Author: Honeybee
Category: Not really one
Rating: R, I guess, for language
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Do you hear me? I own nothing Roswell, so please don’t sue
Summary: Mostly from Maria’s POV, Max leaves to save his son. And shit happens

Author’s Note: I love Max, I really do. But last nights Ep really pissed me off. A true king wouldn’t force someone to help him, correct his mistakes. I true king would ask his people to help him. And if they choose not to, A true king would respect their decision. I didn’t see a true king in Max last night. What I saw was A little boy. A little boy that when he didn’t get his way, use his title and the power that goes with that title to order someone around. And in the end. Ended up destroying someone’s life. And had nothing to give but a sorry to him. Well sometimes sorry isn’t enough. So this was just something that has been running around in my head. I hope you guys like it. Please leave feedback.


“Hey Liz. Hey Ryan. I guess your wondering why we’re all here. Well it’s been one year since you both left us here on this earth. It’s been one year since we heard your laughs . It’s been one year since we seen your smiles. And it’s been one year since any us has really lived .

Isabel and Michael , blames themselves for not being able to save Ryan that last time. And I guess we all blame ourselves for you. The maybes and the what ifs are the thing that’s really killing us. maybe if we would have watched you more closely , you’ll still be here. Or what if Max never left, would we still be happy ? Would you and Ryan still be here with us? in stand of six feet under the ground.

It’s also have been one year since we’ve seen Max. And yes you heard me right when I said max. He showed up at the cemetery, after we buried you and Ryan . I still remember it like it was yesterday. I never knew that I could hate someone so much, then that day one year ago today. That cold day in December, that we said goodbyes one last time.”


~ “ What are you doing here Max ? You wanted no part in their lives, so what gives you the right to be a part of their deaths.”~

~ “ Maria you know that’s not true. I loved Liz and Ryan. But I had to save my son. I had to save Philip. I couldn’t let him be raised by Tess and Khivar. Liz understood , why can’t you guys ?” ~

~ “ You had to save Philip you son, Max ? Ha ! That’s really funny, because I could have sworn that little boy Liz was five months pregnant with when you left, was your son to.”~

~ “ Maria ! That’s not fair . Ryan and Liz was safe, Philip wasn’t.”~

~ “ Was Ryan safe Max ? Was he really safe ? Tell me you didn’t know what was going to happen before you left Max!?! Come on Max ! Lie to me. Tell me you didn’t know.”~

~ “ I...I Can’t.”~

~ “ That’s damn right you can’t ! because you knew! you knew that Ryan couldn’t live with out that connection to you. Why are you here now Max !?! To say your final goodbyes ? To tell them that you love them one last time ? Well to bad ! Because you lost that right when you left them to die.”~

~ “ That’s enough, Maria! I didn’t think..... I didn’t think that Liz would”~

~ “ You didn’t think, Liz would what Max? You didn’t think that Liz would be so heart broken from losing her child that she would blow her fucking brains out! Because she did. You didn’t think that Liz would have to watch her son be in pain for five years, before his little body just couldn’t wait any longer for daddy dearest to come and save him. Oh, Oh I get it now you didn’t think that Liz would care that Ryan died, because you and Philip would be coming back to her. So that should make losing ( HER) son easier. You would be bring back Yours and Tess’s son for her to raise. The so call heir to the throne . So Max where is the little king now? Oh wait a minute , He’s not the heir is he Max? let me guess the granolith wouldn’t recognize him as the next king, because he didn’t have that V thingy imprinted in his head. did he Max?”~

~ “ How.....How did you know that?”~

~ “ Well you see Max. Michael made a little discovery when he was healing one of Ryan, Many painful headaches. It’s funny really, here you was trying to stop Khivar and Tess from using Philip as a pawn to rule your planet , And he couldn’t even use the granolith, because the first born isn’t always the heir. It’s who the granolith choose. And it picked Ryan, to take the throne next. And let me guess, some how you found this out and decided it was time to come home. As you can see it’s to little to late, Ryan is dead. So I ask you again, why are you here Max?”~

~ “ Your right Maria . I knew that Ryan was going to die, without me here. but I thought, it would happen right after he was born. I had no ideal it would take five years or that he would be in so much pain. If I knew that I would have never left. You have to believe that.”~

~ “ That’s where your wrong Max. I don’t have to believe shit that comes out of your mouth. And how dare you ? Think just because you thought he was going to die right when he was born, justified Your actions. Just because you thought it was going to be quick and painless, That made him expandable? You know I remember you once telling Tess that all Life matters. But am guessing that you didn’t even believe that, because if you did we wouldn’t be here today. You know Max, I feel sorry for your son Philip, because he has to be raise by a father who thought one of his kids life didn’t matter. Maybe the poor boy would have been better off with Tess and Khivar. And I ask you again why are you here? Because we all know that it’s not out of the goodness of your heart. That would mean you would have one, and me and you both know that’s not true.”~

~ “ I......I need something that only Ryan can give me.”~

~ “ What could a dead little boy, Have that you would want, Max?”~

~ “ I need to take the V imprint off is brain and scan into Philip’s. I know that I sound like a heartless bastard , and believe me I feel like one . But this isn’t about me. This is for my planet my people. Please let me do this. Don’t let his death , their death be in vain.”~

~ OH! don’t even try that bullshit on me Max. Ryan and Liz died because of your own selfishness . And we would be damned if we let you do what you want to do. That little boy, died your people’s king and his mother their queen. And we refuse to let you take that away. so why don’t and (YOUR) son just leave. because your not wanted nor needed here.”~

“~ But Maria?~”
~ “ No buts Max. You Made your chose. Am just sorry that it was the wrong one. Now just leave. we are here to pay repeats to a fallen king and his mother. You are nothing but the enemy , and you have no right to be here.”~


“ We all turned our backs on him that day , Liz. He dream walked Isabel and Michael a few times, bring Philip with him, hoping to get them to change their minds . But they would just show him some of their memories Of you and Ryan and then kick him out of their dream. eventually he got the point and stop . and we haven’t seen or heard from him since. I would wonder what happen to them, but I can’t seem to make myself care.”

( On the other side of the cemetery.)

“ Aunt Maria looks so sad mommy. Why can’t we tell them. That our deaths wasn’t real?”

“Because sweetness it’s not time.”

“ Mommy what ever happened to Philip and daddy?”

“ I don’t know sweetness.”

“ Would it make me a bad person, If I still love daddy? I know he would have let me die, but I can’t help but still love him.”

Liz look down at the little boy that she love so much, “ No sweetness. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you just the opposite. It makes you a very kind, loving , and forgiving person. And it will also make you a great king some day.”

“ do you hate me mommy?”

“ No, Ryan . why would you think something like that?”

“ Because of me you have to leave them. Because of me you have to leave this world, your home.”

“ No Ryan. You are my home. You are worth me giving all this away just so that I could save you. I wouldn’t do any thing differently. So don’t ever think that I would hate you , Because it could never happen. I love you . You are my world.”

“ I love you mommy.”

“ I love you to sweetness.”

“ I still wish we could tell them, mommy. They look so sad. I don’t want them to be sad.”

“ I wish we could to sweetness. but it’s for the best, this way. It’ll get easier for them with time. now let’s go find uncle Leark. It’s been a year and the ship is finally here. It’s time to go.”

“ do you think the people pf Antar will like me mommy?”

“ Like you !?! Their not just going to like you , their going to love you. Now let’s go. A whole new world awaits us.”

Looking back at the group of people who had become her family, one last time. “Bye you guys. We will always love you. And mark my words, we will meet again someday.” She whispered into the air. straitening her back Liz stepped into the Black sedan , and to her new life.

~~~~THE END ~~~~~~~