Title: Boy Next Door
Author: Dreamer2001
Category: M&L, AU, NC-17
Disclaimer: Roswell char. not mine

Part 1


The boy next door and I had been best friends ever since we were 5 years old. There weren't many other kids in the neighborhood so we did everything together, grade school, sports, even family vacations.

Now we were both headed for college.

This last summer his family had taken a 3 month vacation around the country so we hadn't seen each other for some time.

Those three months had changed me, my braces came off, let my hair grow long, and had gone from fairly flat-chested to a decent size. I felt and looked like a young woman.

Max had changed too, he grew about 3 inches taller, his body was now a more muscular, and his voice was deeper, he also had a great tan...I felt a little tingle I never felt before when I saw him again.

We awkwardly said our hellos and just kind of stared at each other.

"How about a swim?" I offered, just to break the tension.

"Sure. I'll get my suit on and meet you at the pool," he said with a sigh of relief.

I ran upstairs to change into my swimsuit.

While doing that I glanced out my window towards his house next door.

Max must have forgotten how close our houses were because his drapes were open and I could see into his room very clearly.

Max was removing his shirt, his chest was very muscular and taned, his stomach was flat and had those little ripples. He undid the button on his jeans and pulled down the zipper, I couldn't stop looking, he wasn't wearing any underwear!!

This was the first penis I had ever seen, it looked like a long pink snake hanging between his legs, it was surrounded by dark curly hair and had a big pair of "balls" hanging with it.

Now my head swam, how could anyone ever put that inside them, or in their mouth.

When he turned his back to the window I saw that his butt was kind of cute too, very muscular and not much bigger than two handfuls.

I couldn't believe I was thinking these things.

Max turned towards the window, he must have finally realized the drapes were open, I ducked back against the wall and hoped he hadn't seen me.

The space between my legs felt funny, it was tingling and a little bit wet, I put one finger down there and a shiver went through my body....oooooohhhhhh that felt nice.

I kept it up for a few minutes, a warm feeling spreading from my vagina all over my body.

The picture that kept running through my mind was of Max standing naked with that long thing between his legs, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I remembered the real thing was waiting for me by the pool so I hurried and put on my suit and headed downstairs.

Max was standing by the side of the pool. I could see the outline of his penis in his swim trunks. I'm sure I must have been staring.

"Liz, is everything all right?"

"Just daydreaming," I answered.

We both dove in and swam the length of the pool.

When I stood up in the shallow end I had to adjust my top, it was falling down a little and I was showing quite a bit of my breasts, this time it was Max who was staring.

"You, uh, have really changed, uh, since I saw you last. You look beautiful."

I blushed from head to toe - no one had ever told me that before.

We swam for awhile more then sat poolside and talked. While we did I started to put tanning lotion on my shoulders and arms.

"I'll do your back," Max offered, so I handed it to him and lay face down on my towel.

His hands began rubbing lotion slowly along my shoulders and the back of my neck, I got that tingle again between my legs but couldn't do anything about it.

He rubbed warm lotion all over my back and then moved to the area just above my swimsuit bottom.

His hands were warm and soft on my skin and when he put them on my thighs I didn't complain.

He massaged lotion into the back of my legs and his hands rubbed the inner part of my thighs, I wanted him to touch me on my pubic area but he didn't.

I think it became too much for him, he stopped and said he had to get home, he'd call me later.

I wasn't quite sure what had happened but I hurried into the house and upstairs to see if I could catch him in his room again.

No luck this time.

The blinds were closed.

But I could see that a pair of hands was parting them just enough for "someone" to peek out of and into my room.

Well, I had seen Max earlier, maybe I should repay the favor and pretend I didn't know he was watching.

I started to move as if I were dancing slowly, I turned my back to the window and reached behind myself to unhook my swimsuit top, I took it off and let it lay over my shoulder.

I put my hands over my breasts and turned around, Max was still peeking I could tell, so I let my hands move away from my breasts and to my sides. As they moved I let my fingers rub against my nipples, I loved the way it felt, I was beginning to get that warm feeling between my legs again, only this time I knew why.

I turned my back to the window again and continued to move my hips from side to side, I hooked my fingers in the bottom of my swim suit and pulled it down very slowly over my butt.

I knew Max could see me now naked and it made me feel very sexy, I was wet between my legs.

My hips continued to sway side to side as I turned around to face the window, this was so exciting!!!

I knew Max could see me nude, he could see my breasts, my pubic area, everything.

I put my hand between my legs and began to play with myself, knowing that Max was watching made me very hot.

I let a finger go inside myself, the first time that had happened, and began to rub the little bump at the top of my vagina.

In just a few minutes I started to shiver all over and my vagina squeezed my finger and let some juice drip out.

Just then the phone in my room rang and startled me, I picked it up.

"Hello Liz, ......I wish that was my hand, I'd love to touch you like that and make you feel like a woman."

Max's voice sounded deeper and very sexy.

"Take your hand and put it on your breast," he told me.

I stood in front of the window and did as the voice told me.

"Now draw circles around the outside of your breast and make them smaller and smaller until you reach your nipple."

I did, and my heart began to beat faster, I could feel my nipples harden, and waited for Max to tell me what to do next.

"Take your nipple between your thumb and forefinger and roll it around, pinch it gently, and squeeze your breast."

In my mind it was Max doing this to me, and I really wanted him to.

"Take your other hand and put two fingers inside your wet little pussy".

That's the first time anyone had called it that, I liked the sound of the word..pussy.

"Now rub yourself on your clit, that little bump at the top of your pussy, put your fingers in as deep as you can."

I was hot all over now, my nipples were hard between my fingers and my "pussy" was all wet, my fingers were slipping in and out of it easily and I could feel myself getting tense again between my legs.

"Faster now Liz, and look out your window at me, this is what your little show has done."

I looked up and there was Max in front of his window, blinds wide open, naked, and he was holding his thing in his hand, moving his hand up and down on it.

I didn't know why but it made me even hotter.

My pussy tightened up and let even more juices out than last time.

Max could hear me on the phone breathing hard and making little moaning sounds.

He started to breath hard too and his hand moved faster and faster until stuff shot out the tip.

"I want you to do this to me Liz, and I want to touch you and make you feel good all over too, would you like that?"

I whispered, "Yes Max, I want you to touch me, and I want to know what your thing feels like. Can we do this again later? I'll leave my drapes open so you can watch me whenever you want."

I blew him a kiss and hung up the phone, he blew me one and hung up too.

His thing was still big, but now it hung again between his legs dripping stuff on the floor, I was wet too on my pussy lips, I turned and headed for the shower wondering what I would do if I had the chance to touch Max's 'thing'.

Part 2


I was in the security of my home and the warmth of my bedroom when I suddenly awaken from my dream.

Catching my breath, I reminisce about the dream and the event that transpired earlier in the day.

'Oh man,Liz!'

I thought to myself as I reached down and grabbed my member for the thought of her.

I felt a rush of blood and a tinge of nerve shoot to my member as I continued in my visualization of Liz.

How she has changed over the last three months- gone was her braces. And her hair! I've never seen her grow her hair that long! And silky too!

Her frizzy, chocolate brown hair surrounding her cute little face with dark eyes reminded me of a harem girl waiting for her master to beckon her for a night of pleasures.

Her pert, firm breasts touted continuously erect nipples, as if always in a state of excitement.

My mind became crystal clear and my imagery of her was complete.

I saw her nakedness and anxious attitude earlier across his window in her bedroom after their swim by the pool.

An overwhelming combination of vision and feeling overtook me and my hand moved easily about my now stiffened shaft.

My hand surrounded my engorged member and slowly, softly moved upon it's length.

I opened my hand so the flat of my palm pressed upon the silky skin.

I moved my hand up and down and side to side causing the blood that filled my cock to pulse and course through the large veins that now bulged around the exterior of my love machine.

I again imagine a picture of Liz dancing across her bedroom naked earlier.

She was stroking herself between her thighs with open hands, spreading her lips and showing me the pink,
warm spot of her, and my, desire.

I rubbed my index finger on the head of my shaft and played with the little hole in it's apex.

I circled my fingers around the shaft and with long, deliberate strokes, watched myself pull and push the loose skin of it's length.

I felt the hardness within me all the way to the base of my ass.

I then pinched the pink foreskin and rolled it between my fingers.

Ohhh....it felt so good.

I suddenly vividly remember my dream of Liz rolling my cock in her mouth, manipulating it with her tongue to rub on the insides of her cheeks came to me.

I grabbed myself hard and allowed the dream of her warm, moist mouth to play with me.

With my other hand I gently massaged my balls and allowed my fingers to play with the hairs surrounding them.

I pushed my finger between the sensitive egg-shapes and tickled the lowest portions of my erection.

My leg muscles tightened and strained as they held my hips up off the bed and then they relaxed permitting me to gently sit down on the bed.

Again, a vision of the dream appeared in my head.

This time of me standing on a bed holding Liz' hips up to mine with my shaft plunged deeply into her.

I could hear her moan and sigh with pleasure; our bodies straining and sweating in the heat of the moment.

As I pictured myself letting her body slide down my rock-hard member, I could see the glistening traces of her juices on the bumpy part of my cock.

I could feel the tightness of her pussy grabbing at me as the head almost came out of her.

I held her there for a second, teasing her with the tip before ramming it's full length into her hot, dripping cavern and pulling her bottom up hard to meet my attack.

"Oh", she shouted as she felt the tip of the battering ram touch the back of her vagina.

Hard again, I pulled at myself and allowed the fantasy to warm and burn my pulsing erection.

A quiver ran through me and electrified my cock, balls and ass.

"Wow, who says you shouldn't do this?" I asked myself jokingly. "Not me, baby! Uh uh. Not me!"



I was sleeping soundly, tucked up against my pillows, when the phone rang.

I answered it sleepily, and vulnerably, as it later turned out.

"I just had a dream about you," Max said in a whispery, breathy, eager voice.

I rose half-way, look out my window and saw Max standing by his window.

"What was it?" I asked, giggling a little and shivering with excitement.

It was four o'clock in the morning, and the "noir gla'mour" of that adventurous hour and what happen to them earlier enhanced the novelty of the moment.

"I dreamed I was lying here in bed and you were there next to me, naked and so beautiful. It seemed so real, like I could reach out and touch you."

"If I was there, what would you do?" I whispered, that familiar tingle awakening in my groin.

"What would you like?"

"I love to kiss. It turns me on a lot. Are you a good kisser?"

"I guess. I kiss you slowly and softly. I taste you and gently bite your lip. Then I move down and kiss your nipples. Tell me what they look like."

I threw back the sheet and studied my bare breasts in the half-light of a summer morning.

"The areolas are about the size of half-dollars and my nipples are about the size of pencil erasers -- "

"Touch them for me. Caress it then pinch the nipples...imagine your hands as my teeth biting it... how does it feel?"

I did what he asked.

"Mmmmm. It feels wonderful."

"Then I kiss my way down between your legs. Describe your pussy to me."

"I have thick, curly, tawny brown hair. I keep it trimmed."

"What about the inside?"

"It has kind of curly folds, like the edges of a cooked oyster, and it's very rosy -- more rosy than pink."

"What's your scent like?"

"I don't have a strong scent."

"Is it wet?"


"Touch yourself. Is your clit swollen?"

"Like a little pea."

"Wet your finger and taste it."

I did so, then went back to slowly stroking my slippery slit.

"I lick your slit up and down. Then I'd stick my tongue in as far as I could, scooping out your juices. More licking up and down and then I'd suck on your clit, pulling it into my mouth until more juices comes out of your pussy. Then I’m going to lick some more and lick some more. What's happening with you now?"

"I'm grinding my hips on the bed."

"I lay you on your back and kneel between your legs rubbing myself up and down the slit of your pussy. Then I'll enter you slowly and I can feel your pussy. Grabbing at it inch by inch. It feels so good. I continue to enter you slowly, building you up until you can't stand it."

"Ohh! I want it now," I gasped. "I want you in me and bite my nipples."

We were both breathing so heavily by this time it was hard to discern all the words.

"I enter you faster and deeper with every stroke until I'm bumping the back of your pussy. I kiss and bite your nipples, your neck, behind your ears. I'm so deep into you, and I gyrate my pelvis frantically so I could touch every inch of the walls of your pussy."

“Ohh… Max…”

“Do you feel me Liz?”

"I feel you. Oh Max! I feel you...."

With that, we both gasped into the phone.

And my pussy is so wet with my juices.

My back arched off the bed as my fingers worked the soft, buttery folds of my pussy.

It was wonderfully decadent and satisfying.

That is, until we said good night and broke the connection.


Next night.

I heard my mom's voice.

"Liz, your dad and I, and the Evans are going out for the evening, Max is going to come over here, you two can order pizza and watch a movie if you want, don't wait up."

"OK mom, see you later."

My mind raced.

Max was going to be here all evening!

Part 3


I didn't put on any panties or a bra, I slipped into a loose fitting pair of shorts and tank top that hugged my body like a second skin.

I heard my folks leave as Max came in the door.

"I'm upstairs Max, come on up."

As his footsteps got closer my heartbeat got louder in my ears.

What would he say?

What would I do?

I was tingling all over my body.

"Hi Liz, you look great."

He came right to me and took me in his arms.

His lips locked unto mine and we kissed deeply, I thought I would faint.

He is definitely a great kisser!

I could feel his thing growing in his jeans, as his tongue entered my mouth, I'd never Frenched before but I mimicked the movements of his tongue.

His hands were all over me already, his hands felt my ass, cupping my cheeks and pulling me toward him, he ran his fingers over my breasts and let his thumb push on my nipples.

God I wanted to see him naked again!!!

I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head, I started to rub his chest like he did to me, his nipples got hard too and I bent to kiss them with my mouth.

Max squirmed a little, "Mmmm that feels nice, don't stop."

I wasn't about to, while I nibbled on his nips I reached down and undid his jeans.

They fell to the floor and his thing popped free!

Up close it was HUGE !

It stood straight up and reached his bellybutton!

It looked so smooth I had to touch it.

It jumped when my fingers reached for it, it was hard, and I could feel it pulse in my fingers.

Max moaned and asked me, "Kiss my cock Liz, take it in your mouth, don't be afraid."

I trusted Max.

I got to my knees and took his "cock" in both my hands.

I wasn't sure what to do, this was my first time.

I looked up at Max.

"Treat it like a popsicle, just lick it and suck on it," he said.

I opened my mouth and let my tongue run along the length of Max's cock.

It was warm and felt hard.

I licked it from the balls all the way up to the tip and then let my tongue circle the tip.

Max was moaning so I guess I was doing o.k.

I opened my mouth and let the tip pass my lips.

His cock slipped into my mouth easily and I let it go in as far as it could.

I felt so sexy doing this.

Max moved his hips so that his cock moved in and out of my mouth on it's own.

I took one hand and held his hairy balls, they filled my palm and I rubbed and squeezed them gently while I continued to suck and lick his huge cock.

The area between my legs was now completely wet, I could feel juices running down my leg and I was glad I wasn't wearing panties.

After a few minutes I looked up at Max's smiling face.

"My knees are a little sore, can we lay down on the floor."

"Sure, but first I want to help you out of your clothes, so I can see how beautiful you look," Max said.



She again started kissing me, that wonderful tongue playing intricate games in my mouth.

Tentatively I reached out and cupped her breasts.

She moaned, reached both arms behind me and crushed herself against me.

Her hands pulled my shirt off and started caressing my chest and occasionally venturing down to my
stomach and the start of my pants.

My cock was straining and almost screaming at me to set them free.

Liz must have heard them.

For her hands wondered in my zipper and released my very engorged member.

She stared at it and look surprised.

Her hands slowly touch the head.


Tentatively, feeling its hardness, its smoothness.

I almost passed out! This was too good to be true!

"Kiss my cock Liz, take it in your mouth, don't be afraid."

She doesn’t know how.

"Treat it like a popsicle, just lick it and suck on it," I said.

She opened her mouth and placed my cock inside on her tongue licking it all around without closing her

She grabbed my cock with her hands and closed her mouth about the head, slowly sucking it in until she had about half of it in her mouth.

She kept it there, sucking on it like a popsicle as I told her.

Her eyes glued to mine watchful of my every reaction.

She closed her eyes and started taking my straining cock deeper, going deeper and deeper with every stroke, until finally all of my cock was buried in her mouth.

I moaned and writhed under her ministrations, thrusting my hips involuntarily into the air.

Finally, after one tongue excursion down my thigh, she began tonguing my balls.

She went back and forth between them getting the hairs soaked with her saliva.

She suddenly stopped, looked up at me, and took my left testicle into her mouth.

She sucked on it softly and stroked it with her tongue. Letting it slide sensuously out of her mouth, she repeated with the right testicle.

She went back and forth between them, sometimes using her mouth to fuck my balls, sliding them individually in and out, in and out.

She stopped, and taking a deep breath, took both balls into her mouth at the same time, gently stuffing them in with her hands.

The sensation was overpowering.

My cock felt more engorged with blood than ever before; bouncing up at the sky with every beat of my heart.

I squirmed repeatedly underneath her which seemed to drive her into a heightened frenzy.

She kept sucking on my balls like she couldn't get enough, her eyes constantly open and watching my reactions.

Suddenly, she pulled back slightly and let my balls pop out of her mouth.

She began running her tongue up and down on the underside of my cock.

Occasionally she would wrap her lips as much as possible around the side of my cock and suck it or stroke her lips up and down, pausing close to the head.

Oh I’m in heaven!

"My knees are a little sore, can we lay down on the floor." she said

"Sure, but first I want to help you out of your clothes, so I can see how beautiful you look,"

Part 4


I stood up and Max reached for my tanktop.

He pulled it slowly up over my head letting his fingers touch my skin as he did so, his thumbs paused on my nipples and sent a shiver through me.

He looked at my naked breasts and reached out to touch them, his palms ran over my breasts, making my chest warm, I could almost feel them growing under his touch.

Max took my nipples between his fingers and pinched them, but not hard.

My hands were on his cock.

I couldn't stop touching it!

Rubbing it up and down.

Max bent down and started to kiss my breasts all over, his tongue licked them in circles until he let the tip of his tongue flick at my hardened nipple.

Then he took my nipple in his mouth and began to suckle like a baby.

My pussy was now itching to be touched, I wanted Max to put his fingers there.

I wanted his cock to be there filling me up.

Max reached down and pushed my shorts over my hips.

I felt them slide down my legs to the floor and stepped out of them.

I was now completely naked with Max, my whole body wanted to be touched by his hands.

He led me to the bed and I lay down waiting for him.

"You are the most beautiful girl I've seen," he told me. "I want to kiss you everywhere."

Max lay down next to me and kissed my lips.

I could feel his hard cock against my leg, his left hand found my breast and began to squeeze them gently.

One of my hands found his butt and I could feel it very muscular and smooth.

My other hand reached down to continue touching his cock.

It was warm and hard in my fingers, there was some sticky stuff at the tip that I wiped with my fingers.

Max moved over me, his cock was now between my legs, he moved down so that he could suck and kiss my breasts.

I moaned when his tongue and lips began to suckle each nipple.

His breath was hot and his teeth scraped against the soft skin of my nipples causing my pussy to get wet with each little nibble.

I wanted to reach down and touch myself, but before I knew what was happening Max's face was at my vagina!!!

He began to kiss me there, and his tongue licked my pussy up and down, I began to shiver with the excitement, my legs locked around his head.

Max used his fingers to open the lips of my wet little pussy as I had done earlier, only now it was his tongue not my fingers that were inside me.

My whole body shook as his tongue went inside me.

I could feel my own juices running from me and down my ass.

I began to moan loudly now calling Max's name.

He looked up at me with a smile on his face, his chin wet with my juices.

I pulled him up to me again, and took his face in my hands, I began to kiss him and tasted my juices mixed with his kisses.



Now I’d love to eat her pussy, the smell, the taste, and the feeling of powerful legs wrapping around my ears in my dream just drives me wild, and after waiting all day to get my tongue into her, my mouth was salivating for the taste of her.

I moved around to and lifted Liz's legs up over my shoulders so I could delve into Liz's hot pink flesh.

Oh yes I was definitely in heaven.

I saw before me the most wonderful thing on this earth.

A pussy spread just for me.

Knowing that I should start at her clitoris (thanks to Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask), and the general location, I used my tongue to explore until I found it.

I lowered my head down and tried to hold back my excitement, just licking around the outer lips a little, flicking the tip of my tongue across her swollen clit.

I started flicking her clit with my tongue and sucking it into my mouth.

Guess what?


My god I'm in LOVE!

Each time I dragged my tongue over her little button Liz would moan and take in one of those short high pitched breaths you know, like, UHH!

She arched her hips, grabbed my head, and crushed it against her pussy.

I kept sucking gently on her clit, my saliva mixing with her juices, until she was soaked.

Leaving her clit I moved down and began tonguing her vagina.

Taking a deep breath, I shoved my tongue as far into pussy as it would go.


Hearing that drove me wild!

I began thrusting my tongue in and out with short trips back up to her clit.

I just couldn't get enough of it with her moaning, so I kept lapping her pussy with my tongue.

I was so in a frenzy I couldn't hold back any longer.

I made my tongue as hard as a rock and drove it into her, until my teeth were pressed against her clit.

I started playing with myself rubbing the head of my 9 inch cock with the palm of my hand while I was busy sucking Liz's clit like it was a small cock.

I would pull it in my mouth as far as it would come and slowly move back, moving my tongue in a side-to-side motion across her engorged clit.

She was moaning and groaning so much I thought we were going to wake up the whole neighborhood.

I took my hand off my stiff cock and put two fingers inside of Liz's now dripping wet pussy.

Boy was she wet!

I couldn't believe a girl could get that wet!

I pushed my fingers in as far as they would go and pressed up against the wall of her pussy behind her clit.

I didn't know about the 'G' spot but I think that's what I hit.

Liz dropped her legs and nearly crushed my head between them as she came.

I lapped it up like there was never going to be any more, EVER!


Now, a note of clarification on my virginity.

Technically I knew what to do (I'd seen pornos, read books, practiced by myself).

Still, I was petrified.

I knew this was it.

It was finally going to happen but I was so nervous I couldn't think what to do first.

This was it.

The moment of truth!

Part 5


His cock was now at my pussy, I opened my legs a little wider and he slipped into me.

Oh god this felt awesome!!!

Max's cock filled me up.

He began to move slowly up and down over me, his cock moving in and out of my pussy.

I locked my legs behind his back and tried to hold on as he pumped in and out of me.

In and out.

In and out.

In and out.....

His chest crushed my breasts and his mouth and mine were locked together while I felt his cock enter and leave me over and over.

Then something great happened.

I could feel myself getting warm all over.

My nipples were very hard, and I was breathing in short little breaths.

My pussy began to tighten up on Max's cock and he was now breathing hard too, telling me, "I'm going to cum Liz."

I didn't know what he meant but I could tell his cock was getting harder and his balls were now close to his body.

At that moment I felt myself start to shiver from my pussy up through my whole body.

I felt faint and warm all over I could feel my pussy quiver, and then Max stiffened up.

He shoved his cock deep inside me and I felt it throb, then I felt something warm inside me.

His cock throbbed over and over, with each jump I felt the warm stuff go in me.

I realized it was the stuff I had seen earlier in the day come shooting from his cock.

I felt some drip out of my pussy and dribble down my skin.

My pussy grabbed Max's cock each time it pumped and he was breathing hard and pushing deep in me.

When we both stopped shaking he held me in his arms.

His cock lost it's hardness and slipped from my pussy, it hung down between his legs again dripping "cum".

I reached down and let some get on my hand, which I brought to my mouth and licked off.

It tasted sweet to me and Max smiled wickedly at me as I did this.

"I want to taste you in my mouth Max, can you cum again, this time in my mouth?"

I think you know the answer.



I knelt between her legs and she reached down and grabbed my cock.

I almost died!

She stroked it back and forth a few times muttering it feels sooo nice!

Grabbing my cock, I entered her slowly…..slowly down to her pussy.

Without letting go of my cock, I slowly worked it into her pussy grabbing her ass with my other hand.

I couldn't believe the sensation!

Rosie Palm and her five sisters NEVER felt like this!

When she had all of me in her, I let go of my cock, grabbed her ass with both hands, and moved her hips up and down against me.

At last!

I started getting carried away and thrust with all my strength against her, her hands on my ass pulling me deeper into her pussy.

She looked at me and moaned.

I don't believe it!

My ego soared!

I was Tarzan, lord of the jungle!

I was the fulfillment of the male image!

Marlboro Man look out!

I'm riding this mare to the sunset!

I entered Liz with renewed gusto.

I kept up the pace, going in and out, as deep as I could, her writhing and moaning driving me to animal passion that almost scared me.

Her hips thrusting back at me met my every stroke with equal, passionate force.

Suddenly, she grabbed me around the hips with her legs, and sinking her teeth into my neck, and began to come.

Her vagina clamped down on my cock and I could feel it pulsate in rhythm to her body convulsions as she became lost in the throes of her orgasm.

I couldn't believe that I had actually done that to my neighbor, my childhood chum, my best friend, my Liz.

When we both stopped shaking I held her in my arms.

My cock lost it's hardness and slipped out of her pussy, it hung down between my legs dripping.

Liz reached down and let some cum get on her hand, which she brought to her mouth and licked off.

I smiled wickedly at her as she did this.

"I want to taste you in my mouth Max, can you cum again, this time in my mouth?"

I think you know the answer.

End/TBC?….. I have a new fic entitled “Until Then” It’s an AU, off course it is M&L Sumary? Well you’ll just have to read it and find out.