used to when we lived here,” Liz told everyone.
“Do we really? My memories are a little vague as of yet but they are getting more and more clear by the day,” Maria said.
“Yeah we were. You and Michael used to bicker all the time, it used to get really annoying,” Max said.
“Oh, but wait. It still gets really annoying,” Alex added ducking as Maria threw a pillow at him.
“I hate to cut this little meeting short but I’m getting kind of tired so I’m going to steal my husband and head back to my room for a little nap,” Liz said.
“We’ll see you at lunch, take care of my niece and nephew,” Maria and Isabel call out to Liz.
Max stops at the door. “Oh, I asked Zach to meet us for lunch with two other guards. They are going to be your personal guards for when Michael, Alex, Kyle, and I are called away. Zach is the only person I trust just now on this planet and after what happened today in the dinning room I want someone there to keep an eye out for you. If you go anywhere without one of us, one of them will be going with you,” Max told them.
“I agree with Max hole heartedly,” Michael said.
“But Max, how are we supposed to have any privacy?” Maria asked.
“For now the only private place you will have is your room and I’m sorry for that, but my top priority is to keep all of you safe,” Max tells her.
“Fine, I’ll let some goon follow me everywhere I go, I mean I already let Michael do that so what’s another one?” Maria said causing everyone to laugh.
“Yeah really funny pixie. I’ll get you back for that one trust me,” he tells her.
‘Oh I hope so,’ she says seductively in his head.
‘Ok, how can I get everyone out of the room without sounding desperate?’ he asked himself causing Maria to cough to cover up her laugh.
“Sorry to cut this short guys, but I want to check out that library behind our room again so we’ll see you at lunch,” Alex tells Michael and Maria.
“Yeah, and I think I’m going to go and lay down for a little bit, I’m still a little tired,” Pam said wishing she had someone to retire with.
“Yeah, we uh, we’ll just leave you two alone,” Kyle said giving them a wink.
Everyone walked out into the hallway and headed to their respective rooms.
Max opened the door for Liz and led her inside. She smiled up at him and slipped into his arms sighing. She had wanted to do this since before he headed down to the prison to question that guy who tried to kill her. “Did you question the prisoner?” she asked him.
“Yeah. He didn’t tell us much, but we do know that you weren’t the intended target I was. Kivar wants me dead not you, he wants you for himself,” Max tells her wrapping his arms more securely around her when she shuddered.
“I knew that he wanted me but I didn’t think he’d go this far. Something needs to be done about him Max,” she says.
“I know, but we’ve got to find him first. I’m holding the prisoner for a little longer before deciding what to do with him. Michael and Alex think I should have him executed but I’m not sure what to do. My heart says to kill him but my head is saying that killing is wrong even though this is a war, I just don’t know what to do and I feel like I’m a failure of a king because I can’t make a decision like this,” he tells her.
“Oh, Max. You aren’t a failure these kinds of decisions are not easy and all kings have had problems making them. Well ok, maybe not all kings but most of them, if you remember history there were some crazies that had no problems whatsoever killing people, but on a whole no one likes to give a kill order and I don’t expect it to be easy for you. Just know that I will stand by whatever decision you make about this situation. Oh and thank you for making Zach our personal guard, I was wondering how to keep him and Pam close to one another,” she told him.
“Zach and Pam?” he asked.
“Why are men so clueless? Yes Pam and Zach, they are sweet on each other but I think Zach thinks he’s not good enough for her. Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it?” she asks.
“Uh, yeah it sounds a lot like Michael and Maria,” he says.
“True, but it also sounds a lot like you. You didn’t think you were good enough for me and then it wasn’t safe for you to be with me, oh I could go on and on,” she teased him.
“Don’t you have a nap to take,” he said pretending to be annoyed.
“Will you join me?” she asked.
“You really had to ask?” he questioned her.
“No but, I just wanted to make sure,” she said.
(Outside Pam’s room)

Pam walked out of Michael and Maria’s room and headed to her own room. She said good-bye to Alex, Isabel, Kyle, and Tess and once again wished that she had someone with her on this planet so she wouldn’t feel so alone. She wasn’t paying attention and she bumped into something soft yet hard at the same time and she knew it was a person.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going,” she said looking up. A gasp escaped her throat when she saw who she bumped into.
“I’m sorry that I am here but I just couldn’t resist seeing you,” the man told her.
“It’s ok. Come in,” she said opening her door.
He followed her in and smiled. I have never been in any of these rooms before today, they’re nice,” he said.
“So…” Pam said.
“I don’t really know why I’m here. It was as if something was pulling me towards you and I couldn’t deny it any longer,” Zach told her.
“Really? I never though of my self as being able to have that kind of pull towards anyone,” she said.
“Trust me you do, and you don’t even realize how you affect those around you,” he confessed closing the distance between them.
Her eyes darted to his lips for the briefest second before focusing on his eyes again. He had the most gorgeous green eyes she had ever seen. They were the color of Emeralds and the way he was looking at her kept her captivated. She knew for certain that she could get lost in his eyes forever and be a happy woman.
Zach glanced down at her lips subconsciously as Pam chose to moisten them and he almost groaned out loud at the sight. Her little pink tongue darting out to wet her lips and them sparkling in the light from the room. He just knew that he had to taste them.
He leaned down closer leaving mere inches between their lips. In the back of his mind he knew that he probably shouldn’t be doing this because she is a part of the Royal party and he wasn’t good enough for her but his heart was leading him right now and that was the only thing he wanted to listen to so he ignored his head and went with his heart. He could feel her breath on his lips and it was too much. He closed the distance between them.

From Part 41:

Zach glanced down at her lips subconsciously as Pam chose to moisten them and he almost groaned out loud at the sight. Her little pink tongue darting out to wet her lips and them sparkling in the light from the room. He just knew that he had to taste them.
He leaned down closer leaving mere inches between their lips. In the back of his mind he knew that he probably shouldn’t be doing this because she is a part of the Royal party and he wasn’t good enough for her but his heart was leading him right now and that was the only thing he wanted to listen to so he ignored his head and went with his heart. He could feel her breath on his lips and it was too much. He closed the distance between them.

Part 42:

Zach moved closer closing the gap between their lips. The need to taste her lips was almost too much to bear. He couldn’t remember ever feeling a need for anything this strongly. It was as if he couldn’t control himself. ‘I wonder if this is what the King feels whenever the Queen is in the room,’ he thought to himself.
The minute their lips touched he felt like every cell in his body was shocked with electricity. He felt more alive, if that is even possible. Everything about this kiss felt right and he couldn’t figure out why his head was trying to tell him it was wrong.
Pam felt the same shock to her system that Zach did, only she didn’t know he felt that way. She felt like her body was humming and they haven’t even deepened the kiss yet.
Pam parted her lips slightly asking Zach to deepen the kiss. When he didn’t take the hint she ran her tongue across his lips trying to get him to open his mouth for her. He was surprised by her action and his lips parted as he gasped and Pam took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. She slid her tongue into his mouth and rubbed it against his. Zach picked up quickly and started to duel with her tongue trying to dominate the kiss.
Pam retreated her tongue back into her mouth and Zach followed with his continuing the kiss. He never wanted to stop kissing her but the need for air was slowly starting to invade his senses so he pulled back slightly resting his forehead against hers.

She smiled at the gesture thinking how adorable it was. Almost as if he didn’t want to stop touching her. He saw her smile and couldn’t help smiling back. ‘At least she didn’t mind my kissing her,’ he thought.
“I don’t know what came over me but I could resist you no more,” he said. “I’m sorry if I offended you, I just…well, I just…” he stammered.
“Zach, I have wanted you to do that ever since you brought my food that first day in the prison. There’s just something about you that I’m drawn to. That’s not a bad thing mind you, in fact I quite like it,” she told him.
“Really?” he asked disbelievingly.
“Yes really,” she said laughing. “You have no idea how irresistible you are.”
He blushed at her words. “I didn’t think you would think I’m good enough for you. You are a part of the royal court, and I am but a lowly guard,” he confessed.
“Oh I wouldn’t quite say I’m part of the royal court. I’ve known Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, and Kyle my whole life, and I’ve known Tess the past year or so, but I’m just a lowly human who got caught up in the Twilight Zone,” she told him.
“What’s the Twilight Zone?” he asked.
“It’s an old TV show where people got pulled into these other worlds or dimensions and stuff. You know Aliens existed, and so did other kinds of creatures and things. In one there was a brain that was trying to eat people,” Pam explained.
“Oh, so strange stuff happened to the people in these shows, and everything that you learned about Max and the others was like something from one of those shows?” he asked.
“Yes exactly,” Pam said.
“I understand now. So you aren’t a part of the royal court?” he asked.
“Not that I’m aware of,” she told him.
“But you stay in these quarters and are with the royals,” he stated.
“I came here with them. I was trying to save Jordan and Nicholas pulled me through the portal. I was mistakenly taken, but you know deep down I think I was really meant to come here,” she confessed.

“MAX!” Liz wakes up screaming.
“Liz, I’m right here it’s ok, I’m right here. What’s wrong?” Max asked her.
“I don’t know. I just had this awful dream and you were being taken away from me, but I couldn’t see by who was taking you,” she said.
“It’s ok love. I’m right here and no one is going to take me away from you. I’ll be with you for a very long time believe me. There is no way I’m going to miss out on the births of my children,” he told her trying to soothe her fears.
‘Ah, I hate to do this to everyone but can you meet at my room?’ Max asks through the connection.
‘We’re on our way Max,’ Maria said.
‘We’re right behind them,’ Kyle and Alex said.
‘I’m on my way too,’ Pam told him.
“Zach, I’ve got to go to Max’s room. I think something is wrong. You know what, come with me. I have a feeling you should be present for this too,” Pam told him.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
“Well there’s only one way to find out,” she says. ‘Max should Zach come too?’ she asked.
‘Do you know where he is?’ Max questioned.
‘Yeah he’s with me,’ she told him.
‘Yes bring him too please,’ Max said.
“Ok, Max said to bring you along so let’s go,” she said taking his hand and leading him out of the room.
Everyone walked into Max’s room with a slight feeling of fear in their hearts. What could Max want to talk about? He sounded strange even though the connection and no one knew what to expect.
They were greeted with the sight that almost did them all in. Max was cradling Liz to him stroking her hair whispering to her. Something happened to her, they all knew it. Was it Kivar? That was the question on everyone’s mind.
“What happened Max?” Maria asked breaking the silence.
“I don’t know really. Liz woke up crying my name and all she said was she had a dream that I was being taken away from her by some unknown person. I don’t think this one was Kivar which means we have someone else to watch out for,” Max tells them.

“You know this place is just getting better and better,” Kyle mumbled.
“I know how you feel, I mean things just keep going from bad to worse,” Alex agreed.
“Liz can you remember anything from the dream?” Isabel asked.
“No not really. I just remember we were walking in the gardens and all of a sudden I was being held back and someone grabbed Max and started to pull him away from me. We both fought to break free but we couldn’t get away. I screamed for Max, and that’s when he woke me up. I didn’t see who grabbed him but I have a feeling it’s someone we know already,” Liz says.
“Do you think maybe it was Tim and Chloe?” Maria asked.
Michael looked at Maria with disbelief. That is his sister she was talking about, but it did make sense. She has been acting weird and Tim is just strange. There’s something about that guy that rubs Michael the wrong way and it’s not just a brother thing either.
“It could have been, I mean Tim just….there’s something about him that rubs me wrong, and Chloe, well she’s nothing like I remember her so I wouldn’t be surprised,” Michael said.
Everyone gave surprised looks. They never expected Michael to think that way about his sister. Very strange indeed. What is the world coming to?

Part 43: (Three Weeks Later)

Maria knocked on Liz’s bedroom door. Zach was standing guard at this end of the hall. He was finished filling in as head guard and was taking his job as personal bodyguard very seriously. Even Tim was questioned when he came down this hallway when Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle weren’t around.
“Come on in,” Liz called from her position on the bed.
She had to kick Max out earlier because the doctors came in to check on the babies. Liz is five months pregnant now and starting to show considerably.
“Hey chica. How’re you feeling today?” Maria asked her best friend. The morning sickness was really bad sometimes and this morning was one of those days.
“I’m doing much better actually. Everything has settled down in there and the babies are progressing at the correct rate. Everyone is healthy and accounted for,” Liz said. “I’m guessing Max will be back soon since the nurse went to tell him everything is ok. I just hate it that they won’t let him stay in here with me. he fought adamantly today but the doctors wouldn’t budge so my silent plea finally got him out the door.”
“This has to be rough on the poor guy. I mean if we were back home he’d be able to sit in the room with you. Why doesn’t he just demand to stay? He is the king after all,” Maria pointed out.
“I know and we both thought about this and decided that now is not the time although I think that he might just do that after today,” Liz told her friend.
“Why isn’t it the right time?” she asked.
“Well with Tim and Chloe still acting strange we felt it would be best not to ruffle too many feathers,” Liz said.
“A very wise decision,” Maria agreed. “So has there been any word to when we can blow this Popsicle stand?”
Liz started laughing. She had almost forgotten how bazaar Maria could be. Everything had been so serious because of the assassin and Tim and Chloe’s behavior that it was almost like everyone forgot how to have fun.
“Actually Justin, you know our one guard, he said that the energy collection has been going well and it may be about a month maybe two at the most,” Liz said.
“Thank God! I cannot wait to go home and sleep in my own bed. Although I’m going to miss having Michael’s arms holding me at night,” Maria said.
“Yeah, that’s not all your going to miss about this living situation,” Liz teased.
Maria gasped in mock shock. “Liz Evans! I cannot believe you!”
Liz laughed so hard she snorted causing Maria to erupt in a fit of laughter. Max walked though the door to see Liz and Maria laughing and holding their sides while rolling around on the bed. He smiled at them and shook his head.
“Ladies,” he said making them aware of his presence. Michael walked in right after Max and took in the scene. He loved that they were still able to have fun after everything that had been going on over the past couple of weeks.
“Ok, I’m just going to collect my pixie and head to my own room. I know that the two of you probably want to be alone,” Michael said walking up to Maria.
“I’ll talk to you later chica, my space boy is going to drag me away. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it like a caveman, you know grabbing my hair and dragging me out the door,” Maria said laughing.
Liz started laughing all over again picturing that in her mind. Max caught a glimpse of it through their connection and started laughing too. Michael blushed slightly as he pulled Maria out the door.
“Watch it pixie or I will seriously go all caveman on you!” Max and Liz heard Michael mumble as he moved out the door.
“So how are you feeling?” Max asked turning to Liz.
“I’m doing much better actually. No more upset stomach or anything. I’ve missed you though,” Liz said.
“Yeah? Well, I’ve missed you too. I will not be thrown out of the room next time. I’m going to set my foot down,” Max said.
“Good. I don’t like not having you in here with me. Not that I’m frightened by the doctors or anything, they are all really nice, it’s just I’m not comfortable having anyone….well, you know….unless you are with me,” she tells him.
“Then it’s settled. I’m not leaving this room next month. Well, if we’re still here next month,” Max said.
He gazed at Liz and noticed her eyes darkened with desire and he wondered what has gotten her all hot and bothered. She was looking at him like she was a starving person and he was her next meal.
“What?” he asked looking down at himself.
He realized why she was looking at him in such a carnal nature. While he was talking he got so agitated that he somehow took off his shirt. He took an involuntary gulp and brought his eyes up to Liz’s once again. She was licking her lips like a cat would that was just about to pounce on it’s pray.
It happened much quicker then he anticipated. She jumped off the bed and into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her to steady her and to make sure that she didn’t fall as her lips attached themselves to his. He kissed her back with equal passion. Watching her leap off the bed and attach him was a major turn on for him. It was rare that Liz took control of their lovemaking and he loved it when she did. What is it about a powerful woman? He sure as hell didn’t know but it was definitely something and he was not going to complain.
She untangled her legs from around his waist and slid the length of her body down his body causing him to groan when her core pressed against his hardness. She pulled away from his lips needing some air and chanced a look up into his amber depths. She was more then surprised by the amount of surprise and desire she saw in his eyes. Every time she got aggressive she got self-conscious because she wasn’t sure if Max liked when she started to dominate, but from the look on his face right now she was positive that he liked being submissive sometimes.
She gave him a wicked grin and started to kiss her way down his neck. She started at his jawbone and worked her way down leaving wet little kisses, and nibbles on his neck as she went. Once she reached his collarbone she figured she made it this far way stop now and continued down his body.
Liz stopped to tease his nipples on her exploration of his body and Max moaned as Liz nipped them into hard peaks. He was beyond turned on at the moment and all he wanted was to be buried inside of Liz, but she was in control so he had to take some deep breaths to calm his racing heart and gain some semblance of control back.
Just when he thought he had everything back under control Liz knocked all the air out of his lungs. She had managed to undo the fastenings on his pants without him realizing since he was concentrating on calming his desire and she slipped her warm little hand inside them and stroked his raging erection.
“Liz,” Max strangled out.
The womanly pride inside of Liz soared at that sound. The sound of Max crying out her name in passion it did wonders for a girl’s confidence. She pushed his pants down his legs and helped him step out of them freeing his manhood to her gaze. She smiled at the sight before her and knew that no matter what she would never tire of loving this man.
Max balled his hands up into fists trying to calm himself down. He didn’t want to ruin the moment by coming too quickly. He hadn’t even pleasured Liz yet and he’d be damned if he came without her, but Liz had other ideas. She wanted to give Max the pleasure that he always bestowed upon her and never let her give back to him. Today was all about Max and she was going to show him that.
Her tiny pink darted out and licked the tip of Max’s erection. He let out a strangled cry surprised beyond belief. Liz didn’t give him the opportunity to move away like he usually did instead she wrapped her lips completely around him and started to suck him into her eager mouth. Max buried his hands in her hair holding her in place savoring the moment. He was too far gone to even think of stopping her so he just let her continue with her ministrations.
Liz started her pace slow and steady alternating between licking and sucking. She was determined to make Max lose control. He never lost control and she knew that something had to be able to break him and she vowed to herself that today was that day.
Unable to control himself he started pumping into her mouth with the time of her sucks and the low groans coming from deep within his throat urged Liz on to new heights. She started to suck harder and faster gripping Max’s rear end pulling him towards her as her head came back down his shaft. His grip tightened in her hair and she could tell he was close to going over the edge so she gave him one last hard suck and gently squeezed his balls.
“Ugh….Liz,” Max cried out spilling his seed into her waiting mouth. Liz drank it up greedily wanting more and she milked him for all he was worth.
Max’s legs started to get shaky and as soon as Liz released him from her mouth he sank to the floor in front of her. He kissed her lips and then her forehead.
“Thank you so much,” he said.
“Max, you don’t have to thank me. I always want to do that and please you but you never let me,” Liz told him.
“It’s not that I don’t let you per-say, it’s just that I never really realized that you’d want to do that, or liked to do that and I didn’t want you to think that I expected you to just because I pleasure you orally,” he tells her.
Liz kissed him hard then. “You are the most considerate man alive and I love you so much,” she told him.
“Really? How much?” he questioned his voice thick with desire.
“Well you’ll just have to figure that out for yourself,” Liz said getting up and dropping her clothing.
Max roguishly looked over her naked flesh and growled with desire as he picked her up. He placed her in the center of the bed and started to slowly crawl his way up her body. The moment he was even with her face he dipped his head low and kissed her breathless.

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Part 45:

Maria and Michael lay in bed just enjoying the sound of each other’s breathing. They wanted to make the most of these moments since they would be few and far between once they got back to Earth. Things on Seira were at a standstill and they weren’t sure how much longer they would have to be here, but they knew for a fact that Max and Liz wanted to be home before the babies were born.
Maria snuggled closer to Michael’s side and breathed in his scent. She loved the way he smelled yet she couldn’t describe it. It amazed her that even on this alien planet he could still smell the same. That was the only constant in her life right now, Michael’s smell. Well ok that and her friendships with everyone, but Michael’s smell was the most important to her.
Michel wrapped his arms more securely around Maria. He loved having her in his arms and that was pretty much the only thing he was going to miss when they went back home. He wouldn’t be able to have Maria in his arms every day. Max and Liz were lucky and he was jealous of them in that one respect. They could hold one another every night, all night long. Michael never thought he’d want those things, but the little pixie beside him changed all that. She made him a better person and now he wanted the things he never really thought he would before. He wanted to get married, only to Maria of course, and he wanted to have children. Things that never really crossed his mind before are now what he wants more then anything.
He heard Maria’s breathing begin to deepen and even out and he knew in a few seconds she’d be asleep. “Good night Maria,” he whispered.
“Mmm, night Space Boy,” she mumbled almost incoherently.
Michael smiled at her insistence with calling him Space Boy and drifted into slumber. His day had been exhausting he and Max were trying to figure out the best defense if Kivar decided to attack. They couldn’t let the past happen again, they needed to be more prepared this time.

A light knocking from the door woke Pam up. She mumbled something and climbed out of bed.
“Who is it?” she asked as she neared the door. She knew it was most likely one of her friends since Zach wouldn’t let anyone without clearance to come down the hallway.
“It’s Zach,” he answered.
The door flung open seconds later and a very much awake Pam was standing in the doorway. “Zach, what are you doing here?” she asked and then blanched at how that sounded. “Not that I don’t want you here. I mean don’t get me wrong I do, I was just surprised that’s all.”
He smiled at her. She was so cute when she got flustered. He loved trying to ruffle her feathers because when she got all embarrassed her cheeks got rosy and her eyes sparkled it was an amazing sight to behold.
“I just wanted to see you,” he confessed. He knew that this could never be. She would be going back to her planet soon and he’d never see her again, but he just couldn’t stop himself from falling for her. There was something about this small slip of a girl that kept pulling him towards her. He didn’t know what it was, and it didn’t scare him it was just strange.
“Well, I’m glad that you did. I was hoping you’d stop by after your watch got done. Well, at least for a little bit anyway. I haven’t talked to you in days,” she said blushing.
He loved to see her blush. His queen blushed a lot when his highness said things and it was just one of the cutest Earthly endearments to see. Women on Seria didn’t really blush, or at least he’d never seen them do so, and to see these Earth woman get flustered and pinken was an awesome sight. He loved to make Pam blush, and he only wished he’d be able to do it forever.
“I know, I’ve missed talking to you,” he told her.
Pam looked up and her eyes locked on to Zach’s. He had very expressive eyes, more expressive then most of the Serians she’s met while on this planet. His eyes sort of reminded her of Max’s, the way they light up or show you exactly what he’s feeling. Whenever Max sees Liz his eyes darken slightly and you can see the love and desire reflecting in them, Zach’s eyes were like that. Yet she’d only seen Zach’s eyes darken with desire once, but it was the most beautiful sight to behold. She never would have thought that she could cause that kind of reaction from anyone.
“Come in and have a seat. I can’t believe I’ve left you standing in the hallway for so long,” she said thoroughly embarrassed.
He smiled and walked through the door. While his back was to her he took a shaky breath and tried in vain to calm his racing heart. He wiped his sweaty hands on his pants and yelled at himself for acting like a schoolboy with his first crush. Well he couldn’t get to mad at himself because he’d never felt this way about anyone before and it was a pretty frightening feeling. To be so controlled by another person wasn’t something he was used to. He was used to being in control.
Zach turned towards Pam and caught her moistening her lips. The moment her little pink tongue came in contact with her lips he knew that he had to kiss her. There was no if, ands, or buts about it, he needed to kiss her like he needed oxygen to breathe.
Zach closed the distance between them in a matter of seconds and thread his hands in Pam’s hair. She wasn’t expecting this and she let out a small gasp of surprise. Zach lowered his head to hers and Pam wrapped her arms around his neck standing on tiptoes to get closer to him. He pressed his lips to hers and it felt like coming home. This is what he had been craving all day, the taste of her lips.
The kiss started out innocent. Just a light touching, very gentle and soft but as Pam pulled herself closer to Zach and his one hand moved down her back to encircle her waist the kiss deepened. Zach swept his tongue across Pam’s bottom lip begging for entrance and she gladly complied opening her mouth to allow him entrance. He slipped his tongue between her lips and caressed her tongue with his own. She moaned into his mouth at the first contact of their tongues. This is what she’s been craving her whole life.
“How could a man, with just a kiss, consume you so completely?” she wondered. She didn’t know the answer to this question but that was exactly what Zach was doing. He was slowly consuming her and she was powerless to stop it. Not that she would even if she had the power to she wanted to be consumed by him.
They somehow managed to make it to the bed and he laid her down in the center of it with out breaking the kiss. Once she was settled he climbed next to her and stroked her cheek with his thumb. They needed air and broke the kiss each elicitating a moan at the loss. Neither wanted that kiss to end, it held everything they were feeling for the other in it.
“Zach, what’s going to happen?” Pam asked him.
“Happen? What are you talking about?” he questioned not understanding her question.
“With us. What’s going to happen?” she asked quietly.
“Oh, with us. I’m not sure. I want to be with you, but you’ll be leaving me soon,” he said sadly.
“Come with us! You’d love Earth. Although I have a feeling you’ll have to eat everything with Tabasco sauce like the others but other then that you’d love Earth. Alex can get your papers done and everything making you an American citizen it would be perfect. All their parents know about them being otherworldly and one of them could take you in saying you are a nephew or something,” Pam said excitedly.
“You’d want me to come with you?” he asked surprised.
“Hell yes! Zach, I’m falling in love with you, and it breaks my heart everyday just thinking of having to leave you,” Pam confessed.
He smiled broadly at her. “I’m falling in love with you too. We’ll have to ask the king about my leaving the planet to come with you but if he allows it I would love to join you on Earth, or anywhere else you might go, just so long as I’m with you,” he said kissing her again.
The kiss once again got out of control and when they broke for air Zach was on top of Pam. She smiled at him loving the feel of his body on hers. He moved two stray pieces of hair off her forehead and kissed her nose.
“Would you stay in here and hold me? At least until I fall asleep?” she asked him.
He nodded his head yes and rolled off of her pulling her against his side. She snuggled against him enjoying the feel of him next to her and began to relax. Within minutes she was asleep but he was reluctant to let her go. So he stayed there and slowly drifted off to sleep as well.

Part 46:

“The royals have finally all gone to bed. Come on we’ve got to get to the meeting! Kivar isn’t going to like that we are late,” Tim said turning to his wife.
“Oh please. I’m his sister; he’ll forgive me anything. I mean it was I who helped lure the damn royals in the first place. It was MY idea to go after them! Although Liz is a lot stronger then we’d anticipated, I never would have thought she would have the power to drag all of them though the portal, I had only guessed that she’d bring the King, and then we could dispose of the two of them leaving the rest stranded on Earth forever,” Chloe said. “Besides if it hadn’t been for me and the story they never would have attempted to “save” our son as a whole group.”
“I know my dear. You were very convincing. Now please, can we go? Your brother is unbearable when he’s really mad,” Tim stated.
“Yes lets go,” Chloe said leading the way to the hidden door in their chamber. Her “king” was just as stupid now as he was in his past live. He was too trusting then and he still is, and she used that to her advantage.
Tim and Chloe left the palace in search of their transport. Kivar was sending someone to pick them up because the meeting place moved from day to day as the Royalists, followers of the Royal family, were constantly looking for his group. Kivar knew that he would have to be cautious and he planned everything perfectly. Chloe had told him that the energy should be stored within two weeks and once that was completed the royals would be leaving. He had asked Chloe to find out the actual date so that he knew what kind of a time frame he was working with and that was to be the focus of tonight’s meeting. They had to discuss the departure date, the strike, and what kind of counter strike the King and his Second were planning.
Chloe and Tim walked into camp with confidence. They both knew that Kivar would be angry about being kept waiting, but Chloe also knew that he’d understand why there were so late.
“Sister dear. So nice of you and your husband to join us,” Kivar said snidely.
“Oh shut up. It isn’t our fault the damn Royals are late night people. We had to wait for all of them to retire,” Chloe snapped.
Kivar wisely closed his mouth and went about getting down to business. Chloe told him that the departure date was in two Fridays, so 14 days from that very day and Kivar laughed his evil laugh. That Friday morning he was going to storm the palace and take what was rightfully his, the thrown and Liz.

Chloe and Tim snuck back into the palace before daybreak. Kivar was angry because Tim didn’t know about any contingencies Max and Michael were planning. He wouldn’t accept that they hadn’t really discussed it yet and he resorted to mind probing Tim to find out if he was lying.
Once he was sure Tim was telling the truth Kivar told them to go back to the palace. He kissed his sister on the cheek and sent her back to the Dragon’s lair.

Max woke up fairly early and decided to go for a walk. Something had woken him up and he couldn’t fall back to sleep so he got out of bed. He covered Liz with the extra blanket so she wouldn’t get cold from not having his warmth next to her anymore. She really needed her rest and he didn’t want to disturb her.
He put on some clothes and walked out the door. As he was passing James, the guard on duty, Michael, Kyle, and Alex walked up to him.
“What are you guys doing here?” Max asked.
“We couldn’t sleep so we decided to go for a walk,” Alex said. “Well, at least Kyle and I had the sleeping problems. What are you doing up?”
“Something woke me up. I don’t know what it was. I mean I knew there wasn’t any danger but I had this need to get up and check things out,” Max said.
“Yeah, I had that same feeling. So that’s what I’m doing. Are you guys coming?” Michael asked walking away.
The other three guys looked at one another and followed closely behind their friend. They didn’t talk because no one was sure what they were dealing with and they didn’t want to alert anyone of their presence.
Michael stopped abruptly as he watched Chloe and Tim sneaking back over the palace wall. He had no idea what they were up to and he wanted to find out. Chloe had been acting very strangely ever since they got back to this godforsaken planet. He inched closer not even caring if the others followed.
“These meetings really are a waste of time, and I’ve told you to talk to him about that damned mind probe! Who knows what he’ll see in my head and I don’t ever want him to see my memories of us making it!” Tim ground out angrily.
Michael stopped short again hearing Tim’s words. He had no proof of whom they were talking about but he had a feeling it was Kivar. Why would his sister be in coo hoots with the enemy? This just isn’t adding up.
“I know, I’ve talked to him but he usually doesn’t listen to me. I’ll talk to him again and see what I can do. I wouldn’t want him to see those memories either, he might try to kill you or something and I can’t have that,” Chloe said rubbing her behind against Tim’s hardness playfully.
He growled and chased her though the hidden door that head back to their room. Michael just stood there in stunned silence not knowing what to do. He just found out that his “sister” was a traitor, and even though he’d seen it with his own eyes he didn’t want to believe it.
Michael walked silently back to where he left Max and the others. He had just realized that they hadn’t followed him.
“Where the hell did you go? You took off so fast we couldn’t keep up, and it doesn’t help that it’s so damned dark out,” Kyle asked.
“I saw something and I checked it out. It turned out to be nothing of importance, so let’s go back to bed. I’m getting tired again,” Michael said. He vowed to tell them tomorrow after he thought about what he saw.
“I know you’re hiding something Michael, but I won’t press the issue. You seem really shaken up right now, but tomorrow we will discuss it,” Max said.
“I promise. I’ve just got to sort out my head first,” Michael said thankfully. He loved that Max was so in tune with most things going on around him. He could see why his friend was such a great king.
They walked back inside and went to their own rooms. Max stripped and climbed back into bed with Liz. She sighed and snuggled against him, almost as if she knew he was gone.
“Mmmm…where’d you go?” she asked obviously awake. Max smiled at the fact that his wife knew when he was missing.
“I couldn’t sleep, and neither could Michael, Kyle, or Alex, so we went for a little walk. The night air helped a bit and we decided to try again,” Max explained.
“Ok,” she said in barely a whisper as she drifted back to sleep.
Max drifted off to sleep shortly after Liz. Her presence soothing his soul letting him finally have the peace to rest.

(Next morning)

Max and Liz dressed and walked to the dining hall. They wanted to enjoy breakfast before they were to part ways for the day. Liz was going to help Maria, Tess, Pam, and Isabel in the library today. They needed to find more research, and Max was going to be talking with Michael, Alex, Kyle, Zach, and Tim about war plans. He needed to be ready for anything, and since they didn’t know what they were dealing with he wasn’t sure what to plan.
Everyone except Pam was in the dining room and Liz voiced the question on most of their minds. “Where’s Pam?”
“I don’t know, we were all wondering the same thing,” Maria said from her seat.
“It’s not like her to be late,” Isabel said with concern.
As soon as those words left Isabel’s mouth the doors to the dining hall banged against the wall and James walked in.
“I’m sorry to interrupt Your Highness, but have you seen Zach? He wasn’t in his quarters this morning,” he asked.
“No, I haven’t. Has anyone else?” Max asked turning to his friends.
“No, not since last night. Pam had a feeling like she was being watched and James used his power to find the disturbance and found out that there was a mind warper in the hallway. He and Zach took care of it as they instructed Pam and I to go to our quarters,” Isabel explained.
“A mind warper in the hallway! That is not good!” Michael yelled.
“Did you catch him, or her?” Max asked.
“I’m sorry Your Highness but no. He or she managed to get away. We really did try though, he or she was just to crafty,” James apologized.
“It’s all right James. I know you did your best,” Max said. “I’m going to go to Pam’s room to make sure she’s all right,” he added.
“I’ll come with you,” Liz said. “I’m really concerned for her.”
“Ok, let’s go,” Max said taking Liz’s hand walking out of the dining hall.
They walked back down the hall towards their rooms and smiled a hello to Keith, the other guard and continued to Pam’s room. Max knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.
A few moments later the door was opened and Liz gasped in shock. Before both Max and she stood a sleepily Zach. Liz couldn’t believe it.
“Zach? What are you doing here?” Max asked.
“I was talking to Pam after I got off last night and she asked me to hold her until she fell asleep but I guess I fell asleep too,” Zach explained.
“That’s fine, it’s just everyone was worried about the two of you. Why don’t you freshen up and join us for breakfast. We’ll wait for the two of you before ordering,” Liz said smiling at Pam who was just climbing out of bed, fully dressed.

Pam and Zach joined the others in the dining hall ten minutes later. They both had on fresh clothes and looked much more presentable. Michael shot Zach a look that spoke of dire punishments if he hurt Pam.
Zach swallowed the lump in his throat and proceeded to sit at the table. Michael was now wearing a look of confusion. He didn’t know where these feelings of protection for Pam were coming from and it worried him a bit.
Pam sat down next to Michael and her hand accidentally fell on Michaels as she was sitting. She gasped as flashes began to fly across her eyes. Michael was stone still as he watched the movie unfold across his eyes too.

Two little children playing on the lawn of the palace, the little boy was chasing the little girl while she screamed and laughed.
Two other children walking up to them extending their hands while he and the little girl he was playing with bowed.
A few years later the same two children studying with the Crowned Prince and Princess so they would be able to advise in running the planet.
The young man showing the young girl from all the other flashes his intended bride and the girl hugging him close. “Rath, I’m so excited for you!” “Thank you Kayla. That means so much to me.” “Please like I wouldn’t be excited for my own brother getting married!”

~End Flash!~

“Oh my God! Kayla?” Michael exclaimed.
“Rath?” Pam cried. “How is this possible?”
“I’m not sure,” he replied.
“Um, I hate to interrupt this special moment, but would you mind sharing the Scooby Snack with the rest of us Scoobies?” Alex asked.
“Oh, sorry! Pam and I just had a flash. She’s my sister Kayla!” he exclaimed.
“Well, if she’s your sister, and we know you only had one,” Tess said, “then who’s Chloe?”
Part 47:

Michael looked around the table wondering if now was the best time to tell them what he saw last night. He wanted to tell them all but there could very well be ears listening to his conversations and with Chloe and Tim being traitors he didn’t want them to find out that he knew.
“I’ve ah, I’ve got something to share with you all, but I can’t tell you here. After we eat we have to meet back in one of the rooms. This is really important but I don’t know who could be listening to us and I don’t want this to fall into the wrong hands,” Michael told them making up his mind.
Max was the only one who had an inkling of what Michael wanted to talk about and when Liz got ready to voice her question about what he wanted to tell them Max silenced her. She looked at him and wondered what he knew that everyone else didn’t.
‘Max? What do you know?’ she asked him silently with her mind.
‘Michael saw something last night but he wasn’t ready to tell anyone. He’s ready now but I don’t want to push him,’ Max told her.
‘Oh, ok then. I will wait,’ she assured him.
‘Thank you love,’ he replied kissing her knuckles lightly.
The ten of them ate in silence, each wondering about what Michael had to tell them. Michael wasn’t thinking about what to tell them, he was more concerned with how to tell them. He just couldn’t figure out how to approach the subject.
‘Michael sweetie, what’s wrong?’ Maria asked him sensing his anxiety.
‘Nothing, its just I don’t know how to say what I need to say. You know? I mean I was never the articulate one and what I have to say is going to be really hard to tell,’ he confessed.
‘Michael we all know you don’t articulate very well, and we don’t care. Just come out and tell us. The blunt and honest way is the best. Believe me,’ she told him.
He nodded his head and kissed her cheek silently thanking her. She returned his smile and caresses the back of his hand with her thumb wondering what could possibly be so bad that even Michael was afraid to tell them.
Michael got more nervous as everyone finished eating breakfast. He had hardly touched his because his stomach was upset enough and he didn’t want to throw up as he was telling everyone that Chloe and Tim were traitors. He knew that they couldn’t act differently or they would tell Kivar, and if Kivar found out then whatever he had planned would be either moved up or made to be ten times worse.
“Well, I hope your breakfast was all right. Had Tim and I known you’d all be here this early we’d have joined you,” Chloe said kissing Michael’s cheek.
Michael had to control the urge to cringe. He couldn’t let Chloe know that he knew her secret, well at least the secret that she was a traitor. He didn’t really know who she was just yet, but he was going to find out.
Pam was seething with anger as Chloe kissed Michael’s cheek. ‘That’s my brother bitch,’ Pam thought. ‘You better keep your hands off.’
The grip that Michael had on Maria’s hand tightened as Chloe kissed his cheek. That was the only indication he gave of not liking Chloe and Maria deduced that whatever it was Michael had to tell them had to do with Chloe.
“We didn’t want to disturb you and Tim. I mean you’ve been separated for so long that you deserve to spend as much time together as possible. I mean I know if I was separated from Max for as long as you were from Tim I’d go completely insane,” Liz said. “And the moment I got back to him I’d never let him out of my sight again.”
Chloe smiled a cold smile at Liz. The smile didn’t reach her eyes, and Max noticed this. Liz had looked away from Chloe after she told Chloe why they didn’t wake the two of them up because Maria had taped her arm trying to get her attention.
‘Well, well, well, my little Queen you will be without your precious Max soon enough, and you’ll be thankful. Once Kivar shows you the true meaning of BEING King you’ll never think about this weakling in front of you again,’ Chloe thought.
“Well, it looks like everyone’s done. Would you all please accompany me to my rooms? I want to make sure I know where everyone is going to be and then you can get anything you might need before we all split ways to do what we’ve got to do. Chloe make sure Tim is ready and in the war room in twenty minutes,” Max said taking command. He knew that Michael didn’t trust either Chloe or Tim, and everyone was beginning to see why. But after that cold look Chloe gave to Liz Max was certain something sinister was going on with those two.
“Right away Your Highness,” replied Chloe trying to keep the contempt out of her voice. She hated having to bow down to this BOY king.
Everyone else got up and headed back towards their rooms. They all smiled at Keith as they passed him and continued down the hallway. Max continued walking past his room to Michael and Maria’s.
“Just in case Tim and Chloe try to follow. I don’t want them listening in, and if they ask we’ll just tell them that you needed to get something and we moved here,” Max explained.
“Very smart,” Michael said smiling.
They all filed into the room and got comfortable. Max sat on the floor next to the chair that Liz was sitting in. He placed his head on her leg and she was running her fingers though his hair. Maria was sitting on the other side of Liz in the only other chair in the room, while Alex and Isabel sat on the floor. Isabel was between Alex’s legs and he had his arms wrapped around her. Kyle and Tess sat across from then against the other wall, in the same position, and Pam and Zack were sitting against the foot of the bed side by side holding hands.
Michael looked around the room at all of his friends and his eyes landed on his sister. He couldn’t believe that all these years he’s known her and never once realized that she was his sister. ‘Maybe that’s why she treated us so badly, I bet it was because she wanted in so much but we wouldn’t let her. We couldn’t trust too many people but we let four humans in and my own sister was shut out. The two of us are going to have to do major sibling bonding once this is over,’ he thought to himself.
“Ok, we’re here because I have something to tell you, and in the words of my beautiful pixie I’m just going to be blunt and tell you,” Michael started.
No one said a word waiting for him to continue. He took a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair trying to compose himself. He couldn’t figure out why this was so hard now. He knew that Chloe wasn’t his sister, so why couldn’t he just tell them?
“Michael?” Pam called to him softly.
He raised his eyes to his sisters and saw the love and compassion in them. “I know this is hard Michael but I also know you can do this,” she told him still speaking in that soft soothing voice.
Maria watched as Michael visibly relaxed and made a mental note to ask Pam how she did that. Michael smiled at his sister and then kissed Maria’s forehead and took one more deep breath before starting.
“Ok, so last night Max, Alex, Kyle, and I went for a walk. Max and I felt something and decided to get up. I can’t really explain what we felt but it just felt like something was wrong, so we went outside. Alex and Kyle just couldn’t sleep. Ok, sorry I’m rambling worse then Maria,” he said earning him a glare from his girlfriend. “Anyway, I saw something over by the wall and rushed over there not even caring if the rest of them kept up with me. As it turns out they didn’t but that’s neither here nor there. I saw Chloe and Tim climbing over the wall, and they were talking about a meeting and how they were a waste of time. Then Tim was complaining about mind probes because he didn’t want whomever it was they were talking about to see him making it with Chloe. She agreed and said she’d talk to “him” again but she didn’t think it’d do any good because he never listened to her anyway. Then they walked through a door that I never knew existed and I headed back to Max and the others,” Michael finished.
“So Chloe and Tim are working for the enemy?” Isabel asked. “I’m going to make the assumption that they went to meet Kivar. You know, I wonder…” she started to say.
“What do you wonder?” Tess asked. “Are you remembering something?”
“Yeah I think so but it’s all hazy. I mean I think I remember Kivar having a sister or something but I can’t quite grasp the memory,” Isabel told them. “In any case we can’t discuss any plans in front of either of them because then it will get back to Kivar.”
“You’re right. Ok, we’ll come up with a weak fake plan today, you know to throw Tim off and then we’ll meet later on in Alex’s room to come up with a true contingency,” Max told everyone.
“That’s a good idea. We’re also going to have to see if we can get the portal opened sooner. I have a feeling Kivar is going to want to strike before we leave,” Kyle added.
“No, he’s going to want to strike on that day,” Liz said speaking for the first time since they entered the room.
“How do you know chica?” Maria asked.
“Well that is just his style. He’s a big ham, and he wants to keep ME here so that’s the best time to strike. Hell he wouldn’t care if all of you got through the portal just so long as I stay here and Max dies,” Liz replies shuddering.
Max stood up and pulled Liz into his arms. He lightly caressed her back and placed his free hand over her belly in a small gesture of protection to his children. “I will not let him get you Liz, that I promise,” he told her.
“I know you won’t Max, and I won’t let him hurt you either,” Liz told him.
“Well, I know you will try not to but there is no way I’m letting you get near danger if I can prevent it,” he told her passionately. “You are too important to me.”
“Max…” Liz started but Max silenced her with a kiss. She quickly melted into his embrace and everyone else groaned.
“Go to your own room and do that,” Michael yelled breaking the moment. Max and Liz pulled apart glaring at him which only made him laugh more.
“Let’s go we’ve got a lot of planning to do,” Max said kissing Liz one more time.
Michael walked up to Maria and gave her a quick but passionate kiss, and Alex kissed Isabel. She was worried about letting him to into that room with Tim, but with Max and Michael there he’d be safe. Kyle kissed Tess lightly and she smiled at him as he left. Zack wasn’t sure if he was to go with Max or return to his barracks but Max remedied that for him really quick.
“Zack we’ll need you in the war room with us. I’m going to move you off hallway duty and on to contingency planner for now. You know this place better then most people and that’s what we need,” Max said.
“Yes, Your Highness,” Zack said.
He kissed Pam quickly and rushed out the door. Liz looked at Pam and raised her eyebrow. “What? I never said we didn’t kiss, I just said that nothing really happened last night. You saw us, we were sleeping with our clothes on!” Pam exclaimed smiling happily. “Liz can I ask you a question?”
“Yeah, what’s up?” she said looking directly at Pam.
“Well when we go back, can we bring Zack with us?” she asked.
“Of course! I was going to have Max ask him to come. I mean it’s not everyday you meet your soul mate and there is no way I’m going to allow you to lose yours again,” Liz told her smiling.
“Ok, well he wanted to make sure Max wouldn’t mind and I figured you’d know,” laughed Pam.
“Yes, I would,” replied Liz.
The girls left the room and headed to the library to try to find anything that could help them or their soul mates in this upcoming war. Liz walked to the war section trying to find any old plans that could work. Pam joined her since there was a lot to cover. Maria looked up some history stuff so that they would know what exactly happened in the past. Isabel and Tess continued to look for other portals to open or anything like that. So they could return again one day without having to save up energy.
They worked in silence for the most part. A few wows could be heard coming from Maria but it was nothing really big, so they continued to work.
“OH MY GOD!” Maria yelled out.
“What is it?” Liz asked running over to her friend. She ran awkwardly because of her added weight but she still made it to Maria before Isabel, Tess, or Pam.
“It says in here that there is a machine called the Granolith. I have no idea what it is but it was sent to Earth. It’s a very powerful weapon, and can be used as a portal. So when we go home all we have to do is find this thing!”

Part 48:

“The Granolith? What’s the Granolith?” Pam asked.
“I’m not sure but it seems important. There isn’t too much written here in this book but I’m going to take it back to my room later to find out more on it,” Maria explained. “I want to learn as much as I can.”
“That’s a great idea. We need to be prepared for anything and this is definitely something we need to know about. We need to know what it does, how we can use it, what kind of powers it possesses, and things like that,” Liz replied.
“How do you know it has powers? I don’t remember saying anything about powers. In fact I don’t remember the book saying anything about powers,” Maria asked.
“Well it can be used as a portal and it’s a powerful weapon, I don’t know I guess I just assumed it had powers. That and I think I remember it being on this planet once and Max and I consulted it in some matter, but the memory isn’t very clear,” Liz told her friend.
“Well I think we should call the guys and have them meet us for lunch in a private room and discuss this. They need to know what we’ve found. Then after lunch we can come back here and look for more information on everything,” Isabel said. She was getting hungry and she knew that if she didn’t make Liz stop and eat she’d forget because of all the excitement, and Max wouldn’t like that one bit. He was already extremely protective of Liz as it was and this would just send him over the edge.
“You’re right. I’ll call to Max and tell him to meet us in our room. We’ll have lunch there because it’s private and we won’t have to worry about being interrupted. We’ll then discuss the Granolith and what it does and see if anyone remembers anything about it,” Liz said.
“Maybe Zack knows about it. I mean he’s lived on Seria his whole life and there has to have been stories about it,” Pam suggested.
“Pam’s right. I mean someone here has to know about the Granolith, and they will be able to tell us something,” Maria agreed.

~*~*~War Room~*~*~

“Tim?” Max called getting his attention. “Where would Kivar be most likely to strike if he was going to storm the palace? I mean what’s the weakest part?”
“Well your Highness I’d have to say that the weakest part is the left side. It is hardly ever guarded,” Tim told Max.
‘He’s lying to you Max. The rear of the Citadel is always less protected,’ Zack told him subvoically.
‘I think I already knew that. I was testing Tim to make sure he was really working for the other side, and he proved me right. Thank you Zack for letting me know. We’ll have to beef up security all over the palace as the time of departure draws nearer,’ Max said.
“Ok, so we’ll have to plan for an attack on the left side of the Citadel. If Tim is positive that Kivar is going to attack there then that’s where we plan on the hit coming from,” Max said aloud not letting Tim know he was on to him.
Michael, Alex, and Kyle knew what Max was doing and they didn’t even raise an eyebrow when Max suggested listening to Tim. Now was definitely not the time to show Tim, or Chloe for that matter, that they were on to them. They needed to be as normal as possible.

‘Max?’ Liz called subvocially to her husband.
‘Liz? What’s wrong?’ Max asked worriedly.
‘Nothing,’ Liz laughed. ‘We are getting hungry and I wanted to know if you and the guys would join us for a private lunch. We found out some interesting information that could definitely help us in this war.’
‘We’ll be joining you shortly. We’ve just got to get rid of Tim,’ Max told her. ‘I love you!’
‘I love you too. We’re meeting in our room. Well actually we are already here,’ Liz told him.
‘All right, we’ll be there soon I promise,’ he told her.
“Liz just contacted me, she’s not feeling too well. She’s tired and I think spending so much time in the library was putting too much strain on her and the babies. I’m going to go check up on her and eat lunch in the room. She also told me that Maria wanted to see you Michel, and Tess and Isabel are waiting for you Alex and Kyle. Zack, I think Pam is expecting you for lunch as well,” Max said trying to get everyone out of the room and whatnot. “Tim go have lunch with Chloe and Justin. I’m sure they are missing you terribly.”
“Yes your Highness,” Tim said walking out of the room.
Max, followed by Michael, Alex, Kyle, and Zack began to walk towards their rooms. Max didn’t say anything about them eating lunch in his room just yet because he wasn’t sure if they were being followed by Tim or not. Once they passed Keith in the hallway Max stopped.
“We’re all eating lunch in my room. The girls found out some interesting news that they wanted to share with us,” Max told them opening the door to his room.
The guys filed in and the sight of five girls lying on the bed greeted them.
“Well if this isn’t a fantasy come true I don’t know what is,” Kyle said laughing.
“Pig! Of course I have to be dating the pig,” Tess cried out trying not to laugh along with everyone else.
“Well what do you expect Tess, I mean he’s the Captain of the football team. Being a pig goes right along with being a jock,” Maria laughed.
“Hey! It so does not! I’m just particularly good at being a pig, thank you very much,” Kyle said.
“Kyle man, so not helping your cause,” Alex said causing everyone to break out into hysterics again.
“Ok people, can we please get down to business here,” Isabel said sobering everyone up. “I’m starving and I need to eat!”
“Of course sweetie. We’ll eat and then you can tell us what news you’ve found,” Alex said.
“Can we say whipped?” Michael asked.
“Shut up Space Boy,” Maria snapped.
“Shutting up,” he replied.
The room once again broke out into hysterics. “What?” Michael asked.
“Look who’s calling the kettle black!” Alex exclaimed.
“Ok enough,” Max cried trying to calm down. “We have more important things to discuss.”
“Yeah, like Tim’s blatant lie about where our weakest point is. He’s trying to make sure we get hit hard when Kivar attacks,” Zack said.
“I just wish there was a way to find out when the attacks are going to be,” Kyle said.
“Well, maybe I could dreamwalk either him or Chloe to find out,” Isabel said.
“NO!” Alex, Max, and Kyle yelled. “It’ll be too dangerous,” Alex replied. “I mean they are full aliens, I mean what if they can sense you in their dreams, things could get really ugly then.”
“Alex has a point. We can’t do anything to cause suspicion, I’m sorry Isabel but I cannot allow you to do that. You will not only danger us, but yourself. If they can sense you in their dreams things will get really ugly and I’m afraid that they’ll try to harm you or even worse kill you,” Max said.
“I get the point. I won’t go into their dreams,” Isabel said.
“Isabel,” Max warned.
“I swear Max. I swear that I will not do something stupid, something that could put everyone in danger. Do you think I would risk all your lives? The lives of my niece and nephew? No I wouldn’t,” she told him.
Their lunch came moments later so they stopped talking and ate. Max sat next to Liz and wrapped one arm around her. He missed her all day and needed to feel her close to him. He had a bad feeling about the events that were going to unfold days from now. Something felt off, and he couldn’t quite explain it.
‘Max what’s wrong?’ Liz asked as if sensing his thoughts.
‘I don’t know it’s just that something doesn’t feel right. You know? I mean I have a bad feeling that something terrible is going to happen before we leave this planet,’ he told her.
‘I know what you mean, I’ve been getting strange vibes all day,’ Liz told him. ‘I wasn’t sure if it was just the twins or if it was something serious.’
‘Well, we know never to not pay attention to the signs so I’m going with something else, but it could just be the twins,’ Max said. ‘I mean if no one else is feeling it but us it could be our children, they could be trying to communicate with us or something,’ he said.

“Ok ladies. You called this meeting to tell us something important, what’s the important thing you have to share?” Michael asked.
“Leave it to Michael to ruin the moment,” Maria said. “Good going Space boy.”
“Oh shut up Pixie,” he said.
“Well, the important thing should probably be explained by Maria since she found it,” Tess told everyone.
“Ok, I don’t care who tells it just some one say something, the suspense is killing me,” Kyle teased.
“Ok, so there’s this thing on Earth, it was sent with us, I think. I’m not positive I mean the book didn’t say. Anyway it’s called the Granolith, it’s a powerful weapon thing, and can be used as a portal. Now the only thing we need to do is find it then figure out how to use it and we’ll be good to go,” Maria rambled.
“Um, that wasn’t too bad, even for Maria. I don’t even need to filter it though the Maria filter,” Kyle laughed.
“Damn it Kyle! Can’t you be serious for like one minute!” Isabel yelled.
“Yeah I can but it’s not as fun,” Kyle said.
“Enough,” Max said sternly. “I can’t take much more of this. Ok, listen. We’ll take the rest of the afternoon off from planning war strategies, besides I want to look up some stuff in books anyway and we’ll all go to the library. I’ll have Zack find some elders who he believes can be trusted and we’ll ask them about the Granolith, but we’ll be looking for stuff in books too. We need to figure out how it works so we can use it if the need arises.”
“Max has a very good point, and all this bickering isn’t going to help any,” Pam said. “We need to stick together more now then ever.”
“Pam’s right. I’m sorry Kyle,” Isabel said.
“It’s ok. I’m sorry too. I know this is serious stuff, but you all know me I make lame jokes when things get rough, I’m like Alex in that respect,” he said.
“Yeah, we know,” Maria grumbled.
“All right. Let’s go and hit the library,” Liz said getting up off the bed.
“Liz are you sure you don’t want to take a nap?” Max asked her.
“You said we all need to go to the library to look stuff up and I’m coming. No I don’t need a nap, I’m fine. I feel fine, not tired at all and I promise to sit for most of the afternoon, and if I feel tired I’ll let you know and you can bring me back here to rest,” she told him.
“Fine. Lets go,” Max said leading everyone to the doors.

AN: Well the end is upon us. I’m finishing this all in one post…I just hope that it doesn’t turn out to be like 20 pages long. If so I’ll break it up into two parts, but I really want to get this finished. It’s been a long time coming and I need a reprieve before I begin the final chapter to this Trilogy. Thank you all for accompanying me on this wonderful journey. It really has meant a lot to me. Jenn *tongue*

Part 49:

The gang spent the next couple of days researching the Granolith. Some of the elders could tell them a little bit about it but no one really knew what it was. They had said the only people who really knew anything about the Granolith were the royal family.
This dampened Max’s spirit. He really needed to know about the Granolith. There had to be records of it somewhere. Didn’t his parents like keep a log or something? Didn’t his former self, or hell even Liz keep something? Liz was always writing in a journal, she must have when she lived on this planet too.
“I hate this. There has to be something,” Max said hitting a table with his fist breaking the silence of the library.
“Max, we will find something I know we will. Getting upset isn’t going to help,” Isabel said calmly trying to subdue her brother. He had been really tense all week and it was driving everyone nuts.
“I’m sorry, I’m just stressed out. These weird vibes are getting worse and I don’t know I’m just really worried,” Max apologized.
“We know things are hard right now Max and with both you and Liz feeling weird feelings everyone is on edge, but we’ve got to remain calm,” Michael told him. “Look why don’t you take the afternoon off like you forced Liz to do. If we find anything I promise we will contact you right away. You need a break and Liz could probably use some company.”
“Fine. But call us if you figure anything out,” Max said exiting the library.
“Thank God! He was beginning to get on my nerves,” Maria said plopping into a chair. “Man, I’m beat.”
“I know. We’ve been in this library for days now and still nothing. I’m almost afraid that we aren’t going to find anything. Either that or we’re going to run out of time,” Alex said sitting down wearily.
“I know I was worrying about that myself,” Kyle said leaning against the wall.
Pam walked around the library knowing that what they were looking for was among the books here, hidden to keep it safe. She just needed to figure out where it was hidden and they would have all the answers they needed. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for but she had a feeling it wouldn’t look like any of the other books in the library.
She hung a left walking down another row of books scanning the shelves, looking for a needle in a haystack. It was going to be impossible to find this book in the amount of time they had left on Seria, but they had to at least try. She knew that everyone was getting tired and cranky, she was too, but their lived could depend upon finding out what this weapon/machine can do.
She continued walking around just looking at all the massive bookcases when something caught her eye. She didn’t know why the little book did but she just couldn’t pass it by. Picking it up she headed back towards the others.
Curiosity got the better of her and she opened the book looking at its contents. It looked like a diary or journal of some sort explaining everything that was going on with the war. Pam couldn’t make out the handwriting but if she had to fathom a guess she would say it was Liz’s former self who wrote this.
“GUYS! I think I’ve found something,” Pam yelled running towards her friends.
“Huh? What?” everyone asked confused. They had all begun to dose off on the tables and the floor. They needed a break and they were tired. Pam’s yelling startled everyone.
“I said I think I’ve found something. I was walking around and this little book here just seemed to capture my attention. It looks like a diary or something I can’t tell. But the handwriting seems vaguely familiar, I just can’t place it,” she said smiling. If this contained the information they needed then they would be able to stop looking in the damned library and start relaxing. They would be leaving in a few days and things were getting tense, they all needed a reprieve.
“Let me see that a second,” Maria said holding out her hand.
Pam handed the book over to Maria hoping that she’d be able to confirm that it was Liz’s handwriting. If it was then it probably meant that their search was over. Maria opened the book looking at the writing and reading the words.
“This is Liz’s handwriting. Do you know what this means! We’ve found it! Well Pam found it!” she exclaimed.
“Thank God! Let’s bring this to Max and Liz and then go and do something fun,” Alex said running out of the library. If he never looked at another book again he’d die a happy man.
The eight of them walked back to their rooms and knocked on Max and Liz’s door. They didn’t want to just walk right in because they were afraid they would catch the two of them in a compromising position.
“Come in,” a groggy voice called from within.
Michael opened the door striding in. He couldn’t wait to tell them the news so he could drag his pixie off to bed. They needed a nap and then they were off to do something really fun.
“Did you find anything?” Max asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He had come back to the room to find Liz fast asleep. He climbed into bed behind her and fell right to sleep as well. He’d been pushing himself really hard the past couple of days and it finally caught up with him.
“Yeah, Pam found a journal, and Maria said it’s Liz’s handwriting. I think this is what we’ve been looking for,” Michael told him smiling.
The others stood behind him waiting for Max’s reaction. Max held out his hand for the journal. Michael placed it in his friend’s hand and waited to see what happened. Max began to read the journal. It was Liz’s handwriting. He’d have known it anywhere.
“I think you have definitely found something but as of yet I don’t know if it’s going to be of any help. So far it doesn’t say anything about the Granolith,” Max told them.
“Well, we’ll just let you and Liz read through it. We are going to take the rest of the afternoon off as well. We’re all tired and getting burnt out. We need a break,” Alex said walking towards the door.
“Yeah that’s fine. You guys should go and do something fun. I mean we’re only going to be here for a few more days so make the most of it,” Max said smiling.
Everyone filed out of the bedroom and headed down the hallway towards their own rooms. They needed a nap before they went out and had some fun. All that research had taken its toll on all of them and it was time to relax and unwind.

Max continued to read the journal while Liz continued sleeping. She had over exerted herself over the past week trying to find any information on the Granolith and she needed this sleep. The twins were beginning to drain her energy because they needed so much to remain healthy. Max thought that this might happen and he wasn’t happy about not paying attention to Liz’s physical well being. That was why today he forced her to stay in the room. She wasn’t happy about it but she complied and did as he asked.
He skipped to the middle of the journal hoping that there was something there about the struggle and the Granolith. So far the only thing that he’d read was their marriage and stuff like that. It was basically just Liz’s adjustment to living in the palace.

September 14,

Things have been getting very tense here in the palace. Kivar and his followers are trying to dethrone us. Our people, well most of them, are loyal and I know that Kivar will not succeed. The Queen mother is frightened but my precious husband keeps telling her not to worry. He says that we are safe here in the palace, but I know better. I’m not blind and I know that things are getting worse. Kivar is picking up more and more followers, which scares me but I will remain strong and fight beside my husband. He doesn’t want me to telling me that it’s too dangerous, but I of course am not listening. It drives him mad. He is constantly telling me that I’m too stubborn, but if he can risk his life for his people why can’t I? Answer me that, they are my people two. He is their king and I am their queen. I will fight to ensure the freedom of my people just as much as he will; there is no swaying me on that decision.
Today we go to see the Granolith we need answers. The former king left us a book, which I’ve hidden in the wall of our room. Only I can open it. It is encrypted to open only for my handprint, and I did this not because I don’t trust anyone but because the information in there is so precious I didn’t know what else to do. Of course Zan isn’t happy about this saying I should have encrypted it to his handprint too, but he wasn’t around when his mother gave me the book saying keep it safe so I did what I had to do.
The Granolith is the source of our people’s religion and power. If it ever fell in the wrong hands I couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen. It has capabilities that no one could ever dream of knowing and the destructive power it can wield, well I personally never want to see that used on anyone. I must end this now Zan is here and we must go consult the Granolith on how to handle Kivar.

Max continued reading not really sure why. He knew that there would be not in depth detail on the Granolith in his wife’s journal but he felt compelled to read it. Something kept spurring him on. It was amazing to read about Liz’s feeling s and thoughts from her previous life. But at the same time he felt like he was intruding into something extremely private. Once she woke up they would have to search the room for the secret compartment containing the Granolith but for now he was content just letting her sleep while he read the journal.

October 5,

Things are getting really ugly. Kivar has tried twice already to storm the castle. We really need to find a way for peace. Our people are beginning to wonder if Zan can handle this kind of attack and it’s making me nervous. If the people think that Zan cannot do this will they all turn to Kivar? Will we lose our planet? I cannot think about these things. The Granolith told us to meet with Kivar and form a peace but he doesn’t want to meet and discuss peace. He wants an all out war he wants the thrown.
The other thing that scares me about Kivar is that I’ve heard he fancies himself in love with me. I mean come on. He’s Zan’s Cousin for crying out loud. I think this whole war that he’s trying to commit is because of me, and it breaks my heart. I’m causing all this pain and heartache for my people. I think it might be better if I wasn’t here, but then I think about Zan and I know that I’m right where I belong.
I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m torn between everything that is going on. I know where my heart wants to be but my head isn’t listening to my heart. It keeps saying that if I were to just leave then all this mess would stop, but I could never leave Zan. I love him too much.

There weren’t too many entries after that one. Max didn’t know what to think. His precious wife was thinking about leaving him just to save the rest of the world. Well, if his former self was anything like he is, he knows that she never would have gotten very far. He wouldn’t have allowed it to happen. There was no way he would let Liz slip through his fingers, in any life.
She stirred next to him and rolled over. “Mmm,” she moaned stretching. “What are you doing?”
“I’m just sitting here. Pam found your journal in the library today. I’m sorry but I read it. I know it’s not really YOUR journal, but in some way it is and I felt like I was invading your private thoughts, but I couldn’t stop reading it once I started. You hid the Granolith book somewhere in this room,” he told her.
Liz climbed out of the bed running her hands over all the walls trying to find the spot where she would have hidden the book. They really needed that book to find out the capabilities of the Granolith. It was imperative to their survival.
“So what did my journal say?” she asked continuing to look.
“Well, you thought about leaving me to stop the war,” Max said causally.
“WHAT!” Liz yelled. “I would never do something like that. I couldn’t live without you.”
“Yeah I know. That’s what your former self came up with. You wrote that you love me too much and could never leave me. But you also said that you felt it was because of you that this war was started. You were very confused,” Max told her. “But I also know for a fact that my former self would never have let you go.”
“Well, I would hope not,” she laughed turning her attention back to the walls. She ran her hands over the wall across from where Max was sitting on the bed and a silver handprint showed up. She turned around with a huge smile. “I think I’ve found it!”
Max jumped out of bed rushing over to her side. Liz placed her hand on the handprint and a section of the wall slid back. It was a secret door that leads to another room. The two of them carefully walked into the room taking everything in as they went. There on a table in the center of the bare white room was a book. Liz walked up to it and opened it.

Workings of The Granolith

“Max this is it,” Liz whispered in awe. “I can’t believe we’ve found it!”
“I know. This is amazing. We’ll tell the others tonight at dinner. They deserve a break and I’m sure most of them are sleeping or relaxing. They all looked beat when they brought the journal to me,” he said.
“Come on! Lets see what this has to say,” Liz exclaimed excitedly.
“Hold it right there missy,” he said pulling her to him causing her to drop the book on the floor.
“Max?” she asked.
“I didn’t get a chance to kiss you since you’ve woken up,” he smiled leaning down capturing her lips within his own.
The kiss was gentle and sweet but it made Liz melt nonetheless. She loved having Max kiss her. It was one of her most favorite things to do, kiss her husband. She loved that he was her husband, and the thought of the two of them having a family together was amazing.
Granted they were going to be a family a little bit sooner then either of them had planned but they were going to make the most of it. She was excited and couldn’t wait for the birth of the twins, and neither could Max. She could feel his emotions and she knew that he was just as excited about the nearing due date as she was.
Max pulled away from Liz with a smile on his face. He loved the petite woman in front of him more than anything in the world, well in the two worlds that he knew of. They walked back into their room, the secret door sliding closed behind them. Max climbed onto the bed pulling Liz between his legs. He handed Liz the book and the two of them began to read.
The first thing they noticed was a note from Max’s father. Liz turned around to gauge Max’s reaction. She wanted to make sure that he was ok. He smiled down at her and kissed the tip of her nose letting her know that he was fine and that he could handle this.

My dear son and daughter,
Things are getting worse for all of us. My health is failing, and I’m afraid that Kivar is beginning to gain in power. I don’t know what will happen if he continues to grow stronger, and I’m sorry that I will not be around to help you in your decisions. I know that because of my illness you both have been forced to grow up a bit faster then anyone would have liked. You are both so young, but I know that you are capable of running our people. You are both strong, and please just know that I love you both so very much.
My purpose for writing this letter to you is to tell you that the contents of this book must always be protected. It could be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Many of your enemies, not just Kivar, will try to find our power source. The Granolith is very special to our people it acts as many things. It can help you by giving guidance, don’t ask me how, it is almost as if it is alive. I’ve consulted it on many occasions in the past, and the present. It can also be used as a very powerful weapon. Inside the folds of this book are the instructions on how to activate it. Whatever you do you must not use it as a weapon unless there is no other course of action. The Granolith will know that there is no other choice and will allow you to use it. If you try to use it before it is the last hope, I cannot begin to imagine what will happen.
Good luck my children. Rule wisely and stay safe. Look after your mother and your spouses, when you finally marry, and be happy. That is all I wish for you both, happiness. I love you so much.

The letter ended and Liz had to wipe the moisture from her eyes. That was the most beautiful thing she’d ever read. Max’s father had to have been a remarkable person. She had very vague memories of him from her previous life, but they weren’t strong and it saddened her. She wished that Max would have been able to have more time with his father in his previous life, but their time was cut short. She promised herself that when they got home they would spend as much time as they could with both their parents.
Max closed his eyes remembering bits and pieces of his life here on Seria with his father. He remembered how close they were, and how hard he took his father’s death. He had Liz with him then though, well her other self. She was very supportive and listened when he had to talk and soothed him while he cried. It was one of the few times in his life that he had cried, and uncontrollably at that.
Liz looked up into the face of the man who had captured her heart twice in two separate lifetimes, and she hurt for him. She could see his face and the pain that he was going thought. She wondered if he was remembering the times he’d had with his father. Liz didn’t speak; she just let Max go through whatever he was going through soothingly rubbing his arms hoping to give him some comfort.
Max smiled slightly. Liz was just like she was when they were married all those years ago, silently comforting and supporting him. He loved that about her and he thanked the Gods for letting him find her not once but twice.
“Max? Do you want to take a break or can you go on?” Liz asked him quietly concerned for her husband’s well being.
“I’m all right. I just was remembering my dad, and I realize how much I miss not only him but Philip too,” Max said. “I can go on, we need to see how to work the Granolith.”
“All right, as long as you’re sure. I miss our parents too. I can’t wait to go home,” Liz told him flipping through the book.

Max and Liz continued reading about the Granolith well into the evening. They sent for the afternoon meal to be brought to their room since they were so engrossed in the book. The others didn’t question this as they figured that they were either reading the journal and finding out information, or doing something that they didn’t wan to interrupt. By the time Max and Liz headed down to dinner they had a lot of information to share with their friends.
The two of them walked into the dining room holding hands. They had spent a wonderful afternoon together and they looked well rested. This pleased their friends because they were all getting worried about Max and Liz. The two of them over the past week began to look worn out and ragged.
“After dinner we need to meet and discuss. I was thinking we could meet in Alex and Isabel’s room. I want to look at the little library they have in there,” Max said smiling.
“That’s fine,” everyone agreed.
They ate their meal talking here and there but for the most part it was a quiet group. They knew that their time on this planet was coming to a close, which meant that Kivar’s attack would be happening sometime in the near future. This had everyone on edge. Couple this with the weird feelings that both Max and Liz have been having and it didn’t bode well for the ten of them.
As soon as everyone was finished with their meals they headed to Alex and Isabel’s room. The others were wondering what news Max and Liz had found hoping that it was something useful.
“We’ll meet you there in one minute. We need to grab something,” Liz told her friends opening her bedroom door.
“All right we’ll be anxiously awaiting your arrival,” Maria said leading the others on.
Liz and Max walked into the room walking back to the secret door. They had decided to keep the book in there while they went to dinner just in case someone came into their room. They didn’t trust this kind of information to anyone. Liz opened the door and Max walked in to grab the book. Once they had gotten it they headed to Isabel’s room.
Liz knocked on the door and waited for one of her friends to open it. Isabel threw open the door and Max followed Liz through it. Max sat on a chair pulling Liz into his lap amid her objections that his legs would end up falling asleep because she was as big as a cow now. He ignored her and held her fast against him not letting her up.
“All right lets open this meeting right on up!” Kyle exclaimed. “Ever since the beginning of dinner you’ve had me almost falling to pieces with anticipation on what you’ve found.”
“Well, the book that Pam found in the library was indeed Liz’s journal. I read through it, as she was still asleep. She wrote about a book that my mother gave her; it had detailed instructions on how to use the Granolith, which Liz hid in our room. When she woke up we went and found it,” Max told them.
“Max and I spent the entire afternoon reading though the book, and the only thought that passed through my mind was this thing could be so dangerous. I know now why Max’s father made us promise to keep it safe. The thing has like some kind of force, almost like a life force,” Liz said.
“So what? The thing is like alive?” Maria asked confused. She wasn’t the only one. Everyone wasn’t quite sure what Max and Liz were trying to tell them.
“In a way yes. It just knows things, the book doesn’t really explain how it does since no one really knows, but it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. This is why it must be kept out of Kivar’s hands. No one really knows what would happen if the Granolith was used in this way since it never had to be used, and my father explained that it would know whether or not the need to use it as a weapon was like a last hope or not. So basically it could be used as a weapon at anytime, but it only wants to be used as a weapon if there is no other choice. Does that make sense?” he asked.
“Yeah it makes perfect sense. Since this thing is like aware, or “alive” it knows what the hell is going on, and it would know if things were so bad the only option left was to use it as a weapon. In that instance it would gladly allow that to happen, otherwise it would be pissed and things might go wrong,” Michael said. I understand what you’re saying.
“Good,” Max said. “There is a key that we need to get in order to make the Granolith work. I have no idea where the key was hidden though. The book obviously doesn’t say because it was written long before our war.”
“What kind of key?” Alex asked.
“It’s some kind of crystal shard or something. There is more then one piece. Each piece does something different,” Liz explained. “All we have to do is find out where the pieces were placed after our demise.”
“Great, another endless mission,” Maria grumbled.
“So that’s why you wanted to meet in here. You were hoping that there might be some kind of clue in the books in this room,” Alex said. “Brilliant.”
“Yes. We figured that since the Granolith book was kept in our room that there might be something in this room. If the book pertaining to the Granolith was entrusted to us, I have a feeling that the keys would have either been entrusted to the Princess, or to my Second in Command. If we can’t find anything in here, we will go and search Michael’s room,” Max explained.
“That seems logical. I mean you don’t want to keep all your eggs in one basket, as they say,” Kyle said smiling.
Max noticed that both Pam and Zack had been quiet since they entered the room. He wondered why.
“Ok, so why was this thing sent with us?” Pam asked. “I just don’t get why they would send us the machine but not the manual on how to use it.”
“That’s a great question and it has a very simple answer. No one could get to the book because Liz had hidden it in a secret room that was encoded to only open for her. She didn’t want the book to fall into the wrong hands, and after reading it’s capabilities I don’t blame her,” Max explained.
“Well that answers that. Didn’t the other book say it had some kind of religious thing too?” Kyle asked. “What does the book say about that?”
“It doesn’t say anything. I guess when this was written they didn’t know that our people would begin worshiping it,” Liz replied.
“All right, lets get looking through these books. There aren’t as many as in the library so with all of us looking it shouldn’t take long,” Alex said snapping everyone into action.
They spent hours in the room trying to find anything on the keys or the Granolith. Isabel and Alex checked the walls of the little library hoping that there would be a secret compartment or something but they never found anything.
“What if they sent the keys to Earth with us? I mean they sent the Granolith didn’t they? They might have sent the keys in hopes that we’d figure out what to do with them,” Liz suggested.
“Oh God! Why didn’t I think of that!” Alex exclaimed. “That would have been the logical thing to do wouldn’t it? I mean we wouldn’t be able to activate the Granolith without them. They have to be on Earth somewhere, the only question is where.”
“My guess would be in one of the Pod Chambers,” Zack said. Everyone turned to look at him wondering how he knew about the Pods and the Pod Chambers. “What?” he asked.
“How did you know about the Pod Chambers?” Michael asked in a distrusting tone.
“Everyone knows that you were sent in Pods, and there are documented transmissions from your Protectors right after they landed saying that the pods were protected in chambers. We began calling them the Pod Chambers since we didn’t know how else to address them,” Zack explained.
“Oh. Well then,” Michael said going back to his research. He didn’t know what had gotten to him. Pam wouldn’t have fallen for a traitor, he knew that. His sister had better sense then that.
Isabel picked up a book hoping to find some clue as to what their people did with the keys. The idea of sending them to Earth was the best they’ve had by far, but someone had to have written it down. They needed some concrete proof.
A piece of paper fluttered to the floor from the book she was holding. Bending down to pick it up she was assaulted with visions of her mother. She saw her mother writing a letter and placing it in the book and then purposely leaving it in this room for someone to find.
“Guys, I’ve got a letter here from my mom,” Isabel said.
“Read it,” Maria told her. She wanted to know what was said, hoping that it pertained to their quest.

My darling children,
I know that you are all so smart and I know that you will find this here. I purposefully left it here because if I know Zan’s mind, and I think I do. He will assume that since the book was left to them, then the keys would have been entrusted to you. He would have been correct. We entrusted a part of the information to each of you just in case something happened. Of course you both knew that the other had the other piece to the puzzle, just to cover all the bases, but it was better this way. Anyway, I’ve digressed. If you are reading this then the mission to Earth has been successful and you’ve found your way back to Seria. We had to send the keys with you, along with the Granolith because the enemy was getting close to finding it.
I am almost positive that they wouldn’t have figured out how to use it but we needed to be safe. I knew that I could trust you all to keep it hidden and safe. I don’t know where your protectors would have hidden the keys but they are on Earth. Take care my darlings and know that I love you, always.

Isabel put the letter down on the table and looked around to her friends. They had gotten the confirmation that they wanted and needed. The Granolith Keys were on Earth somewhere, along with the Granolith. Now the only thing that they needed to do was get back home and find it all.
“Ok, so now we know most of the capabilities, and we also know that it can be used for time travel, since Future Max used it to contact Liz that time. I’m going to safely assume, that he had found the Keys in that timeline and that was what activated the Granolith. Now our only problem is trying to figure out where exactly they were hidden,” Alex said.
“Future Max mentioned someone named Serena. Supposedly we knew her and she helped us in the cause against Kivar, but trying to find her will be worse then trying to find the information on the Granolith. All I know is that her name is Serena, and I don’t even have a description of her so we’re back to square one,” Liz said, sighing.
“Well, we’ll have to worry about that when we get back home. It’s no good dwelling on it now. Right now our main priority is our departure from this planet. In four days we head for home,” Max said. “We need to stay alert because Kivar can attack at anytime. Yet, my money is that he’s going to attack us on the day we leave. It is just his style. He likes making a bang.”
“Sire, I’ve posted more guards all around the citadel as you asked. I’m not saying that this will keep Kivar out, but it will help to delay him. Hopefully until all of you are through the portal,” Zack said.
“You mean all of us, Zack. You are coming back to Earth with us. If you didn’t we’d have one very depressed Pam on our hands, and I know that none of us want to see that,” Liz said. “Besides, I think she’d end up driving Michael nuts with all her moping and mooning over you.”
“Damn right. I can’t take a woman being all sappy,” Michael said. “That’s one of the reasons I love Maria so much. She’s never really sappy.”
“What can I say, I’m one of a kind,” Maria smiled.
“Don’t we know it,” Alex said sarcastically. “You definitely broke the mold DeLuca. And all I have to say is THANK GOD! I love you to pieces, but I could never handle another one like you!”
“I second that notion,” Kyle said laughing. “One Maria is definitely enough. Could you imagine having two people around who rambled like that? My filter would breakdown it would have so much nonsense to sort through.”
“Shut up you two! You’re just jealous that you aren’t as cool as me,” Maria said flippantly.
Liz watched her friends bickering with a smile. She wondered how things would be when they got back home. She and Max are married and living together so their sleeping arrangement wouldn’t change, but she wondered how her friends would adjust back to sleeping alone after sleeping together for months. It was going to be a hard transition for all of them. That was one of the few pluses for being on this planet.
Then there was Pam. Would she go back to being a bitch to them, or would she join their little group? Liz couldn’t help but wonder about these things. She had a feeling that Pam would remain a part of their group especially since she and Michael are siblings. Neither one was going to want to live without family anymore. Pam had been an only child and not that she knew she had a brother Liz was positive she wouldn’t want to go back to having no one.
Max pulled Liz closer to him wrapping his arms around her waist. He could tell she was stressing about something but he didn’t know what. She was blocking her thoughts. He didn’t mind because sometimes it was just nice to be able to think without an audience. They did it every once in a while. He sent her feelings of love to try and relax her.
Liz sighed and pressed back into Max’s embrace. She loved him more then life itself. He made her beyond happy and she couldn’t ask for anything more. As if sensing their parent’s love, the babies kicked Liz’s abdomen causing a surprised gasp to escape both Max and Liz. The babies had never moved before. Under normal circumstances they would have been worried, but they knew that their children were alive and well because of the connection.

The days blurred one into the other until it was the day before they were supposed to leave. Max was running around trying to make sure everyone had whatever they needed, and he was making sure that all their plans were put into place. He had a feeling that Tim and Chloe suspected something but that was the last thing on his mind.
Liz had been having back spasms the day before and his nerves were on end. He didn’t know if the babies were trying to communicate with them or not, but he and Liz couldn’t make anything out over the connection because their emotions were running too high and they kept getting in the way of what the kids were saying.
Isabel had tried to get them to calm down but they just couldn’t. It was getting close to crunch time and Max was afraid that things would play out like they did in his other lifetime. He dreaded thinking about that time but he had to. What if he was forced to blast Liz again? Would he be able to do it? The thing that sacred him the most was that he knew he could if it meant keeping is precious Liz away from his psychotic cousin.
Max knew that he was being anal but he just wanted to make sure that if things went wrong they were minimal because there were too many lives at stake. He was responsible for getting his friends, his wife, his children, and himself home all in once piece. It was a lot of responsibility for one so young, but he knew that he could do it.
He walked into his room taking in the form of his tiny wife asleep on the bed. She had been napping a lot for the past couple of days, the exhaustion of the trip taking its toll on her and the babies. He walked over to the bed just enjoying being able to watch her sleep. He slid a piece of hair off her face tucking it behind her ear lovingly. He cherished these moments wishing that they could last forever.
A knock at the door brought Max back to reality. Alas, he thought, real life must intrude upon my few quite moments.
He walked to the door cracking it to see who was out there. Zack stood on the other side looking nervous. Max went straight into leader mode.
“What’s wrong?” Max asked concerned.
“There is a report of movement just over the left ridge sire. I have a feeling that Kivar might be moving his attack up a day. We should probably open the portal today instead of tomorrow. There’s enough energy stored up,” Zack told his king.
“I know that, but the elders wanted to throw us a party tonight. What the hell am I saying! Get everyone together, tonight we go home,” Max said turning back towards his room.
He hated having to wake Liz up but they needed to get to the portal room. He didn’t want a repeat of what happened to them in their past life to happen again and if he could prevent that by getting off this planet earlier then he sure as hell was going to.
“Liz sweetie,” he whispered nudging his wife softly.
“Hmmm?” she murmured rolling over. Her eyes fluttered open slowly. She noticed Max standing over her with a worried expression on his face.
“He’s come early hasn’t he?” she asked fully awake now.
“Yes. I’ve told Zack to get everyone and we’re meeting in the portal room. I don’t care about he party, the only thing that matters is getting us all safely back home,” Max told her helping her off the bed.
They quickly dressed in the clothing they arrived in and ran out of the room. There they met up with the others, all dressed and ready to leave. They ran down the hallway towards the portal room when a large explosion blew out the wall in front of them. Max pushed Liz against the wall blocking her from the debris. Max checked to make sure everyone was all right.
“What the hell happened?” Michael asked coughing the dust out of his lungs and waving his hand in front of him to try and clear the air.
“I think Kivar was a lot closer then we anticipated,” Max said. “Is there any other way to the portal room?”
“I honestly don’t know. There might be,” Zack said feeling like a failure for not being able to help his king.
“Well, I guess we’re just going to have to take our chances running for it. We’ll just have to keep blasting and running at the same time,” Kyle said.
“No!” Max exclaimed. “Someone will get hurt if we do that.”
“Max, we can’t just sit here,” Michael told him. “We’ll get slaughtered if we do.”
“Michael’s got a point Max,” Alex added. “Look we’ll go in groups. Michael will lead one group, Maria will lead another, and Zack the last. That way there is someone with blasting powers in each group, and people to hold a shield. It’s the only way.”
“Max,” Liz called placing a calming hand on his arm. “Michael and Alex are right. We have to go, we can’t stay here. If we do as Alex says no one will get hurt.”
“How do you know that?” he countered. “I mean all the plans I’ve laid down to keep you all safe failed. I’m a failure of a king.”
“NO!” they all exclaimed.
“Maxwell Evans! You are not a failure,” Isabel cried. “You didn’t know how strong Kivar’s army would be. Besides he’s been building up his army for years, we’ve only had a few months. No listen to everyone and lets get out of here. We can discuss the rest of this back home!”
They broke up into their groups; each warrior was heading one of the groups. Michael took Max and Liz, as he was Max’s second in command. Everyone exchanged a hug, just in case and Max and Liz clasped hands getting ready to throw up a shield if need be. Michael’s hand was outstretched ready to blast anything that moved through the cloud of dust.
Maria took Alex and Isabel, while Zack lead Kyle, Tess, and Pam. Everyone was on edge not really sure what was going to be thrown their way next. All were ready for the fight of their lives but they were determined to make it home.
A blast came of the rubble and dust barely missing Liz’s shoulder. Max cried out throwing up the shield. He took it down long enough for Michael to throw a blast in the direction of the hole in the wall.
“Everyone! Shields up NOW!” Max yelled out.
Alex, and Isabel encased them and Maria in a shield, while Tess and Kyle did the same. Pam didn’t know what to do she was very confused.
“Pam, just hold on to either Kyle or I and stick out your hand concentrating on a shield to protect you. It will just appear,” Tess told her.
Pam did as Tess instructed and a green shield produced itself from the center of her hand. She released it when Tess and Kyle did so Zack could shoot his blasts at the enemy. This was frightening for her but she was determined to help everyone get back home. It was her duty to her king, his queen, and her ‘family’. She had come to think of all of them as family now, as they bonded over this trip.
A blast ricocheted off their shield causing Pam to jump. She knew that this was real, and that it was going to be dangerous but she wasn’t expecting this.
“Keep running guys! We’re almost there,” Max’s voice sounded from somewhere in front of her. Pam just kept running along with everyone else following the sound of Max’s voice.
They reached the portal room out of breath and shaking. No one had expected this attack, and they were all worried that something else was going to go wrong.
“Start up the counter. We’ve got to get this thing up and running. The sooner we get home the better!” Max yelled checking the hallway, shield in place. Michael was right along side him to take out anyone coming their way.
“MAX!” Liz screamed as someone grabbed her from behind.
“LIZ!” Max yelled turning towards his wife. What he saw made his face go white. Tim stood behind Liz with his hand clasped around her throat dangerously close to squeezing the life from her.
Liz looked calm but there were tears glistening her eyes. She didn’t want to cry because she wanted to remain strong and alert, but she was at the mercy of a mad man, or the henchman of a madman.
“Don’t move, I’m trying to help you,” Tim said quietly.
“Yeah right. You’re trying to help me into an early grave!” Liz spat out.
“Kivar will treat you like you deserve to be treated. He loves you very much,” Chloe said walking out of the shadows. “He will be joining us here any moment.”
“You sick bastards!” Maria yelled lunging at Chloe. Kyle caught Maria around the waist preventing her from doing something stupid. He knew that if the little pixie had done anything Liz would be dead.
“Maria keep cool. You’ll put Liz’s life in even more danger if you do anything stupid,” Kyle told her.
“Sorry,” she said watching her best friend. She was so scared for Liz. These people had her at their mercy.
“You all we be heading home, but Lizzie will be staying here, with Kivar,” Tim said.
“Max, tell Liz to hit him in the gut and then duck. I can take him out,” Michael whispered to his friend.
Max thought about it for a second but he couldn’t risk Liz getting hit. “No, it’s too close. I know you’re a great shot, but Liz could still get hit.”
“Max, I swear to you I won’t miss,” Michael said his voice shaking. He thought of Liz as a sister, and he couldn’t stand back while she was being held in the clutches of the enemy.
“Michael,” Max began.
“Max, just tell her, and tell her now before Kivar gets here!” Michael ground out quietly.
‘Liz, sweetie, Michael is going to take a shot at Tim. I want you to hit him in the stomach as hard as you can so he loosens his hold on you and then duck,’ Max told her looking her straight in the eye.
‘All right Max,’ she said giving him a slight smile.
Everything happened so quickly. Liz elbowed Tim in the stomach as hard as she could and ducked just as fast. Michael sent out a blast hitting Tim in the shoulder causing the other man to lose his hold on Liz. She ran straight towards Kyle and Maria who threw up a shield to keep Chloe from hitting Liz.
Liz was shaking and Alex pulled her close to him. He knew that right now she needed Max, but he was preoccupied at the moment so Alex did his best to comfort Liz. She wiped the few tears that managed to sneak their way past her eyes and straightened up. She was tougher then this and she was determined to prove it.
“One more minute Max!” Isabel yelled letting him know that in about another minute they would be able to leave Seria to go home.
“Thanks,” he said as he and Michael made their way back over towards the group. Neither took their eyes off Chloe who was bending down to check Tim’s vitals. He was alive, but wounded pretty badly.
“You’ll pay for that,” Chloe said standing up, murder reflecting in her eyes.
“I can’t believe that you told me you were my sister,” Michael spat out.
“I am your sister. I just didn’t realize that you managed to find Jade. I really do look like Tess because we are cousins. Kivar is our brother,” Chloe told a stunned Michael.
“NO!” Michael yelled. “That…that can’t be.”
“Think Michael. Kivar was always jealous of Zan because he got everything. He was going to be King, and he was marrying Liana, but what made him the most upset, was that Zan named you second in command,” Chloe said. “He is the oldest and he felt that it should have been him. He should be the kings second, not you!”
“But he thinks he should be king,” Tess said. “Why?”
“On Seria, the king’s son usually takes over the throne, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and Kivar knew that he would make a stronger King them Zan ever would. But, Zan’s father didn’t think so. He said that Zan would be a strong, and yet fair ruler. He knew as well that Kivar would be able to handle being king, but he said that Kivar would be too hard on the people. He told Kivar that he would never be fair,” Chloe explained.
“ENOUGH!” Kivar bellowed from the door. “I’ve come to take my queen. All of you may go home, all of you except my dear cousin Zan. I want the Liana to watch her husband die. I want the last thing Zan sees is Liana, and me, embracing.”
“You’ll have to go through all of us first,” Maria said clenching her fists.
The group moved towards the two cylinders by the wall. The portal would be opening there in a few seconds and they wanted to be as close to it as possible.
“I have no problem taking you all out my dear,” Kivar sneered.
The portal opened causing Kivar to jump. He wasn’t prepared for that. “Why didn’t you prevent them from starting the counter!” he yelled.
“I didn’t know that they activated it,” Chloe said.
“Liz you go through first!” Max yelled to his wife.
“No Max! Not without you!” she cried clutching his hand.
“I’ll be right behind you, now go,” he said pushing her towards the pink wormhole. Liz got sucked through the portal and landed softly on the desert ground. She looked around her realizing that she was in the same place they had left from those months ago. She prayed that there were cars around otherwise it was going to be a long walk back to Roswell.
“Max! You next!” Michael yelled.
“No, I’ll go last!” Max answered.
“Like hell you will! You are too important Max. Seria needs its king alive, and your children need their father. You’re next!” Michael told him pushing him towards the portal.
Kivar seeing his plans turning to shit shot off two blasts, one catching Max in the side, and the other getting Michael in the shoulder. Michael using the last of his strength pushed Max through the portal. He fell to the floor moments later.
“MICHAEL!” Maria screamed rushing towards her boyfriend. She saw that he was still breathing but bleeding pretty badly. She stood up, ready to kill. “WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP FAMILY ARE YOU?” she yelled. “You could have killed your brother!”
“Who cares, he follows Zan,” Kivar said raising his hand pointing it at Maria.
She threw up a shield as Kivar’s blast came towards her.
Grinning at her, “I can see why my brother likes you so much. You’ve got a lot of spunk.”
“Yeah, I know. But seriously I don’t care for your thoughts. Eat shit,” she said sending a blast his way. He blocked it effortlessly firing two more shots at the group. The others formed a shield around them all and Zack helped Maria pick up Michael.
“Get him through the portal. Only Max and Liz can help him now,” Zack told her.
Maria nodded her head and walked though the portal trying to support Michael’s almost dead weight against her.
Zack pushed Pam and Tess through the portal next. Then Isabel and Alex. He and Kyle kept their shield up long enough to step to the edge of the portal.
“I will come for her,” Kivar said.
“Yeah we know, but you’ll have to save up enough energy first,” Kyle smiled walking backward into the portal.
Zack took one last look around before walking through the portal himself. He didn’t know what he expected Earth to look like, but barren wasn’t it.
Liz was leaning over Max trying to heal his wound, while Maria was crying over Michael’s still body.
“Please Michael, you can’t leave me,” she sobbed placing her forehead against his chest.
Liz sat down exhausted. She had done all that she could. Max stirred next to her looking at his surroundings. “We’re home,” he whispered.
“Yes, we are. You were hit though and I can’t heal everything,” Liz told him kissing his lips lightly.
Max took a deep breath and concentrated on his body. He had just enough strength to heal the rest of his wounds. Liz did a very good job in healing all the major damage. He sat up slowly holding his head, which felt like a train was rolling around inside of it.
He spotted Michael lying on the ground bleeding and crawled over to him. He needed to help his cousin. “Izzy,” Max called. “I’m going to need your help, Liz is too weak right now from helping me.”
Isabel waked over to her brother and cousin. She would do whatever it took to help Michael.
“I need you to feed me some of your energy, since mine are pretty much wiped out at the moment. If we don’t help him now it will be too late. I can’t wait for my powers to charge back up,” he explained.
“Max I’ll do whatever it takes,” Isabel told him.
He placed his hand over Michael’s wound and Isabel placed her hand over Max’s. She sent Max some of her energy while he concentrated on healing all the damage Kivar’s blast did. He couldn’t lose his cousin that thought kept running through his mind as he healed him.
Michael took a gasping breath and Max fell to the ground shaking. They had all been through a tremendous ordeal and couldn’t wait to get home.
“I checked around, there are no cars,” Kyle said waking up to the group.
“Damn! We’re in no condition to walk back to Roswell,” Alex said frustrated.
“I’ve go my cell,” Maria said.
“The batteries have got to be dead,” Pam said.
“Yeah they are, but hello are we not aliens? I can use my powers to charge up the battery and call our parents,” she told them.
“Great idea. Nice thinking DeLuca,” Alex smiled at his friend.
Maria called all their parents. “They will be here in about a half hour,” Maria told her friends.
“Great,” everyone mumbled. They were all lying on the ground wrapped up in each other’s arms.
Maria found a spot next to Michael and Liz and squeezed in wrapping one arm around each of them. They drifted off into a light slumber and that was how their parents found them a half hour later.

The End…To Be Continued in the next installment. I don’t have a Title for it yet, but I will post an Author’s note on here when I do.