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I don’t but I do (Max/Liz)

Summary: Max Evans and Liz Parker have known each other since high school and they’ve despised each other ever since. They just happened to go to the same university as each other and they try to make each other’s lives hell. Neither expected to fall in love.
Category: AU M/L (duh?)
Rating: PG-13 language is basically it. Will be NC-17 later.
Author’s note: Please leave some feedback and tell me if I should continue it or not! This is my first fic posted since my “Will you still love me” story, which I’m totally stuck on so I will probably not finish it. Not very many people read it so I’m guessing no one will miss it. I hope the people that read this story will like it!

Liz couldn’t believe what was happening. Her best friend Maria Deluca, known for being one of the messiest girls on campus, was actually cleaning their dorm. It’d never happened before in their two years of sharing a room together. Liz dropped her backpack onto her bed and watched in amusement as Maria frantically vacuumed the carpet. Something was up. Liz waited till Maria had shut it off before she spoke.
“Are you sick? Should I feel your forehead?” Liz asked.
Maria rolled her eyes and blew a strand of hair away from her face.
“Shut up. I’m not sick.”
Liz raised her eyebrows. “But you’re cleaning. You never clean!”
Maria grinned. “I know but I’m expecting company. Male company.”
Liz laughed. “How did I not know? Who’s the mystery man?”
“Michael Guerin.” Maria replied with a dreamy expression on her face.
Liz scrunched up her nose. “Isn’t he known for a player though? How do you know he’s not just getting in your pants one day and dumping you the next?”
Maria giggled. “I don’t care as long as he gets in.”
“Oh god.”
Maria laughed out loud, and then noticed her closet was still a mess so the vacuum was forgotten.
Liz flopped down onto her bed. It had been a long day. She hadn’t gone to bed till 3AM studying for an exam last night, and then she had to wake up at 7AM for her first class. To top it all, she’d studied at the library for two straight hours. She looked over at the clock on her nightstand. It was five fifty-five already. Damn, she’d studied at the library way too long. She was supposed to meet Kyle at the cafeteria at six. Maybe it was time to get a watch? She shot up from her bed and quickly changed into something decent from her sweatpants and tank top.
“Where you going Liz?” Maria asked as she stuck the vacuum into its place in the closet.
“I’m meeting Kyle at the caf.” Liz replied as she quickly ran her brush through her long hair. She prepared herself for Maria’s soon coming comments.
“You should dump that piece of shit Liz. No use in getting so involved with someone boring.”
There we go. Liz paused from perfecting her make-up. After a few moments she spoke up.
“He’s nice.”
“You want to know something? Our room is nice Liz. Our bathroom is nice.”
Liz grabbed her purse. “We’ll talk about this later when I get back.”
“Uhh you can’t come back.” Maria told her with her nose scrunched up.
Liz paused with her hand on the doorknob. “What? Why?”
“Michael’s coming over. You know, and staying.” Maria winked at her multiple times.
Liz groaned. “Well what do you want me to do? Sleep in the hallway?”
“Well it’s so not my fault that you don’t have a boyfriend to crash with. Oh wait Kyle. I totally forgot. Did I mention he’s dead from the waist down?”
Liz closed her eyes and bit down the urge to put duck tape over her friend’s mouth.
“I’ll crash with Isabel okay? Just put my backpack and some of my clothes into a bag and put them outside the door.”
Maria squealed and jumped over to her to give her a hug. “Thank you so much Liz! I’ve wanted Michael for the longest time!”
“Yeah whatever. Have fun.” Liz slammed the door behind her and rushed down the hallway. It was already past six. She turned a corner and WHAM slammed into a rock solid body. She stumbled back and was about to apologize when she realized who it was. Max Evans AKA her sworn enemy.
“Walk much?” he shot at her as he walked past.
“Fuck you.” She retorted back as she headed to the elevators.
Kyle tapped his fingers against the countertop as he waited for Liz. He looked at his watch. Ten minutes past six. He sighed. Why did she always have to be late?
“Kyle!” Liz called as she hurried to where he was sitting. She tossed her long hair behind her back and sat down across from him.
“Hey Liz what kept you?” Kyle asked.
“I had to change into something decent so I wouldn’t look like a freak.”
Kyle took her hand. “You look great in anything you wear.”
Liz giggled. “Thank you. That’s so sweet of you to say.” Screw Maria. I’ve got a great boyfriend.
Kyle gave her a smile.
“So what are our plans going to be?” Liz asked as she took a sip of his water
Kyle pointed towards his backpack. “I thought we could go study at the library.
Liz groaned inwardly but on the outside she smiled. “Yeah sure if that’s what you want to do.” Never mind Maria. You were right.
They headed to the library and Liz felt like screaming as she sat there watching Kyle study. Why hadn’t she noticed before how utterly boring he really was? They should be making out in some dark corner right now instead of- Liz glanced at the textbook he was reading from. –Reading Chemistry for the Gifted!!
“Hey Kyle why don’t we go do something else?” she suggested hoping he’d say yes which was highly unlikely because he was so engrossed in his reading. To Liz’s dismay but not surprise, he barely looked up. Instead he nodded and said, “Yeah sure go get something to drink.”
Liz sighed and eyed the pencil on the desk. She wondered if he’d notice if she stuck it in his brain. Finally she just gave up and headed for the vending machines. As she walked she saw Max standing nearby with a Paul and Tyler. Well that was just great. Honestly? She hated them all, Max especially of course. She decided to ignore them and got some change from her pocket.
Tyler elbowed Max. “Yo hot Liz Parker’s coming.”
Max scowled. “I hate her. She’s a real bitch and I think she’s ugly.”
Tyler knew Max’s hate towards her and didn’t feel like arguing with him about how seriously Liz Parker was NOT ugly. She had a body to die for and add that together with her gorgeous face and long silky hair? Tyler almost drooled on the spot.
Paul rolled his eyes towards Max’s comments then crossed his arms. “Why the hell is she going out with that Kyle guy anyway?” He watched as she dug up change from her tight jeans. Her butt was seriously asking to be smacked. He nudged Tyler and Max then headed over to her.
“Hey Liz. What’s up?”
Liz gave him barely a glance and started putting change into the machine.
“Come on, why don’t you talk to me?”
Hmm should I get Coke or Pepsi? Liz thought. She pressed the coke button and bent down to get it.
“What, you think you’re too good for me?” Paul hissed then fiercely grabbed her butt.
Liz swung to meet his eyes angrily then kneed him in the groin. He bent over in pain as Tyler laughed. Max didn’t think it was funny and glared at her. Who did she think she was? Tyler went over to Paul and helped him get away from her while Max approached her. Liz was about to tell him to get the hell away from her when he took her coke, opened it and took a swig. Liz watched surprised not knowing that his next step would shock her. Max gave her a grin then dumped the rest over her head.


Isabel handed Liz her overnight bag and backpack then sat down onto the floor next to her. She’d gone to her dorm to get it for her. She waited for an explanation as to why Liz had come running to her dorm angry and soaking wet. She hadn’t asked any questions before because Liz was sticky and needed a shower badly. But now she was all cleaned up and sitting on the floor with her arms crossed.
“Liz I’m waiting.” She said.
“I…hate…Max…Evans…” was all Liz said. She’d had to walk all the way back to her dorm sticky as hell and dripping wet. Then once she got there she remembered that Michael was over and then she had to walk all the way to Isabel’s dorm, which was in another building. Thank god none of her sorority sisters saw her!
Isabel let down her ponytail and laughed. “I’ve known that since the day I met you but what does he have to do with all this?”
Liz looked up and glared. Isabel scrunched up her nose and said, “Oh.”
Liz got up from the floor and began to pace. “I’ve got to think up of ways to get him back.” She said with a determined face.
Isabel got up also and grabbed her arm. “Liz I’ll help you do that later but you have to tell me what he did to you first!”
Liz took a deep breath. “He poured coke over my head in the library!”
Isabel covered up her mouth and tried not to laugh. So that’s why she’d been sticky and wet. Liz waited and she narrowed her eyes as Isabel let out a weird snort through her nose.
“And to top it all Kyle barely glanced at me when I told him what happened! A normal boyfriend would’ve gone over and kicked his ass but no he just SAT THERE!” Liz felt like screaming in rage as she thought about Kyle. He needed to change his ways or he and Liz would be over!
Isabel laughed again. Didn’t all of Liz’s friends tell her that Kyle was nothing but a bore?
“Laugh all you want Is but he’s going to pay. It doesn’t have to be like what he did to me but I’m going to try anything.”
Isabel rolled her eyes. “Don’t you think this war between you guys have lasted long enough? I mean, come on, you’ve hated each other since the first day of high school!”
“Well he started it.”
“What are you guys talking about?”
Liz and Isabel looked up and smiled at the girl who just walked into the room. It was Courtney, Isabel’s roommate.
“Oh just Max Evans.” Isabel told her.
Courtney licked her lips and giggled. “He has to be THE hottest guy in this school don’t you guys think so? I feel like jumping him every time I walk past him!”
Liz almost gagged and Isabel shrugged. She was afraid if she said something Liz wouldn’t like, she’d beat her up.
Courtney stared in shock. “I can’t believe you two!”
“He’s gross.” Was all Liz said.
Isabel kept silent. Courtney shrugged off Liz’s comment. Everyone knew about Max and Liz’s long time hate towards each other.
“Hey you guys hear about the party next week at the Stevenson house?” Courtney asked. She took out a flyer from her pocket and handed it over to Liz and Isabel.
“Oh I’m so there.” Isabel said.
“Same.” Liz agreed. She really was excited about the party next week but she needed Courtney out of the room so she could get Isabel to help her get back at Max. Finally Courtney went into the bathroom and Liz grabbed onto Isabel’s arm.
“Come on Is. We have to think of a plan!”
Isabel thought for a minute. What could Liz do that would totally get back at Max? She brightened. Liz was lucky she had her as a friend because she had the perfect plan.

Max leaned back on his chair and grinned. He wanted to shout out to everyone in the library and tell them all what he’d just done. What he had just done was probably the most unbelievable thing he’d ever done. Well besides pouring Coke over Liz Parker’s head but hey, that was a different story. He’d managed to finish his book report 10 minutes before his class would start. Oh this was a great day. After class ended he’d find a hot girl to reward himself.
“Hey Max.” Isabel said as she leaned against the desk he was working on.
Max grinned up at her. “Hey there.” Maybe before class?
Isabel started twirling a strand of her long blonde hair around her fingers and gave him a dazzling smile.
“It looks like you’re done the book report.”
Max ran a hand through his hair and nodded. “Damn straight.”
Isabel took his hand in hers and tugged. “How about getting something to drink with me to celebrate? And then we’ll go to class together.”
Max grinned gorgeously and Isabel started thinking about NOT doing this to him but then the thought of Liz being mad at her was just plain scary.
“Yeah let’s go.” Max said. As the two of them walked over to the vending machines Isabel turned and gestured over to Liz who was hiding in a corner.
Liz quickly scampered over, snatched the booklet and ran off as fast as she could.
Isabel put her hand over her mouth in mock surprise. “Oh my god, look what that girl’s doing!”
Max swung around and he saw Liz running off with something in her hands. Max’s heart started beating really fast as if it would pop out. He ran as fast as he possibly could to his table.
“No!” he yelled. “FUCK!” It was gone. The book report he’d worked on so hard was gone. That book report was supposed to be the key to finally getting an A. He looked at his watch. Five minutes to class. He slumped down onto the chair and
“Wow I just cannot believe anyone would steal your report.” Isabel said. She cautiously put her hand on his arm. Max shook it off then stood up suddenly. Isabel could practically see steam coming out of his ears. She watched as he gathered all his stuff into his backpack then ran out of the library with top speed.
She giggled. “Liz you better run.”

Liz slumped against a wall to catch her breath. She’d never run so fast in her life! But it was so worth it. She flipped open the cover of Max’s report and scanned over it. She hated to admit it but he’d worked really hard on it. She bit her lip as guilt washed over her. Then she thought about coke in her hair and she shuddered. Nope she wouldn’t feel guilty. Max Evans deserved to be punished.
“Has anyone seen Liz Parker?”
Liz froze and she could just see herself turn pale. She looked around the corner and saw Max just a few feet away from her and he looked angry.
”Oh shit.” Liz muttered. The guy that Max was talking to just pointed over to her direction. She saw a huge oak tree nearby and she hurried over to hide behind it just in time as Max rounded the corner.
“HAS ANYONE SEEN THAT WHORE LIZ PARKER?” Max screamed. Passer-by’s laughed as they walked past.
Liz gritted her teeth and swore. She looked down at the pieces of paper in her hands and grinned. One by one she tore the paper in half and into little quarters while laughing like a maniac on the inside.
Max felt like throwing a tantrum. The kind he used to do when he was a kid. You know, when you couldn’t find your favourite toy. Well now he couldn’t find his A worthy book report.
“ARGH!” he rounded a corner then stopped dead in his tracks. He caught a glimpse of brown hair behind her tree. He ran over and grabbed her arm.
“Liz you stupid-” he stopped. It wasn’t her but some girl he didn’t know with long brown hair like Liz’s.
“Hi there Max Evans. What can I do for you?” Mandy asked as she eyed his hot muscular biceps.
This girl wasn’t too bad but Max had no time for girls he didn’t even know. He shoved her away and she fell on her butt with a thud.
“Hey what’s your problem?” Mandy whined. Max ignored her.
Max sat down onto a bench and buried his head in his hands. Not only had he not found that STUPID bitch he’d manage to forget about his class and miss it. That’s it. Liz Parker was going to pay.


Liz looked at her watch. Okay it was two in the afternoon. She looked at the door in front of her, which was shut. She tried the knob and it was unlocked. She’d seriously kill herself if Michael were still in there, which was highly likely. She closed her eyes tightly and flung open the door.
Silence. There wasn’t any rustling on the bed. She slowly opened her eyes. Maria stood there giving her a weird look. Liz laughed both in relief and embarrassment then threw her bag onto her bed.
“What the hell was that?” Maria asked. She’d almost pissed herself when the door all of a sudden flew open.
“Okay that time with you and that what’s-his-face guy cursed me for life so I didn’t want it to happen again.” Liz told her.
Maria giggled. “That was pretty wild huh?”
“Oh god I’m begging you not to remind me.” Liz let out a shudder as she sat down and Maria whacked her in the arm.
“So I heard about that incident with you and Max today.” She said as she sat down next to Liz.
Liz shot up. “Are you serious? What’s everyone saying?”
Maria laughed. “There are so many different versions.”
“No way. Tell me.”
Maria put a finger on her chin as she thought of the most interesting one she’d heard.
“Oh okay. The most interesting one is that you stole Max’s book report and you ran into a dark alley then Max followed you in.” Maria wiggled her eyebrows up and down.
Liz knew what was coming and she started feeling sick. “Please don’t say anymore.”
“After Max followed you in you had mind blowing, head exploding wild sex against a wall!”
Liz screamed and Maria fell on the floor laughing. She managed to choke out, “You-Max-together-HA!”
Liz rolled her eyes and pulled Maria off the floor. Maria stopped laughing.
“Oh by the way Cecil and Belle said they saw you yesterday dripping wet. What’s that all about?”
Liz groaned. So much for thinking that none of her sorority sisters saw her.

Max glanced back behind him and saw Liz arrive to class hand in hand with the loser Kyle. Intermediate Mathematics was the only class they had together, thank god, but it was bad also because this was the only place he could get back at her. What the hell could he do to humiliate her? She was sitting 20 rows away from him!
“Shit.” He muttered as the professor walked into the room. Maybe he’d just pour a whole gallon of soda over her head or something. The professor began a long lecture about some shit Max didn’t bother listening to. The only class he cared about was English Lit because he’d been getting some decent grades lately. Then that bitch screwed it all up for him.
“Fuck.” He muttered as he crossed his arms.
“Mr. Evans since you look so eager to participate why don’t you come step up and do this demo for the class?”
Oh shit. Max thought. He had no idea what they were doing. He slowly stood up. “Uh sorry I don’t know how.”
The Professor narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “Idiot, sit down. Let’s get someone smart up here.”
Max felt his face grow hot and he quickly sat down.
“Ms. Parker please.” The professor called.
Max sat up. This was his chance. Every single student would be watching. He glanced back. She was walking down his row now. Quick he had to think of something to do. She was getting closer. Finally he just stuck his foot out slowly.
“Come on Parker we don’t have all day!” someone yelled.
Liz was about to turn around to see who had yelled when she went flying down the walkway and landed in a heap in front of the professor.
The professor grinned at the class.
“I’ve never had a student fall at my feet before!” he announced.
Liz groaned as the class laughed at her. She knew why she fell. She’d seen Max’s foot slowly inching in after she’d fallen in front of the WHOLE DAMN CLASS. Maybe she should pretend to faint. She closed her eyes tightly. She was going to ruin Max Evans till he begged for her to leave him alone!

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“Oh please Liz, the girls aren’t gonna kick you out of Beta Zeta just because you tripped in class.” Maria said as she handed her a coke. They were in their dorm since Liz was still too afraid to show herself after what had happened yesterday. Maria couldn’t believe how she’d managed to coop herself in their room for a almost 2 days without going out. She was actually missing a much-needed make out session with Michael right now so she could listen to her crap. The things I do for Liz. Maria thought.
“But you don’t understand Maria! Pamela Troy was in that class! The goddamn president saw me fall on my face.” Liz was about to take a swig of her coke when she remembered the sticky liquid dripping off her hair and down her shirt. She shuddered and set it on her bedside table. Yes, that’s right, Liz Parker was in bed. She’d been in it since yesterday. Except to use the bathroom of course but all she’d done was get Maria to buy her some junk food and she’d vegged out in front of the TV. Her butt was getting kind of sore and it was probably getting bigger by the minute. Oh but who gave a shit anyways? She was the laughingstock of the school!
“Liz who care’s if Pamela was in that class? My grandma’s fish just died.”
Liz didn’t say anything. She was barely even listening. She was thinking about pathetic people and how they grew all gross sitting in bed all day eating junk food. Oh god she was one of them!
“I’m pathetic!” Liz wailed.
“Did I mention that fish lived a great life?”
Liz gave her an exasperated look. Sometimes she just couldn’t understand her. She was in the middle of a crisis!
“Don’t tell me it was Freddy with the big fins?” Liz couldn’t help but ask.
Maria grinned. Then she got up from the floor and gave Liz a hug.
“You’ll be just fine Liz. You’re not pathetic. Everyone will forget about it by tomorrow.”
Liz sighed. “I hope so. Did I mention I didn’t fall on my own? I was TRIPPED!”
Maria groaned. “You’ve told me that like a million times.” Then Maria let out a yell.
“Why don’t you guys just admit it? Jesus I didn’t want to mention it to you before but I just can’t take it anymore! Fighting 24 hours a day. I’m surprised you even have a life!”
“Mention what?” Liz asked. She heard one of her legs crack. Maybe it was time for her to get up now.
“You and Max have the hots for each other that’s what!”
Liz froze. She had one foot in her bed and one on the floor. She turned to Maria with a shocked look on her face. Then she toppled to the floor lying facedown into the carpet.
“OH MY GOD.” Liz muttered.
Maria let out a giggle and pulled Liz up from the floor. “So am I right? Huh? Tell me Liz is it true?”
“Maria the hate that I have for Max is so indescribable its not even funny. I just CANNOT believe you said that.”
Maria put her hands on her hips. “Well it got you out of bed didn’t it?”
Liz whacked her on the arm and headed for the bathroom. “That was a dirty trick.”
Maria laughed. “I wanted to get your fat ass out of bed. I had to do something! Plus you and Max would never get together anyway.”
Liz poked her head out before shutting the door. “That reminds me Maria, you gotta help me get back at him.”
Maria groaned. “Did I mention my grandma’s fish died?”

Max traced his fingertips from the tip of Pamela’s nose to the plunging neckline of her V-neck sweater. Pamela gazed dreamily up at him as she leaned against the wall. Being with Max Evans like this was like a dream to her. Just like all the other girls. From the freshmen to the seniors Max had them all tied around his little finger.
“Did I ever tell you that you’re sexy as hell?” Max whispered huskily. He started nibbling on her earlobe and it took all her strength to shake her head. Max pulled away.
“No? Well let me tell you something. You’re sexy as hell.” Then he ran his fingertips through her hair and thought, What’s her name again?
“Oh god Max.” Pamela whispered. She leaned in to kiss him but he held her at arms length.
“Before we kiss you have to promise you’ll do something for me.”
Pamela, almost desperate, pulled on his arm. “Oh Max anything you say and I’ll do it.”
Jesus, can you say desperate? If pissing Liz off weren’t so much fun he wouldn’t even glance over at her. He was more into the cheerleaders who were hot as hell and with big chests. He noticed Pamela’s rack was quite small. Oh what the hell he was dumping her right after anyways.
“Max, tell me, please.” Pamela practically begged. She stared up at his gorgeous face and she almost drooled.
“Which sorority are you president of again?”
“Beta Zeta why?”
Max ignored her questions. “Liz Parker is in that sorority isn’t she?”
Pamela frowned. “Yeah so?”
Damn he was beginning to lose her. He pressed himself against her and slid his hand down her hip.
“You gotta kick her out for me alright? And no questions okay?”
Pamela took a sharp intake of air as his hands travelled from her hip to her butt.
“Okay I’ll do it. I’ll tell her the minute I see her.”
Max grinned. People didn’t call him a player for nothing.

Liz was all ready to head to the Beta Zeta house. She hadn’t been there in a while and she needed to catch up on the latest gossip. Not about her of course. Liz pulled on her leather jacket and was about to head to the door when the phone ringed.
“Hello?” Liz looked at her watch. She didn’t want to miss the afternoon tea with the girls.
“Liz its Kyle.”
“Oh hey.” Liz had wondered where he’d gone. He hadn’t called her since she’d stormed away from him that day in the library. Oh what a great boyfriend he was.
“Do you want to meet someplace?”
Liz was so mad right now. He doesn’t call her for days and then he just expects her to meet with him?
“Do you have any idea what happened to me yesterday?” she exclaimed.
“Oh come on Liz. So you tripped, get over it. I need some help in Biology so let’s meet in the library.”
Liz gripped the phone so tightly she felt one of her knuckles crack.
“You wanna know what you need help in? You need help in your love life because you suck at it! By the way we’re OVER!” she screamed the last word fiercely and slammed the phone down. What the hell was his problem anyway? She knew Maria was right. Kyle was dead from the waist down but she didn’t know he could be such an insensitive pig. He didn’t even comfort her at all! She grabbed her bag and stormed out of her room.
Liz arrived at the Beta Zeta house in relief. Talking to her friends and having some drinks would calm her down. She was about to open the door when Pamela stepped out.
“Hey Pam what’s up?” Liz asked as she walked past her. Pam grabbed her arm and held her still.
“I need to talk to you.” She said with a serious tone.
Oh no! Liz thought. She’s going to lecture me about what happened in class yesterday!
“Listen Pam I know I made a fool of myself in class but it wasn’t my fault. Max Evans tripped me! I’m sorry I know this embarrasses not only myself but the entire house!”
“Um listen Liz I’m sorry but after that coke incident too? We can’t tolerate this kind of stuff from our members. Remember we’re people with poise and class. Maybe Kappa Bay will let you join their house?”
Liz widened her eyes. “You’re kicking me out? Why? I thought we were friends?!”
Pamela smirked. “I know what you did to Max also so I can’t tolerate that either.”
Liz threw her bag onto the ground. She felt like having a tantrum!
“You mean, this is about Max Evans? Oh my god did he put you up to this?”
Pam wagged her finger at her. “Remember Liz, act like a lady or even Kappa won’t let you in.”
Then she walked into the Beta house leaving Liz helplessly outside.

“Liz do we have to do this?” Isabel whined as she reluctantly started the car engine.
“Isabel, first he trips me in front of the whole class then he gets me kicked out of my sorority. What do you think?” Liz poured another packet of blue dye into the bucket of water she was carrying.
“Liz but this is just horrible. He won’t be able to get that stuff off for hours. And its sunny today Liz.”
Liz grinned evilly. “I know that means it’ll dry immediately.” She checked her watch. Maria had told her that Max and his football friends usually headed to the coffee shop on campus before their practice started around 4:00.
“Liz I don’t want to do this! Wasn’t Maria supposed to help you?” Isabel cried.
“Isabel please. I’m begging you. You’re the only one with a car.” Liz gave her puppy dogface. Isabel sighed and muttered something about true friendship and Liz grinned.
“Come on let’s go.”
Isabel put on a baseball hat to cover up her blond hair and sunglasses while Liz put on a black ski mask that basically covered up everything. She knew she shouldn’t even bother trying to disguise herself. Max would know it was her.
“Oh my god, look! There he is.” Liz pointed to where Max was. He’d just rounded the corner with his friends and was heading to the coffee shop.
“I don’t wanna do this!” Isabel wailed.
“Iz its too late to back out now come on!”
Isabel sighed then she did a U turn and stopped right beside Max who was standing on the sidewalk. He stopped walking and stared at them.
”Okay here goes.” Liz muttered. She opened the window.
“What the hell?” Max said as he saw the window of the car being rolled down and the person had a ski mask on. All of a sudden the person threw a bucket out of the car and drenched him! Max screamed. His arms were blue!
Isabel and Liz laughed so hard Liz swore she almost wet herself. The look on his face was priceless. She should’ve brought her camera!
“Oh my god he was so scared!” Isabel exclaimed. She took off her sunglasses and hat while Liz threw off her facemask. She grinned and rubbed her hands together.
“Payback’s always a bitch.”


“I can’t believe Liz would do that to you.” Michael said when Max had finally emerged out of the bathroom. It’d probably taken him over 3 hours to scrub the dye off.
“Yeah I know. What a bitch huh? It’s not like I ever did anything to her.”
Michael raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t you tell me a few days ago you poured coke over her head?”
Max laughed. “Oh yeah, that’s it though.”
“What about the tripping incident? I was sitting right beside you when you tripped her.”
Max examined his arms. They looked fine. It was his face that was bad. It still had a bluish tint to it. Damn Liz Parker. He knew he deserved it after tripping her and getting her kicked out of Beta Zeta but come on? Pouring blue dye on him just a day away from the biggest party of the year? Now that was cruel.
“And then you told me you got her kicked out of Beta Zeta.” Michael finished.
Max rolled his eyes. “Mike you done yet? I know what I did and the bitch deserved it alright?”
Michael shook his head. “You should find yourself a girlfriend or something, maybe then you’d forget about all this childish stuff you and Liz are pulling.”
Max smirked. “I don’t want to be tied down like you Mike. Maria’s hot but the Stevenson party’s going to have tons of hotter chicks there.”
Michael shrugged. “I told you before I’m not going to play girls anymore. You should stop too. They’ll all come back one day and kick your ass.”
“Nah I’m too gorgeous.” Max said with a laugh.
Michael gave him a stern look. “Shut the hell up. Look, forget about Liz all right? Don’t try and get back at her for what she did cuz obviously you deserved it.”
“Yeah sure mom.” Max said and gave him a little salute.
“Whatever. I’m heading out.” Michael gave him a smack on the back then left. Max sat down onto his bed and towel dried his hair. Maybe Michael was right. He and Liz couldn’t keep this up for another two years could they?

Liz felt so tired she could’ve fallen asleep just by standing there. All she wanted to do was crawl back into her warm bed and never come out. Instead she was in the mall shopping with Maria and Isabel.
“Can we go yet?” she whined.
Maria gave her a dirty look. “Liz the party’s tonight and all three of us need new clothes. So four words for you We Need To Shop.”
Liz looked at her watch. “But it’s Saturday and I wanted to sleep in. How am I supposed to party tonight if I don’t get my sleep?”
Maria and Isabel ignored her and they headed into a store that sold leather clothes. Maria squealed and ran over to where the leather mini skirts were on sale. Isabel followed and Liz sighed. Since there was no way in them letting her go home so she might as well treat herself to some nice sexy clothes for tonight. By the time they left the store Liz was full of renewed energy and a bag full of clothes while Maria sulked over not being able to buy the mini skirt because they just happened to not have her size. Isabel was still in her chipper little mood. She already had some clothes she could wear tonight so she wasn’t too worried. After two hours of non-stop shopping Liz had bought all the stuff she would wear tonight and then some while Maria was still unhappy about the mini skirts but had bought a pair of jeans at Bloomingdale’s instead. Isabel had bought a new top to go with the leather pants she had back at her dorm.
“I can’t believe you bought so much.” Isabel commented as she hailed a cab. One stopped and the three of them climbed in.
“NYU please.” Liz told the driver. Then she turned to her friends and shrugged.
“I don’t know what came over me today but all I know is I deserved to get all this after all the shit that’s happened to me.”
Maria and Isabel laughed then nodded in agreement and they rode back to the university in a comfortable silence. Liz smiled to herself on the inside. Even though she knew Max was going to be there tonight she was determined to have fun.
When Liz and Maria arrived at around eight, the party was in full swing with tons of people in there already. Maria spotted Michael and quickly went up to him.
“Hey babe.” Michael said as he pulled her into his arms and gave her a thorough kiss.
“Get a room.” Max commented as he took a swig of his beer.
Michael and Maria pulled away looking sheepish. Then Maria’s face turned serious and she stuck her finger against Max’s chest.
“You bastard. Leave Liz alone tonight you hear me?”
“Don’t worry I won’t get near that slut tonight.” Max told her. Maria narrowed her eyes then she stalked off. Michael glared at him.
“Watch your language man.” He said then he walked off after her.
God Maria was seriously changing him. Max gave a shake of his head and headed to the ladies.
Liz swung around when she felt someone tap on her shoulder. It was Jordan from her Mathematics class. He had helped her up when she had tripped. Hmm he wasn’t bad looking either.
“Hey!” Liz yelled. The music was getting louder and louder by the minute.
“Hey you wanna dance?” Jordan asked.
Liz gave him her dazzling smile and nodded. In the middle of their dance someone else cut in. And then someone else cut in. And then another person came over. Liz giggled every time it happened. She was having a blast!
Max leaned against the wall and tucked a strand of the girl’s curly hair behind her ear.
“What’s your name?” he asked. The girl giggled.
“Tess…I’m a senior.”
Max raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure a senior wants to hang out with me?” He eyed her breasts. They looked like they would spill out of her tank top any minute now.
Tess leaned closer to him. “Come on let’s go upstairs.” She whispered. Max nodded and he took her by the hand. They walked by Peter who was one of the organizers of the party. He grabbed Max’s arm.
“Yo Evans can you do me a favour?” Max gave him an annoyed look.
“What the hell do you want?” He looked over at Tess who gave him a pout.
Peter looked around to make sure no one heard. “Uh listen all the beer’s downstairs in the basement. Could you go grab another case up and put it in the kitchen?”
That didn’t sound too bad. “Fine I’ll do it.”
“Thanks buddy.” Peter quickly hurried away.
“Max I thought we were going upstairs?” Tess whined.
Max rubbed her arm. “Go up by yourself first and I’ll come up and find you okay?”
Tess reluctantly nodded and Max headed to the basement.

Liz fanned herself with her hand and practically had to peel her halter-top away from her sticky skin. She’d been dancing non-stop and it was hot as hell. She scanned around. Where the hell were the beers? She spotted Courtney and grabbed her arm.
“Hey Liz!” Courtney exclaimed.
“Listen is there some place where its cool cuz I’m boiling.”
Courtney nodded. “There’s air conditioning down in the basement.” She told her.
“Okay thanks.”
“Don’t shut the door though! It’s broken!” Courtney called after her.
Liz practically ran downstairs. Liz was careful to position a chair on the side of the door so it wouldn’t close. Courtney was right. It was cool down here and Liz felt so much better as she flopped down onto an old couch.
Max walked by some people he knew and waved, and then he headed down to the basement. He saw that the beers were perched up onto a tall shelf where he couldn’t really reach. Oh good there was a chair right beside the door. He pulled the chair away and the door slammed closed. Liz shot up from the couch and Max jumped.
“What the hell are you doing here?” he asked giving her a dirty look. Liz looked at the closed door. Then she stared at Max. She looked horrified.
“Oh my god Max Evans. What have you done?”


Liz scrambled off the couch and ran to the door. She tried turning the lock and it wouldn’t budge.
“Oh shit.” Max came beside her and pushed her away to try and open it.
“It’s all your fault Max! GOD you’re so stupid!”
Max swung around with a disbelieved expression. “You could’ve warned me that the fucking door was broken and you didn’t! You’re the stupid one!”
Liz let out a groan and sat on the edge of the couch. “Oh my FUCKING god I can’t believe I have to be stuck here with you!”
Max gave out a laugh. “You think I wanna be here with you? I’ve got a hot girl waiting upstairs for me!”
“How can you think of girls at a time like this? We might be stuck here for the whole night!”
“Yeah and it’s all your fault!”
Liz let out a frustrated scream.
“Shut up!” Max yelled.
“Don’t tell me to shut up! You don’t even know how to write a decent book report!”
Max froze. Then he charged over to her and grabbed her arm.
“What the hell did you do to it?”
Liz shoved him away and gave him a sneer. “I ripped it up piece by piece.”
Liz pretended to examine her fingernails. “It was the worst thing I’ve ever read in my life.”
Max clenched his fists. If she didn’t shut up he was seriously going to punch her in the face.
“Yeah well it wasn’t that hard to kick you out of Beta Zeta. The members didn’t even want you in the first place. It was your rich little mommy and daddy who got you in.” Max gave a little smirk.
Liz stood up. “How dare you say that? At least my parents aren’t on welfare.”
Okay that was it. Max grabbed both her arms and shoved her against the wall. Liz grimaced slightly but she didn’t want to let it on that he’d hurt her.
“You deserved to have coke poured on you, you bitch.” He seethed.
“Blue was such a great colour on you.”
“Tripping you was the best thing I’d ever done in my life.”
“Throwing away your lame excuse of a book report made me feel so good.”
“Fuck you!”
“God I hate you so much!”
“I hate you too!”
Max’s fingers tightened on her arms and Liz glared at him fiercely. Then she watched as he bent down and pressed his lips against hers. Max let his grips loosen and Liz wrapped her arms around his neck tightly to allow more access to his hot warm mouth. Max caught her halter-top in his fist, pulling her closer till she was pressed completely into him. They stumbled to the couch and Liz stretched against the lovely hard length of him, as she lay trapped in his arms. Max’s hands slide down her back, hot hands that made Liz so hot she felt like exploding. This was Max, and that seemed dangerous and exciting at the same time, which turned her extremely on. Max felt her moving even closer and he shuddered and pulled her hips to his and licked into her mouth. She caressed his tongue with hers, and rolled her down twisting so she was under him, pressing her down with all his hot weight, pushing his thigh between hers and making Liz moan and she dug her fingernails into his back.
“Oh my god. Liz?” someone exclaimed.
The two of them froze and Max pulled away from her. He stared down at Liz with her red swollen lips. What had they just done? He quickly climbed off her and stumbled to his feet. Then he realized it was Maria who had yelled. She was staring at them wide-eyed and in shock. It couldn’t be. She couldn’t believe what she’d just seen.
Max turned back to Liz who was still lying there. She looked gorgeous and Max scratched his head. What was happening to him?
“Uh listen this never happened alright?” he said to her then he hurried out of the room. Liz bit her lip and sat up. Maria ran over to her.
“Liz what happened?” Maria exclaimed.
Liz adjusted her top and she shook her head. “I don’t know Maria. We got stuck in here and the next thing I know we’re making out on the couch.”
Maria’s eyes glowered. “What a bastard. He actually had the nerve to just dump you like that.”
Liz stood up shakily and Maria held onto her arm.
“Are you okay?” Maria asked.
Liz gave her a small smile. “Don’t worry about me Maria. How’d you know I was in here?”
Maria gave a laugh. “I didn’t. I was coming down here to find a place for me and Michael and then I found you and Max.”
Liz groaned. “I can’t believe this. The last thing I wanted to do was kiss Max.”
They walked up the stairs where the party was still going strong.
“I’m just going to go home.” Liz told her.
“I’ll come with you.” Maria offered but Liz knew she wanted to stay. Liz shook her head.
“I’ll be fine I just don’t feel like partying after what that asshole did.”
Maria nodded. “Well, I’ll see you when I get back then?”
Liz nodded and gave her a quick hug then walked away to the front door. She was NOT going to cry.

Max crouched down against the wall outside and covered his face in his hands. What the hell had just happened? He and Liz had been fighting and all of a sudden they were on the couch and groping each other. Hell, he didn’t even like Liz. He hated her. At least he thought he did until tonight when he’d seen her in those tight pants and that shirt. Yeah that’s right it was her outfit. It had nothing to do with her. Max groaned. What was he talking about? He stood back up. He needed to do something to get his mind off of her like RIGHT NOW.
“Max! Where the hell have you been?”
Tess came stomping out of the house and came over to where he was crouching outside. He’d totally forgotten about her.
“Hey I totally forgot.” Max admitted to her.
She crossed her arms. “Well are we gonna go upstairs or what Evans? I’ve been searching everywhere for you!”
Yeah having sex would totally get his mind off of Liz Parker. He grabbed her hand. “Yeah come on let’s go.”
As they walked through the door to get inside, Liz came walking through to get outside and Max pretended he didn’t even notice her when she glanced over at him.
Liz wanted to kill him. First he messes with her and now he’s heading upstairs with some other girl. She felt her stomach tighten and she felt like throwing up. She quickly ran off and back to her dorm. Why was she so upset anyway? She didn’t even like him that bastard.

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Max felt tired and miserable and he fell back onto his bed. He winced as he gingerly felt his right cheek where Tess had punched him. It was definitely going to have a mark tomorrow. He felt like such a wuss, just letting someone punch him like that but come on he couldn’t punch back a girl. He and Tess had been going at it in one of the rooms at the party and he’d panted out Liz’s name by mistake. What the hell was his problem? He didn’t really care that he’d hurt Tess’s feelings, he was just using her of course, but to call out the person you hated in the middle of making out with a hot girl was just… Max couldn’t even describe a word for it. God, it was all Liz’s fault. She shouldn’t have been wearing those clothes. Like Max had thought before, it was definitely the outfit. He could still remember the tight halter-top clinging to her curves while the leather pants made him want to grab her butt and fuck her up against a wall. He sat up and stared amused at the front of his pants. He was actually getting aroused just thinking about her. Max took a deep breath.
“Okay fine I like her. What do you expect? She’s hot.” He admitted to the empty room.
He sighed and rubbed his eyes. If he liked her so much why had he poured coke over her head? Why had he tripped her? Why had he gotten her kicked out of her sorority? Why Why Why? He just didn’t get it at all! They’d been yelling at each other in the basement and Max had been so angry he could’ve hit her but instead he’d simply kissed her.
“ARGH!” Max slammed his fist into his pillow. He was so damn confused and his head felt like it would explode. All he knew right now was that he needed to stay as far away from her as possible.

Maria tiptoed into the dorm and shut the door quietly. She glanced over to see that Liz was sleeping soundly. Damn she wanted to ask her about what had happened earlier. She still couldn’t believe it. Max Evans and Liz Parker! How had it slipped her mind for all these years that they were perfect for each other? Of course Max needed lessons to learn how to NOT be a bastard but hey, she’d give him free lessons.
“Maria I’m awake.” Liz called.
Maria grinned and quickly went over to her and knelt down. She looked over at Liz’s alarm clock. It was past four AM.
“Hey did I wake you?” she asked.
Liz shook her head and sat up. “I couldn’t sleep.”
She knew Maria was dying to ask her questions about what had happened.
Maria pursed her lips together and wrung her hands nervously in her lap. Liz smiled. “Ask away.” She told her.
Maria grinned. “What was it like?”
“Kissing him. Come on Liz you made out with an enemy. THE enemy. Or supposedly? Are you telling me all these years you’ve secretly liked him? Oh my god am I right? Oh wow I just got another theory!”
Liz laughed. “Slow down Maria!”
Maria took a deep breath. “Okay so firstly do you like him?”
Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not even sure.”
“How can you be NOT sure?”
Liz rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “Well considering he had sex with that senior slut Tess Harding right after he groped me that’s how.”
Maria gasped. “I can’t believe him! WHAT-A-BASTARD!”
Liz nodded in agreement but giggled.
“Oh my god what aren’t you telling me?” Maria exclaimed.
Liz fell back onto her bed and Maria watched as a dreamy expression overcame her face. “He’s an amazing kisser Mara.” Then she closed her eyes while Maria shrieked.

Max froze as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He knew it was someone female because the guys merely slapped him on the back to get his attention. He slowly turned around, hoping it wasn’t Liz or Tess. But then to his relief it was just Maria. Probably wanted to know where Michael was.
“Hey.” He gave her his dazzling smile.
Maria frowned. “What happened to your face?” There was small bruise on his right cheek.
“Uh nothing I got punched at the party last night.”
She smiled sweetly at him then socked him hard on the arm.
“Good I’m glad. That one was for Liz you bastard.” Then she walked away.
Holy shit. What the hell was that? He thought. He would never understand women. Max turned back to his football playbook. His coach had told him that there were some new plays in it so he needed to memorize them. Suddenly there was another tap on his shoulder and Max swung around. Oh dear god. Tess was standing there with a fierce look in her eyes. He stood up hoping she wouldn’t punch him again. It wasn’t his fault he’d called out someone else’s name during their “time” together.
“Uh what can I do for you Tess?”
Tess crossed her arms. “You didn’t make me happy last night Max. You didn’t make me feel special AT ALL. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” she screamed.
Max glanced around the library where every single person was staring at them. He gave a nervous chuckle.
“Come on Tess everyone makes mistakes sometimes.”
Christ this girl was crazy. Max scratched his head and looked sheepish.
“I’m sorry alright? I’ll make it up to you.” He said, hoping so much that she’d shut up and get the hell away from him.
Tess gave out a laugh. “Poor Max Evans. Not Mr. Stud anymore is he? Did you think you could just PLAY me like you have with other girls? Huh did you?”
“You should talk. You’re nothing but a slut.” Max shot at her. He almost groaned out loud. He felt so immature. He couldn’t believe he was fighting with this girl. Tess gasped, slapped him in the face then stomped off. Everyone in the library was gaping at him.
“Oh come on people. Show’s over!” he called. He sighed and sat back down into his seat. He’d never been so embarrassed. He heard someone clear his throat and he looked up. He almost fell out of his chair. Liz was standing right in front of him.


Liz had just witnessed the incident with Max and Tess in the library. So the two of them didn’t sleep with each other huh? She couldn’t help it. She felt satisfied in a way because that meant that Max hadn’t just gone to some other woman right after what had happened between them down in the basement. Liz walked over to where he was sitting and cleared her throat. He looked up and his eyes widened.
“What do you want?” Max asked. His eyes were glued to what she was wearing. Even in sweatpants and a sports bra she looked beautiful. Okay, it was definitely the outfits.
“We need to talk.” Liz said.
Max leaned back and gave her a grin. “About what?” Oh god, please don’t talk about last night.
Liz glared at him. That arrogant son of a bitch. Even when he was being smug he was gorgeous. She thought of last night and how hot he’d made her. She quickly shoved those thoughts into the back of her mind.
“You know what it’s about.”
Max smiled. “Oh you mean last night down in the basement when you practically threw yourself at me?”
Liz gaped at him. Her? Did he have any idea what he was talking about?
“You know, if I’m not mistaken, YOU were the one who kissed ME first.”
Max thought of a good comeback and he came up with nothing. What the hell was he supposed to say to her now?
“Okay fine so I kissed you. The only reason I did that was so I could shut you up.”
Liz gave a laugh. “Yeah right Evans. You expect me to believe that load of bullshit?”
Oh damn. “Uh well what do you want me to say then huh?”
Liz tossed back her hair and lifted her chin. “I want you to admit that YOU kissed me first!”
“I just did!”
Liz plopped down onto a chair. “Okay that’s a start. Now tell me WHY you did that.”
Max shrugged. “I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?” Liz exclaimed. She didn’t care if she was drawing attention to them. She needed to know why Max kissed her and she needed to know NOW.
“Look it was just a kiss okay? God get over it and stop irritating me.”
Liz sighed. “Fine whatever. I just need to know another thing?”
Max pretended to be annoyed but secretly he wanted her to stay. It was weird. Before he couldn’t even stand being in the same room as her and now all he wanted to do was grab her and have his way with her on the table. He swallowed and quickly erased the thought from his brain.
“Are we going to be civilized with each other from now on?”
Max ran a hand through his hair and grinned. “Are you saying you wanna be friends with me Parker?”
“Oh shut up you know what I mean.” Liz stood back up and left. She was going to find out why he’d kissed her if it was the last thing she did! Plus she wanted to know why she’d enjoyed it but that, of course, was going to be kept a secret from Max forever.
“Hey nice butt!” Max called and Liz gritted her teeth.

Over the next few weeks Max managed to stay away from Liz as much as he could even though sometimes he had fantasies of her in class that was so intense he had to rush out to the bathroom. This had never happened to him before. No other girl had ever occupied his mind for such a long period of time. It scared him and that was why he needed to stay away. One day Max had just come into his dorm from class when Michael followed him in.
“Hey man, I’m worried about you.”
Max laughed. “’Bout what?”
Michael scratched his head. “You haven’t brought a girl in here for so long…it’s strange.”
“C’mon even players need a break from women sometimes.”
Michael frowned. “You’ve never had a break from women before.”
Max shrugged. “Well I am now.” He didn’t want to mention the fact that the reason he hadn’t been with girls lately was because of Liz Parker. She was the only one he wanted.
Michael’s eyes widened and his mouth formed a big O.
“Max, are you- are you…” Michael couldn’t even finish the sentence.
“Am I what?”
Michael grabbed Max by the shoulders and made him sit on his bed.
“Max, are you…gay?”
Michael laughed to himself nervously. “Uh so I’m guessing I’m wrong then.”
Max groaned then told him about Liz.

“You’re going to what?”
Liz gave a triumphant grin. “’I’m going to seduce Max Evans! What’s so bad about that?”
Maria shook her head. “You can’t let him know that you want him. Remember he has to come to YOU.”
Liz gave her an exasperated look. “I’m not going to have SEX with him! I’m just gonna get him to tell me why he kissed me. And then I’ll leave.”
Maria rolled her eyes. “Stop trying to lie to me Liz. I saw you sneaking glances at him when we were studying in the library a couple of days ago.”
“I was not!” Liz fumed. She was mad partly because Maria had caught her and partly because it was the truth. She wanted him. Badly.
“I think he wants you too though.”
Liz sighed and flopped down onto their beanbag chair in the corner.
“I am seriously the most pathetic person in the world.”
Maria went over to Liz and stroked her hair. “Liz you’re not pathetic. So you like him, big deal.”
“It’s so weird though. I mean, I’ve hated him since high school Maria. You don’t just start liking him after all these years.”
Maria frowned. “Why did you guys hate each other anyway?”
Liz gave out a laugh. “It’s so stupid. I don’t even wanna say it.”
“Come on if you tell me then I’ll help you with Max. I promise.” Maria gave her a pleading look and Liz grinned.
“Okay it all started the first day I got to the high school…”

“Hey I think I’m your locker partner.”
Liz swung around and faced a cute grinning boy. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “My locker partner?”
”Oh you’re new aren’t you? All the grade nines are supposed to share a locker this year.” He told her. “I’m Alex Whitman.”
Liz gaped at him. “But you’re a guy.”
Alex laughed. “The teachers don’t really care who they pair people up with as long as everyone has a locker.”
Liz nodded her head in understanding. “Okay well I’m Liz Parker.”
Alex gave her a friendly smile then shoved his backpack into the locker.
“Hey Alex what’s up?”
Liz looked over at some guys who’d approached him. They gave each other high fives.
“Who’s the girl?”
Alex grinned. “That’s my locker partner. She’s new here. Her name’s Liz.”
The guy who’d asked about her pushed past Alex and gave her a cocky grin.
“Hey Liz, I’m Max.”
“Oh hi.” Liz hated him already. He seemed so sure of himself in his skater clothes and skateboard.
“I’m sure I’ll be seein’ you around.”
Liz turned away and started putting her stuff away. “Maybe.” She muttered.
Liz entered her Science classroom and looked around. There were a group of girls sitting in the corner and there was a seat available near them but Liz didn’t want to go over there in case she wasn’t wanted there. You could tell they were the popular girls. But to Liz’s surprise one of them walked over to her with a bright smile.
“Hi I’m Isabel. Do you wanna come sit with us?”
Liz gave her a grateful smile and nodded. None of the girls had paid attention to her today until now. Liz sat down and they were all extremely nice to her, which Liz didn’t expect them to be.
“Oh my god. I heard Max Evans is going to ask you out Liz.” A girl named Rachel said.
Liz groaned. “I just met him today and I already hate him!”
They all gaped at her as if she’d just grown two heads.
“Wow that’s a first.” Isabel said.
Liz shrugged. Then watched as they all froze. She turned slowly around and saw Max standing right in front of her. He gave her his annoying over confident smile and she glared at him while the others gave them their brightest smiles.
”What do you want?” Liz asked.
Max pushed his hair off his forehead and Liz felt like hitting him.
“So we gonna go to the movies this weekend or what?” he said to her. Liz stared at him then laughed. Then she pretended to think hard. Finally she looked up at him and said, “Hell no, go away.” Then she turned back towards the girls.
Max frowned. “Wait a minute did you just say no?”
“Go away you’re not wanted.” Liz called. Max was furious! He stomped off back to his friends. No one said no to Max Evans.
The girls stared with a newfound respect for their new friend.
“Wow I can’t believe you did that.” Emily murmured.

Maria squealed. “Oh my god so he asked you out and you said no? That’s what caused you guys to hate each other?”
Liz nodded, embarrassed. She still couldn’t believe how immature the both of them had been. Max had been mean to her because she’d rejected him and she’d been mean back because he simply annoyed the hell out of her.
Maria whistled. “Wow and it lasted 5 years huh.”
Liz laughed. “Hey you can’t blame him. He can’t take rejection well.”
Maria gave her a serious look. “But Liz if you really did hate him why do you like him now?”
Liz blushed. “When he kissed me it just clicked all of a sudden.”
Maria gave a devilish grin. “Come on Liz, let’s go shopping for some lingerie.”
They arrived at Victoria’s Secret with Isabel with them because she was the only one with a car and they didn’t feel like taking a cab. Plus Maria wanted to ask her questions about Max and Liz from high school.
“I still can’t believe Liz rejected him that day.” Isabel said to Maria and Liz gave them both a dirty look.
“Are we here to talk about high school or are we here to buy something sexy for me so I can seduce that shit head?” she asked with her hands on her hips.
“How about this?” Isabel held up a skimpy red teddy and Liz shook her head.
“This?” Maria held up black lace thing that was so tiny Liz didn’t even think it’d fit over her forehead!
“Uh you guys I’m not putting on a goddamn strip show alright?”
Finally Liz chose a tiny pink tank top with thin straps that went up just above her belly button and a matching pink thong. During the drive home Liz began to have second thoughts.
“You guys maybe I shouldn’t do this. I mean, this is so unlike me.”
Isabel and Maria groaned.
“Liz you looked great in that tank top. Max will flip out when he sees you in that.” Isabel told her
“But what if it doesn’t work?”
Maria laughed. “Don’t worry Liz. It’ll work.”
Isabel looked towards the backseat and grinned at Liz. “I’ve got another idea for you Liz.”

Liz felt so stupid standing in front of Max’s door in nothing but the little tank top and the thong. Well she had a long overcoat on borrowed from Isabel. She felt so…bare. Maybe she shouldn’t do this. If Max had wanted her he would’ve come to her already. God she felt like such a fool. Then to Liz’s disbelief Max’s door flung open and she almost ran away but blew a breath of relief when she realized it was Michael. He quickly slammed the door shut behind him and stared at what she was wearing. A long overcoat and nothing else.
“Uh Liz?” he asked.
Liz bit her lip. “Are you leaving?”
He gave her a grin. “Yeah I’m leaving to meet with Maria. See you later.” He gave her a wink. “Have fun!”
Liz gaped at him. Maria had told him what she was going to do! That traitor!
Max stuffed his textbooks back into his backpack and he felt like screaming. He’d finally finished his homework. He reached over to the Mini fridge and took out a can of soda. There was a knock on the door and Max stood up from the chair and stretched. Michael probably forgot something. He opened the door and he froze then dropped the can. Liz almost laughed when she saw him drop his soda and frantically picked it up off the floor. He tried to appear cool as he stood back up.
“How did you know I live here?” he asked.
Liz tossed her hair back and lifted her chin. “I have my ways.”
They stared at each other and Max looked at her long overcoat. What the hell was she wearing?
“So…can I come in?”
Max stepped aside and took a swig of his soda. Was she wearing heels with that overcoat? He almost had a heart attack. They stood in silence while Liz examined the room. Hmm not quite as messy as she thought it would be.
“Which one’s your bed?” she asked.
Max coughed. “What?”
“Which one’s your bed?” Liz asked again.
Max slowly pointed to the one in the corner. He couldn’t take it anymore. If she didn’t leave soon he was going to jump her.
“Liz what are you doing here?”
Liz raised her eyebrows. “Do you not want me here Evans?”
Yeah make her feel unwelcome. Then she’ll leave.
“I’m really busy. I’ve got lots of homework.” He told her.
“Oh…” Liz began walking to the door to Max’s relief. She was just about to turn the knob when she swung around and Max almost had a heart attack. She narrowed her eyes.
“Do you really wanna know what I’m doing here?” Liz asked.
Max shrugged and watched her in amusement because she was flustered. Liz waited till Max took a swig of his soda and then said, “I’ve actually come to sleep with you.”
Max choked on his coke.


Liz watched as Max choked on his soda. Good he deserved it. She fiddled with the knob on the door and shrugged.
“But of course, you’re not interested so I think I better go.” Liz started opening the door and Max slammed it shut with one hand.
“Once.” Max put his coke down so fast Liz barely even saw it. She felt the ground tilt under her.
“What did you say?”
“Just once, you know to get it out of the way.” Max sounded completely reasonable, as if he were telling her to go to the dentist to get her teeth checked. “That way we can both stop thinking about it.”
Once to get it out of the way. So much for the great affair she had been thinking of. Liz tried to think of a witty way to tell him to go stuff himself and his little one-night stand, too.
“So… you’ve been thinking about it.” She said instead.
Thinking about it? Not only had he been thinking about it, he’d been fantasizing about it 24/7!
Max cleared his throat. “Hell yes.” He put his hands behind his head so he wouldn’t grab her. “But so have you.”
“Once to get it out of the way huh?” Liz’s voice shook with anger. She couldn’t believe what a bastard he really truly was. “That’s your plan? Who the hell do you think you are?”
“It doesn’t matter. You know you want me.” Max said.
Oh god she was going to smack him so hard. Liz lifted up her chin.
“No I don’t want you actually. I was just…kidding around. I’m leaving.”
Max’s eyes narrowed and he grabbed her and pulled her to him.
“You want me.” He whispered huskily into her ear and Liz shivered.
“But I’m furious with you.”
Max chuckled and pressed her against him. “You’ll still say yes.” Then he took her mouth with his so completely that she stopped thinking about how big of an asshole he really was and enjoyed the way his lips felt on hers. But then she pulled away and said, “I hate you.” And he said, “I know.” And pulled her back and kissed her again, sliding his hand into her overcoat and his hand froze at the slippery material inside.

“You’re barely wearing anything.” He said with widening eyes.
Liz responded by tugging the knot off and let the huge jacket slip off her in a puddle at her feet. Max almost fainted at the sight in front of him. She was so beautiful and he was going to have his way with her TONIGHT. He fingered the thin straps of her top and lowered one down her arm. He bent down and kissed her shoulder softly and Liz moaned. She couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed his T-shirt and pulled his mouth back to hers. He slid his hand under her little top, moving his hands gently over her breasts and making her moan again while she grappled with sanity.
Max all of a sudden pulled away from her and headed towards the door.
“What are you doing?” Liz asked in disbelief, trying to get her breath back.
Max grinned at her amusingly and locked the door.
“You don’t want anyone coming in on us this time do you?”
Liz grabbed him and wrapped her arms around his neck then glared at him.
She said, “You’re gonna pay for that,” and he said “Later,” and she thought, Right later.

Max pulled her onto the bed and rolled her under him, and the weight of him was so erotic that she wrapped herself around him and arched up into him. She yanked his T-shirt out of his shorts and flung it off him. She couldn’t believe how amazing his body was. She’d never known he had such a muscular body and she loved it.
“Like what you see?”
“Shut up.” Liz raked her fingernails from his chest to the rigid muscles of his stomach and Max closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her touching him. He pulled her tank top up over her head and then kissed her hard on the lips, licked the side of her neck, found her breast and drove her crazy, pushing her toward a hot darkness, a place she’d never been before because she’d never been with someone she ‘hated’ before. He was going to pay for that “You know you want me” crack later, which turned her on and made her want to kill him all at once. All thoughts left her mind when she felt Max tugging off her thong and she wiggled her butt to help him get it off.
“You’re beautiful.” He murmured as he slid his hand inside her and cupped her. She was so wet and ready for him. Liz threw back her head and moaned. Then she grabbed his head and pulled his lips back to hers. She couldn’t get enough of his kisses. Max let all his weight onto her and Liz loved the feeling of him against her so tightly. She could feel his erection pressing against her as she licked into his mouth. Max groaned and Liz pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of his thighs.

Max swallowed as he looked at the goddess sitting on top of him. Her long silky hair flowed around her as if it hadn’t even been touched and her lips were red and swollen from their kisses. He reached up and cupped her breasts and almost came right then and there when her fingers brushed his erection as she lowered the zipper of his shorts down. He helped her pull it off and she giggled.
Liz ran her hands up his thighs and smiled at him. “I Love Mom boxers huh?”
Max groaned. “Way to ruin the moment huh?”
Liz looked thoughtful. “No I think it’s cute.” Then she stuck her fingers into opening and Max’s smile disappeared and closed his eyes tightly as she caressed him. She pulled off his boxers and stared down at his huge proud erection. She bit her lip then licked the tip slowly.
“Oh god…”
Then she stopped and Max opened his eyes as she sat there, on his thighs, unmoving.
“What?” he choked out.
“Oh.” Max pressed her down to him, groaned as her heat rubbed against his thigh, and rolled them to the end of the bed. He opened his bedside drawer and Liz stared, not surprised. There were 4 large boxes of condoms in there. Max watched her expression and he could feel his face redden.
“Uh you can never be too prepared.” He said.
Liz rolled her eyes. “Sure, whatever you say Max.” She reached for one and was about to open it when Max took it from her and tossed it aside. “Not yet.”
Max rolled them back to the middle of the bed and kissed her hard, then moved lower to bite her stomach and lick into her. And then his tongue found her special place and she writhed under the amazing sensations, his hands held her hips in place and she couldn’t bring her mind back anymore, he was so good at this, and she cried out mindlessly and thought she was going to fall if he didn’t stop, and he didn’t. He kept on going.

His tongue, so hot, kept licking into her and finally she dug her fingernails into his shoulder and came so hard she felt she would black out. When she’d stopped shuddering, she slowly opened her eyes and expected Max to be looking at her smugly, but instead he was staring at her with passion filled eyes. He grabbed her to him and kissed her gently, softly, and Liz could taste him, hot and strange and delicious. She felt around for the condom and rolled them till she was back on top again. She opened the packet and watched as Max groaned when she slid it over him. He pushed her onto her back, spread her legs with his hips, his hand slipping between them, making her crazy and mindless again. His fingers parted her and he was inside her, and she arched under him because it was so good being filled like that. Solid, hard, and full, arched to take all of him she could, digging her nails into his back because he felt so amazingly…well amazing.
Max said something, choked it out, and she couldn’t hear through the haze of the heat because he thrust harder inside her and she cried out and squeezed her walls around him and Max groaned. He moved higher up her body and rocked into her, saying yes in her ear, not gloating at all.
“Liz. Oh god Liz.” He said, and made her clutch inside, made her twist against him. He said, “Come on!” through clenched teeth and Liz grabbed him and they kissed hard and passionately as he slammed in and out of her. Liz felt herself falling and she writhed and shuddered and they fell over the edge together with their moans and grunts mingling together.

Then he collapsed against her, and she clutched him as she tried to remember how to breathe. They stayed that way for a good solid 10 minutes before Max lifted himself off her and threw away the used condom. Liz handed him his boxers and he slid them on. Then he fell back beside her.
“My god.” Liz murmured.
Oh damn, Max thought. The sex had been amazing. He’d been hoping it would be awful so that they wouldn’t have to do this again but as he glanced over at her, flushed and still naked, he wanted her again. But he’d manage of course. It had been a great idea, sleep with her once, kill the magic, and go to class the next morning a new man, free of all those stupid fantasies once he knew that they’d done it already.
“You’re staring.” Liz blushed and curled up her body and covered her breasts with her arm.
Oh god. Max pulled her on top of him and kissed her gently.
“I get to stare,” he said, “It’s my bed. I get you any way I want.”
Max thought about rolling her over, pushing against her firm butt, cupping her full breasts from behind; about pulling her down to straddle him on the end of the bed, impaling her while he took her breasts with his mouth; about going down on her, licking into her, tasting again how hot and wet and sweet she was, driving her mindless. The list went on and on.
All of a sudden Liz wrapped her arms around him and held on tightly. Max’s heart gave a clutch and he stroked her back softly. He thought, you’re mine Liz Parker and thought about keeping her. Wait keep her?

GET OUT! His mind screamed at him. It was just supposed to be one night!
He closed his eyes so he wouldn’t see what he was giving up and rolled his hips to tip her off and then rolled the other way to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Wow I’m starving.” He said, standing up.
Max reached for his shorts and slipped them on, trying to keep his voice from shaking.
“I’m gonna go for some pizza with the guys so you better get dressed and go.”
Liz struggled to sit up, holding his covers over her and it took Max everything he had not to jump her again.
“Pizza?” she said, disbelieved.
Max tossed her clothes over to her. “You can borrow a shirt and shorts if you’d like.”
Liz nodded, barely registering what he had just said to her. Max threw her a pair of his basketball shorts and a T-shirt. He watched as she slipped them on behind the covers. She slowly stood up from the bed and Max thought it was the cutest sight he’d ever seen. His shorts hung loosely on her slim hips and reached below her knees. The t-shirt was so big her arms barely poked out. She walked over to him, holding up the shorts so it wouldn’t fall off, and picked up her overcoat. She slipped it on and picked up her heels.
“I guess I’ll go now,” she said, “but I have to tell you your finish needs work. Real lousy Evans.”
Max was torn between feeling insulted and feeling relieved. He shrugged and Liz watched as he turned back to his cocky self-immedately, which had disappeared temporarily when he’d been buried inside her. She should’ve known.
“Hey, you came.”
“I was being polite,” she snapped, and stomped out the door.
“You were not!” he yelled after her. He thought about following her and telling him he wanted her and that he was sorry. He slammed the door.
“Fuck this.” He muttered, and went to shower and change his sheets, determined to get the essence of her completely out of his dorm forever.

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Maria paused and pushed Michael’s head away from her. He gave her a confused look and Maria put a finger to her lips to get him to be quiet. Was that a knock on her door? She heard the knock that time and swore.
“Shit.” Michael muttered and fell back onto Maria’s bed as she got up to answer the door.
“Whoever it is it better be good!” Maria called. Then she flung open the door and saw Liz with red-rimmed eyes and a sniffling nose.
“Liz!” she exclaimed and pulled her into the room.
Michael sat up. “No way this can’t be happening.” He muttered. Maria went over and pulled him up.
“I’m so sorry but this is a crisis.” She said as she practically shoved him out of the dorm. Before Michael could utter a word she’d kissed him quickly and slammed the door in his face. He was going to KILL Max.
Liz immediately went into the bathroom to take a shower and she came out in her pyjamas looking depressed. Maria felt nothing but sympathy for her as they both sat down onto Liz’s bed.
“So it didn’t work huh?” Maria asked.
Liz gave out a laugh as she tied her hair back. “Oh it worked alright. Then he me out of his dorm right after.”
Maria frowned. “Why would he do that?”
Liz sighed and shook her head slowly.
“I have no idea. When we were going at it he seemed so sweet and he wanted me. But then after he got up, he practically told me to get out so he could have pizza with his friends.”
“Bastard.” Maria muttered.
Liz groaned and covered her face with a pillow. “I never wanna see that asshole ever again!”
Maria patted her arm soothingly. “Well it doesn’t matter since you don’t like him anymore right?”
Liz bit her lip. “I- I can’t help it Maria. The thing is HE doesn’t like me. He just wanted me for sex and now I feel like such a slut for seducing him.”
“Liz you’re not a slut!” Maria exclaimed, disbelieved. She couldn’t believe what Liz was saying! She was going to kick Max Evans’ ass.

Max stole a glance behind him at Liz who was sitting near the very back like she usually did. She looked adorable wearing a yellow sundress with her long hair tied up in a half ponytail. She looked like a princess to him. His heart gave a squeeze and he quickly looked away. He didn’t understand it. He wanted to be with her so badly but he knew- he just knew they couldn’t be together. The weird thing was, he didn’t even know why. It didn’t matter though as long as they stayed away from each other everything would be fine. He needed to get back to his old ways. The professor was out of the room and he grabbed a girl named Tiffany who was a cheerleader for the football team. She was talking to her friend who was sitting across the aisle from him.
“Max!” she squealed as he pulled her onto his lap.
Max gave her his dazzling smile and could literally see Tiffany melt inside.
“How’s my favourite cheerleader today?” he asked as he stroked her leg. Tiffany giggled and wrapped an arm around his neck.
“I’m always great when I’m near you.” She whispered.
“Wanna know what would make my day?” he asked.
She tossed her blonde hair back and stroked his hair. “Tell me.”
“If you be my date after the football game.”
Tiffany nodded and Max nudged her off his knee and squeezed her jean-clad butt.
Liz couldn’t help it. She’d been sneaking glances down at Max and hoping he’d look back but no, instead he had some cheerleader whore on his lap. Once the girl got off his knee he looked up and gave her a smug look. Oh she’ll show him she didn’t care. Liz grabbed Jason who was a hunky basketball player by the arm and pulled him close to her.
“Jason can you help me with this?” Liz asked as she leaned as close as she could without falling into his lap into him and Jason gave a grin.
“Sure.” He never thought Liz Parker would ever give him the time of day but hey, who was complaining? He hesitantly put an arm around her and to his surprise she snuggled closer and handed the assignment over.
Liz gave a quick glance over at Max who was still watching. He glared at her then turned back around.
“Maybe this’ll work.” Liz murmured.
“What?” Jason asked.
“Oh nothing.” She replied and gave him a smile.
Max gritted his teeth and turned back around. She was acting like such a slut, practically climbing into Jason’s lap like that. He knew she was just making him jealous of course but it wasn’t working. It wasn’t working at all. He looked at the pencil in his hand, which he had just snapped in half. Okay maybe a little bit jealous.

To Liz’s surprise she was actually enjoying Jason’s company. He’d asked her out after class and she had accepted right in front of Max’s face. That was a week ago and she barely thought of Max anymore because Jason was great. Why hadn’t she noticed him all those months before? He’d sat next to her for such a long time. Along with Kyle of course but now that she had dumped him he sat down in the front.
“Going somewhere Liz?”
Liz looked over at Maria and grinned. “I have a date tonight.”
Maria grinned back. She was happy that her friend was moving on from that bastard.
“Jason again?” she asked.
Liz nodded. “He’s great. Can you help me choose what I should wear?”
“Where are you going?” Maria asked. The two of them started rummaging through Liz’s closet.
“Probably just to dinner and a movie.” Liz replied. She frowned. There didn’t seem to be any clothes she could wear. After a half an hour later Liz was dressed in a red V-neck tank top with a black mini skirt. To finish it off she borrowed Maria’s boots.
Maria pouted. “You’re so lucky to be able to go on dates.”
Liz raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean? You have Michael don’t you?”
Maria gave a laugh. “The only place we go to is each other’s dorms.”
Liz looked at her watch then gave her friend a pat on her back.
“Sorry but I got to meet Jason now. We’ll talk when I come back okay?”
Maria nodded. “Have fun!”
Liz headed down to the cafeteria where Jason would be waiting. She gave a smile when she saw him and waved.
“Hey you look great.” He said as he took her hand. Liz looked approvingly at what he was wearing.
“You look great too.” She told him and he gave her a shy smile. He was so unlike Max in so many ways. If she’d told him he looked great he probably would’ve said something like, I know I do or something conceited like that. They got into a cab to the movie theatre nearby and when Liz stepped out of the cab she froze. Max and Tiffany were standing in line to buy tickets.
“Oh shit.” She swore.
“Liz is something wrong?” Jason asked.
“Uh no everything’s fine.” Liz said quickly. She grabbed his hand and they got into the line.
Max gave Tiffany a tight smile and turned away. She kept trying to have a conversation with him but he didn’t feel like talking. He should’ve asked out someone else instead who DIDN’T talk 24/7. He glanced back and almost dropped his wallet. Liz was standing in line WITH A GUY. Max clenched his fist. It was that Jason guy from their Mathematics class. He closed his eyes and hoped to god they wouldn’t go into the same theatre as them.
Liz hoped to god they weren’t going into the same movie as them.
“Liz what do you want to see?” Jason asked.
Liz gave him a smile. “Why don’t you choose.” She told him. Please don’t pick what they’re seeing, she thought. Jason bought the tickets and they went inside.
“Do you want popcorn?” he asked her.
Liz shook her head. She was too nervous to eat. The theatre was already dark when they went in and Liz blew a breath of relief and they plopped down into their seats in the middle.
“I hope you’ll enjoy this movie.” Jason said as he hesitantly put an arm around her. Liz gave a smile. He was so sweet! And she leaned up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then she took a quick glance to see who was behind them and she jumped in her seat and almost screamed. Max and Tiffany were sitting right behind her!
“Liz! Wow what a coincidence to see you here!” Tiffany exclaimed.
Liz gave a forced smile and avoided looking over at Max. “Uh yeah. Enjoy the movie.” Then she immediately turned away.
“Someone you know?” Jason asked.
“Yeah Tiffany from our Mathematics class.” Liz told him as she snuggled close to him and secretly hoped that Max was watching.
Max glared at the back of Jason’s head. Who did they think they were cuddling up so close in a PUBLIC place? He watched as Liz got up and he heard her saying she needed to go to the bathroom. He watched as she glanced at him as she walked up the aisle.
“Uh I’m going to the bathroom.” He told her.
“But Max it’s just getting to the exciting part!” Tiffany screeched but Max ignored her and quickly ran out. He caught a glimpse of Liz’s long hair and followed her in.
Liz leaned her back against the bathroom counter and rubbed her eyes. How was she supposed to concentrate on the movie when Max was sitting behind her? Suddenly two girls who were the only other people in the bathroom yelped and quickly left the bathroom. Liz looked up and saw Max staring at her.
“Max what are you doing here?” she exclaimed.
Max didn’t know why he’d followed her. All he knew was that she looked incredible and he wanted to kiss her.
“Max, get out of here.” Liz said as she inched away from him as he moved closer. She gave out a scream when he all of a sudden grabbed her and pulled her close to him.
“Liz.” He said. His mind told him to let her go but he didn’t want to. He couldn’t. He needed her.
“Max what’s wrong with you?” Liz asked as she tried to pull away. Max responded by covering her lips with his and kissed her hard with all the passion that he’d been storing inside him all this time. He moaned as he felt Liz’s tongue ease into his mouth and he caressed it with his own. He felt her hands playing with the back of his hair and he pulled her closer, pressing his arousal into her. Liz pulled away, gasping for air and she glared at him.
“You shouldn’t do that.” She managed to say between breaths.
“I want you.” Max said as he stroked her silky hair back from her face.
“I thought we were a one time thing?” Liz asked, finally getting her breath back.
“I lied.” He whispered.
Liz just about melted. She felt her legs give out and Max wrapped his arms tighter around her waist.
“So what are we going to do?” she asked.
Just as Max said, “Let’s leave,” the bathroom door swung open and Jason came walking in. He saw Max’s hands wrapped around her waist and he stared at them in confusion.
“Liz? What’s going on?” he asked.
Liz bit her lip guiltily and pushed away from Max.
“This isn’t what it looks like.” She said.
Max laughed and grabbed her hand. “This is exactly what it looks like.” Then he pulled her past Jason and out of the bathroom.
“See you in class.” Max called as he dragged Liz out of the theatre. “Oh yeah tell Tiffany I left!” he added. Liz looked back at Jason who looked crushed and almost considered going back to him until Max gave her his sexy grin and her heart pounded.
The two of them walked to a nearby park in silence and finally Max stopped and he plopped down onto a bench and pulled her onto his lap.
“Do you have thing with girls on your laps?” Liz asked, annoyed but happy to have his arms around her. She remembered clearly in class when he’d pulled Tiffany onto him.
Max chuckled. “Jealous much Parker?”
“I wouldn’t talk Evans.” Liz shot back at him.
They glared at each other. Then Max tipped her back and kissed her hard. Then he pulled her back into her sitting position again.
“You really need to stop doing that.” Liz told him, a bit breathless again.
“What? Kissing you?”
Liz rolled her eyes. “Every time we’re about to have some kind of argument you kiss me. What is with that?”
Max gave her a dark look and pulled her face close as if to kiss her but his lips lingered an inch away.
“Because you turn me on when you look pissed off.” He whispered. He poked out the tip of his tongue and lightly touched Liz’s lips. Liz sucked her lip into her mouth and sighed.
“Good answer.” Then she put the palms of her hand on either side of his face and kissed him.


Maria was just coming out of Diane and Karla’s dorm a couple of doors away when she saw Max and Liz kissing in front of their dorm. She raised her eyebrows and wondered what was going on.
Max stroked the small of Liz’s back and she smiled up at him.
“You’re gorgeous.” She said.
Max grinned and tossed back his hair. “Thank you. I know.”
Liz whacked him lightly on the arm. “You are so conceited you know that?”
Max nuzzled her neck and whispered huskily, “But you like it.”
Liz shivered and kissed him lightly on the lips.
“I’ll see you later.” She murmured then pulled away. Max was about to try to convince her to come back to his dorm when Maria walked briskly over.
“Why Max what a GREAT surprise to see you. Liz, let’s go have a little chat. Bye now.” She took a hold of Liz’s arm and pulled her into the dorm. Liz watched as Max ran a hand through his hair and she wanted to run back to him but he’d started walking away and Maria had shut the door.
“Maria what is wrong with you today?” Liz asked, annoyed that she’d been dragged away.
Maria looked stunned. “What’s wrong with me? What about the “I never want to see that asshole again” stuff huh?”
Liz blushed and sat down onto her bed. “I was mad at him then. But now I- I don’t know. I just…want him.”
Maria rolled her eyes. “Liz he’s gorgeous. Everyone wants him. Hell, even I sometimes want him.”
Liz sighed with irritation. “It’s not just that okay? It’s more than that.”
“Don’t tell me it’s the sex cause you’ve only done it once.” Maria shot at her. Liz winced and Maria immediately felt bad. She smacked herself on the forehead and sat down next to her.
“Look I didn’t mean to say that.”
Liz shrugged. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I do just want him.”
Maria put an arm around her and leaned her head onto her shoulder.
“Liz you’re my best friend and I’m just trying to look out for you.”
Liz nodded. “Just like I was trying to look out for you with Michael.”
Maria ignored her comment and went on.
“Max is a player and you know he can’t commit. I think the longest relationship he ever had was two weeks. How do you know he’s not just trying to get in your pants?”
Liz couldn’t help but laugh at what she had just said.
“Didn’t I say the exact thing with Michael? And look at him now. You’ve transformed him into Mr. Commitment and he loves you.”
Maria grinned. “That’s cause he’s getting into my pants and we satisfy each other.”
Liz gave her a disgusted look. “Didn’t I tell you before that I didn’t want details of your sex life?”
Maria laughed then threw her arms around Liz.
“Just promise me you won’t fall in love with him in case he dumps you in a week. Promise me!”
“Fine I promise.” Too late. Liz thought and she hugged her friend tightly then pulled away. Then something registered into her mind and Liz gave Maria a weird look.
“Wait a minute. Sometimes YOU want Max?”

Max plopped down onto his usual seat in Mathematics class and looked around for Liz. He heard someone clear his throat and he looked up.
“Kyle what the hell do you want?” he asked, irritated.
Kyle crossed his arms. “I’m starting to hear rumours about you and My Liz.”
“Your Liz?” Max asked in disbelief.
Kyle nodded firmly and Max couldn’t believe it. This guy was serious!
“If I’m not mistaken didn’t Liz dump your ass a long time ago?”
Kyle pursed his lips tightly. “No we were just on a break but I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and bring her back to me. I let Jason slip because I knew she’d get sick of him but you, you need to stay away.”
Max gave out a laugh and signalled for Trevor and Mike who were staring at them. They knew Max never talked to Kyle and vice versa.
Kyle felt two people grab his arms and he glowered at Max.
“I’ll get Liz back Max. You can count on it.”
“Dude this guy’s crazy.” Trevor said as he and Mike pushed him down the aisle. Mike laughed in agreement and gave Max a high five. Trevor whistled and nudged Max on the shoulder.
“Hubba Hubba look who just arrived?”
Max shot up from his seat and looked back where Liz had just come in from the door. His breath caught in his throat as he watched her. She looked stunning in a long and tight low-cut flowery dress that stopped at her ankles but there was a slit on the right side that revealed her sexy leg. Her normally silky straight hair was curled loosely and Max just couldn’t believe it. She looked incredible! Trevor and Mike watched as he scrambled up the aisle to meet her.
“Man he’s got it bad for her.” Mike said.
Trevor shook his head sadly. “I seriously thought he was a true player.”
“Nah, he’ll get bored of her soon, man.” Mike said confidently as they both went back to their seats.

“Hey.” Max said as he approached her. He glanced down the front of her dress since it was low cut and licked his lips. Liz noticed and clutched her arm across her and blushed.
“Behave yourself Max.” she said and her legs almost gave out as he gave her his sexy grin. He pulled her closer and ran his hand along her smooth bare arm.
“You look great.” He murmured.
Liz giggled. “Thank you.” Max looked gorgeous whatever he was wearing but she looked over at him in his jeans and leather jacket and almost drooled.
“You look hot.” She murmured back.
Max nodded. “I know.”
Liz rolled her eyes. “Max you conceited son of a-”
Before letting her finish he pressed his lips against hers and pulled her up against him. Hoots and howls started and Liz pulled away, embarrassed. Then she got even more embarrassed when she saw the Professor staring at them at the front of the room.
“Either you two get a room or get in your seats.” He called and everyone in the room laughed. Max gave a bow, looked over Liz sexily one last time, and then headed down to his seat. Liz knew her face was bright red and she sat down in her seat right next to Jason and forgetting that she’d dumped him harshly two nights ago. She glanced over at him and quickly looked away when he met her gaze with an angry glare.
“You’re nothing but a whore.” He muttered.
Liz bit her lip and looked back at him. “Jason I’m so sorry about what happened but we only went on a few dates.”
Jason clenched his jaw. “I thought you were special. I wanted to be with you.” He hissed. Then he gave her a last look then turned his attention to the professor. Liz clutched her backpack against her and leaned as far away from him as possible. The look he just gave her made her heart pound in fear and she never wanted to look at it again. She stared longingly down at Max who was having a great time sitting with all his friends while she was stuck back here with a psycho. Just as she began to relax Jason leaned over and whispered, “You’re gonna pay Parker.”

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The second the class ended Liz dashed down the aisle to Max and he looked up in surprise to see her rush to see him. Then he grinned smugly.
“Eager to see me huh Parker?” he asked.
Liz ignored him and pulled on his arm. “Come on let’s go.” She said as she eyed Jason who was staring at her up at his seat. She shuddered. He seemed so normal, so sweet when they had started going out. What the hell happened to him? Had she dumping him traumatized him for life or something?
Max saw Liz staring nervously up towards something and he followed her gaze where Jason was standing. The Jason that they had left at the theatre. He seemed to be glaring at her. He frowned and caught Jason’s eye. They stared at each other until finally Jason looked away.
“What the hell’s that guy’s problem?” he asked. He waved good-bye to his friends and the two of them walked out of the classroom.
“He’s psycho.” Liz muttered as Max took a hold of her hand. He raised his eyebrows. “What did he do?”
Liz really didn’t want to tell him for she knew he would go berserk at hearing what he’d said to her. She ignored his question and looked around as if curious.
“Where are we going?” she asked.
“My dorm. Michael’s not gonna be there.” Max answered. Then he groaned. “Don’t change the subject. What did he say?”
Liz sighed and pulled him to a stop. Then she gazed up at his concerned eyes and felt her heart flutter as she saw how handsome he looked. She placed her hands on his shoulders and rubbed her mouth lightly against his then pulled away. Max wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a stern look.
“Don’t think you can make me forget just by kissing me.”
Liz pouted then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him fervently and moaned in satisfaction when she felt his tongue caress hers back and she knew she’d just made him forget everything on his mind. She pulled away and gave a triumphant smile. Then it vanished when Max murmured, “Close but no cigar.”
She pushed him away and glared. Then she giggled. “Who talks like that anyways?”
Max gave an embarrassed laugh. “My uncle says that all the time.” Then he grabbed her back to him and kissed her bare shoulder.
“Liz I promise I won’t get mad alright? Just tell me what Jason did.”
Liz looked away from his gaze and muttered, “Hethreatenedme.”
Liz took a deep breath. “He threatened me and called me a whore.” She watched as Max’s face became expressionless. Then all of a sudden his face contorted in anger and he dropped his backpack and began charging off.
“Max!” Liz exclaimed. She grabbed his backpack and caught his T-shirt in her hand and pulled him back. She could see him flexing his muscles and could tell he wanted to beat Jason up.
“I knew I shouldn’t have told you.” Liz said and relief washed over her when he finally turned back around. She didn’t know what she was feeling right now but she felt…happy. Happy that he cared so much. Happy that he wanted to go beat up someone for her. It was something she longed for Kyle to do when they were together but it had never happened before. Hell, the time when Max poured coke over her head and she’d yelled for him to do something he’d merely ignored her. Also It never occurred to her when her and Max were enemies that he could change from being the biggest player on campus to someone who was committed to her. Well, not exactly committed YET since they’d just started being together but she knew he was changing from his old ways and that they would be happily together. Well hopefully.
“Max?” Liz asked. She let go of his shirt reluctantly and held onto his hand. He looked at her sheepishly and scratched his head.
“Sorry but I just really wanna beat him up right now.” He admitted.
Liz rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t.”
“Please 2 minutes and I’ll be done. I swear I won’t even punch him.”
Liz put her hands on her hips. “Oh really? And what are you going to do to him then?”
Max grinned. “Come on you know you want me to get him. I know he’s at the gym. The basketball team’s got practice now.”
Liz couldn’t help it. She smiled. Max kissed her cheek, almost delighted, saw Paul and Tyler talking nearby and signalled them.
“Hey what’s up?” Tyler asked walking over.
Paul walked wearily up to them. Thoughts of when Liz kneed him were still very clear in his mind. Liz ignored him. She still couldn’t believe what a pig he was, just grabbing her ass in public like that. Max barely noticed
“You guys know Jason Bins?” Max asked.
The two of them nodded.
“I’m gonna go over and threaten him so I need some backup. You know, just in case some of his little basketball buddies attack me.”
Paul and Tyler nodded. They’d done this plenty of times before.
“Max I don’t think it’s such a good idea. I mean, all he did was talk to me. He didn’t do anything!” She wasn’t going to admit it to Max but deep down she wanted to see what he was going to do.
“Come on Liz. It’ll be fun.” Paul said as the four of them walked to the gym. Liz glared at him. “Shut up. Kneeing you in the balls was fun.”
Tyler and Max laughed and Paul gave a faint chuckle but Liz saw him inching a bit away from her.
They got to the gym and sure enough Jason was shooting hoops in his practice uniform. Max smirked. The other players weren’t there yet.
“Jason get your ass over here right now.” Max called.
Liz wrung her hands nervously and stood back against the wall. She knew practically everyone was scared when Max was in the I-Want-To-Beat-Someone-Up mode and Jason was no different. He walked stiffly over, clutching his basketball tightly. He glanced over at Liz and she quickly looked away.
“What do you want?” Jason asked, nervous. He knew he would be able to take on Paul but Tyler and Max would crush him. In one swift motion Max had his hand clutched at Jason’s throat and slammed him to the hard wooden floor.
“If you ever threaten Liz again I swear I’ll stick that basketball so far up your ass it’ll come out of your mouth. Do you understand?”
Jason glared at him but grimaced when Max’s hand closed tighter. He nodded. Then Max asked, “Is Liz a whore?” and Jason shook his head and choked out, “No.”
Max smiled and exclaimed, “Good boy!” Then he pulled him up and handed over his basketball as if nothing had just happened. Jason glanced over at Liz again then quickly walked away.
“Good job Max. See you later.” Paul called and Tyler waved. Max turned to Liz and asked, “Well?”
Liz’s heart was pounding so hard she felt she was going to have a heart attack. Watching Max threatening Jason had just turned her extremely on for some reason. She’d watched his muscles bulging from his shirt and she’d almost drooled. Who cared if Jason got hurt? She wanted Max NOW. She walked over to him and whispered, “Do you wanna know something Max?”
Max wrapped a hand around her waist and pressed her against him. “What?”
“That just turned me extremely on. So what are you gonna do about it?” Liz asked with a glint in her eye. Max swallowed and desire flooded over him and he wondered if they would be able to make it to his dorm in time before he exploded. He grabbed her hand.
“Let’s go.” He muttered and the two of them tore out of the gym.

The incident in the gym had certainly set Jason straight. He didn’t even sit next to Liz anymore. Well, considering Liz had managed to convince Michael to swap seats with her and have him sit next to Jason was why. Max didn’t mind one bit sitting next to Liz. It was so annoying that they had a seating plan. They were in university for crying out loud.
“Max?” Liz eyed the professor and reached for his hand cautiously. Professor Jones was not very fond of PDA aka Public Displays of Affection.
“Yeah?” Max whispered back. He felt her mouth nibbling on his fingertips and he glanced at her in surprise. But oh god was he aroused.
Liz nudged her foot up his jeans and she giggled when he glared at her. He was definitely going to fail this class if she kept doing this to him.
“Guess what?” Liz asked as she stopped torturing his leg. Instead she put her hand on his thigh and Max almost moaned.
“What?” he managed to whisper back.
“I’m bored.”
Max laughed out loud and Liz gave him a pout.
They both froze then looked over to the aisle where the Professor was standing. He had his arms crossed and he looked mad. The whole class was staring at them.
“What did I say about this?” He gestured to them. Liz pulled her hand away from his thigh at lightning speed.
“We weren’t doing anything, sir.” Max replied and he glanced at Liz who was trying not to laugh.
“Ms. Parker do you even sit here? I remember putting you way at the top.”
Liz swallowed and knew what she had to do. She grabbed her bag, stood up, and then walked up the aisle to where Michael was already standing. He gave her a grin and went down to sit with Max again. The professor, satisfied, went back to his lesson.
Oh great, Liz thought. She was back to sitting with psycho Jason. To her relief he didn’t talk to her at all during the class. When the professor finally told them they could go Liz scrambled down to Max and he laughed.
“What did I say about doing that to me in class?” he said and wrapped an arm around her as they walked out.
“I can’t help it. You’re just too gorgeous.” Liz replied, knowing what he was going to say.
“Oh I know.”
They both grinned at each other. It was like a daily thing now.
“So where are we off to?” Liz asked. She wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned into him. The best thing about Mathematics was that it was the last class for both of them. Plus it was Friday. They had a whole weekend to be with each other.
“I don’t know. Michael’s not going to be home tonight.” And Max wiggled his eyebrows. Liz laughed.
“Well let’s stay in bed all night then.”
Max almost fell to his feet and thanked god for this incredible woman. They got to his dorm in record speed.

Max slammed the door shut and his arms wrapped tight around her waist, urging her up to her toes. Her heavy backpack slid down to the floor with a THUNK and they barely noticed. He felt her quick intake of breath when he pressed his erection against her stomach and brushed his mouth over hers, soft, smooth. Nibbled her in slowly while Liz whimpered. His tongue slid into her silkily, as if he’d always belonged there.
Liz’s hands gripped the back of his hair, her tongue slashed against his. The vicious heat that burst in her blood made her feel so hot, so wet. Only Max could make her feel this way. He slid his hand into her shirt, splaying his fingers over her stomach, just underneath her bra. He loved touching her skin. It was so soft, so creamy and he couldn’t get enough of it. He bent down onto his knees and stuck his head under her shirt and she giggled as he gave her navel a hot open-mouthed kiss. She pulled off her shirt and struggled to get her bra off. Max stood up, and with a grin, stepped behind her and unhooked it. He pulled it off her slowly then turned her to face him. He stared at her beautiful perky breasts and his mouth moved to feast on her breasts. Her knees felt like they were turning into jell-o and she spread her fingers through his hair, enjoying the pleasure he was building up in her and holding onto him for dear life.
As if sensing what she was feeling he pulled away, cupped her bottom in his hands and hoisted her up against him and wrapping her legs around his waist. He carried her to his bed and he gently lowered her. He laughed when she practically pounced on him, pushing him onto his back and climbing onto him to straddle his waist. She leaned down and gave him a lingering kiss then sat back up and pulled his shirt over his head. She ran her palm from his hard chest to the taut, rigid muscles of his stomach. He had the most perfect body she’d ever seen in her life.
Their lips met in a passionate kiss and Max started unbuttoning her jeans and gasped when she wiggled onto his erection while trying to get them off. She pulled away and gave a wicked grin. He stared at her and oh god was she beautiful. Her long silky hair tumbled past her shoulders and near her perfect breasts, making her look unbelievably sexy and innocent at the same time.
“What are you staring at?” she asked as she finally got her jeans off and revealed her underwear with bunnies on them. She flushed when she saw Max eyeing them.
“I was thinking about how beautiful and sexy you were. But those thoughts have vanished now.” He answered. Liz whacked in on the arm playfully.
“Don’t tell me you don’t like bunnies Max.”
Max laughed. “Please! Get them off!”
“Fine.” Liz stuck out her tongue then stood up and pulled them off in one swift motion making Max almost panting like a dog. Then he groaned when she plopped back down to his arousal.
“Better?” she asked.
“Much.” Then he flipped her over onto her back and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue deeply into her mouth. Liz fought with the button on his jeans and tore it off him. Max kicked it off desperately with his boxers along with it and moved up again, catching her mouth. He just couldn’t get enough of her warm, luscious lips. He stretched against her and felt her hands tail down his back, her tongue on his collarbone before she nipped his skin with her teeth and made him shudder and tighten. He wanted to take her now, to go hard into her, to pound them both into oblivion.
“Max,” she whispered huskily into his ear, “Now.”
Those two words travelled through his body like electricity and he jerked her hips down to meet his, throwing her back onto the pillows as he moved into her slickly, so hard and fast. Liz cried out and gripped his shoulder and digging her nails into him.
“No?” he panted out, stopping, and she said, “Oh god YES.” And arched up to bite one of his nipples and after that it was only the hot bulk of his body, and the wetness inside her as he went into her fast and hard while his mouth savaged hers.
“Max!” she gasped out and his hand clenched in her sweat-damp hair, his mouth tortured her breasts, his fingers marked her hips as he held her down and she moved to meet him, wanting all of him, all Max Evans hot against her, thick and hard inside her. Liz’s body shuddered each time he moved into her, each shudder a surge in her blood, and the rhythm took over and left her nothing but sensation and Max and the shattering conviction that he could never stop or she’d die.
“Don’t…stop…ever…” she managed out. She saw his eyes, so black with lust they looked blank and she realized he couldn’t hear her, that he was lost in her, out of control with wanting her, and that made her shudder more knowing she could do this to him. Max, the ultimate player, now craving for her. Who would’ve ever thought?
Liz arched harder into him, clenching her teeth because he felt so damn good as he pressed her tighter against him, going higher into her, making all the need she felt for him twist into one tight, hot spiral, and then everything broke and she jerked, caught in spasms that left her writhing against him while he pinned her to the bed with his shuddering weight, mindless in his own climax.
They lay there, silently with Max on top of her still and Liz didn’t mind one bit. She loved having his body against hers.
“Max.” she murmured as she stroked his sweaty back.
“Oh god.” Was his reply and she laughed softly. Max lifted himself off her slowly and pulled himself out of her. God that had been incredible. He thought. He flopped down next to her and he stroked her hair back from her face and kissed her gently. Then he grinned.
“Thank god for birth control.”
Liz stared at him, taken aback. “What?”
Max laughed at her expression and he put his arm around her and pulled her close to him so he could feel her against him.
“That was the first time I did it without a condom.” He told her. Christ that had been the best sex he’d ever had.
Liz raised her eyebrows. “You’re kidding me?” and Max shook his head.
“I’m dead serious.”
Liz chuckled. “Um okay well…congratulations?”
Max laughed. Then his eyes darkened when she whispered, “I loved having you come inside me.”
“Wanna practice some more?” he asked, then groaned at the innocent nod of her head and kissed her hard.

Max stopped brushing his teeth and glanced over his shoulder where Liz was showering. He could hear her humming and he grinned. He could get use to this. Getting ready for bed and waking up together in the morning every single day. God that sure sounded like paradise. He couldn’t thank Michael enough for leaving for the weekend. Max spat and rinsed then as he dried his mouth with his towel he heard her turn the shower off.
“Hmm Max can you pass me a towel?” she asked. Then before Max could speak she’d flung open the curtain and he just stood there, staring at the beautiful sight in front of him.
“Max? Towel?” Liz asked, completely unaware how aroused Max had gotten just by staring at her.
“Oh right.” He threw it to her and watched as she wrapped it around herself and stepped out. Max sat onto the toilet and grabbed her hand to pull her onto his lap.
“Hi.’ He said as he stroked her wet hair back from her face. She smiled as she nuzzled his nose and rubbed her palm down his bare muscular back.
“Hi yourself.”
Max kissed her softly and deepened the kiss as she shifted her position and straddled his legs. Then she pulled away with a frown.
“Oh shit.” She muttered and glanced down. Max followed her gaze and saw her foot in the garbage can. He laughed and picked her up immediately.
“Where do you think I should put you?” he asked, enjoying having her legs wrapped around his waist. Liz encircled her arms around his neck and moaned softly when she felt him fasten his lips against the curve of her neck. She felt something hard on her bottom and she realized he’d set her down onto the small counter beside the sink.
Max stood in contentment, snuggled between her legs. They both watched as he slid a finger into the towel and slowly, as if torturing her, slid it off her, revealing her beautiful perfect breasts to him. He sucked in a breath and whispered, “You’re so perfect,” and Liz shuddered and buried her hands in his hair.
“Kiss me.” She commanded and he obliged. His mouth covered hers hungrily and his hands moved from her face, through her wet hair, over her shoulders as the kiss roughened, and he pushed his erection against her heat, making Liz whimper from the back of her throat. He skimmed his hand up her ribs, felt the ripple of reaction as his fingers closed lightly over her breast.
“Liz.” Max breathed out then covered her with his waiting lips. Liz threw her head back in pleasure and dug her nails into his shoulder and held on tightly as he switched from one taut nipple to the other. Liz couldn’t take it anymore. She had to have his lips on her. Her fingers dragged through his hair to fist hard, to bring his mouth back to hers. Max pulled the rest of the towel off and tossed it behind him. Then he yanked down his sweatpants and Liz licked her lips and closed her hands around his butt, making him jump.
“I love your butt.” She commented as she squeezed him lightly. He chuckled then all of a sudden his lips were on her curls, making her gasp, and she gripped the edge of the counter tightly, hoping she wouldn’t faint from the hot, smothering swell of sensation, air too thick to breathe, blood roaring to a scream in her ears. With his amazing mouth and teeth and tongue he drove her toward a peak where she forgot everything. She forgot who she was. All that was running through her mind was MAX MAX MAX and his incredible mouth. She choked out his name as she felt herself go under. She shut her eyes tightly, held for dear life on Max’s head and everything inside her broke apart, shattered into pieces that left her limp. Her cry of release echoed through him and he held onto her and watched in fascination.
Liz’s eyes fluttered open and saw Max staring at her. His eyes dark with passion and lust. He crushed his mouth against hers and she tasted herself as well as something else. Something Max.
“Are you ready for me?” he whispered against her mouth and she buried her face in his neck and nodded. Max spread open her legs with his hips and he drove himself deep into her, buried himself inside her. They both cried out and Liz wrapped a leg around his waist, opening herself wider and Max held onto her leg as he thrust hard and deep, hammering the orgasm through her.
“Max!” Liz yelled and bit his shoulder.
He continued his rhythm, plunging in and out of her as they kissed wildly. He clenched his teeth as he felt her squeeze her walls against him and he couldn’t hold his control anymore. Liz banded her arms around him and clutched on tightly. He rode her harder, faster, bringing her to climax again and finding his own end as he drove deep within her.
Liz felt him come, felt the sudden rigidity in the muscles of his back, heard him groan through his teeth. Then stillness…the only sound was their ragged breathing. Neither of them moved.
“Wow.” Max lifted his head slowly and caressed her cheek. They were flushed and along with her still wet hair made her look unbelievably sexy.
Liz glanced down between them and smiled. “Well so much for my shower.”
Max laughed and he pulled his softening member out of her and lifted her gently off the counter. Liz stared up at him. His hair was sticking out in various places making him look adorable and childlike. He was as handsome as ever and Liz wondered if it was legal for someone to be so gorgeous. No wonder he drove every single girl crazy on campus. Her included. She smirked to herself. Well ladies, he’s all mine now. Her gaze shifted down to his body and she licked her lips as she stared at his rippling biceps, his six pack, his long thick shaft, his muscular thighs and finally to his cute feet. She knew he’d go mad if she ever told him his feet were cute.
She looked up in surprise. “Huh?”
Max grinned. “You were staring at me.”
Liz shook her head innocently. “I wasn’t.”
Max lowered his mouth and grazed her lips softly and when she tried to open up wider he pulled away.
“Admit it Parker.”
Liz pouted. “Fine I was staring at you. Satisfied?”
Then he turned on the shower and pulled her in with him.
“So what do you wanna do?” Liz asked teasingly as she stroked his shaft with a glint in her eye. Max’s eyes immediately darkened.
“Let me show you.” He murmured huskily and kissed her.

“You look happy.”
Liz grinned up at Maria. “I am.”
“So what happened?” Maria asked as she opened up their mailbox and dug her hand in.
“Not much.” Liz replied and held out her hand for her mail.
“Mine, mine, yours, mine, yours, yours, yours. What do you mean nothing happened?”
Liz giggled and Maria rolled her eyes. “You spend a whole weekend with him and you tell me nothing happened?” She swore and threw out her mail. Junk.
“Come on you know what happened?” Liz said and nudged her in the shoulder. Maria put her hands on her hips and glared at her.
“Liz Parker I always share what happens between me and Michael so you need to open up that mouth of yours and SPILL!”
Liz laughed. “Yeah but I never ask about it. You just willingly tell me. What me and Max share…its private.”
“Oh please Liz. Its just sex.”
Liz shook her head. “It’s not like that between us. It’s love. I’m going to tell him I love him.”
Maria gasped. “When?”
Liz paused when she saw the letter in front of her. It was from UCLA.
“Liz?” Maria stared at the panicked look on her friend’s face after she’d opened one of her letters. “What’s wrong?”
Liz looked up and spoke shakily. “Remember when I applied to UCLA for that Biology scholarship?”
Maria nodded.
“Well…I’ve been accepted.”


“Liz what are you going to do?”
Liz sighed and sat down onto her bed. “I have no idea.”
Maria sat down next to her. “Well do you want to go?” she asked.
Liz nodded. “I’ve been waiting since my freshman year.”
“You should go then.”
Liz covered her face in her hands and murmured, “Max.”
Liz got up and started pacing the room. “Max. What am I going to do about him?”
Maria stood up and crossed her arms. “Liz you can’t just not go because of him. This is your future we’re talking about here.”
Liz gave a bitter laugh. “It’s my dream.”
Maria raised her eyebrows. “There you go. You definitely have to go.”
“But I love him.” Liz whispered and felt her eyes sting. Everything had been going so great. Her grades were outstanding. She’d just been re-accepted into Beta Zeta. She was in love with the most incredible guy.
“Liz…” Maria said. She watched her best friend, knowing what kind of pain was going through her. Should Liz stay with the love of her life in New York or follow her dream to California?
“Do you think I should tell him?” Liz asked as she wiped her eyes.
“I’m not sure.” Maria admitted.
“What am I going to do?” Liz exclaimed hysterically.
Maria went up to her and put her hands onto her shoulders to calm her down.
“How long do you have?”
“How long do you have till you have to tell the university whether or not you’ve accepted their scholarship?” Maria asked.
Liz took a deep breath. “I’ve got at least a month to decide before the courses start.”
“You mean it doesn’t start in the fall?” Maria asked, surprised. Liz shook her head. “It starts immediately when…if…I go.”
“Well you’ve got some time to think about it.”
Liz sat back down onto her bed and hugged her knees to her chest. “Not enough time.” She muttered.
“Liz I know you want to go. You can’t let Max stop you.”
“I know.” Liz agreed. Then they both looked up when there was a knock at their door. Maria went over and opened the door.
“Hey ladies.” Max said, going into their dorm with a grin.
Liz jumped up from her bed and smiled, immediately feeling better just by looking at his handsome face. He had come wearing his football uniform.
“Nice outfit.” Maria said with a laugh.
Max gave her a smile. “Don’t you have someplace you need to be Deluca?”
“Oh yeah. I uh, need to go to the bathroom.” As she headed past Liz she mouthed TELL HIM and shut the door.
Liz went over to him and awkwardly put her arms around him.
“Do you want me to come watch your game?” Liz asked.
Max shook his head. “Its an away game. I’m just here to say bye.”
Liz laughed. “But we saw each other this morning.”
Max lowered his mouth and nibbled her lips with his teeth.
“I just wanted to see you.” He whispered.
Since his uniform was so bulky it was difficult for them to kiss so Max picked her up and she giggled.
“Oh Max you’re so strong.” She commented with wide eyes. He laughed then crushed his mouth against hers. Max slowly pulled away and let her back onto her feet.
“Wish me luck?” he murmured.
Liz nodded and gave him one last kiss before seeing him out the door. She crumbled to the floor after he’d left and felt tears coming again. She loved him so much. Maria appeared from the bathroom.
“You didn’t tell him.” She said, knowing the answer.
Liz shook her head and Maria sighed.
“What are you going to do?”
“I’m staying.”

Max groaned when he heard the phone ringing. He felt Liz stir beside him and he quickly answered the phone not wanting her to wake up.
“Hello?” he muttered.
“Hey what’s up man?”
Max frowned. “Who the hell is this?”
“Evans you shit it’s me.”
“Who is this?” he hissed, annoyed.
Alex Whitman groaned “Evans it’s me Alex.”
Max shot up from the bed. “Alex? Holy shit where are you? How’d you get my number?”
Alex laughed. “I called your old number and talked to your mom. I’m in New York!”
“Damn! Who are you staying with?” Max asked, excited now.
“My uncle. So you free today or what?”
“Hell yeah. Are you gonna come up to my dorm?”
“Sure give me the ad.”
Max hung up the phone grinning. Alex had been one of his best friends in high school and he hadn’t seen him in two years since they both went away for university.
“Hmm Max who was that?” Liz asked as she rolled over and laid her head onto his bare chest. Max pulled her up till she was lying on top of him.
“Do you remember Alex? From high school?”
Liz nodded and nuzzled his neck. She loved waking up in his arms.
“I shared a locker with him before.”
Max nodded. “Well he’s coming.”
Liz looked up. “Are you serious?” she exclaimed.
“He’s coming right now.” Max told her then took a sharp intake of breath when Liz pressed herself against him.
“Is there time for a quickie?” she asked innocently. Max flipped her over and slid his hand into her tank top.
“There’s always time for a quickie.”

Alex arrived sooner then they thought and Max scrambled to get his jeans on while Liz covered herself with the blankets, still on the bed.
Max flung open the door. “Alex!” he exclaimed and engulfed his friend in a big bear hug. Alex caught a glimpse of brown hair on Max’s bed and he raised his eyebrows.
“Got a hot girl in there huh?” Alex asked.
Max grinned. “Yep. And you know her.”
“Serious? Well let me in then.” Alex froze when he saw who it was.
“LIZ PARKER?” he boomed.
“Hi Alex.” She squeaked.
Alex stared dumbfounded at Max. Then back at Liz.
“Shit what the hell is going on?”
Max quickly handed Liz’s tank top to her and laughed.
She’s my girlfriend now.” He told him.
Liz got her tank top on under the covers then got up. Alex cocked his head and stared at her long legs.
“Damn you’ve turned hot.” He commented.
Liz smiled and gave him a quick hug. “You’re not so bad yourself.”
Max grabbed her and wrapped an arm around her. “Back off Whitman she’s mine.”
Alex put up his hands as if to surrender and they all laughed. The phone rang and Max went to get it.
“So how long are you staying?” Liz asked Alex as Max talked on the phone.
“Maybe a week.” he replied.
“What about school?”
Alex grinned. “Taking a break you know? Just can’t go through anymore crap.”
Liz laughed. She totally knew what he was talking about. She heard Max swear as he slammed down the phone and she quickly went over to him.
“What’s wrong?” she asked as she ruffled his already messed up hair.
Max looked over at Alex apologetically. “Bad news man. I’m gonna be gone for a few days.”
“Why? Who called?” Alex asked.
Max sighed. “My coach. In order to make the final four our team’s got to go have one last game over in New Jersey and beat them. God this sucks.”
Alex patted him on the back and shrugged. “Hey it’s okay man. You can get some of your friends to hang out with me.”
“Can’t you say that you’re sick and you can’t go or something?” Liz asked.
Max shook his head. “We’ve never been this close before so I got to play. It’s really important to me.”
Liz gave him a smile. “Well then you have to go then huh? I’ll take care of Alex for you then.”
Alex grinned. “So when do you leave Mr. Football stud.”
Max crossed his arms grumpily. “Today.”

“So what’s the deal with you and Evans?”
Liz looked up from her cappuccino with a frown.
“What do you mean ‘What’s the deal’? We’re together.”
Alex grinned and folded his hands behind his head.
“As I recall you guys were at war from the first day you met. Remember? I was right there cause we were sharing a locker together.”
Liz laughed. “I don’t know. It was so strange. We acted like we hated each other for so many years and then one day at a party he just kissed me.”
“Why what happened?”
Liz smiled, still remembering clearly what had happened.
“We accidentally got locked in the basement of the house that the party was at. And we just freaked out and started screaming at each other. Then he just kissed me.”
Alex laughed. “To shut you up I bet.”
Liz glared at him. “Did it go through your mind that he did it cause he liked me? Wanted me?”
Alex laughed again. “You do talk a lot Parker.”
“Oh shut up.” Liz said with a wry smile.
“So…is it you know, L-O-V-E?”
Liz blushed.
“Okay who said it first?” Alex asked.
Liz shook her head. “Neither of us has. Plus we’ve only been together for a month.
Alex raised his eyebrows. “A month? Max has never had a relationship last more then a week!”
“I know it’s hard to believe huh?”
“He loves you then.” Alex concluded.
Liz smiled. “I hope so because I love him.” She admitted.
“So when are you going to tell him?” Alex asked.
“The minute he gets back.”
Alex grinned. “I’d better steer clear of you guys when you do. Your friend Maria’s warned me about you two.”
Liz rolled her eyes. “What did she say?”
“That you guys will probably have some really wild animal sex after professing your love to each other.”
Liz’s mouth hung open in disbelief. “She said that? Oh my god you should see her and Michael together!”
Liz waited for Alex to say something but he was staring at something behind her and she swung around to see what he was staring at. Isabel.
“Who in the world is that?” he asked.
“Oh that’s just Isabel. Is over here!”
Isabel had just entered the coffee shop and saw Liz waving her over. She noticed a cute guy sitting across from her and she flashed them her dazzling smile.
“Hey Liz.” Isabel said sat down onto the chair Liz had pulled over.
“I’m Alex.” Alex said immediately thrusting his hand into hers.
“I’m Isabel.”
Liz held back a laugh. Alex looked like a lovesick puppy.
“So Is can I go get you something?” she asked.
Isabel nodded. “Sure I’ll have whatever you’re having.”
Liz glanced over at the two of them. Alex was talking enthusiastically while Isabel giggled and looked fascinated. Cute.
“Hey Liz can I get you something?” Sandy asked.
“You look tired.” Liz commented at her friend. Sandy shrugged.
“You know, school and work. What do you expect huh?”
Liz gave her a pat on the arm then ordered Isabel a drink. As Sandy handed Liz the Cappuccino she pointed to the TV screen behind her.
“Liz isn’t that Max?”
Liz spun around. Sure enough it was Max on TV and some pesky reporter was trying to get him to answer some questions but he kept on walking, looking angry and devastated. The rest of the football team were following close behind all looking upset.
“Oh no.” she murmured.
“Mr. Evans how does it feel to lose the game for your entire team?” the reporter called.
“Oh my god.” Sandy said behind her.
Liz sighed. Poor Max. She quickly went over to Alex and Isabel and they immediately stopped talking at the expression on her face.
“Liz what’s wrong?” Alex asked.
“Did you guys see what was on TV?”
They both shook their heads.
“What happened Liz?” Isabel asked.
“Max’s team lost and they’re blaming it on him.”

Liz paused with her hand on the door and looked at Alex.
“Do you think we should go in?” she asked.
Alex took a deep breath. “Well Michael told us he was pretty upset. But maybe seeing you will make him feel better…or something.”
Liz nodded. Then knocked the door.
“Max? Are you in there?” she called.
Silence. “Max?”
Alex tried the knob and it was unlocked. “Come on.” He muttered. They went in and saw Max sitting on his bed holding his football jersey. Liz’s heart broke just looking at him.
“What do you guys want?” he said.
Liz sat down next to him and stroked his neck. “Are you okay?” she whispered. He didn’t do anything. He just sat there and Liz gave Alex a worried look.
“Max it wasn’t your fault.” Alex said.
Max clenched his fists and shot up from the bed.
“Why the fuck are you two in here?” he yelled. “Get out! Get the fuck out!”
Liz bit her lip and backed away from him.
“Look Max I know you’re upset. We’re just here to try to cheer you up.” Alex told him. He tried to put a hand onto Max’s arm but he swatted it away.
He glared at the two of them. “I don’t need your goddamn sympathy. You don’t understand.”
“Help us understand Max.” Liz murmured. She was near tears and she quickly wiped at her eyes.
“What are you crying about? Nothing like this ever happened to you!” Max screamed at her.
Alex held onto Liz protectively and inched them towards the door.
“Look we know you’re upset so we’ll leave you alone alright? Call Liz’s cell if you need us.”
“Get out.”
Liz sighed then the two of them walked out. Alex slumped against the wall in the hallway and gave Liz a comforting hug.
“He’s never like this.”
“I know.”
“What’s wrong with him Alex?” Liz asked.
Alex took a deep breath. “Everyone’s blaming him and he’s angry. All we can do right now is leave him alone.”
“I was going to tell him I loved him Alex.”
“I know.”
Liz sniffled and gave a forced smile. “Well I guess we just need to wait for him to feel better huh?”
Alex wrapped an arm around her and they started walking off.
“Come on let’s go back to your dorm.” He said.
They walked back to the dorm and Alex settled onto Maria’s bed to watch some TV while Liz went to take a shower. When she came out she joined Alex on the bed and leaned against him. She was glad Alex was here to be with her. Maria was never around anymore and Liz wouldn’t have been so calm if she didn’t have him with her.
“Thanks for being here Alex. This is your vacation and you’re spending your time sulking about Max and watching TV with me.”
Alex laughed. “You know, I’m only using you cause I want to get to know Isabel better.” He said teasingly.
Liz poked him and he laughed.
“You do seem to like her.” She commented.
Alex nodded. “Definitely. She’s hot.”
Liz rolled her eyes. “That’s all you men care about don’t you?”
Before Alex could answer the door flung open and Max fell in. They both jumped off the bed to help him.
“Max!” Liz exclaimed. She tried to get him to stand up but he pushed her away and stumbled to his feet. Alex realized what was wrong with him.
“He’s drunk.” He muttered.
“You son-of-a-bitch!” Max yelled at him and tried to punch him but Alex ducked and Max went flying to the floor again.
“What’s wrong with you?” Liz tried to help him up but Max pushed her away again.
“You’re fucking each other aren’t you?” he said with a glare.
Liz gasped when Alex shoved him.
“How can you say that?” he yelled.
Liz didn’t know who this person in her room was. He wasn’t sweet loving Max anymore. He was drunk and angry. She felt her blood boil. It wasn’t her fault he’d lost the game. Why was he punishing her for it?
“Get out!” she screamed. She pulled him up with all of her strength and pushed him towards the door.
Max sneered. “I was riiiiight.” He said with a slur.
“Max if you don’t get out right now I swear I’m going to punch you.” Liz said with her fists clenched. Max threw his hands into the air and laughed.
“I’m right! I’m right!”
Liz grabbed his shirt angrily and pulled his face within inches from hers. She winced at the smell of alcohol in his breath.
“You listen to me Max. Alex and I aren’t together and neither will we if you don’t sober up and calm down!”
“Fine!” Max yelled then he stumbled out of her room and Alex slammed the door shut.
Liz covered her face in her hands. She wasn’t going to cry. She wasn’t going to cry. Max was drunk. He didn’t know what he was talking about.
“Are you okay?” Alex asked.
Liz took a deep breath and removed her hands from her face.
“I’m fine Alex.” She replied.

Max stumbled into campus coffee shop, drunk. He saw Michael sitting with people and walked over to them.
“L-L-Liz.’ He stammered and fell against the wall.
Michael and Tyler shot up from their seats.
“Max you’re drunk.” Michael said.
Max burst into laughter. “I’m not drunk Michael! You don’t know what you’re talking about!”
“Let’s get him home.” Tyler muttered and Michael nodded. They tried grabbing onto Max’s arms but he pushed them away.
“I saw Liz! She’s mad at me for losing the game too!” Max exclaimed.
“No she’s not.” Michael said and grabbed a hold of Max’s shoulder.
Max gestured to everyone in the coffee shop who was staring at him.
“You’re all mad! I ruined your chances!” he called.
Michael gritted his teeth as Max pushed him away.
“I lost the game! I lost! I lost!”
Maria hovered in the corner wondering if she should call Liz or not. Max was drunk and turning crazy.
“Don’t call Liz.” Courtney warned, reading her mind.
“But Max is in trouble.” Maria protested.
Courtney shook her head. “She’ll be upset if you call her Maria.”
Maria nodded and put away her cell. All they could do was watch Max make a fool of himself.
Finally Max put his hands in the air as if to surrender.
“I’m leaving!” he announced.
They all watched as he stumbled out with a bottle of alcohol in his hand, which he had taken out of his jacket from.
“What actually happened Michael?” Maria asked when he sat back down next to her. Michael sighed.
“You’ve been hearing the rumours haven’t you?”
They all nodded.
“Max lost for us.” Tyler said simply.
“What happened?” Courtney asked.
“He tried to win the game all by himself.” Michael explained, “but none of us blamed him or anything. It was this reporter who was taunting him when we lost.”
“Damn.” Maria muttered.

Max leaned against the door of his dorm and swore when he saw his bottle was empty. He let out a yell and chucked the bottle down the hall.
Melissa was walking down the hallway when her heart leaped in her chest. Max Evans was sitting outside his dorm looking miserable. Could it be? Were Max and Liz finally over? She walked as quickly as she could with her heels on and bent down next to him.
“Max what’s wrong?” she asked, stroking his cheek.
Max looked up, his vision blurred. He reached up and stroked the girls hair. It was brown. It was silky.
“Liz?” he murmured.
“Close enough.” Melissa muttered. She helped him up his feet and opened his door.
“Come on Max. Liz wants you in bed.” She murmured into his ear.
“You’re not mad?” he asked.
“What?” Melissa asked, confused.
“Liz you’re not mad anymore?”
Oh yeah she was pretending to be Liz.
“Oh Max baby I can never be mad at you.”
In the back of Max’s mind he thought Liz was being really weird. She never called him baby. He shrugged it off and flopped down onto his bed. Melissa smiled, and then slammed the door shut.

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Max groaned as his eyes flickered open. His head…oh god he’d never had a headache this bad before. He heard a rustle of sheets beside him and he immediately felt better. He didn’t remember Liz coming in last night but good thing she did. All he wanted to do was snuggle up against her warm body and have her wrap her arms around him.
“Liz I’m so glad-” Max froze. It wasn’t Liz staring back at him. He gave out a yell and jumped out of his bed. His heart was pounding so hard it felt like it would burst out any minute now. What the fuck had he done last night?
“What are you doing here?” he yelled.
Melissa stretched and yawned. Then she rolled her eyes.
“You don’t remember anything?” she asked, annoyed that he was yelling at her the minute she woke up.
Max realized his hands were trembling. He sat down slowly back onto the bed silently.
“What happened?” he murmured.
Melissa sighed. She’d thought about lying but seeing him like this was seriously torturing her. She climbed out of his bed and stood up. She looked at his face. He seemed about to cry.
“Max nothing happened.” She finally told him.
Max’s head shot up. “What?” he asked.
She nodded. “You were so drunk you just came in and fell asleep before…before we could do something.”
Max’s heartbeat began slowing down and he took a deep breath to try and clear his mind.
Melissa slipped her feet into her sandals and pointed over to Michael’s bed, which was empty.
“If you don’t believe me you can ask Mike. He was here.”
Max nodded. What he didn’t understand was if nothing happened why had she slept here?
“Why did you sleep in my bed then? If nothing happened?” he asked.
Melissa blushed and looked away. Then she looked up feeling embarrassed as hell.
“I was going to lie. You know, tell you that we slept together when we actually hadn’t.”
“Oh.” Max said
Melissa shrugged. “Well I guess I’ll see you around then.”
“Don’t count on it.” Max muttered.

Liz opened her eyes gradually and glanced around the darkened room. She saw that Maria’s bed was empty already and she wondered what time it was. She fumbled for her clock on her bedside table and it fell to the floor with a THUNK.
Liz looked down at the floor beside her bed. Alex was lying there looking annoyed as he rubbed his forehead.
“Sorry.” She said and picked up her clock. It was almost noon. The two of them had stayed up late together watching movies and Liz had asked him to stay instead of going back to his uncle’s place. He’d obliged because of the situation with Max. He didn’t want to leave her alone.
Alex yawned and reached for his watch under her bed. He felt something else in his hand though and pulled it out. It was an envelope addressed to Liz from UCLA.
“Liz what’s this?”
Liz looked over and became still. Then she took it from his hands slowly.
“It’s nothing.” She mumbled.
Alex struggled to sit up and gave her a bewildered expression.
“Liz it’s a letter from UCLA. I don’t think it would be nothing.”
She handed it back to him silently and Alex quickly opened it to see what was inside. He looked up at her after reading it all and smiled.
“Congratulations.” He said.
Liz shook her head. “I’m not going.”
Alex didn’t even have to ask why. “Max.”
“I remember you talking about this in high school Liz.” Alex said.
Liz nodded, remembering it too. Then she looked at him in surprise. He chuckled.
“Liz just because we lost contact with each other for two years it doesn’t mean I don’t remember the things we talked about.”
Liz smiled at him, moved by what he said. Thank god he was here or else she didn’t know what she would’ve done last night.
“Thank you Alex.” She said.
He patted her hand then got up and pulled on his shoes.
“I got to go. I’ll talk to you later alright”
Liz nodded and gave him a wave good-bye.
“Oh and Liz?”
“You should go.”
Liz didn’t say anything and Alex continued,
“Going on that scholarship is your dream. It’s your future. You’re still young and you shouldn’t let your relationship with Max stop you. I know you love him but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. You have to go Liz. You need to go.”
Then he left.

Max knocked the door and ran his hands through his hair. He held his breath as the door opened and the breath caught in his throat as he stared at her. She looked beautiful with her long hair piled up in a messy bun and wearing pyjama bottoms and a tank top. She didn’t greet him with her usual hug and kiss and his heart began to pound.
“Come on in.” she said as she opened the door wider. Her tone was cold.
“Liz I-”
“I already know.”
Max stood inert not knowing what to say.
“What do you know?” he asked tensely.
Liz shrugged. “That you slept with that girl.” She stared at the baffled expression on his face.
“I didn’t-”
She interrupted him again with a wave of her hand.
“I know. You didn’t sleep with her of course. You just…slept.”
“Liz I swear nothing happened.” Max said, desperately grabbing a hold of her shoulders. Liz struggled away from him.
“I know Maria told me everything.” She told him.
Damn you Michael.
“I don’t know what to say.” Max admitted.
“Neither do I.”
“Liz I’m sorry.”
Liz closed her eyes and looked away. “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”
Max shook his head and grabbed her hand.
“Look I know I said some things I didn’t mean when I was drunk but you can’t just break things off like this.”
“It has nothing to do with that. I know that football game meant a lot to you.” Liz bit her lip and took her hand out of his. Why did he have to make this so difficult for her?
Max was becoming confused and angry. If she wasn’t mad about that then why in the world was she pushing him away like this?
“God Liz I don’t understand you at all.”
Liz lifted her chin. “You don’t need to.”
“You know what Liz? Fine if it’s really what you want let’s break up then.”
Liz looked up at him in surprise. Was it really going to end just like that? Was the passion and love they shared together just going to be gone?
She glowered at him.
“Fine.” She said and crossed her arms.
She slammed the door after he’d left and she crouched down against the door and hugged her knees. She didn’t cry.

“I’m going to miss you.”
Alex grinned and cuffed her lightly on the arm.
“We gotta stay in touch this time alright?”
Liz nodded and they both sat down onto the waiting chairs of the airport. Max hadn’t bothered to offer to take Alex to the airport.
“So…did you say bye to him?” Liz asked not wanting to say his name.
Alex nodded.
The two of them sat in silence. Finally Alex’s flight was called and he engulfed her into a tight hug.
“Call me sometime okay?” he asked.
Liz smiled at him. “I promise.”
She walked him to the entrance and Alex grabbed her hand and held it tightly.
“Think about what I told you okay?” he asked.
“I will.” She replied.
Then he picked up his bag, gave her a wave, and disappeared through the gate.

Max sighed as he flopped onto his bed. He was miserable and he missed Liz. Why had he been so stupid? Why hadn’t he fought more for their relationship? Why did he just let her go so easily?
“Because I’m an idiot.” He muttered to himself. He hadn’t seen her f9r nearly a week because he’d been skipping classes to avoid seeing her. He closed his eyes and an image of Liz sprang up in his mind. Her long silky tresses flowing down her shoulders, her gorgeous bright eyes, and her lips that drove him crazy with lust for her. He thought of the way she laughed. The way she made him laugh. He couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t care if she hated him. He just needed to hear her voice. He reached for the phone and dialled her number. Busy.
“Shit.” He mumbled.
He dialled the phone again and again until finally Maria’s voice came through.
Max cleared his throat and spoke, “Is Liz there?”
There was silence. “Maria? Are you there?”
“Max…she’s gone.”
Five years later

Liz tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at her students. Seeing her standing up from her desk they quieted down and waited for her to speak.
“Now remember the grade 12 Biology exam’s next week and it’s very important that you do well.” She looked over at Adam and the class laughed. Not known for being smart Liz loved picking on him. He was a handsome but arrogant boy that liked to play with girl’s minds. He was the exact replica of Max Evans, a guy whom she’d fallen in love with in university but had to leave him in New York when she was accepted for a scholarship in California. Max and Adam were so alike sometimes it freaked her out. Liz shoved thoughts of Max to the back of her mind. After five years she still thought of him and that was definitely not good.
“Come on Ms. Parker you know I’ll do good.” Adam said as he leaned back against his chair.
Liz raised her eyebrows. “Isn’t that what you said when we had that test on chapter 12 and you failed?” The class laughed again.
Adam gave the class his dazzling smile and Liz could just see every single girl in the room melt onto the floor.
“I guess I need to find myself a hot tutor then.” He announced.
Liz laughed in spite of herself then started reviewing what would be on the exam. The bell rang, meaning that Biology was over which was last class on Friday.
“Remember to study!” she called as the students filed out.
She glanced down at her desk where a ball of paper was thrown. She picked it up and opened it. She sighed and shook her head. It was a drawing of her wearing only a bikini with the words Hot written across the chest. She looked up and saw Adam grinning and giving his friend a high five. Liz rolled her eyes and chucked it in the garbage can. Like she said, Max and Adam’s likeness freaked her out.

Max groaned in annoyance at the knock on his door.
“Who is it?” he called.
“It’s your father. Open up!”
Oh shit. Max pushed his secretary off his lap and quickly zipped up his pants. He grabbed her shirt for her and she quickly pulled it on. They both smoothed down their hair to make themselves presentable and Max went and opened the door. He smiled at his father and spoke to his secretary.
“So like I said, schedule Mr. Smith’s appointment for next week alright? Thank you Beth.” He flashed her a smile then shut the door.
Phillip sighed and plopped down onto Max’s sofa in the corner.
“Max I’m your father. Do you think I’m an idiot?”
Max noticed he wasn’t wearing his shoes and scrambled to put them on.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Dad.” He said as he sat down across from him.
Phillip laughed. “Quite a looker that secretary is.”
There was no point in lying. Max broke out into a grin and shrugged.
“That’s why I hired her.”
Phillip slapped his son on the back and they smiled at each other.
“So what brings you in?” Max asked as he offered him a cup of water, which he refused. His father owned the company of course but he rarely dropped by. He usually worked at home where Max’s mother could keep an eye on him.
Phillip sighed and looked around the office, which used to be his.
“I’m thinking about retiring from P and Co.” He announced.
Max stared at him, surprised at hearing his Dad say such words. He loved being a lawyer and it never got to Max that someday he would retire. Especially not this early.
“Why are you thinking about this all of a sudden?” Max asked.
Phillip grinned. “You’re mother’s been pressuring me.”
“Ignore her.”
Phillip shook his head. “So has the doctor.”
Max eyes widened. “What’s wrong?” he asked.
Phillip chuckled. “The heart Max. I’m getting old. Even working at home puts a stress on it.”
Max put a hand on his father’s arm. “Forget what I said before Dad. You should retire.”
Phillip chuckled. “You know what that means.”
“What?” Max asked.
“I’m giving the company to you.”

Liz threw her car keys onto the table and set down her bag. She sighed and rubbed her neck. She had stayed late at the school to finish marking the Biology exams for her grade 12 students. Surprisingly, Adam had passed with flying colours.
Her stomach rumbled when she smelt the spaghetti sauce cooking in the kitchen and she quickly sauntered over.
“Greg I’m home.” She proclaimed and smiled when he looked up. He smiled back as he stirred and she strolled over to him.
“Hmm smells good.” She commented.
“How was your day?” he asked and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
Liz shrugged. “Same as always. Yours?”
Greg remained silent as he spooned up the sauce over the noodles and handed a plate to her. They walked over to the table together and Liz asked, “Is something wrong?”
Greg sighed. “I’m being sued.”
Liz gaped at him. “What? Why would someone sue a dentist?” she exclaimed.
Greg almost laughed. “This woman we sedated two weeks ago for surgery thinks me and my assistant sexually harassed her.”
“But you didn’t…right?”
Greg took her hand. “Liz how can you ask me that?”
Liz looked down at her plate.
Greg took a deep breath and patted her arm. “It’s fine. No we didn’t. She’s assuming we did because she found marks on her breast.”
“What was it from?” Liz asked.
Greg shrugged. “Neither of us touched her.”
“But where would the marks come from then?”
Greg shut his eyes tightly and groaned. “I have no idea Liz. All I know is that there’s going to be a trial and I need a lawyer.”
Liz stroked his cheek gently. “Greg don’t worry. We’ll fight this together.”
Greg forced a smile. “At least we’ll be able to take a vacation while we’re at it since school’s ending for the summer for you anyways.”
Liz frowned. “What do you mean?”
“It’s going to be held in New York since that’s where the woman lives.” Greg explained.
“Why didn’t that woman just find a dentist in New York?” Liz muttered.
“No idea.” Greg answered with a mouthful of food.
Liz brightened a bit. “I’ll be able to visit Maria then.”
She saw the look on Greg’s face.
“After the trials of course because you’re innocent.” She quickly said.
As Greg went to take a shower Liz laid down onto their bed. They weren’t married of course; they had just decided to move in together a month ago. Sometimes he drove her crazy though with his neatness and lack of intimacy. He was the kind of person that only allowed something when he wanted it to happen which Liz hated. Liz’s mind began drifting back to NYU and Max Evans. What they had shared was special and all this time later she still couldn’t get it out of her mind. Where was he? Was he still in New York? He obviously was never drafted into the NFL for she’d checked his name millions of times. She wondered what he was like now. Was he still the hot player that lured girls to him like fleas to dogs? Was he the same cocky self?
She snapped out of her thoughts and sat up. “What is it?” she asked.
“Shower’s free.” Greg told her as he sat down next to her. Liz immediately felt guilty. She had a great boyfriend whom she loved in spite of his faults and there she was, lying in their bed thinking about Max.
“Thanks.” She said and gave him a kiss.

They arrived in New York and one of Greg’s dentist buddies picked them up. They would be staying at his place while the trial took place. “Have you found me a decent lawyer?” Greg asked as he settled into the front seat. Liz interrupted them by thrusting her hand out to Greg’s friend.
“Hi I’m Liz.” She introduced.
“Ted.” He replied with a smile.
Greg gave her a look and asked again, “My lawyer. Have you found me one?”
Ted nodded as they began driving away. “I’m not sure which lawyer you’ll get. I’ve contacted the company and they’ve promised to provide you with someone specialized with your kind of case.”
“When will we be able to meet him,” Liz asked, “Or her.” She added.
“As soon as possible hopefully.” Greg said.
Ted gave Greg a slap on the arm. “Don’t worry about it Greg. You’re scheduled to see him tomorrow.”
“What’s the company’s name?” Liz asked as she glanced out the window. She smiled to herself at the familiar sights. She hadn’t come back since she left for California.
Ted rummaged in his pocket for his wallet and pulled out the business card. He handed it to Greg to read it out for Liz.
“The name’s P and Co.”


Max glanced up in surprise as a folder fell onto his desk.
“What’s this?” he asked as he opened it.
His secretary Beth shrugged and sat onto his desk.
“Your father wanted you to take this case.” She told him.
Max scanned through it and groaned.
“Another sexual harassment case? Who does he think I am?”
Beth picked up his phone and handed it to him.
“Why don’t you call your father and ask?” she suggested.
Max took the phone and waved her out of his office. He was so sick and tired of taking these ridiculous cases. He wanted better more exciting ones. Like murder…or something anything!
“Hello?” Diane answered.
“Hey mom, is dad there?”
Phillip came onto the phone and Max immediately began complaining.
“Why don’t you give this case to Mark? Or Travis? Or Leanne? Or even Brittany? Why me? Your own flesh and blood.”
Max knew he sounded like a child but the last 4 cases he’d taken had been sexual harassment cases.
“Max just take this last one alright? It’s Ted’s friend and I promised I’d help him out.”
Max sighed. “When do you retire?” he asked. “Soon hopefully.” He muttered and Phillip laughed.
Max hung up the phone and scanned through the file. Greg Thomas, dentist, unwed. He and his assistant were being accused of sexual harassing their patient, Beverly Lang, while she had been sedated for surgery. Max frowned. Marks on her breast? Hell, those marks could’ve come from anywhere. He sighed.
“Stupid case.” He muttered and called for Beth to schedule an appointment with Greg Thomas.

Maria tossed the phone onto the couch with a grin. Liz was coming to visit! They hadn’t seen each other for the longest time.
“What are you so happy about?”
Maria turned and smiled at Michael who had emerged from the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“I’m so happy!” she squealed.
Michael laughed. “Calm down and tell me why.” He insisted.
“Liz is coming to visit us!”
Michael frowned. “But didn’t she say she’d never come to New York ever again in her life?”
Maria shrugged. “Who cares? She’s here with her boyfriend Greg something.”
Michael scratched his head. “Why are they coming?”
Maria shook her head and said, “I don’t know.” Then she raised her eyebrows remembering what Liz had told her.
“Oh my god Michael Greg’s being sued.”
“Is that why they’re coming then?”
Maria nodded. “The trials in New York.”
“Does this Greg have a good lawyer? I could recommend someone to him if he wants.”
Maria thought back to her conversation with Liz.
“I think the company they hired is called P and Co.”
“Holy shit!” Michael plopped down onto the couch with a stunned expression. Maria sat down next to him.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
He turned to her, his eyes big with disbelief.
“Maria don’t you realize what this means?”
“Max Evans works there.”

“Are you sure I should come?” Liz asked as she gathered her long hair up into a ponytail. Greg nodded.
“It might be good for the both of us to meet with him.” He said.
Liz scrunched up her nose. “But we’re not married or anything. Won’t it be weird?”
Greg stood up slowly from the bed and stared at her. He sighed.
“Liz I thought you came with me to support me? If you’re not then you might as well get on a plane and go back to California.”
Liz looked away and mumbled, “I’m sorry.”
Ted gave them a ride to the company and as Liz stepped out of the car she held onto Greg’s hand tightly. She really hoped the lawyer would be able to help them.
“So what’s the guy’s name?” Greg asked Ted before he drove away.
Ted shook his head. “No idea. Phillip’s son I think.”
Liz followed Greg into the building while Greg complained about not even knowing his own lawyer’s name. They got onto the elevator and headed for the 8th floor where Ted had said to go.
“Nice.” Liz murmured as they entered the door that had the sign ‘P and Co.’ on it. There was a pretty blonde sitting at a large counter and Liz thought she was probably the secretary.
“Hi how may I help you?” the blonde asked.
“I’m the 1:00 appointment.” Greg told her.
Liz saw the bathroom and told Greg where she was going. He nodded and waited for the blonde to tell him where to go.
“Oh right Greg Thomas. Mr. Max Evans is expecting you. His office is right down the hall and the second door on the right.”
Greg nodded and he grew nervous as he approached the door. What was this man going to think of him? Dammit he was being accused of sexually harassing someone! He took a deep breath and knocked.
“Come in.”
Greg entered and he looked around the office, which was huge. There was a pair of sofas in the corner while a large screen TV perched in front of it.
Max stared at his new client. He didn’t seem the kind of man to do what he was accused of. He approached him and held out his hand.
“Hey I’m Max. Mr. Thomas right?”
Greg nodded and sat down at the chair that Max pointed for him to sit on. He noticed Max seemed quite young to be a lawyer.
“You can just call me Greg.” He told him.
Max nodded and sat back onto his chair. He opened his drawer and pulled out Greg’s folder. A picture frame fell out and he dived for it and shoved it back in. Liz’s picture.
“What was that?” Greg asked with an amused chuckle.
Max shook his head and muttered, “Nothing.” Then he opened up Greg’s folder and took a sip of his coffee.
“Let’s start discussing your case Greg.”

Liz moved towards the pretty blonde and smiled when she looked up from her computer.
“Hello.” She said, returning Liz’s smile.
“Could you tell me where Mr. Thomas went?” she asked.
Beth pointed down the hallway.
“Go down there. It’s the second door on the right.”
Max frowned. Beth had forgotten to refill the coffee pot again.
“Uh excuse me for a second Greg. I’ve got to talk to my secretary for a minute.”
Greg laughed as Max indicated his cup to the empty coffee pot.
Liz was about to knock on the door when it flung open. She looked up with a smile and the smile froze on her face. No. No it couldn’t be. Her hand flew to her mouth and she stumbled back. There was no sound but the crash of breaking glass.

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They stared at each other unmoving. They just stood there neither knowing what to say or do. It seemed like hours until finally Greg broke them out of their trance.
“Mr. Evans? Liz? What’s going on?” he asked, staring at the broken pieces of glass on the floor, which had once been Max’s coffee mug.
“What are you doing here?” Liz managed to choke out of her dry throat.
Greg frowned, brushed past Max and got a hold of her hand.
“What are you talking about? What do you mean what’s he doing here? Mr. Evans here is my lawyer!”
Max couldn’t take his eyes off her. This was the moment he had been waiting for since the day he found out she had left school and New York. He’d dreamt of seeing her again. And in his dreams he’d always catch her in his arms and they’d kiss passionately like nothing had happened. But he was angry. Angry that she’d left without saying good-bye. Angry she’d told everyone not to tell him where she went. He was angry that she was Greg’s girlfriend. Angry that she was standing there in his hallway. He was so angry he didn’t know what to do.
“What the hell is going on here?” Greg bellowed.
Max took his eyes off her and looked over at Greg who looked panicked and confused. Finally he spoke.
“Nothing. I seem to have broken my mug. Let me go get my secretary.”
Liz stared helplessly at his retreating back, her heart pounding so fast she could barely breathe. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe she’d come back to New York after all these years. She couldn’t believe that Max had decided to be a lawyer. She couldn’t believe that he’d turned out to be Greg’s lawyer!
“Liz you look pale. What’s wrong?” Greg asked.
She stared guiltily up at his concerned face. Obviously Max didn’t want to mention their past so neither would she.
“I’m fine. It’s just, you know, he scared me when he came out of his office.”
“Oh.” Greg didn’t sound nor looked like he believed her. He guided her into Max’s office and she looked around in amazement as she sat down onto a chair. Who would’ve thought Max Evans would ever be this successful?
Beth grudgingly obliged to clean up the mess Max had made and watched as Max took a deep breath before he stepped into his office again. She frowned and wondered why he all of a sudden looked so pale.
Max went back into his office and sat down at his seat while avoided looking at Liz.
“So let’s get back to discussing my case.” Greg said, obviously having no clue that both Max and Liz were desperately trying not to meet each other’s gazes. Max cleared his throat. Then he sighed.
“You know what Greg? I don’t think I’m fit to be your lawyer.”
Both Greg and Liz gaped at him.
“Excuse me?” Greg asked.
Max waved a hand at him in dismissal and called on the intercom for Travis who he knew had no important cases coming up.
“Travis? I’ve got a new client for you in my office.” Max said.
Travis appeared at Max’s door immediately and motioned for Greg to follow him. Liz quickly got up from her chair and began to follow but Max grabbed onto her arm.
“I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to speak to your girlfriend for a minute.” Max said to Greg who just shrugged and ignored the helpless look Liz sent him.
Max slammed the door shut and he rubbed his forehead as if deep in thought.
“Why did you do that?” Liz asked, already knowing the answer. Max didn’t say anything for a moment.
“We need to talk.” He finally muttered.
Liz crossed her arms stubbornly and turned away from him.
“I have nothing to say to you.” She muttered back. She walked to the windows and could see Max’s reflection as he stared at her. God he hadn’t changed at all. His taste in clothes sure changed though. From wearing shorts and a T-shirt to expensive black suits was quite a big step. But oh lord he was still as handsome as ever in that cocky way of his.
“Who would’ve thought huh? Liz Parker’s boyfriend being accused of sexual harassment.”
Liz spun around and narrowed her eyes at him.
“He didn’t do it.” She said through clenched teeth.
Max shrugged and sat down at his seat. “I actually don’t give a flying fuck Parker. Now tell me why you’re here.”
“I’m here to support Greg for your information.”
“Christ. I know that I’m not an idiot. Why are you at my firm?” Max asked.
Liz gave a laugh. “How in the world was I supposed to know that you worked here? If I had known I wouldn’t have come.” She sat down onto the windowsill and glared at him.
Ouch. Max stared at her. Her familiar long silky hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. He bit back the urge to walk over there and slide his hands through the soft strands. Shit she was even more beautiful if that was even possible. He swallowed as his gaze lingered on the curves of her breasts. The breasts he had loved to touch, to taste. Of all the women he had been with he’d never forgotten hers.
“So…what do you do?”
Liz lifted her chin. “I’m a teacher.”
Max raised his eyebrows. “You left New York to be a teacher?”
Liz glowered at him but said nothing.
“Do you love him?”
“Why are you asking me this?”
“You don’t love him.” Max concluded.
Liz looked at him in surprise. Hell, he was surprised that even came out of his mouth. Max turned away.
“Forget I asked.” He mumbled.
Liz gave a chuckle and turned back to the window again.
“You really want to know the truth Max? You’re right, I don’t love him.”
Max strode over to her in 5 long strides and he thought about touching her but thought better of it. Instead he stuck his hands into his pockets.
“Why are you with him then?” he asked.
Liz shrugged. She looked away but not quickly enough and Max realized she was crying.
“You left without telling me.” Max murmured.
Liz didn’t want to cry. She never cried. But the tears were streaming down her face so rapidly she didn’t know how to stop.
“You wouldn’t have understood.” She finally whispered. She jumped as Max grabbed the lamp on his desk and threw it across the room.
“Fuck Liz! How can you say that?” he yelled. “You left without saying good-bye. You told everyone but me! You told them all not to tell me! How do you think I felt?” Max was panting with rage and he felt like he would go insane any minute now.
Liz stood up with her fists clenched at her side. “We broke up! I had a right to leave! I didn’t have to say good-bye to you.”
Max looked at her and her heart gave a squeeze. The look on his face was devastation and sadness. Liz looked away.
“I wanted it to be quick. If I had told you it would’ve become difficult.” She explained.
Max squeezed his eyes shut to prevent him from throwing something else. He opened them again with difficulty. He didn’t want to look at the woman who broke his heart.
“It could’ve been easy Liz. You could’ve told me. ‘Hey Max I’m heading to California!’ how fucking hard was that?” he yelled.
There was a knock on the door.
“Max? Are you okay in there?” Beth’s voice rang out.
Max ignored her and sat down onto his chair. The doorknob rattled as Beth tried to open the door.
“Open up Max! Are you okay?” she exclaimed.
“Go away!” Max called at last.
Silence. Beth felt her face go red and she quickly went back to her desk. Jealously surged through her. He knew he had that woman with the brown hair in there.
Liz watched him. He watched her.
“I’m sorry.” Liz said.
“I don’t need your sympathy.”
Liz rubbed her eyes. She couldn’t believe she’d cried. She sniffled and started picking up the broken pieces of the lamp he’d thrown.
“Leave it.” Max demanded.
Liz dropped them immediately and stood up.
“What do you want me to say Max?” she asked. I’m sorry didn’t mean a thing. I think about you all the time didn’t seem appropriate.
“I looked for you. Do you know that? I looked so hard for you.” Max told her. She watched as he reached his hand into his drawer and took out a picture frame. He threw it to the back of the wall and it smashed into pieces making Liz flinch. The picture fluttered out and Liz picked it up. It was a picture of her.
“I’ve kept that with me since you left. Take it away from here and never come back.” Max couldn’t believe he was saying these things. He didn’t want her to leave. He wanted her to stay forever. Forever so he could hold her in his arms and kiss her. Kiss her like the way he’d dreamt in his dreams.
“Max I-”
Max swung his chair around with him facing the wall and the back of the chair to her. He clutched tightly at the sides until his nails dug into the leather and snapped a seam.
Liz felt the tears coming again and she felt like such an idiot. What had she been expecting? Open arms and a smile? Instead she smiled.
“Fine Max. I’ll leave. I’ll leave and I won’t ever come back.” Then she ripped up the picture of her and left his office.

Max watched as Beth cleaned up the mess of the lamp. She was muttering about all work and no play and Max ignored her. He picked up the ripped up pieces of the picture he’d cherished for 5 years. It’d been the only thing he had of her to remember her by. Now not only did he see her again, he’d sent her away with her picture ruined. He kept telling himself that this was the right thing to do. He couldn’t spend all his life pining over a woman who he couldn’t be with. Now that she knew where he was she’d never come back and he told himself that it was a good thing.
“Max what’s this?”
He turned around and saw Beth holding a black handbag.
“Where did you get that?” he asked.
“On the windowsill.” Beth told him.
Liz’s handbag.


A picture of Liz and Greg smiling. Max tossed it aside with disgust. He didn’t know what was going through his body right now but he hoped to god it wasn’t jealousy. He didn’t want to feel jealous. He didn’t want to feel anything for her. He closed his eyes tightly and thought, God he couldn’t help it.
“What are you doing?” Beth asked, standing in the doorway.
He looked up, surprised.
“I’m busy Beth. Leave me alone.”
Beth looked at the woman’s handbag on his desk and frowned. She wondered what he was up to. Damn she’d thought that maybe they could have a little time together since the other people were on their lunch break.
“Don’t you…want to do anything?” she asked.
Max waved a hand of dismissal at her and she charged away, embarrassed and angry. Max ignored her and went back to the handbag and began taking out the rest of the contents. Lipsticks, phonebook, nail file, sunglasses, Kleenex and a hairbrush. Max sighed. There wasn’t anything interesting. He went back to her wallet. Besides the picture of her and Greg there was also a small picture of Liz with some of her friends. Max felt a pang in his heart knowing that she’d lived on with her life after New York while he’d pined over her for nearly a year.
“Don’t think about it Evans.” He muttered to himself and jammed his fists against his head. He couldn’t help it. He thought of those dark lonely nights when he’d missed having her arms wrapped around him. He remembered that every time the phone rang his heart had leaped, hoping it would be her calling to let him know where she was. He began stuffing her stuff back into her bag and wondered if she would come back and get it. He didn’t want to see her. He didn’t know what he’d do if he saw her again.

Liz wondered how someone could be so clueless. She stared at Greg who was too busy eating his sandwich that he didn’t even notice that she’d been looking at him for the past 5 minutes. After she’d left Max’s office Greg had come out of his new lawyer’s office and he’d barely asked any questions.
“Why did Mr. Evans want to talk to you?” he had asked.
Liz had bitten her lip and shrugged. “He just wanted to ask me some questions.”
Greg had merely nodded and hadn’t bothered to ask anymore.
“You’re not eating.”
“Huh what?”
Greg pointed at her uneaten sandwich and Liz shook her head.
“I’m not really hungry.” She told him.
He gave a shrug, took it, and began devouring it. While she waited for him to finish Liz thought about Max. He’d been so angry with her and she deserved it. She knew she shouldn’t have been hurt. But she was. When she had cried she’d surprised herself. The last time she had cried so hard was when she’d been sitting at the airport all by herself, five years ago, waiting for her plane. She sighed before she could stop herself and Greg glanced at her.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Just tired.” She replied.
Greg rolled his eyes. “You’re tired? Who the hell’s being sued here?”
Liz looked out the window and ignored him. Greg was really getting on her nerves the last couple of days. It wasn’t her fault he was being accused of sexual harassment. Hell, he probably did it. She immediately kicked herself mentally for thinking that. Greg would never do something like that and she knew it. Why was she thinking these negative thoughts about him?
“I’m done.” Greg said.
Liz stood up and Greg gave her a look.
“Can’t you pay for me?” he asked.
Liz reached for her handbag and froze. Her fingers touched nothing but air. She gasped and looked under the table. Then under the chair. Where could it have gone?
“Liz what are you doing?”
“My wallet! It’s in my handbag and…oh god Greg I don’t know where it is!”
Greg groaned and Liz slumped down into her chair.
“Where was the last place you put it? Do you remember?” he asked.
Liz thought for a moment. “I was carrying it when we went up the building. I was still carrying it when Max, I mean Mr. Evans asked to speak with me.” She glanced over at him to see if his expression had changed. It didn’t. She continued on, “We talked for a bit and then I put my bag on the windowsill.”
Her eyes widened. “I left it there!”
Greg clapped his hands together and shot up from his seat.
“Great let’s go get it then.” He said.
Liz nodded slowly. She didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to see Max again. He’d been so angry.
She watched as Greg paid for lunch with an annoyed look on his face and followed him out of the restaurant.
“Good thing we didn’t go far to eat.” Greg commented as they rode the elevator up.
Liz ignored him. Her heart was pounding so fast she clutched a hand against her chest and began taking deep breaths. Greg didn’t seem to notice. They arrived and Beth the secretary greeted them with warm smiles until she realized who they were.
“Oh it’s you two again.” She said.
Greg gave a sheepish smile and pointed at Liz. “I’m sorry to bother you again but my girlfriend, wow is she forgetful, she left her handbag in Mr. Evans’s office.”
Beth’s eyebrows rose up in surprise and she stared at Liz. So it had been her bag Max had been rummaging through. She felt jealous again and wondered what this beautiful brunette had to do with her handsome boss.
“Is Mr. Evan’s busy?” Greg asked.
Beth glanced at him again and shook her head.
“Just go to his office and see him. He’s just having lunch now.”
Greg signalled for Liz and she shook her head.
“Can you go get it for me please?” she asked.
Greg scowled. “You left it there. Go get it yourself.”
“Greg please.”
Liz wanted to slap him senseless. What was wrong with this man? She pursed her lips and strode past him to Max’s office.
There was a knock on the door and Max sighed. If it was Beth again he swore he was going to scream.
“What?” he barked.
“Listen Beth I said I’m too busy today to bother with you!” he called.
Silence again. Okay this was getting weird. He glanced over at the handbag and he paused. Could it be Liz? He jumped up from his chair and almost stormed to the door when he stopped. No he couldn’t be excited to see her. He shouldn’t be. He’d told her to never come back.
There was another knock. The person clearly did not want to speak. Max began thinking of Liz. Her long flowing tresses of silk, her creamy white skin and her heart warming smile. His stomach lurched. He chanted to himself that it probably wasn’t Liz and he flung open the door. He ran his hands through his hair and stared at her.
“Why are you here?” he asked coolly, though his knees were shaking and his hands were trembling.
Liz stared up at him and he stared back. His amber eyes piercing into hers. She looked away.
“I’m here for my bag.” She told him.
Max didn’t say anything. He picked up the handbag from the side of his desk where he had placed it and flung it at her. She watched as the contents spilled out and Liz bent down and stopped her lipstick from rolling around and she stood back up.
“Why are you being like this?” she asked.
“Like what?”
“Like a bastard.”
Max smirked. “You’re calling me a bastard? I don’t even know what to call you.”
“Do you think I wanted to leave you?” Liz murmured. She bent down once again and began putting her stuff back into her bag.
“I don’t want to hear it.” Was Max’s reply.
Liz closed the door and leaned against it with her eyes closed.
“I wanted to tell you so bad Max.”
Max didn’t say anything but watched her. He wanted to say something to make her flinch. Make her feel bad for what she’d done to him. His once clenched fists loosened and his shoulders slumped down. As much as he wanted to hurt her he couldn’t bring himself to do it.
“But you didn’t.”
Liz opened her eyes slowly and her breath caught in her throat when she saw the look of intensity in his eyes.
“I couldn’t. I was selfish.” Liz admitted. She had been selfish. She’d left without telling him because she hadn’t wanted to go through the heartbreak of saying good-bye. It had all been her this and her that. She hadn’t even thought about how Max would feel.
“Oh god Max I was so selfish and I regret everything that I did to you. I regret everything! Every single thing that I did these past five years! Max I’m so sorry.” She crumpled down to the floor and hugged her knees tightly. Max looked away from the sight of her.
“You can’t possibly have regret for what you did.” Max said, “If you had you would’ve come back.”
“I was scared.”
His head jerked in her direction and he stared at her in surprise.
“Scared?” he asked.
Liz slowly got back onto her feet and began walking over to him.
“How you made me feel scared me Max. I’d never felt that way in my life before.”
Max kept silent. Partly with shock but partly because he wanted to know. Wanted to know how she really felt about him.
“I fell in love with you and I didn’t know what to do. When news that I had gotten the scholarship arrived I actually thought of staying because of you. That just threw me over the edge b-because…” Liz had to stop. She was crying again. She hated crying in front him. She didn’t want him to see her like this and feel sympathetic for her. She knew she deserved the pain she was feeling now.
Max reached out a thumb and brushed away the tears on her face. He’d also been scared when they had been together. He himself had never felt that way about anyone ever before. Everything she did made his heart pound. From just a single smile to watching her twist and writhe beneath him while they made love.
“Max.” Liz whispered.
Before he could stop himself he pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.
“Shh Liz. Don’t say anything.”


“What’s going on?”
They both stood completely still, almost afraid to move. Finally Liz lifted her head from Max’s shoulder and turned slowly around to face Greg with a bewildered expression on his face. Max immediately tried to lie.
“This isn’t what it seems Greg.” He said.
Liz put a hand on Max’s arm to stop him.
“We know each other.” Liz said.
Greg raised his eyebrows. “You know each other? What are you talking about?”
Max glanced at Liz and she gave him a nod.
“We went to university together.” He told Greg. He looked so confused Max almost felt sorry for the guy. Almost.
“I don’t understand. If you guys knew each other why didn’t you say anything in the first place?” Greg asked his brows furrowed.
“It’s hard to explain.” Liz admitted.
“What’s going on?”
Max sighed as Beth came charging into the office. She glared at Liz then looked at Max.
“Ever since these two came it’s all been really strange. I want to know what’s going on!” she demanded.
“Aren’t you just supposed to be the secretary?” Liz asked.
Beth pointed a finger at her. “You stay out of this. I’m asking Max here.”
Max cleared his throat. “It’s Mr. Evans.” He said.
Beth’s eyeballs almost bulged out of their sockets. She stared at Max as if in shock. Then she started shrieking about everything from sex to working and all this other gibberish.
Liz glanced over at Max.
“You’re secretary’s crazy.” She commented.
“Liz I want to know what’s going on too.” Greg said after Beth finally shut up.
Liz put a hand to her forehead. She wanted to cover her ears and run. Everything was so complicated. As if reading her mind, Max grasped her hand in his.
“Do you want to leave?” he whispered through the edge of his mouth.
Liz nodded and almost melted at the crazy grin Max sent her. Then they both tore past Beth and Greg and started running down the stairway.

“Now what?”
Max leaned against a wall and groaned.
“I left everything in my office.” He told her.
Liz frowned. “What things?”
“Car keys, wallet, everything. I don’t think I have a lot of money on me either.”
Liz sighed and buried her head in her hands.
“I can’t believe we just did that!” she exclaimed.
Max shrugged and didn’t say anything.
“My boyfriend is being sued and I’m running off with you!”
Liz didn’t care that people walking past them were staring at her. They could stare all they want cause right now she was totally screwed.
“I didn’t make you come with me.” Max told her.
Liz glared at him. “It was your idea.”
“My idea!”
Liz crossed her arms. “You practically made me run out of the room!”
Max stared at her in exasperation. He didn’t know whether or not he should kiss her or continue yelling at her. He stepped forward and Liz gave him a glare so fierce he decided kissing was definitely out of the question. Yelling it is then.
“You ran on your own legs!” he yelled.
Liz looked away and Max didn’t know what to do. Was he supposed to comfort her or ignore her? What the hell were they going to do anyway?
“Well…are you hungry?” Max asked.
Liz turned after a few moments and Max gave her a weak smile.
“Kind of.” She finally admitted. She’d given her sandwich to Greg.
Max dug into his pockets and scratched his head sheepishly.
“What is it?” Liz asked.
“I only have 50 bucks.”
Liz gaped at him. What was he talking about? Only 50 bucks? What was he trying to tell her?
“Only 50 bucks? Who do you think you are? Bill Gates? Do you think I can’t pay for myself?” she shrieked.
Max glanced at her, surprised.
“Well I thought you’d want to go to some expensive restaurant.” He confessed.
Liz almost laughed. She glanced down the street then grabbed his arm.
“McDonalds is just fine thank you.”

Max stared at her as she ate. Even eating a cheeseburger she looked great. He’d never thought it was possible for someone to look so beautiful while they had ketchup stuck on the side of her mouth. He resisted the urge to reach out and clean it up for her. Instead he handed her a napkin and motioned to her where the spot was.
“Thanks.” She muttered without looking at him.
The two of them sat in awkward silence.
“So what do you do?” Max asked, finally.
Liz took a sip of her drink and shrugged.
“You don’t need to know.” She told him.
Max laughed. “What are you talking about? Just tell me.”
“A teacher.” She mumbled.
“A teacher.” She said more loudly.
Max raised his eyebrows. “You left me and New York and went on a scholarship program for Biology and you ended up just being a teacher?”
“Shut up.”
Max shook his head. “You could’ve done better then that Liz.”
Liz wanted to tell him. Tell him how much she’d suffered at school whenever she thought of him. Sometimes she’d miss him so much she wouldn’t bother doing anything but sit in her room all alone. She’d been dropped from the program by the school after 6 months and had to work from the very bottom just so she could continue going to classes.
“I wanted to be JUST a teacher.” She said.
“I was just saying.”
Liz rolled her eyes. “Well tell me. How did YOU end up being a lawyer?”
“Well I couldn’t damn well be a football player.” Max said sarcastically and Liz looked down.
“I remember.” She said.
Max didn’t say anything. What was he supposed to say?
“My dad needed someone to pass the firm to.” He finally said.
After they were done eating they sat there, back to that awkward silence again.
“So what are we going to do?” Liz asked as she fiddled with the straps of her handbag.
Max looked at his watch. “We could go back to the firm now.” He suggested.
Liz’s eyes widened and she shook her head. “I don’t know what I would say to Greg if he were still there.” She said.
On the inside Max was glad. That meant she wanted to keep spending time with him. But he knew. He knew that he couldn’t just take her away from Greg like that.
“Maybe you should call him or something.” He managed to choke out.
“Are you kidding? No way.”
“Why?” Max asked.
Liz looked away and shrugged.
“Okay then.” Max said, leaning back in the chair. He looked around and felt overdressed.
“Let’s just get out of here.” Max said, standing up.
Liz looked up at him with her big gorgeous eyes and Max felt his knees weaken.
“Can’t we, you know, do something? Or go somewhere?” she asked.
Max ran a hand through his hair. “Like what?”
Liz groaned. “I have no idea!” she exclaimed and plopped her head down onto her arms. Max rummaged through his pockets and came up with only keys. Keys to his apartment.
“Uh well we can go to my apartment.” He said hesitantly.
Liz looked up and gave him a weird look. Then she smiled slowly and stood up.
“Let’s go then.” She said. God she’d wondered what his place would look like and now she actually had the chance to see it.
Max stared at her in disbelief and Liz narrowed her eyes.
“Don’t get any ideas Evans.” She warned and Max laughed.
He hailed a cab for them and they sat in the car in silence. Liz looked out the window the whole time as they passed all the familiar streets she used to go to. Max watched her with his chest feeling tight. She had the saddest look on her face and he felt horrible. Maybe running off like that wasn’t such a good idea.
“Actually you know what? We should go back to the office.” Max said and Liz whipped her head around.
“What? Why?” she asked.
Max looked down at his hands on his lap and shrugged.
“You don’t seem very happy.” He commented.
Liz put her hand onto his and they stared at each other. Finally Liz blushed and looked away while Max could still feel the way her fingers had intertwined between his even though they were no longer there.

Liz stepped cautiously into the living room and looked around at the furniture. There wasn’t much but a small sofa with a small table beside it in the middle of the room facing the TV.
“Not very cosy.” She stated.
Max chuckled. “I don’t usually spend time in the house.” He told her.
Liz nodded in understanding.
“Do you mind if I look around?” she asked and Max shook his head.
“Go ahead.”
Max led her to the kitchen and her face brightened.
“I love it!” she exclaimed, eyeing the light yellow tiles on the wall.
Max smiled at the fascinated look on her face.
“My mother decorated it for me. She told me I might as well have a nice kitchen because my living room has basically no hope.”
Liz laughed and Max could feel his fingers trembling as he ran his hands through his hair. Everything she did made him weak. Just watching and listening to her laugh made him want to crumble.
“How many bedrooms?” Liz asked.
“Just one. Mine.” Max answered.
They glanced at each other and Liz quickly looked away.
“Can I see it?” she asked.
Max swallowed and nodded.
There was a double bed with the covers unmade and a closet. There was nothing else.
Max saw the expression on her face and he shook his head.
“My mother said my room had no hope either.”
Liz smiled then began walking back to the living room and Max followed.
“Um why don’t you sit down?” Max suggested.
He watched as she did.
“Uh do you want anything to drink?” Max asked.
“Water will be fine thanks.” Liz replied and Max quickly hurried away.
“Oh god.” Max muttered as he leaned his head against a cupboard. Liz Parker was in his apartment. Liz Parker was in his goddamn apartment! What the hell were they going to do? Talk for a whole night? He scoffed and reached for a glass.
Liz got up as she saw a couple of pictures on his wall. It was two pictures of him from university. Her heart felt like it was being stabbed as she looked at him. In one of them he was wearing his football jersey. God he’d barely changed over the past five years. She leaned her back against the wall and closed her eyes. She rubbed her hands up and down her arms and wished he were there and that they were talking the way they used to in university, that they were making love. Then she told herself that it wouldn’t make any difference if he were because it would never happen. She was after all still involved with Greg even though she was starting to despise him. Plus why would Max still want her after all the pain she’d caused him?
Liz sighed and stretched her arms up the wall and over her head. She let them slide down the cool wall until her crossed wrists rested on top of her head.
“What are you doing?”
She almost let her arms drop when his voice came out but he didn’t sound amused, he sounded distracted, and as she gathered her scrambled thoughts, she realized that she must look pretty interesting with her arms above her head like that. She immediately dropped them and she cleared her throat.
“Nothing just stretching.” She quickly replied and stepped away from the wall.
Max set down the glass of water onto the table beside the sofa slowly, not taking his eyes off her. Then Liz gasped as he strode over to her in four large steps and grasped her arms in his hands tightly.
“I should take you back.” He said, pressing her back against the wall with his arms. Liz stared at him, her eyes big with surprise. To her and Max’s surprise she shook her head.
Max closed his eyes. “You’re going to have to.”
It was beginning to get dark and Max hadn’t turned on any lights. His voice was husky in the darkness.
“Why?” Liz whispered.
She could feel his body tense up through his hands on her arms and he leaned his forehead against hers making her close her eyes also.
“Do you want to know why?” he asked.
“God Liz.” Max choked out and his grip tightened.
“Tell me.”
“You really want to know? Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself if you don’t leave this instant.”
Liz’s eyes flickered open and she realized he was already staring at her. She could see his lips lowering and she could hear the beat of her heart pounding in her ears. The lowering stopped and Max stepped away from her.
“What’s wrong?” Liz asked feeling embarrassed.
“We can’t do this.”
“I don’t love Greg.” She told him as she let her hair down.
Max watched as her long tresses cascaded down her shoulders. Hearing her say that was like heaven to him. His hands were shaking as he reached for hers and she pulled him towards her. He leaned down, so slowly, and Liz thought it would be an eternity before his lips would meet hers. Finally they did, soft and slow as if experimenting. All thoughts of what happened in the past disappeared.
The kiss deepened and Max moaned as Liz’s tongue slid past his mouth and touched his. Her hands were clasped tightly around his neck as he pressed her into him and they stumbled and Liz could feel the wall behind her back.
Max’s hand slid inside her shirt, sliding against the satin of her bra briefly. Liz made a sound of protest and Max hurriedly pulled her shirt over her head, baring her to his eyes. He looked at her with such satisfaction and possession that she went dizzy with anticipation. Then, after what seemed like hours, he bent to trace the swell of her breast with his tongue and she shivered.
Liz could see the curve of his bicep pressing against the material of his shirt as he pinned her hands to the wall, the strong line of his neck, feel his hand on her wrists, the other pressed hot against her ribs as he moved his tongue across her skin. She ached to feel the familiarity of him under her hands, to pull his shirt up and pull him to her, to feel the hard bare chest against her breasts and the muscles in his back flex under her fingers.
“Let me go,” she whispered, “Let me go so I can touch you.”
He lifted his head to stare at her and he shook his head, smiling.
“Not a chance,” he said, and kissed her on the mouth, taking her voice and her breath as he licked into her, making her squirm against him as he pressed her against the wall. His hand curved around her breast, his thumb stroked across her and then hooked around the edge of her bra, and she felt the satin slide across her nipple as he pulled the cup down, felt her whole body stiffen against him. Then his hair tickled softly on her throat as he bent to her, and she shuddered at the damp heat of his mouth on her, shuddered harder when he began to suck, shuddered even harder still when he didn’t stop.
“Let me go,” she said, and tried to pull her hands from his grip so she could touch him as she rolled her hips toward him, but he tightened his hold, crushing her wrists together, stretching her arms higher, his lips moving against the swell of her breast, moving to bare the other, to tease her again with his mouth.
“It’s been so long,” he said, his voice low. “So damn long since I’ve been inside you, watched you come, made you come.”
He let go of her wrists and they dropped down heavily as she stared dreamily at him. His voice hummed in her blood.
“I’m going to take you hard against this wall,” he whispered into her ear as his hands squeezed her butt and making her jump.
“Harder than you’ve ever been had before. So hard you’re going to feel me with every move you make for a week. You’re going to remember you were mine tonight every time you breathe.”
She shivered under the tickle of his breath but mostly under what he’d said. She reached for the buttons of his shirt and began unbuttoning them at lightning speed. Her hands stroked into the shirt and opened it, revealing his muscular chest and the hard rigid bulges of his stomach muscles. She flung it away somewhere and Max sucked in a breath as he felt Liz’s hot hands stroke his skin.
He caressed her cheek and she looked up at him, her eyes shimmering with tears. He kissed her softly knowing exactly how she felt. He dreamt of this moment so many times in the past and now it was actually coming true.
Liz smiled and sniffled. Then she put her hands on his bare shoulders, stood on tiptoe, and whispered, “What you said before…is that going to happen or what?”
Max groaned and wrapped his arms around her to kiss her hard. Then they fumbled with each other’s zippers until at long last they were both naked.
“God Liz. You’re so beautiful.” He murmured staring down at her.
Liz could feel him thick between her thighs and she breathed, “Yes,” into his mouth as he kissed her.
“Are…you…ready…for…me?” Max managed to get out between kisses. Liz nodded and she felt his body slide down hers until his hand moved between her legs and guided him hard into her.
She shuddered at the shock of him. Part of her still couldn’t believe that they were doing this. All thoughts disappeared as he moved inside her, pinning her against the wall with each thrust of his hips. She thought of him smooth and thick, sliding inside her, splitting her softness open, hard inside her, all the way inside her, into the hot and the slick and the pink of her, taking all of him. She’d had men inside her before, of course, but she’d never been there, never known herself thick with heat and succulent the way she loved herself now, could love herself now because she trusted him so completely that she didn’t have to think of anything else. Never had it been this amazing with anyone. She knew no one could ever make her feel this way again. Only Max Evans.
Max groaned as he lifted her hips with his, pushing her up on her toes with each breath he took. He gritted his teeth. It wasn’t enough for him. He lifted her up and wrapped her legs around him. Liz’s arms wound around him tightly as she held on. She could feel the sheen of sweat on his back and she dug her fingers into him and bit his neck.
“Liz,” he whispered and cradled her face with one hand as he held onto her with the other. They kissed softly. He whispered her name over and over as he moved inside her, looked into her eyes as he took her over the edge with him, and when he heard her moan his name, he slid his hands to her hips to move against her harder, faster, shuddering, never taking his eyes from her gorgeous face. His fingers dug into her flesh, all of it part of the dark surging through her body, everywhere, swelling into her fingertips, her breasts, her thighs, her lips, everywhere she opened to it.
“Oh GOD, Liz,” Max kissed her hard, and the dark deepened and tightened. She writhed against him as it burned and spread and throbbed, and she trembled with it, making small breathless moaning cries as Max thrust into her-Max hot in her, mindless in her, thick and hard in her-her blood screaming, tight, everything inside her so damn tight, tighter-tighter-and then she cried out “Max” and came, closing her eyes tightly. She cried again and again with each break and shudder, each spasm flinging her into the next, hard, and hard again, hard again, over and over until she clung to him with all the strength she had left. She was defenceless and open and ecstatic, safe in his arm, not caring about anything except how dark and beautiful and shattering it was inside her.
Max watched as she collapsed and he held her firmly because her whole body had gone and there was nothing left of her except ache and incredulous and satisfaction. He felt so good against her. It felt so familiar. His sweaty chest was warm and hard under her cheek, his hands digging into her back. He bent to kiss her, his mouth so soft and gentle on hers and she sighed from the sheer rightness of it. Max was about to let her down to stand on her own feet but Liz shook her head vigorously.
“What is it?” Max whispered.
“Just hold me.”