Author: Phyco352
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Rating: PG-13 with more along the way (NC-17).
Summary: I’m not gonna tell. Cuz then you might not want to read it. So just read
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She couldn’t let it happen again. The first time was bad, just bad. Don’t get her wrong, she had liked it. No now just liked, LOVED. The BEST SEX she had ever encountered, but she would never tell him that. Along with not telling anyone else in the world. She was going to have to keep her distance. She could never let it
happen again. EVER!

What had happened in that room. First she was standing there, alone, and the next thing she knew she was being pinned against the wall by him. She didn’t even know
who it was until she opened her eyes to see him. She had been surprised, caught off guard, and totally scared shitless at first. Then she experienced non other than
the most outrageous amount of lust and passion she knew she shouldn’t be experiencing. Especially with him. The one person she, Liz Parker, wasn’t suppose to touch. Not even think of as a possibility for having sex with.

Not only was she not to have sex with him, but on top of that she was going to be talking to him, seeing him, and mingling with him for the rest of her life because
he, Max Evan’s, was marrying Angela Parker, her sister.


Chapter 1

Well, if she was going to tell the story she might as well start at the beginning.


“Angie, I can’t believe your getting married!!!!!!” Liz said flabbergasted sitting here in one of the most expensive restaurants. How could Angie get married. Liz never
thought anyone would be able to tie her down with marriage But she guessed Angie really was in Love. WOW never in her life did she think she would be saying that.
Especially towards Angie. Her older sister. Well, only by 2 minutes. Yep her and Angie were twins, paternal. They looked alike, but if you really knew them personally you knew that what they shared on the outside was what they didn’t share on the inside. Only real close friends and family could tell them apart.

“I know Lizzie!!! Can you believe it, me getting married. I know your asking yourself, What lucky son of a bitch is getting the privilege of marrying me.” Angie said with much excitement. Although she herself couldn’t believe she, Angela Marie Parker the party girl, was getting married. But she was getting old in years, 27, and she always did want to get married and have a family. This was probably going to be her only chance at getting married and having that family. So she deiced to say yes to Max. Don’t get her wrong she did Love him, but she expected it to be that love that when they touched you it would send shivers down her spine. But she guessed that would come in years to come.

“Damn It Angie. You know I hate it when you swear.” Liz said as she began to laugh. “But please do tell. How did you of all people get tied down.”

“I don’t know dear sister, but I guess when you know you know.” Angie said, with little to no enthusiasm.

“Son, Angie tell me, what does it feel to be in Love? Does you heart race when he touches you? Wait I don’t even know what his name is, or what he looks like, age.
Hey I don’t know anything about your guy. Why didn’t you ever tell me anything about him or this.” Liz said while she took Angie’s hand up for her to see the engagement ring again. “I mean come on sis, I bet it’s not only me, but isn’t this a little sudden.” Liz said hoping not to piss her sister off. But hey it was a little, no not a little extremely sudden. And she did feel hurt. She always thought she was her closest sister, and that wasn’t because she was her only one.

“Aaahhhhh come on Liz don’t be mad. It was just because I didn’t want to you know ruin it. It was so....I don’t know. Anyways you can forgive me later cuz here he comes.”

“Huh..........what!!!!!!!!!! You didn’t tell me he was coming.” Liz asked as she turned around to look at the most handsome man she had ever seen coming over to her. She turned around fast and watched Angie get up and bring someone over. It was him kissing Angie.

“Hey babe, I want you to meet my sister........”

“Max Evans” Max, said as he turned around to look at.....huh wait wasn’t that Angie. Before Angie got a chance to finish.

The look on his face said it all. He didn’t know. How could she not of told him. “Ummm Hi, I’m Liz....Parker. The look on your face tells me that Angie didn’t tell
you that her sister and her are fraternal twins.....right.” Liz said a little out of breath. She didn’t know when she had begun to hold her breath, but just now noticed she had been. She stuck out her hand. Oh nooooo bad idea, Liz thought as her hand met his. Then she became aware of the shiver running down her back at the contact. She had never experienced anything so.....unbelievably hot.


Chapter 2

Max was meeting his fiance and her sister, which by the way had never met before, at.....Oh crap what was the name of that place. Oh well at least he still remembered
the directions. Left, right two blocks...Ahhhh that must be it.

He got out of his car and hoped to god his baby didn’t get crashed. Stupid teenagers. Why was it that the most expensive restaurants had teenagers do the dirty work. Damn them all to hell.

Well, this was it. Finally the first great meeting with someone in the family. Her family. Sirens were going off in his head. What the hell had he gotten himself into. Not that he was complaining, he did love Angela, but he wasn’t sure if she was “The ONE”. He couldn’t back down now. It was too late, he had already proposed and was sure that Angela and her family, soon to be his, had started the preparations on the wedding. WOW. Max was now finally getting the meaning of wedding. Forever.
That’s what that meant.

And anyways what was her sisters name. Max didn’t really feel like making an ass of himself while meeting “the family” for the first time. What was her name....ahh yes Liz.

Steeping into the restaurant he began to wonder what her family would think of him. Would they like him or hate him. Angela had already met with his parents and they had loved her, but still they wondered how they became engaged. They thought Angela was a great person, but for their son they wanted something different. That’s what they kept telling him. Something different.

Max also wondered how he had popped the question to Angela. She was beautiful and, well, had an ass to die for (Hey don’t look at me that way “I’m a Guy”). Angela
was so much more different that he was. She liked to be the center of attention, party animal. While he was a melo person. Didn’t like to go out very often and instead of a wild party he preferred to stay at home and watch a movie.

He always thought of himself asking the question to someone.....well like him. Not as wild as Angela, but knew when to act like a person. Max always thought that
Angela sometimes had this act going on. It bothered him that she still didn’t trust him enough to show him who she really was. But he guessed that once they were
married she would quit with the act and just be herself.

Max made his was to the restaurant consier.

“Excuse me , but I’m wondering if my girlfrie....fiance had arrived yet?” Max asked, still struggling with the fact that Angela was no longer his girlfriend, but soon to be

“Ah yes sir. Your fiance has arrived and is waiting for you. Please sir if you will just follow me.” The consier said as he ushered Max further into the restaurant.

“Thank you for your help but I see her from here.” Max hurried to say as he made his was to Angela, and sister. He began wondering why all of a sudden he felt this
sudden urge to meet this Liz as soon as possible. That he would be blown away by her, but that was impossible. He couldn’t be, probably just the nerves his mind thought.

As he got closer he heard Angela say “ You can forgive me later cuz here he comes.” Forgive her for what. Then came the surprised voice of what he thought was probably the sister. “....you didn’t tell me he was coming.”

Max then saw the brunet opposite of Angela slowly turn around and look straight at him. Then as quickly as their eyes locked she turned around, fast. WAIT did he just
see a second Angela. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Probably just the resemblance. They are sisters.

“Hey babe I would like you to meet my sister....”

“Max Evans” He said as her turned around to finally meet this brunet stranger. What he saw make him do a double take. Wait he hadn’t seen things she did have Angela’s face. Or was it the other way around.

“Liz Parker” she said a little out of breath and stuck out her hand.

Max soon realized what she was doing and did the same. Stuck out his hand to meet hers. Then it happened. Something he never thought he would experience. When he first made contact with her hand did he realize the shiver running down his back. And bow that simple touch make the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. WOW.

“I take it by the look on your face that Angie here didn’t tell you we were um....how do you say twins. Well, fraternal twins.” Liz said wondering why he still hadn’t let go of her hand. Not that Liz was minding. No she didn’t mind one bit the way she was feeling right this second. In fact she liked it. A lot.

“Umm no Angela did not mention anything about this.” He said. Realizing he hadn’t let go of her hand and it was making her uncomfortable.

Angela noticed how her sister and soon to be husband acted. Wondering why they were looking at each other like that. Must be my imagination. “Oh come on guys I thought it would be a tad bit exciting if I didn’t mention a thing. Look at you too. You hun look like you’ve seen a ghost and sis it looks like your about to faint. I couldn’t deprive myself of this.” Angela said while begging to laugh.

The lunch went off without a hitch. Max learning new things about Angela from Liz and some other things about Liz. Things that he found interesting about his fiancé’s sister.

‘Why didn’t I meet you before this happened.’ Wait were the hell did that come from, thought..........


Chapter 3

It had been a week since the encounter and she was still dreaming about him. She still felt the way his hand felt with hers. Still remembered the way he had looked at her. The way the had so much in common. But it was wrong for her to think like this. She didn’t have the right to even remember the things she did or dream about him the way she did. The way she had woken up every night with sweat covering her body, heart pounding, and so aroused she had to take a cold shower every night right after she woke up sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. It was the first time in a long time that she hadn’t had a decent nights sleep, and it usually was because she had company staying with her......in bed. Now all she wanted not to do was sleep and have his deep amber eyes haunt her throughout the night. Well, until she woke up and had to take a shower.

Liz was thrown our of her thoughts at the sound of Maria’s voice yelling from below.


“Up here Maria.” Maria and Liz had met during college. Both majoring in architecture. Both of them had started out with nothing more than building blocks when they were little girls and ended with both of them going to Berkley and study in there Architecture program. That’s where they met and then became room mates for the rest of college. It was great, and became best friends. Then they became room mates after and began there own architecture office. They were becoming quite popular. Especially since one of the biggest company in Los Angeles had asked their office to create one of the most spectacular malls in L.A. It was great.

“Damn it why can’t you call out faster. I’ve been calling your name for the last 5 minutes! I was about to tell your sister, who by the way is on the phone, you weren’t home!!” Maria yelled a little our of breath as she was running up the stairs.

“Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!” Liz said as she reached for the phone.

“Hey Angie........um.......what do you want?” Liz said a little nervous.

“Well, Liz the way you haven’t been returning my calls I’d say you’ve been avoiding me.” Angela said trying to hide the humor in her voice.

“Look Angie I haven’t been avoiding I’ve been really busy and........” Liz began but couldn’t finish since she heard the laughter of her twin on the other end of the phone.

“I don’t believe you just fell for that. Come on Lizzie I know how busy you become sometimes that’s why I didn’t worry to much when you didn’t return my calls. I was just trying to see how it would hold up. You know the joke. Any ways I just wanted to ask when you and Maria would like to come with me to find you guys perfect brides maid dresses? We also need to find me a wedding dress. It better be some day soon like today or tomorrow. I need to know when were going to go so I can get the easy stuff out of the way. I also need your help as well as Maria’s with the rest of the wedding plans. I can’t believe how much crap needs to be done for just one day.” Angie waited for some minutes for Liz to answer her questions, but after those minutes she still hadn’t received an answer. “............umm Liz.........are you still there?” Angela asked a little worried.

“Ummm yeah still here....wait can you hold on I’m just going to ask Maria what you just asked me.” Liz answered still stuck on the avoiding me part of the conversation she was having with Angie. Well, more like had and was now over with.

“Maria, Angie wanted to know when we would be able to go with her to pick the brides maid dresses for the wedding. She also wants us to help her find her wedding dress. She said we should do it ASAP. Maybe today or tomorrow.”

“She wants me to be a brides maid. Oh I’m so happy.” Maria answered sarcastically then began falling to the ground in a fit of giggles. “Yeah today would be great I have way to many things to do tomorrow and the rest of the week so today would be the only day I can do it.” Maria said in between her fit of giggles. She knew even before they knew Angie was getting married that they would be each others brides maids. Ever since Maria had met Liz during college their families had also become quite close. So Liz, Maria, and Angie had made a pact to be each others brides maid for their weddings. They knew it was a stupid pact to make, especially since they were so old, but they made it any ways.

“Maria you’re such an idiot!!!!” Liz said as she was also coming down with the giggles Maria had oh so graciously started.

“Liz stop it and tell Maria to stop it to it’s not funny!!” Angie said. Trying her hardest to keep the laughter from her voice. “So do you want us to pick you up or do you want to meet us there.”

“Well meet you there. Wait where is there and who is we?” Liz said hoping it wasn’t what she was thinking. ‘No he can’t be coming please don’t let it him be part of the we she’s talking about.’

“Oh yeah almost forgot to tell you that Max and some friends of his are coming with us they also want to get there tuxedos too. You know so they don’t wait ‘till the last second to get them. I mean they are men and probably would wait until the last possible second to get them.”

“Oh” Was all Liz could get herself to say. ‘Damn it why couldn’t they go alone or have them go some other day.’

“So Liz we’ll meet you at......”

“You know Angie we could just go online or do some magazine searching for dresses. I mean we really don’t have to go out. That way.....Max and his friends won’t ....um.....feel like I don’t know weird.” Liz rambled on hoping to get her sister agree with whatever she had just said.

“Liz, no, I want us to all go out and together find it in one of the wedding boutiques in L.A. and I know your going to say we can look for some shop’s here in L.A. on the net but I want you guys to try some of the dresses out as well as me. You know what they say about the Internet nothing is really what it seems.”

“Fine Angie. Oh and by the way since we don’t know where exactly were going to look or find your dress you guys might as well come pick us up.” Liz said hesitantly. She still couldn’t believe that not only had she not gotten her sister to agree with her, but her sister had made her say yes to her and.......Max come pick her up.

“OK. See you in a bit Liz”

“........Bye.” Liz said after she had heard her sister hang up the phone.

“Liz what are we going to do. Where are we going to meet them?”

“Ummmm......no their going to come and pick us up. They should be here in about a half an hour.” Liz said with no enthusiasm.

“Whoa now don’t you jump out the window in happiness!”

“Shut up Maria!!” Liz said as she led Maria out of her room and started thinking of what to do when they arrived. Should she fake getting sick. ‘No that wont work she’s going to here in a half an hour.’ Maybe she could run out her window and die or maybe just run down the stairs and casually trip on accident and hope she broke a leg. OK now she was getting a little carried away. She never acted this way over some guy. She couldn’t let this stupid little feeling for some guy, ‘OK not some guy her sisters fiancee”, ruin her or for that matter ruin what her sister felt for this guy. She had to do this for her sister.

With that in mind she got ready for her second meeting with the man that had been haunting her dreams for the past week.


Chapter 4

All he needed to do was play it safe. Not look, touch, or speak to her. ‘Just leave her alone. Stay our of her way and you’ll be fine.’ Max thought as he tried to listen to Angela give him directions to Liz’s house. He had just found out that they were going to go pick Liz up and take her with them, as well as some other friend. Some Maria. He wanted to say no, but then what kind of explanation would he give Angela for not wanting them to go. ‘Sorry Angela I don’t mind if Liz’s friend goes, but I have a problem with Liz.” Damn it!!!! What was wrong with him?

For some reason he hadn’t been able to get Liz our of his head all week, and he knew that this second meeting wasn’t going to help him get her our of there. He just didn’t understand what his problem was.

Well, actually he did have an answer to that.

The day after his meeting with Liz.

“But I still don’t understand why you want me handling this sir. Well, us? I’m a lawyer I don’t know the first thing about buildings, and not because I don't want to do this, but I feel your putting this projects in the wrong persons hands.” Max said with worry. Hoping he didn’t get fired for being an ass to his boss.

“Ok, Max, the real reason me as well as the rest of the partners want you to do this is because we want you to have your own office building. We want you as well as Michael to become partners. You guys are great lawyers so we want both of you to join us in being part of this firm. So you see, technically, your not doing this on your own. Since it is going to be Michael’s as well as your building we think you should take care of it.” Mr. Cole said with much acceptance towards the new young partners. He knew that this new adding to the firm was a good move. They were both great lawyers in their own way. He liked the differences in both their styles. That’s how he knew that putting them together was a great idea.

“WOW...um Mr. Cole I.....we don’t know what to say.” Max said surprised. Then he had first heard what Mr. Cole wanted him to do was his way, or better yet the firms way, of saying we don’t like the way you work so just quit or stay and due stupid jobs. Now he was as happy as he had ever been. ‘.....A partner.....’ Max thought then noticed that Michael was still sitting there in the chair, and hadn’t said a word. So Max patted Michael on the back, hard. Trying to see if that would get him to say something.

“Huh....” Michael couldn’t believe what they were saying. Him and Max had gone to Law School together and had been picked up right away by the most known firm in LA, SJS Attorney's at Law. He always thought that Max deserved to be here. That with choosing Max they had done well. But him, Michael Guerin, be chosen from out of so many others always made him wonder. Why had then chosen him? Now they were giving him a partner position in the firm. And not just any firm one of the most prestigious firms in the LA. WOW. The firm actually appreciated his work. Now he knew that they had chosen him because they wanted him. Because he was one of the best. They liked him. They really liked him.(LOL)

“Well, I’m hoping that you chose to stay with us and become a bigger part of this family. If you do which I hope. From now on you don’t call me Mr. Cole, but Brad. Remember I’m no longer your boss so I can’t really tell you guys what to say. Oh and don’t drag the firm to the ground. Please........” Brad(Mr. Cole) said whilen begging to chuckle.

“OF course we’ll accept.” Said Max for the both of them. Since Michael’s toung still seemed to be bitten of by a mouse. You don’t have to worry about anything Mr. Co.....I mean Brad. So any ways when do we get started with our new office.” Max said while pointing between himself and Michael. “I mean do you want us to find someone to do it and where or are you-” Max babbled on as Brad stopped him.

“Oh don’t worry about it we already have where and who we just want you to approve the plans. Because it is of course going to be your office.” Brad said and began leaving, but was stopped by the sound of Michael’s voice.

“So...um...Brad...who exactly is the who that is going to work on this project.” Michael finally choked out. His first words in a while.

“Of course you want to know who exactly is going to help you two out on this project. Well, I’m pretty sure you guys have heard of them, but I’ll tell you any ways. It’s P&D Architecture. You two are going to be working with the best. We want the best for the best.” Brad finished as he walked out.

“Geezzz Max I’ve heard about them. Supposedly their great at what they do.” Michael had just realized that Max hadn’t said a word since Brad had left. “Max? Max?........You okay buddy...” Michael repeated as he began to worry about his long time friend.


Max still remembered how long it took him to regain his composure after he had learned that P&D Architecture was the company the firm was hiring for the building of their office. Still remembered how off balance he felt when he realized that P&D was Liz’s business. Liz and that friend that lived with her, Maria was it. They had talked about P&D during their lunch meeting.

Before he knew that P&D was Liz company he had always wondered what kind of people were behind the up and coming P&D. Some of his clients were top business associates in LA and had seen from them the types of buildings the company made. He had always thought the designs were quite ingenious. Always wondered what kind of people could come up with designs so...so...outstanding. Now that he was going to work with them instead of feeling excited of working with the company, more importantly Liz. He felt nervous. Max had learned a lot about Liz and about this so called P&D during their lunch meeting. With her company working with him on his project he hoped he could learn other things about her. He was pulled from his thoughts at the sound of Angela’s voice...........

“Max you missed Liz’s drive way?”

“......Sorry....” Max stated. As he began to wonder how he hadn’t crashed into something seeming as he was so far away from paying attention to the road. He then turned the car around and parked in Liz’s drive way. ‘Nice house.’ Max thought. ‘She’s an architect stupid. Why wouldn’t she have a nice house.’

“Come on Max, their probably still getting ready.”

“Um....no I’ll just wait out here for you-”

“NO WAY Max. You have to come inside. If I know my sister and Maria you’ll end up waiting for ages.” Angela interrupted.

“If I’m going to wait so long, why don’t I just leave and you can meet us there.” Max said, hoping she would take the bait. He really didn’t want to go in there. Well, he found out soon enough, as he saw Angela come around to his side of the car open the door and drag him out.

“Like I said Max your coming in with me.” Angela said. As she dragged Max to the front door, and opened it with the key Liz had given her.

“Maybe we should knock.” Max said hesitantly.

“Max she gave me the key. Why wouldn’t I use it?”

As they made their way inside they heard someone yelp. They both turned their heads towards it, and both saw a woman in her underwear covering her breasts with her arms. The woman was..............

TBC......... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chapter 5

“On no you don’t Angela!!” Liz yelled towards her sister. “There is no way in hell you're going to make me do that. It’s wrong and you know it. How could you even think of a thing as stupid as that. I mean, we are twins and everything and we have done things like this before, but this is just ridiculous. I have seen you come up with some of the stupidest ideas in the whole universe, but this hair brain scheme is just.... I can’t even come up with a word for it.”

“Come on Liz. I really want to know what Max thinks about them.” Angela begged, practically down on her knees pleading, her sister to do this for her.

‘No, no no no no no was the only thing going through Liz’ mind. How could her sister ask her to do something so......so.....out there.

“Liz, all you have to do is put these on go out there show it to them. All I need is to get their opinions. That’s it!!!”

“No Angela that’s not all you’re asking from me. I’ve already made a complete fool of myself in front of your fiance. I am not going to make an even bigger fool of myself in front of him. Not only would I be making an ass in front of him once more, but in front of his friends and his sister.” Liz said as she remembered the incident at the house.


“AHHHHHHH” Liz screamed as she ran up the stairs. Trying her hardest not to show something that her sisters fiance shouldn’t see. All the while trying her darndest not to let what she was thinking really seep into her train of thought. She really didn’t want to think about what Max thought of her now.

Who know that going into her basement laundry room would cause so much trouble. All she wanted to do was find something decent to wear. Now she realized her mistake. Liz knew that Angie would pull something. How could she of forgotten that she had given her a key. Now Max got a view of something he never should of seen. Well, maybe might of seen later in life when he married Angie, but not from her. She wasn’t the one getting married to him, and now she had almost showed all of her assets.

“Liz what happened to you?????” Maria said, as the realization of her friend running into her hit her. It didn’t bother her that she was naked. They had shared a living space for close to 8 years, and the whole naked thing had gotten old fast. Especially since they were best friends. Okay. The naked thing did bother her a tad and that was only because she had heard Liz scream, and now here she was taking in air a little fast because of running up the stairs she guessed.

“I know what you’re going to say, Maria. NOoooo I. Am. Not. Naked.” Liz said putting a little umfff at the end of each word to emphasize what she was saying. “Not really, any ways.” She ended. Trying to pass Maria and run into her bedroom. Which she eventually did, but not before Maria making it through the door before she shut it.

“Liz what the hell was that. I hear you scream and thought something was happening to you. Rape or we were being robed or something.” Maria babbled, as she watched Liz throw clothes around her room. Trying to find something to wear she guessed.

“Maria you’re babbling, and no nothing like that happened......I just went downstairs to try and find something to wear in the laundry. I didn’t find anything so I was coming back up stairs and settle for something in here. When I heard the door open. You should know what comes next....” Liz trailed, as she found her robe, then watched Maria’s face trying to figure out what she had left out of her explanation.

Both Liz and Maria were startled out of their thoughts as someone knocked on the door of Liz’ bedroom. With both still staring at the door, and neither making a move to open it, the door opened all on its own in the next second. Both girls finding Angela on the other side, laughing it up.

“Oh.....my...gosh.....Liz.....that was....the....funniest things ever!!!!!” Angela raved between laughter. For some odd reason she couldn’t stop.

“Shut up Angie, and don’t even dare telling her.” Liz yelled at her sister. All the while still trying to find something to wear.

“No you don’t. Now you have to tell me.” Maria squealed, as she now found it all the more important to find out what Liz had left out. “It’s Angie’s responsibility for telling me, seeing as you wont due it.”

“Well, Max and I were making our way through the front door, right. Our little Lizzie over there was coming from I don’t know where. The kitchen or someplace, but NAKED. You should of seen her face. It was priceless.” Angela finished as another laugh attack hit her.

“Oh my fucking Gosh.....Liz.” Maria yelled before she too was pulled under a fit of laughter.

“Damn it Angie. Cant you ever listen to me.” Liz yelled at her sister.

“Come on Liz it’s not like anything that bad happened.....” Angie returned still trying to hold in the laughter. “Max is going to see that eventually.....” Angie said while pointing at Liz. By the time she finished she as well as Maria were doubled over raging with laughter.

“You guys...Just Shut Up. Oh and Angie I am sooooo not going with you to find dresses. Not if Max is going. I am sooooo embarrassed. There is no way I’m going to go anywhere with you or him today. Nope not gonna happen. Maybe some other time.” Liz explained, still trying to find clothes to wear.

“Oh Hell nooo..... I know you Lizzie sometimes you get really caught up in work, and this is probably one of the only days that you will actually due anything that has to do with this. Soo you are going with me and that’s final. I don’t care if Max saw you. Poor little Lizzie is embarrassed. You’re going.......”

“NO, I’m...” Liz tried to answer back.

“No you don’t... Now here put these on and lets go.” Angela said. While handing Liz random clothes she grabbed from her bed. “Maria go downstairs and tell Max we’ll be right down.”

“Yes....Mom.” Maria answered back. Still trying to contain her laughter.

Liz did as she was told, like always. In her haste she didn’t even realize what her sister had handed her.() She followed her sister. Still embarrassed as hell. She didn’t want to do this. Didn’t want to face him, but what was she going to do. She couldn’t say no. Angie was right it probably was going to be one of the only days she could do this. She was starting a new project tomorrow. Had the clients coming in for a meeting, and everything. Damn It! Her sister was counting on her to be her maid of honor and she couldn’t very well refuse. Nope she wasn’t going to back down. If she did she would feel guilty for the rest of her life. Crap.

“Okay.....come on lets go then.” Liz said hesitantly, still following her sister. Into the hallway and down the stairs. She was surprised not to find either Max or Maria sitting in the living room.

“They must be outside, waiting for us.” Angela said, while walking towards the front door, opening it, and heading outside with Liz in tow.

‘Nice.’ Thought Liz as she walked outside and saw what she guessed to be Max’s car. Well, not car but SUV escalade, black to be exact. ‘He is a lawyer. Must earn a lot of cash. Good for Angie.’

Liz then noticed that both Maria and Max had already gotten in. Strapped and ready. Angela then got in, shotgun of course. Liz soon followed suit. Going around the SUV to the drivers side and getting in the back seat.

Conversation in the escalade decreased to a minimal. Some chit-chat between Max and Angela, or Maria and Liz. Angela and Maria also conversed, but nothing in between the driver and the passenger behind his seat.

Liz didn’t even dare begin or but into a conversation with Max. She was still way too embarrassed. To her it also seemed that he didn’t even want to talk to her. ‘Better for her.’ Liz thought. Although she wondered why it bothered her so much the thought of him not wanting to or even try to talk to her. As all this was going through her brain she sneaked glances up towards the driver. Through the rear view mirror. Some how just looking at his eyes made her feel hot.

Someone else in the escalade also sneaked glances towards the back seat, and it wasn’t towards the side that the motor mouth red head was sitting on.

They soon arrived at the bridal boutique and met up with Max’s friends, Michael Guerin, Kyle Valenti, and Max’s sister Isabel Evans. Everyone said their hellos.

Liz soon found out that Angela had asked Max if one of her long time friends could be a best man because she had known him forever. That’s why Alex was there. Alex Whitman to be exact. He had been a brother to Liz and Angela growing up, but seemed to care for Liz more because he knew that Liz was a tad more vonerable that Angela was.

Soon after everyone said hello to Alex. Both the men and the women parted ways in the bridal boutique.


That’s where they were now.

“No Angela. I am not going to try on the wedding dresses you like and walk out there. Show them to your fiance, as well as his friends. Make a complete ass of myself once more in front of him as well as his friends and mine. That’s where I draw the line. Any ways you know that’s bad luck. Liz said. Trying to make her sister understand that she was not going to make her do that. Some how her whole life Angela had always come up with hair brain schemes to get them in trouble. For some reason she had always gone along with everything she said. Maybe because she was younger and wanted to follow her sister, or maybe because she was stupid. But this was just too far. This was as far as Liz was going to let her sister push her. Or so she thought.

“Pleeeaaaasssseeee Liz. All I want is his opinion. And it’s not bad luck because you’re not the bride to be. I am. and you’re going to be the one trying on the dresses and showing it to him.” Angela returned.

“Can’t you just show him the dress on a mannequin or model or something. Like I said before it’s not just Max I’m going to be acting like a fool in front of, but everyone out there.” Liz said.

“You know that a model or a mannequin would show him what I really would look like in the dress. Besides, we could put Max in a room all alone and you could just show him the dresses.”

“Arent you going to be in there with me. Well, that is in case I do decide to do this.” Liz returned.

“No.” Angela answered, bluntly.

“I’m willing to do it, but you have to be in the room with me.”

“I know Max and he would never go along with this. Besides he will never know. We are twins.”

“Well, you sure thought of everything didn’t you.” Liz replied.

“You know your going to say yes. I don’t even know why you’re taking so long to do it.”

“FINE. Damn it. I’ll do it.” Liz finally said. Just agreeing to make her sister stop begging.