Tittle: Once upon a heartbeat
Author: Vicky Anne
Diclaimer: Borrowing em, returning em, don't own em!
Summary: No aliens. Liz has an icy heart which Max tried to defrost
Rating: PG13
Notes: This was gonna be a christmas fic but I started so late and I'll now
be lucky to get this finished before May due to my GCSE's (I think the
American equvilent is SAT's but over in the UK 7, 11 and 14 year olds to
thouse. Go figure!) If I try really hard it could be done by new years but
it depends on how much feedback I get


Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a gentleman and his 2 daughters. He
gave them everything that their hearts desired: pretty dresses, ponies,
trips to the theater, yet they ask for very little. Still he felt that they
needed a mothers care. So he remarried, choosing a woman with 2 young
daughters of her own. They girls got on well and the mother came to love Mr
Parkers daughters as her own. For years they were all very happy untill a
terriable occurance happened. On the 10th birthday of the yongest child
Elizabeth, which also happened to be Christmas eve, that Mr Parker and his
wife's carriage crashed instantly killing all aboard. The four liitle girls
were sent to live with their uncle. Kahvir Harding blamed the girls for his
sisters death, mainly Elizabeth and was cruel to them. He would lock them
away for days with out food just for sneezing. This is were they lived
miserably ever after...

Maria: "Hold it right there! You are like missing the whole story. We all
got out in the end. I'm in love and Isabel and Tess own a successful
bussiness in Roswell. Lizzie is a fanatastic Laywer so we didn't live
'miserably ever after'. Oh and I would also like to bring this to 2001 coz
that is the time women rule OK! Oh and another thing..."

Tess: "Maria SHUT UP! Let them get on with the story!"

Maria: "WHAT!!!! No-one tells me to shut up!"

Everyone: "MARIA SHUT UP!"

Maria: Humph!

Part 1

"Mr Evans may I have a word with you?" Maria Parker asks breathlessly a she
entered her bosses offices. Max Evans was a sucessful Laywer, who at the age
of 28 had built up his small self owned bussiness into the biggest firm in
L.A. EGVW and Co were huge and covered everything around. Infact just last
week one of Max's partners Alex Whittmen had a court allow a cat and a dog
to legally marry. Ok so Alex did take on the strangest cases but the fact he
won shows how fantastic they were!

"Yes Miss Parker?" Max asked cassualy. She had been bugging him all month to
interview her sister Elizabeth Parker for the Junior Lawyer opening in the
firm. He did some spot checks on Maria's sister. She worked for Cabury and
Galaxy and had only ever lost 1 case in the whole of her career. Max had to
admit that it was impreesive but the fsct that 1 Maria Parker was a
handfull, 2 would be near impossible.

"If this is about your sister Maria..." he started, but in true Maria style
she interupted.

"No Max. I'm not going to both. My sisters Isabel and Tess have just opened
a new store of theirs in L.A. and are moving here, nense me asking for a job
for Lizzie. She hates being left behind. No I was asking you to dinner
tommorrow night to meet them is thats ok?"

'Dinner thats not to bad is it!' Max thought to himself. 'I mean whats the
harm of having 4 Maria's in one place. I better bring along a bomb shelter!'
"Uh sure Maria. Who else is going?"

'Your going down for that look Max Evans. Tess will have you running
scared!' "Oh just Michael, Kyle and Alex. Its a well done for Liz. She just
got a job at Nick's and before you give me that look I tried to get her a
job here! You the only one fit for it. Micheal would have stared her down,
Kyle would tried to have got layed and Alex would have scared her with his
jokes." Nick Bellion was Max's number 1 enemy. That always came up against
eachother in court and 9 times out of 10 Nick would win.

"Poor girl. You know it occurs to me I haven't even seen their picture! And
your surposed to be my best girlfriend." Max started to flip his hair at

"It offical if your the sain on out of my bosses the rest have no hope!
Here." Maira dug a picture of the four of them out. "That Isabell and Tess,
and my blood sister Liz." It was the only picture Maria had of Liz. She
rearly had her picture taken due to the big black brusies covering her face.

Max took 1 look at Liz and thought he died and gone to heaven. 'Dammit! Why
didn't I interview her. She's beautiful!' Of course on further inspection
Max noticed the bruise on her lest cheek.

"Maria whats that on her face?"...

Part 2

6 years ago...

"You stupid little brat. No way are you going to college. Your my frre
cleaning servace and no way in hell am I giving that up! I took you in when
you killed my sister. I don't even see how a college would except you
anyway. Did you like sleep with the head of the governing commity?" Kahvir
Harding ask his so called niece Liz. Ever since his only family died, he
took to drinking. He blamed Lizzie for Bella's death. If it wasn't for the
fact they were rushing home for Liz's birthday they wouldn't of crashed.
Infact in recent years he had taken to beating Liz to inflict all the pain
to her that she had caused to him.

"Nnnnnnnn...no uncle. See....I uh... got a schloship to UCLA, and um summer
internship at C and G's. I uh would come home at weekends and..." Liz
started to say but was interupted by a back hand across the face.


It was that night that she ran to live with her sisters Isabel and Tess.
Afew weeks after that she left were the picture Maria was currently showing
Max was taken. It was the last time all 4 girls had been together. Liz still
had evdience of the beatings she had taken. Unfortunatly she brusied easily.

"Maria is anyone at home?" Max asked her. She had afar awaylook in her eyes.
Infact it downright scared him.

"What? Sorry I wasn't listening. You were saying?" 'Good comeback girl. Now
think of a cover up.'

"I asked what was that on Liz's face?" 'It looks nasty what ever it is!'

"Just ink. My pen leaked on it couple years back. Liz keeps meaning to get
me a better picture of herself." 'Good going Maria. Last thing Liz wants is
sympathy' "Max also when you talk to Liz tommorrow she might be abit quite.
She doesn't like talking to new people. I know its weird for a laywer, but
she's been that way since our parents died."

"Anything you say. Now go to lunch, coz I don't want to be sued for keeping
you here OK?"

"Your the boss. See later Max."

"Yea bye Maria" 'What are you keeping from me Maria Parker?'

Part 3

Later that evening

"Miiiicccchhhhaaaaeeeellllll......." Maria screamed. It wasn't something Max
wanted to hear ever, but he knew know that he had beem scared for life. It
happened all the time, however for the unluckly room mate. Maria and Michael
would fight, then this is how they would make up. Infact Michael once told
him he angered Maria on purpose because he LOVED makeing up with Maria
again. The mental images it painted for Max were some what disturbed!


'Wonder who that could be' Max thought to himself. It couldn't be Alex and
Kyle coz they were both on dates. Kyle was with some chick called Pam Troy
who Max couldn't stand. Alex was on a date with some chick called Izzy
Harding. He couldn't really remember. Alex had been rather vague only that
she was hot and good for him.


"I'm coming I'm coming." He called out. He opened the door and on the other
side was the girl for the picture Liz Parker.

"Hello. I'm looking for uh, Maria Parker, and I was told she sometimes stays
here sometimes."

Max just stared at her. 'My god her picture doesn't do her justice! She's a
fallen angel' "What oh sure just hold on. MARIA!"

"What is it Max." Michael Gurien asked his friend. He looked around him and
saw Maria's sister Liz. "Hey Liz, come in. What are you doing here?" He
asked. Infact he had a nagging feeling that he and Maria had fogotten

"You were surposed to come pick me up remember? I went to Maria's but no-one
was home. I called Tess and she said to call her work. Someone there put me
through to Mr Valenti, but someone called Pam Troy picked. She gave me a
mini lecture about interuptance, who then handed me to Kyle who then gave me
this address, and here I am." She told them breathlessly. As soon as she had
finished, Maria came bouncing in.

"Lizzie!!! What are you doing here..... OHMYGOD! I am so sorry I forgot!
Please forgive me!"

Its OK. Michael and em this nice gentleman kept me company." 'And he is so
hot! Its just too bad I don't trust men...'