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Author: latahart
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Summary: Max is the privileged, arrogant, overindulged son of wealthy parents. He accidentally encounters an innocent, yet spirited, working class Liz. They embark on a sensual journey together. Their journey leads to their destiny, one of . . . Splendor.
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*Page 1 Parts 1 - 9b
*Page 3 Parts 9b - 9d
*Page 5 Part 10

Part 1

The soft footfall in the corridor outside his suite could mean only
one thing. Maxwell Jason Evans glanced at the clock sitting on his
bedside table. It’s red light blaring . . .
Two o’clock.
He came fully awake.
A woman.
His woman.

Tess had said she wouldn’t make it, but he had known it was a ploy. For months she had been hinting around at marriage and he had
skillfully dodged her every maneuver. Tonight when she had called to
cancel their rendezvous his mind had been thankful, but his lustful
body had resented it like hell.

Max Evans had a vast amount of experience with late night
rendezvous' – and women of all nuance and description. With a slow
knowing smile he threw his legs over the side of the bed and reached
for his boxers.

Creeping from the bedroom in an attempt to spook Tess, he slowly made
his way to the suite door. He stood there a moment, listening to a
soft rustling. His male mind conjured up the image of silk stockings
rubbing up against creamy thighs. The image proved too much for him
and he quickly opened the suite door and grabbed her and pulled her
into the dark room.

She struggled wildly against him and he wasn’t sure, but he thought
he felt her trying to bite him . . . he chuckled lightly . . . and
then . . . “Shit!” he mumbled shaking his hand and stumbling through
the darkness toward a light switch.

“What the hell did you do that for?” he asked incredulously.

As light permeated the room Max blinked rapidly trying to adjust his
eyes to the onslaught of brightness.

“You’re not Tess!” he stated, looking at the petite brunette with a
can of pepper spray in her hand.

“No shit Sherlock!” came the sassy retort.

“Have we met before?” he softly asked, wondering if he should know
her, the blur of women in his life making it difficult for him to
recall specifics.

She should have been frightened, a strange man grabbing her from
behind . . . locking her in his hotel suite . . . but she wasn’t.

His state of undress, clothed as he was in red satin boxers, helped
to override her sense of fear, but brought forth another kind of

He was powerfully built and gorgeous as all get out. Actually she
thought, he was beautiful. His perfect features and artfully cropped
black hair reminded her of a classic Greek sculpture, added to this
was his overt masculinity . . . he was startling male. But what stood
out most were his eyes. They were a mischievous shade of topaz.

Her breathing began to steady.

Her eyes delicately sliding over his powerful shoulders and chest
. . . for a fleeting moment she wondered what it might be like
to touch him . . . the hard muscles of his sharply defined pectorals.

Max sensed her appraisal . . . he waited patiently, after all he was
a man very use to female attention. He thrived on it. He reveled in
it. He hadn’t met a woman yet that he could not seduce. At that
moment he found himself wondering how this petite brunette would
respond to his first kiss . . . and his second . . . and his
third . . . A self-satisfying smile alerted Liz that her assessment
had not gone unnoticed.

“And just what are you smiling about,” she asked in an irritated
tone, holding the can of pepper spray threateningly.

Clearing his throat Max had the gall to ask, “Do you see something
you like?”

His words made her feel slightly heated . . . a tremulous feeling
flared deep in the pit of her stomach.

Sensing his advantage Max continued his assault on her senses. He
took a tentative step in her direction.

“I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced,” he spoke softly.

“I’m Max, Max Evans . . . and you are?”

“Not stupid, and not falling for it . . . but my name is Liz,” she
countered, her heart beating a mile a minute.

TBC . . .

Part 2

This man's virility was over powering at close range, so hesitantly
Liz took a step back.

Max raised his eyebrow mockingly.

His golden gaze raked over her swiftly . . . her silky dark hair, her
huge dark eyes, her slender form and her very sensuous mouth, which
he knew he was definitely interested in tasting.

"Forgive me. Was I staring?" his smile was cordial, while his mind
schemed to find a way to keep her there.

"I have no intention of hurting you," he said softly.

"And I have no intention of hurting you," she replied, her expression
visibly relaxed, as did her grip on the can of pepper spray.

"Suppose you tell me what you were doing out there, wandering through
the corridors at two in the morning?"

"Suppose you tell me what you were doing, snatching up defenseless
women from well lit corridors at two in the morning?"

Max laughed, " touché, candid women have always appealed to me."

"did . . . did you say your name was Max Evans?" she asked with
renewed interest.

He nodded slowly.

"Thee Max Evans . . ." a teasing note had entered her voice.
". . . the darling of the tabloids . . . America's most elegible
bachelor under the age of 25 . . . the playboy . . . the lady's
man . . ." the laughter in her voice very apparent.

Quirking a finely arched dark brow she inquired, "Should I be

Max shook his head in amusement. "I'm very ordinary . . . harmless
really . . . "

Ordinary my ass . . . she thought and what a reputation . . . he was

"um . . . Liz . . ." he said warmly, in desperate pursuit of another
topic of discussion.

". . . corridor . . . you . . . why . . . 2:00 a.m.?"

His agitation was more than apparent, so Liz acquiesced, "I was . . .
um . . . supposed to meet my best friend Maria . . . but I think I
got off on the wrong floor . . . and then . . . some crazy, half
naked, wild haired man grabbed me, drug me into his room and now I'm
holding him hostage with a can of pepper spray."

"You could call her . . ." he offered.

"No . . . I'd better go . . . uh . . ." she hesitated . . . and at
that precise moment her stomach gave off the most unfeminine like
growl . . . Liz's eyes shot up . . . two pools of horrified chocolate.

Max smiled gingerly, "Don't rush off . . . I'll order up some room

Flushed with embarrassment Liz wished that the floor would open up,
so that she could sink into it's dark abyss unnoticed, but since that
wasn't going to happen anytime soon, she opted for the door.

"I really can't . . . I should go . . ." and yet her hand didn't turn
the knob.

Max's seductive amber eyes caught and held hers. "You've got to eat
some time . . ." he said as he casually walked to the phone and

Intrigued Liz found herself venturing away from the door, it was as
if some invisible force was drawing her in. And there was . . .
magnetism. All thoughts of Maria vanished from her mind.

"Room service, this late . . . I seriously doubt it," she pronounced
his efforts useless.

"Twenty minutes will be fine," he said with a gleaming smile
reminiscent of the Cheshire cat.

"How about a game of cards, while we wait?" Max suggested offhandedly.


"5 card stud." Max nodded in affirmation.

"It figures . . ." Liz mumbled under her breath.

"What was that?"

"I'll deal."

"What are we playing for?" he asked wolfishly.

"A Question!"

"A Question?" he responded interrogatorily.

"Okay . . . I win . . . I ask a question . . . you have to
answer . . . you win . . . you ask a question . . . I have to
answer . . . get it?"

Max nodded mutely, admiring the playful sparkle of her eyes.

"What - did - they - teach - you - at - that - Ivy - League -
College - of - yours?" she enunciated each word.

"You'll see . . ." he said with a leisurely whisper.

"I beg your pardon?"


As the game progressed Max wasn't sure if she was extremely lucky or
extremely skilled, or both.

"I win!" Liz announced triumphantly.

"Such modesty . . . such humility . . ."

"Okay I got it. . . the rumors surrounding you and those two
Hollywood actresses, true or not true?" Liz inquired.

"You'll have to be more specific . . ." Max stated flatly . . . he
had a very salacious reputation and had known numerous Hollywood
actresses, but he was never one to kiss and tell.

"Oh my . . .um . . .the mother . . . um and the . . . um daughter?"
responded a flustered Liz.

"True," Max answered nonchalantly.

When their room service arrived, she ate with a kind of quiet
intensity, absorbed in the food and the act of eating . . . It made
him consider his casual acceptance of all the privileges in his life
with a new regard . . . but only fleetingly, because he was still
young, very, very wealthy and way too handsome to feel real
humility . . . besides . . . he was beset by intense carnal impulses
that made him profoundly immune to principle or so he thought.

He glanced at the clock over the fireplace mantle . . . Three
thirty. . . According to his calculations, they'd be making love in
the golden light of dawn . . . or sooner perhaps. With a faint smile
he reached across the small table to refill her wineglass and as he
did so she smiled at him.

He decided then and there that she was definitely beautiful and
enchantingly delicate. As she stretched leisurely all he could think
of was the soft fullness of her breast and the silky glimpse of
midriff exposed by her red tank top as she raised her arms high above
her head and flexed.

He asked her if she'd like dessert. To which she reply, ". . . oh
yes of course, I should save room then," and she pushed her plate

By all means, he thought, nodding and smiling with approval, as he
filled their wineglasses once more. " Save room for me - - - because
I'm coming in . . . too!"

"Ah Question?"

"But we're not playing anymore." Liz responded ruefully.

"Indulge me," he replied insistently.

"Ask away."

"What do you do . . . for a living, I mean?

"I make my living as a painter," she answered smoothly.

"Painting what?" he queried.


Her answer was tantalizing in its simplicity. The expression on her
face as she said it was more than slightly provocative. He knew it
then, that her beauty was not the conventional prettiness like that
of an actress, or even like Tess'.

Tess, he hadn't given her a second thought in the last hour and a

His thoughts were intruded upon by her next words.

". . . of course . . . I'm very good."

"I'm sure you are." And he intended to find out just how good she was
in other ways as well.

TBC . . .

Part 3

“Tell me about your family,” he encouraged.

“My parents are dead. They died when I was 14. I don’t have any
brothers or sisters, although I have always wanted siblings,” she
said in a voice filled with sadness and longing.

“Take one of mine,” he offered jestingly, trying to lighten her
melancholy. “There’s my sister Isabel, older by a mere 9 months, my
brother Michael, younger by a mere 9 months and my fraternal twin
Kyle, younger by three very long minutes.”

“Sounds like your parents, um . . . really love each other . . . “
she said. “Tell me more about your family,” she requested innocently.

He had no intention of talking about his family, but her genuine
interest and easy companionship made it hard for him to refuse. He
spoke of his family in short edited phrases . . . of their
wealth . . . the family business . . . their closeness . . . their
estates . . . the horses . . . the yachts . . . the cars . . . the
private jets . . . the headlines . . . the heritage.

“Your life sounds so idyllic, in comparison to mine, but I intend to
change that,” she said with a fleeting grimace.

Frantic warning bells went off inside of Max’s head. Had she
deliberately been outside his suite door, watching and waiting. Was
there really a best friend name Maria, or was it yet another ploy by
a gold-digging female to trap him. “How, exactly . . .” he softly
inquired, his now amber eyes wary with mistrust, “do you plan to do

“Don’t be alarmed.” She suddenly grinned. “I have no designs on you.”

There she was in a hotel suite, in the middle of the night, with the
modern day equivalent of Valentino and she was reassuring him, that
his virtue was safe.

The irony of the situation was not lost on Max. He chuckled softly
and reaffirmed his earlier sentiment, "Candid women have always
appealed to me."

"While men with Rolex watches, chauffeur driven Lexus limos, private
jets, sprawling estates and trust funds are way out of my league."

Her smile was dazzling.

He laughed with relief, his good spirits restored instantly. “Would
you consider painting my portrait, Liz?”

“I’d be honored to paint you” –she paused and smiled- “ Max.”

“Should I pose nude?”

She giggled nervously as mental pictures of him posing as nude as
Mars played in her mind like an X-rated movie.

His golden eyes lazily raked over her face, stopping at her lush
mouth. Her lips were just a few feet away. She presented such
temptation and he had behaved himself, just about as long as he
could. His willpower weakening by the second. His honorable
intentions giving way to his disreputable status.

“May I kiss you,” his asked, in a soft caressing whisper.

“You probably shouldn’t," she answered, her feelings in turmoil.

Max shut his eyes briefly, her simple words giving him permission for
all he wished to do.

Like a man hypnotized, Max reached out and touched Liz’s cheek. It
felt soft and warm, just as he knew it would. His hand trailed down
the side of her arm. She felt the pressure of his thumb as it traced
circles on her skin. Pulling gently, he drew her close to him.

Through the material of her clothes, Liz felt their bodies brush. She
leaned into him. His mouth descended upon hers. His lips delicate at
first, offering butterfly kisses, which she gladly received and

Liz had waited for this, to know his lips, his kiss. She had wanted
this to happen, but she had not guessed how devastating the actuality
would be. Nothing could have prepared her for such a violent jolt of
desire. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Her mouth open to his
hungry exploration.

His arms slipped about her waist, crushing her to him. His tongue
plunged into her mouth. Their tongues collided. The kiss deepened. He
lifted her into his arms, moving toward his bed, his mouth covering
hers again, eating her tantalizing sweetness.

“Maybe I shouldn’t,” she breathed moments later when he lowered her
gently to his bed.

“I know,” he murmured, brushing his mouth over hers seductively. “I
shouldn’t undo these buttons,” he whispered, unclasping another
button from the front of her button fly Levis. “Tell me I shouldn’t.”

“It’s . . . rather . . . presumptuous,” she said, gently touching his
strong jaw with a teasing fingertip.

“But, I have this powerful urge . . . carnal urge.” Max’s voice was
deep and rich with promise.

His lips recaptured hers. In between earth-shattering kisses,
articles of clothing found themselves quickly discarded . . .

His hands were bewitching . . . intoxicating . . . his touch
sensuality incarnate . . . and when he slipped off her silky thong
underwear it was done with a tantalizing languidness, that left her
naked, flushed and more aroused than she had ever been in her life.

As she lay there breathless with longing Liz watched as he pulled
away their last barrier, the pair of silky red boxers that had
distracted her from the moment she had seen them.

“You’re very beautiful,” she said her gaze on his arousal. “I’ll
paint you for myself too.”

“Like this?” He said mischievously, as he touched himself with a
practiced hand and watched as her eyes widen when his erection
grew. “Be my guest,” he softly said. He reached into the bedside
table drawer and retrieved a condom, which he then proceeded to place
over his throbbing penis.

“La . . . later . . . I’ll paint you later,” she promised, the words
catching in her throat.

“Much later,” he quietly agreed. The splendor of her body inciting
him: her pink breast, their ripe fullness his for the taking and he
did first with his hands and then with his mouth; the sensuous curve
of her slender waist, which seemed to fit perfectly in the palm of
his hand; lower . . . her dark silken hair, the lure and magnet of
his lust. Moving over her, sliding between her thighs, he guided
himself into her hot wetness.

Liz laced her arms around Max’s neck and clung to him, glorifying in
the unrestrained pleasure that he was giving her. She moved her hips
in a delectable enticement.

He drove slowly forward.

She screamed.

“Jesus . . .” He exhaled explosively. “ Christ . . .” His body
convulsed at the abrupt and all too shocking curtailment. He swore
softly, “ . . . oh shit . . .” his lust fogged brain registering her
status as a virgin. He couldn’t move. He could scarcely breathe.

“Don’t,” he said on a suffocated breath as Liz’s fingers slid down
his rigid length.

He groaned . . . an animal sound which rose from deep in his lungs.


“But, I . . .” she began.

He shut his eyes briefly . . . fighting for control against his
overwhelming urges. “You can’t change your mind later,” he said, his
voice rough with restraint, his topaz eyes filled with struggle.

“I . . . I . . . I know.”

“You can change your mind now.” He took a deep steadying breath.
“ . . . And maybe for a few seconds more,” he said, his voice
a hoarse whisper of constraint, his eyes glazed with the pain of his
efforts. His body shaking with need.

TBC . . .

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Part 4

Every nerve ending in his body was afire. Max Jason Evans didn’t know
how much longer he could hold out. The muscles of his clenched
buttocks throbbed. While the muscles in his powerful and well defined
arms strained. And, yet he waited. He prayed that her response would
be one that would grant them both release and send them propelling
toward ecstasy.

Her body shivered from the waves of desire that assaulted her.

He had stopped.

And in that instant Elizabeth Shiri Parker knew with an unexplained
certainty that she wanted him. . . just not tonight.

Bracing her palms against his chiseled chest Liz pushed with all of
her might. Her efforts knocked Max off balance and he fell to the
other side of the bed. Liz quickly hopped off of the bed, as if hot
coals were pressing into her skin. Blindly she grabbed for her
clothes. Her ragged irregular breathing accompanied her frantic

“I have to go . . . I have to go . . . I have to go . . . “ she said
repeatedly, in an almost incoherent whisper. She seemed to be talking
to herself, as she raced about putting on clothing she had so
willingly shed only moments before.

Max laid there . . . faced down . . . letting the lust in his veins
rage through him. He didn’t trust himself to move. His breathing
harsh and painful.

Liz ran from the bedroom.

Max called after her in a menacing voice, “until we meet again and I
assure you we will . . . meet again . . . Liz . . .”

She fumbled with the door latch briefly.

Finally, she flung it wide open up and ran aimlessly down the
corridor as hot tears of lust burned her eyes.

“. . . and soon,” Max finished to the dark empty room around him,
“. . . very, very soon.”

He buried his face into the pillow in front of him and ground his
hips into the mattress in frustration, his erection unbearable.

Several moments had passed and Max still wasn’t sure if he was
capable of getting up to close the front door of his suite.

He was still unbelievably hard.

With tender effort he gingerly swung his legs over the side of the
bed. It was painful to stand. Hell, who was he kidding, it was
painful to breathe. Gradually, with no regard for his nakedness, he
made his way to the door.

He stopped dead in his tracks. Standing before him with hungry eyes
and a wicked grin on her face was . . . Tess.

Before his mind could transmit the words he had intended to say to
his lips . . . she spoke, “For me,” she said with feminine
appreciation. Her intense blue eyes devouring his erection, just
seconds before she launched herself into him. Max’s arms closed
around her. He groaned in frustrated need, he swept her off of her
feet, ala Gone With The Wind, kicked the door shut with his barefoot
and carried her to his bed. A man intent on satisfaction.


The cold stairwell wall, sobered her shattered nerves. Her hands
still quivered with need, too useless at the moment, she was unable
to button the front of her Levis. Her senses were still under siege,
flooded, deluded . . . taken over, fully possessed . . . by the
images and experiences that bombarded her brain and refused to
leave . . . his mesmerizing eyes . . . his sizzling smile . . . his
tender lips . . . his probing tongue . . . his questing hands . . .
his exquisite taste . . . and his compelling smell . . .

Liz shook her head and tried desperately to gather her wits about
her. But the hot tears of desire continued to flow burning a blazing
trail of wanton regret from her eyes to her chin.

“ Maria,” her feeble mind thought . . . “ Maria . . . I need Maria.”

She stumbled down the stairs on passion weakened legs.


“Liz . . . my God girl . . . you look like a well used thoroughbred,
that’s been put away wet."

Maria exclaimed, upon opening her hotel room door and seeing her
beleaguered best friend before her.

“Where the hell have you been? What took you so long? I sent Alex out
to look for you. What the hell happened? Liz? Liz?” Maria shot off
questions, in rapid Maria fashion.


. . . he surged forward, plunging into her with a savage need . . .
he sank hilt deep into her surrounding warmth and exhaled with acute
gratification. Tess whimpered and clung to Max, smiling secretly to
herself for having finally caused such an urgent desire in him.

Max exhaled sharply . . . the haunting images of chocolate brown
eyes, creamy skin, lush pink lips and silky dark tresses returned
. . . “ Damn” he thought, as he rolled over to take possession of
Tess’ all too willing body again.

TBC . . .

Part 5

Maria DeLuca ushered her near comatose best friend inside of the
suite. After sitting Liz down on the sofa, Maria waited. She knew
that something traumatic must have happened.

Liz was a disaster . . . swollen lips . . . red puffy eyes . . . hair
in total disarray and her clothes . . . “ Oh GOD . . . LIZ?” she

Liz jumped at the horror in Maria’s voice, awakened from her trance
like state. “No, Maria, No . . . it’s not what you’re thinking.
Nothing like that.”

Liz Parker took a deep breath and began to tell her tale.

“Whooooa . . . let me get this straight, you mean that you Miss-sweet-
innocent Elizabeth Shiri Parker . . . hotel suite . . . strange man
. . . red boxers . . . pepper spray . . . poker. . . wine . . .
dessert . . . bed . . . sex . . . well sort of sex . . . like totally
nude . . . and you’re telling me it was . . . MAX EVANS . . . MAXWELL
EVANS?” Maria recounted excitedly.

Liz nodded her head mutely.

“Unbelievable . . . UN . . . . . fucking . . . . believable, Liz,
you’re the only girl I know who can get accosted and seduced by the
world’s most eligible bachelor and yet come out of the whole affair
with her virginity in tact . . . Unbelievable,” Maria said
incredulously as she went to answer the ringing phone.

“Uh, yeah Alex, she finally made it . . . sure . . . we’ll see you in
the morning . . . get some sleep . . . love you too babe, bye” Maria
finished into the phone.

“Are you all right chica?” Maria inquired in a slightly worried tone.

“I’m fine . . . really . . . I just need to rest,” Liz answered

Maria rose, she leaned over and softly kissed Liz on the forehead.
“Get some sleep, it’s after five.”

Liz sat there silently and watched as Maria disappeared through the
bedroom door chuckling to herself, “ Max Evans . . . the Max Evans
. . . Splendor, himself . . . now who would have thought it . . . our
little Lizzie and Max freaking Evans . . .” She closed the door and
all to be heard was the smothered sounds of her amused laughter.

As she clutched the cup of tea that Maria had given her, Liz settled
back on to the sofa. She knew that sleep would be a long time coming.


Sleep evaded Max Evans as well. Visions of satin skin, long silky
brown hair, pouty pink lips and warm chocolate eyes and wanton desire
tormented him instantly each time he closed his eyes. Images that
fired his blood and ignited his lust, to the point of exhaustion.

Gently he removed Tess’ arm from around his waist. He sat up slowly,
scoured the room for his boxers. Locating them, he crossed the room
and put them on. With a fleeting glance at the bed, he started to
exit the bedroom.

As he headed toward the shower Max Evans felt the slight touch of
lace upon his foot. He bent down to see what he had encountered. A
wide smile broke out across his face. In his hands were a pair of
lacy thong panties. His hands caressed the panties, as he had wished
to caress their owner. Slowly he brought them to his face and he
inhaled deeply. The scent of her filling his nostrils. His body's
reaction instantaneously . . . Max shook his head and continued on
his way to the shower. “Better make it a cold shower . . .” he
mumbled irritably to himself.


Wrapped in a towel, his hair tousled and curled from the shower, his
body glistening with droplets of water he hadn’t taken the time to
dry, he stood gazing out over the city . . . the skyline was
incredible this time of the morning. It usually calmed him. But even
the skyline couldn’t distract his brain from the memories of Liz.
“Liz . . . Liz who . . . who are you . . . where are you?” he
whispered into the dawn, its golden light taunting him.

He walked to the phone and placed a call.


There was a knock at the door, followed by another loud knock, then
there was silence . . . followed by more knocking . . . longer more
insistent knocking . . .

No matter how deeply Liz buried her head under the silk-encased
pillow the persistent knocking wouldn’t stop. Drowsily she realized
that she had dozed off. Bleary-eyed, she slowly sat up.

“All right, all right, keep your God damn pants on,” Maria grumbled
as she tripped out of the bedroom. She snatched the door open ready
to commit murder. She stared in blinking disbelief, at the tall,
dark, and oh so extremely handsome man in the doorway of her suite.

“Usually, I’m asked to take my God damn pants off,” he said in an
amused tone of voice, as he breezed past her into the room.

His eyes found Liz. She looked soft and tousled by sleep. Her
vulnerability and confusion apparent. He walked toward her. As he
did, he called over his shoulder, “Maria I presume? I was beginning
to wonder if you really existed.”

Liz gasped, from the shock of seeing Max.

Maria chuckled, “Well I do indeed exist Mr. Evans . . . how might we
help you?”

His eyes sought Liz’s gaze. He captured her with the intensity of his
stare. “I need to speak with Liz, alone if you don’t mind Mssssss.

“Impressive, a man who does his homework,” she commented ryely. “But
the question remains, does Liz want to speak with you?"

Maria turned to look at Liz, as if asking if this was what she wanted.
Without out breaking her eye contact with Max, Liz nodded her head,
indicating that it was all right for Maria to leave.

As she headed for the bedroom, Maria felt tension fill the room . . .
raw and intense . . . “Call if you need me . . . you know, if you get
a sudden and overwhelming urge to part with your clothing again.” The
bedroom door closed behind her.

For several moments they stood there. Silent. Unmoving. Caught up in
their individual thoughts. Finally, unable to stand it Liz found her
voice and asked.

“What are you do?” . . . “How did you find me?” . . . “What do you want?"

He answered her questions in the order in which they were received.
His eyes never breaking their link with hers.

“I came for you.” . . . “I saw the security tapes.” . . . “ You, Liz,
I want you.” The last statement was said in the most seductive of
whispers as he took a step closer.

“If you had any decency, you’d go away,” she whispered. She was so
tired. So confused. So unhappy. She glanced at him hesitantly, and
wished for the third time in a matter of seconds, that he would just
abruptly disappear from her life, the same way he had originally
appeared into it.

“Liz,” he said caressingly.

Max moved closer still. He shrugged off her barbed words. He bent his
head slowly towards her as she stiffened and held herself rigidly

"We both know . . . better . . . than that," he whispered into her ear.

Liz could feel the feathery lightness of his beautiful sensuous lips
as he touched the side of her neck. Liz stood motionless, determined
to let him see how little his lovemaking affected her. But a strange
sensation rose up within her and she found her arms covered in goose

Max kissed the hollow of her neck, enthralled by the smell of her.

Liz was beginning to feel overpowered by his nearness. The fragrance
of his cologne with its masculine earthiness grew stronger with each
breath she took. But it was the persistent caress of his knowing
mouth against the sensitive skin of her neck that created the most
unrest inside of her, her stomach did flip flops. She shook her head
and pushed him away. Realizing belatedly that she had been trying to
ward off a master in the art of making love.

Max tilted his head back and smiled a gloriously wicked smile down at
her, before he moved forward again and gently captured her face
between his palms, to claim her lips in an ardent kiss.

Determinedly Liz kept her lips cool and unresponsive to his touch,
despite the increasing fire that threatened to melt her icy reserve.
When she thought she’d be able to stand his sensual assault no more,
Max moved away.

“Does it give you a sense of power to know that you arouse me?” he

Liz studied him carefully. Except for the burning fire in his amber
gaze, there didn’t seem to be any other indication to support his
statement that she had aroused him. He seemed to be laughing at her.
The smirk on his face, taunting.

“Did you feel a sense of defeat when you failed to arouse me?” she
returned sharply.

“Oh, but I did arouse you Liz,” Max smiled. “Your heart was racing
and your lips held the slightest of quivers. Too bad we’re not in my
suite . . . alone. It would have been interesting to see how long you
could have resisted returning my kiss.”

“You’re the most arrogant, and vain . . .” Liz began, angered because
his assumption was true, she wouldn’t have been able to hold out much

“The word is man . . .,” Max supplied, a confident, knowing smile
curled the corners of his mouth.

Liz didn’t spare the time to think about what she was doing. Her hand
raced faster than her thoughts. Only after the sting of contact with
his freshly shaven cheek did she realize that she had slapped him.

Max looked at her. Then with the most irritating composure, he
laughed. A deep throated laugh that resonated through her. Max
captured her hand in his. He opened her palm and place something
inside of it. Abruptly he dropped her hand, turned on his heels and
walked to the door with deliberate and very confident steps. He
opened the door.

Liz gasped in mortification as she looked at what he had placed in
her hands. “ My panties.”

“Yes, Mssss. Parker, your panties . . . the very same pair you left
in my room last night." With that said Maxwell Jason Evans walked out
the door and down the corridor.

Alex who had caught the tail end of the encounter walked through the
door and inquired, “Liz what was that man doing with your panties?”

TBC . . .

Part 6

Maxwell Evans strolled purposefully down the corridor. He had cast
the gauntlet and now the games were a foot. Elizabeth Parker would
soon be his for the taking. He smiled to himself and relished the
thought. His overindulged male pride balking at the idea of a woman
actually refusing his advances . . . he couldn’t remember it ever
happening. It was a novelty. It was . . . exciting.

The ringing of his cell phone broke through his conceited reverie.

“Yeah Is?”

“Max . . . meeting . . . Dad’s office . . . twenty minutes . . . and
don’t forget the report.”

“Ah shit . . .” Max exclaimed. “. . . right the report . . .”

“Yeah Max, the report, the reason we scheduled the meeting in the
first place,” she stated in a slightly irritated voice.

“Give me the phone . . .” Isabel Katherine Evans relinquished the
phone to the hands of her very impatient younger brother.

“Maxwell, get Tess or whomever is the flavor of the hour, get her off
your dick and get your ass over here now . . . capisa.”

“Kiss Mom much with that mouth of yours?” Max chuckled back into the

“Yeah, as a matter a fact I do . . . how ‘bout you?” Michael Brendan
Evans retorted back into the mouthpiece.

“So what’s up little brother?”

“Dad’s blood pressure, our sister’s hemline, the NASDAQ, but
unfortunately not your twin’s IQ,” came the flippant reply.

“All right Mr. Funny Man, I’ll be there in about thirty minutes.
Stall for me.”

“You got it Big Bro, but you owe me big time.”

“Are we talking four star or five star?” Max inquired.

“Definitely a five star . . . a redhead . . .” Michael mused.

“I’ll think about it . . . see you . . .”

Just as Max hung up the phone, his twin Kyle Nicholas Evans reached
for it. “Hey Max . . .” he called into the dead line.

Michael smirked and shrugged. “Guess he already hung up.”

Kyle scowled.

Isabel laughed at their antics.

“So Michael how long does lover boy need us to stall dad?”

“Us . . . ?” Michael repeated innocently.

“Yeah, us . . . or else dad will find out about you and a certain
little clerk, whom he specifically told you to stay away from.”

Isabel threatened, arching an artfully sculptured blond brow.

“. . . uh . . . ten maybe fifteen minutes.”


Max quickly returned to his suite.

“Max is that you?” Tess called sleepily from the bedroom.

“Yes, it’s me. I forgot my briefcase. I’m running late for a meeting.”

“Where did you go, I woke up and you weren’t here,” Tess stated

“TESS did you hear a word I said?” Max called back in frustration.
“Late . . . meeting . . . no time . . . talk . . . later . . .
bye . . .” and he exited the door.

“Max . . . Max . . . MAX!” she called to no avail, but Max Evans was
gone and her sharp shrieking voice ricocheted off the plush walls of
the suite.


“Panties . . . did I hear the word panties?” Maria questioned
laughingly, as she emerged from the bedroom.

“Yes, panties, you heard panties,” Alex replied while nodding his
head. “Some guy walked out that door,” and he pointed to the open
door. “. . . and as he went, he made a very clear reference to our
little Lizzie and her panties . . .” Alex stated in cheerful

“That dear boy, was one Maxwell Jason Evans, eldest son to the third
richest man in the country, the heir apparent, playboy extraordinaire
and he has set his sights on our little Lizzie,” Maria informed Alex
with mirth.

“MAX EVANS . . . NO WAY . . . thee MAX EVANS,” Alex laughed
incredulously. “Our little Lizzie and MAX EVANS . . . the man is a
legend . . . an idol . . . a God among men.”

Liz turned several shades of red as Maria brought Alex up to speed in
regard to the pervious night’s events.

“Want me to kick his ass?" Alex asked obligatorily.

“That won’t be necessary. He’s had his amusement and he’s probably
moved on to his next unsuspecting victim already,” Liz answered
somewhat dejectedly.

“Good, because he’s got this sister . . . Hot . . . HOT . . .
incredibly beautiful and from what I hear she’s a female version of
him . . . and well . . . I . . . I’d . . ."

“And . . .” both Liz and Maria asked mere seconds before they
attacked Alex with pillow cushions from the sofa.

The three friends end up in a laughing, crying, hiccupping heap on
the floor.


She slowly and very delicately reached out to touch him. The over
sensitized pads of her fingers gingerly slide over his muscular
shoulders . . . her fingers splayed . . . her hands flattened . . .
her warm palms brushed down over his sharply defined pectorals.

The warmth of his overheated body seeped into hers . . . she glided
her hands lower, drawn by a hunger she couldn't resist . . . didn't
want to resist. Her wanton fingers traced the rigid tautness of his
torso, until finally they slipped over the waistband of his boxers.
Her pulse accelerated. Her hot lustful gaze focused on the bulging
prominence of his arousal, her prize. He followed the titillating
progress of her trembling hands. He watched. He waited, all too aware
of her patent interest.

"Touch it," he murmured.

"Touch it," he repeated, "It's for you."

Her hands moved that last little distance. They closed over his hard,
pulsing erection. He sucked in his breath . . .

Max Evans awoke with a start. "Fuck!" he exclaimed. This was the
third night in the row, that he had dreamed of Liz Parker, of her
exquisite hands and the unadulterated excitement they caused him.

"Shit!" he exhaled miserably. His manhood throbbing for release.

What was it about this particular woman that haunted him? Whatever it
was he had to get over it. Soon . . . or . . . he thought as his
practiced hand slid beneath the silk sheet and began a slow up and
down tempo to alleviate the throbbing of his erection.

TBC . . .

posted on 4-Nov-2001 12:49:18 AM
Part 7

How in the world had she let Maria talk her into this? Liz Parker
stood leaning against the cool counter of Maria's ice cream stand.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sky, clear and blue. The sun
was shining brightly. The scent of spring filled the air . . . fresh
cut grass . . . gin blossoms . . . honeysuckle. . . The park's many
pathways and benches filled with people. The wondrous sound of
children's laughter, birds humming, bees buzzing, and conversations
. . . those which were beginning and those which were ending all
caught, adrift on the wind.

Liz Parker inhaled deeply. It had been four days . . . four days
since her last Max encounter and she wasn't particularly sure how she
felt about it. The logical, reserved, small town girl in her was
partially relieved and partially devastated. The adventurous, sensual
and utterly feminine side of her was more than a little disappointed.

She leaned even farther onto the cool counter of the ice cream stand,
consumed by images of the brawny, dark haired, amber eyed, Max Evans.
His glorious smile . . . his perfect lips . . . his beautiful golden
flecked eyes that sparkled mischievously one-second and burned
passionately the next . . . his hands . . . soothing . . . gentle
. . . coaxing . . . demanding . . . his determined chin . . .
his aristocratic nose . . . his well defined torso . . . his muscular
arms . . . his powerful shoulders . . . his chiseled chest . . . his
muscled thighs . . . his . . . his . . .

"Penny for your thoughts."

A sensual male voice spoke, effectively breaking her unwanted
reverie. Liz Parker jumped in shock. She didn't have to turn to know
who that voice belonged to. It was the voice that had haunted her
dreams for nearly a week. The voice she both longed to hear . . . the
voice she had dreaded. Had she conjured him up with her wildly vivid
thoughts or was he a mirage . . . a beautiful figment of her
imagination? Irritated with the traitorous reactions of her
unschooled body and undisciplined emotions, Liz Parker lashed out.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

He strolled around the ice cream stand, his thumbs hooked into the
front pockets of his jeans.

"I was in the neighborhood," he offered, "and I thought I'd drop in
to say hello?"

His expression one of innocence. As he had spoken, he had continued
to move toward her. He stopped two feet in front of her.

There was no longer any doubt about it . . . he was solid, flesh and
bone . . . pure male virility. His masculine heat burned her to the
quick, in a way the sun never could. His nearness ignited her wary
senses. Cagily she backed away. She stared at him, doe eyed and

He stared back. For a moment the world seemed to stand still. Then
his mesmerizing lips curved slowly upward into a cynical, humorless
smile. "Relax," he advised her dryly. "Contrary to popular opinion,
I hardly ever bite," he paused, "without expressly being asked to."

She giggled nervously. "Sorry!" she gasped. "What are you doing
here?" she demanded again.

"Ah, we're back to that I see . . ." he said amused.

"Max," she began in a serious tone.

"Liz," he responded in a sensuous tone.


"I would have thought it plainly obvious . . . I'm here to see you
Liz," he answered truthfully.

"Why?" she questioned cautiously.

". . . because five days is entirely too long to go without this
. . ." His voice quieted as his lips captured hers. His mouth
moved leisurely over hers. His passion held in check . . . until
Liz's timid tongue tasted the corner of his mouth. " . . . um . . .
four days . . ." she murmured against his lips. That small gesture
was his undoing. Max pulled Liz's petite form up against his hard
length. His hands then capture her face, tilting her head, preparing
her for his plunder. His mouth coaxed, insisted . . . demanded . . .
devoured . . . he thrust his tongue into her warm wet mouth, the way
he wanted to thrust himself into her soft, supple body.

A soft moan escaped from Liz's mouth. When she finally moved to pull
away, her arms, of their own accord crept up and around Max's neck
instead. The corded muscles of his neck tightened under her touch.
She pressed her taunt breast against him. He groaned his pleasure
into her mouth. Her stomach flattened against his. Her thighs pressed
intimately up against his. It was instinct, nothing more, and nothing
less . . . instinct . . . pure feminine instinct. She couldn't help
herself. His kiss . . . his lips had turned her blood into liquid
fire. Her limbs melted into him . . . and her hands . . . they ached
with the desire to touch him . . . so they explored the hard muscle
and bare skin just beneath the neckline of his shirt. He shivered and
moved his hands to the back of her neck cradling her, yet holding
her steady, as though he was afraid she would break away . . . and
she did.

Liz fought . . . against Max's seductive powers and his drugging
embrace with the last of her remaining sanity. Maxwell Evans was not
real, at least not in her world, she was playing with a fantasy
and . . . yet he had extracted things from her, that she had never
willingly given to another soul. She was frightened . . .

"What are you doing here?" she demanded for the third time.

"I came for the ice cream" he said light heartedly, as his hand
lightly tapped the counter top of the stand.

"What flavor would you like?"

"How many choices do I get?" he asked playfully.

"One," she answered spiritedly.

His eyes twinkled. "I'll have vanilla."

Liz quickly filled the cone. "Whoops," she laughed as droplets of ice
cream dripped from the cone down and over her fingers. Max stifled a
laugh. She grinned at him impishly and shoved the cone just under his
nose. "That will be one dollar please."

He dug into the pocket of the snug fitting Levis and withdrew a crisp
new $1.00 bill from his money clip. "Worth the price already," he
said flirtatiously. He took a napkin from the counter and wrapped it
around the dripping cone, then he pulled out another and offered it
to her.

Silently Liz debated with herself, then on an impulsive, girlish whim
she elected to forgo the napkin. She licked the ice cream from her
fingers. "Good," she announced, her eyes sparkling like two pieces of
polished mahogany.

At the sight of her little pink tongue darting out to take quick
swipes at the wayward ice cream, Max sucked in his breath. His eyes
were transfixed. Images of what he wanted that plush little tongue to
do to him filled his head. This woman . . . with her undeniable
innocence . . . her explosive sexuality . . . was damn right

She wiped a trace of ice cream off her upper lip with the back of her
hand, and succeed only in spilling another dribble on her chin.
"Messy, but good," she said playfully.

"Is it?" he questioned, his topaz eyes alight with devilish
merriment. She offered no resistance when he took her wrist and drew
it toward him, close to his stunningly handsome face and his
succulent lips. But, a hot shiver of shock went through her as she
felt his questing tongue penetrate the cold film of ice cream and
flicker with stimulating warmth across her palm . . . her fingers
curled involuntarily and her breath caught in her throat.

"Umm," he murmured, his eyes hooded. "Delicious." And his luscious
lips fastened against her palm in a gentle, intoxicating sucking
motion . . . his warm rough tongue traveled slowly over her palm in
delicious tickling circles . . . short . . . teasing . . . flicking
motions and luxurious sensual tasting ones. Liz's heart thundered.

Her cheeks flushed. She felt as though she was on the verge of a
heart attack and still she did not pull away.

Through lowered lashes Max watched Liz come undone. He took her index
finger slowly, oh, sooooo slowly, into his mouth . . . he sucked it,
released it, sucked it again, and teased it with his tongue . . . and
then another finger was drawn inexorably into the warm recesses of
his hungry mouth.

Liz closed her eyes and swayed as an unquenched need built deep within
her . . . she was shamelessly wet.

She felt his teeth lightly capture her finger at the knuckle.
"I . . . I thought you said you didn't bite," she whispered hoarsely.

He held her finger, a willing captive between his teeth for just
another moment before he released it. "I lied," he responded huskily.
His eyes so very, very deep and golden.


"God, that man . . . he . . . he turned the simple eating of ice
cream into a torrid sexual experience without . . . without even
trying . . . Maria, I'm in way over my head," Liz declared.

posted on 4-Nov-2001 12:52:12 AM
Part 8a

He would simply forget her. She was just a woman. Besides he had
forgotten many a women in his day. His male libido wounded by her
resistance. No woman had every refused him. Not one.


The conceited . . . over bearing . . . over sexed . . . exasperating
man . . . why the nerve of him . . . that cockly self-assuredness
. . . that smug smile . . . Liz's frustrations were more than
evident . . . She removed the brush from the canvas, took a step
back and looked . . . staring back at her were a pair of mesmerizing
eyes . . . not quite hazel . . . not quite amber . . . not quite
topaz . . . not quite sherry . . . Why wasn't she able to get him off
of her mind? It had been a little over a week since they had returned
from the Hotel to the freshly painted Brownstone . . . and still
images of Max Evans ran rampant through her brain.


. . . Tap . . . tap . . . tap, tap . . . tap . . . absentmindedly Max
Evans strummed his fingers on the slick surface of the polished
cherry wood conference table . . . lost in thought . . . in deep
contemplation . . . totally unaware of the five pair of curious eyes
which stared at him in bewilderment.

His defiant . . . noncompliant . . . and extremely wayward mind
continually refused to banish the brown eyed, brown haired temptress
with the lush pouty lips and the surprising sensuality . . . nor
could he rid his psyche of the soft moans which had escaped from her
lips as he had greedily licked and sucked at her delicate ice cream
covered fingers . . . those moans of pure ecstasy, incessantly echoed
in his head . . .

"What the hell is up with Maxwell?" Michael inquired.

"He's been preoccupied for days," observed their father Philip Evans.

"It's a woman," replied Max's fraternal twin Kyle.

"Don't tell me he's getting all moping over that Tess Harding bimbo,"
scoffed Michael.

"May haps, baby brother, but I think it's a bit more than that,"
Isabel stated with certainty. She then turned toward their mother,

Diane Evans, and found her nodding in affirmation.

"A woman . . . have you lost your collective minds . . . Max
distracted by a woman . . . our Max . . . Maxwell, playboy
extraordinaire . . ." Michael balked disbelievingly. " . . . women
distract Max for very short periods of time . . . you know . . .
twenty minutes . . . maybe an hour . . . but not for days at a
time . . . I think you all have forgotten who he is . . .
Splend . . ."

"Michael!" his mother exclaimed. Diane hated Max's salacious nickname.

Sheepishly, he smiled and said "Sorry Mom."

. . . Tap . . . tap . . . tap, tap . . . tap . . . Max Evans
continued his mindless activity, totally oblivious to the
conversation that was taking place . . . about him . . . around
him. "What was it about that woman . . . What made her so
compelling . . . so damn irresistible . . ." he thought
irritably . . . tap . . . tap . . . tap, tap . . . tap . . .

"Would someone care to wake the little drummer boy over there?"
Michael said sarcastically.

"Finally a woman who is immune to his . . . uh . . . particular
charms . . ."

"Kyle!" his mother said warningly. Kyle blushed and apologized
profusely after the admonishment.

Philip Evans sat and stared at his eldest son. He was very proud of
Max's accomplishments . . . his son had a superior intelligence . . .
a keen business sense . . . an ingratiating personality and a
remarkable . . . almost unequaled way with women, but he would have
been less than honest, if he had said that he did not worry about
Max's very public exploits and well documented philandering. He did.

Max emerged from the-Elizabeth-Parker induced fog, slowly he became
aware of his surroundings . . . the tail end of the conversation
between his twin and his mother drifted into his consciousness.

"My love life is not up for discussion," he stated pointedly.

"Whoa" choked Michael, " . . . did . . . did I hear him
correctly . . . did he actually say love life . . . whoa . . .
where'd that come from . . . Mom call Dr. Valenti and tell old Jimbo
that Maxwell over there is feeling feverish," Michael finished
jestingly. "By the way, that redhead . . . wasn't a true redhead,"
Michael added in an amused tone.

Max smiled knowingly and replied, "You never said you wanted a true

Kyle laughed.

Diane grimaced.

Philip smiled slyly.

"Okay . . . way too much information little brother," Isabel stated
in disgust.

Abruptly Max Evans stood up and with purposeful steps he exited the
conference room without uttering another syllable . . . without
casting a backwards glance . . . leaving his family, stunned . . .
their mouths agape.


"So you're telling me that you stood in Central Park and had multiple
orgasms as Maxwell Evans sucked on your fingers? . . . Priceless
. . . and then you're telling me that . . ." Maria smothered her
laughter, " . . . that the only way the man would stop, was after you
finally agreed to have dinner with him . . . don't I wish . . .
multiple orgasms . . . he wouldn't have had to ask me twice . . . oh
Liz you are in BIG trouble girlfriend."


"Open," he softly breathed the command. She was wet . . . covetous
. . . desirous . . . totally tantalized . . . and so she obeyed
his quiet command. She couldn't refuse him. She couldn't resist
him. His seductive promise of fulfillment . . . she couldn't
ignore it, didn't want to ignore it like so many others before her
hadn't ignored it.

His finger invaded her mouth. "Lick it!"

She closed her mouth over his masculine, yet elegant finger and
tasted . . . she tasted him . . . his nectar . . . the nectar of a
young Gorgeous God . . . divinity never tasted so good . . .

Max was a man of infinite sensual power and sexual knowledge . . . he
knew how to sharpen . . . to intensify her quivering ecstasy . . .
sliding his beautifully crafted hand and his long textured fingers up
the inside of her trembling thigh . . . he touched the darken curls
of her heat . . . his middle finger slid deliciously down to
delicately stroke the satin tissue of her labia.

"Can you feel me?" he asked rhetorically as he gingerly moved his
finger into her lush heat. "Or is this better?" he asked as he
slipped his index finger inside of her feminine warmth to join the

Carnal delight overwhelmed her . . . consumed her. Liz moved her body
unrestrained against the pressure of his hands. Max chuckled
lightly . . . arrogantly . . . sadistically . . . and then he grunted
at the sudden, intense, sharp pain. He jerked both of his hands away
from her red-hot little body and she made a soft whimper in protest.

"What am I going to do with you?" he inquired sardonically.

"JUST FUCK ME MAX!" Liz impatiently said, relishing the blunt and
decisive sound of the words as the rolled off her unrestrained
virgin's tongue.

"But, I'm bleeding Liz," he pouted and then scowled in mock anger.

"Fuck me anyway Max . . ." she whispered in desperation.

Elizabeth Shiri Parker bolted straight up, in her bed. Her very
uneven breathing filled the darkness of her bedroom with its ragged
harshness. The pounding of her heart . . . so merciless, was
extraordinarily loud, to her own ears. In frustration she hugged her
knees to her chest and tried to exorcise Max Evans from her mind. But
he would not be budged and the lured . . . enticing and overly erotic
dreams that he aroused in her would torment her for the next two
weeks . . .


"Maria, I can't go out with him . . . not after that dream . . . I
mean . . . what if . . ."

"What if . . . you tear him out of his designer duds and ravish him
like the scrumptious morsel he is?" Maria interrupted, arching a
blond brow provocatively. "What if . . . you hump like bunnies?" she
continued teasingly.

"Maria, I'm serious."

"Lizzie, so am I."

Maria disappeared into her bedroom and emerged with two items, both
of which she promptly handed to Liz. Liz turned the first item over,
it was a book. She silently read the cover How to Make Love to a Man.
Her faced turned several shades of red under Maria scrutinizing

"Liz, they're for your own good . . . read them . . . Read Them . . .
READ THEM!" she said, as she headed out the door for work.

Slowly Liz gazed down at the second book, Mind Blowing Sex, the title

Liz sat there stupefied. "Mind Blowing Sex . . . Mind Blowing
Sex . . . the term reverberated through her head . . . Mind Blowing
Sex." She had to admit . . . she was intrigued.

TBC . . .

Part 8b

Liz Parker cocked her head and turned the book vertically . . . her
disbelieving eyes bugged at what they saw. Liz felt her body flush
with wanton heat . . . was that really possible . . . could she . . .
would Max . . . she shook her head from side to side in an effort to
remove such unrestrained thoughts . . . but it was of no use . . .

She slowly rubbed her weary eyes and looked at her watch . . . “Oh
God,” she thought . . . “had she really been sitting for two hours,”
in the living room of the SOHO brownstone she shared with Maria and
Alex . . . “gawking at explicit depictions of sexual
situations?” . . . “YES,” she had, her tingling body answered.

Her consciousness . . . infiltrated . . . defused . . . steeped . . .
with new and exciting definitions for what use to be ordinary
words . . . words which were now extremely enticing and oh so
perplexing, as a result of their newly derived sensual powers and
sexual connotations . . . Liz Parker decided to amuse herself . . .
her timid voice played with her new vocabulary . . . “ . . .
heightened . . . rubbing . . . pressing . . . eroticism . . .
penetration . . . rimming . . . aphrodisiac . . . fondling . . .
sucking . . . slurping . . . gulping . . . foreplay . . .
stimulating . . . biting . . . scratching . . . squeezing . . .
massaging . . . spasm . . . flicking . . . erupting . . .
darting . . . licking . . . friction . . . liquids . . .
moistened . . . hardening . . .,” Liz laughed breathlessly to
herself. She felt free. She felt empowered.


“What was he doing? . . . Why was he here?” Max Evans’ beguiled mind
questioned. “How had he let himself get this enthralled . . . this
captured?” He had circled this block for nearly twenty minutes . . .
walked Houston . . . walked Prince Street . . . rounded Sullivan and
each time he stopped . . . there he stood in front of the large
concrete mass known as 127 Sullivan . . . the very residence of one
Elizabeth Shiri Parker. “What are you afraid of?” a little voice from
somewhere deep within him asked. “She's just a woman.” it egged him
on, “. . . just a woman . . . like all other women . . .”


“Uh hey, you’re Max Evans, right?”

“Have we met?”

“Alex Whitman, male best friend and roommate to one Liz Parker and
one Maria DeLuca.”

Max nodded.

“I think we uh . . . encountered each other a few weeks back . . . at
the . . . um . . . hotel.”

“Ah yes,” Max said as he extended his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“So . . . what brings you by?” Alex asked knowingly.

“Liz Parker” came the simple, quiet reply.

“She does leave an unforgettable impression . . .” Alex
chuckled, “ . . . doesn’t she?”

Max frowned.

“So are you coming up or do you plan on pacing the block a few more

“You . . . uh . . . saw that?” Max asked a bit dejectedly.

“Kind of hard to miss . . . considering . . . you seem to have
captivated an audience . . .” Alex commented and pointed toward the
outside café, whose half dozen or so patrons had their curious gazes
plastered, on the City’s most infamous . . . most notorious and
easily recognizable playboy.

Max looked up quickly and sure enough dozens of curious eyes were
upon him. “Damn.”


Liz jumped nervously at the sound of approaching footsteps and
jingling keys. She thought she’d heard Alex’s voice . . . her heart
stopped . . . “ . . . no, it couldn’t be,” she whispered. Panic swept
through her . . . Max Evans . . . dear God . . . she’d heard Max’s
voice too. She quickly scrambled up off the sofa . . . all feelings
of freedom and empowerment abandoned her.

Anxiously she searched for a hiding place for Maria’s sex manuals.

She shoved one book under the lounge chair and stuffed the other
under a sofa cushion just one second before the front door crashed

“Hey, Liz”

“Hey Alex” she said looking peaked and guilty.

“You have a visitor,” Alex stated with an overabundant amount of
mirth, as he stepped to the side to reveal Max.

As his eyes captured hers . . . Max knew the answers to each and
every question his inner-self had posed . . . she was the
reason . . . she was the reason he had circled Sullivan . . . she was
the reason he had hightailed it from Uptown . . . Liz Parker . . .
the petite, feisty brunette standing in front of him, with her
brightly flushed face, her expressive doe eyes . . . her pouty mouth
which was now transformed into a delicate . . . delectable O-shape
from her shock.

His scrutinizing eyes . . . his penetrating gaze . . . could he
tell . . . did he know . . . was it evident . . . could he read her
scenario from Maria’s love manuals into Max-o-Vision . . . could his
probing caramel colored gaze see into her mind and how she had
envisioned herself doing those unspeakable things to him (The Hum
Job . . . The Ice Treatment . . . The Binaca Blast . . . The
Butterfly Flick . . .), how she had relished the thought of having
him reciprocate her lavish attention with other unspeakable acts (The
Paintbrush . . . The Hover . . . The Strawberry Suckle . . . The
Mirror Press).

His mocking eyes looked at her . . . his male barometer . . .
sensed . . . detected . . . located . . . went off the Richter
scale . . . Liz Parker was in heat . . . he felt it . . . his body
had sensed it from the moment he had walked into the room . . . it
was a tangible force . . . thick like Los Angeles smog. Liz’s
breathing was uneven, labored . . . her eyes . . . deluded,
unfocused . . . her nipples. . . ripe, budded, thrusting forward
through the thin material of her flower sundress, begging to be
kissed. He could smell her . . . . the smell of unquenched desire
permeated through him . . . filled him . . . flared his
nostrils . . . fired his blood and fueled his actions . . .

In two quick strides Max made his way around an amused Alex to Liz.
He unceremoniously pulled her into his arms and kissed her. His
embrace unapologetic . . . his glorious lips sought . . . found
. . . conquered . . . he demanded a response . . . insisted . . . as
his devouring tongue plunged into her acquiescent mouth to consume

Lost . . . lost . . . Liz Parker was lost . . . lost in a whirlwind
of emotion . . . pleasure . . . anxiety . . . pleasure . . .
excitement . . . more sweet pleasure . . . appalled pleasure . . .
horrified pleasure . . . surprised pleasure . . . pleasure . . .
pleasure . . . sweet ridiculous pleasure . . . and so she gave in.

With arrogant male pride, Max registered her surrender . . . his
knowing lips curved in triumph.

TBC . . .

Part 8c

Breaking their kiss, Liz caught a trembling breath as Max’s lips
reluctantly left hers. Her hoarse voice, became a deep throated croak
when he reapplied the hot expertise of his kiss. His skilled lips
shocked yet another uninvited tremor from her . . . her all too
responsive and untutored body was unable to feign indifference,
especially when those lethal lips of lust gently returned to clasp
the ultra-sensitive flesh in the hollow of her neck.

“Stop that,” she protested meekly.

“No,” came his husky reply, as he bent a second time . . . his teeth
lightly pinched the bare skin on her shoulder blade, and his textured
tongue flickered provocatively over the area where the low neck of
the sundress scooped against the swell of her breast. Unashamedly Max dipped his head lower and nibbled at her inviting curves
daintily . . . leisurely . . . and with calculated deliberation.

“Tell me when it hurts.”

Her fingers tightened against the pulsating muscles of his
magnificent arms. She gasped, “Then will you stop?"

His conceited chuckle fanned a current of hot air across her breast,
making her skin sing with reckless need. “No,” he replied, “then I’ll
make it hurt better.”


“I’ve been called worse,” he admitted a mere second before his teeth
discovered the quivering flesh of her responsive inner arm. Not
content with the torture of her front side, his fingers began a
bewitching exploration of her back . . . they traveled without
hesitation over the soft round mounds of her buttocks in a vibratory
scratching pattern . . . and she felt each delectable touch through
the thin curtain of her sundress. His knowing hands continued their
quest . . . but only lower . . . Liz’s legs sagged . . . as his
masterful fingers slid underneath her dress and brushed between her
thighs. She moaned with pleasure . . . and then gasped out loud as
his thumb gingerly touched her feminine core through her lace panties.

“Stop it,” she whispered unable to control the innate undulation of
her hips. She wondered for the umpteenth time why a one-hundred pound
woman found it so extraordinarily difficult to break free from ten
little fingers.


Alex Whitman had never felt more invisible in his entire life. Never
before had his fortitude as a man and as a friend been tested
simultaneously . . . until now. His male mind took notes as to
method . . . mode . . . maneuver and attitude. His protective nature
knew that he had to save Liz . . . from herself.

“ahem . . .” Alex cleared his throat . . . but it was to no
avail . . . Max and Liz were in a world of their own . . . a world
dominated by an almost primal sexual need . . .

“Max,” Liz whispered her voice weakened by the shear force of her
need. Her mahogany eyes melting into the caramel swirl of his. He saw
the entreaty that shone so evidently in her eyes, but what she truly
wanted he did not know . . . he could not decipher it . . . did she
want him to continue, or did she want him to cease and desist . . .

“Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?” Maria
demanded as she stood in the open doorway.

Max’s mind registered all the events that had occurred around
him . . . Liz’s surrender . . . Alex’s not so subtle ahem . . . Liz’s
soft plea . . . Maria’s unexpected entrance and her blunt utterance
and like a man recovering from drunken excess, his sobriety returned
to him . . . in slow deliberate steps, until finally he managed to
release Liz from his fervent embrace.

Liz stood there a trembling mass of electric nerves. She could not
speak. She could not move and the surprising thing was . . . she
didn’t want to . . . she no longer wanted to escape Max Evans or the
feelings he evoked from the deep recesses of her being. She stood
there and revealed in the sensations that still traveled across the
pathways of her body . . .

Maria pierced Alex with a why-didn’t-you-stop-her look, then she
walked completely into the room and closed the door.

“Voyeurism is everything it’s cracked up to be,” Alex said a little
unevenly, as Maria began to walk pass him.

As she passed . . . Maria reached out and gave him a quick smack
upside the head.



“You deserved it . . . you walking Y-chromosome . . . could you be
more male . . . standing there drooling . . . ,” she rebuked over her
shoulder. “Well, well . . . Mr. Evans . . . so nice to see you
again,” she said with a protective inflection in her voice, as she
made her way toward Liz.

“It’s nice to see you again too Ms. DeLuca,” he finally responded
after a moment of forced thought, his eyes never wavered from Liz,
their amber depths still drank of her . . . still held her captive in
his seductive power and he knew it.

“You’re so lovely,” he breathed against her temple as he softly
kissed her forehead, and released her. As he walked out the door he
said three simple words, without a backwards glance . . . “Mind
Blowing Sex.”

Liz stood there . . . unable to move . . . unable to form a single
coherent thought.

“FIRE . . . MY ASS . . . you my friend are playing with . . .
GAS . . . EXPLOSIVES . . . NITROGEN . . . and it is down right
combustible . . .,” Maria stated with animation.

“Mind Blowing Sex?” Alex repeated clueless as to their significance.

Maria’s laughter exploded.

“I could just die . . . I could literally just fall dead to the floor
this instant,” Liz said suddenly, mortified as she too spotted the
binding of Maria's sex manual, as it peeked from beneath the lounge


Maxwell Jason Evans had gone to bed aroused and as hard as iron.
Since his first encounter with the lovely Liz this seemed to be his
body’s perpetual state . . . and this morning was no different and no
amount of masterbation could change it . . . he had tried. Lying in
bed with his hands propped underneath his head . . . his mind
continuously replayed each and every memory with vivid accuracy . . .
including the moment of her sweet surrender, damn how he wished they
had been alone . . . He ached for her, ached for her in a way he had
never ached for another woman . . . his playful flirtation with Ms.
Elizabeth Shiri Parker the stranger he had meet by accident, had
exploded into a situation that had taken on a life of its own. Hot.
Scorching. Smoldering. Sweltering. Blistering. Torrid . . .
TORRID! . . . Yes TORRID! Those words sure as hell summed up the
desire he felt, especially the latter. God how he wanted her . . . he
wanted to watch her squirm and move beneath him . . . he wanted to
taste her . . . and he would . . . he would have her . . . at all
cost . . . he silently pledged to himself.


Isabel watched her younger brother through veiled eyes. She knew
without a doubt that he wanted to speak with her . . . alone, but she
wasn’t going to make it easy. She laughed involuntarily.

“What’s so funny,” Kyle asked and quirked an eyebrow at Max

Max tried to concentrate on his coffee, but its deep rich darkness
reminded him of Liz’s eyes and the passion he’d seen there the last
time they had been together.

“Who the hell is she?” Michael asked bluntly. “I know for a fact that
it’s not that Tess person, since her and her social climbing mother
have been complaining up a storm to Mom about you and your utter
disregard of social etiquette.”

Kyle roared with laughter.

Isabel laughed . . . wholeheartedly . . . she laughed . . . “Well if
that’s not the pot calling the kettle black . . . I don’t know what

Philip Evans looked over the rim of his newspaper and smiled the
smile of a proud and loving father. It had been many months since the
entire family had gathered for breakfast . . . this was a rare treat
indeed . . . and it appeared from all the playfulness going on at the
far in of the table that it was long overdue. Philip looked across at
his wife and they shared a silent moment of contentment.

A few seconds later, Diane leaned into her husband and whispered,
“Max still seems a bit withdrawn.”

Philip looked up with concern.

“Is, I need to talk to you,” Max blurted out.

All other activity in the room ceased. Five pair of bewildered eyes
landed on him. Maxwell Jason Evans felt uneasy . . . truly unease for
the first time in his overindulged life.

“I repeat . . . who the hell is she?”

Max threw Michael a look that spoke volumes about torture and death,
but Michael was unafraid. “Some waif . . . a sex slave . . . a fuck

“MICHEAL!” his parents reproached in unison.

“What? . . . I mean Maxwell over here is all moony . . .
piney . . .and distracted . . . over some unknown female and you,

“He’s in love Michael . . . the word is love,” their mother answered
thoughtfully. She was secretly pleased and extremely curious about
the woman who had finally captured her eldest son's heart.

Max who had just taken a slip of his Elizabeth-like coffee . . .
sputtered and spit.

“Hey,” Kyle and Isabel called as they jumped out of the way of his

Max turned and stared at his mother. Frown lines creased his
forehead. “ . . . love . . . ‘He’s in love’ . . . love . . . ‘He’s in
love’ . . .’ echoed through his mind.

“Her name is Elizabeth Shiri Parker. She’s 23. She’s about five foot
and approximately 97 pounds. She has long dark hair and dark brown
eyes. She’s an orphan, no living relatives. Her parents died when she
was in her teens. She lives in SOHO . . . a brownstone on
Sullivan . . . 127 Sullivan, if I’m not mistaken, which she shares
with her two childhood friends; Alex C. Whitman and Maria M. DeLuca.
She’s a waitress-hostess, a salesgirl, a painter. . . and a
student . . . her specialty is science . . . ”

All eyes turned toward the fountain of information.

Kyle shrugged, gave a small smile and offered no other explanation
for his new found knowledge.

Max’s amber gaze burned brightly as he looked across at his twin. His
facial expression demanded the answer to the question he refused to

“The hotel security report was sent to my office by mistake."

“I see,” Max replied steely.

“You knew,” both Michael and Isabel said simultaneously, each a
little impressed by their bother’s ingenuity.


Liz Parker ran to the phone. She snatched up the receiver and
playfully said, “You bitch!”

The deep masculine voice which answered, “Well . . . I suppose if you
apply its literal meaning . . .” left Liz speechless.

Her mind reeled . . . had she really called Max a dog in heat. Liz
covered the mouth piece and proceeded to say the word shit about
twenty times. “ . . . shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, . . .”


“ . . . shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit,
shit, . . .”


“ . . . shit, shit, shit, shit, shit . . .”


“Uh yeah, I mean yes . . . hey Max . . . sorry about before . . . I
thought you were Maria,” she stumbled through the apology-explanation.

“Liz . . . Liz . . . it’s okay . . . the reason I’m calling . . .
well my parents are having a small gathering tomorrow night . . .
it’s kind of an exhibit . . . I was hoping you’d be free . . . that
is to say . . . that you, Alex and Maria would be free . . .” he
trailed off.

“Um . . . let me get this straight . . . Max . . . you’re inviting me
and my roommates to a small gathering . . . at your parents’
place on the Upper Eastside,” Liz repeated for Alex who had just
entered the living room.

Alex stood next to Liz vigorously nodding his head in affirmation.
His enthusiasm spurred by thoughts of Max's sext sister.

“It’s more of a private showing . . . my mother’s a real patron of
the Arts.”

“Well . . . I’m not sure about Maria, but I think I may be able to
talk Alex into it . . .”

Max heard the smile in her voice. “Great . . . I mean good I’ll see
you then,” he said and turned to see his sister Isabel silently
motioning for him to hang up.

“. . . uh thanks for the invitation . . .”

“It was my pleasure,” his mouth said . . . while his inner voice
said, “It will be my pleasure,” and his body concurred.

TBC . . .

Part 8d

Liz turned on the hot water tap and hoped . . . prayed that there
would be a sufficient amount of time and hot water for her bath . . .
it was her sincerest hope that this bath would help to soothe her
shaken nerves . . . she needed time . . . time to think . . . time to
plan . . . time to just be . . .

She sprinkled in the Hawaiian Ginger bath salt and inhaled
deeply . . . "God what a wonderful smell," she said to her steam
reflected likeness in the mirror. She stepped closer to the tub and
slowly opened her silky bath robe . . . she slowly pulled the opening
ties and before she realized what was happening . . . she began a
slow striptease (the sound of Rod Stewart's Think I Sexy played in
her head). . . sliding the robe down to expose one creamy
shoulder and giving a little shake and shimmy . . . Liz laughed at
her own playfulness and then turned to give her captivated audience a
farewell wink before it completely disappeared . . . overtaken by a
column of steam.

"Candles . . . can't have a relaxing bath without candles," she
murmured to herself and ran quickly to her bedroom to retrieve them.


Gingerly Liz tested the water with the big toe of her right
foot . . . "ah just right . . ." Slowly she slipped into the
beckoning water, exhaling as each part of her aching body received a
well deserved caress. She lay there floating . . . luxuriating . . .

Buzz . . . Buzz . . . Buzz . . .

"Damn" she thought irritably.

Buzz . . . Buzz . . .

"Hold your horses," she retorted hotly.

Buzz . . .

She emerged from her bath with glowing skin . . . tiny tendrils of
her cedar brown hair clung to her neck . . . she threw on her robe as
she raced toward the door.

Buzz . . .

"Damn it all to hell . . . I'm coming . . . I'm coming," she muttered
to the empty walls of the brownstone. "Was that her Chinese
takeout . . . already," she thought, ". . . God she loved . . ."


"So do you think we gave her enough unwind time?" Alex asked Maria as
he walked backward down the street.

"If I know our little Lizzie . . . and I do . . . she was probably
running her bath water before you left to meet me at the station"

Alex laughed, "What is it about women and baths?"

"It's normally very hard to explain . . . but, I'll use an analogy,
I'm sure your male brain will understand . . ."

Alex scoffed mocking at her reference to male intelligence.

"It's kind of like returning to the womb . . . to be surrounded by
soothing warm liquid . . . it brings a sense of peace . . ." she

"That's sick!" Alex replied disgustingly.

"Yeah well if it's so disgusting . . . why is it that men spend every
waking moment of their adult lives . . . trying to get back into the
place they were expelled from . . . namely the womb?"

Alex stared at her stupefied. He could not come up with a suitable
answer and he knew it.

They walked in silence . . . heading for the brownstone . . . the
crisp New York air blowing up small whirls of wind in their path.

"It's not exactly the womb men are trying to get into," Alex finally
replied after deep contemplation.


"Well, you asked," he reminded her with a shrug of his shoulders.


Buzz . . . Buzz . . .

She swung it open . . . halted . . . her breath catching in her
throat . . .

Max Evans was standing in her doorway . . . looking good enough to
eat . . . his thick dark hair tousled . . . his clean-shaven face
highlighted his aristocratic features . . . his lips curved up into
an amused smile . . . his fine eyes shone a bright tawny color.

"You're cumming?" he questioned with implication, raising a dark
sardonic eyebrow.

His eyes swept her from head to toe taking in the warm flush of her
glistening skin, the damp ends of her hair and the clinging
transparency of her robe. Before she could speak . . . before her
lips could form and a single syllable could be uttered Max strode
impatiently into the room and flung the door closed.

A little shiver ran through Liz.

"What are you doing here Max?"

"I'm enamored with you Liz . . . I don't want to be . . . but I
am . . . I just am . . . I am . . ." his voice trailed off.

Liz stared at the gorgeous man in front of her. ". . . enamored was a
big admission . . . at least for him . . . hmmm . . ." she thought.

"I want to touch you Liz. I want to caress you . . . not just with my
eyes . . . but with my hands . . . my lips . . . my tongue . . . my
body . . . my soul . . ." he breathed intimately into her ear.
"You're just so damn beautiful . . . so beautiful . . .
beautiful everywhere . . ."

"I don't wish to hear these words from you Maxwell. It's neither the
time nor the place for such a discussion."

He chuckled softly at her use of his given name. "Why not? . . . why
don't you want to hear those words from me?"

"Because . . . because I think you probably say these words quite
easily and far too frequently."

Again he chuckled, "You're wrong . . . I'm actually very
discriminating, despite public opinion."

"Yeah right," Liz snorted.

Max laughed again . . . A glint of humor in his eyes. "God was she
stubborn . . . and sassy . . . and sexy . . . and quick witted . . .
and passionate . . ." he thought.

And then he smiled . . . a glorious smile that transformed his face
from handsome to one of devastating beauty. She was mesmerized . . .
she couldn't take her eyes from his face. Her knees grew alarmingly
weak. Her pulse grew rapid . . . her breathing grew ragged . . . her
core grew wet . . .

His determined eyes dropped to the tantalizing glimpse of her
cleavage, barely visible above the dipping opening of her bath
robe . . . "You're such a temptress," he murmured as he touched his
lips to her brow brushing them flush against her skin slowly. She
backed away . . . He moved forward. His mouth hovered just above her
lips. "Don't look so frightened." He gathered her close . . . closer

"You . . . you're . . . you're insufferable . . ." She wanted to
resist. . . her logical mind screamed every conceivable rationale to
her psyche, but she came to him willingly rising up on her tiptoes to
meet his lips.

"The word is still . . . man . . ." Max groaned as Liz's arms
encircled him. Her luscious mouth more delicious than he remembered
and far more perfect than he had dreamed. He teased her lips into
opening by slowly sliding the tip of his tongue against the trembling
corners of her mouth. When she moaned in sweet response . . . sweet
surrender . . . he partook fully . . . greedily . . . with gluttony.

His hands slid over her back. She felt his seeking lips as they
flirted with the hollow of her throat . . . "ummm you smell
delicious . . . you taste good too." When she felt the touch of his
hand cupping her breast she couldn't breathe . . . He bent his head
to taste her nipple through the thin fabric of her robe . . . she
moaned and dropped her head back . . . her dark hair escaped its
confines and spilled down to fan about her. Her abandon spurred Max's
desire. His aroused penis pushed against the restraint of his pant
for release.

Buzz . . . Buzz . . .

"Shit" both Liz and Max breathed simultaneously. Max slowly
disengaged himself for Liz, but with great hesitation.

Buzz . . . Buzz . . .

Max's piercing tawny gold eyes left Liz visibly shaken. Liz's dark
eyes shone like polished onyx as she struggled to regain control of
her body.

Max yanked open the door . . . angrily he grabbed the bag of Chinese
takeout from the delivery boy, stuffed a fifty dollar bill in his
surprised hand and slammed the door back upon its hinges. He stalked
pass Liz muttering something about needing an isolated island and
placed the Chinese food upon the kitchen counter. Liz giggled, but
stopped abruptly when Max fixed her with a desirous look, that left
her tingling.


"Let's stop in at Café Tina," Maria suggested.

"You know, you're not fooling anyone, you just want to see if that
guy is working . . . Pueblo . . . Paublo . . . or something . . .
from Brazil," Alex said accusingly.

"His name is Paulo and he's from Italy," Maria corrected innocently.

"Yeah well he's dark and good looking with an accent . . . I don't
like him."

Maria laughed, "Come on grouch you need the caffeine, besides it's my

"I still don't like him . . . it's not like nice guys like me don't
already have competition . . .you know with the Max Evans' of the
world . . . but you throw in that foreign accent and I might as well
not exist."

"But I lub luv lub you," Maria said making kissing noises in Alex's

"Get off . . . get off me woman . . . enough," Alex said jestingly.


The soft rustling sound of her bath robe hitting the hardwood floor
echoed through the room . . . its only accompaniment was the rugged
breathing of a woman falling deeply in love and a man in serious

Max took a sobering breath and stepped slowly away from Liz. The
sight that met his eyes . . . the vision of her loveliness would
haunt him . . . the image had etched its way into the permanent
recesses of his mind. The way her firm breast jutted forward . . .
the smooth flatness of her abdomen . . . the inclination of her tiny
waist . . . the inviting curve of her hips . . . the shapeliness of
her legs . . . "God how he wanted those legs wrapped around
him" . . . but, what drew his attention was the dark patch of brown
silk that covered her jewel . . . Max moistened his lips in
anticipation . . .

As his eyes feasted on Liz he noticed her silent shudder . . . he
covered the space between them in a matter of seconds . . . Liz found
herself wrapped up, in the engulfing circle his incredible arms . . .
the heat from his body heating her to her core . . . His fingers
grazed a smooth path down her bare back, coming to rest on her
enticing hips, while her roving hands found his provocatively male
hips . . . her finger curved into the belt loops . . . she yanked
forcefully and brought them into full contact of hers.

Through the material of his pants Liz could fill his arousal . . .
wantonly she rubbed her exposed heat up against him. Max sucked in
his breath. She was driving him crazy . . . his fingers dug into the
soft flesh of her buttocks . . . he lifted her, just slightly . . .
parted her so that the evidence of his erection could be felt . . .
and he slowly rocked his body up against her. Liz squirmed to get
closer to him . . . her hips almost frantic in their efforts.

Max lifted her off of her feet . . . Liz straddled him then, reveling
in the full contact that her slick opening made with the bulging
front of his pants. Liz lowered her head and took his mouth with a
fierceness that made him almost lose his balance . . . quickly he
found the dining table and place her upon it . . . Liz protested as
he removed his succulent lips from hers and attempted to recapture
them with her teeth.

Max ran his palm up her inner thighs spreading her legs with a gentle
pressure . . . the heels of his hands rested on the smooth base of
her pelvis. He leaned forward to circle his tongue around her
navel . . . Liz moaned in response . . . with soft wet kisses he slid
down pass her navel and flirted with the edges of her pubic
hair . . . nibbling . . . Instinctively she stiffened . . . just
before his strong fingers parted her . . . he parted the folds of her
sex and kissed her there, in a very lavish fashion. Liz lifted up off
the table . . . withering. Max secured her smoldering body with his
hands. With his foot he hooked a chair, pulled it close and sat
down. "Lie back sweetheart," he said into her heat as he lifted her
legs over his shoulders . . . his warm breath cause her to tremble
even more. "Let me Liz . . . I need this," he whispered, two-seconds
before he adjusted her hips to the proper angle and opened her
delicate folds once more. He licked a hot path up her gleaming wet
labia. Liz experienced a sudden rush of pleasure . . . a rapturous
cry exploded from her . . . followed by several whimpers as his
tongue plunged inside of her.

He was meticulous . . . her soft sighs all the encouragement he
needed . . . he took great pains to please her . . . her pleasure the
foremost thought in his mind . . . his tongue caressed her clitoris
and vulva slowly and gently until she ached with desire and her
swollen sensitive tissue exploded onto his tongue and into his
ravenous mouth.

He wondered if she knew just how erotically stimulating the soft
small circular motions of her nails against his scalp was . . . as he
drank of her . . . feasted . . . She shattered with the force of a
lightening bolt and screamed his name repeatedly as wave after wave
after wave after wave of climactic pleasure took control of her body.
Max released his hold on her and rode out the violent rifing of her
hips . . . He sat there his eyes a rich dark amber as he watched her
through the throws of her passion. Her wild abandonment tantalized
him . . . he was rock hard . . . When Liz's grip on his silky hair
finally slackened Max Evans stood up . . . his golden eyes ablaze
with his hunger. He leaned over Liz's quivering body and gently wiped
away the tears that was spilling down the side of her face and on to
the tabletop . . . his thumb brushed her swollen lips . . . she
turned slightly until her dark chocolate eyes met the pure caramel
pools of his . . . Max smiled wickedly at her, a self-satisfying
smile just before placing an earth shattering kiss upon her well used
mouth . . . Liz tasted herself on his lips . . . her desire flared up
almost instantaneously . . . but Max Evans broke off the kiss, turned
and walked out the door . . .


"I wonder if Liz is still up?"

"If, she's not can I have her mocha?" the caffeine addict in Alex

"Down boy"

"Hey isn't that Max Evans coming out of our brownstone . . . and
looking considerably tortured and somewhat pleased . . ."

They watched in curious silence as Max tapped the roof of his car,
got in and drove off.

"Liz" Maria whispered worriedly.

"Liz" Alex echoed.

Both friends tore down the street . . . up the stairs . . . and into
the brownstone.

TBC . . .

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Part 9

Max Evans strolled down the steps in front of the Brownstone at 127 Sullivan . . . his steps were measured and purposeful . . . they had to be, if he was to prevent himself from rushing back inside . . . where he knew the luscious Elizabeth Parker still recovered from his
latest sensual onslaught . . . an onslaught which had taken him by surprise just as much as it had taken her by surprise . . . He had only come by to drop off the invitation and the address to his parents home . . . at least that's the story he was telling himself . . . and then she had opened the door looking disheveled and
irate . . . her skin had glistened with moisture from her bath . . . her clingy silk bathrobe’s filmy transparency revealed her satiny skin which had looked so fresh and so soft and so damn edible, that he hadn’t been able to help himself.

Max inhaled deeply . . . he hoped to expel the tortuous images of one Liz Parker and her sensual abandonment from his mind . . . He exhaled . . . and in his mind he saw her warm chocolate brown eyes darken with feminine need . . . he inhaled deeply once again . . . and prayed that the frigid night air would help to cool his broiling
blood . . . but her sensual sighs of pleasure played like a melody in his ears . . . He exhaled . . . “Hell it’s not working,” Max muttered to himself. He clenched his hands into tight fists at his sides and silently berated himself for letting a woman get under his skin. He
stalked to his waiting car . . . his destination unclear . . . all he knew for certain was that he needed to be as far away from Liz Parker as earthly possible . . . or else. In his clouded state of mind Max Evans gave his driver a set of ill fated directions.


“Oh my God . . . I hope she hasn’t . . . done . . . anything she’s . . . going to . . . regret . . . later.”

“ . . . oh . . . you mean . . . no, no . . . not our little
Lizzie . . . she’d never . . . oh God . . . hurry Maria . . .”

The front door of the Brownstone opened with a thunderous crash. Liz jumped in surprise as both Alex and Maria fell into the room.

“Liz . . . Max . . . here . . . are . . . you . . . okay . . .? Maria huffed out, as she pushed Alex off of her.

“I’m fine,” Liz answered calmly . . . too calmly.

“What . . . was . . . he . . .” Alex attempted through his labored gasps as he landed unceremoniously on the hardwood floor.

“Liz . . . you . . . are . . . way . . . too calm,” Maria realized.

“Liz,” Alex breathed.

Liz slowly turned to face her best friends. Her face the picture of composure. The smooth planes of her lovely cheeks and forehead unfurled . . . her bow shaped mouth . . . relaxed . . . her posture and body language free of tension . . .

“. . . spill . . . I see those wheels turning . . . spill . . .”
Maria coaxed.

Liz said nothing.

“Did you see that?” Alex asked, pointing to the slight lift that had occurred in Liz’s right eyebrow. “There it goes again,” he said. “That’s not good . . . not good at all . . . now I know she’s definitely up to something.”

Still Liz said nothing.

“Liz . . . we want in . . . tell us how we can help?” Maria offered.

A slow smile spread across Liz’s face.

“That’s my girl . . . now what kind of cruel and unusual punishment are we planning to inflict upon Maxwell Evans?”

“None,” came the simple reply.

“NONE!,” Maria scoffed in astonishment.

“None?” Alex repeated disbelievingly.

“I’m going to give Max Evans exactly what he wants,” Liz stated in a quiet voice which resonated with decisiveness.

“You’re what? . . . Maria . . . do something . . .” Alex said as he shook his head and gestured wildly in Liz’s direction.

Liz sensed that further explanation was going to be required and so she settled herself down on the sofa and began to tell her tale.

“It’s really very simple,” she began in a calm tone, “. . . Max Evans showed up on our doorstep, again. I was just relaxing in a hot bath at the time. I thought he was the takeout guy, but of course he wasn’t . . . he was well Max Evans . . . he walked in . . . uninvited I might add and then I found myself in rapture . . .”

“Could you . . . please . . . uh,” he gulped, “ . . . define
rapture,” Alex said quizzically.

“Never mind him . . . details . . . I need details,” Maria insisted as she inched closer to Liz.

“I muttered something about ‘I’m coming’ just as I yanked the door open and of course his sexually satiated brain turned my words into something salacious. He strolled in . . . murmured something about being enamored . . . told me I was beautiful . . . mentioned
something about the best word to describe him was still, man . . . and the next thing I knew I was in his arms . . . being kissed and caressed . . . in another instant I was standing in front of him naked . . . totally nude . . . Liz’s voice cracked and faltered.

“You didn’t . . . you know . . . ?” Alex asked softly, as Maria sat staring dumbfounded.

“. . . no . . . but, I would have, if he hadn’t walked out . . .,” Liz admitted, ". . . and I want to."

Maria took a long hard look at Liz. What she saw before her was no longer her sweet naive friend, who had always been more child than woman. Standing before her was a woman who had decided to leave her
childhood behind . . . and . . . Maria for one completely understood.

A look of camaraderie passed between Liz and Maria . . . a look that was not lost on Alex.

“Uh, oh . . . I know that look . . . count me out . . . no way . . . Alex does not want to be experimented on . . . Alex will not lose his membership to the Man’s club . . . Alex will not betray the male species of the human race . . . not gonna happen . . .” Alex ranted, speaking of himself in the third person. “Alex is now leaving . . ."

“Allllllleeeeexxxx,” Liz said coyly.

“No . . . no . . . no . . . no . . . no . . . no . . . no . . .,” he repeated.

But his protest fell upon deaf ears.

“Freeze it, Sir Geek,” Maria called from across the room.

Alex looked up to find Maria dangling the half empty mocha over the keyboard of Mimi, his beloved computer. He froze. “Mare . . . you . . . you wouldn’t . . .” he said in a panic stricken voice.

“Lizzie . . .” he pleaded.

“In or out?”

“In,” came the reluctant reply. “But I do this under duress . . . its blackmail . . . pure and simple.”

“More like geekmail in your case,” Maria chuckled and stepped away from Mimi, but not before blowing a kiss and saying “Mare would never hurt Mimi . . . I love Mimi . . . Mimi keeps Mare in contact with Studmaster2 . . . huh baby,” and she gave the computer a quick caress.

Liz laughed.

Alex growled.

Maria smirked.


He lifted his well manicured hand and knocked soundly on the door. There was no response. He sighed, a small breath of relief. He turned to leave. It had not been his best idea . . . but then again he wasn’t thinking clearly either. Suddenly the penthouse door opened and there stood a tousled Tess.

“MMMMax,” she purred, her sleek arms snaked out to intertwine with his, as she eagerly tugged him through the door. Her demeanor very reminiscent of a spider which had lured a fly into its web. “. . . Baby . . . its been so long.”

Immediately Max knew that he had made the wrong decision and his deft mind began to formulate an escape plan.


“Alex . . . Alex . . . Alex . . . Alex you have to . . .” Maria
chided, “ . . . it’s the only way.”

His body hunched over . . . Alex shook his head in refusal. His hands covering his eyes.

“Alex . . . pleeeeeaaaasssseeee . . . you said you were in and I need you.”

“No . . . no . . . NO . . . don’t ask me to do this . . . this is the one thing that I never thought to hear from you.”

Alex sat there in tortured-male-roommate hell as Maria paraded a scantily clad Liz in front of him . . .

He had never wanted to view either Liz or Maria as women . . . just as people . . . as his friends . . . not as sensual beings . . . with sexuality . . . but . . . there he sat . . . trying hard not to react, too much like a man . . . he squirmed in his seat uncomfortably . . .
"Red . . . Black . . . White . . . it doesn’t matter . . . the guy won’t stand a chance . . . I guarantee it . . .” With that said, Alex Colin Whitman retrieved his down jacket and headed out the door. He needed the cold night air . . . he needed the blistering wind to break through the unwanted heat of male arousal that had slowly crept
up upon him, as he had sat there and watched one of his life long friends prance in front of him enticingly, erotically . . . It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen them in the various stages of dress or undress as the case may be . . . hell he had even seen them dressed in their
unmentionables, but . . . over the years he had schooled himself not to have a typical male reaction to them and tonight that had changed . . . and he wondered if either of them knew that nothing would be the same . . .


Where had Alex disappeared to . . . and How had she ever let Maria talk her into this madcap scheme?, Liz wondered for the tenth time in less than 5 minutes.


Max Evans grunted, the semi-cordial greeting was about all he could muster for the doorman as he entered the private entrance of the hotel. His inflamed senses brokered no room for small-talk or conversation. He had barely made it out of Tess’. God how he had wanted to relieve his body’s agony and Tess was a sure fire outlet, “. . . but it's not Tess you want . . .” that annoyingly persistent voice from deep within him said.
The elevator doors opened and he stepped through . . .


The elevator doors opened and Max Evans, a man suffering from an extreme case of preoccupation . . . and deep contemplation paid no attention as he exited. It was the wee hours of the morning . . . the time of day . . . the time of night in which the sun and the moon
bid each other ado and where one of two things usually happened, an awakening or a slumbering. He was very accustom to having the isolated halls of the corridor to himself, for he had traveled them often enough on his way to or from one of his numerous rendezvous. He sighed heavily and raked his hand through his dark cloud of artfully cropped hair. He closed his amber eyes and hoped that the image of Liz clad in black leather would be vanquished once he reopened them.


As she watched him emerge from the elevator Liz Parker felt her heart catch in her throat, before it made the slow descent back into her chest to do a triple beat . . . duh-dumb, duh-dumb, duh-dumb. God how could an ordinary human man look so good, especially at three-thirty in the morning . . . his exasperated expression . . . his disheveled appearance and his way pass six-o’clock shadow making him look all the more sexy . . . all the more approachable . . . he looked real . . . real enough to belong in her world. She waited . . . there was no avenue for escape, not now . . . even though he hadn’t seen her . . . she knew it was just a matter of time . . . “and time has just run out . . .” she mumbled to herself as her chocolate eyes drowned in the caramel swirl of his. Absentmindedly she nervously bit down on the pouty bottom lip of her sensuous mouth.

From where he stood Max saw her clearly now . . . he saw her silky legs and far up into the opening of the black leather coat that hung just below her calves. He couldn’t keep his hungry amber eyes from feasting on her exposed flesh, especially the glimpse of her supple
thighs. He wanted nothing more than to run his hands up her thighs and into her . . .

“Liz,” he strained, as he covered the distance between them in lightning speed.

"Max," she breathed an instant before her quivering sweet mouth was captured by his in a hungry . . . savage kiss and her instantly aroused body was pressed to the hard length of his.

His need for her was blinding. In one fluent motion Max maneuvered Liz snuggly between his hard length and the hard flatness of the corridor wall . . . his hands lost in the dark mahogany sea of her hair as he angled her to better receive his kiss.

Sensations exploded all around her . . . within her . . . Liz instinctively wound her arms around his neck . . . his soft groans encouraged her libido . . . slowly her delicate hands traveled down his body . . . leaving a hot trail of wanton flesh in their wake . . . down his muscular back, they leisurely explored the wide span of his shoulders . . . down his spinal column, each finger
tantalizing a vertebra . . . down to his lean hips, where they rested momentarily, just before she grasped them in her hot little hands and thrust them forward, to bring his engorged erection into full frontal contact with the grinding heat of her hips.

Max drew back. His golden eyes searched her hooded ones. “God she’s beautiful,” he thought through his haze of passion, “ . . . a dream come true . . . those eyes . . . those chocolate eyes that seem to melt into me . . . and those lips . . . so pouty . . . so perfect . . . so . . .” The thought ended as Max sucked in a sustaining breath and inclined his head once more to partake of the intoxicating wine that was her.

Liz’s body was on overload . . . it quivered with desire . . . it experienced pleasure . . . excruciating pleasure . . . halfheartedly she pulled her mouth away from his . . . she gently nipped his bottom lip with her teeth as part of her withdrawal . . . she chuckled lightly at his growl and moaned his name breathily as the steady pace of his thrusting hips continued to stoke her inner fire.

Max’s now vacated mouth explored the sensitive skin behind her earlobe . . . his hot wet tongue played havoc with her inner ear as he whispered “ . . . just like this . . .” its movement corresponding with the rhythmic motion of his hips.

Liz leaned into him . . . slowly she slid her leg up the outside of his muscled thigh . . .

Max felt her leg rise and he immediately offered her his assistance. He hooked her limber leg around his lean hip . . . this particular positioning offered him more accessibility to her core. Gingerly he lifted her until she straddled him. His left hand slid up and down the length of her satiny limb . . . his caresses inflamed her . . . the sound of her soft sighs . . . urged him on . . . his explorative hand left her leg and glided up her thigh . . . toward her liquid hot crotch . . . to the place he most wanted to be. His masculine brain slowly registered the barrier of silk that kept him from his prize . . . He raised his now topaz eyes and looked into hers and teasingly whispered, “Liz, . . . really . . . for me?”

Liz answered him without words . . . first with repeated kisses at the base of his throat . . . followed by lingering licks at each of its pulse point. Max's hips pumped faster.

The chime of the arriving elevator brought them both back to reality.

Max swore softly under his breath as he reluctantly released her. He took a step backwards and retrieved his suite key from the front pocket of his jacket.

Liz busied herself rectifying her appearance. She felt gloriously alive. She felt sexy and powerful.

The suite door opened on its hinges . . . Max quickly turned and swooped Liz up into his arms . . . they both experienced a moment of deja vue. He crossed the threshold and lowered her delicately upon her feet. Provocatively, Liz dragged the hard nubs of her nipples
down his chest.

Max leaned back against the heavy oak plank of the door for support as he let his body fully experience the sensations Liz had created for the first time . . .

Part 9b

Max Evans leaned against the hard wooden plank of his suite door. His body was under assault. Every fiber of his being was under attack . . . seized by Liz Parker, her sexy little body and her tortuous antics.

“She’s merciless,” he thought as the aroused buds of her succulent breast made contact with the taut flesh of his abdomen, then continued their tantalizing journey down his body.

No other parts of their body touched . . . just erect nipples blazing a trail of hot lust down his muscular length, which had been abstinent too long. God how he longed to touch her . . . his hands virtually itched with the need, but instead he took a deep breath, rested his head backward onto the door, closed his eyes and
he clinched his eager hands into fists at his sides and reveled in the exquisite sensations, that she generated.

A desperate moan escape his lips when she finally brought her tortuous peaks into contact with smooth Armani fabric that covered his bulging erection.


Liz Parker heard each and every gasp, sigh, moan, and sharp-intake of breath . . . she felt every flex, twitch and involuntary contraction that rippled through his body and it made her feel powerful . . .


Alex Whitman had walked out into the cool SOHO night. He’d had no clear idea as to where he was going. He just needed to walk . . . in an effort to calm his overexposed male nerves.

“Get a grip Whitman” he berated himself.


Maria DeLuca waited on baited breath as the soft hum and purr of the computer (Mimi) confirmed that she was about to be connected to the mysterious stranger whom she knew only as StudMaster2. Her anticipation was a palpable force.

“Get a grip DeLuca” she chided herself. “He’s just a man, you’ve never met, who knows every intimate detail about your life . . . a man whose type written words seen to touch your very soul with their insight and wisdom,” she mumbled sarcastically to herself. “He’s
nothing more than that,” she said in a feeble attempt to convince herself.


Just as Alex began to cross the street . . . [And believe it or not he actually waited for the light to signal that it was safe for Pedestrians to walk – which in itself is a rarity . . . especially in NYC.] . . . an unwanted image of Liz in a red teddy invaded his mind. Alex shook his head in an effort to banish the image from his mind’s eye and as he did he stepped off the curb and into the cross
walk. Only to be halted dead in his tracks by the uncommonly loud blare of a car horn and it’s equally blinding headlights. He froze. The driver of the vehicle rolled down the window and began to shoot
insults and profanities at him.

“Walk much, asshole?” the flushed face of the overly agitated blond screamed at him from behind a half lowered window.

Alex had had enough of female abuse to last him a lifetime and instead of timidly turning tail like he had done earlier, he turned his own irate face toward his verbal abuser. He crystal blue eyes locked with a pair of hazel ones. His body posture turned combative unknowingly and his voice deepened an octave or wo . . . “Look lady, I don’t need any of your shit? Drive much? or Are you just color blind? That light . . .” he said, as he pointed at the actual light, “was red and is still red, R-E-D, red . . . which means . . . HONEY, you have to stop, S-T-O-P, stop . . . get it?"


After reveling in her new found power for several moments Liz straightened and took a step back . . . she desperately wanted to see his face . . . his eyes, but the suite was engulfed in darkness . . . in their haste to get inside, lights were of minor importance . . . but now . . . as the sound of his zipper sliding down echoed through the interior . . .

“Max” she whispered seductively, “light . . . I want to see you . . . I need to see you . . . ”

All coherent thought had left his brain . . . his brain, as well as his body was being bombarded with sultry sensations . . . and so it took a long moment for her question to penetrate the thick fog of passion that engulfed him mind, body and soul . . .

“Uh . . . light . . . uh . . . light switch . . . right,” he fumbled through his words, stumbled on passion weakened legs, through the darkness and found the switch. Light permeated the room. As seductive brown eyes looked into glazed amber ones.

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Part 9c

“How dare you patronize me. . . you, you, you big ape. . .” the extremely irate blond screamed as she emerged from behind the wheel of the flashy sports car and flounced up into his face, ready to commit murder.

“Patronize you . . . patronize you,” Alex repeated incredulously. “Sweetheart,” Alex continued sarcastically, “you nearly killed me and then you have the gall to spew profanity at me and insult my intelligence and I’m patronizing you . . . Lady what kind of drugs are you on . . . because you sure as hell are deluded!”

Isabel Evans couldn’t find the words to accurately express her aggravation and anger. No man had ever talked to her in such a way. The male of the species was usually putty in her hands. But this Neanderthal had just insulted her and implied that she was stoned. Without thought her hand swung forward and began it’s swift decent toward his smug face . . .


The constant clicking of fingers striking keys filled the SOHO living room.

“Yeah well my roommates are great . . . remember L . . . well she’s on a mission to capture the heart of a very notorious playboy and I must say he doesn’t stand a chance . . . and well A . . . he has disappeared . . .”

Maria’s blood shot eyes squinted and blinked rapidly . . . repeatedly at the screen . . . surely her eyes were deceiving her . . . it was late . . . that had to explain it . . . Nervously she backed away from the computer screen . . . shaking her short blond curls . . .

“Meet . . . did he say meet . . . like . . . in person . . .” she asked out loud . . . not yet able to fully comprehend what her mysterious stranger had just requested.


Slowly . . . deliberately Max made his way back across the well lit room. He stopped a mere inch in front of Liz. Their eyes remained locked in a heated embrace.

Liz stood there a vision in black . . . black leather and lace . . . her chocolate brown tresses fanning about her flushed face . . . her luscious lips quivered the slightest bit in anticipation . . .

Max Evans looked deep into the depths of this woman’s eyes and he knew with certainty that he was about to take a step into the unknown . . . this was virgin territory for him [his mind chuckled at the appropriateness of that phrase].

In his vast years of experience [and he was vastly experienced] . . . for years he had shied away from virgins . . . often hearing tales from his brothers; Michael and Kyle, colleagues and friends about the so-called virginal clinginess and of the an un-foretold intensity . . .

Something deep within him told him that his Ms. Elizabeth Shiri Parker would be different . . . was different . . . maybe it had been the way she had kissed him earlier in the corridor . . . or maybe it was any one of their numerous sensual encounters . . . it could possibly even be that the lovely Liz had simply been virginal far too long, because the passion she suppressed beneath that angelic face and unassuming demeanor was mind boggling . . . at least it boggled his mind.

Breaking free of his reverie Max Evans reached out and gently caressed her flushed cheek . . . he felt, rather than heard her sharp intake of breath . . . slowly he slide his caressing hand down her neck . . . his reward . . . the quickening of her pulse . . . his hand continued its dissent . . . his skillful fingertips danced to the nape of her neck . . . and then halted . . . he moved a step closer . . . the heat from his energized body let off a discharge that virtually crackled between them . . . with slow deliberation he brought his other hand up to her slightly exposed shoulder . . . trailing the leather lapel through his index finger and thumb before abruptly giving it a well deserved push . . . as the coat fell backward it exposed more of her lily white satiny skin . . . immediately he wanted to sample it . . . to see if she tasted as good as she had earlier . . . but Liz’s shocked gasp made him bring his caressing gaze back into contact with hers . . .

There was silence. Liz rested both palms nervously on muscular wall of his well defined chest. His hands had maddeningly made there way to her tiny waist and a lazily smile played behind the fire in his mesmerizing eyes. He knew exactly what his touch could and would do to her . . . his fingers caressed the small of her back and his thumbs slip upward to the point of her ribcage . . . She stood immobilized by the promise in his eyes and the gentle circular motions of his thumbs against the points of her ribs was unexplainably arousing.

His mouth captured hers. His warmth seemed to pulse into her body with each breath, and then she was melting against him her arms encircled his neck and drew him closer. His kiss seemed to draw from her every feeling . . . every emotion . . . every nuance of love . . . of lust, that festered within her . . . She only knew that when he kissed her everything else suddenly seemed very far away. She felt her body ease into full contact with his, her stomach pressed against his . . . . her breast pressed into his chest . . . her thighs molded themselves against his . . . his massive erection pressed intimately between her thighs . . . the delicious sensations spread inexorably throughout every nerve fiber of her being . . . she was lost . . .

“I want you so much,” he murmured against her ear, stroking her hair. She was dazed and tingling from his kiss and she simply let him cradle her in his arms, not wanting to ever move, ever.

“I want you too,” she whispered against his shoulder. Long moments of silence passed. He held her and she let herself be held. The rippling gooseflesh of her arms and his throbbing erection constant reminders of their sensual intent. “But you have complicated my life . . . What is it with you?” she said at last.

He smiled devilishly at her and caressed the silken stresses of her hair that fell over her forehead. “Would it reassure you to know that the attraction is purely physical?” he quipped mischievously . . . sexily.

Liz turned her head and gently nipped his shoulder with her teeth.

“That’s all it ever is to you, isn’t it?” she questioned breathlessly as his roving hands found and released the lacey snap of her black teddy . . . opening her to his exploring fingers . . .

“What feels good . . .” she gasped as his erect finger glided through the fold of her moist sex . . .

“What looks good . . .” her ragged breath caught in her throat as he found the sensitive nub of her clitoris . . .

“What gives you a thrill . . .” she softly moaned as her hips undulated against the skillful rythmn being played out by his encompassing large hand.

“Even . . . the way . . . you eat . . . a . . . stupid . . . ice. . . cccccrrream . . . cone,” she orgasmed against his hand.

“Pure sensual pleasure,” he supplied finishing her thought for her. Taking his hand away from her quivering body he proceed to lick his fingers in much the same way he had done to hers that day in the park.

Liz watched as his magical tongue sucked each slender limb into his mouth . . . he was meticulously, it was as if he was communicating to her what he wanted to do to her . . . with her . . . for her . . .

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Part 9d - The Cementing . . . M/L only

Max watched Liz watch him as he cleansed his fingers of her love juice via his tongue . . . he watched as her eyes rounded with amazement and narrowed from pleasure and he wanted more than anything to drive her to the brink of insanity . . . the way she was driving him to the brink of self-control . . . more than anything . . . he wanted to grab her and plunge himself into the warm depths of her without restraint . . . as he stood before her an image of his own naked body plundering her soft white one filled his mind's eye . . . creating a mind movie of his X-rated thoughts . . . causing his breathing to become harsh and uneven . . .


The soft passion filled sound of his name brought him instantly back to reality. Before him stood the most enchanting of creatures . . . He had never thought of himself as a romantic . . . probably because he had never had to be . . . whatever he had wanted . . . whomever he had wanted . . . had always been offered to him on a silver platter . . . but this was different . . . this woman, she was different . . . he was different . . . for some unexplainable reason he wanted desperately to please her . . . to pleasure her beyond belief . . . beyond reason . . . and with that thought occupying the forefront of his brain, Maxwell Evans, playboy extraordinaire, fell to his knees in front of the scantily clad brunette goddess before him.

He wanted to be worthy . . . to show his true devotion . . . appreciation and he intended to do just that . . .

"Dear Lord" Liz thought silently . . . if she had thought her quivering legs felt as if they would collapse beneath her before . . . now she was sure . . . as she felt the hot searing firmness of his hands gently caress their way up from her ankles . . .

Tentatively Liz's hands reached out to touch him . . . her shaking fingers gently trailed across the magnificent cheekbones of his upturned face. They splayed across his lips . . . over the consuming amber fires of his eyes and the exquisitely long lashes that framed them . . .

It wasn't her imagination . . . he had scooted forward . . . and as he placed sweet kisses over her fingertips . . . into her palm . . . His hands . . . his wandering hands . . . encircled her ankles, anchored her . . . grazed up her calves . . . tickled her shins . . . tantalized her thighs . . . gently nudged them apart . . . then his amazing hands molded her hips . . . rounded her waist . . . positioned her . . . as his slightly stubbled cheek rubbed against her inner thighs mimicking the actions of a frisky cat . . .

His grip tightened its hold upon her slender waist . . .

Liz's body jumped as the first sensual jolt of his lavish tongue began to explore her . . .

Her small hands wound themselves into the thick darkness of his hair . . . its silky texture made her all the more inquisitive . . . with each swipe of his tongue . . . each nip of his teeth . . . each suction motion his mouth made . . . Liz lost a little piece of her sanity . . . as well as control of her vocal cords . . . as uncharacteristic moan after uncharacteristic scream was ripped from her lips . . . until he ground his face up into her woman's heat and devoured as much of her as he could . . . was she dreaming . . . dear God . . . was he humming . . . her inner walls vibrated and contracted around his tongue . . . bringing her to climax as his firm fingers bit into the soft round flesh of her clenched buttocks . . . page 53 . . . her mind flashed her the image she had seen in Maria's sex manual . . . WOW . . .

After the climatic waves began to subside Liz lessened her grip on Max's gloriously rich locks . . . allowing him to free himself from the power of her sleek thighs and the sweet, musky scent of her that now filled his nostrils.

Maxwell Evans looked up into the tear rimmed eyes of the woman he would soon make his . . . and marveled at the cloud of pure sensuality that she exuded . . . slowly he stood up in front of her . . . clasped her hands in his . . . his amber eyes locked with hers . . . as he walked them toward his bedroom . . .

Once they were inside the plushness of his bedroom Max turned to cup Liz’s face in his large hands . . . his thumbs caressed the silky softness of her cheeks and jawline just seconds before his masterful lips planted the most erotic of kisses upon her waiting lips . . . Is that what I taste like Liz thought, as she drank of herself from deep within the warmth of his demanding mouth . . .

"Mmmmm," the sound of delight slipped from between Liz's captured lips
. . . her slender arms wrapped themselves around the man who had haunted her dreams for over a month . . . she drank of him . . .

"Found your voice . . . I see . . ." he said huskily . . . mockingly against her compliant lips.

In response Liz raked her nails slowly, softly across the back of his neck . . . causing him to groan deeply within his throat . . . as his hands continued to mold her body to his.

Boldly Liz gently bit down on his lush bottom lip . . . "Max" she breathed huskily, "maybe we should . . . um . . . get rid of this." Her hand smoothed a pathway down the front of his shirt.

Max took a small step back . . . his mischievous gaze lingered momentarily upon the lips he wanted to savor . . . reluctantly his hands left her body . . . relinquishing his hold . . . his hands moved to undo the buttons of his shirt . . . only to have them swatted down . . .

"That's my job," Liz said seductively as she leaned forward to twirl her index finger around his erect left nipple through the silky material of his expensive shirt.

“Then do it,” Max growled . . . and then sucked in a sustaining breath . . . he clutched his hands at his sides . . . as Liz leaned forward and began to undo the buttons of his shirt . . . Max arched forward . . . leaning down he tried to recapture her lips . . . only to have her turn to coyly to avoid his kiss . . .

"Naughty . . . naughty," Liz said laughingly, as she undid the first two buttons . . . "You may just have to be punished for that Mr. Evans."

Clearing his throat Max said, "You mean something more torturous than what I am now enduring . . ."

"You," she leaned down and kissed the exposed flesh of his neck, "bet . . ."

She undid two more buttons and then kissed her way down his now exposed chest . . . not even believing her own audacity . . . but knowing with a certainty that Maria would be very proud of her.

Reveling in her new boldness . . . Liz Parker stripped the confining material off of Max's magnificent body . . . circling him . . . her hungry eyes . . . leisurely caressed the chiseled, muscles of his well defined back and torso.

Max's mouth watered . . . he was literally salivating . . . his sweet, innocent Ms. Parker was wickedly . . . dominating . . . and he was liking it . . . a hell of a lot . . .

Liz couldn't believe the things that she was doing . . . but she certainly was loving the fact that Max seemed to have given himself over to her . . . slowly she walked up behind him . . . and when he would have turned to look at her . . . she reached up on tiptoes and prevented him from doing so by latching her small hot mouth to the muscled juncture between his neck and shoulder. She ravished the spot with her tongue . . . and caused him to moan loudly, repeatedly. He moaned as much from the unexpectedness of the action, as he did from the sheer pleasure the action brought . . .
Her arms wound around him, and her roaming hands found the metal buckle of his belt . . . with trembling fingers Liz unbuckled his belt . . . as her lips continued their ravenous ministrations.

Unable to control himself any longer Max’s hands reached behind him and pulled her petite body up against the frame of his large back . . . where his hands held her . . . They stood that way for several moments . . . each of them reluctant to break the contact that was lulling their bodies . . .

“Liz,” Max’s hoarse voice called to her.

Stepping from within his embrace . . . Liz made her way to stand in front of the man to whom she had chosen to give herself completely.

“Yes, Max?” her small voice answered.

“Liz,” he repeated softly . . . as he leaned forward and enveloped her in his passionate embrace . . .

Her body fitted itself snuggly against his . . . as her mouth devoured his and was devoured by his in return . . . their tongues dueled and danced . . . tantalized and tasted . . . eagerly . . . wantonly . . .

Max hands lingered momentarily over the straps of her black teddy, before he pushed them down her delicate shoulders . . . breaking free of her kiss he heard her whimper as he followed each strap with his lips . . . the left strap, a tender kiss . . . the right strap, a sweet endearing kiss . . . the hollow of her left shoulder, a soft teasing kiss . . . the hollow of her right shoulder, a lingering kiss . . .

As the silky, lacy material fell past her slender hips . . . Liz found her eyes staring into the mesmerizing, tawny, golden depths of his . . .

“Max,” she said caressingly.

“Liz,” he said reverently, as his knuckles passed over her bellybutton causing her to bite down on her bottom lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy.

Liz stepped free of the silken garment. Her supple, proud body on display for the very first time, to the eyes of a man.

“God, you are beautiful,” he whispered . . . his voice choking over the words. “Such beauty as the like I’ve never seen.

Liz blushed becomingly. “Thank you,” she replied sweetly. His eyes feasted hungrily upon her nakedness, making her close her own eyes shielding them from the intensity of his gaze.

Self-consciously Liz raised her arms in an attempt to cover herself.

“Don’t,” came the soft command.

Gently he reached for her and brought her to stand before him. “Your turn,” he coaxed seductively, casting a meaningful glance to the top of his open trousers.

Liz smiled impishly up at him. Taking his cue, Liz moved forward . . . her hands slid slowly over the fine Armani fabric . . . caressing his incredibly sexy ass . . .

Max sucked in a breath . . . and murmured an explicative that made Liz giggle girlishly in surprise, leaning forward she whispered "I plan to," before she turned her attention back to the task at hand . . . removing unwanted garments from the body of her own personal Greek God . . .

With a gentle nudge and gentle tug the fine fabric lay in a puddle at his feet. Max stepped from the fabric at his feet . . . a bronze God in silky black boxers.

Liz’s eyes appraised him boldly . . . appreciatively . . . he was powerful . . . sleek . . . magnificent . . . she admitted shamelessly . . . His was a body of great beauty . . . as her eyes traveled down the planes of his chest, across the bulging muscles of his arms . . . down the exceptionally well defined leanness of his hips . . . lingering wantonly upon the proud member which manifested his desire to possess her . . .

Reluctantly her eyes returned to his face . . . and what a face . . . His face could make a woman weak . . . he was definitely swoon worthy . .. hell who was she kidding . . . that face could charm the wings off a bird . . . coax an angel from heaven . . . especially when he smiled and looked boyish . . . and God help you if he was serious . . . determined . . . because that face became ruggedly handsome and twice as irresistible . . .
Liz had never met a man like this . . . it was a bit unsettling . . . she knew . . . without a doubt that she could look at this man for hours on end and never get bored with what she saw . . .

Max felt the heat from her gaze as the chocolate brown of her eyes traveled the length of him . . . he stood motionless . . . wondering at Liz’s bold perusal of him . . .

Enough was enough . . . his arms enclosed her and he lowered his mouth to hers. The kiss was a shock to her senses. His mouth was ever so gentle against hers. He moved softly, then his tongue parted her lips and sweetly explored her mouth.

Liz was lightheaded … her blood seemed to be speeding through her veins . . . but, God this man and the things he did . . . she wanted him . . . needed him . .. couldn’t deny him . . . or herself any longer . . . and so she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her small form firmly up against his hard one . . .

Max walked her backward toward his plush bed . . . gently he laid her down . . . angling himself above her . . . his mouth devouring her . . . his tongue plundering her tender mouth . . .

Liz moaned softly in the back of her throat . . . the sound of which spurred Max’s desire to a fevered pitch . . .

She urged him to take her . .. to finally make her his very own . . . she wanted him . . . .without hesitation . . . she opened herself to him . . . her silken legs opened wide . . . the engorged tip of his swelling erection found her entrance . . .the slight moisture on its tip began to mingle with her love juices . . . she opened wider as his lean hips found the perfect placement . . . he thrust deeply . . . his thrust was met by the resistance of her maidenhood . . . her breath caught in her throat . . . her dark chocolate eyes filled with pain . . . then brimmed over with tears as they locked and held the warm caramel of his . . .

Max stilled his motion . . . “Liz, baby . . . are you okay?” he asked as he leaned forward to kiss away her tears . . .

Max’s restraint was being sorely tested . . . he knew that she needed to grow accustomed to him . . . huskily he continued to soothe her with his words “shhh sweetheart . . . baby . . . it’ll be okay” his gentle lips kissed the sides of her lovely face as he rested his weight upon his arms . . .

The stabbing white hot pain had been fleeting . . . it was dulling now . . .

“Relax . . . my love . . .” he whispered sweetly against the lobe of her ear . . . as one of his hands caressed the soft silky tresses of her hair as it fanned about her on the pillow framing her pretty features in the glory of its chestnut hues . . . as his other hand replaced his lips and gentling began to wipe away her virgin's tear . . .

As the pain subsided Liz became aware of another sensation . . . instinctively she began to move her hips upward toward Max's still immobile body


It wasn't until she called to him in a soft sultry whisper that he began to gingerly move within her . . . with each thrust Max gave over more of himself . . . he knew that he'd never be the same . . .

Liz clung to him . . . her arms wrapping themselves around his torso . . . hugging him to her . . . beneath her palms . . . she felt the rippling contractions of his muscled back and buttocks . . .

Max kissed her lush mouth . . . He cupped her face between his large hands as his tongue plundered her mouth . . .

Liz's hands traveled down his back . . . as his narrow hips rose above her . . . only to ascend a second later . . . her hips lifted off of the bed to meet him . . . frantically she wrapped her legs around him . . . drawing him deeper inside of her . . .

Max’s hands withdrew from her lovely face . . . his passion dictated his actions . . . he clutched her buttocks to press her even closer to him . . . her limber legs wrapped themselves even tighter around him . . . his hips . . . He thrust with a steady . . . demanding . .. rhythm . . .

She cried out in pleasure . . . her body singing with sensation after sensation . . .

Max released her hips and again cupped her face in his large hands . . .

"Look at me Liz," he whispered desperately into her half hooded eyes.

Instantly warm chocolate eyes collided with glazed caramel ones . . . as their lips met in a demanding kiss. He could feel her hands roving over his back
. . . kneading the hard muscles there . . . she began to moan louder as his pace intensified . . .

"Max . . . oh, Max . . . Oh . . . oh . . . Mmmmm . . ."

Her arms circled his neck once again . . . tighter and tighter . . . she squeezed as if she were holding on for dear life . . .

Even in his own reckless haze of fiery passion Max noted Liz's wild abandon . . . and like it . . . hell he loved it . . . at last the breath caught in her throat and she went rigid, her grasping hands and clinging nails digging into his shoulders.

His name escaped her lips in a strangled cry . . .

With one last thrust Max joined Liz in the realm of pleasure . . . They both lay there exhausted . . . breathing heavily . . . an intertwined mass of flesh.

Moments later Liz untangled herself from Max and scooted toward one side of the bed. Feelings of insecurity plaguing her . . .

"Thank you," Liz said in the sweetest, almost inaudible whisper.

"Come here," Max commanded huskily and pulled her back into his arms.

"Come here,” he repeated softly.

She snuggled close to him and he knew without a doubt that he could grow accustomed to this woman without much effort. He smiled to himself and unconsciously held her closer.

"My pleasure," he whispered against her temple as he kissed her lightly and drifted off to sleep.

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Author's Note: As always I am amazed at the feedback . . . I greatly appreciate the time you took to read this fic and the time you took to reply . . . I hope that you enjoy this latest installment . . . It's short, but it packs a punch . . . LOL . . . Happy Reading . . .

Disclaimer is somewhere . . .

Part 10

Max Evans lay awake looking at the sleeping form curled against him. It was his custom to awake with the dawn . . . but his morning was somehow different . . . he didn't know how it was different . . . but he knew what or should he say whom made it different . . . his adoring gaze traveled down the length of the petite form of the dark haired angel, sleeping so soundlessly next to him.

His amber eyes traveled the length of her silken limbs . . . the soft arms that had embraced him through the night . . . long tampered thighs that had surrounded him, welcomed him . . . the firm twin mounds of her supple breast that had teased him . . . the taut flatness of her belly . . . her extremely delicate waist . . . and that rounded sweet ass of hers, that had taunted him and begged for his touch. His gaze then journeyed to the velvety smoothness of her back . . . the satiny hollows of her neck and he remembered exploring them all . . . kissing them all . . . tasting them all . . .

His mouth watered.

Liz's overly responsive body urged her to consciousness . . . it practically begged her to awaken . . . it seemed to be crying out "WAKE UP, LIZ . . . WAKE UP and see what wondrous, pleasures await you."

She lay on her side, one arm flung behind her and the other resting under her head against warm flesh.

Her eyes opened slowly . . .

One of her legs was bent at the knee and thrown over a pair of masculine hips . . . while the other lay straight pressed against a warmth she had yet to identify . . .

Little by little she moved the tangle mass of hair from her face and angled her slightly stiff neck upward . . .

Max's arm rested oh her waist . . . his hand gently teased her breast . . .

Liz could feel his uneven breath as it gently tickled the top of her head . . . it hotly caressed her forehead . . .

Her attention was captured as she watched his hand began to slowly travel over her stomach . . . across her hip and down her thigh . . . The sensations he generated caused goosebumps to spread all over her awakening body. . .

His large hand moved deftly to her inner thigh and began its maddeningly slow descend toward her most private of parts . . .

It stopped on the soft mound of dark chestnut curls between her legs . . . there the hand loitered . . . lingered, until its slender, masculine fingers gently caressed and parted the curls. Gingerly they nudged their way into the warm moistness of her hot flesh, which had already begun to quiver with delight.

A soft moan escaped from her slightly parted lips . . . as she slowly maneuvered her body completely onto her back to lay the way opening for those prying . . . questing . . . maddening fingers . . .

Her lips curled upward into a seductive smile as she looked up. Her mahogany gaze encountered the ardent look in his burning, tawny-gold eyes.

"It took you long enough to wake up," he murmured playfully, as his thumb stroked at her most sensitive bud.

Languidly he leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of her pert little nose.

"Patience . . .," she gasped "is," she moaned "a . . .," she moaned again, " . . . is a virtue," Liz gasped breathlessly.

"Patience Hell," Max responded as he leaned over and kissed her hungrily . . .

TBC . . .