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Title~Without You
Catagoy~M/L, being a total dreamer and all, as well as lots of M/M and K/I
Rated~R - NC17 ( for language & content )
Summary~Picks up after departure and everyone is trying to deal with the past except M/L, they can't move on. Then liz is taken from them one night and their lives change forever in a way that they could NEVER have imaged!!!!
Disclaimer~I own nothing so please don't sue
Authors note~This is my first fic so pllllllllllllllllllllllllease be gentle. Thanx!


The motel room was dark except for the light shining out of the bathroom door that Max had just opened. He reached up to turn it off when he caught sight of the bed...the side of the bed that Liz lay on. He couldn't breathe, his lungs wouldn't let him. Was it because she was finally back or was it the sight of all the cuts and bruises which were covering her frail, petite body. He closed his eyes and exhaled deeply, shaking uncontrolably. Even after seeing them for 3 days they still had the power to make him want to puke, hell to die if he was honest. He left the light on as he reached for the bed. He quietly sat down beside her, the only sound in the room was the bed under him, her breathing and his heartbeat. He gently stretched out beside her being careful not to wake her. Who was he kidding!! wake her, she hadn't woken up at all since they'd found her. That's why she still looked like she did, he couldn't connect with her...he couldn't heal her. So near yet so far..! He didn't know what had been worse him not knowing where she was, what was happening to her or her being right there in front of him, close enough to touch but unable to wake her.? It was a close call, one that he dare not make but she was there with him now and that was all that mattered. He leant over, gently reaching for her, stopping sharply just above her waist as if he had been burnt. Why was he hesitating...they had 'slept' like that for the past 2 nights, him spooned in behind her with his arm on her stomach and nothing had happened. He moved in closer expecting to smell strawberry and vanilla, the smell that was all Liz. But there was nothing. He shuddered, what the hell had they done to her? Not even his worse nightmare could come close to the truth. He hung his arm loosely across her waist using his other as a pillow. He just watched her breathing, it was what he could done forever. This was so surreal, when they last were together they had fought, things were said, some needed to be said but others had been too much for either could behr. At that moment he would give his life just to have her awake and screaming in his face like before. But this, it was too much, his eyes closing tightly, his grip tightening around her tiny waist. There were still so many unanswereds questions and things to be ressolved between them, especially after what had happened earlier that night!! His next thought was of please don't let me dream of that night again when she was taken from me, a person can only go through that so many times,it was his last before his tired,achy body fell into slumber. The next thing he knew he heard her screaming and felt her yanking roughly away from him.

"NNNNNOOOOO....STAY AWAY FROM ME....PLEASE...." He sat bolt up right, how the hell did she end up over the other side of the room pushing herself hard up against the wall, hands outstretched.

"LIZ...What's's me...Max..." He said as calmly as he could, thankful that he was still half asleep or he would have run over to her by now . He slowly walked towards her.

"NO GET BACK...STAY AWAY...PLEASE...PLEASE DON'T HURT ME...OH GOD PLEASE NNNNNOOOOOO....!" she was screaming as she edged away from him, shaking uncontrollably.
God her head hurt and her ribs, she held herself tightly. Oh god she felt like she was going to throw up. Her leg banged hard on the table. She could feel herself falling.

"LIZ..." Max was there reaching for her. "stop..let me help you...."
He could now see the fear in her eyes. Why was she affaid of him? "please Liz....its me....Max PLEASE".
He next thing she said almost killed him.



Part 1

She couldn't breathe. Maybe it was the lack of air in her lungs from dancing so hard all night. Maybe it was the heavy stench of smoke and sweat which clung in the air from a clud heaving with bodies. Maybe it was the alcolhol that she had comsumed rearing its ugly head finally. She had had so much...too much! Or could it just be the simple sight of him now before her. After all that had happened he still had this affect on her, the one which she had no control over and she hated him for it. Yes, a part of Liz Parker HATED Max Evans for all the pain that was still raging inside of her. But she had never told him that, they were trying to find his son, that was everyones main priority now so who was she to cause more pain. So she hid it from them, she thought it wouldn't matter to her, they were friends and that was enough. But she was wrong! She so wanted to tell him the whole truth, she neede to but the words never came and he never asked. Why was that? Obiviously he didn't love her enough, he hadn't for along time if in fact he ever did. But what she felt, was feeling was slowly eating her alive. That's why she suggested tonight, they all needed a break, achance to be 'normal' teenagers just of once without having to fight to save a planet that none of them had ever seen, to fight just to stay alive. They needed this, she neede this...never thought that Max would come too. Everybody neede this but Liz had to have this so she could move on, she had to let go and lat go she did! Her clothes looked totally hot but they weren't her, her new attitude wasn't her but they just put it down to the drink. She was out to enjoy herself no matter what!
Michael and Maria were as hot and cold as ever but they were together. Isabel never thought that there would be anyone else for her, Alex was still very much abig part of her life, he always would be, but Kyle slowly lowered all her walls over the past few months. Noone knew but this was their first real date and so far it was going real good. The girlies spent all night dancing and laughing while the guys just hung at the bar watching the girlies. However Michael and Klyle were there for another reason....Max. He hadn't moved from his spot at the bar all night. He was just watching, smiling and talking ocassionately while drinking his cherry coke. Max aid that he was fine but he was far from it, they knew that, they only had to see him looking at Liz to see it. It was as plan as day, being friends (if the one word answers and uncomfortable meetings was friendship)wasn't working even if neither wanted to see it. Then it came, the slow dance and the floor cleared of those who had noone, which wasn't many.
Michael found maria instantly and Kyle found Iz, it was about time to take the plunge. If that wasn't hard enough for Liz it was the song that they were playing that almost killed her....I Shall Believe. Oh god, she felt dizzy she had to get out of there now. She couldn't believe it, not here, not now. She knew exactly where Max was, pity it was near the only exit in this place. She took a breath, she felt bile in her throat, she could do this, it was then that saw loked up and saw Max. He was in exactly the same spot but he was not alone. He was with a girl who was basically nearly leaning in his lap. She wasn't breathing, but this wasn't just any was Tess. No wait it looked like that trashy slut, blonde with not alot on. She exhaled, she felt like she was going to faint right there and then. Either that or smack the shit out of someone. She could feel the room begin to spin and the tears welling up in her eyes. God why did he keep doing this to her? She didn't know how she got her legs to move let alone begin to run.

"Already taken then?" was all she said as she leant away from him.

"you could say that," max replied hesitatingly with a shy smile, not wanting to lok at her for too long.

"Lucky girl!" the blonde almost spat out as if her favorite toy had just been taken from her. They both looked up and smiled at each other just as Liz ran by. She nearly knocked Max over as she blindly slammed into him.
He instantly grapped hold of her arms firmly.
"LIZ...." was all he got out.

"LET THE FUCK GO OF ME NOW!" she screamed, iches form his face now struggling to free herself. She never swore, Max enhaled deeply. The last time he'd touched her was on that damn rock, which felt so long ago. The feeling of touching her again tore right through him as if he'd been knifed in the stomach. This wasn't like before all had could feel was pain. Liz's pain and there was also fear, he dropped this hands instantly not wanting to feel what he felt anymore. They just stared at each other which is when he saw that she was crying. Another knife in the stomach.

"Liz whats wrong....." his voice behrly a whisper. She was shaking violently, he reached for her again.

"JUST GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME EVANS,GET BACK TO YOUR FUCKING WHORE WHERE YOU BELONG!" She screamed again, pushing him hard in the chest away from her.
"NOW LEAVE ME ALONE". She pushed past the trash and towards the door.

"HEY WATCH IT BITCH!" she spat out, for her sake it was a good job that Max hadn't heard her. He was already out the door and after Liz.
The cold air almost knocked her off her feet, she looked blindly up and down the darkened street looking for somewhere, anywhere to hid.
She could FEEL Max chasing up behind her. Her breathing was laboured, running towards a cab parked over the other side of the street. If she had to succeed in anything in her young life thus far she had to make it to that cab....she almost made it. She knew it was Max who had grapped her from behind, she felt him, even before he spun her round.

"where you wanna go little lady?" the eager cabbie yelled out through the open window. Seeing her walking towards his cab he thought christmas had gone and come early.

"She doesn't!" Max hollered coldly from behind her.

"Yes I do...PLEASE..." her voice was one of half shouting, half begging. She reached for the door handle, Max roughly tore her away from it and spun her round to face him, still tightly locked in his arms. She wasn't looking at him, she just pushed him away from her hard and turned to get in it again.

"LIZ I SAID NO....NOW DO AS I SAY!" He was scaring himself but he was not about to let her leave. She just stopped dead in her tracks. A drunken couple saw their opportunity, pushed Liz aside and get in. The cab was gone and they were standing in a completely empty street.

"liz..." his voice was behrly a whisper again. His breathing was heavy and his heart felt like it was about to burst from his ribcage. For the first time in his life he was really affaid. What was this? Liz slowly turned round.

"what did you say?" her voice back to normal but if looks could kill.He stood firm, was this really liz standing before him? What had happened to get her to turn from him like this? As if he didn't already know. This thing between them had to be ressolved, it had to be said right here,right now before it ate them whole.

"You heard me", he hissed, stepping towards her. "god Liz where the hell do you get off talking to me like that and then expecting me not to get pissed at you."

"Oh is that it, so your finally pulling that fearless leader king card bullshit on me!" She was no longer shouting but her manner was no less threatening. "Don't even go there Max, you can't bully me around anymore!" She went to side step him.

"what the hell is your problem Liz, I thought we were friends that you wanted to help me find my son. Then you pull this crap on me." He went to grap her arm again but her look told not otherwise. He turned and walked alittle gently rubbing his head. It was killing him now.
"I could do without this right now liz," She looked at him opened mouthed, she was totally gobsmacked. She felt alittle less wanting to throw up or pass out now. She didn't know if it was the cool night air or what he had just said.

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE...." she paused it compose herself, she had to be clear thinking here. "You could do without this, god your amazing you know that evans," and she began it laugh.
"oh that's right I dared to interupt your hot date how terrible of me...I'm so sorry fearless leader." She was outwardly laughing as she slowly pushed past him. She really couldn't do this now. She was just too damn tired.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT," He shook her roughly.She just laughed in his face. He felt his blood begin to boil, his cheeks were like fire.
"I'M GLAD I AMUSE YOU LIZ BUT THIS IS FAR FROM FUNNY,"She stopped laughing, any inches from his face. She felt his breath on her skin. It was electric. She couldn't breathe damn him, damn those deep amber eyes."I'm not laughing Max its sad really...its pathetic in fact." She replied coldly without any emotion on her face. She turned her head away from him.

"LOOK AT ME...!" He shook her again. He felt her wince.

"Let go of me max, I don't wanna do this now," she pulled herself free, nearly falling to the ground.

"oh you don't, its always what you want isn't it liz," He was in her face again with in one step.That was all it took.

"WHAT I WANT FUCK YOU, HOW CAN YOU STAND THERE AND TELL ME THAT AFTER EVERYTHING I'VE DONE FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU WANTED IT DONE...GOD I HATE YOU SO MUCH." She was like a wild animal, hitting him hard in the chest repeatly. She began crying again. Max was trying to catch her blows but he didn't want to hurt her. She had been hurt enough by him already.

"Liz, Stop it....Please just stop."He pleaded with her.

"NO MAX YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW?" She still wasn't letting up.

"It Doesn't matter now...please Liz...stop we don't have to do this now." He had a very bad feeling about what she was about to say and he just felt like he wasn't ready to hear it, whatever it was. She flung him away as she felt his grip ease.



Part 2

"Hey, spaceboy, don't write cheques you ain't gonna cash!" her cheeks were burning from feeling his breath on her skin but she had to play it cool. Just being close to michael was hard enough these days without ripping his clothes off but here while crushed together, unable to move, even breathe on this dancefloor was making her head spin. Or was it the part she loved must about rubbing up against her stomach making her heart almost push out of her chest.

"you KNOW I always cash 'em deluca," he whispered closely as he nibbled at her earlope. She that feeling kick in again, that dull ache which was always there until he went a did something like that. She let out a moan only audable to him as his hand went from her waist gently down her back and landing firmly on her left cheek. He squeezed gently, she liked that, he knew she liked that, Michael Gerin was far from stupid. He never in a million years thought that he could trust anyone else except Max and Iz, they were his family. He had learnt that the hard way but to a conclusion none the less then Maria came along and she didn't just knock down his stonewall, she took a bulldozer to it and totally destroyed it. It had been far from easy for either of them, it still had its moments, some pretty damn rough but he knew that without her it would be without air for him to breathe. He still hadn't told her that he loved her, she had him a thousand times over but he could never find the words. He knew it hurt her, he didn't mean to hurt her but she excepted it and never pushed him for it. It was the only thing they never even talked about.

"Why don't we ditch this?" he finally looked at her with that quirky grin of his which also drove her nuts. She knew she was on a loosing streak as soon as she saw it. 'Damn you Gerin' she thought, 'how come you do this to me everytime...there is a god!'

"Hold it right there buster, hormonal check overload," she pushed him away firmly still holding tightly onto his shirt as she did so. "we're here for one thing and one thing only..." She felt him pull her roughly back towards him. Her breath was caught in her throat.

"well if you shut up we could get on with it already." Watching her all night dancing had driven him to something that he hadn't felt before. He had to hold her, pull her close, be near her so he could feel her under his touch and her breath on his skin. He needed her, damn it he wanted her and if it meant there and then so be it. He was starting to feel as flushed as she, his skin felt like it was going to explode. Surely his pants weren't this tight before, god they had to get out of there now.

"look michael..." she was finding to hard to think, let alone string sentences together. "..we said we'd stick together...we..all... needed..a.. night..." she said brokenly as she felt his had moved up towards her back again. She made the right choice of clothes, backless was good,real good. Too good.

"Kyle and Isabel look okay to me!" he dipped into her neck as she leant further back allowing him better excess to her, his tongue
lightly brushing up and down the ridges. Maria moaned and felt her eyes roll back. Every part of her felt on fire like never before.

"what.." she turned her head slightly, breaking the contact, both heaved as they parted. There sure enough between all the mangled bodies and sweaty air she just made out the outline of them dancing.
What she then saw made her gasp, they were not just dancing but kissing. Yes budda boy and the ice princess were actually kissing, and not no friendly peck on a close friends cheek either. Full on with hands seamingly having minds of their own.

"OMG.." she whispered and then she thought she would cry. They had all came so far and been through so much it was any a matter of time.
She shook lightly, michael held her waist alittle tighter.

"Didn't you know?" he said with puzzled frown. He chuckled. " I never thought I'd see the day that I knew something BEFORE 'little miss radar, I know it all deluca'". He was openly laughing now, she hit him hard in the chest.

"Shut up gerin before I hurt you". His grip tightened around her.

"is that a threat?" he voice laboured. She smiled as she saw his eyes darken.

"no spaceboy..." she stood on tiptoe to reach his ear. "thats a promise". She said in her best husky voice. His eyes opened wider, they had to get out of there now.

"Now that just leaves Maxwell and Liz to get over it and get on with it huh?"

"OMG.." she roughly pulled away from him. "Where's Liz?" She looked around her but could see nothing in the darkness.

"Whats up, babe, Liz' fine". He tried to pull her back.

"Shit, you don't understand. This song. How could I be So stupid!" She was shouting now while hitting her hands at her sides.

"what song, what are you wittering on about now?" But she was ready heading towards Kyle and Iz, pushing roughly through all the people that were blocking her path. She was so angry but who knew. She did and she wasn't there for her best friend. What sort of friend was she.

"Hey have either of you seen Liz?" she roughly bumped into them. They pulled quickly apart as if they had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"Whats wrong?" was all Iz said, for all she saw in Maria's eyes was complete and utter panic.

"We have to find her....Where's Max?" Her head would fall off her shoulders she was looking about her so quickly.

"He's back there where he's been glued to alnight already" Kyle said alittle too harshly. He was worried about Liz but alittle pissed at the interuption. Iz sensed this and gave his hand a gentle squeeze. He breathed out and gave her alittle smile.

"Where? I don't see him" Maria said on the move. "EXCUSE ME...GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY...MOVE IT". She didn't care who she was pushing in order to get off of that dancefloor.

"Calm down Maria and tell us what the hell is going on," Michael hated when she got ditzy like this.

"Now Max is awol, goddamitt why did they have to play this fucking song." She was looking skyward, hands flying about her. As if that would help. She was breathing hard and fast now. "Where's my cedar oil when I need it. Shit." She could feel herself want to cry. She rushed towards the bar and practically dragged the barman over the damn thing to ask where Max was.

"He's about yey tall, dark hair who just happened to be stuck in front of your godamn face basically the whole night," She was shouting now and she was definately having an out of this body experience. The blonde haired girl looked over the shoulder of her next victim.

"Hey lady how the hell do I know? I wouldn't be able to reckonize my own mother naked in here tonight so if you don't mind". He looked down at where she had hold of his shirt. It was then that Maria saw just how big and tough looking he was, she let go and smiled.

"Sorry." Her voice a squeak, she turned to everybody who were looking at her in amazement. "What?" Her tone had returned as she shrugged her shoulders at them. She let her head fall down onto her arms which were leaning on the bar.

"He's probably still trying to calm down that crazy little bitch," her laugh made Maria look over. She slowly walked upto the back of the man that was hiding the voice. She took a breath.

"What did you say?" Play it cool deluca was all that rang through her head as she side stepped the guy. She when saw the voice and an excellent example of a piece of trash it she ever saw it.

"Do I know you?" she replied not even looking at Maria slowly sipping her drink. Maria quietly chuckled and gave a glance toward michael who was all put ready to through her over his shoulder before she did some real damage.

"no..." she stepped forward "but I think you know my friend." She took the glass gently out of her hands and put it in the bar. The blonde looked up, if looks could kill.

"Hey what's your problem, your not about to call me a fucking whore and storm off outta here as well are you. You out of towners make me wanna puke." Maria felt the rage now, she was not a violent person, alittle cracked but never violent but seeing this slut she was close to changing all that.

"Listen up bitch you obiviously are so do us all a favour and tell me where they went." Her voice was level but everyone could tell that this little lady better tell her an answer, the right answer and like yesturday.

"Why the hell should I bitch," she was up and in Maria's face. She was nearly as tall as Iz but Maria didn't care. How dare she come into her club and speak to her like that. Her date had edged away by this time.First the blow off and now the abuse, not tonight, not to her.

"Because you'll have me to deal with and you didn't wanna even mess with this bitch I can assure you." Iz came from no-where and stuck between Maria and the tramp. Maria breathed out, her knees alittle weak. She could take her but why should she waste her time on her.
The blonde stopped leaning and unconciously sat back down again on her chair.

"Now what did you do and which way did they go!"

"Look I didn't do anything, I was just talking to the guy when she came up, off her head screamimg then running off outside. Okay are you happy now!" She was beginning to feel very uncomfortable with Iz being still so close to her.

"No...", Maria said as she poured the nearest drink over her head.
"Now I am, Thank you." She smiled, turned and headed quickly towards the door. The blonde screamed and stood up.

"What's wrong with you fucking people. Go back to whatever planet your from!" she screamed after them. Michael stopped dead in his tracks and turned round to face her smiling. He walked slowing back towards her. She smiled back, maybe this wouldn't be such a bad night after all. Not quite as hot as round one but a fine replacement. She could feel his breath on her cheek as he leaned into her, she took a breath.

"You better hope we do...for your sake." His whispering's made her shudder. He lightly kissed her cheek and without looking back he disappeared into the crowd. Michael caught upto them at the door.

"What the hell are you so happy about?" Iz asked as she held the door for him. Michael just looked at her and smiled some more. Like with that guy who beat up Maxwell that time, that bitch will be scratching for weeks. The air was cool and crisp yet he didn't know what caused him to shudder that or hearing Maria screaming out for him. It was dark except for afew illplaced street lights but he could make out Maria anywhere. She was kneeling on the ground over something. Kyle was by her side with Iz alittle behind. He ran until his lungs hurt and what he found was enough to stop them completely. Pushing Kyle aside he bent down to see Max lying on the ground with blood on his head and chest.

"oh god...MAX!" Izabel thought she was gonna puke as she also sunk to her knees.

"LIZ..." was all he was saying over and over again. His head thrashing from side to side. His eyes suddenly flew open and he was trying to get up.

"What happened Maxwell, don't try and move," Michael said as he tried to hold him down.

"NO, LET GO OF ME...I'VE GOT TO FIND LIZ," His breathing made it hard for him to talk let alone shout but shouting he was, almost painfully. His eyes were like a rabbits caught in the headlights.

"Who has Liz Max" Iz had either hand beside his head just to stop him moving it. There was so much blood. Too much blood. Was it all his? They couldn't tell.

He pushed with all that he had which sent everyone who had a hold on him flying backwards.
He began to run into the darkness.

"MAX, NO WAIT.....SHIT." Michael was up and behind him in no time. He grapped hold of him from behind and yanked him round back the other way.

"LET GO OF ME !" Max roared.

"Not a chance Maxwell so deal." Michael was a man of few words but each one counted. Now michael was strong but maxwell was stronger and him being like a wounded animal just made it worse.

"KYLE HELP HIM!" Izabel was crying because her brother was in so much pain and she could do nothing to help him. Kyle grapped hold of his other arm.
It was the first time that Max had seen Kyle.

"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" Max screamed at him. Kyle could see tears in his eyes.

"What the F....," that was all Kyle got out.

"How could you let her do it?" Max's voice behrly able to be heard. He stopped fighting. His arm dropping to his sides lifelessly.

"Let her do what Max? What are you talking about?" Iz walked slowly over to him, gently resting her hand on his shoulder. He wasn't looking at any of them only at the ground as he began to shake violently. Maria took in a breath and raised her hand to her mouth...she knew exactly what was coming.

"" sounding like every word out of his mouth was killing him to say.
That's as far as he got before his world went black.....

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Part 3

He just looked at her, wanting to say something, anything but the words unable to come. What was happening here? What had he done to make her hate him so much? As if he needed to even ask himself that, he knew that he was the cause of all her pain. Even he found it hard to look at himself in the mirror so why should she be any different.

"What you have nothing to say evans?" Her voice was calmer as she stood firm with her arms tighly folded across her chest."figures....after all it took me being shot for little ole shy Max Evans to deam me worthy enough for him to even talk to me. What have I got to do next for you Max, tell me that?"

"Stop it Liz," He could talk. ' Don't you even think about backing down now Parker. Just be cool babe. This needs to be said, he needs to feel pain too. You can do this. Just keep looking straight ahead, don't look at him.' Her mind racing as she started pacing.

"Stop what? I thought you wanted to know everything so here I am, ask away," Why wasn't she looking at him. His heart was almost thumping out of his ribcage. What could he stay?.
"Don't tell me your lost for words Max, and after all that we've been through.... I'm hurt." She was still pacing up and down in front of him.

"What do you want me to say Liz? Your the one who's been screaming in my face for the last ten minutes. Your the one who obviously has something to say so go I am." He felt calmer now, he could do this he had to know what the hell was going on.

"So you can talk, funny that seeing as though you haven't to me in a while. Why is that Max, done with me already?" She couldn't believe how easy it felt now, how the words just kept coming. 'Just hang in there alittle longer' she told herself. 'you CAN do this'. She dared to look at him, pity that he was looking at her at that exact same moment. She held her breath, god those damn eyes again. She quickly turned away and began to pace again. 'God think of something quick to say before he says something and this will all be for nothing.'
"Tell me max why did you save me that day, was it so you could relieve
your guilty little secret to 'little miss goody too shoes here' in order to make YOU feel better 'cus you knew damn well that she would never tell."

He looked up at her sharply why was she saying these things wouldn't a knife in the stomach be quicker. No that would be too easy. "That's not true Liz and you know it." His voice behrly a whisper.

"That's bullshit Max, just face upto yourself for once." She shivered but not due to the cold night air, she was scaring even herself.

"Don't you think I know that just being with me you've been hurt so much but that's not why I saved you that day." He had never truly told Liz how he felt about her, how he really felt about her since that day he got off the school bus but now was the time to tell her.

She chuckled, " you know nothing Max...." Her head was beginning to throb again.

"Then tell me Liz....'cus I need alittle help here." He finally took a step towards her but she only took one back. She needed the space because all the while she could feel him, deep inside her. The connection was still here, it never had gone away...not for her anyway.

"Again its always about you and your precious little family, oh excuse me ROYAL FOUR your worship and fuck everyone else round you just so long as your all safe." Her voice was raised as she spat out the words.She was trying so hard not to go to him for some reason. It was too late for them now, she knew that!

"How can you say that, yes I have Michael and Isabel, they are my family. But Maria...Kyle..." He swallowed down hard, not looking at her."....You...are all part of my family too." His head was killing him which was usual 'cus he NEVER got headaches.

"What about Alex?" They both shuddered at his name. "Was he part of your family too?" She felt alump in the throat. God how she wished he was there now.

"He STILL is," was all he could say. Liz could have sworn that she thought he was beginning to cry in his voice. God please don't do this, it wasn't fair. He doesn't get to cry over Alex.

"What about your son and his slutbitch of a mother, where do they fit into all of this? Tell me Max you never did say why you let her go that day. Was she that gooder fuck Max?" She knew straight away that she shouldn't have said that. That was it for Max he grapped her roughly from behind and flung her round to face him. Their faces only inches apart. Liz could see the anger in his eyes. For the first time she was really afaid of him. He was hurting her arms but his touch felt like fire on her skin.
She closed her eyes firmly, please don't let there be flashes then this would have been all for nothing.

"HOW DID YOU GET TO BE SUCH A BITCH LIZ. HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY THAT TO ME....." He was shaking her hard. He was out of control, which just wasn't him but she always had the power to do things it him that he just couldn't control. She felt so fragile in his big hands, like a doll that he could easily have broken. He could see the fear in her eyes as her body shook but I was totally blind to it.

"EASY... JUST AS EASY AS IT WAS FOR YOU TO GO INTO BED WITH THAT BITCH. JUST AS EASY AS IT WAS FOR YOU TO LET ME GO. TELL ME MAX DID YOU EVER FEEL ANYTHING FOR ME? NOW... LEAVE... ME... ALONE WHICH YOU HAVE DONE SO WELL LATELY!" She tried wiggling free like before but he was just too strong. But part of her, deep inside didn't want to leave his hold, she had missed it so much.
He was finding to hard the breathe, that smell of strawberry finally found him. That was like a drug to him. The behr skin of her back felt hot under his hands. He didn't know how he was feeling, only that it felt like home.

"HAVE YOU FINISHED THATS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT HERE, YOUR THE ONE WHO DIDN'T WANT ME, YOUR THE ONE WHO PRETENDED TO SLEEP WITH KYLE. YOU BASICALLY PUSHED ME TOWARDS TESS AND YOU KNOW IT!" Now it was his turn to scream in her face. She was avoiding his eyes. "DAMNNIT LIZ LOOK AT ME!" She did as he asked. Both inhaled upon seeing each others eyes then seeing themselves reflected back at them. He had to get this over with however much it was killing him inside. She could feel him shaking uncontrollably. His breath on her skin, it made her ache inside."WHY LIZ...WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO US...GOD LIZ... I.. LOVED.. YOU... SO... MUCH!" He was still shouting but brokenly. Should he tell her that he loved her STILL. She didn't give him the Chance to.

"Obviously not enough....." She laughed alittle. "...if indeed you ever did." He had said LOVED- past tense she now knew the answer to the question that she had been avoiding to ask. It was over! How was she surposed to go on? She didn't care anymore. Hef life meant nothing now. She could now tell him anything.
Her words almost finished him there and then. He had indeed lost his precious angel there was no going back now.

"Don't say that....please...." She had reduced him from a caged animal to a whispering little boy in seconds. He swallowed down hard, he couldn't look at her but he didn't let go of her.

"Why not, its true, face it Maxwell you just used me. It you did you would never had done what you did to me." She was no longer shouting, she stopped fighting and just went limb in his arms. Was it really this easy to let go of your 'soulmate'? That was enough to sent Max over the edge.His grip hardened to the point of her grasping out loud.

"WHAT I DID TO YOU...GOD LIZ YOUR AMAZING IN KNOW WHAT," He shook her again, harder than before. She thought that her head would fell right off her shoulders.He was walking her backwards. "YOUR THE ONE WHO DESTORYED THIS RELATIONSHIP NOW YOU OWE ME AN EXPLAINATION AND I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!"She felt like she had been hit by a truck.

"I OWE YOU...I OWE NOTHING NOW GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME OR I SWEAR TO GOD...."She was pushing him hard away from her.

"WHAT LIZ...YOU'LL HURT ME SOME MORE? NOTHING THAT YOU COULD SAY OR DO COUILD EVER HURT ME LIKE YOU DID WHEN I SAW YOU WITH KYLE. I DIED THAT DAY!" He knew that now. His breath laboured, his lungs felt like they would explode.


"SO TELL ME LIZ, TELL ME WHAT MADE YOU TURN AWAY FROM ME. WHAT POSSIBLE REASON COULD YOU HAVE HAD?" He had a very bad feeling about this but he had to push.

"YOU REALLY WANNA MAX...?" She could do this but would the words come when she had rehearsed the speech a thousand times over. But the speech was shot to shit now

"BECAUSE YOU ASKED ME TO OKAY HAPPY NOW." She spat out. There the deed was done. She felt like she wanted to die, in fact she had been so for a very long time. She looked into his eyes again. There was silent within an instant, they could only hear their heartbeats matched heartbeat for heartbeat. He searched for eyes blindly. He released his hold on her and took a step back as it she had burnt him.
He was frowning at her.

"What did you say?"Had he heard her right? He had to hear it from her again. "...I...I...ttold....yyou..." he stammered. His head was spinning. " What..?" He felt bile in his throat his legs were about to give way. "What..what are you talking about Liz?" He slowly took another step back. Liz saw complete shock on his handsome face, his amber eyes held nothing but pain and confusion. Oh my god what had she done? He took another step back, his legs wobbled.

"Liz..." she could hearly hear him even when he was so close to her.She shook her head.

"Look forget it, it doesn't matter....," She had to get away from him. She went to walk beside him, their skin lightly touching as she did so. He wasn't looking up at her, he just caught her arm gently as she pasted him.

"..please Liz...just tell me....please". He was trembling it was in his voice and in his body. She could have taken anything but having Max touch her, beg her that was enough.

"because you told me to..." Her voiced trailed off into nothing. Her went upto her mouth if only to stop her from being sick. He couldn't breathe. He had heard her right. What was she saying, he didn't understand.

"What? No...I don't understand...I told you to...Liz?"

"Don't Max...please don't ask me to tell you..." She pulled lightly away from him but she couldn't leave his side, it was like she was stuck there. Her legs wouldn't move, she didn't want them to.

"Liz...." he gentle turned her to face him. She was looking down. "..look at me Liz...please." He whispered. She swallowed hard closed her eyes and slowly looked up towards him.She didn't feel thnk fighting any more, she was spent. They eyes looked for what felt like an eternity. Max couldn't help it he knew it was wrong, that he wasn't entitled to touch her, not now, not ever but he coudn't stop. His hands reached for her face resting softy on other side. the connection as made in an instant, tearing roughly though their minds, bodies...souls.
Him older, gray haired drapped in leather.
"crictical to our survival..."
"..we made love...
"Kyle I need your help.."
"..underwear on..."
"...don't yuo know what you mean to me....everyone else is second best..."
"I shall Believe" them dancing on the balcony .
Liz crying on the floor of her room.
Max pushing Tess hard away from him in the observatory "....NO I don't want this...."
*flashes stopped*
They both gaspped as they pushed the other away.

"What the hell.....?" max felt like he was falling over a cliff, the flashes had drained every last piece of energy that he had left. He finally looked for Liz, he found her, her doe like eyes wide open. her mouth was moving slightly but nothing was coming out.

"Liz....," he found the strength to move his legs. He had to reach her like to was his last breath. Hold her in his arms try to understand what he'd just seen. He nearly made it. He felt something behind him that made him stop, still looking at Liz. Then he heard it,
the voice that he would never forget to his dying day....!

"Max finally we meet!"


Still weakened and in utter confusion from their connection Max was left feeling defenceless, almost naked by it. True the headaches that he had been suffering constantly from way back when were now suddenly no longer presant which in turn had thrown him more off balance but even this was not why he started to waver.The greeting from the stranger behind him had done that. he KNEW his name, what else did he know? What to do? Turn and except the greeting? turn and refuse it? or just to run away and hid from it...he felt the urge deep inside to run. But it wasn't just him out there, alone in the darkened street, his precious angel stood before him showing to him every emotion that he was feeling..and then some.Held within split seconds that felt like years his eyes searched out hers relentlessly darting from side to side, hers following his move for move. What to do?

"Aren't you even going to say hello to me Maxwell...I'm hurt." The stranger had answered his question for him. Max took one last look at liz, who was shaking when it was suddenly no longer cold, utter fear so plain to see on her face. Her cheeks were flushed and her skin looked clamy. The connection had affected her too, if not more so. He took a breath and closed his eyes he had to be strong but right now, for the first time in his life he didn't feel strong. Where was everybody else? His head and body turned away from her in one smoothline.He saw 5 of them all in black suits with only the whiteness of their shirts showing clearly. His arm went instinctively behind him reaching back towards Liz who already had moved up closer behind him. It found her, wrapping itself around her back tightly pulling her to his back. She fell hard against him, her hands roughly clawing up other side of his arm finally reasting up under his shirt sleeve. She could feel his muscles there there tense up into tight knots.She was breathing hard and she could feel max's fear. oh god they were in trouble. But where were the others? The only time that they weren't there to interfer between was the one time that they needed them . But who was she kidding she would have expected nothing less the way that her life had gone this last year. Max searched the streets with his eyes...noone in sight not even horny teengers out from the club to cop a feel.His mind just kept screamimg'shit shit shit' over and over. Where was Iz ? he'd called to her from the moment that he had heard the voice but she hadn't come. He was feeling alittle dizzy.

"I wouldn't bother if I were you Max..we won't be here that long." Max finally looked at the owner of the voice. Basically he was a Tess lookalike but with a dick! Figures! Max pulled tighter on Liz's back, painfully so, she winched under her breath. Her heart was thumping almost out of her chest, he could feelit hard on his back. 'Its okay Liz, its gonna be okay angel, just hang on in there'he thought, words which he didn't believe himself.

"What do you want?" his words and manner every bit like the king he was. Anderson just smiled as he walked slowly towards them, his prey within reach.

"Oh you'll find out soon enough, however its little Lizzie dear that we've come for just now." She shuddered as she watched him watching her, only Grandma Claudia had called her that. It had always made her feel safe, special but here from him she felt only digusted and dirty.
Max pulled her into him even tighter she couldn't breath. They knew about Liz...THEY WANTED LIZ. Without even realizing it his left arm was slowly moving upward towards them. He knew it was wrong what was he thinking? But he'd never been able think straight were she was concerned so why should now be any different. He would risk everything just to protect her, keep her safe!
Who was he? Was he a skin? No, Max could always feel them. Another alien something that thet hadn't seen before? No he didn't feel anything, usually he felt his alien instinct kick in when he came into contact with another alien but there was nothing.

"How sweet, wiiling to risk everything for lizzie here...again. She really is your whole world isn't she? he chuckled, his voice never changing tone. Max could feel Liz trying to get in even closer to him. If it was physically she she have crawled right inside of him.
"although now I see her I can understand why. She such a sexy little thing...!"

"Its me you want, now leave her alone!" His tone hard and arm still moving slowly upward. Anderson stopped smiling and pacing in front of them. He walked slowly upto Max, who never took his eyes off of him. Damn his kid was good, but he was better. Although he almost felt sorry for him, not knowing what he was to face.

"All in good time Max..." he was right up in Max's face at this point.
"however somebody wants to see Little Lizzie here you don't mind that is." Why was he acting like this? he obiviously knew who he was and what he was. Didn't he also know what he could do? Then why wasn't he afaid for him? As if reading his mind Anderson answered all his questions...again. He was smiling again.
"Do you really think that we would come to get her without this?"....and from hispocket he pulled out an object which looked much the same as Brody/Larek had that time...and it was flashing! "...tut tut Max you diappoint me." That moment was the single most important one of Andersons life, it have such power over somebody, it felt electric. He leaned in to max's ear.

"That's why you've been feeling the way that you have Max, isn't it a blast?" Max shuddered as Anderson's side spliting laugh reached him, he dropped his arm. He could feel nothing except both his and Liz heartbeats beating in perfect unison, and the hot breath from her on the back of his neck.In behrly a whisper so only he could here Anderson spoke again.

"Now say goodbye to Liz Max theres a good boy."

"NNNNOOOOO....LIZ.....," Max lunged backward trying to steer her away but he hadn't noticed that there was only 3 in front of them until he heard her scream his name as she was ripped from behind.

"MAX!" he spun round to see one other side of her pulling at her arms. GFor her size she could wriggle, they hadn't expected that.max reached for her, only to meet a heavy blow in the stomach.

"LIZZZZ..." then another came, then another the pain ripping through him, he felt almost and completely human. The object doing its job to a tee. He doubled over, but his eyes never leaving hers.

"Its a shame to break this up but we have along way to go so enough chit chat." he motioned behind max in the blackness, a van was there instant the door being flung open from the inside.

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME...MAX...NO....MAX..." she was screaming so hard she felt like she was passing out. Anderson went upto her, standing before her blocking max's view. he tried reaching for her again whenthe blows came again. Two in the face and one in the stomach, his lip now split.

"SHUT UP BITCH." Anderson spat out in her face.

"FUCK YOU!" She screamed, fighting like a caged animal. Anderson blood boiled, no one spoke to him like that, not even this precious cargo before him, and got away with it. All of a sudden she just stopped screaming, a tiny gasp was her only sound. Max looked up from where he was held back by the two goons.

"Liz..." his voice unable to be hear by anybody but him. Something was very wrong, he could feel it deep inside. Within amoment he'd spun her round and at Max. they let go of him just as she hit his chest sending them backwards and to the ground hard. It all happened so fast but Max still had time to pull her head close to his chest, protecting her as they wnet down, his strong back taking the full impact. The air was knocked out of his lungs as she lay on him, her arm now cascading down and aound his face. he grapped a bunched up handful and pulled her head back so he could see her. He had dreamt a thousand times over her laying above him bodies tightly locked, fitting together they were to be, always ending with his intimate release alone in his room. It was what he lived for but how the moment was here he didn't want it. Not like this.

"Liz....look at me!" He whispered between breaths. She was silent, unmoving. He pulled harder on her hair. she looked up, eyes bearly open.

"," she was finding it hard to talk, her eyes feeling heavy.She felt sleepy.

"Liz....." he repeated, she slowly lifted her hand to his face brushing against his cut lip.

"MILA I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS....LISTEN TO ME...." he was running after somebody. "I NEED YOU....WE BELONG TOGETHER...PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. DON'T LEAVE ME .....PLEASE!!!!" She stopped. It there was one thing she couldn't stand was to hear her lover begging her. She had to be strong but this...she turned round slowly....

*flash ends*
He opened his eyes to find hers as wide open as his. She was grapping lightly at his shirt collar. She tried to say something to him but her eyes began to fall. It hurt so bad, they both hurt so bad. her eyes were almost closed.

"Liz...Liz...Look at have to look at me." he had found his voice through the pain. Words which were spoken before so long ago but this time he could not save her. She was ripped away from him again for the last time that night. Two men yanking her from his grasp, she winced and it was then that he saw the blood running down her arm and into her hand.
"LIZ........NNNOOOOO." he tried getting up but he was again kicked in the face this time by Anderson who then bent down over Max.

"Just to calm her down for the journey, nothing too bad," He smiled again. "anyway max must cut and run, we're expected somewhere else shortly,"He rose up and in doing so he said. "but I'll be seeing you again Max." Max rolled towrds the van just making out a ragdoll looking liz roughly being bundled into the van. Then it was gone taking Liz with it. Max rolled over onto his back, white pain shooting through every part of his being.he had no idea from where it came but all he could say was one word. It was simple but it said a thousand words.

"LLLLIIIIIIZZZZZZ." he screamed as he rolled over into his side, into a tight ball, coughing out blood. This is what it was like to feel completely helpless...completely human! That was then he heard his name being yelled out from behind him and the voice sounded alot like Maria's.


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"MILA I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS....LISTEN TO ME....", he was running after her now, it was raining in the garden but neither realized nor cared. "I NEED YOU...WE BELONG TOGETHER.PLEASE DON'T DO THIS...DON'T LEAVE ME....PLEASE." That was what stopped her. She could only take so much for him and this was too much. She had to do this, for the sake of everybody, she needed to think of something fast. But all she had to do was turn round to him, see his big, beautifully set amber eyes pleading to her and she would be lost. She stood firm, only her upper body shaking, the rain was soaking through to her skin.

"No it has to be this way. We can NEVER be...." Even she wasn't believing her words so why should he. 'Please except that my love and just leave' that was her only thought.

"NO I DON'T EXCEPT THAT...YOU CAN'T HID ANYTHING FROM ME...EVEN WHEN WE WERE CHILDREN. NOW TURN AROUND AND LOOK AT ME. TELL ME THEN THAT YOU DON'T LOVE ME.." She flinched at his tone, he NEVER had raised his voice to her, not once. She had nowhere to run, and why would she when her whole reason to live was standing right behind her. She closed her eyes tightly, why did she let him do what he did that day so long ago and then she wouldn't be standing here right now, breaking his precious heart...her precious heart right along with it.
She could feel him reaching for her long before he did. His touch always felt like fire to her, like the air that she breathed so why should now be any different.

"I SAID LOOK AT ME AND TELL ME THAT YOU DON'T LOVE ME LIKE I LOVE YOU..." he pulled her roughly round in order to face him, her sodden dark ponytail hitting him hard in the face as she spun...

Max sat bolt upright , his breathing heavy almost gasping for air in order to breath. His body caked in sweat, his eyes bouncing around in the darkness. He felt totally drained from every ounce for being in him, he'd had a nightmare, only a thousand times worse. The ones of him in the white room were bad but this...the bile was reaching his mouth. He felt sick to the stomach. His Liz had been taken from him,
his reason to breathe was no longer there. He felt dizzy and slowly slung his legs to the side for the bed. But his was not his bed! This was not his room! Why was he in Michael's and not at home? Why did he feel white pain ripping through his face and body?....... It wasn't a dream.

"NNNOOOOOO."He was stumbling to get up.

"MAX....MAX..." it was then that she felt Iz, as she rose from the chair beside him. "MAX....YOUR SAFE NOW..." She reached for his shoulders, he was moving like an alien pocessed he was way too strong for her even being so weak. "MICHAEL...."She could get on further, he was at the door in an instant, letting light into his room.

"Maxwell...Stop...." Both were finding to hard to hold him.

"LIZ." was all he kept screaming over and over again, each cry ripped through Izzies' heart.

"MAX...look at me...." she said pulling his face toward her. "look at me Max." She was searching for his eyes to meet hers but is was like he hadn't even seen her. "Max please..." tears were being to fall down her face again, she had cried so much already. Michael pushed him back down onto the bed.

"STOP IT MAXWELL...YOU'RE OKAY. JUST STOP!" He shook he hard. There had been hundreds of times that he had wanted to shake the living daylights out of Max but not like this. He was, he would be in enough pain already. Max stopped moving, he lay face down on the bunched up sheets. His was breathing alittle easier until he realized that he was only in his boxers. Where was his Shirt? For some reason he wanted that NEEDED that shirt.

"MY SHIRT.." he got up too fast for them to catch him.

"What the H....?" Michael looked at him in utter confusion.

"MY SHIRT! WHERE IS IT?" he boomed, shaking uncontrolably, while stumbling backwards, banging into things as he went.

"Max...We took it from off you...." should she mention why? About the blood, Liz's blood! How much did he remember? Her mind raced. "WW...we thought it needed cleaning."

"NNNOOOO." he ran blindly out of the door, banging on the frame as he did so. It was then that he saw Kyle and Maria. The apartment was a fair size but somehow Max knew just where the shirt was, stuffed down on a chair behind Maria. He ran straight at her pushing her sidewards and nearly to the floor. Kyle caught her in time.

"MAXXXX." She was more shooked than anything. max was throwing all the other garmets on the ground in a mad frenzy, much like the time when he was putting out the garbage. He was crying then too but this not like this.

"OMG." Iz put her hand up to her mouth. the tears in freefall mode. Max finally found his prize, coming to a sudden stop, collapsing down onto the floor pulling the shirt to his chest. The blood was still caked on it, her blood. Max rocked back and forth like a child. The flash came instantly...

She running in a wide open field which was filled with flowers, her halr flying back behind her. She was smiling, she was happy. Then the darkness came like a thick blanket, it consumed her. She fell to the ground with the pain, like nothing before. All the colours were coming in too fast for her. She doubled over into herself she couldn't breath, yet still they came. Then they stopped as quickly as they had started. She was in a darkened room, rolled up into a tight ball, clutching at her stomach. Tears washed down her cheeks relentlessly, she wanted to scream but it wouldn't form in her mouth. Was she dying? She was afaid but what scared her the must was she had no feeling of who 'she' was. She heard a gentle voice from beside her. She didn't fear it but she couldn't open her eyes to it either.

"Don't be afaid, its only the changes that you feel, that were meant to be..please don't be afaid Honeydear." the womanly voice whispered but the colours had come back and they were too strong for her. She finally screamed out and then nothing....
Max's eyes tore open..."L...LL...LIZ?"


They both looked up upon hearing her scream out. "Sleeping Beauty awakens." Anderson stood up, a wicked smile curling upwardly on his face, heading towards the door.

"Leave her." Anderson's smile faded as he looked back to the other man, who stood leaning up against the far wall, arms folded.

"Why?" he spat out at him. "we NEED answers NOW...ones which you know only she can give us!" Why was he the only one who could/ had seen her while she'd been here. "...or is it that you just want to keep her for yourself, like before?" For a human he had balls the size of Austrailia to speak to him in that tone, to even utter those words.The dark haired man took afew steps forward into the light, his dark, amber eyes beat Anderson's blue ones hands down.

"I said leave her...she has not got the answers to YOUR questions, if you could call them that." His words were chilling final. He then brushed past towards the door, Anderson was careful not to let them touch. He then passed through the door not looking back. Alone Anderson let out a deep sigh. "Who the fuck does he think he is?..." he began to pace up and down the small room running his fingers through his hair. "...talking to me like that." He looked over to the open door. "Well your majesty," bowing down in a totally disrespectful way. "my time will come...and then we will see who is the greater man." His face was like stone, unmoving and cold.

The corridors were dark and long, he could only he his own footsteps echo on the hard floor.'What if she's awake?' He mind racing, all the times that he had been with her she had always been asleep, like a broken angel.What would he say? What would he do? His cheeks felt hot and his hands clamy. She was making him crazy already and he hated her of it!
He reached her door too fast, he hadn't realized just how close she was. He closed his eyes, took a breath in as if he was about to swim underwater and reached for its handle!


Isabel was the one who went to him, hesitating when she was in reach. Again she felt powerless, like she could do nothing to help her brother, just like with Alex. Alex. His face flashed in her mind, smiling and looking alittle goofy. God she missed him so much. it least when he came to her in her dreams she could still see him, talk to him but even now they were long gone. She never really knew how much he meant to her, how good he was for her, how much she needed him till that moment. She had always felt something but never this strong, she wasn't in control again and she hated that feeling. She was the Iceprincess, end of story. Then there was kyle, her second chance but seeing Max, remembering Alex, it just couldn't be between them. She couldn't lose anybody else, she wasn't strong enough. She had to be there for Max now, no one else, she and Kyle would talk later. As she brushed past him kyle felt a chill, something was wrong and he didn't like it but now wasn't the time.

"Max, what is it?" She stood tall over him. "What's wrong?" He finally looked up at her, the tears had stopped but the pain was ever present, he looked about 7 again still clutching at that shirt. Why?

"I...I...saw..saw..her!" he stumbled out.

"saw who Max?" As if she didn't already know.

"Mila." He whispered nervously looking straight at her, for the first time in 3 days.

"Who?" Iz bent to touch him.

"Don't believe this..another tramp!" She was walking towards him.

"Maria..." Michael followed.

"Liz is missing, having god knows what done to her...AND YOU TALK OF ANOTHER ALIENSLUTBITCH..." she threw Iz aside, she was in his face.
"YOU FUCKING BASTARD MAX SHE GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU...AND SHE COULD BE DEAD FOR ALL WE KNOW..." She was crying, thumping at his chest. Michael caught her arms from behind.

"THATS ENOUGH MARIA...THIS ISN'T HELPING." He pulled her off of him.

"SHE COULD BE DEAD AND ITS ALL HIS FAULT." she buried her face deep into his shirt. He thought she had cried all her tears but here they came again, soaking into his shirt.

"Shhhhhhh, its okay babe," he smoothed down her hair at the back then held her tight."it will be okay, I promise!" He realized what he had said, he hadn't ever promised anybody anything in his life because that made him responsable for someone.... to someone. But here he had no right to say that 'cus Liz WAS probably dead by now! The room as quiet except for her tears.

"Dd..don't you think I know that?" He shook, pulling away from Iz and leaning up against the wall, knees pulled to his chest still with the shirt in his hands. "Don't know what's happening to me...but I know what I saw, I know what I heard." He was finding his voice now.
He was shaking alittle less.

"what did you see...what happened Max?" He found Kyle again, who stood almost at the door now. Iz looked between them "You know about Kyle and Liz?" She was confused Maria had told them the full story that first night but Max didn't know. Yet now he did. He nodded his head. "OMG ...How?" Max still couldn't remember that night except for the flashes and Liz being ripped from his arms.

"I saw flashes, images of us before...." he lowered his head, Iz felt his pain. she wrapped both arms around his head and pulled him to her.No words where spoken between them as she gently rocked him back and forth.

"...before what Max? What happened to Liz?" She lifted his head to meet her eyes. He couldn't say but Iz somehow saw it, saw it all as if it was a movie.

"Oh god Max what would they want with Liz its us that they want." She felt real fear for her friend.

"I KNEW IT..." she pushed Michael away from her hard. "ITS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU THAT I'VE LOST ANOTHER FRIEND...I CAN'T..."She could say no more.

"Maria!" Michael went to hold her.

"NO!..DON'T TOUCH ME..." she smacked his arms away. She turned and ran. Michael went to follow, Kyle pulled him back by the arm.

"Let her go, I'll do it." Michael just nodded and watched as someone else held his beauty close, hugging away her tears, doing his job. Why did I hurt so much? He looked back at the others and it was 'others', it was them and us, it always would be why try and kid himself that it was ever anything else. He walked over to his family.


Kyle found her standing with her back to the door. She heard the door go and the male sounding footsteps approaching her. 'please please please, don't let that be Michael please' she couldn't handle him just now.

"Maria are you alright?" she breathed out it was Kyle, thank god!! But why hadn't he come? Of course his precious family always came first. Figures, she and him would have to have some serious words soon
but now it was all about getting Liz back.

"Yeah...thanks." she replied not even convincing herself. Kyle smiled as he stood beside her, she was never a good liar!

"You know that Liz as okay and that we're gonna find her...right? She wasn't looking at him. He bent down to catch her eyes...he did. "Right?" he repeated. She smiled alittle and nodded.

"But the whole thing makes me crazy." she side stepped him, raising her arms to the sky. "Why are aliens such hard work?" she sounded so sincere. Kyle Laughed that sounded too funny, she spun round and scowled at him. He raised up his hands in defense. They both were smiling now.

"Tell me about it." he was looking at his feet.

"Thats right, whats up with you and Iz?" she could always rely on gossip to level things out. She'd totally forgotten about them, understandable really.

"Not sure any more." his voice sounding confused. She walked over to him and touched his arm lightly. "Were losing them aren't we?" he mumbled.

"yes," was the only answer. "if we ever had them to begin with." her words shaky. Kyle just nodded and they fell silent until he broke it again.

"So was that our first brother/sister chat?"He chuckled. She looked up at him and whacked him lightly on the arm. "Probably, you never can tell with my mother and your dad!" She gave him alittle smirk. "Would that be so bad?"

"No I kinda like the idea of having a sister to boss around." He was smiling harder now.

"Hey watch it Budda Boy...I bite!" She hit him again on the forearm. He was about to say something when they heard Iz's voice.....


"Do you remember anything else Maxwell....and who's Mila?" he spat out 'Mr. Stonewall' was back. "MAXWELL." He snapped. Iz glared at him.

"Michael he doesn't need this right now." she would share what she had seen with they others later but this wasn't helping. Max looked confusingly at them shaking his head.

"I...I...don't know but I saw..." the words wouldn't come unless he believed them, but did he? Or was it just images? He felt Iz squeeze him alittle tighter. "...I saw Liz...." he breathed out hard.

"Yes we know that Max..."he began it turn away.

"No I SAW Liz." He was only looking at Iz.

"OMG...She's alive isn't she,you saw her....while you were asleep...while she was asleep. Did you dreamwalk her Max?"

"But I thought only you could do that ?" He turned back.

"So did I." She replied not taking his eyes from Max, he was hiding something from them, she could feel it. " What are you not telling us Max?" He pulled himself into a tight ball, knees up under his chin. How could he explain it when he didn't understand it himself."Max?"
He gulped down hard.

"I saw home....I saw it Iz and then I saw her. I was running after her, calling her name...Mila....Mila and when I turned her round....she ...she felt like....."

"LIZ." Both Iz and Michael said in unison. Max closed his eyes resting his head on the shirt there was more, much more it say but he felt so tired. His forehead leant on the blood mark.


The door was opening. She stirred from her pain induced slumber. She had felt something from deep inside awaken suddenly. She moaned as she moved her body in response to it, towards it. The feeling was getting stronger, the ache was getting unbehrable. She wriggled and let out another deep moan arching her back slightly off of the hard floor. The colours were back but they were different, they were coming harder and faster. She felt like she was on fire from the inside.She felt almost primal,the feeling was just too much. She pushed her back up higher, harder to meet what she hadn't seen yet. She cried out in the darkness when her eyes flashed open and onto him!
*Flash ends*
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He finally exhaled when he saw her still lying on the ground with her back to him. He would have gone, should have gone if only she hadn't had stirred. She moaned alittle moving slightly to lay on her back. The light cascaded in behind him and just caught her. He breathed her in as he slowly went towards her. He felt something pulling him in, he had been there everytime that he stood at the door not daring to venture in till now. He didn't realize what was happening until he was low down beside her, even then he could do nothing. He was drawn to something, drawn to her. Hearing her moan as if she was in pain, watching her rise and fall was doing something to him.... He felt completely out of control. He hadn't noticed that his breathing was as laboured as hers, he felt hot and lightheaded, thats why he had to bend down,he had no choice but be near her but before his legs gave way from under him. He ached inside, he had done before, especially after the dreams but nothing like this. It almost tore at his soul.He instinctive went to touch her, in that moment he needed to feel her skin under his burning hands. He let out a hollow moan, not hearing that she had moaned right along with him. He felt like he couldn't breath. He started to shake but he reached for her anyway, his hand hovering over her slight body...inches from her face he felt her heat, it felt electric. It never reached its target as she screamed out, awakening him from his dreamlike state with a jolt. He pushed himself back and up just as she opened her eyes. She landed backdown hard, she began to breath again. That was until she felt somebody else in the room, she found the energy to sit bolt upright. She could only see his outline, he was big but she didn't feel affaid. Confused,
flushed, achy to name but a few but not affaid. There was something else she felt stronger, much stronger, like it had suddenly been injected into her. And she knew exactly who she was, the only thing she didn't know was where she was? And who was he? It seemed like years had pasted until she spoke. She was still all flustered from before, What was that? The flashes? The pain? And had she really heard Grandma's voice gently soothing telling her things she didn't understand? No Grandma Claudia was dead, it was only a dream! Her eyes were now adjusting to the light. She moved alittle, leaning slightly backwards onto her hands. She went to say something, as did he. He had softened, as if by finally looking at her while she was awake calmed him. He had spent his whole life not feeling calm, having to fight, having to hid but for the first time to almost felt like home. he had expected some reaction, that had been obivious but nothing like this. He felt waek, almost naked before her, and part of him liked the feeling. Then the moment was spoilt when she finally found the words. She got up quickly , stepping back, looking around herself.
"Where's Max?" her voice sounding alarmed and alittle broken. She remembered him being there, she remembered everything but where was he? She began to feel anger welling up inside of her.
"Where's Max?" she repeated, her voice now hard. she stepped towards him. He wasn't answering her, he wasn't even moving.
"I ASKED YOU A QUESTION." she was shouting. Where the hell was this coming from? She moved even closer to him but as she did she felt that ache come from her stomach again. She ignored it.
"WHERE IS HE?" she was almost in his face but she still couldn't see him. "ANSWER ME DAMNIT. WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM YOU BASTARD?" She comfort in her new found strength, hell she even liked it. How she got it didn't concern her, being able to hold onto it did. She remembered the blood and the pain, for all sense and purposes it was like she had been stabbed but she felt nothing now. She didn't know why but she felt the urge to stike out at him, they were that close now. He caught her hand before the blow could make contact.

"I would think before you try that again." his voice behrly audible to her. She felt his breath breeze across her neck, she shuddered. He smelt familiar in some way. Being this close she began to feel something about the stranger before her with the treacle sounding voice. When it hit her like a tidalwave, and it ate her whole.

"Mm..m..max?" she couldn't believe what she had said. That sounded like Max... hell it even felt like Max, only different. She begun shaking.

"Try again." was all he said, she felt his breath again. Her heart was pounding hard in her ears. God what was happening here. She couldn't believe what she was about to ask..

"..Z..zan?" She closed her eyes as if that would help her in not hearing the reply.

"Not just a pretty face after all, hey Liz." She was having the exact same affect on him, he had to put space between them now! He roughly let her arm go and walked round behind her. Her head was beginning to spin. She tried following him round but she lost himin the darkness.

"Bb..But your dead!" she stammered. She felt flushed and disorientated
but why?

"I know I get that all the time. So tell me Liz.." she felt them come right up behind her, any closer and he would be inside for her. Her cheeks reddened at just that though but it quickly left her. " Do I look dead to you?" his voice trailed off into nothingness. She shook.

"no, you don't look like anything to me." she couldn't believe it 'kick ass Liz' again but this time she was in control. What she said was true, she hadn't seen his face, him yet but it came out differently in his eyes. He grabbed her sharply by the shoulders, turned her round and pulling her to him. The space idea was good but he couldn't be in the same room with her and not be close to her, not touch her. He understood that this might happen but he hadn't expected it to be so much and the feeling being so strong. The light was now on his face as she now faced the open door. God the looked just like Max bar his hair being just little spiked and blonder at the front. But the eyes were the same big and amber with the lashes hanging long and low to his cheek. They even looked at her in the same way...she felt a strange sensation in her stomach, no it was lower than that. Oh god! but this wasn't Max he was someone who just looked like Max, felt like Max only with a harder edge. She couldn't quiet but her finger on it yet, hell why what she even want to? She had been taken from 'her Max' for some reason that she was yet to discover and he was a part to it. All he was to her was a threat, a very real danger that she could not escape from.

"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT PLAYING MIND GAMES WITH ME PARKER, 'CUS YOU'LL LOSE." His hands gripped tightly onto the tops of her bare arms, she still wore the clothes from that night, them and her body still caked in her blood. He shook her alittle.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME RIGHT NOW." she remembered how she had fought with Max but this was different, this felt worse, more raw emotion laying behr.

"" his voice laboured, heavy and broken, he pulled her hair back off of his face in bunches so he could see the fullness of her as she straddled him. He had to see her eyes while she rode him harder. Their heated flesh now rhymically smacking together as she came back down on him, each time higher and harder than the last. He felt so close as her now swollen lips felt like they would milk him within an inch of his life at any moment but he had to hold off for her to come with him. Her tight, ever so wet walls had already cum to him many times already it was never ending but now she wanted him to fill her completely. It mark her from the inside, to mark her as his own forever.
"Oh .Zan..." her could hardly form the words, her body almost not allowing her to think of anything else but this moment, of him finally inside for her, where he belonged. "..I want to feel you Cum to me..." She moaned in a voice that was not her own.
She felt his hands go from her pert, swollen nipples from where he had sucked and rolled them relentlessly until she had screamed his name over and over again to her narrow hips. They rested on either side as they helped her along to aid in their ultimate release. He pulled her in close to him with every thrust, meeting everyone that she gave with a soft moan. She felt like he was crawling to get up inside of her, to lose himself deep within her forever.He was and he wanted to so much.

"..then take me Mila." He matched every word with a harder, deeper motion. She could take no more, she was spent she had to have him now.
She threw her head back and arched herself towards him, her little hands clawing at is toned chest which was now laced in sweat. He felt her hair just touching his upper thighs. That was it for him.
"OPEN YOUR EYES!" He ordered between clenched teeth, his eyes between open and closed himself. His hips now arching up to meet her.

"I..I..CCan't...OH GOD..." she shook her head, she was close. In one smooth move Zan had turned them over so he now lay between her legs. She wrapped her limbs around his waist and back tightly also crushing him ehich was amazement due to her small frame.
"ZZANNN...PPLEEASEEE..." She couldn't breathe.She felt him moving out of her, away from her burning heat.Where was he going? Her eyes flew open to meet his only inches away for her face. They were deepest black, filled with utter passion and longing. She had never seen him look so beautiful as in that moment.
"M*I*L*A!" was all he could say, her hooded eyes were taken him to heaven and beyond..finally. Their eyes were locked as she milked every last drop of his seed deep within her. Each trying so desparately to to keep their eyes on each other as they came over and over again but the connection was too strong. They weren't just making love with their bodies but with every part of their beings.
They felt heat, they felt burning, they saw light as wave after wave hit them, each time taking them higher. But most of all they felt each other but some how it was different....
*flash ends*

Both pushed the other away, breathlessly,each stumbling backwards their eyes never parting for a moment. Zan 's face softened, liz swallowed down hard then....the possible moment as gone as the main light was turned on. It burnt their eyes, they looked upon each other, fully for the first time. Zan let out an almost silent moan, she was truly beautiful, even in the state that she was in..that they had put her in, his dreams hadn't done her justice. Liz tilted her head slightly as she licked her lips unconciously. He was handsome, just like Max but harder looking. Then it hit her, she knew in her heart that she still loved Max, that she would always love Max, he was the only one for her. Hopefully if she got out of this that would be the first tihng that she would tell him. Zan went to try to say something, something anything when somebody spoke for him.

"Glad to see that your getting to know each other so soon....Zan I'm impressed." He laughed but neither looked towards the door, they were still glazing upon each other.


Max pushed Iz away from him hard.
"NNNOOOOOOOO!"he caught his breath as he wriggled about in the floor.

"What Max...did you see something again....TELL ME." she barked. Max refused to sit down, getting up, stumbling across the room. "Michael!" He'd already blocked Maxwell's path.

"Get out of my way Michael..." he stared him down. He too was getting his energy back, probably due to what he had seen but what had he seen? "MOVE...NOWWW." he ordered. Michael next thought was 'Thank god! the boy is back'.

"Your tripping Max 'cus that just ain't gonna happen." He pulled at Max's arm. That was all max needed, after everything he just let go. He planted one hard and fast on his jaw, sending him backwards.

"MAX...MICHAEL...STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" She was up and over to them. They were fighting hard now rolling over furniture and all that, this wasn't the playground any more this was real, maybe aliitle too real.
Kyle and Maria came from out back to the choas. Kyle took one look at Iz, she was pleading eith her eyes, he bundled in too if only to pull them apart, leaving Iz and Maria just looking on. But Maria was never one to just look on. She waded in with no thought to her own safety, the fight was that intense, it wasn't just about tonight it had been along time coming. She started punching them both in the arm.

"STOP IT BOTH OF YOU, MY ONLY OTHER BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD IS OUT THERE ALONE AND SCARED WITH SOME MINDLESS FUCKERS AND YOUR HERE PLAYING AT 'WHO CAN PISS THE FURTHEST MACHO BULLSHIT'.THIS ISN'T HOW ITS GONNA BE I CAN'T LOSE HER TOO." Tears were in her eyes, spilling over. She looked around the room at all of them. They stopped fighting. She voice calmer. "Can any of us? Now get over it and DO something about it like yesturday." She was shaking as she turned away, she'd scared even herself let alone everyone else. She headed for the bedroom, Michael knew that she was going to get her Cypress oil.


"Don't be she knows nothing." His voice was cold , his gaze fell from her and toward the door way. "So you finally decided to grace us with your presence, now I'm impressed." He was finding it hard to talk due to the fact that he was still reeling from what he had seen and what he had felt...what he was still feeling. He was glad of his coat or everybody else would have seen exactly how he was feeling. Surely his pants weren't this tight before. Had she seen it too? He stole a sidewards glance at her, her flushed look and shifting posture told him she had. Anderson saw Zan's look, 'liar' he thought. The look hadn't gone unnoticed by the other man who stood in front of Anderson either. He breathed out long and hard, 'it has begun!' was his silent response. He walked into the room and towards Zan, not bothering to look at Liz...she could wait. He'd waited so long already, a few more moments wouldn't matter, besides she wasn't going anywhere just yet. Zan shifted ackwardly, not due to the obivious confrontation that was about to take place, which took place everytime that they any timeline, on any planet. He had no fear of Kivar, only hatred, plain and simple. But Zan had always believed to keep your friends close but your enemies closer so here they were. But this time it was different, this time Liz was there and for the first time Zan felt vunrable, hell no he felt fear. Kivar could felt the change and he smlied, he was going to enjoy this.

"Had alittle business to take care of but now I can give our little project my full and undivided attention." His voice was just as smooth and hard as his features. It was then that Liz snapped out of whatever place that the vision had taken her, that warm and fuzzy place that strangely she didn't want to leave. Her cheeks didn't feel as hot and her lips not as painfully swollen, she had moved slightly which had eased them. She saw the man who was standing only inches from her, he made her whole entire being crawl, for the first time. He was tall, taller than Max with dark hair and strong features. He felt her look at him, he smiled, the feeling was still there. He slowly turned his head towards her, then she saw his eyes. They were big and brown, no wait they looked darker than that. Indeed they were totally black and they had no life to them. They sent chills down her spine. He looked and felt strangely familiar to her, her head began to throb. He said nothing, drinking her in, eyes searching over her like he hadn't had a drink in like...forever, which is what it had been.He walked towards her, like an animal who had hunted down its prey and now had it cornered. He unconciously bit on his bottom lip hard, he could taste blood. She took a step back, she knew who had was but she still couldn't believe it...he was here, on earth. Her next thought was of Max...and the others. she understood alittle better why she was here.

"Kivar." she uttered outwardly. God even her voice sounded like an angel to him. He stopped and frowned alittle.

"So you know of me already...whats half the battle already fought. Its makes all this easier, I do hate it when I have to keep explaining myself all the time." She felt his breath on her skin. She closed her eyes, it made her feel dirty. He saw her look and frowned.

"No hug or anything, I'm hurt Liz..." he leaned in even closer and whispered in her ear. "..or should I call you Mila?..." she shook both at his closeness and also at his words. "Missed me?...I have you, you have no idea just how much." He closed is eyes and smelt at her hair. He knew it wasn't the right time but he had to touch her.
His hand grapped at her upper arm and squeezed.

"WON'T DO THIS, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME ANYMORE!" she turned to leave but he yanked her back to him, holding her in a tight embrace. She flinched at his touch as if she had been burnt. "LET ME GO!!!" She yelled at him, not looking at him.

"YOU WILL CONTINUE TO DO THIS UNTIL I SAY OTHER WISE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" He shook her hard. She looked him straight in the eyes, staring him down. He was the one who looked away, he always did when she looked at him. She stopped fighting.

"You disguist me." Her voice was as hard as that look. It tore through him like an arrow, she was the only one who could hurt him with only words.

"It's a start! I wonder if your precious king would be as understanding if he knew the truth?" Two could play that game. He knew that would hit the mark...and it did! Her eyes were glazing over with tears. He reluctantly let he go, she stumbled backwards. he saw the hatred in her eyes for him, any feeling that she chose to show him was enough for him.
"Now you know that has to be done...NOW DO IT!!!" He folded his arms and turned away from her, facing the window. She so to hurt him as he had repeatedly done her, maybe even kill him but what could she do. She was lost. They were all lost....

*Flash ends*

He pulled sharply away from her, he felt weak, only she could make him feel that way. He had missed that feeling of being completely powerless, when your always feared by others its strangely refreshing to have the tables turned. He smiled at how erotic it also made him feel. How much had she seen? Had she seen too much? No she was still standing afew away from him, if she had she would be trying to scratch his eyes out by now. He was definately going to enjoy this.
He then saw she way that she looked, dirty and covered in blood. He finally turned from her and to Anderson, who he saw looking over at her. He didn't like the way that he was looking at her, he would have taken him out there and then. but it could wait.

"Take her to get cleaned up.." Anderson's eyes widened, he licked his lips alittle. "....Zan!" He added, seeing his response and shifting his gaze towards Zan.

"But..." Helping Liz clean up had put images in his head that shouldn't, couldn't be there. Think Zan think!

"JUST DO IT!" he hollered, his eyes now back on Anderson who liked he'd had the free run of the candy store only to have it snatched away from him. Zan swallowed down hard as a still unresponsive Liz, her head still hanging down low walked slowly towards the door, side stepping both other men. What had happened when Kivar had touched her? Had he hurt her? Maybe it was good that she was here for so many reasons, but she was bringing a change in him, one a long time in coming. he had always wanted to kill kivar, now he had a reason to. Then they were gone. Kivar turned to follow but stopped beside Anderson, who shook alittle. He felt his back hit the far wall in an instant, Kivar's hand squeezing the life almost out of him.

"I'd almost forgot, this is for hurting her, for putting your hands on her." He voice was unmoving. Anderson could feel his feet lifting high off the floor. "If you ever touch her again or even look at her like that, need you or not, they will find you in little pieces...each one cut off by you. Do you understand?" he could only nod, he felt like he was about to black out.

"Good, now can I trust you to continue with this as we have planned?" He let him fall hard to the ground, coughing within an inch of his life.

"....Y(cough)..YY(cough, cough)...YES(cough)!" He was alive, thank god!!

"Then go do it little doggie." He said laughing as he left the room.
Anderson slowly got to his feet, and mumbled to himself.

"This is my fucking planet and nobodys tell me what I can or cannot do... (cough) not even alien freaks like you. My time WILL come!"
then he too was gone, still coughing long after he'd left the building.


He still felt so numb inside, the words behrly being able to form in his head let alone into words. His head now resting on his forearms as he leant on the table, mentally he couldn't take anymore. Iz was gently rubbing his lower back with little circles as she sat beside him, that always soothed him in times for trouble. But she had no answer to a crisis...except the obivious but they had no idea where Liz was. She closed her eyes, only opening them on Kyle. They'd behrly said 2 words to each other in the 3 days that Max was out.
She knew he wanted to talk ,that they should talk but she didn't know where to begin. Everything was just shot to hell and it was all 'cus of them, Her,Max,Michael and that bitch....she wished so much that she had let Whitiker kill her that time and Max wouldn't be without Liz, she wouldn't be without Alex, god he'd still be alive. It was all her fault! She hadn't realized that she had spoken it out loud.
"Its not your fault...its mine." He lifted his head to rest heavily on his raised hand. The room was deadly quiet, somebody say something....anything. But nobody did 'cus it was all his fault, he had come back from the future and started off these horrible chain of events. He's the one who let that slutbitch close to them, he's the one who'd made her pregnant and ultimately he was the one who let them up to this point. What sort of king was he? But nobody could say anything that Max hadn't already said myself.

"NO Max its not your were you to know about any of this?" Iz was trying so hard to reassure him.

"I should have known." He pushed her aside as he thumped down hard on the table. "DAMNIT WHAT SORT OF LEADER AM I?" he was pacing up and down, running his hands roughly through his hair.

"now isn't the time for self pity Max...but that's what your good at isn't it Max thinkimg of yourself." Maria stood up from the far end of the table, she was never one to hold back and here she was about, it not already, to lose her other best friend 'cus of him, all of them....she wasn't going to share his feelings he didn't deserve it.

"Maria thats enough!" Michael said sturnly, he hadn't spoken to her in 4 hours and this was the first thing that he had said..'way to go guerin'. He went to walk to her, she stepped back. What was this? Was she afaid of him? Michael swallowed down hard.

"Stay away from me. It is his fault, if he'd hadn't been so up his own ass to save the world crap acting all king like and go change everything then Alex would still be alive and Liz..." she broke of as her image flashed across mind. "...Liz would be here now. Tell me Max ...." She walked right upto him. "How can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing that you're caused so much pain?" She spat out the words with such venom. Max just stared at her. he cuold say nothing because it was all true and he deserved every word that she said...and more. She through her hands up and smiled.
"Nothing to say Max? Of course not at least you got the fuck of the century out of it all." She walked around him, Iz went to say something, Max held out his hand for her to stop.

"Sow as it worth it? Not keeping YOUR little alien mate in your pants Max. Not only have you fucked up all our lives you have a son who you'll never see. He should be thankful really, at least he will be spared the embarrassment of not knowing what an asshole for a father he's got!"

"MARIA!"Michael stood up fast and was beside her in seconds. "THAT'S ENOUGH. IT'S NOT ...".

"Helping...I know but its helping me...ITS HELPING ME!!!!she screamed at him, she bent over with her hands to her face. She was shaking as to tears fell. He was pulling her up to him.

"...michael(sob)no(sob)don't(sob)..." she tried to push him for her but he held on. She was banging at his chest, but why fight the one place that she wanted to be at that time, the only his arms. She let him hold her as she continued to cry and pound at his back. He squeezed hard around her. They still had to talk but she needed this, they both did so much. Somehow in it all Iz had found Kyle who had his arms held tightly around a waist, his head resting on her shoulder from behind. No one spoke. It had been 3 days and they were no closer to finding their friend, all they were doing was fighting amoungst themselves. Whoever had Liz had already won. She looked over at Max, who stood motionless... and she saw that he was crying.

"Max?" she whispered. He looked up, he had tears in his eyes. "Max?" she easied her way out of Kyles arms, who sighed at the new space that was made.
The tears were silent but they were coming thick and fast. How could he not have remembered? How could he not have remembered the flashes?

"" Iz could hardly hear him but she thought she had heard him say that there was no baby.

"Www...What did you say?" she had to make sure she heard it right. The realization was finally drawning on him. He started to shake as he looked up again at her, his eyes shining.

"There is no baby!" She had heard right and the funny thing was she swore that she had seen the slightest of smiles now forming on his lips.


They hadn't spoken a word to each other as they walked through what seemed like miles of tiny, ill-lit corriders. What had she seen? was all Zan could think about. What had that bastard shown her? He kept looking back behind him to check she was still there. Still there...where else could she go? Her head was down, he couldn't see her face as her lang, dirty hair hid it. Her clothes were blood stained, as well as her skin. Her feet were behr and she was carrying only one shoe. She looked completely and utterly broken. He had to look away. He had an idea why he was here but no idea why she was. Before he only felt hatred toward her, why had didn't know. How could he hate this raven haired beauty that had plagued his dreams for so long. He had no idea what was happening to him but she didn't deserve any of this. He had to give her something back...anything. Then he knew that to give. He suddenly stopped dead in front of her, turning back to face her. She would have walked straight into him if he hadn't had spoken.

"Liz." His voice was the calmest that it had been that day, if not ever. He didn't want to frighten her. She stopped, and it seemed to take such an effort for her to lift her head. He heart almost stopped at its next beat. She'd been crying, she was crying still the tears making tracks down her cheeks in the dirt that lay on them.
Her eyes were red and she looked so very pale. He motioned to the door beside them. Her face was unmoving. He nodded towards it again. She turned and went towards it, not even thinking what would happen next. She wasn't thinking at all. She reached for the handle and turned it. Either so was weak or the door was locked. Zan was able to open it effortlessly so it must be her. Another darkened room opened to her. She didn't look for Zan as so went in. The room was much the same as the other one except there was somebody in it, right over in the far corner, where it was darkest. Liz felt something twitch inside of her as if to awaken her. she turned room but Zan had gone. She didn't feel affaid but she felt something. She stepped in closer into the room, closer to the figure. She still couldn't make them out. She could make out that it was agirl. She inched closer. She was a small girl, about her size. Thats where the similiarities ended because this girl had blonde hair. Blonde hair, it registered again. Liz only knew one girl with blonde hair and she was standing right there in front of her. That girl was Tess....


Liz literately couldn't move, hell she couldn't even breath. Standing before her was the cause of all her pain...of everyones. She'd finally come to terms that she would never set eyes on on that evil bitch again and here she was standing just afew feet away from her. She'd played out in her mind the scene over and over if ever they met again and now it was here she'd forgotten everything. She swallowed down hard. 'Say something Parker, anything she can't win not this time.' Then she saw the cuts and bruises that lined her face, her eyes swollen and bloodshot. Liz stood unmoved by it. Then the gutterslut spoke.

"Surprise!! I would say I'm glad to see you but I'm not so I won't. How are you?" She smirked but Liz said nothing. Tess frowned. "...and How's my Max? you two kissed and made up yet?...I do hope not!" She still said nothing. This was too easy Tess thought, worth all the pain that she had endured just to mess with 'little miss perfects' head again. Tess stood firm, hands on hips staring Liz down.
"Tell me Liz does he ever talk about me?" Still nothing. Tess leaned in to her.
"Do you think he misses me Liz?" She smiled as she walked slowly round Liz, who still said nothing.
"Funny 'cus I miss him. I never thought I would do...or is it just his touch that I know the one Liz. The one that he has after he makes love...!" Her words were cold and unfeeling, Still Liz said nothing just following her with her eyes.
"..but you wouldn't know about that now would you!" She openly laughed as she turned to walk away.
"And even if you had could you be sure that he wouldn't be thinking it was me while he was fucking you, wanting to be inside me instead of inside of you." Liz started to shake, tess knew what buttons to press with her, she always had.
"I've been with some men in my time but max by far and away was the best fuck that I've had all the more so 'cus I was his first, something that you'll NEVER be." She took delight in that statement, it felt like the single most important moment of her life.
"And to top it off we have a son. Tell me Liz what have you got?"
Liz still said nothing, why wasn't she biting, this was getting boring now.
"Nothing to say? well if you don't mind leaving now I'm tired and I need my sleep, but thanx for stopping by its been fun. feel free to stop by again." And she went to side step her. Thats when Liz grabbed her arm and held it firm. She began to squeeze hard.
"Hey Let go of me." She pulled her arm back but Liz squeezed tighter.

"Why?" She could speak.

"What?" Tess struggled again. Liz turned to her, if looks could only kill Tess would be face down in a pool of blood right now.

"You heard me, now I'll say it one more time...Why?" Her face unmoving, her voice unchanging. "TELL ME WHY?" She spat out in her face. Tess flinched, it reminded her of Max in the chamber. God they were so alike.

"Why not?" and she smirked. That was it of Liz. The next thing tess felt was Liz's hand hit hard on her jaw, which in turn sent for half way across the room, to land in a heap on the floor. Liz was above her in seconds. She bent down, grabbing hold of her collar and lifting her up off the ground. Tess yelped in pain like the dog that she was.

"YOU FUCKING EVIL BITCH, YOU KILLED ALEX AND DESTROYED OUR LIFES JUST BECAUSE YOU FELT LIKE IT. DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD THAT IS...NO HOW PATHETIC IT IS. HOW PATHETIC YOU ARE!" She was shaking her now, liz was never a violent person, she wouldn't hurt a fly but at this moment in time she could quiet easily kick the living shit out of the little tramp. Tess just laughed in her face as if to hear her thoughts.

"go ahead Liz, do your worse but it won't alter the fact that Alex is dead and I had your precious Max first. Live with that." She felt proudlike at her words. She wasn't going to lose this fight. "So go on show me that your not just a pussy." Liz let go of her collar and threw her back to the ground hard. She held her head as she turned away. "I knew it, you don't have the balls. I'll always be better than you Bitch." Tess sat up. Liz stopped and turned round. Tess only knew she had come back when she felt hard kicks to her ribs. Over and over again they came. Liz couldn't stop, She saw Alex's face then she saw Max's and that was enough to stop her. She looked down at her feet where Tess lay.

"Do it, finish me off bitch!" Tess coughed up blood but she still smiled. Liz bent down.

"Wouldn't give you the satisfaction....bitch!" She got up and walked towards the door. She would never tell anyone of this, she would never do anything like this again.

"I'll be seeing you again." She said rolling about the floor. If only Kivar hadn't put one of those flashy toys in the walls Liz would be dead by now. " YOU HEAR ME PARKER...I'M NOT DONE YET..." She screamed, she was crying by now. "COME BACK HERE...!" She was almost pleading with her. She sounded scared, what of Liz didn't know, she didn't care. She still had so many unanswered questions but she just wanted to get as far away for that bitch and leave her to whatever , whoever that had rearranged her face....which looked so much better that way.

"Whatever." And then she was gone, leaving Tess alone in the dark. She was so scared of what would happen to her next. Telling herself that she didn't deserve any of it. YEAH RIGHT!!!

Liz closed the door tightly shut behind her and leaned heavily back on it, closing her eyes as she did so. She was shaking so violently that she thought she would fall. She felt sick to her stomach. She opened her eyes, then she saw Zan. He stood leaning against the opposite wall, he pushed himself from it when he saw her. No words where spoken. Liz didn't know why she did what she did next but she walked slowly over to him, looking at him all the whole until she took his face in her hands and kissed him hard. She felt his arms tighten around her as hers did to him. The kiss began slow, he sucked her tongue into his mouth as she let him enter hers. They searched every inch of the others out, like their lives depended on it.

She knew he was close, she always knew when he was near her. How or why was not important what was was that she had to get to him. She had to thank him for what he had done. They said that her father had it go away and fight, she had cried in his arms all that day. But zan had gone to a father that he hated more than life to plead for her father, for him to stay. She knew how much that took for him to do. She found him under their tree, no words were spoken as she went to him. Thats when they shared their first kiss and thats when they knew that they would be together forever.
"Thank you Zan."
"Your welcome."
*flash ends*

Zan sucked one last time on her bottom lip as she finally pulled away form him. Her eyes were wide and her lips swollen and bruised. He swallowed down hard, his head feeling light as air.
"Thank you Zan." She whispered with agentle smile. It was the first time that she had smiled at him. His insides aching. He pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear.
"Your Welcome Liz." She pulled away from him, he turned and led the way to her new sleeping quarters. Neither saw Kivar watching from the far end of the corridor, his hand clenched tightly. Blood when seeped through his fingers but he felt nothing, except utter hatred.


Max looked wide at Iz, he was finding it hard to breathe. He'd seen him and mila again under a tree, it felt so real. What was this? Why was this?
"MAXWELL...!" He snapped out of it when hearing michael.

"What?" His breath was coming back to him.

"Are you sure about there not being a baby?" max looked at all the eyes that now fell on him.

"Yes." Was all that he said. What more could he say.

"And you got this from a flash that you had the last time you kissed Liz?" Iz said as she paced beside him.

"Yes." They had already been through this, he was starting to get impatient. "Look all I know is that I didn't sleep with Tess and I don't have a son." He sought out Maria, he found her bunched up on a chair staring at the floor. She looked up, she was crying. Max just held out his hand to her. She found him almost at once.

"I'm sorry Max...for all the things I said..." she squeezed him tighter. "...I(sob)didn't(sob)mean(sob)any(sob)of(sob)them..." She cried hard into his chest, he gently rubbed her back.

"Yes you did or you wouldn't be such a good friend to Liz as you are."
He landed a light kiss on her forehead. She did and she was but now they needed more than ever to stick together.
"friends?"Max was alittle unsure of what she would say...Maria was always so unpredictable. Liz was truly lucky to have her. Maria felt like there wasn't closure, not yet she wasn't ready, she wasn't that forgiving.

"I guess Max." She gently pushed him away, wiping away a tray tear.
"But I' m not done with this yet....or with you there is still too much to shit here to deal with." Max nodded slightly, she gave him alittle smile. "sorry know..." Max frowned. She nodded downwards. " reference to size and all that." Both blushed. "unless..!" She raised an eye brow. Max blushed more.

"Not a chance...anyway you couldn't handle it." They were better, not there but better.

"Don't push it girlfriend...I bite!" Michael held a mental picture, he did. He smirked but stopped when he saw her looking at him. He coughed nervously. She hadn't finished with Spaceboy yet either.
Then it suddenly dawned on him, Liz could still be his first, he was still all there ready for her to take the first bite of the cherry...if she still wanted him that is. He doubted very much that she would but that was not important. What was was to find her , make sure she was safe, never let her go again.

"I hate to be the one to break up this happy home but this isn't helping us find her.For all we know she could de...." Kyle couldn't say the word, fearing if he said the word it would be true. Max said it for him

"She's not dead." His voice was sturn. Iz hopped that he was right but they still had to consider the possibly that she was. That thought maybe just be a reality.

"Max...I know that you...." What was she trying to say here she had no idea. He held his hand up to her.

"No she's alive."

"How can you be so sure?" Iz didn't wanna say that but somebody had to. He looked at her.

"I have to think that or how can I go on Iz?" He said sounding totally helpless. Iz knew his words where not a lie. He would basically just give up and die without her. She would die herself before she let that happen.

"Maybe there is something we can do." all eyes were on her. "I can try and dreamwalk her!"


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She dreamt of open fields and sunny days. She hair blowing in the wind. Then she saw her...she broke into a run, arms outstretched.
"GRANDMA!" She yelled, smiling just the widest of smiles.

"Honey dear." She caught her hard in her arms and squeezed tight.

"I've missed you SO much." Liz felt like she was about to cry. Grandma gently smoothed down her hair.

"I haven't been far away. I've been watching over always. A lots happened Liz and there will be so much more to come." She pulled her head back gently. " you have to be stronger that you have ever been Mila, that you ever thought you were...for your sake and theirs."
Liz shock her head.

"I don't understand Grandma.... who's Mila?" She was searching her eyes wildly. They were the brightest blue. Funny that out of her entire family she was the only one who had brown eyes. "I'm Liz, Don't you remember?" She felt lost. Grandma touched her cheek.

"I remember EVERYTHING, and so will you in time." She held her face in her hands. " You must remember or it all has been for nothing. Follow your heart and it will set you all free!" She let her hands drop and she turned to go.

"NO...don't leave...please don't leave me again." She began to cry. She walked towards her. " I NEED YOU."

"I'm not my child. I'll always be with you but they need you now...HE NEEDS YOU, now more tha ever." She smiled one last time and thae she was gone.

"GRANDMA...NO....COME BACK..." she sank to the ground, sobbing.

"Liz..." She slowly looked up to see Isabel standing above her, the sun outlining her like an angel.

"IZZIE." She flung herself at her and squezzed hard. They were both crying. "You're're really here!"

"You're alive Max said you would be. " She pulled her away. "Where are you Liz? You have to tell me where you are." She shook her shoulders alittle. Liz shook her head.

"I...I DD..Don't know Iz...!" she mumbled through her tears.

"You must know, you must be able to give me something...anything please Liz." Isabel knew she was running out of time.

"I..I..Tess is here too!"

"WHAT...but...?" She couldn't have imaged that if her life had depended on it. Liz had to go on, she had to warn them.

"So is...Kivar!" Iz stepped back, her hand going up to her mouth.

"Kivars' HERE!!...He's the one who has you?" Liz could only nod. "OH GOD LIZ YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE...PLEASE!" If she wasn't scared for her friend before she was now.

"I can't." She was crying harder. "But..Z.. Zan's here too." She didn't know why she had said that.

"WHAT...but he's..."

"dead? He's not and I think he'll help me. Don't know how I know this, Its just a feeling." Her eyes were big and shiny.

"He can't be trusted Liz, don't trust him. Please Liz.... promise me." She was panicing remembering her and michaels dupes. Liz nodded slowly, she was probably right but she couldn't help but think....she pushed the thought far from her mind.

"Aren't you doing to ask me how he is?" She finally said. Liz knew she meant Max, she had wanted to ask her that first but she was affaid of the answer. That night was still so raw in her mind now she was able to remember it. She said so many things, hurtful things things that could not be taken back. She didn't want to take them back...they had explained her and how she was feeling. She couldn't take them back, it would be like she hadn't meant them and that it all was okay. But it wasn't was far from okay!! And what if they had killed him. OH GOD!!! please didn't let it be so!!! She just looked at her, not saying a word. Iz smiled.

"Totally and utterly lost...WITHOUT... YOU!!!" The tears fell thick and fast down Liz's cheeks. She wanted to say something but the words wouldn't come. 'completely lost, without you' could it be that there was a chance, oh god please let there but a chance that he still loved her but wait... Was she too head of herself to even think that? Her tummy was feeling ever so warm and fuzzy inside.

"Like I am without you Isabel." Liz's eyes widened she could see how now stood behind her. Isabel watched as Liz's eyes widen, she knew that voice. She'd always know that voice. It was Alex's. She couldn't move, her legs wouldn't let her. Could it be, she dared but hope.

"Are you not even going to turn around and say hel...." He never got to finish the sentence because she was in his arms in a second.

"ALEX." was all she could say. She squeezed him hard. She could almost feel him, smell him. She breathed him in. "You're here...your really here." Liz just watched as it unfolded, this was all to much for her.

"Yes Izzie I'm really here." He placed a single, gentle kiss on her head. His heart stopped. She pulled her head back fast.

"But how...why...?" Her head was racing. He put afinger to her lips.His heart started up again.

"Sssshhhh my love, I don't have much time. " He was right he could feel himself begin to float inside. She crawled at his back.

"No...Alex...don't go...please!" She was shaking uncontrollably now.
"..please don't leave me...I need you." She looked up at his smiling face.

"No you don't may think you do, but you don't!"

"NO...DON'T SAY THAT ALEX... I DO NEED YOU...PLEASE..!!" She felt like she was dying all over again. He stroked her tears away but more came.

"Your strong Isabel, you always were, I had to fight you all the way.Do you remember?" She smiled.

"Yes... I remember everything." the memories were coming back thick and fast. She held him tighter.

"Then do you remember what I said to you in the crashdown that night?"
His voice alittle hard but his face forever soft. She nodded. "Then you've got to let me go Iz, you're got to live your life. This was n't your fault, just know that. You have to go on with your life, live it for both of us...Please Iz I'm begging you." he held her shoulders tight. "...please ...!" His eyes were shiny from the tears. She could have taken anything but the tears.

"But how can I...I love you." She swallowed hard.

"And I you, but you'll be okay, you always were." His lips were now only inches away from hers, thet could feel each others breath on their skin.

"How can I?" She shock her head. Was she really that stupid.

"You have Kyle." That's all he said. he knew about Kyle oh god she felt sick. She went to say something but he shook his head. 2You may not have seen me but I have seen you. He maybe a buddia boy and a macho jerk but he loves you Iz. Take this second chance, please for you...for me!" All she could do was nod. He breathed out hard closed his eyes.
"Thank you." He pulled away from her. Their eyes locked.

"I have to go now. These trips are only one way and I can hear them calling me back." He smiled at her on last time, then he kissed her lightly lips behrly touching. It was the sweetest kiss that either had had, ever would have. After what seemed think forever they parted, and nothing more as said, the look they gave each other said a thousand words. He saw liz for the first and smiled, he held out his arm to her. She slowly walked upto him, breathing in as he embraced her.

"It'll be okay Pixie..." he hadn't called her that in years. " I promise." He kissed her head.
Their they stood, the 3 of them so near yet so far away. When they opened their eyes again Liz and Isabel were alone. Alex was gone.

"Oh my god Iz." She held her tighter.

"It 's okay Liz...I'm okay now." They had were brought back to reality when to sky suddenly turned dark as the wind rolled around them.

"Liz I'll be back for you I promise." she shook her little frame hard. "We're coming for you...we'll find you Liz I promise just hang on in there....please." She could feel herself slipping away form her.
Liz was losing her touch, she crawled at her arm.

"Iasbel don't go, please I have ti tell you something." Isabel was moving away from her. "PLEASE Iz you have to tell..." The wind was blocking out her words.

"WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU, LIZ!" she screamed back at her.

"YOU HAVE TO TELL HIM..." She began to break into a run.

"TELL HIM WHAT...LIZ...GOD...LIZ!" She was getting further and further away, the 2 friends desparately trying to reach out to each other.

"TELL MAX IZ....GOD IZ...DON'T GO, YOU HAVE TO TELL MAX THAT...." her lungs felt like they would burst open. She was gone. Liz stopped dead and just looked at the open space. Her voice trailed off into a whisper. She swallowing down hard she then spoke.

"...tell him that I love him. That I've always loved him...that I will always love him..." her voice went into nothing as she fell to her knees crying. Hoping that she had somehow heard her and she would tell Max but knowing full well that she hadn't and she wouldn't.....
*End of dream*

She sat bolt upright in bed, she couldn't breathe. She was hot and sweaty her head spinning. What the hell? She stopped herself...wait she was in a bed, not on a cold and damp floor. Where was she? She looked about her? She felt clean...she smelt clean. That was from the shower that she had taken earlier. She remembered now. She was in a room...Zan had brought her here, after Tess and before the dream. She felt hot and dizzy, she neede a drink. She slung herself over and out of the bed. She felt alittle lightheaded as she walked towards the door...lightheaded, that was the understatement of the year. She felt so lost and confused as she opened the door and went to walk through it. Something made her stop dead in her tracks. There was somone else in that room, someone standing dead ahead of her, staring at her as she was him. She frowned, he looked strangely familiar to her, then again she was having trouble realizing who he was. He was behr chested, chad in only leather pants. His body, what she could see of it was marked with tattoo's. There was something shiny also on his chest as well as on this face. 3 objects flashed out at her as the light hit on the eyebrow, one on his nose and one on his lip. His eyes shone too, they were piercings. His hair was spikey, really funky looking and darkest black. She then saw the goatee that had formed around his strong jawline, she couldn't help by smlie, just alittle one that only she knew about. As her eyes adjusted to the new found light she found his eyes. She gasped..he looked like someone she knew...the realization hitting her like a sharp kick to the stomach. It looked like Max...but it didn't feel like Max. She suddenly felt hot, her cheeks like fire when she saw that he staring right back her. Either moved, not even taking in breath. She knew then it was Zan!!!!


Isabel screamed back to her...but she was gone!! She flung herslf upright, almost falling right out of the bed.

"NNNNOOOOO....LIZ....!" she said breathy. Kyle caught her by the shoulders from were he sat on the bed...only afew feet away where he'd been the whole time holding her hand.

"Is what is it?...What did you see?" He said trying to calm her but feeling far from calm himself. Maria came in from the lounge, she couldn't face being there while she was under, in case she said something. She should have stayed anyway, she hadn't till then. She ran in almost falling flat over Michael, who caught her.

"WHAT...WHAT...!"She shouted doing the perfect impression of a headless chicken. Michael held onto her harder, taking his life into his own hands. He didn't know what she would do, he was in fear of his manhood!! But she just held him back and fell silent. Is saw all the wide open stares around her...she was trying to breath.

"I SAW HER.....I SAW LIZ...." She had so much to say but only one mouth. "SHE'S....SHE'S...!!!! She felt like she was gonna pass out. Kyle grabbed hold of the side of her flushed face to hold her gaze.

"Calm down Isabel....breathe!" He was showing her how, nice and and out,in and out. The buddia babble had got a use for something. She felt herself calming down almost instantly.
"...there's my what happened!"

"I saw her...I saw Liz....!"

"Yeahss, after that." He removed his hands, is missed them already. "Was she okay?" He asked what nobody else dared to.

"Yes, she lll..looked fine." Her voice almost back. Now what? She had to just come straight out with it or it wouldn't come.

"Tess is there." They all gasped in unison.

"WHAT!!!!" Maria was back, she pushed Michael away. "THAT BITCH HA.."

"Zan 's there too." Isabel added quickly, 2 down, 1 to go.

"WHAT THE FUCK..." it was Michael's turn now. Isabel shook and lowered her head slowly. Kyle saw her posture and frowned.

"What are you not telling us Is?" She couldn't make her look at him. He bent in and placed his hand under her chin, gently lifting it.
"Is...what is it?"
She swallowed down hard, and at that moment when she meet his eyes she knew she loved him completely.

"Tess hasn't got Liz. Neither has Zan..she seems to like that he might help her..." She was interupted by Michael.

"Trust that reject...yeah right. Could this get any frigging worse?"
He was starting to pace. Isabel swallowed down even harder and closed her eyes. 'you can do this'.

"Kivarhasliz." There. She breathed out. Maria let out one of her laughs.

"Thats sweet Is, for a moment there I thought I heard you say that Kivar has Liz." She chuckled some more and turned to go.

"I did...." She didn't have to say anymore. What could she have said. There was complete and utter silence in that tiny room, not even breathing could be heard. For the first time Isabel sought out Max, she knew he was over by the far wall. She looked...he wasn't there.
She threw herself off of the bed in miieseconds.

"WHERE'S MAX???" She screamed. They all hit back down to planet earth with a bang with that.

"He's back the..." Michael turned back to an empty wall. "Oh Shit, Maxwell." All of them trying to scramble out of one door was a sight to have been seen to have been believed. It was getting dark outside by now, what would make it harder to find someone who didn't want to be found. They all split up, well as far as Kyle and Is, Michael and Maria, not cutting down any smaller due to rescent events. As they ran round Is led them to the park and there he was, hanched over a swing which he was gently moving back and forth with his feet. She stopped and pulled Kyle gently back.

"I'll go..." She squeezed at his arm. He nodded. "We'll talk later..kay?" He nodded again and walked away, thinking just when it cuoldn't get any worse again, it just had. Being dumped, although not at all relevent here, he still knew it would hurt like hell.

He felt her even before she she sat down on the empty swing beside him. He was looking straight, unmoving.

"You know I spent most of my time here on this very swing..." His voice was very quiet and broken, like hadn't been he was still.
"perfect view of the sand pit you see...!" He motioned over to it, still not looking at her. She followed his arm. She could here him sob ever so quietly.

"...perfect view of...." He swallowed down hard as if to stop himself from continuing to cry. She knew that Liz and maria played in that sandpit almost everyday after school and max would sit in that exact spot almost everyday and watch her. She could almost see it. She felt the lump about to form in her throat. Damnit she had to be stronger, not only for her but for Max. She reached into her pocket and pulled at something, handing it to him. He looked at her for the first time. She gasped outwardly. Even in the poor light she could see his eyes were red raw and puffy, She'd never seen him look so upset, to think of a better word...detroyed. He took the picture from her, the picture of Liz that he had taken from his wallet for her to use. He ran his thumb over her features and the sticky tape that held it together. He'd torn it up after they'd fought at Alex's funeral and had thrown it away. Moments later hunting through the gargage can and trying to fix to together.

"You can fix that you know...." She spoke softly, reaching up to touch his face.
"..and these!" She ran her hand lightly over his bruised and cut face. He winched, they STILL hurt like hell. He shook his head.

"Why...when the one thing I want to fix I can't" He was shaking and the tears were one longer holding back.

"WW...What am I going to do Is...I..II.I can't lose her..I.." He lowered his head as if to give up what he was about to give up full stop. She took his hand and laced her fingers inbetween his.

"Max..." He shook his head slightly. She stopped. " I saw Alex in the dream as well." She was looking down now as he looked round to her. He wiped his eye.

"Is..." He went to reach for her.

"No!" She held up her hand. "Thats not what I wanna say Max...Alex told Liz that it was going to be okay." She smiled at the memory of it, she'll always remember it. She continued. "...He promised her Max...and Alex NEVER lied. I BELIEVED him Max." She squeezed his hand hard.

"How can you be so sure?" He was looking away again. She was getting alittle mad now.

"How can you not?" Her words matched her voice...hard. Max snapped his head up. Confussion in his eyes.


"No can you just except all this?" She was finding more, form where from she didn't know. "Does She mean that little to you?" She had to get a response from him...any response.

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!" He yelled, getting up fast. He walked away from her slightly, back to her, hands clasped behind his head.
She went to him.

"Then what Max 'cus that's all I'm seeing here Max." She had to go on.

He was shaking uncontrollably now. Is went round to face him.

"IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT MAX THEN GO AHEAD BUT I DON'T!!" She was shaking just as hard as him now. She saw his eyes pleading with her, for what she didn't know. She took abreath, her voice calmer.

"...and the reason why I don't is simple. The way that you and Liz found each other...the way that you love each other there has to be a reason for it...something that we haven't seen yet." Now she was not one of making statements, even if she thought she was, but this one was the single most important and heartfelt of her life. Max was totally gobsmacked, but then he rested his arms down at his sides.

"What you seem to forget is that Liz and I are NOT together...and she doesn't love me anymore, she hasn't for along time." He breathed out hard, he'd finally said it, all he had to do now was except it. Like he ever would be able to do that. He gave her asmlie, what for he didn't know. He side stepped her to go. There was nothing more to be said.

"Max..." She called out to him. He stopped but didn't turn round.
"theres something that I haven't told you yet....something that she told me to tell you." He turned round slowly. She stood close to him.
He was searching her eyes what had liz said? Did he really want to hear it? He felt dead inside already, one more kick wouldn't matter.
She took a breath.

"She told me to tell you that she still loves you....that she's always loved you and that she always WILL love you..." She took hold of his arms. " Max..Liz LOVES you!" She saw his tears and felt her own as they embraced tightly. They held each other, not speaking for what seemed like forever. He then pulled her out of the embrace and said 2 words that said a thousand.

"Thank you." He then kissed her forehead and they went back to plan their next more. Still at a loss to what that was.


In the darkness a lone figure had been watching the whole scene between them unfolding. It was too late, she had already been taken. Neither Max or Isabel saw as the figure followed them back to Michael's!!!!!


He knew he was taking a risk by staying, a big risk especially after they had talked and that kiss...god the kiss! He could still feel it burning on his lips, he could still taste her and what made it all the more sweeter was that she had come to him...she had kissed him!!! For whatever reason she had done it and now he just couldn't find a reason to leave that room. He didn't want to leave it...leave her for a moment! They only spoke after she had showered and changed into clothes that he thought she would need.He'd brought her clothes,no one else there would have done Yes....what he thought she'd like, hell be honest Zan what he wanted to see her in! It was strained at first but she pushed she wanted to know about why she was there? He told her all he knew...which was that Kivar needed her for something that only she could give. She asked about Tess. She was brought in the day before she was and he knew nothing more, only that she was there as part of his 'plan'. She then asked about him.... and what happened. As they talked he found it so easy, he was never one for talking but she'd asked him, so he was doing. He had healed himself, the truck wasn't driving that fast. It was hard and long but the thought of finding lonnie and Rath one day drove him on. Ohh to be in alocked room with those 2. One day! She asked after Ava but he hadn't seen her. She was going to ask about the other that Ava had spoken, why 'cus it was none of her business but she felt like she wanted to know...she had to know. She thought better of it. Not even thinking it might be 'cus she didn't wanna know about him and another woman. Thats when she went to bed her mind was racing to places where it shouldn't go and sleep would help put it back on track. It did till she saw him in the room still...he was still there... he'd stayed with her! Thats what max would have done .She hit the ground with a thud...but he wasn't Max and Max wasn't there. No one was there!
"Zan?" She was frowning, she stepped back. 'Shit' he was scaring her.

"I..we would be better this way.." He was babbling, he never babbled. 'stop being a pussy , spin her a line and leave..NOW!'
"I'll change..." He moved slightly, if only to easy the tightness that was now in his pants. She stood in the doorway in the smallest of tops and the loosest of pj 's. with her hair wildly framing her sleepy features. She looked so beautiful...too beautiful! She could say the same about him, he was Max...only at a funfair. She loved funfairs! She felt her cheeks burn and her tummy twinge. God , sleep hadn't helped.

"NO!" She barked, realizing how it must have sounded, coughed alittle and looked at her feet. He couldn't help but smile, not that he let her see.
"(cough) I meant only if you want to ...I don't mind either way." She voice was broken. She tucked astray piece for hair behind her ear, repeating it several times over. Why was she acting this way? Why was he still there? Why did Max look so good in leather, tatt's and a ghoatee? She hadn't realized but she had bit down so hard on her lower lip that it was bleeding inside. She shook her head from side to side.

"Are you okay?" His voice sounding more and more like honey to her.

"MMMMM yeah...just alittle thirsty." Her mouth was completely dry she could stand there and drink him in, but she'd still be thirsty but not for water. She coughed again and walked to the sink. He felt her walk past him but he couldn't move, she smelt so vanilla. He loved vanilla. He heard her moving about behind her. he turned round to see her reaching up to get a glass. As she reached up higher and higher so did her top. She was exposing more of her lower back to him. His eyes travelled down to her slim waist, narrow hips landing on her perfectly formed tush.She looked so inviting to him. He closed his eyes tight, as if it wished her away. He opened them instantly so it wouldn't be true. She winched, grapped her side and turned round, leaning on the counter. He snapped out of it.

"Whats wrong?" He moved towards her.

"Its nothing......" She knew it was the side that she'd been stabbed on. He was now beside her. She moved awkwardly.

"Let me see." She said nothing , her eyes wide and doe like. He leaned in.
"I.... don't..... bite...." He could hear her breathing heavy. Was she disappointed that he didn't? "I.. won't.. hurt.. you." She believed him.
She moved her hand as he bent down to look. He gently lifted up the hem of her top, being careful not to touch her. It went higher and higher, she felt his cool breath on her hot flesh that was getting hotter by the minute. She leant back on the counter , letting her head fall back . She felt dizzy as her eyes closed, she was feeling like she was about to explode when he hadn't even touched her...yet. Apart from the kiss...why had she done that? The jury was still out on that one he was part of a plan to hurt hurt the people that she loved most in the world! He was Max's evil twin but right now all she wanted was for him to touch her. He could hear her struggle from above him, he could see it when her hips jerked towards him. But he was having a battle himself, not to grab hold of her hips, lift her up onto the counter and take her hard there and then. he felt her breath on his neck, he was losing this battle fast.
Then he saw the mark. It was still there, ugly and blue.

"...There was so much blood...." he whispered and swallowed down hard. ".....I had to heal you...." he breathed out as finally his hand touched her belly. They moaned in unison.

When they'd brought her in she was nearly dead. There was so much blood.Anderson had really fucked up this time. He had to heal her, she was nearly out of it but the coonection was made but he couldn't finish it. She went had gone to a pain induced slumber. Not before she'd called out to Max. The wound had been right over where Max had healed her so long before.........
*Flash ends*

"OHHHH GOD!" Liz cried out, she now understood about that flashes and the feelings were.OH GOD, HOW...WHY... She pushed Zan away hard, her hand at her mouth. He got up after her.

"Liz whats wrong ?" He walked upto her. He looked so confused.

"NO...STAY BACK!" She felt sick, like she had betrayed away she had.

"WHATS WRONG!" He was shaking. He felt scared,he never got scared, she was changing him in so many ways. She was edging away from him.


"Do what liz?" When he'd spent his whole being the firecracker she was this time, one of them had to be calm. Then it hit him.
"...Save your life. Its that it?" He was starting to feel anger but above all pain.Had the idea of her touching him revolved her so much?

"Should I have just let you die that it?" He was backing her towards the far wall.

"YES...YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT....!" She was shaking, her whole being was beginning to ache relentlessly. They were walking further and further back.

"BUT MAX CAN...!" He spat out at her. That was always going to be there ...MAX. She looked up at him, she was affaid. Not of him but of what could happen... what might still happen!!! His hold tighened.

"WAKE UP LIZ HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU...WOULD HE HAVE DONE THOSE THINGS TO YOU IF HE HAD...I HATE HIM SO MUCH!" He shook her harder. He'd said too much, he shouldn't have come, agreed to this. How could he but a Max replacement, he wasn't Max and she wanted only Max. But how could he not have come...not get to see his angel in the flesh!!!Everything had changed in an instant. She was crying. This wasn't the new and improved Liz, damn him, she wasn't up for crying anymore. Her life was complicated enough right now, what with being held prisoner by her lovers (only in mind) sworn enemy. In the same building as her sworn enemy and Max's dupe freaking out in front of her....still without a shirt on his back. Breathe Liz BREATHE. her voice changed.

"Is that why your get back at him by using me? IS THAT IT?" She started pounding at his chest. He tried to calm her without hurting her.


"LET GO OF ME...." She was crying so hard now, it was literately killing him. She had to stop again in order to take an breath.Why couldn't she just go back to being normal????

"Why then, why go through all you hate him that much?" He nodded, hate was such a hard and final word but thats what he felt.
She looked at him, searching his eyes.

"Why....?" She pleaded with him. He stepped back from her.He HAD to tell her, he had to admit to himself too. His hands clenched closed
into tight balls. He began to sweat and feel dizzy. What was happening to him? He saw the same reaction in her.

"Because he found YOU first!"

He couldn't look at her face. She couldn't breath. What was he saying to her?

"Z..Zan...!" Was all she said.... All she could say. She pushed herself off the wall and towards him. He took a step back, shaking his head, holding out is hand as if to stop her coming any closer.

"..Zan...I..." Her voice breathy. He looked up at her slowly, her eyes were shiny and full. He was totally lost in them but he was nearly there. After all the time..all those dreams they had ended up here. Everything was complete crap but they had found each other. He opened his mouth to say what she knew he would. She shock her head as if it stop him. By not saying it none of this had happened...wasn't happening. His mouth wavered, how could some body who looked/ acted like such a bad ass , look like alittle lost boy in the next moment.

"" She closed her eyes. It was done. He found her instantly, pushing her hard up against the wall. She moaned as his lips tore at her throat. She clawed at his back as he lifted her roughly up by her waist, as it she weighed nothing, pushing her hard between him and the wall. She encircled him with her legs, pulling him closer to her, if that were possibly burying her head close in his shoulder. She could feel how much he wanted her, how ready he was as his hardness pushed as close into her wet core as her pj's and his leathers would allow. She moaned arching her back off the wall only to have him push harder onto her. Finally their eyes meet they were nearly over the edge already. They sought out each others mouths, hunting down every little crease,effortlessly duelling, yearning further excess, like it was their last drink. She felt his tongue piercing as she entered his mouth. Her already swollen lips filling up more, she thrust harder towards him as they rubbed up and down on what was only his. She was moving fast, too fast.
Max coming off the school bus
Max saving her life
Their first kiss
Michael's apartment
In the desert
The bridge
The Van
The cave
Coming for you
I shall believe
Future Max
Not like you
To love you
The last time she saw him..........there were so many but they were ALL of Max. None of Zan/her or Mila...just Max.
*Flash ends*

Zan broke the kiss... the moment and pulled away. She leant her head back, eyes still closed for fear of them coming out.
"MMMMMAX...." was all she said. She suddenly opened up her eyes, realizing the space now there. She opened her eyes.....and saw Zan ,still breathing heavily with cheeks flushed searching out her eyes. She was just as flushed and disoriented as he. They said nothing he just let her body slide slowly down his until her feet hit the floor. He still held her gaze but either could say anything. He looked at her one last time. She saw a single tear run down his cheek. Hers had already joined it, her hand was at her mouth and she was shaking. Her legs felt like jello. He tried to open his mouth to say sometihng but he stopped himself. Turned, bent down, picked up is jacket and walked to the door..not even turning back when she uttered

"I..I'm..s..sorry.." behrly heard by her, so how could he. He shut the door behind him. His head falling back hard on it as he did so ....but he had heard it and he matter how much he wanted to run back to her and take her in his arms, tell her that it was okay. He couldn't because it wasn't...and she wasn't his to take. She never was and never would be. He wished that the truck had been driving faster, either that or that whatever this was would be ever soon. He'd risked to open up his heart to her , dared ti let her in. He wouldn't be making that mistake again! He finally left that door not seeing somebody take his place at it. They looked around them, tried it, smiling as it clicked open then disappearing in.


He reached the door that the King and his sister had gone through moments before. Now he faced it, reaching up to knock. He stopped himself, breathing in hard. How would he do this? Where to begin? He was still wondering what to say when the door finally opened......


"Ohhh..Hi(coughed)...Mr.Parker...this is a surprise." His eyes were wide. "Was I work tonight?" He still hadn't invited him in, standing betweem the open door and the room...almost blocking it.
Jeff smiled.

"You're not...." He looked past Michael. "Well aren't you going to invite me in then ?" He smiled again. Michael snapped out of his trance, opening the door.

"Ohhh sure...come in!" He allowed Jeff to step in. "Look everybody MR. PA...RK...ER.S here!!!" Jeff turned to see 5 pairs of eyes and 5 beaming smiles aimed at him. His heart skipped a beat. He WAS too late
bcause Lizzie WASN'T there. Michael slowly shut the door and all he could think of was 'What now?' Not in his wildest dreams (and they were pretty wild) did he ever think of what came next!!!


The room was empty, he whipped his head round, stopping when he heard running water coming from the bathroom. He smiled, walking slowly towards it...he was in no rush. The door was ajar but he could just make out Liz through the crack. he had clothes on...Damn...not many though. She was leaning with her back to him over the sink. Her shoulders shaking uncontrollably was she sobbed. Seeing her crying strangely turned him on.
Inside the bathroom She turned if the water, wiping her eyes hard. She couldn't look at her reflection right now. What had she done? Zan was only trying to be nice, trying to be friendly. 'Wake up Liz..friendly he just told you he loved you.' She felt sick. Not because of that, it had made for feel strange to he it from him...It was like it was coming from Max. She had yearned for him to say it to her again for so long it hurt inside. But Zan had told her, Max's funky looking brother..kinda. She'd handled it all wrong, the kiss (god she could still feel him on her)...everything. It was all shot to shit. Now he was gone. She had a feeling that he would have helped her got out of this...whatever this was. She had no doubt after he'd told her that he loved her but she'd handled it so wrong and now she had the feeling that she was in REAL trouble, that she was alone. Her head spun round to the slightly ajar door, her breathing laboured.
She didn't feel alone now...she felt like she was being watched.


"So what brings you here Mr. Parker." She smiles her sweetiest smile, isabel could charm practically anybody. It was a gift...human not alien! As if she didn't know. They'd phoned all their parents to say that they were away, bonding together. Not 'oh BTW liz is missing probably dead 'cus we're all aliens...' nah that just wasn't gonna happen. He walked slowly around the room.

"OH this and that...anyway where's my Lizzie?" He looked around the room. It fell obviously silent. He stopped right beside Max and looked dead at him. "What do you say Max, where's my baby girl?"
Max heart panged. he didn't feel the strike until it made contact with his jaw. It sent Max flying backwards....


Liz edged towards to open door and flung it open...nothing, the room was darker now but nobody was in sight. She sighed 'get a grip parker'. Why say that, she was being held against her will be the psycho leader if an alien race...she should be alittle jumpy- nah you
think? She went over to the sink to finish the glass of water that she never got round to drinkly. She heads were shaking, it was cold when she felt incredibly hot. She went to help herself to more. The figure could see her back from the darkness of her opened bedroom door. He breathed her in...this was too easy!


Michael caught his hand. "What the hell....?"

"I TRUSTED YOU WITH HER MAX." He spat out at him. "I THOUGHT YOU WOULD TAKE CARE OF HER...THAT THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN..." He pulled his hand roughly from Michael. He was breathing hard. "GUESS I WAS WRONG TO PUT MY FAITH IN AN ALIEN." The room fell quiet again. Max loked at Is then Michael as he got up. For an older guy Mr. Parker packed a punch, but so would he if he knew that his babygirl was missing. Max eyes widened... HE KNEW!!! He knew Liz was gone and that he was an alien. he also knew that it was Max's fault. That hurt him the most 'cus it was true!

"I don't know what you're talking about?" Max diddn't know why he was wasting breath saying it, years of hiding, being always in guard he guessed. Old habits die young.

"CUT THE BULLSHIT MAX..." He was still barking at him. "..or should I call you..Zan, your majesty!" His tone was taking the piss to say the least. max just looked about the room. Unable to speak.

"Nothing to say...well I'll say it for you." His gaze wongering round the room. "Rath!" He said resting on Michael. "Volondra" his gaze now resting on Isabel. He looked back at Max, either man not saying a word. Maria was the first one to break in silence with the only word that explained it all.



Liz drank three glasses, which probably saved her from whatever was about to have happened to her there and then. The door was flung open, she turned to find Zan standing in it, his face totally unmoving. She saw nothing in his eyes like she had earlier on.... She'd just found him and he was already lost to her.

"Kivar wants to see you..." He hollered at her, staring her down. She could only nod. She lowered her head to go and change. "NOW.." He roared. She flinched. She still felt his eyes on her as she walked past him but not the eyes of lust...but hatred. She felt sick inside.
Then they were gone after zan banged the door closed almost off its hinges.

"Fucking Aliens." was the response from the darkness as something hit the wall.


"Couldn't have had said it any better myself Maria...Thank you!"

"Your welcome."

"HEY I hate to break this up but could you just tell us what the frigging hell is going on here?" Trust michael, cut to the chase everytime.

"What are you?" Max finally spoke, being hit by his hopefully- future- son- in -law(some day...never) was not good. Jeff looked at him and saw he was affaid.

"Lizzie's father, that hasn't changed.... now WHATS HAPPENED!" Noone spoke, this was going to waste time...time that they couldn't affort to waste right now.

"Has she been taken?" He gave Max a questioning look.

"Yes..." his voice firm.

"WHEN...?" His eyes were wide. Max could feel his fear. It made his stomach reach...reach at the thought of Liz.

"A week ago." It felt like 10 years had passed.

"A WEEK...SHIT...LIZZIE." He was pacing up and down, running his fingers fiercly through his hair.

"WHAT..." Max lunged towards him. "WHATS WRONG...TELL ME!" He could have quiet easily had had beaten it out of him but this was still her father...wasn't he?
Jeff ignored his question and asked his own.

"Was she cut?" He was right up in Max's face. Two men and the same side working for a comman find Liz...eye balling each other as if they were enemies.

"WHAT?" Isabel was confused, hell they all were. He was looking only at Max.

"WAS...SHE...CUT?" He neede to know. Max remembered the blood that was on his shirt. He nodded. Jeff eyes narrowed. "were you?" Max shook his head, he didn't understand. Jeff grabbed him by the shoulders hard. He saw the cuts to his face. He sighed.

"Did she touch you?" His eyes cloaked in fear. Max still didn't understand. What sort of king...leader...whatever.. had he been
when he had to have everything spelt out for him.
"These." He poked at his face.
"Did she touch you here after she was hurt...THINK MAX!" Max thought hard, his insides beginning to ache. He thought back to that night, it went through in slow , painful motion. Right up until she was thrown on him. He remembered the feelings, how she felt on him, like to was just then. She'd looked at him with hooded eyes then the flashes came. Back up..think she was loking at him then she touched his face...She'd touched his jaw, the side that was badly cut. It twinched at him remembering it, it was like he could felt her. He stared at Jeff, eyes big and shiny. He said nothing...he didn't have was now Jeff's turn to respond in the only way he knew how!

"OHHH SHIT!" His legs felt like jello,he wanted to puke. 'This wasn't surposed to happen, they'd promised her that this wouldn't happen and that Liz would remain safe!'

"What?" Max was in his face. "WHAT IS IT....TELL ME!" He commanded, soundly every bit like the King that he was. Jeff couldn't look at him, through fear of wanting to kill him. It was HIS fault! He'd let it happen to his little girl.
"This shouldn't have happened!" He repeated aloud this time.

"What goddamnit?" Michael had had enough, they'd all been put through the wringer already and this was just too much! He took a breath, maybe they should ask the questions. "What shouldn't have happened? Is this about then Liz touched Max?" He just nodded now finding his voice.

"Their blood must have mixed." No one was any the wiser. "...when they touched." 5 faces still looked blankly at him.

"And...?" Michael wasn't sure if he wanted the answer.

"It was NEVER surposed to be. " His voice trailing off into a whisper.

"Why?" Max whispered. Jeff turned towards him. He now saw the fear on Max's features, he truly feared for his daughter too.

".....Because Mila would come....!"


The silence was lterately deafoning to her only their footsteps tearing into it. She could only look at his broad back ans shoulders as he walked in front of her. He'd been so cold to her, human emotions were truly amazing, from complete lust to sworn enemy in moments. But Zan wasn't human was he...she had no idea who he was, she'd been so close to doing the wild thing with a complete stranger. Why was that? Why was there such a strong and undenieable attraction between them...Max. She only had to look at Zan to see that but there was something else. The way that he made her feel, like she wasn't herself when she was around him, like she had on control over either herself or the felt totally alien to her. It scared her! She swallowed down hard, closing her eyes, she couldn't deal right now. She was on her way to Kivar, Why? ..she didn't know but it probably wouldn't be pretty and all she could think about was how strange she was feeling deep it was beginning to change.
her head began to throb and her stomach wench. She moaned ever so quietly as she bent over slightly. She didn't see that Zan had stopped in front of her..


"WHAT?" Maria was up and flapping. She'd forgotten that they had already been through this earlier but somehow it had gotten lost in all the commotion and she reacted to it...again " I KNEW IT HES BEEN BOINKING SOME OTHER ALIENTRAILERTRASHSLUT..AAARRRRHHHH." She went for him, eyes in flames. Max saw THAT one coming but still she landed the first blow, his face was now looking like a patchwork quilt.

"Maria...stop...wait!" he was about to say it wasn't true but he'd said Mila...MILA, the name that came to him from his new found dreams. He hadn't forgotten about them, he'd just ignored them hoping lets all they were...dreams. But now they could be a reality, what had he done now? Damn Zan's raging hormones!!!

"WHY ARE YOU GUYS ALL THR FRIGGING SAME ALIEN OR OTHERWISE, ONE PIECE OF ASS AND YOU WANT EVERYONE...." She was like a wildcat, Max had to physically pull her off hard by the shoulders. She yelped, Michael was there to take her from Max grasp.

"Don't touch her!" He was staring him down, but Max wasn't backing down. He'd had more than enough.

"OR WHAT MICHAEL...YOU WANNA ANOTHER PIECEA ME?" He hit him hard on the chest. Michael pushed Maria behind him, as Max pushed hard again.
Max was the stronger man by along way, Michael just let him push.

"Like I told you before Maxwell...this ain't gonna happen." Max pushed him back harder. Michael nearly fell back over Maria, she yelped as she hit the table. Michael pushed back.
"Don't blame us 'cus you couldn't keep it in your pants..again!" His eyes still bearing down on his 'fearless leader'.

"You don't know what your talking about Michael." But he knew Michael was right, there was someone else! He'd SEEN her. He'd FELT her. He could still FEEL her. It was only a dream but it had felt so it was going to consume him, them both, whole if he'd seen the whole thing to the end. Then it him, and the realization of it nearly knocked him over. Since 'their lovemaking' he hadn't felt like himself. He felt like something was changing, something deep inside of him...something not human. Like something was awakening inside.

"Ohhhh NO...then whose Mila, your long lost uncle? No wonder Liz dumped you, there's no telling what kinda alien VD you have." He knew they were only words, him and his big mouth, but Max still went of him. Next minute they were all on the floor, one big bundle of mangled , heated flesh....except Jeff who just looked on. This wasn't helping Liz, nomatter what they felt they had to work together...that was the only way that they had a chance of getting her back. It was time for them to know. He swallowed down hard as he went towards them.

"Liz is Mila." His voice behrly heard over all the choas. But max heard him, any mention of her name, he'd hear it! He stopped, just looking open mouthed at him.

"What did you say?"How had he forgotten? He'd begun to shake but he hadn't realized. He was edging towards where jeff stood. Everyone else stopped and turned one by one. Jeff had felt safe under all the noise but now it was so quiet. He felt almost naked to it now.

" is Mila." Shock was not what met that statement....there was no word for it. One long gasp in unison filled the room, until maria screamed something then promptly fainted.


Zan heard her moan, as he felt a dull ache in his stomach. He turned to her, as she walked into him, his hands then landing on her arms.

"I SAID LOOK AT ME AND TELL ME THAT YOU DON'T LOVE ME LIKE I LOVE YOU...! he pulled her roughly round in order to face him, her sodden dark ponytail hitting him hard in the face. "...SAY IT MILA. I WHAT TO SEE YOUR EYES WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT WHAT WE DID MEANT NOTHING TO YOU." He shook her hard, she moaned , but he didn't care because she was breaking his heart. Their breathing hard and in unison, she coulft feel his breath on her skin, hot breath and cold rain mixing like an erotic cocktail. She couldn't look at him..she couldn't do could she do this to matter what Kivar had said..what he had ORDERED her to do..she couldn't say the words..tell the lie..her body just wouldn't let her!
She finally looked up into his big, deep amber speckled eyes. She sucked in hard, god he was so beautiful, she would die a thousand deaths in order to still have him look that way at her, now and forever.
"I...Ii..can't." She stammered. His heart stopped, he was now dead. he let her go. She saw his face change from complete rage to nothing. he stepped back blindly. Even in the rain she could see his tears and him shaking. Her eyes widen in horror as it hit her. He was turning away from her, he had believed the lie when she had said nothing. He was leaving, she had to do something but she legs wouldn't move. She only had her voice now.

"no..stop..." She whispered, her voice not completely there either.He did as she had asked. He heard her, he'd hear her anywhere.
"..I..can't..." She mumbled, she was now crying hard. He turned back slowly.
"I can't because I Love you." She'd found her voice then she'd seen his eyes. He looked hard at her, tilting his head slightly. She was smiling, it had come from nowhere but it was how she now felt. His angel was smiling, he felt life running back through his veins.

"I'll love you forever Zan...FOREVER." He found her arms instantly. He was spraying water over face were his wet kisses landed. He didn't care why she had said those things, why she had acted that way...that could wait. All he could think about was how good she felt held tight within his embrace...where she belonged.

"As I love you Mila." He took his hands and held her face. He was smiling too.

"I'll love you to my dying day."

she said her eyes wide and sparkling....their lips then found each other.

They had not seen the figure who'd been watching them nor heard him cry out when it unfolded so differently to what he had planned. No matter Kivar now knew what had to be done.

"As you wish, my Mila!"

*flash ends*

Max's eyes few open, stumbling backwards. He couldn't breathe. He'd seen it all so clearly even his Liz being held by...Zan.


Liz opened her eyes to see Zan's only inches from them. They searched each others relentlessly...he still had a tight hold of her upper arms. Both now shaking hard.


The door ahead opened at that moment as Kivar stepped out. He was taken aback by what he saw, jealously raging through him, but he knew this was the plan. He also knew how it would end. He smiled.
As if to sense him they broke apart, weakened by the vision missing the contact. He came to a stop directly beside Liz.

"Now you know." He was only looking at her. They were only looking at each other. Kivar then looked briefly toward Zan.
"Leave us!" He barked. Zan tore his gaze from her, finding Kivar's.
Kivar saw something in them that he had never seen before...rage. This was going to be interesting. Zan's gaze lower and he stepped away from Liz. She saw him move aside, as she felt Kivar taking her by the arm and leading her to the open door. She looked for Zan, her eyes pleading when she found his. But he just turned from her and walked away not looking back. She knew this because she was still looking back to him up until Kivar lead her into the open doorway. Isabel was right.


Maria felt a warm hand brushing at her face, her eyes gentle flicked open to see Michael, and he had her head in his lap.

"Hi babe." His voice sounding like honey. He helped her to lean up.
She smiled, until she remembered what had happened. She looked around like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

"Whats happened? What did I miss?...Liz?" She was panicing wriggling all over the place.

" weren't out long." He smoothed down her hair and leaned in to say something that only she would hear and said what he had wanted to say all day....if not forever.
"Its going to be okay. I!" His voice trailing off, she leaned back to look at him. Tears stinging her eyes, she couldn't say anything....must be a first. He saw she was having trouble dealing. He kissed her cheek lightly. "Don't worry, I'll talk later kay?" She could only nod. She then heard Is's voice it sounded urgent and needy.

"I still didn't understand how can Liz be ..Mila, someone like us, when she is human." She was pacing up and down, Kyle caught her hand on the eighth time and squeezed. She stopped, looked down at him then back at Jeff.

"Liz and Mila are one and the same...believe me!" He then looked at Max, who sat alone in the far corner of the room. "You know it to be true don't you Max." He got up and walked over to him, stopping when he stood above him. Max shook his head lightly, not looking up.

"I..I.." He couldn't talk. Hell he couldn't breathe. can it be liz was one of them...that she'd been one of them all along. That would explain so much. Could he even dare to hope...his stomach twinched at the mere the possibilities.

Maria then spoke. " My best friend, an alien and she didn't even bother to tell me. When she's back here safe and sound I'm gonna so kill her." Jeff spun around hard.

"Haven't you heard a word I've saying. I'll spell it out to you shall I L.I.Z I.S H.U.M.A.N!"

"But.." He held up his hand to Kyle. Now Kyle was unsure of just what was what and of who was who, better do as he said before Mr. Parker grew 3 heads and sent lightening blots up where the sun don't shine. Kyle raised up his hands and smiled.

"When liz came to us we were told that she would remain human even if..." He glanced in Max's direction who was still looking at his shoes. He was feeling alittle uneasy about something but he didn't know what...he was getting that ache in his stomach again.
"...when their blood mixed. That she would always be human."

"So if she isn't one of us then who...what is she?" Max had spoken of the first time in ages. He NEEDED to know. "Why is she so important me(cough) us?" Max was up and walking towards jeff, hands buried deep in his pockets.

"Liz..Mila is different to you because she only has a gift and thats wants happening how from your blood mixing Liz is both are. Liz is getting Mila's gift.... She is fulfilling HER destiny!"

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Liz could feel him watching her as he circled round her, again and again, she felt her world begin to spin. She closed her eyes tightly, hoping that it would all go away then she opened them. It hadn't, she opened them to see that he had now stopped walking and was standing inches from her face, feeling his breath on her skin. She took a step back it felt like her whole body responding to something, like it had reckonized something and it was protecting her from it. She took another step backwards.

"Your beginning to remember me...aren't you Mila? " A smile now captured his lips. Liz was finding her voice.

"I don't know what you want from me but I'm not who you think I am."
She stood alittle more upfight as he walked towards her.

"And how can you be so sure of that when you don't even know who you are." He laughed, he was going to enjoy this. Seeing this awakened something in her , her hands curled.

"Then why don't you Tell me!" She shifted in her stance, wanting to know, daring to find out.


"What gift?...I don't understand.TELL ME!" Max ordered.

"You weren't surposed to, this was never meant to happen, he was never meant to find her again." His breathing heavy. "She was sent to us so you would find each other again, so she would beable to protect you." He was walking about the room in small steps.

"Protect us...Hhhow?" Max said frowning, wanting to know, daring to ask.

"You Know Liz, she's always been very...."

"....Special." Max finished it for him. Jeff nodded, he could see that max knew EXACTLY what he meant.

"Yes, but she always seemed to know the answers to all the right questions..have you ever noticed that?" Max thought for a moment, they all took 5. Right from the beginnning she was the one who solved the puzzles, found the answers where noone would ever have thought to have looked, it was almost like she was there to watch out for them, to guide protect them.
"Don't you find that in the least bit strange?" He watshed as one by one he saw the realization of it hit their faces. He felt like a teacher who had finally reached his most distant pupil. His gaze fell finally on Max, who stood frowning, mouth slightly open and his head tilted sidewards.

"Now do you understand, you have your powers but you need something else in order to survive, you need..."

"..Liz." His voice behrly a whisper. Never in his whole life did those words mean so much, yes he NEEDED her, he'd always known that but he never knew the scope of it....just how important she was to him. It was like he'd finally woken up to it and it was amazing how uttering freeing it felt. He looked hard at Jeff.

"Why didn't you ever tell her?" He said harshly.

"We thought it would do more harm an good." His voice filled with utter regret.

"Ohh and whats this....chop liver?" Maria snapped not even thinking that heas still her boss, but her job was furthest from her mind right now.

"That's the second time you're mentioned we...who else knows?" Is was the only one who'd picked up on that. Jeff breathed out.

"You started this..." Max was moving toward him. ".....tell us everything." Jeff swallowed down hard, he knew if he didn't Max would probably return to favour and smack him back. Max looked pretty well build, Jeff knew who would come out worse off.

"My wife, mother." Maria looked at him.

"GRANDMA!" She squield. Jeff smiled at her response, she'd always loved his mother more than her own.

"Yes..she was the one who started this all. It was because of her that we found our little lizzie." No one saw the tear that had now formed in his eye, he was glad or that.


It excited him to see Liz's response...Mila was finding her way through. He turned and started to pace before her.

"What do you want to know...Mila?"

"STOP CALLING ME names Liz." She was getting stronger, like he had begun to enrage her from within.

"Whatever Peaches, but soon you won't rememeber a time that you wren't her." He was smiling all the while.

"I've mistaken me for someone else...anyway isn't it Volondra that you want." Liz had no idea where this new feeling was comoing from but she went with the flow...she had no choice it was beginning to consume her. Kivar chuckled out loud.
"What? I see nothing funny in this!" She snapped out.

"Ohhh you would if you knew how stupid that sounds." He looked back at the confused looking little brunette, the way that she looked now seemed even more pleasing to him.

"But isn't that why I'm here, why all the heartache and pain over the last 2 years because you want her ,hate Max and you want to find a way home!" He laughed even more. He slowly walked towards back to her.

"Is that what you really think, what this is all about...why are humans so gulable....willing to believe anything that the hear." He reached for her face, she snapped it away. He closed his hand up, she still had the power to hurt him with the slightest of movements. But without the pain there could be no pleasure.

"What?" Liz replied, starting to shake. Somehow she didn't think that she was going to like what he was about to tell her.


He knew there wasn't time to explain it all or liz would be lost...or worse.
"Look there's no time for this, we NEED to find Liz."

"And how are we surposed to do that when we don't know where she is?"
Michael was always saying the obvious, painfully so here.

"Have you dream walked her yet?" He said whipping his head round to face Max. Max wasn't sure what he was more shocked at him knowing or that he was directing it at him. Max swallowed hard.

"I...II...can't...Is..Isabel..hhas!" he stammered. Jeff looked at him in amazement, he really had no idea what was going on here. Some plan that his 'fanily' had!

"NO...your wrong Max, you can!" He was searching his eyes. "YOU MUST!"

"What?" Max felt sick. "I've...we've never done that." He looked about him wildly.Is stood up.

"Yes you have Max, remember...when you were in NEW YORK." He shook his head.

"That wasn't the same and itwas her who reached out to me."

"But it would still be the same..." She lookedat Jeff. "...wouldn't it?" He shook his head.

"No...but max is changing now just as she is...he can has the abliity to dreamwalk her..." He looked back at Max. "Even better than you can Isabel!"


"I thought you would do better than are one for figuring things out aren't you Liz?" He still had that smirk on his facr, she had to urge to knock it off him there and then.

"Do yuo really think I would how gone to all this trouble for that disappoint me." He stood behind her, she couln't make herself turn round.

"You really don't know do you...this is going to be interesting." He breathed out at the thought of just how much power he had now, the power to totally destroy Liz will words. He excited him, he was loving it!!
"Out of what you said you got 1 thing right...not bad." He felt him moving round. "I DO HATE for the other 2..." He was almost facing her.
"No I don't want to go home...!" He was now facing her.
"...and its you who I want Mila!" She shook as she felt his breath on her face. She felt sick, utter confusion consumming her.

"Bbb...But.." She couldn't get it out.

"Yes..but what?" Using his hands to help her speak. He helped her out.
"You thought it was different. Thats what you were all made to think. You were led to believe certain things in order for me to get to you. You were all led to believe that things were was way when they were really something else." She was looking back at him, wide eyed.
"Ain't it wild!" His eyes were blazing with utter glee. Some would have called it madness.
He smile stopped when he saw her confusion.
"Let me explain better so you understand . Quick recap(cough)me thinks!" He stepped away from her so he could get abetter look.

"What was said in the cave was true. I had caused a raging war, you all died. Volondra was partly responsable. The skins are real which I am not. Alex was murdered but not why you think. Zan and Eva were married. You, mila came between them. Max never had wild alien sex with Tess. There was no baby. There was no Future Max.....need I go on?" Liz couldn't breathe.
"OHH one last thing...!" He was in her face again. he leaned in.
"How does it feel to know that you are the reason for it all, for all the pain and suffering....Tell me that Mila!"

Liz shook, she couldn't take it all in...What was he saying?

"Why?" was all she said.

" you really think that I could have been any of that if they knew the REAL reason for it!" He leaned into her ear.
"YOu wanna know why....I'll tell you why shall I!" And he whispered something in her ear. Her scream almost defoned him. She was pushing him away, he grabbed out to her and pulled her tight to him.

"TELL ME LIZ HOW DOES IT FEEL TO KNOW THE TRUTH!" He shook her like her head was about to fall.
"NOW LET MILA OUT YOU LITTLE BITCH SO I CAN ASK HER HOW IT FEELS ALL OVER AGAIN!" He screamed at her. His hand making cotact with her face.

"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!" The door flung open, nearly off its hinges. They spun round, seeing zan rushing at him.

"GET AWAY FROM HER." He roared. Kivar smiled as he went to throw her roughly to the ground. Zan reached her in time to cushion her fall.

"And what are you going do about it?" He stood over them as Zan helped her an utterly dazed, frighened little girl, not leting her go. Zan just stared him down.

"You have no idea!" he said as he turned Liz round. Kivar went to grab for him.
"You and I both know what you can't do ANYTHING to us you NEED us too much!" Zan knew he was right, he felt His arm drop away from his.
Liz world started to tilt and she felt herself fall. Then strong arms lifting her up...when it went black. Zan walked to the door, not looking back, only hearing Kivar cry after him.

"DID YOU REALLY THINK SHE'LL WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS ONCE SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH..AFTER WHAT YOU DID!!" But he was now alone, oddly shaking.'It has begun'...and he could almost taste how it would end. It loved how it tasted.


"Wait a second so kivar had Liz 'cus she's good at science and can figure out afew pathetic is that?" Kyle was able to speak for the first tmie in ages.

"Now we know that there is no intellegent life out there..." She stopped mid sentence realizing where she was and who she was with.
She smiled.
"Present company excluded of course!" She smile again."Max..Isabel."
They nodded.

"Hey..."Michael shouted, she looked at him. "What about me?" He looked hurt.

"The juries still out on that one spaceboy." And she smiled again. They all did, alittle light relief...only alittle.

"No...Liz is much more important than that." Jeff looked at his shoes.

"I know!" Max was aying it to himself only it ended up aloud.

"Why....what is it that she can do that is so bad." Isabel shifted in her chair not sure if she wanted to know.

"It depends what you class as being bad...from which perspective." He was looking round.
"Liz...Mila can see things." He ran his hand over his forehead.

"What kinda things...things like in the future?" Michael leaned forward practically falling off his chair in order to know.

"Sometimes....but that's not why she was sent to you. It's because of what she can see...inside!" They had somehow all cirlced him in their own time.

"What?...What do you mean...inside." She was still affaid to ask. Jeff was about to speak as Max's eyes widened.

"Within..." He mumbled. "Its what are mother meant in the cave...."
He swallowed hard.

"..the evil within..." Both he and Isabel uttered at the same time.

"Liz can help you see your enemy. And thats why she was sent to protect you from ALL species. She is the fifth!" Finally breathing out.

"So that's why Kivar wants her?" Maria finally said. Jeff wasn't looking up because if he had they would have seen the look that would have told them that there was more...much more. 'If only it was a simple as that' he wished but he knew that it was far worse and something that he knew that they weren't ready to face yet!!!!


He could just make out the outline of her as she lay on the bed, sheets entwined with her legs. He felt breathy as he resisted the over welming urge to run to her that now raged within him, instead closing the space between them in a slow steps. He didn't want to scare her, fighting the undeniable need to be with her, lay beside her..just to take her all the while,his body now starting to ache.
As he drew ever closer he could hear her moaning gently as she moved from side to side, bunching up more and more of the sheets as she did so. He swallowed down hard, with every toss and turn she exposed more and more of her naked flesh. He felt like he was losing control with every sound, move that she was making. He was nearly beside her, when she arched her back off the bed and moaned his name. He froze, not even breathing. Did she know he was there? Was she dreaming of him? His mind raced, she called to him again. What was she seeing when she was calling out his name in that way? That thought alone suddenly drove him crazy, he felt dizzy finding it more and more uncomfortable to stand in the position that in was in. He shifted slightly, the ache easied alittle...just alittle. He could resist it no longer, the feeling to touch her was too strong. His heart ripping out of his chest as light fingertips brushed over her bare arm. She moaned out again, he pulled his hand away. She had felt so hot, so warm, so real, his hand tingled at the way she felt. The bed moved over him as he sat on the edge of it, he just watched her. He knew that he had to wake her, they didn't have much time but for the life of him he could not allow himself to do so. She had never looked more beautiful to him than at that moment. The way that she lay, the way she looked, the way she moved as she said his name...he now knew what heaven was like and what if felt like the see an angel. What ever had happened between them, what was to happen he wanted this moment to last forever.

"...mmmaaaaxxxxx..." Her voice never sounded so sweet.

"I'm here baby." His voice low and breathy, reaching out to her,touching her alittle harder, alittle longer. Her eyes tore open as she sat bolt upright. He jumped back, almost falling over. His moment was over. She pulled her legs instinctively up hard under her chin, wrapping her arms tightly round them, like she was protecting herself....protecting herself from him! Her eyes were wide and wild, he could now see that she had clothes on...not many but some. He didn't know if he was releaved or disappointed. The aching between his limbs answered that question for him. He physcially had to regroup all thoughts, other than those to do with getting her out, there and then, before he totally lost all control. He'd always had strong, out of control feelings about her, even when he wasn't with her, but nothing like this. It scared him just how powerful they felt and him powerless he was towards them. He could see that she was affaid, that she didn't understand. Be fore he went over Jeff had told him not to say anything of this new found Knowledge that he had, it could be dangerous for her to know at this time. ⊕What to do? Think Max THINK!' He'd thought alittle about what he was giong to say but that was all forgotten now...she was there in front of him. He breathed in hard it was like he hadn't seen her...really seen her in so long. She literately took his breath away.
"Its okay.." His voice soothingly quiet, his arms still out stretched in front of him. "Its okay liz...its okay..its me..max!" His eyes searching her out. Hers widened further as she knew it was him.

"Max?..." She mumbled, instinctively releasing her legs and crawling over the bed towards where he stood. She stopped dead at the foot of it, kneeling up on it.
"...Bbbut..." Utter confusion on her face.

"Theres no time...where are have to tell me where you are."
Why had she stopped? was his only thought, wasn't she happy to see him? had Isabel heard wrong? He shook his head, as if it banish that last thought from it. Liz frowned as she watched him, Why was he so far away from her and not pulling her tightly in his arms?" "Why wasn't he kissing every last breath out of her right now?" was it too late?" She then lowered her head at the rememberance of early, and what kivar had said. She closed her eyes and started to shake. It WAS too could they EVER be together again? She felt like she was gonna puke, utterly disguisted, more so at the look on max's face if he ever found out than the actual events that took place so long ago..that were still here! Max lowered his hands when he saw her head fall, her hair framing it so he couldn't see it.
"Liz...?" he stepped forward alittle, something was wrong.
"Liz...whats wrong?" He heard her begin to cry. He was on his knees infront of her in seconds.
"Liz...look at me..." His voice broken. She didn't, he reached slowly for her face, pulling her hair aside first, she fliched back. he could see her eyes up close now, so full of pain.
"..Liz?" he saerched them endlessly but they were telling him nothing.
"...Please..l.." she stopped him dead.

"You shouldn't have come." Her voice was low, her words cutting deeper that any knife. His amber eyes as big as hers. He remembered to! He shook his head, they eyes still locked for what seemed like forever.Then he found the words to reply from somewhere deep within him.

"I'!" Reaching for her face, just grazing his fingers along her jaw bone before she moved it away. The shock of even the slightest touch ripped through their bodies. They both pulled away slightly at the feeling of it, it was still was always would always be there! he swallowed hard as she moved away even further. His heart was beginning to felt pain. What had happened?
"Whatevers wrong we can work it out...." He was unsure of his words by what he saw in her face. "...but we HAVE to get you out of here."
He went to go to her, but she held up her hand to stop him.

" don't understand.." She wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come, she felt numb.

"Yes I do Liz.." His voice now urgent.She looked at him mouth open.
"I know about....MILA." He stopped only afew feet away from her, she could see his hard chest rising and falling deeply under his shirt, they were breathing in unison without realizing it.

"Y..yyou know..aaboutt..." She stopped mid sentence, almost affaid to go on. "You saw...the ..flashes?" She held her breath. He just nodded lightly."WHAT ABOUT HER...?" She was panicing.

"Thats not important now liz......I saw EVERYTHING!" She knew what he meant, she felt sick.

" saw..." She couldn't even say the words. She was going to be sick.

"...You with Zan..." He nodded. "" her world tilted again, 'please just let me die now' she said to herself.

"Thats not an option liz...I won't let you." She was sure that she had only said it to herself, he knew she had. Jeff had told him his but there was no time to explain. She went to say something, anything but he'd had enough of this.
"I'm scared liz, just as scared as you but I won't give up on you..on us...I can't.. and I won't let you either.." He was beginning to shake just alittle.She shook her head, for some reason he knew he was losing her.

"Liz, listen to me..." She looked away. "...please..." He begged, she could take almost anything but that...she slowly looked up at him, finally resting on his face.

"I know I can't take back the past, god how I've wished so many times that I could..." He felt like he couldn't look at her but he knew he had to, this had to be said face to face.
"..not for my own selfish needs but for you Liz, always for you liz, something that I had forgotten somewhere along the way. You were my everything, you gave me everything when I gave you nothing..but pain and suffering..." She moved on the bed, as if to say something, but he held up his hand.
"Iknow Ihave no right to ask anything of you but just hear me out...please." That word again, her mouth closed.
"You've never asked anything of me, only to listen to you, trust in you..the easiest of things and something that I'd wanted to be able to do my whole life...MY... WHOLE....LIFE. I was always on the outside till let me into your life, that was the greatest gift that was ever given to me...that will ever be given to me." He swallowed hard, where were all these words coming from? he didn't know but come they did.
"Even after everything, you still asked nothing of me when I asked everything of you...And thats something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. There is no excuse, no explaination for what I have done, saying sorry a million times ever wouldn't even start to come close. Words can't right all the wrongs and Liz..." He stepped alittle closer. "I wouldn't want them to, I wouldn't want to forget for a moment what I thrown away. It hard to admit that you have no place in this world, no home to go to because I've turned your back on it." He swallowed down hard again, his eyes leaving her for just a moment. He looked back up at her, he looked almost 6 again to her, like the first time that she saw him getting off the bus. She had found a reason to cry, a reason to feel and it was standing right there in front of her, lying his heart out before her. She still couldn't speak even if he had let her.

"I'd forgotten where I belonged, my home...I'd forgotten you Liz...your my home.Then,now and forever. To this day I can't explain how I let it happen, how I let you go... let you get so far out of my reach. All the signs wrer there and I just let!" His voice now broken, he wasn't sure how long it would be before he let the tears come. He was shaking so bad now, she had to have seen. She must think him a fool.

"I would never think that of you Max..." She whispered, he snapped up at her, he'd heard him too. What the hell was going on? He walked slowly towards her, he was nearly there. Jeff was right he could dreamwalk better, he could almost feel her, smelt her, taste her. it was driving him crazy beyond words.
"I'm not asking you to forgive me or to forgot the past that would but like pretending that it never happened, picking up from where we left off like nothing had happened." He was almost there.
"when it did happen, we are living proof that because it will never be the same between us because we'll never be the same...we aren't the same Liz." Never a truer word was said.
"All I'm asking is please..please don't give up on us...on me. I know that I'm to blame here but I'll do anything..." He knelt down on the floor beside her, wanting to take hold of her, daring to but pulling his arms back before he could. "...tell me what to do Liz...Keep my distance?" How could he, but he would, for her. "I will...just be friends?" He swallowed, friends don't do what he was about to think of right then before he stopped. She'd know. "Even if it means atarting all over again liz...I will just tell me what to do." He was as lost as she, the tears coming thick and fast. She so wanted to reach out and touch his face, hold him but who could she...after what she'd done...what Mila had done.She stopped mid way.

"'t" She said between crying. "you...don't...understand...."

"Whatever it is Liz we can get throught this...we have to or it was all of nothing. My life doesn't seem such a waste when your near you, you gave me what I need, let me give you what you need...please let me at least try." He saw nothing in her eyes that gave him the okay to try, he got up not looking at her.....they were lost to each other, it was too late! he had so much more to say but he couldn't think of the words, he felt totally drained. He was now in the middle of the room, with his back to her.
"I saw the flashes the last time...that night...I know about me..." She looked up, shaking hard, not as hard as he. He breathed in hard.
"I don't want to believe it, that I made you do those things just like I can't believe that is was me that let you go. I know I said and did all those things...." His voice broken at the rememberance of it. he could feel the tears begin to form, his throat feeling tight.
"But it didn't feel like me...liz, The way that I loved you I know that nothing would have had me do any of that to you...nothing." he let out a deep sigh...but he had and she was lost to him. Hadn't lost the only girl that he had...will ever love!!!! He then said something which brought her back from where ever she was.

"I know its over that we can't go back but....."He stopped, unable to say the words.He felt numb except for his head, this perminate headache that had been with him for so was throbbing beyond control now.


He was completely and utterly lost. He heard her move but he couldn't make himself turn around. She was as lost as he, his words had literately rocked her back from where she was trying to run for cover. So many things raced around her head, it was making her dizzy...or was it something else. She knew that she couldn't let him in, let him near becausr if he ever knew... but god, he looked so lost , he sounded so lost. She was reminded of when she first saw him that day...he'd moved her then but this...she swallowed hard her heart in her throat. She couldn't explain it but it felt like she was breathing again...for the first time in years she was coming to life. She knew this moment would change their lives forever she just didn't know just how much, but she couldn't resist it...she couldn't resist him. Finally she made herself speak.

"max...max..." he could behrly hear her. "max look at me...please..." It was her turn to beg, his response was the same, he turned to see that she was kneeling up from the end of the bed. her eyes were wide and shiny, her hair was in disray... then he saw the marks that covered her face for the first time. He took abreath.
"Its alright max they don't hurt." he breathed out. Her clothes left nothing to the imagnation.... they both blushed, he for what he saw and her 'cus she could hear what he was thinking.At that moment he had never been so affaid. He couldn't face what it was but he was drawn into having to know.

"I can't be friends with you max...." he felt his heart shattering, he was feeling just apart of what he had put her through, he imaged . He looked at the ground, feeling it spin. His world was beginning to end. "... and we can't go back either.....!" It had!
"....because we are just too different now...and being just friends couldn't change that, I wouldn't want it to!" She could feel her body heat up as she spoke. "..because friends aren't surposed to feel what I'm feeling right now.." She breathlessly. He looked up. Dare he even think...hope of what she was going to say next.She slowly lifted herself from the bed.
"...can you hear what I' m thinking right now...Max?" She was slowly walking towards him, amazed that her legs could hold her up.

"...Yes..." Was all he could say. He felt himself respond to what he had heard in the only way it it ever would. He took astep towards her, feeling his hardness growing. She was responding to what he was showing her, she never though that she would ever become that swollen so fast. Thet were breathing outwardly and out of control, they were out of control in an instant, it was like they had no something was controlling them. She was in his arms, she'd run to him and he'd lifted her high up him like she weighted nothing.Why was something that shouldn't be feel so right. She didn't understand any of this but she couldn't make herself leave his arms, she'd missed them so much.
"You had me on 'I'll always come for you'..." she said as their lips found each other. She wrapped her legs tighter still around his waist, as he pulled her firm, behrly covered tush hard onto him. She gasped, opening her eyes to meet his. He felt so real that she could almost taste him, all of him. he held one hand on her tush and he other was at her face, puuling and holding it there as he sought out her mouth. They stayed there for what seemed like forever, until she started to move on him. He lifted her up him alittle higher, having to break the contact. They both moaned, but they found each other again. All was forgotting except them excpet that moment. He was stumbling towards a bad that he couldn't see, her hair now all around his face. She broke away.

"'ve.." He stopped her with a kiss like he hadn't drank in years...he hadn't not this flavour.

"...I know..."he just managed to say before she took as mouth again.
She pulled away, her lips swollen beyond belief...both sets.

"I love you." His eyes never leaving hers. At that moment she wandered if she would know heaven if that was all that she'd ever had..him! She was shocked to hear him say those words to her again.

"you love me?" She smiled.

"Yes." He was nearly at the bed.

"How much do you love me?" She was reaching for his mouth again.He pushed onto her harder. She took abreath.

"This much" It was his turn to smile. Thet fell down onto the bed, her landing first. he landed heavier between her legs, she thought he would go through clothing there and then it was that hard.
As they kissed they hadn't noticed that she was glowing, her cute and bruises were healing wherever he was touching her. She was glowing everywhere.

"MILA...MILA ....PLEASE...I...CAME...I'M HERE...WHERE ARE YOU...MMMILLLAAA?" He saw himself running through rooms, eyes wide,tears falling hard.
*Flash changes*
"Leave him to sleep, he'll know soon enough" She said. It was Tess standing over and she was talking to him...but it didn't feel like him.....
*Flash ends*

Max threw himself up, almost out of bed, he couldn't breathe.
"LLIIIIZZZZZZZZZ...........NNNNOOOOOOOOO." HE was covered in sweat, his eyes looking wilding about him. She wasn't there....he was back in Michaels 10 eyes staring him down. Jeff grabbed hold of him tight by the shoulder and shook him.

"MAX...MAX..."He shook him again, harder. "DID YOU SEE LIZ...IT SHE OKAY.....MAX." Michael got between them, this was too intense, 'cus even When Max was miles stronger than Jeff, the way Max looked now
he wouldn't reckon his chances.

"Hey..give him some room." He pulled Max towards him. "Maxwell, did you see her...did to work?" When Max finally looked at him, he could see that it had.

"Did she tell you where she is?" Maria stepped up. Max could only shake his head, finally able to breathe. Maria held her hand to her mouth and called out to her lost friend. Isabel looked at her brother, he was frowning.

"Whats wrong Max?" She walked to where he stood. "What are you not telling us?" She took his shoulder, he flinched back into reality.

"It wasn't me!" Was all he said, eyes wide.

"Wasn't you...what...MAX?" He took a tight hold of her shoulders. "It wasn't me...I didn't do any of it." He was half shouting and half smiling. "God..." He ran his hands through his hair as he walked towards his shoes.

"What happened Max?" Jeff was beside him, alittle calmer but not by much. Max looked up from where he was rushing to but his shoes on. Wrong feet, he sighed.

"I HEARD her." His voice a whisper.

"What did you say?" he said,shocked, rolls reversed now he the student and Max the teacher. Max stood up.

"I could hear...what she thought...." His eyes widened. "..and she could hear me...what I was thinking." Jeff took a had begun.


"MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXX!" She reached out, she found nothing. Her eyes flung open. She couldn't breathe. Where was she? What had happened? She could still feel max on her, she could still taste him.
"Ohhhh god...." She began to shake, rocking back and forth on the bed. "....max!" She didn't understand any of it. She felt so sick, it hurt so bad inside. Then she sat bolt up. She'd seen Tess. She looked about blindly. Tess, what did it mean? She rose shaking, she felt like she was dying. She fell to the ground hard. She lay there a minute, everything that she'd seen and heard too much for the frail body. But she had to make her get up...she had to know.She had to find Tess. She didn't know how she got there but the next thing she knew she was at the door again, walking through it again..... looking straight at Tess.


"You didn't know that could happen did you?" His shoes and coat now on. Jeff nodded.
"I wonder what else your not telling us?" Jeff could see something different in his eyes, something had changed.

"Something happened else happened didn't it?" He grabbed hold of Max's arm when he started to more away, then saw the look he got and thought better of it.

"Knowledge is a powerful thing. And that's what we need, as much as we can in order to safe Liz so 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'..." He heard Maria smirk, even in a crisis she had a dirty mind. He raised an eyebrow to her. "... so to speak." Jeff knew what he was saying was right, something had changed in max, it was almost like he was acting more and more like the king he was...the king he was destined to become again. He nodded.
"Good we can talk in the car." he went for the door.

"Where are we going Max." Isabel was right behind him.

"I don't know?" He stopped to look back at them all. "...but I'll know when I get there." 5 blank faces watched him. "Didn't I tell you...I can feel her too." He smirked, disappearing into the darkness.
Jeff looked alittle shocked, as Kyle walked past him he gently patted him in the chest.

"Guess you didn't know that either... so your not holding as many cards as what you thought huh!" Jeff last thought being that this was gonna be along night, a very long night. it had already begun in the driveway.

"I TOLD YOU YOUR NOT COMING SO GET OUT OF THE CAR!" Michael was hollering from beside her.

"THE HELL I AM THIS IS MY CAR.. LIZ IS MY BEST GIRL..I'M GOING AND IF YOU CAN'T DEAL THEN YOU GET OUT!!!! She wasn't looking at him, knuckles turning white on the wheel. Michael just knew he wasn't gonna win here, he rarely did with Maria.

"Don't forget to stop at the red lights and put your lights on this time." Isabel and Kyle were now in the back.

"Okay, okay god you act as if your scared of my driving or something." Promptly sending it in reverse. She laughed. "It was a joke... I was only joking " She said while counting through the gears. The other 3 were finding something to hang onto..quickly. Max and Jeff took the other car and off they sped into the night as Michael, Kyle and Isabel shouted out "LIGHTS!".


She could only smile. "I wandered when YOU'D come crawling back....what took you so long?" She said walking slowly towards the pale, shakey figure that was leaning so hard against the wall. This felt too good, she'd waited so long to see both of them standing there before her like this. Liz couldn't look at her, she could behrly do anything, the pain was getting worse, unbearable.
"Does it hurt Liz?" Her voice cold, she bent down in order to get her to look. "Yes...there is a god after all." She laughed openly. Liz took a breath, she knew tess, she knew what she'd done so she must be evil to have done those things. Liz didn't know just how evil she was till that moment. It was like she was seeing her for the first she could see deep inside of her. Evil never looked so real to her than in that threatened to consume her but she couldn't make herself look away from those unmoving, unfeeling eyes of blue. She turned from her, clapping her hands together.
"So what do you want to know first? Why?...How?....Who?" She stopped, walking back to her. Liz tried to push back from her, from the pain that raged within her whenever tess was close but she could go no further. "Or shall I just cut to the chase and tell you all about how it was with maxieboy..." Liz's eyes widened. "...would you like that...MILA?"



"So!" Jeff replied back to the boy whos face he couldn't see through him driving while 'feeling' his is daughter. Max his eyes off the road to glare at him.

"Don't play games with me...I wanna know what your not telling me."
Jeff was unmoving . "...NOW!" He knew he had to tell him.

"Where do you want me to start?" Max was shaken by his sudden willingness to talk.

"Anywhere, just TALK.You mentioned something about the fifth before, what did you mean." Easy one to start with...good.

"Venus in the morning sky you know it right?" Max nodded, kicking himself mentally for not realizing it before. There were 5 stars, Michael, Is, him and HER (he couldn't even say her name.)made only 4...liz was the 5th.

"Why wasn't she made like us?"

"In a pod you mean.She wasn't like you to start with so she couldn't be sent back the same way." He breathed out at the memories. "Nancy and I coudn't have children but when my mother found Liz it was like a gift from god."

"Liz's Grandma found her....where? how?....." His mind racing. Jeff held up his hand. "She never said much about it so we never asked. She only told us what we needed to know, she was going to let Liz herself it ever she found out but then...." He stopped, swallowing down hard. max felt his pain of rememberence, he finished his sentence for him.

"She died." Jeff nodded. Max felt guilty still for not having been able to save her, now he had the worst reason of all. LIZ. She'd never fully know the truth, he hated himself completely at that moment
How could she ever forgive him?
"She told us that it would be okay that Liz was 100% human till..." He was stopped mid sentence.

"She's almost stabbed to death in front of me and her blood mixed with mine, I know that,now tell me something I don't know." Jeff scowled at him.

"YOU KNOW NOTHING!" He spat out.

"Then enlighten me...." Max looked dead ahead, his stomach feeling very strange all of a sudden. "....please...I need to know." Jeff face softened at hearing max's plea. He could begin to see just how much he loved his daughter. He breathed in.

"They only begin to form...they only truly come when she makes..." He couldn't say it, she was still his daughter, of sorts. He breathed in again. " you.." His voice trailed off into nothing. Max nearly left the highway.


"What the hell...and say my driving bad...!!" She pointed as they saw Max swurve. Isabel leant between the 2 seats in front. Kyle joined her, resting his chin on her shoulder.

"He's going be okay you know!" She turned and smiled at him.

"I know...but I've just realized how he must be feeling..." She rolled her eyes. "Not quiet on the same scale, but how I'd feel if...if" He leant back, he saw her eyes were shining up alittle.

"I don't fret my little popcicle (his nick name for her)." She blushed moving forward. They didn't know why they were having that talk then and there but it had to be said.

"And whys that my....." she whispered something in his ear. He nearly lost it there and then. Michaeal and maria exchanged a glance.

"(cough)'cus you've got ohhh anyother fifty or sixty years before you do."

"I hope so....I love you!" He nearly lost it again. Before he could respond she kissed him. She didn't know why she said it and why then ,but maybe it was because they were going into the unknown, to face their mortal enemy unsure of what they might face...out if they would all come out okay. She had areally bad feeling about all of this.


Liz finally let out a breath. Tess smiled.
"" She could hardly talk.

"Mila...hell yeah, why do you think I went through all this..."She waved her arms in the air around the room. "..for the good of my health or something?" Her tone had changed, it sent a shiver down liz's spine, the pain was beyond unbearable, she leant forward. She took her shoulder.
"Hey don't faint on me now girl...its just starting to get good." Liz hit back hard on the wall, she moaned. Tess frowned looking liz up and down.
"God what is it about you that got the Zan's and Max's of this and any other world so hot under the collar me." She starting pacing up and down slowly in front of her.
"I mean its not like your anything special besides why have you when he had me." She spat out, looking back at her. "Which he did repeatedly until you came along." Liz frowned, just the thought of them together...she felt like she was going to be sick.
"Well zan did anyhow's...." Tess smiled at the rememberance, the truth be known it was only that one time, their wedding night and zan was out of it,but she wasn't telling her that. She didn't care though she finally had what she'd always wanted to be queen and to 'have' Zan. She then took glee in their 'arrangement' when she saw how he felt about Mila and her jealously turned into revenge.
"...max however was a whole new ball game, he'd already found you again and no matter now hard I tried to control him, you were always there...." She was in her face. "You were the last thing he thought about before he slept and the first thing when he rose. Hell he even dreamed about you. God how sad it that, to be totally consumed by another." Her heart sank because she knew that noone would ever feel that way about her in that way. This thought spurred her on to continue.
"I was sad really 'cus he'd ever know have good it could have been between us, the sex and all." Liz stared at her, had she heard right, she wasn't sure thats why she had come but now Tess was saying it to her.
"...You mean you didn't sleep with mmmax?" There she said it. Tess shook her head.

"Believe me I tried, god how I tried but he always pushed me away." Her voice was soft, liz could have sworn that she would cru at any moment. Tess shock her head as if to awaken herself.
"Anyway I had a job to do, needs must and all so I got alittle help."
She smirked. Liz's eyes opened as wide as they could, her mouth opening to say something. Tess nodded, as if to help her say the word.

"....Zan?.." 'Please don't say yes she thought', he's so like Max. Surely they weren't that different, surely he didn't hate max...or her that much? Tess clapped.

"See that wasn't so hard was it?" She started walking again. Liz head was spinning, she couldn't think...hell she couldn't breath.

"...How?" She had to know, even it it killed her. Could this feel any better, tess thought...hell yes!

"Easy really, just find Zan and persuede him to help in destroying both your lives...pretty easy when he wanted it as much as me." She smiled. "Funny how two people...hell how two brothers,twins almost can be so different. he planned most of it actually and it worked really well don't you think?" Liz bent forward again holding her stomach. Why was this happening to her, what had she...or Mila done to deserve this?


"WHAT?" His whole world tilted again. What was he saying? That Mila would come out completely when..if they ever made love. He couldn't think, his insides aching even more. She only just let him in what end, he hadn't dared think that far ahead but now that future was no longer there for them. 'god, why couldn't they get abreak...just one break so they could finally be happy and together. Be normal teenagers for a while. They were alien but they were half human after all. But they would never be normal, they could never be normal.' What was so great about being normal anyway?" Something that he would never was Max's holy grail!Something that he would never be!!!!!!!

"Are you sure?" Please say no was his only wish.

"Thats one of the only things that I know for sure, that we were told. That you and Liz would always be together...but you and mila could never be TOGETHER."

"Why? Why is it so bad that she comes? Is she that evil?" Max wasn't sure if he wanted to know if his love was the devil...or worse. He'd still love her even if she was. Jeff laughed.

"Neither of them has an evil bone in their bodies, I already told you they are protectors...thats why they were born." Max didn't understand any of this.

"Then what?"

"They're LOVED by an unspeakable evil" He swallowed hard.

"KIVAR" Max never thought he could hate someone so much when they hadn't even met but he did. he knew he was is sworn enemy, who killed them, his whole race in the last life...and probably would in this
too but now his liz was involved in this, more than he ever thought possible and that just wasn't going to happen. He wouldn't let it. He now had is reason to fight. His destiny and that was to protect Liz/Mila until he took his dying breath.
"But why, Why is he so obsessed with L...Mila?" Jeff closed his eyes, he knew this was coming but he couldn't bring himself to tell him the whole truth, it would kill him. max saw his struggle.

"Jeff..please tell me."

"He'd always hated you, he thought Mila did too, thats what she told him, so that's why she was choosen to get close to betray you to him." the reaction was as jeff had figured, max crashed off the road.


She HAD to know more. "" She stood up, she had to be strong.She told see, feel how much tess was enjoying this.

"Well where to begin..." She tapped her chin. "...ohhh yeah, where it all started.... your visitor from the future!" Liz gasped.

"no..." She shook her head.She knew it was coming but she didn't want to believe it to be so. " can't be...." She tutted.

"So willing to believe a lie but when the truth is there in front of you you throw it really are a stupid bitch!" liz began to cry. It was all her fault...she had believed the lie and now everyone was suffering for my stupidity. Max should never had saved her that day!!

"So how does it feel to know that you caused so much know that YOU killed Alex!" That was it, a direct hit. Liz always blamed herself for changing the future, for whatever reason she thought it was for the best. But it was all a lie and she was so quick to believe it. Did she think so little of Max, to not have seen, seen through the act? Thought so little of their relationship to been willing to throw it away so quickly. He was wrong, she was to blame, he'd done everything for her when she'd done nothing of him but break his heart...over and over again. She felt like the evil one now.

"Bbbut..." She said brokenly.

"Enough of need to hear just how stupid you've been. Let me recap." She held out her hand as if to count them on her fingers.
"Leaving for sweden...sees Max, only its Zan!" Liz's eyes close.
"Alex's funeral, the prom....every time you saw Max, it was only him when he was responsing to what you'd seen...what ZAN had done." She was smiling again.
"Poor max...he had no idea. Must have been hard not knowing what was going on." Liz opened her eyes, tears were filling them.

"So you mind warped him?" She felt numb, the realization of her actions numbing out the pain. Tess nodded.

"We weren't sure if it would work on him, but obviously it a dream." The room felt like it was getting smaller and smaller to Liz. She wanted to say so much but she was just so tired.
"we just made sure Zan and Max never met, we had to knock him out afew times but bingo the plan worked." liz had to ask the only question that NEEDED to be asked.

"Why?" Tess saw her sahke and the look in her eyes. She drew closer, searching out her eyes.

"You really have no idea do you?" Liz could only lightly shake her head from side to side. That made Tess smile the widest smile yet.
"Kivar has told you nothing?" She sounded shocked. Liz remembered what he'd said, what she was so affaid that max would find out. She was sick then, and on an emtpy stomach...not pretty.

"So why ask, you should be honoured to be loved so much, no matter of what reason and who by, to do all this just so he could find you again...have you again. If I were you I'd be grateful, after the baby and all...." She trailed off when she saw the look. She inched towards her, she don't know and she would be the one to tell her. She yelled out.

"YAHOO!!Thank you THANK YOU!" She looked up at the ceiling- 'sky'.
"You wanna know why...I'll tell you why....!"

"TESS...STOP!" They both knew that voice. Tess sighed and turned to the open door. "NOW!"

"Thats right, spoil all my fun...Thanks Zan!"

PART 19 (alittle uncomfortable to read but necessary.)

Max held on the car, amazing both himself and Jeff, who now was turning to get his mouth from out of the dashboard. The car came to a
halt unharmed. Max just looked in his direction open mouthed.
"Knew I shouldn't have said that one while on the road..." He smiled which soon with when he saw the look of disbelief and horror on max's face.

" she didn't do it, she never let it get that far." He heard Max openly heave out, closing his eyes and reasting his head down hard on the steering wheel. Next thing, banging on the window and his door opening.

"MAXWELL..WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON...?" yanking him practically out of the car, watching him then lean over the hood. Max just shook his head, breathing easier now. He looked up to see Maria on the ground, head between her legs while Kyle was trying to get her to breath. Isabel was at his side in no time.

"Max what happened?" Jeff spoke for him.

"I just told Max something without thinking.." Max looked over to him.

"So she didn't...?"

"NO...she would rather have died first." He looked down at his feet, his look went unnoticed.

"Then why...." Max didn't fininsh.

" was the only way that she could get close to you...and keep HIM away." Michael was getting restless now.

"Would somebody mind telling me just what the hell you two guys are going on about?" He demanded, hands on hips.

"Theres no time, we gotta keep moving." Seeing michael was going to except that he then turned to Max.
"I'll tell you everything but you know I'm right don't you Max?" Who was now walking out towards the darkness. They could see him nod. Isabel stood beside him, reating her hand on his arm, waiting for him to talk.

"I can feel her Is." He said confusingly. Isabel was going to push but now wasn't the time. The moment was interupted by Kyle.

"Where the hell are we?" No-one had even thought thy'd been driving for hours, only following Max would was following....liz, the feeling..whatever. They looked around. Max was already at the car, then they saw the sign that he'd seen...the sign to COPPER SUMMIT.


"I SAID STOP." He'd cleared the space between them in seconds, looking at Liz the whole time. She on the other hand was moving herself along the wall, as fast as she could, not able to look at them or to say a word.

"Who died and put you in charge?" She spat out at him. "NO, she doesn't know, she needs to know and I' gonna tell her about what happened to her baby..." That's as far as she got, Zan's hand catching her face, sending her backwards.

"I TOLD YOU NO...." he then looked back at Liz, who had now stopped moving...stopped breathing. His heart was thumping almost out of his chest. had she heard that bitch?...the look on her face told him she had. he stepped towards her, she stepped back.

"NO...STAY AWAY FROM..." She held out her arms to make him stay away, but she was weak...too weak. She was crying hard, the tears blocking her vision.

"Liz..." His voice low. He reached out to her, she kicked and screamed as best she could.

"WHY...YOU SONOTABITCH...!" His hold on her hardened.

"LIZ!" She was like a wildcat. "LIZ...STOP."

"WHY...YOU...RUINED..MY LIFE...WHY?" She was crying like she never thought she could. She felt nothing as he held her, he didn't either. His moment had gone...forever.
Tess was up and walking over to them.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?..LEAVE HER..."She wanted her to suffer. She then saw the look that he was giving Liz. "Your in love with her....god anyone else?" She saw how Liz fought back.
"Obviously not mutual hugs and kisses today arhhhhhh!" He just looked up at her. "Should have taken her when you had the planned. Falling in love with this one is the biggest mistake that you'll ever make." He knew exactly what she meant. He was still trying to control her, walking her forceablely there. She was screaming all the while.
"WHERE ARE YOU GOING?.." She ran in front of them. " can't be serious...after all the trouble he had to get can't take her..." She was panicing, she knew what would happen if he did. She was affaid of nothing...except Kivar.

"MOVE." He tried side stepping her, liz wasn't helping at all.

"You can't be serious." She was abitch, but she still didn't wanna see Zan dead...any version of him. "HE'LL KILL YOU!"
Zan looked at the wriggling angel held fast in his arms then back at Tess.

"I already am...I have been for along MOVE BITCH!" His eyes bore into hers. She stood fast, folding her arms tight.

"Not achance, I've worked too long and too hard to let it all turn to shit....anyway make me." He stopped and looked at her. She smiled.
"You haven't got the balls!" She smiled even more, not seeing the full on fist that sent her flying hard into the wall. She hit the ground hard.

"Wrong!" And they were out the door.

Liz's 'room' wasn't far and she wasn't fighting as hard, she felt herself slowly losing the control of her limbs. Everything felt like it was leaving her. He threw her in the door. She fell to the ground hard. He was down beside her in on time. Her eyes filled with hatred, or so he saw. It cut deep into him as if he'd been stabbed. she was like a ragdoll in his arms. He lightly touched her face. It was then that he saw that her cuts and bruises were gone...completely. He smiled...Max, hadn't found her somehow, in her dreams. A place were he'd never be. She started to fight him again.


"LIZ" He shook her. "LIZ...STOP...ELIZABETH...." She stopped, looking straight at him, nobody called her that...unless she'd done something wrong as a child. He had hold of her collar tight, he pulled her to his face.
"LISTEN TO ME..." She went to look away, he pulled at her again. "LISTEN...DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE?" no response. "do you want to go home?" Still nothing, his voice softening still.
"Do you wanna see Max again?" Her eyes flickered, she'd moved. She everso slightly nodded, although it hurt her so much to do so.

"Then help me.." He was pleading with her. she tilted her head slightly to look at him. "I'" He'd done enough already, a lifetimes worth. She didn't know how or why but she knew he wasn't going to. It was like she saw right inside him and she couldn't see anything bad or evli to suggest that he would...see only saw love. He swallowed down hard, just looking at her,holding was enough to kill him. he had no right to but he touched her cheek, she didn't move away. He breathed out heavierly.
"Do you trust me?" She did. She nodded. He pulled away from her and got up. he missed the contact already.

"Then stay here...I'll be back." She could only nod again as he disappeared out the door. She pulled her legs tight up under her chin and again to rock. She couldn't think, everything had been so jumbled, still not wanting to believe any of it. She only felt the evil when it had hold of her shoulders, pulling her to the ground. It was too late by then.


"LIZ?" He gasped.

"What?" Jeff leant into him as he still drove. "MAX." He shouted, pulling max back to reality.

"I...felt her...she's...." His foot automatically hit harder on the gas.
"...god she's scared...he's...." He stopped then he could feel he nomore. He'd gotten used to it gentle hum that was now oart of him, like he'd never been without it, but now it was almost painful...then nothing.

"Max...?" He was affaid to ask.

"II..can't...can't..feel..her.." He said brokenly, looking widened into the darkness.


Anderson hit her hard again...then again. She could feel herself blacking out. She could behrly make out what he was saying to her, only hearing his laughter and her clothes tearing but she could do nothing. He was so heavily, she felt his breath on her face.

"See how you like that you little bitch!" He hit her again. her world was going black...her only thought being of Max!! She was gone.

Anderson only felt himself being dragged off of her. Then the kicks and blows one after the other. He loved the pain! Zan would never know why he'd decided to come back for her when he did. Or how he hade it across that room so fast. Or how he didn't manage to kill him there and then. But there was no time they had to move...NOW! He kicked him low again, then gently picking Liz up and they were then gone.
Anderson rolled on the floor, back and forth holding himself. He finally got up as Kivar come up behind him.

"There...all worked like a charm." He stated, as he straighten up. Kivar never looked at him. "How far do you think they'll get?"

"As far as I want them too." He smiled then turning to him. Anderson stopped as he saw the look and as he walked towards him, leaning in when he was right in front of him.

"Do you remember what I said the last time?" His voice cold. Anderson shook his head, then stepped back...he remembered! He began to shake.

"But you wanted me to do were even watching..." He was trying to make it to the door, when he was meet by Kivar closing it slowly, smiling all the while. Anderson stepped back into the room...he had nowhere to go.

"NO!" Was all he said. Kivar was following his every move.

"Now, which part is it gonna be first...hey?" He said with asmirk on his face. he was going to enjoy this, he'd always hated the little prick.
'fucking aliens...' was Anderson's last thought. He had no idea!


It felt like they'd been driving for hours....days, they had but weren't prepared to stop for a moment. Liz had to be to Copper Summitt, history repeating itself. But why? Jeff had said no more, now was not the time, and max was not in the mood to talk. He was affaid that by talking he wouldn't beable to feel her, if...when she came back, he hadn't felt her in so miles. So he drove in silence, until he could drive no more, they had to stop. The motel was just off the highway, noone felt like sleeping but they would be no good to her as they were without some sort of rest. They were all going to share one room, not wishing to separate when they were so close but that would have been impossible so Maria and Michael took one, Kyle and Is one leaving Max and Jeff to take the last. Max hadn't spoken for hours so noone pushed. They ordered pizza and bundled into max's room, not really hungry but not wanting to be too far away from each other if the truth be known.

"So what do we do when we get there?" Michael was the only who dared address the obvious. Everyone looked around the room, not knowing what to say.

"It least we have our powers and we know what we're facing."

"That's just it." Jeff answered. "You have no idea who...what your dealing with here." His face echoed the harrowing truth of his voice.

"Oh and you do?" Michael was tired of his bullshit, if he knew any more he was going to tell him, right now.

"Only what I've already told you..." Michael cut him off.

" tell us EVERYTHING or so help me I don't care who's father or boss you are, I'll knock you the hell down." Maria saw how he was getting, walking over to him in order to take his arm.

"Hey..." He looked at her, she smlied. "How about we go for a walk spaceboy?" She took his hand, entwining her fingers into amongst his, smiling the whole time. He nodded and walked her to the door, giving Jeff the evil as they past him. Max then spoke.

"Stay close." He wasn't even looking at them, his mind on something else...someone else. He had a feeling but nothing more.

"Do you want us to stay?" She said. Max looked up at his sister, still so protective of him, even after all that had happened...all that he'd done. he gave her one of his smiles, her heart soared. it was only of alittle while but she hadn't seen that smile in a while, it was like he'd only just remembered again that he had it. Max was doing alot of things differently these days...pity Liz wasn't there to see it. They'd become real close these past few months, thet were becoming like sisters. Isabel knew that Liz spent so much time with her because she wanted to but also things as they were with Max, she could still remain close to him.

"No..its okay, get some rest." He looked back to the piece of floor that was now like a friend to him. She looked over at Jeff.

"Take care of him." He just nodded. That had two meanings, watch out for him as well as becareful what you say to him. The look she gave him told her not to mess with her. Max suddenly got up, heading for the door, pushing them aside. He flung it open just as Michael and Maria reached it, both out of breath.

"LIZ." Was is first reaction, the feeling was stronger.

"Better or worse pending on your point of view. I'd say worse myself...." He was rambling.

"SHUT UP... lay down before you hurt yourself Guerin."

"WHAT?" Max roared. She looked him straight in the eye.

"ZAN'S HERE!" Max didn't see that one coming.

"ZAN...HERE..." He looked about wildly, pushing her aside. "WHERE?" He took hold of her shoulders hard. She pointed to the room at the far end, across the way.

"He went in there." Max was already across the road, narrowly missing an oncoming car.

"SHIT, MAXWELL..WAIT!" The others following. He was getting that feeling again...LIZ was close. he didn't know how he knew but he did.
he reached the door and was about to go through it with his shoulder when michael pulled him roughly to one side, dragging him away from his target.

"GET OFF OF ME, MICHAEL." Who promptly threw him up against the wall, holding him there.

"We don't know who's in there with him..."

"Liz!" Max struggled.

"We don't know that.." Max stared him down.

"I DO." Michael believed him.

"Whatever Maxwell but we can't just go barging in there if she is can we?" He was talking sense. Max nodded as Michael let him go. He breathed out hard.

"So what do we do?" Max just looked at Kyle.


BANG! BANG! Zan came out of the bathroom, eyes wide. He froze for a moment, looking at the bed then back at the door.

BANG! BANG! BANG! And a voice.

"HEY YOU IN THERE?" BANG! BANG! Every one making him shudder. he went to the window and pulling back the curtaislightly. The lighting was crap but he saw the voice. he looked okay, aliitle dorking but definately human. he went for the latch and pulled the door open.
Kyle turned round to him.

"Hi there." He gave a little wave. Dorky, drunk and human, great.

"Yes" He could see him trying to seak a peak into the room over his shoulder. zan blocked his view.
"Yes..don't make me repeat myself again." Kyle just smiled.

"Have you seen my girlfriend?" He said looking about him.

"What?" This was not what he needed right now.

"Yeah, silly cow we had a row..." He was still looking round. Zan's eyes followed his.

"And?" He'd had enough of this.

"Ohh she's about yay tall." He showed Zan, falling sidewards alitte. "Brown hair..." He put is hand into circles around his eyes.
"Big browm eyes." He giggled. "Drop end gorgeous actually." Zan raised his eyes to the sky. What was it with humans, never knowing when to stop.

"And this means WHAT to me?"

"OHHH...I just saw you with one thats all...thought it was her."
Zan's eyes got really wide, really quickly. Kyle stopped smiling.
"So is she here?" he was pushing past him to get in. zan put up a hand to his chest, stopping him dead.

"Whose asking?" He didn't see the fist until it was in his face, throwing him backwards.

"ME...ASSHOLE!" Max stood over him, now in the room. Zan rolled onto his back, rubbing his chin as he looked up at his dupe for the first time. 'nice shot' not that he told max that.

"Is that the best you can do..Maxwell you disappoint." he sat up slowly, smiling. max was about to go again when something stopped him....more to the point someone who was laying on the bed. he couldn't make himself talk let alone move. he knew it was liz before he heard Maria.

"LIZ." Even though she ran towards the bed before he did, Max got there first. He just stood over her, not daring to even breathe in case it was all a dream and she disappeared . He reached out her, stopping when he saw her face. Rage pumped through his veins, and he was on Zan before anybody could blink.

"YOU SONOFABITCH...*punch* WHAT THE..*punch* FUCK *punch* DID *punch*
YOU DO *punch punch* TO...HER *punch punch punch*?" All the play and other fights that they never had, that brothers shared while growing up all rolled into one there and then. It wasn't pretty. Nobody was volunteering too quickly to break up that one, especially when max had him pinned to the floor.
Max was acting like he was from another planet...hell he was. It scared them, they'd seen him fight, get angry but never like this. He could quiet have easy killed Zan at that point, right where he lay, with his behr hands.
"ANSWER ME YOU BASTARD...WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?" zan was holding his own but max was like an alien posessed. "WHY...TELL ME WHY?"

"BECAUSE I LOVE HER." pushing max off of him and clean across the room, spitting out blood as he spoke. He sat up slowly, not bothering to look at anybody. Max was utterly at a loss but he didn't know how but he'd found his way back to her. He was crawling on all fours across the bed until he was at her side. Reaching out slowly to her, he moved some hair from her face, he touched her cheek. Nothing, he felt nothing. her limb and frail body was soon in his arms, resting in his lap. Still nothing. He closed his eyes tight and breathed out, it was like he was taking his first breath all over again. Then the tears came and they didn't stop. Gently rocking her back and forth.
"Its okay now baby, your safe...." He knew he had no right to but he bent down and placed a light kiss on her hair. "...your home now."
And he knew in that moment that he too has home, and one that he would never leave again...or let her leave, no matter what was the right or wrong thing to do...they were together again. And that was all that mattered...The way it should be.


Max never left her side, for fear that she would be gone when he came back. She still hadn't woken up, only stirring restlessly in the slumber from time to time. She seemed to calm down when he lay with her, so lay he did. He couldn't sleep, he hadn't been able to for awhile but just laying beside her.. he would wake to find that he too had slept. but he wished he hadn't because he would dream of that night over and over again. As well as images of the past year, images that he now knew weren't of him...they were of Zan, imprinted onto his brain as his own by that bitch. He woke in a cold sweat, shaking everytime, he would feel her tight in his arms and he would hold on alittle tighter. How had he been without this, without her for so long.
After that first night came the questions, Zan had no idea what hit him, but they were Liz's friends...her family, who loved her dearly and he understood why the urgency. It was Liz after all. He was now in with jeff, they wouldn't let him leave, little did they know that he could have left if he'd wanted to. but he didn't not till he knew she was alright. So he let them ask their questions. He told them everything from after the truck hit him and Kivar saved him to how he fooled them all by pretending to be Max. They just listened in horror until Isabel finally spoke.

"I still don't understand...why?" She went and sat near him, but not too close. " Do you hate Max that much?" She was lost to think that somebody would do something like this just because of hatred, they'd never met of christsake, they knew nothing about each other.Zan could only nod.
"But why, what did he ever do to you?" He just looked at her, god she looked do much like Lonnie as Michael did Rath, it scared him. Wanting to kill them for what they had done, realizing they were someone else. then it hit him, he had family that would only ever be his enemy and that made him feel alittle sad.

"He found Liz first."

"What?... and thats your excuse for what you and that bitch did to me and mine." She paced up and down infront of him. He smiled, he liked her not for who she was but for how much she cared for liz. A loyal and true friend. She shook her head. She wanted to take his off.
Jeff spoke for the first time in ages, finding it hard to take in. How come two boys who could twins and who both love his daughter so much be so different. They could all see his pain, for whatever reason it had began he was here now, he'd saved liz....he was on his way to Roswell to bring her back to them. He loved her and was willing to do anything for her. he wasn't a friend...he'd never be that, only a well needed soldier in a battle that they had no idea about.

"So why all this when Kivar only wants Liz?" Zan smiled.

"If you knew Kivar then you'd understand why." he said, shifting in his chair.

"MORE RIDDLES...YOU'RE AS BAD AS HE IS...." Michael pointed to Jeff.
"JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!" Zan liked Michael too, so like him.

"He wanted to make them feel pain, he enjoys watching people suffer."

"So nothing about me was true...from before?" She leant forward wanting to hear the answer but fearing it at the same time. Zan smiled.

"No...not like you heard it."

"SONOFABITCH!" she shouted, getting up fast. She was crying, with relief almost like a weight had been lifted. Kyle went to her, holding her till the tears stopped.

"I still don't understand...why all this? I thought he wanted to find away home..not stay here." Maria had calmed. Zan laughed.

"Now why would he what to do that when it took him so long to get here...." He leaned towards her. " and why would he go back when Mila was here?"

"What is about Mila whats got him all hot under the collar that he would basically destory anybody and anything to get to her?" Zan find Jeff.

"You haven't told them everything have you?" Jeff shook his head. Zan laughed, getting up. "How are they surposed to help if they don't know how to...if they don't know the truth, the truth of just what their up against." He knew too. "Have you told them about the baby and how Mila died?" Jeff could only shake his head.

"Excuse me, who's baby are we on about here?" Maria had to be the one to ask. Zan took a breath and looked around the room, stopping on Jeff.

"Shall you or shall I?" Jeff stepped forward motioning Zan to sit down.

"I will." So then he told them the truth, the whole truth. Maria cried out, not even Michael could comfort her. There were 6 people in that tiny room and 4 of them had just had their whole worlds pulled out from underneath them.
"Do we agree?" Jeff finally said, breaking the stuned silence. Nobody said aword.
"AGREED!" They had to do this. They all either nodded or agreed in hushed tones.
"Max and Liz must NEVER know any of this..." Maria went to say something but what could she say. For the first time in her life she was at a loss for words.
"and they must never be together...Mila must never come for all our sakes. Agreed!" They nodded again. Jeff started to walk around.
"Now for the hard part, getting liz away from here....away from Max."
Zan looked up, his eyes looking wide and shiny.

"It will kill her." was all he said.

"It will kill them both but I can't see any other way, better that than the other way...." He trailed off at the thought of it. "...their get over it." Jeff knew they were only words. Isabel just looked into nothing.

"You don't know my brother." was all that she said.


Max knew that she would wake up, he couldn't think of it being any other way. But what of them, their future was once so clear to him but now, he shivered at the thought. The unknown. What would he say to her? What would she say to him? Jeff told him not to say anything to her about Mila, there was no need, she didn't have to know. But she did, they had shared awhole other life, a life 'together', he felt dizzy just thinking about it. God how he wanted that so much for them now,it made him ache inside. And now that the whole truth was out about the past year they had achance...a chance to start again and nothing was going to stand in the way of that...Kivar...Mila...nothing. it was now his turn to make all her dreams came true as she had done him by just being her, letting him in and not running away when she found out about him. He took a breath, he so wanted to be close to her right now, to hold her. he walked out into the room........

"please liz..its me...Max...PLEASE". The next thing she said almost killed him.


Then she saw his face, something about his eyes just made her stop. She tilted her head slightly, the look turning into a stare. He looked so affaid just standing there in front of her....her eyes widened. He was affaid for her, he was shaking, she could even see a tear start to form.

"Lizzz.." His voice broken. She could feel herself spin, she so wanted to go to him. Touch him, not knowing why...just knowing if she had to do one thing at that moment it was that. She took astep forward, ever inching closer. Max did the same,he couldn't breathe. They could almost feel the heat from each other, they were almost there....then the door burst in. They broke apart quickly...Liz went flying back,landing heavy on the wall. She looked wildly at the group all squashed together in the doorway, all eyes on her.
"LIZZZZZZZ" Maria screamed, going to run to her.

"MARIA...NO!" He held out his hand to her, not taking his eyes off of Liz. "DON'T.....STAY BACK." She froze.

"Max?". He pushed his hand out further towards her..them.

"Lets okay...Liz...their friends...they WON'T hurt you.." His voice like honey to her...she felt something...but her head spun. She felt herself fall, Max went to go to her but she was able to steady herself before he was anywhere near her. She looked at them then back at the man. There was something about his eyes....she saw his other hand out stretched to her. Those eyes, god she couldn't breathe. She looked back at his hand then back at his face.

"Liz please...we won't hurt you....I promise!" That was it, she believed him, she didn't know why but she just knew. She looked back at his shaky, hand. One foot wn=ent in front of the other. One after the other. She slowly reached out her hand to him, he was smiling at her. Her soared. She was nearly there..both fearing that they would faint as they felt each other presence nearing. Their fingertips almost touching when...

"LIZZIE..." Jeff said, pushing everyone aside to get to her. He grabbed hard of her shoulders as he stepped between them, Max stepped back...he had no choice. She looked only looked at max from over Jeff's shoulder as he pulled her close, her eyes almost pleading with him. She heard the strangers cries of joy and felt him hold her close but she didn't respond. How were they all? Her eyes widened, max felt her fear, and felt it settle again when she looked back at him. He gave her a gentle smile, the feeling was back. As she looked at the boy before her so knew there was nothing to be affaid of. She felt herself begin to breath again as she looked into his eyes...god those eyes. She felt something stir deep inside, like something had awoken, like it reckonized the boy before her. She wiggled in the older mans arms she didn't want to be there, she wanted to be with him. Jeff felt her fighting he pulled her away to look at her. She was only looking at Max.

"Liz...its me...daddy?" His voice heartfelt, she finally looked at him. She frowned then slowly looked back at Max, he could felt her move. She was trying to get back to him, inch by inch. He let go of her arms, she was nearly back. Max just stood perfectly still, just watching her as she came closer and closer. His heart was in his throat, his chest heaving. Was he the only one who was feeling hot and dizzy, he saw her flushed face...he was not. They were being drawn back together, and nothing was getting to stop it. Almost there.

"Max." He could hear his voice being called but didn't look. "Max can I speak to you...outside." It was Jeff. Still he couldn't take his eyes from her.

"MAX!" He flinched looking up. "Can I talk to you outside...NOW!" Outside, away from her was the last place that he wanted to be but he had to get out. he couldn't breathe, the urge to take her there and then, infront of everybody too much ro behr. He nodded and side stepped liz, she watched him go. Her eyes wide, her heart thumping. He was leaving!

"NO!" They all looked at their frightened friend, she was shaking uncontrollably. Max looked back from the door. They just stared each other down for a moment. He smiled at her. he sensed that she didn't want him to leave, as much as he didn't want to go.

"I'" He smiled again. "...I promise...its okay." Then he was gone. She felt lost. She looked around the room, at all the strange faces. But she wasn't affaid. He 'd said it was okay and she believed him. She missed him already. Isabel nugged forward, smiling.

"Lets get you cleaned up." She gently put an arm around her, turning her towards the bathroom. She went willingly. Michael motioned for Maria to go to, she shook her head. He went to her, feeling her fear.
he genltly kissed her head.

"She needs you." She followed them in.Leaving him and Kyle alone. Michael kicked the chair across the room.
"DAMN IT." He was finally losing control, everything was just too much. He went to the door, flinging it open and almost off its hindges.

"Michael, where are you going?"

"To see Max's rejects, theres something else to this that were are not being told." Kyle shook his head.

"We know everything, they told us. Now we agreed so just leave it." he said looking back at the bathroom door. Michael looked back at him.

"I know what we said but I answer to no one. This is far from being over. Now are you coming?" Kyle was at the door in seconds.

"Hell yeah." wanting nothing more than he smack the crap out of Zan. Waiting for michael to finally wake up to wanting to as well, always agood idea to have an alien on your side when your off to kick some alien butt. He learned never to leave home without one these days.


"I don't care I can't not be there for her. " Max was at a loss.

"I know how you feel..."

"Don't even go there you have no idea how I'm feeling." He was pacing up and down beside the road. "I told her I'd be back...I promised her and I've broken enough of those to last a lifetime, no more." He looked at him. "She deserves better."

"I know thats why you know that what I'm saying is right, with you she doesn't have a chance...not now but without you she has a chance." He got up, walking over to Max.
"You say you want the best for her Max but how can you be so sure that that is with you?" Max rested his head in his hands.

"Just know how I feel and it feels right when I'm with Liz, it always has. You said so yourself, we belong together, thats why she came to us...came to me." He shook his head. "Now you say we can't be together, that other I leave or you take her away from me." He closed his eyes, not able to even think about his last statement.
"Why? What's changed?" He really didn't know.

"I saw you both in that room, do you really think that you can stay away from her...How long do you think you can hid it from yourself when everybody else in that room could see it as plain as day."

"I can try, I can make it work." He pleaded, knowing too well that he spoke the truth. he didn't know what was wrong with liz or how she was feeling, he only knew how he felt...totally out of control. Truth be known he just wanted to take her there and then in that front of everybody. It scared him just how out of control he was feeling, like something else was controlling him.

"Are you willing to take that risk?" It was his turn to plead. Max just nodded.

"MIL...." Max cut him off.

He thought he was going to pass out, his lungs hurt so much. Jeff knew there would be no talking to him. He breathed out long and hard.

"Not even for your daughter?" His voice a whisper but Max heard. He turned slowly to face him, his face moulded by fear.

"Whh...what?" Max begun to shake. "My... Wwhat?" Jeff never expected to be having this conversation but it was all that he had left, Max had to know. He steadied himself on the wall. It then started to raining, hard as if the skies knew what was about to come.

"In your life before you, Zan and Mil..."

"HE'S GONE!" It was Michael. "That sonofabitch has cut out on us." They knew he meant Zan.

"WHAT?" His first thought was of Liz. The sudden ache from within him confirmed his first thought. He felt her fear. He'd cleared the wall and was almost at their door before the others knew what was happening.

"LIZ." He screamed out to her. Nothing. He searched around the room, he couldn't feel her. He went to ran out the door, bumping into Maria and Isabel, who were also calling to her.

"I'm so sorry Max.. I..I thought I was helping..." She said breathlessly, bending over in between his out stretched arms.

"Is what...TELL ME." He still couldn't feel her, was it because of his blind panic or was it...

"I saw all the bruises, they were so horrible Max...I had to do something..."

"So you tried healing them." She nodded, she began to cry.Maria then spoke.

"She freaked out or something, running out of the room and" She couldn't say the words.

"She's gone Max." Isabel buried her head in his chest. "I'm so sorry."
Liz was gone! Max just held her, unable to move, talk or even breathe. Then he felt it, something from behind him that made him move. Letting go of Is slowly he turned round. His heart just stopped at that moment at what he saw. He'd know her anywhere. Liz was standing over the other side of the street just staring at him through the rain. He didn't know how he got there but she was in front of him in the next moment. He just stopped, searching out her eyes, as she did his. Neither felt the rain soaking them. He reached out and touched her cheek with his hand, to make sure she was really there, she leaned into his open hand, they eyes never leaving each others. He couldn't feel or see anything but her. His hands now either side of her face, pulling her closer to him. He bent in under her chin as she took either side of his face in her her hands. They stopped mid breath. He then took her and drank. Their hands were at each others face and in each others hair, relentlessly searching. Silently pleading for more. He pulled her whole body in close to his, he wanted her to just disappear inside for him, he pulled her in even closer...deepening their kiss. She fitted him just perfectly, she began to move against him, as he did her. They were out of control. his hands were at her back, hers at his collar, still drinking each other in.


It was raining just as hard.
"I'll love you till my dying day."

*Flash ends*

From over the road 5 pairs of eyes just watched, unable to speak at what they saw. Maybe it was at their embrace that did it or maybe it was just the glow that now utterly surrounded them. They all ran over to them, calling to them to stop. But they didn't...they couldn't.
Jeff went to pull them apart but something threw him backwards and to the ground. They finally pulled apart, if only to breathe, their lungs running on empty. They breathed in hard, not ever breaking the contact of a moment. they then spoke at the same time, only one word, the same word and in a whisper.

"Forever." was that word.

"Max...Look..." Maria finally spoke. "...Liz...." They all saw what she was looking at. Liz had not one cut, mark or bruise on her entire body...they had all completely gone. Max just looked at her now behr, perfect skin and gently brushed her arm. They were sure that they saw it spark as they touched.
Jeff grabbed Liz's arm and turned her to go. He felt Max's strong hand clamp down hard on his arm.

"NO!" Jeff then met his eyes, he would never forget how they looked for the rest of his life....pure defiance.
"She stays with me." He then took Jeff's hand off of her arm, letting his own hand glide down her arm ending with him lacing his hand into hers. Liz could only look at him, she felt like she had been lost for so long but now she was home. She squeezed tighter on his hand. he looked at their hands then back at her.

"Liz?" Noone had thought to ask. She tore herself away from those amber eyes for only a moment in order to smile at her friend.

"Yes Maria...its me." She smiled again. Maria squealed as she flung her arms around her neck. Liz returned the gesture. Max just watched as they all had their turn at holding and kissing her, he missed her closeness, he felt a pang of jealously at their closeness to her now.

'they've missed me too max'

He frowned at her, she'd spoken, he'd heard her but her lips weren't moving. She was smiling at him. He would have to get used to their new found connection.

'you will'

He smiled back at her. He would have to be careful about this.

'yes you will'

He squeezed her hand tighter, it almost hurt her. She liked it.


"MAXWELL!" He snapped his head upto Michael. "Hello." He waved his hand in front of his face.
"Our you even listening to me....What now? Please say getting out of this rain 'cus I sure don't wanna fight psychoalienman with a cold and a sneeze being my only weapon against 'unspeakable evil'. that just ain't working of me."
Max looked around at all the eyes. What next indeed / they had his presious angel back but Kivar was still out there and still wanting Liz/mila for some reason.

"Nothing...till morning then we talk." He looked down at Liz, totally soaking wet by now, she was shivering. He pulled her into his shoulder, turning to go.

"You come with me Liz." Jeff said in his most affective 'do as I say fatherly voice' holding his hand out to her. She shook her head. Jeff went to say something.

"I've already told you.... she STAYS with me." He looked back at her, She broke into a smile. "We've got a lot of catching up to do."
The smile got wider. But they both knew that they HAD to talk, they NEEDED to ressolve things. Sleeping would not be on the menu tonight, both wishing that it would be for another reason besides needing to talk, both knowing that that could never be. They walked hand in hand in the rain slowly towards the room in silence. Max opened the door, letting Liz enter first, the contact still not breaking. Their night had only just begun.

"OOHHH YEAHHHH that whole can't be 'together or else bullshit'is really gonna work here." he patted Jeff on the chest as he walked by.
"Nice try but there's no way on this earth or any other that you can keep those two space cookies apart. Its been along time coming and nothing gonna stop it." Jeff went to speak. He shook his head, taking Maria's hand.

"Don't even try." She said as they left too.
Isabel walked over to him, putting her hand on his arm.

"You tried your best but you know nothing about them. Whatever is meant or not meant to happen they are not Zan and Mila...their something much more than we realize, than even they realize. All we can do is stay close by , help all we can and pick up the pieces that will be left behind. Do you understand?" He nodded , his eyes glazed. She smiled.
"Now try and get some asleep...we'll try an figure something out in the morning, kay?" She turned and took Kyles hand.

"When did you become Oprah all of a sudden?" He said as they reached the door.

"Shut up or I'll hurt you."

"ohhh promises...promises." She pushed him in.They all neede alittle light relief after what they learnt these pasr few days. Jeff just looked at all the doors that now held them inside, those 'children' who had no idea but who were prepared to fight of each other, on questions asked. A rare thing to find in this world, but half of them weren't from this world. Figures, he smiled as he went back to his room alone. Wishing for sleep for all of them for just one night, knowing that it wouldn't come for any of them tonight.


Max turned back to put the latch on the door, breathing out heavily as he did so. Liz hadn't moved from his side, she still held on tightly to his hand. He closed his eyes, she was so close...too close. He opened his eyes, suddenly nervous at their closeness and the obvoius fact that they were now completely and utterly alone. His body was sensing hers and was reacting to it, fast...too fast. He caught her eyes as he turned back, they locked. God she'd never looked more beautiful to him than what she did at that moment. He couldn't breathe. He just wanted to take her there and then, wanting to lose himself in her forever. He was finding it hard to stand in one place, shifting slightly to easy himself, hoping that she wouldn't notice the effect that she was having on him. She felt the effect that she was having on him, it was pushing hard against her hipbone, it was making her feel dizzy and so wet. She was fighting her own battle, and losing just as he was. Their faces only inches apart their hot breath mixing deliciously on their wet skin. They'd closed the space betwwen even more, only realizing it when their lips were about to dance. She was shivering out of control by now, Max gently pulled away.

"" his voice low and breathy. She shivered even more, she wasn't in the least bit cold it was her bodies reaction to him. the feeling was getting more and more intense, unlike anything that she had ever felt before. Him just standing beside her, hearing him breath and feeling it hitting her skin was literately rocking her entire being. She just nodded in agreement not taking her eyes off of his.

"You'd better take a bath...." he pulled away alittle more, she saw that he was blushing. she didn't think he could look anymore beautiful to her but at that moment...he did and it took her breath away.
" ..warm..up." She smiled at his awkwardness, touching his arm. He almost lost it there and then. She then walked towards the bathroom, brushing past him as she went. Alittle too hard and alittle too long. He watched her every move, he was just grateful that he had his shirt pulled from his pants, that she couldn't see. But she could feel him as he could her.

"I'll be right here...if you need me(cough)anything." She stopping, turning back to look at him. She leant her head on the doorframe. She smiled one of her smile that she only had for him, he hadn't see it for so long...too long. He thought he never would again but there it was, his heart soared.

"Thank you Max...I won't be long...then.." She took a breath as he did. "We'll talk..." her voice trailing off. He smiled then nodded at her. She lingered there awhile longer before going into the bathroom and pushing the door to. Max let a soft groan as he found the bed, laying back on it. God this was going to be such a long and hard night. He looked down and smiled at himself, not in that way,he was already there were that was concerned... to the point of it being unbehrable to take and impossible to resist. he closed his eyes, hoping that the needy ache within him would have passed by the time that she came out of the bathroom. He smiled it himself, who was he trying to kid. She was smiling too upon hearing his every word but the smile soon went as the memories started to come back.



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Max felt every part of his body hum as he paced back and forth outside the bathroom which now held his Liz inside. He stopped in front of it once more feeling the overwelming desire to go to her till he shook uncontrollably, he then growled continuing back to his mindless wandering. There it was again, he looked back at the door breathing out hard, his world began to tilt. The need was too much and he found himself at the door reaching out for it. He closed his eyes, knowing this was so wrong but he had to be with her, touch her so much so it hurt. She felt so close, his head spun. Then the door opened and he was awakened by the feel of a cold, wet hand suddenly being clamped onto his hard, hot chest. Opening his eyes he met hers,
wide and shiny, instinctively taking her hand under his. It was then that the smell of strawbehrry and vanilla took hold; threatening never to let go. She was home. It knocked him sidewards. It was then that he noticed that she only wearing the smallest of towels. Only 3 items of clothing separated them, that was nearing his undoing. She still hadn't said a word, she was fighting her own battle. Max only had his jeans on, she'd seen him like this before but now it was driving her crazy. It was like she was out of control, 'little miss lets take it easy we've got to talk' just wanted to grab hold and lose herself in him. Max felt her shake .Was she cold?


His eyes widened, she smiled. He spoke, finally breaking the burning tension between them.

"(cough)Sorry, I keep forgetting about that." He blushed at his mistake.

"Don't be." Taking his cheek into her palm, him leaning into it. He felt as hot as she did. Too hot, she felt herself begin to ache. Max wanting nothing more than to take her now, make her his by marking her from the inside, but they still had to ressolve things...and there was Mila.

" need clothes." he pulled away in order to cross the room. They ached from the loss of contact. He came back with a big pile of clothes, handing them all to her at once.
"Here." She almost toppled backwards, the towel almost falling away from her. God he had to calm himself!

"I'm...just" he couldn't find the word.

"Calm yourself down?" She heard him, there was no point lying. He nodded, blushing even more. He gave her a shy smile then disappeared into the bathroom. She exhaled the deepest breath. She loved shy Max...she'd missed shy Max but he was gone, they were both so different now. They were now facing the impossible, remembering what Kivar had whispered in her ear, she shook violently at the revelation. She looked alarmingly back towards the bathroom door. Had he heard? She breathed in hard and fast. He can't hear.... He mustn't know. She closed her eyes, cursing her mistake.

"HEAR WHAT?" Her eyes flung open, heart in her throat.

"WHAT?"She replied nervously. He went quiet, beginning to pace back and forth, same feeling different room.She had to be more careful.


"We agreed Michael."

"Bullshit, I don't like any of this, it doesn't make sense. Theres something we're not being told here." Isabel walked over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I you prepared to take that risk?" Worry riddling her face. He just looked at her.

"Why are you so willing to believe. We don't know anything about Zan and this Mila chick but we do know Max and Liz and I don't think I can
do this. We are taking the word of Max's evil twin who hates him like no other and a man who has known all along be hasn't bothered to warn any of us. What If we're wrong?" Maria stepped up.

"...What if they're right?" It was then that she saw the letter tucked behind the phone. It was in a handwritting that she didn't know and it was addressed to Liz.


Finally coming out of the bathroom he wished he hadn't. She was wearing the smallest of tops and the loosest of bottoms, bending over into a draw. His body responded in an instant, she felt it too.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm trying to find a hairdryer." She said, willing herself not to look round.

"I don't think there is one." He finally moved, having to in order to try and ease himself.

"Ohhhhh" She turned to face him. he couldn't breathe as he saw her perky little nipples poking thruogh her top. What ever was happening to them was happening between them again.

"Come here" He said breathy, holding out his hand to her. When she found it he took her to the chair and motioned for her to sit down. She did, either speaking. Standing either side of one of her legs he placed his hands either side of her head.Her skin started to prickle
at his closeness as she felt the warm air start to hit her. She closed her eyes, jerking back slightly, hitting the back of the chair hard. This was the single most erotic experience of her entire life, she began to feel things that she'd never felt before....she liked it, hell she loved. Max moved his hands lightly through her hair from root to tip, she heard herself moan. Reaching back further he nudged her legs further apart so he could stand fully between them. The heat from his hands and his closeness made her dizzy as she drank it in. Opening her eyes she was faced with his hard ,well toned stomach and the waistband of his jeans. Reaching out she placed her little fingers there gently brushing against him. His muscles spasmed at her touch. He felt his legs start to tremble, she instinctively placed her small hands either side of his hips to steady him. She then saw just how much of an effect that she was having on him, there in front of her face, the sight made her already wet core ache. Leaning in slowly she placed a light feathery kiss on his tummy. He stopped dead.

"Liz.." his voice like sweetest honey. He leant on her shoulder as she encirlced his waist, continuing to kiss him ever so lightly. It was driving him to despare. He grabbed her face with both his hands as his mouth sought out hers. He pulled her up, not daring to break the kiss. They had agreed to talk and they were with each flick of their duelling tongues. The kiss wasn't stopping, their lungs feeling that they would explode.

He pulled off of her, unable to breathe, eyes wide to her. She suddenly felt affaid....HE'D SEEN!!!
"Mila... why...why didn't you tell me?" His voice breathy, his face confused. She tore herself away from him, gathering up her clothes and getting up to leave. But he pulled on her arm, stopping her dead.
He finally found her eyes, both his and hers had tears in them.

"Mila...I saw....I saw our daughter..."

*Flash ends*

They pushed each other away hard, their bodies trembling, needing to breathe.

"..max...?" She spoke in only a confused whisper. He could only shake his head, he didn't understand any of this either. She suddenly felt very hot, very dizzy, very fast, her legs unable to keep her up right any more. He caught her before she hit the ground, effortlessly lifting her up into his arms. She was burning up, calling out for him.

"I'm here...I'm here baby." he rested her down on the bed, smoothing away hair that had already stick to her forehead with sweat.

"Ww..whats" She just managed to get out. "" She knew. He shook his head. He was just as spent as she but he had to be the protector now. She frowned.

"..protector...max?" he stroked her cheek, she arched upto him.

" now my love."
She fought it all the way. She awoke several times calling for him, calling of Zan...which one he didn't know. She only slept when he finally climbed onto the bed beside her. She found him instantly. He was determined to stay awake but he was so tired and she felt so warm so eventually slumber took him captive.


The tears were falling uncontrollably now. She knew, it was over.

"It will never be over Mila...I love you...." He rested his hand gently on her flat tummy. ".....I'll love...I love her so are my whole world. How could you ever think that of us." She tried to look away but he forced her back with his hot hands.

"I will never leave matter who our families are or if Ava is my wife. We belong together...forever." He was crying as hard as she. She believed him. No matter the reason why or how they got it this moment, they were there...together, the 3 of them never to be apart. He took her mouth under his, covering it with long hot kisses.
Only breaking them to ask her to make love to him. She did, again and again.

"Ohhh god...Mila...god.." He cried out as she threw her head towards the sky. God it felt so good, too good. So real ,too real like he could almost feel her on him. He opened his eyes...

The room was dark but he could still see her above him. "..mila..." he called out into the darkness, arching up to meet her, his eyes slowly taking her in.
But it wasn't mila and he wasn't zan.

"....llliizzzz?" his voice long and breathy. She threw her head back arching her chest forward, she was mumbling something. He tried to move beneath her but that just made his ache worsen. He felt clothing and felt her more. His whole body trembling nearing its release. He couldn't think, he couldn't breathe. She pressed herself harder onto him, rocking faster and faster. He could feel her pulsating heat even through his jeans. His rock hard penis straining in them, begging for its release, begging for her.

"..god" Placing his hands either side of her hips in the hope of steading her movement on him. She finally looked down on him, her hair cascading down into his face. She finally was able to open her eyes. Seeing him she pressed herself harder still onto him, hips moving with the sudden ache that came within from looking into his eyes. She felt her warm liquid spilling out onto him again. Her whole body was now screaming out for his touch, for his release. She couldn't speak so she just shook her head slowly. Her chest heaving, her achy full breast yearning to be touched. He heard her, how could he resist her plea. His hand left her hip slowly making its way to her pert nipple. They moaned as he took it in his fingers and began to knead it, slowly at first then to the point of pain. She cried out his name again as she rubbed harder against his arousal, his other hand coming to shaky stop, resting on her other breast. Her moans were only urging him to do what they both needed so much, what they had both wanted for so long. It was like they had no control.

"mmmmmaaxxxxxxxxx." She lurched back, jerking with every thrust that she gave, feeling the impending heat stir deep within her that was so new to her tiny body. She was affaid, she needed Max to help her. She looked back down on him, his face almost her undoing.

"...max....please..." She said between breaths as the beginning of waves hit. That was it for him, holding onto her lower back tightly as he finally thrust his hips up to met her.

"Ohhh god...max...maxxxxxx..." With each thrust that she gave, he was there to respond to it. Again and again , matching thrust for thrust. When her first true orgasm hit, she fell back on him as it ripped through her entire body, she was so lost. He caught her as he finally sat upright, this helping her movements on him. They became deeper and longer, holding her tighter as she rode each one out, then the next one then the next. He continued to thrust up into her, hitting only clothing but feeling her on him all the same.

That was his undoing, seeing her come, knowing that he was making her come, he responsed to her, spilling his seed over himself. He felt each wave grow stronger and stronger. He held onto her tiny back, pulling her higher up onto him. It wasn't stopping, he could feel her hot sex on him, it made him come all the more. Finally they both cried out to each other as the last one raked through their trembling bodies. Then she fell hard against him, his arms encirling her tight. They bodies needing to breath, sucking in air uncontrollably. They didn't move from that position until their bodies were ready to part. He pulled back her hair with both his hands, searching her eyes. Finally he spoke.

"I'll love you forever, you belong to me, no one else you hear me Liz Parker. You're mine no matter who you once were. I'm not going to lose you again. You are my whole world." He kissed her gently, his body spent. She respond as best she could, she had nothing left at that moment. Pulling away she touched his face. her breathing slowly returning to normality.

"Promise me whatever happens...whatever we find out you'll always love me, only me and that you'll never leave. I love you so much Max Evans..I'm nothing without you...I know that now. What's past is past there is only us now" She looked like she was about to cry, shaking hard.

"I promise." was all he said.


"It has begun." was all he said.

"About time." was all she said. "Lets hope it doesn't go us far this time or this would have all been for nothing." She looked over to the other man who stood in the far corner, he was the only one who was not happy. He should be but she'd been through so much already, their plan would surely finish her and he was not ready for that...not by a long way.


She awoke to find him gone.

"Max?" she sat bolt upright. "MAX?" her voice urgent, her breathing laboured, looking wildly about the room. He wasn't there, she couldn't feel him. 'God' she was up and dressed in seconds, then finding herself in the street. Nothing. Her head spun as she blindly looking round her.


She pleaded but the words were silent to anyone but her. She began to shake. Then she felt it. Her head snapped round towards the door at the far end. She heard it.

'I'm here'

She heard him. She started to walk faster towards it. Faster still, breaking into a run.


"I'M NOT LEAVING HER!" his voice harsh, his look staring Jeff down and his words final.

"We've been through this, its too dangerous for you and her to be together. We agreed!" Max frowned hard.

"You've told us NOTHING and we've agreed to NOTHING!" Jeff glanced around the filled room, Max following his eyes round. He saw the looks that he got back.

"What?" Then he felt her. She was affaid. His face softened as he went towards the door. She opened it first, nearly sending it flying off its hindges.

"MAX" Her voice breathy. She ran to him, he caught her hard and held her so tight. She shook so hard it was making him shake.

"Its okay...I'm here." He whispered into the ear as he gently stroked the back of her head. There they stood until her breathing calmed in time with him stroking at her hair. It didn't take long. If they didn't already know what they had 'agreed' was the wrong thing to do, seeing them at that moment made up their minds for them. She began to move on him slowly, he couldn't breath. God it was happening again. Max remembering where they were and what they had just been talking about before gently pulled liz away from him. She looked up at him, that was not good...her eyes too much if him. She fought lightly to get back in his arms. He took her shoulders.


He commanded so only she would hear, staring at her hard.


She searched his eyes.


He lowered his hands from her, she stepped back slowly, eyes wide. He turned away from her, he had to. What was happening? He was pushing her away! She was utterly lost.

"Lizzie!" She broke her gaze from him to look at her father. She saw him talking, his mouth moving. She felt him pull her close and hug her tight but she felt nothing. Max looked at her, she was looking at only him, reaching into his very core. He ached, he had to look away. He felt how he'd hurt her...again.

"We have to get you away from here honey." he pulled her back from him. She was frowning, her head slightly tilted. She found her voice.

"Why....because of Mila?"

"Y...You...know?" he quickly looked for Max then slowly back to her, panic on his face. She felt his fear.

"(cough)I've been having flashes like Max has." She spoke his name but couldn't look at him. Maria came forward.

"So you know?"

"Alittle" She turned away from them. "...but I want to...I need to know everything." She turned back to her father, seeming to know that he was the one to ask. Jeff just looked at her. Why wasn't she asking why he was there? Could she see? God was Mila coming already? He swallowed hard.

"You will but I've got to get you away from" He said, stepping towards her.

"...away from Max you mean!" Her tone shocked him. She had changed...she was changing. He could only nod. "Why?"

"Not now liz." He wasn't prepared to her this conversation with her now. Not in front of everyone.

"YES. NOW!" Everyone looked at who they thought was their friend Liz Parker. She was...only diifferent. Her voice then softened.
"Please daddy." Her eyes pleading, she looked 5 again. How could he resist 'daddy's little carebehr'? he never could but he wasn't her daddy. She didn't need to hear that now...if ever.

"It isn't safe."

"Safe?" She moved towards him. He shifted awkwardly and began to blush.

"How much do you know...about Mila?"

"Not much..only that she was with Zan before." She stole a glance at Max, then looked away then he found it.

"Right, well she's trying to come" Liz shook her head.
"She is trying to come back in you and the only way that that can happen is if you and Max..." He was lost. "...if you and Max have..."

"Sex." Michael finally butted in. "There, now would you get on with it already." Jeff glared at him, Michael just smiled.

"Anyway, thats it Mila will come when you and Max have..SEX." There he said it. He smiled a smugg smile at Michael who only shook his head. Liz was lost.

"So I'll...I'll change into Mila if Max and I..." She couldn' t say the words. Max closed his eyes, just hearing about them being together. But that would...could never happen. Liz began to shake violently, this getting all too much for her.

"But why is it so wrong? What did Mila do? What will happen? Whats wrong with Mila?..." She was spurting out words, not breathing between them. Jeff held up his hands to her.

"Hey, easy..slow down." he rubbed them gently on her arms.
"Mila has a special gift, which frightens some people thats all."

"Is she..was I evil?" She whispered. Max thought his heart would break, How could she ever think that?

'god this is impossible'

'yes..only if we let it'

He looked at her but she was looking at her father.

"No Honey, either of you are evil.." he was about to finish when she did it for him.

"But Kivar is isn't he. He did all those things because of me didn't he?" She looking at the floor now. "..beacause he wants me?" Jeff could only nod. Isabel spoke for the first time.

"But why ALL this, just 'cus he wants I don't buy that, theres more to it.!" Michael smiled at her, she wasn't having any of the bull either. Liz felt her insides flip. she felt sick. Did he know? He couldn't tell; they'd hate her forever. Max heard her and was about to say when she spoke.

"What about their daughter?" She knew about that too? He swallowed down hard.

"You mean Leah..that would have been her name if she'd ever been born." His voice broken. Maria put her arm instinctively round her.

"Its okay chica...your with us now." she began to shake.

"Ww...what happened to her?" max got up. Maria squeezed tighter, looking over to Jeff. She knew what was coming, she gave him a gentle smile to urge him on. He breathed in hard.

"Kivar found out and knowing what Leah would become he..he..." he couldn't say it. Isabel came in closer to Max. Liz had Maria, he needed someone too.

"...took for from Mila. He killed their child while she was still in
Mila." She reached out to Max, who shook uncontrollably now. He looked at her, totally lost. she felt her tears come again.

"Why?" was all he said, still shocked. She wiped her eyes.

"He was affaid of her, a little girl. Affaid of what she could do. Affaid of what she was....What she would become." Max's face changed towards her.

"How do you know?" She knew what he meant, she looked around her.
"TELL ME!" He could feel the blood boiling in his veins. It was his anger but it was something more. Someone more. Isabel stepped back, she got the strangest feeling he wasn't her brother anymore. Jeff stepped between them.

"I TOLD HER...I TOLD THEM ALL LAST NIGHT." He saw the pain in his eyes. It wasn't his child but it might have well been. It broke his heart to see.
"I Thought by telling them they would understand...that they would help me. Help me keep you apart." Max looked round at his so called 'family'. He felt sick.
"But I was wrong." He then added. Isabel reached back to Max.

"...We couldn't do that to you both." Max saw all their heads nod. Michael then spoke.

"We only know you and liz Maxwell, we care for you. So whatever it takes were here for you both...always." Max took a breath. Michael still had the power to shock him. The mood needed to
Michael clapped his hands together hard.
"I know theres still tons to do here but I'm starving...who wants breakfast?" They had all forgotten how hungry they were. They nodded only stopping when liz spoke...or rather started to chuckle.

"There's nothing to do here Michael. Max doesn't want me. So theres nothing to worry about. " She threw her hands in the air. "You won't be making love anytime in this next century, Mila won't come so Kivar can shove it. Everything can go back to the way it was." She was already at the door.
"So whos hungry?" Then she was gone. The room was silent.
Max caught up with her in seconds. She felt him coming up behind her.

"Go away Max." She walked faster, not turning round. She felt him grab hold of her arm.
"HEY" His grip tightened, yanking her towards their room. She stumbled along beside him. He was hurting her.


"NO!" was all he said as he dragged her over to the door, roughly opening it when he got there. Now open he threw her inside hard slamming it shut behind them.


She turned back fast only to gasp when she saw him striding towards her. She stiffened as he took hold of her roughly, suddenly lifting her high until her already wet centre was level with his waist. Instinctively she encircled him with her legs, nuzzling down hard into his neck and held him there. He felt her heat on his tummy as he walked her towards the wall, only stopping when she slammed up against it. She moaned as as he pushed himself hard against her, feeling his throbbing sex grinding into her. She threw her head back, hitting the wall hard, making her feel dizzy. He pounded himself onto her dewy cloth covered mound harder, pushing her higher up the wall, his hands moving from her waist round to her ass, cupping a cheek in each hand, squeezing and kneading them relentlessly. God she was so glad that she wore a skirt.

' so am I'

She found his eyes, which were wide open and in their full glory before her but she saw something else in them. The burning need for her, she felt herself ache once again. She panted in short breaths while her tiny body trembled under his feverish touch. She arched herself off the wall as one of his strong arms pulled her closer still, the other reaching for her achy heaving chest, her nipple hardening when he cupped her. She finally cried out, body jerking as he took it between his fingers, rubbing it to the point of pain. Still he held her burning body on him, searching her doe like eyes as they drew him in deeper. He found her mouth, crushing his hot and eager lips down onto hers, his tongue darting in and out,in and out needing to mate with hers. He braced her against the wall with his hips, hers moving on his..taking on his rythum. Her legs now helping her move on and off up and down him. She dug her nails hard into his back. They continued to search out the wet recesses of each others mouths till the point that they felt themselves start to blackout; the need for breath now too great.
He pulled away, resting his forehead against hers, she felt as hot as he did, their breaths swallow...hearts racing. He sought out her eyes, her face was flushed, her body tense. It wasn't enough! Tearing her panties aside he plunged his hot fingers into her wet, moist folds. Her body jerked against him as she ground down hard onto his fingers. Finally she had apart of Max Evans inside of her, she cried out as the first wave swept over her. She shuddered and shook as the spasms took hold of her. He felt her walls clench tighter around him as the wave swelled deep within her, over her, onto him. He began to feel that all too familiar feeling between his legs as he grew harder still, his balls tightening up in his jeans. He couldn't breathe. He held onto the side of her neck, she was burning up, so he could see her when she came.But they were closed, he felt himself begin to tilt, she was taking him over the edge. She continued to spill out over his fingers as he thrust in deeper, harder, faster into her hot core. They both cried out each others names as she felt it spread, then throbbed and finally burned deep within her. Her climax ever closer , he could feel it, it threatened to consume him whole. She opened her eyes to him as he took her over the edge again and again. Over and over, almost painful. Then she said it.


He ripped his hand out of her, only to pump his hardness onto her again. Harder, next harder still, again, harder, again and again. He cried out as his juice finally pumped out of him, hitting only his jeans..again! The feeling rocked his world. There he stayed till every last drop had left him. Finally, still shaking, breathing hard into her ear he let her whobbly legs touch the floor. She wavered, feeling his wetness as she slowly slid down him. She moaned breathlessly as he stumbled backwards.

"..don't...ever..say..that..I.don'" His voice behrly a whisper, his senses on longer able to handle themselves properly.

"..when..your...all...that.I've...ever...wanted..." He finally looked up at her. She sucked in deeply. He was trembling as she saw his eyes start to well up, threatening to spill out.

"...max..." She said breathy, trembling just as hard, her legs about to fall from under her. They eyes locked. Their bodies responding to each other again in the only way that they knew. They wanted more...they needed more, so much it hurt. She started to take small, shaky steps towards him. He shook his head but he was edging slowly back to her.
They heard the door bang, he looked up, waving a hand across his wetness just as Michael waltzed in.
"You coming for breakfast or what?" He saw that they only had eyes for each other. " Anyway, want do yah fancy?" he said as he wandered towards the door. Max smiled.

"Something sweet." was all he said as he took one of the fingers that had been inside her moments before into his mouth and sucked on it. She gasped filling her warm liquid spilling out onto her already sodden panties.

'later' he said so only she could hear.She smiled.

'how could I be sooooo know..before..?' he took her hot little hand in his as he went to follow Michael out.

"Thats what being in love does to you I guess."

"Oh and you'd know." he smiled touching at her still burning cheek rubbing his thumb across it.

"Yes I would...I always have." Then they were gone too.


Breakfast came and went, nobody as hungry as what they thought. While they sat there it was near on impossible to talk 'shop' so they talked about anything but. To anyone else they just looked like 7 friends out after an allnighter. It had started off strained to the point of pain till Kyle kicked off bringing on the domino effect. They all began to actually enjoy themselves, even laughter took hold of them. It was the release that they all needed, if only short lived it made them feel like normal people for a change. As she sat there, almost on Max's lap in an effort to get even closer to him (if that could be possible)...maybe even to just crawl inside him in order to hid away from everything, she couldn't help but think that this would be the last time that they would all be together. Her heart became heavy with that thought, threatening to drown her. Then she felt it, the gentle squeeze of her hand. She turned to face him, meeting his big endlessly long lashed amber eyes and wide smile. He winked at her. He'd heard, understood and was letting her known it was going to be okay. Even if neither knew that it would be those little gestures meant the world to her. He meant the world to her. She placed a light kiss on his cheek, she felt him blush as she rested her head onto his shoulder, as Michael began to tell the only joke he knew...again!!!

But the moment had to end, making their way back they decided to all pile into one room; back to business. Opening the door they saw that the room as already occupied.

"MOM" she screamed, finally letting go of Max, after hours of near on clunging to him, to run into her out stretched arms.

"LIZZIE." She held her close, looking at her husband over her shoulder. He shook his head but then smiled. She smiled back hugging Liz tighter. Everyone piled in after only to be halted dead in their tracks.

"And just when were you going to call US Jeffrey?" Max slowly found Isabel who was catching flies of her own, both looking back to where both their parents now stood before them.


"I know why I'm here, he is my brother after all but you...." she leant over the table that he sat at. "Why are you here?"
He finally looked up as she began to circle round him, brushing her fingers lightly across his back. He stiffened under her touch.
"You are no longer of any use to him. She didn't want you. He made the wrong choice again. He has a nasty habit of doing that, chosing the wrong people for the job. The mood he's in now he's liable to kill you."
Still he said nothing, only watching as she stopped in front of him, she then slapped his face, hard.
"And lets for earlier you bastard. Do it like you mean it why don't you!
Finally he spoke, his voice harsh, his eyes harder.
"If I had you'd be dead already." She only chuckled.

"Now you know you don't mean that Zan." She leant further into him. "I was good between us once." She stroked his cheek.
"It could be again." Leaning in further still, only to have him pull her back by her hair.

"Touch me again and we'll see how good it is between us!" The way he looked at her still made her tremble, she hated him for it, because she knew it wasn't her that he was never her. He only ever wanted that stupid bitch. He pushed her away as he got up.

"Would you look at yourself. SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU. live with it. Anyway you won't even want to look at her once Kivar has had her!"
Her words only pumping pure rage into his veins.
"Thats what all this has been about, how he has to be the one to impregnate her this time, not to be sloppy like before." She spat out, he couldn't hear so what the hell.
"Mila's baby has to be fathered by him for it to be of any use to us.By anyone else and she'll be our worse nightmare come true, remember. Thats why he killed her before." She said laughing.
"Its funny its pathetic. he NEEDS either of you, his sworn enemy in this or any other life time to mate with her first but at the same time, running the risk of history repeating itself again." Stopping when he saw his face. She frowned.
"You think by being here you can save her...that you can save them both. You couldn't before so what makes you think its gonna be any different now?" He started to shake because what she was saying was true. She felt the change in him, him weaken. It made her smile inside.

"You believed the lie before, the lie that he wanted you to believe and Mila killed herself because of you and what you thought was true.You say you love her, that you can't be without her, yet you were so quick to judge her. You left her to him. You let her die. Lets hope history doesn't repeat itself...NOT." She didn't see him coming until she felt him grab her by the throat. Squeezing it hard he pushed her hard up against the wall. She clawed at his hand, feeling herself starting to blackout; he was slowly choking the life out of her.

"ENOUGH!" A voice called out from behind them. He wasn't letting go.
"You'll be dead before she even hits the ground, I can promise you that." Zan let go, he'd be no use to her dead! He threw Tess hard to the floor. She coughed as she tried to suck the life back into her lungs.
"You know that I always enjoy your friendly banter but now is not the time." He commanded, bending down to where Tess sat. She cowled away from him instantly.
"You maybe my blood but if you speak ill of her again I'll kill you this time." Tes could only nod. His face softened as he stroked her cheek.
"Good. now you both know what to do." He was now walking back through the door.

"Your one sick sonofabitch, you always have been." He called out after him.

"I know...ain't it wild!" Then he was gone. They could still hear is laughter long after he'd left.


"What not even a hello for your mom who's been worrying herself silly
wondering if your little alien butts could handle your first encounter with that psychotic alien sonofabitch kivar or not."

"Steady on Di." Phillip said from behind her. Her waved her hand at him.

"I know, you said that they'd be okay but their still my babies." She saw Isabel's mouth moving but nothing was coming out. Max just stood, mouth open wide.

"Close your mouth dear.." she said then looking over at Issie, who looked like she was drowning on land. "Speak or breathe, one or the other."
She started to walk towards them.

"" She was finally lost for words. Diane smiled, she never thought that she'd see the day that happened. She saw Isabel begin to shake and then the tears came. She smiled, opening her arms out to her.

"Come here." Is didn't have to be told twice, she took one look at Max then ran to her.

"God...I wanted to ...tell much." She said when her tears allowed her to speak. Diane gently stroked at her hair.

"I know honey...I know but its okay now,,its okay." She held her tighter, looking over at where Max stood. She saw that his eyes were wide and shiny, she held out her arm to him. He found her just as quick. Phillip soon joined the family hundle. No words were spoken.
Everyone else in that room felt like that they were intruding on a family moment. Sesing this somehow the Evans' pulled apart, Isabel not ready to leave her mothers embrace just yet. Max went instantly to Liz, who stood arms open waiting for him. He held her so tight, she couldn't breathe, squeezing him just as hard.

'liz....I...' he said, at a loss, only to her. She gently let her hand travel up to his hair.

'I know baby..its okay.' He pulled away from her. She hated to see him cry, hoping she'd never have to see it again.

'But this is good, right?' He nodded, smiling at her.

"So, Jeff, what have you told them?"

"Exactly what we agreed. Alittle but not too much." He walked towards his friend, shaking his hand hard when he got there.
"Anyway you've always known more than me. I still don't understand why I had to come ."

"Because this was too important and it wasn't the time for my children to find out. There was enough to get through without them freaking out." He looked back at his family. He saw for the first time how Max was with liz, they'd come just in time by the looks of things. He swallowed hard, looking back at Jeff.

"So how far have you got?"

"Only as far as Leah and that they can't..." He blushed nervously. "You know..." Michael was about to speak. Jeff stopped him.
"Don't even think about it, I'm still your boss remember." Michael just shrugged his shoulders. Kyle looked around him.

"Whats up?" Phillip said.

"Oh I was just looking for my father...then it really would be a family thing." Phillip smiled, he knew Kyle saw being alittle cheeky.

"He'll be here in a mintue, he and Amy are just getting US some food." Kyle's mouth dropped as he found Maria looking at him.

"Now all you need is Santa and the tooth fairy and we have a full house." She said as Phillip raised his hand.

"Actually..." She stood opened mouthed then seeing him smile.
"HA HA very talk!"


As the adults spoke the children just looked upon them, shooked wasn't the word. There was no word. Michael finally spoke first.

"So basically Mila is good, unless your not, then she'll kick your butt like no other, right so far?" Phillip just nodded. How could max and him be such good friends they were so different.
"And it okay for her to come?" He was now standing.

"Basically...yes." Michael looked over at where Liz was at, she was now on Max's lap, she'd crawled up there as she heard his parents speak of their past, of Mila. She started to shake as Max hepled her onto him. There she had stayed, wide eyed.

"So its okay of her and Max to have sex then?" Liz shifted awkwardly on him as he held onto her tighter. Maria looked up at the ceiling.

"Could you be any more stutle Michael?"

"NO..I could draw you a diagram if you like!"

"No thanx. Tried it already...don't think I liked it." He frowned. She gave him one of her smiles. Two could play that game.

"MARIA." 'shit' she forgot that her mother was now in the room.

"...So what will happen when they do?" She sald to Phillip, trying to change the subject but then seeing her mothers look and knew they'd be having a 'talk' later. Diane spoke this time.

"only that she'll be able to help you fight against Kivar and all the other evils of this world and any other for that matter." Everyone looked at Liz, who sunk further back into his strong hold.He then spoke, only to her.

'its okay..I'll ask them to stop if you want'

'no..I wanna know...don't you?' she searched his eyes. He nodded.

" would she...would I do that?" She spoke for the first time.
Diane smiled at her.

"All we know is that she see can see them coming." Max then spoke. Hearing Liz speak made him wanna know more. He asked the obvious.

"What about.." He swallowed down hard, almost squeezing the life out of Liz. "What about Leah?" He felt her wide eyes on him again.

'I have to know'
It was her turn to nod. Diane looked at phillip, who looked at Jeff in turn, who finally looked at his wife. She nodded, she was the strongest out of all 4 after all.

"Before, Zan and Mila were together, even though they knew that it was wrong they cuoldn't keep away from each other. It was like that from when they were children." She looked over at them now. " Like you are now." She smiled.
"The 4 of you were always together..." Isabel leaned out from Kyle's arm.

"The 4 of us...what do you mean?" Nancy rolled her eyes, looking at her husband.

"Didn't you tell them?" He shrugged his shoulders.

"What, like I didn't have enough to say." He snapped back at her.

"Okay...okay I'm sorry." She looked back at Isabel.
"You, Zan, Mila and Rath. You were like one big family, you were to each other anyway. You and Zan." She looked at them both as she spoke of their past life. Turning to Michael then Liz.
"Mila and Rath." Isabel sat further forward in her seat. What was she trying to say. She shook her head as if to tell Nancy to explain.
"They were like you...Mila and Rath were brother and sister."

"NO!" Everyone turned to Liz, who'd pushed herself up from the safety of Max's lap in one swift move. She was shaking, her eyes wide looking around the room. Max stood up fast.

"Liz?" He walked towards her.

"No how can that be...that can't...." She wasn't making any sense. Max took her hard into his arms, looking back at Nancy then a very shocked Michael. Diane frowned, her mouth then wide open. She felt her hand reaching of it. 'God she knew, that sonofabitch must have told her. Bastard.'She then saw Liz looking back at her from amoungst her sons big strong leather clad arms. She knew it wasn't entirely true, Liz knew. Diane's next thought was that she just wanted to go to her, tell her it wasn't her fault. That she knew, that she wasn't alone with this. But how could she, where do you start a conversion like that?


He pushed her face away from his chest, a hand either side, now searching her wide and shiny doe eyes.
"Baby, what's wrong?" She could only look at him, so wanting to say but knowing that she couldn't. Not now...not ever! He knew she was hiding something from him and it began to scare him like nothing had before. Diane then was at their side. Where'd she come from he thought?

"That's right, he's not Mila's brother as such, she was adopted by his family when she was only a baby." She spillled out, not taking a breath. She then gently touched Liz's arm, who instinctively encirlced her with her arms. It took both by surprise that they were hugging they knew nothing about each other, but at the same they knew everything about each other. It just felt like the right thing to do.
Diane squeezed her harder as she whispered something that she knew only Liz would hear.
"I won't tell if you don't want me to. But know this its not your fault and I'm here for you. Remember that." Liz pulled away from her hard. She knew, How? and She still wanted to hold her? Liz felt her eyes start to well. Diane just smiled as she put Liz's hand back into her sons. Now max knew something was up, and that his mother knew too but now was not the time. Jeff then broke the silence.

"How did she know Mila.." He said breathy only to stop himself before making an ass of himself...again. Nancy put her hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe she's already remembering Mila's memories. That's the only part we don't know for sure, how she'll show herself, remember?" He nooded.

"So you don't know what will happen to me then?" They heard her say.
The parents just shook their heads.

"I wish we did, we only know how and why honey!"

"Tell me." They exchanged worrying looks. "...please...I need to know everything."

"We all do." Max added, pulling her close to him. Nancy decided to continue where she'd left off. She stopped before she had even started when she saw Michael approaching Liz. He was just standing there, looking at her wide eyed, head slightly to one side. Almost like he was seeing her for the first time...he was! Liz pulled away from Max slowly, stepping towards Michael. What was he thinking? Was he happy like she was beginning to be? Was he mad? Did he hate the idea? They were talking about something which was between 2 other people, people that they knew nothing about, that had no behring on this life. Her mind raced as she felt him pull her close him, into a tight behrhug. he was squeezing so hard, she thought she break. he gently put his head into her neck. She felt him shake slightly, feeling the wetness on the neck. He was crying..Mr. Stonewall (maria term not hers) was actually showing an emotion, that was enough to get her to join him but then he spoke.

"I always hoped that I had someone else out there too..." He swallowed down hard. "And to know that I have a sister and that she's you...." His voice broke off, she held him tighter.

"I know." was all she said. She looked over at Max, she felt how he was feeling. He missed her closeness, maybe alittle jealous at what he saw but happy were she now found comfort. She reached out her hand to take his.

'I'm sorry...'His words in her head cut off as she shook her head alittle at him.

'don't be Max..I would feel the same way. I do whenever I see you with Issie. Its different thats all.' He smiled, letting go of her hand so she could use it to embrace Michael properly.

"That figures." Maria smirked.

"What does?" Kyle always bit.

"They way they didn't get on right from the start. Fighting all the time, like brothers and sisters always do...I guess."

"But you and he fought worse." His eyes widened as much as hers realizing just what he'd said. "You don't think...OMG..." Maria stood up fast, looking at Phillip anybody for answers.

"NO..we' and Michael...please.." She was panicing. Phillip knew what she meant, he could only smile.

"No Maria, all siblings are accounted for." The glance between Liz and Diane nearly went by unnoticed, except max had seen it. Whatever it was it made him shake alittle. Nancy then spoke.

"Getting back to the why and how basically Zan and Mila were always more than just friends, eveybody could see that but he was already married to Ava. Then they found out about little Leah..." She had to stop for a moment. "They were so happy but they knew it could never be. They never dreamed how it would be taken once people found he would take it." Her harsh as she spoke for him.

"Kivar?" Max asked. She noodded a yes at him. max shook his head. "Why?"

"He was Ava's brother!" the gasp travelled round the room.

"That little bitch...I knew it shes got her grubby claws in all the pies here...GOD." What she would give to have her in front of her now.

"So thats what this has all been about, protecting his precious liitle sister honour, that aliensluttrailertrash." She added, pacing up and down hard.

"Kinda but not the way that you think." Phillip added.

"He loved Mila too didn't he?" he nodded. "In the way that Zan did?" she shuddered at the thought. Phillip could only nod again.

"What was she to him?" Michael then spoke, Liz looked up at him, wide eyed. max could feel how scared she was. Not even his hold could calm her. Phillip knew this one was coming.

"His family and yours." He looked at his children. "Never got on, noone knows how it started but it slowly got out of hand, to the point of war. This just tipped the scales. Then it all come out.."
He looked at His son and he was glad that liz was close by. "Theres no easy way to say this son so I'll just say it..."

"NO!" Liz screamed, stepping towards him. Diane stepped in between them.

"Its okay dear..let him talk...TRUST ME." Liz was shaking but she saw Diane pleading before her and she did. She stepped back, Seeing max reaching for her. She shook her head.

'just listen then see if you still want to' her words in his head not making any sense to him. But he stepped back. Phillip breathed out.

"Mila was a spy,working for kivar from the beginning." Everyone looked at Liz, she felt dirty, like she wanted to die. She couldn't even look at Max, even when he called out to her.

"I don't buy that...ITS BULLSHIT." Michael was beginning to get into big brother protective mode. Phillip held up his hand.

"Yes it was but zan believed the lie. It may have started out like that but Mila could never betray him, so she stayed close, playing both sides. Being able to protect Zan and his loved ones while keeping Kivar away. It was working till they found out about Leah and Kivar told zan everything...which was all lies." Max shifted awkwardly, reaching out to hold Liz close but she just moved further back. The room fell silent.

"What happened?" Isabel finally spoke.

"There was a fight between Zan and Mila, words were said, things that you just can't take back." Max was only looking at her as she shrank further and further away from him.
"Then told her go, never to come back. She never did, she killed herself unable to live without him." Max couldn't breathe, stumbling back alittle.

"Liz..." Maria went to go to her but stopped when liz held a hand out to her. She was in just as much pain as he, more so.

"OH my god." Isabel could say no more, as the tears came. There was alot of tears at that moment except from the 2 closest to it...they couldn't cry, they could feel nothing...not even each other.

"...Tt..then what happened?" Maria broke the silence. Phillip wiped at his cheek.

"It all went to shit basically. zan lost the will to fight and the rest you know. Your race was completely wiped out."

"Why didn't our other mother..." She looked at diane, who was the only mom that she'd ever known, her true one was a stranger to her. She always would be. "...tell us any of this in the message. So many things could have been stopped from happening." She began to cry harder, finding alittle comfort in Kyles arms as he pulled her close.

"She wanted to protect you all...Mila never needing to come unless..."
Diane was stopped by Max, his voice shaky behrly audioable.

"Kivar came to earth." She just nodded.

"I thought the whole thing was to get back home." Kyle added. Diane smiled.

"Again you were told only what he wanted you to hear."

"So everything...these past 2 years has been because ofhim..." She found her voice only to lose it again.

"Yes." Liz closed her eyes as it all finally hit home. She opened them looking for Max, she found him staring right back at her.

"..because he wanted to find Mila again. He came to earth, to look for me and in order to do that he planned all this out. The skins, Tess, the baby, the mindwarps..." her voice was getting more and more broken as she went on. "...Future Max...Alex...Zan...!" Her eyes wided as she said his name. "Zan." She said it again, this time looking round. How could she have forgotten about him.

"Forgotten about who Liz...ZAN is that who you mean." He'd heard her, and he could hear the panic in her voice. He was worried...worried about HIM. He began to feel himself lose control.
"WHY ARE YOU SO CONCERNED ABOUT THAT ASSHOLE...AFTER WHAT HE DID TO ALL OF US...TO YOU?" He stepped towards her, the last few minutes all too much for him to take.

"He helped me Max...he helped me get away.I remember now. Without him I'd be dead right now. Where is he?" She looked wildly round at everybody. "Was he here?"

"Yes." Maria was the only one to answer her. "But he left, we don't know were he is now."

"Dead I hope but even thats too good for him." Michael spat out. She looked over at him.

"No don't say that, he wants to help us...I know he does....we need him." Something just snapped inside Max as he went to her, grabbing her hard.

"WE NEED HIM...DON'T YOU MEAN YOU NEED LIZ. I SAW THE FLASHES REMEMBER." His grip tightened but she wasn't affaid because she knew it was only words. Max was affaid when he had no need to be. She slowly reached up to his face, cupping his cheek.

"I want you Max, only you. Its only ever been you. I NEED only you now and forever...remember." She stroked his cheek, his face softened instantly. He closed his eyes, leaning into her hand. She closed her eyes, knowing that at that moment she'd never wanted him so much, even after all that had been said she just wanted to be with him. She couldn't understand what she felt but she knew he was feeling it too. They both starting to shake as she opened her eyes. She was getting that familiar feeling again.
"..mmaxx." He opened his eyes to her, she saw it in him too. She swallowed hard.
"We have to find zan, I know this doesn't make any sense but I know we need him. I saw inside him before and hes not going to hurt us anymore...he wants to help us. Please Max you have to belie..." Her sentence was cut short as he put a finger to her lips.

"I do...but we don't know where he is."

"No...but this might help." Maria stepped up, holding out a letter that was addressed to liz.

"I thought I told you to ditch that!" Michael said harshly to her. She looked back at him and smiled.

"When do I ever do anything that you say...that anybody says?" Michael nodded.

"I can vouch for that." That was the first thing that Amy had said in ages, too gobsmacked to at any other time. Maria smiled at her, turning back to Liz. Liz took the letter. She knew it was from Zan. She looked about her unsure now.

"Open it then." Max said resting his hand on her shoulder, smiling the smile he only had for her. She smiled back as she tore at the paper.

posted on 25-Dec-2001 7:42:57 AM

For you Liz,

Have you ever done something so bad that you couldn't even exsist within your own skin let alone in this world, without wanting to puke when you saw yourself in the mirror. That you woke every single day wishing that you hadn't? I have. Why did I do all those things? As I already told you, you were MY MILA but HE found you first. Would I do them again? YES. I'd do anything just so I could be close to you, even if it meant being someone else and have you hate me I would take anything that you gave me. God I miss your face so much, I just wanna hold you like before, have you look at me the way you did before just to BE with you. Its all that I've ever wanted. But you and I were never meant to be, I know that now. Am I sorry for what I did? No. For Alex? Yes. He didn't have to die. There was no baby, they didn't need to leave and there was no home, as such, to go back to. I wish so much that I could go back and change that day. I tried so hard to heal him. Max would have been able to, he stronger than me. Another reason for me to hate Max Evans. I Swear that I didn't know anything about it till it was too late. If you believe anything in this letter then please believe that. PLEASE. as for everything else there is little time for explianations now only thats its my turn to help you. My turn to protect you... both. The Zan before let you down so badly, painfully so, that just ain't gonna happen again. I won't let it! Where am I now? I've gone back Liz, gone back to help you fight him. Khivar wants me to go to some summit, playing Max Evans one last time. Why? That I don't know all I can tell you is that there's a war coming. Evil has a new home and its here on earth. We can't let that happen Liz. You can't let that happen. Mila can't let that happen. I know your affaid but she has to come, for all our sakes or all this would have been for nothing. He would have won again. By helping you now it might just go alitle way towards showing how much you meant to much you mean to me still! I love you Liz, my Mila , I always have and I always will. You are part of me, nothing and noone can ever change that. If I can help you then let me. I'd die before I let anything happen to you again...I probably will. I'm just sorry that I didn't get to meet my Mila because as you, Liz will always belong to Max. If he doesn't already know it hes one lucky sonofabitch. I know I gave up the right to ask anything of you long ago but just promise me one thing Liz. Follow your it...where ever it leads you...will you do that for me? Someone told me that once I never knew why at the time. I only just remembered it this second, it just felt like the right thing to say. You have to be strong Liz, stronger that you've ever been, stronger than you ever thought you could be or else there is no hope for any of us. None of us will survive.

Forever in my heart.
Your Zan.

Liz read it aloud, no-one speaking till she looked up, tears threatening to spill. They did.

"I TOLD you he'll help us."

"How can you be so sure, after all that he's done?"

"Maria's right." Isabel piped up. Liz just looked at her girlfriends, from one to the other.

"I will never beable to forgive or forget what he did, how can you even say that to me!" She started to shake as she stared them down, both now feeling that they were somewhere other than there. "I saw inside him, thats what this is all about right, helping you guys see them coming. I did and I just know. Don't you believe me? " her eyes pleading with them.

"I do." Max put an arm around her. "I don't know how he can but I know Liz is right about him, I can feel it. It doesn't excuse what he did, and I may not trust him, but I trust liz and if she says we need him. Then I for one believe her." She reached up on tip toe to kiss him. "whats that for?"

"Thank you." She said smiling.

"Your welcome." Smiling back at her. The smile soon left when he remembered back to what Zan had said...we need Mila! He now searched out her eyes. She gently touched his face, not leaving it even when she spoke.

"So Mila has to come in order to... save the world." She said smiling out stretching her other arm like superman. But it wasn't funny. They still didn't know what would happen to her when Mila did finally come. Michael stepped up.

"Thats not even half funny Liz, everyones been saying how bad it is if she did and now as soon as Max's reject write afew words making him sound like he gives ashit, your ready to do it." He started pacing up and down, nervously running his hands through his hair.
"We don't know what will happen when she does..." He swallowed hard, notlooking at her. "...what will happen to you." He looked up at her then. She could see that he was affaid. She smiled.

"Look I'm not saying anything. I just think that we need to weight out the pro's and con's to this" She rubbed her forehead, Max felt that this had taken alot out of her, he instinctively rubbed the back of her neck. She leant her head back. 'God that feels so good'

'I try' She looked at him as he rubbed harder. She began to find it hard to breathe leaning forward into his chest. Jeff went to step forward only to have Nancy pull him back.

"They need some time alone." She said quietly. He backed down. "How about we all take a time out here. Have some lunch or something then figure out what to do next."

"As if lunch is the answer to this. Do me a favour." Michael was really up for it now.

"Now is not the time for acting up spaceboy. Now is the time for feeding." They all started piling out the door. Nancy closed it behind them leaving max and liz alone inside.


"So tell me again bitch, I've gotta be maxieboy one more time in order to go to some chit chat. Whats the catch?" Tess just smiled.

"I don't know what you mean." Zan was about to push when he felt something. he looked towards the empty doorway then back to Tess who's smile was getting wider.

"What is it that your not telling me?"

"What ever gives you that idea." He stepped towards her.

"Don't make me hurt you." He spat out at her.

"OHHH please do." he would have if Khivar hadn't had came in. Zan felt that feeling again, it literately rocked his world. He felt dizzy. Khivar looked at his sister and smiled.

"Oh by the way, you won't be going alone to this, what was it you called it...chit chat." Walked back towards the door. "They'll be expecting you to be with someone." Zan was finding his feeling unbehrable now. "You can come in now."
Zan's could feel his world tilt at what he now faced.

"Zan meet Leah...Leah meet Zan."

"Whatever" The girl before him finally spoke. The girl before him who looked like Liz...only alittle funkier like him.


The sunshine fell down hard and hot onto her face as her Grandma spoke to her again.
"Thats right Honeydear. Theres nothing to be affaid of, Mila won't hurt you. Its okay if she comes." She gently stroked her granddaughters hair. "Like he said, we need her to come."

"Who Grandma?"

"Why Zan of course silly." Liz stopped making the daisy chain that she had nearly finished by that time and looked at her in amazement.

"I remember now, what he said about following your heart. I knew I'd heard it somewhere before. " She leant over to touch her hand. "It was what you told me when" She lowered her head. Claudia gently lifted it back up to meet her eyes.

"I'm here now, I'm always with you." She smiled, Liz couldn't help but smile back. She also made her smile.

"I visit him in his dreams too sometimes." She smiled at the rememberence of them.
"Thats why I told him to tell you what he did, about what I said on that day."

"So I'd know to trust him because you do?" Claudia just nodded.

"He loves you dearly you know, none of this is his fault, even though he blames himself." She shook her head.

"Do you think he'll ever be happy grandma? Even after everything I still wouldn't want him to be unhappy. He's been through so much pain... I felt it." Liz looked back at her chain. Claudia stroked her cheek.
"Mila is almost here isn't she dear?"
Liz looked up at her and frowned. She had told no-one yet.

"I can't explain it but I can feel her.... I can feel her more when I'm with Max." She then blushed.

"Its okay to feel like that honeydear, you belong together after all. As for Zan, he's changing just like you two are. He'll find his own Mila and he will be happy. As will you and your Max he loves you so very much Lizzie. He always has. I see it in his dreams too. " Liz looked up.

"Max.... dreams... about... me?"

"You seem shocked my dear. He is a boy after all. " Liz blushed, going to say something. "No, I'm not saying... I am still your grandma atfer all. You'll find out soon enough. " Liz blushed even harder.

"So when should know..." She couldn't say it in front of her.

"You'll know when the times right but it must be soon...before time runs out and he finds you." She shook.

"What is it grandma?" She reached out for her.

"Nothing dear, anyway you better be getting back. He needs you." Liz gave her one last hug as she turned to go.

"Will I see you again?"

"Of course dear, whenever you need me I'll be right here...always." Liz smiled then turned and ran towards the endless road. Claudia's smile faded as she watched her run down the road, her heart heavy.
She knew what she'd said and part of her knew it was true but a bigger part knew that it wasn't. she just hoped that they were both strong enough and that she was wrong.


Liz felt warm and fuzzy inside, grandma claudia always made her feel like that. She arched herself off the bed at the feeling, reaching out of max but he wasn't there. She felt something move inside her, she arched up to meet it. She heard herself moan. there it was again and again, harder this time. She moaned harder, twisting her body slightly sidewards trying to meet whatever it was. She moaned again this time it was a word. A name. She cried out.

"..mmmaxxxx..." Her eyes opened. she was in their room lying out in the middle of the bed. There it was again it felt like kisses..kisses in and out from low down. Her tummy?..NO... lower! OH GOD!! She jerked her hips right up to meet the kisses, each and everyone. Again and again and again. Her hips going higher and higher until she felt them being held down by strong hands...Max's hands! Her hands were in his hair, gently stroking at first, only to tug and pull hard matching the movement of his hot tongue as it darted between her moist folds. Licking and biting, almost sucking her clit to the point of pain. He plunged into her already wet core over and over harder and harder holding her hips even more so as she bucked up to match his pace. She tasted so sweet ...OH wet....wet just for him! Coming harder and faster just for him! Rocking her hips against his hot and eager mouth. She was taking him over the edge..again! He felt his jeans get even tighter as his already full erection took on a whole new life if its own.
He stole a glance at his angel from between her trembling legs, between his thrusts, he almost came at the sight of her, coming apart in his mouth. He reached up to her neck with one of his hands to pull her down further onto his mouth. She came willingiy, arching her back, bunching the sheets up in her tiny hands along the way. As he circled her dewy mound of trembling flesh with his lips, lapping the juices from it his hand slowly travelled back down her body. She still had her tank top on but he felt her hot achy breast as his palm ran slowly across it, stopping on it, feeling her nipple harden under it. Then taking it roughly between his fingers, kneading it to the point that she bit her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out. Him on her breast and at her clit at the same time sent her over again.

"OH...god...Max..yes..Max." She cried between pants and moans. He felt her coming again and again into his mouth and I drank like he hadn't drank a thing his whole life. When the last tremor shook her tiny body to the point of on return, she threw her head back down hard onto the pillows. She still shook as she heard him growl, yes Max Evans actually growled as he crawled up between her legs in order to meet with her face for the first time. Their bodies were on fire as she felt his hardness throbbing against her tummy. She felt him harden still as she rubbed herself on him, trying to relieve the ache that still hadn't gone away. He pressed down harder as he watched her eyes widen to it. He panted hard as he finally crushed his lips down on hers. Their mouths bruised together as he fisted her hair. Finally they pulled away, needing air. He placed a hand either side of her burning forehead, gently stroking at her hair. He finally spoke.

"" he said between pants, smiling.

"...Hi..." She face flushed. "" She said between breaths.

"In my dreams." She laughed. "Whats so funny?"

"Nothing." Remembering back to her dream and grandma. Max then looked
at her, alittle lost.

"Sorry...about...that...I....saw" He had to stop, she was moving hard under him, as she reached for the waistband of his jeans. His eyes were wide. He couldn't breathe as he felt the buttons pop aside. Her hand slowly making her way through the folds of his clothing, her eyes daring not to move from his. He exhaled deeply, resting his forehead heavierly down onto hers. Breath swallow, hearts racing.

"..liz...please..." He pushed down harder between her legs, grinding down onto her, matching her pace, achy thrust after achy thrust. Then she felt it, he wasn't wet like her... he hadn't come yet! He'd made her cum repeatedly as she screamed out his name as he did so but he hadn't come with her.

"..max.." she pushed alittle harder, alittle further until she just brushed up against his throbbing sex. He felt so soft so hard so good, like silk and steel all at once... so smooth, so hot. God she was about to take Max Evans into her hand, she'd died and gone to heaven. Funny that would she know heaven if she saw it, when thats all she'd ever seen...whenever she looked at him. She arched her back up hard off the bed then it flinched. He shook hard.

"No..liz...don't..we....can't...please..." he closed his eyes, pushing himself harder onto her. Each others sex almost touching for the first time.

"" She said breathy as she cupped him alittle. He jerked as his seed nearly left him. Alittle did, she felt it on her fingers. The ache between her legs getting to the point of pain. She needed him inside her...NOW!. He heard her plea. He was as ready as she, more so.

He ripped himself off of her. Seeing her lay, completely open to him as almost his undoing. She sat up, one side of her tank top was down, almost exposing herself to him. He felt himself responding to her, the only way he knew, that he'd ever know. He stepped forward only to stop and look at her with those puppy dog eyes of his. Their eyes locking there. He went to say something as she slowly rised herself onto her knees as if to get up. Max shook his head then disappeared into the bathroom,slamming the door behind him. Liz just sat there until the ache between her legs was too much. She had to go to him... She had no choice, it was like her body was out of control. Slowly rising from the bed onto shaky legs she made her way over to the bathroom.


She had to go into that room: The need was almost too painful not to. Finally she pushed the door open, slowly stepping inside, exhaling hard when she saw him, the ache easing...just alittle. His back was to her, leaning over the counter, head resting down onto his arms. He felt her, shifting slightly but not getting up.
"..go..away..liz.." His voice so low she had to reach closer to hear.
It wasn't an order, it was a plea.

"no." Her voice just as low but she was not leaving.

"...please..." She saw him shake. He was begging her to go.

"NO" She repeated firmly but her voice still as breathy as she continued to take small steps. She could feel his need for her, it hummed through her like a long lost friend, now found. She closed her eyes as she fed on it. He stood up slowly, still not turning round.

"liz..please..we..can'" She now saw his reflection in the mirror, the way that his eyes were looking upon her. She changed her direction slightly so they could see more of each other. She heard his low moan as she felt hers. He held onto the counter tighter to what he saw. Her hair was untamed tumbling down over onto her shoulders, resting onto her tank top that still left nothing to the imagnation, one strap still hanging loosely down one arm. Her breasts were full as her hardening pert little nipples smiled out at him. His eyes were drawn down her belly to her slim waist where the hem of her top meet her tiny curvy hips and shapely legs. His eyes widened when they finally fell upon the little mound of darkened curls that that peaked out from under the hem of her top. He gasped. She hadn't put back on the panties that he had so gently taken from her while she slept. His hardness almost too painful as it strained for its release at the sight of her. She was still coming towards him. He was losing his battle, why fight it. Slowly he turned round, contact with the counter never breaking.


She just stared at him.
"Look I don't know what your problem is with my name but its old and its boring so get over it already."

"Hey bitch." Tess spat out.

"Dead already?" She moved away from the day way closer into the room. As she did he felt her, she was nowhere near him and she burned him. He couldn't breathe, shifting slightly.

"No little sis, that's your department."

"TESS." She just smiled at her brother. "Are they with you?"

"Outside, making out as usual." She still hadn't looked at the other guy but she could feel his eyes on her, she shook alittle. Khivar frowned slightly.
"I can guess why their here but why am I?" She spat out at Khivar.
"How did you find me this time anyways?" he pushed himself away from the wall and towards her.

"You know you can't hide from me. I always find you!" He went closer, as she flinched back. His face hardened, his fists clenching.

"I'll try harder next time." He then smiled.

"No need." He'd seemly calmed to the response that he gave. She could only shiver. She needed to walk around.

"So...why am I here. Your goons were as helpful as ever. Although sharing more than one brain cell between them this time. Letting the hired think for themselves. Tut Tut. Living dangerously aren't we? I'm impressed." She was finally finding her voice, that guy who stood to the side of her was not gonna make her go all girly..whoever he was!
"But stupid enough, two of them still can't walk properly."
Zan laughed.
"OH he can do stuff then. I though he was a retard just out for the day. Whats his story?" As if she didn't know. Zan stopping laughing. She may look like Liz but his Liz she was not. It made him crazy. She made him crazy. He went to say something but Khivar stopped him.

"And finally they acknowledge each other." He clappped his hands.
"Well...aren't you going to say hello; your going to spenting alot of time together from now on after all."
Khivar still couldn't believe how beautiful she was. They were so much alike but he liked Elizabeth more now, for the simple reason that it was she who could give him what he wanted...he knew that now.
She would look better if she didn't wear her hair that way and in that colour. And her clothes, no matter now revealing they were, were different if only to hid those damn tattoo's. She knew it drove him nuts, thats why she did it. Thats how it suposed to work after all.
Whinding each other up to the point of despare. How he loved it so!
She saw the way he was looking at her, it made her skin crawl like always. So it was either look at him or the retard who made her feel things that she just wasn't ready to feel. She could still feel his eyes on her. She closed her eyes tight.

'GOD he's just a guy. yah right a guy who you haven't stopped thinking about since like..birth thats all.' She stiffened, hands on hips.
'Please don't let him be looking at me. Those eyes. God stop being such a pussy and just look at him Mila'

Zan's eyes widened to the point of pain. He'd heard her speak, he swore he did but her head was down, her mouth not moving. Then he spoke. Behrly able to be heard.

"" He stammered. She had heard slowly raising her eyes up to meet his. Finally they did.


She couldn't talk, her body would not let her, only her eyes moved. They were making him tremble uncontrollably as he saw the way that they sought his body out. Relentlessly. His chest heavied to the point of exploding. They were at his hard chest then his rigid abs travelling down to his slim hips where his jeans loosely hung, still opened slightly. They then saw his belly, lower still to the dark curls that began to its base then down to the jerky buldge in his jeans. There they stopped. He saw her tongue dart slowly in and out of her slightly opened mouth as she looked upon him. She had no idea what she was doing to him with just her eyes. But she did as she finally tore her eyes away from the part of Max Evans that she hadn't yet been introduced to, the part that she most wanted to be with right at that moment, to meet his. She didn't know how she managed those last few steps but she could feel the heat from his body and his shallow breath on her skin. Eyes still locked she reached for him with a shaky hand.

"...liz..." She shook her head as he reached for her hand. They touched. The connection was instant as it tore into them, never being that strong before. Colours, sounds, emotions all crammed into seconds as they ripped through them over and over. They were able to feel how the other felt right up until that moment. When finally over it threw them roughly apart. It took awhile for them to remember to breathe let alone move. Liz was the first to exhale and dare to talk.


"Together again, if in name only, how touching. Makes me wanna puke."
She spat out as she stood and watched them, neither hearing her paddy fit. A nurclear bomb could hit and they would do nothing. They could do nothing, their bodies not allowing them too. Mila moved first, tilting her head slightly sidewards as if to look at him deeper, then frowned. Zan just stood there unmoving to anyone that saw them but she could see his eyes. Wide and endlessly searching. She then heard that they were breathing in unison, fast and shallow. She felt dizzy, she wavered alittle seeing his hand come instinctively out to catch her if she did fall. She broke the connection as she stepped back. She saw his face change, like he didn't like the new space that was now between them. For a moment she hoped that he would follow and felt at a loss when he didn't. What was this?

"What the hell is this?" Zan said it for her. Had he heard her? Nah that was too freaky.

'yah like this whole thing wasn't freaky enough already. god his eyes even more beautiful than in my dreams. Too beautiful. jesus.'

She put her head in her hands where she stood. He never looked at her all the time that he'd heard her speak. She likes my eyes, that there beautiful has she looked in the mirror lately? He looked at her then
she was walking away from him. She hadn't heard him. Why was he hearing her and she had him? His head started to throb along with something else. He stiffened alittle... literately. This wasn't happening. He stole another glance, she was moving away from him still, he missed her closeness already. Why? yes she looked like Liz but he'd never felt like this then he was with her or when she invaded his dreams. He couldn't think, finding it harder to breathe. Khivar saw the state that they had both become. It excited him but at the same time again she was with another and it had his veins pump with hatred. He hated them both, words unable to descibe just in what way. Max Evans and Zan, one and the same, would both know what it feels like to feel unspeakable pain. All 4 would. In fact the whole world would soon enough. He smirked to himself as his thoughts ran away with him.

"All in good time boy, first I've got to talk to the other players in this game." He looked over at Tess. "Want to come and say hi to Lonnie and Rath." He could have counted the seconds till he bit, he didn't have to wait long as he predicted.

"SONOFABITCH." Zan snapped from where ever he'd been to look in his direction. He was striding towards the open door.

"WAIT." His voice sounding inhuman. He wasn't. No one knowing just who of what he was..yet. Zan stopped dead.
"Soon enough, first you and Mila get to know each other. For old times sake, catch up on things."
Zan looked back at her, his breathing calming when he saw her. She had her back to him and he could have sworn that she was shaking. No matter how much he wanted to hurt them,and he would, she looked like she already was, hurting that is. There was no way that he was leaving her. They both still hadn't moved or spoken long after the room had emptied.


She finally found breath and the power of speech at the same time. Pity she too had to lean up something in order stop herself from falling. She just couldn't look at him yet.

"..Max..I'..I'm just as scared as you." She inhaled deeply which hurt her to do so. She finally looked at him, she'd felt that he'd been looking at her the whole time.
"But if I can help you..let me..." She breathed out, legs shaky.
"Please...let me do this."
He just shook is head at her slowly, his eyes ready to spill over.

"I..Can't let you do this...I won't." He was finding his voice, standing up but he strong enough to move completely away from his part of the counter just yet. She could feel her eyes spill.

"You heard him, a war is coming and if I can help, if I can stop it then I have to." She suddenly felt naked, she practically was. She wrapped her arms tightly around herself, forgetting about the obvious part.

"But at what cost?" He said firmly, he'd moved away from the counter without realizing it. "We don't know what will happen..." He held her look. " You..." his voice trailing off.

"Max." She pulled away also. It was his turn to say no.

"No Liz you say you want to help, fine but by you doing that it will effect all of us." She shook her head, not understanding. He was now pacing, she watched his every move. She still ached...for him.
"We could lose you...I can't lose you Liz. I've just find you again and I can't loose you. I won't." His face was hard. He ran his fingers roughly through his hair; breathing harder,walking faster.
He wasn't looking at her. She tried searching for his eyes every time he faced her but he would not let her.

"It sounds selfish but I'm not ready to lose you in order to save myself let alone complete strangers. I can't lose you to anything. I can never be without you Liz I may have been for awhile back there but I couldn't feel. That bitch's mindrapes saw to that." He stopped dead, back facing her. "But I know it would kill me if I lost you."

"You say to save me, but what if I lose you to somebody who I don't know like I KNOW you, who I don't want like I WANT you..." He stopped, both feeling how the other felt at what he had said. They began to pant alittle, the perfect unison. Max shook his off, literately.
"...or worse you could.." He couldn't say it in case it made it happen.

"Die." She finally spoke. She saw him only nod then only to hang his head low. She again walked over to where in stood, back to her. The need still there but different.
"I'm sorry Max." She whispered.

"Your sorry.Why?" He turned round as she reached him.

"I know about what right or wrong but I NEEDED you max...I NEED you still so much I can't breathe. I can't explain to but it wa..its like...." She was at a loss. "SHE was controlling me. You make me wanna do it..." She stopped it give him that look. Part of him wished she hadn't. " bad it hurts just to look at you. But your right. Theres more it this than we know and theres the others as well. As for you and me, I can say that now can't I?" He smiled and nodded lightly. "Theres so much that we haven't done, that we haven't said yet. We have to find another way first, Right?" He just looked at her for a second before crushing his lips down hard onto hers, fisting at her her as he did so. She pushed him back onto the counter hard, as she kissed him back. He felt his lip bruise and cut alittle under her feverish touch. His hands went from her hair to her waist, wrapping an arm around it hard as he pulled her to him. She moaned into his mouth as their mouths then mated. She started to push herself onto his hardness, it was his turn to moan as he roughly clamped one of his hands onto one of her achy breasts, his eyes wide when he felt flesh on flesh for the first time. Her strap was past her elbow now. For the first time his palm touched the uncovered hardening peaks of her pert rosy nipples. He pulled her head away by her hair, arching her from him so he could take it into his mouth.

"...max..god...yes" She growled as he rolled it tightly between his tongue and the roof of his mouth then licking and sucking it till she felt the skin tear alittle on it. She marked at his back and neck all the more. She felt his hands travelling down to the cheeks of her
ass, cupping then kneading them, pushing her wet folds down harder onto his throbbing sex, to the point that she cried out his name again. She felt his hands move downwards. She tore away from him and began to smirk. His face was flushed and confused.

"What?" He felt her pull away, he missed her on him already. He pushed himself away from the counter, reaching for her.

"NO." She pushed her hot hand hard onto his burning chest, as he rested back against it. "My turn!" She licked her lips, he frowned. She slowly looked down, he followed her eyes to his open jeans and dark curls. He looked up fast, his head begininig to tilt. What was she saying. She moved in close again. He couldn't breathe, her mouth went upto his ear, licking at the lope when she got there.

"I WANT to touch you. I HAVE to touch you...I NEED to touch you..." putting her hand at the opening of his jeans as she began, placing it inside when she'd finished. She then lightly touched it, his hips bucked involuntary as he pushed himself against her hand. She smiled.

"Down boy." She teased looking down at it. "I'm coming." She rubbed it alittle, feeling Max arch his back, sliding down the counter alittle. She gave him a gentle kiss on his neck,it was having to same effect if it have been their mouths duelling for hours. She was reducing him to a trembling mount of wantant flesh...and he loved it. He loved her. He'd die for her. He probably would. Next thing he felt her hot little hands on him, gently moving up and down, exploring every little nook there was like the little scientist she was. But they weren't in any class now and this wasn't one of his many hot and heavy dreams, this was real life, he felt it with every stroke she gave him. Harder and faster, longer and higher they came. over and over again. He nearly came there and then, he'd been ready to since he'd seen her on that bed asleep. He pushed harder back onto the counter as she frantically pulled to his jeans.

"...Liz..oh..god." It was his turn to cry out and she loved it. she wanted more. Now she had a choice play or take.

"Take..." She heard him growl from above. She loved this silent speech between more and more. He pushed his hips out to meet her. She took him into her hot mouth as hard and fast as she could. Gently biting at the base only to suck on the way back up and over the tip. He almost lost it again within the wet and warm recesses of the mouth but then she did it to again then again. Only then to take his sacs into one of her hands and squeeze lightly as she went along his throbbing shaft once more. This was too much, they had to stop.

"...Liz..god have ..stop.." His breathy plea cut short as she sucked and squeezed again. He was pulling at her hair to get her away from him. He was so close to it now.
"..please..." She shook her head while he was still in her, giving him a whole new sensation. She pushed him back down, hot hand on hotter chest.

"...LIZ...PLEASE..." He pulled her hard off of him, she tore at his flesh as she left him. He moaned. Hand hard either side of her face he pulled her up to his face. Either could breathe. She searched his eyes.


"...Liz Parker...the first time I come in won't be here.." He put his thumb into her mouth, she sucked it hard. His hands went to her waist, lifting her up and round to land hard on the cool counter.
He leant in.
" will be here..." he plunged two fingers hard and fast into her wet core. She gasped,their eyes not leaving each others.
"...understand?" She threw her head back as if to nod as he contintued to thrust into her.


That room was only so small, he knew because he'd walked round it, trying not to go near her as he did so. She hadn't moved at all. So many things were in his head, he couldn't think straight but one thing kept coming back to him. Go to her.He didn't know why but finally he did, the need he'd been feeling since he'd first laid eyes on her too much to behr.

"m...Mila?" He whispered reaching to touch her arm. Flesh finally touching flesh. She felt as hot as he did.

"Zan..!" said breathlessly about to turn.

4 pairs of eyes opened wide at once as it tore through them all...


She instinctively held onto her belly, protecting the precious cargo now held inside it, as she fell down hard from the punch. She rolled onto her back just as he stood over her. He reached down and pulled her up by her clothes to within inches of his face, tearing them as he did so.His piercing blue eyes bearing right into her sole.

"YOU'll DO AS I SAY MILA." He shook her. Her shook her head harder.

"NO...NOT ANYMORE." He hit her again harder this time. She looked back up at him. "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME." She spat, screamed and clawed at his face. Kicking didn't help either. He wasn't letting go, he never would. She knew that.




She pushed him as hard as she could at his chest but he just pushed himself down harder onto her. She felt her stomach heave as she felt his stale breath on his face and his hardness on the belly. She winched not because of her pain, which was getting worse by the second, but for her baby now so close to utter evil that mila swore that she could feel her shake. She knew it was a girl, Zan had told her after they had made love under 'their tree' and he had coonected with little Leah...that was to be her name. She'd reached out to him first, Mila could still see the little glowing handprint that shone out to him from inside her belly as he innocently brushed his hand over it. She had been so scared to tell him but when she saw his face when he ound out she only felt guilt for not having told him sooner. After she held him while he cried they made love again before they had to leave 'their world' and go reluctantly back to the to the harsh reality of the real one. A world were he was married to her sister, Ava and they were both sisters to his worst enemy, Khivar. Neither fact was know by Zan of else he wouldn't want be with her (or so she thought) let alone hold her, kiss her, make love to her then to be the father of her child. He would hate her and she couldn't live without him. So she buried that knowledge deep within her, so deep that even when they connected he couldn't see. But now Leah changed everything, now more that ever they had to be together, they needed to be, no matter how impossible that was.
So he went to see a father that he hated more than life to beg for his help, while she went to see 'him' to say that she wasn't going to spy for him anymore. That it was over!! She wasn't betraying Zan anyway, how could she! So she only fed Khivar tipbits while staying close to zan all the more, protecting her whole world with her life. She only ever wanted to be with him since they were children but Khivar and his parents put a stop to that. He made her feel whole and safe but he wasn't here now and she was far from safe.
He wasn't moving off of her only moving on her, she felt sick as her world tilted. She'd seen evil in him before, she could see alot of things that she didn't understand about people, but nothing like she saw in him now. It literately made her shakewith fear to the point of pain. She tried to struggle but he held her down by her wrists, pressing down hard on them high above her head.
She shut her eyes so tight hoping it was another dream, that he would go away. But he wasn't. Her eyes then flashed wide open as she felt his hand rub hard across her now exposed belly. LEAH. She must have heard her momma and felt her fear because the next second Khivar pulled his hand away fast from her, as if he'd been burned. But he still lay on her, and he was now smirking.

" little Mila, we are getting stronger aren't we?...won't be long now precious..." he leant in to whisper something in her ear.
"..why don't I take you it a practice run."
She then did two things bit his cheek hard while kneeing him harder still between his legs. He cried out but not in pain as he licked the blood from his cheek into his mouth, smiling all the more.

"So you like it rough I'd known I would have done this sooner....I'm going to enjoy this all the more now" He barked as he went down on her again. His lips were at her face, neck as his hands tore away at her breasts and what little clothing she had left there. She screamed as he put his hand firmly on her mouth, she bit down hard on it which only turned him an all the more. She was trying so hard to get out from under him but he was just too strong for her tiny body. As his hands continued to invade her she felt herself begin to blackout, thoughts of Zan and little Leah consuming for. She was lost... until she heard a voice a familiar voice, a safe voice. A voice which calmed both her and little one was Rath. She exhaled hard, looking around for him, expecting khivar to be pulled off of her instantly. Nothing! She reached round to look again, had she heard him? Why was he still on her? Khivar breathed out hard as he got off of her of his own accord.

"Don't you ever knock boy...I was busy!" he said shifting slightly to ease the ache that was still held between his legs.

"NO!..Have you had her yet?" He barked back, now in plain view of his 'sister', smiling down on her . Mila was at a loss as she slowly raised herself from the floor to look upon him. She tried covering herself with what little clothing she had left but it wasn't working. her mouth was open, she tried to speak but the words wouldn't come, looking first at Khivar than back to Rath. Her family...people who were supposed to be there for her, protect her...she was actually sick this time. Rath finally spoke again.

"Surprise...." He held out his arms to her. "what no hug and kiss her me too little sis'? how far did we get?" He smiled all the more as she felt his eyes travelling up and down her, but not in a brother to sister way. Khivar seeing this stepped between them, staring the younger man down,

"LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE." He boomed, Rath trying to speak. "NOW!!!" he continued stepping towards him. Rath held up his hands, taking a step back.

"ohhh no not that." He lied. "I meant whats are next move, you have told her haven't you?" He threw khivar a cheeky smile, praying he'd back off. He did.

"No I didn't get a chance to. Anyways she now says that she want out..that she loves him and she's not doing it anymore..."

"Ya right!" Rath said laughing. Khivar only looked at him.

"What have I told you about interupting me..BOY?" Rath's smile faded instantly as he stepped further away. Mila saw her chance well they were at each other, she slowly got to shaky legs and turned to run when he pulled her back by the wrist.
"...but its too late for that now and you have no choice in the matter. You belong to me ans as I said before..YOU DO AS I SAY." She jumped as he shouted into her ear. He then softened.

"Be sides do you really think that he would want anything to do with you if he ever found out just who you were and that you've played him for a fool.
He won't even want to touch you. Poor Mila." He reached for her cheek, which now held a single tear. She smacked his hand away.
"Wanting somebody so badly but not being able to have them, it hurts doesn't it? To love someone and not be able to make love to them, it feelings like you want to die doesn't it? I know because I only have to look at you and I ache. " She took a step back as he went for her only to utter the words that she and little Leah wouldn't live to regret. Her voice calm yet firm.

"I wouldn't know how THAT feels." He stopped dead, realizing instantly what she meant. His fists curled up into a tight balls.

"Get out Rath." was all he said, his eyes not leaving hers.


"GET OUT!" he now looked upon rath with those eyes. He flinched back, almost at the door then, he looked at Mila, her head shaking alittle, trembling eyes begging him to stay. But then he was gone. He'd left her. She tried to run but he grabbed her by the hair. She spun around to face him, as he gripped hard on her shoulders, eyes blazing.

"HAVE YOU MADE LOVE TO HIM MILA?" She said nothing.
"ANSWER ME!!" He spat out as he shook her so hard. Then she realized she had the power, he was panicing and scared. She took it with both hands as she Zan's smiling face flash in her head.

"YES...MANY TIMES. EACH TIME BETTER THAN THE LAST." She stepped closer to him as she srceamed into his face. "SHALL I TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES? WHERE? WHEN?" He let go off her, stumbling backwards. She felt stronger and stronger with every passing moment.

Thats as far as he let her go, too far, as he puched her hard in the face throwing her backwards. She then landed hard on her belly, so hard it made her cry out one word.

"LEAH!" as the pain tore through her. She now held onto her belly so tightly as she rolled into a tight ball. He tilted his head to one side, frowning alittle, walking over to where she lay. He was at a loss until his eyes opened so wide so fast that they would have hurt any other normal person. But he was not normal...he was far from normal. he knew instantly then the meaning to what he saw. he then spoke, his voice behrly audiable.

"He's filled you with his baby hasn't me.....?" he began to shake. "HASN'T HE?" He roared but she said nothing still in so much pain. He then let out unearthly cry that seened to shake the whole room.
Finally he stopped and his voice returned to normal.

"You've got HIS bastard baby growing inside of you, in the space that was for MY baby. Your leeting his baby grow inside of you when it should be MY BABY!!" He screamed at her as he reached down to her just as the door flung open, nearly off its hindges to reveal Zan, eyes like fire...

**Flash ends**

They all tore apart from each other at the same time, 8 eyes wide and shiny unable to breathe as their bodies shook at what they had seen.

"OH GOD...LIZ!" he said breathy as he reached out for her again, almost touching her again. He was burning up, shaken to his very core by what he had seen which he still couldn't understand. His strong chest heaved like nothing he'd ever felt before, he had to touch her, hold her close, the need now painful. Like he would blackout if he didn' he would die if he didn't.

She pulled away from his arms, shaking harder hands at her mouth. What had she seen? She stepped away from him which only left the ache now within her worse. She wanted to go to him so much, she needed to..he was like the air that she breathed...he always had been. To have see him in her dreams and not know who he was or why she saw him, only to finally see him for real. Why? She didn't know that either only feeling that she was finally home when she looked into his eyes. She'd found him only to hear him cry out a name of another. It almost killed her?

"..w..who's Liz..?" She stammered. Zan now could see it was Mila who stood before him, not Liz. Why had he said Liz anyways?

"..m..mila!" He reached out to her, but she only moved further away. She looked so scared.

"Mila..walt..NO.." He caught her by the arm, but she pushed him away. She was affaid of him.

"NO...DON'T TOUCH ME.." She took baby steps backwards, not taking her eyes off of him still she felt the wall behind her. As she moved away the ache that they now shared grew stronger, easing little as he took steps towards her, their eyes widened to it.

"..z.Zan?" He nodded lightly, breathing out hard. She knew him.
"wwwhat was that?" She reached for her head, starting to feel alittle dizzy.
"Khivar?.." her eyes wildly searched his. "...I..I..don't and me...but it couldn't be..." She rested her head into her hands as she bent over herself.
It broke him to see her like this. he took another step in order to get to her, he needed to get to her. Something inside of him drew him to her. he didn't understand any of it but he knew at that moment he had to go to her, tell her it was alright and that he was there for her ...always. he took another step, suddenly feeling dizzy and unsure. He could see that she looked like Liz, was that why he was drawn to her? He didn't know, all he knew was that he remembered how it felt when he was around Liz and he could feel now it felt now when he saw Mila before him. It wasn't the same...this felt right. This felt real!!


"mila...stop.." he held his arms out to her, body shaking.
"Come here..." he pleaded, she only shook her head, eyes locked.

"...please..I need you to come here.....I need you mila..."

He inhaled hard, as she stopped dead, changing direction to face him and then breaking into a run when she saw his face. She couldn't get to him fast enough, she was interupted by the door being flung open and Khivar walking back into the room.
She stopped just inches from him as they both turned towards him, slowly. He could feel her fear almost touching him they were that close. Standing shoulder to shoulder watching his every move as he stood in front of them, Zan instinctively reached round behind himself and took her hand in his, unseen by khivar. She didn't pull away, only entwining their fingers and squeezing hard. They could feel the heat rising between them instantly, they both shook alittle at the intensity of it but just able to control, remembering where they were.
Khivar then spoke, she squeezed his hand to the point of pain, as he barked orders at him. She was affaid, not for herself but for him. Always for him. She felt something that she had never felt before, she thought she could sense something inside of her, something willing her to protect the man in her dreams that she now knew as Zan. She had to protect him with every ounce of her being. A thought came into her head at that moment.

'Please don't let them take you from me.
I've only just found you...please...I can't
lose you...'

He felt her shake as he heard every word that she had said.

'I'm not going anywhere Peaches.....I
I love you...'

His heart just stopped, had he just said that ?Yes he had his heart started again. He didn't know why he had said it but he knew thats what he felt. He loved her. this stranger that looked so much like is Liz but who was so different to his Liz. But she wasn't his Liz and for the first since forever he'd hadn't thought of Liz till then. All he could think about was Mila! That she was holding his hand, doing things to him that noone had ever done to him before (he gave her a sidewards glance which she didn't see but he did.) and that they were in real trouble. At that moment he had a real purpose in kill him and protect her. Everything for her. His Mila!

She stayed stoney still as she heard every word he'd said. She'd tried to ignore it before but this was too much. her legs began to waver alittle, her tummy doing flip-flops over and over, her head now fit to burst as the need for him flowed out and into her. She couldn't breathe, she would die at that moment if she didn't see his beautiful eyes upon her. She slowly turned towards him , forgetting where they were, she could feel him turning too, her heart now pumping out of her ribcage. Almost there when she felt him tear is hand out of hers, as her brother was now behind them.

"Understand?" Neither could speak. He only frowned as he stop beside her, she leant right into Zan almost knocking him over, who then put his strong arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his chest. They both stared at khivar who could only smile.

"Anyways you'll soon know everything. Now if you don't mind getting yours hands off of my sister I would like a word with her...alone." He grapped at her other arm.

"NO!" she yelled, grabbing on all the more to Zan's leathers.

"SHE STAYS WITH ME. I'VE SEEN WHAT YOU DO TO SISTERS YOU SICK FUCKER. I'M NOT LEAVING HER.." He went to stand in front of her but she was now in his arms, reaching out for him.
"MILA...NO!" But Khivar punched him hard in the stomach, sending him backwards. Zan was on his feet in seconds, reaching for him. Khivar held his hand tighter round Mila troat, she began to choke as her held his other one out stretched towards him, shaking his head.

"Don't even think about it. You'll only lose." he squeezed her tighter, as Zan's heart sank. He could do nothing, Khivar was right. He looked only at her as he spoke.

"You won't harm need us, that I do know." He shook alittle harder as he saw her begin to cry.

"Are you prepared to take that risk?" She could hardly breath now, Zan reluctantly stepped away from them, the action only sending pain through both of them.
"Good and who said the can't teach a gutter rat new tricks." He smiled as he then dragged a kicking and screaming Mila out of the room, locked the door behind him. She heard zan pounding in the other side of the door so hard as he screamed out her name, over and over. She could still hear him in her head and feel him in the body even when they were too far apart to hear or feel. But she felt him as strongly as if he was still standing beside her, where she felt the safest that she had ever felt in her whole life. But she was far from safe as her brother threw her into an open doorway, only to hear slam and lock behind them.

Part 31

Max threw himself off of her and across the room as the vision tore through him, hitting the other counter hard. She almost fell with him now not being there for her to lean on. She would have done if he wasn't back standing hard between her legs. He'd caught her, wrapping his strong arms around her trembling body, chin resting on her head as she clawed hard at his back, crying so hard that her lungs would burst.
"Shhhh...don't cry ...its okay..." He stoked at her hair, eyes closed, shaking just as hard as she at what they had seen. What had they just seen? He couldn't believe it...he didn't want to believe it. She heard him and felt his utter disgust. Her tight hold on him eased as she went to pull away from him. His hold around her head and back only tightened.
"Your not going anywhere Liz." She started to struggle against him, she had to get out of that room, she couldn't breathe. She couldn't stand to see his look and feel his disguist towards her, she would die first. She felt like she was. HE'D SEEN- HE KNOW'S. He was lost to her. She began to hit him to get him to let her go. He fought her off, trying not to hurt her as he grabbed at her wrists.
"LIZ STOP IT" She didn't, he pulled her back further from him.

"STOP IT...please... I don't think any of that." She wasn't looking at him as he tried searching out her eyes. He grabbed hold of her face stopping her movements, making her look. Her eyes were killing him, she was affaid.
"It's not you Liz... listen to me baby . Its wasn't real. It never happened okay?" He felt like he was lying to them both, it felt so real..too real. Both now breathing heavier as he rested his forehead against hers. Feeling him around her again she calmed alittle, then finally spoke.

"It was real...max..he..he..told me.... " Max pulled her away, just aliitle so he could see her eyes. When he saw them he knew it was true. He tensed up as he held her close to him again.

"It's okay...We'll find out what this all means...we'll get through this." She nuzzled her face tight into his neck.
"Was this what you were hiding from me? What you both had been?" She could only nod her head, then looking up at him, counfused. He smiled gently.

"I saw you went you were with mom, she knows too doesn't she?"

"...y..yes I don't know how but she's the only one who does." The tears began to fall again.
"max..I... didn't... want.... you.. to...know.. that.." She held him tighter, her words broken.
"..please don''t hated me..again..." He stopped her there by pulling her away from him again, holding his hands tightly in her hair, until she met his face.

"I could never hate you Liz, NEVER, not even while that bitch mindraped me she had to get Zan because I just couldn't do it.." He shock her head alittle. " body and my mind wouldn't let me. You should hate me for not being strong enough to fight, for causing you so much pain."

"No...max,,don,t say that. Its not your fault please don't ever think that." She stopped crying long enough to say that, still not looking at him.

"Liz look at me..Look at me." She found his eyes slowly.
"I love you." he said, gently rubbing his thumbs across her cheeks.
"Nothing will ever change that, whether he's your brother or not. He's the asshole...I HATE him. I never knew a real reason to, it was just the way it was but now you are the reason..the only reason. I won't let him hurt you Liz, its just not gonna happen."
She began to cry again, he then lightly kissed them away as they fell. She almost leant into him again when she pulled away, eyes wide again.
"Rath..rath was there..and..he..god ..he?..will he?..god max.." She was lost, drowning on dry land.

"Shhhh, its okay.2 he rubbed her back gently. "we'll talk to the others. We'll be okay please don't worry babe..please." he felt her squeeze him even tighter, wrapping her legs around his waist so they could get even closer. She nuzzled into his neck again as he picked her up from the bathroom counter and carried her back to the bed in order to lay her down on it. But she wouldn't break contact with him, clawing at where ever her hands rested on him, so he sat on the edge of the bed with her on him. He began to gently rock her and in time she stopped shaking as hard and her breathing matched his rocking movements.
"Your safe now Liz as..."

"But your not are you?...thats why I'm here to protect you, because... your... not... save from him. And he'll be back and... he'll...he'll.." he knew where this was going so he put a finger upto her lips to stop her.

"No Liz he won't get a chance...I die first." His hand now in her hair, as she swallowed down hard, her eyes showing him her pain. She then spoke behrly a whisper.

"You probably will max..I can't let you, I won't let you." She had her hands firmly other side of his face, her tears now gone.
"If I can save you max..let me, please." he shock his head as he tried to pull away from her, but she wouldn't let him, pulling him back harder.

"I don't understand any of this but the only thing I do know for sure now is that I'm here for a reason, and one reason only. For YOU, to protect YOU..." She let her hands drop still holding his eyes with her own.
"And to do that Mila MUST come, its the only way max, you know it was well as I do."
She saw his eyes well up, it tore a hole in her heart.

"I..I..can't lose you, not again...maybe forever this time...I can't live without you. I wouldn't want to..please Liz don't ask this of me...PLEASE." They faces were now only inches apart, his eyes closing as he felt her drawing in closer as her breath hit his skin, which was now doing things to him that he had only dreamt about. They were burning up at the closeness the need raging inside of them too painful to behr.

"Liz..please." She shifted alittle higher on his lap so she could say something into his ear. He held her tighter around her tiny waist, pulling her closer onto him. Then she said the words that he'd only dreamed about a thousand times over.

"Make love to me Max."
He grabbed hold of her hips hard to pull her off of him, but she just sat on him harder.

"No max we have to do this..we need to do this. If he can do these things to his own sister then what do you think he'd do to Michael, Isabel...." She stopped looking straight at him, holding him tight as he now shock in her arms.
"...You.. and all the others. I won't let that happen if I knew that I could stop have stopped it somehow. We don't know what will happen, if anything but we have to at least try." He looked away from her, not wanting her to see him cry. But he couldn't hid anything from her now, she gently pulled his face back and it was her turn to kiss his away. He closed his eyes, pulling her tighter still as he breathed her in. She moved herself slightly in order to ease her ache that now sat high on his hardness. No matter what was going on it always led right back to this, to them and what they've been yearning to do for like forever. And with each wave that hit it was getting harder and harder to resist. At that moment the need was too strong to resist as it tore through their aching bodies. She was moving on him but he stayed perfectly still. She stopped.

"Don't you want to make love to me max?" Her anxious eyes now on him, giving him the biggest 'little girl lost look' that he'd ever seen. He nearly lost control there and then.
He looked up at dead straight at her as he pushed himself up into her hard, his open jeans the only piece of clothing between him and heaven now. He pushed alittle harder as her dark, wet curls lightly brushed against the side of his warm, thick shaft. It flinched alittle as they both moaned.

"I'll take that as a yes then shall I?" She whispered with a amile now on her face. He could only nod as his body began to burn again. She pushed down on him alittle harder.

Was his breathy response in her ear, she could feel his smile against her hot cheek. She let out a moan as she only began to move on him again.

"Liz..." His smile turning to panic as he could feel it getting close, too close. He pulled her off of him alittle.
"Liz stop it." He face stoney still as the rest of him was coming apart in her arms. She let out a growl.

"I THOUGHT YOU WANTED THIS MAX...." Went to get off of him but he only held her down.
"You can't keep doing this to me max, its not fair. I want you so much it hurts and you torture me..." He put a finger to her lips again and smiled. She only frowned.
"This its funny..." She was determined to get off of him him, on matter how much she ached for him and she felt like she was fit to burst.

"I WILL take you as mark you as my own forever, over and over so you won't beable to sit down without remembering me inside of you but you have to do something for me first." His face unmoving, his hands on her face.

"Anything." She was making his jeans a sodden mess with his words. She began to kiss his neck, up and down with her tongue then suck at it hard. He pushed up hard as he pulled her down harder onto him.
"Anything baby..its yours." Her voice breathy and low, clawing at his back and chest all the more.
"Marry me?"

part 32

She only knew it was coming when his hand made contact with her face, sending her flying backwards, hard into a table.

Zan instantly stopped pounding at the door as the pain tore through him. GOD HE WAS HURTING HER!!! He turned back to hit the door even harder, breaking only flesh. His eye caught sight of the constantly flashing blue light from within the walls above him, Khivar's little insurance policy on how to control his 'little alien helpers'...and it was working. He began fisting at the door again, harder still. He may not have his alien powers, what little he had anyways, but his human ones were working just fine. pity the door didn't see it that way. One more pound, nothing, leaning his head against it he turned round and slid to the floor without breaking the contact. His knees were up near his face as he wrapped his arms around them in order to pull them closer still. He didn't know what they were at first until they came faster and faster. its hard to know how it is to cry if you'd never done it before. The slight shake now turned into a hard tremble as his head fell onto his arms.
"..mila.." was all he could say, all he could do till they came back. Praying it would be 'they' and yes that was the first time that he'd said a pray. he was doing alot of new things, she was changing him so fast that he couldn't think straight. He'd never believed in god but he would do anything just to see her face again.

Liz flinched in his arms as if she'd been hit, Max felt her pulling away and shake. He then saw her face, eyes tightly closed as she seemed to winch. He caught his breath in his throat before it could leave his throat, affaid that it would make her open her eyes to look upon him in way that he wasn't ready to ever face. Was that his answer? Did it disguise her that much? He felt so sick, like he would throw up at any moment. Her eyes few open wildly to meet his, she was finding it just as hard to breathe. she shook her head, reaching for him.
"" she stammered unable to get the words out fast enough before she felt him tense up, lifting her off of him and onto the bed. She watched in horror as he got up and walked away from her. She came to her senses as she scrambled over to the edge of the bed in order to follow.
"SHIT!" Stopping when she heard him swear.
"Shit this wasn't how it was supposed to be, not how I wanted it to be and now I've ruined everything.." he kicked the chair that was beside him across, exhaling hard as he leant over onto the table. She waited afew seconds, still in utter shock before she dare speak.

"" he shock his head, his back to her once more.

"It doesn't matter now." His tone hard, yet heartbreaking to her.

"It does to me. Tell me..please..." She begged, legs now dangling helplessly off the edge of the bed, she was unable to use them still so there she stayed till he eventually turned round slowly to face her, he could never resist a plea from her lips. she saw that his eyes were wide and glazing over as he began to reach round into his back pocket.

She scrambled on the floor and was up and away before he could reach her again.
"That's for making me have to come and find you again. " he straighted his shirt sleeves as he walked away from her. She finally breathed out as the pain shot through her head and back, her eyes getting wider as she watched him walk around the room. She was trembling uncontrollably at the rememberance of what she had just seen ,whatever it was, until he then gave her reason to throw up or blackout, which ever came first.
"But you won't beable to hid there anymore my little leah, their all dead. Again somebody's dead because of you." He turned to face her.
"Tut tut , after all this timeI thought you would have learnt by now you can't hide from me, I'll always find you." He smiled as he saw her bend over herself, head in her hands.
"Poor little Leah you have no idea do you?" She looked up at him with eyes that he'd never seen before, not eyes of fear but eyes of utter rage and hatred. He smiled all the more.

"Then you tell me you sicl Sonofabitch." She spat out at him as she slowly raised herself up right. She'd loved them all so much..she then saw little sara's face flash up before her eyes, Bill & Katie's (they had been the ones who took her in this time) daughter who she'd played with, who now wouldn't see her 4th birthday. Mila closed her eyes tight, as she then opened them just as fast and start to walk towards him.
"Tell me you I saw a man who looked like you try to rape a woman who looked like me...your own sister. Tell me that." he just smiled.
"TELL ME!" She'd never spoken to him like that before, was it because of Zan already?He didn't know all he knew was that her tone strangely excited him.

"So its coming back to you then my Lea..." She stopped his sentence in his throat.

"I swear if you call me that again you won't be able to walk for a month. when are you go..."She stopped herself, remembering back to their vision. She thought of him, it made her dizzy she had to take a time out. Willingly herself back she then spoke again.
" what she called out..Leah.." She was lost, her new found 'power' now gone. She looked at him.
" I her.." but the words wouldn't form. He smiled as he came to a stop beside her. She flinched away from him, she knew he was evil but she was seeing him in a whole new light...or dark in his case.

"Go on!" He motioned with his hands as if to help her to say it. She shook her head hard.
"Then I'll finish it for you then. I think what you were trying to say was 'Am I her daughter? I right my little LEAH." He spat out at her but she was too shocked to respond to it with her threat. She could only nod as she dared to look straight at him for an answer.

He brought out his wallet and opened it, looking at her all the while, only tearing himself away when he was unable to get out what he was searching for now found, buried dep within one of the compartments of it. She could feel his anger as she got up to go to him.
"Here let me help you.."

"NO."He barkedat her, as she sought her eyes out. She couldn't help but flinch, eyes wide. His face instantly softened when he saw hers, still trying to get whatever it was out.
"I'm so sorry Liz. I never meant to scare you...forgive me?" He looked so lost. "..please.." voice shaky.
She moved quickly towards him, angry at only herself again.

"Max I'm not scared of you...I could never be scared of you. I'm sorry its..." She stopped as what he was trying to get out of his wallet flew across the room hitting her square on the arm.She watched it fall and roll under the bed. They both down at the bed at the same time in order to get at it.

"Liz no leave it..please." he begged her as he tried reaching it from under the bed with an out stretched arm, only cutting it alittle on the underside of it as he did so. But she got there first, her arms so much smaller than his and now it was safely in her grasp. She hadn't seen it yet but she could feel it in her hot little hand. She found his intense stare instantly as she went to say something to him only to tosee him close his eyes, breath out hard and thump the floor as he got up.

"max?" was all her body would allow her to say as she finally opened up her hand to saw the most beautiful ring that she'd ever seen now held within it. Her stomach was churning over and over as she looked up at where he now stood over her, swallowing down hard.

"max..I don't understand..whats this?" her head spinning, heart racing. "max..tell me.please." She was shaking so very hard now. She tensed up as she felt him go to speak.

"It would have been the ring that I would have asked you to marry me with." She gasped as their eyes locked on each others.

The suspense was killing him, and he fed on it, he loved it! Her face was a picture, she lloked so confused and so dependent on an answer from him. He loved having that amount of power, especially over her. He then laughed out loud so suddenly that she almost died with the shock of it.
"No..your not her daughter, silly." He stroked at her cheek, she smacked his hand away hard.

"Then why call me Leah my whole life, after her daughter or don't I really want to know what goes on in that sick twisted little mind of yours?" She was finding her feet again. His face broke into a smile.

"When I call you that its because I can only call MY Mila that but she'll be here soon so then it won't matter any more." he looked her up and down, making her flesh crawl all the more. he saw her look of confusion as he turned away from her.

"I think its time you know alittle more about your life now and before."

"Before?" She shook her head as she stepped towards him, ever closer, her curiousity now overtaking her fear.
"I...I..don't understand?"
She heard him laugh again as he turned to face her once more.

"Shhhh quite now my precious." he put a finger to his mouth. "I'm talking, questions later. First you need to know what your future holds, what I have planned for M I l a...there I said it. Don't ever say that I don't do anything for you. Everything is only ever for you too girls, it always has been. You are both my life."
She laughed at his words.

"Again that spoilt bitch gets alook in, but she was always your favorite wasn't she..thank god. Where is Tess anyways?"
She saw him shake.

"Your my favorite and I meant your OTHER sister."
Then he told her everything, she was glad that she was pressed hard up against the wall as her world began to tilt as she tried taking it all in, as her legs threated to give out from under her, they almost did.

"mmaaxx?" she had to repeat herslf unable to say anything else, holding his eyes, not letting his leave hers.
He shook his head, mouth moving but nothing coming out. He reached up to clasp his hands behind his head.

"God this is such as mess...I'm this fearless alien king and I can't even ask the girl of my dreams, the mother of my children to marry me without f**cking that up as well. How stupid am I?" He began to pace up and down in front of her, unable to stand still or even look at her. She could feel the rage pumping through him but she still couldn't speak as she glanced back down at the ring. It was silver, formed into a tight swirl at the front which held the smallest of amber stones, but it sparkled so brightly. Simple to anyone else but her, it was simply the most beautiful thing that she has ever seen. he stopped when he saw her staring at it so intently, his heart soared. She had his heart there in her hand and she was holding it so preciously that his legs whobbled alittle as she then picked it up and gently rolled it between her fingers. He smiled at her gently, she looked like a kid in a candystore. Finally he spoke.
"You like it?"
She could any nod, unable to take her eyes off of it. he moved alittle closer to where she sat.
"I wasn't sure if you'd like it, that it wasn't too simple?" She could only shake her head, still not daring to look at him.
"But when I saw it I just knew. I saw the swirl and it reminded me of home somehow, and you are my home." He moved closer still, only to stop and move away when he felt the heat rise between them again, now was not the time, no matter now greater the need was.
"(cough) and then I saw the stone, amber I think he said it was, anyways you always said that you thought I had amber eyes. So I thought eveytime you looked at it you would see me looking right back at you. Where ever you were? What ever you were doing I'd always be there with you preety stupid huh?" He stopped to swallow back the lump that had now welled up in his throat. She stole a glance at him when she knew he was looking away from her.
"Do you remember the morning after we found the orb Liz?" He turned round to see that she saw still looking down. It was now or never, do or die and even though he was now dead in the water he felt that he had to tell her everything.
"And you asked me what I thought your destiny was and I said..."

"only the part I'm hoping for." She finished it for him as she finally looked up at him, tears running down her face. His wouldn't be far away now after seeing hers.

"..y..yes. I went and brought that later that day and I've had it ever since Liz." He was crying too as he turned away from her. She looked up, pulling her up at the same time.

"..max.." She got onto shaky legs, still couching as she went to get up but he held up is hand to her

"no Liz don't make this any harder than it already is ...I made a mistake...I know that now."

Part 33

Her heart was thumping almost out of her chest, she fell forward into her knees, unable to breathe. He felt her pain, it was tearing up his heart, he'd hurt her again. He had to go on, he had to explain he couldn't leave her like that. He still stayed away from her as he continued on.
"I would have kept the box but I was affaid that I would only throw it away again. I did that alot while we were apart. " He had smiled. "the amount of cuts and bruises I got trying to find it each time...." he looked upon the new one on his arm, pointing it to her. "See." But she wasn't looking at him.
"But I always found I knew exactly where to it willed me to find it."
He felt a lone tear on his cheek, he wiped it away.
"So I decided to keep it in my wallet, close to me always and hey you always need your wallet right!" He chuckled but this was no joke.

"Anyway I was planning to take it slow with us liz, go right back to before if I had to. We had to deal with alot of things I knew that...we still do, but what ever it took I would have got you back Liz. However long it took we would have gotten through it and I would have taken you as my own and asked you to marry me over a romantic dinner somewhere and we would have said yes."
He looked back at her, not expecting her to be looking back at him but she was. He instantly got lost in her red, puffy eyes, still able to look like the most beautiful things that he had ever seen, making his heart soar and his stomach flutter like they always had. Like they always would.
"I know that you would have said yes Liz because like I told you before we belong together only to find out too late that we were truly meant to be. I know it sounds like a spare of the moment thing to do, the right thing to do enlight of everything but thats not it at all." He dared to step closer to the quivering form that knelt before that was his life, his heart, his Liz.
"But this ring proves that I've always wanted it Liz...that I've always wanted you and only ever you. You have to believe me..please." He stepped closer still, his not to be close to her now too much.
"With all the alien related shit that we've had to deal with this was to have been just mine, something for me.. for you and me. I chance for me to do something normal for a change, something that normal men do all the time. You deserved that Liz..and so much more. I was going to be a normal guy standing in front of a normal girl asking her to marry him...but that will never happen because I felt how you felt when I asked you. I know you don't want it, that its too soon for you. Understandable really after all I've put you though I don't deserve this. I don't deserve you but maybe in time you might want it and I'll be waiting for you Liz, always..." That finally broke her as she wept like she had never before, it was almost like a wail.

" can't..." Her head now fell into her hands. He found her then, scooping her up into his arms, pulling her up onto his lap.

"God Liz I'm so sorry. Forgive me...I shouldn't have asked that of you..I shouldn't have said all those things to you. I'm..." He was stopped as she crushed her lips down on his, hand other side of his face. He tried pulling away but why would he want to so he just drank on them, his lips feverishly at her face and neck when the flashes started, ripping through them.

-She was standing in front of a mirror, a veil pulled tightly around her head saying " Do you Elizabeth Parker take Max evans..."
- "We eloped, we were 19......went to vegas...our song I shall believe...we danced all night.." he saw his older self say except it was Zan.
- " We didn't go to Gomez...we made love..."
-Seeing themselves making love.
-His vision of them after getting married.
-Seeing their babies, a boy and a girl.
-watching themselves all dying.
*flash ends*

They tore themselves apart, unable to breathe, as he fisted at her face and hair.
"..Liz?" He said breathlessly. She couldn't talk, totally over come by what she had seen as it shook her to her very soul. She shook her head as she found her voice again.
"I don't understand it either Max...was what he said all true and our babies Max ...." Her eyes wide, her face now smiling.
"Did you see our babies max?"

"Yyyeess." He pulled at her top tighter as she clawed at his strong arms.

"But it wasn't real was was what Zan told me..he was lying wasn't he...?" couldn't be real could it?" Her smile now gone, searching in his eyes for an answer that he couldn't give her, the visions of them making love and the sight of their children, true or not, rocking his world. She looked so lost, almost in pain as he leant into her again, lightly brushing his lips against hers this time. They felt puffy and bruised from where she'd taken him so hard, his were slightly cut on the bottom lip when she bit into it. It felt like the first kiss that they had ever shared, there on her balcony so long ago. He was so nervous then but it didn't even come close to what he felt now as he felt her lightly kiss him back. They finally pulled apart they eyes meeting when he opened his to her.
"Forgive me Liz..please tell me I haven't lost you again." His eyes pleading with her as he shifted alittle underneath her. He heard her begin to chuckle.
"Liz?" She took his face with both her hands.

"Forgive you? max.." His heart stopping in an instant.
"...I need to forgive myself." She was smiling through her tears now as he frowned all the more.
"For not having said YES straight away, for letting you carry on as you did like that, saying all those beautiful things leaving me totally speechless, unable to tell you the words that I so wanted to say. For causing you so much pain when I wanted this too..." She rubbed his face alittle. " much only to feel like I wanted to die knowing that I could never have it." He sat more upright, placing his hands on her jawline as he did so.


"Let me finish Max." He nodded, not moving from her or letting her move from him. "I Could never be affaid of you, I loved you..I love you, even when it got so bad between us, I now know it was not you who said and done those things but I didn't at the time, I still wanted you, I still wanted us. I still wanted that dream no matter how impossble it may have sounded but I let you slip away from me...I'm the one to blame here max" her breathed out hard as she moved in closer.
"But I still want that more than ever. I want you, I need you. Can you forgive me for letting you go or am I too late?" She was now shaking so violently now that she thought she'd pass out or was it these headaches again that was making her feel so very tired and weak. His eyes grew wider.

"what headaches...are you okay? Tell me!" He lifted up her chin to face him. She shook her head.

"Thats not important...this is. Do you forgive me?"
Her eyes wide and shiny, eager for a response from him.
A smile broke his stoney features.

"Nothing to forgive babe, we were both wrong, both to blame for whatever reason.. Lets not talk of it again...agreed?" His smile growing out of control as she nodded in agreement with him. Then her smile came back, the smile that she only had for him, he'd missed it so much, now to see it again it was making him feel lightheaded. He reached for her, but she only pulled away more, her smile now turning into a naughty looking grin.

"So normal guy Max haven't you got something to ask normal girl Liz or is the offer no longer available?"
He was at a loss for words, speechless when he needed it the most. He went to reply to her when his face changed to complete panic.

"THE RING?.." He pushed her backdown to the floor gently as he began crawling on all fours looking around for it. She could only watch as he took her breath away, doing things to her as he was doing the simpliest of things and having no clue just what he was doing to her, she was getting that familiar feeling again in between her legs again. He stopped, looking back at her, alittle pissed.
"Liz help me." He was frantic, an alien posessed but still she didn't move. He now faced her, dropping back down on his knees, looking angry now. her heart skipped a beat, he still looked as beautiful...even more so.
"LIZ..the ring..I can't find the ri..." He stopped when he saw that she was holding up her hand, with his ring now sparkling brightly on her finger. She gave him a shy smile.

"You mean this ring, the ring that I've had here on my finger since like..FOREVER. For a superior race you can be pretty stupid sometimes Max, I mean I touched your face enough times. Didn't you see it? Didn't you feel it?" He shook his head, still in shock finally seeing it on her finger. It was doing things to him that he couldn't control, he felt himself start to walk on his knees towards her, ever so slowly. She began to do the same.

"You are just too bad girl, give he a heartattack why don't ya. Making me suffer like that." She saw her smile her sweetest smile yet. He smiled back.
"I guess we're even now." They were nearly at each other.
"So?" one step closer.

"So?" She took one more.

"I think that my job anyway isn't it, Miss parker?"

"Ohhh I'm sorry Mr. Evans."She gently pulled it off of her middle finger, she heard it was bad luck to have one on there when it wasn't meant to be and they were having enough of that already to last a lifetime. And anyways it was his job after all. her eyes never left his as he saw her tongue dart in and out from between her slightly parted, moist lips alittle as his jeans suddenly got just alittle tighter.
"Well...are you coming over here or what?"

"Depends what the answer is." He was now crawling to her on his hands and knees, with the look in his eyes of a hunter stalking his pray, that he had now found, brought to its knees and was now about to go in for the kill. She deserved this she knew that, but she'd never wanted him as much as she did at that moment. It was literately killing her. He fed for of it all the more.

"Tell me Liz I need to hear the words."

"You KNOW what the answer is now get your cute alien butt over here and ask me properly already so I can SHOW you what the answer is." She was frustrated out of her skin by this point. He stopped just inches from her.

"I want to hear you say it first."

"MAX!" She jumped up and down on her knees. Seeing how serious he now looked she stopped, with those eyes she was losing the
"Yes." She raised her eyebrows. He crossed his arms, also now up right on his knees.

"Yes to what Liz?" He didn't know how much longer he could hold this out before taking her. She heard his thoughts in her head but her need for him was too much to play about. She looked dead straight into his eyes, beginning to shake at the electricity that now sparked between them.

"Yes..I will marry you Max..." She was going to say more much more but was stopped as his mouth feverishly caught each and every word, over and over.

"I have another sister?" She stumbled out, the words in her head but now able to be heard.

"..twin actually, and Elizabeth is the one I need and as I've already told you..your going to help me get her." His unearthly smile now gone as he slowly moved towards where she was now couching in the corner.


"NO I WON'T DO IT. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME." She slid up the wall before he got within reach of her.
"I WON'T LET YOU DO THAT TO THEM!" She was now moving along the wall ,away from him but he was too fast, too strong for him not to get her, gripping he tightly. He looked like he was about to yell at her but she saw him stop in his tracks.

"Now where have I seen this before hmmmm...that's right my Mila said the exact same thing to me, so long ago." He pulled her in closer. "But it didn't do her.." He smiled. " them.. no good either, I killed that bastard baby of hers then she killed herself." Mila swore that she saw a tear forming in his eye when he spoke of her ending her own life. But that was impossible he was a monster or worse, incapable of any emotion. he came back from whereever he'd been at that moment .
"Are you prepared to die for them..for him? They are our enemies mila, complete strangers to you when I'm family..." She pushed him away from her.

"Yes I would die for him...for all of them. They are your enemies not mine. I know nothing of this so call life before and I don't want to know. Strangers they maybe but they feel like the only real family that I've ever had. You're not you family, you never have been. I've only been part of your sick plan right from the beginning. But that ends right here..right now you sick Sonofabitch. NOW LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE."
She had found herself, he wasn't walking towards her, she gave him one last stare as she went to push past him to leave, praying that her legs would carry her there.

"I may need him but I can still hurt him Mila." His voice tearing through her, his words stopping her. She turned round slowly.
"So much so, you can only dream about." He turned to face her. She spat in his face, he only smiled and licked it off. Then she spoke with a voice that didn't sound like her own.

"If you hurt him you wish that you'd never been born, hatched what ever the hell it was. I will kill you and thats a promise. Still think of us as close, as family, now brother dear." Wondering if she would live also long enough to regret saying those words but she wasn't prepared to lose Zan, she couldn't take that chance. So she took a chance, hoping that what her brother felt for her was strong enough not to harm either of them. She could only watch helplessly for his next move as he edged towards her.

"Nice speech Mila but you will help me by switching places with Elizabeth, as I said. Then leading the royal 4 to me, as I said. Where at the summit all 8 of them will die and the gateway will open.." He now towered above her. " I said. Are you getting the picture here Mila? Do you understand what I'm saying to you? YOU WILL DO AS I SAY! YOU HAVE NO CHOICES HERE."

"YES I DO!." and she kicked him hard in the bollocks, he never moved a muscle. She stepped away from him.
"..w..w..who are you?"

"You have no idea but you will find out soon enough, patience little one." then she did something that he didn't like, she began to laugh.

"Do you know how pathetic you sound, all this so you can sleep with my twin after she changes into the old me after sleeping with this ..Max first and hopefully you can get it right this, get it up more like and impregnate her with your spawn. Am I right so far?" He said and did nothing, just watching her think she had the outer hand.

"What makes you think that when she and this Max sleep together that they won't make a baby together and then your up shit creek..again." It was then that he took hold of her, his grip on her makng her arms go numb the moment he touched her. He swallowed down hard in order to control himself, she was right they were no good to him dead, not just yet anyways.

"Maxieboy is too sensible now after what Tess and Zan did to him, messing with his mind about the baby and all. It will be along time before he wants to risk that happening again. But he'll be dead soon so he won't get the chance to anyway." He looked upon her face again, she looked lost. He knew why....Tess and Zan's name together. He smiled , she had fallen for him hard which wasn't her style, not that he allowed her to get close to anyone. if she did, they soon left this world to cross over to the next.

"Awwww don't you know, your sister has already had your destiny first, both of them actually." he saw her legs waver from under her. He caught her but she was too disguised by what he had said to fight him any more. She let him pull her into his chest as he began to stroke at her hair. She began you cry silently, she was never one for crying also but this. She didn't know how to feel she was numb. She felt his breath on her face as he started to move against her body. She clawed her way back to reality from feeling this. She pushed him away hard. She couldn't what did he mean her destiny? what wasn't he telling her? Did she even want to know? As for all the other stuff it was making her head spin but it was what he said about Zan and tess that was killing her.

"ENOUGH your going to help me you little bitch whether you want to or not!" He then got close enough to her to place his hands firmly on other side of her head. She pressed down even harder as he mindraped, his face unmoving as he heard her unearthly wail. The stage was now set.

"NNNNOOO!" Zan cried out as he stopped his bleeding hands from pounding on the door. he felt unspaekable pain tear through him then nothing. He couldn't breath, he felt like he didn't have the will to. There was something then nothing and then she was gone. He couldn't feel anything anymore...he couldn't feel her anymore. His Mila was gone.

"So..we'" he stammered, unable to get his words out as she straddled him, bending down to nibble relentlessly at his neck again. He tried controlling the situation again by not touching her, his hands away from her hips but she only sucked harder as she rubbed her heat up against his throbbing sex all the more. He exhaled hard, reaching for her again, only to stop as he felt her move on his hardness again making it ache to the point of pain.
"" She then sat up on him, hot hands brushing lightly across his hard abs, her hair almost covering her face but still able to see her eyes. He could see her wicked smile too as she said nothing, reaching down to the waistband of his jeans. His eyes flew open. He frantically was trying to grab at her hands before they got to where they were both wanting them to go so much.
"" he moaned as he felt her feverish hand start to go down on him. He arched his hips up to meet her hand, as his hands now grabbed either side of her hips hard. She thought he was going to pull her off him.
"I know what I said.. but god... your just too resist.. and I want you so badly I can't breathe...max..please I only want to look..I ..only want" She stammered just as hard as him, holding onto his hips between her legs even harder. She felt him pull her back down hard onto him. They both cried out as flesh now glazed over flesh, she threw her head back as he moved her hips slowly round on him. She almost lost it, fit to burst all over him when he spoke again.
"Touch me Liz....." He reached up with one hand to pull her head back down to met his.
"I need you to touch me now before I explode over myself again when all I want is to cum while being held in your hot little hand." His breathy plea now working its way from her ear, into her brain and then to her hand as she let it fall between where she and he where almost one, not breaking eye contact at all, as he pushed himself into her hand and she wrapped herself around his hot, ever growing shaft.
"Lizzz." He moaned as she cried out too. But not in pleasure, his eyes tore open as she fell down hard onto his chest, clutching at her head.
"LIZ." he sat up and rolled her on her back in one smooth motion, his body now laying on her..pushing down hard between her legs, pinning her down as her head was thrashed from side to side.
"Liz baby what is it, what's wrong? TELL ME!" he stopped her hard movement by holding her head firmly between his hands.
"LOOK AT ME LIZ." She grabbed out for him.

"MAXXXX." She cried out, only to arch up to meet him one more time then nothing. He couldn't breathe, helpless to her needs. Then her eyes flew open, arms waving above her only to be calmed by his. He then lay his hands on her forehead, pushing her hair side, as she searched his eyes wildly, breath still swallow and out of control.
"..w..whats happening to me max." Her body shaking violently under him.

"Shhhh I don't know baby but I'm here..." His breathing was calmed alittle now, just alittle. He kissed her gently on the forehead. "..and we'll face what ever it is together, kay?" She nodded. They both realized at that exact moment where he was in relation to her, neither could move let alone speak. She felt his heart thumping against her nearly exposed chest as hers went to meet it, heartbeat for heartbeat. She felt him on her, she expected him to be too heavy for her tiny body but he wasn't and he fit against her perfectly, like they were made to fit together. He could only look down upon her, her eyes drawing him further into her. He thought moving would help but it only made things worse, they fitted together even better that way. He nuzzled his face slowly into her neck as she did the only thing that felt right, she wrapped her legs up and around his waist, pulling them closer together. She could feel him nearly in her, she could feel him throb and grew harder still as he met with her moist folds everso slighly.
"OHH GOD MAXXX..I want you inside of me.." She arched up even higher to meet him.
He closed his eyes to her, wanting to be in her too so much. He would have taken her there and then, they were that close. Too close as their heads began to spin at what they were now feeling, inside and out.

"I know max, your right..but..." He pushed himself away from her, he felt like he was dying while doing so. He touched her face and mouth.

"I know its hard Liz..." For some reason she suddenly found that funny and she laughed, she neede to laugh even though her head hurt like hell. Her eyes widened to him. His closed his and smiled.

"You can say that again." She was getting back to normal, if you could call it that. He rolled reluctantly off of her and onto his back. she rolled over into her elbow to see just how hard he was. Her eyes were wide.

'How ever is that gonna fit?'

"Just fine but we'll have to have to have afew goes to see if it does." He grinned from ear to ear. Her cheeks went crimson instantly as she playfully hit his arm.


"What?" He sat up. She joined him.

"And I thought that you were shy for all those years. Who knew?" She pulled her knees up to chin, smiling all the more.

"You have no idea." He smiled only to let it fall when he saw hers fade and her then to stare to nothing.He could feel what she was thinking.

"Come here babe." She crawled up onto his lap again, tightly holding onto her as he began to rock her again.
"You trust me right?" she found his eyes.

"With my life."

"Nothings going to happen to you, I won't let it. You've still got to become Mrs. Max Evans, thats our destiny Liz and no man or alien alive is going to stop that from happening..I promise."
She 'd never seen him look so serious, meaning words so much. And she believed him, why wouldn't she?
"Now we have to go and talk to the others kay?" his hand again at her face. She nodded as he kissed her again. They decided there and then that the mood had to change, this would all be too much if it didn't.

"So if we're planning to leave this room you gotta put some clothes on Liz, you've been killing me softly here."
She frowned as she followed his eyes downward. She'd completely forgot that she had so little on. She blushed again but not as hard as he was.

"Ohhhh." She got up from him slowly, him trying and failing to avert his eyes from her perfectly formed tush that was now almost at eye level. He swallowed hard, god she was just too bad.

"ME..your the one that took them off in the first place." She looked about her wildly.
"Where are they anyway?" He motioned over to the bed, having to get up and shake his ache off and out of him at the sight of
They dressed quickly as they went to leave.

"Hey buster who said I'd take your name anyway, I might not want to." She said as she walked out the door.
Leaving him lost behind her.

"Hey Liz what do you mean?...Is there something wrong with my name or what?...LIZ?" And he was gone too.

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Cuddles to BEHRBABE, JIGGERS & MAX'S GURL for all reading & leaving to this, it means so much to me. Thanx x

part 35

Zan stood flat up against the wall as the door opened wider to allow somebody to walk through it, who was then thrust up hard against the same wall, his arm now crushing across their neck. His grip loosened alittle when he heard Ava wince from under him, her eyes wild but not looking at all affaid. He dropped his arm completely away from her then as she bent forward coughing, looking at him all the whole time.
"I was wondering when you'd show too?" He uttered as he turned to walk towards the now open door.

"No Zan..wait!" And she pulled him back by his arm, eyes wider. He through her eyes like fire, about to kick off.
"We don't have time for this." She spat out at him.
He frowned as she reluctantly let her arm fall from his. Then quickly running to the door, poking her head through it before pushing it too.

He was now standing in front of her as she blocked his way out.
"MOVE!" was all he said. His need to find mila eating him whole. He still couldn't feel her inside him, funny after all this time without her to know that he'd been half a person, half alive all this time. The utter empitness now buzzing through him relentlessly always to be there unless in found her. Ava now blocked his way. She shock her head. He moved in closer.
"I SAID MOVE!" His hands about to make a grab for the fragile creature that still wasn't taking her eyes off of him. At that point he would have killed her, as his blood pumped around his veins, feeding his rage even more. She only shook her head again, brave concidering what she saw in his eyes.

She never raised her voice to anybody be now was a good time to start.
This change in her snapped him awake, just alittle. He could see that she was shaking but still not backing down. His hands found her arms as he pulled her to one side, eye balling her the whole time.

"DON'T make me hurt you Ava." He shook her with each word, his voice low but no less threatening, but his eyes showed her that they were only words to him, his mind was on other things...on her!

"No more than you have already." Her voice harder than he remembered, he let her go. She was alittle harder than he remembered. She let her face break into a smile.
"No.. How are you Ava? It's good to see you Ava! Sorry I broke your heart over and over again Ava!..." She stopped mid sentence as she embraced him quickly. He hesistated as she nestled into his chest harder , he softened alittle before wrapping his arms around her.

"I've missed you too." He said as she squeezed him alittle tighter. She probably saved his life just then by stopping him leave and he would be no good to his Mila, his 'peaches' dead, hen he would be without her always. That thought too painful to continue. He slowly pulled her away from him.
"I don't have time for this, I.. HAVE.. to.. find.. her...." his voice broken...he was broken. But something made him stop and listen to her.

"You can't help her by being dead Zan nor by pitying yourself, she needs you to be strong, stronger now then you've ever been, that I know you can be or else she will die...." He frowned as she pulled away from him, then turning back. "..we all will die and he would have one again this time earth paying the price and not home. And your right, you don't have time, none of us do."
He'd never heard her talk so much in her life, nor with much words. She had changed but how ? Why?
She began to pace, still looking at him so intently like she always had done. It was good to see her, he had to admitt that but she was right he had hurt her so much already. She loved him so much, he knew that but there was only ever Liz for him, now knowing that to be wrong. It was Mila...he felt that ache again. He looked down, beginning to breath out of control. He'd used Ava so very badly, he wasn't proud of what he'd done, she deserved better than than that, she deserved better than him. He watched her every move as he was then about to speak.
"Don't talk just listen kay?" He nodded as she breathed out hard.
"You can't help Mila or Liz by fighting him, you have to be smarter than that. Time has almost run out for all of us, the others will be here soon then Khivar can use them against us in order for the gateway to open bringing 'the end of the world'." He went to say something again but she held up her hand to him.

"Things are beginning to change already but you can't believe what your eyes tell you, you have to look with better eyes than that. Don't give up on her for she's the one who will set you free..she'll set us all free." He could only frown even harder, not understanding a word that she was saying.

"I don't understand? Who are them? How will they set us free?" He walked closer to her, wanting so badly to understand.
"How do you know all this?" She smiled, he always looked so cute when at an utter loss.

hto listen to me Zan, you and Max are the only ones now. And you'll both will know what to do when the time is right." He went to say something again but his pain for Mila began to throb. She went over to him, gently lifting her hand up to touch his face as she then smiled.

"She needs you now more than ever like I need ..needed you but we were never met to be. You and Mila were, that's why...."
She was cut off as the door flung inwards and in walked Khivar, eyes of fire. This guys timing was just too much Zan thought.

"THAT'S ENOUGH AVA." He roared as he strode upto them then turning towards her. Zan instintively stood in between him and Ava.

"Leave her alone!" His voice hard, his stare even harder.
Khivar stopped, looking first at her then back to him.

"My my we are being alittle too over protective aren't we Zan? What would Mila say if she could see you now, protecting the wrong sister yet again!" He could see him tensing at the mere mention of her name.

"Where is she?" He lunged forward at him.
He would have reached bashed him to within an inch of his life, no killed him if he hadn't have felt Ava lightly grab his arm to stop him. She squeezed it just alittle as he looked down at her. She told him no with her eyes then let go of his arm. khivar looked on at the pair in amusement.

"Even though I would much rather us stay here and mill over old times, there's work to be done. You've been couped up in here long enough, its about time we stretched our legs and went and got us some humans. Well one human and three others that think that they are don't you think? Besides I have some people waiting who I know you are just dying to see...Mila wants to see you" Zan's eyes snapped up at him.
Khivar could only smile as he then left the room, closely followed by an anxious Ava and Confused Zan,the gapping hole that now comsumed him without her, threatening to black him out. Fear enveloped him him again. Where was she? Was she okay? Was she alive? He head spun out of control with these and so many other questions as they made their way through the long, darkened corriders. He didn't have to wait very long for his answers as they were led into a room that held Rath and Lonnie. But they didn't grab his attention, that went to the figure that stood in the far corner, staring him down as if she didn't know him. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her again. He went to break into a run. She was alive! He drank her in as then she looked away and then it hit him, she was there so close yet he couldn't feel her at all. He was right, his Mila was now lost to him. He stopped mid stride. At that moment he wished that the truck had been driving faster then he wouldn't have to feel the pain that now ripped through him as she turned away from him in order to go and stand amoungst them. Then she spoke.

"So does this Max guy look anything like him 'cus if he does having to fuck him won't be such a chore after all." She said as she looked Zan up and down, lightly licking her lips into a smile. The others just laughed. He found himself instantly as he remembered what Ava had said.
He then spoke to himself, again but it was strangely comforting to him.

' Lap it up baby 'cus that just ain't gonna happen.
I'm the only one who's ever gonna be inside you.
You belong to me and I'm coming for you Peaches.'

His mouth now curling up into a smile as he continued to stare her down. She stopped smiling , to tilt her head just alittle. He way that he was looking at her made her feel dizzy, his eyes doing things to her body that she couldn't control and thats when the pain came.

Liz fell hard against the wall as she reached for the door.
She held onto either side of her head, bending forward. She would have cried out but her body won't let her. She felt his strong hands on her in seconds, catching her as she started to fall.
Her chin hit hard on his shoulder as he pulled her into him, encirling her tightly only to pull her away again. She leant back hard on the wall, as he placed his hands either side of her face, making her look at him. She was burning up.
"LIZ..." He was frantic.

"I'm okay Max." The pain now easing as she grabbed tighter onto his leathers.

"No... your not okay Liz, you can't lie to me." His voice harsh but his eyes were soft full of concern. She smiled as she touched at his cheek, the floor not feeling that it would fall from under her quite as much now as he held her close.

"Max, I'm okay... don't worry." He knew she was lying again and was out to kick off when she took both sides of his face and pulled him into a feverish kiss, which he responded to 10 fold. His hands were all over her, needing to touch every single part of her as she pulled at his coat collar. He had to break away if only for breath and not because his hand was now attacking her from within her jeans in the middle of the street. He was grateful that she was small and his coat big as an elderly couple walked by at that precise moment, both having mild heartattacks if they knew just what was going on under his coat right now. Liz could only laugh as she buried her head into his chest as Max leant into her, finding it increasing hard to stay standing. Feeling alittle better to cope with himself Max pulled away from her.

"You can't keep doing won't stop me from asking Liz....somethings wrong I can feel it" He lied, he could only see it, over and over, tearing into him just as much as her, as if he could feel it. Why couldn't he feel it?

"I know but its fun if I try though isn't it?" She said, reaching for the bulge that now stuck out from his jeans.
He was about to respond in a way that she could only dream about when then door opened and Michael stuck his head out of the door. Max stopped smiling instantly as he stood in front of her, she squeezed at his arm. Michael saw and felt the change in them both. Something was very wrong.

"Well are you coming in or are you just gonna stand out here making out all day?"
His voice sounding more like a father than a newly found brother. Max stared at him the whole time as he grabbed hold of her hand to led her into the room, making sure that he was between her and Michael all the whole time.

Zan went to go to her again as he saw her bend forward, holding her head but Rath blocked his way. They looked at each other for the first time. Rath went to say something but Zan punched him in the face so hard it sent him on his ass.
"That's only the beginning you bastard. You were my best friend and you left her to him." He leant over him.
"This is far from over." Rath just smiled, getting up.

"Still pissed, never mind, but take alook at your self first before you judge me. He did far worse than I." He moved into him. "You.. left.. her.. to.. die." His words tearing at his soul. Zan stepped away, had didn't understand, by the look on Rath's face he didn't want to. Lonnie then caught his eye as she wrapped her arm a round Rath's neck. She still had that smirk that he just wanted to wipe off her face, perminately.

"You look good for a dead man bro." She looked him up and down, smiling all the more.
"Too good, shame your related though." Her look always made his flesh crawl, holding more than just sisterly love. He stepped back, sick at the sight of them again. Something caught his eye, Mila was not alone, Khivar was with her, wrapping her up in his arms and pulling her close, now doing his job. What had he done to her? Then he spoke softly to her as he gently stroked at her hair, he was touching her like he should be. Zan just wanted to kill him there and then even though he knew that he'd lose. But she was worth dying for.

"Its okay little one, I'm here and I won't let him hurt you again."

(Oh yeah he was gonna pay bigtime when it was only them left both standing, he made that promise there and then).

They were leaving. He moved forward, not once taking his eyes from her. He could any watch as he knew that now was not the right time, but it was coming, and by the way that he felt it couldn't come fast enough. She wavered as Khivar then scooped her up and towards the door. He saw that her arm now hung loosely down by her side as he past him. The need was too great, he had to touch her so he did, ever so lightly but she still felt it as the pain tore through her again. She cried out as if his touch had hurt her. He felt pain too.
Liz, now alittle away from Max, cried out again. All 3 now saw it.


"IS IT TRUE?" Zan roared as he went straight over to were Mila lay, stopping when he saw the state she was in and khivar over her. Her eyes were wide, but she couldn't speak. He knew about him now, there was a hiding it. She then nodded her head, still holding his eyes. She saw he was shaking with rage, then look like a lost boy. He took a step back, shaking his head.

"I...didn't want to believe them..." He stepped alittle further back, now shaking out of control. "...but they ..were..right...What Ava and my father had said was all true." He felt utterly sick, nearly passing out with it.
"Leah's not mine..." He slowly found Khivar. "...he's his."
She got up so fast for someone in so much pain, holding her belly so tight. She went to go to him.

"ZAN...NO..." She begged, tears pouring out of her, but he was unmoved as he put his hand up to hit her, stopping within inches of her face, to lower it down again.

"SHUT UP!" He roared, eyes burning through her.
"DON'T EVER TALK TO ME..." He walked upto her as she backed away.
Every word making both her and Leah jump. He'd backed her hard up against the wall as he went to thunder on at her again..
*Flash ends*
Max wasn't fast enough to catch her, Michael did that because he was closer.
"GET AWAY FROM HER..." He pushed michael away from her hard, sending them both crashing to the floor.
"DON'T TOUCH HER." He spat out as he reached down for her as she lay on him, still crying out.

"MAX?" Isabel was across the room in seconds as she saw her brother wrestling to get Liz out of Michael's arms.

He reached for her again but Michael only held her tighter. He only felt Max's anger when it made contact with his jaw. Next thing Max had her on his lap as they had all circled round them.

"MAX WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" Isabel bent down to Michael on one side as Maria went to his other. Max didn't answer only whispering gently in Liz's ear that she was okay and that he wouldn't let him hurt her. Michael's mouth was still wide open, ready to say something when Phillip did.

"You saw didn't you, you know about Rath?"

"What about Rath?"
Michael got up quickly from the floor to see Max looking first at his father then to him, giving him a look that could kill then back to his father, nodding slightly.

"We only know that he left her with him..." He looked back at Michael, who only saw hatred and confusion in his friends eyes now.
"Your own sister and you just left her to face Khivar alone..her and little Leah...." Max's voice then broke offat the thought of it and as he felt liz moving in his arms. She now knew more than he, she had a choice, she buried it so deep. He couldn't see, he must not know. She then spoke, still in so much pain but still able to think straight enough to cover herself.

"Its Michael Max....he's not Rath. He could never be him... you know it was well as I do." She looked to where Michael was now standing, understandably shaken and confused. She gave him a weak smile.
"And I see no evil in him, I don't need Alien powers to see that he would never betray or hurt any of us." She was visably fighting something but still able to calm things down. Max know she was right the moment she spoke.

"I know baby." he said lightly kissing he forehead. "I'm sorry." She looked back at Michael.

"I'm not the one who you should be apologizing to Max." He gave her another kiss as he slowly looked at Michael, unable to look upon him at first. Then he did, his eyes filled with regret.

"I'm sorry Michael its just that..." He stopped himself. How do you explain something like that? Where do you start? He was lost till his father spoke for him.

"I think what Max is trying to say is that in your life before you betrayed her to Khivar and it ended..." He looked at Max and Liz, still clinging to each other on the floor. He wasn't sure how much they knew already so he decided to play it safe. "...badly for them, for all of you." He was thankful that nobody pushed him any further.

Michael stumbled alittle as Maria reached for him. He smacked her hand away. His eyes were wide.
"But I would never do....I could never..." He was lost as Maria went to him anyway as she pulled him into a behr hug. He didn't fight her this time, only clawing at her back to get closer to her. Diane came forward.

"We know Michael, Liz is right, your not like him." She looked around the room as she spoke again.
"None of you are like the others, its like your the same person but split into 2, resulting in good and bad versions of yourself. Your dupes are the bad side of you while you are the good. Understand?" They all nodded. She then looked down at her son.
"You know about Khivar as well Max?" He could only nod again. She smiled as he then spoke to her.

"Thank you for keeping it to yourself. I may not understand yet how you know about us and all this but I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you protected Liz for me for all this time too." He now looked at his father. "..both of you. No matter what happens now your will always be our parents, nothing can change that. We were the lucky ones that day when you found us, planned or not."
He felt Isabel crouch down beside him and kiss his cheek.

"Thank you Max I couldn't have said it better myself." He smiled back at her. She looked up at her mother.

"What did you mean when you mentioned about khivar?"
Diane looked at Max, who then looked down at liz who was well enough to sit up and lean on him now. She nodded as she buried her head into Max's hard chest, not wanting to see their faces when they found out. Diane swallowed down hard but she couldn't talk. Max spoke to them instead, clearing his throat first.

"..He... was... Mila's... brother.." The room went dead qiute. He had to speak again.
"His sister's were Ava and..... Mila."
He pulled Liz closer to him as he felt her shake. No body saying anything still, she felt like she was dying. Then she felt Isabel touch her hair, not having to say a word. It was okay. Liz looked up and slowly round the room. From the looks that she got back and from what she could now see inside there was no evil there....nobody hated her.

'How could you think otherwise Liz, they love you
for who you are not who you were. They only
Know you Liz...not her. They love you not her...
you are you Liz, not Mila, you can never be her
as she can never be you..'

She heard him saying in her head. She smiled as she began to feel the tears welling up. She looked upon Max in awe, just when she thought he couldn't surprise her anymore ,that she couldn't love him anymore than she already did he goes and does something like that. She was about to respond when she felt the pain in her head again, worse this time. She threw her head back and cried out.
"oh god Liz not again..Liz look at me..LIZ."
He went to reach for her, she pushed his hands away, he couldn't see. This was really bad, he could see her pain but why couldn't he feel it? He wanted to hold her so tight till she stopped thrashing but she had pushed him away. What was happening to her? He was so scared that it caused his insides to reach. Then his father spoke as he crouched down beside them. He reached out, gently stroking her hair, she opened her eyes to him.

"Liz are they getting worse?" She said nothing.

"Yes.... but never this bad." Max spoke for her.
She could feel his pain, the visions had gone so she went to him then. Max didn't say anything as he rocked her , glad that she was just with him again. He was about to ask his father what he meant when he saw the look between his and her parents'.

"What?...Tell me."
Something was wrong. He looked at his mother, with pleading eyes. They still weren't telling them everything.

"Tell us...." He looked back down to where liz lay, eyes now closed, breathing laboured and she was so hot. He pushed back a loose strand of hair and placed it behind her ear, looking back to his mother.

NO mother could resist the heartfelt plea from their child, this was no different to if he had of been hers. In her eyes he was, they both were. She looked firstly at her husband then to Jeff and Nancy, who all nodded. She exhaled hard as she looked back at them both, Liz's eyes now open.

"We didn't know it this would be the case or not, we prayed it wouldn't be but now the know that it was true. That Mila HAS TO come." She bent down to them, as she saw the confustion on their faces. She went on.

"All we know is that as a result of your blood mixing, with Liz being human her body can't take any amount of your blood in her system." She began to shake alittle as she felt Phillip put his hand on her shoulder, she grabbed back at it and squeezed it tight.
"it is rejecting it, turning her body on itself...." the words now stuck in her throat, till Liz spoke.

"I'm dying." She sat up and away slightly away from Max. " I'm dying aren't I.." She found max's wide eyes instantly, then not breaking the contact.
"If I don't become Mila soon... I'll die won't I?" She felt Max shudder, his heart stopping as he shook his head alittle. Diane could only nod as she began to cry.

Michael had to steady Maria as her hand went to her mouth.

"Jesus what is this?" Kyle's eyes now looking skywards.
"Haven't you done enough already?" Isabel went to him, pulling him into a tight hug. Amy and Jim just sat in the croner, where they'd been since breakfast, this was all new to them as well. All eyes were now on Max and Liz.

"This sucks big time." That was about as emotional as Michael could get at that moment, too numb to say anything else.He would kick off later, with interest.
Liz's eyes travelled the room as they finally rested back on Max's. What she saw in his eyes, what she felt just made her want to die. Neither could say anything, eyes locked to all the choas that broke out around them. Max finally went to try to speak but she put a finger to his mouth as he began to shake his head from side to side.

"no..liz..this..can't be." He looked at his parents and their look told him that it was. He pulled away from her, unable to breathe.
"No I won't let it..I can heal you.... then Mila doesn't have to come...right?" His eyes wild and filled with tears. She reached for him.
"NO YOU CAN'T DIE LIZ..YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME." He smacked her hand away, regretting it straight away to then pull her tightly to him as he cried into her neck. She clawed at his back, everyone else in that room wishing that they were alone right now to say what they were saying.

"What can we do to stop this?" Michael snapped at Phillip, his stonewall now about to begin to break. His eyes searched his frantically. Phillip said nothing, he didn't have to , they all knew what had to be done. Liz was getting to speak but Max beat her, his voice behrly able to be heard.
".... For us to make love and to lose Liz to HER or not and still lose her anyway. Either an option I want to take.. GOD WHY DON'T WE EVER GET A BREAK?" He shouted to nothing and nobody, his voice then calming, his face still in her neck.

"max.." She caught all his tears in her coat as they fell. He shock his head.
"Look at me max." Finally he did.

"But's its my choice to take, not yours and I chose to save you...." She then looked round the room. "...all of you..."

"Your wrong Liz this affects any one who loves you and there's 10 people in this room who'd be lost without you." She dared to smile, trying to make light of a very bad situation.

"Theres 11 people people in this room Max, your maths was... "


She couldn't breathe, knowing she had to say something now before she lost it at his words. A single tear ran down his cheek. She swallowed down hard as she wiped it away.

"Would rather be here with you but as someone else, hoping able to find my way back to you then dead and without you." She now cupped his cheek.
"Besides they might be wrong about all of this but I'm willing to take that chance for you Max, everything for you...always for you. As I hope you would do for me."

"..liz." He found his voice through his tears.
"How can you even ask that. Always for you, I love you." He put his hands on her neck.

"As I love you then do this for me...I've never asked anything of you except this." She looked at his ring now on her finger, it was alittle big but she hadn't told him. He looked at her then at it, then taking her hand in his as his glowed alittle.

"Better?" He was coming back after her words. She nodded, her face now breaking into a faint smile. She still looked at him.
"Are you scared?"

"Only of losing you but I'll die first, your forever in my heart Liz what ever happens." His lips gently brushed hers. He pulled away to see her eyes wide and shiny, he smiled back as she nodded.

"I asked Liz to marry me and she said yes." He said out loud now cupping her cheeks.
"And she made me the happiest man live by saying Yes."
They still only had eyes for each other, as she moved even closer to him. They heard the room gasp.

"Yeah and how's that gonna help things?" Kyle spat out, too shocked to even begin to get it and he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box. Isabel would have to explain it later to him... slowly. Liz leant in further till her face was only inches from his as she too touched at his face all the more. She felt so weak but all the pain suddenly went away when she looked into those eyes of his. She'd miss him more than words could say but she'd miss his face and those eyes the most. He leant into her further, lips almost home when she heard her fathers voice.

"I think there's something you need to ask me first Max but I'll tell you now the answers NO 'cus thats no way that I'm allowing you anywhere near my daughter let alone marry her. That just ain't gonna happen....." He was shaking so hard now, it all too much for him now.

"Jeff...don't..." Nancy put her arm around him as Max tore his eyes from hers to glare at him.

"I know your finding all this hard to except, we all our so I will ignore that last comment, unless you what me to go into it in more depth." Jeff knew he meant about telling liz about the daughter part and he wasn't ready for that yet. And he was being stupid Liz was dying, rather still see her face as someone else than not at all 6 feet under. He shock his head just alittle, Liz saw the exchange, she'd ask later, this was too important.

"Okay. So its agreed but first we want to do it right and get married." He found his father.
"Will you help us to do that dad?" Phillip nodded.

"As soon as you can."
Liz added quickly, looking away from Max for only a split second to plead with her future father in law. Phillip knew what she meant, he reached for the phone. She looked back at Max as they both finally got up from the floor. The mood was like went Alex had dead but she wasn't dead. The mood had to change, Maria wiped away her tears as she smiled, almost knocked them both over as she gave them a life threatening hug.

"My babies...I can't believe it..."
She was at a loss as she held only Liz now. Max was reluctant to let her go but he wasn't the only one who'd be possibliy losing her. He stepped away as Isabel now joined them. They then began to jump up and down, like they were 5 again. Max just watched in awe, Liz was smiling so much, she wasn't lying before this was want she wanted most in the world. No more than he did. He felt a hand on his shoulder, he knew it was Michael before he even turned round. He was unsure of what to say, they was still so much but he saw Michael's smile, something that was unheard of.
"Michael I'm sorry about before you do understand it was all a ...."

"Enough chit chat Maxwell when were wasting valuable time here." Max looked confused.
"Later my friend." He held out his hand to him.
"Congrats fearless leader just remember thats my baby sister you got there. You break her heart again I'll break your face" Their eyes locked as they both smiled.

"If you think your hard enough." They looked over at the screaming bundle of women now stood before them.
"It either me or them and I know who'd I would rather have!" They both laughed as Max pulled him into a hug.

"Nothings gonna happen to her Maxwell, your been through too much for it all to have been for nothing."
He spoke quitely into his ear as Max was about to reply when they heard a cough as they saw Jeff beside them. He held out his hand to Max, who then spoke, his smile fading.

"I would never tell unless you wanted me too." He said to him as Michael looked on puzzled, now wasn't the time.

"I know. I knew this day would come. I just have to see the way that you look at her, that you've always looked at her to know just how much you love her and that you could never hurt her on purpose. I was a fool to think I could ever keep you too apart. I would have only lost her and I can't lose her." Max saw his eyes well up.

"You still might, you of all people should know that but I've only just found all this out and its killing me. I know how much you care for her but please don't stand in our way, we need this. This is ours not theirs, the strangers that now rule how our lives go. We are not Zan and Mila, this is for us alone, Max and Liz."
Jeff couldn't speak only grateful that max then took his hand in order to shake it. Max then looked for and found Liz as they also looked back at the girl that they all loved so much. Wondering just how long it would be before she would be gone. Liz felt Max call out to her from across the room. She looked back over Isabel's shoulder. No words inside or out were needed, the look said it all. He had to go to her, hold her and they both set off the reach one other at the same time when Phillip spoke.

"Its tomorrow."

"Whats tomorrow?" Michael said alittle puzzled.

"My only son's wedding to the girl of his dreams."
His eyes were wide and shiny. Max had never seen his father cry but then he might just have when he heard Maria scream as Liz ,was almost there a in front of him now, was spun away from him by her.

"OMG LIZ TOMORROW. SO MUCH TO DO. SO LITTLE TIME!" She pulled at her hand and dragged her towards the door.

"HEY MARIA.." She yelled as she moved further and further away from Max, looking at him all the while, feeling the ache in her begin to rise. Max took steps towards her, his pain just as bad.

"No chica, its bad luck for the bride to see the groom the night before." They were nearly at the door.

"But its only 3o'clock in the afternoon...anyways didn't you think we've had our fair share of that already, our timing sucks enough without this. Enough to last us a lifetime." She snapped then wishing she hadn't have said that by the look on her face now. She squeezed Maria hand harder, as she saw Max nod and smile.

"What's the plan then girlfriend?" She could do this, they could both do this, what was one night anyways?

'one night too long babe.'

She smiled needing to say something but they were already out the door and gone. Max suddenly wanted her back, walking towards to door when he felt his arm being pulled back.

"Ria's right Maxwell. Now while their getting girlie it upto us to show you a good time on your last night of freedom my friend." As he slapped his hand down hard on his shoulder. Max felt strangely nervous.

"What..." Michael held up his hand.

"No questions Maxwell. Trust me." Max shuddered at just that as michael's smile grew wider still.

"Anyways, I am the best man after all so what I say goes." It was now the guys turn to head towards the door.

"Oh you are are you?" Max joked. " I'm supposed to ask you first."

"Look it took you 10 years to even speak to her, so I took the advantage when time is a luxury that we just don't have." Michael looked around them.

"Besides, look at your choices!"

"Hey!" was the united response.
Max was about to say something else then he too, along with all the guys who practically dragged him out piled out of the room, his only thoughts were of Liz and how he just wanted to be with her and what a long night this was going to be. Who knew?

Part 36

"never mind Max not being able to walk for aweek, what about me...have you seen how far that thing goes up?" Liz's mouth as nearly as wide as her eyes as she saw Maria holding up the underwear that looked smaller than dental floss, then bursting out laughing when she saw Maria's face drop.

"What's wrong with that, I wear them all the time and I walk fine..." The girlies then all screamed with laughter, and as the underwear store was almost totally emtpy all eyes were now on them.

"Ohhh.... so that's why HE walks that way with that stupid grin on his face. Deluca you're just too bad girl." Isabel was now in amoungst all the frills and lace that hung on the walls. Maria went along to the hanger next, holding it up to Liz, who shook her head, winkling her nose up as she did so.

"You have NO idea..." She moved in closer to where they were, looking about herself. ".....this one time I got these..." Her so wide, her mouth forming into a wicked smile, stopping as soon as she saw Liz's mom smiling in front of her, her's must be close.

"These what?...Maria please do go on."
'shit' was the response in her head as she turned towards where her mom now stood beside her, an instant smile now on her face. The way that her arms were now folding said to Maria that she wasn't going to get out of this one.

"ohhh nothing really, Liz just wanted to know what type of dental floss to get..." She motioned for her to agree. Her mind now right down in the gutter.
"Maxie...minty fresh right?" She nodded even harder.

"Yeah, thanx... I'll be sure to remember that." She was smiling all the time. She felt her mom came up and put an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close.

"So..found anything you like?" Liz snapped a look at her, not ready to have conversations like that just now, just yet.

"MOM!" She shreiked, looking round sheepishly.

"Isn't it more what she thinks Max will like to see her in...."

"ISABEL!" Liz looked to where she was as Maria then butted in, her face hot and crimson.

"Or out of..." Smirk then dropping when she spyed her mother again. Liz then laughed.

"Besides I already know what Max likes...Red....amoung other things. He just told me so you can all stop now, kay!" Her tone alittle firm. Then a confused Maria spoke.

"errr...this ain't getting the monkey spanked..." She saw her mom about to comment, she held up her hand.
"...not now too much to do. Liz, you gotta chose sumin' quick girlfriend 'cus we still gotta get your dress, our dress, arrange EVERYTHING.." Her eyes now wide, unable to breathe as she rambled on.
"...the flowers...the rings....or our they Max's job. Where ever the 3 scoodges may be, they just better be behaving themselves thats all I can say." Her face turning into a scowl, then a smile.
"But what could possibly happen when with the 'grown-up men' of the group there too...then there's the food...present's..god that time is it?" She was really flapping now.

"5 o'clock." Diane said as she rubbed at Liz's back, after seeing how embarassed that she'd now become.

"SHIT!...I can't believe this...we not gonna have enough time..and I want it to be so special for my babies...oh god where's my oil...SHIT!"
She looked like she was about to collapse at any moment as she finally took a breath. Isabel looked about her as she then made her way over to where Maria was drowning out of water. Looking one more time, coast clear, her flattened palm now glowed of a split second to produce the bottle that Maria would quite easily kill for right now. Maria eyes froze into the bottle, she wasn't on cold turkey (not being drugs or anything) she just HAD to have it. It was a mind thing or a human thing Isabel thought.
After taking a good afew inhales, she would have drunk it if it would have helped her more, she went to kick off again when Is held up her hand.

"Chill babe, it's in hand."

"But..." She was lost as Isabel now stood between her and Liz, pulling them both close to her.

"You forget my friend, why knock yourself out at playing wedding planner when you've got me?" She was surrounded by puzzled looks as she tutted, then moving her fingers about.

"Your own personal dream machine NO. 2...Max being NO. 1 'cus there's just somethings I CAN'T make come true for you Liz." She was now looking only at her.
"Whatever you want, whatever you need its yours..." She rested both hands onto her shoulders.
"its is my gift to and Max." She then gave her a big smile as Liz gently wiped away the beginnings of a tear. Isabel shook hers away, pulling away from her.
"So we need Idea's people.. and keep 'em clean."Looking straight at Maria.

"W h a t?"

"So who wants another..." Kyle was intrupted by Michael.

"Gee let me 'cus if it is, I'm gonna smack you one so hard." He said staring him down.

"Alien or human?" His face alittle concerned.

"Human stupid....too crowded here." He replied, not looking at him. Kyle breathed out as he slowly sat back down. Max could only smile as he drank from his 4th cup.
Kyle then spoke again.

"Shouldn't we be doing something here?" Looking at the two younger boys, big smile on his face. His father then spoke.

"Their aliens, Kyle they didn't need to shop." Kyles look then told him otherwise.

"Ohhhhh.." Leaning into him then. "(cough) are there places like that here then?" His cheeks alittle red now, shifting alittle in his chair. All eyes were now on them as Kyle got closer, looking around then speaking.

"I meant grabbing us some food, what p l a c e s were you on about, d a d?" To watch his dad then do a perfect impression of a goldfish was priceless, as they all broke into wild laughter. The noise brought them to the attention of a group of giggly young women sitting over in the corner again.
"You crack me up dad, your so easy to wind up. Besides do you really think that we would do anything even remotely like that then Isabel's my girlfriend... and Maria's his!.." Pointing to Michael, who was smiling behind his hand.
"...and I dread to think what Amy would do to you...shame on you." He paused, smile bigger.
"Would have been fun though..right?"

"You ain't lost your chance." Michael said, pointing to afew of the girls who where now making their way over to them.

"our you okay babe?" She said as she went to Liz who was now at the window.

"Yeah Maria I'm fine." She wasn't looking at her.

"L I z." She was then looking at her, so sadly.
"What's wrong?" Rubbing at her arm.

"This should be the happiest time of my life, and it is but I just want to BE with Max..." She looked back at her extended 'family' and smiled.
"Didn't get me wrong I'm having fun with you guys, and I know about tradition and stuff but he's so close, I feel him....and he's talking to me right now...." She looked down at her ring that she hadn't stopped rubbing all day.
"oh god...and I don't know how long we've got...." Maria could hear in her voice that she was about to start crying.

"I'm so sorry Liz, for a best friend I'm pretty stupid right but don't you dare cry on me...that's my job and that just ain't gonna happen till after the 'I do's', got it?" Liz nodded. Maria then put an arm around her neck.
"Now how about we blow this joint and go get us some ice-cream?" Liz didn't have to be told twice.

"So you guys are from outta town then?" The long dark haired one, talking to all of them but only looking at Max, who was looking out of the window.

"You could say that." Kyle replied, smirking. Michael had had enough of this, they'd been here way too long already.

"Yeah we are, just passing through, on our way to one of our friends wedding...." Max spun his head round, eyes wide. As Michael leant back and lay his arm across Max's shoulder.
"Its all pretty special, their pretty special..made all the more special being the first gay wedding in their town and us being gay and all we thought we'd all tie the knot at the same time." He then put his hand on the inside of Max's thigh. The room cleared in seconds, with cries what a waste and oh shit! leaving a mass of men killing themselves with laughter. Michael then handing Kyle some more cash to get more coffee. He then turned to see Max was looking out the window again.
"You miss her already don't you?" Them both knowing that he didn't need to answer that. He didn't.

"So much I can't breathe. I can feel her right now, she's so close.." He closed his eyes, smiling.
"She's eating vanilla ice-cream, I can hear what she wants to do with it." He laughed more.
"She now knows what I want her to do with it..." He opened his eyes. They were almost black and hollow looking.
"I want to be with her so much right now...I always have... afew more hours won't matter, right?" He lied.

"But they do shouldn't be here, you should be with her. God I can be so stupid sometimes" He was moving to get up.

"Yes you can be... but then the more time we spend together the harder it will be to behr when she's...." He stopped himself just as Kyle came with coffee.
"....excuse me..." And he'd disappeared into the toilet.

"Was it something I said?" But Michael was already up and out the door.

Alittle after the guys arrived back at the motel, they alot less talkative but Max was dead quite, as he reached his room. Michael steered him to the next but one.
"Michael what's going on?" He was frowning hard as they then stopped.

"Now I know we said no girls but this one was a gift from the gods..."

"Michael!" He shook his head hard, stepping back from the door.

" no your love it, she's perfect for you Max. Just your type." He put an around his shoulder, smirking.
"And best of all, no strings. She's you all over Max, you'll love her." He was pushing him closer to the door, Max fighting him all the way.

"NO!" Michael was in serious threat of getting smacked one. Kyle grabbed his other arm and they both pushed him as Michael opened the door.

"Sorry Maxwell, no shagging though, she knows that anyway what would Liz say..." They then pushed him in.
"Now don't ever say that I don't do anything for you." He yelled in behind him as he slammed the door shut.
They both leaned on it, breathless, Max could have had taken them both on easily. Kyle then spoke.
"Why didn't we just tell him and not changed the rooms, it would have been so much easier." Michael just looked at him, smiled and walked away.

Now in the room, Max felt her instantly, even before the door opened and she spoke in that familiar honey sounding voice or the smell of vanilla and strawberries hit, which was now making him so dizzy. He was shaking so hard now with the things she was doing to him that he had to push himself higher up against the door to steady himself. His heart almost pumping right out of his chest. And he hadn't even seen her yet, just the feel of her was more than he could behr, closing his eyes to it and exhaling hard as the wave hit him again.

"So what do you want to do first? Maxiesdreamgirl is yours to do with as you wish." Unable to hold off any longer, not wanting to he opened his eyes slowly as they now fell upon her.

Part 37 (Nookie Later)

"Why's SHE here? When you know I can't stand that bitch anywhere near me. And quit looking at me!" Tess spat out as she continuted to glare at her dupe. Ava just calmly looked on, the gentle smile still curving up the sides of her mouth.
Tess was up and pulling at Ava's collar.
"YOU AND ME" She was cut of as Khivar yanked her back by her hair, she screamed as he grabbed more of it the closer she got to his face.


"Now.." His mood changed instantly, now letting go of her, touching at her cheek and smiling as if nothing had happened.
"...the wedding is tomorrow." He now walked away from a very frightened Tess to where Rath and Lonnie sat, drapped over each other grinning wildly at what they'd just seen.
"Which means..."

"Maxieboy's gonna fuck her senseless...."
Rath should have known better, realizing too late as khivar pulled him from his chair by his throat, crushing at his windpipe from the start. He had him off the ground with feet dangling down in no time, as Rath clawed hopelessly at his hand to let go. His broken screams made all the more as Khivar squeezed harder still, seeing Rath's eyes begin to roll and bulge out. Lonnie was the only one stupid enough to dare move towards them. Khivar senting her back, with such force she thought she was dead as she hit the wall so hard she knew that she wasn't. All that without even so much of a sidewards glance or murer from their tormentor.
After what seemed like 'Rath would surly be dead by now'
amount of time he was thrown down to the ground, lungs fit to burst as he now could breath in air, as he rolled and wailed on the ground. As he turned away, khivar unlocked his neck by slowly clicking it from one side to the other, smiling when done.

"Which means we will have to switch them soon there after."

"We know all this already, get on with how WE do that exactly?" She said from behind him as she jumped off the counter.
"Or are we just gonna ask ohhhh sooo nicely if he wouldn't mind letting his wife come with us so her brother can then rape her.... but hey no biggy, you get to play with me instead. This is all such a crock of shit it makes me wanna puke." She barked, gently rubbing at her temples again as they throbbed alittle more.

"How's the head sister dearest? Hurt much?" Tess was now walking towards her, smirking all the while, as Mila lokked down.

"Ohhh I don't know pretty much like your face after I've bashed it to a pulp. And you KNOW that's a promise..." She looked up then, their eyes then meeting.
"remember the last time Sister..dearest?" Tess stopped dead, shrugging her shoulders then changing direction to walk round her.
"Whatever." She went back across the room. Mila smiled to herself as she caught Zan's eyes staring her down again from where he had been sitting quitely in the corner the while time. She wavered as they drew her in, again doing things to her that she had no control over, as her head throbbing all the more. She made herself land with a bump as she then tore herself away from him, rubbing at her head harder.

"SHIT Does anybody have any asprin round here, this new prison maybe closer but I can't find a goddamn thing!" She punched out with her hand.

"Kitchen Princess. Want me to come and help you's look for it?" Rath drooled out, as he scrambled up to follow her, now able to function. Only to be stopped in his tracks by a very pissed off Lonnie.

"Try it and I'll cut it off and make you eat it!" Her face breaking into a smile as he then pulled her to him by her waist.

"Would I's?" Pulling her into a tight embrace as he watched Mila hips gently swung from side to side as she left the room. His Wicked smile hidden to all by her shoulder.
As they continued to plan no-one but Khivar saw Zan follow her.

"So its Shy Max now is it hmmmm."
She said breathy as she took more baby steps to where he was still pushed hard up against the door, nothing daring to move on him except the heave of his chest; the hooded darknest in his eyes and his ever growing sex held within his jeans.
"I liked Shy Max. I fell in love with Shy Max..."
She teased at the collar of her open shirt alittle more, smile growing alittle wider.
"...I've missed Shy Max." She was alittle closer but not home yet, their eyes holding and drawing in all the more when seeing their need for each other burn within them.

Was all he had the power to say as his flickered slowly down her body again. She smiled, seeing just what she was doing to him, following his every look, her body now reacting to it with a gentle hum. Either being able to control what was beginning to happen to them.

"You like then?"
He could only nod, his body behrly allowing him to do that, only able to handle one thing right now and to breathe was more important. She lightly caressed the hem of her ohh so short shirt, needing not to lift it as he could easily already see what she'd gotten for him earlier. Instead she let her hand slowly travel alittle higher, coming to rest on the flat of her stomach. She watched his eyes grew big as she slowly began bunching at her skirt lifting it alittle higher, higher still with every bunch. She heard him let out a moan, causing her to spill out onto her panties once more, her legs whobbling just alittle.

"You said you liked red...and I am a schoolgirl after all Max." Her skirt one bunch higher, not many left. She was almost home, her skin burning all the more from the feel of his hitting hers.
"But I'm not Shy Liz any more Max and I'm feeling alittle naughty right now..." her other hand now at her open shirt as she lightly slipped her fingers into the folds, still having most of its buttons done up. Max's eyes following her every move as his back rose and fell against the door as his chest heaved harder still.
"And you know what happens to naughty little schoolgirls don't you Max?
Each of the buttons coming apart with each word that she said. Max moved his stance, his jeans almost too painful to wear, as he now looked upon her exposed front, breasts held together by a little piece of heaven. She now stood directly infront of him as he climbed up higher up the door. He frowned alittle, she was looking directly at him, not up and him not down. It was then that he noticed the oh so endlessly high heeded shoes that she now had on, he swallowed down hard. The taller Liz was alittle strange but it excited him all the more. He was still looking down, daring not to look at her as he felt her breath in his cheek as she leant into his ear, as that now familiar ache sparked off between sending wave upon wave through their bodies, still yet to touch. She took his earlope into her moist, feverishly hot lips as she began to gently suck and nibble at it. His head fell back as his hands instinctively went to pull her in close, just letting them hover other side of her waist.

"Lizzz..I..." His eyes now shut to her, as his hips now arched out towards hers.

"Shhhhh I listen." She breathed harder into his ear as she slowly began to nuzzle into his neck. She felt him shake from under her, her need for touch as great as his but this was her game.
"As I was saying and you know what happens to naughty girls Max?" She sucked alittle harder on his neck, when licked him with her tongue, he growled.

His world about to fall from under him as he could no longer resist and his hand had cupped one of her breasts. She lifted her head back as it responded to him instantly, her nipple tighten up into a painful peak as she pushed herself into his palm. He could feel it tighten from under the thin fabric that behrly covered it as he rubbed his thumb across it, meaning to be gentle and in control but then rolling it painfully hard between his thumb and finger now. He felt the tip of her hair brush against his forearm as she arched backwards, it was then that he encircled her waist tight and yanked her into him hard. They both moaned as her wetness hit and landed on his hardness. He pulled her in tighter onto him, almost breaking through the thin sodden panties that held her burning heat, she was moving on him the moment they touched. She lifted her head back up to see his eyes behring into her. She gave him a wicked smile, rubbing herself alittle harder on him as his hands now cupped her ass.

"They get spanked....Do you want to spank me Max, 'cus this naughty little girl soooo wants you to spank her Max. She wants you to do everything to her Max over and over until she cries out your name as you make her cum..." That was as far as she got as he grabbed hold of the back of her head, crushing his lips against hers as he pulled her into him as their feverishly deepened the kiss.

She had found the asprin that she knew wouldn't help her, swallowing it with some water. She now was leaning over the counter, head hung low, eyes closed. She swallowed down hard as the pain came back again, this time worse. She spun round hard, back now against it, opening her eyes to see him standing in the doorway, watching her. She stood upright, exhaling hard as she shook her head, not worrying how painful it was to do. She suddenly felt the ache spread inside of her.

"What now?" She spat out, causing pain as she did so.
"WHAT?" She threw her arms up at him, still nothing.

"Look I don't know what you want from me but leave me the hell alone." Still nothing, his eyes drawing her in all the more, which was making her dizzy and shake out of control.
He was now resting up against the door frame, arms folded, still watching. She pushed herself up and away from the counter.
"Fine I'll LEAVE"
She was now striding towards him, not looking at him, even as she pushed past him to get through the door. They felt it spark as she brushed against his arm.
"but if you so much as look at me again so help me I'll..." He pulled her to a halt by yanking at her arm.
"HEY GET HANDS OFF ME." She spat out and at him. She tried pulling herself from under his grip that was tighter still.
Zan looked from her, then back to where the others were. He started pulling her towards the back then out the door, she began kicking and screaming, as he put his hand over her mouth and picked her up. That didn't help so he put her down then pushing her hard up against the wall with his body. She wanted to scream at him, but her body wouldn't let her as she saw the way that his eyes looked upon her now. She began to fight him again.
His tone making her do exactly that as he then shook her, the heat between them so intense, almost painful. Too painful needing to be fed. Their they stayed, locked together, restlesslly searching each others, breathing shallow, hearts racing as he grabbed her painfully hard by the waist, lifting her high up the wall. Her eyes were wide as she felt him pressing onto her belly, as his mouth came crashing down on hers, biting on her bottom lip hard so she'd open her mouth to him, she did as their tongues then invaded the hot, wet recesses of t each others mouths. Deeper & longer, harder & faster, over & over......

"Liz..we can't do this."

"I know."
He was now pacing up and down the room, shaking out of control, looking back to where she stood, by the door. She was almost crying, shaking harder than he, arms tightly around herself. He wanted to die, rage pumped through his veins at what he'd let happen...again. She was just as scared as he was.

"We agreed after we were married, that was the deal wasn't it Liz, the right thing to do?" He was spitting fire, fist clenched. She felt his anger, she had her own for letting this happen.

"I Know it's all my fault and I'm sorry..." She was speaking through her tears, backing up towards the door, ashamed of what she had done.
"..I thought, after Michael came and told me about what you said...we...I...this would be a good idea!" She let a laugh as more rolled down her face.
"Pretty stupid huh?" She wasn't looking at him.

"No it wasn't." She held her hand up to him to stop him.

"I just wanted US again for a while Max, no Mila and Zan, just Max and Liz and seeing you...god I just wanted you so badly..."

"..As I you.." He was slowly walking towards her. " much Liz."

"I can feel how much baby...but then there's the wedding tomorrow, you and me married, god I want that so much. My dream coming true when all I can think about is HER and these headaches which are getting worse Max." She found his eyes, as one hit again.

"I know. I can see but that's the thing Liz why can't I feel them? There's so much that we still don't know about any of this and it scares me to think that we could wait till tomorrow and you still to be lost to me." He'd stopped pacing, as his breath became pants.
"I want to make love as much as you, but I just wanted it to be perfect, normal for once." She found a smile.

"Since when has anything to do with us been normal, besides we're aliens for christ sake." Realizing that she had said. Max's eyes were wide.

"You don't know that for sure Liz but..." She cut him off.

"But nothing Max I'm sick of this, I want our wedding day to be so special, all the more for waiting till the wedding night but right now I WANT you more than all that. Not because its the right thing to do, or to get it out the way so we know for sure...I just want YOU to make love to me, to mark me as your's as you promised."
She was looking straight at him, arms now away from her, showing him all she had. He almost lost it then as she walked towards him.
"This is killing me Max...I would rather this just kill me now than not be with you." Her eyes wide and shiny

"Don't say that." He was now taking steps towards her.

"Why not its true, then all this pain would be over."
He was now striding towards her, grabbing her arms painfully hard.

He roared, his eyes shimmering over. She had a choice and to still have this hanging over them tomorrow as they said 'I Do' was too much. They needed each other too much NOW and she was prepared to take the risk...for him. Anything for him. She then whispered into his ear.

"You can have me NOW Max."
She cupped his ever growing manhood, and gently squeezed.
"Right here right now.Take me...please" Her doe eyes drawing him in. Without warning he took hold of her then she felt him push her so hard against the wall that she winched in pain, but he wasn't listening, as he pushed himself onto her even harder. He was now lost to her from hearing her words. The realization of just how impossible their situation had now become was hitting them both like a sledgehammer as agression became the only means of dealing with it. The burning need for each other too much to resist any longer

Thrusting himself onto her as his hands tore over her and between her legs.
He was shaking so hard that he thought he might collaspe, now pulling at her hair so she could see him more. They were burning up as he pushed his face into her neck, if only to steady himself. He was able to calm
himself down while so close to her. She felt the change in him as she pulled him away by a hand either side of his face, to look at him, his eyes were filling with tears.

"I'm... sorry Liz, I don't know what came over me...." She then gave him her answer.

He shook his head, knowing what she meant.

"I want this right here, right now." As she cupped him harder this time.

"Liz..." He was about to push away for her.

"DO IT!"
She bit out, her need for him turning into rage, like she was someone else as she hit him hard around the face.
That was it. Eyes of fire Max pushed her hard against the wall then reaching between them furiously grabbing for his belt, trying to free himself, still holding her down with his hips grinding onto hers. She couldn't speak, breathing so hard that her lungs would pop, clawing so hard at his back. His zipper was stuck as he found her again.

"HELP ME." His plea both physical and emotional
But her hands were already there after she'd kicked off her heels, pushing his jeans down over his hips, finally freeing himself to her, not taking her eyes from his the whole time. That done he pressed her hard against the wall as he ripped her panties away, as they were both panting out of control. Eyes on each other not saying a word, he lifted her up roughly as she wrapped her legs tightly around him. There was still space between them.
He felt her locking her ankles around him as he took hold of his hot, thick cock soaking the tip of it round her sodden clit, one last look which said a thousand words (not one of which they could manage to find at that moment)as he thrust his throbbing sex deep into her, splitting her wet folds as he took her all the way over him in one plunge. Both caught their moan in their throats as they took time to get accustomed to the feeling of him now in her, eyes widering as he grew inside her. She shuddered at the shock of him now inside her, it was so painful, as she let out a gasp then closing her eyes to it. Max felt everything she was as he grabbed at her face.

" your eyes"
His voice broken as he began to lose himself in her. Her eyes fluttered open to him, trying to speak to him as the ache grew stronger for both of them. It made her tremble all the more as she felt his concern for her, she moaned at what she saw in his eyes as she felt his other hand go to move up to where they were now joined, knowing what he was about to do but she smacked it away, shaking her head. She then grabbed a hold of his hips as if to tell him to start to move in her. He couldn't until she began tightening her walls around him, just knowing that that was the right thing to do. Gently loosening then tightening over and over, alittle faster each time. She felt him react inside her as he squeezed her butt cheeks harder as he moved alittle out of her, causing the first wave it hit from the friction between their joined sex, eyes now wider. Slowly he pulled himself back out of her, causing them to moan again as she then pushed him into her again hands still on his butt. This caused them to moan again but she wanted more. They both did.

"I..can'" Each word spoken as she tightened around hardness.
She begged as it now started to burn so bad. He now thrust into her himself, taking her off guard as the first wave shook her.
"..GOD." She said through gritted teeth.
He did it again, harder this time. She cried out harder this time too.
"..OH GOD...MAX..."
Her muscles tightening as the friction of him going in and out of her, loosening and tightening, faster and faster as he moved right out of her wetness then thrusting back into her, sending her higher and higher up the wall with each one.
She let out a strangled moan as she felt herself move too far up the wall, him then pulling her down hard to meet him again,by her hips.

His head now at her neck ,pulling her closer as his hips came right away from her only to crash onto her pelvis as he took her again... then again then again.

"Max I Love you so much...OH GOD!"
Arching out to him as one more wave spread and burned within her as as he took her again. She bit at his neck as her first true orgasm of him marking her as his own took affect break and shudder, tighter and tighter. He held onto her tighter by pulling her away from the wall, fulling taking her onto him as he encircled her in his arms.

He shuddered as the first one that hit him, having to walk with her to lean her up against the wall again, pushing her up with his hips so hard that he hit the spot where he could go no further.

As one took her again. He looked upon her eyes tightly shut, chest heaving. She'd never looked so beautiful as she was coming apart in his arms.
His felt his balls tighen up all the more.


She scatched at his back, tearing flesh as she opened her eyes to him. She lost it again there and then as he only added to it by plunging into her again. One after the other they hit, flinging her into the next harder and longer one.

"I' god...I'"

She held into him with her legs, not allowing him to move out of her. He brought a shaky hand up, pulling at her neck, his lips then finally taking hers. Sucking, biting, teasing, pulling, pushing as the dark surging that raging inside of her took hold again.His hot hand was at her heaving breast, tearing the lacy treat away with one tug, his hand now on her. She let out a moan as he began to kneed and paw at it. She did the same to him, ripping at his shirt, sending the buttons flying off in different directions, as her hot little hands were at his hard abs. He pulled away from her mouth, her tongue still reaching out for his.
"It makes me want to cum all the more when I can feel you cum, knowing I'm making you...." Finding all the energy in had within in to say those words and the ones which followed.
"Your the one Liz the only one. My best friend, my wife, the mother of my children...god Liz I want babies with you so much...."
That was it for her a the dark surge took her one last time. Tight, oh so tight-tighter break shudder, wither, shudder, burn, spread, throb so hard, tighter still shudder...

Then crying out in one prolonged scream as she felt him pump into her one last time, holding it and her there until he spilt his seed into her. Both cuming and coming apart in each others arms.


He cried out, trying to keep his eyes open and on her eyes as she took him over the edge with her, as she dug her nails into his back. He failed, having to close them as the last wave hit them both, so explosive they saw billions of stars and hundreds of visions all at once. He collasped into her neck as the last drop of him filled her, panting hard. There they stood, trembling, him still hard and deep inside of her when he finally tore himself away from the safety of her arms.

"I..I'm..s..sorry Liz..I.."
His voice breathlessly shaky as was his sweat covered body. He let his head then fall, ashamed and angry of what he'd let happen. He felt her lift his chin, fighting it till he saw her again. He gasped upon seeing her black desire filled eyes and flushed cheeks as the sweat now stuck her hair around her face.

"Don't be Max...please."
Breath shallow, heart racing. He found the energy to smile, pulling it out of her face, strand by strand. She gave him a gentle smile giving him alittle squeeze, as whipped as he. Neither could find the words, relentlessly searching each others wide eyes as he rested his forehead against hers. She then felt him start to move out of her. Leaning away from him she held him tighter with her legs, shaking her head slowly.

"Stay... with... me."

She said in short pants. He could feel how frightened she now was as he pushed her hard back against the wall with his hips, holding her face with both is hands. He rubbed his thumbs over the tears that then rolled down her cheeks as she trembled. His whobbling legs wanting him to sit down before he fell down but he wasn't going anywhere. His lips came in closer, still feeling the heat sparking off them as he became harder still inside of her, to brush lightly against hers. He then spoke again, his voice low and breathy as he began to get that familiar feeling deep inside again, a feeling reflected in her chocolate coloured eyes.

"mmaaxx." She started to arch her back off the wall.

"It's okay baby....I love yo..."

That's as far as they let him get as the blinding pain and visions were back, taking hold of them both this time as they were both back in that room, but no longer Max & Liz, as khivar looked on at what was unfolding before him, unable to control the wicked smile and cruel laughter that followed as he watched with glee.

Part 38


"IF YOU SO MUCH AS LOOK IN MY DIRECTION I WILL HAVE YOU BANISHED..." His tear filled eyes now looking down at where she held her belly so tightly. He could feel them both, their fear combined, threatening to consume him whole. His shaky hand couldn't help but start to reach out and touch Leah one last time, it was only natural, only to stop himself by tearing it away, fist now tightly clenched as his eyes snapped up to meet her's once more. She gasped as she saw that his tears were rolling down his cheeks at an alarming rate. He was trying to say something but the words wouldn't come as he shook all the more. She dared to push herself off the wall and try the reach for him , her shaky hand almost home as he smacked it away hard, then taking her hard by the shoulders.


He shook her already broken body all the more as his words were now out there.
"Did you ever love me?" He knew he was hurting her but his rage overtook reason.
"DID YOU? ANSWER ME!!Or was I only ever just part of the plan? Like my father and Ava told me. Everything a lie from the beginning. That we meant nothing...That I meant nothing." She shook her head all the more, unable to breathe, even talk. The one time she needed to talk the only time that she couldn't, the words not able to form. He read that as her answer, as his hands fell off of her.

"Your plan worked. I am broken, the kingdom lost. I will never love again." He took a step back, still holding her eyes on him.
"Know this, you've killed me this day! I am dead to you now!" He spat out, taking another step backwards as she finally spoke, walking slowly towards him on whobbly legs, now fit to collaspe from under her.

", and Leah loves her daddy so much...." He stopped dead, eyes tightly closed as he felt her move towards him, the slightest move from her still able to do things to him.
"...We need you so much, She's yours no-one elses please you've got to believe me. There's something you don't know....." But he silenced her as he went to raise a hand to her by of course he couldn't do that no matter what, his body just wouldn't let him do it. So he shook her one last time, his need for her still tearing into his soul. He pushed her from him as if he'd beem burned. Words, true or otherwise his only defense now.

He spat out, not looking at her, shaking to the point of pain as he turned and strode across to the door not even giving her a chance to respond to any of it.

"ZAN WAIT...DON'T LEAVE US......" Her voice broken as her world began to tilt but he wasn't looking back.

She screamed after him, as she collasped on the floor. He was lost to them now.

But he was gone. Not before he'd finally laid eyes upon Khivar's smiley face, who never saw the punch coming until it landed hard on his jaw, then cracking it, sending him flying backwards. His powers having done the same but flesh against flesh feeling ohh so much better right now. Khivar just sat up, smile wider. Zan now looked down upon him, hatred shining out from his eyes.

"This is far from over, it hasn't even began. You want a war?" He spat out, bending down all the more.
"YOU GOT IT!!!I'm coming for you!!" Now he shook with pure rage.

"I'm counting on it your highness."

He said as he went to get up,to have Zan hit him back down harder. Then he really was gone, hearing her wailing out to him all the more, feeling her spread and surge deep inside till almost painful as his tears hit the floor all the more.

Mila couldn't move as she felt him cowl over her, feeling him on her as he yanked her head back by her hair so he could now look upon her.

"It's just you and me now my Mila, the way it was always meant to be." His eyes sought out her belly.
"Pity it you have to feel the pain of little...Leah leaving though."
Mila snapped her head up to meet him, as she tried to yank away from him, arms going instinctively to hold her belly, crying uncontrollablly as she fought his hands. They were all round her and now they were on her as he began to kick and punch at her belly, alittle like Zan -his powers would have taken Leah quicker but where was the fun in that? She felt each punch and kick as Leah got further and further away from her until Mila felt blood splat out from between her legs and Leah was no more. His lesson to her now finished. She felt her world tilt into black as she withered back and forth on the floor as she called out to them over and over again. The loss of them more painful than the actual pain he'd caused her. She then felt him lift her upright, onto whobbly legs as the blood ran out of her all the more. He spoke in her ear.

"There only you and me now, as it should be." He squeezed her harder, hearing her cry out all the more. He kissed at her hair.
"Only ever you and me, no matter how far apart we are I'll find you. You belong to me." He smoothed down her hair as he reeled off about their life ahead. On and on, sicker and sicker till Mila found the strength from somewhere to push him away hard.

She wailed, falling down as the pain spread higher and faster up her body as she took steps backward. One more, then one more again and again, him following her every move. But she was still backing up, rambling something unaudiable, falling down again further back still until she was out on the high balcony, pushed right up against the railings. His voice was full of concern as he now shook hard, arms out stretched to her. She pushed herself harder still.

"Mila stop. Don't go any further ....please."

He pleaded. She stopped, not because of that but because it was the first time she'd heard him talk in that tone let alone say please. But she was lost to everyone now as she turned to look over it and down onto the rocks below. She didn't look back once, also not able to hear his plea.

"I'll find you, where ever you are I'll hunt you down and who ever your with will die.You must behr me a child for all this to happen UNDERSTAND?....."
He never got to finish as she disappeared over the top. He lunged out for her but it was too late as he looked down on her lifeless body below him. There he stood, for what seemed like forever until he spoke through the tears. Yes the tears, he was crying.

"It will take forever but we will be together, in every way
again. I promise you that. It has already been written. I just have to find you again first."
But he had to go now as he heard Zan's voice coming closer, screaming out to her, for her. He'd felt Leah and she'd shown him the truth, just like her mother could but only stronger this time. Then Leah was gone, he couldn't feel her anymore. Then Mila was gone from him too, there was so much pain then nothing. He was calling out words of love and remorse to her when he entered the room again. Nothing till over the balcony when his heart just stopped and he saw her crumpled body beneath him.
There was no time left as he ran down to her, taking her into his arms once there. But he could do nothing, unable to connect with her to heal her because she was already dead.
Zan's unearthy wail was heard throughout the whole of the kingdom almost as he gently rocked her back and forth. There he stayed till they came. They had to drag and prize him off and away from her. Him now a wild man, his balance now gone. Within a week everybody he knew and loved were dead. The war had all been too strong for the peaceful race to cope with. Afew days later there was no-one left, Zan was dead for real this time.

*flash ends*

They pull apart as Zan opens his eyes to her, Mila's are still tightly shut as she arches her back off the wall and moans out his name. He touches at her face which both hands as he pushes her harder up against the wall with his hips crushing hers.

"Look at me Peaches."
He pants as he pushes even harder onto her. She opens her eyes to him, almost losing it when their meet. She encircles him tighter with her legs as she takes his face in her hands, pulling it in hard meet her mouth again but he stops just inches away from home and smiles as he pushes his so hard cock onto her so wet centre and begins to move. She arches out to him even further, meeting his every movement as they get faster and faster, clawing at his back all the more as he nestles into her neck. He begins to bite and suck at it.
She then moans as she reaches between them to pull at the waistband of his pants, yanking at the poppers, her eyes never leaving his.

She moans as she's taken hold of by another wave, harder this time, she trembles all the more as his hand finally cups one of her heaving breasts then playing with it till she cries with the pain of it. His mouth then relentlessly sucking and pulling at her earlope as she whispers the words that sent him to heaven and back but almost made him cum there and then.

"I Love you...I've always loved you...I want you inside of me. Make love to me Zan...please!"
Her shallow pants just adding to it as he thrusts her hard up against the wall again. Its his turn to pant.

"Say that again." His eyes drawing her in.

"I Love You..I'v..." He stops her as he cups her ass, pulling her up and out to him as he goes into meet her.

"Again!" She smiles, leaning out to him to touch his cheek with her mouth.

"I (kiss) love (Kiss) you (Suck)"
She moves down to his neck as he leans into her, one palm high up the wall, the other flat against the small of her back. He encircles her waist to pull her onto him as she gasps at the change in position as another wave hits her, happy that she's wearing a leather mini at this point as he pushes harder as she soaks her panties once more, he feels it hit his hardness as it then grows thicker still, leather pants now too painful to wear. She then repeats herself.

"Make love to me."
Her voice breathy as there's now space for her to slip her hands between them and cup him. He moans, lifting himself away further so she can get in closer, inside his pants. Too close as she feels his wetness begin to spill at the tip. He reluctantly pulls away just in time, as she takes him into her hot alittle hand. As his mouth mates with hers again, finally pulling away for breath, he smiles as he nibbles at her chin.

"Anything for you Peaches."
Gently he lowers her whobbly legs to the ground, catching her as she wavers under the intensity of just how much they need to be as one right now. He then takes hold of her hand, going to turn round and led her somewhere so he could fill her while she came, crying out his name over and over. Then there was pain as his world was going black, his hand tearing from hers as he hit the ground.The last thing he heard was her calling out to him as the mindrape took hold of her again and she was lost to him once more.


Max tore his eyes open to it as he felt himself cum inside of her again, harder- longer- deeper- faster this time, over and over as she pushed out further to meet his every thrust, milking every last drop out of him. Dazed he pulled at her harder as she cried out again.
"Ohhh god....MAXXXX." His legs whobbled as he fisted at her hair so he could suckle at her neck and breasts all the more.

Was his final release as he felt her reach hers as her slick walls tightened and released, almost painful for the last time as she collasped hard onto his shoulder. He recupped the cheeks of her ass by lifting her higher up on him and down again in one smooth move so they wouldn't fall. He was now resting his forehead on hers as they slowly returned back.The flash still so raw in their minds but their need for each other too much to resist even while they saw all that. Finally he spoke between pants.

Nothing. He pulled away further, heart now ready to pump out of his chest. She wasn't looking at him. He slowly pulled right out of her for the first time, they both gasped at the new found space, as he gently lowered her to the floor. She still wasn't looking at him. He tried again finally able to say the word.

"m.m..mila?" He stammered as he closed his eyes and stood away from her, he now began to tremble. He felt a hand caress his cheek.


He flung open his eyes to her as he heard her in his head. She had tears in her eyes as he did, as she shook her head, leaning back against the wall. She smiled as he could feel her again. Finally he was able to speak.

He smiled all the more as he embraced her again. He felt her smile grow against his hot cheek.

"Yes Max it's me...ask me anything...anything only I'd know "
She squeeled in his ear, now jumping up and down, rubbing up against him which was only doing things to him all over again. he shook it off, he had to or Liz Parker would be the death of him. She grinned even more.

"But what away to go right Max?" She hugged him close as she spoke again.
"They were wrong Max, I'm okay, like you said...they were wrong about Mila." She looked like a girl in a candy store, the sight made him giddy as he squeezed her harder. She jumped up again as he grabbed her and pulled her to his waist as she wrapped her legs around him once more. She feverishly kissed at his face and neck as he walked them over to the bed, still locked in the last kiss as they fell down onto it hard, now laughing out loud as they rolled about playfully on it while.
He had her by the arms, high above her head as his weight bore down on her, she giggled as she started to move from under him, looking at him all the while, her eyes getting bigger and blacker. He smiled back as he rested his hands either side of her head, gently pushing down alittle hard on her nub as she met him. He growled, eye brow raised, smirk wider.
"Why Miss Parker, surely not?" He pushed on her again as she let out another moan, her hand at his face, the other on his behr ass, gently pushing him in closer. Her smile bigger as she licked her lips. She nodded as she dug her nail into his ass hard.
"Can't help it..." She nibbled at his neck. "I've got the taste for it, lots of time to make up." She bit him, just alittle, as her feathery kisses worked there way down to his shoulders and chest. He rolled them over so she straddled him, as he cupped her breasts, rubbing them lightly with is thumbs, growing harder as he watched them respond and change to him. He arched his back off the bed as she ran her fingers across his hard abs. He pulled her down to meet him by her hips, beginning to circle her round on his waist, her wetness turning him on all the more. He saw her lean forward, her hair cascading down over him, as he put a hand against her neck, urging her head came back up to meet his gaze.
"God I love you Liz much."
His voice breathy as she leant in to capture his lips, he stopped her.
"I want you so bad right now...." He let his hips rise off the bed as his sex hit her her moist folds.
"..feel?" She shuddered as he held her waist tighter.
"So much it hurts but the next time we make love you will be my wife and will be making love for us." He rolled them over again, being oh so careful not the enter her as they came to a rest, it was that close.
"You complete me Liz and your now marked as mine. We'll be together forever." He was placing little kisses against her jawline. She ran her fingers lightly up and down his hard back.
"I (kiss)want (Kiss)to (Kiss)make (Kiss) all (Kiss)your(Kiss) dreams (Kiss) come (Kiss) true (Kiss) Liz...."

"You do, I only have to look in your eyes Max and I'm there. Your my dream." His eyes sought out hers then as they began to feel that familiar feeling spread and throb between them. He tilted his head, smiling a wicked smile.

"Lots of time to make up for huh?" She nodded as she locked her ankles behind his lower back, pulling him down onto her as his head fell back. He rolled them again as he began to tickle her, she screamed as then they just stopped, her lying across his chest, his arm tight around her waist, everything suddenly so still as without warning they fell asleep in each others arms. Just like another teenagers who'd just made love for the first time, then again moments afterwards, wanting to again but were now so whipped, sleep being the most natural thing to do.

Part 39

The sun felt hot on his back as he rolled them over again over and over, all the more as her laughter got louder and louder until they came to a stop with her straddling him. He gasped at the sight he saw, this heavenly creature, now his and only his, outlined by the sunshine as her dark hair blew ohh so lightly around her face. Reaching up he cupped her jaw in his shaky hand, gently stroking it as she took his thumb into her mouth, lightly beginning to suck on it. He moaned about it say something, decided to pull her down to him in order to capture her lips with his when they heard a voice from above them.
"My babies have finally found each other again.." Liz stopped her with a shreak, pushing herself away from Max as he helped her to get up.

She found her arms instantly, hugging her all the more when she saw Max's big smile as he got up too.

"Honeybehr I told you I'd be back..."
She found Max also giving him a smile which warmed his insides even more.
"...but I needn't have come, your doing just fine. Hello Max."
She held out an arm to him as he soon as engulfed by the both of them. He felt Liz happiness, as he rubbed at her back all the more. They then broke apart, Max then entwining his hand into Liz's being unable not to touch her. Liz was fit to burst as she finally spoke.

"Grandma I have news, I'm okay, they were wrong...Mila didn't come."
Her smile spreading as she encircled her arms tightly around Max. He planted a gentle kiss on her crown as his smile faded when he saw Grandma's face now. Something was wrong..really wrong. Liz felt his sudden fear as she pulled away from him to also look upon her.
"Grandma what's wrong?"
Not wanting to know but needing to or else die if she wasn't told.

"Mila's still coming..." She looked up at they already confused faces.
"...she's already here child. They were right." She was now walking back to them as liz found Max's strong embrace again as she began to tremble.

"B..but I still feel the same grandma..."
She returned Max's tighter squeeze around her 10 fold as she felt her touch her shoulder, gently rubbing it as her eyes found Max's from above Liz's head.

"You will still feel the will your sister." She rubbed alittle harder, speaking again.
"Your twin sister Liz."
Her hand pushed away as Liz pushed herself hard out from the safety of max's strong chest upon hearing that. She had to do a double take.

"..t..twin sister. I don't understand."
She shook her head alittle as Max felt her take a step back, but he had hold of her hand so she wasn't going anywhere. Liz went to open her mouth again but she stopped her.

"I know you have questions my inquizzative little Liz but there's no time. Just listen....please." Liz could only nod, unable to resist her Grandma's plea.
"Her name is Mila."
Her smiled gentle when she saw the look on their faces, it fading when she knew she had to go on.
"And I haven't seen her since the day I found you both.... in the granoith as babies." Max was now the more concerned of the 2 of them as he pulled away from Liz, confusion engulfing his face now, finding it hard to breathe.

he stammered, feeling Liz squeeze at him harder.
he watched as the older woman closer still as she began to pace up and down in front of them.

"I was on the reservation one day, dugging when I heard a voice and that voice told me to go there. " She held up her hand to Max as she saw him go to speak again.
"I found the door already open and the babies inside. He then told me to take the babies, leaving one here in Roswell....Liz.." She was now looking at her as Liz was looking at the ground, clawing at Max's arm. She then continued, swallowing down harder.
"..and taking Mila to meet her new family at a motel on the outskirts of town. So I did exactly that, taking Liz to my son Jeffrey and his wife Nancy who couldn't have children of their own..."

"" She shook harder, at a total loss as the realization hit her. Grandma went to her slowly, knowing that she needed to hear more, knowing she was strong enough for her to continue on. She touched her arm, relieved that she didn't flinch away.

"Don't hate them Liz for they are your parents, the only one..."

"I knew."
Her eyes wide at lokking between them both.
"I guess I've always known. Don't tell me how but sometihngs always been there."
She stared longer at the woman that she'd thought of as her grandma all this years, she smiled as she still did, all the more now she was beginnning to understand. She looked deep into her eyes, 'her blue eyes' and smiled all the more.
"I always wondered why I was the only one who had brown eyes..." She reached out, gently rubbing her grandma's cheek.
" I know. And how can I ever hate them, I can only love them all the more now I know what they've done for me."
She felt her eyes begin to well up as she saw her grandma's begin to fall. She wiped them away, pulling her into a gentle hug.
"What you've all done for me..." She squeezed her hard as the older woman continued on.

"I never was told what happened to Mila but I go to her in her dreams..." She pulled away from her granddaughter.
"like this and I show her things. I showed her Zan, who is 'her Max'. You 4 are all connected, just like the others Isabel,michael ....and Tess are to their other halves but you are different Liz." She touched her face.
"You and Mila are so special that's why you had to be kept apart from each other, because of what it might cause...."

"The end of the world?" Max finally spoke, his fear all so clear on his face.

"Possibly, I didn't know for sure. All I do know for sure is that when you 2 meet, when you all meet with your dupes at the same time, in the same place the gateway will open and earth will be lost." Her face was unmoving.
"He already has all your dupes and tess. That just leaves you two Isabel and michael. And he is already on his way to get you all, we don't have much time left before the alinement." She now had two frowning faces look upon her, but then liz spoke.

"The planets have to be in a certain place at a certain time for all this to happen, right?"

"Yes and then there is the key to it all." She thought she would have to explain that too but these kids were smart cookies, thats why they were made to be together.

"Leah." They both said out loud.

"Yes, Mila's baby. She will have the power to bring about the invasion...or the power to destory it before it even begins, depending who gives you your destiny first..."
She was brought to a grinding halt as Liz fell to the ground hard. Max was no his knees, pulled her up to him but he felt nothing from her.


Still nothing, he was frantically pawing at her but he couldn't connect with her. Grandma was by his side as she caught his arm.

"You have to leave now Max, you have to make yourself wake up. You can't help them while your sleep Max. They need you."
He was now on his feet, Liz safely scooped up in his arms, still not moving, her arms dangling free and lifeless.

"Who, I can only be there of Liz, only ever Liz."

"Liz and ...Mila." He shook his head.

"I don't know where she is and if Khivar has her then how can I?" He was looking at Liz all the while.

"She's closer to you than you know right now but you must protect them both..with your life. Are you willing to die for them Max?"
The look on his face told her that she need not have asked that question.

But she was now urging him to go back down the road that they'd came down. He stopped turning back to her.

"But I can feel that there's more that your not telling me. Tell me please, I can't lose her.....I..." He could feel himself begin to choke up.

"You'll know everything so enough I promise but you have to just do one thing for me Max. Follow your heart, listen to it. Trust what it tells you even if your eyes show you something different. I will you do that for me Max. Trust in yourself like you trust in Liz, no matter what your head tells you always follow your heart and it will set you free. It will set you all free."

He was about to answer but his need to get back too great as he began to run down the dirt track, faster and faster till a bright light engulfed them both...

*dream ends*

He sat up fast, fighting for breath as he felt liz slumped over in his lap. He yanked her up, flesh touching flesh as a connection sparked up between them instantly and she let and a strangled moan as she arched herself towards him, then collasped onto his chest, as she exhaled hard and long. He pulled her away, she felt so hot to touch and he could feel now dizzy and muddled she felt on the inside. He pulled her to him, crushing her hard as he rubbed her back gently. It was silent apart from their shallow breaths that were now in perfect unison. There they stayed till there was a loud knock at the door and Maria's excited voice was heard as she rattled at the locked door.
"Put her down Max, we gotta make her beautiful for you now open his door." She rattled at it any, harder this time.
"I know your in there now open up 'cus you know I'm not leaving here till you do."
Max held her tightly to him, stroking at her hair as she burned up even more, he shut his eyes as he gently rocked her.

"m..max..I'm so scared..." Her voice behrly there.

"I know baby, but your okay, your gonna be okay...I promise."

"Am I dying?" She nestled in harder to him.
"It feels like I'm dying Max." He pulled her way from him, hands pawing at either side of her face.

"Your not going to die Liz....I won't let you." He shook her as he saw her eyelids drop then open quickly to the urgentency in his voice.
"You hear me Liz, your not going to die, not today not any day. Your still have to marry me."
She inhaled long and low, her breathing now almost painful.

"But that's so far away and it hurts so much Max..."
She closed her eyes to the pain that now raged within her, as he went to pull away from her. She was now pulling at his neck.
"Don't leave me Max, it hurts more when you leave...don't you feel how much?"
He shook his head as he could no longer feel her, she was still liz, so close to him that she could almost be his second skin. Yet he could feel nothing from her. Her eyes were wide to him, trying to say something as the door burst in and they all piled in.
Their smiles instantly falling to what they saw. Max was now crying as Liz lay across him, a fever now her only means of speech looking to anybody like she was close to death. Max shook out of control as he pulled the sweat filled hair from her face as he finally looked up and away from her to look at them only for a split second to say something.

"Get my father."

His voice behrly there as he looked back down at Liz, as she found strength to open her eyes and rolled into his lap more, curling up tight so he could lean forward, resting his head on her side able to encircle her whole form tight within his arms.She was so weak, she'd gotten so weak so quickly, but unlike Grandma had said he could do nothing to help her. Everytime he tried to connect with her all he got was darkness and silence. His tears then began to fall harder as he told her that he'd be here soon and to hold on just alittle while longer.
They all believed now that she was indeed dying.

It was not the wedding that was planned, everyone squashed in so tightly into that motel room but it was legal none the less. It was shorter than planned but no less meaningful. Their words of love and commitment shortened to the behr basics but no less heartfelt as each was spoken. Liz was trying so hard to stay awake as Max held her upright, she wanted to stand fighting with him all the way, so finally he agreed but now she was beginning to black out with it. He lifted her up higher up him, as her legs began to whobble. She was asked to place the ring on his finger and 'repeat to after me'. She did oh so quietly that no-one heard apart from those that mattered the most. She did as he had done only moments before as the ring as now on his finger too. They were simple to anyone else, made by Max. Gold bands with a tiny single stone held within the gold of each one. Amber of her, onyx for him. No diamonds or expensive gems here but still none the less precious to them. So now she had both his eyes looking up at her and onyx being the closest to hers looking up at him all the while. Inside were the letters M.E & E.E 4 EVER on each. He was then asked if he did, she whobbled as he scooped her up into his arms to stop her from falling. He was determined not to cry, he almost made it till then as he saw her eyes drawing him in closer still. She wiped and kissed them away as they fell, his bottom lip trembling as much as his legs now.She'd miss those puppy dog eyes of his.He told he that he did so much. He was then told that he could kiss the bride but he was already there as it begun as a gentle caress, now turning into feverpitch and endlessly searching in seconds as she curled into him, wrapping herself around his neck. Her hands now in his hair as he pulled her in tighter still. They both let out wimpers as the kiss deepened longer-faster as they both felt their tears fall harder still, hitting each others cheeks as they mingled and rolled down further. Their lungs screaming out to be fed but not wanting to break apart just yet...if ever. She clawed at his back and hair as he bunched at her waist and knees as the pain and light came as the connection was finally made between them all......

*flash but no pain rip roaring pain, only bright swirling colours and emotions for love*

After causing so much pain for it's mother to get there, Max and Liz's baby, already growing inside of her, instantly calmed as it could now be heard clearly by both of it's parents as their connection deepened.

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Part 40

Max yanked himself away from her lips, eyes now open and wide, lungs fit to burst all the more for seeing exactly what he was thinking and feeling in her breathlessly, flushed now smiling face. His legs then whobbling, heart racing away as he heard it from her in his head, as his eyes searched hers all the more.

*Oh god. Max..did you see..did you see our...b..bbaby.?*

She was wiggling in his arms, pulling at his collar as her little feet were kicking up and down. He squeezed her into him harder as his eyes began to fill, replying back to only her the only word that his senses would allow him.


His smile widening to nearly reach his wonderfully cute sticky out ears as she squealed, burying her face hard into his neck as the tears of every emotion known to them all came out at once.

"Would you stop...I.. just.. can't take this anymore..."

Maria cried out, everyone looked at her through tear streaked eyes as she ran to leave, Michael already after her, catching her at the door. She wiggled out of him for like a split second, only to welcome his embrace before her legs gave out from under her.

"God (sob).. this is (sob noise sob) so unfair...(cry sob cry)..I..can't..( noise cry)...can't (sob)...shit!...."

She hit out at his shoulder, his shirt now soaked as she was unable to carry on. The echoes of her tears and thoughts littered around the room as no-one could believe, hell wanted to believe what was happening till they heard Liz laugh again, louder then much louder as she did it over and over. Yes Liz was actually laughing. Frowned faces where now littering the room as all eyes fell on Max and Liz, newly introduced to the world as 'Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell Evans', who were now both laughing as Max was lifting her higher up his chest, spinning her round faster and harder.

"I know..I can't understand any of this either!"
She cried out, now pawing at his shoulders as she started kissing him fevershly all about his face and neck. He smiled all the more as he finally put her carefully down on the ground, not breaking the contact at all as he began kissing her back, his hands unsure of where to go, what to touch so he was touching everywhere all it once as he kissed her back.
Their audience, still taking baby steps closer to him, were now looking amoungst themselves for answers, unable to understand. Just awhile before hand she looked like death, as they all gathered for the rushed sentances that was to be their wedding, this way for the simple reason that it looked like it was too late that either Liz as dying or Mila had come. Either was not good for Liz and they were now all facing the fact that their time with her was coming to an end and not knowing why made it all the more harder to behr. There was no time for speeches or goodbyes, it looked like it was that close and there was no time. What little time that was left was for them, and them only. saying it as torture to watch wouldn't do the feeling justice, there wasn't a word or words to descibe what thet witnessed. Two people, one love, finally getting what was their destiny but now paying the ultimately cruel price for someone else' writer could put into words a greater tragedy. They were almost there and able to form thoughs and words as Max finally spoke as his hands roamed around her lower back, moving back up to her face in one smooth motion. He was now kissing her at her mouth.

"God.. I (kiss) love (kiss) you (kiss) so much...."

He pulled away, letting his eyes slowly fall to her belly, her watching as his smile and eyes grew even bigger. With shaky hand he reached out and let his fingers brush gently across her slightly exposed mid-rift, shivering alittle as he did so. His eyes flicked back upto hers as she stopped his hand from moving off her skin by pushing the palm of his hand back down on it, holding it where with her own.


He finished as the tips his fingers gently tapped at her tummy as if to say 'hello in there I'm talking to you too', their eyes filling up at the same time as he then felt something pulse out to meet his hand. It was nothing to see or to feel to anyone else but it was strong enough to make them both waver, having to reach for each other in order to steady themselves. She wasn't then moving in his arms as he hurriedly pulled her from him.

His hands were at either side of her face as he saw her smiling back.

"..are you okay Babe?.."
Thumbs thumbing across her cheeks, she wasn't burning up anymore. His face full of concern, growing all the more as she exhaled hard, hands on his arms as her smile grew.

"yeah Mr. Evans.." She was speaking as if in a daze, one hand now on her belly.
"Mrs.Evans is doing just fine....." She pulled herself closer, still not believing any of this as her chosen words were no where near now she felt, no words would be!!!!!

"We BOTH are, but we're sorry for making daddy worry so much..."
She was now giggling as he gripped at her tighter.He couldn't breathe.

"You.. heard.. her ..too...?"

He stammered, feeling all the more dizzy as it had time to sink in what was happening, he shock with the overwelming happiness and joy of it. She could only nod as he began kissing at her neck and ear. She gave out alittle moan as she moved every so slightly against him. That familiar ache kicked in between them as his arms encircled her more, his hands resting down on her lower back as he pulled her in more, as she continued to talk as if only to calm herself as the ache began to throb and spread.

"That's why I felt sick Max, she was trying to let us know she was here, she was scared and she did it the only way she knew how. She sorry for causing so much pain but so happy that we now know.."
She was looking to the side of him, staring into nothing as if trying to listen. She closed her eyes and smiled , squeezing him all the more.


"leaving now, yeah I heard." He said, chuffed with himself. She looked up at him as if shocked, as he pulled a strand of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"Why so shocked Mrs.Evans....Mr.Evans is an alienking after all why shouldn't he beable to hear his newly concieved baby girl while still inside of her mummy's beautiful...."

About to continue with words of love as he'd then lose control with the feeling of her now carrying his baby and the need to BE close to the both them too great as he would have had to take her there and then, forgetting where they were from wanting her so badly, he heard his father cough again.

He could feel himself going crimson as he watched as it could have all turned really good (for them) really fast, not really wanting them to care & share in that sense.
They broke from their heated clinch but not apart as 11 pairs of utterly bewildered eyes now looked upon, the heavenly creature sent from god to marry them now leaving, getting alittle hot under the collar so too speak muttering 'miracle' as he left, to leave 10.
Liz saw as Maria slowly came up beside her, not being able to read her face to what was coming next as she felt her reach and touch at her arm, her bottom lip quivering alittle, as she then spoke.

Her eyes big but no longer shiny as her smile broke into one of her famous smiles to her best friends nod, exhaling hard. Maria pulled her away from Max and held her tight. Max, alittle pissed at Maria's actions, missing his wife being close but happy were she was, he wasn't the only one who nearly lost her, as he heard them do their usual girly bit, ending it by jumping up and down round and round.

"OMG LLLIIIIIZZZZZ and you had sex too (screams) when, (screams louder) no don't tell me!"
She said holding out her arms to her as if to make her not say, then giving her a smirk and nodded hard.
"yeah..okay tell me!! Ain't it wild, I don't know if its 'cus their not of this earth but...OMG (screams) did.."

Her mom yelled as she stepped in closer. Maria snapped round to her.

"WHAT, everybody does it and you can't tell me that you and 'jumbo jimbo' over there don't enjoy it as well!"
She said while looking between them, smiling growing wider and wider as she saw their reactions. Amy stopped in her tracks as she found Jim, who was edging backwards (as red as she) with the knowledge that Maria had heard them. Amy now gave her daughter a cheesy grin as she too stepped back.

"(cough) All I meant was not here dear, there are other more important things going on...."
She looked around.
"(cough)...right?" Everyone looked between her and Jim as she slunk back to where she was, cursing that she'd ever left it. Maria was about to add when she suddenly stopped, slowly looking back that Liz, frowning hard.

"You had sex..." Max laughed, happy now Liz was back in his arms, as he interupted her.
" what's.."
She interupted him back by punching him in face, hard enough for him to step backwards with it as she was in his face.

"MARIA!" Liz bit out to her in total amazement.

"What was that for?"
He was lost and now alittle shaken for somebody who knew her punches well enough not to get any more from what she'd handed out these past few months. For a human and a girl, Maria was a force to be reckoned with, referred to as 'Hurricane ria' by Michael on the quite.

"That's for being selfish and not waiting till we'd all said our goodbyes in case....."
She still had a hard time saying it, rambling on about something else.

"...again unable to keep your pecker in your pocket." She was soooooooo mad now, fit to pop, as Liz went to say something.
"I know it takes two to tango and all that crap but you don't know WHAT could have happened..." She began pacing, acting like a mom herself.

"I mean what with all this alien stuff and this Mila tramp..." She stopped and looked sheepishly back at them both.
"Didn't mean you. No offense Babe, kay?" Sounding so much calmer, only to kick off again.

"...not to mention you could have gotten pregnant, Jesus.Thank go......"
She stopped dead. She stood exactly like that till Isabel finally asked what no-one would.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but I could have sworn that you mentioned something about a baby back there..?"
She then laughed.
"But of course you two brainboxes wouldn't do anything that stupid as not to use a raincoat right?"
She now began pacing, walking past Maria who was still being the quietest that she'd ever been since..... birth!

"I mean like Maria was saying, we still didn't know ANYTHING about this whole thing..."
She was starting to shake, she knew she'd heard right as Kyle was going to go to her, seeing how upset she was now getting.

"...and EVEN if you where you couldn't know, its too soon isn't it?" She frowned at her brother.
"You have only...made love once last night right Max?"
Max just nodded, as Liz squeezed him harder as they both knew it had been their first time yesturday but that it had been 4 times,being unable to resist each other tell thier wedding night.. not once, being more if they had had the time and the energy. They both gave each other a sidewards glance as they felt themselves burn at the rememberance of them all flash into their minds as the connection started and they saw themselves again. Twice at the door, once in the shower after waking up from their first little sleep session then lastly in bed, before the dream. The last time being the first REAL time for them, when they REALLY made love to each other, from start to finish. For each other, Max and Liz, no one else. It was everything that they'd dreamed of and so much more. Yet it still not perfect, that would come on their wedding night which was now that night. To know that they still had to make love as 'man and wife' made them both feel all warm & fuzzy inside!! The thought making them ache all the more. The images were beginning to come thick and fast as Isabel kicked off some more but they couldn't hear or see her, only them making love, always them. They would have seen and remembered it all, from sart to finish, already breathlessly burning up with need if she wasn't shouting in their faces.

They looked back at her, bodies trembling slightly as Max breathlessly spoke.

"Is..I know your scared..don't you think we are too..?"
His voice still alittle broken, not yet getting control of himself, as Liz stroked a finger over the top of his hand as he heard her in his head.

*I NEED you inside of me so bad right now Max it hurts... but we all need to talk first Kay? We can make more of our dreams come ohhsoo true many times as we like!*

She felt him wiggle side her, hearing what he had to say to that. She giggled and blushed even more as her world tilted at his words. Max finally was able to look back at his sister, breathing in hard as his heart was slowly down.

"We couldn't help it. We had to know so much and now we do." He looked back down at Liz.

"But how could you be so stupid, Maxwell?" She spat out, ignoring all the pleas for her to stop.

"LOOK!! Liz is still Liz...they WERE wrong and now we have a 'little baby evans',our baby, on the way already to show just how much we were meant to be together. How much we love each other. She's our destiny, mine and Liz's....I'ts all I've ever wanted Is..." He looked back at his sister, his eyes welling up as he saw hers already falling.
"Can't you just be as happy as we are?"

His were now out there too. Isabel knew she was abitch, she always had been but she was the one who had looked out for him, that he needed the most, only her but she was wrong. He NEEDED Liz and now his family was complete, she thought she'd already let go. As she hugged them both and knew she now had. They were all crying as Liz slipped out from under Max's arm, he held onto her tighter as he saw her shake her head as she let his hand go and place it on Issie's back. They needed this as she finally went to her own family, did they need to know that she knew? She squeezed them tighter as she knew that they didn't but there was still so many unanswered questions, someof which she KNEW they and Max's parents still weren't answering. How did she know this? Her new sixth sense, a gift from Mila was getting stronger. She could now begin to see how people were feeling, all was still so new, coming to her piece by piece, beginning to now wonder where and why and what more there was to come? It was scaring her alittle as she shut her eyes up tight to it.

She had her eyes open to him before his voice was in her head. Her eyes peered over her mom's shoulder as she saw his whole face from beside Isabel's, mixed in with his parents in one giant hug. Maria, now awake felt left out so she found her mother quickly. this left Kyle, Jim and Michael all standing there looking stupidly at each
other, going to move then stopping themselves.

"Don't even go there pal!"
Was Michael's only words to them as he looked over at Maria. She was looking right back at him, reaching out for him to come too. Old Michael would have stuck fast but he was crossing to her as Nancy spoke, breaking his steps, family hugs and the silence.

"So we know what colour to buy then don't we?"
She was tucking hair behind both of Liz's ears now as Liz wiped a tear from her cheek.
"My baby girl!" Her eyes filling up all the more. Liz put her hand on her tummy.

"Mine too."
As she pushed it on harder. She had the biggest smile on her face when saying that, her mom had never seen her so happy. Jeff then spoke, the voice of confusion trying to reason with it, worse luck, needing to understand so much.

"So your not Mila now?"
Liz pulled away of them both.

"No but I can feel things alittle now..."

"But your still Liz right?" Maria's worried face was almost in hers. Liz put her arm about her shoulders.

"If I think your gonna get rid of me that easily than shame on you...A U N T I E!"
She smiled at her last word as Maria's eyes opened to it. Then wider still thinking about the all the possibilities
already, they made her head spin, she was finding it hard to breathe as she went to speak but diane spoke next. She was beside Liz now about to talk when she felt the need to hug her, she hadn't wolcomed her into the family yet, with everything being so muddled before.
She held her so tight as neither could speak. Max lost it again right there, only just over before then they had to go do that to him. Seeing his mom hold his wife the way that she was, know what she 'd done to get them here...he would have gone if Isabel hadn't have took his hand to keep him on land.

"So how do you know sweetie?"
Diane was now back beside her.

"I..." She found Max.
"....we can hear her, that's why I was in pain. She was reaching out to us and I could hear her so she got alittle rattled"
Max chuckled, Liz always understated herself and situations to save people being in pain and uncomfortable. If that where possible, he loved her more for it.

"But she's alright now?" Liz nodded.

"I am too!"
She added, answering Diane's question before it left her mouth, she'd heard it in her head already. Then she answered her next question as Diane frowned all the more.
"I think its happening so fast because of Max's blood mixing with mine. It may have only been alittle but enough to kick start things with me and...Mila so why not make our baby..."
She stopped as her tummy did flip-flops at those words, still not used to it yet.her head rang out with only his words then.

*Better get used to it momma, you're got my baby in that space inside of you....*

He wished he hadn't have said that the moment he had as he saw her waver alittle.He caught her before she had the chance to even begin to, pulling her tight into his strong, leather clad arms.

He father as beside her fast, as they all jumped to it in some way as they saw her. Max rubbed her back and stroked at her hair as she shook alittle more now.

"I'm so sorry Baby.Forgive me?"

"Forgive you what Max?" Jeff said not hearing a word but not liking the sound of this. He moved in to towards Max as Liz held his arm.

"Nothing daddy, its alright Max didn't do anything kay!"
She smiled at him and she knew he would except that, she could see. She then stood more upright as she faced everybody, Max encircling her around her waist from behind her. His chin rested on her crown, her body fitting against him perfectly as one of his hands lay flat across her belly. He stretched out his palm, almost reaching right across her tiny waist, as two of his fingers now lay just inside the waist band of her pants. She steadied herself into him more as she lay her hands on his.

"Max and I shared a vision about Mila and Zan. Khivar was in it...." She swallowed down hard, they didn't need to know everthing.
"It went bad and now we know what he wants."
She felt Max pull her in tighter, helping her to go on.

"He's trying to open up a gateway on earth in order to bring about the end of the world and he Michael , Isabel and...." She dug her nails into his skin. ".....and Max to do that."

"How?" Isabel found herself walking closer to Michael who was already making the journey to her.

"We don't know only that he needs all your dupes, plus Ava and TESS." She looked straight at Maria as she kicked off, real bad this time.

"That f**king bitch again GOD....she's soooo f**king dead....that f**king slut..." She was like a wild cat when she saw her mother and was about to react to her ticking off when nothing. She frowned, tiiting her head to her as Amy smiled.

"Your right there hon but swearing isn't gonna give her what that f**king whore deserves now is it?"
Her face completely stoney as Maria's chin hit the floor.

"Close your mouth Maria, its sooooooo un lady like." she looked at Liz.
"Excuse my daughter, go on Liz. So they need everybody basically?"
Liz nodded as Diane spoke again.

"And you and Mila right. You too are special right. Does he need you to both do something?"

"How did you know about her?" Liz amazed for a moment then knew. Grandma. It was missed by everyone else as
Michael then butted in.

"Question, how come all of us have dupes but wackofeatures hasn't?"

"Evil only has one name Michael!"
Was all Max had to say.
"other that our we hadn't seen that f**ko yet."
He then added as he pulled in Liz closer. Diane then needed to know more.

"So what is it that me thinks you can both do?"
Still missed by the others. She walked towards them as she saw max hold Liz tighter still. Liz swallowed hard, no easy way to say this and now things were different, so she just came out with it.

"He wants to fuck me so I can have his baby. That baby being the key to whatever!"
The room heaved with gasps, cough and cries of sick f***er, pervert allthat jazz as Max spoke.

"But that won't ever happen, now Liz has got my baby in that space now."
Both able to bury the vision, that they still had to talk about themselves but that could wait, and hear those words. She then turned round it face him as she then hugged him to her close. They were then clawing at each other as Michael spoke.

"He won't get the chance to get that close to any of us." His voice hard, eyes harder.

"We're stronger then he thinks, even then we think, I know that now. I'd die before I let that happen to any of you."
Max finally added, manner like the king he once was as Liz looked up at him, tears in her eyes as she shook her head hard, trying to pull away from him but he had his hands on her jawline. She wasn't going anywhere.

"Don't say that, I only here to protect you, keep you alive thats why I'm here, thats my job, if anybodys going to di....."
He cut her of with a kiss, lips bruising as their tongues danced all the most, leaving them fighting for breath but not ready to part just yet. When they finally did max was able to speak first.

"You are my wife Liz. The mother of my beautiful baby girl...That's your job as well as having to love me as much as I love you!!"
He lay his hand back on her tummy.
"You two are my whole world and you're not going anywhere, you hear me...N O W H E R E and That's an order!!!" He smiled, trying to lighten the mood, it was meant to be the happiest day of their lives, 'their wedding day' after. She smiled back.

"Ohh yeah playing at being king, trying to order the little wifey about already now are we?"
She pulled on his collar all the more. That ache within her was now back.

"Who's playing?"
His smile turned into a wicked smirk as only she felt what he meant as his ready stiffening hardness as now pressing against her belly. She smiled all the more as she lightly licked her lips, needing to be alone with him as her need for him began spilling out onto her panties. They were pulling at each other when they felt themselves being pulled apart, to find Michael and Maria now looking at them. Max stood awkwardly knowing that his coat was way too short, thankful at Liz understandly stood in front of him, but she had her own motive for being there and it was pushing harder still into her back. Max then breathlessly spoke as she wiggled her tush on him alittle, he gripped her harder around the waist.
"What?" He bit out as his pants were getting tighter.
They smiled.

Maria got hold of Liz's arm and pulled as they all piled towards the door.

She was just as confused. But still nothing only smiles from everyone else as well.
"Trust me!" She finally said, smiling all the more.

Mr.& Mrs. Max Evans both saying *OH SHIT* in their heads at the same time had a very bad feeling about what was to come, just wanting be alone in a room together so badly right now it was getting too painful to behr. But they could share & care in their heads and she was sitting on his lap in the car after all.

Part 41

"I still can't believe that you did all this for us."
Liz hollered from the bathroom that was nearly as big as 'the crash'.
It was white and shiny as red and white rose petals littered everywhere the eye could see while a hint of strawbehrry and vanilla clung in the air from where Liz had showered.

"Why not, you're worth it Babe, both of you are. Now get your butt out here Mrs. Evans so we can party already!"
Maria was pacing as she waited for Liz to put on her wedding dress and make herself pretty for 'the actual wedding day' that had been hurriedly planned the day before.
It was in the biggest hotel they could find locally, they had the best suite in the place and the function room where it was to be held looked like alittle piece of heaven on earth yet to be seen by the happy couple.

The 'happy couple' not so happy as they had been split up yet again again upon their arrival there, reason being..'it was a surprise'.
Liz had to literately be dragged off of Max's lap by Maria, as he wasn't letting go of her tiny waist, with obvious reasons for doing so.
Simple the fact being that he had one hand nicely nestled deep inside of her slightly open zip about to hit home while the either was resting and tickling where his baby girl now lay.
She was turned into him as her hand was home and driving him crazy with every playful stroke as she sucked and licked at his neck all the more, all this unseen by the others of course. Their protests came to nothing as she was pulled one way and Max the other who was getting about ready to take a pop at someone, fit to burst himself if he didn't have his wife sometime right there and then!
But she told only him that 'it would be fun to wait and that she liked the idea of havung a tortured Max finally, saying that it was all in the wanting!' He told her 'how could she be so cruel and what he did to naughty little girls',as she lost it as hard as he nearly did as they were pulled off to separate rooms where their 'wedding clothes' had been brought.
She flipped her head round as the door finally opened.

"OMG..Liz. You look beautiful Babe."
Her eyes already wet as she rushed to her side arms out stretched as if to gave her a hug but stooping when she thought she'd winkle. Liz smiled back at her.

"What the hell."
She said, pulling her close as the tears aleardy began to fall. Liz then spoke again as she felt her own tears.

"Thank you So much Maria. I'm sooooooo happy for so many reasons right now but this is the best. You're the best."
She pulled her away so she could look at her.

"And just because I'm married now , your still my best friend in the whole world and you always will be, nothings ever going to change that."
Liz's eyes wide and hard as held onto her shoulders alittle tighter as Maria finally spoke.

"Not even when 'little baby Maria' comes?"
She said as she looked down at where her hand now hovered, Liz following her movements her frown then turning into a smirk. Maria looked back at her sheepishly
to then shrug her shoulders, she then looked horrified and deeply hurt.

"Yeah..what? Am I telling you something that you don't already know or something Liz, 'cus you should. Any girl of your's is gonna love to be named after me, god I have so much to teach 'little ria' *sigh*..."
Liz was moving from side to side, already worried that it was the done deal when she hadn't even begin to think about any name's yet. And there was Max.God!!!

"Hey Maria hold on I........."
She stopped when she saw Maria begin to smile, then adding.
"You're just too bad girlfriend."

"I know.." Her smile fading alittle.
"...but you WILL at least think about it, or maybe as I middle name I ......."
She was flapping when Liz took hold of her again.

"Maria...." She pulled at her to stop.

"Yes?" She did, suddenly feeling 5 again about to get told off.

"It's gonna be one or the other, I PROMISE besides you should KNOW that for a fact Babe."
Liz beamed so brightly then. Maria, hers now just as wide screamed as she pulled her into a tight embrace as they both were now crying with joy. The moment finally coming to an end upon pulling apart and seeing their faces. They screamed once more as both ran back into the bathroom to refix their faces.


"SHIT Where's the instructions with this damn thing?"
Michael spat out as he yanked the tie loose again, his shaky hands going to try again, knowing that they would be right back where thet started in no time. Max did nothing but smile, smacking his hands away to do it if him. In a blink it was done as Michael now smirked.

"Dang Maxwell, is there anything that you can't do?"
He shook his head as Max was now reaching down to get the jacket of his tux.


He responsed with the biggest smile Michael had ever seen on him, now seeing just how relaxed he looked, not a shake or frown in sight. Michael suddenly felt at a loss to function, not knowing why at first then hitting him like one of Maria's punches (not that she'd done one of a while) right between the eyes.
He felt happiness,overwelming joy for his best friend who had finally find his place in this world..finding peace within it..finding Liz!
He had to steady himself on the chair just alittle as he felt himself whobbling to it, gripping to harder as he felt his eyes just begin to glaze, shaking them off as Max now looked at him again.

"You okay Michael?"
His manner now only of concern for his friend as he saw his face.

"errrmm..course (cough)..just alittle wired about making this speech that's all."

Max suddenly looked worried, hell scared for the only the second time that day as he was now edging towards him.

"W h a t speech?"
He was now dead in front of Michael,
with eyebrows almost meeting in the middle. Michael side stepped him as he threw his jacket over his shoulder as Max followed him.

"M I c h a e l? "
His voice now showing his concern as well as his face. Michael smiled just alittle, he was enjoying this already.

"Oh nothing, Maria's idea actually. She was tripping on something bad last night, drove me off my head till I said I would do it just to shut her off."
He was now smirking as he put a arm around Max's shoulders, shaking him side to side as he spoke.

"It's nothing to worry about Maxwell. You trust me right?"
Max had to double take his look twice, gently shaking his head. Michael's face turned into a pout.

"I'm hurt Maxwell, I mean what have I ever done for you not to trust me?"
Max opened is mouth instantly, not needing time to think about atime as the phone rang. Michael sighed as he ambled over to it, then placing it slowly to his ear.

"Y e s Maria how my we help you?"
Max could hear mubbled sounds as if she was kicking off, Michael rolling up his eyes told him that she was. Max smiled as Michael was now making the 'talky hand' motion to the phone.

"Yes dear we're nearly done.....Yes I know not to go that way......I won't forget it......"

Max held out his thumb to inform him that he was under it. Michael gave him the bird as both men laughed, Michael soon stopping as Max could hear the mubbling getting louder.
" Maria I am listening to you however needing you to change the record about now. So stop those pretty lips of yours moving by putting the phone down and letting us get on with it rather than you talking about what we're gonna do...."
She cut him off with more rambles, as he now held the phone from his ear letting her do her thing at nothing.

He mouthed to Max, who was now sitting down, knowing Maria this could be awhile. As he sat he was now looking at his wedding ring that he'd been playing with all the whole time still unable to quite believe that his only dream was now a reality, leaning in he stared straight at its stone as he smiled, wondering what she was thinking right now as he began to get that familiar ache from deep within him......

Max snapped his head up to where michael was.

"Huh?" He got up.

"The wifey wants a word."
He didn't know how that made Max feel to hear but he felt like he was glowing from his head to his toes to say it. She was his sister, if only in another life, it still was the happiest, second happiest (BEING with Maria the first time the first) day of his life too.
Max took the phone as his heart was thumping out of his chest, his breath now in short pants as he slowly brought it upto his ear. He could hear her giggling and talking to Maria, he didn't say aword, just standing there listening to her. He could just listen to his wife all day, it would still have the same effect on him, he would never tire of it. His body betrayed him as he let out a slight moan.


"Yeah baby, it's me.What's up?"
He sat down before he fell down, cursing himself for breath but so happy that they were actually talking again. Her voice making him dizzy.

"I know its only been like an hour but god I miss you so much Max..I REALLY miss you."
She breathed out so hard that he swore it tickled his ear, he closed his eyes.

"I too."
He was finding breathing alittle hard as he began to feel the familiar ache throb and then spread ever so slightly. He heard her giggle, 'god those pants are way too tight to get me through this day dry' he thought as his body responsed to her happiness the only way he wanted it to.

"I know you do Babe, I was looking at my rings and saying the same thing as you were....and I'm sure your pants will be just fine...NOT!"
He opened his eyes as she giggled some more. He was now laughing too, still their new, deepening connection able to knock- him- for- six every once in a while. He looked around the room to see where Michael was, he was far enough away now not to hear as a thought and a smile came to him.

"Where's Maria?" He rushed at her down the line.

"In the bathroom.....w h y?"
He could see her face holding a wicked smile.

"I just wanna try something Babe. Tell me if you can feel this."
He shut his eyes, not knowing how or why he would even know to try this but he was now imagining his hand cupping one of her breasts, as he then ran his thumb ever so lightly across her already hardening nipple as he then took it hard, beginning to roll and tug at it between his fingers and thumb as he then......

"OH GOD.MAX!" She cried out.
His eyes flung wide open, looking for Michael, who had his back to them. She had!

"Baby Shhhhhh....."
He said breathlessly as his hand as now hurting from gripping the phone so hard as he got up, having to change position. He felt the dizziness hitting him harder this time, sitting down with a groan. He heard Maria shout if she was fine.

"..Y..Yeah ria...I.I..m..fine.."
Her voice strangled as she tried to calm herself between pants, finally speaking back to him.

"Hhow..did..what was that Max?"
She was still finding it hard understanding that she was feeling while still feeling it. Although not even there her body was responsing to him like he was as another little wave hit her. She let about the faintest of groans as she exhaled hard.

"I don't know baby, I just thought it and....god I felt what you felt Liz. Did you feel me?"
He said in total amazement. That was the difference they had felt before but this was not the same. They could feel themselves as well as each other all at the same time. They could not only speak while apart but they could feel.

"Yy e s ..Max do you understand any of this?"
She was slowly coming back as her body was letting go.

"No...but I'm gonna so enjoy finding out. I want you so badly right now Mrs. Evans see...f e e l..."
His voice low and breathy.

"MAX..don't you dare...."
She could feel it spark up as he was connecting with her again. She was panicing, knowing she'd have no control as Maria then came out the bathroom.

'Thank god' She thought, already losing control.

"That's not nice thing to say when your husband was about to take his......" She cut him off.

"Maria's calling me!!"
She looked up and over to Liz upon hearing that, frowning hard when she knew she wasn't doing anything of the kind. About to say words of the same text, she then stopped when seeing Liz's state and hand movesmwnts as if to get her to say it.

Maria totally saying as unnatural as possible as she did the O.K. sign. Liz returned it, kinda.

"I'm handing up now Max, gotta go. See you soon. Love you forever. Bye Max."
She crammed out in one breath as she blew kisses down the phone at him. He smiled.

"Love you more but don't think your getting away from me that easily Misses. I know your game and you know there's no escaping me now. Know this you'll be begging for it by tonight." He voice at its huskiest, full of want and promise.

"Already there!" Were her last words as the line clicked off.
Max held the phone for a moment his smile growing, willing his hot sex would stop, when Michael came upto him.

"Time to go Maxwell."
He stopped him as he went to walk towards the door, exhaling hard as he then spoke.

"Now I am REALLY part of a family, with a beautiful little niece on the way. My family are in the safest place in the world or any other...with you! Thank you brother for making this day for me too, there won't be another day that I'll love and respect you more than this.You truly are a king and I'm sorry that I ever doubted you or that fact Maxwell!"

He held out his hand to Max only to change it to a hug. Max, for once in his life was utter speechless. Michael had not only shocked him but himself as the hug grew.
Michael slapped at his back one last time as he pulled away, both men seeing shiny eyes looking back at them but saying nothing as they pulled right apart.

"(cough) enough said lets do this thing."
He was really at the door when Max finally spoke having a choice to mention how he'd made him feel by his words or something else. Enough said!!

"So about this speech I've gotta give one too right?"
He was beside him as Michael nodded.
"Any helpful hints?"
He didn't need to plan anything out, just to look at her and the words would come instantly, never stopping if Max had his way. Michael frowned not understanding as Max enlightened.

"For when you get married."
They were out the door and Michael spoke as it clicked closed.

"Hell Yeah.!"


"Where you going Babe?... The lifts here now."
She called back down the corridor to Liz as she used her tiny body to hold the doors apart, almost knackering herself in the process.

"I forgot the said you brought it with you right?" She shouted back as she was halfway there.

"Yeah, on the counter. Meet you downstairs, kay?"

She wasn't looking back as she yelled. She was already out of breath then she was heading back out the door, pendant now safety home around her neck as she heard a knock at the door as she reached for the handle.
She smiled.

"Didn't tell me Ria, lift brok......"
She stopped dead as she saw a different face before her.

But everything happened so fast that hse didn't have time to feel as he pushed her back hard into the room, his hands already behring down onto her head as his face changed into Khivar's, but Liz was already gone for her to see!!!

Part 42

Max tore his head away from the others and to the door, eyes wide as he was unable to breathe.
He'd felt Liz...something was wrong, really wrong because he couldn't feel her anymore. She was in his head calling out for him one minute turning into nothing but a deadly silence in the next.
He was now running and at the door before he even heard Michael yell out after him, not stopping, only running all the more towards the lifts as sheer panic took hold for the safety of his family ripped through him. A nuclear bomb would have gone off and he'd be none the wiser which is why he nearly knocked over a young woman who thought she'd died and gone to heaven when she saw him. She looked in total owe thankful that he'd bumped into her but by the looks of him, totally ingnoring her, he was either gay or taken, either way his butt had made her day. The others behind him did suceed in flattening her as they gave chase.

He was at his side as Max was almost through the wall by now, he was hitting the up button so hard, not looking or responding to anyone or anything.

He spat out as he was already at the stairs about to send them off their hindges when the lift belled and the doors opened to a smiling Maria as she came dancing out of it, stopping dead to all their faces.

"What's wrong people, partys that way..."
Her sentence cut off as Max was now yanking at her hard.

"Where's Liz?"
He shook her with each word as she winced.

She was trying to pull away as he pulled her harder to him, eyes of fire.

He was hurting her as Michael then stepped up and kicked off.

His expression now matching his voice as Max cut him off.

"Check outside Michael..."
He was now looking at only him, but still had a hold of Maria as the others were now all there too. His voice was no less commanding as if he'd been shouted the odds at him but that would come, Max not being in control of either thought or reason as he began to shake.

"What for? I...."
Michael was trying so hard but Max just wasn't making sense, only scaring him all the more.

"Just do it....look for Liz or anything that you feel is wrong....just go, NOW!"
His eyes pleading and starting to fill.

Michael now stopped himself as he saw the look that said it all to him, Max's voice making him listen.

"...I can't feel her anymore, somethings wrong..."
His voice having to break off before it broke down as he was trembling all the more.
Max let Maria go, unable to speak as he went to the stairway once more not waiting to see as Michael ,his father, Kyle and Jim high tale it out to the front.
Max just needing to get upstairs for a reason not yet known to him. He so dizzy and so sick so quickly he nearly fell to the ground as it hit him again.
This was all totally alien to him, not having her with him...inside of him was what he imaged dying would be like. He was almost through the doors......

Maria called out after him, but was then cut off as the other doors rang open.

"Right here!"
Liz said with the widest smile on her face as she stepped out of the lift. Max stoped dead as he slowly turned round, having to catch both his heart and his breath upon seeing her, as everything after that was just a blur, going through the motions so fast....too fast!
He'd dreamt of they wedding a thousand times over and What she wore? which was now being answered...finally!! But the strange thing was he already knew what she would look like, it was exactly how he'd imaged her to be only more so.
The dress was simple,of purest white, no frills or spills as it hugged her in all the right places except for the slight bell shape to it that started at her tiny waist ending at where it touched the floor. His eyes were travelling from the hem and upto her waist, passing and resting at her tiny hands at the wonderous small bunch of white roses clasped tightly between them. As his left there his eyes now rested on the tight bodice that held her in and up which was tied to her by two thin straps of ribbon on either of her behr shoulders that looked like they would fall apart at the slightest touch. The front was low, too low as his body was now reacting instinctively to her and her new found bosom as she was showing himway too much of it.
Tearing his eyes from what was beginning to drive him crazy with desire they now were at her hair. It was down and so very shiny, falling into big, bouncy curls at its roots that lay about her shoulders and down her back in parts. It was pulled lightly up and away from her face to lay behind her ears as it was then held there loosely by the veil that sat high upon her head, landing at the start of her waist. In amoungst that and her hair she had a fluttering of white rose petals as her veil seemed to simmer and sparkle...she and the whole dress seemly doing the same.
It was then, leaning back on the door in order to support himself that he finally took her face in. Her lips were full, moist and lightly brushed with red forming into a wonderously beautiful smile as her cheeks blushed with a splash of crimson. Then finally, having to steady himself all the more he took in her eyes.
It was then he knew it wasn't Liz...not 'his Liz', not his wife and the mother of his unborn baby girl.
He pushed himself hard off the wall as he strode towards her, her smile fading just alittle as she now saw his look. She had to swallow down hard at the intensity of his eyes on hers as well as just how beautiful he looked as something stirred deep within her. His tux was just as simple but looked every bit as perfect on him, better in fact. Only the single white rosebud that was at the side of his chest drew her eyes from his to that and back in a matter of seconds. But he was only looking at her, eyes behring down into her, forcing her to take a step backwards as Maria spoke.

"Didn't you find the pendant Babe?"
'Liz' didn't answer, not even breathing as she still looked at Max. Maria frowned, shaking her head as she now moved into where 'Liz' was.
'Liz' was shaking all the more as Max was almost home.

Maria now more than alittle anxious at everything, understandind nothing as Max grabbed hard at 'Liz's' arms.

She chuckled, trying to playfully pull away from him as his grip on her behr arms grew all more painful as he squeezed at her harder.
"Max this isn't funny..." She was wiggling now, pleading at him then to he others for them to help her. But they stood fast as she looked back at Max, flowers now on the floor, crushed as he began hitting at the up button again, harder than before, his contact never breaking with her.

"Max you can stop it now...."
She was clawing at his hand and sleeved arm in order for him to let go but his hand only tightened right round as his fingers and thumb met easily.
She screamed, her head now beginning to throb all the more as he now looked to her, she knew to stop instantly at the look he now gave her.
If looks could kill she'd been dead about now.

Both Isabel and Maria yelled at the same time.
Having had enough of this Jeff went to step in, also pulling at Max to let his daughter out as Max snapped his head round to face him.

He boomed as he was now yanking on fingers for him to let go. Max caught and pulling his arm away hard as he finally spoke.

"This is not your daughter."
His words as hollow and unfeeling as his eyes as he felt 'Liz' stop struggling and look about her wildly. jeff stepped back.

"..What..What our you talking about Max? Of course I am...."
Her voice shaking as she wavered all the more. Max just looked back at her, leaning in so they were only inches apart, feeling each others breath in their skins yet for the first time completely unresponsive to it. He searched relentlessly at the eyes that he no longer knew in a face that he adored and would worship till his dying day, cursing himself how his body was still reacting to her.

Was all he said as he looked back at the lift that still wasn't there as without thinking his hand reached upto the control panel and it then started glowing bright green.

Isabel was now trying to reason with him, just as scared and confused as they all were.
"...stop, not here, people will see."
But he continued as if not to care as the lift clicked to a stop and the doors opened.
Grapping at her harder still Max threw 'Liz' into it with one long, hard swing round her coming to an abprut stop as she hit the far wall hard, it making her wince as she flipped over and onto her back. Breath shallow heart racing she could do nothing, her body and the throb of her head not allowing her as he now was in there with her.
Maria rushed up to the entrance, Max blocking her way in with his arm.

Her voice raked in confusion and pain as she tried to wiggle round him, looking over his shoulder at a very frightened looking 'Liz'. Maria clawed all the more as the tears began to fall.

He just reached out his other arm to her, gently pushing her away. She held onto herself tight, her body now raking with her tears as the others encircled her.
His mother finally spoke as the doors went to click shut.

"It's Mila isn't it? She's come now Liz is.....gone?"
She now had an arm round Maria as she saw the look of loss and pain held in his son's eyes on what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life.

He voice behrly there as he continued on just as they both then disappeared behind the doors.
"....she's something else."
His final words.


Liz felt herself hit the floor hard, waking her from her dazed state to pain and confusion as she then tried to move suddenly stopping to let a shaky hand instinctively go and rest on her belly. But before anything had a chance to register she felt and heard footsteps stridding towards her, the quickness of their pace deafening to her as he now stood over her.

Part 43

.....But unable to see it was Zan that was now bending down to her as the throbbing darkness took her harder this time.

He was on his knees, his hands now feverishly at her face as his eyes relentlessly sought out any signs that she was harmed in any way. Her short and swallow breaths were enough to tell him that she was alive at least. His hands were now hovering up and down her body, trying to see just what he was dealing with, but not being able to make the connection that he so desperately needed.
Exhaling hard he gently rested his hand at her face once more as he instantly thought of Mila.
The pain and loss that he now felt without her, killing him all the more with every passing moment. But he deserved to feel pain after what he had done... but Liz, Max and the others didn't deserve any of this.
That's why he hadn't run long ago, them and Mila finally giving him a reason why for his worthless exsistance in this world. Even if he was to die so they could live then so be it as his eyes began to well at the sight of her.
It was true that he loved Liz... that he would always love her but in was IN LOVE with Mila, she was his soulmate... she was the air that he breathed as he sufficiated all the more now that she was gone.
He'd wanted to go with them for 'the switch', the perfect opportunity for him to pay his debt back to his other family for all that he'd done.
But his plans obviously known and the realization of just how dangerous he was, unable to kill him because of his importance to Khivar's psychotic plan of death and destruction that he had for this world, as he was left behind with a blow to the back of his head for his troubles
But now with Liz there he somehow felt closer to Mila, and not just because they were dupes, it was something more. He swallowed down harder, his thumb was about to caress across her cheek when voices from behind them brought him back to reality with a bump.
Taking one last look at the 'sleeping' beauty before him he was up and round in one smooth motion, putting himself between Liz and the repulsive sight of Tess, Rath and Lonnie....his family. Shit happens.

" sweet still looking out for the woman he loved who kicked him to the kerp for the much better version. I wonder what poor little Mila would say if she could see you all over that bitch like a dog on heat...."
Tess spat out, her obvious jealously of just that fact plain to see as Rath answered for her in his own unqiue style.

"Won't matter, she's probably alittle buzy right now, having her brains f**ked out of her by that better man. The whore loving every minute of it not to give a second thought to this loser ."
He smirked as he saw the reaction that he was now getting from Zan, only the whiteness of his knuckles betraying him as his fists clenched up all the more.
Thinking this more fun than anything else right now, Rath continued on.

"So tell me how does it feel to have BOTH your women tasted by someone else before you even get a sniff, that must be harsh. I really feel for you man."
His voice and manner showing no signs of pity for him as he started to walk towards them, his smile increasing into a wicked grin.

"I wonder how he's taking her? Gentle and loving or hard and fast..... the latter being how I'll take that little bitch over there when its my turn. I mean these plenty to go round right?"
He could feel the rage pumping off and around Zan as he was now stretching round Zan in order to get a better view of Liz as she lay spalled out on the floor.
Her wedding dress was now untied at one shoulder as the fabric hung down and away from her.
In turn this was now exposing way too much flesh for him not to want to be sucking, biting and pulling at it hard as he stepped in closer still. He was so obviously turned on by something as Zan saw him lick his lips and that was the straw that broke to camels back.

"That's it...your spent."
Zan finally speaking as Rath stopped dead in front of them as a look of confusion roamed his face.

"I gotta ask....What the f**k are you tripping on now?"
He leant in, his curiously getting the better of him.

"Chances you had of a painless death."
Zan bit out his voice low and drawn but no less threatening, full of promise as his eyes bore into him.

"Is that right? and how do you know this?"
Rath was still moving in as he spoke again.
"And are you gonna be the one to do it Zan?"
His voice full of sarcasium as he laughed.

"Suck it and see!"
Was Zan's only response as he leant out from him. The room was now filled with Rath's laughter as he then spoke through it.

"What happened to you man, we used to be so tight then it takes a human to f**k it all up...."
He was still coming, only made to stop by Zan's strong hand at his chest pushing him hard back.

"No! You two sort of, killing me kinda did it for me or don't that count?"
He still had his hand firmly on his chest so Rath chose to forget the obvious, liking his way better.

"We always shared and cared with our bitches then you suddenly get holy than thou on me....I'm hurt."
He only smirked as he smacked Zan's hand away to go for her again.
He didn't see the punch until to made contact with his jaw, sending him flying backwards. Zan stood firm, him the far better man in all the fights that he'd had with Rath over the years, for him to be ever affaid.
Rath was up and back at him in seconds, spitting fire.

"... its not like she's not willing to give..."
His sentence cut off by a second, harder punch that sent his sorry ass hard to the ground as blood splattered from his broken nose, he force of it knocking any speech that he had clean out of him.

"Jesus Rath I knew you where a bastard but not a f**king bastard. She's your sister you asshole."
Her voice not matching her face as she then smiled at the thought of it. Rath snapped round and at her.

"adopted sister remember.... Don't tarnish me with that bitches brush."
He was up as he looked back down at Liz, wanting to do unspeakable things to her all the more now.

"Talk about her like that again or so much as look at her I'll kill you where you stand."
He hissed out to him, his tawny eyes now like fire as pure rage racked at his body, which was already spent.
He saw Lonnie at Rath's side, fixing his nose in an instant as she was now looking only at her brother.

"Finally we get to agree...long time coming...."
Zan now cutting her off dead.

"F**k You Lonnie. Your tarnished with his brush. Don't ever speak to me again....."
He then had to stop feeling strangely dizzy as it then throbbed and spread through his body, forcing him to waver just alittle as he felt the need to go to Liz, the pain too unbehrable not to as he found it more and more impossible to breathe.
Was it him? was it Liz? (no she was still like a lifeless ragdoll on the floor).......... MILA!
He was almost home as he stood above Liz as that thought came to him again as the pain ripped through him all the more. Was Max hurting her? He gasped as something else came to mind, god was Rath right? Where they f**king? Is that what he was feeling? He suddenly felt so sick, just needing to die right now as he felt Rath pull him back and away.
Both men now faced each other, about to kick off big time when Tess came running in.

She spluttered out, trying to catch her breath. Zan and Liz were the only ones in that room not to have an eppy fit at what she said, Liz being out of it and Zan just not scared of the psycho sonofabitch as his mind was racing with what was, or could be happening between Liz's Max and his Mila... remembering what so nearly almost happened between him and Liz when they were alone together that time.
God he was so lost and confused as that now turned into more anger and more hatred of the thing that now rushed in, past him and falling to his knees as he reached for Liz.

Zan imaged pulling him limb from limb as he was now caressing Liz's face, looking like the caring brother he should be not, the sick sonofabitch that he was.
Blood splattering as an arm was pulled away then an eye socket pushed in...he so wanted to kick ass right now, anybodys would do. But he so had to calm now he was no good to anyone dead!!
Khivar then spoke, his eyes not losing Liz for a moment.

"Has she woken up yet?"
"A N S W E R M E!!"
His voice now sounding nothing like human as he pulled at her all the more.
Zan knew he had to think of something to get him away from her.

"N o!! So your dick will just have to wait to be inside of her!"
His tone as unmoving as his expression as Khivar looked away from her and his eyes were now on him. He frowned as he slowly rose to his feet. Zan thanked thom ever silently as his captor was now in his face.

"Besides what the hell do you care anyway, you did this to her!"
He was finding more, he had to and images of Max and Mila together where now flashing before him which were already sending him over the edge. Khivar was now Max and he was going to pay.
"But that's all you can handle isn't it, beating and hurting women..well one in particular...." he stole a sideward glance at Liz as he swallowed down hard.
More images of their sweaty bodies and slapping flesh as they cried out all the more. He was just fit to pop as they were blurring his vision and he couldn't see the punch till it hit.
It was so very hard as Zan just stood firm.
"..Mila..and unborn babies of course..."
He spat out, along with the blood that now lined his mouth, as he saw that he'd found a weakness...the only one that Khivar had.
The second punch was so much harder, spliting his lip instantly. It should have fallen its reciever but Zan just stood firm, wiping again, as he smiled. At least the images were now leaving him as his head began to cloud over.
But he wanted more, needing to feel pian on the outside as well as on the inside, about to kick off when Ava came ito the room, just at the right time as if to know to...for Zan's sake.

"His phone's ringing."
She was now beside them as she handed him Sean's mobile, being careful not to touch him, only looking at Zan.
Khivar just clicked his neck from one to the other as he put the phone to his ear and spoke in sean's voice.

"Aunt amy..what's up?"
He was now smiling as he paced.
"yeah well I'm sorry I had to cut before......" He then sounded dutably shocked and horrified as she reeled off about Liz going missing. Blah blah blah!!
He was now tried, phone away from him as he spoke again.

"I'm losing can't"
And he pressed the off switch himself. Now throwing it at the far wall as it hit and fell.

He stopped, shook off sean's voice one last time.
"Human trash killed off... again."

Tess then spoke, being an utter grovelling creep as usual, head right up his ass.
"I still can't believe they fell for it, you being Sean was a touch of genius bro. I mean you were just there, all the time..hidden in the background, for aunt Amy to ring you all the time. That's how we knew where they were and that the deed was done earlier than planned. All 'cus of Aunt Amy unable to keep her mouth shut.Nice!" She laughed.

"Totally bitching even if I say so myself!"
Lonnie said with a big smile on her face.
"All the place's almost set, all that's needed now is the rest of that worthless scooby gang to get their sorry ass' here and then we can get this party started..."
She looked around the room, wide eyed. "...right?"

"Depends if Mila sticks to her side of it, rather than to Maxie...and gets them all here!"
Saying that only for the benefit of one person, who was now sitting on the floor beside Liz, not moving or saying anything as the blood poured from his face. It landed splashing then spreading onto Liz's purest white wedding dress.
That simple act woke him from his nightmare like state in an instant, quickly fixing it and his face. Hoping now that was not an omen of things to come. He was about to get and hold her hand gently when Khivar spoke.

"She'll come out of it later. Make her ready for me."
He was now almost out the door when Lonnie spoke.

"Who you speaking to 'cus I'm no babysitter and...."
Tess was about to say the same as he spoke again.

"Zan...No one else will see or speak to her before the joining tomorrow.Understand."
His head not turning round, method in his obvious madness, as they all followed him out. Rath muttered words of 'this its over' and 'lucky bastard' as he shut the door behind them.
Zan heard it lock as he looked back down at Liz as his tears then began to fall, his body finally reacting to what his mind was screaming at him all the what he had seen.
Not wanting to believe that Mila was lost to him as much as Max was now lost to Liz.
He cried all the more, gently rocking her tiny, lifeless frame back and forth as he then felt her move from witnin his tight embrace.....


Max flung the door almost off its hindges, letting it swing and bang shut as he threw Mila in to the room..... the room that was meant to be for Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Evans...his and Liz's dream come true.
That now never to be!!
She tried steadying herself, keeping herself from falling from the force of his thrust but she was losing the battle fast as she stumbled and landed awkwardly on the bed. There she flipped herself over onto her back hard and fast, just in time to see Max come striding towards her. Body full of rage, eyes of fire, as she tried scrambling back and off the bed away from him.
Almost suceeding as she then felt him grab hold of her ankle hard, yanking her harder back down the bed and to him as he screamed at her one, last time....

His eyes hard, his tone harder as he gripped her all the more, painfully so, yelling at himself all the while that it wasn't Liz.
"T E L L M E !!!!"
He was now stradling her at her hips, pushing her down hard with himself, holding her hard at her wrists as she thumped into thin air furiously, her head rolling back and forth.

She managed to say between sobs as her body trembled in fear.
"(sob)I AM... Liz (sob)...I...don't(sob)....know....(sob) why... you keep... saying (Sob) that I'm not........... (sob)....your scaring me (sob)....Max....(sob)....plllllease
your (sob)"

Her wail now making him stop shaking her as he pushed down hard on last time, forcing her arms to fell back down on the bed, him right along with him as his face was only inches from hers as they panted all the more.
They stayed locked little that until she felt his tears splash and hit her face.
He said nothing as he searched her eyes once more, his mouth moving as if wanting to say something to her but unable to find the words as she felt his chest heave harder.
All he knew was that for some reason he had to put space betweem, just wanting to puke at the way that his body was reacting to her, betraying his wife with every movement it made.
He pushed himself up and away from her fast as he rolled heavily over onto his back as sobs now wracked his body, emotionally spent at what he was now facing, his hands now at his face.

Still so affaid, not understanding any of this as her head throbbed and the pain spread as she finally broke the painful silence between turning her head to face him. She suddenly felt something awaken within her as she was beginning to see him differently to what he looked like, now flashing before her very eyes.
She felt the need to reach out and touch him as with shaky hand she did exactly that, calling him by a different name.

She faultered as her felt her world start to tilt as the pain struck at her again. She screamed as she arched her back off the bed as her hands were now at her head.
Waking Max he did what came natural to him, Liz or not, as he was now back at her. He was fighting just to hold her down, having to physically lay back down on her to do that.

He bit out, holding her head firm, pushing down on her all the more as instantly her eyes flashed open to meet his. Their next breath caught in their throats before it could leave as the images of Liz and Zan making love tore through them.
The flashes were coming just as hard and fast as both Liz and Zan were in them.
Over and over until Max finally found the strength to throw himself off of her and the bed....eyes wide as he began stumbling backwards at what he saw, unable to even begin to understand or believe as tears stained his face all the more.
Shaking uncontrollably he then found the words inbetween his breathlessly hard pants to try speak, having so stop as his eyes grew wide to what they were now seeing.
She indeed something else as she then changed into someone else before him.

Part 44a

She now had short, spikey red tipped hair. Her face caught the light with her nose and eyebrow piercings as her painted face looked every much like Liz..only funkier. But it was her eyes that drew Max in more than anything....still big, still bright but not full of love for him as they always had been.
All he saw in them now was fear and confusion as she looked wildly around the room,not able to remember a thing eyes finally seeing the door.
Seeing a chance she threw herself off the bed, not looking for or at Max as she ran blindly towards it, much easier now that she was in her leather pants and halter top rather than that damn dress.
She hated wearing dresses more than anything in the world was her only thought.
Not where was she? What had happened? Why wasn't her head hurting any more and Why did that man look so much like Zan?
She was now slowing to his name as she remembered the images once more. Zan.
She'd now stopped dead as they hit her again, as her escape was so close that she could reach out and touch it as she was now only inches from the door.
But none of this was important now, nothing was without him as they took hold of her harder this time.
She wailed, grabbing hard at her head as she now leant hard up against her only way out, not caring as she cried out once more.
This single act yanking Max back to reality as he saw her at the door, she was going to get away, any hope of finding his family right along with her. But he couldn't hate of hurt her, no more so now that she was crying and obviously in pain as he shouted out after her.


This in turn woke her as she looked at the man that was behring down upon her with every step he took,looking in every way a preppie version of Zan, nice and sweet when she loved the naughty and crude Zan better...much better as she saw them and heard them again in her head.
Her eyes were then wide as other images came to her now, hard and fast, being unable to understand any of them. They were of people, a place...colours and sounds all mixing in together.
But she didn't care just knowing that she wanted to run , that she had to run, wanting to just curl up and die somewhere as she was now trying to get the door open.

It was open as he got there for him to bang it shut with one hand, pulling her away from it with the other.
Their touch sparking off something alien to both of them as she clawed at his arms and chest, him just pushing her back into the room.
Nothing was said as he rushed upto her again, stopping in his tracks as he saw her tears, heard her cries for Zan as she began to stumble. Instinctively he caught her as she now fought like a wildcat to get him off her.

He was fighting to stop her her.


She wasn't, as finally the only thing left for him to do was pull at her hard one last time, pulling her in tight to him spinning her round to fit her back into him as he encircled her in his strong arms, instantly shutting her movements down.
Her mouth now being the only thing that was able to move.

"LET ME GO....PLEASE...." She screamed.

"please....." She now begged.
She was pulling as he held her tighter as her tears finally came to what she had seen as she finally mumbled something.


Was all she could manage before they took hold of her again, the images of them togther coming harder still as she finally stopped her fighting, her legs unable to hold her anymore as she fell to the ground, Max falling right along with her.

He could do nothing at first, just continue to hold her as she came apart in his arms. He should have been finding it hard to be near her when she still looked , sounded...hell even smelt so much like Liz but he knew she wasn't..he'd known from that first moment.
It was only his body betraying him unable to hid the fact that it needed Liz in any form that was presented to it, instinctively reacting to anything remotely like Liz.
Max swallowed hard as he closed his eyes to just how alike they were, thankful that he had listened to Grandma Claudia and followed his heart.
In that first moment he read it as wrong, as it feeling wrong and her being wrong.
He'd never been so happy to be right in his entire life or he would probably be making love to someone other that his wife right now.
But those urges were no longer there, if they ever were as his hold on her easied gently off. Her shoulders wracked all the more as he pulled away so in turn he went back to holding her like before.
He now knew that the only way of finding his wife and child alive was through her.
He was now pulling and turning her until she faced him as her head hung low.

His body too wracked to ask any differently. She shook her head as he asked again, this time having to look up at the sheer volume of loss portrayed in his voice.

"Mila look at me...please.."
He had to get through to or all would be lost.

She shook her head, he knew exactly what she was thinking and he had to tell her the truth before they could go on.
As soon as her shaky eyes met his something sparked between them, both feeling it but saying nothing as Max spoke again.

"Listen to me...its not true, any of it. They're not as you see them."

He was trying so hard to get through to her but she trembled all the more as she began to rock.
She remembered nothing except of Zan and her sister.... Liz and now they were betraying both her and this stranger....Max, her eyes were now wide.
She was remembering something.
His name was Max so she knew three things about him. His name being one, that he was gentle and that he was a liar!
Finally she spoke, behrly a whisper, in response to all of this.

"Didn't you can you not believe...?"

Her eyes big and shiny as she sobbed all the more.

"Because I know my you know Zan and how he feels about you...."
She stopped trembling as he continued on.

"They would NEVER do that to us....someone is making us see what they want us to see."
She was drowning on land at his words as she now spoke.
"Khivar...Khivar is making me do these things...."
She was remembering more.
"He wants me to take you all to him...."
Max was at her shoulders, shaking her, eyes wide.

"Where ? Why?...where's Liz?...Mila...tell me!"
His voice sounding both urgent...needing to know and calm as not to scare her as she wanted to know something back first.

"But how can you be so sure?"
He knew she meant about Liz and Zan. Max just smiled. He didn't know why but he knew not to fear her, she meant them no harm, he could see that now anyway anything that was part of Liz could never harm him.
Finally he answered her.

"Because my heart tells me so."

Was all he said.
She caught her next breath in her throat as she now believed him with all her heart and she was about to tell him so when the pain ripped through her tiny body again as he could do nothing but watch in horror as, through her cries and light, she turned back into his 'Liz' right in front of him....

(note part a and b are happening at the same time)

Part 44b

Zan felt her move again, now looking down upon her as she lay in his arms. She was here with him again, like before although he didn't feel like he did before. Liz was just part of him, Mila had all of him. She had his heart. That heart now crushed at what his eyes had shown him. Liz pushed herself higher up as this time that single act being what finally brought him back, with a jolt from the brink of utter despare.
Wiping away his tears on the back of his hand he was now reaching down for her, almost touching her face when she suddenly opened her eyes with a high pitched scream, fighting with air then with him as finally he spoke.

His voice filled with concern as now fully awake he was grabbing at her flying wrists as she screamed once more, this time grabbing at the sides of her head hard.

"LIZ..What is it?..what's wrong?........LIZ!!"
He was panicing, needing to know, pulling her up by his hands at her back of her neck until she sat upright, faces now only inches apart.
He could now see that her eyes tightly shut, her face showing him just how much pain she was in. It reminded him of Mila, as his heart began to ache for her again.
But it was Liz that needed him now besides Mila had Max...repeatedly as he spat that fact out in his muddled head. It was making him dizzy as he called her name once more.

"Liz...look at me..."
He pleaded, his hands now fisting her hair as his thumbs rubbed even harder at her feverishly hot cheeks as she cried out all the more as she clawed at and up his behr arms.

His voice now showing how dire the situation was for them when suddenly something took hold of him. As they held onto each other he began to feel it as it throbbed and spread further into his body...still not understanding as it took him again. Liz's eyes fluttered open as she felt it to, then being replaced by the much greater pain of her sister.
She only just found that out as with a clear head she could feel that as Mila's gift to her was getting stronger, growing faster as she could now feel what others were feeling it too. They were all rushing at her, too fast as they hit her over and over and over again Zan there to hold her as she rode each one out . Suddenly throwing herslf up one last time she finally spoke.

She screamed finally taking hold of his wide eyes.
Zan felt his heart physically stop then start again at her words, knowing exactly who she meant. Mila. He was now trembling at the rememberence of him having said those exact same words not that long ago when Mila was taken from him by Khivar.
But this time she was with Max and the last he saw, she didn't look like she was in any pain. His heart ached, his stomach reached at the images and sounds of them together that would never leave him as long as he lived.
The way things were going he wouldn't have long to wait.
But whatever he'd seen it was still Mila...still his 'peaches' and she was in so pain. So was Liz as he reached for her once more.

"...MILA? mean he's hurting Mila?"
He pulled them both to their knees as he was at her hair harder, her tiny hands now just as hard at his chest.
She could only shake her head as her body was shutting itself down, the pain was so bad.
But then she found the words and breath for speech.

Her face as frail as she was. '"
Confusion how riddling her taught face as she was unable to go on. Zan knew she hadn't seen. He swallowed down hard, his hands where now at her face again. As he cupped either cheek he was getting so dizzy that his eyes were fluttering open then shut. open then shut.
He shook it off, she had to know, she needed to know as finally he spoke.

"I saw them....together......"
His voice broken at he the images, still so raw in his mind that they burnt as Liz's eyes widened, the pain easing alittle.

"..W..what? mean max you saw her the max"
She stumbled out, looking around her as she saw him again.
"I don't understand....Zan?"
She frowned as she then pulled him so close to her that he thought that her tiny frame would break him, she held him so tightly.
"You saw"
Stopping when she saw his eyes.
"Tell me."
She was getting stronger as he opened his mouth once more.

"..they were making love."
His head now hung low, his voice behrly a whisper as suddenly she couldn't breathe, feeling so sick as for a moment actually began to believe.
But moment came and went as she knew it wasn't true.

"No Zan..."
She was cupping his face. He shook his head hard in her tiny hands as she made him look at her now.
"...its not true...please believe me when I say its not true....Max would never do that to me."

"But you didn't see them. It looked so real can you be so sure?"
His eyes showing her that he so wanted to believe that to be true. She smiled as she took his hand and placed it to her belly.

"Because I know Max and he would never hurt me..... or our baby."
Zan caught his next breath in his throat as his eyes were wide to what she had said. She smiled all the more lightly stroking his cheek, embracing him hard as she spoke once more.
"So you see what ever you think you saw wasn't must believe me Zan..please."

He couldn't help but hug her back, tears in his eyes as he now knew how impossible this all was, especially now that Khivar was too late..again.
He went to pull her away, warn her..try to escape as he suddenly got that familiar ache deep within him. It felt like Mila again, his body almost coming alive again as he swore that he could feel her. But it was Liz.
She was so like Mila...but not, stopping as his hold made her wince.
They were both now beginnnig to feel things that were only for Max and Mila, they they were now feeling for each other as she felt him nestle into her neck as she dug her nails into his back.
As they pulled apart, about to speak, they hit her again as she arched away from him. He pulled her in tight to his chest then as they began hitting them both......


She was now looking upon her husband, a husband that moments before had dragged and pulled her to this room. A husband who’d called her by some other name with eyes filled with anger and pain who now stood away from her with eyes full of confusion as she saw him take baby steps towards her, he looked to be affaid of her.
Remembering how he was before she pushed herself as far as she could up the bed not getting far as she hit the headboard hard. She felt her heart painfully thumping almost out of her chest the closer he got but it wasn’t as pain riddled as her head that was now making her dizzy again to the piont of blacking out.
She was trying to say something now as the words wouldn’t came…something about his eyes was familiar…yet not, she squinted at him, trying to remember as she then grabbed at her head ,screaming as the pain ripped through her again.
The only thing she knew to say.

He shruddered as the strange feeling that had taken hold of him, now eased to her cry for him.
Opening her eyes again wide she called for him again.

That was enough to get Max at her side as the dizziness that he come so suddenly, taking him prisoner after she changed back, subsided long enough for him to go to her. She may not be Liz but she was apart of her and that part was in pain.
He sat close to her on the bed , instinctively putting his hands either side of her face in order get and hold her eyes. She was Liz to anyone else but him as he began calling Mila back.
Not understanding any of it but knowing to just stop, ignoring reality and listen to his heart.
She didn't know anything, she was just as confused as he was and she was in so much pain. Pain like Liz had been in as with a clear mind it hit him....Mila was being mindwarped. That had to be why. Khivar!
He had to reach her, get her to fight it as he began to feel something deep inside of him begin to stir. Shaking it away hard he called to her again.

He shook her alittle as she closed her eyes again, having to open them as she felt him gently shake her again.

"MILA...fight it...fight him Mila...come back to me...."
He didn't know why he said that but again that was what his heart told him to say. He was pulling at her, willing her to open her eyes, as she then did.
The eyes he now saw were surrounded by colour as he now saw a eyebrow ring shining back at him.
He was about to speak as she cried out, wiggling all the more and then his Liz was back in his arms again.

He pulled her right away from the headboard by her face both sitting upright, her almost in his lap as she spoke...this time in Mila's voice.
There was a different between them there too as she gasped for breath, Max relentlessly searching her eyes willing her to talk.

Her eyes wide, as she was fighting so very hard as she trembled with it.
"I..can't...he's..too...strong..." She stammered as she felt him try to invade her again. Max found her eyes as he spoke once more.

"Yes you can Mila...your stronger than you think...please me..."
He begged with tears in his eyes.

Again he was following Grandma's advice, he was following his heart to find Liz when his head would have told him to leave it long ago. Just getting what little Mila knew of where Liz was how ever he could.
And his heart was telling him to help her. Like it had told him downstairs that she wasn't his wife, or that he had to be with her if he ever wanted to find Liz and the precious little thing of his that she was now carrying alive again. Going after nothing wasn't the way....this frightened harder edged version of Liz was the way.
The only way to find them and to end this once and for all.
But first he had to find Mila, help her to find herself as she finally cried out.

She was finding her way as Max was pulling her closer saying the same things over and over.
"Mila..comeback back to me...fight it...fight him"
Her eyes changed back. Max inhaled hard.
Her hair following as his eyes drew her in further.

Both now shruddering was it hit them, Max able to find himself first.
"...That's it...come back...I...need you to....I need you mila....."
He uttered those last four words, about to say more as Michael busted in.


She cried out as her body jolted it again, Zan's responsing in the same way in time with hers as she opened her eyes.

Her eyes wild as she smiled, loving the feeling it was now giving her, the feeling of Max, it now getting stronger and stronger with every jolt.

"God...I can feel him...."
She took his face in her hands.
"Can you feel her Zan...." She said breathlessly.
"...can you feel Mila?"
Her smile now so wide it almost blinded him.
He could shaking to the fact of not understanding any of it, but needing to feel mila inside of him more than the air to breath. Both couldn't speak only feel as their soulmates were trying to reach out to them. She saw his eyes open wider to her as he then cried out.

Was all he could say as he swore that he'd heard her cry out to him, now embracing Liz tightly in his arms as it took them once more....


His eyes and head coming to so the wrong conclusion in a matter of seconds as he crossed the floor, pulling Max off and away.
The only sound in that room now was as they both cried out in pain at the sudden loss as the connection broke.


The force of the connection suddenly breaking threw them violently apart and down as Zan was the first to then function.
He was crawling on all fours as saw that Liz wasn't moving and his body not letting him do anything else.

His voice behrky a whisper, that she heard as she moaned while rolling over slowly to face him, missing the feeling of Max so much already that she felt like she was dying as the tears began to fall.

"I need you near me Zan..." She said through her tears.
"I need you near me so they can find us...they're coming but they need us to help them find their way."
She now understood everything, feeling Max inside her again as their baby now felt him too.

As Zan reached closer it sparked up again, as when he touched her it took hold of them again....harder this time as they found each other arms instantly......


She was reaching out past Michael for Max, needing him close as Zan was leaving her again.
But Michael only pushed her back down on the bed hard.

She was so like like Liz but he only knew two things for sure...that she wasn't and he didn't undestand any of this as he was now pulling her off from the bed by her top, eyes of fire, prepared to do anything to get the who's, why's and where's of all this.
Michael was finally getting pissed.
But for the first time in his life he was really affaid, thinking only of his sister and little niece as his eyes began to well, his 'mr. stonewall' tagline well and truly gone.
In the space of a few moments he was both the happiest and then the saddest that he'd ever been in his life as he was about to go for her again, his pain being his only guide as reason and reality took a back seat. Then he felt strong, powerful arms at him, knowing it was Max as he was yanked away from her.

She cried out for him as she felt him close by as the ache now changing as she was beginning to feel Zan instead.
Her body turning towards them as she saw them fighting in the middle of the room.
Max could hear her, feel her more as he stole a glance to where she was now up from the bed...reaching for him as she called for out for Zan.
Max's body was burning for Liz, now almost out of control as he was at the door with a struggling Michael.

"MAXWELL...I can't find Liz.She's gone and now your with her acting like nothing happened. She's not Liz, she's Mila and she's working will Khivar. You KNOW that Max. That sonofabitch probably has Liz and your baby girl right now. WE CAN'T TRUST HER!"
He just managed to get out as the door was flung open and him about to be thrown out from it.
He was now facing a very flushed and breathless Max as he finally spoke.

His voice broke as his body could now feel its home as Liz was crying out to him. He was now shaking with it, to the point of pain as he went to push Michael out the door.

He barked, trying to push his way back in.

"Then TRUST ME...DON'T come back in here till I say."
His body responsing alittle better as he gained alittle more composure.
It was then that he saw his wedding ring while roughly handling Michael's shoulder as the sight of her looking back up at him made him stop.
He knew deep inside that nothing was going to happen with Mila but he no longer felt in control as he pulled Michael back into the room, slamming the door shut.
This was all alien to even him and he wasn't prepared to take any chances.....he'd never felt this way before....he'd never wanted Liz this much before.
He felt like he couldn't trust himself. He let go of Michael as he spoke again.

"I need you to watch us..."
He was now looking back as Mila, who was shaking as much as him. He need to be near her unbehrable as he was now slowly walking back to her. Back to find Liz.

"Huh?just tell me what the fuck is going on?"
The frustration and confusion obvious to hear in his voice as he made a move towards them.
Max, now beside her jerked with the closeness again.
They did nothing, just letting themselves be invaded by it once again as Max looked down at her hand, taking it slowly into his. His way only way for finding liz now found as Mila looked like she'd be staying for awhile.

"..just be there for us Michael...."
He words low but firm as he took one last look back.
"........ Stop us if anything happens..... Please."
He begged as he led her to the bed in silence.
The only sound now was it moving under them as they sat down on it, eyes locked on only each others as Michael spoke.

"I don't understand what you want me to do..."
His eyes wide, voice trailing off as he saw the lay down side by side, instinctively opening his arms out to her as she was already crawling up and into them.
Both knowing what they were feeling was for another ...but needing each other in order to get there.

"Hey what the fuck...."
His obvious reaction to what he was seeing,as he was about to move. What Max said stopped him in his tracks.

"I can feel her Michael...I can felt Liz but I NEED Mila to help me find her. We're all connected to each other somehow.....just like Grandma said and this is our one chance at finding them."
Realizing then just now much he'd missed feeling Liz, just how much he needed Liz, just now much he loved he was nothing without her as he cupped Mila's face, her chin moving into his hand further as she was able to feel Zan. Michael then spoke again.

"..So what your saying is that your going to try and dreamwalk Liz...together?"

"I can't do it alone." Max's tone heartfelt.

Understanding alittle better Michael saw Mila peer out from behind his shoulder, eyes wide, pleading with his.

" us!"
Was all she said. God they even sounded so much alike...he missed Liz all the more. Not sure if
he liked this new look as she disappeared back down again.
He shook the feeling at her words had said as he spoke more.

"...and Mila can help you do that?"
He shock his head, lost again.
Max was trembling as he looked back at Michael.

"I don't understand it myself, I only know what I FEEL....and that is I can FEEL Liz when I'm with Mila..."
he was now looking back at Mila.
" she can feel Zan when she's with me."
Michael then staed the obvious.

"What if its a trap?"
Max tore his eyes from hers to look upon his.

"Then that's the chance I have to take. I can't live without them Michael..."
Having to stop as they hit once more. He was shaking all the more as his body was now reacting to hers as he prayed it wouldn't, knowing full well that he wouldn't have a choice in the matter, these feelings were so new to him. That's why michael was there.
Swallowing down hard he hated himself, fighting to keep his hands away from her as he felt her squirm from within his arms.

She shut her eyes tight as she now arched herself towards Max, feeling exactly the same as a shaky hand now pushed down harder on his chest as she cried out for Zan again...burning for his touch.
Only for him...always ever him.
But time was running out and they didn't know how long they would have or what would happen as they clawed at each other all the more.
The painful silence now broken by their short pants and Michael's words as he finally understood.

"..And you need me to stop you from..touching each other?...right?"
His face hot as he blushed, watching them feverishly fighting the need for touch.
The easiest way to put it as Max could only nod as his back arched slowly off the bed, then rolling into her.
Their insides were screaming out to them to stop but they had not choice, their bodies making all the decisions for them.
Max suddenly smiled as he felt Liz, she was so close...almost home as he saw Mila looking back at him.
He touched at her hair, not sure about this harder looking Liz, knowing why Zan liked her....they were the Liz and he were, in every way. Soulmates.

Their eyes now closing tight, as with no control she lay a leg across his lower body, feeling their insides burn was with one last look he spoke only to her.

"Don't let go....Stay with me. Zan needs you to stay with me Mila.....You want to find Zan don't you?"

He was finding words from a place he didn't know but trusting them with his wife and baby as Mila nodded eyes unmoving as their breathing was became laboured, chests heaving.
Max felt this was all so different than what he'd felt before with Liz, fear now taking shape for the very first time.
His last thought being 'I'm coming for you and our baby girl Liz' and her reply in his head as simple 'We know' as then there was a blinding flash and pain one last time as it threw them both into the unknown as their dreams took a hold of them.


The room was darkened as slowly they both raised themselves off the floor from where they had somehow landed. As what they'd felt before was nothing compared to what they were feeling right now when Max and Mila saw Zan and Liz staring right back at them from the far corner of the room, their dreamlike world suddenly feeling like a reality as they slowly began moving towards each other....

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Part 45

She could see her sister standing beside her husband, this meeting along time in coming as they looked only at each other unsure of what to do. Neither spoke as their heads tilted slightly to the same side needing to take in more of each other. But something was stopping them from venturing further as both now felt the pull of another, reaching deep inside of them, finding their ‘true’ halves eyes instead.
To look was nothing compared to how she felt as Max held her so tightly now. Both were incapable of just slowly walking towards each other, the desire for touch burning from within as Liz was the first to break. Max caught her high as she cradled his waist against her heat, her legs wrapping and locking around him, her dress collected in bunches.

“ I (kiss) knew (kiss) you’d (kiss) find (kiss) us.”
She panted, her feverish kisses at his neck quickly turning into sucking and biting as he grabbed at her ass tighter, almost binding them there and then. His eyes widened to what he was now feeling beneath his strong hands from under her skirt , what she had been hiding under there just for him. He was now at her eyes , showing her just how much he wanted her as she yanked at his shirt collar. Her doe like eyes filled with a desire that he’d never seen before as her tongue darted out little from between moist lightly parted lips, her body just reacting at the sight of her husband.

“I’ll always find you, you are my heart, my both are”
His voice full of want and desire as his need to be inside her, rather then the danger that they all faced, was making his knees shake and his heart race. He now became all to aware of just how much he could feel her, like this wasn‘t a dream, that she was really there. Feeling like nothing before she cupped his face in her hands, lips reaching for his, then teasingly waiting very close. His hand was hard at her neck, pulling her down and onto him as her eyes became wide to something else, her body now stiffening up.
“Max, you need to find us…something’s wrong, something’s coming max…we can‘t do this now…”
Reluctantly she started pulling away from him but his hand went to the back of her head, stopping her movements .

“Shhh don’t talk…” His eyes burning into her as she felt him push her towards his awaiting lips. “….. just feel.”
Her felt his arousal hard against her wet heat, her tiniest of thongs behrly covering her need as it was now soaking out of her. Finally capturing her lips his need forced her head back, as they moaned into each others mouths.
He was walking her back, needing to put her somewhere…anywhere as he felt his shirt begin to stick to his tummy as her need for him spilled out all the more. Looking around him he became aware of two things, that there was a bed in the corner and that they were completely alone in the room. Zan and Mila were gone.


Max need not have worried, they had not moved an inch out of line, only moaning a little as he then pulled Mila closer to him. Michael was feeling ohh soo relieved at this point, his only thought before being how does he stop them if they did? He still didn’t understand any of this, fear his only friend. This being not for long as the door burst open and his other friends piled in.


They were assaulting each others lips so fiercely that it was making them bleed as they bit, pulled and sucked harder still. Frantically moaning, contact never breaking as they began yanking each others clothes off, buttons popping and flying as fabric tore and shed. Mila was now pulling at the waist band of his leather pants as her tiny hands couldn’t do what he’d already done to hers, grabbing at his engorged sex hard, which was ragging through his clothes, in frustration at her failure. This simple act caused him to break the contact with a harsh breath as one hand was now at her heaving covered breast while the other was pushing hard through her wet curls.

“Zan…oh…god…” She cried out, holding onto his wrist hard, urging him in further…to go faster. He did only to keep losing her nub as she was so wet and slick for him.
“Fuck.” He bit out as his fingers lost her again as they slipped out. She was moving on and pulling at his hand so fiercely that he had to reluctantly yank is hand from the hardening nipple that he’d been teasing to put it on her ass. She cried out again as he roughly pulled her closer, plunging her onto his already soaking fingers to hold her still, in doing so hitting her spot head on.

“ OH GOD…” She arched out to him clawing at his behr shoulders as the jolts ripped through her tiny body, her first orgasm just inches away as she felt him pull his hand out of her tightening walls.
“oh…god…no…” She pleaded breathlessly as she eyes now stung with tears of frustration and rage. He just smiled as his hand grabbed the small of her back, and with one smooth motion she was now on him again. He was cupping both her cheeks from inside of her open pants as he kneaded them in the point of pain. Her hands were at his hair, tugging in time with him as she felt the straps of her top break as he tore it from her, their wide eyes drawing each other in as their breathless pants increased.
She moaned, rubbing herself on him all the more. Both hands were now down the back of her leather pants gently pushing her panties away from her as he slipped his hands down and onto her behr flesh, cupping each cheek. He was so gentle as he pushed her hot sex up against his, moving her gently up and down on it as her eyes started to roll up and back. The wave was coming back, much slower this time but building with every stroke of him.

“no longer needed.” Was his only reply about the top as he slowly bent down and took one of her hot and hardening peaks into his hungry mouth.

“oh…god…” She gasped as his tongue gently rolled it round his mouth. Her fingers ragged roughly through his hair pressing his head in and on harder as she felt his pierced tongue bobble across her painful peak.
“..OH GOD..YES…” She was now clawing at him as he stole a glance at his angel. Her head was back, her eyes tightly shut as her mouth opened to cry again as he was now rubbing her so hard against him, grinding her onto where he throbbed all the more. He was fit to explode and she hadn‘t even touched him yet. He smiled as he took her nipple further into his mouth now sucking, biting and pulling at it. With each pull of her breast and rub of her clit she was getting ever closer, her nails now breaking into the flesh on his back. Feeling it sting he bit down hard on her nipple as she racked his skin in reply. His moan was muffled by her breast but her’s was enough for both of them.
“Oh jesus I want you so much ...” She cried in a lusty long groan as she felt him pull away and drop on his knees. She felt him pull and yank at her trousers as they began to rip down her trembling legs, taking her panties with them. He had them off her ankles in no time throwing them anywhere as she began to try to speak as he then took her wet core into his mouth. She would have fallen if he hadn’t have grabbed hold of her quivering hips hard to steady her. The draw of him sucking and the rasp of his ring across her nub as his tongue sunk deeper, longer, faster into her sent wave after wave crashing into her as she cried out his name once more.


Her cries were echoed by Liz calling a different name as she felt Max finally plunge his ragging sex into her hard as she pushed herself up to met him, adding to force of him hitting and going no further.
“..OH GOD LIZ…” He growled as he felt her instantly tighten around him, as he thrust into her all the more. She was so wet that he just glided in and out of her, hard and fast . Hip to tip in one smooth motion as she clawed at his back, him repeating it again and again as his forehead was now resting against hers. He hung back at her hot entrance, his tip just hovering, playing with her as she pulled his face away with her hot little hands. Her eyes showed him that she was liking it but as her need took over her smile was gone as she now cupped his behr ass, arching up as she pushed him into her with her heels and hands. He was nearly there already but to see she was coming apart in his arms again just made unbearable not to explode into her. His hands were either side of her feverishly hot face as he thrust even harder, pushing her up the bed with it as she opened her eyes to him.

“Oh god…I love you max…cum to me baby…” Her nails drew blood.
“…because I’m cuming to you ..OHHH GOD!!!”
He felt her walls tighten and hold as both this and her words had done it for him. He exploded into her like he’d never done before, it tearing through him as the waves throbbed and spread higher- longer, faster- harder….

“ LIZ..OH JESUS I’M CUMING…” He hissed, plunging down harder into her.
“…your making me cum so hard baby…OH FUCK…” He couldn’t breathe as he felt his balls begin to tighten, looking down upon her once more as their flesh continued to slap together.
He just managed to say as he cried out, feeling her final release tighten around him, milking every last drop from him as she threw them both over the edge screaming with pleasure.


She was clawing back up him, as his hands were cupping her face so tightly, pulling her up and away just as fast. They were now both naked on the floor as she was playing and teasing at his throbbing cock to the point of explosion, about to take the full length of him into her mouth when he’d yanked her away.
“God I...need…to…have…you,….let …me…please…”
She pleaded breathlessly, it was only fair and she wanted it so badly, to see him as he‘d seen her…coming apart with every stroke of her tongue, every touch of her hand.

“You’ll make me cum.”
He pleaded back to her, not wanting to cum too soon, knowing he would just at the sight of her. It made them both shiver.
She shuddered again at the thought of it as she was now on his heaving, sweat beaded chest, laying flush against him with her legs tight between his. He felt her wetness on his arousal as she pushed herself up hard from his chest, now a stride him. Her eyes full of desire as she began to raise herself up and over his tip.

“I want you to… right NOW.” Her eyes burning into him as he grabbed at her hips, flipping them over hard. She winced as her back slapped on the hard floor only to feel him take her forcefully hard, plunging into her slick walls. She cried out like never before, trying to meet him but he pushed her back hard with his hands at other side of her hips as he watched her. He then pulled right back almost out , holding it there only to impale her harder still.

“ZAN!!” She screamed as it begins to build inside of her already, with each long thrust, higher and higher as her world begins to tilt. She gripped his hips tighter between her thighs as her heels dig and push him deeper into her.

“MILA…” He moaned out her name as he took her mouth again, their next cry muffed by the moist recesses as their tongues slid and mated together. Over and over. She felt the bottom fall out from under her as the colours and light came for the first time.

“..OH GOD..I’M…” She racked at his back as it hit, taking away breath right along with it as her eyes where now wide and unmoving drawing him in deeper. He found the power of speech as she drove him over the edge right along with her. He meet each word with a hard and fast thrust as she tried everything to draw him in deeper inside of her.

“ am I peaches……go…” His hands were at her face as their foreheads now met.
“God I…love…you…OH FUCK!!..” He felt it one last time as he exploded all that he was deep inside of her. She knew her final release was so near as her body suddenly shut down completely. Her world suddenly stopped until she felt it rise deep from within, trembling with it as it finally hit her too. She’d being building and building all the while as her walls tightened beyond belief feeling his warm seed explode then soak her.

“I love you too.. god so much.”
Able to speak as she went over one last time. They held onto each other as they cried out with pleasure, riding out every last delicious wave until every last drop was out of him and into her, eyes never parting. He collapsed down onto her, still deep inside of her as his short pants were in unison with hers. She encircled him into her arms as he rested his head on her heaving chest. Only their breaths and heartbeats able to be heard now.
He felt her move under him as he slowly lifted his eyes up to meet hers, his body too wracked to allow him to do anything more. He was met with her hot, flushed face smiling down at him as she was about it speak then she arched herself hard off the floor, crying out as the visions took hold of her again…


“So what’s she telling her daddy then?”
Liz was now gently stroking Max’s hair as his head rested lightly on her exposed belly. One of his palms was out- stretched as his fingers were lightly tapping at where his daughter lay. She felt his smile hit her skin.
“Can’t you hear her?”
He questioned, not moving from where he lay or either of them.

She answered playfully, she could hear fine, wanting him to tell her. She felt him move to get up as he spoke again.

“Yeah right Are you playing with me Mrs. Ev….”
That was as far as he got, he knew something was wrong even before she cried out….


They stood side by side as the sunshine smiled down from above, the gentle breeze rasping through the long grass as they heard Grandma from behind them. Spinning round Liz and Mila were met with her beaming smile, theirs willingly joining hers only to fall then they saw that she wasn’t alone.
Sensing their nervousness Grandma then spoke.
“Don’t be nervous.”
She looked back at the man, smiling then back to them.
“ There is no need to be... Liz, Mila I’d like you to meet Xanka…Zan and Max’s father.”

Part 46

There indeed was nothing to fear, Liz had felt that the moment they had turned round, conformed when she glazed upon his eyes. Both girls were side by side as their heads tilted to the same side, at the same time so they could take in more of him. He was tall and broad like they both were. Same eyes, big and able to take and hold in an instant. Same sticky out ears although he had long, shoulder length hair so they didn‘t show quiet as much….both girls smiling at the same time at that simple fact. They were doing everything the same but neither had noticed as they now saw him smile for the first time. It was small but no less enchanting, just like his sons’. Liz was the first to speak, she was the strongest after all and the need to know consuming her whole but the wanting to tell greater as she now looked at Grandma.
“GRANDMA!” She squealed, running and also jumping at her. She could feel her smile at her cheek as she finally let Liz go.

“Hi Honeybehr…” She said, smoothing down her shiny hair beside her face with one stroke. “…I shall not ask if your alright.” Responding 10 fold to her granddaughter’s beaming smile.
Claudia then looked at where Mila stood alone as she held up her arm to her. Mila went willingly, she was the woman from her dreams after all. With both girls in her arms Grandma was the happiest that she'd ever been in her life as she saw that they were now looking only at each other. Both beaming as they instinctively hugged each other for the first time. Nothing was said but both knew that they'd come home. Max and Zan were their lives...their home but this was different as something began to well and spread between them. Two were feeling like they were becoming one as Liz pulled away from her to look at her Grandma. Liz's eyes reeling as she was so excited at the thought of everything that she was finding it harder to breathe.

“Grandma I’ve got something to tell you….” She rushed out, having to stop and catch breathe before continuing on. “…..I’m pregnant…” her smile almost reaching her ears as her eyes began to well up at the sound of her own words. She would never tire of saying that. “..Max and I are going to have a baby.” She held on tighter to her arms as her smile then left her.
“What’s wrong?….aren’t you happy for us Grandma?”
Claudia saw her face change to hers and immediately changed herself, her affections smile now back…just a little.

“Nothing Lizziedear…” She touched her hair again. “..nothings wrong that wasn’t expected to happen from long ago.” She stroked even harder as she saw Liz’ face change to one of confusion.
“I’m so happy for all of you, more than you’ll ever know.” She cupped her face to lay a endless kiss of love and utter joy on her flushed little cheek. But Liz felt her shake. Something was wrong….really wrong as she pulled the older away from her embrace. She saw the exchange between her and Xanka as Cludia shook her head to him as he nodded hard. Liz was now looking between the two slowly losing patience.

“What’s wrong?” She persisted , looking only at her Grandma then standing away to look at him
“Tell me!” She said forcefully, almost staring him down. His only thought being that his choice had been a wise one as he now looked between both Liz and Mila.


“Ohhh..... and just what the fuck is this?” Maria’s composure now in tatters as she almost barged Michael over while getting to where she saw Max curled up to some freaky Halloween version of her best friend. Arms and legs entwined, clothing ruffled. She instinctively went to reach for them as Michael grabbed her hands in midair, yanking her away.

“leave them.” He said as his arms were now round her waist as she was kicking out, literately having to pull her clear.

“WHAT? Ohhh don’t tell me your in on this …this….” She looked back at them as she heard the freak show moan but her appearence was slowly growing on her. Looking her clothes and ...she openly shook herself free of it as she began shouting again.
“…ORGY are you. Who's this? WHERE’S LIZ?” She barked kicking out all the more as Michael swung her round and away, walking her back to where the others stood. Just as confused and scared but hiding it so much better than she…for the time being as Michael then put her down. His arms were there to catch her as she whirled to go back.
“GET OFF ME!” Her voice filled with rage as her eyes followed suit. He was trying so hard not to hurt her but she only made it worse as he squeezed a little too hard of her arm in stopping her. She yelped.

“MICHAEL!” Isabel called out from beside him. “ Stop it. Let her go, this isn’t helping.” She was now looking over at the bed as she heard Max mumbling something but still not moving any way that he shouldn’t while entangled with....
"is that..m..Mila?" Isabel added as she drew ever closer.

"Yes!" He replied, his eyes still only on Maria's as he went to lower his arms.
"Behave." Was all he said, eyes hard and pointing a finger at her as he knew she wouldn't, ready and waiting to catch her while she tried running round him. She fought for a little while as she then almost collasped on him.

"..just let me go Michael..." She was crying now as she started to slide down him. He was there to catch her again. " babies our out there something, having godknows what done to them....." She paused for breath as the tears kept coming.
"....while he's here sleeping with that. She needs him, little Ria needs him....." Frowning he'd pulled her up and to him as she began punching into the air. "...he can't cop out on her again, he just can't...."
She'd totally broken down now as Michael was now stroking at her hair. He knew she liked that, that it calmed her down but he was in need for comfort and this was the only peace he could find.

"I Know baby...I know." His voice even more calming as he pulled her face away by cupping it with a hand either side of it. he was fighting to find her eyes.
"Maria look at me.." She wasn't only staring over his shoulder as she saw Mila roll on to Max alittle more, a slight that made her flinch. Michael felt this as he then pulled at her a little, saying next with a tug to match each word.
"Look at me." Slowly she did as her tear filled eyes now looked back at him. NO weapon could match the pain that those eyes made him feel.
"You trust me right?" She nodded without hesistation.
"then trust me when I say I'll find them but we have to let them sleep right. Don't ask me how I know but when Maxwell asks me to trust him I the end. He's my Liz Maria....I feel the same way about him as you do her. This is the only way that he can find them. He believes that and so do I....kay?" He felt his throat well as she could only nod, finding his tight embrace once more.

"So what do we do...just wait till they wake up or what? You know she's probably working for that psychosonofabitch and he's doing something to them right now..." Kyle was just as scared, he classed Liz & Max as family now. And with him being with Isabel that was hopefully going to be for sure..if they made it out of this alive for him to ask her to Marry him. He knew she was his one but he would wait till she knew it too. He now felt Isabel at his arm as he was finding it hard to talk.

"It's okay, it's okay." Her voice like honey. She was usually the first to go in a crisis but not this time, she was suddenly strong as she now smlied at him. He just smiled back , no words needed as she took his hand in hers while turning to Michael
"But Kyle's right about one thing. What happens next?"
As if they were being watched suddenly screamed, reaching up and away from Max as he followed suit. But they were both seemingly still asleep.

"What the hell?..." Michael said as he crossed the floor in record time as he reached for them.

"ZAN" She wailed now pulling at Max's shirt as he screamed for his wife.

"LIZ...NO..." He was holding onto Mila so tight as they continued thrashing about. Four frightened friends now huddled around the bed, reaching then stopping, not knowing what to do till they made up their minds for them as they suddenly just stopped as only hard and shallow breaths could now be heard until the door was busted in and six equally frightened parents bundled in. As then they had to hear the exact same thing all over again, this time the shorted version as told by Maria. Now all they could do was watch and wait.

With Liz suddenly vanishing before his very eyes, while still wrapped up in his arms and being able to do nothing Max was up and dressing on the run, behr footed as he ran out the door. He was calling out to her, not knowing where to go and what else to do as he called out her name over and over. The corridors where dimly lit and long as he just ran from one to the other. He frantically called out again, only to stop and snap round to where he'd heard a voice shouting out from behind him. He instinctively ran towards it as it grew louder. It was a mans voice, his voice, only it was calling out another name as he ran round the corner and right into Zan. As both men smacked into each other, they were sent flying backwards,both landing hard on their asses at the same time. Both getting up at exactly the same time. Brothers now faced each other, eyes of fire as their clothing was in bunches aroungd them, not saying aword till Zan finally spoke.
"Looks like we gotta work together on this one maxieboy" He spat out as Max, saying nothing bumped past him to continue his mindless search of a place he didn't know. But now with purpose as, with Zan running at his shoulder he could feel the pull of Liz directing him. Just like Zan was now feeling for Mila, it growing ever stronger as they ran faster. As they ran down the next corridor either saw khivar watching, smiling all the more as he slowly began to walk behind them. He'd get there soon enough, he was in no rush, none of them would be going anywhere anyway.


"So your saying that you 'made' us, sending us to earth with the sole purpose of protecting Zan and the others?" Liz now watched as her twin started to kick off, as she felt Mila's fear of needing to know rage inside of her because she was feeling it too. Also not understanding any of it as she saw Mila look over at her for answers, or just for help in all of this.
"So how come we both can meet here? I thought you said that we had to be kept apart? That's why you split us up right, 'cus it would be dangerous if we ever met!" Speaking to them but looking only at Liz, looking at her true family that she knew nothing about.

"This place isn't like the real world, you are safe to be together while here." Grandma finally speaking after letting Xanka do the talking.Liz then asked the obvious.

"What will happen to us on the outside?If we meet in the real world?" Her voice calm as she reached and found her belly, needing to feel closer to Max, rubbing it lightly once there.
"..Will either of us change into the real Mila?" Her eyes were wide as she saw him slowly shake his head. Still not understanding Liz continued on.
"So Mila's not coming then?" She was even more thrown as she saw him shake his head once more.
"then what? Look I just want a straight answer to all of this. We deserve to be told the truth for once. " She felt at her temples as she suddenly felt dizzy, not knowing why but putting to down to the baby inside of her. "Is she coming or not and....."

"She's already HERE!" His words stopping her in the tracks. Liz looked firstly at him then at Mila, who looked just as lost and utterly confused as she, then let her gaze slowly fall back upon him.
Seeing them, feeling their confusion he spoke again, as he swallowed down hard.
"She's inside of YOU Liz. The child that you are now carrying IS Mila!"....

----Note: Just in case the way things stand Max, Zan , Liz & Mila's essence are all still in the 'dreamworld' but Liz & Mila have gone onto somewhere further. That SSOAB is in their dream too!!! While everyone else are still in reality----

Part 47a

Max hissed as they hit another deadend turning to punch at the wall, his hand almost going through it. Funny it felt like it almost hurt as he flipped over hitting his back hard up against it now, bending over on himself as his lungs were fit to burst. But still nothing even through the feeling was so strong at where the wall before him now ended. Calming himself just alittle he looked over and across to where Zan was doing the exact same thing as he. They both just stood there, catching breath while eye balling each other for what seemed like an eternity before Max spoke for the first time.
"SO...?" He spat out as he stood upright just as Zan did the same.

"What?.." he spat out just as hard as both men were now facing each other only a few metres apart, the tension radiating off of their bodies. No answer from Max only a look at could kill Zan where he stood. Zan just put his hands on his hips.
"What the hell you tripping on now? I'm just as much in the dark here as you ar...."

"BULLSHIT!" Max bit out, stopping him dead as he was now in his face. "This has got your worthless ass written all over it." He now had him up against the wall, hands at his behr chest as his eyes were of fire.
" tell me what he wants Liz for." He pushed him up harder against it as Zan now grabbed at him back.
"TELL ME!" He roared, thumpimg Zan back and forth with every word.
But for some reason Zan wasn't biting, only going to talk to try and calm the situation.

"I don't know where your going with this..." Zan replied with a genlter but no less threatening tone as he slowly pushed them both away from the wall.
"...but we don't have the time to dick around, you know that as well as I do so lets just find them and get the hell out of here....." He glanced around them.
"....where ever the hell here is." He went to move but Max still held him fast as Zan now looked between both Max's eyes and where he had a hold of him.
"Not a good plan so far my friend." He was only looking at his eyes. "and one which you better rethink before I do something that I just might get your hands off of me..." He pushed again. "....RIGHT NOW!" Max just pushed him back up the wall with the greatest of ease.

"Looks like a good plan to me.... now TALK." His elbow was now tight across his throat as they were about to make up for all those lost years for not being able to have play fights as brothers do. But this was no game as Zan croaked from under him.

"Look I'm...only here to help you (cough)....both of you..." Still trying to maintain some sort of control as he pushed him alittle harder. "...and that's all..." His eyes were just as threatening but Max grip was tighter, shaking his head.

"After all that you've done. Not a chance. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU NOW...." He yanked him across the walk way until he hit up against the other wall.
"....TALK!" He was now shaking with rage as he could feel Liz getting stronger but they still weren't getting any closer to finding her or their daughter. It now pulsed through his veins as he was finding it harder and harder to keep keep himself from smacking the shit out of him. But Zan was right about one thing, there WAS no time for this as Zan was finally beginning to snap.

"I DON'T give a FUCK if you believe it or not but BELIEVE this, I WILL take you down if you don't get your hands off me right now and help me find her!" His words almost turning into a plea as he was yanking at Max just as hard.

"When are you gonna get it through that thick skull of yours that she DOESN'T WANT YOU.... she NEVER has! Now are you going to tell me or does this have to get nasty!" He spat out and at as he pushed up and pulled out with every word.

"do ya think? " Zan just smiled as he finally lost his wanting to control the situation any more as he smacked Max away with on hard push. "and what the fuck business is it of yours anyway?" He shouldered him hard as he pushed past him. "... I love her, she loves me. End of story!"
Max watched him go to walk away as his eyes drew confused and wide.

"And she TOLD you this?" He stood fast, arms folded, in shook more than anything as Zan turned to face him once more.

"Yes." Zan soundly strangely proud of the fact as Max then smiled.

"Your so full of shit, she would NEVER say that. She's my....." Zan cut him dead.

"Well sorry to disappoint but she told me while we were loving love....repeatedly. Live with it." And he turned to go only a spin and duck Max's first punch with lightning speed, catching his punch in his hand. The second one hit home though, sending him backwards hard and fast as he then saw Max run at him. He tackled him at his waist, sending them both crashing to the floor.

"LIAR!" Max roared as they bundled and wrestled on the ground, rolling over and over, as he was thumping at him from either side. Max had been in rages before but nothing like this, he was blind everything as he let the images of them making love flow back into his head. Max hit harder and faster. Zan just lay there and took it, this had been along time coming after all he had done. But it was then as if something was willingly him to fight back as fight back he did. They were more than matching each other punch for punch as skin split and bruised into blood. Max began banging Zan's head on and off the floor when they finally came to rest as he sat astride Zan just about ready to kill him.
"SHE'D NEVER DO THAT TO ME!" The tears now stinging at his eyes as he fiercely held them back.

"YOU THINK? LOOK..." He spat back as he was able to point it the raw stratches all over his behr chest while Max punched him again. "...she gave these to me as she came in my arms and I can still hear her cries in my head as I felt her cuming around me...." Another punch to the jaw as Zan spat out the words between the blood.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP...." Max could hardly breathe as his hold laxed. "...LIZ..." He cried out as his head bowed down, unable to carry as Zan was now wide eyed as he stopped dead a Max's one word. He then began to shake off his rage as his manner changed back.

"Liz? think I'm talking about....." He openly laughed in his face. "....for a fearless alienking you are really stupid Max you know that..." Max looked up as he saw tears begin to well.
"Mila...I meant MILA not Liz...." Max's grip fell away slightly. ".... It's always BEEN Mila! She's 'my Liz' Max." His heartfelt plea falling on deaf eyes as Max spoke again.

"Why should I believe anything that you say?" His rage now replaced by utter loss about to get off him when her face flashed before him as she moaned out of Zan. Loss as replaced by a fist as rage took hold again.

"Because Liz does...." He saw Max wasn't buying it as he saw the next punch coming. ".....why else would she tell me about your baby girl if she didn't believe that I'm here to help you." He saw the punch stop mid way as Max's expression then changed, as from back and round abit Khivar could only smile as they where now able to tear away from his control. 'Playtime over as the fun now begins.' being his only thought now.

"She TOLD you about..." He stopped, not needing to finish as he now knew that Zan wasn't lying. Slowly he got off him as Zan just lay there.
Zan was now able to nurse his bruises as he saw Max was up and holding out his hand for him to grab. Zan just gave him one glace as he then willingly took it hard as Max yanked him up, wincing alittle at his bumps and bruises. Both men, nothing more needing to be said, just looked at each other. they held the hand shake almost alittle longer than need be as Zan then felt at his jaw.
"You like that one?" He said as he actually let out a faint smile.

"Not bad for an 'outoftowner' I guess. But teacher says that he could do better." They both instinctively turned to walk back the way that they had come, shoulder to shoulder.

"Yeah? I'll show you better when you get old enough to handle it." He was also rubbing at his face.

"You do and I'll so kick your ass without even trying...." He gave Max a side ward glance as they both waved their injuries away at the same time. Zan was about to say something else when they both stopped at feeling something pull at them from behind. Slowly looking at each other they turned round, still everything in unison as they then heard something from behind. Almost turning right round to face the wall, only to stop and find the wall no longer there.

Part 47b

Liz couldn’t move, hell couldn’t even breathe as she now looked back at them slowly, understandably rocked to her very soul by this new revelation. Mila was their baby. Her mouth was about to move as if for speech, a scream anything as she then suddenly looked skywards. Mila, feeling it too raised her eyes as she easied her head upwards.

“What’s wrong?”
Grandma asked knowingly as she now stood between them as they continued to look into nothing but sky and distance.
Eventually Liz was the first to look away and speak not knowing yet quiet how she was able to.

“Nothing.” She said with a faint smile as she was now gave Mila a knowing look. Mila eased herself closer to her newly found sister, feeling the overwelming need to protect her now she knew just how much danger both she and 'little Mila' were now in. She felt sick with it.
Liz broke the silence as she was now looking at her elders.
“Look we don’t have much time. Just tell us what we have to do so we can end this.”
Her voice was hard as well as pleading as she skimmed over the obvious by not talking of 'Mila' . Grandma frowned as she tentatively placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Liz….” With a voice like honey as Liz looked only at her smiling just alittle.

“I’m fine.” Knowing exactly what she was about to ask stopping her as if not wanting to hear it said again.

“But don’t you…” She cut her off again.

“Grandma I’m FINE. Now we know the when's and the why's of Mila's coming. It's dealt with so we can move on to more important things.” She said firmly, trying to hid the truth from two who knew her the most, failing desperately. Mila knew exactly what she was feeling because she felt it too completely broken inside, screaming out for Zan instead of for Max as she was. How did she know this? Because she could hear her inside her head and that's when the tears finally took a relentless hold of her.

Max just stopped as Zan bumped into the back of him. Max looked down and around the darkened corridor that they had now entered once it had fully opened to to them before.
“liz?” He whispered.
Nothing, Max took afew more baby steps forward. Zan saw him frown harder still as Max's eyes then got wider, body tensing up to what he heard again.
“LIZ?” He yelled out a the top of his lungs already beginning to run towards the darkness.
“LIZ... WHERE ARE YOU? I’M HERE..... HANG ON BABY.... I’M COMING!…” his voice trailing as he was now running in the direction of where her screams were coming from.

“I hear her too Max but you so know that this is a trap right? We‘ve got to…..”
But Max was already way ahead of him, disappearing into that darkness.
“MAX! WAIT! FUCK!....Shit why's it always the quiet ones you gotta watch.” He mumbled to himself as he now followed on, not seeing as Khivar walked straight through their only means of escape behind him, as it then closed up with a flick of his hand.


“Liz, honeybehr…come here.” She reached for her but Liz surprisingly pulled away, wiping the tears on the back of her hand as her other still grasped at her belly firmly.

“NO! why didn’t you tell us, why didn't you warn us….” she was stepping further and further away from them as she stumbled alittle continuing on.
“ KNEW.” She scowled at both Grandma and her father-in-law that in itself too screwy for words right now.
“…and yet you said nothing. GOD that pain and false hope for nothing.YOU LIED TO ME!!!”

“LIZ!” Grandma had never heard Liz speak like this and it still shocked even though she had every right to be angry as she now pulled at her lighlty to get her to look at her.
“We couldn’t, things had to go certain way…..” Liz smacked her arms away.

“Yes they have, full circle and now he’ll come after me and get….” She pulled at her belly, remembering what he’d done to Mila and Little Leah when he found out the truth. She felt fresh tears begin to fall.
“….get…” She shook all the more with it as Mila stepped forward. Liz didn’t pull away from her.

“Liz, he’s NEVER going to GET you or your baby, we won’t let him…” She grabbed a hold of her shoulders.
“…I won’t let him…Max won’t let him…” She felt Liz shake with the mare mention of his name as she squeezed her tighter.
“ do believe me when I say that don’t you?” She bent down in order to catch her eyes.
“ don’t you Liz?” She drew her in all the more once she found them as Liz could only nod. Mila at that point was now the stronger of the two as
still having a hold of her as she slowly turned to look upon the other two.
“So how do we beat him?” Nothing. She stood upright, letting go of Liz as she now faced them completely. Her eyes were wide as she asked again, narrowing for an answer. The right answer.
“Right? We can stop this from happening again…RIGHT?” They could only exchange glances as Xanka stepped forward. her heard him swallowing down hard in order to speak.

“We don’t know for sure...” Not the right answer as she cut him off.

“Oh that’s just fucking great...” Mila’s hands smacking down hard beside her, fear now getting the better of her.
“...oh now what are we supposed to do, use harsh language.... GOD!”
She spat out, her head buried in her hands as she too began to break, wanting nothing more or less than to be with Zan again.
Nothing was heard apart from their gentle sobs as he spoke once more.

“…only that you CAN beat him.” He now finished. Both girls stopped crying to look at him, believing what he said.
He had their attention now so he had to run with it as he spoke again.
“ You were both sent here, by me to protect and serve the royal four that much is true but what none of you were told was how exactly you’d be able to do that.” He began to place, playing with his hands…looking down and not at just like his boys.

“But…” Liz now wanted answers as she was sure that she felt ‘little Mila’ throb in side of her as if to awaken her. Xanka just held up his hand.

“Please just listen ,you were right, we don’t have much time left.”

“He’s coming isn’t he?” She had to ask that even though she could feel him for herself. Xanka just nodded as she instinctively looked around her and now placing both hands tight across her belly.
“But Why? Why does he want us so bad? Is it for Mila, will she bring on the darkness?” Liz was confused and so afraid for her unborn daughter.

“That I do not know.” He said honestly. Liz believed him, she could see that he didn’t.
“Only that he too waited till now, when the alinement was present so the gateway could be opened, before he finally made a move for any of you”.

“Gateway to where?” Liz stepped closer still.

“Home!” He was now looking straight at them.

“Home? But I thought it would bring on the end of the world?” She looked so confused as she now looked at Grandma.
“..but you told us…or was that a lie too?” Her voice not wanting to believe that she had lied to her as he carried on.

“As I told you before you have been told many things for your own safety. Mila is my son's so she can never be anything but good, she can never bring anything but good. We know nothing of his agenda only are own…”

“Which is?” Mila bit out. Losing patience fast. Zanka could only smile as he saw that he had indeed chosen well for both his boys. Liz suddenly felt sick as she pulled at the long sleeves of his strange formal dress.

“just tell us what to do….please.” her eyes pleading with him as they drew him in closer. He gently touched at her rosy cheeks as she let him. He smiled just for a moment before composing himself to start again.

“You’ve been told lies and truths but all for a reason to protect and serve YOU.” He looked at the both of them. "...both of you."
“ Mila is inside of you now Liz and she is the key to everything."

"So this is a good thing right? you said that this was a good thing." Mila had to know for sure as she was pancing just alittle.

"YES! She can't be changed now only....." He found their eyes as he din't have to speak of the obvious. ".... but she needs you…both of you in order to set them free.” Liz frowned, stepping closer to him.

“Set who free?” She was almost afraid to ask but it was needed.

“Them!” Him the teacher, her the student so willing to learn. This may have been difficult but he was relishing the opportunity just to look upon them both. He was truly humbled as his guilt then took a hold of him once more.

“I...I... don’t understand?” Shaking her head with every word he said only to stop before taking her next breath, before it could leave her throat. Her eyes were wide, mouth dry as she finally found the words and sound needed to understand.
“....You mean Michael, Isabel and…...Max don’t you?” Her eyes wider as he could only nod.
Then realization of what he meant finally hitting her like a sledgehammer to the head.
“we're here to set them free aren't we?.... You sent us here to make them HUMAN." Her eyes were like saucers as she began to shake out of control.
"Didn't you ? And by making them human we'd be protecting them….”

“..keeping them safe forever.” Both she and Mila said at the same time.

“YES!” Both elders said together.
Liz just closed her eyes, remembering back to that night that Max had asked her to marry him and the words that he’d said. ‘normal life….. a normal boy standing in front of a normal girl asking her to marry him…that’s all I ever wanted’. She breathed in hard as she circled her tummy once more.

“You hear that sweetness, your mummy’s going to give your daddy’s his only wish.” She mumbled, her tears splashed down on to her face as she began to laugh alittle with happiness. She opened her eyes to speak of her joy as she saw his staring at her. Her smile faded instantly.
“there’s something you haven’t told us yet isn’t there?” She saw fear in his eyes as she asked again.

“yes.” He whispered not able to look at them. Silence ruled till she spoke again.

“Not all of us will survive will we?” He shook his head.

“For it to work your other halves must be sent back through the gateway…back home” he added as he saw their eyes grow wide as he felt their hearts begin to break.

“Lonnie, Rath, Ava and…..” Mila couldn’t say his name as she shook violently. Liz was there as she took hold of her hand to steady her.

“Yes, the weakest will not survive.”
Mila squeezed Liz’s hand harder.

“And that includes me?” He nodded.
"can't.. I.. go.. with.. Zan?" Her voice frort with hope as he shook his head.

“You cannot stay here or go through the gateway. We didn't know what will happen to you only that like the others you were only made to keep them safe from harm. Both halves would have to be killed at the same time, same place in order for them to die. For you to fail." He was pacing again as Mila suddenly spoke.

"So let me get this straight...." Mila had to talk or else collaspe.
"....We're here to make them human but in order to do that we ALL have to be together in one place for us three girlies to kick major ass, do our thing, sending the badass versions of them back to where ever the hell they were hatched from. But at the same time keeping that sick mother away 'cus he can kill us all? And thats it, done!" She crossed her arms as Xanka smiled at her way of saying things.

Mila clapped her hands, still avoiding the obvious.
"That'll work. I see no problem in doing that. Can you see a problem in doing that Liz?" She didn't let her answer, not looking at her for long enough.
"Nope we see no problem in doing that so Bring it on, I'm ready!" But she so wasn't. Only the gentle hand of Liz now on her back to hold her steady and calm her down brought her back from the brink.
"it's..its...." She sobbed, shaking all the more as it finally hit home. She was only looking at Liz.
"god...I can't lose him. I...just can't. I've only just found him..." She was wracked with tears as Liz slowly looked back at them to talk, while still holding onto her.

"Tell us what we need to do?"


"Look we can't just leave them like this?" Maria then said.

"YES we can. Now stop pacing your bugging me out." Michael said as he too began to pace but Maria just let it go as she heard mumbling from the bed. Turning she saw that Isabel and Michael were now standing either side of Max and Mila as they began to stir.

"Are they waking?" Isabel asked as she touched at her brother's shoulder lightly. He jumped alittle as she now held it there, she hadn't seen that Michael was doing the same to Mila as she too grumbled alittle, pushing up slightly.

"Hey easy." Michael pushed her back down as Isabel saw the sweat on Max's face.

"Michael hand me some tissues would you." He reached beside him and got the box from the table, handing it to her. They fell between them on the bed as Isabel and Michael both reached to get them.
At that one moment all 4 where touching as Max and Mila's eyes both opened wide and fast. But before anybody could speak there was a blinding light, a clash of thunder as they all disappeared in to a ball of red leaving the bed area now empty.


In that darkened room there were 8 aliens all facing each other. As one more was awaiting the rival of the last three, the most important guests of all so the party could really begin. Two humans and an unborn baby girl, as they too where then thrown into the room from the ball of red as khivar then spoke from behind.
"Welcome... to MY world!"

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Part 48

“WHERE’D HE GO?” Michael shouted as he spun round again, still dazed from what had just happened and to where they were. Nothing. “SHIT!!!”

“I..I…don’t know.” Isabel yelped breathlessly, following him round. “ He was RIGHT THERE!”

“I know. I KNOW!!!” He answered her back, mirroring what she was now feeling. She was shaking as she had now stopped where he had, feeling the most afraid that she had ever done in her life. Needing to see Max she slowly turned to where he stood as she heard his cry.

“LIZ!!” he yelled, almost screaming as he started striding away from where he’d been standing with Michael and Isabel across the way towards her his steps gaining faster as he saw her wince from being thrown hard to the ground by the light.

“Max …WAIT!!!” Isabel screamed after him as Michael stopped her from running after him, pulling her back.

“MICHAEL LET GO OF ME!” She shouted as he leant in and gripped her arm alittle tighter.

“Isabel, look around you….” He whispered not taking his eyes of Max for a second. “….we are in the best seat in the house.” She looked around them slowly. They were. They could see everything and they had a wall close behind them.
“ Where more help to them if we stay here.”
His grip easing as his hand fell to touch her at lower back. He rubbed at it gently, he’d never done that before but he just felt that that was the right thing to do to calm for. The truth be known to calm him too as she gently nodded to then look back at Max while Michael continued to look around them, eyes wide.

He’d now crossed the bridge not caring for anything or anyone, but reaching his wife and child blindly running closer and closer as his body began to hum for them.

She felt him instantly. “MAX!!” She called back as she began raising herself to unsteady feet, Mila at her side with hands to help her. But her eyes were somewhere else, with someone else as she’d found Zan, standing alone and to the side in amongst the utter confusion just as fast. His eyes drawing her in as he took a step forward then another as if to follow Max, she trembled with every one. He could see her distress as he felt now feel it welling up inside of him. He was feeling her again and it was making him dizzy.

‘Easy Peaches. I’m gonna get us outta this.’ He thought without thinking.

‘I know.’ Was all she said as he heard her say in his head. He caught his next breath, eyes wide. Steps stopping.

‘Y…You can hear me?’ He stumbled back his shocked reply echoing in her head, mixing in with the screaming and shouting from all around her. She couldn’t help but let a smile break across her face. He looked like a little boy lost as he remembered all the times that he had heard her, spoken back yet hearing nothing from her in return. But her smile now told him her answer.

‘But I…’ He was stumbling again. Even now only she could have that affect on him.

‘I lied.’

Steps starting again as no-body saw Khivar from where he was watching them, it darkness covering him like a blanket as his smile growing higher and wider across his face from what he was seeing across the now open space. It wasn’t just a room anymore, it was never a room it was a place. His world as he had said before.


Everything was happening so fast as now there was screaming from all sides as Max continued to run. He was almost home when he suddenly hit then bounced hard back off of the red light that had appeared again, this time forming a shield which now in cased both Liz and Mila inside of it. Max was back and pounding in no time, his hands already shooting up with pain with every punch as Liz was now at the other side of it. Her hands matching his as her eyes began to shine over with desperation, their contact never breaking away from his. So near yet so far as the feeling was eating them alive.
“LIIIIIIIIZZZZ!” His voice mirroring just how he was feeling as Tess leant into Lonnie from across the room.

“Well this is certainly the best time I’ve had in a long time.” She oiled out, crossing her arms with a wicked smirk on her face as her eyes gleamed with the tragedy of it all. She smiled all the more as Max’s fight began more and more desperate.

“Amen.” Lonnie’s smile now just as big. “Ain’t true love grand? It makes me wanna puke like nothing else but where‘s pleasure without the pain huh?” She heard Rath chuckle as he spat out his gum beside her, relating that to something completely different. She gave him a side wards glance.
“Not that stupid…not this time.” She licked her lips as she saw that he was now looking at their dupes who were still standing wide eyes, staring back across the rivean from them.

“Funny them aren’t they? All cleaned up and nowhere to go, although dying is some place right.” He then shook his head alittle, tutting as he did so.
“ I wonder if they’ve had a taste of each other yet?” He sneered as he looked the cleaner version of his bitch up and down while Lonnie titled her head in order it do the same to Michael.

“I doubt. Too human. But maybe up for a lil’ foursome action now that their lives are hanging.” She openly giggled as she now had a picture in her mind. “Nice, very nice!”

“Bitchin’. You’re just too bad!” He couldn’t help but turn, hold out his hand to her so they could do their usual, mindless plaything with them. She ended it with the usual slap across the face.

“You know it.”


Still seeing Max punching hard and furiously from the other side, his desperate eyes making her ache all the more as the feeling of her needing to touch him tore her insides wide open as she then spoke.
“How are you feeling?”

“The same…nothings changed. You?” She was still only looking at Zan, her heart now fit the burst.Liz shook her head.
“Maybe they were wrong? Or maybe we’re not back out of it yet!” She starting to get alittle jumpy.

“Their not wrong and I think we‘re in the real world…..” She looked about them. “..or something like it.”

“So why hasn’t anything happened yet?”

“I think the shield is blocking it…..blocking us.”
Both then looked at each other.

“Shit!! You don’t think HE knows do you…about US and that’s why we’ve got this piece of crap round us?” She was able to hid the fear in her face or her voice as Liz placed a hand on her shoulder as she now started to breathe heavy.

“How could he?" She wasn't sure. "It's okay. Max will get us out. Now we have to say focused Mila. Remember?” She shook her alittle as she searched her eyes.
“Okay?” She broke into the smallest of smiles as Mila closed her eyes and nodded . Both exhaled hard as Liz looked back at Max once more.


From across the way Isabel stood close to Michael, as she watched them glaring at them. Not liking it as she stepped closer.

“Is this real?” She finally said. Michael shook his head.
“Where are we?” He shook his head again. Not the answer that we wanted to hear but the truth nonetheless. She decided a different approach was needed. Needing to talk to stop her shaking as she felt Michael take her hand. She didn’t know what to go about that simple act. There was nothing to it, she knew that but they’d never been close, not even while they were children, he was always the one that pulled at her pigtails and made fun of her. She was always the one that beat the crap out of him afterwards. And Max was the go between , that’s how it was. They were family, they’d die for each other but that didn’t mean that they had to get one. And they so hadn’t for a long time. But its funny how life threatening situations can alter things as she silently squeezed his hand back. His wish now as hers as he’d thought the exact same thing, hopefully they’d be able to see just now good it would feel to actually get on for a change. Both thinking it would be kinda cool, knowing it could all be too little too late. Finally she spoke as she held Max’s pleas.
“God! We should go help him Michael.” She pleaded, unable to stand seeing her brother this way anymore.

“Zan’s there.” Surprisingly himself by saying that but feeling it was the right thing to say as he saw him moving.

“Yeah and?…” But like him that fact strangely brought her comfort as she continued on with something else as she‘d seen him too.

“ Then what happens?” She asked without looking.

“We wait.” He replied sternly as he now slowly turned to her.

“What for?” She almost shouted out, now was not the time for games.

“We’ll know it when we see it?” he said honestly.

“And then what?” She now looked back. “You have a plan right?” She raised her eyes to the sky…..but there was no sky. Just blackness. But there was no night, they weren’t outside. None of her surrounds registering with her, just panic at the situation.
“Please tell me that you have some sort of plan Michael.” She whispered out desperately.

“Me? No!! I thought you would.” She eyes were wide as she rubbed at her temples.

“God we’re so fucked.” Michael’s mouth now matching her eyes. She never swore. She hadn’t got a plan either. She was right again. They were fucked.


Lonnie now looked back at Tess who was still looking and smiling at where she’d left her as she heard her speak.

“Our pleasure, their pain right.” Her eyes now full of glee.
“Liking the sound of that. I just hope he does the descent thing and drags THIS part out. We all deserve a giggle after what we’ve been through right?”
She turn back to say more when she caught sight of Ava who was standing well away from them but on their side of the drop nonetheless, just.
“What you looking at Bitch?” She spat out, taking steps towards her as Ava just continued to stare while hiding her mouth behind a sleeved hand that she was now chewing the nails of like crazy. Tess then slapped her hard across the face before Ava even had a chance to blink.
“ I can’t wait till he sends you back. That’ll be heaven on earth to me.” She shook with rage at Ava just stood up still staring.

“Why do you hate me so much?…” She replied in gentle tones, unable to say anymore as Tess hit her again, harder this time as Ava was now swallowing blood. She stood up alittle slower this time but her eyes never left Tess’ the whole time as she felt a tear roll down her cheek.

“Because you disguise me, your like they are, more human than alien. You make me sick and if I’d had my way you would have killed you long ago.” She spat out and over her dupe as another tear tumbled.
“Awwwww boohoo baby girl gonna cry…. don’t you DARE show me up and cry BITCH and stop looking at me!!” She shook with rage once more.
“STOP IT!!!! NOW!!!” She barked like the dog she was as she reached for her again. Her hand was caught and stopped in midair by someone else’s as they then began to squeeze it hard.

“You touch her again and I’ll kill you.” Zan squeezed until his knuckles were white and he heard cracking as the first bone broke. Tess just smiled, feeling the pain forming quickly and loving every minute of it. He had been on his way to Mila but she was safe. For now. He could still hear and Max banging at the shield and this wouldn’t take long. Ava however wasn’t, she’d always been fragile and she was almost like the sister he never had. But he’d been too much of a bastard to her back then to notice.

“I knew you couldn’t keep your hands off of me for long.” She leant up and into him, her closeness instantly making him feel like he wanted to puke, shower himself clean or both as she looked at where Mila was looking straight back at them.
“I can give you everything that bitch can’t…. Everything you could ever dream of Zan….I can persuade Khivar to let me keep you” She moaned out as he squeezed even harder. Her face was inches from his as she licked at his ear, her warm breath now filling him.

“What was that Peaches?” He felt her smile hit his cheek as she pulled away so that she now faced him again.

“I said….” But her words were stopped by him punching her so hard in the face that they both heard her nose break as her blood splattered in all directions around them. She couldn’t scream even if she had wanted to as the pain exploded across her face. She stumbled backwards, cupping at her nose as the blood poured then splashed. Zan was taking steps towards her smiling as he heard her again.

“Alittle like that or like this?” Tess waved a hand in front of her face. Fixing it she stood up and straight into his hand again as it crashed into her so hard it threw her flat to the ground. He now stood over her bloodied face as she was visibly shaking by it.
“I would rather die than have me breathe the same air as you again you fucking bitch. I was just blind and stupid while you are just twisted and evil.” He was consumed with rage but surprisingly calm on the outside as she again fixed herself, not before stealing a taster of her sticky mix and alittle slower in her actions this time round. She rose slowly, smiling once more, as she brushed herself down. She winced, having not fixed her hand yet. She wasn’t going to, she liked the feeling of him haven had his hands on her.

“And is that it? It that all I get?” She giggled.
“Never mind I can still get my fun watching Khivar while has his….” She looked back at the now trapped thorns in her side. “….with them. Repeatedly. As will you, he’ll make you watch you know!!” She was giggling like a naughty school girl as he went for her again, as Ava stepped between them. She didn’t know it but she’d saved that little bitches life because at that point Zan could and would have killed her as his body was now pumping to the point of pain with raging blood, fuelled by pure hatred.His face softened as his chest still heavied, his body shaking from the feeling as Ava stood alittle closer to him.

“She’s not worth it Zan.” She whispered Tess leaning in to hear more as Ava turned them away. She was not at his ear.
“We need her alive….and your needed elsewhere.” That last part as only breath as she stole a glance over to where Max was still pounded. He could see Liz the other side Mila still beside her, with pleading eyes. Zan, needing nothing further was already running as Tess was about to kick off once more.
“ …And as I said the gerbilfacedbitch its worth another minute of our time.” She openly blurted as loud as she could in Tess’ ear. Ava turned to her.
“But then that would be an insult to gerbils wouldn’t it?”

“yeah right you can’t even try and be funny without failing that too. You look like me stupid so your only insulting yourself Bitch.” She smirked.
“What a flake.” She turned to go as Ava then did something that she hadn’t ever done before but something that she’d wanted to do for a long time. She held her foot ever so slightly as Tess then promptly fell hard on her face over it. She then rolled to get up to find little timed Ava standing over her with eyes of fire and suddenly Tess was afraid for some reason. Afraid of her!

“Like you said before I’m not like you so how could I be insulting myself.” She was now smiling as she bent over slightly.“You have no idea what I am. And if you call me that one more time, you‘ll see just how much of a bitch I am!”
She threatened her mild tones making the other three shake just alittle, never having seen her this way before. She rose to then quietly pass dumb and dumber as she made her way over towards Michael and Isabel.

“You’re going about his all wrong.” Zan was talking to Max but only had eyes for Mila as he touched at it too, palms outstretched to cover hers. Max finally stopped pounding to stare at him as Zan then moved alittle back to allow him room to stretch out his hand.

“NO!!!! ZAN!!!! WAIT!!!! STOP!!!!” He shouted, knowing exactly what he meant as he went to stand between him and it.“I’ve already thought of that but we don’t know what it might do to them….” He lowered his hands.
“…What it might do to them…what he might do to them….” He break off to look back at them as he placed a shaky hand over Liz‘s.

“Look we need to get the fuck out of here Max…right now!!! I’m telling you that we are in some pretty serious shit here and if we don’t do something we’re all gonna die. And its not gonna be quick and its not gonna be pretty, you don’t need me to tell you…..”

‘Listen to him Max.’
He heard her in his head as he took a step back. Then other, then other till he was level with Zan his hand out stretched the same. Both arms shook as they took one last look at each other then slowly back to where palms were now facing. Zan saw Mila nod then smileas she told him that she loved him and heard that he loved her back.
Max couldn’t bring himself, to let himself hear her voice or say the words. It would be like saying goodbye and he just wasn't anywhere near ready to say that. If ever as understanding, feeling exactly the same she just smiled, laying a hand over her belly. Max felt a tear leaving and rolling as inhaling both holding it as their energy began to spark then mix.
Almost home, eyes were now wide as behind Liz and Mila, inside with them stood Khivar.

Part 49

The room mixed with muddled screams and movement. Max couldn’t breathe to what he was seeing, his life trapped inside with her death. They death as he instantly jolted to run, stopping when blocked by khivar. There were two. Three. His smiling body now between him and Zan. Immediately they lunged at him, side by side about to do what they should have done from the beginning. Beat the living shit out of him till there was nothing left on powers needed, only to be bounced away by something that he flashed up around him, protecting him. Now rolling to a stop, up on their feet at the exact same time, looking at girls still trapped inside with one as he drew closer to them, Liz stepping in front of Mila as they backed away. The brothers tried once more, only to be thrown across the space harder with Khivar’s laughter getting louder. Then again. Failing again. Not even their ‘so called superpowers’ able to help, just bouncing away more aiming right back at them all as they had to dive to miss them. Max felt like he was dying unable to do anything, just having to watch it all unfolding before his eyes as then there was four. Five, and another. Then another….. the room filling as each time someone giving a shit, wanting to get out was bounced away. One now beside Isabel, Michael and Ava who had only just met up to see the horror and were running across and to , only jumping to a haut when there was another smirking face of evil blocking their path. There were three, no four smirking, curling lips higher and cruel laughter deeper all around where Lonnie, Rath and Tess stood. Their eyes wide as they too were laughing. His roar banging back off the walls with a force that only made it bigger. His world indeed.

“Ain’t this wild?” Lonnie said with a clap of her hands, in glee.

“Cool, now this is more like it….this is what I‘m talking about.” He looked around them, almost spinning. “..let’s rock!” Acting like a kid in a candy store, the only kid in the only candy store as all the others looked in. They ended it by jumping up and down dancing almost.
Tess however was silent as she looked back to where Liz still was, she hadn’t dared go near him, having to pull Mila back is she did, knowing that she would probably die if reaching him. Liz just caught a glimpse of Tess while searching out Max. She watching as Tess took her finger into her mouth, licked it and motioned as if to say ‘that’s one for me’ to follow it with a wicked smile. Rage burned within Liz, wishing that she had killed her when Zan took her to that room when they were alone. She had the chance! She beat her but she was too human to go on, wanting too but that wasn’t her. She wasn’t like Tess but at that moment she had a picture of stomping on her face till it split consumed her. Blood splattering, bones caving. Over and over, harder and harder.
Wanting to get free of the red and see just what it felt like, needing to as Tess then draw her thumb under and across her neck, known the world over as the sign of Death. ‘That’s it, she’s going down!’ as her eyes now found Max’s. Her heart slowed to a heavy beat as she calmed down further at the sight of him. Only to thump right out of her chest when she saw Khivar approach behind him.
But was it him? They were so many of them now, one at other side of those on the outside while they had only the one. There was others dotted around. Which one? Where was he? Where they all him or just one? Which one? She ignored hers as her palms were hard up against the flickering red when Max’ one was ever closer. Was that him? Was his one the real one? Closer.

She banged at it hers hands already sore as she continued to pound but he was so close to him now while she could do nothing but watch. She was failing him. They both were and she just wanted to die as she began to cry.

“Don’t cry my Mila, it’ll be over soon. It’ll all be over soon!” His voice oiled out as she shook with a rage that she’d never known before, spinning round fast.

“I’M NOT YOUR MILA. MY NAMES LIZ YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE….” She spat out at him, shaking more as he cut her dead.

“I know that Elizabeth, give me some credit. Your not Mila…..”
His eyes leaving hers to slowly travel down her tiny body, lingering alittle longer than need be over her breasts. He licked his lips, as if to taste as his eyes were like saucers. She suddenly felt violated, wanting to throw up at the way that his eyes were making her feel having to step away as it was now Mila who held a protective arm out.
Khivar was brought back from his sick fantasy by this to them think of another sicker one, their were two of them after all as he then continued on.
“…hmmm interesting but that can be for dessert there are other things needed to be done first.” His eyes travelling on to rest on her still flat belly. Liz put her palms over her in an instant.
“As I was saying , your not Mila I maybe a fucking asshole but I‘m not a stupid fucking asshole….”
Mila had to hold her tongue now tasting blood to just how hard as she stole a glance at Zan who was only looking at her. She trembled with it. Both desperate for touch, not knowing if that would ever come again. She didn’t look away from him till Khivar made her with a firm hand turning and squeezing at her jaw. Zan Flinched into movement but Max held out a hand to stop him.
“You can’t help them if your dead.” His whispered, his turn to speak of logic both sets of eyes never broke the contact that they held with them all the while.

“LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING!” He raged then calming instantly to look back at where his eyes had been. …..“as you both well know….SHE IS!” He said with glee as he now pointed to where Mila was.
Mila felt Liz stumble as her shoulder steadied her. Liz cried out as if she’d been hurt.
Max felt it rip through his body. “ LIZ!!” Rushing forward only to be banged back.

“NO. GOD….NO!” She screamed over and over. Her knees about to fall from under her again as his smile got bigger and brighter. She snapped round to look straight at Max.

“You couldn’t have believed that I wouldn’t find out did you?…tut tut, I thought you were smarter than that!” He tutted again as he crossed his arms, standing alittle back.
“So what else did Grandma and…ohh what was his name?“ He looked skyward as if he needed to think. “….Xanka was it? That’s it XANKA. So what other pearls of wisdom did they tell you? Hmmmm?”
Liz felt Mila’s grab and hold her hand form behind them both knowing that it was over. That they couldn’t win. That they were all dead.
“…anyway they won’t be bothering you again.” Was all he said as he walked past them. Them stepping back and away as he did so, clutching at each other harder.
“Look at them…” He bit out. “They have no idea, lambs to the slaughter. God! I love my life!” He shouted out.

“You sick fucker!” Mila whispered, her body only allowing her to do that.

“ I know.” He signed, looking back. “All for you. Both of you. Always for you!” His eyes staring as they tried pulling theirs away, closing them anything but he held them tighter until painful.

“I wonder what their yaking about?” Lonnie’s asked, frowning harder as she stained to look at them.

“Donno but he’s one lucky bastard.” Smile wide as he quickly continued on so she wouldn’t hit him, turning to the one that had been stood silently beside him. “So what’s happening….”
WHACK! Hard and fast. She wasn’t going to let that go as he rubbed at his chest from where she’d hit him staring back at her few times to see if there were any more before speaking again.
“Anyways…as I was saying when’s this party gonna kick off.” Big smile.
“When’s everyone else arriving?” He clapped and rubbed his hands while looking about them.
His Khivar just laughed louder, Rath suddenly joining into something that he had no idea about but it grew as his did. Lonnie and Tess joining in too.
“So what’s so funny?” He said between laughing harder. “What we all laughing at?”

“Your stupity!” Khivar said as his sides began hurting. Rath stopped to look at the other two.

“Ohhhh…. Cool!” He started up again. “No really where’s everybody at? When’s this summit thingy kicking off?”

“There is no summit you stupid excuse for an idiot. There never was!”
His big eyes meeting theirs as the laughter trailed off. Nothing more was said. Silence as they looked round at each other, Tess finally speaking being the nosey bitch that she was.

“Yeah…and?” She motioned with her hands as he faced her. “What’s this all been about? Some sort of game? Having fun at our expense?”
Her voice showing how miffed she was at being played, being kept in the dark with what was really going on by a brother who she thought shared everything with her. “WELL!”
She was really pissed, forgetting herself in the need to know as hers stepped up close to her. She suddenly found herself as he was in her face, the heat from whatever hung in the air around him prickling at her skin. She stepped away, swallowing down hard as he spoke just one word.


He looked on, hearing everything smiling with it.
“Let’s play another game shall we? The best game before the fun REALLY begins.” he hadn’t turned round as the one beside Max closed in, Liz slowly following where he was looking to see it. She was up at the red as if to know that something was going to happen. That something was wrong.

“Max..” She began banging looking beside her at an unmoving face.“…god no don’t….not Max…please…” She was still banging but crying harder as she looked back. Closer still as he seemed to be reaching out to him, to have something in his hand. “God no…MAXXXX!” She tried reaching him like before. Nothing.

“Your wasting your time, it won’t work. Not now.”
Closer as Zan saw and tried moving but he couldn’t, held fast by something invisable. Tried shouting. Couldn’t. No voice. The others doing the same, having the same done to them except three who’s faces now broke in to the biggest smiles.

“NOOOOOOOO! MAXXXXXXXX!” She pounded harder, losing the fight, losing Max as Mila now joined her. It was then that he turned to look upon them. Seeing their desperation, excited by it feeling it in his lions as it turned him on all the more as he looked back.

Max saw Liz pounding, shouting, crying out. Wailing. Something was wrong as he was only looking at her. He had only been looking at her, knowing that to fight was unless, just having to wait and watch. Watching only her as he tried reaching out to her. Nothing. Trying again but failing. Something was very wrong. Everything going so quiet suddenly. Too quiet as he looked sidewards at Zan to say something. He saw him fighting something, trying to function, trying to tell him something. To warn him but unable to as he felt something loom up beside him, spinning just in time to see something flash beside him. It was Khivar and he was holding a knife as he threw it down beside him.
“Take it!” He then said. “TAKE IT! Or something bad happens to someone you love quicker than planned!” He boomed as Max looked straight back at Liz, their one trapped inside now moving towards her, unseen. He picked it up quickly, having no choice, not risking anything…or anyone to this madness with a shaky hand.
“Now what to do? What to do?” His hand was at his chin rubbing as Max looked about him with his eyes. Alone. Lost. No way out as he found her again. Khivar walked and stopped between.
“So oh great leader what to do? No good looking at them, they can’t help you. They can’t safe you….” He leaned in as Max stood fast, his knuckles turning whiter as he held the weapon tighter.
“…including that little bitch of yours that’s in my space?” His words cutting into him as if they were the knife that he now held.
Max stumbled as he knew they were all dead. His eyes filling until he could no longer see Liz anymore, jumping with Khivar having clapped his hands hard together once.
“So enough chit chat, lets skip the why’s and the how’s shall we and cut to the chase.” He began to walk slowly in front of Max, turning to face him fast.
“I want you dead. Pure and Simple but I’m giving to a choice, a chance to play king…” He couldn’t help but laugh at that. “….for awhile so here it is you get to chose….Zan!” he hissed out as Max frowned. “…not with me yet never mind I’ll speak alittle slower so you can get it. You can choose who gets to die first while the other one watches.”
Max couldn’t help but shake his head.

“NO!” letting his raw emotions finally come out. Khivar smiled knowingly.

“Ohhh I think you will seeing as through your first…your only choice this between YOU and….” He didn’t have to say her name as Max looked past and at Liz.

“NO!!!! GOD!!!! NOT LIZ!!!! NO..!” His tears now falling as his knees threatened to give way from under him. Trying to be strong but this was his greatest fear now faced.

“No choice Zan that’s the game. Those are the rules. Your in my world now where I am the only KING here. So choose, who’s it gonna be You or Liz and that little bitch Leah.” He spat at and on, now shaking with rage as if unable to control himself.
“DO IT NOW! CHOOSE I ELSE I WILL!” He roared as Max didn’t even blink, as he saw his other self reach out for Liz from behind her. His mind was muddled as it suddenly went somewhere else. Back to before, back to the dream that they had last shared. Where they lasted shared each other, trembling as he began to remember. Crying and trembling more now found…..

Dipping his head down he took her hot mouth once more crushing, fierce, deep, drugging her as tongues tangling before slowing it right down again. Soft and slow and easy, his tongue now gliding along her bottom lip sucking it into his mouth softly nipping at it, sucking in more their smiles clashed while still rubbing his pulsating erection slowly against her sensitive slick folds. Back and forth. Teasing. Tasting just a piece of her opening then leaving. Each rasp drenching alittle more of her heat for him on its tip. Again and again as she was on fire and each touch made her burn hotter, brighter. She arched against him her head burying deep in to the pillows every muscle in her withering body now taut. She raised then lowered herself, two could play that game, rubbing the tips of her hardened nipples on swelling breasts against his hard, smooth chest while running lazy fingertip trails up and down his harder abs feeling them spasm under every stroke. Alittle further down each time, reaching in to his thick black tight curls almost touching him there, feeling the heat from it prickle at her hand as she pulled away quickly. He moaned close to her ear, licking and taking its sensitive shell into his mouth as the sensation peaked within him. Leaning up and in to suckle at one nipple, drawing on her achy breast with an incredible intensity that made her come alittle more flicking his tongue against her sensitive peak. He had moved from peak to peak, licking strumming tweaking then biting as she drove her fingers into his thick hair only to have him pull away.

“Max…God…. ” She moaned, her breath caught on a sob as coming back he pushed the tip of his sex just a fraction inside her. Just enough to tantalize, to send her over the edge as she found him staring down at her, his eyes dark and smouldering. Watching her reaction to his movements on her, her hooded eyes of raw desire sending bursts of feeling through his sweaty, hard body and straight to his throbbing shaft that drove him on all the more. Wanting to go further, needing to as she took his cheeks in her tiny trembling hands .

“Max…whatever happens….” She stopped , finding it hard to find breath as she teasing her again with a harder stroke, now circling it around her clit.
“promise me that you’ll save yourself…leave me, leave us to safe yourself….please Max promise me…..”
His movements stopping, causing them to both moan in unison as he felt an intense jolt of awareness at what she was saying. She opened her eyes again to see his wide and pleading as he finally found breathless words.

“NO…you can’t asked me to do that Liz…. I can’t…. I won’t …. please.” he shook his head sucking in breath as he felt his tip cool as alittle of his life giving seed spilled from it. The gentle caress of her soft mound of dark curls already mixed with her sticky wanting juices, on the underside of his cock doing thing to him that he’d only ever dreamed about. Tickling deeper, things he’d never dreamed of as he retrained himself from taking her right there and then.

“…But I’m alive to save you Max….no matter what and if…”
Fighting her own battle trying to resist him as his hips buried her deeper, needing to say this and for him to understand as his eyes just fed her desire. He lay hot palms either sides of her burning cheeks as he cut her off by both his words and touch as he pushed open her wetness once more losing his battle.

“I won’t let it….we are a family. They’ll be nothing worth saving if I didn’t have you….”
he let his shiny eyes close just little as he leant down to touch his forehead against hers. One hand now nudging space between their bodies, she having to sink into the bed further as he pushed himself away bursting the heat from their shared desire to lay it flat against where their daughter was.
“….Both of you so please don’t talk of saving myself. I’m nothing with out you.”
He looked up hard and fast his eyes filled with tears.
“I don’t care about my, or your destiny . We belong together. We live only for each other …..” She shook her head as he paused as in one swift action he held both her hands high above her head.
“NO! We die…together but we’re not leaving this world without a fight. I can promise you only that Liz. Nothing more.”
His eyes burning with fire, as in that overwhelming moment she did what any desperate woman, begging for it would have done. She tilted her hips just so, drawing him alittle deeper despite his obvious efforts at restraint from where his shiny tip had been hovering.
He muttered a curse before giving in to her tiny but no less demanding body plunging into her, a slow glide that stole breath. Not back until he was buried deep inside of her. His eyes wide as relief flooded her, they were making love as man and wife. As Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell Philip Evans for the first time. Even if it was only in a dream feeling as if it were real never the less they could do that now, that shared thought making them moan out loud. This was followed by a burst of heat tearing through as he withdrew both gasping as again he plunged deep. So deliciously deep…. She wrapped her legs around his narrow waist, nails digging in there as she held on. Letting him ride into her. He shoved his hands beneath her bottom and tilted her up. Driving deeper, stronger, pushing her closer to the brink as he pushed her higher and harder up the bed with every thrust. Gripping at her waist as he yanked her back down on him thrusting up inside her once more. The friction causing them both to scream as he hit till he could go no further. Her orgasm was almost instant crashing over her in waves, consuming her, turning her inside and out. It was fierce. Intense. Mind-blowing. Behrly managing to hold onto her next cry as it rolled up her throat from the inside. That was being licked, nipped, sucked and caressed on the outside by her loving husband. Her life. Not wanting to hold herself back any longer, having already done so for too long, even while in the face of such delicious heat as she felt like it was real. Her body wouldn’t allow her. Because of the heat. It was too fierce. Too intense. Too unexpected to a body still new to this feeling that was ripping her limb from limb as every wave continued to hit. Harder and faster. Stronger and deeper. Over and over.
The realization of just what was happening stayed with them for the next few heart pounding, hip crushing moments as Max drove in deep one thrust led to other and another until he was pumping into her, pushing them closer and faster over the edge.
“God!” He plunged again as that was all she could say.
“Ohh..god….yes..” he pulled back and thrust again. Harder, deeper. “..Yes…Max god ..come to me…” Bodies colliding.
His only thought that at that moment if he had to chose he would choose him over them. No matter what was expected of her, his life for both theirs. Always and forever. That was the only time he broke the eyes contact between them, he couldn’t help himself as he let himself truly go, riding out the spasms, for the first time. His lids shutting tight as his back arched hard. Every tendon in his neck went taut as he groaned. Long, low and deep as her silky walls tightened round him again, for the last. She screamed out his name as she came again, so sweet and sharp bringing tears to her eyes. She moved faster, drawing him in and out of her as spasm after spasm gripped her tighter around his cock her climax hitting her hard and fast, rolling her over like a giant wave finally sucked her under. Her entire body trembled as his frantic rhythm was meeting with her release, her legs tightening around his hips, holding him deeper. He was trembling under her touch, her hold on him driving him clean out of his skin. He hit hard at her insides until he could go further forcing her to let out her final frenzied scream of his name, fire flashing into her gaze. She felt the hot spurt of his seed hit deep in her throbbing womb as he came inside of her making her come harder still. Encircling him with heels locked deep at his ass and fingers clawing, palms crossing at his back till she’d milked him dry. He lifted her clean off the bed, a hand at her lower back pushing her harder onto him with the force of his orgasm and her screaming. He’d lost himself in her.

His first and final release after trying so hard to hold on as it took hold of him, rocking his entire world. Their hearts thundered together, one pressed up against the other as he collapsed on top of her back against bunched, soaking sheets. The weight of Max’s body on hers seemed nearly as intimate than the act of undying love they’d just shared. She stroked his back as their pants became long breaths , knowing that he wouldn’t roll away and onto his back until they were both ready. She touched a soft kiss to his hard chest. Tasting salty skin, loving the taste to do it again as he nuzzled into her neck, letting out hot breath that prickled her there. She moaned into a giggle as she felt him still semi-hard inside of her, moving slightly as she giggled again. He lifted up to look upon his flushed, beautiful wife as smiling wickedly he claimed her hot, teasing mouth again…

Clashing back as the feeling of it again, his body aching from it as it held him captive once more. Jolting back further as he heard Khivar roaring him back to reality.
“…..YOU OR THEM!!!CHOOSE!!!!…..NOW!!!”
But he had no choice. He knew the answer already as his felt the knife still in his hand as looking down his tears splashed on the ground. It was now slowly moving upwards, catching at the light from around Khivar gleaming with it. Almost up and level with him as he looked back at his wife. His life. Mother of his child. His last look as he saw her screaming.

Part 50


She saw him drop heavily on to his knees, eyes wide full of pain and tears as he stared at only her; the blood already oozing out wards from where he’d imbedded the knife deep into his stomach, his white shirt now turning to crimson. She yanked herself away from Khivar as she pushed herself hard up against their prison.


He had done it as he said he would. For her ,for them both, thinking to was the right thing to do, the only thing as he now began dying right in front of her. She began losing focus almost immediately, her tears blinding him out.
She’d failed him. She’d failed all of them. Max was dying and it wasn’t the right thing or the only thing. But that was the thing about Max he was noble.
She blinked away her tears in order to see him clearer. Fuck noble.


Liz screamed again, banging at the shield as he fell backwards from his knees to the ground hard, his blood now pooling out a round him…. spreading fast.

The cocoons still held the screaming tight as the laughter on the outside carried far and round, as it continued to unfold in front of them.

He lay awkwardly, back arching high off the ground as the ugly killer of Maxwell Evans jutted from out of his stomach sparkling against the light.
His head was turned to one side, her side as he began coughing up blood. She screamed out his name again but seeing her only as he had done while in New York. Silently pleading, eyes held fast wracked with pain as he reached out a blood soaked hand to her.
She placed her palm up against it as she saw him mouth the words that meant he was lost to her. Forever.


She clawed harder saying the same over and as he arched one more time, closing his eyes tight to it as he opened them to her one last time.

“..Max…(sob) no.…no….”

They held for what seemed like an eternity as his hand suddenly dropped down to the ground, palm up as it bounced up a few times.
His eyes now finally fluttering closed .Then nothing!

“MAXXXX (sob)…!”

Max now looked like he was dead as time just stopped.
He was dead as only Khivar’s laughter from the masses of ‘lookylikey’s’ echoed around the place.

“Dang! He actually did it….” Khivar was totally gob smacked sneering between gritted teeth as he then began to chuckle.
“…who’d a thought it , the man had spunk after all. He left you, HE actually left you to me. Ohhh the dramatic irony of it.”
He couldn’t hide his dismay at his pleasure, part of the reason for all this happening in the first place from, now having it been taken from him.
“…no bother, one less thing on my to do list.”

His smile was clear to see as he revelled in her pain after looking at Liz for the first time.
It might not be the way he’d planned it. He wouldn’t experience the over whelming joy of watching Max suffer watching him raise his child as his own or bed his wife as his own because he won’t have let Max do it. He was just seeing how far he’d go as he saw him now laying limp and lifeless on the ground.

“(scream) maxxxxxx….(scream) no…”

Her voice suddenly changing to a whisper as she wailed harder, her forehead resting on whatever was keeping them in and the others out.
She was now beginning to slide down it as she made a squeaking noise, her eyes never leaving him. She had to get out to him, save him but she already knew it was too late as his blood continued to spill out.

“(cry) god!…max …no…god….”

She continued to say over and over as she was violently shaking, eyes closed as she instantly grabbed for her tummy….for little Mila.
She had failed, wishing at that moment that she had have died that day Sept 19th when Max risked everything to save her life then Max would still be alive and none of this would have ever happened. She again wouldn’t have her wedding, or feel Max making love to her over and deeper or to have their baby girl growing inside of her now.
But by saving her life, even if out of pure love he’d ended everyone one else’s. It was all her fault, everything her fault. How could she have even thought that she could get away with it, she was meant to die not live and to even dare to think other else was just lying to herself.
Being with Max had just been a wonderful dream, a deliciously wonderful dream that could never be because now they were all lost and it had all been for nothing.

Alex, all the months of pain and suffering for all …everything. She was half way down it already when Mila rusted into catch her.


She called out as Khivar then caught her hard by the elbow to stop her from going to her, spinning her round… pulling her back to him hard and fast.


He spat out, pushing her back hard against the far part of their ‘cage’ where she banged up against it hard as he stood closer than close in front of her.
She was clawing at him as he pushed her harder and higher up against it. She felt that he was almost fully aroused at her inside thigh as she inhaled hard.

“…Touch me.” He was aroused to the pain of exploding as he leaned into kiss her.

It then hit her like one of Zan’s hot kisses only on a much, much lesser scale.
He felt warm….he felt real as she peered over his shoulder to all the other ‘hims’ laid before her. Her heart was almost thundering out of her chest as her eyes dared to look back at him.
He felt real because he was real!
That single thought banging in her head as she felt him begin to squeeze at her breasts while nuzzling in at her neck.

Zan, still trapped inside his own little cage along with the rest of them as in a rage as never before as he saw is brother now lying dead beside him, his blood threatening reach his cocoon at any moment and his woman being touched by that fucking monster. Zan was no angel, he might be a bastard but he wasn’t a fucking bastard.

He tried wiggling, pounding but he could do nothing to free himself as his arms were tightly held at his sides. He tore his eyes away from her for a moment as he looked wildly about him.
He saw that Lonnie, Rath, Tess and Ava were the only ones free, hardly surprising as his eyes fell in Ava.
She was standing closer to Michael and Isabel than she was to the three stooges with her eyes tightly shut. Not moving!

“This is just da best, Christmas has certainly come early this year.” Rath was jumping up and down , still clapping.

“I guess… but I woulda liked to have seen him squirm a little first.”

Lonnie added as she cracked at her knuckles about to added alittle something extra now searching out at a Tess that looked like her favorite toy had just been taken away from her.
“You gotta be shitting me girl, you still had feelings for the guy?”

Tess didn’t move as Lonnie tutted loudly about to kick off some more when there was an interruption to the side of them. A crack of crack noise now ripped into the laughter.

Snapping round they where faced with a swirling ball of fire like light about the size of a tennis ball. It was licked with colours and so bright that it hurt their eyes, already burning as the humming then started. It was only slight but enough to cause bodies to vibrate with it.

“What the fuck is that?”
Rath was nosy even when he should know better as he took baby steps towards it, arm out stretched.

They all did. Helplessly drawn to it as Ava was still remained standing completely still, her eyes still squeezed tightly shut. Her forehead was frowning harder beads of sweat now collecting at the ridges on her face as she seemed to be mumbling something.

“Your destiny!”
Was all his one side as they stepped alittle closer, the pull already becoming unbearable.


She trembled as his hands continued invading her all over, helpless as he pushed her harder up against it instantly feeling sick as his breath repeated smacked against her skin.
He was savagely blocking her view of both her sister and her lover, her life as she desperately tried to fight him while thoughts continued banging around in her head.

‘ He’s in here…with us….both of us….together….’
she had seconds of pauses as her gut wrenched harder and higher from his frenzied touch.
‘Stop it…just think you pussy…he’s in here with us…trapped…while their all out there….’

‘we need to get him out there too.’

Her eyes flashed open. Liz was in her head too.
They could hear again….he was getting weaker as the realization hit them both right between the eyes.
They were making him human between them, it was working as she saw her move behind him from over his shoulder. They both then shared the same thought, kick his ass straight to hell but knowing that they couldn’t risk anything happening…. That he must know what was happening to him as he showed no signs of it yet.

She looked like death to her now. Words could not describe what she saw held within her face but she could feel it well enough.
It ripped through Mila, ripple over ripple. Liz was dead inside, she’d died right along side Max as soon as the knife broke through his flesh as it ragged through her.
Mila had never experienced such pain as she was now, not even when Khivar was in her head. She knew she would be exactly the same if Zan were to die.

But he had to, that was his destiny as her final release, her destiny was still not yet known. She was in limbo, here to help them but being the weakest so would have to sacrifice herself too but she was also human and she could not go where Zan had to go because she would surely die. But she would die without him so either way she was fucked as her eyes matched Liz’s…they were feeling too.

But they would all die if they didn’t work together to end this once and for all. Mila’s eyes began to glaze, her sister was the strongest and bravest person that she’d ever met or ever would . But she saw that her body was trembling, betraying her wracked with unimaginable emotions as they now took hold of her once more. There was no time as Mila then did the only thing that what give them time, give them a chance of survival, their only chance as she allowed her shaky hands to travel up and land on his body as she held him close.
She would have died right there and then if Zan’s face hadn’t flashed up before her face while they were making love and he was above her filled with love as she pulled him in just alittle closer.
She had to make this work, she had to do this she had to be stronger than she ever thought possible as she held him tighter and nuzzled in closer. She heard him moan as he began bunching at her clothing.

As if to feel her behind him he broke the suction from at Mila’s neck, not letting her go as he turned to look at her over her shoulder.
“getting jealous were you my Princess?”
He oozed out as his smirk continued travelling higher up his face.

She stepped in closer, hiding every thought that would betray her to him as she smiled back. She needed to be strong too as she felt little Mila once more as she thought she heard her calling out to her daddy. Liz flicked her head round stole, daring to hope as she still saw him lying in the ground. Slowly turning back she was now facing him once more. They needed him alive too as she finally found the breath and words to speak while relentlessly playing with her rings out of sight.

His knees began to buckle at the way that her eyes were holding his as he felt Mila give his arm a gentle caress as she felt him poke into her harder.

Turning round slightly, taking Mila’s with him as he’d put his hand in hers as he stepped into where Liz now stood.
She didn’t move at muscle, just letting her hands linger at her belly for just a moment longer before letting them fall away.
“So what shall we do about this little situation then? Hmmmm?”

He was totally mesmerized by them both, pity that Mila had to die but not before he’d had his dessert !!! He moved in slowly while taking Mila with him in one hand and pulling Liz to him with the other.
He leaned into drink at her lips but Liz turned her face to him just as got there so he’d kiss at her cheek . Wishing she’d turned alittle more and alittle faster so he would have missed her completely.
She hid her repulsion of him well as she swore that she felt little Mila twitch inside if her belly at his touch as he pulled her hard up against him. It was like she understood that evil was near, that her mother was in danger!

But she was still too small to do that and for her to have felt it. Liz wobbled with it as she felt it again, already unable to even begin to describe the feeling of having Max’s child move deep within her.
But was she dreaming? An impossible dream as they would probably be following her father to the afterlife sometime soon but not without a fight. She owed him that but then she began to wonder why he’d given up so easily? She knew he would die for them, putting their lives always before his own, he’d told her that the last time they’d made love. Her insides twisted and panged to the remembrance of their last union when the description of ‘seeing stars’ finally became a reality to both of them.
They truly connected that last time two becoming one, over and over in the amongst the brightest of colours and a humming that just wouldn‘t let them go till long after.
They could literately feel everything that the other could, intensified ten fold than before.
But now there was nothing because Max was dead and she was still here. Alone with Khivar…with no obvious means of escape as her belly teaked again.
She frowned, stopping when she saw Mila staring right back at her, mirroring the exact same look . She’d felt it too. It was real as she looked back again to where Max’s body lay.

Khivar looked between her and the outside then back again.
“You want to go and see him my love?” Sounding almost human as she felt him stroke at her cheek, her skin crawling from under his touch.

Her word lost as they heard a loud humming which then turned into an huge explosion as the shield shattered from the force of the gateway opening wider.