posted on 30-Nov-2001 9:22:34 PM
Title:Liz with out Max
author: Liz parker Evans
Disclaimer: Nothin
Subject:Max and Liz forever
1) Max Tess Michael Isabel leave the planet to antar
2)Before they leave max and liz share a special moment
3)When they leave Liz finds out shes pegnent
4) Her life becomes a disaster
This is my first fic so please dont send any hate replys
Part 1
Liz wakes up under her bed covers and finds no Max with her but a note.

Dear Liz,
Sorry to say this but Isabel, Tess, Michael, and I have left the planet to go back to antar.I know you must hate me right now espically scince after what happened between us last night. But I hade no choice everyone was dying and we had do something or our planet woukd be under Khivar forever. Please just know how much I love you! Never forget it! Ill love you always and forever! ill come back to you I promise!
At this point liz had burning tears run down her face!
"how could max do this"
Just then maria alex and kyle entered
"do what?"Maria said
Liz handed them the letter
Maria had also started crying.
"How could Michale do this to me" Maria sobbed
Alex and Kyle held them both
"We dont know" Alex said
"But their probably be back like Max said" Kyle predictied
"yea probably like in a millon years" liz said
they all just sat there in the room
should I continue?

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hey I just wanna say thanx for all the replies!