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Summary: An alternative ending to Departure! Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess leave for Antar leaving Liz, Maria and Kyle. I'm sorry Alex is dead, and Tess is not evil. There is no baby or sex, but Max and Tess are in a relationship when they leave. What would happen if Liz discovered something that was a bit of a surprise?
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"Max..." Liz trailed her fingers gently across her misty window, leaving a trail of residue in the droplets of condensation. She was looking intently at the sky, for a sign that he would return to her, realizing that he couldn't live without her. They had left a few days before, when Liz discovered that Alex had been working on their 'alien book' and there was a way that they could return home. They had all been anxious to go home, but strangely enough Michael had been the most reluctant to go. Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess had all promised they would be back as soon as possible.
*God I wish I never found that decoding* Liz cursed herself in her thoughts. Before Max had left Kyle had accidentally let slip her secret, and he had confronted her about it. Admittedly he was dating Tess at that moment, but on their last night he had kissed her when she told him the truth about Future Max. It had felt so wrong because he was with Tess, but so right. They still loved each other deeply, but they couldn't grow on their emotions, so they left, leaving behind the three humans whose lives had been altered dramatically.
She sighed to herself as she realized that she was being stupid, and that Max's decision to leave along with the others, was something they all had to do. Much to Michael's reluctance to leave his girl friend Maria they had left 2 days beforehand.
Neither Maria or Liz had left their rooms since then, only moving around their rooms every so often to stare up at the night sky, wondering where their only loves had gone. Occasionally they would phone one another. No words were spoken, the hurt radiated off them without the need of communication. Silent sobs could be heard, as they lay on the beds, taking in the comfort of sharing each other's pain. The only memory Liz had of Max, besides the photos was the pendant that he had given to her, on their last night on earth.
Brushing the salty tears off her ashen cheek, she reached for her most prized possession that lay on top of her bedside table. The hard oak table showed off the unusual nature of the small pendant. It was pear shaped, and had a polished finish with red and dark orange swirls. All the dark colors of nature were all showed off expertly, shining in their own way. Her hand traced the smooth shape of it, as she slid it over her head, and let it fall to her heaving chest.
An unfamiliar surge of energy flew through her, as she felt her every emotion all swirled together. Images of Max flashed across her closed eyes. She was used to flashes, but these were like nothing she had ever experienced before with Max. An amber color flashed before her eyes, as her body forced her rested hand up before her face. The elevated hand began to shake as the energy passaged it way to her fingertips, and she felt the heat push it's way out of her hand, and shoot out shattering her rounded mirror hanging up on the opposite wall.

"Oh my god" Liz whispered, as her ragged breath echoed around her silent room. She steadied herself on her desk, absentmindedly pushing her fallen hair to behind her ears. Her head shot up, and she stared at her reflection in the ornamental mirror in front of her. She extended her shaking hand, to entangle her fingers through her long dark hair.
"That power... What if I had hurt myself? Oh why did this have to happen right after Max left? The pendant..." Her words trailed off as her eyes fell upon the necklace, lying against her chest, quite normally once again. Her fingers played with the stone, as she thought once again about Max.
*Oh Max... I miss you so much. You never knew the truth. I know you promised that you would come back as soon as possible, but you're with Tess now. I wonder what would have happened if I told you the truth about what happened. * Liz's haphazard thoughts were disrupted when an amber glow was formed from the pendant and her hand that was nearest to the necklace.
Liz's eyes darted from her hand, to the desk, to the photo of Max and then to the broken mirror. The power had come from inside of her, when she thought about Max. The pendant must have got some special power that was ignited when she thought about Max. She needed to speak to Maria now. She walked over to her cordless phone that was rested on her bedside table as she slipped the pendant off from around her slim neck. Her fingers pushed the number of her best friends phone number, and she waited for the dial tone.
"Maria? Oh good Maria it's me. Something really incredible had just happened... " But before Liz could continue, Maria had interrupted her with girlish screams like she was 5 again. Liz held the phone away from her ear as Maria continued her rave.
"Oh my god! It's Max isn't it! They're back. I'm so glad, I missed Michael so much." Liz gasped at the surprise at Maria saying Michael's name. She hadn't uttered a word about him, since they left.
"No Maria they're not back. And if they did come back don't you think that he would come and see you? No the thing is that before Max left he gave me this pendant to remember him by, not that I actually need anything, but anyway I put on it on for the first time today, and when I thought about Max this energy flew through me, and shot out through my hand, just like Michael's power and smashed the mirror in front of me." Liz stopped short, to listen to Maria's reply but found that she had none. All she could hear was Maria's heavy breathing.
"Maria? Maria?" Liz questioned her best friend on the other line.
"Hang on Liz, I need my cedar oils." Liz chuckled to herself as Maria reached for her oil, and took a deep breath. Her breathing calmed, and she once again returned to her cordless phone. "So your telling me that you have alien powers from this pendant thing that Max gave you. Wow what great timing."
Liz smiled to herself, thinking how wonderful her best friend was. Even in the toughest times she was able to make her laugh. Like Max was able to. Without realizing it, her thoughts had wandered to Max again, and she felt the familiar warmth arise from around her neck, and this time she wasn't even wearing the necklace.
*Oh my god! Stop it Liz. * "I know Maria. What am I going to do? I just worked again, and this time I wasn't even wearing it. My thoughts just strayed before I knew what I was doing." Liz's eyes started to form with tears, as she struggled with the temptation to allow everything that had happened come pouring out. Her breathing became uncontrolled, but sooner than she could do anything about it, she saw something that she wasn't prepared to see.

A bright white light surrounded her and her eyes sealed shut without any hesitation. An image formed of Max in front of her, and he stood there reaching out for her. "Max?" Liz called, unsure of what was happening, as she squinted in the bright light. His hands stretched out for her, and he wrapped her up in a tight hug. A small voice brought Liz back from her sub-conscientious, and her eyes blinked open revealing her to be in her room, with her telephone hanging from her hand. A tiny cry could be heard from the head of the phone, as Liz pulled the telephone up to her ear.
"Maria I have all of their powers, and I can do it without any help from the pendant. What am I going to do?" A small outburst could be heard, as the two girls stood stunned without the knowledge about how this was going to change their lives.


A heavy knock was heard at Liz's window as two anxious faces appeared at her bedroom. When Liz heard it her hopes lifted as to think Max was coming to surprise her, but she shook her herself at her foolish thoughts. Although Max was the only one ever to use her ladder she knew that it was Maria, because it was late and her parents wouldn't of allowed her up. She drew back the light curtain, and slid the stiff window up with a struggle. She smiled at Kyle and Maria coyly, not meeting their worried looks.
"Hi guys! Come in" Liz said to her only friends left on this earth. Her eyes were red and puffy admitting to her friends that she had been crying. A lot. Maria stretched out her arms to her shocked best friend, indicating to her to come into her arms. Liz ran into the comforting arms, and quietly sobbed into her shoulder.
"I'm sorry Maria. Kyle come in." Liz led the two to the middle of the room, and she sat on the bed and indicated them to follow her actions. The two of them sat down either side of her, and Maria reached out for Liz's hand and held it tight.
"So Liz... Have you tried anything yet?" Liz blushed and looked down, acutely aware of her new found ability. She knew they were just trying to be caring, but to be honest she just wanted to forget about it and wish it never happened. She had been deeply affected at her image of Max that was produced from her own mind.
"Um... I thought that I'd just forget about it, and move on in my life. I know that Max would be devastated if he knew that he had somehow put my life at risk. He told me that I should get on with my life, that he didn't want to hold me back, and this would hold me back I know it. What do you think?" Kyle was the first to speak up at Liz's strange response to her powers. He knew that she was trying to be brave, and putting on a tough face but underneath her she was scared and upset.
"Liz I don't think that that's a good idea. You should try to understand what happened, and focus on keeping your powers under control. You know what the rest of them were like till Tess came. They didn't know how to use them properly. You need our help." Liz sighed understanding that Kyle's words were correct, and that she needed to develop their grasp of their new discovery. She turned to face them, with a look of anguish in her eyes.
"I know Kyle. So what should I do?" Maria shook her head worriedly, while Kyle thought hard. His face popped up with an idea formed in his mind, and he smiled at them.
"Liz I think first you should see what you can actually do, and then try to contact Max like you did before while he was in New York. Why don't you try Tess' power first? A mind warp. I know you've done it before, but why don't we see if you can do it while thinking about it, and keeping your thoughts from side-tracking to Max." Liz smiled and nodded her head in agreement. Her hand stretched out to steady herself on her bed, and pulled herself up dusting herself off as she went. Her eyelids sealed shut, and she tried to completely clear her mind. She took a deep breath before focusing her thoughts on the scene she had planned.
A bright white flashed before her eyes, and she kept her image in her mind while Kyle and Maria sat and stared at her. They had no idea whether it was working, as her face was emotionless. But before they knew anything else, a picture of Michael was before them. He smiled down at them as Maria jumped up from her sitting position and gave him a very tight hug. She knew that he wasn't real but she wanted to take advantage of their time together. Real or not. As Kyle watched in interest, Liz's own image in her mind flickered and so did the projected flash of Michael. Maria pulled away from the fading representation of her boyfriend, as Liz flicked her eyes open and looked at them expectantly. Kyle and Maria looked at one another and started laughing together. Liz looked at them strangely and the two of them knew she deserved an explanation.
"Liz it worked! You have Tess' powers! See if you can do anything else." Maria screamed excitedly at Liz. All this extra encouragement made Liz feel strong and wanted, so she walked over to her bedside table picked up a pair of scissors and a bottle of nail varnish. The blue nail varnish sparkled in the light as Liz waved her hand across it and changed the color from ocean blue to a turquoise color. A look of disappointment crossed her face as she turned to look at her friends.
"It was meant to be green. I've obviously not mastered that yet." Liz smiled at her friends as she fiddled about with the scissors in her hand. They swirled around her forefinger until the inevitable happened. The sharp blade dug into her palm, drawing out her blood in a long line.
"Oh my god, Liz look what you've done. Let me get a plaster for you." Maria was about to leave her comfortable sitting position on the floor to rush to the door leading into the bathroom, but before she could Liz once again stared at her bleeding hand and waved her healthy hand above it. Before all of their wandering eyes the cut sealed shut, and not a trace was left of a scar of the deep cut. They all started jumping up and down, realizing that not only had she Tess' power, she had Max and Isabel's too. The last obstacle was Michael's own gift. Of destroying.
Almost as if Liz could read their thoughts she reached her hand forward towards a small wooden box that laid on her bedside table. Searching in her mind, she found the stored energy and let it flow out of her, and into the box throwing it towards the back wall and disintegrating it into a thousand small pieces. Maria stared in awe at the fact that all of that power had come out of Liz, and the fact that she was able to control it so well, unlike Michael.
Liz couldn't believe what she had just done. Tears of happiness and sadness all at once came flowed down her cheek, as she realized that not only had she alien powers, but that Max was not there to share it with her, to comfort her. She missed him so much and they had a serious problem that needed fixing. Soon.


The glass door leading into Starbucks cafe in L.A was swung open with a gust of wind behind it. Liz's hair flew in front of her, as she quickly shut the door behind her, and she scanned the room for her oldest friend. She placed the bubbly, blonde young woman sitting at the corner table, by the window. The light shaded her as Liz stepped up beside her.
"Hey Maria!" Liz said as she slid into the opposite chair. Maria turned to face her best friend and for the first time Liz noticed her teary face and the dark purple bruises covering her face. She let a small gasp escape from her throat, before she said "Maria I thought you broke up with Brett! He did this didn't he?" Her head fell, and her hands replaced their position covering her face. Silent sobs abandoned the hollow of her throat.
"Liz he said things were going to be different, and I believed him...." Maria broke down as Liz tried to comfort her. A soothing sound came from Liz as she lifted Maria's chin up to face her.
"Maria I can fix it. It doesn't look too hard. And then we're going to go back to your apartment, pack your bags and you'll stay with me for a couple of weeks until he leaves you alone. " Maria smiled up at her best friend, and started to laugh.
"You know it's a good thing that you got those powers. I'd be lost without them! Anyway speaking of Czechoslovakian stuff I had a dream... about Michael. He was back and calling for me. It was so real... I think that they may be back." Maria paused to look at her best friends expression. She was fiddling with her pendant, like she usually did after she thought of Max or was worried. It was her safety blanket.
It had taken her so long to get over Max, she knew that Liz still loved Max deeply, but she had her emotions for him kept secret away from her 1 year boyfriend Andy Gellar, who was a fellow scientist along with Liz. It had taken her longer than Maria to get back into the dating game. All of Maria's boyfriends had been low life's, none of whom compared to Michael. In her heart she knew that he would one day return to her, and she had been hanging onto that thought for 7 years.
"Maria... I think you're right. I had a flash. Something I haven't had in a long while. It was of Max and he was in my room at Roswell. I think we need to go back. I believe in you." Liz grinned up at Maria, and held onto her hand tightly. Maria nodded in agreement, and pulled herself up from the stainless steel table.

"Come on lets go get you cleaned up," Liz said as she tugged Maria through the door leading into the ladies loos. She pushed her into a cubicle and followed her in. Maria tried to suppress her giggles but to no avail. Her laughs echoed through the empty room.
"Maria! Sssshhh. I need to concentrate. We've done this before. Close your eyes and empty your mind." Maria did as she was told, and allowed herself to dispose of all of her thoughts. A warm fuzzy feeling seeped into her, as she felt the painful bruises on her face disappearing under Liz's healing touch. Images flashed through Liz's mind as she felt and saw all of her love for herself and Michael, and the longing and excitement she felt at seeing him again after 7 years.
It was true that neither looked much different, their facial features staying the same over the years, aging slightly at their prime age of 25. Maria had still got her long blonde hair, but it was straight now with brass and copper highlights. They glimmered in the light, and accentuated her green eyes wonderfully. Her figure had become more voluptuous, and her well-built height gave her the advantage of fending off Brett but usually it did her no good. Liz on the other hand had her long dark hair cut into a mid-length bob that flicked out at the ends. She had a small fringe, that covered her forehead slightly but she still had her large brown eyes, and well defined eyebrows. Liz had become slightly slimmer over the years, but she wasn't worried, as she never got sick anymore.
They made their way out of the bathroom when Liz had completed her task, and rushed through the front door. They had a lot of packing to do, and Liz wanted to catch Andy as he got home to explain to him that she was going to be gone for a few days.
"Maria we need to pack, book a flight to Roswell, phone our parents, I need to phone Andy... Come on we've got so much to do and so little time to do it in." Maria chuckled to herself as she watched her friend walking down in the street. She was so organised just like Max.
Max. Now there was a person that Liz had tried so hard to forget. Occasionally Maria would find Liz on her doorstep, tears pouring down her face. They would stay up all night reliving their past memories, trying to remember the good days to stay away from the nagging feeling in the back of their minds that Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess would never return. Over the years their hopes had dwindled away into nothing, the long hard 7 years laying down on them. Maria let out a sigh, unaware of it sounding out loud.

Liz turned to look at her friend, her face full of worry. "Maria what is it? Are you okay?" Maria tried to tear her thoughts from Michael, to focus on an appropriate lie to satisfy Liz. She knew if she let her now of her doubts, that Liz would be crushed. The happiness on her face was glowing smiling in the thoughts of Max as Maria decided to sound her fears.
"Liz... What if... if I'm wrong? And you never know they might have moved on... to their destinies. I know that Michael said he would return to me, but Isabel was a very striking person. And there is no doubt that she's now as beautiful as she ever was. I'm just worried that you and I will have our hopes trampled on." Maria felt relieved for letting her anxiousness out, and looked at Liz for her response.
"Maria I know Michael, and the one thing that he is is loyal. He promised to return to you, and I'm sure he's waiting for you with outstretched arms. As for me, all I'm looking forward to is showing them my powers. I've been working on a new power and I can now do what Nikolas could do. I can see inside people's heads and pick out any memory. I tried it out on one of our lab rats, but I'm not too sure if it works on humans though. Anyway as I was saying, Max is with Tess now. He was when he left and I'm sure that they still are due to the fact that they were married on their planet. I just want to see them all again that's all. And besides I have Andy. Things are going really well at the moment."
Maria couldn't help but notice when Liz faltered on her last few sentences. She knew that Liz loved Max deeply, and the fact that he had still gone with Tess after she had told him the truth about Future Max had scared her. It had taken her a long time to let any man come as close to her as Andy did.
"Apart from the fact that you've kept two of your biggest secrets from him. 1: That you have alien powers, and aren't too sure if you are a Czechoslovakian yourself, and secondly that you've loved Max for what 9 years and you're really holding your hopes up high that he wants you back. Liz honestly. Can you see yourself being with this man for the rest of your life? Do you love him like you love Max?" Her big, green eyes penetrated Liz for a truthful answer. Liz couldn't find the words so she simply shook her head lightly and carried on walking down the street in silence.


Liz and Maria's suitcases were dumped onto the belt leading round to the back of the airport leaving them with only their hand luggage. An intercom came on and off as Maria and Liz sat in silence in the lounge, waiting for their flight to Roswell, New Mexico. Liz had changed out of her work clothes, and was wearing a pair of tight black hipsters, a lilac halter neck and a small black cardigan to herself warm and she wrapped the cardigan closer to her to cover up the nervous goose bumps that were now covering her whole body. Maria was wearing what she had previously worn in the cafe, in typical Maria clothes. It was a pair of tight blue jeans, and a knitted red sweater with little tassels on it. Due to the lack of conversation both were fiddling with their clothes in anticipation of the events that were about to arise. Maria sighed in frustration at Liz, and turned to look at her.
"Liz this is stupid. We've been in each other's lives for almost 22 years, and now you go all shy on me? I know that you're worried about Max and how they'll react to the news but honestly; I feel exactly the same way. We used to be able to share everything. What are you so nervous about, truthfully? Seeing Max again, knowing whether he's with Tess or not, or how all of them will respond to the news?" Liz's eyes began to water at the words Maria said, and understood that she needed to share her problems with her best friend.
"Maria I'm worried about all of it. I'm scared that they'll take away my powers and leave us again, and the thing that I'm dreading is falling head over heels in love with Max again and hurting Andy, because I know if Max is back, single and as gorgeous as ever I'm going to want him so badly, that I'm going to lose sight of everything." Maria smiled up at Liz, and pulled her into her own arms. She rocked them back and forwards as the intercom came on informing them that they had to leave.
"Ladies and gentlemen. Could those people on the flight R4546 to Roswell, New Mexico please make their way to gate 8 as we are now ready for boarding." Maria and Liz smiled at each other, and pushed up from their seats and made their way to the gate that would lead them to their destination.

A flight attendant opened the heavy silver door, as the passengers filed out of the plane. Maria and Liz were the last two to come out dragging their luggage behind them. Liz's head swivelled all around, searching the room for her parents and Amy DeLuca. Her eyes found them quietly seated in the corner smiling and waving at them. The two ran along the badly furnished corridor and upon reaching them dropped their bags, and jumped into their parent's outstretched arms. There were tears of joy streaming down everyone's faces, due to the fact that none of them had seen each other for over 2 years.
"Liz honey it's so good to see you. How are you? " Liz smiled at her questioning mother and flicked her hair behind her, as it shielded her eyes. Her warm and loving nature came through as she passed her mother and hugged and greeted every other person standing, waiting for them. As her father moved to her left, he unveiled a grinning Kyle who held out his hands expectantly.
"Hey Liz. I love your hair! How are you, you look so... so different from when I last saw you." Kyle gasped for breath at the stunning beauty of his ex-girlfriend, *she's definitely improved over the years. * Liz blushed as she saw Kyle staring and squeezed his arm in a friendly gesture.
"Well Kyle that's probably because you haven't seen me since I was 21 and I'm now 25. It's been a long time. So is anyone back from... from Czechoslovakia yet?" Liz almost winked at Kyle to try to make sure he knew what she was implying. He smiled knowing what she was saying, and happy to share the news with her.
"Yeah Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess are all back. They returned a couple of days ago. I thought you might like to unpack first before you saw them. I've organized all of us to meet up tonight, although they don't know you're here, and I haven't told them anything. I thought I'd leave that to you." He threw his arms around her shoulders and began to lead her through the terminal. They were quietly chatting when Nancy Parker interrupted their conversation.
"You know Liz honey, that your old boyfriend Max came round to our house this morning. He wanted to see you but I told him that you were living in LA with your long term boyfriend Andy, and when I asked him if he wanted your address he just walked away shaking his head, and didn't mumble one word. He hasn't come back since." Liz looked horrified at her mother's words, and ran her hands through her hair hard.
"Oh my god mum what did you do that for? Did he seem upset? Oh come on Kyle we need to get home, and step on it." Liz, Maria and Kyle all ran through the rest of the terminal wanting to get home to their friends and lovers as soon as possible But was it too late?


The light blue Reno Clio pulled up in front of Liz's family diner in Roswell, The Crashdown. The fading sunlight shone on the windows, and lit up the surrounding area. The sights and sounds all seemed familiar to Liz, as she stepped out of the passenger door.
She slammed the door shut, and went around to the boot of the car. Liz's finger pushed the small silver button that released the clasp that allowed the boot to spring open, revealing her luggage amongst various other items. Her small hand reached for the black suede bag, and she lifted it out of the dark exterior, and into the sun's light. The heavy thud, accompanied by a click assured her that the boot was locked. Her sunglasses covered her worries, as she waved goodbye to the grinning Kyle and Maria in the front seats. There was something that he knew that had been forbidden from telling Liz, and as he drove away he glanced back in the mirror to see Liz standing there, her small hands clutching her bag tightly. Maria swivelled round to wave at Liz, mouthing to her ' good luck ' as they disappeared out of sight.
To the passers by she seemed like a very beautiful, sophisticated woman in her early 20's visiting family, but the locals knew who she was. As did Max, who was quietly standing in the shadows of the U.F.O Centre across the street, staring and watching with wonder. Although she had had her hair cut he knew who she was. He could never forget. Liz flicked back her hair, as she felt the so familiar feeling creeping up her back. Max was here, and he was very near. She looked around, pushing her sunglasses up to nestle on the top of head and shielding her eyes with her left hand. Max watched her searching for something, and caught his breath as he saw her dark, curious eyes for the first time in 7 years. He knew she hadn't seen him, as she put her bag onto the ground, pulled out the handles and rolled it inside the Crashdown, slamming the transparent door behind her.
Max stood their for a while, trying to rationalize with himself. He had dreamed of seeing Liz again, every day and night since he left the planet Earth. *She's in a relationship; she's in a relationship. * Max was oblivious to the fact that Liz now had powers, it was beyond his imagination, and he had seen a lot of things. He decided as he stood there, the thing was to talk to Liz alone. When Kyle had told them they had to meet tonight without a reason, he knew something had happened. At first he couldn't put his finger on it, but when he had received a flash like he had so many other times with Liz he knew it. He could feel her coming closer to him. It was then he decided that he was going to have her back, never mind any 'boyfriend'. The words were thought with hatred as he found his feet leading him to the ladder that he had climbed up so many times before.

While this was all going on at the Parker residence, Kyle had dropped off Maria at her mother's home. Maria had already decided that she was going to see Michael at his old flat. If that dream had meant anything, she had to know. Right that very minute. In fact as soon as she had got home she had showered, blow dried her hair and changed into her best outfit. She was wearing a pair of loose, grey linen trousers with a light pink shirt and her pair of black-strapped wedges. She wore it on her best occasions and this was definitely one of them. When Michael saw her he had to be stunned, and this was the outfit for the job. She drove her red jetta through the empty streets of Roswell, with the window rolled down, singing at the top of her voice. She felt that finally something was going right, and she was so engrossed with her thoughts of Michael, that she missed the sight of Max climbing up Liz's ladder.
Her hair whipped out in all directions as the cooling breeze flew past her, and she pulled up into Michael's drive. She switched off the ignition and placed her hands on the steering wheel. Her knuckles became white with pressure, as she breathed in deeply.
*You can do this DeLuca*. Her stomach felt strange, as her nerves passed through her. She lifted her rear view mirror so that it showed her face. Seeing her hair was all over the place, she grabbed her hairbrush from out of her small bag that was sitting on the passenger's side. The brush smoothed out her long blonde hair, and she replaced the brush as soon as she was satisfied. She whipped out her strawberry lip-gloss, and placed a thin layer of it across her lips. The small smile that she saved for Michael played across her mouth, as she opened the door, and locked her car.
Her thoughts wandered and the one particular thought get on coming back to her. *This is it. * She placed one foot in front of each other until she reached Michael's door. There was a hesitant pause as her hand stood ready to knock at the door. She took another deep breath, quietly knocked at the door and waited for the reply.

Liz was upstairs in her room, unpacking her suitcase. She sighed as she pulled out the various bits of clothing that had been creased during the flight. Her hand bashed up against them attempting to salvage any clean, and ironed patch on her clothes. Liz's fingers played with her pendant that was around her neck, knowing that incredibly soon she was going to see Max again. She wasn't too sure if she would be able to control herself with Max around, and no Andy or Tess. Thoughts and memories played across her mind, and she smiled in remembrance of years before. Her feet led her to her floor length mirror, and she looked at the clothes she had travelled in. She was wearing a lilac top with her black trousers, but she felt like it was time for a change. Her hand waved in front of her top changing the colour from lilac into a red colour instead. She repeated this for her trousers changing them from black to white. As she stared into the mirror to look at the results, out of the corner of her eye she felt a presence. A very familiar presence. It was Max standing at her window with absolute fury across his face. She whipped around to stare at him, their eyes meeting in a heated gaze. She couldn't believe it was him. He was so much more mature than she remembered him, more muscular with a slight beard as he did when he visited her from the future. Her breath caught as she thought she recognized a small smile play across his face. His brown eyes penetrated her and eventually she needed to break the silence.
"Max... I..." He just shook his head violently as she spoke refusing to listen to anything she had to say.
"No! Who are you? I knew you're race was cruel, but how could you kill the one person I've ever loved so you could get me. Who are you? Nasedo? Ramagin? Bitaerl? Speak! Fine if you do not speak I will destroy you for what you have done to me." Liz looked on in bewilderment as she saw her one love raise his hand towards her. She felt an urge go through her, and she knew it was the connection they shared. He was going to use his powers on her. He didn't think she was Liz Parker.
"Max please!" This made Max angrier, at he thought an impostor using the body of the woman he loved as a tool.
"Don't you dare speak to me. After what you did to Liz! I loved her and you just dismissed her as a tool to capture me." Liz watched the energy ball speed towards her, and her mind thought quickly. If he wasn't going to believe her in verbal communication there was only one thing to do. Her eyes closed and within a few milliseconds a purple shield circled her, protecting her from the energy blast. The shield rippled from the blow, as Liz searched Max's eyes.
*What can I do to make him believe me* They stood there facing each other, staring. Although Max thought it was a Skin acting as Liz, he couldn't help but staring at her. It was her body and he felt attracted and drawn to it like he used to before he left. Max decided that he would wait until the shield weakened until he attacked, so they just stood there, fixed to their spots. Neither one knew what to do. Max couldn't trust his feelings. He felt like it was Liz, but he had just seen her use alien powers. And Liz was wracking her brains to think of a way that Max would be able to realize it really was her.
As Liz always did when she was upset or worried she played her pendant. It made her feel better, just because Max gave it to her. She held it tight in her palm, as Max cocked his head and strained to see what she was holding onto so dearly. It looked kind of familiar, but he couldn't quite place it. He ventured out a few more steps, to get a closer look at Liz and the pendant and was shocked at what he saw. He didn't see an angry looking person, or at least a little intimidated as most of them did. What he saw was completely different. He saw a young woman, her eyes filled with love, worry and most of all confusion. They were the eyes he had used to love staring into.
He shook himself mentally as he thought that he was being pulled into their trap. He once again raised his hand in determination that he was going to revenge Liz's killer, no matter who she looked like.


Meanwhile at Michael's apartment...
KNOCK KNOCK. Before the door was swung open Maria gave herself the quick once over. She straightened her shirt, smoothed down her hair and ran her fingers across her face to assure everything was in place. She heard footsteps leading up to the door, echoing in the newly used apartment. The lock clicked, and Maria held her breath as the light shinning from inside eventually reached her face.
There was complete silence as the two stared at each other for what was a minute, yet seemed like an eternity. Neither were sure what to do. Rooted to the spot uncomfortably, Maria was the first to indicate any change in their current positions. The special smiled played across her face, as Michael's eyes widened in shock. And love. She reached out and jumped into his arms. He held her tightly, as she breathed for the first time since the, yet again spiky hair alien man had opened the door. Tears of happiness rolled down her flustered cheek, as she sobbed quietly along with Michael. He was still in shock to seeing his ex-girlfriend after 7 years, the one he still loved and had missed every day of his life and hopefully the one who could be in his life again, as she was before.
"Hey space boy. How you doing?" Maria whispered in his ear. He smiled at Maria's nickname for him, and gasped at the sound of her voice. He hadn't seen her for 7 years, and she was still as beautiful as ever. Her hair cascaded around her slim shoulders as he brought her back to face him. He brushed her hair behind her ears, as he used to do before he left.
"Hey Maria..." That was all he managed to get out before Maria had once again jumped into his arms. She wasn't too sure whether or not it was okay to kiss him, so instead she settled on a hug. A very loving one at that. Her eyes were squeezed shut to prevent more tears falling down her face.
Her big green eyes opened, and even though her eyes were all blurred up with tears she was very able to see the figure standing behind Michael who had just come from around the back, looking at them. It was Isabel. Who was also very pregnant, looking indeed very angry and jealous. Maria leaped back from Michael's arms, brushing the tears from her bleary eyes and backed away, shaking her head in denial.
"No... No... No!" Maria screamed before she ran from the apartment leaving two very stunned people behind her. Michael looked indeed very confused wondering what had caused her to get so upset, before he turned around and saw Isabel standing there, looking pissed.
"Oh no! Isabel!" Before Isabel had a chance to reply to the somewhat unfair accusations, he had fled out of the room after Maria, yelling her name as he went.
His footsteps clambered down the stairs, and through the corridor managing just in time to see Maria fumble with her keys in the door lock. His pace slowed as he approached Maria cautiously, without her noting his presence. Michael could hear her muffled cries, as she began to get angry with herself.
*Stupid Maria! How could you think that he would still want you? Isabel is a very attractive woman, and they were meant to be with one another. * She thought while brushing away at her tears furiously. Before she could finally reach inside and get her keys, from the depths of her bag, a loving, warm and large hand placed itself on her shoulder. Maria whipped round, to see a smiling Michael in front of her. All her anger came out. Him promising that he'd wait for her, and vice-versa. Maria had never been so furious in her life.
"How could you do this to me Michael? Or am I just really bad with guys? That's right, I've dated other guys. Most of them complete bastards, but yes I have. And you know what? My last boyfriend hit me, repeatedly and I didn't do anything about it. All I could think about was that one day you would come back, and keep you promise of always wanting me, always loving me. But how wrong was I? I come back with all my hopes lifted; after I had a dream of you wanting me back and there Isabel is, all pregnant with your child. You've broken a promise Michael. I know that you were betrothed to one another, but you had said that you always felt like you're relationship was more of a brother and sister one. Anyway it doesn't matter now. Congratulations, have a nice life. Goodbye."
While Maria had been ranting she didn't even notice the expression on Michael's face. He looked very happy, almost smiling apart from when she mentioned other boyfriends, and one of them hitting her. He wasn't going to let her get away from him that easily.
"Maria... Maria I'm not the father." Maria was struggling in his arms when he had pulled her for a tight embrace, but on hearing those 4 words she dropped all attempts to escape. She tilted her head, and looked up at him hopefully her eyes glinting with previous tears.
"You're... You're not?" Maria smiled up at Michael as he slowly shook his head, his deep brown eyes radiating his eyes. He return her grin, and leaned forward and before his lips met hers he whispered to her,
"No. There's only one girl for me". Sooner than Maria could get any words in his lips had crashed into hers, releasing their loneliness from the past 7 years. He opened up his mind to her, allowing her to see the things, that before he had wished her not to see. All those previous times when they had kissed, he had blocked his memories off from her, not letting her see the real him. But that had changed. He wanted her to be part of every single moment of his life, right to the end.

Meanwhile in Liz's room...
The darkening room was kept lit up, by the purple shield's light reflecting off of Max and Liz's faces. The glow showed up Max's angry and disgusted face. He still did not know that the woman standing in front of him was Liz. His Liz. Liz was wracking her brains to find a way to convince Max that it was she.
Every time she tried to talk to him he would yell at her, making her cease her words. She could feel the tears pricking at the back of her eyes, and she tried to blink them away. Her small hand fidgeted with her necklace as a thought struck her. The pendant. Only Max, Maria and Kyle knew about it. If she showed it to him, maybe he would realize it was really she, and not some impostor.
She allowed the shield to weaken slightly, so that Max could have a full view inside. Liz wasn't too sure if she should let it down completely, in case he tried to shoot at her again. If he did she might have to use her powers on him, which she didn't like to do. Her hand reached for the amber necklace, and she slipped it off over her neck. The stone lay in her hand, as she manoeuvred it so that Max could have a good look at it. The light bounced off it, lighting it up. For the first time in about 15 minutes she spoke, breaking the deathly silence.
"Max listen to me. It really is me. You have to believe me. If I were an evil alien out to get you, don't you think that I would have tried to hurt you by now? I can tell you all my memories to help you believe.
In September I was working in the Crashdown. A fight broke out and I accidentally got shot. You healed me right here." She placed her hand over the part of her stomach were the bullet had punctured her skin, and continued talking, coaxing Max to believe her. "I saw things. Flashes as did you. We were connected after that. At the time I was dating Kyle Valenti. You ran away straight afterwards, and later I confronted you at school. You told me that you; your sister Isabel and Michael were aliens. You asked me not to tell anyone, but I told Maria, my best friend who is also here. We stopped you from running away.
After that the five of us were always together. Later I dumped Kyle, after you helped me to say goodbye to my grandma Claudia. During all of this time, you and I were getting closer as were Michael and Maria. We had more problems with Ms. Toploski but Alex helped us, my other best friend. That is when he got involved, because he had to switch blood samples with you, as you and I were in a car crash. After that we got together, but broke up when you wanted to take a step back, after Michael got sick. I didn't help because I was scared. During this time we tried to be friends, but it didn't really work.
Eventually we got back together, and were very close. We came close to consummating our relationship when we found the two orbs in the desert. We woke in the morning to find a black farmer looking at us. We went home and you told me what you wished for in my destiny.
The next week Tess Harding joined up with us, with her father Ed. She had some hold over you, or so you said and you kissed her. We thought that she was an evil alien after we witnessed her having alien powers. It turned out she was one of you, and that her father was a shape shifter called Nascedo. It was then that he kidnapped me in the form of you. You chased after us and got caught by the FBI in the circus. I ran away from there with what I thought was you. But it wasn't. That was then when you were in the white room.
Michael, Isabel and Tess saved you from Agent Pierce. Michael killed him with his powers, as we ran off. It was that night we declared our love. We had to jump off a bridge to escape them, and you worked out how to use the orbs. That was when you learned of your true destinies. I need not to remind you of them. I ran away from the desert from you, and went to stay with my aunt during the summer." Liz paused for breath, and searched Max's face for any sign that he believed her. To her relief he had slightly lowered his arm, but still a stern look on his face showed no signs of release.
"Max... You have to believe me. I don't know how but after you left I... the pendant" Liz stopped short as her hand fished underneath her top, searching for her treasured possession.
"The pendant? What pendant would that be?" Max spoke up for the first time, his voice more gentle than it ever could be. It slightly worried Liz, and her hand shook slightly, as she reached her hand forward, allowing Max a proper view of the gift he had given her so long ago.
As Max stared at the pendant he was unaware that he had been holding his breath. The lack of oxygen swept over him, as he breathed in deep and focused on Liz. *She looks so beautiful* Liz's face was lighted with a faint purple glow, the light accentuating her petite figure.
"Where did you get that?" Max asked in a quavering voice. He was too afraid if his thoughts and feelings were proved true. It felt like the woman standing in front of him was Liz, his heart was telling him so but his brain wasn't thinking right. All reasons were pointing to the fact that the person in front of him had alien powers.
"Max you know where I got this from. You gave it to me your last night on Earth. We were in your jeep, after we had searched for Leanna. You found out the truth about Kyle and I, and all my dealings with the granolith and the future. We kissed for the last time after you gave me this necklace. It was slightly broken, and Isabel found it previously the year before at Atherton's house. You have to believe me. The pendant somehow.... somehow gave me the powers I have. They were triggered after I thought of you, and after that even if I didn't wear the pendant I had the powers. Ask Maria if you don't believe me." Her deep brown eyes stared at Max, a small smile playing across her lips, as she saw Max reach for her his arms outstretched.
"Liz... I'm so sorry" With that the two ran into each other's arms in a tight embrace. The shield went down with the lack of energy, as Liz quietly sobbed into his shoulder. They were a mixture of things; happiness, sadness, relief but most of all love. She knew not whether or not Max was together with Tess, but it didn't matter to her. Liz had already promised herself that nothing was to happen. She couldn't do that to Andy no matter how tempting.


The two pulled back from their hug to provide each other with a full view of each other. Liz gasped sub-consciously at Max's even more well built muscles, and iron board chest obviously been worked on over all the years he fought. His amber eyes seemed even deeper than before, and she lost herself in the colour of them. Dark strands of his hair fell onto his face, making him more irresistible to Liz.
While she was taking in Max he was doing the exact same to her. He eyed her up and down, marvelling at her perfect body, how her top clung to her chest. He admired her new hairstyle, as it flicked out at the ends, resting on her shoulders. Her eyes were exactly the same to Max. Still the big pools of colour that he found he fell in love with. Unaware of each other's actions, they both let their arms drop from their positions of holding onto one another. Both looked coyly up at each other, shuddering from the sudden loss of body heat.
"So uh... how have you been? How is everybody?" When Liz said this she meant to ask about Max and his relationship with Tess, but didn't want to seem too upfront. Of course she was eager to hear of his home and how Michael, Isabel and Tess were but the one thing she had on her mind was 'Is he single?'
As Max spoke he gazed into her eyes replying to her friendly question. The one sentence running through his mind while he stared at her ' she's living in LA with her long term boyfriend Andy'. He shook himself to awaken from his jealous dream, and replied to Liz's question.
"I'm great. I mean you look great too. Uh... everyone's fine. Michael is at his apartment with Izzy who at the moment is pregnant with her first child. She's..." Before he could continue Liz's face fell at the mention that Michael and Isabel were living together and having their first child. It meant that they followed their destinies and probably meant that Max had followed his.
"Wait you mean Michael and Isabel are together like that? I mean Maria will be devastated. She's been holding onto the hope that he would come back for her. I suppose that it was their destiny and that the pressures on your planet... but still he promised Maria he would come back for her. I'm pretty sure that she's over there now. I really should phone her, I mean she'll need my support. She had this flash that Michael calling for her. That's why we came back. Based on our instincts. We both wanted to come back. Maria for Michael and me for y... I mean to see if you knew anything about my powers."
Liz stumbled on the last bit. Realizing that she had let slip that she had been really looking forward to seeing Max again. Max showed great happiness on his face, knowing what Liz had really meant. But he thought he would just try and get along as friends, for now anyway as she seemed sure of her feelings for him, he could see it in her eyes. But she wasn't sure how to handle it all over again.
"Well to begin with Michael isn't the father. She' staying with him while she waits for her husband to return. I'm not sure how you got your powers. I could have something to do with the pendant or the fact that I saved you all those years ago. Tess is really the person to ask. She knows far much more about our race than I do. So apart from the powers how have you been? In mean I know you live in LA with your... with your boyfriend. Your mum told me. But that was all I got. I had the feeling that Kyle was hiding your return from us so he never told us what happened after we left." Liz looked at Max in surprise. Usually when Max was uncomfortable about his feelings, he avoided them. It wasn't like him to be out front with them, especially when it involved Liz. *Maybe he is with Tess and doesn't care for me in that way anymore. *
"Um yeah. I'm a scientist at one of the laboratories in LA. I work there with my boyfriend Andy Gellar. I've been working there for the past 3 years. I graduated from the San Francisco College with distinction and I graduated from West Roswell High when I was 18 as Valedictorian. Maria works nearby and lives on the same block as me. We're always hanging out together as usual!" Liz added laughing, trying to lighten the mood.
As Max listened to Liz's life he was glad that she had a good one. But he couldn't help but feel jealous that he wasn't there to share it with her. His envy boiled up especially when she mentioned her boyfriend Andy, and was mad that they obviously had a lot in common. The jealousy over came him, as he tried to steady his breathing. The familiar feeling that he always got when Liz was around him grew more intently, and he tried to conceal it so not to scare Liz.
"That's great that you've been able to lead a normal life. I've always wished that for you. As for mine... well you know." Max left his sentence at an awkward tense, moment hanging in the air. Liz tried to smile, but the suspense of knowing whether or not the man in front of her was with the woman she had detested since she came to Roswell, was too great. So she settled on asking a friendly question about everyone, hoping to probe the unanswered from Max.
"So how is everyone? Michael, Isabel?... Tess?" Max jerked his head up suddenly at the mention at Tess's name, and Liz's stomach twisted in knots as she noticed Max's reaction to her name.
"Uh... they're all great. Isabel is pregnant with her first child. The father is called Topik one of my best friends on my planet. It took her awhile to let anyone close to her after Alex, but apparently he came to her dream and told her she had to let go. She's never looked back since, although she mourns for him every day. Topik knows of Alex, and understands that a part of Izzie's heart will always belong to him. They got married last fall, and Isabel and Michael broke off their betrothal.
Michael has been great for the past 7 years. I know Maria will be pleased but he hasn't looked at another woman since her. He kept his mind focused on being my second in command. All I can say is that all the wars we've had has made his emotional wall come down and soften up to the ones he loves. Another thing that Maria will be happy about.
The there's Tess. Her and myself took on the role of the king and queen while we were dating, but it didn't last. Our hearts had been left on Earth. With Kyle and... anyway we broke off the marriage, despite the obvious disagreement from my mother, and we have been friends ever since. We carried on as king and queen although we were not together up until the day we left. What can I say? We missed home. Our real home. We never felt that where we were was where we belonged. I know now... we all know now that earth is where we belong. Isabel's husband Topik is coming over here to live together. We're staying here for good. In the place that we've always known as home." As Max finished his speech Liz became speechless. The man that she still loved had come back for her. He wasn't with Tess anymore and finally that he was staying here on Earth permanently.
Liz began hyperventilating, not caring that Max was there and staring at her. A smile crept across his face, realizing what an effect his words had on Liz. *She still loves me! * Since he had found out about Andy he was unsure about whether to try and win back Liz, but he found himself having a strong, and undeniable urge to go and comfort her in her present state.
He cautiously crept towards her, and slowly snaked his arm around her waist. He loved the way his arms fit perfectly across her body. His steady arms stabled Liz's shaking body as he gathered his strength and lifted her chin up, so that their faces were level. Liz caught her breath at being so close to Max, as she stared into his eyes for the reason of what he was doing.
"Liz..." He whispered to her, making her eyes widen in surprise and curiosity. He continued making her heart melt at the words he said. "I've loved you since I was in 3rd Grade. I knew that we were meant to be together, and you newfound powers proves me right even more. We have an undeniable connection, and I can feel exactly what you feel. I know I hurt you and misunderstood you. That night I saw you and Kyle was the day my world came crashing down, and it only started to regain it's control when you told me the truth. When I left, Tess knew that my heart belonged to another. To you. To tell the truth we broke up because of you. I know that you are with someone else, but can you honestly tell me that you want to spend the rest of your life with him? Because I can only think of one person, that I want to spend the rest of my life with."
By this time tears of happiness, confusion and upset were running down Liz's face. She knew in her heart what she wanted to do. All she wanted to do was to run into his arm, and hear him promise to be in her life for the rest of his own life. But she couldn't do that to Andy. No matter how much she loved Max, she couldn't betray another man she loved like that. True she couldn't picture her life with Andy, and only with Max but she still couldn't do that to someone. Liz knew what it was like having your heart broken.
She looked up into Max's deep, amber eyes and swallowed, knowing what she was about to say would be a complete lie.
"Max... At this point in my life, I have moved on. Andy... well he's stable and I love him. I can't just up and leave because you suddenly once again appear in my life. I may still love you Max, but I can't leave Andy for you. I couldn't do that to him, no matter how much I want it."
As Liz finished she noticed that although Max's eyes were brimmed with tears he was still smiling. He had stepped closer to her for every word, and was now nearly touching her face with his outstretched arm. He ran his hand through her silky hair, gasping in memory of the feel of it. His feet moved one step closer, and his head lowered down to Liz's level. She could feel the soft breaths of Max cascading across her face.
"Liz.... Can you honestly tell me, right now that you don't love me?" Liz shook her head, trying hard to keep her emotions in check. He continued finding the real truth with her. "And can you say that you love Andy as much as you love me?" Once again Liz shook her head, feeling that it was best to tell him the truth. "And can you say that you don't want to kiss me right now?" This time Liz struggled to tell the truth, to afraid to know what would happen if she did. Liz didn't shake her head, but nodded implying that she didn't want Max to kiss her.
"Look in my eyes and tell me that. Because in 10 seconds I'm going to kiss you, and if you don't want me to... well you're just going to have to stop me. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4..."


Michael slung his arm over Maria's shoulder in a protective way, as they made their way back up to his old apartment. Maria was giggling, and grinning like an idiot, and Michael looked like he was the happiest man in the whole world, and universe. Their free hands were locked together, swinging by their sides. They reached the door leading to his house, which was still open from being flung open by Michael previously. They walked in together, getting stuck as both of them couldn't fit through at the same time producing a loud laugh from Maria.
"What's so funny?" Came the voice of Isabel, as she walked into the main room, on hearing the return of her friends. Her face cracked into a smile, when she saw the joined hands. She jumped into the arms of Maria screaming at the top of her voice. The two women continued to jump up and down in a girlish way, until Isabel felt that it was time to stop. She was very near her due date, and she was in a delicate condition. That was why she was staying with Michael, so he could protect her.
Her parents had found out the truth about them, from the videotape they left and accepted the truth. But still they couldn't accommodate for their daughter, as much as they wished, and couldn't fend off any danger for her safety that could be out there. That was why Michael had been given the task of taking care of Isabel.
"Come on sit down Izzy, you need your rest. I'm sure you and Maria can gossip as much as you like, just please sit down. You know what Max'll be like if he finds out you're in the slightest bit of pain." Michael helped Isabel ease her way into the old sofa, and Maria joined her by her side and curled up into a ball, her feet tucked beneath her.
As Michael watched Maria he couldn't believe how lucky he had gotten. She was the perfect one for him, and he wasn't going to let her go again. Michael was snapped out of his thoughts, by the sound of Maria's friendly laugh. He went over to join them, but found he had no room to sit. They two women had accommodated all the space.
"Budge up Maria" Michael pleaded with Maria. He was tired after his long day of being Isabel's servant, and needed to rest, but Maria was having none of it.
"Michael! I was sitting here first. Get a stool from the kitchen. I am quite comfy here!" Isabel laughed at the common display of affection between the two, but felt a pang of sadness as she missed Topik.
She sighed as she watched Michael sulk off away from the sofa. But not for long. After mumbling under his breath "Women!" he made his way over to where Maria was sitting. He stooped down low, reached down and picked Maria off the couch and into the fireman's rescue.
"Michael! Put me down at once! Michael!" Maria's girlish, giggling screams could have been heard from all the way across their block, as Maria's struggling legs beat wildly in the air.
Isabel's hand flew to her mouth, covering up her disapproving laugh and she chuckled to herself, as Michael lowered himself and Maria down into the empty space. He swung her back round to his front, kissed her nose and settled back down on the sofa.
"There you go! All better" Michael laughed at Maria. Her shocked face showed that she hadn't been expecting that at all, but she was too wound up in the fact that she had been in Michael's arms again. She sighed contently and cupped her hand behind his neck. The movement pulled his head down, and she captured his lips into a kiss.
"Yeah, much better" She murmured when they pulled away. They sat gazing at each other until a very bored, and uncomfortable Isabel heaved herself off the sofa with a 'humph!' They silence had overcome her, as she sat filled with jealously at the newly, re-united couple, not that she wasn't happy for her friends. She was swept away with happiness, for her friends, one of which was almost like a brother to her.
Michael noticing the look on Isabel's face, made his way over to her after carefully lowering Maria onto the vacated space beside them. Her rubbed her shoulder's in an affectionate way, and hoped to relieve some of her anguish.
"Don't worry Iz. He'll be here soon, and you two...I mean three can settle down here and make a home." Isabel sighed, and caught his hands and gave them a squeeze, assuring him that she was okay.
Topik was to return to Earth, after many years before searching for the Royal Four in his hybrid form. Once news that the Royal Four had returned to Antar so did he, and he had become enchanted by Isabel, or Lonnie as she had been previously known as. He was to return in a couple of days, as was anxiously missed.
Isabel as much as she longed for Topik, felt that the subject of him was making her worse, so she tried to change the conversation to Max and Liz. Maria was also willing to apply.
"So Maria... How's Liz? I haven't seen her yet. I know that Max was eager to see her again." Maria smiled at the mention of her best friend and her other close friend. She knew that Liz was already hoping to tell the Czechoslovakians her secret, so Maria decided that she would allow Liz to share her secret.
"Yeah she's great. She's a scientist a one of the labs in L.A. She owns her own apartment, and has been dating this guy Andy for a year now. They work together. He's really nice, but quite boring if you must know. I prefer Max, but Liz is too stubborn to admit she still loves him, but I know she does. I think she just wants to try and detach herself from him, so if she finds out that he's with Tess she won't be too devastated. Liz is trying to convince herself that Andy is the one she's meant to be with, but I'll tell you. Since we discovered that you were back, she hasn't been the same. She's become the same girl she was in high school, and I hope she hasn't set herself up for a fall."
As Maria finished the aliens smiled at each other, knowing that Max had been acting exactly the same, and wanted Liz back badly. He had been raving about it ever since they boarded the ship home, and they knew that Max was going to act on his feelings.
"Maria... This is great. Max feels exactly the same way, but how are we going to convince Liz that she wants him back, and not that Andy bloke?" Isabel asked worriedly, concerned about her brother's happiness. Maria smiled at her friend and answered
"I take it then that Max isn't with Tess?" Isabel nodded to Maria's question, encouraging Maria to continue her sentence. " I think that we should only intervene if the two of them are being too stubborn. I know Liz doesn't want to hurt Andy, but she really can't deny any longer what she wants. But by the sounds of it I'm sure that Max will surely convince her the moment they lay eyes on each other." Little did Maria know that at that very moment that was exactly what was happening.


As Max's lips touched Liz, the bolts of electricity running through them, caused both of their bodies to vibrate. Immediately the connection was opened up as they saw into each other's souls, minds and feelings after being apart from each other for so long.
Max's hand slipped underneath Liz's sheet of hair, and cupped the back of her neck pulling her forward to him. At first their kisses were soft and gentle, getting used to the touch, but soon they were passionate and hungry after they both realized they were in heaven. Max's hands were soon roaming across Liz's body, marvelling at how well she still fit in his hold. Moans escaped from Liz's mouth, realizing that this was what she had been waiting for. She had longed for this, not actually coming to terms with the truth until now. Liz still loved him with all of her heart, and that she had been hiding behind her fears.
Her thoughts were disrupted when she realized that Max's body was now flat against the opposite wall, with her own pressed against Max hard. Their body swayed in rhythm with each other, as Liz's hands gripped tightly at Max's broad shoulders. Max and Liz both sighed in each other's mouths, but as Liz felt Max's hands reach for the top of her halter neck top, and try to undo it Liz broke her lips away from his.
The pain washed over Max's face, full with confusion and hurt. The two stood and stared at each other, trying to regain their breaths. Liz self-consciously smoothed down her hair, and ran her finger over her lips, hoping to sooth the throbbing need to have her lips once again on Max's. As they stood, Liz took a step back, increasing the distance between them.
"I'm so sorry Max..." Liz trailed off not knowing what to say. Max looked up expectantly, his deep brown eyes prodding her to continue. Her eyes met his and the longing between the two was immense. All the images and feeling they had seen, had once again reopened their dormant relationship.
"Max... You probably know from the flashes that you got, how much I love you and need you." Before Liz could continue, Max had started to continue her next sentence for her, hoping that the end would be something he wanted to hear.
"But..." Liz looked up helplessly into his eyes, and couldn't refuse the fact that all she wanted was Max. Not Andy. Max was her soul mate, knew everything about her, made her feel like she was the luckiest woman in the world, and when he kissed the emotions that run through her were indescribable. Nothing like what she had ever felt with Andy.
"Max I can't deny my feelings for you, but Andy and I... well I can't just ditch him because you turn up. I wish more than anything to be able to go back to the way we were, but I just can't do that to someone I care about, no matter how much I want it." With Liz's last 7 words, lit a smile up on Max's face. He now knew that Liz still cared for him, but being the sweet, caring person she was couldn't bear to hurt someone so close to her.
"Liz how can you be with this guy, when you love someone else? I want to help you realize just how much you mean to me, and now with your newfound powers it proves even more before how we're meant for each other. I know I hurt you, but even my people have accepted that I don't love Tess, and don't wish to spend my life with her. I will be living here for the rest of my life, on Earth, hopefully with the woman I love. I hoped to do this when you didn't have any attachments, and on a more romantic situation, but it'll have to do as it can't wait."
As Liz stood there, surrounded by her luggage, with the moonlight streaming through the curtain-less windows, her breath caught in her throat, as Max kneeled down in front of her on one leg, and pulled out a small silver, velvet box looking like it contained jewellery. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest and she began to visibly shake in anticipation.
"Liz I have wanted to do this, since the day I saved you that day in the Crashdown. You remember that night we spent together in the desert, and in the morning we returned to your house, and we were waiting outside? And I told you I didn't know what you're destiny was but there was one thing I was hoping for? Well I want it to come true.
I told you the night before we left that I had been planning on giving you my ring after graduation, I didn't tell you what I wanted it to signify. I wanted it to be your engagement ring. I know my ring isn't fancy, and doesn't have jewels all over but I thought it would mean more to you, than a diamond ring would. So...."
As he paused his trembling fingers, reached for the silver clasp and he flipped the lid open on the box, revealing the pure silver band he had worn every day of his life since he was 14. He gently lifted the ring out of the padded cushion, and fiddled with it, glistening in the moonlight. As the light hit the inside of the ring, it highlighted the engraved words 'it was you'.
"Elizabeth Ann Parker would you marry me?" As Liz stood there with Max kneeling in front of her all she could let out were tears of happiness.
Her body began to shake as her sobs took over, echoing throughout her room. Max looked up from his position on the floor and became concerned, not sure whether her tears meant yes or no. He jumped up from the floor, and sprung himself at Liz, and enveloped her in a hug.
"Liz, honey what's wrong? Oh please Liz tell me I can't bear to see you like this." Max's hands weaved in and out of Liz's hair, pulling her closer to him. She was so close now, that she could rest her head on his shoulder, which is exactly what she did. And as she leaned into Max's face, she whispered into his ears, while sobbing at the same time "yes".


As the older Max and Liz walked into the Crashdown restaurant hand in hand, their friends who were seated at their usual booth smiled warmly at the re-united couple. They wandered up to Maria who was sitting on Michael's lap, Isabel very pregnant and Kyle and Tess squeezed in close together, their hands joined together underneath the table. The two of them were glowing as they slid into the booth, but finding there wasn't enough room for them Liz had to settle on Max's lap as had Maria, which suited her just fine.
"So... I take it things between you have been rekindled?" Maria asked laughing, glad for her best friend for finally admitting the truth. The smiles that lit up on everyone's faces were surreal, for even the last times the group had been together never had everyone been as happy as this.
"Yeah Maria. And Max and I have kinda a little announcement." Liz turned to Max, to ascertain that it was all right for her to be telling the latest news. He slowly nodded, and squeezed her hand before returning to look at the expectant faces of their friends.
"Well... Max and I are engaged!" She said gleefully, followed by a loud outburst and congratulations being shouted at the same time.
"Hey guys! Guys be quiet for a moment all right. Now I know that one member of our group knows what I am about to say," Maria turned to Isabel, who at that time was being very hormonal and crying hysterically and gave her a wink, " but Michael and I back together." The hugging and joyous screaming continued, Max squeezed Liz's hand as a sign of his affection. Liz wasn't too sure if now was the time to bring up the touchy subject of her new found powers. Although it was a very big thing, she didn't want to ruin the mood.
Liz turned to Max to sound her worries, trying to escape the noise to talk to him. "Hey guys how about I go and get some celebratory cake and sodas?" Murmurs of agreements were muttered round the table, and Isabel shouted to Liz as she left, dragging Max behind her, "Can you bring out some mayonnaise and Tabasco sauce for the cake?" Liz signalled with her free hand that she would, as her and Max left through the swinging door, leaving behind the disgusted reactions to Isabel's cravings.
As the door slammed shut, Max twisted Liz around with the hand that was intertwined with hers, and caught her lips with his. He entangled his hands through her hair, and she brought up her arms to wrap around his waist. Liz soon felt that things were getting out of control, and that the reason that she actually came out here was slowly being forgotten.
"Mmmm Max, Max!" Liz had to muffle from underneath to try and get his attention.
"What? What's wrong?" Max answered huskily. Liz slipped out of his wandering hands, and smiled naughtily at him.
"Max can we save this for another time?" Max put on his hurt face at Liz's request, as Liz slapped him playfully on his arm. "Max... Max! Don't use that look it won't work, although you do look so adorable, " Liz laughed, as she brushed a stray lock of hair that had fallen just above his amber eyes, shining with happiness.
"Okay, okay I give. So you think I'm adorable huh? I'll stop, just as long as you promise that you'll make up for it." Max asked cheekily, holding his hands up to prove his point. Liz laughed at his forwardness, and grabbed his hands, and looked at him seriously. As Max's laughter subsided her noticed her solemn look and immediately felt concerned.
"Liz? What's wrong?" He asked as he pulled her into his embrace, as she sighed and leaned back placing her hand on his muscular chest.
"Nothing's wrong, I was just wondering whether now would be a good time to tell Michael, Isabel and Tess that I have powers like you, and I seem to be able to do everything you all can do, combined. I'm just worried at what their reactions will be. Especially Tess'." Liz added quietly at the end. It was true that she didn't know how to treat Tess now. She knew that Max and her had broken up and decided that it wasn't working, but still she was intimate with Max, and had always had something against her, probably that she stood in the way to getting Max.
"Liz don't worry. They'll all be fine about it. And as for Tess I know for certain that you have nothing to worry about. She's not the same person she used to be. Why don't we get the drinks and the cake, and we'll tell them then. I think we should talk about it as soon as possible, and ask Tess if she knows anything. She's the one who knows the most about us. Okay?" Max asked her tentively.
He knew how Liz felt about Tess. She had never liked her, or trusted her completely, especially after he and Tess got together. Liz nodded as led him towards the kitchen to prepare their celebratory food and drinks, preparing herself for telling her closest friends her dark secret.


"Ah here they come! Took they're time didn't they? I wonder what you two could of possibility been up to, out there in the back, all alone." Maria commentated with a mischievous look on her face, her eyes twinkling with happiness. The rest of the group joined along laughing with Maria, as they watched the blushing couple in front of them. *Some things never change* Maria thought as she saw the unusual smile light up on her best friends face.
Liz stuck her tongue out at Maria like she used to when they were younger, as they walked over to the booth to resume their positions, with Max carrying the tray with 8 slices of chocolate cake, and 8 glasses of soda. He distributed them to each person, before sliding in next to Liz, and taking her small hand in his.
The two looked at each other, before they turned their serious faces towards the merry ones of their friends.
"Guys I need to tell you something" Liz spoke up, Max squeezing her hand in encouragement. The group turned to stare at Liz, and Maria and Kyle gave her a knowing look. The four of them, bracing themselves for the words that Liz would say, took a deep breath.
"Well I know that Maria, Kyle and Max all know what I am about to say, but I'd really appreciate it if no one says anything until I've finished speaking, as this is really important." Liz turned to each of the aliens in turn, getting greeted by an understanding nod.
"Where do I start? Well after you left I'm not sure if any of you know this but Max gave me the pendant that Isabel found at Atherton's house all that time ago. One night my thoughts had been wandering to Max, when I suddenly felt this incredible rush of energy through me. I looked down to find the very same pendant glowing, and soon my hand was elevated and a surge of energy rushed through my hand and shattered my mirror in front of me.
It was similar to what Michael can do. I was so shocked I got Maria and Kyle to come over. We discovered that I was able to do each and every one of your powers. Mind warps, healing, dream walking, energy balls, shields, changing molecular patterns, I can even do the mind rape thing that Nikolas was able to do. I can do it all. The first night I did it the pendant has been my source of power, although I am able to do it weakly without it, but with it and the thoughts of Max makes them very powerful. Very powerful indeed."
The shocked faces in front of Liz made her very nervous and unsettled. The expressions didn't qualify what they were feeling. The three of them were gob smacked. Their brains couldn't give them the answer they so desperately wanted. How and why? Michael was the first to speak, shakily at first but soon building up courage.
"Are you sure? I mean can we have some proof. I mean Max, how can you be sure this isn't a trick, and that the woman sitting next to you isn't a shape shifter?" Liz let out an exasperated sigh, even though she knew this was the kind of reaction that she had expected from Michael. She waved her hand in front of Michael, before replying to him.
"Hello, Michael I'm still here! And I am not a shape shifter! Don't you think I've already had that accusation from Max? Of course it's me, but if you want proof..." She trailed off as she began her mind warp.

//The scene was set in the Crashdown, with Liz standing up. Slowly she raised her hand and swiped it in front of her face, revealing a slimy green face with little antenna that was laughing hysterically. //

When Liz opened her eyes she was met with three heavy stares. Two smiling, and one pissed off. Liz smiled at her friends, and reached out to Tess hands. There she one again waved her across the nails, and wiped away all of her blue nail varnish.
She stood back, and admired the reaction that her handiwork had done. All of them were stunned, and speechless. But only one was not convinced, and attempted to reach the truth that he already knew was true.
"You know Liz, that that still doesn't prove that you're not a shapeshifter. Some of them have our powers like Nikolas did. Do something that only the real Liz would know, or do." Liz was beginning to become frustrated with Michael. He just was too stubborn to believe her. She had to do something to convince him, although she wasn't sure whether the slap around the head from Maria wasn't enough to change his mind.
"Michael! That is Liz! Don't you think I know who my best friend is? I can't believe you don't trust her. Look Max does." Maria said pointing accusingly at Max. Michael was still in shock from the slap, as Liz decided to change his mind once and for all.
She placed her hands both side of Michael's face, and stared straight at him. Almost at once the connection was opened up as various scenes flashed passed his eyes.
*Liz persuading them not to leave Roswell on the night of the festival * * Watching Maria's movements in the Crashdown, while Max stared at Liz* * Liz telling Max that Toploski was asking questions about him* *Michael giving Liz her journal back* *Liz seeing Michael's painting of the geometric dome* * Walking in on Michael and Maria in the motel* * When they were trapped underneath the floorboards in Atherton's house* *Seeing Michael and Maria kiss in the Crashdown* etc.
All these flashes sped past, as Michael realized that this was the one and only Liz Parker, with the added addition of alien powers. When the images stopped Michael opened in eyes, nodded his head in belief when he realized that Liz was no longer in front of him. In fact, she was lying slumped over the table, unconscious

PART 13.

"Liz... Liz are you okay? What's wrong with her?" Maria's frantic questions brought Liz out of her dazed state, as the world in front of her cleared. The blurry images in front of her began to become clear, and have faces and she looked up from Max's arms to see Max looking down worriedly down at her.
"Liz! Oh thank god you're all right. Do you know what happened?" Liz looked towards the voice that was speaking to her, to see Maria stroking her hand. She strained a smile, her head clogging up with images she couldn't remember. It was as if she had had a curtain pulled across her thoughts, and she couldn't quite reach the answers. She shook her head, as she gently spoke to her anxious friends.
"I... Something happened when I connected with Michael. Not just touched him but reached inside his head. I've never connected properly like that with an alien before, and the result was... It was if a part of me was awakening and there was this burst of energy, which I just couldn't control. I just don't know why." Liz finished and turned to look at Max. His face was sad, and jealously seeped through, and she squeezed his hand and addressed his fears.
"I think this has never happened with you and me before Max, because we've never been inside each other's heads since I've had powers. I mean physically we have, but never have our energies contacted each other like Michael and me." Max smiled back eagerly, glad that he and Liz were so in tune with each other's. Max glanced over at Tess who sat silently the whole time, looking around worriedly.
"Tess? Do you know like something about this?" Tess looked up suddenly, having not realized that someone had noticed her sullen behaviour.
"I... uh...think I know what's happening to Liz. I wasn't sure at first, and I'm still kinda wary now. It's hardly ever seen, and this... well it's just unbelievable. When we were on Antar, I learned a lot about our past. The pendant you gave to Liz symbolizes a lot. If the love between the two is so great, the souls, minds and energies combine and are released to each other as a joined being. Explaining how Liz has received your power. The reason she blacked out was because Liz was in direct contact of another similar to the one who holds her heart, and the reaction was great. If you and Liz were to connect like that, you would be joined as one, hearing each other's thoughts and feelings. It is a power only given to two soul mates, and once the uh... mating ritual has been performed... um you will both have powers much stronger than you ever did, and be connected for the rest of your days. You will feel each other, hear each other, and contact each other wherever you are. It is a special gift that only a few are blessed with, to find your other half and be combined. It is a great tradition on our planet, and once the royals left on our planet find out about this, Liz will replace my position, and I will stand down from the role of the queen." Tess finished solemnly.
Everyone sat silent in disbelief, although knowing what she had said was the truth. Max and Liz were soul mates; they belong together. Liz now had the same physical capabilities as all the other aliens, and stronger. Michael was the first to speak, although shaky at first.
"Well... I think we can all say this has stunned us, but given us the answer. Liz is now basically one of us. Welcome to the "We are aliens club!" No one laughed at Michael's comment, but just sat staring at Liz and Max. Max had a wide grin on his face that he was struggling to hide, and Liz... well Liz looked like she'd just seen a ghost, but a friendly one.
"I... I... can't believe it! This is just... wow... me and Max are meant to be together... we are soul mates? I'm the queen!?" Everyone smiled, and joined hands with their loved ones, as they watched the scene unfold in front of the. Everything was perfect.
Liz snuggled tighter into Max's arms, and his arm tightened on her protectively. It was all her dreams come true. She was going to get married to the love of her life, she had finally been re-united with her true soul mate, she'd found a explanation to her powers, and lastly everyone she loved was happy together, brought together by a lot of mistakes, different circumstances and a lot of surprises.