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Title: Making Corrections
Author: Rozzi Carter
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Summary: Liz moves to Roswell after a bad break-up, and meets Max, only to find out some shocking news all in the same day.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, much to my dismay.

Making Corrections
Chapter One
Liz's Point of View


"I'm sorry." He's sorry?

"So that's it huh?"


"You fuck me then you leave me?"

"Babe, I told you already. We just aren't meant to be."

No shit.

I smack my forehead with the palm of my hand and say, "Why didn't I realize that before? Oh yeah. Because you were so busy telling me that you love me and that we are each other's destinies! Ahh! Destiny, who gives a shit about that anymore? You know what? Just go. Go fuck all those nameless blonde whores you love to hang around all the time."

He finishes putting on his shoes and heads for the door. He turns to face me.

"What now Brad?"

"You do know that you'll always be a part of me, right?"

"Sure, just as much as you'll be a part of me." I laugh. This really doesn't hurt that much. Atleast he wasn't my first. Nope, that belongs to a greek god back in New York City. He was gorgeous. Piercings and all. I was forced to move away from him though. The long distance thing just didn't work for us.

Brad walks back to me and kisses me on the cheek. Oh..... is that a tear I see sliding down his cheek? Too bad I don't have an Emmy for him.

I don't even bother to watch him leave. No thank you.

That's it. No more blondes for me. I'll stick to the brunettes.

3 Months Later

Ahh. One last box. Shortly after my break-up with Brad I decided to move. To Roswell. 19 and on my own. Completely on my own. I left my friends and my family behind in the Windy City.

And let me tell yousomething. It's nice to be here. I trudge the last box up the stairs to my second floor apartment. The landowner told me a group of friends my age rent out the rest of this floor. It's bound to be an interesting environment to live in.

I kick the door behind me as I enter my apartment. It swings back and hits me square on the ass, causing me to drop the box of clothes. Pulling out the pad of sticky notes from my back pocket I dig through a box placed on the counter until I find a chewed up pencil. I write the note,

Remember to fix the god damned door.

And I stick it at eye level on the door. That should do. I unpack a few necessities and eventually my stomach growls. I'll take that as my cue to eat. I contemplate throwing a frozen pizza in the oven until I remember that I haven't even cleaned the oven yet.

I pull what used to be a wad of cash from my back pocket, now it's just a few twenties. The damned moving crew practically cleaned me out. Ah, the joys of being a single woman.

I briefly remember seeing a restaurant a couple minutes down the road so I grab my keys, lock the door, and head out to my car. Except what do I find? Some idiot smashed his car into my bumper. The man is busy putting a post-it on my windshield.

"Oh hell."

The man looks up at me and I stop dead in my tracks.


"Nooo.... the names Max Evans." Wow! The resemblence is uncanny.

"Do you have a brother?"

"Nope. Sister?"

Redirecting my attention to a more serious matter at hand, "So, how'd it happen?"

"My sister?"

"No! How'd your car end up kissing my bumper's ass?"

"Oh, well...... umm." He steps out from behind my car so that I can see all of him, and I can't stopmyself from laughing. There's a coffee stain covering the crotch of his light blue jeans.

"Well that would definitely explain it."

Max grabs the note and starts walking towards me.

"I'm sorry if you were heading somewhere...... sorry, I don't know your name."

"Liz. Liz Parker. And it's all right. I can walk. I was just going to grab a bite to eat."

"Well, if you'll wait a minute for me to change, I'll treat."

Giving him a shy smile I nod and watch as he starts heading up inside my apartment building. "Would you like to come up?"

"Love to."

So, it turns out that he's my neighbor. Literally, The apartments are sort of like large hotel suites. They have a single door joining them together. You know, the ones that lock on both sides? That's not even the best part! Guess where the door is located? Come on, guess? The living room? Now what fun would that be? The bedroom. Yup. So, I'm stuck listening to this major hottie banging his girlfriend seven ways to Sunday. How do I know he has a girlfriend? Could it be the fact that there's a note that says, "Love, Isabel" beneath a picture of him and a blonde?

"So, is your girlfriend a model?"

"My girl--? Oh! You mean my sister." Sa-weet! "She's not a model. She lives right across teh hall actually." Max says as he re-enters teh living room while he's smoothing out his shirt. "You ready?" He asks throwing me a grin that pretty much makes his eyes sparkle.


His hand goes to the small of my back as we are leaving his apartment.

"So, what are you doing here anyway? I don't believe I've seen you around here before."

"That's because I just moved in today."


"Yup. Got a little bored back in Chicago."

"Let me get this straight. You moved from a large city, because it was boring to you, and you then proceeded to move here, to Roswell, the small spck of dust on the map.?"

"Haha. Well when you put it like that...."

Before I know it we're standing outside the restaurant I mentioned before. The Crashdown.

We sit in a booth and look at the menu. Seconds later Max announces what he wants, and he suggests that I try it. No sooner had I agreed than a small spunky blonde waitress comes bouncing over. "Hey Max! What brings you to this neck of the woods? You know Michael hates it when you come here to bust his chops about beig your employee. Not everyone can own this fine establishment of yours. The original?"

"Times two."

"What?" Did she not notice me sitting here? If I had inferiority issues this may actually suck. She finally notices me. Yay! "Maria DeLuca, nice to meet you."

About half an hour later I've finished off a Will Smith burger , Blood of Alien Smoothie, and half a slice of Men in Blackberry pie. All of which amused Max.

"I don't think I've ever seen a girl eat as much as me. It's relieving to know you all aren't anorexic."

Now, see. A lesser women may have been offended by that.

"It's been a long day."

"I bet. Are you ready to head back?"


The converstaion on the way back home is pretty much the same as the topics during dinner. Idiot ex's, and the trouble we caused during our teenage years, or lack thereof.

"Which floor do you live on?"


"What number?"

If I remember correctly there was only one apartment left open.


"You're right next door?"

"You got it?"

He walks it to my door and says goodnight. Before he has a chance to turn around I give him a quick kiss on the cheek and gon inside. I throw on a one piece flannel zipper pajamas. I look over to where I set up my answering machine and notice the light is flashing. I get up off my chair to check the message when I hear someone knocking on my door.

Looking around outside my door I notice there is no one there, No one. Okay, I'm hearing things. There it is again! I follow the noise, and it's coming form my bedroom. Max?

As I rush to the door I stub my little toy on the table that has the answering machine and knock it over, so that it starts playing my message. Over and over again. No time to listen to it now though. I hop over to the door and open it.

"I just want to ask before I lost my nerve. Would you like to go out with me sometime tomorrow night?"


"Good now let's check out that toe of yours."

"Could you pick that up first though?" I say pointing towards the table.


The message is still going as he picks it up and puts it on the table, just in time for me to hear the last few lines.

"Congratulations Ms. Parker, your test came out positive, you're pregnant."

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Chapter Two
Max's Point of View


Liz's Point of View

Oh come on now! Give me a god damn break! You give me this god sent man and then you're scaring him away by making me pregnant? What's up with that? I didn't even get to kiss him. Ok, his cheek. His cheek, but not those all too perfect lips. Looking up to see his reaction I watch as he silently presses the stop button and stays turned away from me. His posture goes rigid, and all movements cease.


He turns and I can see him paste a smile on his face. It would actually look convincing if his complexion didn't get whiter than Paul Walker's ass. Yes, I have seen it. Movies are wonderful.

"Congrats. Who's the lucky boyfriend?" He's looking everywhere, that is everywhere but at me.

"If you're looking for a sign of male influence you're not going to find it. I'm single."

His gaze falls on me. He smiles and once again it's genuine. "Good, then let's take a look at that toe." He walks over and sits on the edge of my bed. Gently he slides off my sock.

Now, see. I could have saved him the trouble, because it feels just fine now. I was just being a big baby about it. Baby. My hand travels down to my abdomen. There is actually a baby in here. I've always wanted kids. But not now. I haven't started work yet, I'm single, and I have exactly one friend in this whole friggin city. Not the kind of way to bring up a child.

"Seems fine to me." Max says as he wiggles my toe around and grins again. My phone rings, and I smile apologetically at Max. "It's ok. I should be going anyway. We still on for tomorrow?"

What? He still- I mean he wants- "Hell yes." Smoo-ooth.


I run to answer the phone.

Max's Point of View

I know what you're thinking. Aww. Isn't that sweet? He's being nice to the new soon-to-be mommy. But that's not it at all. I asked her out before I even knew she was pregnant. I asked because I'm interested in her. I want to know more about her. Liz is--- well, she seems perfect to me. Her hair, her eyes, her throaty laugh. They are all pleasures to my senses. I hear Liz next door as she puts on some music. I guess she's off the phone. I prepare to knock on her door, but then I think better of it. What do I really have to say to her? That's what I thought.

Looking at the clock I notice it's already eight o'clock. I'm actually feeling kind of lazy. Throwing on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, I walk to the living room and turn the tv on. Crap. Crap. Bo-ring. Seen it. Re-run. No thank you. Ooh. Gotta love this. Looney Tunes. Complete classic comedy.

Knock. Knock.


Knock. Knock.

Nope. Damn.

"Who is it?"

"Who do you think doofus? Open up." Maria and Michael.

Before I even get to open the door all the way Maria has pushed her way passed me and is making herself comfy in my chair. My lazy boy recliner. The same exact one that Joey and Chandler had on Friends. The most comfortable thing in the world.

"Did you really think you could just bring a girl by and not let me talk to her?"

"You did talk to her Maria."

"I introduced myself."

"You interrogated her."

"I asked her what she wanted to eat!"

"Three times!"

"Two. And she got something both times. So it was a good enough reason."

"Michael tame your girl."

"Better men have tried." Ouch. Poor Michael.

Michael points to Maria. "You. Apartment. Now. I'll show you who's better."

Maria gets up and slowly starts heading towards the door. "That's what you always say, but he's never there when I get into the apartment." Michael walks over and picks her up.

"Bye Maxwell."

"I'm going to want details!" Does Maria ever let up? I think not.

Deciding to call it an early night I begin to brush my teeth, half a minute later I hear the water running in Liz's apartment. By the sound of it she's running a bath.

Liz's POV

Laying back in the tub I let the warm water work it's magic on my muscles. And I still can't bring myself to believe that this man next door, knows that I'm pregnant and still wants to go out with me. It's just. Wow. Maybe it's the hormones talking but he is truly a remarkable person. Not to mention to die for.

I'm pregnant. I was on the pill. I guess I'm part of that 1%. Huh. What are the odds. Well, I guess I just answered that. I do have one question though. Who's the daddy? I mean, I have no clue how far along I am until I go to the doctors. Which also reminds me that I have to find a local physician. Oh. This weekend is going to be hectic.

Back to the Daddy thing. How the hell will I ever know? I have no clue as to where they live anymore, Brad moved away, and for all I know so did Zan. I couldn't really expect either one of them to want a life with me because of the child, I wouldn't want a life built on that. But I would like for my baby to know the father. If not for the baby, for my own peace of mind. Atleast then, if I found out it was Zan, I would know the baby was created out of love and not lust. Okay, so I guess if it was Zan's it would be both.

My hands are getting pruny so I wash and get out of the tub, brush my teeth and head to bed. That is until I remember that I have yet to turn of the music. Reluctantly I get up and turn off my stereo. I hear a faint knock on Max's front door.

"Night Max."

"Yeah, night Max."

"Night Izzy, Alex."

Ha! They say good night to each other? Hehe haha. That's actually really funny, but cute. I see the light underneath the door connecting the bedrooms go on for a minute before it gets turned off again. Not being able to resist I yell, "Goodnight Max."

"Goodnight Liz, and mini-Liz."

How adorable. And I have a date with him tomorrow. Lucky me.

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Chapter Three
Liz's Point of View

I awake to a knocking on my door. I lay in bed and listen to figure out which. Max. I don't think I locked the door last night so I just yell for him to come in. See, I still can't get over Max, and last night. Not only did he find out that I'm pregnant, he still wants to go out with me, and he was sweet in saying good night to my baby. Just too cute.

"Liz?" He says as he cracks open the door.

"Uggh." I say as the light starts to seep in through the door. Bringing the blankets up over my head, I say, "Yes?" See I don't like light in the morning. That's why I bought really heavy drapes for my room. They work.

He closes the door and I pull the blankets down around my neck, keeping my eyes closed. Then it hits me. The sweet aroma of coffee. I bolt up in bed and see Max holding two cups of coffee, a box of donuts, and.... a teddy bear?

"This is for you," he says as he hands me a cup, "It's black, I didn't know what you liked. And this is for me." he puts the other coffee on the table beside my bed, "This is for the both of us.", he places the donuts next to the coffee. "And this is for the baby, just so I can say I got him or her their first toy." He is so sweet.

"Well, we thank you." I smile up at him just before I open my coffee. If I had still been living with my parents I would have gotten nothing but grief. Not to mention my mother would think I've been possessed in order to get myself in this situation. Not to mention, I guarantee you I would have lost my friends. We all said we didn't want children. I even went through my phase where I said I wanted them eventually, I was just going to make the man have the baby. It happened in the movie "Junior".

I slide my feet to the side and I pat the bed next to me, inviting Max to sit. We finish our coffee and he reaches for the donuts. I intercept them though.

"What the--- hey, you can't have them all."

"No, neither of us are having any." I say as I get up and through them in my trash. I continue walking into my kitchen and I start getting out paper plates, and a pan. "You like pancakes right?"

"Yeah, but I wanted donuts."

"They really are bad for you."

"How do I know your cooking isn't hazardous to my health?"

"You don't." I busy myself with making the pancakes. Anything to get my mind off of him in those leather pants. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you heard me correctly. This incredibly attractive man is sitting in my kitchen in black leather pants. And let me just say this, Da-yum. He also has on a black turtleneck that is tight enough to let me see his six pack. Built, but not overly built. Screw pancakes I'll take him. What?!? I think he would taste just as good with syrup smothered all over him. Do you dare disagree? I thought not.

"Here you go." I put two pancakes on a plate and slide the plate towards Max.

"Smells good."

"Thanks, the syrup is in the fridge." I hear him rummaging through the few items I do have in my refridgerator.

When I settle down with my own, Max is just finishing his. I'm not really too hungry but I know I have to start eating better. Which means I should start eating breakfast and not just a small snack for lunch. I'm not anorexic or bulemic. I just don't eat too much.

After forcing down the last of the two pancakes I decide I actually have to get my ass in gear. I tell Max he can either go, or if he wants he could watch television. Of course I had an ulterior motive in that. He'd have to set it up first. He said he'd stay, he has nothing else to do.

I take a quick shower not spending enough time to actually enjoy the warmth of the water running down my body. I quickly dress and run a brush through my hair, check the mirror. I scold myself for ever even buying the stupid, muu-muu, that I thought was a dress.

Throwing on a pair of blue jeans and a form fitting baby blue top, might as well wear the stuff as long as I can. I smile as I let my hand drift down to my stomach, while I pick up the stuffed animal and place it on my dresser.

Max's laughter wafts through the air reminding me that he's still here. Curious, as to know what he's laughing about I quietly creep into the next room and peek around the corner, to find him watching the movie Shrek. Cute. He's leaning back in my couch, his feet propped up on my table. I haphazardly pull my hair up into a ponytail as I make my prescence known, just as he starts singing along with the movie to a Smash Mouth song.

"Making yourself right at home I see." He looks up, blushes and starts taking his feet off of the table. "It's okay, I was just making fun." I say as I make myself comfy on the couch right next to him.

By the end of the movie my head is resting against max's chest as we're both slouched down into the sofa. "So, what did you want to do for the date tonight?"

Oh yeah. I had forgotten about that. I'd be happy just to do that again. I sit back up and start laughing as soon as I catch a glimpse at Max. Where I had laid down there is now a huge wet spot on his shirt. He grabs his shirt and asks for my forgiveness. He claims he was "Leaking".

"Is that supposed to be some sort of shot at me."

"Not now. I'll have to save it for later."

I reach behind me and grab a pillow. Hehe.

Smack. I hit him right upside the head.

He retaliates by grabbing a pillow and holds it up threatening to hit me back, just before he drops it. What is he planning? Slowly I back up, and eventually get completely off of the couch. He stands up and I book it to the door but it's locked. Max is calmly walking up to me, hands outstretched, and a mischievous smile displayed across his face.

Come on! I have to jiggle the lock in order to open it and I barely get the door shut before he leaves. Yes! I run to the next door, Max's. Luckily it's iunlocked and I silently slip in there. I keep my eyes closed and my ear to the door as I listen for Max to start walking down the hall, but I never hear the door open. What is he doing in my apartment? Moments after I think that arms wrap around my waist causing me to scream. The jerk! I turn in his arms laughing. Laughing until I realize just how close to him I am. My back is to the door, and his hands on my waist. He's pressed up against me so tightly that my chest is heaving, right up against his. I look up and slowly his lips descend upon mine. The kiss is slow, and tender. His lips so smooth you could swear he wears chapstick everyday. The kiss isn't passionate, just slow and sweet, like there is no reason to rush. But I guess there really isn't any reason to rush. That's probably why I like it so much. Why I can't get enough of him. Until someone knocks on the door that is.

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Making Corrections
Chapter Four
Max's Point of View

Her lips were so sweet. They were soft and tasted of strawberry lip gloss. then Maria had to ruin it. How do I know it's her? She's got some funky radar that goes off whenever I want to be alone. I almost tell Liz that she can run next door so that she won't have to put up with Maria, or Isabel. Before I even get the complete thought to cross my mind Liz gives me another quick kiss and opens the door.

She turns around and tells me that we needed the interruption, and that she'd see me later, leaving a stunned Maria and Isabel in her wake. Didn't I tell you it would be them?

"Hey, isn't she the one from work yesterday?" Maria asked.

"Yup." I really don't want to play twenty million questions with them, because I know it would never end at twenty. What I would like to do, is to go after Liz and spend the rest of the day with her. But I guess that's not going to happen. Maria closes the door and they both start coming at me. I must look like a deer caught in the head lights of a mack truck. Or maybe the terrified look of the cow that was flying around in the movie "Twister".

"What's so funny? All I did was ask what her name was?" Ah, Isabel. Hasn't my dear sister learned yet that I do not pay attention to a word she says. I love her to death but she talks just as much as Maria.

"Liz. There. Happy?" Maybe that would be enough to satisfy them for now. Please?

"LIZ? The one who yelled good night to you last night?" I merely look up at her and smile.

"Oh, my god! You slept with her."

"If I slept with her would she really need to be yelling to me?" Well, when I say it like that.....

"So, she's..... what to you? Girlfriend, good friend, what? Give me something to work with here." I've lost track of who's talking. Whether it be Maria or Isabel, I damn them both. They've made me begin thinking about Liz and I. Analyzing what may be a random thing.

"She's, well, I don't know. She's........... perfect."

"Well, that's great and all but I'm your sister and I demand an answer to my question."

"And as your brother I find it my duty, to never give you a straight answer."

"Girlfriend or good friend?"


"Yes to which? Good friend or good friend?"


"Can you be a little less vague in your answer?"

"Maybe you need to be a little more specific in your question."

"Go to hell." Isabel stalks out the door slamming it as she goes. Seconds later she peeks her head in, says she's sorry and leaves again.

"So, is there anything I should know about her?" How do you make Maria go away? "Six toes on each foot? Eleven fingers? Third nipple?"

I start laughing hysterically. "Something like that." Second person. But hey, it's not my secret to tell.

Liz's Point of View

July 21st. It's the only day it could have possibly been. I had been sick, and I forgot that the medicine could cancel out the pill. Now that I know who the babies father is, now I have to face the big question. Do I tell him? I honestly don't think we'd make it together. Would I want to get back together with him?

"Liz!" An out of breath Max stops me as I begin to exit the mall. What the hell is he doing here? I can honestly say I've never seena male come here of his own volition.

"Max. What are you doing here?"

"I had to bring my sister, and I saw you and..... oh shit."

My eyebrows raise up and I just look at him. He looks back at me as if he expects me to do something. I think he's just really screwed up right now.


"I forgot her back there." He forgot his sister? How old could she possibly be if he had to bring her here?

"You forgot your sister? How old is she? How could you possibly leave some poor kid somewhere."

"Wait, hold on. Leave some kid somewhere? I just said that I left my sister behind. She'll find me."

Some tall, leggy blonde comes storming up to Max and sarcastically thanks him for helping her carry the bags.

"She may be my sister, but I think she could manage being alone for a couple minutes."

I can feel my face flaming. How could I have possibly thought that Max could be that inconsiderate and idiotic. Oh yeah. He's a male.

"Isabel. You must be Liz." Isabel holds out her hand, and firmly shakes mine.

"It's nice to meet you."

"Yeah, this is great and all, but Isabel why don't you let me put these in the car and you can take it home. I'll be there later." What does he think he's going to do? Hitch a ride with me?

Max's Point of View

I had forgotten all about the bumper of Liz's car until I helped her open the trunk to put her bags back there. I wouldn't mind shopping with Liz, she has two bags. Both from the same store I'm guessing. The bags look the same. What I wouldn't give to have all the females in my life shop like her.

"I can't believe I'm even letting you anywhere near my car."

"That's harsh. I thought I already explained to you what happened."

"Doesn't mean I can't be paranoid about letting you near my car." She smiles at me and it seems like the world goes in slow motion. You know, the really cheesy part of a movie where the guy is looking at the girl and all he sees is her hair swirling as she turns her head to look at him. That's what I'm looking at now.

A loud horn honking brings me out of my daydream and I hear Liz yell out "Asshole". Ah, yes my sweet Liz. Innocent in all context. Haha. But I think I like her better this way.

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Chapter Five
Liz's Point of View

When we get back Max carries my bags upstairs for me and as I'm trying to unlock my door some tall blonde man comes up beside Max.

"Max, you do realize you're letting her into the wrong apartment right?"

"Actually this is my place." I smile politely, even though I have this major urge just to tell him how thick headed he is. "Liz." I hold my hand out.

"Michael." He takes my hand but turns his attention right back to Max. "She the same Liz, Maria was talking about?"

"Yes." Maria? Which one was Maria? Sister? No, that was Isabel. Crashdown? It's got to be.

"Did my man say my name?" The person I've concluded to be Maria pokes her head out of the door right across the hall. Michael and Maria. Cute couple. "Liz!"

My god. You'd think she doesn't have anyone to talk to. Wait, she doesn't. She lives with a guy. Raising one hand I send her a semi wave.

"Could you guys, like, go back into your apartment?" Max, so subtle.

"No way girlfriend, you can't hog the only other girl on this floor besides myself and Iz. Liz, would you mind if I came in? I'll cook." Before she even says the whole sentence both Max and Michael are laughing. Am I missing something? She seems harmless.

"Sure." Hey, I am not going to turn down food. The figure is going straight to hell anyway.

I unlock the door, Max hands me the bags and says he'll talk to me later. Moments after I close the door to my apartment I hear the door to Max's open and close.

Maria and I sit in my living room, I have absolutely nothing to say. It's comfortable silence. Until she starts blabbing.

"So, Liz. Tell me you're life story." I raise one eyebrow and start telling her where I grew up, and the stupid things I did as a child.

"Then about six months ago, I started dating Brad but that ended badly."

"How so?" She's a nosy one isn't she?

"Pretty much another hump'em dump'em situation, so that relationship ended three months ago. And here I am. What about you?"

"My mom had me, my dad left. I grew up with everyone on this floor since the third grade. Graduated moved out of the house. Live across the hall." Are you kidding me? I get stuck giving a speech that lasted a half an hour, and she says highlights? But before I get to say anything else she's up and looking at the few pictures that I've gotten to unpack. Cute, can I see the rest of the apartment?

Normally I would think her to be rude but for some reason it doesn't bother me. I had mainly guy friends back home, no real good friends though.

As soon as she steps in my room and squeals, "You're pregnant!" How the hell did she do that? Then she rushes over to the teddy bear that says first teddy bear sitting on my dresser. Oh. That's a give away. I could deny it and say that it was mine, but I think she'd know that there is no way anyone would be able to keep it that nice. "How far along?"

"Two months."

"Max, kept you a secret for that long? Ooh he's going to get it." Her face is actually determined. Should I tell her?

"The isn't Max's."

"Oh, I know. It's yours too." BLONDE!

"No, Max is not the father."

That stopped her. Her hand is still resting on the bear, but her movements have stopped.

"Oh. Do you know who the father is?"


"It can't be that jerk Brad's. You said you broke up with him three months ago, and you're only two months along. So, either I missed part of your story or you left something out."

Sitting down on my bed I pat the spot next to me and Maria saunters over.

"Remember when I told you about Zan?"

"The one who looks almost identical to Max?"

"Bingo. I met back up with him, and we, you know."

"I thought you really liked him though? If you two got it on again, why did you leave?"

"I couldn't stay. Despite how I said that I really didn't care what Brad did, it hurt and I was afraid that Zan might have done it too. It would have felt ten times worse if he had too. So, I didn't give him the chance."

"Oh. I'm sorry for bringing it up." Tears are stinging my eyes because Brad did that to me. What if I was meant to be with Zan? Brad made me so scared that every man might leave me. Now, I can't risk the chance of staying with one. I don't think I could stand it happening twice.

Liz’s Point of View
Chapter Six

This is definitely what I needed. Something to get my mind off of being pregnant, and nothing cures that like grinding with a whole bunch of guys. Max was shy to start dancing at first but he got over that once I found a blond hair, blue eyed, college basketball player. Oh yeah, that definitely got Max going. It always works; go for the complete opposite of the guy that refuses you, and within minutes he’ll be vying for your attention. I for one am glad that works.

The music is blaring, the guys are hot, my skin is searing from the body heat coming off of Max in waves, and his hands are slowly beginning to roam. His fingertips dance over my stomach, as I lightly rub my bottom against him. He pulls me closer and swipes all of my hair to one side. I can feel his breath burning the tender skin of my neck. I have no idea when he got so sure of himself, but I love it.

The blonde from before comes walking back up to us and holds his hand out to me, asking Max if he can cut in. The grunt that comes from Max is comical, as he swats his hand away. Shortly after that the song merges with another but I’m just not feeling it. I pull away from Max and tell him I need to get a drink. Without waiting for my words to register, I walk off towards the bar.

“Good evening, what can I get you?” This bartender is gorgeous. No really he is. Tall, built, but not too built. His job requires him to wear only shorts, so any girl would have to be blind not be attracted to him. Blonde hair but not bleached, tan, and yes ladies, his nipple is pierced.

Giving him the patented Parker smile, I tell him just to give me whatever is on the house. He gives me a smile in return and tells me I’m cute. Hey, whatever works. I watch as he pours and stirs some sort of red juice with whatever alcohol he has on hand. But what really gets me going is when he shakes the drink between two glasses. His ass slightly sways with the force that he’s using. Of course, the only thing I can think of is that stupid Herbal Essence commercial. You know, the one where it supposedly that ladies’ first time getting her hair washed by those guys that aren’t as gorgeous as they’re cracked up to be. But anyway, all I can think is when she’s getting her hair washed and she’s yelling “Work it, Work it!”

He walks back to me and slides the drink across the counter. “Here ya go. Can I see some ID though?” Ooh this is nice. Getting carded. I show him my license and he lets me hold the drink. I hop up on the barstool.

“So, what’s this thing called anyway?”

“It’s my specialty. I like to call it “Something wild.”” I raise one eyebrow, and take a sip.

Oh my god it’s heavenly.


“Hell yeah.”

“Hey you.” Max? I knew I was forgetting someone.

“Hi. Here, try some of this.”

“What is it?”

“Something wild.”

“It’s really that good?”

“It definitely lives up to its name.” Handing the drink over to Max he looks at me hesitantly. “What? It’s not like I threw arsenic in it? Nope, that guy over there was nice enough to make it for me. On the house.” As if on cue the guy looks over and nods. Max’s features twist up in anger and he downs the rest of the drink. Geez. Hey, at least I didn’t pay for it.

“Shit! Liz, you were drinking?”

“Was is the operative word.” See the way I figured it, this is probably going to be the last time I can go to a club before I have the baby, and one drink isn’t going to hurt him or her. One sip no less.

I don’t know what he’s so worked up over. “I don’t drink, Liz. Or not that much anyway.”

“Well whose fault is that? You didn’t even breathe after the first sip. That and you didn’t ask if it had alcohol or not! So don’t get pissy with me.”


“No, you know what? I’ll be out on the dance floor so when you are a little bit more relaxed come talk to me.”

Max’s Point of View

Shit. I’m not mad at her! I just have a disability when it comes to alcohol. With one drink I start to feel the effects. I’ve been told I’m an “I love you” drunk. Of course that’s when we were busy doing shots. So maybe this’ll be different. I hope.

Liz’s Point of View

Two songs later, I’m dancing with some guy named Kyle. He claims to know me. Personally I say he’s just looking to get some. We’re dancing close but not nearly as close as I was dancing with Max. Four songs later I’m still waiting for Max to come apologize. That’s it. I’m going to go find him.

I start walking away, and Kyle grabs my arm and mouths, “Call me.” I nod my head. Yup, sure buddy. That’s going to happen.

Where the hell could he be? He’s nowhere on the dance floor, according to some guy he wasn’t in the men’s bathroom, he wasn’t in the women’s bathroom, and he sure as hell wasn’t in the co-ed bathroom.

Just before I go to leave I hear him yelling. Not to me, nope. To the bartender. Now I feel horrible. I just gave a recovering alcoholic a drink.

“Liz, I am not a recovering alcoholic!”

“No, Max. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, it certainly explains your reaction when you found out there was some in the drink.”

“I just can’t hold my liquor. I’ve never been able to. It’s just some sort of reaction. Isabel has it too. It’s probably just hereditary.”

“In order for that to happen your parents or grandparents would have had to have the same thing.”

“I don’t know if they did.”

“Didn’t you ever ask them?”

“I never had a chance to. I was adopted when I was young.”


“I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be. I don’t even remember them.”

I think that’s even worse. The conversation is pretty much dry after that. Mainly, little comments about people, and the idiotic signs lit up everywhere pointing to closed places.

So, now that we’re home we have no idea what to say or do. Am I supposed to go to his apartment? Is he supposed to come to mine? Are supposed to go separate ways? Hell if I know. You know, I’m a full grown woman, soon to be mommy, and I don’t know how to act around a guy? Can we say pathetic? Come on now; raise your hand if you agree.

“Liz? Why the hell are you raising your hand?”


“Cramp.” I flex my fingers for looks and keep walking up the stairs. Now I know there are more of you raising your hands now.

We keep walking, until we pass his door. At mine he waits for me to get out my keys. My hands are shaking so bad I, like the dumb blonde I should be, drop my keys. Of course Max is polite and picks them up for me. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” I unlock my door, and turn to face Max.

“Good night.” He takes both of my hands in his and leans down to lightly kiss my lips. When he pulls back he just keeps looking in my eyes. Almost like he’s seeing right into me. It sounds corny, but into my soul.

“Max?” He abruptly drops my hands, and hesitates over something. He then places his hands on both sides of my face and kisses me again. This time it’s a little more forceful. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I press closer to him. He walks me backward through the doorway, and slams it shut. Pressing me up against the door I wrap my legs around his waist. His lips leave mine and once again he looks me in the eyes. Before lowering his head once more and starts kissing just beneath my ear. Sweet torture.

Once his lips press against my skin I see glimpses of something, but as soon as I open my eyes their gone. I had to open them, just to see if it was real. I close my eyes again, and the flashes start up again. I’m literally seeing stars. It’s almost better than sex.

Max’s Point of View

She tastes so sweet, and the scent of vanilla is just oozing off of her. When we were outside of her door and I was holding her hands, the second I looked in her eyes I saw something. Not too sure of what it was, but the way she looked at me, and it was almost as if I could feel someone else’s feelings. If they weren’t mine, then they had to be hers. I know Michael’s mentioned something about getting some sort of vibe from Maria, and Isabel from Alex, but damn! It was just, knowing what she was feeling, and looking into her eyes, made me realize just how beautiful she really is. Inside and out.

Liz moans and I look up at her. She opens her eyes, and it’s as if she’s looking right through me, like she doesn’t see me. The longer I look in her eyes, the more I realize why. There are stars moving so fast in her eyes it seems mystical. Suddenly it all stops and a red galaxy begins to appear. What the hell? They said vibes, they said the aliens got it, not the person they were touching.

“Liz?” Slowly she starts to focus and the images quickly disappear.

“Wow. What the hell was that?”

What am I supposed to say to that? What if that hurt the baby? But how could that have possibly been bad, if it looks like she’s just had the time of her life.


“That had to be the single most awesome feeling. I can’t describe it. God, you’ve got to be experienced to do that.” She doesn’t think anything weird is going on? “I need to get something to drink. You want anything?”

“No thanks.” I let her legs slide from my grasp to the floor. “Actually I’ll just be heading home.”


Liz’s Point of View

I just experience that, and he wants to go home? Hell yes, I am disappointed. Wouldn’t you be? Suddenly I’m not so thirsty anymore.

“Well, I guess I should be getting some sleep anyway.”

“Right.” Damn him. He shouldn’t be agreeing. Ask me to come over, ask for a drink, and ask to stay.

“Well, then. Good night.” He walks over to me, he looks like he’s scared to kiss me.

“Night.” He gives me a peck on the cheek and heads towards the door.

“Max? Stay?” I must look like a little kid. My hands are tugging on my suddenly too short skirt, and I know my hair is fucked up, not to mention the biting of the lip.


“I mean, like a sleepover.” Oh yeah, that doesn’t make you sound easy. “I mean like just sleeping.”

He smiles and nods. “I’ll just get changed.” With that he leaves and I can hear him opening his drawers.

I have no clue when I became so forward. It’s just not me. I don’t know if I like it or not. I think that with any other guy that would have been an invitation for something bad to happen.

Quickly I throw on a pair of comfy pajamas. A tank and pants. Nothing inviting about that. Now how the hell do I wait for him? Lay down? Nope. Sit? Nope that would make you seem bored. Stand? Ughh. Could I be anymore obvious?

Just then there’s a knock before a sweatpants, and t-shirt clad Max comes into view.

“Ready?” Huh. He makes it sound like I’m his mistress. Not that I would entirely mind.

“Yeah.” You know, I never really thought about how awkward this may have turned out to be.

We walk over to the bed and he sits. “Hold on!” Quickly he stands up like I yelled at him. He seems to be just as nervous as I am. I swear we both went back to Ninth grade.


“About what? I just have to brush my teeth first. Why don’t you lie down and get comfy. I’ll be out in a few minutes.” There I’ll put him in the hot spot.

By time I get out of the bathroom he’s already nodding off. He’s smart. He took the left side. I always sleep on the right. I turn off the light and climb beneath the sheets. He opens his arms and I quickly scoot closer and snuggle in against him. I can smell him. Not his cologne or his fabric softener. Just Max. And it scares me. It scares me how fast everything is moving. It scares me that I’m attached to a man. Oh boy am I attached.

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Chapter Eight
Max’s Point of View

These past few weeks have been great. Well, sort of. Liz has been kind of distant mentally. There haven’t been major make-out session things as she calls them, and we’ve been spending the night in our own apartments. Every free moment between her new job at a doctor’s office, and the time taken to sleep, we have been together. Little touches and kisses. I’ve been trying to show her all the different things we can do as aliens. She loves the fact that I can change the color of her nail polish. I think I’ve changed it to a new color for every day of the week.

Now what I know you want to hear, what happened when I told Michael that Liz knows our secret? Nothing, because he doesn’t know yet. Which is why I planned tonight. Maria just left with Liz to get her some new clothes. She hates the fact that she’s starting to show. I don’t find anything wrong with it. She said she went up a size, which I guess is a huge taboo for a girl. I don’t know. I don’t understand them as well as I would like. So like I said, while Liz went shopping, I stayed over Michaels to watch the hockey game. Of course my real intention is to inform him. But hey, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

“Cherry Coke or Snapple?”

“Cherry coke please.”

Michael tosses me a can and laughs when it slides out of my grip because of the condensation.


“No prob. You know, your girl isn’t too bad.”

What I also failed to mention is that lately Michael has been getting along real well with Liz. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s hooked on Maria, but he’s got a brotherly fondness for Liz.


“Look Max, just because I say she’s all right doesn’t mean you should go getting all stars ond moons in your eyes. You still can’t just out and tell her of our non human status. Her hormones are wacked by her pregnancy, and you just don’t know what will happen. You don’t even know if you’ll be with her for the next couple days, never mind forever. You don’t want to tell her something she may not want to know.”

“She knows.”

“Excuse me? Could you talk a little louder? I’m not sure I’m hearing you right.”

My voice gets louder as I repeat myself.

“She what? Maxwell, are you off your fucking rocker? How long ago did you tell her? You were supposed to keep touching to a minimal so that she wouldn’t get those flash thingies.”

“I did. Well, she did. But Michael she just knew! And she’s known for a little over a month now. Not that you were helping. You said you’d have something figured out. Didn’t you have Alex do a check anyway? Despite the fact that I didn’t want you to? Yeah, Alex told me. He found nothing, nada. There is absolutely no reason why I am not allowed to have a person in my life. I trusted her and I would have told her myself if she already hadn’t known. So just deal with it. She knows.”

“She knows? She knows what exactly? The perks to knowing an alien? All the good and fun things we can do? Well does she know the downfalls? Does she know all the bad things that have happened to us? Does she know exactly what she’s getting into?”

I know I haven’t told her everything. But she hasn’t asked. Okay, so bad excuse. The real reason is because awhile ago I gave this same lecture to Michael. But when he told her she left. He was miserable, he wouldn’t admit it but he was. Eventually after months of not hearing from her, Maria came back and accepted everything as it was. Hurrah for him. I don’t even want to know whether or not I can stand being without Liz. That woman has embedded herself deep in my heart and no person is going to replace her. I plan on telling her just that tomorrow. Her birthday. I’m not supposed to know that though. I got her a dozen white roses and a single red rose to go in the middle. I just have to pick them up from the florist in the morning. I also, well you’ll see tomorrow.

“Maxwell! Stop it! You have to tell her. You of all people should realize what she’s getting into. You’ve been kidnapped and shot. Your sister has been shot numerous times and left without help because that damn unit thought she could heal herself. Maria’s been held for ransom, and you’ve practically had to bring Alex back from the dead! Now do you think Liz deserves to know?”

“You know what Michael? I really don’t need advice from you of all people. You’ve fucked up your relationship with Maria more times than even Einstein could have possibly counted. I’m gone.” I toss the empty soda can in the sink and leave. Now all I have to do is wait for Liz to get back.

Maria’s Point of View

I have finally met my match. Liz loves shopping. A lot. It’s awesome, she’s my own personal pregnant Barbie doll. It’s so great. Now only if my Barbie doll didn’t have a mind of it’s own. She’s so picky! Liz just doesn’t understand that she’s not getting fat. She’s pregnant.

Liz’s Point of View

“Maria! They don’t fit! And pretty soon I’ll have to start buying the next size and the next size. It’s just not fair.”

“So, for now I’ll go get the next size, and then my dear, you may just want to invest in some overalls.”

Suddenly her head peaks out of the fitting room, and she has a huge grin plastered on her face.

“That is actually a good idea. I could pull those off. You wanna grab me a pair? An extra small would be-“

“Too small.”

“Oh yeah, that was before, how about a small?”

“How about a medium short? I’ll be right back.”

Well I guess a medium is a good choice. Five months and I’ve gained enough weight to go up a size and a half. I have an appointment at the end of the month for an ultrasound. I’ll finally get to figure out if the baby is a boy or a girl. The hard part is deciding whether or not I want someone to go with me. I’d ask Maria but she’s going on vacation with Michael. I’d ask Isabel but she’s been kind of aloof. Not too sure if she likes me with Max. Oh, and I’d ask Max but how do you ask your boyfriend to come with you to find out the sex of an ex’s child? Not easily.

“Here ya go chica.” Maria tosses a pair of overalls over the top along with the pair of jeans I wanted.


I try on the overalls and I hate to admit I know I’ll grow into them. I do think they look cute though. Kind of something like a teenager would wear. I can’t believe tomorrow I’ll be twenty and five months pregnant. Ughh. I didn’t even think to tell anyone. Max and I have never asked how old each other was so ya know. I try on the other pants and I don’t really like those too much so when I exit the fitting room I hang it on the rack nearby.

“So, now all we have to do is find a shirt for the overalls and get me some knew panties. My ass is taking on more weight than my stomach I swear.” Maria laughs and we go finish our shopping.

First thing I do is run into my apartment to change into my new overalls. Figuring Max is still over Michael’s I run over there to show him.

“Hey Michael, where’s Max?” I run to look in the kitchen, and I still can’t find him. Seconds later Maria is pounding on the door screaming for Michael to let her in.

Michael just ignores her and turns to me.

“We’ve got to talk.”

“We do?” I ask as I walk toward the door and attempt to open it. “Your door is jammed.”

“I know.”

“Michael! God damn it! Let me in!”

“In a minute. Go bug Maxwell.”

“Michael! How dare you? I am so going to be kicking your ass out onto the couch tonight.”

“Maria what the hell are you yelling about?” Max?

“Max! Can you get the door please?”

“Why? You have your own two hands.”

“Because Michael thought it would be funny to lock himself in there.”

“You’re supposed to be with Liz.”

“She’s in there. She was going to show you her outfit. But Michael decided to be a butthead and lock themselves in.”

“Michael!” I’m assuming it’s Max pounding on the door. “Michael don’t you dare!”

“Someone has to Max.”

“Michael, I already know you guys are aliens. Alright. I haven’t said a word. I don’t intend to if that’s what you’re thinking.”

I don’t understand what is going through that head of his.

Outside I hear Maria say something to Max about using his “Samantha Genie” powers, and Max’s annoyed reply saying that he’s already tried.

“Look, Liz. This isn’t what you’re thinking. I just need to tell you exactly what you’re getting into.”

“Max has already shown me what he can do. What about you?”

“I’m the destructive one with a minute ability to heal.”


“But that’s not what I was talking about.”

Max’s Point of View

They’ve been in there for a half an hour and I can hear Michael telling her about everything that has happened. Every single bad thing, even if it wasn’t alien related. Liz hasn’t said a word. I have no idea what she’s thinking. Nothing, nada.

Maria left ten minutes ago saying she was going to max out Michael’s credit card. He deserves. I should’ve been the one to tell her. Not him.

Michael’s Point of View

“…And that is pretty much it.” Liz looks like she’s about to cry. Then out of nowhere she starts laughing. “Liz?”

She jumps up and keeps laughing. “Michael!”

Liz starts undoes one of the straps of her overalls and tells me to give her my hand.

“Li-“ Then when she places my hand on her swollen stomach I know why. The baby is kicking. It’s weird, but it’s kind of cool. I guess she’s not mad at me anymore.

Then it gets me to thinking, if Liz can get pregnant, so can Maria. The thought scares me, yet I want to feel our baby kick. I know Maria wants one, but we’ll have to see.

“Can I go now? I want to go see Max.”

I lift my hand and the door unlocks. Not even a second later, Max is rushing in the room and immediately runs to Liz.

“Are you alright?”

Liz is crying from what I’m assuming is happiness, maybe something else but I’m not like them. I don’t really know.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry for everything you guys have been through, and I wish you had just told me sooner. But it isn’t going to make me leave. I still want to be with you.”

I really feel like I’m intruding, even if they don’t register that anyone else is even alive at the moment.

Max’s hands go up to cup Liz’s face and they kiss. Which means it is now my cue to go.

Max’s Point of View

I break away from the kiss, and look at Liz. Her eyes are still closed and her lips are swollen. She’s absolutely beautiful.

“I’m sorry. You missed it.”

“Missed what?”

“The baby, it kicked. It’s been moving around but you couldn’t feel it from the outside until just a few minutes ago. But the baby stopped.”

I’m kind of jealous that Michael was able to feel it first but then again I’m not. I would have liked to be the first but Michael has always been left out of things. When I first came in Michael’s face was filled with wonder and curiosity. If that’s what took him to realize some of the things around him then so be it.

“I guess that just means I won’t be leaving your side until I do.” I lean down to kiss her again as we leave Michael’s apartment. Liz is walking in front of me trying to get the strap to fix it. Lifting the strap over her shoulder I say, “You know, you look great in those.”

“I do?” Her smile is so big I could almost say it’s ear to ear.

“Most definitely.” I reach my arms around her and rest the palms of my hands over where the baby is resting, and kiss her cheek. The only response I get is a small flutter from her stomach beneath my hand, accompanied by a small giggle from Liz.

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Chapter Nine
Liz’s Point of View

I don’t know what’s up with Max. He made sure that I got to bed, alone, early last night. He also told me to make sure that when I woke to take a nice long bath and then I had permission to go knocking on his door.

So, here I am attempting to bend over far enough to put on my socks and shoes. I just hope he doesn’t know about my birthday. Something always goes wrong. Boyfriend dumps me, father leaves, father comes back, best friend dies, and dog runs away. I just don’t want to know what may happen this year. It’s not like my twentieth birthday is a big deal. Yeah you heard me right. Twentieth. How did I get served alcohol? Who doesn’t have a fake I.D.?

I pull my baby pink top down a little bit further, because it suddenly feels too short. It makes me look like I’m housing a partially deflated basketball. From what Maria says I’m lucky that’s all I’ve gained so far. Maybe alien pregnancies don’t call for enormous stomachs.

I knock on the door connecting Max’s and my door, and am startled at how quickly it opens. Hmmm. Me thinks someone was waiting for my arrival.

I walk in expecting the usual flooding of light I always receive when walking into his apartment, only to find heavy hunter green drapes blocking the light. It only took him two months.

“Max? What’s all this for?”

He moves my hair to the side and places a feather light kiss to my neck. His hands slide around my waist and as if on cue the baby kicks just like it did every time he touched me last night. I feel a smile stretch across his lips as he rubs my tummy. Listen to me, I sound like a dog that’s happy someone will scratch its stomach.


He doesn’t answer me but leads me the kitchen where all the lights are. Damn it. He knows. Now all I’m waiting for is the chorus of “Surprise!” right before some one tells me they have a terminal illness. With a wave of his hand the room is lit by candles atop a small round cake with vanilla frosting. No other people though.

“Happy twentieth birthday Liz. I know you didn’t want anyone to know, but I couldn’t let it go without something.”

“Ma-ax.” I turn around and lean into Max. You know, I love this baby, but sometimes the protruding belly gets in the way. “Thank you.” He bends down to kiss me, but I smile and turn my head. “Now I get to make a wish, right?”

“Babe, you can make as many as you want.”

“I think I’ll make the same wish over and over again then.”

Max’s Point of View

I don’t know why she didn’t want anyone to know about her birthday, she looks pretty happy to me.

Liz leans in to blow out the candles, but turns her head and winks at me before she sets the room in darkness. I flick the light switch.

“So what’d you wish for?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Sure you can. I’m an alien king remember? I can make ice cream fall from the sky from cotton candy clouds.”

“Maybe later, and I know my wish is still going to come true, but I still am not going to say it out loud.”

“I’ll find eventually.”

“I plan on it. Now who’s up for some cake?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

Liz slices two pieces of cake and slides them on plates.

“Hey Max?”


“Did you have anything else planned?”

Is this a trick question? If I have something planned she’ll think I didn’t want to be alone with her. If I don’t then she’ll think I didn’t want to bring her in public. Even though I didn’t make any other plans, that’s not the reason. I just want her all to myself.


“If you do, are they flexible?”

She digs through my refrigerator and tosses me a small bottle of Tabasco sauce.


She flashes me a grin and sits across from me eating her oversized piece of cake.



“I… I-. Never mind. I’ll wait until you’re done ea-“ She puts her fork down and looks at me expectantly.

“I’m done. Eating for two remember?”

“How could I forget?”

Oh, now I know that didn’t come out right. “Liz.”

“No. What did you mean by that?”


“No, you said it so it must have meant something.”

“Nothing, really. Just that, you being pregnant is the only way I’ve ever known you. Not to mention that the baby you’re carrying is an alien baby. And because of that I am scared for you every single day.”

“Max.” Liz says as she walks around the table to sit on my lap and places my hand on her stomach. “I know you feel the baby every single time you touch my tummy. Now tell me, do you really think this baby could harm me?”

“I’d give anything to be able to honestly say no, but I can’t. It doesn’t depend on the movement in your stomach, it doesn’t depend on how good of a person the father is, and the fact of the matter is you’re the only person we know of to ever carry an alien baby. Nobody knows what the possibilities are.”

This truly isn’t what I imagined we’d be talking about today.

“Max, you still can’t worry about me every minute.”

“Sure I can.” I place my hands on either side of her face and lean her towards me. “Liz, I love you. I’ll worry as long as I live.”

Liz’s Point of View

“You love me?”

“Have I not made it obvious?”

“Knowing and feeling is different than hearing the words.”

“Well I do. I love you Elizabeth Parker.”

There’s another flutter in my stomach and I highly doubt it has anything to do with my baby.

I feel a smile take over my face and lean in to kiss him. His tongue slides over mine and I attempt to press myself closer.

“I love you too.”

Normally I would find it absurd to tell a man that I love him after only two months, but I do.

I love this man.

The kiss becomes more urgent and Max lifts me up and starts carrying me to his bedroom.

“Max, put me down, you’re going to hurt yourself.”

“You’re still so tiny, and if I can’t carry my pregnant girlfriend then do I have enough strength to run a planet?”


He kisses me on the lips and lays me on the bed. It smells like him, and it sends my senses into overdrive.



He raises his body so that he’s face to face with me.

“Can I… see the rest of you? Please?”

“I nod and he takes two fingers and lifts my top over my head. He kisses me on the lips again and his hands slide down the length of my arms to remove my bra. His fingers brush over my pregnancy sensitized nipples and I release a moan. The pads of his fingers are replaced by his warm, wet tongue as he pulls my pants and panties down. The hard work of putting my socks on goes right down the drain as they’re flung clear across the room, but the small nip at my breast lets me know my efforts were more than worth it.

He sits back and looks me over head to toe. Suddenly I’m all too aware of the changes in my body. While my breasts may be larger, so is the rest of me.

There are stretch marks, my ass got bigger, and my hips got wider. Somehow it doesn’t even seem to register in Max’s eyes.

He’s still looking at me with hunger.

The heat pooling between my legs is almost unbearable with every passing second.

“You’re absolutely beautiful.” He smiles.

Turning into the long forgotten school girl, I can’t help but giggle. I pull him back down. I trace his lips with my tongue and let my breath mingle with his. When his tongue comes out to play with mine, I take it in my mouth and suck on it. I lightly bite it before releasing it.

“Why don’t you take off those clothes so I can see my new toy?”

“Your new toy huh?”

“All mine.”

He pulls off his shirt as I get his pants undone. Whoo baby.

“You go commando?”

He blushes and says “Not all the time.”

“If I have anything to say about it, you will now.”

I take his swollen cock in my hand and start stroking him up and down.

He groans and starts leaning me back down onto the bed.

“Liz…” He takes my bottom lip between his teeth, sliding his tongue over it.

His mouth then moves lower to my neck, then my breasts. His tongue licks the underside.

“Max, please.” I rub my thighs together trying to cause enough friction to ease the ache.


Max slides his hand between my legs and lightly brushes his fingers over where I need him most.

“Liz, you’re so hot and wet,” and as he slides a single finger inside me, “…and tight.” I can hear his voice catch as he slips in a second finger.

“Max, please… I only have the patience of a pregnant woman.”

His fingers stroke my inner walls and close my eyes as I move with him. Moments later he removes his fingers and I open my eyes just in time to see him lick his fingers and replace his hands with his mouth. His tongue runs the length of my slit before swirling it around my nub. Just when I think it doesn’t get any better, he plunges his tongue deep inside my pussy. My body is over come with a violent orgasm as I grind my pussy against his mouth.

Grabbing a hold of his hair I pull his head back up to mine and when I kiss him I can taste my juices in his mouth.

“Make love to me Max.”

Max’s Point of View

More than happily I oblige. I almost lose it when I first slide my cock into Liz’s tight passage. I pick up the pace and thrust a bit faster. Liz’s walls start to clamp down on me, but when I hear her moans and incoherent sentences I climax and spill my seed into her.

I kiss her face, mumbling “I love you.” And I turn to lie on my back. Liz starts laughing and I turn to see what’s so funny.

“Looks like you marked me.”

There on her tummy is an obviously masculine silver handprint, like the ones that are left after I heal a person. Automatically panic sets in. What if I hurt the baby? I reach down to place my hand over the handprint but am stopped by a tine golden handprint in the palm of mine.


“I have no idea.”

I put my hand over the prints. Within seconds I’m hit with a flash of the little person inside Liz.

The flash ends, and I look up to see Liz. She has her eyes closed with a content smile illuminating her face.

“Did you see it too Liz?”

“Yes.” She smiles and scrambles to get beneath the covers. She rolls onto her side and I move in behind her.

Liz’s body is later followed by a fit of laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

“I was just thinking, you introduced our daughter to something she is going to be banned from seeing for the rest of her life.”

“What? Oh, my… haha. Yeah, she’ll never see one again.”

“I wish.”

Our? Did she say our daughter? Is that how she’s thinking? I could only wish. With those thoughts I pull her close and kiss her neck.

“I’m sure she was smart enough to turn the other way.”

“I hope so.”

“Have you ever though about names?”

She takes my hand and laces her fingers through mine.

“I was thinking about the name A-“

Liz is interrupted by a loud, obnoxious, persistent knocking at my front door.

“Max?” Ah. The sister.

Liz holds onto my hand and tells me to pretend like I’m not here.

“I know you’re in there! You’re door’s locked, it’s never locked.”

Liz groans and the way she does it makes me laugh.

“Isabel, go away!”

“Oh. Oh! Eew!”

“Well I think you made it obvious for my sister what we were doing.”

“Were?” She asks as she slides my hand down between her thighs.

“Are. What we ARE doing.”

Knock, knock.

Liz is half moaning, and groaning.

Isabel then says something to who is Maria and we hear another chorus of “Eeewww”, followed by a “Go Maxwell!”

Liz leans back from kissing me and says, “I don’t know, I don’t think it’s eeewww.”

“Thank god for that.”

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Chapter Ten
Liz’s Point of View

“So, tell me again why we’re not back in that nice, warm, big, inviting bed of yours?”

I refuse to get dressed until I have a legit reason. Hugging Max from behind I press my breasts closer against his warm back, and let my fingers play with the trail of hair on his stomach that leads to one of the best parts of him.

“Believe me Liz, I would like nothing more than to make love to you all day long.”

I walk around to the front of him and I can tell he’d be more than willing to oblige.

“Then why are you denying me?”

“Because I do believe we need to get this little girl some food. She sounds rather hungry, or maybe she’s just angry with me for-“

“All right, reason enough.”

Max gets on his knees and I’m just about to make a comment on what he was planning on eating, but he places a sweet kiss over the little handprint and says, “Hear that little girl? You’re mama says she’s gone give me a break, and get you some food. Maybe she’ll cook?”

He looks up at me and grins. “I’m just kidding. I really wouldn’t subject her to that kind of torture.”

“Fine be that way.” I pout and turn away. He stands up and turns me back around. He places a finger beneath my chin and kisses me on the lips. Damn he tastes good. He pulls back and looks me in the eyes. “I love you and you know it.”

I smile at the sentence and kiss him again.

“I love you too. And the name’s Alexis.”

“Alexis what?”


“Alexis Aurora. That’s nice. I like it.”

I flash him a smile and scrounge around to find my clothes that he threw about so carelessly.

About a half an hour later we’re walking out of the apartment and almost run into Maria rushing into her apartment with a huge bag. All right. Odd.

“So, where exactly are we going?”

“It’s all up to you.”

“I want something greasy.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want? It’s your birthday, we can go anywhere you so desire.”

“I want pizza, you just haven’t heard what I want on it.”

Max’s eyes widen and he breaks into laughter.

Max’s Point of View

Okay, yuck. Anchovies, pineapple, ham. I even used my alien powers to get rid of the smell. Needless to say I got a few slices of plain. That’s just, eeewww.

I’ve held her off from going back to the apartment for over an hour. She hasn’t made it exactly easy either.

Why have I been fighting off her advances? Denying her the pleasure that I am throbbing to give her?


Maria has requested that I take Liz out today so that she can do something. All she said was to have her back by three. The only thing I can think of is that she knew of her birthday too.

Why would I do what Maria requested? Because she had my sister backing her. They’re a scary duo. No one argues against them.



I look over to Liz who is sitting in the passenger’s side and smirking at me.

“Are you’re not ready to go home?”

“Yup. Just one more place I have to go. It’s a surprise for later.”

“So that means I can’t go in with you?”

“Not for this one babe.”

“Ma-ax.” I look over at her again and she takes her seatbelt off.

“Liz, keep it on.”

She slides closer to me and sits in the middle, putting that seatbelt on.

“That one’s not as safe Liz.”

“I’ll be fine.”

She twists and kisses the side of my neck.

“Liz, please-“

“But Max, you won’t take me home to do it.”

She has no idea how much I want to go home right now.

“Fine, you just have to promise me you won’t touch me.”

“But what about you?”

“I’m driving, it’ll already be enough of a distraction.”

”I’ll have to make sure to make it up to you later.”

She kisses me again and sits back.

“Is this what it takes to get you to behave?”

“It’s definitely incentive.”

I let my hand rest on her thigh and knead it in the palm of my hand rhythmically. Sliding my hand upwards over the zipper and button of her pants I undo her pants and slide a hand under her panties. If she weren’t reclining there would be no way I’d be able to do this. I play with her pussy lips, just running my fingers over them, barely letting them dip into her slit to feel the moisture that is quickly gathering. With one hand on the wheel I take a huge gulp of air as I quickly slide a single finger inside of her. My cock twitches at the memory at what it felt like to be inside of her. The hot passage taking it in, in its entirety. Her breath picks up a few paces as I press a finger over her sensitive nub.


“What do you want Liz?”



I slide in another two fingers and her moans become louder and more frequent.


She makes an attempt at a yes but it just turns into yet another moan.

Within seconds she’s writhing, her attempts at moving her hips are restricted by the seat belt and she groans in frustration. Her hand flies outward and lands on my thigh, tightly gripping it as her orgasm nears. My erection is throbbing when she finally cries out and her tight walls close in around my fingers. They steadily contract as she climbs down from the peak. Which is more than I can say for my own predicament. The slightest look from Liz would make me explode at this point. Which is why that when her hand lightly brushes my arousal, I suddenly find myself with a wet spot in the front of my jeans, and happy that I had already pulled into the parking lot.

Liz takes off her seatbelt and I slide my fingers out of her. Liz takes my fingers and licks her juices from them before releasing. You have no idea how hot she looks doing that, it’s enough to get me ready to go again. I grab both sides of her face and kiss her. The familiar taste of Liz mixed with her juices is most probably the best thing I have ever tasted.

“Can we please go home?”

“I’ll be right back. Actually, tell you what, here’s fifty dollars, go buy something in the mall. I’ll meet up with you in say, thirty minutes.”

“Thirty?” The look on Liz’s face is warning me that I better hurry up and get this over with, it doesn’t look like she’ll settle for a substitute much longer. Oh, the ego is soaring.

I kiss her one more time before we get out of the car and walk into the mall together. Once we get inside Liz is side tracked over to the pet store, and I take my leave. It better be ready.

Liz’s Point of View

Max leaves and I’m left to wander for twenty minutes. Let’s see, where to go. I walk in the rush of people coming in and out of stores. Hot Topic, The Gap, Lifestyles, Express, let’s…. wait what’s that? Cinnamon pretzels! I make my way across the way and buy cinnamon sticks and an orange soda. I find a bench and relax. Now, this is good.

Three sticks later a hand rests on my shoulder. “It’s about time I found you.”

I smile and say, “Max, what’s up with the accent?”


That voice. My head shoots up to face none other than Zan.

“Zan? What are you doing here?”

He walks around and sits next to me. He taps my protruding belly, “This one called me.”


“Now, who’s Max?”

“Zan, look about-“

“Don’t try and tell me the baby isn’t mine.”

“I wasn’t it’s just that-“

“What do you say we go somewhere private so I can connect with that heir of mine.”

“I’d say it sounds like a cheesy pick-up line.”

“Okay, well why don’t we start out with why you left?”

“Zan, I really can’t get into this right now.”

“Why not?”

“I’m meeting somebody here in a few minutes.”


“Why don’t we talk later?”

“I’m getting the vibe that you don’t want me around you, which is fine. But I want to be a part of this baby’s life. It’s the heir to the royal throne. When we go-“

“See, that’s just it. SHE is not going anywhere. She is staying here, on earth, in Roswell with me.”

“It’s a girl?”

“Yes, and while she may be your child she’s not going to go anywhere with you. You can be a part of her life, it’s just that I don’t want it all fucked up.”


I turn the other way to find Max standing behind me. His look is shock, and possessiveness.

“Max, this is Zan.”

“Geez princess, you like the look that much? Well, I do have to say you have good taste.”

I stand up and explain to Max that Zan just showed up. Max takes my hand and turns to Zan.

“All right. Why don’t you come back with us? We’ll talk this whole thing over.”

“Sounds good to me. Whose place? Yours or Liz’s?”

“Same place.”

Zan looks a little shocked but he quickly recovers.

“I’ll follow in my car.”

Max’s Point of View

When I came back from the store I saw Liz and some look alike, who I already assumed was Zan. It sucked. It sucked to see the guy that had her before me, to see the father of the baby, atleast before I could neglect the fact that she wasn’t mine.

The ride back Liz was pressed up against me and she was silent.

“Are you okay?” I ask as we get out of the car and wait for Zan to park. Haha. He took old man Hubbard’s spot. Boy is he going to hear about it.

“Yeah. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I kiss her lightly on the lips and squeeze her hand, before Zan comes walking over.

“You live here?”

“Home, sweet home.”

We walk upstairs, and Liz continues to walk to her door, so I’m assuming that’s where she wants to talk.

She unlocks the door and we all walk in.


We could hear Maria’s voice over them all. There’re “Happy Birthday!” balloons and streamers everywhere.

Michael, Isabel, Tess, Alex, Maria, and Kyle’s eyes are all glued to the stranger in the apartment.

Liz murmurs something about another birthday shot to hell and then she plasters a huge grin on her face.

“Thanks everyone! Ummm, I’m sure you’re all wondering who this is, well…. Guys this is Zan, Zan this is everyone.”

Insert awkward silence here.

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Chapter Eleven
Liz’s Point of View

I look back and forth between the eight other people in the room, gauging their reactions to this Max look-a-like. I think the word dumbstruck pretty much sums it up.

“Um, guys this is Zan. Zan, this is Michael and Maria, Isabel and Alex, and Tess and Kyle.” Zan does his signature smirk as Michael continues to stare at him. Alex extends a hand, as does Kyle. Zan politely shakes them both. Maria whacks Michael upside the head and his hand goes out. The handshake is obviously firm as their hands start to turn white.

Zan returns to his spot, leaning up against the wall, and everyone falls back into silence.

Am I going to have to do everything around here?

“So… I uh, I want to thank you guys for this party, but do you think we can put it on hold for about an hour? I would like to speak to Zan alone for a little bit.”

Maria wails an “Of course!” and begins to push everyone out the door. Including Max. I laugh at the lost look on his face and send him a reassuring smile. When I’m left alone with Zan I go and sit on the couch next to a stack of presents. You can just tell which ones are from Isabel and Alex. Their perfectly wrapped, with a perfect little bow sitting perfectly in the middle. Oh yeah, definitely Isabel’s doing.

“Ok, Zan. I really don’t have much to say. At least not something I haven’t already told you.” I look up and he’s staring intently at me. “What? What are you staring at?”

“You’re just so beautiful.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere. I’m with Max, and I’m happy.” I am. But why does that look in his eyes make me feel bad saying so?

“We could have been. You left, you didn’t give it a chance. Were you ever going to tell me?”

“No.” I’m not going to lie to him. He deserves that much.

He lets out a long sigh and sits beside me.

“Liz, if you had given me a chance I could have made you happy.”

I look in his eyes and I feel like crying. Why? Because I see the same look that was in my eyes when Brad left me. The look that a person gets when they don’t understand why they don’t get a fair chance, when they’re left with hurt that they have to deal with alone.

“I couldn’t stay Zan. I couldn’t risk being hurt again. Besides, I could never had been with you forever. You’re too loyal to your family. Despite what you may think I still whole heartedly believe Lonnie and Rath got something going on behind your back.”

“They’re my family Liz. I can’t believe the worst in them, especially when I’m destined to rule with them by my side.”


“I thought Max was King.”

“Two sets of the royal four were sent, one is just a back-up. Both are fit to go back and rule, but we can’t return until we have the heir.”

I pull back from Zan and sit on the recliner. “I already told you you’re not taking her.” I wrap my arms protectively around my stomach and stare back at Zan.

“That’s just what I don’t get. The king’s first child was always a male. At least for as long as it’s been recorded in our history. Which is why it doesn’t make sense that you claim to be carrying a baby girl.”

“I am carrying a girl.”

“I believe you, I would never call you a liar. Who knows, it may just be because the blood line was always pure. Maybe the fact that you’re human messed up the whatever. Never mind. “

He falls back into silence, his face in hands, staring down at his shoes.

“Would you like to feel her?”

His gaze locks with mine and smiles.

“I’d love to.” He kneels in front of me, and waits patiently for me to lift up my shirt. When his palm reaches up to my tummy she starts kicking it’s just a little bit rougher than when Max does. The glow just a fraction brighter. “This doesn’t hurt you at all?” He doesn’t even look up at me, he’s just plainly amazed.

“Not one bit.”

When the handprint lines up with Zan’s I’m hit with emotions. I can feel the amazement, and the love pouring from Zan. It’s not directed at me though. He was never subjected to anything like this when he grew up. They had a protector, not parents. Zan always had to work for what he wanted, and just as I feel the love grow stronger, I feel an overwhelming sense of longing. I pick up a trace of determination, just as a loud voice echoes in my mind causing me to open my eyes.

Michael comes barging through the door, “I don’t know how you can do it Maxwell. They’ve been alone long enough.”

He catches sight of Zan and I, and I can see the vein his forehead literally pounding against his skin. As quickly as I register just what he’s about to do, Michaels flinging Zan away from me.

“Michael!” I stand up and run over to Zan, who’s quickly recovering and readying himself to fight back. I wipe the tears that fell during my connection with Zan, and place a hand on Zan’s arm. “Just stop, please.”

“What was he doing to you?” Max is standing beside Michael, anger blatantly on his face.

“Nothing! He wanted to feel her kick.”

“He has no right to.”

“He has every right Michael! He is the father, and the only reason he wasn’t here with me every step of the way is because I left him!” As soon as the words leave my mouth I see an obvious change in Max’s expression.

“Michael we’ll just let them finish their conversation.”

“Don’t bother, I’m leaving.” His voice is still quiet like he’s in a daze.

“Zan, don’t leave yet.” Zan walks up to Max and holds out his hand.

“It was nice meeting you Max.” Max shakes Zan’s hand for a matter of seconds. “Take care of my little girl. I’ll keep you informed of what goes on with Antar. Keep low profile, especially now. I’m trusting you with the only two people I can honestly say I love.”

I let myself lean against the cool hard surface of the wall, and watch Zan turn around as he gets to the door. “Let…”


“Let Alexis know that I love her. Take care, Liz. I’ll keep in touch every once in awhile.”

He closes the door, and I don’t know if it’s just the hormones being out of whack because of the pregnancy or what, but I burst out crying.

“Wait!” I scream and chase after him. After yelling it again as I start seeing him go down the stairs, I stop and lean against the wall for support. His head peeks around the corner before walking back to me.

“You ruined my exit Princess.” He chuckles, and smoothes a piece of my hair back.

“I need to know.”

“Know what?”

“Will you be there?”

“Be where?”

“Be here, when I have the baby.”

“I don’t know if I can do that. Then I might just never leave. You know?”

I can see just what this is doing to him. I can see the pain behind his eyes, he’s giving up what he thinks is his only chance at love. And he’s doing it all for me.

Why does that make me feel like the bad guy? I never asked him to. But yet I can’t help but feel some sort of guilt. Neither of us knows just what would have happened if I stayed with him. We never will.

I pull his head down close to mine and kiss him softly on the cheek, before pulling him into a hug.

“Thank you Liz.”

“For what?”

“For Alexis. Happy Birthday.” This time I let him walk away.

Zan’s Point of View

Despite my best efforts, just seeing Liz was painful. It’s odd, knowing that the one person who has ever been able to get to me is carrying my child. I’ve never been exposed to anything of this magnitude. Ha! And I’m going to be the leader of a planet? But it just sucks knowing that the man that will be raising her looks so much like me no one would ever know he’s not the father. He will be the one Alexis will be calling Daddy. Not me.

Yet, that’s not the weirdest thing. That would be that I’m leaving. Willingly, I’m letting Liz be with another man, I’m letting that man raise and take care of her. Believe me, that takes a lot of faith in a person. Faith that I never knew I had. Could this be any more fucked up?

Liz’s Point of View

After the party I’m left alone with Max. My party wasn’t huge, I didn’t have tons of money spent on me, but you know what? That’s better. Everything I’ve gotten from these people who have become a permanent part of my life is has made this the best birthday. Because it’s just so much better than what I always get from my parents. A check with my name filled in a blank.

“Are you ready for my present?”

“Damn right.” I smile and turn around on his lap. My belly preventing me from leaning on too close. “But first I need release.” I smile and kiss him.

Max’s Point of View

Liz curls her naked body around mine, I could almost hear her purring. Oh the ego is soaring.

I reach my hand into my pants pocket on the floor, and retrieve the velvet box.


“Yeah?” Her face snuggles into my neck and I kiss her forehead before pulling away.

It’s now or never right?

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Chapter Twelve
Liz’s Point of View

Max leans over and I whimper, “Where are you going?” He just grins and holds up one finger telling me to hold on a second. Doesn’t he understand that this baby is taking all my patience?

He sits back up on the bed and looks me in the eyes before kissing me and gracefully rolling off the side of the bed.

“Liz, I know that it hasn’t been too long since we met, and I know that I’m probably not you’re ideal guy, but I have to do this.”

Oh god!

“I love you… so much. You and this baby both. You two are my entire universe. Evers since I first laid on eyes on you deep down I knew you were it for me. You are the one I am meant to be with. My world lights up when you smile, and when I can feel Alexis moving around in you everything is perfect. I couldn’t wish for anything better. I love how your hair when it’s all mussed up in the morning, and how normally fall asleep with only one sock on like it helps balance your body temperature.” I do what? This poor guy looks like he could vomit. Should I put him out of his misery?

“Max, I-“

“I love the way your body melds with mine when we make love, and how you fit like you were made just for me.” My body feels flush and I move to sit up. “And I want to be able to take care of you and Alexis for the rest of my life. I want to be able to hold you in my arms every night, I want to be able to kiss you for no reason at all. I want all of you. So, Liz…”

This is it! This is it!

Just as Max opens his mouth to speak again there is a wild knocking on the door. A frustrated look comes over Max’s face.

“Go away!” He shakes his head and clams down. “Liz, will you do-“

“Don’t tell me to go away! I come bearing a gift.”

“Damn it Maria! Just hold on for one minute!” Suddenly it gets very quiet outside the door. “Liz, love, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” He presents a small gold band with a perfectly shaped diamond. The diamond isn’t huge or gaudy like most women want. It’s one that looks exactly how I always pictured. Almost like my Grandma Claudia’s. Perfect. I fight back the tears as I see the hesitance in his eyes. He trusts me with his heart as he holds his hand out to mine and moves slightly closer to the edge of the bed.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” I throw my arms around his neck and pull him closer as I lean in for a kiss. Our lips meet and my tears fall. Max pulls back slightly and takes my hand. He runs a finger over my knuckles before sliding the ring on. It even fits perfectly. He places a small kiss on my ring finger sealing the symbol of affection the ring represents. He lets my hand fall and cups my face with both of his hands, wiping away the ongoing tears streaming from my eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We lean in for another kiss but are quickly interrupted by an impatient Maria. I smile at Max and he nods. I kiss him once more before practically jumping off the bed and wrapping myself in the soft sheet. I run to the door and open it throwing my arms around Maria.

I show her my ring and she begins crying too. Michael rushes out of his and Maria’s apartment but as soon as he realizes why we are bawling he sighs and walks right into my apartment.

“How did he ask? And oh god, that’s why he told me to go away! I’m so sorry chica! But I repeat how did he ask?”

“He… he just… He-“

She looks down at the sheet I’m wearing and she shrieks.

“Oh my god!”

“Maria, quiet!”

“A naked Max proposed? I want a naked Max to propose to me!”

I raise an eyebrow at her while trying to hold back a laugh.

“What? Well, you know what I mean.”

Soon after, the rest of the gang made it out into the hallway because of Maria shrieking with glee for me. Isabel in her facial mask, Alex in his Looney Tunes pajamas, and Kyle and Tess who obviously dressed in a hurry.

We all make our way into my apartment and I rush off to get dressed. When I’m inside the bathroom I can hear all the guys who are sitting around in the living room and the girls who have settled down in the bedroom.

I’m amazed by the fact that I actually feel like I fit in. I can be myself around these people and still feel welcome. I love it. All my life I turned myself inside out just to be able to be around everyone else, now I can feel free to do what I really want and loved for it. I smile as I look down at the ring. The ring Max gave me. I love it. I love him. I love my baby. I love. I finish getting dressed and look at myself in the mirror. I’m practically glowing.

I smile and fix my hair before heading back out. As I open the door all three girls gasp. What? Do I have a little too much make-up on?

“You’re glowing.”

I grin. Glowing, I’ve already used that word, how about radiant?

“I know.”

“No, Liz. You. Are. Glowing.” I look at Maria and then down attempting to look past my belly. I am literally glowing. No other way to put it. Huh. Imagine that.

“Max! You might want to get in here!” Isabel’s voice carries through the place and Max almost magically appears at the door. Superman ain’t got nothing on him.


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Chapter Thirteen
Liz’s Point of View

This waiting thing is killing me. Well, not really, but I am a very impatient person. Max has me lying down on the bed, trying to make me as comfortable as possible. He has Michael trying to get a hold of Zan. I feel horrible though. Not in a sick way, just because Max keeps saying somehow this is his fault and that he’s no good because he can’t take care of me. He’s just feeling helpless, for once in his life he can’t control something.

“Max? There really is nothing you can do. Why don’t you give the rug a break and come rest with me? Please? Can’t you just humor your soon-to-be wife?”

He stops pacing ad looks at me. His expression is impossible to read and I find myself actually becoming worried. Suddenly a feeling of relief washes over me as he lets himself smile. A tiny smile, but it’s there none-the-less.


“Don’t be sorry, I’ve heard that word come out of your mouth so many times these past two hours I never want to hear them again, besides I could be hearing much sweeter words come out of your mouth.”

“I love you.”

“That’s definitely one phrase I’ve grown to like.” I smile and he climbs into the bed with me. He kisses my mouth gently and lays beside me, his head on my shoulder and his hand is making indecipherable patterns on my stomach. “It’s hard to imagine that in just a couple of months she’ll be here.”

“You’re telling me! It’s all happening so fast, I’m not even allowed to drink yet. In the past few months I’ve gotten pregnant, met the man that I’ll love for the rest of my life, found out he was an alien, now I’m engaged and glowing. And I wouldn’t change any of it.”

Something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye and it’s Zan. He’s standing in the doorway looking at his feet.

“You called?”

“Was Michael at least decent on the phone?”

“It wasn’t him. It was you.”

Okay, I’m confused, but we’re not going to get into this right now.

“Well, what’s going on with the baby? Why is my stomach glowing? Max checked everything out, but found nothing wrong. He’s just concerned that something may happen and since they don’t know too much about their origins, well I’m sure you get the picture.”

He frowns and walks over. Max climbs off the bed, and I sit up. I look into Zan’s eyes as he nears me. I don’t know what compels me to ask Max to leave for a couple minutes, but I do. He’s not thrilled about it but he leaves.

“Zan? Is everything all right?” He doesn’t even register that I spoke until I place my hand on his lower arm.

“Huh? Yeah. It’s just uh… the problem is … well I guess it’s not really a problem. That is as long as you’re not feeling fatigued or anything, you’re not are you?”

“What? No, I feel perfectly fine. So, what is it?”

Zan’s Point of View

Never in my whole life do I feel as sad as I do now. I should be happy. For Liz that is. When she touched my arm this whole barrage of images flashed through my mind, letting me know some more of the events in her life. I’ve always gotten them, but never her. If what I’m thinking is true there’s nothing I can do to change what’s happening to her. Both of the women that I love are undergoing some changes that will define them as people.

“Alexis is learning to share.”

“What do you mean by that?” Liz looks completely lost. I kneel down in front of Liz and look up to her for permission. She slowly slides her top over belly, and I smile. She’s definitely not the same Liz Parker she was when we made love. She was wounded, shy, unsure. Now she’s a beautiful woman that is happy and confident in herself. I indicate that I need to see the skin covering her heart. She looks just as confused but does as I request and unbuttons her shirt exposing the bright blue glowing mark that I needed to show her.

“What the hell is that, Zan?”

“The royal symbol. Alexis is royalty, and so should be her mother. It’s happened in all of Antarian history. When the mother carries the future prince or princess, she comes to bear the symbol of the family she is furthering. But since you’re not even Antarian in anyway, Alexis is taking it one step farther. She’s giving you powers. After all a mother must be able to care for her children.” Sure I’m telling her things she needs to know. But I’m leaving one thing out. The powers Alexis is handing out to Liz didn’t come from me. It’s something I can’t do which means it had to have come from Max, making me incredibly jealous. She’s not just my baby. She’s Liz’s, she’s mine, and she’s Max’s.

“Just what power is that?”

I slide my finger across the back of my forearm and show Liz the line of blood pooling at the surface. Just a small scratch. I take Liz’s hand in mine and place the palm of her hand over the minor wound.

“Now, just concentrate. Concentrate on making it go away.” She looks me in the eyes and as soon as she connects I close my eyes letting the images run through my mind. I can feel that she’s confused, and scared. But also she’s a little amazed and excited. Typical indecisive female. Ha. There is absolutely nothing typical about Liz. After all I wouldn’t just fall in love with any woman.

When the power stops flowing through my arm and the images stop flowing into me I open my eyes and find Liz staring at where the cut used to be.

“Eventually Liz, you will be able to do more complicated healing but she’s just beginning to feed the power to you. My guess is that if you release some of the power like you just did it should make the glowing fade. Just don’t over do yourself.”

The way she’s looking at me is making me think she’s in pain and I quickly put a hand on her stomach. Until I realize it’s sympathy, or pity.

“I’m sorry.”

“What? Princess, why are you sorry?”

“I did love you. I did. And before when we were together I did get flashes. Why do you think I took it so well when I found out about who you are? I just couldn’t let it influence my judgment. I was younger, I was scared, and I don’t know what would have happened had I had the courage to stay with you, but I still love you. Just in a different way.”

I can’t say anything as I watch the tears brimming in her eyes begin to fall. Liz kisses my forehead and I revel in the feeling of her lips on me again. I close my eyes again when my vision starts to blur. My heart is breaking and I desperately lift my head and let my lips brush against hers. I quickly pull myself away from the sweet torture and I can taste her tears on my lips.

“I’m sorry.” I say, quickly apologizing. She just lets her head fall, and I almost walk out of the room. I can’t hold the tears back forever and I don’t want to let her see me in that state of disarray. Unfortunately I have to tell her. I can’t not. “Liz, that’s not the only reason why you’re glowing.” Good going, you can’t even say a sentence without your voice cracking. I have to tell her though I can’t be completely selfish and inconsiderate. “Liz, Alexis’ DNA is being altered. My guess is that in the past twenty four hours you and Max… ummm…. You know, for the first time?” Her eyes go wide in embarrassment and another part of me breaks. “Well, his sperm has changed part of her. She’s inheriting some of his traits. Only a soul mate can actually do that on Antar. She’s not completely his, she’s still a part of me. But he has another power that I don’t since he is the true king. But when I go to take the place as king on Antar I will in turn be entrusted with the power also. Odds are it’s something he doesn’t even realize he can do yet. So, tell him to try to connect with Alexis sometime soon, you’ll see something special. I guess I should head out now. Congratulations.”

I walk to the door but Liz runs up to me and hugs me, forcing me to look at her. I look in her beautiful brown eyes and I don’t want to let her go.

“Be careful. I still don’t trust Lonnie, or Rath. Ava’s still a little shady too. I just have this instinct that something bad is going to happen.” With that she kisses me on the cheek and let’s me go on my way.

After waiting a couple minutes I walk out and hold onto Max.

“Taste the loneliness of my love
Be afraid of my home
I’d rather be with you
I’d rather not know
Where I’ll be and cry inside alone”

I think I’ll tell him when we’re alone. Until then I hold onto him for my life and sway to the music.
Lifehouse "Spin"