Love Knows No Confines
By: BigGreenMan
E-Mail: Yoda787304⊕
Rating: PG – NC-17
Category: For the first 4 chapters the pairings are, Zan / Ava, Rath / Villandra. After that they are M / L, M / M, A /I, T / K.

Summary: How the war started when Zan was King and how it will end with Max as king! This starts as a pre-Earth fic but will become a post destiny on chapter 5, onward.

Authors Notes: 1) Tell me if I should continue this fic.
2) Don’t worry about the Zan and Ava pairing, I am a dreamer / Lamp Trimmer.I will NOT put Max and Tess together!
3) This fic has NONE of the HOROR of season 2!

Part 1

Zan lies in bed staring at the golden haired goddess in his arms. He had been married for just over a year, and in that moment he could quiet honestly says that he thought he was the luckiest man alive.

They were what there race called partners, they were . . . together, even when they are apart. When he first met her, she was an arrogant and less then friendly woman or more like girl because she was 16 while he was 24.

After they knew each other for about a year, feelings started to surface and they got together as a couple.

Soon after that they started too feel things, each other. They could feel each other’s emotions like they were their own. There race calls this partnering and it is very rare. Only 1 in a 1,000,000 couples partner but the ones that do are closer to their mate then normally physically possible. It is as if they are one.

He looked down her perfect body and feels himself harden. She is so Beautiful, her curly blond hair, sapphire eyes, nice chest going up and down, up and down. She was breathtaking.

Suddenly she stirs and moans. Zan realises that she is feeling his heightened state of passion and arousal even as she sleeps.

“Zaaaannn……” she moans.

Suddenly she opens her eyes and looks up at him. She looks at him for a long moment and then grins, “What are you doing up, it’s the middle of the night.” She almost purrs.

Zan looks away and blushes, ‘She knows very well why I am up!’ he thinks in frustration.

She can feel his embarrassment and decides to stop teasing him. She brings her hand up to his face and turns his head so that he is looking at her.

She stares into his dark brown eyes for a moment before closing the distance between them and kissing him.

At first it was a sweet kiss but it soon became more passionate. Ava was becoming more aroused bye the second and Zan was already very turned on.

Ava moaned when Zan moved to kiss her long, pale neck. Zan sucked gently on her neck and nipped at it teasingly.

He slowly moves down her neck to her collarbone and nipped it. He was rewarded with a yelp from Ava followed by several moans.

Zan went down again and started to kiss and suck her breast, never touching the nipple.

Ava was about to scream in frustration at his teasing when she felt a jolt of pure pleasure shoot from her left breast, right down to the wetness between her long slender legs. At that moment she had one and only one thought on her mind, ‘I want him inside me. . .’

“Zan. . . please, more. Stop teasing me, more. MORE!” If any teasing was in her voice before, it was long gone now. She was hungry, not for food but for some unknown feeling that only Zan can Give her. No she wasn’t hungry, she was starving!

Both heads snap up at the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Ava’s brother and Zan’s second in command Rath stood at the door with a frown on his face.

Most people would say that he was frowning because he found his sister and best friend about to make love but Zan knew Rath and he knew by the look on his face something was very wrong.

In a second Zan went from loving husband to brave and wise leader.

“What’s happened? Is everyone alright?” Zan asked as he quickly put on his royal cloths. He wore long black trousers with a navy blue vest and royal blue jacket worn open. His family crest was embroiled into the Jacket.

The crest was gold, and in the shape of a spiral (the orb symbol).

There was a long pause before Rath spoke. “Princess Villandra was attacked and is badly injured but she is suspected to make a full recovery, everyone else in building she was in was killed.”

“What, by who?!” Ava screamed as she puts on a flowing white dress with the royal crest also on it.

Zan was in shock and had to sit down. ‘Injured . . . injured, my sister was injured. NOT the princess, my sister! Think, Think Zan think, you cant afford to lose your head. You are the King and someone has tried to kill the princess. Okay . . . she was off world this week at a conference, she was on Karsa. The Skins had requested the Royal 4 too come to their planet but she was the only one that could go. Why didn’t the Skins protect her. They are the only other race in the empire that is a match for us in regard to a military. WHY DIDN’T THEY PROTECT HER!’

Ava could feel the emotions in Zan as he sat staring in to nothingness. First fear for his sister and panic, then self-loathing that he would put his sister before his people, then great love for his sister and finally anger, pure fury.

Only one thought registered In Zan’s Mind. ‘ WHO DARE HURT MY SISTER!’

Zan was shocked out of his thoughts by a hand on is shoulder. He looked up to see Ava’s hand on his shoulder, stroking it in a comforting way.

As he looked up at Rath and Ava with tearing eyes, I saw the true sorrow in both of their faces. He imagined his face probably looked similar.

It was that moment, Zan made a revelation. The Royal Four were not just the leaders of the empire, they were a family. They were closer than any family can be by blood. They were tied together in a way even they don’t understand.

Even the thought of loosing one of them was terrifying.

Ava and Villandra were as close as sisters and Rath was engaged to her!

Rath had come to Zan and asked him if he could ask her to marry him. Zan was surprised too say the least. Zan was not surprised that he wanted to ask her to marry him, but the fact that he asked Zan if he could propose to her was confusing him so he stayed quite and waited to find out why he had asked him first.

It soon became clear that Rath needed Zan’s help to keep it secret. He didn’t want the population to know till about a week before the wedding. Needles to say she said YES, that was only 2 weeks ago. The Royal Four were the only ones that knew of the engagement.

Zan stood up and looked strait at Rath, he only said one word: “WHO?”

“We don’t know yet, as soon I got the news I came here. I told our ambassador to contact Karsa and find out who did the attack. Villandra is recovering in the royal heal centre, she only has minor injuries. She was very lucky, The attackers were so stupid they didn’t check to see if she was dead.”

That got a response from Zan his head shot up with a look of grate concentration on it. “No, if she is alive then they wanted her alive. The were smart enough to get past 70 royal bodyguards and get to her and the ambassadorial committee. They are playing us and I want to know how.”

Just then there was a chime at the door and a small man with a white cloths walked in, He bowed low to the royal 4 before speaking. “The Skins have made a 5 way communications link with the planets they request you join the Link. The Presidents of Chinrule and Dagalia are in the link with the council of Norsa. Kivar said he would begin when the royal 4 were present, sire.”

Zan gave the messenger an annoyed look and sighed, “What does he want the others for, I don’t want news of Villandra’s condition broadcast!”

The messenger raised an eyebrow and gave his king a questioning look. “I don’t know what you mean, sire.”

Ava was getting mad and it could be plainly seen on her face. “Look, just tell them we cant talk! I will not tal…”

“Tell them we will be there as soon as I check on Villandra.” Zan cut Ava off in a tone off voice that can’t be argued with.

“Yes, sire!” The messenger bowed and ran off.

“What the hell are you doing?! We don’t have time to talk to them. I thought you of all people would see that, SHE’S YOUR SISTER! This isn’t time to talk to those politicians when your sister is in a health centre from an attack!” She screamed but even as the words left her mouth she regretted them. She felt the hurt he felt as she yelled at him.

“ If you have forgotten Zan, someone has attacked the princes of Entaria! We have to stop them!” Rath was furious, how could her own brother be this heartless too her!

“Think about it Rath! She was attacked on Karsa, if Kivar has set up a conference then he probably knows who has done this! Get your head out of your heart Rath, I need you too much for you too flip on me now!” Zan was mad at the lack of trust Ava and Rath showed in him.

Rath looked furious for a second and then incredibly embarrassed when he realised that it made sense.

Zan was thinking with his head and put his heart on hold even when Rath new it was killing him. Rath did not envy Zan’s role as leader and knew he could never do the job as well as Zan.

“I’m sorry…” was all Rath said before Zan gave him a smile that meant ‘don’t worry about it’ and walked out on his way to the health centre, Rath and Ava close on his tale.

~~~~~~~~~~ ********** ~~~~~~~~~~

Zan, Rath and Ava walked in too the health centre too be met with the site of Villandra, burnt and bruised.

She was in a healing chamber and appeared too be asleep.

The healing chamber was gold in colour and sat upright, connected to the wall. The top half of the chamber was transparent and the glass had a blue tint. Inside you could see millions of small robotic probes healing the burnt and scared tissue.

One look at her and Ava’s eyes started to tear and she had to put her head in the crook of Zan’s neck.

Rath walked over too his bride to be and touched the chamber. He almost cried but held his emotions in check.

They all stared at her for almost 5 minuets before they all left in a silent and sad group.

~~~~~~~~~~ ********** ~~~~~~~~~~

When they went to the communications room in the palace they activated the link and as the screen activated too show 4 images, one was Kivar, another was the Council of Norsa and the presidents of Chinrule and Dagalia .

As they entered the link Kivar began the speech that would change their lives forever.

“Fellow rulers of the 5 planet Empire, I have a announcement that will affect you all. As of 11:00 this morning the planet Karsa officially breaks all diplomatic ties with the empire and has become a independent state. Your ambassadors and diplomats on this world have been killed and Princes Villandra has been sent back to Entaria.

“Further more, as of this moment the planet Karsa officially declares war on Entaria and it’s allies. You are weak and will be destroyed. I will give you 2 choices, you may either surrender and join Karsa or stand with Entaria and be killed. Either way your governments will be disbanded and a Skin overlord will be put in control of your planet. I will give you 1 day to make your choice.”

With that said Kivar closed the link and the transmission ended.

Zan, Ava and Rath just stare at each other in shock and anger for a long moment and let the news sink in. Then the full implications of what had been said hit them and they burst into action…


All those people that want Dreamer, Candy Crew, Stargazer and Lamp Trimmer action, just be patient. They will all be in this fic from chapter five to the END.

Love Knows No Confines
By: BigGreenMan

E-Mail: Yoda787304⊕

Rating: PG – NC-17

Category: For the first 4 chapters the pairings are, Zan / Ava, Rath / Villandra. After that they are M / L, M / M, A /I, T / K.

Summary: How the war started when Zan was King and how it will end with Max as king! This starts as a pre-Earth fic but will become a post destiny on chapter 5, onward.

Authors Notes: 1) Tell me if I should continue this fic.
2) Don’t worry about the Zan and Ava pairing, I am a dreamer / Lamp Trimmer. I will NOT put Max and Tess together!
3) This fic has NONE of the HOROR of season 2!

Part 2

It has been two hours since Kivar made his speech and already there is a large fleet of 60 heavy cruisers Protecting Karsa and hundreds of small fighters. The Skins must have been planning this for at least a year to raise a fleet that powerful without alerting the other 4 planets.

Although Entaria is technologically superior to the Skins in every way, it would take weeks to organise a fleet to rival the Skin fleet.

The Royal four have been involved in peacekeeping missions to hundreds of worlds and are well versed in military tactics but Entaria has not been at war for 70 years. Entaria has a large army and space fleet at its disposal but the majority of the troops and pilots are inexperienced.

All ships outside of the empire have been recalled and are on their way to Entaria.

Entaria has two moons and on each are ship Repair and Refuelling yards.

Entaria also has an automated defence grid. 20 canons are placed throughout the planet; a scanner on the planet controls them. The cannons fire at any vessel that comes into orbit of the planet without authorisation. One cannon can destroy a heavy cruiser or warship.

But even with all this, it is unlikely Entaria could withstand a full-scale attack alone. There ships are just to scattered to make an affective defensive. It will take 3 weeks to mobilise there entire military and by then they could be over run.

Thankfully however the entire empire don’t except the Skins as rulers and the Norsians have already sided with Entaria against Karsa.

With two races to worry about the Skins cannot launch a full- scale attack without leaving there own planet defenceless against attack from the other Race.

Dagalia has officially joined the Skins but they are not strong enough to pose any real threat or defend Karsa from attack from Entaria or Norsa.

The Chinlian president has sent for the royal four to discuss the war in person because the Skins could tap into any transmission.

As of yet they have refused to take sides in the conflict but they know that if they don’t soon they risk getting caught in the crossfire and having no allies to help.

Villandra was still in recovery so three of the royal four went to Chinrule onboard a Entarian Heavy Battleship with a escort of 3 Norsian Light Cruisers.

Zan, Ava and Rath sat around a table with the Chinlian president and his aide onboard the battleship. It currently orbited Chinrule.

“I am honoured you could come to our Planet King Zan, Queen Ava, General Rath.” The President said formally, giving a small nod to each of them as he said their names.

“The honour is ours President Darta.” Zan said equally formal. Then slightly less formal “Shall we get down to business, your military is stronger than either the Norsian or Dagalian fleets. We are stronger then the Skin / Dagailian alliance but they have had months to organise their forces and it will take time for us to mobilise a fleet of sufficient magnitude to be a serious threat to the Skins. Whoever you side with will have a major tactical advantage.”

Darta gave a slight smile at the young King. Then cleared his thought and began. “You should know that the Skins have made a very appealing offer. If we stay neutral then they will not attack. If they win we can become an independent state and keep ties to them for economic and defensive means. If you win then we are still part of the empire and in no worse state then we are in now. So tell me this. Why shouldn’t I let my 2 biggest competitors for control of the empire kill each other while I sit back and watch? My race and me would be safe and we will come up on top no matter who wins.”

Zan and Darta both stared at each other with cold eyes while the rest of the room was in shock at Dartas words. None of them knew of this proposal from the Skins, not even the president’s aide.

“There is a very simple reason,” Zan begun still not breaking his cold stare. Zan continued in a cold and dangerous tone. “When we have been destroyed and the Skins are in control of the 4 planets then you will not be faced with 4 different races all working for their own best interest. You will be faced with one enemy with one interest all around you and there is a word for that… Surrounded.” Zan paused for a moment trying to get his anger under control and then began again. “Darta, You are a fool if you think the Skins will honour there agreement! Did you even do history when you were young? Have you forgotten that the Skins were not the only race on Karsa. The Karsany themselves lived in peaceful co-existence with the Skins until 140 years ago when the Skins released a poison gas into the atmosphere, harmless too most. Deadly to the Karsany! They WILL stab you in the back too if you give them the chance!”

Darta looked startled for a minuet, he had obviously forgotten about the Karsany, but he soon regained his cool exterior but truly he was scared. He had taken the Skin ward at face value. He now wondered if that was the right choice. He also underestimated Zan and his knowledge and directness. He was expecting a politician, an inexperienced politician at that. He was only 27; Datar was just under 50 and had much more experience but he held no delusions that he was the better leader in the room. That went to Max hands down.

“Not bad, but this could be a trick to lure me to your side and then when the war is over attack us. It would not be hard to over-power us if we were weak from war. Why should I trust you and put my peoples lives at risk?!” The president knew that it was unlikely for Entaria to attack but he was trying to regain the high ground in the discussion and show his authority. He hoped it would intimidate Zan… no such luck.

Zan smiled back but his eyes were deadly and Ava could feel the waves of Anger coming off him directed at this pompous old man that has not seen a battle since Dagalians attacked the Chinlians 40 years ago.

“If you think we are going to stab you in the back then side with the Skins. But you KNOW that the Skins will use you and then when you have been outlived your usefulness in there eyes then you will die bye you brothers hand. The most dangerous thing in war is not an unstoppable enemy. It is an ally that turns against you because there is always someone more powerful then you and your enemy combined but your brother is trusted so to cripple a world doesn’t take an army. Just one man that you thought you could trust!”

The entire room was stunned into silence by the passionate speech, Darta recovered first.

“I will consider your proposal, may we reconvene tomorrow?” The president was afraid, not only of the skins but also of Zan. He had annoyed Zan a great deal with his ribbing trying to break the younger man. He feared he realised that he could not be broken to late.

“Yes you may, if you have any needs just ask Dagalla, she will be your aide while you stay with us. Take the President too the passenger deck and get him settled into a room.” He motioned to a young woman, about 15 with long black hair. She was dressed in a white uniform signifying she is a royal aide.

Once they left Zan turned to Ava and Rath and looked at them questioningly.

Rath was the first to speak, “I don’t trust him, but I don’t think he likes the skins. Zan planted a seed of distrust in him. I think he will side with us but I don’t think we should turn our back on him.” Zan nodded and switched his attention to Ava.

“He doesn’t like us but he needs us as much as we need him and he is convinced the Skins will betray him. My enemy’s, enemy’s are my friends…” Ava said.

“OK, their isn’t anything we can do now, we see what he says tomorrow.” They all got up and left, Zan and Ava on their way to their room and Rath on his way to the fighter hanger to talk to the pilots.

~~~~~~~~~~ ********** ~~~~~~~~~~

As Zan and Ava entered their room they immediately attacked each other, they were emotionally drained after a day of constant quick thinking and nervousness. They both needed the comfort they found in each other.

Since that morning Ava had changed into more normal cloth. She wore a white tank top made of a satin like material and a white skirt that comes too just over her knee made of something similar in texture to denim.

As they kissed Zan slipped his hands under the tank top and caressed the bare skin of her back. His hands made small circles on the sensitive skin.

Ava moaned slightly and through her head to one side as Zan moved hot kisses down her neck. Ava struggled to undo the vest and touch his bare chest.

Zan stepped back for a moment and then shrugged of the Navy Blue vest and the coat. They fell to a puddle on the floor as Zan moved back in and Ava lifted he arms so Zan could pull up the Tank top and reveal her bare breasts.

Zan wasted no time pushing her back on the bed as he leaned on top of her and took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it gently.

Ava was in heaven as she moaned Zan’s name and chanted ‘harder Zan, I love you, I love you, I love you…’

As Zan sucked on her nipple his hand traced up her thigh and up her skirt till he made contact with her panties. He quickly lowered them down her long slender legs and off of her body.

He then moved down her again kissing on the skin of her belly as he goes down until he meets the top of her skirt. She lifts he hips to aid him as he pulls the skirt down and off her.

Zan spreads her thighs wide and lowers his head to her shaved sex, Zan had been doing this to Ava for years and he knew exactly what buttons to press to make her moan groan and scream in earth shattering climaxes. And that night he pressed every one.

Ava had come 4 times before begging Zan to make love too her.

As Zan entered her she moaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around hi waist too push him in her harder and faster.

Soon the air was filled with the smell of lovemaking and the moans and groans of the participants.

Zan was close and started too pound into Ava harder and faster to her obvious delight.

Soon it was Zan’s turn too scream as he came inside of her, Ava came just as he did and squeezed him with her inner muscles as she convulsed around him.

Zan fell on top off he and just stayed like that for a moment before rolling off of her.

They held each other and fell asleep, peaceful and content for the first time since they woke that morning.

They awoke some hours later to the sound of an explosion and a slight rocking of the ship.

Ava grabbed Zan in fear of what may be coming. “Is the ship under attack?!”

“No… that was from inside the ship…”

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