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"I.. I.. think we'd better go home Liz. Before this goes too far." He stumbled fighting with everything that he was not to just throw her back down on that knotted sofa and take her over and over marking her inside and out till she screamed for mercy.

Even with the distance between them, his energy drew her in as Liz took a couple of shaky steps towards him daring to ask what she already knew. "Why Max?... don't you want me?"

Max twisted the collar of his leather coat that he was holding, needing something to keep his hands busy, to keep them from invading every part of her tiny perfectly formed body over and in while looking at her from lowered lashes. He couldn't form breath as her words had floored him completely.
"God Liz.... I want you so bad right now it hurts." he whispered.
His jeans suddenly becoming uncomfortably tight as his arousal pushed up hard against his fly. He knew this was so wrong, that they shouldn't go any further his past would only end up hurting her...maybe even killing her but how come it felt so right. He wanted her as he had said more than he'd ever wanted anything in his life or would again. He wanted her hair falling down around him.
He wanted her above and below him, around him and on him. He wanted to hear him scream his name over and over as he drove into her deeper and faster. He wanted to give them both a night to remember knowing it could be nothing more, wanting to give her just this one thing before they retuned to the real world. The one thing that was true in all this madness, he wanted to give her him. Body and soul.

He crossed the room in a few strides unable to keep away from her as he stopped in front of her.
"I want you."
All that was said as he curved his hand around the nape of neck, pulling her lips up to meet his in a hard, hungry kiss. For just a second he thought he'd gone too far but then her arms came around his neck and she opened her mouth to him he knew he hadn't gone far enough.
His body trembled at first only to leap in relief as anticipation and raw desire now took hold. He groaned, wrapping his arms tight around her waist tugging at the waistband of her pants digging in once there. She moaned in response, offering him her tongue as she pressed in closer to him instantly feeling his cock nudge in between her whobbly legs. Blood pumped through his body responding to her every touch as it rushed straight to his loins. He slid his hands up her back feeling it spasm from under his palm, over her shoulder blades and into her hair there displacing the slide that held it back. Her silky tresses spilling out over his hands and down her back.
Restraint he told himself as he lifted his head, inhaling hard through clenched teeth at seeing her eyes. Those eyes, windows to his soul as they drew him further in. Fuck restraint he hissed so only he could hear as he dipping down into her collarbone. God she felt so good so warm and inviting. He felt like he had finally found his home as he breathed her in. God she smelt so good too for strawberry and vanilla now needing to see if she tasted good too. He licked at her neck with one little gentle stroke as she heard her gasp then moan for him. She tasted so good as he took her again trailing down further this time to pool at the dip at her collar bone. He practically shook from wanting her as he felt her trembling.

"I need to see you." His voice rasped against the swell of her breast as he felt them caress over and over. Not knowing why he'd said that only to feel her nipples gently rub again alomst making him come right there and then as he now knew the why. Shy Max was gone to be replaced by a new improved prowling Max where as he was the hunter she his prey finally finding a use for his alien side as he literately burned for her. Everything forgotton apart from them, alone in that room.

Suddenly she stepped back, her hair wildly mussed and wild from his eager fingers but still held loosely by her hairclip as her small hands still splayed at his chest. Her eyes now looked upon him as if she were to bolt at any moment.Max set his jaw, to keep him from pulling her back not wanting to scare her with his desire that pulsed fast through his hard body.

Liz felt the vibration of Max's heartbeat against her palm as her own pounded in her chest whipping bursts of pure adrenaline through her withering body. What ever she might have wanted there was no future here, only an encounter. A here and now that would last forever as she finally found words to talk.

"Make love to me Max." She purred almost begging as he nearly lost it again from hearing them. He'd only ever dreamt of hearing her say these words to him but now they were finally here he didn't know what to do.
She knew why she had said it and meant it as he wanted to make love to her too she seen it in his eyes... felt it in his touch. This gorgeous, warm boy wanted her, desired only her, a desire that dripped off of him leaving her weak with wanting. An experience that she had never felt before as the idea of it rocked her whole world again and again, as her inexperience hit her like a hammer to the skull. What if she was clumsy? What if she did it all wrong? She was finding it hard to breath as she looked into his eyes, hooded with longing suddenly realizing that he was just as afraid as she was. She gasped as she faced to truth, it wasn't that it would be bad it was that it would be good. Too good! It was unexplainable but the way their bodies gravitated towards each other, the way that they always had. Was it Pheromonies? Maybe. The flashes?
probably. Magic? Definately.

She tore her eyes from his to look down at her sweater. It was the red one that buttoned all the way down the front. His favorite she knew that from the way his eyes lit up whenever she wore it and that's why she had worn it tonight. Asking her mother to wash it especially before she came out as if to know that they would end up here...at this moment. She undid the buttons, each one slower than the last and let it fall from her shoulders to pool at her feet. Max said nothing as she let her head fall.
She wore a matching set but he could only see the black and teal bra as she remembered and blushed at just how miniscule her panties were as they chewed at her ass once more. She slowly undid the buttons to her hip hugging pants one by one not knowing how to undress seductively in front of him as she thought she'd heard him growl. There, now he could see her in all her glory, her tiny underwear the only thing left as she dared to lift her gaze slowly upward. If he was laughing she would crawl back to her room and never come out.
But he wasn't laughing, his jaw tighening as he scoured her body from head to toe. She had heard him growl as he did it again, louder this time. She drew heated breath suddenly flushed with feminine pride as the tips of her breasts popped over the edges of her cut down bra. Max breathed in deep, stopping as he drew closer to her feeling his skin prickle at her closeness and to what he saw. Beginning again as he tore off his shirt in one motion.
He pulled her roughly against him, rubbing her now exposed peaks across his hard chest. The sensation was exquisite, sending shards of desire to the already wet juncture of her thighs having to bury her nose into his collarbone or fall as the senation took her again, standing on tip toe to do so. Her head spun as she inhaled the musky male scent of him, of Max that had driven her crazy for the past year or so while sitting next to him in class. He wrapped his arms tighter around her, unhooking her bra one handed from behind with one go freeing her ever swelling breasts against him.
She pulled away long enough to discard the bra as he held her at arms length able to drink in more of her by doing so.
"God your're so beautiful Liz Parker, I don't want to stop looking at you. Ever!" His body shuddered as she saw his eyes turn almost black.
A rush of self-confidence then hit making her feel bold for the first time in her life as she giggled, wetting her lips.
"Is that all you're going to do Max- Look?


part 2

He groaned swooping in for a lip crushing kiss bruising her there with every delicious circle he made with his it was that fierce and wantant. His tongue demanding entry as she gave it willingly, now tangling and sliding against his. Coaxing and hot drinking in more of each other over and over as he scooped her up and back over to the couch. Not the place that he had imaged their first time to be but it was the only place that he could make it to in time, he was already that close to heaven. He set her down on the edge, turning then pressing her back, moving on top of her his hard body now covering the length of hers. The sudden sensation of heated skin against heated skin and him on top of her made her gasp as he kneaded at her breasts before lowering his head to take a swollen tip into his warm mouth.
Liz cried out softly into the candlelit room.

“Oh God Max….that feels so good.”
He laved one nipple, drawing on her breast with an incredible intensity, flicking his tongue against the sensitive peak. Incredibly Liz felt the beginnings of what must be an orgasm hum in the depths of her womb. She moaned, bucking upwards as she dug her fingers into his thick hair, urging him on fatser harder as he began moving between the hardening peaks. Sucking, tweaking, biting and licking over and over till she writhed against him her eyes now glacing over. She reached down to stroke his thick arousal through his jeans as it poked her at her hip gratified at his groan in response to her quickening touch. She pulled at his waistband, frustrated with her cumbersome fingers as feeling her dilemma lifting his head and body long enough to shed both his jeans and boxers to then rejoin her.
At the touch and insistence of his erection against her thigh she almost lost her nerve as she had began to spiral out of control with it. Her body seemingly separating from her mind rushing head long into a situation that she might not be able to return from. Not wanting to because she wanted to make love to him too badly and for him to make love to her. It was primal pure and simple she wanted Max evans to fuck her brains out right here, right now as she then did something that made her heart stop beating. Never dreaming that she would be able to do such a thing as she folded her hand around his shaft and squeezed. She felt the vibration of his moan at her bud as she slowly stroked him up then down. Up then down. Again and again a little faster and longer with each stroke as moisture now oozed against her fingers using that to lubricate the length of him.

“Oh god…”
He groaned out having to it felt that good as he tore away from her breast, the rasping pain of teeth against flesh was electrify as her body opened to him in anticipation of having him fill her. A long moan now escaped him as he fell fully against her for the first time lightly biting at her neck then her ear matching her stroke for bite. She arched her back and moved her hand faster in response to his breathless encouragement.

“Yes…there… oh god…liz…ahhhh.”
As then Max inhaled sharply, stilling her hand with his.
“Careful.. I maybe an alien but I’m still human,” he whispered breathlessly with a giggle
“… and I’m not ready for this to end just yet .”
She smiled against his shoulder, happy that she could pleasure him, her dream now a reality as they were both breathlessly panting. She moved slightly from under him, her moist tight curls lightly brushing against his throbbing shaft as a wicked smile then broke across her face.

“So…” She licked at her lips. “…what shall we do now?”

Both their smiles growing to what she had just said whilst they continued to lightly stroke each other as she saw fire blaze across his eyes which only fed the fire that was ragging inside of her. He pulled a way just a little to allow him greater access to her trembling body as he began to move slowly down her. She giggled one last time before closing her eyes against the longing that pooled in her stomach at where his was heading. He lay gentle feathery kisses, feeling her muscles spasm at her ribcage and belly as he continued down to her hips. She jerked a little as with each kiss he took her further under as he caressed down to the tiny triangle that covered her mould, there stealing a glance back up. He trembled to what he saw as her eyes were closed while her tongue was darting in and out at her slightly parted mouth.

She was the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen just wanting to take her there and then as she responded further to his fingertips lightly tapping and teasing at where her panties were. He had to totally take a hold of himself as he slid his fingers under the fabric and into her slippery folds, she was so hot and slick, just for him as he plunged in deeper. He cursed as he slipped out of her she was so wet, having to hold her at her hip just to steady her. Her own jerky movements against his were throwing him off of her as with one hard thrust she claimed her again.

She bucked against him the thought of him now pleasuring her made his cock dribble a little more as she helpleesly clawed at the threadbare material beneath her. The alien sensations now rocking her loosened both her knees and her tongue.

The sound of ripping fabric filled the air as he tore away her last barrier between them. Suddenly his mouth was upon her knowing exactly what to do and how to please. Liz had to sink her teeth into her lower lip to stifle a scream of pure delight at what his tongue was now doing to her, her hands finding his hair once more pushing him down harder into her. She squirmed , moving up with each hard thrust of his tongue as he was trying to feed further up, pushing her up and back until her head squashed flat up against the armrest. He followed her, his mouth fastened against the sensitive bead as if he hadn’t had a drink in years. He’d never drank on her and the taste was so sweet that he needed all if it, every single drop. That place of worship was now his playground! That he now ruled, a king at last! She swallowed convulsively, gasping for precious air as her body prepared for an urgent orgasm, her first as fear now engulfed her. One more lick and suck from Max and it was no more as it took her with his next flick. The wave flowed, then ebbed, then flowed higher, plunging her over the edge with such an intensity it made her open her knees shamelessly wider, giving him access to all of her.

She pulsed against his tongue as her body released all its tension over and under, faster and deeper now squeezing his shoulders with her knees to both aid her spasms and hold him there. Her moans in unison to the rhythm of her descent from heaven, a heaven that only he could sent her to EVER! as she felt him pull away. She moaned at the loss of him as then she was moaning with pleasure as he kissed the insides of her knees, eyes meeting with the sensation of it. He cupped her flushed cheek with his hot hand with fingers that had been deeper inside of her only moments before. She was still panting hard as she took his thumb clean into her mouth sucking on it hard her eyes saying, begging him to do what was only natural as he pushed himself up from his elbows then got up.
He was leaving, the thought filled her with a dismay that made her ache deep inside as he now across to where they had thrown clothes cursing while doing so.
He then seemed to be looking for something, frantically reaching down into the back pocket of his jeans barely able to function enough to do that simple thing as he cursed again while trying to get his wallet out. Liz just looked at where he stood just his nakedness making her skin prickle and her loins pang as with great relief she realized that he had been looking for a condom. She didn’t ask the why’s and the how’s of how he had one just loving him all the more for his thoughtfulness. Even when it was obvious that all he wanted to do was fuck her brains out he’d stopped ,taking a step back to care for her well being. She sighed with that as her head now spun with it she wanted to bare his children, feel them growing in side of her yet that was a impossible dream but that very thought rocked her world. She’d never dared to even think like she was as seeing his firm bare ass shine in the candlelit made it seem so real to her now, she wiggled her hips just a little arching them up the sofa as she thought of what he was about to do with her.
She saw him turning round as he slowly rolled the condom up and along his thick shaft her eyes liquid to it. God he was so big, too big however was he going to fit inside of her as he now looked back at her with a look of raw desire that made her drip out a little more. He'd fit just fine.
The air was cool against her wetness until Max returned to lower himself into the candle of her knees they eyes never breaking the intense duel that they were engaged in. He kissed at her shoulders, then at her neck travelling down to between her heaving breasts as the head of his warm arousal throbbed against her wet entrance, just hovering there as he claimed her mouth. He covered it with his own as if to offer her a taste of her own musk to her tongue, probing the recesses of the mouth as he felt her buck towards his sex. He snapped open his eyes to see hers burn with heat his cock throbbed with a need to be inside her, to fill her with his everything, fit to burst at wherever it touched on her sweat and slick body if he wasn't buried deep within her walls soon. But he had to stop. He had to know as he found the laboured breath to ask.

“..A…a…are you sure?”


part 3

'Am I sure?'
YES! YES! OH GOD YES! Her mind screamed over and over but her trembling body was failing her desperately as she couldn’t find the words to scream it out loud. Was she sure? Like the air that she breathed her want for him was unbidden, as desire stabbed at her once more signalling her breasts into hardening at their painful buds further already sensitised by the rubbing of his hard chest. A heaviness settled at her drenched loins from the inside as his huge sex lay pulsating just off to the side of her opening, vibrating hot and hard against the inside of her thigh igniting a hum of awareness that was consuming her whole. She tried arching up to him to show him just how much she wanted him buried deep within her right now but his hips had her pinned hard at her own. She dared to find his beautiful long lashed tawny, now black as her breath caught in her chest to him - she’d never been so turned on by just simply looking at him. Yes his slick hard body and hot breath lapping cool as it hit her flushed face were sending her to places that she never wanted to leave but it was his eyes that were making her begin to come, wave upon spasm seizing her, a gentle hum no more.
His eyes were filled with such passion for HER, such concern for HER that she felt tears begin to pool at the corners of her eyes. She could feel the waves and spasms of her heightening orgasms form little longer and a little harder. To rise, throb then spread as this was getting just too much for her to take, losing herself quickly. The sensation of both him and them made the tears fall faster unable to control them, unable to hold his intense stare any longer as she let her eyes fall away. Instantly she knew it was the wrong thing to have done as she felt his body tense then tremble, his cock gently knocking against her thigh as she felt him pull up and away from where she’d been cradling him. He couldn’t help but let out a breathy moan as it stabbed deep within to do so but if she wasn’t ready and if she wasn’t sure then so be it but his body throbbed for her. He pulled further away , almost fully off his eyes never leaving her body as he felt both of her hands at his arm.

“NO!WAIT!…don‘t go…please….stay..” Her tone as urgent as she blurted out, her breathless pants were now joining his as she pulled him back on her.
“ I want this Max….I WANT you….so much…” She pleaded “…and I AM sure.” Swallowing down hard, digging her fingers lightly at his waist with every word relentlessly searching his eyes for a response.

Silence. She began to shake. Feeling her hot body begin to move, seeing her obvious distress he cupped round her face pulling already sweat beaded hair from her strand by delicious strand. Still no response as he just watched her falling apart from above. She suddenly felt afraid that he had changed his mind, she held his hips a little tighter, scared he’d leave again.
“Are you?” She dared to ask digging in tighter. Still nothing.After tortured moments relief then engulfed her like a blanket as she felt him move on her. The sensation was breathtaking as he was now nestled back between her legs his sex barely hovering above her wet core, she couldn‘t help but moan to this new position.

“Yes!" his voice husky, filled with want and desire. She trembled. "But I don‘t want to hurt you.” he continued breathy as his tip quivered.

“You’ll only hurt me Max… if you don’t make love to me.” She shamelessly confessed making them both burn hot. One more look, hearts thundering as he finally entered her, just a little, just to tease but taking her breath as he did. An inch in and finally she had Max Evans inside of her, her body was literately on fire. Her response was instant, undeniable.
“...Maxxxx!...” Her moan strained as it caught in her arched neck. She was up off the sofa trying to get more of him inside of her burning heat beginning to move her hips already. Suddenly he retreated out of her.
“Ohgod!!” She couldn’t help but react to his leaving as she clawed at his shoulders instantly seeing that something was wrong. “Max?”

He swallowed down hard as his cock was now laying in amongst her thick dark curls its head resting on her belly lightly caressing with every pulsing throb it made. His eyes were of fire as he found the breath to form words.
“Your all that I’ve ever wanted Liz Parker. I could never make love to anybody else but you .”
His pleading eyes alone having the power to make her come again as she rose her hips up to meet him. He pulled his away his arousal slipping back between her welcoming legs. With one hand he rubbed the head along her slit, stirring her into more of a frenzy before pushing back inside her. One inch, she moaned. Two inches, she bucked. He was raised high on his hands her tight walls pulled him in deeper, further as he retreated out of her again starting to shake, eyes wide. She cried out his time as he felt her shake too. She was getting impatient for him, almost primal as he felt her break the skin while clawing at his back.
The air lodged in her heaving chest as she waited for an explanation, squeezing her knees in at his hips. He groaned at her touches, needing to be buried deep with her but needing to say this more.
“…I need you to know…” Her mound brushed against the length of him. It jerked, he gasped and he closed his eyes to the sensation. He was close but he had to tell her.
“..Liz that once we do this…. theres no going back for me….understand?” His voice slow and low. She did because she felt exactly the same. She nodded. She felt his hips grind down on her as he had unconsciously started to move. He touched fingertips at her face, leaning his body down on her again as she opened her legs to him a little wider. His heart stopped at how she was reacting, still his angel but what a naughty little angel. He had no idea as a rush of blood pumped to his tip making him dizzy. She nodded again, one slow stroke down. “ Me too!” She whispered cupping at his jaw. Her doe eyes drawing him in, panging at his loins as he thumbed across her cheek one last time.

With ragged breath he captured her lips the caress soft and sweet, his tongue just gently gliding in and out once before he broke it away. There they lay for a moment bodies locked, shaking uncontrollably to the inevitable that sometime soon they would be making love and not because of anything other than they wanted to. The desire for each other was driving them out of their skins She’d dipped and soared on her biggest wave yet to his words, his kisses, his body responding more to hers with every moment that pasted ; so raw , so deep and so pleading that it sent a sudden burst of power through her. She needed him inside of her. NOW! The sensation white hot and consuming as it speared right at her very soul until painful.


Part 4

“MAX….PLEASE!” She cried out unable to stop herself, begging as her slit felt his tip hover once more, body jerking up in order to taste it again.
He was losing the fight, a fight that he had on attention of ever winning as his hands now fisted at the material beneath them. He’d rocked him into position as he whispered something close to her ear, his eyes shining as if he was about to cry at any moment.

“I love you Liz Parker… I always have… I’ll always will..."
Breath just stopped coming. Not giving her time to even think about what he had just said he rocked again entering her in one long drive. His eyes wide, gasping into her mouth as he did so feeling her tear as he buried himself deep into her.

“OHGOD!” She screamed losing breath from the new feeling of him buried deep within her, unimaginatable pain now ripping through her.
“…I love you too Max…OHGOD!” She managed to blurt out before her whole body shut down. Her insides burned and stung white hot as shooting pains now travelled the entire length of her body. Over and over. Instantly opening them when she felt his hands on her face and hearing his breathless words both seemed to calm her a fraction.

“Look at me Liz.” Words from the past as his tone sounded amazing calm for the situation that they were in, his palms cupped there. He’d felt her tear with the force of him, stopping his moves dead at having hurt her then cursing himself for doing so. Their short heavy pants were in unison as heartbeats thundered together.
“…Are you ..okay?” Barely able to talk as the new sensation was slowly beginning to build in his cock from tip to back, her female muscles gripping round him. He was trying to control them. He was failing.
She couldn’t respond, her body felt like it didn’t belong to her as her emotions ragged on, spiralling out of contol. But then she felt him start to pull away cool air smacking at sweaty skin. He still was inside her but he’d rolled to on side slightly so he had room to move his hand down to where they were now joined. Bonded. The tearing sensations continued as she felt him go to pull out of her, her brain now functioning enough to alert her to what he was going to do.

“No Max…” She grabbed his hand before he could heal her.
“I want to feel everything…please.”
And it was she that began the friction between them once more, wiggling her hips ever so slightly as he had no choice but to roll back onto her again. Settling himself into position having never left he then began to move slowly at first, testing the depth and width of her. Her eyes big as she was still getting used to the feeling of having him deep inside of her at last. The white hot was now turning into something else with every stroke of him. Up and down very gently as she arched her hips up to meet his every stroke... up then down…….up…..then……down testing her tolerance for thrusting. She was so tight around his throbbing shaft that he felt like he was going to come from the first and so wet that she lubricated him into faster, deeper thrusts still holding back from truly penetrating like he had always taken her in his fantasy’s until she was ready. Up and down, longer and deeper. She was now so ready ,the white light now gone replaced by pulsing spasms of colour as tiny waves of sheer pleasure began. Urging him on to go faster and deeper, with her humming body and her moan she held him like a vice between her knees, feet now on his ass. She was meeting him stroke for delicious stroke but she needed more. So much more, already greedy for him. Wanting him deeper, the craving driving her as she opened her legs wider apart to his heated movements, placing her tiny hands on his firm ass and pushed him down into her hard on his next thrust. He growled. Her legs began to quake as another climax took hold, wracking her body with a multiple mix of spasms as she cried out to him. “Max!”
“LIZ!…” he strangled out as their bodies collided again and again each time Max would withdraw back a little more then drive back in, plunging deeper each time, all the while their hooded eyes held each others. He withdrew and plunged into her again as her body jerked up in response. Her hips shifted and sensation burst but she wanted more of him, getting hungry for him to sink deeper to touch everywhere that she burned for him, letting her knees fall but one was hard up against the back of the sofa, it could go no further.
“..ahhhhh…” She dug into his bum cheeks as he felt her frustration too. Pulling his lips away form her breast from where he’d been suckling as he grabbed hold of her from under yanking her over to the edge, his arm still there to hold stop her from falling. He crashed into her again, feeling like he’d touched her womb in this new position as her arms snaked around his shoulders. She tried clinging to him, pull him in closer but their bodies were slick with sweat and she couldn’t hold only scratching him as he pounded her back down with another thrust. The waves were taking her hard and fast, over and under as she felt him getting harder still inside of her. She felt like she couldn't breathe. She was close, so close that she could almost taste it. Close to what she didn’t know but she could feel it as it took her again. Then another, then another. Max grunted as he felt every one that took her. They continued to smack together harder and faster until he was literately pumping her, pushing her higher up the sofa only for him grip around her back tighter and pull her back down on him. Smack ,smack, grind, smack, slap, grind ,smack.

“…ohgod…Liz…I’m…ahhh..” He grunted with every word gasping for breath, her muscles clenched tighter around him as he felt his balls begin to tighten. He was close, still so new to the art of pleasuring her in reality and being able to hold of from coming too fast but with every stroke his cock felt like it would explode. Seeing Liz under him as she came over and over and knowing that he was the reason, him alone from hearing her cry out his name again and again was his undoing.

“…come.. with…me…Max.” She begged as her whole body just stopped. That was all he needed for his release as he withdrew completely out of her to thrust back in for final union, their deepest! His tip touching where it could go on further as they screamed out together. His head was back, pulling on every muscle in his neck as he filled her completely with his warm liquid but her spasms around him drew him on further until there was nothing left.
He sank against her exhaling hard as their bodies trembled together. Liz was too weak to move, too satisfied to even think of doing it. They recovered gradually, their hands fluttering over each other’s bodies as their strength slowly returned. From the first moment after Max pulled her into his arms and held her close as if he never meant to let go.
He never did as from that moment they were together FOREVER!!!

the end

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