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Title: Crossing time 4 U.
Author: ~jayne~.
Rating: Strongpg13 (Nc17 2 b marked).
Category: FF M/L.
Disclaimer:I own nothing but in my dreams.
Summary: Liz has been sent to kill Max in order to save the world.But will she beable to kill him? All takes place in one night!!!!!
Note: This is my take on the 'terminator' series...with a roswell twist. Enjoy!



His lungs now fit to burst from having to repeat himself again.

Still looking relentlessly between where she stood from behind the wall and the dark haired man that was only across the way, who'd been in her sights long enough for her to have taken the shot. He KNEW this would happen, how could he have been so stupid to have thought otherwise? She had always been a good liar, his only defense.
Taking one more look between the two, he was now up and reaching out for her.

She wasn't talking or looking back, only dead ahead as Max was now about to walk back to his car. Her finger again twitching on and off the trigger over-so lightly as her breathing had now stopped to almost nothing, her heart pumping so hard that it could have jumped right out of her chest. Shaking it off, she closed her left eye to take aim again, finger now firmly back on the trigger, knuckles so white form her grip being so hard around it. Jackson was now standing beside her, breathing hard onto her face.

He looked about them wildly, suddenly stopping, inhaling into back inot nothing.
"THEY'RE COMING!FUCK!.... GIVE ME THE GUN!!" Again reaching for it.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! THAT'S AN ORDER!" She spat out at him.

He gave her a sidewards glance as he grabbed hold of it, yanking it almost free of her hands. That's when she finally tore her eyes away from Max to look upon her oldest friend, now threatening to be her worst enemy. Her eyes, no matter how big, doe-like and breathtaking they were, now bore into his, making him look away to what he saw for a split second as she then tore it back from him.
"DON'T.... do... that... again...!" Tone hard, eyes harder.

She then slowly looked back at Max, lifting the gun high against her face, settling the lense against her eye once more, taking his head once more into it. She felt him lean in further to her.

"Then do it Liz..."
His voice ohhh so much calmer now as she began to shake.
".. 'cus you know was well as I do what WILL happen if you don't do this." He was now so close that she felt breath on her face as he spoke again into her ear.
"Are you prepared to risk all that pain and suffering happening again, to risk everything, that we've fought so hard for to get us here? We've lost so many that have been close to us because of this..don't let them have died in vain"
She stole a sidewards glance at him, her eyes now beginning to fill, wavering alittle at his words, only then to steady herself once more. She wasn't going to cry, she never had in her whole life and she wasn't about to start now.

"So what's it gonna be? Do or die's upto you as always. But if your gonna do it you've got to do it NOW or else us being here, giving up what we have has all been for nothing...and we're the ones who are dead, we ALL are.... all over again if you don't kill him!"
She spoke again, her eyes now upon Max as she pulled the butt closer into her shoulder.

"There's no going home...we're dead already!"

Jackson chuckled as he pulled away from her, she'd just answered his question.Suddenly Max then looked up and towards where she stood, not seeing her but his eyes drawing her in all the more as he then looked away. Dazed she didn't hear Jackson rush up behind her until she felt him try and grab the gun from her, hard.

"NO.I'll DO IT!!"

She bit out, fightly him all the while, then pushing his hands and him way with her elbow. One last look as a single shot rang out.....

Part 1

The shot hit the wall beside her, she felt the chalk from it hit her face, it was that close.
She crouched down low a second later, meeting Jackson there.
"They're here!" His back now flat up the wall like hers, looking wildly about them.

"No shit, you think?" She spat out as she put the rifle strap over her head then reaching round to her lower back to retrieve her smaller gun from inside of her pants.
He snapped his head round to look upon her.

"Don't get smart with me lady, you may out rank me but I can still kick your ass. You blew our only chance you stupid bitch, we'll NEVER get other..."

"That's two." She bobbed up alittle, Max's car was gone.
"SHIT!" She rested back onto her heels exhaling hard. He was now bent low behind her as she ran to their awaiting car.

"Two what?" He bit out as he threw himself in as the car started moving away, slammed the door as it is was almost upto full speed already.

"Two allowances for YOUR mouth moving before the heads in gear.....there won't be a third I can assure you."
She wasn't looking at him, eyes stuck to the road as she took the next bend on two wheels. This surprised both her as well as him that she could drive this primative heap of junk (commonly known in today's terms as a brand new porsche resently aquired by her nimble fingers)
considering that she'd never driven before. Their mode of transport having either been through the machine or in their minds but this rocked , giving her another new buzz as she undertook as an outcoming heap of junk mounted the pavement in order to miss her.
"Are they following?" Her eyes unable to handle front and back at once. He spun round to lean out the back.

"Not yet. I can't feel them." He sat back round hard in his seat as he spoke again.
"I KNEW this was a mistake....." As he shook his head hard.
"..they were wrong to let you be in charge of this, after what happened. I was right it WAS too soon." She was now looking at him.

"That's three." Her hand punched his jaw so hard he felt it crack as she felt it, his head hit the window on the other side, neither flinching.

"Nice." He gently rubbed at his jaw, clicking it back into place.

"You like, more to come if you don't shut your mouth and help me look for him!"
Her eyes relentlessly searching for his car through the maze her was driving through, able to cope with the local knowledge as well as the wheels thanx to the implants. He looked at her, a frown on his scar marked face.

"Can't you feel him?" She didn't answer but he knew she didn't.

"Shit now we really are fucked?" He banged the car door, it nearly coming open.
"Why didn't you take the shot Liz when you had the chance?" His voice so calm and soothing instantly as he had his 'fatherly head on' now.He knew why but he asked anyway. She swerved an elderly lady about to cross as she jumped the lights, sending car upon car crashing into each other as she kicked the car out of the choas. She knew why but the answer she gave was different, not being able to handle the truth again. It WAS too soon.

"They want us dead, that's why they sent them back as well, so they could kill us before we got to him."

"Yeah, so? Tell me something that I don't know. WATCH IT!!" He pointed, she swerved in time as he breathed out hard. She smirked.

"THINK ABOUT IT...they're protecting him right, they WANT him to become his future, his destiny. They want the war, the pain, the choas that's why they want us dead because we're the only ones who can stop it from happening...." He stopped her mid-sentence.

"By killing him, which so far we're failed on and time is on their side now, not our's. They now have the advantage Parker." He let his head fall.
"It's lost to us. It was all for nothing and they've won again." Silence hit as his eyes then grew wider to it. he slowly turned to face her.

"You think you can stop it from think you
can save him don't you?"
She didn't answer. She didn't have to. He looked away from her now as he began to chuckle.

"Jesus don't you ever learn girl?" She swallowed down hard, not wanting to hear this again, as they came to a crossways, the one way now ended. It was now starting to get alittle darker as her heart sank, she was at a loss, beginning to panic as time was running out fast. Her began to let out shallow breaths when the despare whats interupted by Jackson's yell.

She snapped left, ignoring the honking behind them as her eyes now rested upon his car that was parked, in amoungst many outside of a club. His other senses kicking in just fine as she too parked up. They said nothing for ages it seemed it she broke it, not looking at him.
"We owe it to him to at least try." Her voice behrly there.

"WE OWE HIM NOTHING!!" He shook with rage.
"You more than anybody should know that after what he became, after what he did to you......" He stopped himself as the memory of it made his blood run cold. She then looked upon him and said the only words that would get him to help her.

"Then you OWE it to me."
She knew she shouldn't bring the future into this, what she'd done to save his ass but they had no time. He said nothing, not looking at her as he then reached over into the back, pulling a bag into the front with them.

"We need clothes." He began pulling out his into a crumpled mess, giving hers to her gently. They eyes meeting and locking for awhile, no more words spoken only the small exchange of smiles between them.


From acroos the street the car rolled to a halt, lights clicked off.
"We finish this.... now!" He spat out to he other man who sat in the darkness of the back seat.

"Unless them all meeting does it for us. The implant works, she doesn't remember everything." His voice low and hollow in tone, unable the give out any signs of emotion. He other man laughed, just alittle still unable to get used to his newly found exterior shell as he wriggled and clawed at it, harder still, tearing alittle piece of flesh away from his neck. as he waved a hand over it, instantly fixing it...


The room was heaving with the swell of sweat bodies and smoke as they pushed their way through the masses, until they found the bar and a clear spot to view eveything from. They still hadn't spoken as they relentlessly looked about them, at a totally loss at what to do now until she heard the honey sounding voice coming from behind them.

"Would I bullshit you Issie...I felt somebody watching me then there was a gun shot and I high tailed it the hell outta there."
She froze breathing shallow, heart racing as she slowly, ever so slowly began turning round to search out its owner...

Part 2

Continuing her journey round into the unknown all she could think about was what to do when she got there. She'd only ever seen the Max that he would become, his destiny as the alien king who'd brought about the end of the world.
She whobbled just alittle at the rememberance of it as she was finding it increasing difficult to breathe, spitting something out from under breath to words of 'stop being a pussy, he can't hurt you yet he's still only a human': But that wasn't helping as she found herself almost home.
She saw the taller blond haired girl first, Isabel, instantly reckonizing her from the pictures...shaking alittle harder when remembering what happened to her - what her brother Max did to both her and their family.
Liz was now pleased with the target position that she had chosen, for it was her life support, leaning on it so hard in order to steady herself as she then just stopped... upon seeing the cause of all their pain and destruction.
Her hand automatically reached then hovered over the inside of her left thigh were she was packing, under a shirt that was more like a belt but the only place clothed enough to hide it...just! If she was to mark and kill anybody it SHOULD have been that slut, not Max who was the innocent party in all of this until she seduced him into her bed on this very night.
She gripped the bar harder, sending her knuckles white as she remembered more of Tess' deception, wanting to take her out there and then but knowing that was impossible seeing as through her alien powers were so much more advanced than hers. Liz would lose, Max would then be lost as would the world right along with him, all being for nothing again.
She watched as the small blonde haired ,blue eyed bitch strutted around like a dog on heat, rubbing herself up every man that would come anywhere near her. She was only there for one reason, to awaken Max's alienside that was her job but she was a tramp none the less.
Liz then smirked, no wonder she had this Max so easily, what with him being so shy and uttering closed off to girls since the accident when his childhood sweetheart was taken away from him so tragically, her smile now gone. Leaving Tess on option but to basically mindraping him into even looking at her.
Liz was behrly told about the other girl, only that she had been his soulmate, inseparable since the age of 5, that they shared a love like one other and her name was...Beth!!!!
She'd tried to find out more about her, but her clearance only went so far and anything on Maxwell Phillip Evans was way out of her league. She never knew the When,Why and How's for her obsession of him, only knowing it was there, needing it there as if it was the air that she breathed.
Her breath now shallow, heart still racing she came back with a bump her eyes relentlessly searching for her mark, his face still not having been made known to her. People began pushing up against her as the bar began to heave. Liz was fighting her way to see as her world began to tilt, she'd never been to a club and it was now just becoming clear what the experience of being in one was like, hitting her like a sledgehammer.
Suddenly she felt so alone, so open to life as it hit her over and over, sending her one way then the other. She hadn't felt like this since her family was taken from her, vowing after that she never would never let herself feel that open to anything ever again. It was a sign of weakness, of them winning...of him having won again and she'd lost so much to the war already to let that happen.
But as she spun she was losing this battle fast until she felt herself begin to fall. She would have if Jackson hadn't have been there to catch her, as always. She may out rank him in this war but he was still her teacher and the man who saved her life. She'd done the same for him many times over but this time was the one, the start of it all between them...the time when he betrayed his best friend in order to save a human girl from certain death. Jackson was only a name that he'd chosen while on the run afterwards, she still didn't know why that particular one but to Max he'd always be Michael!

"Easy Girl."
His voice gentle as he yanked her up hard then laying her across his chest now feeling just how sick she was by how hot she was. It was too soon!
He walked with her, backwards to where he found what little furniture was in the place to then gently rest her down. He was on his knees in front of her, pulling at her hair, tucking it behind her ears as he'd always done. Her eyes were wide but unmoving as she trembled all the more, this one looked bad as it hit further into her.

He was touching her face, getting alittle more feverish with every touch, with every moment that past. He hated every time he saw her like this, just wanting to make to all better, but not even his alien gifts could stretch to that.
Only one thing would help and he wasn't that one thing.

"...Liz... look at me!"
He cupped her face, holding that look till she was back. He then exhaled when he saw that she was alright. He snatched his hands away from her before she was fully aware that they had ever been there. He sat back on his heels as her eyes got bigger to what was happening.
She was now up from the chair, continuing to look round for where Max was, almost pushing Michael to the floor as she walked back in amoungst the sweaty, heaving bodies held within the dancefloor.
She'd now found her egde as she was now pushing back the masses, pushing first even. She felt somebody pull and spin her round, she was ready to make some sort of nasty contact back, hand falling when she saw it was Michael.

She bit out, pulling herself away from him, eyes of fire.
He went for her again, they were going to have this out!

"LOOK! its too dangerous for you to even be near him. You knew this and now the mission's been put at risk because of you and this obsession of yours. It's now killed us all over again . Now BACK OFF and LEAVE this to me Parker as it should have been from the beginning!"
They were safe to scream anything to each other on that place. She pushed him away hard.


"Tried that remember....didn't cut it did I?"
He wanted to take that back instantly, the whole memory of that somewhere that they just didn't go to...ever!
He was now being pushed up hard against her by all the people, he wasn't enjoying this 'club' scene either. He shook off any enjoyment that he may have being experiencing from it quickly, knowing he'd have to be in control of all his bodily functions for when she kicked off. He counted her in, being spot on as always.

"You the FUCK do you think you are talking to? I'm in charge here, this is my call and YOU DO AS I SAY...."
She spat back, as her face and tone then changed.
"..and mention that night again and I'll kill you where you stand no matter what you are to me."

She was so in his face now for somebody of her tiny size, but he knew he deserved that and that they were only words. Some guy then tried butting in, asking her stuff, rubbing his hand up her leg until she'd had enough and her knee meet with his 'so called manhood', not much from the feeling on her knee.

"still wanna be friends?"
She said in her sweetest voice but to the stranger, as her false smile then vanished. The unlucky fool unable to hear or see let alone reply as he rolled about the floor now trying not to get kicked or stepped on, his night of passion well and truly screwed but not the way he'd have liked. Her eyes bore into Michael's one last time, as if telling him not to mess with her again as she disappeared into the mill of bodies. He closed his eyes, exhaling hard muttering something about 'Max being right about human's', eyes flying open at the rememberance of his old life as it made him wanna puke.. as he followed her back in, like he always did- like he always would.

As she fought her way though she began to remember things..voices..people...places, the familiar feeling coming at any time now as she had no control over it. But they were so muddled, again she was not able to understand any of them as they became longer and faster this time round, she had to get out of!
She wasn't looking for Max now, only a way out as she helplessly searched for an exit sign. Her lungs felt like they were fit to burst as her heart was threatening to burst right out of her chest..and 'damn these frigging shoes' as she stopped to kick them then leave them.

She was still pushing as they were pulling as she looked up at her only means of escape again only to feel her whole tilt and fall from under her as Jeremiah now stood before her in the doorway. He hadn't seen her or she'd be dead by now she ducked down instinctively as she felt herself stop breathing almost... she was able to function better that way.
She was now thumping her way back hard through the unsuspecting clubbers, having no idea what evil had just walked in. She was running so fast now, looking more back than ahead of her. She had to get to Michael, knowing that they were all dead now, she'd known that they would send him but she wasn't expecting it so soon.
She spun round hard agin to look back, he was no longer on the stairs.

She spat out as she then came to a sudden stop as she hit something hard, as arms came up to touch at her she knew who it was a someone. She felt him before she turned back and saw him with her own eyes. She already knew who it was, that she'd found her mark...that it was Max.
Then it was happenning all so fast, too fast.

That honey sounded voice again.He now let go of her arms, not yet seeing her face as he bent into her as he spoke again. It sounded like he was smiling.

"Are you alright?"

Still nothing as her head as still bent down, dark hair cascading down around her. He frowned, tilting his head slightly to the side as they were bumped together by the people around them as something stirred deep from inside of him, sometihng that had been long since forgotten.
Over and over they were pushed back and forth as he instinctively encircled her in his arms again as she looked back over her shoulder. He felt her trembling so hard that it was now making him shake as this familiar ache grew and spread within him, making him dizzy with it.
He felt her then tense up in his arms as he looked over her shoulder to see what she was looking at. She was then trying to tear herself away from him, she had to get away, she had to think, she couldn't breathe with the closeness of him.
But she was no good to him like this or they would all be dead. He looked back down at her as she was now disappearing into the crowd, away from him. The ache within was now getting stronger, confusing him all the more as he was now relentlessly looking for her, finally catching her eyes as she looked back at him. He caught his next breath before it had a chance to leave this throat as he felt like he was dying all over again to what he now saw.
When his body finally allowed him to speak he only said one word.... a name that he knew he'd never speak of again, till he finally saw her face as he only then cried it out again....


Part 3

She just stopped. Bodies began bumping hard into her tiny body from every side, pushing her further and faster away from Max. She could still see him through the gaps, his face utterly lost and open as his eyes took hold if hers, not letting go. Her heart stopped as he finally began pushing his way through the masses to her, seeing him then him disappearing. Again him then disappearing into bodies as he pulled his way closer . Again then not, again then not.
She couldn’t breath let alone move as her body starting tingling, head to toe slowly spreading but no less relentless in its journey. There he was again, closer still as she saw him pushing harder to get through, not getting anywhere fast. Their eyes finding each other once again, tingled more, as he called out to her once more.

He was reaching so hard for her as he was swallowed into it again, the floor jumping and thumping to the change in tempo. She began to shake, how did he know her name? She suddenly felt dizzy as her head thumped out of time with the noise. She tried shaking it off, stumbling as she did but it only made it worse. She began to feel like she was literately falling apart as she was bumped again. She grabbed at her temples. She’d heard the name but nobody called her Beth, except….

% %% …there was water and screaming as the splashing sound and feeling of cold intensified and consumed…small hands reaching out…darkness……%%%

She was bumped too hard this time as she was thrown to the floor, her front smacking to the ground, her palms saving her from far worse than she got. Whoever that person was probably saved all their lives as she woke and broke free of…she shook it if as she looked about her wildly. Seeing only feet, and that there was room to move she rolled and flipped to her feet to look back at where she’d last seen Max in one smooth motion. Her eyes sought, head bobbed but there was nothing. He wasn’t there.

She reached for the gun at her thigh, still a little wracked but having no time to be when she double took. She didn’t need that, it being totally useless against what they now faced anyway. With one quick scope round the only thing she’d found was the door.
She spat as some guy said yes please from beside her. She pushed him aside, her fist and his jaw, as she suddenly realized that she could feel him again. She suddenly changed direction to where it was stronger, only to move faster through the sweaty, heaving mass towards it.
She’d missed it since they had arrived bcak there but now it was different somehow. Stronger. Not like in the timeline before when she she’d felt him then or when she 'd been taken to him that night after her cover was blown. That’s why she’d been chosen by the alliance to spy for them, because of their connection. She had gotten used to it being a certain way but this, it was just so powerful …too powerful as she now trembled to it. It was getting so strong knocking her side wards with every wave, she had to block it out like she'd done before...back home or else she'd be on good to him now. Breathing in hard her mind did what was asked of it but her powers where not strong like the others, not knowing how long it would last. Her body then spun with it having been yanked from behind. It was Michael. He grabbed at her arms which held he tight, eyes wide.

“WELL?..” He barked, reluctantly letting her go, her movements giving him no choice. He searched her wild eyes once more. They were changing back to how they were before…one more reason to totally despise and hate Max Evans like no other as he spat out.
“….have you found him yet?” She was already pushing her way through again as she barked back.

“which him, Max or…”
She stopped dead, Michael bumping into her back hard , about to kick off when he saw what she’d seen as he felt her arm push him back. Jeremiah was directly in front of them.


Max could feel something burn inside of him, it was getting so strong that he couldn't breathe as it seemed to pull him along towards it. Then there nothing. It had gone as suddenly as when it had first taken hold of him ....since he'd seen her. His heart was pumping out his chest just at the thought of her. He felt dizzy with it as he thought about his Beth, for what felt like the first time that night. Funny that when she'd always been with him, always on his mind even after she died when they were young. He whirled around hard, trying to find where the pull was coming from, needing to find it, pushing and jolting people away as he went. Still nothing. What was happening to him? He'd never felt or looked at a woman the way that he had her, not since the girl he'd be spending the rest of his life with was suddenly taken from him. He felt sick with it, he'd only met her in an instant but he felt that he'd know her forever. He came alive under her split second touch..he hadn't felt like that in a long time. It might have been because her hair was long, black and her's ,that he'd called her Beth. Or that because her eyes were of chocolate, big and doe-like...just like Beth's. As he thought he was remembering it all over again as with each jolt of it he began to feel the tears sting at his eyes....he missed her so much, he still loved her so much. Because he never believed that she died that day, that she was alive out there somewhere and that she'd come back to him. It was just a feeling that he had.They always shared a special connection since birth almost, friends from that time. More than that by the age of 8, knowing that each other was the one for them...the only one. They were inseparable till.....he felt his body turn as he was now facing a wide eyed Isabel and an angry blond haired girl...he couldn't remember her name, they'd only met the night. He didn't want to remember as he grabbed hold of her shoulders as he pulled her out the way so he could wildly continue his search for her.
"Hey, Max.... I've been looking for you." She said gingerly, big teethy smile as she slid upto him, lightly touched his behr chest where the buttons were undone to the top. He fliched away as if he'd been burn, eyes wide.

He bit out at her as she smacked her hand away. He thought hard but his head was killing him. He'd been buying her drinks all night, letting her touch him now for the life of him understanding why. He hadn't been out, let alone with a woman since Beth...NEVER, and to think for some reason lost to him ,he was with this. The thought made his skin crawl as he stepped away from her. Her face was still sweetly smiling but he saw something in his eyes, he tried looking away but they wouldn't let him as his head was starting to feel better as Tess walked slowly towards him. Her only thought being she'd enjoy this later as she let her eyes roam over his body. Almost there as he tilted his head to her, starting to walk back to her. Her smile widened...oh yeah she was definately going to enjoy having him. They found each other, just about to touch as Isabel spoke.

"Hey Hello, sister here remember... Get a room people."
She smirked, just happy that her broken, lifeless work- obsessed brother was out of his apartment, on a saturday night actually standing in a club. The girl was a bonus, even if she didn't like her. He needed to be with someone, even if he didn't think he did. She'd loved Beth too. She was like her sister, like family, till she saw that she wasn't like a sister to Max anymore. Still family but different. Part of her died that day too, where Max had completely died that day. She let herself begin to remember but she was the strong one and Max didn't need reminding, he carried that with him everyday. So she shook it off as she began dancing about, wondering where Michael had got to.
Her words did alittle to wake him...Beth's smiling face and pigtails suddenly flashing before his eyes nearly did it.... The woman he'd just held did as he saw her face flash into his brain, snapping Max back into reality as he felt her hands on him again. He pushed her away hard.

He roared, shaking with something he didn't understand as his hand was at his temple.
She landed hard on her ass as some girl in heels trod on her hand, deciding to leave it there while she danced. Tess didn't scream, just looked up at her, her eyes beyond evil as she then lightly touched at her leg. The girl looked down open mouthed, saying she was so sorry about that and meaning it. She even helped up the tiny thing who with a friendly smile on her face said no problem. The girl didn't know that she'd be dead by morning. Tess' voodoo like magic already in her blood, travelling round, slowing killing her. Then she was gone leaving Tess alittle sad, she always enjoyed to see her handy work.

"MAX. whats the hell's wrong with you?"
Isabel yelled out at him as she looked back as Tess, forcing out a smile. "Sorry about my brother..he doesn't get out much."
Tess smiled back at her, wishing Isabel was dead already.

"That's okay, no problem." She lied as her insides raged. "you win some you lose some right?" She said only to him as he looked away and around him, finding his direction again. To find the angel that looked so much like Beth, if she'd lived. He didn't even give Tess a second look as he went in search once more for the craziness..for the girl he was now feeling things that he'd never felt. That were only for Beth. He was feeling sick at his betray of her but he couldn't help it. He had to know. He then felt her eyes burn into him as Tess walked past, then speaking so only he'd hear.
"I'll be seeing you again......Zan." She leant in, brushing a hand as his ass which he caught tightly before she could move round to the front a caress him there too.

"I you've got me mixed up with someone else. Don't ever touch me again."
He low and full of command, so only she'd hear back. He was never like this, emotion was something not connected to Max but she was making him feel real rage. Or was it just guilt over what he could have let happen...or another kind of guilt as all he could think about was that girl and how she was making him feel. Either way he was feeling, something which felt alien to Max as he threw his hand away from him. Tess only smiled, she would have tried again but it was too crowded and he was different somehow, stronger.

"I don't think so Zan.."
She leant right into him, he felt her breath on his skin which was starting to do things to him at he didn't want done, EVER, but he had no control of it.
"...and you'll be begging for me to touch you by the time this night is through." She smiled as she lightly licked his earlope, then she was gone, taken into the masses. Max didn't have time or thought to react as Isabel was in his face.

"What's your problem Max? I thought you wanted this?" She barked as she was pulling at his arm, yanking him back to the bar. She was always pushing and pulling him about, taking 'care' of him...ruling his life. At that moment he didn't want it, any of it, as he wanted someone else more. Max stopped suddenly, yanking her back.

"This was YOUR idea. I didn't want to come, remember."
His eyes were like fire,as Isabel swallowed down hard. She wasn't afraid of Max but she'd only ever seen him like this, out of control, once and that was when Beth had died. No-one could reach him in those dark days, not even truly able to now 17 years later. She saw he was burning up, eyes wild as she knew something was wrong. Her tone changed.

"What's wrong Max?"
She was now reaching for his face, knowing that he hated being touched, hoping that he wouldn't pull away tihs time. He didn't. Something really was wrong as he spoke.

"I saw her Is." His hands were now touching her at her shoulders. He never touched back. She was now starting to get alittle scared.

"Who?" Her eyes wide, his wider as he finally found the name again.

A hit to the chest with a .45 wouldn't have had the same affect as hearing her name. She was totally speechless, godsmacked which was not like her as she let her hands fall away and go upto her face slowly. Max saw her face as he reached for her. He'd only ever done when they were little, looking as he did then right now. She shook her head slightly.

"'t..have..she'" She stumbled, whispering oh so quietly as she bagan to shake. He grabbed at her arms, pulling her back to him.

"I know it sounds crazy Iz.." His eyes rentlessly holding hers as he pulled her some more.
"...but you have to believe me, she's ..a l I v e.... I felt her ." He pleaded with her. "...please Iz you HAVE to believe have to help me find her, I..I c...can't feel her any more. "
He let his hands fall, totally lost as his eyes fell too. That's what brought her back, 'I can't feel her' and she then knew he was serious. That what he was feeling again was serious. She yanked him back finding his eyes again.

"Okay Max, wait here..I'll go find Michael..." Her lightly cupped his face. "..then we'll ALL look, kay?"
She tried smiled, not understanding any of it but she understood her brother and if he believed it then she couldn't not help him. However crazy and insane it might be as she was daring to believe as well. Max said nothing, only nodding as he stood jolt upright ,again to look.
With Isabel gone Max felt so alone in a room crammed with people as he felt himself playing with the ring on his little finger. Looking down at it , as he was being bounced about he felt it pulling at his insides. It didn't look much, not even like a ring that had belonged to a girl, only alittle tight for him, but to him it was his whole world. It drew his eyes in as it caught the light once again. He smiled as he remembered the day he'd given it to Beth and she'd promised to wear it till the day she died. She'd always kept her promises and he should have known not to let her go near the water without it. He felt his eyes well up as he began to shake. Going to look up from it he suddenly saw a tiny glowing cirle of red appear at his belly of his white shirt. Frowning he instinctively went to wipe it away but it was still there, moving slowly upwards. His heart began to race, feeling something was wrong. It looked like some sort of laser target but it started to burn as it continued travelling upwards. He suddenly felt like he couldn't breathe, the burning now starting to become painful as then he felt something hit is chest hard, pushing him backwards and to the floor....


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(Note past f/backs %%%%%, future ones *****. Hope that helps!)

Part 4

%%%%%“Last one there is a girly square.” She yelled back over her shoulder laughing as her long shiny pigtails smacked her hard in the face as she looked back once more. She giggled louder as she continued on through the trees, ducking and climbing when ever it was called for as she flung branches from her face.
“Catch me if you can slow coach….“ She let her voice break to a halt when she still heard nothing from behind her. She looked over her shoulder again once she found the clearing and now saw that the way behind her was clear, that he was no longer following her. She jogged to a stop as her little lungs were fit to burst anyways but that wasn’t why she stopped. He wasn’t there. She’d now spun right round in order to look again.
“..hey..?” she yelled out. Nothing. Her line of vision was now flickering along where the trees ended , getting more and more feverish with every second that now passed. “..this isn’t funny.” She yelled out again stepping towards the trees as her sweet smile was now fading. “ can stop now…” Her voice now showing her desperation as she began jogging back into the trees.........%%%%%

Everything happened in an instant as Max arched his back away from the floor as the vision eased, stopping to let it thump back down hard as he heard his throaty moan being echoed from above him. The floor was still a mass of jumping feet but none of them had landed anywhere near to where they now lay as he felt something land heavy beside him. Rolling a little to the side with his head, his body unable to Max opened his eyes for a split second dazed and confused as he saw a man lying awkwardly beside him. His eyes wide and unmoving as he looked like he wasn't breathing. But like everyone else Max thought nothing of it, he couldn't think anyhing full stop due to what he thought he'd just seen. A memory long gone but never forgotten as it had taken him again. As for the man that lay back on himself while on his front.. Drugs ? drink?..anything but the missable wound to his chest left by an alien who'd lost his mark for just a second as she pushed his king to the ground.
Rolling back his arms instinctively tightened around something small and warm that lay hard at his chest as he began to shake uncontrollably. It was then that he felt shiny hair brush lightly at his face as it cascaded down and around them now unable to move even if he had wanted to as he felt her begin to tremble. He knew it was a girl by the way she felt on him as he could feel the tip of her nipple from under her flimsy, backless top push hard against his chest as she moulded herself between his legs perfectly. He knew it was her!
Afraid to even breathe, catching his next one before it left his throat he felt her begin to move on him for the first time, his entire body instantly reacting to her slightest of movements as it now began to burn with them. He felt tiny hands push down hard on his heaving chest as she then raised yourself up from where she’d been nuzzled into his neck. Suddenly with a shaky hand he reached up and pulled her hair back and away form her face stopping her dead, only inches from his face their eyes finally found then relentlessly duelled with each other. Both inhaled at the exact same time, holding breath until their lungs were fit to burst, their eyes widening to the closeness that they now shared making them dizzy. Neither could speak as the heat that had been erupting deep within them since she’d bumped into him now throbbed and spread out of control as it began to reach out to the other.
"Come with me if you want to live." She bit out, not letting to connection go any further as she pushed herself up and away from him. He would have followed her anyway...anywhere as she was now on her feet looking down at him. From above, her hand out stretched to him now looked every bit like the angel that he'd seen her as. it was something in her eyes that made him take it without hesitation as she hauled him up and to her hard. He bumped at her chest hard, punching her backwards as he then caught her from falling with an arm tight around her tiny waist in one swift motion. He instinctively yanked her back to him, encirling her waist more once as she bumped at his hips, their heated bodies fusing together deeper this time. She could do nothing but let her hands drop at his hard chest as his darkening amber eyes drew her in all the more either able to breath as.......

%%%%%....."Max?" finally calling to him knowling something was wrong now broke into a run as the branches wracked and stung at her face as her tiny feet hit something as she then steaded herself to it. "MAX!" She was up and running again in one smooth motion as her ankle now hurt a little, not caring as her desperation to find him over took the pain that she now felt, running all the more.
"MAAAAXXXXXX!" Her hopelssly whipping round into nothing as her tears now streamed down her face, mixing and then stinging at where she'd been cut, at where she'd been cut again. She felt her foot hit and stop dead at something hard as she was unable to steady herself this time. She felt her head smack against something hard above her left eye her world going black as, rolling onto her back she called out for him one last time....%%%

He felt her yank away from him as they came back instantly reaching for her again as he whobbled to what he'd seen. She did the same only stepping back from him.
"W..What.. the.. he...."He stumbled, shaking his head as she then closed him down.

"Don't talk!" She ordered while turning, her hair smacking him hard in the face, as she now looked wildly about her. "Just move and stay close to me!" Her manner and voice totally diguising how his closeness was wracking havoc with her emotions but she was good at hiding how she felt about him, around him. Until that night that is...she felt herself waver, while pushing her way through the mass as she began to remember fragments of it...

*****She hit the ground hard quickly finding her feet as she felt his eyes invade her from behind, not winching as her tiny body ached from where they'd hurt her to try to find the truth, for she had to remain to total control of herself as she now faced him. He was closer than she'd thought, instantly knowing to step back and away but failing to do so in time as she only saw the punch coming as it hit wide across her jaw. She felt herself start to blackout as the pain exploded and throbbed. She fell back but not down, never down to him as he took a painful, vicelike hold of her while pulling her back to him. She found his eyes of fire instantly as she was unable to keep the connection from invading her wrecked body as he drew her in all the more.*****

Banging bodies and grabbing hands brought her back stumling and dizzy as she felt herself begin to burn with the remembrance for that night.
She didn't need to turn back and see if Max was still behind her she could feel his throbbing body hard against hers as they bumped again. This time it was too hard as he stopped her from falling by encircling at her waist from behind, his hand now tight on her belly. She couldn't help but moan as she felt his chest heave at her back, trying to smack him away from her as she was losing the fight not to connect again. Her hand now came to rest upon his as she felt his fingers start to dig into her skin...

***** "I promise you that that will be the least amount of pain that you will feel from now on..." His voice like honey as he gripped at her till his knuckles turned whiter than white but still she didn't murmer. He saw no fear held in her big beautiful eyes that had captured him from the first.,which did nothing but fuel his rage that now burned through his veins. She was making him crazy. He shook her again, her chains and his breathing the only sound in that room. She could feel it begin to throb and spread out of control inside of her as she fought to maintain her will. He'd taken her family, her friends, her life but that was the only thing she had left that he wouldn't take from her.
"....unless you tell me what is it was that the alliance hoped to achieve by sending you here?"...*****

Arching herself away from him she was on the run again, her body tingling from the feeling as her legs felt like they'd give out any second.
"HEY...wait!" She heard Max calling to her as she buried them deeper and faster still in to the mass finally looking back. Trying to avoid his intense eyes as she couldn't see him following but max's eyes were getting the better of her as she suddenly stopped. Max bumped her but she stepped away fast as he bent over to catch breath, lungs fit to burst. He looked at the tiny thing that he captivated him from the first as he exhaled hard.
Eyes not moving off of her as he stood upright again.
"...what's going on.." He stumbled between breath. "...W...who are yo...."

"SHUT UP!" She bit out , daring not to look at him as she changed direction. She pushed past him, rubbing the back of her against the front of him to look the other way for him but it also put distance between her and Max. She was ignoring him. He didn't like it as she went to past him again he pulled her back by the elbow. She swung round hard about to protest when...

*****He was now beginning to feel something totally alien to this alien invading his unbreakable...untouchable body as he began to lose himself to this human slave girl that had plagued his every waking moment, in his dreams if he slept since the first day that she'd been transfered to Antar from earth. For the first time since he'd awakened
he felt completely out of control her eyes doing things to him that he just didn't want done. EVER! hating and shaking her all the more for her making him feel that way again. Making him feel human as he had to drag himself free of it , of her as if it were the air that he breathed and it was taken from him. But there was something about her eyes and the way that she felt under his touch that reminded him of something, of someone.
"TELL ME!" He roared as he suddenly felt dizzy, almost sick and he never got sick. She felt him tremble the great alienking who felt nothing was shaking as his face titled slightly to one side seemingly allowing it to soften just for a moment. Realizing that she was too late to stop it,
seeing it in his eyes, feeling it in his body as she now pushed herself harder into his hands, as she spat in his face in hope to distract .For him to let her go. Her arms were wildly thumping at his hard chest, punching him there and in the face with every ounce of energy that she had left within her and as far as her chains would allow. She tore her eyes from his in order to break the connection as she scratched his face. He did as he threw her to the ground. She was over on her back as trying to get up as she saw him wave a hand over her mark that had now gone. He was striding towards her, eyes of fire every much the destroyer of lives that she knew him to be but not wanting him any less.
"You shouldn't... have... done... that..." He was now raging above her, his voice suddenly breaking up and off with every word as he felt a sharp stabbing pain tear from inside of him. His eyes wide as she watched him fall to his knees, one hand on his belly the other out stretched in front of him head bowed down to her as he slowly looked up...*****

She felt him inside of her even before he finally spoke, his hands now ripping away from her.
"What the fuck...?" Max stumbled, he never swore as his body was now doing alot of things it wasn't used to. Not since he was a child. She spun round to find him. His eyes were big and filled with a confusion that just made her inside ache all the more. He'd seen it too as stepping away it was now her that reached for him.
"SEE WHAT?" She lied. "Theres no time!" She pulled at him, not caring about the connection as she could feel him close by. "We have to go...NOW!"
She pulled at his hand as she looked feverishly about them as she felt him closer still. Her hair wracked in Max's face with every move she made as his hands instantly were at her shoulders. Their breathing was shallow as it took hold of them again.

"NO...not until you tell me what's going on...who are you?.. " He was stepping back to her, unable not to as he felt her claw at his chest. They were behrly apart when she almost pleaded with him next but he was paying more attention to the scar that he now saw above her left eye. A scar that his shaky hand just had to reach for. A scar that was exactly like Beth's, his fingertips just brushing over it as he drew in closer. Her body instant aroused as his breath hit at her face, more so as his fingers touched and stayed on the scar. She felt him tense then frown as he lightly stroked at it. She was losing herself to him as she closed her eyes bunching his shirt at his waist.
"Max..please..." She whispered his eyes now open to his name. "..don't.." She pleaded as the back of his shirt was out of his waist band and she was about to lay a palm on his lower back. Their control almost lost as Michael now stood beside them.

"ENOUGH CHIT CHAT LETS JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" He wasn't barking at anyone in particular, as usual as he pushed them both apart and away. He could now feel Max's eyes behrly down on him as he chose to ignore.

"m..michael?" Was all Max could say, his head spinning to the point of pain as he now saw his best friend, only different.The scar stretching down from his eye brow to his jaw on the right hand side of his face the obvious difference but his general appearence now mixing with how this angel was making him feel nearly was his undoing.

"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND KEEP MOVING!!" His hand was now at Liz's back as Max saw this. For some reason he didn't like it as his blood was now pumpimg twice as fast as before. He was now in front as Liz pushed at him to move so he didn't see her smack Michael's hand away firmly.

"I'm fine.." She spat out as he could see that she wasn't. That being around Max was already affecting her. She was always the strong one but as he now saw her, felt her he could see she was just the same as when he'd helped her escape from Max's room that night while they were sleeping..the implants allowing him to do it!
Max now faced a wall turning back fast only to have Liz run smack into him. She unbalanced him even more as they crashed against the wall, his hand innocently holding her at the hem of her leather mini. Their eyes locked as she felt him pull her in tighter to him, no time to anything more as Michael banged her out of his grasp. Both turned to face back the way that they'd come., relentlessly searching the crowd, standing shoulder to shoulder in front of Max.

"Can you see him?" Michael bit out. She slowly turned to him.

"It's that supposed to be funny Jackson I mean an alien built like a brick shit house, almost 7 foot tall is real easy not to spot in a place like this right? Remind me to laugh sometime before I die." She was pushing herself back and up towards where Max still stood as she now felt her back against his front.

"J..jackson?" He mumbled. " Hey would somebody please tell me what the f...." Liz felt Max start to move round her, the contact never breaking as she suddenly felt his arousal rub against her hip. She moaned so only he could hear as she could do nothing but lean into him. He stopped, a case of having to as slowly lifted his hand to pull her onto him more. Not understanding any of this because 'this' had never happened to him but not getting there as Michael cut him dead. She pulled herself away from him, she had to stay focused.

"Start laughing." He spat out as he pointed upwards to where she now saw Khivar and Nicholas blocking their only means of escape.

"FUCK! Can this get any worse?" They started walked again, backs to the wall, the safest place.

"Your idea to save the fucker. Deal with it." Michael gave Max his first look. If kills could kill Max would be dead and if it was unto Michael then he would be. Liz felt Max's confusion grow and burn inside her that a relvelation in itself. She was feeling him again and it was making her ache.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Besides YOU'VE got bigger problems." She pushed some girl out of her way as she saw her checking out Max, front and behind. She squeezed up past him to led as she was now pulling Max along behind her, grabbing at his shirt without looking back. She felt him smack her hand away hard as he slowed down. Now saw looked back at him as Michael spoke.

"WHAT PROBLEMS APART FROM THE OBVIOUS?" He screamed right in Max's ear.

"YOU'RE here too!" He stopped dead.

"WHERE?"He was now only looking at Max. Nothing. He leant too him. "WELL...where am I Maxwell?"

"Leave him alone. He doesn't know what we know. He's just Max right now Jackson..." She almost pleaded as she felt Max's confusion intensify. Max saw that she gently touched at his arm. He felt the rage pump relentlessly through his veins. That simple act making him want to rip her away from him but Michael did that for him as he pushed her hand away.

"Don't you get it, we all fucked all over again. We can't save him..he's dead already." His voice at her just as hard as his eyes on her. Liz was about to either interupt or lash out at Michael for being such a thoughtless prick as Max stopped her by finally speaking. Even his voice doing things to her.

"Isabel went to look for you." He answered surprisingly calmly as if he was taking this all in his stride while he only looked at her hard.Liz trembled with it.

"Isabel?" Michael reacting to saying that name again as his manner suddenly changed. The thought of her filled him with all kinds of emotions long since forgotten or replaced by those for Liz.
The one which came out first was anger."What you haven't killed her yet!" he spat out.

"MICHAEL THAT'S ENOUGH !!" She screamed as she pushed him away from an approaching Max, wanting to beat the shit out of him so much at that point. She knew she hated her to call him that as she glared up at him. "There's no time of this bullshit right now. We NEED to find a way to get out of here." Her tone enough now to scare even the meanest of the mean. " NOW STOP DICKING AROUND AND THINK!!!"
He was looking only at her as either saw that Max was now the other side of them, out in the open once more.

"NO LET HIM TALK!!" He yelled, it all now too much for him as they turned to face him. Liz was about to shout something back, anything when she saw Jereimah's huge form stand out from behind Max.

"FUCK!!" She yanked at Max shirt, instantly pulling him to her then pushing him back behind them both. There was now a clear way between them as he just stood there motionless staring at them.
"MOVE!!" She pushed him away and hard at his chest with an arm stretching back behind her. "Jackson you go with him." She was still pushing him back her eyes never leaving the bulk that only stood a little away from them.

"He's playing with us." Michael whispered, guns useless here as his hand slowly began to twitch by his side

"No shit sherlock...Thats what he does remember." She was still fighting with Max's hands as he smacked hers away. " you take Max. I'll stay... " They all slowly took a step back.

"no..." She heard Max whisper from behind her, finally catching her waving hand in his as he now gasped at it hard from behind her back. She just hugged it tighter as she'd pushing him. Another step back as the masses bumped them. She looked up at where they still stood blocking the exit.

"stop being a pussy parker...think." She whispered as she felt Max squeeze tighter, the heat from his throbbing body not helping as she leant back into him about to lose herself once more. Well if she was to die then theres no other place that she'd want to be than in his arms. But she was stopped from going into him any further by Michael's voice.

"FUCK!" Turning back fast it was then that she saw that a wide mouthed Isabel was standing between them and the worse being on planet.
But she wasn't alone as there was somebody with their back to them, standing to the side of her about to turn round.

Part 5

Almost face to face. Music thumping and bouncing off the walls as if to bring it on. As if to know it needed an introduction. This was to be a world first after all, why not. Jackson was already starting to feel the undeniable pull of their separate entities needing to mix. To become one. He knew what to except from the briefing that he had been taken to before, never thinking he needed to know, that this would ever happen. Max would be dead and everything would be different. But he was wrong, he’d been wrong about a lot of things as he now faced his greatest battle. And he had fought many, many battles, the most horrific of which now marked at his body as permanent reminders. But he had never been scared. He didn’t get scared, not for himself it wasn’t in his nature. But he was for Liz as he had been for Isabel. Isabel. That was what now scared him….. seeing her. Being without her again. Because it took it wouldn’t be a case of which one would survive, it was which one would experience to most pain. Neither would survive. What shouldn’t be won’t live. No choice. It was going to happen and he could do nothing to stop it. He knew, Michael didn’t have a clue. Not about any of it and of what was to come. In the milliseconds that followed he felt strangely relieved and alittle envious that Michael wouldn’t have to suffer any of what he would have done as he watched himself move further round, all about him everything about them still ticking over in slow motion. Counting down to the enviable.
Now here!

“Max! where the hell have you been. I thought I told you to say……”
She stopped as soon as she saw the petit, black haired girl who’s eyes were shut standing close in front of her wide eyed brother. Too close. Almost standing inside of him. Something about her was familiar as she angled her hand to look at her closer. But it eluded her, confused her, frightened her.
As Jackson looked upon her for the first time he caught breath as the sight of her suddenly had him remember. He could hid it, shield himself from it. How could he have forgotten. Only for awhile but it would by them both precious time. With eyes open he allowed it to come as his alien side, a present from Zan’s coming. All humans would soon be blessed with that in some degree or another as he felt something .Liz. She was already blocking it, she had found hers again somehow as his own joined it silently. It worked, they were seeing someone else as the enviable was held off for alittle longer.
All three were standing so close as he sought out her only free hand to make the connection stronger.
Max caught something as the darkness flashed into light for a moment. He saw them again touching, him reaching while she gladly excepted. Sudden rage hit him full on, still not understanding why, wanting to rip his hand away from hers and beat this freak to a pulp but feeling that he would die if not to touch her. Suddenly needing to touch this beautiful stranger who had is heart, to have her touch him like the air he breathed. She felt like his air and he needed to touch her. Everywhere. Always. She was his Beth. That thought filling him with self loathing and guilt as he knew that wasn’t true.She was dead. But this girl she rocking his world like no other as Liz then opened her eyes wide as if to hear him, stop him and fast to look past them. He was still there. Not moving as people juggled between them. She couldn’t breathe.

“We gotta go, NOW!”
She began pushing Max back, Isabel meanwhile had jumped back upon seeing her eyes finally now looking at all three. Her , Max and the blond hair man who was staring her down. But it don’t make her feel uncomfortable, the exact opposite in fact. She frowned as his smouldering dark eyes drew her in faster and harder. She was never one for blonds but there was something in his eyes as they never left hers the whole time. They felt like home, they made her feel like when Michael looked at her as she then saw him bent over and hold his stomach just alittle. She saw him holding the hand of the girl that she couldn’t place as Michael then spoke touching then at his temple.

“Go where? Who are these people?”
The lack of response and blank look from Max not helping as he felt like he was going to puke, pass out or both.
“Look just what are you guys tripping on?”
The uncomfortable ache instead was now a pain. “ Is nearly floors me saying you’ve wigged out or something not painting a pretty picture….”
His belly now being to pang as it suddenly got alittle hotter in there if that were possible. His heads pounding now beginning to make him stumble.
“….ragging on about seeing the girl your constantly on about……..“
Stopping as the feeling began to scare.
Liz felt Max’s grip at her tighten to what he said. He meant Beth as she whobbled with it too, his closeness bugging her right out herself but she held herself, needing to be grounded for this to work. For them not to see. But she was fighting, fighting , fighting it all the while. Jackson was right , it was too soon. She should never had come. She should never had thought that she could pull it if. Kill Max….Zan whoever he was! She’d might as well be killing herself as he was now killing softy with the slightest touch, her skin prickled from the heat of his body at the back of her, her nostrils flaring with the aroma of warm, musky male skin. Of Max like she remembered from when they met before. Only he wasn’t Max then. The sensation overwhelmed her as she fought to gather in her precious control. But she was losing as the hottest of breath continued to bombard the side of her face wave after wave crashing over and over as it then deepened when he began to talk.

“Look M.. Michael…..”

He stumbled trailing off as his eyes sought out the man beside him who was now slowly beginning to step away. He could he explain? Where to begin when he knew nothing himself? As he looked between the two suddenly thinking why no-one had noticed that they looked alike. That there was two Michaels standing only inches apart but nothing . Somehow they’d been staring straight at him and not seeing as he felt the tiny girl in front shake.
Liz had to refocus her ears seemingly tingling as they tuned into his deep, husky murmur causing her to unconsciously squeeze hard at his hand in an attempt to easy the swell rising from deep inside of her.

“Enough. We’ve gotta go.NOW!”

She pushed Max backwards with her back, banging him again as she felt him again. Alittle softer but still enough to poke in and foe her to feel. Was it for her, like before. Was he feeling it burn deep inside like she was? Like before? No time as quickness of thought captured her again, as looking up she saw the lights flashing above and around. His tools for sight as she squeezed harder at Jackson’s hand and made him look up. Understanding the lights were gone in a flash, filling the place with darkness and screams as they’d also cut the music too. Now was their chance, their one and only as Jackson let go of her hand to run like fuck towards their only exit who’s sign shine out as if as a beacon to show them the way. He pushed and banged running bodies away from them to clear a path as flash lights dotted the darkness from clubbers who needed to see. Suddenly he stopped as he was still feeling the same. Michael was following. Liz hit his back hard causing a domino effect as landing harder Max was now innocently cupping one of her breasts an inch shy of a throbbing nipple as his half awake sex was now pressing hard against his fly and against the small of her back. Something familiar took hold off him once more, like before then about to ride with it, needing to see where it took them this. Knowing that she felt it before and she was again, going to encircle her tight to him with his free hand. Needing to lose himself to her again as felt her lean back onto him just as Jackson spoke.

“We need to loose the baggage.“
He wasn’t looking at anyone but Liz as he felt Isabel’s eyes on him while she tried to resist at first. Liz was determined to keep her body in check, to ignore the delicious heat teasing all her senses. But when he finally reached home and his fingertips trailed down her belly, stopping to hang at the waistband of her leather shirt she suddenly let it invade her. Not wanting to fight it anymore as his hand travelled lower. The realization that before this night was through they would be remarkable lovers, unexplainable and unimaginable now as they were so close to death she could taste it. The anticipation heating her blood. Her dream was catching up on them fast as the hunter had now become the hunted . His hand went lower still now inside as he lay his palm flat on her tummy, little finger just brushing against the beginnings for silky curls as they were bumped hard apart.

She stumbled with a calming breath which just wasn’t happening as she was how the other side of Jackson, needing space between her and Max. Her now flicking in his face hard as her head spun form side to side to search out the darkness. Looking back at Isabel, still tying to place memories of her, of them that had been bugging her since they first met. But how could she have memories, she didn’t know her…..she didn’t know Max but her head throbbed all the more as she spoke again.
“We’ve gotta get outta here. It’s not safe.” She was only looking Isabel.

“Why?… Who are yo….?” Liz couldn’t see her face properly but her voice gave her confusion away.

“There’s no time you’ve gotta get out of here. Just go home and stay there. You’ll be safe just so long as your away from us…..” Finally she looked back at Max as he looked as wrecked as she felt.
“…..away from Max.”
Isabel was about to demand the obvious when Liz saw red on her top as it was blocked by an innocent who now lay dead at their feet. More light as more fell as they ran across them. Thud. Thud. Thud.
Isabel screamed as one fell on her, dragging her down too as she felt strong arms encircle her and pull her away. Right away. Flashlights in his face as she gasped, it was Michael but different, older as an ugly scare how covered half of his still beautiful face. She couldn’t breathe as he spoke softly.

“There’s no time to explain. Max has to come with us….He‘ll be safe with us.You won't.”
She tried talking but nothing came.
“Please just trust me. You have to stay away from all of us. Both of you.” He stole a touch of her cheek as she didn’t pull away. His insides twisting as he felt skin on skin. His Isabel was alive. He had found his reason to save Max. Saving Max would save her as he continued on.
“Please… littlebel.” Her eyes wide, no-one called her let but Michael.
“…I ….I can’t lose you, not again.”
His voice a whisper as in an instant in dared to take her lips into a gentle caress as the screaming and confused crowd then took him from her. He was gone, looking into the masses so head that her eyes hurt as Michael then found and caught her.

Liz and Max were almost there hands pulled apart only to blindly search then find again as she looked up and saw that they’d gone. The coast was clear as she banged to a stop as she hit into something a body was now blocking their path as she saw Tess smiling back at her. Across folding as she now looking beyond her and at Max. The feeling for her was back as it made him feel sick and dirty, squeezing Liz’s hand harder as the feeling was getting out of control. He was losing himself again and he could do nothing. She felt it as she smirked all the more while licking her lips.

“Well Well if it its little miss…….”
That’s as far as she got as she only saw the punch as it landed and now exploded across her face. She fell back, she fell hard as blood was now pouring from her nose. She smile smacked clean off of her face. That and having Max close were the single most satisfying moments of her young life… far.

“You stupid fucking Bitch, I can’t believe you done that.”
She was rocking as the blood continued until she waved a hand and it was gone. Max was lost as she went to rise showing him a now clean,fixed face. He felt like he was gonna puke, unable to breathe as he had jusr witnessed the impossible as Liz yanked at him as they went to pass.
“You can’t possibly believe that you can save him do you when we have all the cards. Its his destiny, I’m his desti…..” She was cut off as Liz stomped a foot in her face, pushing down then grinded hard with her boot.

“Don’t count on it bitch!”
Knowing instantly what she had done was wrong but loving it like nothing else as she pulled Max over her Jackson now joining them. He looked down, his face breaking into the biggest smile as she smiled back.


He shrugged “Nothing’ ’cept maybe this!” as he kicked her hard in the stomach, thinking that his foot would came through her back as he did it once more before following. They were up the stairs and out, the cool night air knocking them sidewards as it hit.

“God that felt good. Better when we get to finally kill the bitch!” He spat out with glee as they all ran around the side of the building. Him in front while they were behind, still gasping hands.

“Easy, not till me know our son’s safe.”

She regretted her lack of thought instantly as felt her arm pull back violently her shoulder almost ripping out of its socket as Max just stopped dead. She turned to him slowly, eyes wide as his hand dropped and let go his eyes wider. Either speaking as he stumbled back as if punched in the gut.


She stepped after as he just continued to stare in utter disbelief fighting to breathe as she took another step about to explain, needing to as the first blast hit the ground beside her. She didn’t need to look to know it was him as she was still only looking at Max, eyes pleading as she was blasted at again. Neither moving till the third which was so close that it stung at her leg as Max held out his hand to her. She reached for it without hesitation as she turned just in time to see the next one, aimed right at her as her hand instead went out in front of her. The green haze covering them just as the red hit and bounced away. Then another, then another was she weaken. Max just stood, his brain fit to burst, it having too much to deal with as he held out his hand once more, neither looked having to look for the others as they saw him beginning to walk towards them. Slowly, no need to run as his arm was out stretched again.

“What the fuck is that?”

Was all he could say as he felt her tremble beside him, the green flickering. Light dark, light dark, on off, on off. Off completely as she went to fall, he caught her with strong as he heard a car from behind. Looking round fast he saw the door open being flung open, almost off its hinges as he saw Jackson leaning over and almost out of the front.


He barked as Max snapped round. He was closer, hand up as Max pulled her hard up and round.

Closer, light whirling into form as Max threw open the back door, placing her into the back as he dived in after. Almost there as the side window blasted inwards, showering them with glass as Max was completely covering her with his body hard on and around her. The wheels then spun into life kicking up dirt as it sped out of the lot and to the left.The back window now blasting over from behind and over Jackson stole a glance before turning hard to see him still there and still slowly walking. Not expecting anything less as he just continued to drive, narrowly missing cars and people.
In the back Max was still pushing down hard on her tiny frame, his arms held high and tight about their heads as his front moulded perfectly to her back. He felt her move under him as she moaned just alittle, turning herself over as he raised himself off. Her front meeting his, moulding together better, her hard nipples peaky at his heaving chest her eyes were tightly shut. He lay a hand either side of her face, his thumbs rubbing her cheeks as she gently opened them to look up at him. Breathing shallow, hearts pumping to the point of exploding as their eyes held fast. No words as they both trembled with the intensity of what had just happened, what was still happening as the heat radiated off of them. She couldn’t help but move from under, arching up just alittle as she hit him instantly. Both wanting to moan as the shared longing throbbed and spread to the point of exploding but able to hold back just in time. The slightest of touches racking havoc on already tattered emotions as their clothed sex finally met. Sending wave upon wave, over and over smacking through them hard as her hands found his hips. Her fingers dug in at the waistband as she rubbed herself again only to be meet with him moving hard against her heat at the same time as eyes began wide, liquids threatening to release themselves with every stroke as her legs went around him.
Joint friction sending them somewhere else as….

%%%%%% Her eyes slowly rested on his again as she saw a difference in him that made her ache. She sat up awkwardly , heated flesh exposed to him as he drank it in with pleading eyes. She saw him trembling, unable to stop herself from spilling out over herself from his intense, hooded stare as he bowed his head down and away from her again. She ached to touch, to be touched as the thrill of awareness shot through her, immediately followed by guilt. How could she want him so badly, her head knowing what he was but her body…her damned body now burned for him. Only him. Always him as it wanted him to touch her in places that she had only dreamed about. He couldn’t keep his head from going back to her eyes, as he killed himto be away from them. His want for her pushing hard against his leathers. He wanted her more than he’d ever wanted anything before as blood pumped through his body rocketing to his loins once more as thoughts of just what he wanted to do to her consumed him. She saw his eyes filled with raw desire that sent her over the edge witohut touch as she burned with it. She couldn’t stop her self as with shaky hand and heavy breath she reached for him. She felt the the vibration of his heart beating against her palm as her own pounded the same, daring to push down harder as he suddenly looked up with different eyes. Pleading eyes as he spoke just one word with a different voice. A voice like honey trembling harder.


Was all he said as she reached for him again as he pulled away swallowing hard to add.


He moaned as she saw a single tear escape. Her heart stopped to it as she knew something was wrong. Very wrong. That something that neither of them had any control over was about to happen as he let his head fall back down, unable to look upon her as it ripped through him again. He screamed as she knew she had to get out. Now. She was up as quickly as the chains allowed, doing as he said. She’d die for him if he asked her to as having to step over him she felt him grab her hard at her foot. She stumbled forward but didn’t fall as she ripped it away. Nearly there. Handle slipping from her sweaty palm as she reached for it again, it failing to hold as she heard striding footsteps from behind. Her heart was about to explode from out of her chest as it slipped again. And again as she cried out in frustration, finally clicking open as she felt herself being pushed hard up against it. It slammed shut with the force of his push. She banged her head hard against it barely time to react to it, to draw breath before she felt the hard wall of his chest against her back. His hips shifted as she realized that he was fully aroused. She was scared, so scared but it didn’t make her want to resist his touch as his teeth sank into the curve of her neck. He bit then nipped her there, not painful, but with enough strength to tell her that he was in control. The realization of what was happening sent an alarm through her , his hands slidding down her arms as he still wasn’t allowing her to turn round . Pushing her harder up against the door with his whole body, his hips holding her there as his hands now palmed her breasts. She moaned, hating herself for how he was making her feel. He whispered into her ear, his hot breath making her tremble.

“Spread your legs, I want to touch you.”

His voice surprising gentle, pushing her harder and higher up against the door, moving himself slowly in small circles on her back. She resisted at first, but as his hands pulled at her hips, dugging in as her yanked her from it his fingertips pulled at her front fastening garment, she beginning weak at the knees as each button came apart with a wave of his hand. Entering they trailed down her belly as the dress fiinally fell completely apart to lightly touch at the opening of her thighs. Heat spiralling through her ,out of control as she let her head fall back and rest at his chest. She forgot about holding back, hiding from him, fighting him as resistance fled. It took every ounce of control that was her to keep her from sinking to the floor. She sucked in breath as his heated touch moved lower down and under her, between her legs to touch her there. She betrayed herself by letting out a heated moan behind gritted teeth as he drew lazy circles against the crotch of her panties, right over ground Zero. Round and round. Over and over. Until she could hardly breathe, much less stand and had it not been for his strong arms anchored on either side of her tiny, shaking body she would have sunk to the floor. Faster and deeper they went as she pushed herself harder on him, still derived of them totally by her now soaked undies as she bit down hard on her bottom lip now tasting blood. She felt him push them aside slighty only to bunch at the limbsy fabric as if to tear them from her her mind screaming for just that, pushing harder in his hand. He was holding her so close so fierce against his own heat as if he never meant to let her go, just the feeling of him burned her up from the inside out. No longer hold back ,not wanting to as did something that she had wanted to do from the beginning as she cried out his name in one long breathy moan.

Her eyes instantly opening as his hand fell away, her body convulsing as he stepped away…..%%%%%

Part 6

Their eyes connected first as they were hurdled out of their dreamlike state, wide with unknown as their faces behrly apart, breath hurriedly lapping over and over. While heaving bodies felt close, too close both panting in short sharp breaths as something totally alien was taking a hold of them. Lust, hot and strong flooded every pore of their flesh, heating them inside and out, bringing with it an exquisite tortuous awareness of just how close their bodies were as both felt a wetness lay between their legs. Both of them had unknowingly spilled over themselves just alittle, so close to a release as everything continued happening so fast. Desire made them feel weak , driven by cravings so strong that they had the power to amaze, to writher, to break.
She was used to wanting a man this much, intensified by the knowledge that she finally had him locked between her thighs but he was trembling with it. He’d only ever thought of Beth in that way... ever, imagining what she’d look like underneath him now if she’d only lived, in positions pretty much like this one. Their heads were banging, bodies throbbing as something totally unexplainable and primal was taking priority over the understanding, the logical. The moment was jarred as they were thrown hard to the back of the seat as the car took an unscheduled bend.

“SHIT! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY WHEN I‘M.. COMING.. AT… YOU…” Jackson screamed at terrified pedestrians, who had to dive for life while crossing at the ‘walk’ sign shown.
“…..GOD! what the fuck's wrong with these humans.” He dodged another old lady who was pulling a cart as he bumped up the kerb. “…And this piss poor piece of shit!” he banged hard at the wheel.
“…just give me back the chamber. Please! HEY WATCH IT!” he yelled out again as they were bumped harder together in the back.

Neither could hear Jackson kicking off, he had been all the while let alone speak about what had just happened. Both wanting to, one needing to understand- the other wanting to pretend it never happened as she felt her body failing her again, prickling as he continued to push down hard on hers. It tingled at her chest, at its tips was were she first felt feeling coming back.
She could feel her nipples reacting to his body: tightening and hardening forcing the material of her flimsy top up as they formed into two hard buds. Almost painful her eyes were wide as Max was staring down at her with an almost hypnotic intensity, never taking them off her. He then lay a shaky hand over one breast and stroke at it lightly, unable to explain the why's but knowing he had to. Liz had to restrain herself from reacting under his touch, desperately wanting to, craving to as her body betrayed her once more.
She moan almost pleading as she felt his heated breath warming her face, she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply to stop herself from doing anything that her body was crying out for. Too little too late as she let her tiny hands drift over Max’s strong, ridged chest then down to his stomach and then down to the front of his pants. As before her questing fingers were met with a large prominent bulge from under the zip. Without realizing it she began to lazily stroke at it, light at first but increasing in pressure as Max shifted in the cradled position between her legs in response.
She felt him still growing under her fingertips as he slowly ran his fingers down her temples. Past her ears and down her neck, gathering the thick locks into his hands as he did so, playing them through his fingers as if he were massaging finest silk. Holding it with an incredible gentleness, he bent his head down to bury his face into her tresses.
“…please stop….”
she whispered, her skin prickling to his slightest of touches as she began tugging at his waistband, tilting herself up to him at her hips just alittle her eyes rolling back into her head.

With eyes tightly shut he gently brushed her hair over his face, taking in the smell of it with slow, deep breaths. It smelt familiar, it smelt like Beth’s. It had been so long but he’d remembered everything about her. Even down to the smell of her, it used to lap at his senses when ever they would play and tumble together. Max couldn’t quite hid the strength of his desire for this girl that he’d only just had crash into his life, as he let out a low, animal like growl. She sucked in hard to feel him nuzzling in at her neck now grabbing at the small of his back, opening herself wider to him as she began to throb harder from pushing him onto her feminine core.
The effect was incredible, her muddled mind turned on as much as her body. She writhed against him feeling the connection beginning to touch and form again. She couldn’t think, she could only feel and crave more of him as an electric charge zigzagged down through her stomach centring between her thighs.
Her hands somehow finding his hair as he slowly let go of hers, she groaned with disappointment when one of his hands moved on down to her throat and then cupped her at her face. She felt him stir from above her, pulling his face agonizingly slow out of her silky blanket till they were looking upon each other once more. His eyes darkened with a desire as he stared down at her mouth. He didn’t say a word as the dizzy sense of anticipation twisted her stomach into knots. Why did something so bad feel so good as their eyes met once more, relentlessly searching as his face dipped into hers able to make himself stop, the pull towards her totally uncontrollable and gut wrenching. His mouth started to descend as her heart thundered wildly.
God she had to stop this she screamed silently as he bent down further his breath in shorter, harder pants lapping at her till their mouths were almost touching, teasingly close but not quite.
His tongue suddenly darted out surprising her as much as him to lick at her parched lips, beginning to work its way slowly round them. He’d only kissed one other on the lips, Beth when they were 3 while at some relatives wedding.
Everyone was buzzing round them more than ‘the happy couple’, because they looked cuter and so adorable all dressed up and holding hands. Then came the inevitable photo and “…awwww wouldn’t it be just so cute if we got one of them kissing….” from both their parents so they innocently did it. Under protest of course, spitting and spluttering out air afterwards not knowing that that would be the day that began it all between them.

She hesitated a fraction as she saw the images of children that had plagued her dreams (when she slept that was, she just didn’t sleep anymore) were they from her, or from him as it wasn’t till he’d stopped seconds later that Liz realized that she was holding her breath, her lungs now fit to explode, not knowing what to do or what to expect next. She’d only ever let three men touch her there one was looking at her right now, the other was who he would become and the third she could faintly heard blasting away up front as they were rolled together again.
The tension and desire of their impossible situation continuing to build, threatening to peak as instinctively she slid her tongue out further between tingling lips towards his. She quivered as he touched the tip with his own tongue tip, their eyes beginning clouding over . Tongues still behrly touching as the cloudy turned to the stormy, roiling with emotions that neither had ever experienced. They continued to bubble, ever closer to the surface, harder and faster, throwing them into a place that made them tremble as they needed more, craved more painfully inching slower…closer…together...

“PARKER…!” They both violently jerked apart and upwards as Jackson yelled back at her again.

“… yeah…” She breathlessly responded while trying to push the bone shattering throb from pulsing through her already wracked body any further as his words finally ripped them from their dreamlike world. She dared not to look at him as she pushed herself up from the leather seat, hearing it scratch and crackle under her from the shattered glass that they‘d been laying on, but not having noticed as it had cut in to flesh. Her next thought being that she‘d fix it later. She was stuck to it by her desire for him, her entire body caked in a slick sheen of sweat as she had to get him away from her as soon as possible. He wasn’t moving as fast as she, still pinning her down as she tried again to get herself up. That so not working, then having to snap a hard look at him.
Big mistake, huge as her insides dipped to the way that he was looking at her still. Her hands were pushing at him as he noticed just how strong she was for her size, her tiny fingers gripping hard at his arm while pushing him backwards Max looked at her seriously, searching her eyes as she suddenly felt apprehensive, lost…afraid!
Only he and Zan ever made her feel that way about herself, to be that unsure of herself. She just didn’t get afraid, that wasn’t who she was but they both managed to do it to her every time. She wasn’t afraid of them, not even when Zan…she suddenly began to shiver violently having to back away from Max just alittle.

Max felt the change in her body language, missing her under him like she was part of his skin, his body make up as his mouth moved to say something. He was going to ask her if she was okay but he didn’t even know her name in all the confusion. Then a word from before was banged into his head once more.
“PARKER, quit playing with dead boy and get your butt up here and help me!” Jackson was at breaking point as he bumped the kerb once more.

She slowly let her gaze go between them as her breathing swallowed evening out alittle while her body still throbbed with the after glow of just being near him. Not allowing it to last a moment longer as she pushed him right off her in one long laboured movement, not wanting to hurt her he reluctantly let her slide out from under him.
“God!! I can’t even trust you to drive without fucking up.”

“Don’t start parker, I’m so not in the mood right now….” he glanced up looking back at Max
in the rear view mirror. “…unlike you two!”
Jackson could easy have killed Maxwell there and then for touching her like that. He’d heard them moan continually from the darkness like a gut wrenching punch to the stomach, his reason for his being unable to concentrate. Max missed the look of intention completely as he was fighting his own demons. He’d called her PARKER, Beth’s last name was Parker his heart pumped harder as he dared to think the impossible possible unable to function as he was interrupted by a cry from up front. Jackson suddenly becoming aware, having little choice as there was a more important matter to be dealt with. It being that they were now on the wrong side of the expressway.

“Fuck just doesn’t cut it…”
She bit out so wanting to lash out at someone for her increasing frustration at this whole situation as she hitched a leg high over the seat in front of her. Max couldn’t help but to look at her there, his hunger for her rising again as he saw her leather mini stretch and rise higher to expose yet more of her creamy flesh. With every second that passed Max was becoming more and more aware of himself, of her, his situation and what he’d just seen or not an awakened rage suddenly appeared from no where as he saw her climb over. His eyes danced as it inched higher with every jerky movement that she made his whole body immediately tensing as she was now straddling it. He was full of carnal desires that he knew his body would never get to experience with Beth not being there to share it with him, but this girl was doing this to him yet he was beginning to feel that Beth could never do as his betray just made him want to puke. He had to physically fist up his hands to stop him from allowing them to travel up the length of the silky smooth leg that was dangling right in front of him.
“...and shut the fuck up about things that you know nothing about Jackson.”

Max snapped his head between them, she’d called him Jackson? But he looked like Michael. His head hurting all the more as he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.
She was fighting that last few inches to enable her to climb over as the heel of foot was caught on the back of his seat till she felt Max’s fingers curl round her ankle to help her. She never thought that an ankle would be classed as an erogenous zone, whatever the hell that was but by him just lightly touching it he’d managed to arouse her into a breathless pitch of need. Her insides screaming daring to look back at him as he gently nudged her over it. Her eyes were fluttering as blinking her lashes open, she meet his dark amber gaze that told her that he was just as affected as she was. They were still close as his gaze darkened, but the gold around his irises glittered with the bright flame of desire. Even thought it was darkening she could see it shining, she could feel it pulsating as he gently caressed her there with one of his fingers. He’d never done anything like that before in his entire life so why did it feel like he had, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do. The only thing to do.
There was no time for her to form a thought let alone to respond as she was thrown forward from Jackson having to steer hard left to avoid piling into an oncoming truck only to have to break hard to stop them from crashing into the back of a beer wagon that had just decided to stop. For somebody who couldn’t drive, Max had been teaching him before ‘the mother of all mothers shit hit the fan’ Jackson was doing a damn fine job. She hit the dashboard hard ,ending up rammed down into the foot well almost as both men then lunged at her.
Max was reaching, his hand smacked aside hard as Jackson got to her first. It was then that Max saw the small gun strapped tightly to the inside of her thigh as Jackson’s hand was now resting on the outside of it.

Max knew of rage from that day that he’d been repeatedly dragged out of the water kicking and screaming, an eight year old fighting grown men in order to get back into her. But not even that could compare with what he was feeling now as felt himself begin to shake out of control burning with the sight of another man touching her. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like any man touching her as buried thoughts became reality. But it wasn’t just any man it was Michael. A rougher and tougher Michael with an ugly scar now sculpted deep into his face but his best friend none the less as he finally found the words and breath to talk.

“LOOK! Would somebody just tell me what the fuck is going on here?..” he hissed out as Jackson purposely steered hard left so Max would bang up against the door.

“SHUT UP MAXWELL!” Jackson spat out while gently touching at her thigh. Max sucked in hard, only Michael ever called him that. “You okay?”
Max felt his insides burn as his cheeks turned deep crimson. Was this what jealously felt like as she slowly raised herself up, banging back hard against the seat.

“Yeah…nothing I can‘t fix, no thanx to you” She hissed between gritted teeth, touching at her forehead where the shocking pain was as her fingers were now covered in blood. Max suddenly felt his gut wrench at the sight of it, leaning in now that she was hurt feeling utterly helpless as with a wave of her hand at her face the sticky mix seemingly had disappeared from both there and her fingers.

“What the fu…?” He gasping, sucking in hard in one long breath as her skin now looked completely unmarked. “…now wait just a god damn minute what just happened?” His voice quiet as his tone was shaky.

“You DON’T need to know…” She didn’t look around at him, fingers now buried into the dash as she was almost curling in on herself by Jackson’s lack of driving skills. Her eyes wide looking between him and the chaos in front as her body was finally returning to something close to normal now that space separated them.

“BULLSHIT!!!..” he leant in between the two seat, arms grabbing tight onto each as his fingers touched at her shoulder, she flinched away as the connection dared to swirl and spark again. He noticed something too but he was mad, really mad. He never got mad, he just didn’t feel till tonight, till her. “…I WANNA KNOW AND I WANNA KNOW RIGHT NOW!”

“So what do you want to know first then how you turned into this fucking evil alien king when you fucked that psycho alien bitch from a place you just don‘t talk about whose got my daughter…” Jackson butted in, not liking that they were interacting with each other pausing to miss something big and fast coming the other way swallowing down hard at just the thought of Isabella as rage flicked him into continuing. “…just for a little payback fun….”

“JACKSON!..STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” she barked at him, she was in charge of this total sham after all. She suddenly stopped to think about just that for the first time as she was beginning to remember things as if for the first time.
Why was she in charge of this…when Jackson had much more field experience than she did? Why her? She knew why she’d been sent from earth to Antar as a child, because of her connection to Zan, to spy on him but why was there a connection in the first place. He was an alien, she was only part and what of Max? Why the memories, why the intensity? Her head throbbed as everything seemed to be forming all at once.

“NO!…he wants to know so why shouldn’t he know that he caused the end of the world!” His words pulling her out from under as they sent Max straight there.

“Jackson this is so not the time, just get us somewhere.” She rubbed at her temples harder and faster.

“and just where do you suggest we go?”

“GOD! I don’t know ANYWHERE this is your home not mine. You bang on about being a thinker not just a doer so think Jackson. Prove me wrong!” She suddenly felt dizzy as she heard Max mumble something from behind.

“Why do keep calling him that….he‘s….M..” he couldn’t believe that he was about to even say it, it was just too surreal. This whole thing was as he began to wish let he’d stayed home as he’d wanted to. “…Michael aren’t you?”
He’d switched to talking to him rather than about him. She felt his confusion nip at her senses once more as she turned round to look at him. Seeing her face again put him straight with how it was, he would rather have died then not be living this night because then he wouldn’t now be completely lost in her doe-like eyes. Heaven on earth.

“yes.” She whispered, her voice haunting his very soul as she shifted round to look at him closer, both of them instantly calming.

“But how’s that possible?” Level headed Max now back as his eyes were full of sorrow now hearing Jackson tut loudly while still transfixed by her.

“He really doesn’t have a clue does he?” He chuckled “… I’d forgotten just how innocent he was in all of this not difficult considering the fucking asshole that he changed into.”

“Jac….” She stole a glance at Max, already wracked emotions dipping lower to what she saw in his face. “…Michael please, would you just stop he doesn’t understand any of this like we do…”
He took his eyes off the road to look at her face.

“And whose fault is that?” His stare and tone still able to do things to her as she leaned back into her seat, as he continued to spout off. Like he always did, that’s one of the things that she loved about him, she swallowed hard. She did love Michael, he was like the family that she never had and he did save her from Zan after all. Was she happy that he did or sad? The jury was still out on that one. Memories buried deep resurfaced as she remembered just how much Michael loved her, thinking back to that night that they’d almost died…back to that dingy motel room that held so my secrets best forgotten that neither one of them ever could.

Motelroom she had to stop thinking and she was suddenly so tired. She didn’t want to fight anymore, she just wanted to sleep. She needed sleep, craved sleep for the first time in ages…the last time being when Zan finally curled up behind on in the cold, hard floor where he’d ordered her to go. Her body spiked as she felt him spooning her tight to him feeling how they fitted together like a glove and a hand as if it was happening right now. She gently began to rock back and forth her senses bursting with him as she could almost feel his hands on her, gliding over her, pulling at her as she saw that Max had laid his hand beside her arm resting his little finger at her there. She physically took hold of herself as she realized that they’d connected again.
She wanted to rip her arm away but she couldn’t make herself do it as she pushed her arm into him gently. He looked only at his hand, feeling it burn from her touch as he grazed her along the side of it. She opened her mouth to form speech when something caught her eyes. Something very small and very shiny on the finger that was teasing at her senses. She frowned, bending in just alittle as she reached out to touch it, having to the pull too strong not to as she stopped just above it.
Max looked between her and it as he slowly moved his hand higher up her arm to meet her shaking, hovering hand. Almost home as..

“…poor max we wouldn’t have to go through any of this if you had have put a bullet in his head like you were ordered to!”

He pulled his hand away from her as if he’d been burnt by her, eyes wide as he leaned back. She looked like she was drowning on land, her mouth moving as nothing came out. She gave a silent “No” with a gentle shake of her head as she saw his eyes begin to well up.

“…Max!” was all that she could muster as he sat back further, the space held between them now unbearable. He could only copy her, his head continuing to shake as she went to speak once more. The moment shattered as they heard a siren screaming from behind them.

“FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!….” Jackson spat out.

“Shouldn’t that be fucked?” She spat out as she reluctantly tore her eyes away from Max’s. She turned back and around as she could still feel his eyes on her, scorching deep into her.

“Probably, now what Enstein?” The car still continuing to speed as they got further into wasteland.

“Where the fuck are we?” She was up at the windows, leaning back and around as her background kicked in over their situation.

“down town.” A low mumble was heard from the back.

“Now we really are fucked if I remember correctly….FUCK!” He hissed out one last time, swearing always made it seem a lot better. “FUCK!” Maybe not as the car bucked and jerked from bumping at all the wrong things.
“ This is just great…” Jackson hit hard at the wheel. “….this is just f…”

“Enough of that bullshit just think dammitt!”

“We should just stop.” Another voice from the now blackness behind.

“You reckon?” Jackson swerved aload of trash cans but hit the cat.

“You got any better ideas?” Max was up at the front again both men now acting like enemies.

“Yeah you do be dead already so we….” Max cut him dead.

“… wouldn’t have to go through any of this if you had have been able to drive like what I was trying to teach you if you wasn’t such an ignorant asshole.” His tone now filled with a restrained rage that stirred something deep within her. She snapped herself round to him, he sounded just like Zan, the tone, the manner as a shiver of excitement travelled down the length of her spine.
They were still bickering, speeding ahead as the decision was made for them, the cop car had sped up beside them ,passing them to swerve hard left and stop dead. Their way now blocked as the car came to an abrupt end narrowly missing it.
Liz automatically reached down to between her thighs for her gun, the most reliable weapon that she had right now as her powers were still not. Max leant into her, grabbing her hard by the arm before
She could getout of the car.

“No! They’ll kill you!” His eyes pleading with her as she bent down to hide it deep under her seat. Max breathed out a throaty moan at her compliance as a torch was suddenly shone through the broken windows at either side of the car.

“Well, well, well, having a little fun were we?” The balding, fatter of the two oiled out as he shone the torch in the face of each one of them, letting it come to rest on her's. “..I guess you were.” he sniggered as the light travelled slowly down her body then up again.

“Get out of the car!” he then snapped. “…ALL OF YOU NOW!” Nothing as all three just continued to remain in the car.

"MOVE!!” The skinner one who was at Liz’s door piped in. The front doors now being pulled open. “ I SAID MOVE SO GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR….NOW!!
One last shared look between them as all 3 got out of the car at the same time.
“SHOW ME HANDS!” The skinny one continued to order as both cops took side ward leers at Liz. Max, who’d gotten out on her side stepped in close to her. He had a very bad feeling about this as he felt a third man come up behind him.

“Well, well what do we have here. Two beauties and a beast!” As the new voice came round from behind Max slowly he was looking only at him. Max suddenly felt very uncomfortable by the way that he was staring at him. In fact it made him shudder as he stepped in closer to where she stood with one beside her too. This was bad, this was really bad as he flicked a glance round. In the wasteland they surely were, right up to their necks as he felt himself being turned and pushed up hard against the car, palms out stretched on it as he saw that they'd done the same to all of them. That happened next would live with him till the day that he took his last breath as...

So let me have it, what ya think?


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