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Title: Evan’s Cove
Author: Lizwell
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU M/L
Summary: Spoof off of Dawson’s Creek. Two people coming from different worlds experience a chance meeting that could mean the rest of their lives
Author: Experimental would really appreciate feedback tell me whether this story is worth continuing or not.

Part 1
“Cut!! That’s a wrap. Thank you we’ll pick it up with scene twelve in an hour!” Announced the director pleased with the day’s work thus far if they kept up at this pace they would be able to finish filming this episode by the end of the day.

Max Evans breathed a quick sigh of relief as he left the set and let the last traces of the fictional character ‘Evan Whitman’ relax away. Make no mistake Max loved playing this role it offered a challenge but talk about a brooding teen, ‘Evan’ put the an in analyze, he tortured himself over things he had no control over and ended up no happier for it in the end. Sometimes Max just didn’t get his character’s logic and playing this character everyday on the nation’s most highly rated teen angst drama took a lot out of him. Thank goodness he had a break.

“Your due in wardrobe in ten.” the costume director informed as she brushed pass Max.

Being the gracious person that he is Max nodded thankfully for the information before taking a seat off to the side where he hopefully wouldn’t be noticed. Max just needed ten minutes to collect his thoughts before he had get ready to film the next scene. Was that too much to ask? Apparently Max thought as he saw the approaching radio crew.

Max Evans had been signed up to take out the winner of KWLM’s Birthday dream date contest. As the star of the WB’s hit show Evan’s Cove he was a dream to adolescent girls all across the nation and this contest was a God sent to those with birthdays in July. The network signed him up to take out the winner of one lucky young lady who’s birthday fell on the same day as Max’s. The contest would be a good publicity boost for the show and with the Teen Choice Awards around the corner they could use all the publicity they got. However Max was not particularly looking forward to this ‘date’.

“Okay Mr. Evans we’ll take care of transportation and dinner just be ready for your date at 7:30…” The informant drowned on with all the fine details of the event. Max could not believe they were referring to this as a date. The radio station was taking care of everything from what he wore, to where they ate. In fact he’d had nothing to do with the planing of this so-called date. He’d had nothing to do with it thus far and he was beginning to think he wouldn’t have anything to do with it at all, Max thought as he walked away from the babbling planner. He desperately needed a moment alone.

He took a seat on the grass looking out over the glistening lake before him as he attempted in vain to enjoy his lunch. It was a shame that here in town with all this beautiful scenery Max never got a chance to enjoy any of it as he was continually wrapped up in his work. Looking at it now he could see that Wilmington, North Carolina really was an enchanting place. He could see why the show had chosen to film there.

“Max.” He could hear the voice of his co-worker and friend Maria beckoning him. Maria otherwise known as ‘Delanie Mitchell’ to the viewing public, was the girl he pretended to be smitten with everyday on the show. In reality Maria had grown to be one of Max’s cherished friends “ Max tell me you didn’t just walk away from the head of the radio station.” She uttered obviously concerned

“Yeah, so what if I did.” Max responded

“ You might loose your job, that’s what. Lionel looked pissed when he saw you walk off like that.” Maria explained referring to their director. “ This whole thing isn’t worth loosing your job over. So I suggest you suck it up and go and see what they want.”

“ What they probably want now is my underwear size so they can pick out matching under garments for the suit that I’m wearing on this…this date with some teeny bopper with a southern drawl.” Max exploded.

“ Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a just a little bit.” Maria offered.

“ No.” Max answered flatly

Maria took a seat beside him “ Come on she had to be at least 18 to even sign up for the contest, and if she does posses some…” Maria chose her words carefully “…southern charms so what, it’s part of what makes this town…endearing.”

“Endearing?” He questioned; Maria always did have the ability to make things seem better than they actually were “ This from the woman who flew all the way to Los Angeles to get her nails done complaining that Wilmington had no salons that wrapped in silk linen properly.” Max reminded.

“ Okay, be that as it may at least I make the best of it while I’m here. You on the other hand should be the poster child for terminally-single-men-anonymous. You walk around complaining how none of the woman here are ‘cultured’ enough for you. It’s a shame too because you’re so cute.” Maria teased pinching his cheeks “ I think that if you’d just give someone a chance you’d be pleasantly surprised.”

Max thought about what she said for a moment before saying “ You might be right but I doubt that’s going to happen tonight.”

“ I give up your hopeless.” She said putting her head in her hands “ But regardless of my failed attempts you still have to be someone’s dream date tonight. So why don’t you march yourself back up that hill and let them…measure your underwear…or whatever it is they do.”

“Right” Max agreed as he headed in the set’s direction. Although spending his birthday with a woman he hardly knew was still the last thing he wanted to do he would try to follow Maria’s advice and give this person ‘a chance’

* * *

“ How could I have won the contest Alex I didn’t even enter.” Liz crooned as Alex broke the news to her that morning. He thought she would have been thrilled unfortunately that was not the case

“I entered for you.” He said

“ Well then, I guess you’re the one that’s going to be going on a dream date.” Liz shot back

“ I already have plans remember. Come on Liz this is Max Evans, the Max Evans star of Evan’s Cove. How many people can say they had an opportunity like that?” Alex offered hoping it would change her attitude towards this whole thing.

No such luck “ I don’t care who it is all I want to do is curl up with a box of chocolates on my sofa and watch a movie. So you can just call the radio station and tell them I’m not interested.” Liz stated then nonchalantly went back to her original task of filing his papers

Alex firmly placed his hand on the stack prohibiting anymore movement “ Liz I won’t allow you to do this to yourself, you are going on this date and I don’t want to hear another word about it.”

Liz met his gaze equally determined “Is that an order?”

“ Keep arguing with me and it will be.” He saw her smirk and knew that she was going to try and counter him. “Before you get any bright ideas yes it’s an order. In fact I’m giving you the rest of the day off and Isabel is taking you to get ready for this date.”

Liz saw no point to arguing this anymore after all he was only trying to help her but dressing her that was bit absurd “ Alex I’m twenty- three years old I think I can dress myself for a date and I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to take…six hours.” Liz said glancing at her watch.

“ True enough but how many dates have you had with Television stars.” Alex pointed out

When was the last time she had a date period? That settled it Liz was going to relax enjoy and play this dating game.

* * *

All evening Max Evans was the prefect gentleman. He held open doors pulled out chairs and even engaged in polite conversation. Max was not at all arrogant like she thought he would be. Outwardly he was everything Liz thought a well suited bachelor should be. But inside, what was he like inside. Liz sat pondering this as she sat idly forking her dessert. Max was apparently just as fascinated with her as he was intently studying her. Their eyes met. “ It’s Flan.” She offered having seen him eyeing her plate.


“Yeah it’s from the Spanish culture. It’s like Carmel flavored custard, really sweet. Here try some.” She said holding out the portion on her fork.

Max savored the taste imagining it was that much sweeter because Liz fed it to him. He had a second bite, then another, and another until Liz let loose an exasperated sigh “ Sorry.” He said pushing the plate towards her “ Guess I got a little carried away.”

She gently pushed it back “No it’s not that, enjoy your Flan.”

Max happily obliged “ Not having a good time?”

“I am. It’s just …” she tried to think of words to describe how she was feeling. Liz didn’t want Max to think she wasn’t enjoying his company because it was quite the contrary.

“This is your fantasy isn’t it.”

“Actually no it’s my friend’s fantasy for me. In fact he is the one who entered me in this contest.” she explained

“He ?”

“Yes Alex is really sweet he wanted to make sure I had something to do on my birthday. He said he didn’t want me spending it alone. So he entered me and planned this entire evening for me. If I had planed it I definitely wouldn’t be here.”

“Where would you be?”

“Uh…I don’t know.”

“Come on don’t pull a ‘Lane’ on me.” He said referring to the fictional character ‘Delanie’ from his show who had a tendency to over analyze “You said you don’t want to be here. So if you could be any where in the world where would you be.”

“Oh…I might go for horse in buggy ride in Central Park in NY, or a stroll on the Golden Gate Bridge…Or I might snuggle up in front of the fire in the arms of my lover and watch a romantic comedy and make fun of their clothes then design new ones.”

“ Design new clothes.”

“ Yeah I used to think that I wanted to be a fashion designer but that was back in high school when it seemed I had the world ahead of me. I still sketch designs all the time I must have hundreds of them just laying around my living room” as she explained this her eyes became glazed as if she were watching something not too far away but just far enough to be just out of reach.

“What happened?”

“ Reality happened. I had to find something to pay the bills while I was waiting for the Liz Parker label to become world renowned.”

“ What do you do now?” He wanted to find out as much as possible about this enchantress who sat before him.

“Clerical work. Actually I work for my friend Alex. It may not be Milan but he’s pretty flexible with hours that way I still have time to work on my fashions.”

This young woman truly was a victim of circumstance. What had given him the impression that no one in Wilmington was cultured, Liz Parker was definitely the exception. Dressed sophisticatedly, a pert little body and eyes that Max felt he could get lost in. “…Lets get out of here.” Max said practically pulling her out of her chair.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” Max took her hand and after leaving a large bill on the table to pay for their meal they were gone.

* * *

“ It may not be Golden Gate, but it’s got a magnificent view.” He said from their vantage they could see the vast expanse of water before them as the moon glistened on its surface.

“It’s beautiful…” she gasped eyes glistening. The fact that he paid attention to what she said touched her deeply “ Thank you.” As he held her close he felt he shiver. Max imagined it must be chilly having the night air penetrate the thin sweater she was wearing. In keeping with his gentlemanly behavior he offered her his suit jacket. She smiled as she accepted “ This wouldn’t have happened if I’d had a Protta.”

“ What’s a Protta?”

“ It’s kind of like this shawl I designed except it’s actually serves it’s purpose and keeps you warn unlike the dainty little things they sell in stores now.” Liz saw that he was looking at her as if she were a poor diluted child. But Max seemed to be intent on listening therefore Liz had no intention of stopping “ I used to imagine myself living in some big city with people all around me wearing my designs boasting ‘this is a Parker original baby’

“You look like a fashion designer.” Max finally said

“I do?”

“ I can just see you strolling around on the streets of New York, wearing all black, with your little Poodle, because you know all designers have pets and you like a Poodle person.”

“ So I look like a designer to you?” Liz wasn’t sure whether she should be flattered or insulted but still she was beside herself as Max’s golden eyes bore into her.

“ Of coarse.” He said drawing her close. He could smell her sweet skin as he said “ You’re a Parker original baby…”Their lips touched tentatively at first but more persistent as Max sensed that this is what she wanted as well. Her mouth was warm and soft yet urgent it felt like home as he explored every crevice. Max hoped that this would be the first kiss of many more to come…

* * *

After strolling for a while longer Liz invited Max back to her apartment he claimed he wanted to see some of her designs. Therefore while sipping hot cocoa they looked them over. She really did have a flare for fashion as Max saw it, he was curious to see if she had any pieces of tangible clothing rather than simply concept art.

Liz remembered a dress she’d made to fit herself of coarse that was a year and about five pounds ago. She wasn’t sure she felt comfortable trying it on for him. After a half-hour of pleading on Max’s part and a languid kiss on the cheek she agreed.

As Liz exited the bedroom with the tightly drawn haphazardly arranged pieces of fabric Liz resisted the urge to cover her self. She could not believe that she had called this a dress, and more importantly she could not believe that Max Evans was looking at her with that approving, seductive gaze. “ You like?” she asked doing a small twirl.

Max pondered a moment before answering. In the dress he could see how her narrow waist flared out to dainty yet shapely hips. He walked to where she was standing and held her small frame against him and whispered “ I like the way you look in it.” Against her forehead before returning his lips to her supple ones.

His mouth was warm and smooth yet demanding. It almost left Liz no option other than to succumb to the desire he was evoking. Liz let her jaw become lax affording him total access as he allowed her hands to encircle his waist. His waist was surprisingly smaller than what she would have imagined for some one of his build but she could feel the corded muscles of his back as their bodies moved together.

Moving on to explore the warm skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. Max came across the thin strap of her top and nudged it out of the way with his mouth and nose as the top began to slide down the dress hung low on her hips exposing her firm breasts to him. Max wasted no time in massaging her mounds. Liz was not overly endowed but just enough for him to palm.

Under normal circumstances Liz would not be allowing herself to think this could happen between them. But these were definitely not normal circumstances, it wasn’t everyday she went on a date with Max Evans. Therefore initially Liz had told herself to simply relax and enjoy the fantasy, but when the top of her dress came down Liz became aware of the fact that she was standing in the middle of her living room, topless, and for all intensive purposes with a strange man.

He must have sensed her reaction because he gently laced his fingers through her wandering hands and kissed the palm before placing her hands to the buttons of his shirt. Max gave a nod of assurance before with trembling fingers she UN-buttoned his shirt and splayed her hands across his taunt chest as he allowed the shirt to fall to the floor. “ Now we’re even.” He smirked.

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her over to the couch never parting eyes. He placed her in his lap and gently rest her head on the arm of the couch still sensing some uneasiness “ You’re beautiful” he assured before his mouth trailed down her neck and beyond to the soft mound of her breast. His lips found her hardened nipple. His tongue circled it, tasting the sweetness of her skin. Liz arched her back and a loud moan escaped her lips as his mouth settled over her erect nipple and he began sucking her. Her heart was racing and her body tingled everywhere. His hand cupped her other breast. She moaned again as he rolled that nipple between his thumb and finger. His mouth then moved to that breast wanting to taste it too.

Max’s hands roamed over her trim tummy, he liked the way she was firm yet soft it reminded him of his mother. Becoming bold Liz grabbed his hand and brought it between her legs. They both moaned at the sensation of their skin connecting. “Liz, what are you doing,” Max whispered, but even as he asked the question his finger slid into her moist softness of its own volition, his mouth immediately finding her breast. Liz gasped softly as his tongue circled her sensitized nipple, her fingers sliding through his hair. His finger slid in and out of her in a sexy, slow, sensuous rhythm. Their moans of gratification began to mingle. Liz moved herself to gain access her lips turned up into another Cheshire grin as she lowered his pants and boxers down his slim hips. As the material slid down his thighs, she was met with the sight of him. Her eyes widened just a little and she felt a rush of heat wash over her as she surveyed his erection. She didn’t have much to make a comparison with of course, but from her vantage point, Max Evans did not seem to be lacking in his endowments. With a single finger the lifted her eyes to his. “Is this what you want?” He asked

“ More than anything.” She assured Liz kept her gaze locked with his as she moved over him. He guided gently with his hands still at her hips and, slowly, she sunk down onto him. As his body entered hers, Liz moaned. She clenched her teeth and stayed still, letting herself grow accustomed to this new fullness. Max waited and just kept watching her.

Finally, after a moment, she slowly leaned down to him; their bodies still one. His arms came up to cradle her to him as her lips met his in a hungry kiss. When they broke the kiss, he finally started to move within her.
Liz had never felt anything like this in her life. With each gentle thrust, she could feel Max everywhere, all through her body. Her nerves tingled and her body burned at the places where they were touching. She was barely breathing, just letting the feelings and sensations wash over her and carry her to a place beyond their dreams…

Later, in the darkness, Snuggled up to him in silence, thinking about what happened between them, she was filled with a joy so complete she could not believe it was real. This is just the beginning for us, she told herself. She finally drifted to sleep, to happy dreams of a future with Max. When she woke the next morning, he was gone.

* * *
Part 2
My body seemed to be fighting me this morning, it knows it needs it’s sleep. I just wish the directors knew that. Who told them that eight a.m. was the opportune time to begin filming. “Have to rise with the sun” they say. In theory it worked but after a night of mind-blowing sex where your body had been contorted in different positions it tends to need an extra hour to re-adjust. Each step I took toward the set was labored. Too bad I have to put on a smile and pretend to be “Delanie Mitchell” for the world. When I saw Max already on set with a smile painted on his face I had to know how his dream date went. He probably got himself a piece, that was what was behind his oh so chipper mood.
“Good morning.” He practically sang upon seeing me.

“I don’t see what’s so good about it.” I threw right back
He mockingly frowns and says “ What happened, no nookie for Maria last night.”

If only he knew the half of it. “Judging from your demeanor I take it you certainly had your share. So the dream date actually turned out to be dreamier than you expected.”

He sighs “ Believe what you will.”

I know Max and he would not have reacted like that unless this were someone special. Definitely got himself a piece of the ass. But on to more important things than my bud's now existent sex life “ The Teen Choice Awards.” I’d been pondering this for a while’

“What about it?” he says

“Are we free to find other dates or do we go together and keep the Evan’s Cove illusion alive.” I’d actually already made other plans but I was trying to find the right time to break this to him. And now with his recent boost in libido seemed like the perfect opportunity.

“ Whatever.”

“ I kind of have a date already.”

He tried to play it off but I saw his brief disappointment we’d been going to these awards show together since the conception of the show. “ That’s …that’s fine.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine there actually someone I wanted to take… In fact I need to go make that call right now. Thanks for reminding me.” He flips open his cell. I’ve known Max since forever and he was lying through his teeth. But Max had a thick skin he’d pull through. He would probably end up taking the young lady he screwed last night.
“ Excuse me…” He says as he walks away with the cell phone to his ear. So I turn away giving him the privacy he requested thinking Definitely the dream date…

* * *
“ You slept with him!” Isabel practically screamed.

“Could you keep your voice down?” Liz said she already felt like crap for allowing herself to be taken advantage of like that, she didn’t need the world finding out about it. The way gossip traveled in their office that should only take until lunch hour.

“Well I’m sorry Liz but not many woman can say they’ve had Max Evans in the sack. That’s quite and accomplishment you ought to be proud of yourself.”

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it. Liz didn’t feel quite the same way. “Well we weren’t actually in a bed.” The color crimson rose to Liz’s cheeks.

Isabel’s jaw dropped she had no idea Liz be such a vixen.

“Don’t make a big deal out of it. He’s probably not even going to call again.” As much as that reality stung Liz had to be honest with herself.

Just then as if on cue “Call for Liz Parker on line three.” Was bellowed form the main office.

“May I ask whom.”

“ Max Evans.” The secretary responded.

“What exactly were you saying about him never calling again.” Isabel teased.

Liz flashed an innocent smile as she picked the phone up. “Liz Parker here.”

“Hello.” Floods of questions ran through her mind when she heard his voice. Why did you leave, How did you get this number, to name a few.

Still she said nothing as his husky voice brought back all the pleasant memories of last night, unfortunately it brought all the painful ones as well “Did you call for a reason or are you interested in another one night stand.”

“Sorry about this morning I had be to be on the set by eight.” He explained.

So he actually did care but Liz was determined to remain hard to protect herself from getting hurt again. That was bound to happen if she put her emotions on the line “ What do you want?”

“I want you to design something for me.”

“Let me get this straight, you want me to design something for you.”

“Yes, my date and I that is.”

How bold could this guy be, calling here gloating about his newest liason “What’s the occasion.”

“Teen Choice Awards. I want some thing kind of funky.” Max explained.

I’ll give you funky alright Liz thought but managed to keep the chill tone in her voice “What size are you?”

“I think you’re quite familiar with my size.” He whispered suggestively.

So he wanted to play games did he. “Your date?” Liz couldn’t wait to meet this newest victim of his and warn her of his sweet talking charm.

“She’s actually about your size.”

“I’m sorry I’m going to need exact measurements maybe we can set an appointment.”

“Just make something to fit yourself.”

Liz was not stupid something else was going on “When will you be needing these ensembles.”


“ That’s only two days.”

“ I know but you are Liz Parker I’m sure you can handle it.” He ended the connection before she had a chance to respond. Max knew that if wanted her he’d have to play this game. He hadn’t meant to leave with out saying goodbye. It was a small problem one which could be easily remedied…

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For summary see 1st post

It took the next two days off to work on outfits for Max and his ‘date.’ It wasn’t hard designing something for him but it was this ‘date’ that was the problem. Liz could not Imagine Max with someone else without boiling over inside. So she imagined herself on his arm as they glided down that red carpet. There it was red it was summer, it was a hot color besides Max looked great in red. After picking out the color designing it way easy.

The hard part was taking it over to his house on Friday. She’d arrived at three-thirty promptly like he’d requested. His apartment was like she’d expected elegant, starkly modern, and overly masculine. Max came to the door garbed in only a towel. “Come in.” he greeted having seen the way she was eyeing him “Sorry about the…” He said referring to his scantily clad self. “I’m kind of pressed for time.”

“No problem.” Liz fibbed it actually was quite a problem. She wondered what his date would say if she knew he was parading around before her in a towel.

“So lets see it.”

Max took in her firm posterior as she bent over to unzip the garment bag. “This is for you.” She handed him the freshly pressed white slacks and ribbed, red T-shirt. It had been enough to see his glistening chest in the afternoon light but when he dropped the towel right in front of her. Liz barely suppressed a gasp.

Max was aware of the affect he was having on her, but this wasn’t anything she hadn’t seen before.

“Your date.” Liz reminded holding up the printed red floral sundress. Max certainly seemed to be forgetting her often.
“Actually my date called earlier to say she couldn’t make it.”

“ Oh, too bad.” Liz feigned concern

“I was hoping you could go with me?” He added

So that’s what this was about there never really was a date. He’d made her up in attempt to get me to come here. Clever boy Liz thought. “Sure. “ she answered perhaps a bit too hastily.

“Great, can you be ready in half an hour…”

* * *

Oh my god! I do not believe I’m here. Walking around with people I’ve only ever seen on television before. I look to my right and there’s Sarah-Michell not too far behind us Britney Spears. These people are icons and surprisingly that’s not the highlight if this evening. The highlight of this evening is me walking around on Max Evan’s arm. He was holding me close as if he wasn’t ashamed to be seen with me. Me, little Miss nobody from North Carolina. Max smiled and waved and worked the cameras like a pro and of coarse I tried to follow suit. I thought we looked absolutely adorable and chic in our matching ensembles. When we were stopped Max introduced me as his girlfriend Liz Parker, upcoming Fashion designer. Talk about embellishing the truth but if I ever was going to have a career I’m sure that just helped it…

* * *

There’s lucky, there’s blessed and then there’s me, and although I haven’t been very devout in my faith lately. I must’ve done something very worthy in a previous life because right now I am sitting on top of the world. I feel like shouting form the rooftops and I know that probably sounds incredibly lame but who cares we just won the 2000 Teen choice award for best drama. I mean actors work their entire lives and don’t even come close to obtaining achievements like this. And it’s not just mine alone either the entire cast working together is what resulted in this, and believe me we’ve over come some hardships. To say that I am extatic would be a huge understatement.

Winning the award isn’t the only reason either, although that has a lot to do with my present stellar state, nothing could have made me feel better that having Liz Parker waiting back stage for me. After all the crap that I put her through, she was waiting for me, go fig. Seeing her there with that snuggly fitting sundress that she designed I knew I would have to have her before the night was through. Those lips looked absolutely inviting as her dainty face contorted in a smile. It was no surprise to me that I couldn’t help but swoop up her small frame saying “We won!” smothering her face in kisses. As if she didn’t know. Everybody back and on stage must have known by now as the entire cast and I walked off stage chanting “ EC…EC!” I know she must love me because anyone else would have pushed my gloating ass out of the way. Instead she says “ I know you won.” As I slide her down my body. Her cold nose on my neck is comforting as she says “You deserve it.”

Seeing as how she had already made me the happiest man on earth I wanted to make this night special for her as well. “This calls for a celebration hmm…” I love how my hand seems to curve to the small of her back. Her eyes change as if she was actually considering leaving with me.

Then as if everyone on this planet had been put in place to screw with my already meager mojo Maria brushes by us and says “Come on Max we’re gonna toast at the after party.” Of coarse Liz was going to take the easy out.

So we go to the after party. I actually had a good time. Thanks again to Liz. I have no idea what exactly got into her but whatever it was ought to be to be bottled and sold. From the moment we set foot in the party the shy young woman I seduced on our birthday was no more, Nor the slightly annoyed young woman I greeted in my apartment this afternoon. In their place was a welcoming enchantress.

The party itself was radiating sexual energy and excitement. We came across Maria and her date looking very cozy as they fed each other cocktails. She introduced us, Michael obviously being led around by his #⊕$. No need to explain that relationship. Maria needs to feel in control let’s just leave it at that. Liz must’ve picked up a few pointers from her because that night Michael and I grew to have a few things in common.

With music from the first season soundtrack blaring from the speakers Liz began to sway her hips, I quickly picked up her pace. This was the music that had been played on the show at one point or another therefore I was familiar with most of it. But it wasn’t just the beat of the music it was her, Liz had her own rhythm as she ground her plush bottom into my front. The way that my hands rested on the flare of her hips made me feel like a man. I finally got the meaning of that old love song as my body began to harden. I knew she knew what she was doing to me as I saw her flash a devilish smirk my way a few times daring me to make the next move.

I let my hand on her hip gather her already short dress to just below her crotch. I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing us because after a while everyone was in their own little world. Getting lost in the crowd was easy. There were people there I’d never seen before how on earth they got invited to this party was beyond me. But I didn’t care as I had my own matters to attend to. I let my hand slip inside her undies as I teased her folds and moistened my finger. Apparently seducing me had the same effect on her. My mouth found the smooth skin at the nape of her neck. As I worked up a sensuous pace she tilted her head back and her silky strands cascaded over my shoulder as she emitted a sound low in her throat, barely audible over the music. I took pride in knowing I’d caused it. In fact pleasing her was like pleasing myself. As if her feeling radiated through me. She spun around breathless saying I need you. Before I had the chance to respond the roar of the crowd could be heard chanting “EC…EC!” again. I told her to meet me in the bathroom in ten. I quickly rambled on some speech about the cast and I coming together I’m not exactly sure what I said in that speech my mind was racing with the beautiful siren in the bathroom for me.

I remember knocking on the door. She opened it and immediately we were in each other’s arms. I picked her up while my mouth attached to her neck and set her down on the counter. My hands immediately went from her hips to her straps on dress pulling it down to her waist. My mouth immediately descended to her breasts, pulling one nipple into my mouth. She moaned and tangled her hands in my hair holding me there, I was so turned on. She kissed me as her hands moved to my belt and proceeded to take my off pants , when she couldn't move them anymore I took them off the rest of the way and picked her up again. I held her around her waist with one arm and the other moved between ourselves to tease my cock against her opening, I moved with her till they were up against the bathroom door, and when she was braced I entered her slowly. She was so tight and for a moment I was concerned about hurting her

When I was all the way in she clenched her muscles tightly around me telling him that she wanted more. I started moving, and the door was banging against the frame as we moved. Of coarse no one heard us the music was too loud. Her hand found the light switch and turned the light off bathing them us in darkness.

"You feel so good Liz." I told her as we continued to move together I kissed her and then moved us away from the door. I lowered her to toilet seat as my legs became weak, never breaking contact with her body. She squeezed her muscles around me again. I continued to move inside her, rocking my hips in slow circles against her. With every thrust of my hips and pelvis coming into contact with her clit.

Suddenly the bottom dropped out of the world, I felt her body tighten and then convulsively shudder. She called out my name over and over again as she came.

She sat up and we were both quiet just listening to the sounds of each others ragged breath. She finally stood up and went to the light turning it on. I blinked as the light came on, and she looked around finding her clothes and pulling them on. I did the same and I had to taste her sweet neck again before we went back to re-join the party as if nothing had happened.

A little while later as we were back out on the dance floor we heard this steady pulse and it wasn’t the music. We both spotted the bathroom door practically bang of it’s hinges. And smiled knowingly at each other as we saw Maria and Michael exiting the bathroom. I knew then that this was the first of many mind-blowing evenings spent Liz to come…

* * *
Part 3
With a week behind her since that almost surreal experience at the Teen Choice awards Liz Parker was back in the full swing of things at work. She’d taken time off at first to fill all the orders that had come rolling in for the designs she and Max had been wearing at the awards. It had been so many that Liz had worked with little breaks for a week through to complete them all. After just arriving home from the post office all she wanted to do was fall out on her living room sofa. No such luck because now it was time to get on with her real life.

As if on cue the phone rang and it was her mother bombarding her with questions. “Hello…Oh Hi Ma…Yeah that was me…what were you doing watching the Teen choice awards?…No I didn’t quit my job… Yes mom I know that…He’s just friend…No Ma…I can’t believe…I would never do that…” She blushed at her mother’s invasive questions. Nothing like your mother to bring you back down to reality Liz thought as there was a knock at the door. “…Ma I’m gonna have to call you back… No you don’t have to come by here…I promise love ya bye.” Liz ended the connection before her mother had a chance to object. That was the problem with living so close to your parents they thought it was okay to drop bye any time, uninvited. Of coarse her mom was always welcome but gee what Liz wouldn’t give to get out of this town.

“We saw you on TV!” Isabel and Alex chimed practically loud enough to wake the dead upon Liz opening the door for them.

“ And you didn’t want to go on that dream date.” Alex added. Liz sushed them inside her apartment although she was excited and wanted to share the news with her friends she did live in an apartment building where there were ordinances to be upheld. “So I take it you’ll soon be leaving me to persue a life of high fashion and lavish living?”

“ No I still work for you Alex. I’ve had my fun It’s time to stop playing make believe now and go back to filing your papers.” Liz assured

“I don’t know Liz you and Max looked pretty cozy on screen. You sure he’s going to let you get away?” Isabel said making herself comfy on Liz’s sofa.

“I said nothing about giving Max up.” Liz jestingly corrected “ He and I talked the other night and we’ve decided that we’re going to give this a shot.” Liz saw her friend’s congratulatory smiles forming and continued before they had a chance to form any ideas, “As long as he understands that I’m not going to be living off of him. I mean I thanked him for the publicity boost he gave me but I want to try and make my own way. I couldn’t live with myself if people thought of me as Max Evans’ groupie.”

“I’ll be Max Evans’ groupie.” Isabel volunteered

Prompting a quick “hey.” from Alex

“I’m sorry honey but Liz do you know how many women would kill to be in your place?” Isabel began her rant “I mean what I say too, with a body like that I’m sure Mr. Evans has got quite a few stalkers. You might want to watch your back or someone might come and steal him right from under your nose, me for example. That man is totally drool worthy.” It took a true friend to appreciate Isabel’s somewhat bawdy and colorful sense of humor but she was right in many ways. Twice this week Liz had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming when lying in the comfort of Max’s arms. “I hope you don’t mind my asking and even if you do… Is what they say on the show true to life, you know about his um…size?”

It took a moment for the other two to realize exactly what she was asking. Liz didn’t watch Evan’s Cove very often if at all but she remembered in fliping through the channels one evening and ‘Evan’ was known throughout ‘Westside High’ as the ‘shy guy with a huge schlong’. Liz never did keep it on the channel long enough to find out why that was. The color crimson rose to her cheeks as understanding dawned “Isabel…” Liz chided

“ What…come on it’s not like you don’t know.” Isabel feigned innocence. Liz wasn’t surprised that Isabel would ask a question like that but in front of her husband no less. “ It’s just Alex relax girl he doesn’t care. Besides it’s not like he wasn’t going to hear about it later.”

“ Who says I’d want to know.” He interjected.

Liz was saved by the door once again as she left the couple to their bickering. It scared her the things married people seemed to share with each other. As she opened the she said a silent prayer that she never ended up that smitten with anybody she still needed her space.

As if he’d picked the perfect time to show up her former fiance and neighbor was at the door. One of the reasons it hadn’t worked out was because of Liz needing her space issue and he lived right next door. “ Hi Kyle what brings you by.” Liz greeted at least they had still managed to be friends, or so Liz thought.

“Hey, Actually I saw you on TV and I wanted to congratulate you on finally getting your career started. So how many actors did you have to sleep with to get to the Teen choice awards.” His voice reigned sarcasm.

That phrase ‘don’t stoop to the level of idiots’ went out the window as Liz smiled and said “Only your mother.”

“Ouch, but what does that say for you though. What happened Maxie-pooh Evans wasn’t enough. Too bad you guys looked so cute together.” Kyle shot back.

Liz griped the door handle and restrained herself slamming it in his face. “Is there a real reason you’re here or are you just trying to pass the hours of your bitter lonliness.”

“ Funny, don’t quit your day job. I thought you might like your mail.” Kyle said slapping the stack of envelopes in her hand and leaving.

Liz closed the door and began shuffling through the mail. It was mostly bills. It sure would be nice when the money started arriving that she’d be making off her designs Liz thought.
Next month’s issue of Seventeen magazine had arrived as well. Liz knew it was childish to still be ordering it but ever since she could remember Liz had been looking to magazines like this for inspiration for her fashions. She flipped through the first few pages then came across a picture of herself and Max. Seeing Max maybe but not herself was definitely not a regular occurrence. “Hey guys did you see the this picture of us in Seventeen?” Liz asked her still bantering friends. They were on a page titled ‘Fashion dos and don’ts’. Of coarse they were on the ‘do’ side and the caption read ‘Evan’s Cove star Max Evans and his new girlfriend set a trend at Teen Choice awards’

“Being that I’m not a high school aged girl I’m going to have to say…no.” Alex joked.

“Lemme see.” Isabel said walking over to where Liz stood entranced with the picture. “I told you, you guys looked adorable.” They continued to ogle until Liz heard the Chimes from her computer signaling that she had email.

Liz checked it and not to her surprise was another fifty emails all requests for more of that same design “ Okay this is getting to be too much. I’ve got to see him.”

“Who, Max on the set?”

“Yeah ya coming.” Liz confirmed

“ Can I?”

“Sure I don’t know if I’ll be able to get you on set though but you don’t mind hanging around do you.”

“ As long as I get within fifty feet of that man…”

Liz grabbed he purse and her and Isabel were out the door leaving behind a very shocked Alex

* * *

Liz was right she was barely able to get herself on set let alone Isabel. “ What did you say your name was again?” The guard asked for the third time.

Liz pursed her lips together in efforts not to throttle the guard. She knew he was only doing his job but all that registered was him denying access to Max. Luckily he spotted her. “This is Ms. Parker, Liz Parker see that her name gets put on the list.” Max requested as he greeted her with a brief hug. “ Hey babe.”

“Hey Max. This is someone I’d like you to meet my very close friend Isabel. She must be your biggest fan.” Liz introduced her but all Isabel could do was stare at the enchanting young man before her. She could not will her voice to speak so Liz spoke for her “ She says she’s pleased to meet you.”

“Pleasure’s all mine.” Max said shaking a still non-audible Isabel’s hand, she was awe struck.

“Right well I’ll just be a minute.” Liz said as she and Max walked over to the side out of the view of prying eyes. “ You on break.” She asked

“I am now.” Max said taking her lips in a searing kiss.

As the Wilmington summer breezes blew around them Liz found herself having that ‘pinch me’ feeling again. She could stay like this forever but there were matters to attend to “Mmm… not that I don’t love your lips but have you seen this.” Liz said showing him the picture from Seventeen.

“No, but I have seen this.” Max said taking the same picture except from another magazine out of his back pocket. He placed the few stray strands behind her ear. “Are you upset.” He asked in a small voice similar to that of a child seeking approval from his parent.

“I’m not upset.” Liz smiled upon looking into his eyes “ In fact I couldn’t be happier but there’s …there’s something else.” Liz felt bad about asking him this especially considering her oath to herself not no live off of him “I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the designs we were wearing at the awards. So many in fact that I don’t think I can continue to sew out of my apartment.” She couldn’t look him in the eyes, those eyes that seemed to search her soul. Therefore suddenly her hands became very interesting “Unless of coarse you want my fingers to fall off.” She smiled briefly at how incredibly corny her joke was. She usually sprouted corny jokes when she was nervous.

He took her hands in his and kissed them before he said “I’ll take care of it.”

“ How will you take care of it?” was the first thing that came to Liz hazed over with desire mind

“I’ll give you the money to open up a factory.” He provided.

“I could never ask…” she was cut off by his gentle finger on her lips.

“…Than you can pay me back…someday. At least let me help you get started.” He whispered into her neck. Max wondered how Liz managed to smell like peaches and cream on a hot summer day. “I want to help you with this Liz.”

How could she refuse him when he put it so nicely. Liz couldn’t speak or protest which is exactly what her mind was telling her to do instead she inhaled the sweet masculine scent that was Max Evans as they ravished each other by the bay, away from prying eyes. Although it was yet unspoken each understood how much love stood between them…

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Part 4

“…Yeah,” Maria hesitantly began as she portrayed her character ‘Delanie’ “about the other day I saw you and Stacy together.” her and Max were going over the scene they were due to start filming tomorrow on the set of Evan’s Cove.

“Saw Stacy and I together?” Max asked in that voice that rang true to so many teenage males.

“ I saw you kiss her…at the dance.” She blurted out with a hint of disdain.

“Lane…” He said not exactly sure how to respond to something like that.

She interrupted him.“… No it’s okay you’re moving on and I’m moving on and that’s a decision we’ve made, there’s no need to discuss it.” The truth of the matter was that it was a decision ‘Lane’ had made and ‘Evan’ just sat there and let it happen without really protesting kind of like he was doing now which was all the more reason for her to continue. “I just wanted you to know that I saw you kiss her and I’m okay with it. Okay.”

“Okay.” Max or rather ‘Evan’ said resignedly at his point what else was there for him to do.

Maria got up and crossed to the door as if she were going to leave before she turned around and said. “just do me one favor.” He looked at her expectantly “Always be my friend.”

“Always.” He said

Maria groaned breaking character

“What.” Max said doing the same “ I thought we nailed it that time.”

“You did it ‘s just…we’ve been doing this scene all night maybe we should just give it a rest.” Maria said

Max could tell by her evasive behavior that something had been bothering Maria all night as well “What’s really going on with you?” he finally asked.


“Yeah whatever.” Max said seeing through her facade “it’s the episode.” The issue they discussed in this episode was a bit controversial and had caused quite an uproar among some of it’s more devout fans even some of the actors had very strong feelings about the subject matter Maria being one of them. However they still had to attempt to remain impartial.

“It’s just I know where the writers are headed with this story line. I mean Teenage parents aren’t cool anyway you look at it and once they do this to ‘Evan’ it’s like giving half of America the okay to go have pre marital sex.” Maria explained

“Maria you have ‘pre marital sex’ all the time.” Max jokingly pointed out. Michael had been hanging around the set a lot more often lately.

“That’s not the point. The point here is ‘Evan and Lane’ have something special and it is going to be ruined after this whole ‘Baby’ nonsense and with another girl. Have you even seen the broad they brought in to play ‘Stacy.’ Tess Harding bleached blond blue eyed over glossed lips in essence your typical Britney Spears knock off.”

Max patiently listened as his life long friend finished her rant “Maria, remember what I told you act with your head not with your heart.” He offered.

That had to be about the worst advice he had ever given her and both Max and Maria knew. What good actor didn’t act with their heart. She cast him a side ways glance and a lopsided grin “Is that how you remain so detached.” He nodded “You know Liz is going to be ticked when she sees the ep. What are you going to say then?” Max and Liz had taken to watching the episodes together as they curled up in front of the sofa each Wednesday, it had become a weekly ritual. Most times the only time the pair got to spend together all week Liz watched the show with interest now, specifically in Max’s character ‘Evan’, while he nit picked his performance.

“We’ve got at least a month ‘til she sees it. But when she does the first thing I’m going to do is…” Max was interrupted by his door “…ask why someone’s at my door after midnight.” He was pleasantly surprised to see Liz. “Hey sweetie how was your day.” She said leaning in for a hug while she whispered in his ear “For Isabel’s sake and possibly your own safety please put on a shirt.”

Max caught her drift as he noticed her friend Isabel behind her ogling his goodies.

“Oh my God you’re …You’re Maria Deluca!” Isabel exclaimed as she entered the apartment. Max took the opportunity to go put on a shirt. “Oh my… I am such a huge fan. I hope you don’t mind my saying that you are even more beautiful in person.”

Having met Maria before Liz knew that she wasn’t too thrilled about over zealous fans and she guessed she probably liked them even less at this time of night. However she seemed to accept her compliments graciously “Of coarse, thank you. I always love to hear from fans… always.” Maria said with painted on smile

Isabel continued “I just want to say that I can relate to ‘Lane’s’ situation on the show. Sometimes my husband Alex will clam up just like ‘Evan’ does and it’ll be so frustrating I just want to beat him over the head…” She noticed the paper in her hands “Oh is that the latest script.”

“Um Yes…” Maria answered quickly but not before Max could shoot her a warning glare “No…” He nodded “Yes… No…Yes actually it is the latest script but we…we are not at liberty to share it with anyone at this point because things… are still subject to change.” Maria stumbled through her explanation she knew for whatever reason Jason didn’t want Liz to see the script yet and if she showed it to Isabel Liz wouldn’t be too far behind. She guessed it had something to do with the direction the plot was taking it certainly wasn’t her favorite subject “ I know I hope it changes.” She mumbled under her breath, almost inaudible.

“What does she mean by that.” Liz asked

“Nothing.” Max said quickly changing the subject “Um what are you guys doing here anyway?”

“Well I was over hanging out at Alex and Iz’s when she has one of her infamous cravings for Shrek Ice Cream.”


“It’s a pregnant women thing. It’s green it’s creamy which now all of a sudden puts it on her list of things she must have.” Liz explained, her friend Isabel had been expecting for nearly three months now and both she and Max were familiar with her numerous cravings.

“Right.” Max said frowning his face in distaste

“So it’s already pretty late and Alex is half asleep so I offer to take her get the ice cream. Rum Rasin.” Liz says offering him a spoonful of her ice cream. “So we get the ice cream and on the way back we pass your apartment and she begs me to come up and say hi. Now I knew you’d probably be rehearsing for the shoot tomorrow but you know how Isabel gets when she’s got her heart set on something.”

“Liz ...” Max whimpered

She feeds him another spoonful of ice cream and placing a tender kiss on his lips “I know babe and I’m sorry I just didn’t have the heart to deny Isabel, especially not a pregnant and slightly irate Isabel, but you’re right it’s late we’ve said hi now I better get Isabel home.” Liz said as she prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute.” He said holding her in place “Since you’re already here…Can get some more of that?” Liz dished another heaping spoonful of ice cream and was prepared to feed it to him. “Not the ice cream you.” he whispered before he captured her mouth and they fell on the couch giggling.

Maria could see they weren’t going to get much more rehearsing done tonight as Max was engaged in some sort of battle of lips and ice cream with Liz on his couch. “It’s late I’m just gonna… go.” she said

“Maria’s right I should get Isabel home.” Liz agreed

“You know what I’ll drop her off I’m sure it ‘s on the way. Besides Liz you and Max look like you two have a lot of catching up to do.” Maria said wiggling her eyebrows.

“Thanks Maria I appreciate that” Liz said

“This is so great because my husband is such a huge fan of the show, maybe you can stop in and say hi…”Isabel continued to ramble on as they headed out the door.

Once Maria and Isabel were gone Liz turned to Max and said “ I heard from the realtor today he said the owners are ready to close the deal on that property down on Elm and that’s so great because it’s right in the heart of everything. I also talked to the designer he says he has several ideas for what we can do with the space and he’d be available to review them with us tomorrow evening over diner. As the primary financial support I told him I’d have to check with you and get back to him, but tomorrow’s okay right?”

The enthusiasum with which Liz spoke of the property he’d be purchasing for her Max just didn’t have the heart to turn her down, nor did he want to. He’d be there even if it meant re arranging his schedule a bit. “Yeah, that should be cool.” Max said mulling his schedule over in his head. “You must be so excited.”

“You have no idea how much this means to finally have all these dreams coming true for me. I don’t think I can thank you enough.”

“You already did, just by being here with me.” He said placing a tender lips on her cheek.

Liz was blushing furiously at his thoughtful comments. He found it adorable how she blushed for him even now after two months of them being together “Oh stop.” She said patting him on the arm playfully and ducking her head. Which only served as the onset of another battle of love taps “What time should I stop by the set tomorrow.” Liz finally said

“Why would you stop by the set?”

“To pick you up for the diner with the planner.”

“Oh just drop by when you’re ready you can wait in he lounge area.” Max wasn’t all too thrilled with Liz coming to the set which was weird because he usually loved being able to look up and see his girl smiling at him between takes. But now there was this shadow of doubt, the tiniest inkling that Liz being there could result in the end of something special…

* * *

As promised Liz showed up at the set after she got off work. Initially she was going to head straight for the lounge to wait for Max as per their agreement. But upon seeing the cast and crew bustling about each with their appointed task and the cameras and other stage equipment Liz couldn’t help but stick around and see what going on. It didn’t take long for Liz to spot Max as usual he was the center of attention when filming a scene. The only difference was this time he was with a girl and it wasn’t Maria, she’d never seen this girl before. And Max and this unknown girl seemed to be filming some sort of make out scene so of coarse Liz’s imagination began to run rampant with unwarranted speculation.

“That happens sometimes, you know when he works so closely with other women.” Maria said only serving to fuel Liz’s suspicions.

“I know it’s his job and I can understand that. It’s just does he have to be so…all over her.” Liz couldn’t think of any other way to put it.

“Well yeah actually he does you know how Max can be when he sees something he likes he has to touch…I mean let’s look at this objectively. How long did it take Max to get you into bed?” Liz attention was now piqued “You know how it is. First you’ll look into those amber eyes like jewels he’ll shoot you one of those oh-so-charming lines and then the pants drop quicker that a toddler who’s potty training.” Liz looked at Maria thinking how does she know this stuff. “Kidding…somebody had to trash talk him in order for you to see how ridiculous what your thinking is.” Once she could see that Liz guard was down. “Trust me you’ve got nothing to worry about Max is totally in love with you.”

“I guess you’re right and I trust Max, you know. It’s just little Miss…”

“…Tess. Tess Harding that’s her name.” Maria finished for her she’s only been here a day and already she’s not a favorite of most of the cast. But the director says not to let how we feel about the character she plays get in the way of how we feel about the actress.” “I can keep an eye on him for you if you like, you know when you’re not around.”

“No thanks it’s like you said Max loves me, I have nothing to worry about it.” Liz stated with confidence in their love.

“ I don’t know I mean look at them if Max stares any harder he might actually end up inside her mouth.” They were between takes now and Liz looked over to see Max very intent on something Tess was saying. “Giving undivided attention Max always does that when he’s…” she let the sentence hang in the air

Liz looked at Maria suddenly reminded of the date she and Max had shared on their birthday he was very attentive that night. If what happened later that night spoke for what was to transpire between Max and Tess there was definitely reason to intervene. “How do you know these things… Did you and Max ever...”

“Once, but trust me it was no big deal. What you and he have is way more special. I mean it was just one of those…like I said these things happen when you work so closely with someone of the opposite sex. But it only happened once and we both agreed we’d be much better off as friends…much better off.” Maria saw the worry on Liz ‘s face “Please Liz I don’t know if he ever wanted you to know it was a long time ago way before he even knew you. He loves you now, please remember that.”

Liz thought seriously about what Maria said. Should she be worried about every other leading lady he’ll ever performed with fir the rest of their lives? That was no way to live but at least Maria had the decency to admit it to her. “Yeah no problem.” Max however was another story entirely “We better go break those two up before history ends up repeating itself…”

“Agreed, I’ll go do that now.” Maria began walking in the direction of he set “Yo Max you’re girlfriends here!”

Yes that’s right Max is mine Liz thought somewhat possessively let the whole world know it, especially that…Tess Harding.


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