Title:Chasing Death
Authors: Erin and Gaudicia
Category/Genre: Xover with Buffy and Angel. Romance, mystery, action....all of the above
Disclaimer: We own nothing. If we did, do you think Roswell would be that sorry excuse for a show? Nope, so all of that is to blame on Jason Katsmi
Dedication: Erin- To everyone who ever left feedback Gaudy-Everyone that likes this fic, and especially Summer for bugging me about it

Chasing Death Prologue

"It's Buffy isn't it?" Angel demanded as he stared at Willow's figure.

Willow stood up. She couldn't bring herself to answer, but she knew she couldn't prolong his torture. She slowly nodded, not being able to speak.

Angel couldn't feel anything. He sat down across from Willow. She kept her gaze to the floor.

Cordelia spoke up, "Is she sick?"

Willow looked at her. "I only wish it was that," she squeaked out.

Cordelia still didn't get it. "If you actually spoke in English I may understand it." She saw Wesley and Gun's expression and knew she had said the wrong thing, and realization finally hit her. "Oh, I--” Cordelia stopped not knowing what to say.

Willow looked up at Angel. He still hadn't said one word. His mouth opened. "How?"

Willow shook her head. Her red short hair moved from side to side." We didn't know. And then we saw, and wet, and I can't, we didn't!" She gasped for breath and the tears came. Yet no one was able to move. Maybe from the shock or maybe not.

Cordelia moved towards Willow, her bells on her outfit moved with her. Cordelia put her hand on Willow's shoulder. "English, Willow! Come on, what happened?"

Willow regained her posture. She knew she had to tell them first what happened after that she could cry to her hearts content.

"It was Glory. We were going to fight her. They had taken Dawn. Glory's purpose was to open a portal that would take her back to her realm. But by opening that portal she would be letting other realm demons in." Willow continued, "But, the only way to stop that would be to kill Dawn so Glory wouldn't get what she wanted. Buffy wouldn't do it so... We were able to stop Glory from reaching Dawn, but we didn't count on someone else doing the sacrifice, by the time Buffy was able to reach Dawn, her blood had already been spilled and the portals were opening." Willow stopped for a moment trying to swallow her tears and the willed herself to continue. "Dawn was ready to throw herself into the portal to stop what was happening, but Buffy wouldn't have it. You know how stubborn she could be. So instead of letting Dawn go, she went in Dawn's place. None of us really knew what was going on. But we saw her body, lying on the pile of boards. We just broke down. Spike was he one who told me to tell you. At the time we all had forgotten," Willow whispered.

Cordelia gave her a hug of comfort. "It's okay, Willow."

Angel didn't know what do or say, or even how to act. He watched as Willow broke down and Cordelia comforted her. He could feel Wesley and Gunn's stares on him, but he wouldn't break down in front of them, he was going to be strong for Buffy and do what need it to be done. "Excuse me," Angel muttered. He didn't pay attention to their protest, he just knew he had to make a phone call. When he reached his office he hesitated, but finally picked it up and dialed the phone number he had tried to forget, but was always in the back of his mind. His breath got caught in his throat when he heard the first ring.

Chasing Death 1

Liz felt as Max squeezed her hand but all she wanted to do at the moment was rip her hand away from his. She couldn't believe that after everything he put her through he believed she would just accept him back. She felt like she was just the sole of a shoe that they could use it until it no longer was usable, but that they kept around because it was comfortable. She saw Maria give her a questioning looked but she shrugged in reply.

After the little scene in the desert everyone had moved to the Crashdown and sat 6 chairs together. Liz was brought back from her thinking when Isabel broke the silence. "What do we do now Max? I mean I know we have to get your son but how?"

"What about Alex? Shouldn't we do something with him?" Maria demanded.

"What else can we do?" Max asked quietly.

"How can you say that? If it weren't for your pompous blond Destiny girlfriend he would still be here!" She shouted.

"Calm down Maria!" Isabel shouted.

"He just said there was nothing else we could do for Alex. We can do everything. You guys could heal Nasedo with the stones so why not heal Alex with them? And we can tell the sheriff that Alex was murdered. Do you know how his parents feel? Huh, do you? No! His parents think their son killed himself! They shouldn't have to go through that!" Maria yelled as she got up from where Michael was sitting and stood in the back.

"Right now my main concern is my son," Max stated. He saw as everyone give him a disapproving looks so he looked at Liz silently asking for support, but Liz averted his gaze and moved a little bit further from his side.

"Yeah, well if you hadn't let your raging hormones take over and stop acting like a little boy you wouldn't have a son to worry about!" Maria knew those words would hurt him and that's what she definitely wanted to do at the moment, and she still wasn’t finished. "You think just because you were a King you can tell us what to think, well that may work with Liz, but it doesn't work with me and speaking of Liz, she won't always be there for you. One day a real man will come into her life and give her the happiness she deserves! To think she gave up her happiness for this! If I were her I would tell you to go to hell and to get the hell away from me! Not even to save the world would I stand to be besides you!"

Maria put hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry!" Max looked at her and nodded. She glared at him. "I wasn't saying sorry to you! I was saying sorry to Liz."

Liz nodded. "It's ok Maria, you were right."

Max looked at her. "What do you mean? Liz, I thought we were back together again!"
"You can't treat me like a puppy, Max. That was Tess' job, not mine! Maria's right. Maybe I do love you, but how can I ever give that to you when you never trusted me?"

"Stop it! Leave him alone!" Isabel yelled.

"Well look who comes to the rescue? You and your brother have so much in common, you know? Tess was his lap dog, and Alex was yours. He was the sweetest guy ever and you always broke his heart. I don't know what he ever saw in you, but I do know you never deserved his love!" Maria screamed before collapsing in tears. Liz quickly hurried to her side. Everyone in the room could feel Isabel's anger. But before she could start the phone rang.

Liz wanted to stay with Maria, but she also didn't want anyone else to answer the phone. Maria hugged her and softly whispered, "Answer it, I'll be fine."

Liz nodded, when she reached the nearest phone she looked back at Maria to see if she was okay. Seeing Maria gave her an impatient look brought a sad smile to her face, but a smile none the less, so she pick up the phone and the first thing she heard was a hello. She didn't need to ask who it was she would recognize that voice anywhere, just as she knew he wouldn't be calling unless it was important and her world came crashing to her feets.

Liz looked up. Everyone was looking at her. "What's wrong? Did something happen?"
Maria sat up straight. Noticing the others gaze was on Liz she got up.

By the time Maria reached her Liz already had hanged up, but Liz looked like a lost, lonely child who needed her mother. As soon as Maria thought that she raced to Liz's side. "Oh God, Liz, what happened?" The only answer Maria got was Liz's muffled sobs in her blouse.

No one knew what to say they were shocked by Liz's outburst. They had never seen her like that and they knew something had to be wrong very wrong.

Liz's sobs reduced to hiccups, but she never left her hold on Maria lose. 'If only Alex was here! He always knew how to make things better. But, Alex isn't here! Maria is!'

"Lizzie, hunny. Look at me. What's wrong?" Maria demanded.
Michael quickly hurried over and took Liz into his arms. Michael put Liz in one of the booth and then brought her a glass of water, and urged her to drink it, but she just took a sip and set the glass aside.

Maria sat besides Liz and tried her best to ignore Max and Isabel. “Lizzie, please tell me what happened?”

Liz had started to feel numbed, but at those words she sat up straight went around the booth and raced to her room, oblivious to the others that chased after her.

The first thing Liz did when she reached her room was to get her baggage and frantically started throwing things in. Liz was oblivious to the fact that she hadn't locked her door. Not that it would have mattered any ways. Aliens and voo doo.

Maria had raced after Liz with Michael, Kyle, Max, and Isabel. They stared at her suitcase.

"What are you doing, Liz?" Max asked.

Liz stopped throwing things in for a moment and looked at Max. "What do you care? I don't have to tell you everything I do!"

"Liz, I heartily agree with you. Max doesn't need to know, but you have me worry where are you going?" Maria worriedly asked.

Liz just stared at them for a second and then continued with her packing. "I'm going where I'm need it. You don't need to be an alien to have a few problems of your own."

Michael, Max, and Isabel looked at each other. Maria rushed forward. "Then I am coming with you!" She said.

Liz, with or without Maria there is no way just the two of you will be going. If you want to step out of this room, you'll have to do it with us right behind you guys!" Max stated.

Liz stomped her foot, and crossed her arms. "You can't tell me what to do! You are not my King!" Liz grabbed her suitcase and was on her way to the door, but Michael had stationed himself there. "Michael, are you going to move or do I have to move you?"

Michael didn't think about it twice and got out of her way. Who knew such a small girl could muster that kind of tone that chilled him to his bones.

While all this no one saw Maria open the drawer and take out a few of her cloth that stayed behind when she would sleep over. Getting a suitcase of her own she put everything inside and followed Liz. "Max, if you knew Liz you should no that there is no stopping her from doing what she wants."

Michael stepped in front of Maria. "And where are you going?"

Maria glared at him. "I'm going to the bathroom? What does it look like? I'm going with Liz!"

Michael stepped aside. Kyle glanced at him. "Dude, you are bigger than both of them! Why did you move?"

Michael sighed, and put arm around Kyle. "You see, never underestimate small people. "
Maria reached Liz before she could step outside the Crashdown. "Liz, wait up!" Panting Maria grabbed Liz's arm. "You do know there is no easy way to get rid of me, right?"

Liz sighed, "Maria, if you come they will also want to come."

"Liz, why don't you just let them screw themselves? My main concern right now is you, Liz. I won't leave you alone." Maria knew she wasn't getting past Liz's defensives so she tried her best weapon. "And I happen to have this which will make our trip to the airport easier." Maria jiggled her car keys in front of Liz.

Liz managed a small smile, and then shook her head. "Okay, you win. Let's go."

They got inside Maria's car and their journey began, oblivious to the group of people that followed them.

Michael watched the Jetta drive away. He quickly grabbed Max's keys and jumped in the jeep. He looked at the others and told them to get in. Isabel and Max jumped in without question. Kyle started to kick dirt. "Valenti in the car or I run you over with the car," Michael yelled. Kyle quickly jumped in the passenger side and the jeep roared off.

Chasing Death 2

Liz shifted in her airplane’s seat as she remembered the phone call. "Hello, Liz?"

"Angel, what's wrong?"

"Liz, something happened? I don't know how to tell you this..."

Liz could feel the panic starting to over take her. "Angel, just get straight to the point. You are making me more nervous as it is. You never call, so I'm assuming the worst."

Angel didn't know a gentle way to tell her. 'How do you tell someone that someone close to them have died?' Not having an answer he bluntly told her. "Liz, uh...it's Joyce and Buffy...they are dead."

"What? How? Why?"

"Liz, Dawn really needs you right now, I think it would be best if you came to Sunnydale. We are all going to be there."

Liz couldn't find her a voice. "Yes," She managed to squeak out, and before he could say anything else she hung up the phone, and let her grief confused her, suddenly she felt the earth started to shake and she could hear a distant voice. "Liz, wake up. Come on, Liz, it's rise and shine."

Liz groaned as she tried to open her eyes. She remembered that she was on a plane to Sunnydale. A plane to her past. Then Liz remembered the phone call. Tears started to add up in her already dried eyes.

Grabbing her carry on bag she and Maria moved to get out of the plane. Everyone was gathered close in on her. Liz started to feel claustrophobic. She looked at Maria, and could tell she felt the same. The two girls pushed their way out of the tunnel. Too caught up into getting away the two never noticed who was following them.

Liz and Maria rushed towards the doors of getting out of the airport. Cabs were lined up all around.

"Liz, Maria!" Someone shouted.

Liz quickly shot her head towards the voice, and groaned when she saw who it was. Max, Michael, Isabel, and Kyle were headed straight for them.

She started to walk faster towards them, telling Maria to catch a cab for them. "What the hell are you doing here?!" Where the first words out of Liz's mouth, she was physically and emotionally tired to be dealing with any of them. She couldn't stopped the words that formed in her mouth. "Can't you get it through your thick skull that I have to do this alone!? If I wanted or needed you guys here I would have ask you to come!!!"

Everyone in the group shifted before Isabel spoke out. "Liz you're the one who always says that we're together in this. Now me, Michael, Max, and Kyle are involved."

For a second Liz looked like she was ready to give in. "You guys should have listened to me! This has nothing to do with any of you!" She yelled out making them flinch.

"Liz, you gotta listen right now. We are involved. We already lost Alex, and we can't afford not to stick together now." Michael said as he motioned for her to chill.

Liz exploded. "Stick together? So that's what we were doing when I told all of you that an alien murdered Alex? We stuck together? My ass we did! You left me faster than that rocket left. So don't come expecting me to beg you to come with me or start to see things my way. None of you have helped me since, ya except you Michael. You did move that bomb but the only reason you came was because of Maria. Now I am going to say this one more time. Leave this and me alone. It is none of your business!" With that said Liz walked away and hopped in the car slamming the door shut. The cab drove off leaving the others in a dust of smoke.

When the cab had turned the corner Michael climbed into the cab that had just pulled up. He pulled the others in and the cab whizzed off to follow the others.

Liz looked out the window of the cab thinking that maybe the view would calm her down, but it was useless. "Maria, can you believe them?! I mean, how could they stand there and say we need to stick together when that's the last thing they did when Alex died! They are hypocrites!"

Maria turned to Liz, "They only care for you, hun, including Michael."

"Care for me? Oh so that's what Max was doing when he was yelling at me and saying he never knew me at all?”

Maria listened attentively to every word Liz said, Liz looked like if she didn't she would bite her head off, so when Liz said something, Maria would nodded in understanding.

And he was caring for me when he slept with Tess? Get real Maria!"

"So this is just about Max isn't it?" Maria demanded.

Liz shook her head. "I just have too much to deal with Maria I don't need this too."

"Michael she is so hypocritical. I mean really! She says we were never there for her but I saved her life right? And now when we say that we are all in this together like she pointed out earlier, than she bites our heads off."

"Well, you kinda did get Tess pregnant, and she killed Liz's family...Alex was her brother man!"

"Well, she slept with Kyle! I saw them and at least she didn't see me and Tess."

"Wait a sec, you saw us?" Kyle asked. Max turned to him and nodded. Kyle shrugged.
"We never did anything," he said as he looked out the window.

Both groups were so intrigued by their conversation and thoughts that they didn't see the 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign.

Liz grew quiet when she saw they were getting near their destination.

Maria noticed Liz's sudden mood as if she was silently grieving, but she didn't dare ask her what was wrong, she had a feeling Liz wouldn't answer her either. She had no idea where they were going Liz had whispered the directions to the cab driver, and she hadn't thought of asking then, but she wished she had, the suspense was killing her and she knew Liz was hurting.

"Where the hell are we going?" Michael demanded. They had gone into what looked like a small town.

Max shrugged, "Do you want me to ask Liz? I'm sure I could heal a black eye."

Michael turned around and glared at Max. "Not my fault u screwed up with Liz, if you want to be pissy take it out on-"

Isabel gasped and griped his arm cutting him off. "We-we are at a cemetery! What are we doing in a cemetery? What's Liz doing in a cemetery?"

Chasing Death 3

Liz got out of the cab forgetting all about Maria. She walk in a daze to where she saw a bunch of people gather some she recognized some she didn't. As she kept getting closer to them she could feel her feets getting heavy and heavier by the minute, she almost had to drag herself, but she came to a point where her feets wouldn't work any longer and she stood petrified.

Liz felt Maria's presence behind her and was grateful for her silence. Liz drew all her senses to the crowd in front of her and suddenly the person she was looking for turned and she was able to meet her hazel eyes. They just stood staring at each other until they broke in a deadly run.

Tears went down Maria's cheeks as she saw the reunion. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Michael and the others. She made her way to them.

"Who is Liz hugging?" Michael asked.

Maria shook her head. "She'll have to tell you. Not me, and not now."

Liz grabbed Dawn. "Dawn, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" She whispered over and over. "I should have been here for you."

"No, Liz, don't blame yourself! This isn't your fault. It's mine, if I had jumped, not Buffy. Liz, I'm the key Buffy told you about on the phone. I should have died. Not her. It's my fault," Dawn said jumping in.

"Never ever blame yourself. If you do Buffy will come back and kick your butt." Liz declared as she wiped a tear away. Dawn laughed.

"Promise me you aren't going anywhere. Promise me you'll stay with me. I lost a mother and a sister. I don't wanna lose another sister, Liz!"

"I promise, Dawn. I will always be here for you," Liz whispered. She raised her eyes and met Angel's gaze. She sparkled them at her, and he nodded.

Maria saw the ex change between Liz and Angel, and gasped. "Oh oh!"

Max saw Liz staring at something but he had no idea what, he only saw a man standing there, so when he heard Maria gasp he turned to her. "Maria, what's wrong?"

Maria wanting to be in total denial answered, "Nothing."

Liz whispered something to Dawn and embarked into another run, this time throwing herself in the arm of a man. Liz couldn't help herself, she was hurting and she hadn't seen Angel in a long time, so she kissed him. It wasn’t a friendly kiss, it was more than that, it was a kiss, were she put all the hurt, pain, and grief she felt, hoping that Angel would make it better.

Maria started to move away from the group and make her way towards Dawn wanting to know what was going on and to be away from Max's wrath.

Maria tapped Dawn's shoulder to get Dawn's attention away from Liz and Angel, but she immediately gasped when she saw how red Dawn's eyes were. Maria didn't think twice about it and she wrapped her arms around Dawn giving her a tight hug that told Dawn that she would always be there for her. Maria's chin was on top Dawn's head and whispered, "Dawn, what's going on? What happened? Where's Buffy and Mrs. Summer?"

At Maria's question Dawn broke down in hysterical sobs and between sobs she got out. "D-don't *sobs* you *sobs* k-k-know?"

Maria rocked her back and forward. "Sweetie, calm down. Just take a deep breath and tell me what happened?"

Dawn fought for air as she blurted out in a painful wail. "They are dead and it's all my fault!"

"No, honey, whatever happened it is NOT your fault!" Maria said pulling the girl in tighter.

"I have some stuff in my bag that will help you calm down. Come on." Maria pulled Dawn over to where her stuff was sprawled on the grass. Dawn was standing meekly next to Maria, staring at Kyle, Isabel, Max, and Michael. Maria thrust a bottle up to Dawn's hand. "Smell this and you'll be all better," she said smiling. Dawn looked up at the guy who was shaking his head: no. Maria went over to him and slapped him on the back of his head.

Cordelia stood shocked, as did Wesley, Gunn and the rest of the Scooby gang. Their eyes darted everyone from Dawn with the blond girl to Angel and the brunette that seemed to be in a serious lip lock, and in much need of air. 'How are those people? How do Angel and Dawn know them? How can Angel be kissing a girl when they were burying Buffy?' They wanted to take the Amara ring out of his hand, and let the sun take care of him. They knew that the best way to get answer to their questions was to ask Angel or Dawn, but it didn't seem a good time to ask and it wasn't like they were going to get any answers, and besides they were too shocked to even move their mouths.

"Angel," Liz whispered against his lips.

"Liz, thanks for coming," He said.

"I had to, I had to be here for Dawn, Buffy, and my mom! I missed you, Angel."

Max felt the jealousy soar in him. What right did that guy have to touch Liz? Liz was his. Wow, that sounded kinda cavemanish. Max glared at the man got in a lip lock with Liz.

Suddenly remembered why she was there and looked ahead of her. She saw the crowd surrounding the grave was looking at them, but she kept staring at the ground--at the headstone that had Buffy's name inscribe on it, and like a zombie she started to walk towards it, forgetting about Angel, Dawn and everyone, just the grave and her existed. Once she reached the grave she fell on her knees and started to sob. Angel was immediately besides her. He started to rub his hand on her back, trying to sooth her as she sob, but she just kept sobbing harder.

Max saw this and started to make his way towards her, but Maria stopped him. "Don't. If Liz wanted you to be here she would have let you come with us and you wouldn't have to follow us like you did."

"But who are those people Maria?" Isabel demanded.

Dawn looked up at Maria. "My fault," she whispered. Maria turned her to look her straight in the eyes.

"Listen Dawn...nothing is your fault. Nothing."

"But Maria, that should have been me, not Buffy! Me, not her," Dawn said breaking down.

"No Dawn...if that was you, would you really want Buffy to be the one here saying that?"

"At least she would be here!" Dawn said as she started to blank out.

"Who are these people Maria?" She asked trying to steer clear of the death cause.

Maria looked at them. "That's Kyle Valenti, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, he's mine by the way, and Max Evans."
"Evans? Max? The Max?" Dawn asked. Maria laughed, and nodded.

Max looked confused. "What?" He asked.
Dawn started to laugh harder. "So where's Alex?" Dawn asked as she started to look around for him.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dawn screamed. “
Liz forgot all about her sorrows when she heard Dawn’s scream and paralyzed. ‘You have to protect her now that Buffy is not here.’ That thought was the reason Liz started to run towards Dawn.

Liz was confused when she saw Dawn sobbing in the floor, but that didn’t stopped her from kneeling down and wrapping her arms around her. Liz looked up to Maria wanting answers for Dawn’s behavior.

Maria looked helplessly at Liz and mouthed. “Alex.”

Liz nodded in understanding and closed her eyes tightly for a second as pain shot through her, but she just tighten her hold on Dawn, and she wondered if she was comforting Dawn or Dawn was comforting her, because in that moment Liz felt as though Dawn was her anchor. “Dawn, please calm down. This isn’t good for you,” Liz whispered in Dawn’s hair.

Max made his way to Liz, keeping his gaze on Angel, challenging him. He only took his gaze off Angel when he reached Liz. Max touched her shoulder trying to comfort her, but Liz jerked his hand away. “Liz-“ Max trailed off when he saw that she was shutting him out. Max glared at Angel when he touched Liz’s shoulder, and she welcomed him, leaning into him, his glare intensified when Maria approached him.

Maria was still clueless as to who had died. “Angel, can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Didn’t Liz tell you?” Seeing Maria shake her head no, he said, “Buffy and Joyce are dead.”

Maria was in such a shock that she paralyzed, and didn’t even need her cedar oil for she couldn’t even go into hysteria.

Willow didn’t like what she was seeing, Angel was too cozy with the brunette. “Dawn, honey, please come here.”

Dawn shook her head no, and kept holding Liz tightly.

“Dawn, it will be for the best if you came with us,” Giles said as he stepped forward.

Angel helped Liz and Dawn stand up. “Giles, Willow, it would be best if they stayed together. They need each other.” Angel said in a voice that let no room for arguments. “Cordelia, we are going to Buffy’s house. Liz and Dawn will come with us. Maria, you better go with your friends, since you already know the way.”

Wesley approached Angel and asked, “Why are we going there?”

“Because we are going to get and give answers,” Angel answered, leaving a confused ex-watcher behind.

Chasing Death 4

The ride to the Summer’s house was quiet, but you could somehow hear the tension ripple through the air. Now in the house everyone was sitting down. The LA Gang close together with the Scooby gang. The Roswell gang was sitting across from LA'rs and Scoobies. Angel, Dawn, Liz, and Maria were somehow in the middle of the groups, caught in the tension.

Liz wanted to run, and escape their penetrating stares. She tightened her gripped on Angel's hand with each moment that passed. She could feel Dawn was a little nervous too and she wanted to take her out of the room and protect her even from them. She wanted to spare Dawn anymore pain, but she knew Dawn wouldn't allow it, she wasn't a little girl anymore, she had grown up and lived through enough and that made her more grown up that a girl her age should be.

Cordelia couldn't take the silence any longer. "Well, are you going to tell us what's going on, or are we going to stare at each other all day? Because, seriously I'm getting tired of it."

"Oh, don't be crabby, Cordy. Your just mad cuz you had to leave Grue." Gunn shot at her.

Cordelia glared at him. "Well with that body and tongue, who wouldn't be?" She shot back as she ran a hand through her hair.

The others of the group just stared at the group in the middle.
"Angel we deserve answers," Willow said, from her position. It was clear that the Sunnydale gang was not all too pleased with Angel.

Angel nodded and cleared his throat. "There was something that you guys never knew about Buffy. While her mother was in the marriage with Buffy's father she slept with another man and created a child. The father wanted the kid that was created and took Joyce to court. Naturally, Joyce was broken up and then she had Dawn. Can you guys guess who that child is?” Angel saw that they were all looking at Liz, but no one voiced it, and he knew he needed to conform it. "It's Liz. "

Maria could feel the waves of confusion and questioning coming from the group. She studied them with the corner of her eyes, not daring to look at them directly. She always thought that the truth will be out sooner or later, but for some reason she preferred later for Liz's sake. She could feel Michael's sweeping from her to Liz, but every time she felt his gaze on her she could feel the question in them. You knew. Why didn't you tell me? Maria could tell that they were all in shock. Isabel just stared at Liz; her mouth was hanging opened. Kyle looked lost. Max was the worst of them; the hurt radiated from him like the sun making her flinch. She knew Liz would have to deal with all the consequences now and she didn't like it one bit, she was caught in the middle, and to them she was evil for not telling them even though they knew it was not her story to tell.

Willow let her stare go from Angel to Liz and to Dawn, still not believing it. Buffy was her best friend, she would have told her something like that, but the way Dawn had acted at the cemetery and she knew Angel would never play a joke or lie with something so delicate. She looked at the rest of her friends, since Buffy died she felt it was her duty to look after them. She glared at Xander when he looked he was ready to make a smart mouth comment, he immediately closed his mouth again. She then looked at Anya and even though nothing to matter to her she looked slightly shock, the way her mouth hung open and her eyes were wide opened told her that much. Tara looked calm, but she could practically hear the thoughts going in her head. She hesitated when it was time to study Giles, he had been like a father to Buffy and she knew Giles viewed Buffy as his daughter too. He looked hurt, even though he tried to conceal it, but she had know him long enough to be able to identify the look in his eyes.

That was all that she could feel in the room confusion, questions, shock, and hurt.

"Liz...why? How could you not tell us?" Max asked. Liz turned and looked at him, along with everyone else in the room.

"I felt no need to. It wasn't your business. Alex and Maria knew. Now you all know too."

Liz could feel the anger coming off him. She knew that she should have told them since they told her their secret.

"Whoa, wait a second! Angel, you were kissing her but she's Buffy's sister? Angel, you get around, don't ya?" Xander said looking between Liz and Angel.

Angel glared at Xander, not noticing Max to do the same. "Ok, so I hit a nerve." Xander said thankful to be able to get out of the stare. “So, does Liz, um know about Romania?" He asked using the word that the others would use talking about vampires and such.

Liz overheard and turned to look at him. "Yes and so does Maria." she replied.

"She what?!" Cordelia yelled. "How? Why? Does she know?! You better answer!" Cordelia screeched.

Before anyone could answer her question Dawn looked at the group. She was shocked and angered at their reactions. “Stop it. NOW! I don't need to hear fighting from any of you. Right now I think you guys need to chill out. Maria, Liz come upstairs with me. The rest of you can act like immature 5 years olds, but I'll have none of it." She stormed up the stairs followed by Maria and Liz.

Everyone in the room dropped their gazes to the floor ashamed of how they've been acting.

"I think it would be best if we continue this discussion later on," Giles advised. "Tomorrow morning, we will meet here again. We are all tired, and disorientated from the news, so we are not in our most reasonable states."

Everyone quietly agreed not wanting to argue anymore, and they knew Giles was right. Angel decided to stay behind with the others who they still needed to meet, and they wondered if Angel staying behind was a good idea. It was a miracle Angel hadn't turned to dust from the stares the young man was sending him. With a final I will see you later, they left, maybe even leaving a war behind.

Angel was to his bad luck the center of attention. The guys were glaring at him and the girl was making goggle eyes at him, which she stopped as soon as one of the guys elbowed the blonde and he was very grateful for it. "So how do you know Liz?" Kyle asked, the same guy that elbowed Isabel.

"We go back." Angel's eyes darkened, a thing that only happened when he clearly didn't want to talk about something. “How do you know Liz?" He demanded as if mocking the Kyle.

"She's my soulmate!" The one guy claimed. It was the same person who had glared at him for touching Liz.

Isabel smacked him on the back of the head. "Get over it, Max, it ain't gonna happen!" She turned and smiled at Angel. "Liz is a really good friend of ours," she explained.

Michael stood up, Michael stood up, not really caring what was going on around him. "I'm going to look for Maria."

Angel blocked his way before he could go any further. "They need to be alone, they are clearing some things up." Seeing he was about to protest, Angel added, "How would you feel if you find out your sister and mother are dead." Once Michael sat again, he looked up, and hoped they would be able to heal together. He didn't need to be close to them now, his hearing would tell him if they are in trouble.

"Liz's sister and mother are dead? I never knew that. Wow, Nancy is dead," Kyle said.

Isabel looked at him with wide eyes before slapping him too. "You guys are so dumb. He means her biological mother, Kyle! That's it. I'm going up there with the girls." She took a step towards the stairs only to have Angel step in front of her.


Isabel sighed and pushed past him. "I'm not staying down here with the three stooges." She patted him on the back. " Enjoy." Smiling, Isabel waltzed up the steps and knocked on the only closed door.

Dawn rested her head on Liz's lap. "Do you think Angel is alright?"

Liz smiled as she passed her hands through Dawn's hair. "Yeah, they don't know how to kill him." Maria felt out of place, she was Liz's best friend but it felt like it was a Liz and Dawn's moment where they should be alone.

"What happens now?" Maria curiously asked.

Liz looked at Maria and answered, "I don't know, but I'm not leaving Dawn even if that means staying here." Liz didn't care what her parents had to say, she wasn't going to leave Dawn. Buffy was gone and she was going to do what Buffy would have wanted, she was going to take care of Dawn and she didn't care if she had to leave everything and everyone she knew behind.
"And that means that Maria DeLuca is right by your side."

"Maria, I could never ask that of you." Liz said as she looked at Maria with shock.

"Don't look so surprised. I may not be your blood sister, but I will forever be your heart sister." Maria said placing an arm around Liz.

The three sat in silence with Liz comforting Dawn and Maria comforting Liz. A knock on the door broke through the air. Maria got up and opened it, revealing Isabel. Isabel walked in and sat on the floor near the bed. "Sorry I just couldn't stay with the 3 stooges, down there. How are you doing Liz?"

Liz looked up, then at Dawn. The younger girl stood and smiled . "I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." As Dawn walked from the room Liz crumbled. Noticing this Isabel snatched Liz into a hug.

"I'm doing horrible, Izzy. Alex is dead, now my mother and sister. But I have to be strong for Dawn."

Isabel smiled when she heard Liz use her nickname. She cradled the girl. "Liz, you have always been strong. For us, throughout this whole thing. You have saved us on many occasions and none of us have ever shown any gratitude. Michael told us about Future Max, he knew from Maria. Thank you Liz. Now it's your time to be the un strong one. You are surrounded by friends, never doubt that."

Liz was grateful for Isabel's comforting words, but she knew one thing wasn't true, she did need to be strong and now was more important than ever. They didn't know, but Dawn's life was at stake. Just know she realized what Dawn had meant when she said she was the key and she had no doubt they will always come after her because of that, and she couldn't let herself fall apart. She needed to be strong. Liz sniffed and rubbed her eyes. "We better get some sleep...I'm going to look for Dawn and then I have to arrange the sleeping problem."

Maria and Isabel were surprised by the change in Liz, they knew she was closing them off, but they knew it would be better to do as told and not argue. "We'll take care of the sleeping arrangements, Liz," Maria said. Noticing Liz was debating whether to let her or not, she said, "I know where everything is and you can spend time with Dawn." Mentioning Dawn had been the trick.

After saying good night to everyone Liz joined Dawn in her bed, she didn't want to be apart from her. She had found her in her room, no doubt leaving her to deal with Maria and Isabel. Liz wondered when had Dawn become so wise and understanding. Liz observed as Dawn slept and she had to add strong, she had turned out to be stronger than she had ever hoped she would be and she knew that Buffy and her mother would have been proud. Liz let her eyes close and she fell into a disturbing sleep.

Blood. There was blood everywhere. Alex came out of it and stood by Buffy and Joyce.
"You killed me Liz. You killed me!" Alex cried.

Liz shook her head and the tears fell down her cheeks. She turned to her mother. "Mom, I-"

She was cut off as Joyce glared at her. "I am ashamed to have you as my family. You never were there for me! You horrible child."

Liz had tears down her cheeks. "Buffy. I was gonna come visit. I missed you guys. Please."

Buffy looked at her with her eyes dark and cold. "You are no sister of mine." Buffy spat out as she moved to hit Liz.

Liz woke up in bed and started to gasp. Beside her Dawn was still sleeping. Slipping out of bed, as not to disturb Dawn, she dressed in a sports bra and jogging pants. She went out the window and shimmied down the tree. Jogging had always helped Liz clear her mind. She ran down streets and not a tear was shed. Smiling, Liz was turning a corner by the cemetery. She heard a scream and saw a girl of maybe 15, Dawn's age. She ran and grabbed the girl. "Are you ok?" She asked.

The girl was shaken up. She nodded.

Liz started to help her up before a laugh was heard behind her. Liz turned to meet the yellow eyes of a vampire. His hangs hung out as he smiled. She felt the girl tremble at the site.

"Hey, you're messing with my dinner? That's my job," the vampire said.

Liz rolled her eyes. ”Didn't you mother teach you not to play with your food?" She asked tilting her head.

The vampire didn't answered, he just growled at lunched himself at Liz.

Chasing Death 5

Liz knew what to do surprisingly, she launched back for her attack. Liz kicked it in the face, barely doing more damage than she expected.

The vampire grabbed her and licked her cheek. "Yummy," He whispered.

The girl reached over and grabbed a rock throwing it at the vampire's head. It hit him right on. The vampire snarled and turned to the girl. "It looks like I'm going to have a feast." The girl looked for another rock and throws it at him again, making the vampire angrier.

Liz was grateful for the distraction the girl was creating it gave her time to think, but she didn't, she acted on instinct. She took a branch out of the nearest tree and with a skill she didn't know she possessed she approached the vampire. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" The vampire turned and at the same time her threw a punch, which Liz easily dodged and the next thing she knew she was dusting the remaining of the vampires.

Liz heard something moving behind her, and the adrenaline was still pumping in her veins. She turned and threw a kick the person landing flat on his back. Liz fell to the ground trapping the person with her legs and the weight of her body. She raised her stake and was about to stake the person when she heard him hiss. "Liz, it's me Spike."

Liz quickly apologized and got off Spike. She looked around and saw the girl stand up. She ran to her but was stopped by being stuck in a bear hug. "Liz! I followed you and I came as soon as you dusted that vamp. Are you ok?" Liz nodded quickly before running towards the standing girl. Liz didn't even know her but she threw herself into a hug with her. "Are you ok?" She demanded. The girl looked up at her and her blue eyes shone out from under her lashes. She swept her black hair back and nodded.

Liz was concerned for the girl. The first reason was because she wasn't screaming bloody murder right now, and the fact that she didn't faint. "I'm Liz," she said.

"Jade. Jade Castro." Jade's eyelids fluttered and she started to get dizzy. Liz called Angel and Spike to pick her up as she fainted. ‘Guess that I was wrong about the not fainting part.’ She thought. The Summers’ house was already lit up. She could tell her absence was missed in the house and that the other groups had arrived.

Liz entered the house smiling. "Honey, I'm home," she said weakly.

Isabel frowned and marched over to her. "Thank god, we were getting worried," she replied sarcastically.

Maria raced over and tackled Liz. "We were so scared, Liz."

The coughing from the door made everyone stop. "This girl may look light but she isn't, so can you please move? Bloody hell!" Spike said shoving the girl onto the couch.

Dawn walked over and froze when she saw the girl. Her eyes fluttered open. Dawn forced a smile and walked over. "Hey, Jade," she said.

Jade looked at her and smiled. "Hey, girl! We were gonna get together mañana! ‘Member? We have that party to go to? I was gonna stop by and see if you remembered."

Dawn looked at the others and helped Jade to her room to explain about what happened.

The two girls burst into Dawn's room, leaving the confused groups downstairs. They sat on the bed and were silent until they both burst into laughter as they looked at each other.

"I guess you want an explanation of tonight?" Dawn asked.

Jade tilted her head. "Chica, all I want to know right NOW, is if you’re ok. You’re my girl, right?"

Dawn nodded. "I think I'll be fine," she said.

Jade lifted Dawn's chin so Dawn's brown eyes would meet Jade's blue ones with specks of purple. "You can't lie to me, Dawn! Come on."

"Jade, truthfully, we've only known each other for a range of 1-2 months. How can you be so nice to me? I mean after all you are Miss Popular and I'm not," Dawn whispered.

"It isn't about popularity, Dawn. Your wicked cool, and chiquita, your my friend. When I first came up to you, I felt a connection with you. And I took a step in it. You can't be so shy, Dawn. A lot of people really like you. But they are just as shy as you are! You have to step up."

Dawn wiped her eyes and sniffled. "Even Blake Daniels likes me?"

"Especially Blake Daniels," Jade said.

Dawn started to laugh, then the laughter turned into sobs. Jade put a comforting arm around her and Dawn sobbed more. She then found herself not only explaining the events of the night, but events ever since she came to Sunnydale. All the while Jade was muttering soothing noises and stroking her hair.

When the tale was finished Jade closed her eyes taking everything in. "Dawn, thank you for trusting me. I just need a little time to take all this in, ok?"

With Dawn's nod she closed her eyes and started to massage her temples. She sat in a meditating stance and started to hum.

"What are you doing?" Dawn asked.

Jade flicked her eyes open. "Meditating. Going to another place. Come on." Jade helped Dawn into the same position and the two started to hum together watching colors flashed by in their minds.
* * *
Liz sheepishly looked at the others, knowing they wanted an answer, but how could she explain something she herself didn't completely understand and leave the whole vampire, demon thing out of the conversation.

"Where were you?!" Max demanded.

Liz glared at him and took a deep breath. 'Just who does he think he is treating me like a little girl.' "I went for a jog."

"So that's why you're bleeding?" Max demanded as he tried to make his way towards Liz. Before Liz could say or do anything darkness clouded her view and she didn't even feel the arms catch her.

Liz groaned and shook her head as she heard the voices outside of her door. "Why can you see her and not me?" A voce yelled. "I don't have to explain myself to you!" Liz recognized that voice as Angel's and the first one as Max's. The yelling continued. "Look, I think it's best for her if I see her for a minute."

"Look, Max, I think it's best for her if you don't."

"Bloody hell! Get out. You are disturbing her sleep. It isn't good for her to hear your yelling!" Spike yelled as he put the cigarette to his lips, slowing inhaling and blowing out.

Angel took the cigarette out of his mouth, "Neither is your smoking," he said before pushing Max out of the room before him, leaving Liz with Spike.

"Thanks, Spike." Liz croaked out. Her voice was scratchy, probably from lack of usage, shock whatever you wanted to call it.

At the sound of her voice Spike jumped. "Bloody hell, you trying to scare me to death?"

"Can't do that Spiky, you're already dead." Liz replied, moving her head to the side.

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot that!" Spike spat out, sarcastically.

Liz started to sit up straight, but Spike put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her back down. "You can't get up until we have a look at your wound. That's if Peaches stops arguing with Stalking boy for a moment."

"I'm fine, Spike, the bleeding stopped," Liz said, again trying to get up.

"You are not fine, you are bleeding. I'm a vampire for god sakes! I would know if you were bleeding if I had my eyes close." Spike scold like a mother how was pampering her child.

"Ya, well Angel is a much better vampire than you!" Liz said, an idea forming in her head.

Spike puffed out his chest. "Doll, no one is better than Spike!" he said.

Liz smirked, "That's what I thought. You're in denial."

Spike let his eyes go wide. "Denial? Me!? When hell freezes over. And believe me, it takes a long time for hell to freeze over."

"Well, Angel can smell blood with in 5 miles of distance, with his eyes closed!" Liz said shaking her head slightly.

Spike laughed, "Just 5? I could go ten."

"Prove it. Close your eyes and see if you can track me down. I'll just say Marco and you say Polo if you can smell me. Then when the hearing distance runs out, it proves that you are a better vampire." Liz said watching

Spike closely as he smiled. "A challenge? I love it. All right love, go on. I'm closing my eyes."

She started to laugh and headed down the stairs bouncing into the kitchen. Everyone besides Dawn and Jade were in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"Hey guys," she said, smiling. They looked at her in stunned silence. It was broken by the sound of roaring.

"Who's that?" Isabel said, jumping up and looking outside the window.

With out lifting her head Liz poured her coffee. "Just Spike." she said taking a sip of the hot delight.

Before anyone could speak a word Spike came into the kitchen, his face red. "You little vixen." he seethed. He took the coffee from Liz and threw her over his shoulder.

"Spike! Let me down! Put me down! Spike!"

Spike stopped and looked at her. "Do you honestly think I am stupid. Bloody hell, your whole family is stubborn."

"What's going on?!" Both Max and Angel said at the same time. Once they noticed this they glared at each other. Before anyone could answer a knock on the door was heard. Max and Angel were still glaring at one another.

Liz from over Spike's shoulder looked at Maria. "Could you answer that, since obviously no one else will and I'm kinda of tied up at the moment."

Grumbling, Maria went to answer the door Willow, Xander, Cordilea, and the others were present. "Just great. If this keeps going were are going to need a zoo to fit everyone in the house," Maria muttered.

"What's that?" Cordilea inquired.

Realizing what she said, Maria apologetically smiled, "Sorry, come on in. I must warn you though be prepare for a war."

They dismissed Maria's word and went in, and they realized they should have taken her words more seriously. Angel seemed to be in a staring contest with the boy they learned the other day was Max. Spike had a girl over his shoulder, and the other just looked confused as to what was going on.

"Could someone please explain what's the meaning of this?" Giles asked. "And, Spike, please put that girl down." Reluctantly Spike did as told, but kept her close to him.

"Wow. The tension in this room is thick enough to cut with a knife," Xander said.

Anya shrugged and started to look through her purse. She smiled when she found the object and pulled out a knife. She started to saw the air and stopped. "No it's not thick" she stated.

Xander looked at her. "No more stabbing the air, sweetie. And knives are a big no- no," he said grabbing her holding knife and tossing it onto the counter.

Suddenly both Angel and Spike suddenly felt their senses go off, indicating them something, but they couldn't put their fingers on it. Shrugging it off Spike sniffed to make sure Liz wasn't bleeding anymore, but the only odor was that of dried blood, curious he took another look at Liz's wound forgetting the others' presence and what he saw surprised him. "Angel," Spike whispered, but he had no doubt Angel heard him thanks to their vampire's hearing.

Alarmed by Spike's whispered, Angel forgot their differences and was immediate by his side and suddenly what they had felt made sense.

Spike saw Angel's eyes and knew that he was thinking was true, he couldn't help but voice it along with Angel. "She's the new slayer."

Chapter 6

Before anyone could react Liz had clamped a hand over Spike and Angel’s mouths. She pulled them into the nearest room, the bedroom. Once inside she turned and glared at the two, making Spike find comfort in the nearest window. Outside of the bedroom Maria was trying to calm down the others.

“Liz is a what?” Max cried. Beside him Kyle started laughing. Max turned to glare at him.
“You think this is funny, Kyle?” he demanded.
“No, I think it’s funny that Liz just went into a bedroom with two guys and you aren’t one of them!” With that being said Kyle started to crack up again.

Before anyone could react Liz had clamped a hand over Spike and Angel's mouths. She pulled them into the nearest room, the bedroom. Once inside she turned and glared at the two, making Spike find comfort in the nearest window. Outside of the bedroom Maria was trying to calm down the others.

"Liz is a what?" Max cried. Beside him Kyle started laughing. Max turned to glare at him. "You think this is funny, Kyle?" he demanded.

"No, I think it's funny that Liz just went into a bedroom with two guys and you aren't one of them!" With that being said Kyle started to crack up again.

Kyle was the only one laughing and he immediately sobered up when he noticed this. When he looked around he only saw them glaring at him. "Um, ...uh, I was only trying to lighten up the room..." Kyle weakly smiled. The others ignored him a turned to look at the door where Liz had disappeared too.

The Scooby gang was about to follow Liz and the vampires to the room, but surprisingly enough Cordelia held them back. "They will deal with the situation better than we would, especially since they seem to be so close."

"Cordelia is right," Giles stuttered. Resigned the others stood in their places.

"Well, I want to know what the hell is going on back there!" Max said, stepping forward.

"Max, you don't wanna go in there." Maria said, stepping in front of him.

"Don't I?" He asked.

"Give her some space ok? She's been through a lot in the past couple of days," Maria said, sighing.

"Oh, and I haven't?" Max snapped.

A spark of rage lit in Maria's eyes. "You've had it tough? Let me tell you something, Max. If that blonde headed bimbo didn't block your heart and your eyes you would have been able to tell Liz was going through shit. Liz was abandoned by you, everyone, to find out what happened to Alex. Then she finds out that Alex was murdered by her worst enemy, the one you impregnated! So far you've had it pretty easy, the only problem you had was keeping your dick in your pants. Back off or do I have to make you?"

Everyone was staring at the two; the Sunnydale group was staring at Maria in amazement and Max in slight distaste. Max lowered his gaze and walked towards a couch slumping down.

"Sorry, Maria," Max mumbled. "You better be sorry, Max. Because Liz lost a best friend, a brother, and a boyfriend in a matter of days. All you can say is sorry. Sometimes sorry isn't enough, Max, not nearly enough."

Dawn came downstairs, Jade not so far behind. "What's all the noise for?" Dawn asked, eyeing everyone.

Jade thinking that everyone knew the Summer's secret, she asked rather bluntly, "Is it slayer business?"

At everyone's gasp Dawn turned red and whispered to Jade. "Uh, Liz's friend don't know about...just Maria."

Max exasperated throws his hand in the air. "Even a ten year old knows move than me?!"

Jade's eyes flashed like Maria's had a second before. "Ten year old?" she gasped and moved down the stairs and began to rave on in Spanish, "Solamente tengo 10 años?! Eso no significa que no se lo que esta pasando, idiota! Estupido! Te crees tan importante pero no eres nadie! Seguramente eres maricon! Si hay un pendejo aqui, eres tu! Y te lo digo yo que los puedo identificar!"

Dawn quickly grabbed Jade's waist and started to pull her away from Max who looked like deer caught in headlights. Maria looked at the 15-year-old and started to laugh. She put an arm up against the wall to keep her from falling down. Tears started to swarm down her cheeks as she pointed at Max.

Since Liz, Spike, and Angel entered the room there had only been silence, as Liz paced up and down. The commotion from out side was the only noise that could be heard in the room.

"Will you bloody stop pacing and saw something?" Spike shouted grabbing Liz's arm.

Liz looked at Spike and sighed, before starting to pace again. "What makes you think I'm the next slayer? I mean sure I dusted the vamp without much practice at all...but anyone could do that right, right?" Liz said.

The two vamps looked at each other than back at Liz. "No." They both answered.

Liz sank onto the bed and put her head in her hands. "Great. So my job in life now is to kill. I feel like a member of the mob."

Liz looked dejected. "This is just what I need right now, more responsibilities. Now not only FBI agents will be after me, but demons too. What am I honey for trouble instead of bees?"

"Maybe you can stick the demons on the FBI guys, then you kill the demons. Sounds bloody good to me. Problem solved, let's go get beer and watch Passions." Spike said standing up.

Angel glared at Spike and then sat next to Liz rubbing her back. "We'll figure something out. Remember you won't be alone."

"Ya, doll, you have all your friends. Not to mention Stalking Boy and Peaches."

Mentioning Max wasn't the best idea. Liz turned to glare at Spike. "Could you not mention him?! UGH! He is so nosy, I wish he had gone with Tess! Maybe I could have some peace! I think that for the first time in my life I agree with you, Spike, Stalking Boy is a great name! But right now I want him to be Knocked out Boy!"

Angel stood up. "Right, well that last thing I can do." He stood stepping towards the door. Liz sighed and grabbed his arm.

"Liz, are you sure you wanna hold Peaches back? I mean technically Stalking Boy hurt you pretty bad." Spike taunted.

Liz looked at him then Angel. "Ok, but no killing, coma tops!"

Liz and Spike followed Angel out the door wanting to witness Angel's actions, but Angel was already too late.

Jade was hitting Max over and over again, while Dawn was grabbing her by the waist and every time it seem Jade was going to stop, she would get out of Dawn's grasp and start to hit him again, cursing in Spanish.

Liz stood speechless, but it was soon too much, she bent over as laughter took over her, soon Angel and Spike followed.

Cordelia, Giles, and the other scoobies turned to looked at them, especially Angel. They had never heard him laugh so freely.

Liz guessed Max had taken all he could, since he started to scream like a banshee. "Eso es suficiente," Liz loudly said.

Jade curious stopped hitting Max, she looked at Liz and asked, "You know Spanish?"

Jade snorted and glared at Max, before kicking him one last time.

When Jade finally stepped back, the doorbell rang. Everyone looked at everyone else. The doorbell rang a second time and Anya looked up. "When a doorbell rings doesn't it normally mean to answer the door?" she asked, uncertainly.

When the doorbell rang a third time Caordelia snapped. "Jesus people," she mumbled as she flung the door open.

To be continued…

The translation to the Spanish part. I’m only a 10-year-old!? That doesn't mean I don't know what's going on, idiot! Stupid! You think you are so important but you are no one! You surely are gay! If there’s a "pendejo" here it’s surely you and I can tell.’

Chapter 7
"OZ!!!" Cordelia screamed, not believing what she was seeing. All the commotion stopped as they heard what Cordelia had screamed. "What the hell are you doing here?" Cordelia added, coming to her senses.

Everyone was speechless except Liz. Liz ran across the room and hugged him, a habit she seemed to have acquired recently. "Oz, how are you? I miss you. I haven't seen you since I saw you in LA."

It was Willow's turn to be jealous. She looked enviously at Liz. She loved Tara, but feeling jealous came with the background she had with Oz.

The club was bouncing with music and Liz was dancing in the front of everyone. The music was part of her and she was proud of it. After the band finished Liz retired to the table she had kept all night. Another person occupied the seat next to her and Liz noticed it was the lead guitarist. "Hi." he said.

Liz nodded. "Hey." she replied. "You seemed to be really into the music tonight." Oz said over the music the DJ had just put on. Liz shrugged and took a drink. "I guess. I'm just having a little fun."
Oz nodded. "Fun is good." he said. Liz looked at him and laughed. "You remind me of my best friend Alex." She said. Oz smirked. " Really? You kinda remind me of someone too." he added. Liz snorted. "Ya right!" she said.
"No really...she's a good friend of mine. Her name's Buffy." Liz's eyes widened.

"I should remind you of her being her sister and all." Liz replied. Oz spit out his soda and turned to look at Liz. "What?" he demanded.

"What? I don't seem like her sister?" Liz asked laughing. "Sure, if you had blonde hair, leather pants, and could beat the living shit out of any guy." Oz replied still shocked.
"I could borrow Buffy's leather pants, and the beating the shit out of any guy...well it's been known to happen." Liz said. "Like that guy. I could probably beat him up." she said pointing to a motorcycle member who was overweight.
"No, he'd either try to eat you or sit on you." Oz replied shaking his head. Liz laughed at that.

Liz looked at Oz with laughter and shock in her eyes before she started to laugh again. "So Oz...do you have a girlfriend?" Liz asked. When Oz looked at her she knew she touched a sore subject. "Um no actually. We broke up and now she's a lesbian." Oz answered.

"A lesbian? Oh, well then at least you two can check out girls together." Liz said trying to be helpful.

Oz laughed and looked sideways at Liz before laughing again. "Yup...exactly like Buffy." he said.

Liz smiled and saw the exact same laughter in Oz's eyes that she had seen before. She gave him another hug and stepped back.

"You know each other?" Angel inquired. Liz smiled and looked at Angel. "Yeah, I met him when I was in LA."

"You were in L.A.?" Max asked. Liz ignored his question and turned back to Oz. "So why are you here?"

"How come I didn't know you knew him?" Angel kept interrogating her, a little bit of jealousy evident in his voice.

"You never asked." Liz replied.

"I heard about Buffy," Oz stated quietly and everyone felt silent. Liz not wanting to be reminded of it or for the others to get sad, said, "Oh, and I thought you came to check out girls with a certain redhead."

She had put one and one together and guessed his girlfriend had been Willow and her glare had been enough proof.

Angel, Spike, and Maria exchanged concerned looks. Dawn misunderstood. "How can you joke at a time like this, Liz?"

Liz lowered her gaze to the floor, that hadn't been her intention but she couldn't bring herself to explain to Dawn. "That's not what I mean," Liz started but she couldn't get past that.

"Then what did you mean?" Dawn demanded.

"I--I--" Liz just couldn't get any words out. She could feel everyone staring at her and suddenly it was too much. "I need to be alone." Before anyone could protest she was out of the door.

Max and Angel were ready to go after her, but Oz stopped them. He had just gotten there but he could feel the tension already, and he had a feeling they wouldn't give her the space she needed. "I'll talk to her." Oz saw Dawn dash to her room and turned to Angel. "You should see that Dawn's okay."

Oz quietly closed the door behind him, leaving a speechless group behind, and a red head that could create holes in the back of his head.

"Forget singing. I should have been in drama, considering my real life experiences." He mumbled to himself. He caught sight of Liz just a little bit further away. He jogged towards her not wanting to miss her. Once he reached her he began to walk at her pace, not even bothering to speak, she would speak when she wanted to.

"I'm sorry, I ran out like I did. It was suddenly too much. ...I didn't mean to sound that way, I just...I just wanted to lighten up the mood. It was just too much. I just need space." Liz finally said, after five minutes of silence.

"I know the feeling. But Liz....you can't always run away from your problems. Believe me...I know that." Oz said stopping and pulling Liz's arm to stop too.

Liz's eyes clouded with tears. 'He's so much like Alex.' Liz surprised both of them and she hugged Oz with a surprising strength.

Oz coughed, as he tried to sooth her. "Liz, easy on the ribs. Have you been working out?"

Liz let her grip lose, and then released him completely. She clutched and opened her fist, looking at them. 'Just another problem I have to live with.'

Oz sensed Liz withdrawal. "Liz, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing. Let's...let's go back now." Liz announced suddenly cold.

"No, Liz....tell me what's wrong," Oz replied.

Liz looked at him and sighed. "I just...I'm the new slayer, Oz, and I don't know what to do. I have everyone to worry about!" Liz cried.

Oz reached out for Liz. "Liz, you have us. We'll help you, we are here for you." Liz dropped her head on his shoulder and began to sob, muttering from time to time. "Aliens. Not enough. Demons too."

"Not to mention two guys trailing after you. You can put that in with the demons and aliens," Oz said, smirking.

Liz abruptly stopped crying once she heard the laughter in Oz's voice. "Oz, that's not nice."

Oz coughed and shrugged. "Right." he said. When he glanced at Liz he saw her trying to keep her laughter inside.

Oz nodded and let Liz lead the way.

When they reached the Summer's house everyone was reunited in the living room. Dawn was standing in the middle, looking ashamed. Liz avoided Dawn's gaze and went straight to the kitchen.

In that moment no one dared to even breathe. They watched as Dawn stayed motionless in the same place she stood before Liz headed to the kitchen, and they had a feeling that the sister rivalry wasn't over yet. Just when they thought it would be same to let out the breath they were holding Liz came out with a glass full of orange juice.

Liz strolled around them, as if nothing was going on. She just wanted to forget what happened, but everyone was making it impossible. She had no doubt she could even hear a pin been dropped on the floor. "Excuse me," she muttered as she passed between Angel and Dawn. Not waiting for them to completely move she passed through them, spilling some of her orange juice. She kneeled down and began to clean up the mess.

Dawn stared speechless at Liz. "Aren't you going to say anything?! Do you even care?!" Dawn didn't even wait for a reply, she just ran upstairs.

Liz looked up just in time to see Dawn run up the stairs as if she had been hurt. She had accused Liz of not caring, or joking about their sister's death. Her eyes flashed and she stopped Jade going up the stairs. Liz started moving up and could feel eyes on her back.