After "IS THREE A CROWD?"...what happened after Zan left!!

Self-consciousness suddenly swept over her,threatening to comsume her whole as she slowly crossed her arms tightly over her chest. She dared to look at him as she then saw the pained look on his face having to tilt her head slightly to understand as she then found its cause instantly.
It sprang at her line of vision, his erection that was straining out from between the folds of his jeans....he wanted her as much as she did him.

His eyes travelled down her slender form, lingering on all the right parts for agonizing moments to then take in the length of her shaky legs in a slow, leisurely journey. She saw a mischievous light twinkle in his eyes which signalled his desire for her as she let her arms gently fall away from her chest. She sucked in hard biting on her bottom lip, feeling her body flush from head to toe from under his hypnotic stare.

Heat and awareness prickled at both their skins as she dared to speak.
"Well we're here so what do you want to do to me...." She coughed, both sets of cheeks turning crimson as he smirked with her delicious slip of the tongue. She raised her eyes skyward like she always used to do in high school, that simple act turning him on more than any touch...so far.
"..I mean WITH me now?" Her face broke into a wide smile as his expression turned adorably sheepish.

"Well, I thought we'd shower like I said then take it from there...." He swallowed down hard as his hot sex got even harder.
"...if you want to that is?"

"...if I want to..." She lifted a brow and lowered her gaze to his arousal. "...haven't we had this conversation already Max? I course I want to."

He grinned hard realizing then that he'd stopped breathing till she'd given him her answer. "Okay..." he nervously pushed his fingers through his thick hair as he drew in a deep, laboured breath.He stepped in towards her slowly, the heat flushing between them smacking at them hard. Back and forth, bouncing harder as he reached to take the waist band of her panties, pulling her to him with it in one effortless movement.

He gently pulled and rubbed along it over and under as he suddenly dipped both hands into them, not breaking eye or body contact for a moment. His eyes danced as she felt him gently begin to tug them down, a side at a time anxiety humming through her blood as they now pooled at her feet. He stepped back and away as she felt his gaze scorching into her as if to brand her as his own.
"Oh god liz, your so beautiful." He groaned at the full naked sight of his angel finally after only ever daring to dream about it. The anguished sound rumbling deep in his throat, echoed by the vibration held within her burning body.

She'd never felt so feminine, so beautiful as she did in that moment as his eyes continued to feast on her. Then in one swift, ravenous moment that shooked them both Max motioned to take his pants off.
"NO!..." Her intense tone stopping him instantly, as he almost fell over while standing up right once more.

She giggled nervously at just how desperately she must have sounded as she slowly walked back to him.
"..let me do that."
She winked at him as her smile then spread even further.

Her tiny hands were inside of his waistband in no time wanting to be so gentle and to tease, wanting to savour every delicious moment but upon seeing the gold held deep within his eyes flicker with desire was her undoing. She licked her lips as she bent down past his throbbing sex, feeling the heat pulsate off of it in waves gently caressing fingertips across it as he sucked in between gritted teeth. She then practically ripped them off and his boxers....she frowned there was no boxers. She felt her dark curls begin to moisen once more. Maxieboy wasn't wearing any underwear as she let out a throaty animal like growl to what now stood before her. Heaven on earth!

"Excuse me?" A giggle held within each word as he tipped his head into her. She was totally gobsmacked at what to say, how to explain as he then waved a hand towards the shower "ladies first."
She smiled at him one last time, taking his hand as she went to step inside the cubical. Suddenly she just stopped.

"What's wrong?" He'd never been so scared in his life. Didn't she want him? He felt like he couldn't breathe.

Her eyes widened to him going weak in the knees, breathless and flushed with shameless anticipation at her new idea for them.
"How about we take a bath instead?"

Part 2

A sex kitten she was not, still feeling an initial twinge of modesty as she shrugged into the robe that Max had given her suddenly feeling luxurious as she was swallowed up by it’s warm, soft layers now tying the sash. He had got a bath her stomach dipping again at the thought of it as she had thought that it would be better to soak the skin rather than blast it. There was so a time for blasting but this wasn’t it, this was a time for rediscovery. She padded softly towards the bathroom were Max was, her heart thundering with sweet anticipation for what was to come as she heard the running water getting louder and louder. Almost home when passing the final door to her left something caught her eye from the gap that was left in it. It made her stop and push it open she was now looking into what looked like Max’s study…his retreat, the only room in the apartment that looked lived in. Taking baby steps towards what had drawn her attention in the first place she found that she couldn’t breathe. Her eyes wide, legs trembling as she was now glazing up at herself. Above her, high on the wall was a picture of her… her lungs already fit to burst with the lack of oxygen in them, feeling light headed to what she was seeing. It was of when they’d all gone out on a family picnic and she’d wondered off to paddled in the river. Max had surprised her by shouting to her, making her spin round so hard that she fell over and down into the shallow water. She’d starting splashing at him, giggling now turning into laughter as water few about her. And what’s when he took the picture. That was also the day that they came so close to making love while investigating a deserted barn.
She’d forgotten about that till that moment, thinking it was a hopeless dream as she thought he had too. But the larger than life picture told her other wise as she was snapped back into reality bye Max calling out to her. Suddenly feeling like she was the girl about to get caught with her hand in the cookie jar she took one last look at the young girl which sparkling eyes before her, that only ever sparkled for him as she tore herself away from it and back out the door.

his honey like tones filling her senses as she lightly opened the ajar door, instantly greeted by the aroma of ripe, sweet strawberries swirling from the steamed water that rose from the tub.
Except it wasn’t just any tub it was like a mini Jacuzzi…large enough for more than two but deep enough to immerse shoulders, her insides looped as she glazed round the bathroom now a palace of sin and seduction. She stomach dipped again. There was bathing products on the ledge behind it, along with an opened bottle of wine, two in fact one red and white with two full glasses standing to attention beside them. Candles were the only light in that room as at least a dozen of them flickered. The romantic atmosphere was electric as she suddenly stopped smiling.

“Liz ?”
His voice etched with fear as she turned to finally meet his glaze. She couldn’t help but grasp as he was still naked showing her the magnificent, athletically built body that he possessed from every angle. He was all male, virile and breathtakingly dynamic. He stepped closer when he saw the sorrow now held in her eyes.
“…what’s wrong sweetheart?”

“How many others have you said that to?”
She snapped out at him as she trembled hard.

“What..I…?” He was lost, drowning on land as he saw her shake once more. Having to know, not behrly to see her this way.
“…I …don’t understand..” He stepped in closer to her.
“..what others, they are no others Liz, there could never be any others.” He pleaded with her, eyes wide as it suddenly smacked him right between the eyes would she meant.
“..oh god Liz you think…god no Liz it not like that. You’re the only one who’s been upstairs…” He was now only inches from her, almost touching as both felt heat and awareness prickle at their flesh. He reached out and placed a loose tressel of hair gently behind her ear as he now cupped her cheek.
“…who’s been in here, you have to believe me Liz…please…” She suddenly felt stupid and foolish as she cheeks flushed crimson.

“I…I’m. .m…” Her spluttering stopped by a finger held to up to her lips as he gave her a silence shake of “no” of his head while his other hand gently entwined fingers with hers. Both looked down at where they were now joined, sharing short, sharp intakes of breath as he then let a smile break his face.
His eyes dancing as his other hand gingerly played at her collarbone, fingers dipping under and over the flannel that was her robe. Their eyes never parted as they humming between them intensified. She went to untie the sash as his big hands now stopped hers.

“Let me do that.” he groaned deep within his throat as he slowly untied the robe, letting it fall apart as he slipping his hands in between its opening. She gasped, unable to stop herself as his hands roamed around her body travelling from her lower back, round to the cheeks of her buttocks were he gently cupped her there in heated moments…pulling her in closer to him. Leaving to travel up her back, over her blades to her shoulders as he slowly pushed the gown off of her to were it now pooled at the floor.
Both stood naked and breathless, not daring to move let alone speak as he was the first to again.

“Ladies first….again!” He quirky smile filling his entire face as he waved a head towards the tub. She playfully smacked at him , all earlier misunderstandings now forgotten as she climbed into the bubbling water and sank down into into its depths. She groaned as her entire body softened, lulling to the silky soft heat of the water as pulsating jets gently lapped at her muscles. The smell of ripe strawberries was intoxicating, she loved the smell of strawberries. As if to read her mind max then spoke.
“I know you liked strawberries…” he confessed as he settled himself at the opposite end.
“….that’s why I brought a bottle of it, ages ago. In case I could ever dare to dream that this moment would ever take place.”
His tone and expression assuring her that what he spoke of was true as their legs tangling while trying to find a comfortable position. Their skin slick to the oils that were also in there. He saw her trying to find words as he found them for her.
“(cough) you like?”
She rested her head back on the rim, not caring that her hair was getting wet. “oh I definitely like Max and its wonderful that you remembered about the strawberries….”

“I remember everything.” He stated hard. She lost herself to his words as he handed her one of the glasses. “red or white?”

“I don’t mind, you chose.” Her mind too muddled for thought as she hoped it was red as he poured it. She looked about her. “This has been the most perfect night of my life and if I don’t remember to say it later I had a wonderful time. Thank you Max.”

“But it gets better than this.”

“Not possible.” she said with a smile as he looked over at her from under hooded lashes. They look holding as she now drank from her glass, filled too with what tasted like a hint of strawberries.
He winked at her as he reached of something out of the basket beside him.

“Do you trust me?”


“Then just close your eyes and I’ll show you how good it gets.” She giggled just alittle as she took one last sip of her glass and then did as he’d asked. Everything muddled and swirled into blissful tranquillity, losing herself…until she felt his hand at her ankle. She only jerked with excitement as he began washing her with a silky, soapy sponge. He spent an endless amount of time at her legs, tickling her feet playfully till she begged him to stop, her laughter blinding his senses. He only moving as far as her the back of her knee to find an erogenous zone there that made her gasp and squirm. The sponge then glided upward, along her thighs dipping between them as he went on further. She was fighting not to open her eyes as he still wasn’t stroking her where she was craving him to, seeming to deliberately avoid her most intimate part.
Water sloshed, lapping around her shoulders as he moved in closer continuing to pamper. Higher and higher, gently scrubbing at her belly, then past her heavy, sensitive breasts, to her chest, her collarbone , her shoulders then finally to her arms. She then washed her face, rinsing her mouth, being careful to wash every part of Zan’s essence off of her. He’d helped them to get to this moment but it was their moment now, alone. Although he’d playfully evaded all the place that ached for his touch, he’d managed to arouse her to a breathless pitch of need.
“There’s nothing harmful in having a spot of good clean fun now is there?”

She trembled at his husky tones, with them still banging about in her head as she had to blink her eyes open to see him, she had to look at him. She instantly met with his deep, amber flickering gaze that told her that he was just as affected as she was. She smiled, making a grab for the sponge which he gave her willingly.

“Now I think its my turn to get you clean.” She sat up on both knees for leverage, lathering the sponge with the fragrant soap and returned the favour of scrubbing his sleek, muscled skin. She looked in glee at the sight and feel of the taut cords of muscle across his chest, down his belly, and along his thighs. His flesh as smooth and slick all over from the water and soap, as moving behind him she couldn’t resist running her fingertips along his perfectly sculpted back.

She felt him shudder from under her touch as his breathing became shallow. A faint, private smile curved at her mouth as a sexual confidence unfamiliar to her kicked in to the fact that it was her ministrations that was making his muscles spasm and his breath laboured. She wanted more , craved to see just how far he’d let her go as she glided flattened palms along his lean sides then stealing round to his chest. Her tiny fingers stroked slowly over his erect nipples as awareness between sizzled.
She rubbed her breast against his back, widening her thighs to slip in closer. His body tensed as she closed her eyes, her splaying hands roaming south, her fingertips grazing at his fierce erection.
With a low, vivid curse he grabbed her wrists and turned round. He nearly pulled her under the water with his abrupt movement as he caught her just in time. One head behind her back and the other grasping her firm buttocks as she instinctively curled her legs around him to keep her from sliding lower. She sucked in hard as their bodies came into direct, intimate contact with each other. Now facing each other for the first time as his gaze darkened but the amber still licked brightly with the flame of desire.

Without words Liz started to move towards him, her nipple hard and pink as they peeped through the foam as she then becomes breathless from his heated glare. She felt his hand rest gingerly at her inner thigh as she then saw the look of hesitation held within his eyes as she moves his hand in between her legs. Without any further coaching, knowing that this was right…that it was meant to be as she felt his fingers sneak inside the folds of sex attentively. As he has her there while continuing to rub and glide into her alittle water laps inside of her. Arching her chest away from him with the pleasure of him finally touching her there too much as she pushes her hips towards him in response reaching for his now completely erect shaft.

“Liz….” He was losing the fight as she bent down to kiss him full and deep on the mouth. His skin tasted faintly of soap as she couldn’t help but rub throbbing shaft against her folds in the foaming wetness. Still no words as she continued sliding down him as the oils were now a hindrance to them.
“I think I need alittle help here!” He smiled out as he still had a firm grip of her at his wrist as he moves further up the slope of the tub lifting her on top of him.
“Maybe we should wait …till…late this till later.”

Suddenly she can’t wait as she looks, still slipping from him round for a solution to their problem!
“sit on the edge over there Max….” using all her reserve not to plough herself down hard on his sex there and then.


She pleaded beginning to tremble with an uncontrollable need, craving to be touched by him as he holds her tightly to him while still in top nudging her legs further about, eyes contact never breaking.
His engorged shaft hard against her belly as she moans hard, nuzzling in at his neck. For along while they are just content with holding each other until she feels his hardness increase against her skin.
There is no pressure , no hurry as he begins to rock her gently. Max stares at her as if to he’s trying to say something but can’t as she grips at his shoulders tighter. He then dares to look down at the raging erection between them.
“Did you mean what you said before?” her body craving release as he grips her hard at her lower back.

“What?” His voice behrly a whisper as he begins to suckle at her hardening bud, his hands now clawing at her back.

“That you loved me.” She jerked her head back as sensation throbbed and spread.
“yes I could never love anyone else but you I love you Liz I always have .”

“..and I love you.” She breathed out heavily as she now cupped at his jaw. “ so much.”

Then was his undoing as he pulls her down to his cock, holding her there as she felt the water enter her the same time as he did. He pushed through her wet curls as both sucked in breath. He was so slow, so gentle …afraid even that he might hurt her.
“God Liz all those years.!” he whispers as he continued to look to look at her. He was only an inch in as they felt him begin to grow harder still , if that were possible.

“Time will heal us Max….” She felt him begin to move from under her as he comes forward to run his lips over her face, wrapping his hands inside of her hair as he rocked then kissed her more.
They move together. He thrusts himself towards her just enough to enhance the impact of her downwards strokes over him in repeated moments. Her face felt flush as her nails grip onto hid shoulders.

“tell me if it hurts?” he says anxiously. “I don’t want to hurt Liz.” The insecurity in his eyes makes her dip over and under…harder and faster as she felt close to already coming. She clasps his head to her chest hard as he pushes up inside of her just alittle bit more.

“I don’t think you could ever hurt me, Max….now just let go…I want you to come with me now.” She whispers as their bodies still suddenly. Her open thighs begin to shudder against him as her walls tighten around him, pulsating towards him for her release.
He thrusts up hard into her as he lifts her head back while his other strong arm is curled round her lower back.
“Please Max…oh god…come to me…”
He leans back holding her rigid against him and around him. He clasps her to him, making them both come again and again as if they are both tossed by some sea, slamming them together, making them ride out wave after delicious wave.

"..I am.. god... Liz...I can feel ..you...oh god...."
He pushes harder in her as the water surrounding them is lapping out and over the side. Harder and deeper until she cries out with joy , utterly open to him as he almost withdraws filling only to drive back into her in one long, hard stroke as she finally feels the spasm of his release as their both scream out each others names, over and over and over. After moments, Max still deep inside of her they feel so overwhelmed that they decide to take this to the bedroom....

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