Title Revelations
Author Jeremiah
Category m/l
Rating PG 13-R for language
Summary After Departure
Disclaimer Dosent belong to me, Belongs to UPN

Authors Note this is my first fan fic, so feedback is a must, so I can see what I need to make this story interesting for you.

"Liz I know I have been wrong about a lot , but I was right about one thing and that is to get you into my life..to be around you...to love you."


2 months later....

Liz Parker was lying on her favorite chair on the balcony that was just above the resturant her parents owned. Liz was doing her daily retuial and that was writing in her journal. She was writing about what she has been writing about all summer so far since tess left the planet. The Betrayl, jealousy, the anger, sadness, hurt and finally the guilt. Liz felt betrayed when max slept with the gerbil. She was jealous because she was supposed to be max's first not tess!

"Damn it was supposed to be me, not the gerbil!"

Anger. Not just over that fact, but the fact that when the time came to choose max believed in tess not her when alex had died. He had screamed at her called her a liar and made her feel absolutely horrible.

"Why Max, I thought you loved me I believed that we were soulmates."

Hurt, because he did side with tess and not her. Sadness not only did she lose her soulmate but her best friend as well.

"Alex I am so sorry, why did she have to kill you. I miss you so very much."

Guilty. Because she felt this way when ever she thought about the night that had changed her life. That destroyed her happiness. Future Max. If she hadnt listen to him things would be so diffrent right now. after an hour , while liz was writing in her journal she suddenly stopped. Liz came to a conclusion, she stood up and put her journal away.

"Ok Parker, Time to start anew."

Liz wishes on how to acomplish that when her head and heart were telling her two diffrent things. " Look were your heart got you '' liz thought I know what to do. while liz was in the thought there was a knock at the door.

"Liz open up it's me maria."

"Coming , what are you doing here so early it is like 9:00 a.m, wait is it snowing in hell?"

"Ha-Ha chica! I just happen to be a morning person."

"Since when?"

"Alright! I just wante dto see how you are doing. By the way Liz can I come in?"

"Oh sorry maria come in."

"So what is up girlfriend?"

"Well to tell you the truth I was sitting writting in my journal and I was looking back on it and I came to an conclusion."

"What is it?"

"that I have been writing the same thing for months now and im sick of it."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I am going to let go."