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Title: Drugs, Alcohol and Love?
Author: Justine aka aZNroSweLl anglgrl (aznroswellchica⊕
Disclaimer: Own Nothing. Wish I did.
Rated: R for language and drugs
Category: M/L and M/M and A/I maybe K/T
Summary: Isabel, Max and Michael moves to Roswell. AU.
Author's Note: First fic I ever wrote. So please Leave a feedback. Would be nice.



Damn. What kind of fuckin' city is this? Damn Parents

what the hell is going in their fuckin' brain? Moving to

Roswell, New Mexico? From New York? Ah. Shit. At least

Michael is here. God alien fuckin' town.
Isabel POV

Oh this is going to be soooooo coool. Finally a city with

real people. No fuckin' druggie bitch. At last the place I

ever dream of. Thanks so much. Can't wait till school

start. Need to go shopping.
Michael POV

Shit. Damn. Shit. Damn. Can't believe Max drag me here.

Better have some good shit around here. Or something gonna



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Part 1a
Isabel POV

"Mommy can I go shopping?" I pleaded. " Sure Honey"

she said. Yes. Aren't they the greatest? Next thing I

know I see Max and Michael walking out the door. "

Where are you going?" My Dad said. Can't he get the

point? Max is not gonna answer. He never will. " None of

your bussiness" Max answered. Don't ask one more time.

Please Dad. " WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" My Dad

screamed. Uh-Oh. " None of your bussiness old man."

Michael said. " Well Dad, me and Michael are going out

and to find some girls that need to be fucked!" he said.

Walking out the door. Oh great. Now he's gonna make

Mom cry. I was right. Mom and Dad are going in their

room. I don't get why he has to do this. That was cold.

Ok. Time for me to go shopping. Have to get out of here.

I just told my parents that I'm going to fuck some girl or

more like girls. What the fuck is his problem anyway?

Doesn't he understand the sentence none of your

bussiness? God is he stupid? When the hell did I start

telling him where I was going. Stupid Pathetic Parents.

S.P.P. What we call them. You know I never fuck a girl

before. I waiting for the perfect one. Yeah like that is

gonna happen. So fuckin' stupid. What Michael said. If

your asking me if Michael fuck anyone I hell dunno. "I

need a beer. Right Now." I said to Michael.
Michael POV

That was sweet! What Max said to his S.P.P. Classic.

Call for a fuckin' celebration. " Let's go get some fuckin'

good beer!" I said. Time to get fuckin' high too.

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