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Title: A life Held in Secret
Author: Peachez aka Peachez4MaxEvans
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Rating: hmm I am not good at this so lets say PG-13 for this part.... it'll get to NC-17
Disclaimer: Now come on people if I really owned anything would I be at home writing Fics??? But just in case some people think I do ... I DO NOT OWN ROSWELL, or any characters just playing with em...although if Jason or Brendan goes on sale I am the first in line!! : Grin:
Summary: that just takes all the fun out now doesn't it... okay okay. This is the story of Liz and Michael's lives that are held in secret....
Category: Mi/L
Dedication: To all the Polarkin on FF (hope you enjoy), Whitotter cause she is the master Polar fic writer and has me hooked on PN~~, and to Roswellmad your the best!!

Part one~

Okay lets see...where to start the story I have for you?? Hmm.Well lets just start here.
I'm Liz Parker, average small town girl, honor roll student, and all around good girl. Okay so some call me Perfect little Lizzie Parker, but hey that's me. I live in Roswell NM yeh I know its cheesy, my parents own the Crashdown Cafe where I also live and work.

See I was shot last September while I was working, and that's when my life was turned upside down and shaken not stirred. Okay okay enough with the corny jokes I can hear you... Well when I was shot that's when Max Evans saved me. How you say, well that's what I wanted to know and that's when I found out that there are aliens among us. **Just a side note lets keep that between you and me. K ... Okay**

Anyhow my two best friends, Maria and Alex, and Max's Best friend and sister, Michael and Isabel or Izzy, was all drawn together. Now after Max saved me he connected with me to let me see some things about him. Let me tell you it was amazing, to know someone loves you like that, it was the most beautiful thing I had experienced in my life. After a while we got together and even through the whole Tess ordeal, god please don't make me go into that okay thanks, I just knew this was the man I was gonna spend the rest of my life loving...

That is until he came to me.

I was supposed to be in FLA. for the summer but my mom rented me a cabin in Frazier Woods instead, something about if I needed space that I could do it without going across country. Well of course the only person I told was Maria and she in turn had to tell Michael because.

"I have to tell him Liz, he will wonder where I am during the day, what am I gonna tell him? Oh, spaceboy don't worry I am just going to oil sniffing conventions> I don't think so."

So anyway it was Monday night and I had the radio on inside the cabin, while I sat on the swing on the front porch writing in my journal. I heard this noise in the woods in front of me and.

"Who's there?" I called out scared to death.

"Don't you know your not supposed to say that when you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night in the woods, in the middle of the woods might I add." he came closer very slow for effect I suppose " Especially when your alone and there are evil aliens out and about?" Michael was now standing at the bottom step of the porch, and being an ass like he always was.

"Ha ha very funny, did Ria send you out here to check up on me? Cause I just talked to her" I couldn't really see him because he was still in the showdowns.

"Yeh, so you're okay and I am gone now." and with that he left the same way he had came.

Now I know what your thinking big deal what's so great about that?? Well nothing really except for every night after that for a week it was the same damn thing. I was ready to kill him myself evil aliens be damned I was going to do it for 'em. He would catch me with my guard down make a noise, and I of course would ask that stupid question, then I got to listen to his speech, even when I tried to tell him to shut up he just got louder.

So on Sunday night I had had enough. It was a beautiful night, full moon that lit up the area around the stars and me...oh they were something. I decided I would take a walk and sit on the dock and watch the stars just loose myself in them. Well that's exactly what I did and I didn't move until it was too late and the clouds were already rolling in. It was darker out than when I had left so I couldn't really see the path too well. I knew I wasn't far from the cabin and then I saw a soft glow up ahead and you will never believe what I found that light to be...

I walked slowly because I didn't know who or what was there and I didn't want to be killed or raped but I had to know who was camping so close to my cabin. I got close enough to make out that it was a small fire and a tent with someone sleeping (snoring more like it) inside. Well then my curiosity won out because I started slowly and quietly walking toward the campsite. The closer I got the more chip bags, soda cans, and wait there was also Crashdown takeout boxes so now I just really had to know. I stopped dead in my tracks and had to cover my mouth, it was Michael. I could just make out his face from the whole in the flap of the tent. Well I thought okay now come on jokes over. You know I thought he was waiting for me to come back for our nightly, okay his, speech.

What caught my attention next was that just past the tent was a tarp covering something. So I crept over there and pulled the tarp up and.....

"OH MY GOD, MICHAEL" I yelled at the top of my lungs "GET your freaking butt out here NOW!!!!"


Part 2

From part 1
What caught my attention next was that just past the tent was a tarp covering something. So I crept over there and pulled the tarp up and.....

"OH MY GOD, MICHAEL" I yelled at the top of my lungs "GET your freaking butt out her NOW!!!!"

"Wha...What" replied a sleeping Michael

"Michael, I said NOW!" I was fuming

"Oh shit" was the mumble "Liz what are you doing out here at this hour?" He was now stumbling to sit by the fire.

"No, NO, NO. You tell me what you are doing out here camping and why you have this here" I pulled back the tarp. It was a drawing of me sitting on the porch swing looking at the sky.

"Well... you know Ria, she wanted me to uh. I guess make sure you were safe...and umm.well you were sitting there and I just needed to draw something." he was up and backing toward the tent now.

"How long have you been staying out here?" I was starting to calm down

"Just 2 nights" he said it to quickly for me.

"Michael what are you hiding in there?"


That's when I made my way over to the tent and looked in. He had me all over the place, well okay drawings. Me writing in my journal, in the kitchen, living room, and the bedroom of the cabin. When I turned around he was gone.

Okay so yeh, it creeped me out a little, but the longer I stayed the longer I could tell how much he had put into the drawings. The details were amazing, he had captured exactly what I was wearing every minor detail and I could feel what I had been thinking when I looked at each one. I took the one of me looking at the stars back to the cabin with me; I figured he didn't go far and if he did oh well. This was Michael were talking about. Brooding no emotions stonewall Michael, but these drawings said something else about him he was passionate about something.... drawing.

The next night came and again with the noise I knew it was he so I played along.

"Who's there?" I sounded like one of those stupid horror movies and then here came the speech." Don't you know your not supposed to say that when you hear a..." he sounded scared this time.

"Stop it Michael, you can come up here but stop it with the speech already." boy was I being brave.

He came to the bottom step and sit down "Okay...god Parker don't get your panties in a bunch"

"Michael I talked to Maria, she was wondering why you hadn't been home in almost a week and a half. Ask me if I had seen you." he turned to face me with wide eyes.

"No, I didn't tell her I knew where you were." he relaxed a little.

"Why? Why lie to your best friend?" now he was gonna question me? I don't think so.

"Nope, I am asking the questions." there it is the stonewall face everyone has grown to live with "Why are you out here really?"

"Max would never forgive me if something happened to you, so I am making sure nothing does." he wasn't facing me know he was staring off into the woods.

"Well, I know you didn't tell Max or he would have been out here already so then, why not tell Maria?" I was now confused did they have an argument?

"Just didn't" flat response couldn't tell anything from it.

"Did you want to come in and stay on the couch, since you are looking after me I mean." I sounded like a 5 year old trying to make him feel something even if it was anger.

"Nope" still flat and he was still looking out into the woods. I got up and went to sit beside him on the step.

"Your drawings were really good. "Maybe be nice after all he was trying to protect me.


Well that did it; he looked at me putting both hands down and pushed off the steps. His hand had brushed mine as he was getting up and there was electricity. It was hot, intense, and I felt all kinds of emotions at once too many to try and single out them all but the biggest one was love. He looked at me surprised and just started walking into the woods again.

No, I felt love, was it coming from him not likely, me? Why would that come from me when all he did was touch my hand? I lay in bed that night and couldn't sleep for thinking about what that meant. Did it mean something or was it an alien thing?? If it did mean something what? Of course I have always had a little thing for Michael because he's the bad boy and that was sexy, okay he was sexy, but once you got to know him it wasn't so sexy anymore because he never let anyone in. Never seemed to care about anything but going home. Then there was Ria and Max. Max was supposed to be the love of my life, but even with all the touches and all the kisses from Max, nothing was as intense as the gentle brushing of Michael's hand on mine. What about Ria?? She is my best friend and she loves him with all her being, or so she thinks, and I can't believe I am even thinking this way. I couldn't have meant anything.


Part 3

The next day I was tired to say the least. I stayed around the cabin all day, it was now dark out and I was just lounging on the couch listening to my radio. When there was a knock, Ria had left about 1:00 so I knew it had to be him. Sure enough I held the door open and he came in and sit on the couch. If he was gonna talk I new it had to be on his terms. We sat there for 2 hours not saying anything, and I was getting hungry. I know your thinking how could you just sit there and not ask him; well you just have to understand that's the way he works. He doesn't open up.... to anyone.

So I started making some supper. Since he didn't look like he was leaving anytime soon I set out to make food for the both of us. I made Steaks, potatoes, and salad. Made sure there was Tabasco on the table (when you hang out with aliens you learn to keep the stuff around). As I was busying myself cooking I hadn't noticed Michael had come into the kitchen. Then it hit me I could feel him. He was standing in the doorway watching me, I didn't have to turn around to know and I can't explain it I just knew he was there watching me. I pretended like I didn't notice him. I was fixing the salad when I felt him start to move.

I Froze.

I could feel his breath on my neck. My blood was coursing through my veins and it felt like it was boiling. I was hot. He leaned in and.....

"Do you need any help?" his voice was a whisper in my ear

"Umm...yeh. Yeh you could ummm.... fix the potatoes. "I couldn't move and could barley speak


We went about fixing the dinner in silence. We ate in silence. I could feel him look at me every now and then but not for too long. To say I was confused would be an understatement. Why oh why was this happening? Was it just I or did he feel this way to?? I wanted him so badly, but knew I couldn't act upon it there were too many people's feelings at risk.

It was now midnight and we were sitting on the couch as before just listening to the radio. And....

"Michael, you can stay if you want, sleep on the couch, but I am going to bed." I was getting up and heading out of the room.

"Liz." he sounded lost.

"Do you need to talk about it?" if he needed a friend I would be there for him. It was the least I could do.
He got up and stood in front of me. With those intense eyes of his. Dark and intense. He raised his hand and ran it lightly down my arm. His eyes followed his hand down my arm.

"NO" was his response to my question.

"Then what do you need?" god did he know what he was doing to me?

He still hadn't moved his hand from my arm. He looked into my eyes "You." it was a simple answer and then his mouth came crashing down on mine.

Okay this is where I have to stop and breathe even now.......... okay better sorry about that, returning to the story now.

Where was I? Oh yes, his mouth came crashing down on mine. I had never felt anything like that one kiss in my entire life. He wasn't like you would think and all fierce, no wait he was fierce but he was also gentle and oh god I was in heaven. He ran his tongue across my mouth wanting access and my mouth opened on it's own, there was no stopping this. At first taste of him was spicy and I loved that. His hand was still on my arm while the other was now in my hair. Both my arms went directly behind his neck and I was holding on for dear life, and that's when he stopped. He backed away quickly mumbled I'm sorry I believe and he was out the front door like a flash of lightning.

I stood in the middle of the living room of the cabin and I was in complete and utter shock. What had just happened to me? How could I just loose control so fast and with the completely wrong person? After some time had passed I went to bed, and guess what I prayed that he would come back.


Part 4

The next few days went by in a blur. I was going through all the motions, talking to Ria when she came, cooking, eating, showering you know day-to-day things. But my mind was occupied by thoughts of Michael. I could feel him nearby, probably at his campsite, but he didn't come back. You say why not go out there? Well I was busy worrying...

'What did this mean?' 'What if the others ever found out?' 'Why hasn't he come back?' It was the last one that worried me the most, and that kinda scared me. Then it was on to the bigger questions like 'Why do I need him so badly?' 'What exactly did he do to me?' Oh god this was terrible, but I missed him.

By Friday I couldn't take it anymore, I was gonna go crazy with all the questions running through my head. So I decided to go to him. When I got to the door, he was already there, sitting on the bottom step. I stopped just outside the door.

"Hey" wow that was quiet at first I didn't think I had said it loud enough.

"Hey" He was just as quiet.

I moved to sit on the swing, pulled my legs up to get comfy I knew this was gonna take a while. "So"

"Liz, can we just not talk about this?" There was that attitude back again. Sexy. No I had to stop my self.

"No. We are gonna talk about this, and even if you don't wanna talk about it, you WILL sit here and listen to me while I talk about it." I think he didn't expect that cause that was shock on his face. Good.

"Michael, What was that? What did you do to me? Why did you kiss me? What if the everyone else finds out?" I was laying out all my worries- but still no response, figures.

"Why didn't you come back?' There I had said it finally, what I really wanted/no needed to know.

He cocked his head at me and gave me a very sexy smirk. " I wasn't coming back with all that mess you were feeling, didn't really know if it was safe or not." I looked confused and he caught that and the smirk was gone.

"Can you feel that to? How is that even possible?" yep I was totally lost.

"I don't know, didn't happen till that night we were sitting here. When I got up to leave it just happened, when I touched your hand." he was gauging me for a reaction.

"Okay...well..."I couldn't think of a single thing to say. He didn't know, I didn't know so who was we gonna ask??

Silence. We sat in silence after that. Finally he stood up and I was hoping beyond hope that he wasn't gonna leave. I think I may have actually closed my eyes for fear of having to watch him leave with so many things unanswered. That's when I felt his weight on the swing, and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I could feel him and smell him...I don't know how to describe how Michael smells only that its intoxicating. With my eyes still closed and my heart now racing inside my chest I ask him....

"Why did you kiss me?" I had no clue as what to expect but what he said took my breath away.


Part 5
Authors Special Note: Thanks to Roswellmad for the help with this part!!

From part 4:
"Why did you kiss me?" I had no clue as what to expect but what he said took my breath away.

He leaned in right next to my ear; I could feel his breath on my neck.

"Cause you. absolutely. Take my breath away," he whispered in a deep breathy voice. "Everything you do, every word you speak, makes me want you even more."

Let me tell you, my heart was racing so fast I thought it would explode. Goosebumps covered my body.

"I just wanted to have a taste of what I knew I could never have."

He leaned back a little and I finally opened my eyes. I turned my head a little and was met with his dark and intense eyes but there was something else. They were darker passion filled, and I was speechless.

He gave a half smile brushed his hand across my face. "Michael," he stopped me by putting 2 fingers on my mouth.

"Please, don't cause all the questions you ask before are still there. Lets just leave it at that." and he slowly removed his fingers from my mouth.
After that we sat outside together till the sun came up. He offered to fix me breakfast and I accepted.

By the end of July we had become pretty comfortable around each other, friends. He would come in of a morning we'd have breakfast, argue, sit around then lunch, lounge around outside **Oh yeah did I forget to tell you that Ria stopped coming over she had said something like...

"Max really needs someone right now, he's taking this really bad, but if you need me then you know I am all yours"

"No, that's fine," I told her "I am just spending my days trying to sort things out, really I'm okay."

Where was I? Oh ok lounging around outside, dinner, arguing, and then he would go back to the campsite. I was enjoying every minute I got to spend with him; of course he was his normal, no emotion showing smart-ass remark throwing, self most of the time. That is except for when he was drawing.

I looked up from the book I was reading and he was hard at work on another drawing. I caught him and I could see love in his eyes. That was the only time I saw it, while he was doing the one thing he said he always did right in his life. Draw. My body came alive just watching him.

With a week left before school started back I was becoming sad. I mean come on everyone gets sad knowing they have to go back to school next week, but I was this way because no longer would my days be just me and him. So, Michael had gone to take a shower and I was admiring his latest drawing, when I heard him...

"Shit" muffled and coming from my bedroom

"Are you alright?" god what has he done now? I made my way down the hall to my room to make sure

"Yeh, don't worry about it." can we say asshole tendencies slipping through again??

As I rounded the corner and into my room, "I...Ummm...mmm...what's w-wrong?" There he was in nothing but his boxers and I thought I would pass out my body temperature rose so fast.


Part 6

From Part 5
As I rounded the corner and into my room, "I...Ummm...mmm...what's w-wrong?" There he was in nothing but his boxers and I thought I would pass out my body temperature rose so fast.

"I. Said. Not to worry about it, I just needed to wash my clothes and I forgot to go and get some more from the apartment." he started out all tuff, which only increased my bodies reaction but his voice was softer when he finished.

I heard something break, vaguely remembering I had a glass of tea in my hand, and it was broken, on the floor now. Our eyes met, next thing I knew he attacked.

Plunging his tongue into my mouth with need. Hunger, but he was also a little gentle. My hands went straight for his chest, and oh god I never knew he was so defined. Not rock hard abs or anything but just right. Just Michael. He stopped his assault on my mouth and moved to my neck. I let out a moan. With every touch my body responded by arching into him, I could feel how hard he was, just how much he wanted me. His hands were everywhere. Another moan escaped my lips and without breaking the contact his that his mouth had on my neck, he picked me up and I threw my legs around his waist. He stumbled till I hit the wall, hard. There was no apologies no making sure I was okay he just assaulted my mouth again. He pressed harder into me when he was sure I wasn't going anywhere he took my roaming hands and pinned them to the wall. I was dying; he couldn't kiss me hard enough or fast enough. I wanted him like I had never wanted anything before in my life. My hands were released. His hands were now clutching my ass to keep me where I was. He pulled back a little and we were moving. I went to his neck, as he stumbled across the room, I kissed and sucked on his neck running my tongue from the left side across his Adams apple to the right side. When I started sucking on his earlobe I heard him moan and it was loud, so I moved to the other one. Then I was falling, onto the bed, but he was still standing there. Looking at me. His lips were swollen from our attack on one another, I reached for him but he backed away.

"So sorry...sorry...oh damn what did I do?" he was backing away from me and I felt the tears come. He looked like he had just committed a crime.

"Wait...Michael," my voice was already breaking from crying. He stopped and looked me in the eye.

"Please, don't. go. I--I need you"...


Part 7

You could see his eyes light up. No one ever needed him, no one ever wanted him to stay.... he was the screw-up, the loner. I think I even saw the sides of his mouth turn up, but that quickly faded.

Michael didn't say anything, just moved back over to the bed. He bent down in front of me and ran his hand through my hair. At that moment I lost all logic, nothing else mattered but him.

I pulled him on top of me, began kissing him fiercely, like my life depended on it. He left my mouth and moved down my neck. One hand on my side and one bracing himself up off the bed. He kissed and sucked a straight line to my stomach. Then I felt his hand leave my side and move to the bottom of my tank top as I felt it being pushed up a moan escaped my mouth. I think that was his undoing because he moved fast. My top was gone and he was now sucking on my breasts. His mouth on one and his hand squeezing and pinching the nipple of the other. My hands were tangled in his hair pushing him into me. I felt him bite my nipple and I arched into him more.

"Michael, Please."

He removed my shorts then my panties. When I didn't feel him coming back, I looked up at him. He was just standing there looking at me.

"Damn, do you know just how beautiful you really are?" it was a whisper

I moved to pull him back down when I remembered he still had his boxers on. I gave him a sexy grin moved my hands to the waistband and that's when I saw just how much he wanted me. He was hard. I moved my hand to cover his shaft through the material, nope. He was rock hard. A moan left his mouth. That was it for me. I pushed his boxers to the floor and pulled him down with me. He began his assault on my mouth once more while my hands moved to his cock. Once I had him in my hands he jumped a little. Then I was moving him to my wet heat. I wanted him inside me more than anything. Once at my entrance he took over. Sliding gently inside, he broke our kiss and looked at me.

"I wanna watch you," he panted out

Then he plunged his self into me quick and hard. I felt the pain of my barrier break and felt a few tears escape my eyes, but I didn't close them. He was motionless until he saw my nod, his okay to go ahead. I didn't expect him to be gentle or easy, nope that wasn't his style. He began pumping into me hard and fast. I was completely lost in him, our eyes never leaving each other. With every plunge he took into my wet center the need increased and he would plunge deeper. Then he hit that spot and I screamed as I was pushed into pure bliss with my orgasm. It was at the same moment that he spilled himself inside of me, and he to was calling my name.

"Oh, yeh.... mmm.... OH MIIIIIchaeLLLLLL. Uh" at the same time I heard him.


He then pulled his now soft member out of my and collapsed beside me. Pulling me to his side. I put my head on his chest while he clutched me to him. I could hear his heart beating and as I was drifting into sleep I heard him whisper while stroking my hair.

"I love you Liz, I always have."


Part 8

As the sun came up I slowly awoke to find myself in bed alone. I thought yeh, that's just like something he would do, screw me and leave, As I rolled over but what I saw changed my mind. There he was. He had pulled up a chair next to the bed and was just watching me.

"Goodmornin" I was smiling so big

"Hey, I didn't wanna wake you." he moved to push a strand of hair behind my ear and lightly touched my face.

"How long you been up?" god his hand felt good on my face.

"I didn't go to sleep. I got out of bed about 3 this morning because you were kicking me." he said with a playful tone and then gave me that grin.

"Michael, thank you, for well everything but what does this mean?" I didn't wanna break the moment, but I needed to know.

"Well why don't you take a shower, get dressed and I will fix breakfast and we'll talk about it." he placed a soft kiss on my cheek and he was off.

I know what you're thinking ---yeah right, that's not Michael--- but let me tell you it was. I've always watched him and when he's by his self there was no harshness, he looked more lost than anything. Okay, back to the story... After I was showered and dressed I made my way into the kitchen. He already had everything on the table and was waiting on me. We ate without saying anything. Just glancing at each other. After we finished and cleaned up he wanted to sit outside to talk. Yeh, I know shocking, Michael actually wanting to talk. So we got comfy as possible on the swing and I began...

"Okay, now please. Answer me. What does this mean?" I was half scared he wouldn't say anything, or worse that it didn't mean anything.

"Well.... In all honesty this means everything to me. I've wanted you for as long as I can remember. After Max expressed his feelings for you..."He paused "Well...I just really never thought I had a chance." He then got up and started pacing. "Then you and Ria come into our lives and I like Ria just." he moved back to sit next to me and looked me in the eye. "I can never feel about her like I do about you."

I was in tears."Oh, Michael. I feel the same way, but when Max saved me I felt things and saw things. With you those feelings are tripled. Just the touch of y-your was electric. My body just heated up." I wiped the tears off my face and continued. "As good as all this feels, what about the others Michael, do we tell them? God that would kill them."

"What do you want?" he grabbed by face in his hands.

There was only one response that would be true. "You" The tears came again."Oh, I am shit! How could I do this to Ria?"

He pulled me into a hug."Shhh.Shhh that's what I want to. You are not shit., I guess we tell them right?"

"Do we have to? Can't we just keep this our secret for now?" I pulled back to see his reaction." I just don't think I can handle loosing her, I need her too much."

I could tell he didn't like the idea. "If that's what you wanna do. The only thing I as is that you be honest with me. No matter what its about. okay."

"Promise" and with that he kissed me.

We just sat cuddled up that day. Talking about nothing and everything. We agreed to try and distance ourselves from Max and Ria. Which shouldn't have been hard for me. We also talked about how we would see each other. Michael came up with the idea to come back to a cabin every now and then, and then we'd just go from there.

That last week before we had to go back, back to pretending everything was normal (well normal as usual for us) was great. Michael amazed me. He was nice and very playful.........

Song Used in this part is by the Eagles: Could Not Ask For More.
I could Not Ask For More
By: The Eagles

Lying here with you, listening to the rain
Smiling just to see the smile upon your face
These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
These are the moments I'll remember all my life
I found all I've waited for and I could not ask for more
Looking in your eyes seeing all I need
Everything you are is everything to me
These are the moments I know heaven must exist
These are the moments I know all I need is this
I have all I've waited for and I could not ask for more

I could not ask for more than this time together
I could not ask for more than this time with you
Every prayer has been answered every dream I have come true
And right here in this moment is right where I'm meant to be
Here with you here with me these are the moments I thank God
That I'm alive
These are the moments I'll remember all my life
I've got all I've waited for and I could not ask for more


I could not ask for more than the love you give me
'Coz it's all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more I could not ask for more


Part 9

I was painting my toenails and next thing I knew I was on the floor face down.

"Gotcha" Michael had: pounced: on me.

"Oh Really?" I was giggling. Then he flipped me over and began tickling me. I squirmed tying to get free.

"Oh.... what's the matter? Huh? Can't take it?" I began hitting him in the chest, or trying to anyway.

"P-Please, S-S-stop" I was yelling in between laughing.

He did stop, but replaced the tickling with kisses. We ended up making love on the living room floor.


The last day we were at the cabin was wonderful. We stayed in bed till noon. Michael had left to go check out his apartment. I wanted him to remember this night and oh would he ever... I set to work on preparing a little bit after he left. I got out the strawberries, chocolate sauce, made sure there was plenty of ice, and of course Tabasco. I set up the kitchen table with bowls of all that stuff, lit candles all over the room then turned out all the lights in the cabin. I heard him coming up the stairs, so I went to the bedroom to get myself ready. He opened the door and walked into the lit up kitchen I heard him call....

"Liz...What's all this?"

"Oh, you'll see. Just sit down I'll be in there in a minute." I was putting on the finishing touches and putting my hair up in a twist.

"K" was his confused reply

As soon as I finished I put on the music and then I started towards the kitchen. Slowly as to not disturb my well...outfit. I walked in and he was eating a strawberry.

"Uh-uh, those are for me to feed you." I said in a sexy voice

He looked up at me "yeh...Oh My God" I was wearing nothing but whipped cream over my breasts and after seeing his reaction to me my now wet pussy. His jaw dropped, then he gave that sexy smile of his.

"Now this is for later, so no touching till I say." He nodded and I walked to the table.

I took his arms and raised them, then pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. "Do you know how hard it is not to touch you right now?" he whispered.

"Well you can soon enough, now sit down" he sat slowly. I got a strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate sauce. "Now this is for you... and me. "I gave him my sexiest smile and giggle.

I dragged the strawberry down his chest leaving a trail to his stomach. I heard a little moan from him. I then put the end of it in his mouth. He ran his tongue over the end licking off the chocolate. As he started doing this I moved my head back to his chest and began licking off the sauce. Slowly making my way down to his stomach where I had stopped before. I followed my trail back up stopping at his neck to suck a little. His breathing was already picking up. This time I went for just the chocolate. I dipped my finger in it and ran it across his neck. Licking it off as my finger passed each spot. I knew he couldn't take much more, and we had only started.

"Do you want your dessert now?" I leaned in close to his ear and lightly whispered.

"Oh. God Yes" I could hear the urgency in his voice

I moved the bowls a little and scooted up onto the table. As I was laying back he was going for a strawberry. He then proceeded to put the sauce on my stomach and lick it off, but instead of giving me the strawberry he ate it slowly. Now I was having trouble controlling my self. He then got another one dipped it in the chocolate but he grabbed the Tabasco this time. I then felt the strawberry being lightly run up my inner thigh, I spread my legs even more to give him full access. He ran the sauce down both of my thighs then I felt something cool. It was the Tabasco, he had poured a little on top of my whip cream, top and bottom.

"Mmm. Michael" I wanted him now.

He didn't answer just began very slowly sucking and licking the sauce off my thighs. When he got to the top of the first one he flicked my clit with his tongue and that sent my body arcing to him. He just kept on with what he was doing, so he moved to the other and licked it all the way up to my center, where he again licked at my clit. I didn't know how much more I could take. He looked at me and smiled, then bent his head down and began eating off the whip cream from my lower half. Moving his tongue slowly and I don't think he was missing a single drop of either the cream or hot sauce. When he finished there he began moving up towards my chest. I was already in heaven when he said...

"You already tasted good, but mmm mix you with Sweet and Spicy, its like tasting heaven."

I felt the stinging of tears coming to my eyes. He was making me feel like I was the only thing that ever mattered and as he went to work on my breasts the tears were forgotten. Waves of pleasure rolled through my body with each swipe of his tongue on me. After he was sure there was no cream left on my chest he began his way up to my neck kissing and licking his way up. I pulled him up to me and our mouths crashed together. Our tongues dueling, and searching out all the corners of one others mouth. He broke our kiss and stood up. He looked like he had a plan.

"If I'm not mistaken..." as he walked to the freezer "I believe, yep there it is." He pulled out the bowl of ice and with a smirk on his face made his way over to me.

"No. That was for you..." I said oh, god my plan was backfiring, or so I thought.

"Well, now it's for you."

He sat the bowl on the edge of the table. Grabbed me by my hips and pulled me closer to the end of the table, ooohh rough I like it. He brought the chair in front of me and sat down. He then began lowering his head to my center. He dove in with one big lick on my pussy. When he rose up.

"Mmm see that's good" he then reached for the Tabasco" but lets try with this."

I felt the cool liquid hit my center. Tingles. That's the only way to explain it, was that it sent tingles through my body. He then moved back and began licking and sucking at me. I arched into his face and moan after moan left my mouth. I tangled my hands in his hair; I didn't think I could hold out much longer. His tongue darted into me and I bucked my hips. With one slow lick around my clit he rose up.

"See, tastes like heaven."

He reached for a piece of ice. It was already starting to melt so he held it over my stomach and let it drip on me. I gasped I was so hot that the cold hitting my skin made me jump a little. The ice was now being run over my chest. When he was satisfied that I had been doused enough, he began licking the cool water off from my stomach to my breasts. Licking each one and then biting at my nipples.

"Michael, please I need you now." I couldn't wait any longer

He leaned back discarded his pants and boxers. I pushed myself back onto the table a bit more praying it would hold up both, only to be pulled back down where I was. He then stood between me legs and pushed his throbbing cock deep inside me. He began pumping into me slowly, and then leaned down to kiss on my stomach. I clawed at his back, as I took his thrusts. He then pulled me up to him and sat in the chair. I began pushing myself onto him, bucking my hips to push him into me deeper. He put his hands on my hips to help me and then he brought one hand to rub on my clit to help me. As soon as he touched me I could feel my release coming. I pushed my self onto him harder and faster so he could experience this with me. With one final circle of his thumb, and one last plunge onto him we came together. I threw my head back as the waves of pleasure rode through my body.

"Oh, god, shit, yesssss. Lizzzzzz" was heard as he emptied his seed into me.

All that could be heard from me was " ummm uhhhh ooooohhhh.... michaellllllll mmm"

As soon as we came down from the high, he smiled at me, picked me up and took me to the bedroom. I clung to him for dear life.

"I hope that you will remember this night and remember our time here this summer." I whispered in his ear as we walked through the hallway.

"I don't think even erasing my mind could make me forget this. "He said with a laugh " You amaze me more everyday Liz Parker."

As he laid me on the bed, and climbed in with me. "Michael, how am I gonna make it through the days without being able to hold you, or kiss you?" I snuggled up next to him.

"Don't worry everything will be fine. We will find a way to see each other at least once a day. I promise." He then kissed my head. "Now lets get some sleep we have to go back tomorrow."


Part 10~

The first night back was pure torture. Ria had called me and talked for 2 hours about how bad off Max was and how she was again "Through with spaceboy:. I was missing Michael so bad. At the same minute I thought I would go crazy, he popped through my window. He had barely gottn through the window and I ran to him.

"Oh, thank god. I didn't think I could go....another....minute..." I whispered while he picked me up and I placed kisses on his full lips.

"I know me too, but I could feel it comming off you in waves." he sounded confused.

he placed me on the bed and I put my finger over his lips. "Shhhh... try to be quiet. My parents have just gone to bed." Then I replaced my finger with my lips.

He broke away. "You tak to anybody yet?" he pulled me to his side and stroked my hair.

"Yeh Ria called, talked to her about 2 hours." I snuggled in closer to him. I felt him tense up.

"Wha-what did she say?"he gripped me tight.

I sighed. "She talked about how bad off Max was, which scares me." I pulled back to look at him and he looked scared "She also said that wait how did she put it...oh yeh..I quote :Well, I am soooo through with spaceboy. He just dissappeared this summer no call, no nothing so he can go to Hell.: end quote." He looked relived.

"Well, one down. One to go. Although I would have to say yours is gonna be a BIG problem." he let out a small laugh.

"Michael , could you just lay here and hold me till I can fall asleep?" I gave him my best sad face.

"Of Course I will."we sunk down onto the bed and he wrapped his arms around me."As long as you don't kick me I'll stay till right before sunrise." he was now playing with my hair.

I let out a giggle. "Alright , I'll try."

"Now. You" he touched the tip of my nose." Get some sleep Ms. Sientest you've got school tommorrow." He leaned in and gave me a kiss.

"This is gonna work right?" I whispered

"I'll do whatever it takes to make sure it does." he assured me.

"Good because I have to be able to see you everyday." I was begining to doze off.

"Don't worry." he whispered in my ear, gave it a little nibble. "You will."

"Michael." I was barley audible " I love you."

"I know. I love you too my Tabasco Sundae." I let out a small laugh and fell asleep safe in his arms.

I woke up when I felt him move to get up. It was begining to get light outside and he had stayed just like he promised. My back was facing him and he pulled my comforter up on me. He then leaned down and lightly kissed my shoulder and whispered love you. I heard him moving, then saw him retreating out the window. I couldn't sleep so I got up and started getting ready for the first day of school.

Ria and Alex came to pick me up and Alex shared what he had done over the summer. Conversation soon turned to me. Them asking me if I was alright now and could I make it through school today. I assured them I would be fine. That I had accepted the whole destiny bit (which was true) and was moving on.

As soon as I stepped out of the car I felt him. My first thought was ' man we gotta figure this feely thing works'. I looked around for him and then I found him. He was sitting up against the building looking straight at me, he nodded his head a little and I smiled.

As the day went on I thought I was gonna loose it. Max had been in my first two classes. Tess, Isabel and Ria were in the next. When lunch came I told Ria and Alex to go and sit with them if they wanted and Ria rufused. Isabel had came over , said hello, then promply dragged Alex to eat with her. They were still just good friends from what he had told me that morning. I looked around the courtyard thats when I saw the other two with my Michael. He peeked up at me and threw his head to the left twards the bleachers. As he got up I took that as my cue.

I caught the tail end of what Ria had been sayin " I told my teacher I was sooo not gonna be paired with Pam Troy all year."

"Ria, babe. I gotta go see about somethin from my first class I had this morning. Why don't you just finish eating with Alex and Izzy?" I said throwing my hand twards them. I felt anxious I had to see him now!! "Please, I'm sorry I'll catch back up with you later." god now I felt like the lowest thing on earth, lying to my best friend. Then I felt calming waves come over me. I silently thanked him in my head.

"Sure , yeh. Go do what ya gotta do." and she was off to find Alex and Iz.

I had to walk back through the hall and then out to the field. When I saw him I ::pounced:: on him. Thank god he caught me or it would have hurt us both, had we fallen. I kissed him hard. Like I hadn't seen him in days, and he kissed me back just as hard while stroking my back with his free hand. He put me down and I looked at his class schedule.

"Damn!" I said while handing him mine. "You are not in my last three classes either."

He took his back from me and concentrated. He swiped his hand over it. "Oh. I am now. Look out everyone Michael Gurien is now Officially taking World History, Biology-without the advanced part, so no Max- and Housing and Interior Design. Wait, what?" I couldn't help the laugh that escaped me. "Why, oh why are we taking this?"

He was kinda smiling now. "Well, I had to take something extara." He raised his eyebrow. "What, it was either that or Masanory."

The last half of the day was great. Noone else from the group was in the last classes with us. We sat next to each other and passed letters about stupid stuff. It went off without a hitch, well except for all the giggles Michael got from the Design class, other than that no problems. When the day finished he told me he'd see me at work, and was on his way.

The ride home was filled with girl talk and Ria telling me all about how she was avoiding HIM like the plauge. When we got to the crashdown I went in and got ready for my shift. The parents cornered me on the way back down to ask about school and if I was okay. See my parents knew something was wrong 'ie. before summer, thats why they let me get the cabin' but I never told them what it was exactly. After talking to them I went down to start my shift. Work went rather well that night. Michael had caught me in the backroom once, smacked my butt on the way through and whispered...

"Lookin' sexy in that uniform TS" and he laughed and went back to the kitchen.

He was absoulutly driving me crazy. When I would go to pick up an order he would wait till Ria was gone then flick his tounge at me. Luckly Ria didn't see it and none of the gang even came in. Now what happened when we were closing was something I never expected.

Ria had gone home and me and Michael were supposed to be cleaning up but were goofing around with each other way more. That's when my dad came downstairs.

"Ahem" I heard him clear his throat"excuse me, didn't mean to break up the party." I looked at my dad. I was mid throw of the dishtowel in my hand. "but I was just thinking maybe Michael could come up and keep you company till you go to bed, since he can seem to keep you in a good mood." my dad said smiling.

"Yeh, sure Mr.P, I'd love to." did Michael just say that? I looked over at him he was grining and I let the towel go at him full force.....


Part 11

After Me and Michael finally got finished closing, which was hard cause we couldn't keep our hands off each other, we made our way up to the apartment.

"I wonder what is up with them." I said pointing up at the door.

"You. Are asking the wrong alien here. I don't do well with parents TS." he then pinched my butt.

I kept walking up. "You had better stop that before we get in here." I said with a giggle.

"Okay okay." He threw his hands up and tried not to laugh.

I opened the door and as we went in I heard my parents whispering.

"No. I said not yet...." Then there was some muffled, something and "Not ready yet." Michael closed the door and they went silent.

"Hey, kids." mom said walking into the living room smiling."I made something good to eat if you're hungry."

"Yeh, I could eat a little. Michael?" I looked back at him.

"You know me, I can always eat something." he grinned at me, I made a mental note to make him pay for that comment later.

"Good, good. Come on and get you a plate." dad said while moving to the kitchen.

As we sat down to eat, I kept wondering why all of a sudden had they invited Michael up here, when my dad spoke.

"Thanks for comming up Michael. I've noticed today that you've been able to make Liz smile and laugh. when Ria can't. Well I think she needs that right now." I gave him a look silently asking 'what are you doing dad' "Honey, your mom and I know something is bother you and if Michael can keep your mind off of it, then I'm just letting him know that he is welcome here anytime."

"That's right, and since you live by yourself you won't be alone if you spend some time here." Mom just had to throw her two cents in. They looked at Michael.

"Mmmm....fank...owoo." Of course he had his mouth full. "Yeh, I'd be happy to come over and keep Liz comopany. I don't do anything but go to school and work anyways." he told them while grabbing my hand under the table. I could feel joy comming from him.

We finished dinner with dad and Michael having a conversation about some hockey game and me and mom talking abuat school. I know. Weird, but thats what happened. After everything was cleaned up mom and dad said they were gonna trun in(Parent talk) for the night, but that Michael could stay and watch a movie if he wanted. Which he gladly accepted.

We settled in on the couch after I put in "The Cell".

"Okay"I whispered to him while laying down and putting my head in his lap."My parents were acting way weird. I mean their usually weird but this was beyond."

He started playin with my hair."What, aren't you glad they ask me over and gave me the invite anytime?"

"Of course. Thats not what I ment." I told him as I raised up and gave him a small kiss.

As I pulled back he moaned."I know but without even knowing what they were doing they just gave us a great cover story." he smiled.

"Yep. Now shhhhh... it's starting." I crossed my arm under my head and put it on his inner thigh.

"K. just watch it, cause I don't think I can handle being alone in the dark with you espically if you start with that hand of yours." I giggled and moved my hand up and down a little.

"What, you mean like this?"I heard the breath comming out of his mouth faster.

"Uh-huh" he grabbed my brest in his hand and started massaging it through my shirt.

I got up leaving him for a minute. When I came back he looked shocked. I had to supress the laugh that was dying to escape my lips.I leaned over and pushed my tounge in his mouth, when he pushed his into mine I pulled mine out and began sucking on his.

he let out a sigh"Sorry" I told him as I pulled back a little."Had to go shut the parents door and make sure they were sleeping." I then gave him a grin and raised my eyebrow at him.

"Well in that case come here." he said trying to pull me down to sit on his lap.

"Uh-uh" I said shaking my finger at him.I then pushed him to lay down on the couch."Not this time buddy it's your turn."I gave him a sheepish grin as I started undoing his pants.

When I got to his zipper my hand brushed the buldge in his pants and he drew in his breath quickly. When I had them undone he helped me pull them down along with his boxers. Yeh you could say I was being brave but you gotta understand , nothing and I mean nothing wakes my parents when they "turn in".As soon as his boxers were down I stratled his lower legs and took his erect shaft into my hand. When my hand made contact ....

"Oh god , Liz" was his response.

I started moving my hand slowly at first, watching his face as the pleasure I was giving him washed over it. When I started to pick up the pace he arched himself into my hand. When he did that I knew he couldn't take much more of this so I gently bent my head down and licked the tip of him, which only brought a deep moan from his mouth. I looked up at him as I was swirling my tounge over the tip of him and he opened his eyes. As soon as I saw his eyes, I took all of him into my mouth hard, then slowly came back up using my tounge to stroke him in my mouth. He put his hands into my hair and gripped onto it. I continued using my mouth on him each time going fully down on him then slowly sucking my way back up. I could taste the pre-cum when I reached the tip of him again, so I took him out of my mouth and licked him all the way down, then stuck his throbbing cock back into my wet mouth. The faster I got the more noise he made.


I went down on him agan."Liz, babe you need to...mmm....stop...or..."

I hummed on him and that was all it took. He spilled himself inside me and I continued to lick and suck him drinking his juices till he was finished.When he finished he looked at me as I raised up and wiped my mouth.

"Liz, you didn't have to." I raised my eyebrow at him "but thank you, god that was great."

He pulled me up to kiss him. "nope, hold on be right back." I jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

when I came back he had his pants back on and I leaned down and gave him a hungry kiss."I went to brush my teeth, didn't think you would want to taste yourself." I told him while laughing

"You are amazing, you know that."I layed down in his lap again to finish watching the movie.

When the movie was finished, I walked him to the door. He gave me another kiss while picking me up and pulling me to him. When he put me down he whispered love you in my ear then turned to leave. I grabbed him and pulled him back to me kissing him once more hating that he had to leave and whispered love you to im and he turned to walk down the stairs and leave. When I looked at the clock it was 1:30am. 'Yeh' I thought to myself 'Tommorrow is gonna be Such a good day. If I had only known just how bad, I may have just stayed in bed......or maybe not...


Part 12

I heard my alarm clock going off and prayed for just a little more sleep. When it got way annoying I shut it off and got up to get ready. Once I got downstairs mom wanted me to eat something, but as soon as I sat down to eat Ria was blowing the horn for me. On the way to school Ria was tryin to talk to me but I kept dozing off.

I felt something smack my arm and my head flew up."Yes sir. I'll be right back with you're drink."

"Okay. Liz hon are you alright?" she was laughing at me.

I slapped her on the leg."Yes. Just didn't get enough sleep thats all. I told her as we pulled in the parking lot.

"Well don't look know cause loverboy is waiting at his jeep." she was getting out of the car and waving at Max.

"RIA!!" I tried to get her from across the car "Please stop. I really don't feel like talking to him now."

Too late. He was already on his way over. I turned around to face him and put a small smile on my face.

"Good morining Ladies." Max said as he come to stand in front of me. "Hey Liz" he whispered to me.

"Hey Max." I was just as softly spoken "HEY girlfiend!" Ria exclaimed comming around the car and standing beside me.

"Could I walk you two beautiful ladies into school?" he held both arms crooked out for us to take.

"Umm..N-" Ria cut me off "Sure thing Max." she put her arm in his "Come on Liz lets go." and I was being pulled my arm also linked with his as we began twards the school.

Max leaned over to me "You look good today Liz." I smiled at him, but when he opened the door my smile faded cause there stood Michael. He was right inside the door standing up against the lockers. He looked pissed, and I withdrew my arm from Max'.

We stopped and Max greeted Michael " Michael, what's up man?"

Michael grunted. "Not much Maxwell. Liz, Maria could you go away now so I can talk to Max." he grabbed Max by the shirt and pulled him to stand beside him. I just knew that he had flipped and was gonna pound Max.

"Mic-" I didn't even get his name out " Now!, and thanks" he said with a smirk on his face. He wasn't being nice, nope he was being downright mean.

"Come on, were gonna be late if we stand here and listen to his crap much longer." Ria was pulling me away and giving Michael the death glare.

I was worried. Then Max showed up for class and I let out a breath of relif. He gave me a grin and mouthed 'sorry'. After class got started he slipped me a note that said....

I just wanna talk to you. Eraser room, lunch?

I shook my head no and passed it back to him. After class I didn't see Michael anywhere, so I wen't to go to my next class when I ran into Iz.

"Oh, hey Liz." she turned around from her locker.

"Hey Iz. How's it goin today?" I was fidigting

"Well okay I guess just can't seem to find Alex."

"I just saw him and Ria at her locker. Did you need something?" I felt tremendous anger come over me and tried to hide it.

"Uh, no" She looked at me worried. "Liz. Are you okay?'

"Yeh" I tried relaxing myself "I-I just din't get enough sleep last night."

She bought it. "Well okay, but you know if you need anything you can talk to me right?"

"Yeh, thanks Iz, I'm fine really. I gotta get to class." I waved at her as I walked away. "I'll talk to ya later"

"Bye" She headed off in the other direction.

The first bell had just rang. I ccould still feel Michael. God he was really really mad. I needed to find him. The halls were clearing out and I had just got to the Eraser Room. The feelings hit me full force and I had to stop and balance myself. Once steadied I decided to check and see if he was in there.

As soon as I entered I knew he was in there. "Michael" I whispered as I shut the door quickly.

"What?" short and yep he was mad.

I walked over to him "What's wrong? I almost fell down outside the door your anger hit me so hard." I touched his face.

"Max. Max is my problem." He got up and we heard the door handle being opened.

"oh shit! , Michael hurry get behind that shelf" I whisperd as I pushed him back there.

The door opened and in walked Max. He shut the door and smiled at me. "Hey I thought I saw you come in here. Was you meeting someone?" worry filled me and he looked sad. Shit.

"Ummm...No.No I wasn't meeting anyone. I was just.....ya know gonna hang out here for this class." I leaned against the wall trying to put distance between us.

"Well can I just hang out with ya. You know so we can talk?" He moved twards me and I almost fell again, Michael didn't like this at all. I wondered how long before he just came out and let Max know that yes I was there to meet him.

"Max, I don't think that's a good idea." I moved to the other side of the room. "Listen, Max never gonna work out okay. You need to be with Tess. You heard your mother. She's you destiny. Not me." I had to make him see somehow. "I want us to be friends , but we cannot and will not ever be anything more than that. Okay?"I prayed he would say okay , but deep down knew he wouldn't.

"Liz" he moved to tuck my hair back. "I can't just be your friend. I'm sorry, but I love you with all that I am"

Time to pull out the big guns.."Max , if you loved me so much you wouldn't have done alot of things that you have done to me." I felt Michael giving me strenth. "When Michael got sick, you just pulled back. You couldn't work on it with me. When you kissed Tess, you could have walked away." He shook his head no at me."Yes you could have, but what did I do? I trusted you with my heart, but I never forgave you fully. Then when you all got that message from your mother. I knew right then." I was walking twards the door. "I am not your destiny Max. Tess is. You just need to accept it." I was gonna open the door when he stopped me.

"No, you go ahead and stay. I better get to class, I just want you to know that I will never give up on you Liz, Never." he opened the door and walked out.

Michael popped up" See thats what I am talking about. He's never gonna quit." He came and pulled me into a hug." But thank you for trying." He placed a kiss on my head and I squeezed him tighter.

"Michael, I don't know what to do. You heard him and if we tell him about us, then he will loose it." I pulled back and looked up at him.

"I know. I will try to think of something okay. I will talk to him on my end, see what I can do." He smiled at me ."Now, my little TS what could we do between now and the next class?" He raised his eyebrow.

"Hmmm well I could think of a couple of things , but how about this." I devoured his mouth.

He thrust his tounge in my mouth and caressed my tounge with his. He then pushed me up against the wall and picked me up. I ran my hands through his hair as he left my mouth and went down my neck with his tounge. He ran his hands up my legs and under my skirt massaging my ass. I let out a loud moan and said his name. He then began with one hand to take my shirt off. He stopped and just grabbed my left brest in his hand.

That's when the door opened and .........

Part 13

We were so caught up in each other that we didn't notice anyone had opened the door till we heard..
"Umm.." we froze "Could you both please come with me?" it was the pricipal Mr. Kerley.

Michael let me slide down to the floor adn we fixed ourselves as best as we could. I found my voice."Y-Yes Sir."

As we moved out into the hallway I looked around to see if I could find anyone who would see us. I felt Michael tap me on the shoulder. "We may have a problem." he said quietly.

"What is it?" I looked around till I saw him.

"Valenti" he said dryly

"Oh shit." Kyle had a confused look on his face. As we walked past him I shook my head no and ask him, "Please, Kyle don't tell anybody, I mean anybody."

"Uh..o--okay sure Liz but.." Kyle still just looked really confused.

"Ms. Parker, this way please." Mr. Kerley called as he stood next to his office door.

With one final nod from Kyle I started tward teh office, I turned around to see Michael slapping Kyle on the shoulder and both of the smiling at each other.

Once we were both inside and seated Mr. Kerley started. " Liz I know that you already realize this but, I am gonna have to call your parents."

I just nodded, so much for Michael getting to come over whenever. Then Mr. Kerley was on the phone wiht my parents.

When he got off the phone with my dad he informed us that he and my mother were gonnna be comming down to talk and that they would be responsible for Michael too since he lived by himself. We sat in the office holding hands. Michael was sending me calming waves because I was a wreck. What were they gonna think? They had been called in here last year for this only with Max, and mom had almost flipped out. Like I said I was freakin out already. Michael was being calm for me, holding my hand with both of his while massaging it with his thumbs. Telling me it was gonna be okay. He had me feeling better. That is until my mom and dad walked in.

I heard the door open and I tensed back up with worry, but he didn't let go of my hand.

"Liz, Michael" it was mom that spoke first " what were you two thinking?" she wasn't yelling but talking normally like she always does.

Neither of us could say anything. "Since this is the second time Liz has been in this situation," Mr. Kerley spoke to my parents and I gripped Michael's hand tighter. " We are gonna have to suspend her for 3 days. Michael you will have 3 days after school detention since this is your first offence."

"That sounds fair. We will take them both home now and take care of this on our end." My dad said while shaking Mr. Kerley's hand.

It was silent the whole way back to the crashdown. Mom and dad would glance at each other every few minutes but that was it. Michael put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him and I laid my head on his shoulder. He said exactly what I was thinking...

"Get over here we're already in trouble"

He kissed the top of my head, and when I looked up I could have swore I seen my mom smiling in the rearview, but she looked away so quick I couldn't really tell. When we finally go to the cafe we all got out of the car, mom and dad walked to the door and dad turned to us....

"Michael, we would appericate it if you would come up too, so we can talk to both of you about this." Then he turned around and walked in the cafe with mom.

"Please" I took hsi hand and gave him my sad face. I really didn't wanna do this alone.

"Don't worry" he brought my hand up to his chest " I'm not goin anywhere except up there with you to face this, together."

"Thank you Michael." I smiled and he kissed my hand as we walked into the cafe and upstairs to hear what my parents had to say to us.

When we got up stairs mom called us into the kitchen where they were already seated. Dad pulled out the chair beside him" You two need to sit down. We have some things that we need to discuss."

We sat down and Michael grabbed my hand but nothing and I mean nothing could prepare us for what they had to tell us....

"Okay I need you to both listen and nobody goes anywhere till I am done. Understood?" my dad looked around.

"yeh okay" Michael told him I just shook my head.

"Michael, we know who you are." Michel tensed up and I could tell he was ready to flee. " Please let me explain before you do anything rash."

Okay I'm gonna take over for this part because I want you to know how I feel. As soon as Mr. P told me he knew who I was I Freaked. If Liz hadn't had ahold o fmy hand or needed me soo bad, I would have ran. The other part of me wanted to know what he had to say and again , I wasn't about to leave my Liz there when she needed me. She was scared too I could feel it comming off of her, and her grip had tightened on my hand to where she was almost cutting off the blood flow. When Mr. P realized I wasn't goin anywhere he continued.

"Okay, let me start from the begining." he began." Michael you along with 3 others Max , Isabel , and I belive you call the other one Tess , were sent here in 1947 in pods. When something went wrong with the ship you crashed. Now we know from a communication that you were all okay and well hidden. You were sent here because you all died when the planet was attacked." he looked at me to see what my reaction was.

"Mr. P , no offense to your storytelling but we already know all of this." I told him roughly. I didn't want Liz to have to be reminded of anything she didn't wanna hear.

"Mom , dad, he's right. We already know this , plus what the orbs told them about their destinies. So if its all the same to you I'd rather not have to hear about Michael really belonging to Isabel again." Liz was getting tears in her eyes so I put my arm around her and pulled her chair a little closer to me.

"You found the orbs? How?" Liz's mom looked puzzled and I wanted to know how they knew so much.

"Well , without going into so much detail about 1 , that let me tell you will cause me physcial pain if I have to go into detail, Max and Liz found it in the desert." I felt Liz tremble and I looked at her gave her my grin hoping that and the calming feelings I was sending her would help. " That night they didn't come home last year. The other was.. No wait how do you know so much about them and us?" I was getting tired of answering questions and wanted some damn answers.

"Well , first answer me 2 more questions then I promise you we will answer yours." I nodded only because these were Liz's parents and I would do anything for her. " Do the others know about you two , and was your protector there when they were activated?" Liz looked up at her dad like she was gonna loose it any minute. Now normally I don't get scared but she was scaring me. Next thing I knew she jumped up out of her seat and started pacing infront of everyone.

"Dad! No, the others don't know and Nasedo wasn't there, Max made him leave. Long story." she stopped stood still and yelled." Now, tell us how you know all this and why your bringing it up now!!"

"Liz, babe" I went to her and pulled her back to my seat and sat her in my lap." Mr and Mrs P. sorry but I have to keep her calm and this is the only way. Now please explain before I loose my temper too." They gave me a nod and I gripped Liz around her waist.

"Oh, god. Everything is screwed up." her dad stood up with his hand on his head looked at me and I raised my eyebrow at him " Okay okay. Just let me start off by telling you that you were not supposed to have, or find the orbs. We were supposed to give them to you when we felt the time was right and everyone was safe." Liz lost it.

"What do you mean you? Are you tryin to say that you're one of them too? That I was not only adpoted but by aliens no less?" she was hysterical. I tried calming her down but it wasn't working.

"Maybe we should do this later when you've calmed down some." I told her while smoothing her hair down.

"Michael , NO!" she grabbed both my arms "I can handle this we are gonna find out something about you. Okay, please." She was worried about me. I had loved her for as long as I could rember and I didn't think it was possible to love her anymore till that moment.

We sat down again with her on my lap. "Okay, go ahead. I promise no more inturruptions." I told her parents and pressed a kiss on the side of her head.

"Yes, Liz. To answer your question we are like the others. We were sent to keep everyone safe and to show you all the orbs when everything was okay. Since you've already found them I assume you know everything?" we both nodded " Well, you two forget everything the orbs and Nasedo have told you. When Kavar began taking over the planet he wanted to destroy the king because he was a very strong and powerful ruler, but he needed the queen to destroy him. You see the queen balanced the king out, with out her he was a mess, he couldn't control anything most of all his emotions. Before the queen was by his side he always just reacted not thinking things through. For saftey, when Kavar attacked, the queen was removed from the palace by us but he found her too and took her from us. He excuted the king, queen , the princess and the second in command." we both just nodded that was all I could do was nod. "It was decided that you would be recreated only we would mix you're DNA with human DNA and hide you on earth. The only thing was that we were gonna be careful, and not send the queen along. There was a replacement or decoy sent and the protector was told to tell them the stoy only it wouldn't entirly be correct. We would be sent six years before the pods would hatch with the queen in her womb and she would have a natural birth." Mr. P pointed at his wife. "We were to raise her compltly human till it was known Kavar was dead, then we would activate the orbs with everyone present and explain everything. We were sent with some of our family who would also help to protect the queen. Now we are going to tell you two and the others cannot know right now." just more nodding from the both of us, I was still trying to process all the information they were giving us.

"Michael, you are the true king and Liz you are the true Queen that we brought to earth to hide. Nasedo was told to tell Max he was king , that Isabel was his sister, Michael was the second in command and the other uh..Tess was the queen. This would keep Michael safe because it would make Kavar go after Max. We purposly leaked this story on the planet so he would find out, because someone had told him of the pods going to earth. Before Kavar left the planet he gave orders to destroy everything and rebuild. Things didn't go his way because we were contacted by some who escaped, that his men destroyed the whole planet. Meaning its not repairable, noone can go home now. I am soo sorry but you both needed to know since you started seeing each other and you're almost 18 Liz . You're mother felt like it was time to tell you the whole truth so you wouldn't slip up and let anyone else know if you hadn't already about the two of you being together. Liz, if you need or want to talk or even yell at us we'll be here for you." We all looked at her and she was just staring staight ahead.

"Liz...Liz babe....TS..." I waved my hand infont of her eyes."Come on Liz say something , please, anything." I was getting worried. I grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her lightly. "Liz please talk to me."



Part 14

"Umm....just take her to her room and lie down with her, we'll make sure noone knows you're here and keep everyone away." her mom sounded afraid.

"Alright , come on Liz lets go to you're room and lay down for awhile." still nothing. So I picked her up and she just went with it, her eyes not looking at anything. "I gotcha, I promise." When I got her to her room I sat her down on the bed. She was really scaring me because her eyes were so vacant, like she wasn't really there anymore. "Liz, baby I don't even know how you must be feeling right now but please you gotta talk to me about this. Let me help you." Shit now I was getting teary eyed.

After everything they had just told Liz, if I were her I'm not sure how I would react. I couldn't think about any of it , not until I got her back, from where ever it is she went to. She was still just staring at nothing and blinking only when she had to. I took her shoes off and laid her back onto the bed. I pulled off my own shoes , crawled in behind her, pulled her close and pulled the comforter up over us. I was gonna stay with her and do my best to pull her out of this. I just didn't know how I was gonna do it. We laid there for a little bit. I just held her tight giving her kisses on her head every once in a while telling her to come back to me. Her breathing evened out and I knew she had fallen asleep. I too let sleep overcome me soon after.

When I woke up, it was light out and Liz had turned over during the night. She had her face buried against my chest. I couldn't help the big smile that come across my face. I would never get used to waking up to her beside me. That is until I rembered how things had went yesterday afternoon. We laid in bed till noon when I finally had to go to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom Liz' mom had come in with some lunch for her.

"Liz. Honey I brought you some soup and a sandwich. Are you hungary?" her mom was talking to her and lightly rubbing her arm.

"Mrs. P. she still hasn't said anything." Liz was now facing the bathroom door."It seems the only time she moves is when I'm alseep or out of the room." I paused for a minute. "I'm really worried abut her, what if she won't come back to us?" I was looking at Liz and I just couldn't help what I was saying."She means everything to me and I can't make it without her." Something fell on my cheek and I realized I was crying. I wiped my face roughly and told myself to stop. I was gonna be strong for her.

"Michael, honey why don't you go on into the kitchen and eat something. Jeff came up from the cafe for a little bit." she looked up at me with a sad smile and some unshed tears in her eyes.

"Well...okay but you stay with her and if anything changes come get me." she nodded her head and I walked over and kissed Liz on the head. "I'm just going to eat something and I'll be back." When she didn't do anything but lay there I went on out of the room.

When I got to the kitchen her dad was sitting at the table so I joined him. " Hey Mr.P how's it goin?"

He jumped a little "Oh, hey. I'm alright. How's Liz? Any change?"

"She's still in the bed. She slept good last night but she's still just staring off at nothing." I sat down across from him.

"Well how are you feeling? Are you alright?" he looked concerned for me. That felt starange.

"Yeh, I guess so. I know I'll feel alot better when I know Liz is okay though. I would like to ask you some questions though." I was hoping he would let me ask. I wanted to know and I knew Liz would want to know too.

"Of course Michael. You can ask me anything and I will try my best to give you accurate answers." He sat up in his chair a little more.

"Well, Max has always had this well he says its a pull tward Liz, and that she is the only one for him. I was wondering why that is." I knew this would be one of her concerns.

"Umm lets see if I rember correctly, Max has always had a thing for Liz. Even when we were on the home planet. When they were little he would play with noone else but you and her. I rember she told her father one day that he had said he was gonna marry her when they got older. Of course when you all got to be teenagers Max and Liz dated for a little while , until she started having feelings for you. When she broke it off with Max he was very upset and you were elated. You had always been very much in love with her. You two started dating and you ask her to marry you, which she accapted. Well , by this time Max was already appointed to be the head of the army and you're sister Isabel was very much in love with him. When you and Liz got married you're father let you take over the throne. Max was irrate so he told you there were threats made on Liz' life to have her sent away." he got up to get a drink. "Do you want something to drink?" I just shook my head no." Okay well you of course sent her away and set out to find who made the threats. You were not thinking clearly like you did when she was with you. You let you're emotions run wild. This is when you threatend Kavar, because Max had you to belive this was who made the threats. He then saw how you were without her and knew this was you're weakness. When he did nothing on the threats you had Liz brought back. You two were so happy together and you and her both wanted Max that happy too, so you had it arranged that Max and Isabel be married. After a while Max did fall in love with her. Before they were married though is when Kavar started attacking and Liz was again sent away, and well I told you the rest." he had his head down sipping his drink.

"Oh god, so it really was all my fault. I mean Kavar attacking us was my fault." leave it to me to screw everything up.

"No, Michael it wasn't it was Max's jeaulosy that started it all. You can't just blame yourself, but you cannot let the others know any of this until we know for sure that Kavar isn't going to come looking for you. I will not let history repeat it's self." He grabbed my hand and spoke to me firmly. "Promise me."

"I promise you." there was no way anyone was getting to Liz. Not with me protecting her.

"Okay well, I would like for you to start helping more in the cafe if you would." he raised his eyebrow at me.

"Wha-what do you mean?" oh shit he was gonna start on me about work now?

"Well, I would like for you to learn how to help Liz run the place. So when Nancy and I go out of town for things you two can take over. Plus it will give you more reason to be here more, if I am teaching you stuff." he gave me a knowing smile.

"Yeh, sure. I would like that. Thanks. You know for everything you are doing for us." I was gonna owe this man for the rest of my life.

"Thats what I am here for. To help you two in anyway I can, that goes for Nancy too. Now come on let's go ahead and get started downstairs. It will help you take your mind off everything for a bit." He got up and headed out.

"I am just gonna go check on Liz right fast. Then I'll be down." I headed for Liz' room again.

When I got back to her room her mother was still sitting in the same position and rubbing her arm. It didn't look like they had moved. "Hey" I said softly "Has she still not gotten up or anything?"

"Yeh, she went into the bathroom for a few minutes then kinda dragged back over here and laid down in the exact spot she was in before. She still hasn't eaten or said anything though." she was crying now, it looked like she had been for awhile.

I walked over and kneeled in front of her. Her eyes still had the same look. Vacant. I brushed some hair from her face. "Liz me and you're dad and gonna go do somethings in the cafe. If you need me I will be here in two seconds okay. I promise I am not going far. We are just setting some things up that are gonna help us in the long run." I kissed her lips lightly but she didn't respond. I had to get out of there for a little bit this was killing me having to look at her like this."I promise, I'll be back in a little bit. I love you." I gave her mom a smile which she returned and I left the room to go downstairs, where Maria would be since it was now time for school to be out.


Part 15

Mr. P had been showing me how to do the books and count the money. We had been at it for about 2 hours and the whole time Maria had been watching me. Between trying to rember what Mr.P was telling me and trying not to worry so much about Liz, I couln't take dealing with Maria too. I had all this stuff running through my mind. Is Liz okay? rember to count inventory. How is everybody gonna deal with this? The money from the register goes in the green bag. I wonder if theres been any change with Liz yet? Make sure the recipts and the money matches. Oh shit what are we gonna tell Kyle?

"Whatcha doin spaceboy?" Maria inturrped my thoughts.

"I'm showing Michael here how to do more things around the cafe. He's decided that after school he want's to help us out full time." Mr. P saved me. He come up beside me and put his hand on my shoulder. "He's a really fast learner and a good worker. I think it's gonna work out really well." He was smiling and Maria's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head.

"Really?" She sounded like she just couldn't belive it.

"Yeh, I figured since Mr.P was good enough to give me this job and I like working here. Why not?" I told her matter of factly.

She rolled her eyes."Sooorrrry" I started twards the backroom as Mr. P got busy with a customer."Hey, I need to talk to you." she caught up with me.

I kept on walking. "Talk on" I went into the storage room, this could get ugly. I began counting Inventory.

"Well, its just that I want to spend some time with you." she paused. " I miss you." It was so low that I almost didn't catch it.

I drew in a deep breath, set my clipboard down. "Listen Ria, I know you do but we can't be together. No wait." I let out my breath roughly and sat down. I scratched at my brow with my left hand. "I do need you, but only as a friend, Okay? I don't want us to be anything more than that." I paused to look up at her. "Can we do that?"

"Yeh." she put her head down and wiped her face with both hands." I can do that, I mean yes I wanna be you're friend and if thats all you want then I guess I'll back off." she smiled at me "Now what's with the eargerness spaceboy?"

"I don't know , just thought I want to do something more to help out the Parkers, ya know. They've been really nice to me." I stopped. I felt something and it felt like Liz but really really faint. Ria just looked at me like she was confused. " So I better get back out here and do something." she just nodded her head and we both went out front. Shit. We had picked up the rest of gang while we were talkin in the back. Ria went over to their table. Max and Tess were sitting next to each other and Iz and Alex were across from them. I heard Max ask about Liz. After they talked for a few minutes Max came over to the counter and Ria sat down with the others.

"Hey man, why weren't you in school?" Max was sitting on a barstool in front of me.

"Mr. P ask me to be here today. He's teachin me how to help run the place." I told him while writing stuff down." He trusts me and want's me to know how to do stuff so they can go out of town and feel good about leaving me in charge, along with Liz. Ya know just to help her out." he just stared at me. "I know weird."

"Yeh, I'd say. So why are you doin it? To get out of school? What?" he was half laughing as he ask me.

I wanted to smack that stupid grin off his face. " Just thought I would help out some and I can keep an eye on things from here." I looked up at him. " What are you all doin here?" I knew the answer before he told me.

"Liz wasn't at school either, we know somethings wrong because she never misses school." he looked worried, and again I fought the urge to hit him. "She must really be sick, has her dad said anything?"

I sighed."Yeh, she's been sick today. Her dad said that she's been in the bed all day. Not sure what's wrong with her though." I looked to my left and saw Mr. P approaching us.

"Hey fella's" We both said hello to him."Uh Michael could you come and help me with something upstairs rught fast? Nancy is gonna come down and watch the cafe for us." He sounded anxious.

"Yeh, yeh no problem. Max I'll see ya later." he waved and I turned to go with Mr.P. I knew it was Liz. I just prayed she hadn't gotten any worse. How could she get any worse though? We walked into the apartment and Mrs.P gave me a kiss on the cheek on her way out, which left me startled. Mr. P nuged me.

"Go on and see her." he gave me a grin and went into the kitchen.

As I walked to her room I got really scared. I didn't know how much more I could take before I broke down with worry. When I got to the door I pushed it open slowly. "Liz" I was quiet and when I got inside she wasn't in the bed. I freaked, until I heard the water running in the bathroom. I had to calm down so when she came out she wouldn't worry about me. I went and laid down on her bed breathing in her scent. I vagely heard the water shut off and some noise comming from behind the door. I had my eyes closed when I heard the door open. I heard her sweet voice.

"Michael?" I opened my eyes and smiled. Thats when it all hit me full force. She was my Queen. I rembered things from the past year. How when Max had saved her I tried to stop him, I now rembered I did that cause I had wanted to save her. When I wanted to run after that she came to stop us and I wanted to stay. She had changed my mind the minute she showed up. Sitting at school with her wishing I had something to say to her, just so I could talk to her. Her commming to warn me about Tapolsky and how I had to admit I loved her to myself, my heart had always known it my head just wouldn't accept it. When I took her journal, reading it and wishing that she could feel that for me. The dissappointment I felt when I didn't see her in the healing circle, then when I saw her loving her even more becuase she had been scared for me. Going to find Nasedo the night she had that stupid date, cause I couldn't bare to watch her go with someone else. The night I was leaving for good and turning back for her, I coun't be without her. Going to her that same night knowing she could fix it all. Then breaking down and crying when I got there and Max was there with her. Wanting her so bad, and wanting to kill Max when she was getting flashes and he ask to use my apartment. They joy of holding her in my arms when Max had been captured.Comforting her and rembering how right it had felt to have her in my arms. The happiness of holding Max back from her, knowing she had chosen to leave him and that she wouldn't change her mind. Promising myself that I would make sure she was safe and alright.

I got up from the bed and went to her. I pulled her into a fierce hug I was crying as I held her. " Oh thank you god." I sobbed out. I was never gonna let her go. While rembering all the things I loved about her one thought persisted. I really wanted to pull Max apart piece by piece for all the times he had caused her any pain. " I love you so much." I pulled her back and kissed her lips lightly. "Please don't ever do that to me again. Okay. Are you alright?" I pulled her to me again and she hugged me just as tight.

"Michael, I'"she was kissing my neck while talking. Then she pulled back a little."NO., make that my superalienman."she gave me a little laugh.

"My ts I'll be anything you want me to be."I pulled her onto the bed with me kissing her with everything I was.


Part 16

I wanted nothing more than to get lost in Michael. My Michael, my King, but mom and dad were still downstairs probaly along with everyone else.
"Michael" I said between kissing him and pulling back some " Thank you for everything." I kissed him again "For just being you and being there for me." I placed a kiss on his neck and got up to stand in front of him.

"Uh, hey where do you think you're goin?" He reached up for me.

"I just want you to know that I could feel you the whole time, and most of all you're worry." I sat back down beside him and took his hands into mine."I am really sorry for putting you through that but I just couldn't deal so I shut down." He ran his hand down my face then my hair."I promise that I'm all right now, with everything, and I will never do that to you again."

He leaned in and kissed me I felt his tounge run across my lips and I opened my mouth to allow him full access. Our tounges duled and he explored my mouth like it was our first kiss. It felt so good to be kissing him again.He slowly ended the kiss.

"I love you so much it hurts sometimes." he was caressing my face."Just please don't ever worry me like that again. I thought I was loosing you." he began kissing me again.

When we finally pulled back long enough he told me about Max and what his attraction to me really was all about. It kinda made sense while I was out of it to the rest of the world , I thought about everything. I really thought about how I could have all these feelings for Max, but yet for Michael too. The thing that came to me was that before Max saved me I never really thought of him that way. I had always had this thing for Michael but I thought it was just his bad boy imagae. Somewhere inside I guess I had known, at some level that Michael was mine. I came to terms with what really going on and that it was for over saftey but what I couldn't deal with even now was that the others were unknowingly putting their lives on the line for us. Even though I didn't love Max like he did me or care that much at all for Tess, I didn't want them dying because of me and Michael.

I needed to let mom and dad know I was okay and tell them thank you, but then we needed to talk to Kyle. We went into the kitchen and found dad singing along to some 70's band. Michael let go of my hand and gave me a nod to go on. I silently walked up behind my dad and tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped a little then smiled when he turned around and seen me.He started to bow down when I caught him in a hug.

"Daddy, thank you so much for everything you and mom have done for me. I love you and I'm sorry I reacted the way I did, but I'm fine now." he was squeezing me like I would disappear if he let go.

"Lizzie it's okay. We understand I'm just glad you're okay."he kissed me on the top of my head. I pulled back from the hug and he was looking over me and smiling."I've been showing Michael how to run the cafe today. Some to help him not worry so much about you and mostly so you're mother and I can leave you two in charge."he said proudly.

I turned to look at Michael "Really?" he shook his head yes and I walked to him and stood on my tip toes and kissed his cheek. "You just keep suprising me." I smiled at him and he just gave me his sexy grin which made my body come alive with need. 'later' I told myself.

"You gonna go talk you're mom? She's downstairs working a little." he ask me.

"Yeh, you two go on I need to contact the others and let them know how everything is going." I looked at him with a questioning look "I'll explain later, but there are alot of our people who left before everything was destroyed."

I just gave him a nod and Michael said "Yeh, later"

When we got downstairs Michael made me wait about half way up so I wouldn't have to tak to anybody else but mom. When mom came in the back it was almost the exact sme conversation I had with dad only she was cryin. After she finished with the death grip hug she told me to go back upstairs with Michael and just rest and I could work tommorrow since I was still suspended from school. When we got back upstairs and into the apartment we saw dad at the kitchen table with his eyes closed. I looked at Michael and he just shruged his shoulders at me. We went into my room and I heard the door close, when I turned around Michael had his hand over the lock. With a wave I knew nobody was comming in.

"Now, I got you all to myself" he smirked and went to the window, waved his hand over the lock. "You. Are not going anywhere until I'm done with you."

"Well, whatever will you do with me?" I played shy as he made his way over to me.

He reached me and grabbed me up into his arms"I am gonna make love to you, right here right now." he then lowered his mouth to mine and began kissing me. First it was soft but it quickly turned rougher, with more need.

He moved to my neck and lowered me to the bed."Oh, Michael. I want you so bad."

"Me too, me too." he said as he raised up and swiped his hand over my clothes making them disappear.

"Well, that's a real time saver. When do I get to do cool stuff like that?" He was back on my neck working his way down my body.

"I guess we do need to ask you're parents some more questions.Now....back to what.....I was ......doing." He placed kisses down my chest to my stomach.

My hands went directly to his hair, as he moved over my center and I felt his breath puff out against my bundle of nerves. I placed my hands on his back and dug my nails in when I felt his tounge make contact with my pussy. He was licking and nibling at my clit, then he would dive his tounge into my center. "MMM..still my TS even without the extra ingredents." When he moved back and his tounge once again made contact I bucked my hips into his face. With another lick and a dart inside me I came hard against his face, and he lapped up all my juices till I was still.

"God, thank you..." but I was cut off as he kissed me and I could tast myself on him. I always thought that would be the grossest thing but it kinda turned me on. He rolled over and pulled me ontop of him. I moved myself to just above his siff member and thrust myself onto him. He bucked up and let out a loud moan. I began pushing myself onto him and moved down to kiss him again. I used my legs and arms for leverage to continue my pumping. He grabbed my ass with both hands to help me move faster, when I boke the kiss his breathing was comming fast and I knew he was almost there. I thrust myself down onto him once more and squeezed as I went down. That was his undoing and he spilled himself into me. When he thrust into me one last time it sent me over the edge again. I called his name over and over silently and he just moaned out incohearent things.

I rolled off of him and laid beside him. "I love you so much. You mean everything to me."He whispered in my ear.

"I love you to"I paused and looked at him "superman" I couldn't help it I started laughing, which incited him to begin tickling me.


Part 17

As Michael continued his tickling assualt on me, I was laughing and trying to get him off of me. I was wiggling around and when I looked up at the window I stopped laughing and moving.

"Oh, come on I'm sorry" Michael told me as he was laughing.

"Look" I turned his head to the window. He got up off of me and I sat up.

As he went for the window I said quietly "We have to tell him. I know it'll be okay, we can trust him."

"Yeh, I know." He unlocked the window and pulled it open "Come on in Kyle"

I thanked whoever it was watching over us that he hadn't come sooner because he wouldn't have liked seeing me and Michael doin the nasty. Micheal got him to sit down and he took his place next to me on the bed. Kyle looked well, I'm not really sure it was a look of both confusion and some concern. While Michael and I explained what had been going on and the real truth of everything, he just sat there listening to us.


"Kyle Please you cannot tell any of the others about us or anything we've told you. Okay?" Michael ask him as he finished.

"Please?" I threw in when he continued to sit there.

"Yeh, yeh" he shook his head like he was commig out of a trance. " I understand it's that's alot. Liz are you okay with all of this? I mean I just always thought Mikey here had a thing for you because of all the glances he stole of you when he thougth no one was looking. I just never imagined things would turn out like this." he waved his hands around."Why would you even tell me all this?" he asked us both.

"To begin with yes, I'm okay with everything. Now. At first it was too much and I spaced out you could say."I gave a little laugh."Second we told you because you have proven trustworthy by not telling the others secret, and most of all because I trust you." I told him seriously, then smiled at him.

"That goes for me too." Michael threw in.

"Well as much as all this King and Queen of alien planet freaks me out, you've got my word that no one will find out from me." he got up from his seat. "Now" he looked at me "Do you have any cool alien powers?" he wiggled both his eyebrows at me and gave a grin.

"Well, no but we still have to talk to my mom and dad about that and some other things." I reached up and took his hand. "Kyle, thank you so much, and if you want we'll let you know if anything changes." I looked at Michael and he smiled. "Sorry we just want you to know how much this means to us that you're okay with keeping this a secret."

"Hey I don't wanna lead any physco alien people to you guys. Also, thanks but if it's not life or death or just some really neat powers Liz has , just don't tell me anything else. I'll have a hard enough time not telling the others as it is." he gave a sly smile. " So, you thing there is really a chance I could get Tess?" That sent us all to laughter.


Kyle stayed a little longer then we said goodbye to him and he left the same way he came. Michael and I got ready for bed then settled in to go to sleep. We talked for a bit about Kyle, the others and what we needed to ask mom and dad. Mostly dad because he seemed to be the one to talk to about everything. When I started to doze off Michael whispered...


"I love you Liz, I'm not sure how I'll be able to go back to sleeping without you in my arms." I rolled over and kissed him passionatly.

"I love you too, and I know what you mean. We'll just have to figure out a way for you to stay over sometimes."


The knock on the door and mom calling for us to get up woke us up. Michael snuggled closer to me and I reminded him that we needed to talk to my parents. After alot of huffing and puffing and some whining on his part we got up and got showered and dressed. When we got into the kitchen mom was making some breakfest and dad was reading the paper.


"Morning" I told them as we both sat down at the table.

"Mornin" Michael kinda grunted out.

"Did you get rested Liz? How about you Michael, you holding up okay?" Mom ask as she scrambled some eggs.

"I'm Fine." Dad looked over his paper at me. "Really, I feel great." I told him again so he would know.

"Yeh, me too. I've never slept or felt better." Michael told them as he went to the fridge.

"So are you two up for a little work today? You go back to school tommorrow." dad ask.

"Yeh, but first..." I paused to get their attention."We have some questions if thats okay." Michael had poured some OJ and tabasco and now returned to sit by me.

"Sure honey, anything you need to ask go ahead." dad said as he put down the paper.

"Well" I started and Michael took my hand. He was feeding me strenthing vibes. "First of all I would really like to know do I have any special abilities like the others have?" there I had ask. I needed to know first and foemost if I could protect and defend myself if all hell broke loose.

Mom looked at dad and nodded her head. "Go ahead, it's time." She said to him abondaning breakfest and making her way to the table to sit with us.

I felt myself getting anxious and Michael leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. "Don't worry my TS I'm right here I promise I wont let anything happen that you don't want to." I breathed out, feeling better now.

"Honey, yes to answer you're question you do have special abilites. We just have to unlock them for you." My dad said giving me a smile.

"What do you mean unlock them?" Michael sounded concerned, as was I and I think he could feel how much." Is....Is it gonna hurt her?" he finally let it out.

"No..NO" Mom spoke up. "It won't hurt her at all. One of us will just have to connect with her to release all her abilities." she added.

"Let me just tell you that Liz has more power than any of you. See she is special as are you Michael. Ment only for one another. Together you both will help our people to not fear anyone because you two an defeat anything that comes you're way." dad explained to us."Not just Kavar either but anyone who threatens our people or the people of earth." he finished, but with our confused looks, mom picked up.

"There was a prophcy about two lovers that would be roalty. That would lead our people. They were to be everything the people wanted or needed from their King and Queen. Both, you two, were to be powerful and very loving but when you were together the bond would be unbreakable." Mom was now crying. "I'm sorry. It's just you don't understand how much I love you and what an honor it is to be apart of this." dad put his arm around her and whispered something to her.

Michael clutched my hand tighter and said" Same for me, you just don't know how much I really love you."

I pressed a kiss on his lips. "Yeh, I do because I love you that much too." he smiled at me and we were broken out of our world by a clearing of a throat. "Sorry" I mumbled.

Dad just laughed a little and said. " Just kidding. Now , are you ready to unlock you're other side and see what you can really do?" he sounded so ready to go.

I looked at Michael and we replyed at the same time. "Yes."

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Special Authors Note: I would like to thank you all for youre suggestions on powers and things...I have used all of them I belive ...if not they may come later as they are discovering... Second , it may be awhile before any of the others find out because if they find out now then I belive the story would be just to let you know it will be a while..I have some things planned for the two first...

Part 18

We moved so that I was sitting in front of dad and Michael was beside me. Mom was at the table still and she had her eyes closed. Something else I needed to ask about later. When we began dad told Michael that he should keep ahold of my hand so he could help him too. I think he was relived at this because he gripped my hand and let out a shaky breath. I was told to relax and clear my mind. Then dad moved his hands to my face and when we made eye contact the connection was instant.

It was me and Michael standing in what looked like a desert but the sky was a beautiful purple with some blue mixed in and there were two moons. It was beautiful. Michael still had his hand in mine and I turned to look at him. He was in awe I could feel it and see it on his face.

"Michael?" I didn't know if we could even communicate here or not.

He turned to me and smiled really big. "This is what I've been waiting for all my life, well except for you. Can't you feel it?" I shook my head yes cause I could feel it. "This was our home. This is where we are from." he turned his head back to the sky, and thats when we heard my dad.

[You need not talk to hear one another] I looked at Michael he had heard it too. His eyes were wide.

"You heard it to didn't you?" I asked as I moved a little closer to him and he put his arm around me.

[Yeh, I did] Now I was shocked.

[This is one of all our peoples ablities, to communicate with one another with our minds. It only works with whom you want to speak to and only that person. So no Lizzie you don't have to worry about others knowing you are communicating with Michael or vise versa.]

He had read my mind beacuse that was exactly what I was worried about. Max, Izzy , or Tess knowing we were doing it.

[Wow] I heard from Michael.

Dad started again.[As you both already know, through the bond you share you can feel each others emotions. This will come in handy when one of you may be in trouble and need the other, but Liz you have to ablility to know what everyone feels by just being near them. Yes you can turn it off or just ignore it.]

[Dad where exactly are we? You said that our planet was destroyed.]

[Yeh, Mr.P where are we?] Michael added in.

[You are in a dreamlike state only you are on another plane of thought. Its much like dreamwalking only it's not. Here you can see, hear, feel and touch anything you bring with you. You can summon any of our people here that you wish.]

Michael and I were listening to him and still looking at the landscape trying to take it all in.

[Now , look in front of you and there will be like a movie of the two of you from you're former life and some of the other things you can do. As you watch it I will be unlocking both of you're ablilities to reach you're full potential.]


As we looked in front of us the surroundings dissappeared and all was black. This was all just amazing to me. Two figures appeared and right away I could tell it was us. We looked different but I could feel it was Michael and I. We were both the same height as we are now but we both had short blonde hair. I had on an elaborate yellow gown with some purple in it and Michael had what looked like a normal button up purple shirt and get this, leather pants and black boots.

They were standing apart and suddenly they both put up a blue sheild that surronded them each. I heard Michael draw in his breath quickly and he tightened his grip on my shoulder. [Wow , thats us.] came from his mind.

The other Michael walked tward the other me and when they brought their hands together in front of them there was a bright white light. When the light faded they were now both surrounded by a beautiful red shield. I could see things comming for the sheild they looked like balls of light of all colors. I tensed up as each one hit , but nothing penatrated the shield.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was even holding in. [Thank God, I thought they were gonna die. I really thought they were gonna show us how we died.]

[It's alright baby, I'm here. I get the feeling that you can't be hurt here.] He kissed the top of my head.

As we continued to watch the blasts stopped and teh sheild vanished. This time there was only the other me standing there. She closed her eyes and another second later I felt somone beside me. I turned to see her standing there, but she was also in front of us. She smiled brightly at us.

[Oh my God , Michael do you see this? This means I can astral project myself. That is just .... amazing.] I couldn't stop the smile that came across my face. I was loving this.

[Yeh, it its. You are just being way to excited about this you know that right?] I heard him laugh.

[You know me, I'm always up for new things.] He just nodded his head yes as we looked at what was about to happen next.

Both of them were back now only the other Michael was laying down. As I looked closer he had been struck by something in his side. There was blood all over. The other me knelt beside him and placed her hands over his wound. When she stood up there was no sign that he had even been hurt, and he stood up along side her.

[Healing] Michael thought to me.

[I can heal people? That means we'll be okay. Between me and Max everyone will be alright.] As I finished I felt Michael become sad at this. [What's wrong?] I ask him.

[It's just that.....I'm happy fory you, but I really wish I could have that ability ya know? Instead of being just a killing mechine.]

But as soon as he got the words out both were back only the other me was now the one hurt and the other Michael was healing me.

[Oh, wow, but] I felt Michael's excietment.

[Well dad said it would unlock both our full potential. Maybe you could always do this it was just hidden in you're mind somewhere.] I tried to explain to him and hoped I was right.

We then heard my dad again as the other two of us stood side by side. [Now this next thing is very draining and only to be used if absolutly nessary, and together.] The other two of us raised their handa above their heads and her right hand came together with his left hand.[You both can control the elements. Earth, Air , Fire, and Water. This can be very effective but like I said very draining and only when you are together.] As the two joined hands there was a wave of water rushed up behind them , but never touched them. Then the earth jutted up all around them. Next there was a wall of fire sprang up around them touching again everything but them. There was a giant gust of wind that came and the fire died out. As soon as they let go of each other they both collapsed.

[That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.] I looked to Michael and his eyes were wide with shock.

[I never even imagined I could be capable of anything like that.] Yep he even sounded shocked.

The others vanished and dad spoke up.[We are almost finished. Liz you can do everything the others can do plus all you have seen here. You also have a couple more things you can do. You have the ablility to move things with you're mind, the humans call it telekenesis. Now you will have flashes or visions only you can also just touch another person or any object and get them now. The both of you will always be able to know exactly where the other is, it's like you have built in homing devices for one another.] He was silent for a minute then...[Okay, done. You're comming back now.]

When I opened my eyes I was exactly where I had been , right beside Michael and infront of dad. I reached over and hugged Michael.

"Are you alright?" Michael hugged me tighter.

"Yeh, I don't feel any different." I pulled back and smiled at him.

[Well maybe later we can work on making you feel different] He was already practing speaking to me with his mind.

I grinned at him until I heard. [Really now? I think you need more practice on you're communicating with ONLY Liz.] I busted out laughing, my mom and dad had both heard him and his face turned a deep red.

"Okay" I tried to calm my self "Dad what about the others like us? Where are they and how many escaped?"

"Well they are all over the world and there are about only 1,000 that made it here. Mostly because most chose to stay and defend or try to save our home." Mom answered for him.

"That many came here? amazing." Michael asked. " They are all over, and nobody knows?"

Mom shook her head yes "Some have told others but only if they have truly trusted them like with all that know of you." She took my hand. "We have arranged it so that you two will be able to go to one of the cabins this weekend, so you can learn what each of you can do together and sepratly. You will be going out of town for some supplies." She winked at us then got up and headed for the door with dad in tow.

"Okay you two, now it's time to go feed the masses." dad smirked.

Michael stood and grabbed my hand."Yeh come, my Queen you're public awaits you to serve them alien themed food." I just giggled as we all headed down to start work.


Part 19

We were soo busy. I never knew it was this busy while we were at school. Stephanie had called in so I was taking twice as many table and helping Michael out taking money. He would wink at me every now and then and tell me though his mind...

[I love you. Have I told you how beautiful you are today?]

I would just smile over at him and tell him [I love you too superman.] Which would bring a smile to his face.

It was now lunch time and I guess that everyone working in Roswell took off at the same time to come and eat here.
I was taking an order." Okay that's 1 coke , 1 cherry coke and two specials?"

"Yep, thats right. Hey I've never seen you in here before during the day. Are you new?" The man ask me.

"No. My family owns the cafe and I am just out of school today helping out." I replied then turned to go put in their order, when I felt his hand go to my ass. I tensed up and froze.

[Liz, are you okay? What's goin on?] Michael was in the back room getting something.

"Sir," I turned around [Yeh Michael I'm fine, just some guy being a creep] I didn't wanna get him riled up over this guy.

"I think I may have to start comming here after work too." He said and smiled wickedly.

I finally removed his hand and was about to lay into him when I felt Michael right behind me.[Michael, don't I've got it.] but it was too late, he was really pissed.

"I" Michael pushed me aside. "Suggest you" He pulled the guy up out of the booth. "and you're friend" he threw his head to the other guy. "Get the HELL out of here." He released the man roughly. "NOW."

"Hey...hey" The man threw his hands up."I was just tellin her she was pretty and she must have took it the wrong way. No big deal." Him and his friend then turned to leave.

Michael put his arm around me. [Are you okay?]

[Yeh, I'm fine that guy just gave off some really bad emotions.] I hugged him and went to get another table, but the man spoke again.

"Oh, don't worry.....Liz. I'll come back, you can count on that." And they walked out whispering to each other.

I stopped dead still. [Don't worry Liz. I promise they won't be back.]

[Y-yeh. Okay.] I saw Michael give me a grin and I tried to forget about it and go back to work.

After it calmed down me and Michael took a break. We went to the back room and he sat on the couch while I laid down.

"Oh. Damn. I don't think I can make it till close." Michael said tiredly. "Are they punishing us? Cause they're not even my parents." He let out a small laugh.

"I know what you mean, but we have to work this evening to cover our shifts." My eyes were drifting closed.

"Damn that Stephanie. Just because she wanted to spend the day with her friend from Tennessee." Michael poked me in the side when I finished.

"Her name is Heather, and I think she's a hottie." I looked up at him, he was smiling and wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oh. You think so? Well can she make you feel like this?" I got up and sat on his lap and began kissing his neck. "Huh?" He opened his mouth to answer me, but I put my mouth over his and deepend it right away. Our tounges ran over each other and when he let out a sigh I pulled back with a sexy look. "What were you going to say?" I ask him in a low and sultry voice.

He opened his eyes. "I was gonna say that no one," he placed a kiss on my neck. "and I mean no one, "another kiss on my neck. " can make me " he then placed a light kiss on my lips. "feel like you do." He then went to my lips again and when I tried to deepen the kiss once again, he pulled back, stood up with me in his arms and then dumped me on the couch.

"Ouch" I said half laughing.

"Nope, it's time to go back to work TS. Everyone will be comming into work and from school." He came over to help me up. When we both heard mom.

[Let's go you two breaks over.]

"You're right let's go." he helped me up and as we went to the door I told him. "Too late everyone is already here, except..." I stopped talking out loud [Izzy is behind us and I can feel confusion and sadness comming from her. What are we gonna do?]

I felt Michael tense a little. He was worried, not about having to tell her about us but...what she would think of him. [I'll go tell you're mom or dad we need a few more minutes.] We both turned around to be greeted by a very confused and sad looking Izzy.

Michael said hello to her then went to tell mom or dad we'd be a few. "Hey Izzy what's goin on?" I was tryin to calm myself.

"Not much, I was just comming to tell you that Ria didn't wanna work today and I told her I would cover for her." She told me while going over to the lockers.

"Really? Did she say why?" I walked to stand beside her. Yep she was sad and it worsened at my question.

"Yeh, she did actually." She shut the locker hard. "She said that her and Alex had something to do and she would call you later tonight to tell ya." She sank down onto the couch.

"Iz what's wrong? You know if you don't want to work you don't have to." I put my hand on her shoulder.

"No, it's not that it's just that everything is getting weird." She looked over at me."Like the past couple of days, Alex and Ria have been together like 24-7. Tess and Kyle aren't speaking for some reason and all she'll say is it's problems at home. Max, he's just sulking around talking about you all day long." She gave me a half smile. "Then there's you and Michael, I mean what's up with you guys?"

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to play it off as best I could. [Michael, I changed my mind. I've got this feeling we don't need to tell her, Okay?]

"Well it's just that you're suddenly always together. Is there something goin on?" She got up to go change.

[Okay if you feel that we can't then I trust you.] I heard Michael say. "No, nothin. He's just been a really good friend to me lately is all, plus mom and dad wanted him to start helping out here more. You know for his future." As I finished telling her she went into the bathroom. I could tell she accepted what I had told her.

[You're mom said you need to come back as soon as you can. Did she say anything I need to know about?] Michael was now at the register taking money.

[Nope. Just told her we were good friends and you were helping out here more. Now, I'll be out in a minute.] While I was talking to Michael, Iz had come out and ask me...

"So what about you and my brother?"

"Well, I told him that I wanted to be his friend but nothing more, and I guess that he just won't accept it. I mean I've been very upfront with him about that. Ya know?" We were going back up front when she stopped me at the door.

"Yeh, I do know and I'm sorry that he's the way he is with you." She smiled. [You comming TS? anytime today?] Michael said. "He's just not been really good to you. Breaking it off then back together then kissing Tess. Just know that I'm still here for ya no matter what." She finished by actually giving me a hug..can you belive that? well I couldn't either.

[Uh..yeh as soon as Iz stops hugging me] I told Michael. "Th-thanks Iz , that means alot to me." I was really really shocked. [uh okay] was all I heard from Michael.

She pulled back and straightened out her uniform. "Now" She put her million dollar smile on. "Lets go to work....YEAH!" She threw her hands up and went through the door.

The rest of the evening was spent with all of us working our asses off. Max had been there since school let out and it didn't look like he was leaving anytime soon. I could feel Michael's anger when he would see Max watching me.

I spent the evening trying to read everyones emotions but soon it became a sensory overload. The guy at booth 3 was angry because his wife was cheating. The lady at booth 7 was worried about her son getting somewhere okay. The couple at the last table , well there was just way too much sexual tension between them that as soon as I got close to them my body wanted nothing more than to be having kinky sex with Michael right then. I felt Michael respond and when I looked at him we both thought at the sam time....

[We're closing early]

We polietly told everyone we were now closing and Max still stayed where he was. I made my way over to him and I heard Michael. [Tell him anything, just get him outta here. I'm gonna go do the back real fast.]

[Okay] "Hey we're closing now. I have to clean up okay?" I really wanted to get done and get to my superman.

"I just wanted to talk to you, but you haven't been aviable, until now." He looked up at me with sad eyes."So can you sit and talk for a minute?"

"Yeh, but only for a minute." I sat down while trying to put my body in check. "Hey." I caught Iz as she walked by. "You can go on home now, and thanks for everything." I smiled at her.

"Okay, and hey no prob. Just rember what I said. Now, I'm outta here." She looked over to Max "See ya at home."

He just waved to her then turned his attention back to me. "Have you been alright? I mean you haven't been in school for 3 days."

"Yeh. I've just had a virus or something and mom refused to let me go to school." I tried to block his emotions because he was feeling so many. Sadness, Fear, Anger was among them.

"I'm just worried about you is all. I mean if you need me for anything you know I'm here right?" he had a gleam of hope in his eyes.

[TS, please hurry, I'm done.] Michael broke my thought.

[I'm comming. Just a few more minutes I promise.] I told him and then I could tell he was going up to the apartment. "Yeh, I know that." I took his hand. "Really I apperciate it, but nothing is wrong." He smiled when I took his hand. "Max, I still am not gonna change my mind on us just being friends though..okay?" I let go of his hand and stood.

He grabbed my wrist and stood next to me. Close. He leaned in to whisper in my ear. "But just rember, I'm not giving up on you." Then he let go of my wrist and left.

I closed up and ask Michael..[Are my parents asleep?]

[Yep, but they said I needed to go home toinght.]

I turned off the lights to the cafe.[Well if you gotta go home then get ready cause here I come.]

[READY] he called out.


Part 20

I took the steps two at a time. Ran quietly to my room and when I reached the door I heard the shower running. I knew Michael was in there but didn't have a clue as to what he was doin.

[Michael, what are you doin?] I asked as I entered my room.

[I needed to shower, ya know smellin like the cafe and everything.] There was a pause, and I noticed the purple rose on my bed. [Come on in here , I'm sure you're not smellin to good either.] I heard him laugh which made me laugh.

I went into the bathroom and I could see the top of his head sticking above the shower curtin. He peaked over the top of it to look at me. I began removing my uniform, unbottoning it slowly.

[You just wanna see me naked again. Don't you?] I moved to push the uniform off my shoulders. [By the way thanks for the rose.]

"Uh...huh" he said quietly, and I could feel how much he wanted me.

I finished undressing and stepped into the shower. He was unbeliveably sexy. The water was glistening on him, it streaked down his body. "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." he told me as he moved me around so that I was now under the steam of water. He pushed my hair back to get it wet and bent down to claim my mouth. I pressed my body to his and I could feel his hardness pressing into my heat.[Oh....I love you....and I want you so bad right now.] I told him and with that he picked me up and I put my legs around his waist.

[I] he told me as he kissed his way to my neck, and pushed me against the shower wall.

As he continued to kiss me he moved one hand to my chest and I put my hands in his hair. I pulled his head back and crushed my lips to his, he rolled and pinched my hardened nipple. Our breathing was growing faster and my body was screaming for him. I had to take one of my hands from his hair to move the water away from us a little, with a little concentration it moved to the side a litle. He went to put his hard cock inside of me but I stopped him...

He stopped kissing me and pulled back. "What's wrong?" he was scared...scared that he had hurt me. It was soo cute. "Did I do somethin?"

He was just so sexy. I just gave him a devilish grin, unwrapped my legs from around his waist and he let me slide down the wall. "No, you should be able to to tell nothin's wrong." I moved in front of him and moved the shower head completely to the right side. I then looked over my shoulder while I reached behind me and stroked him gently. His head fell back and he let out.."mmmmm" I smiled and thought to him. [I want you to be deep inside me, so we're gonna try somethin new.]

I felt his surprise immeditly, and he was anxious too. His head came back up adn he said, "O-Okay"

I let go of him and bent over so that I had both hands on the floor of the shower. "OH Shit!" was all he said and then I felt him place himself at my entrance. [Don't let me hurt you okay.] he said. I just pushed my ass into him. He slowly entered me and I let out a moan. I felt both of his hands go to my waist, he then began pumping into me slowly. "Ahhh, mmmm" He breathed out, and I said the same right after. It was overwhelming the emotions that were comming from him and mixing with mine, It was intoxicating. His pleasure was soo great that when it hit me I almost lost it. I was moving back onto him until he began moving faster. [Michael, be my superman and go deeper and harder.] As soon as I finished saying it he complied. With the first deep plunge he took, he hit my spot and that mixed with the intense pleasure that ripped though him sent me into orgasam. As I rode the waves of ecstay and my walls fluttered he slammed into me and I heard, [ohgodi'mcomming.........ohshiiiiittttlizzzzzz.......iloveyouiloveyou]. Just the feel of the pleasure that rocked through him at that moment made me cum again, and when he pulled out I straightened up and faced him.

"Wow" I kissed him. "Just feeling you're pleasure sent me over again."

He smiled at me."You're right. That was ama-zing." He placed a kiss on my cheek. "Now, lets get you and me clean, then I gotta get goin."

"Okay" I pouted then reached for my bodywash.

We ended up with cold water which felt good because we were both so hot. He washed my body then my hair and in return I did the same for him. We finished and got dressed, we then went into my room and Michael got ready to leave.

"I really wish you could stay." I whispered as I hugged him.

He squeezed me tighter. " I know me too, but don't worry if you need me you can just [talk to me]. You know damn well that if you really need me to come back I'll be here in 2 seconds flat." He pulled back, I could tell he was sad and worried about leaving me.

"I know, I'll make it, I hope." I smiled up to him.

He kissed me passionatly one last time. "Goodnight baby, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too, be carefull goin home." I moved to the bed as he went to the window.

[I love you.] We said at the same time, and with a wink and a smile he was through the window and I was alone.


I had just put on a Kevon Edmonds song 24/7 to listen to. It had been about 5 minutes since Michael left and then I heard the phone ring. I rembered that Ria was supposed to call. I searched for the ringing noise and found it under my pillow. I pressed talk.."Hey Ria."

"Hey, just callin to see how you were since we haven't got to talk latley." she replied.

"I'm better, I am just gettin over that virus I had." I paused for a minute. "Iz told me that you had something to do and you would call."

"Yeh, by the way how did she do? I think she may actually want a job." She said

"She did good, she didn't get mad or anything. That would be cool to have her there with us." I sank down onto the bed. "So , what did you do tonight?"

"Well, can I come over or meet you somewhere? Cause I really need to see you when I tell you this."

She was excited , I could feel it. "Uh, okay sure. Do you want to meet at the park?"

"Yeh, I'll be there in a few. Meet me at the swings....bye." She hung up before I could tell her bye.

I hung up the phone and went to get my jacket. I felt Michael.[Hey baby, I gotta go meet Ria at the park. I miss you already.] I told him as I finished putting on my jacket and shoes.

[I miss you too. Ria huh? what's she want?]

[Well, I'm not sure exactly. She just said that she wants me to be there when she tells me. She was excited though, I could tell.] I began climbing out my window and down the ladder.

[Okay. TS just please be careful. I'm gonna try to get some sleep. I love you.]

[Love you to my superman.] I made it to the bottom of the ladder and stepped onto the sidewalk.

I felt someone behind me, bad vibes......anger......evil. I screamed out to Michael. [MICHAEL...] I was worried but before I could turn around I felt arms come around me and something covered my mouth, I breathed in and I blacked out.


Part 21

I opened my eyes to a grey wall, as my eyes focused I could tell I was in the cave. The same cave with the pods and I could hear the hum of the gronallith. My legs were going numb, I looked down and both my hands and feet were bound. I was trying to get out of the kneeling position when the bad vibes hit me full force. I lifted my head to find the guy from the cafe.

"Why hello princess." he came over to me and ran his hand down my face. The evil comming from him made my stomach hurt. "Good to see you awake."

"Who are you? Why did you bring me here?" I asked him while blocking his emotions out.

"Forgive me, my name is Damon. I am from the same planet as you're love Max." he did a half bow. "I brought you here to get Max to come to save you."

[Michael, are you awake?] "W-why do you think he would come here after me?" I was trying not to show him how scared I was.

"Because I need the king, which would be Max and I need you" he pointed at me. "because I've seen the way he acts with you. Besides I left him a little picture and I'm pretty sure he can figure it out." he grinned. "Now you just stay put till he gets here, with any luck he will bring the other 3." he turned and left while laughing.

I could feel Michael but he was asleep. [Michael, come on baby wake up. I really need you.] I had to get through to him. A few minutes passed by and it was like all his senses came full alive. [Michael?]

[Hey are you at the door? Why are you so scared? Are you alright?] he was going into full on panic mode.

[No....uh- it's Max, and no I'm not okay that creepy guy from the cafe took me and he wants Max because he belives he's the king.] I could hear Damon moving something around.

[You're right it's Max and he's going on and on about we have to come get you now.] He was quiet for a minute then I felt his anger grow by leaps and bounds. [I'll kill him.]

[Oh, shit. Did Max show you the picture? Damon, that's the guys name, he said he took one and left it for Max.] I was again trying to move my legs to get comfortable.

[Listen, we are going to get the others and then to get you. I can tell exactly where you are. Hold on.] I guess he couldn't talk to me and Max at the same time. [Please, don't do anything just sit tight. I don't want you to get hurt and we don't even know how good you are with you're powers.]

[Okay, but hurry. I am gonna try to contact dad. and Michael, I love you.] I heard him tell me 'love you too' before I slipped into the dream like state.


I opened my eyes to all white and I willed my dad to where I was. A few seconds later and I saw him before me.

[What's the matter honey?] he asked me.

[Oh, daddy.] I ran into his arms.[This man has taken me. He want's Max cause he belives he's the king and the others are comming but....I'm scared.] I was crying. [I feel like something is gonna happen.]

I felt him tense up.[Did he tell you his name?]

I pulled away from dad.[Yeh, its Damon. What do I do?]

[Oh, no] he put his hand over his face. [That is Kavar's right hand man. Just sit there and wait for the others to come and get you.] he placed a kiss on my forehead. [Just don't let him know that you are who you are or Michael.]

[Okay I gotta get back.] I waved at him and I was back in the cave.

When I opened my eyes again Damon was standing in front of me just watching me.

"Did you have a nice nap?" he just kept looking at me.

"What do you care?" I said angrily.

"Don't really." He moved and started around the corner.

"What do you want with Max? I mean there's no planet left to fight for control over. Right?" As I ask him he stopped and turned to me.

"You've been misinformed silly girl." he smiled brightly. "Oh, I take it by the look on you're pretty face that you don't know." I shook my head no at him. "Well Camadra, their and now my planet, is thriving although there is still a war going on. Kavar wants Max as you call him dead so he can put down the people still defending him and his Queen." he explained.

"Oh, god No." I wispered [Michael, our home is still there.] I thought to Michael at the same time.

"Oh Yes, we have taken down his father long ago and his mother Sayla is in prision." he gave a laugh.

[What do you mean? That can't be.] Michael ask. I could tell they were stopping at the bottom of the hill.

"Now, the time has come to finally put an end to all of this. If you'll excuse me I must go and make sure the others are comming this way when they arrive." Damon then left around the corner again.

[Damon said I was misinformed that Camadra, our home, was thriving and he needed to kill Max to get the people to stop fighting.] I told Michael.

[We're almost there don't worry. I'll take care of everything.] they were at the entrance of the cave. All of them except Ria and Alex I think I could feel them in the jetta by the jeep.

[Okay but be careful. He's waiting for you.] Now I just had to sit and wait.


After what seemed like forever Damon came back in the room. He held his finger in front of his mouth for me to be quiet. I could hear the others moving twards us. Damon came to stand behind me and pulled out a little circular device, which he put next to my head. I could tell it was a wepon of some kind. I had to try and warn the others.

I closed my eyes and concentrated. I could feel myself become detached and start to move. When I looked I was standing in front of Michael, Max , Iz and Tess who all looked shocked.

"We're around the next corner but he has a wepon to my head." I told them.

"Don't worry Liz, I'll get you out." Max told me.

"Yeh, we're here." Izz said.

"Just be careful, all of you." I looked at Michael who was looking angarily at Max.

I was then back in my body. The others came around the corner and stopped. Damon threw up his hand and a orange shield came up between us and the others.

Michael was way beyond pissed off but he was also just as worried. Max spoke up. "Okay, what do you want?" he asked Damon.

"Why, you the king of course, but I've gotten kinda attached to Liz here." he ran his hand down my face and both Max and Michael stepped forward. "Uh-uh" Damon held up his hand. "If you come any closer I will not hesitate to kill her."he told them.

[Liz I love you. I have to do something.] I heard Michael.

I looked him in the eyes.[No, please don't. You have to stay safe.] I gave him a small smile. [We have a planet to save now.] he shook his head.

[I'll try.]

"Okay Max here's the deal. You and the others come with me to Camadra and announce to the people you have surrendered to Kavar and let him take over." Damon told them.

"NO! Never." Max shouted. Izz grabbed his arm and my mouth dropped. Tess just stood there, like she always does.

Michael and Iz both ask "What are you doing Max?"

Max looked at both of them anger in his eyes. "I'm not going to surrender, to anyone." Tess went to stand beside him.

"I agree with Max." Tess told them. BIG surprise.

Damon inturepted them. "Well in that case, I will just take Liz here with me till you change you're mind. I'm sure she will enjoy our prisions."

"NO!!" I screamed. "Michael help me, please."

That shocked the others. Michael stepped up."No wait. You can't take her." he said.

Damon picked me up. "And why not?" he started moving back with me, twards the gronallith.

"Michael no don't." I told him.

"Liz? what's going on?" Max ask. He was scared. Now after he had just given me up to the enemy.

Damon now had me at the gronallith, he put his hand over a light and it opened a door. He stepped inside with me.

"Because, I say we will go with you and you have to listen to me because..........I am the King of Camadra. Max is only my second." Michael pleaded with him. Moving for us."Just please let her go. I'll do anything for her." he said in a low voice.

Damon looked at me then at Michael."Oh. Why couldn't I tell before."he gave an evil laugh."I've had the Queen this whole time."He looked down at me."Well, you'll do just nicely." The doors started closing and all I could see was Max's devastated and confused face. Izz and even Tess looked worried and confused. Michael, he was running for the door screaming. "NO!,NO! Liz I love you." He reached the door as it closed. [I will come for you. I promise.]

After that there was only bright light and a sense of flying.

The End.....