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Author: Adian
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Title: Heir to the Granolith
Disclaimer: Creation of Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, and now on the UPN!!!!! Prayers sometimes are really answered Melinda Metz will be on the writing team for season 3!!!

Summary: Only through End of the World in season two happened. Selected events from the rest of the season will happen at some point. Alex went to Sweden but never came back. He decided to finish his education in Europe. Max getting Tess pregnant did happen and she had the baby. Please don't throw anything at me yet!!

Granolith Chamber December 2019

A priest incanting in High Antarian has begun the Naming Ceremony. Zannor son of Max and Queen Tess has to be confirmed by the Granolith as Heir at age 18. His mother looks on with a satisfied smirk. Triumphant King Khivar is planning the wedding of his daughter Thalia to Zannor in his head. The priest is now leading Zannor to the Granolith. Silence reigns as Zannor lays his hands upon the Granolith. Everyone is waiting in breathless anticipation for something to happen but nothing does. The Granolith will not recognize Zannor as heir.

Queen Tess begins berating the priest as if it is his fault. Khivar halts his wife and demands to know what went wrong. Fearful the priests propose doing the ceremony again. Khivar knows it would be a waste of time. "Answer me what went wrong?"

The High priest hesitantly moves forward to speak. "There are only two reasons Zannor was denied. Either he is not the son of Max or not the eldest son of Max."

Red with fury Tess is screaming in denial. In the midst of Tess's screams Khivar is contemplating this unexpected revelation. "Silence! Screaming will not change the outcome. There is someone we must see."

Tess and Khivar leave behind a confused and angry Zannor.

Chapter 1

Hidden in the depths of the Sahara Desert Max is concealed in an underground bunker. His jail for the past 18 years. Khivar arrives ordering Max to be brought to the interrogation room. A gaunt looking man is brought forward. He looks upon his visitors with unconcealed hatred.

"Maxwell you have been very naughty. We have discovered you had a child by someone else before Tess."

Max's face betrays his shock and confusion. "I've never had sex with anyone but Tess. You've mind raped me enough to know the truth of that." Max smirking at Tess says, "The only woman I ever wanted to make love to has been dead for almost twenty years." He knows even after all these years the thought of Liz still makes Tess's blood boil.

"Well Max we seem to have a bit of a mystery here. Zannor should've been confirmed as Heir today by the Granolith for some reason he wasn't. The priests could only give two explanations. One Zannor is not your son but through DNA testing we know he is. Not to mention that boy looks exactly like you except for his mother's blue eyes. The second explanation is that Zannor is not your eldest son. So Maxwell it appears you have been keeping a secret from us."

“Have you ever thought the Granolith recognized the evil within and refused Zannor’s claim?”

“Max how can you say such a thing about your son?”

“Easily with parents like you he is a product of his environment-Evil.”

“Insulting your jailors isn’t a smart thing to do Maxwell.”

In a sarcastic tone Max replies, “The truth hurts doesn’t it? I have nothing left to lose. The only person you haven’t killed is Zannor and he is more your son than mine.”

“Accusing me of murder too? Tsk, tsk where are your manners?”

“The agreement was me and the Granolith in exchange for everyone else’s lives. Amazing how the entire group has met with such horrifying accidental deaths over the years.”

“Pity isn’t it? I need to take a look into that scintillating mind of yours. So are we going to do this the hard way or the easy way?”

Walking towards the chair Max tells Khivar to go for it. Khivar places his hand on Max’s forehead rummaging through his mind but no new information comes to light. Perplexed he moves away from Max and begins to pace. Impatient Tess demands to know what he found out. With a saccharine sweet smile he simply says, “nothing.”

Khivar walks out the door leaving Tess behind. She stares at Max vengefully. “I don’t know how you accomplished this but by the gods you are going to pay for it.” Tess turns and stalks out of the room.

Max is clueless but grateful his prayers had been heard. Khivar would not be able to access the Granolith through Zannor.

Chapter 2

A Bad Day

Khivar calls the High Priest to his office. The guard opens the door for the priest. Filled with dread he stands before his master. Khivar begins, “I want you to study the records concerning the Granolith. How sentient is the damn thing? Most importantly has the Granolith ever rejected an heir before? Priest I want this information yesterday!”

Bowing out the priest says, “We will begin at once sire.”

Much to Khivar’s dismay Tess is up early and wants an audience with him. I haven’t even had my coffee yet. I can’t deal with that harpy right now. His chamberlain brings requests from Zannor and Thalia for an audience.

“Send Thalia to me.”

Thalia, a beautiful young woman with gray eyes and long blue-black hair walks in. She hugs her father before sitting down.

“Father I’ll come right to the point. I don’t want you to announce my betrothal to Zannor. Hear me out. You know I personally can’t stand that weak mama’s boy but I do understand the necessity of marrying him. But as the Granolith hasn’t accepted him as Heir we need to find out who it is. I think we should wait and keep our options open. The goal is to mix our bloodline with Max’s to gain control of the Granolith. I have to marry the true Heir to accomplish it.”

“Clever girl! You have thought this out. Let’s keep this between ourselves. If your step-mother gets even one whiff of this all hell will break loose. In fact my dear wife should be here any moment why don’t you slip out the back way. I don’t want her to see you.” Khivar kisses his daughter on the cheek and sends her out of the room.

Khivar informs his chamberlain to send Tess in. “Isn’t it a beautiful morning my Queen?”

Annoyed Tess says, “Let’s skip the pleasantries. What are we going to do to resolve the situation?”

“I finished speaking to the High Priest a few minutes ago. I sent him to do some research on the Granolith and the Naming ceremony. Max is not lying so there is something we missed. Unfortunately the people who might have known Liz, Isabel, and Michael have been dead for years. The only person left actually is you dear wife.”

Chapter 3

The never ending bad day

Tess’s face takes on an ashen appearance. Trying bravado, “Me? I don’t think so!”

“My love you have become so pale. Surely you’re not hiding something from me?”

“Of course not but don’t you think this is a bit extreme?”

“Dearest you are trying my patience. Now why don’t you be a good girl and sit down.”

Tess begrudgingly acquiesces. Khivar lays his hand on her forehead and begins sifting through her mind.

{Max pushing Tess away while Liz is in Florida}

{Max trying to win Liz back and it’s working}

{Liz comes to Tess to advise her on how to interest Max}

{Max running into Tess and everything seems to be go well}

{Max running away from Tess minutes later}

{Tess finds Max on a park bench after catching Liz in bed with Kyle}

{Max finding out that Liz died in a boating accident in Florida}

{Tess befriending Max during his grief}

{Tess and Max become friends}

{Tess mindwarping Max into having sex}

{Tess telling Max she is pregnant}

Khivar lifts his hand and begins pacing. Tess watches him in mute terror wondering what he has uncovered. He is ignoring Tess and going over her version of events versus Max’s. Liz’s behavior strikes a discordant note within him. Max believed he had just about won Liz over again and Khivar agrees with the assessment. So why did Liz do an abrupt about face? In a matter of days Liz gave Max the ‘I want to live a normal life speech’; gave Tess whom she loathed pointers on how to interest Max; and then sleeping with Kyle. All three actions were totally unlike Liz Parker.

So what was really going on with Liz? Did she reach a sudden epiphany about her relationship with Max? Did Tess somehow eliminate her rival? Did anyone ever actually see the body? Where exactly was she buried? Was she really even DEAD??

Chapter 4

The last straw

Khivar abruptly stops pacing and orders Tess to leave. She wants to argue but reconsiders after looking at his face. He begins calling for his chamberlain.

"Get me the High Priest!"

A few moments later the High Priest enters. Khivar looks at him consideringly, "Does the phrase 'recognizing the evil within' mean anything to you?"

The High Priest looks at Khivar quizzically, "No Sire should it?"

"I'm not sure. While you are researching the Granolith see if that phrase comes up in association with it."

"Anything else Sire?"

"You've studied Earth's belief systems and burial customs. What can you tell me about the United States?"

"Most people are buried in a cemetery. A few are cremated, burned and their ashes are put into an urn. The ashes can be kept by family members, placed in a cemetery, or scattered over the Earth."

"How hard would it be to find the burial place of someone who died about 20 years ago?"

"I honestly don't know but we do have agents on Earth who I can put on the case. Who would you like them to find?"

"Elizabeth Parker. She was in a relationship with Max Evans before Tess came along. Supposedly she died in a boating accident off the coast of Florida. I want the information confirmed."

"We will begin at once sire. Do you require anything else?"

"No that is all for now."

As the priest walks out the chamberlain walks in. "Sire, Prince Zannor has sent a few more messages requesting an audience."

Rolling his eyes, "What does he want?"

"I don't know Sire, he just says it is urgent."

Prince Zannor barges in complaining. "Yes father the matter is urgent. I've been trying to see you all morning. Your chamberlain keeps putting me off. Are you avoiding me? Why aren't preparations going forward for the betrothal announcement? I've talked to the Master of Ceremonies and the food hasn't even been ordered! I'm going to be most upset if I can't have my favorite dish at my own betrothal party!"

Furious Khivar begins, "The urgent matter is about a party? What about the fact the Granolith hasn't confirmed you as HEIR? Aren't you the least bit concerned about that?"

Indignant Zannor states, "I'm your heir. You've been ruling with out that big chunk of rock why can't I?"

"Are you really that ignorant?"

"How dare you call me dumb! I have more right to rule than you do!"

"BOY, you better tread very carefully. I rule by Right of Conquest. I killed the last King Zan and I have his hybrid Max imprisoned. The only reason you are alive is to provide access to the Granolith. Your reason for existing is on very thin ice."

"Guards please escort Zannor to his chambers he is not feeling well. In fact I think he needs to be kept in seclusion for a few weeks. I wouldn't want anyone else to get ill."

While Zannor is being dragged off Khivar turns to his chamberlain. "I do not want to see anyone else today especially my wife!"

On Earth

"Serena we just received a message from one of our agents on Antar. Khivar wants them to look into Liz Parker's death. He wants to confirm that she is dead."

"How strange it's been so many years and now he wants to confirm it? Something happened to trigger this investigation but what?"

Chapter 5

Antarian Resistance Headquarters-Earth

"Daily report?"

"My lord we have confirmation on the intelligence we received concerning Zannor, Khivar, and the betrothal. A few odd pieces of Intel came through. We know Khivar has the High Priest researching the Granolith. He is also looking into the phrase 'the evil within' in connection to it. And Khivar wants him to confirm an Elizabeth Parker's death. She once dated Max in Roswell. We've confirmed that she died in a boating accident in Florida."


"We've come up with a few theories:

1. Max was never acknowledged by the Granolith. Does he have to be recognized first?

2. Khivar is keeping Zannor on ice. If he can't find a way for Zannor to access the Granolith Zannor's life means nothing.

3. The phrase 'the evil within" intrigues me. Is it capable of knowing the true nature of a person? If so, could that be the reason Zannor was rejected?

As for Elizabeth Parker I haven't a clue. You were there my lord so you know she is dead."

Chapter 6
(I stole a line from Dune one of my all time favorites. It is in italics. Thank you Frank Hebert)

Somewhere in the Sahara Desert

Night has fallen on the eternal sands. The sky is a mass of glittering jewels we mortals call stars. Their light casts shadows upon the sea of sand. A beautiful night an omen maybe of how things will fall out?

“My Lord everyone is in position.”

Looking one last time at the brilliant sky he commands his troops to go forward. Looking through night vision binoculars he watches the first wave take over the outside perimeter. The second wave has made it to the bunker entrance without anyone sounding the alarm. The third wave enters the bunker going for the power generators. The third wave gives the go ahead and the fourth wave enters silently stalking their prey. A group breaks off to achieve their main objective freeing Max.

Max wakes to find four men covered in black standing over him. One of the men leans close to his ear whispering, “We are here to free you. Be quiet and put these on.” Max does as he is told and follows the men out. The leader hands him a gun. “This is a dart gun. The tips contain a chemical lethal to the husks the Skins wear. Anyone not in black is an enemy shoot them.” Max nods his understanding.

The group retraces their route to escape. They can hear heavy fighting in other corridors but their main priority is to get the King out alive. They meet no resistance and flee out of the bunker to a waiting helicopter. The leader calls in. “My Lord the package is safe and in the air.”

“Good work men! All units begin the exiting sequence. See you at the rendezvous point.” For the first time in years the men see a true smile on the face of their lord. I need to send a priority message to Liadan.

“Casualty report?”

“My Lord we lost ten but took out the entire garrison. The bunker was destroyed as ordered.”

“Thank you has our guest arrived?”

“The helicopter is landing now.”

“Bring him directly to my quarters.”

Max is taken from the helicopter into the encampment. None of the soldiers will answer his questions. He is wondering if he left one prison for another. The guards stop in front of a large tent and motion for him to go in. Hesitantly he enters looking around.

“Aren’t you going to say hi, Maxwell?”


Antarian Resistance Headquarters-Earth

“My Queen you have a priority message from Headquarters.”

Exasperated she never takes her eyes off the data on the screen. “I told them the results from the last round of tests wouldn’t be ready until this afternoon. Just send a message that I’ll be done faster without interruptions!”

Fifteen minutes later her assistant comes back into the lab. “Your Majesty, HQ just sent a code red message I think you had better take this one.”

Irritated she goes into her office and sees the computer flashing a truly annoying reddish hue. She sits down and does the retinal scan. A simple message appears.

The sleeper has awakened

All color drains from her face. It has begun the fate of many worlds now hang in the balance.

Chapter 7

Schemes and Plans

In the dead of night Tess sneaks in to see her son. Zannor immediately begins whining, “Mom, I can’t believe that man sent me to my room! He won’t let me see anyone or talk to anyone. I won’t even go into the food!”

“SHUT UP! You are such a fool! Everything was about to be in our grasp and you ruined it!”

“I? I ruined it? You scheming bitch why didn’t the Granolith recognize me? I’m the fucking HIER! You are always going on about how much I owe to you and your great plan. What did you do to screw this up?”

“I didn’t screw anything up you ungrateful brat. I’m the only one Max ever slept with! You are his only child. I don’t understand what happened.” Tess face becomes a mask of horror. “You don’t think Khivar found out about our plan? Could he have faked it? The Granolith never reacted in the slightest even to the priest.”

“There’s no way he could have found out. I’ve been hiding my intelligence behind the guise of spoiled, witless brat. He still thinks I’m a harmless dimwit that will obey his every command. He really thinks I don’t realize that once Thalia has a son off me I’m dead. He is an over confident fool. He is so used to everyone being scared of him he has relaxed his defenses. Granolith or no we need to strike soon. Khivar is going to die and the throne will be MINE!”

Somewhere in the Sahara Desert


Max hugs Michael fiercely tears streaming down their faces. “You’re the healthiest looking corpse I’ve ever seen!”

Michael pulls back from the embrace steadily looking Max in the eyes. “Khivar and Nicholas had to believe Maria and I were really dead. They abided by the deal until they found out Maria was pregnant. Max, I wish I could’ve gotten you out sooner. We’ve been waiting for everything to fall in place. Khivar doesn’t know it yet but all of his forces on Earth were destroyed tonight. And the battle has begun for Antar.”

Max is simply stunned. “How? How did you do all of this?”

“There has been a resistance group on Earth since the plan was made to send us here. The biggest contributor has been the Queen. She is the one who banded all of the Antarians on Earth together to become part of the resistance. Laric and the Queen have also been recruiting allies from the five planets and the governments of Earth.”

Michael gestures to a chair. With a proud air Michael begins, “Max sit down. I have so much to tell you and I don’t even know where to begin. Maria and I have two kids a boy Aeden and a girl Mellan. Aeden means born of fire and Mellan lightning. Everyone thought the names were apt considering who they belonged to.” Max roars with laughter.

Michael gives his trademark smirk and waits for Max to gain control. “I have been in charge of the armies for the last ten years. My title is First Lord of War can you believe? I had so much to learn and so do you. Wait first let me tell you how Maria and I got saved.”

Chapter 8

The chamberlain enters Khivar’s office “Sire the High Priest is requesting an audience with you.”

“Send him in.”

“Sire, I have some of the information you wanted. Elizabeth Parker’s death has been confirmed. My agents found the cemetery and dug up the grave. Her remains were in there. They found newspaper articles and police reports to back everything up. The research on the Granolith is not progressing very well. The books containing the information are missing. We’ve done a thorough search of the temple, library, and everyone’s quarters. With your permission I would like to search the palace.”

Khivar is very perplexed by the news. “How long have the books been missing?”

“We don’t know. The are so rarely used no one can remember the last time someone had a need for them.”

“You have my leave to search the palace talk to my chamberlain on the way out to set it up.”

“Thank you Sire.” The High Priest bows and walks out of the office.

Khivar sits down trying to sort through the new information. His wife’s screaming breaks his reverie. “You sniveling little worm I know he is in there and I am going in.” With that said Tess barges into Khivar’s office.

“When are you going to let Zannor out of his room? We all know he is an idiot and says the wrong things. What did he do that was so terrible for him to be locked up for weeks?”

“Why dearheart I’m sure you know everything that was said. You’ve been sneaking into his room at night against my wishes.” Khivar watches his wife’s ashen face in amusement.

Panicking, “He is my son I only wanted to be sure he was being taken care of properly.”

“Of course you were, your such a devoted mother concerned with all of his interests.”

He knows. He knows. What do I do?


“I’ve been patient long enough when are you going to answer my questions?” demands Max.

“Maxwell to many peoples lives are at stake. You had to be checked out to see if Khivar left any surprises in your mind or body. Until we have you in a secure area I can’t answer anymore of your questions. Michael/Rath had to die. I have been someone else for half my life. Only a handful of people know who I truly am. It is one of the many precautions we take. For now you must call me my lord, warlord, or Dagan. Maria is Sorcha.”

Frustrated, “How much longer are we going to be on this damn plane?”

“Actually we will be landing in a few minutes. Don’t ask where because I’m not going to tell you. Quit looking at me like that!”

Max looks out the window as the plane lands but it is to dark to see anything. They exit the plane. Michael leads them to an ancient stone ring. He waves his hand over one of the stones and a doorway appears. Seeing Max hesitate, “Come Maxwell the answer to your questions is before you.”

They begin the long descent to the underground base. Finally they step into a huge cavern that is filled with the answers he needed. Isabel is alive standing in Alex’s embrace. With tears of joy alighting her face Isabel runs into her brother’s arms holding on for dear life. Max whispers into her ear, “Izzy, Izzy I thought you were dead.”

“Oh my god you’re here. You’re really here. Max, I feel like this is a dream. I’ve been waiting so long for this. I’ve missed you so much.”

“What about Mom and Dad?”

“I’m sorry Max they died of natural causes a few years ago. They were able to live out the last part of their lives here with their grandchildren and us. Mom and Dad had absolute faith that you were coming back to us one day. They left a message for you. Max they loved us so much.”

Chapter 9

“Tess, my love I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a peak into your mind again. The information I have doesn’t match up. Liz is dead and has been forever, Max has no thought that I haven’t delved into, but you my dear have been keeping secrets from me.”

Tess is poised for flight but Khivar blocks her path. He sits her down on a chair and begins to discover the truth about his Queen.

{Practice, practice, practice damn Nesado}

{Moving again. Hate new school. Hate being the new kid.}

{Why can’t I have friends now?}

{Humans are a lower life form. Human emotions will weaken me. Trust only Nesado and my family.}

{Nesado’s mantra I have a family who loves me. Zan my husband, Vilandra my sister-in-law, and Rath my brother-in-law having them I don’t need anyone else especially humans.}

{I have a greater destiny than being on this primitive planet.}

{Zan has been found my love, my life, my destiny.}

{I pour through the pictures of Zan. He is beautiful and he is MINE.}

{I can hardly breathe it’s him! I will him to look at me. If he looks at me he will know me!}

{He won’t look. Who is that brown-haired human he is so intent on? Why is he wasting his time with that…human?}

{He’s going to be my lab partner I’ll just give him a little nudge.}

{In disbelief she watches him run away from her to the human. He kisses the human! Must get rid of the human}

{Perfect set up it’s raining he’ll stop and help me. I stand in the rain-soaking wet. My clothes mold my body. How can he resist? Come to me. He’s here we kiss right in front of the human Liz. That should do the trick.}

{Damn it is there anyway to pry those two apart?}

{The destiny book!}

{He doesn’t believe in destiny? He loves Liz and won’t give her up. He’s choosing a human over his wife? I don’t think so.}

{Liz running away from Max after his mother’s ‘message.’}

{She’s in Florida and he won’t give me the time of day. This is not what I was promised. He doesn’t love me hell he doesn’t even like me. They only tolerate me because I am one of them. They will pay.}

{Tess complaining to Nesado. Him telling her of the deal he struck with Khivar. Her agreeing to the terms.}

No real surprises so far in Tess’s memories. Nesado set her up to fail with Max from the beginning. There is something in that time period with the Liz-Max-Tess triangle that I am missing. What could it be?

“If you want to stay Queen you will quit plotting with your son. The people hate you even more than me. You were supposed to be one of the ones to save them instead you betrayed. If given the opportunity they will kill you and your precious son. I think you need to do some soul searching. Guards the Queen isn’t feeling well. Bring her to the special chamber to wait out her illness.”

Tess screams as the guards drag her away. “Khivar NO. Please don’t do this. I’ll be good I promise.”

Antarian Resistance Headquarters-Earth

Max greets Maria and Alex. “Come on Max we need to get to the family quarters. There are quite a few people eager to see you. Ava and Kyle are here too. Ava didn’t know if you would want to see her because of Tess.”

“Isabel of course I want to see her. She is not Tess. Kyle is alive too? This resistance organization is something else. They have somehow saved the people I love the most.”

Isabel opens the door to a room filled with boisterous laughter. Teenage kids are everywhere. One sits by the fire playing a guitar. He notices the arrival and quiets the room. “Thank you Amergin. Max this is mine and Alex’s son Amergin. Amergin your Uncle Max.” Amergin born with his father’s open friendliness pulls his uncle into an embrace. Isabel’s daughters come up to greet their uncle. “Max meet your nieces Mara and Ceara.”

Michael playfully bows with a flourish. “Maxwell may I present Aeden and Mellan to you.”

Kyle and Ava come in with three more teenagers. “Evans!” Kyle embraces Max. “You know my wife Ava and these are our children Declan, Desmond, and Siban.”

“I hate to break the reunion up but the Queen has sent word. She wants to see you, Max, and Isabel in her chambers immediately.” Kyle looks at the adults meaningfully, “He will meet the others after you see the Queen.”

Max is very confused but before he can ask a question Michael starts heading for the door. “Max it is bad form to keep Her Majesty!”

Chapter 10

Max, Isabel, and Michael walk out the door. Michael leads them to an elevator. He puts a code in to start the elevator. They descend farther down the floors not registering on the electronic pad. The elevator halts and Michael puts in another code. The backside of the elevator opens to a long corridor.

“We are now in the most secure part of the complex. Only a few people have the codes to access this level. If the upper levels are invaded we can control everything from down here. The Queen also lives and works here.”

Max stops Isabel and Michael. Nervous he asks, “Will she like me? Approve of me? Will I like her?”

Isabel and Michael are hanging onto each other trying not to fall from laughing so hard. They finally compose themselves and lead a very confused Max onward. They finally walk into a beautiful drawing room filled with antiques and a mix of modern art. Michael speaks to the approaching woman. “Serena, may I introduce Max. Max, Serena the Queen’s personal assistant.”

“The negotiations are running a bit late. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll bring out some refreshments. Max is there anything special you want? I doubt Khivar has been feeding you anything very good.” Beep. Serena looks down at her comm pad and excuses herself.

Michael rubs his hands together with glee. “Come Maxwell lets raid the Queen’s kitchen! She always makes sure to have our favorites on hand.”

Serena comes back a few minutes later to find Isabel alone. “Let me guess their raiding the fridge?” Isabel just laughs. “So how is Max really? The Queen has always had nerves of steel but meeting him has her off kilter.”

“Max is just as nervous. He wants to make a good impression. I’m worried about him. He has been bombarded with so much in the last 24 hours. I don’t think he knows if he is coming or going.”

The kitchen door opens and Serena says, “The Queen has finished the conference call and is ready for all of you.”

“Serena? Isabel? Will someone help me get this thing off?” The Queen is trying to take the crown off. She hears footsteps coming towards her. She waits breathlessly to see who is answering her call. He is here!

Isabel and Michael come in first with Max hesitating at the door. Finally he lifts his head up and looks at the Queen. He stands immobile unable to believe the sight before his eyes-Liz.

No. No. No. No. No. His mind is refusing to believe the scene in front of him. He begins yelling, “ KHIVAR, STOP IT!! STOP IT!! K-H-I-V-A-R!! This is low even for you. Stop the mind warp. I don’t believe this it’s to good to be true.”

The vision of Liz is walking towards him her doe eyes filled with concern. “Tess, stay the HELL away from me! You can’t fool me into thinking your Liz again.” Max falls to his knees anguish etched into his face, his voice. “Liz is dead. Do you hear me? LIZ IS DEAD!”

The vision of Liz drops to her knees before him. She cradles his face in her hands. “Kiss me. Kiss me Max our connection cannot lie.” Max’s face is motionless only his eyes reflect the battle raging within. “One kiss and you will know the truth of it.”

Drowning in her eyes he is surrounded by her scent. His senses are in overload. He leans forward imperceptibly. Liz leans in and captures his lips. Their connection flares to life.

Temple of the soul
Silence of the mind
Solace of the heart
Peace of being
His sanctuary

Max enfolds Liz into his embrace tears falling freely. He is back where he belongs his home, Liz.

A little while later Michael clears his throat trying to get their attention. He has watched them 'rediscover' each other long enough. “Liz, Max I hate to interrupt your reunion but there’s a lot Max needs to know.”

Max just glares at Michael not letting her go. Liz finally tells Max it is time. He reluctantly helps her stand. “God this crown is heavy. Isabel will you help me get it off?” Isabel moves to help Liz remove the pins holding it in place.

Liz leads everyone into a small sitting room. “Max, remember when you caught me in bed with Kyle?” Max’s jaw visibly tightens as he nods. “It was all a set up. I had to make you fall out of love with me. I tried everything giving Tess pointers, lying to you, nothing worked so I asked Kyle to do me a favor. Nothing happened but your face when you saw us. My heart broke into billions of pieces.”

“I don’t understand why.”

“You asked me to. A future version of you came from the year 2014. Our enemies had won and everyone was dead. You, Serena, and I came up with a desperate plan to use the Granolith as a time machine to change the outcome. So this is what we did…” (Everyone knows this so I’m not repeating the whole story.)

By the end of the story Max was apologizing telling Liz how much he loved her. He told them how Tess had mindwarped him and erased his memories. He told them of the few moments of clarity he would have and find out weeks had passed. By the time he came back to himself Tess had had Zannor. He was Khivar’s prisoner and he made the deal for their lives. “I don’t understand how did you get here? How did you save the others?”

Liz looks at him questioning how much more he can handle. “Max you came back from the future a second time."

Chapter 11


Khivar is waiting for the High Priest to answer his summons. He keeps on reviewing the facts but he knows he is missing something. The High Priest enters halting his reverie. “So do you have any new information for me?”

“Sire we have finished searching the palace and the books on the Granolith are not to be found. I have made discreet inquiries to the other temples on Antar but I haven’t received any replies.”

Khivar’s voice takes on a menacing tone, “I know those books contain something vital. If you value your head don’t disappoint me the way your predecessor did.”

Shaking the High Priest bows and runs out of the room. Khivar settles behind his desk and begins making a list.

Liz Parker- died in boating accident
Maria and Michael Guerin- died in a car wreck
Max- prisoner
Isabel- died in NYC due to a mugging
Kyle Valenti- died in line of duty stopping a robbery
Sheriff Valenti- died of natural causes
Amy Valenti- died committing suicide
Philip and Diane Evans- died of poisoning
Jeff and Nancy Parker- died in a fire at the Crashdown
Tess- here under lock and key

There was someone else in the group in the beginning. Who was it? He had a crush on Isabel. He was such an utterly forgettable person. Like Isabel would have gone for him. What was his name? Alex! Alex what though? Where did he disappear to? Is he even important enough to try and find?

Antarian Resistance Headquarters-Earth

Queen Elizabeth’s sitting room

Liz looks at him questioning how much more he can handle. “Max you came back from the future a second time."

Max shell shocked asks, “Why?”

“Are you sure you’re ready to hear the rest of the story? We can finish in the morning after you’ve had time to sort it all out.”

“No, I need to know what I’ve done in the past, present, and future before I can come to terms with all of this.”

“Our plan to keep Tess in the fold didn’t work. She always was a traitor only we didn’t know it until it was too late. Tess mind warped Alex into decoding the Destiny book. His mind finally got to the point that it collapsed from the constant mind warping she had done. She made it look like he had committed suicide. Maria, Kyle, and I figured it out and rushed to the Pod Chamber. We barely made it in time. We confronted Tess and she admitted to killing Alex and mind warping Kyle to cover it up. You let Tess go back to Antar because she carried your son. You couldn’t kill her while she was carrying your child.”

“After she left you were determined to reclaim your son. You wouldn’t listen to us about Tess mind warping you. You kept on responding to Tess’s implanted commands. You became obsessed alienating all of us. Which was exactly what Tess wanted. After the baby was born Tess came back and offered you a deal. If you gave up the Granolith Khivar would give up your son. You didn’t tell any of us knowing that we would have stopped you because it was a trap. Khivar took you and the Granolith back to Antar. He kept you imprisoned in the temple. You became friends with the High Priest and he allowed you certain liberties. The history of Antar and the Granolith were your two main areas of interest. The High Priest gave you all of the books on the Granolith and you were able to regain the lost knowledge. It was spread out through the books and parts of it were in code. You had years to figure everything out and plan an escape. You had a deadline-Zannor’s Naming Ceremony confirming him as Heir.”

“Your presence on the planet was kept from the people. They hated Khivar and positively loathed Tess. If they had known you were on the planet the people would have revolted. But fate works in strange ways the High Priest was one of the top ranking members of the Antarian Resistance. He along with a few others had come up with a plan to help you escape and travel back in time to correct everything. Serena was another member of the resistance. Khivar was holding her to ensure her parent’s cooperation. Serena served as a lady-in-waiting to Tess so she was able to spy on them. She was also one of the foremost scientists on Antar. She once again figured out how to modify the Granolith into a time machine.”

“The escape attempt was successful. Serena and Alaric the High Priest came with you. A week after I pretended to sleep with Kyle you three showed up on my balcony. We met up with the resistance leaders already on Earth and came up with a new plan. When you disappeared again we knew we had been successful.”

“Liz how was this new plan successful? I was still captured and imprisoned; Tess and Khivar have my son. Am I missing something here?”

“Max this is the part I’m afraid of telling you. I don’t want you to hate me but we had already played with the future enough. The resistance had to become strong enough to destroy Khivar’s forces on Earth and to retake Antar. We’ve been working on a timetable to be ready for Zannor’s attempt to be proclaimed Heir. Khivar had to keep you alive until Zannor reached adulthood and could harness the power of the Granolith.”

“Liz why would I hate you for this? You kept my family, my friends, and myself alive. I don’t know how to thank you for everything you have sacrificed on my behalf.”

“Max I haven’t gotten to the part you might hate me for. Decisions had to be made and actions taken.”

“Liz quit being so cryptic. What did you do?”

Chapter 12

“You were betrayed before the ship even left Antar. The Royal Four did not have the knowledge or power to defeat Khivar. Nesado was the pilot of the ship and one of Khivar’s men. He deliberately sabotaged the ship to crash. None of you were supposed to survive. Luckily two of the guardians realized what was going on and hid your pods before the government could find them. Nesado had been injured in the crash. He spent years tying to find out where your pods were hidden. By the time he found them the only one left was Tess. Nesado set her up to fail with Max from the beginning. She was so emotionally damaged by him that nothing could’ve stopped her from betraying you.”

Liz gulped hard, hot tears slipping down her cheeks. “Two things always screwed up the future our love and Tess’s jealousy. No matter how many times we tried to change the future the results were always the same. We came up with a plan to use it to our advantage. You brought the Granolith tomes and the lost knowledge from Antar. You had found out the true power of the Granolith and its uses. Why it was entrusted to your family and how guardianship passed through the ages. You, Alaric, Serena, and I formed the plan we are still following today. Alaric, Serena, and I found this place and built this complex bit by bit over the years.”

“Alex was recruited soon after Future you left. Between the four of us we pulled the resistance groups together into a cohesive unit. A spy was established within Khivar’s high command. With the spy’s forewarning we were able to save everyone and let Khivar think he had been successful. I know Michael told you his story. We were able to rescue everyone and the core group was back together. We were only lacking you to be complete.”

“Before Future Max left we were married in the traditional Antarian way. The Granolith recognized our union and Future you invested me with all the powers of the ruling monarch. I have been ruling for the past 20 years. The Granolith didn’t recognize Zannor because he is not the child of the chosen Queen. Tess could’ve had ten children by you but none of them could claim the throne or the Granolith. Only a male child by me will be Heir. Next would be Isabel’s son Amergin.” Liz looks at Max beseechingly, “Max I’m sorry but we took the choice away from you. The Granolith and the people consider us married even though I married a different version of you.”

A spark of some indefinable emotion lit his eyes. “Your afraid I’m going to be upset because we are married? I’ve known since the third grade that you are the only one for me. What about you? Do you still want to be with me?”

Glimmers of hope lit her eyes. “There is one more thing you are going to have to come to terms with.” Taking a deep breath Liz plunges forward. “My union with Future Max produced three children Rian, Riona, and Rigan. They are triplets Rian being the eldest. I was pregnant with them when my death was faked. I had to do the hardest thing in my life…walk away from you. Oh Max, I lied to you; hurt you so much back then. You have been forced to live with the consequences of our choices. In this timeline every truth was withheld from you. The children know the truth and believe you are their father. They are eager to meet you. I don’t want them to be hurt. This is such a bizarre situation the children are and aren’t yours. Can you love them? Can you accept them as yours?”

Chapter 13

Max and Liz's children:
Rian= Ree an eldest male
Riona= Ree ona middle child female
Rigan= Ree gan youngest male

Liz had to fight her own battle of personal restraint waiting for Max’s answer. His whole face spread into a loving smile. “Liz how could you doubt? They are our children. I would’ve loved them just because they were yours. When can I meet them?”

The joy radiating from Liz was palpable. Isabel and Michael sigh in relief at how well things are going. Michael stands up. “Iz, I’m going to get the kids. You can watch and see who wins the staring contest.” Isabel chuckles in agreement for she had never seen anyone love the way Max and Liz loved one another.

A few moments’ later three beautiful beings walk in behind Michael. Tall, raven-haired, golden eyed a perfect blending of their mother and father. Max stands up in awe looking eye to eye with his children. Liz waves them to her. “Max I would like for you to meet Rian the eldest, Riona, and Rigan the youngest. Children your father Max Evans.”

Not knowing what to do or say they stare at each other in wonderment. Some pieces of the puzzle called their lives finally fall into place. Riona can’t stand the silence anymore and throws herself into Max’s arms. Crying she whispers Daddy against his chest. Rian and Rigan join the family embrace. Max looks at Liz silently asking her to join them.

Michael and Isabel quietly walk out of the room leaving the family in peace for their long awaited reunion. As they walk out of the Queens chambers Isabel whispers to Michael, “By the way Michael Liz won.” Peals of laughter can be heard down the corridor to the elevator.

The families embrace breaks apart. Riona looks at her brothers before approaching her father. “Dad, we have waited so long for this day. All we have had of you are pictures and stories. We would like to connect with you. Mother has always said that you have the most beautiful soul. We would like to see the soul that captured our mother’s heart. The soul that helped create us.”

Max felt a warm glow flow through him. The children wanted and needed him as much as he them. “Let’s sit down in a circle and join hands. Liz where are you going?”

Liz looks at the picture before her with an adoring smile. “You four need to bond together without me and I am being called away. I’ll be back in a little while to check on you.”

After a minute or so Rigan begins waving his hand in front of Max’s face. “Earth to Dad. Earth to Dad. We’ve always heard stories about how bad you two had it. Now that I’ve seen it nothing is ever going to get done around here!”

Max looks at his children with a sheepish grin. “I never could help myself where your mother is concerned. Lets get this started before she distracts me again.” The four join hands and Max begins the love story of Liz and Max.

Liz goes in search of Serena. “Serena, I’ve been called to the Granolith. I left Max in my rooms with the children. I don’t know how long I will be. Max really hasn’t got a clue about the Granolith so your going to have to cover for me.”

“Of course! I’ll sic Maria on him. You better go the Granolith doesn’t send a summons unless it is important.”

Liz nods and disappears behind a false bookcase. Entering the chamber the Granolith begins emitting a warm amber glow recognizing Queen Elizabeth. She gets comfortable on the divan and touches the Granolith. The connection is instantaneous and their communion begins.

Chapter 14

Summary: I am flipping mainly between Khivar and Liz's perspectives. Khivar came to Earth after Zannor was denied by the Granolith. He and Tess paid Max a visit. Michael and his troops busted Max out of his prison and brought him to the secret resistance base on Earth. Khivar and Tess went back to Antar. Khivar is searching for answers about the Granolith and why Zannor was denied. Zannor and his mother, Tess are imprisoned by Khivar when he realizes they are plotting against him. Right now in the story Khivar is trying to figure out what went wrong. Max has been rescued and reunited with his family. He is trying to come to terms with everything. I hope this helps clear up any confusion!

Hours later an extremely frustrated Max is looking at everyone, “Why won’t you tell me where Liz is?”

Michael who has had enough decides to tell Max exactly how the cookie crumbles. “Max sit down and shut up! You are acting like a spoiled brat whose candy has been taken away! She left you alone with the kids so you could get to know each other. If she has closeted her self somewhere to get some work done deal with it! Liz is the Queen she has a kingdom to run. A kingdom now at war I might add.”

In a rage, “Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that? I am supposed to be your king shouldn’t I be involved in any decisions to be made?”

“Max your brain has obviously turned to mush from inactivity. You are not king. We didn’t know if you would come out of this alive so the other version of you gave up ruler ship in favor of Liz. The Granolith has deemed her the consecrated ruler and Rian as Heir when he turned 18. Rian could have claimed the right to be king but he was wise enough to know he didn’t know enough. Liz has ruled wisely and kept the kingdom from totally falling in Khivar’s hands. She built the trust between nations and planets to form the alliances we are counting on now to take Antar back. It is up to her and the Granolith as to whether you will be king in any form. Liz now has two distinct identities. The Liz from Roswell who is as a sister to me and the other is my Queen, Elizabeth. You better get used to the idea that the sweet, shy, responsible Liz you remember has evolved into a powerful woman. If you can’t handle the fact that she has changed that we all have from whom you remember you’re in for a frustrating ride.” Michael strides out of the room and slams the door in frustration. He walks strait into Liz.

“Liz I need to talk to you.” They turn to go to Liz’s chambers. Both are silently mulling over Michael’s words to Max.

“Liz, I’m sorry you had to hear that and more sorry that I blew up at Max. I may have been harsh but he needed to know who was really in charge here. I am not going to let him undo everything we have accomplished. He knows nothing about ruling, diplomacy, statecraft, or war. Just because I was his second-in-command didn’t mean I was automatically in charge of warfare. I had to learn and prove myself worthy of being First Lord of War. He has to do the same thing. How dare he think he can just waltz in here and take over?”

“Michael our lives are dictated by the choices we make. Max chose to give himself up to save his family. He has been sitting in a prison for 20 years believing the choice he made was ultimately his family’s death sentence. Until today those deaths have been a stain on his soul. Today he finds out the sacrifices he made were in vain. In the last 24 hours Max has been reunited with a family he thought long dead. You all have families and a life that did not include him. He also found out today that the love of his life is alive and ruling the kingdom he thought was his. He sort of has three grown children by her. I would say he is overwhelmed and trying to latch onto something solid to ground him. He’s frightened and angry right now. It is going to take time for him to adjust and find his place among us. Michael you are going to have to be patient with him until then.”

Chastised Michael smiles ruefully, “My Queen as always you see twice as far as the rest of us.”

Chuckling Liz retorts, “You are definitely sleep deprived if I am receiving such high praise from you!”

Chapter 15

Now I’m going to do something very rare explain! LOL

Max in this story is hard to write. I did some research about how people feel after being released from a long jail sentence. I am hoping the feelings of confusion; anger, displacement, etc. are coming across.

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.

After Michael stormed out Isabel motioned for the others to leave. “So Isabel do you feel the same way Michael does?”

She looked at him as if weighing the question. “When I first got here I was somewhat resentful of Liz being in charge. She was mother to the heir but I was your sister a princess born.”

With a wry smile on her face Isabel continues. “I was cured of that attitude very quickly. Liz told me she was going to take a little vacation and leave me in charge. I lasted a whole day. Serena woke me up a 6 am and I still didn’t have everything done by 11 pm that night. The endless meetings, emergencies, god just the day to day details of running a kingdom she made it look so easy. Liz works those hours everyday and managed to raise a family. Our core group are her advisors but ultimately the decision is hers. I don’t have the strength she does. The decisions she makes and the consequences are on her soul. Ten men died freeing you Max. Liz spent part of the day with the families of the fallen. Her joy at your return is tempered by the price paid for it. Have you even thought or asked about the people involved?” Max hangs his head down dejectedly.

“Michael takes the loss of his men hard. He is angry with himself wondering what could’ve been done differently to save lives. It is a futile exercise but it is part of what makes him such a great general.”

Raw hurt glittered from Max’s eyes. “What do you even need me for? You guys seem to have all the bases covered. Why didn’t you just let me rot for another few decades?”

Isabel is filled with disbelief and rage. “I can’t believe you just said that. You’re the one who chose to be imprisoned. Do you have any idea how badly you hurt us? You didn’t consult with anyone about giving the Granolith and yourself to Khivar. You didn’t say good-bye; leave a letter, anything Max! Mom and Dad were worried sick and Michael and I thought you were dead.”

Isabel asks in a low voice taunt with anger, “Do you know how we found out? Do you? Nicholas. I can still see his face he was so gleeful. He enjoyed telling us and assuring us that our safety was guaranteed. We didn’t believe him for a moment. We lived day-to-day waiting for the axe to fall. Just when we started to live again Nicholas went after Michael and Maria. They were the first ones Liz, Serena, and Alaric saved. Maria was pregnant with Mellan, which prompted Nicholas to go after them. Michael is fiercely loyal to Liz for saving their lives. Michael came here and began his education. He learned how to control his powers and the art of warfare. But he had to earn his place as First Lord of War. In doing so Michael finally gained a sense of self worth. Maria’s love had done a lot to help Michael but he had to do the rest by himself. As you just saw he still has problems with his temper. Once he has cooled off he will be back to apologize.”

A tone of earnestness entered Isabel’s voice, “Max we have all been allowed to discover our own talents and bring our expertise to the table. It takes the combined efforts of all of us to make this kingdom run. Max it will take time but you will find your place among us again. Alaric would like to see you tomorrow. He served on our father’s council and has taught us so much about Antar and its history. Alaric stayed with Liz in this time line instead of going back. He will be able to answer most of your questions and the reasoning behind how everything happened. I think it’s time for us to call it a day.” Isabel grins, “You know me I need my beauty sleep!”

“Iz where am I supposed to sleep?” Max stood his hands shoved into his pockets, his shoulders hunched forward.

Puzzled Isabel asks, “Isn’t Liz expecting you?”

He sighed heavily, his voice filled with anguish, “I don’t know Iz. I really don’t know.”

The next morning

Maria walks into the family room to find Max asleep on the couch. Seeing the distress on his face she decides to wake him. Maria gently shakes Max’s shoulder softly calling his name. He wakes up to Maria’s concerned face. “Get up Max we need to get you cleaned up and fed.”

Max gave in gracefully not having the strength to argue. Feeling better after a long shower he comes out to find Maria lying in wait for him. Maria laughs at the expression on Max’s face. “Don’t worry I won’t start until you’ve at least had breakfast!”

“Let the Inquisition begin.”

“Why were you asleep on the couch? Did Liz kick you out on your first night home?”

“No. Iz and I talked after everyone left last night. I had a lot to think about so I told Iz I was staying up for a while longer.”

“So you and Liz haven’t had the relationship talk. Do I need to set you up with your own rooms?”

“No to the first question and yes I want my own rooms.”


“Maria I don’t know what any of you expect from me.”

“Max you know you are the only one for her. There has never been anyone else. Liz has worked tirelessly for your return.”

“I don’t know why.” Stunned speechless Maria watches Max walk out.

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Family Tree

Future Max & Liz---Rian, Riona, and Rigan
Max & Tess---Zannor (illegitimate)
Isabel & Alex---Amergin, Mara and Ceara (Twins)
Michael & Maria---Mellan and Aeden
Kyle & Ava---Declan and Desmond (Twins), and Siban

Serena is Max and Isabel’s first cousin

At the request of some readers I made a mini family tree. Hopefully it will clear up any confusion!
~Adian *big*
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Chapter 16

Serena quietly knocks on Liz's bedchamber door. "Is it safe to come in?" Receiving no answer Serena walks into the bedchamber.

Liz was in the middle of the bed head bowed; her body slumped in despair. "He didn't come." She covered her face with trembling hands and gave vent to her agony. Serena rushed over and held Liz while sobs racked her body. "He is blocking our connection. He is rejecting me."

The elevator computer sends Liz a warning that Maria is on her way. I can’t crack in front of her. I can’t tell her Max is blocking me. She’ll tell everyone and he doesn’t need the pressure and I don’t want the pity. I have to be strong no emotion. It’s time to be Queen Elizabeth not Liz.

Maria enters Liz's office a few hours after talking to Max. She sits down and studies her friend waiting for her to finish. Liz has on her 'coat of regality' she is not going to give an inch. Oh well I have to try. "I found Max asleep on the couch in the family room this morning. He has asked for his own set of rooms."

Liz interrupts, "I'm not surprised. Is there a point to this conversation?"

"Liz he told Isabel and me that he doesn't understand why we rescued him. He doesn't believe we need him."

"Ria it is going to take time for him to adjust and to learn. Alaric is to talk with him today. He will get some of the answers he needs from him."

"Lizzie he needs you."

"Actually, I am the last person he wants to talk to. Maria this conversation is over I have work to do."

"But Liz..."

"But nothing Maria you've had your say and it’s duly noted. Please excuse me but I have work to do." Liz turned back to her computer and began reading.

Michael, Rian, Riona, and Rigan are the next ones to enter her office. "Liz we are going to have to move up the timetable. We've been studying the new intelligence data and we all came to the same conclusion. We need you to go to the War room so we can show you what changes we have come up with."

After studying all of the data Liz is in agreement. "Michael we are going to have to do this without Max. He isn't even close to being ready for battle."

"I know. You, Rian, and I will go to lead this battle. We can give the news to the people of King Zans escape from Khivar. We'll just say he is still recovering from escaping Khivars tender care. Riona and Rigan will be in charge here. We meet in two hours at the Granolith chamber."

"My children today we truly begin the fight to reclaim your birthright. You all know my heart and my mind in regards to this war. Rigan I leave with you the rulers signet ring. In my absence you are in charge. If anything should happen to your brother and I you are the next in line. Rigan you have faced the judgment of the Granolith and been found worthy. When you have doubts use the Granolith. Listen to the counsel of your First Advisor Riona. You can trust no one the way you can trust her for she too has faced the Granolith. The others will be here to help but the decision is ultimately yours. You are a child no longer Prince of the Realm rule wisely and justly during our absence. Always remember how much I love you. Now please go or I'll never be able to leave you."

Two hours later the trio enter the Granolith chamber. "Each of you hold one of my hands. When I give the command our hands have to touch the Granolith.” The light emitting from the Granolith changed from warm amber to bright white. "NOW!" The three figures merged in the white light and vanished into thin air.

Max left Maria lost in his own thoughts. He bumped into an old man carrying fishing poles. “Excuse me sir but can I go outside with you?”

“Sure young man nothing like a peaceful day on the lake to calm your troubles. I have a new bait to try out today. I’m going to catch ol’ crafty today.”

“Who is ol’ crafty?”

“I have been trying to catch this bass for years. I’ve nicknamed him because he is so elusive. It is new challenge every time. Come on my boat is over the hill.”

They reach the boat and load the gear. “I hope you don’t mind but we are going to have to row. I hate motors it lets the fish know we are coming.” They row out to the middle of the lake and fish in companionable silence.

“If you don’t mind my asking how did you get involved in all of this?”

“I’ve been involved from the beginning. I served on both King Zan’s council and his fathers. I was at the wedding when Khivar massacred the Royal Four. King Zan’s bride Ava betrayed him to Khivar. Ava was to be Khivars queen but he had her killed too.”

“Tell me about King Zan.”

“I watched him grow up. He was a good man. I think he would have been a great king if he had had the chance to rule. Zan was a dreamer and some of his ideas bothered the aristocracy on the other four worlds. Antar was a monarchy with some democratic institutions. The people elected what you would call a House of Representatives to advise the crown on matters concerning the populace. The other worlds were totally dominated by the aristocracy. The common people were still bound in serfdom. King Zan wanted to bring enlightened ruling to the other planets. Khivar was vehemently opposed and sought out aristocratic allies on the other planets. Princess Ava’s father was no fan of Zan’s plans either but he wouldn’t pass up the chance for his daughter to be Queen of Antar.”

“So the marriage between Ava and Zan was arranged?”

“Yes. It was hate at first sight. Both of them urged their fathers to reconsider but neither was willing. Vilandra had it no better she had been raised with Rath and considered him a brother. Both of them thought marriage close to incest.”

“Didn’t Zan’s father want him to be happy?”

“Marriages in royal and aristocratic houses are about power, money, alliances, etc. Friendship much less love is considered in arranging a match. I think Khivar found Ava so easy to turn because there was nothing between her and Zan.”

“Then why was Ava sent as part of the Royal Four if she was a traitor?”

“Her treachery was discovered after the pods had already been sent. It was too late and the Queen hoped that history wouldn’t repeat itself. Unfortunately it did. Although Tess’s duplicate Ava is as good as Tess is evil. The people of Antar hate Tess more than they hate Khivar. She can’t leave the palace grounds for fear the populace will kill her.”

“Who are you? How do you know all of this?”

“Max I’m the High Priest Alaric.”

Chapter 17

"I've been told that you, Liz, Serena, and I came up with all of this. Why did the other version of me decide to do things this way?"

"You were kept imprisoned on Antar in the other timeline. You were allowed spiritual comfort and I was your advisor. I brought you books on the history of Antar, the Granolith, and your family. Many hours were spent discussing the forgotten information. A plan started to develop and as time went by Khivar felt more secure and you weren't watched as closely. I was able to sneak you into the Granolith chamber to test the theories we had come up with. I had my hand in many things back then. Serena was my best spy. Her father and your mother were siblings. She was basically being held hostage to insure her parent’s good behavior. Tess thought it was amusing to have her as a Lady in Waiting, a glorified title for a life of drudgery. But her position gave her access into the intimate lives of Khivar and Tess. Serena was able to access information from their private offices. One of the most important things she found was the list of whom, how, and when Khivar killed your circle of friends and their families. Oddly enough he kept to those same plans in this timeline too. Having advanced knowledge gave us time to prepare and let Khivar think they were dead."

"How much has stayed the same between the two timelines?"

"Let's say there are more similarities than differences. You, Liz, Serena, and I were able to use the time line we were stopping to make everything right in the new one. When you touched the Granolith the first time you found out about your first visit to Liz and what your life would have been. Certain events had to happen. Liz had to be out of the picture. Tess had to have your child. You had to give up the Granolith to Khivar or Earth would have been destroyed in a war. The plan we came up with was to appear to let Khivar have everything he wanted. Liz is your chosen mate. You married her in the Antarian way and with the approval of the Granolith. She quickly became pregnant. Months later when Tess mind warped you into having sex it was too late."

"Remember how I told you it was hate at first sight between you and Ava? When you were King Zan you never formally recognized her as your chosen mate. In fact you never married her in any timeline. Her child would never have claim to the Granolith or the throne. It never occurred to Tess or Khivar for you to marry her. All that was known was the Granolith had to recognize the Heir. Khivar couldn't kill you until Tess's child had been recognized as Heir by the Granolith. The years you spent imprisoned allowed your true heir Rian to grow up safely. It gave Liz, Serena, Michael, and I the time to gain an army and train one. We had time to make alliances and binding treaties for the help we would need to win Antar back. You and I mapped most of this out during your years on Antar. Once we had changed the future enough you would disappear. You made Liz Queen in her own right because you trusted the other half of your own soul. A provision was made that Rian could take the crown when he came of age but he declined. Rian knew he wasn't ready to rule he said he still had to much to learn."

"Serena and I stayed behind to guide Liz into being the Queen we all knew she would become. We had the contacts to start building the resistance. We helped her control her powers, learn to run a nation, and I think the worst of it was raising those three imps of mischief. I love those children dearly but gods they were the pests from hell as children. Anyway we planned on breaking you out when Khivar was occupied with the Naming Ceremony. At the same time all of the other Skin bases were to be destroyed. Khivar still doesn't know what's going on here. We are brining the fight to him to win back our planet and throw off the hold he has on the other worlds of our system."

Chapter 18

“Ok I have a few questions. What is the lost knowledge? Why is the Granolith so important? Why was it entrusted to my family? What do you mean that the Granolith will judge me?”

“The lost knowledge has to do with why the Granolith chose your family as its guardian and other things the Granolith is capable of. It started when King Xander died without a direct heir. There were several Houses that were offshoots of previous rulers children. A civil war was about to break out because no one could decide who had the better claim. The High Priest suggested that the candidates be judged by the Granolith. The Heir had always been confirmed in that manner. The leaders of the Houses agreed. Rian of your House was chosen by the Granolith. In the History books he is called ‘The Founder.’ He was a great king who was able to restore peace to Antar. He created a stable monarchy and your family has held the throne ever since.”

“In the Granolith tomes there are a few stories of the firstborn son being rejected. The Granolith can see the evil within and it has killed several potential Heirs. In some cases the Granolith has totally rejected the male candidate in favor of a female. An example would be Queen Riona the Peacemaker. Wars were being raged between the five planets. It was her idea to form the Planetary Ruling Council to handle matters between the planets. It took a few years and a lot of bloodshed for the planetary rulers to realize no one was winning. She worked hard to establish the guidelines everyone could agree to and bring peace back to our system.”

“Have you noticed the trend between your children’s names and former rulers? Rigan the Just is the last one I will tell you about. He is the King who freed the serfs and gave them rights. In fact he totally reformed the law code. He revised it to be sure the common people and the aristocracy had the same rights under the law. Liz picked the names of the three most beloved rulers in our history for your children. In fact the R-I is an ancient short form of the word King.”

“As for the judgment of the Granolith no one knows. No King, Queen, or Heir has ever written about the experience. I wouldn’t try to ask Liz or Rian about it. I’ve tried and they won’t tell me a thing. And I know Liz didn’t tell Rian anything before he was confirmed. The judgment is something you have to face by yourself and the consequences.”

“When does this test take place?”

“The Granolith will call you when it is time.”

“Does it call you?”

Chuckling Alaric answers, “Yes, I am the High Priest after all. I can’t describe what it feels like to commune with the Granolith. It is beyond our notions of male/female. The Granolith just is.”

“If the Granolith is here how was Zannor able to attempt the Naming Ceremony on Antar?”

“The Granolith exists everywhere and everywhen. The concept of time is relative to it. Think about what the Granolith has let you do. You’ve used the Granolith to tamper with time.”

“Alaric, I’m even more confused about the Granolith than I was before. Why does something with so much power concern itself with mortals?”

“Max only the Granolith has an answer to that question.”

Chapter 19

Reclaim and Restore

In the silence before dawn hundreds of people gather at select locations. An unearthly quiet descends among the warriors waiting for the battle cry. Queen Elizabeth nods to Michael indicating everyone is in place. He gives the signal to begin. A telepathic call goes forth the fight for Restoration has begun.

An astral projection of Liz stands next to Michael on the Planet Altir. It is an M class moon, which orbits around a gas giant. Altir is the only habitable celestial body in the solar system adjacent to Antar. The Skins had taken over the moon using it as a first line of defense. The resistance has been secretly sending weapons and fighters to help train the Altirians. The objective for the resistance forces and their Altirian allies is to take over the Skins military base and outlaying compound.

A two-prong attack has commenced on Altir. The target for Crown Prince Rian’s forces is the Skins compound outside the base. Michael’s troops are to infiltrate the base and take it over. The guards on the night watch are fighting boredom and sleepiness. The Skins have become complacent a fatal mistake to an occupying force.

Stealthily the first wave begins eliminating the guards surrounding the perimeter. Once the perimeter is secure Rian gives the order to begin taking over the compound’s buildings. Meanwhile Michael troops begin silently worming their way into the Skins base. Eternal silence greets the guards who never realized their last breath was upon them.

Michael’s troops are heading to the command center. Unknowingly a silent alarm was tripped alerting a breach to the interior guards. The resistance forces met with heavy fighting as they neared their objective. Michael led the charge to break through the lines. He was one of the last to fall but the command center was theirs. The remaining Skins were destroyed and Altir reclaimed.

Antarian Resistance Headquarters-Earth
War Room

An astral projection of Liz stands next to Riona. She is sitting in a chair with Liz’s hand on her forehead. Riona is relaying battle information to Isabel, Kyle, Alex, and Rigan. They are busily trying to coordinate information.

Alaric rushes into the room Max hard on his heels. “Rigan it has begun already?”

“Yes, the battle started an hour ago. Michael has taught Rian the arts of war very well. Rian’s group has overtaken the Skins outlaying settlements. Michael’s group is encountering heavy resistance. They were able to secure the perimeter before the fighting started.”

Max is white with shock at this startling news. Panicking, “We are at war? Where are Michael and Rian? And what is wrong with Liz and Riona?”

Rigan curtly explains, “Uncle Michael and Rian are on the moon Altir. Mom is in the Granolith astral projecting herself here and on Altir. We are able to relay information to Altir that way.”

An anguished mental cry blasts through their minds. Meet in the War Room.

Minutes later Maria, Ava, Mellan, Aeden, and Amergin rush through the door. “What’s going on?” Before the question could be answered Liz’s image winked out of existence. Riona’s eyes fly open, devastation filling them.

Max and Rigan rush to her side. “Riona, where is Mom? Did something happen to her?”

A desperate cry cuts into their minds. LINK!!!

Without question everyone forms a circle and joins hands. Liz appears in the middle carrying a deathly injured Michael. “Max, Rigan to me.” They carefully lay Michael on the floor. Max and Rigan begin the process of healing but he is too far-gone.

Liz commands Max and Rigan, “Stay where you are he is not going to die.” She kneels down behind his head placing her hands over Max and Rigan’s. Liz draws an incredible amount of power from the link. "I call thee Michael. I have need of thee Michael. Come to me Michael.” As she releases the power the drained members of the link fall to the ground.

Michael’s soul has been called back. “Heal him.”

Liz smiles softly at Michael, “Be well my friend.”

“Liz, NO!” cries Michael as she disappears again.


Khivar’s nights are filled with troubled dreams of plots, poisons, and Queens. Unknowing that the tides of fate were turning.

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Chapter 20

Rigan and Max finish healing an unconscious Michael. Both are pale and shaking from the effort. Aeden and Amergin pick Michael up to bring him to sickbay. Mellan comforts her hysterical mother, Maria as they follow them out.

Bewildered Max looks upon the remaining members of the circle. “What just happened here? Michael should be dead. How did Liz do this?”

Alaric answers for the group. “When we link together Liz is able to draw upon our combined powers. We weren’t strong enough so Liz called upon the Granolith to save Michael. A price will have to be paid for bringing back his soul.”

Scared Max inquires, “What is the price? And where is Liz? Is Rian ok?”

Ominously Alaric answers, “The Granolith will decide when and how the price is to be paid.”

Seeing her fathers face Riona breaks in. “Mom and I were connected so I saw it all. Uncle Michael led the last charge. He was the first one hit but kept fighting until the enemies line broke. He wouldn’t let Mom take him out of the battle. He fell at the door to the command center. Mom had to go back to help Rian. He’s been in battles before but this is the first time he was in charge. Mom has been through this many times and can guide him as well as Uncle Michael.”

“How will they get back here?”

“Mom is still in the Granolith but she is having to project her actual body on Altir not just an image. Dad she is weak from the drain on her power but the Granolith will sustain her. As long as a part of her remains no harm can come to her.”

Serena and Max leave a sleeping Michael to Maria’s care. “Serena I have a favor to ask. I need to think some things over and it would be more comforting if I could do it in Liz’s room. I need to be able to feel her presence.”

“Of course I’ll let you in!”

“Alaric told me that we are first cousins. One day soon I would like to talk to you about our family. There is so much I don’t remember about myself, Vilandra, my parents, basically everyone.”

Tearing up Serena hugs Max, “Whenever you are ready I’m here.” Wiping away her tears she pushes Max towards Liz’s chambers.

He walks through her more formal chambers heading for her bedchamber. Hesitantly he opens the door his heart pounding at the sight before him. Liz is in a fetal position her small frame wracked with sobs. Without thought he moves to the bed and gathers her into his arms.

Voicing her terror to Max, “So many people died today. I killed today. I ordered our son to kill today. Michael should’ve died today. I saved him but no one else…all those souls gone.”

Max holds her making comforting sounds while stroking her hair. Eventually Liz cries herself to sleep in his arms. Max breathes in her comforting scent strawberries and vanilla. Watching her sleep through the night he comes to several conclusions. Hw would do whatever he had to for him to spend the rest of his life with Liz and their children.

Liz slowly awakes to find her dream a reality after 20 long years Max is in her arms and in her bed. Savoring the feeling she gazes upon her beloved’s face.

A little while later Serena reluctantly enters to wake Liz up. Liz signals to Serena so she won’t wake Max up. Gently sliding out of Max’s arms she quietly moves to Serena. She begins briefing Liz for the day.

Liz walks into her room standing over the still sleeping Max. He wakes up to her good-bye kiss. Smiling sleepily at her Liz’s heart starts fluttering. “Thank you for last night Max. When I get back from Altir my love, you and I need to talk.”

Gazing into her loving eyes, “Can I at least get a proper good-bye kiss?”

Eyes twinkling “Oh I think that can be arranged.”

After Liz leaves Serena finds Max at the breakfast table. “You knew she was in her room last night didn’t you?” Guilty Serena nods her head. “Thank you.”

Blushing Serena sits across from him to explain why. “Liz is always strong for us but refuses to let us comfort her. She doesn’t want us to see how much some decisions cost her. I knew she was in her room crying for the people who died Skins or not. She cries for her sons lost innocence for Michael almost dying. She needed someone and I was determined to get you to her. So I want to thank you for last night too. This morning when she left she was at peace and you gave that to her.”

“I love her how could I not help her when she is in pain. Serena so many things became clear to me from yesterdays events. I’ve lost my anger. Now I just want to heal and be with my family.”

“Welcome home Max.”

“Thanks Rina.” Max pauses thunderstruck. “I remembered your nickname! I was bad with my s’s as a little boy so I called you Rina.”

“You know I always hated that name and only you could get away with calling me Rina. As a child you were my hero you could do no wrong. I loved you like a brother because mine was a pest from hell!”

Realization dawns on Max. “Nicholas was your brother.”

Chapter 21

“Our Aunt was Queen but we weren’t of royal blood. We all loved Nicholas but none of us understood him. Nicky was always jealous of you. He wanted to be you. Nicky was friends with Khivar and I honestly don’t know who originally came up with the idea to steal the throne.”

“What happened to him?”

“His best friend Khivar killed him. Nicholas after supposedly killing Michael, Isabel, and everyone else you cared about was ready to return triumphant to Antar. Khivar didn’t want a constant reminder of his dirty linen so he killed Nicholas instead.”

“I’m sorry Serena.”

“Thanks Max but don’t waste your pity on him. Well I do have work to do so I’ll leave you to your meal.”

Max watched her leave and gets up to explore Liz’s rooms. One wall filled with pictures keeps calling him back. He reaches out to touch it surprised when a handprint appears. Placing his hand over the print the wall opens into the Granolith chamber. Alaric is sitting on the divan waiting for him to come forward.

Alaric stands before Max can touch the Granolith. “The time of Judgment is at hand Max of the Blood Royal. The choice is yours leave and be an ordinary man or if you dare go forth to judgment. A heart against a feather weighs a soul. Tip the scale and your name will be a distant memory. A worthy heart shall be rewarded. Will thou be judged?”


“Come forth and let it begin.” Max lays on the divan resting one hand on the Granolith. First Max is shown his life through the various timelines. All knowledge merges and one Max stands before the Granolith for judgment.

~You have been given three chances to reclaim your heritage. What have you learned?~

“I am not the one to rule.”

~How came you to this conclusion?~

“In the first timeline I was selfish. My wants and needs were more important than my destiny, my friends, Michael, and Isabel. All I wanted was a normal life with Liz. I did not prepare myself or the others for the battle we all knew would come. Denying who I was cost me everything and everyone.”

“In the second timeline my anger at myself for failing dictated my actions. Instead of finding a real solution I chose the worst way to punish myself. I set myself up to fail damning everyone else in the process.”

“In the third timeline I consulted no one and turned myself and the Granolith over to Khivar. My foolish noble gesture still got everyone killed. The only redemption for me is the time I spent imprisoned on Antar. With Alaric’s help a plan was formulated that would save everyone I loved and regain the throne for my son. Keeping me locked up so I couldn’t screw anything up was one of the best decisions ever made.”

~What is your hearts true desire?~

“Liz. It has always been her. I want to have a life with her and my children.”

~What would you do with your life?~

“I would be my Queen’s strength.”

~Once you were a King would this truly keep you content?~

“Yes. I’ve never hated a word more than destiny. I didn’t want to be an alien on Earth. I didn’t want to be King. I didn’t want everyone looking to me for answers. Liz became my strength. She helped me make rational decisions. Without her I had no anchor and chaos ensued. Liz is a great Queen. If I have a destiny than this is what it truly is. I was made to be there for Liz in whatever capacity she needs me.”

~Is there anything else you would like to say before the verdict is made?~


~Every ruler consecrated by the Granolith gives up a part of himself and leaves it in the care of the Granolith. Your judge and jury are the past Kings and Queens of your House. Are you ready to hear their judgment?~


Chapter 22

An older distinguished looking man with compassionate golden eyes appears before Max, "Hello my son." Max looks upon his father in shock. "I abstained from the vote because I could not be objective. I also wanted to meet you. It is so strange to look upon you now. You resemble your human donor so much. But your soul is pure Zan. In both incarnations your idealistic spirit shines through."

"Father," Max softly cries. "I never expected the chance to meet you. Your death was so sudden I never got the chance to tell you I love you. I was so wracked with guilt because those last months you were alive all we did was fight. Marriages for dynastic alliances I thought were archaic. Vilandra and I were so shocked at your attitude. We wanted the chance to find a love like yours and moms. Can you forgive me father?"

Max finds himself enveloped in his fathers embrace. "My son it is from you I should be seeking forgiveness. There are some things you should know."

"Your mother and I were so lucky in marriage. It was love at first sight. Our love remained strong and true throughout our lives. It is only natural you and Vilandra wished for the same type of marriage. I was so hidebound by tradition I forced you both into betrothals where you did not love. For that I am eternally sorry. The whole kingdom paid the price for my stubbornness. I brought that viper Ava into our lives."

"You never knew this but I had talked to Alaric about breaking your betrothal. I realized how much you and Ava hated each other and that a marriage between you would be a catasrophe. We had hoped to at least give you a choice of one of Ava's younger sisters. Somehow Ava found out and she poisoned me before anything could be done."

Shocked to the core Max screams, "She did what?"

"Max calm yourself. Ava or should I say Tess will pay for her crimes. In this lifetime Ava's soul was truly split. Tess is evil incarnate and Ava is wholy good. Max in Liz you have chosen well. Do whatever you must to keep her for she is your salvation. Don't let pride rule your life. Love is the only way to overcome the trials ahead. My son it is time." His image begins to fade. "Know that I love thee my son."

~Max of the Blood Royal the judgment has been made. You will be granted status as Prince of the Realm due to your blood. You will never rule. Your son Rian will inherit the crown from his mother Queen Elizabeth. If she so chooses Queen Elizabeth may marry you and grant you the title of King Consort. This is an honorary title. Will you accept judgement?~

Head bowed Max replies, "Yes, I accept your judgment and I thank you." A feeling of peace descends over Max. For the first time in his life his destiny is clear and it is a welcome one.

Chapter 23

Max wakes to find himself looking up at Alaric. “Max don’t try to get up you have been communing with the Granolith for about 18 hours. Are you hungry, thirsty?”

“Alaric, why don’t you join me for supper in my rooms. I have a ton of questions for you.” Gingerly, Max stands up. Leaning on Alaric they slowly make their way up to Max’s room. Max lies down on his bed while Alaric rounds up some supper.

“Obviously the Granolith found me worthy of keeping alive if only to make Liz happy.”

Angrily Alaric berates Max. “That is not true and you know it! The Granolith showed you all of your lives to see if you had learned. The reason you are alive is you accepted your true destiny. For the fight to come the Queen is desperately going to need your strength to lean on. She needs someone she can be her true self with.”

“Liz needs the strength of a failed king? I didn’t just screw it up once but multiple times. What I saw only made me feel more inadequate. I know I said I wanted to be my Queen’s strength but how?”

“Let me tell you Rian’s story. When Maria and Michael arrived here Maria was pregnant. Rian attached himself to her. He would take naps with her and sneak into her and Michael’s room at night. No one could figure out his behavior. The only obvious effect was the baby was calm when Rian was around. Maria actually got to sleep so she didn’t mind Rian’s presence. Michael was a different story he was jealous. When Maria went into labor they wouldn’t let Rian inside. She was having a very difficult labor and Rian was upset."

"He called Riona and Rigan to come help him. The three of them knocked on Maria’s door again. A very worried Michael answered the door. Rian demanded to be let in and Michael said no. Rian told him as he was the Prince and Michael had to obey. Michael’s face was priceless he was so flabbergasted. While he was in shock Rian and the others went in. Rian stood on one side of Maria holding his hand on her stomach. Rigan climbed on the bed and held Maria’s face in his hands. Riona sat on the bed one hand on each of her brothers."

“Liz asked them what they were doing and Rian looked at her and said ‘My queen Mellan is being born and she needs me here.’ Liz asked him how did he know and he looked at her like she was insane. He replied, ‘Daddy knew it was you the first time he saw you. I knew it the first time I touched Aunt Maria’s stomach and connected with Mellan.’”

“We stood around dumbfounded at Rian's pronouncement. The kids ignored us and got busy. Rigan like you is a natural healer. Instinctively he knew what to do to help Maria and Mellan. The triplets bond allows them to transfer energy and gifts. Maria was dying and they saved her. Max those kids weren't even two years old but Rian knew his Queen from the first moment as did you. You chose Liz and your heart chose truly."

"Gods help you but Liz is in your blood. If you don't find the courage to truly open your heart to her your life will be miserable. Search your memories Max, your soul. Your mind only confuses you listen to your heart. The right path is before you.” Alaric quits the room leaving Max to fight his inner demons.

The merging showed me who I truly am. How can she love me with everything I've done. I never truly chose her as a man loves a woman. I chose Tess over her, my son over her, my freedom, even my kingdom over her. I left her alone to handle a mess of my making. I left her alone to raise three children. She's done a magnificent job at all the things I failed at. How can Liz love me? Doesn't she see the incompetent weakling inside?

I've been obsessed with Liz for lifetimes but was it love? Or was she the embodiment of normalcy I craved? They all seem to think Rian is a chip off the old block. He knew Mellan was his at first contact. I just watched from afar I didn't have the courage to claim Liz.

Oh god what happened to the Max who found his soul mate in the depths of those chocolate eyes. A heart so pure and steadfast she willingly did everything I asked. Even alone with the pain nearly killing her. Alaric is so right I am a coward. I am so afraid to see myself through her eyes.