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Thanx to Faith, this little kitty thought this might come in handy. Enjoy! Meaowwwwwwww!

".... We share just about everything, we always have."

Max looked at Liz steadily as she felt the twisting knot of lust forming in
the pit of her stomach knowing that he talking about sex. In his absence she
had forgotten how Max had made her feel, how he would always make her feel.
And now to find him unexpectly like this and to know that he had a brother,
her head was spinning with it all. She looked at Zan, then at Max then back
at Zan. Both the same but yet both so very different as her tummy dipped
again. They were both watching her intently for an answer, waiting for her
to respond.

"Everything huh?" She finally asked.

"Aha." Zan smiled while playing with his eyebrow ring.

"Even women?" She felt herself blush, having two Max's staring her down was
just too much for her to bear as she gulped down a little too fast on her

"All the time." Max said. " We have similar tastes in women." Liz couldn't
help but gasp out loud to his words. He had changed, he was no longer Shy
Max but an animal so it seemed and she loved it. She wished he'd been more
like it a school then he would have been her first as she always wanted him
to be.

"Sometimes the same women." Zan added, pulling her back to reality.

"And sometimes in the same place at the same time." They were finishing each
others sentences, she was feeling dizzy.

Liz blushed and looked down at the table top. This was about as unambiguous
as they could get as she could allow herself to hear.

Zan leant into her slowly. "So what do you think about that idea then
She saw Max flinch at what he called her, was he a little jealous? She
decided to play a little.

"I'd say that was very liberated and uninhibited of you.." she said as her
face broke into a wicked smile. "..neither that or you're the hornest two
brothers that I'm ever liking to meet and I should scream for help right
about now." She had to say something smart while her whole world was falling
apart around her, the pair of them taking her to places that she had never
gone before as she felt her insides dip again as Zan's gaze was eager and
his pupils almost black. Liz knew little about sexual responses but she knew
that his eyes were signalling his arousal, mirrored in Max's but she wasn't
ready to see it in his eyes. Not just yet!

"So remind me again Liz, just how uninhibited are you?" Max asked as Liz
caught breath. His brown eyes seemed even more piercing than she remembered,
even more so than Zan's. They were brighter, sparkling, and smiling
wickedly. She had to look away but she only found Zan's as she realised that
she could read both men's intentions right there and then in their eyes.

"What we're asking you Liz is three a crowd?"
She looked at them again,suddenly finding herself again as she smiled then

"It's my lucky number."

Max grinned and jerked his head round to where their dates were. "Lets go
somewhere else to drink. My place of yours, Zan?"

"Liz you choose, where would you like to go?" Zan looked only at her.

"Your place!" She said to Max, he would always be the one. The only one. Liz
gave them no time as she finished her drink quickly and stood up. The two
brothers seemed surprised by her decisiveness as they quickly gulped down
the remains of their drinks and stood up with her. They were out of their
before their dates were none the wiser.


"So do you live here alone Max?" she probed, not ready for the answer as she
saw him nod and her heart started again. The place was tidier than she had
imaged but he always had been neat.
Max led her further inside as Zan went to fix some drinks. She could now
hear bottles mixing in with the gentle music that Max had put on to the CD,
Zan seemed to know his way round. How often had they done this? She didn't
care as she sat down on the largest sofa that she'd ever seen. Max had surly
come along way since high school. Her mind began to wonder to how this would
play out, something which she had often fantasised about but dare not try
she could only ever have sex with Max. But when he wasn't there her primal
needs finally took over and she let go. But she would never do anything
risqué , she would really have to trust that person. She trusted Max and she
so liked Zan and now it was about to happen, to her. That fact seemed
vaguely incredible to her as she thanked her lucky stars for finally
agreeing to go to that particular club tonight. There finding her first
love, her truelove and that he had a funkier looking twin brother. She was
one lucky lady.

"Do you want to dance?" Max's husky tones bringing her back as she saw him
above her with his hand extended out to her. She took it as he pulled her
gently up form the sofa. Liz placed a hand on his shoulder and the other at
his waist.
They danced to the soft music, their bodies were still separated by a
tantalisingly small space both finding it increasing difficult to form
precious breath. Max was now so aware that he'd never made love to Liz
parker and now she here, in his apartment looking at him with eyes like she
was as he drew her closer towards him.

She could feel his warmth and smell his particular aroma that was all Max as
she sucked in air, as she couldn't deny it any longer. God she'd missed him
so much as his body was pressed against hers up almost its entire length:
their knees were touching, thighs rubbing at each others as his arm pulled
her in tighter to his waist as her eyes flung open. His other arm was
against her back with the palm of his hand pushing her towards him, pressing
her to him. He just held her there as skin prickled from under his touch
until she dared to look up and was instantly lost in the amber heaven laid
before her.

Eyes duelled as the music then stopped as they could still hear something,
seconds later realizing it was the gentle hum of their bodies just
responding to their new found closeness again. Her big, beautiful chocolate
eyes drew him in all the more, her breath licked at his heated face as her
thigh rubbed innocently against the large and prominent bulge that lay under
his zip. Max could not quite stifle a low, animal like growl as it escaped
his throat. It signalled the strength of his desire for her as she began to
tremble with the force of it. Finally he lost all restraint and suddenly
clamped his mouth over hers in a passionate kiss, the temptation and need
too great not to. He grasped the back of her head with one hand and held her
there as they continued to feed. His grip was like he never meant to let
her, he wasn't. Liz responded with equal ferocity , pressing her body
against his hard her tiny hands now caressing at his strong back and firm

The music continued as Max began to run his hands over her. Liz could feel
him slowly grazing over the curves of her waist, then her hips, then her
buttocks. His hands now rested over her bottom, each hand lightly grasping a
buttock. He pressed against her as they swayed and she could now tell that
his arousal was well advanced as she became aware of another pressure
against her back. She gasped.

Zan had come back with the drinks and had placed his hands on her hips and
was pressing himself against her from behind, swaying in time with the
music. Pressed between the two men, the two brothers Liz felt almost drunk
on the power of her own sexuality.
They both wanted her, she knew that and she would give them what they both
wanted in time as Zan then broke away from her. As she carried on dancing
with Max she couldn't help but watch Zan take his drink, pull out one of the
chairs round the dining table and sit to watch them both. He had let her
know that he was interested, but he just wanted to watch. For now.


Part 2

The music continued , carrying Liz further and deeper into the delicious
awareness of just was going to happen to her as Max's hands began to travel

Gradually he'd worked the material of her dress up over her slick thighs,
her skin burning to be touched by him as it travelled up higher up over her
behind until he had pulled it right up around her waist. Her tiny hands
could feel his heart thundering out of his chest as they began bunching at
his shirt. She swung her hips, pressing herself on him as she opened up each
bottom slowly while hers eyes never left his. Another slid open as she felt
him grab at her ass a little tighter and she was taken further as the
sensation between her legs spread up wards. She couldn't help but lick her
lips, tongue darting in and out as her hands finally hit his hard chest
laying light circles there with shakey fingertips. She heard him gasp
feeling his body begin to tremble as she glided them up over his shoulders,
taking the shirt with her as it now fell to the floor.
Swaying a little more, Max's touch doing more to her now than the music as
she could feel Zan's eyes bearing down on her from behind, she pressed into
Max more so Zan could see more of her pert arse moving seductively.

She was in pure heaven taken there by the blindly obvious fact that she was
going to make love to Max some time soon but also moved beyond words that
Zan was there to watch. She wanted Max inside of her so much, she'd dreamed
of it since high school but he was always such a gentleman whenever they
were togehter. She loved that about him but there were times that she just
wanted Max Evans to get primal, hunt her down and take her then and then,
wherever he found her.
On the few times that she had had sex with someone she'd always see his face
looking down at her, feel his hands on her as she drew blood having to
restrain herself from crying out his name as someone else came inside of
her. She was feeling more burning heat from Max's touches than she'd ever
had in any of those pointless encounters as she felt his hand grasp at her
swelling breast finally. She bit her bottom lip hard to stop herself from
screaming as she wobbled but strong arms were there to steady her. Then
reality hit her, she knew this wasn't pointless that this was truelove..for
her anyway. She was prepared to give him everything that he asked of her
right there and then as he lowered his head and muttered thickly into her

"God I want you Liz.I always have.." His voice having to break off as he
felt her licking at his nipple then having to hiss out as she took it into
her eager mouth. "Christ you turn me on so much." his body trembling as she
pulled away from him, breaking free so she could rip the dress off over her
head. She was losing control like nothing on earth as his words were dipping
into her soul, awakening a need that was totally new to her as the primal
took hold. Max stumbled back a little to allow him to just drink her in.
Each look making him giddy as that was he did, look! Zan touched while Max
would do the watching as he saw Zan beginning to rise out of his chair as he
snapped back to Liz , who stood in only her underwear looking only at him
with desire filled eyes. She was wearing a red bra and matching panties, the
cups were lacy so he could see her pert nipples poking through; her panties
were similarly transparent as he let his eyes fall to meet her dark curls.

But Max couldn't help himself it was different this time, it was Liz. His
Liz. It broke his heart when she left and he cursed the day that he didn't
run after her and tell her how he felt, grabbing hold of her and never
letting go. But Zan came out of juvie and headed back home. He was always
the stronger and the rest is history.
Max reached out to touch her, unable to stop himself from pulling her close
and bending in to kiss her neck. Liz threw her head back, as he kissed a
path around from by her ear to the tender part of the front of her neck, and
then downwards, burying his face between her breasts. Both moaned at the
exact same moment as she closed her eyes while digging her hands deeper into
his thick hair, holding him there hard.

"Ohgod!.... Max!" She said in a strangled moan as she shook from his
frenzied licking and sucking at her breasts. She felt sensations tearing
threw her as she felt hands encircling at her waist her from behind. Her
head spiralled upwards, how could that be when Max was at the front of her
as she felt him begin to bite at her already painful nipple. She cried out
as her hands were now playing with nothing but air. Max was gone but arms
still held her tight as sensation switched from the front of her body to the
nape of her neck. She groaned eyes still tightly shut, leaning back into him
hard as her arm encircled round the back of his head to pull him into her.
He was biting hard at her neck, not too hard but enough to show that he was
in control as she was losing hers: her hands were now in his hair.

Her eyes flashed open as she felt it was harder, shorter no... she dug a
little further, spiky as she spun herself round fast her hair smacking his
face as she saw Zan's staring back at her, only inches from her his wickedly
sexy grin just blowing her away.
"Hi Princess, miss me?" he said as it was now him that was feeding off her.
He pulled her in tight bodies banging together as he actually bit into her
neck. There she felt pain but it was strangely excited as she pressed
herself up hard against his ragging sex. He fitted her body just like Max
but it wasn't the same as she pulled herself back from the place that Zan
had now sent her to see that Max was sitting where Zan had been. She was
startled beyond words to see that he had taken his cock out of his jeans and
was slowly massaging the huge rod which stood proudly in his lap.
She'd never seen anything so beautiful as she felt the bottom fall out of
her world, she had to go to him. She'd never seen his cock before and she
wanted a better view, she had to or die.
Having to prise herself away from Zan's vice like grip of her and burning
kisses, groaning as the suction was finally broken between them but
transfixed by what she was seeing from across the room. She had to go to

She walked towards Max their eyes never breaking the intense contact once as
her steps matched his strokes, stroke for step over and over until she was
looking intently down at the mesmerising sight before her. Max was lost,
this just didn't happen but this was Liz as he smiled up at her.

"You like it?" he shocked even himself by his words as he continued to shine
it up.

"I Love it!" She replied shamelessly eager as her eyes glazed with lust.

"It's all yours Liz." Max whispered. "If you want it!"

Part 3

"I want it! God I really want it!" she murmured her eyes bulging as she reached down and placed
her shakey hand above it eyes bigger as she just let it hover there,the heat
pulsing off and between them.

"C.can I?" She suddenly faulted as her body was aching to but she couldn't,
they'd only just met up again after being apart for three years and Zan was
in the room with them for Christ sake. How could she? But when she saw him
gently nod and heard Zan footsteps from behind then she just knew you could.
Oh she so could as she reached down to touch it. Max suddenly cupped her
face as took at her lips with his, clamping over them as his tongue searched
the recesses of her hot mouth.
It was the most incredible kiss that they had ever experienced filled with
such passion and lust as they continued to drink until her hand encircled
his rigid cock shamelessly.

"Oh god!" Max gasped out through their heated kiss as he felt her cold tiny
hand engulf his burning hot sex. They broke apart eyes still locked as it
twitched under her touch and she could feel him hardening yet further. Then
more as it was now very, very hard feeling him push hard into the back of
the chair and gasp for air; one hand firmly gripping the chair while the
other bunched at her hair.

They would have come right there and then, the sensation of being near each
other.... like this just too strong as the wave began to hit ,if not for him
whispering hot breath into her ear.

"I.need to come inside of you, not like this." he managed to say as she
gripped him again, unsure no more. She wanted him so badly it physically
hurt her as she grabbed a hold of his hand to pull him up so they could go
somewhere. Anywhere. NOW!

She turned to hit Zan's chest as he stood close behind them still watching
intently. She was met with burning eyes as she knew he wasn't going to let
them go anywhere. She couldn't talk, her body wouldn't let her as it
trembled with need. A need for Max,to have him buried deep inside of her as
she felt him rub up and down her thigh. She needed him right now as holding
Zan's gaze she shuffled backwards a little so her legs were straddling
Max's. She reaching behind, body possessed with want she felt for Max's
prick, easy enough to find as it banged straight into her hand. She grasped
it and slowly lowered herself on to it, past the tiny thong of her knickers
which she had pulled to one side. Max groaned, realizing what she was doing
and he grasped her at her waist to help her down.

"Max!" Was all she could say as her eyes shut to him pushing into her. They
flashed open to see Zan's riveted to her crotch as it slowing engulfed his
brother's cock. The sensation of it was killing her with pleasure over and
over. Max inside of her finally while his 'lookylikey with a harder edge'was

Slowly with strong hands at her tiny waist Max slid her up again over his
cock. She was wet and slid up him easily as she released him from her
intimate grasp. She was taking weight on both feet which was making her
thighs spasm under the strain as she knew that they would give way at time
or sooner if she came.

"Jesus!" Both men muttered as she looked up at Zan again and licked her
lips. Zan needed no further encouragement as he fumbled at his flies,
undoing them to then push them a little way down as his cock sprung free.
Her eyes bulged as what she was seeing as Max continued to slide her, hands
still held firm as he lay kisses at her back between panting.

Zan was hard like Max's but not yet moist as her eyes begged him to come
closer. Zan stepped closer as he held his hot sex up to her lips. She shook
her head from side to side slowly as it was now brushing against her lips as
if to refuse. Then slightly parting her lips to accept his hardness into her

Max could sense what was going on, it was over whelming as he'd never been
in this position before. It was always Zan below and him from above. He had
been so shy when he decided to come out to LA and hang with Zan but Zan was
into some pretty shit and the rest is history. He was still shy Max but with
the primal just laying under the skin. It wasn't like they would go out on
the prowl and hunt women down, it was reserved only for special ladies and
girlfriends never giving themselves to just any piece of ass that came past.
Zan knew he was the strongest, the hardest and he'd only just found his
brother again so he didn't want to fuck it up. He knew max enjoyed it, got
off on it like he did but he would never get him to do anything that he
didn't want to so he would only watch and do what he was doing now and that
was it.
He knew that he could never make love to anyone but Liz by the way he talked
about her. Period. She was the love of his life and through destiny now he
was making love to her but Zan knew that if left alone they would probably
still be in that club, thinking about doing what they were now beginning to
scream at.

"GOD! LIZ!" Max screamed out hard his lips having to stop kissing to lay
heavy at her back as his thrusts increased.

Liz closed her eyes as she could taste Zan's muskiness, feel him filling her
mouth; hard yet soft at the same time. Her lips slid over the tender skin
feeling its ridges with her tongue as it continued to pulsate harder. She
could feel his hands on her shoulders as he fed himself into her as she
could feel Max's hands tighten around her waist.
Her whole centre was filled by Max's massive cock, her wet slick sliding
over him like a glove. She felt like she would explode at any moment,
experiencing something that she had never felt before as both took her
again, and again. The powerful urges driving her on as it all seemed so
right, so natural in a totally forbidden way as she felt Max's hand move
from her waist and began reaching round to her front......


Part 4

...... pushing his hand down the front of her panties, finding her slick open
wetness that he'd craved to touch for so long as well as his own thick shaft
driving into her with long, slow strokes almost instantly as she spread
herself wider to allow him greater excess to her.

She moaned, sucking in hard as she heard Zan grunt from above her. The
friction of her lips against his cock was driving him right out of his skin
as she felt him hardening further then shudder hard under the new sensation
of her reaction to Max's lust filled caresses as he began flicking and
teasing at her nub.

Her hands were at Zan's hips holding him firm as her fingers gripped at the
waistband of his pants, and if she couldn't hold Max then he was her only
option but as she began to buck under Max's relentless touch she had to
touch him. Slipping one of her hands down the length of Zan's leg to then
cover over Max's as they both were now fingering her. She burned, beginning
to feel it building inside of her when cumbersume fingers felt his warm
pulsting shaft moving in and out of her. Almost all the way out then back to
her wet core over and over stretching her tight walls further as he drove in

"OHGOD.LIZ!" he couldn't help but cry out. She was so stimulated by then as
their thrusts didn't quite meet and Max almost came fully out. He grabbed
her hard by the hips with both hands and held her to him as he plunged into
her again. He was close to coming but he halted, twitching within her while
he waited for the intensity to past. He'd waited his whole life for this
moment and he wasn't about to fuck it up. But his cock began to throb ,
thickening with desire for her as he thrust deep in to her with an urgent
desperation, he had never made love to a woman like this before. Liz was his
first. His only as his breathing was mirroring his increasing arousal. He
was so deep within her that she couldn't contain her cries as they were
muffled by Zan's twitching and jerking prick.

His hands were thick in her hair as he held her tight to him, rearing his
head back as she engulfed more and more of his shaft, flicking him with her
tongue taking a few inches of more his length into her mouth and down into
her throat. With every thrust that Max gave her she took more of him into
her mouth. Max's rhythm within her speeded up, becoming more urgent as hers
equally rapacious thrusting went back to meet him, to move with him. Her
slow agonising build to her climax was endless as she continued going down
hard on Max while her lips slid faster up Zan's veined hardness. She was in
heaven, able to think any further, only to feel as she gently bit down on

"GOD!Please." Zan strangled voice " Liz..please you've got to stop..." He
was now trying to pull away as he knew he was close. Too close as he pushed
at her shoulders as she looked up at him for the first time since he'd
entered her. His hips jerked as she began to suck harder.

She was Max's dream and he was about it come in her mouth and enjoy it, as
with each flick and bite brought him closer to coming. This wasn't how it
was supposed to go, no matter how delicious it felt and she looked as he saw
his shaft disappear into her mouth once more. He was there to help not come
inside of her, not like this but her contractions round his prick triggered
something deep within him as he looked over her shoulder and at Max for the
first time. Time just stopped as they did, Zan was slowly pulling himself
out of the hot recesses of her mouth, she shuddered. Max felt her tense up
as he slowly shook his head at his brother between the waves as they
continued raging within him. To stop anything now would be stupid, she was
enjoying it too much.... hell they all were.

"Stay." He all he could muster as she started to gently move on him again,
stroking him gently as he pulled her up longer and down deeper while holding
her tight at her waist.
Zan, hearing and seeing his brothers plea slowly pushed himself in to her
again as he gasped and shuddered hard. Not long now.

She was getting greedy, she wanted more she wanted Max to fill her now as
her orgasms continued to pump as hard as he did. She reached down between
her legs and cupped his balls in one of her hands.

"OH JESUS!!" he growled between gritted teeth, one hand back at her cunt as
the other cupped at her bra, tearing its straps clean apart as he ripped it
from her chest so he could tease and bunch at her swelling breast. Taking
its nipple and beginning to rub it hard between his thumb and forefinger
till painful while Zan's hands stayed firm at her shoulders. Not daring to
explore her body any further then that, he did want her but it was Max's
temple, he was just there for the ride as he continued to pound at her

Max's balls were so tight within their sac, drawn right up as she gently
rolled them in her hand feeling them spasm. Her touch seemed to trigger
something deep inside of Max that he'd never felt before, something primal
as he was finally tipped over into the crashing descent : Done, thickened as
he thrust up into her. Zan felt that they were all so close, he was the most
experienced of the three of them after all as he dig his fingers into her
shoulders painfully so but she revelled in it. This was a once in a lifetime
opportunity and she wasn't about to let him get off lightly as she bit down
again , just hard enough to feel the resistance of his cock beneath her

"You like that?" He dug in a little harder as she bit down a little
stronger. "Eat me Liz, eat me right up." He moaned, unable to hold on for
much longer as he felt his cock stiffened to the point of explosion but Max
would be the one to fill her first.

They called out in abandon as the urgency of their passions melded and
merged begging for the long approaching orgasm to take them. She reared back
against Max as she came again, her contractions round his prick triggering
his thrust a final, lurching time, as he filled her with his warm come. Over
and over , pumping out harder and faster as she pushed up and crashed down
him her hands gripping hard at his thighs as she milked every just drop of
him while still furiously sucking Zan's throbbing cock. The blinding light
continued sweeping through her electrified further by her climax bucking and
shuddering under its intensity as she felt Maz coming inside of her,
heightening her pleasure as she knew it was her who was making him come.

Zan then came, knowing that his brother was now filling her up, wanting to
wait but unable to hold onto his release any longer. With a shuddering groan
he gripped at her neck as thick salty, warm spurts of come jetting into her
mouth as her orgasm continued wracking through her sweat covered body. She
drank him in, never having swallowed before but wishing she had tried it
sooner. Relieved that she had waited till this moment as she licked him
clean while Max continued pounding into her. Zan shook and groaned, as he
withdrew out of her mouth slowly, falling forward slightly to lean on her.
Only to then step away went finding himself again, on shakey legs to let
them go on alone without him.

"GOD! I.wanted to see you.." She moaned, having to swallow down hard in
order to clear her throat of Zan's essence as she felt Max's pouring out
from between her legs. "..I wanted to see you come." She pleaded, her hands
now rubbing into his hair from behind her.

".you will." he said breathlessly as he kneaded at her arched front, working
her breasts hurriedly together "on the next time. sweetheart.but couldn't
you." he pushed upwards. " .can't you ...coming inside of you!?"

She clamped around him one last time as Max roared with the force of their
union, knowing that this was forever as he spoke words that made them come
the hardest.
".I love you." he whispered, feeling the bottom fall out of her world as he
took her one last time. Their screams echoed over and over themselves as
they seemed to shake at the walls.

He was trembling as he was unable to hold the position any longer before
falling back hard in to the chair pulling her back with him in one smooth
motion by the grip that he still had around her slick waist. He stayed deep
within her as she lay her arms over his tight embrace, leaning her head back
into his neck.

They gradually came back, hard panting now changed to breathing erractic as
the waves that had seized their bodies rode themselves out. For what seemed
like an eternity she was incapable of movement, limbs like jelly they sat
entwined together. Neither could talk as finally he gently fitted her off of
his semi-hard sex, there to catch her as she wavered from standing.

"Come with me Liz," he held out his hand but she wobbled again as he scooped
her up in his arms and carried her through the dining room, up the stairs
and into his bathroom. "We need a shower."

She could only nod, over whelmed that she was even there let alone having
been finally fucked by Max Evans while his brother came in her mouth. She
now know what heaven looked like, she was looking straight at it as he
gently helped her step out of her panties. He apologized for the bra but she
just smiled as she cupped his flushed face, feeling the heat surge between
them once more. He was about to undress the rest of himself but she wanted
to do it as he then led her into the cubical.

The hot caressing blast was welcoming to her skin but then instantly to be
over ruled when Max moved in next to her. He just looked at her for a moment
his eyes glazed with desire already as if to ask if it was okay as she
stepped into him. He began to wash every inch of her body; sliding, slipping
and soaping her down before she did the same to him. It was the most erotic
experience that they had ever experienced as they closed their eyes the
steady beat of the water, ready for what was to come*.

As they went over to his bed, with her scooped up tight in his arms once
more, still wet neither had realised that Zan had gone*. He'd slipped out
just after coming, off to find his own 'Liz' and to live happily ever after
with..Lisa*. That was the name of the girl of his dreams that he did indeed
find later that night.

They never spoke of what happened but from that night to this day they were
both forever grateful to Zan for his hand in their destiny ,even more so as
their children play in the garden.

Their playing days well and truly over..three is one hell of a ride but just
one too many!

the end.

So what do you think? btw the *'s are for future kitty
adventure's, one of which is now on the main board!!Meaowwww Later!


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