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Title: “The World Still Ended”
Author: Juliana
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Disclaimer: the Roswell characters aren't mine, so don't sue!
Category: M/L (sorry to all the other couple worshippers!)
Rating: I have no idea... R? I think so... Or maybe PG13...
Summary: Well, it takes place after ARCC/EOTW... Another future visitor shows up to prevent another end of the world...
Author notes: I just wanna tell you that this is my second fic, my first not AU fic, so it’s probably not that good... Also, I wanna thank Gaudy (for supporting me) and Kerry (for being such a great friend). Oh, and Ambrosia337 (the idea for this just got into my mind after I read “Sacrifice”), thank you!
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Dedication: to my Spoiler Buds, who have always supported me, trusted me, and never given up on our friendship. I love ya!!

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“The World Still Ended”


Running. Running. That was all she could think of at that moment. That and... *Focus on running,* she told herself. She’d been running for almost forty-five minutes, her legs were hurting like hell. But there was no time for pain. *I can cry, scream of pain later, I’ll ha-* Her thoughts were abruptly cut off as she arrived at her destiny.

* * * * *

Future Max was pacing around Liz’s balcony. Liz had gone downstairs, she wanted to ‘clear her mind’, try to think of something that’d make Max – Present Max – fall out of love with her. And Future Max had stayed in her balcony, the same balcony on which they – he and ‘his’ Liz – had shared so many things, on which they had spent so many moments together. Being on that balcony reminded him of the best times of his life, or at least most of them. Like... their first kiss, when they stood there, ‘star gazing’ after the first time they had made love... Memories... Future Max was now having to deal with some new memories, and some new feelings... His mind was going back and forth in time, when he heard someone in the alley call him.

“Max... Max... Are you there?”

“Yeah,” Future Max said loudly, but stood out of sight so no one that was eventually passing by would see him.

Future Max let out a sigh. He would’ve recognized her voice even if he were deaf. Her voice sounded kinda of weird though, more... mature maybe. It reminded him of Liz’s voice fourteen years in the future. *You’re losing it, it’s Liz... younger Liz, past Liz* He could feel it was her, and not a shape shifter or a skin. He pushed the thought away as he heard her climbing up the ladder. He walked toward it to help Liz get in her balcony. *Why didn’t she get here through her bedroom anyway?* But his thought was instantly cut off and he froze as he saw Future Liz climbing up onto the balcony. There was one problem though... she was not HIS Future Liz...

* * * * *


Liz was talking to Maria in the back of the CrashDown.

* * * * *

Future Max was dumb folded and was walking away from the ladder. ‘How can that be?’ A Liz from the future was standing right in front of his eyes. Well, that is, IF she really was Liz, and not an alien... She really looked like Liz, only a little older, with her hair a little lighter and longer... and she was seriously bruised, and her clothes were dirty and ripped apart.

“Max, I know you’re confused, but we don’t have time to waste,” Future Liz said walking towards him.

“No, what do you think you’re doing?” Future Max couldn’t back away any more, for there was a wall behind him. “Who are you? Tell me, WHO ARE YOU?” He desperately asked, raising his hand in her direction. Whoever she was, he could easily take her down.

“Max, it’s me. Liz. Just... I’m not from now. I’m from 10 years in the future that you’ve made me create.” She quietly said, but with the same confidence she had before.

Future Max was confused, but there was no way that.... fake Liz was going to trick him. He then grabbed her shoulders and, twisting around, pressed her against the wall. “Don’t you lie to me! Now, you better say who you really are and what you want!”

“Let go of me! I’ve told you who I am! How the hell would I know that you came here from 14 years from now to ask me to make Max fall out of love with me, if I weren’t me?” Future Liz asked, looking deep inside Future Max’s eyes.

Future Max couldn’t speak. Couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. He opened his mouth, and left it opened till he managed to mumble some words. “How... what... why?” The last word was said when he lifted his eyes to meet Future Liz’s ones.

* * * * *

“...But when I caught them together...that look of guilt on his face...I've never felt so awful, Liz.“

“Oh, my God.”

“I know. I mean, I guess it's a good thing, you know? 'Cause...when I saw that, I realized there was nothing he could do to make up for it. I know it's over.”

An idea crossed Liz’s mind. ‘That’s it... that’s what I have to do...’

* * * * *

Future Liz stared at Future Max. She then walked away a little, looked at the sky, and took a deep breath. Future Liz slightly turned back o face Future Max, whose eyes were sparkling with fear, confusion and sadness. “The world... the world still ended...”

Panic. Future Max was in panic, plain and simple terror. He started pacing, shaking all over from head to toes. ‘No, no, that’s impossible.’

“No, that can’t be, just can’t. My world, the world of my future ended. That’s why I came here, that’s why I came back to the past, to change it. To keep it from happening.” Even his voice was shaking.

“You did change it, you did. But in the end, the same thing was about to happen. And that’s why I came here. I came back to the past, to keep this future from happening. To keep the end of the world from happening once again.” Future Liz said, making Future Max stop pacing.

Future Max slowly walked towards the chair that was always in the balcony, and motioned for Future Liz to sit by his side. Looking at his hands, rubbing them furiously, he asked, “What happened in the future you changed... in the future I made you change?”

Future Liz smiled weakly, took his hand in hers and nodded, looking in his eyes, eyes that showed nothing more than sadness and remorse. “I’ll tell you everything. It all started after our graduation... Well, as a matter of a fact, it started after Christmas...”

* * * * *


“The future was successfully changed today. You suddenly disappeared, and I knew then for sure everything had changed. Lots of things happened, and later I discovered I had powers of my own. Max and I agreed on being friends, but as time passed, we got more and more distant. As soon as we graduated, I went to California, while everyone else stayed here, in Roswell.” Future Liz stopped for a brief moment, to check if Future Max was not lost. His curious and afraid expression showed her he wasn’t, so she continued.

“Five years after that I went back to Roswell and everything was still the same. Nobody had left, but Max and Tess weren’t a couple, nor were Isabel and Michael, they were only great friends.

“One week after my arrival, Khivar contacted them, the Royal Four, I mean. Well, peace treats were discussed, but they didn’t come to an agreement. All of these went on and on for four and a half years, and then, suddenly, they lost contact.

“About two weeks after that...” Future Liz took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as if wanting to keep some emotions to surface. “... Alex, Maria and Kyle were assassinated. Brutally killed. No one knew what had happened exactly, or who had done such a thing or why. The five of us were in shock, and decided to live together so no one would stay out of sight, no one would get hurt.

“And so we did. We bought this apartment, not really big, but big enough for the five of us to live in comfortably, and we started spending more time together, we got to know each other better, and get very close. Michael and I got closer. Isabel and I got closer. Even Tess and I got closer. And, of course, Max and I got closer. But I still didn’t tell him about you. About the truth of what happened today.”

Future Liz saw the confused look in Future’s Max face, and explained before he asked. “Well, the future was changed because I pretended I had slept with Kyle today. We – Kyle and I – arranged this scenario and Max saw us together in bed. As though we had... you know, had sex. It was some time after he saw us that you disappeared. And after that it got really weird between Max and I, and he stopped trusting me.

“He told me once we couldn’t be friends, but then, after that, after some other things happened, we decided to be friends again... and now we’re back to what I was saying. Any questions now?”

“No...” Future Max answered, a little lost in his thoughts. All that information was making him confused, but it all made sense. He was just getting scared. He was sure what Liz – Future Liz – was going to say next would be the bad part, the worst part, the reason why she went back to her past. The reason why he screwed up everything by trying to make things right. “Continue.”

“Okay. Where did I stop? Oh, we were all living together and getting closer, yes. All that time, nothing was heard from the skins or Khivar. I was feeling a little bad, like suffocated, still because of Alex, Maria and Kyle, but also for not telling Max the truth. So, I went back to California, I wanted to spend a week there just to clear my mind, you know? And that, that was the biggest mistake I’ve made in my entire life.

“Bad luck or coincidence, call it whatever you want to. Right after I left to California, Khivar and some skins attacked Earth, more precisely Roswell, and a war took over. In about one day’s time, allies of Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael were on Earth, fighting Khivar. By two day’s time, the war had spread up to the American continent. By three day’s time, the whole Earth was in a huge war. Humans against aliens, aliens against aliens. The funny thing was that the humans thought the whole war started because the aliens wanted to take over the Earth...” Liz sadly smiled.

“Tess got killed, Michael got killed, and so did Isabel. When I got to Roswell, when I actually managed to get to the city in the middle of the chaos, I didn’t find anyone. You had been captured by the skins, I mean, Max had, and the skins were torturing him, trying to make him tell them where the granolith was. I didn’t know where Max was, what had happened to any of the Royal Four, so I tried to contact Max by getting inside his mind.

“I did, and right then I learned everything that had happened. Michael’s, Isabel’s and Tess’s deaths, Max’s own kidnapping, the tortures, everything... I also learned Max’s location, and without thinking twice I went after him. I ran as fast as I could, I did everything in my power to get to him quickly, but... I wasn’t fast enough. I got there too late... Too late...”

~* 2011 – Future Liz’s Future *~

There he was. Max. Lying on the floor, too weak, too... He was dying, Liz could tell. Desperation took over her body, mind and soul, and in a second she was down with him, her Max, holding him tightly but sweetly in her arms. She couldn’t hold back the tears when she saw him weakly opening his eyes, and smiling at the sight of her.

* * * * *


“Liz.... you came...” Max said in a low voice. It was hard for him to speak, for the weakness had taken over him.

“Max... of course I came... I’m here to save you...” Liz said between her tears, brushing her hand softly on his face.

“No, Liz, you already saved me once... You can’t save me this time though...” Max weakly smiled. Before he closed his eyes tightly to try and handle the pain, he saw Liz’s confused face. He took a deep breath, one that sharply passed through his lungs, and opened his eyes again, staring at hers. “I know what you did, Liz. That day you slept with Kyle... you didn’t.”

“I... I...” Liz was speechless. Max was... dying, dying in her arms, and he knew it... the truth, he knew it. All Liz had always desperately wanted to tell him, he knew. “How?” was all Liz could ask, desperate and lovingly staring at her soul.

“I saw it, Liz. In your mind.” Max whispered. He didn’t have the strength to speak louder. His life was slowly slipping away from him. He could feel it. But he had to tell Liz everything he felt, everything he saw, everything... “When you connected to me, to... try to find me, I was able to see inside you... Like I used to... remember?” The love and adoration in his voice were easily noticed. Just as the pain was also...

“Yes,” Liz smiled between her tears, remembering the past, when she and Max were happy and together. No, he couldn’t leave. He couldn’t leave her. Not again, not... forever.

Max, fighting against the pain that threatened to take full control of him, continued. “Everything that has happened that day, everything you felt, and have been feeling, dealing with throughout this years... I know. And... I’m so sorry, Liz... I’m sorry I have been so blind...”

“No, Max you-“

“Liz...” Max stopped Liz from trying to put the guilt over her shoulders once again. “I should’ve listened to my heart, to my soul. They knew the truth, they have always known. But I refused listening to them, for they were saying the opposite thing my mind was saying, and I was trying to convince myself I should listen to the logic... and I did. By doing that, I’ve made the biggest mistake in my life, and the one thing I’ll never be able to forgive myself from doing. I hurt you, Liz.”

Liz didn’t know what to say. She didn’t stop Max from talking, though. In her mind, if he continued talking, he wouldn’t leave... She couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. There he was, the king from another planet, one of the bravest persons she had ever met, her heart, her everything, fighting against pain, against sufferance, against death, only not to leave her without apologizing for something that wasn’t his fault.

“I wish I hadn’t been so stupid... I wish I hadn’t hurt you... I... I wish I had given you all you deserved. Happiness. Trust. I wish I had given you the love you deserve, even though my love is nothing compared to your love. I’ve always loved you, Liz, and I always will, wherever I am. I’ll always love you with all my heart, with all my soul, with everything... And still, it won’t be what you deserve. I... hope you can find someone that will never doubt your love. Someone that deserves your love. Unconditionally. ‘Cause I don’t... I never did...” Tears hurtfully streamed down Max’s face. He couldn’t hold them back any longer. He couldn’t... he couldn’t hold back his life much longer...

“No, Max. You, you’re wrong. Every ounce of love I feel for you, you deserve it. Everything I’ve always done was because of you, was because I knew you’d still be here, was... I knew how much you had loved me, in the past future, and you would never know it. The future version of you came to me because he loved me... he loved his Liz... And he gave everything up, every happiness he had ever felt in order to save me, to save everyone... And he didn’t even know if he’d be able to do it. It was a shot in the dark, but for love, he did it... And I had to repay you for doing this to everyone, to me...” Liz held Max even tighter. ‘Don’t go, please. Don’t leave me,’ she mutely begged him, in her mind.

Almost not being able to keep his eyes opened, Max managed to speak. He had to. “I didn’t do anything, Liz...”

“Yes, you did. The person you had become did. And you would do it. You now. I’m the one responsible for all of this, I’m the one who has done the wrong thing, thinking I was saving the world, I was saving you... But I only made you die sooner... All the suffering I thought I was keeping from happening, I made it happen sooner. And I should be the one suffering. I should be the one dying... Literally dying... Not you...”

“If you died, I still would suffer and die too...” Max said, trying to hold Liz as tight as he could, as if she could ease his pain, as if she was the vessel through life and death, as if he held her, he wouldn’t leave, ever.

“I’ve killed myself, too, Max... My heart and my soul are dying here, I’m the one responsible for it...” Desperately, as if she could listen to the sound of death approaching, Liz held Max with her life, crying even harder. “Don’t leave me, Max, don’t leave me... I can’t live without you, don’t go away from me, please...”

Feeling his strength quickly fading away, Max stared into Liz’s eyes one more time... “Thank you for loving me like this... I’ll always love you, remember that... always...” His eyes started drifting close. But before life had fully left his body, he listened to Liz’s soft voice.

“I’ll always love you... and I promise I’ll change everything that has happened... I promise you...”

And he was gone.

“I’m sorry... I’m sorry, my love... I’m so sorry...” Liz whispered, holding and rocking back and forth Max’s lifeless body. “I love you... Always will... and I’ll keep my promise. I’ll save you, just like you saved me... And we’ll be together, love... For eternity this time...” Liz slowly and lightly kissed Max’s hands and eyes.

Briefly, Liz closed her eyes, and sighed. Determination. She had a promise to keep. She had a mission. And she would complete it.

But before Liz could open her eyes and get ready for what she was going to go through, someone came from behind her.

“Oh, what a lovely scene... I almost shed a tear,” the voice spoke, finding the situation very funny.

‘That voice... I know it...” Liz thought, without even turning towards the one standing behind her. In a glance, it hit her. SHE didn’t know that voice, but... Max did.

In awe, she found her voice, but was only able to say one word.


* * * * *


“Oh, so the cutie knows my name? Why aren’t I impressed?” Kivar sarcastically asked, smiling at the brunette who was still holding dearly Max’s body.

“Don’t move any closer,” Liz said. Determination could be heard on her voice. Hate. But not fear. As scared as she might be, she wouldn’t let Kivar know it.

“Oh, may I ask you why, my dear?” Kivar laughed out loud. “You’re just a harmless poor human woman... There’s nothing you could do me to stop me... But I’m not here to hurt you, even though I think I already did...” Kivar smiled again, looking at Max’s lifeless body. It felt so good to see him there, dead, after suffering so much... And it felt even better to think he was the one who had done that to him.

“What do you want from me?” Liz asked, staring at Kivar’s empty soulless eyes. There was absolutely nothing inside his eyes, nor inside of him... No feelings could be sensed by Liz, but satisfaction.

“Wrong question, sweetheart... it’s not what I want from you, it’s what I want from him,” Kivar pointed to Max, with a mischievous and clever look on his eyes.

“Then I think you’ve gotten here too late, pumpkin...” Liz seriously mocked of him. “There’s nothing you can get from Max now.”

“Ah, wrong again, dear... Too shocked to think straight now? Let me make it easier for you, okay? You see that door over there?” Kivar pointed to door from which he had come in.” I’ve been watching you two from behind that door since you came in here. I was going to kill you right away, but decided I deserved some fun, so I didn’t. I saw everything that has happened, and heard everything that was said... Including that you had gotten inside Zan’s mind and vice-versa.” Kivar couldn’t help but grin at the sight of Liz’s shocked eyes.

“So what? What does that have to do with anything?” Liz asked, furious. There was no way she could hate someone as much as she hated that... thing that stood in front of her.

“Now, I thought our brave beloved king would have fallen for a smarter woman...” Kivar shook his head, mocking of Liz. He then turned to her, with a serious expression on his face. “The thing is, it has to do with everything... You two shared thoughts, feelings, and interesting information when you connected to each other...So now, you have every single information, knowledge Zan had... And every single memory, now, don’t you? And he would have yours, only if he... well, if he had survived, which he didn’t.”

Everything. Everything Max knew, Liz knew too. Everything Max had felt over the years, everything he had always felt and done and... everything, Liz knew it all, felt it all... It was as if a part of Max was still alive inside herself... And it was mind blowing. He hadn’t left her completely... Liz’s smiled a smile Kivar couldn’t see. All he would see, was anger. With all the hate Liz was feeling for him, she replied:

“And you really think I’m gonna tell you every single thing, don’t ya?” Then it hit her. “No, you don’t... You are not waiting for me to tell you everything... You are planning on raping my mind, getting all the information you need and then...”

“...and then making you happy, my dear, by sending you to be with your loving, and living together for eternity...” Kivar bit his lower lip to keep himself from laughing, and continued, with only a smile stamped on his face. “So, this will be a kind of... trade. Your information for your love...”

Kivar just stood there staring at Liz, laughing on the inside at the feelings that were running through her eyes, a mist of fear, love, disgust, confusion, passion, loss... ‘Loss? Why loss now?’ His thoughts didn’t go any further for Liz’s voice interrupted them.


“What did you say?” Kivar asked in disbelief. No, he must have heard her wrong.

“My answer is no. I will never share any knowledge or thoughts of Max’s with you. Ever. Not even for the dream, for the illusion of being with Max again. It won’t happen this way. It will happen MY way.” Liz said with a security and ca certainty she didn’t know she had.

“You’re just a little useless mindless worm. You have no idea of the consequences of your decision. You have just signed the end of your people. Your end.” Kivar said, furious. He would get what he wanted, one way or another, whether Liz wanted or not. In the end, he would still destroy every living form on Earth, to take the planet as his, and his followers’. But he thought he would have what he wanted from Liz easier... Well, he would have some fun with her this way... It would end up being worth it.

“Not if I can avoid it all from happening,” Liz firmly said.

Kivar stared at her again. But now, no feelings were being shown. He loudly laughed.

“And why would you think that a little thing like you can save the world?” He mocked of her, laughing even louder.

Liz’s expression didn’t change, except from a grin, a cynical little grin that appeared on her lips.

“I’ve done it once, I can do it again.”

Kivar yawned, and as if sweeping the dust, he threw Liz to a wall.

“I’m tired of you now,” he said. Then, he yelled in the direction of the door. “Soldiers! Come in, now!”

Seven skins, armed from their hands to their toes, got inside the room and stood beside Kivar, looking towards their king, waiting for his command.

“Tie the human female up and prepare her for the ‘mind sucking’,” Kivar demanded.

Liz saw the soldiers turning towards her. Two of them were holding a laser-kind rope, one had a shinny tiara on his hands, and the others were just holding their weapons up, pointing them to Liz. The closer they got, the worse Liz felt. But it wasn’t fear she was feeling. No, it was something more... powerful. And it was growing inside her, it was... it was even humming, she could hear it. And it was burning inside her.

The soldiers were getting closer. Liz was burning even more. The skins were smiling. Kivar was laughing, a triumphant smile on his face. Everything was starting to get blurred, everything was spinning on Liz’s mind, it was all happening too fast, but too slow at the same time. And the humming was getting louder, the burning was getting worse... until Liz couldn’t take it anymore. She felt like... exploding...

An explosion. A very bright light took over the place, along with a very loud humming. The soldiers and Kivar couldn’t take it, they were already on the floor, agonizing in pain, when a sudden blast of pure energy threw them violently to a wall.

Liz got up from where she had been, and walked through the bodies that laid down on the floor. She was almost outside the room, when a hand grabbed her ankle.

“You’re not getting away this easy, darling...”

* * * * *

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Liz tried to release Kivar’s hold on her ankle, but her effort was in vain.

“Guess you’re a little stronger than we thought,” Liz sarcastically sad. ‘We.’ Max and her.

Kivar evilly smiled. “Don’t ever underestimate someone you don’t know. Especially this someone being the mighty king from another planet.”

“Correction,” Liz interrupted Kivar, “the disgusting alien who God knows why, stupidly became the king of another planet, after killing the real king and his family and friends. Oh, and might I add the only mighty king I see here is laying on the ground, peacefully resting for he knew I’d keep my promise, for he gave his own life up for his people, not only once, but twice; for a secret that could change everything.”

“Oh, so the lady’s got a pretty sharp tongue, now doesn’t she?” Kivar then suddenly stood up, pulling Liz’s ankle, making her hardly fall on the ground. He cleaned his clothes, turning around to face Liz. “Now, let’s see who’s the king wannabe.”

Liz had fallen with her chin on the ground. She looked up and saw Kivar, ready to kill her. But something else caught her sight, or rather someone. Max. “I won’t give up,” Liz whispered, clenching her fists.

“What? Did you say something, little thing?” Kivar mocked, with his hand on his ear, nearing her.

Liz, with the help of her arms and legs, and with a strength that came from her mind, heart and soul, stood up, her eyes never leaving Max’s lifeless body, anger pouring more and more in her mind.

“Ready to fall down again?” Kivar asked, smirking, nearing Liz even more.

That was when Liz’s eyes left Max, and stared at Kivar, something he wished had never happened. And, as angry as her eyes revealed her to be, she said, in a low voice first, and then shouting, “ I said I won’t give up!” Right then, Liz raised her arm, and threw Kivar to a wall, which fell down over him.

Silence. All that could be heard in the room was Liz’s deep breaths. Liz looked at the pile of rocks, then on the skins corpses. Her gaze then fell back to Max. “I love you,” she whispered, before then turning around and leaving the room. Once she was out, she heard voices.

“Let’s go, they’re inside, move now!” Loud steps could be heard.

Liz started running. She was going to get to the granolith, she was. And that was when she heard his voice, once again. “Get the human, NOW!” And right then, all sounds silenced on Liz’s mind, but the sound of her voice. “Go. Don’t stop running. Go.” And Liz just ran, ran, and ran, being followed by the skins. Thoughts of Max on her mind. Of her past. Of the new future.

~* Back to the year 2000 *~

“So, this is what’s happened. This is how I got here.” Future Liz said. “Since I had all Max’s memory, I knew where the kept the crystal that made the granolith work, inside the granolith chamber, under a fake hidden rock. I put the crystal on the granolith, it started working, and then... here I am.” While telling the whole story, Future Liz’s eyes stared at the floor. It’d be too hard to tell Future Max what had happened, looking him in the eyes. She knew he’d feel responsible for her future.

When she spoke the last word, she looked up, only to find Future Max staring at the sky, his hands shaking, while he desperately rubbed them on each other, his eyes filled of tears, tears he was fighting not to let them escape. Future Liz didn’t say a word. They had to be fast, but she had to wait a little while for her words to sink in his mind. She then just looked up at the sky, admiring the stars, thinking about... everything, and nothing, at the same time.

“So,” Future Max said, just a little while after, looking at Future Liz, whose eyes met his, “all you did, all I made you do, hoping it’d do better to everyone, just... just made it all worse, isn’t that right?”

Future Liz opened her mouth to answer, when the sound of a door opening alarmed them. It was Liz’s bedroom door, and Liz was entering her room.

“Hide, now!” Future Max said to Future Liz in a low voice. Future Liz ran towards the ladder, and climbed it down just a little, in order to listen to what Liz was going to say – even though she knew it – and still not being seen.

Future Max sat straighter, and Liz went outside, standing right beside him. She was almost breathless, her heart beating quickly, and she stared at Future Max’s eyes.

“I have a plan. I know how to... do what I have to do. I will need Kyle’s help, so, I’m heading out to his house. And no, I won’t tell him anything. I just,,, thought I should tell you, before I went there. Okay?” Liz said, sadness easily seen on her eyes, but also, it was perceptible determination in her voice, in her eyes.

Future Max quietly nodded, his eyes full of fear and realization of what Future Liz had said. But Liz – present Liz – didn’t even notice.

“Okay then,” Liz said, and got inside the house again, just to get out of her room, and get ready to talk to Kyle, to do one of the hardest things she thought she would ever have to do.

Just as she left her room, Future Liz climbed up the ladder and got in the balcony again. Her eyes met Future Max’s once again.

“We have almost no time now. We must act fast,” she said.

“Do you have any idea of... of how to avoid your future to happen?” Future Max asked, hoping her answer would be ‘yes’.”


* * * * *


“Well...” Future Max’s eyes searched for Future Liz’s, hoping to find certainty and security in them. But, as their eyes met, he felt a strong wave of confusion, sorrow, fear, and still pain, taking control of his body, just as it had taken control of Future Liz’s.

“... I don’t really... I haven’t thought of anything...” Future Liz confessed.

“Great!” Future Max exclaimed, standing up, throwing his hands up to the sky. “So you came here to change the future, but haven’t thought of a way to do it! Fabulous!” He sarcastically said.

Future Liz stood up, mad and sad at the same time, speaking with the same sarcastic voice Future Max had spoken. “What was I supposed to do, huh? Stop in the middle of nowhere while I was being chased by evil aliens trying to kill me, who, might I add, had already killed all of you, and just sit there to THINK of a way to change the future?”

Future Max remained quiet. He didn’t know what to say. She was right, he knew it, but still, they had to find a way to change everything.

“I’m sorry, I... shouldn’t have said that,” Future Max apologized.

“It’s okay, I know how you’re feeling... suffocated... I just... when I reached the granolith, and had to do something, to think of a time to change everything, all I could think of was when that future was created... today... And somehow, I knew I had to come back to this day, to change it all...” Future Liz said, sadly gazing at the stars.

“It’s okay,” Future Max said, taking Future Liz’s hands in his’, “we’ll find a way...”

Future Liz looked at their hands, together, and smiled. “I was going to say that by doing that, you reminded me of Max... But you ARE Max, so...”

Future Max softly laughed. “Yeah... It’s weird to say, but I’ve met three different Liz... It’d be scary to anyone...”

“Probably,” she laughed, but it didn’t last too long. “Max, we have almost no time... If I remember, and believe me, I remember everything that’s happened today very well, I’m... I mean, Liz must be getting to Kyle’s...”

“Getting there? If I remember, Kyle’s not that far away from here...” Future Max said, a little confused.

“Yeah, well, it’s not far away when you’re not going there on foot, slowly walking, and stopping sometimes, wondering if the decision you’ve made is the right one,” Future Liz said, a little embarrassed.

“Oh... I see... So, what can we do? I mean, I can’t come in contact with Max, and you can’t come in contact with Liz...”

“... and we must not come in contact with many people, it’d be better to keep a low profile... and less confusing, too” Future Liz added.

“Maybe I should try to stop Liz from talking Kyle into the fake sex thing...” Future Max said the first thing that came to his mind.

“I don’t think Liz will listen to you, I mean, first you come here saying I, pardon me, Liz has to make Max fall out of love with her, and then you tell her that she must not do that? I wouldn’t buy it, and so won’t Liz,” Future Liz said, matter-of-factly.

“I have to try, at least this will buy us some time... Meanwhile, you could...” Future Max couldn’t think of what Liz, or the future version of Liz ‘not-his-future-one’ could do.

“I could...” Future Liz didn’t know what to do either. One thought crossed her mind, but she wasn’t really fond of it. ‘It’s the only thing I can do...’ she thought, ‘maybe he’ll listen to me...’

“What? You’ve thought of something, what is it?” Future Max had caught Future Liz’s distant gaze, and he knew that look. He knew his future’s Liz, this time’s Liz, changed-future’s Liz, every Liz better than he knew himself, and the look that Liz standing right in front of him, was an ‘I-have-an-idea-but-I’m-not-so-sure’ look.

“Well... I’m not so sure about this....” Future Liz started.

‘Bingo,’ Future Max thought.

Future Liz remained quiet for a few more seconds, and continued. “No, I’m sure. This is the only way, the only thing I can do.”

Future Max couldn’t control the anticipation in his voice, in his action, in his eyes. “What, what are you so sure of? What are you going to do?” Then it hit him. “Are you...?”

“Yes,” Future Liz stated, “I’m going to the only person that’d listen to me, without freaking out too much. The only one who’d believe me, understand me, and that’d be able to help me, help us all.” Future Liz stood up. “I’m going to Max.”

* * * * *


“Max,” Future Max repeated. “How will talking to Max help us?”

“I don’t know. How will NOT talking to Max help us?” Future Liz seriously asked, not expecting an answer, though.

Future Max didn’t have an answer. She was probably right, they had to change the future but not how it had been changed before. And he had no idea of how they would do that. “We better hurry then.”

“But first, we gotta change something,” Future Liz said, nearing Future Max, and waving her hand in front of him. “Okay, now we can go,” she said, looking at a good fake Present Max.

Future Max knew what Future Liz had done, even without seeing it. She had made him look like that present Max in order for Kyle not to suspect him. He smiled at Future Liz, and waved his hand in front of her. “People would suspect you if they saw you in that partly ripped dress...” he explained.

“Thanks,” Future Liz shyly smiled. Shyly, yes, but she was still a very decided woman. “Let’s go,” she said, going down the ladder, followed by Future Max.

Once they were down, they exchanged ‘good luck’ glances, and parted, each to a different direction. Had anyone witnessed their shared glances, they would have noticed love and trust in them.

* * * * *

Future Max ran towards Kyle’s, as fast as he could. Would he get there on time? But... on time for what? ‘Damn.’ He only hoped he would get there before Liz asked Kyle to help her deceive Present Max. ‘Liz...’ he thought. Would she believe him now, after all he said? But then again... ‘Damn.’ What was he gonna say to her? ‘Run. Focus on running. It will all come to me... I hope... Damn...’

* * * * *

Five minutes after leaving Liz’s house, Future Liz had made it to the Evans’. She was out of breath, true, but she was there. Future Liz stared at Max’s bedroom window. Painfully, she remembered that night, when she was at that exact same spot, getting the courage to tell him she wouldn’t die for him...

Future Liz shook her head. ‘Focus, Liz, just focus...’ Quickly, she walked to Max’s bedroom window. And he was there. Peacefully lying on his bed, his eyes closed. Future Liz felt her heart catch in her throat as she saw the tears silently streaming down Max’s face.

* * * * *

“... and that’s what I wanted to ask you to do,” Liz said, sitting on the couch.

As Liz sat down, Kyle stoop up and started pacing. “So you want me to help you make Max think you’re over him?” he asked, also trying to be sure he heard correctly what Liz had just said.

“Basically... yes,” Liz answered. He needed to help her. Kyle was her last hope. The thought of the whole world ending crossed back Liz’s mind. The thought of Max made her heart hurt even more. ‘It’s for his own goo. It’s for everyone’s good,’ Liz reassured herself.

“And you want him to think we had sex, right? That’s how you will show him you don’t love him anymore.” Kyle repeated what Liz had just said.

“Yes, Kyle, that’s what I said,” Liz answered him once again. The pain in her heart was only getting worse.

“And there’s no other way to do that, you’re sure of that?” Kyle couldn’t help himself but to ask again.

“Kyle, if you don’t want to get into this, just tell me, please...” the suffer in Liz’s voice was almost palpable.

“No, Liz, it’s not that, it’s just...” Kyle noticed the hurt in Liz’s voice, and saw the pain in her eyes. “I will help you, this seems to be very important to you. But I just... I simply don’t understand why you want to do this, or how you know for sure that Max will see us...”

“I can’t tell you, Kyle, I just do... I need you to help me, it’s just that...” ‘No, Liz, don’t even think about telling him. Just... let him think Max has done something wrong, it’s the best way to get him to help you with no further questions...’ “ Max has... Kyle, I don’t really feel comfortable to talk about, uh...”

“No, Liz, I understand. We’re not really close friends. I’m sorry I-“ Kyle was interrupted by a knock on the front door. “Hold on, let me just get that...” He said, walking towards the door.

Right then, he noticed it was Max that was knocking on the door. “Liz,” he whispered, “it’s Max.”

“Don’t answer him! We have to go, now!” Liz whispered back. ‘No, no, this can’t go wrong,’ she desperately thought.

“Come on, we can go through the back door, my car is outside, anyway.” Kyle said, taking Liz’s hand and going to the back.

* * * * *

Future Max was standing outside the Valenti’s. He knocked once on the door. Nothing. He knocked again. ‘I can’t have missed them!’ He knocked again. Once again, no response. He was about to knock one last time before breaking in, when he heard a car engine. Future Max turned around, only to see Kyle’s car going away on the road. To Liz’s house direction...

* * * * *


‘Breathe. Just take a deep breath,’ Future Liz thought to herself. It was now or never, for her, and for the rest of the world.

Hearing a knock on his window, Max quickly wiped the tears out of his face. He didn’t bother trying to disguise his wet eyes though. If it were Michael knocking on his window, it would be good to talk to someone else... After talking to Maria, Max had confessed not only to her, but to himself, that he would never ever give up on loving Liz, no matter what. And now... he needed someone to give him the last bit of courage to go after Liz, and never let her go again.

But... if it were Liz knocking on his window... again... What would she do? What would she say? Nothing Liz said or did now would make him give up on her, end of the subject. The only problem was that Max didn’t know what to say to her to make her forget that ‘we can’t be together’ crap.

Since the moment he’d gotten back to his room till now, every moment of happiness, every minute he and Liz were together, complete, flashed into his mind and into his heart. All that love, care, passion, couldn’t have just faded away like that. No, Max knew it with everything in his mind, heart and soul, that Liz still loved him the way he loved her. And there was no way he would give up on their love. It’s very difficult to find your soul mate, and now that they had found each other, they couldn’t just let go like that.

Future Liz was fighting hard against her knees, which were now shaking out of nervous, sadness, and love. Her heart started beating faster as she saw Max standing up, and walking towards her. What would Max think when he saw her? Would he kiss her? Would he hold her as if his life depended on it? Would he stand still, staring at her, dumbfolded? Would he cry?

Future Liz knew that whatever Max would do, it'd be extremely emotional. And she was silently praying it wouldn't crush her too hard, that it'd still leave her the voice to tell him everything, and her mind not se weakened and full of mages of their time together, and their time apart, so that she'd be able to think of what to say to him, and how.

Max walked closer to his window, but still couldn't see anyone. Could it be a thief? 'Thieves don't knock on your window, dumb ass,' his mind snapped out. But as Max reached the lock of his window, and turned it open, he felt like a thief had gotten inside his room, inside him, robbed his brain, his voice, his air, his common sense. Right in front of him stood Liz, with a concerned, mature, decided, loving look in her face that Max had always and, at the same time, never seen on her. Liz strangely looked older, but love still radiated around her.

'Breathe, just take a deep breath,' he ordered to himself. Unfortunately, that was a little hard to do with someone that was and wasn't Liz, at the same time, staring into his eyes, getting into his heart and mind...

* * * * *


'I've failed her. I've failed both of them'

That was all Future Max could think of at that moment. He had failed his Liz of saving their world at that time, and... he had failed the other Liz, twice, for making her change the future into a worse one, and now, for missing Kyle and Liz.

'I can't give up. It's not over yet, it's not.'

Future Max started running back to Liz's house, not knowing what to do or say, though. All he knew was that he had to make the wrongs right, and that's what he was going to do.

* * * * *

For a couple of minutes, any enemy could've killed Max, could've attacked Earth, and Max wouldn't have noticed. It was like he was cursed, he couldn't stop staring at Liz, couldn't stop his mind from running, jumping up and down along with his heart, trying to form a logical theory for what was happening.

When Max got out of the trance he was into, he panicked. She could be an enemy. She was a shapeshifter. She couldn't be Liz, so there was no other explanation for the person standing in front of him. Quicker than a single blink, Max raised his hand in front of him, creating a shield between him and the person outside his window.

Future Liz didn't move a muscle as Max put his shield up. She had seen him do that a few times, and it was too beautiful, powerful, amazing, to scare her. But what did surprise her, though, was that the shield, just a few moments after being created, disappeared for no apparent reason. There was no one near, Future Liz could tell. One of her powers, the one she had worked the best at, actually, was sensing people, animals or aliens around her. And the only one she could sense now, besides Isabel watching a sappy soap opera in the living room, was Max. Not only her mind sensed him, her heart did so, too.

Max paled. His shield was gone. He felt his own energy refusing to come out, and when he managed it to, it just faded away. Still in an attack position, and with a severe and demanding tone, Max asked, "Who are you and what do you want? Why do you look like Liz?"

"Because..." Future Liz started quickly. As soon as she got through that all, things would be more likely to have a better chance of changing. "... I AM Liz."

"Don't you think you can fool me!" Max yelled, angry and confused. He was sensing she was Liz, but it couldn't be. She looked too much older, she couldn't be Liz.

"I don't, Max," Future Liz calmly said. "I never thought I could... I mean, not counting tonight's past, of course..."

"What do you mean? What are you talking about? And for the last time, WHO ARE YOU? You better answer me, otherwise-"

"Otherwise what, Max? You'll kill me? With what powers, may I ask you? No, I'm NOT an alien, either good or bad. I'm Liz Parker, just... not the Liz Parker of this time of yours..."

Now Max was confused. How could she know he had no powers? He had felt his energy disappearing, fading away just as he put the shield up, but there was no way SHE could've known that... And, besides that... Who the hell was she?

"How can you be Liz, but not 'this time of mine's Liz? How can I be sure you're not lying to me?"

"Because you believe in me, Max. You know who I really am, I know you can sense me, just as I can sense you..." Liz softly said.

Silence fell upon them, and Future Liz knew she had no time to waste, Thinking of a way to change everything and to quickly prove to Max that she was who she claimed to be, and telling him everything that had happened, wasn't easy.

It was with a smile - a sad one, but a smile nonetheless - that Future Liz saw the trust in Max's eyes. Future Liz, who was still standing outside his window, entered Max's bedroom. She had to be quick, precise, but couldn't scare Max away; he still had some doubts. Softly, she took his hands into hers, and led him to sit on his bed. Still holding his hands, never letting go of his gaze, Future Liz kneed in front of Max.

"Max, you must be prepared to see and feel what I'm about to show you. I have no time to explain anything, so this is the only way I'll be able to tell you what is going on." Not finding any signs of impediment or fear in Max's eyes, she continued. "But you have got to trust me, Max, so we can make a complete connection... Can you do that?"

Trust her. Completely trust her. Could he do it? Could he open up, not only to receiving images, memories and feeling from... the Liz standing in front of him, but also to sharing his own feeling and memories with her? 'It's Liz, Max... She already knows everything, no matter where or when she comes from...' As incredible as it might've sounded, his mind and heart told him the same.

Max nodded. Future Liz sighed, both in relief and nervous. Staring at each others' eyes, both of them, different-time lovers but lovers nonetheless, opened their souls to each other, getting hit by flashes. Flashes none of them expected to get. Feeling none expected to feel. And a love neither remembered could and did exist.

* * * * *

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Liz and Kyle had gotten to Liz's house in almost no time. They were already inside Liz's bedroom - Kyle taking his clothes off in the bedroom, Liz, worried about the whereabouts of Future Max, getting undressed inside the bathroom - when Future Max arrived.

"What now?" Future Max thought as he caught a glimpse of Liz's bedroom lights lit up. He had to warn Future Liz he hadn't been able to stop Liz... But at the same time, he was worried about the chances of getting in contact with the present Max. Looking around for something, anything, and idea formed in Future Max's mind as he saw the public telephone right across the street...

* * * * *

Future Liz opened her eyes, not knowing at what point she had closed them. Max's eyes were still closed though, as if... as if he was still lingering everything he had seen, he had felt, he had learned.

And it was hard. Oh, it was hard. Gaining the acknowledge of a lifetime, of happenings, actions and reactions to things he didn't know would happen, didn't know could happen, it was just too much. And these information only got deeper, more overwhelming with the feelings Future Liz shared with him. Pain, so much pain... Agony, sadness, regret, and anger, fear... and love. SO much love, it felt like... something else. Like it was an even deeper and bigger feeling. A stronger feeling. And that's when it hit him. It was a love larger than life, any life.

Trying to keep herself standing was hard after... After knowing everything Max felt, after feeling everything he felt... She knew that feeling, and at the same time, she didn't. It was something else, something new, something... more. It was bigger, stronger, sweeter, deeper, more comfortable, more wonderful... It was his love for her, for her past and his present Liz.

But not only the love Future Liz felt from Max. She also felt his pain, his sufferance, from not being with her, for not completely feeling Liz's love back to him. He knew she loved him as much as he did, but he was feeling like she was avoiding him... like her love was ceasing to exist, for she was giving up on it because of that stupid destiny story. Future Liz could feel his fear of losing Liz, losing her love, losing his own love for her, for that love kept him alive. He was afraid for his 'other planet' and for the other aliens too, but the very thought of Liz was what kept him strong and focused on doing the right thin. Liz was his balance, his everything. It might sound a bit, or a lot selfish, yes, but Max didn't remember life without Liz, and now that he knew life with loving and being loved back from her, he didn't think he could live without it. Future Liz sadly smiled at the thought of what had happened, of everything that had happened... Of the love Max disguised as hate in order of keeping himself from suffering... And she shed a tear at the remembrance that he didn't indeed live without her... He died without her. Would her presence have made a difference?

For her sake, her thoughts were interrupted by Max's voice. He was still in... awe, as much as in shock of everything he'd experienced in so short time, but he did find the voice to speak.

"Was that... the future? Is that.. our future?" He had to be sure, he had to hear it from Liz, from that Liz. 'How could that be?'

Max saw the flashes coming back to his mind, the flashes about that night. About a future version of himself that, as he learned through Future Liz's thoughts, had come to keep the world from ending, but it happened again. He only caused more pain, and gave the world another ending. He had failed. Max's thoughts were confused, really messed up. He felt fear, regret, sadness, relief and happiness at the same time. Liz loved him, and hadn't given up on him; he - future version or not - had made Liz suffer just way too much, he'd made her feel bad, sad... he'd made her pretend she had stopped loving him... made her deny her feelings, deny herself. And he judged her, pushed her into telling him what himself had told her not to do so. He made her go through years of lies, of pain, and now... there she was. Playing the same part he had played in the future/past, the same part that almost shattered her heart. Destiny's part.

And it was not fair she had to go through all of that again; she didn't deserve it. She was putting herself through more and more sufferance, and once again because of him, in all sorts of ways.

No, he couldn't allow that, couldn't allow her suffer any more. He was gonna help her, no matter what. Whatever she needed him to, he'd do it. Not for him, for her. Forever for her.

Max slowly raised his eyes confidently, coming to a stop as they met hers. And with all the certainty ever experienced, he spoke with her.

"Whatever you want to, I'll do it. I'm with you till the end of this. And I think I know what to do..."

* * * * *