Title: Secrets Told ~~ Sequal to A Life Held In Secret
Author: Peachez aka Peachez4MaxEvans
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Summary: This is the sequal to A Life Held In Secret(You probably need to read it first) but the run down is that Michael and Liz are now together, they found out they are the real King and Queen and they both have discovered their powers....Then a guy (Damon) kreepy bad alien took Liz to their planet and Michael let it out about them.....
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Secrets Told~

Threir planet~Camadra (ka-ma-dra)
Mi/Iz's mom Sayla(say-la)
Kavar's right hand man~Damon
Liz' past name~Katana
Michael's pn~Kaleb
Max's pn~Thaulus(thou-lus)
Iz's pn~Nasala(na-saul-la)
Tess' pn~Magala(ma-gay-la)
Kanisha~Mi/L servent girl

Part 1

Earth, Roswell (sorry had to let you know where you were at)

My emotions were in turmoil. I felt the loss of Liz but also felt the worst anger and rage for Max. How could he? How could he be so quick with his decision? I rember Max grabbing my arm but I shook him off. I couldn't be there I had to try and concentrate on how to get my Liz back. If I would have stayed and had it out wiht Max right then, I belive I may have killed him. I couldn't loose my head like in my other life. NO. I had to get her back. Nothing else mattered.

I had Ria and Alex drive me to the apartment. I told them both about Liz being taken and if they wanted to know the rest they would just have to wait. Ria was going on and on crying saying it was all her fault. Alex was just in shock but I just sat there and looked at the stars, looking for her.

I had been trying to contact Liz since I left the cave, but no response. I was now beyond frantic. When Ria dropped me off she ask me....
"Michael" *sniff* "Are you sure you are alright?" *sniff* "I mean what's really goin on?" she said through her tears.

I just looked at her I couldn't explain now. "I'll be okay. Don't worry about me." I spit out at her. I started inside and turned back to ther car. "I told you if you wanna know what's really going on you'll just have to wait. Cause I don't have time to explain now." I turned to the apartment.

"Oh, no spaceboy..." I heard her start but I went inside and slammed the door.

Once inside I contacted Liz' mom and dad and Nasedo, told them all to come to the apartment. That something had happened. 20 minutes and a hell-of-a headache later, they arrived.

I answered the door. "It's about damn time." I looked at Mrs.P "Sorry bout that. come in." I said and moved back to my chair.

"Thats okay, what's wrong? Where is Lizzie?" I could hear the worry in her voice and her panic was surging through the apartment.

"You might want to all sit down." The parkers sat on the couch but Nasedo took a minute before he finally joined them. I then stood and went to Liz' dad. "Could you please make this headache go away. I can't think let alone tell you what's happened."

He looked at me then to Mrs.P and she started crying. "What has happened to Liz?" I just looked at him. "I know because otherwise you could take care of this headache yourself."

"Please my head first?" I asked him.

He just raised his hand to my head and it was gone instantly. I then went to sit down again. "Mr.P before I tell you all about what went down tonight or this morning, you need to tell Nasedo everything." her dad gave me the death ray eyes. "You might as well, I blurted it out when the guy took Liz." I put my head in my hands and I felt tears come down my face.

"Oh" I heard her mom gasp "No" and she cryed harder if possible.

Nasedo finally spoke up. "Well someone needs to tell me what is going on and Now." He stated matter of factly.

I heard her dad start telling Nasedo the whole story about me and Liz. I couldn't do anything but cry. I tuned them out and started bashing myself. 'Why didn't I do something?' I kept telling myself that I could have saved her from being taken if I had just tried something...any one of my powers. The picture of her in Damon's arms and the frighting look on her face wouldn't leave my mind.

I could feel something on my arm. As I lifted my head from my hands I saw it was Mrs.P and she was shaking me. "Michael......Michael. Come on you have to talk to us!" She was hysterical with fear.

I looked up at her and wiped my face. I looked at Nasedo who had no expression on his face as usual. Mrs.P went back to the couch and I began. "Damon said that he wanted Max, the king, to come back and surrunder to Kavar. He took Liz to get Max to meet him and make a trade. Liz for him. Max just flat out refused to surrunder so Damon said he was taking Liz till he changed his mind." They had shock and horror etched on their faces, well except for Nasedo...still motionless, emotionless Nasedo. "Well he picked up Liz and went for the gronallith and I blurted out that he couldn't take her because I would go. That I was the King of Camadra. Well then it didn't take him but a split second to figure out he already had the Queen in his arms." I let my head fall."I tried to stop him, but if I would have tried harder maybe.."

Mr. P inturrpted that thought." No. Michael I belive you did all you could for Liz. I know how much you love her."

Nasedo then came to stand in front of me and bowed to me. " I am here to serve you. Let me know what to do when you figure it out. You know where to find me." I nodded to him and he left.

"I've been trying so hard to reach her but I can't. Is it...is it because she's on our planet and I'm here?" I asked. I had to know she was alive and ok.

Mrs.P gave me a sad look. "You should be able to contact or talk to her anywhere she is."

"NO....no no no no no" I chanted.

"No she's not dead. I as her father would feel that and you would feel it in you're heart." he let out a loud breath and run his hand through his hair. "It's like before with the healing. It's because she's not with you and you can't concentrate enough. You have to calm down and focus on just her and speaking with her." He and Mrs.P stood. "but to do that you need to be alone, so we will go home and you just focus. I will try to catch her tonight while she's asleep. Don't try to long, I can tell you've been up since last night." They started out the door.

"Sweetie, if you need us no matter the hour come and see us. We are here to help you." Mrs.P told me before she closed the door.


When they left I sat on the floor and worked on clearing my mind of everything. I thought of her and only her and I finally heard her...[Michael, if you can hear me....] The door flung open and smacked the wall hard. I had lost her again. "DAMN IT!!!" I looked to the door and there stood Max, Izz, Tess, Ria and Alex.

"Okay enough with the bullshit Michael, what's going on?" Max demanded.

Oh no, that did it he just cut me off from Liz yet again. He was goin down.


Saysees, Camadra

When I came too again I was in an orange roon. As I looked around I saw a lady sitting at the table. She was wearing a red gown, tall and had long dark hair. "Sayla?" I knew it was Michael and Izzy's mother.

"Yes my dear it's me." she came over and scooped me up into a hug. "I've missed you so."

"But.....how? You should be really old. Shouldn't you?" I asked squeezing her back.

She pulled me away from her. "Oh, my lovely Katana, always questioning everything." I looked at her puzzled. "I am sorry Jaden was you're name here, now it's ...."

"Liz" I answered her.

"Liz well come sit with me and I will explain." I followed her to the table, but I noticed I was no longer wearing my own clothes. I was wearing the same elaborate yellow gown as from the dream state but this one had a purple symbol on the skirt. Sayla looked back to me."Oh, they thought you needed to be you agian, so they changed you're clothes and......" we sat down."you're hair also."

I pulled a strand of my hair in front of my face and it was blonde. "No, Uh-Uh noway!" I changed it quickly back to the lucious brown. I was trying to reach Michael while talking to her but nothing was working.

"Liz dear, keep trying to reach my son. You will have to catch him while he is calm." she explained. "Now, my age and looks...see here on Camadra our days are like 5 earth days, and we age differently. We may be the same type planets but earth is in much to much of a hurry." She stopped and laughed a little.

I could feel Micahel realx and I took my shot. [Michael if you can hear me...] but I felt him fade out again and tense back up. Shit, now I knew Max was there, no all of them were there I could feel them. "I just kinda got through to Michael but Max and the others showed up."

"Who?" she asked sweetly.

"You're son Michael , daughter Isabel or Iz, The second Max, and fake queen Tess or gerbil, and my two best friends Ria and Alex." I paused."Nope make that 3 best friends Kyle just got there too."


Part 2

Michael's emotions were so strong that it was making my head hurt. I had to block them out. "Sayla I'm scared, what are they going to do to me?' I asked her while blocking out Michael.

"Sweetie I'm not sure that they'll do anything. I've been in here for 11 years and although I don't trust them at all, Kavar and his people have been very good to me." She reached for my hand. "I'm sure they will accomadate you just as well. You see we are just pawns in the war to gain control over the planet." she let go of my hand and went to the little window.

"Well, what if Michael and the others come here to save me? What will happen?" I was worried because I knew that they would come.....I hoped they would come even after Michael explained what was going on.

She just kept looking out the window as she answered me. "To tell you the truth Katana." she paused. " forgive me, Liz I'm not sure what will happen. If Kaleb is anything like he was before he will fight to the death for you. I'm also sure that he would give it all over to Kavar if it came down to it, just to get you back." She finished and I was confused, was Michael who she was talking about? I had a feeling it was but I wasn't sure. "Yes, Kaleb was his name before I am refering to my son."

"Well, No. I won't let either of those things happen." I couldn't go on because Michael's anger came full force pushing through, only this time I fell to the ground clutching my head the pain was soo great.

"Liz" Sayla ran over to me and bent down."Do you need me to call someone?" I shook my head no gently. "Here let me see if I can help. What was it?"

"I-it's Mi.....Michael he's........so mad and it's.......hurting me." I tried to explain to her, while I was trying my hardest to block him. I felt her hand on my head and in a matter of seconds the pain cesed, and I really couldn't feel Michael at all. "Whew, thank you soo much. I just couldn't do it." I said shakily.

She then helped me up and over to the bed. "You're welcome dear and the reason for the weakness in you're abilities is that my Kaleb is not with you. Don't you know what you two can and can't do while apart?"

"No. We were going to work on that this weekend but Damon took me." I was rubbing my arms to try and warm up. I got cold all of a sudden and very frightened.

"Well, I will try to help you learn at least what to do and how to control you're abilities. It will be hard because like I said with out Kaleb you are only half the power you have." she explained.

"I would like that." I smiled at her. I then heard the door open, we both turned to see Damon there.

"Hello princess." he smiled brightly at me."Sayla" his voice was flat. A taller man then stepped in and the fear came stronger. "Princess, meet Kavar."


Earth, Roswell..

I was like some wild animal, I just pounced on him taking him down to the floor. I threw a punch that landed right in the middle of his nose. I head bones crush. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU'VE DONE? YOU SELFISH SON~OF~A~BITCH!!!" I yelled at him as I continued throwing punches to his face and body. He had been caught off gurard and was trying unsuccessfully to block my blows. "DO YOU? YOU HAVE JUST HANDED THE TRUE QUEEN OF OUR PLANET OVER TO THE ENEMY!" I felt 2 pair of hands on me pulling me away. I pulled away and kicked Max in the side before I was dragged away again and threw onto the couch. Alex and Kyle were standing above me, out of breath.

"Michael....stop. You've got to calm down and control yourself." Alex panted out.

I saw Ria and Tess run to Max and he looked hurt, really hurt and confused. Good. "Jesus Michael, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR??"Ria yelled at me.

Iz just came to sit next to me and took my hand. "What are you talking about?" Max then pushed Tess and Ria away from him and got up off the floor.

He wiped the blood from his broken nose. "Yeh, what the hell are you talkin about? Also why did you tell that Damon guy that you were the King? Cause you know that's a lie." He was being arrogant.

I pushed up from the couch and stood in front of him. I was so close my nose almost touched his face. I started to angerily explain to him. My voice hard. "Because. It's the truth Maxwell. Liz and I started seeing each other over the summer. When school started we got , no she got suspended when we were caught in the eraser room. Her parents then told us the truth to protect her. She IS the Queen." His eyes were disbeliving, but I continued. "We were all lied to so that she and I would be protected at all costs. Iz" I turned and pointed at her." is my sister. You were and still are the second in command, head of my army and married to Iz. Tess was created to just be a decoy to keep Liz safe." I heard Ria start to cry. "Liz's parents are from our planet, Camadra, Liz was implanted into Mrs.P's womb and she gave birth to Liz here after YOU got her killed." I pointed my finger in his face.

He pushed me away. "I don't belive you. Not any of it." he started to leave but Nasedo had come in and was blocking the doorway.

Iz came to stand beside me. She then spoke up. "If none of it is true Max, then why this whole summer have we been sleeping together?"

"What??" came from all around the room.

Max turned and gave her a look his eyes were dark. "How dare you." he then looked at everyone else. "As far as I'm concerned I am threw with all of you, and Liz well I guess after what she's done to me, she got what she deserved." he then turned to the door, Nasedo moved and he was gone leaving us all stunned. Except for Kyle, cause as soon as Max left the doorway, Kyle was running after him. I heard him yelling at Max."YOU COME BACK HERE YOU BASTARD. I WILL KILL YOU!!"


Camadra, prision

"Why hello there....Katana, I hope you are well." Kavar spoke to me.

"You have me in a prision. How well do you think I am, and the name is Liz." I said coldly. Sayla sit down next to me and put her arm around me.

"Well, don't worry all that will change." He smiled and it sent shivers through my body. "You see in two days you and I will be married and you will not have to stay here any longer."

"NO!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as he and Damon left the room. I broke into tears and Sayla just held me.

[Michael, oh God please you have to hurry!! I need you....]


Part 3

Earth, Roswell

After Max left and Kyle ran after him I was shocked because of what Iz had told us, and I almost felt bad for Max......but that passed really quickly.

Iz was the first to speak, "I'm really sorry guys. You know that I just blurted that out." A tear slipped our from her eye.

"Iz, are you alright? I mean was he making you do this?" Ria went to comfort her.

Alex and I just looked at each other and Nasedo was still waiting by the door. "No. Well, maybe the first time, but it just felt right after that. It didn't feel like we were brother and sister at all. It felt right, like we were supposed to be together." She said quickly.

"That's becuase it was right Iz. You and Max were married before and I think thats why you two were quick to trust each other the night we came out of the pods." I explained to her and the others. "Now that we have all this out in the open is anyone else mad or upset?" I ask them.

"Not me man." Alex said putting his hands up.

"Well, You know I'm not." Iz said.

Ria jumped in." Well , since we are kinda all confessing here, Alex and I have been seeing each other for a while now." She looked at Alex and he just nodded his head.

"Okay...." I looked at all of them then I noticed Tess was sitting on the floor. I realized he hadn't said a word. "Tess , what about you? Are you alright?" I ask her.

She looked up at me and I whished right then I hadn't even spoken to her. "How the fuck would you feel? HUH? I mean I've only been lied to since FOREVER! The only man I've ever loved is out there" she pointed at the door, "because of YOU!" This time she pointed at me, then she stood up. "I'm with Max on this, I don't belive a damn word you say. I AM THE QUEEN! Do you hear me?" She looked around the room. "All of you call yourselves friends? I don't want friends like you!" then she took off out the door.

"Oh, Thank God she left. I thought I was gonna have to rip her head off." Ria sounded seriously.

When Nasedo spoke next he got all of our attention. "I've spoken wiht Liz' parents and some of our people here. When I left here I went back to the cave and upon inspecting the gronallith I found it was damaged. Damon must have done something to it when he left. Liz' father says it can be fixed but he's not sure how long it will take. Myself along with 5 others will be working on fixing it so that you can leave for Camadra as soon as possible." he finished and I panicked.

"NO, this can't be happening. I've got to get there like NOW!!." I stopped. Had to focus I told myself, then I began giving out orders. "Okay. Nasedo go and go NOW, Nobody sleeps till its fixed. You understand?" he shook his head and left. "Ria, Alex you two go find Kyle we all need to stick together. If by chance he's caught up with Max and is beating the crap out of him, wait till he's done then get right back here."

Ria saluted me."Yes, sir." and her and Alex was off.

"What do you want me to do?.......my brother." Iz ask while a smile crept to her lips.

"You....my sister" I embraced her in a hug. I think I shocked her. "I need you're help most of all. You see I can communicate with Liz through my mnd. My anger was so much eariler that I'm afraid she's blocked me out. Also I can only do it when I focus soley on her." she shook her head yes. "Could you calm me down, I mean I'm still feeling anger and a whole bunch of other things. So could you get rid of them?"

"Of course Michael. Can I just say that I'll just be glad when we get to her too. Now let me worry for you while you focus."

We then got sat down on the floor and she blocked all the strong emotions. I focused soley on my beatuiful Liz.

[have to hurry.] I heard her.

[Liz, baby. I'm going t be there soon I promise. I love you so much.]

[Michael, oh thank god. Listen I need to see you and tell you what's going on okay.]

[okay] I answered her.

[I will call you to me in a minute. Iz too I can feel her there with you. Just keep calm okay? It's the only way I'll be able to get you there.]

[I will, promise]

"Iz, we're going to see Liz." I told her then contined to explain to her how it worked.


Camadra, Prision

As I continued to cry in Sayla's arms I her her saying "Shhhhh" alot and "it will all be fine dear." I could all of a sudden feel Michael and he was calm. Iz was helping him. I sat up and told Sayla that Michael was able to talk to me....

"Okay honey. I am going to lay down, if you need me for anything I will be right here. " She gave me a kiss on the head. "Also please tell my children that I love them and cannot wait to see them." She went to lay on the other bed.


When I talked to Michael I told him I would call him to me. I then laid down and concentrated hard on going to the other plane. It took me a few minutes but it worked.


**Other Plane**

I was in a desert again. The same beautiful purple sky and three moons as before. I focused on bringing Michael and Iz here. They both soon appeared before me. I ran to Michael, he picked me up and kept saying "Sorry, I'm sooo sorry" over and over. All I could do was place kisses all over his face and tell him "I love you." When he let me down I hugged Iz.

[Hello Iz.] I thought to her.

"How did you do that?" she looked amazed.

[ Just use you're mind to talk to me.] I explained.

[okay] "Wow" She said a smile on her face. We hugged.

[Lizzie,] I heard my dad.

When I turned around my mom and dad were there with what looked like 100 other people who were bowing. [Liz we know that you're scared but you need to be strong.] my mother said.

[Michael, when are you guys comming? If you guys don't get here in like 5 earth days then I will have to marry Kavar.]

[NO!!] came cries from all around.

[We won't let that happen. I promise you I'm comming to get you and put an end to all of this.] Michael told me while running his hands through my hair.[I'm not gonna loose you.]

[Lizzie] my dad got my attention.

[Dad, why does he even want to marry me? He needs Michael to surrender or kill him before he can be king right?]

[You're right honey. What he is going to do is use you to get Michael to surrender. If you two are married he will gladly hand you back over for the crown.] dad explained to us.

[How do you know this?] I ask him as I leaned back into Michael and his hands went around me.

[Because, this] he turned to his right and a woman stood there.[This is Kanisha and she is on Camadra. She has been able to get close to Kavar and she now knows what he's gonna do.]

Kanisha bowed [You're majesty. You're hiness, what you're father said is true that is Kavar's plan, Also he does know that you are both better when together. He dose not know the power you two hold together though,and I will see to it that he doesn't find out.]

[Thank you.] Michael and I both told her. She then bowed and went back.

I felt like something weird was gonna happen so I spoke to everyone. [Thank you all so much, but I must return now.] I then turned to Michael. [I'll be waiting for you. I will also see if I can do anything.] I kissed him. I looked at Iz too. [Also, you're mother says she loves you both and cannot wait till you come home.]

Iz hugged me while crying and then Micheal once again promised he was comming for me and then kissed me again. I felt nothing but pure love comming from him.

[one more thing Lizzie,] Mom said as she was leaving.[You've drained you're power by comming here because Michael is not with you when you get back, you will be weak. Try to rest. We love you.] She then left.


Camadra, Prision

"NO, NO , NO, NO, NO" When I realized I was back that is what Sayla was screaming. When I saw her she had 3 men dragging her out of the room. I sat up and realized mom was right I was weak.

"Where are you taking her?" I demanded. Kavar then came in.

"Well Princess, she is going to be excuted after we're married." he laughed out.

"I will not let that happen." I stood up, concerated, raised my hands out in front of me and.....


Part 4

Earth, Roswell

After talkin to Liz and everyone I looked around the apartment. Ria and Alex were back, Kyle was standing by the door like a guard. I then realized Iz was hugging me and sobbing. Ria looked scared and worried and when I looked at Alex he mirrored Ria's expression. Kyle showed little emotion but I could see he was a little worried.

"She's alright.....for now." I told them while holding Iz. "We have to her to her and soon or she will be married.....to Kavar." As I said it my heart hurt at the thought.Iz suddenly sat up, swiped her hand over her face effectivly clearing the tears.

"We need to get to the gronallith NOW!" She got up and moved for the door. "We have to get it fixed and get Liz!" she was like me, on a mission now. To save our Queen. Our friend. Our Mother. Our people. The woman I love.

I stood up and went to her side. "Yeh, come on I'll exlain what we found out to you on the way." I glanced at Kyle and went up to shake his hand. "Thank you for everything man." I leaned in and ask him. "So, did you catch up with him?"

He smiled. "You bet I did. I messed him up a little bit, then when I got done I put him on the merry-go-round in the park. Well handcuffed him to it, he didn't put up much of a fight. That's when they showed up." he pointed to Alex and Ria. "It was funny as hell till Tess got there and let him go." We were all laughing now.

"Alright, boys and girls lets go get our Lizzie back." Alex said pushing us out the door.


On the way over to the cave I explained everything that Liz and her dad told us. Then I had to tell them how it was possible to talk and to see her. I got alot of 'wow's' and 'kool's' but they pretty much got everything. When we arrived at the cave and got out I could feel the energy surging.


Nasedo was barking out orders left and right. "Faster, we don't have much time." he yelled. "NO! that's not right, try it again." He noticed us and bowed. "I didn't expect you to come , but I'm glad you did. We need you're help locating the power crystal it's missing." he looked at me and Iz. "You will need you're friends help. That is all we are missing to get it running."

"Okay, somehow I know we need to do like when you all healed me before. Stand in a circle and connect hands. Concetrate on the crystal." I stopped and looked to Nasedo. "What the hell does it look like anyway?"

"It looks like this." he held out a long white solid crystal. "except it's red. This is the charging crystal, we need both."

"Okay, come on lets do this." Ria said.


We all held hands and started concetrating on the red crystal. It was like flying through a tunnel. I could see the gronallith then moving fast around it to the back wall. A handprint appeared and there was a room, the crystal was in the middle of the floor in that room.


"I know where it is." everyone said at once.

"Hurry!" Kyle said as we ran to the back wall.

I looked the wall over trying to visulize where the handprint was.

"Right here." Iz pointed to a spot.

When I raised my hand to it the greenish print appeared. "Here goes." I said as I put my hand to it. The wall vanished and about 100 feet back energy was bursting through the floor. "There" I pointed as we all ran to the middle of the room. "Iz I need you're help here. My power is running low." She shook her head.

"Okay." She came and knelt beside me and we both placed our hands over the floor. A blue glow emmited from the floor and the crystal just rose up and into my hand.

We ran back to Nasedo and the others who were working on the gronallith. He showed me where to put it. "Now you must hold on to the crystal or hide it well when you get there. Also there will probally be a guard waiting, so one of you, " he pointed to Ria, Alex and Kyle." will have to take him out. There may not be one where you choose to go to. That is what you do, think of where you want to go and that's where the gronallith will take you. Don't try to go staight to Liz though, there will be too many guards at first. Iz Michael, you need to conserve you're powers till you reach Liz."

Before we stepped into the gronallith Liz' parents showed up. "Please, bring her back safely. "her dad said, "Tell her we love her. " came from her mom. I assured them both I would. We all then stepped in and everyone looked nervous.

"Beam us up Scottie." Alex said as I put the crystal in it's place....then there was bright light.


Camadra, Prision

"I will not let that happen." I stood up, concentrated, raised my hands and .......

nothing happened. "Shit!" I was too weak. I needed Michael.

"Sorry Princess. Dosen't look like you know how to use those powers of you're just yet." Kavar said as he came over to me with his wicked grin. "Don't worry after we are married if you're nice I may teach you." he touched my face and I immeditly withdrew from him.

"Don't" I said as forcefully as I could.

He then turned to the men in the room who were still holding Sayla. "GO" he commanded them. "I will send someone in first thing in the morning to help you get prepared for the ceremony." and with that he too left the room.

I was alone and lost, I didn't know what I was supposed to do. They had taken Sayla away from me and I had no powers without Michael. I laid down on my bed and I cried. I know here I am Queen of an entire planet of people and I'm crying. I was scared.

I felt a jolt, no more like a huge surge of energy. It was Michael, he was here. I could also feel Iz, Alex, Ria and I think someone else. I concentrated so I could feel exactly where he was and all I could see was him next to an extremly tall building. I was completly drained now all I wanted to do was sleep. Before I fell asleep I realized that Michael and the others were at the palace, mine and his. It was nearby, he was comming for me.


Camadra, Palace

"Where are we?" Ria was the first to notice the tall building.

"I don't know but it's awsome." Kyle answered.

"Were home, Michael this was our home." I heard Iz say.

"The palace." was all I could say. I was admiring the building it was soo tall. I touched the side of it and it looked like stone but had a metal feel to it." Should we go in?"

"Well we did come all this way. We might as well take in all the sites." Alex said in a deep tourgide sortof voice, trying to make us laugh.

"Riiiight" Kyle smirked.

"Maybe the people inside can tell us where Liz is. Just rember to be careful and look out for guards, Damon and Kavar." I told them as we made our way inside the huge golden doors. Once we were inside we all stopped.

"Oh....my.....God" came from Alex, Ria and Kyle.

"Yeh, I know" Iz replied.

The floors were black marble. I am explaining what it looked like in earth stuff **gold , silver...ect.** cause I know it's different stuff here. Anyway, the walls were gold and the celiengs were glass and the light just flowed into the place. The light made the blue and purple stones along the walls shine and sparkle. There were huge archways that led into other rooms lining the main hallway. I could feel that we needed to go to the prision , and it was not here , close but not here. I noticed that the others were in front of me looking around at the paintings and sculptures. We were all moving to the end of the hallway to this big silver door.

"This place is amazing. I don't think I wanna go home now."Ria said."Michael, can we all just live here when we get Liz back?"

"Oh, hell yeh. I could find me a nice girl and live in one of these rooms." Kyle said looking at Iz more than any of us.

"Count me in." Alex threw in.

We were all kinda laughing and jokin around, when we go to the door. Then two things happened at once. I realized I couldn't feel Liz, like she was out of it. The other was the door flew open. We all were wide eyed and shocked....

Iz finally spoke."Max.....Tess???"


Part 5

"Max....Tess???" Iz had said and the others gasp.

Max and Tess were both just smiling as they stood at the door. "Yes?" Max ask us.

"Well, how the hell is it even possible for you to be here?? and how did you get here before us?" Ria ask the both of them.

"Oh, honey. You tell them." Tess said batting her eyes at Max.

"Okay dear." Max then placed a kiss on her cheek and gave us all a wicked smile. "You see Michael you may think that you're the king but you're not, and Liz she could never be a queen. You are both to weak, where as Tess and I are strong and have what it takes to be the King and Queen."

"That is why we followed you to the cave and when we heard what you were comming here to do , we had to come stop you. "Tess picked up, she was moving twards Kyle."When you all got inside the gronallith we killed Nasedo."she looked back at Max and they both laughed.

"Oh, god no. You just killed him? Max how could you?" Iz ask him. I was just taking everything in they were telling us, maybe we could stop them from whatever it was they were gonna do.

"Oh, please Izzy don't try to lay that guilt shit on me. I told you that I don't wanna have anything more to do with any of you." he made his way over to her and grabbed her by the hair jerking her head back. "I will say that you were a good piece of ass though." he laughed and when Tess laughed I looked and she was now standing behind Kyle.

"That all still doesn't tell us how you got here before we did." I said through my teeth, I hated seeing him touch my sister like that but I couldn't do anything to help her.

Max then moved infront of me and lightly smacked my face. Which only served to piss me off even more. "Well you see , Tess and I knew exactly where we wanted to go, where you all just ended up here I guess you're subconcious rembered this place. So while you all were wondering around out here we were just waiting for you to come to us." he smacked me again." and it worked."

"Ya know what?" we all looked over to Kyle. "I think they are right. I don't think you and Liz are the king and queen, I think you're all full of shit." Kyle then moved to stand next to Tess and Max.

"What the hell Kyle?" Alex sounded really pissed. "What are you doing?"

"Yeh, Kyle you just kicked Max's ass like 3 hours ago. Have you lost you're damn mind?" Ria was moving twards them and I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to Alex.

"I'm sure he just realized how stupid you all sound. Isn't that right Kyle?" Tess said.

"Yep." Kyle shook his head."You're all just crazy. Tess and Max belong here not you."

"Okay, we have just stepped into the twilight zone, haven't we?" Ria looked at me.

"Okay so now we are all gonna come nto the throne room and wait for Kavar to come." Tess told us.

"What if we don't?" Alex ask.

Tess then turned on him and blasted him with an orange beam. Alex flew back and slid down hte hallway." That's what will happen. Now I suggest you all just come in."

Max, Tess and Kyle all smiled then turned and went into the throne room. We all ran to get Alex. Ria got to him first. "Alex...Alex. Are you okay?" she was rubbing his face.

"Alex, come on pal lets go." I said shaking him a little.

"Michael, what are we gonna do?" Iz ask me.

"Well, we've gotta find Liz and wake her up. She's out of it I can tell. " I picked up Alex." Now we are gonna go in there and wait, maybe Kavar will bring Liz to us."

"If he dosen't?" Ria ask.

"Then we will just have to find a way to get to her. Okay?"

"Okay." came from both Iz and Ria.

When we got into the room Max and Tess were sitting on the two thrones and Kyle was standing beside Tess. I laid Alex down and we all sat on the floor around Alex. I then whispered to Iz. "See if you can wake him up. All she did was knock him out." She shook her head and put her hand on his chest. Ria had ahold of his hand. I looked over to Max and Tess. Tess was whispering to Max and he was nodding his head up and down.

Iz broke contact and Alex sat up screaming. "AHHHHHHHHH, NO!" he threw his hands up and was waving then aound wildly.

"Alex , honey calm down. It's okay, you're fine now." Ria grabbed his arms.

"Let go of me!!" he screamed at her. He looked dazed as he looked around at us. Then his eyes fell on the 3 at the front of the room. "You are all crazy. Just give it up already. I wanna go home, and never have to talk to any of you again." He then go up and went to stand next to Kyle.

"Michael I'm scared now. What the hell is going on?" Iz ask me as she grabbed my hand.

"Yeh, me too. What happened to Alex?" Ria grabbed my other hand and started crying.

"I have a pretty good idea what has happened to all of em. " I told them.

"Well now it looks like we have more than you Michael." Max laughed. "Still belive you're the king? You don't even have the power to defeat me, do you?" That sent them all into an evil laughter.

Suddenly the doors came open and 4 big men came into the room and 2 of them stood off to one side of the door while the other 2 went to the other side of the door. A lady came in next , what was her name? Kanisha that was it, the one we talked to in the other plane. She didn't even look over at us, she too stood off to one side of the door. Then in came Kavar and he was carrying Liz. She was asleep, laying limp in his arms. Kavar looked at everyone in the room.

"Tess my dear, I see you have brought everyone like I ask." Kavar adressed Tess then laid Liz down about 10 feet in front of me.

Tess rose, and Max, Kyle and Alex all sat there dazed."Of course darling, I told you I would." she smiled suductivly as she walked over to him.

"Good, now we can kill them all" He kissed her on the mouth. "So you and I can take over." he smiled. "Now I don't even have to marry this little one to get the job done. We'll just start with Nasala and her earth friend." he pointed at Iz and Ria.


Part 6

Two guards came over to get and take away from me a screaming Ria and Iz. As they were taking them to Kavar I was starting for Liz, when they brought in a struggling woman. She felt fimilar, like I knew her. The woman and Iz seemed to stop struggling at the same time and Iz whispered..."Mom?"

I repeated her question."Mom?"

"Oh, Kaleb and Nasala. I'm so sorry I cannot help you." She told us as they stopped her infront of Kavar.

Now Iz, Ria and my mother were all kneeling infront of Kavar. He started talking to them and everyone was looking at the three on the floor. That was my chance so I dove for Liz. As soon as I wrapped her in my arms a red shield came up around us. I was feeding her power and it didn't take long for her to wake up and realize where she was. She sat up and I hugged her to me tightly. [Thank god.] was all I could get out, then I looked at the others. [Look] I told her.

[Uh, how did we do that?] She was confused to.

There was a red shield around my mother, Ria and Iz. Kavar was looking at me and Liz, lets just say I belive he was astonished. "Someone do something!" he yelled to everyone. Men started trying to get to me, Liz, Izzy, Ria and mom.

[Michael what's wrong with the boys?] She ask me about Alex and Kyle. [No, I mean Max too, it's like their all awake but not.]

[Tess.] I told her as I stood us up.

Kavar's men were throwing energy blasts at us, thankfully our sheild as well as the girls were holdin up. Ria was trying to doge them, and even though it was not a time to laugh, it was really funny.

Liz took my hand and started leading me to the guys.[We have to help them. I belive I can wake them up so to say.] She thought to me.

[Are you sure about Max though?] She just shook her head yes. That's what I love about her, she can forgive where I can't.

[Okay.] I told her then I made sure Iz, Ria and mom were still doin okay. [Izzy , you all still doin okay?]

Iz and Ria jerked their heads back to me, shocked I guess.[Yes, were okay.] Izz laughed a little.[Now what the hell are we gonna do about these guys?]

[We're workin on that right now sis. You all just sit still.]

"Yeh, we're really goin anywhere spaceboy!" Ria yelled.

Now I just had to help Liz 'wake' the guys up.



Michael was talkin to the girls and Sayla as we came to stand infront of the guys. I raised my hands and gave all of them a sheild of thier own, so they would be safe too. Since Michael had reached me and gave me energy I felt fine, and with him by my side I knew we could save them. When I started to try and reach them I could still hear and feel Kavar he was still very near. [Michael, I need you to go with me, Tess has put them halfway between this plane and the one we use to meet my dad.As we do this I will have to call them into the other plane so we can explain there what has happened.]

[That's a good idea, we don't need them flippin out on us here.] He told me. [okay , lets do this.]

We linked hands and was automatically being pulled, I felt the guys and called them to us. Luckily they followed.

"Okay , what the hell is goin on?" Kyle ask looking around.

"Yeh, how did we get outside? Last thing I rember we were standing in front of the evil bitch from hell and .....him.] Alex pointed to Max who just stood there looking really lost.

"Me? but..." Max started.

"Okay enough. I want everyone to be quiet while we expain." Michael told them. I squeezed his hand for him to continue while I made sure Sayla and the girls were sitll okay.

I could tell they were scared. Scared, but safe. Atleast for the moment.

"You were all being controlled by Tess. She has been working with Kavar for....god knows how long." Michael explained to them.

"That bitch!!" Alex mumbled.

"I moved twards Max. "Are you okay? I mean I know you were really upset with us" I looked at Michael. "what's the last thing you rember?"

He scrunced up his face and looked at the both of us."The last thing I rember is Kyle meeting me in the park but I don't rember talking to him or anything. I also rember, " he looked at both me and michael "that you two betrayed me."

"Max you have to understand we were always together. We were in our past lives and it just happened we realized on our own that we belonged together in this one." Michael told him calmly as he could.

"Yeh Max, come on just deal with it and move on. We have to come up with a way to save the others." Kyle yelled at him.

"I wan't nothing to do with any of you , I told you that before. Now all of you just leave me the hell alone." Max yelled pointing his finger in Michael's face.

"Take the shield down NOW Liz." Michael told me through gritted teeth. [He can fend for himself, If I don't kill him first.]

I shook my head yes to him and we were all back in the throne room. I immediatly removed the shield from around Max.

"Thaulus," Kavar yelled at Max. "What have you learned from them?"

Max started twards Kavar and as he passed Michael and I..."Don't Maxwell, you don't know waht you're doing." Michael told him.

"Yes I do. I'm getting you away from the love of my life," he gave Michael an evil look." even if it gets you killed."

That was all it took. Michael dove for Max and they both hit the ground. It was all like in slowmotion, Kavar moved for Michael while Michael was throwing Max around. Michael no longer had his shield up so he could get to Max. I threw Kavar back , which only slowed him down but only for a minute. While he was destracted Iz, Ria, Sayla, Kyle and Alex all came and stood behind me. We were now all encased in the same red shield. [Guys, I need you all to help me, Iz and Sayla out. We are gonna use some of you're energy to get Kavar and keep him away from Michael, for good.] I told them as Iz and Sayla came to stand on either side of me and we joined hands

[Okay] came from all of them.

Kavar was again advancing on the boys and he now had 3 of his men behind him. Kavar raised his hands to send out an energy blast. I could feel from him it was ment to kill. [MICHAEL!!] I screamed [LOOK OUT!!]

Michael jerked his head up. While we gathered enough energy, Kavar let his blast loose and Michael picked up Max, swung him aound as he kicked and yelled. The blast hit Max in the back full force and he just slumped over in Michael's grip. As Michael dropped the lifeless Max onto the floor we blasted Kavar in the chest with all the energy we had gathered. He slid back against the wall hard.

"NO!!" Tess screamed and covered her mouth with both hands.

We hadn't seen her because she had kept back and quiet, but when she saw us turn in her direction she ran. Michael joined me and the others quickly, but before we could do anything she got away. As we looked around the throne room we found that Kavar along with his men and Max were all dead.

"We must have hit them when we got Kavar." Michael said.

"Good" was my reply to him.

Michael then smiled at me and pulled me to him and kissed me hard. His tounge immediatly wanting acess and I opened my mouth to give it to him. He explored every creves as if he had never kissed me before. When we had to pull back for air, "Thank god you are alright now." he panted out.

"I'm just glad you all came, I never had a doubt you know." I laughed and Michael let me go and went to hug his mother.

"Well, I for one am glad this is all over." Ria said as Alex pulled her into a hug.

"Well....That's not exactly ture...." Sayla pulled back from Michael's hug. "You see there are some things that you don't know about........."